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The new state of South Sudan will have tryst with destiny on July 9th

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

South Sudan gains formal Independence on July 9th 2011&emerges as Africas 54th country.It will be in due course the 193rd member of the UNO.

The new state is likely to be called Republic of South Sudan. The flag has a yellow star in a blue triangle on stripes of black,red & green.

President Kiir - http://www.goss.org/

The President of South Sudan will be Salva Kiir Mayardit of the Dinka tribe. The Vice President will be Riek Machar of the Nuer tribe.

The national anthem selected through competition will be sung at the July 9th independence day ceremony. 30 African heads of state may attend.

Among those speaking on the occasion are Sudan President Omar-al-Bashir,UN Sec -Gen Ban Kimoon&the president&vice -president of South Sudan.

South Sudan’s independence was spearheaded by the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army & its political wing the Sudan peoples liberation movement.

The Sudan Peoples Liberation Army/Movement was led since 1983 by John Garang.He commanded the SPLA/M in 2nd Sudanese civil war (1983 -2005).

The SPLA/M joined the opposition front -National Democratic Alliance in 1989 & signed a comprehensive peace treaty with the Sudan govt in 2005.

John Garang then served as vice -president of Sudan but died in a helicopter crash in July 2005.He was succeeded by Salva Kiir Mayardit.

The 2005 “Naivasha CPA agreement” between the Sudan govt & SPLA/M enabled a referendum to be held in 6 years to determine South Sudan’s future.

The referendum was held in South Sudan from Jan 9th to Jan 15th 2011 on whether it should be an independent state or remain as part of Sudan.

The referendum result saw 98.83& voting for Independence. The date for creating an Independent South Sudan state was set for July 9th 2011.

The new state of nearly 10 million people has over 200 languages & dialects. The Dinka tribe is the largest ethnicity & dominates the army & govt.

Panoramic view of Southern Sudan landscape

South Sudan has large oil reserves & mineral deposits.Though landlocked it has access to the Nile river waters. It also has much livestock.

The creation of South Sudan is regarded as a move by the USA & some western nations to counter China’s influence in the region.

It is also seen as part of the US strategy to use it as a catspaw to undermine Sudan & bring about a regime change in Khartoum.

Despite the “Power” games the Independence of South Sudan is a reality & the world’s new state prepares for its tryst with destiny on July 9th.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

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  1. The new coutry is in for a tough time.Big power rivalry, Northern Sudan animosity and internal tribal differences will tear the country apart. SPLA/M is notorious human rights violator. Democracy cant last

  2. Thankyou, My dream will come true new nation call thamil ealam in south asia. Free from sinhala evil barbarians.

  3. I think Sudan peace process &Sri Lanka peace process started about same time

    SPLA/M played their cards cleverly,cooperated with international comunity and finally got their own country. But LTTE messed up things, alienated international community and got wiped out
    I think this is what DBS always says that LTTE damaged Tamils in Sri Lanka and caused irredeemable harm

  4. Today South Sudan
    Tomorrow Tamil Eelam

    Two TGTE Govt ministers also attending South Sudan independence celebration

  5. Global leaders seem to support creation of new countries where the suffering of populace is going on and on.

    Will the Tamil diaspora Eelamists think that by “ensuring continuous suffering of Tamil people in Sri Lanka” will enable the Tamils to have a separate land eventually?

  6. So, smuggling will be the national pride of Thamil Eelam! Will Kuttimani and Thangathurai get statues for their “smuggling power”?

  7. Better ask from the prabakaran about the lessons he learned from rajapakasha.

    LK Sword is the best person to tell about the lessons we have in store for any future students.

  8. Atlas, Do not be a pessimist, you have to wait and see. The separation is due to the supression one lot of the populataion of the other. Things will eventually work out.Srilanka will be the next country to go throgh this process. The world communutiny has now woken up to the attrocities commited by the so called “legally elected governments on the suppressed minorities.

  9. Lessons Learned…. some African tribes are smarter than Tamils in carrying out an independant struggle
    not a good look if you ask me

  10. My sincere best wishes are for the people of south Sudan, they have had bad times and hopefully they will prosper soon.

    I am personally aware that there is a sri lank an lady lawyer a sinhallese now based in the USA is part of the united nations team who is involved in this transition.

    Now it is time for the people living elsewhere in troubled nations to have their issues resolved without shedding any bloodshed or unnecessary hardships. R j.

  11. “The creation of South Sudan is regarded as a move by the USA & some western nations to counter China’s influence in the region.”

    This is the most important aspect of the birth of this New Nation,as the writer has correctly identified.

    China is going neck and neck with the US to gain the World’s No one spot.

    China is far ahead in wealth stakes with the US Sovereign debt to China is at Ten Trillion USD and increasing by a a Trillion each year.

    Cut out the branches first to fell a strong tree.

    Sudan Libya and Iraq are countries with scarce Natural Resources .

    China was helping these countries to become rich nations with a clout, and in turn helping herself towards her march to the Number One spot.

    Some one here asks, is there a lesson to be learned?,

    Sure, India must watch these developments carefully.

    With the current rate of Development, India won’t be far behind China to become a world power .

    Wouldn’t the current strategy displayed in Sudan the easiest and cheapest for the US and her allies in the West to put the spanner in the works?.

    Especially with the Tamils world wide, joining together with ever increasing momentum for an Eelaam, and the ever increasing willing takers of this aim in Tamil Nadu ,it looks more and more feasible ,to create a separate Nation, if the US and her coalition of the willing decides to pull India back.

  12. Ceylon has seen around 17 invasions from South Indian kingdoms. None of them lasted more than 50 years. I suspect the geography of the island makes it harder to economically sustain an alien kingdom to the north. Maintaining supply lines across Palk Straights, having to maintain security over faint borders and water security etc would eventually take its toll. That is why regions in the north was always under either overlordship of a kingdom to the south or part of an Indian kingdom. There has never really been truly independent kingdoms in the north.

    Sudan is part of a larger continent. It does not have the same handicap of a small island that can sustain two warring nations. Cyprus is another example with small island handicap that constantly need external intervention to maintain an artificial border. Sudan experience may well turn out to be a successful one.

  13. If SL keep refusing to share the power with NE Tamils ….If Tamils who sacrifice their life and everything to win Tamils political rights to empower themself through Non-violent strugule and Armed Strugule are true……rise of new state Tamileelam also inevitable in future.

  14. Kamal,

    Decades back Umamaheswaran of PLOTE visited Zambia as the honored guest of the then President Kenneth Kaunda? He was treated like the future president of Tamil Eelam! Where are is he now and where are we now?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  15. Rattapakse,

    The lessons to be learned are not from South Sudan, but from our own history, especially the episode that ended at Nanthikadal.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  16. There are more Tamils live in the south than all the Tamils that live in the North and East put together. So, demand to share power at the center and serve all Tamils and Sinhalese alike like Thonda did.

  17. First I thought of posting this as a response to the comment of Mr.Sivanantham. Then I thought to post this as a general comment. It has become customary for Mr.Sivananthan to belittle Tamil race in general and Tamils of Tamilnadu in particular. He belittles Tamils of Tamil Nadu by exploiting their ignorance in Jaffna history. Even though it is not possible to give the complete details of Jaffna history I have tried to be as comprehensive as possible. I thik this comment may help the tamils of Tamil nadu to give a fitting reply to Sivananthan. This may be helpful to the Diaspora tamils who are not aware of the Jaffna history.

    I glanced through Yalpana Vaipavamalai in the Internet. Vaiyapuri (contents have been taken from this also in Yalpana Vaipavamalai) describes the names of the chieftains and social groups and how they came from Tamil Nadu and settled in Jaffna and Vanni.

    Kalingamaga and Chandrabanu laid the foundation for Jaffna Kingdom. Nagas and Yakkas were not able to make a formal kingdom. Kalingamaga and his fellow Kalingas colonized Jaffna and made the sons of soil (nagas and yakkas). (So Sivananthan, if you are proud of your Kalinga lineage yo have committed the sin of eliminating or making slaves of nagas). Jaffna Peninsula under Kalinga Maga’s rule was so controversial. His rule was the worst marauding regime that had existed in the Island according to historians. (Sivananthan, people like you want to repeat the history. You think that Varadharaja Perumal (incarnation of Kalingamaga according to you) will repeat the history. V.Perumal is a coward who ran away. If DD or MR threaten, V.Perumal will change his location to Mianmar from Orissa.)

    The Jaffna Kingdom was dominated by the South Indian Pandyan Empire, a dravidic empire in the 13th Century after they defeated Chadrabanu. The development of the Dravidic tribes in the past twenty centuries gave rise to states like Pallava, Pandy, Chola, Chera and Vijayanagar kingdoms in Southern India. Chola and Pandya kings have contributed a lot towards the Tamil Literature. According to you three kings are not Tamils. If they are not tamils why did they contribute to Tamil Literature? Even Tamils of Jaffna (according to you a mixture of Kalinghas, Sinhalese and Malayalees) have contributed a lot to Tamil Literature. Why did they do?

    From time to time one or the other of these Dravidian states reached pre-eminence but indubitably the greatest of these was the Chola Empire, which encompassed not only south India but the entire region up to the Ganges in Northern India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives to the south to Malaya and Sumathra in the east. (Sivananthan, you are dead against Cholas since LTTE chose their emblem).

    The Jaffna Kingdom existed with Nallur as its capital from 1215 AD to 1619 AD. The following are the names of the Kings and their period of rule of Tamil Eelam.

    Kalingaman alias Koolangai Singai Aryan alias Kalinga Vijeyabahu (1215 to 1240)
    2. Kulasegara Pararajasegaram (1240 to 1256)
    3. Kulothungan (1256 to 1279)
    4. Vikramnan (1279 to 1302)
    5. Varothayan (1371 to 1380)
    6. Marthanda Perumalan (1325 to 1348)
    7. Kunapooshanan (1348 to 1371)
    8. Virothayan (1371 to 1380)
    9. Jeyaveeran (1380 to 1410)
    10.Kunaveeran (1410 to 1446)
    11. Kanagasooriyan (1446 to 1450). From 1450 to 1467 Jaffna Kingdom came under the rule of Kotte kingdom. Troops which came under the command of Chenpagap Perumal captured Jaffna. Later he become King of Kotte under the name of King Bhuvanekabahu (VI). Kanagasooriyan fled to Tamilnadu and came back with an army and re-captured the Kingdom and again ruled from 1467 to 1478.
    12. Pararajasegaran (1478 to 1519)
    13. Sankili Segarajasegaran (1519 to 1561). He was born to the third wife of Pararajasegaran.
    14. Pararasa Pandaram, Pararasasekaran (1561 to 1565). he is son of Sankili.
    15. Kurunchi Nainar (1565 to 1570)
    16. Periapillai Sekarasa Sekaran (1570 to 1582)
    17. Puvirasa Pandaram II (1582 to 1591)
    18. Ethirmanna Singa Pararasasekaran (1591 to 1615).
    19. Sankili Kumaran (1615 to 1619).

    Mr.Sivananthan projects as if the history of Jaffna begins with Kalingamaga. During the period of Rajendra Chola (1012 – 1044, much earlier than Kalingamaga) entire Sri lanka was under the chola empire. Chola empire in his period is divided into two regions namely Chola Territories and Chola Subordinates. Sri Lanka was in the Chola territory itself. Even in the period projected by Sivanantham kings from Kulasekara Singai aryan to Kanagasurya Singai Aryan belong to (Aryachakravarthy Dynasty) Pandiya Dynasty.

    Modern Jaffna was built only by Dutch. Dutch were not like Portugese and in fact they rebuilt the Hindu temples that were destroyed by Portugese. According to Sivanantham Dutch only spoiled Jaffna.

    Hence irrespective of the fact that Kalinghamaga and some sinhalese/malayalee kings ruled Jaffna for a while Jaffna had remained as a Tamil land and still remains as a Tamil land. Even in the future it will remain as a Tamil Land. In the history it has never been mentioned that Sekhara kings are malayalees (as Mr.Sivananthan says). Even recently, the official language of Thiruvithangore and Kochi samasthans was Tamil.

    So let us understand the intention of Sivananthan. His intention is to prove that Tamils of N & E provinces and Tamils of Tamil Nadu are totally two different groups like tamils and Punjabis or Bengalis and Arabs. He may does this on his own or on the instigation of MR & co. (Even now I have doubt about his identity, is he a tamil or sinhalese). Indubitably, tamils of SL (N & E) and tamils of Tamil Nadu have a lot in common. This does not imply that tamils on both sides should form a single nation. How tamils live with other indians (even if they have less in common with them) tamils of SL can co-exist with Sinhalese without giving up their identity and culture. Tamils of SL need not to live a subdued life under the supremacy of sinhalese. Both (Sinhalese and tamils) should live with equal rights.

  18. Abey says:
    July 8, 2011 at 12:36 am
    Global leaders seem to support creation of new countries where the suffering of populace is going on and on.


    Why not they are applying the same rule for Chstnia territory in RUSSIA
    Do you have any answer?

  19. Hi there Udurawana,

    You continue to live in you dream world where “things will eventually workout”.

    We are marching forwards never looking backwards with Mahinda Chintana in one hand and our friends, China and Russia jointly holding our other hand.

    We will celebrate in the village at the Commonwealth Games in Hambantota where thousands of atletes will arrive via the spanking new port at Hambantota.

    If the tamils of Sri Lanka wish to continue with their heads in the sands of the Nanthikadal Lagoon, so be it.

  20. Hello Doctor,

    This article is discussing about Sudan where the country’s president Al-Basheer, with a war crime tag, had to agree for a referendum which saw his country broken in to two. He was relying on China’s support which let him down. Had he listen to the advice of the wiser men he could have been kept the country as a whole peaceful lot.

    Is this sense don’t you think it is teaching a lesson or two, to peoples at the top 200 miles South-West of Nathikadal.

    The Nathikadal episode and also the one in Pakistan, taught by US seal, are lessons for those who want to go that path to achieve their goals.

    In this sense, Doctor, I don’t think you make any sense in relating Nathikadal to this article’s subject.

  21. “The creation of South Sudan is regarded as a move by the USA & some western nations to counter China’s influence in the region”

    Every sign is pointing to this happening in Sri Lanka.

  22. Hey Siva,

    Dr Mervin de Silva is running a forum for me and you to make these type of nutty comments.

    Let’s go there leaving this for those who really deserve it.

  23. Oh Come on Naren,

    You have already proved as naive taker of nutty comments. Remember your comments of Aswar at Parliament on Pirabharan family.

    There was a song in Jaffna by little school boys in the early 80’s when all the Eelam moments were active except PLOTE which were telling all sort of reasons and fake stories like you mentioned for their inaction while asking villagers to take turn to give them food packets.

    The little boys would wait for the member of the PLOTE to collect the parcels and to go away to start their song and burst into laughter. The song goes like these:

    ‘Kaathu adikuthu, Malai adikkuthu’
    ‘Karanagarila EP adikkuthu’. (EP: EPRLF)
    ‘Poera valiyila PULI adikkuthu’
    ‘vaara valuyila TELO adikkuthu’
    ‘viyiru mutta PLOTE adikuthu’

  24. Change the wordings: Tamil diaspora Eelamists think that by “continuous suffering of Tamil people in Sri Lanka by the atrocities of the state ” will enable the Tamils to have a separate land eventually.

  25. Salva Kiir Mayardit is from the Dinka tribe.This tribe is famous for it’s cattle rearing in the region. Mayardit’s trade mark is the cowboy hat that he wears wherever he goes.It is hardly ever off his head, nor does doff it for ladies.
    I wonder if that is his way of showing his loyalty and gratitude to those who helped create the 193rd addition to the UN.Who knows if he is not a Jonas Savimbi in the making.

  26. Kalu,

    Let us talk something on World Economy.

    There is something call ‘High Technology’ which is belong to the West and only to the West and China can’t beat the West in it.

