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Basil Rajapaksa wants to develop Neduntheevu/Delft into eco-tourist resort

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Economic Development minister & Presidential sibling Basil Rajapaksa has blueprint to develop Neduntheevu/Delft into an eco-tourist resort

pic by by Varuni Inoka Jeevanthi Perera

Neduntheevu meaning long Island in Tamil is Sri Lanka’s largest off shore Island. It is in the Palk straits & is called Delft in English

The oval shaped flat Island is about 50 sq km in area. It is roughly 8 km in length & 6 km in breadth.It is 28 miles away from Jaffna city

Addressing a meeting in Delft, Basil told residents to be ready to cater to tourists as he wanted to make the Island an eco-tourist resort

Neduntheevu would be beautified into a magnificient tourist attraction.A power plant to supply constant electricity would also be set up

The economic development minister who is in charge of tourism told Neduntheevu residents cabana type cottages would be constructed there

Cabanas are small huts with thatched roofs built near large bodies of water in tropical regions. These are very popular with eco-tourists

Basil Rajapaksa wants to build cabanas to be owned,maintained & managed by Delft residents who will be trained in hospitality service sector

A project to beautify Delft as a tourist attraction will be implemented. A small power plant will be set up to supply regular electricity

Infra-structure in Neduntheevu will be developed. The jetty will be deepened, Roads will be modernised. A water supply scheme will be set up

A network of bunds similiar to the Dikes in Netherlands will be built to prevent sea water intrusion inland&curb increasing salinity of soil

Rijckloff van Goens who was Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies from 1678-1681 named 8 Islands in the north after Dutch cities & towns

While Dutch names have gone out of usage in the other Islands, Neduntheevu retains the Dutch name&is named as Delft in Admirality charts

The picturesque Island has a population (Tamil) of 5-6000 people. It is an ideal tourist spot with golden sandy beaches & sparkling shallow seas

A remarkable feature of Delft are herds of semi-feral ponies.These privately owned freely roaming herds of ponies live freely in the wild

These descendants of horses& ponies introduced to the Island by the Portugese & then maintained by the Dutch are owned by the people of Delft

There is also a small Dutch fort&ruins of Dutch stables.There are also ruins of a fortress belonging to legendary Tamil ruler Vediyarasan

An indigenous folk drama or Naatukoothu about the King Vediyarasan is very popular in the Island. Delft also has a gigantic Baobab tree

Another feature of Delft are the walls surrounding compounds being constructed by balancing coral&limestones tightly on top of each other

Among other Delft attractions are a giant footprint engraved in stony ground & an ultra- deep freshwater well called Devils well

Transport to Delft is by sea with ferries leaving for & returning from Neduntheevu to Kurikaattuvaan pier in Pungudutheevu Island

A tragic incident etched in Neduntheevu memory is the mid sea massacre of Tamil passengers aboard the vessel “Kumuthini” by the navy in 1985

Father Xavier Thaninayagam (1913 – 1980)

Many of Neduntheevu’s sons&daughters have done well in life through studies. The Tamil scholar Rev.Fr Xavier Thaninayakam is of Delft origin

Lack of economic opportunities has led to large scale migration of Neduntheevu people to Jaffna peninsula& the northern mainland of Wanni

The eco-tourism project of Basil Rajapaksa if implemented properly as promised could result in the economy of Neduntheevu doing well

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached on dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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  1. Dear DBSJ,

    You would have noticed my previous comments; I have try to put few wording of Delft because my grand father also born in Nedunthivuu then moved to Jaffna for education.After some time he is migrated to Malaya.

    I am happy to see that Mr.Basil has identified that the Nedunthivu got potential to become a tourist hub.

    I also sadly noted here that EPDP criminals (Nepolian,Sam…) are using Delft as thier shelter once they have finished their assignments in Jaffna & Vavuniya.


  2. This project should be implemented and vested with the people of Delft. There should be no undue military interference. If so it is welcome and a good step by the Minister.

  3. Like dog raising its leg every time seeing a post, all the development Rajapaksas know is tourism to graft the system in developing it.

    Sri Lanka tourism has become nothing but Sun sand and sex. Please don’t ruin any pristine places more and more .

  4. Once the “Eco tourism” is started, Neduntheevu will not remain being a “pristine island” If the idea is devoid of any hidden agenda, the INDIGENOUS people may benefit. But in Sri Lankan politics every thing has a hidden agenda!!!

    First and foremost the people need to be FREE and should be able to LIVE without being held HOSTAGE by the MURDERERS in UNIFORM!!!For a start let the Govt. hold a FREE AND FAIR ELECTION!!!

  5. oh dear the genocidal sinhala army along with the rajapakshes strike again.

    before we know it there will be alien sinhala settlers and slowly but surely they will throw the tamils into the sea…

    sorry i’m sarcastically anticipating some pro-eelamists responses. otherwise it looks like a good thing for the delft! (not genocide of course!)

  6. Thank you for remembering the “midsea massacre of Tamil passengers abord the vessel ‘Kumuthini’ by the navy in 1985.
    There were many more massacres of tamils after independence culminating in the islandwide pogrom of July 1983 organisd and implemented by UNP supporters, as was admitted by President JRJayawardene at a meeting held in the Ramakrishna Hall, Wellawatte, subsequently.
    This was the final reason for tamils taking up arms and the birth of the LTTE.The rest is history.
    Rev. Fr. X. Thaninayagam was editor of “Tamil Culture” a quarterly magazine which reviewed tamil literature & research, and he organised the first International Conference on Tamil Research.
    Basil Rajapakse has suddenly commenced dreaming about the potential of Neduntheevu as a tourist attraction, while “conducting” an election campaign in Delft where no other candidates except those of EPDP are even allowed entry by the Navy.
    He cannot fool anyone, let alone the tamils of the north.He appears to be in charge of setting up the flawed election in the Islands Electorate.

  7. Any developmental work that can create jobs and provide indirect income to the people of the area in neglected Jaffna District will be welcome by the people. The necessary infra-structural development like power, water, sanitation facilities will be a boon. But an announcement of this nature should be much more than the wish of an individual – and more so an election-related one. It should be part of a wider plan produced by experts outside the political spectrum that is development-centric and not to serve short and parochial election related goals. We have had far
    too many “plan to do” “will be done” “will be with you very soon” falsehoods. The call from the public to the Govt to publish a list of development work done in the North giving details of location, amount allocated/spent, source of funding etc etc is ignored. If substantial work has been done, such a list with full publicity will be a very useful tool to gain votes in the upcoming elections.

    By the way has the Swimming Pool at Jaffna Central College – started years ago with much fanfare under the young leadership of the President’s son and his Blue Brigade – been completed? A pool should not take more than a few months to come out with – given the lethargic speed at which government building matters are usually done.


  8. Thank you for this good news Mr.Jeyaraj

    I have been to Delft frequently those days.It is indeed a picturesque Island with immense tourist potential. If Basil Rajapakse delivers a bonanza is in store for Delft people

  9. Hope it would be implemented properly, not just an election promise. Giving the control of the affairs of the island to its residents is also important.

  10. Rajapaksa bros must be praised for developing Tamil areas despite campaign by tiger tamil diaspora against them

  11. If implimented properly???? IS he going to create child prostitutes as in south beaches? Is he going to consult the locals for the project? Who is going to get the benifit? People need peaceful life and educational opprtunities.

  12. Making neduntheevu a tourist resort is not good idea. Tamil culture and society will be corrupted. All sorts of sex abuse will come. Very bad situation

  13. This is great news. This area thanks to the war has been untouched. This would be a great opportunity for the residents of Neduntheevu.

    Depsite the war, Tamils have had a strong interest in Tourism both as promoters and as tourists. A fact not many in the circles are aware of. Tamil business heads from corporate entities like Aitken Spence and John Keells have been working hard pre and post war time to keep the industry afloat. They had to combat both internal eco political forces along with the external forces like the Diaspora’s initiatives to stop tourists coming to Sri Lanka.

    Recently Sri Lankan Airlines has pointed a Tamil gent to run the airlines and boost revenues. Whilst his promotion was long due, he is now working hard to rejuvenate and rebrand the airline.

    The perception is that tourism is at an all time high in Sri Lanka which are claims made by interested parties. Whilst post war hype initiated a stream of tourist mostly from India it has soon died down. We have to compete with the likes of Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and India. Fact that we are friends with the axis of evil has also not been in our favour.

  14. .
    Good idea.

    Just do it.

    Make sure local residents are hired to do the work as well.

    But, please don’t change island name Neduntheevu to a Sinhalese name or bring Sinhalese and give them free land.


  15. “Neduntheevu meaning long Island in Tamil is Sri Lanka’s largest off shore Island”.
    What about Mannar Island ? it is more that 100 square km?


    OOps! sorry!

    You are right.

    What I meant was the largest among the 13 off shore Islands in the northern seas but inadvertently wrote Sri Lanka

  16. Why is it that the government has been committing the atrocities mentioned in the following submission to LLRC but interested in this project?


