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Thamilselvan widow and children released from custody at Panagoda cantonment

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Former LTTE political commissar Suppiah Paramu Thamilselvan’s family has been given a taste of freedom under a restricted release order.

Thamilselvan’s widow & two children had been kept under protective custody for nearly two years at a chalet in the Panagoda army cantonment.

The family had surrendered to the military in May 2009 after fleeing with other civilians from the Mullivaaikkaal area under LTTE control.

After identifying themselves to authorities the family was placed in a special detention camp at Vavuniya for LTTE members &their families.

From the detention camp Thamilselvan’s widow Sasirekha established contact with ex- eastern LTTE commander Muraleetharan alias”Col”Karuna.

Due to Karuna’s efforts the family was removed from the detention camp&housed at Panagadoa cantonment chalet under protective custody.

Thamilselvan’s wife Sasirekha is a former LTTE woman fighter whose nom de guerre was Isaichelvi.Her family hails from Chulipuram in Jaffna.

The two children are a 12 year old daughter Alaimagal (daughter of waves)& a 08 year old son Oliventhan (son of light).

The family was allowed to maintain “supervised”contact with close relatives.They were able to meet relatives with security personnel present.

The family is now free from military custody under a restricted release order to live in a particular locality subject to certain conditions.

The restricted release was chiefly to enable the two children to attend school.The family cannot go beyond a certain area without permission.

Sasirekha has been barred from having links with LTTE elements in the Tamil Diaspora or play any role in propagating her late husband’s name.

The release of Thamilselvan’s family was due to efforts made by ex-LTTE chief Selvarasah Pathmanathan alias KP who is also in govt custody.

KP has been cooperating with authorities to bring about normalcy & secure release&rehabilitation of ex-LTTE cadres through a gradual process.

Thamilselvan family was given a restricted release under this new scheme. More LTTE families under detention are likely to be released soon

Thamilselvan was killed in his sleep on November 2nd 2007 at Kilinochchi when the bunker he was in was bombed by the Sri Lankan Air Force (This is a bundle of tweets posted on Twitter by DBS Jeyaraj)

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  1. It is completely an inhuman behaviour. This Island had missed the opportunity to demonstrate its high moral of humanity.

  2. I am happy for the mother &children. But I am concerned that the LTTE diaspora rascals will try and exploit the family for political propaganda. They must be on guard in this and not lose their restricted freedom

  3. rohana Wijeweeras wife and children were detained in navy camps for decades. compared to that Mahinda govt has been very lenient in releasing Tamilselvan wife and kids

  4. Mahinda will do anything to save his neck. They are starting to release this high profile family.
    To create an illusion Rajapaksa is working on reconciliation. But if anyone believes these Thugs they will be fooled.

  5. @Sinha Yes I agree they are lenient comparatively, however, we cant keep comparing ourselves to our own past as we will never progress. The world has moved on. We are far behind in many aspects.We are supposed to be Buddhists, but if you look at what is practiced in the country we are anything but Buddhists. I am not a tamil using a sinhalese name , I dont support a polititcal party or any cult, I am a sinhalese who is really worried of what we have become !

  6. Hey idiot !!! because of huminity of SL govt she and her children are alive. You easily forgot that she was a member of barbaric terrorist outfit in the world .

  7. Well said Ruwan.

    Btw, our actions have led to the Burghers leaving the country, the Tamils fleeing the country and now the Sinhalese too are leaving the country in droves. we as a nation is doing something right for soon we will leave our bloodied motherland to it’s original inhabitants, the vedhas.

  8. I will accept the move as one small step towards reconciliation. the good lady wished to emigrate to Canada but the Canadians won’t accept her for her LTTE links.

    She can join KP to look after the welfare of the former LTTE fighters.

    The war is over, she is our sister, let her live in peace.

  9. xsrilankan, you better be xsrilankan for ever. May be you don’t know or may be an ignorant, but when talking about ex-Ltte rehabilitation and adjust to the society, Mr.Rajapaksa’s government has done and doing excellent job with available resources.

  10. DBSJ

    Once you mentioned that Thamilchelvan damaged the LTTE a lot.In what way? Was it tale carrying to prabhahran and KP also victim of that.If so how ironic that his family have been released due to KP.

  11. Vishvajith,
    burghers or any community were not forced to leave the country,they had the freedom to leave for greener pasturers(economic) for themselves.if govt did want to stop these people leave the country they could have done so with the emergency rule or otherwise.WHO EVER WANTS TO LEAVE EVEN NOW,can leave, WITHOUT GOSL HINDRENCE.check it OUT Sir,youself.(But getting a visa,to the west is not that easy,i believe)

  12. I agree with you now the burdened self imposed king of a sultana in his desperation will do anything to save himself and his merry less gang from having to face any more embarrassment.

    The now mast less bankrupt onetime master of deceit is now falling apart at the seams. Poor dude, the next will NE a plea to his holiness the pope from the first lady for clemency is next in line.

    God bless their souls. R j.

  13. Dear people, Tamils from eelam or outside the eelam will not forget in their life time, the war killed tamils and wiped out the ltte. The ltte changed situation of 1983 & created the respect in singhala people and politicians. Now no one can speak for Tamil with power instead you only beg. Can anyone deny?

