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Positive forward movement in Govt-TNA dialogue

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

The on –going political dialogue between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA)has registered some positive forward movement at the third round of talks held on Friday March 18th in Colombo.

The essence of the dialogue was succinctly revealed in the following excerpt from the joint communiqué released to the press after the talks-

“The two sides proceeded to discuss appropriate constitutional arrangements to meet the aspirations of all the people of Sri Lanka. They agreed to Continue their dialogue with a view to arriving at a structure to fulfil these aspirations.”

It was indeed heartening to know that the third round of Govt-TNA talks had concluded on a positive note. Despite two earlier rounds the past few weeks had seen an escalation of political tension threatening to disrupt this dialogue.

The assassination attempt on TNA Jaffna district MP Sivagnanam Sritharan was a disturbing event. This column which reconstructed the attack in the “Daily Mirror” of March 12th made a specific appeal to the TNA that in the interests of the long suffering Tamil people the party should not let the incident affect the talks with the Govt.

Apart from the Sritharan incident there were other acts of omission and commission affecting the course of the dialogue. There seemed to be a hiatus between pledge and performance on matters agreed upon.

An ill-informed Tamil media spurred on by anti-govt elements both local and abroad was extremely critical of the TNA for participating in the talks.On the other hand there seemed to be some lethargy on the part of the Govt also in pursuing the dialogue constructively.


It was against this backdrop that the long awaited third round of Govt-TNA talks took place on the 18th.Fears about the talks collapsing proved to be liars. The engagement seems to have been positive and firm groundwork seems to have been laid for future positive progress.

Before delving into the happenings of March 18th this column would like to trace briefly the sequence of events that led to the current situation in the dialogue between the Govt and TNA.

The Govt – TNA political dialogue is the best thing that happened in the sphere of ethnic relations in this country after President Mahinda Rajapaksa was re-elected to office for a second term last year.

It was initiated by President Rajapaksa in a quiet yet firm bid to explore ways and means of resolving the Tamil National Question by talking to the single largest Tamil political party in Parliament. The TNA which contested the 2010 polls under the house symbol of the Illankai Thamil Arasuk Katchi (ITAK) won 13 seats from all five electoral districts in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. It also got a national list seat.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa and TNA Parliamentary Group leader Rajavarothayam Sampanthan ~ in Nov 2010~ pic courtesy of: news360.lk

This column in the “Daily Mirror” of December 11th 2010 revealed exclusive details about how President Rajapaksa initiated the political dialogue with the TNA.

President Rajapaksa broke the ice by meeting the TNA Parliamentary Group leader Rajavarothayam Sampanthan on a one to one basis without aides. This was followed by a second meeting with Sampanthan.

As a result of these meetings a decision was taken to set up two joint mechanisms comprising Govt and TNA representatives. One was to concern itself with immediate issues facing Tamils affected by the war. The other was for commencing a structured dialogue aimed at achieving a political settlement.


TNA leader Sampanthan also submitted two lists of seven and five names to be included as party representatives on each of the joint mechanisms.

The seven names proposed to be on the joint mechanism concerning matters such as relief,resettlemt, rehabilitation, reconstruction and livelihood were TNA Parliamentarians R.Sampanthan,S. Senathirajah, K.Premachandran,S. Sritharan, A. Adaikkalanathan, P.Selvarajah and MA Sumanthiran.

The five names proposed to be on the joint mechanism regarding talks for a political settlement were TNA Parliamentarians R.Sampanthan, S. Senathirajah,K.Premachandran, MA Sumanthiran and the reputed lawyer K.Kanagiswaran who is not an MP.

In addition to these moves there was another positive development also. Two trusted representatives nominated by President Rajapaksa and R.Sampanthan held a series of discussions among themselves in Colombo.

These talks were focused on the contours of a potential political settlement based on maximum devolution to provincial units while ensuring the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka.

Both representatives reported back regularly to Rajapaksa and Sampanthan after each round of talks. With the encouragement and support of their principals both representatives succeeded to a very great extent in their mission.

Various aspects of Devolution -substance and unit – were discussed and agreement was reached in many areas. Agreement was not possible in some areas and a few were somewhat grey areas.

These talks provided to a great extent the spadework in evolving a basic outline for future talks between official high –powered delegations.

In writing about these talks in the “Daily Mirror” of December 11th this column did not disclose the names of both representatives as it did not want to hinder the dialogue in any way.

Since events have progressed to another plane the names can be revealed now. Central Bank Governor Ajit Nivard Cabraal was the President’s representative in these talks.TNA national list MP and Lawyer MA.Sumanthiran was Sampanthan’s nominee.


The stage was set therefore for further forward movement on these lines after 2011 dawned. President Rajapaksa set up a joint mechanism called the Committee on long –term reconciliation through a political settlement.

Three cabinet ministers were nominated by the President to be on the committee. They were Ratnasiri Wickramanayake,Nimal Siripala de Silva and Prof.GL Peiris. Galle district MP Sajin de Vass Gunawardena was appointed secretary to the committee.

The five TNA representatives proposed by party leader Sampanthan were on the committee. But Sampanthan himself was indisposed and in India due to health reasons.

The preliminary meeting between the Govt and TNA took place on January 10th 2011. It was decided then that meetings should occur on a fortnightly basis and the next one was fixed for January 24th.

That however did not happen and the second round of talks took place only on February 3rd. There was a further delay in scheduling and the third round was fixed for March 1st.

This too was put off at very short notice.It was said that the ministers could not be available in Colombo due to their ministerial duties and because of their involvement in local authority electioneering.

The TNA requested that the meeting be scheduled for March 7th as the ministers would have to be present in Colombo at that time due to Parliament convening . There was no immediate response to the request.It was as if the Govt had lost interest.

This seeming lack of interest contrasted sharply with the Government’s public attitude about the talks. Government ministers and diplomatic envoys had referred to the talks with the TNA positively at International conferences.

The Rajapaksa regime has been under tremendous international pressure on a number of issues in recent times. One among these was the perceived unwillingness or inability to commence measures for resolving the long festering ethnic problem.

Now the Govt was able to showcase the talks with the TNA and tell the world that it was addressing the issue by negotiating with the premier representatives of the Sri Lankan Tamil people.

It was suspected that the Govt was using the talks with the TNA as a device to deflect or contain international criticism without any sincere commitment towards the dialogue. The Tamil media both local and overseas began accusing the TNA of colluding with the government wittingly on this or being taken for a ride unwittingly.

The TNA itself was in a troubled state of mind on the issue. Sections within the party began doubting the government’s bona fides on this. They felt that the govt was on the verge of abandoning or aborting the talks because it was unable or unwilling to deliver on some of the immediate issues raised on earlier occasions.

At Viththakapuram, in Tellipalai, Jaffna, Feb 22, 2011 ~ pic: UKinSriLanka

Some of these issues raised by the TNA in the first round of talks were the removal or reduction of high security zones, disarmament of persons and groups bearing arms illegally in the North and East and the fate of 600 -800 Tamils being detained from pre-May 2009 times at various places in the Island under the Prevention of Terrorism Act(PTA) and Emergency regulations.


The Govt side promised to return with a positive response at the second round of talks.When the second round began the TNA was rather disappointed with the Govt response.

Meeting a resettled community: UK Minister Alistair Burt, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Minister for South Asia met a resettled community at Viththakapuram, in Tellipalai, Jaffna, Feb 22, 2011 ~ pic: UKinSriLanka

The govt minsters said that there were no high security zones anywhere in the North and East. The TNA then provided the Govt representatives with particulars about the high security zones in Palaly in the North and Sampoor in the East. These included documents filed by the govt in courts regarding the fundamental rights case SC FR 646/2003 SC FR 646/2003.

On the question of disarming those bearing illegal arms in the North and East the govt response was that an amnesty period would be announced for surrender of illegal arms and thereafter the criminal procedure code would be amended to make such possession of illegal arms a non –bailable offence. Again the TNA was disappointed as the party’s focus was on Tamil para-military organizations carrying arms illegally.

There was also a disconnect on the issue of detenues.The TNA was referring to those being detained for many ,many years under the PTA and emergency regulations as LTTE suspects without being brought to trial. But the Govt response did not deal with this category and only dealt with that of LTTE “surrendees” being held after May 2009.

The TNA therefore had to explain in detail about these unfortunate people being held for many years and present more documentation. Among the documents presented were an interview given to “The Nation” of January 30th 2011 by the former minister of Prisons reforms DEW Gunasekara. In that the minister stated 600 -800 persons were under detention for 10 to 15 years.

The Govt representatives then assured the TNA that they would get back to the third round of talks with more information on the three issues raised. There was however another related issue arising out of the Govt response to the detenues issue that was discussed during the second round of talks. Subsequently this matter became a serious cause for friction between the Govt and TNA.

What happened was this. At the second round of talks The Govt delegation informed the TNA that there was a computer data base about Detainees, IDP’s and next of kin being maintained at the Terrorism Investigations Department (TID) office in Vavuniya.


The TNA was told that these data bases were active and that family members could avail themselves of this facility to know more about affected kith and kin. The TNA then inquired whether they could publicise this and ask people to go to Vavuniya and get information. The reply was in the affirmative.

A mother handing over a written submission to the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) Secretariat during the session in Jaffna, November 11-14. ~ pic: Courtesy of Center for Human Rights SL~more pics

The issue of detenues and IDP’s is a very important one to Tamil people. There are thousands of families languishing without information on the whereabouts of their loved ones. Many do not know whether they are in the realm of the living or not. Some know they are alive but do not know where they are being held. The dimensions of this humanitarian tragedy are not realised by the world at large and the government has been accused of being callously insensitive.

It was quite understandable therefore that the TNA seized the opportunity and gave much publicity through the Tamil print and electronic media to the availability of a data base facility. The TNA was under pressure for talking to the govt and utilised this chance to demonstrate that there were tangible, practical gains from its dialogue with the govt.

Thanks to the publicity generated by the TNA hundreds of people went to Vavuniya to utilise this data base facility and locate their loved ones if possible. But they were in for a rude shock. The Police in Vavuniya reportedly turned the people away saying there was no such facility and that it was only an election gimmick by the TNA.

Thoroughly disappointed relatives who had travelled long distances complained bitterly to the TNA as a result. The credibility of the party was eroded. Moreover the TNA was in an unenviable position as the party could not come out publicly with the truth as it may have undermined the talks with the Govt.

Adding insult to injury was the perceived lukewarm attitude of the Govt on this matter. When the party complained orally and in writing to the Govt about this there was no effective response.

Compounding the situation further was the perceived lethargy of the Govt in scheduling a definite date for the third round of talks. Some members of the TNA began to suspect that the Govt was insincere on the matter. Given the inadequate response to the issues raised earlier and the data base fiasco these sections felt the Govt was simply procrastinating on the one hand while using the dialogue for international propaganda on the other.

Those in the TNA who wanted the dialogue to continue found themselves assailed by the extremely unhelpful, negative attitude maintained by influential sections of the mainstream Tamil media. These elements who seemed grossly ignorant or thoroughly ill-informed about the actualities of the Govt-TNA dialogue poured scorn on the talks.


While pro –tiger media organs abroad launched a vicious campaign that the TNA had sold out to the Govt and was collaborating with it to de-value the so called war crimes issue , sections of the Sri Lankan Tamil media charged that the TNA was being manipulated by the Government.

Sadly , many of the media reports about the talks were inaccurate but the TNA was being criticised on the basis of these reports. To cite one example the Editor of a Tamil weekly wrote a news story under his name that the TNA had agreed to local authorities being the unit of devolution and then called out “Et Tu Brute” to the TNA in a signed article. The news was incorrect and charges baseless

In such a situation the TNA was also forced to counter media criticism by resorting to tough talk. Some frontliners like Suresh Premachandran the accredited spokesperson of the party began to give media interviews expressing pessimistic sentiments about the talks with the Govt. He described the talks as being a “sham”.

Despite this posturing to the media the TNA was not critical about the talks with the Govt in their election campaign. There, the TNA asked Tamils of the North and East to vote for the party in order to strengthen their position at the talks with the Government. There were reasons for that.

The reality was that despite the misgivings and disappointment in tackling some immediate issues through the dialogue there had been commendable progress in the larger issue of devolution. While some areas were still under dispute considerable forward movement had been achieved on many matters.

Both sides were engaged in a joint exercise to determine the extent of devolution by apportioning specific functions and responsibilities to the provincial unit through the devolved list and to the central govt through the reserved list. Under the 13th amendment there was a third “concurrent” list. Now both sides were trying to do away with the concurrent list altogether or reduce its scope to a great extent.

The TNA fully realised the importance of evolving a satisfactory scheme of devolution acceptable to all sections of the Sri Lankan nation. Since President Rajapaksa has gone on record that the devolution he had in mind was 13th Amendment plus there was every chance that the substance of devolution could be greater than what is available now.

Under these circumstances it was imperative that the TNA should stay the course in continuing the dialogue with the govt in spite of pressure.Resentment over immediate issues however prickly should not lead to a situation where the talks collapse. President Rajapaksa has the power and capacity to deliver on maximum devolution provided a consensus can be arrived at. That opportunity should not be missed


Thus the TNA adopted a double-track policy. While its accredited spokesperson Kandiah Premachandran alias Suresh blew hot in media interviews and was harshly critical of the Goverrnment’s stance in talks , the TNA speakers at political meetings spoke differently. They asked the Tamils to vote for the party so that the hands of the TNA would be empowered at the talks. TNA leader Sampanthan issued a statement on these lines soliciting Tamil support at the local authority hustings.

Meanwhile there was growing interest within the international community about the Govt – TNA talks. The Govt had contributed to this situation greatly by referring to the dialogue in glowing terms at various international fora including the UN. Several countries were interested in what was going on.

Ambassador Butenis opens the American Corner Jaffna on Jan 24, 2011 with Mr. Jeff Anderson, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy Colombo and Mr. Sughirtharaj, Director, Jaffna Social Action Center. (pic: US State Dept.)

The US ambassador Patricia Butenis met with the TNA and was briefed on the status of the dialogue by that party. Subsequently she met President Rajapaksa and sought to clarify the position about the talks. The president informed the US envoy in unambiguous terms that the talks would be on until positive results were achieved.

Another complicating factor was the local authority elections. The TNA and the Govt were at loggerheads with each other as rivals wooing the hearts and minds of voters in the North and East. The election rhetoric was harsh and vicious. There were also charges of electoral malpractices and violations. The stresses and strains of electioneering also cast a shadow over Govt-TNA relations.

The double track approach adopted by the TNA towards the talks upset sections of the Govt too. Premachandran’s harsh critique of the dialogue in media interviews made some feel that the TNA had changed its position. The TNA explained to the govt that the sentiments expressed by Premachandran were due to frustration at the progress of the talks. The Govt was assured that the TNA was ready, able and willing to resume the talks.

With doubts about the TNA position being removed efforts were on to hold the long awaited third round. The date fixed was March 24th but with the TNA informing the Govt that two of their members would be unavailable on that day the date was re-scheduled for March 18th.


The long –delayed third round of talks commenced at 4 pm on March 18th. Both sides were in a buoyant mood as the results had been announced . The ruling United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) had won 205 of the 234 local authorities to which polls were held. If the Govt had won resoundingly in the Sinhala majority areas the TNA had also scored creditably in the Tamil majority areas.

The TNA had won all twelve Tamil majority local authority polls it contested in the Mannar,Vavuniya,Mullaitheevu, Amparai and Trincomalee districts. It also won the most number of Tamil votes in the Muslim majority areas it contested. The solitary exception was the Oddamavaddy PS where the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (TMVP) got more Tamil votes than the TNA.

Since the TNA had sought a mandate from the Tamil people to continue the talks with the Govt the party regarded the election results as an endorsement. The TNA was elated that the Tamil people had overwhelmingly supported the party despite media criticism about talks.The results had strengthened the party in the dialogue with the Government.

The Govt – TNA talks got off on a positive note with both sides beaming with satisfaction at their respective polls victories. The “hurt” feelings of the TNA over the Database fiasco was soothed to a great extent when the Government delegation apologised profusely for the “misunderstanding”. The TNA was assured that the matter would be resolved satisfactorily in the near future and that both Sajin de Vass Gunawardena and Suresh Premachandran would be in Vavuniya together to flag off the data base facilty when open to the public.

The Government delegation also required more time and more information on the issues of detenues,disarming groups carrying illegal arms in the North and East and high security zones. This was agreed to.

The TNA also referred to the issue of photographing northern residents by the armed forces. The party had resorted to legal action earlier and courts had been informed by the Attorney-General’s dept that the practice would cease. But it had been resumed again and the TNA was once again seeking legal recourse.

It was felt that this issue as well as the earlier unresolved ones were all directly related to the Defence ministry. Realising their constraints on these defence related matters both sides agreed that an effective communication channel with the Defence establishment was necessary . It was resolved that greater liaison with the defence ministry be established on a permanent basis.

It was also realised that other ministers should also be approached if and when matters pertaining to their ministries are discussed. It was accepted that some form of linkage be evolved with relevant ministers whenever required.

It was also accepted in principle that an arrangement for meetings on successive days be made when the talks reach a critical stage. Effective decision making would be made easier under such an arrangement.

Both sides made significant progress on the discussions on devolution. Although no decision has been finalised the lists of powers and functions allocated as Devolved and Reserved have been further enlarged. The committee is continuing with its task of identifying each area in a specific and detailed manner.

A better,utilitarian approach towards scheduling talks was also adopted. It was decided to demarcate future meetings as being for immediate issues and for the devolution issue. There would be a meeting on April 7th to discuss everyday problems and immediate issues. There would be another meeting on April 29th to discuss matters related to Devolution.


It appears therefore that the teething troubles of the Govt-TNA talks are over. Both sides seem to have clarified misgivings and doubts about each other but it cannot be denied that a vast amount of mutual trust needs to be further established.

While the Govt needs to be more aware of the pressure exerted on the TNA by extremist Tamil elements the TNA also must be sensitive to the Government’s situation in talking to them. Although the party is distancing itself from its pro-LTTE past and has the support of moderate Tamils there does exist a negative image of the TNA in the minds of many Sinhala people.

The TNA must be appreciate the difficulties faced by the Govt in adhering to each and every request made by the party. The TNA must strive to re-furbish its tarnished image in the eyes of the Sinhala majority. That would make the Government’s task easier and facilitate true reconciliation and unity.

The parameters for future talks seem to have been set and the basis for further negotiations outlined. It would also be necessary to include Muslim representatives after further progress.

Given the climate of mistrust and hostility that prevailed the third round of Govt –TNA talks seemed a non – starter. Fortunately it did take place and considerable forward movement has been achieved.

To adapt the words of Neil Armstrong the progress made at the Govt –TNA talks may amount only to a “small step” in quantitative terms but it is certainly a “giant leap” in qualitative terms.

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at djeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

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  1. You seem to be hoping eagerly that govt-tna talks should succeed. I hope your wishes will come true for benefot of our country

  2. Forensic Psychological analysis of the events (above) lead to believe that TNA being forced to sit down with a party not talking truth or its agents not willing to implement what is agreed in talks

    Mervin de Silva a known liar in the Govt panel and the events lead to believe that TNA will be deceived at last.

    TNA must make wise Plan B ( for eventual failure of talks ) at the earliest with relevant parties forcing them to sit down and talk. .

    Two teams cannot solve a institutionalised problems unless sanctions are announced against those who refuse to implement decisions of the panel.

  3. Wellcome to constructive way of dialogue between
    Govt-TNA. Yes, constitutional arrangements will have to put forward positive Federal political structure to enable NorthEast Tamils participate as equal partner with Sinhalese to empower Srilanka in future.

    The TNA, in recent election democraticaly won in Northeast province should also discuss with majority government to make other constitutional changes to protect Tamils and language rights in the whole island of lanka.