    ‘’…….. IDP’s being denied access to their former places of residence
    Challenging the right to title of the properties traditionally owned and /or occupied persons living in conflict affected areas
    Large tracts of previously occupied lands being demarcated as high security zones
    Unjustified land acquisitions on security considerations but allocated for non security related purposes
    The publicly announced resettlement benefits to internally displaced persons not being distributed equitably and in line with the announced scheme
    Lack of basic amenities like water, sanitation, power and proper housing for the newly resettled families
    Resource allocation not determined on community priorities and allocated without consultation and outside the need base and at times missing the most vulnerable and in need, possibly due to identity based biases
    Some areas like Jaffna receiving more than necessary resource allocations and peripheral areas lacking in even basic allocations
    Preventing willing and capable NGO’s/INGO’s, international community and Diaspora from helping people in need at their most vulnerable moment of need
    Building of new permanent military cantonments with residential facilities for military personnel and their families
    Plans to settle majority community families in order to change the traditional area demography otherwise than by natural development oriented migration
    Arbitrary arrests and detention in the post war period as well
    Continuing active engagement of unauthorized armed groups
    Continuing disappearances of civilians
    List of persons in custody, camps and detention centres not being made public
    Failure to assist families in tracing missing persons
    Negative impact on civilians during the conflict due military excesses
    Unease of single women headed families fearing for their safety in the presence of large number of armed personnel of the forces
    Removal of burial sites of persons affected by the conflict
    Some important cultural, religious and remembrance sites being damaged and destroyed
    Disrespect shown by visitors to holy sites and sites held in high esteem by resident communities
    Free availability of liquor, cigarettes and narcotics
    Emerging consumerism promoted by business houses who fail to participate in adding value to the civilian communities
    Savings of the region being channelled to other areas whilst unmet needs of area community remain ”

  17. Dear Dr.Rajasingham Narendran,

    I would like to know your analysis.

    Instead of supporting a silly pipe-dream (LTTE) or living in a dream world (of Eelam), why are my fellow Tamil brethren (especially those in the Diaspora) not helping in actively resisting the conversion attempts of war-weary Tamils by the Church in the North and East? Are the Tamils so short-sighted (even blind) that they will look the other away while the millennia-old Saiva Hindu Tamil civilisation’s children get converted and renamed as Xaviers and Samuels, and pray not to Thiru Murugan or Siva Peruman or Thurkai Amman but to a Jealous, Middle-Eastern-origin God whose command is to wipe out non-Christian cultures of the world (including our Saiva Tamil civilisation). Those Tamils whose ancestors were forcibly converted by the Portuguese or Dutch in Mannar or Delft should be invited to come back to their spiritual roots.

    P.S: I do not consider DBSJ to be a Christian, as he appears to have broken free of the Church dogma that “Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven”. But the same is not true for western-funded missionaries who are preying (not praying) like vultures at a kill, since the Civil War began in 197Os and especially after the 2004 Tsunami.

    Converted Tamil men, women and youth often try different tactics to convert Saiva Hindu Tamils and when we resist, they tell us that we are going to burn in Hell for believing in Murugan, not Jesus.

    Let us Tamils focus on the problems at hand (including this western-sponsored mass-conversion attempt), instead of dreaming about some imaginary cloud-cuckoo-land.

  18. If Basil wants Delft to be tourist resort he must get his brother Gota to chase EPDP from there.

    Today EPDP thugs and hooligans control Delft

    These fellows will try to have sex by force with white beautyful girls in bikini and cause trouble and damage

  19. basil wants to develop a sinhla echo(nude ) touristic colony in the Delft or a gymic for the election?

  20. “Tamil culture and society will be corrupted”.

    Has it been ‘uncorrupted’ with LTTE for the past period…?? Grow up man.. Let them enjoy the freedom of peace while flourishing economically. Cultural aspects have to be addressed seperately. Tourism has nothing to do with cultual erosion which is just a fake fear.

  21. Yes Chinthahaka,
    there wasn’t single rape happened. not like this channel 4 broadcast. crime rate was so low.

    I think we should be cautious about such ‘DEVELOPMENT’ ventures or talk of Singapore style developments. We dont need that unless you also want to be worked to death in the name of progress. Thanks to travel we can see what this progress means…working to death!

  23. Economic potential of the Northern province lies in the richness of its soil. Jaffna could be developed as a special region that produces gourmet and organic type foods for the hospitality industry. Not sure if going too far but perhaps even branded similar to Champagne region of France. It can even do even more adding value with access to fisheries, speciality foods etc. Why not turn Jaffna into culinary capital of the island? It seems to have all the necessary ingredients.

  24. Yes they announce if they win they will do this and that, if not some thing different to Tamils. what a govt?
    Nedunthivu – Eco Freindly !
    Mullivaykal – Eco Enemy ?
    Why this wishdom right now? when they going to find buddhist remains in ‘Nedunthivu’ and built new ‘vikkarai’?
    Then new name ‘Nedunthivave’ and new sinhal villagers,boys,girls and new “hospitality service”, super ‘blue print’

  25. Dear Ravi,
    The “Saiva Hindu Tamil Civilisation” was really the creation of the south indian brahmins who divided tamils ito four major “castes” with themselves on top.Hundreds of millions of “Dalits” in india still suffer due to this and the indian government has special provisions for ‘scheduled castes’ in all spheres of life.
    There is/was great opposition to brahmins in tamilnadu led by many prominent people.Casteism exists in the north and much less in the east of sri lanka.
    I personally beleive that human happiness transcends religion.
    I do not care a hoot about these ‘conversions’ as long as those converted are happy and prosperous.Let there be any number of Anketels,Brodys,Hooles,Underwoods, Samuels,Winslows,Mathers etc.If they are happy, that is what matters.
    What tamils in sri lanka need now is the ability to live without military supervision/suppression and freedom to pursue their lives and livelihoods peacefully.This is what most tamils want.
    The Emergency and PTA should be removed for this to occur. But the MR regime wishes to keep these to ensure tamils are second class citizens.

  26. President and everyone else know very well that nothing adverse will come out of the report of the advisory panel or the killing fields. But they and other international communities together with the Media and journalists are making a big hype to divert the attention of the masses and there is a big agenda beneath all this.The kind of Echo tourist Resort will be some temporary cabana huts with ola leafs. Like the way the government sold the Gaulle face to a Chinese company, People of delft will one day morning wake  up with  the news that the  whole Delft have been sold to some International company and people of Delft have to be relocated.(This happened in Colombo.)The kind of skill needed for a tourist hotel can’t be found in Delft. They have to bring from the south. Hence the type of employment and income for those from Delft in the tourist industry will be from the unskilled category and cheap labour, at least for some time. People from Delft have a great culture, discipline, hardworking and educated. There are many people in public life. Tourist Industry has its own set back too. Erosion of our culture, Aids and other diseases related to sex, Prostitution, child sex and Pornography etc.etc.Is this for the good of the people living in Delft or for the Multinationals? They will suck every thing including those century old trees and the ponies of Delft.

  27. President and everyone else know very well that nothing adverse will come out of the report of the advisory panel or the killing fields. But they and other international communities together with the Media and journalists are making a big hype to divert the attention of the masses and there is a big agenda beneath all this.
    The kind of Echo tourist Resort will be some temporary cabana huts with ola leafs.
    Like the way the government sold the Gaulle face to a Chinese company, People of delft will one day morning wake up with the news that the whole Delft have been sold to some International company and people of Delft have to be relocated.(This happened in Colombo.)
    The kind of skill needed for a tourist hotel can’t be found in Delft. They have to bring from the south. Hence the type of employment and income for those from Delft in the tourist industry will be from the unskilled category and cheap labour, at least for some time.

    People from Delft have a great culture, discipline, hardworking and educated. There are many people in public life. Tourist Industry has its own set back too. Erosion of our culture, Aids and other diseases related to sex, Prostitution, child sex and Pornography etc.etc.
    Is this for the good of the people living in Delft or for the Multinationals? They will suck every thing including those century old trees and the ponies of Delft.

  28. How can Rajapaksas concentrate on Infrastructure projects , when they have to use their valuable time to provide “legal documentation ” to the Ambassadors of your Western mates about alleged attacks on your TNA MPs?.

  29. There is no doubt that Basil will ensure the plan is implemented.

    It took him only six months to build the Bus station in Galle , which the previous dudes couldn’t do in 30 years.

    There are so many places in the Peninsula that can be developed into magnificent tourist attractions with minimal damage to the Environment.

    I hope Basil will add at least one Golf Course to the list that can be a fantastic Tourist attraction not only for the Foreigners but for the ever increasing Middle classes among the inhabitants.

  30. There is white blood dancing in the veins of many Delft residents due to colonial occupation. Now with neo-colonial eco-tourism more white blood will do the cosmic dance there

  31. Safa says: July 19, 2011 at 6:43 am This project should be implemented and vested with the people of Delft. There should be no undue military interference. If so it is welcome and a good step by the Minister.Reply to this comment
    Have you any realiable reason to supoting your argument?

  32. You don’t know the difference between governance with ballet and bullet. Rape stopped due to fear of guns and society’s narrowing down to basics. If Army say rapers will be shot dead and start killing with atleast one or couple, there won’t be any even for today. But, that’s not how it should happen.

    During JVP times in south, there was no theft, rapes or robbries as such owing to the same reason.

