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Tamil Nadu film director Seeman will marry a Sri Lankan Tamil woman soon

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Tamil film director & leader of “We Tamil movement” Sebastian Simon now known as “Senthamilan Seeman” will marry a sri Lankan Tamil woman soon.

Seeman’s bride to be is the widow of LTTE leader Muthukumaru Soundarakrishnan/Lt.Col Anbumani killed on November 2nd 2007 at Kilinochchi.

Lt.Col Anbumani a.k.a Alex was a skilled photographer & was a senior deputy to former LTTE political commissar Suppiah Paramu Thamilselvan.

Both Thamilselvan&Anbumani were bombed to death in an aerial attack by the Sri Lankan Air Force at Thiruvaiaaru in Kilinochchi on 02-11-2007.

Anbumani had got married to a beautiful young tiger cadre attached to the Arts & Culture division of the LTTE just 4 months prior to his death.

Alex’s wife continued to be in the LTTE &worked in TV &Radio. After the LTTE debacle in May 2009 she surrendered to the army & was detained.

The film director-actor & head of “Naam Thamilar Iyakkam”(We Tamil movement)Sebastian Seeman heard of her plight & arranged for her release.

A hefty bribe was paid to a Tamil para-military organization aligned to the SL govt. Mrs.Soundarakrishnan was released & sent off to India.

She lived in Tamil Nadu under the benign protection of Seeman who made arrangements for her to be looked after even during his imprisonment.

Seeman had first met her when he conducted a workshop in film studies in the Wanni after being invited by LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Seeman who was a bachelor had indicated to the LTTE leaders that he would like to marry a LTTE woman cadre with Tamil national consciousness.

When a senior tigress was proposed in marriage to Seeman, the director turned it down & instead expressed a liking for the young, pretty girl.

Though flattered by Seeman’s attention the girl turned down the offer as she was romantically involved with a cadre in the LTTE medical unit.

A disappointed Seeman returned to India but Soundarakrishnan alias Anbumani who had his eye on the girl got married to her using rank & power.

After suffering tragedy&calamity the girl was rescued through Seeman’s efforts &found a safe haven in India.Later she agreed to marry Seeman.

The tale is something out of a romantic film & according to reports the wedding will be a quiet “Self -respect” (Suya mariyaathai) ceremony.

Seeman’s prospective Sri Lankan Tamil bride used to be an announcer/news reader on the Tiger TV in the Wanni.She used the name N.Yarlmathy.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

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  1. thanks jeyaraj anna!

    I heard something like this was happening.Let the poor girl be happy now at least.God bless!

  2. Now at least with this news I hope you will stop complaining that Tamil Nadu politicians did not do anything for the welfare of the SL tamils

  3. This is like a romantic novel. So happy to hear this. I wish someone will make a Tamil melodrama film out of this story. Perhaps seeman anna can direct it himself with his partner acting

  4. Be careful. She might explode the boob-bomb… Take her away to TN and stay there. Sri Lanka has room only for Sri Lankans.

    Nothing ‘special’ for ‘Tamils’… yesterday, today or ….. TOMORROW.

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  6. I am so happy my tears of joy are flowing. I want to wash the feet of the beautiful bride with my tears and seek pardon for the bad things our govt and army did to her. I like to be at the wedding even in the form of the grindstone on which the bride will place her dainty lotus foot for the groom to put on the twinkling toe ring on her rose bud toes with crimson painted nails

  7. “srilanka has room only for srilankans”..
    More like room only for sinhalese huh??If you don’t like to live with tamils,you can happily go back to West Bengal,where your King Vijaya came from..leave tamils alone..

  8. But DBS, these are all very private matters (who had a crush on who and etc.).
    These gossips is suitable for a tabloid blog on celeberities.
    Please do not spoil your well-respected blog.


    Thank you for your concern but this is chatter posted on twitter.Tweet! Tweet!…………..DBSJ

  9. I think a lot of people wished this couple well until the bombshell of Seeman’s previous ‘X’ going to the police.I think the Sinhalese translation of the name SEMEN is more appropriate.

    However Love is blind and lets wish the couple well. Hard luck for the damsell that lost ‘Semen’, perhaps the Gods have been kind to her… really….

    I love DBSJ’s ‘human interest’ articles even in these times.

  10. Seeman, who is a Malayalee, wanted to marry because of the money she has! But this guy had spoiled many girls, specially from the LTTE supporters.

  11. James

    see that the light is on during the nuptials,otherwise you may be licking seeman’s feet.

