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Aussie Police investigating ‘operation excreta’ in Sydney by suspected LTTE elements

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Pro-LTTE elements in Sydney NSW, launch”Operation Excreta” against Tamil broadcaster of Australian Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (ATBC) Radio

Suspected pro-tiger hoodlums dumped bags of human excreta (SHIT) over the gate of ATBC radio journalist Raguram in a “brave” night operation

Aussie Police are currently investigating this”shitty”attack conducted by pro-tiger elements in Sydney following a complaint lodged by Ragu

The cause for the attack by pro-tiger elements is attributed to an interview conducted with ex-LTTE chief Selvarasah Pathmanathan alias KP

Raguram who conducted the exhaustive 2-part interview with KP had aired the 1st part over ATBC on July 19th&the 2nd part on July 26th 2011

LTTE & pro-LTTE elements of the “Nediyavan”faction opposed to KP had been angered after the 1st part was aired&issued leaflets condemning it

The leaflets criticised Raguram for interviewing KP&called him a”Tamil traitor” & warned him not to broadcast the 2nd part of the KP interview

Pressure was also mounted within the ATBC establishment on Raguram to abort the KP interview. The ATBC has toed a pro-tiger line in the past

Raguram however had not wilted under pressure& aired the 2nd part of the interview as scheduled the following week in a defiant gesture

This had angered pro-tiger sections in Sydney.The excreta being thrown at Ragurams residence is seen as a direct consequence of this anger

Perturbed by these developments the ATBC administration is pressurising Raguram to quit the radio. He is likely to exit the radio very soon

Ironically,LTTE sections in Diaspora are vehemently condemning the assault on a Jaffna Journalist by EPDPgoons as an attack on media freedom

This is a bundle of tweets posted on Twitter by DBS Jeyaraj

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  1. even if the suspects are arrested aussie police will have to determine the real culprits by obtaining excreta samples frm suspects and matching them with the excreta they found.this is a dangerous situation as LTTE have a alternative for

  2. If you sleep with dogs you only wake up with flees. Any Tamil has the right to their opinion. Raguram would have been history for this during LTTE era.

  3. DB
    I enjoy your articles and your website. Better be careful mate. In canada also there are many LTTE terrorists and you also might end up getting a shitty attack.

    Keep us the good work


  4. Trust the Tamils not to forget the origins, do a Tamil Nadu ! a case of Ontogeny recapitulating phylogeny !

  5. THIS is precisely the problem and this problem, far from having been solved by the calculated massacre of the LTTE, is growing by the day.

    The problem I speak of is intolerance and the consequent tendency to respond with violence to anyone who differs from ones own point of view and developmental perspective.

    The intolerance of successive governments towards what the Sri Lankan Tamils wanted to do to develop their community and the intolerance of the Tamil Rebellion towards anyone who differed from their perspectives and programs are but two sides of the same.

    Intolerance is not something limited to Sri Lankans. It can be found all over the world and is usually part and parcel of the psychological make up of those who espouse racist and fascist perspectives.

    Do the Sri Lankan Tamils want a political leadership made up of throwers of human excreta, assassins, murderers, people who commit grave assault even on old people, people who kidnap and torture and kill? Do the Sri Lankan Tamils want a leadership that insists that everyone of them tow its political line or be killed?

    Both the Sinhalese and the Sri Lankan Tamils seem to relish such violent fascist political leadership and they have repeatedly chosen such political leaders and show no sign of wishing to have anything different. Those who wish to enjoy a democratic law governed pluralist society have no choice other than to leave the island and find safety in countries that uphold and live by such values.

  6. This is a lowly and cowardly act. Instead they could have given curses to him like women do (mann vari iraithal, nee nasama poyiduve etc etc)

    Concepts have to met with concepts.

    Both the Jaffna journalist attack and this are condemnable.

  7. .
    Hope Australian Police will arrest and punish the culprits.

    All Autralian Tamils must cooperate with Police.


  8. Dear DBSJ,

    The incident proof that the mentality of Tamils same in Jaffna and overseas.

