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Thousands attend June 26 candle light vigil at Chennai Marina Beach for Lankan Tamil war victims

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Thousands gathered at Marina beach in Tamil Nadu capital Chennai on June 26th to observe candle light vigil for Sri Lankan Tamil war victims.

The commemorative event was held on Sunday as June 26th has been declared by the UN as “International day in support of victims of torture”.

The June 26th candle light vigil was not organized by any political party.It was held by the”May 17th Movement”which is a peoples movement.

pic via: twitter.com/amas32

The “May 17th Movement”was set up by youths in Tamil Nadu.The date May 17 denotes the Mullivaaikkaal debacle of the LTTE on that day in 2009.

Chief organizer of candle light vigil by “May 17th Movement” was Thirumurugan Gandhi. Co-organizers were Rajkumar Palanichamy & Umar Naina.

Super response for #June26Candle at Marina beach - tweet via: twitter.com/MeenakshiCNNIBN

Although held by a civil society organization several political figures also participated. The broad gathering cut across party lines.

pic via: twitter.com/meenakandasamy - hashtag #june26candle

Among prominent attendees were P. Nedumaran, Kaasi Ananandan, Thamarai, Seeman, Viduthalai Rajendran, Chanthaanam, Professor Saraswathy & Thiyaagu.

pic via: facebook.com/thamiziniyan

Nedumaran delivered the introductory address. Thirumurugan ended the event with another speech.Others speeches were disallowed.

Remembered: Deccan Chronicle - Indian print media reporting on June 26 Candle light vigil

pic via: twitter.com/MeenakshiCNNIBN

Slogans were chanted frequently. Some slogan themes were -Genocide, Tamil Eelam, Betrayal of New Delhi govt,solidarity of Tamil Nadu Tamils etc.

The commemorative vigil was held for 3 hours from 5.45 pm to 8.45 pm. A folk music event based on traditional “Oppaari” (lamentation) was held.

A street drama”Vamsa vatham” (decimation of a generation)was also performed. The drama portrayed deaths of Tamils in Sri Lanka as “Genocide”.

pics by: Vinoth Chandar via flickr

pic by: Vinoth Chandar ~ flickr.com/photos/vinothchandar

Marina beach was a “sea of glowing candle cups” at nightfall. The glittering sight reflected sentiments in Tamil Nadu for the “Ilankai” Thamizhar

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj


  1. People of Tamil Nadu were in a deep grief and helpless situation when the people of Vanni were massacered. However DMK and Congress prevented them from showing any emotion regarding Eazham. As the political scenario has changed they have come forward to show their concern about the Sri Lankan issue. Let GoSL come forward to give a reasonable political solution to the tamils of the island before extremism emerge in any form.


  3. I was one of those participating at Candle light vigil in Marina beach for Sri Lankan Tamil war victims.

    Two years ago my friends and I stood in the pouring rain on the streets of Chennai as part of the human chain demanding war be stopped. If that happened then this human tragedy could have been avoided. But DMK and Congress deceived us. They promoted the war waged by Rajapaksa regime.Thousands of our brothers and sisters died pathetically in Vanni

    Now my friends and I waited with candles in Chennai beach to pay homage for our victims. I pray for their souls. How I wish we Thamizhians can uplift our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka.

    That day will dawn very soon I hope

  4. I attended the candle light vigil at Marina beach yesterday. As Mr.DBS Jeyaraj says it was really a sea of candlecups on the beach. Thousands and thousands of small lights as f stars had come down.

    I only hope there will be a glow very soon in the lives of Eelam Thamizh people.

  5. I do not have any trust in JJ or Karunanidi or Ramdoss or Vaiko, these are all opportunist politicians who change their colour from time to time, they could not gather any such crowd when the genocide was taking place in SL, but today there are many non-political young Tamil Nationalists in Tamil Nadu who are becoming active.

    Once Tamil Nationalism raise its head in TN as we see its beginning, there will definitely be another Kashmir in making in TN and that is not very far. Pro-Tamil and Anti-Indian protests have already started in small scale in TN. Can India be able to maintain their national unity or will it be broken? If so, the first one among them will be TN. They have already rejected congress in TN, and Tamil nationalism is being whipped up by people like Seeman, Thirumurukan, and many others from the civil society.

  6. I was there on Sunday. Very impressive and emotional sight. As DBS aptly observes the beach had turned into a sea of candle light

  7. I was one of those who floated with my candle cup in the sea of lights at Marina beach on Sunday night.

    I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Mr.DBS Jeyaraj has thought it fit to tweet about this event and post a Twitter bundle

    Mr.Jeyaraj I have been concerned about the plight of Shrilankan Tamils from the eighties. You were one of the main reasons for this. I was an avid reader of your news and articles in “The Hindu” and “Frontline” about the Sri Lankan situation those days as Colombo correspondent. Your work was informative,interesting and admirable as you were reporting amidst danger from the Lion’s den itself.

    When you were arrested by the JR govt in 1987 and there was a demonstration in Chennai demanding your release I as a College student then joined it with my friends. We stood out then as very few women were in the demonstration then

    In recent times I have been disappointed and even saddened because I could detect a certain contempt and disgust in you about Tamil Nadu Tamils on the question of Sri Lanka.

    Believe me Mr.Jeyaraj, we are not as bad as you think. WE do have lots of concern and compassion for the Sri Lankan Tamils but we are unable to anything constructive.

    I hope at least now you would understand and appreciate this fact.


    Dear Ms. Malathi Vishwanathan

    Thank you for this post and sentiments expressed.

    I do not for a moment doubt the sincerity and concern prevalent in Tamil Nadu over the Sri Lankan Tamil plight in the hearts and minds of ordinary Thamizhians. I respect and love them for that.

    I am humbled by the fact that so many people have chosen to self -immolate themselves on the issue.Although I do not approve of their acts I do recognize the underlying passion that caused it.

    My criticism is not for the people but certain politicians. These elements have exploited the issue to feather their nests at home and go on trips abroad. Those days the British navy advertised “Join the British navy and see the wordld”. In Tamil Nadu it is “support Tamil Eelam/LTTE and see the world” for certain people

    These persons whip up emotions that lead to youths like Muthukumar martyring themselves. But has any politician or their family members ever self -immolated themselves?

    My other problem with Tamil nadu solidarity as evinced by the so called “Unarvaalarhal” is the pointless stupidity in their action

    It is not in the interests of India to encourage separatism in Sri Lanka. What India wants is devolution for Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    What I would like Tamil Nadu Thamizhians to do is to exert pressure on New Delhi to implement this policy effectively and efficiently. Instead these people talk stupidly about the 4th Eelam war & Prabhakaran being alive & establishing Tamil eelam etc

    These are of no use and only embarasses the Indian govt. Instead what I would like is for my Thamizhian brothers and Sisters in India to prevail upon their Govt to pursue a policy that would be practically beneficial to Sri Lankan Tamils

    Much as I respect the sentiments of people who assembled at Marina beach on Sunday I am opposed to some of the slogans raised there. If only Thamizhians will strengthen their Govt and advocate the Sri lankan Tamil cause within Indian policy parameters our tragedy has a chance of ceasing.

    Once again I emphasise I have the greatest respect and regard for Tamil Nadu Tamils but not some of their politicians. Also I do understand and appreciate that the ordinary people in the State do care about the Sri Lankan tamils.

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for covering this event. Very happy to see such a crowd. And to see such young guys taking initiative and participation is very heartening to see. Many families have participated. Political Parties are refraining from such events. I have been searching for the news about this event. All the mainstream media have blocked this news. Few Websites and YouTube videos have covered this event. They will soon face the public’s wrath.

    Keep up the Good Work

  9. [Much as I respect the sentiments of people who assembled at Marina beach on Sunday I am opposed to some of the slogans raised there. If only Thamizhians will strengthen their Govt and advocate the Sri lankan Tamil cause within Indian policy parameters our tragedy has a chance of ceasing.