    Apple’s IPhone, Ipad etc made a $3b profit for the last quarter alone and that coming out of West. China was manufacturing them at get the wages for it. If China becomes expensive in labour cost then the manufacture will move elsewhere. Vietnam is growing fast too. China can’t think of beating the West on Boing, Airbus and many other high tech stuffs.

    Not to mention about non manufacturing High Technology like, Google, Facebook, Ebay, Microsoft etc. Almost all are coming out of West.

    Have you noticed that Germany’s Angela was in India and China to sign trade agreements. Why? The purchasing power of these countries gone up and so there are plenty of buyers for Germany’s flashy cars.

    India’s market was closed one in Indira Gandhi’s time and they developed their own Ambassador cars etc but now the Indians are fancying for Audis, BMWs, Benz, VW, Range Rovers and Porches. West’s biggest success in marketing term is to make India and China to open their market which is 1/3 of the world population and to let them increase their purchasing power.

    Yes is growing faster but the West knows when and how to control it.

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  28. M. Sivanathan…What smuggler talk…

    Problems mount for Sri Lankan cricket http://tinyurl.com/42jkpml @DMBreakingNews Graft ridden Sinhalese can’t even manage cricket how will they run a country? Criminals rule the day in Sinhala Sri Lanka already..

    Just replace Sudan with Sri Lanka and South Sudan with Tamil Eelam..

  29. Australian Labour government and Australian Greens who holds the blance of power in the Senate now, at the forefront of struggle of the South Sudanese self-determination. There were others such as trade unions and socialist left who supported their struggle.

    Australian parliament’s Senate has already passed a resolution regarding war crimes in Sri lanka on Green’s initiative.

    We have NSSP and SEP (socialist left in Sri lanka) supporting us in our struggle.We have a substantial section of liberal democratic intellectuals with us against the Sinhala Buddhist hegomnic rule on Tamils.

    Our leaders in Diaspora have gained recognition amongst the international human fights, leading INGOs and liberal intelligentsia in the Western countries.

    Who are with Sinhalese ?

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  31. South Sudan has large oil reserves & mineral deposits.
    The creation of South Sudan is regarded as a move by the USA & some western nations to counter China’s influence in the region.

    The importance of Sudan to US and can not be compared to US interests in Sri Lanka.

    Also What concerns super powers are the Indian interests. As long as US wants India to be united Sri Lanka will remain united too.

  32. Eelamist keep dreaming that the same will happen in Sri Lanka. You dont have 16-18 million Sinhalese who believe that they proudly to belong 2500 year civilisation in Sudan. Dont for a moment think that Sinhalese will watch idlely while an Eelam is created. We have an armed force with 250,000 soldiers with fighting experience. We have highly trained special forces that can embedd itself in Tamil nadu if needed. No western army is going to come here to create an Eelam. Only possibility is for india to annex the north and east. But then we take the war into Tamil Nadu. Dont forget that India is only 20 miles away. We can easily distabilize India as India destabilized Sri Lanka in the past. People of Chennai will face the same problems we faced in Colombo.

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  34. If USA and other Western govts are behind this move, You have to WAIT and SEE! They are worried of the self-determination of other peoples but are adamantly refusing to accept the Self-determination of BASQUE people. Even as democrats Basques separatists are barred from contesting on elections! The WEST is very clever to “Export their Democracy” to the third world. New Sudan govt is a de facto Trojan horse in African continent.

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  36. Good that you pointed out this here where lots of influencial people read. Good job.
    I hope this will open up the minds of the western nations. With the channel 4 video, there is a hope for Sri Lankan Tamils too. Hope our Tamil political leaders don’t mess up as the history shows like Ponnampalam GG, Ramanathan, VP, etc.

  37. Anyone dreams of the same scenario in N-E Eelam (N-E Lanka) should take careful note “South Sudan has large oil reserves & mineral deposits”. Our N-E has only gingili oil (sesame oil), and lime deposit that no western power is interested in yet!

  38. In up coutry Tamils are living decades and decades they have been turn down as Sri Lankans ,they are not citizen of Sri lankans at all.they may be 5th or 6 th generation but still keep them in dark.they cant even get ID cards its long procees



  41. Panhinda,
    Your analysis is very thought provoking as an Independent Eleam cannot exist without the south. In the 2600 year history of Sri Lanka South Indian Kingdoms only held the North for less than 250 years and that too intermittently. Eventually these kingdoms capitulated to the Southern Sri Lankan kingdoms. Moreover unlike South Sudan the North does not have oil and hence it is not on the agenda of the Western powers.

    The Diaspora is seeking solace that the analogy of South Sudan will be visited on Northern Sri Lanka. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even India has supported a unitary Sri Lanka much to the disappointment of the Diaspora and their supporters. Only Jayalalitha of Tamil Nadu has made noises more for domestic consumption in India than for any action by Sri Lanka. This is a diversionary tactic to divert attention from the abject poverty of Tamil Nadu and criticising Sri Lanka helps her political aspirations.

  42. Separate country for Tamils will not solve the fundamental problems our country unless we got good hearted civilised singala Tamil leaders. Tamil and Sinhala nationalist are only talking about Tamils and Singhalese but forget all the social injustice in Srilanka, in the name of poor and low cast.

    Fans of different races, castes, ethnicities and religions who together celebrate their diversity by uniting for a common national cause. They are my foundation, they are my family. I will play my cricket for them. Their spirit is the true spirit of cricket. With me are all my people. I am Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim and Burgher. I am a Buddhist, a Hindu, a follower of Islam and Christianity. I am today, and always, proudly Sri Lankan. (KUMAR SANGAKKARA)

  43. Mutha,

    Pirabharan did not listen. Poor Balasingham tried and even our DBSJ tried, as per his admission, on Mahataya’s episode. He lived in his own world and for that Tamils paid dearly.

    Now it is Mahinda’s turn. He is not listening and running to China and Russia. Sri Lanka will have to pay dearly for these.

  44. Exactly Ranga! Very well said. Most tamils blindly & unconditionally supported VP and it ended up in catrastrope. Now my fellow sinhala mates are doing the same thing with MR…..i guess the lesson has not been learned properly. All the signs are now pointing to Sri Lanka. Wake up now and save the nation from bunch of power greedy criminals.

  45. Would those TTD members who want a ‘Sudan type’ solution to the Tamil National Question ( he he he) please raise their hands?

    Wow! No ‘NAYS’

    OK… Approved… and now binding upon MotherLanka!

  46. [Sooner or later it would happen to us ]

    It won’t… because there are no ‘Tamils’ in Sri Lanka, only Sri Lankans.

    Now go back to sleep.

  47. Look I am very happy that South Sudan got its independence they needed to. BUt to say that there needs to be an independent Eelam under the pretext that South Sudan got independence is not correct.

    Don’t get me wrong Tamils in Sri Lanka do face discrimination today and in the past but it cannot be compared with the levels of discrimination which the Africans faced in Sudan.

    I mean in the case of Sudan the Africans were truly at the bottom of Sudan’s society. Economically South Sudan and other African areas of Sudan were much poorer than the Arab areas. Even in the case of Khartoum the capital the Africans live in a shanty area called the Black belt. On the other hand in the case of Sri Lanka the Tamils of Colombo are largely middle class.

    Similarly in terms of jobs Africans of Sudan on the whole did the worst of jobs in Sudan. Slavery of Africans were very common in Sudan. This never happened to Tamils in SL.

    Also in terms of jobs the white collar jobs in Sudan were dominated by Arabs. In terms of university admissions very few Africans are found in the universities of Sudan. This is in contrast to SL where there were plenty of Tamils in university and there were plenty of Tamils in the white collar jobs.

    Of course yes there is discrimination in SL against Tamils. Examples include the pogroms 1956,1977,1983. Standardisation of marks. The recent treatment of war prisoners by soldiers. But in terms of social positions the social position which Tamils have in SL can’t be compared to the social position of Africans in Sudan.

  48. Power to improve ignored North and East , Power to efectively voice for democratic political rigts of the whole Tamils,Power to empower Social Econamic and cultural life of the NE Tamils and extend support to all other communities live outside the NE, Power to where Tamils (in reality) democraticaly elected to form this funtion together to success of Lanka.

    But recent news from GOSL proved their duplicity very clearly that they are not ready for share the power in center or in left or right.


    Thonda style ‘Douglas”Karuna’ and ‘Pillayan’ what they achived?

  49. How many Mahinda promises you have heared? Now Time is changing….
    Selfishing Family rule and undemocratic brutal regime with wrong power must need to be defeated.

    First all SL partys together with Tamils and sinhalese need to do this and then find the right solution in between them. Still don’t be Yawn.

    Straight your spinal code. Say Amen!

    Countdown start.

  50. Without any question ,

    if hounarable native tamils treated like slave in the killing field….

    Why not United Tamileelam become luckiest 194th member of the UNO?

  51. This is a good lesson how a dictator who loses legitimacy in the eyes of the international community due to his regime’s appalling human rights record can allow external interference to partition his country. Would this have happened if Bashir was not a dictator and Sudan was a democracy? What the south Sudanese army couldn’t do Bashir did for them through becoming a tyrant. He too hoped that China would rescue his regime. The Chinese gave billions of dollars of aid to prop up the military and economy of Sudan. But when push came to shove at the UN Security Council abandoned them and allowed the western powers to broker the treaty that led to the referendum in January. Many lessons to learn here if anyone is interested.

  52. Yogesh,
    I am afraid you are misinformed if your assertion that whole of Sri Lanka was under the Chola Kings. The whole of Sri Lanka was never under any Indian Empire. Only the British achieved this as Southern Sri Lankan kingdoms of Ruhuna, Kotte and Kelaniya never came under the Cholan yoke. The only Indian emperor who could have subdued the whole of Sri Lanka was the Mauryan Emperor Asoka. Fortunately for Sri Lanka after one of the bloodiest battles of his reign at Kalinga (present day state of Orissa) he converted to Buddhism and stopped his conquests.

    Your other assertion that the Tamil Nadu Tamils and the Sri Lankan Tamils are the same does not hold water either as recent genetic studies have shown that the Sri Lankan Tamils are genetically much closer to the Sinhalese than to their so called cultural counterparts in Tamil Nadu. During the 2600 year history of Sri Lanka many a Sinhalese village in the North became Tamil and vice versa depending on the conquests that took place from time to time. Many a Sri Lankan Tamil is proud of their Sri Lankan roots and lumping them together with the Tamils in Tamil Nadu is something that they would not easily forgive.

  53. Kugan,
    Where have you been all this time, the issue of the estate Tamils of Indian origin was resolved in the early seventies via the Srima-Shastri pact. Today the estate Tamils are true Sri Lankans and we have one of the best Sri Lankan Cricketer, Muttiah Muralitharan in the world to prove to you his impeccable Sri Lankan credentials.

  54. And the poverty stricken housemaids and beach boys in abundance to rake in the much needed foreign exchange. R j.

  55. Tara – the yaks are the most stupidest always sitting on their heads, world leaders in deceptions / lying, burning, looting, raping, sodomizing, and all acts of sin and vice available on this planet.

    I am reliably informed by a kandyan yak that his fore mothers were given on a platter to the British as fodder by their own husbands.

    That is how some of the yaks are fairer.

    This is why as a single man I flourish and score tons of runs with the yak ladies, they come dime a dozen. R j.

  56. Another yak comedian to pollute the cyber space.

    Keep on dreaming, can u get anything done in yak Lanka without parting with the green notes, and contacts, it is one of the most corrupt and vindictive nations in this world where the petty & the uncouth rule the roost.

    South Sudan should have a closer look at the yak and go in reverse mode to the doings of the human right charter enforcers.

    I got on my knees and thanked the lord that this is a nation of Christians and not yak Buddhists.

    If this was the case south Sudan would have been a doomed state even before conception. R j.

  57. Lee la baby, if not for the Tamil community will yak Lanka still exsist ?.

    We control the wellawatta market the traders their automatically salivate when a mighty Tamil sets foot , the landlords grin from ear to ear when a Tamil occupies their homes the cultural the economic and the real estate hubs are all controlled and dominated by the tamils.

    We are the messiahs to the yak race, if not for us they would have been a bunch of no hopers all lost causes sunk beyond redemption in the depths of the bog.

    So Lee la, worship the ground on which we trek. R j.

  58. Creating a new country like south sudan sets wrong precedent for Africa. Countries like Nigeria,Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya,Sahara will be worried. US has set cat among the pigeons

  59. Ah Jeyaraj

    I find you’ve used the phrase made famous by Jawaharlal Nehru at the time of Indian independence in his famous address about Indias TRYST WITH DESTINY.

    Most appropriate for South Sudan at this juncture

    Very few people even remember this Tryst with destiny speech now. Kudos to you for remembering and applying it suitably

  60. Naren,

    You are from the old school like some of our elders and can not think out of the box. Tamil Eelam is within our reach. It is the Sinhalese who made it possible.

  61. His excellency the Prime minister of Transnational Govt of Tamil Eelam(TGTE) Hon V.Rudrakumaran will be delivering the guest of honour speech at South Sudan independence day ceremony

    Already arrangements made to open TGTE diplomatic mission in nice bungalow by side of Nile river in Juba. Two Tamils a British and US citizen will be stationed as head and deputy head. Five members of Dinka tribe and two members of Nuer tribe will also work as mission staff

    One of first things to be done by independent South Sudan will be diplomatic recognition of TGTE.

    BTW not even invitation to attend was sent to Sri Lanka

    ha! ha! ha!

  62. Chandradeva, Don’t even dream about your peanuts Army entering into indian waters forget indian Shores …did you read the article, the moment your navy saw indian coastguard vessel they released our fishermen and turned their boats back on sail and were rushing towards your shores…

    India is a Sovergn nation and Peace loving too. Remember Kargil War and China War, If disturbed It will not take it long to take total control of your complete tiny island under its Armpits. You can only be fit to lick chinese *ss. Remember India is the second largest Military in the Asia and with its 5th Generation Fighter ready for Dispatch. Be careful before you even think about disturbing India. we are in Preparation to tackle Chinese menace along Arunachal and China knows this as well but cannot do anything about it. I read in a chinese publication sometime back they are hellbent scared of india as they heard the news that a new version of Agni Ballistic missile is ready and which can hit the heart of china turn it into nothing but a radiation vaccum.

  63. MR Sambandan, the veteran TNA leader’s comments in Parliament yesterday, appears to a watershed in the their side of politics.

    When the British MPs and Ministers of the Crown are rushing to embrace the hierarchy of the self appointed Global Eelaam,and help them to launch their final push to haul Rajapaksa to the Hauge and effect Regime change,Mr Sambandan has clearly given them the two finger salute.

    He says the demand for “Self Rule ” was comprehensively defeated.

    All he wants is Just and Equal Rights for all communities.

    He is only asking the Parliament, the Govt and the People of Srilanka to treat them as Citizens of Srilanka as everyone else.

    He categorically states that he is only interested in genuine reconciliation and harmony of different communities who inhabit Srilanka.

    In fact the word inhabitants of Srilanka is emphasized over and over.

    Doesn’t it give a clear message to the fellow British MPs who are supposed to be the A list of Democracy.?.

    Diaspora of course will be sharpening the knives to silence Mr Sambadan, but the Srilankan inhabitants can’t do much about it.

    But the Britsh MPs to swallow the Diaspora bait, hook line and the sinker is beyond belief.

    The unfolding saga of the British journalists of the Murdoch rag, and the ex editor who is a special advisor to Mr Cameron , Old Burt’s boss, and the British PM , does not do much good to the British journalistic ethics.

    If MS Rao , followed by the Indian PM and now the veteran Mr Sambandan can’t convince the British, that the important issue is the welfare and well being of the Northern people, Srilankan inhabitants can not be of any help either.

    These developments is a clear indication that commonsense is starting to prevail among the Tamil parties, who had been mislead by the Diaspora and the LTTE.

    They are finally taken to heart, the pressing need of their fellow inhabitants is to catch up with the rest.

    And they have realized that it is more important than working for the Diaspora to create a “South Sudan”.