    Ceylon tamils never learn from the past and present.

    Australian government should find the LTTE gangster to stand the justice.

    Mr. Selvarasa Pathmanathan is under the government custody, we should not expect a genuine statement from him unles he is free.

    Best Regards

    Why are they so afraid of KP speak then?………………DBSJ

  9. This is hilarious……………
    A smelly bombardment on media freedom.
    Have the Australian Police taken several of the excreta samples to conduct DNA on a later date to identify the culprits?
    Aussie police now can collect saliva samples from all SL Tamils living in Sydney.
    Its a simple investigation………….Only the analysts will be kept busy.

    They are allover…….. EPDP goons and LTTE coolies.

  10. Thambi Monai,

    Thakarangal’s best and precious asset is their Pee. The whole of Sydney is full of bogus refugees who still live in cockoo land and shitting loose.

  11. What a bunch of loosers. Didn’t know Australia have NO BACKBONE to stand up for these terrorists. ATBC administration shows what kind of loosers they are too, if they trying to let this brave guy go.

  12. A rather smelly tale Mr.Jeyaraj

    When I was growing up in Jaffna there used to be inter-caste clashes. One way of attacking was to dump human excreta into the drinking water wells.

    Looks like these traits continue even down under

  13. Judging by the responces of some readers of this blog the Sinhala Govt of MR is definitely behind this.

    Here is the motive. MR paid EPDP Douglass Devananda to throw the heat off him due to latest Chanel 4 tape of cition. EPDP after bashing the Editor last week resorted to a way that Aussies understand best. Naive Aussies who was always sympathetic all kinds of Bull Shit put forward by the pre LTTE diaspora. Hwoever as Bull SHit was not readily available in eth aussie subburbs they resorted to Shit one way or another.

    ….. Anyway MR is to blame for this.

  14. A successful operation they carried in recent time it seems. Not sure still carry the cyanide capsule with them or prefer to take a white flag and some civilians as backup. Working hard…what a farce! Yet, a protest against an interview, featuring technically their current leader, nominated by VP, had been broadcasted. Do not soil those countries and discredit Tamils.

  15. At the height of its power, LTTE cadres and their backers had done dirty, sham and coward jobs as well as brutal and vicious acts. But we never thought ‘rump LTTE’ could go down to this much low level. Now they proved we were wrong all the way.

    Anyway, this ‘shitty’ act alone is enough to show that ‘rump LTTE’ is no different to LTTE. It proves; ex-LTTEs and their backers have a tendency to follow all kinds of acts by the megalomaniac terrorist, Velu.

    If ‘rump LTTE’ does not allow its past leader to speak his mind, we can only visualize the plight of an ordinary Tamil who lives alongside them in those so-called democratic countries. No doubt, Emmanuel must have approved it, if not have been in charge of it. We shall neither criticize nor complain, but leave it to those ex colonialists that of late had become egalitarians who had been sponsoring ‘rump LTTE’ to deal with the matter in their own way.

    To what extent Velu’s dirty mindset is being flowed towards our citizenry of the North of Sri Lanka and how to prevent it is what concerns us. So, the government should compile a list of such maniacs and track them if they ever step into Sri Lanka.

    And, those commentators that rightfully moaned about that degrading job of sticking the head of a dead dog on a gate pier ought to ponder whether it is also an extraneous likewise act by the same guys.

  16. This”shitty”attack used to conducted in Tamil areas by GOSL air force. Especially, in jaffna during the 2nd eelam war (1990-1994), until LTTE raised the air missiles. GOSL air force filled shit in drums and throw it to the tamil areas.

    do you they really got angry from KP’s interview, KP’s interview is everywhere and all know that KP is not going to tell the truth from GOSL unlawful custody.GOSL is waiting a big fish form this KP Crane.

    attackers whoever it is should know, they never ever going to gain anything from this shitty attack, they are putting dirt on their own heads by doing this.

