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Memorial monument for Tamils killed at Mullivaaikkal being constructed in Thanjaavoor

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

An elaborate structure called”Mullivaaikkaal Martyrs Memorial”is to be constructed in the Thanjaavoor district of Tamil Nadu state in India.

pic: TamilWin.com

It will be a monument dedicated to the memory of all Tamils -both civilian &militant-killed in Mullivaaikkal area of the final phase of war.

The monument will be modelled on the lines of the famous “Periya Kovil” (great temple)built by the Chola emperor Raja Rajan in Thanjaavoor.

Over a 100 sculptors have begun work.Giant granite stones weighing over 50 tons& measuring 40X10X 3 have been brought to the memorial site.

It is said that these types of stones are similiar to the ones used by Raja Raja cholan in constructing the Thanjaavoor Periya Kovil.

Pride of place would be given to displaying sculpted granite statues in the memorial known as “Mullivaaikkaal Ninaivu Mutram” in Tamil.

The sculptures will denote scenes like the massacre of innocents at Mullivaaikkaal & confining of civilians behind barbed wire detention camps.

Statues will be constructed of 21 Tamil “martyrs” who self -immolated themselves in Tamil Nadu, Switzerland & Malaysia urging the war to end.

It is said that the sculpture gallery will be the largest of its kind in India.The overall structure will reflect Dravidian architechture.

There will also be an art gallery where paintings in”Tanjore art”depicting scenes of the Sri Lankan Tamil armed struggle will be displayed.

The World Tamil Confederation headed by P.Nedumaran is behind the project. Sri Lankan Tamil poet Kasi Aanandan is actively engaged in this.

The WTF states that such a monument needs to be constructed because the SL army has demolished all cemeteries of fallen tigers in Sri Lanka.

The memorial will strengthen ties between Tamil Nad &Sri Lankan Tamils&is expected to attract large numbers of Tamils in India & abroad.

The WTF has set up a Trust to oversee the memorial project & requested donations from Tamils worldwide to finance the project.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

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  1. PLEASE have a small monument. It’s the symbol that matters.

    Oh, environmentalists, pl engage with people how 21C monuments need to be done in the context of booming billions of humans and reducing resources. Disllocating huge stones will have conspicuous effect on surroundings near and far.

  2. [The WTF has set up a Trust to oversee the memorial project & requested donations from Tamils worldwide to finance the project.

    Keep the Tamil Elaam project within the borders of TN. That’s our goal too.

    Now pass that hat (collection) to TTD parasites… to part with their life savings… and make sure to wring their necks, if they hesitate.

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea. As a woman living in Chennai I have been very troubled at what happened to our brothers and sisters in Shri Lanka.

    I think I can get some solace by visiting this monument and meditating for the departed souls

  4. Now what will goat ‘a and his sissies armed forces do, the true brave warriors that they are they destroyed all the tiger burial sites and built military cantonments over them.

    Now the spirits of the are taunting and encouraging the brave cross dressing troops to seek refugee status in the Hague.

    Will the king and his gang invade mother India and will they send lemon puff and the tree doctor around to the united nations to have India banned ?

    There will be a greater demand in the miracle bog for Indian astrologers, soothsayers, Voodo healers and will goat ‘a be the animal sacrificed to eradicate the bad period

    The mind boggles. R j.

  5. I welcome this kind of thing. It could be like the wailing wall of the jews. It will remind us of the atrocities and the duplicities of the RACIST SINHALA BLOOD THIRSTY PEOPLE, for ever.

  6. three of the greatest sites of our valiant Chola dynasty is in Thanjaavoor, Pazhaiyaarai and Gangai Konda Chozhapuram. it is fitting therefore that this monument which is a tribute to Tamil heroism as well as Tamil suffering is located in Thanjore district.

  7. This sculpture gallery will become big tourist attraction just like the periya koil itself. I can hardly wait to see them and pay homage to our fallen Tamil heroes and heroines

  8. In future this place might be a point of interest for all Diaspora Tamils to visit to Thannjavoor. It would be better to have a separate memorial place for all innocent victims from those morons.

  9. We are proud of people of Tamilnadu, thank you for Nedumaran aiya and Jeyalitha amma.

    In srilanka not a single memorial was allowed build for the fallen people, it is only military parades, occupation of land, intimidation, military rule, vandalism of memorials, cultural vandalism.

    All forms of aggression is unleashed on the Tamils.

  10. Our grate Cholas and brave Tamil soldiers went far east world with flying Tigerflag to win.
    Now grate Eela Maverar did the same bravary and Tigerflag flying all far west world.
    One day whole world will realise who are the ‘Grate fallen Heros’and who are the criminals.

    Thanjai is the right place to remember both our heros and killed innocent tamils.credit goes to Genuine man Nedumaran and Tamil poet Kasi ananthan.

  11. David Blacker, Thank you for your contribution in liberating the Tamils under the ‘political’ leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    I salute the services of all Sri Lankan Armed forces in their difficult task in carrying the gun, human rights charter, food and love rescuing-not just the civilians of Mullivaakkaal, but its time they are regarded the honor, to everyone of them, except of the ‘military’ leadership of Gen. Sarath Fonseka.

    I appeal that even the blue helmeted Sri Lanka soldiers sent away from Haiti for sexually abusing teens must be honored, with their portraits, right below the pictures of Rajapaksa bros in all Sri Lanka Army offices that are built on demolished grave yards of Tamils.

    One again, Thank you all Sri Lankan Army (minus Gen. Sarath Fonseka)

  12. I think this is unnecessary and unwanted. The money spent for this can be used to economically uplift Tamil families affected by war in the Vanni

  13. To the TN stinkies and jokers:

    Stay out of Sri Lanka’s internal affairs. We simply don’t care about your history.

    Proud Sri Lankans are sharpening their swords, to face any threat from the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora… Come one, come all to be Eelamized.

    Today I saw in Kilinochchi a dog pi*sing on to a destroyed monument of a Tamil Terrorist named Nagulan. Bloody low life.

    We are now encouraging more stray dogs and cats to visit such monuments and are very busy obliterating remanents of ‘Tamil’ homeland from our rich North and East and introducing all Sri Lankan culture and blood there.

    That is our national pasttime.

  14. Won’t this reinforce the claim by Sinhala nationalists like LKSword that Tamil Nadu, not Sri Lanka is the Tamil homeland?

  15. So your armed forces distroyed everything in our home land and your want us to rebuilt. You will be forced to rebuilt and pay compensation to every single Tamil killed by your God King Mahinda very soon. I can not wait to see that day to come.

  16. Who said to you LK sword is sinhala nationalist? He is my old patient and escaped from Angoda.
    Is any true sinhala nationalist support over 40,000 cold blood murder of the innocent civilians?
    even Tamil natonalist still do not support murders of innocent 60,000 sinhala youths by SL army.
    how can this ‘card board patriot’ can talk about SL soil and proud inhabitant of Tamil homelanders?

  17. Wow. What a project,

    Linking Chola aggression against Sinhalese with the LTTE aggression is going to be a pretty important and significant monument with regards to Srilankan history..

    It is also interesting that this monument is constructed in the year in which Srilanka is celebrating the 2600 anniversary of Buddha, who played a major role in creating the Sinhala nation.

    It will be a big attraction for the hundreds of thousands of Srilankan tourists who pass through Tamil Nadu every year.

    The only hitch, is the same monument might become a rallying point for the ever increasing Tiger sympathizer base in Tamil Nadu under the capable guidance of Vaiko and Seeman.

  18. Why dont you keep it your meglomaniac sinhala racist project within the sinhala border?Thats our goal too..
    One day all your war criminals statues will be removed from Tamil Homeland. You will see that our Tamil brothers and Sisters will be free from your Dictatorship and salute our fallen heroes and massacred civilians.

    This is our Freedomstrugle not like your Hampanthotta swimming pool project.soon we will win,wait and watch!

  19. On a more serious note i would have supported a monument in jaffna and the Vanni to remember all who died. I dont take the LTTE as outsiders or enemies but just sombody else’s brother son or sister. And the fathers and mothers.

    A lot of people died during the last 30 yrs and yes I would support a monument int their memory here in Sri Lanka.

    People need to have remembrance .

  20. Mahinda and some of the surviving Tigers like KP and Karuna could pay a homage to the monument to do public penance. To err is human, to forgive divine.

  21. I want it to be remembered as the fall of the Tamils, their suffering to tell the world of the duplicities of the Sinhalese to our generations to come. Lest we not forget for forgetting atrocities on us is a sign of the weakness of our people. If you forget history you are bound to repeat it.

    It should be a reminder to us of the duplicities of the Sinhalese and we should never forget this one.

    This should serve as a pressure point for the Govt of India.

    No politician should be allowed to trade off the interests of the Tamils anywhere in the world and it should be a constant reminder to us to come to the aid of our brethren.

  22. [One day all your war criminals statues will be removed from Tamil Homeland]

    Yes…. yes… One day…. One day…

    One day you will conquer England too… The question is WHEN?

    Podaa podiyan

  23. That is our national pasttime.


    Your National past time is to kill Tamils.

  24. This is what whole sinhala brothers and sisters need to think. Blindly supporting power hungry racist politicians (Bandaranayake to Mahinda) only further lead our country into disaster and Dark Era again. If you cant honour another ‘dead’ man grave or body, what human are you??? who will live with you???
    You have to ask this serious questions whoever sinhala rullers oppress innocent tamils for their own agenda.

    Thats why they made this in world largest democratic country and untochable to undemocratic neighbours.
    If tamils face the same hate and no recognition for their political freedom, soon or later they will be
    thinking to go separate.

  25. Dear LKSword,

    The tone and aggressive nature of your comments that you make on behalf on Sinhalese, makes me wonder whether you are in fact a Sinhalese?

    Srilankans and most Sinhalese except a few, who make comments here have been logical,rational and respectful for the readers of these colunms.

    Peace loving Srilankans like us, only want a peaceful and prosperous motherland where all citizens have equal rights to education, jobs and locations to live..

    In order to present our case we can must use logical, factful arguments, instead of resorting to insults and deregotary comments.

    Srilankans ,living there needn’t be offensive anymore. With the threat of terrorism being totally eliminated.

    Srilankans now must use a defensive strategy to wade off the offensive campaign which is currently in full force by the overseas anti Srilankan elements and their support base in the West and the UN.

    We ought to prove to them that Srilankans living there are no more interested in offensive behavior.

    We must prove to the world that we only want to live in one country as one nation and of course with our different without losing our cultural , ethnic and religious identities.