    That reminds me of a time i had a fractured ankle and this young physiotherapist was massaging my ankle. After about 20 minutes he asked me how was it. I said good,but the fracture is in the other foot.

  12. Seeman, who is a Malayalee – how do you telling everyone orgin but only hiding your origin?

    Small test- Guess Mahinda which Origin?

  13. Sivananthan’s real ID? He was a former Tiger! No wonder he has insider’s knowledge of everything. It is a real smart way to evade arrest and dupe.

  14. Mrs Soundarakrishnan,I guess still is a Srilankan passport holder.unlike the Diasporeans,

    She is a Srilankan as far as the Srilankans are concerned.

    With even fighter cadres being released , this lass who didn’t kill anyone shouldn’t have any problem living in her native land if she wishes to bring up her w kids there.

    Her new husband of course is a different story.

    Hearing that he is a Malayalee , he wouldn’t have any real attachment to even Tamil Nadu ,let alone Srilanka.

    Srilankans however will be anxious about him getting a free ride to Srilankan citizenship by marrying a Srilankan lass.

    Seeman is a Thamizhian not Malayalee…………DBSJ

  15. Who cares?whether he is marry a LIETTE widow or a daughter of a head of state?this is personal.

  16. Oh gosh, this is so funny.
    I thought that DBS’s account of the romance was funny, until of course I started reading the comments!
    I can’t stop laughing!!!!
    Anyway, hope the couple will have many many years of happiness devoid of violence and also free of causing misery and mayhem in other people’s lives.

  17. Can you see the real intentions of tamilnadu political jokers?This joker has been pretending he is fighting for the Sri Lankian tamils rights but in reality they are using the poor sri lankan girls to fulfill their sexual fantasies .Do you know how many tamil women in vanni has been helped by this cunning jokers?

  18. Poor War widows are just sex toys for these so called tamilnadu Tamil right Activists..this girl is only a one .Thousand of poor Vanni girls has been forced ,abused in to fulfill the sex fantasies of these powerful Tamilnadu political Jokers.

  19. [Small test- Guess Mahinda which Origin?]

    Sri Lankans don’t care for Mahinda’s origin… Despite his share of short-comings, we will vote for him again and again… just for that single, noble, sacred, holy duty he did by leading the decimation of the most extreme terrorists ever to walk on this earth.

  20. You can hold the lamp as well, …

    Can’t you see that she had been forced into this marraige. Possibly Seeman gave the coordinates to SLAF to kill her husband.

  21. Nice love story, after marraige Seeman can says I married to SL girl therefore i have right to fight for dream Tamil Elam country, Gogg Luck Bro

  22. Shankar,

    Too bad it was’t a woman physiotherapist, otherwise you would have ended up like Seeman!


  24. Congratulation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A beautiful surrenderee never complained of being raped or molested by the SL Forces as well pro-Govt para military in the camp. If she was safe, how come there are commom allegations of rape by Forces by Diasspora ??
    All such are genuinely fabricated propaganda except an isolated incident.

    Here again, we read of a forced marriage against her will by Anbumani using Rank & power of ltte…..

    If seemen was a genuine, why did not he look for that cadre from the ltte Medical Unit with whom she was in love and arranged her marriage to him. That is the right thing to do.
    Seemen was selfish and he grabbed this helpless grieving BEAUTY.

    However, Seeman’s marriage to this gracious Sri Lankan lady of our soil does not qualify him to visit Sri Lanka.
    On the other hand, What actress Vijayalakshmi state, is it true Mr. Seeman ?

    Anyway, better focus all your immotions on ltte issues to keep this Lady happy & treat her well.
    You must be fortunate to get married to a Lady from Jaffna as they are of quality in comparison to elsewhere.

  25. Leave Tamils alone where?? in Tamil Nadu?? Of course we can agree on that. If you do not consider yourself Sri Lankan you can get the hell out too.

  26. Seeman probably tipped off the air-force as to Thamilchelvan’s location out of jealousy! His feelings for the Tamil people seem to originate not from his heart, but from somewhere below his belt!

  27. Good .extremist marrying an extremist its good shouldnt let this woman and her rotten husband step foot in Sri Lanka!!

  28. manju

    It was a young chinese bloke undergoing training in a public hospital. Without asking me which leg it was he immediatly started massaging my left leg whereas my fracture was in my right one. I was so fscinated by his hair which was like a porcupine’s quills i forgot the time passing.

    He was absent minded looking guy but quite cute.I blew him a kiss when i was leaving but no response. He did not want to take the bait i think and become a seeman.

