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Global Tamil Forum mobilizes international opinion against Sri Lanka over alleged war crimes

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Global Tamil Forum (GTF) is taking steps to mobilise International opinion against Sri Lanka over alleged war crimes & crimes against humanity.

The GTF together with Britain’s All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (APPGT) will co -host a parliamentary reception on Tuesday July5th.

The political meeting cum reception co-hosted by the GTF & APPGT will be held at the Attlee Suite of Portcullis House in Westminster.

Chief speaker at the event will be Alastair Burt MP & British Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Burt may re-iterate that “All Options” are at disposal of international community if SL govt fails to set up “credible investigation” by Dec2011.

Among other confirmed speakers at event are Douglas Alexander MP & Shadow Foreign Secretary & Ed Davey MP & Minister for Employment Relations.

Invitations have also been sent out to a large number of British ministers, all Members of Parliament & to 30 members of the House of Lords.

Several diplomats,media persons,human rights organization representatives & academics interested in Sri Lankan affairs have also been invited.

GTF is exploiting the wide concern in Britain on Sri Lankan situation after the screening of film “Killing Fields”on Channel -4 British TV.

Questions were raised in British Parliament by APPG-T chair Lee Scott MP & Vice-Chair Siobhain McDonagh MP on Sri Lanka at different times.

British Prime Minister David Cameron stated in the House that Britain wanted the UN & Sri Lankan Govt conduct investigations on the issues.

The GTF has also reportedly “brokered” a deal with New Delhi TV channels to telecast the channel 4 documentary for three days in India.

“Headlines Today” &” Aaj Tak TV (India Today Group) will telecast “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” on 7th July (10pm) 8th July (11pm) & 9th July (10 pm).

Tamil Nadu state is being inundated with advertisements in newppapers, TV, radio & billboards telling people to watch the documentary on TV.

Efforts are also on to interview & televise Tamil Nadu chief minister Ms. Jayalalithaa Jayaram about her reactions to “The Killing Fields”.

Meanwhile “The Killing Fields” will be aired on Australia’s ABC1 today 4th July at 8:30pm during the current affairs program “Four Corners”.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

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  1. This is great. already billions of people around the world are behind the war cromes prosecution demand.

    We need the long arm of the justice at work now. We need the direct UN intervention (if necessary armed intervention) to remove the occupying Sinhalese army from the north and east and recognise Tamil Eelam as a member of the UN and the international community. If there is going to be opposition from the Sinhalese regime to such an intervention, force will have to be used ( Libya, Balkans, Esat Timor ). The UN forces will also be placed in the South for the safety of the Tamils living in the South and a future regime could give a gurantee that they will not be harmed.

    The war criminals have to be arrested and herded to Hague to be prosecuted. A special tribunal along the lines of Nuremberg Tribunal has to be set up for this task. If found guilty, they should be given the capital punishment. Noone should be spared if they are guilty whether they are lower rankers or the President and his family members.

  2. These dramas/shows outside sri lanka are very much damaging to the Tamils living in sri lanka.Nothing good will happen to the tamils living in sri lanka from these things.Instead the attention of the world is being diverted to the war crime drama.There are lot of things to be done to improve the living standards of war affected tamils.
    Mahinda Rajapaksha may be happy to have more of this kind of things because the attention is being diverted away from the real problem.

  3. I watched it today . Tamils are indebted to C4(UK) and ABC four corners (Australia). Both have done an excellent job in bringing the truth out to the wider community. Without the folks like in C4 and ABC justice can never be delivered.

  4. If only the Global Tamil Forum and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils had been so diligent in pressuring the LTTE to negotiate in good faith during the ceasefire..then all this bloodshed could have been avoided.

  5. The GTF headed by Fr.SJ Emmanuel is now posing as champions of Human Rights but where was their commitment to Human rights when the LTTE ran riot?

  6. Wonderful work by GTF. Shows what Tamils can do if they work unitedly with their brain instead of relying on brawn as in the past

  7. As someone who spent a few weeks lately in Sri Lanka and as someone keeping in close touch with developments in Sri Lanka I must say I am not very happy about this type of Gung Ho activity by the GTF.

    I am very doubtful whether this would help Eelam Tamils. In fact I worry like DBSJ about their fate as irresponsible Diaspora continues to confront and irritate Colombo

  8. The ‘Killing Fields’ is the last trump card the LTTE diaspora is having of making any comeback. What is extremely strange is the concentration of all and mighty at the last 6 months of a 30 yr war.

    I know very well that the LTTE had a practice of recording all crimes committed by them.

    I wouldnt be suprised at quite a few suprises of a new ‘chanel 4’ videos being produced.

  9. WAR crime tribunal is very important And all criminals should be and must be punished first.Kill them or arrest them
    Reconciliation is only after criminlas are killed or arrested for what they did for innocent civilians. World watch tribunal for Serbian Milosovitch , Rwanda ,Cambodia, Siera Leone,
    now the time for Lanka.If United nations does not act on this there is no point for UN to exist.
    World need to see full transparency
    World is counting on UN . It is not a matter for Thamilians or Sinhalese any More
    World want to see criminals punished . Channel 4 showed to Millions of people all over the World
    World want to make sure Criminals are punished .THIS HAS BECOME AN INTERNATIONAL MATTER
    World does not give a rat whether Thamilians have peace now than before or not
    World want to see justice done for 50000 Tamils who got killed , raped , wounded . PERIOD

  10. gunda, If yo think Sri lanka did the rigft thing during the 2008 – 2009 ‘humanitarian rescue’ operation, Sri Lanka govt. cannot assure ‘nothing good for Tamils in Sri Lanka’ now….why?? Those Tamils are overseas no…why penalize the population Sri lanka claims their own????

  11. Ha ha ha

    Looks like foreign citizens are ganging up against Sri Lankans.

    It’s time to give another painful injection to LTTE Diaspora.

    Confiscate assets of LTTE Diaspora and fuklly Sri Lankanize the North.

    Talk to the LTTE Diaspora through the language thety understand.

  12. The answer to these stupid actions is to hit the LTTE Diaspora where it hurts… the wallet.

    Confiscate their assets in Sri Lanka.

    Create divisions among the remaining Tamil separatists and arrange killings within… and let’s have a hearty laugh.

    We can do it.

  13. I agree with you Mr.Thillaimbalam. If the GTS and other diaspora Tamils persue any action against the Sri Lankan Government,(which again they will definitely fail) it is not going to affect the diaspora Tamils but the Tamils living in Sri Lanka. The LTTE brought disaster, deaths and destruction to the Tamils living in the North and East. Had they acted sensibly at least in the peace process, more deaths and destruction could have been avoided. I have been to Sri Lanka recently, the voices of the Tamils there,is not to persue action against the Government but persue action with the government to develop and enhance their livelihood. Thousands of Tamils are still not resettled. There is not s single Tamil leader to lead the Tamils. Prabaharan anihilated all the learned Tamil men, Thiruchelvam was one. The Tamil diaspora contributed large sums of money to the LTTE to destroy the Tamils there. At the same time many benefited out of it.
    I would like the Tamil diaspora allow the Tamils in Sri lanka to live their lives.Do not destroy them once again.

  14. Put back Roy Manojkumar’s stroy for me to write about this rascal!!!

    You can write to me…………DBSJ

  15. I was in Sri Lanka recently and travelled to the north on A9.

    I am very pleased to observe that a number of Buddhist temples are being opened at many major intersections.

    This is a wise move to spread the Buddhism in the North in order to convert the remaining Tamils and support the arriving Buddhists from the south.

    Non- violent Buddhism is the best answer to the Tamil terrorism and separatism.

    All patriotic Sri Lankans should support the spread of Buddhism in the North and the East.

    I thank Pesident Rajapakse for this visionary policy.

  16. Thillai,

    What about justice for the murdered thousands of civilians? What about the wishes of the relatives and friends of those who were murdered? Why do you wish to let the mass murderers go scot free? For them to do it again and again?

    Impunity for those who commit crimes against the tamils in Sri Lanka has become established and at last someone is doing something about it. There will never be justice within the Sri Lankan judicial system for these crimes for the tamils. I think the GTF and the diaspora are finally doing something worthwhile to get justice for the tamils living in Sri Lanka and I appalud them for their efforts. There is nothing gained by repeating the baseless and pointless claim that these actions will harm or not help the tamils living in Sri Lanka.

  17. Jeyaraj Sir
    I am not sure why people do not understand the importance of WAR crime tribunal
    Millions of People all around the Globe watched the channel4 . World is saying JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR THE INNOCENT CIVILIANS DIED
    World does not care or need to know whether Thamilians are happy now or the Lanka is now ruled by Thamilians or the new President of Lanka is a Thamilian Who cares this kind of BS

    I cried helplessly after watching channel 4 . How could a Government kill its own people
    The hospital was bombed over 20 times. It reminds me of the way Hutus killed Tutsis

    Ravanas can jump upside down but Justice will prevail

    UN is invetigating about Nambiars role,WHY UN WAS SLOW , WHY UN EVACUATED IN THE MIDST OF WAR . Lawyers in India are investigation any foul play among the Indian Reps or Nambiar

    Even Budha said ”
    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

    The truth The Truh The Truth

  18. I wish the GTF will take heed of advice from people like DBSJand Dr.Narendran and do something constructive for Tamil people in Sri Lanka instead of making merry in London

  19. The GTF and APPGT are acting irresponsibly.They are leading the Tamils up the garden path, the same way that the TULF gang led them.The TULF came out with the irresponsible Vaddukoddai resolution knowing very well that separation or Eelam will never come into fruition,and compunded the situation by making half hearted responses on the 1987 Accord signed betweeen India and Sri Lanka while giving a nod and a wink to the LTTE.
    The gang later suffered the consequences of that.It was too late.
    Thereafter and the LTTE ploughed on regardless until the end came at Nandikadal in May 2009.
    Now the the LTTE has morphed as GTF and APPGT and has taken over and god only knows if the island’s Tamils will all end up in Perunkadal or not.These outfits are no different to KP,Karuna Amman or Minister D.Devananda in helping Mahinda Chintanya..

  20. If sinhala moderates were able to pressurise diligently Srilankan politicians before the birth of LTTE all the Deaths and property and developement delays could have been avoided mate.

  21. Yes. But removing the criminal elements from the military will make the future generation safer.

    Remember 1971, 1988-89 and then 2009. The country paid in blood for these (war) criminals. Sinhalese people are more generous that they forgave them for the killings of their kith and kins in 1971, 1988-89 but Tamils seems not.

