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Policemen who defended TNA MPs in Alaveddy attack may be penalized for doing duty

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Plans are afoot to “scapegoat” & penalise the Police Bodyguards who defended Tamil National Alliance MP’s in the June 16 Alaveddy army attack.

Instead of being commended for doing their duty courageously these brave Policemen attached to Ministerial security division are now blamed.

Powerful people in the defence establishment seem to be annoyed with these bodyguards for defending the MP’s they were assigned to protect.

There was a move to remove them from their TNA security personnel posts & transfer them to Colombo immediately after the Alaveddy attack.

This move was firmly resisted by TNA Parliamentarians who insisted that these personnel be retained & not be removed&recalled to Colombo.

While they continue to provide security to the TNA MP’s affected in the Alaveddy attack, they are likely to be changed after current inquiry

In an ironic twist these policemen have fallen foul of defence superiors for discharging their duties efficiently&protecting the Tamil MP’s.

When the military mob invaded the hall the Policemen were asked not to interfere & keep quiet but the cops refused&defended the TNA leaders.

When uniformed army personnel launched the attack on the TNA Alaveddy meeting these brave cops formed a ring around TNA MP’s & protected them.

When Saravanabavan was about to receive a blow from a wooden pole his bodyguard intervened & received it thereby saving the Jaffna district MP.

When the Policemen showed their IDcards the military mob ignored it & began assaulting the bodyguards who bore the beating in the line of duty.

One Policeman who pulled out his gun&threatened to shoot when the mob tried to close in on a senior TNA leader was later assaulted badly.

The mob seemed irked that the”Sinhala” Policemen were defying the “Sinhala” army & defending “Tamil” Parliamentarians instead of keeping quiet.

it is learnt reliably that a high -ranking Army officer had personally berated the Policemen for interfering instead of “waiting on a side”.

Efforts are on to blame the incident on the Police bodyguards.There is a move to depict the incident as being due to army -police friction.

“Disciplinary” action is likely to be taken against the brave police personnel after the inquiries into the incident are over in due course.

Incidently the bodyguard who fired back at gunmen who targeted TNA Jaffna district MP Sivagnanam Sreetharan is about to retire from service.

Instead of being commended for his bravery the courageous cop had been harassed severely & forced to quit the Police & seek retirement.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

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  1. Stupidity, thou hath indeed found a permanent abode in Sri Lanka! If the TNA had broken any laws, they should have been prosecuted. This would have been civilized. The suggestion the TNA was deliberately engaging in an act to provoke the armed forces, does not hold water. They may have had the intent and I do not suggest for an instant that they are above such tactics. This is no excuse for what happened. The response had been probably anticipated and very readily met.

    To add one stupidity to another, the security officials assigned to hese MPs-police in this instance- assigned to the MPs are alleged to being persecuted for doing their duty in an admirable manner. My hats off to these policemen. We shoild have more like them.

    Mahatma Gandhi’s satyagraha campaign received a major boost after the Dhandhi salt march, which was countered by brute British force. I am no fan of the TNA and do not for an instance think they have in them anything even remotely resembling Mahatma Gandhi. I also think they were exaggerating the details of what transpired and tried to play the role of martyrs to the hilt, to milk the maximum political milleage from the situation. However, these opinions do not in any way justify the response of the armed forces or the defence establishment.

    President Rajapakse has to personally inquire into this issue and take approppriate and visible action. This will go a long way towards national reconciliation. The ball is in you court Mr.President.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  2. Many thanks DBS for highlighting this lawless, unjust situation in the North in particular and everywhere else in general. This can only happen in todays SL!

    If these police officers are not retained,TNA might as well declare that they no more need police protection, as any newly appointed officers would have taken the cue on how to behave and “wait on the side” paving the way for a Lasantha or Prageeth type future encounter by T-shirt wearing white van killers who will never be brought to justice.

    Definitely the instructions must have come from top. The Rajapakses (Gota?) must carry the can for this as well as for many other killings and disappearances that the whole of Sri Lanka knows were ordered by them and it is time the world made them gulp a bit of their own medicine for the sake of good governance in SL.

  3. Sinhala police man protecting Tamil MPs in jaffna…..samething goes that when Mrs Amir visit to SL she was made sure to visit the body guards family who sacrificed his life for them,but we carry on for ELAM until our death.thats the destiny then we all Maaveerar

  4. .
    So the incident is true then…. not just a ‘slap in the face’ incident as said by Gota.

    Now, North-East Tamils will never get Police powers for sure.


  5. Is there any new devolopment in the–

    -‘line,of thought,story twisting,inquiry and due process of action in the delivery of justice after an incident povoked by the govt army in the north?

    Thank you

  6. The present regime must be congratulated for the “finest contribution” to separate
    the two main communities – with prejudicial acts like this. As I noted earlier, for which I am mercilessly attacked, the Sinhala side has contributed far more than the other in the inevitable division of the country and the creation of 2 Nations in this country.


  7. Majority of Tamil people do not believe that GOSL can provide any sort of security for them.
    This one of the basic requirements of any solution they come up with.

    GOSL is not interested in learning lessons. Its more interested in teaching lesson to all
    others. Where will it all end ?

  8. Why didn’t the policemen understand that doing the duty properly and according to norms,ethics and conscience is the utter most crime in Sri Lanka? They lack their basic training and common sense. They should be fired immediately even without holding investigations. It should be made compulsory, that all government servants pass a psychology exam thus, they could read the mind of their big bosses and act accordingly. This is actually due to wrong education system and ignorance. Hope the current leadership training will rectify all this in the near future. This will greatly reduce any misbehavior of this kind.

    There have been so many cases in the past and some sri lankans could not able to learn from history. Firstly look at those journalists some were dumped in sea , some were missing and some were killed brutally. What they were imagining is by bringing so called atrocities and truth they will be awarded some prestigious awards.

    Look at those doctors who were serving in vanny region at the height of the war. They should have run with UN and started some private practice in colombo. They should have told the masses that they found it very difficult to enter the university and even more difficult to come out of that. We had sleepless nights studying still morning and have to continue with the days lectures. life and death is fate.We have no hand on these. We have to look our future. If we go to a foreign country we will be napping over money. Treating you people will make us traitors. If we die who will look after our family? Very reasonable points.

    Some were saying that those doctors have to be awarded the highest civilian award for bravery if you consider tigers a legitimate force and even some thing more if you consider tigers as terrorist. As they have worked in even such hardships. I can’t understand why people are so insane to even think of such things. I have never seen an article recommending them for any award. The folks who cry fowl over brain drain also were silent.

    What happened to them they were marched in front of cameras and had to perform according to their masters. Just like some circus monkeys.

    These are mainly due to the western influence. They award some crap for even saving a child. They do this purposefully to sabotage the people thinking of the third world countries. Sri Lanka have their own ethics which has a history of 2500 years.

    Another doctor got an email from a colleague of a CNN voting about foreign interference to avoid bloodshed. The colleague has asked to vote against. The doctor has asked why should i knowing what is really going on. The Patriotic friend has forwarded the mail to the ministry. The ministry has then harassed him. (Beware folks the court has ruled in favour of the doctor after 4 years and any adverse comment on this topic is contempt of court).

    Another gamkolla in the army saved a minister some where in jaffna and perished. The sister of the said minister visited the home and condoled the family in english. the parents were even worried for not knowing english.

    There are several examples of being embarrassed for doing the duty. Yet people refuse to learn. Any way i am happy the majority of sri lankans are well behaved and do not do their duty properly. Hope the rest will also follow suit soon.

  9. DBS..How come these news dont come on sri lankan media? Can you get to the bottom of this with Gotha?

    That’s not my business is it?………….DBSJ

  10. This is terrible!

    How can this country look forward to peace & unity when the higher ups act in duplicity.

  11. I applaud the Police officers for being loyal protectors of the so called democratically elected members in a seven star democracy.

    Now that the whole wide world is very well aware as to how the way of life no god to worship yak jackals behave the sympathy of the planet is for the hapless members of the Tamil community who have no other choice but to abode in Saturn’s bog

    The so called pure vegetarian not even an egg eater of a goat’s of a defaced secretary is so arrogant and like a rabid bull dog is driving the bog deeper and deeper into depths where rule by will be by a gun is now become the norm.