  17. Why don’t these pro tigers….. realize they are a spent force and keep quiet. They are still thinking their foolish leader taught them some valuable lessons like nelson mandela. That bugger ruined everything not letting other capable people to run the show. That animal want be the only one to be portraited as the sole savior of tamils. As a result it kept people only who are willing to lick its feet. That ultimately proved to be human excreta. At least now the followers of that buffalo should realize to keep quiet. So others may do the needful. I strongly suspect that those with nediyavan are working with SL. Look when the heat is high on SL they do something to divert the attention. So that they can share the massive wealth they had acquired over decades. Also DBSJ how the hell could you name this act Brave? All those brave boys and girls are dead in the field except the white flag carrying ones.

    I know the goons will now start shouting for mentioning their imaginary divine, brave, foreseeable and genius leader as shit.

    I will accept your comments only if you can explain

    1. your leader choice of his successor. Don’t tell it never happened. Everyone knows Kay.Pee was appointed the successor. Again don’t tell kay.Pee betrayed. In that case your leader don’t know even his closest ally’s capabilities.

    2. How the hell was mahatayya was appointed the second in command? The above points apply.
    3. How the hell karoona was chosen his trusted lieutenant? again the mentioned points apply.
    4. How was Thamizhchelvan chosen to head the negotiation? When Eric told him Bush wishes that you fix your next date for negotiation. he bravely(???) said we will only follow his leaders order. What a courageous person…lol
    5. How was rest of his political team selected? All are now with SL. (nakkura naikku chekkena sivalingam enna?)

    This clearly shows your leader’s leadership qualities. Come on dispute me.


    Do you understand sarcasm or what is called “tongue in cheek”? When the word Brave is put between inverted commas as “brave” what does it imply? Even if it was not put in quotes anyone with a modicum of common sense would understand what it means in this context

  18. This old habit of naming people as “traitors” started with Chelvanayagam calling G. G. Ponnambalam a traitor in 1940s when he joined in the SDSenanayake cabinet, and then the same thing went on with even greater intensity in the 1960s, 1970, and then in the poetry of Kasi Ananathan suggesting that “traitors” should not die naturally. Duraiappah may have been one of the earliest, more well known victims.
    After that there were hundreds of well-known and thousands of less-known people eliminated as “traitors”. And all this was tacitly approved by our “intellectuals” and even leftists who now shout about “human rights”. Are we going to see something like this spiraling up in the Tamil Daispora? I fervently hope not.

  19. Dear all Tamil Brothers,

    now fulish EELAM war is over. that didn’t give us any good. now the time has changed and sri lanka is moving forward fast. so what i want to tell you is this is the time to show our harmony to the world. do not miss this chance any way. Tamils , Moslims and Sinhalese all can live together and help our country to move forward more fast.
    you may have different political agenda and go ahead, but do not try to harm Sri Lanka any more since the Sri Lanka is yours. it is our country so lets work together like one family.

  20. Cannot be the Tamil diaspora doing this.

    This is the work of the racist, bloodthirsty, Genocidal Buddhist Sinhalese trying to chase the Tamils from Australia and Sinhalacise it.

  21. When we were kids we used to make stink bombs using hydrogen sulphide. Pity we didn’t know that natural stink boms could be made this way.Thanks LTTE for the bright idea

  22. There is evidence that the Tamils who handled the stuff (who have been doing it for generations)were raped and genocided(tm) by Sinhala Ausies and forced to do this.

  23. Are you saying that LTTE are a bunch of shit handlers or are you implying that they are toilet cleaners ?

  24. I wanted you to say this loud and clear. Thanks for fulfilling my wish.


  25. From all that’s happening around it’s evident that LTTE supporters and sympathizers still need to have their own state. The crux of all these acts directly and indirectly implies that demand for TAMIL EELAM is still on. Now that the LTTE terrorism and all silly acts of calming an Elam in Sri Lanka have completely been eradicated, all these interested parties to have an state of EElam and also the governments who cheer up such acts should find another place on the planet leaving Sri Lanka alone.