  64. “His excellency the Prime minister of Transnational Govt of Tamil Eelam”

    People may not agree with the government on several issues and there needs to be accountability for war crimes but this neo-LTTE movement isn’t in the best interests of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    Cut the crap with all the fancy titles. He isn’t prime minister of anything.

    You people need to realize that a separate state in Sri Lanka cannot be achieved in the current geo-political climate. It will take decades for such conditions to develop and even then it will come at the cost of our peoples blood. It’s not worth the cost. Help those who are still alive and struggling with daily life. If Sri Lanka reverts to the polices of 1980s then talk about a separate state but for now give discussion and peace a chance.

  65. Ranga,

    ‘Nutty comments’ are also part of the democracy we enjoy in DBSJ’s website. Those who make ‘Nutty comments’ are also expressing their views. I am sure many of them are genuine in intent, where as there are obviously a few who make ‘Nutty comments’ to throw a spanner into the discussions.

    Further, the news about Prabaharan’s family was announced in Parliament and was carried by the ‘Daily Mirror’ as a news flash. The Daily Mirror also subsequently reported that it had double checked with ‘Nutty’ Azwar. I was not naive, but happy that some members of the family had survived.

    My intent however in responding to what you describe as ‘Nutty comments’ is to bring to the attention of readers related history and facts as I know them. I am sure at least some readers benefit.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  66. Rattapakse,

    Sudan as a country was destined to splinter. The North Sudanese consider themselves Arabs, speak Arabic and are Muslims. The South Sudanese consider themselves ‘ Black Africans’, speak different languages/ dialects-very different from Arabic and are Christians or practice African ‘Religions’. Mineral and oil resources are in the South, while the North has a strong agricultural base. The northerners are much better educated than the southerners. The north is also very developed compared to the south. The north and south are different from each other to an extreme extent.

    The international power play and the shortsightedness of Omar Bashir and the previous leaders, widened the existing fissures. The border disputes that have already surfaced are bound to handicap South Sudan for a long time. Further, the intrusion of outsiders into South Sudan- as aid givers, missionaries, humanitarian workers, arms dealers and exploiters, is going to be a major problem for this new country that is ill prepared for an independent existence. It would have been better for South Sudan to have been ruled under a UN mandate – as in Namibia before- for at least a decade.

    The strength of Sudan- the largest in Africa- was its size, natural resources and diversity. It was Arab as well as African. It could have benefited from this dual identity, economically. However, the ruling class in its short sightedness did not work towards building a nation from amidst this diversity and Sudan is paying the price.

    The situation in Sri Lanka is very different from Sudan, although both have been hurt by the shortsightedness of the ruling class. Fortunately, we have not attracted the attention of the world to the extent that Sudan has, because we are resource poor. Strategic considerations, with China and India becoming economic power houses, however, may impact on Sri lanka. I hope our rulers will deal with the new realities wisely and with vision.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  67. Manju,

    Old school of elders! We have seen it all and are unfortunately alive to see the results. Tamil Eelam was always a myth. It will remain a myth. The Sinhalese- not the people, but governments elected by the them, no doubt made many mistakes. But we Tamils also have made our historical mistakes. The pursuit of Eelam is our biggest mistake. We have to turn a new page in our history and work to achieve what is possible, not the impossible. Let us not continue to chase rainbows, we will never catch them! In the process we are likely to stumble more and hurt those who are already the victims of our foolishness/ stupidity/ insanity in Sri Lanka.

    This is the ‘Out of the box’ advise of an old school elder, to the next generation. Old is gold in terms of wisdom. Please learn to listen to the old school elders, as they are much more Tamil and know their culture, heritage, history and strengths and weaknesses, better than many of the ‘New school youngsters.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  68. yasothini says:
    July 8, 2011 at 9:47 am
    It was obvious for following reasons,

    1. Batticolow bank robbery
    2. Recent attempt to de-railing batticolow train by removing 160 nails in the railway track.

  69. Tamil leaders surrendered everything to VVT smugglers and criminals backed by Catholic Church. 30 years of destruction is not enough?

    Sri Lanka at least run their affairs well with some educated people. Your Thamil Eelam is a paradise for smugglers and not for the Tamil people!

    I dont like cricket.

    India and USA have laws against separation. No state can declare independent. if USA backs Sudan rebels, first they must delete the laws against separation in their own constitution!

    I am wondering why Mahinda and co bring the same kind of law in Sri lanka to nail the separation issue!

  70. Naren,

    Your approach never worked. Simply put, it is time to take a different path. Otherwise we will end up in the same situation as Indian Estate Tamils are. You do not want a poverty stricken, uneducated Tamil community who lack opportunities which is what we would get if we go along with the tide. The tide is turning against Sri Lanka.

  71. Then you try Plan H. With each plan, Sri Lanka becomes increasingly isolated.The government ultimately becomes so desperate that it will cheat on China and Russia as well. That is our nonviolent strategy.

  72. You are right. SUFFERING under LTTE is a qualification to get a separate country! I think the Tamil diaspora backed by WHITES advise them to bring more sufferings to the Tamils in order to get EELAM! If they are in peace, noting will happen! But the separate EELAM is needed for whom? TO USA and its allies in order to establish a foot hold closer to the main ASIAN lands?

  73. In S/Sudan USA and others can find some minerals. What the heck we have in North and East? Puliyankottai and Panag kottai?

  74. For everyone who denegrates those who aspire to achieve independence as “dreamers”, I would point out that everything meaningful and beautiful produced by human beings were direct consequences of dreams. Before there was the Taj Mahal, there was a man who had a dream about creating the most beautiful building in the world.

    So Yes, I am a dreamer, and I dream of Eelam.

  75. Yalpana Vaipava Malai is a crap written during the Dutch period. It has no explanation about the ruling class! Even the Author Mailvaganam praised the DUTCH governor of Jaffna as a KING!

    Jaffna Kings never identified them as TAMILS but they identified them as ARYANS which is always hated by the TN Tamils.

    CHOLAS involved in robberies only. That is why they were chased out by Sri lankan kings. Kerala resisted Cholas for 200 years.

    Jaffna has no evidence of any Pandia or Cholas but with Kerala Rajasekarans and some Pallava linages as well!

    You read some of the books which were already abandoned as useless!

  76. I wrote this comment by looking at the map of Rajendra Chola (Medieval Chola) from various history books. Entire Sri Lanka is shown as a part of Chola Empire. Any way later Cholas did not have any influence in Sri Lanka.

    Tamils of Sri Lanka will have resemblence with Sinhalese. No doubt in that. No body expect the Tamils of Sri Lanka to be lumped with Tamils of India (Tamil Nadu). If I am given a choice I’ll prefer a malayalee girl or a telugu girl rather than marrying a Jaffna girl. Irrespective of this, Tamils are Tamils irrespective of the place where they live.

    Even in Tamil Nadu still there are people who make marriages only within the district or in the neighboring districts. People of South Tamil Nadu perform marriages only within 5 or 6 districts that were the parts of erst while Pandiya kingdom. Tamils of Tirunelveli, Thoothukkudi and Kanniyakumari district find more cultural resemblence with malayalees rather than the Tamils of Thiruchirappalli or Thanjavur. But malayalees never accept these people as a part of them.

    Since Sinhalese are not in other country you may not be able to understand. But the fact is not only the Tamils but also many other linguistic groups like Punjabis, Bengalis, Sindhis, Kashmiris have this problem. Nothing wrong in feeling proud about our counterparts in other lands or continents until it does not interfere with the Sovereinity of the other countries. But a linguistic group or a religious group of one nation has every right to claim for a seperate home land if they feel that they are subjugated by any means of hegemony.

  77. You are wondering? You could be a good legal adviser to MR & Co. Wait a minute….I recall that they are experts at it already. One more fool the pool? There is always acoomodation!Welcome aboard Siva…sorry SivaSiva!!

  78. I agree on your comment on nutty comments but shouldn’t we be careful filtering and getting only the one that is coming out from a reliable person/s.

    If not, reliability on us will become an issue for others.

  79. South Sudan, Congratulations and best wishes for a free proud prosperous future for youe country people.

  80. hey merlin get a life all these pacts were eye wash,how many pacts we had with yaks.how many muralis dont have a path

  81. Manju,

    Incidentally, the lot of the plantation workers has improved tremendously. They are no longer the labour pool of domestic workers. They may soon replace us the so-called Sri lankan Tamils not only in numbers but also in influence.

    We- the Tamils of the north and east- have to work to improve our selves- education, work skills and other immediate needs that have arisen from the war. Cultural regeneration is an urgent need. ‘We’ have to do this, not ‘They’. The tide that you expect to turn, is largely in your imagination. The noise being made in the media is creating a new illusion in the minds of many. The same illusion was created in the period leading to the tragedy at Nanthi Kadal. Please beware. We are about to fall into a new trap.

    Please visit Sri Lanka to see ground realities, before making judgements on my approach. As long as you do not visit Sri Lanka, many of you will be like the five blind men who were asked to identify an elephant by touching various parts! They never identified the elephant.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  82. Mr Rohan J,You are using derogotary and racist names in this respectable site to insult Sinhalese and Buddhists in each and every comment you make.

    You are one of the very few who is abusing the freedom of expression granted by the editor.

    You have great hatred and venom against Sinhalese and you are on a crusade to undermine reconciliation at all costs.

    How would decent Tamil readers feel if Sinhalese too do the same like you,and start calling you as a “Sakkilya” first and Tamils too in similar names in each and every comment just to drive the point home.

    If you are unable to call Sinhalese Buddhists as Sinhalese Buddhists then don’t write.

    You are not a pious Christian but a fanatic, opportunistic, religeous extremist using christianity to drive a wedge between Christians,Hindus and Buddhists.

    You can kneel down and praise the lord million times, but he certainly is not in your little, racist,venomus chappel listening to you.

    Don’t use God and the faith to further your dirty racist agenda.

    Your sole aim is to create a racist name calling scenario here, instead of commenting about the articles and topics.

    Kindly stick to the topic without insulting races and being a racist and reflect upon what you are writing here as a father.

    I concur with this.Take heed Rohan J……….DBSJ

  83. Dear Patriot,

    I concur with you.

    As a top unconditional guardian of MotherLanka, I have not one, but two dreams.

    One is to protect her 24/7. The other is my hobby to BBQ…

  84. [You know whose dream was realized on 19-May-2011]

    Should read as ‘You know whose dream was realized on 19-May-2009’… due to prolonged hangover, after celebration of the decimation of Tamil terrorists.

  85. M. Sivananthan… You don’t like cricket but Rajapaksa family including Namal have their hands in the cricket cookie jar. They love it…especially the loot part of it that Sri Lanka Sinhala ruling thugs and the fellow criminals on the bandwagon depending on disbursements from it LOVE it so much.

  86. Well common sense need to prevail in head of the ruling thugs..

    Tamils always demanded equality.. Only when that was not delivered they went after seperation..

    So Samathar, know very you lot want even allow equal existence if Tamils.

  87. Naren,

    Following the democratic tradition, who do you think are the true representatives of the Tamil people? According to me it is the TNA in Sri Lanka who won 14 seats in North & East amidts all heavy odds. Similarly, the members of TGTE are elected representatives of the Tamil diaspora.

    Who would you think the Sri Lankan govt should work with and address the concerns of the Tamil people? The TNA or people like Karuna, Douglas and yourself?

  88. One think for the international opinion is turning against the Sri Lankan state.
    Evey one can sense that.

    Sri Lanka will try and fool the world few more times, they will fail.

    There has to be genuine effort by Lanka but its very unlikely to happen since every one
    in the high ranks are blood on their hands. They can’t face the justice.
    So they will do what they are good at.. crimes. lies.

    Tamils sooner or later will have the freedom to decide their destiny.
    I am just praying that it will happen without any more bloodshed.

    South Sudanese who suffered for so long now have at least the freedom, what they do with
    that is their choice. But interesting thing is now the North Sudanese have to
    depend on oil coming from south Sudan.

    Who know maybe one day oil will be discovered in Mannar… That could add etc complexities
    geo political game being played in Sri Lanka. We will be freed one day.

  89. Narendran,

    “The North Sudanese consider themselves Arabs, speak Arabic and are Muslims. The South Sudanese consider themselves ‘ Black Africans’”

    The same way, the northern/eastern Sri Lankans are Tamils who speak a complete different language and are mostly Hindus. The southern Sri Lankans are Sinhalese who speak Sinhala which is a recently revolved language of North Indian heritage in the last 1500 years. Most of them are Buddhists.

    Regardless of any Geo political power plays, the Tamil’s right to self determination as a unique linguistic group living traditionally in a habitual land for generations, is a noble concept and a due political right recognised by the UN and in practice in majority of the western world.

    Just because some Asian countries do not recognise this principle and are caught up in a fundamentalistic mindset, it doesn’t mean they are wrong or shameful or a myth. We need to evolve!

    So, please don’t try to sing the sinhalese Baillah sidelining the fundamental issues which caused the conflict.

  90. It will be a matter of time before this new country of south Sudan disintegrates in to warring fractions due to inter-tribal rivalries. I know a few South Sudanese who are in Toronto and they are already talking in terms of “my tribe and their tribe” terms. So just wait and see. The north of Southern Sudan has oil and those tribes will not share that wealth with those in the South.

  91. Yogesh,
    Thank you for your acknowledgement that it was a map depicting the Chola Empire that included Sri Lanka that was erroneous. I have seen maps put out by the Diaspora claiming the mythical Eleam as one third of Sri Lanka and two thirds of the coastline. Just by outputting maps does not automatically mean that the area depicted belongs to the claimant.

    The Chola Empire was a large and included areas of what is now South East Asia, however they did not venture into Southern Sri Lanka as large empires require proper administration and as usual these empires too wane after a time. Moreover conquering Southern Sri Lanka was no easy task. It took the British nearly eighteen years to capture the Kandyan kingdom and that too because there was internal strife in the Kingdom as the Kandyan nobles never saw eye to eye with the last king of Kandy who was of the Nayyakar dynasty transported from present day Kerala. It is ironical that it was these very same nobles who appointed him king as the Sinhalese ran out of male heirs. Well that is how medieval politics and conquests happen.

    I agree that the group Tamil is a cultural and linguistic group more than a racial stereotypes hence the Sri Lankan Tamils uniqueness in comparison to the Tamils of Tamil Nadu. You are also correct in your assessment that Tamils in India only marry within small districts. There are various reasons for this including caste (which is more prominent in Hinduism than Buddhism) and the geographical ability to travel far and wide in those day . This phenomenon is not unique to Tamil Nadu as even in Britain until the 1860’s when the railways arrived many British only married within their own village. This also partly explains the plethora of different accents even to this day in the British Isles.

    Irrespective of the current day racial politics of Sri Lanka there was much more social intercourse between the Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese during medieval times. There are historical reasons for this – a later example is that when Moggalana arrived from India with an army to capture Sigiriya from Kashyappa many of the troops who arrived with him settled in Sri Lanka and took Sinhalese wives. The opposite was also true when Duttugemenu defeated Elara Sinhalese soldiers settled in the north central areas and took on Tamil wives. In my personal opinion I find this type of racial stereotyping unnecessary as the difference between the two major races in Sri Lanka is cultural and linguistic more than anything else. As travel and communication becomes easier this type of racial stereotyping will vanish with the next hundred years or so.

    Sri Lanka has always been a hotchpotch of races in the human melting pot and long may it continue. Being at the crossroads of East and West it was inevitable. Unfortunately due the racial element of politics in Sri Lanka in the past the country has lost many intelligent individuals and races to other countries. As DBS so eloquently puts it ‘the future of the Tamils and all other minorities are interminably linked to the majority Sinhalese’. After the debacle of the last thirty years many have realised that it is by cooperation between the various races and politicians of Sri Lanka can Sri Lanka be the shining light of Asia. I sincerely hope and pray it will become so.

  92. I was referring to Mr. Yogesh Karayalar’s general comment.

    Very much informative.


