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EPDP – Army intelligence suspected of attacks in Jaffna to terrorise TNA candidates

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

EPDP cum military intelligence suspected of perpetrating series of “attacks” to terrorize TNA candidates in Jaffna local authority polls.

Proliferation of “low-level” incidents targeting individual candidate residences during night aimed at instilling fear into TNA, party says.

Tamil National Alliance wants foreign monitors appointed for the forthcoming elections due to “terror” campaign intimidating TNA candidates.

TNA candidate in Maanippaai had the severed head of a dog impaled on the gate spikes of his residence with headless dog carcass lying near.

Former Parliamentarian & TNA chief candidate for Valvettithurai Urban council MK Sivajilingamhad drainage dirt&garbage thrown into residence.

Wreaths placed at a funeral were stolenfrom cemetery & left at a TNA candidates house at Kodikamam.Cremation ash was thrown into compound.

Motor engine oil was thrown into the residence of a TNA woman candidate at Chandilipay.

Stones have been thrown at residences of many TNA candidates. Slogans mourning the”death”of some TNA candidates are scribbled on their walls.

Many incidents terrorising TNA have occurred but only a few complaints have been made to the Police due to fear&lack of confidence in Police.

Police are yet to make a single arrest concerning the attack on a TNA meeting at Alaveddy by members of the Sri Lankan army.

Attacks onTNA candidate residences are allegedly conducted by gangs of SinhalaTamil speaking men in”civils”travelling in White Hi-ace vans.

Sinhala & Tamil speaking gangs have also gone around in white vans at daylight tearing down posters on walls supportive of TNA candidates.

The terror campaign has instilled fear into TNA candidates&curtailed their house to house campaigning to a very great extent.

TNA has also found it difficult staging political meetings because owners of suitable venues are reluctant to rent them out due to fear.

The anti-TNA terror campaign seems to be aimed at defeating the TNA at polls.TheTNA is expected to win 13of16 local authorities in Jaffna.

Govt seems determined to do well in the polls&demonstrate that the Tamil people are not with the TNA.Intensive govt propganda campaign is on.

TNA has compiled a list of attacks on candidates & submitted to Elections Commissioner who has pledged free&fair polls will be held in Jaffna.

It is learnt that several foreign diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka are keenly observing election related” anti-TNA terror”incidents in Jaffna.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

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  1. This was to be expected Mr.Jeyaraj. The Govt is keen to demonstrate it has support among Tamil people in the north. The TNA is the stumbling block. Hence…………..

  2. The thuggery &terror campaign is to restrict TNA campaigning&reduce votes. This is what LTTE did in 2004 to give TNA 22 seats in Parliament. Now situation has changed. TNA is getting it back

  3. EPDP and govt making mistake by terrorising TNA. People are having sympathy for TNA due to this campaign. Even if TNA cant canvass they will win everywhere except in the Island areas which is under EPDP dictatorship

  4. It goes without saying who is behind the Military. So this is the way politics and elections are conducted in Sri Lanka. No doubt this is the same way the current President and Govt came into power.
    It would be a travesty to conduct such an election. TNA and other parties should withdraw in protest.

  5. ever heard of ballot stuffing? it will happen everywhere. noway EPDP will allow TNA to win this time, they are the northern masters now. GR is their godfather.

  6. Yes! Mr. Thillaiambalam … This is expected … What could you expect from a election in ‘tamil’ dominated part of the country … EPDP Tamils against TNA Tamils , TNA Tamils against EPDP Tamils, Karuna against Pillian, Pillain against Karuna, ….
    Thuggery is a major part and parcel of the daily living and it was protected by people like you by blaming Sinhala government or some other b.s. …
    Tamil society is increasingly getting thuggerised … Evan after LTTE demise, it never stopped … Look at the Diaspora based on hatred, thuggery, lies, terror …they not only live with these bad qualities, but they propagate those to their children … They politicize and brainwash their children using wrong information according to their own agendas … I feel pity for these children because one day they also would behave like their parents using their children …
    Think hard guys if you people as community wants to play a role in decent society ..


    F Y I

  8. EPDP can’t survive like this. Let DD join SLFP and let him face the people. I think the election will not be free and fair.

  9. Think harder Mister, it is the Sinhala regime that must take the blame
    for Tamil politics going this way – it is the Tamil children of the future that will know what the Sinhalaese did to creat this monster?

  10. These elections were to satisafy India and the IC but it will not be fulfilled,
    as the Election Day thuggery will wipe out any attempts to Vote – there ends
    the Election, to be postponed indefinitely. The blame will be a ghost LTTE was
    seen and the Army did not interfere to permit DEMOCRACY to take root!!!

  11. Bruno Umbato ,Whom are you trying to fool man, who have armed and proteccting these ‘Tamil’proxies of the Government and epdp-douglas -Minister, Karuna -slfp vice president/minister, Pillian distric minister of cause if they fight each other and do the dirty work for the Sinhala Government of cause you will blame it on Tamils. WHERE IS LAW AND ORDER IN YOUR (DEMON)CRACY GOVERNMENT.

  12. kanthy
    I agreed , LTTE never cut dog head they only cut human head & put them in home infront of family members !

  13. The TNA which incarnated from the TULF sans Sangary(now it is rumored that he too is in the TNA bandwagon) had enjoyed all the perks and benefits of MP staus and parliamentary privileges when they kwotowed to the LTTE.
    Now the EPDP is playing a subservient role taking orders from the Defence Ministry and has the assistance and support of Sinhala hoodlums masquerading as army personnel in the North to terrorise the Tamil people to shun the TNA.

    That shortsighted technique will only earn more resentment and is counterproductive.How can the MR regime realistically expect the Tamils to support if they are terrorised and oppressed.To wean them away from the TNA there must be a willingness to sincerely address their legitimate grievances which have piled up over the decades.
    They cannot be treated as second class citizens and pushed around,humiliated and taken for granted.
    In what way have the treatment meted out to the Tamils in the island advantaged or benefited the Sinhalese? Are they too not undergoing the same drugery on a daily basis trying to cope with inflation,unemployment, homelessness,inefficieny, corruption,nepotism, bureaucratic bunglings and delays?

  14. Mahinda and DD trying to fix the victory of the local elecection as they did in the past.He need another Pillayan in the North like East. corrupt election , corrupt government,corrupt Army, corrupt country ..what can you expect?

    voters should think very seriously why should we all vote… and who we should vote….?
    rather being verse mentality ‘இராமர் ஆண்டாலென்ன இராவணன் ஆண்டாலென்ன’

  15. blame the Sinhala chauvanints-get madam J Latha to involve in 1st hand latter discussed about the fishy

  16. Not surprised at all.

    Now lets hear the doctor RN coming out to plead to MR to take action against the military intelligence and EPDP in his own naive style, to give some credibility to MR.


    The Sri Lankan president does not need to gain “credibility” through Dr.Narendran’s postings here.

    Dr.Narendran is asking the Sri Lankan President to remedy matters. He is not pleading as you imply.There is nothing to sneer at in this. It is only MR who can resolve things not India,not the International community.

    Do you want Narendran to ask the TGTE or GTF or Vaiko or Seeman to remedy the maladies in Sri Lanka?

    If you have anything sensible to say, say so. Otherwise just keep quiet.

    This systematic targetting of Individuals having the courage to write bitter truths under their own names by “cowards”writimg under bogus names like yourself had better stop

  17. We often forget the fact that SRI LANKA is a third world country. Someone’s democratic right getting denied is no surprise. There are bunch of other countries out there got away and UN didn’t say much. Well…Sri lanka’s big brother India is the perfect example. Please don’t include Kari[Karu]nanithi of DMK [he is in another league].

  18. “The Govt is keen to demonstrate it has support among Tamil people in the north”, you must be joking. The govt is scaring Tamils and TNA Candidates. These actions will backfire and draw more support for TNA. The Govt has double standards for North and south for almost everything, Whether it is election or development.

  19. “Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says: (http://transcurrents.com/news-views/archives/1733#comments)
    July 10, 2011 at 12:10 am


    This is the state of politics in the north and east! This is why I have been repeatedly saying we are not ready for democracy- even in its most elementary form- here.

    This has nothing to do with Lord Budha or his Dhama. It is all to do with the Tamil elements-thugs- who are competing to be our politicians and leaders.

    The Tamil people in the north and east are the victims of so-called Tamil politicians and have to depend on the protection of the Sri Lankan armed forces. This is the reality now.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran”

    Narendran says that the “Tamils and the North and East have depend on the protection of the Sri Lankan armed forces. This is the reality now”..

    Who is right? Over to you Narendran.

  20. Bruno says “Tamil society is increasingly getting thuggerised”

    But the facts are…… (http://lankaenews.com/English/news.php?id=11381)

    “Lanka-e-News -10.July.2011, 6.30PM) It is not only a Sinhala adage but also a respected tradition practiced by the Sinhalese that teachers are on par with their parents , and they deserve to be worshipped by children . It is very unfortunate that now this tradition is being given a death blow by grade 9 qualified Ministers like Johnson Fernando (Johnny) in the Rajapakse regime.

    Johnny gave a perfect demonstration of what he is capable of with his bare grade 9 imperfect qualification, when he used his goons and marauders to launch a ruthless brutal attack on the teachers considered as his own parents. Of course , Johnny ‘s behavior is understandable in the backdrop of his poor inadequate education. Perhaps he has only learnt up to the point of teaching lessons to teachers ( launching murderous attacks on them in conformity with his lack of education and character build up) instead of learning lessons from teachers on what is good conduct and moral behavior. The worst part of it is , this episode worthy of national condemnation had however not drawn the attention of the Govt. May be Govt. is unable to notice violence committed by its Ministers that ‘far’ as Kurunegala , Johnny ‘s fortress. Hence , Govt.’s blindness is also understandable like Johnny’s conduct.”

    and Mervyn Silva ties man to a tree… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v71jO0Pve9k.

    I guess Bruno Umbato doesnt understand the meaning of the word “thuggery”. I blame it on the swabasha education system of the Sinhalese.

  21. Dear Bruno Umbato,
    A free and fair election will show whom the people of the north and east prefer, to represent them.
    It will also show the world that the government beleives in the democratic process.
    Tamils abroad know the reality of the Terror Regime as they constantly communicate with their kith & kin back home.
    The EPDP,Karuna and Pillayan support the Military Regime, else they cannot enjoy their perks, position and power.
    Thuggery and intimidation at elections have been a constant feature in the south.
    This is now ‘imported’ to the northeast by the army and the paramilitaries under its control.

  22. Dear Kanthy,
    I wish LTTE did cut dogs head instead of bashing babies heads against walls.. LTTE did sever heads of young women, LTTE did kill all TULF parliamentarians except for one. LTTE did gun down civilians in Anuradhapura LTTE did …. do you want me to go on. Becoz I dont like LTTE I am telling you this.

  23. Why are the TNA now crying foul? Did they ask for Foreign Observers when they killed every single TULF Parliamentarian or anyone against them for that matter.? If TNA remains a catspaw of LTTE sponsored Diaspora and move with confrontational politics against a Sri Lankan identity I have no sympathy for them. One cannot whitwash the TNA.

  24. Blame everything on diaspara and LTTE for Srilankan goverment short coming. This may work in south but not in the north. Foreign monitors appointed for the forthcoming elections is fare thing to ask.
    Let India keep silence on very atrocities.
    God bless “who”?

  25. DBSJ,

    Was in Jaffna last week,

    Studied the situation carefully.

    I have learned that India it self not like TNA taking upper hand in North and East. In my observation India would like to reach through East and North via Pillaian and Douglas respectively. It is clear indication that India and Sri Lanka are align with these two thugs. very sad to learn that both are creating more complex situation in North and East.

    We all aware that the election will not be free.

    Tamils do not have way to freely express the views. All the voices under the military boots.

    Accedemist saying that MOD lifting and sea side uncontrol all because of the election, After the election all will reimpose. Personally I got the information that there will no longer the MOD for Jaffna but still Killinochi and Mullaitivu we need clearance. I am thinking that GOSL would like to arrest Pirakaran’s ghost as well.

    Best Regards

  26. Bruno,
    please note the Tamils were a Law abiding citizens and when the Sinhala polticians used violence against the civil disobedience in Jaffna A leading Tamil newspaper had a cartoon depicting a Tamil saying “harohara” in front of a Sinhala Bear
    One Generations of Tamils and Sinhala grew up with violence what we are witnessing in the north is not particularly new to north only it is prelevant in the South
    It is useless we talk about our great civilization to the westerners but they have taught us to respect the dead ( Arlington Cemetry) but we desecreate the cemetery and call ourselves the great civilization

  27. “Think hard….. role in decent society”

    I think it is the majority community who has to think hard!!! Did it ever occur to you guys, to think how things like this could happen in a place where there is one soldier to about 50 civilians and every one in the Tamil area is photographed, video graphed, every member is registered and there are check points everywhere? ( I would also point to the fact that there are no jungle or even big shrubs for these undesirable to hide in Jaffna, so how could the army and police miss these miscreants. either you guys are pretending or are being throughly brains washed imbeciles)

    The problem with the ruling elite is that they want to win all the seats in Pt. Pedro to Dondra in whatever means they could!!! So they have given a free hand to their “pet poodles” the EPDP and other underworld characters a free hand to do whatever they like. other thing is that these vermins know too much about the unlawful deals of the ruling class. So such there will be a point where the ruling class will not be able to control these vermins. Then they will have to find other means to get rid of the vermins just like they do in the south( ie. everyone would have heard or read about some underworld character being killed by unknown people and you never hear of any investigation or arrests)

  28. What do you think of LKsword being made to prostrate before madam Jayalalithaa and kiss her fair and lovely feet a thousand times as penance for his anti-Tamil racism?

  29. Does it include the burning of Jaffna Library?.Recently the attack on the TNA candidates in Alaveddy?
    Take away the Army factor and conduct a free election first.You will know who wins.

  30. Weren’t there a couple of murders and severe bashings in the South ,during the elections for Local Councils there only a few months ago?.

    Aren’t both parties concerned were connected to lethal Terrorists and one party in particular ,even as late as 2009?.

