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Sixty-One Years of Independence and the Tamils of Sri Lanka

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By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Sri Lanka celebrates sixty-one years of Independence from Britain today. The country known then as Ceylon, obtained full freedom on February 4th 1948.

For any people free of colonial bondage this would be a day of joy and happiness.

But that is not so for the Tamils of Sri Lanka right now.

Even as I sit penning my thoughts, two lines from an old Tamil film song keep throbbing. They are from the song “Unnaikkandu Naan Vaada” sung by AM Rajah in “Kalyanapparisu”.

“Oorengum Nadakkum, Aanantham Namakku, Kaanaatha Thooramada, Kaanaatha Thooramadaa”. (the festive joy in the village is at an unseeing distance, for us an unseeing distance)

[Sri Lankan army tanks roll along the sea-front promenade during the island nation’s 61st Independence Day celebrations in Colombo-pic via Yahoo! News -AFP/Ishara S. Kodikara]

In Colombo , President Mahinda Rajapakse addressed the nation in a restricted ceremony held amidst tight security. In the North and East, the lion flag was raised proudly in military installations.

Rajapakse spoke eloquently of concepts like “nation” and “motherland” and also emphasised that all communities of the Island-Sinhala,Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, Malay and others-were children of one single mother.

Elsewhere in the northern mainland known as the Wanni hundreds of thousands of civilians whose mother tongue was “Thamizh” fell victim to a cruel and horrible war unleashed on a tragically trapped people.

[A protestor demonstrates outside the European Headquarters of the United Nations to protest against Sri Lanka’s military offensive in areas held by the Tamil Tiger separatist group, in Geneva, Switzerland, Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009.-AP Photo/Keystone, Martial Trezzini via Yahoo! News]

Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates of Sri Lanka abroad remained closed on account of Independence day. But this did not deter the thousands of Tamils who engaged in protest demonstrations outside those premises.

Triumphalist euphoria on the one hand and embittered hostility on the other! The distance between the two solitudes is widening.

Militarily the Island is being unified but whether the Country is uniting politically remains an unanswered question.

The Tamil people whether in Sri Lanka or abroad are generally in a sullen. Morose and gloomy mood . The future seems bleak and dreary.

This despondency is not one which envelopes sympathisers and supporters of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) alone.It is prevalent more widely, regardless of political affiliation.

I would have expected President Rajapakse to have delivered a truly inspiring address that could have reached out to the estranged Tamil people in a meaningful and constructive manner.

Alas! That is something seemingly beyond the mindset of “apey Mahinda” who after all is one of the “Panashaye daruwo” (children of fifty-six).There is an apt saying in Tamil “Sattiyil iruppathu than ahappaiyil varum” (the ladle can scoop only what is there in the pot)

What is so sad about this situation is the now forgotten pioneering role played by Tamils in the quest for Independence.

From Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam’s famous lecture on “our political needs” which laid the foundation for the national congress to the activities of the Jaffna Youth Congress, Tamil efforts have been commendable.

[flag of “nandhi” (crouched bull)-file pic-by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai]

It was the Jaffna Youth Congress which called first for “poorana Swaraj” or complete self-rule from the British and rejected the limited reforms proposed by the Donoughmore commission, It was in Jaffna that the “nandhi” (crouched bull) was hoisted defiantly instead of the Union Jack.; it was Jaffna that boycotted the visit of the then Prince of Wales.

So praiseworthy was the impact of the Youth Congress that Philip Gunewardena , the “father of Marxism” wrote glowingly in the “Searchlight” that Jaffna has given the lead and asked the Sinhalese to follow. Prof. Wiswa Warnapala reviewing the book written by Santhaseelan Kadirgamar on the Youth Congress expressed his admiration openly.

What then went wrong? Which was the serpent that entered this idyllic garden of Eden?

A number of reasons could be stated and as is the case in matters of this type the blame cannot be laid at one door alone.

Fundamentally the crisis is due to the pathetic inability of “independent” Ceylon to re-define and re- structure nationhood after getting freedom.

More specifically what went wrong was the notion entertained by dominant sections of the majority community that this country belonged to them alone and that other ethnicities were of second-class status.

President Rajapakse spoke of all being children of one mother but what do younger siblings do when the elder and biggest child thinks that it alone has an exclusive right to the mother and what is more relegates the others to inferior status?

Notwithstanding all the pious platitudes uttered by President Rajapakse there is little sign of this majoritarian mindset changing.

Look at the Army commander Sarath Fonseka saying that Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhala majority and that the minorities must not make undue demands. Look at Cabinet minister Champika Ranawaka saying that the Sinhalese are organic to Sri Lanka and that Tamils and Muslims are mere visitors.

President Rajapakse, if he was indeed serious about Sri Lanka being an inclusive nation, should have reprimanded his military chief and environment minister and made them see the error of their assertion.

This would have alleviated the hurt felt to a very great extent, but he did not do it. In fact none from the Government did so. This glaring omission was very illuminating.

What this shows is that the powers that be are either unwilling or unable to appreciate the concerns, insecurity and sense of injustice felt by the minority communities.

The dominant ideology seems to be one of equating the majority ethnicity alone as the nation.This hegemonistic definition of nation and attempts by the Tamils to resist such imposition and counter it with a different definition have led to this situation.

Sri Lanka is a modern state with an ancient civilisation, but the attempt to define Sri Lanka as a modern nation state has led to conflict and strife.

Power is concentrated with the majority ethnicity leaving other ethnicities out in the cold. It is a case of ‘Maha Jathiyata Kiri, Sulu Jathiwalata Kekiri.’ (cream for the majority, bitterfruit for the minorities)

The idea of a single Sri Lankan nation has been under severe threat. In reality, we are a divided nation today and military conquest by itself is no answer.

If we are to resolve these divisions and create a strong nation on the basis of equitable power-sharing, the structure of the state needs to be radically transformed. There is no consensus on that so far.

Meanwhile, political differences have assumed proportions of a cruel, destructive war. The war is only a consequence resulting from political causes.

The conflict cannot be resolved by military means alone and requires a settlement that would address those underlying causes. This political solution cannot be dictated or imposed upon through military might alone.

In terms of political independence, we are yet a young nation at 61. The idea of Ceylon was a colonial construct. The British unified the country into a single administration.

Sri Lanka was not the only one in this respect. Most countries ruled by the British were their creations in a modern sense.

Ethnic conflict and strife erupted in many countries after the British left. From the Indian sub-continent to Fiji Islands and from Nigeria to Malaysia, there are many instances of this.

Sri Lanka too can be classified as an example of post-independence conflict within pre-independence boundaries.

Some ex-colonies have reduced and managed ethnic tensions by evolving new forms of power sharing. They have reinvented themselves as ‘new’ nations on the basis of equality and forged a strong sense of common identity.

Ultimately, the unity and integrity of a nation does not depend on its military strength or structures of governance but on the will of its people. The nation state is essentially a state of mind.

The tragedy of independent Sri Lanka has been majoritarian hegemony. Majority rule is a democratic principle. Here it has been interpreted as the majority of the numerically largest ethnicity.

The years after independence have seen the Sri Lankan Tamils resisting this injustice and imposition-At first through non-violent struggle and later through an armed struggle.

The Tamils first thought of themselves as a founding people of Sri Lanka on par with the Sinhalese. They later shed this majority concept and perceived themselves as the principal yet all-island minority.

Tamils did not demand a separate state or even federalism from the British. What they wanted then was a scheme of balanced representation where the Sinhala majority weightage could be ‘balanced’ through enhanced representation for the minority communities.

This failed, and in a pragmatic approach, the dominant Tamil leadership opted for responsive cooperation after independence.

The Tamil Congress joined the UNP Government. New forces emerged. As Sinhala hegemony assumed great stridency, Newton’s Third Law came into play. Tamil nationalism also grew. Both reinforced each other.

Under the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchi (Federal Party), the Tamils began perceiving themselves as a territorial minority. The Northern and Eastern Provinces were referred to as their traditional homelands.
Initially there was non-violent agitation for a federal form of government. Compromises were made and pacts signed. These were observed in the breach by the prime ministers of the day. Satyagraha campaigns were suppressed through military force.

This led to the cry for Tamil Eelam. Secessionism brought forth violence and an armed struggle began. In the 1977 general elections, Tamils voted overwhelmingly for the TULF contesting on a separatist platform.

Instead of redressing Tamil grievances and trying to accommodate legitimate aspirations, the Sinhala-dominated state came down heavily. It was thought that might could eradicate right.

This was not to be so and with the passage of time the LTTE established control over a substantial portion of the north and east. The territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country was endangered and eroded.

The Tamil struggle for equality too underwent change. It lost its moral high ground and deteriorated drastically. Militarism ruled and authoritarianism reigned.

The LTTE’s ‘Tigerism’ became a mirror image of Sinhala hegemonism. Fascism was in the air.
Currently the Rajapaksa regime has embarked on a military campaign to defeat the LTTE while paying lip service to the political solution concept.

The country at large is being assailed with propaganda that the LTTE is on the verge of defeat. Any contrary opinion is dismissed as anti-national and anti-patriotic.

It is a moot point as to whether the LTTE can be totally defeated or completely destroyed through a military campaign alone.

The important point is to note that the eradication of the LTTE will not automatically result in the problem being resolved. The LTTE is only a virulent symptom of the malady. Getting rid of the LTTE-even if possible-is no durable remedy.

What is required now is the creation of a just, egalitarian and plural society. There must be equitable power-sharing based on principles of the federal idea.

Broadly, three schools of thought have been clashing. The ideas at conflict are hegemonism, secessionism and pluralism.

The Sinhala hardliners want Sinhala-Buddhist domination. They see this country as theirs alone. Others are excluded in this ‘Chinthana.’

The Tamil hardliners want a separate state for the north-east known as Tamil Eelam. Just as Sinhala hawks say Sri Lanka is for the Sinhalese, these Tamil hawks say Tamil Eelam is for the Tamils.

A state for the dominant ethnicity within, excludes by definition, other ethnicities living within these real or imaginary borders. Both these ideas have brought about disunity, violence and destruction. The nation bleeds and the country diminishes.

The third idea is that of establishing an egalitarian and plural society where all children of this country can live together in amity and fraternity. It incorporates a vision where no one will claim superior rights on the basis of belonging to the majority race/religion or claim exclusive rights to their historic habitat.