    Thanks for beautiful picture and article.
    Maavittapuram where the ‘horse face’ Tamil Princess changed into normal human face after bathed at ‘Keeri malai’ mineral water spring. Lets hope our ‘Lion faces’ and ‘Tiger faces’ changed into human faces for respect
    each others dignity and bright future.

    Still how many of us can go to ‘Mavidapuram’ and
    ‘Keerimalai’ freely without army strictness?
    Speaking is not only resolve, genuine action in the ground also needed to improve normalacy and humanitarian help.

  4. DBS,
    It is good that Government and TNA talks are continuing. I don’t know if these will lead to any concrete steps to resolve the ethnic issues, I certainly hope so.

    A word of warning to my fellow Sinhalese brothers and sisters. If Mahinda, with his three home runs in three elections within last two years can not offer a permanent solution to Tamils of this country, I don’t believe no one in the short and medium term can. That will be indeed very bad news for all, both for Sinhalese and Tamils living in Sri Lanka.

    This country needs peace and stability desperately so that the people can reach their full potential.

  5. Thank you for enlightening us on this very crucially important issue Mr.Jeyaraj. I have noted that you are the only journalist writing with so many details on this matter. I suppose this is because you passionately desire a negotiated settlement within a united Sri Lanka to the Tamil national question

  6. #2 Dr Kumarakuru,

    There is no plan ‘B’ in this. The Plan ‘B’ failed miserably in the past and gave way for murder bombings and destruction. There is no Plan ‘B’ with sathyagraha, violent or non violent means. There is only Plan ‘A’, Talks talks and more talks until aspiration of all are fulfilled.

    It should be on the basis of give and take. All what politicians want cannot be given. All that can be given must be taken in good faith.

    There is no case of ‘a little now , more later’.

    The tamil media and diaspora are quick to jump and blame the ‘Sinhalese’ govt for anything. The Govt is not sinhalese its elected by all in this country, Muslims, Tamils Burghers and Sinhalese.

    It is only the TNA that gathers votes showing the ethnic card.

  7. Thanks DBS for giving us some happy news. We Tamils have alwayys missed the bus in talks with govts. Mahinda is the best bet we have now.Lets hope we wont miss this last bus

  8. I wish the talks to succeed. But I do not think it will succeed. If it succeed then nothing like that. If it fails it will also have its ramifications.

    Tamils cannot be second class citizens for ever.

  9. [It was quite understandable therefore that the TNA seized the opportunity and gave much publicity through the Tamil print and electronic media to the availability of a data base facility]

    Something not right here. It would not have taken half a day for the TNA to send someone out to vavuniya to see whether they can indeed access the records, before they give such publicity to this.

    They must have been lulled into a sense of complacency because previous governments have always did what they said regarding the tamils and promises and agreements were always honoured.

    Or i wonder whether the TNA thought regardless of whether it is true or not, this will help them in the elections.I don’t think that can be the reason. The tamil politicians are not like the sinhala ones. They always put the tamil people before self. They are spotlessly clean and do not play election gimmicks at the expense of their people.The tamil people can definitely rely on this bunch to at last deliver the goods for them without any selfish motives.

    The photographs as usual are superb. The temple shows how much of difficult handcrafting would have gone into its creation.It is a monument that depicts how difficult it is to create while so easy to destroy.The answer to humankind progress is to have more creators and less destroyers.

    I thought it was a tamil man talking to the american ambassador woman, untill i read martin luther king. Are we descendents of africans?

    The photo of the old woman handing the letter to the commision was very touching.Her face said it all. Hope springs eternal in the human breast they say.Unfortunately the poor uneducated soul does not realise the lessons learnt and reconciliation commision is a sham and is not there to find out what happenned to her kids, but its main purpose is to keep out any international independent investigation.

  10. 5. Ranjan, Toronto:

    A word of warning to my fellow Sinhalese brothers and sisters. If Mahinda, with his three home runs in three elections within last two years can not offer a permanent solution to Tamils of this country, I don’t believe no one in the short and medium term can.


    Gomin Dayasiri has already lambasted Mahinda-TNA talks as offering a federal solution to Tamils. I don’t know what kind of leverage if at all he and his cohorts have on this administration but this view will bring nothing but disaster to Sinhalese.

  11. 11. shankar:

    The photo of the old woman handing the letter to the commision was very touching.Her face said it all. Hope springs eternal in the human breast they say.Unfortunately the poor uneducated soul does not realise the lessons learnt and reconciliation commision is a sham and is not there to find out what happenned to her kids, but its main purpose is to keep out any international independent investigation.


    Thwarting an international investigation doesn’t necessary have to be equivalent to LLRC exercise been a total sham. In the present context, whoever takes an uncompromising stand will loose. So, be realistic. Whether you like it or not, if you want justice you will have to work with the current administration. You will certainly not get justice all the way according to international standards but given the conduct of Tamils themselves, justice by local standards is more than enough for parties to call it a day and move on.

  12. Thanks Mr. DBSJ.

    Wishing the Govt and TNA success in their talks.

    I agree with Ranjan that MR got the best opportunity in recent times. He has the the support of the Sinhalese and the required majority in the Parliament to amend the constitution.


  13. they are holding a talk with a person whose friend is Gadhafi. What else we need for the credibility of outcome of this talk?

  14. 8. dilshan F | March 20th, 2011 at 7:16 pm
    #2 Dr Kumarakuru,

    There is no plan ‘B’ in this. The Plan ‘B’ failed miserably in the past and gave way for murder bombings and destruction. There is no Plan ‘B’ with sathyagraha, violent or non violent means. There is only Plan ‘A’, Talks talks and more talks until aspiration of all are fulfilled.


    Agree with you fully Dilshan. The plan B/C/D s have failed miserably. If they endured these plans for >26yrs why can’t they wait patiently at least for couple of years ? I can not understand the pro- seperatist tamil diaspora aspirations.

    Few words of advice to TNA. Please// focus on the local tamil speaking communities needs. Completely ignore the pshycotic pessimism of the tamil diaspora & tamil media. The people are not been fooled they have trusted you. Fulfill the aspirations of local tamil population.

    The needs of the Sri Lankan tamils are much more different from what the tamil media is highlighting.

    Also to the dialog team the muslims & up country tamils should be included . As they too are citizens of this island. Their aspirations too should be addressed. They have been the silent sufferes of this prolonged war.

    Can MR and the govenment consider the aspirations of other minorities of this island as well. Include them in this dialogue.

    Also to all moderators – this is the time we should voice our opinion loud and clear to all extremists. That enough is enough ! no more big lies !

    Once more DBSJ well done ! God bless you !!

  15. Hope Springs Eternal.

    I am not a pessimist. Yet, these talks are utter humbug.

    Why talk, when we have the APC, Tissa Vitana report which was undermined by MR and his goons.

    Haven’t we been here before ?

    No Sinhalese party will ever offer fellow Srilankan citizens equal rights. For it’s people to live in dignity. For it’s people to reach it’s full pottential.

    The Sinhala consensus must understand that when we deprive our brothers and sisters the opportunity to live in dignity, we too give up the same oportunity to live in dignity.

    The “rata, jathiya, agama ” ( country, ethnicity and religion ) mindset is well entrenched.

    The world is watching how we treat our own.

    For this we all are responsible.

    Namo Namo Matha, how much we have distroyed you from wthin.

  16. Rubber meets the Road.

    Its good that they are talking – but ‘talk’ has very little to do with arriving at a resolution.

    The real issue here is not ‘talk’ but political-will. It is this lack of essential quality among Sinhalese leaders that had stalled many attempts at ‘talks’, ‘Agreements’, ‘Pacts’ and ‘Committments’ – over post-independence period of 65 years.

    I hate to be pessimistic, but only dreamers would believe these efforts would lead to any worthwhile resolutions – except perhaps at best some concessions in the immediate-term relief issues.

    While I believe that the president may be sincere in his desire to bring-about peace, as with past leaders, he is unwilling to risk his political career over the Tamil issue. Prognosis: (1) Talks will continue amicably for many months – and help keep the international wolves away(2) Next the Sinhalese nationalists will begin their protests – with safron-robed advisors leading the way (3) And at that point when the rubber-meets-the-road, like SWRD, and other Sinhalese leaders, the SInhalese leadership will simply pull back

    What Sri Lanka has always needed is a Sinhalese-Buddhist statesman – with capacity to stand up to ‘what is right’ and ‘what is truly Buddhist’ (i.e. “all men are created equal”) and one who has the courage to go against the nationalist-grain. They all seem to come oh so-close – but capitulate when the “rubber meets the road”.

    This time – I just pray I am wrong.

  17. If the Talks succeed, Tamils will gain, will get some thing better than what they have now. GOSL loses hardly anything if talks fail.

    Sinhalese are making an effort to prove that they also care welfare of Tamils.

    It is good for TNA and Tamils to take whatever is offered by GOSL and move forward.

  18. Dilshan #8

    There is no plan B nor was there one ever. The so called Plan B evolved ad-hoc, found favour among Tamils out of the desperations and disappointments suffered repeatedly by them in the past when Sinhalese chose to lie during talks and failed to execute any meaningful resolutions and instead beat up Tamils. I hope MR government does not miss this golden opportunity to unite the the country and move forward to restore peace for future Sinhalese generations to come.

  19. # 8. dilshan F

    There is no case of ‘a little now , more later’

    It all depends on what is given and what is taken.

    I think GOSL strategy would be to give “Llittle now, and more later” 🙂

  20. mmmmmmmmmmm

    I am familier with some of the actors on this stage from Geneva peace talks.

    This regime has a huge credibility problem.

    Knowing the actors and their machinations, it seems to me another strategy to keep the TNA QUIET on the war crimes issue and from raising other issues relating to Tamil aspirations and grievances.

    Shall we say that Rajapakse is in his way “managing” any fallout from the Tamil cause and keeping the decibels down.

    When Kohona was sent to NY, I told him that he was being sent to save their sorry arses from war crimes charges. He did not believe me at the time.

    So my prognosis is, Kohona is saving their sorry arses from war crimes in NY while my friends Sajin Vaas and neighbour Nivard are trying to manage and douse the fire up their arses back home.

    The bombing of their mate in Libya and his referral to the ICC will increase the heat on the modayas of Lanka.

    The fools thought that they taught a lesson to Miliband and the colonial British and French when they visited in 2009, but fail to realise that like in Libya, the British and the French will settle the score with compound interest at a time of their choosing.

    Despite oil, China and Russia abstained at the UN security council in relation to Libya. As kohona very correctly stated China and Russia do not guarantee anything and from time to time, when it is to their choosing, they get together and will bury you. A few weeks later, thats exactly what they did at the UN, in relation to Libya.

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  22. DBSJ seems to have made a very good record of the discussions that were made available – Thanks.

    The problem is that the Tamils had gone through so much of discussions and agreements, with various governments in power, but ultimately torn up by the respective governments within six months or so. What do we expect this discussion / agreement if reached mean? I sincerely hope that MR with all his numbers and power will deliver this time, unlike JR who also had all the numbers!

    The world and the Tamils are watching this time, more carefully. We should also remember that the “Diaspora Tamils” syndrome was as a result of mistakes made by the past SL governments, thus driving out most of the Tamils out of the country.

    In view of the international and Indian pressures, we hope MR will deliver in all sincerity a good outcome from the discussions in a very meaning ful way that SriLanka will be for all the communities without discrimination in any form.

  23. I do not think talks will be successful, sri lanka has only wants to buy time. derail the war crime charges being pressed against it.

    To make this successful, their has to be great efforts by International community to bring real pressure on government.
    Then again the government might agree something now only to throw a way latter on or not implement it at all. end of the day powerful government can do anything politically to contain any devolution if they want.

    Regardless what happens to the talks the war crime charges must be high priority for Tamils. Because that results of war crimes investigation are not revisable like the political package being talked. It can be the fundamental building block for freedom of the people.

  24. Let us focus on socio-economic problems first and political problems next. With this prioritisation, we can live together harmoniously sharing love and affection like civilized human beings.

  25. 5. Ranjan, Toronto
    This country needs peace and stability desperately so that the people can reach their full potential.


    My hope & my prayer too. Amen.

  26. Both sides need to understand that there can be and should be only one solution. One that is fair and guarantees equality to all Sri Lankans of all ethnicities. If every issue is to be analysed from the point of view of fairness and equality, an acceptable solution will emerge pretty quickly. It will be one where neither side would have grounds to feel hard done by.

    In such a solution..
    1. There is no space for a preferred religion. The state should either promote no religion or all 4 major religions so everyone is represented. Perhaps the best thing is for the state to stay out of the business that is religion and merely support the upkeep of archaeological sites.

    2. There is no special treatment of one language. There should be equal access and fascilities available to any citizen who speaks Sinhalese, Tamil or English.

    3. Full devolution (including police and fiscal autonomy) should offered to areas where certain ethnicities aproach 70-100% of the population such as Jaffna and Batticaloa.

    4. The area of land devolved should be proportionate to the poplulation of that comunity within the enclave which seeks devolution.

  27. “You will certainly not get justice all the way according to international standards but given the conduct of Tamils themselves, justice by local standards is more than enough for parties to call it a day and move on”

    Here we again. what is in the average Sinhalese mind has come out!!!!

    What do you mean by “local standards”? We have seen enough of the LOCAL STANDARDS from 1956!! Killing, burning, looting, robbing, bombing, shelling, arresting without charges, keeping in jail for years and years, Mass graves!! Have anything improved? Election violence, vote rigging, bribing to vote, Para military white van abductions, politcal killings, nepotism etc. etc. These are the LOCAL STANDARDS which have been continuing since independence under various governments(whether it is blue, green or red) But under MR Bros & Co. It has reached its ZENITH!!!!

  28. Constructive dialogue is the alternative to armed conflict. Hence such an approach is to be welcomed to end this long drawn out conflict. Both sides seem to hold the authority and will to succeed. Good luck and God Bless.

  29. Dilshan 8
    “The tamil media and diaspora are quick to jump and blame the ‘Sinhalese’ govt for anything. The Govt is not sinhalese its elected by all in this country, Muslims, Tamils Burghers and Sinhalese.

    It is only the TNA that gathers votes showing the ethnic card”
    Why Diaspora blame ‘Sinhalese’ Govt? Because all the SL government takes an anti-Tamil stand and act as Sinhalese Govt.

    This must be stopped not Diaspora voicing for ‘Tamils rights’

    1956 who first time showed the ethnic card to Tamils for gaining votes from Sinhalese and started ethnic problem.Don’t forget the propaganda against UNP-TNA agreement even in the last ‘presidential’ election.

    TNA also elected by Tamil speaking Hindus, Christians and Muslims.

    Average only 50% vote in Srilanka election.
    In that percentage more than 30% northeast citizens vote for TNA. So, result clearly showing 80% of the north east didn’t like ‘Sinhalese rule’ in there land.

    There for Sinhalese has to accept the fact and support Tamils self rule in the northeast to exercise their democratic rights and language rights within Srilanka.

    Stop the blame game and do some thing!

  30. 15. raj
    they are holding a talk with a person whose friend is Gadhafi. What else we need for the credibility of outcome of this talk?

    It is as credible as talking to bunch of people who decided to give away the Tamil political leadership to VP and his murderous thugs for more than 20 years.

    Both sides have no choice in the matter. You talk to the people you have to talk to and not the people you like to talk to in this situation.

  31. A Plan B is being forced on the participants on the track
    record of such political moves. Plan B is usually one
    sided and I wish that no room be given for this to happen.

    The time spent on negotiations, despite the whole thing
    had been gone though by the ARPC, at a cost, and with academical input has only to be presented to the TNA
    requesting suitable amendments for fast-tracking the
    solution? The holding on to drawn-out talks is keep watch on the IC not advancing from another front?

    Otherwise, the whole matter is a political game-play and
    will go on till the end of HEs 2nd Term – for another
    election gimmick. Truly SL Democracy!

  32. #34
    As for me, the current SL Leadership is even worse than VP!! Because he is supposed to look after all the inhabitants of Sri Lanka. But he “chose” to represent only the “sinhala budhist” and did not care about killing,maiming,imprisoning, abducting non sinhala speaking men,women and children. And he was even so inhuman as to celeberate his so called “victory” by distributing kiri bath and destroying the cemeteries!!! How low can anyone who is supposed to be a “leader” of a country go!!!

    It is not a secret how he was elected!!! He broke all the elections rules and found “ways and means” to “get elected” The election commissioner is afraid to come out with the truth for fear of his life!!!

    This is the kind of “Leader” we are talking to!!!

  33. 22. Dushy Ranetunge

    So my prognosis is, Kohona is saving their sorry arses from war crimes in NY while my friends Sajin Vaas and neighbour Nivard are trying to manage and douse the fire up their arses back home.

    So what is this fire at home that Sajin Vaas and Nivard are suppose to be saving the Rajapaksha’s arses from?

    If anyone arses are on fire at home, one would think that it is the so called opposition’s – with a leader who appears to be totally blind to what is happening to his party and who think that it is birthright to lead the UNP and the JVP who would not know of a good political startegy to follow even if one came and hit them on their noses.

  34. The vast majority who endorsed President Rajapaksa’s plan for SL for the third time in 2 years will be keen observers of the TNA talks.

    Going by the “talk” of Mr Premchandran Hon MP and the Mr Rudra the Hon PM , the TNA agenda hasn’t changed.

    For example Mr Premachandran says” Agitations will continueboth locally and overseas until their aims are achived.

    He also says that what they want is what Mr Chelvanayagam demanded and the LTTE subsequently tried hard to get by force.

    If this is the rhetoric of a party which seeks reconciliation . one wonders whether these talks are worthwhile.

    When IRA started talks with the BG, we never heard the Shin Fein leaders making threats against the Briutish Govt.

    Besodes the IRA was never deafeated.

    President Rajapaksa has elevated the vast majority of the Srillakan Nation to a new level of political enlightenment.

    They can not be decieved by opportunistic politics that were palyed in the past.’

    The recent LG polling is a vivid xample that the opportunists who want to dstroy the nation for petty political gains are not tolerated.

    The message is President Rajapaksa must be firm and fair,

    Equal opportunities in Education and Employment in a prosperous Nation. No special privileges like homelands or separate regions based on ethnicity.

    If the TNA agrees to these fair objectives it will be good for everyone.

  35. 22. Dushy Ranetunge – Plan A (Mahinda Regime)
    25. xsrilankan – Plan B (Daispora Tamils)
    6. Surya – Plan C (Member of Public)

  36. Dilshan my friend,

    It is very very clear that YOU are more interested in the ethnic card than TNA, UPFA and all other parties put together.

    In regards to Plan B, it was simply demonstrating a lack of trust on the outcome of these talks. Plan B was saying that TNA should and must have an alternate plan and strategy if the talks fail. It certainly did not mean going back to war!!

    This type of deliberate misinterpretations are the cause of friction among communities. There are a couple of writers who are quick to jump onto the bandwagon.

    You can question the Diaspora all you want but, reality remains that there are differing views among the diaspora Tamils. It is exactly like the the various parties within Sri Lanka.

    Nobody needs to settle for less. Everybody is entitled to the same rights and freedoms. I assume you will agree with that.

    Think about the following that happened during election campaigning:
    1. JVP who said nothing when there was human loss during the war suddenly show sympathy for the Tamils and their rights.
    2. Mervyn Silva with his various statements about intimidation regarding opposition campaigning in Kelaniya.
    3. DM Jayaratne with his false statements at the Emergency debate and then some ministers claiming that the strong protests from India was infact a victory for Sri Lanka.

    So rubbish keeps being spewed from within Sri Lanka. Why is it always the Diaspora?…I think you guys need to get your act together so that the Diaspora can be kept quiet.