  26. This will be the memorial for the costly Dravidian mistake. Nedumaran is the right guy to declare it open.

  27. dilshanf,
    your sinhala evil bastards, never going respect your wish. They still in stone age period. After two yrs what they done erecting sinhala evil budha in every tamil areas( We resbpcet budha not sinhala evil version ). tamils need a respect for their way of life and want to rule themselves. not evil sinhala modayas ruling them.

  28. i dont think a monument in Jaffana will not be permitted by GOSL.
    You are welcome to Tamilnadu, if you wish to remember your Srilankan souls.

  29. That’s a good comment well deserved for more diaspora money. We know for sure that your goal is using Aston Martins and living in luxurious houses in the Europe , Canada, US without doing any job.

  30. What happened and happening in your Tamil brothers in SL is they get everything free from the government what you never can imagine. Free education in schools and universities (with a monetary allowance for uni students), free school uniforms and books, free comprehensive health care for all and so and so

  31. It’s grate to see this monument. It clearly shows from where Sri lankan tamils came from. Tamils talking about a home land in Sri lanka, but this act shows to where they have attached. When Sinhalese die their will be no statues in any other country.(Becasue sri lanka is the only country for them) But for tamils.. They have many..

    Good work tamils…

  32. dilshanf,

    The first step would be be – actually its too late, having GoSL respect Tamil cemeteries and graveyards, no matter who is laid to rest there

  33. Please copy and paste on google the following link to obtain a bird’s eye view of the severity of discrimination widely prevalent on admissions to Universities in Sri Lanka.

    This based on the 17th batch final results of Medical Faculty, University of Kelaniya, which shows regrettably not a single Tamil student’s name. There are a handful of Muslims but the remainder are Sinhalese. This is outrageously discriminatory.

  34. I agree with you Someswari. That should be what rational people do not the ridiculous things like proposed statue.

  35. What you are saying is to make the people in the North and East suffer more and more even after wiping out the brutal tamil terrorism. You have to face the reality man.

  36. We have a multitude of ‘Breathing and Broken Memorials’ to the war that endned in Nanthikadel. Please send the money that you are wasting in Thanjavoor to these men, women and children, who have paid and are paying a price for the follies of many, including many champions of the so-called Sri Lankan Tamil cause in Tamil Nadu. Swamy Vivekananda at the ‘World religions Conference in Chicago declared to the effect that, “We do not bricks to build places of worship, but bread to fill our bellies”! This is true for many thousands of war-affected poor Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    -Dr.Rajasingham Narendran-

  37. Hay man don’t speak like that. We all Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others should live together in this motherland. Don’t try to make the situation more complicated with such ideas. I accept the idea of monuments is ridiculous. But you have to face the reality without being too ambitious.

  38. Hay Anonymous, You are such a fearfull dude that you don’t like to mention your name either. Also you are showing your doggish features that you are not able to bear the others comments.

  39. History is important for humans. History has shaped the world for better or worse. A Memorial in Tamil Nadu is a welcome sign!

    In my personal view, the memorial must be erected in Mulltaitivu itself in memory of the unarmed civilians. If Rajapaksha is an intelligent politician, he should have encouraged the military to build a Memorial for the Unarmed Civilians who perished during the thirty years of war, instead of making unrealistic and rhetorical statement saying that NO CIVILIAN HAD BEEN KILLED BY THE SRI LANKAN FORCES’ while destroying the burial grounds of the tamil militants.

    With what audacity the president makes these foolish staments?

    I was in Jaffna when it was captured by the Sri Lankan forces from the Tamil militants. The Sri Lankan forces were led by some Tamil young men (I presume that they are from the group of EPDP!) when the military entered Saint Patrick’s College and Cathedral compound.I faced the brunt of the ferocious war of 47 days. Constant bombing and shellings and systematic destruction of the city of Jaffna.

    During this military offensive, I have carried the dead bodies of so many innocent people killed clearly by the Sri Lankan forces. These innocent people who took shelter at Saint Patrick’s College were the victims of the brutal murder of the Sri Lankan troops. Authorative books are published with details on these murders. One of the deceased was 7 years old girl called Mena. What a daring statement that the Prez makes about the ‘innocence’ of the Sri Lankan forces. The innocence of Mena will definitely militate against the claim of Rajapaksha.

    Building a Memorial for the Innocent Civilians in Mullaitivu itself by the Rajapaksha government would be a step forward towards reconciliation.

    It is absolutely futile on the part of the Foreign Minister, Prof. G.L.Peiris and other Government delegations at the UN and other fora to ‘defend a blatant falsehood’ against all facts. G.L.Peiris should quit calling himself a ‘Professor’ who is forced to sacrifice his ‘intellectual honesty’ at the altar of the Sri Lankan politics for his personal gains. When GL Peiris entered politics, I had some respect for his words. I am sorry to say that I have lost all respect for his ‘dishonest statements in order to defend the criminals of the country’.

    Truth should precede Reconciliation.

    Dr. Kathir

  40. 40,000 may have died, remember that 10,000 soldiers also died. Even if 400,000 had to die, it was a necessary evil that had to be done and dusted, or else, Sri Lankans would have paid with many more lives and unbearable amount of our resources in fighting the LTTE for years to come.

    I find it very amusing that much of the venom being spewed on this blog is by those living beyond the shores of Sri Lanka (both races), I encourage more disgruntled Sri Lankans of all races to bugger off from our country and clean lavetories in foreign lands. Those remaining (of all races) will rebuild this country brick by brick using our own meathods and policies.

    Word to the bitter and seething diaspora – Eelam in Sri Lanka will never happen, at best you might get a few of our politicans into the international court at the Hague. The north is far too militarized and controlled for a movement to raise its head in SL again. I suggest Tamil Nadu, after all, they have 40 million of you guys, and they now seem to accept what was earlier considered by them as lesser mortals and troublemakers (Jaffna Tamils) as their brothers. All power to you, go forth and claim your homeland, we might even give a helping hand by dropping some ‘parippu’ to help feed your Dravidian forces.

  41. This guy is purposely spreading misinformation. Faculty of Medicine U of Kelaniya was started in 1991. These students from the 17th batch were never subjected to language based standardization. The current standardization scheme introduced in the 1980’s admits 50% students on merit basis and 50% students on district basis. What we will find if we were to look up the graduating class of U of Jaffna and count the number of Sinhala students is anybody’s guess. People should go to UGC website and compare the z-scores for Jaffna and Colombo if they can understand that much.

  42. Nothing wrong to build up a memorial monument; shall include all who have been killed after independence (1947?).


  43. There is always a segment of people going to unleash derogatory statements hoping to tarnish the endeavour of “HUMANS”. History is littered with examples….

  44. DD

    You spot on to shed light on this issue!30,000 soldiers were injured or disabled and another 10,000 soldiers died in vain. This kind of bloodshed could have been prevented if power sharing was implemented long before all these occurred. It is not too late though to force a resolution without being lackadaisical awaiting for another turmoil to hit our minuscule island. Believe it or not history does repeat itself and if 40 million north of our island turn against our arrogant nation, it is certainly within the realm of possibility.

  45. Dear Manju

    Your comment is commpletly misleading and irrelevant. Medical degree in Kalania is in the second layer medicale faculty. Then most student come from close regional areas. Due to the high demand Colombo university and pare provided open entry. If you go to Japan University medicle faculty you will not find any other than tamil students. In the past even they, do not allove to enter the muslim student selected to Jafana and Baticlo Universities resulting to established seperate university for Muslim students.

    Please dont try to mislead. Tamil politices always based on the misintepreted facts. Always misleading others. You can take any thing to justify your misguided openion. Very sorry dear about you.

  46. I dare that they are game enough to erect statues of Rajiv killers Praba, Pottu KP and the dead suicide bomber.

    SLA will donate Velu’s Amude as a relic to be worshipped

  47. My dear Anonymous,

    Have you ever read the Aesop’s story where a man who rescued a tiger was just about to be eaten alive by that ungrateful animal? Have you read about the man who gave room and roof during heavy rain to protect the head of a begging camel, only to find within a few minutes that he is outside the house, standing in the rain?

    Did you read about the Tamil tigers, who were killing civilians and soldiers in hundreds, right after arriving in GOSL helicopters in Vanni from the ‘peace talks’ in Geneva, Bangkok and what not… just to send a ‘message’ to the GOSL?

    Do you know why the elected Tamil politicians fall at the feet of westerners and Injuns, asking them to punish EVERY Sri Lankan GOSL in power… SINCE DONKEY’S AGE?

    Do you know the historical facts about the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora? Do they really care for the Tamil Speaking Sri Lankans? Do you think they are going to let Sri Lankans have peace in the coming years after gross miscalcuation to kill us in thousands and lost their life savings (to fund the terrorism) and the power they exercised over GOSL?

    Did not the Tamil terrorists catch us napping 30 years ago?

    Elemenatary, my dear Annonymous, elementary.

    I am sure patriotic Sri Lankans already know that a few years ago, the solution for TTD-created ‘Tamil’ problem, was to arrive from New Delhi, London, Oslo, New York, Geneva etc… because in their view, Sri Lankans were so immature, weak and resource-less to find a solution.

    Apparently you do not seem to recognize the threat from TTD as you say ‘With the threat of terrorism being totally eliminated…’

    Don’t you think that the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora WOULD LOVE TO SEE ANOTHER BLACK JULY, PREFERABLY TODAY? Are you expecting them to be dormant on that objective? Is it because of their love for the Tamil Speaking Sri Lankans they plan that? What precautions you suggest?

    I confronted the propaganda agents of TTD before and during the defeat of Tamil terrorists, always communicating in a colourful, provocative language. Believe me, there are so many Sri Lankans appreciate my mission and want me to continue.

    Now that I am 100% convinced that unless and until we have evidence that TTD has dropped their vicious agenda against MotherLanka, I will continue and in need of more LKswords to face the TTD bloggers who not only spread lies but also insult Sri Lanka, its leaders and people.

    Piece of advice… ‘The best defense is a good offense.’

    Have an amazing day!


  48. It is LTTE who destroyed the learned and respected SL Tamil nation, now they are janitors in west and jobless in north east as only professions/skills they know are killing, terrorism, drug dealing, rape, suicide bombing, credit card fraud, welfare fraud, human trafficking, smuggling, weapon dealing…and digging trenches etc.

  49. It’s the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora I am targetting. Not my Tamil speaking Sri Lankan brothers and sisters.