    Isn’t beheading four legged animals a standard ritual among some religious followers?.Although beheading a Dog is contemptible.

  31. LKR 7,000 to LKR 10,000 is the going rate for an air conditioned room in a Jaffna Guest House.

    It has gone up nearly 100 % from LKR 4000, which I paid only a few months ago.

    Applications to convert derelict houses in good locations to Guest Houses are flooding.

    Economic Development Minister advises the inhabitants who own land in the North not to sell them.

    He says the Infrastructure that is being put in ,especially the sealed Roads from the A9 High way to connect the coastal land will increase the value tremendously.

    Surely there must be a lot of buyers who are vying to buy these lands while the displaced are disorientated as well.

    Although the Foreign Passport holders have to pay 100 % Tax, still buying these in their current state will be steal,

    Surely the Govt must know who the interested parties are.

    Is the current campaign of the TNA spokesman Mr Sumanthiran to make allegations of the Govt taking land by force, and building Buddha statues in every mile post only electioneering for the Local Councils?.

    Does it have another component to frighten the displaced and help the real estate buyers, both local and overseas?.

    Is the Diaspora having a Bob each way?.

  32. TNA was LTTE’s wing of politics… Like LTTE brainwashed N/E people for 3 decades, TNA vote base was created by force which the people still cannot get away from as that’s the only way of political thinking they’re accustomed to for ages.

    May be the Govt is trying to demolish TNA vote base which was created with gun culture in the same manner.. We all know until LTTE originated TNA’s unrealistic demands are there, there won’t be any real peace. Having TNA is like having LTTE, without guns.

    If the creation is good with guns, how come demolition is bad in the same way..???

  33. Who else possibly can have a motive to intimidate the TNA? Countless numbers of families belonging to members of non-LTTE carders killed like dogs everyday also may also have a motive.

    The SL Military built 45 houses for the poorest of the poor Tamils in the north. All lands in the north have been handed back. False reporting often misleads. Misreporting more often than not mislead more in cases involving people of the north.

  34. .
    Oh yeah…

    So JVP is what? Tamils too.

    When Sinhala JVP was murdering Sinhala Rajapakse’s, Our great leader Mahinda went crying to Swiss to complain…. unfortunately no one could not understand his english.


  35. .
    There is no more EPDP…

    Don’t you know that EPDP cannot contest under EPDP symbol (that’s the order from Gota).


  36. Friends
    What is new? This hasn’t come any surprise to me. It is the Govt and the Army wants to install and impose a leadership that would serve them better to achieve their chauvinistic objectives. Am I wrong in the believe that the basic principles of democracy is to chose your leaders through a free and fair elections without any sort of intimidation. Every one of us has been happy at the end of the LTTE and was looking forward to a new chapter. It seems there will be no light at the end of the tunnel and a darker chapter appears to begin. Let’s only can pray for our brethren.

  37. Sadly this is not a surprise. The Rajapaksa regime will never ever grant Tamils their due democratic rights unless they blindly toe the government line. You do not have to be a genius to come to that conclusion. So the call for foreign monitors by the TNA is a very valid one.

    The question is, is India and the west only paying lip service to the democratic rights of Tamils or are they going to ignore this abuse of rights. The Rajapaksa regime has absolutely no credibility left. They cannot be trusted to do an honest job in picking up the garbage bins in Tamil areas let alone run free and fair elections.

    It is time India and the west intervened to ensure the Tamil people’s democratic rights are protected and respected in Sri Lanka. Forget about excuses like “internal matter” or “sovereignity”. A state has no right to abuse its citizens anymore than a parent has the right to abuse their children. The next moves by India and the west will indicate where they stand on the issue of democratic rights of Tamils.

  38. State sanctioned criminal gangs are not good for development or reconciliation, but I suppose the bigger problem would be thuggish elements in the military and political establishment.

  39. Sinhalese forces supported violence directed towards the innocent Tamils will never end. Probably a nuke is the solution which America used to contain the atrocities committed by the Japs.

  40. DELETED…………….DBSJ


    Your racist posts are not welcome here. Correct yourself or just keep away from this blog

  41. Dear All,

    Its absolutely sickening that for ALL problems the tamils face in this country the finger is pointed at the Sinhalese.

    EPDP is a recognised political organisation operating in the north and east ‘ your homeland ‘ as you say. TNA is also recognised.

    When the LTTE or TNA went around murdering every other party including several failed attempts on Douglas Devananda you never pointed the finger at the SLA.

    It appears to me that you all try to find somewhere to point a finger outside your community.

    Even when the LTTE murdered all you politicians and your intellectuals you dont midn. But wjust because the north is under the perview of a general Sri Lankan governmenet ANy i mena ANY incident is given a racial twist and finger pointing away from your community.

    Wake up look within. Grow up for Gods sake.

    Stop being so pitiful about yourself.


    Dilshan,I agree with you about this wallowing in self-pity and perceiving a race angle in everything.

  42. in your imagination? LTTErs bashed babies against walls? you have video to prove it? These propaganda materials around here for many years, first it was described by Spanish invaders to degrade native people of Cuba then Western countries used same materials to denigrate Pol pot of Cambodia.

    Dont try to whitewash LTTE………..DBSJ

  43. ‘To wean them away from the TNA there must be a willingness to sincerely address their legitimate grievances which have piled up over the decades’

    What is your problem with the TNA and in your opinion what is the alternative to TNA among the Tamil parties.

    If you want to be a leader you have to DEDICATE yourself to the cause. You have to CARE about the people you lead and you have to be STRICT with those who are not playing by the rules. These three basic qualities could be applied to any organization or community, when it comes to leadership. I really find these qualities in most of the TNA leaders.
    And their approach regarding to the Tamil national question, is very pragmatic and their way of tackling this terror regime is very commendable. What else you want from them.

    They say, if you want to accomplish great things,
    you not only act, but also beleive; not only plan but also dream.
    Tamils beleive that they are a nation and Tamils have a dream… to create an independent state for Tamil speaking people in the northeastern province of Sri-Lanka which has been their Traditional homeland for millenia.

    Mahinda do not have to address any thing, He just has to take a family vacation with his brothers voluntarily in Hague, before they are arrested and taken there. It is very important to bring these war criminals before justice TO PREVENT FURTHER GENOCIDE.

  44. DBS, why are you responding for Dr.narendran? can;t NR bat for himself ?


    Of course he can and is hitting out merrily. I think he will be not out at end of innings

    But I can detect a pattern here. The systematic campaign against a single individual seems a well planned effort by the LTTE “rump”. A pack of bogus name hyenas ganging up against a tiger who is brave enough to write unpleasant truths under his own name. I’ve been through all these and still experience them so I know what the hidden agenda of these people are.

    So that’s why I am saying “back off. I know your game”

    Are you also part of this ring?

  45. Just because the LTTE did something,does it mean The govt.have to do the same thing? Where is democracy?

  46. Chinthaka,
    Have you heard of the “Vaddukottai Resolution” befor the 1976 elections?
    LTTE was not so powerful at that time. So how could they have influenced the reso;ution?
    In the first place, do you know what was the resolution about?

  47. Hi DBS,
    How do you find the numerical sequence of comments which used to display before?

    That was OK but unfortunately is not available on new software being used now……………..DBSJ

  48. Ado Karu

    How dare you call our lanka a third world country you traitor?

    Proud Sri Lanka is better than USA or UK or Canada

  49. Isn’t it something unilaterally declared by people like Amirthalingam without coming to an agreement with the rest of the people living in Sri Lanka..?? So, what’s the big deal about it..?? You can declare anything on your own like Vartharaja Perumal declared Eelam in Trinco once, but it necessarily does not have long life.

    So-called politicans and political opinion created with guns or means of violence need to be dealt in the same or similar way.

  50. If the government is serious about development and reconciliation, the EPDP, essentially an armed gang, should be disarmed and arrested for their criminal actions. There is no valid excuse for patronizing armed gangs, at least not one that can be stated in public.

    You say Tamils are always pointing the finger outward. That is true on many matters but keeping Tamil mercenaries is definitely a choice made by the government that needs to be rectified. How can Tamils live in peace if the national government allows gangs to terrorize civilians and other politicians?

    Almost every Tamil is disillusioned with the LTTE and VP. Although their terrorism was disgusting, many people tolerated the group as a necessary evil. Personally I sympathized (but never financially supported) with their cause for an independent state but slowly their terrorism and disregard for the very people they claimed to protect was too revolting. Only the cadres and commanders who solely clashed with the military should be remembered for their sacrifices. But the LTTE is dead and gone and even after the war crimes that were committed, most Tamils in Sri Lanka are extremely tired of war and destruction. People want reconciliation and development. There is nothing wrong with wanting not to be woken up by artillery and gun shots. So allowing an armed gang like the EPDP to operate is a diservice to the war ravaged population of the north.

    Admittedly the CH4 videos did revitalize support for an independent state among the Diaspora but that’s to be expected when graphics with such level of gore surface. But I, and eventually most of the Diaspora, have recognized that a separate state isn’t a solution. I ask Sinhalese and fellow Diaspora Tamils not to support political violence. In regards to this matter, the Sri Lankan Tamils’ Sinhalese brothers and sisters such as yourself shouldn’t tolerate criminal acts by the EPDP. The existence of armed political parties, whether Tamil or Sinhalese, is fundamentally undemocratic.

  51. eye for an eye dilshanf? I thought better of you bud! Let the monkey come down the tree, don’t loose your cool my dear sinhala brother. If it’s all about bettering the Asian Pearl Lanka, then we can start with trying mass murderer Karuna (Former LTTE who was responsible for mass killing in Batti, now president’s favourite handy man) & KP (Former LTTE who was responsible for arms procurement, same arms were used against Sri Lankans, now directly working under President & his brother)? These crooks must be brought in front of justice system then you can speak of Diaspora tamils. As a Sri Lankan if you have things doing down right in your place, why would you worry about Diaspora. Stop finding excuses to label the blame on diaspora, take care of your internal matters right without double standards then expect things to fall in place. For not, don’t be wasting time speaking of long gone LTTE and diaspora. If you treat your follow citizens with dignity and respect, you would not have the need to protect some barbaric low class human beings. First learn to understand the mistakes. TNA is a political party now, and majority in North & East of Sri Lanka cast their votes to them. What can you do? Same way, Sinhala population send hardliners to power in rest of the country. What can you do?!!! Let’s hope one day we’ll have an educated population who’ll send the right people to power whom will treat every citizen of Lanka with respect and dignity. As for now, educate your kids….teach them about human rights, values and norms.

  52. It is good to have Foreign Observers to monitor these elections, provided their safety is not at risk. Had Foreign Observers been allowed to stay through out the war, there is no need to cry foul now saying that Diaspora is behind the push for a war crime trial. Leave aside LTTE sponsored Diaspora, the rest could comfortably be get on with their life without uttering a word here or voicing elsewhere about what is happening in SL, but they do, because they want to see a better future for SL, and the areas they born in particular. This phenomenon of going after Diaspora and TNA by GoSL and its cohorts after the demise of LTTE clearly show that they do not want to see anyone siding with these helpless people, even at a crisis time. What has been happening in Jaffna is something that was well organised, and not good to conduct a free and fair election. What is disappointing is people who claim themselves as moderate and wanted not to live in the past are instead of condemning these acts as they deserve-saying a spade is a spade-going back to LTTE’s time and citing its cruelties, trying to equate. This tactic is not going to last for ever; move on, look at what is happening today is right or wrong.

    TNA is a registered political party in SL like other parties and its members stuck a cord with their constituencies in Tamil areas. In a democratic country, people are entitled have their own opinion, and free to choose their representatives at the elections. Selected representatives are then working for the peoples who elected them. If a main party wants to represents them, it is a good thing; it should spell out what it brings on to the table to get these people’s support and articulate it. Main parties knew what they should do to get these people votes but they cannot be open about it for the fear of upsetting the voters in the south. Instead, they try to resort to every other tactics however low they can be, to get elected. This is the kind of approach that led to loss of lives and 30 years of quality life. Every one knows what the verdict of the last general election was, and it is obvious TNA is popular than any other party. Why? Fining an answer for this question is the starting point for any party to work on. Not to kill dogs, such low acts complement graphics shown on some other videos, and are not good to build a good image for this country, which is already tarnished badly.

    Problems have not been stopped despite LTTE demise; although GoSL claims law and orders are restored. I was in Jaffna recently, and a thing can be done without the notice of a soldier- that is how the concentration has been nowadays. Ordinary people going out at nights are not known, this situation had gotten worsen after LTTE. Not sure how these low acts going to help for reconciliation. With the demise of LTTE, like many, I dreamed for a better future for my country, to see it competing with countries like Singapore, Malaysia, etc. If what Sumithran’s compiled data have credibility, it can be concluded that efforts are underway to marginalise Tamils in their traditional lands and make this country for only to Sinhalese to live. What GoSL attempts to do to this election yet one more step to achieve it.

    The reality however is the combination of selfishness and short-sightedness of current politicians does not allow them to capitalise the unique opportunity presented, it is really a pity. Some of the majority may take some pleasure out of watching GoSL bashing Tamils at present, some may dislike seeing what has been happening yet do not want to confront GoSL, some may equate these acts to that of those did by LTTE and think Tamils are supposed to be familiar with these, but one thing is for sure- that is an irreparable damage is being done before all of you. If pendulum swung one side, it should swing other side before it gets to the rest- it is matter of time.

  53. Could I please make a comment ? Neither of the people who are posting comments on this (unless they are presently from North) has any right to chose or REJECT who should be elected or who actually represents the North. Neither the Govt nor the Army has any say but the only people who live in the North and East has the right. My point is let them execise their fundemental rights in a free and fair environment without intimidation or threat.

  54. WAR is not an election to admit observers. TNA became a political party during the LTTE era. What happened to the complaints against LTTE at that election?

    Further no one pay anything to LTTE. No one grab small children. How can you say now it is “worse”? Are there anyone kidnapped and recruited in the LTTE or any other forces? Are there any people pay “TAX” at kilinochchi? Are there any “VISA” to be taken from LTTE?

    People were helpless when LTTE was there. That is why people were herded like donkeys to Mullivaykkal from distances of Murikandy as well!

    So, dont make jokes to make the LTTE goons happy!

