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Mahinda woos Jayalalithaa through Milinda Moragoda and Chandrababu Naidu

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Sri Lanka is trying to establish cordial relations with Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa Jayaram through Andhra Pradesh ex-CM Chandrababu Naidu.

Chandrababu Naidu and Milinda Moragoda and ~ pic: VoteforCycle.com & businesstoday.lk

Former cabinet minister & current senior Presidential adviser Milinda Moragoda has been given the task of winning over Jayalaitha by Mahinda.

Moragoda is a personal friend of Chandrababu Naidu the chief of Telugu Desam party in Andhra Pradesh.Naidu is also close to Ms.Jayalalithaa.

Milinda went to Hydrabad last week in a special flight & met Chandrababu personally & requested him to help bring Jayalalithaa&Sri Lanka closer.

According to Colombo sources Naidu had obliged & made arrangements for official interaction between Ms.Jayalalithaa & Moragoda in the future.

Sri Lanka is hopeful of a delegation led by Milinda Moragoda meeting the Tamil Nadu chief minister via the facilitation of Chandrababu Naidu.

Colombo is optimistic that a better&closer relationship with Ms.Jayalalithaa Jayaram could gradually evolve in the future after the meeting.

Colombo opines that it is the Tamil Nadu chief minister who is pressurising India to adopt an unfriendly policy towards Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Ms. Jayalalithaa declared publicly that she would ask the central govt to ensure that the Lankan president is tried for alleged war crimes.

Colombo was also “advised” by New Delhi that a cordial relationship & mutual goodwill must be established with the Tamil Nadu chief minister.

The colombo thinking is that better relations with Ms.Jayalalithaa would blunt the pressures exerted by the pro-tiger elements in Tamil Nadu.

The Rajapaksa regime is hopeful that rapprochement with Jayalalithaa could help influence Indian policy in a favourable way towards SriLanka.

External affairs minister GL Peiris conveyed a congratulatory message to the newly elected Tamil Nadu chief minister when he was in India.

It remains to be seen as to whether the Milinda can capture Jayalalithaa’s heart and mind through the good offices of Chandrababu Naidu.

Movie stars Kamal Hassan, Gowthami along with their children meeting Ms. Jayalalithaa on June 3 with several others from Kollywood

This is a time when hundreds of people are flocking to meet Jayalalithaa & congratulate her. Let’s hope Milinda Moragoda gets his meeting soon.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

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  1. Try Mahinda Try!

    but these gimmicks wont work. Amma will not relent in her goal of hauling you up before the international courts for war crimes.

  2. This is a good move. There is a talk that the medium of Cho Ramasamy also has been sought in this regard. It is also learnt a group of respected academics and Friends of Sri Lanka in Chennai – long time and egular visitors and whose intellectual work has been directed to bring both cities together – have also offered their good offices to President Rajapakse via close friends of his in Colombo. While Moragoda certainly is a better choice than many in the Govt side, he is identified too much as a UNP man and one who does not have popular electoral support. His being identified with a failed Finance Company – that ruined the lives of tens of thoussands of once well-do-do middle class Lankan families – weakens his standing to be a bridge-builder in a country/city (India/Chennai) that claims a vibrant, vocal and transparency-demanding media culture.

    At any rate Colombo is far too embroiled in other urgent matters of survial and JJ is busy making sure the Karunanidhis and Marans will no longer be a threat to her.
    Whoever the emissary is Colombo will have to come out with sufficient concessions on the Lankan Tamil and Fishermen’s issues – both very sensitive to the mercurial
    ex-film star. If the right moves are made she is likely to change her stance on the Rajapakses as she did in wearing “thanga-thodu” this week – which she renounced earlier.


  3. Naidu may get Moragoda an appointment with the Lady. But I doubt very much her turning soft on Mahinda as long as he continues with his anti-Tamil policy

  4. So far Mahinda government has been successful in garnering the support of other autocratic governments by ulterior means.The general philosophy is the end justifies the means by hook or by crook. That has been the perennial strategy of successive Sinhalese governments dealing with Tamils as regards to language usage, land colonization, university admissions and employment. I pray earnestly at least Jayalalithaa does not fall prey to this or be bought out by MR government.

    Bombing hospitals and safe zones with thousands of innocent Tamils came too easy. So did shooting of naked, blindfolded, handcuffed prisoners of war and shooting freedom fighters waving white flags, not to mention sexually abusing dead corpses.What else we the poor Tamils could do to be spared from these wretched, mean cannibals? Is it then okay to shoot a naked, blindfolded and hand bound Mahinda, Fonseka or Gorbaya if they are under our custody? Certainly not.

  5. Jayalalitha wants Rajapaksa to stand trial for war-crimes based on allegations in the UN report. Standing trial does not mean he is guilty, only that an investigation and judicial process would prove whether he is guilty, or not. Rajapaksa knows whether he is guilty or not. If he is not, why should he bother with Naidu or fear anything? Milinda to meet and assuage Jaya is hoping that politics, friendship and niceties trumps truth and justice

  6. One may cheat an individual forever.
    One may cheat a group of people for a longer time.
    But one can’t cheat the global community forever.

    I remember one tamil saying ‘Naaya ethukku adikkanum. Peaya ethukku sumakkanum’. But Mahinda does that.

    We need not to wonder if Mahinda convices Jayalalitha.

    Mahinda, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, Sonia all are ephemeral. But the fact is for ever. Instead of falling at the feet of everybody Mahinda can go for a true re-concilation with fellow country men(tamils)

  7. Unless anything happens in the ground in the manner of power devolution and improvement in treatment of the Tamil minorities no sort of influencing will be any use.

  8. Justice is closing in on the murderous Rajapakse regime. The battle cry should be “Remember the 40,000 Tamils”. I hope Jayalalitha will not betray the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

  9. why sir u r hoping for a meeting between JAYALALITHA & MILINDA . it shows ur soft corner towards to MR govt who did genocide to tamils . is it so ?

    What’s wrong in both meeting?………..DBSJ

  10. yes good step of MR.
    this is politics,step by step easy to win the mind of Jeya.
    good luck.

  11. Milinda Moragoda who spoil the Ranil chance to become president of srilanka by opening up
    Karunas matter in the election properganda that hurt LTTE to boycut the election, now
    in the mission to bring down Mahintha?

    But Tamil Nadu is not srilanka, The voters of Tamil Nadu put down whoever act against Truth and Humanity not like voters of Sinhala majority.Even Jeyalalitha if act against what she said. I don’t think Amma will do this.

  12. “Pro-Ltte elements”???HMMM That means Tamil Nadu people??

    Because Congress who supported Mahinda(both anti-LTTE)had the worst defeat in their entire history in TN!

    I heavily doubt Jeyalalitha will support Mahinda sacrificing here election victories in the future.!!

    Bottom line is more the tamils in Srilanka suffer in the name of HSZ,emergency laws,terrorism acts,photo registration in jaffna and in the hands of 40000 troops in jaffna,more the people in Tamil Nadu will care and show it during elections.

    And why is there a picture of an actor and his family????Totally irrelevant..!!LOL!!!

  13. Congress humiliating defeat was due to their extended support for Srilanka and Mahinda who butchered 180000 tamils!!!

    I doubt Jeyalalitha will make the same mistake, sacrificing here future victories for the sake of Mahinda!

    Bottom line is more the Tamils in Eelam suffer in the name of HSZ,emergency law,terrorism act,photo registration in Jaffna and in the hands of 40000 troops in Jaffna,more it will effect tamils in Tamil Nadu and they will show it during elections.!!

  14. The use of influence to determine the relations between two countries as opposed to implementing actions to faciltate reconciliation and rehabilitation of the Tamil community is yet another ploy of the Rajapakse regime. Such actions devoid of a popular base and fundemental principles is only temporary relief even if it were to succeed. Genuine reconciliation and rehabilitation of the Tamils is what is needed in the long run. Such efforts if they fail will backfire and undermine the credibility of Govt before the Tamil people.

  15. So the government will do anything and everything but not let the Tamils in the Northeast live a decent life.

  16. Earn Sri Lankans’ respect by not getting involved in their internal affairs. After all, they do not make any trouble to you guys. Please… and all the best.



  17. thanks a lot jey for the post.while having a good relationship with srilanka is essential it does not mean that we should have good relationship wtih mahinda rajapakshe.while in the past jayalalitha had a hostile relationship with tigers which is self evident given the fact that jayalalith has never been gungho about tamil eelam unlike her political mentor mgr,i feel that jayalalitha has toned down her hostility towards tamils in srilanka.i hope that this continues and despite the entreaties jayalaitha should hold her ground firmly and help tamils of srilanka in the need of hour.even if she meets the emissary of mahinda she should be very firm on devolution of powers,creation of integrated north east and safety of tamilian fishermen.lets hope that jayalalitha does this in the larger interest of world tamil community.

  18. DBSJ, this is not a question colored with any malice. Is Kamal Hassan, a South Indian Muslim or is Hassan a Tamil name.

    Personally, Kamal Hassan is very likeable actor to me. Recently, I have not seen or heard of me on South Indian movies. Has he retired from acting?



    Hi Max,

    No Kamalahasan by birth is a Brahmin from Paramakkudi in Tamil Nadu. His father Sreenivasan was a lawyer. The sons have names ending in hasan like Saruhassan, Chandrahassan &Kamalahassan.

    Kamalahasan as an actor was generally called Kamal. At some point he began breaking up his name as Kamal Hassan and is known as such

    This has caused him problems. Once when he was trying to fly from Toronto to Los Angeles the officials thought he was a Muslim and there ensued an ugly argument. As a result he was denied entry to the US then

    And no Kamal is still very active in cinema. His last movie “Manmathan Ambu” was screened last december. Currently he is on a film project where his partner will be Sonakshi Sinha daughter of Hindi actor -politico Shatrughan Sinha

  19. Some sort of communication between mahinda and jayalalitha will be useful to both tamils and sinhalese. I believe in communication a lot for problem solving.Even between adversaries there should be communication in order to solve problems.The more we talk the better.Mahinda is making a good move that way,but he has to start ditching his hardline policies otherwise jaya will think no point in talking to him,he is just playing for time and trying to use her for his purposes with india.No point in mahinda being in war mode still after 2 years after the war.If he continues like that he will become a winston churchill.

