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Actress Vijayalakshmi alleges director Seeman had a 3 year love affair with her

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By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Film actress Vijayalakshmi has complained to Police that film director Seeman had jilted her after having an affair& promising to marry her.

Vijayalakshmi who stays with family in Chennai met the City Police commissioner JK Tripathy personally & lodged her complaint against Seeman.

She alleged in her complaint that she & Seeman had a 3 year intimate love affair promising to marry her & that he was now refusing to do so.

Vijayalakshmi alleged deceit, fraud & breach of promise offences against Seeman & urged the Police to take immediate legal action against him.

South Chennai Joint police commissioner Shanmugarajeswaran instructed Valasaravakkam Inspector Jeevanantham to inquire into the complaint.

Vijayalakshmi has acted in many Kannada films. Her debut in Tamil was with Surya in “Friends”. Her last Tamil film was “Bas Endra Baskaran”.

Seeman who is also the president of the popular political organization “Naam Thamilar Iyakkam (We Tamil movement)has denied the allegation.

Seeman described the complaint as false & a conspiracy with the ulterior motive of damaging his good name &tarnishing his political image.

While Seeman refused to answer media inquiries his lawyer Chandrasekaran said that Police was yet to contact Seeman regarding the complaint.

Chandrasekaran said that Vijayalakshmi had met Seeman only once when she requested assistance about her sister’s divorce. He had helped her.

Chandrasekaran said that he himself had provided assistance in the matter as Seeman had requested him to help. There was no further contact.

Seeman was planning to marry a war affected Sri Lankan Tamil woman & permission had been obtained from parents revealed lawyer Chandrasekaran.

The lawyer alleged a conspiracy to tarnish Seeman’s political stature &spoil his marriage plans&that Seeman will deal with the issue legally.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on Twitter by DBS Jeyaraj

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  1. Good for Vijayalakshmi. Its time these high profile cheats like Seeman are effectively challenged. What a playboy!

  2. this is a dirty trick to disrupt Seeman annan’s wedding. Somebody has put this woman up to this. This is not the first time she has made charges like this

  3. I smell a RAW deal here . The agency wants to destroy Seeman politically. So they get this actress to stage a drama just before Seeman gets married. What a RAW deal

  4. LTTE invested millions in Tamil Nadu under the supervision of Thamil Selvan.

    Seeman knows it well. Further he expects SL men/women will be deported soon. So, he can be the owner of those LTTE wealth!

  5. Oh I love that… Robbing Tamil Terrorist Diaspora is very profitable, and the Canadian, British, French amd US lawmakers have been doing that for years.

    I think injuns also should be allowed… no harm there.

    But if the westerners still want more cash (it these tough times) they can get by digging into background and ACCOUNTS OF ANY ORGANIZATION THAT HAS ‘TAMIL’ AS PART OF IT.

    Be it charities, trust funds, associations, organizations (e.g. BTF, TFO, WTF, OMFT, TNT, MUTT, RAT… etc.), schools, et al.

    It’s like digging into El Dorado… So don’t delay… CALL TODAY!

  6. I have to agree with this comment. Congress lost becasue of Seeman, with Seeman in TN Politics, it is difficult for Congress to…..
    It make sense!

    Smart Sivananthan

  7. hello

    if he had an affair so what?

    he hasn’t raped her has he?

    so what is the fuss about?

    don’t people engage in affairs?

    after all it’s natural,pleasural and an enjoyable experience isn’t it?

    and, do every couple who had an affair end up in marriage?

    this is if he had an affair!

    there are two sides to a story, so we wait and see what is the seeman’s side of the story?

    no matter what as long as seeman didn’t do anything illegal we the “TAMIL DIASPORA” world over

    will support all the way!

  8. rajapaksa is a murderer every sinhalese know it!

    so why are they so quiet?

    is it because he only killed the demalas?

    after all demilas don’t have any right and they don’t belong here in ceylon isn’t it?

    according to mahavamsa tamils need to be chased from ceylon am i right?