    Hopefully his only offspring who is entering into the bonds of holy matrimony on the 20th July 2011 will be of different mould otherwise the goat’s poor intended daughter in law will have to seek refuge in the tank of the 4 baby sharks who are the pets of the impotent deface less secretary of a rabies affected bull dog. R j.

  12. kudos to DBS for highlighting this injustice.

    As an ex-police officer now in Australia I can boldly say that except for a few rotten eggs ordinary policemen were generally fair and non-racist if left to function independently.

    sadly this was not to be as many superior officers were either politicised or racist. As a result the ordinary cop had to work under pressure.

    As a Burgher I felt the heat so much that I chose to migrate down under

  13. TNA’a MPs security always under threat… We are seeing only headings..start of the movie.. will be seeing the more news before the North provincial elaction. Few MPs would be removed (left from world) …

    I have understood already that Prof.Sitampalam was warned by paramiltary about his political participataion and telling the truth to Forign embasidars …..

    I have already sent a report to American forign affairs about the real situation.

    Wiill see weather we can prevent some future horrible event…


  14. Anyone who wants to hold a ‘meeting’ in thhe recovering war zones have to obtain permission from the authorities. This is true in all the ‘super-power’-dominated ‘former’ terror areas such as Iraq and Afgan.

    If these TNA hooligans, with vested interest of trying to get the now-freely-living innocent Tamils to revolt, they will be repromanded and punished.

    Understand, terrorist?

  15. This is what Srilanka and it will be same for another 50 years may be.
    Couple of months ago, I read your article about Reconcilation between communties.
    That was a good article. But for Srilanka, it won’t be useful.

    SL Government have a wondrful oppurtunity to reconcile. Instead it making another Prapakaran.

    Good luck Srilanka.

  16. To their credit many Sinhala policemen have been of exemplary conduct in their duty as bodyguards of Tamil politicians

    Remember Nissanka who gunned down the assassins of Amirthalingam and who fell at feet of Amir’s son Dr. Bhageerathan and asked pardon for failing to save his fathers life.

    Remember TNA MP Nadaraja Raviraj’s Sinhala bodyguard who died in the line of duty with Raviraj while trying to defend him from assassins

    TNA MP sreetharan’s bodyguard fought back tenaciously and drove back the gunmen

    Now these mSD bodyguards have shown commendable heroism in standing up to the military in army controlled Jaffna

    But what DBS reports is tragic. They are being penalised for doing duty beyond race or ethnicity.Sad1 sad!

  17. What to say about the mentality. We know this for over 50 years. Now it is done in the day light. No shame in doing these. After all, channel 4 has shown the mindset to the world, so, who cares. What is cold for who has drenched completely – Tamil Proverb.

  18. The mob seemed irked that the”Sinhala” Policemen were defying the “Sinhala” army & defending “Tamil” Parliamentarians instead of keeping quiet.

    No Wonder Why Balasuriya has ” RETIRED” oops Resigned.

    Need we say more about the dysfunctional legal system



    Everyone must read.

    This is one of the strogest reason why we need International Intervention in the Investigation of war crimes.

  19. My thanks to Mr.Jayaraj for writing on police officer served as bodyguard to TNA Jaffna MP hon Sridharan

    That gentleman is my close relation.He is given very bad treatment for doing his duty. we thought he will get medal but the high ups harass him and want to boot him out

    inquiry after inquiry by dept high ups. he been told he is not telling real truth

    So he is now going to retire from service and is on leave pending retiring

    I tried to get this news publish in Sri Lanka newspapers but no one ready to touch it

    Now I very glad Mr.Jayaraj has wrote on it.

    I can give more details Mr.Jayaraj but how can I contact you? it must be secret because I am afraid here


    I understand your concerns. you can e-mail me at dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com with info. you can also e-mail a phone number to contact. I can then call you in confidence

  20. This is Sri Lankan Justice.If you are honest and do your job you will be punished.If you are a drug dealer,rapist murderer or a gangster you will be promoted as a minister.

  21. I marvel the sincerity of those Bodyguards. I presume they are Sinhala police officers. These rare individuals must be commended.

  22. “President Rajapakse has to personally inquire into this issue and take approppriate and visible action. This will go a long way towards national reconciliation. The ball is in you court Mr.President.”

    BY Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

    It seems that only good guy in SL is the President, but he is sleeping like ” sleeping beauty” ever since he became the head of the state. Now, we have to wake him up & tell what exactly happened. good luck.

  23. We can fix cases we can scapegote polce, we can release any one, what is your proublem. oh yeds we can go to Haque as well.

  24. Stupidity beyond comprehension. What kind of a moron would think TNA can be man handled into submission? I won’t expect anything from MR — this looks very much like the beginning of his end.

  25. MP’s have certain privileges in Parliament. Their safety was compromised by this despicable act. They should be encouraged to table this event with all the facts, including how the MSD security defended them and how they appear to have been hounded by Gota’s thugs afterwards. It will then be in Hansard for posterity lest we should forget.

    This thuggery of the US citizen has got to stop. He is putting the SL citizens in bad light!

    Uncle Sam this is for you to reign in your little bad boy

  26. I have a feeling Rajabakasa know The west will invade Lanka soon to arrest the War criminals. They will do all badthings the same way Madman Cadaffi did before Allies bombed Libya
    If they can invade Libya ( much bigger and powerful country than Lanka)
    Lanka is nothing . Lanka does not have oil, nothing there except Ravanas ( Ugliest Race in the planet)
    West is waiting patiently for Lanka to respond of UN report if no respose ten country will be attacked and all criminals will be arrested or killed incuding the King Rajabakshe

    China or Russia can not do jack at all
    If They coukld not help Gadaffi why you expect them to support Lanka

  27. Nothing should be given to the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora, ragardless of these never-ending complaints.

  28. You are talking full of rubbish. You are just trying to bluff this matter.
    This is called State Terrorisam – My friend



  30. Yes, only this Sinhala police bodyguards surprised us.They did this brave action before as well.Hats off for them! There were many good sinhales protect innocent tamils from sinhala thugs during the 58,77,83 anti-Tamil riots.We cannot forget them. If all follow this brave policeman there won’t be riots,war,bomb blast,gun shots and extrajudicial killings.Democracy will be restored. Otherwise only Democrazy(!) will remain same as now?

    Those who has gone extra mile to protect Tamil brothers and sisters need to be honoured and those who violate the
    human rights and political rights of the Native Tamils need to be punished ASAP.

  31. LKSword

    The BOORUWAS from the south are frightening the wits out of all in the north and east and some singhalese support to efficiently and quickly find SEPERATE STATE.

    Best solution.

    There won’t be any COMPLAINTS COMPLAINTS COMPLAINTS and we can bid goodbye to each other on this platform.

  32. Aiyo Jeyaraj, this news is very troubling no aney? Instead of promoting these brave Policemen why are they trying to punish them ? tell will you aney?


    Aiyo Nelum, cant you see aney?

    Big people wanted to teach TNA a lesson but the brave cops spoilt it by doing their duty courageously. So now the police must be taught a lesson for confronting the army on behalf of Tamil MP’s.

    By the way where were you all these days?Tell will you? We missed you aney!

  33. DBSJ, are you sure that the army personal had a wooden pole in their hand?

    I thought the SL army personal only carry a copy of the human rights charter in their hand.

    How come the army fellows did not try to attack police officers? Oh, may be they were busy referring to the human rights charter when they got beaten up by the police guys from the behind.

  34. As a former Police officer now in my eighties I can recall 1956 when the Federal Party held a satyagraha opposite Parliament at Galle face green protesting Sinhala only official language bill.

    The senior DIG in charge of Colombo CC Dissanayake (Jungle) was specifically instructed by Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranaike not to take any action against the Sinhala mob that had gathered to disrupt a peaceful protest through violence.

    We were asked not to lift a finger as these thugs assaulted ,stoned and manhandled the satyagrahis including MP’s. Some were stripped,dragged along ground and dumped in the Beira lake.

