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Letters from two priests on Wanni civilian predicament

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The continuing war in the Northern mainland known as Wanni has brought in its wake immense destruction of life, limb and property not to mention displacement and chaos.

Innocent civilians for no fault of their own have been victimised in the most horrible and cruel manner.

As someone who anticipated such a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding long time ago before many even thought about it and as one who wrote about it in newspapers many, many months ago urging those concerned to take steps and prevent such a calamity the present situation causes me immense sorrow and grief.

One’s inability and sheer helplessness in the face of an overwhelming humanitarian catastrophe is indeed depressing.

While engaging in propaganda and counter-propaganda neither of the warring parties seem to care for civilians in actual practice.

Instead of writing at length about the current civilian predicament in this post Ithought of sharing two of the many mails I received during the past week about the situation.

The first is from a Catholic clergyman. I am withholding his name for security reasons. The other is a letter from a Protestant Christian pastor. His is an open letter that has received media attention already.

Both epistles convey in very simple terms the agony and tribulations undergone by the helpless civilians.

The mail from the Catholic priest:

“The Sri Lankan army continues to shell and bomb on places wherever people sought asylum, specially places which are announced ‘safe-zones’. It is entirely dangerous to travel along Puthukudiriuppu-Paranthan road. Along this road human flesh are found on the trees and along the road side. People are flooding towards this announced ‘safe-zone’. Many are under the trees.

They are exposed to hot sun and to heavy raining. No food is available. Due to starvation some people have broken the ICRC food store and stolen the food items. Therefore others have become to experience starvation terriblely. While people were flood towards this ‘safe-zone’ one barbaric event happened. That is for the refugees who were flooding towards this ‘safe-zone’ the AGA officers were distributing food item, for this big crowd the army held heavy shelling, on the spot 300 died and many got injured. I am the eye witness. There are many dead bodies all over. The problem is that nobody is coming out of the bunker to bury the bodies. For three weeks I have experienced terrible suffering.

Still I am unable to come out of it. People find shelter on the bunkers. They make small rotty and eat it with tea.”

My experience:

I have visited Menic Farm two days back; The state of the people is very very pathetic. They are treated like prisoners. They shared that they are given food but when they eat them they experience many stomach problems. They are not allowed to go out. They go to a river-side for bathing. For this bath seven or eight army accompanies them. Even, when the women have bath these army men are looking at them and it is terrible for them to have such kind of bath. Many children are not given any education facility. The small rooms are made out of ‘Thakaram’. It is very difficulty for them to stay inside during hot times. They are not given enough soap items. Children are not given proper milk powder.

I visited Nelukula Camp. People are packed up in small rooms. In a small room 32 are accommodated. They are kept as prisoners. Nobody is allowed to visit them. Army are all around. They are given this and that to the people by some NGO’s but people say that we do not want material things what we want is to allow us to live as human beings. In a room 17 elderly people are kept. Some are blind; some cannot walk, some have sever sicknesses. They are not looked after well. With the help of the Sisters of Missionaries of Charity 7 are released and put in their home.

[Injured kid in Vavuniya]

At the Vavuniya hospital

In the Vavunija hospital people are not allowed to meet the sick. When the wounded are brought from Vanni they are kept in the Vavunija hospital under strict security. The by standers are immediately sent to Nelukula camp. Three days back they brought 264 causalities and 154 by standers. 154 by standers are immediately taken to the nelukula Camp. So the husband is in the hospital and the wife is in the cap. What a hell. They husband is crying for his wife in the hospital while the wife is crying for her husband at the camp. Exactly there cannot be any serious kind of human right violation other than this. The Government is asking the people to come out of Vanni. How can they come. Those who have come are treated as prisoners. People say that they would have stayed there than to suffer here”.

The Mail from the Protestant Priest:

“Further to my mail about the Wanni deteriorating situation, I am sad to inform you that one of our Church of the American Ceylon Mission Minister, the Rev. S. I. Anantharajah, Parish Priest of Murukandy and the manager of the Murukandy Girls’ Home and the Day Care Center was injured as a result of aerial bombardment yesterday 28-1-2009 at Suthanthirapuram Church premises.

Along with him, 39 people were injured, among them 3 of our Orphanage Children. We also heard 17 people were killed in our compound the same day.