  10. Legitimate or not ………Seeman is not to be trusted.
    I have seen his Naam Thamilar propaganda DVD and some of the things he says makes one to think how sincere this guys is.

    First we had VP hoodwinking the diaspora and now this guy……..


  11. D.B.S. Jeyaraj,

    I was puzzled when I saw the tweet bundles on Seeman. But now I can see why.double whammy!pity very few understand your depth & seeming simplicity

  12. I am sure this is a plot of those Sinhalese thugs with their Mahavamsa mindset – trying to distroy the reputation of a good Tamil freedom fighter. Most probably somebodie’s human rights has been violated in this and this needs to be brought to the attention of the UN asap.

  13. ANKODA when you stated to robing Tamils? Since 58? 77? 83? ….now you angry because you cannot rich Diasparo Tamil, isn’t it?

  14. I heard Seeman is real ladies man. This woman one of his many close pals. must have given false promise.now he is in hot water

  15. In the entertainment industry it is part of the business. Some one asked Whitney Houston about losing her virginity she said it part of doing business. So what, sex is fun and a woman is like musical instrument. Why do these guys make mistakes when it can be bought for few dollars. Some one asked we need red light area in Toronto and one councillor said the whole of Toronto is red light area. Even the priests and some of the popes are doing it. Colombo has 50,000 sex workere more than the tourists. Take it easy guys. she did not get pregnant, did she? There are surgical procedures to regain the virginity and hence your chastity.

  16. Come on, Sinhalese thugs are only out to kill common citizens. Read what Fonseka had to say that his life is under threat.

  17. chelliah says:
    June 2, 2011 at 1:57 pm
    rajapaksa is a murderer every sinhalese know it!

    so why are they so quiet?

    is it because he only killed the demalas?

    after all demilas don’t have any right and they don’t belong here in ceylon isn’t it?

    according to mahavamsa tamils need to be chased from ceylon am i right?

    I fully agree with you . According to old littérateur meaning of DEMALA was not same as modern meaning. They called the invaders as DEMALA.
    If you kindly go through the book RAAJAAWALIA. Even PORTUGUESE named as DEMALA.

    This definition has continuous value.
    It is depend upon on YOU.

    If you have invading mind you are certainly DEMALA.
    If you have friendly mind you are certainly DAMILA.


  18. When seeman is going to tie the knot vijayalukshmi will come and disrupt the wedding. She will shout”stop.stop the wedding.i’am the rightful bride”.Then she will narrate her story. Seeman will deny it and tell the guests that RAW had put her upto this.When seeman’s goondas try to take her out RAW goondas will charge in,but seeman will hit all of them for a six. Then he will calmly continue the wedding and the ex LTTE bride will also be happy that she has married a true heir to prabhaharan.

    Seeman’s semen is a demon to some women but not to others.

  19. Mr Chelliah defending Mr Seemen is understandable.

    But to betray the single virtue of late Mr Prabakaran is pretty harsh.

    Mr Prabakaran wouldn’t let his loyal troops even, to root around unless they sign on the dotted line first.

    For countries like India and Srilanka chastity is a virtue.

    Here Mr Chelliah on behalf of the whole Diaspora, gleefully condones Mr Seemen spreading his stuff around.

    May be Mr Chelliah has embraced the Western life styles to a tee.

    Had Mr Prabakaran been around, Mr Chelliah’s ass would have been grass ????


  20. What a beautiful Woman!!!!!

    Then again, didn’t some say the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?

  21. Dear DBSJ

    I feel, Seeman may have some good intentions towards Tamils, but not all his actions need to be reported as these are his personal flirtations

    Around few days ago I read KP was talking about lethargy from the Indian Side in helping the Srilankan Tamils. Perhaps he also knows that the Indian Administrative Machinery feels that keeping the Srilankan Tamils in an economically deprived situation and prolonging that as long as possible would pre-empt any attempt from SL Tamils in reviving the Militancy.