  33. Development Plans should come from within.

    Participatory development Plans are the key for real development.

    Outside interference to development should be kept to a minimum.

    Let Government stick to massive infrastructure developments.

    Leave Regional development and sectoral Planning to the people of the area.

  34. EPDP is an ally of Basil and nothing will be happened as you imagine. Further Portugeuse, Dutch and English threw their GENES in those Islands and we see them well even today! Islands population is a MIXED population and they cannot trace any of the 2000 years fake Tamil stories.

    So, dont cry for the WHITE girls!

    Most of Islanders among the Diaspora Tamils cry against the EPDP but the locals support EPDP. How?

  35. ‘Army say rapers will be shot dead and start killing with atleast one or couple ..’ Are you joking?
    Then Army need to sucide or shoot themself. ARMY IS THE MAIN RAPERS IN THE NE.

  36. First all all a developmental plan must be laid down wirh appropriate people. they will determine the list of priorities.
    Basic needs first: roads inside villages and towns (not just A9), houses, schools, hospitals, agriculturre/fisheries and other livelihoods – systemic development of the North by the people of the North with expert input from central government and university experts, ie. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

  37. It’s good to see development of Neduntheevu/ Maedunduva/ Delft area, especially the building of dykes to prevent sea erosion. With climate change this is something that needs be addressed in both islets and low lying areas..

  38. It’s very dangerous to have tourist development ina region that is socially, culturally and economically severely damaged. Pressures of tourism on even a sustained society can be too detrimental. Needless to say the pressures on a fractured infrastructure – new money and new cultures without a back-up context will be very harmful.

    Various elements intermeshed in an infrastructure will help absorb ”prssures” from new elements.

    Furthermore ”eco-tourism” in many parts of the world has destroyed ecosystems !!

    All these can also be explained by Maslow’s theory with its triangle healthily developing from the base to the top.

  39. LTTE did damage to Tamils and gone away. Now Basil Aiya try to help Tamils come up through development

  40. Here is one instance where I agree with my friend Kalu Albert (July 19) Yes!
    A Golf Course will be a fine gesture – but there is always the difference between the ideal and the real.
    The people of Galle are fortunate they got a Bus stand in stupendeously fast time. But the Swimmming Pool in
    Jaffna ??? Tourist development in Jaffna is welcome but, please, with due consultation and regard to the cultural and religious suscepbilities of the people of the area.


  41. Arati

    Ohhhhhho, really. Why didn’t you join your songoat Perubaharan when he was kissing the mud at Nandakadil Lagoon with other rats. Do not talk rubbish man.

    Those sons and daughters who scrified lives in this futile war were from poor farmers whether they were tamilans or sinhaleses while your own son and daughter are enjoying effluent western life style.

  42. Ravi! You should have the answer to your questions.

    Just because your ancestors used firewood for a millennia you don’t shun electricity or because they used bulls to plough the field you don’t shun tractors. Spiritual enlightenment is same – when you are tired of worshiping everything from cows, to Sun to cobra and hanumans, there comes a point of searching for a living God. Christianity is very clear – either you believe in Jesus and become righteous through Jesus so that you are not judged by God of your own rights and wrongs; or be judged by God on your own deeds.

    You choose what you believe in. If your religion offers what those people are seeking, you don’t have to be concerned about conversions.

  43. good piece of information……north has to be developed to the core..then there wont be time for ppl to take up arms…there will be more things to do..

  44. ha ha…writers are no better…they make mistakes too just like us….the problem is some dont admit it…In London the ‘news of the world’are made to admit their criminal practice……what’s more thrown “pies’..I thought English are decent ppl not like us the dark islanders…..

  45. dear Ravi

    thanks for this insight…honestly this is the first time that I came across one of our tamil brothers concern for this conversions…in all my reading…

    well the same is true in the deep south..where the ppl are poor…..

    you know what…we were so busy fighting eachother…therefore we did not see the obvious facts that harm us in the same length and the breath…

    and Sam …these ppl who got coverted are not happy..and prosperous…u know how they do it in the deep south ..they find place where poverty is the key…where men are alcholic to the core …they help them to start selfemplyment by throwing some ‘chicks’at no cost…and then they drag them to the church.(sorry this doesnt mean the actual respected churches) i dont know how these guys do it in north…would be interesting to find out….

  46. Ravi,

    I have always held that air, clean or foul, will come in only when there is a vacuum. The Hindus have to look within themselves. Blind faith rules how we practice our religion. A very rational, scientific, compassionate and enlightened religious philosophy, that understood ‘nature’ in its myriad manifestations was the manifestation of God and how the rules that governed this ‘nature’ were divine rules, has become mired in ignorance and rituals. We have largely lost the capacity to empathize with our fellow humans and respond to their cries. We will carry pots of milk (Paal Kudams) in their thousands and bathe the statues of our Gods with the milk, while thousands of children are starving! We even bribe our Gods, to help us succeed in what is wrong! Hinduism has to be revived to be true to its core principles. Temples and temple rituals are only a small part of our religion. However, these have become the only things that matter to us. Our religion when coupled with our language-Tamil, is a way of life. We have to bring how we practice our religion into the twenty first century. The religion per-se is far ahead of us, in its content. However, we have only touched its fringes and are happy to label ourselves Hindus.

    It is because we have failed our religion, that the missionaries find us happy hunting grounds. Some of the churches and church sponsored groups are attending to the needs of the hungry, needy and the sick, a thousand times more and better than we do. They are much more compassionate than we Hindus are. It is our fault that many Hindus get converted.

    I understand that almost the entire Jaffna peninsula became Catholic under Portuguese pressure. However, the majority reverted to Hinduism when the tables turned on the Portuguese. Religion cannot be forced on a people. However, the people will convert to a new one when they see that it offers them what they desperately need-kindness, love, care and sometimes money. Many Christians belonging to the traditional churches are now converting to the new messianic ones, for the same reasons.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  47. A few years ago you would have been proud to call him Then thamileelath thalapathy Karuna! I am sure.

  48. Nice to see Mahinda Rajapaksa speak in Tamil.

    In lighter vein if Subramaniam Swamy speaks in Tamil it will be nice to hear.

  49. While some of the Tamils like you and Douglas hate VP, most of the Diaspora like VP. How and why is this state of affairs? Can you explain.

  50. If EPDP thugs try to mess with our bikini clad suddhi tourists they have to reckon with me.

    Just you wait EPDP when I come to Delft with my sword when honourable Basil mahathmaya opens cabanas

    If I see you EPDP fellows misbehave I will simply chop your hands with my sword.

    be careful!

    The suddhis in bikini need not worry.I will be there to protect and look after them.

    When they come back to the beach after a sea bath I will dry them from head to foot with turkish towels

    I will rub sun tan lotion all over their bodies

    I will lick the sand out of their pretty feet and make them clean

    I can even look after them in the night as a watcher to stop EPDP peeping toms

    I wont do anything bad to them. I will only massage their feet and legs and shho away the moskitoes so these bikini beautys can sleep well

    I LKSword the proud Sri Lankan promises that

  51. DBSJ,

    Kayts also Dutch name and it’s too in use along with Delft.

    By the way Rajapakse brothers never deliver their promises except of course finishing off the LTTE.

    Hambantota harbor: OMG, lots to be desired. It is better for them to leave Delft without messing it about.


    The origin of Kayts is not Dutch but Portugese.The portugese who were here before the Dutch built a fort in present day Kayts known as Ooraathurai or Oorkavalthurai then and now referred to by some as Kaavaloor.

    The portugese fort was called Fortalaza do Cais.In portugese language Cais means a jetty or pier or harbour or landing spot. The English word Quay is connected to Cais

    Cais became Kai in due course .Kayts was derived from this and used by the Dutch and British

    Like Delft being used Kayts also is in use. But it was not a name given by the Dutch to the place.present day Kayts is actually part of the Island kown as Velanai. Although the dutch named Velanai as Leiden they did not give a specific Dutch name given after a town or area in Holland to “Kayts”.

    Other areas in the Velanai-Kayts Island like Karamban, Allaipiddy,Naranthanai etc were also not given specific Duth names. I suppose all the areas in this Island of Velanai were called as Leiden while the harbour ,fort and adjavent areas were also called Kayts

    But when the Dutch built another fort on another small Island near Kayts harour they named it Fort Hammenheil in Dutch. Tamils call it the “kadal kottai” or Island fort

  52. Ravi
    People throughout the ages have prayed in churches,temples,vihares and mosques ans so on.
    They have taken part in mere ritualistic worship of various gods, godesses, godmen, and what not.But they have been always afflicted with sickness,wars,pestillence and death.
    What is the point of worrying about conversions etc.To what religion does God belong?

  53. Thanks for that.

    How amazing to know that the Sinhalese and Tamil speaking people lived under the Europeans for centuries but can not co-exits for even a decade in peace.

    Nonetheless Tamils got the same issues of village name changes etc, till today. In couple of years time someone write about Mahinda Mawatha, the new name given somewhere in Kilinochi.

