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Vaiko wants UN supervised referendum held on Tamil Eelam question

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

MDMK leader V.Gopalswamy now known as Vaiko wants a UN supervised referendum for worldwide Sri Lankan Tamils on the question of “Tamil Eelam”.

Vaiko’s party the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham(MDMK) will stage a non -violent political demonstration on August 12th in support.

The MDMK demonstration will be held in the Indian capital city New Delhi at the Janthar manthar area near the Indian Parliament building.

MDMK Lok Sabha MP Ganeshamoorthy& the party’s New Delhi organizer Pazhanikumar are making arrangements for the August 12th demonstration.

MDMK leader Vaiko presides over the demonstration.Thousands of party members from Tamil Nadu will converge in New Delhi on Aug 12th for it.

Although the MDMK is organizing it, Vaiko has invited all “Conscious Tamils” (thamizh Unarvaalarhal) cutting across party lines to participate.

The MDMK leader who is officially the party general-secretary has extended a public invitation to those sympathetic to the cause to attend.

Vaiko has stated that establishing a separate state-Tamil Eelam- for Sri Lankan Tamils is the only solution to the Tamil national question.

The MDMK wants a UN supervised referendum to be held for the Tamils in Sri Lanka to vote “yes or no” on the issue of creating Tamil Eelam.

The party wants international monitors to be present at the UN supervised referendum whenever it is held in Sri Lanka.

Vaiko wants the UN to make arrangements for the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora also to participate in the referendum from wherever they are now.

The MDMK leader wants India to support moves within the UN portals and other International fora to conduct a referendum on “Tamil Eelam”.

Chiding New Delhi for its “pro-Sinhala” policies, Vaiko wants the Indian central govt to change its stance & take up an anti-Sri Lanka position.

The August 12th demonstration is the first stage in a protracted MDMK campaign aimed at garnering support across state & party lines in India.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on Twitter by DBS Jeyaraj

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  1. This is a very good move by Vaiko. Such referendum will prove clearly that thirst of Tamils is for Tamil Eelam

  2. Another foolish political stunt by discredited politico. In spite of him licking feet of Jeyalaitha she kicked him out without mercy

    All his eelamist supporters are flocking to Seeman.His telugu supporters are with Vijaykanth

    Poor man! as T.Rajendar once said Vaiko is a psycho

  3. The First glance at the headline gave me the impression that Mr Gopalaswamy wants a global Tamil referendum on the issue of a Tamil Eelaam.

    It is a worthwhile issue because eighty Million Tamils world wide do not have a Nation of their own, when even Kiribathians have one.

    But Mr Gopalaswamy must be joking if he wants a global ask for a Tamil Eelaam in Srilanka.

    How can a land mass less than the size of Tasmania accommodate even half of the World Tamil population.

    Doesn’t it stands to reason that at least half of the 80 Million would want to live in an Eelaam just for patriotic reasons?.

    If Mr Goplaswamy wants an eelaam for less than 8 percent Tamils in Srilanka , he must be seriously kidding.

  4. If Vaiko wants a seperate country for Tamils he must ask for UN supervised referendum in Tamil Nadu state where 65 million Tamils live in 50,000 square miles land

    He must leave the 35 lakhs of Tamils living all over Sri Lanka alone

  5. My Dear Vaiko Avargale

    This is perhaps one of the few times you have done correct thing. Referendom or otherwise, any democratic process is an ideal way to find the solution. Armed struggle may aid in solution, but never the means of the solution. Prabhakaran believed only in combat and because of that belief he had ensured good life for the SL Tamils is derailed for a considerable period.

    You could have done this during 2002-06; but also please remember more important thing for the Tamils in SL is a decent life. To ensure such a decent life, ensure a large non-Tamils participation in New Delhi. This is absolutely CRITICAL.

    I started watching the Indian political scene because of you from 1985. You alongwith Mr. Goswami, and Mr. Gurupadaswamy ensured parliamentary democracy was functional in India during those Brutal Ruthless Majoritarian hegemony under Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.

    I feel in 2009 you should have chosen to fight the elections from Thirunelveli rather Virudhunagar constituency. Nellai community would have elected you rather than your own community from Virudhunagar. Your absence is loss for the Indian Parliament and for each one of straightforward Indian middle class masses. If you introspect, you may find that what is absent in you is the shrewedness. Atleast have someone with you to advise and listen to him to ensure to get what you want to achieve.

    To achieve your goals hope your remember Bharadhidasan :

    Kolai Valai edada; Kodiyor seyal arave:

    “Dance with that great victorius Sword; To ensure bad things are torn apart’ – Bharathidasan never said to attack the enemy. But he said those words to ensure enemy’s motives are to be checkmated.

    Of course, he just went a step ahead than Bharathiar who said “Rowthiram Pazhagu” – “Practice the art of Rowdyism”

    But none of our guiding Fathers(Bharithiar and Bharathidasan) advocated violence; rather they asked us to become one of among the sea of humanity(‘Maanuda samuthiram naanenru koovu’ by Bharathidasan). But our own people in SL NE are the victims of the greatest tragedy in our region for more than 100years. We defintely need an answer for this mind numbing brutality against our people by the SL State aided, abetted and nurtured by our own bastards from New delhi.

    Many idiots in our sub-continent are thinking that everything is over; I remember a classic peom from Mahabharat written by Villiputhuralwar.

    It was the beginning of Gurushetra war; 18 akroni sena were lined up for the war. The whole battle scene was full of humanity with vast ocean of warriors from both the sides lined up.

    Duriyodhana was also stunned with lined up array of warriors and was not sure how to proceed. So he went to his Grandfather, Bhishmaachari and expressed his apprehensions about the war and how long it may prolong.

    Bhishmaachari said the following and the Great kavi Villiputhooralwar has captured it beautifully in a poem

    Oru Pagalil Yaan malaivan;(within a day I can finish off this 18 akroni sena)
    Muppagalile malaivan upanidatha virkai munium ;(within 3 days Dhronaachariar can finish off this sena)
    Varupagal Orainthil malaivan parithi mainthan:(within 5 days Karna can finish it off)
    Munimainthan oru naazhigaiyil:(Aswathaman needs just two and half hours)

    listening to these words Dhuriyodhana erupted in joy and thought victory was his; but Bhishmaachariar cautioned him and said the following:(the same poem continues)

    ini, porupadai adanga malaiyum; (… not just this sena, but along with this sena all the mountains in this world ..)
    ippuviuyum vaanodu purantharan iruntha ulugum (… and additionally this world and Lord Indira’s world)
    veruvara munainthu (… will all be destroyed by one person if he is enraged )
    oru kanathidai malaivan, virkku vijayane ( … his name is Arjun)

    … saying this Bhishmaachariar looked up on Duriyodhana. But Duriyodhana did not believe this and so he continued this war.

