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Brigadier Balraj: LTTE’s fearless frontline commander

By D.B.S.Jeyaraj

Three days in May (17th -19th) marked the second anniversary of the total military defeat suffered by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE). While a large number of senior LTTE leaders and military commanders including tiger supremo Veluppillai Prabhakaran met with their end during this period the greatest LTTE military commander of them all died a year earlier.

Kandiah Balasegaran alias 'Brigadier Balraj'

Kandiah Balasegaran alias “Brigadier Balraj” the Deputy military chief of the LTTE was spared the ignominy of witnessing the military decline and fall of the tigers in 2009. Balraj regarded as second in command to Prabhakaran in the military sphere died of a heart attack at Puthukkudiyiruppu in the Mullaitheevu district on May 20th 2008.The third anniversary of his death is being observed now.

Balraj landing with his troops in Kudaarappu for Iththaavil fighting

Balraj promoted posthumously as “Brigadier” had a formidable reputation as a fearless frontline tiger commander who led from the front. Among his many military feats the crowning achievement was the fight he put up in 2000 at Ithaavil on the A-9 Highway that interdicted transport between the Elephant Pass garrison and the supply lines along the Kilaly – Ezhuthumadduvaal-Nagar Kovil axis for 24 days at a stretch.

It was this manoeuvre that resulted in the fall of Elephant pass on April 22nd 2000.Subsequently in the period 2006 – 2009 all areas under LTTE control including Elephant pass were recaptured by the Sri Lankan security forces.Balraj was not alive then.

The military capability of Balraj was appreciated even by his opponents in the Sri Lankan armed forces. It is said that the armed forces regarded Balraj as the finest tactician-fighter in the LTTE and ranked him above his leader Prabhakaran in that respect.


A little known incident that occurred in 2003 illustrates the respect and regard with which Balraj was held by some officers in the Sri Lankan army. The Norway brokered ceasefire was then in progress and an ailing Balraj flew to Singapore with two bodyguards for heart surgery.

Upon his return Balraj found himself “surrounded” by 15 to 20 military officers of captain,major and Lt.Col rank at the Katunayake international airport. The Norwegian officials accompanying Balraj were perturbed as they thought the army officers intended causing harm to Balraj.

That was not so. The army officers with field experience in the north were aware of Balraj’s military prowess and exploits. Despite being enemies on the battle front these officers had a healthy respect for Balraj whom they regarded as a first –class fighter. Knowing that Balraj was returning from Singapore these officers had gathered merely to see him in the flesh. Some smiled and shook hands with Balraj. A few exchanged pleasant words.The Norwegians were relieved that no ugly incident occurred

The brief encounter at Katunayake demonstrated vividly the admiration with which Balraj was held by some military officers. These cheers from the “ranks of Tuscany” were due to the awesome military reputation of Balraj.


While earning the admiration of his military foes Balraj also commanded the respect and awe of LTTE cadre. Balraj who rose from the ranks earned this position through his military skill and courage. His military exploits were legendary making him an icon for many young tigers to follow and emulate.

While Balraj’s military valour was a source of admiration, he was also well –liked by both the people and cadres for his personal attributes. He was a simple , accessible person without pompous pretensions.

Balraj was one of those rare leaders in the LTTE who was genuinely admired and loved by the Tamil people he associated with. He was simple, courteous and accessible.

Balraj used to listen to the problems of the people and tried in his own way to help resolve them. In doing so he fell foul of some other senior LTTE leaders at times.

Many of the tiger leaders have been responsible for several human rights violations. But the deputy military chief was one against whom there were no serious allegations.

Balraj also incurred the wrath of other senior LTTE leaders when he voiced the concerns of ordinary people.

When the LTTE began interfering with the agriculturists of the Wanni by demanding that they sell their produce to the tigers at rock – bottom prices it was to Balraj that the farmers turned.

When the LTTE took over all sea produce and began exerting a monopoly, the affected fisherfolk turned to Soosai and Balraj.

When Balraj took up these issues with Prabakharan on behalf of the people the LTTE seniors in charge of finance, trade etc were offended.


The Wanni population during the times of LTTE domination was a blend of four types of society.

There were the original inhabitants of the Wanni; then there were the Jaffna people who came in some decades ago; there were also the Tamils who relocated to the Wanni after 1995 – 96 when the LTTE was sent out of Jaffna.Fourthly there was the LTTE, their families and the families of close LTTE supporters.

There were tensions among these four different segments. When such problems occurred the ordinary people preferred to seek the help of “understanding” people like Balraj. He was like a pacifier and bridge builder.

In one glaring instance two members of Pottu Amman’s intelligence division drove their vehicle recklessly and killed a young man.

The LTTE police force led by Nadesan (who later became political commissar) refused to take action. This led to enraged relatives storming the cop shop. It was Balraj who managed to douse passions.

Balraj was not an orator. But he had later developed his public – speaking skills. Balraj spoke directly without fanciful flourishes and touched the hearts of his listeners.

One reason that endeared Balraj to the ordinary people was his easy accessibility and simplicity.

While most LTTE leaders moved about in pajeiro vehicles with many bodyguards Balraj moved about on foot or bicycle.

He used motor vehicles only for long trips and travelled about with few bodyguards.

People could easily approach him and talk. He did not keep himself aloof. Even Tamil journalists who have met him were full of praise for the man’s opennness and inter – personal skills.

Likewise cadre under his command loved him because of his concern for them and his friendliness.

Apparently many of the top LTTE leaders got cut off and alienated from the people whose cause they claimed to serve. They also adopted a superior attitude towards low – rung cadre. This too was a contributory factor towards the decay and ultimate defeat of the tigers. Balraj was perhaps a solitary exception.


When Balraj died , LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabakharan issued a condolence message. In that Prabhakaran stated “The man who was at the center of many of our Himalayan victories, the heroic military leader, who trained,guided and fought with our fighting formations and conventional brigades is with us no more.”

Prabakharan went on to say of Balraj ” His ability to move the fighting units, his focused actions and his martial characteristics struck fear in the hearts of the enemy. These same characteristics strengthened the conviction and morale of our fighters. They brought us victories”.

In that sense Balraj’s demise exactly a year before the defeat of the LTTE was like a bad omen for the tigers. After his death the LTTE got no military successes. Without Balraj there were no victories.

Even before his death Balraj’s health had deteriorated making it virtually impossible for him to be at the Frontlines regularly. Yet he used to visit the Manal aaru /Weli – Oya battlefront as frequently as possible and supervise/coordinate the military arrangements there.

Severely afflicted with coronary disease and a kidney ailment Balraj was receiving medical attention at Puthukkudiyiruppu when he died of a cardiac seizure at about 2 .00 pm on May 20th. A three – day period of mourning from May 21st – 23rd was declared by the LTTE.


Kandiah Balasegaran alias Balraj was born on November 27th 1965 in the coastal area of Kokkuthoduwaai in Mullaitheevu district. Interestingly, Nov 27th was observed as “Maaveerar Naal” or Great heroes day by the LTTE in later times. This was because the first tiger “Martyr” Sathiyanathan alias Shankar of Kambarmalai died on that day.

Balraj after heart surgery in 2003

Balraj was one of the few top tigers born in the Northern mainland region known as the Wanni. Most tiger leaders who held top positions in the Wanni were born outside the region.

Though Balasegaran was in every sense a native son of the Wanni soil his family roots too were from the Jaffna peninsula. His ancestors hailed from Karaveddy in the Vadamaratchy division of Jaffna. Balraj’s great – grandfather had migrated to Kokkuthoduwai almost a century ago.

The family engaged in both seasonal fishing and agriculture. In recent times after being displaced from Kokkuthoduwaai , Balraj’s family relocated to the Mulliyawalai – Thaniyootru area in Mullaitheevu and engaged in agriculture.

Young Balasegaran was the fourth in a family of four boys and a girl. He was supposedly the brightest child in the family and his father Kandiah and mother Kannagi were very keen to send him to the university.

This was not to be as Balraj had opted to join the Tamil militant movement while doing his GCE advanced level.He had passed his “O”levels with flying colours.

None of his siblings joined the tigers but some nephews and nieces did so and the son of a brother who did so held a senior position in the LTTE.


Balraj had his primary education at Kokkuthoduwaai in Mullaitheevu district and secondary education at Pulmoddai in the Trincomalee district.

This was because Pulmoddai was closer to Kokkuthoduwaai than Mullaitheevu. There were also some close relatives in Pulmoddai.

Kokkuthoduwaai like Kokkilai and Nayaru were places where a large number of migrant Sinhala fishermen used to come and make “Wadiyas” during fishig season.

As a youngster Balraj used to interact with these Sinhala “visitors” and learnt Sinhala well. He was also able to speak English with reasonable fluency.

An interesting feature about the great tiger military commander is the fact that his militant roots were in the Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE).

After the original LTTE split between Umamaheswaran and Prabhan the former had formed the PLOTE .“Suntharam” of Chulipuram played a big role in the new organization until he was shot dead at Chitra press in Jaffna by the LTTE in 1982.


Suntharam had travelled the length and breadth of the North and East and formed clandestine PLOTE cells. Since the PLOTE in those days did not believe in “hit and run “tactics and was preparing for an all – out onslaught these cells were virtually “sleeper” cells.

