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Indian ‘Indignation’ aside over arrests, Tamil Nadu fishermen regularly poaching in Lankan waters

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Pressure exerted by Indian Govt on Sri Lankan Govt resulted in the immediate release of 14Tamil Nadu fishermen arrested by Sri Lanka navy.

More than 100 Indian fishermen in 40 boats from Danushkodi in Tamil Nadu were fishing in Sri Lankan territorial waters on Monday July 4th.

SL navy in 2 ships came at 12.30 pm to the seas near 3rd sand dune between Kachchatheevu&Arichalmunai&told fishermen they were trespassing.

The Lankan navy had arrested 14 fishermen in 2 boats but set free in another boat 6 more persons including 2 boys aged 10&2 boys aged 12.

The fishermen set free were told that the 14 arrested persons & 2 boats would be taken to Mannar & jailed after being produced in courts.

The persons set free when returning ran into an Indian coast guard vessel & informed officials of the arrests.New Delhi was urgently alerted.

Officials in New Delhi were “Infuriated” as it was only on June 20th that the Lankan navy had arrested 23 fishermen & jailed them on June 21st.

The 23 fishermen were released unilaterally on June 27 after negotiations between Indian&Sri Lankan govts.Now another arrest had been made.

High level pressure was exerted by New Delhi on Colombo to release the arrested 14 immediately.Colombo obliged & Navy was ordered to do so.

Sri Lankan navy then turned back at mid sea towards the International maritime boundary line as ordered with the apprehended boats & fishermen.

Upon Sighting an Indian naval vessel near the Maritime boundary line the Lankan navy “abandoned” the fishermen&boats at high sea&turned back.

The Indian navy escorted the fishermen back to Rameswaram where they were released.The drama that began at 12.30 pm ended at 7.30 pm.

Conflicting news reports about the drama at high seas resulted in the Sri Lankan navy “officially” denying that arrests had been made.

The incident has irritated Indian ExternalAffairs minister SM Krishna who stated that a special emissary will go to Colombo for talks soon.

Despite Indian “Indignation” over the arrests the fact of the matter is that Tamil Nadu fishermen are regularly poaching in Lankan waters.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

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  1. The Tamilnadu fishermen have rapaciously overfished and bottomtrawled in their waters and destroyed fisheries in their waters.now these selfish guys come to our waters and exploit our resources to the maximum

    Why is the TNA not saying a word to India on this issue?

  2. We are not arresting the Sri Lankan fishermen. They are also trespassing into our territorial waters.

    Currently 64 Sri Lankan fishermen are held in Indian jails……………DBSJ

  3. This is a complicated issue that needs careful diplomatic solution. There is much room for Lankan fishermen to claim the larger Indian fisher community are poaching in Lankan waters inflicting serious damage to their income and catches. Sri Lanka’s poorly structured directives to keep our own fishermen from our waters during the 30yr old war went to help the Indians. It was an open secret those tasked to overlook the ocean in the area were helping the Indians and other foreigners in both shallow and deep-sea fishing. Bribery was the chief factor here.

    Fishermen in the North of Sri Lanka and South of India have been carrying out the avocation of their forefathers before 1947, the law of the seas and the more recent
    20-mile limit. Mere scraps of paper going as law directing them to do their fishing differently to what they have done for millenia did not and will not succeed.It is shocking to hear fishermen’s interest groups at both sides have been ignored in recent talks to reach agreement. They have not been part of the talks. Officials at both ends (Delhi/Colombo) have tried to thrust agreements down the throat of fishermen at both sides. This will naturally not work.

    The tensions will continue. TN CM Selvi Jayalalitha may chose to act differently
    in her own imperious and unorthodox ways. Unless tensions are gradually reduced and a workable solution reached, we can have yet another political volcano here soon that may find both countries in ugly situations again.


  4. Jeyaraj should also write about the circumstances in which and conditions with which katchathhevu was ceded to SL.

    No stability in the approach of SL regarding the poaching of Tamil Nadu fishermen into SL territory. Some times they murder (on one extreme) and some times they release without any trial (either due to intimidation or pressure from GoI). There is a secret understanding between GoI and GoSL to disturb the tamil fishermen of both the sides.

  5. dont worry,
    Our JJ amma is sending these tamilnadu annas across the sea to to help her suffering jaffna tamils .Her love for jaffa tamils is sooooo much!!!

  6. Oh yes! It is all Sri Lankans fault… The gangster called ‘India’ can anytime twist the arms of Sri Lanka, right?

  7. .
    Srilankan stupid leaders keep on saying that China and Russia are their true friends.

    Also they keep on borrowing from China.
    While China’s loans are an immediate de-facto handout for Chinese companies,future Colombo governments will be left with the debts –at interest rates higher than other developmental lenders ask for.

    In short, Colombo is borrowing from China but pumping the money into the Chinese – not Sri Lankan – economy.

    If Chinese take our land resources, let India take our fishing resources.


  8. SL trying to ‘shaging the tail’ to India. finally it will be ‘Tailless fox’ story.

  9. If Indian government can arrest our guys, We should be able to do the same. It is the livelihood of the jaffna fisherman that is lost. Where is TNA on these issues?