    Elaam is in Tamilnadu. They can make 1,000,001 monuments there. We don’t care so long as no traces of a Tamil homeland or places for monuments for Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka.

    Also the brainwashed members of the TTD need our support and education in order to recover from the shock they received at the defeat of the Tamil terrorists.

  50. David,

    My sick Sinhala friend,

    You never thought of a memorial for those JVP victims and those thousands of innocent victims killed as suspects in 1971 and 1988-89. But happy to build a memorials for IPKF who came to kill the Sri Lankan citizens.

    What sort of race are Sinhalese. Is it because, as per Mahavamsha, they are the offspring of that Lion, the wild animal.

    So some decency when writing to those innocent victims, mothers, children, old and sick.

    Are you one of those war criminals, in trouble?

  51. Havent your Mahinda experiance that in his last visit? Oyadda pisuvatha? or Okkama (podda)modayas?

  52. Dear Moda Vijith,

    Tamils do not wish to have anthing free like you idiots. We believe in hardwork & not like you lazy fellows

  53. If your not living in Sri Lanka, don’t bother ever coming, none of your ‘Tamil brothers’ or sisters appreciate your caveman mindset. The LTTE is dead, and Sri Lankan Tamils are happy. If your not about reconciliation, your part of the problem. There are no Sinhalese boarders or Tamil borders, only Sri Lankan boarders, stay out or shut up!!!

  54. Someswari, if the Sri Lankan Governemnt says Tamils are their people it is their duty to economically uplift Tamil families affected by war in the Vanni without asking help from outsiders. If they publicly say Tamils are not their people, don’t worry we will take care of them. We don’t need SLGs help!

  55. Earlier the expatriate Tamils sent money to purchase arms for the LTTE. Now they can sent their money to build this monument.It will never get built. Then TN have continuous flow of funds. Someone in Tamil Nadu may get rich. Dear Tamils, Please send your hard earned money by washing toilets all over the world to TN and they do not need to wash toilets any more.

  56. Yes,This monument for 40,000 innocent Tamil speaking Sri Lankan brothers and sisters that you have brutaly killed.
    You are the Rutheless Sinhalese State Terrorist (RSST) have no idea about Tamil Diaspora who are voicing for voiceless oppressed Lankan Tamils.Brainwashed RSST who destroy our Land and people need to learn more lessons…………

  57. Dear LK sword,

    I’m proud of you as a true son of mother lanka. we should defend and protect our mother lanka from all forms of threats as brave lions. We still have big threat from tamil terrorist who living out side the country. So we should keep vigilence at all the time.

    at the same time we need to protect and support tamil brothers and sisters in our country. because they are tamil speaking SRI LANKANS as you said. Most of the TAMIL NADU tamils are sheding crocadile tears on our tamils. If they are really worring about our tamils why they robbed our fishery resources. and destroyed sri lankan tamils boats and nets. Did one single tamil nadu tamilian open their mouth against this brutalism? So we should understand the truth and work together as Sri lankans.

  58. It is perfectly alright for the defeated LTTE eliments to build monuments in any other country. Their pain of mind could be quite understood after the dream of separation has been shattered. Still they have failed to spell out their specific issues by virture of being Tamil, which warrants separation. Its one country for all whether you like or not and will not going to change now that we are alert and ready than 30 years ago!! Life goes peacefully in Sri Lanka and there is new dawn of light for the innocent Tamils, who were brutally terrorised by their own people. Come and see the new heartland of tamils and surely its a new era for them with rapid development and peace.

  59. It has to be built as much as bigger like Raja Raja Cholan big temple to show racist sinhala GOSL Genocide and International failure to protect innocent civilians. we are all global Tamils need to support this as racist war criminal sinhala army destroyed all our honored graves and civilians remains. Their
    Attitude even straight opposite to Dutagemunu who established a statue for Tamil king Ellara or Eela Raja around 2000 years ago.

    Like 1000 years old big temple still with us in 2000 millenium, this will speak the Truth of systematic Genocide and true history of Tamil struggle for Freedom. Coming next generations or people in 3000 AD will know the real reasons and what scarifies and bravery Eelam Tamils made for Freedom.

  60. What do you mean power sharing, power is already shared, every tamil has the same right as every sinhalese. Let us know a single right that Sinhala people have and tamil people do not have

  61. You seems a Non Sinhalese deliberately disrespecting Singalese peoples.

    Go to Hell man and come with your real identity.

  62. Some tamils used to interpret every thing to so there is discrimination on tamils. Standardisation of university entry also something like. Standaerdisation affect to not only studnet from Japna but also student from Colombo, Kandy, Mathara, Gampaha Kaluthra. From Tamil dominated districtes only Japna adversly affected. But all provisions made under the standardisation were gone to five district, Trincomaly, Baticlo, Polonaruwa, Vanni and Nuwaraelia. All underprvilage enjoyied the benefits of standardisation. Even today, students from Trincomali and Baticlo are enjoying that benefits. Look at the publised Z scores for university entrence. Rasist tamiles always using these type of tacties to mislead the general mass.

  63. These people are erecting a monument to remember martyrs ,very good.
    Our living hero Seimen erected something else and taking care of widow of a martyr in a secret house in tamilnadu after lifting the widow from a camp.My dear tamil lberaters,attain martyr hood ,your widows will be looked after by our Tamilnadu heros ,For you they will erect a monument.

  64. David Blacker, Surely you have to defend the ‘Heroes of Haiti’ with the invocation of cesspit.

  65. Gode waththare..what were you thinking when such acronyms weren’t around David Blacker

  66. Why only for the dead? A monument for the uprooted millions and disenfranchised only because they are Tamils. What continues through today in various other guises in this Nation of Lions since 1947 is what began then.

  67. Thank u Dr. RN. i agree with you.

    At least one comment without prejudice.

    I’m tiered of many who sling mud & point fingers. What are they doing to the living victims of war.
    They only sympathise with LTTE & then add civilians to justify their cries.

  68. With different sudeo name but same stray dog is barking.What is the matter about you are lying your name and I am not and honestly not telling my name because my message is important than Masanger.I don’t Care about your typical barking dog comments and often you piss on Dbsj blog.

  69. See you again stop taking Medicine , So having lion flag and mahavsa as your syllabus ,won’t prove Orissa is your original homeland? Hindu Ravana rule the Lankapuri over tenthousands years ago and Ellalan,Pandarawanniyan,snakily ,kullakottan all other Tamil kings memorials are enoug to our Homeland.This is some Extra adventure to whole world because you not even allow independent international journalist to see your horror. You can’t definitely understand this Angoda.don’t waste your time which you don’t know or your brain washed by JHU and resist Bikkus.

  70. I am very surprised by this uncultured statement. Whatever you think about the Tiger, showing disregard to the dead reduces you as an individual. There we those who fought with the Tigers who were idealistic, blind, brutal or just unlucky in terms of their circumstances. Sri Lanka will never move forward if people are unwilling to respect the basic humanity of their fellow citizens. I am sure not all in the Sri Lankan armed forces acted honorably. I am also sure not all were brutes. Hopefully one day they do build a memorial for all those who lost their future (Both Tamils and Sinhalese) because of blind nationalism.

  71. S Andy:

    Excellent idea.

    May 19th every year can be declared as Blue Amuda Day. Velu’s amude will be publicly displayed. To worship that, TTD parasites can gather in TN and line up to chant “genocide… genocide”.

    In the meantime, TN jokers can pocket in the proceeeds from event.

    MotherLanka will have a coy smile!

  72. Doctor Kathir, says,”I was in Jaffna when it was captured by the Sri Lankan forces from the Tamil militants. The Sri Lankan forces were led by some Tamil young men (I presume that they are from the group of EPDP!) when the military entered Saint Patrick’s College and Cathedral compound.I faced the brunt of the ferocious war of 47 days. Constant bombing and shellings and systematic destruction of the city of Jaffna”. I presume that they are from LTTE with Col.KiDDU and Srilankan army commander KOththalavalai.
    The word presume reminds me the following famous quoatation:
    Sir Henry Morton Stanley
    Sir Henry Morton Stanley (1841–1904), British explorer, journalist. How I Found Livingstone, ch. 11 (1872).

    Greeting to the missing explorer and missionary, Dr. David Livingstone, at Ujiji, Lake Tanganyika, November 10, 1871. Stanley had been dispatched to find Livingstone by the New York Herald, a task he accomplished after an eight-month voyage. In Sheridan’s play, School for Scandal, act 5, sc. 1, one character (Sir Oliver Surface) meets up with another with the line, “Mr. Stanley, I presume?”

    EPDP stories are too old now. There are many new groups with army, such as KP,a part of EROS, Paappa groups and ex-Maththiah groups. “Sakkadaththarinta (Douglas) thiruvilavila Sadaiyar(these new groups)vahnnam viduvathu poala”, everythings are happening in Jaffna.
    DR. Karuppusamy

  73. Hey DD,

    How are you going to drop parippu? I thought you always get free parippu from donors!

  74. It is great that someone has taken on the task of building the monument. People who laid their lives should be remembered. Ironically, it will remind everyone of the helpless civilians who were slaughtered by BOTH the SL Army as well as the LTTE.

    If the monument is anything of a reminder of the past, one would imagine the sculptures would record the history as accurately as possible rather than telling a one-sided story.

    For Those who think this is meaningless:

    Tamils will always remember with respect that LTTE and many similar groups were born out of necessity and every one of them made a sacrifice for the cause they believed in. Unfortunately, the cause still remains and Sri Lanka stands divided (in the minds of many Lankans at home and abroad). Those Sri Lankans who don’t believe Tamils have a genuine grievance, might continue to ridicule this continue to be out of touch with reality.

    I have not forgotten the 70’s and 80’s of JVP insurgency and those youngsters killed and bodies burnt on tyres in the villages down south, deep down south, Wayamba, Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Central and North Central provinces……let’s not forget the bodies that floated in Kelani Ganga every day in 1988/89.