Balasegaran was recruited by Suntharam while still a student.The youngster was impatient for some action but continued to be a member of the “dormant” PLOTE cell.Graffiti , handmade posters and distribution of leaflets were the modes of political protest.
Meanwhile Lawrence and Saba of the tigers had begun LTTE work in the area and were promoting the movement.

When the July 1983 anti – Tamil pogrom took place and thousands of Tamil youths started joining the militant movements to get military training.

Balasegaran also wanted to do so. But there was family pressure that he continue his studies and enter university. Thus he did not join the rush. Events however began overtaking.

Balasegaran was in Kokkuthoduwaai for school holidays when some youths burned a CTB bus after making crew and passengers dismount at gun point. This act was the first of its kind in the area and there was a backlash. The security officials began arresting youths on a large scale.

Many were assaulted and tortured. Several youths were forced to go underground to evade arrest. Balasegaran was one of them.

Realising that a normal school life was not possible for him any longer Balasegaran decided to join the militant movements. Wanting quick action he thought the LTTE was the best group to join. He severed connections with the “dormant” PLOTE and tried to become a tiger.

For most Tamils at that time all Tamil groups were the same. All were fighting for a common cause.


There was a school master from Jaffna named “Thaas” in the area who was in charge of recruitment for the tigers.Balasegaran approached him. Despite his PLOTE background he was selected and sent to Jaffna. This was in late 1983

Balasegaran found himself in the hands of a tiger operative known as “Bruce” or “Kannadi”. There was a hitch. Balasegaran’s PLOTE link made him suspect in the eyes of the LTTE.

Still the youth’s sincerity was patently visible. So the LTTE kept him but did not send him for military training in India. He was given limited local training and used as a “helper”.Officially he was not made a LTTE cadre but given the nom de guerre Balraj.

Balraj during Op. Unceasing Waves -I, the Tiger raid on Mullaiththeevu base

Balraj was fond of hunting. He had been on many expeditions in search of game like sambhur, deer and wild boar. As a result he became very familiar with the jungles of sprawling Mullaitheevu district. So the LTTE began utilising him as a guide to negotiate the less travelled jungle trails and tracks.

This was like a period of probation where Balraj’s conduct was scrutinised carefully and loyalty tested. Fate however intervened.

In mid -1984 Balasegaran was travelling in a tractor –trailer with the local tiger leader Lt.Kaandeepan and some other cadres. The army anbushed them at Othiyamalai in the Manal aaru/Weli –Oya region.

Balraj was unarmed and did not fight.However he was accidentally injured in the skirmish with the army though he himself was not a combatant.He was taken to India for medical treatment for injuries to his shoulder.


Gopalaswamy Mahendrarajah alias Mahathaya was now the LTTE military commander for the Wanni region comprising Vavuniya,Mullaitheevu and Kilinochchi regions. Mannar was administered separately.

Mahathaya was in Tamil Nadu for surgery when Balraj was receiving medical treatment.

The “senior” Mahathaya began interacting with Balasegaran and discovered that he was from the Wanni with thorough knowledge of the Manal Aaru/Weli Oya region.

Mahathaya liked what he saw. It was Mahathaya and not Prabhakaran who “recognized in him (Balraj) from the very beginning, the rare martial nature and characteristics that were natural to him”.

Initially it was Mahathaya and not Prabhakaran who helped Balasegaran”develop as an idealistic fighter with great skill and leadership”.

Mahathaya urged Prabakharan then in Chennai that Balasegaran be given military training in India and recruited into LTTE ranks. Prabakharan agreed reluctantly and authorised training for Balasegaran.

This was a departure from the usual LTTE practice where those from other groups were not taken in as regulars.

Though the LTTE chief was reluctant about Balraj ,he later discovered the military potential in him. Prabakharan liked the man and promoted him to unparalleled heights . He even got Balraj married to a close relative.

The fact remains however that Balraj was originally of the PLOTE and that he was a protégée of Mahathaya. In the LTTE propaganda barrage about Brigadier Balraj after his death two salient factors were missing.

One was his PLOTE antecedents and the other was his Mahathaya link.


After recovery Balasegaran was formally inducted into the LTTE in 1984 and given military training in Tamil Nadu as part of the ninth LTTE batch.. His nom de guerre as stated earlier was Balraj.

After training Balraj returned to the Wanni and was absorbed into Mahathaya’s bodyguard unit. Initially he was tasked with cooking meals for fellow fighters.Gradually he was utilised for regular combat also.

Balraj made his mark first in 1986 when he played an active role in taking over the Karadipokku junction in Kiinochchi in what was an abortive bid by Mahathaya to encircle the Kilinochhi military camp. He also participated in the attacks in Thirunagar and Munthirigaikkulam.

When Mahathaya was made deputy – leader of the LTTE he continued to be in overall charge of the Wanni. Jeyam, Suseelan and Paseelan were appointed as military commanders for the districts of Vavuniya, Kilinochchi and Mullaitheevu respectively.

Paseelan in whose memory the LTTE named one of its home made mortars (Paseelan 5000) recognized the military potential of Balraj and got Mahattaya to assign Balraj under his command. Balraj became Paseelan’s deputy and functioned in the Mullaitheevu district.He was stationed at the Manal Aaru – Weli – Oya region. He knew the terrain well.

In 1987 after the Indo –Lanka accord the Indian army was inducted into Northern and eastern Sri Lanka. Mahendrarajah alias Mahattaya the Wanni commander went over to Jaffna with a contingent of Wanni fighters to supplement cadres stationed in Jaffna. Balraj was one of them.
When war erupted with the Indian army on October 10th 1987, a fierce confrontation took place in the Kopay area. It was then that the LTTE lost its first woman fighter Lt.Malathi after whom a woman’s brigade was named later.

Balraj also fought in the Kopay area. He earned praise by firing on advancing Indian battle tanks with a Rocket launcher. One RPG shell fired by Balraj severely damaged an Indian tank.


When the war with the Indian army continued the LTTE supremo Prabakharan, deputy leader Mahathaya and other senior tiger leaders relocated to the Wanni. Prabakharan himself began camping out in the dense jungles of Mullaitheevu.Balraj also returned and resumed duties under Paseelan.

The LTTE Mullaitheevu commander Paseelan was killed in a clash in 1988 when the Indian Army launched an attack on the LTTE camp in the Thaniootru area.The leaderless LTTE was rattled but Balraj rose to the occasion by hastily assuming command. He managed to beat back the Indian army in that assault.

Thereafter Balraj was entrusted with the Mullaitheevu district command. One of the first operations planned and led by Balraj was an ambush of an Indian patrol near a school in Mulliyavalai. Anticipating re-inforcements, Balraj set up a “cut –out”position to confront Indian troops rushing to the aid of colleagues. Around 25 soldiers were killed in the two clashes.

These successes raised the LTTE morale. Balraj also became known as an efficient and skilful military leader.

One of his plus points was that he led from the front. He would inspire and galvanize tiger cadre by courageously leading them up front into the thick of battle. There was no “bull shitting” at the rear.


About 25 years ago this columnist interviewed former LTTE Jaffna district commander Sathasivampillai Krishnakumar alias “Col” Kittu for the Indian newsmagazine “Frontline”.

A pertinent point made by Kittu then was about the leadership qualities of LTTE commanders. Unlike others , Kittu said, LTTE field commanders lead from the front and do not direct operations from the rear.

Kittu observed that tiger commanders go out front and call upon cadre to follow by shouting “Come Up! Come up!” instead of egging fighters on from behind by ordering “Go forward! Go forward!!”

This tiger trait identified succinctly by Kittu was something Balraj had in ample quantity. Till he became seriously afflicted by illness Balraj always plunged into thick battle leading from the front.

This was a quality absent in many of the latter day crop of “heavyweight” tiger military commanders. This was a major cause for the LTTE military debacle in 2009.


Rapidly rising from the ranks,Balraj led a series of successful military operations.When the LTTE set up its first infantry division, Balraj was made its commander. It was named after Prabhakaran’s friend and deputy Charles Anthony alias Seelan who died in Meesalai on July 15th 1983.

It was in 1996 that Prabakharan gave Balraj his greatest military honour. He appointed Balraj as deputy – military commander.Prabakharan was then the military commander of the LTTE. Thus Balraj became number two in the military hierarchy.

But Balraj had to pay a ”price” for the honour prior to receiving it.

Balraj’s one – time patron and benefactor Mahathaya had fallen out with Prabakharan . Now Prabakharan wanted to detain and interrogate his deputy – leader.

Prabakharan sent three LTTE leaders to “arrest” Mahathaya. They were Sornam, Soosai and Balraj. This was perhaps Prabakharan’s perverse ruse to test Balraj’s loyalty. Balraj had to act against Mahathaya to prove his loyalty to Prabakharan.

This Balraj did. He went along with the others to apprehend the man who had given him his break and taken him under his wing.But then could he have refused to obey Prabakharan?

Hundreds of LTTE cadre surrounded Mahathaya’s place. Initially a young boy was sent to the house. He knocked on the door and rudely asked Mahathaya to accompany him. The LTTE deputy – leader gave a resounding slap and chased him away.


Then Balraj himself went to Mahathaya’s door. The deputy – leader was taken aback to find his former protegee entrusted with the task of arresting him. The fight went out of him.

When Balraj said “Engalode Vaango Annai” (Come along with us elder brother) Mahathaya promptly agreed. He instructed his 40 odd bodyguards not to resist and asked Balraj to ensure that nothing happened to them. He then went meekly with Balraj.

