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Channel 4 film on Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields will premiere in Geneva on June 3rd

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By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

British channel 4 TV film “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” will have its world premiere in Geneva on June 3rd at an Amnesty International event.

The film will be screened on the side of the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva at an event organized by the Amnesty International.

The 60 minute film will be shown at 11:00 am in Room XXII (22) of the Palais des Nations on June 3rd.It will air on Channel 4 TV on June 14.

Featuring in the film will be a video first aired by Channel 4 News of controversial footage of govt troops executing Tamil prisoners.

The UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Christof Heynes, described the footage as “definitive war crimes”.

The footage shown by Channel 4 News TV was rejected by the Sri Lankan Govt which assigned its own experts who examined & dismissed it as false.

The film shows footage captured on mobile phones, both by Tamil civilians under attack & taken by government soldiers as trophies of war.

The film shows some of the terrible crimes carried out by the Tamil Tigers, including the cynical use of Tamil civilians as human shields.

Among scenes shown in the film are extra-judicial executions of LTTE prisoners & the aftermath of targeted shelling of civilian camps.

The film also has footage of dead female Tamil Tiger fighters who appear to have been raped or sexually assaulted, abused & murdered.

Channel 4’s Head of News & Current Affairs Dorothy Byrne, says: “The footage is probably the most horrific the channel has ever shown.

The film that raises serious questions about war violations is Presented by Channel 4 News journalist Jon Snow & directed by Callum Macrae.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

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  1. thanks jey for this information.but question is whether all these initiatives will fetch desired results?latest news is ratko mladic one of the accused in srebrenica massacre has been captured and jailed despite the riots that broke out in belgrade.will international community realise that another war crime has taken place in northern srilanka and it is incumbent on world community to do its duty only time will tell.as a tamil and a human being i look forward to international community to act or else in another ten years we will hear war crime has taken place in some other part of the world.pls act if srilankan government does not accept the report let sanctions be imposed on srilanka.

  2. I cant hardly wait to see the film. I lost 17 relatives 43 friends & fellow villagers in the thaniootru -Mulliyawalai area.When I see the film I will remember them

  3. Please show massacers commmitted by the British army in their former colonies.Especially the massacre of Wellassa-in the Uva province after the 1818 rebellion.

  4. both my wife&me are from the Vanni. We lost so many family people & others known to us. Everyday we used to go to houses in Toronto to families who lost kith &kin & consoled them those days.People also came to our house to convey sympathy

    Those days in April.May, June 2009 was a big period of morning

    We got very sad &angry when Mahinda said no civilians got killed. Big lies.

    I wish this film will expose the truth.That way we will get some relief

  5. Callum Mcrae is one of the best directors in Britain now.I’ve seen his work on BBC &ITV &liked them

    He did a film on the Ivory coast civil war for Channel 4 which was a classic documentary

    I can hardly wait to see Callum Mcrae bringing out the horrors of Sri Lankas killing fields on film

  6. I am also pronouncing it as a definit not only war crime is crime against humanity and if the 40000 if true it is GENOCIDE aswell.

  7. This is anti-Sri Lankan arrogant propaganda by the pro-West.

    The authencity of this CONTROVERSIAL video was challeneged by Siri Hewavitharana the former head of the cisco systems. UN avoided it. Now they premier it in Geneva.
    How undemocratic. Its authoritarianism.

    Such is the audacity of the AI who will run the film it in the side of UN HR sessions.

    So… UN, AI they are all one and same with a hidden agenda to trample the Rajapakshe regime of Sri Lanka.

  8. As usual all printenders here defending SL without thinking their government commited mass genocide and crime against humanity, they will do the same pattern of the lies and hiding theire faces without taking any responsibility for this karma. watch this blog.

  9. .
    Ane Appuhamy,

    In 1989 when Srilankan Soldiers murdered thousands of Sinhala youths, Mr. Rajapakse went to the same international community in Geneva and complained about Srilanakan government and military.

    Do you remember???


  10. So that you mean I say that you can I mean you know that if I convict for a crime you know I can get away showing that another mate also did the same , you know and showing what he did and I mean I can escape verdict.

    Which centuary are you living now. Wake up and see the outside world and some light instead if living in a basement!!!

  11. I have one simple questions. If the LTTE was still fighting, how many innocent civillians would be dead by now. Maybe there were civillians deaths, just like there were civillian death during the second world war, iraq war etc. While I do sympathize with all deaths these deaths were coletrall damage, not deliberate killings. I also want to ask everybody who are screaming for war crime charges, where were the war chrime charges for the past 30 plus years when LTTE were killing innocent civillians…what hypocricy. You can say all these things because you live in a far away land comfortably, not in North & East of SL. Beleive me people in the N&E are happy that LTTE is no more. All LTTE supporters, get over it, LTTE is gone, please work for the betterment of your fellow countrymen in N&E sl.

  12. You mean to say that by killing the messenger you can kill the truth. UN and AI are just messengers

  13. [Channel 4 film on Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields will premiere in Geneva on June 3rd

    ha ha ha… hoooohhhh …. hoooooooh!

    Who are the actors in this video? Which idiot is going to beleive these acts? Haven’t we seen these antics of Tamil Terrorist Diaspora, who carry a tattoo of a toothless tiger near their a*seholes?

    No one is going touch our proud leaders and above all our valiant soldiers… who rescued 350,000 civilians held as a human shield by the Tamil Terrorists.

    No matter what!

    Lowlives of Tamil terrorists don’t worth the dust under our doormats.

    We created ultimate PEACE… through WAR…

    So, Waanga Machaan Wanga… Nee suruka suruka waanga!

  14. I do have simple answer that LTTE is terrorist but Government of Sri Lanka is a state not yet baned as terrorist state (Will happen soon?) So the Government should have responsibility to protect own civilians (Sorry GOSL still demanding that Eelam tamil also under the Srilankan umbrella) So they shoud abide all the law and orders.
    We always demand that we should punish LTTE also in the crime, Then the leaders are Nediyavan, Kathirkamathamby Arivalagan, Pathmanathan (KP) , Karunai, Pillaian and etc are the remain so they should be responsbile for the LTTE’s crime.

    I do not know what will happen next, but I am saying to Sinhala state that please follow the Buddha Sindaya not Mahinda sindaya…

    Best Wishes,


  15. There won’t be any solution for victimized Tamil people from the Sinhala terrorists, and war criminals. The only way a head to safeguard the dignity of the Tamil people is to punish the War criminals and stop the ongoing genocide.

    Tamils right should be safeguarded and their territorial integrity should be preserved.Please everybody work together until the dawn.

  16. Adey Sinna Sithar,

    For 30 years, Tamil terrorists killed 80,000 of my brothers and sisters in order to safeguard their profitable Mafia business, while singing a song called ‘Tamil struggle’.

    I am also very angry… because truth of the Tamil terrorism is coming out too slow.

  17. Waanga Mahinda Machaan Wanga Nee suruka suruka waanga to watch the latest movie in Geneva and to give honest answers!

  18. you have admitted that SL has committed war crimes as the result of British massacre in Uva province in 1818. People like you have made world unsafe than real terror.

  19. Appuhamy, you have done it in the past many many times, you are capable of doing it again and again.

  20. No body gave a hoot about war crimes when V Prabhakaran was committing it by bombing, butchering civilians daily basis in all parts of SL..?? Norway was meeting him regulary then, but not a single word about war crimes was uttered. When Mulaithivu camp was overrun by LTTE, the videos found clearely showed how they killed soldiers wounded by firing at the close range. Where was this word ‘war crimes’ then..?? 🙂

  21. I have seen the Killing filed videos, very rude. Can not sleep after seen the video.

    Then only decided to visit Sri Lanka and find out what happened really.

    Met lot of peoples who were in the last ditch war (Mullivaikal and Puthumattalan areas)

    After hearing their stories even I could not eat food.

    A mother of three kid (who’s husband had died in the shelling at Puthukudiyiruppu); Said they came to camp in May after that her younger son got flu.. and pleaded to the soldiers, Douglas and Karunai group( Those who control the camp) to get medication. They refused and finally she send her son only 4yrs old alone with a Karunai group member (..).. After few days she heard the news that the son no more he past away from hospital. Still I am crying for the mother.

    The story is one of that I am producing here.. I have documented lot (There are lot of young ladies forced to have sex with army, douglas members, Karunai members, even took them to Anuradhapura for sex) . I believe this is the war in world people behave as animal.

    Pirabakaran and his colleague are solely responsible for this, but final moment that at least in the camps government should have behaved with humanity.. but not.

    Dear Mahinda and brothers you guys also have kids, why did you behave like this?
    Pray the god whoever you believe will not happen to sons or daughter what ever you did for innocent Tamils…


  22. Funny thing is you waited all these 30+ yrs until VP and the gang is gone to ask for a punishment on LTTE.. Where were you when they were at the height of killing babies to old men/women…???

    How come Rudrakumaran is not in your proposed hit list..

    Obviously, Nediyawanan is no use for you anymore.. He’s like a used condom… More importantly you need those who took part in defeating terrorism to be punished, don’t you..?? Simply the saviours from terrorism to be punished at any cost is your agenda isn’t it?

    We call it desperation… to get what..?? Vengence. Did you ever see us waiting desperately for LTTE to be crushed as we simply needed to live, not to take revenge..?? Do you know the difference between both..??

  23. We can’t acept any kind of killing. But do not discuss only one side killing. Why do not discuss the people who killed by LTTE?

  24. Dear LKSword,

    Your laughing shows how ignorant are you. There is no need for anyone to act, these are all authentic videos taken during the war. If you think these are antics you are fooling yourself buddy. Whoever committed war crime may it be the Govt forces or the LTTE have to face the war crimes tribunal and face the international criminal court.

    People are coming up with more and more evidences and one day, the people who committed these heinous crimes against the civilians will be tried and punished. Even smaller crimes compared to the one happened in SL has received international attention and the criminals were punished, there will be a day when the people who were responsible for the deaths of over 40,000 innocent men, women and children will be sent to the gallows.