    There are only a few hundred thousands of Tamils in Sri Lanka and of them only a few hundred want an EElam if at all. There are other countries having millions of Tamils. Even geographically it’s a case of 25,000 square miles against hundreds of thousands of square miles. So on what basis these people justify splitting tiny Sri Lanka into two?

  26. Hence Mr Thava all he says in the Radio will be one sided to suit the GoSL. the fools who broadcast should understand that all those who listen are not intelligent enough to decipher the truth. If the so called journalists are not matured enough to deliver the correct message then SHIT happens.

    Sheer fascism!Dont disgrace Tamils by calling yourself Tamil………….DBSJ

  27. This is a community radio for Tamils in Australia. The broadcaster should have know the pulse of the listeners. Considering the current situation of the country, and the SL government attitude towards the tamils, Raguram should have know the reaction from the listeners after broadcasting the first part.


    Your insulting and blaming the ATBC “Listeners” in general for this excreta attack while glossing over the pro-tiger goons who actually did it is a typical LTTE tactic.So too is the blaming the victim syndrome

  28. Something is extremely smelly here. I can’t exactly put my finger on it but i can get the smell a mile away.

    Unfortunately We have shitty culture when it comes to sending a message to our enemies. If we had the shoe culture like the arabs,a bagfull of shoes could have been thrown into his compound,if the size fitted he could use them too.

  29. Dear DBSJ,

    I believe because of the terrorist mentality, Tamil diaspora don’t want to see lateral point views. They are selfish not only that using the ground tragedy the lot of people have benefited by wealth. They do not want to loose that so.

    I am saying that we should allow Mr. S.Pathmanathan to talk in the free way instead of capture status. Lets in international courts.I don’t think so these are practical.

    Tamil community itself voice up against the vigilance would be found good results in future.

    I really sad about Mr. Ragu, we always support him.



    I have found the “Captive”KP talking far more freely and truthfully than so many of our so called Tamil leaders in Sri Lanka and abroad who are “free” and not in captivity.

    What has KP’s “captive status” got to do with his talking about his NERDO organization which is trying to help the war affected people in its own small way?

    What has KP’s “captive status” got to do with his asking those in the Tamil diaspora who collected money for the LTTE and are now keeping it themselves and running businesses to give part of it to the suffering Tamil people in the Wanni?

    No the opposition towards KP being interviewed has nothing to do with his captive status but everything to do with his telling bitter truths about Diaspora LTTE money on the one hand and suffering Tamil people in the Wanni on the other.

    In any case I do think this Govt “prisoner”Kp is doing far more greater service in uplifting the down trodden Tamil people in the North than most of these vocal warriors in the Diaspora who ridicule KP as a captive

  30. ‘A fool finds pleasure in evil conduct, but a man of understanding delights in wisdom’.Proverb.

    Australia is civilised, democratic country, The democratic rights of all its citizens should be respected. This kind of criminals who cannot tolarate a different point of view or opinion should be indentified and brought to justice or even sent back to Sri-Lanka.

    For all the pro-Tiger people of diaspora….This kind of actions do more harm for the Tamil people who live in these foster countries. The collective reputation of the Tamil community will be in jeopardy. Mainstream societies in these countries may distance themselves from the Tamil community.

    Any kind of violent campain has no place in the new world order. The Tiger supporters, sympathizers,sycophants how ever you called them are becoming very irrelevant in this current situation. They do nothing constructive to the Tamils in TE. They should keep a low profile if they really love their follow citizens in TE. Especially Nediyavan and his followers should go to TE to ‘fight for their cause’.

    ‘Fear less,hope more,
    eat less, chew more,
    whine less, breath more,
    talk less, say more,
    hate less, love more,
    and all the good things will be yours.’ a swedish Proverb.


  31. Well said, Ken. These guys do more harm to their kith and kin who are making a fervent attempt to raise their heads after three decades of suffering at the hands of the tiger outfit.Give them a break to loose free and find their foothold.

