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‘Brigadier’ Balraj: Legendary commander of the LTTE

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

(continued from last week)

With the Indian army dislodging the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) from its entrenched positions in the Jaffna peninsula through “Operation Pawan” and other military exercises the tigers began re-locating in large numbers to the northern mainland known as the “Wanni”.

'Brigadier' Balraj ~ Painting by Shan Sundaram (Free-Tamils.com)

The LTTE’s number two Gopalaswamy Mahendrarajah alias Mahathaya had for long been commander of the Wanni region. The districts of Kilinochchi, Mullaitheevu and Vavuniya came under his command.Mannar district was administered separately.

Thus Mahathaya’s power and influence increased tremendously after the spotlight shifted to the Wanni. The LTTE leader Veluppillai Prabhakaran himself had moved to the Wanni and was accommodated in secret locations in the Mullaitheevu jungles.Protecting Prabhakaran who was a prize target in Indian perception became top priority for the LTTE.

Lt.Col Navam

Initially the protection of Prabhakaran was entrusted to Lt. Col Navam who incidently was a Tamil of recent Indian origin. His family had moved to the wanni from the up country after the 1977 anti – Tamil violence.

Lt. Col Navam was in overall charge of Prabakharan’s security in particular and Mullaitheevu defences in general. Balraj functioned as Navam’s deputy.Being familiar with the jungle terrain ,Balraj’s services were indispensable to the LTTE at that juncture.

It was during this period that Balraj began interacting closely with his leader Prabakharan. The LTTE numero uno who at one time was reluctant to induct Balraj into tiger folds due to his PLOTE past was now greatly impressed by his unassuming simplicity and quiet efficiency.

Navam was killed in action when the LTTE launched an attack on the Indian army camp in Nedunkerny. Thereafter Balraj took over informally and was like Mahathaya’s deputy for the Wanni command


Wilting under the Indian army onslaught the tiger cadres in the Wanni were scattered and demoralised. Communication was a big problem. It was then that Balraj undertook an arduous mission to infuse morale into the LTTE within the Wanni

With authority delegated by Prabhakaran and Mahathaya, the lad from Kokkuthoduvaai began travelling the length and breadth of the Wanni. He travelled on foot moving from place to place and meeting with tiger cadre in different places. Despite the heavy Indian army presence,Balraj managed to accomplish his mission.

As a result the LTTE in the Wanni got invigorated and began going on the offensive in a limited capacity. A series of attacks on Indian patrols and posts were launched. This restricted Indian army mobility to a great extent. It is said that Balraj was instrumental in motivating tiger cadre through his pedestrian mission

It was during this time that the LTTE inflicted heavy losses on an Indian commando unit which infiltrated the Mullaitheevu jungles in search of Prabhakaran. After monitoring the Indian commando movement Balraj along with Lt.Col Navaneethan led a contingent of fighters to counter attack.

The LTTE split in two formations in the jungles of Pazhampaasi area. One was led by Navaneethan and the other by Balraj. While the group led by Navaneethan conducted a frontal attack on the Indian soldiers the group led by Balraj managed to move clandestinely through jungle routes and attack from behind. The Indians were caught in the middle and were virtually wiped out. The survivors were rescued by helicopter.

The LTTE variation of double envelopement adopted by Balraj in the jungle terrain rattled the Indian army.Thereafter all such jungle operations were suspended.The tigers continued to launch sporadic attacks on Indian installations. Things however began to change after the advent of Ranasinghe Premadasa. Soon the Indian army was on its way out.


After the withdrawal of the Indian army the tiger leader moved back to Jaffna with his retinue. Mahathaya also moved to Jaffna as LTTE deputy leader and president of the LTTE political party Peoples Front of Liberation Tigers (PFLT).

There was also a policy change of sorts where the LTTE was now as far as possible encouraging cadre from a particular locality to take up leadership positions there.In keeping with this policy Balraj was made military commander for the Wanni in 1990. Theepan was appointed his deputy.This was the opportunity Balraj had been waiting for to demonstrate his military acumen.

After assuming command Balraj undertook a gigantic public relations exercise. He visited the families of fallen LTTE cadre and consoled with relatives.Balraj also went to the houses of people who had supported the LTTE during the Indian army campaign amidst great risk and hardship. He thanked them profusely and requested continuous support.

Balraj launched three attacks at different times on the Sri Lankan army camps at Mullaitheevu,Mankulam and Kilinochchi. They were all failures and the LTTE retreated after incurring heavy losses.

The A – 9 highway or Jaffna – Kandy road was then under the nominal control of the army from Vavuniya to Elephant Pass. The army had military camps in key areas.Balraj decided to establish control over the A -9 highway in the Wanni


The army camp at Kokkaavil on the A -9 highway was singled out as a target by the LTTE led by Balraj in the Wanni. A large scale attack was launched under the field command of Theepan and strategic command of Balraj. The army resisted fiercely and inflicted heavy losses on the tigers. Even Theepan was injured.

Instead of calling the attack off, Balraj himself took up field command on the second day. Balraj’s battlefront presence encouraged the tiger cadres. After heavy fighting the camp was overrun. This was the first time that the tigers had overrun a Sri Lankan army camp.

Encouraged by the fall of Kokkaavil the LTTE now set its sights on the Mankulam camp. Although the earlier attack had failed Balraj now devised a new tactical plan. In a black tiger or suicide attack, Lt. Col Borg drove a truck full of explosives into the camp at midnight and exploded himself. Tiger cadres led by Theepan followed in its wake and began attacking.

Meanwhile a second LTTE contingent led by Balraj and Navaneethan moved clandestinely through paddy fields and attacked the Mankulam garrison in the rear. Despite the element of surprise being in LTTE favour, the soldiers fought back valiantly .The fighting went on even after day break. The soldiers behan withdrawing from the main camp and began converging at the adjacent helipad and its environs.

It was then that Balraj executed one of his legendary “leading from the front” attacks. He personally led a reinforced attack on the helipad area and dislodged the soldiers. The helipad area was captured.Balraj however left an “opening” at the Southern end thus enabling soldiers to withdraw and move down several miles to Vavuniya.The LTTE seized a huge arsenal that included .50 calibre guns. This was the first time this happened.


The victories of Kokkavil and Mankulam raised LTTE stock. Balraj also became known as a reputed military commander.

Another operation where Balraj proved his military prowess was the Elephant pass operation of 1991.This was the operation codenamed “Tharai – Kadal – Aahayam ” (Land – sea – Air )and led by Mahathaya to lay siege to the Elephant pass base and capture it.The operation ended in failure and 673 LTTE cadre were killed.

Balraj and his fighters were tasked with the goal of penetrating the complex from the Kurinchatheevu sector.Balraj and his men delivered results by infiltrating through the lagoon and overrunning the military installation set up in the former guest house premises and retaining it till the operation was called off.They destroyed it while withdrawing.

The failure of other LTTE cadre to achieve their objectives led to overall failure of the operation. It was however a personal triumph for Balraj.

The LTTE in 1991 formed its first infantry brigade. It was named after Charles Anthony , Prabakharan’s trusted deputy and close companion who died in Meesalai on July 15th 1983.

Balraj was Prabakharan’s choice to be the first special commander of Charles Anthony brigade. He served so until 1993.Later he had a second stint as Charles Anthony special commander from 1995 -97


One of the innovative features adopted by Balraj in conducting operations was the “amphibian assault”. This was a tactic in which LTTE cadres attacked coastal army camps simultaneously from land and sea. At that time the naval wing known as sea tigers had not developed fully. So LTTE cadres would wade into the sea at a distant point and move through shallow waters on foot. At the given time attacks were launched from land and sea.

A cost effective tactic employed by Balraj in some of these operations was to go in for the sentry posts,bunkers and mini-camps instead of attacking heavily fortified main camps. The first experimental attack using this tactic was in Karainagar in the peninsula in 1991.

A reconnaissance mission was done by “Major”Kinni in the Karainagar naval camp area. Thereafter LTTE cadre led by balraj attacked posts along the Karainagar – Ponnalai area instead of attacking the base itself. Tiger cadres moved on either side of the Ponnalai causeway through shallow waters and attacked the security force positions in a concerted manner.

Balraj repeated this tactic in other areas also. It met with massive success in Vallalaai in the peninsula. Tiger cadres moving through shallow waters attacked and overran 155 posts in the Vallalaai-Thondamanaru area. Another operation in the mainland saw 64 positions being destroyed in the Nagathevanthurai-Poonagary sector.Both these were in 1992.


Another attribute of Balraj was his penchant to conduct reconnaissance missions known as “rekke” himself. Except on rare occasions Balraj himself would scout around the security camp vicinity sometimes going up to the outer perimeter fence.Though extremely perilous and most unbecoming for a military commander,Balraj would rationalise his conduct by saying that he had to personally experience the terrain to launch and lead an attack.

Apart from leading military assaults and offensives Balraj also excelled in strategic defence. He was mainly responsible for defeating, preventing, restricting or nullifying several military offensives by the armed forces.

Some of these were “operation Wanniwickrema” in Vavuniya, Operation ” lightning” in Manal aaru/Weli Oya, operation “leap forward” in Jaffna, , operation” Yarl Devi ” in Kilaly /puloppalai and operation “Agni Kheela” in Elephant pass.

One offensive Balraj failed to thwart was the first phase of “operation Jayasikurui”in 1997 where the armed forces took Omanthai and Nedunkerny. Operation ” riviresa “ phase one in Jaffna where Balraj also participated in defence was another failure for the LTTE.

Balraj was in overall charge of LTTE defences during Jayasikurui till the fall of Puliyankulam. Thereafter erstwhile eastern LTTE regional commander “Col” Karuna took over defence arrangements


Balraj’s finest accomplishment in defensive war was Agikheela on April 24th 2001. The armed forces had moved out from the Kilaly – Eluthumattuvaal – Nagar Kovul FDL’s in a bid to re- take Elephant pass.The LTTE inflicted heavy losses on the army.