    Similarly, like Duriyodhana, self deceptive SL State because of some illusionary ideas about India and china does not believe the potential of the Tamil people and so continues to harm the Tamils in NE of SL. There are hundreds of thousands of such Arjuns in Tamil people. But the first thing is not to enrage such Arjuns; so SL State should start and conclude a decent political process towards the aspirations of the SL Tamils. I only hope SL State behaves in a generous way in finding a solution. Otherwise, it is not good for everyone.

    Let us for the moment look upon what Vaiko Avargal decides to do.


  6. If Eelam Tamils voted they would overwhelmingly vote for a separate country. Sinhalese force Sri Lankan occupation and militarization in Tamil homeland. Tamil Eelam is only solution.

  7. The refrerendum should include the Singhalese as well. After all they want to take 40% of the land and 60% of the coast and hand it to 800,000 notthern sri lankans. Surely they should have a say if the land that they lived for 2500 years is going to be taken from them?

  8. Prior to the referendum a 3-year period must be given to the diaspora to come back and settle down.

    Tamils in Colombo and the estates also must compulsorily move to the Eelam.

    Muslims also must be given the option to create a mini state within the Eastern province.

  9. What a racist this Vaiko is? He wants only Tamils to participate in this referendum including Tamil diospora who is hell bent on destroying Sri Lanka …. He does not care any other communities in Sri Lanka – Muslims, Sinhalese, burghers, chettis ….
    These are the politicians who has voices in India … He just had a meeting with the PM in India ….
    No wonder India still needs half a billion toilets with these kind of politicians …

  10. Mr. GobiTiger

    When you mention the word ‘Tamil’ is it inclusive of Tamils in Colombo and the estates as well?

  11. Vaiko should study Indian history first.

    Do you know what happened in Hyderabad in 1947 / 1949 ?

    Central Gov of India will never ever support a move towards a Tamil Eelam.

  12. Whst the word Eelam here meant is “Live and let live”. India does
    this, whether it be 8% of the population or not. A Referrundum
    need not have risen if GOSL practiced “Live and let live” for 63
    yrs.? Think of it, if such a situation was confronting us the Sinhalese. The diaspora is a natural creation of this anti-Live
    and let live policies of Politicians for narrow gains.

  13. What the word Eelam here meant is “Live and let live”. India does
    this, whether it be 8% of the population or not. A Referundum
    need not have risen if GOSL practiced “Live and let live” for 63
    yrs.? Think of it, if such a situation was confronting us the Sinhalese. The diaspora is a natural creation of this anti-Live
    and let live policies of Politicians for narrow gains.

  14. Dear Vaiko,

    Pls remeber to ask for a seperate state in Tamil Nadu not in SL. Tamil Nadu is the homeland of the Tamils where the Tamil Civilisation was born so pls ask for a seperate homeland in Tamil Nadu. I am sure you will succeed and India will comply

    Good Luck

  15. Good move by Vaiko, arrogant Gottabaya is never going to learn anything from world, instead just yelling at media and showing his middle finger.

    I think sri lanka under estimate Jayalaitha, Jayalaitha is not karunanithi, karunanithi was fuctionless due to his family. jayalaitha will get revange for Gotta clown’s stupid comments.

    In coming months, we could expect an office of a transitional government of Tamileelam in Tamil nadu. also there is a potential of lifting LTTE’s ban from India.
    Indian mediasa are changing toward Tamils problem and reality, now they got to learn more also indian media from north giving significant pressure to the central government.

  16. Before Jayalatha, Sri lankan goverenment personals can go anytime and anywhere of india without invitation, but NOW??? , Sri Lanka wanted to go, India says don’t come??

    Now Sri Lanka wanted to pull India to the war crime investigation loop.

    BJP and Lefities are same line for the Tamils in sri lanka.
    policies changing politics changing it is the time to be together for Tamils

  17. He wanted to held this for north and east, people have to decide what they want, staying together or separated, whats happened in East Timor and South sudan exactly what tamils want from north and east.

    this is nothing to do with sinhalese form south.

  18. He wants to ask this for North East sri lankan tamils not for the global tamils. whoever north east tamils scattered in the world should give a chance to vote for their wish.

  19. you sinhalese are kidding, North East tamils issues are world recognized issues now, no one kidding now except Gotta and team kidding.

  20. Man look at the reality in from the ground lavel, Tamil Nadu is changed now, india is changing now, Indian media changing gradually toward tamil issues, yea he is poor becasue he doesn’t know how to play dirty politics what karunanith did.

  21. Why a referendum for Tamil Eelam when Vaiko and Nedumaran themselves claim that Prabhakaran is still alive and planning for the fifth war of Tamil Eelam through Guerrilla Warfare?

  22. When you select a certain racial group around the world, irrespective of nationality, a chance of voting for a state to call their own, it is no more like Israel, or Kurdistan and it stirs up a communality that we should avoid.

    I think this sort of statement reinforces the Sinhala prejudices and makes them more resilient in their partisanship of not even giving the Tamil people basic rights. In that regard it does the Tamil people a lot of harm, as this mumbo jumbo is used as an excuse to perpetuate a divisive ideology when in fact we must encourage and promote integration.

  23. Oh the mythological Mahavamsa story again..Sinhalese have not lived for 2500 yrs in N/E.!Even now they don’t live there.!

    BTW what about the history of lanka before 2500 yrs??Who lived in the island originally??

    And DNA analysis shows Sinhalese DNA matches 87% with West Bengalese.!


    UN is made up countries that are very much smaller than EELAM,for example Singapore.!
    So size does not matter here.!

    Eelam is not for 80M tamils,but for the tamils,original inhabitants of N/E.!

    Why?Because they are denied their right to freely express their political desires and opinions.!

    And Eelam tamils in Lanka make up 18% of the country..Not 8%..!


  25. Dear Sidath,

    First Tamils in India have no reason to seperate,they enjoy full political rights with police and land power,former president of India is a Tamil..

    On the other hand Tamils in N/E have all the reasons to seperate,given the history of anti-tamil riots and laws,Tamils in N/E have been isolated and made to feel they need to seperate.!

    Finally why are you scared??If Tamils in N/E are happy with Sinhalese they will not vote for Eelam.!