  32. Who ever did this does not represent the Tamils in an way. They were not elected by tamils. Or given position of power by tamils. So how some one conclude they represent the section of Tamils community ?

  33. ,Operation excreta, project Idea must have come from rival radio owned by INPATHTHAMIL prhbaharan and his supporters(Radio already called PUBLIC toilet)I knew Prabaharan was abusing Raguram on his radio along with Melbourne civil engineer Arivalakan ( 23 lax Man).
    this is not new in Sydney .People involve in ATBC also not saints or democrats . Uthayam News paper had gone through many problem like burning paper, removing the bundles and threatning advertisers. All these were done by the TCC coordinators. Now they are doing to each others. they are bunch of fascist thugs under the banner of Radio. Shit heads
    We are just watch and laugh.

  34. My greatest fear has come to pass. Sounds like the LTTE are desperate now and have resorted to deadly biological warfare…

    Someone should warn them this is illegal under the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. This is biological genocide or even biocide by this deadly spinter group of the LTTE, the Sydney Heroic Independent Tigers (SHIT)

    The armed forces must quickly vacate the north and east to prevent further attacks. It’s just not worth the price anymore getting covered in excrement for your country.

  35. Dear Selvendran, You brought upa point ALL tamils should know. Namely the reason for the creation of this Sinhala Tamil differences. Yes,it was by the Ponnambalams and Chelvanayagams who demanded 50-50 even before the independence. If not for that there was a chance of even a tamil governer general or a prime minister immediately after the british left. But Alas, it never happened and as a result we fought each other politically and then militarily. People like DBSJ, AnandaSangaree are the tamils who are knowledgeable about this who can clarify but against the current separarist tamil ideology and the Jayalalitha win they are toothless and I think will neve even attempt to explain to them.

    You are distorting history…………DBSJ

  36. I agree totally,but I think the current tamils are still thinking TN will help them with Ealam. As long as the LTTE rump is in the taml diaspora they will agitaite CH4 and the IC aiming at Ealam ,this time withour arms.

  37. I think given the Jayalalitha win,CH4 and Clinton visit to Tamil nadu, the tamils are on a attack mood against SL. Unfortunately they donot see as you do, though I do!

  38. Aha! When they kill the SL soldiers and gain land area they are the SOLE representatives of the Tamils. Now that they throw Excreta in Australia,they are NOT the SOLE representatives of the tamils !!

  39. Ha – Ajith…. So, the ATBC listners somehow collected the excreta and went to Raguram’s place and made a mess? ATBC listneres know the phone number of the studio. They would have jammed the lines and blasted the radio and Raguram if they didn’t like the first part of the interview. If they had done that, ATBC wouldn’t have had broadcasted the second part.

  40. LTTE should be disbanded and it’s ‘national’ flag of guns & bullets should be ditched. I think we Tamils do not have to listen to the utterances of the so called left over LTTE leaders. Tamils should look beyond these criminals to shape their political aspirations.

    As far I am concerned KP and the individuals who carried out this act belong to the same shit.

  41. ‘The armed forces must quickly vacate the north and east to prevent further attacks. It’s just not worth the price anymore getting covered in excrement for your country.’

    Now, you don’t want to jump onto the high horse. There were at least a few incidents of the Sri Lankan airforce helicopters dropping excreta-filled barrels from above.

  42. Garawi, they are not the SOLE representatives but they are A***HOLE representatives.

    They were never the SOLE representatives of Tamils. It was a convenient theme for the LTTE to control and manipulate the Tamils. They indeed were A***HOLE representatives……and it shows now.

    If LTTE were to go to war in future (well, it is only possible in ones wildest dreams and in cyberspace) their battle cry will be something like this:

    Our soldiers went to war
    Our soldiers fought well
    Our soldiers stuck the bayonet
    Up the Major’s A***hole!! (replace ‘our soldiers’ with ‘a***hole just’)

    She told… she told..she told me not to go
    She told, she told, she told, she told, she told me not to go!
    (replace ‘she told’ with ‘sh*t hole’)

    பேசாமல் பேசவைப்பான் பிரபாகரன்……
    பேளாமல் பேளவைப்பான் பிரபாகரன்!!!!