Balraj was engaged in preparing for a major amphibian assault in Poonagary –Nagathevanthurai in 1993 when the Sri Lankan army began its “operation Yarl-Devi”offensive. Since Elephant pass was under army control, transport to and from Jaffna was through points at Kilaly in the peninsula and Paranthannalloor in the mainland.”Yarl devi” operation commencing from Elephant pass was aimed at seizing control of Kilaly.

Balraj moved into the peninsula from Poonagary and set up defences at very short notice. The fighting was hectic but Balraj was himself injured during Operation Yarl Devi in the fighting at Puloppalai. He sustained serious injuries on a leg when he was firing an RPG at a T – 55 tank. The injury caused him to limp slightly when walking.Also he suffered pain in the leg when he walked for a long distance. Incidently the LTTE managed to capture a tank for the first time in this

Despite the damage caused by the injury Balraj continued to function actively. He participated in several operations in the peninsula. It was during this time that Prabhakaran gave Balraj his greatest military honour by appointing him as deputy – military commander.Prabakharan was then the military commander of the LTTE. Thus Balraj became number two in the military hierarchy.

The LTTE’s new deputy – military commander began demonstrating his mettle in battle. But the LTTE itself was driven away from the Jaffna peninsula through the operation Riviresa phased out military campaign.The LTTE began operating militarily in the Wanni


On July 18th 1996 the LTTE overran the Mullaitheevu camp killing more than a 1000 soldiers. Balraj co-ordinated the operation codenamed “Oyatha Alaigal – 1.” (Unceasing waves)The beleaguered soldiers had fought back and entrenched themselves in the church area by the beach. Meanwhile soldiers were air landed at Alambil to move in and relieve the Mullaitheevu garrison.

The LTTE fought on both fronts. Finally reinforcements under “Col” Bhanu came in. The situation changed in LTTE favour when the T-55 captured at Puloppalai was used in the beach attack.

The military launched “operation Sathjaya – 1” and 2 and captured Paranthan and the greater part of Kilinochchi. Balraj himself fought in these battles but was unable to prevent the army advancing. Meanwhile the army had also reached Mankulam on the A -9 through Operation Jayasikurui. It was only a matter of time before the army from Mankulam would have linked up at Kilinochchi.

It was at this juncture that the LTTE decided to seize Kilinochchi.Balraj conceived, coordinated and commanded the operation.An important component of the military strategy was to prevent reinforcements from Elephant pass and Paranthan reaching Kilinochchi.

Balraj himself took up position at points between Paranthan and Kilinochchi. After fierce fighting the LTTE managed to prevent the army from moving to aid comrades under attack in Kilinochchi. Finally the soldiers withdrew after incurring heavy losses.Kilinochchi fell to the tigers.This manoeuvre by Balraj was the precursor to his remarkable feat later during the Elephant pass battle.


Then came “Oyatha – Alaigal – 3 in 1999 November when the LTTE in a series of co-ordinated offensives overran military camps in Oddusuddan. Karippattaimurippu, Mankulam, Kanagarayankulam, Puliyankulam etc.

Most military gains of “Jayasikurui” were reversed.

“Oyatha Alaigal” or unceasing waves was an on going operation with more battles to follow in the Jaffna peninsula. The greatest of these was the lengthy series of operations to take the strategic military base in the Elephant pass isthmus.

The key element in the LTTE’s “encircle and enfeeble”strategy was the interdiction of supplies along the A – 9 highway between Eluthumattuvaal and Iyakkachchi / Elephant pass. The besieged Elephant pass garrison had to be “cut off” and isolated.

In a bid to prevent such an eventuality the armed forces had fortified a rectangular area extending from Thaalaiyaddy – Maruthankerny along the Vadamaratchy east coast of the peninsula up ro the Puthukkaadu juction on the Jaffna – Kandy road.

This area known as the “Vathiraayan box”included Vathirayan , Pullaa veli, Soranpatru and Maasaar. Thus Elephant pass was assured of continuous supply from Eluthumadduvaal in the hinterland as well as Thaalaiyaddi in the littoral.


How the LTTE breached these impregnable defences amounted to a modern military miracle. It was Balraj’s crowning achievement.

In an ambhibean operation on March 26th 2000 , the sea tigers led by “Col” Soosai succeeded in transporting 1200 cadre from the mainland coast to the peninsular coast.

These cadre led by Balraj landed at Kudaarappu – Maamunai and then moved clandestinely into the interior by walking through the inland lagoon and marshy lands known as “kandal”.

Army posts in Soranpatru and Maasaar were overrun . A 40 foot bund erected by the army at Maasaar was breached by Balraj’s tiger squad.The tigers reached the A – 9 road near Puthukkaadu junction.

Thereafter the tigers led by Balraj moved up and set up positions at a place called Ithaavil near Pallai thus blocking military supplies to Iyakkachchi – Elephant pass.The contingent led by the LTTE’s deputy milit ary chief Balraj took a swathe of the Jaffna-Kandy road between Pallai and Eluthumattuvaal. These included the areas around Arasakerni, Ithavil, Indrapuram. Muhamaalai north and Kovil Kadu.

The area under LTTE control amounted to about 4 km in length and 2 km in breadth. With this move , the LTTE effectively cut off the main road link between the Elephant Pass/Iyakachchi camps and Jaffna. On April 10, the armed forces recaptured a major portion of the road but failed to dislodge the Tigers completely.

The next few weeks saw an intense battle where Balraj and his band of intrepid fighters held on to a strip of land at Ithaavil against formidable odds. There were many twists and turns but Balraj fought on stubbornly beating back attempt after attempt to dislodge him.

After 24 days of fighting the army gave in. Elephant pass was abandoned on April 19th. The LTTE hoisted its flag ceremoniously on April 22nd.


Balraj’s incredible military feat was analysed and dissected in military manuals.

The LTTE under Balraj had demonstrated that it could engage in offensive and defensive positional warfare in deep enemy territory and triumph against superior armed forces without air support.

It was hailed as a paradigm shift in the conduct of “limited wars”.

With this victory and the magnificient resistance displayed during “Operation Agnkheela ” in retaining Elephant pass the LTTE deputy – military chief’s reputation was further enhanced. He became a larger than life legend.

But things changed as Balraj’s health began to deteriorate. He had always had a “heart condition” and this began to worsen. In addition there was diabetes and kidney complications.

When the ceasefire was in progress Balraj went to Singapore with two bodyguards for advanced medical treatment. He obtained heart surgery there. Balraj’s visa application to enter Malaysia for further treatment was refused.

There was trouble on the domestic front too


In keeping with the LTTE policy of arranging marriages within the movement Balraj too had married a woman cadre Varathaa.

She was a close relative of LTTE supremo who had personally arranged the marriage. Varathaa like Balraj had injured her leg in a battle.

Married life however was not a state of bliss. There was temperamental incompatibility and the couple had serious differences. At one stage the wife started “complaining” against Balraj in public places.

This led to arguments and squabbles. Then Varathaa went to the LTTE police station and registered a complaint that Balraj had assaulted her.She also complained to the LTTE leader who was her kinsman.

Prabakharan then intervened and admonished Balraj. He also separated the couple. This increased Balraj’s misery.

In a tragic twist Balraj’s separated wife was stung by a russel’s viper and died.

Though separated , Varadhaa’s death through snakebite caused inconsolable sorrow to Balraj.Apart from physical ill – health it is said that Balraj’s emotional state declined considerably after his wife’s death.


Due to his deteriorating health Balraj began to pursue a comparatively , sedate life. He was involved as a lecturer and instructor at the LTTE’s military academy for officers.

Balraj taught military strategy, planning and tactics.He also provided specialised training for the LTTE commandoes and special forces.

He had earlier been a visiting instructor and demonstrator at various LTTE training camps. The recruits and conscripts liked to be taught by Balraj.

But there was no way in which his services on the military front could end.

In 2001 when “Col” Shankar was killed in a landmine attack by the army’s deep penetration unit a virtual state of emergency was declared by Prabakharan.

Balraj was directed to coordinate a defence strategy to counter the DPU and prevent further attacks. Balraj was engaged in this when the ceasefire was promulgated on Feb 23rd 2002


During the ceasefire Balraj was sent to the east at one stage to strengthen LTTE defences. This was after the Karuna revolt.

Balraj was in Vaaharai when the tsunami struck on Dec 26th 2004. Balraj was on the coast when he saw the huge waves and fired in the air. This alerted the people who saw the waves and fled inwards. Balraj reportedly had a miraculous escape when he was engulfed by the water.

The last days of Balraj saw his health deteriorate drastically. He used to spend most of his time in a hospital in Puthukkudiyiruppu. Yet he would leave the hospital and undertake prolonged trips to the frontlines inspecting and supervising defences.

The raising of the 59 division and its deployment in Manal Aaru / Weli Oya created fresh difficulties for the LTTE. Containing the armed forces in this strategically important terrain was of crucial importance.

Once again Prabakharan turned to Balraj. Despite his ill – health Balraj began staying at the Frontlines for extended periods. This worsened his physical condition.

Finally the end came after being bed ridden for two weeks. Thus ended the life of brave commander “Brigadier” Balraj.

Part I: Brigadier Balraj: LTTE’s fearless frontline commander

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    I agree that balraj seems to be a great military commander,though he had some failures too.This is confirmed by numerology 9 which is for people with militaristic qualities. Fonseka and denzil kobbekkaduwa, and mahinda are all 9.Shavendra and theepan also i think,but not sure

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    What I heard was that Baby too had wanted to surrender along with some senior LTTE members. But at the last minute had second thoughts about surrendering. He had committed suicide by swallowing cynaide

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    True. All I can say in defence of Balraj is that the surrendered soldiers were not in his custody. They were taken over by Pottu Amman.Balraj had no direct involvement in the summary execution of the surrendered soldiers.But as you said he too has to share responsibility for the war crime of executing surrendered soldiers.