  20. merely getting to meet Madam Jayalalithaa is not enough. Milinda Moragoda must fall at her feet and shower kisses on her toes. Only then will she show some mercy.Later Mahinda must also put flowers on her feet and worship

    I doubt whether the US educated Moragoda with an american wife will prostrate before Madam

    My services are available to my country. If President allows I will go to Chennai and roll in the dust before her mansion at Poes Garden. I will lie on the ground for madam Jayalalithaa to use me as a footstoll when she gets in and out of her car.I will wear the dust on her sandals on my forehead like holy ash. I will lick the soles of her slippers with my tongue and clean them spick and span

    All these and more I will do so that madam will show mercy on Mahinda and Lanka. I am ready to humble myself for my president and country

  21. Mahinda is hoping that he can buy JJ with same way he bought MK with Money bags.to blunt Tamil Nadu Factor instead 0f givein devolution and reconciling with SL Tamils. What a devious plan but The international communities and UN should not be fooled by this.

  22. MR thinks he can buy the whole worls with the pension fund of Sri Lankans to cover his war crime

  23. I thought Milinda Moragoda was a UNP steward. What is he up to trying to bring JJ and MR together?

  24. “even if she meets the emissary of mahinda she should be very firm on devolution of powers,creation of integrated north east and safety of tamilian fishermen.lets hope that jayalalitha does this in the larger interest of world tamil community”.

    This is in line with the recent stand taken by the Central Govt. too.
    Sure JJ will not go against that policy.
    Also Mahinda will not escape what is awiting him for his sins.

  25. Bottom line in any relationship with TN is the fact that there are no Tamils in Sri Lanka… only Tamil speaking Sri Lankans.

    There is an exclusive Tamil state in existence, which is Tamilnadu, since donkeys’ age. If Tamil speaking Sri Lankans do not like Sri Lanka, (I cannot see any reason for that) but luckily, the door is open for them to depart, preferably today to any country they wish to.

    If everyone understands this cardinal, basic fact, peace and properity will prevail and better for the people concerned.

    Alternatively, if they want to name Tamilnadu as ‘Tamil Elaam’, a referendum can be held by the state to that effect.

    Please don’t bug Sri Lankans.

  26. Interesting post…..there is this not-so-new phenomenon of “circulation of elites”…..where seemingly unconnected members of the elite are actually networked through invisible trans-geographical connecttions….Rajapaksa is connected to Naidu who in turn is connected to several powerful South Indian politicians at the states and in the center like Arcot Veerasamy of the DMK, Venkaiah Naidu of the BJP etc. through the kinship networks of the Kamma caste – one of the best organised and financially powerful social groups in South India….incidentally Vaiko is also a Kamma of Telugu origin who draws a large part of his electoral base from the same caste group (one of the reasons why electorally he has remained a marginal force and perhaps needs to shed tears every now and then for Sri Lankan Tamils to remain relevant in Tamil politics)…..and I would not be surprised if he too is very close to Naidu and other powerful Kammas….

  27. In continuation of my previous post…this phenomenon of interconnection of elites has been faciliated by 1) Congruent financial interests because of global mobility of capital 2) Ability to have trans-geographic networks based on caste or ethnicity or other identity markers because of revolutionary advances in communication technology

  28. It is only a matter of time before which Ms.Jaya Jayaram will distance herself from the pro-eelamis,pro -Ltte elements of Tamil Nadu. Re-alignment with central govt policy on Sri Lanka is inevitable

  29. Manju

    You are forgetting what the LTTE did to surrendered soldiers in the mullaitivu camp and surrendered policeman in batticaloa. So LTTE started the code of conduct where surrendees were concerned and GOSL ended with the same.So let us not only look at the end game but also the start and middle game too. There must have been red hot anger among the soldiers towards the LTTE that even the government can’t control and a takeover by the army wpould have been possible if they had got too strict with it. With regard to what they did to the LTTE i think war crimes charges are unreasonable and smacks of double standards.

    The civilians of course are to be looked after by the government instead of slaughtering and deserve justice.

  30. LKsword

    tamilnadu is not getting involved in this case in srilankan affairs. It is mahinda who wants milinda to join the queue and lick jaya’s ass.Thenuwara has a companion in the queue it seems.

  31. jagan

    creation of integrated northeast is a no go with the sinhalese. They will be always harping about 10 percent having one third of the land mass and half the coastline. The sinhalese and the muslims in the east will also become restless. The peace will not be durable.The tamils should drop that demand.

  32. This is an expected crafty move from Mahinda bin Don Alwin intended primarily to neutralize the dissenting voice of the democratically elected Thamizh leader JJ. The overwhelming mandate she received, among other issues, included the protection of the rights and interests of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. While the Rajapaksas are trampling on the rights of the Tamils in the island instead of fostering a genuine reconciliation, a dressing down for Milinda and his retinue would be appropriate when and if a meeting takes place. Those who know her know she would not be found wanting in this department. The emissaries would be well advised to be familiar with the exit doors. That is, if she does not backtrack and betray the Tamils who have reposed their faith in her.

    JJ is intelligent and informed enough to recognize the nefarious designs of the con artists.

  33. pariyari

    I don’t think so. The rajapakshes have crossed the line too far with regard to the tamils.Reminds me of what happenned to prabha when he crossed the line too far with regard to india.

  34. Ursala,

    I don’t know if you know much about Sri Lankans, but they are a usually shy, respectful, smiling, intelligent people, minding their own business, going their journey at their own pace, and singing a song called ‘Namo Namo Maatha’ on a DAILY BASIS. Nothing wrong with that, right?

    Unfortunately, the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora wholly miscalculates these mild manners and call us ‘modayas’, ‘failed state’, ‘village boys’, ‘racists’, ‘anti-Tamil’, ‘Sinhala Buddhists’ and 1001 OTHERS, and try to create violence and divisions among us with the ultimate intention of making $$$$ out of our misery.

    However, when the push comes to a shove… we always make sure (at any cost) that TTD gets a bloody nose and retreat. Mind you, as we have been playing this game for 2500 years, we are the experts and know how to win while inflicting the most extreme pain to them.

    The unfortunate part is, the innocent Tamil speaking (proud) Sri Lankans are caught in the crossfire and pay a heavy price.

    Get the picture?

  35. Look buddy…

    You have no idea who Sri Lankans are. Our leaders never engage or engaged in any crime. They are appointed by the people and authorized to protect Motherlanka from any threat, including the threat from the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora.

    And Sri Lankan leaders will gladly and proudly go to any length, including the gallows, as long as MotherLanka stays safe and sound.
    Will that pave the way to la la land in Sri Lanka?

    That’s our style. Read our history and update yourself.

    But if you are in pain due to our wholesale decimation of the Tamil terrorists, that is your problem, but temporary relief is guaranteed, if you scream ‘Tamil Elaam’ 3 times before flushing the toilet.

  36. Jeya’s political advisor Cho Ramasamy will make the next move. Anyway LTTE supporters have no room with JJ. Mahinda have taken the first step in the right direction! Because Tamils and Sinhalese are relatives, political partners and members of the Royal families.

    So, Mahinda is going to make another history by making cordial relations with JJ who will survive another term at least!

  37. There was a say in Tamil”You can close the mouth of boiling rice BUT YOU CANT SHUT THE MOUTH OF WORLD” (“Ulai vayai mudalam , Uur vayai mudelaathu”)

    Rather wasting time like this Mahinda can use this un-missable time to political solution to native tamils
    who want to lookafter their own affairs internaly through recognised political structure in NE Srilanka.
    There were a boiling issues over 2 years that release of around 10,000 political prisoners still in the prison, remove the long standing emergency law,helping war victims to resettle their life and reform the judicial and police system to function independently and monitered by special commision for Errors and misconduct. This need to be first priority along with others only improve the situation,normalasy and proper civil administration.

    If any one remembered once sarath ponsega said Tamil Naddu politicians are Jokers…Now who are the jokers?….good to act before things get too complicated than this stage.

  38. Read my lips…. ‘THERE ARE NO TAMILS IN SRI LANKA’. (Only Tamil speaking Sri Lankans.) Note the difference.

    How can we find a solution, for a problem that is not there?


    Nee Waanga, machaan…

  39. Cho Ramasamy can influence JJ to move closer to GOSL.
    Wonder, Cho also would be in the loop, behind the scene..

  40. Rajapakshe is clever and cunning, he promised India that he will solve the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka with 13 plus amendment after the war is over and got the maximum help from India and also influenced India to keep the West away from the region during the genocidal war.

    As soon as the war is over, to avoid the Indian pressure, he brought China into India’s backyard. He hoodwinked the Indians, and made the Indian prime minister look like a spineless puppet. Rajapakshe made India also a part of his genocidal war and later fooled India.

    They say Jayalalitha is a clever lady, but how clever is she?
    Will she also get caught to Rajapakshe’s cunning tricks like the Indian puppets from the central? Can Rajapakshe fool Jayalalitha too?

  41. LKSword,

    As you said tamil diaspora may be TTD (Terrorist Tamil Diaspora). Your statement implies that other tamils are not terrorists. But the entire sinhalese is a terrorist race. I assign the name SLSTR (Sri lankan Sinhalese Terrorist Race) who have become international paraiahs in the eyes of International Community.

    Once I repeat what I said to the lunatic Somapala. Hitler succumbed, Musolini succumbed, Permadasa succumbed and even great VP succumbed. You are a sundaikkai.

    Adangu makanae adangu.

  42. I doubt that Tamil Nadu CM MS.J.Jeyalalitha will be able to get separate country for Tamils in Sri Lanka even if she truly wishes it. But MS.J.Jeyalalitha has the capacity to force any Sri Lankan governments via Indian Central government to give 13+ to Tamils in the NORTH EAST of SL. Would she do it? Only time will tell.