This was the “acid test ” that Balraj had to endure to prove his loyalty to Prabakharan. This betrayal of Mahathaya was Balraj’s stepping stone to greater success and recognition.

The LTTE’s new deputy – military commander began demonstrating his mettle in battle.Balraj’s military record makes interesting reading.


DBS Jeyaraj can be reached on djeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

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    Not so.Pottu Amman was in charge of the investigation prior to Mahathaya’s arrest and also the interrogation after his arrest. But it was the Soosai-Sornam- Balraj trio that carried out the actual arrest.Balraj went in personally and escorted Mahathaya out. He was handed over to Pottu. Thereafter Balraj never saw Mahathaya again.

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    We have wasted so many young lives form 1971-2009 due to non distribution of country wealth meaning fully! Our politicians wasted our resources and westing now!
    We Sri lankans enough fighting as ethnic lines, we all have same problems but once again India in North string the pot once again to exploit ethnic divisions.As a deep southerner we also have same problems as our Northerners, Easterners and the rest of the country. Mother Lanka lost thousands of heros like BLARAJ since 1971 the all asked for equal rights in society that includes good education , jobs, justice and other equal rights as a normal citizen of the country. Please Northern & Eastern brothers and sisters just remember specially you have paid a heavy price for INDIAN under hand action to destabilize the your and my country! ROY

  28. Ther are so many Balraj’s in Sri Lanka. I really appreciate his tallent and honesty.

    You did not reveal one truth….Mr DBS. His 1st balttel was against TELO.

  29. Dear Mr.Jeyaraj

    Why don’t you right about Report of the Secretary-General’s panel of experts on accountability in Sri lanka? Reports on Balraj and Nediyavan are not so important in the current scenario. Any way article about Balraj was very interesting. Let us salute the astute war commander.

  30. Thanks for the super article. I enjoy reading Eelam Tamil history. The Sinhalese had tanks, aircraft, carriers and other important military weapons as well as a 150,0000 plus army, yet they couldnt beat our boys without international assistance. True testament in believing in your strength. May his sacrifice not be in vain and we achieve our homeland.

  31. I know you are a Sinhalese who are using an English name. You just you keep your real heroes in jail and send thugs, rapist, and drug dealers to parliament. We keep are heroes in our hearts.

  32. this all of crazy people any where in this world terrorist is terrorist now what happend bin ladan? who make binladan who shoot binladan? who make crasy praba? last why not help to him? that is tac tic. balraj not a hero he is a crazy dog.

  33. Dinesh, You pretend to be a SL Army soldier and yet you call this terrorist a ‘remarkable fighter’..? Either you are an LTTE boatman or one who betrayed the fighting.

  34. Dear friends,
    When I read these comments I wanted to ask You, is that LTTE fight for Tamil people in Sri lanka or their freedom, then why they killed so many inocent tamil people too including great politicin like Kadiragamar and send abducted inocent kids for fight keeping Prabas kids safe with him. This is not a heroism only misuse of weapons against the oposite who ever sinhalese or tamils.

  35. Luckily his attacking heart killed him, otherwise he would have been taken care of in May 09.

  36. You believe in too much hype when it comes to Western propaganda. US says what it wants and gullible fools like you believe it. Same goes for their wars and and over hyped WMDs in Iraq. Remember them? Our heroic SL forces showed us pictures and videos of a dead but tortured(rightly) Prabakaran. Prabakaran’s life was worth less than an animal to me. So let’s not disrespect the animal kingdom.

    The real war criminals are in the West…which you so revere. Why isn’t the UN pushing its agenda on Bush, Blair and the other dogs who massacred almost a million Muslims in the Middle East? Perhaps Banki Moon needs to wake up from his long slumber.

  37. UN REPORT -Tmilnet!the panel`s determination of credible allegation AGAIST the LTTE associated with the final stages of the war reveal six core categories of potential violation

    1/ KILLING CIVILIANS attempting to flee LTTE CONTROL

    2/ USING CIVILIANS as a humen BUFFER

    3/using military euipment in the proximity of  CIVILIANS

    4/ FORCED recruitment of CHILDREN,

    5/ forced LABOUR

    6/ KILLING of civilinse through SUICIDE attacks

    [TAMILNET 16/04/2011 8:22 GMT] freedom fighting in tamilstyle

  38. It was individuals like Balraj that give meaning to the term freedom fighter. The targeting of civilians by the LTTE tarnished the memory of those who fought and died on the actual battlefield. Terrorism doesn’t work, it only serves to legitimize the oppressor. The LTTE lost its legitimacy long before their ultimate defeat. Active LTTE members and associates in western nations should be detained and prosecuted. These people have no basis for collecting funds or invoking the memory of the LTTE. No sane Tamil has an appetite for war after all those devastating and fruitless years.

  39. Please dont write these rubish things , if there is not a humanity in his heart, there is not a bravery, if they sacrifice the life to save people we can respect them, what praba did finally, he used inocent civilians without weopans as a human shield to protect themselves.How cruelty ? and how selfishness ? Only the inocent tamil people who suffered for a long time under the weopans of praba had to sacrifice their lives. Even if this Balraj live until that day, he could do the same thing. This is how the freedom fighters did? .Only they were fearless until they thought the forces can’t reach them. They didnt think about the fate of these civilian’s in their nationality. Ask karuna amman about why he left LTTE?

  40. Aaah for those good ole days when the Sri Lankan state and its military were half asleep and the world had them convinced that ‘terrorism cannot be defeated militarily’..and all that..

    Pity they woke up and decided to put an end to the LTTE irritation…Even the mighty Americanskys learnt from them…look what they did to O’Sammy. Bam! Bam!!! Very much like what was left of Thambi around this time of the year two years ago.

    Life is so boring since they did the seththupochchi to good ol’ Thambi.

    Isn’t there anyone else to start some fire works again soon? Even the nasty Singalams are getting fat and ugly without the exercise…

  41. Hello Indian

    That’s very observant of you, and your observations are very correct.

    Unfortunately too much blood has been spilt during the current generation, and it will be very difficult to those who suffered directly as a result to forget what the other did to them…Just as trouble will simmer between the Jews and Muslims in the ME area.

    Give it a couple of decades, a generation change will bring about a change of heart. Those who are still angry will learn to accept the inevitability of the facts and also, hopefully mellow with age. And a new generation who seeks common grounds in economic prosperity, security and political stability rather than divisive arguments will take the nation forward.

    It will take Time, the factor which heals all wounds.

  42. Then what happened to Bugs Bunny who also went along to lend intellectual support to the arresting kangaroos?

  43. If we take the terrorism, warcrime…etc out of the equation we are such a Powerful people….We are tolerant, extremly courages, dedicated, innovative etc. This notion is inconceivable.

  44. Dear DBS

    I love reading your articles, purely for the sheer honesty of personal opinion expressed therein.

    Re; “Col” Kittu you articulate a quality of leading from the front being a success factor for the LTTE, absence of which in later ‘heavy weights’ led to the defeat in the hands of the SL Defence Forces. –This is not so. Leading from the front makes nice reading, it even gives boasting rights.

    But in modern combat, which the latter day SriLankan Army engaged in effectively, there is really no place for such gung-ho behavior. Those who try, will come home in the evening in a body bag.

    Had Balraj lived to face the Final War, his fate would not have differed from anyone else, nor would he have survived very long in the battle field leading from the front againt the determined SLA.

    His presence would not have changed the final outcome witnessed on May 17 (?) in anyway either.

    They were all destined to certain death, the day Velu decided on his ill fated Final War against the new Sri Lankan politico Military establishment.

  45. Mr. Jeyaraj, By writing journalist giving pleasure to the readers . Keep writing Mr. Jeyaraj.


  47. No matter what heros or terrorists – all thease names are created by politicians in the past and present. If poor people had a good life standard thease , prabhas, wijeweeras and osamas and even obama, bush , blair or millbands, what ever … never wins. its up to poor countries and its leaders to respect humanity not money.

  48. SL lost thousands of Balrajs from all commuunities But thease cheap politicians create more in the future too and kill them too. who is going to stop this.

  49. There were much more brilliant cadres than Balraj, but, they always remained foot soldiers. Some died in the battle front. Balraj flourished because Pottu Amman liked him. Tamil Chelvan liked him only after Balraj became a relative of Prabhakaran. I think there were more heroic battles Balraj fought. Please write more about his role in the capture of Elephant Pass.

  50. Well said Bro. I’m Sinhalese but I fully agree with you. See, not all Sinhalese are the same.

  51. kadirgamar was actively working against them in international circles. He was instrumental in getting them proscribed and named as a terrorist organisation.After they killed him the repercussions were severe because he was so respected by the international community due to his great intellect and personality.

    Recently a tamil whose grandfather was from jaffna,was appointed deputy primeminister of singapore. If his father had not migrated probably this chappie would also have been killed in srilanka.

  52. He remind Great native American worrior Read Cloud who has been honored by the United States (even by his opponent) Postal Service with a 10¢ stamp as ‘Great Red Cloud’

    In SL even their cemeteries destroyed by bulldozers aginst War principles and military offices buildup top of the real War Heros honored graves.(First time in world history?)

    Dutagemunu showed good respect around 2000 years ago than today ‘pretenders’.
    Atleast leave his native place beautiful as ‘Kokkuththoduvai’ rather changing as ‘Kokku thoduwawa’.

    World always salute for ‘War Heros’ not ‘War Criminals’.