    As young police officers we found it very difficult to remain passive while this mayhem was going on. We protested to our officer in charge Ivor Van Twest who too lost his cool at one point when he saw the horrible sight unfolding where a mob of Sinhala thugs who could not understand principles of peaceful protest was unleashing violence on unarmed satygrahi Tamils

    He told us with a wink “orders or no orders let us apprehed those breaching the peace”. So we went to work and rounded up some of the thugs and brought them to Echelon square.

    In half an hour Cabinet ministers CP de Silva and Philip Gunewardena were there haranguing us and demanding the thugs be released

    Bandaranaike called Dissanayake and blackguarded him. Dissanayake in turn jumped on Van twest. Van twest in turn jumped on us. We had no choice but to release the thugs who went back to Galle face with the two ministers triumphantly and continued with the violence.

    This was the situation then. It is the situation now.My heart goes out to these brave Policemen being penalised

  35. what a shame , what a shame on our great ‘rajapaksa’ Democracy… let us bloody live in peace you idiotic,unpatriotic political dogs..

  36. LKSword, I too say “Complaints… complaints and more complaints!”. These TNA guys are not getting Mahinda Aiya’s message yet. They think some how a foreign power is going to save them. Soon Mahinda Aiya will send a White Van (Dugie ?)to them.

  37. Rt.Hon.Dr.Rajasingham,
    Ltte gone for good, do you beleive sinhala morons give any reasonable solutions to tamil question? please enlighten me…….

  38. Where is this nation heading? Not really puzzled by the actions but how quick and sharp officials are at it is very concerning. Crystal clear nation is inviting a disaster…. Like “thanthai” Selva said, only god can save these tamils living in North & East of Sri Lanka. Unless, our brothers and sisters living in South wake up from the deep sleep and fight for their brothers and sisters living in North and East. Helpless, hopeless, betrayed, humiliated are the terms to describe the situation of tamils in Sri Lanka.

  39. This is killing fields of srilanka, definitely the TNA’S life’s are in danger, if IC and UN is still thinking the srilankan government is going to resolve this then they are just day dreaming. They are just simply allowing the genocide and allowing the government to silence any voices against it’s agenda.

    Pray for the the life’s of the TNA.

  40. Dear Bayagulla,
    Hats off to your relative.

    He is a true gentleman and a true Sri Lankan (beyond the racial lines).

    If majority of the Sinhalese are like this gentleman, then we would have never had a 1956, 1977, 1983, LTTE, PLOT, TELO and and the rest in SL.

    But, the majority are like the army personal who attacked the TNA MPs or simply minding their own business when the Tamils are treated like dogs in SL.

  41. Disgusted!

    Mr. Dushy Ranetunge is right that, Sri-Lankans in authority don’t accept responsibility and correct errors rather, denials, doing the opposit things and punish and harass the decent and diligent people.

    Thanks DBSJ.

  42. How much more uncivilized could this society stoop down to despite their purported 2600 year history? Bring on more disrepute to Sri Lanka and then try to counter-argue with the support of evil empires like Russia and China!Rest assured Sri Lanka will never feel isolated when pals like China, Libya,Russia and Syria are there.

  43. First they said it the incident has not been taken place (typical lies). It has been deemed as TNA fabrication. Then why do they take action against these heros?

  44. Hats off to the brave Sinhalese policemen in impartially discharching their duties,its a pity that htye are being harrassed.

    Lets see what people like David BLacker got to say about this as he is always at the forefront of defending the Army even when they are guilty beyond doubt

    Also awaiting Leela’s (the woman who turned man at some point in the transcurrent blog) comments 😉

  45. You are a joker.

    I don’t think anyone will take your comments seriously, if you continue to write your
    comments filled with hatred.

    Grow up man.

  46. This should read as separation of the LTTE proxy, the TNA from the poor Tamils in the North who only want jobs, shelter and live in peace ,so that they can recoup at least some of their losses under the TNA lead liberation.

    The Colombo Elite can have the luxury of helping the TNA antics , because they had all the above uninterrupted, all along.

    By the way how many other attacks on these TNA members have been reported between 2009 to date?

  47. To J.Muthu from Ordinary Dr.Rajasingham Narendran,

    Please define what the ‘Tamil Question’is at this juncture of our history and thereafter I will give my opinion.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  48. I’m a Sinhalese, But i totally against what these forces are doing to innocent people in SL. UN and HUman rights should do something to this Rajapaksha regime.

  49. Shouldn’t you be happy when the “Bog” gets deeper and deeper?

    Isn’t that the aim of all these maneuverings by the Global Eelaamists, their Western Buddies and the TNA.?

    Like your intimate knowledge about the “Web”, you seems to know a lot about the Goat’s family as well.

    By the way , even after spending a number of hours of my valuable time browsing , I couldn’t find any Sinhala chicks, flogging their wares,unlike our powerful neighbour,whose recent advancement in IT has really helped them to come pretty close to our English Speaking Wester mates, in this field of entertainment.

    The 5 star comfort services that you mentioned elsewhere together with the no star services you have pointed out at the old Jaffna station may also be useful for some of the potential tourists here.

    However if your friend the Goat gets a whiff of it, it will a loss to the budget Tourists to the peninsula.

  50. Joker? How?

    Do you know what the grand-dad of Tamil separatism, Chelva recommended for the TTD? He said so called TTD leaders to nag, harass, create trouble, beg foreigners and complaint to the maximum, at every given opportunity so that one day, the Sinhalese will get tired of it or a mad foreign hyena will interfere and the Elaam would be born.

    So I expect the TTD to amplify even routine incidents to the maximum… to get propaganda milage, in line with Chelva’s recommendation.

    Seems you’re a newbie to these core facts, when our national security is at stake.

    I don’t need to have fans. But I know for sure, what I am recommending is appreciated by those who love MotherLanka.

    Taking measures to protect yourself and your loved ones is not hatred. Prevention is better than cure. Sometimes the measures would be painful. For example, look at how much inconvenience the foreign visitors go through at North American and European entry points. Are you aware? You’ve got your wires crossed.

    It’s the TTD who is all out to create hatred and welcome violence. We are taking counter measures to destroy their plans.

    Too bad you don’t see the good things our elected government has done, but that’s expected.

  51. There are no Tamils in Sri Lanka, only Sri Lankans. So there’s no question. If there’s no question how can we find a solution?

    Address your question to all-Tamil, Tamilnadu. Good start would be ask Jayalalitha to re-name Tamilnadu, as Elaam.

  52. “President Rajapakse has to personally inquire into this issue and take approppriate and visible action. ”

    Dr Narendran, the Rajapaksa’s have personally inquired into this incident and have taken action – the Policemen will be transferred for doing their jobs. Were you really expecting anything that was fair and decent from the regime? Time to take your head out of the sand sir.

  53. Like DBS I too must ask Nelum where she was all these days. I enjoy the wordplay between Nelum and DBS

  54. “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”

    – President John F. Kennedy.

  55. Suresh,

    Correct. That’s what Velu was also betting on… an adventurous, but mis-calculating foreign hyena to warn, threaten and attack MotherLanka and save him and his invincible terrorist gang.

    Foreign hyenas knew better… and the rest is h-i-s-t-o-r-y.

    When will the TTD and its agents, TNA will learn?

  56. Like a walk in the park, right… to give the Tamil Elaam on a platter, because of these stupid complaints and nagging?

    Come and get it, baby, come and get it!

  57. Please tell your relative that he is a man of honor. So are his fellow officers who stood up to what is right. They are the real heroes.

  58. Thank you Sir for your comment, our younger generation need to know the history and not many would share it sincerely, like you did.

    We dragged our country from the 2nd best (1st was Philippines and Marcos destroyed it) in Asia in 1950’s to present level due to our poor leaders.

    Unfortunately, the present leaders, hmmmm…………

    God bless you.

  59. LKsword,

    Ask not what Sri Lanka could do for you for we will only beat you up and arrest you. Ask how one could hoard tsunami funds. Ask how you could kill innocent Tamils without evidence.Ask how you could block UN investigation into war crimes.

  60. LK

    Do you know what the grand-dad of Tamil separatism, Chelva recommended for the TTD?

