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Ex – Trincomalee LTTE commander ‘Col’. Paduman charged under PTA in Trinco courts

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

'Col" Pathuman

Senior tiger leader&ex-LTTE trincomalee district military commander Sivasubramaniam varathanathan alias “Col”Paduman was produced in courts

“Col”Paduman was charged in the Trincomalee High court for offences under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) was remanded until July 26th

Varathanathan a.k.a Paduman was indicted under the PTA for offences such as attacks on security installations & killing security personnel

Paduman surrendered to the security forces in April 2009&was kept in custody thereafter on a detention order issued by the defence secretary

He was among a group of LTTE surrendees from eastern province who were kept in a special detention camp due to efforts made by”Col”Karuna

Vinayagamoorthy Muraleetharan alias “Col”Karuna used his influence with the defence establishment to make special arrangements for Paduman

Karuna had a soft corner for Paduman as the ex-Trincomalee commander had fallen out with Prabhakaran for supporting Karuna inside the LTTE

When Karuna as Batticaloa-Amparai commander fell out with Prabhakaran&Pottu Amman in2004 Paduman the Trinco leader gave moral support to him

In March 2004 Prabhakaran sent a helicopter (SLAF) to fetch Karuna&Paduman for consultations in the Wanni.Karuna declined but Paduman went

In the Wanni Paduman was removed as Trinco commander& placed under “house Arrest” after interrogation.Karuna meanwhile revolted&broke away

Though Pottu Amman wanted Paduman punished severely he was spared by Prabhakaran as Paduman had been the LTTE chief’s”secretary”for14years

Paduman escaped from the LTTE on April 20th 2009 when the army rescued over 100,000 people from the tigers in Iranapalai & Ambalavanpokkanai

After the LTTE debacle in May,Karuna went to Wanni&transported bus loads of eastern cadres &families to special detention camps in the east

Varathanathan alias Paduman was placed under special custody on a detention order & .He cooperated with the Terrorist Inestigation division

Ex-Trincomalee commander Sivasubramaniam varathanathan alias “Col”Paduman is the highest ranking LTTE leader to be charged in courts so far

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

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  1. It is good to see that the govt has not killed all the LTTE leaders in custody.I hope more LTTE leaders will be charged in courts and not bumped off secretly

  2. At last the wheels of justice are beginning to move hopefully it will also for the many others who are being incase rated under inhumane conditions for a lengthy period of time.

    If my memory serves me right after the 1971 insurrection trials were held folk were sentenced and subsequently pardoned but even after two years nothing has happened till now.

    The United Nations enquiry panel’s preliminary report may have triggered this imagine what the next report will do one and all of the so called tiger cadres will be parachuted to the moon.

    Alleluia, may those suffering be given some redress especially from above. R j.

  3. he was a decent man among LTTE commanders. I lived in trinco when paduman was in charge. Got on well with ordinary people.

  4. The Karuna.paduman saga is a tribute to friendship. Paduman was punished by LTTE leadership because he took Karunas side.Now Karuna has saved Padumans life. He will help him to get off lightly

  5. Col.Karuna’s decisions have saved thousands of young lives from the EAST. Diaspora Tamils, most of them (99%) are from Jaffna and never participated in their EELAM WAR may bark at Karuna!

  6. You are absolutely correct mate.

    Jaffna Tamils never treated the Eastern Tamils aka Batticolao Tamils as equals.

    Jaffna Tamils thought these are low caste and . lesser intelligent people.

    They were bundled together with poor Muslims there as “Mattayas”

    Karuna did the right thing to liberate them from the LTTE grip.

    The fighting prowess of the LTTE totally depended on the Eastern cadres.

    Just imagine the plight of the Eastern Tamils would have been in light of the plight of Northern Tamils who have been totally abandoned by their own in the Diaspora.

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  8. viknes:

    Every grassroot LTTE cadre is a golden boy. The only monster that brought their downfall is none other than Veluppilai Prabaharan******************

  9. The anti-LTTE brigade had us believe that Pathuman was killed by LTTE after he was shown in plain lothes in an LTTE video.

  10. Hats off to Karuna for saving many innocent, misguided Tamils from the clutches of LTTE. Karuna’s continuing support for the Eastern Tamils should be greatly appreciated.

  11. Paduman is a great friend of our family when we were in Trinco (once when my son was injured he pedalled him to the hospital – I say 4 miles!). I say he had helped us in time of needy.