  93. Did Shah Jehan tell you about dreaming Taj Mahal? Think about political realities and not about dreams!

  94. Merlin (July 08) might take note the Stateless issue was not settled in the early 70s during Mrs B’s time.
    In fact the most reprsentatives of the “Indian Tamils” then – the late Mr S. Thondaman and his CWC – was not even
    consulted. Prejudice and the CWC-DWC politics being the cause. The two major steps to settle were taken by Mr Thondaman in 1987 and more recently by his Grandson. The latter showed his political acumen by preventing a division in the Votes of the “residue” – a very thorny issue – through his personal equation on both sides of the divide in Parliament.

    To Mrs B’s credit it may be stated in the 675,000-325,000 formulae she, representing the less yielding Sinhala leadership, took the first step with the late PM Shastri to cause a major dent in the issue. Like in the 1948
    Citizenship issue, officialdom here oblliquely sabotaged the Shastri-Sirima Agreement resulting in the slower paced
    movement of the subjects to India under the agreement.

    Merlin has showed much interest in these issues and so should read some in-depth material in the complex subject
    so that she learns of the issue in perspective.


  95. Standardization affected Jaffna only and no other Tamil districts affected. From Vavuniya my niece entered medical faculty with 2C and 2S. Get it? Jaffna people are destroyers of Tamils of Sri Lanka!

    Later Jaffna people praised a grade seven drop out and a petty criminal Prabhakaran as their NATIONAL leader. What kind of mentality these Jaffna people have? Do you need education any more to hang on as dish washers and gas pumpers in the west?

  96. One hopes the coming to being of Southern Sudan after 50 years of bitter war will awaken our leadership not to delay our own National Issue. It was good to hear President Al-Bahir of Sudan (Northern) was himself there in the historic event and, in his gracious speech, wished the new country well. What a remarkable change. This was, of course, not due to any wisdom or sudden surge of the milk of human kindness in this military man. The International Community was constantly reminding him that his options were limited. He finally yield to reason.

    GoSL reportedly was not invited for the occasion. TGTE, apparently, had scored a point more. Months before they announced they will be there – and they were. Our paid and non-paid spin doctors will now go to action. They have the analogy of Cervantes’ Man from La Mancha to blame for all evils – the diaspora for this.


  97. Pillaiyan is the CM of EAST,Douglas and Karuna are now ministers and saved thousands of their followers from Mulli Vaykkal! Dont you know it?

    Those barked for EELAM in Jaffna took the boat to the West first instead of fighting!

  98. What are you going to do in your EELAM paradise? Catering WHITE tourists or exporting women to the Whites like the Phillipinos? These are the two options available in Eelam to get FOREIGN exchange to buy American flour to make Puttu and Thosai! Americans never give you anything FREE!

  99. Naren,

    May be singing the national anthem in Sinhalese is acceptable to you, not for me and many others. Don’t try to give your views as of the Tamil community. I have read a lot of your comments and are rubbish! It is people like you who have let us down and failed us in forming a uniting leadership for the Tamils. You may differ from people in opinions and ways but differing from the cause and working with the enemy for personal interests is dirty.

  100. DELETED.



  101. Gunda: you ask the right question as to where Pirbha is today.

    Pirbha, should have achieved nibbana and is in nirvana and at present motivating and driving all your all criminal leaders to the electric chair for fine roasting.

    They say that one should never bite the hand that fed them, ungratefulness and forgetfulness means one is really a sick yokel. R j.

  102. Dear DBSJ – I presume you are referring to a comment I passed on about Mr.Rajasingham Narendran.

    It’s an irresponsible statement you have posted in the forum calling me a LTTE Propagandist when I have never had any sort of LTTE connection …………….


    It is funny to see how people like you get agitated when called LTTE propagandist for certain types of comments whereas you have no qualms about calling others govt propagandists or labelling them as being paid by govt for posting comments you do not agree with

  103. TRN,

    I am telling you the diaspora way to deal with your government in an effective manner to seek positive change for Tamils.It is a nonviolent and we will get the support of most nations including India. What is wrong with that?

  104. Ranga,

    Thanks for raising a very valid issue. However, when 90% of the commentators use pseudonyms and obtain their information from very biased websites purveying false, distorted, cooked and manipulated news/views, it is probably necessary to accommodate their comments and respond with an alternate view point. The media has failed our people miserably. They have forgotten the dictum ‘facts are sacred, comments are free’. Modern computer technology, permits even falsification of photographs/videos (Kannaal kandathum) and voices (Kaathaal kertathum). What is left is to investigate ourselves and hear alternate information (Theera visaarithu aarainthu arivathey mey).

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  105. Anand,

    If you are here in Sri Lanka, especially in the north and east, you will understand how distorted the democratic process is. Many people do not vote. Others vote because they are paid (Rs 5000/= per vote at the last parliamentary elections). Others are prevented from voting by thuggery. The results definitely do not reflect the will of the people. The party list system of voting, prevents people voting for the best candidate. A vote for the TNA, does not mean that the person sent to parliament should represent us or is the best to represent us.

    i think the elections for the TGTE were also similarly distorted. How many Tamils in the Diaspora voted? Were those who did not vote, a majority and against the concepts the TGTE stands for? Does the TGTE stand for the majority of Tamils in the Diaspora or does it represent the so-called LTTE rump? Finally, does the TGTE represent the needs and views of the Tamils in Sri Lanka?

    As to you last question, I have not hesitated to repeat ad-nauseum that the Douglas-Karuna-Pillaiyaan phenomenon is a distortion and is the result of a major judgmental error by the government. I also say the TNA does not reflect the needs and the views of a majority of Tamils here in Sri Lanka. It is composed mainly of mediocre men. Some of them are tainted by a very unsavoury past. Others, yet are trapped in the past that led to the present situation of the Tamils.

    In summary we do not have leaders and even half-decent politicians. The north and east are yet not ready for any meaningful elections. The Tamils are in a very tragic situation.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  106. Sudan,

    ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  107. [I dream of Eelam.]

    It’s not worth the cost. Help those who are still alive and struggling with daily life. If Sri Lanka reverts to the polices of 1980s then talk about a separate state but for now give discussion but the owner of this website not only deletes by posts, but shamefully adds his own words totally supporting Tamil terrorists.

    Apple’s IPhone, Ipad etc made a $3b profit for the last quarter alone and that coming out of West. China was manufacturing them at get the wages for it. If China becomes expensive in labour cost then the manufacture will move elsewhere. Vietnam is growing fast too. China can’t think of beating the West on Boing, Airbus and many other high tech stuffs but what I cannot understand is this low life’s fear for the truth. Sri Lankans will be told what the owner of this website has been doing. Bloody rascal… advancing Tamil Terrorism through this website… We will expose you.

    The new state is likely to be called Republic of South Sudan. The flag has a yellow star in a blue triangle on stripes of black,red & green.

  108. Cholan,

    We speak related languages, practice related religions and share much in our cultures. Further, we have similar origins. The country as a whole lacks natural mineral and oil resources. The north , east and the south, are dependent on agriculture and fisheries. The human resources in the north and east have been devastated beyond recognition by the war. North and east are on their knees and have to stretch their palms to survive. Sri Lanka is also a very tiny country, compared to Suadan. This is the reality and it is quite different from that in Sudan. The only thing we share in common with Sudan is that we -all the people in Sri Lanka- have been misruled.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  109. Frederick,

    Keep on dreaming. King Rajapasa and goons will not only have to rob all banks in Srilanka but also India if he is to fund the Hambantota Commonwealth Games!! and his subjects will be linining outside with their begging bowls for interest free aid from the participating countries!!

  110. Ceylon till 1956 was known as the granary of the east was an exporter of rice.

    Today it imports everything, gone to the dogs.

    Who are responsible for this ?.

    I boldly state that it was the racist members of the Buddhist community unfortunately the majority in the country who are responsible for this, am I not right, please enlighten me on this if I am wrong I will forward a public apology.

    Most of the racist people who contribute to this forum and other web sites see the Tamil community as tiger supporters or all the Tamil are classified as tigers.

    Why ?.

    I have been interviewed twice first by the Intelligence Service officers of the New Zealand Police, my ex wife who belonged to the majority community stated ” I am married to him, I have not come across this “.

    Then I was also interrogated by the Australian Federal Police who also stated that they had received a petition and after listening to my view they laughed and said, continue with what you are doing enjoy life they stated in conclusion.

    Whilst living in Nawala in 1987, I was classified as a tiger I had to run away, which followed me to NZ & Australia.

    To date I have not contributed a dime to the cause of separation or division have had a dispute with the Australian tiger mob over a commercial transaction..

    As the sinhalese are considered to be firm believers & followers of devil dancing, which translated into sinhala means devil dancing so when I state yak I endearingly call the sinhalese as the devils on this planet.

    Most of my friends are sinhalese, even today I have had seven phone calls from one of the grandsons of the late Mudaliyar Madanayake the bus magnate who was the richest person in Ceylon at the time of independence moaning and groaning about the killing fields and he states that his wife is giving him hell.

    I believe that any human being has the right to live in this world and should be treated with dignity and respect.’

    As I am against all forms of apartheid I will stand & fight against it.

    Sadly the hapless Tamil people are continuing to be persecuted, why i ask, is this what the good lord Buddha preached.

    Somebody please educate me. R j.

  111. Then why this ministers and CM couldn’t stop over 40,000 innocent Tamils civilians killed by SL Army
    brutaly with in the ‘No fire zone’?

    What hapend to their ‘selfrule in the province, sharerule in the center’…now ?

  112. U r correct.

    Even the northern marine resources are been looted by TN bottom trawling… so there will be zero resources for any powerful country to be interested. Not even india will give a 2nd thought.

  113. Kugan i think you have been lost for 30 years….. I think you need to up-date your stupid brain before commenting, becuase you want your dream Eelam it does not mean you can comment crap……………

    Get your points clear brother and live in Canada or USA.

  114. umumm… also we could interpret that the African tribes were gullible enough to allow US to allow achieve their objective.

    I would never say that tamils are stupid/less smarter than African tribes.

  115. More than 9000 LTTE cardres surrendered to the Army and the Vani who appears in the Ch.4 video too surrendered and was hiding. Later she was FREED to go to UK.

    In any HOSTAGE dramas, hostages too will be killed.

    By the by where did you find the “40,000”? Is it include LTTE casualities too?

    Godon Weiss fist started this 40,000 but he was dismissed by his boss Ban-Ki-moon later.

  116. Are you joking? Rice was rationed during British times. In 1953 Rice-Rubber pact was signed by then UNP government with China and still we import rice!

    How are you justifying the promotion of criminal Tamil professional smugglers and petty criminals as the leaders of Tamil people? Those criminals destroyed billions and many ran away with the loot. Dont you know LTTE built condos in Colombo?

  117. When the incident was publicised by PLOTE, I laughed and simply asked some PLOTE guys, “why cannot you guys first sit and talk with “people” in public?”.

    Later Thangathurai, a professional smuggler was portrayed as the “THESA PITHA = Father of the Nation”. I and few friends laughed till we vomit the coconut toddy we drank.

    Last the NATINAL LEADER, a permanant resident of BUNKER, became famous, I and few friends escaped from their guns laughed. When the Mulli Vaykkal photos appeared we celebrated with Jack Daniels!

  118. Is that why Fr.Emmanuel and his Catholic Church are with LTTE to get freedom to the 90% Hindu Tamils?

  119. DBS Anna,

    I have a suggestion.

    Why don’t you authorize only those comments that would contribute for a healthy intellectual discourse on the issue, without allowing those comments that would hurt the communal feelings of people. Should we spread the hatred comments and those calling people by their race in a slanderous manner?

    South Sudanese issue is something that can be used as a starting point to discuss the ethnic problems world over. But here people are using it to call others Yak, Tiger and Sakkiliya. Even being a respected journalist guiding the young journalists in my country from far away with your numerous articles, are you not allowing the hatred to spread?

    By the way with such a work load you do as we see, I am amazed to see that you have time to write this type of essay type things.

    thanks and congrats.



    I usually do not interfere with posts as I want all to comment as freely as possible. I am tolerating quite a lot because I know most of these commentators are mature people holding responsible posts. I expect them to realise their mistakes and correct themselves in due course.There have been such instances. Also some correct themselves after interacting with others on this blog.

    There have been some very horrible comments that I have deleted totally.I intervene only on rare instances.But I do hope these people do not abuse or misuse the freedom given

    One thing however is that I am concerned about the change in many posts in recent times. From being a forum that focused on inter-ethnic amity,justice, reconiliation and pluralism it is now turning slowly into a racist cauldron. Many decent people have changed the tone and content of their comments. I think the mood has changed after the UN advisory panel report and channel 4 documentary.

    Passions are roused and reason has taken a back seat.

    But I am confident that this is only a temporary phase and sanity and goodwill will be restored

    Our people be they Sinhala,Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, Malay or anything else are basically decent,good natured,friendly people. They will emerge from this dark tunnel and see the light of unity, amity, equality and prosperity one day.

  120. Sorry DBSJ I pressed the send button by mistake and you got an unfinished comment.

    kindly post this part too.

    “Somebody please educate me. R j”

    Your last question is spot on Rohan J and am sure you know the answer and what to do.It’s not too late.

  121. Kugan,
    Your racist comments make a mockery of intelligent discourse on these columns. I am afraid I have given you the privilege of discussion and you have abused it by your racist comments.

    For your education the Srima-Shastri pact was implemented in full and brought justice to the Indian indentured workers who were brought into Sri Lanka by the British. May also remind you that it was G.G. Ponnambalan who was a minister in the first cabinet of Independent Ceylon (at that time) who threatened to resign and cause political mayhem if the Tamils of Indian origin were given Ceylon citizenship. It is believed that he did not want the high caste Jaffna Tamils to be identified with the low caste Indian origin estate workers. Also SJV Chelvanayagam was so peeved that he was not given a ministerial portfolio that he broke away from G. G Ponambalan’s party (Tamil Congress) and formed the Federal party that was the forerunner of the separatist’s movement.This caused unease of the majority Sinhalese and prompted unethical politicians to play the race card for political gain that culminated in race riots.The rest they say is history.

    I wish to end my dialogue with you as your racist comments are not worthy of what DBSJ is trying to achieve here. Good day to you!!!

  122. It hasn’t been properly start yet to create another country. how can you say failed before it even start?
    Indeed Lasantha.. what happend untill now is ‘Rabit Proof the Fence’..wait for more seen before you die.

    Tamileelam is not Christian or Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist country. It will be a country to protect all Tamil speaking community rather killing fields of the SL. You will be wonder it will even protect minority sinhalese equal
    rights within New Tamileelam!

  123. Rohan J

    From your comments, it is very obvious that, you are from a tribe, whose women give birth without marriages and the children do not know who is their father.

    your last line implies that, you are gay, with awful lot of male companions, who always take active position with you.( That is why you are fantasizing of running scores with tons of ladies, becuase that is the only thing you can do.)

  124. mineral oil now india is drilling in Mannar. some rare mineral deposits in your land in the north. so keep your land documents in a saffety locker in colombo.
    An Eelam citizen

  125. Kungan seem to have been brainwashed by the TTD to the point of no return. I wonder how many others are out there.

  126. and aske a sinhala villager about pala kottai. have you ever tried poosani kottai?
    nice one. still Your oil rich Arabs eating poosani kottai!
    An Eelamcitizen

  127. we are patiently waiting in a line for our turn like British people don’t under estimate us.
    An Eelam citizen

  128. “Jaffna Kings never identified them as TAMILS “-Siva, Then which Jaffna kings asked to write “Pararasasekaem” and “Segarasasekarm” in Tamil? Those are SiddaAyurVedic Herbal Medicine and Astrlogy books written in Tamil by
    request of jaffna king.

    Who built Saraswati Mahal, which held the Ola leaf and copper-plate inscriptions containing the history of the oldest written language in the world? This ancient museum and library later distroyed by portugese.