  37. 38. Kalu Albert  |  March 21st, 2011 at 1:56 pm 

    Do you mean that Scotland in Britain, Punjab in India, Quebec in Canada, California in the US, Aceh in Thailand should be dismantled? 

    Eelam is the Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka. If you cannot recognise the integrity of Tamil Homeland, how can you expect the Tamils to recognise the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. 

    Federal units are the building blocks of a living nation. By destroying its fabrics you propose to destroy a nation. 

    It’s high time for you to grow up.    ************************************************************* 

  38. #8-dilshan f

    [There is no case of ‘a little now , more later’.]
    i agee with you on that. Just like in northern ireland we have to have a once and for all solution,without itsy bitsy pieces of it. It will be a nuisance for the country and a distraction from its economic development goals if we have to continously revisit this ethnic issue. Once and for all shake hands and bury it forever.That way we can just imagine what happenned after independence was just like a bad dream and move on.

  39. # 40. Diaspora Tamil

    I see two popular opinions among srilankan.

    1. Tamil politicians are not trustworthy and giving more previleges will make way for demanding more rights, finally to achieve Eelam.

    2. Sinhalese politicians are not trustworthy, and asking anything less than Eelam will make way for denial of equal rights for ever, to maintain Sinhalese superiority over Tamils.

    There is mass support for the views of both Sinhalese and Tamil politicians.

    In this context, the talks are bound to fail, if any one expects a fair deal.

    However, it is good if Tamil politicians to take up whatever is offered now ( even if the deal is unfair).

    “Little now, More Later” 🙂

  40. 2. Dr Kumarakuru Vasanthi | March 20th, 2011 at 4:13 pm
    TNA must make wise Plan B
    Plan A – In donoumore commission requested seperate tamil state.

    Plan B Malasiean origine foreginer SJV, Formed political party for seperate state for tamil

    Plan C In 1956 Sathyagraha campain for putting tar on Sri

    Plan D Influenced tamil yourth for killing SINHALA.

    Mind you only one thing god WISHNU is protecting this country,the buddhism and as well as sinhalees. Therefore endless of your plan would not be materialise here.

  41. Joseph #43

    Plan C is being created by MR government as we speak:

    MR has earned the wrath of Indian government by aligning with Chinese. Geopolitically India would therefore like to see escalation of divisions and political instability in Sri Lanka.. India has already got Colombo in hot waters over war crimes. The next step would be for India to surreptitiously encourage Tamil militancy(revival of Plan B as before) since MR is too arrogant to yield anything towards Tamils by way of peace talks.

    How are the Sinhalese going to deal with Plan C when they could not barely deal with Plan B without international help? The trouble with Sinhalese is that they get overconfident too soon.

  42. 44. wathsala   

    As long as the Sinhala-Buddhists have the Mahavamsa mindset and live in the 21st century like the 1st century primitive Barbarians thinking that God Vishnu will protect the Rata-Jathiya-Aagma (country-Sinhala race-Buddhist religion), none of these plans are going to work. The only plan that will work with primitive Barbarians is the same plan they use (I mean primitive plan) in a very strong way.

  43. My Dear Ranjan,

    If the UNP leader loses office he will go home and live his life. Forget war crimes, he is one of the few politicians in Sri Lanka who do not have any allegations of robbing the nation.

    With the Rajapakse’s, if they lose office, they will lose sovereign immunity and will face arrest at home and abroad for crimes against humanity. They need to “manage” read TNA and “control” read Douglas, KP, Karuna etc to keep the volume down, but the fool do not realise that the West already has both satellite and ground evidence, more than what they had in Kosovo.

  44. Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) has won twelve Councils, including Mannar Urban Council, Pradeshiya Sabha, Vavauniya PS, Manathai East PS, Trincomalee UC and Naveenthanveli PS.

    By voting overwhelmingly for the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) at Thursday`s election, the Tamil people in the North and East have demanded a political solution on federal lines, a party spokesman said yesterday.
    While the So called Sinhala bootlicking Patriots may go all over the Moon saying UPFA has won 204 out of 250, they conveniently forget that there are another 64 councils mostly in North East where UPFA is weak & their vote share in the final analysis could go even less than 50% of vote share !

    It is getting clear that from a high of 80% during war, UPFA share has gone below to come to around 50%.

  45. #13-navin

    justice by local standards is more than enough
    yep. agree with you. What is the point of prosecuting the criminals who killied and assaulted all our media personnel and chased them away out of the country. Some are still missing. justice by local standards is more than enough for the tamils. After all what’s good for the goose should be good enough for the gander. If the sinhalese are not complaining about the local justice system even with the former war hero becoming zero,why the hell are tamils complaining. All the noise about justice for the tamils are emanating from the guys who are safely out of reach in foreign climes. Why don’t they come back and talk about justice for the tamils.Honda kane paarak theela justice thennan mun kariballonkta.Kooduwe thala kakul thekama kadala justice themun, unta local justice thamai hondai.

  46. 47. Dushy Ranetunge
    If the UNP leader loses office he will go home and live his life. Forget war crimes, he is one of the few politicians in Sri Lanka who do not have any allegations of robbing the nation
    Mr Ranetunga,
    regarding RW, it will be very interesting if anyone ever audited the finances of UNP and looked at what happened to the millions of dollars that the party received form outside the country to spend in the Presidential elections.

    He will not be rememebered for not robbing the country. He does not have the brains to do that. He does not even realize that in the western political/economic model that he is so desparately trying to force on Sri Lanaka, a loser like him would have been sent packing long time ago.

    He is the biggest asset that Mahinda has going for him.

  47. I hope that the Tamil regions are fully diluted now under our military commander. If not, it will be another Benghazi with Benghazi people only.

    We do not make ‘Gadhafi’ mistake
    This is my position for 63 years.
    Do I sound right now?

  48. Let us not count the chickens before they are hatched.
    If the hen sits beyond the expected time hoping for results, the expected outcome would be disappointing.

  49. DBS Jeyaraj, thank you for ‘promoting understanding between the communities’ – you would be my choice for a Peace Award (which truly represents Nation and Citizens).

  50. ****The president informed the US envoy in unambiguous terms that the talks would be on until positive results were achieved.****
    Talk, talk and find out a way to built smooth relationship. As your Tiger siblings are banned all over the world you need not restrict your courtship during the parliamentary session or inside of the Srilanka parliamentary complex. Do not forget to use contraceptive. Consult Dr Shankar for getting satisfactory result.
    An Eelam citizen

  51. 47. Dushy Ranetunge:

    If the UNP leader loses office he will go home and live his life. With the Rajapakse’s, if they lose office, they will lose sovereign immunity and will face arrest at home and abroad for crimes against humanity.


    You celebrate the guy who was an utter failure in handling LTTE and almost sold us out while demoralizing the man who finally purged that scum from this land.

    For people like you whose children are safe and sound in London, whose future is assured (provided they do not ruin it themselves) you can afford to continue this high moral debate about human rights, how we should and should not have fought the war and criminalize Mahinda for this and that as if similar things are not happening in other theaters of war.

    Unfortunately, people who travel by bus and train in this country, who has to go to government hospitals when they get sick and have to send their children to schools here and in the end have them sell fish if they fail to enter university by one mark do not have that luxry. They cannot have their tax money that should have been spent building roads, schools, hospitals, universities spent on thwarting terror attacks just so that they can go to work and come home safely. The irony is for all your wisdom, you cannot appreciate this basic fact.

  52. 49. shankar:

    “If the sinhalese are not complaining about the local justice system even with the former war hero becoming zero,why the hell are tamils complaining.”


    May be after suffering Tamil terrorism for 30 years they are too warnout to bother about bull fights between media and government or about crocadile tears of an egocentric army commander who is using his jail term to increase his political capital.

    As I have said before, justice for things that happened during the war needs to be taken case by case. Sinhalese politity will have no objection towards prosecuting anyone as far as its not a one sided case. If you want to know whether that woman’s kith and kin are alive somewhere and the family reunited then that certainly fits in. However, if you are not happy with that, but are after bigger fish, then you need a lot more than an international tribunal for you also need a plan for what you are going to do the day after you hang this government for its so called crimes against Tamils. The international justices, jurists will leave after cases have been heard and guilty punished regardless of sentiments of the Sinhalese. Yet, once they leave you meaning Tamils, will be left living in the N & E with south frowning at you. But does this situation not look awfully similar to how things were in 1948 when the British left the country? May be the plan is to put up the great wall of Tamil Eelam before the peace keepers are sent back.

  53. 38. Kalu Albert
    “No special privileges like homelands or separate regions based on ethnicity. Equal opportunities in Education and Employment in a prosperous Nation.”

    – No Equal opportunities
    in sharing the Power/Autonomy?

    “President Rajapaksa has elevated the vast majority of the Srillakan Nation to a new level of political enlightenment.”

    – You mean like Gadafi? Good Luck!


  54. My Dear Ranjan,

    I have been in and out of the Wickremasinghe house since the age of 6 and I know that they have not stolen from the country or the people of Sri Lanka.

    I also do not think anyone will dispute the fact that if he was in power today;

    (1) Sri Lankan economy would be performing for better.
    (2) We will not be trying to defend our arses from war crimes charges.
    (3) We will have better quality of friends than the present China, Russia, Libya, Iran, Burma and Maldives.
    (4) our country will have a better quality of peace than the present situation where the North and the East is like Tibet under China with military “peace”.
    (5) Mahinda seeing him as an asset is irrelevant, as he also sees Mervin Silva and that hunger strike till death Weerawansa also as assets. Mihin air is also as asset. Have you tried that fast train from Katunayake airport to colombo? another asset. Gadaffy was also an asset……

  55. #51 SenC,

    Another reason to dilute the areas occupied by Tamils could be to make it easy to eliminate them once and for all at the next organised riot!!….That is just a Tamil prespective….I am sure the Sinhalese people are not like that and they never take part in riots!!

    The Tamils then will have no place to run and no place to hide!!…..This is why some positives should come out of the talks and the TNA must ensure that the Tamil people are a free people!!….

    Freedom of movement, de-militarisation, removal of these zones set up by the army, harassment by Govt backed para-militaries and few other basic stuff!!

    We can worry about other stuff later. Diluting Tamil areas is just racist thinking!!….Sorry mate do not agree!!

  56. 59. Dushy Ranetunge:

    (1)-(5). What an immature/bias post coming from a so called experienced political writer/journalist. You are a better joker than Nishantha Muthuhettigama.

  57. 59. Dushy Ranetunge

    With out trying to predict what he would do if he was in power now, wouldn’t’ it be more useful and relevant to see his track record is?

    (1) did SL economy perform better when he was the PM? Did he d well when he was the education minister? Can he inspire anyone as a leader?
    (2) Did the country have a better peace under his cease fire agreement? Remember how many violations, bomb attacks under the cease fire agreement?
    (3) As for quality of friends, there are no friends in international diplomacy, only common interests. People who go on and on about Gadaffy being Mahinda’s friend should also remember that only two years ago he was considered such a good friend of the West that UK had absolutely no problem about releasing the Pan Am bomber so the British Petroleum could get access to Libyan oil. Do you think that when Churchill and Roosevelt sat down with Stalin, they were worried about the quality of the friend that they were keeping?
    (4) War crimes charges – may be MR should face war crime charges, I don’t know if he gave specific orders to bomb civilians. If he is to be held responsible for actions of SL army causing civilian deaths, should every single US president since WWII should be charged also? Should Tony Blair be charged with war crimes on Iraq? Should Colin Powell should be charged with lying to UN? By the same token, what about the other human rights tragedy that happened in SL between 88-90 that is completely forgotten now? Should your family friend be held responsible for his government’s equally brutal reaction to JVP? Have you ever mentioned the word “Batalanda” in front of your friend from your childhood? Ever wonder why the likes of Human Rights Watch is silent when it comes to that? How is that he can travel to countries like US and UK without any fear of arrest for human right violations?

    (5) I did not say that Mahinda sees RW as an asset. Just by being in the position that he is in, RW is being an asset. When people see MR and RW side by side, who do you think they would prefer as a leader?

    If you care for this country as you pretend to be and if you are RW’s family friend, may be you can do all of us a huge favour. Go and talk to him, cry or plead. Tell him that his time as the leader of UNP is up. Tell him that he he has demonstrated conclusively that he can not lead this party or the country. Tell him that the people have absolutely no faith in him. Biggest favour that he can do for us and for the country is to leave the party, and let someone competent take the leadership and rebuild the party so that it can regain its old glory. It is essential that they form an effective opposition to Mahinda.

  58. #40 Diaspora Tamil,

    I personally do not like Ethnic card on any political party. I do not like ‘Hela’ Urumaya as well as ‘Muslim’ congress.
    These are vote gaining tactics playing the ethnic card game. I do not like ‘Sinhala’ maha vidyalayas as well as ‘Tamil maha vidyalayas. All communities should learn together. Thats why DBSJ and I can be proud of our ethnic roots but do also love the other Ethnic groups. For friendships as formed as children are not maligned or tainted with money land, or power.
    The diaspora will always be suspect as well as the JVP or TNA. Its difficult to believe that while Somawansa who was part of the Murders carried out during the JVP urprising is around and other TNA who kept their mouth shut while innocent villagers were getting murdered are still driving the political parties their parties will get any respect. Perhaps only the spots in the coat have become invisible. The claws and blood lust are temporary hidden. Goons like Mervyn Silva will always be there because of Goats casting votes.!!
    The Diaspora will never come back!!!!!!…

  59. comment #56

    Says it all!!! What is under the “sugar coated reconcilliation” is coming out. Now the cat is out of the bag. It looks like the sinhalese were waiting for the British to leave to punish the hard working, successful Tamils. All the organised pogroms against the Tamils and the escalated atrocities which culminated in the genocide would have happened any way with or without the Tigers!!!

    Is this a threat to keep the victims to shut up and bear, what ever the sinhalese are going to do in the future too!!!

  60. The following article might explain why the talks are still going on with a reluctant GOSL, which tried to buckle it with an assassination attempt on a TNA MP, albeit one who seems to be not very popular with his colleagues.I agree with DBSJ that regardless of what happens the TNA must keep on going for the talks because it must not allow sonia to stop holding the tail and let someone else hold it like the wily JR did with the immature rajiv.Let sonia and the lion run round and round, and the TNA should dutifully go for the talks and shout to high heavens if the talks are being delayed or sham.Let us see whether mahinda makes the same mistake that prabha did and takes on india thinking he has a protector in china. TNA must not make the mistake of making unreasonable demands because then they give an opportunity for mahinda and sonia to wriggle out of their running around game.


  61. Wake up india.Why is china giving these special concessions only to srilanka. There are many more goodies to come from bhuddhist china.Are you going to match it?Or are you going to come to an mutually satisfactory arrangement, china getting the bhuddhist sinhalese and india having the hindu tamils of the northeast. China gets hambantota harbour while india gets trincomalee harbour. While sonia holding lions tail and running aound, mahinda is holding the dragons tail, and the dragon isn’t even running.It is licking mahinda’s face.


  62. 60. Diaspora Tamil
    Another reason to dilute the areas occupied by Tamils could be to make it easy to eliminate them once and for all at the next organised riot!!….That is just a Tamil prespective…
    Look at the bright side….If that happens, GOSL will never be able to bomb the Tamil areas indiscriminately because then they will be bombing their own as well!

    So what you will get is a set of people who are willing to be human shields by living in Tamil areas.

  63. Comment # 59,


    * Mr Velupillai Prabakaran would have been the CM with his own Army, Navy Police and an AF as well

    * Tamil Diaspora and the Colombo buddies would have had their Holiday Homes along Nilaweli & Pasikuda Beach.

    * Messers Nedu Seeman and Valiko wpuld have been holding strategy meetings with the CM on a regular basis for next assignment ie the Greater Eelam.

    Us peasants in the South would have had to get an Eelam Visa to worship at Nagadeepa and Seruvilla.

    Looking back we are ever grateful to Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe for enlightening and motivating us to fight for the unity of our country and our Nation.

  64. # 67. Ranjan, Toronto

    I agree.

    Sinhalese settlement in Tamil areas, will backfire them, if rebellion by war torn Tamils rise up in future .

  65. 67. Ranjan, Toronto

    Look at the bright side….If that happens, GOSL will never be able to bomb the Tamil areas indiscriminately because then they will be bombing their own as well!


    The Gadaffi bombed his own people indiscriminately using Air Force.

    Justice is now catching up with him.

    You people have used the Air Force to indiscriminately kill the Tamils……I don’t want to say anything to this further.

    But whatever it is what could compensate the people who were killed due to air strikes?

  66. I am getting sick of reading responses of tamils & sinhalese ( most are ex Srilankans).

    no end to the blame game. Every one has several poinst to over ride the other ones point.

    The most educated ex Sri Lankans ! can u please keep quite. Let the Sri Lankans living in the island solve their own problems. You all are out of this land u have no problem of justice or equality.

    U can shout but no one down here listen to u, as ur votes do not count in ballot. Get it right !

    TNA has a dual responsibility as the major political party elected by majority tamils.
    1. To fulfill the immediate basic needs of the war victims.

    2. To negotiate with the govenment & other political parties aswell and win their confidence.

    3. They also has do understand the pulse of the majority sri lankans than dancing to the tune of TN and Tamil diaspora.
    4. TNA needs to win the confidence of all communities, other than tamils, to reach a sustainable and a peaceful solution to their lost rights.

    5. There never had been a greater oppertunity to uplift the lives of people who suffered a prolonged conflict. If TNA plays the cards wrong /gets mixed up the tamils will suffer further.

    6. Always remember most of southern politicians & their policies are driven by poplular vote. Therefore do not distance yourselves from the majority sri lankans. No way out, all of us need to live in this tiny tear drop island. Therefore it is important to understand each other.

    7. Look at the fishermen senario, can the northern fishermen protect their waters from the TN fishermen?? What is the stand of TNA on this issue?


  67. My Dear Navin,

    I am just expressing my observations as I have interacted with different politicians in Sri Lanka, because they are relatives, family friends or school friends.

    I have no confidence in Premadasa because I am aware of certain tendencies with light fingers in that family.

    I have/had confidence in Kadirgamer, Karu, and Ranil and I know that I will be unpopular for saying so, but hey, I am not in a popularity contest.

    My Dear Ranjan,

    I am sure there are exceptions, but generally the economy performs better under UNP governments in Sri Lanka and under conservative governments in the UK, both of whose policies result in an expansion of the private sector.

    Under Rajapakse, the state is growing and the private sector is being nationalised.

    As for inspiration as a leader, I accept that Sri Lankans at present seem to prefer Rajapakse type as a leader. They also thought that Gadaffi was like a mega star when he visited the country and Tamils thought that Velu was a mega star like MGR.

    I have lived most of my life in the UK and I would prefer, Kadirgamer, Karu Jayasuriya, Ranil Wickremasinghe type as leader. Its simply my preference. I do not see Gaddafi as a mega star like the rest of Sri Lankans. So I have certain differences with the preferences of Sri Lankan herd.

    PANAM bomber was not released for BP. He was released because the government was advised that he was ill and was dying and they did not want him to die in a British prison. Sri Lankans either twist things to support their theories , or always grabs the wrong end of the stick.

    Churchill and Roosevelt had stalin and everyone else with them. Mahinda mama has Gadaffi and no one in the West wants to shake his hand and he leaves London in a hurry leaving his bags behind.

    I will quote you a “professional” diplomat, H.M.G.S. Palihakkara from a BBC report dated 16th Feb 2011.


    “Sri Lankakn governments, and the political parties, had shown a failure of leadership and that therefore “external prescriptions become inevitable” with the country facing intense international attention.”

    “diplomacy was not a “zero sum game of cultivating one or one set of friends at the expense of another”. Instead, it was about seeking common ground.”


    Once again you are grabbing the wrong end of the stick with your interpretation of war crimes.