    Those who support the war criminal should be ready to lose their children in the coming years.

  22. Gunda Mate,

    Tamils in Sri Lanka have nothing to lose and every thing to gain. So I don’t support the pessimistic view of DBSJ on these.

    Sinhalese leaders can’t give any to Tamils and even if they give the other party will oppose or try to come to power by saying that they will reverse it if selected. This is the 60 years history.

    So lets now face the music of the international community. At best Tamils will get self determination and at worse they will get nothing. But no more mass killings as DBSJ fears as the world is watching.


    Vocal warriors of Diaspora have nothing to lose.Tamils in Sri Lanka have lost much and will lose more. But then what does the selfish, irresponsible LTTE and pro-LTTE elements in the Diaspora care?

  23. Tara, keep dreaming that UN will give you the ealam, what ever the consequence Sri Lanka would take it as one country. You who supported LTTE cannot ask UN to support your cause of seperating the country now.Keep deaming with high hopes.
    The film is made out of false footage the correct film is out and the same would be published very soon. Therefore, dream on as you might have spent millions of money to support the LTTE in order to divide the country. Now try using your finance to get it done through UN.

  24. GTF Tamil bigwigs like Tamils in colonial times think white man is god. They butter White man to win sops and bones those days. Now they do same thing in white mans own country
    Slaves are slaves anywhere!

  25. I heard today on BBC radio news that Rajiva Wijasingha has told that the C4 has appologised to Srilanka But C4 has catogorically denied it and re asserted that their documentary of Killing fields of Srilanka are authentic and they still stand by it. Why this Professer is lying and damage Srilankan acadamics and politicians reputations.

  26. What wishful thinking from a dejected LTTE sympathiser (or an ex terrorist)

    ! The Killing Fields will soon be renamed as the ” Fields LTTE Murderers and Cowards ”

    Let the Sri Lankans ( Sinhalese ,Tamils, Muslims, Burghers etc ) judge how the vicious & criminal minds are at work,to cause mischief. It’s time to forge ahead for a united & a prosperous Sri Lanka. Away from the yolk of our former invaders, ungrateful neighbors & the Sahibs !!

  27. GTF may think it is making waves but as Mr.Jeyaraj observed in another article after all the excitement things will not change.Carry on GTF for the time being

  28. GTF’s work must go on to bring the war criminals to justice, and to keep the foreign government engaged. Also, caring for the ones still live in SL must continue, although it is done without any publicity for the obvious reasons. Contrary to some in this Web suggested, I know a lots of Diaspora Tamils do help their people who has no other mean of surviving in SL.

  29. Dear Mr Thilliambalam as you put it, the fact that a non violent activity directed at seeking justice for our people will “irritate Colombo” and put our people in harms way is the crux of the matter. As long as our land is occupied, regardless of what we do or don’t do our people will remain in harms way. That is the state of an enslaved people. It is the responsibility of the Tamil people world over to liberate our land and our people come what may.

  30. This is the worst news possible at this juncture. The moment blatant Tiger proxies such as the TGF and democratic leaders of countries such as the UK are seen to align with each other it undermines the genuine efforts to bring the Rajapaksa goons to justice. It also gives credence to the regime’s argument that these international efforts are done at the behest of the LTTE rump and it is a conspiracy against Sri Lanka. It is very sad that these UK politicians do not see that their association with these LTTE sympothisers is undermining the calls by moderates for justice. If the TGF is to have some credibility they must even at this late hour denounce the terrorism of the LTTE and its former leadership. It is time for the moderate tamils in the diaspora to raise their voices. Those who were opposed to the LTTE have legitimacy and will not jeopardise the attempts by like minded moderates elsewhere, especially amongst the Sinhalese, to work towards a country where all communities can live in peace rather than dream of separation. The rump of a defeated terror organisation demanding justice from a terror regime is no doubt going to weaken those who would wish to see justice done for those innocents killed.

  31. Why do the Buddhists act so complicated, feel so insecure and maintain a high inferiority complex.

    Now they have become the cursed PHILOSOPHY of the planet.

    All this thanks to the racist yaks in the bog of a Lanka.

  32. [That is the state of an enslaved people. It is the responsibility of the Tamil people world over to liberate our land and our people come what may.

    Come from England, come from Holland Come from any land….

    In the meantime can you show me where ‘your’ land is in Sri Lanka, (in order to confiscate it)?

  33. I will write again after war criminals get killed or arrested
    It is going to happen no question why and why not but WHEN ( I hope sooner than later)

    Our Madam Jeyalalitha CM of Tamil Nadu is a remarkable politician of Mother India. She is fluent in Hindi , friendly with many National politicians of India unlike Karunanithi fool
    Gujarath CM is one of her admirers who was invited to attend the CM ceremony. The point is Jeyalalitha is not like other politicians . She even formed 3rd party in National Politics along with some regional parties and with Communist party of India
    She was against the LTTE And Pirabakaran. Madam was very honest . Many Indians including myself do not like LTTE or any terrorists


    Time for Ravanas of Lanka to humble themself
    you can keep picture of Madam Jeyalalitha and ask for forgiveness for all the crime you did against Thamilians of Lanka for the last 40 years

    Justice needs to be done for innocent Hindu men women chidren died

    Reconciliation is only after justice for Thamilians
    I pray our Madam jeyalalitha along with BJP, and other parties take this matter as the most important agenda to kill or arrest war criminlas in Lanka sooner than later
    Wait for BJP rule.
    Russia is our ally . They will scr-w you if we ( India) tell the-m to sc-ew you . My understanding now is There will be investigation in India to see Nambiar and Menon played any role with Innocent deaths of over 50000 people in Lanka
    Lawyers in India are discussing on this . we all need full transparency. Did our Indian reps get any $$ from Ravanas to ignore the Lankan Tamil Plight in the last stage of WAR. Is there any Bribe involved between Indian delegation or Chief of Staff Nambiar and Lankan Govt . How could Nambiars brother worked as a consultant for Lanka.If there is a crime committed , these men will be sent to Indian Prison

  34. The notion of working with the any SL govt will never be supported by any above average intelligent Tamils in SL or in the Diaspora. – The Tamils have learned thru their past 60+ years of history with Sinhalese in independent SL. – The majority Sinhalese mentality (which is not correct and makes sense by the way) is that SL is the only country where Sinhalese and Bhudists live. But the Tamil Hindus live in many countries like India and Malaysia. Therefore, giving equal rights and treating the Tamils equally to them in SL when there is the huge TN at the tip of SL is a no no for them.

    But the notion of working with international community will be supported by above average intelligent Tamils in SL or in the Diaspora to win the rights of Tamils in SL.

  35. The fact is you can’t straightened a dog tail and that we have seen for the last 63 years and the only way to cut the tail short is to get the international community’s help. Only IC can guarantee future agreement will not be torn apart and for that I will whole hearty support GTF.

    There is something call dignity and Tamils want a peace with that and if it is not there then it is better to die for it.

  36. I too wish that the war criminals in Colombo will heed of advice from people like David Cameron, Kevin Rudd, Ban ki-Moon, Nava Pillai, Christof Heynes and various human right organisations to investigate the crime committed instead of destroying the Country’s image for their selfish, irresponsible acts.

    As a nation Sri Lanka has to pay for their arrogance.

  37. The original Tamil civilian casualty figure of 7000 dead became 40000 according to Ch4 documentary. You have inflated it to 50000. Some others are giving a figure of 100000.

    Has anybody substracted the number of LTTE fighters in combat uniform and in civilian cloths who have perished during the last stages of the war? Casualties as a result of colateral damage? Casualties as a result of LTTE exploding their ammunition dumps? Casualties as result of LTTE shooting their own people who tried to escape?

    War between two groups results in casualties. Was it a clean war when tamils civilians were given marching orders by LTTE to follow them in their long march to an ever decreasing land area?

    Please come back to your senses and please do not misquote and drag the Nobel “Buddha” to this conflict.

  38. Surely GTF is not going to organize a meeting to garner support around the world to say

    * Withdraw the LTTE Millions of EUROS ,and SWISS FRANKS held in Bonds , Fixed Interest Deposits and probably Money Market accounts too, to organise a welfare program to help the destitute people in the North who were held captive for many years.

    * Let us build 50,000 Houses to match the equal number that Dr Manmohan Singh is building.but with better facilities such as commodes that we have in ours, rather than the Indian version.

    * Let us get the British Govt to build a new hospital in Jaffna with an up to date Cardiac Surgery Unit to treat heart patients who need bi passes.

    * Let us build schools and nurseries for the thousands of children who are now free to attend school.

    * Let us pay the wages of the youth who are running the pre schools in Jaffana instead of letting the wicked Govt of Srilanka picking up the tab and brain washing them.

    * Let us build a couple of modern Orphanages to house the orphans of the LTTE fighter cadres and put the mediocre one Mr Pathmanathan is running to shame..

    I am sure the big nobbies of the British parliament who are the participants will readily match these Diaspora funds on Dollar for Dollar basis. Sorry Pound I should say because the USD is not much chop at the moment.

    By the way I am surprised Mr David Milliband, Mr Solheim, MS Jeayalalitha and Mr Vaiko, the real patrons are not among the invitees.

  39. Bandara,
    You are still in a victorious mood.
    Those powerful countries who helped to win the war against LTTE are not ging to help anymore,

  40. No Pain… no gain

    Very soon Prabha himself will appear from Vanni and fish out his own videos of killing Tamils but scream that they were killed by SLA.

    More tapes to come… We can hoodwink the westerners one more time. My dear Tamils, please unite and
    contribute for the final war. We need your support.

    P.S. Bruce Anna has sent his latest invoice for $300K.

  41. GOSL need to tough in these circumstances, escalate the blood-pressure of those who plan these conpiracies against us Sri Lankans.

    I have so many Tamil friends, who still call Sri Lanka, Ceylon.

    Sinhala should also be intriduced to the Tamil areas and more Sinhalese people must be resided in the North and the East.

    GTF is after money… I will not contribute a cent but I know there are thousands who are in pain after the LTTE terrorists were killed like stray dogs… and wabt revenge from Sri Lankans.

  42. Sorry, forgot to add,

    It is not fair to allow ” Old Burt”,the new Inductee, to help swing the Diaspora vote in the marginals, to the Conservatives. by upstaging the true blue supporter, Mr David Milliband, who fought tooth and nail to save Mr Pirhaparan and the LTTE till the last minute, as well as kept the whole Diaspora on the Labor side all along.