  14. How about general fonseka? This is the miracle of Asia. War heroes are in the jail and terrorists are having all freedom, government protection, and facilities . May be government will give pension to all widows of LTTE leaders soon for the services rendered to sri lanka by their husbands. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Can you name a politician in the world who is a “saint” according to you?
    Obama is just a pro-Israel politician? Harper is worst except banning LTTE.

  16. These LTTE bastereds should not be given any sort of freedom.Sri Lankan political idiots may have got some thing

  17. what type of moral humanity you want more than this….?it looks like you guys want to bake the cake and as well as it at the same time

  18. tell Fonseka to keep his bloody mouth shut so that he also can walk free…….he should know when and what to talk…he cannot behave like Terrorist afterall he was part of the operation…he should be told where to get off

  19. you pepole, Listen carefully… peopel who leave for greener pasturers in foreign countriesr are loosers.i my self is in a north american country. i have come across interlectuals from back home doing odd jobs.thay can’t go back.but i have a professional job.but i my self think is a looser.@ ruwan and rest..love our mother land..do not take things for granted. co’s i am coming back to my mother land for good.for your information the government in this countries are worse comparing with ours .trust me!!!! you got to come to thease countries to see the value of our country.

  20. Kumar, you are correct. Our people do have a choice to stay or to leave. Sadly, most who can leave are leaving, this makes our motherland lose it’s best and it’s brightest. Most would stay, if they can live their lives peacefully and with hope.

    As for getting a visa to the west, this is like pulling teeth.

    With best regards.

  21. subra:

    What do you think about war criminals? Do you support or aganst them? Don’t you like diaspora voice on behalf of vicitims by war criminals?

  22. Yes As far as I know this is the reality. But the pro-LTTe diaspora never want to acknowledge any good done by SL to tamils. They will eternally show their wound & cry/ shout in agony.

    None of these LTTE rump what true reconciliation in SL because then they will become unemployed.

  23. Forgiving & forgetting & moving on with life is the motto. No more revenge, no more hate, no more enemies. The peace will dawn through clouds of sorrows.

  24. She seems to be a shrewed woman. Up to now she had taken the wise path of non confrontation. I am sure she’s a good mother having the interest of her children’s future at heart. May God protect her & her children.

  25. What happens if sinhalese will never forget what the LTTE did to them? U think this family would have survived?
    U think Pottu Amman would have done this to a sinhala family?

    U are a racist and u will never see freedom & u will never find peace until you stop justifying LTTE & its crimes.

  26. If the regulations don’t allow people to emmigrate or leave, then also people complaint that the government is bad. When people are allowed to move freely, that is also interpreted as bad and the government is accused.

    Aney manda…

  27. when will they arrest Nehru Guna,Kiranchi Suppiramaniam,Thiruselvam,Kamalavasan,Mathagal annan & others in Canada? I am waiting

  28. Actually she was living next to the quarters of Mrs Rohana. wijeweera.
    Mrs wijeweera does not want to come out as she fears repercussion from the people who were killed by the JVP.
    I had seen her once inside Dehiwela zoo that is where the relatives meet her.

  29. Oh yes i like to see other cuntyes dowing his job the people who knows better why dont they go back and help
    if its so bad NO WAY they want to stay out and show the world how bad that they just cant go back ha ha ha

  30. I am so sorry for detaining this mother and two children in an army cantonment for two years. I want to fall on the ground in front of Mrs.Sasirekha Thamilselvan and kiss her feet and ask forgiveness on behalf of the Sinhala people. I want to put flowers on her feet and worship her and ask pardon

  31. Well said Ruwan, Vishvajith,
    Srilanka lost many liberal thinkers from academic circles due to lack of freedom in their professional career. You may remember first exodus of thamils to foreign countries started immediately after the enforcement of Sinhala language reuiremnet to thamil govt. servants. Many resigned and left the country.

    Western countries mainly USA, smartly developed their immigration policies to attract talents from from all over the world in all sectors. Canada, Australia, Britain, etc somehow did the same thing and as a result recently Australia ranked first followed by Canada for better life index. See in below link:


    The world has advanced so much, but in Srilanka many still thinking along the ethnic, religious and cultural divides.
    If they reform their thinking along “LIVE AND LETS LIVE”, then it would be the real paradise.

  32. hey…in which world you are living?
    never heard about the UN announcement on war crimes in srilanka?
    do your srilanka have any humanity?
    go to jungle and learn it from the anilmals rather than from srilankan military/government

  33. Forgiving & forgetting & moving on with life is the motto.


    No more revenge, no more hate, no more enemies. —–


    The peace will dawn through clouds of sorrows


  34. That’s another illusion created by Gotta. Its just a show to fool Tamils diaspora.

    If sri lanka is genuinely helping Tamils and Ex militants. allow the independent observer to monitor whats going on.

    joint statement by Sri lanka and India, cleanly states genuine reconciliation is what is needed.
    No amount propaganda to convince the world about reconciliation will help anyone.

    genuine reconciliation is not possible when we have murderer in leadership role. They want to protect them self.

    One thing to remember, out Tamil lands have been occupied by foreign forces many times in through out the history, we always bounced back and manage to keep our language and culture. What now singala government is doing will not last. All their attempts to erase identity of Tamils will fail.

  35. Dear DBS

    How are you. As I’m fully engaged with the charity activities to help the war affected people in SL, I have enough time to write comments for your articles but I never miss them to read. Please continue your service.

    I would like to share the following link with your readers with your permission. If you don’t mind, please puplish.

    Hope I’ll get back to block soon. Take care!