Power will not be confined to Colombo but shared with the periphery. All people regardless of race, religion, caste or creed will have their say and a role to play.

Sri Lanka will belong to its people from Paruthithurai to Devinuwara and Mannar to Mullaitheevu. At present this ‘vision’ seems unrealistically impossible and Utopian!

In spite of the adverse politico-military environment, this is the vision that I share. ‘Visionaries’ of this nature are an endangered species. They are under attack by hawks on either side of the ethnic divide. They are dubbed derisively as ‘jokers’ and ‘traitors.’

It is this vision that will ultimately salvage Sri Lanka. Hegemonic and secessionist dreams are turning into nightmares.

The call for the third option between the hegemonistic one state and secessionist two-state schools of thought is a voice of sanity and sensibility. It is presently inaudible amidst the raucous battle-cries.
I, however, firmly believe that it will be heard and heard effectively one day. Sri Lanka will then be alive with the sound of concord.

In the clash of ideas, it is the superior one that will triumph. Dialogue and discussion, not bloodshed and destruction, will prove to be final arbiters of our destiny.

The current situation is depressing but there is certainly a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

However estranged and alienated the Tamil people may feel at present, there is no denying the fact that we are an integral part of the Sri Lankan nation. Our destiny is inter-twined with those of others living on the Island.

The future lies not in pursuing unrealistic separatist goals but in struggling together with people seeking justice and peace to forge a brave, new, inclusive nation.

At the same time it is up to right-thinking members of the majority community to extend their hand of friendship in a spirit of fraternal amity towards like-minded “others”.

When India gained freedom at midnight, Jawarhalal Nehru spoke of its “tryst with destiny.” India’s southern neighbour has been awaiting its true destiny for 61 years.

The Sri Lankan state needs to be restructured and the Sri Lankan nation reinvented for its inevitable tryst with destiny.

Sri Lanka at 61 faces the unfinished yet challenging task of building a NEW nation!

Let me conclude with a poem that is one of my favourites. It is from the “Gitanjali” by Rabindranath Tagore.

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic wars;
Where words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action-
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake”.

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  1. Dear Mr.DBS Jeyaraj

    Thanks a lot for this thought provoking and inspiring article.

    As Tagore said “Where words come out from the depth of truth” your writing has a simple honesty about them that is most endearing and authentic.

    Do not be disheartened but know that there are many , many Tamils who think like you. You speak for us all.

    Like you I too hope and pray that the almighty will lead our country and our people towards Tagore’s dream

    “Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.







  3. ***The Sinhala hardliners want Sinhala-Buddhist domination. They see this country as theirs alone. Others are excluded in this ‘Chinthana.’Currently the Rajapaksa regime has embarked on a military campaign to defeat the LTTE while paying lip service to the political solution concept.***

    Around 2000 years ago the Naga King Dutugemunu’s military defeat of the Northern Kingdom (Elara died along with sixty thousand Tamils) lasted only a few years until the Tamil kings Pulahatha and others took over. The Sinhala King Parakrama Bahu/Sapumal Kumaraya’s defeat of the Northern Kingdom lasted only a few years until the Tamil Kings took over.

    We do not know how long President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s military defeat going to last.

    For those who dream that the Militancy (LTTE) was the only option for the Tamil struggle for self determination and with the Military defeats the Tamil problems can be finished should know that there are many more options left for the Tamils and this is only the beginning.

    SJV Chelvanayagam’s peaceful struggle failed because at that time it was considered as a domestic problem (not internationalized), but it laid the foundation for the next level.

    LTTE s Military struggle failed because it was linked to terrorism and thanks to George Bush’s war against global terrorism, Rajapaksa took the maximum advantage from it, but again it laid the foundation for the next level, to internationalize the Tamil problem.

    Today, the Tamils all over the world (Diaspora) have become very strong. Just like the Jews controlling America and the global politics, the Tamils are capable of funding political campaigns in the West.

    Today the Sri Lankan Tamil problem is an International problem. Countries such as USA, Europe, Japan, Norway, Canada, India, etc are getting involved in solving it.

    From 1958, our struggle for freedom against the oppressive Sinhala-Buddhist state is progressing very well. The failures and setbacks what we faced and are facing now is only temporary.

    We still have many alternative options for our struggle and a long way to go. Non-Violent Direct Action, exemplified by the Falun Gong Movement in China is one practical alternative for us to consider.
    What the Sinhalese should have realized by now is that they cannot wipe out the Tamil nation from their native soil. What the Sinhalese should realize is that they can live in peace in multi-ethnic Sri Lanka if and only if they allow their historical partners the Tamils also to live in peace and dignity with autonomy.

    It is up to the Sinhalese, they themselves have to realize that this continuous human suffering and destruction of the country can be avoided only by granting autonomy to their historical partners the Tamils who lived with them side by side for the last thousands of years.


  5. Vis-a-vis Tamilnadu, Sinhalese themselves feel a minority and habour a great subconscious fear. They fear that their civilisation will one day disappear under Tamil subjugation. (Attacks on Sri Maha Bodhi and Dalada Maligava is a supporting point to them. – I strongly believe Tamil intellectuals did little to denounce these two attacks and Sinhala intellectuals failed to rise in unison against the burning down of Jaffna Library.) They talk among themselves We are only 14 million in the whole world and this is the only place we have. Are we to move into the sea? I am a Sinhalese and I have yet to come across a “Sinhala Supermist”. Sinhalese do not want to subjugate any body, discriminate against anybody on ethnicity or religion. They operate on protection mode. Their politicians have no courage to punish any miscreants among them. They messed up the language issue. They are deadly scared to experiment with federalism. For them it is the stepping stone to Ealam which in turn is the beginning of total subjugation. Suffering of the Tamil people from 83 onwards pains my heart more than that of Mr. Jeyaraj.

  6. Dear Mr Jeyaraj

    As a Muslim I are very much grieved by the sufferings of both the Sinhalese and Tamils. Whether it be a young Tamil ‘Tiger’ lying dead on the battle field or a young Sinhalese ‘Warrior’ sacrificed to win the war. Both fight for their ideals and dreams. A land stained by the Blood of the innocent victims of this war. The sounds of weeping Mothers, Wives and Children deprived of their right to live and exist, stripped of their dignity and sef respect. One wonders as to what has happened to our lofty ideals of Ahimsa, Metta and Karuna.

    As a Muslim whose faith transcends Race, Language, Colour and Creed, I realise the futility of war. Especaily war over a piece of land, given to us by Lord Allmighty full of sustenance and blessings, but turned by us into a killing field and death trap for innocents. Our leaders (including past) whether they be Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims must take full responsibility for leading us down this abyssmal path. They cannot blame the extremist with there perverted ideologies who are a Minority.

    I hope that at least now there will be some realisation among the leaders and educated people and reapproachment between the two major communities in our country.
    Still it is not too late. If not we will probably destine our children to a country full of hate and prejudice.

  7. Thanks for your great article!
    1915-2009 Tamils have following conclusions!

    1.Sinhalese wrong mentality,empty talks/false smiles and inhuman, non-buddhist methods(killings, violence,lies.denials,disrespect,intimidations,harassments and brutality) were reasons for sad state today!

    2.Sinhalese never learn from past,they forget quickly.

    3.Sinhalese never listen to moderates!or wise/reasonable people or IC!

    4.Sinhalese never care about World opinion or advice or reputation!

    5. Sinhalese never change from Dutu Gemunu period!


  8. I admire your article. But no time you admitted in your articles that countries resources were un equally distributed so that so called minorities always had upper hand. Cristians and Tamils always had higher opportunities in obtaining good education and they treated majority as fools. You never admit that it caused the nationalistic backlash in 56 and rest is history. Perhaps because our leaders after freedom were not visionaries never thought such problem exist in the first place.

  9. I am sorry to disappoint you guys. Right now all these “right thinking people” have left the island with the exception of a handful. I doubt very much that I could find a dozen if I tried – and none of them would be politicians. Leaving the island seems to be the only sensible thing to do. The government is worse than the LTTE or at best the same.

    DBS, if this vision is going to survive and spread, it can only happen through a carefully chartered course. This course will have to be chartered by this tiny minority. They will have to join hands with like minded people all over the world, and they will have to project this vision and ensure its spread. Besides this vision is part of a greater one that seeks to supercede the inherent authoritarianism of our institutional structures and their internal processes and this supercession demands a personal change, a change in ones person, a change in who one sees oneself as. A mere change of ideology is not enough and will in fact lead us back to conflict albeit with a different goal.

    This is a spiritual task, not a political one. How can it be attempted? How can it be successfully accomplished?

    Only the crazyoldmen are able to even see this path. There is no “silent majority” who can be counted on.

    Any takers?

  10. What’s wrong with Tamils? We have heard countless times Tamils complaining about injustice, discrimination and marginalization. So without just uttering and repeating those words like parrots, why doesn’t someone explain them very clearly? You talk about balance in power, so why cannot you explain about it? Your leaders in the 50’s might have explained them but the generation now do not have access to those speeches. And remember, during Ranil Wickramasinghe’s time he openly expressed that he was ready to offer a federal system (peace at any cost I must say), but LTTE pooh poohed it by killing many civilians and violating it more than four thousand times. If someone says more than 80% of Tamils support this terrorist outfit, they are not different to those blood hungry monsters. I know of many Tamils who suffer from racial mental status. They always want to live separately from the rest of the community and never try to mingle with the others in the community creating a separate mini Tamilnadu for their community. Something is inherently wrong with Tamils as far as I can understand.

  11. I think this is a load of bull to say the least. The people in the north have now got what they deserve. It was not the Sinhalese that started this bloody war. It was the tamil so called freedom fighters. Now due to this innocent tamil civilians are suffering. Mr. Prabakaran is the one who got things fundamantally wrong. No country in the world will tolarate a minority who is asking for about 25% or more of its land mass. If the Tamil public feel alienated due to this, it severvs them right. You have to reap what you sow. As for Prabakaran, i hope he rots in hell.

  12. It is very much clear (from the history) that the tamils could not live with dignity and respect alobng with the Sinhalese…
    Now, the Tamils claiming only the Tamil Eelam (north and the East ) as the home land not the whole of Sri-lanka as the Sinhalese would claim for themself.

  13. Dear Mr Jeyaraj,
    A brilliant piece of heartfelt writing. I cannot agree with you more and wish that the voices of the majority are heard more than the minority. By which I mean the voices of moderation over the hardliners on both ‘sides’. 🙂

    I wish for the day when all Sri Lankans can live in peace and freedom and put an end to the endless killing. Thank you for point out the light.