A month ago Rev. Anantharaja moved from Murukandy with his family, children of the Murukandy Girls’ Home and the parishners of his Church to our Kilinochchi Church compound. Then he and the other pastors, considering the worsening situation in Kilinochchi, decided to move further interior and went to Vivsamadu Church Premises.

A month ago Rev. Anantharaja moved from Murukandy with his family, children of the Murukandy Girls’ Home and the parishners of his Church to our Kilinochchi Church compound. Then he and the other pastors, considering the worsening situation in Kilinochchi, decided to move further interior and went to Vivsamadu Church Premises.

When I visited Visvamadu in December 2008, there were about 3000 people in the premises. Later I heard that number increased to 7000, including all our CACM ministers, Anglican Priests, Methodist Pastors, Catholic Priests and the orphan children of Karunanilayam, Navajeevanam and Shalom Nagar.

I was informed a week ago by the Rev. P. N. Anukoolan, the Area Minister in Wanni, that it has become impossible and dangerous to stay at Visvamadu. I advised them to leave all their belongings and to move out to Suthanthirapuram, which was considered safe zone.

At that time the Government also announced Suthanthirapuran as a neutral zone. I wonder how an aerial bombardment could happen at a Government declared neutral zone. I do not know how many people were there when the incident took place.

Communications are completely cutoff.

We also receive reports that hundreds and hundreds of injured people are there without any medical care.

Even at this juncture I reiterate that an immediate ceasefire and cessation of hostilities is absolutely essential and urgent.Please do pray for the situation and do whatever possible”

With peace and prayers,
Yours very sincerely,
Rev. Dr. S. Jeyanesan

January 29, 2009I do not want to make any further comment as both these mails by themselves speak clearly of the tragic Wanni situation.

D.B.S. Jeyaraj can be contacted on: dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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  1. These two letters by catholic and protestant priests gave me a very good insight into what is really happening in vanni. These simple mails provide more details and feelings than all of the news agency reports on the situation. Thank you Mr. Jeyaraj for sharing these with us

  2. I don not promote war and condemn killing of innocents.
    I am a christian & being praying and doing little bits to promote reconcillation among Sri Lankans in my limited capacity.

    But all these reports appears to be biased towards one side. Why not we appeal to the LTTE to give up the struggle and surrender !!

    I wish Martin Luther King junior was born in Sri Lanka not Prabakaran. the tamils would have achieved their equal rights years ago. Its more sensible to struggle for equal rights than fight violently for a seperate state.

  3. Kind of waiting for article on the current SL / Wanni situation and how our people (tamil) slowly Voicing the fact realiseing the fact that LTTE ( VP) is a libility for our cause.

    The fact Bala Anna (Anton Balasingam) saw this comming after the 911 and went downfor the Federal solution and how VP opposed it which came out when Karuna split. I hope you will do one on this.

  4. I’m really sad to see these people and hope this war ends soon. Unfortunately the letter from the Catholic priest does not convince me. As a Catholic, I should not second guess a statement from a priest but I see some vague statements from the priest. It seems like he goes in and out of the war zone by the way he describes events. I’m not sure whether that is allowed. Than he claims 300 died on the spot.
    Anyway government should free these civilians as soon as possible and provide them proper care.

  5. ICRC & UN must intervene and create a demilitarized zone, not safety zone under complete UN control where armed men or weapons not allowed in, adjacent to the army controlled area. So the LTTE will not be able to use these helpless people as human shields & the army cannot /neednot fire at these areas.
    After all these military success the GOSL must be extremely careful not to allow LTTE tactics to succeed.
    LTTE has all the way planned for this by herding all these innocent people to use them as human shields.
    I donot understand why the govt. is not letting the ICRC to manage the camps for people who fled the LTTE held areas. Even if there is a possibility that LTTE cadres might infiltrate as civilians, this kind of conduct will bring adverse effect to the government. Only way to handle this is for GOSL to be completely transparent in all its activities and obtain full assistance from trusted agencies like UN & ICRC.

  6. Dr Romanie, I think you are hallucinating on some strange substance. To think that the Tamils would have achieved equal rights through peaceful means is a joke. What do you think the Tamil leaders tried from 1948 to 1977?