    The Problem is the Indian Administration does not understand the India loving Tamils (rather than Dravida Nadu loving Tamils) who did not come forward during the last two and half decades feel thoroughly cheated by this action from the Indian Side and may not keep quiet any longer.

  22. Do you know one thing?
    The term sinhalese or singalavan refers to a group of nomadic tribes who can’t accept another linguistic group and who are religious fanatics.

    It seems that M.Sivananthan (most probably a sinhalese rascal hiding in a tamil name) is very much interetsed in sinhalese language and buddhist culture. Why can’t you make him the president of Sri Lanka as a gesture? Then you can include M.Sivananthan also in your long list who became VIPs by betraying mother tongue and culture.

  23. You are right. If any thing with TAMIL, it is a looting enterprise of Tamils. Prabhakaran’s wife, Daughter and their Pungudutheevu relatives are happily sit on a 500 million Euro fortune in UK and Denmark!

    TRO Chief Reggie has invested in South Africa and his wife is a resident in S/Africa. If anyone dig little further you all will find why South Africans from Navi Pillai to Jasmine Sooka has interest over Sri lankan Tiger terrorists!

  24. She is right, she has accompanied him many times in public. But its his personal life. Do we really need to dig at this?

  25. This is typical Indian film be it bollywood or kollywood. We had boy and girl. Now we have the jealous ex. Who is villain, the joker etc etc………..

  26. What is wrong if Seeman had an affair with an actress or actresses? If President Bill Clinton can have an affair with a girl younger than his daughter, and majority supported him as that of his personal matter, what is wrong if someone from Film Industry have an affair with someone? It is his personal matter. It is not a crime against humanity. Why we bother? She loved him…she ssys that. He didn’t love her…we understand it. She is complaining…he is suing her. We have nothing to comment here…let us just watch to see what is unfolding…
    Even if he had an affair with her he is not guilty…if Priests can have affairs, if Swamijis can have affairs. if Presidents can have affairs what is wrong if people from cine field have affairs?

  27. So what is next.It is funny the woman should make a big issue out of this.She enjoyed it for 3 years and now it is time for both of them to move on.She must be set up by someone or some body who is angry with the emergence of Tamils.It smacks of 18th century morality rules which have no place in the 21st century.I say my support is with Seeman.

  28. Oh God. I am now relieved.

    I always had a soft corner for this beautiful actress, Vijayalakshmi, and have told my parents to initiate the marriage process.

    Whether she had an affair with Seeman or this is just just her fantacy or she is under RAW’s influence, I do not really care.

    I am on my white horse to rescue this beauty.




  30. the website called tamil.cnn has copied your tweet bundle on Seeman & his wife to be &posted on site without any reference to you DBS. Did you see that?


    No. But this happens all the time. Many Tamil sites and even newspapers/journals use the material from my work extensively without attributing it to me. The LTTE/pro LTTE sites do so on the one hand and attack me on the other

  31. RAW consiracy??? Seeman is a failed director with a following of a few 100 jokers. The Indian govt has greater worries than a rabble rouser like Seeman. The pro LTTE lobby is hopelessly self centred and disconnected from reality

  32. She is beautiful. No doubt. But have you mistook her for the Vijayalakshmi Adhithyan. One of my fav beauty. But I like that beauty S. Gamage. But she is the fav of your crown Prince. I will just adore her. I wish best of luck for that S. Gamage and your crown Prince.

  33. You too Ankoda need serious treatment! why did you left Banki moon ,other 3 panel members, Balraj family,Theepan family,Nadesan family,col Ramesh family..etc?


  35. Seeman was not mentioned in media all these days but suddenly they have taken a keen interest – albeit a malevolent one. I wonder why.

    Did he have something to do with the trouncing of DMK & Congress in TN?

    No heavy weight has accepted that but is circulating the “scandal” an indirect way of admitting the damage he caused ?