  43. Hi Hot guy,

    What make the russian and russian and germanaian a germanian.

    To understand this you need lesions 101 on Nations and types of nations

    Sorry man, can’t read your lips over a paper but Truth cannot be burried.

    Are you saying that your leader doesn’t ” fix” the people ?

  44. Quote : However, when the push comes to a shove… we always make sure (at any cost) that TTD gets a bloody nose and retreat. Mind you, as we have been playing this game for 2500 years, we are the experts and know how to win while inflicting the most extreme pain to them.

    This is what Buddha taught you 2500 years ago, Get a bloody nose. As far as I know, Sithardha Goutham never preached violence ( ever).

  45. Once again there are two nation of people in Ceylon,

    One speaking Sinhala and their state is called Srilanka and the others speal Tamil ( you could call any name as many seems to be allergy to the word Eelam).

    Bottom line is one is a nation with the state and the other is a nation without a state

  46. MR should have chosen W.Wansa and M.Silva full blown SB’s to contact JJ direct with a promise to give back Katchativu instead of Milinda Moragoda a half baked American having to rely on a Telugu Chandrababu Naidu.

  47. I hope Mr.Naidu will remember that there is a telugu and malayali mix also in the Eazham tamils.

    Historical evidence is available to prove that Eazham had substantial amount of telugu population and it was assimilated with tamil population by a smooth transition. Apart from the appearance, telugu and sinhalese do not have any similarity.

    World tamils can approach the other leaders of India (other than tamil nadu leaders and congress leaders) like Chandrababu Naidu, Bal Thackaray, Narendra Modi, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Amar Singh, Mayavathi, Lal Krishna Advani and others.

  48. I feel the govt has missed the bus with this strategy if it is indeed true. Just because one sees the ‘tail’ of a dog wagging, there is no reason to panic or get excited and try and start a dialogue with the ‘tail’. One needs to communicate with the ‘dog’ and not it’s ‘tail’. Afterall, it’s the ‘dog’ that wags it’s ‘tail’. In this instance, the ‘tail’ being ‘Tamil Nadu’ and the ‘dog’ being the ‘Central government’ ( I mean no disrespect to India).

    History shows us that India has from time to time wagged it’s ‘tail’ especially when it has concerns or issues with Sri Lanka whether it be economic, political or more importantly ‘national security’. From the days of the Indira Ghandi govt., we have witnessed this phenomenon.At that time, the issue was ‘cold war’ policy and ‘economic policy’ adopted by the Sri Lankan govt. of the time. India wagged it’s ‘tail’ at us then, and sent a very strong message to Sri Lanka.

    In 2002, during the Ranil Wickremesinghe sponsored ‘peace talks’ with the LTTE which included Norway, Japan & the U.S., India had concerns/ issues about how close the Ranil Wickremesinghe govt. was getting to the U.S. It’s no secret that India did not feel comfortable with U.S. navy ships visiting SL so frequently and thus entering India’s ‘back yard’.(Even today, India’s relationship with the U.S. is one of ‘mutual benefit’ and maintained at ‘arms length’ rather than a relationship from the’ heart’.There is a saying that ‘if your enemy happens to be my enemy, then you can be my friend’.That is one aspect of India’s relationship with the U.S. and the ‘common enemy’ being CHINA.). And as it transpired, the ‘peace talks’ failed and there was a rumour that India ‘played a part’ in the collapse of the Ranil Wickremesinghe govt.

    And now, in 2011, we see the ‘tail’ wagging at us again. We need to analyse why and clearly understand that ‘tamil nadu’ will not and cannot ‘wag’ at us without the blessings of the central govt. We need to correctly identify the issues/ concerns which are troubling India with respect to Sri Lanka and come up with mechanisms to reduce the levels of ‘discomfort’ experienced by India. To be honest, those issues have nothing to do with SL tamils.It has more to do with India’s national security and the countries we are closely dealing with at present who India considers to be a ‘ major threat’.

  49. About 15 years ago even I was under the impression that he was not a Tamil until I read an interview he gave in Mumbai, in which he confirmed that he was a Tamil. But after reading your response to Max I knew what made the confusion. Yes, Kamalahaasan is not an Arabic name, but breaking the name as Kamal Hassan is different. Thank you DBSJ!

  50. I think Sri Lankan Governemnt should have cordial relationship with Tamil Nadu that will clear a lot of misunderstanding and fear majority Sinhalese have. But the intent of the current government is doubtful. If it is based on trust, respect and friendship it should be welcome but looks like it is based on….

    CM Jeyalalitha is a smart woman but she has to be aware (if she decides to meet with MR) that she is going to meet with one of the best illuanist in the world, and she is no match to him in anyway.

    MR is a master illusionist he can easily confuse the mind of anyone and make believe Red is Black, Black is white, or India is Sri Lanka, and Sri Lanka is India or Tamil Nadu is Sri Lanka, and Sri Lanka is Tamil Nadu. People wouldn’t have forgotten how cleverly or rather cunningly he outsmarted everyone with just one Prof. Vitharana and APC. With his expertise in master illusions he made everyone believe that the panacea for the problem in Sri Lanka was APC, and with the decimation of LTTE, the problem would have been solved. People believed, Robert Blake believed, Indians believed, the whole world believed…and they all supported the war in Sri Lanka. Mahinda by magic stroke did every thing… now the war is over, and APC too disappeared, I don’t know if TW is still there. It is all magic.

    If the powerful Indian Government couldn’t blink an eye before everything was done, and the powerful nations couldn’ t even stand a chance in this magic show of illusions, what a provincial Government like Tamil Nadu could do with MR unless JJ is equally or more powerful illusionist like MR? Otherwise he will make her believe Sri Lanka is Tamil Nadu, and Tamil Nadu is Sri Lanka, if that is so, what the hell she got to do here, other than writing Milk and honey is flowing in Tamil Eelam in Colombo. Tamils (Douglas, Karuna, Pillayan, KP) are free and happy, rich and content. Why these Tamils are creating problems?

    Good Luck Lady!

  51. Jayalalita may be a strong lady, But, Mahinda is also a strong man. Didn;t he decimate the LTTE, who were termed as invincible?. Infact, they make a good pair. For a man , who had his way through one of the deadliest gerilla organisations in the recent history, it may not very difficult to get in between JJ legs. Look how he has started.

    One should note that, even India has to follow certain international norms,and just like that, can not send it’s army,to srilanka, assuming that JJ puts tremendous preesure on Indian central govt. Knowing Jayalalita, it is unlikely to happen.

    Just one statement from China,saying that, If INDIA attacks Srilanka, it(China) will consider it as an attack on China, India will put it’s tail firmly in between it’s legs and will not meow for another 200 years.

  52. Jayalalita may be a strong lady, but Mahinda is also a strong man. Didn’t he decimate the LTTE, who were termed as invincible ? For a man , who had his way through one of the deadliest gerilla orgasisations in the world, it may not be difficult to get between JJ legs. Look how he has started.

    Assuming that, Jayalalita puts strong pressure on Indian govt,(to militarily intervene in srilanka and give srilankan tamils, Eelam on a silver platter), it is very very unlikely that, India central govt. will do so.

    Historically, India is soft in international dealings. It has never attacked any country , never initiated any war(Except liberation of Bangladesh, which is a very special case). Even the minnow pakistan went to war with INDIA 3 times.

    China has to just say that, any attack by India on Srilanka, is an attack on China itself, India will immediately
    put it’s tail firmy in between it;s legs and not meow for another 300 years.

  53. My well intentioned offer to prostrate myself at madam Jayalalithaas lotus feet and shower kisses on her rosebud toes has met with derisive scorn by some posters on this blog

    I was prepared to humble myself for my President and country but I was treated shabbily as a joker and pervert.

    never mind! this is the fate of true patriots everywhere.Look at General fonsekas situation.

    But some of my Tamil Nadu friends tell me that the only person who can influence madam Jayalalithaa is her best friend and associate “Sinna madam” Sashikala Natarajan.

    I hear party members first fall at Sashikalas feet and then only gain entry into Madam Jayalalithaas presence.

    I hear that some party MLAs and MP’s dare not sit in chairs in Sinna madam Sashikalas presence and either remain standing with folded hands or sit on the ground in front of her.

    In that case I am ready on behalf of my President and country to go to Chennai and fall at Sinna madam Sashikalas feet and kiss her slippers and suck her toes and lick her soles. In that way I may be able to win her heart.

    If I can do that then I can humbly beg her to influence her friend Madam Jayalalithaa in Sri Lankas favour. I may be able to get an appointment for President Mahinda to meet madam even

    So I James Thenuwara the Sinhaya of sri Lanka do hereby declare that I will prostrate myself at Sinna madam’s feet so that I get a chance to gain access to periya madams feet.

  54. I heard that his Father named all his children as hasan out of respect to a Muslim friend of his.

  55. Amma is also a hardliner and she is a shrewd person. Mahinda will be beaten down by our Amma. Think that another Amma of ours Indira Gandhi has created Bangladesh. JJ may not want to create a separate state for the EELAM Tamils but the days of dilly dallying and buying time has gone for ever for the Sinhalese altogether.

  56. You are right. Cho Ramasamy is a person who is against the interests of the tamils in the eelam. His antipathy doesn’t stop with the LTTE. He is against the tamils in general. How else would one say that what happened in the island was only the quelling of naxalite like organization.

    Yes every nation has got the right to quell rebellion. But to support the MR and GR after the indictment of the UN commission reveals his true colors.

    He seems to be person with no heart. He is full of a person with his heads only.

    Swami Vivekananda would say that ‘if there is a clash between head and the heart, follow the heart’.

    Evidently Cho Ramasamy doesn’t do that. While it may be right in some cases it is certainly not right in this case, where there is no sign of any political settlement.

    Definitely he can be of help to the regime in the island.