    Lets get one thing straight – the LTTE learnt the art of terrorism from the Sri Lankan politicians, government thugs and the general population in the South. What do you think happened to the Tamils in 1958, 1977 and 1983? Do you think they were all called to Gall Face Green and handed $100,000 each?

  7. As a Sri Lankan, I feel really sad about the pathetic living conditions of Vanni civilians those who are under LTTE gun power for two decades. But unfortunately I can not understand why these letters were unable to realised actual virulence of LTTE. None of letters were able to mention why civilians were unable to respond positively to 48 hours ceasefire period given by the Sri Lankan government. Why they do not know how people lived in Vakarei area came out from the LTTE and now living under peaceful environment. Though I am really sad about our Vanni brothers and sisters, I can smell a hidden agenda from all these letters.

  8. Dear Dr.Romaine,

    Where on a civilised world a government starves its own people deny basic needs and terrify them with aerial bombardment and multibarrel artillery?

    Everyone says LTTE is a terrorist organisation, how can you expect them to save civilians? Your govt is making is big mistake by going on a killing spree, forgetting the fact that they are now sowing seeds for future terrorists.

    Only god can save the tear drop island

  9. Vp is the cause of every thing good and bad in vanni for a very long time. For children who was born in vanni from 1980s till now they donot Know anything other than prabaharan and LTTE so it’s not supprising that many didnot go to SLA Side duriing the cesefire. Does this make
    them terrorists?

    But I know what prabakaran is thinking and eventualy will happen as the injuries mount people choose to fight instead of dying in the bungers. If Prabakaran’s whish will come true and if he can round up 20000 people to fight then it will be a bad day for SLA.

    As for the injuries I just lost two of my cousins within last two months, they were told to join as one per family is the law in vanni.

    AS for prabakaran not many tamils like his Authoritarian ways but he is starting to look much better than Rajapakeshe brothers day by day.

  10. Dear Dr. Romanie

    These priests are writing about what they saw,know or experience. They are not “detached observers” to write what you term as unbiassed accounts. They are simply telling the reality and may God bless them both for it.

    By the way why cant God – fearing good Sinhala people like you ask President Rajapakse to stop shelling and bombing civiian habitats?

  11. I know this comment won’t be approved.

    The Sri Lankan GENOCIDAL forces are annihilating the Tamil race but self – styled national leader haven’t even made a squeak. bout it. After bringing Tamils to a great tragedy the comedy king who pretended to be their saviour is nowhere to be seen or heard.Shame on you VP.

  12. Now we can see what type of endgame Colombo has in mind for the Northeast.

    They want to brutally crush the Tamil Tigers. They want to occupy and create a Chechnya.

    This is now very obvious. Do not be hoodwinked by so called political solutions. The government seeks to completely destroy the Tigers. And completely weed out Tamil resistance.

    They will raise a paramilitary force to terrorize.
    They will recruit more soldiers to effectively occupy.

    Any half-hearted political solution or promise of development and democracy is meant only to pacify.

    Look at what has already happened in the East and Jaffna.
    The post-war intentions of the government are obvious.

  13. Christians priests are very close to the LTTE, Some of them were caught smuggling like suicide jackets to the south and war materials to the north. If they are so keen to help the people they should talk to their friends the LTTEand get them to disband the human shield.

    If Christians continue to be LTTE biased , intelligent people would think that the anti convertion bill is timely to prevent happenings like in Orissa which would distroy the existing religious freedom in SL.

  14. There are more than 2 million Tamils in Govt control areas living happily. So I can’t understand why these 300,000 or so Tamils have any fear to cross to the other side if not for the fear of LTTE.

  15. The responsibility is with the LTTE. They picked up arms and preferred terrorism (civilian targets, ethnic cleansing, suicide bombing, hitting commercial targets, places of worship) as their way of achieving their political agenda.
    They are being militarily defeated. Instead of fighting till death, or surrender they are hiding behind civilians! I call them cowards.
    Now, the tamil diaspora, and Tamilnadu folk demand that the government stop military action and talk to the tigers who have been defeated in their own game. Why not you people ask the tigers to release the civilians. I cannot imagine these civilians wanting to stay there with the tigers when there are 6 divisions ocming at them. Take a reality check.
    You Tamils pick arms, raise funds, create trouble, and now crying when you burn your hands! Pathetic!
    Appeal to your own to release the civilians and fight like the glaring tigers you have protrayed yourselves to be!