    We Sri Lankans have witnessed a lot in terms of death and destruction and learned the hard way that death of a fellow human being is not a matter to celebrate no matter how much we hate the dead (Prabhakaran’s death was celebrated with fire crackers and Kiribath in May 2009…………..sixteen years prior to that in the month of May, people celebrated the death of Late President Premadasa in a similar fashion). We are a Buddhist country………


  75. while welcoming the building of memorial in thanjavur cradle of tamil culture,it has to be kept in mind that northern and eastern srilanka is also a tamil homeland.unfortunately sinhala racist government has bulldozed the cemetries of tamil youth who were killed in battle.justification for the barbaric act was provided by none other than sinhala racist wearing a marxist mask dayan jayatilake.he said that nazi soldiers memorials were never built thus comparing tamil youths with nazis.neither tamil youths are nazis nor sinhala masses liberating western masses.good news is that jayalalitha led government has done unthinkable.it has passed a resolution for prosecution of war criminals who were involved in killing of tamils during the last days of the war.it is a big and significant victory for tamils all over the world.never did i imagine that jayalalitha will take such a stand given the fact that in the past she has never been appreciative of srilankan tamil fight for equal rights.one hopes that world community takes cognizance of war crimes committed by sinhala army and as i wrote before if sinhala government resisted further investigation of war crimes comity of nations should not hesitate to impose punitive sanctions.sathyameva jayathe.

  76. Now no more smuggling between India and Sri Lanka. Indian smugglers who benefitted in millions are now without income. Nedumaran family, once a pauper family, now became milionaires in Australia after they started to wag the tail to LTTE.

    Why did not these idiots ever try to build few wash rooms for the Sri lankan Tamil refugees in 115 refugee camps across Tamil Nadu?

    Kasi Ananthan( Kaththamuthu Sivananthan) was a son of a Kallathoni and hid the fact and got free education in Sri lankan schools. He even tried to topple Mr. C Rajadurai of TULF in Batticaloa!

    But I am sure NO MONUMENT for Prabhakaran because these people still fool that LTTE supremo is alive!

    I think this is another way to make some dollars because of the defunct EELAM business.

  77. Hey… hey… hey… You are not forgetting your wallet, right, Hari?

    The fat, black cats are HUNGRY.. PLEASE BE B GENEROUS!

  78. muthu

    Lord Bhuddha is not evil you racist fool.There is nothing wrong in erecting his statues anywhere.

  79. Hari

    your going is okay,but i’am worried about some others.I hope there won’t be any female stautues with dainty lotus feet.

  80. Hi David Blacker

    I don’t know about your household..toilet and garbage cans etc…two of the most cleanest and well maintaned, daily clenaed areas and well kept in my home 🙂


  82. dutu

    but still it brings the tamils in srilanka closer to the tamils in tamilnadu.That means away from the sinhalese. If only the rajapakshes had respected the burial sites and memorials in srilanka without desecrating them……..

    I wonder what you would have done 2300 years ago.Knowing you, i bet you would have said nobody is to disturb the dead.That is because you were a true warrior. Now you see there is a new system called democracy which throws out some unusual ‘kings’without royal blood in them,the present ‘king’ using your name liberally. You find lot a of ‘kings’ whose ancestors would have most probably been labourers and even play out donations for natural disasters like tsnuami.They do not lead from the front like you in battle.The demela ‘king’ a common thug lived in a bunker 24/7 throughout the war. The sinhlala ‘king’ who says he is your reincarnation never used a weapon,never went to the battlefield and protected himself 24/7, and imprisoned his commander after the war.

  83. You must be tired defending your RSST (Rutheless Sinhala State Terrorist)and propagand attack on “TTD”.
    Have a glass of water – Piece of advice to you “IF CAT CLOSE THE EYE , WORLD WON’T TO BE DARK AS YOU THINK”

  84. me too!!! I can just imagine the collection till overflowing with coins…!!!
    I can hardly contain myself !!!

  85. Hey chump, if your wonderful LTTE did not lead you to the edge of the cliff and finally tip you over, the Tamils of Sri Lanka would not have fallen..

    As it is, goats like you allowed Prabhakaran to do exactly that and now you are blaming someone else for it as usual…

  86. Yup, dont send money to Tamils in Sri Lanka – instead, give it to the LTTE water boys in the West – they still need it to buy their new cars and finance their lifestyles..

    Please don’t stop your contributions !!!

  87. Doctor Kathir, says,”I was in Jaffna when it was captured by the Sri Lankan forces from the Tamil militants. The Sri Lankan forces were led by some Tamil young men (I presume that they are from the group of EPDP!) when the military entered Saint Patrick’s College and Cathedral compound.I faced the brunt of the ferocious war of 47 days. Constant bombing and shellings and systematic destruction of the city of Jaffna”. I presume that they are from LTTE with Col.KiDDU and Srilankan army commander KOththalavalai.
    The word presume reminds me the following famous quoatation:
    Sir Henry Morton Stanley
    Sir Henry Morton Stanley (1841–1904), British explorer, journalist. How I Found Livingstone, ch. 11 (1872).

    Greeting to the missing explorer and missionary, Dr. David Livingstone, at Ujiji, Lake Tanganyika, November 10, 1871. Stanley had been dispatched to find Livingstone by the New York Herald, a task he accomplished after an eight-month voyage. In Sheridan’s play, School for Scandal, act 5, sc. 1, one character (Sir Oliver Surface) meets up with another with the line, “Mr. Stanley, I presume?”

    EPDP stories are too old now. There are many new groups with army, such as KP,a part of EROS, Paappa groups and ex-Maththiah groups. “Sakkadaththarinta (Douglas) thiruvilavila Sadaiyar(these new groups)vahnnam viduvathu poala”, everythings are happening in Jaffna.
    DR. Karuppusamy


    I am sorry that your few paras are not clear.

    It is true that I presumed that the ‘the leading party’ at the time of the capture of Jaffna consists of Tamil young men. I had the opportunity to talk to them. From the conversation, I had the sufficient reason ‘to presume’ that they belonged to EPDP.

    If you presume that they all belonged to the LTTE, I have no problem with that. This happened in the 1995-1996.

    Before the various splinter groups came into being, they were all LTTE.

    Your clarification will be much appreciated.

    Dr. Kathir

  88. The real reason no country in the world inclidung your original country not willing to accept you deported thugs like what we accepted you thousands years ago, now
    we regret for gave asylum to you.

  89. These are the rights.

    A)There are no 40000 Tamil speaking troops in Kandy but there are 40000 sinhala troops in jaffna??what for???

    B)Tamils from UK or another country need a pass to visit their places of born,but thats not the case for sinhalese..

    C)No sinhala areas in south is taken in the name of HSZ,but half of tamil houses and lands are taken in th name of HSZ..And these people are refugees in their place of birth..

    D)Sinhalese in Colombo or any part of south can have protests against Govt and Army..If Tamils in North or East do,white van awaits them..

    SO are you BLINDED to these events or just ignorant???

  90. I repeat what I said. No point in wasting money on things like this. Far better to spend the money on rehabilitating war affected families in the Vanni.Look after the living people before memorialising dead people

  91. .
    Now I see why Sinhalese are so mad… because they have no place other than this tiny island to even have a toilet!


  92. Manju,

    You need to correct your statement. We had this argument before but as the others say you are misleading. I did get you all stats on UNi admissions. So please correct your statement
    tks Dilshan

  93. India’s poor has increased from 350 Million in 2005 to 400 Million this year.

    These people have to survive on less than 80 pence ( LKR 120.00) a day.

    India’s super rich in the mean time powering ahead from 62.000 to 255,000 in 2015.

    They live on the income of 3 Million Sterling Pounds each asset base.

    Dowries are helicopters and Massaratis.

    I wonder how many of these two categories are in Tamil Nadu where this gigantic monument is coming up.?

    No harm in paying respect to the dead ,

    Isn’t the well being of the living are more important, especially when the dead do not even belong to Tamil Nadu?

    India,s suoer r

  94. shankar, do you really believe that if the LTTE “memorials” had been left alone, Nedumaran wouldn’t have built this one?

  95. “..Mullivaaikkaal Martyrs Memorial… It will be a monument dedicated to the memory of all Tamils -both civilian &militant-killed in Mullivaaikkal area of the final phase of war…”

    It is sad, it is not in Mullivaaikkall rather in TN. But what to do, GOSL is famous for destroying any Tamil identity in the Island, whether it is Maverrar Thuyilum illam or Pandaravaniyan Kalvedu or Sankiliayan residues in Nallur… not even going to Jaffna Library…

    Even if it is beyond the centuries, the Tamil identities would be wrongfully claimed as belongs to Sinhalese, wheather it is Nainathevu/Nagathevu (Famous from Tamil Buddhist poet Seethalai Saathanar’s Manimekalai) or Kantarodai akalvukal… not even going to Kathirkamam Kanthan (Tamil God) Kovil…

    What is wrong in constructing the monument in the Thanjaavoor? due to the magnitude of the Mullivaaikkaal … Rather it should be build around the world, where ever possible including Mullivaaikkaal …

    “…The magnitude of the Holocaust, planned and carried out by the Nazis, must be forever seared in our collective memory (…).

    The depths of that horror, and the heights of their heroism, can be touchstones in our understanding of the human capacity for evil and for good …”
    (from Stockholm Declaration signed in January 2000 by representatives of 45 states)

    Holocaust Memorial is a memorial in Berlin to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. The cost of construction was approximately €25 million.

    Few of the thousands Holocaust memorials and or monuments around the world

    The New England Holocaust Memorial is a memorial in Boston, Massachusetts. It is dedicated to the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust during World War II.

    The Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach is a Holocaust memorial at 1933-1945 Meridian Avenue, in Miami Beach, Florida.

    Washington DC United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    St. Petersburg, FL Florida Holocaust Museum
    South Africa Cape Town Cape Town Holocaust Centre
    Russia Moscow Russian Holocaust Foundation
    Japan Fukuyama-City Holocaust Education Center
    Israel Kibbutz Tel-Yitzhak Massuah Institute for the Study of the Holocaust
    France Paris Memorial de la Shoah
    Canada Montreal Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre
    Czech Rep. Terezin Holocaust Memorials in the Czech Republic
    Argentina Buenos Aires Museo del Holocausto de Buenos Aires
    Australia Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Center
    Australia Sydney Sydney Jewish Museum – History of the Holocaust section

  96. While I am no fan of desecrating the graves of anybody, I am fully with the government in the total destruction of any remnants of the LTTE including their cemeteries. The last thing we need is a homing beacon for eelamists to flock to as a shrine for Prabhakaran and his band of villains. Do we hate the LTTE – yes we do, Do we hate tamil – absolutely not. The reality is that Sinhalese are a mix of tamils, north Indians and veddah tribes (as are Muslims). We do however hate the disruption of our lives and the destruction of our resources. When we killed thousands of Sinhalese JVP vermin (twice), it was not racism that drove us to it but self-preservation. When the threat comes from tamils, the situation to us is no different. Thousands of youth (some JVP many not) were bound and unceremoniously torched at the nearest intersection, they too didn’t have graves, the militant JVP (as with the LTTE) was wiped out from the face of the earth. While a viable political solution must be offered to the minorities, The North MUST remain militarized for the next two decades in order to make sure the threat of Eelam is forever dead and buried in Sri Lanka.