  14. Once agian you have done it.

    What the Sinhalese have not understood yet is What is the root cause for LTTE to exist.

    Also the same can be said for some of our Tamils who blindly support every action of LTTE.

    In the present Global envirment how can we justyfy terrorisim?

    VP is failing to understand and unfortunately there isn’t anyone left to tell him or no one wants to for fear of their life.

    It is time for us to save as many tamils as possible and direct all the money to develop North & East (not through the GoSL) . Hopefully Karuna’s & Douglas’s men will allow the tamils to prosper. Unfortunately VP showed them how to handle people who oppose them.

    We have kept quiet when individuals were killed because they had a different view than LTTE. I am talking about those who didn’t take up the gun.

    Lord Have Mercy.

  15. I always appreciated your views on the ethno political conflict in our country and this article further strengthen my view. AS you say there is still room for peaceful co exsistence among all the communities and now the ball is in the government;s court. I very much doubt weather Mahina Aiya has the courage to put forward a political soultion that would address the grevience of the minority communities in Sri Lanka. If only Chandrika is the president of Sri Lanka ——-

  16. Dear Jeyaraj,
    Thank you for this wonderful article.

    I agree that neither hegemony or secessionism is the way forward for Sri Lanka.

    BTW, I am a Sinhalese and a Buddhist. A lot of people (Sinhalese) also feel the same way.

  17. The moral of the story is if you happened to be a SL Tamil happened to be living in Sri Lanka, you have no future ahead of you.

    Fighting for your rights in a democratic non-violent way in fifties, or arm resistance in eighties brought destruction to the Tamils.

    SL Tamils should shout up and live as second class citizen.

  18. wonderful article!
    As a sinhala youth I share your dream.
    I think when the war is over MR will have to do a lot of things which were postponed giving terrorism as an excuse.
    These include further devolution of power.
    One certainty is that there will be an election for northern province & whether u like it or not Devananda will b the CM.
    Then pillayan & deva will ask for more including land & police powers.
    With peace it won’t b easy to reject those.
    And todays SL is not that of 80s.
    Pillayan & deva will have to deliver because they cant maintain undue influence at a time of peace. This will b the scenario even if APRC gives no output.
    But this wont work and our agony will continue if external forces try to destabilize the country by reviving LTTE ideology.

  19. For reasons of political survival the GOSL has always refused to accept a solution to the Ethnic problem . The sinhala extremist wil never let any government to create a just and equalitrian society in SL.
    God alone can save our nation.

  20. I agree with your thoughts in this article dispite not in line with you in most of the times. I belive a Federal Solution is the fair and amicable solution for both of us(Tamils and sinhalese). In fact ,it is one of the most feasible option in today’s world order. But the questions is “Will the Sinhalese leadership who always preach the “Mahavamsa Mindset” to the people for own political gains will allow it to happen?”.In history the sinhalese political leaders and clergy mislead people and still strongly belive that this problem can be solved with military muscle alone. Untill the majority people have learned to respect the minorities as equal counterparts of the nation there will not be a sloution. Even educated sinhalese justify the state sponsored colonisation schemes by comparing with Tamils buying properties in Colombo (by paying Millions).Unless a radical change in the thinking of sinhalese and of the current constituion the Pearl will bleed, we all are unfortunate witness for that.

  21. SriLanka never had concept of Srilankan Nation other than Shinhala Nation even among the so called Left Parties. Narrow Domestic walls aptly dipicted by Thagoor is the inbuilt nature of the Srilankan constitution.

  22. Very good article.
    Srilankan government has banned all media access to the war zone in the name of security and even kill and threaten the journalist in the capital if they report facts about the war and displaced people. They have kicked out all the NGOs as well except Red Cross, and even UN had to move out. This is a systematic black out of news and NOW the Srilankan army can do any thing to this trapped Tamils estimated to be 250,000 in the name of fighting LTTE. These people are suspected LTTE supporters, even if they go to Government controlled areas they will be detained and there is no access to Media or Human right organisations. Already there are reports few hundred of people who have gone to the government control area has been taken away and killed. This leaves the trapped 250,000 people with no alternative, but to die with LTTE? There are reports trapped people are desparate to leave to the goverment controlled areas, but there is real fear. Few hundred of people who have left were detained, separated from wonded, no access, no free movement basically at best detained, but there are unconfirmed reports about killing & rape. So if the goverment is really serious about human right, why not allow access & free movement? This will encourage people to move out. This what CO-Char’s suggestion.

    Please help and give more prominent coverage to the trapped people. Then only there is some hope for this people, otherwise there is going to be an untold genocide. Only their crime is that they lived in the rebel controlled areas. Is it their fault or is it beyond their control?

  23. I was reading the foot note on the CNN news room that Srilankan President as saying “Today Srilanka is united.”

    Mr. President,

    You are dead right; it was united militarily as DBS said,

    It is united in the Sinhala Chauvinistic mind

    Yes it has United every Tamil speaking Men and Woman be it a Born Ceylonese or Indian, be it a Hindu, Muslim or Christian, we are all united against the Genocidal Sinhala Government.

    I don’t Support the LTTE and I have spoken against them and I have beaten up by them, but I see more neutral and peace loving people are started talking about wanting an army of Tamil to protect the Tamils in the Island ( not necessarily LTTE or like minds)

    Yes, toady at the 61st Feb 4th after the British granted the so called freedom, we the Tamil speaking people all over the world in millions are united for a land of our own we call Homeland

    I hope the message is loud and clear to the International Community that Tamils cannot and will not live peacefully under the Jack boot Sinhala Government. Such a scenario will certainly bring another MIDEAST to the SOUTH ASIA.

  24. The Tamils must take it to heart that the ‘Sinhala ethnocentrism’ supported by the Buddhistic hegemony is not going to share power with the Tamils. The history has proved this beyond doubt.

    In the first phase, the tamils had recourse to non violence as means to achieve their goal. In the second phase, the Tamils had used violence as themeans. It looks that both failed.

    What is the option left to the Tamils now?

    The international community and political thinkers should suggest other alternative plans for the ’emancipaton of the Tamils’.

    Dr. Jaya Kathir

  25. As a Sinhalese I can say I am in total agreement with DBS. I read the Presidents speech and thought it was woeful. He could have said much to embrace and reassure the Tamils and he didnt. Mentioning the “great deeds” of Dutugemunu, Vijeyabahu and Gajabahu knowing well the effect it has on Tamils. Incidentaly Vijeyabahu is supposed to be the king who raided Chola land so I guess Rajapakse endorses it when the Sinhalese are the invaders!

    He also mentioned the great injustices commited by the LTTE like the bombing of the Temple of the tooth and the massacre of the pilgrims around the Sri Maha Bodiya. I kept reading on thinking he will mention the large role the Sinhalese played in all of this by commiting the attrocity of July 83, with an assurance to the Tamils that he will see that it never happens again in Sri Lanka… but it never came.

    I thought he will say that he will endeavour to remove any inequalities that might exist and ensure Tamils can enjoy the same rights and security as a Sinhalese once the war is over.. but he never did.

    He again blamed our misfortunes on foreign conspiracies without naming the conspirators. Apparently any discontent is to be blamed on these unnamed conspirators.

    He also warned against enemies within. Shorthand for NGOs, Do gooders, Journalists and Broadcasters who dont write or broadcast reports on the great victories with sufficient enthusiasm.

    Add to this the series of alarming pronouncements made by his cocky and arrogant brother in the last few days and you can be forgiven for having serious concerns for the future.

    N.B the quotable quotes from his recent interview to Al Jazeera were
    “Either you are a Terrorist or you are fighting the terrorists”
    “The puthukudiyiruppu hospital is a legitimate target!”

    Sometimes I think this man is deliberately self destructive because these are not things any intelligent man (however malevolent) would publicly say even if he believes in them. But I now think he is so drunk with power and thinks he is so invincible that he can say and do anything he likes however offensive or abhorant without having to answer to anybody.

  26. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj

    You have very correctly recognised that there are hard line hegemonists on eighter side , yet you think it fit to blame the other side only. Why dont both of us subject ourselves to self criticism first?
    After the ’83 blunders, for which we paid dearly, other than in the battle field has a single Tamil civilian being harmed by the Sinhalese on ethnic grounds?
    Why do the Tamils need to be so skeptical about their sinhala brotheren while majority of them living comfortably amoung the Sinhalese?
    At the threshold of a monumental victory did you see a hegemonist or a pluralist in President Rajapaksha?
    He is our leader and most of us Sinhalese are with him. Not with others you named the names.

  27. I hope you are aware that the majority community in Sri lanka was strangled by the Tamils long ago. The result the majoriy community started to strangle the minority community. History has to repeat itself.
    With the creation of mankind, fueds between mankind started and death and destruction too place. It will only end with the destruction of mankind.
    Take it from me.

  28. I am a Sinhala Buddhist. And of the newer generation which only saw the war and ongoing conflicts all my life. However i belive it is time that both Sinhalese and Tamil people change their attitude towards each other. Both parties are blaming each other but no one seem to correct it… rather waiting for the other party to start it.
    I’ve seen this problem being analyised, given definitions, written books about etc etc. But we do not seem to have ANY strong leadership to even start the uniting process. And one observation i made is that any strong leadership emerged (sinhala or tamil) was murdered by LTTE. Therefore i belive LTTE as an organization that should not exist.
    As for tamil people i apologise for any unjust done knowingly or unknowingly so far. But please let us not be seperate. Let us unite and make our land a better place for everyone.

  29. I appreciate DBS as a fair minded moderate tamil writer.People like you are the need of the hour among the tamils.
    The tamils do not have to be so despair because the overvelming majority of Sinhalese are so willing to accomadate tamils as their brothers and sisters and form an inclusive society,let alone what the politician say.

    But this has to be qualified.The tamils must drop the demand and the idea for an ealam,forget about the self determination and other rotten ideology.They should think as Sri lankans.

    In his well written article DBS makes grave mistake.He said that “The idea of Ceylon was a colonial construct. The British unified the country into a single administration.”

    May be British unified the country but there was no tamil kindom which was unified with the Ceylon.It was only the lankan state was not in control some part of the island.

