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Back to blogging after a brief interlude

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By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

It was with the dawn of year 2009 that I launched this blog with lots of hope and enthusiasm.

This was how I described my aims in my inaugural blog titled “Beginning to blog after 32 years of journalism”

“This blog would be one where I post my thoughts and views on different subjects It would not focus on politics and current affairs much. This does not mean that I would not write on such topics. I will.But my main focus would be on other subjects and themes. Sometimes I feel that I’ve short-changed myself by focusing on politics greatly. Nowadays politics disgusts and depresses me.As a person I have a lot of diverse interests. I’m passionate about films and some film personalities.I also read books, magazines. Avidly! I am also interested in things like music, dance, drama, sports, foreign affairs, Human rights,wildlife, history, literature, nature, architecture, archaeology, travel, places of interest etc.So my blog would reflect these wide-ranging interests in the days to come .People, places, events, ideas etc would be a recurring agenda in the blogs. Nostalgia for the past will be a dominant theme as I am rather sentimental.So I think there would be a variety of posts as time goes by. Eclectic! The underlying thread in all these would be my thoughts, impressions and experiences. MY TAKE on these matters”.

But then something happened or did not happen.

The best laid plans of men and mice go awry, they say.

In spite of expressing my good intentions, the stark truth is that I have not been able to translate those into effective action. Performance has not kept pace with pledges.

This blog hasn’t been updated since February 4th. Thirty days of March have passed and this weblog remains blank.

Hence, this hurry to write on March 31st so that the month would not end without something being posted.

The silver lining, if I may call it that, is the persistent loyalty of my readers. Though I haven’t posted anything on this site for more than seven weeks, they dutifully visit each day and depart disappointed.

I am truly touched and humbled.

From thousands a day in February the traffic has dropped to hundreds daily in March.

Many have queried in e-mails about why I havent written. Except for a few, I didn’t respond to most. I am sorry.

Some have asked directly in person and on the phone, “why”?. I’ve tried to explain but I doubt whether they were satisfied.

There are indeed many reasons for this dismal state of affairs but I think it’s best that I dont try to go into all those. All that I want to say at this point of time is “SORRY” and “MEA CULPA”.

Well, I think I’ve sorted matters out and thought things through. Hopefully, this non-productive interlude is ending on this day.

Yep, I most solemnly promise that I will commence blogging seriously, systematically and above all consistently from this day onwards. I will also try and diversify the theme and content of these blogs as much as I could.

Once again, I thank you all for your patience and reiterate my invitation to visit my blog as many times as you can and together with other readers engage in an amiable conversation.

I do hope you all will say: All is forgiven. Let’s make a fresh start”.

Having said this, let me focus on an important issue that’s been troubling me terribly and causing deep distress personally.

It’s the prevailing situation in Sri Lanka’s northern mainland known as Wanni.

Please check it out on my next posting.

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  1. DBS,

    It is not Wanni (வண்ணி) yet. It is still Vanni (வன்னி) I guess! Sorry for being picky.

  2. DB, I eagerly welcome your posts.

    On the sideline waht does Velu B means by saying it is not
    வண்ணி but வன்னி? வன்னிyar in Tamil in those days in Jaffna means Dhobis (Launderers). Is this correct?

    Just curious? that’s all

  3. DBS, glad to see you back here. Don’t beat yourself up. It happens to the best of us. I assumed that you were too disturbed by the state of affairs in our motherland to pen your thoughts. All we can do is to hope for, eh, not the worst. One does feel impotent in the face of such enormous tragedy and loss, in what used to be home to so many of us.

    Now for some of your brilliant analysis and insights.

  4. I was impressed to see your article after a long time.I was at Srilanka for 15 days and back in london at Blackpool.I was impressed with Srilnka and I hope and pray that peace should come soon so that the entire community will live pecefully.I did not come across any problem while I was there.The rumers are more than what is happening

  5. Hi Sir,

    Thanks for posting again. You said: All is forgiven. Lets make a fresh start.

    I think You always right but circumstances compel someone in some way. We wish or not we all are in same pond swimming to survive.

    Thanks again. Keep posting.

  6. Wondered what was wrong? Are you sick? Are you being warned by LTTE? Etc….

    Anyway glad you are back.

  7. Hi Author,
    We thought the reason you didn’t write was the white van hijacked you as well. It is nice to hear you are back and safe.

  8. Thanks for coming back DBS. We were dissapointed for so many weeks. keep writting. take care of your health.
    god bless you.

  9. It is grate to have you back with all problems views from centre should survive to achieve genuine peace and harmony the two communities enjoyed

  10. Dear DBS,

    I missed your articles in the SL press. Nice to hear that you are safe and in good spirits. Hope to hear your views more often. take care and keep doing what you do best.

  11. I suppose the overwhelming preoccupation of our minds is with the people of Vanni. We would like to see convoys of food and medicine reaching those hapless people trapped in the Vanni. Not stopping there, their resettlement and rehabilatation, without being interned in those fascist Concentration Camps, should follow in a civilised and humanitarian manner.

    These Sinhala supremacists have taken us for granted and have been talking amongst themselves about us a lot. This is why they conclude that we are second-class citizens in Sri Lanka, and that our homeland is in Tamil Nadu. They even firmly believe that democracy means majority rule, and that the majority being Sinhalese. Therefore, in their minds, Tamils have no say whatsoever in national politics. This is why our legitimate political demands are met with violence, by the successive fascist Sinhala governments.

    Now, they even have invaded Tamil homeland and militarily occupied it. These Sinhala fascists have no brain capacity to understand the implications to humanity and modernity of their barbaric deeds. They have even laid seige to over quarter of a million innocent Tamil civilians, and have illegally interned others in Concentration Camps.

    It is therefore about time that we Tamils taught these medieval barbarian what moderity means, and demand demilitarization of Tamil homeland just so we can sit down and negotiate in a civilised manner without duress the secession of Tamil Eelam!

    It is true Tamil politics at present is emotionally quite heavy. However, you intended or not you have built up a successful forum where all three communities air free to air their feelings. It may be helpful to carry on with that yet gradually allocating little chunks of time to your other interests which most of us have similiar interests.

  12. Dear DBS,

    What do you think the SL Tamil community, in Sri Lanka and abroad should do in a post-war scenario.
    I read how Anita Pratap answered this question to group of Tamils living in Europe. She said ” Excell in what ever you do, that is the best you can do for tamil liberation in SL”. While this sounds pretty philosophical, in real terms should n’t the SL tamils engage in non-violent methods of agitation ? Would love to have your views on this.

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