    Dream on my friend, good for you

  25. Sithar says:
    June 1, 2011 at 11:34 am
    both my wife&me are from the Vanni. We lost so many family people & others known to us.
    You are blaming MR, Didn’t you see PRABAKAREN?
    Who cornered these people into mulliewaikal
    Is it MR,or PRABAKARAN?
    Open your eye
    Furthermore who started this ealam 1v war?
    Is it MR,or PRABAKARAN?
    Who closed MAAWILARU dam?

    Any way did any bomb blast or ambush that took place after 9 may 2009?

  26. “The footage is probably the most horrific the channel has ever shown.


    TV footage prints could not have captured all that happended to the people. It could only display a glimpse of what happened to SL Tamils.

  27. There is evidence to prove that the particular scenes have been videoed in Tamil Nadu. Until the truth is revealed, fools can live in Ealam paradise.

  28. The LTTE DID commit terrible atrocities. That is why they are terrorists! That is why they are called such. If we compare what the SL forces did to the LTTE, then are we not saying that they are terrorists too ? The LTTE did not sign any UN protocols, the SL Government did!!

  29. There is sufficient evidence that GOSL committed war crimes. The GOSL has been using the emergency regulations to control further evidence getting out!!! Even the elected MPs are not free to talk. North & East is under SLA control in every sense. Sooner or later more and more evidence will come out. This is only a tip of the iceberg.

  30. MR regim is full of sh**, you have no idea what is democracy. There is no democracy in Srilanka. Only MR dictator rule with iron fist.

  31. Balraj Theepan……. Was Balraj the Commander of the LTTE able to defend himself ??
    My answer is NO. You are suddenly taken away……….. I don’t know about your reply???

    Peace has dawned through the war for all citizens of the entire country.
    No more parents pray before their children leave for school not knowing whether they will return or perish to a suicide bomb.
    Tamil in SL only opened their mouth only to eat & yawn.

    Only people who opened their mouth those days was the Northern Clergy who switched their allgiance from Jesus Christ to VELU.
    Hence clergy like S.J.Emmanuel, Satkunanayagam and many Bishops compeletely forgot their mandate. Propaganda work for Jesus Christ.

    It appears the Selfish Clergy and overseas Diasspora are eager to create another situation to decimate the remaining Tamil Youth and Children…….
    Its up to you guys to gloat on Channel 4, Rita.S, pump money to AI, HRW, ICG and to Panel reports. These will take you nowhere whether Rajapakshe is there are not in Sri Lanka.
    If you need to create misery in Sri Lanka, Go Ahead and indulge…….Remember, Commander Balraj with all his brilliance could not save himself.

  32. I am questionning the integrity of these HR defenders.Any international investigation is not acceptable as long as Tamil diaspora is in western countries buying politicians and judges in those countries.

    There will be no reconciliations as long as tamils drop racist demand like homeland.

  33. Former US secretary of state Collin Powell came to UN security council with false satellite pictures to fool the world that Saddam has WMD and need to be attacked. US went ahead with their unholy allies and massacred millions of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan ,and found no WMD. Us did this even without UN approval. Today this same unholy alliance have come out with crocodile tears and showing doctored videos to prove SL army committed war crimes, AI ,HRW, Crisis group are you people def and blind why are you not crying for war crimes committed by your white pigs on these innocent people in Iraq ,Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  34. Sri Lanka could have and still could trade violence with peace and prosperity by appeasing minority with rights. Unfortunately this chapter in our country’s history is likely to be continued. The government’s only objective is to cheat big time and who better would come to their aid other than China and Russia. There is overwhelming mass support in our country for violence over peace. If ever a presidential candidate talks about peace even for a minute at an election campaign, he or she would not get the votes.Playing hard ball wins votes.

  35. your proud leader MR do not care shit about you, since your brain has been washed you not aware it.

  36. I am also interested to see the US Seals Killing un-armed Bin Laden Video. Which is a fact!! where as the video the Channel 4 has even not yet being verified which side is commiting the crime..we all know LTTE can easily get dressed up in SL army uniforms and speak Sinhala and get someone to Video it for them to send accross to Pro- LTTE media like Channel 4. This is not proven, but may very well be the case..

  37. Before talking about reaction talk first about the action that led reaction… Things are not possible to take place in the way it is written down when you defend against a lawless, murderous outfit that had no respect for anything under the sun.

    A terrorist can become a civilian under so-called law once he/she throws away the weapon and gets rid of the militory clothings, but countering terrorism always has to deal with terrorist methods too. You will better know those if you contact Barack Obama, the commander for US forces or its ally in middle east, Israel.

  38. The UN, certain “Western Governments” and the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora are all saying, pretty much the same thing these days. They just cannot accept the fact that Sri Lanka, comprising of all ethnic groups, have prevailed over racist separatism. But this is a simplified way of looking at things.

    The United Nations is primarily a tool to police developing countries—to keep them in line with the “West”. It seems that the morally righteous “West” is trying to make the rest of the world tag its line. There is no evidence to prove otherwise. The UN has a track record of selective interventions. The reasons for not intervening, for example in Rwanda, were because President Bill Clinton thought it inappropriate. So we know very clearly who is behind the current UN ‘actions’ against Sri Lanka.

    An intervention by the UN in Rwanda was ‘inappropriate’ in 1994 because the UN, backed by the USA were humiliated in Somalia just before the Rwandan genocide started. The use of the word genocide was forbidden in the description of the violence in Rwanda. What in the world did the failed Somali excursion of the USA have to do with those poor Tutsis? Why were they punished by the same International Community who now screams genocide at the Sri Lankan state for wiping out the LTTE? The question on every Sri Lankan’s mind today is why did they all jump in to save the LTTE when they themselves opposed it and when the entire country of Sri Lanka and the rest of the free thinking world (even Communist China) wanted otherwise? What does China’s naval domination in south Asia, Iran’s generosity and Libya’s friendliness to Lanka have to do with Sri Lanka’s right to decide its national security?

    The same groups running the UN from the “Western world” today allow a section of the Tamil Diaspora looters the free and undisturbed use of the word “Genocide” to describe the massacre of terrorists in Sri Lanka. How are these two things similar? Where were the Milibands, Kouchners and Clintons when Tutsi’s were massacred in the thousands for 3 months until the Interahamwe gave up on its own, tired? In fact, UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali refused to even visit Rwanda after the genocide. He was taken, almost by force to a Rwandan church to witness the horror with his own eyes. All he did even then was lie to the survivors that the UN wanted to help those dead Tutsis. Perhaps a Tutsi should have held Navi Pillai’s current position. Then that job would have made some sense.

  39. Where is USA film where Osama Bin Laden killed one? Osama Bin Laden was that time unarmed. USA a violated International Law. UN given licence to USA to kill innocent civilians in this world? Where is Amnesty International, where is Red Cross, where is human rights watch dogs?

  40. UN concern is about mass killing of over 40,000 civilians through so called ‘Humanitarian operation’ with ‘Zero casuality’ in the end of civil war. Any country Government and securityforces should law abiding and most responsible for civilian safety. They cannot hide the truth and conduct the war without witness in this mass scale of killing.

    Even wrong after UN expert and various evidence proved this clearely ,still SL ‘rulling class’ and some pupets still refuse this and pretending as ‘nothing happened’. Blaming others,diverting attention from the subject only prove ‘how you lie again and again’

    Accountability and taken responsibility is big issue in SL.Therefore crimes and violants repeated again and again. Most dangerous thing is continuously using security forces and police as a tool for this and goverment people support and hide this violents. No matter sinhalese or Tamils we should not allow this continue in future.

    Same attitude in political solution , thousands of political prisoners matter and reconcilation of war effected NE are prevent to return normalacy even after 2 years of
    the 26 years long civil war.

  41. Dear Ratnam,

    There will be justice. It is said the curse of a victim will be carried up to 3 generations.

    This will be true for all the criminals not only GOSL.

  42. Satelite photos can be faked with a simple photo editing program in any old computers!

  43. No numbers are still availabale about the LTTE casualities. If these pro LTTE people go and open their mouth in support of LTTE in Jaffna and vanni, they have to catch the next plane to their European home!

  44. Channel4 will have a good DVD business! Tamil fools will lineup to buy the DVD but it has no effect on Sri Lanka!

  45. U perverts what’s so interesting about the horrors of war? A war is a killing field where ever it happened.

    In this last phase of the war the unique difference was that LTTE held 300,000 hostages. This must be a world record.

    Yet the world is gullible to the LTTE rumps propaganda. They had a thriving business while the hostages were sacrificing their lives.

    How could any one listen to those hypocrites in the west?

    Go on you hardcore gullible morons have your posh parties…. satisfy your egos. The victims of war will curse you & it will be carried for generations to come.

  46. I would advice to all Sri Lankans, we should defend our country not any regime. Armed forces are not a private brigade of the ruling regime.

  47. Harsha,

    I hope one day reality will dawn upon you. UN is a reality and for real Mahinda has to face war crimes. If Prabakaran was alive he too would but he is for real dead.Please wake up for real!

  48. You are not appuamy, you are a modahamy! Blaraj died in 2008 due to heart attack. Can anyone prevent a heart attack? know your facts before talking.

    No peace yet for tamils and the muslims. Now tamil people only open their mouth to eat and yawn, some even cannot find food to eat. The war ended 2 years ago, tamil people’s livelihoods are worse that LTTE time. The govt is further militarizing North and East, what for? Rather than writing crap in this forum, ask your sinhalese government to give respect and devolve power to the tamils. They are continuing to make the same mistake which gave birth to the rise of militancy. If they dont correct their course, country will face another monster worse than the tigers.

  49. Good Effort Mr.DBSJ….!

    What’s the big deal in compiling a bundle out of tweets posted on Twitter?………DBSJ

  50. Then he was a politician, now he is the president. Aratai do you know the difference between P & P?

  51. 79 999 occupying Army and warcriminals killed by Ltte in 30 years?Thanks for new information Lks.