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    Best Wishes,


  18. True DBS, us Sinhalese have short memories 🙂 But in the case of Karuna, Pilliyan and KP, sinhalese simply have “forgiven” them for the reason they are aligned with one man called Mahinda Rajapaksha. As long as they are with MR, they will be deemed merely as “conquered” and “tamed” former-tigers who have repented what they’ve done. In fact I think is more of a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, and less to do with “forgiving”. If by any chance tomorrow they cross over to the Ranil Wickremesinghe led UNP, they will become public enemy number one with the blink of an eye I assure you 🙂 Such is I think the power and aura of this man called MR.

    As for the execution of LTTE leaders I am not denying it, just the same way it is pointless for an American to deny that their army executed Osama bin Laden in cold-blood in front of his family. However, if the Sri Lankan army executed surrendees in the scale of the mullative massacre, then there would have been no LTTE POW to rehabilitate. Its the scale of the massacre that would hound Balraj even after his death.

    Still, you make a good point. criminal is criminal, whatever the scale of the massacre. There is no excuse for it. Maybe Balraj forced himself to become a criminal, just as us sinhalese forced ourselves to become criminal in our desperation to finish the war. Let this be the end of this gruesome chapter and let it be a lesson for our children.

    Thanks again DBS 🙂

  19. great article by DBSJ as usual.

    but in the end the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist and according to Balraj’s wife he seems to have been a wife beater as well.

  20. We do have short memories. Or is it that we figure out what is practical is more importnat than settling scores? Karuna’s defection was not engineered by Mahinda but by then UNP government and the Army, thank heavens, went along with that. So you can not say that it is all Mahindas’ doing. We decided to forgive and take back into the mainsteram politics the JVP, which conducted a brutal campaign of terror not just once, but twice in the last 30 years. We have turned a blind eye (forgiven?) to the UNP that led the campaign against JVP – some of the UNPers directly responsible do still hold very prominent positions in the party and infact are welcomed all over the Western capitals. TNA, the mouthpiece of the Tigers are welcomed in the parliament – imagine a Kalistan separatist party or a Kahmiri freedom party in the Indian Parliament?

  21. David,

    Another good article with details only you seem to have access to.

    I would love to see an article by you on propaganda exercises carried out in overseas on the ‘Tamil Struggle’.

    Do you agree with me if I point out that ‘LTTE’ deliberately detonated explosives in buses in Vanni packed with Tamil civilians, in order to photograph & video the gruesome pictures to be used as propaganda against SLDF?


  22. These truth must go to both sinhalese and tamils to realise how worst the war.Why tamils were led to sort war.All these must address to forgive both military and terrorists and for final reconciliation with equal rights for all citizens.

    but efforts of Both sinhala and tamil diaspora fuel the polarization and not the reconciliation.Srilankan government ceased by extremists/fundamentalist are not matured enough get this overun and going forwards.Both china and India fish in trouble water.Now I dont see a srilanka.This is indian srilanka.

    I always being a sinhalese enjoy the rationale of you articles,DBS. why not you pressure on reconciliations via meeting tamil grievances.you are the only tamil writer I see with well balanced articles.many thanks DBS.

  23. What I know is that in the last stages the good Brigadier was suicidal. He was upset of the dead ex wife, she left him with no offspring, he had an anger with Prabhakaran that Prabhakaran was paying back enough for the services he had rendered to the Tigers. Balaraj died of heart ailment which was accercesbated by depression.

  24. If the LTTE executed surrendered soldiers,what is the fuss about srilankan army executing the LTTE leadership. How can it become a war crime,because the LTTE started it first.Why was action not taken at that time against the LTTE by the international community.This is the first time i knew about this soldiers being killed, and i feel the sinhalese are right when they say that you got to look at the entire history of the conflict, not only the last part.It smacks of hypocrisy and double standards to weep crocodile tears over these kind of people who even tried to hold tamils as hostages to save their skins. It is high time the UN dropped these charges of war crimes where the LTTE leadership was killed,otherwise they will lose the respect of other countries when srilanka brings out the whole list of atrocities commited by the LTTE,while the international community and the UN did nothing about it.

    However crimes against humanity can and should be followed up,because innocent civilians are not responsible for this fracas between the government and insurgents.

    As for balraj handing over these soldiers to a psychopath like pottu who is also managed by another psychopath,he would have definitely known their fate,just like when he handed mahattaya to them.As a military commander he may be great but as a human being he is a shallow character and a fraud. Him being good to ordinary civilians and all smack to me of a man having greater ambitions to take over one day,not because he had any love for the people, but god rightfully cheated him with death.

  25. There are so many Tamils are very defensive against these racist Sinhalese, I would not even utter single word to defend our inalienable to right live with dignity in our homeland that is occupied by Sinhalese for their chauvinistic reasons. Tamils and Sinhalese are two different peoples, have two different set of ethics, We, Tamils must not even think about living as neighbors beside there Sinhalese. I hope . no Tamil would argue against any of Sinhalese’s utter irrational defense.

  26. lot of army comrades like me who actually fought against Balraj have lot of respect for him as a great soldier.

    funny to see some kusiyamma seras attacking balraj as if they fought against him.

  27. Thanks DBS

    I wish you will write about other tiger warriors also in the future like this brilliant article

  28. There is a sinhala saying “Kukul betith vedakamata” means chicken shit also take for medicine.

  29. There is a sinhala saying “Kukul betith vedakamata” means chicken shit also take for medicine

  30. How about eliminating war criminals from the face of the earth? The cowardly war criminals are hiding behind the backs of China and Russia. Why did we have so many pogroms? Because you criminals forget your crimes against humanity too soon and go about committing more brutal crimes time and again! The fact DBSJ has exemplified Balraj as superb commander is because he believes those who fought for LTTE were freedom fighters and not terrorists. DBSJ always addresses Prabaharan as Supremo and has never branded him ever as a terrorist leader.

  31. Pingback: TamilEelamNews.com – News » Latest Sri Lanka Tamil News » ‘Brigadier’ Balraj: Legendary commander of the LTTE – (continued from last week)

  32. Mr.Balraj may be a good fighter and a good commander but he has served for the mafia,fascist and anti-people Tamil Tiger terrorists.Afterall it is a pro -imperialist and a reactionary group.The final result is ,Mr.Balraj was an enemy of the people.

  33. nice article balraj is a brave commander. but most of this victories with the help of sl army officers

  34. “How can it become a war crime,because the LTTE started it first.”

    “This is the first time i knew about this soldiers being killed, and i feel the sinhalese are right when they say that you got to look at the entire history of the conflict, not only the last part.”

    If you think the history of tamil’s struggle started with Mullaitive battle by Balraj, I feel sorry for you. Pls research a lot before writing in public. Of course LTTE committed crimes, but it was not started by them.


  35. DBSJ…
    I enjoy more reading your replies to some “artificially naive” comments….
    You realy have good stuff to inform people from both sides…

  36. I agree with your opinion and I respect your open hearted expression. Sure Tamils and Sinhalese are two different peoples. Nevertheless some of blogs writers are trying to hide the real fact. They are trying to say that there are enough Tamil’s relationships within the Sinhalese blood. Sinhala it self a mixed blood.It mixed with YKSHA,NAGA, RAKSHA and SINGHA and became SINHALA.

    As far as concern about Tamil homeland firstly it was trying to established in Tamilnadu in some were 1931, but it was failed.
    How the homeland idea imported to this country? It imported by J.J. CHELVANAYAGAM, a foreigner who borne in Malaysia. He was the grand father.

    Amirthalingam was the father who baptized the bud.
    Prabakarn was the son.
    There is a Tamil home it is in India.
    You better to try your original plan that was in year 1931. If that so we too trying to support you

  37. ellaalan!
    please don`t say that in public, i am a tamil doing good bussiness in colombo!..i don`t want to leave it all behind & come to kilinochchi for good!..please i know u can say things like that b`cos u r living in abroad, but remember we tamil do good buissness with sinhalses in south!!

  38. DBS,

    Just a comment of personal level. If you don’t have time then is it not a good idea to use ‘ghost writers’? There are many in Philipines and India who will be doing it for a charge and work along with your guide line.

    Remember Gordon Weiess, the Australian, is selling a lots of his new book.

    Please try it.


    Thanks but no,I have to write it……..DBSJ

  39. What is the point writing now, we are in many places none of them are ours. Our leaders were too cocky and messed it all up and with greed and wanting to be superior. All I can be happy about is my children go to better schools and speak with an accent.

  40. Our Rich History….During the freedom struggle should be documented. Only few can articulate in such a manner with “Emotion”. Even in that FEW only one as far as I know exist and does it consistently….

  41. Are you expecting a democratically elected government to match the acts of a terror group?

    The Sri Lankan state did not use any heavy weapons or bombing using war plance in two of those JVP terror uprisings in 1971 and 1988-89.

    Why on Tamils? Why the state was careful to save the civilians in the South and not so in the North and East. Result was morethan 60,000 civilans perished, even tough the Tigers are no more. It is like burning a house with the occupants jut to destroy few rats in it.

    If you seek the answer as a Sri Lankan without taking a racial line, then you will see why the world is barking at the state with a ‘war crime’ tag.

    In one of his previous article (on former president DB Wijathunga) DBS indicated how the president DBW said a definite no, as a true buddist, to an army general who sought permission to eleminate the Tigers in North along with at least 15,000 civilans.

    What is the different between two buddist presidents DBW and MR. Different Lord Buddas? President DBW had a peaceful retirement and a good death but the later has lost his peace and perhaps sleep.

    While in Tamilnadu, the former chief minister Karunanithy, lost his peace at the age of 88, lost power and his daughter thrown in jail and both his two wifes may join his daughter, in jail, soon. Some media there already pointing out these are because of the curse of those 60,000 perished civilans in Sri Lanka as Karunanithy did nothing to stop the war while in a position to do so.