  16. Also, this colateral damage to civilians is not a kill the Tamil thing. Between 1987-1990, the sinhalese lost about fifty thousand youth in the government crushing of the JVP uprising! So, do’nt play the race card. Its the same all around. That does not make it right, but that is the reality! If the tigers did not push the armed agenda, and turn down peace talks, will artilery and MBRL shells be still falling in Vanni? NO! All of us would have a better country.
    As for genocide, and ethinc cleansing, please tell me who cleaned Jaffna and parts of east out of the sinhalese? Killed villagers, priests, and those at temples? At least the tamils are dying as the tigers are hiding behind them. Colateral damage. Those innocent people were hacked to death because they were sinhalese… Tamil genocide my foot! (although instead of my foot, i would have liked to use my a**e!)
    So please appeal to the tigers to do the right thing, they are the only people who can save the civilians…. Eelam through the LTTE’s armed way is a bridge blwon apart. Get rid of them, get developed, and start another approach! The Vanni is still in the 60s!

  17. Srilankan government has banned all media access to the war zone in the name of security and even kill and threaten the journalist in the capital if they report facts about the war and displaced people. They have kicked out all the NGOs as well except Red Cross, and even UN had to move out. This is a systematic black out of news and NOW the Srilankan army can do any thing to this trapped Tamils estimated to be 250,000 in the name of fighting LTTE. These people are suspected LTTE supporters, even if they go to Government controlled areas they will be detained and there is no access to Media or Human right organisations. Already there are reports few hundred of people who have gone to the government control area has been taken away and killed. This leaves the trapped 250,000 people with no alternative, but to die with LTTE?

    Please help and give more prominent coverage to this conflict, just report the facts. Then only there is some hope for this people, otherwise there is going to be an untold genocide. Only their crime is that they lived in the rebel controlled areas. Is it their fault or is it beyond their control?

  18. It is the LTTE and its supporters who took this war to this level of intensity, that today the whole country has a war mentality! We have to put up with the likes of the Rajapaksa regime, and ruthless soldiers like sarath fonseka to get rid of the terrorist problem!

  19. It is unfortunate that the two priests did not see the obvious that the LTTE is holding these civilians. In any war civilian casualties are inevitable. But ONLY if the LTTE did not fire from this safe zone and allowed them to cross to the cleared area they would have been safe. It is not clear who shelled these people and whoever did it it is deplorable. Due to the zero civilian casualty policy of the forces fortunately casualty numbers still are low comapared to any other conflict. Readers Dr.Romanie and Compassion was right. If VP accepted the devolution this war never would have taken place. The blame lies completely on Velupillai the terrorist once for that and now for holding the human shield.

  20. No one I would hope will for a moment disagree that the plight of the innocent people trapped in the LTTE controlled Wanni is heart rending.I do not think that the Government would ever deliberately and maliciously want to kill innocent Tamil people as some people seem to suggest or claim.We all know that the conflict has reached its pinnacle and the forces cannot take any chances with losing it’s grip on the situation just as much as the LTTE would not want to meekly surrender.No matter what bias commentators say either out of their loyalty to their cause or with the ulterior motive of helping it,we all know that the real and righteous and achieveable solution to the problem is for the LTTE to let the people leave the war zone.It is time, for the sake of the people, for the LTTE to do a deal and come to the table and talk peace,genuine peace,not the dishonest and farcical kind that the Norwegian manipulators pushed them into.Let us hope and pray to our own gods that the majority of the Tamils and Sinhalese commonly worship that Norway should find another victim to try to get their illusive glory as an important world power broker, this time ,hopefully closer to home. The Hindu priests who are the genuine spiritual representatives of the majority of the Tamil people need to take a more active role in facilitating peace and when peace is hopefully achieved to maintain an ongoing dialog between our communities for common good and common values.

  21. It is real unfortunate that innocent civilians suffering from someone elses war. Everyone was talking about LTTE just 2 years before but about Tamil civilians, today everything about Tamil civilians nothing about LTTE? Why parties who are begging to SL government and international community can not condemn LTTE which is hiding between two legs of innocent Tamils?

