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International Conspiracy and Covert Moves to Oust Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa

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Keerthi Rupasinghe


“The skeletons in the mass graves in Matale are those of the 60,000 JVP members killed during the UNP regime in 1988-89. We urge the government to immediately conduct a probe into the findings,” says the JVP.

While the media began reporting the issue, the JVP held media briefings and issued communiqués in this regard. However, after a while, the JVP changed its tune, somewhat. They suddenly alleged that during the period in question, it was Gotabhaya Rajapaksa who was the army officer in charge of Matale, and therefore, he must be held responsible, adding he would also know what had gone on at the time, and as such, he should be questioned.

Why is the JVP, which had been accusing the UNP since 1988-89, stating it had destroyed the JVP with bullets, suddenly drag Gotabhaya’s name into the controversy, consequent to the report on the skeletal remains in the mass graves in Matale being released, and say he should be questioned?

The crux of the matter

That is where the crux of the issue lies.

How can the JVP that had been searching for the deer that was in the forest, suddenly start to attack a deer that came from nowhere?

When searching for an answer to this question, the background of those who are accusing Gotabhaya should be probed. It is also necessary to inquire into the charges that are being levelled by them, against him.

‘The Security Divisions had committed war crimes when fighting the war against the Tigers. During that time, it was Gotabhaya who was the Defence Secretary. Therefore, he must be answerable for that…’

These were the charges levelled against Gotabhaya in the past. It is the international community that is behind the move as they are green with envy since Sri Lanka won the war against the LTTE. The international community, which is paving the way to push Mahinda and Gotabhaya to the electric chair for winning the war started mounting war crime charges.

The more the war crime charges were mounted in the past against Mahinda and Gotabhaya, the more the international community gets the opportunity to accomplish its goal.

First, it infiltrates not into governments but into the Security Divisions. A case in point is the Maldives, an Asian country very close to Sri Lanka. When the Western countries decided to oust the former Maldivian President, Mohamed Nasheed, they did not seek to create issues within that country, directly. Instead, they infiltrated Nasheed’s Forces. Thereafter, they began to magnify the problems in the Maldives by strengthening the Opposition against Nasheed’s Party, and incited the people against Nasheed, leading to people eventually taking to the streets, thereby creating an environment to spur Nasheed to deploy his Forces against them.

The Forces that were abiding by Nasheed’s orders at the beginning later on turned against him and supported the people protesting in the streets. It was only then that Nasheed fell on all fours.

Biggest obstacle

Western countries carried out similar operations in the Middle East to topple Arab regimes. This is the same modus operandi the Western bloc is trying to carry out in Sri Lanka. But the biggest obstacle they have to face is Gotabhaya, because the Tri Forces are directly under his sharp gaze. Under the circumstances, nobody can do anything covertly to infiltrate the Forces or influence them or use them to achieve their ends.

If there was anybody else in Gotabhaya’s place today, that person would have by now caved in under the pressure brought by the Western countries that are antagonistic towards Sri Lanka, and the government would have toppled in the process. The best illustration of this is the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Government in 1960-65. During that period, Western countries had the need to curtail the tenure of her government which was following a people-oriented, economic policy. The Western bloc which could not overthrow her government by inciting unrest among the people, planned a Forces cum Police coup to oust the government in 1962. This is the same line the Western bloc is toeing now.

In case the Western countries had been successful in their efforts in 2009, Sri Lanka’s East and North would still be divided, and there would still be guns firing in Nandikadal, Pudhumanalanwala and Wellimulliwaikal. Even if Prabhakaran had been in another country, he would have been sitting pretty in luxurious and air-conditioned comfort, and directing the war through remote control.

So let it be made abundantly clear that Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, as the Defence Secretary then, was a great boon to the people, and even now he is a great boon to the people.

The war was also won in a way that nobody can touch the country. That Mahinda is safe and secure is also because of the ties of brotherhood.

In the circumstances, what the international community is seeking, because it cannot break up the unity among the brothers, and cannot infiltrate the Forces because of Gotabhaya’s gaze being fixed on them, is to tarnish his image in the country and triumph in its characteristic favourite ‘game.’

A better name cannot be used to describe this than Gotabiya, a name that inspires fear among the international community.


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