  57. Theesan

    You are spot on,but he is going to find the hard way that india and china are not the key players in the final outcome for the tamil problem.It will be the EU that will decide what is going to happen to him and the tamils. Lets see whether he can fool the europeans. History has shown that they are no fools and have always taken the rest of the world for the ride.While he is hatching his plans they are hatching theirs too. If he tries to be too smart he will fall into the trap laid for him,if indeed he has not already done so.Then he will be wondering why india,china and russia are not coming and giving their necks to save his,just like VP was wondering at nanthikadal why the west is not saving him. He did not realise the west made all the right noises except the all important military one. They wanted him drowned in the nanthikadal because he had become too big for his boots and out of control.

    Colonialism is only over on paper.In the former colonialists mind we are still colonies that should be controlled to further their own interest and power.If we get too big and powerful they will have to let go reluctantly. China was the first that really got out of their yoke and said we will do what we want not what you what.India also has got sufficiently big enough to do the same,but both though they can be now truly independent are still not strong enough to take on the EU and US combined might,and tell them srilanka is our baby and none of your business.


  59. Your first paragraph is based on your understanding of eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. This is unacceptable to the UN.

  60. Pariyari

    She has always distanced herself from the LTTE.

    She will keep the eelam option open.

    India’s policy to srilanka on the tamil isuue will be shaped by the EU.If EU becomes pro rajapakshe,india will also become so.Jaya will become quiet. She is a smart lady and will look at the world in totality.

    If EU becomes anti rajapakshe then india will adopt a neutral policy towards srilanka.It will neither help or harm him.Jaya will continue be anti rajapakshe as she is now,but it won’t make any difference to indian policy.This is the present situation.The whole world geopolitical nature of this issue must be taken into consideration,not just as a india and srilanka issue.

    The good news for the tamils is she won’t be a stooge of the central government like karunanithi and will speak on their behalf as and when necessary.

  61. Crush on Mahinda, the bloated face with pot belly on one and shinny bold on the other ( sorry to use the personal description but these men have no attractive quality to say some ” alluring actress has crush ? ) If so then Jeya must have some fetish thoughts- tie mahinda to a public whip post and have the Widows of the war whip him.

  62. Swami Vivekananda would say that ‘if there is a clash between head and the heart, follow the heart’.

    What an idiotic statement.

  63. “Rajapakshe is clever and cunning”
    Everybody says this. But I do not agree that a man who is lying need not be clever.
    If he is inteligent why could’nt he go for higher studies?
    None of the Rajapakses are not educated up to high school.
    Mahinda did some law after becoming an MP.
    Other siblings had no education, that is why Mahinda is ” a one eyed king in the land of the blind”

    Of course he is cunning and managed to collect corrupt sycophants together, who are racists too.

  64. Can you elaborate on your point of view, please, before calling it idiotic. Evidently you must have applied your brains into this matter and come to your esteemed judgement. Can you also enlighten us in this matter.

  65. The good news for the tamils is she won’t be a stooge of the central government like karunanithi and will speak on their behalf as and when necessary.


    What you said is right. She will not become a traitor to the tamils.

  66. UN Commission indicted? What is that commission? Further Cho Ramaswamy is also a Tamil and a critic of DMK for a long time. This “DRAVIDA” politics is always cheating the TAMILS.

    TN smugglers and petty politicians like Nedumaran, Gopalasamy and Seeman made millions through this EELAM issue. What is the benefit the Sri Lankan Tamils got at last? Nothing..nothing except lost of billions to the LTTE hooligans who invested those monies in CONDO development in Colombo!

    LTTE was an anti-Indian outfit created by anti-Indian forces against India. That is the bottom line on this case. Tamil is just an instrument to fool the people!

  67. But these “Kammas” cannot overcome the “Menons” of Kerala who are in control of foreign policy of India! But CASTE is a main factor in the politics in TN and Andhra!

  68. Dont you know the last Sinhala King Sri Wickramarajasinga was a Telugu Nayak of Madura? His real name was Kannusamy!

    The first Jaffna King was a Malyalee of Rajasekaran clan. Then a Magha from Orissa. Oriyan soldiers were the majority ancestors of Jaffna Tamils.


  70. Mahinda is cunning because he fooled Sinhalese hw won the war for them,when he did not lay out a single plan against LTTE.!!He is taking sinhalese for a ride and filling his bank accounts.!!oH come on you can’t deny this.!!

  71. Top 10 reasons why Tamil Terrorist Diaspora cannot win against proud Sri lankans:

    1. Their terrorism and tactics are inferior.
    2. Sex is permitted to to the terrorist leaders. Others have to use the hand or do
    with child soldiers making them emotioanlly weaker.
    3. Too much watching of MGR’s films makes Tamil terrorists believe war is fun.
    4. Terrorist leaders don’t swallow the cynide. They wait with a white flag to be
    recued by a western hyena. But hyenas have other ideas.
    5. Tamil terrorists cannot get their own food and medicine. They depend on Sri
    Lankan government to suuply them.
    6. Terrorists think that if a fairy tale about a mythical, mysterious Tamil Elaam
    is told 108 billion times, it will generate enough energy to create Elaam.
    7. The smell they emit is easily traced by our military dogs.
    8. Their money is stolen by the very people who promise support.
    9. Tamil Diaspora can be easily devided into small groups and experiment with…
    like we do with worms, guinea pigs, cockroaches etc.
    10 ‘Waanga Machaan…. Waanga’… is misinerpreted by the Tamil terrorists who get
    up in hundreds to be Eelamized.

  72. The Tamilnadu chief minister will abide by central govt policy only. central govt policy is fashioned by the Rajiv Gandhi family.What Milinda must do is to meet Sonia and Priyanka and win their heart with his charm

  73. Thanks God Buddha correctly identified this thugs and try to teach some thing ….
    Imagine if Mohamed came before buddha to teach..now LKsword hands of Gadaffis,Sadam usaines,bin ladans.

    Is he knows how ‘shy, respectful, smiling, intelligent people’ killed over 40000 innocent Tamil civilians and minding their own business as they don’t know anything,also going pignick journey at destroyed victim places?

    All respectful human beings in the whole world knows how aragons you had treat human ded bodies by making naked and taking photos to show off your 3rd class lust and revenge of inhuman act.


  74. It was very interesting that SL politicians did not call JJ joker or the AIADMK jokers when JJ roared against Mahinda.
    They knew that it won’t work with JJ. They tried through GL Peris and Ramil, nothing worked so far. Now trying through the other channels. I hope JJ, as the iron lady, will keep up the pressure and continue to be a real leader unlike the jokers.
    But who knows the power of the RAW.

  75. [What make the russian and russian and germanaian a germanian. ]

    You qualify… to be appointed as mythical Tamil Elaam’s mysterious foreign secreatry.


  76. The LTTE support base seems to be putting too much weight on this MS Jayalaitha to fix up Rajapaksa.

    MS Jayalaitha is is only a CM.

    Her record in ruling the Tamil Naduans is not that great.

    All she is known for are Corruption, Arrogance. Court cases and treating the opposition like shit.

    Tamil Naduans have a long way to go to catch up with Srilankans.

    MS Jayalaitha needs to focus her energy on doing a better job for the Naduans on this watch at least plus keep Vaiko and Seeman at bay.

    Srilankan leaders have the proper connections at the right places.

    The delegation that will be there soon are the real movers and shakers in the central govt.

    Another interesting development is that the President clearly laid the foundation for any talks,by saying that some political parties are still insisting on the LTTE demands and that ain’t going to happen.

    Making this statement in the heart of the ex LTTE territory makes it even more significant.

  77. Some more quotes for your insights and comments;

    Some Golden Words Of Swami Vivekananda

    1. When there is a conflict between the heart and the brain, let the heart be followed.

    2. A man of intellect can turn into a devil, but never a man of heart.

    3. Religion is not a theoretical need but a practical necessity.

    4. Renunciation does not mean simply dispassion for the world. It
    means dispassion for the world and also longing for God.

    5. There is no misery where there is no want.

    6. The secret of life is not enjoyment, but education through experience.

    7. Every new thought must create opposition.

    8. Renunciation is the withdrawal of mind from other things and
    concentrating it on God.

    9. Every man who thinks ahead of his time is sure to be misunderstood.

    10. In this short life there is no time for the exchange of compliments.

    11. Do not wait to cross the river when the water has all run down.

    12. The greatest sin is fear.

    13. Better the scolding of the wise than the adulation of the fools.

    14. If you love God’s creation more than God, you will be disillusioned.

    15. Everything can be sacrificed for truth, but truth can’t be sacrificed for anything.

    16. God has become man, man will become god again.

    17. If it is impossible to attain perfection here and now, there is no
    proof that we can attain perfection in any other life.

    18. That part of the Vedas which agrees with reason is the Vedas, and nothing else.

    19. If you want to do anything evil, do it before the eyes of your superiors.

    20. Happiness presents itself before man, wearing the crown of sorrow on its head.

    21. If one is a slave to his passions and desires, one cannot feel the pure joy of real freedom.

    22. If you can’t attain salvation in this life, what proof is there that you can attain it in the life or lives to come?

    23. Never mind if your contribution is only a mite, your help only a little, blades of grass united into a rope will hold in confinement the maddest of elephants.

    24. The cow never tells a lie, and the stone never steals, but, nevertheless, the cow remains a cow and the stone remains a stone. Man steals and man tells a lie, and again it is man that becomes the god.

    25. When even man never hears the cries of the fool, do you think God will?

    26. Strength is life, weakness is death.

    27. Never are the wants of a beggar fulfilled.

    28. We want the education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet.

    29. Let the heart be opened first, and all else will follow of itself.

    30. Tell the man his defaults directly but praise his virtues before others.

    31. Activity is life and inactivity is death.

    32. Salvation is not achieved by inactivity but by spiritual activities.

    33. Even the least work done for others awakens the power within.

    34. New things have to be learned, have to be introduced and worked out, but is that to be done by sweeping away all that is old, just because it is old?