  36. Wow, here is another Chelliah mate condoning Tamil men cheating on Tamil women.

    Aren’t these the same guys who used to follow the strict code of practice of their leader, specially the order not to have sex with Tamil female cadres?

    How is it then that you are joining hands with your Chelliah mate to let a poor women (not literally of course) to be conned by another Tamil ( Is he? ).

    What guarantee is there that the Ex LTTE woman cadre who is getting laid now will not face the same fate?

    Is she in the entertainment trade too?

    Or is she in a Red Light district ,similar to the ones that you seem to be very familiar with in both Toronto and Colombo???

    Would you make the same statements if she is your Sister or Daughter?

  37. Tamil Elaam project, for Tamil Terrorist Diaspora, in their view, is a fun, money making project.

    Some violate women, some do drugs, some create Elaam songs, some collect funds, some drive luxury cars using stolen money, some do credit cards, others do debit cards, some rob western governments, some sell arms, some recruit and sodomize child soldiers, and some others do movies for Channel 4!

    Oh I forgot to mention about most interesting… mass TTD groups holding hands and jumping onto Canadian highways, full of traffic!

    Real fun, man… real fun!

  38. You seem to reply to every article on this web-site makes me wonder whether you are a Sri-Lankan government paid military man, masquerading in a Tamil person’s name?

    If that’s so, it’s cheap.

    Also, seems like having lots of free time in your hand, don’t work?

    I have been reading comments on this website for a long time now but, didn’t come across any Tamils attacked the LTTE the way you do, why????

    In my opinion you are not a Tamil person.

  39. Lal:
    During the UNP time Tamils like me had no chance of attacking LTTE because UNP was the partner of LTTE. Now the scene changed a lot!

    Why do you think “all the Tamils are Tigers”?

  40. When Tamils were Buddhists, there were Silappathikaram, Manimekalai and many other Tamil ancient literary works came into existance. SANGAM Literature is part of Tamil Buddhist past!

    Sinhala is a language available in Sri Lanka only. Tamils behave like nomads.

    I think you are a Karayan. That is why your low caste mentality dont allow to think about the real TAMIL CULTURE!

  41. Seeman gang now cry that Jayalalitha’s victory is theirs. JJ never tolerate and she will nail Seeman for ever! She already distanced the CINEMA GANGS.

  42. After 3 years of affair with seeman,vijayaluckshmi is looking even younger and more beautiful. Could it be possible that seeman’s semen has some unique antioxidant properties that keeps women beautiful and eternally young looking. If so seeman should spit it out so that others also can benefit without keeping it secret and becoming a selfish seeman.He should take a cue from morarji desai who told his secret to longetivity that resulted in millions of indians benefiting,including karunathithi.

  43. Seeman sown his seeds in a beautiful TN field, for three years. Now he wants to sow in Srilankan soil. What is wrong with that ?

  44. can you tell me nirupama how you came to a conclusion that seeman is a cheat.the concerned lady has had history of problems.she had an affair with a kannada actor and then had an affair with a tamil serial assistant director.as far as i infer under which section can seeman be jailed or arrested?having affair cant be seen as a violative of law or for that matter even further it cant be considered as violative of law.as long as two persons are major.seeman has been under the radar for past two years ever since congress was at his receiving end for supporting gosl.i hope seeman comes out of this congress made controversy unscathed.

  45. That photo appears to be an old one. See the Baas engira Bhaskaran. There she is big pumpkin like and appears aged.

  46. She might have slept with many people and so is Seeman. That means they were having a jolly time together.

  47. lol, here comes another antique from MandaiKalanda Sivananthan, dude stay within the topic. you have become a comedy piece on this blog. i hope you realize that.

  48. Ha Ha. At the end of the day Western “Culture” is Different and India is different. Cannot believe that what level you will stoop to malign government agencies. You think RAW has no work than throwing mud at some out of market so called director.

  49. It is well known that Seeman had an affair with vijayalakshmi from the time she acted in his “Vaalthukal” film. I think he ditched her to get married to Yarlmathy. But Vijayalakshmi is not ready to let go that easily.