    Once again I emphasise I have the greatest respect and regard for Tamil Nadu Tamils but not some of their politicians. Also I do understand and appreciate that the ordinary people in the State do care about the Sri Lankan tamils.



  10. i dont think most sl tamils feel disgust or contempt for tn tamils but most people were profoundly disappointed that tn was not able to save the civilians. at that time it was obvious the the ltte was finished, so no one is crying over the LTTEs destruction. its the civilians that deserve most of our thoughts.

  11. Seriously our Sinhalese brethren could take a cue from Tamil Nadu and observe a candle light vigil in Colombo.

  12. Both Malathi Vishwanathan’s comment and DBSJ lengthy response touched a responsive chord in my heart.

    I too am a Chennaivaasi (Asal Mylapore)with lots of concern and worry aboyt Sri Lankan Tamil plight.I too am a DBSJ fan but was sad about what I thought he thought about us Thamizhians of Tamil Nadu

    But today’s explanation by DBS eased my mind. Needless to say I agree with what DBS said about some of our so called “Unarvaaalarhal” and also with what DBS suggested we Thamizhians could do to influence New delhi

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  16. DMK used Srilankan Tamils for their benefit … Jayalaltha is now doing the same … Vaiko and other LTTE supporters are agitating … Jayalalitha thinks she could control it .. Before long, Tamil Nadu will go out of control with LTTE’s money … Remember what happened to Indira Gandhi’s family … This LTTE horse is not going anywhere without a big bang … Luckily SL is out of danger … Tamil Nadu got the snake .. TN now has to dance with it whether Jayalaltha likes or not …

  17. We should appreciate TN people’s compassionate act. However, in addition to this type of ‘show of strength’ to Delhi, one effective help they can do to Ealam Thamizh people is to urge TN fishermen to refrain from fishing in Ealam waters.

    We all want others (UN, UK, Delhi etc)to help Ealam Thamizh, but do not want to do our bit except demonstrating. Is there any leader (political, non-political) in TN who can tell their fisher folk not to steal their brethren’s livelihood?

  18. They have proved they are real humanbeings and really worried about the tragedy what happend to NE Tamils across the sea.Majority of the sinhalese only acting like ‘our tamil brothers’ but nothing done like this to show their sympathy. except Udul Premaratne and
    some good heart Sinhalese working hard for poor Tamil victims.

  19. Let us hope that they will exert enough pressure to the TN and Central government of India to protect the SL Tamils at least in the future and pressurize the SL government to devolve power and solve the ethnic issue without any further delay.

  20. This report is nothing to be taken seriously. Some TN tamils ( not all ) too have separatist intentions and they were suppressed in the fifties by the then Indian government. TN will never get a separate country in India. So they had hopes that LTTE will initiate the Tamil state, like Israel did for jews, for the “Greater Tamil Nation” to bring all the tamils scattered in the world. Now that it has been an empty shell, TN tamils naturally are a lost lot again. They now carry leashing an attacks with the help of the SL tamil diaspora against the SL government in the forms of such gatherings,and agitations in world fora, media broadcasts (Channel 4) and where ever possible way. This will fizzle out once SL prospers ( SL’s last years growth was 8% ) and power is shared with all ethnic groups in the country. No SL Tamil will then want another war or separate state. We will be like Singapore. These TN Tamils then will be ignored. It is only a matter of time.

  21. For the 17000 soldiers killed in the war and the innocent buddhist priests and border villagers killed by the LTTE ?

  22. >> to observe candle light vigil for Sri Lankan Tamil war victims.<<
    Hope this includes also all the SINHALESE innocents killed by the LTTE !!!

  23. .
    Do not worry Latha…

    British ruled Lankans (Tamils and Sinhalese) for over 200 years.

    For the last 60 years Sinhalese are ruling Tamils.

    In the next 50 to 100 years, Tamils will liberate and rule themselves.


  24. Nice coverage, the candle vigil show that still TN people have root connection with Lankan Tamil,but TN politicians try to exploit for their own shake, which is unfortunate!

  25. The LTTE is long gone. Many people within and outside, rightly and wrongly, misunderstood the LTTE represented the entirety of the form and substance of the Tamil struggle for equality and justice. The fact is the LTTE came into the scene
    a quarter of a century after the crimes began.

    Today the problem not only remains but, some would argue, has reached much more complex and difficult stages. The cultured and great people of the State of Tamilnadu have done what the Sri Lankan side had failed to do. They gathered in tens of thousands to remember Tamils across the Straits subject to the most abominable crimes. Largel because they are Tamils and speak the Tamil language. As a noted academic who visited the Island a few years ago – after months of study noted “it is not an exaggeration to say to be a Tamil in Sri Lanka today is a crime” In the Noolaham and Alaveddy incidents the Sinhala army underlines these realities. It is said even if a meeting of 5-10 year children in Jaffna is held today it has to have the presence and the permission of the Army – no matter what the Constitution or the Supreme Courts say. Or else it will be violently broken up.
    The message is “the army must be omnipresence in all your activities”

    A time will come when the Tamils in Sri Lanka will gather in their numbers, in their own soil, to pay their gratitude to the people of Tamilnadu for staying by their side – through thick and thin. This is the most humane form of support a people can give another under brutal and continous oppression. The youth who made the supreme sacrifice of their lives from Tamilnadu will be remembered with near reverence as heroes. As all good things come to an end, all bad things too would – soon one hopes.


  26. along with this what tamilnadu tamils can do to prove their affection to sri lankan tamils is, prevention of looting of livelihood of Sri Lankan tamil fishing community .

    holding candle light in one hand and stealing the bread of the sri lankan tamils from other hand doesn’t look good.

    The world is full of fake shows of love.I hope Jayalalitha will have courage to stop this looting of bread from SL Tamils thereby to show the real affection toward Tamils of Jaffna.

  27. Wije,

    No, just to demonstrate whether there are any caring,civilized, genuine, good natured human beings left among Sinhalese.There is nothing yet to celebrate when the country is facing serious war crime accusations and is left with only China and Russia on this planet supporting us.

  28. People in TN are very much concerned about SL Tamils. It does not mean they will support violence and extremism.

    Having said that, if SL tamils are forced to take up Eelam demand again in a demacratic way, I am sure people of Tamilnadu will support it whole heartedly.

    It is up to GOSL to resolve SL tamils issue politically with in the framework of united Srilanka, before it is too late. It is good for srilanka to avoid Indians and others involvement and make it more complex.

  29. Gee, I never expected so much support for Sri Lankan Tamils in my wildest dreams!I am now really worried about the issue snowballing into more resistance.

  30. Keep the Tamil flag flying in Tamilnadu, for as we Sri Lankans will never accept that there are ‘Tamils’ in Sri Lanka.

    That’s out bottom line.

    Dept of Census&Statistics thinks otherwise………….DBSJ

  31. for ur kind information sinhalese has been killed bcoz tamilians hve killd by u people.. stop commenting lik mad..

  32. “This will fizzle out once SL prospers ( SL’s last years growth was 8% ) and power is shared with all ethnic groups in the country.”


  33. Latha,
    I take this opprtunity to thank you and everyone across Thamilnadu and India who understand thamil’s plea and continuously fight for their rights in Eezham. I as a thamil diaspora from Eezham, did the same thing with thousands of other humanitarians across the world to stop the massacre of thousands of thamil civilians during the final stages of the war in May 2009.

    However we failed to save those lives due to the inaction by the International community including UN, which leads to the forceful depature of thousands of innocent souls including unbron fetuses from this world by heinus crimes committed by Srilankan militray and its supportive government.

    Thamils have been waiting for justice being served for the last 63 years since the so called independence from Britain. As you believe, they slowly start seeing the light at end of the tunnel.


    The Tamil Diaspora in the west demonstrated with pictures and placards and flags of Prabhakaran and LTTE.

  34. The response by DBSJ to Malathi Visvanathan is appropriate. No Lankan Tamil in his right sense can fault it.
    It is very unfortunate that LTTE side kicks like Kasi Ananthan,Seeman,Nedumaran and others had been allowed to steal the UN sponsored event at Marina Beach Chennai on 26th June.