    Morethan 60,000 sinhalese youth were perished in 1988-89 in the JVP’s second uprising. The president at the time was Premadasa. Do you remember how he met his death? Prapaharan was no exception too. In both cases don’t you think it is the curse of the (Sinhalese) people.

    I personally feel people earn their karma and they will have to answer to god one day or another.

    No escape my friend!!!

  42. Kumaran Pathmanadan has apologised to India and the Gandhi family for killing Rajiv Ghandhi, according to Times of India. When are those people who helped to kill
    so many politicians (Sinhala Tamil and other) and civilians going to apologise ?.
    All those people who tried to destroy our motherland, Sri Lanka should come out in the open and apologise.

  43. ‘ellalan’ does not care. Can he afford to lose his business of collecting ‘kappam’ from innocent Tamil people overseas?

    Forcing down the ‘Eelam daydream’ down the throats of the gullible folks brings in crispy dollars.

  44. If the LTTE executed surrendered soldiers,what is the fuss about srilankan army executing the LTTE leadership. How can it become a war crime,because the LTTE started it first


    if Srilankan Army can justify in doing whatever LTTE has done earlier,then why single out and blame LTTE as a terrorist organisation?

  45. It is high time the UN dropped these charges of war crimes where the LTTE leadership was killed,otherwise they will lose the respect of other countries when srilanka brings out the whole list of atrocities commited by the LTTE,while the international community and the UN did nothing about it.


    It appears you get confused with the responsibilties expected from a local militan group (unapproved by other governments)compare to a actions of a legitimate Army of a SL Government approved by UN & internataional governments.

  46. We all need to let it go , holding grudges would never bring back loved once who sacrificed their lives believing what is better for their communities. It is time to reconcile. Sri lanka is a land of million stories , lets ensure they are not full of grudges or IFs and BUTs ..I would love to see a day where Sinhalese and Tamils lined up to-gether hand in hand to fight a common enemy. BTW it is a good article , thought I am not certain of your intentions

  47. Balraj may be a good player in a bad game. Still he represents an organization which killed innocent children. Without these so called heroes ppl like Mr. Kadirgamar or Neelan Tiruchelvam will be alive today.

  48. Yes….
    It should be documented…..
    Hear is little help from me….
    These ppl may be traitors by your standard.

    A T Duraiyappah SLFP Mayor for Jaffna.
    A Thiagarajah Ex ACTC MP for Vadokoddai.
    T Pulendran UNP Organiser for Vavunia.
    A J Rajasooriar UNP Organiser in Jaffna.
    Mala Ramachandran UNP MMC for Baticaloa.
    Gnanachandiram Ex District Judge, Point Pedro and Government Agent, Mullativu.
    C E anandarajah Principal, St Jones College, Jaffna.
    B K Thambipillai President, Citizens Cimmittee.
    V Dharmalingam Ex TULF MP for Manipay and Father of D Siddharthan, Leader of PLOTE.
    Alakasunderam Ex TULF MP for Kopay.
    P Kirubakaran Primary Court Judge.
    Kathiramalai Sarvodaya Leader Vignarajah Assistant Government Agent.
    Samanturai Anthonimuttu Government Agent, Baticaloa.
    S S Jeganathan Assistant Government Agent, Baticaloa.
    Sinnadurai Assistant Government Agent, Trincomalee.
    M E Kandasamy Principal, Palugamam Maha Vidyalaya.
    S Siththamparanathan Principal, Vigneswara Vidyalaya, Trincomalee.
    S Wijayanadan Distric Secretary, Ceylon Communist Party.
    Velmurugu Master TULF Organiser and Citizens Committee Member.
    Kalmunai Rev. Father Chandra Fernando President, Citizens Committee, Batticaloa. Rajjshankar President, Citizens Committee.
    Tennamarachchi S Sambandamoorthy Ex TULF Chairman, District Development Council, Batticaloa.
    V M Panchalingam Government Agent, Jaffna.
    K Pulendran Assistant Government Agent, Kopay.
    A Amirthalingam TULF Leader and National List MP.
    V Yogeshwaran Ex TULF MP for Jaffna.
    Dr (Mrs) Rajini Thiranagama Lecturer in Anatomy at the Jaffna University and co-author of the “Broken Palmyrah”.
    Ganeshalingam Ex EPRLF Provincial Minister for North and East.
    Sam Thambimuttu EPRLF MP.
    Mrs Thambimuttu Wife of EPRLF MP.
    V Yogasangari EPRLF MP.
    A Thangadurai TULF MP for Trincomalee.
    Mrs Sarojini Yogeshwaran TULF Mayoress for Jaffna.
    Pon Sivapalan TULF Mayor of Jaffna.
    Canagasabai Rajathurai EPDF Member for Jaffna.
    Veerahaththy Gunaratnam PLOTE member of the Pachchilaipalli Pradheshiya Sabha.
    Razick, Supremo of the EPRLF’s armed wing.
    Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam Leader of TULF.
    N. Manickathasan Vice President of PLOTE.
    Kumar Ponnambalam President of All Ceylon Tamil Congress.
    Vadivelu Vijeyaratnam Point Pedro Urban Council Chairman.
    Anton Sivalingam EPDP’s Municipal Council members in Jaffna.
    Kanapathipillai Navaratnarajah TELO member of Arayampathi, Batticaloa.
    Rajan Sathiyamoorthy Tamil National Alliance parliamentary candidate.
    Hon. Lakshman Kadirgamar (Foreign Minister in Sri Lanka).
    Kethishwaran Loganathan Deputy Secretary General of Sri Lanka Peace Secratariat, SCOOP.
    T Maheshwaran Former Minister.
    K Sivanesan Jaffna TNA MP.
    Rev. Father M. X. Karunaratnam.

  49. One day will
    settle the AC with Kruna too for his killing of 600 unarmed surrendederd
    police men.

  50. execution of nearly 1000 surrendered soldiers in Mullativu camp


    war crimes !!

  51. until u can repent for your sins u can never find peace peace lover.

    Shankar is speaking the truth from the heart not as a tamil but as a human being . As i have engaged with you many times before u need to get over your bitterness to see beyond the difference and accept the truth.

  52. I know that armed forces tried terrorised the population in the north and east instead of trying to win their hearts and minds and it backfired on them.In this case i’am talking of the surrender procedure between combatants.If you expect the other guy to respect the correct surrender procedures,then you should first do the same.I’am talking only in the context of the warcrimes charges against the armed forces for the surrendering LTTE leadership for which there was such a hue and cry,and i feel that the army would have been in no mood to forgive them when you look at incidents such as the mullaitivu camp soldiers and the surrendering policeman in the east.

  53. See you have 3 mixed blood. We always pure Tamil blood! Wathsala, Now you agree with me why your blood
    pressure 3 times higher than us when we speak about our basic rights to chose our own destiny?

  54. They did all these whil Sri Lankan government maintained the whole infrastructure,
    Schools, Hospitals, Food supply, Do not bloat.
    One who blow buses trains with innocent people are terrorists.
    You can put so much lipstick, But pig is pig.

  55. dear tarique,
    there have been great generals in srilankan army no doubt about it.but as far as i have read and heard deepan and his fellow fighters in anandapuram if my memory serves right were killed by srilankan army by using chemical weapon precisely phosporous.i dont think that is a heroic deed.it does not show srilankan army in a good light.

  56. dear abey,
    i guess your comment ranks along with srilankan governments statement that it has the best airforcein the world when did sinhalese become worlds friendliest people.abey you can joke but not this way.i recommend you to write a book titled are you joking mr.abey on the lines of are you joking mr.feynman

  57. jey were balakumaran,yogi killed after the war?i was under assumption that they were being held in srilankan army camp.balakumaran though an eros guy he was more known for his intellectual skills than political or military skills.yogi i guess was sidelined after mathayas death and was rehabilated only in 2000s.

  58. Happy birthday DBSJ, late, but is better than never.

    Whilst respecting individual brilliance like this and other fighters who took arms up for a cause and loss their lives, talking or writing about history, I do not think it is rich. Definitely in the eyes of people who ended up in the NFZ with these freedom fighters. Better go talk these people and find out what they had to say; they feel betrayed by this mob. Instead of safeguarding the vulnerable -elderly, women and children-what they did was world knew now. LTTE was really a one man show, and for his stupidity and day dream every one in SL regardless of race had to pay a hefty price, Vanni Tamils in particular.

    Yes, it started as a freedom struggle but ended as hostage drama, where villain had to come to the rescue of the peoples from heroes. Such was the reality. There was not a single story of bravery displayed by our freedom fighters I heard from the war front, all I heard was they tried hard a few times to break through forces’ defence line to extricate themselves from the stranglehold. And, also they risked their lives in taking photos and videos to send overseas so Diaspora, not all, get excited and shout at streets so a country would come and bail them out. In that assumption, they wanted to buy some time, and for that, handed their arms to those kids they forcefully taken away from their parents. Have not heard a fighter was being hurt attempting to safeguard an elderly woman from shelling or and the like. However much one tries to articulate and spin these stories, the facts are facts and are written in the report published by the UN and it’s in the world arena now. It is time to accept that LTTE was a liability to Tamils and to move on. In hindsight, a deed, of Balraj’s which did not work in favour of Sri Lankans, was safeguarding this guy from IPKF. Strategically, had VP been killed at the hands of IPKF, we could have been better off, at least ended up with NE provincial council and avoided many loss of lives. In turn, what he had done for the person who saved his live from IPKF. Balraj must have been cursing himself until his death for handing Mathaya over to these killers. But he could not any option other than what he did. The pain would have transformed into stress.