  54. We have largely lost the capacity to empathize with our fellow humans and respond to their cries.
    We will carry pots of milk (Paal Kudams) – be it knwn that the owner of this website was a supporter of tamil terrorist. the low life bas*ard is angered by lksword’s posts that attack tamil terrorist diaspora…and puts out fake posts from lksword. a sure sign of a tamil terrorist sponsor… but don’t anyone worry… these low lifes are nothing new to patriots. Indians in their thousands and bathe the statues of our Gods with the milk, while thousands of children are starving!

    We even bribe our Gods, to help us succeed in what is wrong! Hinduism has to be revived to be true to its core principles. Temples and temple rituals are only a small part of our religion. However, these have become the only things that matter to us.

    Our religion when coupled with our language-Tamil, is a way of life. We have to bring how we practice our religion into the twenty first century. The religion per-se is far ahead of us, in its content

  55. Dear Mr.Narendran,
    Rituals of hindu worship were invented by brahmins and blindly followed by saiva kurukkals too, mainly for their own benefit. Without rituals, there will be no satisfaction for the devotees, and without satisfaction, there will be no ‘offerings’ including money.
    The hindu clergy are now ‘mecenaries’ who wiil perform ‘poojas’ even for those who oppress them and even kill them, as seen in jaffna temples.Of course they dare not refuse!
    Catholic clergy too are wary of those who enforce the military regime of oppression and suppression.They too have their own rituals.

    The new ‘evangelical’ churches are enticing even buddhists to join them, but their churches are being burned,pastors and congregations attacked.

  56. … why am I being reminded of .. .. a jack of all trades but master of none. As a plea, please, Limit your exchanges to fields you ‘pursue’, – spare Hinduism; spare Christianity. Spiritual discourses is a tall order for most … .

  57. @Kalu Albert ,when the Army commander in Jaffna himself has apologised over the attack on TNA MP’s why are you trying to deny it? are you feeling ok in your head mate?

  58. In my thinking, they are FREE and are ALIVE without being held HOSTAGE by the MURDERERS LTTE!!! For a start, at least the Govt. is holding ELECTIONS!!!

  59. “Foreigners but for the ever increasing Middle classes among the inhabitants”

    Kalu albert must be in his own dream world!!! Middle classes cannot even feed their children properly and pay for their education and health and other emergencies which normally crops up for every family now and then!!!

    Of course the “ruling class and their catchers can afford to play not only golf, but go on holidays abroad with their entourage and their children can behave like “heir to the thrones”

  60. Don’t you think Messers Prema and Sumani should be talking to the authorities in Jaffn about fast tracking the Development Projects and fascilitating their implementation?.

  61. Where are you going to relocate when Shangrilla comes to your neighburhood?.

    Five Star Hotels, Night Clubs, Good Life and white dudes are Okay for Colombosiders Right?.

  62. This issue is not about what is proposed but who is proposing it.

    If someone proposed to set up a Child Care Center in an area where there is a lack of such facilities, everyone would agree this is a good idea. However if the person or persons proposing the idea has a history of abusing children, would it be a good idea??

    This applies to all development in the Tamil areas.

  63. 🙂 Hahaha… I just thought you would come up with that answer.. Come on give me a break.. These are good for jokes.

  64. LKsword,

    You used the term ‘Basil Mahathmaya’ in your post..

    This proves the suspicion I had reading your posts.. You are a non-Sinhalese trolling as a Sinhalese, in order to create a bad image of them..

  65. Mahesh

    Don’t consider Sivananthan as the sole representative of the tamils of N & E provinces. I don’t think he will come up with a reasonable answer to your doubt. He may say ‘You an Indian Tamil, You have nothing to do with the Sri Lankan affair’. Moreover he’ll accuse you as an agent of VaiKo and he’ll say that you are writing in this portal just for the money of diaspora (as if otherwise you can’t win your daily bread). Ignore this nutter Sivananthan. This person accuses that Diaspora ran away and they are after luxury. Do you believe that Sivananthan is in N or E province? If so, he is a member of some paramilitary group licking the boots of Sri Lankan Army. I think he should be in a good profile job in Colombo. If diaspora does not have any right to talk about what is good for those who are in N & E right now, then elite tamils who are in Colombo (either doing business or in government service) also do not have any right to talk.

    He says that LTTE members are smugglers. I hope you are familiar with the history of Devananda (DD). When EPDP lacked funds, Devananda resorted to kidnapping and extortion of Sri Lankan Tamils living in Chennai. DD and co kidnapped a ten-year old boy for ransom at Poonamallee High Road, Kilpauk, Madras and DD was imprisoned. Sivananthan is very familiar with Aminjikkarai of Chennai. I think he would have accompanied DD during DD’s kidnapping spree. DD’s korathandavam took place in Kilpauk, Aminjikkarai and Nungambakkam. The background of Pillaiyan and Karuna is equally bad. If people like DD hate VP and LTTE that is only because of the power struggle. Nothing else. No difference among VP, DD, V.Perumal, Pillayan and others. VP had a big dream. He was not able to achieve it. Others had petty dreams and they have achieved.

    Mahesh, Society of N & E is a war ravaged society. Suffered from a bloody war that lasted for 30 years. Definitely the war has decimated the future of 2 generations (may be 3 also) in N & E provinces. All educated and intellectuals had been eliminated or had migrated (to West or India or Colombo). All present day leaders of N & E are thugs. Sinhalese racism, egomaniacal VP, our Indian Government’s selfish attitude are few among the many reasons for the present plight of N & E people. We should wait for a long time to see the emergence of intellectual leaders in N & E. Even that will happen only if GoSL come forward whole heartedly to preserve the pluralistic society of SL. Otherwise we can expect real improvement (not functioning as paramilitary groups, not involving in liquor and sex related business of the so called tourist industry) in the society only if UN and IC come forward to liberate and recognize Eazham. As helpless neighbours we don’t have any other option except waiting.

  66. Even I have that doubt. Also there are some non-tamils in this blog who does a similar job.

  67. That website is trying to change the TAMIL names into Sinhalese without any reason or evidence. In historical records we cannot find such names in Sri lanka!

    That website is a product of another Sinhala fanatic!

  68. Diaspora Tamils who ran away from Sri Lanka and became Citizens of other countries with bogus refugee claims. Many of them made good money overseas and better off than their Sri lankan relatives or counterparts.
    Many of them ran away before LTTE catch their kids.

    Many of them wanted the LTTE presence to bring out all of their relatives from Sri lanka. Specially these “Islanders” who never had any problem but became ‘refugees” with bogus stories. Now the same people are happy to visit Sri lanka.

    They support EPDP locally and support LTTE internationally to make their life happy because they are not losing anything!

    I know one LTTE dollar collector who sends gifts and money to the Nainatheevu Buddhist Sinhala Buddhist Monk but cry in Canada against Sinhala and Buddhism!

    This kind of opportunism prevails among the diaspora Tamils in order to fool the Tamils and collect dollars FREE!

    Few years ago one dollar collector demanded money from me and said “you have a good life because of the LTTE troubles. Dont you know it?”. Later I found that guy was from Naina Theevu where no resources to have a good life except fishing but these Islanders claims that they are all VELLALA high caste and refuse to do fishing. That High caste claim is another bogus “REFUGEE” claim!

  69. “The eco-tourism project of Basil Rajapaksa if implemented properly as promised could result in the economy of Neduntheevu doing well”

    Jaffna Peninsula is more orthodox and boxed culture. Even though is a tiny place, got very unique character within the peninsula, from Valigamam to Islands to Vadamarachi to Thenmarachi… But that is what Jaffna is. Since Islands relies mainly on agriculture/farm/fishing and no other entertainments… produced hard working and many well educated people. Most of the Tamil business owners in Sri Lanka and elsewhere are more likely from one of the Jaffna Islands.

    Basil election promise may be to take away Jaffna votes from TNA to show the world that Tamils are with GOLS and rejected TNA. For a bigger plan to show the world that Tamils do not require any political solution and also to calm the War crime charges..

    Offering to make Delft Island into a tourist destination, why he has to say this during the election time? Didn’t he know Delft Island exists all these times? Anyhow, improving local economy is very important for any places… It is good news for Delft people.

    However, instead of making a tourist destination, GOSL can offer to develop more small business opportunities.. Something that will not destroy the unique Tamil culture there.. Cabana huts will bring all kind of tourist… Most want to get away to release their tensions and create more issues… Since end of war, Jaffna Island is facing many cultural issues… Hope this cabana huts not going to ruin Delft and Jaffna in whole.. Should look into other possible opportunities before opening this beautiful Island to be destroyed by tourists. Jaffna already ruined by GOSL armed forces and Tamil paramilitary armed forces… do we really need to bring outsiders to ruin the remaining pieces.

  70. Dear Samarasekara,
    Neduntheevu is totally controlled by Navy n EPDP. Ppl can not freely express their ideas, even in past elections no other political parties allowed to go there n have meetings independently. U can find this informations in election monitoring group’s website. Moreover they r fully conrolling fishing activities, exporting ect. So it won’t be a people led project, but definitly Douglus-Basil project, help to fill their pockets.

  71. DELETED………….DBSJ

    Please dont post news items from other websites on this blog.The one you posted is utterly FALSE


  72. When are you and Seeman going to bomb Chennai AirPort in order to get a Free Tamil Nadu before Tamil EELAM?

    DD and Mahinda are happy to send some LTTE suicide bombers to support you!