  10. I really wonder whether this is drama by both countries.
    There have been reports on Chinese naval men in Sri Lankan navy boats for over 2 years now. Is India going to do some thing about it or not? Why the heck the Menon’s don’t think of the line of Indian security? Why the heck are those officials working against the interest of the Indian security not punished at the highest level? Will India ever correct the mistakes and set an example for others?

  11. The Tamil Nadu fishermen are working for Malayalee mudalalis.Most fish,prawns,crabs,cuttlefish caught in our waters are not for consumption but for export. The Malayalee fish cartel is powerful.It has friends among Malayalees in south block.

  12. If Indians use simple nets for fishing it is ok. but they use special nets for bottom trawling. this kills all fish for all time.it must be stopped

  13. /”..the fact of the matter is that Tamil Nadu fishermen are regularly poaching in Lankan waters.”/

    Do these ‘lankan waters’ pertain to the Kachatheevu and adjoining areas or is it that Tamilnadu Fishermen are poaching elsewhere in Lankan waters?

  14. Fishing in troubled waters should be prohibited.

    This is trouble in fishing waters……….DBSJ

  15. We can also send our Mahinda Aiyya to give a piece of his mind to JJ amma.

    Mervyn malli can perpare a suicide squad made of Tamils… to take care of the jokers in Tamilnadu.

  16. Wait and see ™- Elaam flower will bloom, one day!

    In the meantime, would each Tamil fisherfolk send $100 to me to pay Bruce Anna? We have bills to pay.

    Yours obidiently,

    Caretaker – Secret Swiss Bank Account# 19_05_2009

  17. It doesn’t matter if it is ‘Kachatheevu and adjoining areas or poaching elsewhere in Lankan waters’. Once you cross the maritime boundary you are violating SL territorial waters. It is illegal!

    By the way Kachatheevu is Sri Lanka’s.

  18. I hope TNA will come with their bleeding hearts out of genuine concern for the average Tamil fisherman.

  19. Poaching in the territorial waters of TE is not acceptable whether the fishermen are from SL or TN period. I would like to advice the corrupt Indian officials that prevention is better than cure. Just prevent your fishermen from trespassing into our waters. These maritime resources belong to the Tamil people.The Indian coast guards turn a blind eye, when their citizens illegally cross their maritime boundary line to poach, then they try to flex their muscle. It is hard to wake up the one who is pretend to be sleeping. Further more, the Indian authorities should regulate the fishing in their waters also so that their resources could be used in a sustainable manner. I would also like mention that the Indians have more contraversial ambitions to steal our resources which may be ecologically disasterous for our communities. I heard that an Indian company is starting to drill in the Mannar straight for petrolium.The proposed deepening the sea bed of our coastal area for shiping which could eradicate the flora and fauna of our sea bed.

  20. Tamilnadu fishermen should stop poaching in Lankan waters. Coveting another man’s fish is a crime.

  21. .
    If Srilankan court can say 1987 Indo-Lanka pact is illegal, then Indian courts can say 1974 Kachatheevu pact is illegal as well.


  22. But our fishing folks in Sri Lanka never shout like the Indian Tamil Nadu trespassers. Or any minister never cry like Jeyalaitha with racist arrogance. Recently Rajitha Senaratna, the minister of Fisheries, advised the fishermen not to go into the Indian waters. I never heard any advise from any Indian who think they can do all crimes!

  23. Kachchatheevu helped the smugglers and not the fishermen from either sides!

    You better think about the smugglers for a while and many “fishing” problems will be solved!

  24. Indian FM confirmed that Kachchatheevu is a “fisnished” business and no more talks on that matter!

    Which court of Sri lanka say the Indo-Lanka pact is illegal?

  25. Sammaatty!
    You are right. Bottom trawling with heavy nets destroy all the natural fish-breeding environments. India is not much enforcing any laws on nature related issues!

  26. Aratai

    very good point.tamilnadu can see on what basis courts in srilanka deemed the northeast merger unconstitutional,and also why 13th amendment was not fully implemented and use the same principles to redefine the kachativu pact and not fully implement it.

  27. is raman there?
    no.he has gone fishing.
    When will he come back?
    Dont know.he is fishing in srilanka.
    Srilanka!!!!why has he gone there?
    There is no fish here.
    What do you mean.I see fish in the market.
    That is srilanka fish.
    what happenned to our fish?
    We ate them up?
    Then he will he bring a lot of fish from srilanka?
    Sometimes he brings,sometimes he goes straight to hospital to treat broken bones.
    Then he goes again to srilanka?
    yes. medical treatment free no.
    I hope he comes back soon.
    I hope so too.Another child is also on the way.After he comes he will fish a little bit with me and go back again.

  28. Are you raman’s daughter?
    has your father come back from fishing in srilnka?
    Yes.He came two hours ago.
    Did he bring a lot of fish?
    No.he did not bring any fish.
    has he got broken bones?
    No,he was arrested and released.
    can i speak to him?
    no you can’t.he is fishing with amma.
    What do you mean fishing with amma?
    he is casting his rod and netting her pearls.

  29. If and When the Indians want it, they will take it anyway. Be it Kachchatheevu too.

    Look at what is going to happen to SLPL. This is what happens when a small country acts like a super power.

