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Tamil group aligned to govt suspected of Batticaloa bank daylight robbery

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pic: dailymirror.lk

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Tamil para-military group aligned to Sri Lankan Govt is suspected of staging heist at bank at the outskirts of Batticaloa town on June30th.

5 men armed with T-56 guns staged a robbery at the Peoples Bank branch on Dairy farm road at Thimilatheevu on the west of Batticaloa town.

The daylight heist by armed robbers resulted in Three million seventy lakh rupees of cash & gold jewellery valued at over 25 miilion rupees.

Five men wearing dark masks & dressed in white shirt & black trousers arrived at the bank in a white van with the bank emblem&name at 12.45 pm.

After assaulting bank guard&seizing his fire-arm the robbers brought premises under control after threatening bank officials & customers.

The robbers took Rs 2 Lakhs from bank counters& Rs 35 Lakhs from a vault. Gold jewellery worth 25 lakhs were taken from two steel vaults.

Thimilatheevu is in close proximity to the Batticaloa airport. There is a very heavy Air Forece personnel & Police presence in the area.

Thimilatheevu & adjacent villages like Puthoor,Veechukalmunai & Sethukudah form an unofficial securityzone with para-military men & families.

It is considered virtually impossible for armed outsiders to “infiltrate” this area & conduct this kind of daylight robbery & escape so easily.

Eastern military commander Maj-Gen Boniface Perera held a conference attended by Tamil political parties & “ex-armed groups” representatives.

Maj -Gen Perera said that the Peoples bank robbers would be arrested soon.He also said anyone carrying arms illegally would be punished.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

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  1. Your point about the areas of Veechukalmunai,pudoor, Sethukkadu&Thimilatheevu being an unofficial security zone is spot on Mr.Jeyaraj

    As you corectly state no armed outsiders could have accomplished this robbery and escaped so easily

    I personally think the robbers were in league with security personnel of the area.Its a joint operation with inside information.Otherwise it couldn’t have been done so smoothly

  2. A friend of mine in Kallady has e-mailed me with details of the robbery. They tally with your tweet bundle Mr.Jeyaraj

    I doubt whether the culprits will be brought to justice.

  3. DBS is right.It is a Tamil para-military group responsible. We in B’caloa know all about it but unable to talk about it.I hope DBS will help bring truth out

  4. For all the tough talk and threats Army commander cant do a thing. The Tamil para -military guys are mixed with security forces. Thick as thiefs. So no chance for real arrest.Maybe some innocent guys will be arrested

  5. If this is outside that usual charade of “incidents” the Govt is suspected to stage just before the Emergency Regulations are “passed”in Parliament, then it must be nipped in the bud. Is the army and the Police upto the task?


  6. That area west of Batti town is full of members and ex-members of Tamil armed groups and familys

    EPRLF Razeek group, TELO Ranjan group, PLOTE Mohan group members are there

    Tamil Makal Viduthalai puligal (TMVP) both factions (Karuna and Pillaiyan) are also there.

    Lots of security forces and Police also there

    So how did this robbery happen? everyone knows. Veli payirai menthathu. Fence ate crops

  7. Arms group working with army and intelligence done the robbery.now army big man says we will catch them. people in Batti say “hee hee” inside mouth

  8. May be one of King Rajapaksa’s dubious means to to collect funds for his Hambantota Projects

  9. State-sponsored and State terrorism is alive and well in Sri Lanka under the Rajapakse Bros. Inc military dictatorship!

  10. State-sponsored and State terrorism is alive and well in Sri Lanka under the Rajapakse Bros. Inc military dictatorship!

    And then they come with the spin about how they are developing the area by building roads and connectivity. Building roads is primarily a part of the security plan for the regime- make no mistake. It is a counter-terrorism appoach. The real development plan of the Rajapakses in the north east on the other hand is to de-develop governance institutions, perpetuate military rule and de-develop civil society – disabling any kind of independent civil organization’s work while sponsoring the armed groups of Karuna and Pillayan who are competing with each other to ensure that there is no independent thinking or policy planning and people-friendly development. The Rajapakse development projects in the north and east are in fact the DE-Development of governance, social institutions and higher education and critical thinking. This is a very dangerous “development” plan for post-war Lanka!

  11. Oh… 100% Sure..!

    Nediyavan need more funds for re-built LTTE. SLA should kill those LTTE robbers.

    Don’t make this in others account. LTTE supporters should responsible.

    Reason past 30 Years LTTE done such a things. Oneday Nediyavan & his family relatives has to pay every thing for poor tamil people.