    Killing civilians as collateral damage is not a war crime. Its a bit like buddhism my friend. If you kill without knowing, it is not a sin. If you kill deliberately, it is a sin.

    Sri Lankan war crimes allegations do not relate to killing Tamil civilians in the heat of the battle. It relates to deliberate extra judicial executions.

    In a court of law, if the Americans, British and the Sri Lankans could demonstrate that their targeting procedure has integrity and that it led them to believe that it was a legitimate target, but later it was revealed to be a civilian target, it will not constitute a war crime.

    Sri Lankan war crime allegations relate to deliberate extra judicial executions of those who had surrendered or the deliberate bombing of a hospital. Our intelligent Defence Secretary appeared on BBC and said that he will bomb hospitals outside the no fire zone. Remember?

    Wasn’t there some investigations into Batalanda? What did they say? If HRW is quiet, it is because there is nothing for them to shout about. If there is evidence, it should be produced and the guilty prosecuted.

    You seem to be somewhat blind or ignorant of the situation. Ranil was never President and therefore the chain of command does not end at his door. With Rajapakse, as president, he is also the Commander-in -chief of the armed forces and he is legally and constitutionally directly responsible. He has further put his head round the noose, because his brothers run the show and its a family affair. As the US Ambassador’s wiki leaks indicates the trail leads to their door as being directly legally responsible.

    I understand the UNP constitution has been changed and all office holders will be elected, so there is no problem, we can have a new UNP leader and more of the old.

    I am sad for Sri Lanka. I am glad that I gained British citizenship and my children will not be at the mercy of third rate uneducated peasants as leaders.

    Obama is from Harvard. Camaron is from Eaton and Oxford. Manmohan Singh is from Oxford and Cambridge. Our leadership is from the University of Ananda and Thurston.

    Have you read in the press about Rajapakse’s ancestral home “carlton” in Tangalle? Well its not. It was owned by the Wickremasuriyas and the Rajapakse’s rented it and then stopped paying rent and took it over. Now they con everyone claiming it to be their ancestral home carlton.

    They are conning the peasants and one day, you will realise it and as usual for Sri Lanka, it will be too late.

    The fact that I was in and out of the Wickremasinghe house from the age of 6 does not mean that I am a UNP voter, as I am a British citizen and has never voted in Sri Lanka.

    I have also been in and out of the Bandaranayake residences since infancy and I remember Anura as a child in shorts and a elephant in the grounds at Horagolla. My mother worked with Sirima in the Mahila Samithi before Sirima became Prime Minister and there are loads of correspondence between the two at home. That does not make me a SLFP voter.

    You guys are quick to attach political labels. Perhaps its a Sri Lankan thing.

  68. Everyone and his dog seem to bring up Gaddafi these days. What has he got to do with Sri Lanka? Just because Mahinda visited Libya and had a telephone conversation with the guy, now Sri Lanka and Libya are somehow two halves of the same pea? In that case given that Tony Blair and Silvio Burlesconi also visited him, UK and Italy are Libya’s strongest allies?

    But since that you brought up his name let me point out a few things.

    Gaddafi could not even blink his eyes, the West started bombing his forces. He did not even have time to start attacking the rebel strongholds, he was just massing his army just outside Bengazi getting ready for the attack. Justice is not catching up to him. Justice was over the Lybian skys bombing the hell out of Gaddafi even before he could really start.

    Compare that to Sri Lanka. When the last stage Sri Lankan war went on for more than 3 months with horrendous civilian casualties, the West and the International community pretty much did nothing. No protective bombing by NATO, no resolutions in the UN. Ever wonder why?

    Could it be that the world realized that even with the enormous civilian causalities, this was the best out of a set of really bad options?

  69. 74. Ranjan,Toronto

    Why are you talking only about the last stages of the war.

    How many times have you people the Tamil areas with the air power.

    Think about it.

  70. 72. Dushy Ranetunge:

    Obama is from Harvard. Camaron is from Eaton and Oxford. Manmohan Singh is from Oxford and Cambridge. Our leadership is from the University of Ananda and Thurston.


    You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this kind of horse shit. I feel very sorry for you.

  71. 72. Dushy Ranetunge:

    In a court of law, if the Americans, British and the Sri Lankans could demonstrate that their targeting procedure has integrity and that it led them to believe that it was a legitimate target, but later it was revealed to be a civilian target, it will not constitute a war crime.


    Oh, they can do much better. They have already demonstrated at American courts that those BlackWater mercenaries who shot and killed 17 Iraqi civilians were innocent. They even demonstrated that Raymond Davis has diplomatic immunity when diplomatic immunity does not apply when the accused has committed a grave crime in the host country.

    You are just throwing around lofty ideals without any basis or analysis. I’m sure there are enough people in Colombo cocktail circuits who are ready to rally around and cheer you when you talk like this.


    Sri Lankan war crime allegations relate to deliberate extra judicial executions of those who had surrendered or the deliberate bombing of a hospital. Our intelligent Defence Secretary appeared on BBC and said that he will bomb hospitals outside the no fire zone. Remember?


    Why are you writing this type of nonsense? Those who can think will immediately recognize lies and half truths but there are enough gullible fools like Mahesh around who will run riot on hearing this sort of misinformation.

    The defense secretary must be a total jack ass to make such a statement to any media let alone BBC. The Geneva convention clearly states that one shall refrain from bombing hospitals, places of worship etc. UNLESS they are been used for military purpose. Hence it is perfectly legitimate to attack terrorists firing at troops from a hospital. I’m pretty sure the government would have gone way beyond what is required by Geneva convention and taken every precaution to minimize harming civilians when operating near any civilian infrastructure. Not because of Geneva convention but because of respect for humanity.

    The defense secretary, clearly been a non-native speaker of English cannot articulate his thoughts clearly to English media. To take such an interview and twist it around is so pathetic for a Sri Lankan.

    As for shooting those LTTE cut throats who wanted to surrender at the 11th hour, whoever did it, if anyone indeed did so, did the world a favor by sending them to their graves. Since you brought the topic of Gaddafi, did you see the response of the coalition of the willing to Gaddafi’s ceasefire? Did they allow themselves to be fooled by Gaddafi’s tricks?

    Similarly, Sri Lankan government has every right to decide whether they are going to eliminate LTTE this way or let them live and hang them later. How is this different from Obama signing off death warrants to Al-Qaeda suspects? You may say that there have been no attempts by them to surrender at the last minute. Well, is that surprising when western media knowingly withheld the fact that Raymond Davis was a CIA contractor on the request of Obama administration?

  72. Positive Forward Movement in Govt-TNA dialogue – By DBS Jeyaraj

    I had the chance to read this article and the subsequent comments by various readers. It is a great compliment to the writer to air his views on issues of political importance in the country, especially those affecting the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka.

    Besides, this provides a space for people to express their views. Since DBS’s articles are of serious character, people read and make their comments. Congrats, Mr. DBS.

    I read this article at least three times in order to do a content analysis. I thought that I would share the results of my analysis here for the readers.

    There are many players in this article. Some actors are behind the scene while others are on the stage.
    1. Government of Sri Lanka
    2. Tamil National Alliance – TNA
    3. Tamil Media, both printed media and electronic media.
    4. The event – Peace Talk
    5. Tamil media of the Diaspora
    6. Tamils living in Sri Lanka
    7. Sri Lankan Security Forces
    8. Buddhist Monks in the country.
    9. Govt delegation – ministers appointed by the President
    10. TNA delegation – appointed by the TNA leadership
    11. Ministry of Defence

    The author in the first page says, “ the Govt-TNA political dialogue is the best thing that happened in the sphere of ethnic relations in the country…”

    In the next paragraph, the writer gives a pat to the president for taking the initiative for this move.

    On page four, the author enumerates the issues raised by the TNA in the first round of talk:
    a. removal or reduction of high security zones
    b. disarmament of persons or groups bearing arms illegally in the North and East
    c. the fate of 600-800 Tamils being detained from pre-May 2009

    The responses to these issues were disappointing to TNA. To use the author’s words, “…the TNA was rather disappointed with the Govt. response.”

    The government ministers denied the existence of high security zones.
    The government that denied the existence of armed groups earlier, said that an amnesty would be announced for surrender.
    There was a confusion with regard to the detainees.

    The government delegation affirmed that there was a database of detainees available in Vavuniya and the kith and kin of the missing persons could avail themselves of this service. Things were not clear on this.

    The writer criticises the main stream of the Tamil media for highlighting above issues and casting aspirations of skepticism with the regard to the dialogue. DBS affirms that it is not helpful, in his opinion.

    On page five, the author, DBS, says, “ …there had been commendable progress in the larger issue of devolution.” (page 7)

    Again on page 10, the writer mentions, “Both sides made significant progress on the discussions on devolution.”

    There are no details of this ‘commendable progress’ chalked out in this article. The readers would be interested to know some details of this progress.

    On the bottom page of number 7, DBS writes, “Resentment over immediate issues however prickly should not lead to a situation where the talks collapse. President Rajapaksha has the power and capacity to deliver on maximum devolution provided a consensus can be arrived at. That opportunity should not be missed.”.

    The analysis of the article reveals that above paragraph contains the very purpose of writing the article. This is the focal point of the author’s hard work.

    The first part of the quoted paragraph is very significant for the Tamil politicians and for the Tamils both in and outside the country.

    But the caveat or condition proposed by the writer himself for the president to deliver the goods at the end of the day is pretty onerous. The caveat reads as follows, “provided a consensus can be arrived at.”

    This article leaves a great challenge of the possibility of arriving at a consensus? Can the executive president accomplish this task?

    The critics who raise this issue, will arm themselves with many facts from history.
    There are many factors that the president has to consider:
    1. The military –
    2. Buddhist Monks
    3. Defence Secretary
    4. Sinhala Nationalistic Mindset

    1. In spite of the court ruling, the military continued to take photographs of the people in the North. The military could have lived without doing that. But they did continue.

    2. Already 1983, when the 13 soldiers were ambushed in Jaffna, the military demanded for a public funeral service in Colombo and the government had to bow down to their demand that triggered the racial riot.

    3. Given the freedom and power to the military in the defeat of the Tamil militancy, 1how far a political leadership is going to get the needed consensus from the military for power sharing.
    4. The factor of Buddhist monks is going to be very significant as has been the case in the past.
    5. His own brother who had gone on record to say the following about the peace talk between the Tigers and Rajapaksha government. “Who cared about the peace talk? We were preparing for a all out war during the peace talk.” Can he be serious now?
    6. The Sinhala Nationalistic mindset will be an obstacle for consensus.

    Let us Hope For the Best.

    Mr. DBS Jeyaraj is an experienced political analyst and he is aware of these issues. I presume that he has some ‘inside information’ on which he bases his conclusions.

    Though, this article brings out the ‘negativities’ on the part of the government delegation and the lethargic attitude of the government, [I read somewhere that the former prime minister was late for the meeting with the TNA delegation! There was no mention of it in the article] yet in the conclusion of the article, the writer recommends ‘continued effort and good will’ from the part of the Tamils. This is a noteworthy point to consider.

    The Tamils, especially the ones who live in the country, are the people who are delighted to see that that dialogue of between the Government and TNA makes a FAST FORWARD MOVEMENT. That is the reason that TNA received a renewed mandate at the last local government elections.

    Thanks to Mr. DBS Jeyaraj for giving me the opportunity to share my views on your article.

    Dr. Kathir

  73. It is no surprise Professor G.L. Peiris condemns UN action against Gaddafi. A well educated man like Professor Peiris should resign from the government for his shameful acti to save his reputation.It is sad, however that we are the only country to speak out in defence of Gaddafi. Regardless whether we are Sinhalese or Tamil, we should roundly condemn the nefarious actions of Gaddafi, MR and VP who turn against their own people. Buddhism does not condone such actions.

  74. 74. Ranjan,Toronto | March 23rd, 2011 at 8:13 am
    Compare that to Sri Lanka. When the last stage Sri Lankan war went on for more than 3 months with horrendous civilian casualties, the West and the International community pretty much did nothing

    No oil reserves in Sri Lanka !!

  75. 58. Kanthaya Albert | March 22nd,
    No Equal opportunities
    in sharing the Power/Autonomy?

    Are u ready for power sharing with pillayan, Karuna, DD & KP ?

  76. # 74. Ranjan,Toronto
    Compare that to Sri Lanka. When the last stage Sri Lankan war went on for more than 3 months with horrendous civilian casualties, the West and the International community pretty much did nothing. No protective bombing by NATO, no resolutions in the UN. Ever wonder why?

    Could it be that the world realized that even with the enormous civilian causalities, this was the best out of a set of really bad options?


    Thanks to India & China, west could not take any actions against Srilanka.

  77. 65. shankar | March 22nd, 2011
    While sonia holding lions tail and running aound, mahinda is holding the dragons tail, and the dragon isn’t even running.It is licking mahinda’s face.

    I can picture the cartoon. U could become a good political cartoonist. its a compliment.

    Any way the dragon is not afraid of anyone to be open about the relationship with MR.

    However the Indian relationship with MR is duplicity. To the world they show what u said running around but behind close doors they too embrace each other.

    The world leaders are not too different from each other they have interests only. They are very clever at fooling people.

    The problem with us is that we think these powers will give us the answer to our problems. its only a dilusion. The outsiders don’t care 2 hoots even if we rot in a living hell !!

    Its time that we all wake up and change our attitude towards each other. Solving our problems are within our reach, if we care and reach out to each other.

    It is an absolute necessity to understand the different cultures and people within the country. Our country is so small and only 2 languages and 4 religions ! what’s the big deal ??

    The answers are simple, if we don’t make them complex for selfish ambitions.

    Also we need to plead with God to give the correct balance and get rid of most of these politicians!!

  78. Hi Comrades
    I m Dispora Tamil but this is nothing to do with sri lankan politics at all.when you sort one problem the other one emerge thts the way of life.
    Now we dispora tamils consitute for all Tamils regardless of languages or nationality they adept.we started with Vaddukoodai but now we are focusing in wider world we formed Global Tamil Forum along with TGTE we got Prime Minister surely should you all have seen our Hon PM giving the cheque to Japan hirachey we got lot of mission latley you will see it.

    One thing should have been noticed that as the satyagraga we elite tamils still not to accept the sinhala but as coolective we got french tamils swiss german or dutch but above all englissh speaking tamils what a pride even that genaration says that they dont know tami as a parent what a relife
    But born in 1965 in trpical Jaffna but my birth cerificate is in english so its essy to get pasport but when i go to schools studied in T amil but my parents were eager to study sinhala in jafna not my father but my mother as a small child i ask her why do you want to study the languge hard for you but she said if she pass so called pay incriment but its wise versa as well if we can come and live in toronto or london why cant any one come and live in killinochi but not jaffna.

    Shanker may help me out here rather than go to TN or Kerala why cant we have only chankilliyan for only for Yalppanam

  79. 43. sjoseph | March 21st,
    “Little now, More Later”


    Please take note this attitude of tamil political leaders had caused doubts & mistrust among other communities of SL.

    First the tamil politicians should win the confidence of the majority and the ruling party. That they are not against them.

    If the majority fails to see the genuiness of tamil political leaders there will not be a sustainable solution within our reach.
    No more games please. We are serious about this dialog and hoping for a positive out come. It should be beneficial for the country as a whole not only for tamils.

    The mindset of looking at each other as enemies should change. There will never be a sustainable & a peaceful solution if the attitudes within changes towards eachother.

    Tamils have to understand & feel sinhalese are not against the. Also in the same wave length sinhalese & moslems should feel tamils are not against them either.

    the wounds are very deep but we need to over come bitterness and hatred to look forward to a amicable existance within this tiny island nation.
    No choice if we don’t overcome these, then to jump in to the indian ocean !!

  80. #72 Mr Ranetunge

    You have touched on many things, I will try to respond to a few.

    It is not that economy performs better under the UNP. A market economy will always perform better than a state controlled one. In the 60s and 70s there was this clear difference between UNP run economy and SLFP run economy because one was more market based while the other was not. That distinction is almost not there anymore. Sri Lanka economy, regardless of who is in power is market controlled now.

    Your comment about Gadaffi being treated like a mega star, that was in 76 when he was there to attend the Non-aligned Countries summit. At that time, not only Sri Lankans, pretty much half the world treated him like a rock star.

    If you think, it is the Sri Lankans who are claiming that Pan Am Bomber was released in exchange for oil deals for British Petroleum, go on the web and search under “Pan Am bomber” you will see hundreds of articles. Here is the link to one http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D9LJ76B00.htm This is not a Sri Lankan news article. Here is an interesting part from that which reads:

    “Blair’s role was particularly vital in Gadhafi’s international rehabilitation. The former British prime minister flew to Libya in 2004, holding talks with Gadhafi inside a Bedouin tent. He praised the leader for ending Libya’s nuclear and chemical weapons program and stressed the need for new security alliances in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. British commercial deals soon followed.

    Britain sold Libya about 40 million pounds ($55 million) worth of military and paramilitary equipment in the year ending Sept. 30, 2010, according to Foreign Office statistics. Among the items: sniper rifles, bulletproof vehicles, crowd control ammunition, and tear gas.

    “What did the Foreign Office think Colonel Gadhafi meant to do with sniper rifles and tear gas grenades — go mole hunting?” asked Britain’s Guardian newspaper.”

    So Mr. Ranetunga, it is not only Mahinda that went to see Gadaffi and held hands with him. This is the hypocrisy of the West that you so admire. I can dig up many more examples, but I think you do get my drift here. If you really believe that Pan Am bomber was released because he was dying (he is still very much alive) and that they did not want him to die in a Brit prison, you must still believe in tooth fairy and Santa Claus too. He is a convicted mass murderer. Why would anyone case if he dies in a prison or not? The only reason he was released was that Libya would not allow British Petroleum into the country nor Brit firms could sell arms to Libya until UK released the guy. It is not the Sri Lankans that have grabbed the wrong end of the stick, but it is you who are blinded by the sanctimonious moral posturing of the West.

    You say that Mahinda mama does not have the West to shake hands with him. Who cares if the West does not want to shake hands with us? I am sure you know all about GPS+ and the EU position. They came up with 15 requirements that Sri Lanka would have to meet if the GPS+ tax concessions were to be restored. Did you see what those requirements were? They would not have been acceptable to a village council let alone a sovereign country. The government, to its credit, said “go to hell” to EU and the GPS+ was withdrawn with great fanfare and with likes of Ranil wiling how the Sri Lankan garment industry was going to collapse. In the end what happened? One year later, the export of garments from Sri Lanka has increased significantly. So even the EU delegation that toured Sri Lanka last month had to admit that GPS+ is a non-issue today and that the government is not interested in it either.

    Now let’s talk about war crimes and civilian killings. So now you say that killing civilians as collateral damage is not a war crime. That is interesting. Anytime the West bombs a city or a location and civilians are killed that is termed “collateral damage” absolutely acceptable. However, when SLAF bombs LTTE positions and when civilians get killed, that is a war crime? Much has been written about how SLAF targeted hospitals deliberately. Has anyone talked about the fact that there was LTTE artillery nearby these place? You say that “In a court of law, if the Americans, British and the Sri Lankans could demonstrate that their targeting procedure has integrity and that it led them to believe that it was a legitimate target, but later it was revealed to be a civilian target, it will not constitute a war crime.” The estimates for civilian casualties in Iraq ranges from about 200,000 to a 1,000,000 for the time period that US has been there. How may court cases have been there either in US, UK or in the World Court to determine if the American/British targeting procedures have been such that it can be established that these were legitimate targets? Can you name a single case Mr Ranetunga? Or can you enlighten us why the International Human Rights Industry is so quiet about that and is going after Sri Lanka? You now say that Sri Lankan war crime allegations relate to deliberate extra judicial executions of those who had surrendered. But in this same blog, you were boasting how the West had satellite imagery, much better than in some other cases, and how Mahinda was going to get what is coming to him soon after he leaves the office. So are you insinuating that this super duper satellite imagery is going to establish and show the surrendered LTTErs being killed? The other question is, if the evidence is so strong, why wait till he leaves the office? The West did not wait for the President of Sudan to leave the office before charging him.