    As far as Sri lanka is concerned, the government and the higher ups in bureaucracies are nothing but thugs and or greedy guys robbing the country. Today the SLPL is going to collapse before even taking off. What a mismanagement, how many people think the Rajapaksa hands are not in the cricket jar?

    Why not use some of the graft to save SLPL?

  30. These tamil nadu trespassers should be put on check! these guys benefited the most from our internal ethnic war but that it is over now and they have no one to smuggle for to make extra cash, they want to damage our country fisherment’s business. We must support our navy to patrol our waters more often.

  31. why you call THA? after the Alaveddy incident still they are in bed rest.
    an Eelam citizen

  32. Mahinda Aiyya can teach JJ the finer aspects of the Tamil lingo the art of lying and the seduction of an actor to actor,

    Whilst Mervyn malli can tie her to a tree or two and coax her to become a drug addict

    Wimal paiya’n can feed her with lemon puff and show her how not to stage a successful fast unto death. R j,

  33. I am dying as a result of laughing due to this stupid joke,

    Another sad confused yak born as a human beast born impaired,

    Keep us entertained with more ot your stupidity, what else can one expect from a sitting on his head vulgar yak. R j.

  34. Mahinda Aiyya can teach JJ the finer aspects of the Tamil lingo the art of lying and the seduction of an actor to actor,

    Whilst Mervyn malli can tie her to a tree or two and coax her to become a drug addict

    Wimal paiya’n can feed her with lemon puff and show her how to stage a successful fast unto death. R j,

  35. Only long term solution for India to annex Tamils north east to Tamil Nadu.. Then Tamils can fish every where ?

    Sri Lankan can play all they like with their chinses sugar daddy’s.


    Then Tamil Nadu fishermen working for Kerala mudalalis will monopolise palk straits&mannar gulf& overfish&decimate fish&prawns there as they have done in their waters

    Also did you check with India whether they want to annex north &east?

  36. TNA is not ruling North. It is under military rule.
    GOSL should do whatever they can to protect North srilanka.

  37. They were arrested in AP, Andaman Nicobar islands & West Bengal regions.
    India cant believe they are fisher men for fishing.

    when so much of catch is there in srilanka, why they are found in far away places?

  38. This is a real issue of most importance, affecting the lively hoods to Northern Tamil and Nadu Tamil fisher folk.

    And this is the response of my Beach Buddy, the self claimed Tiger slayer of the Diaspora.

  39. Only critical relevance of this issue to the majority of Srilankans is, the risk of the Vaiko. Seeman lead, new Nadu LTTE infiltrating our coastline and establishing arms smuggling conduits, like in the past.

    Else, it is a bun fight between the Northern Fisher folk against the Nadu mates.

    Northern fisher folk in fact need the fish more than their Nadu mates thanks to the Sea Tigers domination for three decades.

    MS Jayalalitha ,the Idol and sort of demigoddess for some Tamil Elite in Colombo is in fact depriving the Northern Tamil fishermen earning a descent living..

    So much for her affection and motherly love for the destitute Northern Tamils.

    It is like our old saying” Picking from the Beggar’s Bowl”.

  40. so be it. Let ‘Kachtheevu’ be Srilanka’s But as per the pact between India & Srilanka Indian Fishermen are allowed to fish around and use ‘Kachatheevu’ as per their historical rights! It doesn’t amount to ‘Poaching’ Perse. If SL is going to call this Poaching, then India has every right to annex Kachatheevu, Period!


    They were given right to dry their nets on K’theevu not fish around it by 1974 agreement.They also have right to visit K’theevu for St. Anthonys feast without visa procedures

    But 1976 agreement extended Lankan waters extent. So Indians are trespassing &poaching in Lankan waters now

    They have rapaciously overfished in their waters & decimated fish there through bottom trawling

    Now they come in their hundreds and continue to bottom trawl in our waters and are wiping out fish like they did in their waters

    Ilankai fishermen have begged them not to do bottom trawling. They have said they dont object to them encroaching and fishing but PLEASE DONT OVERFISH AND BOTTOM TRAWL AND WIPE OUT FISHERIES

    But they dont listen because there are powerful Kerala mudalalis & some Tamil Nadu ones also behind the fishing

    Most Prawns,crabs, cuttle fish& some types of fish caught is EXPORTED and not CONSUMED.

    What India is doing is incorrect.

  41. I am still disappointed that headquaters of Army, Navy and AirForce have not been relocated to the all Sri Lankan city of Jaffna.

    If we do that we can accelerate oblitration of remaining traces of perceived Tamil homeland faster.

    The families, friends and relatives of the proud troops must also given free land from the north and east in appreciation of their noble participation of the classic decimation of Tamil terrorists.

    It’s a mind game… when the myth is gone… TTD will will find a suitable location for their Eelam project somewhere else.


    Earlier I would have called you the “lunatic fringe” of Sinhala polity. But now I wont because the fringe is now mainstream and ensconced in SOME seats of power

    One simple way to obliterate Tamil homeland is to exterminate all Tamils in a systematic manner like what Hitler did to the Jews.