  29. Anonymouse says

    this lass who didn’t kill anyone shouldn’t have any problem living in her native land
    What happenned to issaipriya. It seems she didn’t have a sponsor abroad who could send millions of rupees to her captors.

  30. Tell the origins of Mahinda if you know!

    MGR claimed that he was born in Kandy, but no Birth Certificate is available! Malayalees always has some techniques to fool others.

    Prabhakaran’s father was a Malayalee. How is that?

  31. this beauty belongs to Sri lanka.She had a chance to live a peaceful life in this beautiful island .Once Prabakaran and his muderer gang robbed that chance.Now her second chance also robbed by this Tamilnadu cheater.Now she has to live her all her life in tamilnadu with a man who has many women everywhere.
    Seeman manipulated and cheated her to get her consent for marriage.otherwise no any Sri Lankan young Girl will agree to marry this aging Tamilnadu conman.

  32. Why is every one worried about the couples personal choice? It looks like the “wolf getting worried about the sheep getting wet”

  33. Dear Anura,
    It’s amazing how the racist sinhalese shamelessly use a Tamil man’s forum to release their repressed needs. You have to worship these Tamil men (DBS/Tamilweek) for providing you with such a platform to release your sexual tensions. Otherwise your comments could be easily discarded to where you came from at the time of your shameful births.

    The reason why these repressed Sinhalese has to come again and again into Tamil forums is that, there aren’t any quality enough Sinhalese Forums for these unfortunate people to release their masturbatory fantasies.

    So Kudos to DBS/Tamilweek and Sexually repressed sinhalese please enjoy!
    This is not meant for the reasonable and fair Sinhalese people who has been just althrought and has been kept shut

  34. Tamils already have Eelam, they won it many years ago from Nehru. This Utopian eelam the megalomaniac velu wanted to create was not just. Sri Lanka is a separate country with many types of people. That is fact. Unfortunately there is no chance of eelam there for extremists.

  35. you blind????leave tamils alone in eelam..get the hell ou of here and go back to west bengal or what that is..simple google search will tell your genetic connection with them..

  36. N. PERERA says:
    Do you know there were 10 RAVANAS. Which Ravana you are pointing out?

  37. You a sinhalese rascal hiding in Tamil name. You (sinhalese) and your henchmen (in Tamil Nadu) started the propaganda that VP is a malayalee. Now you say Seeman is a malayalee. Shut up your nasty mouth and go to hell.

    You a fascist and racist and you are not able to digest the marriage of a widow. Go to hell.

  38. You simply say all tamils are malayalees. Tamils and malayalees are closely related. Not like tamils and sinhalese. Tamils are the descendents of Cholas and Pandiyas. Malayalees are the descendents of Cheras. Go to hell, a sinhalese rascal hiding in a tamil name.

  39. there are many back ground story in this news.
    really thanks dbs.
    “Sebastian Simon – Senthamilan Seeman”
    “Anbumani who had his eye on the girl got married to her using rank & power.”
    many more…………..
    our peoples must 1st learn about this.

  40. mgr did not claim that he was born in kandy it is a fact.his father was a judge who went to work in kandy and mgr was born there.when his father died his mother came back to india ie tamil nadu and she settled down in kumbakonam .mgr studied there for some time and he took up acting .way back in late 70s and 80s karunanithi campaigned that mgr was a mallu and tamils should not vote for him rather they should vote for green tamilian like him.unfortunately tamilians did not listen to him and they always voted for him.i had gone to a place near dindukal in southern tamilnadu it was a mountainous area and very sparsely populated.there also i saw only mgrs symbol is two leaves as a campaign motif.such was the power of mgrs two leaves i wish brand experts do research on how powerful the two leave symbol is and it continues to sustain.if you see the tamil politics it has been dominated by many tamils of different linguistic origins.vijayakanth is a tamilian of telugu origin,periyar was a tamilian of kannada origin,tamils have wide heart and they will welcome any person who will do good for them.






  42. Yogesh

    Why silly?Seemen’s interest here is purely self interest isn’t it. He fell in love with a pretty girl and was rejected,which must have been a terrible blow to his ego,because he is used to getting what he wants in tamilnadu with regard to women. Now he has got what he wanted.End of story,nothing to do with rajesh’s contention about tamils in tamilnadu now doing something at last for tamils in srilanka.

    Now don’t you think it was rajesh who made the silly comment,not me?