    And do you know how large the Tamil diaspora was during Chelva’s time to determine whether it could’ve even made a difference back then?

  61. “There are no Tamils in Sri Lanka, only Sri Lankans. So there’s no question. If there’s no question how can we find a solution?”

    What people in the island choose to identify themselves as is their perogative, not yours. You have no right to stamp people with identities based on your half-baked whims. If people choose to identify themselves as tamils, that’s their wish. The fact that you choose to stamp them otherwise against their wishes is the problem that requires a solution. Why do Buddhist monks have special priviliges that normal Sri-Lankans don’t? Why don’t you claim that there are no Buddhist monks in Sri-Lanka either and only Sri-Lankans and thereby remove their special priviliges?

    According to the article by DBS:
    “The mob seemed irked that the”Sinhala” Policemen were defying the “Sinhala” army & defending “Tamil” Parliamentarians instead of keeping quiet.”

    Apparently this mob, under the auspices of the Sri-Lankan defence ministry, does believe that there are “tamils” in Sri-Lanka aswell as “Sinhalese”, not just Sri-Lankans, and it was due to this belief that they attacked people they believed to be “tamils”. So do you see the question, or to put it more directly, the problem now? It is these attacks based on discrimination of tamil/Sinhalese for the last 60 years that leads to questions that requires finding solutions. If you still do not get it, I suggest you first pass the 3rd grade.

  62. I hope your situation would not be exploited by the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora for propaganda. Think about other alternatives also.

    You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

  63. “President Rajapakse has to personally inquire into this issue and take approppriate and visible action. This will go a long way towards national reconciliation.”

    The TNA and the bodyguards can clearly identify those who assaulted them – they should therefore have been arrested by now – and you think an inquiry is going to prosecute them?

    “The ball is in you court Mr.President.”

    Indeed it is, for two years now.

  64. “This should read as separation of the LTTE proxy, the TNA from the poor Tamils in the North who only want jobs, shelter and live in peace ,so that they can recoup at least some of their losses under the TNA lead liberation.”

    Uh….The Tamils in North East were the ones who voted for the TNA even after the war was over dumbo. You should remember your mom’s advise of eating all your vegetables to make sure your brain functions properly.

  65. An apt quote indeed. This is precisely what Prabhakaran followed. He never asked Sri-Lanka to do anything for him, he asked himself what he can do for his country and decided to split it in two – after all, two is better than one, the more the merrier. Not a single time did he ask anything of Sri-Lanka, he always wanted to do something for it, to give birth to another nation and make his country twice proud. A great man he was, wasn’t he? And yet some Sri-Lankans who leech off the country and keep asking what the country can do for them keep complaining about him- will wonders never cease?

  66. Thank for sharing your experience. It was beginning of ‘lawlessness’ in the island and hence a historical record! It is heartening to see there are still duty bound police officers such as the bodyguards of TNA MPs! Ordinary citizens do not realize how much pressure the security personals have go through due the racist attitudes shown by the heads and blame the arrows for everything. This clearly shows who is responsible for the ‘incidents’ that happened in the Vanni.

  67. I know. History is my witness to vouch for how long the TTD has been active with the sole goal of creating their lala land, since King Dutugemunu.

    Can we control how fast the TTD grows or not? We cannot.

    We can only read and accept the cardinal clause clearly included in the birth certificate of MotherLanka, that warns about the TTD’s never ending designs and intentions to rape her.

    Sorry, we cannot just sit idle and hope that the TTD threat will go away one sun-shiney day. We have to have a systematic plan to engage the TTD and their agents and do some heavy damage.

    Today is another great day that offers a number of opportunites.

    I have no issues with Tamil Speaking Sri Lankans.

  68. Kalu albert
    You can’t seperate the people from their representatives like this with army thuggery. Now most of the world must be getting fed up with srilanka and probably decide that because tamils cannot participate in politics anymore due to the army, it is best to do something for the tamils and give them some relief.I’am sure many influential people in the world including banki moon will be discussing this situation, and interest in srilanka will be there for all the wrong reasons.

    You are little better than the morons who organised this.

  69. patient # 223 LKsword,

    get back to your roomm it is time for your night dose and need to lock the door before your hallucination becomes violent

  70. 50years ago the problem was tamil speaking & sinhala speaking.
    However the present problem is pro govt or anti govt.

  71. No, no when the bog reaches new depths I feel sad for the poor innocents who abode in the pit I got out of it when it was island paradise.

    Hopefully the hapless in the bog will have the energy and the courage to get rid of the brothers in blue who have destroyed the best arable and livable island on earth.

    Being an international marketer I keep tracks on the parasites of the world.

    As to your surfing the web to find similar yaks please visit yak Lanka love, I mean Lanka-love. com and visit the appropriate sections, there are tons of beach buggies.

    No foreign passport holder can travel beyond Vavuniya without the goat’s much valued Clearence certificate and from the first of September 2011 an online visa, the beach buddies of yours may have become more enticing. R j.

  72. Dear Vis8,

    You are not really understand Afhan/Iraq, Where there political parties request protection from the Goverment to hold the meeting smoothly, what happened was in Allavedy is different scenario,

    You also have right to explain your view.. those who are commenting here are not terrorist.. few of them holding respectable posts/ jobs in their fields. So please amend your wording…

    In between If we want to have really seek permission from GOSL for the every meeting.. how these paramilitaries (Douglas group, Karuna group..) they are holding meeting without any permission .. some time they are forcefully bring the people to their meeting.

    I have the sense that there is no more tigers in North and east, so this is a good time to reduce military influence from administration and engage civil servants to manage. You see I am 76 still get MOD clearance to visit north.. It is not the way to manage the country … let see how it goes…


  73. Come on LKS,

    This is nothing to do with TTD. The ball is in our court now. we are just bashing it up & down until it get out of shape. We are giving the TTD enough facts to propagate their anti Sri Lankan propaganda.

    The Sl govt should act responsibly. Yes they did over come a deadly terrorist group with the help of IC. However IC wanted something in return for supporting the last phase of the war.

    You know very well what that is don’t you?
    Do not try to run away from reality and cook up false reason to justify crimes & unlawful acts.

  74. It seems that only good guy in SL is the President,

    No// only the president have the power to put things right. So its best to request or plead to him. What’s wrong with that.

    Its better than having thousand of destructive protests.

    Even I would plead and ask from the president to deliver the expectations of his people without delay.
    We the citizens of Sri Lanka respected him for defeating LTTE terrorism. During post war the people’s expectations were very high. We wanted the president to act like a statesman to eradicate corruption, bring normalcy to war affected people & regions, bring back law & order in to our state.

    However for no good reason these were not met yet even after 2years. President had nothing to lose by doing the right thing towards this nation & his people. Even now its not too late for him to put things right. Without messing up the chance we got to correct the mistakes done by our forefathers.

  75. So I expect the TTD to amplify even routine incidents to the maximum… to get propaganda milage,
    Dear LKS,
    So u in your book of rules attacking ‘anti govt’ party meeting is routine !! Brilliant!


    Sorry, we cannot just sit idle and hope that the TTD threat will go away one sun-shiney day.

    I had mentioned before & again trying to emphasis: that TTD will not be a threat, if SL govt put things on the correct path. That is the democratic path.
    No intimidation to dissent and bring normalcy to N&E & to the rest of the country.
    don;t find excuses the clock is ticking and what have you done only wielding your sword to scare off TTD?
    No my dear macho man there are lots of gaps in our external affairs and they should be countered wisely. Not with thuggery.

    We are yet not too late to correct our course.

  76. Hi LkSword,

    Practice what you preach. You have never contributed anything positive to build Mother Lanka. All I can see from your comments either you are scared of a imaginary tiger or hatred towards Tamil people.
    LTTE is dead gone. There is no more threat from LTTE and these jokers who wave tiger flags in western countries can not do anything to hurt Lanka. They are upset because all their money(to LTTE) went down the drain and now making some noises to see whether they can salvage something out of it. But they have no power do anything against Mother Lanka. The TNA also another bunch of jokers. The reason the people in the north and east vote for TNA not because they like TNA but it is a protest vote against GOSL. All that people in the north and east wanted is to be treated as equal citizens of Sri Lanka not a separate country . Now LTTE dead and gone there is a golden opportunity for that but 2 years have passed since , I do not see anything constructive happening in that direction. All I can see is past mistakes repeated again to stay in power.