  43. […if the island’s Tamils will all end up in Perunkadal or not.These outfits are no different to KP,Karuna Amman or Minister D.Devananda in helping Mahinda Chintanya..]

    Hello… don’t be heartbkoken.

    We have great patriotic Tamil white van operators… who wills spare the innocent, but catch the LTTE Diaspora within or outside the country for further processing… 1000 feet below the Indian ocean.

    That’s our pride.

    Terror should be fought by terror… just like how the masters like UK, USA play in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  44. Don’t understand how what GTF does affect Tamils in Sri Lanka. Does it mean “if you hit us there we will hit your people here”? The same thing VP did; is SLG follwing the same sytle? As a responsible governemnt they have to look after the welfare of all Sri Lankan citizens in spite of what GTF or for that matter Diaspora does. Sri Lankan government is not in negotiation with GTF or any other Diaspora group. They have to convince their people (Tamils) that what they do is good for them. If SLG is not a mafia or terrorist group they have to go by the books. Forget about GTF and TGTE and other Tamil group and do what is good for Tamils. That way SLG can get more Tamils support. If they go tit for tat this will go on for ever making SLG weaker and weaker

  45. Correct! Lets forget the GTF seeking international justice for Tamil question which not provided localy in this
    stage. What about the GOSL even after 2 years of the war still not ready to political solution or wasting time like saying ‘New select commite’ or ‘other political partys with us opposing this’ or ‘JVP campagin against this because Indian presure’?

    Same Mahintha was saying ‘Military solution for LTTE,Political solution for Tamils’ ‘I will go beyond the 13 plus’
    Now ,like ‘Donkey become Ant’ even his 13 minus will hand over to select commite for more cuts to legitamate NE Tamils aspiration. No point to wasting time or refusing resonable soltution to NE Tamils within Srilanka.who want
    useless or powerless soltution which cannot protect Tamils and their life in the land?

    Why GOSL ready to spend 5billion at Hampanthotta to commenwelth game but not to NE war victims and their damaged homes?

    Trying to cheat Tamils like since 1956 and other side trying to betrays Tamils true political voice won’t work.
    IT will only triger GTF Time clock like this.

  46. As someone said the last trump card by LTTE sympathisers. Let us speculate what can possibly happen.

    Tamil asylum seekers were sent back to SL from UK as I write. UK obviously get intelligence reports via own sources. UK Parliment will voice their concern anyway. The footage will be aired in Tamil Nadu. A number of TN Tamils will self-immolate. Jayalalitha will call Manmohan. Manmohan will call Mahinda. Mahinda will say everything possible is being done. Truth and recon commission is looking into war crimes, PSC is looking into political reform, 50,000 houses are being built with Indian help etc etc. What other thing possible needs addressing? If GoSL is doing what its supposed to even if not up to standard, why would anyone sanction GoSL? After all it can only make things worse for those who are already affected by war.

    Just a word of caution though. ‘Sinhala only’ did not occur in a vacuum, neither did anything else SLFP did between 56-72. Similar to GTF, GGP was running around the country inciting racial hatred over Soulbury reforms until DS took him in. Chelva was rabble rousing over plantation Tamils clashing with Sinhalese. Each time Tamils only kept losing more and more. SLFP and TULF come from same ideology. They are xenophobic, vindictive and belligerent like all national socialists (Nazi). This is the mindset of Mahinda Rajaspke as well. You have all powerful and vindictive MR in one corner and SL Tamils in the other. Imagine how many ways can he make it harder for Tamils?

    The most constructive way forward for Tamils will be to strengthen the UNP. I am not sure how but that is the only way.

  47. There is nothing such as wishful thinking, we live in ever changing world where unpredictable events may happen or may not happen, you can’t be sure it will never happen. Only thing we Tamils need in the future is a government that may be very hostile to Sri Lanka and its chauvinistic policies against its own citizens in India.In the future there may be like Indra Ghandi/JR like hostile forces may occupy power in respective countries, then you can expect unexpected things may happen in your backyard.

  48. There are no Tamils living in so called nation Sri Lanka, only dead men walking exist in Northern and Eastern part of Srilanka.

  49. very well responded, these sinhalese never understand what are the causes of ethnic problems in Srilanka.

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  51. impunity breeds injustice period. There should never be impunity for anyone if we all want a just society.

  52. The days when the “International Community” decide to interfere in a sovereign countries’ internal affairs are just about over. The real Int. Community comprising of China, Russia and other progressive members will see to that.

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  54. [The Budhist leaders MR and crowd have done enough harm and we do not need any more Budhists]

    What are you talking man?

    We have to do more harm and more damage to the LTTE Diaspora and their assets creating trouble for us. We have erase the remaining clains to any ‘Tamil’ traces in order to protect ourselves.

    Good to see your blood is boiling after reading my comments. That was the whole point.

    Any Tamil aspirations cannot grow bigger than Sri Lankans’ aspirations. Love Sri Lanka or leave it.

    The only language LTTE Diaspora understand is force. Let’s communicate through that.

  55. The only language the LTTE diaspora understand is DDT… death, destruction and terror. We used DDT against the Tamil terrorists and
    beat them in their own game. No need for another language.

  56. obviously there must be more civilized people, then the Singalese Soldiers who have rapped tortured women ?
    The people who defend them are nor more civilized.

  57. Tamil organizations  can not intimidate Sri Lankan government at any rate.Do you know why?
    First-thing is Sri Lankan population consists 84% of Sinhalese and rest of them are minority(includingTamils).Second thing Is Tamils has mistakenly underestimate Sri lankan government and people and followed terrorist movement which  lead to separatism and was successfully defeated.Third is that Asian,African and South African leaders know that   western countries trying to promote separatism in Asia,Africa and South America through UN and other corrupted international organizations.Even the past war help tamils to easily enter into western countries as refugees it is extremely unsafe for these countries to accept Tamils as their residents or citizens.Tamils forming organizations to support terrorist groups in Sri Lanka means they will not able to integrate with western communities and erase their terrorist mentality.Logically, the people who understand this will not support Tamils for their untrustworthy course other than integrate peacefully with wider community.So,future of violent Tamil organizations formed in western countries is very grim. 

  58. We need Australia to lead the UN intiative against Sri Lanka. Australian Greens, who accept the right of self determination of Eelam Tamils, have the balance of power in the Australian parliament and are in a position to move things.

    Sinhala maniacs in OZ do not have a standing in any of the academic or legal circles when it comes to justifying the actions of the Sri Lankan government. They do not have simply brains apart from anything else to be engaged in a civilised debate. Making LTTE a demon is what they do when they are not distributing catalogues to letter boxes to earn extra bucks to make their annual visit to Sri Lanka to show off to their poor and uneducated family members. Br Patrick Emerton of Monash University, awell respected legal academic sums up the recognition LTTE has within the progressive, liberal intelligentsia in OZ, He says that ‘The LTTE was never (and is never likely to be) a direct or indirect risk to Australia or Australian interests. The LTTE‟s politically motivated violence was directly in response to the Sri Lankan Government’s discrimination against its minority Tamil population and as a result the political violence was only ever targeted at Sri Lankan state actors: the violence was never once targeted, directly or indirectly, at Australia or Australian interests.’ above all, the Australians are aware of and grateful to the Eelam Tamils for the contributions made by hundreds of Tamilian doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants and scientists so forth.

    We have Dr Gareth Evans ( a influential person within the international social democratic legal and intellectual circles) , the head of the ICG, on our side. The current Australian Foreign Minister, a internationally recognised diplomat ( who could well end up as the UNSG in future ) was instrumental in establishing South Sudan. has made some encouraging remarks in this regard after watching the Killing Fields film on ABC last night. He tweets “Good to see ICC act on Qaddafi and his regime. This has been Australia’s consistent call. KRudd’-‘#4corners tonight on Sri Lanka deeply disturbing. UN Human Rights Council can’t simply push this to one side. Action needed. KRudd. ‘He had previously offered Australian special forces even to fight inside Pakistan once an agreement is struck between US and Pakistan.

    We have no better friend than Mr Rudd who would stand up to Sri Lanka’s backer, China. Mr Rudd recently went to Burma , the other regime China backing and met Aung Sung. Mr Rudd is well known as the ”a brutal realist on China” and had warned that Australian intelligence agencies closely watched its military expansion in the region. He also warned that China must integrate into the international community and said that Australia and US must be prepared to deploy force in China if everything goes wrong.

    The moment a UN peace keeping force lands on Sri Lanka, Rajapaksha supporters will abandon him and a section of them will in fact support the UN initiative against him. The mighty Sri Lankan army who crushed the opponent and an entire ethnic group in a one sided war will disintegrate in to different factions and start fighting each other.

    Look! Things are changing very rapidly.

  59. Uthungan;
    The GTF and APPGT are doing the right thing for reasons articulated by both Piranha and Bharath. Since indepedance Tamil leaders made several accords and pacts with successive Sinhala leaders and they were not honored. As a last resort the Vattukoddai resolution was declared. BUT, The TULF never gave military Training to the Tamil youth in the early 80s. The TULF never gave weapons to Tamil militants. It was India used these vulnarable people to advance their hidden geo-political agenda. Against this back drop, the 20th century fox JR out-smarted then rooky PM rajiv and signed the 1987 accord to ‘solve the problem’ using India who caused it. Then came the IPKF and It turned agaist the very people they set out to protect and I do not have to elaborate their atrocities. Even in the final stages of the war India not only callaborated with the war criminals but also gave instructions to the SL genociding forces to fight to the bloody end regardless human catastrophy. India has Tamil blood in its hand. India will frangment regardless the formation of an independant Thamileelam which is the only way out for the Tamil national question.The Sri-Lankan nany keep killing Tamil fisherman for several years; several hundred poor fisherman lost their lives. If they can’t protect their own citizens how are they going to protect India from enenimies like China and Pakistan. As long as Sri-Lankan Tamils are concerned, they have to keep India in an arm length.

  60. Why should the UN or any Govt act on fake Videos and allegations. The Ch-4 video is now proven to be a fake as it was trying to pin the blame on SL Army when in fact the original video shows the Tigers killing SL Army prisoners having taken their uniforms. Also the original claim by Ch-4 that these were mobile phone films when they were in fact taken from Video camera, indicates that the Ch-4 was trying to twist the truth to help the Tigers. These allegations against the Army may grow by the day as the Tigers have ill-gotten funds to spend on anything or anyone weak enough to accept it.

  61. This threat by “Rattapakse” shows how violent these LTTE supporters have been and will be in future too. However, its not only SriLanka that should beware of these violent people, but the countries that have accepted them too need to be very watchful.