  36. Canadian government is soft to Sri Lankan LTTE terrorists. Neru Guna gang jumped to another boat after Nediyavan’s troubles! Even he declared that “he knows nothing about LTTE”.

  37. The goddess of my heart is back as Queen of Tamil Nadu. Oh if only I could go there and prostrate myself as a footstool for Goddess Jayalaithaa to place her dainty feet on. if only I could take the dust of her footprints and rub on my forehead as holy ash. If only I could lick her slippers with my tongue and make them spick and span.if only I could…………

  38. You are talking about “PEACE”??????. That is million miles away dear TRN. There are no conducive environment here for so called PEACE. There are no terrrism and no war, so why governonment have such a huge numbers of army in north (numbers comparable to war time).
    Current family run business (Governonment) will not survive without forces controling the rights of tamils in the north. To bring the PEACE, I think you should have following basic rights;
    -Freedom of Speach
    -Freedom of Press
    -Respect people as human
    If the current Governonment allowed first three, they knew that they will be in huge danger. I am sure, this family run business will not bring anything to any ethnic group, specially for tamils.
    What happened to Lasantha Wikiramasihghe?
    What happened to iqbal Athass?
    In Srilankan history, this family run business has done exceptionally high damage to tamils than any other Governonment.

  39. “What happens if sinhalese will never forget what the LTTE did to them? U think this family would have survived?”

    Straight answer for your above Statement is that if you do not encroach their land (eelam) they would have survived, I think. Am I right?

    You should note that, during the last phase of war the ltte released SL Navy personnels. As far as I know, they have treated captive as human.

  40. What is the political truth about Mullivaikal?

    Mullivaikal is the climax of the brutality of the Sri Lankan state which was first created by the British colonial rule and rebuilt again and again by every Sinhala ruling party after the so called independence in 1948.

    — Jude Lal Fernando.


    Good reading for “some” people, I agree.

  41. You are being sarcastic?
    Dudley came to politics, because of his dad (Just like the Bush the idiot after Bush the VP). Ranil can’t say anything, I had left. The real dog was Jayawardena (Thambi Mudiyanse), if he had left CTB to exploit people roads would be much safer now.

  42. You guys are aware of what is going on in Arab world, specially in libiya. So al governoment should start think about some power sharing with. tamil political parties instead of celebrating war victory. You never know; another superpower country could facilitate or give live line to the ltte or similar.
    Mahinda’s one country one people concept, everyone knows it is utter lie.

  43. Make sure you bring all the money you earned there. There are still many Srilankans in their under wears. You never know what our motherland may offer you! Check the statistics, such as population percentage below poverty line, access to electricity, crime rate and so on!!!! Good luck and welcome.

  44. And Mister TRN, you stop justifying all the crimes committed by Government sponsored thugs. After all some politicians you adore and keep on sending to the power are thugs themselves.
    You are a racist yourself, first you must fix yourself then look at fixing others.
    Now don’t try to brand me as LTTE supporter, i just find your comment very disturbing and funny as you jump immediately to ‘false’ judge to people.
    As for your records, tamils have not seen the real freedom yet….still waiting for that day. Until now, under detention and being watched under heavy surveillance of armed forces.
    You should perhaps fight for justice with one another, let me clarify it’s for my sinhala and tamil bro/sis.

  45. Foot licker… Ask her first what she did being an active member of LTTE and in terms of making a marriege life with her monster husband? You may want to create a shrine for Madivadini – the wife of VP too.

    You better don’t want to lick the feet of all those soldiers’ and innocent peoples’ wives; cos they will definetly kick you in asshole; the shameless pandithaya.

    It only takes pandits like you ‘the time’ for understanding how these so-called wives and children can be manipulated and used against the interests of people in SL, if fell on wrong hands in the right time.

  46. To bring the PEACE, I think you should have following basic rights;
    -Freedom of Speach
    -Freedom of Press
    -Respect people as human


    did your beloved LTTE practiced these principles when you people supported them blindly ? Now like Pure bred holy men you are pointing fingers at GOSL & sinhalese.

    Your double standards are apparent to every one. No more false propaganda.

  47. You should note that, during the last phase of war the ltte released SL Navy personnels. As far as I know, they have treated captive as human.


    This is news to me & who will believe you,

    Yes.The LTTE did release 4 navy &3 army men in their custody on may 14th -15th 2009…………..DBSJ

  48. You can take the ferry from talaimannar without whinging if you can,if you can.Be like obama and say yes we can and board it.When you get to her beware that there is a queue to lick including her ministers,so wait patiently without grumbling and making a racket typical srilankan style.When it is your turn you can’t just become an animal, because she is a brahmin,but does not want to dissapoint you too. YOu have to tell her exactly which parts of her anatomy you want to lick and she has to nod her head and give her approval.Then only you can start,but not like a cannibal yaksha,but in a dignified manner.Visualise for example a man like G.L.Peiris doing it and do in a civilised manner otherwise her goondas who have bigger moustaches than even mahinda will throw you out and give you a good thrashing.

  49. Chintaka
    if your blood pressure is going up over thamilselvan’s widow, you would have burst a blood vessel when he said during prabha’s fathers funeral he wanted to do the same thing to prabhas mother.He told us once that he is a true bhudhist.Don’t you think Lord Bhuddha would have approved Thenuwara’s proposed actions?

    hate can be conquered only with love.
    Fire can be extinguished only with water.
    Ethnic problem can be solved only with the likes of thenuwara.