  26. Vaiko’s move is great although I have my doubts that it will be fruitful. It is an awareness campaign to keep all the national leaders of SL and India on track along with the IC. We heard that Gota saying that all is good and nothing needs changing. I am sure Indian natioal leaders cannot brush the south block as the SL do for the North. At this juncture, I have made numerous Indian fiends.

  27. Vaiko is racists says another racist!

    Despite all communties in Lanka,it is the Sinhalese that enjoy all the political and ecnomical rights..Look at th army,it is mono-ethnic..Look at the constituion it is biased,discriminates other communties.!

    No wonder tamils in N/E want to seperate.!

  28. This referendum is a good thing.

    But this should be done when no other way is possible.

    But I still believe that Sri Lanka could be compelled to come to some sort of political soln. Only thing that prevents that from happening is the meek attitude of the Indian diplomacy.

    If that changes and India forces its way then this problem could be solved in no time.

    Instead of this referendum, some other way may be pursued.

    I don’t know. But can some body file a public interest litigation against the govt to enforce the indo lanka agreement of 1987. I don’t know whether that is possible. Because in foreign matters it is not possible to force the govt thro PIL. But some lawyers could explore ways for doing the same.

    After all India has lost more than 1200 lives to implement the indo sri lanka agreement. for the 13 amendment etc etc.

    A public I think can ask the govt to ensure that that agreement be fulfilled in full now and ask the court to direct the govt to ensure that. If not ask the govt why it cannot be done like that.


    This sri lankan problem has the potential to spill over in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu.

    In that aspect also one has the cause of action.

  29. Dear Mr Vaiko,

    For a change, why don’t you find something sensible to say?

    The Tamil Nadu populace must be voting on the basis of ‘one who comes up with the stupidest ideas’. Otherwise how can anyone elect complete idiots like you to parliament? You, Karunanidhi and not to mention Jayalalitha are typical jokers one to beat the other. Central government must make the TN politicians official jesters of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

    Your concern for Sri Lankan Tamils may be genuine but your suggestions are ridiculous. Aren’t you the same joker who said “Prabhakaran is alive and will emerge from the hiding at the right time”?

    Please, please ………surprise us with a sensible statement………for once!!!!

  30. This is Sri Lanka is sovering country therefire , there are no nessisty background like Sudan, Sri Lankan people and their authority have enough capacity to find out a resonable and accepatble soluions for their major peroblems so, no body worry about that,

  31. No outsider can decide for Sri Lanka. If Vaiko wants areferendum take if for TN separation and see what India will do! Howc stupid can a man be?

  32. we came through vaddukottai resolution, referendum for Eelam, Eelam declaration by NEPC now UN is almost recognized the independant Eelam.It is high time to get recognition from other countries.If UN supervised referendum pay a way for international recognition for my mother land i am not against this effort as one option.
    An Eelam citizen

  33. if Vaiko & co really care about Srilanklan tamils, first look after srilankan tamils, who are in tamilnadu.

    LTTE gone . Now Vaiko & Co are there to damage everything.

    recent attack on innocent singala civilians shows, how ignorant and thoughtless of Vaiko & co fans.

  34. **Bharathiar who said “Rowthiram Pazhagu” – “Practice the art of Rowdyism”**
    I observed your comment. I feel skeptic !I red puthiya aaththisoody. but I don’t know the meaning of “Rowthiram pazhagu” this is Theiva soozchi in one’s mind. so I convinced.
    thank you
    An Eelam citizen

  35. Hi,

    How aboout Sri Lankan politicians?

    Fortunately Indian PM or Presidents are not racist but in Sri Lanka? both are racist.

    So better comment others once we cleaned ourself.


  36. Punjab is the Homeland of Punjabis
    Bihar is the Homeland of Biharis
    Gujarat is the Homeland of Gujaratis


    TamilNadu (Tamil translated into English = Tamil Nation) is the Homeland of Tamil !!!

    Additionally, any Indian who cares to research into Indian history will find that Sri Lanka was known in the ancient times in India as “Sinhala Kingdom” when the various kingdoms were identified. Furthermore, it is noted “Sinhala was a kingdom in the island Lanka, modern day Sri Lanka, mentioned in the epic Mahabharata. From ‘Sinhala Diva’ (Island of Sinhala) are derived the Tamil ‘Eelam’, Persian/Arabic ‘Serendipor Sarandib,’ and the European ‘Ceilao’, ‘Zeylan’ and ‘Ceylon’. (***http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epic_India***)

    As such…

    Less than 8% Tamils in Sri Lanka should get their own separate state in Sri Lanka?

    Vaiko, you need a basic lesson in logic.

  37. In srilanka, the srilanka tamils are only 8% of the population. The sinhalese 76%, muslims 10%, indian tamils 5% and others 1% together form over 92% of the srilankan population. So over 92% should just bend over and hand the entire north and east of the country to Vaiko? Must be mad!

  38. He is right. SL Government didn’t listen NE Tamils voice for last 60 years that they have asked political freedom to better future than bitter past in their area.

    All the presidents and politicians of the GOSL lied on Tamils issue and finally adopt
    with racist view of political parties like JHU. After they clearly saying nothing to
    be given to Tamils (Mahinda , Gotha) and Tamils shouldn’t ask for their political rights
    (Champika), they are pushing Tamils towards UN supervised referendum. Talk with Gov-TNA already proved no solution or further progress. Yes, he is right!

  39. Tamil Nadu polliticians can support human rights issues but leave politics of Sri Lankan Tamil alone. I am sure he has been put up to this by some stupid diaspora idiots.

    When will Tamil Nadu Politicos stop doing more harm to Sri Lankan Tamils!!!

    They should follow the smart policies of Jeyalalitha who solely focuses on human rights issues.

    Vaike take a hike!
    (A concerned Sri Lankan Tamil who still thinks that many of the the Sinhala politico’s are racists).

  40. What is the Tamil National Question in Sri Lanka? Yes they was one; it was blood sucker, Prapakaran. Sri Lankan brave army solved that problem. Diaspora and Tamil Naidu politicians (not all) are the real enemies for Sri Lankan Tamils. If you have real love for Tamil, Start it at your home. Think about Tamil Nadu people who searching food in garbage. First do right thing to people in your State. All Sri Lankan including Tamil are enjoying free education, free medical .How about Indian Tamil?

  41. Mr Vaiko and his funders supporters are doing all these with no consideration for the Tamils of Lanka.

    While he makes political compromises and anybody and everyb body, he wants to pin Sri Lankan Tamils to the age old aspiration of separate state. He has no consideration for the young lives already wasted and want tyo waste more.