  52. Leave alone all that if MR is genuine why did he kill so many sinhala journalist and is still killing the innocent sinhala people who are protesting for their rights, and is also keeping the sinhala war hero in jail. So how can he say that that no tamil civilians were killed in the war? His is only fooling his own sinhala people to stay in power, the gullible poor believe all the lies this government is saying but they little know that their graves are being dug and not only theirs but for their future generation as well. So by this alone we could see that there is no justice not only for tamils but for the sinhala people as well and all sri lankans!!!!!!!

  53. Dear Harsha,

    There is no east and west for humanity, For myself have witnessed the horrible. Weather they are Tamils or Sinhalese/ Tigers or Lion no issue. We should give the message the violation will not happen again.

    I know what extent we can go. The international community how will act. We will put them pressure to bring who ever responsible should be stand in-front of justice.

    You are stating international diaspora not accepting/agreeing that the Sri Lanka compromising with Tamils in ground. I am not the Mr.Selva/Mr.Sampanthan to believe your jokes.

    Those who have abused the situation are still holding the power, Government of Srilanka still promoting the ex paramilitary/ Tamil gangsters to remain in Power (North and east). Is that you are mentioning compromising?

    Or Whenever India/Western exert the pressure SL government call for meeting with TNA, Are you mentioning this is the compromising?

    Sorry Harsha, Time is moving fast, Sri Lanka should act fast to get bring the Tamils also in the same umbrella, unless otherwise we all do not have future in the ground…

    Best wishes,


  54. See this mentality. How he justify this? He don’t understand why this civilians always safetely move behind tigers line not surrendering army until the last minutes they end up in sea with repeated shelling br sl warcriminals army. Any humanbeans will react same way to flee if army use shelling on civilians as tool even in Safe zone? Pls Do not try to escape u rescued and they human sheled. it is civilians they decide how can they save more lives. But you have already killed more than 40,000 eventhough Un & IC warned before this Genocidal war without witness. Now you cannot escape from justice like what you did in the past locally. Remember 58? 77? 81 Tamil Arachi? Jaffna library?83 July? Kumuthini boat ? Kokkaticholai? Binthunuveva? Trinco murders?…Mullivaykkaal. It is more than state terrorism which is purely Genocide.


  56. Some of people commenting here will never change. There are still people who does believe in “The Holocaust”.
    For them its propaganda. So we cant really woryy about these people. They have their racist hatred towards other human being.

    Look at the suffering inflicted on enemy combatants in sri lanka.. look how they raped injured fighters.
    Look how they took trophy videos of killing of young man. You can deny all you like..
    Do you stop to think what if this is what really happened ? And as human society and as advanced civilization
    practicing the Buddhism, how would someone decent will deal with this in honest way ? Are their any decent singalese out there ? who has courage to take responsibility ? none of the sri lanka leaders have.

  57. Not only you there are many Sinhalese whose kids were killed by LTTE thugs – in front of their parents by hacking them with long knives and by smashing them on ground – Hope you remember Menik farm and Mangalapura killing and many subsequent similar kiliings by LTTE goons – just because they happen to live in LTTE’s demarcated EElam boundries – The living relatives and sisters and brothers who witnessed these kiliings — bare huge anger towards LTTE goons even to day – can anybody identify those LTTE goons who carried out these inhuman acts and bring justice to the victims – HR activists pls answer — And what all these bias media and HR activist doing now is pouring fuel on these burning anger and making the matters worser for Tamils and Sinhalese both – when you count 17 /43 – remember there are others who can count many more – so stop counting – try understand the reality — find out ways of re-building communal harmony — Revenge taking finally will end up with another communal violance – this post war era should be a period of bringing in together everybody who bears enormus anger either towards tamil or sinhalese and make them understand ever tamil is not a LTTE or every sinhalese not an extremist – Pls think deep – those who have done brutal killings will met their destiny accordingly – we humans do not need to travel on revenge mongering paths – many who shouts on HR violation – Pls look into your conscience and see whether you really are genuine – why not you see all around you – every rich country violate human rights – why not taking them to ICC –

  58. All Sri Lankans must rise to this challenge. Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and Malays.

    Right now the agenda is set by a few unaccountable and unrepresentative organisations based in the West. Such as AI and Channle 4.

    Ealam War IV was bloody and brutal. Just like Dresden Bombings, Battle for Berlin or D-Day landings in France during 2nd World War. After 30 years, Sri Lanka had no choice but neutralize the LTTE. Ealam War IV was absolutely a “Just War”. Unlike the Bush-Blair Iraq War, which claimed half a million Iraqi lives while loooking for those infamous WMDs’.

    Sri Lanka does not need to apologize to the West.

    However, we must apologize to innocent civilian victims with all our hearts. We can never bring back loved ones lost. But, we can build a rightous society from now on. We know many perished despite the zero casualty policy. Lets be honest about it. This was a bloody war with “The LTTE”. Most victims will have some understanding for our case.

    We don’t need Channel 4 or AI to point these things out. Sri Lanka is a humane society. We lost it along the way, somewhere. Lets claim it back.

    In the meantime, Sri Lankans please start working on the documentary “Killing fields of Iraq” right away. Sri Lanka can strip the so called “British Army” naked with out much trouble.

  59. chinthaka

    Thousands of tamils died fr opposing LTTE including kadirgamar who was mainly instrumental in getting them proscribed.Many tamils in other armed groups were also wiped out. Even karuna’s easterners were hunted down relentlessly by them. What more do you expect from ordinary tamil people and now you have made them the scapegoat for the LTTE while your own governments went on dragging the war for 25 years. In all fairness to Athulathmudali and denzil kobbekaduwa,they should have finished it in 1987 vadamarachi operation instead of 2009 mullavaikal operation if not for rajiv’s airdrop for which he paid for with his life.So stop blaming tamils who have at least opposed and got killed by LTTE,while the brave sinhalese locked themselves behind closed doors during the JVP insurgency.Can you tell me how many sinhalese died for opposing the JVP?In colombo they would not come to work even. One day only myself and a handfull of staff were in the factory because of JVP threats.They brought me a note which was dropped by telling to close or be killed.All went off except me. Next day also i went to work and i was the only one.If i had been working in a LTTE area i would have been killed.The JVP i think were better than the LTTE,otherwise i won’t be here now typing.Ultimately ordinary civilians can’t deal with these ruthless armed groups so stop blaming them.Blame the GOSL and the GOI,the principal culprits for creating and dragging this war.

  60. I completely agree with the following comment made by Rohan. “I have one simple questions. If the LTTE was still fighting, how many innocent civilians would be dead by now.” I fully agree with Rohan. I have seen a number crimes committed by LTTE. I have seen many lamb post killing committed by LTTE in Jaffna in the name of freedom fighting. . I have also seen the burning of alive TELO cadres in Thirunelvelley in Jaffna by LTTE (majority of them were from Batticola). As a Tamil I also feel sorry to see the fellow Tamils (LTTE) being executed by armed forces. However, I think there is no alternative other than to eliminate hardcore elements in LTTE. It should be noted that armed forces did not execute Col Paduman.My cousin was an Lt Col in LTTE. I know how innocent youths were brain washed.

  61. Your dream will never come true as LTTE Peelam diaspora and the EU/USA backed by it lost at the UNHR council.Keep dreaming peelam tamils

  62. Yes Paduman was not executed because he was a close buddy of paramilitary leader Minister Karuna.

  63. “But, we can build a rightous society from now on. We know many perished despite the zero casualty policy. Lets be honest about it.”

    First the SLG has to accept responsibility…tell the truth…with truth comes justice…with justice comes reconsiliation. Then we can forget the past and move forward. REpeating a lie hundred times doen’t whitewash it…it was possible during Hitler’s time. Now it is different…repeating a lie hundred times make it a BIG FAT FAT LIE.

  64. I am a Sri lanka Tamil. I openly say that what Ch4 tries to show is totally a false propaganda organised by AI & LTTE lobby in the USA & UK. I call all Tamils in the wolrd to united to defeat LTTE Organizations avtive & funds collecting in the USA & Other countries. We are living very peacefully in Sri Lanka, we move everywhere very freely. I personaly request to all LTTE supporters who wants to stay continously in USA & other foreign countries without comming here, pl allow us to stay peacefully in SL. AI & all of you are crying not for us, u all are trying to strenth the reasons for u all to stay in those countries by bringing false proganda in the name of innocent tamils. This all happened because you people contributed for terror organization in the past.At least open yr eyes, pl bring that money to the North & east of SL, help our people build houses from the money that u all are wasting for these false propaganda. How much bribes that you must have given to AI for allow them to show this false propaganda show? Pl spent those to poor people in rehabiltation camps in SL. There is a limit that a govt can do. Again, LTTE & it’s funders are the responsible people for all these crimes.

  65. Renu it seems to be now you are very clever with yr numbers not like those days, where u couldnot add 3+2. Renu can you put the names of all those have dead including few telephone numbers of their next of kin, to enable us call those & findout the truth.

  66. this is very clear this is frebricatede by LTTE propergang. Man who with a gun he is not an army solder, definitely one of the LTTE terrorist. from back it is very undestandble guy is thamil

  67. Warnings to Tamil Terrorist Diaspora… Do not even dream to play with FIRE (aiming to harm MotherLanka)… and don’t try to play with WATER either… (Mavil Aru)

    he he he…

  68. Yes NAM –I really do not understand why no body is taking action to broadcast the carnage caused by LTTE goons in this country — how many innocent sinhalese as well as tamils who talked against to LTTE’s barbaric activities during past decades were brutally murdered by LTTE — I think we should have enough materials to make filw that will run several days – Hell — why not we do it – I am a sinhalese – and I remember the cries of mothers ,fathers, sisters,brother and sons and daughters whose siblings were killed by LTTE and the next to kin had nothing but a few pieces of body parts in seales box to bury — Can anybody imagine the anger and desperation of them – who the hell is talking about them — are’nt they all humans like us – The dispora goons who still think LTTEers were freedom fighters – remember majority of Srilankans do not think so — for them LTTErs are a bunch of murders – funded by your dollars – and in turn these diaspora fellows have contracted LTTEers to kill innocent Srilankans – HR guys take all these diaspora guys who publically talk for LTTE to ICC – somebody else will take Navi Pillai to ICC – later

  69. DBSJ,

    I think you have accidently deleted my comments. The comment wass “Tacitly avoided the phrase “WAR CRIME” in your article, eventhough media around the world using the term”

  70. The perpetrators of war crimes slipped the might of
    mobile telephone technology in their Planning the outcome
    is this “faked” video – not available hitherto in modern history of Warfare. The outcome is therefore obvious for
    the sake of Humanity. We cannot expect China India Russia etc to raise voice of Democracy, which they are not known to do so, and if other
    Western countries do so, specially in the situation GOSL
    has placed itself, it is unfair to say that LTTE propaganda machinery is at work? The plight of the
    innocent victims should be foremost catered to. The UN
    is the remaining recourse to legitimately address it.