    Didn’t Sinhala budhist claim themself as ‘Ariyans’ to “Honour” themself? even Hitlar did it, But every time meaning was different depend on the timeline? If you move the timeline All Malayalees were Tamils and repersenting CHERA KINGDOM.


  129. What a coincidence, my kandyan friend who educated me about the kandyans as the same name as you but we have to add four more letters to complete it.

    I am a avid fan of the band AC-DC, so I have to be prepared to open the umbrella on a rainy day.

    Is it not correct that the kandyans had a close affinity to the colonial masters, I wonder why ?. R j.

  130. Narendran,

    The corruption in the Democratic process is a third world menace and not unique to North&East / Sri Lanka. Actually Sri Lanka is a heaven when compared to India where a vote is sold for as low as Rs.500.

    “A vote for the TNA, does not mean that the person sent to parliament should represent us or is the best to represent us.”

    I know what exactly you mean but this is not the way to go about this. This statement can be applied to many political parties in the country. i.e A vote for SLFP or Rajapakse does not mean they / he represent the Sinhalese! We will have to respect the elected representatives and if they dont deliver what they promised they will be thrown out. A golden example is Karunanidhi 😉

    During the days of the Tigers, GOSL consistently maintained that TNA won votes by intimidation by Tigers. But in the General Elections of 2010, when Tigers are vanquished and the North / East under the tight grip of the SLA, the TNA still won 14 seats. I guess we have to respect that!

    You may recall Govt’s various attempts to topple Mr.Sampanthan in Trinco last year but he still won. The same drama is conducted in Jaffna against many TNA contestants where dead dogs are thrown into their houses to intimidate them. We all know who is doing them. So, claiming that TNA won seats by paying money is unfounded. If they wanted to do, the govt and army have all powers to stop them.

    The only reason why TNA is not a preferred buddy of the GOSL because they don’t quote what GOSL wants. TNA wouldn’t do what Douglas and Karuna does 😉 Thats why an elected representation is very important for the Tamil community because the real concerns & aspirations of the Tamils can be brought to the table for solution.

    The TGTE elections were open process with many international observers across various countries in the world and the results are recognised by various international bodies. If not why would Robert Blake meet up with Rudrakumaran last year? The entire diaspora may not have voted but the the approach via non-violent ways is commendable.

    I was quiet astonished when heard the concept of TGTE to form a Global virtual Govt with representations of the Tamils in many countries, is similar to the ways of the multi nationals. There may not be many right people at the moment but it’s not a bad start!

  131. Narendran,

    Please read my note carefully – “Regardless of any Geo political power plays, the Tamil’s right to self determination as a unique linguistic group living traditionally in a habitual land for generations, is a noble concept and a due political right recognised by the UN and in practice in majority of the western world.”

    Regardless of any factor the Tamils are a recognised unique linguistic group. I agree with the ground realities of the North / East but that doesn’t mean that the ASPIRATIONS have to be compromised.

    “Sri Lanka is also a very tiny country, compared to Suadan”

    Size of the country / unique lingustic community doesn’t really matter when addressing genuine political aspirations. You may want to recall the creation of Israel on Palestinean land which was the size of Jaffna Peninsula. The jewish population that time was 6,50,000.

    The sizes, economic / geo-political reasons doesnt matter when it comes to genuine political aspirations. In Asia, we are caught up in a lot of fundamentalist mindsets which are hindering our progress.

  132. ISS,
    Thank you for your elucidation. I was merely trying to impress on some of the racists who subscribe here that the Srima-Shastri pact did happen and as you have so eloquently intimated it did take time to implement, irrespective of the political manipulations that preceded it. Unfortunately this is the nature of politics the world over and Sri Lanka is no exception. The ex-Indian Tamils have been realists and have benefitted by enlightened leadership of Mr. Thondaman whose astute political sense has been far superior to the leadership of the Northern and Eastern indigenous Tamils.

  133. DBSJ

    Why don’t you drop topics covering ethnic issues altogether, and write on how we can improve the agriculture, technology, manufacturing and living standards?

    Why do you keep going back directly or indirectly to this perceived ethnic issue Sri Lanka? You very well know passions about ethnic issues can be raised anytime, anywhere and any country.


    I have been writing on various aspects of the ethnic problem for more than three decades.I will keep on writing until the Tamil national question is resolved satisfactorily in a united but not necessarily unitary Sri Lanka.

    As for other developmental issues I remember Ghana’s Kwame Nkhruma adapting the words of Jesus Christ and saying –

    “Seek ye first the kingdom of political freedom and all these things shall be added unto you”.

    By the way the issue raised here by Ayub is about comments posted on this blog by readers not what I write.In fact Ayub says he and a younger generation of journalists are inspired by what I write.I am touched

    What I regret is not having enough time or energy to write about other subjects I am very much interested like Cinema, dance, music, art, drama, literature, archaeology, travel, wildlife etc

  134. In 1956 when the racists took over power I was a mere four year old and with the little bit of education I have been privileged to have I was taught that Ceylon was an exporter of rice.

    In the early nineties whilst being a guest in a hotel in Singapore I read an article in the Straits Times newspaper and they were having a comparison about the two countries Singapore & yak Lanka.

    The article stated that in the fifties Singapore was down in the dumps Ceylon was on top of the world and it was the prime minister Lee Kuan Yew who with tons of grit changed it’s status quo.

    Today yak Lanka is a failed pariah fanatical state and Singapore another island with tons and tons of Chinese Buddhists have made significant progress. It is a super power.

    Yes I remember the 1963 rice / rubber agreement, I also remember how we had to eat manioc, queue from dawn to get three yards of trouser material, received three pounds and ten pence as overseas travelling allowance which was stamped on your passport after one had to do a trek to the Fort where the Central Bank is situated.

    Thanks to you, once again I have been able to prove that the blue shirt clowns are responsible for making the taste in paradise a very sour failed state. R j.


    Please do not refer to countries,people or persons in a derogatory manner . I am particularly offended by your term “Yaklanka”. If you do persist your comments will be deleted totally

  135. Ranga

    Kalu albert says US sovereign debt to China is 10 trillion USD. I think he is way off the mark. Could you please check.

  136. kamal

    keep on dreaming.Most of sudan’s oil is in the south.The refineries and pipelines are in the north.What does the international community which is basically EU and US get in return for a tamil eelam?

    Also read the tweet bundle properly.Seperating the south was to counter the influence of china in the north.This is where the srilankan government has to be careful without going overboard with china like what the sudanese president did.At the moment the government is only getting loans from china with high interest rates. When they give contracts they see to it that india also shares equally.

  137. manju
    Tamil Eelam is within our reach.
    isn’t that what was said 30 years ago.kaikku ettiyathu vaikku ettavillai.

    By the way have you got short arms or long?

  138. Cholan,

    The situation in the north and east of Sri lanka and the plight of the Tamils living there, requires a very special kind of high quality leadership- an extra-ordinary leadership. We do not have it and the political formations in the fray are not capable of providing it. These political formation will not also permit new political formations to evolve. They are like the dog in the manger!

    The long and bitter war and the events preceding it, have created a very – to say the least- a very difficult situation. It is also ONLY two years since a very destructive war-in terms of people, social factors and the economy, ended. We are yet a relatively poor country and have not benefited from anything like the ‘Marshall Plan’ in Germany. However there is visible recovery, despite much needs to be done in human terms.

    Foolishness has characterized the post war period to a very large extent. This is from both sides- the Tamils (politicians and the Diaspora)and the GOSL. The Tamils cried wolf on many occasions, on the basis of old politics, without admitting to new ground realities. This cost them the moral high ground and dented their credibility. The GOSL on the other hand, tried to engineer a new political reality in the north and east, without laying the foundations to win the political trust of the Tamils. This does not however, in any way diminish the tremendous work done by the government for the war displaced and restoring the infra-structure. The ‘Engineering’ project was ill thought and is rebounding on the government now. ‘Truth’ is becoming a major casualty, in the process. The attempt by the government to shadow box with the LTTE rump, is clouding its judgement and costing it adversely.

    The attempt to show the world that democracy has been/ is being established in the north and east, has also hurt the government and the Tamil people. There is no enthusiasm for the forthcoming local government elections in the north. The people are very apathetic, although the political elements in the fray are swarming the countryside, armed with various projects and emotive issues. It is indeed a very sad situation here. The people are being treated like fools and the people are also pretending to be fools.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  139. manju

    Then you try Plan H. With each plan, Sri Lanka becomes increasingly isolated
    I wonder what happens when we come to plan z. Hara kiri or harakage kiri.

  140. Who is using ParaRajasegaram and SegaRajasekaram now? But they are still in usage in Kerala and not in Tamil Nadu!

    OLD Tamil is known as SEN THAMIL in Kerala. Can any presentday Tamils read and understand the Thirukkural or Silappathikaram right away like Kumutham or Kaliki?

    Portugeuse destroyed the Jaffna Kingdom along with all the literatures in the OLA leafs. Later the remaining OLA leafs were collected and destroyed by Catholic Church.

  141. Before the arrival of Portugeuse Lanka was exporting rice to India.

    But the destruction took place during the UNP rule. UNP-Tamil combine paid compensation to the whites during the 65-70 rule and emptied the foreign exchange reserves.

    In Vanni we did not eat anything like you. Later LTTE from Jaffna destroyed it too.

    Dont expect the comforts of WHITES in Sri Lanka! Prostitution is LEGAL in Singapore! I think you are running for that kind of destruction!

  142. Dear ISS

    Could you kindly give me the reference of a proposal originated by a Tamil policall party or a Tamil intellectual which presents a comprehensive set of practical steps to ‘solve’ the ‘problems’ of all Tamil speaking people in Sri Lanka. Hypothetically from the stand point of a Tamil I have been trying to come out with a suitable strategy/plan but confounded with the difficulty of accommodating all groups namely those living in the North, East, Colombo and the estates as well as Muslims outside East. I need help.

  143. I didn’t acknowledge that the map is erroneous. I request you to go through some good history books (neither written by Tamil Diaspora nor written by Sri Lankan Universities). Many authors confirm that Rajaraja Chola conquered the north of Sri Lanka and his son Rajendra Chola conquered entire Sri Lanka.

    If you contradict with my comment, you show me the evidence (not a manipulated one of Sri lanka or Buddhist clergy) to prove that Sri Lanka did not become a part of Sri Lanka. I’ll provide the evidence to prove that entire Sri lanka became a territory of Chola empire under Rajendra Chola.

    Why is it difficult to conquer Southern Sri Lanka? Is Sri Lanka such a powerful and great nation? If at all some emperors had not conquered Sri lanka they would have thought that it is not worth. Even a geurilla organization was able to smash Anuradhapura camp. Impotent and inefficient army ran away from the attack of a guerilla organization nearly for a period of 30 years. At last the inefficient army by falling at the feet of India and China was able to defeat a guerilla organization.

    LTTE committed the mistake of running a parallel government. They should have gone back to guerilla warfare once Mannar fell. If LTTE continued as a guerilla organization they would have put their hands into the eyes of Sri Lankan government to the extend that GoSL becomes blind.

    Merlin, Think about the position of your country before claiming sky high power. Any way, kakkaikkum than kunju pon kunju.

  144. Yes you are correct. Those books were abandoned since they were found to be useless.

    No body is ready to believe your Malayalee Rajasekaran stories. So many Tamils of N & E provinces are in this blog. No body endorses your view.

    You must be a insane person or a sinhala fanatic or a person who is directly affected by LTTE. Since LTTE is no more you vent your anger by defaming Tamils of Tamil Nadu (Indian Tamils).

  145. GoSL is going to install a statue for the great smuggler KP in the heart of Colombo city. Don’t you know?

  146. OK. Now I am able to understand. You have just escaped from the guns of LTTE. In that shock you have become mad and your brain is not working properly there after. Slowly you are revealing some personal details. Sonia Gandhi was also blind like you by only considering her personal loss rather than looking at the plight of SL tamils. Any way you be loyal at least to Rajapakse & co to escape from the white van. Luck may not help every time to escape from the clutches of death.

  147. Rather than going behind Jack Daniels consult a psychiatrist to come out of the trauma. For this comment you will respond with all possible adjectives like fool, idiot, barking dog etc. etc.

  148. Dear Merlin,

    I entirely agree with you on your opinion of the late Mr Thondaman. Sam Wijesinghe, probanly the longest and most acceptable former SG/Parliament, told me at a Dinner hosted by Thonda yeares ago he(Thonda) is one with the finest men with the foresight of the future among the Parliamentarians Sam was privileged to know closely. He mentioned in particular Thonda’s position on the Vaddukottai Resolution and the CWC leader restraining the hard-headed among his men who wanted to take a more radical path in the contentious post-Citizenship period.
    What I respected him most was his total lack of personal prejudice. He suffered much under Mrs B’s time but several times he mentioned whenever he called on SWRD the latter would call “Sirima, Thonda is here” and she would appear with a cup of tea and her gracious smile. When I press to reveal who the Tamils (lawyers/CCS men) behind the Citizenship laws (that was to cause so much havoc in Indo-Lankan ties) he would murmur” I cannot remember” knowing fully well I was not convinced. He knew I was close to Kumar Ponnambalam and close relatives of the late Sir Kandiah V.

    I suggest you read some papers of my friend Prof V. Suriyanarayan – arguably the finest authority living in post-1948 Lankan matters – to understand indepth both the Citizenship and Fishermen’s issues.


  149. I notice requests by readers to avoid contentious issues – with some even suggesting, in good intent doubtless, to
    focus on agriculture and other mundane stuff. But here Gandhi’s philosophy of “opening all your windows to let the sunshine in” appears to me to be more acceptable and which may prove a better purpose to the large readership here.
    I believe most Lankan readers – within and without – turn to these pages because of the total lack of healthy debate in Sri Lanka where the media is more captive, intimidated or simply cowed down – with few exceptions.
    Also, curiously, I see some of those who make the request under comment are those who use their pen to create negative feelings of other communities. The march of history in the contemporary world cannot be stopped by our refraining to debate them. India is a good example where free and wholsesome public debate contributes to their healthy pluralism that keeps this vaast giant of a Sub-Continent glued to the single Nation theory. Countries in the region who chose savage insistance on mono-religionism – more due to political expediency – now find themselves divided, in serious conflict. engaging the wrath of the entire world and at the point of disintegration
    A more useful purpose will be served to world peace and harmony, I believe, by moving away from medieval thinking and practises.


  150. ranga

    It is a little over a trillion dollars,about 10 % of the US sovereign debt. kalu must be mistaken with the total debt of the US.The size of the total US economy itself is 15 trillion,so china is not owning two thirds of the US economy as he claims.I think japan is the largest creditor of the US.It buys a lot of US securities and bonds but china is close behind and time to time overtakes japan as the largest creditor of the US.

    In my opinion the US is in deep financial trouble because of its military spending. It spends about 40 % of total world military spending. If it does not cut it back,the same thing that happenned to the soviet union will happen to it.

    The US will not get embroiled in any military operations in the south asia region.

  151. “Passions are roused and reason has taken a back seat.”
    Is it happened only after UN advisory panel report?
    ***Human is good and hope full.He/she naturally has a goal. he/she is always striving towards his/her goal in varying context.to understand his behavioural pattern one should have empathy.****Carl Rogers. Actually passions are backed by reasons. Aaththiram kondaverke kannanmma Saaththiram Eethukkadi? vaaraathu vantha Maamaniyai( UN intervention in the prolonged humanitarian tragedy)Thotpoma?

    an Eelam citizen

  152. Cholan,

    White Christian guilt helped create Israel and the Palestinians paid the price. Tamil aspirations in Sri Lanka at present is limited to surviving and possibly prospering as humans. These have nothing do with being Tamil and speaking Tamil. At a future date- distant though- when they re-prosper, their Tamil consciousness will come to the fore. When this comes about, from all the signs I see- mainly in the Sinhala peoples attitudes- Sri Lanka will be different and capable of dealing with its minorities as citizens with a different language, cultures and religions. We are too struck with our past and present that we fail to ignore the evolutionary process.