    Tamils may be a minority in the island.But thankfully not all Sinhalese are mad Facists to regard them as legitimate prey to be disposed of according to the whims and fancies of the nitwits in power and their collaborators and henchmen like Gomin Dayasiri,Champika Ranawake,Dayan Jeyatilake,Milinda Senivaratne,Leela or Kalu Albert and others.Nor will the rest of the world including the Chinese and Russians will stand by and watch if it were to happen in the island.
    The problem today in the island is that it’s people are caught up in a blind vortex of their own creation.They have to struggle hard to come out of it and that task has to be hastened.

  35. Manju,
    Very well put in perspective. How a small country like Srilanka can survive in this global economy only with the support, which they think they have from countries like Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, when rest of the world is against them.

    Wake up patriotic Sinhalese, time is up for you to clean up your acts and put the house in order. Otherwise you will ended up in paying hectic price for your inaction.

  36. Malathi V
    DBSJ is absolutely right. Leaders such vaikoo, Seeman et al have a great deal of sympathy – let there be no doubt about it. Howeever, Their tactic is wrong: they must stop praising the LTTE: they must stop saying VP ‘will come back & fix things. He IS dead. Their agitation should be focused only on the Tamil people without propring up any political or militant organisation. instead of promising Eelam they demand that E Tamils enjoy the equal rights as that of TN Tamils – this should be their slogan. However my gut feeling is that only the Cyprus-type of solution will ever work to contain the Tamil national question in SL.

  37. NE Tamil,
    Not alone now, they have been proving it for years that they care about Eezham Thamils. Time to time their actions may differ, but they always had this underlying care and feelings for Eezham thamils. You may remember what they did in 1983, when sinhala government beaten thamils to death. Even with their poor economical condition compare to NE thamils, they accommodate thousands of refugees from Eezham, they fed them, educate them and provide a safety net, when Eezham thamils in dire need of such.

    Eezham thamils never ever forget their generosity. What more I can say even though I do not support such action, when 13 thamils themselves self immolate to safeguard Eezham thamils?


  38. Umbato Guy,

    There have been hand full players in the complex issue of SL/India/Eelam/Tamil/Sinhala who stood out ; Indira gandhi , MGR and VP . These people were in a position to deliver some permamnet solutions but they had to leave the scene prematurely. Now it looks like JJ joins the club. What I pray is that let her be not silenced like the other three.

    PS: Were you the same Umbert GUY??

  39. Tamil Nadu is the rightful place for Tamil Eelaam.

    80 Million people. without land to call their own is sad.

    Naduans must fight for their right to have a passport that says citizens of Tamil Nadu at least if not Eelaam.

    The late Mr Prabakaran’s vision was correct but he chose the wrong place.

    With the capable leadership of Neduraman. Seeman and Vaiko and their new ally, the idol of all Naduans, the odds are becoming more and more attractive for a separation . Sorry declaration of an independent country.

    After all the same West who backs the Diaspora , delivered a separate nation for the Jewish people who weren’t even one million in total.

    Heree are 80 times more.

    It was good to see so many people attending this commemoration.

    But the Srilankan Tamils , the Jaffna Tamils in particular didn’t pay much respect or attention to the Million odd economic refugees who flooded Srilankan shores not that long ago.

  40. You guys tried to save the LTTE terrorists and not the ordinary Tamil people who were taken as hostages by LTTE and used as human shields.

    If the Indian Tamils have any real concern over the SL Tamils, they shoud have asked the LTTE to release all the people from their “CUSTODY”. Not a single TN person ever asked the LTTE to release the Tamil people!

    So, dont putup “cine” shows to make the LTTE goons happy!

  41. One must not be surprised at all if the Sinhalese atrocities on Tamils increase. This might even result in more massacres of a conquered Tamil population by triumphant Sinhalese. If Tamils fleeing such persecution flee Lanka and reach the shores of Tamil Nadu, all hell may break loose. This time nobody will be able to argue that LTTE is responsible for any war or massacre. Truth will become self evident. If New Delhi refuses to read the writing on the wall, then Tamil Nadu may go up in flames. If New Delhi sends in the Indian Army into Tamil Nadu, that will be a bloodbath which may inflame entire South India. Tamil Nadu might end up being far worse than Nagaland, Punjab, Assam, Maniput and Kashmir, all put together. The Sri Lankan government must solve the problem politically.

  42. I agree with your sentiments here. we might as well say,” Yaam petra thunbam peruha Thamizhagam

    An Eelam citizen

  44. That is because Dept of Sensus and Statistics has got sense. LK sword may be sitting on his sword, without actually knowing it.

    And kindly LKsword stop using the word “We” and speak for yourself.

  45. Thank you for the people Tamil Nadu.

    We need the continues support of people in TN until we free our self from the rule
    tyranny of the majority.

    Some good hear-ted people believe that one day Singalese will allow federal or self rule
    for Tamils, some believe its far better for us to be separated. Others believe
    that Eelam should be part of the Indian union.

    But one think for sure we can’t remain in limbo state for ever. This is destroying us.

  46. Thanks DBS for covering this news item while there are a lot of black-outs in TN. Lot of Tamils, Sinhalese and Indians read your site and really this is a good job. Thanks again.

  47. //border villages//
    So, you agree that there was/is a border between Tamil (nation) and the Sinhala (nation).
    There are people hiding the facts.

  48. I actually thought that this was a genuine vigil to remember those who lost their lives, specially the tamil people of the north and east during the last weeks of the war. Having an inquisitive nature i searched for the organisers name on google and this is what i found:

    ‘Dear Friends and Comrades,

    This is a call to reach out to all our Tamil sisters and brothers suffering in Sri Lanka.

    Would you agree that a 13 year innocent female child be raped to be pregnant by the military in the name of War on Terror?

    During the war in Sri Lanka nearly 70,000 Tamil girls aged between 13 and 18 were made pregnant by Sinhalese Soldiers. They were kept away from the International Community monitoring the refugee camps.

    The truth is that Tamil people are still not safe after the Tamil Genocide executed in 2009. Even now, military trucks go into villages and pick up the girls and women and molest them in military camps by brutal force.

    It has been nearly two years since the United Nations opened eyes to the horrors at the Vanni beach in 2009. It was a half-hearted effort by the UN to bring out the truth to this world. The Report by United Nations expert panel proposed by Ban Ki Moon produced an incomplete study about the past and the current situation. Also, the international community ignored this and abandoned the Tamil people.

    It is time we Tamils get together to show our support to our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters in their fight for justice and peace.

    We are observing a silent candle light vigil at Chennai’s Marina Beach (near Kannaki statue) on 26th of June, which had been declared as International Day in Support of Tortured Victims by UN.

    You are called to join us in this democratic protest for this Genocide and Holocaust in Srilanka.

    Our unity and solidarity will help to bring greater attention to the UN and International community to protect the innocent young girls (our sisters and daughters). Also, this will send a strong message that we are against this atrocity and condemn this act.

    Come and Join your hands with us to Light A Candle.

    See you at Marina, Chennai on 26-June, Sunday evening 5.00. ‘ end of invitation.

    I urge all to read the invitation and make their own opinion of the organisers of the event.

  49. Sorry Muru.That will never happen.
    Go to any Tamil news site.They all talk about the atrocities of the Lankan Navy on TN fishermen.They always mention that “thamizhaga meenavargal nadukadalil meen pidithu kondiruntha pothu”.But they never mention that this “nadukadal” is actually territorial waters of Srilanka.

    I am from a coastal town in TN.A place from where Srilanka is a mere 40 mins by sea.I can understand very well where this issue arises – our people crossing international maritime border.But noone will talk about it.I have mentioned about it to my friends only to be termed “inathrogi”.With people like Seeman and co hell bent on whipping up the passion for their own needs,nothing is going to change.

  50. We will cross the bridge when we come to that. There’s nothing special to ant “Tamil” in Sri Lanka.

    Think, act, and live like a Sri Lankan or use the open gates to get out.
    Do not create trouble and get into hot water.