  53. I’m a moderate Sinhalese. I think Tamil separatism started due to just reasons. They wanted to separate because of the discrimination they received from Sinhalese governments. They were helpless and they had to fight back. But where they went wrong was they chose terrorist means to achieve it. Killing innocent people (Sinhalese , Tamils & Muslims) wont’ achieve any freedom. So it resulted in their own demise. Anyone who was engaged in terrorist activities is a terrorist no matter how brave they are. You cannot consider them as heroes. I don’t see over running elephant pass as a terrorist activity . That is real war.

    Regardless, The saddest part is Sinhalese governments have still not understood how to reconcile and move forward to build a better country for the future. As long as we stay divided by ethnicity, social class, wealth we will go nowhere.
    The solution is simple, have the same law and equal opportunity applicable to every citizen in Sri Lanka. It should not discriminate between Namal Rajapaksha and a poor villager in Jaffna. If and when we achieve this all other barriers will disappear.

    Is this doable? Of course, But you have to start from the top!!

  54. Thanks for the insight DBS.

    Balraj was a respected warrior by the GOSL.

    On a side note, if I may, It was the LTTE who introduced technology to the war front. The U ambush, The Box Ambush ( @ Mahesh refers to it ), the night vision goggles, the use of GPS, the Passeelan rocket, Johnny Mines etc.

    I recall speaking to a SL defense chap who found an effective way to discover Johnny mines, for this, this he was given a ticket to Europe by the GOSL to attend a Defense conference where he was to – shown and tell – of the Paseelan rocket. At the end of his representation, a European Army Officer asked him and the audience – how the fuck can you send this up -( please excuse the usage of the f-word ).

    Alas, the LTTE combatants were also sons and daughters of Mother Lanka. They are our brothers and sisters.

    Btw ask Gota R of his opinion on the last 600 LTTE who fought to the finish.

  55. Jayeraj

    Altohugh I acknowledge you are a good writer, please use your effort to build up and strengthen relationship between tamils and sinhalese.

    LTTE Freedom is a dead horse and is history.

  56. Same as killing over 40,000 innocent tamil civilians and murdered great tamil politicians like Josef Pararajasingam also not a heroism only Gross misuse of weapons against the oposite innocent tamils by so called “SL security forces”

    Understand the huge difference betwen both side and real’freedom fighters’
    mistake both side whoever responsible for that will face the consequence is nature.

  57. Still pointing fingers at others???!!You cannot stand West finally listening to the calls of Tamils.You think you can slaughter 40000-100000 of our people and get away!!This is beyond LTTE and Praba.!If you sinhalese fail to realise,then time will teach you the lesson.

    BTW..Study history,never has been a single minority group which has failed to win its rights.

  58. Balraj would have been good when the SL Army did not have the leadership in the political establishment or the strategists like Sarath Fonseka to take the fight to the LTTE. Then what about Deepan or someone who was leading the LTTE in Champion pattu front lines. Deepan was also ranked abreast with Balraj, isn’t it? How was he and his cadres boxed in and killed en masse before LTTE was pushed into waikkal areas in Mullaithivu. Someone also commented that SL Army was backed by fire power that LTTE did not have. Does he expect the army of a nation to fight with inferior weapons? Anyway, you have to give credit to Mahinda Rajapakse and Sarath Fonseka for wiping out LTTE from the face of this earth. Then arresting KP was a “coup de grass”; now Nediyawan and after sometime it will be Rudrakumaran. Anyway, Raj Rajaratnam is looking at a bottomless pit to spend the rest of his life. At the same time, I blame Mahind Rajapakse for pussy footing bringing normalcy to the North and East. I think economic development in those areas will kill the Tamil Diaspora in time to come.

  59. In history there has never been a single minority group that has never won its rights.

    World has known what sinhalese did to tamils for 63 years.

  60. Mighty sinhalese licking boots and ass of usa,uk,china and india to fight bunch of boys..WHAT A SHAME…!!!

  61. Mighty sinhalese licking boots and ass of UK,USA,IRAN,CHINA and India to fight a bunch of boys..OH WHAT A SHAME..

  62. good that he died from heart attack otherwise he would have had to die in the way they deserved.

  63. Foreign-based Tamil Terrorist Diaspora wholly miscalculated the tolerance and accommodating nature of the proud Sri Lankans and was taught an unforgettable lesson on May 19, 2009.

    Even after a lapse of two long years, and the total decimation of the Tamil terrorists, the TTD seem not to let go of their agenda to insult, demean and THREATEN the Sri Lankans and our beloved MotherLanka.

    That reconfirms an important, but cold fact… clearly written (and tested) in MotherLanka’s birth certificate that Tamil Terrorist Diaspora will always aim to RAPE her.

    Let’s vow to stand up to that threat, and have swift justice in place.

  64. Im sorry to say, this is a another story of misguided tamil youth, Cuz , politicians for theirown gains,used these yong minds,lives to create disharmony between two races and end up with nothing,,,#
    Sri lanka could have been a well developed country ,If this civil,terrorist war was not there.Hope u all remember Singapore and other far east countries were much behind when this started.
    India also not happy abt SL independence and helped terrorists ,but finally it came as a boomerang for them too,then they understood the gravity and in 2009 , they allow SL to complete the mission impossible (as per the whole world. but for the true \Sri lankans its not a big game,, politician only saw that as a big game)

    PLs dnot try to create disharmony again,, we know tamils doesn’t have country ,, its big states problem for them, but we like to accept them with brotherhood till they ready to giveup that ELAM dream.Im really sorry to say it is not going to realized till the last SRI LANKAN alive.

  65. War is terrible thing. I am neither a tamil nor an LTTE sympathizer. In fact i lost my best friend who joined the army in the war..but that was then and this is now. Remember your history Dutugamunu paid homage to Elara after the war. Comments such as yours are a disgrace to true heroes such as my friend who gave his life for his country. Just as this man gave his life for his cause. Respect is something someone like you would never understand, but they did even though they were enemies. we mourn our dead and we move forward to a better future together..no more tamil no more sinhala..just sri lankans..I wish you all peace.

  66. dear ruwan,
    i guess you are a sinhalese i dont mind your comment about nediyavan but rajarathinam is a tamilian who made it big.but that does not make him a tiger supporter.even if he had been nothing wrong in it.every tamilian in srilanka at some point of time would have been a tiger supporter becoz such was the sinhalese oppression.rajarathnam i guess would not have been in srilanka in 1980s in fact he was taken in a helicopter by srilankan government when he was holidaying in srilanka during tsunami becoz they wanted his money.criticise but with facts in hand.

  67. i guess your name is lisbon though it should have been kandy or colombo you are a testimony to mahavamsa mindset

  68. dear jey,
    i guess 20th may was your birthday let me wish you a happy and healthy birthday becoz we are dependent on you.what ever i have as a knowledge of srilankan affairs to an extent credit goes to you.as far as balraj is concerned as mahesh commented i had a fortune of reading fr.jagath casper in nakeern biweekly who had written about brig.balraj.sometimes i feel that if praba had opted for peace process we tamils would have been fortunate to have great administrators in form of balraj,theepan,yogi….unfortunately it did not happen.one of my greatest concern is that tamils in srilanka dont have great leaders at this juncture who can challenge sinhalese chauvinism let loose by rajapakshe and his gang.i hope india rises up to the occassion and helps srilankan tamils in securing their legitimate rights.

    Thank you.it’s today May 21st…….DBSJ

  69. yes continue to mourn its your duty. However the real freedom they would have found only in death not in eelam.

  70. Kamalani, the hero worshiping is the thing that perpetuated the separatist war.

    Although DBSJ had highlighted many atrocities of the LTTE & it policies in a scuttle way, the hero worshipers only see what they want to see.

    However we have to respect the family members mourning for their dead brothers & sons.

    It was a futile war. The youth would have been genuine when joining a military movement but their leaders deceived them and also the leaders accumulated wealth & luxury.

    It is very difficult to change the mindset of the hero worshiping tamil diaspora. Most of them yet to over come their sorrow of not having their heroes fighting for them in vanni. However no one should deny their right to mourn the dead.

  71. DBSJ,

    Many happy returns on your b’day.
    I am wondering if you are mourning during your B’day? Since the heros week falls on your b’day. coincidently mine is very closer to yours too.

    Thank you.Unfortunately the world mourns for Rajiv on my birthday as he was killed on May 21st.When is your birthday?………………DBSJ

  72. The point is some tamils do not want to live in or develop ‘Sri Lanka’. They will do any harm but not any good to the land they were born. Please note I mentioned ‘some tamils’ not all of them.

  73. Brigadier Balraj: LTTE’s fearless frontline commander

    You arewronge.

    There are no any Brigadiers except regular posts. If you call them as heros the actual name is they are terorists.

    If Balaraj was a brigadier who were WIJEWEERA, UATHISASA GAMANAYAKE,?

    are they too Brigadiers?

    They all terorists.

    There is a difference between”Brigadier” and Brigadier but I dont expect you to comprehend these things………………..DBSJ

  74. shankar says:
    Also i dislike the way balraj went and called mahattaya out.This shows that gratitude is not one of his virtues.He could have asked soosai or sornam to do it.He was a nobody treated like a piece of shit by prabha until mahattaya made him a somebody.Then he bit the hand that fed him and licked the ass that had farted into his face.
    dagobert says
    Tamils In Sri Lanka and worldover to take a leaf from Balraj attitude to people to lift away the misery from all sri Lankans.
    Afterall, Balraj was a gallant SRI LANKAN and a son of the soil.


    just as your name sounds funny your comments too looks mixed up.