    Whatever comparisons you make, Eelam is a dead concept. This reality should be accepted.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran.

  153. DBSJ, I think there is a difference between not agreeing with alternate opinions and countering false propaganda. The line a very faint one. Some of the arguments from this particular individual does seem propaganda to me.

  154. DBSJ:

    You say:

    [I have been writing on various aspects of the ethnic problem for more than three decades.I will keep on writing until the Tamil national question is resolved satisfactorily in a united but not necessarily unitary Sri Lanka.


    What is the ‘Tamil naional question’ you are talking about?

    What do not Tamils have, that is enjoyed by others in the country?

    Read what I have written over the years……………….DBSJ

  155. Don’t you know , Ban ki moon now confirmerd morethan 40,000 killed? This is without LTTE and Army
    casualities.That will top this up as more than 60,000.

    “In any HOSTAGE dramas, hostages too will be killed.” You are totally utterly Liar,

    Wait until judgement day, will prove with satalite video that how you repeatedly shell on human population to purposely kill and to take them as your military HOSTAGE for several months.

    We need lie detector for M.Sivananthan every word.

  156. Your both question answerd already. now you are asking another question.

    Who is using Mahawamsa in Pali? is this read and understandable like today ‘Lakbima’ and ‘Thivayina’?

    So..What? Sen thamil totaly changed and evolves as Malayalam in Kerala around 8AD,In Tamil nadu also
    many changes. But In Lanka ,Mathurai and Kanniyakumari still pure tamil in use. That prove the very old connection of this Lands.

    But please don’t write wrong comments like Jaffna Kings not Tamils. Malayalese become Tamils and Sinhalese
    are original white English!

  157. Narendran,

    “Whatever comparisons you make, Eelam is a dead concept. This reality should be accepted.”

    Who is talking about Eelam here? Why are you jumping the gun? I am talking about right to self determination which also can be solved within the framework of a united nation.

    Also, how do you know Eelam is a dead concept? It wasn’t a concept until 60-70 years ago and see the way this very same concept(now dead?) was invented and turned the fate of Sri Lanka upside down in the past 60 years! Could anyone had predicted this 60-70 years ago? And How do you know what will happen in the world /region in the next 50 years?

    Let Sri Lanka prove that they are capable of dealing with the minorities or not and let the Tamil community decide if Eelam is dead or not.

  158. Narendran,

    “There is no enthusiasm for the forthcoming local government elections in the north.”

    Your arguments are very complicated and long winded to simple principles I have put forward. If there is no enthusiasm in the local elections then why the ‘mystery men’ throwing dead dogs into the homes of TNA candidates? If they feel that there is no enthusiasm among the Tamils, then why do they fear TNA?

    Everyone knows that Tamils require extra-ordinary leadership and we don’t have it at the moment. Neither does Sri Lanka had / has that very same extra-ordinary leadership! But we need somebody to represent the Tamils on Tamil affairs on Tamil aspirations and on Tamil needs. Let that be the elected representatives who the people have voted. Not anyone else.

    “The Tamils cried wolf on many occasions, on the basis of old politics, without admitting to new ground realities. This cost them the moral high ground and dented their credibility.”

    This is a derogatory statement to the already hurt sentiments of the Tamil community. Please visit outside of Sri Lanka and you will know who whose credibility is dented.

    You keep mentioning the term ‘LTTE Rump’ well inline with the Sri Lankan govt propaganda nowadays. Could you please explain who these ‘LTTE Rump’ are?

  159. Yogesh,
    Indian historians may intimate that the whole of Sri Lanka was conquered by the Cholas but there is no archaeological evidence or indeed any relics of Chola occupation of the south only the north and the north central areas were ever under occupation by Indian kingdoms and there is ample archaeological evidence to support this.

    The reason the Cholas did not venture south was that the terrain especially the Hill country was impassable. All the European nations who invaded Sri Lanka only held the Maritime Provinces. The Portuguese attempted many a time to invade Kandy and were beaten back. The British a potent fighting and organised force also failed with superior weapons as the Kandyans ambushed them many a time and the other malaise that the British suffered was malaria.

    I am afraid you are confusing the recent Eleam wars with what happened in medieval times. The medieval wars were nothing compared to the current Eleam wars. Of course the initial Sri Lankan army was not a match for the LTTE who were trained and supplied by India during Indira Gandhi’s time also the political will was not there during JRJ and Chadrika’s time. However with the political will of Mahinda Rajapakse and the appointment of Gotabaya as Defence Secretary the Sri Lankan army became very professional indeed. On the other hand the LTTE became very complacent employing the same tactics as before so much so that the Sri Lankan forces could anticipate the LTTE’s move and counter it very successfully.

    China only supplied weapons that India did not want to and India only gave logistical support. All the fighting on the ground and the strategy was entirely done by the Sri Lankan forces. Even the American military attendee praised the Sri Lanka forces in the strategy employed during the recent defence conference that many a nation came to learn from. No other country has ever so comprehensively defeated a ruthless terrorist group as the LTTE in the modern world and that includes the Americans.

  160. Dear ISS,

    Thank you again for your guidance and the anecdotes that you relate that make this discourse pleasant. I will certainly take your advice about the papers from Prof V.Surianarayan.

  161. DBSJ

    can i make a suggestion to reduce your wrkload. Why don’t you tell people to limit their comments to 100 words,or you will delete it completely.This will help start a diciplining process as i don’t believe self diciplne works.Sometimes i feel sorry for you to have to read lenghy comments,because unlike us who skip them altogether you have to moderate and read every word,which is a concern for your health and time.


    Thanks for suggestion Shankar but no I wont curb length because that would constrict some commentators. Some comments though long are very good.informative and interesting. Some of your comments too are long but good.

    It is not the length that is exasperating but the content, tone and style (if I may call it style!)It is difficult to read the same crap being regurgitated again and again. Rudeness to the point of being obnoxious.The absence of elementary courtesy. The insults.The undisguised racism. The sheer predictability of reactions.Ugh!

    I asked people to have an amiable conversation but they are simply shouting at each other

    I thought people will use this forum to learn from each other as each one of us has something solid to contribute. Some are indeed making valuable contributions.It is because of them that I still continue with comments section. But many are simply abusing and misusing this blog

    I though the polyphony would evolve into a symphony over time but it is deteriorating into a cacophony

  162. This south sudan president sure has style.just look at his hat. He could go straight to holly wood.And i love his suit. nice colour and style. This man’s got class if his dress sense and personality is anything to go by.Good photograph of him.

    His predessor died in a plane crash according to the tweet. Could he have been bumped off like upali and ashraff.

  163. Dear Jeyeraj – It is fair that people dont write unwarranted conclusions about individuals on a public forum like this one. What is equally not acceptable is deliberate mouth piece excercises of naive government propaganda. I cannot comment whether that is paid or unpaid as I dont have any proof. But the proof for propaganda real and it exists in many articles of this website.

    How do you plan to stop or control such malicious excercises? I dont think you should allow this forum to be used for such purposes just as you shouldnt allow rogue LTTE elements to use this forum for their ‘nitharsanam’ type propaganda.

  164. Dear Soma:

    There is an endless list of suggestions, proposals and pleas made by the Tamil parliamentary political leadership over the years – in addition to the tens of thousands of hours of addresses in the House over the years. These remain either ignored, attended to in lukewarm fashion or played about with merely to play for time. These were addressed by the Tamil parliamentary leadership representing and echoing the collective demand of the Tamil people to administrations lead by the SLFP, UNP, PA and their coalitions at different imes. On July 05 Hon’ble R. Sampanthan, MP and leader of the TNA in Parliament, placed as an Adjournment Motion the list of pleas outlining what was asked from the beginning to now and seeking redress. This motion answers your questions.

    Let us hope the government at this time of our history responds positively.If done
    With sufficient seriousness, we should find ourselves on the path to reconciliation even at this late stage. It should not be done with the next General Election or the political fortunes of the ruling set of today and tomorrow in mind, which, in fact, is the cause of much of our woes. At least it is comforting members of civil society such as yourself are looking at the matter objectively. But is our self-focussed political leadership in the same trajectory?


  165. Afghanistan was also resource poor. Now America has found rich mineral deposits there. There is oil in the Mannar. India has discovered it here. There are chances that the same thing is found in the territorial waters of the Sri Lanka. It may attract the attention of the people. Also the situation in Sudan can be very well compared to the Sri Lanka.

    You say Hinduism and the Budhism are related religions. Yes, they are so But that doesn’t give you reason to deny the history of the Tamils there.

    Even brothers split. Whatever you say can you deny there are atleast two ethnic groups in the island and they are having problems with themselves.

    Unless this is resolved nothing can be said of for the future. India is against the creation of the Eelam. That was the reason for the drubbing the LTTE got. Otherwise they were almost there.

    Political solution could kill this problem altogether. Let us see what happens.

  166. sivananthan

    Prostitution is LEGAL in Singapore!
    What is the difference between selling your body and selling your soul?

    There are more than 50000 prostitutes in srilanka,including teledrama stars who recently got nabbed.You have to only pay the officials and you can do it.

    In singapore corruption is illegal and that law is strictly enforced.In srilanka it is legal and rampant at the highest levels, even among those who wear millet purple shawls to show that they are different from the rest.

  167. Sivananthan

    Who is using ParaRajasegaram and SegaRajasekaram now? But they are still in usage in Kerala and not in Tamil Nadu!

    You are misleading by trying to make out that the jaffna kingdom kings were malayalees.The first king magha came from kalingha,present day orissa and the ganga dynasty of the jaffna kingdom started with him. After that their descendents married into tamil brahmin family from ramanathapuram district who were ministers of the pandya empire under kulesekeran pandya.Now you will say that kulesekeran also sounds like malayalee because of sekeran in pararaja sekeran and segeraja sekeran.

    All historians know about kulesekaran pandya because he ruled the pandya empire for 40 years and also invaded yapahuwa and took the Bhuddhas tooth relic.Parakramabahu visited him personally and he gave it back.

    people will laugh at you if you say pandyas and cheras who were the malayalees were of the same dynasty.

  168. Soma

    Start one by one.First with the north,then with the east etc.

    If you can’t give a quasi federal system for the north like their brethren in tamilnadu, then give them back their jaffna kingdom that they had for 403 yeras until the portuguese destroyed it.

    Then for the east continue negotiations until you have an acceptable political solution.

    Upcountry tamils continue negotiations on wages etc.

    Colombo tamils bring in constitutional changes wherein nobody is discriminated on the basis of their race.

    Simple isn’t it.If you want to find a solution it is always there,but if you don’t want to of course then it becomes very difficult to find one.

  169. Dear ISS

    Does any one of them addresses the ‘problems’ of all Tamil speaking people distributed throughout the island? I am not sure. Now for many years I have been making this request on the web as well as my personal Tamil friends. Everyone keeps on repeating the manthram ‘political solution’, all Tamils keep on repeating ‘Tamil homeland’ without demonstrating their proposals meet the criteria, permit me to repeat, “all Tamil speaking people including Muslims”. Basically creating a Tamil homeland in the North and East will leave out the Tamils in Colombo, those in the up country estates as well as Tamil speaking Muslims.

    Most Tamil homeland proposals look to me like “a vacation resort for Tamils”

    Could you generate a set of proposals which will meet my criteria?

    There is also this riddle to tackle “Is minority within a minority a minority?”


  170. Smugglers paradise is lost for ever. You cry for smugglers and not for Tamils! You never come come across the problems created by LTTE criminals!

    Rajapakse liberated the remaining Tamils from fanatic smugglers! Go and cry with Gopalasamy who was the diesel smuggler to LTTE!

    Sri Lankans will decide what to do for their furture. You guys better shutup and try to live without ditying the public roads in your TN!

  171. You better explain the Jaffna Throne name RAJASEKARAN. Then we chat other issues!

    Try to know the names and families or father and mother of Kula Sekara pandian! Then you will know the Kshatriya linage of Jaffna Kingdom!

  172. Sri lankans so far never endorse your fake stories because many of them know these TAMIL gimmicks long ago!

    Smuglers cannot rule Sri lanka or India!

  173. Not so simple my dear. There is a logic problem. To suggest that Tamils among the Sinhalese should continue where they are and Tamils in the estates have only a wage problem throws your main argument of ‘discrimination’ to the winds.

  174. Yogesh,

    Your Quote (including the spelling mistakes):

    ‘Even a geurilla organization was able to smash Anuradhapura camp. Impotent and inefficient army ran away from the attack of a guerilla organization nearly for a period of 30 years’. End of quote.

    Please click on the link below on the last phase of the Eleam war as reported in the Manekshaw papers by an Indian reporter embedded in the SLA and you will learn something about the inventiveness, morale and the sheer professionalism of the Sri Lankan army that you are trying your best to dishonour and smear.

    Get over it the so called invincible LTTE was smashed to smithereens by the SLA. Unfortunately the Diaspora is trying their best to discredit this army that defended Sri Lanka from the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world in the defence of Sri Lanka by the manipulation of the Western media. It will never work as the more vociferous the Diaspora is the more resilient will the Sri Lanka people become.

    Click on the link below as you may learn something.


  175. This is not a blog to test one’s proficiency in English. Man, don’t try to be smart by pointing out spellining mistakes and grammatical errors. (Guerilla has been typed as geurilla).

    Not only Merlin, entire SST (Sri Lankan Sinhalese Terrorists) is very proud of SLA’s victory over LTTE. Some sinhala fanatics have listed the reasons for LTTE’s defeat. One has described LTTE’s terrorism is inferior in quality. I don’t know the metric or parameter they have applied in deciding the quality of terrorism. Any way I accept SLA’s (or GoSL’s) terrorism is superior after seeing Channel 4 documents.

    You say that no other country has achieved success like SLA.SL is a drop (or droplet) of island. It is easy to finish the enemy easily. Think about India or Russia. They have borders with many countries. Terrorism these countries face is from muslims. Muslims are globally spread and Islam is the second largest religion. Wiping off muslim terrorists is not as easy as wiping off LTTE. LTTE lost mainly because of India’s betrayal.

    In one way I am happy about LTTE’s defeat. Because LTTE was the stumbling block in the peace process or in achieving any political solution. But don’t portray the defeat of LTTE as the himalayan success of SLA. Many of you say that SLA is the best army in the world or it has achieved some thing which is impossible for any other nation. If you continue to boast SLA’s victory then it is like ‘kakkaikku than kunjum pon kunju’.

    I warn entire SL once again. If Tamils are made totally powerless and slaves, SL will face terrorism once again. But this time it will not be from Tamils but from Moors (Tamil speaking muslims). Terrorism of Moors can not be eliminated just like that of LTTE’s terrorism. Irrespective of the presence of RSS and BJP India is become pro Islam or pro muslim day by day. Tamils and Sinhalese should live in peace in SL. This only can ensure the peace not only in SL but also in entire South Asia.

  176. Yogesh,
    I apologise for pointing out your spelling mistakes. You are right this blog is an intelligent discourse and is not meant as an exercise is English.

    I am glad that you have acknowledged that the defeat of the LTTE is a fundamental in achieving peace in this hallowed island nation. What I find in these blogs is that many have intimated that the conflict is between the majority Sinhalese and minority Tamils. While this may be true to a certain extent, many do not realise that Sri Lankan is not exclusively Sinhalese or Tamil. Due to being in the crossroads of trade between the east and west Sri Lanka embodies more than these two races. Indeed I ask myself why is it that the Tamils want a separate state and extra rights like an exclusive north and east that other minorities in Sri Lanka do not hanker after. Is it because of the close proximity of Tamil Nadu to the north? Or is it because the original aspiration of Dravidistan in India was not achieved as the other Dravidian states in India did not concur with the original idea of Dravidstan by the Tamil Periyar? Or is it that Tamil politicians like G.G. Ponnambalan and SJV Chelvanayagam fell out politically and carved a niche to satisfy their personal political ambitions? For those of you who read these blogs I have reproduced an article by J.B. Muller a renowned Sri Lankan journalist who I hope will give you all food for thought.