  71. Massacres of tamil civilians commenced soon after independence and led to militancy among young tamils ultimately leading to the birth of the LTTE after the islandwide pogram planned and executed by sinhalese as was admitted by President JRJayawardena in a meeting at RKM hall, Wellawatte soon after.
    Please visit:-
    The compiler of this record,Rev.Fr.X.Karunairatnam was killed by the SLArmy.

  72. Tamils took up arms because You Sinhala rascals pushed us with violence ,murder ,rape ,dissapearances, discriminations left right and centre when they were doing ahimsa and politics. Which desperation happned first by whome?????

  73. U big liar!
    We all remember how the civilians ran for their lives when the walls were broken by the army. That satellite images are available.

    How long are you going to cover up the LTTE & its crimes?

  74. stop the ongoing genocide.


    There is no on going genocide. This is completely false.

  75. Yes Rabok et al, you are absolutely spot on about the atrocities committed by the LTTE and the fact nobody cares to demand action against them. I invite you to join me in demanding that the remaining LTTE high rankers with the government and in custody including KP and Karuna (who slaughtered more than six hundred Policemen in 1990) as well as the LTTE operatives in the Western world should be held responsible for supporting, raising funds, threatening people, abducting and killing people (Tamil, Muslim and Sinhalese) and indeed hacking to death many a person. I want to see them in The Hague standing trial.

    On the same token, if the Sri Lankan forces have committed war crimes (if this is accepted to be a genuine footage) as a person respecting fellow human beings and peace and harmony in Sri Lanka and elsewhere I don’t think you will not want “severe action taken against those who were in control of the Sri Lankan forces”. Sorry to say this puthaa……if the footage is anything to go by, GOSL will be in serious trouble, and rightly so. I want to see these fellows in The Hague too.

    Thanks for reminding us Sri Lankans about communal harmony (and the subtle threat/intimidation that there will be more racial tension) etc. Don’t you think it is too little too late to talk about harmony and riots? Sri Lankans (Tamils and Sinhalese alike) have been through enough and more racial tensions and riots and deaths and this intimidation will not stop them from doing what they want to do. This footage is not about adding fuel to the fire……this is probably a means for CLOSURE!!

    The government had more than two years since defeating LTTE to start a meaningful reconciliation process which would have led to “closure” of grievances and feelings of those who suffered during the war, so that people can put the past behind them and move on as a nation. But the government was too busy doing nothing. I only hope the perpetrators on both sides will get what they deserve.

    Rabok,from what you have written and the undertone of nervousness, I have one question: “Were you in any way connected to these killings?”


  76. Enjoy the movie and see how LTTE kill TAMIL people! Further try to learn Sinhala!

    40,000 Tamils were killed? By whom?

    Then how many LTTE goons killed? You cannot answer because LTTE still maintain “ZERO” casualities from LTTE side! hahaha

  77. it is unfair to say that LTTE propaganda machinery is at work?


    Oh ! my foot ! how pleasing to hear the sound of sycophancy.

  78. All you need to do is visit some tamil grocery stores in the west and ask if they have any of their old Oliveechu videos for sale still, maybe pick a prabhakaran calendar while youre at it lol

    then you can bask in the glory of the black tigers and youth brigade amongst other totally non idiotic acts…

  79. appyamy , Your Sinhala race is and were ungratful lot, you beged the west and their used their alma to do warcrime and Genocide of Tamils by lieing to them the first fell for your false propaganda now they have waken up and with out any remose your are attacking them you will reap the benifit sooner or later.

  80. The importance of four qualities, four beautiful qualities which the Buddha emphasised. They are Metta, loving-kindness; Karuna, compassion; Mudita, sympathetic joy; and Upekkha, equanimity.

    MMKU, You summed up well. Two years gone what the GOSL had done to Integrate the community? Nothing. Causing misseries to the innocent tamils. Ex tamil terroists who are the puppets of GOSL running meyham. Try and think outside the box.How many communal violences Sri Lanka had since the Independance? Did the GOSL learned any lesson? The birth of LTTE was due to GOSL over the years. Now that the LTTE no more. If the reconcilliation and harmony between the communities are not resolved, believe me there will be other VP’s will be born to take up the Bloody arm struggle. We may not live to see this happening and on the other hand we should not be selfish and worry about what is good for oneself at present. We should not let the terrorists seeds to be sown for the harvesting later years.
    LTTE was terrorists and so the GOSL otherwise they would have let the Independant observers to visit Vanni and Mullivaikaal. Everyone should be brought to justice. Appuhami et al, Ratko Mladic was on the run for killings of 8000 men women and Children. If the Channel 4’s report is genuine (I believe the documentry is), if there is god justice must be meted out to those who were behind the killing of over 40,000 innocent men women and Children.

  81. Oyaata ridunada? Mung hemin hemin kannaan hondey…

    Good to see you are hurt! Thanks for the feedback, you tit.

  82. Of course, my dear, of course.

    I indeed reserve my right to ‘daydream’ (you wish) to fight the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora, just like you exercise your right to daydream about a lala-land called Elaam in a far away land…

    P-L-E-A-S-E don’t wake up.

  83. yeah maan…

    Charge $10 per head to see this fake clip and send the collection money to Swiss Bank’s account under the name… WTF.

    So sad… buddy so sad.

  84. As we can see, the truth is scaring some, angering some and making some of us say silly things. Honestly, are any of the pro LTTE or Pro Gov commenters surprised by the facts? Deep down inside we know what happened.

    Personally, I think the videos showing the killings by the army are real. i also think the LTTE killed people trying to escape. Both sides are at fault.

    Why are we all so scared of the truth? none of us in the forum have committed crimes. Those that did, need to face the aftermath.

    To fix a problem, the first step is to admit that there is one in the first place. If we pretend like there WAS no anti tamil sentiment in the military/gov or the LTTE did nothing wrong, we shall forever be on square one.

  85. what a invention ? when did you catch the plane pretender? then never returned because they are waiting with broomstick for you?

  86. All of us can ensure now TRN is the big liar didn’t want take responibility for all SL big crimes against humanity , Genocide and warcrime. But he want defend srilanka and blame tigers only.

    But wait time will proof you all. even if you were caught up in that horrible shelling you would flee like that civilians for any better chance to save the lives. Don’t you? what worrying me is even after you saw satalite image , video and directly your monsters kept this houndred thousands civilians over 1 year in the concentration camp by blocking their freedom of movement. Was this human sheild or verse than that?

    Before you ponting one fingure to others watch other 3 fingures pointing to you.


  88. But you know everything UN in & out than SL. This is not mervin se silva fish market TRN, Don’t even imagine your way.

  89. Still you didn’t calculate the LTTE killed? I told you month ago , to get actual number of army dead and devide by 3, you will have the answer.
    If you are poor in maths ask some one dont repeat this foolish question again and again.

    Nalla Madduku Oru Sudu

  90. Another M.Sivananthan? (Readers know who is original Tamil and who is rasist Sinhalese)

  91. I am glad the world finally come to know what the real situation is for Tamils in Sri Lanka. Hope UN takes action on this. In 2002 when the SL Army was juggernauted by LTTE and they were in dire situation in Jaffna penisula, the LTTE declared truce to save their life. In 2009 when LTTE was cornered because they ran out of ammunition (lack of supply & Karuna’s betrayal) the Army not only tortured and killed them but also tortured and killed 40,000 unarmed civilians. This basically shows the nature of humanity in their hearts. We Tamils are waiting for the UN to intervene.

  92. oyaata ridunada, darling? mung hemin hemin karannam, hondey?

    Doctor, you have no idea how much peace and happiness Sri Lankans enjoy today after ending 30 long years of Tamil terrorism.

    It’s so amazing, doctor, I don’t to laugh or cry. I felt so helpless and INSULTED, when the western hyenas whispered to us that Tamil terrorists cannot be defeated. UMMMMMAAAA!

    That’s why I don’t look at the captions… I happily post similar writings under ‘marriage proposals’, ‘land for sale’ and ‘furnitue’ also.

    Don’t steal that hapiness from me. OK, darling?

    Tamil terrorists… our lunch!

  93. Hi Kanthasamy,

    You are right, We should accept the fact to moving forwrd.

    Best Wishes,


  94. ooophs! genocide ! self inflicted I would say.
    Please read the link below..for further details.


    Dr Charles Tannoch further said, “Sri Lanka has finally achieved peace by defeating a ruthless terrorist organization as the LTTE, which had rejected all peace bids made by the govt. The word genocide is being mentioned by some, even without knowledge of its meaning.” He questioned the Socialists and Greens, asking, “how anyone could accuse the Sri Lanka Army for genocide, of crimes against humanity, when the same army rescued more than 300,000 Tamil civilians from the LTTE, and have now helped re-settle most of them.”

    However, some of those within the European parliament – influenced by the LTTE diaspora, have still not given up maligning Sri Lanka. This is a damning indictment on the intellectual capacity and integrity of not only Ban ki Moon, but also his so-called expert panel, Darusman, Sooka and Ratner. They are no experts than the man in the moon. They have been picked up by Ban from the dustbin, as it were.

    Sri Lanka is being condemned by the western powers and their corrupt stooges in the UN, regarding human rights violations.

    A mock panel was appointed by Ban Ki-moon WITHOUT the SANCTION of (a) the General Assembly, (b) the Security Council or, (c) the Human Rights Council. This was a unilateral decision of Ban, in consequence of being PRESSURISED by some WESTERN POWERS who were attracted by the FILTHY LUCRE offered BY THE LTTE DIASPORA. For such people, human rights is only a façade.

