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Tigers overseas chief “Nediyavan” alias Tall Man questioned in Oslo over alleged links to LTTE fund raising

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Perinbanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan,chief of LTTE overseas network was detained for questioning on fund raising by the Norwegian Police

Nediyavan or tall man was detained by Norwegian Police for questioning on his alleged involvement in fund raising activity in Netherlands

Though a Norwegian resident,Nediyavan’s name transpired during interrogation by Dutch authorities into LTTE fund raising in the Netherlands

Several LTTE fund raisers arrested in the Netherlands have said that money collected by them was sent to their chief Nediyavan in Norway

Consequentially a dutch judicial team is in Norway pursuing investigations into the LTTE “money trail”leading to Nediyavan in Norway

Norway is cooperating with Netherlands in probing the LTTE money trail & detained Nediyavan for questioning by the Dutch investigative team

Nediyavan gave evidence in camera at an Oslo court to the visiting Dutch Judicial officer & his team of six member legal team on May 18th

Norwegian Police are assisting the Netherlands officials in the proceedings. Nediyavan will be released after his interrogation is complete

Apart from Nediyavan the officials from Netherlands will also question &record statements from several other LTTE activists in Norway

Many Norwegians are concerned about their country acquiring a reputation for being the headquarters of the overseas LTTE network

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  1. I think nediyavan will betray all his accomplices in order to get immunity from prosecution. we can await lots of arrests

  2. I did not know you were on twitter Mr.Jeyaraj. I will henceforth follow your tweets regularly

  3. The European authorities are very good in checking tiger fund raising. Pity that our canadian authorities are not as efficient. Nehru and co are merrily making money while the Canadian officials twiddle their thumbs

  4. It is amazing that the Dutch had to come and get Nediyawan,

    Where were the Noregian Law Enforecement Personnel?

    Where was Mr Solheim ,who was a conduit for the money to the LTTE for a long time?

    Anyway it is non of our Business as long as the money is not pumped into the coffers of the LTTE proxies in the TNA.

  5. I am very keen to know if he took a tiger flag for the interrogation? Or wear a tiger T-shirt? Did he tell the interrogators that Tigers were the only saviours and hence sending money to them is a bounden duty of all tamils?

    On a completely different matter – can the Norwegians ask him if Prabhakaran is alive and put him through a lie-detector while he is at it?

  6. Wheels of justice is slowly turning… When will the gullible tamil diaspora stop funding these money swindlers?

  7. At last!

    I hope they crack down on all the LTTE fund raisers in the Diaspora starting from Nehru Guna in Canada

  8. You are right Apelankawe. Sad thing is some Tamil Diaspora still acting like
    flock of sheep.

  9. When i said earlier that the UN human rights advisory report was damaging to the LTTE rump abroad, some sinhalese said what rump etc.Well here it is,one of the main characters of the rump and the most dangerous one.

    netherlands is a very efficient country.However i think the norwegians will cover his ass.I do not think he will compromise others.He will just deny everything.

    If the UN is going to take action against srilanka,they better also ask Norway to chuck him out and have him prosecuted in an international court.Though these guys are not directly linked to the decisions made by the LTTE in the last few months of the war, there is ample evidence of their influence in the organisation by fund raising etc and therefore their responsibility for the sustenance of the LTTE and thereby enabling the leadership in srilanka to use the civilians as a human shield and kill them when they try to escape.

  10. The reson Norwayis doin this is to show srilanka we are doing our part and likewise they should do their part and investigate War crimes otherwise else.

  11. shankar says:
    May 20, 2011 at 10:59 am
    When i said earlier that the UN human rights advisory report was damaging to the LTTE rump abroad, some sinhalese said what rump etc.Well here it is,one of the main characters of the rump and the most dangerous one.

    Why they are doing this is because these countries are worried that LTTE’s military know how may be used by other terror groups in their countries. Simply they have to offer some money, that’s all as an inducement. Secondly, if there are complaints about forcibly extracting money and they cold shoulder the issue and some one gets injured or killed, the government could be greatly liable. These countries are just looking after their own backsides. They are least bothered about justice but as in all western countries, they like to SHOW they are concerned!!

    I don’t think these countries can do anything really constructive against LTTE remnants. Nediyavan according to my sources have an excellent legal team probably funded by funds raised by Tamils.
    Further it is impossible to prove war crimes against LTTE remnants because they should be proven to be connected via the line of command to atrocities committed. Due to many people in that line being dead, it becomes a practical impossibility. Only other Tamils can implicate him and they will soon be threatened and labeled as Traitors.