    How can Balraj be a gallant Sri Lankan when he had caused massive destruction to Sri lankan military and destroyed the countries assets?

    your advice to tamils to take leaf from Balraj’s attitude is not very sound. Already there are many betrayals.

    Why not name yourself as confused not dagobert?

  75. You are absolutely correct, government is lucky that Balraj was not alive till May 18 2009, otherwise MR’s military would have been demolished.

  76. Then Mahinda also crazy dog who killed his own civillians, Biggest State terrorist. Only one country in the world officialy operating Terrorism
    but still not band under the long list of terrorist. It will be soon, I pray
    for protect SL citizens from State Terrorism. who ever fight against this state terrorism are really heros.

  77. But you cannot destroy your ‘ axe treatment’ that remaining traces of your real identity put on display to whole world through UN Report forever!

    After judgemet deliverd to all State Terrorist.. then only all Sri Lankans have ‘real’ peace to live in harmony.

  78. Wonder why LTTE Terrorism came to be? WHo is responsible for that? You think they just gave up a great opportunity of education and good peaceful life to live in the jungles for fun??

  79. Dear DBS,
    jayaraj became a historic figure at the cost of poor Tamil yongesters. Anyone in the rank could have done it. Napolean Bonnapart did the same thing, when he wanted to cross the river, he ordered low rank solders to become the bridge by sacrificing their life.

  80. Lisbon. Are you a Portuguese product from Sri Lanka? Tell me now who runs the state run terrorism in Sri Lanka? LTTE was created by your Sinhalese state, only a terrorist outfit state could create another terrorist organization. If not for your Sinhala Racial thug methods, Rapes, discrimination and racial difference on a minority group there wouldn’t have been a LTTE in SL history. For your info Tamils are the second largest group in Sri Lanka after Sinhalese. Learn lessons from Singapore, they treat the minority Tamils with respect. Tamils are holding key positions such as Deputy prime minister, Finans minister, Law minister and many other key positions in Singapore government. Why couldn’t Sri Lankan government treat its minority group with dignity and respect? Because Sinhalese were born racists like the KKK in the USA. Sri Lanka will never prosper nor will have a respectful place in the minds of 100 millions Tamils who are living all over the world. Stop your racist propaganda and accept the Tamils cause and they will help you to develop the war torn nation, Tamils were the reason for Singapore development, Prime ministers of Singapore since the Independence from the British knew only a minority group like Tamils who will make Singapore to Financial capital of Asia and they were right.

  81. Yes, For above 6 LTTE should explain front of UN special court.

    But For 40,000 innocent civilian lives whose treated as worse than dogs , will great srilankan nation take responsibility?

  82. Ltte were too arrogant.Killed their own learned people,innocent people,and simple people.And did not listen to anybody.With all the weopans,aircrafts,submarines,mighty guns,etc.,what did they gain? Why did’nt they utilise the diaspora money to develop the area.Nothing done. They have proved the saying,
    “Those who take the sword will die by the sword.”

  83. That’s correct. We need not glorification well known, self admitted murderers & terrorists (stray dogs).

  84. There is no point in talking about the heroic talents of the members of the LTTE. The were partly successful in terrorising the ordinary civilians and murdering them both Tamils and Sinhalese. They could not fight the Sri Lankan Army and they would not have been successful. They failed and were destroyed. Had they been successful poliitically with the intervension of first India and then Norway, it would have been a different scenario and the Tamils would have been proud of them even if they had murdered all the Tamil politicians and Tamil acadamics. There is no room for them in the Tamil society anymore dead or alive.

  85. [Wonder why LTTE Terrorism came to be]

    That’s easy. First of all be enlightened that ‘LTTE’ is just a label. The correct name is Tamil Terrorists.

    Secondly, carefully look between the two branches and you will find the nest… It was the foreign Tamil Terrorist Diaspora (who was used as a cat’s paw by a monkey called India), that created Tamil Terrorists to slow down Sri Lanka’s economic progress.

    If Sri Lanka was not terrorized for 25 years, it’s the Sri Lankans, not the Injuns, who would be leading in the IT field today. (But that’s OK.)

    The rest is history.

  86. Dear DBS, I am disappointed about you. Balaraj is dead. Prabhakaran is dead and LTTE is no more and are you trying to give life to them all? We are truly disappointed Mr DBS. Not again. Please.

    Wow!my article can resurrect the LTTE?……………DBSJ

  87. Rajapaksa (massacred unarmed Tamils in ‘safe zone’) is destined to the likes of Saddam Hussein (gassed Kurds) in history, all the atrocities, the real Rajapaksa hugging the ‘Bo’ tree ‘Buddhism’ of SL are out in open, no one thinks SL Buddhism is Tibetans’ or your your Buddhism is Bhutanese but know now that its rather ‘Barbarian’.

  88. Hello J.Fernando !
    You said the fallowing comment;
    “Those who take the sword will die by the sword.”
    Tell that your Rajapakse family, one day that sword will strike them but not by Tamils but from your own.
    Hej Sellam!
    I will not agree with you if your object is only focused on LTTE, how about the state sponsored terrorism under the name of eradicating the LTTE. Do the Sinhalese or Tamil journalists have the freedom of speech? No, they vanished under the name of your WHITE VAN democracy. Either your Mafia government got rid of anyone who did not agree or support their “Dirty Democracy” policy, what left? Nothing but to lick your policy makers’ policy and support them at any cost to restore the Mafia & corrupted family run policy. Is that what you call a democracy? If so then you are nothing but a licker who would even sell your mother & sister to have your privileges, what a life? Get a life!

  89. True journalist will record the true history as witness to change the world for better understanding place to live with peace,harmony & Dignity. Hats off to DBSJ!!

    Who is next on your list?

    Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Antony of Trincomale, first confident military leader of the early Tamil Tigers? or Thiyaki Pon.Sivakumaran of Urumpirai who first started the arm struggle against Sinhala chauvinism?

    Bring the real history into light! God bless you!!

  90. their leaders deceived them and also the leaders accumulated wealth & luxury.-Than Mahinda & Family?????
    Always think about the poor sinhalese army who died for save this war criminal Kothapaya & Mahinda?

  91. You are quoting only selctively- what you like.
    But many people on Sri lanka are agitated of the remaining contents of that report.

  92. Don (whose middle name could well be ‘Idiot’)

    The state is licensed… to use ‘whatever’ the means… if terrorism prevails. What the good doctor recommended for Tamil Terrorists was 1000X more terror sweetened with DDT, to create dust out of ‘unbeatable’ (he he he) Tamil terrorists.

    Rajapakse clan or regime or whatever is good for us (and appointed by us) and we will change them if required, democratically.

    After all he delivered our lunch… The delicacy we yearned for 25 years… So don’t be a party pooper. Get out!

  93. Kamalini,
    Why do you assume that LTTE killed Kadirgamar, when the court case is not finalisesd,
    as in many other cases in our blessed country?
    Some say that his death was organised by some who had some ambition at that time.

  94. LKS-Word.

    What is exactly your problem Mr? or Ms?

    Why are you displaying so much arrogance, cockiness and hatred?

    Didn’t the LTTE displayed the same qualities when they had the upperhand?

    We have to win back our Tamil brothers and sisters heart and with your rhetoric, we will be pushing them further away from us and I hope that is not what you are aiming.

    Chill out – LK’s bullshit words Weeraya!

  95. The rest is history?
    Absolutely right …. you dont see any future for sri lankans in sri lanka?

  96. Oops!!, In Sinhala your name should be spelt as ‘Wickramathunga’ or ‘Wickramatunga’!!!

  97. You make me laugh.
    Many moons before Singapore had a deputy PM who is Tamil, Sri Lanka had Fernadopullai, Kadiragamar, Kunmarasuriyar, Thondaman and many other Tamils who had very prominent positions in various governments. In fact the commodore of the Navy was a Tamil at one time – this was during the war. As for your statement – Tamils were the reason for Singapore’s development – in your dreams pal.

  98. Happy Birthday DBSJ.

    Was at college recently for the ‘Rally round the College’ musical show. Great performance lovely to see that STC has not changed. The chapel was looking so grand in the diffused light , did go back in time mentally to happier days.

    Hope you will have some beautiful memories of the past to haunt you and give you pleasure of Sri Lanka.

    Wish you good health and happiness.



    Thanks Dilshan. Nowadays only memories sustain me.I hope memory will never fade

  99. yes he was lucky hero he died before SL set foot on vanni. others wise he would be among those other heroes who waived white flags for surrender

  100. your heros needs more white flags.what happend to cynide .must be expenive than white flags

  101. Economy wasn’t the problem there in the North and the East. This is a political problem and it may not be solved thro economic means.

  102. if that happens it will be good. But I don’t think it will happen because this fight was for the Tamil rights. Even before the fight started the Eelam Tamils were having a good standard of living compared to the Indians. Yet they fought. Now they have lost this round.

    This will not stop the fight. This cannot be pushed aside using the economic sops. Until the problem is given political solution this will go on.