    They blindly go on the basis that “friendship with the West can be revoltingly rewarding while enmity could be revealingly reviling.”

    Excesses are an accepted reality in war, but on the contrary, the humanitarian exercise by the Sri Lanka Forces to save 300,000 Tamil civilians from the grip of the LTTE (from the jaws of death), itself proves their bona fides. They were a highly principal force, with no intention (mens real), to inflict harm on unarmed civilians…….

  95. No need to discuss the brutal past its time to forgive forget & get on with the lives. Helping & reaching out to each other. Wasting time, energy & emotions to the past brutalities will not bring justice.

    Think humanly & act humanly is the way forward. also if the leaders could act godly there will be paradise on earth.

  96. Yes, it was for 30 years but ended in May 2009.

    U need to know more about world wars pal… read history… not only the last phase of the mullivaikal war !!

  97. Get it straight man anonymous. There were 2 sides firing guns the civilians were caught up in the middle.

    Of course there would have been deaths i do not reject that. however that it was not deliberate shelling to kill them. The army was aiming at enemy targets Unfortunately the enemy had kept them in the vicinity of the civilians.

    War crimes & genocide are the pet words of the pro LTTE TD.

  98. TRN, it’s understandable where you are coming from and what you are trying to say but you must understand forgiving is easy but forgeting is hard. What’s even harder is living with questions without answers!! Many do not still know if the loved ones are alive or dead. What happened to them? We need answer, we need an internationally monitored tribunal. Let the truth come out, we need answers. Let the justice decide what to do with criminals. Most of LTTE are wiped out but we still see Karuna, Pillayan & KP living in GOVSL’s custody. Put them on trial and put the government sponsored criminals on trials. We, Tamils & Sinhalas, want answers and justice. I am not sure if you understand the pain, but i am darn sure you can’t wake up someone who is pretending to be sleeping.

  99. DEAR TRN



  100. Don’t code your private Pro-Sinhala rasist view of the private room articale. where is the proof for GTF gave the money. Tamils diaspora voice for justice to voiceles tamils in SL. Don’t worry justice will come out slowly than your lies TRN.

    Read the genune international news to know what happened

  101. so, sinhalses foced LTTE to kill tamils by shooting point blank?..umm so budistic racisum forced velu to hide behind maaweera-mothers?..ummmmm

  102. We are the oppressed, we are still living in the fear of our lives and loosing our lands. Stop spreading lies and intimidation.

    Daily mirror is a mainstream lankan media, what you are quoting is same old chinthanaya different source.

    Don’t support the genocide, you can’t hide it for too long, truth will win one day.

  103. Sorry if I have disturbed u. there are no original comments unless they are been taken from an out side resource. As most of these are political matters.

  104. You are a poor man and still in the dark. Tell the number of LTTE deaths next time.

    You are fools repeating this 40,000! How do you all find this number by seperating LTTE from civilians?

    Many “soodu”s never work your brain!

  105. LTTE and their masters created some bogus imaginations about LTTE. UNP secretly and opnly supported LTTE because RACISM is the tool invented by UNP and Tamil politicians to hold the power.

    LTTE ranover many military installation when UNP was in power but they did not when Chandrika was elected.

    Even Vai Gopalasamy cried that “No one can touch even the shadow of Prabhakaran”. This kind of media frenzies made the LTTE as “invincible”. But the reality was different.

    When Gotabhaya Rajapaksha who was a Colonal in the Army took the defence, the story changed. LTTE was running from Mavilaaru to Mullivaykkaal with out stopping. They were unable to run beyond Mullivaykkal because of the sea!

    LTTE arrested thousands of Tamils and killed them when they retreat. During those “escape”, they shot videos. Channel 4 never reveal the source of the videos or the names of the victims. But some Tamils now identify the victims in those videos. So, Channel4 will get a nosecut soon!

  106. It was proved army deliberately shelled hospital and civilians target in NFZ. Didn’t you watch Gotha interview? Army even restricted food supply and attacked the medics supply of Redcross boat. Were you blind or deaf that time? Your defence(?!) website said we are doing this tatic to Civilians the hate Ltte! do you understand the situation how over 40 000 civilians dead and others desperately flee from the area? Even 1 Sinhalese killed in the Free Trade Zone by police all your Sinhalese media focusing against Gosl cover up? But over 40 000 civilians killed in the No Fire Zone why you all Sinhalese media silent on this? because Tamils . Isn’t it? Even LTTE not silent the gun for shake of civilians life you would killed over 100 000 and proved your original figure only 75 000 (palitha) people left in the NFZ. Warcrime & Genocide not Diaspora word read the Geniva convention clearly for definition. Don’t coverup for your sinhala state terrorist.

  107. There is 100 pages of News and reports (including UN) about your crimes and cover by Gosl which I cant copy without wasting Dbsj valuable space. But one thing you didn’t see in the srilankan mirror is about how Niraj Deva Singalese MEP influence this all propaganda against real demand of justice for voiceless victim families by 99% of the European parliament . Didnt you know GOSL paid for some western Mps holiday,hotel and girls including propaganda companies? whose money this?

  108. OK Angoda, Aslong as you agree your symptoms that you were fearing of defeted
    I fully understand your situation. But don’t distrup others and do everything inside of the angoda walls for your ‘selfhappy’.

    What for your brekfast & dinner? Bread and lentis…!

  109. LTTE deaths are not included in this figure like army deaths ,fool. This all purely civilians death who lived in that area UN recorded , you can ask your friend Imelda Sukumar (GA) to cofirm actul figures what she signed how many people live that area and now howmany be live?(without LTTE)

    All now understand why you don’t understand Many “soodu”, Kiyala Vedac nai, Modaya!

  110. In which world war; army said to move civilians into NFZ and repetedly shelled on them day and night.Where did you read they killed over 40,000 civilians in this way Mr.TRN?

    Even Hitler and Windsont churchil ordered their troops do not bomb some places including libraries.But your Sril Mathew,Gamini Thisanayaka,Sinhala Kundas and police burnt Famous jaffna library even begining of the 30years War.

  111. Sarath ponseka alredy mention about Gotha talent in ‘Geniune WAR’ and How he ordered to kill non-combatants. Around 200,000 army fighting with around 20,000 rebel fighters achived this after 3 years of hevy loss.This time army had been fired from behind if they withdrawn, they were no way to go and motivated by Gotha to kill as much as Wanni people and rape. They used this as a tool to win the war and recordard this ‘Joy killing’ as a trophy in the mobile. This is the very true version of the picture, many others not yet come out to the world.



  114. Thanks and congrtulations DBSJ for opening this site.

    Let the ideas and comments flow, in the interests of your readers. The format and appearence are also good. Is there anyway you can add the spellcheck feature?



  115. No darling, I take Tamil Terrorism for brekfast.

    For lunch it’s Tamil self-determination.

    For tea, Tamil ’cause’ (crackers)

    Finally for dinner it’s a full meal, Tamil Homeland with colourful vegetables and fruits… washed down with water from Nanthikadaal. (This ensures I dream about Tamil Elaam, in Technicolour)

    My uniform during mealtime is a BLUE AMUDE.

  116. Hello M. Sivanathan,

    Not everyone was born yesterday. Sri Lanka govt. ever since the British gave keys to Don Stephen has been guising several ways to uproot, change demographics of island and send Tamils packing. From 1948 disfranchisement, pogroms, enforced disappearances, dragging political solutions and driving Tamil militancy to fight it with brutal draconian laws to Vanni massacre to continuing militarisation in 2011, all show the ethnic cleaning Sri lankan state’s true face.

    Please take your LTTE terrorism excuse and stop ‘kidding’ all the time.

  117. To begin with, there is no such word as “ nosecut “ in the English language. Stop inventing new words.

    Channel 4 has screened the story on the margins of the UN Human Rights Council meeting much to the chagrin of the accused parties namely GOSL and LTTE. C 4 has in effect thumbed its nose at the perpetrators of the alleged crimes. GOSL and LTTE are at the wrong end of the stick. C 4 is the messenger like any other media organization engaged in the publication of news. Contrary to your wishful thinking, the devastating evidence presented by C 4 has the victor and the vanquished nursing a bloody nose. C 4 has its nose intact.

    Reportedly, a Sri Lankan delegation viewed the screening along with the ambassadors of other countries. Whether the SL dignitaries held their heads high or hung their heads in shame at the end of the screening is not yet clear. According to reports a state of “ enraged denial “ has been declared in conformity with the standard operating procedure. Given the rage elicited by the visuals, it would be fair to assume the SL delegation had an embarrassing ordeal.

  118. Angoda , See thats why you have daily diaria on dbsj web page! I have adviced you do not take anything not suitable for you that will later harm your body.

  119. But all the “atrocities” were done by UNP with the silence approval of the Tamil politicians like GG Ponnampalam and S J V Selavanayakam. That is why they joined the same UNP in 1965 and formed a “NATIONAL GOVERNMENT”. Did the Tamil politicians changed anything during their honeymoon with UNP?

    Later LTTE too joined with the same UNP in fighting against INDIA which was the only nation voiced or concerned about the Tamils of Sri lanka!

    When ever SLFP come to power Tamil Grievences appear on the political horizon! How?

  120. Gullible as ever. UN did not intervene when TD had many// demos in the west to stop the last phase of the war.

    So keep your hopes high on the unachievable.

  121. it’s understandable where you are coming from,

    I am not sure if you understand the pain, but i am darn sure you can’t wake up someone who is pretending to be sleeping.

    Dear Barath,

    I would call the above as personal insults.

    Are u from Sri Lanka or India?

    Do you know how many mothers & fathers were suffering since 1970s because of the communal violence & insurgencies that took place in this tiny island?

    Do you think International tribunals bring justice to victims of conflict? when they never take actions to prevent them?

    how gullible you are to rely on these hypocrites the IC. Go on waste your time. We here in SL will do whatever we can to bring about healing to the victims.

    One thing is for sure GOSL will not bring the army in to disrepute. Did India have an inquiry to IPKF & its atrocities?