  50. Mahesh says:
    June 4, 2011 at 12:47 pm
    She might have slept with many people and so is Seeman. That means they were having a jolly time together.
    Are you a real real INDIAN who insulting to your own femail like this way?

  51. Before I take my journey over the great beyond and whilst I am having the required Legroom, I must date a tamil woman and also have an intimate affair with her. I am sure it will be an experience worth the effort and that will make more intellectual too.

    Please do not feel that I am degrading Tamil women. By the way, I am a Sinhalese and a Buddhist.

    Oh! this Seeman is a seaman who does not deposit his semen when he sails into safe harboour 🙂

  52. Sivananthan

    Your pals in the government say that they are dead,but you say they are in denmark.Are we to believe you or the GOSL.Are you saying the GOSL are liars?Then are they lying about zero casualties in the war?

    I believe if you read DBSJ’s article on the last days of prabhaharan,he confirms that their bodies were found nearby. Are you saying that DBSJ does not get his facts right?Then why are you commenting so much on his blog if that is your regard for him.

    Either respect him or butt out of his blog. I’am sure you may find so many other sites suitable for you.Why come here and dispute what he has said to us.

    This is not the first time you are telling this story.Also you said seeman is a malayalee and DBSJ has to refute that too. Then you said prabha’s father was a malayalee and in dbsj’s article on him he clearly said he was a tamil who came from kerala.

    So stop going on telling lies here just like vaiko saying parabha is alive. When DBSJ says he is dead,he is dead. We have confidence in him and that is why we are in his blog so long. If you don’t have confidence and your principal motive here is to spread lies then kindly fuck off somewhere else and comment all you want without misleading people with disinformation.


    Shankar,There is some confusion.I have never said Prabhakaran’s father Velupillai was a Malayalee or that he was from kerala. I have stated that he is from the illustrious “Thirumeni”family of Valvettithurai who are the hereditary trustees of VVT sivan temple

  53. Sivananthan

    Aren’t you also karayan?You are certainly not vellala?And for your information karayar are not low caste. They are equal in caste to the vellala in south india though numerically less in srilanka than them. They have inhabited the coastal areas of andra,tamilnadu and kerala and are seafaring people. The karayar became karawe when assimilated by the sinhalese. Fonseka is also a karawe.The karayar have been traditionaly in the armed forces and many of them were military commanders and even sometimes the rulers.So for you they are low caste while the farmers are high caste. Both were equally respected. Get your facts right you idiot before spewing these as usual misinformation on this blog.

  54. Indian laws are not the same as in USA! Further affairs with others is not a crime but the followups,intimidations, and promises are the problems!

  55. DBSJ

    I have stated as follows

    [in dbsj’s article on him he clearly said he was a tamil who came from kerala.]

    So i am not telling yu said he was a malayalee. It was sivananthan in a stupid comment somewhere said so.Also he said MGR was not born in kandy when we all know he did.His deliberate misinformation campaighn was beginning to annoy me.Hesaid someone was not fromthe east also when he was.

    As for coming from kerala,i must have made a mistake.Someone on this blog did say he came from there and settled in jaffna and married parvathi,but if it was not you must be someone else. Sorry for that.After all kerala must be having many tamils too as tamilnadu also has many malayalees.


    No problem Shankar. Historically migration to Sri Lanka was from both the coromandel and Malabar coasts. Both the Sinhala and Tamil people have a very strong Malayala element in them.For instance our cooking styles of using coconut liberally are more akin to Kerala than Tamil Nadu.I hope the time will come when our scholars and social scientists can research into this Kerala connection freely and dispassionately

  56. mahesh

    If what you say is true it warrants a UN investigation into weapons of mass destruction.Ban ki moon should send navaneetham pillai to check seeman to see whether he has any concealed weapons like saddam. If she starts turning into a big pumpkin,we have the proof and seeman should be despatched to the hague to join those two yugoslav nutters.