    Also I want to say for the people who does not know the root cause of problem, especially to Tamils. In 1947 90% of the civil service administration sector was held by Tamils. Up to now some Tamils stupidly think it is their birthright. But If Tamils were majority and Sinhala people were the minority and if Sinhala people held the 90% of the above said. Will they like It????? And how they would have reacted????

    The Sinhala leaders decided to fix the problem, which was unfair towards their people. I agree it is their legitimate right to do that. But the way they went about fixing the problem was wrong. If they were the true states men they would have gone in the right way of doing it. Sri Lanka would have been a prosperous country. All their actions based on self interest but at the same time showing Sinhala masses , they had masses best interest in their heart. One good example of that is —Told the masses to study in Sinhala and send their children abroad.

  77. Velu’s country is in YOUR mind my friend. And, you will make it happen! Emperor Velu is waiting to thank you all good people for fulfilling his dream…

  78. Hi J

    I agree with some of your comments. It is true that who wave tiger flags ate jokers. Some of conservative Tamils still think that dominating the civil service is their birth right on the other hand Sinhalese think the domination of armed forces is their birth right. I think the brutality of the armed forces has partially contributed to the Tamil uprising. There were some upper class Tamils in armed forces and police such SP sundarlingam, Rajan Kadirgamar. These Tamil members of the armed forces were more brutal than Sinhales members

  79. This is a shameful act by the Govt. Way to go to demoralise the MSD and penalise brave, independent and principled security officers and encourage weak sycophants.

    Perhaps it will backfire on them one day if they need protection, and they dont have the right people around them to protect them, and they only have yes men to rely on.

    I was disgusted to read about the treatment of the bodyguard to MP Sridharan. Look forward to getting the full story on the brave man.

    When, oh when will they ever learn. Perhaps they never will. The government policy in all aspects seems to be to reward the sycophants.

    I guess the silver lining is the MSD officers were Sinhalese, and did not back down in the face of the assault. There is some hope

    I look forward to seeing this Govt. kicked out at the next election. 5 years they deserved to get it right, for getting rid of the LTTE. People will not make allowances forever.

    Hopefully there will be a viable opposition that people can vote for as an alternative.

  80. If the remaining Tamils also leave the north & east and go abroad, we might have to let the Indians migrate again to Sri Lanka. So the cycle might repeat again some day. It would be better if we can find a way to reduce the tensions.

  81. LKsword,

    What is “correct”? You can’t even understand my sarcastic comments, and how the hell one should expects you to understand anything let alone democracy, and human rights. You seems to be another Dr.XYZ who’s in the Rajapakse thugs payroll.

  82. Yep, Nelum has been away too long .. no aney.. sin for DBSJ..

    Aney yes Dilshan.It’s like listening to the Malkoha coo in april, aney………DBSJ

  83. BJP to take up Tamils’ plight

    The President of India’s BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), Nitin Gadkari, said last week that his party would take up the miseries of Sri Lanka’s Tamils at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR).

    The BJP would also raise the issue in India’s Parliament, where it has 165 seats, he told a party event in Tamil Nadu

    Arguing that the Sri Lankan Tamils’ plight is not an issue for Tamil Nadu alone, Mr. Gadkari said:

    “We always support the demand of Sri Lankan Tamils for getting fundamental rights. They are part of our family.”

    Saying that India’s former BJP-led government had adopted the “correct approach” towards the Sri Lankan Tamil question, Mr. Gadkari criticized the present Congress-led government, in which Tamil Nadu’s DMK is a partner, for “furthering their selfish interests” in this regard.

    The BJP-led NDA coalition governed India from 1998 till 2004, when it lost power to the Congress-led UPA alliance.

    Sri Lanka’s peace process began with a Norwegian-brokered ceasefire agreement in 2002. Colombo resumed its war against the LTTE in 2006, with the support of India and the United States.

    See Indian Express’s reports here and here.

  84. Dear j,
    I can agree with most you have said except one.

    —In 1947 90% of the civil service administration sector was held by Tamils. Up to now some Tamils stupidly think it is their birthright.——-

    I would say tamils did a honest job and the country was much better when they (tamils)administered.
    As long as a person has earned the position according to merit it does not matter which race/religion a person belongs to.

    See what the racism had bought us. There are morons at the top positions and nothing is done to the betterment of the society.
    Just because sinhala is the majority, why should the administrators should be from that race? How can there be equal opportunity then?

    If a man/woman is qualified & experienced enough to handle an administrative position how can the race be an obstacle?

  85. J,

    Please don’t argue with LKsword, he is my patient # 223 currently under going treatment for paranoid Schizophrenia. His Auditory and visual hallucinations varied time to time and often gets locked as part of the treatment but time to time he gets his ” fresh air” time and seemingly he is misusing this.

    I am looking to change his medication regime as current Regime is not working on him and hot helping to treat the problem.


    LK Doc

  86. Suresh,

    My patient is under the treatment and cannot understand the reality and hallucinations. Please Excuse him and I am in the process of changing the medication ” regime” and hope he will get well

  87. J.Muthu,

    I am not joking. In fact I am very serious. To seek solutions, the problems must be defined clearly. This is the way of science.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  88. Hi TRN,

    I have no problem in selecting a person for a position on basis of merit rather than race. In 1947 vast majority of Sinhala people did have to access to better education, hence they could not compete with the Tamils in equal footing. AS I said Sinhala leaders went in the wrong way of fixing it and made a mess of it. The leaders and their children did not face the mess but Sinhala masses form the villages faced it. I have a very good example of their mess. In 2000 there were two candidates for a engineering position with a private firm owned by Sinhala Buddhist business man . A overseas Diploma qualified Tamil/English speaking candidate was selected over Sinhala village boy who had completed his engineering degree in Peradeniya University, who could not express himself in English. Another overseas qualified Sinhala engineer commented to me “ This village fellow will never get a job in private sector, he can get a job only in the Government sector. I was very sad about his plight and furious with Sinhala selfish leaders. When I questioned the owner on his selection he said that I am not running a charity but a business , I need somebody who is capable of generating income for my business.
    Further I also want to make it clear I am not implying that all the Sri Lanka university graduates have problem with English but significant amount of them are shunned by the private sector in Sri Lanka.

  89. Further I also want to make it clear I am not implying that all the Sri Lanka university graduates have problem with English but significant amount of them are shunned by the private sector in Sri Lanka.

    What is your solution for this. I think the pvt sector is driven by profit & your boss is right about his vision for his company.

    How about a village tamil/muslim boy not fluent in english was rejected? will your emotions be the same?

    Isn’t Sri Lankans yet to get over the colonial ‘mindset’ even after 60years?

    Language is a communication medium. It should not be used as a weapon to discriminate another human.

  90. How about a village tamil/muslim boy not fluent in english was rejected? will your emotions be the same?

    Hi TRN,
    Yes, it would have been the same.

  91. What a disgraceful witchhunt trying to force a man to change his story.Reminds me of another guy who told the courts,an army intelligence officer i believe,he was asked to incriminate fonseks in Lasantha’s murder and he will be released from prison,where he was currently on a charge.He was also said he will be rewarded with overseas trips and money.

    This poor driver not only saved sritharan’s life and the enormous embarassment it would have caused to srilanka’s image of democracy,he also saved his own life too.If he had not seen the grenade being thrown and not swerved the jeep,he also would have died in the blast.Who cares for a poor driver dying.in some people’s minds he is not a human being but merely a expendable item.It reminds me of kuttimani killing that poor driver of that taxi he drove to assasinate the TULF parliamentarians at the beginning of the insurgency.He stuffed the body in the boot and later burned the taxi,in order to escape identification by the driver. We all know what happened to kuttimani.His eyes were goughed out before he was killed in welikada.though i take no pleasure for a man dying like that,i felt at that time when i heard it,it was the wrath of god.

  92. Sinhala police body guard killed the killers of A.Amirthalingam too. Recently family of Amirthalingam visited the policeman to say “thanks”.