  62. We all aware in UK above 60% of Tamils are not a refugees, they are economical immigrants. I am seeing that there are lot of UK residents around in Jaffna nowadays. These residents even not qualified Ordinary or Advanced level but their family wealth is much higher than us as I am a University Degree holder and teaching in Jaffna.

    Fantastic thing is even advertisement in the news papers like death or any village events these non litrate people are using their living country as a degree.. say sujatharan (London)..

    My question is simple, This GTF and others demand is not clear.. what they want? Are they trying to get Justice for war crime? or Independent Tamil Eelam not sure.

    Recently I met my school mate (he was studied with me until year 8 and went to UK in 1997…)he said we will continue to struggle to get justice and also independent country.. fine then was long discussion.. even he was saying his kids are not fluent in Tamil ( I am aware that him self used to fail Tamil and english in school days) and they are all UK citizen will not come back to home in future… most of the cases are same.

    Myself personally affected from the war lost family members as well. I believe the all GTF action not going to give anything on the ground.We are wasting our resources without any constructive ideas.

  63. Hi Tara

    Australian Greens, who accept the right of self determination of Eelam Tamils, have the balance of power in the Australian parliament and are in a position to move things.

    Then why don’t you first get the Greens to “move things” to help Tamil refugees???

    No refuge Down Under- Aussie PM pushes massive clearing house for all refugees before they are transferred to a willing host country

  64. Your English is “pretty good” for a person holding a university degree and teaching in Jaffna 😉
    You must be “boiling” inside since such an uneducated filth is making more than you.

  65. Does the Ceylonese Tamil population constitute a nation or are they simply a minority? This has been the reason for all the problems isn’t it? The narrative of few Jaffanese scholars have been Tamil kingdom folded after arrival of the Portuguese. Then the Brits combined everything for ‘Administrative connivence’.

    Look, neither do I subscribe to the view Tamils are recent arrivals to SL nor they are a nation. The Portugese theory is a bit wobbly. This is because they give an account of a population of Jaffna when they arrived. According to the Portuguese, The population consisted of Sinhalese, Bedagaz(Vadegaz(Telegu)) and Muslims. One then starts to wonder how can there be Tamil kindom without Tamils!


    When Tamil nation theory gets wobbly so does Chelvanayagams Tamil state, Voddokoddai resolution, LTTE, GTO and even GTGE. The existance of a Tamil nation must be able to stand on its own merit. Discrimination between 56-72 does not translate to handing over any sovernigty over to a minority. If there was discrimination then the solution is to re-instate duty of care and reverse discrimination – thats all.

  66. Englishman,

    I agree with you, Yes I am boiling inside. You should aware an ordinary family who can not effort fly as refugee to this western countries/ Whoever gave importance for education rather than “kooli”in foreign countries they are now boiling.
    distressing… You guys come from UK without any proper qualification but only have lump of money.. going school as a chief guest.. my worry is the student now do not have opportunity to fly he is thinking you are a successful/ respectable people in the society.

    Do you our basis.. those day village leaders are lawyers, Doctors, Engineers.. government servants.. what happened now? all nasty businesspeople, thugs. those who have all the kids in abroad become big bosses… they are completely misleading the society.. My real worry is about our younger generation… they do not have good people to follow…

    Again come to the point.. If a London “kooli”can speak English why don’t you think a graduate from Sri Lanka can not?

    Try to negotiate with the government to resolve the real problem rather than threatening the government will create more and more Sinhalese extremist take upper hand.. it will lead another Mullivaikal soon.. do you want to see again? you all guys are blood thirsty… nonsense.. moreover stupid..

  67. I don’t believe you provide the complete picture. In recent interview KP himself said how Prabarakan was pushed by DMK to forward Dravidian cause in the island. Chelva Thathai also met Periyar few times. Was’t it afterwards he proclaimed in Jaffna Tamils should fight with arms until Eelam is achieved? India did get involved over geo-political issues later. However way before that the Tamil youth received political and military support from TN with the facilitation of FP/TULF.

  68. I am agreeing with GTF for demanding justice for crime.

    Same time GTF/ any Eelam Tamil organization should declare that they will not encourage/Involve any violence in Sri Lanka. Particularly they should come out from LTTE’s agenda.

    We all support Eelam tamils to demand equal rights in Sri Lanka.

    Just Read Mr.Kugan opinion about “International Tamil diaspora”, I am not taking to personnel or in small view, Some key points that he has indicated here is serious and acceptable. yes there are lot of unbalanced society have created by this eelam war.

    Recent interview with Mr.Selvarasa Pathmanathan clearly stated that lot of money belongs to Tamil tigers have gone to individual pockets. So the tamil diaspora should concentrate to dig out these money to help/ create opportunity at the ground.

    After so much effort from international community and local authorities we manage to remove the traveling restriction to North. So there are no restriction. Please step up to help our people .

    God bless you all


  69. Dear Rajakaruna,

    Appreciate your response… Our leaders must work hard to unify the country…


  70. Sinhala Buddhists will not give you anything. It is the GTF that is campaigining for war crimes prosecution of the Sri Lankans, UN sponsored referundum and finally establishing a separate you, your family, your friend and his children can live peacefully with dignity and pride. You may noy see quick results but things are progressing quite well. Billions of people in the world are begining to understand the barbarity of Sinhalese Buddhists.

  71. Wije

    If you happen to come to Australia, please talk to Sarah Hanson Young,a Greens senator, who would explain to you what they have for our cause.

  72. Dear Dave,

    You have highlighted some key points about the issue.

    I am agreeing you that Tamil Refugees are not integrated with the societies where they are living.

    They are passionately supporting Terror.

    It is not a healthy trend for their kids as well.


  73. Because you only saw one video. That was only tamil’s story.
    find out other side story and related vedios
    then make comment.

  74. Dear Tara,

    Understanding the “barbarity of Sinhalese” will not help us get the equal rights.

    Our political leaders continuously engage the talk with Sinhalese rulers and international community to achieve the equal rights. These are long term agenda.

    Immediate problems are very serious. Karunai, Douglas and Pillaian group members are continuously involve illegal activities in North and East with support of Government.We should quickly act against the prostitution, Illegal taxes, kidnapping and murders.

    Otherwise remain sound people also leave from N&E.


  75. The GTF should work hard to make sure that the C4 documentary is shown in all the western countries including Europe, Canada and the US. The Tamil genocide that took place and still taking place in Sri Lanka by the Anti-Tamil Rajapakshe and Co. should be exposed to the entire world.

    Way to go GTF.

    After the Rwandan Genocide, there were so many documentaries, docudramas, and movies to show the entire world what really happened. A very similar situation has taken place in Sri Lanka (Tamil Genocide), GTF and other Tamil organizations should produce more and more documentaries, docudramas, and movies and inform the world how the Anti-Tamil/Sinhala-Buddhist Rajapakshe and Co. is treating the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

  76. First correct your self that you are reading the true history not fake propaganda website. Understand the very clear fact ‘regional autonomy’ or ‘Federal solution’ cannot be translate to ‘sovernigty’. Tamils are majorityof the NE like sinhalese in the south!

  77. Here we ago again, angry singalese mob is here to bash Tamils.
    its waste of time to respond to these supporters of rapist and sadism.

    Its waste of time trying to convince us to give up on our mission to bring truth
    and justice our people. Any threat to us or our people will accelerate the eventual
    change of regime.

    There might be few short sighted Tamils thinking that, they are some how happy now,
    that is illusion, and selfish. we have to think long term, in the long term. Its better
    we use the current wave of sympathy to build lasting solution to our problem.
    We can’t miss this opportunity. We can’t trust Sri Lankans state which has slaughtered our
    people for last 30 year. Its still trying to fool us.
    Tamils diaspora is one of the most successful community in every country they are in.
    Our combined income alone is far greater then the GDP of the mini European nations.
    If GOSL thinks we are just bunch of refuge cleaner. They are under estimating us.
    You can’t fools us like you fool singala masses.

  78. Because the professor has entered the university via language wise standardisation with poor marks on the cost of intelligent Tamil students. Somehow he managed to pass out the university.

  79. Dear Sir, Sri Lanka is not the same country you saw a few decades ago. Please do visit the North-East and the central parts of Sri Lanka and see for yourself what the Sri Lankan government has done/is doing to Tamils. It is a well planned genocide sponsored by the Central government of India, Russia and China. Singhalese want to wipe out Tamils from the Island and soon the Muslim brethren in Sri Lanka will suffer the same fate. May God protect the minorities.

  80. A person is assed by the company they keeps.

    For you, the ‘visible’ are those uneducated guys.

    What about 6,000 doctors, 8,000 engineers and 14,000 accountants that the Tamil community contributed to UK.

    First of all I wonder you really got a degree as you claim? Or is it like the one our Dr Mervin de Silva got?

  81. When the GFT, the most militant outlet of the Global Elaam is marshaling its Western Troops to force a regime change, Mr Suresh Premachandran, the TNA heavy demands the President to give him “Self Rule” in writing.

    He says he couldn’t give a shit about any All Party PSCs .

    I thought any solution that has the backing of the UNP,will be rock solid.

    Being the main Opposition and the long running buddy of the Tamil communal political parties ,starting with the Federal Party ,UNP will force the President to be more generous to Mr Premachandran in the deliberations at the PSC.

    But the TNA apparently does not think so if we are to go by its Chief Spokesperson Mr Premachandran’s statement to the media yesterday.He insists the President himself must give it soon.

    The Tamils in Colombo are and have been inextricably interwined (to borrow from Mr Jeyaraj’s Column)for a long time.

    In fact they have done so well by this interwinding to the extent that the Sinhalese have become a minority in Colombo.

    Mr Premachandran and his mates are among the lot who have done very well.And they continue to be happily living in the interwined habitat.

    But they want self rule in the North and prevent the Northerners to inextricably interwined with the rest .

    The average punter on the street must be wondering what is going on here.

  82. Pingback: Global Tamil Forum mobilizes international opinion against Sri Lanka over alleged war crimes « UKTamilNews.com

  83. Ken Leclair

    You say for Tamil Eelam to blossom that India must fragment.
    But the irony is that the GTF is brokering with New Delhi TV Channels for the Channel4 documentary to be telecast for three days at a stretch throughout.ASTOUNDING.
    So your stand that India gave guns to the Tamil militants and not the TULF is not worth a comment.

