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Douglas Devananda Urges People of the North not to get Carried away by the Emotional Speeches of the TNA

(Text of a press communique issued by the Ministry of Traditional Industries and small Enterprise Development)

Minister Douglas Devananda

Minister Douglas Devananda

Hon. Basil Rajapakse, Minister of Economic Development , addressing several political rallies held in Chunnakam, Araly and Velanai electorates in Jaffna district on the 10th and 11th of September 2013, said that massive development projects at a cost of more than Rs.1,000 billion had been commenced in the Northern Province, amongst them , the Power House in Chunnakam and the launching of train service from Omanthai to Kilinochchi to be opened for the public by His Excellency the President would certainly have a positive impact on the life of the people of the North.

He also said that as the initiation of new projects, completion of the projects already in progress, especially the resumption “Yarl Devi” from Kilinochchi to Kankesanturai (KKS), fell on the hands of the new Provincial Council that was going to be established on the 22nd instant, he urged the people to entrust the power of the Provincial Council to the UPFA, so that even the most trivial thing deemed necessary to uplift the living standard of the Northerners could be continued unhindered.

The Hon. Minister speaking further at the meetings, said that in addition to the restoration of Railway track as well as the electricity supply to the Northern Region of the country which had been completely destroyed by the Tigers, the restoration of the school buildings and revamping of the entire education system to be in par with that of the other parts of the country, conversion of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital to be one of the best in the South East Asian Region, rehabilitation and carpeting of the whole road network system in the North including the A9 Highway and initiation of the drinking water projects in several parts of the province to solve the drinking water problem had been now fully completed.

Commencement of all these development projects was in consequence to the repeated requests made to His Excellency the President by their Minister Hon. Douglas Devananda, and honouring the appeals made by Minister Devananda, under the instructions of His Excellency the President, the Ministry of Economic Development took the initiative to complete exactly what Minister Devananda had in his mind. He therefore, said in order to take forward what had been left behind, His Excellency the President made it a point to establish the Northern Provincial Council, but he TNA conspiring to grab the power of the new Council had selected a parachutist from Colombo to lead them being unable to select a Northerner, showing their political bankruptcy, added the Minister

Hon. Douglas Devananda , Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development speaking at the meetings urged the people not to get carried away by the emotional speeches of the TNA but to see for themselves the gamut of development projects the Government had launched in the Province evidencing that the incumbent Government had not turned a blind eye towards the people of the North but was always were very much concerned about them and therefore to think positively and vote the UPFA and his party fielded candidates to power paving the way for continuance of the pro-people development activities further.

Mr. S. Thavarajah, a former Member of Parliament and the leader of the UPFA candidates and several other Provincial Council contestants also spoke.