    But Tamil politics is always intimidating or law breaking!

  93. Dr Rajasingham This is not science this is regarding lives of Tamil people and their existance. we need equal rights like any human beings in the planet to live, to breath,to reproduce ,to look after our affairs( work,develope our home) without others interfiring, to speake our mind whenever and whever we choose,

  94. Bharathi

    Libya is being bombed,not invaded.The bombing is due to the enormous reserves of high quality crude oil that it has.Even though upto now the bombing has costed more than a trillion dollars,the west feels it can recoup throgh oil in te future.

    As for srilanka, it is not less powerful than libya,but equal. They have only 5 million people,while we have 22 million. So if you are looking at power to resist an invasion,it is about the same.

    Since we have no oil,the west will not waste its diminishing resources with a bombing campaign or invasion. It will take the easier option of export sanctions if the arrogance of the rajapakshes continue.

  95. LK sword
    You should send that quote to our politicians. I think they misinterpreted his famous quote as “ask not what you can do for the country-ask what you can do for you.”

    This small misinterpretation has ruined the country.YOu will be doing a great service to the country by clearing this up with them.

  96. Dear Rajasinham

    How on earth do you think Noth & East your homeland. As you ponted out the govt of sri lanka will point out 30% of the land can’t be given to 8% of the pouplation. You hold onto the population figures in 1948 and clain North East is your homeland. Sri lankas history did not start in 1948. The current provincial boundaries were drawn by British for administration purpose. The Eastern province was carved out of the kandyan Kingdom. Sparsely populated and sinhales villages were annexed with relatively thickly populated Tamil and muslim araes on the sea to create the Eastern province. Sparsely populated and jungle areas were purana Sinhala villages that had got neglected during colonial rule.
    Eastern province was never a part of the Tamil homeland. Even Areas like Vavuniay and partf of Mullativu and mannar was never part of the Jaffna Kingdom. of the 2500 yr history for 300 yrs there was a Jaffna Kingdom. East was never a part. You will very soon say part of wetern province is also Tamil homeland. You say why can’t the Estate Tamils be encouraged to settle in the East.This shows your racial hatred towrds the sinhales people. How on earth is it okay for indian Tamils to settle down in East when the real owners the sinhalas are not. You also say about Weli oya. The manal aru you talk about was a settlement by the Gandhian movement of Indian Tamils. It is okay by you but when the native sinhalas are settled you have a problem.

    Dear Dr Rajasinha you failed o convince the word about your bogus history. All the embassies in the country know the real picture. If the rest of the world accepted your bogus history they would have recognised the state of Eelam . While the rest of the world is urging for a solution no one is ever pushing for a merger of Noth & East nor are they calling for Federalism foir Northern Province. It is okay to be greedy and dream of something that will never materialise, but if you really want to do some thing for the Tamils then think of being realitic.

  97. Go back to school and learn the history of tamils in srilanka and if you want google it. Dont talk like big headed man. I beleive you are a well educated man do not fool your self. I will tell you genuine struggle diverted, because of mad praba. After two years as you very well whats happening, sinhala true face again coming out. We need military genious praba with some brilliant diplomatic tamil leadership to face evil sinhala ruthlessness. please again dont give an english lesson.

  98. Smahen,

    Thanks. There is some poetic exaggeration in your comment. This is why I placed stress on the word science. We can live, breath,reproduce and look after affairs now in Sri Lanka. We are equal to every one else in this regard. We can be Tamils in Sri Lanka and practice our religions and culture freely. There are also other positive changes taking place here. However, what we need is a system that will prevent the past repeating itself. The system should also be freed from the whims and fancies of politicians. All Sri Lankans need this to a great extent. What should be done and how it should be done should occupy our (Tamil) minds now. Federalism and separation were old answers.

    Jaffna is no doubt under military control. Further, the whole country is under emergency rule. The military grip on Jaffna is much relaxed now and the military plays a bigger role than the police in maintaining law and order. The disorder that was engulfing Jaffna around December last year, has changed now, thanks to increased militray vigilance. Having been the heartland of the Tamil rebellion, Jaffna is yet viewed as a potential problem area. It will take a few more years for this situation to change.

    Both the public and the armed forces should act wisely, to prevent incidents such as Alaveddi repeating. The politicians of the TNA and the Paramilitary kind also should refrain from creating conditions for chaos and confusion. The situation in Jaffna and the Vanni are dicey because of the circumstances surrounding the last war. The progress made in civilian- armed forces relationship is tremendous. But it is yet not a normal situation. If we pretend or expect otherwise, it is we who would be the losers. The government should also act in a manner that convinces the Tamils that it can be trusted. However many of us may dislike the above comments, we have absolutely no alternatives.

    Science involves marshalling known facts,formulating theories or hypothesis regarding what is beyond the known and then testing them. What emerges is a new truth or knowledge. We as Tamils have to marshall the facts and then go to the drawing board anew.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  99. LKSword the SRacistSinghalayo

    There is nothing to ‘come and get it baby’.Read History.
    it was never ever yours.

    The singhalese are the plunderers,murderers and ?

  100. Thank you Mr Kossa! for sharing.
    Release your diary of TRUTHS.Make sure no one gets to you.
    For how many yrs have you lived with these HR violation memories.Hope the singhalese will realise here is the truth and lives experiences on Galle Face Green on the memorable day.
    We Tamils also are living personal horroble moments of the SL governments drummed up hate and violence against the Tamils.We will never foret the orrific experience.

  101. So what do you do for your country.
    Read Kossa’s letter what happened on Galle Face green to all the Tamil MPS.

    Get on the government BAND Wagon, go on the RAMPAGE do what you have to do for your COUNTRY,killing,Looting,Raping.ALL began with rusty SWORDS,poles,machettees,axes,knives and over 50 yrs graduated to shelling,bombing,Chemical bombing,mechine gun fring squads,land grabbing,jewellery thieving, and ofcourse the ‘human TOOL didsaster’ goes on, on innocent Tamil civilians.

  102. Thamby Narendan Doctor,

    Given all what has happened and the mind set of all the actors involved, DON’T you think an Indepenadt Tamil Eelam is the only viable solution for Tamil in Sri lanka to carry on with their day to day activity with dignity and safe in a SCIENTFIC WAY..

  103. J.Muthu,

    Prabaharan and the entire Tamil militancy was the curse of the Tamils. The sooner we realize this the better. Prabaharan was no doubt a phenomenon. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a fatally flawed phenomenon. Please do not try to to resurrect a sad past and create myths about a man who failed the Tamils, as never before.

    This phase of history may have shown other Sri Lankans and the world that they Tamils were not worms, but could fight back. This was also an illusion to a large extent, because most Tamils were the peaceful, if not cowardly types as always. The Sinhalese as a people, however have also realized now that the Tamils were wronged. They are ready to make amends, short of a separate state or extensive federalism. The Eelam that was sought has also made the Sinhalese wary of ultimate Tamil intentions.

    I need not be taught the post-independence history of Sri Lanka. I have experienced it in all its phases and learned my lessons. What is happening especially among the Diaspora and the TNA is to create conditions for a new confrontation. There are some elements among the Sinhalese too who are aiding and abetting this exercise. My plea to those Tamils who have chosen to live abroad is ‘PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE TO SORT OUT OUR PROBLEMS, IF YOU CANNOT HELP US WITH WHAT WE REALLY NEED. PLEASE DO NOT PUT US THROUGH WHAT WE WE ARE JUST EMERGING OUT OF, ONCE AGAIN’.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  104. Dear Dr. Rajasingham

    I am with you 100%. We cannot change things overnight and must generate a different consciousness. This Government is incredible in its stupidity. It is simply power going to the head. Same thing that happened to LTTE. And like LTTE nature or dharma will get rid of it.

    We need to strengthen our souls for the battle ahead. Everyday must be an endeavour to strengthen our souls.

  105. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran,

    You are spot on with your statements and it represents the true feelings of other non sinhala citizens of Sri Lanka.

    It is an absolute stupidity to repeat the events of the last 30 years by praying for a new version on the LTTE.

    Have we not suffered enough?