  30. I am a Sinhala Buddhist. And of the newer generation which only saw the war and ongoing conflicts all my life. However i belive it is time that both Sinhalese and Tamil people change their attitude towards each other. Both parties are blaming each other but no one seem to be correcting it… rather waiting for the other party to start it.
    I’ve seen this problem being analyised, given definitions, written books about etc etc. But we do not seem to have ANY strong leadership to even start the uniting process. And one observation i made is that any strong leadership emerged (sinhala or tamil) was murdered by LTTE. Therefore i belive LTTE as an organization that should not exist in the current form.(unless they are ready to solve the issues of tamils in a civilized manner)
    As for tamil people i apologise for any unjust done knowingly or unknowingly so far. But please let us not be seperate. Let us unite and make our land a better place for everyone.

  31. Hi DBS

    You have not given sufficient space to the Sinhala race that the idea of your type of Sri Lanka is going to guarnatee the Sinhala race its place in the world map in a future date when and if Federalism is established.

    India with the line of Federalism is facing an imminent threat from Tamil Nadu displaying all the signs of seperatism. That is a crucial part of the Central Governent playing a safe game with SL issue. Sending Pranab to SL off and on is just a political marking time with TN which itself is divided into factions who could be more Tamilian than the other yet all are rogues who make the Tamil Nation in India slaves from inception.

    So in this backdrop its futile for Tamils in SL to talk about Sinhala race to be par with them as a nation. Its like the migrant to Australia just because their number has grown with the passage of time demanding parity with the English convicts who eradicated the sons of the soil Abos and made Austalia a prosperous land.

    You are only highlighting the Tamil contribution to nation building from about the begining of 20th century. We are yet to see any ruins for 2500 years in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kotte, Batti and even Jaffna to prove that there was a Tamil contributiion to build this historic nation.

    Be that as it may, yet, as of today Tamils are part of our nation. They are not second class. Terrorists are not. Either they must be rehabilitated as humans or eradicated for the good of the peace loving.

    This is not the time to talk about the LTTE’s survival as a hidden force or Tamils dissenting once again fom a different level.

    About 25 years ago I asked a good Tamil friend of mine a naval officer in a con chat why not Tamils spread to other parts of SL but confine themselves only to Colombo. My contention was that they only want the best part and not the difficult part of the society. My good TAmil friend had an early retirement and vanished to Canada where he is happy in the best of modern comforts and I reminded my argument to him recently which has been confirmed by his departure. Jaffna to Colombo to Canada. Proved to the hilt.

    So DBS you may preach on federal idea till the cows come home with no listeners in Sinhala race. All what the Tamils who are not willing to build a nation of Sinhala and Tamil under one banner would restart the battle and see what will happen to already thinned out number that would end up in extinction. This is something I hate to imagine because for whatever reason, deep down I cant see Tamils out of our midst becuase these two races are one and same.

    Obama for whatever reason became the Prez of US. Why? The american white suprimacy did not see the colour of Obama becuase except for the coolour he was more caucasian than whites. Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe was absolute Sinhala Buddhist king of Singhlese and he was defended by Sinhalese people at the cost of their lives. Food for thought. Kadiragamar came so close.

  32. Thank you for another brillian article. I agree with most of your view points. However, i feel you are using only the worst of Sri Lanka to make your case. No one including the majority of the Sinhalese, share views of such biggots like Sarath Fonseka and Champika. I feel you are begining to lose touch, like the many of the Disapora, with the real Sri Lanka and what the majority of Sri Lankan people are like. Remember the time you visited a Sinhalese friend in the south part of the island. Were you not greeted with tea and short eats? Did anyone care if you were Tamil, Sinhalese or Muslim? yes, it was how we were before the LTTE.

  33. Why can’t two people living in the same country get along? What’s the harm in giving 25% land for Tamil Lank an. So much people killed because of this war. In countries such as UK,CANADA,USA and other countries where lank an people are living we all have eual rights. Why can’t we have that in Lank an. Thats why tamil wanted a seperate country. So much people say that we are second class so we should be treated this way. I think SL government need to learn one or 2 things from These countries.

  34. Strangely two or three sinhalese people are suggesting Devananda, Pillaiyan and Karuna as the future leaders for Tamils. They seem to have the audacity to select the leaders for the Tamils without even consulting the Tamils.

    Yes it is very convenient for them, all three so called leaders will finish off the Tamils by ABDUCTIONS, EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLINGS, RAPES, THUGGERY, RAPE etc. etc!! Those sinhalese security forces who are supposed to be guarding the citizens would get their percentage of the spoils by turning a blind eye or ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING in all atrocities!!! People at the VERY TOP will aid and abet all this, as they are happy to eliminate the Tamils in any way!!

  35. >>Fundamentally the crisis is due to the pathetic inability of “independent” Ceylon to re-define and re- structure nationhood after getting freedom.

    True. But this is a failure not only that of Sinhalese leaders but all leaders, certainly including Tamils. It takes two to dance.

    Yet, we have little choice but to re-initiate the dance but hopefully this time we will be more understanding of one-another and not trip over the other.

    -Dias, California, USA

  36. Every human being has the God given right to achieve his or her full potential.
    It is to be expected in a world of good and evil that injustices are committed by individuals, groups and even governments.
    By the same token the world is fortunately having men and women of good will, as well leadership with high moral conviction and commitment to uplift the downtrodden.
    Let us have the faith that there will be support internationally to alleviate the suffering and hopelessness of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. Let us truly believe in the Divine power and direct our thinking to engage ourselves in the best human spirit of love, respect and good will to all human being. Afterall, all are born equal and all are God’s children. Let all Sri Lankans of good will and the well wishers join hands and work hard for a peaceful outcome.
    For those who do not understand the plight of the Tamils I submit five major discriminatory acts of the post independence governments in Sri Lanka that is at the root cause of the grievances.

    1. State sponsored colonization of the Singhalese people in areas of Tamil homeland. Tamil homeland started shrinking.
    2. Laws proclaiming Singhalese as the only official language and Buddhism the state religion. Tamils reduced to second class citizens. Also discrimination in government jobs.
    3. Standardization procedures to discriminate Tamil students, making it harder to enter universities. Younger generation of Tamils was blocked from achieving their full potential. Resulting in a feeling of hopelessness of the system and helplessness to have a decent future.
    4. Refusal by government to permit industries to be opened by private citizens in the Tamil areas.-
    Minimizing economic growth and job opportunities.
    5. Instigating mob violence against the Tamils, government apathy to the safety of Tamil civilians. Security and peace of Tamils was lost.

    Major events of history of the two nations – Tamil and Singhalese, before Sri Lanka(Ceylon) was colonized by the British and the subsequent twist, by the misdirected by selfish politicians and social leaders, to the rightful claims of Tamils to be equal partners in a post independent Ceylon are compelling factors in the Tamil peoples decision to clamor for a separate Tamil nation (Eelam) within the borders of the traditional Tamil homeland.
    For 35 years the Tamil leaders fought their case for equality of all citizens of Sri Lanka. Thereafter compromised their heritage and offered a Federal system of government like the neighbor India, Canada and the like western countries.
    When the security of the mere existence of the Tamils was threatened the Tamils led by the youth formed militant groups to curtail violence against the helpless civilians. Over the passage of time without hope and future in sight this movement became a Tamil ‘liberation’ movement to determine the future of the Tamils.- A goal of a Tamil nation(Eelam). What has been going on is violence that both Singhalese and Tamils didnot deserve.
    Sanity must prevail in everyone to stop the vilolence and resolve our issues by peaceful means, whatever the time it may take. What is not acceptable to any civilized nation is the killing. For God’s sake STOP THE KILLINGS.

  37. D BS’s comments and narration will be welcomed by Sinhal;es as well as Tamils. If only some editorials like this could appear in Sinhalese news paper for everybody to read there will be a harmony created among the SL communities.I can see a good feedback and I as a Tamil living in Canada can understand the protectionism thought by the Sinhalese. I will ask my sinhalese brotherin to throw away both Rajapakse and LTTE and create a togetherness of the country. Dear Sinhala brothers and sisters walk over to Jaffna and Trinco to offer the welcoming hand to join and live a life of peace, hardwork and love. Every Tamil will welcome you and you will see the melting off of our president Mahinda who will either change the boat or will run away to allow a more peaceful president to take over. So think about it only you sinhala brothers and sisters can create a unified Srilanka by offering the Buddha Dhamma. But for God’s sake chuck off the Buddha Priests who thrive on hatred and creating disharmony among people.

  38. You have forgotton one point. When LTTE acquired and got acceptance from Tamil pupulation to represent them, the rest of the population was put on notice. From that time onwards the atrocities committed in the name of EELAM are well known. The rest of the pupolation suffered immense hardship which included suicide bombings and even the killing of Buddhis priests at Aranthalawa and Central Bank. So what steps could be taken other than to satisfy the majority by first eradicating this terrorist outfit. LTTE has brought misery to the whole country and so long as the Tamil community accept it as their representative, this mistrust and war will continue.

  39. I salute you Mr. DBS.Jeyaraj. Its a very good article. Do you think Sinhala people will change their hearts and mind and offer a reasonable solution to our Tamil people? Or the victory is going to bring more and more miseries to the rest of the Tamils living in Sri Lanka. I earnestly trust that the Almighty God will give wisdom and clear mind to the so called Sinhala leaders to change their attitudes towards the minority groups in the country. Hope the Buddhas teaching of compassion, love and tolerance towards the fellow beings reach their hearts of stone and change them into hearts of flesh to feel for others, who have every right to live as equals citizens in that country. The country which belongs to all the inhabitants whether you are from Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or others communities. That’s my hope and wish for the all the minority people living in S

  40. Most minorities of many nations tend to escalate homeland issues with a cry of discrimination in order to enable them to seek political asylum in western countries.
    I am a half Tamil and currently living is Srilanka, I see many of you expacts tamils come over here to invest in real estate, in fact 90% of Colombo 4/5/6 and populated with Tamils, these are some of the most affulant areas in Colombo, discrimation my word.
    Remember some of you have gone to many Europian countries and have had to read and write the language of these countries, however you were not prepared to read and write the language of the country you were born in.
    If there is any person that was discriminated, it was the Sinhales youth that was not allowed to learn English because his/her parents were not of Burgher or Tamil origin. this is discrimation.

  41. Well said DBS! Youre perfectly right that The distance between the two solitudes is widening. The so called War on Terror brought the Sinhalese together.