  12. .
    Did Paduman supported Pillaiyan too?

    Was he close to Karuna or Pillaiyan?

    He better stay in jail…Or soon he will join VP.


  13. Northerner always looked down upon the easterner.
    However, it was the eastern fighting force that fought many great battles with the security forces.

    Jeyanthan Brigade was I believe trained by Karuna. They too were sidelined after Karuna crossed over.

    Anyway, whether these cardres are loyal to Karuna or Pillaiyan, Karuna takes care of them.
    I wonder why Karuna did not take care of Ramesh but nevertheless, Ramesh loyalties were to Soosai and take care of him from opponents who were ready to backstab him from within the ltte.

  14. Dear DBSJ, is there any truth in this at all? If there is, then is indeed a great tragedy. Please find out if anything like this really happened. You really must and I hope you do. Regards.

    * * * * *

    ‘Blessed are the girls, for they will not be forced to bed with their fathers’


    Everyone living in Sri Lanka, including foreigners, be they tourists, business persons, professionals, volunteers, students, INGO employees, diplomats and other workers in foreign missions and UN personnel (and later, those working for the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission), from 1983 to May 2009 were potential victims to bomb explosions, suicide attacks and other crimes against humanity planned and executed by the LTTE.

    Politicians, journalists, academics and artists opposed to the LTTE were high-value targets, as were senior officers in the security forces and the Police. Needless to say, those in the security forces and Police were especially targeted by the terrorists.

    IDP children playing. File photo
    Those living in threatened villages and Sinhalese and Muslims living in areas that the LTTE believed were ‘exclusive traditional homelands of the Tamil community’ were in a constant state of apprehension. They expected violent death every moment at every turn.

    Human shield
    There was another ‘special’ category: the Tamil civilian. All things considered, they were the most unfortunate. Hundreds of thousands in this category found themselves residence in the middle of a firefight, frilled with landmines, artillery fire, grenade-tossing and so on. ‘Wrong place, wrong time’ was an ‘always’ thing and an ‘everywhere’ phenomenon.

    Only they would know; I can only surmise. Some may have identified with the ‘cause’, some not. Some may have seen ‘Sinhala soldier’. Some may have lamented loved ones killed by a soldier who was Sinhalese, never mind if the victim held a gun or carried a grenade. Some may have thought, ‘our boys, right or wrong’. Some not. But all, not some, lived in a territory where terrorist could drop fatigues, wear sarong and transform from combatant to civilian in a matter of seconds. Most were part of the water which the ‘liberator-fish’ needed, and/or part of the human shield behind which the terrorist took cover, placed heavy weapons and threw grenades. All, not some, if they were ‘able-bodied’ were fair-game for recruitment. ‘Choice’ was not their comparative advantage.

    Marriageable age
    Everyone, excluding the absolutely incapacitated, the senile, the infants and the pregnant, were put to use, one way or another. Or at least sought after. Some fled. Some could not. And it got worse when the biggest myth created by the LTTE (invincible) began to come apart. This was when the LTTE, severely handicapped in terms of human resources, decided that among the young, only pregnant women and women with infants would be spared.

    Parents with young daughters of marriageable age were distraught. There were no men around for them to marry off their daughters to. No men even to get their daughters pregnant. This is how fathers, out of love for child and fear for her safety, were forced to impregnate their own daughters.

    No, not all such girls had to suffer the horror, humility and desecration of things held sacred from infancy, through childhood, growing up and looked forward to tomorrows. They all knew, though. They knew it could happen and they had to make a terrible choice. Some opted to join the LTTE.

    Through it all, the LTTE claimed it was ‘the sole representatives of the Tamil community’. Through it all, the LTTE’s proxies in the democratic mainstream, its supporters in the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora and its happy launderers in Colombo, played Ostrich.

    It was just ‘another of those things’ for such people. Like the forcible conscription of children. Like ethnically cleansing the Peninsula of Muslims. Like a thousand other terrible acts which were duly left out of the stories they blurted out to the world.

    Better times
    For the young girls who never thought a father’s love would push him to commit acts unimaginable, these are all academic. The resultant scars are invisible. Not recorded.

    That time is gone. If there were any Tamil father and mother who prayed that such a fate would not befall them, then their prayers have been answered. Life returns slowly. Surviving reigns over living. There are men in the villages. Marriageable men. There is love and love-making. Even under harsh circumstances. Young girls do not have to look into their fathers eyes, ask from father and self the question that would not be voiced and wonder whether within those circles made of and for love-gaze, there lurked fear, guilt, anxiety and self-condemnation.