  22. NGO’s were fixing schools as there was no Govt. Control. I would like to know who has weapons in the safe zone? Praba was responsibal for not feeding these people as He did not allow Govt. to feed. because he was not looking after the people Govt. has to wipe out them and liberate the poor people. This is what our president is doing, as the NGO’s and missionaries were not doing there job. By the way when did this missionaries come ? Was it during P. Ranil’s time. cos our Buddhist societies were looking after all these people long before monthly paid American missionaries thought of Sri Lanka. Let MR do the job that is given to him. Panaladenne epa.

  23. Please, stop your arguments right now.See this little boy’s face.

    I am a Hindu but I want to repeat the same words from Rev.Dr.S. Jeyanesan. Please do pray for the situation and do whatever possible.

  24. However, the greatest death and destruction, loss and grief, dislocation and relocation, are associated with the man made disasters that have occurred through warfare. The slaying of man by man in either direct combat or through sophisticated weaponry bring cruel mutilating injuries and sudden untimely violent deaths. Such deaths bring little opportunity for the healing process of physicians or the healing rituals of grief. And, of course, warfare destroys the house and habitants, the livelihoods and even lives of many noncombatants.. Mankind’s capacity to create psychic trauma through war, to create horrifying forms of warfare, has increased exponentially.”- Prof. Raphael from Australia inWhen Disaster Strikes. ”

    I have one question to Dr.Romaine. Do you think the African Americans in the land of opportunity is treated as equal citizens even after Barack Obama became a president ? Please find the answer and you may find the answer to many questions.

  25. DBS,
    Yes, you saw this coming as I remember from your past postings. At the same time, I strongly believe that both the Army and LTTE saw it coming too.

    While LTTE was sort of waiting for it to take the advantage of it, I feel the Army’s approach was to rush through and make it quick, but to do it with minimum harm.

    At the moment, LTTE is seems to winning the gamble. We both know very well, that pawns are sacrificial pieces in this game.

  26. It is not the time for apportioning blame. It is time for action, to take concerted action to move every power on earth to save the innocent people.

    Call, write, join protests, do everything possible. Make the argument that, even if in the view of world powers the LTTE is using the people as human shields, the proper course of action is to save the civilians by any means. That is a more important. Since the SLA is control, their argument for destroying the LTTE even at the expense of all innocent civilians doesn’t hold water.

    A humanitarian intervention, whether in the form of UN troops or forced ceasefire plus time for civilians or under some other modality is important.

    Of course we know what happened in Georgia and Gaza–powerful countries who can make a difference are concerned only about their self-interests and will allow innocent people to be terrorized. But that is no excuse to not do anything. Take action, folks.

  27. The cease-fire period all these people are suggesting was already granted by the government. How can anybody forget that?

    The next conclusion is that the remaining people are there by choice (like one of these letters seem to suggest), or they are not allowed to come out of the conflict zone by LTTE. The latter sounds like the possible scenario.

    Government will do what it can, but do not expect an indefinete cease-fire based on questionable letters like these.

    It is also obvious that some tamils beleive a military victory over armed forces is still possible. If 20,000 ill equipped civilians fight against a well equipped 50,000 strong army the end result is predictable.

    Sensible thing to do for the trapped civilians is to rise against the LTTE (not the SL Army) if they can, and put an end to this misery.

    Unfortunately those who advocate tamils to fight back will only say so from the comfort of their armchair , and expect these poor people to die for them.

    Bottom line is that there are extremists on both sides, That does not, has not and will not help resolve any issue.

  28. The religious institutions particularly the christian should take considerable amount of blame for this pathatic sitiuation of the trapped people in Wanni. They were silent spectaors when LTTE went on the rampage of recuriting child solders and forcibly giving military training to the unwilling civilians. When some of the free churches tried to resist it the so called mainline churches turned a blind eye and a deaf ear. Many free churches were chased out of Wanni. Lot of preisits glorified the LTTE from the pulpits.
    At least at this final hour they should put presure on the LTTE to release the civilians

  29. Tamil catholic priests are the culprits who has been hell bending support a terrorist organisation LTTE. They even didn’t give a single sentence about the LTTE atrocities against Vanni Tamils today.
    It is obvious that the LTTE is the very reason to Tamils could not come out from their controlled areas. Therefore first place I would not blame the GOSL for the sufferings of the Tamils. Unless we finish off the LTTE soon it will bring more misery to SL Tamils.