  57. mahesh

    Why i tell this is because if a ravishing beaty like vijayaluckshimi can be changed into a big pumpkin by seeman in 3 years then it is a serious matter here.What if millions of beautiful women are becoming big pumpkins because they are pumped full of semen by the likes of seeman,then the world will be full of unhappy women.It is destroying beauty and is a weapon of mass destruction of sorts.These type of people should identified and quickly castrated so that beautiful women will continue to have this god given asset.

  58. When Seeman was in Holland he went to red light districts with a cap on and wearing thick overalls on. We have the videos

  59. shanky jey would not have said that praba is a mallu.but one woman from kollam in kerala claimed that velupillai was her uncle who migrated to yaypanam.surprising thing is vellupillai was very much alive at that time in srilankan army camp.media gave some publicity to her but afterwards it was never a news.the canard that prabas father was a mallu and he migrated from kerala has been circulating for some time.this is nothing but an attempt to show that tamils as a whole who are residing in north and east are not indigenous.it is not borne out of truth.interestingly a.raja who has been jailed for corruption charges has got a srilankan connection.his father was working in srilankan plantations and afterwards he came back to his ancestral place in permbalur and i believe that perambalur and ariyalur districts have a significant chunk of population whose forefathers worked in srilankan plantations.another interesting fact is raja is member of parliament from nilgiris which has got a significant chunk of srilankan tamil plantation workers who became refugees as a result of srimavo shastri accord in 1960s.they are still living there.naturally they voted for their own kinsmen lol in last parliamentary elections .

  60. M. Sivanathan.. If you are like one of those Sinhala Politicos thinking everyone in UN is being bribed by ‘Tiger terrorist diaspora’ why not Rajapaksa clan use some of the kickbacks they are getting from all the business from China to locals? plus some of white van ransoms got from Colombo business people. ? And use this to buy some credible way ro counter diaspora lies.

    After all SL getting a bad name and if they really care about the country tell them to put up serious lobbying instead of depending on ignorance of supporters and cronies overseas to do this for GoSL.

  61. Yogesh Karayalar says:
    June 3, 2011 at 4:06 am

    The term sinhalese or singalavan refers to a group of nomadic tribes who can’t accept another linguistic group and who are religious fanatics.

    In Jaffna they they preventing entering into covil to parse the god.
    In Jaffna they they preventing they preventing entering in to houses and did not give single water drop.

  62. I hope you have some Karayan blood! That is why you bark so much with FALSE information. Karayans are always low caste in the Tamil and Sinhala society.

    Karayans are the first people cooperated with the WHITE invaders. That means TRAITORS of Sri Lanka as well as India.

    I know well how Karayans try to EQUATE themselves with VELLALAS. In the CASTE ladder Karayans are not only lower to Vellalas but to many other castes.

    Prabhakaran was not a Karayan but lived with karayans and pickedup their criminal ways. Later he was destroyed.

  63. Sivananthan

    I don’t care what blood i have as long as it is human. My views on caste is well known as i have adapted to the 21st century while you are still a couple of hundreds years behind me.

    You did not answer me whether you are vellala?Once i remember my mother talking to someone and overheard her saying she was vellala. Don’t know about my father,because we were never interested in this rubbish.I suppose in canada also you must be talking to the whites about your caste.They must be quite bemused and amused.People like you must be quite out of place there in a first world counry with third world mindset.

    As for srilankan society considering karayan as low caste you may be right. That is why we had JVP and LTTE insurrections because they do not accept that and want to get back their historical status.Unlike you i do my research before writing on this blog. Please read about what they were in india,not what the numerically strong vellalas and govigama made them out to be in srilanka in order to keep them out of the ruling class intead of sharing power with them.