  12. forget about ch 4 -who would have robed the bank in day light with white van,no short of security personel in north and esat, may be we ask selvi J Latha find the curlpits,,,,,,,, here we go again we all going back where we started,,developments reconcilation have all the packages,,, what a fate for Tamils in sl

  13. The biggest mistake made by the government after defeating the LTTE, was empowering various unprincipled Paramilitary groups in the north and east. In the east, they have been empowered through elections of a very undemocratic nature. In the north, they have been empowered through political manipulations. These groups are proving themselves to be a curse. The government should correct this situation immediately, as a major step in the reconciliation process. The sad part of this story is that the government is aware of the doings of these groups, but is deliberately turning a blind eye,
    1. because of a sense of gratitude to these groups for their contribution to the war effort
    2. because of the perception that these groups serve to help it hunt down/ keep down the remnants of the LTTE.

    They came out of the same witches brew that created the LTTE. In fact, some of them are from the LTTE. Their thinking processes and Modus Operandi are no different from the LTTE. They knew the mindset of the LTTE, because they have the same. The government used these shared skills to decimate the LTTE. However, empowering them in the post-war period had allowed these same thought processes and ways of doing things to continue. The curse that blighted the Tamils is continuing under a different guise. If not for the heavy presence of the armed forces, these groups would have made life in the north and east sheer hell.

    I hope the government takes urgent action to correct this situation and free the Tamils from the grip of these groups.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  14. Swissy,

    what time is it in Swiss. Are you still in your sleep . Come on open your eyes and come out from the dream.. Lot of things are happening in real world…

  15. Really the situation is pathetic. It will take some time for Tamils of N & E time to come out of this imbroglio. I think criminal activites are more in Eastern Province since the criminal activities of the paramilitary groups have tacit support of SLA and GoSL. SLA is very tough in Northern Province.

    It may take few decades for the symptoms of civil war to fade away. Tamils of N & E should focus on education and they should regain prosperity. I hope the Tamils of N & E will have the patience and perseverence in regaining education and economic prosperity.


  17. Whoever does this, it has been done under the Umbrella of SL Governement and it will be blamed on LTTE as standard.

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  19. The good doctor cannot rest without mentioning LTTE!!! It is crystal clear who was responsible for the robbery!! The government has to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for this. May be a percentage of the spoils go to the big shots, that is why they allow these things to happen. Please be assured nothing will come out of the inquiry, and everything will be swept under the carpet and the country will be ruled by JUNGLE LAW, where only the Rajapakses and their criminal friends and relations are safe!!!

  20. Let us hope the bank is insured.

    Time to remove all guns – and people carrying guns – from the North and East. Only the police – that is ideally multiethnic – should be able to carry a limited amount of weapons. Otherwise the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) and Tamil paramilitary groups will continue to steal, rob, and extort from the innocent.

  21. I undersatand Rajapaksha family feel they will have to flee the country to either China or Russia they are useing all quick means to amass as much as they can to take with then o exile hiding.

  22. Come on guys!!!!, he don’t have to beg for these 2 cents, considering all the gold & cash reserve he acquired from from KP 🙂

  23. I am a Sinhalese. Both JVP and LTTE robbed banks to collect money for buying wepons. There is something going on. Have to be very careful as the people do this is trying to cover it and put it in someone elses account.

  24. ome on guys!!!!, he don’t have to beg for these 2 cents, considering all the gold & cash reserve he acquired from from KP 🙂

  25. Our HON. President Mahinda Rajapaksa last week categorically told newspaper editors” that a law to protect the people’s right to information was unnecessary. He said instead that he could ensure access to information excluding what was covered by the Official Secrecy Act and national security.”
    So don’t keep your hopes to high my dear brothers, they will definitely going to find some low key members to fill in the blanks and produce as ROBBERS or even called them as ‘rehab LTTE carders who carried out this bank robs’
    By the way don’t brand me as traitor, LTTE sympathizer, conspirator or anti Boudha, tamil Diaspora, Sinhala Diaspora or even WESTERN POWER.
    All I an trying to say is For Buddha/ Shiva/ Vishnu/Christ sake……….. I am just a another peace loving Sri Lankan and sick and tired WHATS IS HAPPENING IN SRI LANKA

  26. It is amazing how the Diaspora Tamils are the first cab off the rank to blame the Rajapaksas and the Armed Forces.

    LTTE initially robbed all Govt Banks at gun point.

    Then they came and helped themselves quite openly and frequently because they ruled the roost.

    They were seasoned Bank Robbers as well as experienced weapons handlers.

    11,000 of them are still around plus the many thousands of the paramilitary trained by the LTTE.

    Then there are TNA supporters who openly defy the Armed forces as we observed only a couple of weeks ago.

    Added to the list are gangsters from the South or the East or the North who can go for a quick hit.

    Here we have the Diaspora and their lackeys in Colombo who have already done the forensics, and acted as the judge and the jury to convict everyone associated with the Govt.