    KUTTY (little) BUSH (Mr.Gotabaya Rajapakse) from Indian Sub-Continent yet learns his lesson from his Guru (George Bush) that military success is not going bring peace in the Island. I some time wonder who is the President of that country. After his interview with BBC, the whole world should know where that country stands. His fortunate, Lasanth is not alive criticize his interview. No one in the Island can have their Opinion and every one must speak the same language he speaks. Good Luck to India! And, Good Luck to people of Srilanka for celebrating the 61st Independence Anniversary.

    Unfortunately, the whole world is ignorant of the root cause our struggle.

    Regardless of our political affiliation, the Tamils should come together and fight against the WAR ON STATE TERROR either politically or militarily.

    After reading this article I am very confident that DBS has not reached Karunanidhis age or Anathasangarees age

  42. Still i cant understand the politics,fedarilism,budhist,hindu muslim ,gay or whatever, why cant we all live together and everyone got same right,live any part of the country of his comfort.north south east west dosent matter,where are we heading for more refugees in back home and abroad.

  43. Wasantha Ranagala

    “You are only highlighting the Tamil contribution to nation building from about the begining of 20th century. We are yet to see any ruins for 2500 years in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kotte, Batti and even Jaffna to prove that there was a Tamil contributiion to build this historic nation”

    It is a well known fact that History is twisted in Sri Lanka to suit the Sinhalese. There is enough evidence all over Sri Lanka to show Tamil civilisation, but the problem is the sinhalese will not accept.

    Sinhalese language cannot stand on its own without other INDIAN LANGUAGES HELP

  44. Thank you for this hopeful piece of writing. In addition to the thousands of lives lost, the greatest legacy of this war is the bitterness many Sri Lankan carry within them. Biases that never existed have taken hold of us and we seek to blame because it is easier than understanding. As a Sinhalese youth, I apologize to all Tamils for the injustices committed against them and am saddened for the umpteenth time that I could barely speak, let alone protest the atrocities of 1983. However, the LTTE has tried to their best over the years to equal the scores. Can we not call it even and move forward? Can we not forgive or try to forgive, or must more blood be shed before that can happen? Or perhaps for many of us it does not really matter because it is the poor men and women, be they Tamil or Sinhalese that are called to honour their race by laying down their lives?
    What is needed now is not a tally of who did what a thousand years ago, but a plan of who wants to do what to develop our country. In a world where the borders of countries are continuously blurring, there is no room for each race to have their own piece of land. There is no greater example that the US that the success of a nation, is built on the diverse strengths of its citizens. What Sri Lanka needs and has mostly lacked is strong leadership. Leaders who are accountable for their actions to all citizens. But instead of finding fault with our current leaders, we should all take the initiative to lead and forge a movement in the positive direction. Change starts at the level of the individual and the family.
    For the Tamils who care, just know that not all Sinhalese are out to crush you, and that many of us care. For all Sinhalese who fear that devolution of power will be the beginning of the end for our race, act today to make your mark on the world. A race is not recognized or remembered for the land they have, rather for their contribution to the human race… what will yours be?

  45. No surprise that all those comments elevate the motivation of the LTTE…..

    My dear brothers we don’t have a single rivalry with the Tamil people as most of the people trying to induce that kind of a phenomenon. I accept the fact that the country has build up it own civilization with the helping hands of every ethnic. Even in our history we haven’t mention that only Sinhalese have stood alone on their way to presence. Purely it is a collective effort.

    All of you can analyze the recent history (30 years back) where you may realize that who has breached the CFA intentionally most of the times. As no body is perfect it is a well known factor that most of SL governments have made blunders when trying to resolving the issue.

    There is no point of arguing whether the Sinhalese language stands alone with out Indian help etc… What we want to highlight is that the war is not against innocent Tamil people. We do value lives irrespective of their ethnic or language. There shouldn’t be two dreams in a one nation like Tamil (Elam) and Sinhalese. If you all can visit the suburbs count under Colombo where the multi ethnics living together peacefully.

    Leaving apart all your comments I would like to ask a one single question. If LTTE representing the Tamils, why are they keeping there own people as a human shield in the FDL?

    if one of yourself fighting for your rights and trying to being a voice of your community are you sending your children as a suicide bomber in to the front line?
    I don’t think if you are a heroism you may not hiding while pushing your future into the FDL and let their souls to be handed over to the space.

    I would like to make a kind request from all the Tamil brothers and sisters, please don’t create any aggressiveness and spread it all over. Listen to you heart and pen impartially, use your greater skill to the light not to the dark. You are not the single person to live in this country as a Tamil. There are lots to follow after by you.

    Now the time has come to correct the mistakes and create an astonishing country for the next generation. That generation may consist with Sinhalese, Tamils as well as others.

    It’s our responsibility to decide whether we keeping a book on their hands or a T56. It’s all up to Sri Lankans, not for Sinhalese or Tamils.

  46. It is not war with Tamil brothers, sistres, Mothers and Fathers. War With Terrarist Europian whosuportet and devoloped

  47. To all sinhala racists out there!!!
    Inspite of a significant tamil population,why tamil is not an official language of Srilanka from 1956?.
    Why no Tamil has been able to lead the country as President/ Prime Minister?
    Why does Srilanka have a monolithic army, airforce, navy and police made up of Sinhalese?.
    Why was equal rights to Tamils withdrawn after the british left?.
    Why employment opportunities are being provided to tamils in the government sector?.
    From 1958 to 1983, srilankan tamil political leaders were asking for their rights in the ahmisa way. But Sinhala racists subjugated tamils leading to the 1983 riots, creation of the LTTE, exodus of tamils to tamilnadu, intervention of India to the present state.
    Unless Sinhala racists have a change in heart and learn to co-exist with tamils, this problem will not be solved.
    Compare Srilanka with India, Singapore. India has Hindi and many other regional languages as official languages. Singapore has tamil as one of the official languages. South africa has 11 official languages.
    Sinhalas should learn to live without discrimination. Till that time, you will more Prabhakarans. Sinhalas will be the prime reason for destroying Srilanka.

  48. the day the tamils start respecting their own children, pregnant mothers, educated political opponents, world recognized leaders & the people who give them food, opportunities, shelter, free education, free medicine & protection from child abductors –

    this would truly be the beginning of their liberation. liberate thyself first.

    learn not to find external excuses for all & sundry.

    the disease lies within.


    The sinhala budhists didnot grow out of srilanka like plants and trees.They too migrated from north india .May be they went to srilanka a few hundred years before TAMILS.SINHALA and TAMIL kingdoms existed alongside for many centuries.No amount of historical plagarism can undo that.Then the BRITISH and PORTUGESE occupation made it a single administrative unit not a modern nation state.How could srilankan government go to international community with begging bowl for arms and money and at the same time you declare that srilanka is a sinhalabudhist nation which can be ruled only by sinhalese. Write the spech of Obama and Rajapakshe on the same page and compare their tone and tenor.


    Look at INDIA and PAKISTAN they were seperated by british. INDIA recognized its plurality.It divided states on language lines.Gave the states the power.Now every TAMILIAN,MALAYALI,TELUGU ,MARATHA ,GUJARATHI claim porudly they are INDIAN.There are 23 official languges in INDIA.No two indians can converse fluently in the same language about the politcs of the country. We all learn HINDI or ENGLISH as a connecting languages. No one claims a divine right to rule.Recently a serving army colonel was arrested for a small bomb blast that killed 2 MUSLIMS in MALEGON.Can you imagine this happening anywhere in SOUTH ASIA? A majority community army Lt Colonel arrested for a small bomb blast?

    Look at what PAKISTAN did? They forced their URUDU language as national language down the BENGALI MUSLIMS throat.Despite belonging to same religion they fell apart.Many attribute the division of PAKISTAN to the INDIAN designs.But INDIA is not blessed with such astute leadership.You can look no further than it’s SRILANKAN POLICY for that.MIllions of refugees fled to INDIA and INDIA felt compelled to intervene.Can any PAKISTANI deny the stupid languge based ONE UNIT policy followed with blind chavunism by ZULFIKAR BHUTTO & CO that refused to recognize the electoral victory of MUJIBUR REHMAN in BANGLADESH?

    Now the Srilankan ruling establishment egged on by BUDHIST CLERGY is using the same mad policy for the past 50 years.It is blindly refusing to look forward to a future where nation state itself is going to melt into global brotherhood.Instead letting JOURNALISTS killed and looking back to 1000 year history for its future policy igmoring all just principles enshrined in INTERNATIOMAL LAWS..

    State sponsored colonization of the Singhalese people in areas of Tamil homeland. Tamil homeland started shrinking.

    Laws proclaiming Singhalese as the only official language and Buddhism the state religion. Tamils reduced to second class citizens. Also discrimination in government jobs.

    If sinhalesereally want to know how to build a nation out of multi ethnic multi lingual ,multi religious population, with grrrreeeeeeeeaaaaattttttttt difficulty they can look just under their very NOSE just 18 kms from their shores. How a new super power is flexing it’s muscles blasting through the NUCLUAR CLUB making allmighty CHINA cry in silence(remember how they tried to sabotage INDO-US nuclear acord).HOW a billion people belonging to hundreds of ethnic communities are living peacefully under the rule of law that guarentiy ethnic cultures their identity, their rights and their tradition. HOW a iITALY born SONIA and minority SIHK community MANMOHAN rule the nation?HOW a TAMIL MUSLIM ABDUL KALAM designed indian nuclear missiles? and become president? HOW various ethnic units of INDIAN ARMY raise their battle cries(VETRI VEL VEERAVEL for MADRAS regiment) in the war and fight the same enemy.What has INDIA lost by loosening its grip?What is SRILANKA gainig bu centralised power?Millions of dead bodies and a splintering nation.Nothing more.

    Look at European Uniom .Can you count the number of wars these nations waged with each other both your fingers? Still they live as a seperate nation peacefully along language lines.Like that there is mothing wrong in living as two seperate neighbours If SRILANKA cannot accept the INDIAN MODEL of governance as fair then SINHALESE can declare their nation BUDHIST and TAMILS can declare theination EELAM.

    The rajapakshe regime is the world’s most successful terroirist regime by any standards. Any prostitute can emulate their priciple for success in trade. They beg for money from International community and are using Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers and dumb cluster bombs from obsolete jet fighters to commit genocoid against tmamil.Will they use the same tactic against JVP or any other sinhala unrest in the souther part of their country?