    Again you give misinformation that they were the first to collabarate with whites. I ‘am tired of going on correcting you because this is not my only job like you on the dole or something in canada.The karayar were the ones who fought hard against the portuguese and many of them were killed in the process and may be the reason they are now so few.Their counterparts the karawe took the opposite stance and became high officials during portugeuse rule and many also adopted portuguese names.This might have been because the govigama’s had treated them so badly,but in the case of tamils the karayar were the dominant caste in the military and other areas when the portuguese arrived.

    As for prabha not being a karayar according to you,if i’am not mistaken DBSJ in his article about him and his father said they were karayar.So full stop there.

  64. Can any one produce the birth certificates of MGR and Veluppillai?

    In the seventies my friends and me checked in Kandy Kachcheri and found no trace of RAMA SANTHAR or Ramchchandran.

    Dont try to fool others!

  65. Prabhakaran’s family temple dont allow other low castes.One Kanaga Manoharan who hails from VVT was beaten by his Karayan relatives for advocating temple entry for lower castes. He is still alive in Canada.

    In Kandian areas low country Sinhalese cannot get a drop of water. I experienced it on a VESAK day in the seventies.

  66. Chandrabahu

    He must have got sick of the local women in tamilnadu asking him when he will marry them the moment he unzipped.He needed a break in holland.

  67. In Tamil Nadu the PARAWAS a fishing caste completely converted to Catholic Caste during the Portugeuse rule. Many of the Colombo, and the Western and North Western province people are the descendents of these Parawas and now they are Sinhalese. They and other Malayala descendants are the first people to attack Tamils during any communal riot in Sri Lanka!

    Further Veluppilai and his father came to VVT during the TILE imports from Mangalore. VVT boat men were running their boats to Kerala coasts those days.

    I challenge this matter. Can any one in VVT tell they are brother or sister or cousins of Thiruvengadam who was the father of Veluppillai?. Thiruvengadam married a VVT woman in order to get permanant residency. Thousands of Malaylees did this because of the problems created by A.E.Goonasinghe against Malayalee workers.

    Further Prabhakaran’s mother belong to Nagalinga Mudali of Pt.Pedro. Mudalis are not Karayans!

  68. I think this Lady vijayalakshmi has a heart that is as beautiful as her face.I think seeman has treated her badly.But since he is going to marry one of our girls from Sri Lanka I wish him well.

    As for Vijayalakshmi who as got a raw deal from Seeman all I can do is ask her to forgive the director and let him go free so he can marry Yarlmathy.

    I seek the magnanimity of Vijayalakshmi in this matter and beseech her to forgive Seeman.

    I am ready to fall at Vijayalakshmi’s feet and pay pooja to her pretty ,pedicured toes with my lips.

    I am ready to wet her flower petal soles with my tongue

    If Vijayalakshmi will accept my homage by placing her feet on my head in the sand I will be a happy man. I think her flowery feet must be as beautiful as her moon like face. I will be most joyful if she even kicks me with her golden lotus foot

  69. sivananthan

    You cannot assume that those who come from kerala are malayalees. Lots of tamils also will reside in kerala same as lot of malayalees will reside in tamilnadu.

    I think SJV Chelvanayakams father came from malaysia. Now you will say he was a malay.

  70. Also find out whether seeman was the only person responsible for this or if many others also have a hand in this vijayalakshmi becoming a pumpkin.

    Whatever you say, only one vijayalakshmi is there in my mind and that is none other than that great, marylyn munroe of the tamils that sex goddess of the south….silk smitha.

    Now vidya balan is doing the role of silk in her biographical movie. Where is silk and where is vidya balan.

    Only silk smitha can act in her movie as silk smitha and none else can do that.

    It is better we made some CG movie with silk acting in her role.

  71. Do you want me swear, vijayalakshmi didn’t sleep with many people to prove my patriotism. Shankar…Shankar…where are you. Please come to my rescue.

  72. This woman looks not only beautiful but also very pleasant too. I think seeman is making a mistake in ditching her.I also think she would have one day regretted marrying him. It is all for the best where she is concerned.

  73. mahesh

    I think you are obsessed with silk smitha the way thenuwara is obsessed with dainty feet.