  43. Dear DBSJ,

    I do concur with you that about the LTTE’s collected money status.

    When I met Father . Emmanuel in last months, same query I have made. He said that he does not have any idea about the money also he also agree with us the money should be utilized the deprived people.

    I also want to pointing out that rather than appreciating Mr. S.Pathmanthan in the situation, I strongly say that Mr.Sampanthan, Mr. Anandasangaree and Mr. Sumanthiran are good choice for the North. These people can handle very balance way in south and North without any extreme stands.

    I do not find big different with Mr. S. Pathmanathan and late Mr. V. Prebakaran, both are made big damage to the Sri Lanka as much as they can.

    So if we want genuine reconciliation, the GOSL should promote some credible politician in the north.

    It is great to to your private opinion on these, I am flying tonight to New Zealand with my grand daughter to attend a wedding and meet one of my grand son, who is in University.I will get opportunity to meet few of my colleagues there to share some information.

    Best Regards,

  44. Well said DBSJ. The worst part of pro tiger psyche is their inability to have self awareness – they celebrate the LTTE’s killings and the one-sided Goebbels’ propaganda against others, but cannot take a single source of disagreement, let alone opposition. Good riddance of the LTTE.

  45. I see the 2000 years old TAMIL civilization. This is another example how LTTE wants to suppress any voice against them even it is true!

  46. .

    Realx Leela,

    Take a few minutes and think about all those murders and attacks against journalists and tv stations happened in Sinhala South.

    Compared to all those, this incident looks very minor, Now you’ll feel better.


  47. We have sent through our charity (Mainly supported by Sinhalese in UK) small amount of money (About £500) to Nedro to distribute books, food and other things they deemed necessary to orphaned Tamil children in Vanni. They have sent me photos and an account of what they spent the money on. However when I tried to get more funds some Sinhalese friends do not want to contribute as they say Tamil Diaspora has more money and they should support. They also alleged KP gave all the LTTE money to GR (DEF SEC) so they should not give any money towards Tamils. I told them this is nothing to do with diaspora, KP or GR but help people (in this case children) destitute by the war and it’s our responsibility too. Then when I asked my Tamil friends to contribute, not a single one wanted to help. They say money will go to GOSL coffers (Even though I had pictures and account to prove)and NEDRO is a GOSL front only. They say the same thing as Sinhalese, alleging KP and GR have all the money and they are the ones should spent. So I just gave up. We can’t change attitudes of our people.


    I know how you helped and tried to help Ajith.Thank you and God bless you.

    I understand what you are saying about the attitude of our people on this matter.

    I think many are simply saying these allegations to avoid helping the affected persons

  48. ken, Do what you like with them, but please please don’t send them back to Sri Lanka. You took them in now they are your responsibility not ours. Give them time and they will give up handling shit. Old habits die hard they say. Remember your took a century after being sent away from England.

  49. Apparantly this shows that they have not forgotten their past, when they came to Sri Lanka from Tamil Nadu, not so long ago they started life by dealing(clearing)with shitin major cities,although now they demand a part of the Land. Aussies please beware this is an alternative method used by LTTE to start with before resorting to other activities and eventually claim part of your country. They are capable of rewriting the history of the country.

  50. Within a week two journalists, one in Australia on in Jaffna, are attacked!
    The one in Australia has a bag of shit town in his yard, but no injuries..
    The one in Jaffna is assaulted with iron bars and is critically injured.
    The difference is in Sydney, the Police take swift action to find the culprits.
    In Jaffna, the Police go to sleep!

    It seems that almost the Tamils on this site are outraged about both attacks! On the other hand, most of the Sinhalese seem to be only upset about “shit throwing”.

    I wonder what visitor from Mars after reading both threads, will think about the Tamils and the Sinhalese?

  51. No way Sinhalese Buddist will do that. They are very happy for you to be there and shit as you pleased. Get the shit out of India as well. jayalalitha will provode enough of shit to cover half of Australia.