  43. Jogesh

    just interested to know how we identify the descendents of cholas from the pandyas.I think you must be from tamilnadu from your writings. I think people of madurai may be pandya descendents and chennai chola.Of course only those who have been living for a long time there,not recent arrivals.I may be wrong,just a hunch based on srilankan history.

    thanks for clarifying that cheras are the malayalees. I always thought so but not sure.Constanly tamil history has been described as chera,chola and pandian so i was thinking where are the cheras and your answer is spot on.

  44. Jagan

    You say unfortunately They did not listen to karunanithi and voted for MGR. I thought it was fortunately tamils were not racist like karunathi and voted for the better person.MGR had a much better heart than karunanithi and loved the tamil people and did so much for them,while karunanithi only plundered them.Who cares whether he is malayalee,it is the heart that counts in the end,not the race.

  45. Prabhakaran was not a FULL Malayalee but a half Malayalee. Further his mother was the grand daughter of Nagalinga Mudali of Pt.Pedro. So, he was not belong to Karayan caste too!

  46. Royal families have nothing to do with the commoners. Can any one tell the TAMIL meanings for the words CHERA, CHOLA and PANDIYA if they are Tamil words?

    In Kerala the Royal houses are still visible. What happenend to the Tamil Royal Houses?

  47. Why do Tamils always skip the mighty PALLAVA rulers who ruled TN for more than six centuries?

  48. If MGR born in Sri Lanka, there must be a Birth Certificate. But no such thing available from Kandy Kacheri.

    Before 1945 no Indian or Sri lankan was a judge in Sri lanka!

  49. m.sivananthan

    was it the upper half or bottom half malayalee.Bottom half did a good job but upper half sent him to nanthikadal.

  50. M.Sivananthan

    I agree with you that they were dynasties but why would there be such ferocious wars between pandyas and cholas spanning centuries unless there were some at least small differences in the common people too.In the case of malayalees,they look like tamils and there language is almost tamil sounding to me,and they are in a seperate region so the cheras would have fought the cholas and pandyas to maintain their
    distinct identity however small it may have been. I’am assuming the same for cholas and pandyas though now they are assimilated as one people.The wars were far too long and vicious to be considered only a civilwar based on royal family dynasties i think.

  51. Pallavas are of telugu origin and they belong to the Yadava clan. Anyway they mingled with the tamils of Thondai mandalam.

    (Chola kingdom has three major divisions by name Cholamandalam, Thondaimandalam and Kongumandalam and of course Chola empire includes Entire South India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Combodia and parts of Thailand). Thondaimandalam was ruled by Pallavs. Any way Adhitya chola established the Chola Empire by defeating Aparajithavarma Pallava. Great Raja raja chola and Rajendra chola are the descendents of Adhitya Chola. These medieval cholas are called Vijayalaya cholas. Vijayalaya chola is the father of Adhitya chola).

    Hence Pallavas are not a part of three kingdoms (Chera, Chola and Pandiya).

  52. Obama published his birth certificate on the Internet during his election days but you guys cannot find a Birth Certificate of MGR in Sri Lanka!

  53. Cholas are visible after 8th century and vanished in 11th century. From where they come?

    If Pallavas were TELUGU, how about Chola and Pandia?

    Pallava rule existed from 2 AD to 8AD. The great Vishnu Temple Ankor of Cambodia was built by a branch of Pallavas. Sri Lankan royals too related to Pallavas and not to others.

    Chera kingdom cannot be part of TAMIL because Cheras fought for two centuries to chase the Cholas who always conducted robbery missions.

    Can you tell the Tamil meaning of the words Chera, Chola and Pandia if they are Tamil? I ask this question for the last 35 years but no TAMIL pandit come with an explanation!

  54. because of accusation by actor Vijayalakshmi Seeman cant marry Yarlmathy just now. I think he will deny fact about going to marry Yarlmathy and will get her out of India and hide her somewhere like Malaysia.He is a cunning schemer

  55. In Ceylon, not all the births were registered those days. There are so many even now without bith certificates. If you are a descent of a ceylonese ask your parents.

  56. At that time some may not be interested in birth certificates.They may be more interested in the birth itself

  57. m.sivananthan

    Tell the origins of Mahinda if you know!
    Origins of mahinda is malays brought by the dutch from indonesia to work on the tobacco plantations in hambantota.

  58. jagan

    good question.DBSJ,what happenned to this guy?After all she rebuffed seeman for him, but married this LTTE highrunger. Now coming back to seeman. What is she playing at?Like a monkey swinging from tree to tree,while everyone including herself forgoten this poor insignificant medical fellow. Or is she going to have him as her lover after marrying seeman?