    But against Srilanka there is at least a good possibility legal action is possible as the players are living.

  12. EU and European Parliament have some rules and regulations. Holland follow them and Norway cannot save the LTTE goons anymore!

  13. Norway might negotiate and influence the Dutchland by the way EU and European parliament to recognize Independant Eelam and the Holland might influence Norway to ban the terrorist LTTE as did by EU, simple give and take policy might be a giant step to settle their differnces.
    An Eelam citizen

  14. As some one else is also contributing to this blog as Don, hereafter I shall contribute as Don George

  15. don

    i think There is still a case for cleaning up this rump out of western countries.If as you say it is difficult to directly link them to war crimes,it is still a serious offence to fund an support in other ways an organisation and leadership that committed war crimes.That is why i say that the govt has to look into that aspect.They should say if you are coming after us,what about these guys you have been sheltering?It will look bad for the UN and these western countries if they do nothing because other countries will accuse them of double standards based on their own advisory report.

  16. KP’s evidence will not be acceptable unless he is set free and can travel abroad freely.Otherwise it will be evidence obtained under duress and the opposite counsel can have it made not viewable by court.I’am not a legal eagle but with the basic common mans knowledge from reading about cases ,i think that will be the outcome.

  17. When will the Toronto Police arrest Nehru Guna,Thiruselvam,Kiranji suppiramaniam, Kamalvasan,arumarugan,Mathagal Kannan etc . I am awaiting

  18. Toronto police or law enforcement agencies of any other countries where there is Rule of Law will not arrest anyone without a reasonable suspicion of wrong doing. First the person will be interrogated and then formal charges laid if such are necessary.
    Mr Chelliah should offer pertinent information to Toronto Police rather than make insinuations amounting to defamation.
    The sri lanka government is yet unable to trace the 21 ships of the LTTE.Pictures of one ship were shown but later this news ‘disappeared’ from the state and other media.
    The millions supposed to have been in the posession of KP have not yet been traced.
    We should await the indictment and trial of Nediyawan before maligning him.

  19. http://print.dailymirror.lk/news/front-page-news/45103.html
    The Sri Lankan government had allowed the Dutch authorities investigating the financial network of the LTTE in the Netherlands to interview former and current LTTE leaders in Sri Lankan government custody including former LTTE arms procurer, Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP.

    A senior officer from the Attorney General’s Department confirmed that the Sri Lankan government had allowed the Investigating Judge from the Netherlands to interview witnesses who are willing to speak on the LTTE activities. “The Sri Lankan government has given them permission to interview witnesses who volunteer to give evidence,” the officer said. “However the government cannot compel them to give evidence, only those who volunteer can be questioned by the Dutch authorities,” he said.Earlier Dutch Media said that authorities from the Netherlands were negotiating with Sri Lankan Attorney General Mohan Peiris

  20. Norway is not doing it. Read the news properly.

    It is the Dutch.

    Norway is not welcome and never will either.

  21. the dutch can always talk to KP and formulate their own opinions on what he says, and it will certainly help them because he has a wealth of knowlede, but they can’t i believe use what he says in a court of law, because nediyavan’s legal team will pounce on the fact that he is not a free man.The dutch can get information from KP and get evidennce from others to corrobarate it.Then it should be okay.Whatever said and done i think nediyavan is in a soup because he must have been reckless and i’am sure there will be something to hang him with.

    I predicted what happenned to raj rajaratnam too when DBSJ brought out his article. At that time i said that with the phone taps it is a lost case and raj should try a plea bargain and get a reduced sentence. Intead he went and defended and now will get a stiff sentence because the state has incurred a lot of costs and will be in no mood to be lenient.

  22. Hell Mr Samuel, How can you attack Chelliah about defamation while you commenting about KP’s million? How do you know about this and if you know anything you should go to Interpol than commenting here. This duplicity has done enough to our community as you take one stance against Nediyan and other against KP. We should also await the indictment and trial of KP before maligning him.

  23. You may be having a private grudge against some people, even if they are of your own community
    (going by your name).
    Don’t try to take advantage of this blog and in the process get a reward from the ruling family.
    There are some in the Tamil community who have gained by such accusations.
    Where is the proof???

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