  52. Leela, you say.. “And, those commentators that rightfully moaned about that degrading job of sticking the head of a dead dog on a gate pier ought to ponder whether it is also an extraneous likewise act by the same guys.”

    Do you realize that the dog’s head was stuck on the head of a TNA MP? And Mrs. Velupillai’s grave was desecrated by the dead dogs? http://www.lankajournal.com/2011/02/sri-lanka-tamil-tiger-chief-mothers-grave-desecrated/

    The difference is in a civilized country like Australia, such despicable attacks are investigated and the perpetrators charged and punished.

    In uncivilized Sri Lanka, the Police go to sleep when human rights activists, Mr. Razik or journalists like Sivaram, Lasantha W or Prageeth Ekneligoda are murdered!

    So who is barbaric ?

  53. DilshanF..you say…. “Anyway MR is to blame for this.”

    No he is not! Not because he wouldn’t but because he couldn’t. Sydney is not within the range of the Sri Lankan Armed forces. This is what your armed froces are capable of…
    —-The London Daily Telegraph, 13th September 1990
    …In one week, Jaffna was subjected to what its inhabitants called ‘shit bomb’ attacks. Jaffna smelt like a drain and the city’s frightened inhabitants suspected they were being subjected to some sort of crude experiment in biological warfare…”—-http://ttnet.bravehost.com/books/indictment_against_sri_lanka/indictment33.html

    But he is responsible for this! http://www.lankajournal.com/2011/02/sri-lanka-tamil-tiger-chief-mothers-grave-desecrated/

    And for Lasantha W, Mr. Razik and Prageeth Eknelygoda!

    These miserable miscreants are small fry compared to what your brave SL Armed forces, who collected barrel loads of shit to bomb Jaffna.

    Your Armed forces are still the Shit throwing champions! Like these fellows…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg2AezJo8aQ&feature=related

    Dilshan was being sarcastic………DBSJ

  54. Leela,Lalith Athulathmudali did this from the air to northern Tamils when he was a minister they may have learned this from him. And Why did you keep mum when this was done to TNA members in jaffna???

  55. garawi, mate TNA won’t give Tamils Eelam. only Rajapaksha’s behaviour post war is going to give EElam

  56. Just keeping the culture alive mate. Otherwise the bloodthirsty Buddhist Sinhalese will come and carry out cultural genocide on the Tamil people. LOLLLLLLLLLL 🙂

  57. CH4 and the Diaspora need to make another movie and take it to the UN and white House with a big bag of fresh ‘goodies’. 🙂

  58. Tamil: Looks as if you are a real warrior defending other Tamils that do commendable jobs at nights. Apparently you do not want the not so intelligent people to listen the one sided story. Can you tell a bit about the other sides that you want to hear the stories of? What is the “correct” message you want to hear dear? The way you concluded your comment putting “SHIT happens” makes me to think you made this to happen, or looks as if you were at the least aided or abetted. Are you the LOAD of the SHIT king? Did you start the oscillator and looked at the flying e-coli? Do you believe those who did this kind of deed in a decent city like Sydney are so intelligent (in your language) and superior maturity than the listeners that you fear should not hear. If you are defending these scavengers who spread faeces at night means you have shit on your hand. If you could do one good thing for Tamils, include a “?” or “selvam”next to the name tamil which you use. Why do not you use the popular heroes’ names like Tamilselvam, Pottu, VP or KP but pls do not use tamil.

  59. This is a cowardly act and should be condemned outright.

    This is not LTTE of Selan, Vicktor, Kittu caliber.

    DBSj says ” Pro LTTE elements”
    It eventually becomes LTTE.

    The fact is LTTE is no more. If one of the many splintters do something like this they are branded LTTE until some other headline act is comitted. Then they will become LTTE.

    Why not state the fact as it is. LTTE is no more. There is no cohesive body called with leadership of direction at the moment.

    I beg DBSJ to highlight this.