  30. I am not convinced of what the Catholic priest says here: He states that ‘ The Government is asking the people to come out of Vanni. How can they come. Those who have come are treated as prisoners. People say that they would have stayed there than to suffer here.

    Who will prefer to die as opposed to live in a prison without first not knowing how the prison life will be. Did the priest carry back the message to the civilians in Vanni that they are better off there than the camps operated by SLA. The Priest does not have the guts to tell the LTTE to release the civilians and it is understandable. It is sad that innocents are paying a price to satisfy the ego of some expats and one Tamil Hitler.

    RKT, Tamils would have achieved equal rights through peaceful means is a NOT joke. See what they have earned now and look back how we were in 1977. Jaffna was the 2nd largest city in Sri Lanka then. Despite the discrimination. had we progressd today we would be competing with Chennai and not with Colombo.

    I wish the war comes to an end and not stopped in between. Let the LTTE perish at the hands of the Tamils civiilans who are prisoners at the hands of the LTTE.

  31. When you read the responces from Tamils basically living abroad, it is shame, most of you hate sinhalese, while sinhalese, Tamils and Mulsims are living peacefully in southern Sri Lanka outside so called Eelam Hell.

    Most of Tamil buggers in western countries not because discrimination issues in Sri Lanka, but because you have gone for better life.

    Funding LTTE, will make suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka more.

    If you can’t understand after making LTTE on their knees, you go to hell all idiots selfish basterd tamils who are living overseas…

  32. What you are talking about farthers ?

    Are you complaining about the facilities at govermnent temporary camps while all of you were living like dogs of dogs under LTTE for 30 years ?

    And you want all the LTTE agent/supporters probably have come with the people to the camps to play around freely, you are kidding, sorry, SL army is not so stupid.

  33. DBS correctly predicted the present situstion, when most were thinking he was day dreaming.
    These clergymen presented the current situation but do not account for how we got there. It still seems to be LTTE is in control of the civilian movement and either protecting the NORTHERN tamils or using them.
    Whta the LTTE did to the tamils from EASTERN province?
    It is imminent LTTE is on the verge of losing its total control over the tamil affairs,
    Why it does not lay the arms down and represent the tamils they care so much.
    Ther so much distrust between the two ethnic groups nevertheless,
    Karuna amman did that for the people he cared about and better future is within sight for them.

  34. We have been suffering since Independence Day from the British. Tamils had suffered enough and they have to right to say stop and if they need to take weapon to save them selves sure let it be. These are my times, since my childhood, when shells fly hit neighbors, we ran to the bunker to dug our self from being hurt, friends got killed or injured, property damaged, and stories like this so many. I dont need to repeat this because many of you know about what as Tamils go through every day in the North and the East of Sri Lanka, not forget Colombo if you are Tamilan. Every one of us has horror stories (not just one story) to tell.

    These are the leaders in my time Rajapakshe/Chandrika/Premadasa/J R Jeyawardane, and not to forget Rajiv Gandhi list will continue for sure?! Will I forget these times, never in my life time, will I teach my kids what happened in the past for us, and sure I will teach all the history, I will let them decide what is right and what not. I dont want to see my kids going through the same as what I had go through.

    I just want to say what Anjali Ramanathan said. Its never too late to correct the mistake we made in the past and create a better life for our next generations to come. I just could not stop crying inside, keeping up with daily life and sharing laughter with collogues/friends.

    MY KIND REQUEST FOR ALL OF YOU IS THAT DO NOT BRAND OUR CHILDEREN AS TERRORIST!!! Stop the killings come to common ground where all can agree on, keep it in mind I or you can not satisfy everyone. Lets save the life for tomorrow. As human I love you all. Keep and let the Humanity Live. Please do stop this, enough is enough.

  35. It is hightime to visit http://www.army.lk to see how the life would have been to Tamils under the LTTE rule.

    Next to Batticaloa, Mannar residents had taken the pride to burn the effigy of Velu Praba this week. I salute Mannar Tamils.