    What I consider as proper to write about is writing about the notorious stuffs up of LTTE, describing things like LTTE’s inability to sort out the differences with TELO although their goals are one and the same as theirs, and murdering them despite the assurance that their lives would be spared should they surrender, killing Rajiv Ghandi, misusing the Premadasa’s and Chandika’s good will, fighting IPKF (creeping of scope), murdering Neelan, handling of Karuna, handling post 9/11, flying birds at Colombo sky that alerted India to act swiftly and decisively, making a deal for money with MR to get him elected, the list goes on. The writings were on the wall when they murdered their own brothers and sisters ruthlessly and piled their bodies up on the road for the display of public, and to scare them. It is apparent now that the same tactics they used for TELO had been used by forces to tame them. Good thing about this was it helped to minimise civilian deaths; retaliation by LTTE in the 2sqkm means, the figure on number of peoples in NFZ given by GoSL would have been proven right.

    Leave history aside, at least for time being, we all consider helping people who have affected and strive to find a lasting solution to the real problem that created this destruction. To that end, the report is good; it serves to bring to bear some pressure upon GoSL. Good starting point in putting this report into better use is to seek restorative justice rather than going after punitive justice in so far to get a lasting solution. Going after an individual, siding with external forces that have some vested interest, will not pave a way forward for this crisis. But will definitely drive wedge deeper. So, shall we stop taking about this recent history for a while as it would offend the people who affected at the hands of these fighters whom these people once dearly loved.

  59. Sri Lankan Tamils are natives of that island since time immemorial. You are displaying your lack of knowledge in history.

  60. . why dont you ask a piece of land from India?. I can ask many similar questions actually. Now for example, Toronto has many tamil speaking ppl, will they get self rule there? there are huge number of Spanish speaking people in USA, will they get any self rule in USA?. NO!! Thats how it is. Problems we have here in Sri Lanka are common to all, there are no specific problems just for tamils only. Sinhalese have given more than tamils due share, no trouble there. or get the rest out SL if you can, its even better. Looks like tamil diaspora is still living in a dream.

  61. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj,

    Real heroes throughout in the history not only in Sri Lanka, but in the world history, have showed humanity, even though they are in the battle field. where humanity exists there isnt biased kindness. he spreads kindness to all. not just only to his community. we cant see this quality in anyone of your inflated heroes. while they shedding crocodile tears for tamil people, they kill infants, women, priets and others of another community. We have seen a situation an infant was still clung to her mother’s breast who was beheaded by your heroes. So dont cry for undue things. The soil of Sri Lanka has has made by the hand of Sinhalese and this sacred soil has made Sinhalese. Please live in harmony here. We have nothing to do if you dont have a homeland. Try it in India. There you may have some history.

  62. I could hardly see them being warmly welcome in our parliament. I am a Sinhala and I know how they are teased in Sinhala each time when they just stand up to raise their issues. No point in comparing with JVP or Kashmir. This struggle will continue forever unless we give them federal status to rule their people. After all, Tamils have been living here for thousands of years. Nobody knows for sure, who came first to this island. As formar Lasantha wrote in one of his editorial, all these Fonsekas, Pereras, de Silvas, Fernandos who talk high about patriotism came to this land just about 600 years ago while all these Sundaraligams, Ramanathans and many others happen to have lived in their lands for generations. Both ethnicities should be prepaired to compromise and find an everlasting solution to this problamatica.

    DBS; I enjoy very much reading your answers to the comments. You got such a vain of humour. Thanks!

  63. No matter how you write about this Balaraja, He was a terrorist. May be a good comarade to other terrorist’s. That does not mean This man is any good than his leader or the rest.Any way he is dead and keep it that way. The future of the living Sri Lankan’s (Tamil,Sinhalese,Muslims and all the others) have nothing to learn from this man. Just think about a way to make a better tomorrow for the young one’s.

  64. It is no doubt that Balraj was a legendary commander.Now the war is over and it is relevant to note the behaviour of the extremist tamil diaspora. The following is the excerpts from the KP’s recent interview exposing the extremists tamil diaspora.
    “They are Nediyawan, Vinayagam, Father Emmanuel, Jeyachandran (who runs a website named Tamilnet, BTF (British Tamil Forum) in UK and GTF (Global Tamil Forum). These groups are well off in Europe. Their children are very well off. They are poisoning the younger generation. Their kids are well off, but they look (to see) where they can spread the poison. But I will not let them play this game here. If they want to poison here, then first they will have to kill me. Then only they can go inside. Already they have spent three decades, more than 30 years (in conflict). I want these people (Tamils in Sri Lanka) to be happy. You cannot see the faces of people here (now). They are always sad, never happy. I want to see their happiness, see them smile.

  65. Dear Mr Jeyaraj, Please stand up and show your true colours. … WOW


    At the moment I am seated in front of my computer.It would be difficult for me to stand up as you want me to do and continue working .So I will sit if you dont mind.

    Also I dont know what you mean by my colours.Right now I am wearing dark brown trousers and a cream coloured shirt.My underwear is grey. Those are my colours right now.

    As for school colours it was “dark blue,light blue and gleaming white” at St.Thomas’ prep.It was “the blue black and blue”at STC. It was “crimson and the gold” at Jaffna College.

    BOW -WOW

  66. So what about 1958, 1977 and 1983 killings.. Navali church massacare of 147 civilians, Kumudini boat massacare of 34 passengers, Kokatticholai Prawn Factory massacare of 117 inocents. Carpet bombings and shells etc, etc.

    Not to mention about the Indian Tamil fishmen killing over the years by our Navy, numbering 534.

    We have pigs on both side but the poor Sinhalese people know only one side, thanks to clever media control of the state.

    The issue is that the people in the South were prevented from knowing what was happening in the other part of the Island. Lasantha was killed for exposing it and many Tamils MPs were killed for the same reason. Numerous media persons were killed and many fled. Why do you think DBS was very popular among all Sri Lankans. Is it not because he writes a lots of facts from Canada to keep us informed which is not otherways possible for any journalist in Sri Lanka.

    As DBSJ mention elsewhere here, that the Sinhalese people are large and kind they will only be horrified to know what happend to their fellow innocent citizens in Wanni in May 2009. Unfortunately what the UN and world know now is not known to the Sinhalese people and that is the tragedy.

  67. Sira,

    Please don’t live in cucoo land. India has a federal system and the people select their own govts and look after their affairs and they don’t need seperation. Spanish speaking people in USA, French speaking people in Canada, Scotish and Wales people in United kindom have their own adminstrative setup and they don’t need seperation. Canada’s Quebec asked the people to decide if they want to go on its own way and the result was NO and soon Scotish goverment is going to ask it people and it is forcasted that the result will be NO.

    Do you think that the Sri Lanka state will do the same. They will be NO only when there is a federal setup.

    By the way if Mahinda fail to corporate with the UN, then Tamil will get what they wanted and that is the fact. And the Tamil diaspora is becoming very powerful financially and polically and they are already giving sleepless nights to Mahinda. Remember how the Jewish diapora estabilished Israel within Palestine.

    Meanwhile the recent UN report made it difficult for the Indian government NOT to support the Tamils. So it is better for the Sinhalese to spped up a political solution or else we are done and dusted at no time.

  68. My dear…

    Phosphorous weapons are not chemical weapons.

    Its commonly used by all the armies in the world including British and US.

    I quote “” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_phosphorus#Use_in_Iraq_.282004.29 “”

    The March 2005 edition of the U.S. Army magazine Field Artillery, contained an article on using white phosphorus as an “effective munition” for flushing out insurgents during the Fallujah attack of November 2004:

    “WP proved to be an effective and versatile munition. We used it for screening missions at two breeches and, later in the fight, as a potent psychological weapon against the insurgents in trench lines and spider holes when we could not get effects on them with HE (High Explosive) Rounds. We fired ‘shake and bake’ missions at the insurgents, using WP to flush them out and HE to take them out.”

    On November 30, 2005, General Peter Pace defended use of WP, declaring that WP munitions were a “legitimate tool of the military”, used to illuminate targets and create smokescreens, and that there were better weapons for killing people:

    It is well within the law of war to use those weapons as they’re being used, for marking and for screening… A bullet goes through skin even faster than white phosphorus does”.

  69. Enemy of his own wife….

    Enemy of his mentor….



  70. what about the execution of nearly 1000 surrendered soldiers in Mullativu camp?


    How can the LTTE supporters of the Tamils diaspora point fingers at the sinhalese when they hold bloody war crimes on their side too? The duplicity of the ‘tamil separatist mind set’ is now come out to the open. The freedom fighters were ruthless criminals. Until both sides accept their faults and the futility of the war there will not be any freedom.

  71. OMFG… Whose hitlist (Initially I thought it was a compilation of poems!) is this? Certainly cannot be of the legendary ‘Tamil” freedom fighters?

    Who can be safe, if the agenda looks this long? Where were the champions of human rights?

  72. Helaya,

    Who is your real hero on your side we could look up to who does not practice state terrorism? Name one please before preaching to the choir.

  73. I think the LTTE got proscribed as a terrorist organisation after the sep 11 attacks.Prabhaharan was such a goof that he could not see the changing environment.He also made it worse by killing kadirgamar.The srilankan government also made mistakes but the LTTE made bigger mistakes.If there was some other flexible leader the LTTE would have survived.In the case of the srilankan government the leadrship changed about 5 times during the war. That was an advantage to them because it provided fresh thinking.

  74. Dear readers and specially for the Sinhalese readers,

    Here is something for you to be proud of your own ethnicity and one of our finest Military man ever to be served in the North.

    He was the late Brigadier Larry Wijeratne.

    This man was a noble man indeed. His wife (Indira) was also served in the Army as a Brigadier but in legal branch.

    I have copied below few exerts from the Jaffna University Teachers for human Rights article published in 1998, on late Brigadier Larry Wijeratne.

    One thing missing in the article was that the Town of Point Pedro, observed a complete “shut down” or “hartal”, to protest the killing of their beloved brigadier by the LTTE. This was unprecedented and the UTHR described it perfectly below’

    “A particular significance of the event should not be missed. This was the first time since the breakdown of communal relations that the death of a Sinhalese soldier had been so deeply and spontaneously mourned by the Tamil population”


    Brigadier Larry Wijeratne’s Legacy
    The most remarkable event in the whole war is surely the manner in which the Vadamaratchy sector remained in two years of military control what an outsider described as ‘a breath of fresh air’ in the entire war-torn North-East.