    It is very sad that the people who have escaped/fled/migrated to far of lands and now live very good economic and peaceful lives do not want the same of the people trying to make a meager living in Sri Lanka.

    Thanks for your honest thoughts.

  106. Ajith Perera,

    Please read my comments again and review your response. You are completely off the mark.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  107. Jacoob,

    Let me tell you something I have learned from my experiences in Sri Lanka: IT IS BETTER TO LIVE UNDER THE PRESENT DISPENSATION THAN LIVE UNDER THE JACKBOOT OF A FACIST, BRUTAL MAFIA LIKE THE LTTE. Please ask the ordinary Tamils in the Vanni what dignity and safety they had under LTTE rule. The LTTE is yet being cursed by the Tamils who lived under its jackboot and these curses will haunt even those of the LTTE who are dead, where ever they are now- very likely hell(if there is such a place).

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  108. Soon you Sri Lankans will be living under the and I quote UNDER THE JACKBOOT OF A FACIST, BRUTAL MAFIA of…..
    I will let the readers finish the sentence

  109. I wish to comment on J (June 25) I cannot follow what you seek to convey when you note “hence they could not compete with the Tamils”

    I had a relative in the Irrigation Dept. He was then a Technical Assistant. Since he came from a rural Norther background his English was lacking. His boss was a Christian Sinhalese Gentleman – who later went to become the No.1. This was the early 70s. The boss took a liking to my relative and knew the draw-back in English stood in his way. He and his wife (an English teacher) went out of their way to help him and my man eventually became an Engineer – an able one. He later went to Zambia and ended up as a millionaire in London. The 2 families and the next generation are still in touch. So here the point is the switch to the bilingual hurt both sides.


  110. There are few who still see the light, and our faithful to their duties to protect whom ever, as these policeman.

  111. 1.It is naive of Dr.Rajasingham Narendren toask to define the ‘problem’ of Tamils and to start looking for an answer. Problems of the Tamils have started even before ‘Ceylon’ as it was then known gained independence. There would not have been Chelvanayagam-Bandaranaike pact,Chelva-Dudley Senanayake pact (Which were abrogated unilaterally by the Sinhala Governments), Thimpu Talks and all those All Party Conferences and Commissions like Mangala Munasinghe Commission, Dr.Tissa Vitharana Commission, CFA brokered by the Norwegians. I am sure they would have all laid down the ‘definition’ and parameters of the work of the commissions/talks. The caravan is about to start again with a new APC.
    2.Dr.R:N: talks about ‘development’ in the North. According to recent statistics 82 percent of the so called development is in the service sector with 37 Bank branches(many of them containers with A/C) and 22 Bank extension centres being opened to collect the monies sent by their relatives abroad like the Dr. (if he still has any relatives there)to the frugal Jaffna man and take it to Colombo.Industrial sector development is only 18 percent. It is interesting to note that there is no Regional development bank in North whewreas there are many in the South.
    3.Alaveddy incident exemplifies the reason why the Sinhala government is not ready to give the Police powers to Provincial Council. If there is a Provincial Police force in North East they will defend the Tamil speaking inhabitants against the atrocities of the SL Armed forces and they don’t want to see that. They want a free license to kill. Dr.R.N. I am sure would have left SL long ago. I have seen my Brother-in-Law being cut and set on fire by the Sinhala mob in the East while the Sinhala Army stood guard to the heinous crime and stopped people from trying to rescue him.It makes one very sad to read the comments of people like Dr.R.N. who are far removed from the realities of Sri Lanka especially Northeast of SL.
    4.If ltte was the only violator of Human Rights (for argument sake we will forget the massacres committed by the Sinhala mob and Armed forces from 1956 Igniyagala incident passing through 1958 riots, 77, 1983 pogrom against Tamils, Semmany, kokkaddicholai,Amparai Central Camp-Parameswary rape, Nawaly Church, Saththurukondan Massacre, Kiliveddy massacre etc, etc.) and the stumbling block to peace in Sri Lanka what is happening now when they are no more.Dr. must should realise that rebels and their leaders do not create conflicts. On the contrary Conflicts create rebels to fight for their reights. Killing them is not the solution to the problem as we see now two years after Mullivaikkaal. You must addreess the route cause of the problem if you want to solve it.Dr. please study the definition of ‘conflict’, ‘dispute’, ‘problem’, conflict resolution,conflict transformation,Transitional Justice etc. before you put your pen to paper or open your computer. I think you are a medical doctor.Even medical science requires you to first diagonise the root cause of the illness and not only to treaqt the symptoms

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  113. Radish,

    I live in Sri Lanka now and in fact spend most of time in Jaffna. Sri lanka was always my home, although I have lived and worked abroad. I know all the historical facts you relate, to justify your stance. I have been a victim of communal riots, IPKF stupidity and LTTE dastardliness. I have run for my life and have been looted several times over, by Sinhala mobs and LTTE goons. I know what it is to be destitute and live in a refugee camp. I have seen the worst of the LTTE and the best of the Sinhalese, including the armed forces. I have rebuilt my house in Jaffna twice, in order emphasize my sense of belonging there. Although I am poorer as a result, I am where I belong. I have also seen the suffering of the war-affected first hand and heard their horrendous tales about LTTE culpability. I am seeing now, right in front of my eyes the after-effects of LTTE beastliness. I understand the problems in the context of Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese and the Tamils, as much as the next person, if not more.

    I am neither naive nor stupid. I know the path some of you in your cleverness want to take, will only lead to further destruction of Tamils. We have paid a heavy price for past miscalculations. Let us not repeat the same mistakes on the basis of a history that should at best be buried ten feet deep, if not forgotten. Please also do not advocate lost causes from a safe distance, where you or your near and dear will not be hurt. Some of you are advocating paths without any consideration for those who have already paid a awesome/horrid price. This is a cardinal sin. I am sure Father Emmanuel knows what this is!

    You sound like a person who thinks that you know more than anyone else of the problems of the Tamils. Please enumerate them for me and others interested, what these are NOW. I want to learn, in order to understand whether I should change my stance. I do not however want to hear drivel about the past, which is long gone.

    As to medical science, one has to diagnose a problem afresh each time a patient presents himself/ herself with new symptoms and review treatment regularly. Because a child had a particular disease in childhood, it does not mean the ailment he/she seeks treatment as an adult is the same he suffered from as a child. You are trying to teach someone whom you think is a medical doctor, medicine. I am not a medical doctor. However, I am a Tamil who has seen and experienced enough. Please teach me something new.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  114. What is not receiving enough attention with reference to the Noolham and Alaveddy incidents is that any gathering in the northern province has to have the approval of the armed forces. The situation is not ‘Normal’ in Jaffna. It is under the tight control of the armed forces, although life without the political dimensions, is normal. The required permissions should have been sought. However, the alleged reactions of the armed forces were not justified. The ‘Offenders’ at worst should have arrested , warned and released. The police officers who tried to protect their wards, deserve admiration, because they tried to do their duty. Was the TNA deliberately trying provoke such an incident, in order to fish in troubled waters? They are old masters at such games!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran.

  115. Dr.narendran

    So what is your permanent solution for the tamils?can you give it in a point form please if there are more than one.please keep it brief,because long comments make me tired?

  116. Shanker,

    Briefly, consitutional changes to:

    1. Enshrine the equal rights of all citizens of Sri Lanka as an inalienable, founding principle.
    This should deal with rights relating to language, religion, culture, security, education, administration and opportunity.

    2. Ensure that no citizen is discriminated on the basis of their individual identity.

    3. Ensure that sowing communal discord of any form is a serious criminal offense

    4. Create mechanisms to permit the participation of the provinces in the governance at the center.

    5. Grant greater powers to the local government system.

    6. Ensure the independence and quality of the judiciary.

    7. Create an independent land commission on the same principles as the Supreme court.

    8. Create an independent constitutional court to review all legislation currently in place and presented in the future for compliance with the basic principles of the constitution.

    I have listed the above as representing the concerns of the Tamils and other minorities and have not listed matters concerning the whole of Sri Lanka.

    Please also read my article on ‘Out of the box thoughts’ published in transcurrents last year.