    Young girls do not have to worry whether there will come a time when they have to talk about paternity to their children.

    This was not so in May 2009. And had things not ended the way they did, then there is nothing to say that young girls and their parents and indeed an entire community would not have to contemplate or be horrified by the unthinkable.

    This is May 2011. It is a different country. Different villages. Families can be families, even in the midst of suspicion and doubt. There would be a thousand questions and a million wants for no human being is ever fully satisfied.

    There is little to gain, after all, from the consideration of relative merits, one glass of rice-gruel given by the LTTE compared to three cooked meals a day away from gunfire and scream.

    There would be, I am sure, random moments of thanksgiving, if not uttered as shout or even whisper, echoing in heart and mind. Not to anyone in particular, perhaps, but in appreciation of a time that is not the time that was.

    This is May 2011. A young girl is, as I write, looking at her father without any question marks hanging over mind and heart. A gaze is being returned, innocent as a newborn babe.

    A wife and a mother is smiling or making a snide remark of someone being someone else’s favourite. It is not the best of times, but these are better times than days gone by.

  15. .
    Go ahead and explain this to a Sinhalese… he might spare your life.

    A friend of mine named Ponnambalam`s house was looted and burnt just because of his Tamil name.

    He cannot speak Tamil at all, except one word `Machchaan`.


  16. .
    How come Karuna did not save Eastern Tamil MP Joseph Pararajasingam….

    I did ask this from Eastern Tamil Kasi Anandhan and his reply was….. you don`t want to know.


  17. Justice is served in “this occation”, this is what many people (including myself) were expecting from the Government. Now let the Paduman open up and speak in the court, we’ll come to know many truths about both LTTE and Government forces. All the atrocities committed under his command must be brought out to public, all the victims must be present during this time and this man must ask for their forgiveness, then let the public and justice system decide if this man should be allowed to live in community.
    BTW, when will we see Karuna and KP produced in the justice system? When will we hear the truth about these 2 criminals? Paduman is from lower end of the operational level, but KP & Karuna are the biggest criminals out there living amoung public (like weed) with all the facilities provided to them by the current Government. When will we see these 2 crimals face the justice system? Waiting for that day………
    Karuna must answer for the killing of 600 surrendered sinhala policemen in Batti under his command!!! This well known and proven to everyone. I urge my sinhala bro/sis & friends to demand an answer for this…..and as a diaspora tamil, I will support this fight for justice.

  18. JFI, Joseph Pararajasingam is not from Eastern Province. He is originally (roots) from Jaffna and was an ardent LTTE proponent.

  19. Col”Paduman was charged in the Trincomalee High court for offences under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) was remanded until July 26th

    – Col Karuna offered Deputy Minister post

    What a Srilankan Law?

  20. It is sad that the government of the day never persued or brought to justice the miscreants of the 1958, 1977, 1983 riots that saw many tamils killed. There is some hypocrisy in talking about the wheels of justice now.

  21. Karuna abandoned LTTE and fought against it preventing many other falling into LTTE clutches. “Our enemy’s enemy is our friend”.

    Paduman merely surrendered himself to LTTE and chose to be loyal to them (though he was in house arrest by LTTE) until he was rescued by SL armed forces. “You cannot eat the cake and have the cake”. You only can select one of them. Paduman was a failure in that case.

  22. The US kept people in Guantanamo bay for 8 years without trial or possibility of contact with the ouside world.
    The British kept Irish Militants for jail for 5-6 years before trials.
    The Isrealis never nring their captured to trial. A man who attempted to reveal some nuclear bomb facts about Isreal is still in secret jail.

    Similar things happen in India and pakistan. You can keep a person in jail all his life if you pay enough.

    I was worried that Sri Lanka is following these bad models. So it is good that they are trying somebody. But it seems to be rather selective!

  23. Great to see Sri Lankans are picking up pieces and looking forward to better lives for their future generations.

    I plead to all Sri Lankan Diapora (includes Tamils) and the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora (Waanga Machaaan) to not to embrace racial or communal attitudes when dealing with one another, and not to fall prey to foreign attempts to divide us. Unity is what is feared by the foreign hyenas.

    There are no TWO sides.