    Of course there were confrontations, search operations and some army misbehaviour as was to be expected. But the people remained confident under their brigade commander Larry Wijeratne, that their interests, their dignity, and their well-being would receive greater consideration than any short-term advantage to the Army. People said very enthusiastically that ‘as long as Wijeratne is here, we have nothing to worry about’. To Wijeratne himself this involved hard work and several risks. He frequently went out, conferred with people, tried to help out with their problems, and kept himself abreast of what was going on in his brigade division from not just a military man’s angle, but also from a human perspective. Even militarily he took calculated risks in the interest of winning the support of the people. He made a case for handling the situation in a humane manner and stopped the Special Forces Brigade, who were reputed to be ruffians, functioning in his area. He had minors released who were caught helping the LTTE. On his own initiative he initiated schemes to help youth who showed themselves capable in studies and also arranged programmes for the youth of Vadamaratchy to interact with youth from the South. All this paid military dividends too, but that is a different story.

    Although a prime target, the LTTE could not get him while he was alert on active duty. The people were confident that if there was any problem, they could go direct to him. The LTTE tried spreading rumours to discredit him, such as the blatant lie of his involvement in the Kokkadichcholai massacre of June 1991 [Our Report No.8]. About a month before he was killed, the LTTE’s overseas networks were full of a story of a woman being raped by soldiers in Vadamaratchy, and her sister who went to complain being burnt along with a shop. The story was without substance.

    The LTTE were able to get him on 14th May, when he had ceased to be on active duty, while attending farewell functions hosted by the people and his guard was down. The LTTE was initially annoyed that the Pt.Pedro traders’ association were giving him a farewell lunch. It is conceivable that they later stopped interfering and merely monitored the arrangements to set a trap.

    When he returned from the lunch a large group of people were waiting to meet him a short distance from the camp. One lady for example was a widow whose son had been helped with educational arrangements by the brigadier. As he passed this group, he exchanged greetings. The vehicle then turned from the town square into the road leading to the camp when an explosion was heard. The suicide bomber was said to be a youth of about 21 who was loitering about that area in a rain coat – it being a rainy day – and was not taken much notice of. Many civilians through sheer grief rushed to the area, which was about the entrance to the camp. Finally a soldier had to slap a civilian to clear the place for an army survey team from Palaly.

    Instead of recognising the momentousness of Larry Wijeratne’s Legacy, some in the Army started talking and behaving as though the people were responsible for the murder, which was absolute nonsense. As subsequent events indicated, the threat to this valuable legacy was very real.

    Dismantling the legacy;
    Colonel Sarath Karunaratne, Brigadier Wijeratne’s replacement had two meetings with a cross-section of Pt.Pedro’s citizenry later in May. He spoke only for 5 minutes at each meeting. He said, “I overheard someone saying that they were checked three times. You will not be checked three times, but ten times”. What he then said was darkly threatening: “If you want to be safe, you must make sure the Army is safe. I have told my son, if someone hits you, you must hit back. The soldiers under me are like my sons to me”. Someone later got up at the meeting and praised Larry Wijeratne. Karunaratne responded,

    “I was not born to Wijeratne’s father!”.

    He then proceeded to inform the civilians that he would, unlike Wijeratne, not be meeting civilians. He said that he had nominated three captains at three locations with full powers to take decisions on civilian affairs. No one should come to him, he said, and if it is necessary to see him, one of the captains would fix an appointment.

    The new commander’s message brought dismay as the news quickly spread that he had threatened reprisals. It affected civilian morale throughout Jaffna and rendered the Army more isolated.

    It is incomprehensible how the Government blundered here by sending a man with a record for harshness in the Trincomalee District, with no understanding of what had been achieved in an area and needed to be preserved, to further the Government’s stated political goals. His appointment is an insult to Larry Wijeratne.

    The language used by Karunaratne is the language of an alien and brutal army of occupation. It is the language of a Rip van Winkle waking up after a long slumber from the 80s not knowing what such attitudes had cost the country. In the situation of persons from the political establishment of any standing never visiting the area, the military commander also becomes in effect the representative of the President, his commander-in-chief. Such language, also, in the context, had communal overtones even if not intended. It is an indication of the extent to which the Government has lost its bearings in its handling of the problem.


  75. Sira,

    Both China and India are in it to win pieces of your land. Mahinda is selling the country cheap to India and China to keep UN at bay. We, Tamils do not want pieces of land but we all need peace to be restored by Mahinda for the country to develop just like Singapore.The longer inequality prevails, the larger Tamil Diaspora gets which is simple math to figure out.

  76. Pasqual.

    If you are to list all the murders you Sinhalese committed, it would take more than a world of space. So don’t even try!It is more than 40,000 over the decades.

  77. Whether the surrendering soldiers are killed by a legitimate or ilegitimate organisation is immaterial. Try telling that to the chap who is going to die. He can die happy knowing that he is being killed by a ilegitimate organisation.He will be even more happy in his afterlife when he knows that this illegitimate organisation’s leaders when surrendering were not killed.

    Anyway the LTTE was claiming that is was the legitimate sole representatives of the tamil people.So whether other countries accept that or not what they claimed they were that counts when it comes to acceptable behaviour according to international norms.Only when you come with your hands up you can’t be claiming that we are not the sole reps of the tamil people,but a ilegitimate militant organisation.

    Who kills is immaterial.When a person dies they go through the final moments of excrutiating mental and physical agony,then the family members go through agonising grief and their budddies get sad and angry.

  78. bow wow bow wow bow wow bow wow bow wow bow wow…………..


    Quiet doggy quiet!…….stop barking……..here a juicy bone for you to chew …….good doggie……nice doggie……….

  79. Great

    I think you all have conveniently forgot about harassment of DBSJ by LTTE goons some time ago….

  80. Yes

    They are heroes in more ways than you can Evan imagine.

    People like Mrs. Sarojini Yogeshwaran (Mayoress for Jaffna) new they were going to be killed by LTTE when they accepted the post.

    But they were willing to make a change so that you all can have a better life

  81. Name some…????

    These are only Tamil leaders killed by LTTE in the name of ealam.
    Do you know that a study shows 77% of the Sri Lankan Tamil leadership was eliminated by LTTE.

    No wonder you don’t have any leaders…..

  82. Please come and live in Colombo…

    If VP still alive today where do you wants to live…

    In Colombo or under VP’s administration..

  83. One day the world will know who Mr D.B.S. Jeyaraj is. may you die soon of a heartattack and join your eternal friend Balaraj and save the thamils. I will not read you again . Good Bye sick Jeyaraj. never to see you or hear from you again. – Ratnam


    Free at last! Free at last!

    Thank God Almighty, we are free at last! (Negro spiritual line quoted by Martin Luther King)

    Good bye sweet prince.May the Devas protect you

  84. Both articles on Balraj were great DBS. After reading them I got feeling that I know Balraj very well. Such kind of powerful writing you have DBS

  85. One name caught my eye,kumar ponnambalam. I believe he was killed by the government. He must have had some mental problems. Chandrika is suffering without an eye and he as usual is publicly attacking her.Probably her uncle ratwatte must have had enough,same way prince phillip would have had enough of dianna.

  86. With 2 psychopaths like VP and pottu as no 1 and 2,i think no point in blaming karuna and balraj.They themselves would have ended up like mahattaya if they tried to save them.karuna says he was in the wanni at that time. He could have given the order from there,but pottu would have asked him to,and in turn prabha would have asked pottu to do it.AS for the relationship between prabha and pottu,i think it was close and prabha must have relied on his advice and loyalty and done whatever he said.So the killings may have been on pottu’s advice.Put yourself in karuna’s or balraj’s shoes and visualise the setup with this 2 characters and see what you could have done.Anyway finally karuna had enough and saved the eastern boys and also made it possible to crush the LTTE.His knowledge and experience would have been invaluable to the army.The sinhalese should let bygones be bygones and forgive and move on without using him to the maximum and then trying to take revenge on him.In the future then tamils who want to help the sinhalese will think twice.

  87. Thanks DBSJ. I read your contributions & analysis of the tragic events of the recent past, with a lot of interest & comfort, in that that your pen is unvarnished,always, in revealing & exposing the subject discussed.
    The scope of your knowledge & insight is fascinating.
    I sincerely hope that you will pursue this goal, undeterred, of presenting the tale, unbiased & unadorned.
    Need some clarification,though. Would you consider it necessary to reexamine your comment about the apparent enlightened approach of the Singhalese, to Col. Karuna’s transsgressions, by treating it as a non-issue, in the context of his current political alignment.
    Rather, could it be that this apparent generosity is merely the evidence of the fierce dictat of the official line?
    It was refreshing to read your response to the question of culpability in the execution of captured combatants.
    ….’the Command responsibility for killing surrendered soldiers cannot be denied or evaded’
    With your usual even handed approach, you did not absolve Balraj by this judegement. Col Karuna however, seems to have evaded cosequences by opting for the route of betrayal & realignment for acceptance & survival.
    These are issues that are at the heart of human tendencies & frailties.
    Could imcumbents of such fault lines be positioned to undertake leadership in realigned formats.
    How about KP?
    Always a learning experience to read your insights.
    Thank you.


    Thank you for your kind words. You’ve made my day.

    The queries you pose are pertinent yet complex and I would find it difficult right now to answer at length. But I just want to relate the oft -told anecdote about Lyndon Johnson when US president.

    Apparently some tin pot dictator ally of Uncle Sam and backed in turn by the US was in trouble. The top guys were discussing the issue of bailing him out with the President. At one point someone said that the person in question was a notorious person hated by the majority of the people of his country. Lyndon reportedly blurted out

    “Dammit,he’s a son of a bitch all right but he’s OUR son of a bitch”

    This I suppose is the crux of the matter as long as they are with us its OK. Very sad but thats how it seems to be

  88. Yes and No.

    Yes, the use of Phosphorus bombs to attack enemy combatants is accepted in war. yet, using them against civilian populations, intentionally is not accepted in war.