    Tamil political leaders like him are an insult to All the Tamils.

    Sarath Fonseka was right. Jokers!!

  42. My comment is not about alienating or treatment of SL Tamils as anything but SRI LANKANS today.

    Just like all other minorities (including Muslims who make a sizable percentage today) who inhabit the island (from whatever origin they may be, be it from the ME (Arabic descendants), Europe (Burghers), SE Asia (Malays/Javanese),etc. are today living in SL as proud Sri Lankans and Tamils too must learn to live the same, shunning this We-Tamil ghetto mentality that has been, to a large degree (yes, there have been faults on majority Sinhala side too, especially with power-hungry opportunistic politicians), the root cause of this mass death and destruction in the nation.

    Just a look at the past record of Tamils who have risen to important positions in the country (in the national judiciary, cabinet ministers, both private and public sector doctors, engineers, accountants, lawyers, police top-brass, and even as ambassadors representing SL abroad even in important western nations) should tell one the heights that SL Tamils can rise to when they have shed this ghetto mentality.

    Sadly racists like Vaiko – who does not even live in SL – continues to promote such destructive agenda.

  43. In Kosova the Kosavan diaspora voted isn’t it? The birth of Kosova was made possible by the voting of the Kosavan diaspora.

  44. Who is this guy…… why dont you ask seperate country from Sonia Ghandi…. then think about tamilians in Jaffna… there is tamils or sinhalese in srilanka any more… that was there 30 years ago…. now only one SRILANKA…. drink toddy and sleep with poloticians…. you all are bunch of idiots well lookafter by LTTERs

  45. Soma, u brought up a very good point. Unfortunately, as you can very well see, all these people are so unreasonable and irrationale

  46. Soma, it should be for the Tamils Origin from North & East (it’s called tamil eelam). it’s not the case where they live. it where they belongs to. are there no sinhalese living out side sri lanka? Italy, Australia are where most sinhalese live and protest against UN? if you can do this, why tamils who live in colombo cannot practice it? be fare man..!!

  47. Are you very reasonable on your own? marginalizing.. standardization. descremination.. these are what made tamils to look for a seperate state..

  48. And the wild animal Lion did it contribution too.

    Remember the Mahavamsa studpidity of Sinhabahu and the Sinhavalli….

  49. Whether Vaiko asks for it or not, the politicians in Colombo are pushing the World towards it.

    Either give the Tamils the power to look after themselves or the world will make sure they will get.

    Adamant stance of the short sighted leaders were the reason/s for the birth many countries: East Timor, Kosova, South Sudan, Bangaladesh.

    India is totally frustrated with the lies after lies and promises after promises of Colombo. So do the West. and Mahinda is happy running to China and Russia.

    So the West will do what Indonasians (East Timor), Serbians (Kosova), Sudanese (South Sudan)did not want to happen and Vaiko’s action is to bag some political points by knowing the pulse of the India and West.

  50. Sure, Colombo Tamils and Estate Tamils are welcome to move. Also we welcome Sinhalese who are disillusioned with your government to join hands with us in creating separate states.

  51. Illango:

    Vaiko is not foolish to ask for referrundum since it is a democratic rights of Tamils to express their opinion on separation.

  52. This Vaiko is an incorrigible loser. First, when he was brought into active politics by MK through Rajyasaba appointment(He was not elected to parliament on the first two occasions) he started to nurture the ambition of becoming the CM of Tamil Nadu one day( after all, MGR, a Malayalee became CM of TN, why not him, a Telugu?) Then he made links with LTTE and fervently supported the Eelam cause hoping that this tactics would eventually identify him as a Tamil rather than a Telugu. But, eventually he lost his ground to others like, Vijayakanth, also a Telugu, and Seeman who makes use of the Diaspora Tamils (and their money. Vaiko cannot win even a single seat in the Lok Saba or in TN assembly without forming an alliance with either DMK or ADMK. Now that he has become a worthless penny as far as the electorates are concerned, he shouts for the Eelam Tamil without knowing the real situation ( or not wanting to know the real situation) there. What motive he really has is known to him only.

    Whatever it is, coming to the Eelam referendum vote, the Diaspora tamils should have no say in deciding a separate country for Tamils within Sri Lanka as at least 99.9 % will never go back to that country even if such a country come into existence. I have lived with the diaspora Tamils, have spoken to many who said what they all wanted was to visit the country and not to live there. So what we have to give importance is the people who actually live there. Not the diaspora people, not the political paupers of Tamil Nadu, nor even the TNA members who have their family & children either live abroad or lived outside of the Northeastern provinces most of the their lives during the past 30 years. The people who live in the North Eastern provinces can only decide about a separate country without the interference of outsiders. They have to decide on their own and that it should be decided by more than 50 percent of the people who actually live there. That would be the real referendum. Those who seek vain glory must not be allowed to take part in that process. Remember, what happened during the 1977 election? The Tamils in the North East, incited by the eloquent speeches made by the TULF politicians who even suggested armed struggle in the quest for Eelam overwhelmingly voted for the TULF and suffered the consequences while those TULF politicians themselves got killed not by the GOSL forces, but by those very elements nurtured by them.(I mean most of the TULF politicians were either killed by the ‘boys’ or they left SL before every one else did.

    Therefore, I hope the people in the North East would have a clear idea about the ‘separate nation for themselves’ now, and if not, let us leave it to their destiny to suffer the consequences. The Tamil media in SL Tamil Nadu as well as in the western nations must stop spreading false propaganda. I have personally witnessed the Tamils in the North are experiencing a peaceful life after a long time. Please do not disrupt this situation for your own benefits. They will never get any kind of redress by this kind of(false) propaganda. There is nothing wrong you want to live happily and in prosperity, but to help destroy others lives in order to seek luxury and comfort for yourself is ‘BARBARITY!.

  53. In Northeast, Tamils are 92% and Srilankan Sinhalese and others are only 8% .

    So over 92% should just bend over and hand the entire north and east of the country to Sinhalese barberic land grappers?

  54. Dear Ravi Perera,

    Indians didn’t kill over 40,000 Tamils and run Anti-Tamils program like 58,77,83. if it same case they could alredy had been separte Tamil country! You could also can ask separate state in Orisa where Sinhala civilisation born and then deported to Lanka?

    LIVE AND LET LIVE, do not occupy Tamils land and oppressed them – result will be another blody 30Years!