    In particular, TTD should realize that there is no room in Sri Lanka for two nations, separatism, self-determiantion for one community and finally VIOLENCE.

    Do not miscalculate once again the shy smiles of the ‘village boys’ or their accommodationg, easy-going and peaceful (but rich) lifestyle… and wake up sleeping LIONS.

    If still in doubt, watch this clip and re-assure yourselves.


  24. What you have brought out is a serious comment. I pray that it did not happen that way though I have heard the young girls were forced to get married and get pregnant as soon as possible. But what you have said I have not heard until now.

    Once again I pray it did not happen.


  25. Who appointed Velu? Who accompanied LTTE delegations to world capitals for talks? Who prepared Mahaveer speech? Who arranged visas for Tamils visiting Wanni? Who co-ordinated with foreign hyenas to put pressure on GOSL to stop the humanitarian mission? Who is now holding vigil for killed Tamil terrorists? Who has not given up the Elaam?

    Well if you have not guessed yet, it is Tamil Terrorist Diaspora, the TTD. Velu was just a puppet. Period.

  26. Kasi was a son of a Kaaththamuthu who came as a Kallathoni and Kasi cannot talk on the Eastern Tamils anyway! Now he ranaway from the east to his Tamil nadu!.

  27. Crazy Vietnam,

    You are either out of your mind or never have been sexually active before. Biologically it is impossible to be sexually active with your own daughter unless you are a deviant. Ejaculation could not occur under the threat of a gun!

    I agree incest does occur fractionally in all communities but only if one is a deviant. Try to invite such thoughts in your mind if you are a real dad and you will soon realize that you are biologically not primed to do so as a normal human being.

    I would strongly advise you to seek psychiatric help or have your organs examined at your earliest.

  28. Very disgusting imaginative story you have, I hope you are not doing this with your daughters. I have never seen anyone spreading this kind of pathetic baseless stories about father and daughter. It makes me wonder how many fathers you have, but i choose to be a human being and not to doubt the virginity of your mother. You must be a very miserable person in life and I suggest you to go get some psychiatric help before it gets worse and you jump on your own daughters.
    You can consult with DBSJ, he’ll refer you to a good psychiatrist!
    Dilshanf > mister you have the responsibility to shut-up a fool like this who is disgracing our fellow citizens with baseless, pathetic, disgusting stories but instead you chose to play dump and smart. Clearly shows your true class bud!

  29. then what about Lasantha? He was an LTTE too?
    it looks like who ever say YES to your government is friend, who ever criticize the wrong doing of the government is enemy. very smart chinthaka!! very smart!!!
    with people like you in the sri lankan community, a true reconciliation is highly impossible.

  30. Karuan Amman, Pilliyan, Daya Master, George Master, KP, Paduman etc. are big time terrorists who massacred innocent Sinhalse people and Buddhist Monks. As Sri Lankan Government under Mahinda Rajapakse and Ghotabhaya Rajapakse is protecting them and favouring them I ask the International Community to arrest them and punish them. International Community must arrest and punish Mahinda Rajapakse and Ghotabhaya Rajapakse for protecting and giving sanctuary to these mass murderers. Their assets must be forefitted and sent to jail in the ICC not just for paying a blind eye to these mass murderers but also giving them a pleassurable time

  31. Dont just give money to Tamil Diaspora. See what they done to your people. When SL Army captured Killinochchi everybody saw how poor tamils are lived their. They dont have a proper shelter to live. But diaspora collect the money & told they make BETTER LIFE FOR TAMILS.

    So people now know what they meaning of “TAMILS”. They mean it “US”. Means few Tamil leaders are maintaining from your money. See Praba SON when swimming in pool ( Donated by NORWAY – Mr ERIC ) poor tamil people suffer for drink pure water. And Praba watching movies from 52″ LCD ( Donated by ERIC ) and your kids suffer in bunker with T56.

    Is this the your dream of EELAM? Who needs EELAM? See how many tamils doing their business with sinhala people in south. Do they have any problem?

    Wake up guys. Remove this fake “EELAM” tissue from your eyes. Look at the world from your own eyes. Not from “Diaspora” eyes. They are showing you a “carrot” which you can not get anyway.

    We no need any bloody “WAR”. Just live as a Srilankan.
    Do not beg from Norway. Till you are funding them they treat you as a friend. See if not what they will do for you.

    Truth is bitter. But have to accept oneday. Still you are not late.

    Start Today.