  103. Today I understood you are a real terrorist supporter. Shame on you D.B.S.


    The only shame I feel is when people like you post comments.I squirm at such stupidity .You would do me a great favour if you keep away from my blog. Dont worry I wont miss you

  104. As some one else is also contributing as Don, hereafter I shall contribute as Don George.

    Balraj lead from the front. Now this is because many commanders don’t want their men to do something that they wouldn’t do. They are sincere and would lead by example. But this is quite foolish because they stand the best chance to get killed quite early in the battle unless they are fairly lucky. This happened to brigadier Balthasar of the SLA in 1980’s etc. In WW2 generals like Montgomery and Rommel never did that although they were very close to their troops. American general Mcarthur lead from the front and was once shot thru his slouch hat but the bullet did not hit his head! One of the critisism’s against Eisenhower the supreme allied commander of WW2 was he had never lead troops to battle!! He was a promoted general!! Like our own Anurudda Ratwatte!! Leading from the front is never done in the modern armies.

    The ruthlessness of the Tigers as well as the lack of faithfulness of Balraj is shown when he sacrificed his mentor mahattaya to VP and Balraj would have very well known what sort of a death would await mahattaya at the hands of Pottu Amman.

    There are heroes on both sides in any conflict. Montgomery when offered a much honoured political position after the war, he was supposed to have said, war was bad enough and politics is much worse! Montgomery never liked the war and was always reluctant to commit his troops to battle unless he was convinced they has the edge. Moral of the story is, what ever the conflict, when it ends in war because of short sighted individuals, the result can be much worse than what is ever anticipated at the start.

  105. As always great article and cannot wait for the second part. All those comments from Tamil diaspora is full of frustration. I know how you guys feel after chasing a wild goose, and wasting all your time energy and hard earned money. It is all over guys, and even after two years if you can’t accept the reality, well you have to get your heads checked. All you can do is look forward and help your brethren
    in SL and help lift their standard of living. Atleast, look at it this way. You guys got to migrate to a western country, thanks to Prabha.

    Thosai, Masalawadei …..

  106. Belated birthday wishes, DBSJ! “If there’s something that you’re dreaming of then may it all come true, because you deserve it all…HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”

    Balraj great soul! Made Tamils proud, admired by peers and people and respected by enemies; may his soul rest in peace… If time permits, can you write about Theyagi Theelepan and Lt. Col. Radha, please?

    Thank you.Will try in future………….DBSJ

  107. Dear Mr. DBSJ,

    Happy Birth day to you.

    Good article on Late Balraj.

    May his soul RIP.

    Take care.


    Thank you very much………….DBSJ

  108. Dear DBSJ;

    I am an avid reader of yours for ages.

    Someday, will you write about Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwa who was supposedly well respected both by SLA and LTTE ?


    Yes.I knew him well from the time he was stationed at Palaly as a major and I was working as Jaffna correspondent for “Virakesari”.He was one of my news contacts. I last met him at Havelocks after a rugger match in the eighties when he was a Brigadier. I remember his saying then that only a political settlement could resolve the crisis permanently. He was an officer and a gentleman in every sense. I also enjoyed his rugger when I was a schoolboy. He played scrum half for Kandy sports club when he was out of the army due to the so called “Kakkoosi coup”.Jayatisaa Ratwatte was fly half. I also remember how he was refused entry into the army grounds at Galle face when he came to referee a match .They said he was inadmissible according to army regulations. Now that grounds has been given to the Chinese

  109. Obviously you are not living in srilanka and comfortable abroad.This is one of the big problems the country faces with selfish individuals living abroad and wanting fireworks in srilanka. I hope god gives you fireworks right under your bed. At one time my friends played that joke on me and i can still remember it like it was yesterday.

    Spare a thought for this poor people who have had 25 years of hell and hopefully will get a better life.

  110. Ruwan

    You are new to this blog and do not understand that DBSJ always writes artcles on their anniversaries.He has written about gamini fonseka and bradman weerakoon and sirimavo too on annivesaries of their death.Nothing wrong with writing about someone of interest on an anniversary.

    However DBSJ,why do you do that?After all an anniversary is just another day in the calendar.The days between the anniversary is more important isn’t it because we all have to live through them too,and interesting things happen during that time too.


    Cant be writing about people every day no? So must select special dates no? Hamadaama Nathal neme ne aney?Everyday no Christmas no?

  111. no one had compared him with SL soldier. How could a insurgent who took arms against a govt, be compared with a Sri Lankan soldier?

    What we have to realise is that the tamil youth who joined the military movements in the 1980s were genuine to the cause. It was not forced recruitment like that took place couple of decades later.

    Of course India’s assistance helped these military outfits to flourish. However when a man is given a gun and trained to hit the target…. never trust the man. He can use it to his liberty with no regard to human life & even no regard to his mentor.

    Futility of the war was realised by many many times since 1980s attempts were made to negotiate a settlement. However this did not meterialize & the reasons were obvious.
    However in 2008-9 the winds of change brought the downfall of the ruthless military outfit, LTTE was defeated and the job was complete.

    Many thought LTTe was the hindrance to achieve a settlement to the lost rights of the tamil speaking majority in the north & east. Now is the time to learn from the past mistakes and correct our paths. This call is for the hardcores of both sides of the divide. Are we ready or not?

  112. Sri lankan govt & the Indian Govt. Lives of Tamil youth ,sinhala & moslem youth were sacrificed for nearly 3 decades.

    This should be a time for repentance that this bloody history will not repeat again.

  113. believe me all sri lankan hardcores have same genetic material despite the different languages they speak.

  114. I start with below Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) quote,
    “Unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated stronger than evil triumphant”

    Thamils, mainly diaspora are stronger than ever, your evil triumphant is temporary. Balraj’s death before May 2009, prevented people like you and your beloved country from bearing another humiliation in human history in treating war victims. The war conducted by Srilankan military with government blessing is beyond any international and for that matter human norms.

    Another quote from MLK,
    “Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows”

    And further by Malcom, X,
    “You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he/she has his/her freedom.”

    Until justice is served to Thamils, peace can’t be acheived. Justice will and shall be served to Thamils. In your word it is a slow process, it will and shall be done in due time. Thamil diaspora won’t rest until then.

  115. Powerful India played a prominent role in messing up the lives of Eezham thamils. Rise and fall of LTTE and all other thamil militanat groups are the work of India. Indian has the moral and ethical responsibility to restore peace in that island by serving justice to Thamils, and until then how do we expect to acheive peace?

  116. Well said Seba,

    If we start treating each other as human beings on all sides of ethnic divide we will acheive peace, freedom and dignity for all. It is a bottom up process by starting reform with education from kindergarten to university teaching human rights, equality, freedom, democracy, volunteerism, etc. Is there any such teaching in Srilankan schools now? Once we start this process, every other good things will automatically follow.

    People still looking at each other with suspicion and until majority gain respect and confidenece among minority, we can’t expect more.

  117. Whatever you are smoking on this weekend, seems to have very positive effects. Use 3D glasses to get the boost.

  118. I did not read your article in the daily mirror.

    Dont worry.I wont hold it against you……DBSJ

  119. I am Ratnam again from Havelock town. Happy birthday to you Jeyaraj

    Wow!Thank you!!……….DBSJ

  120. I’m glad to find out about a true fighter which who resting in peace (tho unfortunately he was a terrorist)! But here he’s a another living Legend & a true fighter who did command his troops from the front,General Shavendra Silva.

    Commander of the Sri Lanka Army’s 58th Division. during the final war against the LTTE,
    he took the lead in capturing several former LTTE strongholds including the Mannar Rice Bowl, Nachchikudha, Devils Point, Pooneryn, Kilinochchi, Elephant Pass, Vishvamadu and Puthukkudyiruppu.

    Common people lets put all our differences behind & lets live together as a one Nation,It’s never too late!!!

  121. Nice article about a good leader. However, we need an article on the greatest commander of the Eelam war, i.e., Brigadier Shavendra Silva, whose Task Force 1 (later 58 Division) almost single handedly won the war, not just a battle or ow but the whole war!!
    Perhaps to commemorate the two year anniversary of this great victory we need an article on Shavendra who beat them all.

  122. Lisbon,

    No body can change his/her true colour. Coated colour gets washed away after a bath. Mahinda celebrated Pongal. Mahinda gave a talk in broken Tamil. Mahinda accepted her sister’s marriage with a Tamil. But what is he doing now? Jeyaraj, Mahinda, you, I ….No body can change the true colour.

  123. Hi DBS,
    A very happy birthday to you and wishing you many more years of good health and happyness.

    Thank you Ranjan………..DBSJ

  124. You can WOW us with the W-O-W you learnt from the west. Thank you in advance for CENSORING this WOW!

  125. Happy B’day Jeyaraj. Wish you many more to come.

    Bala. M.

    Thank you Bala……………DBSJ

  126. dear anonymous or ranjan ,
    i accept singapore had many tamils before tharman shanmuganathan and he is not going to be the last tamil guy to do so for singapore.but the fundamental difference between srilanka having kadirgamars,fernandopullai,thondaman is that these people were figureheads and they never did anything for tamils.for all his qualities lakshman kadirgamar never did anything for tamil community and in fact if my memory serves right despite he being a vellala christian his second wife who was a sinhalese gave him a buddhist funeral.any nation scales greater heights if it gives opportunity to any individual irrespective of his background to show his talent.definitely singapore has shown the way to others in asia that a tamil or a malay can succeed in fact i would my own country despite casteism ,religious bigotry which is widely prevalent has given opportunity to an ordinary individual despite his humble background.for eg abul kalam fr.president of india who hails from rameshwaram.srilanka if it has to emulate singapore its society should be much more broadminded,it should dump its paranoia and give equal opportunity for everyone.let it begin by giving 13th amendment to tamils and definitely it has got a good future.i just want to preempt whether 13th amendment is a panacea to all ills definitely it is not but atleast it is a beginning.