  97. You must be joking. Jaffna University is 100% Tamil, students and staff and fully funded by the Government of Sri Lanka. Not even in great Tamil Nadu that you would get a fully government funded University for Tamils. So that is the discrimination that you are complaining about?

  98. One wonders how the Jawns of the great Indian Army, specially the brave Sikhs stationed in TAMIL NADU feel about this monument to the LTTE ,under the guise of Tamils killed.?

    On top of Rajiv Gandhi, 2000 odd Jawans were killed by Prabakaran and his cadres.

    29 Sikhs with their commader , a noble Sihk by the name of Birendra Sing were killed in one night at the Jaffna university.

    Mrs Sonia Gandhi will have a few questions for her ally, the beautiful MS Jayalitha, when they meet next for a cuppa.

  99. Swami Vivekananda also would say ‘face the brute’, which the Tamil diaspora are doing now. Also after his successful return to India he was accorded a grand, gala reception from colombo to almora. when one of his disciple asked him why the money that is spent on his reception be not used to the feeding the people or be useful in some other way to the public.

    For this he replied that while feeding the people and uplifting them are good, the people have to stirred up from their slumber and be reminded of their glorious past. These receptions mean nothing to him. But he wants these events to arouse the feeling of the people who are ever sunk in gloom.

    Again no Nation or the ethnic group which forgets its past or hates itself can ever go forward. Also one must not be cowed down by the aggressors. One should stand up to them and that is Dharma.

    For a detailed description the the concept Dharma please read the Karma yoga lectures of the Swami Vivekananda.

  100. M.Sivanathan

    Have great news for you. . Perks and privileges offered are well above industry standards. Overtime option available. Performance based bonus. Comes with a generous vacation package. Use the opportunity while it lasts.

    Welcome and wishing you all the best in your new occupation.

  101. Bhumi
    Tamils in the north and east cannot run their own affairs.For every little decision they need to get permission from some bureacrat in colombo who will sleep on the file. Once when i visited srilanka i had to deal with a matter in a government dept in colombo and i never got a runaround like that in my life. After visiting everyday because i am a persistent type i finally traced my matter to the officer concerned who was on leave for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks he came for 2 days and went back on leave and i missed him.In the west you have to visit a govt dept only once and you are done.

  102. gunda

    what you sem too be saying is that seemans erection will do a better job than this proposed monument erection

  103. Mahesh,

    I agree. Please rouse them. Please remind them of their proud heritage as a practical, pragmatic, hard working and cultured people. Remind them of their contributions to Tamil, Saivaism , arid zone agriculture, other sciences and Sri Lanka. Please also help them become a proud people again. Please help disabuse them of the notion that life in the west is easy in every way. Please also tell them that they will mostly be nobodies in the west and continue the find their identity only among fellow Tamils. Please also tell them how those who have migrated are slowly but steadily losing even their Tamil identity. Teach them and help them to build a life for themselves where ever they are in Sri Lanka (particularly in the north, east and the hills). If you succeed, they will be the monument that will stand forever, refelcting their past glory and their present success. It will be a monument you have built that will renew itself year after year.

    Karma yoga does not teach us to fight losing battles. This we have done for many years and see where we are now. Goals can be achieved in many ways. Fighting to stay alive as a people is the most important battle we have to fight now. The second battle is to become an educated, cultured and successful people again. The final battle will be to become a people who count and are respected in Sri Lanka. Political influence and power will naturally follow, thereafter. Please do not propose methods that will totally destroy us as a people in Sri Lanka.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  104. Tamil Diaspora is globally spread. But SST (Srilankan Sinhalese Terrorist) is confined to a tiny droplet like is(land).

  105. You are the first one who uses caste names to divide the tamil society in this blog. You are very sincere to your sinhalese masters of SST. World tamil race does not bother about the castes. In cities and in the global arena caste is loosing its strength.

    You use the term PARAWA. They are not parawas. They are parathavars (people of neithal (sea and associated land as per the Tamil literature). Karayars and karavas (sinhalese)are the people of neithal land. No body is inferior. Any way just I want to remind you that fishing communities of sinhalese and malayalam origin attack tamils on the instigation of sinhalese govigamas (who are on top in the caste hierarchy). Caste order should be broken in any community.

  106. Jaffna LTTE smugglers and criminals get staues in India which was always treated as their enemy by LTTE. Poor Raja Raja Chola!

  107. That would be very easy..MS JAYALITHA would remind Sonia that Indira Gandhi was killed by a Sikh,but we have a Sikh as a prime minister..

    So why not the tamils have a monument at least..After all Rajiv Gandhi was responsible for the death of 12000 tamils by IPFK.!!

  108. How can you eradicate the need for EELAM when the very reason for its need is present in Jaffna and East..!!

    You say you love Tamils,you even go a step further emphasising that Sinhalese are half Tamils,but I am surprised to find that you know nothing of what SL Army does to this tamils..You even demand them to stay for 20 years.!!

    So another wolf crying about sheep getting wet in the rain..

  109. Also one must not be cowed down by the aggressors. One should stand up to them and that is Dharma.

    Phew! This must be Dhamma preached by Swami Vivekananda for we were not taught this kind of Dhamma by original sinner violent homosexual rabidly racists Sinhalese Buddhist monkey monks.

    Your foolishness and lack of self introspection is astounding.

  110. Karma yoga does not teach us to fight losing battles. This we have done for many years and see where we are now. Goals can be achieved in many ways. Fighting to stay alive as a people is the most important battle we have to fight now. The second battle is to become an educated, cultured and successful people again. The final battle will be to become a people who count and are respected in Sri Lanka. Political influence and power will naturally follow, thereafter. Please do not propose methods that will totally destroy us as a people in Sri Lanka.


    While what you are saying is right and pragmatic for the now, it is not the way for success here and salvation later.

    Yes when the going become tough you have to bend down to the passing tide and also have the resolve in your heart to give a deadly blow to the opponents at an opportune time. By bending now you are saving one self and by giving a deadly blow you are are ensuring your salvation in the life after.

    The diaspora is now doing the second one. Let them do that, while you people bend before the mighty.

    Again I don’t see any point of convergence between the interests of the Sinhalese and the TAmils. They stubbornly deny equal rights and deny the land and police powers, which was the reason for this struggle.

    They have thrown to dustbin every accord entered into.

    I don’t think they are trustworthy. There cannot be lasting peace between these two people unless you shed your identity as a Tamil. If I am wrong please do correct me.

    You were addressing a lot of advices or do’s to the diaspora in your post.

    Why not advice the Sinhalese to honor their agreements. Do you feel that the Sinhalese are like that only and we have to resign to our fate and live meekly before them.

  111. Your foolishness and lack of self introspection is astounding.


    I thank you for insulting me. Please go on insulting me. It doesn’t matter.

    May be your original sinners, violent homosexual, rabidly racist Sinhalese monkey monks taught you to throw the accords to dust bin, to kill the Tamils and loot their property, deny them their history in the island.

  112. I thank you for insulting me.

    For a man who generously levels much more colorful insults and wild accusations at others its outrageously funny when you get all touchy when someone calls you a moron — didn’t I just say you lack self introspection!


    throw the accords to dust bin…

    There is a difference between an accord that addresses Tamil grievances/aspirations and an accord that is fair to both parties to the accord. Its too much for your to understand, so don’t worry.

  113. Dr Kathir,

    I agree with you all the way.
    There has to be a ‘flame of reconciliation’ perhaps twin. one in the north and one in the south. I remember a story read on readers Digest as a child. a missionary was trying to educate a tribe on christianity and the sacrifice of jesus. He found out that the tribes practise what was called a peace child. two tribes used to exchange children to be kept and nurtured by the other tribe as a peace offering.

    Ye a double monument to ‘All killed’ should be done in the north and south.

  114. Sivananthan,
    All the money has to go through MR and GOATA and their cut is 99%. Tamils virtually get nothing.

  115. Whether the 13th amendment addresses the grievances or the aspirations. Whether the BC and DC pact address the grievances or the aspirations?

    I beg I do not understand. Please enlighten me.

  116. Wije

    Even if he did it would have lossed its value. Like having the mona lisa in srilanka and havinga fake in tamilnadu. Now the real mona lisa is being transferred to the place that matters where the tamils in tamilnadu can continue the struggle and this will become a rallying point for them.

  117. I didn’t become touchy for your sayings about me. I am and I will continue to focus only on the issues even if you or anybody else insult me.

    Budha was slandered by some one. He asked the person ‘suppose you give something to some body and that somebody didn’t accept what you give, to whom does it belong to?

    To that the other person replied ‘It belongs to me then’.

    ‘So I also do not take what you said’.

    It doesn’t matter my dear Navin. You go on focusing on insulting me but I will only focus only on the subject.

  118. Mahesh,

    Thanks for the civilized engagement. Both the Sinhalese and Tamils have erred in the past. When I say the Sinhalese and Tamils, I am referring to the type of leadership that existed at particular times in our history. Actions and reactions have been short sighted and stupid from both sides. Ragarding pacts and agreements, may I ask why the LTTE failed to use the opportunity that arose from the INDO-LANKA agreement and the subsequent internationally supervised ceasefire agreement wisely? Why did the LTTE end up fighting the IPKF and why did it breach the ceaefire agreement many more times than the GOSL? Why did the LTTE set up structures of an independent state during the ceasefire agreement and arouse suspicions in the Sinhala polity as to its true intentions? Why did the LTTE start training the ‘Makkal Padai’ and widely publicize photographs of school children and old men and women in training? Why did the LTTE hold ‘Pongu Tamil’events with their patently obvious agenda, throughout the ceasefire agreement? There are many such questions we have to face up to and answer from the Tamil side.

    I do not think that we have to shed our identity as Tamils or Hindus to love in Sri Lanka. Please come and witness what is happening in Colombo and other areas in the south. Hindu festivals are celebrated with great fervour and much pageantry. Temple chariots are drawn along the main streets and ‘Paal Kavadi’s’ are conducted regularly. The sinhalese visit Hindu temples in large numbers and participate in these festivals. It is the tamils who are taking to north Indian and western attire. I see more Sinhalese dressed in saree than Tamils. It is the Tamils who do not have good teachers to teach Tamil and Hinduism. It is the Tamils who are not concious of the need to teach their children Tamil and Tamil literature. It is the Tamils who are being drowned in the flood of cheap, low class and culturally degrading Tamil cinema from Tamil Nadu.