    DBSJ,many women including myself are salivating for your response. Ah for gossip without which we will die….

  59. As you try to prove that VP is not a Tamil and Seeman is not a Tamil, you also try to prove that Chera, Chola and Pandiya are not tamil kings. You may be awarded nobel prize for this wonderful innovation. I thought only Somapala is a lunatic. So many lunatics visit dbsjeyaraj.com. Jeyaraj is generous to allow even lunatics in the discussion.

    Many accuses that you are not a tamil. Why didn’t you deny?

    It is not worth to reply to lunatics. Any I try to straighten the dog’s tail.

    Chera – Hill country
    Chola – New country
    Pandiya – Old country

    You say that Cheras are not tamils since they fought with Cholas. MR fights with Ranil and Fonseka. Does it imply that MR is not a sinhalese?

    It is better to be a racist with the original identity than hiding in some other entity. I appreciate Somapala and Samarasekara. They have the guts to express their views without any shield.

  60. Tamil men are nuturally sensitive about their marriagge.That means it is not easy to take a decision in tamil society to marry a widow( specially for a unmarried person). Mr. seeman did that. We should appreciate him,at the same time,he should be prepared not to hurt her in future at any circumstances about her past marriage affair.we should engarrage the girl for taking the decision for remarriage.
    If any one would like to comment on this story,before you touch the keyboard,just imagine that you are one of the brother/sister of yarlmathy.then after carry on.
    forget everything such as terrorism, politics,ex-affairs,etc. Engarrage them to have a happy life.if you cant do so(if you have that much narrow heart),dont comment.
    listen those who gave negative comments; would you be happy if that girl raped and burried inside the internal camp? or the seeman married a normal indian girl?
    Just try to value the human feelligs, dont do so much annoying bla… bla…..

  61. Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths is mandatory since 1896. Sri Lankans always have birth certificates. How did MGR’s father who was a LEGAL officer (according to his story), fail to register the birth?

    India dont have such law! Every one in Sri Lanka has B’certificates.

    In Sri Lanka DOWRY is legal and the marriages are always registered anywhere in Sri Lanka!

    Dont shout about Sri Lankan birth certificates keeping the Indian system in mind!

    Remember without birth certificates, children are not permitted in schools in Sri Lanka!

  62. That is your explanation but not supported with any TAMIL grammar or etymology.

    You guys claim everyone who were the rulers of Tamils as Tamils. Sinhalese too do the same!Telugu Nayaks, Marathi Sarabojis too ruled Tamils. You will tell they were all TAMIL!

    You showed your hollowness by discounting Pallava rulers.

    I dont need to hide my ID anyway and I dont believe the cookedup stories of the Tamil idiots for the convenience of the current politics.

    CHOLA means NEW? But CHOLA(M) means POP CORN!

    Pandia or Pandeys are still in Maharashtra and Gujarat. That is why they named their capital as MADURA(i).

    Check the Tamira Bharani(Tamil Nadu) and Tamba Panni(Sri Lanka. Then you will know Pandiya(n) were not Tamils!

  63. Where did you find it?

    Malays came as soldiers and not for Tobacco plantations. Portugeuse introduced tobacco and bought thousands of Malayalees to Jaffna and other parts of Sri Lanka.

    Mahinda and Hambantota people are known as KARAWAS. There is no MALAY words connected to Mahindas but a CHINTHAMANI is in the Mahinda’s ancestry!

  64. I feel sorry for the Yarmathy.As you said If Yarlmathy is my sister i will forgive her and take home but i will slap her in both cheeks before taking her home from the detention camp for joining the gang of murderers that killed thousand of infants,men and women.They made thousand of widows worldwide from high profile sonia gandhi ,Mrs amirthalingam ,Mrs Thiruchelvam,Yogeswarn ,Hema Pemadasa,(list is endless) to very low profile widows in all the parts in sri lanka. I would give her in marriage to a yalpanam boy who value humanity but not to a inhuman tamilnadu play boy who openly vows to kill 20 million sinhala /muslim people in sri lanka. rather i would throw her sea than giving to a such a inhuman person.

  65. M.sivananthan

    I saw it in the internet written by dushy ranetunge.i can believe it because gota looks like a typical face you will see in indonesia and malaysia.Mahinda also has some malay features but has a lot of sinhalese also in him.Sinhalese are all a assimilated race.

    I can remember it as plantations in what i read,tobacco or not,malay labourers were brought by the dutch to work in hambantota.