    They claim their dumb bombs and MRBL are surgical strike weapons with straight face to the international community destroying all priciples of humanrights killing innocent women and children by hundreds.It is not very different from LTTE suicide attacks against innocent tamils that kill a few civilians also.Then what is the difference between SLA and LTTE. Why Cannot their commanders of SLA and Rajapakse be hanged like Saddam Hussein.I hold no brief for Prabakaran also.The same hangpost which can be used for hanging Prabakaran for murder of Rajiv gandhi is also fit enough for Rajapakse and Co.

    (By the same way how can Rajiv answer for his policy blunder that let to killings of thousands of innocent tamils at the hand of IPKF. And how can he explain to his people that Srilankan government supported the LTTE with arms and money against IPKF).
    India’s foreign policy in respect to Sri Lanka has indeed been subject to such reviews and changes in the past. They have failed only when policy makers have misread ground realities. Such a failure occurred when Rajiv Gandhi mislead by a coterie of advisers physically intervened in Sri Lanka.no INDIAN TAMIL POLITICIAN or LANKAN TAMIL POLITICIAN was consulted.The accord was proposed by SRILANKA with a sketchy outline. NORTH and EAST will be merged.Progressively power will be devolved .Nothimg more.No specifics. What kind of power. What kind of rights. This is treachory on SRILANKA’s part.If they want they could have megotiated in detail. PRABAKARAN was confined to a star hotel in DELHI .The TAMIL NADU Chief minister was not consulted.Is this an international accord.The consequence was horrendous for the Tamils (of whom around 8,000 were killed) and losses for the Indian army (which lost close to 1,000 soldiers). J.N Dixit, India’s High Commissioner in Sri Lanka during that ill-fated intervention admits that this was a failure in his book “Assignment Colombo” published 10 years after the event. His assessment of ‘flaws’ in this policy, however, falls far short of identifying the real reasons for the disaster. Dixit attributes “over optimism on the part of the Indians re Jayawardene’s ‘change of mind’ ” and “lack of ‘reasonableness’ amongst the Sri Lankan Tamils’ as the reasons for the failure. Elsewhere in the book, he acknowledges his underestimation of the LTTE’s resolve, the error in believing that the LTTE could be ‘isolated from the Sri Lankan Tamils’ and the ‘xenophobic’ mindset of the Sri Lanka Government. The book, however, is conspicuous by its failure to address the central cause for India’s foreign policy disaster.

    The conduct of war in Eelam justifies everything LTTE stands for.No true leader can kill his own citizens.So Rajapakse is no true leader of srilankan tamils.They are with china by leasing Hambantota to them.They are prostituting very sucessfuly with INDIA by keep on repeating the RAJIV GANDHI name most succeessfully.Their skill in bed must be worth emulating for any prostitute.because SONIA MANMOHAN bleedindia combine has been given such orgasms that they are helping sinhala Budhists against Hindu Tamils.But like every succesful prostitute who gets gangraped and murdered (look no further than the present PAKISTANI government which prostitutued both with Osama and America for a longwhile and now in a diplomatic no-man’s land) the feeling of TAMILS in Tamil Nadu is being aroused like tsunami waves.Finally after Muthu kumar’s self immolation the tamils had their awakening.They are now seeing through the Manmohan_SONIA combines pet family revenge and Karunanidhi family’s money and power only motive.No tamilian with any self respect will ever vote for Congress again.The BJP is going to come back topower with the help of anti congress tamilians .And I’m afraid that the sinhala prostituion wont succeed with Hindu nationalistic nuclear bomb bursting BJP.Tamil BJP leaders are already hinting at that.
    Then the Rajapakse clique will have its day of justice.They are not going to accomplish what USA,FRANCE,CHINA cant do in vietnam with all their politico-economic-military might.Or they cant do what IPKF cant do in SRILANKA.Insurgencies are never defeated with MRBL and JET fighters.Their wet dreams will be dried out in SUN.
    Alredy DMK,ADMK and CHO RAMASAMY(Thuklaq) and N.RAM(HINDU) clique are urinating in their bed with the tsunami waves that are churning in TAMILNADU.How hard they are going to try it doesnt matter.The ground is shaking.It is started by student communities spontanioulsy.not by money minded political parties like DMK or ADMK.
    I personaly lived under the illusion of this HATE LTTE FOR RAJIV MURDER midset for long years. Now I’m ashamed tha how easily I have been cheated all these years by these N.RAM CHO RAMASAMY clique.
    HOw SUPREME courts and ELECTION COMMISION functions?HOW 64% genuine voting can happen in KASHMIR surpsising even seperatist political leaders? Last but not the least HOW to write a constitution.

    The tamil-sinhala divide is not very different from anti HINDI agitations in Tamil Nadu from which DMK and ADMK are born.They can learn HOW NHERU handled it justly holding the HIDI fantics in leash and acting justly to guarentee the TAMILS their rights.How INDIA is organised along ethno lingual lines as state governments and HOW their rights are enshrined in constitution

    INDIA’s voice is supreme in SOUTH ASIA not because of just its proximity with AMERICA. IT is supreme because how it functions as true democracy.
    The same democracy with its free media can see through the sinhala prostitution sonn.Then RAJAPAKSE will know his fate.If INDIA starts supporting LTTE again bowing to tamil pressure where will RAJAPAKSEs go?USA wont raise a whimper because it needs INDIA now more tha ever.Like PAKISTAN SINHALESE will discover how (There is a saying there that CHINA will fight INDIA to the last PAKISTANI) CHINA will support them.If the standards set by RAJAPAKSE regime are any examples INDIA can justifiably walk into SRILANKA citing bosnian principles

  50. In reply to the post by Shanthi

    1. State sponsored colonization of the Singhalese people in areas of Tamil homeland. ? Tamil homeland started shrinking.

    –That is because wherever an irrigation settlement was carved out of the jungle like Galoya or Padaviya it was being claimed by the Tamils as their “traditional homeland” just because they fell withing the huge and sparsely populated Northern and Eastern provinces demarcated by the British. If this was exclusive Tamil land how is it that the East and the Vanni (but not peninsular Jaffna) were both part of the pre colonial Sinhalese kingdom? What of the more than 300 Sinhalese archaeological remains in these areas? What of the Sinhalese remnant villages in these areas Isnt it a bit rich that Tamils can overlook all this and claim 4 times as much land per capita as the Sinhalese as the exclusive Tamil traditional homeland even if 90% of this land was unoccupied forrest even at the beginning of this century? Why is it not colonisation when Tamils settle in Colombo or were settled in the hills? Where it the justice or equality in your land claim when you claim 4 times as much as you are prepared to spare your Sinhalese brother?

    2. Laws proclaiming Singhalese as the only official language and Buddhism the state religion. ? Tamils reduced to second class citizens. Also discrimination in government jobs.

    —Wouldnt you agree Tamil has a more prominant place in Sri Lanka than it does in India or the countries you are happily residing in now? Are the bus destinations, street signs, building signs, Government publications, currency inscribed in the Tamil Language in Canada, Norway or even India?

    Can you go to a Tamil language school and enter university speaking only Tamil in Canada, Norway or even New Delhi?

    Are the National Dailies and News broadcasts made in Tamil?

    Well I dont know about where you live but in Sri Lanka they do. So how can you complain about Language rights.

    3. ?Standardization? procedures to discriminate Tamil students, making it harder to enter universities. ? Younger generation of Tamils was blocked from achieving their full potential. Resulting in a feeling of hopelessness of the system and helplessness to have a decent future.

    I dont know where to begin to answer your point here because it a blatant lie.
    The Standardisation Policy of the University Grants Comission for the last 30 years has been thus.

    The Highest scoring students at A’Levels (taken in English, Sinhalese and Tamil) are given 40% of the total available university vacancies. The remaining 60% of vacancies are distributed across all 22 districts in proportion to their populations. This is to ensure that rural students from districts with poor educational infrastructure also get an opportunity to get into University. This inevitably meant that students from Colombo and Jaffna -having the best schools in the country- having to get higher marks than say students from Hambantota, Mullaitivu or Batticaloa.

    Now Tamils see this as singularly unfair to Tamils even though Sinhalese from Colombo have to get the same marks or higher to enter University. Also Tamils from every predominatly Tamil distric other than Jaffna i.e. Killinochi, Mannar, Mullaitivu, Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Nuwara Eliya and Hatton benefit from massive affirmative action as they need to get only a fraction of the marks required by districts like Colombo, Kandy, Matara and Galle. So please tell me how Tamils are singularly disadvantaged?

    The situation now is that much of the Jaffna middleclass have fled the country and the reservoir of academic eccelence in Jaffna has been vastly depleted. There has been a corresponding drop in the entry requirements for students from even Jaffna. The situation in Sri Lanka today is therefore quite the opposite. A Sinhalese from even Matara has to score far higher marks than a Tamil of Jaffna to get in to university. But I dont hear Sinhalese complaining…

    Please go to the University Grants Commision website and see the marks for yourself. Compare the minimum scores required from the Tamil districts Jaffna, Killinochi, Mulaitivu, Batticaloa etc etc. since 2004 and compare them with the Sinhalese districts. This has been the university admission policy for the last 30 years..!


    4. Refusal by government to permit industries to be opened by private citizens in the Tamil areas.-
    Minimizing economic growth and job opportunities.

    What!!? Why would they do that? Wasnt it the Government which set up the Cement Factory in KKS and the Chemical factory in Paranthan? Wasnt it the Government which gave large extents of jungle land in the Vanni to “middle class Tamils” to encourage them to set up commercial farms in the Vanni? Wasnt it the Government that rehabilitated the Iranamadu tanks and others to provide water to farms?

    Prior to Prabakarans war the Biggest industrialists in the country were Tamils. Gnanam, Gunaratnam and the Maharajahs. There was nothing preventing them from setting up factories in Jaffna. They probably just chose Colombo due to a number of commercial reasons like being close to the ports and markets.

    5. Instigating mob violence against the Tamils, government apathy to the safety of Tamil civilians. ? Security and peace of Tamils was lost.

    I agree with you here. In 1983 this was the case and it has been a downward spiral since then. But you must also accept Prabakaran was the single man who triggered it all off.

  51. Yes as a sinhalese I take this oppertunity to ask all tamil brothers & sisters for forgiveness, for all the injustice done or committed against the minorities by the majority race.

    Please if we need to think of a peaceful fture we need to get over the bitterness we harbour in our hearts.

    I can’t see SL heading anywhere peaceful right now with soo much of bitterness.