  50. Anonymous

    You are correct.When you look at net migration we are on the same level as pakistan.bangladeh is better than us and india is the best having nearly brought its net migration to zero.It is much better than china which has alot of people leaving.
    India seems to be getting better because less people want to leave and more are coming back.It must be getting more pleasant to live in.

    AS for us the country will start to do well when our people abroad start to come back with their capital and expertise and less people start to go abroad. If they are going abroad for a short time it is okay because they are getting foreighn exposure and also capital to start a business perhaps and provide employment,but if they are going away for long periods then it is a loss for the country.When the east asians came back from the US their economies all boomed and became tiger economies.

  51. dear Mr.Nehru,
    stop justifying all the crimes committed by Government sponsored thugs

    I have not justified the crimes committed by the govt not the crimes committed by any other.

    Now don’t try to brand me as LTTE supporter, i just find your comment very disturbing and funny as you jump immediately to ‘false’ judge to people.


    y are my comments disturbing? I never jump to immediate false conclusions/judge people either.

    If u read with an open mind u will c the truth beyond your perceived truth.

    To let you know what I think of LTTE:
    I have no respect to them & their methods of violence unleashed to achieve their goals.
    I do have sympathy to the youth who were forcefully recruited and for many who were unwillingly held hostage during the war.

    No respect for the Tamil diaspora sympathetic towards LTTE either. I have no 2nd thoughts to call a LTTE supporter a LTTe suppoerter.
    Does this disturb u?
    You should perhaps fight for justice with one another

    No more fighting. We have been fighting too long and losing too much. Now we want to live and live with no war.

  52. AS for us the country will start to do well when our people abroad start to come back with their capital and expertise and less people start to go abroad.


    What u suggest will help. But even without that, if the money that is wasted on maintaining a jumbo cabinet & the perks to MPs & the first family is cut down substantially Sri Lanka will be a rich country.
    The above money must be distributed to up lift the life of the masses and to done away with the misery. First they should concentrate on uplifting the standard of life in the war affected areas and the boarder districts.

  53. I dont know why some people posing as Sinhala patriots are furious at my wanting to humbly seek pardon from Mrs.Sasirekha Thamilselvan for the pain our Sinhala majority govt has caused by detaing her and two children for two years at Panagoda cantonment.

    It is a great wrong that was done to her and children who are deprived of schooling.

    Though she is younger than me I want to fall on the ground in front of her,kiss her feet as a token of seeking pardon,worship her and ask her forgiveness. I hope she will be generous and grant it. she does not have to say a word or touch me . If she will put her foot on my head when I prostrate myself at her feet that will be enough.

    That action is sign that she has forgiven. When I feel her foot on my head I know the sins of the sinhala govt is forgiven

    This is my way of making amends. I dont know why some are getting angry. they also can come and follow me by falling at Sasirekha Thamilselvan’s feet and worshipping her

  54. Well, debate itself evident, that Tamil and singhala cannot live on same place.90% of the tamils feel the same. But few people are dare to express their opinion.
    If do a survey (genuine means) you will find out. You know that, even mahinda & co know that. That is why they have army there.
    dbsj, the ltte releaseed army in previous occasions as well

  55. You use the words ‘war criminals’ very lightly. LTTE sympathisers like you and some western countries decided to call us ‘war criminals’. So you are using it. But the tamil people who were in the battle areas know that they SL Army did not kill civilians. Yes.. the top LTTE group was killed. And they deserved it. You can enjoy calling us ‘war criminals’. Thats your right.

  56. This Debate itself evident that Tamils cannot live with Singhala people. You need to stop pretenting not to understand what tamils need. In a nut shell ” we like to live with equal rights as singhala people (with their own cultural values and traditions)” Is it wrong????

    If you do an independent survey in north and east, you will get 95% of the people would say, they need a separate land? 95% people would tell the reality, thet is why army is there.

    In the absence of LTTE Mhahind Family has obligation to lookafter the families of the LTTE, because they have taked millions rupees worth of gold and cash from the LTTE during final stage of the war.

    Dear Dbsj,

    The ltte had shown mercy in releaseing captive previous occasions as well.

  57. Specially Mahinda and co have oblication to lookafter the ltte families, because they took millions rupees worth of gold and money from the ltte from final stage of the war.

    Dear TRN, Don’t be fool yourself. I am sure oneday you come out from Mhinda illution and turn against him. They have aquaired huge amount of wealth due to this war. You may be having “kiri buth and poll sampol” or ” boycotting for 50cts increament of bread price”.

  58. James Thenuwara says:
    May 27, 2011 at 2:19 am
    I dont know why some people posing as Sinhala patriots are furious at my wanting to humbly seek pardon from Mrs.Sasirekha Thamilselvan for the pain our Sinhala majority

    Among with the SINHALA community that barber tamil selvem called as laughing snake.
    Snake’s wife or children are snakes. We don’t have any sympathy for snakes.

    You better do what you want. But don’t trying to mix with SINHALA .

    And other thing why you are hiding with a sinhala name. By examining your written carefully what I feel is You are not a sinhala but a foolish tamil.

    I wonder your cast system would allow you to Kneel to barber’s wife. Any way it is yorr problem,

  59. TRN,
    How can you compare the LTTE with a Government whose duty is to Govern (and NOT RULE) and protect
    all its citizens?
    LTTE nave claimed that they will protect all citizens.
    But the “so called democratically elected Goverment” had a duty to protect every citizen including the innocent Tamil civilians.