    No, Phosphorous is a chemical and is a chemical weapon. Perhaps all ammunition are chemical weapons.

  89. hmm, Sena, what r u saying here. that the SL Army Officers were on the take that they let Balraj attack at his will or is that the SL Army officers were incompetent that Balraj ran circles around them.

    The forum needs clarification.

  90. DBSJ, Happy Belated B’day. Missed the good event by a mile.

    May I please ask you to write about. Lt Col Jayantha Kotelawala, the chap who was well liked in Jaffna and then personal events in his life led him to leave the Army.


  91. I’ll go with that. Thanks DBS.
    I had always been fascinated, or rather intrigued with the engagement of Sivaram (Taraki) in political landscape, during the period he was active as a widely read & respected journlist of the ongoing conflict.
    His numerous & varied engagements from ‘tamil net’to various other local & international media do offer glimpse of a ‘fire’ burning with intensity.
    The mix & diversity of his personal relationship seem also to indicate a complex , troubled & widely admired indidual.
    He obviously did possess great insight into pending events,which I believe he attempted to interpret & diseminate for appropriate actions.
    What were his goals?
    I hope that you would sometime find the occasion to assemble a portrait of
    Dharmeratnam Sivaram.
    This I would look forward to read.
    Thanks & Regards.

  92. Just one simple comment again… a Banned terrorist group can’t have Brigadeirs, Commandos and Special Forces.


    Just one simple question and two areas of doubt.

    Are you saying an organization cannot have a special force or commando or ranks such as Brigadier if it is banned as a terrorist group?

    If so can an organization like the LTTE have such things in countries where it is not banned?

    Also could the LTTE have had these things in Sri Lanka during the time where it was not banned in Sri Lanka?

  93. While lankan army officers admired and respected Balraj some of our hansi putu veerayas are insulting him

  94. It is widely believed that Mr. Kum Pon and Mr. Rohana Kumara (A tabloid journalist) both killed by a thug called Moratu Saman who was very close to Mr. Mahen Ratwatte (son of then defense minister).

    It is believed Moratu Saman was also shot and killed after some time in an attempt to prevent him from testifying against Mahen Ratwatte.

  95. Mr. Rathnam

    News is “”””” We Report. You Decide””””

    Do not try to kill the messenger.


    How could you make your mind to curse like that. Some times certainly I too not agree upon with DBSJ. Some times he was not courtesying enough to publish my opinion but I never even to think to blame him. When I got a leisure time I am keeping written.
    You can’t be a Tamil either Cristian .because I am having many tamil cristian friends. They are not thinking like you

  97. R Pathmanathan,
    Thank you for posting this insightful article.

    Where have the men with wisdom & virtue gone?

  98. Rattapakse says:
    India has a federal system and the people select their own govts and look after their affairs and they don’t need seperation.


    The people select their own govt & the govt go looting the peole. what’s the difference?

    Whatever the govt if it is justly ruling with equal rights & opportunities to its people with good governance, what is the difference?

  99. Pasqual,

    You are scoring against your own goalie.That’s exactly why Tamils should have been given just rights before all this occurred.

  100. In a federal system the you can’t blame the central government but your own guys like karunanithi.Also you can’t blame the central government for discrimination etc, because most local issues are handled locally.So difficult for troublemakers to create a communal issue.

  101. It is nauseating to read this utter rubbish. You seem to have read history only at the Sunday school. Collect facts and write. Today Sri Lanka is in such a sorry state thanks to bogus psudo-patriots like you.
    Have you seen or heard of any historical work written in Sinhala before 10 th centaury (1000 AD)? Have you got any proofs to claim that the people of Anuradapura and Pollonnaruwa talked and wrote in Sinhala? It will create a sensation if you find any facts to prove this? Why couldn’t these Sinhala hands write their literal works for example, Mahawamsa in Sinhala is a million dollar question? Even your name Helaya came in to existence after 12 th centaury, I guess.
    I remember Gen Fonseka giving a controversial interview to a Canadian paper said Tamils may live with us but should not demand undue things. But after being a politician he said something different.
    You talk of crimes committed by a group of terrorists. Were you already born onto this planet in 1983, where we Sinhalese killed, burn, robed, raped in daylight without any mercy. Much have been written on these issues even by Mr. DBS.
    Didn’t your history teacher teach that this island had been ruled by Tamil and Sinhala kings in their well defined territories when Europeans arrived? The most of so called Sinhala patriots are those who were imported to this island by colonials as slaves. Apart from up country Tamils, they intergraded into the local society and later appeared as a part of majority. According to my own analysis that is how we Sinhalese became to represent 75% and Tamils happen to have just 8-10%. It is hard to imagine of such ratios before the arrivals of colonials.
    As for heroes, hero by its definition cannot be a hero for a part of its society. Tamils are supposed to be a part of our nation (by at least as written in documents) and any national hero should be a hero for Tamils as well. But in our case we have separate heroes. Ones hero automatically becomes the enemy of others within one nation. Absurd no? The key figure in the red army against the Nazi Germany was Marshal Shukov. Thanks to his strategies USSR got to Berlin way before US or UK. He is still admired as a hero and no one criticize him for killing his own people. Find the difference. No remedy when truth hurts!

  102. Dear pasqual

    Who killed lasantha and why?.Since you know all these killers I thought you might know this one too.

  103. vishvajith:- jayantha kothalawela, was he in the singha regiment? Tall dark guy who would be around 55yrs now? mother or father was an acedamic? I am just trying to see whether he was one of my old friends.

  104. This reply was for
    PARAN says:
    May 24, 2011 at 4:56 am
    Our Rich History….During the freedom struggle should be documented. Only few can articulate in such a manner with “Emotion”. Even in that FEW only one as far as I know exist and does it consistently….

  105. my brother a senior army officer in service read both your articles and told me DBS Jeyaraj as usual has written the truth. Balraj is a military genius. well done Mr.Jeyaraj

  106. Don, yes, he was in SR. Would be around 55 if he is alive. I don’t know about his parents. For who he was, I applaud his parents for bringing him up to care for the other. Tall and well built, sported a beard too. After he left the Army, he was involved in the Gamini Dissanayake Presidential campaign. The last I heard was that he died a few years back. I must be wrong here and trying to kill him prematurely. Phew.

    If I dig into the past, when Kittu was Jaffna commander, JK was a young Captain ( I think ) based in the Jaffna Fort. Apparently he had a good working understanding with the LTTE that he could drive out to the Jaffna Hospital in a yellow VW Golf taken off the streets in Jaffna, giving the LTTE advance notice. The folks in SR based in the Jaffna Fort thought his actions were suspicious and had to be taken out of the Fort for his own safety.

    This was the time when the Army was garrisoned in the Fort and the LTTE ran their writ in Jaffna.

    Now that the war as we knew it is over, I hope we will someday write about Gen Larry Gunarathne, Gen Kobbekaduwa, Capt Kotelawala etc they were a different brand of warriors.


  107. This is all speculations by interested parties.

    I believe that someone closely linked to LTTE was behind this killing as they were the sole Benefiter of killing Lasantha.

  108. And we have already forgotten about people like Mr. Pararajasinham MP or Mr. RaviRaj MP

  109. How would the LTTE benefit?Also why is the widow accusing the government of blocking all inquiries?

  110. ha////
    TD think they are big shots !!
    If TD were anything u could have stopped the last phase of the war!! how many street protests did u conduct in 2008-9 ? The world were at your feet prostrated !!

    Get out of your bloated self image pal, just because you are in the west your skin colour will not change. To the whites you are only another asian…

  111. For your information Mr/Ms cute: s. josph is a south indian. She has never been to SL I am sure. She does not know anything about sinhalese or the ground reality in SL. but she continues to be sarcastic to sinhalese & GOSL.
    I don’t mind a SL tamil affected by the war & communal violence pointing fingers at the Sinhalese /GOSL but not an outsider.

    Of course u can pass your own judgement on me I wont hold it against you.

  112. vishvajith says: May 26, 2011 at 11:19 am………………. 

    Many thanks. Yes I met him and we went out for lunch. He was then a junior officer. But something was disturbing because he was not the traditional hard boiled army officer compared to other officers I knew. But he told me his mother was an academic. Why makes you think he is dead?

  113. Don, your experience with JK might explain why he is no longer in the Army.

    With regard to his possible death, I recall reading it in the papers. I hope he is alive and kicking.


  114. It is easier for the people to get at the fellows creating the suffering because they are closer to them,but you have a point,the suffering will not stop unless you get quality representatives.maybe a chance of doing that is with a higher tunaround of them with elections every 3 years instead of 5.Also to make the political system more accessible to anyone who wants to contest,not only the relatives and friends of current parliamentarians.

    However the main benefit of devolution of powers is to maintain ethnic harmony.Also there are certainly some administraive benefits. For example in a company if the general manager delegates his powers to the marketing,finance,production,human resource managers etc and they in turn delegate their powers down the line then the company will run efficiently,provided the line of command monitors everything and have a feedback system.If the general manager is a control freak and wants his managers to always discuss and get his permission on everything and that kind of culture permeates downwards and the company will become very inflexible and inneficient.Heaven forbid if he lands in hospital for a month.The best manager is the manager who has a clean desk.When i look at his desk i can tell heaps of the manager.

  115. sjoseph

    Read your comment of 24th and noticed TRN’s reaction. Not so long ago, he was quoting from the Scriptures. Reminded me of two old Tamil sayings that you may be familiar with.

    “ Oathukathu vetham, arukathu Thalli “ ( While preaching is the profession, snatching mangalsutra is the vocation )

    “ Kopplikathu Paneer, Kuddikathu Charayam “ ( While mouth is rinsed with flavored water, local Arrack is the favorite drink )

  116. Dear Shankar,
    How long is it that u have left SL? U sound very naive when u talk about Sri Lankan local politics.