    I have written many times on this.Please read them.

  60. LTTE.. please no… again.. we suffered 30 years .. well enough. Our kids want education. need jobs. houses. freedom. Now everyone in Sri Lanka walking without fear. Everyone feeling the smell of freedom. wounds are healing but slowly. Find a another place in Canada or Australia. Sri Lanka is too small to divide.

  61. The attack using excreta (psychological) does not compare to the brutal physical attack on an older man. The shit scene could be just a warning before physical violence though.. The culprits in neither case would be punished I guess, for completely different reasons.. If the EPDP is involved then they are likely to go scot free (GoSL is yet to learn a lesson after the LG polls).. The New South Wales police does not have the budget to investigate fully each and every non-physical attack (I doubt they will go to the extent of DNA analyzing the excreta)…

  62. Can I also suggest the Meththa Foundation for anyone who wants to contribute to an organisation that is doing genuine work to adress what I believe is should be the No. 1 priority for the Vanni as well as for the country. Which is to rehabilitate the almost 4000 amputees who lost their limbs in the war.


  63. By this coment DBSJ your have reveled some of your inner mindset.

    As I told you please take rest……….DBSJ

  64. In the vehicle take a potty
    At sight of enemy release our putty.
    Lets take from it the knitty-gritty
    Instantly launch our attack shitty

  65. Jornalists have all the rights to broadcast / telecast or write the incidents. Whatever the third class work is stupidity..of certain tamil’s behavior.

  66. I have sent KP’s NERDO money to educate two undergraduates from Vanni in Jaffna university. I also gave money to help a war widow and three children and elderly mother to restart life in Vanni

    KP has sent me receipts and letters from the people I am helping. I also spoke on the phone with them

    I am satisfied I am helping truly deserving suffering Tamils through KP and NERDO

    I want to do more in future

    Thavaratnam instead of talking and talking just help people.Otherwise shut up

  67. DBSJ, It is good that you expose the things that are happening. Most of the Comments are so valid points, some are meaningless. Why dont you add an option such as “Like” or “dislike”.

  68. Well a metal barrel falling from a few thousand feet would do more harm than the contents.

    Anyway, as I understand this was a series of experiments the airforce carried out in the 80’s to make the land in Jaffna more fertile for farming, thus pleasing the farmers and bringing an end to the conflict.

    As usual this kind act the airforce was twisted by the LTTE..Damned if you do, damned if you dont. Sigh..

  69. We all must appreciate that Mr Ruguram had a courage to interview and broad cast the wider views among us. Our people were lacking the information from various leaders, interlectuals, and other experienced peoples due to the sort sighted mind sets etc. In Australia, some of the so called intelecual people are relying only on the biased information from Eeelamurasu and Inpathamil. They never bothered to listen or read others views. KP is a reformed leader who has wider experience about good and bad side of our struggle. Everyone of us specially tamil people should listen to him what he says. We may not accept what others say but we should allow everyone for the freedom of speech and make openions.If not we continue to suffer another century without achieving anything.!!

  70. Anandasivam,

    Who are you to say me shut up? Talking is my own right to express my concern.

    I have learn from my parents that when we are borrowing we shall inform others but when we are donating no need to announce.

    I appreciate your good heart to donate some one.

    I also urge you behave here as gentleman. I am really not aware about your profession but would say you are non educated fellow and just reached overseas because of “Pirabakaran”


  71. I appreciate yor good thinking. We can simply find needy people through our contacts, relatives. In this case KP does real service though he was helping wrong people in the past!

    Many bark but never care about the suffering people.I have adopted two children. They are happy and learning well.

  72. M.Sivananthan,

    Absolutely right, Keep on saying that no support to current/past terrorist in Lanka.

    Best Wishes,

  73. Correct Mr.Thavaratnam. People like Anandasivam should first learn how to speak and write in public.

  74. Well said good to see people moving away from acts of violence and reconcile and build from what is left no point in crying over spilled milk only way is to move forward. we can forgive but we don’t have to forget

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