    Vijayalucksmy in the picture given by DBSJ radiates not only beauty but other qualities too. That is why i’am impressed with her.Beauty is only skin deep after all.Always look at the eyes of a person.The eyes are like a window through which you can look into a room and see what is in there.This woman would have been a good wife for a good man.She may have had a couple of affairs earlier and got played out by trusting men too much.That does not mean she is a slut.It is the men that do that to her who are the types that use people and then move on to use some more.To use others for own benefit is a universal human trait that is prevalent not only where affairs are concerned,but in all other matters.

  74. mahesh

    coming,coming man.I think she had only 2 affairs before this.A beautiful girl like that would have been much sought after all.I don’t think we can jump to conclusions that she slept with many men as you claim.

    Always to the rescue,thats my motto.(for a damsel in distress,i mean)

  75. mahesh

    I don’t my being a traitor to anything,but not to my gender.I’am not a gender bender as balu albert claimed.Wonder where he is, not seen him for a long time.

  76. Anonymouse

    At last praise for prabhaharan from the sinhalese. They have short memories indeed as he claimed. May the devas bless you.

  77. Yogesh

    Sivananthan is unable to answer my question about his caste, but is lavish in talking derogatorily about the karayans as low caste etc. This is like the crow being the proudest bird.

  78. Shankar
    ‘Finally you have proved that you are not only a racist bout also a caste fanatic’. This reply was to Sivanantham. I think I have wrongly typed it as a response to you. If so I am sorry.

  79. Shankar

    Let us not get induced by caste related comments of M.Sivanantham. I don’t have faith in casteism.

  80. TN people always want to see non-Tamil faces in their cinema. It is hard to see any TAMIL girl in a Tamil Cinema! What is the TAMIL problem of accomodating Tamil women in Cinema? Color may be the reason!

  81. You tell your caste. Then I will answer!

    Chelvanayakam’s father went to Malaysia from Sri Lanka. Dont you know it?

    I know well how the fishermen are treated in TN society.

  82. As the saying, Kaittha maram than kaladi padum (the tree with fruits get stoned)… Seeman’s campaign may not have brought victory to JJ, but it definitely brought congress down to 5 seats in TN…

    “Polygamy is illegal in India for Hindus and other religious groups under the Hindu marriage Act. It remains legal for Muslims…” Is this why Mr. Karunanity claims himself as atheist and Tamil(s) savior to get away from legal system! If that is so, then he is indeed brilliant to cheat the legal system to become CM for 5 times.

    I highly doubt Seem has any affairs with her, but hey he is also a man. There is no issue in having affairs but if he did he should accept it. No harm in accepting and much better than cheating both girls. “pen pavam polathathu…” I believe if there is anything, Seeman would openly acknowledge it.

  83. This bastard SEEMAN you know he plays all the little innocent tamil actresses and female fans. Also takes revenge on people very harshly. Very bad roudy man. Bad character. Disgraceful.

  84. We always support Mr seeman- how is the real fighter for the Tamil people, none of these critisism like this will not spoil his iamge among Tamil people, we know what kind of person SEEMAN Is.

    behind these commend -congress may work, But the name & fame of seeman will grow like any thing, We Us a tamilan’s proud to have seeman as a Tamilan- Leader of NAMTAMILAR eykam..

    with great passion, love & affection towards” ANNAN SEEMAN”
    BELOVED tamilan.R.kathir.Msc.,IT.

  85. We always support Mr seeman- how is the real fighter for the Tamil people, none of these critisism like this will not spoil his iamge among Tamil people, we know what kind of person SEEMAN Is.

    behind these commend -congress may work, But the name & fame of seeman will grow like any thing, We Us a tamilan’s proud to have seeman as a Tamilan- Leader of NAMTAMILAR eykam..

    with great passion, love & affection towards” ANNAN SEEMAN”
    BELOVED tamilan.R.kathir.Msc.,IT.

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