  127. Mighty USA spent billions, killed countless and waited 10 years just get OBL… yet Al Qaida is still around.

    In contrast, internationally funded Tamil terrorists were wiped out wholesale by the proud Sri Lankans, despite the very countries you mention tried to save the Tamil terrorists.

    I know it hurts…

  128. [Perinbanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan,chief of LTTE overseas network was detained for questioning on fund raising by the Norwegian Police

    Nediyavan or tall man was detained by Norwegian Police for questioning on his alleged involvement in fund raising activity in Netherlands

    This is why my friends, I never accept that there was never an organization called ‘LTTE’.

    It was a hugh, powerful group of (Tamil)terrorists who were recruited, funded and armed by the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora (TTD) that we fought and destroyed. ‘LTTE’ was just a label invented by TTD.

    Our permanent, real enemy is TTD. As you can see, they are not collecting these funds to buy chocolates… but to spend on harming Sri Lankans and MotherLanka, at every given opportunity.

  129. Also the world know what the tamils did to tamils, moslims & sinhalese too. every one knows pointing fingers is the only thing the tamils diaspora can do.

  130. Who destroy the country? and 200,000 Srilankans lives since 1948?

    Bandaranayeke,JR Jeyawardene,Piremedasa,Chanthirika,Mahintha..Some Sinhalese.

  131. oh1 ya! may be some who had some ambition at that time would have paid LTTE to do the job . Then both of u are correct.

  132. when India tried to help, LTTE rejected. Now LTTE is no more u are accusing India?

    Why not have an LTTE in India. They have more tamil youth there? Why not ?

  133. Yes, the Sri Lankan tamils became gullible to the indian plot. The Indians did not want the Sri Lankan tamils to enjoy what they didn’t have. Therefore they promoted a separatist war & ruined what the SL tamils had. Now the TN tamils shedding crocodile tears.

  134. It is a bottom up process by starting reform with education from kindergarten to university teaching human rights, It is a bottom up process by starting reform with education from kindergarten to university teaching human rights, equality, freedom, democracy, volunteerism, etc. Is there any such teaching in Srilankan schools now?. Is there any such teaching in Srilankan schools now?


    Yes the teaching in Sri Lankan schools are based on equality, freedom, democracy, volunteerism, etc. Yes in the new syllabus HR are included in civics.

    Have you been to a Sri Lankan school?

    However LTTE propaganda was racist anti sinhala to the core. this is what is rooted in many tamils in the north.

  135. It is easy to hate and be simple minded. There were both good and bad individuals on both sides. History is full of wins and losses. Until you see the other sides humanity you will remain a narrow minded dark person. I am sure some Sri Lankan soldeirs who faught him respect him vs. arm chair haters like you. The same goes to idiots on the other side

  136. Dear DBSJ,

    You remind the Sinhalese that only tamil that can be trusted is the dead and the one in the photograph….. Many external peace gurus including English speaking elite Sri Lankans forget the silent Sinhala majority who were about to be extincted unless Mahinda became the president…You people still beleive that you can still win through diplomatic and professional war….God bless reconciliation.

    With guys like you around may God bless Sri Lanka………..DBSJ

  137. To all Sinhalese…this artcile reminds you again why we need a charismatic leader like MR…..

  138. ” But here he’s a another living Legend & a true fighter who did command his troops from the front,General Shavendra Silva.”

    General Shavendra Silva was killing a dead snake. Given ample resources, leaders like Balraj would have made mincemeat of the 58the division. All the king’s men and horses took three decades to put down the rebellion. This observation is made as a statement of fact rather than a romanticization of the uprising. After the withdrawal of IPKF from the island, LTTE had stood its ground alone without Indian support which is a remarkable military achievement.

  139. But unfortunately Sri Lanka Army’s 58th Division most responsible for killing of over
    40,000 innocent civilians to win the war.If your living Legend General Shavendra Silva gave this commands he could be procecuted as ‘War criminal’?.

    Balraj never killed 40,000 Sinhalese civilians to win the war, please do not
    compare with him. now who is the real terrorist? world will learn things slowly.

  140. Sorry pal, you are dead wrong on your hero.

    He will be wanted very soon for war crimes and until then hold your breath and praises.

    Give people credit when and where it’s due not to people who slaughtered surrendered ones!

  141. Hey buddy Tariq Aziz,

    What did you smoke prior to reading rhis article?

    Remember according to Mahavamsa the Lion and the woman story? your hero is a living proof of the story.

    He will be behind bars very soon my dear smoker!

  142. That will enrage mahinda.Already he is deeply suspicious of shavendra and said so to gota in front of other officials.he told gota that he sent shavendra abroad because he does not trust him and to be careful of him when gota came to get his approval to give shavendra property in colombo.Mahinda first scolded gota for making fonseka the army commander and then started a tirade on shavendra.

    Hasn’t mahinda got enough on his plate than to hear a great article on shavendra has been written.How will dutu feel when his army commaders are all claiming that they are the ones who vanquished the LTTE when it was dutu who really fought them and with great courage vanquished them escaping death by a whisker in the process. mahinda is so modest that he does not like to tell the people how a bullet whizzed past his head and another one nearly hit his butt as he turned and ran.

  143. Dear 3D,
    General Shavendra wiped out the worlds most successful guerilla army replete with at least 30,000 fighters suicide carders, ships and planes in less than 8 months! The LTTEs unceasing waves and bunds were no match for his relentless assault with a force that was initially smaller than a division. If Balraj was a live he would have faced the same fate as Deepan and Co. No other modern army could has ever achieved this feat. Balraj was good but once the sleeping Lion awoke, the Tigers simply wilted.
    We know that Shavendra was accused of killing Tiger surrendees. Do you for a moment think that Balraj did not do the same? Are you claiming that not a single soldier surrendered when the camps in Mullaitivu, Killinochchi, and Elephant Pass fell? Throughout the Eelam wars the Tigers took no prisoners and slaughter all soldiers that were wounded or surrendered. Unlike the Tigers Shavendra and Co. took almost 12,000 tigers as POWs, he could have easily killed them teh same way Balraj and Co,. murdered thousands of soldiers. The bottom line is that Balraj and the Tigers suffered one of the most crushing defeats in the annals of warfare. Shavendra was that good!!
    Any way, the Tigers were crushed

  144. Ruwan, Lisbon and other like minded bloggers

    You are not able to tolerate an article about a tamil war hero. DBSJ is writing many interesting articles about many sinhalese personalities. No body in this blog accused DBSJ as a traitor. Please remember one thing. Ethnic conflict, bloody civil war, the losses and gains of both the sides, assasinations of many great personalities, every thing is a part of sri lankan history. You can’t hide any of these facts. If articles can be written about Mahinda, Gota, Shavendra and Jegath Dias then articles are to be written about VP, Pottu, Tamizhchelvan and Balraj. Digest the realities and facts.

  145. Exactly … sinhalese should recognise the valour and the pride with which LTTE fought and died. Tamils should understand that not all sinhalese wants genocide. After all, you guys are neighbours, brothers and fellow countrymen in different time. God Bless Sri Lanka. I am a Tamil from Tamil Nadu.

  146. Please stop reading only sinhalese propaganda … where do you think these guys came from … they came becuase of your religious chauvinism … i know you talk about LTTE like you do coz of the hurt and pain they caused by killing of innocent men and women. But remember you hands are also full of blood. You can never deny that.

  147. I would really be happy if DBSJ can write an article about ‘Col.’ Karuna too for the ‘great’ reputation he had earned within LTTE as the commander of East while being the main man who chased away army’s ‘Jaya Sikurui’ operation.

    The reason I’m asking that is to see HOW those so-called moderate tamil people who used to be tiger sympathetic in their disguises, can become Karuna bashers by seeing an article about him. Col. Karuna of LTTE became Coroner Karuna in the eyes of almost every tamil once he defected from there. He attracted the worst criticism even from those so-called moderate tamils who had no comments while he was in LTTE. It is like when your dog is biting others you keep quiet, but when it turns at you you start and making complains.

    I think Karuna was a more ruthless person than Balraj, but his militory successes had nothing to do with those and he was a successful militory figure in LTTE. May be he was more popular than Balraj to cause such a damage on LTTE, so I’m really looking forward to see an article about him preferrably written in the same vain.

    I have written so many articles about Karuna that I have lost count………DBSJ

  148. Hi Anonymous,
    Y u have stopped the list there lot more, Karuna, Douglas, Pillaian, Arumagam thonadaman… all stupid dogs.. Like gangsters..gal brokers… do you want to continue this list…

  149. It is like when your dog is biting others you keep quiet, but when it turns at you you start and making complains


    Ridiculous man !
    Dont you understand if a Dog bites its owner, its a MAD dog.

  150. just roll that charismatc leader and put that up in your arse . mallita ochchara tharaha boss Tamil hindada ??? nathnam podi kaale demalek p*** ariyada . Sri Lanka will be a much better place without sub human creatures like you .
    …Another southern guy …

  151. Tarique,

    You have limited knowledge and looks like another dummy who “swallowed” our Military spokespersons “Googlies”

    Read pal yourself before commenting.