    And you still refer to “PROUD TROOPS”. It is as if you are mocking them after channel 4 disclosures

  42. You have said that every body who differs from your opinion as malayalees. But you praise the malayalees very often. You are proud that Jaffna was ruled by malayalee kings. But if you want to scold some tamils then you brand them as malayalees. Why man this much confusion?

    I am wondering for a long time why do you talk about the kalinga lineage often (Some kalinga kings have ruled jaffna. That does not mean that Jaffna tamils have more in common with oriyans/kalingas). Now only I understand the reason behind your argument. Varadharaja Perumal is in Orissa (or you believe so. Some body says he is in Rajasthan). Any way he is a fugitive and he survives on the mercy of Indian Governement. I think you are on his pay roll. That’s why you often talk about the Kalinga lineage.

    Even if V.Perumal is in India he will be living like a refugee. Perumal is with 50,000 jaffna tamils (it is confusing now after seeing your comments whether to call them as jaffna tamils or jaffna kalingas or jaffna sinhakalingas). It is the biggest joke. It looks like a fiction. It reminds me the movie ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’ (new film in which Karthi is the Hero) in which a Chola King lives in a island near combodia or vietnam with his army. As Mahesh has told if it is the truth he can win many seats in northern province. Why is he hiding in India and what stops him coming back to SL? I think you are sycophant follower of V.Perumal.

  43. Sri Lankan navy is quite capable of taking action in their usual ways!! ie. extrajudicial killings, abduction, ransom demanding, confiscating the entire catch, torture etc. etc. It has become the second nature to the SL security forces. May be that is why the SL government “never looses sleep” over what is happening to the fishermen.

    For that matter they never opened their eyes to what was happening to the Tamil civilians from the time of independence!!! Sri Lankan government sets the agenda behind the scene and there are thugs to implement their criminal acts and “supposed to be civilized, educated thugs” in the guise of ministers and advisers to defend the criminals in the world arena!!!

  44. Indian Navy never kill Sri Lankan fishermen but SL navy killed more than 300 Indian fishermen. Panic in India over this issue is justifiable.

  45. Tamil Nadu may say that, but not the Indian central govt. The Indian central govt. had very good reasons for gifting Kachatheevu to SL. There were security implications for India especially from rebellious states like TN. SL is not a threat to India because SL will not do anything to antagonize India. However, TN will always be a threat to the security and unity of India. Let me just say that the Indian Govt. trusts SL more than the Naduans. It will always be that way….You still do not understand the game do you?

  46. [Liam Fox to visit Lanka ]


    The British, who among others nurtured the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora, are directly responsible for Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka.

    If they visit us apologize and help us to reconcile and prosper that’s fine.

    Else, these crooks must be told in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that we don’t like their policy to divide Sri Lankans in order to create trouble, violence and control Sri Lankans.

    The message should be: Leave us alone… go find real killing fields in Afghansiatan or Iraq.

    Bloody hyenas.

    Face them… face them and if necessary fight them to keep our country, values, pride and ethnic harmony.

    MotherLanka is watching our patriotism.

  47. All Indian ocean ! Ther is no Srilankan ocean exsist. Sinhalese ‘mythical srilankan water ‘ is false propaganda. Get out of our proud Indian Ocean.

  48. Tamil champions, the TNA, are supporting the Indian team… to punush Sri Lanka and the fisherfolks.

    Tamil terrorists copied the same principle, and killed Tamils is large numbers, photographed, published them on the web and accused the SLA for genecide.

  49. Nehru, I too support Sinhala Navy on this. Indian fishermen should be kept at the maritime border.

    I still call ‘Sinhala Navy/Army’ as no other ethnic group is represented in the forces.

  50. For Jaffna fishermen whole affairs are irrelevant. It is either Indian or Sinhalese.

    The Sri Lanka navy is taking at most care to prevent not support the Tamil fishermen but to allow the Sinhalese fishermen of the south to fish in the region.

  51. If you want respect, respect others. We have no fear of India. We have respect… Don’t lose that, by engaging in agenda’s against us.

    We are prepared to die for the country, anytime… fighting any cock, bull or tiger.

  52. Theodore Roosevelt once told ‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are, for your mother land. This what You have been doing for decades for SL and TE. I hope soon you are going to do that for occupied TE alone.

  53. Thoothukudi to Colombo Ferry looks better than the London Ferry to South of France.

    It is more in the league of Tasmanian ferry, with Gambling and Duty Free shopping thrown in.

    Kerala Mafia probably is using this Ferry to travel and play the Pokies and let the Missuses indulge in Duty Free shopping.

    Under $50.00 a pop, with a gourmet Srilankan Buffet it looks good value.

    The same Mafia send the the poor Nadu fisherfolk in their dingies to catch fish from their neighbour’s property and get beaten up by the Srilankan Navy.

    No wonder the CM MS Jayalalitha wants to ban the Ferry.



    If he had spoken on irregularities of SL Team selection, why the Puksaya.s family want an investigation. Kumar had visited N of SL , where Puksaya’s family cant step. Kumar !!!!!!! We are behind you.. Soon You will be visiting Puksaya family in Jail. Please Get More smart

  55. Fish stock is a finite resource.

    Fishermen living in both side of park straight should work together and safeguard their future. New Delhi or Colombo will not look after long term future of the fisherfolk.