  55. Avirate Miss Universe Srilanka , winner and the two runner ups look smashing in the Broad Sheets today.’

    I think these chicks , sorry young women can give our overseas born Srilnaknan chicks a run for their money.

    Srilanka must be doing all right in the South to be able to produce stock like this among the inhabitants.

    Mr Sumanathiran and Co must focus their energy on how to lift the stock of the people in the North, to catch up with the South.

    Instead, they seem to be still on the same path to isolate the North even further from the main stream ,hoping that these poor people can be mnupilated to full fill the TNA and the Diaspora dream for self rule and separate homelands.

  56. Dear DBSJ,

    I am coming to the point that not only EPDP also several military groups are operating in North and East under the supervision of Government military. These paramilitary groups are getting instruction from Military commanders and some intelligent units belongs to government. We also learned that there are special assignment groups are located at Colombo, Thiyathalawa and Nedunthivu. The special military groups active members are Tamils and work under non other than Mr. Gothabaya, Secretary of Defense. These all groups are targeting who ever immediate/future threat can be by politically.


    Do you think that all these are happening without the knowledge of Defense Minister (Sri Lankan President)?

    I do concur with you that the real problem can not resolve by GTF/TGTE/ South Indian Cinema Actors/ Politicians.

    I also confirm you that all are happening to protect the Sri Lankan President interest in the Island.

    Best Regards,

  57. Whatever said and done, Tamils and Sinhalese were willing to kill each other without any remorse but not animals. But killing dogs is too much a sinhala soldiers. A cartoon was published in political magazine – Bitch telling her puppies not to go out and play there, they will shoot you like human race”. These canine-politics belong to EPDP and they have much in store. Unless the president abandons these criminals reprenting them in the North or East, HE will continue to alienate the Sinhalese, the government, UFPA and SLFP. For a Tamil, the face of the government is paramilitary who had brought misery when they were eelam-militants and now who perpetuate misery in the name of the government. It is time, government realise the war has come to an end and ABANDON PARAMILITARY TO REPRESENT GOVERNMENT INTERESTS IN NORTH AND EAST.

  58. Ken

    It is a fact that the Tamils have lived for many millenias in the North/East of the island.No sensible Sinhalese would deny that.

    One would’nt be concerned if the TNA is not following the shortsighted reasoning the TULF came up with to proclaim the “Vaddukoddai Resolution”in 1976 as a solution to the Tamil’s problems.

    The consequence of that reasoning was the evolution of a process which saw the creation of the criminaly fascist LTTE which saw the ultimate decimation of those who proclaimed that resolution and also which has left the Tamils in lurch.

    If the LTTE and certain sections in the Tamil diaspora who had taken on the mantle of leadership had believed that they were the almightys who can deliver Eelam,they were blind to the basic realities and the dire consequences which that political adventurism could result in.
    They did not have the sagacity,patience or prudence to settle for the Indo-Lanka 1987 Accord as a base.Any improvement beyond that would have had to be slow and organic process within a unitary fold.If that had been allowed to materialise, would there be a situation like today where Tamils have to endure the humiliation of having their cremation grounds defiled with dog carcass or flee in rickety boats across the seas to beg for asylum in other countries?

  59. Dear DBSJ,
    I respectfully disagree and hope you allow my following comments without modification.

    When a group of Tamils or individuals keep asking / pleading to the same authority that has no regards for Tamils in SL tirelessly without achiving results or providing any deadlines, for an out sider like the international community it will look like that the Tamils believe/trust in that authority. This implied believe/trust will keep adds credibility to MR and will keep the international community acting against SL govt for its wrong doings.

    I will never say TGTE or GTF or Vaiko or Seeman can do a thing in SL, but like in Kosovo, East Timor and South Sudan the international community can do something about it and for majoriy Tamils that is the hope. You can sense this believe from TNA’s statements in SL. The Tamils agitated democratically between 1948 and 1983 (?), but met with brutal force from the Sinhala govt. THe LTTE was born after these Tamil failures and I am no fan of LTTE.


    The international community is not as stupid as you seem to think. It has its own agenda.

    Sri Lankans must continue to raise issues in the Sri Lankan Parliament and with the President. They must continue to ask President Rajapaksa to remedy their maladies. People who do so should not be attacked systematically for exercising their democratic rights

  60. DBSJ,

    Dr RN is capable enough to fight for himself and he has proved it well. I have involved in healthy debate/s with him in previous occasions and I am please with his skills.

    I feel as if you are sometime stepping out unnecessarily which will damage your position that require neutral though I understand your point.

    Just an advice as a reader of your blog! Thank You.


    Thank you but why should I be “neutral”?

  61. dilshan, you really should learn your Ceylon history. Read the book Emergency 58, by the great Sinhalese journalist, Varindra Tarzie Vittachi. ANd then talk about who was murdering whom and how!

  62. That is the most confused post that I have read from you and I have read quite a few. What exactly are you trying to say?
    People are buying land in Jaffna? They always have they always will. What has that got to go with the topic? The evil wicked dispora are trying to scare the Tamils in to selling the properties cheap? And they are using Army intelligence (that’s an oxymoron) and EPDP to achieve that end?

    Please explain? I anxiously wait your clarification.

  63. Chintaka, here we go again,

    You are unable to respond to my questions another thread ( http://transcurrents.com/news-views/archives/1733) and start repeating your tried old points like a broken record again in this new thread.

    I suspect you know the real story but continue to repeat the same old points just to annoy the other posters.

  64. Dilshanf says “Stop being so pitiful about yourself.”

    Let me start off by linking to this you tube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP13RWkd4vM
    The prime Mister of Ceylon is tells the BBC that he is allowing the reasonable use of tamil language. Do you understand how humiliating it must be to be told by someone else that they have the right to take away your fundamental birthright?

    That is human nature to feel sorry for one’s self when one is wronged. When the Tamil community gets humiliated, murdered, raped and pillaged in 56, 58, 77 and 83 and many times before and after. Some of us who could get out of the country to escape the oppression got out and are now vilified as the evil diaspora.Some of the Tamils lead by Prabha and the LTTE struck back. Most of the Tamils stayed and are suffering quietly and the suffering is increasing exponentially.

    We tried democratic means and we over run legislatively by the majority, we tried peaceful non violent protests and had our heads bashed in (http://www.sangam.org/2011/05/Satyagraha_1961.php?uid=4338), LTTE tried armed resistance and was defeated with might of India, China, Israel and Russia.

    So forgive us if we indulge in some self pity while we think of other ways to alleviate the suffering of our people. And like you Sinhalese, we are not a monolithic community, though I do think that there is wide range of opinion among the tamils, unlike the mostly paranoid amnesic and jingoistic Sinhalese. I am am careful to say mostly and not all Sinhalese.

    So please excuse us for feeling sorry for yourself in the short term. I assure you that we will not be feeling sorry for ourselves in the long term.

  65. I agree with you one hundred percent. The people who complain the loudest are most intolerant and least understand the concept of democracy.

  66. Dear DBSJ, not sure how can I prove it to you that I have nothing to do with LTTE or its violence.

    But I only have one goal – I want to see the Tamils in SL to have equal rights and the rights for self determination in their traditional home lands, (guaranteed by some check and balances and cannot be retracted at a later time) within united SL.

    But if the SL govt cannnot agree to this Tamil aspiration then achieving the same thru a separate is also ok with me.

    I hope you understand my position better now.

  67. “Tamils and the North and East have depend on the protection of the Sri Lankan armed forces”

    So which contry’s armed forces were shown on the CH4 vedio and accused of alleged war crimes by the UN report?

  68. Chinthaka, you said “Isn’t it something unilaterally declared by people like Amirthalingam without coming to an agreement with the rest of the people living in Sri Lanka..?? So, what’s the big deal about it..?? ”

    I believe an overwhelming majority of Tamils in NE voted for that declaration.

    So that is a big deal for the Tamils, may not be for the Sinhalese.

  69. Breaking up non violent protests using violence, shutting off democratic channels to fight for ones rights and repetitive, brutal assaults on the Tamil people resulted in the emergence of LTTE. IF the successive Sinhala leaderships had honoured the agreement they entered into with Tamil democratic leadership, the blood letting wouldn’t have happened. The responsibility for the carnage has to rest squarely with the Sinhala leaderships.

    Continuation of the present state of affairs in which terror is used to subjugate the Tamil people will lead to more violence, not less. Shifting the blame onto the Tamil people who are absolutely powerless to do anything about the atrocities is a travesty. If, with the level of military deployment in these territories these sort of terror activities can be committed without being detected, a responsible government should be concerned, since, it is also possible for another armed group to operate right under the noses of the Srilankan military.

    I hope the Srilankan regime realises the home truth that its use of violence against the Tamil people is a double edged sword.

  70. Shocking! The internationally condemned terrorists organization “cut put them in home in front of family members” says andy lingam. ! Just post the picture or proof as evidence please!

  71. I think Tamil people need to unite under TNA.

    One of the priorities is to identify the leaders who have good international connections.

    TNA needs change, if Tamil want to win these elections.

  72. I heard that LTTE rump doing planned campaign to attack Dr.Narendran and make him stop write truth about Jaffna here

  73. ….well planned effort by the LTTE “rump”…..

    Oh..now the ‘terrorist’ thing is not going to work, isn’t it?


    It is not the terrorist thing which didn’t work but terrorism itself. The “terrorists” who kept Tamil civilians at gun point as hostages have been decimated. Vocal warriors of the LTTE rump remain abroad

  74. Ellalan is a member of LTTE rump I think. The disgraced tigers try to make return by posting pro-ltte coments here

  75. LK Sword

    Attack if you must nicely, but drop the “visheshana pada” please.Don’t go down the path of Rohan

  76. People here should not whitewash the racist fascist Tigers. We all know Tigers FORCED the tamils in the NE not to vote in the Presidential election and TNA went along with it. Tigers ensured the TNA won so many seats that they were referred to as “Tiger Nominated Agents”; which they were.

    Tamils should realize Devanda is a TAMIL; Pillayan is TAMIL; Karuna, who as a tiger massacred surrendering Policemen(a massive war crime by anyone’s standards)is a TAMIL. Don’t always blame Sinhalese. Once tasting power a lot of Tamil politicians behave no different from southern Sinhala goon politicians. if Devananda is unleashing thugs in cohorts with people in the army, it is really bad. LEAVE people ALONE and let them VOTE the way they want so that it will show to Tamils in the long run, unlike the Tamil Tiger terrorists will no longer control the way they act, think or vote. That will be the best outcome of this election regardless of who wins. I suspect with the nationalist sentiment and 30 years of propaganda, plus war, plus brutality, plus death, plus oppression by the regimes, will ensure that the TNA Will win. President Rajapakse will risk getting egg on his face if he backs the EPDP types.

  77. DBSJ, I don’t care if you like my comments or not, you are very biased journalist that I have ever seen among Tamils. I will never post a comment or read your stupid paste and post twitter publications here.


    Thank you,thank you, thank you…….

    Please be steadfast and never even dream of posting here under another alias like say Kaimunu

  78. Thank you Mr.DBSJ for allowing my comment without any editing at all.

    I totally agree with you that the international community works on its own interests and the Tamils are unable to offer any bait to the international community, but the LS govt has. We Tamils need to be creative on this topic.


    1. I think that we (Tamils) adding credibility to any SL regime, which has no real
    intention in solving the Tamil issues, will deter the international
    community even from influencing the SL govt to solve the issue and that will work against the
    Tamils’ interest. That is why even the TNA occasionally cries for international intervention (in
    monitoring elections / talks etc – after 60 years of bitter experience).

    – This is critical. Becuase if the international community believes that Tamils still trust
    the SL govt to to solve their problems, the international community will naturally give the
    space to SL govt and theTamils. That will be a nightmare in today’s situation. The SL govt will go
    for the kill (and that is what currently happening, intimidation, colonization etc).

    2. Having said that I also believe TNA must continue to talk to the Govt and stay in Parliament to bring
    up these issues (not that the SL govt is going to act on it) to show to the international community
    that how bad the SL govt is. BUT in parallel, they should also privately let the international
    community know that what they really think or expect from any SL govt from their talks or requests.

    3. The international community today is disgusted and in total disbelieve (especially the civil
    societies and the general public) for the following reasons.

    a. Even after 2 years passed by the SL govt has done nothing to solve the Tamil national question.
    b. UN panel report and SL govt’s reaction to it.
    c. CH4 vedio and SL govt’s reaction to it.
    d. Current situation in SL: The reports like the one you have submitted on Govt/EPDP terrorism /
    intimidation, colonization of the NE etc.

    4. Even though the international community has its interest in mind, in the long term, it will
    become unbearable for international community to allow a democratically elected govt to oppress its
    minority to this extent. – The world tolerated the Tamil massacre to get rid off the LTTE, but will
    not allow the oppression of Tamils in the long term due to growing pressure from human rights,
    civil orgs and news media. Like how China finally dropped Sudan, we will see China and Russia
    dropping SL to save their reputation. We can already see a difference in India’s approach (it is
    unable to support SL publicly now – It could get even worse depending on how the TN people / CPI /
    BJP make their next moves.

    5. In any event, we Tamils should denounce violence and continue to work with the international community to expose the wrong doings of the SL govt. At the meantime, we should also be aware that the SL govt would like to show that the Tamils (Deva/Karuna/Pillaiyan/KP & others) are on its side and TRUST it to take care of the Tamils, just to keep any international pressure off its back.

  79. Dear Rational Man,

    There are Tamils flourishing all over Sri Lanka except in the North and East due to your elected representatives having a ball in Colombo. These Jokers send their children to school in Colombo and have one leg either in India or outside of Sri Lanka.

    You are living in the past with your reference to riots.

    All I am urging you is to be a force within Sri Lanka with an economic might. Your people are crying for attention after 3 decades of War. They not you that need a chance to prosper. Help them…. not the TNA not the EPDP.

    Stop using your people in the north disallowing them to prosper. What has the TNA done in colloboration with the diaspora. Any industry set up. take a cue from Israel. there are a million Israeli industries in Israel selling products through Israelis elsewhere.

    Grow up man the neem of the hour is helping a completely demoralsed people to see a better futre.