    Jesus Christ’s admontion for those who have not sinned to throw the first stone, applies to all of us in Sri Lanka. It is time we open a new chapter in our history.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  119. It would be monumental if the average Sinhalese across the length and breadth of this country would acknowledge that the Tamils in Sri Lanka have faced genuine grievances and the only way forward is to redress these inequalities and differences.Regrettably even on this blog the prevailing notion is there is none and that Tamils have always enjoyed equal rights. Essentially the Sinhalese mass should mandate the government to appease the Tamils.Until urgent measures are taken in this regard one could anticipate big brother India dictating terms to you and at your door step.

  120. Now former LTTE cadres kill themslves because no aid is available for them from anywhere. Even the LTTE was eating the food government supplied!

    The Tamils who ran away from Sri Lanka are still WELFARE recipients in many countries.

  121. Are you joking? In Chennai an engineer was killed by the parents of him because he married a girl of his choice. Check their caste you fool!

    Who are the Indian Tamils crying so much for the LTTE terrorists? Only those who benefitted from LTTE through smuggling and other activities.

    In this case the fishing caste or Karayans are the losers and crying in India for LTTE and not for the Tamils of Sri lanka!

    You are an idiot. Rajapaksha family too belong to Karawas! But they encourage fishing and not smuggling!

  122. hahaha
    Tamil Diaspora has no history of sending a single dollar to the Tamils in Sri lanka!

  123. You better check SHAADI.COM the marriage web run by Indians and always mentions caste.

    But smugglers and criminals dont have caste.

  124. Did you allow the Budhariktha to oppose the BC pact. Did you allow JRJ to burn the Jaffna library. Did you allow the Sinhalese to indulge in various pograms since independence. Did you allow the Sinhala only pact.

    Did you allow the Sinhalese govt to brutally put down the Sathyagraha.

  125. My dear David,see Tamils have a culture of erecting memorials for martyrs who fought for their freedom..Unlike us we send them to jail..See sinhalese have send me to jail..I can feel your jealousy over tamils dear..

  126. “Thanks for the civilized engagement”

    “It is the Tamils who are being drowned in the flood of cheap, low class and culturally degrading Tamil cinema from Tamil Nadu.”

    I don’t see any logic between the two statements, I know Mahesh is decent man it is pure bullying and intimidation unleashed on his genuine arguments, it is all the hallmarks of the king Rajabaksa’s boot licker.

    Please come up with some good suggestions and arguments, which will resolve the long lasting grieves of Tamil people and heal the trauma suffered on the hand of successive sinhala regimes.

    I understand Tamil people need help to rebuild, but what is the connection between building a memorial in Tanjaavoor and their existence in Srilanks, is it srilankan government not capable of look after them? or are you threatening that it will agitate your masters?

    Anyway LTTE is gone, no point comparing LTTE and your Rajabaksa’s government for the current plights of the Tamil peoples suffering. We are in a historic juncture to find a long lasting solution for the Tamil people, so please don’t be a short sited opportunist, who is trying to make a living of the dead and the suffering.

    We Tamils don’t want to live for living shake, we want live with pride and dignity.

    Your army committed the worst horrific crime against humanity extra judicial killings, 65 times repeatedly bombarded hospitals, sexually assaulting female and male combatants, misusing the dead corpses and ect, this is not war crime it is government sponsored genocide, it is still going with depriving right of the Tamil, land grabbing, renaming villages, extra judicial killings, military administration, fear of life and ect..

    Think before judging on other people and their culture. Thank you very much

  127. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    “It is the Tamils who are being drowned in the flood of cheap, low class and culturally degrading Tamil cinema from Tamil Nadu.”

    Looking for civilized, high class and culturally uplifting cinema ! Director Callum Macrae has answered your call from English Nadu with Sri Lanka’s Killing fields.

    Please wait untill Tuesday the 14th.

  128. Tamilan, do you think Indian govt would allow a monument for all the Sikhs killed in the 1980s to be built on Indian soil?

  129. DBSJ

    What Tamils need more is the likes of Dr.Rajasingham Narendran who can sensibly guide them rather than the the likes of Seeman , Nedumaran , Vaiko who inspite of their good intentions to help Tamils are taking the Tamils on the wrong path .
    People like Dr.Rajasingham Narendran are no arm chair intellectuals .They have faced the brutality of the Sinhalese , IPKF ,LTTE and hence are better equipped to view the situation in a holistic way and give a pragmatic solution to the problem at hand .

  130. DBSJ

    What happened to all the LTTE Archives and Records ? LTTE would have maintained detail records of all their operations , about their cadres , their finances , arms stock etc etc . Have they destroyed it or is it in the posession of the SL Army or do some overseas LTTE operatives have those records ,archives?

  131. Today the Sunday newspapers report of the 1990 massacre of 600 policemen in the East. I wonder if someone could shed some light on this. perhaps a report by DBSJ – Sorry if I have missed any of the pass articles on this matter. For those who want to think that I am bringing up a subject to dilute the current claim of war crimes its not, but circumstances leading to and method would be interesting. There MUST be eye wirness to this murder.

  132. 3D,

    The Tamils in the Vanni and those connected with them in Jaffna have experienced it first hand. They do not need cinema to show them anything. I have also seen the injured, maimed, starving, widowed and orpaned who streamed out of the Vanni. I have heard directly the details of the tragedy that unfolded in the Vanni. I also do not need a film to show me anything.

    Sarcasm will not solve our problems.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendram

  133. The action against the Sikhs was taken involving the Sikh officers and men. Tell how many Tamil Officers and men participated in your war in Mullivaikal.

  134. Victim,

    It is my people, my country and my culture I am writing about. What is the logic you are trying to find between to unconnected sentences? Coonection between the monument in Tanjavoor and the needs of the war-affected, if you do not know is a question of priorities. King Rajapakse’s boot licker, my Rajapakse government and my army!! Comments that expose you for what you are.

    I was not insulting Mahesh and I am sure he did not take what I have said as an insult. All what I was doing was highlighting the problems confronting the Tamils in Sri Lanka NOW.

    Yes, I too want the Tamils to live with pride and dignity. For this they need as a first step food, shelter, livelihood, social norms and social restraints.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  135. TRN
    I agree with you.Finally when i got him at last he was a good bloke and attended to my matter right away and signed the documents,when i said i have to fly off in 2 days.He had a right to say that he has to check things further,but he did not.There was nothing communal in the whole matter.Sinhalese ,muslims all were cursing in that place,but at least you know that the officers do have a heart,it is the system that requires a overhaul.

    However i was wondering at the plight of a person coming from jaffna or batticaloa to colombo to attend to the same matter. Fortunately i had an abode in colombo.

    That is why we have to devolve power to the periphery as much as possible.Even our ancient kings had that system where village headmans and chiefs made all the decisions for the locals,with the kings having their time freed for other matters such as alliances with other kings etc which was so useful for the sinhalese on many occasions.Here even for a small matter you have to go to high ups.I remember my old granny going to meet premedasa at 5 oclock in the morning. She was scolding him to us, telling he should meet the public at the working hours.It is not easy to get politicians to devolve power.It is like trying to take a bone from a dog.

  136. Sivananthan

    rajapakshes claim to be govigama. Only govigama can rule country.Premedasa was an aberration.

  137. Yep,

    We know very well what action you the Hindus took, chasing innocent Sihk,women children and old men on the streets in Bombay, Calcuttaa Delhi and else where you could find any.and hacking them to death with swords and machetes. i

  138. dilshan
    There MUST be eye wirness to this murder
    vice president of the SLFP and honourable minister in the government karuna.

  139. Sir, you were talking about the many missed opportunities by the LTTE. Now the LTTE is gone for more than two years. What has been the steps taken for the reconciliation.

    I am willing to accept past as past and today is a new day. Let us make a new beginning. But what beginning has been made so far.

    In the hind sight I feel that the VP was right in rejecting the agreements entered into with the indian govt and also when he made those statements during the CFA period that he wanted the right to secede from the Island nation. At that time I felt what a demand it was and was laughing at it. No sovereign nation can allow that to happen

    But now knowing the way the Sinhala govt is behaving and many Sinhalese posting here and also knowing how vehemently they are opposing the land and the police powers I do feel he may have been right in the hind sight.

    Sinhalese going to the Hindu festivals etc is okay but why they are not solving the problem of the Tamils within the United Sri Lanka. What prevents them.

    Even if the LTTE had accepted to the Indo Lanka accord do you think the Sinhalese would have honored it considering the fact that a naval rating had tried to kill Rajiv Gandhi at that time.

    I do believe that the words written or spoken by the sinhalese govts be they any govt cannot be trusted. They make the words to be broken only.

    I once met a Tamil Muslim in Chennai and he was telling how they would see only the Tamil cinemas there even forgoing the sinhala ones.

    His wife was a Sinhala.

    You referred to Jesus Christ. He also said that if you are standing in the altar and then you remember that you have erred/sinned against your friend, leave the sacrifices that you brought to the Lord God and go to that friend and reconcile with him and then come back.

    I believe these words are from the Sermon on the Mount, which is one of the greatest human/God created work/words.

    Whoever wrote those words these words have come from God through that person.

    Why don’t you people do that. At this point of time it is imperative that the Sinhalese do this more to the Tamils and show their humanism.

    Please Sir, please don’t try to put all the blame on to the tamils now. They are defeated and they are subjected to all sorts of abuse and the last thing that they want is this admonishment from their own tribe.

    Swami Vivekananda would say that he would admonish the English/Europeans/Americans in their land and never would let down his own people/Indians/Hindus before them.

    He would admonish the Indians/Hindus in India only and praise the Europeans in India and would ask the Indians to sit at their feet and learn a few things from them.

    Even though he knew that there are a lot of things bad in his own people he would not pull them down in front of the eyes of the westerners and instead talk about his peoples virtue in glowing terms.

    Before his going to the Europe all the Indians who went there would only say that the Indians are bad and the Europeans had come to their land as saviours.

    Please don’t pull down the Tamils who are beaten blue and black in this war. If possible please comfort them and this admonishing or finding fault may come later.

  140. u know why this is slow, to devolve to regions. They need to pay more salaries to increased public servants in each region.

    Even in the education & health sector human resource is lacking due to 2 reasons
    1. GoSL not increasing the carder due to costs.
    2. Public servants unwillingness to leave comfortable regions & serve in remote areas.

    Those days there was a valid reason the ‘war’…. but now??