  73. Can’t we all first think as HUMAN, leaving our sinhalese and tamil identities aside…?? Taking too much pride on racial identity while forgetting so many other identities we have, has done an irrepairable damage to SL society.

    Entire world has gone ahead passed even religious identities, but we are still struggling within sinhalese vs tamil identities. Very pathetic. In that aspect Jaffna has lot to overcome from the mindset they were planted upon. For the last 30 yrs they didn’t know anything other than Tamil vs Sinhalese.

    How about Sri Lanka Vs Australia… Public Vs private sector… St. John’s Vs Royal or St.Patrick’s… Vembeddy Vs Visakha or Chundikully Girls… Soccer or Hockey identities.. Playing for SL Cricket.. etc etc..? Aren’t we tired of intepreting ev’thing under the sun as sinhalese vs tamil..??

  74. If Ganemulla can be called Kanemullai, I see no issue in calling Neduntheevu, Maedunduva/ Naedunduva.. The website is not calling for changing Tamil names into Sinhala, only for the Sinhala name to be used in Sinhala signs..

    You yourself said on July 18 in ‘http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/2557#comment-40034’

    “In Jaffna peninsula, 90% of the village names are not TAMIL”

  75. ISS,

    From what I’ve heard the pool project has been abandoned due to lack of funds (of course the follow up stories as with any of the money raised was swindled)..

    Maybe you should start a project to finish the swimming pool or build a similar one.. I think a lot of the people on this website (including myself) and other Sri Lankans domiciled abroad will be happy to donate.. I’m not being sarcastic here, sometimes when the government falls short others have to step up. I’m sure there are many Jaffna Central alumni abroad who will happily take the forefront.. Maybe DBSJ with his contacts could get NERDO involved as well..


    You’ve obviously read about the attempt build a cancer ward in the Jaffna hospital.. It has generated great enthusiasm amongst Sinhalese both within and outside Sri Lanka..

    The other thing I feel is the need to build an international cricket stadium in the North

  76. manuri-toronto says:
    they help them to start selfemplyment by throwing some ‘chicks’at no cost…and….

    I can see many have misunderstood the concept of Christian charity.

    Please read Matthew 25: 31 -46.
    vs 35 -36 : ‘for I was hungry & you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty & you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger & you invited me in. I needed clothes & you clothed me, I was sick & you looked after me, I was in prison & you came to visit me.’

    vs 40: ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of those brothers of mine, you did for me.’

    I have no intention of dragging this topic of ‘forced conversions’ any further.

    Misunderstanding of another persons belief is the key issue for many commenting on this comment thread.

  77. How did you escape along with DD from Chennai after your kidnapping and extortion spree? Be careful. You may be sued at any time.

  78. The problem Chinthaka is, it has become a life and death situation in the island. It is up to the majority community to make the minorities less threatened. Then the healthy atmosphere you are talking about will evolve by itself. You cannot expect the mouse to invite the cat to its burrow and say we are all the same lets play together!

  79. What is wrong with MAHATHMAYA for man and MAHATHMIYA for woman? Those words always shortned and used as MAYAA and MIYA in letters!

    රාජා මයා
    රන්ජනී මිය

    Get it?

  80. They are not Tamil. It does not mean that they are all SINHALA! That is the problem. Pali and Sanskrit are not the SOLE property of Sinhalese in Sri lanka.

    That website has invented names for the place names already exist with Tamil names.

    Translating names is giving ample ground for racists from both sides to quarral over it!

    “Maedunduva” does not exist anywhere but Neduntheevu exists for a long time!

  81. More than 13 EPRLF members(including their leader) and two Indian Tamils were killed by LTTE in Chennai. What happened to the killers? Are they staying with you? They simply “escaped” from the jail with the support of Tamil jail staff.

    We have to sue Indians for killing Sri Lankans and aiding killers in Chennai.

    Anyway we are gracious to help you to achive your TAMIL NADU in India. Now the VVT and Nagar kovil smugglers are unemployed. Many LTTE criminals will help you.

    You better “sue” my ass!

  82. Mahathmaya and Mahatmiya is used only in official communication (almost exclusivel written).. As is mathiniya (Which LKsword used to describe CBK in a previous post)..

    The colloquial terms when describing someone would be Mahattaya, Nona or Mathini..
    i.e. Basil Mahattaya, Chandrika Mathini

    So whilst LKsword may pretend to be Sinhalese he does not seem to have a grasp of such nuances (he probably doesn’t know much of the language either).. I’ve caught out other such pretenders in other forums before..

  83. Dear TRN

    I am living in a chirstian country and \i know how the charity works here….but the same cannot be told when these charities cross the shores and land in poor countries…and this does not mean that all the chriistian organizaitona are doing this…I remember Father Malcom P (if I remember right)once told that forced conversion do much damaged to the christianity than to other religions .

    persons belief is personal and if u want to give you give whatever u want to whoever u want and forget about it but we should not be doing it in the hope of converting and using poverty for petty gains….I have seen many christian chrity organizations in deep south where majority is buddhist and poor..yes mostly buddhist are poor..although I can never figure out why…may be they are more into karma than they should…..charity is good only if it is done in good faith…

  84. You are the pretender calling yourself Diyasena. Dont try to be a pandithaya.

    I am a true blooded Sinhala veeraya.

    Tell me your ge name. I will tell your caste.

    What is the bet you are one of those Dravida people who are from India and became Sinhala gradually

    Now you counterfeit guys think you are superior to tru blooded Sinhalese like me

    Dont worry I wont use my mighty sword on you. If I just wave the sword in the air that is enough to make you shit MAHATHMAYA

  85. It is sad to see that many contributors limited their time talking about same thing again and again. LTTE, forcefull implementation of sinhalese colonisation etc. Please leve these for politicians. Give your ideas and views to upgrade the livinghood of people, uncover unwritten history, and people. Enough is enough. Thanks

  86. “What is the bet you are one of those Dravida people who are from India and became Sinhala gradually”

    Didn’t we all come from India (or present day Pakistan/Iran) be it South India, East and West (unless you are saying you are a Yak Vedda).. There is no such thing as a pure blooded Sinhala race, we are the ultimate hybrid race (which in scientific terms is better than being a pure blooded one)..

    When the term ‘Arya’ Sinhala is used it means ‘Good/ Noble’ Sinhala (as in ‘Arya’ Ashtangika Marga or ‘Chatur-arya’ Sathya) not the ‘White’ Aryan race.. The contribution of the ‘Arya race’ to our gene pool is minuscule.

    “Tell me your ge name. I will tell your caste”

    I am from the house of ‘Kotuwegedara’ and can trace my lineage back to Sena Sammatha Wickramabahu.. Tell me mate, how far can you trace your lineage back? Not that it matters.. The caste issue and the udarata-pahatharata was laid to rest many decades ago (Again shows that you have little knowledge of the contemporary Sinhala race)..

    ‘Najachcha Wasalo Hothi- Najachcha hothi Brahmano
    Kammana Wasalo Hothi – Kammana hothi Brahmano’

    One is not born a Brahmin or an untouchable.. Only through thought and deed does one become an untouchable or Brahmin..

  87. “Life and death situation..??”

    Hey come on .. Please don’t get deceived under the misinformation campaign… Also Cat and Mouse situation doesn’t suit here… Are you saying Cat is Sinhalese and Mouse is tamil..?? Then tell me where in the world cat and mouse had 30 yrs war and cat tried so many peace talks before got deceived at the end several times by mouse wanting what it exactly wanted, putting cat totally helpless and ask for outside help to fight the mouse.

    There is nothing like that. Normalcy has already reached Sri Lankan Tamils lives in N/E too. There is a quiet period similar to current after every insurgency. People in N/E are going thro’ that shock of transfering themselves from one extreme regime back to state regime. It happened in south as well even after that short lived insurgency of JVP. Feeling of frustration, regret, distress, guilt exist for a while as a segment of people who once actively supported an arms uprising against the govt and failed. But those ill feelings will vanish slowly. Only help that tamil diaspora can do from abroad is not to aggrevate the situation. Let the wounds heal and knowledge, understanding, attitude flourish among the people. Sometimes the best thing you can do is not doing anything.

  88. I trust reader Puran Appu will not feel offended if I hold a different view. It is because our governing politicians are incapable, corrupt, venal and under-performing we are in this plight. Therefore, the ill-considered suggestion “To leave this (our and the future of posterity to these rogues)to politicians” is the height of folly.


  89. I think we are writting here and not speaking!

    Further there must be ARYA TAMIL too according your explanation below!

    But Sinhalese take it as a RACIAL issue.

    In Sanskrit ARYA means LEARNED or EDUCATED person. Hindus use it for many centuries. But Sinhalese now use it to separate Tamils and Sinhalese and try to show that they are closer to WHITES.

    Dravida is a group of people with common features. If those principles used. Sinhalese are too belong to the Dravida group. Geography support the fact.