    Even WE blame the government for a lot of ills or all ills. But we are developing without any issue. Only crooks get government land to do projects.

    So get your people strong first….

  80. Mr Siva:
    I guess I do not need to make LTTE goons happier, as the majority of them overseas are happier not because of my comments here, but because of the fact that they were able to settle into a peaceful family life and to have a legitimate business now with the takings that netted for them with the disposing of LTTE assets that were kept on their names before. These one times VPs loyalists do not appear to have given a damn about what is happening back in SL in recent times. There are happier because: Praba is no more; the fragment of LTTE fund managers scattered overseas became dysfunctional; they were able grab all the proceeds realised out of these sales. Then the other lot of the LTTE goons, they too are happier not because of my comments here but because of the timing of their defection from LTTE so they still were able to call the shots – I am talking about Karuna, Pillaian and KP, you wish I would better withdraw the goons tag.

    The comment re the situation that a common man going out at nights in Jaffna peninsula now has gotten worsen was my observation, and I stand by that after my recent experience out there. And, it might be something to do with the assessment of risks by a common man and me, you would argue it could be a perception. If you feel otherwise, and feel the situation has been improved, so be it, may be witnessing of beheading a dog at night does not bother you. Child conscription etc you were pointing out was in Vanni, and it was 2 years ago. I was talking about Jaffna, the current situation.

    You are trying to live in the past, saying LTTE did this and that to justify what has been happening now. LTTE’s emergence is a curse, Tamils all now knew, at least with hindsight. OMG, it is over now. What we all should focus on is not to give another opportunity to militancy. That could be done only by making people to place trust on democratic principles and by bringing the govt accountable to deliver good governance- not trying to equate acts done by a terrorist group to that of a sovereign government. Hope you get my point; do not support a party blindly. When you observe a derailing in their approach of the party you support or not living up to your expectation do not hesitate to criticise. If you did, you do a world of good for the future of this beautiful country. It will, collectively, send a clear message to perpetrators of these types of crimes, they have catches everywhere to peruse these comments and impart to them- noting your comments, I take you know full well this than me. Do not you?. If you take I was trying to preach, it is because I do really care about this country’s future and, see GoSL’s approach towards TNA becoming too cocky. If do not live in past citing TNA are proxies of LTTE and all, TNA represents Tamils whether you like it or not, although they are not the sole representatives. They won the G-election after all these turmoils- what is your reading of this result? You may say Tamils are stupid but you cannot reverse the verdict. A true reconciliation can be achieved only with taking TNA on board not by ignoring them. We all know, GoSL, is trying to buy some time to pass its tenure, not to solve this problem that undermine this country. They find every excuse to blame others than themselves, unfortunately even after two years since the war ended. They do not have LTTE any more, finding alternative in Diaspora, TNA, IC, UN, India, sporting personnel, NGOs, etc. The nomination of parliamentary select committee is yet another time wasting o by exercise, and HE saying whatever they propose he will go with it. What do expect in a Parliament where GoSL is having a almost 2/3 majority? I am concerned this issue is going to flare up again to give rise to another madmax to run with it.

  81. Anonymous,

    What I have said is the rule, rather than the exception. The exception may be the occasional, but rare, misbehaviour of men in the armed forces. The armed forces, especially the civil affairs divisions, are doing yeoman service in Jaffna. They are the first at crime scenes and the public reports their problems to the armed forces. It is the armed forces that thereafter direct matters to the police. The armed forces are engaged in tasks they were not originally trained for, but are succeeding. They have been even tasked with building houses for the homeless at very short notice and within a limited period. They regularly collect dry rations and money from amongst themselves and destribute them to the needy. They are also the intermediary in distributing aid material- exercise books, school bags etc,- received from the south.

    The armed forces are also volunteering to vacate the houses and property occupied them in Jaffna. Many houses and properties have survived destruction and looting because they are occupied by the army. This not withstanding the fact that the destruction of a number of unoccupied houses was initiated by the army during the war- removing roofing material, doors, water tanks etc, and completed by the neighbourhood thieves. Many houses, if vacated by the armed forces, before being taken over by the owners, would be looted and destroyed within days!

    ‘Truth’ is sacred. ‘Truth’ should be accepted even if it goes against our beliefs and agenda. Objectivity should not be lost in the pursuit of what some/ many of us think is what is required. Giving credit to even someone we consider an ‘Enemy’ will win respect for us. Mahatma Gandhi has said, ‘The end should not justify the means, but the means should justify the end’. We have a lot to learn from these words of wisdom. Outright lies and deliberate half-truths, as was terrorism -within and without- will not bring us ‘True Justice’. This is not ‘Raja Thanthiram’ we need.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  82. Disillisioned;

    Well put. Someone in Jaffna told me after watching the Ch-4 video, “Yes, it was sad. But, we have to get on with our lives and we do not want a repetition of that history”. The ordinary ‘Jaffna man’is wise and street savvy. Unfortunately, their politicians have left them with very few choices when it comes to elections. TNA vs EPRLF- Charlatans vs Criminals of sort- what a choice to make!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran.

  83. I read the following words of Sun Tzu recently and herein share it with the readers:

    “Know your enemy as you know yourself and you need not fear a hundred battles; know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat; know neither the enemy nor yourself and you will succumb in every battle.”

    We (Sinhalese,Ttamils and others) have to understand the real enemy- ignorence, myth, falsehood, fear of the unknown, inability to forgive and dwelling too much in the past.

    We (Sinhalese, tamils and others) must realize that we are not enemies, but victims of a flawed political system.

    We (Sinhalese, Tamils and others) have to accept that we have to live together in this island. This our home. This where we ultimately belong.

    We (Sinhalese, Tamils and others) have to understand each others perceptions, fears and aspirations.

    We (Sinhalese,Tamils and others) have to accept our mistakes and collectively decide to move on.

    We (Sinhalese, Tamils and others) have to deal with each other to solve our problems and cease looking outwards for solutions.

    To achieve these we have to learn to be absolutely honest and absolutely truthful. Once we respect each other as a people with integrity, solutions will surface like ‘Magic’.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  84. “Yes! Mr. Thillaiambalam … This is expected … What could you expect from a election in ‘tamil’ dominated part of the country”

    As opposed to “peaceful” elections in the south? Like the last elections when Fonseka was dragged into jail after the elections? Or when bombs were exploding in opposition politicians houses well after the LTTE was decimated? Can you tell you me one election in the south in the last 50 years that has been violence and thuggery free?

    “EPDP Tamils against TNA Tamils , TNA Tamils against EPDP Tamils, Karuna against Pillian, Pillain against Karuna, ….

    You do realise that “EPDP Tamils against TNA Tamils” and “TNA Tamils against EPDP Tamils” is the same thing don’t you? Or did you not pass the 3rd grade?

    “Thuggery is a major part and parcel of the daily living and it was protected by people like you by blaming Sinhala government or some other b.s.”

    Uh….Pillian, Karuna and EPDP are protected by Rajapaksa and are his proteges. Some other “b.s”? You mean like the attack on the TNA by the Sri-Lankan army thugs?

  85. I am not particularly replying to anyone’s comment here nor am I trying to condone or condemn anyone’s point of view. Based on what I have read and heard in the last few days on the topic of elections in the North, it seems crystal clear to me atleast that the Government of SL wants desperately to show that the people of the North are embracing the policies of the GOSL and appreciate the eradication of the LTTE.

    Speaking to a Principal of a leading school in the North, I have been given a very different view. He states that the situation is very different. He feels that even a basic right such as voting cannot be done in peace. He says that there is heavy presence of military and intelligence personnel and people are scared to express heir views in public. The element of fear is the only element standing tall in Jaffna.

    I read with interest all your articles and I agree with some of them and I disagree with some of them. Mostly I disagree with articles where your reports are different to what I want to read!…Hence it is always biased. I am not ashamed to say that. The only thing I totally disagree is disputing another person’s point of view!

    I dont know where the future will take the people of the North nor Am I intelligent enough to really understand the intricacies of the agenda of the International Community. I however, seriously doubt that the Government of Sri Lanka will treat Tamils with the dignity and respect that they deserve. You decide whether I am a Traitor or a Patriot!

  86. Rationalman,
    Don’t drag something else discussed elsewhere into here, cos it’s not relevant.

    There was nothing I couldn’t reply you as such, but your contineous attempts to justify LTTE atrocities opposed to preveious riots is no match. I told you there were people arrested for looting and murdering tamils, but they may not have been prosecuted. It is quite a reality wherever ethnic riots take place as people drive with emotions in such occaionss even though that is not right. You’re just going back in history drag into your favour. But don’t forget things propelled 1983 riots.

    If you say, Tamils cannot believe Sinhalese.. then we have the right to say sinhalese too never believe tamils for their ‘always’ hidden agenda. So what needs to be done is, think about today.. today’s peaceful atmosphere and get the max out of it to establish trust.. until you cry for war crimes, that’s not going to happen either, as we won’t let our once begged after armed forces to eradicate terrorism, to be taken to prisons.

  87. If you go to Scarborough of Canada you will still be able to pass another resolution. Also if sinhalese in Melbourne certain suburbs are very well in a position to carve out a resolution for them with a majority numbers. Do they mean anything..???

  88. Just by talking to one person, can you form an idea without you, yourself being there for while…?? People have different agenda, biases, visions, pressures to speak what they say, so until you, your self with a maximum free mind go and search for it, truth will never come out.

    “Mostly I disagree with articles where your reports are different to what I want to read”

    Answer for your question is just there, if you re-read the latter part of your above statement.

    You know, people who are with the govt do not go out marketing and spending their own money for campaigns. But people who are not with the govt go thro’ a personal pain of it even with a revengeful mindset, and spend anything they have and time for misinformation campaign as they are anticipating ‘direct’ results by changing the current regimes. Those peoples’ desperate campaign is much more powerful and misleading for ordinary outsiders.

    But I won’t buy those garbage unless they come with some credible background.

  89. EPDP had arms because of LTTE. When LTTE had arms, did anyone complain..?? Then why now. When LTTE was killing tamil moderates did anyone complain at this scale..?? Then why now. Consequences of Terrorism will take some time to settle down. As long as terrorism is not supported, terrorism is not commemorated, EPDP will not involve in anyone’s affairs. Even in south there are armed goons working for politicians and that’s the political culture that entire south asia has got. Complains that can be expected in American society can hardly be expected to entertain at this primitive stage in Sri Lanka. Let Sri Lankans slowly settle into their normal lives without expecting the unrealistic.

  90. During the 1970 elections, my friends and I ran two miles to escape from the Federal Party’s Ganghians in Jaffna. S.J.V.Chelvanayakam’s Federal party preached Gandhian politics in Colombo but they practiced a MOB politics in Jaffna.

    During this 30 years of “LIBERATION”, many good norms and good people were vanished into thin air. Now, only people who can resist anything are in politics.

    When EPDP and other Tamil opposition party members were killed by LTTE, TNA maintained a BIG SILENCE. If the TNA codemned the violance acts of LTTE, people will sympathaise with TNA now. I think the TNA pays for the sins in the past!

  91. dilshanf,

    Shall we talk about the Tamil Parliamentarians GOSL killed? No one’s denying the atrocities of LTTE. The world knows about them. What is not acceptable is GOSL doing the same things and talking cover under this anti-LTTE propaganda. The atrocities committed by armed forces of Sri Lanka is no comparison to the atrocities commited by LTTE to the tamils or anyone.

  92. Thanks DBSJ for exposing the conspiracy by the LTTE rump to target Dr.Narendran because he writes unpalatable truths openly.

    I am sure your intervention in this matter has upset and infuriated those who were ganging up against Narendran

  93. DBSJ,
    Please be careful in letting LTTE rump propgandists usurp your forum & spread negative thoughts

  94. Dr.Narendran,

    I respect your constructive criticism but at times I feel like you are far more lenient to the ruling regime when referring to the topic on Tamil grievances. Credit has to be given when it’s due, but at times I feel like you even go to the extent of applauding them even when it’s not deserved which obviously raises suspicion even to a moderate Tamil like me.

    I’m a Tamil born in Jaffna raised in Colombo and now reading law in England. My room mate at university is Sinhalese. As usual we argue about the political issue in Sri Lanka. My friend has never been to Jaffna but draws a relative picture of what is happening through the blogs here on Transcurrents and DBS’s articles. You are his favourite man as he constantly quotes you to refute my arguments on Tamil grievances. He believes that Tamils in Sri Lanka are the privileged minorities in the world thanks to the likes of you.

    I can give you many examples, but want to mention a key point I noticed recently.

    Recently there was an article posted by DBS tabled by MA Sumanthiran about the situation in the North and East. On your second posting you implied that the TNA MP made up stuff on the issue of advertisements and signboards by stating that you made a personal visit on a trishaw and saw otherwise. I was last in Jaffna in December. I took numerous pictures and later looking at it, I saw the Sinhalese influence in post war Jaffna. I’m not going to go into it as that would be a discussion on its own.

    You also mentioned about the fact that Sumanthiran failed to highlight the social issues highlighting the Tamil society. Common Doc, social and moral issues is something that we need to worry about starting from individual household. Again we have to be constructive in our grievances and shouldn’t sound like a bunch of cry babies to the majority. Also admit it; we are one messed up society. At the outset we talk about morals and ethics when to this day we still worry about the issue of caste, pride and religion. Divorces among the diaspora have become a common norm, domestic violence is all over Europe in Tamil households and our race is popular with Credit Card fraud.

    I agree that we have to drop the constructive ways of approaching the issue, but for for the sake of the Tamil people in the North and East stop sucking up to the State.

    Like you I have been called a traitor for blaming the LTTE for the dire state of Tamils in the North and East, so don’t even try going there.

  95. Dear Doctor,
    The Amnesty international in a recent article mentioned that between 1977 and now, the SL govt set up atleast 15 commissions to investigate crimes committed by SL armed forces. It also said none of this commissions ended up with any convictions.

    So what is the rule and what is the exception to the rule?

  96. My point is let them execise their fundemental rights in a free and fair environment without intimidation or threat.

    As far as I understand, there is no such thing in this country or many asian countries.