    To those who blame VP and VP alone for this human tragedy let me say that as Hitler was backed by many learned people, VP also was backed and is being supported by many educated and intellectuals (psuedo), including the veterans of TULF and FP, around the world. So, they are also equally responsible to answer and I wish a day will come to see all those in the docks of International Court of Justice for the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

  36. Dear DBS,
    Can you please do an investigation and write an article on post Tsunami projects that foreign and local NGOs conducted in north and east of Sri Lanka ?
    SL forces have cleared the most, you will now easily find what they have done, if any.

    Thank you !

  37. Dear Jeyaraj…We are all eagerly awaiting you’re next article with a military analysis of the current ground situation. What counter attack plans could the LTTE have up their sleave? I remember you once predicted a steep decline into Afgan-style warlordism and the LTTE breaking into different groups. Im sure many people are looking forward to see what you have to say about whats currently going-on from a military stand point.

  38. I received a phone telling me of co Co-Chairs Statement and reminded me what i told him in 2002 about Co-Chairs.
    I told him Co-Chairs aim was not the Peace or Finding solution to Tamils But Finishing Off The LTTE. Now It has come True. Terrorisom can be wiped out only by Terrorism.
    LTTE Terrorism have been wiped out by International So called Democratic Terrorism.

  39. this war is similar to Hitler’s war. He used the same method. If a government does not care about the people whom it claims to liberate, it is not a genuine. Word should awake and stop this genocide before it is too late. i do not like LTTE or government, and I want UN peace keeping forces to be sent to Sri Lanka to resolver the problem.

  40. Dear Sopaka,

    Your argument holds no water

    The truth is that, The Srilankan Govt. says these civilians are being held as human shields by the tigers, but any right thinking man would know how can a group of 1000 tiger cadres (which is claimed by the SL Army commander) bearing the brunt of aerial and artillery bombardment and face 50,000 strong armed forces on one hand and force the 350,000 civilians to become their human shields. This is not a fair claim by the govt.

    The other fact is that the SL Govt keeps saying that there are only 150,000 civilians in the conflict zone, which makes one to think that the government believes that only this many will be left after the dust settles. This is another Gaza in the making but unknown to the outside world as the govt. has barred independent media and muzzled the press in Colombo.

    The govt is sowing the seeds for more prabhakarans. Not good for the future of Srilanka

  41. The Sri Lankan Media institutions played varying tunes during the three decades long internal conflict of the North and East. Especially the editorial stands taken by different media outlets were of sympathetic biased, to total anti Sri Lankan on the scale of things.

    The Diplomatic community was also tagging onto these different media themes and latched onto whatever said in these publications and added fuel to the fire.

    It was peculiar experience for the impartial readers to see an unbiased media or diplomatic mission clamouring against LTTE in the similar vein they did against the government or the Sri Lankan State.

    It was always asking for both parties to the conflict to adhere to certain guidelines these foreign governments dictate would have been the maximum they would go whereas they would out rightly dictate the mantra of negotiated solution through peace talks or whatever being the Panacea or the cure for all.

    At this moment of history the outrageous discrimination done against all known human rights and violations of the said at the worst level is being hoodwinked by the same media institutions and diplomatic missions brings the attention of impartial reader as to what is going on?

    Do these missions or media institutions have to be attacked or their staff be victims of the LTTE terrorists has to happen to be outspoken about these blatant violations?
    It is fare to be conclusive on the contrary and say these folks are bedfellows of the terrorists or the supporters to the least.

    In this scenario it is unquestionable the long history of the stand taken by the Island Editorial and the reporting staff of the conflict which gobbled up the valuable human lives and resources of this country.
    The Editorial on the 2nd of February 2009 is a case in point.

    The so called free medial moguls who are clamouring for the freedom of wild ass should see the true meaning of impartial journalism always live with the reality, below the law of the land and nothing superior.

    The humble but true picture of the Journalistic responsibility and how to go about it is the message of these editorials all these long history of reporting by the Island paper.
    We are blessed to have at least one such News Paper in Sri Lanka.

    To quote from today’s Editorial “Now that damning evidence has surfaced against them with the opening up of the Vanni, the government should conduct probes, expose errant envoys and urge their governments to have the pleasure of recalling them. As for foreign correspondents doing LTTE propaganda, the government need not worry. They have forfeited their credibility and exposed themselves as hirelings of terrorists. They need no other punishment!”