  84. Lunatics and mentally retarded persons will always utter some non sense. Ignore that.

  85. Inefficient and impotent army that ran away from the attacks of guerrilla militant organization for a period of 30 years. Under the brand name of SLA military personnel from India, Israel and China with their weapons defeated LTTE. It is a shame on SL to fall under the feet of Asian giants to defeat after all a guerrilla organization. World should talk to SL in a language that is understood to the Sri Lankan Sinhalese Terrorists (SST).

  86. Dear Ratnam,
    What you said is true for all new immigrants (first generation), except certain categories like British moving to Australia or USA for example. The second generation integrates will into mainstream and performs better the average son of the new lands.

    Now if you want to interpret supporting liberation for eelam Tamils as passionately supporting Terror even after LTTE is dead and gone, please think again.

    GTF has nothing to do with terror and unless you have ulterior motives keep going.

  87. All know independant Eelam is declared by democraticall elected NEPC.
    An Eelam citizen

  88. Kugan,
    Think again. You said, “Fantastic thing is even advertisement in the news papers like death or any village events these non litrate people are using their living country as a degree.. say sujatharan (London)”

    This has nothing to do with uneducated Tamils going to western countries as refugees. Even before 1983 (refugee times), if you would have been listening to Radio Ceylon, when the birthday announcements were made (at 7am) in the morning, the well wishers are like London mama Maysia Chittappa etc.

    But, if you are jealous that uneducated Tamils abroad are beating your (educated) living standards in SL that is a different storey. – Work with the international comminity including China and Russia to twist the terroist arm of the SL state to come secure the rights for Tamils in SL before any sensible diaspora (die-ass-pora as affectionately called by some) Tamil can pour his money into SL to improve your living standards.

    Currently, the diaspora Tamils are helping their relatives, privately, in a low profile so the terrorist state cannot use it for its propaganda.

  89. LTTE is dead and gone.

    Terms like “LTTE rump”, “Tiger proxies”, “LTTE sympothisers” were selling like hot cakes when LTTE alive.

    Now, there are no buyers in the international community for these items.

    As far as GTF does not promote violence and continue to support Tamil equal rights in SL (within SL or not, that is SL govt’s and Sinhala people’s choice), there going to be more and more international buyers.

  90. Yes many have even forgotten the Declaration of independant Eelam by Democratically elected NEPC.
    An Eelam citizen

  91. Good job, do you want to contact CH4 for a speacial interview and describe how the system works from MR/GR to Deva/Karuna on “great patriotic Tamil white van operators”?

  92. ***If the GTS and other diaspora Tamils persue any action against the Sri Lankan Government.Tamils in Srilanka will be Affected***
    If India go against Srilanka in geo politics Tamils in Srilanka will be Affected.
    If diaspora go against Srilanka Tamils in Srilanka will be Affected.
    If CH4 telecast SLKF …………..
    If Tamilnadu Fishermen intruded in to Srilankas watter ………. If Tamilnadu passed a resolution …..If Navipillai asked for independant Inquiry on possible war crime ……..Pathetic Srilankan Tamils!
    An Eelam citizen

  93. The sad truth is some educated intelligent Tamils still believe in negotiating with the govt ignoring all the past learnings / history.

    They advocate working with SL govt and give you many many excuses. – They do not care Tamils being taken for a ride time and again, and doe not care prolonging the Sinhala oppression of Tamils. – But want to keep trying – Will they ever learn? Do they have a deadline set for their learning?

    They deter working with international community – Strange Strange Strange – The only viable option available for Tamils.

    The TNA has no choice but to keep negotiating (even they are cheated / insulted / intemidated / made fools of themselves) so they can expose the SL state and demonstrate to the world so the world can see the truth, live (not just from history). – The LTTE failed on this one badly.

  94. I am waiting for the publication of revised Mahavamsa to verify the actual casuality.
    An Eelam citizen

  95. Ken Leclair

    If there is to be justice for the innocent and the oppressed Tamils the LTTE should too be in the same dock.But you pray for India’s fragmentation for Tamil Eelam to blosson,but the irony is that the Tamil diaspora LTTE incarnate GTF is brokering the New Delhi TV channel to telecast the CH4 documentary.What a howler!
    Need I comment on your believe that the TULF gang had no role in arming the Tamil militants and never inspired them to eliminate those who they considered as weeds….. begining with the shooting of the Jaffna Mayor who had been popular in the Jaffna electorate.. and the rest is history ?

  96. why you forgot the declaration of Independant Eelam by democratically elected NEPC?
    An Eelam citizen

    There was no declaration of Eelam by NEPC.There was only a declaration of intent……………….DBSJ

  97. Hello Ratnam:

    [We all support Eelam tamils to demand equal rights in Sri Lanka]

    Your crocodile tears come into light, the moment you wrote ‘Eelam Tamils’?

    Where in the world is Eelam?

    If you say it is in the north and east of Sri Lanka, you can be
    easily identified as from the LTTE Diaspora, or Tamil Terrorist Diaspora, as LKsword says.

    Although Sri Lankans would laugh off lightly at your comment they will take very seriously
    if any Tamil terrorist scum is found roaming in their country.

    This is the issue the Sri Lankans have with:
    Foreign citizens having an agenda against the national interests and aspirations of the Sri Lankans.

    You can become a doormat for foreigners and beg them or bribe them to attack Sri Lanka from all sides… but the ground reality is that at the end of the day Sri Lankans are familiar with your agenda and are very well prepared.

    Taking into these realities, if I were the president of Sri Lanka, I would be definitely take a harder line against this Tamil Terrorist Diaspora.

    You will realize the severity of the pain… when the Sri Lankans use the hands of Tamil speaking Sri Lankans themselves to castrate the invaders.

    So, please, leave the Sri Lankans alone. They are way too big enough to solve their internal problems and issues.

  98. I really appreciate the GTF’s effort to bring MR to war crime tribunal. But As a LTTE’s overseas wing, GTF and their sister organisation call BTF, seriously committed crime against their own people in directly. Is there any way to bring them to the war crime tribunal? BTF/GTF have blood on their hand. They have no right to talk about the blood on MR’s hand. Of course MR has more blood on his hand than BTF/GTF. But If he does not have that much blood on his, blood bath will keep continue in Tamil area. That is a practical sad bitter truth.

  99. Don’t think you are smart mate!!

    It is not threat but fear, an absolute fear of the capacity of our national forces. Have you seen the half burned, hand bound bodies, garlanded with burning tyres at roadsides. Have you seen the hand human being put in sacks and rolled in to rivers. These all happend in 1988-89, not to Tamils but to Sinhala youths and in thousands. And in 1971, Manemperi, the Matara beauty queen was shot and buried alive for not agreeing for sex of the Army officer.

    In the north we heard of the euavelent Chemmania rape and murder of an school girl. The mother and the girl’s friend also killed when they spot the body of the former. Trico students killings and 17 aid workers killings are to name a few other ‘good’ deeds.

    Unless and until these criminal mentality in the national forces are removed and or scared off, no future generation is safe.

  100. Your comments indicate everyone who is trying to bring the culprits to justice are tigers. The Tigers faught for the community but with strateges that were counter productive. It is now Tigers gone, it is the best oppotune for not only Tamil for clean up the mess of racism politics. Our brethren has suffered and the responsible for the atrocities are braught to justice. we have to an we will do everything as we live in true democractic system.

  101. Kugan

    I cannot make any sense of your post.

    At least koolies (as you call them) are free to follow their own will. And they do work hard for their (and their children’s) education. They are not given anything free in a platter, like the free education you got. And the “lump of money” they have, comes from working hard 16 hours a day.

    And by the way, I don’t think you are a graduate


  102. So you want us to be in line with th SL govt regardless our aspirational outcome. we have a voice as we live in a true deocractic system not like our brethren in North an East.I am writting to you today that you don’t have a voice either and you are masked by the glory of beatong Tamils. As I always say, only the Singhalese community can community bring peace by their voting power as you who braught the county tothis level by responding to the racial politics.

  103. yes, we know all about it as we first han experiennced it from you since 1956.

  104. DBS Annai

    How I hate the LTTE and Pirapaharan for causing all this damage to Tamils.

    I hope GTF will not take pro-LTTE line

  105. Modaya,

    Dignity of ‘Tamils’ cannot EXCEED the dignity, pride, values, traditions, and national security of the proud Sri Lankans.

    Tamils are the minority there… and you need accept it regardledss of the size of your ego or dignity.

    Tamils can get solutions for their issues… but they have to play as a team member of the Sri Lankan team.

    NOPE… we will NEVER allow to break our Sri Lankan team and accommodate another ALL TAMIL team.

    It is too expensive to maintain two teams.

    Love Sri Lanka or GET OUT, NOW!

  106. I quote

    Vocal warriors of Diaspora have nothing to lose.Tamils in Sri Lanka have lost much and will lose more. But then what does the selfish, irresponsible LTTE and pro-LTTE elements in the Diaspora care?

  107. So Thillai Annar,

    A girls is waiting for the chopping man in Saudi. Do you think her family will accept if the government say that in order not to affect further job opportunities for Lankans, we should not ask for clemency of Saudi king?

    Or can we tell the victim family to forget it and get along with your life and have another baby.

    If there is a new government in Sri Lanka then what you say will make sense but as long as war criminals are in power you would expect this.

  108. We all wish this and that should happen but in the realistic world the big boys would use this war crime allegation as a leverage point to further their INTEREST. World is lettered with examples. Just wounder whether We lost blood for someone else interest?….

  109. This whole exercise is futile as it is only going to enrage the SL govt. and their defiance just gets more irrational and effects the people in Sri Lanka who want to counter the govt propaganda and change the way of thinking to get back to justice.

    The GTF is not helping the cause of their bretheren who live in SL. In fact their action further delays the day that they will be more able to control their destiny. This behaviour is a great disservice to them.

  110. Anonymous,
    The dream will be reality but how it is going to take place? The sinhala mind set had played a very good game since independence but the tactics remain the same but the Tamils have changed theirs according to the current geopolics .
    Remember Cyprus?
    I will give my name
    it is not Anonymous it is a non fearing Tamil


  111. 1956?

    No way… Tamil terrorists, in the guise of separatists have been terrorizing us since Dutugamunu era.

    Their objective is very unlikely to go away.

    As DDT has been proven to control the menace very well, GOSL need to choose that option.

    Nothing should be given to these trouble nakers. It will be fatal mistake to appease the

  112. Nothing… absolutely NOTHING should be given to the ‘TAMILS’,,, but everything must be possible to those who identify themselves as Sri Lankans and embrace MotherLanka.