    Reading from the news, I suspect what happened to DMK in India will happen here. ” a Silent revolution using ballots and not bullets

  97. Kiripanauwa says… “Tamils should realize Devanda is a TAMIL; Pillayan is TAMIL; Karuna, who as a tiger massacred surrendering Policemen(a massive war crime by anyone’s standards)is a TAMIL”

    We know that and we want the Sinhalese Government (I call them a Sinhalese government because it is dominated overwhelmingly by the Sinhalese) to prosecute them and if found guilty punish them accordingly.

    Why don’t you? . And add KP to the list as well.
    Happy now?

  98. Narendran,

    “Truth’ is sacred. ‘Truth’ should be accepted even if it goes against our beliefs and agenda.”
    I agree. Why dont you start by accepting that the TNA MPs duly elected by the people of north and east are their legitimate representatives till the next elections, even if the TNA MPs beliefs and agendas goes against your beliefs and agendas?

    “What I have said is the rule, rather than the exception. The exception may be the occasional, but rare, misbehaviour of men in the armed forces.”
    Can you update us on the investigation on the attack on the TNA MPs by the armed forces.I am sure that will
    strengthen your argument and heck, who knows the some of us Tamils even start believing you.

    I appreciate your quote from Gandhi, May I also be permitted to quote from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice when Antonio says…

    “Mark you this, Bassanio,
    The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
    An evil soul producing holy witness
    Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
    A goodly apple rotten at the heart:
    O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”

  99. Kalu says “Isn’t beheading four legged animals a standard ritual among some religious followers?.
    Although beheading a Dog is contemptible.”

    I know its not a part of Hinduism, Buddhism Islam , Chirstianity, Bhai almost every other religion. Since you seem to know more about “standard ritual” of beheading dogs “among some religious followers” please share your knowledge.

    I anxiously await your response.

  100. Uthungan,
    you say “They did not have the sagacity,patience or prudence to settle for the Indo-Lanka 1987 Accord as a base.”
    I admit that they are fools and lost the opportunity. Why don’t we forget about them and look to the future. Why don’t you encourage King Mahinda to implement the 1987 Indo Lanka accord? Agree?

  101. Chinthaka,

    I did not try to justify the LTTE actions. You know it or you have very poor English comprehension skills in which case I withdraw my question.

    I had a specific question and I put it in very simple language without any big words, so that even a 3rd grader could understand. I wanted to know if you could give me evidence of one Sinhalese person who was charged much less imprisoned for the murderous attacks on the Tamils. To make it easier for you, I hgave the example of the Welikade jail massacre, where a group of Sinhalese prisoners murderd 53 Tamil prisoners while the jailors watched or even actively helped.

    You could not give an answer.

  102. Narendran, why the obsession with the TNA? Aren’t they the democratically by the people of the North and East?

  103. Dilshanf,
    “There are Tamils flourishing all over Sri Lanka except in the North and East due to your elected representatives having a ball in Colombo. These Jokers send their children to school in Colombo and have one leg either in India or outside of Sri Lanka.”

    of course there are Tamils Colombo. And some of them are flourishing through their very hard work almost all in the private sector, where hard work and honesty is valued. But in the public sector (govenment and corporations, in case you don’t understand what I meant by public sector), the police and the armed forces, the percentage of Tamils are minute in proportion the population. And you are well aware that these public sector jobs are good jobs.

    “You are living in the past with your reference to riots.” In that case you are living in a sate of paranoia,when you claim that “Stop using your people in the north disallowing them to prosper. What has the TNA done in colloboration with the diaspora?”. TNA is powerless to do anything other than make speeches. The diaspora is powerless to do anything in Sri Lanka. The power is with the Sri Lankan Government dominated by the Sinhalese.

    Why dont you ignore the TNA and the Diaspora and do the right thing?

  104. SL governor threatens Vanni NGOs to ‘donate’ money to Buddhist stupas

    Sri Lanka’s colonial governor for the country of Eezham Tamils in the north, Maj. Gen. Chandrasri is now completely obsessed with building Buddhist stupas, Sinhala colonisation and Sinhalicisation of administration, news sources in Jaffna said. Building Buddhist stupas at Old Park in Jaffna, where the provincial administration is located, and at Mullaiththeevu town, the occupying SL governor threatens the NGOs working in Vanni to pay ‘unaccounted’ money for his projects. NGOs working in Vanni have to get annual clearance from the SL president’s ‘special task force’ and the colonial governor makes use of this situation to fleece money from the NGOs

  105. Dilashnf ….

    You also say… “Even WE blame the government for a lot of ills or all ills. But we are developing without any issue. Only crooks get government land to do projects.”

    That is what we are also doing!!!!!!!!

  106. Narendran, you say… “Unfortunately, their politicians have left them with very few choices when it comes to elections. TNA vs EPRLF- Charlatans vs Criminals of sort- what a choice to make!

    Who are the politicians who have left the Tamil people the limited choice of TNA vs EPRLF? And how did they do it? Is there a law that prohibits anyone other than the TNA or EPRLF contesting the election?
    Would you please give us some evidence?
    Your response is anxiously awaited.

  107. Even without terrorising TNA the EPDP-UPFA will do well in north. Our people want life not death

  108. Kalu Albert…
    You say…
    “Avirate Miss Universe Srilanka , winner and the two runner ups look smashing in the Broad Sheets today.’
    I think these chicks , sorry young women can give our overseas born Srilnaknan chicks a run for their money.”

    The rest of the world is amazed at the disconnect between the “Marie Antoinette” attitude of the Sinhalese and the complaints brought about by the Tamils like Sumanthiran.

    The Sinhala Majority like the three monkeys who saw no evil, heard no evil and spoke no evil, refuse to believe or willfully ignore the plight of the Tamils in the north and east and attack people like Sumanthiran without waiting to verify if the the man is speaking the truth or not. At least some of what is happening in the north and east like the violence of the armed forces on the civilian population is happening in the south but they refuse to believe their (at least in theory) compatriots.

    One can only remind them of the quote by Father Niemöller regarding the Nazis

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

  109. Hats off to you, Dr.Rajasingham Narendran. You are the only reader whose calm, level-headed words makes sense. The rest appear to be blood-thirsty and carry a big chip on their shoulders.

  110. Chinthaka
    Tamils in scarborough canada, and sinhalese in Melbourne (as you said) wont be cosidered as nation. Nation may refer to a community of people who share a common (Continous) territory and who often share a common language, race, descent, and/or history.Tamil living in north and east is considered as nation. In world opinion nation ( nationality) have right for self determination. Vaddukottai Resolution” is first step in the process.
    They were smart even in 1976.

  111. The LTTE is gone, there is no need for political parties to have arms. It’s not in the best interests of anyone but a select few corrupt individuals. Disarming and reigning in on the criminal elements of the EPDP is well within the power of the president. You will keep the country from progressing if the LTTE is continuously utilized to justify criminal and immoral acts. The president is using the EPDP to do his dirty work, so that others cannot blame him directly for these abuses.

  112. Narendran,

    >>The ordinary ‘Jaffna man’is wise and street savvy. Unfortunately, their politicians have left them with very few choices when it comes to elections. TNA vs EPRLF- Charlatans vs Criminals of sort- what a choice to make!>>

    Politicians do not fall from the sky but arise from within and are supported by significant sections of the community. In the case of the EPDP (I think you are referring to the EPDP as the EPRLF here), it is a paramilitary and criminal organization maintained by the GoSL in its push to complete the Chechen solution to the Tamil problem in SL. Douglas Devananda is the Ramzan Kadyrov of Sri Lanka. The EPDP never had any genuine support among the people except among those who seek the selective patronage of the GoSL.

    Even Ratnajeevan Hoole said in his submission to the LLRC that “all politics is patronage politics”; he was forgetting that there was something called “principled politics” that would benefit society at large , and he was initially trying to flatter the criminal EPDP in order to keep his chances for the possible Jaffna Univ. VC post. But it is clear that even he has become disillusioned with EPDP in the wake of someone else becoming VC who is enjoying EPDP patronage (as well as the atrocities the EPDP is continuing to commit in Jaffna). Even in the face of the massive need for rehabilitation, resettlement and development, none should mislead the people that “all politics is patronage politics.” Patronage politics benefits only the select few, often the undeserving few.

    I would argue that by the standards of politicians in SL, among Sinhalese, Muslims or Tamils, the TNA is an acceptable party for Tamils. If you are going to call them charlatans, then what do you make of the thuggish leaders who have been foisted on the country largely based on Sinhalese majority votes? Given the realities of such leadership within the GoSL, the burden is on you to show what alternative leadership Tamils have at this time, and what such a leadership can do in the face of the stubborn desire on the part of the GoSL to complete its Chechen solution. Moreover, rather than say the “ordinary man is wise,” are you willing to work at the grass roots level to bring about such alternative leadership? I doubt that it is going to bring anything new within a reasonable time frame. So rather than demonizing the TNA as charlatans, try to bring Tamil democratic forces (untainted by paramilitary activity) together and work with such a leadership to nudge them toward principled compromises where necessary.

  113. Dictionery meaning of Nation: People under same government and inhabiting in the same country.

    I know SL Tamils are different from those in scarborough and sinhalese in Melb. But, there’re still Sri Lankans who have the every priviledge of other Sri Lankans enjoy. Not anything superior or inferior.

    So, obviously they cannot pass a resolution for them selves on their own, when there is a government representing tamils too haver a parliament for doing those.

  114. As far as I know TULF is a part of TNA.

    Tamil National Alliance(TNA) was formed in 2001 combining ITAK, ACTC, TULF, EPRLF and TELO.

  115. Mr. M FERN

    Check the 1977 election results.

    Are you saying that people who vote for TULF in 1977 elections said “”yes”” to the “”Vaddukoddai Resolution””.

    I dont thik so.

    Then we must assume that people who didn’t vote for TULF said “”No””

    And upcountry Tamils who vote for CWC said “”No””

    Ultimately people who didn’t vote for TULF might have said “”No””

    Then I think an overwhelming majority of Tamils in SL voted big “””NO””” for that declaration.

  116. M.Fern,

    Have you heard of the old ploy-Appoint a committee/ commission, if you want to postpone/ delay or even not make decision.

    GOSls have become masters at this game.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  117. Rationalman,

    I have seen men ‘Lamp Posted’ by the LTTE! I also remember being told how the LTTE beat ex- MP and now the late Mr.Thiagarajah daily in his house in Nallur to make him tow their line. They threatened my brother whom they held in custody for 60 days that they will set snakes and scorpions on him. They were capable of anything. To those of us who knew them, the Sri Lankan armed forces are almost saints! The word ‘Saint’ describimg the armed forces I am sure will be questioned by many of you. But consdering that they were the Énemy’, they behaved admirably in comparison to our ‘Liberators’.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  118. Rationalman,

    Antonios words probably refer to me. I accept. Time will tell. As Mark Anthony said in Bard’s Julius Caessar,” Yes, they are honourable men”. This would probably include me too!

    What you suggesting is ridiculous. Why should I accept them as the true representatives of the Tamils, when I know that they do not represent the Tamils in the north and east in anyway that means anything to these people.

    I do not know what the results of the investigations are, but I understand the alleged armed forces personnel overplayed their hand and had a some what violent tussle with the policemen guarding the MPs. The MPs were not hurt nor their vehicles damaged. The MPs apparently had a very friendly meeting with Major General Hathurusinghe around a round/oblong table with plenty of laughter around (as a photograph showed). It also appears the MPs should have got police permission for this meeting.

    The TNA gained much mileage from this incident and the Jaffna media milked it to the maximum. No wonder the MPs were having a hearty laugh! Alls well that ends well! Only the policemen guarding the MPs were hurt.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  119. Arvind Pathmanathan,

    I am trying to hold the middle ground as much as possible. However, in countering the totally partisan politics being practiced in these postings by many Tamils, I may appear lenient towards the present regime. It is a ‘relative’effect. I am not sucking up to the State. I am only trying to make the State more responsible towards the Tamils. There is a big difference. I have nothing to gain from sucking up to the State- Thank God!
    One cannot kick the State with both legs, while in a position to ask help from the same State with both hands and palms stretched! It is apparent you have not perceived the plight of the Tamils, while in Jaffna, in its wider dimensions.

    Further, yes there is a growing Sinhala presence and influence in Jaffna. I welcome this. We cannot live in a mono-ethnic enclave any longer. However, what I pointed out about the bill boards/ hoardings along the A9 highway is correct.

    The social issues are paramount now and need leadership to resolve. It is not forthcoming from our politicians. It is not moral issues alone. There are whole multitude of issues that need to be tackled on a war-footing.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran.

  120. Expatriate,

    Some of us tried to do what you are suggesting in your last paragraph soon after the 1977 riots. I yet remember the reactions of the TULF. Yes, it is possible , but much more difficult now. This is the reason I have been pleading that we are not ready for elective democracy yet in the north and east. We have to build a new leadership out of the debris left after the war. The existing political formations will do everthing they can, using the formidable arsenal in their possession to destroy any nascent political formation. This is the reality we have to deal with. I am however also convinced that when the demand for good leadership is heard loud and clear it will come forth.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  121. Do you think the life threat to Douglas Devanandan is no more…? He was/is a friend of govt, an ally to govt forces when they battled terrorists, the worst evil. What I don’t understand is from the begining you all are complaining of EPDP and TMVP, but never had the same determination to see an end to LTTE. EPDP will have to keep the arms for a while until the society is fully rid of terrorist elements/sleeping cells. What is important is not letting them misuse those arms. What is happening today in Jaffna is largely exagerrated due to hatred planted within public towards EPDP by LTTE from those days. Tamil people should stop looking at things from the glasses forced on them by LTTE. You all are in a perfectionist dream that LTTE was preaching to suit their agenda, but come on.. this is Sri Lanka and its politics you see from Point pedro to Deundara in down south. Don’t give pessimistic views to people living in N/E, comparing the luxiuory you all have in developed countries. Let them come to the level they fell from other people living in SL first. Don’t make it “Nokerena thovilaya” for which you need “Konduru thel hath pattayak” making it impossible. look at the positive side. Atleast show the people living in SL the positive side, without further ruining their lives with someone’s unachieved day dream.