  90. Ranga says:
    July 20, 2011 at 3:03 pm
    Thanks for that
    In couple of years time someone write about Mahinda Mawatha, the new name given somewhere in Kilinochi.
    Dear Ranga,

    Your’ worry is only one sinhala name in Killinochi
    Here is part of a list which tamil converted SINHALA names into TAMIL.
    දෙමළ නම
    Tamil place name පෙදෙස
    Location සිංහල නම
    Achchankulam Mannar අත්තනවැව
    Achchelu, Achelu Jaffna අතුරුඑලිය
    Achchuveli Jaffna අතුරුවැල්ල
    Adaichakal Batticaola හඩුගල
    Adaikkalamoddai, Adukkalmoddai Mannar හඩුගල් මොටේ
    Adampan, Adampanai Mannar ආදම්පන, අැටිටංපන
    Adampantalavu Mannar ඇටිටංපන්තල ආදම්පන්තලාව රාමන්තලාව
    Addalaichenai, Addalachenai Ampare අද්දරහේන
    Adappankulum Mannar ඇතා පැන්නවැව
    Addaippallam, Addapalam Batticaloa හැඩිපාලම
    Adiyakulam Mannar ආදියවැව ආදිය කුලම
    AADIYAVAEVA, Aadiyakulama
    Aiyakerni, Aiyankerni Batticaloa ආදි කැන්න, ආදිය කුරන
    Aiyankernitalawai Batticaloa ආදි කැනි තලාව
    Aiyamperumal, Aiyanperuval
    Sinna Aiyamperumal Giranikke Killinochchi ආදියපිරුම
    Aiyanatidal Trincomalle ආදිය තුඩාව
    Ayittiyamalai Batticaloa අදිතිය කන්ද
    Akattikkulam Mannar අගස්තිවැව
    Akattimurippu Mannar අගස්තිමුරේ
    Akkaraipattu Ampare අක්කරපත්තුව, එගොඩපත්තුව
    Akkarativu Ampare එගොඩදූව
    Akkuranai Batticaloa අකුරන
    Aladikattaikatu, Aladikaddaikadu Mannar ඇරටිගැටකඩුව
    Aladikulam Mannar ඇරටිවැව
    Aladiwembu, Alayadi Vempu Ampare ඇරටිකොහොඹෙ
    Allagalla Vavuniya අල්ලගල
    Alaikallupoddakulam Mulative අලිගල්පොත් වැව
    Alankeni, Alankerney Giranikke Killinochchi එරන්කැන්න, එරන්කුරන
    Alankulam Giranikke Killinochchi එරන්වැව
    Alankulam Trincomalee එරන්වැව
    Alamapia, Alampil Mooladoova, Mullaitivu වැල්ලම්පිල
    ALavakka Mannar ආලවක
    Alavakkaisirukkulam Mannar ආලවක් ආසිරි වැව
    Allai Trincomalee සේරු විල – අලපේ
    Allaipiddi Jaffna අලපිටිය
    Alaveddi, Alavetti Jaffna ඇලවැද්ද
    Alavedduvan Giranikke Killinochchi ඇලවැද්දුව
    Alavi Jaffna ඇලවිය
    Alayadimaduchchenai Batticaloa ඇරටුමඩු හේන
    Aliavalai, Aliyavalai Jaffna අලියවල
    Alipalai, Aliyapalai Jaffna අලිපැල
    Aliyansaintakulam Mannar අලිසතුවැව
    Aliyadiwembu, Aliyadivembu, Alayadivempu Ampara අැරටිෙකාෙහාෙඹ
    Aliyarvaddai Batticaloa අලියවැද්ද
    Alkaddiveli, Alkaddiveli Kulam Mannar අලගෙඩිවැල්ල
    Alaikkalluppoddakulam Vavniya අලගල්පොත්වැව
    Allaippiddi Jaffna අලපිටිය
    Amarivayal, Amariyal Kulam Pulomddai ඇවරිවත්ත
    Amirthakaly Batticaloa රසකිඳෙල
    Ammivaittan Vayniya අඹවත්තන
    Ampakamam Giranikke Killinochchi අඹගම
    Ampalavanpokkanai Mooladoova MUlaitivu උපුල්වන් පොකුන
    Ampan Jaffna අංපාන
    Amparai, Ampari Ampare අම්පාර
    Amplanthurai Batticaloa අම්බලන්තර
    Amutankulam Mooladoova Mulative අමුදන්වැව
    Anaicoddai, Anaicottai Jaffna ඇනිකෝට්ටෙ
    Anaipanthy Jaffna හානපන්ද
    Anaippapan Mannar හානපමන
    Anaisuddapottanai Batticaloa හානකුඩාපටන
    Analaitivu Jaffna අන්නලදූව
    Anaitivu Trincomalee ඇනියදූව
    Anaiviluntan Mannar අලිවිල්තැන්න
    Analkaddimady Puhulmotte Pulmoddai හක්කටුමැටිය
    Anandamkulai, Anandankuli Mullaitivu ජානකපුර
    Andiyapuliyankulam Vavniya අඳු න් කොටිවැව
    Andankulam Mooladoova Mulativu අඳුන්වැව
    Aninchiyankulam Giranikke Kilinochchi පනික්කිවැව
    Annammakulam Mannar මහමාතාවැව
    Antonimelingikulam Mannar අඳුම්ලිඳුවැව
    ඇන්තෝනි මෙලින්ගි වැව
    ApdalacChena, Addalahena Ampare අද්දරහේන
    Appakkuttikinattadi Manaaveva Mankulam මහරත්ගිනි වාඩිය
    Appalamthurai Batticloa අම්බලන්තොට
    Araly Jaffna ඇරැල්ල
    Arichchal, Periya-Arichchal, Sinna Arichchal Puttalama ඇරක්ගල
    ARAKGALA , Maha-arakgala, Podi-Arakgala
    Arippu Mannar හරිප්පුව, ඌරුවෙල
    Arippu Gokanna Trincomalee හරිප්පුව
    Ariyalai Jaffna අරියාල
    ARIYAALA, Ariyagala, adhiyala
    Ariyamadu Mooladoova Mullaitivu අරියමඩුව
    Arugam (Bay) Ampare අරුණගම, අරුණගංතාට
    Arugam-puleliya Vavniya අරුණගම-පුල්එලිය
    Arukarkudah Gokanna Trincomalee ආරගල් තුඩාව
    Arukuveli Jaffna අද්දරවැල්ල
    Arumugathanputhukulam, Arumukattanputukkulam Vavniya කඳකුමාරවැව
    Aruviaru, Araviaru Mannaram මල්වතුඔය
    Asikulam Vavniya ආදිවැව
    Atambagaskada Vavniya ඇටඹගස්කඩ
    Atchuveli Jaffna අතුරුවැල්ල
    Athimottai Mannar හස්තිමොටේ
    Athiyamalai,Ayittiyamalai Batticaloa හස්තිකන්ද
    Ayiniyankankani Alavakkai Mannar ආලවක
    Azhiyanilai, Aliyanilai Gantale Kantalai ආදිනින්දය



    Whether you are a Tamil or Sinhalese we have same blood and mixed genes.

    We have absorbed Tamils as Sinhalese and they have absorbed ours.

    Difference is the language,culture and religeon.It’s difficult to find real Aryans and Dravidians today.

    We both have very rich ancient cultures and customs unique to Sri Lanka.Sri Lankan Tamils are also like us proud,independant and to a large degree different from people in Tamil Nadu.

    Same blood same genes nothing else.

  92. **Sometimes the best thing you can do is not doing anything**.
    even revising the mahavamsa
    An Eelam citizen

  93. Chinthaka,
    By cat and mouse example, I meant any majority community towards minorities or any powerful towards the weak. If you read the article of July 83 in today’s Tamil Week you will understand what I am talking about. Do you really believe that peace have come to people of North and East? Did you read about election violations happening there this week? They cannot even express their basic democratic rights? Who is responsible for this? Forgot about the 30 years of economic embargo, aerial bombing and shelling they had endured. Has the situation improved now so that they could forget about their insecurities and move forward? Put yourselves in their shoes.

  94. M.Sivananthan says:
    July 22, 2011 at 2:43 am
    Pali and Sanskrit are not the SOLE property of Sinhalese in Sri lanka
    Dear M.Sivanthan,

    Sinhala language not only derive from Pali and sankrit, it has it own roots. For an example, GALEN BINDUNU WEWA, BUDU RUWA GALA. There are many words


    Sinhalees have no intention to given sinhala meanings or names for existing tamil names that are already using in the country. They simply using them as it is. You may know NALLA THANNIYA. It is in SRI PADA. Annually hundred thousands of sinhalees from all over the country are going there to worship lord buddha, but no any one of them are trying to change the name of NALLA THANNIYA.

    Futher more, I could quote here same tamil names as PETTARAWASI, UP COT, SAMY MALE. PARA DEKA. Sinhalees are just using them as it is.

    What Sinhalees are trying to do is to reveal the orginal sinhala names that are partaining to North and East placs which purposesly hide by the Tamils.


  95. “Maedunduva” is found nowhere in any record. No one hiding it.

    In Vavuniya there is a MAYILAN KULAM and 100% Sinhala village.

    The particular website is trying to Sinhalize the current Tamil areas.

    Why cannot Sinhalese use the names already in the legal records? After 100 years some Parana Vitane will claim Neduntheevu belong to Sinhalese. Is it the purpose with the NEWLY invented names?