    35. The man who says he has nothing more to learn is already at his last grasp As long as I live, so do I learn.

    36. No one can save a person who hires a carriage to go from one street to another, and then complain of diabetes.

    37. By the control of the subconscious mind you get control over the conscious.

    38. It is the constant struggle against nature that constitutes human progress, not conformity with it.

    39. The very essence of education is concentration of mind, not the collecting of facts.

    40. As we get further and further away from sense-pleasures, “knowledge for the sake of knowledge” becomes the supreme pleasure of mind.

    41. It is through the many that we reach the one.

    42. The soul is the circle of which the circumference is nowhere, but the center is the body. God is a circle whose circumference is nowhere, but whose center is everywhere.

    43. The body itself is the biggest disease.

    44. If any one of you believes what I teach, I will be sorry. I will only be too glad if I can excite in you the power of thinking for yourselves.

    45. When the world is the end and God the means to attain that end, that is material. When God is the end and the world is only the means to attain that end, spirituality has begun.

    46. The fear of God is the beginning of religion, but the love of God is the end of religion.

    47. Do not give up anything! Things will give you up.

    48. The sage is often ignorant of physical science, because he reads the wrong book- the book within; and the scientist is too often ignorant of religion, because he reads the wrong book- the book without.

    49. Experience is the only source of knowledge.

    50. Do one thing at a time and while doing it put your whole soul into it to the exclusion of all else.

  78. manju

    Read carefully what i have written.I have said a code of conduct for surrendering soldiers was originated by the LTTE.Nothing to do with eye for an eye.I have also mentioned double standards by the international community.It is confirmed by the fact that you say that when army does the same it is unacceptable to the UN,but when LTTE does it it is impliedly acceptable.

  79. Yogesh

    There was never a somapala. It was always samarasekera. He only comes for assimiliation matters.

  80. In any contest between a strong lady and a strong man, I’d put my money on the strong lady. And China will never rescue SL.

  81. Mahinda maybe,but milinda?I doupht anyone can have a crush on him.In fact while he is licking she might get bored and sit on his face and crush him.

  82. Angan

    Just one statement from China,saying that, If INDIA attacks Srilanka, it(China) will consider it as an attack on China, India will put it’s tail firmly in between it’s legs and will not meow for another 200 years.
    You are right about that.India is very vulnerable to china now.Earlier it came under the protective umbrella of the EU,but now the EU will have to let it go because it has got too big and therefore lost value to the europeans who cannot control it anymore and make it do whatever they want.If china attacks india in the east and takes over the seven sisters,india has to go it alone if it wants to retrieve it. The west will just watch these two asian giants bleed each other and become weaker because it is in their own interest.I hope these two who are the only countries that have broken out of the colonial yoke permenantly use their brains and collaborate with each other and become more powerful,instead of going at each other over a stupid and stubborn country like srilanka.

    Remember one thing.Ask yourself the question whether china or india can tell the EU,hands off srilanka or else……..

    Therein lies the rub for srilanka.

  83. Head is there to follow you MORON — ALWAYS. Use it. Even when head is in conflict with your eyes and ears, believe in your head not in your other senses.

    There are enough and many young couples in SL who follow their hearts and jump to their oblivion all the time. At other times, heart tells many young men to follow their dick and needless to say the consequences.

    The rabidly racists homosexual original sinner monkey monks are also following their hearts and not their heads.

    LTTE suicide bombers were also certainly following something may be their heart but certainly not their head.

    You can thank most Sinhalese for following their heads at least since 1983 instead of their hearts for no matter how many Sinhalese LTTE killed, or what they destroyed Sinhalese didn’t start throwing bricks at Tamils which would have been the end of certainly the Sinhalese and perhaps also the Tamils — at least the ones living among the Sinhalese.

    Are you enlightened now? or do you want more examples? Gee.

  84. Anonymouse

    All she is known for are Corruption, Arrogance. Court cases and treating the opposition like shit.

    Tamil Naduans have a long way to go to catch up with Srilankans
    At last i can agree with you on something. On these areas you mention though she has got a grade B,mahinda has a A+.So as you say tamilnaduans have a long way to catch up with srilanka.

  85. Charm? what charm? Wear a wig?Do plastic surgery on the face?

    better to send thenuwara to lick their feet.I can just imagine him slurping over priyanka’s foot,even more than his shoes.

  86. Shankar,

    I suspect you are merely playing the devil’s advocate.Okay let’s wear our thinking caps here. If you want to investigate LTTE, who is yet there to be incriminated? Are you implying then that the incumbent government should not be investigated by UN consequent to LTTE being nonexistent? Are you also implying extrajudicial executions are acceptable by a government? Government is to held to higher moral and ethical ground as opposed to LTTE? Finally none of us give credence to LTTE’s code of ethics as they were a bunch of clowns!

  87. Genius,

    Time for the night dose, we need to lock the door before your Auditory and visual hallucination become violent.

  88. shanky integration of north and east can be a red rag to sinhalese or muslim but that is what 13th amendment envisages.this 10% land theory ,90% jobs theory has only taken the nation to the brink.i hope sincerely that snihalese will be more practical and try to accomodate tamil wishes.integration of north and east is not negotiable and it is the traditional homeland of tamils come what may.

  89. maran strictly speaking by birth kamalhassan is not a tamil if you interpret dravidian ideology espoused by dk.the reason is he is an iyengar.according to dravidian ideology all brahmins are aryans who came via khyber and bolan pass and settled down in tamil nadu or dravida nadu.though i feel that he can be given tamil honoryship becoz he has been ranting against brahmins and he is everything but brahmin similar to bobby fisher lol. this is just an amusing tale hope that it has not offended anyone.

  90. Hey DIEassporas do what ever to MAHINDAHA and his clans we certainly dont give a damm. as long TIGERS are history.ps you can keep Mrs Mahindha too.

  91. I think LKsword is quite an ignorant guy. Though he talks of history and of the President, reading his writings one could judge, that he is completely dumb. He is absolutely no idea of what is happening in Sri Lanka, and in the world. So, readers have to ignore him. May be he is a paid server of President Rajapakse.

  92. manju my kunju

    If they were clowns as you suggest why are you making such a fuss about them being executed. The army is merely having some fun with the clowns.Life is a circus after all.Your real motive is to go after the rajapakshes.You surely woudn’t be interested in the clowns. The difference between you and me is i want justice too,but i don’t make use of others to get my revenge.Getting justice for someone and getting revenge on someone are 2 different things.I want justice for the civilians who died.I’am not interested in revenge against the rajapakshes. God will attend to that.

    As for your contention that the LTTE is non existent and therefore the government only should be investigated, what did the international community do when the LTTE was existent and they killed the surrendering policeman in the east and the soldiers in the mullativu camp.

    Don’t forget at that time the clowns you refer to were saying they are the sole representatives of the tamil people and were running civilian administration to prove their point that they were a government and the international community were giving them the respect as such.Many tamils especially the ones in the diaspora were lustily cheering them on. Now that they are militarily finished they have been relegated to the dustbin and are called clowns.

    Yes,i believe war crimes charges against the government for atrocities against the LTTE should be set off against the atrocities commited by the LTTE and we should call it quits and quid pro quo and drop the charges,but not the charges for civilian atrocities.

  93. jagan

    Now the demography has changed and the taditional homeland of the tamils is the whole country.We want to live in the whole country not only in the north and east. How can we do that if we make unreasonable demands and get it through force.We have to amicably live with the sinhalese for centuries not for just a few years.

  94. President has thrown the gauntlet to the Diaspora–” Put your Money where your Mouth is”

    And to the TNA pushing the Tiger Agenda of self rule and homelands hoping that Vaiko, Seeman and now Jayalalitha can roll out the heavy artillery to support them,,” No way Jose”

    Ths is fascinating stuff from a President who the Diaspora thinks is under the pump from their partners, the Western Heavies”

    It is even more fascinating when the real heavies in India are coming for HL talks soon.


  95. I think War Criminal charge against Lanka is going to grow and grow all over the world, no one can stop naidu or morogoda no use

  96. In the 1971 war China made lot of noices. Who are you to China. Are you a better and useful and time tested friend that Pak.

    In support of Pak, China made a lot of noices and our PM Indira Gandhi said that we will take care of the China factor and China will not be able to make any move in this. And she was right.

    India started the attack on Nov when the passes are closed due to snow and China was not able to send even one soldier from that side into India.

    So much for the friendship for the China.

  97. Thank you sjoseph for these quotes from the Swamiji.

    May your family be blessed for this and may you gain favor in the eyes of the Lord, God.

  98. It is becoming clear that you are a sinhalese. Why are you fond of a tamil name?
    You will say that sinhalese is a race which is a mix of malayalee, telugu, kannada, maratti, gujarathi, oriyan, bengali, assamese, kashmiris, punjabis, sindhis, pashtoons and all tribes of hindi heartland. Excellent race. But why do you drive the horse within a tiny island? You can mingle with all the stakeholders of sinhalese race in the main land.
    To defeat fellow country men you will go to any extreme like cleaning the toilets of chinese, polishing the shoes of russians and felling at the feet of indians. Excellent idea.

  99. Sinhalese is a mix of oriyans and bengalis.
    Tell as much lies as possible my dear SST (Srilnakan Sinhalese Terrorist). SST seems to be convenient than the early acronym SLSTR.

  100. mahesh

    I think at that time india had a 20 year mutual defence treaty with russia.That is why china did not do anything. Also comparing china’s power in 1971 to what it is in 2011 is like comparing a guy when he was 10 years old with him grown into a strong man now.India is today only 40 percent of the economic size of china while china is 70 percent of the economic size of the US.

  101. Navin,

    Dont blabber your stupidity.

    “Follow your Heart” is not to be interpretted in literal sense.

    to follow Heart means to follow acts of love, kindness and compassion.

    The message is intended for Humans, not for Animals in human form.

    There is a saying Sinhalese follow their head as their head is empty.
    I hope you are not a sinhalese.

  102. Jeyalalitha know that congress will not be in power from next election, really congress need support from Jeyalalitha to get the Tamil nadu votes, even Jeyalalitha support it is very hard to get the vote because of the corruption scene.