    The multi-cultural mosaic that is modern Sri Lanka
    by J.B. Muller

    No nation could be welded together with mere slogans however often repeated. The welding together of a Nation should be a consciously directed programme based on an understanding of the ground realities that obtain. This writing focuses on the diverse segments that go to make up Sri Lankan society. It was garnered from the most authoritative and credible sources in the public domain.

    It is this diversity and its concomitant multicultural mosaic that makes it so inherently rich. It is a yet untapped resource of enormous potential if harnessed properly—with visionary leadership at the helm. For convenience and in order not to give any community either prominence or precedence, the segments have been listed alphabetically.

    The Bharathas or Bharatakula identity is maintained by a relatively prosperous merchant group from India that settled amongst the Sinhalese in the Negombo area.
    According to the census categories in July 2001, Bharatakula has been moved out of Sri Lankan Tamil category to simply stand as a separate ethnic group Bharatha, thus currently they are neither Sinhalese nor Tamil.
    They are primarily found in the commercial capital, Colombo and in towns north of it, particularly Negombo in the Western Province.
    Common last names adopted by Bharatakula include Fernando, Croos-Moraes, Peeris and Rubeiro. Fernando is the commonest last name.

    In India they were traditional fishers’ merchants and traders. Most are Roman Catholics although a significant minority has remained Hindus.
    They have always been a peaceful and law-abiding community that is socially and economically active.

    Dawoodi Bohras:
    The Dawoodi Bohras are a very closely-knit community.
    While the majority of Dawoodi Bohras have traditionally been traders, it is becoming increasingly common for them to become professionals. Within Sri Lanka many choose to become doctors. They are encouraged to educate themselves in both religious and secular knowledge, and as a result, the number of professionals in the community is rapidly increasing.
    They believe that the education of women is equally important to that of men, and many Dawoodi Bohra women choose to enter the workforce. Today there are approximately one million Dawoodi Bohras worldwide. The majority of these reside in India and Pakistan, but there is also a significant Diaspora resident in the West Asia, East Africa, Europe, North America and the East Asia.

    Besides speaking the local languages, the Dawoodi Bohras have their own language called “Lis nu l-D?‘wat”. This is written in Arabic script but is derived from Urdu, Gujarati and Arabic.
    They have lived and worked in Sri Lanka for hundreds of years and pioneered in establishing many industries and businesses, mainly in the sphere of export-import.

    The Burghers are a Euro-Asian socio-cultural group, indigenous to Sri Lanka, consisting for the most part of male-line descendants of European colonists from the 16th to 20th centuries (mostly Portuguese, Dutch, German and British) and local women, with some of Swedish, Italian, Flemish, Spanish, French and Irish origin.
    Today the mother tongue of the Burghers is English, but historically other languages were spoken by the Community, in particular the Sri Lanka Indo-Portuguese, a Creole language based on Portuguese and both Sinhala and Tamil. While much vocabulary is from Portuguese, its grammar and syntax is based on that of Tamil and Sinhala.

    In the Census of 1981, the Burgher population of Sri Lanka was enumerated at 39,374 persons, about one third of one percent. This has now grown to about 47,000 souls. The highest concentration of Burghers is in Colombo (0.72%) and Gampaha (0.5%). There are also similar, significant communities in Trincomalee and Batticaloa, with an estimated population of 2,700.

    The Burghers were legally defined by law in 1883, by the Chief Justice of Ceylon, Sir Richard Ottley, given before the Commission which was appointed in connection with the establishment of a Legislative Council in Ceylon. They determined that Burghers were defined as those whose father was born in Sri Lanka, with at least one European ancestor on one’s direct paternal side, regardless of the ethnic origin of one’s mother, or what other ethnic groups may be found on the father’s side.

    Because of this definition, Burghers almost always have European surnames (mostly of Portuguese, Dutch and British origin, although it is not uncommon to also find German, French or Russian surnames).
    Burgher culture, which defines them best, is a rich mixture of East and West, reflecting their ancestry. They are the most westernized of the diverse groups in Sri Lanka. Most of them wear western clothing, although it is not uncommon for a man to be seen wearing a sarong, or for a woman to wear a sari.

    A number of elements in Burgher culture have become part of the cultures of other ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. For example, baila music, which has its origin in the music of 16th century Portugal, has found its way into mainstream popular Sinhalese music. Beeralu lace making, which began as a domestic pastime of Burgher women, is now a part of Sinhalese culture too. Even certain foods, such as love cake, bol-fiado (layered cake), ijzer koekjes, frikkadels (savoury meatballs), and lampries have become an integral part of Sri Lankan national cuisine.

    Burghers have a very strong interest in their family histories. Many old Burgher families kept stamboeken (from the Dutch for “Clan Books”). These recorded not only dates of births, marriages and deaths, but also significant events in the history of a family, such as details of moving house, illnesses, school records, and even major family disputes. An extensive, multi-volume stamboek of many family lineages is kept by the Dutch Burgher Union.

    Colombo Chetty:
    The Colombo Chetties are a relatively small community domiciled in the Western, North Western and Southern Provinces; many of them have been assimilated into or identified with the Sinhala and Tamil Communities Today the number stands at around 175,000 with high concentrations in the Western and North Western Provinces.

    In 1984, on a representation made by Shirley Pulle Tissera who was then the General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Chetty Association, the Government of Sri Lanka decided to classify the Colombo Chetties/ Sri Lanka Chetties as a separate and distinct ethnic group in all official documents, ratified by the Registrar General’s Department, which notice was published in the Observer Newspaper of 17 October 1984. The National Census on population conducted in 2001 enumerated the Colombo Chetties as a separate and distinct ethnic group.

    Sri Lanka Chinese:
    The Government decided to grant citizenship to the stateless people of Chinese origin who have been living in the island for a long time, perhaps over 150 years.
    The Cabinet recently approved a memorandum submitted by Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake, who is also the Minister of Internal Administration.

    Approximately 200 persons of Chinese origin were permanently residing in Sri Lanka as stateless citizens due to their inability to obtain Sri Lanka citizenship under the existing legislation. These persons are early migrants from China mainly during World Wars I and II and even before as peddlers, traders, restaurateurs and dental technicians. They are famous for their ‘Chinese silk shops’ and their hotels serving Chinese cuisine modified for the local palate.
    They intermarried with Sinhalese, Burghers, and Malays and have many descendants scattered all over the island from Ampara to Kandy, Galle to Trincomalee, and from Bandarawela to Chilaw.

    Although most of the early migrants have passed away, their descendants, who have been born and raised here, are permanently residing in this country. Therefore, the Cabinet wisely has decided to grant citizenship to them through an Act of Parliament. Some of the families are Li, Shu, Chang, Liou, and several others which are thriving.

    Sri Lanka Kaffirs:
    The Kaffirs (English, also cafrinhas in Portuguese or kapiriy in Sinhala) are an ethnic group in Sri Lanka who are partially descended from 16th century Portuguese traders and the African slaves who were brought by them.
    The Kaffirs spoke a distinctive Creole based on Portuguese, the Sri Lanka Kaffir language, now extinct. Their cultural heritage includes the dance style known as Manja. Curiously, Kaffringna is not their music and belongs to the Burghers of the East Coast.

    The word Kaffir is an obsolete English term once used to designate African natives from the Eastern and Southern coasts. “Kaffir” derives in turn from the Arabic kafir, “unbeliever”, which was used by the Arab traders to refer to those unconverted Africans.
    The Kaffirs were brought to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese, Dutch and British, as a part of the military forces and for domestic work. Portuguese seafarers carried the first kaffirs to what was then Ceylon in the 1500s, most likely from Mozambique. Later, the British brought others to fight in “kaffir regiments.”

    The descendants of the freed African slaves are still a distinctive community near Puttalam in the North-Western province of Sri Lanka. There was some contact between the Kaffir and the Burghers, communities of partly European ancestry on the East Coast of the Island at Trincomalee and Batticaloa.

    Khojas enjoy a good business reputation and are said to have a keen sense of competition. They are described as neat, clean, sober, thrifty, and ambitious, and enterprising, cool, and resourceful in trade.
    They are great travelers by land and sea, visiting and settling in distant countries for purposes of trade. The Sri Lanka Khojas have business connections with the Punjab, Sind, Bengal, Myanmar, Singapore, China, and Japan; with ports of the Persian Gulf, Arabia, and East Africa; and with England, the United States, and Australia.
    They have also gained high places in the professions as doctors, engineers, and lawyers.

    The Khojas are an ethnic group in India and Pakistan, formerly a Hindu trading caste, founded in the fourteenth century by a famous saint, and followers of the Agha Khan, the spiritual leader of the Ismaili sect. They live in the Punjab, in Sind, the Rann of Kachch, Kathiawar, and down the western coast of India; in Zanzibar and elsewhere on the east coast of Africa; and in scattered groups under the name of Mawalis. “Khoja” is the form used in India for the Persian term “Khwajah,” meaning “a rich or respectable man; a gentleman; an opulent merchant.”

    The Malays of Sri Lanka (also known as Ja-Minissu) originated in Southeast Asia and today consist of about 50,000 persons. Their ancestors came to the country when both Sri Lanka and Malacca were colonies of the Portuguese, followed by the Dutch and the British.
    Most of the early Malay immigrants were soldiers, posted by the Dutch and British colonial administrations to Sri Lanka, who decided to settle on the island.
    Other immigrants were members of noble houses from Indonesia who were exiled to Sri Lanka and who never left.
    The main source of a continuing Malay identity is their common Malay language. In the 1980s, the Malays made up about 5% of the island’s Muslim population, making them one of the smallest segments of the Sri Lankan population.

    Memons are Indian Sunni Muslims and entrepreneurs who settled in Sri Lanka for business opportunities during the Colonial period. Some of these people came to the country as far back as the Portuguese period; others arrived during the British period from various parts of India. They are originally from Sind in modern Pakistan. Today in Sri Lanka they number over 10,000 and are mostly settled in Colombo.

    They have contributed immensly to the economic life of the country, not only as importers and traders of various essential goods, but also as manufacturers and exporters of high quality garments that have today become a major source of foreign earnings.
    They also have their own member of Parliament, the Hon. Hussein Bhaila who presently serves as Deputy Minister of Plan Implementation under the UPFA Government.

    “Sonakar” or “Sonar” Moors:
    This dynamic community represent 7.36 percent of the total population of Sri Lanka (1989). Sri Lanka Muslims represent a number of different ethnic groups, three of which are recognized in the 1984 government Census: Sri Lanka Moors, Malays and Indian Moors, the majority of whom are ethnic Tamils from Southern India.

    Tamil is the established tongue of the Sri Lanka Moors. In recent years, because of political considerations, many have learned the Sinhala language and some children study it in school but they prefer to educate their children in English. With the exception of the Bohras, who are Shiites, all of the other groups are Sunni Muslims.
    Soon after settling in India, Muslim Arabs began arriving in the eighth century. According to legend, they established themselves in Bentota and married Sinhala women. By the tenth century, they were a powerful merchant class. According to the historian Ibn Battuta, in the thirteenth century, Colombo was a Muslim city.

    As we have seen, each segment of the Sri Lankan population has contributed to its development and prosperity in manifold ways. These groups also continue to mix and by so doing continue to enrich the already heterogeneous gene pool.
    As a strategically-positioned Island in the southernmost extremity of South Asia, it has attracted people from all directions save Antarctica and this has contributed to its diversity.
    Indeed, history and circumstance has woven a beautiful tapestry out of these different strands. Unfortunately, a vociferous lunatic-fringe has attempted to burn holes in this tapestry whilst others desperately strive to patch the holes.

    Sindhis are an Indo-Aryan language speaking socio-ethnic group of people originating in Sind which is part of present day Pakistan. Sindhis that live in Pakistan are predominantly Muslim, while many Sindhi Hindus emigrated to India when British India was divided in 1947.
    The Sri Lankan community had established itself here from early British times.
    Sindhis usually flourish in business particularly that of cloth and textiles. Most Hindu Sindhis are identifiable by the “ani” at the end their last names like Ambani, Hirdaramani, Lalvani, Bharwani, Motwani, Vaswani, Chellani, Khubani .

    Sinhalese are a people who constitute the largest single ethno-socio-cultural group on the Island. In the early 21st century the Sinhalese were estimated to number about 14.8 million, or 70 percent of the population. Their ancestors are believed to have come from northern India, traditionally in the 5th century BCE. Their language belongs to the Indo-European family.

    Most Sinhalese are agriculturalists. The low-country Sinhalese of the southern and western coastal regions have been heavily influenced by European culture, while the Kandyan Sinhalese of the highlands are more traditional. The Sinhalese are Theravada Buddhists except for a Christian minority.
    Like some other peoples of Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese have a caste-based society borrowed from India and with a complex structure based largely on occupation.
    Marriage partners are usually taken from persons of the same caste, preferably from the children of the mother’s brother or father’s sister.
    Monogamy is the rule, although in the 19th century among the Kandyans a man may occasionally have had more than one wife or a woman more than one husband.

    The Sinhalese divide themselves into two groups, the “Up Country people” or Kandyan and the “Low Country people.” The Kandyans inhabit the highlands of the south-central region and constitute 38 percent of the Sinhalese and 25.8 percent of the national population (as of 1971). The Kandyan are the more conservative of the two groups. Culturally, religiously, and economically, they are closer to traditional Sinhalese ways.

    The Low Country people, who primarily occupy the southern and western coastal regions, account for 62 percent of the Sinhalese and 42.8 percent of the national population. They served as middlemen for the trade with the interior, in which the Europeans were so interested, and they have adopted much of European culture.
    Until recently, the Kandyan’s attitude of aristocratic superiority toward the Low Country Sinhalese precluded marriage between them. But with the increase in wealth and sophistication of the latter, due to European and other outside influences, these barriers are gradually breaking down.

    The Sinhalese are a peaceful, tolerant, friendly and hospitable people, quite insular in their outlook and easy to get on with.

    The Indian Tamils of Sri Lanka are Tamil people of Indian origin in Sri Lanka. They are also known as Hill country Tamils, Up-country Tamils or simply Indian Tamils. They are partly descended from workers sent from South India to Sri Lanka in the 19th and 20th centuries to work in coffee, tea and rubber plantations. Some also migrated on their own as merchants and as other service providers.
    These Tamil-speakers mostly live in the central highlands, also known as the Malayakam or the Hill Country yet others are also found major urban areas and in the Northern Province.
    They are instrumental in the continuing viability and prosperity of the Plantation Sector economy. Generally, their socio-economic standard of living is below that of the National average. Politically they have supported most of the ruling coalitions since the 1980s.

    Tamils,Sri Lankan:
    Sri Lankan Tamil people or Ceylon Tamils are an ethnic group native to the Island who predominantly speaks Tamil. According to anthropological evidence, Sri Lankan Tamils have lived on the Island since the Second century BCE.
    Most modern Sri Lankan Tamils descend from the Jaffna Kingdom, a former kingdom in the north of the island and Vannimai chieftaincies from the east.
    They constitute a majority in the Northern Province, live in significant numbers in the Eastern Province, and are in the minority throughout the rest of the country.

    Sri Lankan Tamils are culturally and linguistically distinct from the other two Tamil-speaking communities in Sri Lanka, the Indian Tamils and the Sonakar Moors. Genetic studies indicate that they are most closely related to the Sinhalese people than any other ethnic group, with both groups sharing a common gene pool of 55%. The Sri Lankan Tamils are mostly Hindus with a significant Christian population.
    Sri Lankan Tamil literature on topics including religion and the sciences flourished during the Medieval Period in the Court of the Jaffna Kingdom. Sri Lankan Tamil dialects are noted for their archaism and retention of words not in everyday use in the Tamil Nadu state in India.