  55. Oh, Monkey,

    Keepinng these figures in mind, it seems, your guys went to Wanni to kills 40,000 plus to reduce the % of the minority.

    How come then, the British who were not even 1% of the Ceylon population owned and ruled it for more than 150 years. The British defeted Two Tamil kings, King of Kandy and the King of Wanni. Sinhalese never owned both and got it as a whole by deceiving the Tamil leaders with false promises. The lies and promises still continue to date.

    Just because a community forms a majority does not mean other minorities are second citizens to them.

    I don’t get your argument.

  56. Mr.Singh,
    If you Indians are that much egalitarians as you sound, why not India have a referendum in Kashmir to ask residents there whether they want separation.

    Pity you didn’t know that DMK was formed by C.N. Annadurai for the purpose of separation Madras Presidency or Dravidians from the rest of India. Pity you didn’t know that DMK contested election for then Madras state assembly in 1962 on a separatist ticket. Pity you didn’t know that Tamils had voted DMK overwhelmingly to give them a landslide victory. Pity you didn’t know that over two hundred thousand of them marched towards a mass rally at Chennai and demanded separation. Pitty you didn’t know that it was after that separation demand that Prime Minister Nehru had introduced 16th amendment in 1963 to ban any party or individual that talk separation or division of India from contesting elections.

    Don’t be naive to believe that Vaiko, Seeman and company don’t want independent Tamil Nadu; they don’t talk about their real desire because your 16A had shut their mouths. So, they cry for a Eelam at their back yard hoping a domino effect would help them to get to their Eelam.

  57. Another joker from indian cinema jollywood talking about Sri Lanka.Please ,clean you state Tamil nadu ,big toilet bawl of Asia. Sri Lankans do not follow you or your joke comments. If you wish to lead to separate Tamil country please do it in Canada,UK , Norway , South Africa or Malaysia. But , never expect here in Sri Lanka until last Sri lankan dies.We can give you anything , but we can not give you brain ,which you do not have.If you like hostile country next to your state(like Pakistan,North Korea) here we are. We will not tolerate your jokers fingering Sri lankan people every now and then.

  58. why not ask separate country in Canada , UK , Norway etc..They are your supporters for terrorism. But LTTE links to recent Norway attack may hamper this. So, please ask from Canada ,they may waiting to give you block of land there for tamils to build there dream land.And then every other country you Tamils go will give you small separate state since your are crying for separate countries. After some times , we would see many countries all over the world only Tamils live and lots of jokers like vaiko the physico.What a dream! What a joke!

  59. so, who cares. Split sri lanka. Eelam Tamils will decide the portion. For 60 years they expected sinhalese to give. now its time for them to take it back.

  60. Leela,

    if Indian Tamils are persecuted, they will demand separation as well. But the truth is otherwise. Indian Tamils are not persecuted eventhough their feelings towards eelam tamils were plundered by few beauracrts in collusion with Sonia. BJP never hurt the Tamils sentiments and justifiabkly so as well.

    Indian tamils are loyal and content with being in India. If u dont know, here is a quick stat:
    1. India’s missile man is a Tamil and a proud Muslim (Dr. Abdul Kalam)
    2. India’s moon man is a Tamil (Dr. Annadurai)
    3. India’s finance man is a Tamil (P. Chidambaram)

  61. Needless to say, Vaiko capitalizing on the intransigence of Colombo thinks the time is ripe to call for the annulment of the unhappy marriage citing irreconcilable differences. Whatever be the merits or the demerits, if the Delhi showdown contributes to the resolution on the political solution front, the exercise would have served some worthwhile purpose. An amicable political solution within a reasonable time period would take the wind out of the detractors.

  62. Dear DBSJ,
    Why did you cut me part out from my above comment? Facts are facts … Do not hide the truth from the people … There are many hues of opinions and sometimes you have to inject some sense (facts) to the debate so that to come out from extreme positions of us including me … Hiding facts only help blinds and Tamil community is the one to loose … It’s still not too late to recover from the abyss of the Tamil community if they learn the actual facts …
    It would help to drop all these extreme ideas portraying Sinhalese are the culprit of all Tamil problems… You know, that is not so in your heart … Help the debate and inject some senses to both sides DBS … Your efforts are not in vain … But I do not know why you hide facts by cutting off my comments to a non sense statement …..


    You facts are WRONG and I have neither the time nor energy nor inclination to correct them. That is not my work either. Please understand that I do have the right to edit or delete comments posted here. Also people writing under pseudonyms cannot be given carte blanche to engage in campaigns of misinformation and disinformation

    This subject is now closed

  63. This is not the first time for Vaiko… and won’t be the last. Tamil political jokers like him are an insult to Tamils.

  64. Soma , Don’t take this to heart man! R U serious ?

    When clowns take to the stage, Many are are amused & applaud. However no one takes them seriously.

    Its not worth the time of debate over this.

    How many are gullible enough to start discussing on this clown acts?

  65. Thank you Mr V Gobalasamy. It is very good, you asked UN supervised referendum for worldwide Sri Lankan Tamils on the question of “Tamil Eelam”.
    Why do not you ask the same UN supervised referendum on Kashmir because already approved 60 years ago. Last 20 years more than 50000 people dead in Kashmir.
    I know you will not do this but just put your finger in Eelam. remember Prabaharan and many Tamils would be alive ,If you kept your finger folded during the last days of war.
    Please shut up and leave us alone

  66. Oh! yes ! hope yet never ending . The Eelam is soo close now ! Lets grab it now that Vaiko is our leader now !

  67. Jayalaitha is not karunanithi,

    Yes she is not.She is a goddess! She can make anything happen with just one wish. Everything is going to change in a minute or so now.

  68. Hey E’ citizen,
    Aren’t u in Eealm nation which was declared by UN yesterday from mid night?

    Where are u buddy come join the celebrations!

  69. why dont you ask seperate country from Sonia Ghandi….
    dear shahiwal,

    Leela says:
    Pitty you didn’t know that it was after that separation demand that Prime Minister Nehru had introduced 16th amendment in 1963 to ban any party or individual that talk separation or division of India from contesting elections.


    Hope u got the point now.

  70. Either give the Tamils the power to look after themselves or the world will make sure they will get.

    Yes tamils did have a de facto state for few decades before 2008. All knows what the tamils are capable of & how well they looked after them selves.

    no need of any more evidence.