    Every passing day… LTTE Diaspora must be made to be doormats to the west… and feel defeated and lost.

  113. modaya
    Do that dont tell in public but thanks for letting the Tamils know your mind mind set i will forward your comments to non TAMILS to show why Tamils cannot live with sinhala speaking half Tamils


  114. Nothing but a third class reply!!!

    There are ways and means of disagreeing with a person in a civilized way.

  115. There is a tendency by the regime to label any opposing forces as LTTE sympathisers and traitors be it the UN, US,UK or even local politicians who call for some accountability. But surely there are those in the Diaspora such as the TGF and the Rudra group who have clear affiliations to the LTTE. They still have a separatist agenda which is a threat to SL. Even the likes of me who wish to see justice to what was done by this regime to the Tamil people of my country do not want to be in the same boat as those who want to cause harm to the state of Sri Lanka. While they are free to have their own agendas in their new countries of domicile they do a great disservice to those who see terrorism both by the LTTE and segments of this regime as equally criminal. I rejoiced in the demise of the LTTE and will be equally happy to see justice done to the Rajapaksa goons. But one group of LTTE sympathisers calling for accountability from the Sri Lankan state while they are themselves culpable for funding the terrorists is not justice but a joke. The US, Australia, Canada or even Norway have not given into these pro-LTTE groups while they have called for accountability. The British by legitimizing these groups have done a great disservice.

  116. There is a tendency by the regime to label any opposing forces as LTTE sympathisers and traitors be it the UN, US,UK or even local politicians who call for some accountability. But surely there are those in the Diaspora such as the TGF and the Rudra group who have clear affiliations to the LTTE. The latter still have a separatist agenda which is a threat to SL. even the likes of me who wish to see justice to what was done by this regime to the Tamil people of my country do not want to be in the same boat as those who want to cause harm to the state of Sri Lanka. While they are free to have their own agendas in their new countries of domicile they do a great disservice to those who see terrorism both by the LTTE and segments of this regime as equally criminal. I rejoiced in the demise of the LTTE and will be equally happy to see justice done to the Rajapaksa goons. But one group of LTTE sympathisers calling for accountability from the Sri Lankan state while they are themselves culpable for funding the terrorist is not justice. The US, Australia, Canada or even Norway have not given into these pro-LTTE groups while they have called for accountability. The British by legitimizing these groups have done a great disservice.

  117. Wouldn’t be too sure about the referendum given those who would vote no are afraid of showing their hand to the pro-Tiger factions overseas.
    That doesn’t make the vote very representative – those 99.9% figures start to lose their sheen a bit.

  118. You give Buddhism a bad name, as do a minority of nationalist and racist Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka.

    “non-violent Buddhism” Really? How do you explain a military of over three hundred thousand personnel, the vast majority of whom are Buddhists? Or that these same are called on to kill their brethren in fighting the war against the LTTE (and the JVP back in the day or have you forgotten?).

    And if you are wondering about the word brethren and how it can be applied to those of the LTTE who fought the government forces then what you mean by “all Sri Lankans” is simply Sinhala Buddhists. No minorities apparently!!

    Grow up.

  119. Dear Tara, 95% of world’s Tamil people live in TAMIL NADU. The Sri Lankan Tamils living in North and East of Sri Lanka counts to 6% of country’s population. Over 40% of Sri Lankan Tamils live in Colombo, happily among other communities. They work together, make friends and intermarry.

    It looks like TAMIL NADU is the best place to start your revolution. But INDIANS would have none of it. They want to export their “TAAMIL NATIONALIM problem” to Sri Lanka. Why not we all live in harmony and call ourselves SRI LANKANS. Sri Lanka is not a rich country. We all can not have all we want. Why not “make do” and live with love and empathy.

    I have a great sympathy and understanding of how Tamil people feel. They were among the first people of INDIA and were marginalized by successive “so called Aryan”, Mogul and European invaders. They are inheritors of a great culture and a history. Why take this horrible path to destruction?

    I advocate that RACE should be taken out of Sri Lankan “Birth certificates”. Let every one be named as SRI LANKANS. At least, our next generation can live in harmony.

  120. You’re dreaming. I could not believe how ignorant you are even if living in a country like Australia. Australia is a country that believes in multicuturalism while working towards reconcilliation between the mainstream Australians and the owners of the land; Aboriginals. People like you should learn something from them to work towards the reconcilliation between Sinhalese and Tamils not divide them in such a cheap way.

  121. WAR CRIMES committed by both parties. LTTE is no more in Sri Lanka. If any international court cases appear, the remaining LTTE (GTF, TGTE, and other LTTE fronts) also be charged.

    How many paper/keyboard Tigers are ready to see the gallows in Hague?

  122. Fr.Emmanuel needs the approval of Pope of Vatican to have his cassocks. Will DBSJ find the opinion of POPE in this matter?

    Vatican has many past of crimes and now invested in GUN industry. Is Fr.Emmanuel working for Vatican or Sri Lankan Tamils to make profit for Vatican?

  123. Hi Tara mate,
    An educated person would never write garbage like you. You write of Australia going to war with China! Australia is living on money they earn from mining exports to China! The Chinese can buy from Indonesia, Brazil and plathora of African countries if they wish. When Chinese say jump, Aussie have to ask how high. For Australians China is million times more important than Sri Lankan Tamils, pls come back to real world.

  124. Dear Rajakaruna,
    Still could not resist the term “LTTE sympathisers” even after LTTE is gone for good on GTF, and I perfectly understand why. If not, how else one can discredit the GTF and its work on mobilizing the international community? Most importantly, making an attempt to convince the world to distance themselves from the GTF and/or TGTE by using such out of date terms.

    In my humble opinion, whether the GTF/TGTE having a separatist agenda do not matter in the eyes of the world anymore, provided they do not promote violence in one form or other in sL. If the world can ignore the LTTE, it can easily ignore the GTF/TGTE in the same manner.

    But what the world is now witnessing and shoicked to see is, how a democratically elected state can demonstrate such a terrorist behaviour on its own people, because they are minorities. The UN report and CH4 vedio is creating tidal waves, and the world’s focus today is to get equal status for Tamils in SL. – Evident by the US state department’s warning to SL.

    It is now going to be upto the SL govt to decide whether the Tamils willl get their equal rights within united SL or not. So, the separatist agenda of any Tamil group has no relevance today, provided they do not advocate violance in SL.

  125. kuddy,

    Not all history is propaganda. Tamils may be a majority in the NE.

    Do not expect this govt to yield to any kind of pressure. They will take it out on Tamils in SL. I say this with a reasonable confidence because I know who these people are.

    Best thing wait for UNP to arrive. Patience is needed. If not catastrophe will follow where Tamils will suffer again.

  126. Wow, is this really you? Caught me off guard, showing your true colour.
    About the new videos, man those tamil voices were horrible. Before producing a fabricated vidoes, first send them to proper language class. Specially concentrate on their pronounciation. What a horrible comedy peice provided by the “quasi” lame government, as a spinal supporter to this criminal regime you must advise them or take part in their gang looting. Gota is doing a horrible job in front of media, but you are far better character for public face. I think you can over run Palitha, but you are nearly in the level of Bogals.
    Damn, shame on your Dilshan…..first learn to accept your f*** ups, don’t try to hide behind black boards. As a fellow country men, I am ashamed of you and your antiques to cover up a crimal regime.

  127. Wathsala, perhaps you must do that. Let the UN do their work and find out the right now. That’s something we both can agree up on? shall we? Again, peace is not possible without justice. You cannot build up a country on injustices, it may look good for short term but won’t last long without a proper foundation. Foundation here is mutual trust & discipline.

  128. Rubbish! Kalu, tell Gota to send a white van for Suresh P.!! He must be taught a lesson but before doing that get Mahinda to invite him for a break fast just like how Lasantha was finished off.

  129. I really feel sorry that cried helplessly….watching another Holywood movie.
    Yes, millions of people watched it …and following day another interesting documentary….the TV channel has to maintain the ratings you see….all forgotten the yesterday story now and moving on.
    If you really want to see something happening, diaspora need to try much harder. So, stop weeping and give geneorus donations

  130. be possitive, UN intervention in to this Humanitarian crisis is good thing happened after 1000 years.
    An Eelam citizen

  131. do you have the minute? please post it in your site.
    An Eelam citizen


  132. Dear Trump,

    I have understood the your expression about the wording “Eelam”. You are asking where is the Eelam in the world.

    I would like to say that the wording of “eelam” was appeared in the history before Sri Lanka in the history.

    Eelam is the word refers to whole Sri Lanka before the the British gave up Ceylon and after the 1980s the same wording refers the North and East part of Sri Lanka.

    I also aware that the Ceylon itself not created by Sinhalese was created by British for easiness of administrative purpose not to integrate Tamil and Sinhalese.

    I have expressed the view in the optimistic way that to allow “Eelam Tamils” to stay in the integrated part of Sri Lanka in order to satisfy the international community as the same time it is also benefit for all Sri Lankans (where there eelam Tamils also included).

    You also should know that without international support you could not achieved the victory against Tigers. If you are manipulating the same victory against Tamil (I know that most of the extremist Sinhalese behave like this)international community may use same weapons against Sri Lanka in order remove the state terrorism as like Libya.

    I am in the way feeling that any action against Sri Lanka is going to be affected the Tamils those who are still living.

    Dear Brother, Do not think the Sri Lankan president has the power to control the world. The world bigger than Sri Lanka.I believe you may get some of right attitude through my notes, If not sorry man… Eelam will not be created by Tamil.. you guys will create for us.


  133. Wake up from your deep slumber Raja, the sudden emergence of the tamil version of the video, shows the SLG is losing out an information war.

  134. Dear Mr.Fern,

    I am speaking about first generation.

    I do concur with you that lot of second generation are well integrated with society without any minority complex.

    I am not saying that supporting GTF is terrorism. I am requesting that the GTF should prove that they are well observing the international agenda and also the GTF should be more open.

    I also express my concern about the final phase of war; GTF defend the LTTE’s actions; particularly the LTTE was not allowed the people to go out the war zone. If the LTTE allow earlier than in May 2009, There were lot of lives would have saved. So GTF mislead the people.

    There are lot to discuss … but we shall think constructive way to move forward.


  135. If you are certain that there are no crimes done, why are some of you so worried and angry?


  136. Java,

    You wouldn’t understand what is ‘rights’ means! One doesn’t give or get rights.