    Ajith Boralugoda

  42. To Nila Ananthan
    We are suffering from the indipendant.this is what being told by us so you are the not only one,also for the kids what we are going to inerpreted.where ever Tamils lived Kurunagala Anuradapura,colombo,etc there were Tamil schools.The sufferings are the global problem.let the traped people to go free,you want the Tamil ellam with the expense of the inocent lives,the young boys and girls has to sacrifice thier lives.will you send your child to be a suicide bomber,we had enogh just leave us alone.they are short of fighters for your course you will be very welcome,

  43. To the Sinhalese:
    It is not unreasonable to expect the LTTE or any other armed goup to exploit a declared safety zone for civilians for military advantage.

    To the Tamils: It is not unreasonable to expect an Army with vicotory within its grasp to overlook civilian casualties in ensuring that the anticipated victory does not slip away.

    These things have happened in every conflict around the world. If either party is at all concerned about these civilians there is one thing they can do. And that is to climb down from their entrenched positions re. a settlement and make generous compromises to ensure a permanant solution to the ethnic conflict.

    However knowing the mentality of Rajapakse and Prabakaran, neither of this is going to happen so prepare for a bloodbath, and then economic meltdown after that.

  44. Hello Mr Jeyraj,

    Its hard to feel happy about the success of the war when you see these people returning in small parties on tv each night, without much they can call theirs any more. Its truly sad bcz they are our own people perhaps a generation that got drifted away in a different direction. But we find it so difficult to figure-out as to why these civilians cannot leave those conflict zones. There are large number of Northerners and Easterners who are living very peacefully with other countrymen in all other areas other than the Vanni and the world knows it. Is there any issue about their safety, security and what not in other parts of the Island?

  45. When Norway came into the scene as peace broker,I told my friends that” Norway will smile at the Tamils and while they smile lay the foundation to cut their hearts.”.This has happened now. They dragged the peace process on to weaken and divide the north east Tamils

  46. Dear Sinhalese of Sri Lanka

    For years there has been war in the world, Iraq, Vietnam, Kosovo, Afganistan all don’t use cluster bombs but your government does.

    We tamil people are suffering from cluster bombs, if we turned the tables on you how’de you like if you or a loved died by one of those.

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  48. To the respondents to my previous comment.

    Yes the achievements would ‘ve been much more than a violent struggle. Please study the civil rights movement of USA in the 1950 s how violent the goventment came upon the non violent movements. But today 40 yrs after the assination fo MLK the changes are to the positive. But not so in SL after 30 yrs of violence & hatered.

    I plead with both sides please get over your bitterness the root cause of inflexibility for unity & peace.

  49. EPRLF leader Suresh Premachandran now a MP from TNA spoke in parliament two days ago about civilian killings and injuries. He said 735 civilians were killed and 2615 persons injured in the period between January 26th to February 2nd.

    Suresh also said that the largest amount of killings and injuries were on that “black” day the catholic father says he was an eyewitness. On that single day 322 civilians were killed and 985 persons injured , Suresh says

    This statement which went unchallenged in Parliament coonfirms what the father said about 300 killed on a single day

  50. prabakaran forced people to boycot the presidential election.It helped current president to come power.therefore suppoters of prabakaran can not name this government yours but ours.prabakaran’s crime against sinhala.tamil,muslim civilians are enormous.tamils have created a one of despicable man in the human history and have pay for it.you will reap what you sow.you started the war and why you are now complaining.no war will be sweet but full of misery.it is imaginable that after so much suffering some are stiil trying to justify babaric acts of ltte.this wont help to build peace between sinhala and tamil communities.tamil diaspora enjoy good life due to prabakaran they dont care bit about the plight of wanni tamil civilians.they are happy to see them dying as it can be used propaganda purposes.the two priests do what prabakaran wants.tell the world army is killing tamils.whether army kills or not thry want to tell that .therefore credibility of these reports are very low.prabakaran must be destroyed as quickly as possible for the betterment of all communities in sri lanka

  51. Where are the big organaisations gone.why cant they get the traped people out.TRO,White pegions ,Temples ,waiting for more pictures,act now,why cant you all convince them.leave all the politics behind and save the lives ,why all silent now.i m loosing confident with all these well wishers.

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