  60. TRN >> i am sure you can see the peace in your sister’s comment.
    Dude, let sinhala be sinhala and let alone tamil be tamil.
    What you consider peace? does that peace last a minute in North and East?
    and Wathsala – haha nice try miserable lady. finally showing your true colour? You are one of many here…..go to school lady and learn some discipline.

  61. Dear Wathsala,

    Lets not be racist. James is pulling all our legs and if he really wants to he can do all those he intends. The children are innocent they have nothing to do with this war . I dont know about her her but inside the camp she would be in a house, the children would have made friends with other children. Maybe someone can shed light on these ‘house arrests’ or keeping them safe. Nevertheless one is the king in ones own house.

    There are no foolish tamils or sinhalese. Only foolish people.



  62. oophs !! a patriot speaking.

    Janaka says

    ‘You never know what our motherland may offer you!’

    What have u offered to your motherland pal?

  63. First the govt had to protect its civilians form the terror group LTTE.
    What ever you people call the LTTE for the Sri lankans living in Sri lanka, they were terrorists.

    What ever the supporters in the west try to do to white wash them the Sri Lankans be it sinhala/ tamil/ muslim/ burger will always remember them as terrorists.

  64. wathsala says

    We don’t have any sympathy for snakes.
    Life started in the ocean.Small microneysms got gills and started to swim and became fish.Some of them went into muddy waters and became able to live on land.Then they became reptiles and slithered across the land.Then some of them developed wings and became birds.Some of the reptiles developed 4 legs and stopped slithering to move about.Some of those instead of 4 legs,kept only two and developed the other two into hands.All this happenned over 4500 million years after the big bang created the universe.

    So if you don’t have any sympathy for snakes then you are not having any sympathy for those creatures from which we evolved.The snake just lies there doing no harm to anyone.If you go into its habitat and trample it, it instinctively attacks because it is blind and just relies on its senses to ascertain danger.

    As for thenuwara he is a sinhalese called mangala premeratna who has a fetish to be trampled by savage and angry tamil women.He would be fantasising about jayalalitha and thamilselvams wife stomping on him screaming and shouting obscenities in tamil until he achieves the mother of all orgasms.

    These are common fantasies among men.You and i know what our fantasies are but we won’t tell on this blog for all these males to hear.It is our secret no?We don’t openly talk like these stupid men no? Oh to be in the desert,surrounded by these huge arabs and africans……ahhhhh.yeow.arghhhh.bow wow bow wow.wow.wow.

  65. No Shankar, she might have been inside a cage when she was a tiger. But not now.
    Now the army takes her to the zoo if her relatives wants to see her. Army feels secure inside the zoo compound because she cannot run away.

  66. Thamil Selvan was a member of the notorious PISTOL GANG of the LTTE which killed thousands of Tamils who suppoeted Indo-Lanka pact of 1987. He killed un-armed Tamils and those families are still suffering without their bread winner. On the other hand Thamil Selvan, a grade two drop out and his family amassed wealth of millions from the Tamils.

    In Canada his brothers who never worked but own million dollar business. IDEAL CARPET is owned by them.

    I have no sympathy for a family of a terrorist who destroyed many families in Jaffna!

  67. you refugee,NON-SEN,which world are you living in?,UN has not announced any war crimes against Sri Lanka.
    You Fool.

  68. Why dont you humiliate yourself further as her foot slave or something.Shameless person that you are

  69. Janaka,which planet do you live in,your name does not imply that YOU are FROM the VEDDHA Community.
    But even they now cover themselves up.
    Befor you talk about statistics,check the statistics of countries like,China,India.
    As there is a saying”let people think that you are an IDIOT,But Do Not open your BIG mouth & Confirm”
    Janaka,if the cap fits wear it,sir.
    If you are a eco refugee in the west,YOU CHECK YOUR ADOPTED MOTHERLAND IS “OFFERING” YOU,”Debts,Stress,Go back to your country,Paki,insults”,as you would have experienced

  70. There are hard core morons on both sides like Nerus & Wattsalas that is y the war CONTINUEd FOR 30 odd years.

  71. Ya… now u are passing judgement that I am a MR supporter?

    Go day dream u LTTE sympathizer.
    Don’t shout from safe heavens like cowards.

    Y did u let your brothers & sisters in Vanni suffer, so you could continue to get your bank accounts thicker?

  72. Oops.My slip is showing.The big bang was 16 billion years ago and did not create the universe but merely expanded it to its present form.

    Evolution from organisms in the ocean to our present form was over a period of 600 million years and not 4500 years as i mentioned.heck what the hell does it matter anyway,its a long time ago.Lets worry about the next few years,or even better still the next few months, or like the srilankans the next few days.

  73. You’r obviously sick mate. We don’t hesitate to say ‘Sorry’ to those who deserve it irrespective of when and where and circumstances. But those who made major messes to the masses do not deserve any kind of apologies from us.

    I am not a sinhala patriot Mister… I am a human patriot. I have enough talked in the past on behalf of (tamil)victims under (sinhala) opressors, but those victims, them selves in turn become opressors and keep on taking revenge on someone who never have an idea of their predecessors done to the victims and it is endless, then I would never mind changing my stance to equate the formula.