    You want Joseph to open the gates and get out or get into hot water?Make up your mind…………..DBSJ

  51. [Dept of Census&Statistics thinks otherwise………….DBSJ

    Why challenge that?


  52. 63 years of Srilankan politics is nothing but,”political solution”..Tamils are fed up DBS..Some including have some hope..But I still don;t understand why Sinhalese think that Tamils do not have the right for self determination..

  53. .
    Are the LTTE is holding them?

    Then why are those people still quit? Why can’t they even have a meeting?

    Was there any colonization in north-east when when LTTE was in power?

    Don’t be a Karuna…. Karuna was third in command to VP and he wanted to be 2nd so he rebeled…. today, he is at the bottom of MR.


  54. I am glad to know there are sincere people who see the issues without coloured glasses. This candle lit vigil should be attributed to the sincerity of the common TN people. At the same time all Tamils should be ashamed of TN politicians and their exploitation of this innocent masses.

  55. If people immolate themselves on this sort of misinformation ,it is really sad.

    A person with average intelligence can surely take these statements of the Diaspora with a grain of salt.

    But in Tamil Nadu, being one of the poorest in India , there are thousands who can be mislead to the extent that self immolation, or becoming martyrs in other ways, is quite common.

    Vaiko , Nedu and Seeman who are the conduits of this sort of propaganda to the Naduans, never encourage the central Govt to help the IDP in Srilanka.

    Even the Chief Minister in her long Essay published in these columns, asked bucket loads of Crores for herself and her subjects.

    But didn’t request an increase of even a single penny for the poor and desperate people who are crying out for help.

    The people who attend these ceremonies are genuinely concerned about the fellow Tamils.

    But are the Organizers and their backers in the Diaspora?.

    Diaspora money, political mileage in the Tamil Nadu, and overseas trips as mentioned elsewhere are the main motivation for the organizers..

    In addition , Kudos from the English speaking West , for helping the influential Diaspora may also play a apart, as it may give them a chance to develop good links in the West.

    These links may come good for future needs in the event the pro LTTEers decide to go the whole hog for “Separation” and ultimately Eelaam.

  56. DBS Annoi,

    I am a fan of your writings and one thing that I have noticed is that you always optimistic and a strong believer of solving the issues within united Sri Lanka.

    While I don’t have any view opposing it, I am not at all comfortable that Mahinda or any other Sinhala leaders have the ‘leadership’ qualities or guts to bring honourable peace to the country. Mahinda is trying to create another PSC. What is that for?

    In old Tamil cinemas we used to see a mockery of justice, that a rapist will be asked or requested to marry his victim. I often feel the same when we Tamils are ask to live together with the perpetrators who refuse to believe or accept the destruction that visited us. (Don’t blame the LTTE for that, that is not what I am looking for).

    Although I met some decent Sinhalese who genuinely shown remorse for the Tamil’s plight after seeing the C4 video. They admits that knowing 1971, 1988-89 history of the army against JVP, they have no reason to reject the C$ video.

    I have seen your response to Malathi. Do you honestly believe India has any leverage on Rajapakse regime? What about the Chinese influence that Colombo thinks it has to ignore India? What is your opinion on Western influence between India and China? What makes you to believe that Delhi has that power to influence over Colombo?

    There is another story going around that West is aligning with India to get Sri Lanka out of Chinese cloud. Do you agree with that? Do you accept that Mahinda is behaving just like Pirabha in the years before 2009: Over confidence, lack of understanding of world’s concerns, living in their own fantasy world, not doing the right things when in a politically powerful position and X, Y and Z will come for the rescue when in danger etc.

    Hope you will share us your thoughts on these.


    I have shared and shared and shared and shared my “THOUGHTS” many, many, many, many times.All to no avail!

    Now it’s too late!

    Your asking me to discuss the Tamil predicament without referring to the LTTE is like asking one to relate the Ramayana without referring to the eldest son of Dasaratha.

    The LTTE has caused irredeemable harm to the Tamil people. All that we can do is engage in a salvage operation

    The crux of the matter is that Indian policy at this juncture will not permit separation in Sri Lanka. The so called International community will not go against India on this

    Therefore I dont want to speculate about the possible turns and twists in International relations concerning Sri Lanka because I know there will be no real big change whatever the current excitement.

    The Rajapaksa regime may make many blunders but the Sri Lankan state remains.Whatever the problems the Sri Lankan state will not be allowed to fragment.

    If this Govt engages in political lunacy and confronts India in a serious way there may be a Cyprus type military occupation of the North – East. Even then it will be de facto and not de jure partition

    But I doubt it will ever happen. The Sri Lankan Govt may go to the edge of the precipice but will pull back in time unlike the LTTE

    So we have no choice other than to live in an undivided Sri Lanka and there is nothing wrong in that. To rebel against this reality beyond a certain point can only result in terrible disaster.

    This is the disaster that has been brought upon us by the self-imposed sole representatives and their irresponsible moronic supporters in the Diaspora and Tamil Nadu.

    To continue with this suicidal course is to invite more destruction on the Tamil people living in Sri Lanka. Sinhala supremacism will alter “ground realities” to such an extent that even regional autonomy or limited area-based devolution would be worthless.

    Moreover an already diminishing people would deteriorate further numerically, politically, economically, culturally and socially.

    We will become an insignficant” manageable” minority that can be easily dominated and controlled.

    Whatever the Tamil hard-liners may say the reality on ground is that Tamils are living in Sri Lanka and that the bulk of Tamils have to continue living there.There is no other place to go.

    The very same British Govt that chides Colombo and wants accountability for alleged war crimes has no qualms about deporting failed asylum seekers back to the same Sri Lanka.

    Tamil asylum seekers are being forcibly sent back by Britain to the country from which they fled alleging fear of persecution on the one hand while making sanctimonious noises about human rights in Sri Lanka on the other.

    It is also a fact that despite the problems more than half of the Tamils in Sri Lanka are living in the Sinhala dominated South while the other half continues to live in the military dominated North and East which are our areas of historic habitation..

    The Tamils living in Sri Lanka have many,many existential problems but they cope with reality in whatever way possible and get on with life.The important thing is to go on living…..

    Whatever the pessimists say I think Our destiny is inextricably inter-twined with that of the Sinhalese. Along with the Sinhalese we too have a stake in the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Sri Lanka.But we must constantly strive for justice, equality, peace and amity despite the difficulties

    The need of the hour is not sabre-rattling outside Sri Lanka but a determined effort to help our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka.

    Our responsibility is to the LIVING first.

    Justice for the DEAD can only be next.

    In any case what justice can Tamils get for the injustices perpetrated on them by their fellow ethnics the LTTE?

    If the Tamils act sensibly then they must try hard to preserve what they have in Sri Lanka and work towards a Tamil renaissance in the economic, cultural and social spheres.

    For that we need peace and inter-racial amity and above all the goodwill and support of all decent Sinhalese. And believe me the majority of the majority are decent people.

    Sadly a vociferous, aggressive minority dictates terms there just as a vociferous minority hogs the megaphone amidst the Tamil Diaspora

    Tamils need reconciliation more than the Sinhalese.Tamils need conciliatory politics more than the Sinhalese. Reconciliation does NOT mean submission. Conciliatory politics does NOT mean submitting to majoritarian hegemonism.

    It only means an eschewing of inflammatory rhetoric and avoidance of unnecessary hostility. It means that we adopt a spirit of cooperation and work through negotiation and non – violence. It means that we opt realistically for the attainable instead of unrealistically fighting for the unattainable

    But we must keep the spirit of RESISTANCE alive. Only this resistance is not fighting for a separate state but fighting to achieve equal rights in Sri Lanka. We must resist efforts by chauvinists to reduce or suppress the Tamil identity. Today maintaining our identity has assumed paramount importance

    But if Tamils continue to go on a confrontational course for unrealistic goals then the slow but sure diminution of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka is inevitable.