  71. Kavitha, this is simple logic. They want a separate area on the basis of discrimination by the Sinhalese. But when that probability is being discussed none of them want to go there. You can’t have the cake and eat it. This is what I call “criminal hypocrisy”. This very reluctance to move into the ‘Tamil Homeland” nullifies the argument for such an entity in one stroke.

    Sinhalese should be very careful of the next stage and resist the present pressure at all costs. Present tactics are obvious. Carry out a massive propaganda drive on Sinhalese criminality, pressure the rulers on bogus war crimes, threaten economic isolation by the West and military intervention by India. But politicians never solve future problems, so the political Tamils may have an edge unless Sinhalese become very conscious at this particular point in time.

  72. Anand, if Sri Lanka Tamils are persecuted tell me why this objection to the proposal that Colombo and estate Tamils should compulsorily move into the proposed ‘homeland’?

  73. excuse me but the reason that the srilanka tamil people have reduced from 12.7% to 8% of the population today is because you guys have left and are living in western countries and complaining about wanting a separate state? How? over 92% of the srilankan people dont agree with you whatsoever. If you excuse me, sinhalese have lived in this isand for over 2500 years and the other srilankans for a variety of hundreds of years. They have the same rights as you and therefore you cannot demand ‘exclusive rights’ it is absurd. One person. one vote, please remember that!

    Vijaya&his friends were Sinhalese?Kuveni too?…………..DBSJ

  74. In srilanka the srilankan tamils are a mare 8% of the population. The sinhalese 76%, mulsims and malays 10%, indian tamils 5% and others 1% together form over 92% of the srilanka population. So over 92% of the srilanka people dont want further political solutions. They want the present provincial council system to function as they are according to the 13th amendment. They dont want land and police powers given to the provincila councils or the abolition of the concurrent list or anything else. They simply want the provincial councils to function as they are and this is the political solution.

    Therefore the TNA cannot demand self rule, exclusive rights or any other nonsense under the sun at the expense of over 92% of the srilanka population. It is simply unjust, unfair and unacceptable. It wont work. The TNA now should accept the present provincial council system as the political solution. As a first step towards reconciliation, they should invite back to the north all those sinhalese and muslims who were thrown out of the north by the LTTE as a gesture of goodwill.

    Police&land powers have been given to Provincial councils already under the Constitution……………….DBSJ

  75. Why not? In about 2000 years time, we will be the majority in those countries and take all for us in the way you did in Sri Lanka.

  76. Come on man, Winston Churchill once famously said, Indians are not capable of ruling themselves. Now they are not only ruling themselves but also ruling the British IT world.

    Save your absurd argument for people like Mervin the mad.

  77. Vaiko has never been to a school.

    How can he stdy history.

    And Hyderabad has nothing to do with Sri Lanka.

    We will never ever let these Indian fools to divide Sri Lanka.

  78. Is this the same Vaiko, the Tamil Nadu politician, who was photographed target practicing with LTTE leader Prabakaran and lecturing to LTTE terrorists? LTTE killed an Indian Prime Minister. Indians have short memories. What about a Tamil Eelam for Indian Tamils? Isnt it right that 95% of Worlds Tamils live in Tamil Nadu? The moment he say those words, he will be behind bars. He is barking from safe distance.

  79. not in a celebration mood as the cost is high but we feel great relief after UN (an inter government body) intervention in this humanitarian crisis.
    An Eelam citizen

  80. Dave: Funny you said that “we cannot give you brain…” be specific and in cases like these only speak for yourself do not use we, and implicate me and others. Talking about brain, I was wondering you ever heard these names like- CV Raman, S Chandrasekhar and Venky Ramakrisnan. What I am saying is there are fields other than jollywood, as you put it, that people of Tamil Nadu made contributions at a global level. Raguman accorded with Oscar award, he comes from TN. There are many like Dr Abdul Kalam, Mr Ramanujan and etc. that I can keep on add. It is in bad taste, directing your blanket ridiculing at Tamil Nadu folks. Stay put with Vaiko. Hope, one day, we, Sri Lankan too will do some of the things these people I mentioned did even in the early 20th century, that really made a difference to mankind rather than taking pride in killing each other.

  81. When he failed to convince his owm PM Dr M Singh on the issue of SL, how could he convince UN to come and supervise these elections? Who is going to fund for this election? Thought that the kick backs he got for the 20 minutes viewing of the PM, would be enough for him to get going for a while, apparently it is not. The reason that he comes out with yet another stunt indicates either he did not impress his funding sources with his 20 minutes effort or he wants maintain a health balance sheet at this time of economic crisis. Does he still hold the view that VP is still alive- I am not sure? As far as I heard, he who, with Nedumaran, was the one who gave the false hope to VP and his cohorts that Indian general election will end up in hung parliaments and, then they could be able to rescue them from NFZ. In doing so, he made them a sitting duck. Now, may be earning more than what he had been getting then when VP was alive.

  82. Soma says: August 9, 2011 at 2:27 am Prior to the referendum a 3-year period must be given to the diaspora to come back and settle down.Tamils in Colombo and the estates also must compulsorily move to the Eelam.Muslims also must be given the option to create a mini state within the Eastern province.
    Dear friend,

    My suggetion is slightly different.
    Prior to that We must activate NERU-KOTHALAWALA agreement that took place in year 1952.
    Neru agreed upon to call backall state tamils.
    We will send back all KALLATHONIES.


  83. first of all srilankan tamils 12.7% of the population has reduced to 8% due to they migrating to live in western countries not due to absurd reasons suggested by you. Second of all, nobody is a minority in srilanka but if you must categorise I would say that in no country in the world are minorities handed separate states! it is absurd to make such unfair demands. In srilanka’s case in addition to the majority sinhalese, all other minorities i.e. the muslims, malays, indian tamils, burghers, veddhas, none have ever demanded a separate state and infact all these people have always wanted to live in harmony with the majority as much as possible. This is the reality that you should understand. In fact as I mentioned earlier over 92% of the srilankan population just want to get on with their lives and dont want further political solutions and the like except what we have at present ie the provincial councils as was set up due to the 13th amendment to the constitution. So we already have a political solution in the provicial council system. Accep it and move on. This is what i have to say.

  84. for example : declaration of independant Eelam by democratically elected NEPC is highlighted by a clowm? not by serious characters why?.
    An Eelam citizen

  85. Maha Vansa was written by a member of the Pallava Royal clan. Even the DNA of SL Tamils never go with Tamils of Tamil nadu but it will go with Bengal or Orissa!

  86. Indian Tamils(DMK) are wise and gaveup separation 1964 when the central government brought legislation against separation.