  122. I think you never be there when the LTTE was there.

    30 years means one and a half generation. Losts of minds are greater. You cannot expect everything in the 70s. It will take time because pro-LTTE elements are still make trouble over the civil life of the Tamil citizens! TNA never like to “SOLVE” any problem because that is their political capital!

  123. OK My english is poor. What has it got to do here..?? I’m sure you understand it’s not only the people who are really fluent with English are allowed to discuss things related to such a deep misunderstanding between two communities, where a bigger part forms ordinary ppl from both sides.

    You cannot expect a simple answer from me to a problem that made really complicated by interested politicos. What JR govt did in 1983 was, letting ev’thing happened for a while and banning JVP as responsible for riots. Some says JR was in fear of possible army take over if he did not let emotions set free with the shocking 13 militory personnel killing for the first time in SL’s recent history. After that JVP was under hunt by the govt in which I’m not sure how many got arrested, but there could be some as that clearly made them went underground paving the path to another blood bath. So, now you realise it was all politics that the UNP govt then played, not necessarily a communal stance as such. Obviously Sinhalese may had been emotional and angry over sudden burst of tamil racism at that scale, but unless the political blunders made by JR it wouldn’t have been that worse. You cannot expect citizens to keep law and order by themselves always, that’s why there is a govt to carry out the sensible part maintaning that for the best interest of the country.

    What happened in Welikada was criminals killing another set of criminals. More than that I was concerned about ordinary, innocent tamil civilians that had to pay the price for some terrorists’ actions miles away.

    What happened about 25-30 yrs has already happened. The entire world then had everywhere similar problems even though some people in developed world speak as if they knew nothing about racism. But when the country was largely awakened and informed of the sensitive side among communities, LTTE still kept murdering people for years old grudge making in turn the predator to become victim and fight for their survival until the new found predator is gone. So now the equation is tallied and please do not cry for spilled milk. Just let the people live in peace without making them poisonous.

  124. Dear Pasqual,
    I do not remeber the 1977 real stats. But if some one can get it that would help.

    All I remember is that in North and East the TULF won the majority votes (more on north than the east) and become the main opposition party. Also I do not believe TULF ever had a candidates in upcountry / Colombo areas. The Tamils in upcountry / Colombo were usually voting for CWC and UNP respectively. – So the votes from these Tamils do not affect the Vaddukoddai Resolution in either way.

    Therefore the Vaddukoddai Resolution was only contested in the Tamil homeland (NE) and the TULF got the mandate from the NE Tamils.

    But, I will challenge you on this. If the SL govt has the guts/balls, lets get the international monitors into SL to have an election today on the Vaddukoddai Resolution on the entire Tamil population of SL (No sinhalese votes allowed) and we can know for sure whether Tamils would still like to live under a sinhala leadership.

  125. Narenedran,
    I wish you would read my posts carefully before jumping in with both your feet. I did clearly state that the LTTE was an “internationally condemned terrorists organization” and I was talking about beheadings, not hangings.

    And the LTTE leadership paid for the folly with their lives. I dont think anyone is mourning for them. On the other hand two of the most vicious members of the LTTE leadership are employed and protected by the man you seem to admire( or at least have anything negative to say about), HE. Mahinda Rajapakse. Elsewhere on this site you describe him as as ” very determined man and knows how to get things done”. Pray tell us, what he is doing by keeping Pillayan and Karuna as his proteges?

    And you rightly condemn the Lamp post killings by the LTTE. On the other hand, you are very quick to blame the victim in the recent Soccer Goal killing. You are gossiping that “The late Mr.Balachandran Satkunanathan was a married man, who was trying to or being encouraged to establish a second matrimonial liaison. He was a victim of the conflict and passions that resulted. Everyone in Jaffna knows this”.

    And when I ask for proof of the gossip you are unable to provide any support of your despicable statement about the late Mr. Satkunanathan. No cororner’s report, then no gossip, please.

    You also say.. “To those of us who knew them, the Sri Lankan armed forces are almost saints! The word ‘Saint’ describimg the armed forces”. They key phrase being “those of us who know them”. I do not know what your relationship with the Sri Lankan Armed forces is or how cosy you get those guys. You are giving your experience with the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and you are fortunate. I congratulate you on your fortune. But understand not everyone has your negotiating skills.

    Let me quote you and old greek expression, “one swallow does not a summer make”.

  126. Narendran. you say that .”Why should I accept them as the true representatives of the Tamils, when I know that they do not represent the Tamils in the north and east in anyway that means anything to these people.”

    I guess you do not understand the word, Democracy. I feel as if I am banging my head against a brick wall. Trying to explain the concept democracy to you is like trying to explain the concept of private money vs public funds to some of the Sinhalese posters.

    You say that “I do not know what the results of the investigations are, but I understand the alleged armed forces personnel overplayed their hand and had a some what violent tussle with the policemen guarding the MPs.”. The key words here being “I do not know”. Thank you for admitting your ignorance on the subject. As rest of your post was based on ignorance, I see no purpose in continuing with the subject.

  127. Chinthaka, you say…”OK My english is poor. What has it got to do here..??”. I do not think your English is poor. Your English comprehension is poor. You seem to write well. I am refering to your inability to understand of the collection of words that make a sentence and then the collection of sentences that make a paragraph. Perhaps you understand everything I have been saying but choose to continue to dissemble…..

    “What happened in Welikada was criminals killing another set of criminals”. Not so fast my friend. The Tamils there were suspects, not convicted criminals. And even if they were what right has one criminal to murder another criminal? Dont you claim that Ceylon is the land of Budha Dharma? Or is it was know in 1983 as the Dharmista Society?

    “What happened about 25-30 yrs has already happened”. Yes and it keep son happening now. Just as the Sealskin I knew in the 80s refused to accept that their fellow Sinhalese could be murderous animals, and now admit what happened in the 80s as true but are quick to say that “what happened happened” while refusing to open their eyes to what’s going on now.

    I only see history repeating itself.

  128. I suggest that you stick to whats going on Ceylon. Leave Melbourne and Scarborough alone. Firstly its got nothing to do with Ceylon and secondly you have absolutely zero credibility on those topics.

  129. I didn’t approve what happened in Welikada was right.. But you cannot say they happened in isolation.. What about LTTE’s provocative action of killing 13 soldiers without any direct incident? I knew sinhalese perception of that time even though it’s not matured enough like today’s. Sinhalese saw Tamils as an ‘arrogant’ minority which are too proud and prefer communal isolation always. That trait within your most highcastes strongly offended the majority as that’s how they tried to live even in south where the majority is sinhalese. This idea of seperation even in terms of assoicating sinhalese neighbours were paramount features of ‘some’ tamils making the rest offended.

    It is true you guys had the access to better education, better jobs even from the begining which as a % most sinhalese relatively did not have. That made ordinary sinhalese/may be uneducated ones to look at their posh, educated still too proud & arrogant tamil neighbours with jealousy mixed anger.

    You tell me how an ordinary Appuhamy in Tissamaharama and ordinary Subramanium in Kilinochchi would think of the same fate of socio/economic situations they’re confronted with. I’m sure Appuhamy has no reference to how things happen in US, Canada or UK, so he would happily try his best to overcome his probelms thinking that’s the way of life he’s born to. In contrast Subramanium who is more informed of what’s happening in green pastures would always live with hidden frustration I’m being discriminated here while the rest of the world was living fine. But I’m sure most Subramaniums were too late to realise still Kilinochchi/Sri Lanka was their home and that’s the way of life they can claim theirs, by the time they were sponsored to a developed country by their family. Also without a doubt they would see how friendly their sinhalese counterparts were back in SL when they come across unwelcomed hosts in new found heavens.

    So, the probelm had also to do with attitude of tamils. By living close to a geographically huge tamil population in Tamilnadu, Jaffna Tamils were never humble enough to co-exist with their sinhalese counterparts. From the begining they needed seperation. Aren’t they clear signs of arrogance..?? You ask from your elders.

    – I have been also told how many tamils who got friendly in Yaldevi with sinhalese, swiftly vanish into thin air without even saying ‘bye’ to their sinhalese travel mates once the train reached Jaffna.
    – I have been told how most tamils in Yaldevi change their behaviour, attitude and style once the jaffna bound train reached Vavunia, giving the impression ‘from now onwards you’re in our land’, without refusing to offer the other side of the seat they were using as a bed.
    – I have been told that Tamils hardly invited sinhalese friends to their houses which were mostly enclaves to their own kind only.

    Who were the real racists and who got offended by racism..?? You tell me now.

  130. Dear Kiripanuwa, you said “Tamils should realize Devanda is a TAMIL; Pillayan is TAMIL; Karuna, who as a tiger massacred surrendering Policemen(a massive war crime by anyone’s standards)is a TAMIL. Don’t always blame Sinhalese”

    I totally agree.

  131. If keeping political parties unarmed and away from criminality is being unrealistic and “daydreaming,” then Sri Lanka’s political culture needs change. If his life is in danger then the state should provide him adequate security, not give his goons guns and permission to terrorize civilians.

    You should already know that Tamils are very unlikely to start any sort of insurgency or terror campaign. Only mentally unstable individuals talk of starting another war.

    The reason people didn’t detest the EPDP as much as the LTTE was because the latter had clearly expressed a political goal and claimed legitimacy through that goal while the EPDP more or less turned into mercenaries.

    More importantly, the LTTE is no longer operational, anyone of significant military ability or leadership has perished. The LTTE is not an excuse to employ mercenaries in order to commit electoral abuses such as threatening candidates. You have no argument but just using the LTTE as a bogeyman.

  132. Narendran, “You say Further, yes there is a growing Sinhala presence and influence in Jaffna. I welcome this. We cannot live in a mono-ethnic enclave any longer.”

    Firstly, I think you should learn to use correct terminology. The North and East is not an enclave by definition. In political geography, an enclave is a territory whose geographical boundaries lie entirely within the boundaries of another territory.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enclave_and_exclave. Vatican is an enclave, the North and East is not.

    I dont think any tamil would object to a voluntary sinhala movement to the north and east when they use their funds to buy property, Its the forced Government settlements that people object to. I assume you understand the difference.

    And if you desire to live in a multiethnic enclave, feel free to move to Lesotho, San Marino or the Vatican City. Dont force your confusion on others.

  133. Rationalman,

    ‘Lamp posting’, is being tied to a lamp post and shot in the head. It is not hanging. The government is working on the priciple ‘Paambin kaal paambariyum'(only a snake can identify the legs of another snake). The characters you mention come handy in tracking down the remnants of the LTTE. I of course question the government’s wisdom in introducing such men into Tamil politics. The use such men, does not in any way detract the fact that MR is a determined man, who knows how to get things done.

    You keep on harping on the case of Balachandran Satkunanathan, despite my giving the information that I was able to gather. The people of the area know the general contours and this is not gossip. It is a serious lead. Lots of murders in Sri Lanka are not brought to a conclusion. There are too many and the police lack the manpower and tools to pursue the matter as required. The proof you ask requires conclusive evidence. However, this does not prove the accusation that the armed forces were involved in this murder. Further, the people in the north and east have got used to seeing so many deaths that one more death does not seem to perturb them. Unfortunate, but a reality. The South is beginning to react and is demanding follow-up action in similar cases.

    I have had enough experience of the Sri Lankan armed forces, because of the tragedies that befell me at various times in Sri Lanka. They were there to help me when I needed them. It is not my negotiating skills or the factors that you imply that made this possible. I am ready to approach them when needed and they have responded admirably. Yes, I know them. I know them, because I have no fear of approaching them. I did the same during the IPKF era too. The first and last time, I used all the filthy language I had picked up over my life time was against a General commanding the IPKF ( soon after cremating the family members killed by them).

    I do not jump in with both feet, as many of you seem to be doing. I need not, because I have no vested interests to defend. I only say things that I believe in, can defend and am convinced of.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  134. rationalman;

    The word enclave is open to interpretation. Jaffna is an enclave within the context of the Sri Lankan Island as a whole, if we seek to keep it mono-ethnic ( more correctly, mono-linguistic). Do I accept illegally appropriating the property of Tamils to settle others. Defintely, no. Do I accept others being settled in crown lands or lands legally purchased by the State, without altering the overall demography of the north and east? Yes. Do I want Sri Lanka to be homogenous ? No. Do I want the cultural, religious and linguistic characteristics of the north and east preserved? Yes. Do I subscribe to the concept of homelands within Sri Lanka? No. Do I accept that any Sri lankan can live in any place of his/her choice in Sri Lanka? Yes. Do I accept that the State has a right/ duty to provide land for the landless? Yes. Do I accept the idea of colonization schemes? Yes, provided the demographic patterns of a particular area is not deliberately distorted.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  135. rationalman,

    Democracy as you understand it, is quite different from how I understand it. This is quite clear and we should leave it at that.

    Ye, I do not know the results of the official investigations, but my own inquiries indicate what I have said. This does not mean I do not know. What I know is what the inquiries will reveal, if they happen.

    I have no shame in admitting ignorence, on matters that I am ignorent of. There are many. In fact more than what I know. But, in this matter I seem to know more than you do and that is not ignorence.

    I think the whole exercise you are engaging in is to catch me on the wrong foot and prove me a fool, knave or a hypocrit, to serve the cause you are working for. This exercise will not work, because I am honest in my intentions, marshall my facts and do not argue for the sake of argument. However, I am sure you are no judge of these.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  136. Zero credibility…???

    But still you can’t resist replying, can you..?? I wonder which part of my writing is actually hitting your nerve… 🙂

  137. Narendran, you justify the employment of Pillayan and Karuna by the SLG as “‘Paambin kaal paambariyum’(only a snake can identify the legs of another snake)”. I dont think even King Mahinda has put it so succinctly. Thank you for explaining it better than the SLG. Amazing!

    As for Balachandran, in decent society one does not defame the dead as they are not able to defend themselves. But I guess I should have expected that you would defame the memory of the late man to defend the Sri lankan Government and the armed forces. You do not have any facts. You cannot cite the coroner’s report. But you shamelessly keep on defaming the dead man.