    Finally, matters concerning the Tamils and Sri lanka, however lengthy, should not tire you, as this is the least we can do for the place we came from and to which we ultimately belong.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  117. Dr.rajasingham narendran

    Thanks for the quick reply.I have not had time to analyze your comments,but on the surface it looks goods. Give me a day to come back on it.

    As for my getting tired,when people give lenghy comments,you have to start seperating the chaff from the wheat,and that is the tiring process.I like practical solutions to problems without lots of trappings involved in the discussion.A minute lost is a minute gone in this short life of ours and i lose my patience when i see people wasting valuable time as srilankans leaders have done since independence.We talk a lot but do nothing.

  118. Dr.rajasingham narendran

    Taking your point 1 and 2 first,it seems to be in the right direction,but i,am wondering whether it will safeguard the tamil people because of the culture of discrimination perpetrated by the sinhala bhuddhists due to the fact that they believe that the non sinhala bhuddhists have been a priviledged people under the british and now that has to be rectified. Culture is i think more important than the laws,because when i see the blacks of african descent in cuba and the same in the US you can see the vast difference.In cuba castro treated the blacks just like the people of spanish descent and the natives.He was a true communist who believed in equality for all humans.There was no laws in cuba like the laws you propose,but his culture permeated down and the blacks there are looked after and have been enjoying the same rights as anyone else.Now once castro has gone and a new chap takes over with different culture,he will surround himself with same type of people and they in turn will appoint others with their similar mentality and a discriminatory environment could start towards the blacks in the future.The point i make is that it all depends on the leader of the country and there will not be a permanent safety for minorities ever,because they will be always at the mercy of the leader of the majority who will in turn be influenced by bottom up factors and presurres coming from his own ethnic group.

    If you take the US,the laws you propose should be already enshrined in the constitution,but has it been effective?Compare the african americans there with their counterparts in cuba,which has no such laws but only a non diacriminatory culture and see the difference.While the african cubans are productive,educated and peaceful members of their society, the african americans are bitter,angry,violent and mostly non productive members of their society due to the fact that they were never given equal opportunity to partcipate in the wealth of their country.That was because of the culture prevalent among sucessive leaders of the americans,who unlike castro,never ever considered them as equals in their socity,probably due to bottom up factors that came from their people that the african americans were inferior types.Sometimes when the country was led by leaders like bill clinton they calmed down a bit,but when rednecks like george w bush and his cronies took over anger boiled up again.So the laws did not make much difference,but the leaders did.

    please note i asked of you a permenent solution for the tamils.

  119. Dr. Rajasingham:

    You are talking as if man and woman produces a child and that is science. A mother and son can sleep together (pardon my language) and, after all, biologically they can produce children. You argument is not only very hollow indeed but appears very tainted. For instance, your view that “The disorder that was engulfing Jaffna around December last year, has changed now, thanks to increased militray vigilance” is not only laughable but smacks of running and pleading to be noticed.

  120. Shanker,

    What is the alternative? The past was bitter in many ways. However, the difference now is that a majority of the Sinhalese, including the politicians are aware of their mistakes and are seeking a path short of extensive devolution. Federalism and devolution are suspect because of the movement for separation. This is the moment to think whether we should go back to a situation, similar to that envisaged in the Soulbury constitution. History does not flow backwards, but it comes in circles. The political thinking in Sri Lanka has come a full circle. We should benefit from this situation with some creative thinking, bearing in mind that we do not have the numbers and the influence we wielded thirty years ago. Of course the principles in the Soulbury constitution should be improved and strengthened. The weaknesses have to be strengthened, failures redressed and strengths retained.The weaknesses of the present constitution, with regard to citizenship rights, minority rights, rule of law and the judiciary should be corrected. The executive presidency should be retained, but more democratized.

    There should be concentrated thought and pressure to achieve objectives on these lines. The most important consideration is that the Sinhala and Muslim people will be with us in this struggle. We never carried them with us before and this was a fundamental failure. Further, politics and constitutional processes have to be evolutionary in nature. This has happened in western democracies and even in countries like India. Unfortunately in Sri Lanka, drastic solutions were sought- constitution-wise and separatism-wise- and we are where we are now.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran.

  121. Dr.Rajasingham narendran

    I don’t know much about the soulbury convention but i will take your word for it that it is a good thing and our constitution should be changed accordingly.The points 1 and 2 we were talking about,they are good and should be implemented,but i don’t think it will by itself be enough as a permanet solution. I know you gave 8 points to complemet this,so let us analyse them further. Your third point is an absolute must.A modification i would like is a minimum 10 year jail sentence.These trash whether tamil or sinhalese should be locked up for a long time so that rest of the country can live on peacefully.However i’am wondering whether the law can be interpreted in favour of the sinhalese. For example TNA asking for federalism and right for self determination,can that be considered as sowing communal discord?If so we have to change it to sowing communal violence or some thing like that.Also ethnic based and named parties like TNA and muslim congress also can be interpreted as sowing communal discord indirectly at least. I am in favour of those kind of ethnic based parties being renamed anyway,reason being ethnicity is a timebomb we are sitting on and we should downplay it and emphasise srilankaness.

    Your fourth point is good. How do you propose to do that?

    Your fifth point is also good because we are going back to the system of our kings where the village headman had substantial powers to do many things.I believe devolving powers as far down as possible because things are done faster and with local peoples participation than if the decision making is made higher and higher.

    i will come back to you about points 6 to 8.Let us take some time to digest things properly without stuffing our mouths with too much too soon.

    As for your question what is the alternative to points 1 and 2,maybe it is governing oneself except on matters that need national approval,however we will come to that when we discuss devolution of powers. Even if there is devolution your points 1 and 2 also should be implemented because it certainly seems to empower the people more.I’am always in favour of anything that empowers people more,because it works inversely with the power that these rotten politicians have today.

    That brings me to the question of the presidency which you seem to love so much. Why do we need this one person who has the powers to do anything except change man from a woman or vise versa. Are we going back to our monarch system where the king can if he is in a bad mood do anything to anybody. I thought the reason to embark on the democratic system was to get rid of all that and empower the people.The presidential system has to be got rid of because it directly contradicts this concept because as i said to you before power to politicians always works inversely to power to people.

  122. Shankar,

    The permanent solution for the Tamils is find an accommodation within the political system in Sri Lanka and participate in the affairs at the center. Centrifugal(greater centralization) rather than centripetal (devolution) forces are work, as a result of the JVP insurgencies and the Tamil war for separation. We should be thinking and working how to harness the centrifugal forces to our benefit. Politics is the art of he possible.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  123. Dr rajasingham narendran

    The centrifugal system that you like so much has been a disaster, as you rightly pointed out that the JVP and LTTe insurgencies created centripetal(devolution) forces. So are we to ignore the reasons for the LTTE and JVP insurrections and just say since we have wiped out all the youth that took part in it,the centrifugal system won and so it is the best. What it has shown us is that it is not a good system for us and devolution of powers is the answer because we are too much of a complex society. We are three distinct kingdoms and peoples who for centuries has been such and due to colonialism we have been shoved into one system and one country and the resultant problems are immense. India which had many kingdoms and ethnic groups managed to cobble together one country through a quasi federal sytem.Sinhalese bhudhist went on the opposite path and followed the malaysian model where they hammered the chinese into submission and thought they can do the same thing to tamils,little realising that the tamils in srilanka and the chinese in malaysia have nothing in common historically with their relationships with the sinhalese and malays.So your way of thinking on this issue of devolution is completely at crossroads with our recent history and the sucess that india has achieved.In otherwords you are saying that nehru is a fool and SWRD,sirima are brilliant. You are welcome to your views and to go on that path but no tamils will follow you.

    As for your contention that sinhalese will not give federalism because because of the move for seperation in your july 9th comment,that is just an excuse given by the sinhalese to deny devolution in the first place,which they have steadfastedly refused since independence. Just because you give federalism how can it change anything. The army has the right to quash any rebellion whether it is in a federal state or not.

    However i believe that tamils should ask for a quasi federal system like in india to allay any fears that some sinhalese goofs may have. That is the president will have the right to dismiss a chiefminister if the circumstances warrant it,and call for elections.

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