  32. So, Law is upto Sinhalese enemy policy. Please note lasantha,sarath ponsega,
    war victims or any can’t get justice in SL but rulling class can have the ‘cake’ (Law)and eat the cake (order).

    where the nation don’t have True ‘Law and order’ there is dictatership.
    Karuna as deputy minister,Mervin as minister, Mahinda as president.
    Criminals as leaders and they decide Law&order for people like Chinthaka??

  33. Chinthaka

    Please think twice before posting this type of ‘brilliant balanced’ comments.

    Law of the country should be equal to all.

  34. Waanga machaan waanga… by the time your ‘wait’ is over, we would have obliterated the (remaining) traces of your mythical ‘sakkili’ elaam nation on our sacred soil.

    NO MATTER AT WHAT THE COST, we showed you how to fight to the finish… So bring on Obama or re-surrect Osama… Bring on DEVIL himself, because when our lunch is going to be Tamil terrorists, we salivate… feel very hungry.

    So you being our prey, stay safe in a far away land and pretend to be a (toothless) tiger terrorist on the web.

  35. Will come back in a new name (may be Tamil or Muslim) so that you can’t find me out.
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  36. How about the massacre done in year 88 and 89, by the U.N.P government. Didn’t they killed Buddhist monks. If my memory correct they killed 686 Buddhists monks and nearly 60,000 Sinhalese youths. Didn’t they put lively Wijeweera into burning gas room in the Borella cemetery.

    The persons who responsible for this massacre are still living. Why you are not pointing out them?

    On the other hand as your wish if MR would punish,

    now days is there any capable man to govern the country?
    Do you think RANIL is capable to holding this post?
    Or, SATHICH is ripe enough to be the President?
    Or,Ravi Karunanayake is competent for hold the post?
    ( if he be the next president, it is sure he would sell the country like he sold the C.W.E.)
    It is not good to see the situation with your personal political para-meeter.

  37. I agree with you that karuna has saved a lot of tamil lives. Indirectly he has helped to save a lot of sinhala soldiers too by keeping the eastern cadres away from those 2 psychopaths pottu and prabha.From Paduman’s case pottu seems to have been even worse than prabha.I have always suspected that he is the fellow who got prabha to commit most of the atrocities.prabha like a fool would have listened to this devious psychopath.

    Karuna going to the wanni and helping the easterners shows that he has not forgotten them. However i’am wondering why the easterners are not supporting him politically. Maybe mahinda’s hardline policies are undermining him with the tamil people.I hope mahinda will change course and people like karuna will be able to get back leadership positions among his people.

  38. So when Tamils ask for justice we are told to forget the past and move on, yet the government has no problems digging into the past in order to prosecute Panduman. Don’t get me wrong, its perfectly sensible to hold former LTTE leaders to account but justice should be serve all Sri Lankan citizens. When are military officers going to be prosecuted for butchering civilians?

  39. When Govt is at a crucial war that affect the lives of many innocent peace loving public, YES… who says yes to the govt are friends and who tries arousing sensitive issues and make that effort failure are enemies.

    I also would like Law and order to exist in the country like you all say. But, I don’t miss priorities. When there is a terrorism /seperation issue that affect the future of the whole country, I wouldn’t ask for five star democracy or developed society’s ethics to be established first. Those are secondary and we wouldn’t betray who safe guarded/guard our priorities. Also when the enemies and their tactics are not serving the justice, onlt a govt cannot meet those requirements.

    Estabilishing a just society is a long way dream for entire south asia and we cannot afford to be killed by terrorists until that dream is achieved. So the high priority is first served.

  40. If VP was given a seperate or interim state and made him the leader there, would you still ask for these counts and justice?

  41. “KP re-affirm’s that LTTE is responsible for Rajiv’s murder to Indian media”

    “Karuna had a soft corner for Paduman… Ex – Trincomalee LTTE commander ‘Col’. Paduman charged under PTA in Trinco courts”

    “Sri Lanka wins diplomatic battle at UNHRC-The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon`s Panel of Experts report on Sri Lanka will not come up for discussion when the UN`s Human Rights Council meets in Geneva tomorrow (May 30), diplomatic sources told the Sunday Times.”

    Why all these happing now? UN report? Good job GOSL!

  42. Vietnam vasu is only showing an article in the daily news and asking DBSJ whether it can be true. Don’t attack the messenger.

    the article itself has not shown evidence that this has happenned. It is pure conjecture and as a result not to be taken seriously. We know the daily news is a govt organ.