    But 10% of the Sri lankan Tamil population foolishly want a separate nation with 30% land and 60% coastal areas.

    Who will give or recommend it?

  87. Monkey,

    Let us talk about your figures.

    The North and East is the traditional home land of Tamils where there are the majority of up to 92%. The Sinhalese and the Musilims are only 8%.

    If we want to take your argument seriously then why you want us to care about the population ratio elsewhere?

    If the people there expressed their message loud and clear to the world via the recent election then what kind of interpretaion you are making about that?

  88. Chandradeva,

    You may hold referendum in the Sinhalese areas whether to separate from your corrupt government.Sinhalese did not live in North and East for 2500 years and we Tamils have to hold a referendum in these areas.

  89. Cat out of the bag situation for the regime.

    Gotabaya Rajapakse clearly told the Headline Today of India that since the LTTE is defeted there is no need to give any thing to Tamils and TNA also correctly given UN ultimatum to the regime. Because the regime was deliberately bluffing knowing it not going to any.

    In this background the ball has been kicked out to the international arena to be played out and hence Vaiko’s demand is very telling.

  90. monkey

    the provincial councils as was set up due to the 13th amendment to the constitution. So we already have a political solution in the provicial council system. Accep it and move on.

    What is the point of having the 13th amendment in the constitution,when it is not being implemented fully.It has become a white elephant because there are no powers for the provincial council to do its work.Pillayan who is the chief minister of the eastern provincial council and a descendent of the veddhas,said that it is like having a car without the keys. i agree with you that if the 13th amendment is fully implemented with land and police powers given to the councils and the north and east merged,then there is no need for a UN supervised referendum on the model proposed by vaiko and held in east timor. The non implementation of the 13th amendment in full is the main cause of the recurring demand for eelam and the more you delay devolution the more the chances of these kind of extreme ideas forming and taking root firmly in the tamils psyche.

  91. i have to admire vaiko’s mushtache,though there is not much else to admire about him. What a beautiful neatly trimmed mushtache that will even put mahinda’s big and bushy one to shame.It is almost like an artificial mushtache that he has neatly pasted.many mustachioed people have taken on mahinda and failed like prabha and fonseka. Is the neat and beautiful vaiko’s one also going to share the same fate.i ‘am afraid so. The person who beats mahinda will have to have a bigger mushtache than him and that is hard to find even in any jungle.However a person without one can be extremely dangerous for mahinda. Will he meet his waterloo against jayalalitha. I think so.In the next five years we are going to see an interesting duel between them and at the end of it mahinda will be exhausted while she will be serene and not showing any fatigue at all. The other ones who don;t have mushtaches like hilary,navaneetham pillai,anoma fonseka and sonia will ably assist jaya by tweaking his mustache all the time and tearing out his hair one by one.

    the moral of the story is tamils do not need any more mushtachioed charcters to take on mahinda. They all come a cropper. There is plenty of non mustachioed to do the needful in the next 5 years.

  92. Moorthy

    They have to decide on their own and that it should be decided by more than 50 percent of the people who actually live there. That would be the real referendum. Those who seek vain glory must not be allowed to take part in that process.

    I agree with you.Those who are going to live in the north and east only should vote at the referendum. The referendum must be supervised by the UN.

    I don’t think a referendum should be held in the northeast as one unit.It should be held in the north only. The east only complicates matters unnecessarily.

    So can you ask mahinda to agree to have this referendum quickly so that we all can move on to other things like cinemas,wildlife etc on this blog.Vaiko is also getting old and would like to retire on a good pension.

  93. Mister Rothram, I am just laughing. Since the arrival of Hillary Clinton, T.N is buzz with people talking up future of Tamil Nadu.

    Are you guys stupid? She came to plant seeds of separation in Tamil Nadu. The break up of India was tried by creation of Tamil Eelam. Now that hope is gone. Next attempt will be made directly in India. Have you ever played Chess? Think three steps ahead. You guys don’t fathom what is store for you. Get wise. Try to see through Western politicians shedding crocodile tears. They want to start a regional war. They are planning twenty years ahead.

  94. Educate history in schools. not mahavamsa.not only how Elara was defeated but also how he won the crown.
    An Eelam citizen

  95. Sookiripuncha
    this is initially SF’s invention now he is counting the iron rods. I am sure If he(SF) ask pardon from TN politicians he will be a free bird. mind your words.
    An Eelam citizen

  96. Selvan
    If SF beg pardon from TN politicians believe me he will be released. now I feel sad for you.
    An Eelam citizen

  97. Yes I do know what is contained in the 13th amendment I am not stupid! However my point is the 13th amendment is a flexible piece of legislation i.e. my entire point is that the TNA should accept the provincial council system as it is functioning at present in the rest of the provinces since that is what over 92% of the srilankan population wants and is happy with. I sincerely feel that the TNA should pay attention to these over 92% of the sri-lanka population if they want genuine peace and over 92% of the sri-lanka people definitely does not feel that land police powers and the like should be handed over to the provincial councils or that the concurrent list should be abolished or any other extra provisions are necessary in anyway at the moment. Besides the TNA should drop its separatist image or I think there is a trust and credibily deficit there for sure as far as the rest of the over 92% of the srilankan population is concerned.

    As a first step towards reconciliation, I sincerely hope that the TNA invite back to the north all those sinhalese and muslims who were thrown out of the north by the LTTE as a gesture of goodwill. This would be a welcome first step in the right direction.

  98. I can’t understand what you are saying…

    We are teaching history in schools and it is not only Mahawansa but collection of facts from things like Dipavamsa, Chulavamsa or Rajaveliya etc, supported by historical facts like Sigiriya.

    Get a school txt book and see how King Elara was portrayed.

  99. then Why Srilanka do not have Elara regiment in it’s military. you have to come out of box to understand what i am saying.
    an Eelam citizen

  100. Your style of writing indicates you have never been to any real school, where there were teachers and not thugs.

  101. shankar says:
    August 12, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    what else do you want?
    Dear friend,

    I am very much happy if you could really activate SIRIMA- SASHTREE agreement.

    In this agreement India agreed upon to bring back 568,000 indians. But actually they called back only 246,000 people. Rest of them didn’t applied. They themself automatacally treated as sri lankan citisions. They and their decenders should go back to India.

    Both partees agreed to postphone to decide citition ship for another 90,000 people. But India keep scilence. India should call back these 90,000 peoples.


  102. Illango,
    Why do you say that Vaiko is of Telugu origin?
    What harm if he speaks for the Tamils?
    Do you know your origin? Are you a pure race?
    As you cannot contribute to this blog intelligently, you speak out of point.