  137. Sheela,

    You can bet, The GTF will not do it, because, if they do, how will exhorst money from diaspora tamils ?
    GTF is finding more and more excuses to confront SL govt., brain wash diaspora tamils with blood boiling Audio
    and vedio and make them to part with thier money.

    These are the kind of people, who didn’t it even part with a fraction of the money collected to save V.Prabhakaran himself, thier supreme leader, because of whom they could collect the money in the 1st place. At the final stages of the eelam war 4, they didn’t even buy arms and try to send it ltte in srilanka( why waste money?, anyway they are going to loose and get killed.) Do u think, they will bother about Srilankan tamils ?

    Unknowingly, SLA has done great favour to these kind of people. SLA completley decimated the LTTE. If not even if a sizable nos. of real LTTE were left, they would have started killing the relatives of these people for betraying the LTTE.

    Since , LTTE was banned terrorist organisation in these western countries, In reality there is a very very
    remote chances of the western countries acting against Srilanka. ( Isn’t it rediculous to prosecute a police officer for killing a dreaded murderer ?)

    These westrn countries are blowing thier trumpet of human right violation by Srilanka govt, due the geo politics, t contain chinese infuence, etc.

    If Srilanka govt, makes the right noises of support to these western countries, the so called human rights violation will b put in the back burner.

  138. there is common understanding among people that NEPC declared independant Eelam
    it might be
    correct conception ,mis conception,or naive conception. Varatharajapperumal recently said he did not declare independant Eelam. Earlier in Ponguthamil meetings
    they used the word Declaration.then I worry How some people are still misusing the Words ‘Eelam’ and ‘Declaration’.is this not your duty as a journalist to clarify what was really happend in the NEPC?.I asked you to post the declaration as in the minute because for me Draw data is always more accurate than the secondary data
    An Eelam citizen

    Why is it MY duty only?……..DBSJ

  139. Amirthalingam: in 1981 ;-You see, the claim that Ceylon is a good model of parliamentary democracy is far from the truth.

  140. The LTTE started the ceasefire having control of most of the N and E of the country. If you want to go back as far as that then maybe we should start blaming Ponnambalam for asking for 50/50 in parliament? The fact of the matter is that the ball was in the LTTE’s court at the start of the CFA. None of the Tamil ‘moderates’ or the erstwwhile ‘defenders’ of the Tamil people like GTF did anything to pressure the LTTE to engage in constructive negotiations.

    @Ellalan – the causes of ethnic problems are lack of understanding and disenfranchisement coupled with lack of economic opportunities. This maybe hard for you to comprehend but suicide bombs are not a good response.

  141. A reply which conveniently avoids addressing the issue. Suggest you and Ellalan try and grow some brain cells in between you two. Two should suffice.

  142. Java,
    Wake up, I left Srilanka after Sinhaleese mobs killed my parents in 83 riots.
    I will never identify myself as a Srilankan, What for?? to be wiped out by the Sinhaleese if I am seen there again ??

  143. Dear Ratnam,
    I could not agree more. If the GTF/TGTE works with the world powers (as it seems doing currently) to achieve Tamil rights then the majority of Tamils will be relieved and support GTF/TGT outside SL.

    The Tamils within SL are currently voiceless except for whatever TNA can say without endangering their lives.

  144. I think thsi channel 4 video is the last stand to turn western opinion against sri lanka, if wee see history Tamils have always used false propaganda to achive their goals nad targets.they are even unaware that majority ethnic group is silently watching this bbehavior it looks like this is cultural habbit.
    In the mean time In decisive war situation collataral damage is in evitable, if Osam bin laden comes with white flag who will not shot at him!

  145. Why Yala?.

    Haven’t you seen the luxury vehicles they use to travel along the A9 to look after the destitute brethren there?.

    People like Suresh P. are the best asset for Rajapaksa to galvanize the public opinion of the great majority, against the TNA as well as their handlers in the Diaspora.

  146. The executioners in the CH4 apparently,are wearing the uniforms of the dead and abducted Srilankan Soldiers.

    Most probably these clips were made for the Fund raising Thosai Nights in the West to coincide with the late LTTE leader’s Maraveer speeches.

    These CH4 war crime allegations are becoming more and more complicated for the audiences, who haven’t got a clue about the 30 year history of the Terrorist campaign of the LTTE.

    The number one fan of the CH4 show, Old Burt, must run this past the Media Watch Dog on her Majesty’s Turf, at least for the sake of the British Tax Payer..

  147. Here’s my version (as viable as any other version out there, I might add)

    LTTE strips Army guys naked, dons their uniforms and then shoots the Army guys dead whilst filming the grisly act – then does a Sinhala voice-over on the tape.

    Submits the doctored to Ch4 who either knowingly or unknowingly, swallows it hook, line and sinker, the LTTE Rump almost wets their pants in excitement and now is looking for a willing partner to take to bed with them so they can create a baby called “War Crimes Tribunal”

    Willing partners are British Politicians, the US Secretary of State, Gordon Weiss (who will assist in the delivery of the child) and a few other Midwives, Physicians etc

  148. Dear Departed (in 83),

    If you are so disinterested, why are you so worried about Sri Lanka and hanging about on this website which is of things Sri Lankan.

    Hm., who needs to get a life ?

  149. Kalu Aiya,

    I feel that the executions are unfortunately real. In my opinion, The LTTE are terrorists as you say and do not represent all Tamils. They may have started off in the right direction, however have completely lost the plot and forgot what and who they were fighting for. The sri lankan state terror cannot be ignored however. two wrongs don’t make a right.

    However are you really surprised and really don’t believe that the videos are real? or are you ashamed that it has surfaced? I’m surprised by those who appear to be surprised by the documentary.

    What will your position be sir, if they are proven real and the soldiers in the videos come out and admit it? What would your position be if these videos are proven to be real by every independent testing agency? what will you say if there are more videos (yes, the barbarians that did this took videos and pictures to show off)?

    I’ve seen executions done by the SL Army with arial bombing, shelling and shootings with my own eyes in Jaffna. Im not a fan of the LTTE and get that right. I DO NOT WANT TAMIL ELAM. However, executions of Tamils (and thousands of JVP) in Sri Lanka has been going on for decades.

    Do you hear us non LTTE supporting Tamils sir? or are we liars too? My little brother was shot on he way back home from picking up milk when he was 13 from a helicopter. The chopper was randomly shooting away with no specific target.

    The first step in fixing a problem, is to admit that there is one. There are probably thousands of eye witnesses to the killings. Are you going to call them all liars and LTTE supporters? I can understand you saying that “its war and these things happen”. But i feel its arrogant to outright deny that these people have had great injustice done on them by the state. Send an independent reporter to interview the ex IDPs! Hold on. Thats banned and not allowed!!!

    If we keep living in denial, we shall keep having ‘people disappearing’, no press freedom, and a gov that is not afraid of its own people and shall keep doing all the BS they are.

    I hope you are aware that the country is run like a Churutoo Kade by one family.

    Lets fix the problem and stop being ashamed by what has been done by barbarians on both sides.

  150. Hi DBS,
    There is a saying “Waste not fresh tears over old grief’s” having quoted that what some of irrelevant responses going to achieve for the future progress?

    Channel 4 documentary blames both parties and the questions raised how this happened under the UN observation. The underlying message is more of fact finding rather than prosecuting SL govt, because those countries who have a democratic system know LTTE is a global terrorist outfit, therefore SL security forces won’t be in the same league as a rebel group running and insurgency. They can’t prosecute countries like SL who held elections despite the performance of other circus clowns starting from S Lanka, Southern India to the West.

    The innocents lives who happened to be ended up as human shields in those areas were a terrible shock who are human resouces of the country but that’s the reality of War which is not pleasant.
    ‘It’s an unforunate fact that we can secure peace only by preparing for war ((JFK)’
    When you look back SL govt present and past were pushed towards a war as all opportunites were missed by LTTE.
    The truth hurts and history should be impartial.

    It is easy to put the blame on everyone including the victims without understanding the real issues. The campaigns launched by pro LTTE elements around the globe spoil for everyone who tries to achieve their selfish motives which impacts upon those who try to raise their heads after a prolonged insurgency over 30 years in the country.
    There are issues how the political system operates without the accountability and it is voters who have the power to change if they use the vote wisely and a correction is essential, otherwise no sight of relief for the common man.

  151. Please dont introduce your form of buddhism to north. They are already confused a little with tigerism. If they also learn your form of buddhism then the whole country will be full of barbarians.

  152. we will find comfort in our existing believe. some people with hidden agenda will again simply use us to fullfil their purpose. then you have to feel sad for us (your beloved brothers and sisters)as we are your brothers and sisters don’t expect us to behave based on your beliving because we not yet landed to your orbital.in our side the new evidance that is UN intervention in our crisis is furthe supporting our popular belive that is independant Eelam.
    Thank you
    An Eelam citizen

  153. So Ekanayaka Aiya,

    What you say is that white flag incident is true and acceptable. right?

    Our mentality is that we will take its normal as you did not bother letting our army killing the Sinhala youths in thousands in 1971, 1988-89. Since it was our blood it did not come out.

    But this was Tamil’s blood and so it came out. With that international concerns also. Lets us, who celebrated and celebrating the the killings of our own co citizens as a victory, face this too.

    We used Kadirkamar to turned the west against Tigers and the Tamils used the journalists we chased out to turn the west against us.

    That makes the account settled.

  154. Mr Kandasamy.let me apologize for the injuries to your brother by the strafing.

    I am sure, I speak on behalf of all Sinhalese. No body wanted to kill innocent Tamil people let alone killing kids.

    However. how many MUms, Dads and Children are killed every day by the Armed Forces of the West, in Afganistan ,Pakistan and now in Libya? by similar strafing and worse, by Drone Bombings?.

    The majority Srilankan public’s view is all Diaspora Tamils are LTTE because of this incessant campaign led by the LTTE Rump, to make Regime Change in Srilanka, with the help of their English Speaking Western Govts.

    LTTE launched their Trrrorism campaign by killing Alfred Duraiappa and then the 13 Soldiers in Jaffna. And you say they started in the right direction.

    Srilankans in Srilanka do not deny that the atrocities were committed.

    Also they know that worse atrocities were committed on the Sinhalese over 30 years.

    However the Sinhala civilians never retaliated even when lactating mums and their feeble old parents, and kids were hacked to death with machetes.

    The agenda of the Diaspora is revenge and not justice.

    Most IDP,s are living on less than US$ 5.00 a day. The human sand bags who survived are living on less than 50 US cents a day.

    So says the UN agency.

    Isn’t justice giving these people an opportunity to have at least one tenth of what the Diaspora has?.