    However it goes to show it is always better to live in a democracy than in a dictatorship. I hope people have learnt that lesson. Let us plod on in the democratic path,though frustrating sometimes,it avoids catastrophe.

  43. wathsala

    What about capable women

    1.Rosy senenayaka

    2.Anoma Fonseka


    Ah.To see again woman at the helm of this male dominated country again ,it will make me soooooooooo happy.To see our gender, wathsala coming up again without just going to the market to buy vegetables and cook for these male chauvinistic greedy pigs.

    We should take a leaf from tamilnadu that has been faithfully relecting old men whose testesterone has dried up and women who do not have testesterone in the first place. See how peaceful and non agressive they are without testesterone.

  44. the following website in sinhala contains some other inappropriate sections therefore please delete my comment if u don’nt find it suitable.
    my intention is to highlight the article “exposing taboo historic grievances of tamils” which is good..http://peramunerala.wordpress.com/

  45. GoSL Weldone… Srilanka proved they are not treat bad to enemy like LTTE.

    Remember all tamil guys… LTTE killed more than 150 unarmed policeman who surrender to LTTE.

  46. what you killed over40,000 is not terrorists, innocent tamil civilians.
    You don’t need to continuosly lie UN SG & his panel know this very well.

    If millons of tamils democraticaly want seperation ,you can’t do anything
    All the dictator and their toilet law and orders like SL learnt lessons from the history. SL Law, puppet of the ruling class and they use Law and order
    to violate Tamils rights. citizens are first,if country Law and order against
    and unequal to them, also helping rulling class to act violantly then ofcourse Tamils can form a country with new law is good for all and future.

  47. Is this another lie like ‘what you said about Gordan wies’?

    Nalla Madduku Oru Sudu

  48. Havent you seen the grate nations skip your ‘ how to fight to the finish…’
    I thing you deserv another ‘Anaiyeravu’ ‘Mullaithvu’ and ‘jaffnafort’
    but this time we decide to give some thing very different. Don,t jump on the Mahinda Mama bed,soon you will see who are toothless printender you or us…untill that time be ‘Honthai’ in ‘Modhaias’ soil.

  49. Yes the one who responsible for that removed from LTTE and now joined in GoSL as
    deputy minister. Weldone GoSL!

  50. Small correction. We killed a lot more than 40,000. According to Tamil Nadu politicians we had killed more than 100,000 innocent Tamils. Even Menikandan (another blogger in this blog) would attest that SLA had indeed killed more than 100,000 Tamil civilians which is collaborated by other sources such as UN agencies and credible respected reputed independent western international human rights watch dogs and media organs that cite each other as their source, which makes the claims even more credible if not incredible since the sources are also credible, independent, international, etc. etc. What’s more, GoSL asked them to go to a safe zone and then blasted them to smithereens with shells in its racist frenzy. You also forgot to use genocide in your comment. Don’t miss these terms for they add spice to your case and make your comments eye candy and very sexy and lucid.

  51. SL,

    Why you are not firstly quoting prof: Nalin Silva’s opinion? But you exhibits the criticism in this regard. It is not fare.

  52. I think there’s a mutation on testosterone producing gene in SL men… they never cease to produce until they die/get keilled.

  53. Are you saying that your friends house was looted just because he is Tamil?????????????

  54. You say “”””Go ahead and explain this to a Sinhalese… he might spare your life””””””

    Is this the way our Tamil friends are living in Colombo or in other parts of the country…

    People like you are trying to paint a different kind of picture.

    I can walk end to end in Wallawatta market without meeting a single Sinhalese person and I am really proud of it.

  55. Simple.

    Mr. Karuna changed sides and help GOSL to win the war. Do you wants GOSL to send Mr. karuna to prison after the war.

  56. You also forgot to use genocide in your comment- Yes that very true.

    But not add spice like you do every , each sentence ‘World ruthless terrorist organisation..
    even they havent killed like this range (read carefully) over 40,000 civilians in the final war or over 140,000 during the civil war.

    infact you are the world ruthless terrorist state navin.

  57. Hey don;t worry v know our state is full of ruthless terrorists and don;t every one love them and worship them.

    what a lovely place to be.
    Now that the stateless terrorists are no more, u must be missing your hour of worship. Oh no you may be mourning now.

  58. Are you trying to say that they sill did kill some?….The Government has said that they never killed a single soul…

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