    Then, you go on to say how Obama is from Harvard and Camaron is from Oxford, and how our leadership is from Ananda and Thurstan. Too bad Mr Ranetunga, we all can not be from Oxbridge via Royal and St. Thomas. Some of us had to go to places like Thurstan and U of SL Katubedde Campus. But when I think of those old Thomians and Royalists with degrees and double doctorates from places like Oxford, Sorbornne and London School of Economics, who ran our blessed land in the 50s, 60s and 70s and where these luminaries led our country to, I am pretty glad that I came from Thurstan. I thought this kind of snobbery, where you were somebody if you went to Royal or St. Thomas, went out of fashion some time back. I can see that some can not get rid of such nonsense.

    Finally, let me tell you that, my folks are from the south of the Benthara ganga. My extended family is spread through out the towns and villages down the southern coast including Tangalle. In fact Wickramasooriya’s of Tangalle, Beliattha and the surrounding area are related to me. So you can not tell me anything new about Rajapaksha’s that I don’t know already.

  81. 74 Ranjan

    I want to add to the comments made by Ranjan.

    If the west is genuine about their version of human rights, they should first bomb North Korea instead of Libya. If they touch North Korea they will learn the lesson. But west is going after soft targets like Sri Lanka and Libya.

  82. 73. Somapala | March 23rd, 2011 at 3:28 am

    Mahinda has massacred over 40,000 civilians in the name of killing a mad man from Vanni.

    I do not understand what’s there for you to boast about Mahinda the mass murderer.

  83. “74. Ranjan,Toronto  |  March 23rd, 2011 at 8:13 amEveryone and his dog seem to bring up Gaddafi these days. What has he got to do with Sri Lanka? Just because Mahinda visited Libya and had a telephone conversation with the guy, now Sri Lanka and Libya are somehow two halves of the same pea? In that case given that Tony Blair and Silvio Burlesconi also visited him, UK and Italy are Libya’s strongest allies?”

    Government supporters protest over Libya near UN’s Sri Lanka officeMar 24, 2011, 7:31 GMT Colombo – Government supporters protested outside the United Nations office in Sri Lanka’s capital Thursday, condemning the UN’s stance on the Libyan conflict and airstrikes carried out there. An estimated 500 pro-government supporters chanted slogans and displayed placards against the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon and the organization. ‘We are against the biased behaviour of the UN on Libya in favour of the US and Britain,’ said the leader of the National Freedom Front party, Wimal Weerawansa, who is also a cabinet minister. ‘The people of Libya should decide how to resolve their own internal problems,’ he said. Sri Lanka on Wednesday condemned the airstrikes on Libya. External Affairs Minister G L Peiris told Parliament that Sri Lanka does not approve of the US-led airstrikes. ‘The airstrikes are harming civilians and are a violation of the territorial integrity of an independent country,’ the minister said. Sri Lanka has had a close relationship with Libya. President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited Libya in September 2009 to attend celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of the revolution that brought Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi to power.

  84. #74 Ranjan,

    There is no Sympathy for Polpot or Prabhakaran.
    Wiki leaks show that foreign Ambassadors send Diary notes back to their Governments. The Activities of the Diaspora aligned to LTTE and the fund raising was known.
    The Govt in Sri Lanka is democratically elected. We dont have oil.The LTTE was declared persona- no- grata in most countries. LTTE itself was not democratic.

    There is simply no comparison to the current unrest in the Middle east to the suffering of ordinary people in Sri Lanka for over 30 yrs.

  85. # 72 Dushy R

    May be you should have worked too for a ‘Mahila Samithi’ with Sirimavo like your mum, then it would have been some productive to SL society than the mess you’re making here. 🙂

    Other than the mere criticism that anybody can come up about SL and south asia sort politics, you had/have no brains to suggest a practical way out from current prboelms that SL was/is facing.

    You fail to understand the comparative advantage that MR brought to SL against Ranil in a crucial stage that a terrorist group waited to overun govt defences. You don’t respect the common people’s interests other than talking B/Shit about some cocktail networks that you are surrounded by.

    Mannn.. it is high time for you to understand being around Wickramasinghes, Bandaranaike’s or Jayawardane’s does NOT make you any expert of intepreting current SL politics that SL people are capable of better handling with.

  86. #72 Dushy Ranatunge,

    I note your reply to Navin and Ranjan, I also note that perhaps you are out of Sri Lanka for some time. I too was of the opinion that the UNP would have better economic progress ect ect and the Rajapkses were SLFP, socialist ect ect.

    However times have changed here in Sri Lanka. Slowly but surely those who supported UNP for reasons of loyalty have changed their stance. Ranil may be a Mr Clean, Super economist ect and I have no doubt. But he does lack leadership qualities that can unify a nation and its people. Both Chandrika and Mahinda can do that. they have that common touch. So did Premadasa.

    But life goes on here. Life is tough cost of living is high but peace is there.

    Rajapakse may not be the best that Sri Lanka deserves but He is the best we have as of now.

    Corruption was there both under UNP and the present regime.

    With best wishes

    Dilshan F

  87. 46. Balan | March 22nd, 2011 at 3:22 am
    It seem to be you are not believing god VISHNU.
    You can say sinhalees blocked the SATHYGRAHA campagin and the concequences.


    Chandrika was willing to handover entire North and East to Prabakaren for the atleast 10 years.

    Who prevented it.

  88. I have made the comment in the last report that the dialogue between Government of Sri Lanka and TNA is only a show to international interest parties. Particularly those who want to make investigation on the war crimes not only that Srilanka facing some economical challenges, that is the government should increase the total GDP to enhance the people living standard.
    So that the government should increase the GDP by attracting the foreign investments.These all only possible that the Government should show the international parties that they are on progress of the ethinic conflict. This is just show only. Well the writer highlighted that disarming the paramilitary, What is reality is all the paramilitaries are operating with the government forces. Especially Devenanda, Karunai, Pillaian etc. If government want to disarm they can do it within 24hrs; do you thing the government will do so? They have temporary stopped the killings in North and east after the continuous murders in Jaffna because of power full nations warned the Government. Very soon the government will start the killings, Could be start from one of the TNA MPs.

    What is immediate step is to apply pressure on the government to protect the Tamil people. TNA is playing crucial role. They should continue the dialogue with government as the same time should build up relation ship with western countries and India to protect not only the people also the MPs lives.
    Best Wishes

  89. You will be fooling yourself if you trust the sincerity of the Rajapaksa regime in these talks. The regime has no interest in empowering the Tamils even in a small way. All this is a “time-buying”, “war crimes avoiding” pretence. No self-respecting Tamil will trust the regime anymore than a Sinhalese could trust VP.

    The question is, is India part of this pretence or India a genuine and sincere well wisher of the Tamils of SL. As much as I hope it is the latter, I suspect the former is probably the true situation. Until India truly puts its weight behind the welfare of the Tamils, there is little hope for the Tamils in SL. The cultural and other forms of genocide will continue quietly but unabated.

  90. Dushy: Going through your own self confessed testimonial, I feel its a good thing that you stay put where you are now.

    One more thing; don’t let your wog friends and kith and kin in Sri Lanka be under a village peasant, sponsor and get them down to where you are, join the BNP, I am sure you can be the leader of BNP when Nick Griffin retires in 2013.

  91. Comment 74

    Dow Jones is up and up since the Sarkosy Forces launched the first PE strike on Gaddafi compound.

    Prior to that DJ had the worst fall in six months.

    Crude supplies from the ME is well secured and assured with the Iraqi invation and all American from the ground to the pump.

    May be EU now wants to secure theirs by getting in to Libiya first.

    Yes WE Can President is helping on the sidelines.

    What do we peasants have in Srilanka?

  92. # 74 Ranjan,

    Here is the answer for your question. it’s in this article published by the Hindu and produced here by Tamilweek. I am surprised you missed it.


    As for your last lines; It was a simple option / perhaps only option adopted by the Sri-Lankan leaders and the entirely Sinhalese comprised armed forces cause,

    “The entire civilian population Trapped / forcefully held by the LTTE were Tamils”

    it was an easy kill!

    Mr. Dushy Ranetunge, I salute you and the other silent Sinhalese for being a noble human beings!

  93. # 74 Everyone and his dog seem to bring up Gaddafi these days.

    True but the dog on this blog is you Ranjy. You and Navin are two old Baskerville hounds long in the tooth. Your predictable hysterical rant on how Dushy’s comfortable life in London disqualfies him from criticising the Rajapakshes only confirms what a low class ignorant bastard you really are. You need only Google Dushy Ranatunge and you will see the direct contribution he has made to ending and exposing Tiger terrorism along with his direct experience dealing with the leadership you slavishly lionise. Your arm chair proselytising confirms what an ignoramus you really are little more than a brainwashed ideological peon of the current lot of oafs in power; spewing jingoistic rubbish printed in Sri Lankan newspapers. Rubbish goes into you and rubbish comes out.

    It is welcome reading your comments Dushy, with your grasp of the facts. I like your My dear fellow openings, Mr Bandaranaike would be proud though I fear such subtlety is lost on the morons you address and I find their thinking too loathsome to mince words. I hope to see more of your thoughts on this blog.

  94. What happened to you DBSJ Sir. Why no updates to the site?

    Sorry but we suffer ill-health at times.Still do……………DBSJ

  95. [Premachandran’s harsh critique of the dialogue in media interviews made some feel that the TNA had changed its position.]

    I commend him for that.Tamil representatives should not beat around the bush just for the sake of goodwill.The tamil people whom they represent should be exactly aware of what is going on and their representatives should call a spade a spade when necessary.Otherwise they will be colluding with the government to take the tamils for a ride. We have to remember that these talks have huge international ramifications and could be used by the government to just drag it and put on a show. The way they were treating the TNA before Premachandran’s outbust pointed in that direction.Now they seem to have got the message and veered back towards course.

  96. Compare that to Sri Lanka. When the last stage Sri Lankan war went on for more than 3 months with horrendous civilian casualties, the West and the International community pretty much did nothing. No protective bombing by NATO, no resolutions in the UN. Ever wonder why?
    But The Srilankan president himself said it was Indian war? now you said It was SriLankan war. Then What happened to Eelam war?

  97. Here we go again. If one day a soldier is killed in the future the sinhalese will conveniently forget about these things and cry blue murder against the tamils. Don’t we ever learn from our history and try to turn a new page. Even if the tamils want to the sinhala leaders and uniformed thugs will not let them. There should be a culture change among the sinhalese. They tolerate too much violence in their own society too. Tamils will just copy them like small brother following big bro’s footsteps. Sinhalese must first set the example for a violence free society without whinging one day about tamil brutality when they retaliate.


    My advice to sinhalese is without hollering about bhuddhism try to at least practice it to 20 percent at least to avoid further catastrophe.i know it is hard because the sinhalese are a motley crew and a mixture of more than 10 tribes including yakshas and nagas with a common binding thread of religion and language. I have found sinhalese who will frown if you kill a mosquito as well as sinhalese who will happily bash someone to death and go and have a hearty meal.No two sinhalese are alike and it is obvious to me their origins are not the same.

  98. 102. Ravin Wickramasinghe

    Mr. Wickramasinghe, As usual, you have no ideas, no arguments to post, just a bunch of big words to denigrate the people who has the guts to post what they think. Read what you wrote again and see if there is a single sentence of constructive thought there?

    Rather than act like the “abbittia” or an apprentice of a temple who sits by the side of the priest at a sermon and say ”yes master” every time the priest stops to catch a breath, post some ideas of your own for a change. I don’t think Dushy Ranetunge needs an “abbittiya” to sit beside him and remind him how great he is every time he posts something.

    Read your post and see for yourself as to who is ranting. I challenge you to go through all of my postings in this blog ever and come up with one instance where I said that Mr. Ranatunga’s comfortable life disqualifies him from criticizing anyone. As for disqualifying anyone aren’t you the one saying exactly that because I am a “low caste ignorant bastard” what I say does not matter or count? I guess caste system must be alive and well – at least in one household in Australia. I might be low caste, I might be ignorant, but I am sure of one thing, I do have both my parents’ names in my birth certificate.

    So Mr. Wickramasinghe, enough of name calling. Post something of substance and let’s see if you have ideas that people can discuss and debate.

  99. # 88. TRN
    It all depends on what is given and what is taken.

    I think GOSL strategy would be to give “Llittle now, and more later” 🙂

  100. 103. Mahesh

    What happened to you DBSJ Sir. Why no updates to the site?

    Sorry but we suffer ill-health at times.Still do……………DBSJ


    Wish you a full and speedy recovery, Sir.

  101. How could you use airforce against your own people.

    Libya Gadaffi is being hounded for doing precisely this. You Sri Lankans have done it umpteen number of times. That was long before Tigers established themselves as a formidable military force.

    You people have gone on rampage on the civilian population in a bid to terrorise the entire tamil population.

    Your political leadership is still not sincere in its attempts at finding a political solution.

    There is no attempt for political reconciliation.

  102. 104. shankar

    Let us hope this problem gets solved at least under International pressure.

    Tamils have right to live in peace and as equal citizens there in the island.

    What is needed is the Sincerity from both the sides.

    Hope this happens.

  103. Has the GOSL nullified all laws that favour majority? No, not even very few. It has not even started. So, the ethnic discrimiation against the Tamils will surely continue and is continuing.

    Mahinda Rajapakse talks of “equality” of citizens. How can ever equality be without nullifying or cancelling the acts brought in the parliament for the past 60 years favouring majority.

    Mahinda sees a “pie on the sky” when he speaks of equality. It is to hoodwink the Tamils and the International Community.

  104. When it comes to political promises, Sri Lankans are born suckers. >From S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike’s ‘Sinhala Only’ Utopia to his wife Sirimavo’s ‘Rice from the Moon’ to J.R. Jayewardene’s ‘Dharmishta Society’ to Chandrika Kumaratunga’s ‘Eradication of Dooshanaya and Beeshanaya’ to maestro Mahinda Rajapaksa’s ‘Miracle of Asia,’ Sri Lankans from all walks of life – rich and the poor, educated and the uneducated, have all fallen for what has almost always been, crap.
    To expect this situation to change would be akin to expecting the sun to rise from the West. Which is why Maestro Mahinda is at it again. Hardly had the volume of the call for the Rs. 2500 salary increment promise to be granted dropped a notch or two, he sent his mouthpiece Minister John Seneviratne to ‘announce’ that the President never made any such promise. And this in a day and age when every word that is said by the President is recorded and reported in some form or the other.
    And it gets better. On Saturday, January 8, President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing a meeting at Temple Trees is reported to have said, “this government does not have any faith in privatization and it would not sell state property.”
    The audience no doubt in typical Sri Lankan fashion lapped it up and probably gave a thundering round of applause to the Presidential pronouncement. It is highly unlikely that the President was unaware that his Treasury Secretary, P.B. Jayasundera was at that very moment making arrangements to list some high profile government owned establishments in the Colombo Stock Exchange. If that is not privatization then heaven help our Finance Minister.
    How does one get away, and even get a round of applause, after resorting to such blatant lie, in your-face deception? Only two requirements – the speaker obviously needs to be an absolute maestro at his game and of course the audience, a bunch of suckers.
    Privatization is now taking an ugly, hitherto unseen face. It has been the practice that when foreign investors seek state land, be it in Colombo or anywhere else in the island for that matter, such land is given to the investor on a maximum 99 year lease. State land has never been sold outright to foreign investors.
    This policy for some reason is no longer practiced. It was announced recently that Shangri-la had been ‘sold’ 12 acres of land at Army Headquarters opposite Galle Face. Days later, last Thursday it was announced that Cabinet had approved the sale of another huge block of land, again at Galle Face to China National Aero Technology Import and Export Corporation to build a multifunctional complex comprising of a five star hotel and a shopping mall.
    It is an open secret that the days when powerful countries fought wars to conquer other less powerful countries are long gone. Now the same goals are achieved through the use of economic firepower. The Chinese have already got a firm foothold in Hambantota through the port it is now building there. From this vantage point they can easily monitor the shipping traffic in the Indian Ocean – the veritable jewel in the Chinese’ ‘String of Pearls.’ What the Chinese lacked was a firm foothold in the commercial capital and now it seems the Government of Sri Lanka has given it too, on a platter.
    State land does not belong to the Government of Mahinda Rajapaksa to dispose as they please. State lands belong to the people of Sri Lanka and it is held in trust on their behalf, by the government of the day. How does selling, for example, say the Timber Corporation differ from selling a part of Galle Face to the Chinese? How does this government define the word ‘privatization’? When one of the most prime assets of the country such as a part of Galle Face or Army Headquarters is sold to a foreign government is that not privatization of a key state asset?

    One can just imagine the wailing cardboard ‘patriots’ such as the JHU and its Champika Ranawaka, Wimal Weerawansa, Vasudeva and such others would have resorted to had Ranil Wickremesinghe and his UNP decided to sell Army Headquarters to a foreign company to build a five star hotel. They would be screaming from the rooftops of a ‘threat to national security,’ ‘sovereignty has been surrendered for a few million dollars,’ ‘traitors of the nation’ etc. Today, their silence is deafening. So it was when the Casino Bill was introduced.
    It will be intriguing should some selective activists like Vasudeva Nanayakkara, like he did in the case of the Insurance Corporation, initiate public interest litigation at least for the purpose of defining whether the two Galle Face deals are indeed instances of privatization. Part two can then begin where part one ends.
    It is also interesting that former President Chandrika Kumaratunga in an interview last week had said that 40% of every government deal was shrouded in corruption. When asked as to how she came about this figure she had replied it was through experience she had gathered as head of state for two consecutive terms. What it means in terms of the colossal projects undertaken by this regime, which incidentally consists of the very same ministers that served under her watch, we leave it to the imagination of readers.
    It will be recalled that until last year the Galle Face area in its entirety was closed to the public of Sri Lanka for ‘security reasons.’ Should there be a security issue in the future will the seven star Shangri-la and the other Chinese five star hotel be told to pack up and leave due to security reasons? After all that was what the citizens of this country were told until a few months ago when they were denied access to even park a motorcycle in this area.
    It won’t be long when some Indian company also demands a piece of Galle Face if one is to go by recent events. When that happens Sri Lankans who come from such faraway places as Mahiyanganaya and even the city folk who have enjoyed this open space for centuries, will have no option but to jump right into the Indian Ocean while the high and mighty can wine and dine in Shangri-la style at Galle Face. To hell with national security etc. etc.

    This has already happened. On 11, March 2011, the Colombo Hilton Hotel that was acquired by the Govt. last week had been sold to Delta Corp. Co. owned by an international Casino King, Jayadev Mukunda Moody an Indian National yesterday night secretly and under cover of darkness for 121 million US Dollars, according to reports reaching Lanka e news.

    The bottom-line is this. A key part of Sri Lanka’s capital city has been sold outright to China – for USD 250 million – by a government that claims to be against privatization. And the people of Sri Lanka? Well, they are cheering! What then, is the word that describes such a people?
    Born Sucker’s…………………………..

    What Abraham Lincoln said was “ask not what the country has done for you but you have done for your country”

    Guess what we have done for the country…. You voted idiots into power and let them plunder our country & we will continue to do so.

    God Bless Sri Lankan’s (The World’s Greatest PONNAYA’S who insist CALLING THEMSELVES “SINGHAYAS”)

  105. Happy to hear that TNA and Govt have initiated talks. As one has expressed TNA should represent the Tamils who are in the island right now. They should not be influenced by the diaspora (lost generation as described by VP once).