    Its best for local leaders to work together. TNA should facilitate this local discussion.

  56. The Rural Sinhalese or those who are contributing in this forum does not understand the reality of sea based catch up
    At one moment Sinhalese street hawkers were Calling ” Yaappana Ambo” ( Jaffna Mango ) or Yaapana Miris & Onions. This is the taste of the land. I will not blame them as they have to get rid of the QUALITY products that come from the North.Now The Soorawansaya & his assosiated thugs have moved to the TAMIL HOME LAND, thinking they can be settled there forever. Good dream ! Now the war is over & I wonder why the so battalion of soldiers are in N & E . Puksaya Bros & Co are in fear , that if they send these A Holes home , that will bring an uprise against them.

    Sorry Rajapaksaye Bros, Your Name will be completely removered from SL History. Try your best to update the so called MAHAVAMSA

  57. It is only a matter of time before Mahinda,Basil&Gota are hauled up before Hague Tribunal and imprisoned. Wait and see!

  58. DBS, why don’t you write about the 500 TN fishermen who have been killed by SL Navy and 1000s injured by SL navy? why don’t you write about the cruel punishment, including sexual molestation, at sea meted out to the Indian fishermen by Lankan navy? Have you ever heard about Indian navy doing anything like that?


    Nowadays I am focusing on problems faced by Sri Lankan fishermen. I think you should ask Indian journalists to write about problems faced by Indian fishermen

  59. DBSJ, why don’t you write about the 500 Indian fishermen killed by SL navY? why don’t you write about 1000s injured? why dont you write about the torture, including sexual molestation, suffered by Indian fishermen at the hands of the genocidal Lankan navy? Have you heard of Indian navy doing anything like that to Lankan fishermen?

    Already answered………..DBSJ

  60. [The incident has irritated Indian ExternalAffairs minister SM Krishna]

    He was going to tell the damn srilankans what he thought of them and their mothers,but suddenly remembered china and hit the bottle and started to drink like a fish.

  61. For 60+ years Tamil leaders could not work with ANY Sri Lankan government in power. How can that be possible? All governments and leader are bad?

    The reason is the greed coupled with hatred.

    This is why so many ethnic Sinhalese suspect this Tamil cause and the actions of the so called Tamil leaders.
    I would not blame them. Stray dogs like the owner of this web site are secretly working with the foreign elements to hurt Sri Lankans, twisting facts and reporting ‘bundles’ of tweets as important news.

  62. Were you among the new toilet cleaning managers arrived in our facility today? I know the after-effects can warp your mind.

  63. M. Pereira says:
    July 6, 2011 at 12:13 am
    As far as Sri lanka is concerned, the government and the higher ups in bureaucracies are nothing but thugs and or greedy guys robbing the country
    is that so,
    see the cleaning environment in Colombo roads,roads development of entire country, improving railway facilities,converting lake side in Nuwara-eliya into garden city that took place.

    Who did these things
    Thugs and greedy guys of the government?

  64. Kalu Albert says:
    July 6, 2011 at 6:52 pm
    No wonder the CM MS Jayalalitha wants to ban the Ferry.
    Why not mentioning good path. The ferry charges are too little with comparing with air tickets. Normal laymen could visit DAMBADIYA with spending few money.

  65. Thank you DBSJ for bringng these hot issues to light.

    Sinhala Buddhists have no idea how hard we will protect our Tamil Eelam. Very soon everyone will come to know the real fate of our leader-Prabhakaran.

    This year’s Mahveer day speech will detail how we are going to achieve Tamil Elaam..

    Dream on Sinhalayas.

    Wait and See(tm).

  66. My dear Mr. Pal Thakaere,

    Please go back to school.

    These are the bordering countries of the Indian Ocean.


    SouthAfrica, Mozambique, Madagascar, French Southernand Antarctic Lands, France, (Réunion), Mauritius, Mayotte, Comoros, Tanzania, Seychelles, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt.


    Egypt (SinaiPeninsula), Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, Maldives, British Indian Ocean Territory, SriLanka, Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island.


    Ashmoreand Cartier Islands, Indonesia, Timor – Leste, Australia.

    Southern Indian Ocean.

    Heard Island and McDonald Islands, French Southern and Antarctic Lands.

    These are the Island Countries of the Indian Ocean.

    Comoros, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Sri Lanka.

    Are you claiming that none of these countries have territorial water rights just because the ocean is called “”Indian Ocean””

  67. Or else India can give (Anex) TN to Sri Lanka… so that your beloved Jayalalitha can work under MR as a chief Minister.

  68. Treeiiiiiiiiiinnnggggggggggggggggg…………………………………..

    Wake up Alarm goes up.

    And Saint David wakes up after good night sleep………………..

    And it’s another peaceful sunny day under MR government for North and East Tamils…

  69. As far as TN people (including fisher men) are concerned, katchaTheevu was given to Srilanka without TN consent.

    TN fishermen’s right to fishing near Katchteevu should not be restricted.

    Bottom trawling?? i think, if it affects long term fishing resources, it should be discussed and agreed among the fishing community.

  70. Officials in New Delhi were “Infuriated”

    new delhi must decide whether it is better to have them arrested or fished out of the sea.