  141. it is in the possession of the SL army as DBSJ once quoted in his articles. I think in the KP series.

  142. My dearest TRN, if you find my postings useless please don’t waste your time reading them. Time is precious.

  143. TRN

    If you increase the cadre in the regions you have to reduce them at the centre.For example you don’t need so many ministers at the centre if you have provincial ministers.The provincial officials are from the region so you don’t need to tranfer people. Only problem is the central government will lose jobs while the provincial governments gain jobs. In my opinion that is better because we are bringing the officials closer to the people.This is exactly how our kings ran the country. We never had a civilwar between tamils and sinhalese,only invasions and civil wars between dynasties. The people coundn’t care whether tamil king or sinhala king ruled them,because they had nothing to do with the king where their problems were concerned. They dealt with the local chiefs and village headman who don’t change just because a king changes.

  144. “The WTF has set up a Trust to oversee the memorial project & requested donations from Tamils worldwide to finance the project.”

    Oh… Donations…!!! Jayalalitha try to make more money from this statue.

    Anyway this “mooda” tamil people will donate anything if anybody says its for LTTE. Still they dont ask what we done from those donations…!!

    Ha.. Ha.. Praba also full enjoy his life from this donations. Poor tamil ppl still in same position.

    Tamil diaspora agents need money to live luxurious life. So poor tamil ppl funding them for “EELAM” .

    Huh… Where is EELAM??? Where is our money??? Nobody ask this question.

    Poor tamils … EELAM is a dream which Praba made in your mind to collect money.

    i know you never agree.. reason you are now in deep dark well & can not see or think.

  145. Change is something that is accepted slowly and with resistance in SL.
    As the bureaucrats who are having privileges & benefits from the present system, will allow a change to take place, even though it will help the regional development & the common man.

    Also having local government & provincial govt both is a waste of state resources.

  146. Sinhalese didn’t fight the govt to carve out a seperate Sinhala state killing innocent tamils, muslims or sinhalese. Sinhala dominated arms struggles (or so-called struggles) in 1971 and 1989 didn’t kill tamil civilians. They didn’t ask for sinhalese only rights.. but they fought the govt due to the injustices between rich and poor classes irrespective of race, cast or religion.

    Kandy was not the place where a seperatist terrorist outfit waged a full scale war against govt and civilians for 30 yrs.

    South was not where seeds of seperatist, racist, murderuos ideas were often saw and brainwashed.

    That is WHY the different circumstances still exist. Is it that hard to understand..??

  147. Did you forget that during 30 yrs war VP killed more tamils than the govt forces it self, so that made moderate tamils feared for life.

    Also, you cannot underestimate the SL militory intelligence which had so many tamils and Karuna fraction cadres’ intelligence support to armed forces.

    Aren’t Douglas and EPDP tamils..?? Aren’t Mahaththaya fraction of LTTE tamils..??

    I never think siekh terrorists ever terrorised the civilians to flee their positions in the way and scale LTTE did to moderate tamils..??

  148. A memorial to the tens of thousands of tamil civilins who were killed by the sri lanka army is essential – the sri lanka government will not allow one on its soil,hence one must be built in Tamil Nadu which is the spiritual and cultural home of tamils.
    Tamils will remember their heritage throughout the past many centuries – like many others – and,this will add to their history.


    It is their birthright to build monuments to those who died due to tyranny.
    It is also their birthright to accept help from their forbears in tamilnadu.
    The future of lankan tamils depends on whether the Rule of Law, Human Rights , Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Livelihoods without interfearance by the tyrranical regime, will be allowed.
    Even sinhala intellectuals are sceptical whether this will happen in the foreseeable future.

  149. Can you tell me why is that a person directly connected to Sikh murders is now a Federal Minister? Can you tell me why the Indian army is killing unarmed protesters in Kashmir? Any monuments to them in Tamil Nadu? Can you also tell me why Indian government is systematically ethnic cleansing the Tribal people from NE Tribal lands so that Indian companies can get at the natural resources? How about a monument or two for those who are being systematically deprived of their homelands?

  150. So it was all Sikhs who killed and burned Sikh women and children in New Delhi after the murder of Indira Gandhi? That is interesting. May be that is why, even after 25 years no one has been held accountable and no compensation has been paid to the victims? I guess you can not upset the Sikhs who supported the Indian Hindus by killing their own – correct?

  151. Those in Tamil Nadu who are screeching about genocide in Sri Lanka and talk about sanctions, read what the rest of India feels about Sri Lanka:
    (IANS) Figures released by Sri Lanka’s Tourism Authority showed that 68,830 Indians visited Sri Lanka between January and May this year, up 54.5 percent over the same period last year, Xinhua reports. British tourists came second with their number growing 7.1 percent to 41,474 in the first five months of this year. The number of Pakistani tourists jumped an astounding 98.1 percent to 6,027. It has been attributed mostly to Pakistani nationals visiting to watch cricket matches in the island nation. Sri Lanka has seen an upsurge in tourist arrivals since the end to the armed conflict with the Tamil Tiger rebels.

    Around 650,000 tourists arrived in the island country last year, and the figure is expected to increase by 100,000 this year. (IANS)

  152. President Premadasa gave orders to the police in Batti and Ampari districts to surrender to the LTTE at the time when LTTE was fighting the Indians. He did it so under the impression that LTTE keeps promises and that the surrendered officers will not be harmed. LTTE took them, and simply shot them all – all 600 of them. It is said that Karuna – who by the way is now a trusted government minister is the one that gave the orders. He has denied it of course, saying that he was in India at that time. The fact is the these people who surrendered, not even in a battle, were murdered.

    If people are demanding justice before reconciliation, all this needs to be investigated, including the actions of the Indian army in Jaffna, people who made financial contributions to the LTTE from the diaspora, all all the people, not just Rajapakshas, need to be asked to account for themselves.

  153. Mahesh,

    I think you have misundertood my intent, which is to point out the flip side of the coin. We have to see the Sinhala side of the equation and understand it, if we are to engage with them in a positive manner. We cannot harangue them constantly about how badly we have been dealt with. We have also been wrong and have to concede that openly. We have to also accept that Sri Lanka has changed and is in the process of changing further. The Sinhalese understand how much we have suffered and are willing to make amends short of any solution that would lead to the island being splintered. They have reasons for their fears, as much as we have ours. The Sinhalese responded magnificiently towards the affected Tamils affected by the Tsunami and the war. Their response was very human and rose above all the divisions we gloat on. Every Sinhala home, village and town set about collecting materials for the IDPs. The Buddhist monks in many instances led this effort. Let us build on this base.

    The government has done its best with its limited resources to look after and rehabiltate the IDPs and war affected. It is also good to remember that external pressures forced the government to let many IDPs leave the camps, before the conditions were right. They are building roads, brideges, schools and hospitals in the war affected areas. They are working to provide electricty to even the remote corners of the north and east. Accordinng to a report I read today, only 30+ % of homes in the Uva have electricity, whereas 40 + % homes in the north have electricity. These efforts are having a positive impact on reconciliation.

    What I have been emphasizing is that we Tamils have to take an entirely new approach to solving our present problems. We have to draw a clear line between the solutions we needed in the past and the solutions we need now and the future. We have to befriend the Sinhalese and win them over to our cause. Without their being on our side, we cannot overcome the odds stacked against us. Being sensible is not cowardice. To accept realities that contradict our preferences require wisdom and bravery. We have to swallow the bitter bill if it is good for us. I hope we can focus on the future and take a new path.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  154. Also the trade balance is 10 to 1 in favor of India.

    Perhaps Nadu Leaders have no clue about basis Economics! or the Naduans themselves are not keen on Trade, GDP, Economic Growth,Standard of Living and Per capita Income.

    All they want is to see the beautiful ex Actor Idol imposing sanctions on neighbours and building monuments to go along with the sanctions.

  155. Time is ticking for Mahinda, the so called war hero. Should he implement the 13th amendment or be hauled before a court for war crimes.?Personally I feel that his senses would prevail and he would disregard the Sinhalese clamor for status quo. He is reaching out to Ranil so that he could insinuate Ranil and play the blame game. In retrospect if something similar to 13th amendment was implemented in 1956, all this carnage could have been abated.Better late than never!

  156. Why is Mahinda building memorial for war criminals, rapists, abductors, robbers instead of spending on the victims of war by his own actions. Building budhist statues and temples in every corner where there are no Budhists. Instead he can spend the money on the poor people of Sri Lanka. He can create jobs for them. If he thinks that the diaspora tTamils have to spend for the destruction HE CAUSED, then he should leave it to the Tamils to look after themselves and get out of the Tamils areas with his murderous army. Tamils can look after their affairs better than the Sinhalese Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers!!!!

    This is the message the Tamils have been telling the world for the last 50 years or so!!!

  157. DD, Where will you go for the “parippu” to drop? You guys cannot survive without food coming from India!!

  158. TRN

    Probably the best thing is to scrap the presidents job instead of scrapping the local councils.Malaysia and singapore did fine without the president running the country.

    Local govt i think is important because it is the govt that is closest to the people. Second is the provincial govt. Third only central govt.There should be just a few ministers and bureaucrats in the cetral govt.

    All the 3 elections for the 3 govt bodies must be syncronised at the same time to save costs.

    provinces must be reduced to 5,north,south,east,west and central with 20 percent of the country area wise in each province.

    Preponderance in funds allocation to the provinces should be based on area than population,so that the population will evenly spread out to the length and breadth of srilanka,instead of concentrating in a few cities.

    The swiss model of cantons is the best for this country.Instead of cantons we will call them provinces.

  159. Albert said:Also the trade balance is 10 to 1 in favor of India.

    Be as it may, trade sanctions would hurt Sri Lanka more adversely than India at least in the short term. India could live with trade sanctions and the central government of India would focus more on political consequences than economic.

  160. hahahahaha
    how many fools are in TN like you? Rajapaksha and Fonsekaa are all Sinhala KARAWAS.


    The Rajapaksa family from Girawapattu is Govigama. The Rajapaksas are land owning Govi kula but do not belong to the feudal aristocracy.Apart from Ranasinghe Premadasa ALL the Prime ministers and Presidents of Sri Lanka have been from the Govigama caste.Mrs.Bandaranaike was Kandyan aristocracy known as Radala.Mahendra Percival Rajapaksa is a Sinhala Govigama Buddhist.

    General Sarath Fonsekas father was a Karawe.His mother was a Salagama. But Fonseka is regarded as a Karawe from Ambalangoda

  161. You have started using words like idiot and fool. I think you will use unparliamentary words also in the futute. But I am least bothered. Face an opinion with an alternate opinion not with anger.