    I have nothing against that. The malays are good, hardworking decent people.the indians from india who do business in malaysia whom i have met, have a very good opinion of them.

  66. listen Gunda,your body might be big but i am sure your knowledge is very limited.
    i could understand and happy to know that you are not against the girl or the person but agaist the LTTE. I dont tell that the gang of murderer (as you mentioned) is correct or i love them. but if you need I could give a kilometer long name list of widows and infant,woman and men killed or tortured by both SL military and other armed forces which including high profil and low profil widows( as you mentioned).And the list will be endless too. dont be bias or narrow minted person. if you learnt honestly,you will agree that there is mistakes bothside. that is not what i tried to say.
    purely a humaanitarian aspect is my point. if you would like to comment or argue on politics and terrorism( if you have a good knowledge) There are so many other articles. go there and show your talent and fight with people.
    but this article is not suitable for you. try to understand. take care, bye

  67. We know that ,and remember srilanka is without north and eastern province.we take our land ,you take your land

  68. Thamira Bharani is a a name that was given during the period of sanskritization. The real name of Thamira Bharani is PORUNAI.

  69. Did you go through any Dutch records? If you go through them, you will find no Indonesian was bought to SL by Dutch but DUTCH deported many Sinhalese/Tamils to Batavia(Indonesia).

    If you go through “FEATURES”, how many Sri lankan Tamils have the common features with Tamils in Tamil Nadu?

  70. We Indian Tamils do not understand what the Sinhalese have to put up in SL. SL Tamils are good actors and that’s all there is to it. They come to India and play the victim well and get all our sympathies. However, when we encounter them in London or Paris (This is even before 1989), they have utter contempt for us. Do not be fooled by them. Also, if Sinhalese are from odisha, SL Tamils are actually Malayalees!!!!!!Check out their history.

  71. hi yaro,

    dont think this seeman is going to marry this girl out of compassion or love.this is opportunistic act.If you think humanitarian way you should oppose such opportunists and reveal the nakedness of theses inhuman acts .This girl is pretty and young.there are many young guys of her age to marry this girl in Sri Lasnka.This seeman is an aging man has a bad record about women.this cunning old man manipulated this young girl’s unfortunate situation to his personal benefit.This isa kind of sexual assault on a young girl in trouble.(funded by Canadian diaspora tamils)
    i dont say like this if is going to marry a widow woman matching his age and looks.

  72. Chola means “new country”, Pandiya means “old country” and Chera means “hill country” in Sangam Tamil lexicon

  73. I followed some racist comments of this guy called gunda.Hoestly this mans head needs to be examined.
    perhaps mahinda refused to have him as his own paid lackey that he turned ?

  74. Who are the racists?Those who preach divisions ,revenge based races or a man who always asking to scrap the the concept of race.if you are not racist preach sinhala ,tamil,muslim harmony in sri lanka.i will give fully support to you.

    i am asking everybody not to identify themselves by race or religion.
    There should not be racial parties.in any of these articles races should not be mentioned.i agree for that.

    i want to expose this man seeman.if he has compassion about human kind can he openly preach ethnic cleansing in sri lanka.
    these are the people who drove young tamil girls and boys to destruction.when the girls husband die these cunning men select only pretty widow girls.isnt this a abuse?If you have any sympathy for the troubled girl help her to rebuild her life,find a good husband from her community.i bet this man would abandon this girl like he did to vijeylakshamee.i am not a racist .lets fight against with those who struggle based on races.

  75. Gundaji
    Rama, Krishna Govindha Please teach this Ravana fellow true compassion and love
    I do not believe Ravanas after seeing channnel4. Ugliest race in the planet

    wait within a year you all will see the pain
    You have support of Russia and China now

    Russia will back up India than srilanka . assume we hae new leadership in India you are done deal. Russia is out
    Then you will only have China
    Honestly who cares your country when people did not give a rat to Libya ( which has oil and also a rich country)
    You Ravanas still do not understand . You do not have shit in lanka Babuji
    You do not have oil or anything othecountries care you
    So my advise is to surrender to madam jayalalitha . Pray she will not mess up your Ravanas
    we will never ever forget what you did for innocent Thamils
    You Ravanas come from Devils family ( Read Ramayanam you will understand)

  76. i agree completely. they exaggerate stories to get our sympathy and money. i know a family who did that, but later we met some ohters who knew them in Batticoloa, and they were doing business with colombo merchants and living well. they came to TN after their business fell apart.

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