  71. Are you claiming Tamils haven’t got home land in the island just because it’s now called “Sri Lanka”? If you say your claim is right my claim also right. First you guys need to start your elementary .


    Could any one explain nature and boundaries of tamil’s equal rites in sri lanka?

  73. Shanker,

    That’s a good one, dude. Criminal India is responsible for planting the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.

    I am waiting for a solid apology and a $10 billion compensation for the affected Sri Lankans.

    India, you need to earn your position and respect.

  74. How can the fishermen go to the island with the only purpose of drying their nets. Going to Kachatheevu takes hours. How can you expect the fishermen to go there without catching any fish up to Kachateevu with only the intention of drying their nets.

    Drying the nets they could do it anywhere even in the Main land India.

    Can the fishermen go there with all their catches and as soon as they near the Kachateevu throw away all the fishes into the sea and then dry the nets and come back.

    is it possible. This agreement has ruined the livelihood of many a fishermen in India. This agreement defies logic and is also against the interest of the Nation.

    I too believe that this agreement Prima Facie appears to be unconstitutional. If the GOI could gift any land to any country then they could settle the border dispute with China in no time.

    The Govt has got no right to cede away any territory to the other country.

    I do concede that bottom trawling is bad and it destroys the habitat and it dwindles the catch.

    Something has to be done for that. Hope Amma will apply her mind on the subject.

  75. Only Douglas is visible on the issue of Jaffna fishermen and not the others.

    Douglas got the most preferential votes and have rights to talk on the issue. But the Mavai, and others keep silence because they have “investments” in Tamil Nadu. Every year the TNA members take a pilgrimage to TN to look afater their “properties” even they fail to visit their electorates! They always make some “noise” to show their EXISTANCE.

  76. You know nothing about the people of Jaffna. Better watch your Kodambakkam third class cinemas and “enrich” your historical knowledge!

    TAMIL was made compulsary in schools by S.W.R.D.Bandaranayake. So, dont cry too much. Jaffna is close to Tamil Nadu. That is the problem.

    You know only Jaffna smugglers who cannot represent Jaffna!

  77. @sjoseph
    //As far as TN people (including fisher men) are concerned, katchaTheevu was given to Srilanka without TN consent//
    What kind of non-sense logic is that.We(TN) are a state in India.When the GOI does something,they do it for the Republic of India.We from TN are very much part of India.

    I think DBSJ hit the nail in the head in the previous reply of his.Our people have killed the goose that laid golden eggs.Trust me,60 to 70% of the catch from the boats coming to my hometown harbor,never see the local market.Its purchased in bulk and transported to Kerala for processing,tinned and sent to Gulf.Esply the prawns.Our guys venture around Katchatheevu as waters around that are aplenty with the King prawn variety.When you net those,you make looots of money.

  78. Why should they throw the fish in the sea to dry the nets?Do you even know how fishing is done in deep sea?

  79. Nature- ‘Always Dry Zone’
    Boundaries-‘Hampanthotta and Mullivaykkal’

    Thankyou for your Crazy Question.

  80. Dr. Sammy,

    Tehelka wrote a good article:

    “S Thavaratnam, president of the Federation of Fishermen’s Cooperatives of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, believes that the Palk Strait is a common heritage, but that Indian fishermen have taken this too far. “Sri Lankan boats can’t go out because all the time, there are Indian trawlers in our side.” Sri Lanka has banned bottom trawling to preserve its fish resources, but Tamil Nadu fishermen still trawl there.

    “This uninhabited island was ceded by India to Sri Lanka in 1974, and was, a decade ago, considered the last illegal point in the Palk Strait to which Indian fishermen sailed for prawns and coral. Today, Indian fishermen admit that they have been sailing beyond Katchatheevu, as close as 500 metres to the northern Sri Lankan coast. And here, and not Katchatheevu, is where they get shot most often.

    “The Indian government prefers to focus on Katchatheevu, which is a closed chapter,” says U Arulanandam, founder of a civil society group that is trying to stop the killings by organising dialogues between Sri Lankan and Indian fishermen. “Because if the Indian government admits that our fishermen are crossing borders, that means they have a massive long-term responsibility too, to ban big boats, and to improve fish resources on our side.” Shrugging, he adds, “But who wants real solutions if they won’t reap political benefits?”

  81. LK Sword

    Then you are one of those directly responsible for the understated official figures of 26000 soldiers killed and 84000 injured and the thousands of sinhalese civilians killed by the LTTE including bhuddhist monks.You are also responsible for the billions of dollars lost by the country due to the war and poverty and the huge cost of maintenance of an army and paying pensions of those retiring.

    can you see why you are on the liabilities side of the balance sheet of the country.Even if you have thousands of assets they can be wiped out by one big liability. Don’t you think it would have been better for the country if your mother did not give birth to you.

  82. shankar’s snippets- To fish or not to fish,that is the question.I am in fish blood, covered in it so far that returning would be more tedious than going over.

    What is the common factor in fish and fonseka-both get into trouble when they open their mouths.

  83. Sri Lanka is home for Sinhalese 73.8%, Sri Lankan Moors 7.2%, Indian Tamil 4.6%, Sri Lankan Tamil 3.9%, other 0.5%, unspecified 10%.