    Yes we majority Sri lankans’ want a peaceful country with freedom of speech and equality. Lets strive for it with out bick battering and hanging on to the past that made us in to this wirpool of injustice & violence.

    Forgive, forget & over come the bitterness all Sri Lankan!.

    We need visionaries as leaders, we never had Martin Luthers and Mahathma Gandhis. Pray for one. Now is the time to repent & act , both sides need correction.

  52. I am sinhalese person . Our president said that all 23 nation are our citizen.All of them are proud children of mother Sri Lanka. But We don’t need to seperate. Minister Champika also said same thing, but Sinhalese have heritage of this country. Sinhala is mean Sive hela(Sive hela mean that there were four nations who are invoked this land. Those are Yakka, Naga,Deva and Raksha. King Rawana is belonging Deva). But Minister Champika Ranawake never said that since other nation are visitors and they should go back ..This is false story which was created by Mubarji Rahuman who is well known Jihad person.
    Minister Champika Ranawake is respecting all nationals. Specially He has a lot of suppoters who are Tamil people and Muslims.. He never insulted other religion. But Prabhakan Attack our great tooth ralic.
    In accodring to the my personal vision, We should mixed everywhere in the Sri Lanka. I am living Colombo. There are no any ethnic conflict. There are living all nations.. They are thinking that we are Sri Lanan. But most of Tamils who are supporting to LTTE , has hated not only Sri Lankan governemt but also every sri lankan things(Including our cricket team).
    But all sinhalese are loving Muththaiah Muralitheran. He is our real hero. But Ltte suppoters are hating to him. So that is why I said that Mr.Jeyaraj is thinking wrongly. Every Tamil can live peacely every where in Sri Lanka.Even southern province can be lived peacefully.
    But Sinhalese and Muslims can’t live north province(Previously eastern even).
    Once again I said that all tamil must think that your country is all of the Sri Lanka , but not only east and north. Likewise Sinhalese must think that your country is all of the Sri Lanka . Muslims and others are thinking like same thing. So There is no problem like colombo.
    If minoroties of Sri Lanka should keep in mind that the malaysian method. There are 18% Tamils. But Malaysian tamils never request to seperate state. Malaysian are governing according to Bhoomi Puthra concept. They are giving prioritise to Malay Mulims(Heritage belogers of Malaysia). But Sri Lankan president is never like that. He is considering all of them are Sri Lankans.
    However no one can prove that there was a tamil motherland. If Someone would need to prove , then they can come to public debate with ven. ellawala Medhananda thero. They can contact ven. ellawala Medhananda thero by calling JHU office.(You can take phone no by going http://www.jhu.lk, But I don’t have any contact details).
    Finally, We should live together proudly. If we would respect each others then we can live peacefully , accoding to the Minister Champika Ranawake words. I am follower of him.

  53. LTTE fooled the western countries including Australia and NZ to believe that the Tamils were undergoing total harassment by the majority Sinhalese, If that is so, how come tens of thousands of Tamils live amidst the Sinhalese spread all over country, particularly in Colombo
    Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and many cities in the hill country.
    Can the so called defenders of Tamil explain what ever
    happened to all the Muslims who were living in this area
    until 1983. These Muslims were born and brought up
    like any other Tamils who are claiming complete owner ship. The Muslims were given an ultimatum by the LTTE
    to leave the territory within six hours or was it two. They were not allowed to take any of the belongings and many of them are still languishing in refugee camps.
    Muslim places of worship and mosques were destroyed
    Let the Tamils of Tamil Nadu know the truth of the
    atrocities committed by the LTTE in the name of Eelam
    LTTE are NOT, repeat, NOT the sole representative of the Tamils, and have no right to speak on behalf of the Tamils

  54. Sir, no truer words had been uttered. I applaud you for this article. In my opinion, the origins of this conflict lay in the short sighted leadership of the early post independent Sinhalese leaders and the Tamil reluctance to accept the numerical superiority of the majority race.
    The heinous crimes committed in 1983 ethnic riots by a selected few Sinhala mobs with the patronage of certain government Ministers at the time drove a permanent wedge between the two ethnic groups. This has been exacerbated by the violent and ruthless behaviour of the LTTE, post 1983 and the myopic attitudes of the Tamil Diaspora during this same period (& sadly even now). The geo political ambitions of India helped transform this conflict from a low level insurgency into a full scale and one of the bloodiest Civil Wars in South Asia.
    The LTTE and its acolytes should realise that the Central Government of India will never be in favour of establishment of an Independent Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka because of the implications it will have for India. Similarly the leadership in the South must understand a genuine attempt must be made for an effective devolution of power. In my opinion there is no future for Sri Lanka with out ethnic integration between Sinhalese and Tamils and living as one nation. I must say as a peace loving Sinhala Sri Lankan I abhor ethnically divisive politics of organisations like the JHU and JVP nor do I know a single Sinhala friend who actively support such organisations. Therefore I am at a complete loss to understand how so many Tamil intellectuals have embraced and excused the destructive ideologies of the LTTE for so many years.
    I have lived most part of my life in Sri Lanka with many current and past Tamil friends I sincerely hope we can live in this beautiful country in harmony in the near future.

    UK, Singapore and Sri Lanka

  55. We had enough turmoil since ‘independence’. We ignore our natural wealth to provide quality life,housing, health care and education to everyone in Sri Lanka . Most of our visionless leaders care about their self-intersts inlieu of the country, they are supposed to represent. As Sri Lankans we have become a dependent nation and many of our leaders including monks have become mudalalis. Let our young generation be educated in good values of our history, culture and appreciation of each other and remove the filters of race and religon and appreciate each other as friends. Please design a vision for our rich country.
    So far no one has done this.
    Let the rule of law becomes our best guide. Let people like DBS contribute more towards this vision.

  56. well written d.b.s. to all of you who are writing here,people please wake up,when are we all going to exibit greatness of soul .we are all one.i am my brothers keeper.why cant we be one nation.yes we can

  57. Thank u viji & ananda for the positive thinking.

    Yes, never forget the time pre-independance and post- independance (prior 1956) Jaffna distric was at top in health care, education, adminstration, culture & agriculture…. it was a thriving city. Now after the 1980s what is reaminging in this part of the country?.

    Please all right thinking people we need to work together as Sri lankans, for equal oppertunities and freedom of speach & religion.

    Seperate state is a glandiose idea or is going to bring more destruction than peace.


  58. About the comment on a seperate stae will bring more destruction than peace – What happens to the Sri lankan tamils living in the south and the central provinces .. they own land & property & business. Some of them had settled in these areas for decades and I’m sure they do not want to go to north now (in case if elam is given).

    Also all these captured land in the north should be handed over to the legitimate owners when the conflict is settled.
    This is when we need poeple to protest and raise their voices for justice.

    There should be a new scheame for the civilians not to get opressed by militants or the army and get on with their lives & livelihoods. No more fear pshycosis or opression. Poeple need to voice thier grievences & it has to be heard and action taken by the authorities.

    We do not want dictators !!

  59. The comments from the readers is a clear evidence that Tamils and Sinhalese can not live together. There will be peace on both side if we live separately. Imagine an undivided India and Pakistan, how bloody it would be? As opposed to limited cross border “terrorism”, it will be a fully fleged internal war.

    Lets part and be good neighbours.

  60. mr jeyaraj,
    i think this is a good article.
    but what do you think we tamils are going to have living with srilanka.
    already our population is low.
    even the muslims outnumber us in the east.
    we must regain our lost dignity
    you are a good visionary
    but it is too late
    i am sure we tamils cannot live with the sinhala state
    they want us to be numerically zero
    i have jaffna tamil blood in me
    don’t you?
    it is no time for logical thinking and visionary ideas.
    who wants to care about india
    what havent they done to us
    see the havoc in our homelands?
    so we must alll unite and work towards our destiny
    care nothing about the others

    our destiny is in our hands
    we will rule our tamil lands

  61. Hello Mr Jeyraj,

    Isn’t it enough what both races had gone through for 5 decades since independence? Isn’t it the time to think Sri Lankan?Is there a better place to live, including the North and the East, once this land is free of violence and hatred? Is there another capital in the world where the majority race is hopelessly outnumbered by others for the ones who are race conscious?

    Those who know the Island and the Islanders deep, those who still have a root or two here will know for sure. They will act you see, they will act when the time is ripe, whereever they are, for a fair share for they’ll want to pass at least a little peice of it to the next generation!

  62. according to my view ,the most affecting factor for the sinhala -tamil relationship is clashes between the two communities after the post independance.it happened in 1958 1977 1983 and lot of civilians died from both sides.this should not happen authorities who held power at that time should responsible for their failure to nip them at bud.if the government cannot provide the safety of tamil civilians in sinhala areas it lose the right to govern tamils.Fortunately we did not have clashes after 1983and government should take more stringent measures to prevent them in future.on the other hand tamils should accept that as the sinhalese are the major community they should take the lead role in sri lanka.if they dont accept the leadership of sinhalese it will bring disaster for both communities.if they try enjoy the same power as sinhalese as suggested in ltte peace proposals it will call blood from both parties.tamil should know that not only tamils that willing to sacrifice their lives for the country.thousands of sinhala youtshs made the supreme price for keeping the country together.i dont believe in the term of northeast tamils.this term is used to use east tamis northern tamils purposes.recent developments proved that two are distinct communities.nothern tamils are not more than 500000 and too much power can not be given for so small community in a country where more than 20000000 people live.those who live in foreign cuntry’s should not take two much interest on affairs in sri lanka as they do not suffer from their decisions.those who live here should get together and tamils sustainable devolution

  63. 65. Mani ,

    [[[The comments from the readers is a clear evidence that Tamils and Sinhalese can not live together.]]]

    right. however u’ll never get even one inch of this island. sinhala have sacrificed way too much to rescue the island as well as sinhala, tamil, muslims etc. from LTTE mindless terror. terror for the sake of terror.

    it may surprise u but the sinhala people (unlike LTTE) hate child & women killers. seems tamilnet has really dug deep on ur grey matter. or are u like the rest of LTTE? shamelessly looking the other way while knowing the real facts?

    it’s as if LTTE terror’s a massive snow ball that has gathered all tamils & is rolling down hill. soon it’ll hit something & disintegrate. too late.

    u’ve lost everything thanks to LTTE.
    honour, population, reputation, education, younger generation et al. boom! all gone.

    don blame sinhala. the devil lies within. exorcise it & be cured.