    Little now, more later approach will not work out. Let the govt be frank. If they can offer only little let them make it clear. As time goes, tamils can plan the course of action.

  106. 84. TRN

    All of them you mentioned already defeated by Tamils!
    Who is now democraticaly won to repereaentate Tamils?

    Only TNA.

    Yes you can share the power with them, Young generation will tage incharge of Autonomy.

    We are ready for that! Thank you to TNA for veryfing criminals.

  107. What Mr.Jayaraj?

    You don’t publish my comments. Is it intentional or accidental?

    Yogesh Karayalar

  108. Dear DBS

    Please write somthing about saturday cricket final.

    Hard core tiger supporters against for both cricket team.

    some against for Srilanka.


    Why people mix politics with sports & not want to intergrate and look forward with possitive attitued.

    Thank you

  109. sorry my previous comment 106 is having a typing error.

    Its DBSJ .

    I’m worried ur illness is serious enough to keep u away from a computer.

    pray for good health & early recovery.

    Ephisians 3:20

  110. #13-navin

    [In the present context, whoever takes an uncompromising stand will loose. So, be realistic. Whether you like it or not, if you want justice you will have to work with the current administration]
    There is nothing to be uncompromising here. The tamils are not taking a hardline. In any situation anywhere in the world no point in asking the accused to investigate themselves.That is why you must have someone independent to do it. The tamils are quite rightfully not interested in working with the current administration in this matter of crimes against humanity. There are international courts set up for this and one day it will have to be taken up there. Only thing is just like after pol pot was dead they wanted to arrest him,here too after the rajapakshes are dead an arrest warrant will be issued by the international courts, who seem to take their own sweet time to give a verdict. If the accused is thwarting an investigation as you mention, they must just give the verdict based on any evidence they have and that will teach any smartasses in future that blocking will only result in a swift guilty verdict.

    Personally of course i’am not interested much in this matter, because looking at the big picture what is more important for me is the future of our small country. There are of course people who would have been directly affected or have friends and relatives been directly affected and naturally if it had happenned to you and me we also would have been hollering for justice. So these people will naturally use the international community to ask for justice. The international community also will want to do something to prevent future occurences that will bring headaches to them. The rajapakshes are big boys who knew what they were getting into and did it anyway. They can clean up their own mess. There is no need for ordinary citizens like you or me to get involved in this mess. It is entirely upto the rajapakshes, the international community and these people who are clamouring for justice to be holding hands and run round and round the mulberry bush. Others should focus on the problems affecting the country as a whole, not the rajapakshes personal problems which they could have easily avoided, or the problems of justice to individuals which they can take up if they want to.

  111. I am laughing about this talks and the comments. If the “problem” solved, what is the “problem” for the TNA at the next general election?

    13th Amendment was destroyed by LTTE, the “MASTERS” of this TNA with the help of the Sinhala UNP.

    TNA and UNP are still continue their “honeymoon”.

    I was born and grewup through this Tamil Problem. In my view Tamils have no problem but Tamil politicians need problems for their survival.

    UNP and the JVP are the hopes of TNA for destroying any thing reached at the talks with Mahinda Rajapaksa. Now JR Jayawardene is no more for the famous elephant ride to Kandy to save the Sinhalese though JRJ was of Malayali origin. I dont think Ranil, who is the nephew of JR has any guts to do it. Some time Mano Ganesan, and Dr.Jayalath Jayawardene may try to do it becuse TNA ask the S.J.V.Chelvanayakam’ demand which neglect majority Tamils live outside of North and East and the Sinhalese Live in North and East.

    Even Mahinda is prepared to give the 13th Amendment, TNA never accept it because TNA is now started crying that INDIA ” advise” them to go beyond 13th Amenment.

    Now TNA is searching all the options to stay with the same “problems” at every elections!

  112. dear jey,
    i wish you a speedy recovery.i happened to read a brilliant article by brahma chellaney a strategic expert.he has written about how india conducts its diplomacy with pakistan which is called cricket diplomacy practice of inviting pakistani leaders to cricket matches as if these invitations will serve any purpose in thawing the relationship between two countries.this is one example how indian foreign policy is being run by mandarins in south block. why i am bringing out this point here is india is conducting its foreign policy in srilanka likewise.appeasing mahinda and its gang and providing no respite to tamils who are being oppressed there.if india is dreaming of becoming a super power next decade it should discards its characteristic hindu meekness and try to assert itself.super power tag does not come with huge population,military might,or economic power rather it comes with following an assertive policy let it be in domestic as well as abroad.i dont know whether i am guilty of repeating this pakistan a country with a begging bowl leading a hand to mouth existence is helping america on the one hand and trying to keep its ties with taliban intact on the other hand becoz it considers afghanisthan as its backyard.it calls its policy of engagement and interference in afghanistan as policy of strategic depth imagine what india should do given the fact that indian cultural ties are much more strong with srilanka and geographically srilanka is very close just separated by 18 miles.it needs to support tamil parties there given the fact that its obsessive compulsive disorder has been cured by the death of praba.it has to invest in northern part of srilanka and it has to put more pressure on srilankan government for release of prisoners even if they had been in ltte,implement 13th amendment in toto and i dont understand why srilankan government is procrastinating when it comes to political settlement.tigers are gone and it is going to be two years since the fighting stopped sinhalese government has to implement 13th amendment one cant buy this arguement of sinhalese people sentiment has to be kept in mind .sinhalese people would like to convert the whole srilanka as their own fiefdom those sentiments cant be or should not be respected.policies cant be run by sentiments rather it has to be by sound logic without hurting other players.i hope tamil national alliance will succeed in its endeavour to get back the legitimate rights of tamils which they enjoyed before srilanka got its independence.is there any news about the whereabouts of yogi and balakumar who can provide political leadership with tamil national alliance i hope they are released by sinhalese government.i also thank dushy for providing very good perpective to this debate and why ilaya seran senguttavan has not commented yet i am eagerly looking forward to his comments.

  113. DBSJ

    Hope and pray that you get well soon. When you came back on the 28th i thought you are nearly recovered,but now i can see that it was your dedication to work and not to dissapoint readers that brought you back to publish the comments. Now i’am worried as it seems you are having a ongoing problem and i wish you a speedy recovery.

    PS. When you are recovered get hold of someone and have a daily one hour walk and have a chat while doing it to prevent boredom. I enjoy taking the dogs for a walk, and i feel it is of mutual benefit.

  114. QouatinG from Dr. Philip Veerasingam’s book ‘the cry of the devil bird’ pages 258 & 259.

    A’war’ has been ‘won’ and ‘victory’ celebrated with all pomp. The heartaches of a nation in the form of the masses of civilians uprooted from their homes adn lands , where they eked out a meagre subsistence in earlier times, has not still penetrated and touched the hearts of a nation.

    The untold number of soldiers, LTTe carders 7 civilians, dead, incapacitated and listed ‘missing in action’, has not found a voice.

    The country seems to be entangled in its own problems of daily living, where the economic crunch has cought them.



    * The economic output of 2 out of 9 provinces of present day has to be redeveloped.

    *These 2 provinces were left out of the mainstream of national life by the war, for nearly 20yrs.

    * Paddy cultivation from the fields of batticalo, trincomalee,mannar, musali, mullathivu and other parts of the vanni, have not reached their full potential.

    * The cultivation of vegitables, fruits like mangoes, bananas & grapes have still to begin.

    *Sluices & anicuts which fled the cultivation plotsfor centuries past are in ruins.

    *Fish & dried fish from mullathivu, mannar ,trncomalee & batticaloa have regain their earlier out puts.

    *For this we need dwellings for fishing families, fishing euipment & boats.

    *Roadways,bridges,railwaylines & supportive infrastructure have to be rebuilt.


    * Broken limbs & hearts have to be healed.

    *The most vulnerable among the affectd, the children and the aged, need special attension.

    * Hospitals & schools raved by this war, have to be rebuilt and equipped.

    *Legions of dedicated health personnel & teachers have to be mobilized for this daunting effort.


    *what we have in common are very much more than the sum of our differences.

    * The differences that do exit needs to be cherished & respected.

    *The feeling of not being part of SL and being left out brought us to the very edge of the abyss.

    *The alienated have to be wooed back in to the family.

    *all our religions emphasize on the values of kindness, compassion, and generosity.

    ‘A house divided against itself can not stand. I do not expect the house to fall – but I do expect it will cease to be divided’ quated Abraham Lincon.

    He also said in the same speach ‘if we could first know where we are,and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it’

    I believe that we do know where we are. My prayer & hope are that we also understand WHAT WE NEED TO DO AND KNOW HOW TO DO IT.

  115. DBSJ- pray for your speed recovery really misses your great articles.

    Comment #113
    “It is also interesting that former President Chandrika Kumaratunga in an interview last week had said that 40% of every government deal was shrouded in corruption.” Get to hear this from the horse mouth is both credible and astounding. Unfortunately, she did nothing about it while she was in power. In SL, corruption at all level is an open secret. In that environment, the PONNAYAS are those who cannot take advantage of such situation. If someone charged for bribery or corruption, it is not because for those crimes but driven by political vendettas or the charging officer and his affiliates did not get enough dough in the deal. As long as people have this type of value system where those who indulge themselves in this type of acts are not only respected by the society but also voted into power. When power mixes with this type of behavioural personalities, there is no any check and balance, things get out of control, snowballing to peon to Boss.

    History shows how negotiations between the leaders of two races have fared hitherto, but are there any other means by which a settlement can be found. I wish I will see a diplomatic break though this time around made by those who are in it. Tough decisions are not always popular but needs to be taken for long term benefit. Although there is high level of risk, if cancer spreading need to be curbed brain surgery is enevitable. The foreign pressure and other factors that influence GoSL to sit around the table are good, and definitely good to capitalise on, but these are not the only things to hang on and annoy GoSL. TNA should avoid confrontational approach and should work through the issues; blaming the GoSL for failure is not good enough. It is TNA’s participants’ responsibility to see the negotiation gets to a stage where GoSL is pinned down to committing what it is willing to share. Like in the past, it is preferable not to bogged down on minor things like “A9 road opening”, etc. but to focus on the devolution package. No matter whether it sates the aspirations of Tamils or not, give GoSL an opportunity to put out their proposal and see what GoSL’s vision for this country’s future. To stuff up the dialogue before it gets to this stage will be considered as yet another failure. Let’s hope for better.

  116. 126. jagan sriram:

    What a thuggish comment. We people like you, Sinhalese will have to go nuclear for survival.

  117. 130. Navin

    What a thuggish comment. We people like you, Sinhalese will have to go nuclear for survival.


    Jagan was only telling why no political settlement. Why is India not making the powers that be in Sri Lanka to go for a political settlement.

    Even Cho Ramasamy who is anti LTTE will say that the LTTE had to be dealt with iron hand and the Sinhalese must be made to give equal rights to the Tamils.

    I also feel this monks and other hardliners had a long run in the island misleading the people and causing hardships to the tamils and their voice need not be taken into account.

    You can decide to go nuclear at your own peril. Just because LTTE developed the air wing which could threaten the Kudangulam the powers that be in India had to take steps to neutralize the LTTE.

    You are talking of becoming nuclear. Try doing that.


    Dear DBSJ,

    How is your health. Don’t come to the computer unless you are fully fit. We can wait for you. Take care.

    You are a rare breed of a journalist who will interact with the readers and in the future this will become the standard.

    May be you are suffering from Diabetes and its allied cardiac problems. I do not know.

    Whatever it is take life easy and also try to do some yoga with the advice of your doctor.

    They say yoga prevents many an illness like diabetes and cardiac problems and other allied problems.


  118. By the way I have to congratulate the Sri Lankan cricket team for their splendid performance in the finals. We owe Mahela Jayawardena for having taken this match to a new high.

    But for his 103 the game would have been insipid. At one point it looked as though the game was one sided. From there he took it to such dizzying heights.

    Thanks Lanka for making this world cup a great event.

    You made the victory sweet by your grit, determination and passion and hard work.

    This victory was snatched away from you. I like your spirit.

    This was the last game for the Muralitharan and the last world cup for Sachin.

    Both of them didn’t deliver in this.

    It was sad that Murali was plagued with injuries.

    Great Lanka, Great. That was some spirit and good show.


  119. # 121 Nagulan
    . You understood why some hardcore LTTE supporters are against India in the Saturday cricket final. .As srilnka officially dedicated the match to Srilamkan military victory over LTTE, some supported India .Bad is better than worst is a positive attitude for facing disastrous situation. For your understanding collide with a vehicle going in your direction to avoid the vehicle coming just opposite to kit you. Cricket is a luxury game for Eelam people

    An Eelam citizen

  120. # 130. Navin

    China/Pakistan, should sell Nuclear technolgy to srilanka, to tackle the thuggish Indian threat.

    After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Are they not true allies 🙁

  121. 133. An Eelam citizen
    You understood why some hardcore LTTE supporters are against India in the Saturday cricket final. .As srilnka officially dedicated the match to Srilamkan military victory over LTTE, some supported India

    what a load of bullshit !

    Are there so many gullible fools like Eelam citizen = frogs in the well !!

    132. Mahesh | April 4th,

    Thank u !
    cheers for the winners who did better on that day.
    Jaya// jayashri INDIA !

  122. 121. Nagulan | March 31st, 2011 at 10:42 am

    Dear DBS

    Please write somthing about saturday cricket final.
    India beat srilanka by 6wickets.Anything else you want to know?

    PS.Keep this to yourself but India cheated.They brought in sreesanth only for the final,wearing a lot of lucky charms because whenever he plays india wins though he gets thrashed.LTTE also got bonked on the head by trying to be smart with the keralites who run the indian government. If we want to win the cup next time we must get our local keralites from matara to put a lot of amulets on our cricketers.And also get back dav whatmore.

    Last world cup too the australians cheated us of the cup with gilchrist having squash ball in his gloves. This upset the field placing of mahela’s completely because the trajectory of the shots he played changed slightly because of the ball.Why play only for the final witha ball, and how come that is okay, because you are using things that give you an unfair advantage over other players.He should have been suspended and told to go and play squash. similarly seesanth should have been stripped of all the amulets and they should have been put on mahinda.

  123. #16-TRN

    Few words of advice to TNA. Please// focus on the local tamil speaking communities needs. Completely ignore the pshycotic pessimism of the tamil diaspora & tamil media
    If you look at the manifesto of the TNA it mentions Federalism,north east merger and right to self determination if necessary.

    Manifesto of UPFA and EPDP is development and sorting out the day to day needs of the tamil people.

    JVP too is now talking of supporting federalism.

    Now you may say that TNA manifesto is due to pressure from diaspora and does not reflect the true needs of the people, but how can you explain the fact that the government and its sponsored tamil parties are not able to defeat the TNA?They have made some inroads and got some seats i think which proves there are some tamils having your way of thinking,but the large majority are not for the crumbs thrown down from the master’s table,but want to sit at the table too it seems. Now as usual some hotblooded sinhalese might want to bash them again for trying to be upstarts and thinking they can sit at the table with them like humans when they should take their rightful place as minorities which is under the table like dogs. Personally if the tamils don’t want federalism, i’am happy to ditch my advice for it, but i’am afraid that if federalism is not given they will want eelam,albeit a reduced territory consisting only of the north,hence the right to self determination mentioned in TNA manifesto.Let us not miss the bus this time too and put the future generations into a mess again.This is the last chance before tamils make up their minds once and for all for divorce, and they will never change their minds again,because there is a limit to anyone’s patience.

  124. here is a statement by sonia in the election campaigning going on in tamilnadu.Seated by her side is karunanithi scratching his head and looking very worried. I think it must be curtains for him.

    [“We are deeply pained that some lives of fishermen have been lost. We have been assured that there would be no firing in the future and we will continue to work to ensure this commitment is met,” she said. ]

    Sri lanka has kept its word and is strangling them,though it is much harder work.

    I believe 4 navy personnel who recently must have gone to strangle, probably got strangled instead and are missing in action.

  125. # 137. shankar

    GOSL can only offer lesser previleges than what ever Tamils demand for.

    Since the demand is for Federalism & North East merger(You cant afford an Eelam demand) Tamils must expect lesser offer realistically and satisfied for now.

    Only Heaven knows.. what is in stock for future……

  126. 137. Shankar,

    I think I have posted enough comments about my opinion about the political solutions.

    I have nothing against u holding on to federalism. But history will repeat. As you people do not understnad that majority of this country is against this and yet the majority in this country do not trust TNA.

    You can try all your previoulsy failed strategies to win your demands again. its your choice. If u people do not correct the wrong paths u took in the past, history will definitely repeat. its beyound any ones control.

    Yes UPFA is making inroads in tamil majority areas.

    Wait for another year or 2 until all the planned work is done to develop these areas.
    There will be a major change of attitude then. TNA will have to look for new problems.

    we need to ‘be the change’ to make a change.

    The immediate problems the victims of war (be it tamils, moslems or sinhalese) should be addressed first. For this the tamil leaders should work close with the government.

    Develution should be worked out gradually. all communities should feel secure with the solutions brought forward by TNA. Tamils can not get the whole cake & eat it too.

    What is the plan of TNA other than demanding devolution of power, to solve the immediate needs of the citizens of all ehnicities who were victims of war?

    What I see as unfair is that giving special previllages of political powers to tamils only. As there are many minorities other than tamils in SL.

    Language issue and basic human rights issues should be equal to all citizens of SL not only for tamils. Even sinhala monolinguistic person too have thier own problems.

    There going to be a mandatory english language test for university admission in the future. This will deprive many intelligent but monolinguistic sinhala or tamil students from entering higher education.

    The SL government has a responsibility to address the needs of all citizens of this country.

    There are many more voiceless victims who are deprived of basic human needs/rights in this island…
    not only tamils.

  127. Here is another example of how india destabilised srilanka in order to win the match.Here is an excerpt from mumbai mirror

    [A senior official of the Maharashtra government said the Lankans were also upset because Rajapaksa’s request to meet the Sri Lankan players before the start of the match was denied at the last minute.

    In the India vs Pakistan semi-final in Mohali, both Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Indian PM Manmohan Singh had the teams before the match began.

    Consul-General Samaratunga said that a meeting with the players was scheduled in the President’s programme, but was later changed by Indian authorities.]

    India knew that if mahinda meets the players he will give good advice and motivate them to win. After all for the man who beat the dreaded tigers whom india coundn’t, beating india for the world cup would have been chicken feed if given the opportunity.They knew he would definitely advise sanga what to do if he won the toss. Mahinda wanted to tell sanga not to bat first because malinga can’t bowl yorkers with wet hands with dew.. Also he had jotted down the field placings for india’s top batsman according to their weaknesses and also wanted to tell sanga not to overbowl kulasekera if he has a off day,because sometimes he is unreliable.He also wanted to give the customary pep talk on patriots and non patriots and if any catch is dropped white van will take them to gota. Kulesekera would have even died and taken that catch when ghambir was on 30 runs. All this was blocked by india because i think it leaked out.

    Shame on you india for winning the cup like this by sabotaging our great mahinda and also using evil spirits through sreesanth.


    The authorities are now written mahawansa remain chapters. Already it furnished up to year1978. They plan to write 3 chapters. There will be seperate chapter for how to defeate Prabakaran in Nandikadal.

  129. 142. wathsala | April 6th, 2011 at 9:39 pm
    There will be seperate chapter for how to defeate Prabakaran in Nandikadal.

    Who will be the author ? General Fonseka ?