    You also say “Further, the people in the north and east have got used to seeing so many deaths that one more death does not seem to perturb them”

    I know for a fact that your statement is not true. Its just that they are weary and beaten and know that when they approach the police or the armed forces with a complaint, at best it would be ignored and at worst, the complainers would be harrassed. I know is easy to say that when you (in your own words) have an has an excellent relationship with the Sri lankan Armed forces.


    About “paambin Kaal”: In this instance “kaal” does not mean leg but “Vazhi” or way. What this means is that snakes are aware of the ways of fellow snakes.People of the same ilk know each others ways

  138. Narendran,
    You say that “Democracy as you understand it, is quite different from how I understand it.”

    You are absolutely right! And your understanding of democracy is also quite different from the accepted definitions of the democracy.

    Your elastic definition of words like democracy and enclave remind me of a passage from Alice in Wonderland….

    “March Hare: …Then you should say what you mean.
    Alice: I do; at least – at least I mean what I say — that’s the same thing, you know.
    Hatter: Not the same thing a bit! Why, you might just as well say that, ‘I see what I eat’ is the same as ‘I eat what I see’!
    March Hare: You might just as well say, that “I like what I get” is the same thing as “I get what I like”!
    The Dormouse: You might just as well say, that “I breathe when I sleep” is the same thing as “I sleep when I breathe”!”

  139. You say…”But still you can’t resist replying, can you..?? I wonder which part of my writing is actually hitting your nerve…”

    I am glad that you feel better by flattering yourself that your writing is hitting my nerve.

    But getting back to earth, You cannot give me a single instance when a sinhalese was arrested much less prosecuted for the tens of thousand of incidents of murder, rape, assault and pillaging of the Tamils. The best that you can offer in defence is

    a) I have been also told how many tamils who got friendly in Yaldevi with sinhalese, swiftly vanish into thin air without even saying ‘bye’ to their sinhalese travel mates once the train reached Jaffna.
    b)I have been told how most tamils in Yaldevi change their behaviour, attitude and style once the jaffna bound train reached Vavunia, giving the impression ‘from now onwards you’re in our land’, without refusing to offer the other side of the seat they were using as a bed.
    c) I have been told that Tamils hardly invited sinhalese friends to their houses which were mostly enclaves to their own kind only

    What can I say that you havent already said it yourself?

  140. The word enclave is not open to interpretation when you are speaking in a political context. I will give you another deifinition from the oxford dictionary. “a portion of territory surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct.” The last time i checked I was in Ceylon, The North and East is not surrounded by the sinhala south.

    Your elastic definition of words is breathtaking.

    And you also say….
    a)”Do I accept others being settled in crown lands or lands legally purchased by the State, without altering the overall demography of the north and east? …
    b)Do I want the cultural, religious and linguistic characteristics of the north and east preserved?
    c) Do I accept the idea of colonization schemes provided the demographic patterns of a particular area is not deliberately distorted.

    You profess to be an expert on the history of Tamils in Sri lanka. With your expertise, can you tell us if the outcomes has been “yes” for the past colonization schemes since independence?

  141. Narendran You also say…”I think the whole exercise you are engaging in is to catch me on the wrong foot and prove me a fool, knave or a hypocrit, to serve the cause you are working for”

    Its beyond my humble capability to prove anything about you or anyone else………Our own actions demonstrate to the world who we are.

  142. Dr Narendran,

    You welcome the growing Sinhala presence and influence in Jaffna. I don’t and not because I don’t welcome Sinhalese in the North but mainly because the Sinhalese influence is not voluntary. I’m so happy the Sinhalese are flocking to the North to see our beautiful landscape, what I’m against is the deliberate and forced colonisation schemes not particularly in Jaffna but in the North Central and North Western provinces. You argue that the army is occupying many of the properties in the North is a good thing because looting is on the low. That is not an excuse Doc. There are people in the North approaching the Police, Bishop, School Principals and any influential person to get these army evicted from their household.

    You recently mention that the TNA should have one script following Mr.Sambanthan’s speech. Again I disagree. It would work if politics was objective and transparent. As you many know I did welcome Mr Sambanthan’s speech and expressed my gesture on the blog. If the TNA as a whole are to follow this one script they won’t last long as a party. I already have my doubts if TNA can pull a win in the upcoming polls considering the cunning tactics used by Douglas. The TNA is not locking horns with dogs and horses but with hyenas and foxes. You need to play good cop, bad cop; “raja thanthira” strategies and tactics should be used and finally you need the Mavai Senathirajah’s to voice the people’s concerns (True he does take a different chord at times but he is like the Wimal Weerawansa of the TNA). As Sun Tzu quotes, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”.

  143. Dr Narendran,

    You mentioned “The word ‘Saint’ describing the armed forces I am sure will be questioned by many of you.”

    You are right and I am definitely questioning you on that. Whilst in my school days at Colombo I had the privilege of working as an intern for a prominent Tamil Human Rights lawyer who is currently a parliamentarian. My role as an intern was to document the gruesome stories of the Tamils from the North who escaped the war. Atrocities were committed by both the LTTE and the ARMY. But there was a clear sense of demarcation the way in which the LTTE committed their crimes and that of the ARMY. Rape and looting was a common attribution to the ARMY while the LTTE was more inclined to kidnappings. The common theme was that both parties were killer machines. Through my experience I would consider LTTE as more saintly and the lesser evil. The number of rape cases by the ARMY has still not been highlighted to the mass because many of the Tamil women are so embarrassed to bring it out. I would have to document atleast one sexual assault case per day during my 2 month stint in the summer of 2009.

    Out of the many stories I had heard the one that was rather catching was this girl who had a deformed face. She explained how they killed her parents and uncles, raped her two sisters and then took all their jewellery. She moaned for not having the guts to fight the navy when they raped her 2 sisters, instead pretending to be dead. When they were taking all the jewellery after killing everyone they couldn’t take this girl’s earing so they cut her ear off whilst she was in pain, yet still pretending to be dead… she has half ear now. Now go tell her that the ARMY are saints….

    You’d argue that I shouldn’t be including personal cases in a public forum, but your personal experiences with the ARMY makes you believe that they are the saints. Common doc, your high end connections with the ARMY definitely has some influence on your preference.

    Again, I’m not trying to say that the LTTE are saints, as they are not. They destroyed our education, culture and ethics. But if I was to choose the lesser evil and excluding the senior leadership (both senior leadership are cowards), the average LTTE was far more civilised than the ARMY.

    Sounds silly, when I was just 13 I was with my family travelling to Jaffna during the ceasefire. Just past Habarana my dad got stopped for speeding. Having travelled back and forth to Jaffna he knew the drill. Gave the “Ralami” 500 quid and he was back on the road. Passing Vavuniya he got stopped again, this time we were at the so called Eelam Police Station where he had to pay a hefty fine. While going from vavuniya to Jaffna, my sister in the back seat quoted “For the first time I felt proud to be Sri Lankan” and at the time she was only 10 at the time. You get my drift?

  144. i read interesting arguements between dr.rajasingham narendran and arvind.when it comes to main focus of the article or bundle of tweets what so ever.it is quite obvious epdp is acting as a lackey of sinhalese establishment.since tamils perceive tamil national alliance as a legitimate tamil party to protect their interests.sinhalese establishment is movingh heaven and earth to see that it does not win in the local body elections hence the attacks on tna leaders and workers.these incidents only illustrate the fact that mahinda is not constructive or not interested in providing a solution to tamil problem.i hope sincerely that tamil people brave the intimidations and money power like their tamils cousins across the water will provide a resounding defeat to mahinda and his lackeys epdp.alarming thing about epdp and douglas devananda is its increased usage of violence and intimidation to gain a political foothold.douglas has been a lackey of sinhalese establishment since time immemorial.he has business interests i believe that bus services that was inaugurated between colombo and yaypanam is controlled by his associates.while sinhalese establishment was morally correct when it propped up characters like douglas during the heydays of tamil tigers becoz it wanted an anti tiger forces which could act as a foil againts tigers.but much water has flown since tigers have been vanquished organisations like epdp has to transform themselves as a genuine political force which has tamil welfare in its mind.if it is not going to do that srilankan government has to disband such forces becoz the acts of these forces will result only in tamils losing confidence in the democratic system of srilanka which is already all time low.another interesting fact about sinhalese influence on yaypanam and dr.narendrans defence of it.though world is gettting integrated and global culture is speading despite all the barriers erected by locals.i doubt there will ever be free movement of people all over the world.if that had been the case developed countries would have been inundated with developing country citizens.what i am trying to tell is despite the much talked about global integration local culture has to be protected or else we may have to see certain languages,customs,traditions only in museums.jey one of the interesting news i read was china has built a bridge spanning 50kms on the sea.it took nearly four years i believe to construct that bridge.can we expect in our life time a bridge to be constructed from rameswaram to thalaimannr which will pave way for increased trade between india and srilanka?i wish my dream comes true.

  145. Come on Get Real.Have you read and clearly understood what I had said about the LTTE and sections of the Tamil diaspora.Do you seriously expect me to encourage King Mahinda to implement the 1987 Indo-Lanka Accord 24 years after the LTTE rejected it and went to war against India with the weapons supplied by President Premadasa? Do you seriously believe in your rationality?

  146. DELETED…………….DBSJ

    When will LTTE rump propagandists learn that you cant intimidate me through threats?


  147. Arvind Pathmanathan,

    Everyone has his unique expeiences, on the basis of which they form their opinions. However, why are you insinuating that I have high end connections with the army? My contacts while seeking help has been at the lower ends. I have dealt with both the arrmy and the LTTE. I have also seen how the LTTE dealt with my brother and the stories he brought out of the Vanni. I have also spoken to people in Kilinochchi while they were under the LTTE rule. I have also seen and talked to the people who streamed out of the war zone. Harrasment of women was not unique to the armed forces. LTTE also did their share. Those who know unfortunately will not talk.

    I have encountered the LTTE traffic policeman too and have seen fines being paid. I also encountered Sri Lankan traffic policemen in Mankulam recently, who very courteously insisted on us paying the fine at the near by sub-post office. I have alsoencountered Sri Lankan traffic policemen in the South who let offenders go free for Rs.1000/=. These instances do not prove much. The LTTE traffic policemen may have been honest, but the stories of how the Eelam police dealt with people, is as horrendous as those relating to the Sri Lankan police.

    My comment about ‘Ángels’ yet stands, in view of what I know, and the expected role of the LTTE as the liberators and defenders of the Tamils.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  148. Rationalman,

    Indeed things are getting, ” Curiouser, curiouser and curouser—-” (Alice in Wonderland). I am glad we are getting an opportunity to recall English literature, though we are not making much progress with our exchange.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  149. We find ourselves in a deadlock here. The Govt, openly and subtly, wants to increase the presence of Sinhalese in the North and reduce the Tamils to a minority there. The Govt has chosen M/s Chandrasiri and Hathurusinghe to carry out the State’s unwritten writ. The Tamils, as reader Arvind Pathmanathan says although they have nothing against the Sinhalese Tamils plead that, this kind of genocide not be proceeded with. The people in the area have no other way to resist the might of the State and the army. Minister Devananda and a few readers in this blog are hell-bent to allow the State to have its own way. Pray, tell me, what is the ethical way out of this?


  150. Why not challenge them with your counter arguments? It isn’t like that only the socalled ‘LTTE rump’ has access to the internet. If you think a person’s opinion should go unchallenged then this person should write only in his diary.

  151. Uthugan

    “Do you seriously expect me to encourage King Mahinda to implement the 1987 Indo-Lanka Accord 24 years after the LTTE rejected it and went to war against India with the weapons supplied by President Premadasa? Do you seriously believe in your rationality?:

    You could have given so many reasons why you should not encourage Kind Mahinda to Implement the Indo Sri lankan accord. But you chose an argument that seriously weakend your case. (any other argument to buttress your point would been weak, the line of argument you chose was the equivalent of shooting yorself in the foot!
    Wasnt Premadasa, the duly elected President of Sri lanka? SO if LTTE trusted the elected Govenment of Sri Lanka and went to war against India, wouldnt the SLG have a moral obligation to implement the agreement? (not that morality is something that the SLG is known for)!

  152. DBSJ,

    I agree! But I dont think Narendran consciously meant to equate the SLG with the LTTE. I guess its a case of the “freudian slip!”

  153. You say..”As Sun Tzu quotes, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”.”

    I agree! But where is your strategy? The only strategy I see from you is wholesale capitulation to the Sri Lankan Government and a lot of hand wringing! The Vichy Stratergy ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vichy_France) You strategy is more Marshall Petain (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippe_Petain) than Charles De Gaulle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_de_Gaulle)

  154. ISS,

    Even with diminished numbers the 2011 census will likely show 700,000- 1 million people in the North and 90%+ of that will be Tamil.. So to make Tamils a minority 500,000 Sinhalese + Moors need to be settled there.. This cannot be done done without Israeli-style aggressive re-colonization, which is not happening.. So all this noise made of mass re-colonisation is probably a TNA ruse to grab votes..

    However in a final settlement the cultural identity of the North issue of the TNA and the inequal resource:population issue from the government side can both be accomodated in an ethical compromise.. The TNA can say okay if you want to re-colonize well do it within a certain limit.. For example whatever the census figures for the North in 2011, only 15% of that can be brought in under state-settlement schemes over the next 10 years.. After that there can only be natural migration unless otherwise agreed by the regional government.. The other way out is a comprehensive re-organization of provincial boundaries, where the Northern portions of Anuradhapura, Trincomalee districts (Along with their Sinhala and Muslim populations) are amalgamated to the current Northern province, which would still keep a healthy Tamil majority in the province..

    Or else one could always shout genocide (throwing this word to describe actions that are not generally covered in in its definition only weakens any subsequent claims you make in future), every time a Sinhala and Muslim family is resettled, thus hardening the power of the hawks who want open and aggresive re-colonisation//

  155. Rationalman,

    Thre was no ‘Freudian’ slip. It is an interpreation slip on your part. The paambus (snakes0 I referred to are the LTTE remnants and the likes of the EPDP, TMVP and Kauna. The GOSL is utilizing their skills. shared with the LTTE.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  156. Dear Diyasena:

    Legalities, analogies of the half-full water and arguments aside, why does not the Sinhala-najority in Cbo allow the Tamil-majority areas the right of PC’s allowed to all other – EVEN NOW (now that the dreaded factor is gone) The South is convinced PC’s in the rest of the country have failed – most of them are considered duplicatory. Certainly in Cbo/WP it is so. Does the system have the strength to admit the latter so that the funds saved can go out to finance the former? As I said in another comment here, I am glad you are back for a more serious appraisal to take the debate forward.