    Isn’t that the way to fix the problem?.

    How many Tamils,even the so called non LTTErs like you have come out and said enough guys, we the Diaspora helped the LTTE to commit these atrocities for thirty years and our civilians also got hurt by the Govt campaign to eliminate the LTTE.

    Lets now move on and let our Tamil brothers and sisters living in the North pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives.

    We will help them which ever way they can without getting into politics.

    How hard is this?.

    Of course it is hard,when you are driven by different agendas, which have nothing to do with justice for the poor .

    Has Diaspora got any agenda to make these people get say USD 10.00 a day atleast to start with, right across the board?.

    I bet the stock answer is, the Govt is crooked.

    We won’t help unless we run the show.

  155. No worries Soumiya

    Ravanas are in a very bad situation
    What ever I said happening now

    The world is asking for Justice for those 50000 innocent men women children died
    Rajabakshes colleagues want to see him in the prison. Hopefully he will find some friends in the prison in Netherlands. Serbia, Rwanda Cambodia, Siera Lone , Somalia prisoners are waiting for Lankan monsters there soon

  156. What ever is seen in the video footage is very very disheartening. terrorism and barbaric attacks on civilians is not at all acceptable. The gruesome and barbaric killing of innocent tamils in their home soil has created only blood shed. Even Lord Buddha whom the sinhalese worship will not forgive them. Armed forces are meant to protect people with minimal civilian casualities. They must help save the innocent civilians, but what has happened is very saddening. Every one is bound to die but require dignified death and not such barbaric death. The manner in which the assault is conducted on the innocent tamils will definitely haunt the decision makers and the tamil traiters working for the sinhale govt. Time will come when the killings will haunt the people who have ruthlessly conducted this henious crime. God is watching, innocent people are killing, he will answer SL with what they deserve. If things don’t change the way it is expected, gauranteeing eual status and rights to tamils, there will be no end to sufferings. SL is known to bleed from Ravana’s time…..Human lives has value and we are living in civilised society…such grave crimes only apply for highly uncivilized people…only barbarians……

  157. Anonymous:

    Whoever asked your permission to get Ealam. All that is going on has been done without the permission of Sri Lanka. By your actions and attitude, it looks like we do not have to fight for Ealam – you are going to give it to us in a silver platter.

  158. What makes you think that those from the LTTE side should be allowed to go free. There are quite a number who have been nabbed by foreign govts and in the event a war tribunal takes shape, ALL those who are alleged to have committed crimes should be hauled up – there should be no difference whether they Sinhalese or Tamils.

  159. It time to inspire people with love, hope & truth.

    Leaders with vengeance will bring more & more destruction to lives.

    I would like to give this link below to all hardened hearts.

    ‘”Students are coming to school regularly. We have hardly had any long breaks in the last year or so,” Subramanium Vivekanandan, the principal for the primary section, told IPS. During the war, there was never any guarantee that students could come to school. ‘

    ‘Of the 81 students who were successful in their year-five exam, 71 came from poor families and are now entitled to government assistance. “We need to show these students that there is special care if they stay in school,” the primary section principal told IPS. “If we don’t, they will drift away. There is so much pressure to get these kids, especially those who can do manual work, out of school.” ‘

    ‘At least for the time being, Vivekanandan can smile. He looks into the classroom full of bright-eyed first grade students as they begin to sing a nursery rhyme. “There is hope, there is always hope. We should not mess this up,” the primary section principal says, mostly to himself.’

  160. Kalu Albert ,You and Rajapaksha’s are always dreaming to get OPM (other peoles money) rathar than do a days heard work and earn it your self this is the reson Srilanka is going down the tube.

  161. Kalu Alburt, “However the Sinhala civilians never retaliated even when lactating mums and their feeble old parents, and kids were hacked to death with machetes.” Are you Joking or You have selective amnesia mate. If the later is your proublem let us know we will jog your memory.

  162. The British by legitimizing these groups have done a great disservice.

    These are politicians, they play the ball games shrewdly so that they win the votes.

    Whites are not gullible fools they always have their interests at heart.

  163. You said “Immediate problems are very serious. Karunai, Douglas and Pillaian group members are continuously involve illegal activities in North and East with support of Government.We should quickly act against the prostitution, Illegal taxes, kidnapping and murders.”

    Do you realize that these elements (although sound tamil) are also controlled/directed by the Sinhala terrorist state?

    Again, it points to achiving equal rights to Tamils in SL before doing anythinfg else.

    We need to cure the diseacse and not the symptoms.

  164. Kalu Albert,
    I’m part of the Tamil Diaspora and what I want is Justice for the number of innocent civilians killed in the last phase of the war. I’m not the Diaspora that holds that ugly red flag shouting for Eelam; I’m not that Diaspora who pretends not to by Sri Lankan goods and brag to fellow hardliners that they don’t purchase anything Sri Lankan; and I’m not that Diaspora who is ignorant of the fact that heir actions abroad could have a detrimental impact on the actual Tamil living in the North and East. By justice I’m not aiming my vengeance at the Sinhalese people but the corrupt Sri Lankan government.

    It’s interesting to see the number of Sinhalese who talk about unity, reconciliation and moving forward. I know you are one of them, good for you mate. However at the very outset the conduct or actions of certain Southerners proved that it is far from the truth. Some intentional and some not. I was last in Sri Lanka in March for 2 months. It was not a pleasant visit from the time I entered immigration. The man in white uniform looked at my British passport with my Tamil name and asked me if I was Tamil or Sinhalese. I replied I’m Sri Lankan. He repeatedly asked me if I was Tamil or Sinhalese and I repeatedly answered that I was Sri Lankan. If you want us to be part of your country and accept a unitary country why act or implement constitutions that would marginalise us that would warrant us to seek alternatives. Case and point was the Tamil national anthem that was recently banned in the island. I visited my alma matter in Jaffna and you can hear the instrumental version of the national anthem but only a few mutter it in Sinhalese as most cant speak Sinhalese or even understand the lyrics. How is that ever going to bring patriotism for the country among the Tamil people?

    The number of army inhibiting the North was rather uncomfortable for the commoner there. Understand that they don’t want another insurgency cropping up again, but that doesn’t mean having army in every nook and corner causing a sense of intimidation. And this is not through my own personal experience but by speaking to friends and old class mates.
    It has been 2 years since the LTTE has been vanquished and government is yet to come up with a solution that would not just benefit the Tamils but the Sinhalese, Muslims and others as a whole. Funny enough I was going on a three wheeler, and the driver was complaining that soon he will have to move out station as Nano Cabs would take over which would be headed by the president’s son. He mentioned that Sinhalese are minorities in the country and Rajapaksas were the majority now. I chuckled.
    The government should be strategic in their approach in the next few months. As Terror Expert Dr Rohan Guneratne mentioned allies with China would only have short term dividends. China is not interested in the development of Sri Lanka but securing their naval strength in the Indian Ocean (building a second naval port in Mauritius). We should go back to our old friends like the U.S and Europe for a sustainable Sri Lanka. The government also needs to be dynamic, accountable and transparent in the coming years. We saw what happened to the likes of Lankaputhra Bank, Mihin Air and Sri Lankan when politicians interfered. We should stop paying millions of dollars to PR firms and instead use our own creative initiative to enrich the country.
    And Kalu stop living in lala land. Our links with the axis of evil has had a detrimental impact in every aspect. Tourism was the biggest hit. We were on fire from August 2010 to November 2010 averaging 94% occupancy rate. However, Lonely Planet’s Tourism index shows that total occupancy rate in Sri Lanka was 67% for April, 63% for May and averaging 59% for the year. That means 41% of rooms in Sri Lanka are vacant.

  165. Peoples,

    Pl take note of the following:
    (a) LTTE is no more ( the worst ever mistake the modaya’s committed)
    (b) It was not the 300K+ innocent civilians trapped along the narrow strips of that northern lagoons But it was VP who checkmated MR at that time and as a foolish SLFPer as ever , he eagerly walked into the trap. It has taken almost two years for him to realise.
    (3) His own modays gangsters got everything in their mobiles .. and the “Pakses” are fast replacing the roles of Tamil Nadu comedians .. latest addition is this gut Rajiva Wijesinghe…


  166. Srilanka killing fields have really alarmed many across the world. When these footages were aired on channel 4, it was rubbished by GoSL and GoSL even said the footages were fake. It is very important to note that GoSL is slowly failing in it’s diplomacy. Sometimes they dont behave like a government on international arena rather like rowdy state. Best example is GoSL appointing it’s army personals as their diplomats. Though Shavendhra De Silvas can talk in English, they cant effectively counter the UN or any other western channels language. In western view GoSL indirectly shows that they are not interested in Democracy. The GoSL activities are sole proof the Government in SRILANKA is AUTHORITARIAN. GoSL is very confident that China and Russia would come for rescuing them. So sad to GoSL do forget the past in this regard. When US and it’s allies like UK and EU declared Serbian Ratko Mladic as a war criminal it was the same China which strongly opposed. After a decade China never even bothered to speak about that. Serbian govt was forced to hand over Ratko Mladic to EU to get membership in EU. People do comfortably forget that It was the same China and Russia which strongly opposed NATO involving in Libyan crisis. A week before China was happy to send it’s envoy to Libyan rebels where they met in Benghazi. Next question is Can Srilanka move closer to China and successfully avoid WESTERN countries and EU? Economic point of view the answer is a big NO. Chinese goods are cheaper than Srilankan products and China will benefit where Srilanka will loose and even become bankrupt. A trade ban on Srilanka by EU will be enough to push Srilanka to HELL which is inevitable.

  167. Dear M Fern,

    I have understood what you are spelling.

    We should extremly work hard. The journey is very complex. We may not have the visible captains. We may need to travel in dark with confident.

    I am placing the steering on the rightway.

    Inviting you to go North and East part of Sri Lanka.

    Some practical difficulties you may face.

    You shall come to the conclussion.

    Best Wishes.


  168. Dear Kuagn,

    My deepest sympathy about youur family members lost in the war.

    I can not accept your anger against overseas Tamils.

    Please accept the fact that we need their support to reconstruct our lives in ground.

    Your wording are not seeing the big picture.

    Please come out from your shell, see the problem with full understanding.

    We are here to support you.

    Best Regards

  169. Where was the so called “UN” when LTTE had their killing fields for nearly 30 years? Blinding hypocrisy.

  170. That is why they were called terrorists and banned in many countries. Do you expect the same treatment for the GoSL as well ? By the way how is the prison life ? Period.

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