  130. Pingback: Two Years On: Reflecting on a Victor’s Peace in Sri Lanka « International Development Department

  131. #135 TRN
    Joy in the well
    Some highly aerated little frogs were hopping on the surface of the water. They just stretch their rear legs and were taken high and able to land on the water surface. Actually that is new experience for them. An old frog sat on a rock, and meditating got disturbed. It warned the little frogs to use legs for swimming only not for operation frog jump and advised them “come to the surface only for taking air no other business you have here”. One little frog argued against. You first practice it before you preach. The old frog boosted to give a lecture to them and told because of prolonging drought our habitat is shrinking. Now days we are frequently visited by native, exotic and collaborative predators. We have become very vulnerable society. I am here to pray the sUN god for his intervention and grace of rain. Enlightened little frogs thanked the old frog and went in to deep . On the Way they found tadpoles still swimming with their tail. A group of frogs attached their ear to a rock and hearing the rock? They were told there was a frog inside of the boulder and practicing Yoga! They have been told that it knows the past, present and the future and every thing about the universe. The little frogs really amazed to here this. Suddenly waves of happiness spread form the rock. Adult frogs murmur some news away. Obviously the well becomes joyful. The little frogs also felt the happiness but not knowing the reason. What is the good news from the rock? If it is raining it come from the top. The keen little frogs swam to the surface to check. There was no rain. The old praying frog remains praying. One little frock came with message four water snakes were missing! Now the little frogs go for the praying for frequents visit of that mysterious bird fond of water snakes.
    An Eelam citizen

  132. 143. TRN | April 7th, 2011 at 8:13 am
    142. wathsala | April 6th, 2011 at 9:39 pm
    There will be seperate chapter for how to defeate Prabakaran in Nandikadal.

    Who will be the author ? General Fonseka ?

    Dear TRN,

    It is assign to schelors who fluent of PALI.

  133. The International Cricket Council(ICC) should ban Sri Lanka from international cricket. The following are some reasons for it;

    1. During the quarter finals and semi finals Sri Lanka played in SL, I saw Sinhalese carrying posters which read as “we have lion blood” -an anti Tamil slogan. “Lions will eat Kiwis” to intimidate New Zealand while playing the semi finals. Such comments do not come from civilised people fit to play cricket.

    2. During the finals with India a Sri Lankan bowler was seen openly swearing at the umpire.

    3. Mahinda Rajapakse, the president was trying to meet the team for SL ,but disallowed by India, as the rules of the game do not permit it. Why was the head of state trying to violate ICC rules?

    4. After SL lost the finals, as usual, anti Tamil politics was let go in up country against Tamils.

    ICC should investigate all these and other reasons detrimental to descent and sportive cricket and ban SL from world cricket till they become civilised to play cricket according to rules and the spirit of sportsmanship.

  134. 136.,141.shankar

    Sri lankan team would have won the finals
    -had the match played in Hambantota instead of Bombay.
    -had the top players not taken by Indian State teams and their strengths and weaknesses known to Indians.
    -had MR wore his traditional red shawl instead of a silver shawl when worshipping Thirupathy Vengadasalapathy.

  135. #19-s.joseph

    [GOSL loses hardly anything if talks fail]
    Are you sure of that?They will lose the north oneday sometime during this century. Example kosovo and east timor and eritrea and south sudan.

    When the north is lost all is lost because they lose control of the vital palk strait
    [It is good for TNA and Tamils to take whatever is offered by GOSL and move forward.]
    Little now, nothing later.Take the crumbs and don’t starve.Pretend you are satisfied and quietly work against them.
    Not my style. I prefer a longterm sustainable solution and an end to this ethnic issue once and for all.

  136. malinga is going to marry Ameesha patel.She has even spurned Yuvraj’s overtures. This shows that however much mahinda tries to steer the ship towards china, we will always land back in india because of the mutual attraction of the people,that cannot be stopped by governments.

    I remember Hindi films in srilanka were so popular when i was a teenager,they had to ban them, because nobody was going to see gamini and malini and joe. I myself must have seen Aradhana with rajesh khanna, and shikar with dharmendra, and geet with amitabh at least 3 times each.At that time there was no translation and you don’t know what the hell they are talking except that nahi nahi means no no, but that does not stop people pouring in and the same film goes on the whole year.Every time the cinema tries to get rid of it, it can’t because of popular demand with people wanting to see it again.


    Shankar,Geet starred Rajendrakumar not Amitabh. It ran in Crown cinema for three yeas…………….BSJ

  137. 153. shankar | April 8th, 2011 at 7:38 pm


    So this is y malinga has said he will not be playing in 2015 world cup.

    May be he’ll become an indian citizen and play for India !!

    What the hell India , pakistan, balngaldesh & SL all having similar roots !!

    So what the hell who wins as long as we are one !

  138. #154 TRN
    As we are one
    what the hell allowing the UN for probing the war crime?
    An Eelam citizen

  139. 151. shankar

    You are right Shankar.


    This is a nice opportunity for fostering the India Sri Lanka relationship.

    Malinga and Ameesha can get two kids one ruling India and the other ruling Sri Lanka simultaneously so that the relationship could hit a new and all time high.

    Why this could happen to the kids of the Murali and his Indian wife also.

    I prefer that. So that this ethnic problem could be solved when and offspring of the Tamil is ruling both the countries.

  140. Ameesha was a hit even in her first movie. What a figure. Malinga is fortunate.

    I remember an incident when during the marriage of Jeevitha and Rajasekar of Idhuthaanda police fame, Gowthami gave an impulsive kiss to Rajasekar and Rajasekar reciprocated it.

    These actors and sports persons are impulsive. Remember the affair of a Bollywood actress with Vivian Richards. They now have a daughter named Masaba. That actress name i am not recalling right now. She acted in Utsav, also in the song Choli ki piche kya hai.

    Mahesh, Viv Richards’s significant other was Neena Gupta.Their daughter Masaba is lovely too…………..DBSJ

  141. DBSJ

    You are right. I got confused because it was so long ago. Though i saw geet also many times, the film i was meaning was abhimaan which ran at the empire cinema. I must have seen that more than 5 times. the songs were fantastic.I still have all these old hindi songs records and listen often to them.The quality of the old hindi films songs are fantastic and are my favourite.Empire theatre was my favourite cinema because after the film i will go to my favorite restaurant the park view chinese and have a hefty meal. It was empire theatre and park view, empire and park view…………

    In abhimaan, amitabh who is a singer gets eclisped by his wife, and as she becomes more popular than him, the marriage disintegrates because of his jeolasy. Something like what happenned in real life with charles and diana.

  142. 158 Mahesh

    Though my knowlege of cricket is basic, can’t help but draw your attention to Slinga Malinga’s ease with used and new ball.

  143. Mahesh, Viv Richards’s significant other was Neena Gupta.Their daughter Masaba is lovely too…………..DBSJ


    You are right Sir. She is Neena Gupta.

  144. #160-Anonymous

    Malinga’s ease with used and new ball
    same for ameesha. What a pair.

  145. 149 Sam Thambilpillai
    “we have lion blood” -an anti Tamil slogan

    Sam, are you a Tiger? what’s make you to thing this is a anti tamil slogan.

    Because you are a Tiger nationalist like lion nationalist.

    Please don’t mix tamils and singalese with Tiger and Lions.

    Both are dangerous animals for human!!!!!!

    and don’t cry for Newzeland

  146. Here is a significant statement by US Asst Secretary of State Robert O Blake, giving testimony before the US House Foreign Affairs Committee

    [On Sri Lanka Blake said: “Positioned directly on the shipping routes that carry petroleum products and other trade from the Gulf to East Asia, Sri Lanka remains of strategic interest to the U.S. ]

    Well, srilanka not only is of strategic interest to the US but also to china, japan south korea and taiwan, which are US allies.

    So while the US is woried that oil supply to its allies in east asia could be choked by someone using srilanka as a naval base, the chinese will also be concerned that oil supplies to its economy can be stopped by someone controlling the indian ocean using guess who?

    Bloody hell. We are right in the middle of two great powers thinking of choking each other using oil as a weapon and using us as an refuelling port and military base.

    If any srilankans think that we are just an insignificant little island that nobody cares two hoots about,think again.

    So here we fools are disunited and allowing foreign powers to get their foot inside the door. It cannot happen with India because it united all its different kingdoms into one using federalism.Gone are the days when the mughals or the british could pick off one princely state after another.

    It is high time we realised we are even more important to foreigners than india because we are the first point of call on the oil supply routes in the indian ocean.If we do not unite the country fast we will find that since US, EU, China and india can’t solely have us without going to war with each other, they will share us. The north for the US+EU, the east for India, The hill country and west for the sinhalese, and the rest for the chinese.

    Everyone can sleep in peace that their oil supply is assured.The sinhaless can also be happy that they never gave in to the demands of the tamils to share power.The tamils will also be happy that the sinhales will never treat them as secondclass citizens again, though both are now secondclass citizens.This is what you call a win win situation thanks to the stubbornness and ‘generosity’ of the sinhalese.

  147. Not only asst.secretary of state blake, but also Ronald Reagan has taken a great interest in little srilanka.Here is an excerpt from an article in sunday times.

    [Ronald Reagan, secretary of the Battalagunduwa fising society said the Indian trawlers are a threat to the small boats. They make inroads into our waters which has made us destitute. Our daily expenses on petrol are around Rs. 4,000, he said.]

    PS:the sunday times might spell fishing and pissing next time.

  148. Looks like the government strategy is to keep on asking TNA what their needs are. For the first year and half after the end of the war it was “we don’t know whom to talk to. There are so many tamil parties”.Now they have at last solved that one.For the next one and half years it will be “we don’t know what the actual needs are of the tamil people are”. As our TRN commented wait and see in 2 years when the roads and the bridges are built and the tamil people can travel in comfort in vehicles than in their customary bullock carts.Here is an excerpt from an interview with suresh premechandran

    [Q: What is the progress of the talks held between the TNA and the government so far?
    There is no major breakthrough as a matter of fact. The progress is slow. The government has asked us several times what our requirements and needs are. Now this question has been asked from us since the early 70s. But nevertheless, we have given our proposals to the government.
    In the very first meeting we had with the government, we did mention that we need maximum possible devolution within a united Sri Lanka. We then submitted the government our package, in which the degree of powers that had to be devolved to the periphery had been clearly spelled out. We are awaiting response from the government.

    Now this is about the political solution. About the day to day issues too we have been talking with the government and I do not see any improvement in this regard as well. We told the government that Tamils still in Army custody must be given an opportunity to meet their kith and kin. First the government said it was collecting details of these members and later told us that they have collected the much needed information and there has been a data bank set up. After that the government told us that the kith and kin were now allowed to visit this bank and obtain any details about their loved ones. But when we told our people about it and when they visited the data bank in the Wanni, they were chased out by the army.
    We then reported back to the government regarding this and the government promised to look into it. But to date, there has not been any information about this from the government. About 850 long term prisoners are languishing in prisons for more than 10 years without any charges. We requested the government to release them but there has been no response.

    Then about resettlement, we informed the government that there are several High Security Zones (HSZ) and they must be reduced, to no avail. There are refugee camps in Valigamam north. For the last 24 years the people have been living in this camp. In Sambur and Muthur more than 6,000 people are in camps for more than five years. These people have no access to their own lands. In Mullaitivu district in the Wanni, an extent of 20 square kilo metres of land is not accessible to the Tamils who have their properties. This covers three Grama Nilsdhari divisions. But they can’t go there. In Thirumurugandi in the A9 road about 100 families are without land because they are taken over by the government. People in Mullaikulam in Mannar district can’t return to their homes because their lands are taken over by the government. So whenever we tell all these problems to the government, the government only listens to us without any action.

    Q: But the TNA has met the government only four times. Are you confident that future talks would be fruitful?
    We have to wait and see. The real pain of mind is when we as peoples’ representatives visit the Tamil areas the people plead from us asking us whether they can see their children who are kept behind bars by the government. Can anyone understand our plight? So we told the government to at least release the names of those kept in prisons so that the people will know that their children are living. But this has not happened. It is a violation of human rights to deny parents or relations from visiting their children and loved ones who are in prisons. Doesn’t this government know about this?

    Q: How confident are you that these talks would pay dividends at the end of the day?
    Well, no discussion from the inception has shown positive results. It does not mean we are pessimistic. We still have hopes that this government will do something. President Mahinda Rajapaksa is the first one who said that he will offer us 13th amendment plus. So we are confident that at least under his regime some change will take place.]

  149. 166. shankar

    You are in a zone.

    Your outline gives a good recipe for the Fredrick Forsyth kind of a thriller. Who can forget The Day of the Jackal, The fourth Protocol etc.


  150. Here is another good one that shows the cat and mouse game played by mahinda. Excerpt from the interview with premechandran

    [Q: Earlier it was said that the TNA proposal to the government made a week ago is confidential and that the document will not be circulated to the media. But how come certain Sunday newspapers had the details of the TNA proposals?
    This is not our work. That was the work of the government. In fact we are very worried about it. When the government told us not to leak the details of our proposals to the media, we honoured it by not releasing it to the media. But it is the government that leaked the details of the document to some media organisations.
    I personally think this is a breach of trust and the government should not be stooping down to such low levels. Certainly the details of the TNA proposals have not gone out from the TNA. I assure you.]

  151. # 166. shankar
    I think its a wild imagination.

    India would protect srilanka’s interests, as long as India’s interests are not compromised.

    India’s interests include equal rights & previleges to Srilankan Tamils.

  152. 168. shankar | April 10th, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    So your brilliant solution to all these acute problems THE one & only fedaralism !!

  153. 146. wathsala | April 7th, 2011 at 11:29 am
    143. TRN | April 7th, 2011 at 8:13 am
    142. wathsala | April 6th, 2011 at 9:39 pm
    There will be seperate chapter for how to defeate Prabakaran in Nandikadal.

    Who will be the author ? General Fonseka ?

    Dear TRN,

    It is assign to schelors who fluent of PALI.


    For fairness sake please have 2 versions.
    1. gotabaya
    2. Fonseka

  154. 166. shankar | April 10th, 2011 at 10:29 am
    Here is a significant statement by US Asst Secretary of State Robert O Blake, giving testimony before the US House Foreign Affairs Committee

    [On Sri Lanka Blake said: “Positioned directly on the shipping routes that carry petroleum products and other trade from the Gulf to East Asia, Sri Lanka remains of strategic interest to the U.S. ]

    Well, srilanka not only is of strategic interest to the US but also to china, japan south korea and taiwan, which are US allies.


    Its very strange that all these strategic significance became openly acknowleged after the defeat of LTTE militarily.

    Something is fishy here.

    Why not become a colony again all the natives were happy subordinates of their masters. let them implement the good governance and put straight the HR records , uphold media freedom & democracy.

    Our only hope Oh !our masters of the west !

  155. No Sri Lankan identity after 63 years
    A Government MP has uttered derogatory remarks about Muslims complaining that some
    Muslim spectators cheered the Pakistanis during the Sri Lanka –Pakistan World Cup match.
    Every person has the right to support any side he wishes to. If in fact such an incident occurred,
    they only show that even after 63 years since independence, we have not succeeded in building
    up a Sri Lankan identity. Such issues do not arise in India as the country has successfully built
    up an Indian identity. India which has 10% Muslims and 1% Sikhs has had Muslim and Sikh
    Presidents and now a Sikh Prime Minister. Rather than insult Muslims, we need to understand
    that narrow-minded and regressive rulers, both past and present, must take the blame for this

  156. 176. Nagulan
    Such issues do not arise in India as the country has successfully built
    You don’t know what you are talking about. Indian Muslims cheering Pakistan cricket team has been an issue in India many times. I work with may Indians and they all complain about divided loyalties of Indian Muslim cricket fans.

    As you say, each individual has the right to cheer for any team he/she wants to. But don’t think that this is an issue in Sri Lanka only.

    Many years back, Greek volleyball team who were playing against the Canadian team in Toronto received more cheers from the Greek-Canadians in the audience than the Canadian team. In fact one Canadian team member remarked that he thought he was playing in Greece rather than in Canada. This incident was discussed in Canadian TV and radio shows and a lot of people expressed their outrage over what happened.

  157. 26. Siri | March 21st, 2011 at 4:59 am

    Let us focus on socio-economic problems first and political problems next
    Just like My good friend TRN many sinhalese also seem to think like this. If you are building a house what is the first thing you will think about?To build a very strong foundation.In fact even if you have given the job to a building contractor you will come and see what is being done at the foundation stage,because if a mistake is done at that stage, one day the walls will start to crack, the roof will sag etc.This is exactly what happenned after independence to us. Our leaders got all their priorities mixed up.Of course the sinhalese have to be brought up socioeconomically because they are the engine of the train like the germans are the engine of the EU.If the engine is weak the train does not move fast. No point in a few minorities and elites doing well and the engine being weak.For sustainable prosperity the sinhalese masses have to be brought up economically, but making the cake smaller or the same and sharing it in a better way is not the answer.So the proper foundation has to be laid first.

    So short term problems like socioeconomic issues and medium term to longterm problems such as political issues and structural reforms in the economy, education and enviroment etc can be done concurrently.

    Take the case of a CEO of a large multinational company that might have revenues that are comparable to srilanka’s GDP. Is he sitting in his office and only attendiing to the day to day issues and problems of the company. Is that for which he is paid a fancy salary and share options etc. He is also expected to have a medium and longterm vision for the country and steer it in the right direction.For example he has to look into strategic parnerships such as takeovers, amalgamations and jointventures that will bring in benefits of economies of scale.He has to look into risk reduction through diversification and cost reductions by transferring operations to foreign countries.

    Similarly our leaders too must attend to day to day socio economic problems as well as political reforms and stuctural reforms in the economy,environment, judiciary,education etc.I don’t mind if the president is the highest paid in the country or the ministers get much more than the highest paid executives, as long as the job is done.

    When we tell them they can just run the day to day affairs we are letting them off the hook completely.That is only a fraction of their duties and they have no pressure on them at all. We the people have to apply the pressure. In order to do that we have to be empowered, not worrying about white vans picking us up.We have to reduce their powers and share it around among us.In otherwords we have to start getting involved in the running and decision making in the country, without just apathetically going and casting a vote every 5 to 6 years.

  158. 177. Ranjan, Toronto

    My favorite cricket team was Pakistan. I like their never say die attitude. Now a days it is mired with betting controversy ans slowly coming out of it.

    When I supported Pakistan many people around me would question my loyalty. I would say that it was only a sport.

    I cannot forget the last ball six by Javed Mianded off Chetan Sharma in Sharjah.

    Basically I hated Indian team as it never played aggressively. Gavaskar always played for his own ego and statistics. He was not a team man.

    Because of Gavaskar I lost interest in the cricket.

    Kapil Changed that a bit.

    Then I started liking cricket again.

    Sourav gave us many victories and inculcated a sense of self belief.

    Now Dhoni is a cool captain taking our cricket to an all time high.

    we cant blame the players alone. we have to blame the cricket administrators who play favoritism.

    Sachin, though a legend in his own right is a team man and plays to win.

    I won’t say that all the Muslims are pro Pakis. Many of my Muslim friends will root for India and admonish me for supporting Pakistan.

    May be some fringe elements and those residing in Kashmir may root for Pakis.

    Pakis have always let their supporters down, politically like the Bihari Muslims and now they are fighting a losing cause in Kashmir.

  159. 179. Mahesh
    I hear you. specially for Indians, supporting Pakistani cricket team these days is a sensitive subject. I have no problem of anyone cheering for any team. In the end it is their choice. As you say, I know that a majority of Indian Muslims do support the Indian team. a minority supports the Pakistani team for all kinds of reasons. Similarly most of Sri Lankan Muslim support the SL team but some will support Pakistan when the two countries play.

    People are making a big deal out of nothing.

  160. 178. shankar | April 11th
    We the people have to apply the pressure. In order to do that we have to be empowered, not worrying about white vans picking us up.We have to reduce their powers and share it around among us.In otherwords we have to start getting involved in the running and decision making in the country, without just apathetically going and casting a vote every 5 to 6 years.

    Dear Shankar,

    I have even stopped casting my vote as the elected never keep the promises.