    Since I am now 57 years of age my fervent prayer is that I should not live to see such a day

  57. OK, Kalu Machan,

    In that case we would also get back to Orissa from where our ancestors came from, leaving the country to the remaing Vedas of Mahiyanhana.

    By the way, there are some offsprings of Europeons with their Christian names: Fernando, de Silvas, Peries and Perara. Not to mention Percy, Soloman Wilson Dias Banda, Julios Richard Jayawardene etc. Let us pack their kids and kins to Europe before we depart.

    What you say? Have we got a deal?

  58. LKSword
    I wish you keep in mind what happened to Lankapura and Jagath Vijaya at last in Mudurai, my friend. 😉


    You are not the person who usually posts comments under the name Kalu Albert. You are an “Impostor”. Why do you people do these things?Think you are smart? Pathetic!!

  59. Oh, rubbish. Separatism in TN wasn’t ‘suppressed’. It died a natural death in the 1960s, after the North Indians who then dominated Indian politics demonstrated by deeds (not empty words) that Tamil sentiments were more important to them than Hindi. The shock and anguish in Shastri’s speech after the Republic Day riots in 1965 were genuine, not feigned, and his reversal of the Hindi-only policies he’d been pursuing – and to which he was genuinely committed – quite clearly showed Indian Tamils that Northern politicians cared about all of India, not just the North. India goes to great lengths to include Tamil culture within its public culture, and Tamils recognise that. Separatism is not an issue in TN, and it’s not been a factor in popular support for the Sri Lankan Tamils.

  60. I am also a chennai guy and carrying wounds in my heart for not forming a proper response during the last few years. But I disagree with Malathi Vishwanathan and others from my city for their views on DBSJ.

    MK and the goondas in the Indian Political/Administrative machinery have teamed up to finish off VP through MR which is fine for a state(India) like us. But they could have done it like the way US did to Osama Bin Laden. My anger will never subside against those who legitimised and supported 100 times worse than Jallian Walabagh like mayhem in the Northern srilankan Region.

    My Grandfather made me to live and breathe with Bharathiar Patriotic songs but now (after Vanni Mayhem)I am unable to digest the National fervour he has loaded me from my childhood; whereas the Dravidian Movement which fascinated many youths had a great poet Bharathidasan who said “Maanida Samuthiram Naanenrru Koovai… piriviallai engum petham illai… unnai suttri irukkum makkal perunkadal paarthu magizhchikol” – the great dravidian poet says ” You be one among the sea of humanity”. This is source of the energy for the Dravidian Movement and for Tamils like me, unlike the rascals in the Indian Administrative Machinery thinks that the Dravidian movement was a separtist movement(though there are separatist elements in the movement).

    I wont let my anger to die with me; I will respond with an act of unifying the Tamils across the world and support each other during the hour of crisis.


    There will come a time when Tamils will clap our hands and sing the Kummi quoting Bharathi –

    “Kummiyadi, kummiyadi
    Kummiyadi Thamil Naadu muluvathum Kulungida Kai kotti kummiyadi

    Nammai piditha pisaasuhal poyina,nanmai petrom endru kummiyad”

    When that future dawns we will sing of our language in the words of Bharathidasan –

    “Thamizhukkum Amuthendru Per – Anthath

    Thamizh Inbath Thamizh Engal Uyirukku Ner”

    When we enter that brave,new world we will be proud to call ourselves Tamils and sing aloud the words of Namakkal Ramalingampillai thus –

    “Thamizhan Endror Inamundu – Thaniye
    Avarkkor Gunamundu
    Amutham avanathu Mozhiyaagum
    Anbe Avanathu Vazhiyaagum”

    And we shall live until eternity holding fast to our language, our culture and our literature in the words of Thirunavukkarasar(Appar) –

    “Thamizhodisai Paadal Maranthariyen”…

    I can go on and Ganesan but I stop. Thank you for your post that stirred me………. Mikka nandri

  61. Dear LKSword,

    I think you need to at least show that you are civilised even if you are not. Most people here have different views of the whole conflict. I too do not agree with all BUT I believe that they are genuine in their feelings whether it is towards the LTTE or Tamils or Sri Lanka. It is possible for all of us to differ in our opinions yet behave and interact in a civilised and humane manner.

    Put yourself in the shoes of the thousands caught up in the war, even the last days of the war in the no fire zone. I have put myself in the shoes of the villagers who were hacked and murdered too. War is a dirty game. Let not the innocent suffer and also let not fans of hatred be made.

    Tone down LKSword my friend.

  62. Are you reading Tamil Nadu papers only?

    Karuna took a good decision and saved more than 5000 Tamils from the East!

    LTTE had no legitimacy to colonize but robbed all the tamils! That is why they were wiped out!

  63. What Are we and TN Tamils have in common except Tamil cinema?

    TN has direct LINKS with the people in the Hills of Sri Lanka but they never bother about them because they never give any cash like the Jaffna smugglers!

  64. You have got it all wrong. Pre-emptive action to destroy violent designs of TTD is not hatred or uncivilized attitude. TTD have not left us any choice, by looking at their actions.

    Remember how they treated our president when he visited UK? Where were you? Born yesterday?

    If you leave any room any time for Tamil Terrorist Diaspora, they will use it to demean, insult and discredit MotherLanka and its guardians.

    When the Sri Lankans were being blasted into pieces by the Tamil terrorists these Tamilnadu jokers were not there. In fact no one raised any voice. Everyone asked us to talk to the TTD and give them something and save our souls.

    Are we forgeting all this so soon?

    Never underestimate the capabilities of the TTD and never take off your guard. TTD yearns for communal violence to make a case. All options must be open for us to prevent it.

    30 years of violence is enough. Obliterating any traces of a ‘Tamil’ homeland in the NE is the cardinal rule# 1.


    When we are getting hammered due to actions of the TTD, please remember your Sunday prayeres on others days too.

  65. What comes out when Sri Lankan Army is under the limelight during its operations holding the ‘human rights charter’ – This under the blue helmet!!


    2007: Haiti

    S Lanka troops ‘abused Haitians’

    The UN is sending home more than 100 of the 950 Sri Lankan peacekeepers in Haiti, accusing them of sexual abuse, including with underage girls.

    2010: Sri Lanka:


    Many also fear of sexual abuse committed by military …

    Yes, we come to know about some incidents but some of them could not get confirmed. “In front of our own eyes, and inside our premises, the army was touching a young girl…so what would happen if we are also not there”

  66. DBSJ,

    What you said about LTTE &pro-LTTE diaspora hijacking the demonstrations for end to war in 2009 is very true. The genuine feelings were diluted by the tiger agenda.When I saw the tiger flag and praba picture I simply returned home. Now the same rascals are hijacking the UN panel report fall out and Channel 4 film impact . It is disgusting to see these fascists pretend to be human rights activists now

  67. Hi DBSJ. Just a few observations about this article.
    1) It looks like the TN people are being taken for a ride again by their ‘political leaders’.I am willing to bet that the SL tamil issue wil be ‘milked’ for all it’s worth to divert TN peoples attention from their own sorry state and misery.

    2) This response from the TN people seem to be more of a release of their own frustrations and expression of their desperate plight and poverty ( I see it in their eyes),rather than of their SL tamil brothers and sisters.

    3) Add to this, maybe there is a considerable amount of dissappointment and hopelessness at the failure of the ‘Eelam Project’ and how it could have changed their ( TN peoples) lives had it succeeded.

    4)Having lived in Tamil Nadu and experienced the quality of life there, I think this sympathy for the plight of SL tamils is totally misplaced because even today the SL tamils enjoy a much better quality of life when comapared to the TN counterparts. This is more like the man who travels by bus everyday feeling sorry for the man owning and driving a maruti.