    I think u r completely out of touch with our local politics other than what u read online.

    Even a Local government MP will get a pension after 5 years. Most of them build their houses, buy vehicles, establish a business & get out when the people do not vote for them next time.

    I heard that the corruption is highest in the poorest districts, as the uneducated public will not take it to the media.

    During the 30 yrs of rule of war the country had suffered in many ways. Its time to restore the lost values.
    There may not be overnight changes. However this is happening slowly. Hope it will sustain the crumbling society from perishing.

    Most of you diaspora have idealistic goals, which will not be achievable in this war ravaged country yet to recover.
    In addition the corrupt politics & politicians make the situ worse.

    There were/are many who served/serving the public genuinely during the conflict & after the conflict, in difficult circumstances.
    That is why this country is yet continuing to function. We need honest , committed and able public servants to fill the vacuum in the social structures.

  117. Don’t worry pal , u can call me what ever u like.

    Even Jesus called a hypocrite a hypocrite !!

    So what’s wrong calling a racist a racist??

    Is it disturbing to u pal?

  118. If you say they do not care about losing their job,then that is indeed a worry.Looks like a complete overhaul may be needed,not just a minor repair.

    As for getting selfless public servants,i think that era is long gone.You have to pay them well and get the work done.If you overstaff then you have to pay less.Also you have to be very strict about corruption like in singapore.The 17th amendment which makes provisions for the constitutional council and independent commisions should be implemented without further delay.Also the 16th amendment to make sinhala and tamil to bethe languages of administration and legislation.
    I left about 15 years ago,but it seems like a long time.I dream of one day coming back for good because happiest moments were always in srilanka.

  119. TRN

    ” ha ha sinhalese are peace loving people, what a joke ” was sjoseph’s comment pregnant with sarcasm. Don’t know why he was swiftly branded as racist. He was expressing his opinion which is not without substance.

    All Sinhalese are not racists. There are, of course, decent and peace loving people in your midst. Now, what have you got to show for your peace loving credentials ? Thousands killed, maimed, tortured, disappeared, displaced, dispossessed, migrated, widowed, orphaned, marginalised, imprisoned and so on and so forth. In a nutshell, you have nothing to show as proof of a peace loving people. The comtemporary history is punctuated with violence of the worst sort. To date, there is no tangible political solution in sight. Over the years you have failed miserably to address the underlying causes. Violence, intimidation and deception are the tools that have been used since independence to oppress the Tamil minority.

    So, what is wrong with sjoseph’s comment ? According to your scheme of things, only insiders who are directly affected by the crisis are eligible to point fingers. Outsiders know how much freedom of expression insiders have. You also accused sjoseph of being removed from ground reality. Outsiders do not know as much as you know, but definitely outsiders know enough to make rational conclusions. In the Information Age we live in, no matter how hard you try to hide your dark and unspeakable secrets, at least a fraction of it will find a place in cyber space. In the absence of external pressure, the powers that be are not inclined to relent and change course towards an equitable political arrangement has become an established fact in the aftermath of the LTTE defeat.

    The swipe you made with regard to the looting by TN politicians, though factual, was obviously a hit below th belt. Whereas the judiciary is a puppet under your rulers, the Indian judiciary has maintained its integrity landing the alleged suspects in jail.

    Delhi is not allowed to treat TN Tamils as second class citizens. Though Chennai politicians are by and large corrupt, Tamils enjoy freedoms that are denied to their counterparts across the Palk straits. Freedom of language, culture, speech, religion, media, you name it, they have it. TN Tamils did not need a Brigadier Balraj to bear arms in pursuit of the rights endowed by the creator to every human being. Both Delhi and Chennai had been sensible and sensitive not to allow matters to come to such a pass.

    Freedom to manage one’s own affairs is not a gift from the majority as you guys seem to think. It is not the intention of the creator to let people be ruled as slaves. It is mean men and hardline governments that make slaves of free people in contravention of the will of the creator.

    My dear Pal, you are carrying the scriptures in one hand and intolerance on the other. So far, neither wisdom nor virtue is demonstrably evident in the treatment of minority Tamils in the picturesque island. Hope the future will be better than the past.

  120. So far, neither wisdom nor virtue is demonstrably evident in the treatment of minority Tamils in the picturesque island. Hope the future will be better than the past.


    Dear 3D,

    I agree with you only on the above statement.

    All of the other above statements are accusations.

    However I would like to clear one thing:I am not interested in Indian/ TN politics & I never post comments on Indian political columns.

    What I am trying to tell the hardcores on both sides of the divide is that, at this juncture of our bloody conflicts, all have to accept the faults done by the violence & war.

    If we continue to justify LTTE & the armed forces actions, that brought destruction to life & society, there won’t be any solution and the misery will perpetuate.

    Only the hard cores TD are retaliating to this, as they only want revenge not to eradicate the suffering of the masses.

    How can an outsider get a balance view of the ground reality in SL? It depends on what propaganda they read. Tell me one independent source of information? Only speaking to the victims in Sri Lanka be it tamil/muslim/sinhala one can come to know the reality.

    I can c many outsiders especially the diaspora have become very disturbed that I type ‘dark and unspeakable secrets’, and their intentions are brought to the light.

    This will be my only reply to the hardcore TD.

  121. 15 years !! not long & not short either.

    Ya I agree even in this mess we are happy in our land.

    But I have met many war victims… war widows, They have gone through hell.. & now its like they are in purgatry, waiting for a better day to dawn for their children.

  122. Sorry for the delay in replying.

    1. If you check the pattern of LTTE assassinations carefully you will understand what I am saying.

    2. Yes. Mr. Kum Pon’s family is accusing the CBK’s government for the killing and nothing has come out of the investigations.

  123. if you dont respect your enemy you are a fool. However, that is a tactical respect not admiration of them.

  124. vishvajith says: ..Don, your experience with JK might explain why he is no longer in the Army. With regard to his possible death, I recall reading it in the papers. I hope he is alive and kicking. 
    Yes, he was rather an odd ball but a very likable fellow. He showed lot of empathy to his fellow humans which as an army officer can be a disqualification. Yes he spoke to Kittu on several occasions but he was never taken seriously by LTTE who thought he was another little Singhalese trying to fish in troubled waters. They thought the same of Vijay Kumarathunge. According to some ex-SLA JK has just vanished

  125. Kira,

    You make no sense man. If you want to find out his Military Prowess, talk to any of the soldiers fought against him!

    He was a prize catch that slipped many times because of his extra talented skills.

    The guy is dead please don’t bad mouth him. He was indeed a great fighter!

  126. good article with some fact about balrajah

    I knew that Balrajah father put him on the right track. so that he jointed with the LTTE – balrajah has shared this matter when he remember about his father

  127. This is on the Articles on Balraj. If one forgets that he was fighting for LTTE, one can really appreciate his strategies. If the separatism didn’t happen he would have been a Brigadier or higher in the Sri Lanka Army. Like all communities both Sinhalese and Tamils have had and has many brilliant people with strategic minds and thinking. Newsweek once said even if VP was not a terrorist the world would have feared him as a fearless business leader.
    Premadasa, Mahaththaya & Ranil really believed that the issues can be resolved by talking for the ordinary people of both sides and risked their political lives or got killed,. Ranjan Wijeratne, Athulathmudali, Balraj, Karuna or Janaka Perera wanted to solve it militarily to fulfill their military or leadership obligations to the country. Except for Karuna all paid by their lives for their commitment. VP and LTTE higher ups wanted the conflict to continue and Mr. Rakapakse realized there is no way he could win a second term except by defeating LTTE. To me selfish objectives of two individuals VP & MR was pitted against one another and one persisted.
    Many Sinhalese and Tamils lives their lives working for visionaries like Mr. Ghanam (St. Anthony’s Group), Selvanathans of Carsons and Dammika Perera or Harry J of Stassen group. If Balraj was in SLA he would have led many in all races. If VP was a businessman he would have been better than Ambhanis and who knows better than Bill Gates.
    It is unfortunate that Tamils with 200 odd million world population do not have a country to call their own. It is equally unfortunate that separatists looked for the ‘ealam’ in Sri Lanka out of all the places. It is also unfortunate that Bandaranaike who was a capitalist created SLFP and there were two Sinhala dominated (opportunistic) political parties rather than parties based ideologies (like Democrats and Conservatives, UNP (Pre SWRD departure and LSSP/CP). If these race based politics didn’t take place SWRD/Chelva pact or Dudley/Chelva pact would have worked. If then VPs and Balrajs would have lived in Sri Lanka and become successful people rather than aiming guns at each other and been scattered all over the world.
    I remember the pre 83 times when I spent the night at my good friend Srikantha’s place in Wattala. Those were the times a name didn’t bring the race of a person to our minds. We have paid a hefty price for the sins of our forefathers. I wish one day we will stop seeing all Tamils as separatists of terrorists and Tamils will stop seeing all of us as Tamil haters or war criminals. Ordinary Tamils and Sinhalese will continue to live as friends and neighbors. The extremists in both sides and the game players in geo political and regional politics will continue to rouse hatred and disharmony. According to the religions that believe in reincarnation the body we live in is not ‘us’ and we will be born as a Tamil, Sinhalese, Spanish, or French in the subsequent births. We are only fighting real and cyber wars for a temporary label. Let’s hope that the day we see through this will dawn sooner than later.

  128. In a public meeting, in the 90’s in London, Kettu, the former LTTE commander of Jaffna, recalled a meeting between him and JK where JK told Kittu that he saw Kitty under the telescope of an army sniper stationed on the wall of Jaffna fort but spared him the bullet.
    Kittu confirmed in his speech that what JK told him must be the truth because he remembered being at the sentry point, outside Jaffna fort, on that particular day mentioned by Kotelawala.

    Talk about mutual respect amongst enemies

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