    Y not u come back & start campaigning to achieve ur political ambitions.

    i may consider casting my vote again.

    Here even a fish market can not function smoothly because of political thugs.
    C what had gone unnoticed for the past 25yrs !! The military was busy fighting with LTTE while the local terror enjoyed a free hand.

    So now the culprits are out & caught every one knows . Will the people vote them back to power ? Or will the head of state sweep the dirt under the carpet?

  161. 181. TRN

    I have even stopped casting my vote as the elected never keep the promises.


    Voting is your duty and not your right. You should not run away from your duties.

    So please always vote because it is a worse addict to not to do your duty but fighting for your rights.

  162. ඔබ සැමට සුබ අලුත් අවුරුද්දක් වෙවා.. !!!
    இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்..!!!
    Wish you all a very happy New Year..!!!

    Thank you.wish you the same……..DBSJ

  163. 176. Nagulan | April 11th, 2011 at 3:03 am
    No Sri Lankan identity after 63 years
    It is abslutely true. Even some sxtreams trying to establishing SRILANKAN IDENTITY, it was not yet fruitfully materialised. Nevertheless India achieved an Indian identity.

    You know why is the reason. India comprised several nations. By intergrating them it easy to building an Indian identity.

    Nevertheless SRILANKA had not multy nations but only ONE NATION. It called SINHALA, the nation who built the history of the country.

    Therefore we have only SINHALA identity.

  164. 185. wathsala

    If there is only Sinhala identity then what are the Tamils fighting for.

    If you want only Sinhala identity for your island then divide and give the Tamils separate country.

  165. # 185. wathsala

    Sinhala identity is ideal for Srilanka. It is after all not a nation for any other race.

  166. #43-s.joseph

    However, it is good if Tamil politicians to take up whatever is offered now ( even if the deal is unfair).

    “Little now, More Later”

    I see your point. It is interesting and important.I was also wondering about that earlier, but came to the conclusion better to have once and for all a solution without piecemeal type one.The reason i came to that judgement is because of the following reasons

    advantages of a piecemeal solution as you propose

    1.It will show some continuing progress on the issue without coming to a grinding halt.

    2. sinhalese people are able to see the progress and benefits and then give some more for the tamils.

    3. It gives time for the building of trust, because the 2 major parties involved in the talks have a history of mistrust.

    4. If a partial solution is reached then the implementation can be monitored and then the next stage reached for further talks. In otherwords when you get the vadai you can eat it and then holler for the thosai because you are still hungry.You can also tell mahinda mama to put more salt and chillie powder because the vadai was lacking in it initially and he had to make it again properly.

    5. It reminds me of the health reforms that bill clinton did. In his first term he handed that task more or less to hilary because she was passionate about it.She tried to push through a comprehensive package through congress, but it failed. Then clinton took it over himself and the intelligent man that he is he did it piecemeal little by little and ultimately got most of the original package passed, but it took a long time.

    Let us see now the disadvantages to the tamils of a little now and more later strategy as you propose.

    1.It can become little now and nothing later. After eating the vadai when you ask mahinda “shall we now talk about the thosai, because i’am stll hungry”, he might say “what thosai are you talking about. I can’t remember anything about a thosai. In fact i can’t even remember talking to you earlier, though i must say your bald head looks a bit familiar to me”. Sinhalese politicians are known for their short memeory and amnesia. After hugging you they will forget you existed untill the next time their asses catch fire.

    now lets take a look at a comprehensive political settlement once and for all.

    1. you can get a firm commitment from both parties to adhere to the agreement, because they are in the international limelight with the whole world watching.Because of the aftermath of the war the UN,international community and india are watching what is happening. Therefore it will be difficult for the tamils to work towards seperation or the sinhalese to think of reneging on their contract.

    2. A once and for all solution will allow the country to concentrate on other issues because the ethnic problem is not the only thing the country faces. Without unnecessary distractions the leaders of both communities can concentrate on development,environment, crime , corruption, education and health etc.It is a nuisance when you have to be drawn back into this issue for the second and third stages of negotiation’s etc.

    3. When the international community is aware that resurfacing of this problem is remote,, we will be in a position to attract much foreign direct investment, which would otherwise go to countries with a lesser risk profile. The tamil and sinhalese diaspora itself can bring in a substantial amount of investment into the country.

    hence i believe in my opinion it is better to have a lot now and nothing later type of solution.

  167. King Dutugamunu II (Mahinda Rajapakse) is now going to enter into the historical Mahawanse, three chapters are already allocated for him in the Mahawanse but his conduct post war has jettisoned any thought that he will turn the history and become a national leader. His national leadership is only limited to his cunning behavior of speaking in Tamil on occasions to deceive the Tamils and the international community.

    Unfortunately, King Dutugamunu II (Mahinda Rajapakse) has not got the good characters of King Dutugemunu I who respectfully gave a rightful homage to the slain Tamil King Elhara in the battle front.

  168. Sunday observer 10th April

    Answer by Jaffna university VC

    Q:You served at the University of Jaffna from 1984. You would have come across very difficult conditions in the peninsula. Since the difficult days came to an end in 2009, what’s your observation on post-conflict development activities?

    A: Well it looks encouraging. More healthy interaction in various fields could be seen between the North and South. What I would insist is there should not be delays in addressing the immediate problems of the people affected by the conflict. The people who have engaged in the peace building process should look beyond petty differences.

    The Jaffna Peninsula has suffered immensely due to the conflict in the past three decades. Therefore future plans in rebuilding the North and developing its resources should be carried out in a well coordinated manner.

  169. dear jey,
    wish you a happy tamizh new year and i hope that this will usher in good health to you.while you are quite optimisitic about the talks and i have to appreciate you becoz since inception you have been telling that talks are the only alternative for a meaningful political solution i also believe that talks are the only solution.unfortunately talks are not really progressing anywhere i guess sinhalese government is dilly dallying and it is insincere in its attempt .india can play a vital role at this juncture with its aspiration of becoming a super power it has to assert itself at its own backyard it needs to back tamil parties this will result in sinhalese government giving concessions to tamils.at a practical level jey there are scores of tamilians who have been jailed and have never seen trial in welikada prison and other prisons why cant they be released and even ltte cadres who have been arrested why cant they be released as a part of general amnesty so that rajapakshe government generates good will among tamils.india needs to assert if it cant do in srilanka it cant do anywhere as i wrote previously even a country like pakistan having cross border ambition india givens its size,economic power,population and its ambition to rival china needs to help its own brethrens let it be in srilanka,malaysia,mauritius if they are in trouble.if it does not have the guts then it will become another japan which had ambition ,economic leverage but never had the guts.sinhalese will always scream that it is an interference in their national affairs history has shown that srilanka and its politicians have acceded to tamils only if they are prodded by foreign powers let it be india or america.india has got a legitimate concern that tamils who are a minority but who have considerable numbers in india are being treated unfairly and the promises made to them after the end of war has not been fulfilled and it is bound to interfere for good.in this age where nato is interfering in libya though it has not business to interfere becoz of high civilian casualties india has every reason to interfere and i fervently hope that india does keeping aside its tigers phobia given the fact that no longer tigers are there.on a lighter note rajapakshe has got a concern tiger population has increased in india 1400 to 1700 i guess lol with best wishes.jey lastly i would like you to write about malayali migration to srilanka and how they assimilated in sinhala society this is nothing but a request borne out of academic curiousity.

  170. 189. shankar

    Good analysyis. Both methods are possible.

    SL politics is complex ( as any other country) and it is not straitght forward. Tamils need to be shrewd. SL should have been a better country than Singapore, bit it would never be because of hard core Sinhala fundamentalist influence in politics. Even mahinda Rajapakse is very much biased.

    There are good, bad and ugly characters all over, in Srilankan political system. For Communities to trust each other to find a genuine political solution, would take decades. Pragmatic path forward is to go in small steps to reach the preferred solution .

    Alternative is to have more patience and with International support (China, India & West), look forward for a near perfect solution. I dont think GOSL is willing to offer Tamils such a solution. It may take 2-5 years. Can SL tamils wait? In such case, i could even visualize the possibility of a separate Tamil state (thoght it is an extreme case), subject to International support. At the moment, I do not see any reason for IC supporting SL Tamils plight. If Internationals ditch SL Tamils, your suffering will prolong for ever( GOSL would squarely blame it on Tamil political parties).

    SL Tamils must chose what is good for them. Let the wisdom prevail.

  171. 185. Wathsala
    People like you are a curse for Srilanka. You are not belonging to a decent Srilankan singalese or Tamil community.
    We can see people with your thoughts in the world, but only less than five percent of the world population and they are only sub human.

  172. Every sensible person knew that GOSL would reject the UN Panel report.

    The Sinhalese mind is totally and irreversably “flawed” and “biased”. It can never see reason and justice on Tamil matters.

    No point in talking to Sri Lankans. Impose sanctions and take them to the Hague.

    The world is in chaos because all the dictators have the same mind. That is why they also started shooting and killing civilians their own citizens after SL did to the Tamils.

  173. 193. sjoseph  :- I do not think the SL Tamils other than those effected by the war are suffering. There are many Singhalese who are suffering also. The suffering, Tamils have brought upon them selves by their misguided leaders. See what thondaman has done to his clan. There are many many tamils in SL who are very prosperous. How did they achieve that? Anyone who wants to get ahead can do that. We control our own destiny. Of course we can also decide to sit down and winge for ever. I am not looking down at our tamil brothers but this is the reality. I know many tamil businessman in SL who have millions. Best of luck for them and most of them speak fluent Singhalese. They have adapted to the tune of things. Some of them have Singhalese women as girl friends!! MR has many friends among the tamils both in SL and abroad. There are tamils married among his family. This is because in SL tamils and Singhalese cannot be separated on racial lines. All this stuff is created by politicians. Idiotic people from both sides beat the drum because they don’t understand that tamils and Singhalese have a very close bond. Even premadas’s best supporters, his closest were tamils and some of them collected commissions for him!!  Paskeralingham, sivalingham, mahalingam Balendra etc were some. I know this first hand. Of course many of these Tamils left SL once he got killed. If the majority of tamils can live peacefully outside north and east, why the hell do we need a separate state? This is LTTE bullshit. Of course they wanted some rhetoric to justify their cause to kill tamils and Singhalese. So separate state was the punch line.

  174. US try to do any crime for the sake of “US INTEREST”. This is always the justification of US crimes. Are the Americans thinking they have the right to kill any one for their so called INTEREST?

    China, and India have more stragical interest over Sri Lanka than US.

    US wants Sri Lanka as its slave state to terrorize India and other nations.

    In this picture we have to assume USA was behind LTTE terrorists. US tried to carve out an area in Sri Lanka for their military purposes. That is why all the pro-Indian militants were systematically killed and destroyed. Even today US bark and Karuna and Douglas. Why? Karuna helped to destroy LTTE. Douglas arrested CIA agent couple in Chavakachcheri. US try to brand both as the enemies of Tamils. Tamil Diaspora is now become a TRUMPET to the US designs. I strongly believe that most of the EDUCATED TAMILS were killed by LTTE after the US instructions because educated are always a problem for invaders. The systematic elimination of Tamil inteligentia created a vaccum among Tamils now.

    For Tamils, patriotism is not their subject because of the way they brought to Sri lanka by invaders.On the other hand patriotism is anti-Tamil propaganda for the Sinhalese who are the agents of the West.
    That is why LTTE and UNP were fighting and sleeping together.

    SL Tamils’ leaders never interested in any solutions. LTTE destroyed the federal solution under the Indo-Lanka pact in 1987. For that Rajiv and more than 1000 IPKF soldiers gave their lives.

    What is the solution they want now?

    In my view, TNA will runaway before any solutions found! If any solutions found, NO MORE TNA POLITICS and NO MORE CRY OF HUMANRIGHTS FROM AMERICANS.

  175. 196. sunil :- I do not think the SL Tamils other than those effected by the war are sufferi

    A war cause humans suffering of physical, psycological, economical and emotional aspects.

    200,000 SL tamils (Physically), near 500,000 Tamils (financially), 1 million SL Tamils (psycologically) and 10 million Tamils emotionally do suffer (emotionally) due to the SL war.

    A just political & Economical package should aim to help the people who bore the brunt.most ( North & East) and to alleviate their physical/ Economical/ physcological suffering.

  176. 196. sunil

    The suffering, Tamils have brought upon them selves by their misguided leaders. See what thondaman has done to his clan.


    Tamils are suffering because of their own follies. What an argument. You Sinhalese have no hands in their sufferings. Your Monks have sabotaged many an accord and your Mahavamsa mentality has denied them their history in your island.

    What the Sinhalese are made up of. You people do not seem to even have conscience.

    You are bringing in Thondaman into this.

    Thondaman is an Indian Tamil.

    Indian Tamils are recent immigrants say 100-150 years old.

    You had denied them citizenship rights after 1948. Then came many accords and the political moves of a suave politician like Thondaman.

    Whereas these Jaffna tamils, and eastern tamils and other tamils are your own stock and have been living there for a long time as long as you people were living there.

    You cunning Sinhala people do equate the upcountry tamils and the indigenous tamils and with the aid of your Mahavamsa mindset deny both of them their place in your island.

    Denial of their history and expecting to come to you cringing like the Thondaman is the most important reason for this Tamils problem to fester there.

  177. What are the sources of the UN report? American embassy? Catholic Church which was a partner of LTTE?

    Sri lankan government must reject the report and ask the UN to shutdown this matter once and for all!

    If USA insists, SL has all the right to ask Ban Ki Moon to submit the same kind of report first on the US invasion of Iraq.

    What is the human rights UN talks on the demise of a ruthless terrorist gang and its last days. Ban Ki moon must explain why UN was silent when LTTE was killing Tamil people everyday! Is UN tells Americans can kill anyone who are against them in Iraq and Sri Lanka cannot kill any one who were killing Sri lankan citizens on Sri lankan soil?

  178. Nagulan says:
    April 15, 2011 at 2:33 am
    185. Wathsala
    People like you are a curse for Srilanka. You are not belonging to a decent Srilankan singalese or Tamil community.
    We can see people with your thoughts in the world, but only less than five percent of the world population and they are only sub human.
    The universal accepted norme is If any human group call as part of identity of any country must proved that human group make contribute amount for histry,social,culture and tradition and so on.

    could you prove any share that tamils and muslims added in this regard.
    The all adding was done by sinhalees. In a short SINHALA BUDDHISTS.

    That’s why this ciuntry iddentity called SEEHALA DESA,CERENDIP,THAROBANE,


    Very recently reaveled that the predisissiors of this country knew the iron thechonlogy since 1700 years before ad.

    The evidences found from EMBILIPITIYA, BALANGODA.

    If you can prove those people are TAMIL I think you have some clame for national identity.

  179. M.Sivananthan says:
    April 16, 2011 at 3:22 am
    What are the sources of the UN report? American embassy? Catholic Church which was a partner of LTTE?

    Catholic Church was not a supporter of LTTE. Yes There were individuvals like Fr. Emmanuel now in Europe. But the church as an establishment never supported terrorism. This is against christian principles.

    Don’t turn your guns at all around u.

  180. From day one of this stupid EELAM struggle, presence of Catholic Church is visible. Fr. Singarayar, whose mother was from VVT and his involvement in Bank robbery. Another Catholic priest Fr. Anton Sinnarasa too involved in Band robberies.

    I have pictures of Catholic priests holding photos of Prabhakaran in demonstrations in Kilinochchi. Futher Fr. Pathinathan and his gang directly involved in catching children to LTTE during the last days of war.

    Fr.S.J. Emmaanuel praised LTTE as the DIVINE SOLDIERS OF CHRIST. Many others like Fr. Chandrakanthan in Canada too involved with LTTE.

    Now Vatican is partnering in GUN production. Check the CRALYLE GROUP and other major American gun industries!

  181. M.Sivananthan says:
    April 15, 2011 at 6:56 am
    US try to do any crime for the sake of “US INTEREST”. This is always the justification of US crimes. Are the Americans thinking they have the right to kill any one for their so called INTEREST?


  182. Wathsala
    could you prove any share that tamils and muslims added in this regard.The all adding was done by sinhalees. In a short SINHALA BUDDHISTS.

    You are a Racist VATHAL SALSA

  183. wathsala

    CERENDIP,means seren theevu.

    you say the balankoda man etc etc iron age etc etc., Forget all those stuff. Can you prove Dutu was a Sinhala. His father was Mutasiva and one of his close relatives was Mahasiva. He was a Naga, may have been a Budhist But there is no reference that he is a Sinhala.

  184. Mahesh says:
    April 21, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    CERENDIP,means seren theevu.

    you say the balankoda man etc etc iron age etc etc.,
    Balangoda man was a past revealed don by Dr, Daraniyagala.

    Very recently reaveled another facts the predisissiors of this country knew the iron thechonlogy since 1700 years before ad.

    The evidences found from EMBILIPITIYA area in BALANGODA district. They fund remains of cast iron and owen made with pot which desinded for get natural wind to up increase the heat in order to makeing iron. The carben test proved the age of that pot was 1000 ad.

    The predisissiors of these place call RAKSHA. not naga. You aught to be know about RAVANA.

    Any way SINHALA are comprising with four races called RAKSHA, DEVA,YAKSHA, and NAGA.Therefore sinhala identity is alreasy there.

    I know your arguinment that DUTUGAMUNU was not a sinhala but tamil naga. It is the wonderful fabrigaeted story that tamil Dutugamunu was fought against with tamil Elara.

    Like wise any tamil can arguied that RAKSHA too tamil. and tamil RAVANA was fought against with RAMA.

  185. wathsala

    You say that Ravana was a Rakshasa. Yes. But he was a Hindu. His father was a Maharishi. To defeat him Ram had to cross over the Sea. He built the Bridge and crossed over there. These things happened much before your Vijaya landed in the island.

    That bridge is still there though in a dilapidated condition. There are records that it was used for the people to move to and fro the island till 1480.

    So it means that Hindus were the original inhabitants of your island.

    Ravana is considered as a Tamil by many here in Tamil Nadu.

    There are places connected with him. His wife Mandothari is said to have worshipped at Utharakosa mangai to obtain him as her Lord.

    All these things point to the influence of the Tamil Nadu with your island.

    Even by that standard it could be inferred that Tamils were living long before the banished Prince Vijaya landed in your island.

  186. Mahesh:
    How can Tamils claim RAVANA was a TAMIL? That is a cookedup story created by DMK goons.

    //Ravana was born to a great sage Vishrava (or Vesamuni), and his wife, the daitya princess Kaikesi. He was born in the Devagana gotra, as his grandfather, the sage Pulastya, was one of the ten Prajapatis or mind-born sons of Brahma and one of the Saptarishi (Seven Great Sages Rishi) in the first Manvantara. Kaikesi’s father, Sumali (or Sumalaya), king of the Daityas, wished her to marry the most powerful being in the mortal world, so as to produce an exceptional heir. He rejected the kings of the world, as they were less powerful than him. Kaikesi searched among the sages and finally chose Vishrava, the father of Kubera. Ravana was thus partly Brahmin and partly Daitya.//

    DMK always anti-hindu. How can a son of a HINDU sage become a Tamil guy? Rama and Ravana were of the same kind and fought.

    Further Sinhala Buddhists must accept once Sinhalese were HINDUS if they make claims for Ravana. If not they must tell what was their religion before Buddhism!

  187. Mahesh/

    You are making funny story about RAVANA
    What RAVANA you mension for?

    Do you know there were 12 kings of RAVANAS who ruled Srilanka. Among them 10 were most powerfull. That’s why they were called as DASA RAVANA
    Now you bette amend your funny story extending that all ravanas are tamil and you ought to say that there is a tamil identity oringined from Ravana.

    If you doing so I will put another pridissior call BALI ASURA.

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