    The aboriginal Vanniyala-Aetto, or “forest people”, more commonly known as Veddas or Veddahs, are an indigenous people of Sri Lanka. They were never numerous and are now few in number.
    Sinhala-speaking Veddahs are found primarily in the southeastern part of the country, especially in the vicinity of Bintenne in Uva Province. There are also Sinhala-speaking Veddas who live in Anuradhapura District in the North Central Province.
    Another, largely distinct group, often termed East Coast Veddas, is found in coastal areas of the Eastern Province, mostly between Batticaloa and Trincomalee. These Veddas speak Tamil as their primary language.

    Their language, usually referred to as ‘Veddah,’ is closely related to Sinhala, although much of its vocabulary (especially terms associated with the forest and their lifestyle) can not be traced to Sinhala and may be from an archaic language spoken before the adoption of the Sinhala language.
    Examples include the Wanniyala-Aetto word ruhang for friend, while the Sinhala word is yaluva There are also communities of Wanniyala-Aetto who speak Tamil in the East Coast.

    Some observers have said Veddas are disappearing and have lamented the decline of their distinct culture. Developments, and government forest reserve restrictions, have disrupted traditional Veddah ways of life.
    However, cultural assimilation of Veddas with other local populations has been going on for a long time.
    Today many Sinhalese people and some East Coast Tamils claim that they have some trace of Veddah blood.
    Intermarriage between Veddas and Sinhalese is very frequent. The current leader of the Vanniyala-Aetto community is Uru Varige Vanniya.

    Most Sri Lankans are themselves astonished at the number of ethno-socio-and religio-cultural segments that go to make up the Sri Lankan Nation, still in the process of being formed. Many have yet to understand that this heterogeneity is one of this country’s greatest strengths and the best advertisement for its renowned tolerance. That image was tarnished because of bigotry and chauvinism and now needs to be refurbished anew to restore the renown of our common Motherland.

    The story of our Motherland is not a story of one race or community alone, but a story of all the people and all the circumstances which have shaped its course. We have all been in the crucible and all have made sacrifices of life and limb to learn the lesson that we are fallible human beings.

    Every one in Sri Lanka today should feel proud of the contribution which his or her community has made towards the shaping and moulding of the Sri Lankan Nation.
    If we stand together, united, under ONE flag, as Sri Lankans, we will surely stand up and stand out and flourish. It is desperately important that those who live here today should recognize their contribution and should be proud of it not as an exclusive, superior or separate entity, but as ONE thread in the pattern we are striving so hard to weave.

    We should be able to live, unsuspicious of each other, truly enjoying the variety and diversity of this mosaic of cultures. Appreciating our differences as the ingredients that contribute the ‘spice’ to the indigenous ‘rice’ is the starting point.
    Let’s dance to the hot, pulsating rhythms of the Baila, the Kaffiringha and Manja and sing the lyrics in Sinhala, Tamil, Creole, or English and celebrate the life we have.

  177. Haha.. George Bush too showed the satelite photographs of Saddam’s WMD factories which were really milk powder packaging plants!

    You are not aware of the firing practices in a war zone. Any army will return fire on the direction of enemy fire.

  178. Merlin, You say that invincible LTTE was smashed to smithereens by the SLA. I’ll describe SLA’s action as follows.

    Assume that India is convinced that MR is really a war criminal. (In reality, India will not do, because they want to have good terms with MR & co. India always fears about China. It is only an assumption). India expects UN to take some action against MR. But nothing happens and MR keeps on irritating India. Now India wants to eliminate MR. What India does is it drops 10 atom bombs one over Jaffna, one over Anuradhapura, like this up to Hambantota. There won’t be any survivors in Sri Lanka.

    But is it the way to achieve the mission?

  179. Sivananthan

    kshatriya means warrior.This was the warrior caste that was there all over india. In fact Lord bhuddha was born into a hindu kshatriya family.The other dominant caste was the brahmins. These two castes were the ones jockying for power in india.The kashatriyas were the warrior kings and the soldiers in the armed forces. The rajputs for example were reknowned kshatryas.So it is nothing new that you are telling us about the kshatriya lineage of the jaffna kingdom as some of the rulers and most of the army would have consisted of this kashatriya, meaning warrior caste.It does not explain your contention that the jaffna kings were malayalees.

    As for kulesekera pandiya’s parents,they are tamils. If you want to dispute that you yourself provide the evidence.

  180. Sivananthan

    not when they have designated ‘safe zones’.When the srilankan government and the armed forces do that they must respect it,regardless of the fact that it has been infiltrated by the LTTE and used to fire on them. maybe according to your theory they should have designated it as killing zones and told the people to move there.Then the people would have wondred why they are calling it killing zones,and not moved into it.

    In channel 4 video it was clearly shown that when the redcross informed the armed forces about the locations of the hospital,they targeted the hospital.From this you can see the ‘safe zones’ were really always intended to herd people in and kill them,just like hurding them after the war into barbed wire fenced camps for nearly 2 years without letting them go back into their homes.It is very apparent that the government always viewed these people with suspicion as LTTE supporters and as such will have to be killed or isolated.

    Your lack of empathy towards slaughter of your fellow countrymen as well as fellow tamils as well as fellow human beings make me want to puke.With your PLOTE connections you have indeed been in a hard environment and as a result become immune to suffering of others.

  181. Yogesh,
    Are you seriously suggesting that India will nuke Sri Lanka? The land that produced Gandhi has always maintained that the first use of Nuclear Weapons is not on its agenda. Also irrespective of the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the West it was only used twice during the entire history of the nuclear age. Even during the Vietnam War the mighty nuclear power the United States did not use nuclear weapons. They tried everything in their power and in their military arsenal to subdue the Vietnamese and lost the war. Similarly the Sri Lankans are not going to roll over and accept Indian hegemony.

    For 2600 years the Sri Lankans have successfully withstood Indian invasions and that is not going to change now. Sri Lanka is not (ex-East Pakistan) Bangladesh or for that matter Bhutan or Sikkim that India subdued. If the great Indian army could not contain or disarm the LTTE as they promised JRJ do you think they could subdue the nation of Sri Lanka? Get real India does not want to conquer Sri Lanka and spill the blood of both nations especially when they have border disputes with Pakistan and China. Does India really want to open up a third front?

    India has achieved a tremendous amount diplomatically with Sri Lanka. India’s only concern is its security in the Indian Ocean on its vulnerable southern flank and it has resolved all issues amicably with Sri Lanka. India has also learned that interference in the internal politics of Sri Lanka is detrimental to its security in the Indian Ocean. That is why despite all the pressure from Tamil Nadu and the Diaspora India will always treat Sri Lanka fairly and amicably. Whatever gave you the idea that Sri Lanka is irritating India. Sri Lanka and India have had cordial relations ever since Mahinda Rajapakse took office. However Mahinda Rajapakse has also learned from the mistakes of JRJ who tried to cosy up to the USA and found that in its hour of need the USA abandoned Sri Lanka. Hence Mahinda Rajapakse wisely took the invitation from the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) to obtain observer status. The SCO is a military alliance of China, Russia and ex-Soviet republics and observer status confers military protection to Sri Lanka under article 14 of the SCO.

    Your dream of 10 nuclear bombs over Sri Lanka by India is only your dream. I suggest you keep on dreaming as this will never come to pass.

  182. yes ‘deteriorating into a cacophony’ is pathetic. How could you prevent this DBS?

    If they wont change I may have to excise their comments in full………….DBSJ

  183. soma

    1. Start with the northen province,because that is the one that is the one that spresds the disease.For that give a model akin to the tamilnadu model,and it will become so quiet for the next hundred years that you sinhalese will not even know that it is existing,let alone one that gave so much trouble to you in the last century.

    2. The tamils in the east could become restless so give them a 13th amendment +.They got caught up in all these because of the north.When the north is calm,they will also become easy to handle.You can also give 13 + to the other provinces preferably reducing the number.

    3.tamils in the hill country have an astrocious standard of living and are mostly concerned about that. Try to win them over by improving their standard of living and you will have a good vote bank in the future and a hardworking workforce.

    4.tamils in colombo have concerns about their security and the fact that they and their children may get discriminated against. Allay these fears by constitutional changes bringing in something like a bill of rights where nobody can be discriminated against based on their ethnicity,religion or identity. For security of life and limb anybody inciting communal violence should be jailed.This was advice i got from Dr.rajasingham narendran.

    5.If you follow this 4 points paradise lost can become paradise regained.

  184. PLOTE connections? What is that? I never had any such connections. Further you write so much without knowing the reality of firing practices in a war zone.

  185. Sivananthan

    I’am talking here of safe zones,not war zones,so firing practices in normal war zones do not apply here.

    As for your PLOTE connections i give below a statement made by you in a previous comment

    [ When the incident was publicised by PLOTE, I laughed and simply asked some PLOTE guys, “why cannot you guys first sit and talk with “people” in public?”.]

    So you seem to be very chummy with PLOTE guys.I suppose you want us to think that you just bump into them on the road.

    If people say that they just laughed and asked some LTTE guys,what does that mean?They are mixing with that mob isn’t it?

  186. If one looks at the process by which the North-South war was ended and South Sudan was created, it is eerily similar to the ISGA proposals put forward by the LTTE in 2003..

    The common link between the Sudanese piece process and the failed Sri Lankna piece process, Norwegian mediation..

    One of the few good acts of President Kumarathunge (though her intentions for the dissolution was petty politics) was the dissoulution of the Wickramasinghe government prior to them discussing the ISGA.. If not for that act, we may have well seen the birth of another country around this time..

  187. Lol Yogesh,

    Did it occur to you that the radiation fallout from the atomic bombing (even using India’s smallest nuclear warheads) of Sri Lanka is likely to affect most of Southern India including Tamilnadu? Apart from the Sinhalese, it will wipe out the Tamils (on both sides of the Palk Strait) the Malayalees and the Kannadigas as well.

    Raja raja Chola conquered most but not all of Sri Lanka overthrowing Mahinda the 5th of Anuradhapura.. That includes the present North, East, North Central, North Western provinces… The West and Sabaragamuwa were lush rainforests back then Central and Uva would have been sparsely populated, hardly worth conquering (but you can add that to your map as well.. The only resistance came from the deep South which remained unconquered from where Keerthi launched the fight to reclaim the island which culminated him in being crowned Vijayabahu I, the first king of Polonnaruwa..

    Raja Raja Cholas conquests are glorified in the stone inscription found at the central shrine of the Tanjavur temple,

    “he conquered by his army, which was victorious in great battles, Vengai-nadu, Ganga-padi, Tadigai-padi, Nulamba-padi, Kudamalai-nadu, Kollam, Kalingam, Ira-mandalam of the Singalas who possessed rough strength, the seven and a half lakshas of Iratta-padi, and twelve thousand ancient islands of the sea, “

  188. India is clear in its no nuke first policy. That is why I clearly told it is only a hypothetical example.

  189. Merlin,

    Thanks for giving a lot of information about the ethnic composition of Sri Lanka. Many of us especially Tamils of Tamil Nadu think that majority sinhalese and minority tamils are the only two ethnic (rather than ethnic we can say linguistic) groups of Sri Lanka. You have given a vivid picture about the pluralistic society of Sri Lanka.

    Any way I have some doubts regarding the reality and the intention of GoSL.

    Sri Lanka has 75% of sinhalese and 24% of Tamils (including SL Tamils, Upcountry Tamils and Moors). All other ethnic groups quoted by you constitute just 1% (or even less) of the total population. If you take India in South India the composition is 34% Tamil, 28% Telugu, 24% Kannada and 14% Malayalam. No body has a threatening majority. Even in entire India also we don’t have a threatening majority. All over the country the composition is 43% Hindi (not a homogeneous group, composed of dozens of dialects and ethnic groups), 9% Maratti, 8% Bengali, 7.5% Telugu, 6.2% Tamil, 5% Gujarathi, 3.6% Oriya, 3% Punjabi, 3% Malayalam, 2.6% Assamese, 1% Kashmiri and 8% others (major chunk is urdu muslims and few North-East linguistic groups. Muslims with other mother tongue have been included in the corresponding linguistic group). So no linguistic group is under threat. 43% Hindi alone can’t form Indian Union. This is the reason why BJP finds it very difficult to make in road in other parts of the country except the Hindi heartland (Aryavartha).

    But in SL defeinitely Sinhalese are a threatening majority (in terms of number 75%). Tamils and Moors have some representation. Others like Kaffirs, Chinese, Malay, Burgher etc are negligible. My doubt is whether GoSL is really interested in preserving this cultural pluralism or GoSL prefers assimilation in the name of Sri Lankan nationalism. I think Tamils are afraid of this assimilation. It is the responsibility of GoSL and the Sinhalese majority to ensure the minorities that cultural, ethnic and linguistic pluralism will be preserved and assimilation (sinhalaization) will not take place. If GoSL and majority sinhalese sincerely attempts for this promise I am confident that all ethnic and linguistic groups can live peacefully in the island nation and as many of you boast SL can really become the light of Asia.

  190. If this is asking too much just give our country comprising the former jaffna kingdom back to us. We will call it north srilanka.

  191. and soma these were your words not mine

    [Hypothetically from the stand point of a Tamil I have been trying to come out with a suitable strategy/plan but confounded with the difficulty of accommodating all groups namely those living in the North, East, Colombo and the estates as well as Muslims outside East. I need help]

    So to alleviate your pain at trying to find a solution for the tamils and to give you a bucket to collect the croc tears,i gave you a solution.

    If mahinda is also as cunning(cunning and intelligent are two different attributes) as the majority of your compatriots are, then the following will happen sure as night comes after day

    East timor
    South sudan
    North srilanka

    what else you would like to know?

  192. Thanks for that yogesh.It gave me a good insight into the linguistic groups of india.That is a great thing about this blog,we can learn so much from others,but unfortunately there are one or two who pollute it with misinformation.

    I still think 43% hindi speaking is quite powerful when you consider that the second highest is only 9% maratti.They have to only align themselves with either maratti or bengali and they can call the shots.North indians are actually governing india.From what happenned to the tamils in srilanka since 1947 and kachativu and the thousands of tamil fishermen who have been killed and injured,you can see that 6.2 % gets swamped by the rest.I’am wondering whether it is not better for tamilnadu to become the newest country in the UN so that our chola,pandya legacy and glory can be kept intact without becoming a ass licking part of the hindi speaking people who don’t seem to care a fart for the tamils and are farting into their faces every day. See how sonia and the malayalees got together and easily slaughtered more than 40000 tamils and are even now sucessfully covering it up.A once proud people who conquered the whole of south india and also the deccan,orissa,srilanka and the whole indonesian archipeligo are reduced now to ass lickers ruled by corrupt poets and filmstars.

    An additional benefit of tamilnadu becoming its own country is it does not need to get embroiled and tangle with the muslims over kashmir, or with china over the eastern states like assam.Like switzerland in europe it can be a neutral country and even be a peace facilitator in the future.The muslims and china are going to be a big problem for india in the future.Why must we get caught up in all that when we have been treated like this by the hindi speakers.They gifted a land of ours to srilanka,let our fishermen and tamils in srilanka get slaughtered,did not do anything since 1947 for tamils in srilanka to live in dignity,so why are we going to suffer with them when they get mauled by the muslims and china one day.Our people will be unnecessariliy shedding their blood for others who don’t care for us and probably think we are primitive dark people.

  193. @Yogesh,

    Been quite busy with studies.. Apart from the time factor, spent a lot of time in areas with no or dodgy internet connections..

    Will drop by here more often, but probably still not as often as pre-2011..

  194. why dont the eelamists demand their eelam in south sudan after all it is a huge country by any standards. My guess is that not even this newly formed south sudan with its huge land area is going to grant even a small piece on which to establish eelam. So not even the south sudanese will let an eelam be created in their country. Failing that the eelamists can try canada, new zealand, the USA or australia with their huge areas of land. However these countries who are crying out loud on behalf of the eelamists wont even bother entertaining such a request. So this is the reality for the eelamists, their biggest supporters are the biggest frauds around. They wont grant even a small area of their own countries to the eelamists and yet are trying to force little srilanka to grant eelam and the like.

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