  68. Dear DBS,

    The MAY 17 denotes the debacle of international civil society to stop the Racist Sinhala Govt’s Genocide on Tamils. And not //The date May 17 denotes the Mullivaaikkaal debacle of the LTTE on that day in 2009.//

    Thank you

    Organiser | MAY 17 movement

    Thank you for clarifying………….DBSJ

  69. Thank you Annoi,

    Few things:

    UK Boarder Agency has developed well to become one of the efficient government agency in UK, unlike laid back, often been criticised old system. It has taken in members of Tamil Diaspora to be officers which helped it to identify the false claims. High Commission in Colombo is also active in using third parties for village visits to ensure the given facts are true or not.

    The UKBA don’t discuss individual cases in public which is against the law. However the Tamil organisations and lawyers who approached the agency had to accept in private that many of the cases marked for deportation (then deported) are not unreasonable. Those who have committed criminal offences and those who have deliberately claimed they are from a particular community with a mistaken believe that the UK asylum system will favour them. Also students who left the visa to expire and then claimed asylum, technically they were remaining illegally when claimed. Hence you will agree we can’t blame the British Government for these.

    Next, don’t be so pessimistic. The Chola, Pandia expansion in to Sri Lanka could not eliminate the Sinhala race and similarly the conquest of Dutagemunu over Ellalan or various Kings of Jaffna Kingdom by the Kings like ‘Segaraja Sekaran’ of the South could not eliminate the Tamils. Above all The Tamils as well as the Sinhalese survived the Europeans murderous, often cruel intervention and colonisation for centuries. The Hitler could not finished off Jews even tough he used widespread methods and look how powerful Jews are now. The 1971, 1988-89 massacres of Sinhala youths did not destroy that community at all.

    Only thing is that we are living through these period of time of Tamils plights. The Tamils as well as Sinhalese were happy under British for years and years and my guess is that we may live happily again under another foreign power, who knows!

    Further, while you discussed about internal issues in your reply, my question was about external issues for which you did not answer. However my observation is that the world along with India will make sure of a new regime for Sri Lanka to ensure that all communities are living equally and happily.

    And don’t worry Anna, you will lived long to see it through.

    Inshaah Allaah!…………….DBSJ

  70. Rtd. Lt. Shamal Perera, Thank god there wasnt a Gen. Savage De Slva to MBRL them thinking this is a ‘no fire zone’

  71. LKsWorld, big deal inventing new and silly acronyms, TTD: Telecommunications devices for the deaf/Hearing Impaired is really whats needed for the majority.

    Staying with Telecoms, BBM (Not Blackberry Messenger) but rather ‘Buddhist barbaric monks’, will they raise their voice not just once, but constantly for eradication this malaise from Sri lanka:


    A government-appointed official in Sri Lanka has appealed to families in the north to protect under-age girls from sex traffickers

    Maybe not a Rajapaksa supporter?

    ‘Abused’ child monks handed to probation


  72. 1000s might have now attended the candle light vigil. But nobody in TN potested when LTTE took Tamil Civilians with them as human shield and free labour. Self diclared gaurdians of tamils, such as Vaiko and nedumaran were silent when the LTTE set up heavy weapons among it’s own civians and exposed to them to heavy fire.

    After the war is over, as happens to the loosing side and also because the LTTE uprooted them, Srilakan Tamils
    were suffering unimaginable miseries, these vaikos’s and nedumarans or others didn’t take any inititative to help the Srilankan Tamils in any way. They were busy propogating the myth that , VP is alive. Even now , nobody seem to be concerned about helping Srilankan tamils, whose life still not become normal. Is commemoration of MAY 17th debacle of LTTE more important than the sufferings of Srilanka tamils ? May we know, the people who organised this event, whether they have done even little something to help srilankan tamils.

  73. Pro tamil and anti Indian protests were always there in tamil nadu. But they have never grown big to threaten the unity of India. Indian economy is growing exponetially, . Young men and women as young as 23-24 years are becoming millianaires overnignt in India, through innvative, hightech ventures etc. (We used to think ,that happens only in USA). India;s young , including Tamilnadu young are getting into this India boom bandwagon. Who is interested in wasting time in working against the Unity of India ? ( For India’s young there is even no time to waste.). As for Kashmir, one should not be in time warp and presently see 15 years old Kashmir. Militancy is reducing there. Tourists have started visiting. Pakistan ,which is the main culprit fomenting trouble in Kashmir, itself got it’s face buried in it’s own shit. Pakistani terrorists , who were attacking India ,to inflict 1000s of wounds, have started blasting Pakistan’s ass. Infact , it’s Pakisan’s unity ,which is threatened. No body is sure, 25 years from now, whether Pakistan will be a single country.

  74. Dear Tamilian,

    Sinhalese think tamils do not have the right for self determination for the same reason that, India
    thinks , Kashmiries doesn’t have the right to self determination, Nagaland people does’t have the right to self determination, panjab people doesn’t have the right to self determiation, mizoram people doesn;t have the right to self determination and the list goes on. ( I am assuming that you are an Indian Tamil. if u r srilankan tamil, this commentwi ll be not b applicable to u)

  75. There is rape, and sexual abuse happening in all quarters of the world. They are being done by people who do not behave according to norms. It happens in Tamilnadu and all across India too. Recently there was a case highlighted where a maid was raped and murdered in Delhi. you can see all these on NDTV. Rape and sexual abuse happens in the south of Sri Lanka too. Rape happens in the US UK Australia too. If you are saying that Rape and sexual abuse does not happen within the tamil community get your head examined. Your Films are full of rape, wife beating and sexual abuse. 99% of the Tamils films are full of this – so whose community is portrayed in the films? Is it all fantasy?

    What is wrong is to tag the racial intent.

    Firstly clean up your film industry which portrays Rapist and Abusers and Wife Beaters, then start pointing fingers.

  76. Srilanka complained to India about the possible radiation from Tamilnadu attomic power stations and asking the radiation monitoring technology.Srilanka is planning to set up an attomic power statoin in Srilanka to meet the growing power requirement for that project also Srilanka is asking India’s help. you know earlier India was approched to furnish the Hampanthotta harbour as India showed no interest on that plan later China met the need. this project also might be done in the same way. here the dangerous factor is theravathha Bhuddism which has ardent beleive on Mass Killing.( please refer Mahavamsa lattest edition)Tamils in the island having some awareness of the body language of this type of beleivers and managing to live with them as neighbours with scraches. Because of radiation threat they wont use it on Eelam.staying in distant one canot watch the body language of this belivers will have to face the real threat in the future.

    An Eelam citizen

  77. Tamils trying to intimidate Sinhalese using their global hubs was the underlying reason for Sinhalese to retaliate…. Sinhalese are a global minority and have every right to defend themselves from the threats by global Tamil majority…If you guys in Tamil Nadu really wants to see SL Tamils in peace..then leave them alone and let them be a part of National politics of Sri Lanka instead of communal politics…Trying to suppress Sinhalese and rob their heritage in Sri Lanka with the help of vicious West and idiots in TN ? ..then get ready to suffer forever

  78. LTTE terrorists destroyed the Tamils. We indian Tamils are also suspected by some in the west as terrorists.

  79. DBSJ said:

    Whatever the pessimists say I think Our destiny is inextricably inter-twined with that of the Sinhalese. Along with the Sinhalese we too have a stake in the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Sri Lanka.But we must constantly strive for justice, equality, peace and amity despite the difficulties

    Why cannot we also aspire for Self-determination for Tamils? Why don’t you support at least self-rule. Two nations is the best policy, if sinhalisation continues.

  80. The sad truth is that the LTTE is made up of Tamils, and some of us think that LTTE supporters cannot or should not join those demonstrations to save tamil civillians in SL.

    I was there too. I was also disgusted when the LTTE flags were raised, just because it may confuse the confucious. But if the world was smart enough it should have realized that these demonstrations are for the for the civillians only.

  81. So are we supposed to accept Karuna as a saviour of Tamils even though he is with MR and claiming govt forces never killled Tamils in the final war?

    Karuna knew he could not fight VP as already the tiger intelligence was already closing on him. – That is why he quit and ran to Colombo for cover.

    Reagardless of whatever LTTE did its objective was to create separate country for Tamils to save the Tamils from the SL govt. As each day passes, the world is getting closer and closer to realize VP was not wrong with his objective.