    Even if you are blood for blood, it doesn’t mean killing 10 ppl as a revenge for 1 got killed. If someone tries to scare another in that way, then he/she can learn lots from VP and the gang who terribly failed at the end.

  74. Shankar,
    Don’t get things mixed up. You want us to act like true buddhists in a world where no one else act like true catholics, true hindus or true muslims. If being true of any kind make you surrender to another’s crazy ideologies and make criminals victorious, I wouldn’t want to become any of those ‘true kinds’.

    You’re wrong when you say I’d burst a vessel about JT’s perception on VP’s parents. Rather I will better respect VP’s parents who had relatively very little to do with VP becoming a monster than Thamil Chelvam’s widow who had an active role in it.

    All I have to say is, don’t glorify criminals… Let them suffer a bit of mental agony for they made all suffered not only mentally, but physically too for 3 decades. Let the criminals understood that they are NO heros, but actual criminals. If you give a bad example here by sympathising criminals while there are lots of innocents who had no such attention and still suffer, you are making a bad precedent for the next generation.

  75. shankar says:
    May 27, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    dilshanf says:
    May 27, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    I got all points what you are mentioning.

    My thinking is like this,
    Normally irrespective of gender sinhalees are kneeling infrunt of elders, teachers, and Bikkus, But did Jayalalitha or wife of tamilselvem got under category?
    In first case I mentioned it as a slave ideology. Nevertheless in second case he is doing this on behalf of common sinhalees.

    What for.
    Did any of us doing wronged to her ?

    But she did.
    As the wife of tamil selvem she could prevented from him what he done.
    she did nothing in this regard.
    More or less this is relating to with wife of WIJEWEERA too.
    Therefore these two womens are answerable for innocent people’s lives.
    That’s why I called them as wives of snakes.
    I have no mentality to run after snakes or knelling infrunt of them.

  76. I never read this high flown brilliant logic!!

    Hmmm sure MR will grab you to his band wagon of advisers – ‘reconciliation adviser’ suits you.

  77. Dont fool yourself. Dont just give money to Tamil Diaspora. See what they done to your people. When SL Army captured Killinochchi everybody saw how poor tamils are lived their. They dont have a proper shelter to live. But diaspora collect the money & told they make BETTER LIFE FOR TAMILS.
    Yes they done. But only for LTTE leaders. Not tamil civiliance.

    So people now know what they meaning of “TAMILS”. They mean it “US”. Means few Tamil leaders are maintaining from your money. See Praba SON when swimming in pool ( Donated by NORWAY – Mr ERIC ) poor tamil people suffer for drink pure water. And Praba watching movies from 52″ LCD ( Donated by ERIC ) and your kids suffer in bunker with T56.

    Is this the your dream of EELAM? Who needs EELAM? See how many tamils doing their business with sinhala people in south. Do they have any problem?

    Wake up guys. Remove this fake “EELAM” tissue from your eyes. Look at the world from your own eyes. Not from “Diaspora” eyes. They are showing you a “EELAM carrot” which you can not get anyway.

    We no need any bloody “WAR”. Just live as a Srilankan.
    Do not beg from Norway. Till you are funding them they treat you as a friend. See if not what they will do for you.

    Truth is bitter. But have to accept oneday. Still you are not late.

    Start Today.

  78. Lankan, I agree with you. Doing business with you in the south is not a problem. What we fear is that we have to assimilate with you for survival and while doing this we would loose our own identity. Such as Pillai become Pulle! Kumar become Kumara! Manal Aru became Welioya! Cal Turai became Kalutara! and list goes on.

    If the Tamils can survive without this sacrifice then and then only, we all are Sri Lankans. Eelam is not an issue and it was never. LTTE messed up the whole issue becos in the north and east, Karayar wants to become the ruling class over and above Vellals. This was the LTTE’s hidden agenda and the day it came out, it lost it’s credibility among the Tamils in general and became stronger among the Karaiyars.

  79. Chinthaka,

    What about the war criminasl’s wives parading as “first Lady” and High commissioners wives and other VIPs.

    For a person who is not biased and follows the “truth” all the time, all the prominent politicians of Sri Lanka ie. sinhala politicians, both green blue and red and tamil paramilitaries under their payroll are murderers and are drenched in blood of the innocent.

    They will all have to face their “judgement” one day. They keep committing crime after crime to hide the “first crime”

  80. TRN.

    I am hoping fruitful response rather than nonsense.

    As response of your comet I can say I am always happy with my present post as staying in the home and write when I get leisure time.

  81. Also an important point is tamils don’t mind being assimilated over a long period of time over the centuries as happenned before in our history, on their own choosing instead of being forced to within a short period after independence with laws favouring sinhalese and beatings etc.That way of trying to assimilate will only result in a proud people being pushed back towards their original bretren in tamilnadu and looking for protection from india. Identity is not a big deal.Future generations are not going to worry too much about it like the present.They will intermarry and the only god they will worship is the dollar.Every generation is smarter than the previous one due to evolutionary factors.You can see how your child behaves and ask your mum and dad whether you did those smart things at that age and invariably the answer will be no.The The sinhalese should be patient without constantly stirring the pot and creating ethnic tensions. Then assimialtion will not take place and tamils will be always talking of their own identity because they become like a people under siege.

  82. Supun, looks like you were at the war front. Are you a soldier? You can be a war witness and give evidence. Few of my relatives died due to Army artillery when they stayed in the refugee camps during the last stages of war. Even the govt knows what happened but no one will ever admit the bitter truth. Time will tell.