    If Tamils reveal the Tamil village names in Matara, Panadura, Kandy, Chilaw, Colombo and other areas, will you agree with them?

    Now SL is marred by the Language based politics. I think these are unwanted “themes” to propagate Sri lanka belong to Sinhalese only!

  96. Freevoice,
    I have always put me in their shoes and that’s where i’m coming from. We were there and we are there, but it’s only news to you guys. What I’m saying is don’t expect part of USA in N/E of Sri Lanka. Accept Sri Lanka as it is. The problem with you guys is while you have enough problems to sort out first, you ask for something not prevailing in the entire country. This is totally different to normal Sri Lankans. You guys are behaving like foreigners or wanna be foreigners. Get used to the norms and realities of Sri Lanka first and move forward from there. When people are hungry, I’m not expecting them to caLL for 5 star democracy other than foods. You have a problem with your priorities. That’s artificial. That’s not natural. When will we see genuine tamil people in this country who are not dancing to the tune of diaspora music? Even in the maslow’s pyramid there are basic human needs before democracy. That’s why I always think, you guys are poisoning innocents in Vanni while sinhala diaspora don’t do the same with those disadvantageous in remote south. Let Sri Lankans come out their priorities without you trying to design for them.

  97. Those Sinhala names never existed anywhere but now they try to say “all are Sinhala”.

    For example “AASI KULAM” in Vavuniya. AATHI in Tamil means OLD. Corrupting it to Athiya wawe. What a joke. But he did not mention the Tamil name Mayilang Kulam which is now a 100% Sinhala Village and next to Asi Kulam!

    Soon these Sinahala pandits cry Puliyankulam is Sinhala.

    Gokanna is still in South India. It is in the state of Karnataka. from where King Mana Vamma came with a Tamil army to capture A’Pura.

    Why cannot Sinhalese claim all the “PURA” in India as Sinhala and belong to Sinhalese? Then more jokes we can enjoy!

    How can this gentleman explain “NALLUR(UVA) in Pandaura? Or he is going to say Sinhala idiots forgot to change it?

    Kandy or Sengadakala.. Why these names are without any Sinhala translation.

  98. Charity is always in good faith. However if the poor man/ woman see hope in Christianity, (when they were hungry they fed them ) and embrace the faith, is that wrong too?
    mostly Buddhist are poor
    yes because 75% of any population segment, be it poor, are buddhist in SL.
    I am yet to understand when the govt sponsored building large statues & stupas after tsunami, when many victims were without shelter.

    How does Buddhist think of charity? how much money could be channeled for the charity of poor than spend on ‘pinkamas’.

    I am living in a chirstian country and \i know how the charity works here


    Correction you live in a ‘rich’ christian country. The religions is accepted & facilitated by the state.
    So please try & understand the difference the minority christians face in a poor buddhist country, trying to do charity for the poor, then get state resistance / majority resistance.

    I’m glad mother Theresa served in India. If she came to serve in Sri Lanka her charity would have been resisted heavily & she would’ve been in jail for forced conversion of the ‘poor’.

    Please find a more ‘innovative & creative’ way to uplift the lives of the marginalized populations in SL than resisting the charity of christians.

    Fill the vacuum with mettha, Karuna & in return collect merits too.

  99. Well said Surya!!! 100% true!!

    Jaffna does not need beach boys!! They are hard working proud people. If Basil will only leave them alone with freedom to do what they have been doing all these years without the thugs (who is being nurtured by the MR brothers), Jaffna and the islands will be back to its former glory!!!

    Even if you can’t help them, Please don’t ruin them!!!

  100. You blame India and you are after Sonia’s ass. Did you observce the results of N & E provinces? People kicked DD & co in the ass. How is your ass after the kick?

  101. “Maedunduva” is found nowhere in any record. No one hiding it

    The early Dutch maps call it ‘Donsiridive’.. So touche, Maedunduva is a recent construct..

    “Why cannot Sinhalese use the names already in the legal records? After 100 years some Parana Vitane will claim Neduntheevu belong to Sinhalese. Is it the purpose with the NEWLY invented names?”

    Similarly in 100 years someone could say Wellawaththai and Kottachenai was part of the Tamil homeland.. And which legal records do we go by, The early Dutch maps and Portuguese/ Dutch records? Batacotte (Waddukoddai), Weligama (Waligamam), Gantale (Kanthalai), Bathakalapuwa (Batticaloa), Weragala (Verugal) and many many more are in those records..

    “If Tamils reveal the Tamil village names in Matara, Panadura, Kandy, Chilaw, Colombo and other areas, will you agree with them?”

    Absolutely the Tamils signboards in the South should facilitate the ease of usage in Tamil (which is already the case in many places), which should be the same for Sinhala names in the N & E..

    “I think these are unwanted “themes” to propagate Sri lanka belong to Sinhalese only”

    Actually these themes propagate that the North & East is Sinhala as much as the rest of the island is Tamil.. It is a move that is intend to unite not divide..

  102. Kandy is from Kande udarata (The kingdom atop the mountains), it is the colloquial name for the entire Kandyan Kingdom, which in British times began to be used for Kandy town.. Senkadagala (The mountain where the enemy forces were slain; As they were many times from 1594-1812) is the proper name of the region in which the Kandy town is.. The town itself is Mahanuwara (the great city)..

  103. well I never dispute what u trying to say…it is totally up to the individuals concern to decide what they should do with a religion…afterall we have enough divisions already…religion is the last thing I am interested…petty divisions have done enough to sri lanka already…but TRN …coversions are wrong no matter how u try to justify it my friend…whether it is done out of hunger or otherwise…well hunger has become a deciding factor in sri lankan politics…pathetic isn’t it?

    i do not want to comment on building stupas and pinkamas..those are part and parcel of buddhist everyday life for centuries…at least be happy that they are fighting their way to collect good karma..for their unseen next birht…ha ha.. in all honesty TRN…temples…kovils..mosques..churches oops..(let’s keep church out of this)has done the most damaged to ppl only if u know what I mean..

    but one thing u have told is right..that is in rich countries (how do we define rich countries?)states facilitates religion…but dont think that ppl are all rich….the homeless..the shelters are things that do not capture the headlines of the world….that is a different story all together…a very sad one….since that we live in this “so called’ rich world..they know how to cover up their sins…true the world sees all the tall buildings…the rich and the famous glamourous world….the bold and the beautiful/the sex and the city type (the ladies are all slimmer and beautiful in the screen/let me not comment about the plight of men here ha ha sorry)but there is so much obesity/children aids/homeless/shelters/mental health clinics/women assault/stabbing/rape etc…etc the list is endless my friend….but they have tagged themselves as rich and affluent…sadly we all go with it..

    keep up you charity…it is most welcomed…doing the right thing is all that matters in the world..that is why we are here for…and this wish comes with a lot of Mettha and karuna to you……

  104. For you this is joke!! Because it is not your people who are being tortured, killed, abducted and raped!!!It is because of people like you, who does not question what is happening around you and swallow everything what the barbaric government does and says, the country has come to this level.

    You all must be paid by the government to “white wash their sins”

  105. Hello! You have no knowledge of Tamil or Malayalam. That is the problems of the many Sinhalaese.

    KANDY is the word used by Sinhalese and Malayalees for a long time.

    KANTHA means Mountain in Tamil. Mountain God Skanda is always known as KANTHA SWAMY. That is why Tamils have millions of Kanthaswamys and Kanthaiyas. Sinhalese never have a KANTHA HAMY but lot of Kumary Hamys. Kumaraswamy is another name for Kanthaswamy.

    British never started calling Kandy because Kandy is known to many people as KANDY before British. But Brits picked the word Kandy and used because that was the common word at that time.

    That is why our Sinhala Racist pandits changed it to Maha Nuwara but Kandyans are still using the word Kandy and not Maha Nuwara.

    Brits picked the commonnly used names. Negombo, Chilaw, Puttalam and other words used by Tamils.

    Sengadagala or Kandy or Gundasala does not have any Sinhala meaning but PURE TAMIL.

    You did not tell why a NALLUR exist in Panadura where a Hindu priest was thrown in the boiling tar by Catholic Sinhalese in 1958!

    the particular website is a creation of Sinhala racists and targetted to change the Tamil Names in the North and East only!

    This type of silly manuevers never bring peace.

  106. Why are you crying about HOMELANDS?

    My assumption is right. Sinhalization is the idea behind the NEW invented names of villages.

    No Tamil claim Wellawatte is part of their Homeland!

    Kottan chenai is a Tamil/Malayala name and founded by the Malayala/Tamil migrants brought to Colombo by Portugeuse. Remember COLOMBO was created by Portugeuse and not by Sinhalese or Tamils!

    According to the current language laws of the country, Sinhala and Tamil must be used in name boards.

    Vaddu Koddai or Valikamam have Tamil meanings also.

  107. Now Neduntheevu is under the control of EPDP. Let Basil and others to go with their proposed plans in the direction of prosperity!

  108. When will you come out of this Vellala Supremacy mentality? A Vellala is also a human being, not an angel or incarnation of God.