    If you were from the eastern province only you’d know what happened to the Tamil civilians there. They were boxed in by the armed forces and Muslim thugs (some of them imported from Colombo for Karaitivu attack) with the help of STF.

    I am shamed to say this but this was the truth. Enough said no further details.

  152. Because you guys got to migrate to Srilanka, definetly not thanks to ‘Singapagu’


  153. Good question.Nehru saw to that because he was farsighted and gave a political solution to the tamils there.Our people went on a sinhala bhuddhist nationalism path and rejected a political solution.That is why we had the LTTE in srilanka and not in tamilnadu.India had nehru and indira following him,whereas we had SWRD and sirima following him.That was the difference.We had arrogant opportunistic communal minded leaders while india had decent types.

  154. We won’t crush that. We’ll only cut it down to the appropriate, manageable size. Play by the rule.

    Nothing ‘special’ on our menu, because one wears a ‘Tamil’ cap. Interests and ‘movements’ of the proud Sri Lankans are far more important.

    Wake up and live in reality, of keep day-dreaming.

  155. The victory should be shared by all who fought in the front no only the commanders or the politicians. After all what did the poor front line soldier got out of this war? how much suffering was brought to their families? how many widows, orphans and mourning parents are left behind? The Cost of the war !!! human suffering can not be calculated by rupees.

    many of these young men are living today, maimed , blind & paralyzed. Are we showing gratitude to them? What assurance can we give our younger generation that they will not have to undergo this futile war again?

    every one should understand that the war victory/defeat was too costly to both sides. The misery & the lives lost were too much to celebrate on.

    This was the sentiment at the end of all wars but why this is not true for us Sri Lankans? What’s wrong with all of us? Why are we hard hearted?

  156. “his death was organised by some who had some ambition at that time” whose ambitions were subsequently achieved after/due to Kadir’s death

  157. Political movement is a powerful tool for Tamils to achieve what they want.
    Best of luck to limit it.

  158. From an article i read.Don’t know whether true but quite likely because Shavendra has his own website stating his exploits and naturally mahinda will be wary about such people,whether they might think of entering politics one day.Premedasa also was jealous of denzil kobbekaduwa’s popularity among the people and there was a strong talk that he had plaaned his asssination.

    Anyway uneasy lies the head that wears the crown and rightly so because srilankans will try to snatch it when they can.

  159. But you don’t keep a dog at home to let it bite innocent passers by. If you let it do that, you will be sued for your irresponsibility and liability.

    The other point is, who is the dog’s owner here….?? From my point of view it was LTTE who owned the dog and it’s fair by them to get offended by own dog going against them.

    But why so-called moderates..??? If they didn’t claim the dog’s ownership before and if they didn’t speak against the dog attacking passers by, why did they cough for someone’s dog biting its own master…??

  160. I like Karuna because he saved more the 5000 lives of Eastern Tamil boys and girls from the Mullivaaykaal Fiasco!

  161. after having read so many comments posted by both Tamils and Sinhalese, do we really need to live in one nation as two hated communities or Two nations with out hatred. I prefer latter.

  162. Thanks Mr. DBSJ… I found couple in google after you said that. But where can I find all your writings about Karuna probably in one go, or another way? Thanks.

  163. Former is still possible if tamils can stop being pro-LTTE. Remember Tamil were offended when Sinhalas were oppressive in the past. But today Sinhalas are offended for Tamils being oppressive.

    Sinhalese talk about unity, Tamils talk about seperation. Tamils even cannot afford to see sinhala traders in Jaffna. What’s the problem with you guys? If we thought we don’t need Pettah Main St, Sea st tamils how would you feel it? I know there are thugs and thuggery ppl in any community. If we go to Kotahena and intimidated by a thug who happens to be a tamil we won’t scream saying tamils are hitting us. It is just an individual interation.

    I think Tamils are insatiable and too demanding, unlike Sinhalese. LTTE went overboard with their demands (that’s why they failed) and theirs cannot be genuine tamil demands that almost every sinhalese perceives I guess.

  164. Tarique

    Amused to read your obtuse response to my comment that was made in connection with an observation of somebody else, who like you, projected Shavendra Silva as the greatest General on earth. My comment had nothing to do with the killing of surrendees. Clueless as to why you broached the subject of killing of surrendees. The thrust of my comment was that the LTTE was pitted against the might of the Sri Lankan state, outnumbered, outgunned and deprived of replenishment of armaments and ammunition. Unlike the asymmetrical war he led, had Shavendra Silva met his match on equal terms,and won the war fair and square, then you could rightfully call him a Superman.

    You have admitted the Lion was asleep, but you have failed to explain why the Lion was sleeping for three long decades.

    Here is the hilarious part. What do mean by “ No other modern army could has ever achieved this feat “. Do you think the army is modern? Do you really believe the army had accomplished what no other army could? Habibi Tariq, you are a funny guy.

  165. Being a sinhalese myself I have always believed that our community could have been able to decide the fate of where we born all these years. having lived in Singapore for many years I have seen how LKY has been successful with making the minorities in that country feel like the land they live in belong to all of them but in Sri Lanka it’s a completely different scenario where the majority is allowed to decide what’s good for the minorities . since the armed conflict is over now this is the best time for our leaders to engage in discussions with Sri Lankan Tamils of all types including the pro LTTE Diaspora . let’s listen to them and plan a solution acceptable to all .
    Whatever others may say Tamils also love to preserve their own culture and language without letting another community to dominate them . it’s time to make few adjustments to the constitution to provide equal official statues to both Tamil and Sinhala languages and design a common school system where kids of all races could study together in English language from primary school level . a move like this will not only make our next generations to understand each other better but also to avoid exporting cheap labour which is the main source of foreign revenue today .

    So called leaders like SWRD Bandaranayke and some racists in orange robes are directly responsible for the ethnic conflict we are going through and as the majority it’s our responsibility to identify all our mistakes ( and the mistakes of the Tamil community ) before blaming others for our own failures .

  166. Being a sinhalese myself I have always believed that our community could have been able to decide the fate of where we born all these years. having lived in Singapore for many years I have seen how LKY has been successful with making the minorities in that country feel like the land they live in belong to all of them but in Sri Lanka it’s a completely different scenario where the majority is allowed to decide what’s good for the minorities . since the armed conflict is over now this is the best time for our leaders to engage in discussions with Sri Lankan Tamils of all types including the pro LTTE Diaspora . let’s listen to them and plan a solution acceptable to all .
    Whatever others may say Tamils also love to preserve their own culture and language without letting another community to dominate them . it’s time to make few adjustments to the constitution to provide equal official statues to both Tamil and Sinhala languages and design a common school system where kids of all races could study together in English language from primary school level . a move like this will not only make our next generations to understand each other better but also to avoid exporting cheap labour which is the main source of foreign revenue today .

    So called leaders like SWRD Bandaranayke and some racists in orange robes are directly responsible for the ethnic conflict we are going through and as the majority it’s our responsibility to identify all our mistakes ( and the mistakes of the Tamil community ) before blaming others for our own failures

  167. Well.. Chamalka you are infamous for your anti Sri Lankan comments in many blogs. I don’t beleive you are a Sinhalese.Also your thrid class sarcasm can’t hit our deep love for our country.

  168. 3D says:
    Given ample resources, leaders like Balraj would have made mincemeat of the 58the division.

    Oh! what a good intension to honor !!

    How pathetic Balraj joined the LTTE not the resourceful SL army?… then the LTTE would have been mince meat in the 1980s !!

  169. Anti Sri Lankan ?? LMAO . if dreaming about a country where people are treated equally regardless of their ethnicity make me anti Sri Lankan I would anytime take it as a compliment . thank you .anyway if your love for the country is that deep try not to vote for drug dealers , child rapists and all kind of crooks who are taking all you “die hard patriots” for a ride in the name of patriotism 🙂 .

  170. The difference was that while the Tiger leadership had got old, fat, and corrupt, the fat, old, and corrupt generals of the SL Army had been replaced by tough young combat veterans. Without any doubt, the outstanding leadership of the SL Army unit commanders, the bravery and dedication of the troops, and the training and equipment greatly contributed to the winning of the war. However, it’s a mistake to make out SF, Shavendra etc to be great generals. They cannot be compared to men like Patton, Rommel, Montgomery, Guderian and other great battlefield commanders. The last phases of the war against the Tigers was a conventional one, and since the Tigers had no air force, real heavy artillery, nor armour, their defeat was inevitable. The reason they weren’t defeated before was mostly because they fought as guerrillas. If they had been willing to do that once Mannar fell, who knows how it would have gone. But VP & Co were too old and fat to go fighting in the jungle again. Even Balraj dropped dead because he was unhealthy and unfit. When did you ever hear of an SL Army brigadier dying of a heart attack?

  171. Hatred should be overcome not by separating the nation. Why not think of a better way to overcome your hatred?

  172. Mr.Jeyaraj I’m a sinhalese & i do not support the terrorism & i don’t like to to see terrorists are being highlighted in any form. But i find your writings interesting.Before balraj was a terrorist he was a known human.So i respect the fact that he was a human when reading this article.Due to misunderstandings of both sinhala & Tamil parties out nation dragged in to a war for 3 decades,So its about time that we get united & stand tall as a one nation.And in that process writers like you can play a major part. Support humanity & write about the value of peace.Wish you all the best & keep writing good articles

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