  157. Narendran!
    First question, why do you put your “Dr’ title. Are you expecting to treat patients on this website? Or is it a chip off the old Nallur block phenomena.
    Your liberal shiboleth may sound high and mighty to the uneducated but for me it reveals your puffed up mentality.
    Your family may have been tortured by the LTTE, there are also others who have had very bad experiences with them.
    It is however dissappointing that you then turn around and say the army are saints? Is there no balance left in your judgement?
    The horrendous climb of the LTTE after all is given the factors determined first by the double talking of the earlier tamil elites who were similar to you.
    secondly they were from the underclasses trying to use brute force with little political savyness of people like you to get the job done. In the end they wiped out all chances for the Tamils to live in dignity.
    This does not mean that the sinhala army are saints?

  158. Dear ISS,

    The problem here is not the PC concept itself, but the way it is impelemented.. The 13th amendment was bought about in an ad-hoc manner which has left many structural weaknesses leading to its almost irrelevance at present.. By clearly de-lineating powers between the centre and the province, one can reduce the wastage cost by doubling up of the bureaucracy..

    The main concern of yours is the loss of Tamil cultural identity via a deluge of (state-sponsored) Sinhala migration to the North, the concerns of ours are the inequal distribution of land and coastal resources between the provinces.. If powers (including land and power) are fully devolved the outer provinces will gain substantially economically, but the people of Uva, Sabaragamuwa and North Central will be hard done by.. The central provinces lack of coast is somewhat offset by its central location and the source of all the main rivers.. But I believe conecerns of both sides can be addressed in a settlement that makes both sides somewhat happy.. Moreover if the resources are more fairly distributed and their is development in all provinces, their will be minimal need for internal migration, auguring better for preserving the identity of the said Tamil cultural identity in the North..

    But this is not happening.. The hardliners are from the North insisting a no-settlement policy whilst demanding full re-merger with land and police powers, in the hope that GoSL caves under Indian and Western pressure. Whilst the hardliners from Colombo insist on the unitary state, in the hope that they can ride the storm of international pressure through Russia and China long enough to settle the required Sinhalese in the North to say there is no ‘ethnic problem’ anymore..

    I believe that whatever the result on Saturday the Northern PC election will be held sometime next year, whether sooner (UPFA win) or later (TNA win)..

  159. For your so-called sinhala army to be saints the country should have been free of terrorism. Who stopped tamils from joining SL Army..?? It was the racist LTTE which silenced every moderate tamil voice, made the SL Army mostly sinhalese. Because LTTE’s war was based on the ethnic division, the chances and necessity of tamils joining army became thin, unless for LTTE cadres who wanted to do that for espionage.

    So, don’t expect a legitimate govt army to keep their hands tied while an illegal bunch of thugs/terrorists running amock in the name ‘liberation’. You guys don’t accept the legitimacy of SL Army and the ‘terrorism’ of LTTE, UNLESS for the moment you want to examine war crimes. What I’m saying is if you didn’t treat SL Army as your country’s state army then you have no right to GET US call for war crimes of our army.

  160. a velayuthan,

    The people like you have a serious problem discussing issues without malice. You can disagree with me as much as you want and I can do the same. I do not question your motives and objectives. I have reasons to believe what i believe and have a right to express it. I will continue to do so, despite your comments that are rather poor in taste.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  161. My friend Diyasena,

    You create much space (July 20) for a serious discussion that can go far. You write with much responsibility and acceptance “..I believe concerns of both side can be addressed in a settlement that makes both sides SOMEWHAT happy” I agree a settlement acceptable to both sides on all issues – with unyielding hardliners on both extremes – is a long shot. But nothing can be worse for both sides than what we have gone through in recent decades. I am in total agreement with your comments in para 1. I repeat the Sinhalese have fears, imagined or otherwise, that needs to be addressed. If you do have entre to those who shape policy – and I imagine you do – one ways is to see if the PC entity be restricted to the NEP – or N and EP, if you will. With the TNA accepting to work within an undivided country the contentious Unitary issue is diluted.

    In my view, the South is so relieved of much of its resources in the recent past by wholesale stealing and debt-saddled for decades in the future – the Tamil areas would want to develop on their own without prejudicig the interest of the Centre. Foreign Policy, Finance, Defence with suitable amendments can remain in the Centre. It is in such a background the heavyweights of the diaspora are likeky to come in together with regional and global investors with FDI’s meeting Govt’s goals. In the currently obtaining venal climate this is a pipe-dream.

    With the heads of helpless dogs in fence-posts, excreta thrown in candidates’ homes, the army walking into homes in Jaffna District and warning voters to vote for Govt candidates and the reduction of transport to voters (this is not my lingo but that of the CaAFFE) forget a fair election tomorrow. It is Wayamba there in a much pronouned form with the army (which was not there in Wayamba) making their presence felt in every way.

    But let’s keeps our hopes alive for a reasonable and civilised discussion.


  162. All these terrorising the candidates achieved nought with the TNA and TULF winning 22 of the loacal councils in the north and east while the UPFA won only 3 in jaffna and 3 in trincomalee.

    Some people will never understand that to win elections you have to win the hearts and minds of the people.There is no other way.

    going after the TNA candidates and building a road here or a bridge there and doing all the rotten things that sumanthiran had listed out in the parliament will not result in getting votes.

    I hope by the time the northern provincial council elections are held the government changes its hardline policies in order to get as many members supporting the government into the council. its hardline policies are playing into the hands of the TNA.

  163. Compare to the uneducated and uncultured LTTE goons, the Army is really saints. Tamils lost their dignity because the moderate Tamils surrendered their political ideology to a grade seven dropout criminal.

    How can you cry against army without telling the atrocities of the so called Tamil Liberators who killed everyone questioned them.

    Further Narendran was supporting LTTE and I know he is against LTTE after the “Snake” treatement of his brother by CASTRO.

    You mention about the “Tamil Elites”. I hope the same problem you too have now. You never had any taste of the LTTE or you never have affected by them!

  164. “TNA and TULF winning 22 of the loacal councils in the north and east”

    Tut tut Shankar, shouldn’t that read “19 in the North and 3 in the East”..

    “UPFA won only 3 in jaffna and 3 in trincomalee”

    Held today mate, held today.. The UPFA won 7 of the 9 councils in TCO during the first phase on March 17.. Of councils decided in the East thus far (17th March and today) TNA has won 7 to UPFA’s 24 and SLMC’s 4.. Granted they are likely to win 7-8 of the remaining 10 councils to be held in Batticaloa.. Even so, 15 out of 46 councils (best case scenario) does not mean they carry the East the way they do the North..

    “I hope by the time the northern provincial council elections are held the government changes its hardline policies in order to get as many members supporting the government into the council. its hardline policies are playing into the hands of the TNA”

    That goes without saying.. The UPFA should probably drop the EPDP and go it alone.. The Sunday papers are saying the people at the UPFA rally where the president attended, were given Rs.2500 each.. They probably pocketed the money and voted TNA.. Douglas should be kept in Colombo..

  165. [It is learnt that several foreign diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka are keenly observing election related” anti-TNA terror”incidents in Jaffna.]

    After seeing how ‘democracy’ is practiced by the sinhalese,they might be thinking that maybe tamils were justified in embarking on the non democratic path since 1983.

    They might be even thinking that tamils have gone through enough,and now they can’t even practice democracy.So given them their own country seems to be the best solution.

    The government does not realise the damage to its own reputation it has created by these acts.A consensus of the final solution to this problem must be slowly forming in the minds of people in the wider world.

    The problem with the government is its insular way of thinking while this ethnic problem ha sbecome internationalised.If the attitude is the rest of the world be damned as long as we have the support of china and russia,then the repercussions are going to come in the future because china and russia also would have had enough of srilanka one day.

  166. Democracy prevails even though the LTTE propaganda machinaries worked full-time with false propagandas.

    Conguratulations President for your achivements!

  167. Sivananthan

    Are you saying that the incidents mentioned in this tweet is false and LTTe propaganda.

    Are you congratulating the president for achieving
    1.impaling a dogs head on the gate of a TNA candidate.
    2.unloading a bowserfull of shit into another candidates premises.
    3.many other incidents of terror to instill fear in TNA candidates and stop them from campaighning.

    Why don’t you lick his gand some more.He might give you an arrack bottle.

  168. Our friend Diyasena (July 24) would have heard even the Rs.2,500 “bribe” that was promised – apparently has not been paid. Clearly, old habits don’t die easily.

    No point in blaming Douglas, whose future is behind him. How long can the Rajapakse clique – with a clear and multiple Sinhala mandate – refuse the democratic right of the Tamils of the NEP ruling themselves like the rest of the 8 Provinces? It is time MRs bosom buddy N. Ram of the Hindu advise him the game is up and reality must be faced.
    The TNA and the people of the North should be saluted for their political maturity and fortitude. The massive pre-conceived 24×7 intimidation, lead by uniformed men (with some driving trucks full of human dung) accompanied by thugs carrying SLA wePONS from their own community was met and beaten by a people who believed in the eventual success of good over evil. Their weapons against this State-sponsored scourge – was their faith and prayers. In many ways it was a battle of a cultured people against naked barbarism in the 21st century.


  169. I know well how LTTE thugs used the same kind of vans for robberies and put the blames on the other groups. You said you are Indian. So, better shutup!

  170. sivananthan

    You are obsessed with the LTTE which is no more in srilanka. No point in talking about past incidents that happenned 5 and ten years ago.We are in post LTTe era and thinking about present and future.

    Anyway this was a twitter about some incidents of terror perpetrated by the government on TNA candidates.So why are you coming out with what LTTE may have done 5 or 10 years ago. What relevance has it to what the government is doing to TNA.Unless you want us to believe that the tweet contains untruths and this was all LTTE propaganda only. So don’t try to bring past incidents to cover up the fact that you were disputing the truth in this tweet.

    Any way this is just the entree before the main course. Army has even gone to the houses in kilinochi and threatened the inmates and got their polling cards.They have also threatened others not to vote.Now you will say it is LTTE propaganda i suppose.So you can congratulate and gandu lick as usual mahinda and namal for elevating democracy to dizzying heights.

  171. My friend ISS,

    As I have pointed out to others elsewhere after the election holding out for an NEP instead of NP after the election result is irrational and just creates mistrust..

    How can a party with only 13.5% votes cast in the East claim it as a mandate for a re-merger. Granted that number will increase slightly when the 10 remaining councils in Batticaloa will be held in September.. But still if all the registered voters in those 10 councils vote TNA and none vote for other parties, the number will still not reach 25%.. Even in the parliamentary election when the turnout was much higher TNA only got 22% of the vote..

    Even in such a best case scenario how does a government throw aside the rights of 75% to placate the aspirations of less than 25% in the East? The census of 2011 will likely show that the Moors are a majority (but not absolute in the East).. And even in their stronghold of Ampara (if you look at the results) they have put their faith in the UPFA and Athaulla’s national congress in several LCs which in the past SLMC would have romped home in.. With their phenomenal growth rate the Moors will likely become an absolute majority in the EP over the next 2 decades. So they government cannot create another problem trying to solve one..

    So it is time for flexibility mate, not rigid grandstanding.. The government should hold a free and fair election in NP, give it land powers over around most 80%-90% land (apart from the islands, Vavuniya South, mannar town and other milatarily important strategic areas which should be kept with the center) and some police and judicial powers over them.. The TNA should accept the EP as a separate entity (but continue to represent there voters in the within the EPC), allow the ethnically cleansed Moors in Putthalam to return to their lands (or give them alternative lands if they have development projects in mind in those lands)..

    Then amicably discuss with government on an exchange of territories between the North, North Central, Uva and East provinces to give the North central province a viable coastland and port facilities and limited number of Sinhala settlements in the North (in the 2land held by the central government of course) to meet the need of landless Sinhalese without significantly diluting the overall Tamil majority in the North (I am writing a paper on the two above issues, which I intend to put out over the next couple of months)..

    Its time to look for ‘creative and innovative’ solution, beyond both the Vaddukodei and unitary frameworks..

    One these issues are settled no party will be able to win elections on the race card and economics and good governance will take centre stage.. If the TNA fails at governance in the NPC who knows, the UPFA will be returned next election with a landslide..

  172. Sivananthan

    What is your proof that those are false allegations?

    My evidence is as follows

    1.Killinochi was different from the others with low voter turnout and the TNA won by only about hundred votes,whereas in other electorates they won handsomely.

    2.namal was personally handling kilinochi and was wanting a win at all costs to show off.

    3. According to sumanthiran’s report government seems to have plans afoot to sinhalise kilinochi.Hence the sports stadium for 350 million and mahinda rajapakshe mawatha etc.At the moment the tamils there coundn’t care a fig about sports with their tattered lives,but a big sports stadium will attract the sinhalese.

    4.In the tweet you can see that the government has embarked on a big way to terrorise the TNA candidates.So how to disbelieve that the went one step further to terrorise the voters too in kilinochi.The evidence is the pattern in behaviour.

    5.Instead of just mouthing off like a uncouth character who was born in the gutter vanni,think and analyse the facts and then reply.

  173. Diyasena, my good Sir:

    Talking in cricket parlance one cannot agree to play the game (1987) per the rules agreed by both sides and then later on go to an outside umpire, who turns the results down (for considerations of his own) And now after 25 yrs
    to come out with new statistics and ask the match to be re-played. No can do, my friend, that ain’t Cricket.

    As to the Muslims, you know as well as we do, this factor was imposed from the 1980s onward to weaken the Tamil
    struggle. From the 1950s they articulated their needs via the Tamil parties. Some of them were our leading and respected MPs. We are told Azwer had the gaul to tell recently the Tamils will never get their rights without the
    support of the Muslims. So there you are. Of course, Azwer, the interpreter, has the reputation of being a loose cannon with a still looser tongue.


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