    Dont mislead with wrong statistics. Wait for the 2011 census report……………….DBSJ

  84. When you have Raman’s daughter to speak to why should you speak with Raman. When Raman fishes with his wife why not you fish with his daughter. May be the name of Raman’s daughter is Meenamma. Meenamma, meenamma kanngal meenamma. Or may be her name is Kayalvizhi.

  85. Answer.com says:
    July 7, 2011 at 4:30 pm
    Nature- ‘Always Dry Zone’
    Boundaries-’Hampanthotta and Mullivaykkal’

    Thankyou for your Crazy Question.
    Now I am understanding. If so, where could we as Sinhalese occupying

  86. Wisdom at last. United we stand. Divided we fall prey to TN.

    If the N&E SriLankans can understand this even this late I would appreciate it.

  87. For you and your kind put together.If you had half a brain you would have understood that.have i got to spell everything out like to a kindy school.

  88. All I see is a bunch of people with little knowledge on anything writing biased and half-baked comments here…

    Hello DBS…eventhough I disagree with your perceptions,I admire your strength and passion to write…Keep it going…

    Coming to this specific issue on hand….It is the very lives of poor fishermen at stake…I give a damn about the Governments of India/TN/SL/CHN/US…/UN…They are all hypocrites…These poor fishermen just to make their livelihood knowingly cross the international waters..risking their lives…It is all just to feed their families….Nothing more nothing less…Hello bashers….I know you have plenty of time on hand…don’t just sit there and question the hardworking fishermen..who are out there to make a living at gun point….Voice your opinion abt these governments…

  89. Pasqual please note a Jew is a Jew whether heis in Australia or in Europe or in South America and the same way we Tamils whether we are in Australia, Malasia, Singapore, India, Ceylon , Europe UK North America and South America

    So what is this Indian Tamil, Sri Lankan Tamils we all Tamils dont try to split us we are all Tamils


  90. Hi Wathsala.S Akka I am Master here,if that is you say, yes Master. How is S anna. I miss him a lot.

    Because 120 guys are around here I would like to spend some time here. Starting from Ilanko, without proper knowledge writing without worrying about that you are hurting the poor Tamilnadu fishermen.
    There is hydrocarbon deposit ( a very huge oil or gas well..or both) underneath the sea bed almost from the same distance from Sri Lanka and India ( Andaman Islands) Both has applied to claim for that. Sri Lanka says it is under their continental shelves and India says it is under theirs. The decision will be taken by the UN only after 20 years. In fact these deposits of death bodies of human and animals were brought from Bangladesh and W.Bengal with the river waters of Ganges and Brahmaputra and then by sea currents and converted into the present state. What is pity is the Bangladeshis didn’t apply to claim for this. If argued honestly larger portion should go to Bangladesh.
    The law makers of the law of sea should include various aspects and change the law.
    Not only for minerals also for fishing. The chill river water flows into the sea starting from Kanyakumari to Narmada flows into the sea and run southward as a coastal current and divide into two, one flows upward into the park bay towards in-between Nedunteevu and pannai ( Jaffna) and the other branch flows along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. This current brings minerals and silts. These minerals and silt helps to grow the sea weeds. These sea weeds and the silt them self feed the prawns and fishes. So The people from Maharastra to Tamilnadu if argued has all the right to fish in not only in Park-bay also between Mathara and Hampanthotta. Not only that if you draw a perpendicular line at the middle of the Adams Bridge you will find the Kacha deevu island is in the Indian side. During Dutch rule of North-East Sri Lanka, most important items exported to Europe were dyed textiles, grinding stones made of Vanni granite and sweeping brushes made of palmyra fiber. To dye the cloths they brought the dyeing plants from Kachateevu which grew naturally there. The dutch rulers signed a contract with Ramanathapuram King and leased the Island.
    Some people write here that the Indian side corals were damaged by them. That is absolutely wrong because this current doesn’t flow that side and create the environment for the corals to grow.

    In fact the whole of Jaffna peninsula and the Islands were built with the death corals (brought from the Indian side of Mannar bay by this current) and the silts brought by this current. Because the water of current is colder than the sea water it pulls the rain clouds into the mainland of India during the South west of monsoon. The Jaffna peninsula too was receiving the rain during this period until the Causeway between the Islands of Punkuduteevu, Thaneerteevu(Kayts) and Pannai. While the British India built road to Rameswarm islands on tall pillars we independent Ceylon just filled up the sea and built the road without considering the environmental impact. This not only stopped the rain fall during southwest monsoon also increased the atmospheric temp. of the Jaffna peninsula.

  91. Hey Stinky Pal, China is coming, and this is now Chinese Ocean, we rule the world. You are no match to us, and get down and salute mighty Sri Lanka. Get your stinky ass out of our Ocean!

  92. DBSJ,you are dead right as usual. These big businesses don’t ever care for anything but their own profits. It is happenning all over the world and i think it is the biggest danger to humankind even more than climate change,because they are also substantially contributing towards it.