    Sri lankans have suffered enough they need to get on with their lives.

    Yes of course the GOSL should put out the list of people in custody. That can be done if there is a political will. I’m not sure how the outsiders can change the political will of a popular regime in Sri Lanka?

    Please understand one thing, in Sri Lanka what ever the govt in power, they will not hesitate to crush any anti govt protests or movement. I am not justifying these actions but these are facts we got to live with in this nation. to be honest I have never seen democracy in Sri Lanka during my life time.

    look at the recent FTZ workers protest…

  122. I did read about Niraj Deva. I don’t think he is sinhalese but Sri Lankan origin of course. Yes also I have read that GOSL have hired PR companies.

    However GOSL paid for some western Mps holiday,hotel and girls , will account to accusing EU MPs of taking bribes.

  123. daily mirror is quoting an EU MPs speach delivered in May 2011. Its is not from a ‘chinthanaya’ source.

    I am not supporting genocide but trying to tell TTD are misusing this word.

  124. where are you living?… are your source of information from news sites only?


    The above link gives several definitions to genocide. However where you people can not hold ground is that LTTE was an armed proscribed terrorists group. The civilians were collateral damage in a war.

    Therefore GOSL have grounds to stand on saying they had the right to bring normalcy by eradicating LTTE. Then also civilians were held hostage by the LTTE & also civilians were killed & …. the rest is known.

    I do agree that victory celebrations & presidents ‘zero casualty’ claims do hurt the feelings of tamils.

    I hope one day this will change but war crimes charges … any ones good guess.

  125. This is your version with the ‘panel report’ credible allegations & the Ch 4 vedio.

    no one knows the truth !!

    However the living victims of the war are been looked after by the GOSL, By Sri Lnakan tax payers money now. You spend your money to take GOSL to International war tribunal.

    Justice will be done in the end. Go ahead with your plans pal good luck.


  127. ADEY LK SWORD..


  128. Don’t think smart. That is what we and the world are asking your government investigate and publish. If the govt can’t do it then the UN will do it.

  129. Aiyo Apuhami,

    Hawavitharana, you mean ape gamma vedamahataya! Netha?

    Aiyo. , aiyo,….
    oyata pisu.

  130. So we said that the video is fake.

    But we conveniently forget or trying to forget that the videos were taken and passed over by the some decent soldiers who were disturbed by the cruel acts of some of their fellow soldiers.

    Driven by conscience these soldiers are willing to testify that the videos are genuine.

    I am somewhat perturbed by the facts and to understand the honesty and humanity of those soldiers and those who advocate here in support of those cruel war criminals.

    Is it because as a nation we used for mass killings of these kind? 1971, 1988-89 and 2009.

    I am trying to find an answer.

  131. Santha Akki,

    You don’t need to visit a film studio to see how these are made. My friend Suppiaih Nadaraja working from his basement can do much better than this.

  132. OK, doc.

    Anyway, thanks for taking time and effort to respond to my comments. Have a pleasant day.

  133. Gods know the truth, you don’t need to too much worry about victims money or srilankans money or my money.How much money you spend on the war to destroy our land,houses and buildings?still you are wasting name of defense(?!) and propaganda.This is srilankan tamil tax payer money and foregin workers income as well.Above all that you killed and disabled Tens of thousands of my innocent tamil civillians.You have to look after or declare as diferent state; whole world will look after them beter than you. God knows and will deliver the justice according to original version of the truth. There is no plan other than stoping your Genocide forever.But front of justice all your sinhala state terrorist have no-good luck in the END.

  134. Correction – After the war in which world war 300,000 civilians were held hostage?

    Answer – srilankan world war and more than one year.

  135. GOSL is big payer , didn’t you heared mahintha paying 1 millian to 1 FRZ sinhala victim to cover up unlawful killing. Will he pay 40,000 millians to NFZ innocent Tamil victims killed by GOSL?

  136. All of them voicing for innocent Tamils and demanding Justice for poor victims are Pro LTTE TD in your dictionary? but only you belive Pro-State terrorist comments as ‘mahavamsam’. Read again from the begining sick SD.

  137. Very clearly for you “Genocide is defined as “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group”
    “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part…Innocent Tamils have record of over 50 years ongoing genocide by Sinhala racist and state terrorism…any one can guess the future…

  138. So if the soldiers attached to Sri lLankan army come out and say that the video was his and he who pass it to HROs or C4, where are you going to keep your face?

    In your friend Suppiah’s basement?

    Come on man. Face the reality with braveness like those solidiers who shown humanity shaker all odds.

  139. M.Sivanathan,

    Thank you for pointing out that Tamil politicians and others will be manipulated by the Sri lankan State and the subjugation will continues in guise with their ‘approval’, then and now.

  140. I am appreciating you don’t support genocide, but genocide is genocide you can’t call something else,but the quote is influenced by chinthanya boot lickers.

    Remember serbernitsa moment it is only 8 thousand death, but here we are talking about tens of thousand of deaths regardless of age or gender plus sexual abuses, extra judicial summarised killings, land grabbing government sponsored demo graphical changes.

    What you call this?

  141. Very poor acting here, but the folks (TTD) in the gallery are whistling!

    I can give the Tamil Terrorist Diaapora a hint. GOSL has evidence, real videos, where the LTTE cameramen were shown filming bombing of Vanni buses by the Tamil terrorists, ripping civilians into pieces, just for propaganda against Sri Lankan troops.

    Which group of freedom fighters would kill their own kind?

    The best is yet to come… just be ready. It will be another surprise for the hyenas in the west.

    This the worst crime agaist humnanity by the Tamil terrorists.

    Nee Waanga, machaan, waanga.

  142. Wathsala
    Who drove the civilians to the so called “No Fire Zone” and shelled and bombed on them?

    This war was unnecessary. There was a ceasefire in place, which was annulled by the MR Govt.

    Tamils and Sinhalese in the isaland has to face these attrocities because of the short sighted politicians who milked the votes with spreading the hatred.

  143. Santha Akki,

    It’s ok to call me ‘mental’.

    Please be assured that my condition will be better or even fully cured, on the day I realize that MotherLanka is safe from the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora’s crazy, ‘mental’ designs to harm her.

    Perhaps you can help!

    I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors EXCEPT HARMING Motherlanka by word or deed.


  144. hmmm guilty, Is this your trick not answering my question and branding me

    Always my hats off for voiceless innocent Tamils,So what Mr.STD?

  145. Don’t start again by whistling wrong information or manipulated information by your
    friend “Suppiaiha”. Your acting is over,go to bed.

  146. Tamilan says:
    June 4, 2011 at 8:40 am
    year 2010 door to door verification proved the actual people who eligible to vote in Jaffna peninsular. It was decreased from 600,000 to 300,000.

    Do you mean unaccounted people were missing?
    It proved that earlier calculations were wronged.

    They did wronged calculation in order to have more electorates seats to North.
    That’s how under the proportionate system they got 22 seats to TNA.
    and acquire more funds and so on.

  147. Kumar

    Sivananthan will want the toddlers to included too because they may have been playing with toy pistols.

  148. M.sivananthan

    The onus is on the government to disprove the 40000 figure and also to prove it did not include LTTE.usually the onus is on the defence to prove the figures but in this case they can’t because the government blacked out all news coverage during the war. So it shifted responsibility to itself to nonvalidate the victims figures. So in future without hollering how did you get 40000,just tell your pals in the government to give you advice as to how you can give some proof that it could not be 40000 and the real figure is zero as the govt claims.

    Also tell your pals to prove that if there was indeed some killed they were all LTTE and not civilians.

    Don’t go on wasting time asking others to prove this. Just concentrate on disproving it.

  149. Angoda , It is you HARMING MOTHER EELAM AND ELANKAI. Re-read your comments and realize your self harm.

  150. Menik farm and some other oya killings could not be justified. But why did your govt want to settle down sinhalese in the lands which are predominantly tamils just to change the demography of the land and to deny the tamils of their right to their land.

    Even Thondaman would say that the authorities will now see that there are some powerful persons in the land who want to disrupt their ways.

    Don’t say that your govt was blemishless and all the LTTE was only wrong. Your govt is a state terrorist while the LTTE is a terrorist.

  151. Tamil politicians are not “innocents” to be manupilated but they always cooperate with UNP to kill few Tamils in order to survive politically!

  152. You are right. The Tamil diaspora spend millions of dollars for a false propaganda but never help the poor people in North and East! Even the fools in USA were paying 100,000 dollars for Bruce feins for propaganda. But former LTTE members are now killing themselves in frustration. The Tamil society now treat them as UNTOUCHABLES!

  153. Now some PLOT supporters tell the blindfolded victim in the video was FAROOK master of PLOT and he was kidnapped by LTTE for inquiry during the “PEACE” time! He never returned home. I dont know how far it is true!

  154. Darling TUN,

    Please tell me/ list what u did for this poor voiceless victims, for the last decade when they were under the LTTE gun?

    Did you call for justice in 2008-9 to let go the civilian hostages held by the LTTE?

    Now you have become a new found savior to these voiceless from safe heavens.

    I have posted answer to your question in my previous comments to this blog. I need to scroll to find one, then I’ll copy it. Have patience my dear TTD.

  155. Hi Dear ,

    Don;t be so biased the SL media is quoting EU MP’s speech in May 2011. So read with an open mind.

  156. King Duttugamunu reborn in Sri Lanka as Prabakaran. He saw the immediate danger posed by India and other Tamil groups who were with India. First he eliminated other tamil groups and then later by killing Indian IPKF and Rajiv Gandhi, he single handily eliminated all the support for Tamils. When IPKF was in Sri Lanka, Tamils had Tamil Eelam while Shingala killing each other in the name of JVP. But Prabakaran eliminated all this and given the North and East to Shingalese. We Shingalese should build a monument for Prabakaran for his great service to our people. If Prabakaran wasn’t there, India would have created a Eelam for Tamils and our country would be divided by now. We Shingala nation wouldn’t have existed. Lets not waste our time fight about this so called “war crimes”, lets eliminate the rest of the Tamils in our country before India again step in here and create Tamil land for Tamils!