  103. Why ask India?
    Do you know the history of this island called Ceylon?
    There were three (3) independent kingdoms before the Portugese arrived in the island.
    The British who were the last colonial power, amalgamated all 3 regions for administrative reasons.
    The Northeast region was inhabitted and ruled by the Tamils.
    Please study history and then comment.

  104. Soma,
    “They want a separate area on the basis of discrimination by the Sinhalese. But when that probability is being discussed none of them want to go there”.

    Who told you so?

  105. You ask TNA to invite the Sinhalese and Muslims when the State is too busy colonising the North and East
    with the Sinhalese, the IDPs in the north canot settle as their original lands are occupied by Army (99% Sinhalese) with families , and Budhist Viharas put up where there are no Budhists etc.

  106. Suresh

    The jaffna kingdom did not consist of the east.The tamils may have inhabited the east,but it was part of the kandyan kingdom.the jaffna kingdom consisted of tamils from ancient times,whereas in the east a people called the Mukkuwa whose king was known as pandian came from tamilnadu and with the help of the muslims in the east fought with the tamils and chased them out and settled in the east.I think even now they follow the edicts of pandian and read it out regularly.

  107. Why this raving and ranting as if you are such a great people. If you can be an hostile country to us we can also be hostile to you. i only wish that your political leaders also speak in your language to the authorities in new delhi. then we can see some fire works in the neighborhood.

  108. the more these joker politicians shout from tamil nadu the more it becomes clear to moderates living within sri-lanka that the only solution to foreign interference is the FULL ETHNIC INTEGRATION of the North.
    So thanks vaiko please keep braying, thanks to the LTTE the northern tamizhs now make up just 5% of the sri-lankan population, due to wahtever racist brainwashing they will not integrate with other communities and the muslim and sinhalese are scared to move to the North due to the genocide and ethnic cleansing conducted by the LTTE, therefore the government must push muslims and sinhalese to move to the North and integrate with the northern tamils.
    this is the only solution to the Nazi level racism spewed by certain tamizhs in the TNA nad from tamizh nadu.

  109. Are you kidding me?

    Thanks to the LTTE, Eelamish tamizhs now make up just 5% of the polpulation of Sri-Lanka (the central, eastern and soutern tamizhs were denied their right to freely express opinions by the great sun god).

    Also keep in mind that 500,000 chingalams and mussalmans were ethnically cleansed from the North by the LTTE so once they are re-settled the eelamish tamizhs become just 10% of the North.

  110. Non racist Tamizh Sr-Lankans are loyal and content living as Sri-lankans. If u dont know, here is a quick stat:
    1 Sri-Lanka’s doosra man is a tamizh and a proud SRI-LANKAN central tamizh (Murali)
    2 Sri-Lanka’s richest investor is a tamizh and a proud SRI-LANKAN southern tamizh (Dr Senthiverl)
    3 Sri-Lanka’s richest bussinessman is a tamizh and a proud SRI-LANKAN indian tamizh (Gnanam)

    No northern tamizhs are on the above list because over the past twenty years they were brainwashed by the racist Sun God to go Kaboom, Kaboom.

    It is the racist terrorists who ethnically cleansed the North of sinhalese and muslims and persecuted them

  111. There is no North and East son….there is the NORTH which was dominated by a racist terrorist for over 25 years and is now coming out of the dark ages, (sinhalese and muslims made up 10% of the North before they were ethnically cleansed by the Sun God(tm))…… and there is the EAST where mussalmans and chingalams make up 75%…then there is the South where the majority of non racist tamizhs live amongst chingalams and mussalmans.

  112. thank you for speeling out the only solution that is available for moderate Sri-Lankans as long as teh racist diasspora keeps barking….

  113. citizens

    From where did you get the figure of 500000.According to the muslim who wrote an article recently in transcurrents about 50000 muslims were chased out by the LTTE from the north. He says they are reluctant to come back to the north because their children have grown up with the substantial muslim community in puttalam and have integrated with them.

    As for your contention that sinhalese were ethnically cleansed from the north,that is an untruth. They were evacuated by JRj as a precautionary measure after the july 83 riots against the tamils.

    Once before also you have said the same untruth and i corrected it. This time also word to word it is the same,therefore you are just copying it from from your previous comment and are a either a nutcase or a propagandist trying to create mischief.We need neither types on this respected blog.

  114. Dear samarasekera

    your facts are all wrong.Under the sirima shastri pact of 1964

    1.India agreed to repatriate 525000 tamils.

    2. Srilanka agreed to give 300000 citizenship.

    3. The remaining 150000 would be decided later.

    4.The sirima Indira ghandhi pact of 1974 srlanka agreed to grant citizenship for 75000 of the remaining 150000,while india would take back 75000.

    5. In 1982 india abrogated both the pacts.

    6.When it did that only 90000 tamils who had been granted indian citizenship were still in srilanka.Presumably this is the 90000 you are referring to and asking their descendents to be sent back.As you can see they were not the ones in my point 3 who were to be decided on later,because that was sorted out by the sirima indira pact.

    7. In 1988 and 2003 the srilankan government granted citizenship to them.So how can you send them back when our own government has given them citizenship?Are you saying we should not respect our own laws?

    8.Now let us come to why india had to abrogate the pact.It was because JRJ and thondaman had a secret pact themselves for 94000 to be given srilankan citizenship.Also JRJ ordered a further 83000 who were getting ready to leave to india to be given fresh employment here.So how do you expect india to honour its agreement when the president of srilanka is himself sabotaging it in collusion with thondaman just to get the votes.that is why in 1982 it had enough with JRJ and abrogated it.However i believe instead of losing its temper and abrogating it it should have sighned a fresh agreement with srilanka,so that the fault in implementing the earlier agreement was made clear to everybody.

    So samare,don’t blame the indians for what happenned to the 90000 and their descendents you want to repatriate now,blame JRJ for that instead.If he was greedy for the votes what can they do?

  115. citizensl

    government must push muslims and sinhalese to move to the North and integrate with the northern tamils.
    Northern tamils will not integrate.They will gradually move to the south which is the better part of the country while the sinhalese will be suffering in the dry arid north.The sinhalese will be in the north right next to the 72 million in tamilnadu.When tamilnadu one day seperates and has its own army the sinhalese will be wedged between the tamils in tamilnadu and the tamils in the south who would have multiplied a lot due to the better conditions in the south with abundant water and food.

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