  64. this entire grievance & problems of tamils is squarely based on one inescapable fact.

    below is the whole problem-

    That’s it in a nut shell. if tamils cannot come to terms with this simple fact & try to make substitutes they’ll never succeed.

    do not try to export ur problems overseas if u don’t have the will or strength to fight it at the source. it’ll never work. if u try to bomb sinhala & claim their land by faking history it’ll backfire on u.

    meet the problem head on & tackle it at the source. u got no other choice. tough luck.

  65. People can come up with so many ideas, blames, arguments, dislikeness, angry moods, condems on the situation in sri lanka. But they should think terrorism has no life at all, eventhough able to stand up with support of hidden terrorist supporters around the world. Think of taking a life of a human being!!!!!. What happen for the last 25 years?? This is totally terrorism. Sri lanka is a mix nation. This is a nation consists of people speaking sinhala, tamil and english. NO matter what religeon, just because of the language they speak creates all these problem among people who think they are the kings. stupid idea. rest of the trouble areas of SL, rest of the area of the island is a paradise for everybody, eventhough some problems arise due to the on going war situation. Think about how many students from north of the island still coming to south and study in the nations universities, working in other places dominated by the majority nation of the country. Is there any massacar or such thing happening in those environments?????. this is all terrorism with a stupid guy who was able to crunch his own people and gather support from his own people to create this menanace. This should be ended the way this guy started with?? No other alternative. Hope once this was totally wiped out everybody with peace minded and love each other can have a country of heaven.

  66. Tamils who live abroad wants the tigers to carry on the war indefinitly involving in terrorism.The children of Tamils abroad are trained to doctors,lawyers,engineers
    & other high ranking professions but they want to carry
    on this struggle using poor helpless Tamil children to be suicide bombers.They are just hypocrits.

  67. This is not a prbolem betwwen Sinhalees and Tamil, this is only a problem between Sri Lanka Government(All Tamils+Sinhalees+Muslims) and one babaric terrorist leader Prabakharan……… If somebody trying to protect this barbaric LTTE terorist , the God would someday exposed them too their suicide attacked. ————- Go Sri Lanka and see howmany Tamil Parliament Ministers and cabinet minsters are there, see howmany docters , Engineers and other educated are………….. LET’S SPEEK THE TRUTH.

  68. silva & sudhakar are both right. tamil diaspora must be the most cruelest & heartless expatriates in the world.

    they just don care about any poor peasant tamil kid, pregnant woman or anybody for that matter.

    they just thrive on hatred, violence to satisfy their sick egos at any cost.

  69. To sudhakar, tamil people cant be engineeers and have good jobs because the isnhalese don’t allow them to be. i know some people who got 100% in their exams but still got their marks marked wrong by sinhalese gov. so don’t say that tamils are dumb. it’s because the sinhalese don’t allow them to se clever. get your facts right.

  70. It makes me laugh to read some of the comments by the Sinhalese. They commit all the massacre, violence and humiliate the Tamil people then turn their face toward the international community and act like they care about the Tamils. Sri Lanka will bleed to death even if Tamil Eelam is established. The Tamil youths are no longer even sympathetic to the poor Sinhalese who are a victim of state terrorism as well after seeing what is unfolding in the remaining land under the Tamil people in Mullathievu.

    Sinhalese have brutalized a generation of the Tamil youth by putting forward racist legislations. Brutalized another generation of youth during the political struggle. Brutalized another generation of youth in the 80s turning them into revolutionaries. Again you have brutalized another generation of youths inside the island and outside with the current situation . The damage is done. This generation of Tamil youths have everything they need including the number, education, determination, wealth, military knowledge that LTTE has perfected, politics learned from other communities as well as from Tamil peoples experience and the unity that was thought to be impossible with the Tamils scattered all over the world (including the ones scattered during the British Empire).

    Tamil Eelam is still the goal but crushing the Sinhalese people and making them feel the pain is the main priority for the Tamil youths now.

  71. What’s wrong with Sinhalese wanting 100% of Sri Lanka? we don’t want 0.000001% of India or any other country! we want Sri Lanka to be united and be a one country. It’s only 25534 sq miles and some people in Australia own nearly that much land! so why on earth do you want to devide this tiny land? if anyone doesn’t like living with Sinhalese, please go! There’s Tamil nadu, canada, UK and USA for you to live without Sinhalese. So just leave us who wants to live peacefully in an United country alone!

  72. just look at the contributions the expats of the world do for their countries.

    if not for sri lankan expatriates the country would be in deep trouble specially cos of the damage done by terrorists. same goes for philipinos, bangla, indian, pakistani & other nations.

    but what does the tamil diaspora do? they enjoy our free education, hospital care, public transport etc, go abroad & send money to vellupillai to destroy us.

    they just cannot seem to stop it. it’s on auto mode.

    now vellupillai is using the money to kill the tamils who sought his protection. an unparalleled act of shamelessness. why cannot the diaspora realise this? or do they know about it but don’t care about the peasant tamils living like slaves under vellupillai?

    why can’t the diaspora stop sponsoring destruction & start sponsoring development? hatred & senseless violence will lead to their own destruction without any doubt.

    tamils will find it extremely difficuly to deal with & regain lost prestige & the shock of being murdered by their own liberator.

    the only way they can do it is to completely reverse their seperatist based violent mindset & contribute to the SL economy in a positive way. that’s the starting point.

  73. I agree with your sentiment. I am 70 years old and I remember the time from independence. From the comments above, it is clear that many of the Sinhalese who talk of brotherhood and equality, do not comprehend the discriminatory politics of the Sinhalese .
    1st the disenfranchisement of Tamils (estate tamils who had lived there for many generations and contributed so much to the economy of the country) – only reason -because they were tamils.

    2 State aided colonisation of TAMILareas with largely Sinhalese Population.
    None of the Tamils in the South (except the estate labour were colonised by the State – they bought lands or property as did many Sinhalese in the North before 1958)

    3 Sinhala ONLY bill. Peaceful protest by Tamils against ‘ONLY ‘ part (Satyagraha) led to the 58 riots.

    4. Abrogation of the Banda -Chelva pact by Bandaranayake – Reason ? J.R J and Buddist Priests.
    5Abrogation of Dudley -Chelva Pact by the Government.

    6 Abrogation or not putting into effect the District Council agreement .

    7. The language based standardisation for University entrance in 1972. Some of the would have been engineering students who were refused entry joined Pirabaharan.

    8 Riots in 1977 after the Vaddukodai Convention where Tamil United Front at the convention voted for Separate State because of the of Successive SInhalese Governments failing to implement any of the political pacts.

    Until 1983 there was no LTTE organised fights.

    9 Ministers were known to have organised the Anti-Tamil riots in the Southin 1983
    The burning of the Public library in Jaffna was led by 2 Ministers . Next day when the tamil DIG addressed the Sinhalese Policemen brought down from the South, about discipline, they lifted the sarongs and eposing their genitals and hooted at DIG.
    The Sinhalese leaders saw the tamil demand for equality (of opportunity) as wrong. What can you expect out of the poor villager led by the Buddhist priests. Incidently, Buddha was the most Compassionte person on this earth (May all beings be happy !) – not just human beings and certainly not Sinhala Buddhists only.

    If there are sufficient number of resonable minded Sinhalese it would have been reflected in the Sinhalese leadership. After all in a democracy ‘People get the Government they deserve’.
    The overwhelming support in the South for the ‘war on terror ‘is an indication of the Sinhala mindset.
    The fact is that Tamil politics failed because of Sinhala Hagemony. After all People like G.G. Ponnambalam. C. Suntharalingham and others who supported national Governments died as ‘Separatists’.

    Someone has stated correctly above that destroying the Tigers will not end Tamil Aspirations.
    History will repeat itself.
    The suicides by increasing number of tamils shows that they would prefer to die than live with indignity.

    They would probably take up arms, if they had the opportunity.

    10 All the ‘Sinhala archeological findings are mostly Buddhist finds. There was a time when Buddhism spread to even South India and the Tamil Epics Manimehalai and Silapathiharam were by Buddhist scholars from Tamil Nadu.

    Coming back to your sentiments you can see that with the present mindset of the majority of Sinhalese (Unitary Sri Lanka with assured rights for the Sinhala Buddhists and crumbs they give for other ethnic groups), it is difficult for tamils to accept a unitary state. It is fallacy to beleive that Pirabaharan has been able to fool all the Tamils for so many years. Tamils support him only because the Unitary State has failed them. The Sinhalese and Tamil leadership have been getting from bad to worse.

    ‘Mey Kattiyatta Sumana Saman Devipihitay’

  74. This is a powerful article that has obviously tapped a deep seam of sentiment

    Like all sinhalese I too hope to see a Sri Lanka a united state.

    But I also know that even when there have been attempts to negotiate settlements, previous GoSL’s have not negotiated in good faith, and instead sought to made a fool of those who have. Where there have been settlements, the clergy seem to marshal the most shortsided anti-secessionist feeling.

    We have an international community that is willing to sit on the GOsl to ensure they negotiate in good faith, and perhaps a quiet growing genuine desire to do so among those in the corridors of power. What we have never had is a progressive clergy willing to step into the shoes of the Tamil, and that is seems is where everything seems to unravel.

    I wonder if the key to untying this knot, is for the Tamils community, especially the Tigers, and religious leaders across different faith communities in the North to reach out to the Buddhist clergy and ask them to hear their views and their stories of what has befallen them over the 61 years since independence.

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  76. A very strong article which I’m mostly agree with. But few things to note.

    You have mentioned about speeches by some Sinhala extremists (as same as LTTE, only without guns) but what you have to understand is that they have very little power over people’s preference. Any society has such extremist nationalist sections but should not be mistaken as the majority.
    Also talking about LTTE, power sharing and the future what I can say is LTTE is the symptom of the illness now which in turn has become the biggest problem.

    As you can remember even when previous UNP government under Ranil Wickramasinghe tried it’s best to solve the crisis through a federal solution, the stubbornness of the LTTE refused a compromise from its goals. Also because of the stubbornness of LTTE other tamil voices are silenced so there’s a major lack of current tamil leadership. Also it should be noted that Sinhala population is a major two party system and wrong to assume that everything the government bluffs are taken by everyone. .

  77. tamil diaspora has support of usa, european countries. what about the support of china & russia. without their support nothing could be achieved, especially without the support of china, the next super boss of the world.

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