    Jeyalalitha should aware about these, There is alternative is BJP and 3rd party, this time may be Jeyalalitha will lead the 3rd party and capture the Indian government as well. So Jeyalalith is prominent Indian leader.

    I do not thing Jeyalalitha either strongly support rajapakshe regime or Tamil Diaspora. She may go in-between to balance the interest of India and Tamil Nadu Tamils.


  103. Well said, Sir, It is the sign of a good and popular leader to send good wishes to neighbouring land even though they are Tamil lands. Mahinda our King Emperror the ass kicker of the terrorist tamils will always behave the same to all leaders in neighbouring countries, may they be Amma or Thaththa. All the same to us,.

  104. Milinda should be prepared to answer several credibility questions from Jayalalitha / Amma.

    1. You are the man who was involved in fraud, which included the savings of depositors at Mercantile Credit Ltd and its Subsidiaries. You used your political influence to hush it up and freeze the court cases. You are also a traitor to your own political party UNP which you abandoned to cross over for your self serving needs and greed for power and money. How do you expect to have any credibility to negotiate anything with the Tamil Nadu government?

    2. Your country openly woos and sucks up to China, Pakistan and Iran, in total disrespect for India and its policies, clearly violating any possibility of negotiations.

    3. How dare you request anything from us while your government is the sole cause of Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Human Rights Violations, Racial and Religious Discrimination, Destroying Freedom of Speech & Journalism, Lawlessness, Absolute Corruption, Thuggery, Violence, Murder, Rape, etc, just to name a few.

    Are you going to continue to lie and think you can fool the world?

    You may fool the people in your country but you cannot pull the wool over our eyes.

  105. What’s for lunch today for my dog? A freshly Eelamized Tamil terrorist from the TTD jungle, BBQed with gingerly oil, on a platter called ‘Elaam’?

    Hmmmm… I know the prey is out there in TN and western basements.

  106. That’s my mission. Be a problem for the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora… and prevent them from attacking MotherLanka. System works!

  107. True sons of MotherLanka are NOT those war criminals but those honest soldiers who shot the videos and pass it over.

    They could not tolerate some criminals killing their co citizens whom they supposed to save. These criminal through a truly hero Fonseka into jail to save their back.

    They started off with youths in the south in 1971 and 1988-89. Took a break to do the same with the innocent civilians in 2009. Now jobless stated with the youths again in south at Katunayake FTZ.

    I am proud of those truly Buddhists sons of MotherLanka for exposing them. Hats off to you. At last your action will make my country proud globally.

    ‘War criminals go to hell or The Haugue’ is what I say five times before flushing the toilet.

  108. AP had (and have) lot of potential. But Hyderabad/secunderabad started shining only after Mr. Naidu. He put a lot of effort to make the twin city India’s Silicon Valley, and he was very successful in achieving it. Hyderabad was pretty much ahead of Madras, Bangaloor and others in terms of IT sectors. However, after Mr. Naidu, Bangalore has outgrown Hyrdrabad due to the advantage of local climate and inadequate political vision and Telungana issues in AP. Of course Nadiu’s lack of rural vision caused his power. Not knowing much outside his IT vision, he is one of the politician I admire from India. I think Shankar’s Mudalvan movie is based on him. I love that movie.

    In the past, he has worked closely with JJ and others to form the 3rd alliance in national level. There is a high chance he can influence JJ with some good intensions. Of course there are many others like Cho Ramasamy, Subramaniya Samy, Hindu Ram properly on the mission already with GOSL’s dirtily agendas.

    It is always good to create bridge, for some thing (good/bad) to comes out… There need to be some sort of initiatives to make any changes. If this is true, I also wish they get to meet JJ. However, MR and JJ should talk directly rather than going through back doors, of course understand the obstacles to do this directly… But if MR and JJ do this transparently and explain their intension, I don’t think Seeman or others going to object that. I hope JJ doesn’t play dirty politics like Karunanithy to avoid any chance of meeting MR.

    For some reason, I believe JJ will stand for Tamil rights. In order to bring normalcy to Tamils in the Island or push for 13+ or any sort of political solution, she needs to talk to MR. After all MR is the president of the Sri Lanka and JJ is the CM for Tamil Nadu, it is very important they both talk to get the ball moving in the right direction. All others can talk but will not be strong, legal or may not bring any meaningful solutions. I believe it is paramount important for MR and JJ to talk than talking to Manmohan or Bank Ki Moon.

    JJ promised she would help form a separate Eelam in the last Federal election campaign; she said she want to get MR to war-criminal tribunal after elected as CM. She still should stick with that but they may not be practical to achieve. I hope she let the war-crime issue to be handled by UN as it goes and do any help UN to bring justice.

    But on other hand, she should take any opportunity she gets to talk to President of Sri Lanka to bring up a meaningful solution to Tamils. Even if MR not approaching, I wish she invites GOSL for talk. I hope she start talking not to the war-criminal MR but President of Sri Lanka and also put TNA into the loop if required. Since she has many other things to do for Tamil Nadu, I wish JJ would appoint a special envoy to represent Tamil Nadu government on this in order to get GOSL and also Indian central government to bring a solution to Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    MR is already under pressure; JJ has the best opportunity to make difference in Tamils’ future. I wish she take advantage of this situation and re-assure Tamils that she is indeed MGR’s successor.

  109. Mahesh says:
    June 7, 2011 at 2:34 am

    Chaina is our good friend since in year 1952. Couldn’t you know the famous rice- rubber fact. the trade balance with china did exhibits unfavorable sign It is always favorable for us. Through the EX-IM banking facilities they provided enoughs funds for buying their goods.

    Nevertheless India is not that.
    We always suspecting India.
    What INDIA did to BUTHAN and NEPAL Do you think we don’t know these activities.

  110. Both you and Mahesh are hopeless. Read what you have written above and see whether it makes sense. No need to respond.

  111. UK Tamil Boy says:
    You are absolutely right. There are no SRILANKANS.

    Only SINHALA.
    in Earlier period the island call SIHALADESAYA, SEYLAN,SERINDIB, CEYLON, because this country owned to SINHALA people who built language, littérateur,history and so on.
    SINHALA it self a mix race.

    Sri kankan is a cynthatic one.

  112. Jagan Yes I agree Kamal is a different kind of Brahmin. I understand that he doesn’t even wear Poonal, though I don’t know much about it.

    Yes according to Dravidian ideology Brahmins are not Tamils/Dravidians. But there are Dravidian and Dravidians. Dravidians accept Tamil Brahmins as Tamils, Stupid Dravidian extremists for selfish reasons wanted to maintain what was preached by Periyar Ramasamy Nayakar, a lier and manipulator. The fact is more than any other castes in Tamil community, for the Tamil language, literature, culture and Art Tamil Brahmins have contributed more.

  113. You cry like a fool with out knowing the past of Jaffna and Sri Lanka! Before the Tamilization by the WHITES, no Tamil or Sinhala politics existed in Sri lanka.

    You are an Indian Tamil and you know the Tamil smugglers from VVT only. I am originated from Jaffna and from the Rajadhani of Nallur.

    Now the Jaffna people are toilet cleaners of the WHITES. They want EELAM.

    When I was a boy I always noticed Indian Tamils were cleaning our toilets in Sri Lanka.

  114. Siva we know Kannusamy (Sri Wickramarajasinga) was a Telugu Nayak from Madura. We also know Nayak was a title bestowed on people who served in the Nayak dynasty. This title also was used by Tamils, Malyalees and Kanadigas in addition to Telugus.

    We know we have Malyalee, Telugu and Kanadiga mix. Likewise they too have Tamil mix. This is not a brainer everyone knows.

    But, what is your inner motive to connect Oriyans with Sri Lankan Tamils?

  115. If similar questions were asked from any Indian politician, I guess you guys will have to disband India.

  116. I don’t think JJ will be able to change the mind of MR. It is better for him to work with Tamil politicians to settle this issue rather than giving a picture that it was becasue of India he had to do it. That will have a negative impact for him. He already has a solution in his mind that is according to his whims and fancies that he will not part with. But he will try to sell what he has, using the delaying tactics such as talking, talking, negotiating, all the tamil parties, another APC etc. What has happened, happening is going to happen again. Atleast he is going slow becasue of GTF, TGTE etc. If not he would have achieved all what he wanted by now. Politicians and Tamil people in Sri Lanka are in constant fear,they are voiceless. Rightnow his only fear is diaspora but he doesn’t show it.

  117. Shanka,
    Well the rabbit you caught has three legs and I don’t expect to change your stance.

    There was no justification whatsoever for medieval punishment to be meted out even for our clowns.It was too brutal and gruesome to be stripped naked, blindfolded and to be shot posteriorly. Your convoluted theory of tigers did the same and therefore government should prevail and be allowed to walk Scot free is untenable. I guess you conceptualized this theory as a child that it is okay to kick the other guy who kicked you in the first place, appears to have stuck with you.

    Our clowns did run a simulated government but it was sporadic and transient under extreme civilian threat. Of course, had our clowns persevered clandestine and covert operations perhaps they would have survived to date. I refer to them as clowns because they were all mentally challenged and lacked education.

  118. Manju,
    I was at Peradeniya Engineering faculty during 80’s and over half of my batchmates were Tamil(and they were never treated differently). I’m certain it was the same at other Universities too. We never had any issue with that, but your statement on discrimination is a cooked up story just like other ‘out of this world’ claims! How come we have this many tamil professionals in the country, if what you say is true?

  119. Colin,

    Would you please elaborate on your contention of out of this world claims in order for me to respond?

  120. Only TELUGU people use the word NAYAK(KAR).

    I hope you did not read the invasion and the rule of Kalinga Magha! His soldiers never left Jaffna. Their decsendants are known as MADA PALLI or MAGADHA PALIs. In the first census of Jaffna, these Magadha Palis were MAJORITY caste in Jaffna.

    Orissa = Kalinga.

  121. Hey fool! I have a HINDU name and not a Tamil name like Karuppan or Mottayan or Mannagkatty!

    Sinhalese always admit the MIX of their people but Tamils?