    You have to go back to the 1960’s to understand what happenned. Big busines wanted to export seafood. With so many people lacking protein in india and suffering from malnutrition they wanted to feed the rich people of the world to make more money in dollars.tamilnadu government gave loans and discounts for trawlers to businessmen,which are massive mechanised boats with powerful engines that drag heavy bottomed nets through the seabed trapping all aquatic life on its way.Fishermen were catching three to 4 times more than previously and at the moment they have no fish,but more than 10000 trawlers.

    Your analysis is perfect when you say that they are trying to do the same thing to srilanka.First it will start with the north and when that is fished for good it will spread to the south,because the businessmen are landed with all these trawlers and their foreign customers are clamouring for seafood because their seas are also finished.Fish will become a big luxury for srilankans,if it isn’t already so.

  93. elva says:
    July 8, 2011 at 4:26 pm
    Hi Wathsala.S Akka I am Master here,if that is you say, yes Master. How is S anna. I miss him a lot.
    nice reading. So what is your conclusion?
    Why you kept it as open ending?

  94. I think SL gov should distribute good quality and advamced fiching equipment for the lankan tamils as i suppose they have poor quality equipment. Therefore they cant compete with the Indian fishermen who have much better equipment. Due to the past war i think fishing did not develop in the nothern part. I want the Tamils in the north to flourish and as a sinhalese i would like to see both our communities corporate with each other and have mutua respect.

    Also I hope Lankan navy would also act responsibly towards the indian fishermen respecting agreements betwn the 2 cuntries.

  95. Mahesh, the only silver lining in this contentious issue is the training reportedly being given to the Tamil Nadu fishermen in deep sea fishing. The Indian side has asked for a year or so to transition to deep sea fishing so that the fishermen need not enter Lankan waters. Deep sea fishing is equally remunerative, if not more. Moving in this direction expeditiously would be the best and viable option.

  96. Wathsala,
    First of all I must say sorry for just reading your first comment and deciding that it could be my family friend Wathsala. Thanks for responding to my comments.

    What is my conclusion.
    International border in the waters of the Park bay has to be re-drawn considering Kachatheevu as part of India. Boays with lights has to be put at-least every kilometers to identify the border. No Army or Navy personals should be present in Kacadeevu or in the waters of Kachadeevu.

    It was a part of India. When the Russians drilled for oil in Mannar and around there, they lost the hope of any sign of oil so just said to the Srimao Bandaranayake’s government that there could be oil in Kachadeevu. Srimao made use of her friendship with Indra Gandhi to get it from India. So, because we got it thinking there is oil we should use it only to see if there is any oil or gas, either in the land or within the present border of the sea. Indian fishermen must have the right to lay their nets and rest in the island or to even pull Kara valai from the shore of Kachadeevu. So no Sri Lankan forces should be present and disturb their activities.

  97. Within the next few weeks the Observer Foundation will host an international ConFab in New Delhi on fishermen’s issues in the region. Sri Lanka is expected to send a large delegation of experts, academics and officials. This is the kind of forum to debate Fishermen’s issues that has plagued relationship between our two countries.


  98. There are two groups of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    The first are the Sri Lankan Tamils, who are descend from the Tamils of the old Jaffna kingdom.

    Sri Lankan Tamils are categorized into three subgroups based on regional distribution, dialects, and culture:

    1. Negombo Tamils from the western part of the island.
    2. Eastern Tamils from the eastern part.
    3. Jaffna or Northern Tamils from the north.

    The second are the Indian Tamils or Hill Country Tamils, who are descendants of bonded laborers sent from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka in the 19th century to work in tea plantations.

    The Hill Country Tamils and Ceylon Tamils historically have seen themselves as separate communities.

    In 1949, the United National Party Government, which included G. G. Ponnambalam, a leader of the Tamil Congress and of the Sri Lankan Tamils, stripped the Indian Tamils of their nationality, including their right to vote.

    Under an agreement between the Sri Lankan and Indian governments in the 1960s, around 40% of Hill Country Tamils were granted Sri Lankan nationality, and many of the remainder was repatriated to India. By the 1990s most Indian Tamils had received Sri Lankan citizenship.

  99. What I can’t understand is this…

    When some of the Tamil community wants 1/3 of land and 2/3 of sea area of Sri Lanka separated for 8% of population you all are ready to support them.

    When SL navy is guarding poor Tamil fishermen’s rights to there territorial rights you are all against them.

    And now you want even Kachadeevu back.

    Now we can understand where your loyalty is.

  100. Mr Sengutuan can play a vital role in this upcoming important gathering.

    Besides Batti Tamils,i am told the next biggest contingent of LTTE fighters were from this fishing community.

    These fisherfolk now,need every bit of help that they can get including the protection and preservation of their livelihoods.

    Evidently after depleting all the high end Sea Food species ,the Kerala Mafia run Nadu Fishers now , are taking the cheaper stuff as well, whole box and dice.

    A dyed in the blue India supporter like Mr Sengutuan , who claims to have contacts in India at the highest level ,will be a formidable asset to the Srilankan delegation to bat for the rights of the poor Northern Fisher folk, to safe guard their livelihoods against the Indian Mafiosa.

  101. If Tamilnadu is annexed to Srilanka then Tamils become majority. MR will be forced to sing poems on Jaya as it happens in TN or he may be arrested in overnight like Karunanithi while shouting kolrangale kolrangale in Sinhala. Fun to watch.

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