  157. Study the history of Sinhala opression against Tamils since “independence” , you will understand this my son!

  158. I said that usually the onus is on the defence to prove the figures,whereas it should be the prosecution, not defence.

  159. You don’t or don’t want to get the point.Disprove the 40000.

    As for how the 40000 originated i don’t know. Probably with eyewitness accounts, satelite images, numbers of civilians before and after carnage etc. Also may have got much circumstantial evidence also which is adequate to convict legally. A picturewill emerge to the investigators of what happenned when they look at the totality of the evidence before them,even though they were hampered by the GOSL stopping them from coming to srilanka to conduct investigations.

    why stop them if you have nothing to hide ans are claiming zero casualties.

    So here we have it in a nutshell one side saying 40000 and the other saying zero.

    So start proving that it is zero mate, without asking the other side which has been obstructed all along by the defence to prove 40000.

    Remember conviction can be on 40000 or 4000,it does not matter. The 2 yugoslavian nutters are definitely going to be convicted on the 8000 massacred in sebrenika,which is considered a big massacre,though they must have killed much more during the war.

    We are talking of 5 times more here,so it is not going to go away buddy,though you and the GOSL can go on hollering away about the numbers and include the LTTE.

  160. If you don’t know “how far it is true” bottom line is IT IS NOT TRUE!!

    No evidence??Sorry nobody believes you!!

  161. OK to all the pundits of Ch 4 video.

    Can every one please understand that experts have said this is authentic. Although GOSL deny this.

    If it is authentic, then some one was killed by some one. We can go on pointing fingers and satisfy the egos.

    How can any one have an inquiry unless a witness who produced the video comes forward & name the perpetrators?

    One thing is for sure there is some one who held the video camera. That person has to come forward as the witness. Then there will be a case.

  162. U can call the IDP camps as hostages. However the GOSL had 2 reasons to hold them.

    1. Security reasons to screen the LTTE
    2. clearing the mines

    however I agree they could’ve been released with in 6 months. I am unable to give you reasons for the prolonging the hold in camps. I am not a political ally.

  163. Yesterday was the 25 anniversary for ARANHALAWA BIKKU KILLING?

    They brutally killed 31 BUDDHIST MONKS by knives in ARANTHALAWA.

    But no any one mentioned it in this blog. No single condoles.



    If any thing happened to TAMILS
    It is human tragedy.

    These buddhists monks were not in the ARMY or no any link against tamils. Most of them are youngers.

  164. Ho !! poor TTD !!

    Only now You cry out for these poor victims. What did u do when they were for decades under LTTE guns ,when force proscription was going on?

    Did you raise your voice against the LTTE to release the hostages during 2008-9? Wasn’t your agenda different from today then?

  165. Ohi TRN,

    Don’t behave like a little kid.

    The soldiers who passed the videos are also ready to testify if an internationally observed investigation mechanism is in place. So that they and their family will be safe.

    Fonseka’s experience is a warning to them, ‘not to come out’, thanks to GOTA.

    And even a child will understand why Gota and his brothers don’t want any probe.

    But they are dreaming which will not last long.

  166. PLOT members believe the blind folded person was FAROOK of PLOT. How can I certify that? Dont believe me but ask the PLOT people and they will answer!

  167. during a war this can take place i am not denying that. However what’s happening now is the LTTE propaganda machine at work. Many excess in the claims.

    If GOSL had committed war crimes, yes one day they will have to accept it and be accountable.

    But genocide is a word that is been misused by the TTD to justify their ‘eelam’.

  168. sorry if I offend you. I would say we have already achieved the once perceived as unachievable. ‘defeating the LTTE’

  169. That man cannot be recognised from behind. Anyway the LTTE are not idiots to masquerade as srilankan army and shoot a guy who could be identified as farook. You must be thinking that the people on this blog have your low levels of intelligence. That is why i told you another blog might be suitable for you where you get a lot of retards making stupid comments.

  170. …. By Sri Lankan current regime!

    But the world will not wait for long and ICC will be ask to look into it soonar than later.

    If the majority of the Sri Lankans support the current regime, as in the case of Sudan, then the Tamils will have a say on their fate.

    By then Sinhala singio (lions) has to sit and lick theirs wounds.

  171. Mahesh,

    yes. we settle down Sinhalese in the Nort & East in Crown Land! A change in Demography in the Nort & East is what we are aiming for. When the demography in those areas change to reflect the rest of the country, you can have your 13th ammendment or even the the 13+ as promiced by MR in 2009. Just have some patience please.

  172. Dear Sitar,

    I’m so sad to hear about your lost family members and friends. As we well know that we can’t bring them back to life, just like my Sinhalese brothers and sisters that we lost due to LTTE astrosities. We have to look foarward and be considerate of the living Tamils in SL. The present aggresive attitude of the Tamils living out side of SL, will not benefit the living Tamils in SL.

    This attitude will only reinforce the Sinahala-Hardliners and the Tamils IN SL will be the loosers.

    So a moderate and pragmatic attitude from the Tamils is called for.

    Peace to all!


  173. TRN

    Not necessary. The video is proof enough. NO need of the person taking it. look at what happenned to raj rajaratnam. His tapped telephone calls were played over and over again to the jury. No need to bring the person who tapped the calls.The jury are only interested in the calls itself.

    It is plain as a pikestaff that the soldiers are srilankan.

    IT is worry for the government how this video shot by srilankan soldiers got into the hands of the international community.Looks like there is a trojan horse within.Money would have been given obviuosly,but it shows that there are untrustworthy elements in the army.

  174. We call it ‘conscience’, ‘humanity’ and ‘honest integrity’ of those heroic soldiers who took up the arms to safeguards all the children of mother Lanka.

    At the end they are the one who will save the image of our motherland and not the corrupt, blood thirsty criminal rapiests who also took up the arms to kill their co citizens.

  175. Hay dude,

    We can buy politician in the west but not Judges, That can only happen in Srilanka and may be in India on rare occasions.

    Quote : I am questioning the integrity of these HR defenders

    Again don’t kill the messengers. The message is very loud and clear and you need to address the message and not messenger.

  176. Those who know FAROOK will identify him from back or front! Further LTTE used SL army uniforms in many occasions before their Mullivaykkal fiasco!

    Your level of inteligence is amazing because you cannot survive with wars of intelligence. This is not a Tamil Cinema to fool the people.

  177. LTTE burnt TELO Tamils alive at Thirunelvely Junction. I saw that massacre. That is why I support Mahinda because he destroyed the worst Tamil LTTE!

  178. Asoka, Ane educated Matchan,

    An abuse in an Iraqi detention of POW by some members of the US forces were videoed and those who took it released it to the media.

    The US government did not say it as fake but conducted an inquiry and the culprits punished.


    In our case it was indeed the videos were shot and released by some soldiers who were driven by their conscience, honest integrity and above all humanity. The government in return says it fake.

    And people like you compare apple with oranges. What USA did and doing abroad is to safeguard their citizens and what our regime did was to kill the country’s citizens in thousands and trying to safeguard it self.

    Which is correct my friend!!!

    Let us learn some honesty shown by those soldiers who could not stand by the atrocities committed by their few colleagues against their fellow citizens.

    At least we should not insult those true sons of mother Lanka!

  179. Wathsa,

    It seems you don’t update yourself for long!!!

    Those who killed at Aranhalawa is with the government at the moments as ministers and deputy leader of SLFP.

    You heard the name ‘Karuna Amman’? Who was given presidential pardon for those crime.

    Few more crimes of him if you want to know: 600 policemen and Kathankudy mosque shooting!!!

  180. You are my man, shingala.

    You have a very valid point… Very thought provoking. It’s too bad if Dutugemunu was re-born as Velu, but he did his job extremely well this time around too.

    Any comment about what his next life would be…???

    Good stuff! I LOVE the part where you say Velu murdered in daylight fellow Tamil groups en masse. Sweet… so sweet!


  181. m.sivananthan

    what about farook’s arse. It is there for all to see. Is it farook’s?

    I know the soldier is sinhalese. Don’t ask me how i can identify sinhalese.Maybe the posture or whatever. I have moved with sinhalese more than tamils. I can immediatly identify them in the west too, though i sometimes make mistake with tamils.

  182. yes!. I know this guy Siri Hewavitharana.

    I been to his shop at Panathura get some ‘gama’ herbal medicine.

    He is very reasonable with pricing though ‘Sidaleba’ was bit pricey!!!

  183. It is funny! Every time someone says “MR and his regime has committed mass murder of civilians” Lots of people reply immidiately by saying “What about Parabha?”

    So the argument is “If Prabha can kill innocent Sinhala people, why can’t MR kill innocent Tamil people?”

    So even after his death Prabha remains the role model for MR and his men! MR and Gota and following the same road Prabha followed. They are causing the same sort of destruction. They have now started using live bullets against young Sinhalese men as well. So let’s see how long this Prabha II will last. And how many lives they will take.

  184. Didn’t you hear about ‘Blood Brothers’.

    VP and his organisation was fell due to ‘swollen head’ that followed victory at Elephant Pass.

    And the MR will fall due to the same following the victory against the former.

    Sri Lankan forces’ primary job is to destroy the national youths. 1971, 1988-1989 and 2009. The last one was out side South.

    Now, bored, they have returned to the South, starting at Katunayake FTZ. Knowing this MR try giving him Vegetable selling jobs. It may not work out. So Sinhala youths should prepare for the worse sooner than later.

  185. no shankar tapped telephone calls & a video is different.

    Tapped call can identify the 2 telephone numbers connecting.

    My logic is the video has to be proven by witness that it was the Sri Lankan war and identify the perpetrators.
    If the video was taken by a SL army person it has to be smuggled it out of the country. Then handed it to Ch 4.

    If the GOSL knows that this is authentic & can be taken up with out a witness, they are real fools. They should have good grounds to reject this if what you say is right. A govt should know what it is doing before they open the mouth.

    Anyway the UNSG had got his last laugh, after humiliating Sri Lanka in front of the rest of the world by allowing this video. It suits right as MR & some of his stooges acted like baboons during May 1st !!