  82. Dear DBSJ, Do you still belive in Srilanka Tamils will be abble to live with equal rights granted by srilankan Governments weather with or with out pressure from IC. If the Srilankan Gov have to accept to give Tamils their due rights because of pressure from India or IC will the Mahavamsa mind set Sinhalees will support the Government given the past more than 60 years of experience, including post Mullivaikal experoience ???

  83. If you look at the history of various world liberation movements. the peoples quest for freedom canot be oppressed by force or our neighbours wishes which were wrongly perceived.

    Read about Biafra……..DBSJ

  84. Dear friends,

    Vanakkam and Ayubowan.

    All this Racist Dravidian-Aryan theory is utter nonsense that was implemented by Western Colonialists to divide, convert and rule the people of South Asia.

    Who started this bogus theory and why? Who fell victim to it? To learn more, I recommend that all intelligent readers read this superb, scholarly book called “Breaking India”.

    This book was recently published and will wake all of you up from the divisive Dravidian-Aryan theory that has no scientific basis.

    Tens of thousands of innocent Sri Lankans from all parts of the beautiful island were killed because of this fake Dravidian-Aryan theory, which has wrought devastation and distrust all over Sri Lanka (and India).

    You can read book excerpts at: BreakingIndia[dot]com

    Note: I am not related to any of the authors but a peace-loving reader who believes in one simple motto: “Know the truth so it may set you free”.

  85. Oi, Barbarian LK-SWORD,

    Go back to the cave you came in! The world has moved on!

    DBSJ I kindly ask you to debar this man from this site; it does your esteemed site no good to accommodate mentally deranged persons!

    Dont we need comic relief at times……………DBSJ

  86. I wonder whether Is there anything common between sinhalese in sri lanka and tamils in sri lanka
    other than silva and siva starts with an “s”.

  87. Dear Jeyaraj,

    A right advice at the right time to the tamils of Tamil Nadu. Tamils of Tamilnadu wish a prosperous life to the tamils of Sri Lanka with equality and self respect. As you correctly pointed, few politicians may be after the money of Tamil diaspora. Majority of the tamils of TN are concerned about the Sri Lankan issue only because of the emotional bondage.

    Thanks for your timely advice.

  88. Dear Mr.Jeyaraj,

    We are able to understand your feelings. Let us pray the Almighty for the prosperous and peaceful life of Sri Lankan tamils.

    Yogesh Karayalar

  89. DBSJ responds

    The so called International community will not go against India on this
    I think we are overestimating india’s power.It is not a big enough power at the moment to oppose seperation in srilanka if the EU and US and their allies decide that that is the only possible solution for the tamils due to the intransigence of the rajapakshes towards a political solution.

    India is a big enough power to be independent in making decisions that concern it ,but not big and strong enough to decide the outcomes in other countries,even the ones in their own backyard.Besides with the political change in tamilnadu and war crimes charges it will change its stance from pro mahinda to neautral.No longer will it canvass other countries to block moves against srilanka in the UN.

  90. garawi

    TN will never get a separate country in India
    never say never.
    examples of things that can never happen are
    never will a person be immortal
    never will a person be perfect.
    never will we ever be able to predict the future.
    never will there be never any change.
    never can we ever eliminate natural disasters.

    never will tamils have their own country in tamilnadu.hmmmmm.Only if they are handled properly by the central government.If the central government is thickskinned like our srilankan leaders and are not sensitive to their feelings then anything could happen.You only need a SWRD,sirimavo or JR to become the primeminister of india for it to disintegrate into many countries, like what happenned to yugoslavia after milosovic took over.Indians must be careful never to elect buffoons, polical opportunists who play the race card,megalomaniacs and thick skinned characters with buffalo hides as their primeminister if they want to stay as one country.

  91. My gratitude to you Mr. Thirumurugan for organizing the candle light vigil at Marina beach. As DBS aptly observed the beach was indeed a sea of candles. May the glow on that day be the beginning of light in the dark tunnel of Tamils

  92. Thirumurugan says:
    June 29, 2011 at 4:04 am
    Dear DBS,

    The MAY 17 denotes the debacle of international civil society to stop the Racist Sinhala Govt’s Genocide on Tamils. And not //The date May 17 denotes the Mullivaaikkaal debacle of the LTTE on that day in 2009.//
    good approach.

    But did you light single lite for those innocent Sinhalese who massacred by rasist tamils. I firmly thinking your reply is not another masquerade

    I am waiting for your reply

  93. M.Fern

    I agree with sivananthan that karuna saved many tamil lives. He also saved a lot of sinhalese lives too by keeping the eastern cadres out of the war. You are so full of VP,why don’t you go to the wanni and clean up the shit he put all over it without praising him from abroad.Others are now doing that dirty work that people like you should be doing.

  94. Kota

    In the places you mention full devolution of powers have been given.Since india attained independence there has not been any ethnic or religious nationalism by the majority ethnic groups against the minorities.There has also not been any government sponsored pograms against them.So the central government of India feels that it is unreasonable for the regions you mention to ask for self determination. In the case of the tamils of srilanka since independence the government has embarked on a sinhala bhudhist nationalism path and also organised riots against the tamils in 1956,58,77,81 and 83.Whenever tamils have asked for devolution of powers they get hammered,burnt to death,raped and their property looted instead.So for you to compare the regions you mentioned in india with the regions where tamils predominantly have lived with regard to self determination is like comparing apples with vegetables.

  95. DBSJ

    Don’t ???????? LKSword.He needs medication for paranoia.Lk Doctor will come soon.Anyway we need some humour and nutty characters on this blog too to keep us going on the serious stuff.

  96. jacoob

    They are both belonging to the human species. That is more than enough in common. I would be equally happy if my kids one day marry tamils,sinhalese,westerners,africans or chinese.

  97. Malayali Aiyanaar has to go more to know the TAMILS/SINHALESE. If you from Anala Theevu, your history starts with the Portugeuse Era but my Tamil history starts before you in Sri Lanka!

  98. Aiyo Samare (Samarasekera), Nikan pissu dodawanna epaa miniyo!!!
    2009 Mai maase 17-19 athara ahinsaka minissu keedenek merunadha? 40,000 merunaa kiyala UN eken kiyala thiyeddhi ohela kochchara monawa kiwwoth eka wahanna puluwandha? Mewa aanduwen karapu balu weda. kalade palade!!

    ஐயோ சமரே (சமரசேகர)!! சும்மா விசர் அலம்பாதே மனுசா!

    மே 17 – 19 இடையில் அப்பாவி மனிசர் எத்தனை பேர் இறந்தார்கள்? 40000 பேர் இறந்தனர் எண்டு UN சொல்லியிருக்குபோது நீங்கள் எவ்வளவு என்ன சொன்னாலும் அதை மூடி மறைக்க முடியுமோ? இது அரசாங்கம் செய்த நாய் வேலை. ௦௦௦செய்தவற்றுக்குப் பலன் கிடைக்கும்!!

  99. True. Nothing is permanent! Today’s heroes are tomorrow’s zeroes.

    Moguls lost India to British. Portuguese and Dutch lost Ceylon to the British. Then the Great British empire where, it was claimed, that the Sun never set is slowly dying. The crack appears from within that the Scots are planning for referendum on their own way.

    Israel born due to the power of Jewish diaspora. Following them in all, Educationally, Politically and Financially the Tamil Diaspora is becoming powerful. Already the politicians in Colombo admits that there diplomats are no match to the intellectuals of the Tamil diaspora who raised up post LTTE era.

    Simple example of what diaspora money would do can be seen in Colombo, from Colpity to Dehiwela.

    So in that sense I fully agree with you aratai.

  100. Shankar, I agree your conclusion but with a different opinion. I am not sure if DBSJ will get this.

    The West may wish separation in Sri Lanka for altogether different reason. The British lost, it’s highly successful economic base Hong Kong in 1997. Had it not been China, Britain would not have let it go. Eg: Falkland Island.