    You don’t know either the details of sri lanka or india.

    No karayars in India. Fishermen community in tamilnadu are known as mukkuvar, sembadavar, and parathavar. No body uses the word karayar. (Learn to address communities and others with respect). Rajapakse is a govigama. I think you are also a sinhalese govigama (hiding in a tamil name) or a person who has subdued to the sinhala buddhist govigama’s supremacy. Sinhala buddhist govigamas form the major section of SST.

    One or two incidents will take place. I know some marriage related murders that have taken place between families of same caste if they had some early enemity. Don’t generalize with one or two incidents.

    Tamilnadu fishermen (both hindu and christian) have been given Most Backward Community (MBC) status and they occupy good position now. Many tamil marine engineers from Tamil nadu belong to this community.

    Cool mokka singalava.

  162. The problem with sivananthan is he thinks he is a walking encyclopedia.How many time DBSJ,myself,yogesh and a host of others have to be correcting him.
    Siva,it is high time you got off that superior minded pedestal of yours and put out comments only after you have made sure that you are correct.Otherwise misinformation can make the internet a big liability instead of the great asset it could be for progress and value addition.

  163. Dr. RN,

    I will not hesitate to do what James T will do, to prostate at your feet & show my gratitude for speaking the truth with wisdom.

  164. shankar says:
    June 12, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    we have run out of space to reply in our long discussion.

    Yes I think it will be good to eliminate the presidential system. this was the promise by 2 presidents before coming to power that is CBK & MR.
    change the existing provinces from 9 to 5 will be difficult. Let them be as they are at present.

  165. Dear Samuel,

    didn’t you have enough patience to wait for 3 decades for LTTE to deliver eelam?

    So please wait with patience for at least 5 years there are changes taking place. first there should be change of heart for any solution to be sustainable in the long run.

  166. all sinhala ,tamil, muslims, malays & burgers all leave please !!

    This island belongs to native veddahs !! Why aren’t they fighting for their rightful place?

  167. Manju…

    Since you sound like an expert on Sri Lanka’s past, present and future,
    can you answer a few easy questions?

    Who is demanding that we give? To whom we should give? Is it to Tamil Terrorist Diaspora or to Sri Lankans?

    If it’s TTD, what have they given us in past 30 years? Who are representing TTD in Sri Lanka?

    And finally, is TTD made of Sri Lankans?

    And ask yourself… AM I WASTING MY TIME?

    Let me assure you, my friend… TTD’s doggy plate will always be empty…

    Never again an inch of LEVERAGE should be given to TTD. They should be continued to be treated for what they are… Plain and simple.

    A bunch of Tamil Terrorists holding FOREIGN CITIZENSHIP, teamed up to sabotage our objective to be a prosperoud nation.

    Bring in your best, anytine. We re ready.

  168. If there is genuine reconciliation and change of heart then it is good. I have always said ‘past is past and today is a new day. Let us have a new beginning’. I am not against it. I do have my doubts about the genuineness of the Sinhalese in this matter. If the past is any indication they are capable of scuttling any accord arrived at. We have to be very careful.

    The Tsunami and other disasters didn’t happen to only Tamils. It happened to the Sinhalese also. They were able to understand the losses. This genocide has happened only to the Tamils and I see the Sinhalese gloating over this.

    The root cause of this war has been the denial of the land and the police powers to the provinces. I don’t believe they will ever part with those powers.

    They have the Mahawamsa mindset which denies the Tamils their share of history in the island.

    Okay forget all that.

    How can you be reconciled when you don’t know whether your Brother, sister, husband, wife, children etc are even alive or not.

    Just think of this fact.

    For those who have lost their loved ones or do not know the fate of their loved ones, is it enough if they are offered food.

    Bible says ‘Man doesn’t live by bread alone’.

    While we want peace. We cannot afford to have peace at any cost.

    Do you think that kind of peace is durable?

    For your information I also was against the LTTE. I thought that the LTTE is the only stumbling block.

    Now I find that the real stumbling block is the attitude of the Sinhalese.

    But I do want peace to be ushered in there.

    This peace should be equitable. It should be based on the brotherly spirit.

    First the civilians who are being in the detention should be accounted for.

    Their families should know at least whether they are alive or not.

    Think of this situation. If the world doesn’t know that they are alive. The prison guards could put them in extreme torture. They may also kill them.

    Now the Indian govt has also more or less said that forget about the 13 th amendment. You do your own solution.

    What solution would come now? Nothing. Whatever the solution that will be the old wine in the new bottle.


    There is a verse in Panchatantra, ‘Caress a rascal as you will; He was and is a rascal still. Its continuation will be ‘can you straighten the tail of a dog?

    These people will never change, change on their own.

    you were telling that the Budhist monks were in the forefront of the collecting the aid material for the Tamils.

    These very same monks were the root cause of most of the troubles of the Tamils. They scuttled the accords. They interpreted Mahavamsa in such a way that the tamils are treated as aliens, there.

    There is a Kural,’pagai natpaam kaalam varin, muga nattu aga natpu oree vidal’.

    When the time comes for the enemy to be your friend, smile at him when he is face to face with you. When he turns his face away from you forget his thoughts entirely from your mind.

    also remember that the hands which worship you may contain some concealed weapon and also the tears in the eyes may also contain some plans to ruin you.


    But still I would want to explore the options for peace.

    Even Cho Ramasamy will say that the LTTE should be dealt with firmly and the Sinhalese should also be forced to come to some sort of understanding with the Tamils. They must be forced to see the reason.


  169. Sir, if you believe in the good nature of the Sinhalese and their intention to settle this issue then it is okay.

    I do not believe in them. They will not do anything like that, unless pressured to do that.

    I wish your judgement is right and my judgement is wrong. Let us wait and see.

    Thanks for your engagement.

  170. Why tamils are not willing to accept the Gospel truths of Dr RN? Does it imply only Sinhalese love truth & wisdom and NO Tamils are willing to support the truths?

    Dr RN viewpoint is pro sinhalese as he criticize Srilankan Tamil community in general for srilanka’s mess.

    However, if his view point could bring communal peace & harmony in srilanka, it is still welcome.

  171. LKSword,

    Suffice to say a barking dog like you never bites! Keep barking but I do not have time to take notice of you any more. Stop wasting your time you dog.

  172. TRN

    Maybe because only 2500 left.Not enough to take on 22 million.That is why when a bhuddhist monk a couple of years ago publicly whipped one of them,they did not fight back.

  173. http://www.sundaytimes.lk/110612/News/nws_07.html

    At the beginning of the last century, about 70 per cent of Sri Lanka’s land area was under natural forest cover. This reduced to 23.88 per cent of the total land area by 1992, and according to Forest Department data for 1999 and 2007 – the closed canopy natural forests had dropped further between these periods from 22.55 per cent to 22.22 per cent

    At least the natives would have preserved the forests & the wild life.

    All the citizens of Sri Lanka should be held accountable for destroying the enviorenment & depriving people of their right for clean water,clean air & natural habitat of fauna & funa.

  174. Hey Manju, the doornob:

    Good to see you turned the way I expected to!

    So sad, buddy… so sad to waste your life like a dorrnob!

  175. You are talking to Sri Lankans. Karayar is a term used in Sri Lanka for fisherman! Who cares about your TN terminologies!

  176. Come on you Sinhalas,

    Ok may be we dont like making memorials for tigers

    But they have the right to remember civilians killed

    Killed by both the tigers, army, by accident or abuse

    But dont be sick to criticize their grief.

    Our fellow had plenty of time to prevent this from happening

    Instead busy with expanding their family power at our expense.

  177. Come on you Sinhalas,

    Ok may be we dont like making memorials for tigers

    But they have the right to remember civilians killed

    Killed by both the tigers, army, by accident or abuse

    But dont be sick to criticize their grief.

    Our fellow had plenty of time to prevent this from happening

    Instead busy with expanding family power at our expense.

  178. Anglos and other Whites changed many castes into superior and obedient to them. First learn what happened during the rule of WHITES!

    Can you find any Royals of the Tamils now if you know more?

  179. Hey Yogesh

    The Sinhalese, Tamils and the Muslims of Sri Lanka have at least that droplet of an island to call HOME. What have the LTTE supporting tamil diaspora (maybe you too)in the Western nations have?
    Let me know.

  180. Shankar, the LTTE were ruthless murderers. Have you seen pics of smashed bodies of little children living in the border villages of Sri Lanka. Yes, the LTTE b–t—ds killed innocent children by smashing their young innocent, very much alive bodies on the ground. The LTTE hung young children from ropes strung down from the rafters of their poor dwellings, killing children in front of their parents and killing parents in front of their children.
    I despise the LTTE for these acts. They were not human beings but manic devils hiding in a human frame. That’s why I will never want any monument in their name, and would love to see their names and memories wiped clean from our living memories.
    I don’t dislike Tamils, but I despise what the LTTE was and what it stood for and all those who supported them.
    Be a true tamil, be a true human being and stop pining over the murderous LTTE.
    They were not the representatives of any human beings, they were agents of satan, bloodthirsty and manic.

  181. I have read about the all articles and believe that there must be referendum involving only Sri Lankan Tamils on weather they want Tamil Eelam or not.Thiruvenkadam Velupillai Prabhakarran attained the martyrdom.

  182. the election won by mahinda rajapaksha is itself a referendum.sri lankans rejected divisions,racial pockets nany7 kind of eela,.sri lanka is a one country.we will fight thousand wars for that.
    Sri Lanka is for sri lankans.no for racism.

  183. sorry for the delay in replying. I have not visited this for some time now.

    Dr. RN is not pro-sinhala /pro-tamils . He is pro-human. People like you see only pro- tamil view points. only a mature person can see beyond the race difference and find solution to this rotting ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. Both sides have done wrong…both sides have to accept the mistakes & correct themselves.

    The TN tamils & pro-LTTE tamil diaspora never want to see reconciliation between the races in Sri Lanka. They want revenge only. Also for the pro LTTE diaspora it is a business too.

  184. Honble.Srilankan President Mahinda Rajabakshe knows who was behind the “VANNI PEOPLE” massacre in Puthumathalan and Vellimulliyavaikal during May 2009!.I appreciate this initiation of “Memorial Monument” in Tamilnadu to remember the “innocent victims”.God bless their souls.

  185. Hi David,

    firstly mind that every human being want to live with some respect …every human want to give respect to the near and dear and their ancestors ..learn that …..

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