    What ever happens with this video this type of incidents should not occur again in Sri Lanka. I am sure many like this would have happened since 1971. Were there any prosecutions done? I can vaguely remember there was a case for ambilipitiya school children massacre… I am not sure what the out come of it was.

  186. Thanks for your cruel opinion, but these allegations are real and it is the IC,UN and ICC to decide what really took place and what cause of action needed to prevent the genocide.

  187. TRN
    I think this video is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more hanging over the govt’s head. When they started their stunts against fonseka this video came out. Then when they turned the screws on him some more, the issaipriya pictures and prabhas small son with bullet wounds turned up.Then i think the govt tread a bit more carefully after that and nothing more has come,but i’am sure many more on the pipeline. Remember it was not only fonseka they purged but many top officers who had close links to him,also they reshuffled a lot the rank and file too.
    They just followed india’s tommyrot about a coup brewing,because india did not like fonseka,because he is pro pakistan and china and wary of india.

    As for the authenticity of the videos i think it can be proved without the person taking it coming as a witness. I don’t think those who sent it over will ever appear as a witness.That is impractical and these international courts will have other methods of verifying. They have now a lot of experience in these matters as srilanka is not the first case they have handled.

  188. For an ICC in the Hague to start an investigation into alleged war crimes the host country has to consent or a decision from UN member states through an appropriate inter-governmental forum should follow. This was stated by the UNSG office.

    So you think by looking at the video only they will decide really took place?

    what is cruel about my opinion?

    Is it because i do not except genocide or do not agree with your opinion?

    Isn’t your goal EElam?

  189. Sivananthan

    I’am not a man.Call me anything but don’t go assuming that everyone is a man when we are half the population,you male chauvinistic pig.

  190. Who started the war?
    Why did yo tamils start the war?
    You lived in Colombo ad travelled in Colombo without fear, bit we couldnt travel to North and East many years ago.
    So why did you want a seperate land?
    Why did you all leave the country? Is it because of the war or to earn money in the western world.
    Lets be honest, tamils were uneducated and couldnt speak a word of English. Most of you still cant.
    If the country and its people have ill treated you, why do you wait until you get a foriegn nationality/ passport and the want to go back to Sri Lanka to invest in land and business

  191. sinhalese r killed by LTTE tamil terrorist. i have watched dis video and they talk in tamil.. i mean the people with guns on thier hand.. its on youtube.. LTTE is a terrorist group, same like Al Qaeeda.



  194. OK,If you guys not accept what happen in the past and why it happen thats fine.but truth is comes one day.and you guys have to pay that price.

  195. Have you woken up just now? They were punished, done and dusted in May 2009.

    It is the war criminals turn, man.

    Come on brush, bath and have your coffee….

  196. Who started the war?


    Why did yo tamils start the war?


    You lived in Colombo ad travelled in Colombo without fear, JOKING: YOU HEARD OF VIOLENCE AGAINST TAMILS IN 1958, 1977, 1983 AND MANY UNREPORTED….

    Why did you all leave the country?


    Lets be honest, tamils were uneducated and couldnt speak a word of English. Most of you still cant:


    If the country and its people have ill treated you, why do you wait until you get a foriegn nationality/ passport and the want to go back to Sri Lanka to invest in land and business:


  197. What is war crime?
    Conventions of War Crime I think were initially drawn up to avoid something like The Holocaust happening ever again. These days the West who STILL(not for long) has the power to bend wordings, use it control the world. Otherwise who can say things happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya does not amount to War Crime. Classic example is the murder of unarmed frail old man Osama Bin Laden, US says it was done for National Security,… What B***t,… Jon Snow get a life

  198. Sri Lanka defeated the most ruthless terrorist group in the whole wide world, post world war two, world learned suicide bombing from these ruthless idiots. Sinhalese and Tamils were engaged in a conventional war, LTTE boast of their civil administration, police, army, navy and even air force. After getting beaten badly why are all the Tamil Diaspora now crying,… I have always had this opinion that this is a War which was meant to happen a long time ago, if not for the European invasions.

    Colombo always fed the Tamil people living in the north even at the height of the war in mid 90’s. And above all Sinhalese are the friendliest people in the world!, don’t have to look far just have a look at our Cricket team.

  199. Sri Lanka defeated the most ruthless terrorist group in the whole wide world, post world war two, world learned suicide bombing from these ruthless idiots. Sinhalese and Tamils were engaged in a conventional war, LTTE boast of their civil administration, police, army, navy and even air force. After getting beaten badly why are all the Tamil Diaspora now crying,… I have always had this opinion that this is a War which was meant to happen a long time ago, if not for the European invasions.

    Colombo always fed the Tamil people living in the north. And above all Sinhalese are the friendliest people in the world!, don’t have to look far just have a look at our Cricket team.

  200. This is my female name.You think females can’t use their surnames,only males can,you chauvinistic pig.It might take another century before people like you who have leapfrogged to first world,also started treating us as equals.

  201. sorry for replying after a gap of 7days. I wanted to get more information on this topic.

    However I am unable to agree with you that SF or his loyalists had smuggled these videos or photos. Even in his desperation SF will not betray mother Lanka. Of course he is anti MR but will not stooge too low as to discredit the name of SL army.

    Please read this link if you have time.


    ‘I am surprised, with his conclusion, that the video is Edited using Philips editing software and Never Came from the mobile phone since video is using an Optical Zoom which is not available in Any mobile Camera that is available to date.’ Siri Hewawitharana .

  202. However I am unable to agree with you that SF or his loyalists had smuggled these videos or photos. Even in his desperation SF will not betray mother Lanka. Of course he is anti MR but will not stooge too low as to discredit the name of SL army


    Your statements reflect true mindset of sinhalese. Remember, You wrote in response to Dr RN, Truth must prevail.

  203. TRN

    You maybe right about SF,but i haven’t much confidence in his cronies and JVP etc. He moves in a bad circle. The govt is also using sledgehammer on these people and they will retaliate as long as it puts the govt into trouble.

    As for the video being fake,i’am not an expert on these technical matters and prefer not to comment on things iam not sure of and become a joke like sivananthan.It is upto the experts to sort it out.

  204. so sjoseph… Do u assume only sinhalese are patriotic to the land they were born?

    What relevance does this answer & my answer to Dr. RN’s?

    Your sinhala racists mindset is apparent in all your postings in this blog.
    it’s best that non Sri Lankans keep away from poking their noses & fingers in to our affairs.

  205. Yes I too do not want to base any assumption on impulsive emotions from seeing a horrible video.

    I would give you credit that u are much more wiser than sjoseph who jump in to conclusions that discredit sinhalese of GoSL.

  206. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say! These vermin who killed entire villages-men,women and children…even pregnant mothers…and that fat murdering satan of a leader called Pirubaharan-the sun of these Tamils, now have the gall to point fingers at entire Sri Lanka after being totally defeated by the SL army and sent to their deserved hell by them. These LTTE bastards who sent innocent children dressed up for war with cyanide pills, when the tide turned against them came with their tiger tails between legs to surrender…..so are we to molly coddle them?? The entire lot should have been roasted to death at Galle face greens for all the Sinhalese parents who lost their sons to the war to see…now that’s justice!! And you murdering scums in Britain, Europe and America who are the worst murdering criminals in the world want to prosecute us?? Come and get, if you can!!!

  207. No body wants to kill anyone. But unfortunate truth is that tamil tigers killed many sinhalese. Though I am a Buddhist and want to love not hate, 30 year war by tamils was too much. To compare tamils who are in high positions in govt and private sector to blacks in USA is unfair. Go to any good school and you see more tamils than sinhalese.

    No one died due to terrorism for two years. Now tamils want to take the revenge. The cycle continues.

  208. Name one country in the world which gave one third of the country to a minority less than 30% of the population….this is the pipe dream called “Eelaam”. The so-called “diaspora” who crowd gullible countries like Canada,Australia,France,etc are NOTHING BUT ECONOMIC REFUGEES.ANY Tamil can go and live ANYWHERE in Sri Lanka-this luxury is NOT available to Sinhalese.These “refugees” who had got fat living luxuriously in other countries want their collective guilt assuaged by giving money to LTTE murderers so that they can claim to help a “cause”.Western countries should deport all these leeches back to SL so we can see what “grievances” these Ealaamists have.By the way, they will never go back…its much better at where they live,isn’t it?

  209. Who are these scum Vaiko,Seeman and that hag Jayalalitha??Rabble-rousers who incite the uneducated Tamils of Tamil Nadu, for their own agendas. Seeman (this word would translate into Sinhalese as “Kari”…spermsnot)goes onto declare that he would marry a woman from Jaffna. Here is a jerk who really enjoy putting women to misery and I read even bless this union!! Utter farce!!! Jayalalithas and Karunanidhis of this world will someday reap the whirlwind they sow.A good LTTE rebel is a DEAD LTTE rebel….so we can all expect the “rehabilitated” former-fighters to take up their hidden arm-caches as soon as the opportunity presents-something sane people should never again allow!!

  210. even i’m not a LTTE supporter, but the comments from sinhale people reflects their nature, not even accepting the videos as authentic still they claim it a fake. i think SL PPL should improve their computer knowledge ‘coz the whole world has accepted it as authentic.

    Now i can imagine y tamils has started LTTE.

  211. Dear Anonymous,

    Comments from Sinhalese people are a reflection of the hell they have been through at the hands of murdering scum LTTE, effectively fear stricken prisoners of their own country trapped here to die daily of LTTE bombs that target the innocent populace-rather than face-to-face combat like they boast in their web rags….without LIVING and experiencing THAT, do not judge Sinhalese; we didn’t start this-THEY did.
    NO MORE TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK ROUTINE. This may be contrary to Buddhism…but first, we must LIVE….to practice anything.

    About the videos….the LTTE..was MURDERING their own kith and kin even with the faintest suspicion…and military garb could have been worn by SO many different factions or other groups at that time…nobody can say for sure. Sinhalese voices? DUBBED by others.See how this can go? Why jump and say SL army??

    Even if it IS SL army….do you LTTE scum really expected anything else from the army after ALL you DID????? Come on,thamby…drop that stinking Palmyra toddy cup and THINK again ,fool!!

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