  83. silva,
    No legitimate govt will watch hands tied until a bunch of terrorists (who hv different names from diff points of view) run amoke.

    You approve Thenuwara’s goddess comments on a branded terrorist.

  84. Lila,

    “This Debate itself evident that Tamils cannot live with Singhala people”

    yes, you are absolutely right. Tamils can’t live peacefully with the Sinhalese. Time and again this has been proved. In the barbaric mindset of the Buddhist Sinhalese, Tamils have no place. The Tamils should be allocated a land for an Eelam. To be absolutely fair, the allocated land has to be propotionate to the percentage of all the Tamils in SL. This amount is currently around 7%. The on going sences will reveal the right percentage. Then all Tamils living out side the new Eelam must migrate to the new born Eelam.

    All Sinhalese, Muslims and others living currently in the new Eelam territory should also leave the Eelam, thus creating a pure mono ethnic tamil country.

    Well realestate owners of Wellawatta will not like this idea as the property prices will plunge due to the Tamil exodus and I doubt whether the new Sinhalese shop owners in Sea Street could turn out nice juwellery like the Tamils did.

  85. Lila,

    “This Debate itself evident that Tamils cannot live with Singhala people”

    yes, you are absolutely right. Tamils can’t live peacefully with the Sinhalese. Time and again this ahs been proved. In the barbaric mindset of the Buddhist Sinhalese, Tamils have no place. The Tamils should be allocated a land for an Eelam. To be absolutely fair, the allocated land has to be propotionate to the percentage of all the Tamils in SL. This amount is currently around 7%. The on going sences will reveal the right percentage. Then all Tamils living out side the Eelam must migrate to the new born Eelam.

    All Sinhalese, Muslims and others living currently in the new Eelam territory should also leave the Eelam, thus creating a pure mono ethnic tamil country.

    Well realestate owners of Wellawatta will not like this idea as the property prices will plunge due to the Tamil exodus and I doubt whether the new Sinhalese shop owners in Sea Street could turn out nice juwellery like the Tamils did.

  86. Shankar,
    I don’t understand the context in which you use the term assimilation. Does it mean the state where all tamils of sri lanka whole heartedly feel as sri lankans and live in peace with fellow sinhalese? or does it mean the state where all tamils of sri lanka give up their identity, become sinhalese and live happily (as suggested by lunatics like Somapala once)? If assimilation refers to the second category, it is to be nipped at the bud. If assimilation refers to the first category, both tamils and sinhalese should whole heartedly co operate to reach that ideal state.

  87. oh ! dear Wathsala, Please//// Do us a big favour stop posting comments and get on with your house work.

    You will reap what you sow… no fruitful responses!!

  88. There are two types of war. Ground war and minds war. It is very important that wining the mind war. Sri Lanka is the only country who defeated terrorism by war. To complete this war SL needs to win the mind war too. That is the different SL & other Countries.

    I think SL Government doing very well on minds war as well as they did on ground war against LTTE.
    LTTE bastards are very well trained years at LTTE. We can use them & their training to give benefit to SL & economy instead of keeping them in jails.
    Example: We can used rehab sea tigers and convert them in to deep sea fishing unit. (in Canada Deep sea fishing is very profitable business)

  89. TRN,

    Opinions are vary with the people. I have right to stand for holding my opinions until I believe them are fair.

    If I am a wronged it is your task to advocate me but not make force to me. It is the way of PRABAKARAN and as well as WIJEWEERA.

    I hate both because they terrorists.

    furthermore I am hating their followers too.

  90. Yogesh Karayalar
    all tamils of sri lanka give up their identity, become sinhalese and live happily (as suggested by lunatics like Somapala once)? If assimilation refers to the second category, it is to be nipped at the bud.

    SINHALA race it self is a mixed one.
    The four native races in the countyr called YAKSHA,NAGA,RAKSHA,ASURA had been into one race with WIJAYA’S GROUP in king PANDUKABAYA’s era and became one race call SINHALA. The race of SINHALA is like an ocean, Though every rivers which contain different tastes of water when it come into sea it got only one taste. You are certainly know this taste.

    SINHALA race too have this quality. From the ancient period to now days many little races joined into main race. Sinhala people did not object but respect them and make room for them to climbing up to top level in the hierarchy. Perhaps you may know there a princes called DAMILA DEVI was one of queen of king Dutugamunu.

    How about 12000 in South Indians who settled in king GAJABAAHU period. Didn’t them amalgamated into the main stream.

    How about ALAKESWARA family when amalgamating into main stream didn’t they ruled the country. Who are WATHHIMI KUMARAYA and ULAKUDA DEEVI. Were they orginally sinhalees? And most venarable WEEDAGAMA THERO who wrote BUDUGUNA ALANKARAYA too a blood relation of alakeswara family. Didn’t this thero get any disregard in sinhala community?
    Who was VEEDIYA BANDARA Orginally didn’t he was a tamil?

    As far as concern in modern history Chandrika’s great great grand father was a tamil. You may remembered the name of ARIKKA KI WEDU in second Rajasinghe ere.His orginal name was NEELAPERUMAL.Was his pedigree make any obstacle to Bandaranayake family to hold top posts of the country?
    How about late president JR.
    Was THAMBI MUDIYENSE pedigree prevent him for hold president post?
    Sinhala race is not like HINDUS. Think about Sonia Gandhi. Could she become a president in India? Will Hindus allow it?