  122. M.sivananthan

    You are right about sri wickrema rajasinghe.I knew he was telugu origin because the nayaks were the administrative officials of the vijayanagar empire.

    kalingha Magha who came from khalingha,present day orissa was the first arya chakaravarthi.He ruled from 1215 to 1236.He killed king parakrama pandya who ruled the north.

    The first king of jaffna is not the person you refer to. You got to go back to the 3rd century BC for that.Sena and guttika 2 tamil chieftains from south india ruled the anurathapura kingdom for 22 years.That would have included jaffna too. They came with an army and joined forces with tamils in the kingdom and overthrew king suratissa of the house of vijaya. So sena and guttika are the first tamil kings who ruled most of the country including jaffna.King asela of the house of vijaya kicked them out,but was defeated by chola prince elara who ruled for 44 years all the land north of the mahaweli while two sub kings ruled the south of mahaweli,one of whose sons was duthagamini or dutugemunu who killed elara and ruled the whole country bringing back the house of vijaya.

    As for the soldiers from orissa they would have got assimilated,but i doupht they were sufficient in number to become the majority ancestors of the tamils in jaffna.Don’t forget that magha brought his army from orissa overland,not through the sea,so therefore he would have collected other mercenaries from the other regions too when he came trough them to srilanka.He brought 24000 and that is not enough to make them ancestors of tamils in jaffna. You can see that tamils have been in the anurathapura kingdom since 3rd century BC,from what i have explained about the first 2 tamil kings.Furthermore maghas army would have consisted of non orissans too and many would have died in the battles,as the sinhala kings from dambedeniya stopped him from going further than rajarata.

    In my opinion the whole of srilanka is a pol sambol.that might be one reason we mongrels have such independent spirit and are so uncontrollable.

  123. Time pass all these things good same as Israel having so much dialogs with palestineans. America also cheating both side. Let the Dogs bark Caravan is moving. Infact, 79% sinhalese living in Sri Lanka and right from the Independent Sri Lanka having democratic governments. See, out of 28 millions 60% Malays and 22% tamils in Malaysia where as in Sri Lanka 79% sinhalese (it was 85% 35 years back) 7.4% muslims, 6.4% Indian 4.9% Sri Lankan Tamils. This is facts and figures. Sri Lanka, parliament last election, out of 225 MPS 209 MPS are sinhalese. Same as USA senate and house of representatives control by white americans

  124. Jayalalitha knows where MGR also came from. MGR tea estate coolie who worked in Sri Lanka. She will give her utmost salute to MGR because of him Jayalalitha achieved to this level. She will respect to MGR vision

  125. Jayalalitha knows where MGR also came from. MGR tea estate coolie who worked in Sri Lanka. She will give her utmost salute to MGR because of him Jayalalitha achieved to this level. She will respect to MGR vision

  126. Sivananthan

    maga’s army of 24000 consisted of soldiers from orissa and mercenaries from tamilnadu and kerala.

  127. rahula

    Is it possible that the king of kings could become like mahinda the third who was chased out of the rajarata by rajaraja chola in the 10th century.


    Poor Sri lanka,
    Hereafter where to sell our maruthi, tata, leyland from sri lanka
    Our trade balance with India is so favorable, hereafter how could we improve it
    We are finding ample job opportunities from India, so what happened to our jobs in India
    Our people often caught in airport for smuggling gold from India hereafter from where we will smuggling gold
    Certainly is will be great loss to us
    Will call upon THENUWARA to do something

  129. Milinda has not been able to woo madam Jayalalithaa through Naidu. She is on the warpath against my country and President/King.

    Still it is not too late. The way to Madam Jayalaithaas heart is through her feet.Only I james Thenuwara am capable of focussing on her fair and lovely feet.

    give me a chance to lick her soles and suck her toes and shower kisses on her lotus feet. Let her trample me with her feet as I lie down on the ground when she gets in and out of her car.Let me roll in the dust where she walked and chant arohara to her

    At least ler me do this to Sinna madam Sashikala Natarajan first and madam Jayalaithaa next

    For Country and Mahinda I will lie forever at Jayalaithaas fair and lovely feet,eat her leftovers from plantain leaf and drink the water with which I wash her slippers and sandals

  130. Jayalalita maybe a strong lady. But Mahinda is also a strong man. Didn;t he decimated the ltte, who were termed as invincible ?.

    Historically ,India has been a soft country . Inumerable warlords have invaded india and ruled. There are hardly any kings or warlords of India, who have invaded other countries,let alone rule them. Even minnow like pakistan has attacked INDIA 3 TIMES. Even with high pressure from Jayalalita(which is unlikely), India is very unlikely to invade
    Srilanka , devide it and deliver the eelam to srilankan tamils on a golden plattar.(Liberation of Bangaladesh is an exception, but it is a very different case)

    Just one word from China, declaring that, it will consider any attack of India on Srilanka as an attack on China itself, India, in nano second, will put it’s tail firmly in between it’s legs and not meow for the next 200 years.

  131. Time pass for buttering her.Now Mahinda must follow James Thenuwara advice and worship her with flowers and fall at her feet and beg her not to harm him.Only then she will show mercy.

  132. DBS

    The stealth diplomacy by GOSL does not appear to be working with JJ.

    Today she delivered her toughest speech in the State assembly and passed a resolution calling the Central Govt. to impose economic sanction against Sri Lanka and to force UN to identify the war criminals.

    She has even mentioned the close relationship of the DMK leaders with MR including Kanimodhi visitng Sri Lanka, receiving gifts from him etc. and the drama enacted by Karunanithy during the final stages of the war.

    We know now why she is very angry with MR.

  133. Though jayalalitha is talking about crimes ,her tamilnadu govenrment doesn’t care about the rights or dignity of their own tamils.Policeman thrashing people with a club is a very common seen in tamilnadu.They just thrash anybody in roads.Can you imaging if this kind of thing happen in sri lanka ?,it will be headline in newspapers.


  135. That was also one of the reasons, but the war commenced in the november when the passes will be closed due to snow.

  136. Now both India and China are nuclear powers and they will not come to blow with each other. As far as Sri Lanka is concerned the china is more friendly with pakistan and the pakis have not benefitted out of their friendship with china when they needed it most.

    Let us wait and see why and how the china will come to aid of a little island like yours.

  137. Colin,

    I too can claim to have had Sinhalese friends, but that hardly qualifies as non-discriminatory. Only those classmates can claim or verify if they were treated differently, not you. Just take a look at the hierarchy of engineering organizations in SL today, including the Government sector, and tell me how many are Tamil speaking Lankans. Even those that had advanced to higher positions by the 80s were sent packing from the country with a well-organized and Govt sponsored riot. Are you still saying they were not discriminated? You are speaking of your own personal view of Tamils, which I trust to be fine and gentlemanly, but how about the general body of professionals?

  138. Yes, Sri lankans are very shy, especially, when they pick up swords to cut the heads off of Tamils during Govt, sponsored riots. I know because I saw them when they came for me. And they looked so cute, with their shy smiles..

  139. Just dropped by to see what was going in these pages – and yup, bullshit as usual..
    keep it going, guys.

  140. When the Central Govt is begging us to implement the FTA, Jayalitha wants trade sanctions.?

    This is the level of Economic Competence of the Tamil Naduans!

    Shanker’s advise on “Gingelly Oil” sounds promising, if the Diaspora consumes more and more to make up the shortfall.

  141. Colin,

    Please copy and paste on google the following link to obtain a bird’s eye view of the severity of discrimination widely prevalent on admissions to Universities in Sri Lanka.

    This based on the 17 th batch final results at Medical Faculty, University of Kelaniya, which shows not single Tamil student’s name. There are a handful of Muslims but the rest are Sinhalese. This is outrageously discriminatory but I do want express my good wishes to you and your family. You come out as an amazingly nice guy and so are the other common Sinhalese. I am only accusatory of your Sinhalese polity.

  142. When Swami Vivekananda went to the US a big industrialist wanted to impress him with technology and show what a simpleton the swami was. He took him to his cattle processing plant and showed him how a steer can be put through at one end and it comes out fully deskinned and cut into different parts and entrails all seperated at the other end.

    At the other end he asked the swamy,don’t you think it is marvelous.

    The swamy thought awile and said,”now why don’t you put all this parts through at this end and bring out the steer at that end”.

  143. mahesh

    If you attack srilanka,China will not come to the aid of srilanka because of EU+US,not because of india.Srilanka comes under the EU orbit of influence and you will make EU/US your enemy.

    You can always attack srilanka,but china will attack you.It will not send military to aid srilanka,but will use that godgiven opportunity to take your eastern states which it has always claimed as its own. If you go and check their schools and what they teach their children about assam etc,you may get a surprise.i don’t know,i’am just guessing.

    When china takes the 7 sisters the EU+US will not retrieve it for you.Of course they will make all the right noises condemning china,but the fact that you attacked a small country will go against you in the UN.You are on your own buddy,and can take it back yourself if you want them so badly.

    As for your nuclear weapons theory, if the abovementioned scenario happens are you going to lob a nuclear missile on shanghai or thereaten to do so.So according to you the chinese will immediatly withdraw their troops because they are terrified of a nuclear war with india.

    And who is going to press the nuclear button, because manmohan and sonia will be running to the bathroom most of the time.

  144. Also can milinda be trusted. Some people tell me that premature baldies cannot be trusted. Didn’t he jump from the UNP to SLFP?

  145. Jaffna Kings’ names were Para Rajasekaran and Jega Rajasekaran which was the name of Rajasekara Varma of Kerala.

    Magha came later.

    Further only Mahavansa mentions about Sena or Guththika or Elara. No Indian history talk about Elara.SENA and Guththika were Tamils?

    But Tamils totally reject Mahavansa but now they use the “info” in Mahavansa to make their foolish TAMIL claims!

    Sinhalese never say Tamil people never existed in Sri Lanka. Even the the Dutugemunu’s General was a Tamil Velu Sumana!

    In 1830 the Jaffna population was 128,000.