  109. keep up you charity…it is most welcomed…doing the right thing is all that matters in the world..that is why we are here for…and this wish comes with a lot of Mettha and karuna to you……

    Thank you. Yes charity will continue even if there is persecution !! I do wish buddhits do more charity & uplift the lives of the poor in our country than preventing others of doing so or in other words putting the christians to jail for doing so.

    conversions are wrong no matter how u try to justify it my friend…whether it is done out of hunger or otherwise…


    No i do not agree with you on the above.
    If a person on his/her own will embrace another faith different to what he/she in born to is not wrong. There should be freedom to do so.

    The least the majority should worry about is ‘forced conversions’. As this is not going to hold water at all. If it is forced, then the person will surely revert back to his original faith when he has no pressure. Isn’t that what happened post colonization? Or if the person was pretending to get the benefits of ‘christian charity’this will be short lived.

    However a true convert will remain faithful to the new faith be it Budhism/hinduism or christianity.

    I simply can not understand the narrow minded thinking of some buddhists, even living in a developed country speaking in this vein !

  110. Ravi, Don’t confuse Tamil National issue and religious conversion. Even after becoming christians Tamils can be in unified Sri Lanka or even now they can form Eazham. These two are totally two different issues.

    Some (Tamil) visitors of this blog try to portray Tamil nationalism as a Christian phenomenon and Eazham as a Christian agenda. Sinhalese and anti-Tamil lobby of India are doing this for long a time. Hiding the fact that VP is from a pious Hindu family anti-Tamil lobby projected him as a Christian by birth or a converted Christian. VP did not have affinity towards any religion. In fact he was agnostic towards the existence of god.
    Irrespective of caste and religion all Tamils of N & E felt the impact of Sinhalese majoritarianism. This insecure feeling of the minority Tamils ignited the Tamil nationalism in Sri Lanka.

    Regarding the criticism of Christians, most of the accusations are false. Even though missionary is interested in conversion, we can’t forget the services rendered by the missionary to the Tamil community. Christianity has always strengthened Tamil culture and Tamil identity. Tamil Christians are proud of their Tamil origin. They have never renounced their Tamil identity by highlighting the Christian identity. Think about the moors. Even though most of them are Tamils from South India they establish themselves as a separate ethnic group. Tamil Christians never do that. Church is the only place where service is rendered in Tamil (services are done in English also occasionally, may be more in cities. Always in Tamil in rural areas). Even in Hindu temples pooja is done in sanskrit and not in Tamil. In mosques they recite Quran only in Arabic. I am a pious Hindu. But I don’t have any aversion towards Christianity. Christianity has contributed a lot towards the welfare of the Tamil community (especially in education). Educational institutions run by Vellalas and Brahmins did not give due representation to the backward caste and scheduled caste Hindus. They were educated by the schools and colleges run by Christian missionary. Many popes have told that the religion is to be spread along with the culture. Protestant Christians have Sanskrit names. In my opinion even if the entire Tamil community became Christians I am sure that the Tamil identity will be preserved.

  111. Sorry I have to bring the cat example again Chinthaka.
    Your argument is like the saying that “Cat closing its eyes said that every thing around it is black” Sorry, unless you want to open your eyes you would not see the light! You know the truth but you do not want to accept it. This is going to cast darkness in the whole island.

  112. oh come on…name a person been jailed simply becos they are christaians and doing christian charity..?I really would love to know who they are….sorry for my ignorance…i really would love to stand corrected……(Lalith kotalawela is not a christian by the way….)

    just a question…how many things can we do in the name of freedom?afterall terrorists are freedom fighters too once upon a time….if my reading is right I thinking freedom ends somewhere….u cannot bake the cake and eat it at the same time…..can we?I dont think that is freedom…who are true converts?how many of these poor ppl studied the religion before ?how many of them voluntarily converted without any perks been offered?I know this becos I know the ppl who got converted ..they dont give a shit about any religion …for that matter take it from me….one tamil friend of mine living in toronto once said….u can change your cloths….your house…you country….even your man…but not your religion…there is a reason why we are born to a certain religion……well may be perhaps…narrow minded thinking……but what do u do if that thinking is right?country may be developed but this rotten brain doesnt develop in that speed….that’s the problem my friend…nevertherless…i will strive to live up to your expectations….we will get there somehow…

    anyway…we can keep on arguing on this …but it will not serve any purpose…let’s drop the subject shall we?

    I will not change my religion…you won’t either…..good for a starters

  113. DBSJ

    What a beautiful tree.So short,thick and covering such a wide area.This proves that lengh isn’t the only criteria that is important.Thickness and wide coverage is equally important.Short and thick covering a wide area can be much better than long and thin which goes deep into the sky giving unbearable pain for someone gazing up at it for a long time. Never seen one like that. The eco tourists will flock in just to take photographs of themselves under that. I commend varuni inoka jeevanthi perera for a beautiful picture.What the hell is her name really,is it varuni or inoka or jeevanthi?Why does she want 3 names?

    I’am afraid the sinhalese will get jealous that basil is only interested in the tamils and whisk him away back to the south and ask him to work for the sinhalese.namal is also trying to poke his nose and i think some rivalry is going on there too between uncle and nephew.

    DBSJ,congratulations. I saw the following site and you have been awarded the English columnist of the year in srilanka.What a pity that someone else is carrying the award on your behalf. Why did you not go there and accept it yourself? Two birds with one stone,visit the places and people that are dear to you and also collect the award too.


    Thank you Shankar.I got to know only 6 days ago that I was getting one. No time to prepare and go

  114. M.Sivananthan says: July 25, 2011 at 11:34 am Hello! You have no knowledge of Tamil or Malayalam. That is the problems of the many Sinhalaese
    Dear friend,

    I too dark in what you are saying.
    So why not you educate us?


  115. DBSJ

    I forgot to ask you,with all this development talk will they cut trees like this?Is there any legal safeguards for such a thing happenning,when they do development?


    Dunno. But once cabinet minister Mahinda Wijesekara cut down a 1000 year old Mara tree in the South

  116. The tree got its revenge when he got injured in the akuressa bomb blast. Can’t escape the wrath of god i suppose. Most indigeneous tribes consider the earth as a living deity keeping us all in it. So they are careful to treat it with the respect it deserves. However the so called smarter people treat it with disdain and only think of exploiting it.I tend to believe the indigeneous people because from parent to children the stories of the earth has come down unadulterated.For example they could show a mountain and say it was deity that changed and became a mountain millions of years ago.Why would such a story be handed down generation after generation for thousands of years unless someone had seen something at one time.

    When he cut a thousand year old tree he injured a living deity and got injured in return.

  117. sorry, if I have caused any confusions.
    I was referring to the anti conversion bill. Then the inevitable consequences thereafter.
    In 2004 it was taken up in Parliament but amended as requested by the AG. I am not sure if it was passed eventually or not yet.

    No, I am a true convert.
    I am from a mixed buddhist & christian back ground.

    I think you are yet to be enlightened about freedom for conversions.

    Hope & pray you will understand the truth eventually.

    sorry for the delay in my reply. I was very tight for time during last 2 days.

  118. Is this tree in some way connected to the infamous “pacha gaha” of Galle? If Mahinda Wijesekera the billionaire maalu-mudalali, who began penniless as a JVPer, cut down a thousand year old Mara tree it is a further crime he has committed in his political career against the people of the South. There are rules under the Fauna and Flora Ordinance to protect rare trees like this. Wijesekera sh9uld be held responsible for his aberration.


  119. Dear IIaya Seran Sanguttuvan

    I think you got my view wrong. What I mean is those “divide and conquer” concepts such as “LTTE, forcefull implementation of sinhalese colonisation etc.” to be left for politician. All of us, who understand the plight of people may suggest something usefull. Thanks.

  120. thank you …you finally answered my question…..I respect you for what you are…who converts to what is the last thing I am interested in…

    on a more personal note……try to get hold of one of the following books somehow..

    3)EXCUSES BEGONE written by Dr.Wayne W Dyer…..a christian…man who has spend most of his life in foster homes ….you will read Bagawath Geetha ..Bible and Dammmapada all one at the same time a man who has been criticised for his remarkable teaching. well who cares….’it always the tall trees get the most wind’ isnt it?…… …pl read……

    you will find your much needed personal redemption in there……cheers..good luck


  121. Hilarious indeed.I nearly died.His “munneravendum” put me into stiches.However i must admit his tamil was much better than i expected. You have to give the man credit for learning it,which is not an easy task.I doupght he is a racist if he has made such an effort.

  122. Something interesting i read was that many of the residents of delft left to mannar and vavuniya in the 1950’s and 1960’s. At that time colonisation schemes were underway and the delft people took up the challenge and went and cleared the jungles and became prosperous farmers.So now i am sure there must be descendents of the people of the delft in vavuniya and mannar.

  123. what Sam says is true- that by developing eco-tourism the pristine place will no longer be that. However, is that not true of any tourism or any object that is observed. The fact that people have to come there to observe is bound by natural law to change what they come to observe. What Basil is suggesting is local people being trained in the art of hospitality. Even though the locals are hospitable enough already ,training cannot be bad. It is probably better than opening a cement factory!
    Gentle development is no bad thing.

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