    On the other hand this amalgamating was not done by force. Either you can be amalgamate and share with all rights or you can leave the country. That’s how Burgers did. In the colonial period they enjoyed the benefits in the country. They retained here until year 56. After that most of them leave the country because they did’t like to new changes that took place.

    Why the same principal should not applicable to Tamils too?

  91. chinthaka

    I merely said that thenuwara said at one time he was a true bhuddhist,that is why he must be following Lord Bhudha’s teachings. Because i said that you are criticising me. Therefore you are saying what Lord Bhuddha said is all bunkum and rubbish isn’t it.You youself said earlier,in this day and age his words of wisdom such as hate can be conquered through love,does not apply in current world we are living in where people will take advantage of that kind of according to you weak mentality.That is why i say you should give up being a bhuddhist if you are in conflict with Lord Bhuddha’s teachings. Or do you wish to be a bhuddhist for any other reason thogh you don’t believe in his teachings?

    As for mrs.thamilsevam and children being terrorists and criminals,that is news to me. If mahinda is one day convicted then MRS.rajapakshe and all her children will be also criminals according to you.After all they could have stopped mahinda from slautering tens of thousands of civilians. Mrs.rajapakshe could have gone on strike and not cooked any food for him and denied him sex after a hard day of slaughtering.Children could have said “thaathi mokada me ahinsaka demela minissu meme marranda epa.Ladja natha thaathita”.

  92. Assimilation is when we become sinhalese. What is wrong with that?Those who want to be tamils will continue to be tamils and those who want to be sinhalese will become sinhalese.That is their democratic right. I remember in my schooldays a classmate of mine converted to christianity.The hindus in class were putting pressure on this poor soul for changing the religion. Then they called me to put some sense into this person and to change again to hinduism. I asked why the change and the reply was belief in christ’s teachings. The only alternative for me is to find something wrong with jesus christ.What can you find wrong?So i said the individual has the right to choose what he believes in as long as it is something for the good. I was immediatly chased out by the others and they said they should never have called me in the first place.

  93. So you are not ready to accept tamils with their identity and originality. This shows your racist attitude. Somapala, Samarasekara, Mahinda, Gotabaya all of you are going to be exposed soon in the international arena. If Tamils are forcibly converted to become sinhalese Sri Lanka will be annihilated.

    Why do you criticize Hinduism un necessarily? Do you know one thing? Tata and Birla are parsis (persians or people from Persia) are not hindus. Even though Sonia Gandhi (Antanio Mino) is not the official PM she controls every thing. If hindus or Indians are particular about her nationality Congress party would have been defeated and BJP would have come to power. Manmohan singh is a sikh and not a hindu. Abdul kalam is a muslim. Powerful lobby close to Sonia are christians. If you consider sikhs are a sub sect of hindus then buddhists are also a subsect of hindus. Criticism about hindus and hinduism is totally irrelevent here. You racist sinhalese. Ponder about the message from Bible “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

    I have lot of respect for Buddhism. But the type of Buddhism followed by racist sinhalese is not acceptable.

    Finally one question. When India survives as a successful union with 30 major ethnic groups why can’t Sri Lanka exist with 2 ethnic groups?

  94. Shankar,
    You are a matured person and you have the maturity to accept any eventuality. That is good. But what is the necessity for tamils to convert as sinhalese? As you said it is one’s individual choice to choose the language and religion. Whether nation building has to take place by wiping out minorities culture and identity?

    Shankar you have compared conversion from hinduism to christianity and conversion from tamil to sinhalese. I think conversion from one language to another is different from conversion from one religion to another. Converion from one religion to another religion affects only the spiritual life. But conversion from one language to another makes us to loose each and every thing in our life. I think the idea of converting one linguistic group to another linguistic group takes place only in Sri Lanka in the recent times.

    In India, irrespective of Tamil and Malayalam being the dialect of each other they remian as two different languages and both of them flourish. Tamil does not try to assimilate malayalam. My personal request to you is ‘Give up any thing in your life. Never give up language’. Don’t forget the popular tamil saying ‘Thaayum mozhiyum kankal’.

    I have replied to the racist comment of Samarasekara in detail. I request you to consider those comments also.

  95. Ask from the tamils who do not want to co exit in SL. LTTe wanted a mono ethnic state.
    Also to your misconception about there are only 2 ethnic groups in Sri Lanka… please u know next to nothing about Sri Lanka.

    I would rather not categorise Sri Lankans by ethnicity. As phisically & physiologically all Sri lankans are similar. Only difference is the language (2) & religions(4).

    The problems in Sri lanka are magnified & made complex by interested parties to achieve their own end.

    outsiders are adding salt to our wounds.

  96. Yogesh Karayalar says:
    June 1, 2011 at 4:04 am
    So you are not ready to accept tamils with their identity and originality. This shows your racist attitude.



  97. No need to read your nasty and racist comment once again.

    First of all learn to write legibly.

    If you say tamils should give up their language & religion and become buddhist sinhalese, undoubtedly you are a racist. 1+1=2 No need of a research to understand this simple fact. Likewise the statement ‘Samarasekara is a racist’ is obvious. You have listed the persons who gave up their identity and culture to enjoy comforts. Don’t think that every body will be like that. Mother and mother tongue are like the two eyes. If somebody sells both eyes and get a painting then he/she is a lunatic.

    Better consult a psychiatrist to come out of the utopian world.

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