  27. Gama FR,

    I am a Tamil of Jaffna origins. Naturally I come from the same stock, you are referring to. Where does this take us now? Do you want me to maintain silence on the state of affairs among Tamils in particular and Sri Lanka in general?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  28. athi,

    Why not an advocate for the truth as I see it and honest and bold enough to say it?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  29. It is amazing how the pro-Rajapakse supporters blame the LTTE for bank robberies in the North when Sri Lankan Army deserters have been apprehended numerous times for bank robberies in the South . Furthermore, might I suggest you adjust your Mahavamsa calendar to reflect reality – the last time the LTTE robbed banks was in the 80’s.

  30. Yeah ,you are absolutely correct Mr Silva’

    After that they confiscated all the Banks.

  31. The LTTE did a lot of nasty things, but they did not steal from the Tamils (in SL). That honor goes to the SLA.


    Stop these lies about LTTE.The tigers bled Sri Lankan Tamils dry through criminal extortion in the guise of taxes&donations. They criminally misappropriated property both movable and immovable from Tamils under the guise of “commandeering” for war effort. When Tamils were displaced the tigers sent their “agents” to rob from vacated places. We can go on and on…..

    How dare you post such blatant lies whitewashing tigers here? Also have the courage to post under your own name instead of a bogus Sinhala name

  32. The LTTE did not have to STEAL. They simply TOOK. It was daylight robbery. The tiger supporter writing as HS de Silva is an outright LIAR

  33. Why would the LTTE rob a bank that was under territory they had 100% control over? Some Tamil youth groups used to rob banks in the 80’s (TULF) time, but I don’t know if that was the LTTE par se. Besides, the LTTE collected far more in foreign contributions (through whatever means), than the sum total of money and other valuables to be found in a “Tamil Eelam” bank.

  34. Oh Common Kalu,

    I’m not denying the fact that the LTTE stole many banks and misappropriated funds from individuals in the form of donations and what not.

    But there is no denying the number of Tamil Businessmen both in Colombo and Vavuniya who were abducted in White Vans for huge ransoms. We all know who were behind these heinous crimes. One of my uncles was abducted last year and he never returned home. He had done so much for the Southern Sinhalese people specially after the Tsunami when he visited the deep south.

    For how long are you going to be of the view that the likes of Douglas, Karuna and Pillaiyan are just politicians working for the betterment of all people. They all stem from the same Tiger rump either actions or ideologies and a tiger can never change it’s stripes. You’d be surprised to know the number of top LTTE bras (responsible for many atrocities) who escaped prison just cause they were well connected to Karuna. Why do they still have party names like eelam peoples democratic party and Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal(Tamil People’s Liberation Tigers) when we are talking about integration and unity.

  35. Well said Nalini. May you and DBS be praised for telling the truth about how the LTTE robbed Tamils left and right and reduced many to poverty

    Vaaimai Vellum

  36. I think I know the LTTE guy writing as HS de Silva on this blog. DBS has done the correct thing in condemning his outright lies about LTTE. You also have done well in criticising this tiger lackey pretending to be Singalese

  37. The LTTE was a bunch of robbers who fleeced Tamils ruthlessly. They took asbestos roofing in our shed without paying and later sold it to our neighbour for higher prices

    LTTE stands for Lousy Thiefs of Tamil Eelam.

    You are moron HS de Silva

  38. Hey Albert your talking like the proverbial kavum eating modaya mate

    get your fact right before talking crap,for your information the LTTE is finished and dead and gone

    if you say that 11 000 LTTE is still around then your beloved Govt didnt win the war ;-)))

    Where on earth did the TNA defy the Army ,its the rampaging Army that attacked a TNA meeting and its the honourable Sinhalese Police who defied the Army thugs…please explain your statement mate because if not you look a fool and big liar!

    Please explain how a robbery can take place in high security area in Batticoloa unless their was inside help or the army turned a blind eye?

  39. Wijeweera is dead and gone

    Has the JVP?.

    Didn’t the TNA openly acted as the proxy of Mr Pirahaparan and the LTTE?.

    Who are these detainees who are being released in batches?.

    I only gave you the possible scenarios. I didn’t act as the detective ,judge and the jury.

    If you do Pro Bono work you ought have an open mind mate.

  40. It is simple. There is no law and order in the country. Lots of murders, robberies, abductions, extra judicial killings are not investigated. The government just appoints commissions, spend money no body knows the outcome. North and East are heavily militarized. Yet there are murders and crimes happening everyday.

    If the government cannot find the culprits or cannot maintain law and order, it has a duty to simply relinquish their power and let some competent people take over the responsibility!!!The fact that they are clinging to power and incompetent to do anything constructive means that they are in tow with the culprits!!

  41. Tigers robbed the Tamils saying they needed money to fight war.most cash went to ltte pockets. same story abroad also

    thanks to Mahinda we Tamils are not having our money stolen by tigers now

  42. “For how long are you going to be of the view that the likes of Douglas, Karuna and Pillaiyan are just politicians working for the betterment of all people. They all stem from the same Tiger rump”

    Douglas was never a tiger.

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