    So, it was possible for the 24,000 soldiers of Magha and other SINHALES existed in Jaffna to form the population. Further Magha never brought any woman. His soldiers had mixed with the exising Sinhalese of Jaffna.

    I think the later arrivals from Tamil Nadu and their difference with the original Jaffna residents created this Tamil Fiasco because Dutch East India company started Tamil education in their churches and those schools manned by converted Tamils from Tamil Nadu.

    So, you too accept Mahavansa at last!

  146. JJ has taken this SL Tamil issue because she wants to shutdown the mouths of others. Very soon she will over run all the propaganda and destroy Seeman and other gangs!

    She soon return to the Rajiv Gandhi Era once she destroyed the pro-Eelam gangs in TN!

  147. Srilankan economy currently growing at 8.5 % , Forecast for next 3 years between 6.5 to 7 % each year says the IMF.

    Not bad going when it was 3.5 % in 2009.

    Indian delegation in Srilanka has Odel and catch up visits to old mate on their agenda.according to the Hindustan Times.

    Mr Siripala de Silva says no chance for any entertainment for the LTTE rump in the next round of talks with the TNA.

    Mr Rambukwella tells the Foreign media , he only deals with the Central Govt.

    Are these signs of a Govt under siege from the Diaspora and Jayalitha?

    Northern Tamils didn’t have much respect for Indian Tamils for their lower caste and poverty.

    It is fascinating how the Diasporeans are begging the same Indian Tamils to deliver them Eelaam.

  148. I may be a Indian Tamil. But you are a sinhalese rascal hiding in a Tamil name.

    Can you define what a hindu name is? Do you mean a sanskrit name? Then Jayasuriya is a hindu name, Rajapakse is a hindu name. All SSTs have hindu names.

    Siva – root sanskrit word. Sivan, Sivanantham, Sivananthan, Sivakumaran are tamilized form of the root sanskrit word.

    You originated from Nallur and cleaning the toilet of SST. Just by having a Tamil name you can’t remain as a tamil. You should be a tamil in emotion.

    Smugglers of Hambantota are equally bad as the smugglers of VVT.

  149. The biggest community among the Indian Tamils by name ‘Vanniyars’ have the title Nayakkars. In north Tamil Nadu telugu speaking kammas and telugu speaking yadavas have the title ‘Naidu’ and not Nayakkar. Only in south Tamil Nadu kammas have the title Nayakkar. Nayaka is the original sanskrit word and all other forms like Nayak, Nayaka, Nayakar, Nayakkar, Naik, Naiker, Naicker, Naickan, Naiken, Nayakkan, Naidu, Nayudu or Naidoo are common titles used by various caste groups across the indian sub-continent. It is not only telugu people who use this NAYAK(KAR).

  150. Yes I accept with you 100%. Sinhalese terrorism is superior than tamil terrorism which was proved in the last days of Vanni war.

  151. The UN also used the head to come to that conclusion. Do you support that conclusion.


    I had asked the above question. Doesn’t it make any sense? Please give a reply Sir.

  152. A worry for srilanka is the kachativu issue. Jaya is dragging it up again.She wants kachativu back saying that it was given to srilanka in a ilegal manner without the tamilnadu parliament passing it.

  153. JHU is an ultra sinhala nationalist party. As ultra tamil nationalists, JHU too have the potential to become violent.

  154. Bandaranayake’s ancestor was a NEELAPERUMAL from Tamil Nadu. That is admitted by his niece Jasmine Gunaratne in her book “Relative Merrits”.

  155. Vaani means FOREST in PALI language. The TN Vanniyars bark that they are Pallavas, Nayaks and other ROYALS who ruled them That is a joke.

    In Sri Lankan VANNI was populated by Sinhala Kings of Anuradhapura with Malayalees to catch and train elephants.

    Tamil Nadu Vanniyar stories are full of jokes because they were brought to TN by Pallava rulers from Karnataka as farm laborers to work under VELLAALAS!

    In Tamil Nadu the TELUGU origin people are the only real NAYAKKAR and no body else!

  156. You are an Indian and cry about NAMES. Once India and SriLanka were HINDU dominated lands.

    Without any reason or fact you bark like a silly dog!

    What is “your” qualification to be a better TAMIL than me?

    A smuggler or a fisherman?

  157. Dr Manmohan Singhis paying a visit to Srilanka soon, to meet up with the President.

    Wonder whether MS Jayalalitha, the new pin up chick of the Diaspora will be in the delegation???????

  158. Sivananthan

    Neelaperumal sounds like a malayalee,not tamil name. There are many businesses in tiruvananthaapuram with perumal names.

  159. do not insult UN SG panel. They used ‘credible’ evidence not head or heart…

    how u twist the logic to your own end !

    Pick up the kite Darling !! GO fly it now…

  160. Sivananthan

    I suggest you look at this site.


    kalingha magha was the first king of jaffna kingdom.he did not come later as you claim.He goes as arya chakaravarthi vijaya kulankai cekeracasekeran (1).Cecerajasekeran and parrajasekeran are not names of kings but throne name titles that kept alternating during the reign.

    Also the arya chakaravarthis were not malayalees from kerala varma as you claim. They are from cevvirukkainadu which is in rameshwaram.

    All this is from the horses mouth the rightful ruler of the tamils His Royal highness Prince Remigius Kanagaraj,not the common thug prabhaharan who ruined the good name of the tamil people.If you want to dispute it and call him a malayalee you are welcome to contact him and do so without polluting this blog with your falsehoods,distorting history for your govt pals who are the real keralites.

    As for your contention that sena and guttika don’t sound tamil names,you can be assured they were tamils.Names can be changed easily but your race sticks to you unless you can also erase history. Maybe guttika has now become demela huttika putha.

    If you say indian history does not talk about elara,why should it.he was a chola prince who came from there and stayed here.he did not go back like raja raja chola.He therefore becomes paart of our history not indian history,because he has not contributed anything to it.He did not rule srilanka from india,but was maybe an insignificant prince there who made it big here. Sena and guttika were also some insignificant tamil chiefs there.Some even say they were only horse dealers. This is 2300 yeras ago my friends,when people would not hve even kept any records. We must be thankful to the mahavamsa to at least give us a glimpse into our history. It may not be the gospel truth but something is always better than nothing. And also why would the people writing it lie to us.what do they gain by telling that a tamil king ruled srilanka for 44 years. And what do they gain by writing about how vijaya came to the island.

    as for your contention that 24000 soldiers of magha could constitute jaffna ancestry because the ensus was 130000,i don’t know whether you are reading what i write.I told you that he came with mercenarires from tamilnadu and kerala and also soldiers from orissa. Let us assume half were from orissa,then it is 12000.Let us say another half died in battle,then it is 6000. So 6000 ancestors out of 130000 descendents which is about 5 percent you say could constitute ancestry of jaffna people.That means jaffna people and sinhalese descendents of vijaya are the same according to you.

    And for your information the soldiers did not mix with the existing sinhalese women in jaffna because when magha attacked their was a exodus of the sinhalese from the rajarata to the south acccording to the mahawamsa.

  161. Sivananthan

    In the first census of jaffna done by the casiechetty in 1830 the madapallis were only 16%,but you are right that was a majority.It baffles me how could 16 % be a majority.

    However casiechetty made a mistake of thinking madapalli are a caste.They are not.they are a class.

    The raja and kumara madapallis are are the madapallis with royal blood in them.There are also the sangu madapallis who are of madapalli class but not connected to royalty..Then there are the charaku madapallis who just bought titles from the portuguese and became madapalli class.So you see that is how the census got inflated by these charaku madapallis and the madapallis were never a caste.However you are right that the madapallis,except for the charaku ones can trace their lineage to a southern part of orissa called madapalli.

    With the bogus charaku ones if they were 16% in 1830,then the original madapalli class from orissa would have been less than half, about 5 %.So according to you 5% in 1830 would be the original ancestors of the tamils in jaffna.There is some orissan blood in tamils in jaffna,like the orissan blood in sinhalese,but it is confined to the royal house of vijaya and its associates in the sinhalese, and the royal house of the ganga dynasty and its associates in the tamils, which are only a small proportion of the total and cannot be considered as ancesterial for the average commoner among the sinhalese or tamils.

    Get a life man.

  162. Then why no body uses the surname ‘NAYAKKAR’ in Andhra Pradhesh? Nayak related sur names are used mainly by Kammas, Kapus and Yadavas of Andhra. None of them use the surname Nayakkar. They use naidu, rao and chowdhry.

    Popular vanniar surnames are Nayakkar (Chennai Region), Padayatchi (Thiruchirappali region) and Kounder (Salem region, not kongu velala kounders of Coimbatore region to which Muthiah Muralidharan belong)).

    By the way you say that everybody barks. I thing you are suffering from rabies. Please consult a doctor.

  163. TRN

    The 1974 agreement conceded fishing rights to the tamilnadu fisherman.Fortunately in 1977 another agreement was signed withdrawing the fishing rights. The original agreement giving fishing rights was stupid. You might as well not have kachativu.The fact that india was under emergency rule at that time the second agreement was signed is immaterial to the legality of the agreement. Two governments have signed,that is enough. Looks like we are firmly in the box seat here and i don’t think jaya can do anything about it legally.If you chuck out this agreement,then you will have to chuck out the sirima shastri pact too,which is favourable to the tamils in the plantations getting citizenship.

  164. In this particular case, of contest between, strong man and strong woman(JJ & MR) , I will bet my money on the srong man, as has proved himself.

  165. James,

    I am disgusted to even to reply your writings. You may be ready to eat Sasikala and Jayalalita’s shit and drink their urine, do you really think, they are fools to go very soft on Srilanka and risk their vote bank and in turn loose thier power in Tamil nadu ? Either you are a moron or have some sort of sexual but harmless disorder.

  166. maran, u are an idiot to cal periyar a manipulator. Though he belonged to naiacker caste, he helped lower class ppl like dalits to enter into temple. Understand the reality before commentin on leaders. If not for him, tamilnadu would ve been a place of dalit discrimination as it is present in todays northern india.

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