    Now they want one in this region to substitute this for economic and military reasons. Remember US is quitting Afganistan and soon from Iraq.

    What better place they can think of given that the loyal Tamil Diaspora who are their own citizens?

    Remember Israel, an important alley of the West in the Middle East. Loyalty of Israel is ensured by it’s very powerful Jewish diaspora.

    In these scenario India would be better off than having hostile China in the South. Tamil Diaspora members are advised not to asked for Eelam but for Self Determination. The crux of the matter lies therein.

    As long as Sinhalese support and keep Rajapakses in power, the Tamils should only be happy, even though we go through hell.


    Dream on dream on Diaspora while Tamils diminish in Sri Lanka and “ground realities”are altered to an “irredeemable state”. The dream of Eelam has turned into a nightmare. Now with these “hallucinations” create a situation where existential Tamil plight in Sri Lanka will further worsen

  101. DBSJ

    I have to give full marks for the photographs. Surprised that people did not comment on that.No doupt by a professinal photographer of repute i think.So far in your articles this was the best photographs i enjoyed.


    Thank you Shankar! But the credit is shared to a very great extent by my friends who help me run these sites without any reward, recognition or remuneration.

    The pix were collected from different sources ranging from newspapers to twitter.

    In my case when I saw one picture I got the overwhelming thought “sea of candles on the beach”. It was then that I began tweeting about the event and collected pix

    And by the way these are not “Articles” but only a bundle of tweets posted on Twitter by me

  102. Prabha is alive. Wait and see.


    A line from a verse in an old Tamil film song by TM Soundararajan –

    “Varuvaan,varuvaan endru Vaasalil Nindraayo”……………

  103. complain about this to international civil society ( UN). as they are not our relatives believe they will give justice.
    an Eelam citizen

  104. Manju,

    No, just to demonstrate whether there are any caring,civilized, genuine, good natured human beings left among Sinhalese.

    Are there any caring, civilised, genuine, good natured human beings left among Tamils?

    There is nothing yet to celebrate when the country is facing serious war crime accusations and is left with only China and Russia on this planet supporting us.

    So you would choose suicide bombings, child soldiers, and neverending grinding war to avoid war crime accusations?

  105. But they could have done it like the way US did to Osama Bin Laden.

    How is that possible, when Osama didn’t have 200,000 human shields protecting him?

  106. Tamils are not safe any where in the world until the Grate independent Tamil country is formed in tamilnadu.independent tamilnadu under our grate leader SEEMAn is the ultimate solution for us tamils.We will give a suitable place for Jayalaitha amma too in our grate tamil country under the grate leader SEEMAN.Our grate leader SEEMAN will make Rahul Gandhi and Mahinda Rajapaksha to dance on his palm .BAd Time is coming for these two enemies of tamils who destroyed tamil dream in Sri Lanka.
    Long live to SEEMAN and to We TAMILs.


    You are not “WE TAMIL” but an “API SINHALA” from Lanka masquerading as “NAAM THAMIZH” and posting outlandish comments. Guys like you are pathetic but delude yourselves into thinking you all are smart

  107. Herding 300,000 Tamils to Mullivaykkal is not a business of saving Tamils. VP was good at killing unarmed people. Now Karuna is alive to talk about VP and he is the only authority than any others to talk about VP.

    VP was a bunker rat and know nothing. That is why they could not stop their run from Manalaru to Mullivaykkal. LTTE expected that government stop fighting when they have tamil HOSTAGES. But it never worked.

  108. kaduvan

    I think the first preference for the EU is a political solution.If that does not work only they may think of the next step. Even recently 58 parliamentarians of center right wing brought in a resolution for a political solution in the EU parliament. Eu wants only things to be calm and peaceful here without being dragged into world war 3. So i think your presumptions are rather optimistic. Without dreaming of eelam ,tamils should seize a political solution and move on,because a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush.

  109. This EPDP member ‘M. Sivanathan’ is not a Tamil but a Malayalee and for him everything is from Kerela. He is an expert in inventing stories from thin air. If you ask him to quote the source he will disappear for some time.

    By now most people would have come to know him. The best thing is just ignore him, do not believe anything what he says as true.

  110. DBSJ,Sorry to contradict you. I don’t think its fair to say Tamil Diaspora demonstrated with Pics,placards and flags of the pulee. In fact common public was genuinely concerned about the happenings in SL but in the guise of organizing, these pulee fellows hijacked the demonstrations. This is what they continuously did over the past 25 years. They always want to be the leaders for whatever the cause.

    In one incident a foreigner joined the demonstration after hearing the actual plight of tamils in SL. These pulee buggers has given him a placard of their leader. So i think accusing the foreigner of demonstrating with puleeththalai placard is not reasonable in my view. It can be said the tamil diaspora was forced fed with flags,placards,etc. What do u say?

    (Any how one of the participant has pointed out that to the foreigner and and gave him another placard not related to pulee)

    To Peace Lover: I think the biggest mistake of the SL history is of gaining independence from British. If not all Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim and all others would have been much happier than this sorry state.


    You are NOT contradicting me.

    I have been writing extensively on this subject from the time of the demonstrations. When the LTTE *Pro-LTTE diaspora attacked me on tis count very few voices were raised in support of my position

    Now I find it refreshing and even amusing at times to see so many people clarifying the position about Diaspora demonstrations.

    I participated in the first big demonstration in Toronto where no tiger flags were waved or placards with Prabakharan’s picture were displayed.

    When I went for the second demonstration I found the LTTE had taken over.I saw the tiger flags and Praba placards everywhere. I saw the slogans and chants changed from stop civilian killing the to recognize LTTE as sole represntative theme

    I simply walked away and returned home

    If people disapproved of the tigers hijacking the people oriented demonstration all they had to do was walk away or vote with their feet

    All the demonstrations conducted those days were to no avail because of the LTTE factor dominating them. The demonstrations were exercises in futilty.

    Now the LTTE supporters posing as human rights champions are blaming the international community&trying to make IC feel guilty

    Hypocrites of the highest order

  111. You are right. Now these buggers are again starting with flag,placard etc. Then, after some time will do some nasty thing like blocking the highway on the previous occasion. This will ultimately distract the main issue of HR Violation and Solution.

  112. I quoted and you ran away. Your TAMIL Vellaala story itself a fake one. Check it again!

    Now you bark and think people will listen your foolish claims!

  113. TN people always supports Ealam Tamils and not Puligal. Their support to puligal faded after assasination of Amirthalingam and Padmanabha. But vocal puli supporters made the scene as if entire TN was behind them. But after Rajiv’s assasination unfortunately, genuine concern for Ealam Tamils were mistaken as support for Tigers and people became Mum inthat issue. Many TN Tamils supported Tigers because they were only in the picture. Of course they hadtheir own reservations against Tigers.
    If you see election results of TN, Cong faced worst debacle followed by DMK because they were against Ealem. Vaiko himslef was defeated in May’09 elctions. Only ADMK has won because ADMK supoorts Ealam Tamils and not Tigers.
    Vaiko has got about 4-5% voteshare. Seeman has some populaity. Apart from them this DK, PDK, nedumaran etc have no support in TN.
    PMK and VCK – Only leaders have view on Eelam. Majority of the party men willgo by what the leader says.

  114. I hope the more vocal both in these pages and outside raead Hindu Thamilan’s (July 07) wise comments carefully. The space created for Vaiko and Co is purely by the inaction of GoSL. If the Govt is sincere in its efforts at peace, one way out is to consider the pragmatic proposals of the TNA – now in talks with the Govt. If the Govt side replaces meaningly delaying tactics with an objective approach the need for outsiders to champion our issues will be removed.


  115. Mr. Kota,

    I am one of the member in May 17. If we collect and send 100 crore to tamils who have been in eelam at present. Is there any way of they will get it.

    This event is to say “we are here to help you” to those tamils who are suffering there. This event has made turn the eyes of indian government and other politicians that the tamilnadu people is really cared about our ellam people. They can’t do there mono acting anymore..

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