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First anniversary of General Sarath Fonsekas arrest

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By D.B.S.Jeyaraj

Hello Friends

February 8th 2011 is the first anniversary of General Sarath Fonseka’s arrest. He was taken into custody by a contingent of soldiers on a Monday evening while he was engaged in a discussion with some political party leaders.

pic courtesy of: sundayleader.lk

Information was scanty at the time of the arrest about the manner and mode in which the ex – army chief was arrested although it was expected.

Upon hearing the news I got in touch with many contacts on the phone and gathered some details. I was able to reconstruct the arrest story within a few hours and post it on my blog.

The story of his arrest as posted on my blog was well – received and within hours the reader toll had passed five digits. The following day also registered a mark quite close to six digits

It was also picked up by the media on a wide basis and was used as source material by various media personnel.

I thought that re-posting the article would be of interest to readers to denote the first anniversary of Sarath Fonsekas arrest.

I am therefore posting the original article without any changes here although much water has flown under the bridge this past year.

Here it is Friends ………….DBS Jeyaraj

Gen. Fonseka was forcibly dragged away from his office

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

In a disturbing turn of events, retired four star General Sarath Fonseka was taken into custody by a contingent of military police on the night of Monday, February 8th 2010.

General Sarath Fonseka

General Fonseka a widely regarded as the most successful army commander in post-Independence Sri Lanka was roughly manhandled, assaulted and forcibly dragged away by military personnel who had saluted him with respect only a few months ago.

The ex-army chief who was the main challenger of President Mahinda Rajapakse in the recently concluded Presidential poll is currently “housed” at a chalet within the Naval headquarters precincts in Colombo.

Gen. Fonseka who also held the position of Chief of Defence staff (CDS) prior to contesting the Presidential elections is detained pending interrogation into alleged military offences committed by him while in service as Army chief and chief of defence staff.

Although a charge sheet is yet to be formulated the General is very likely to face in camera court-martial proceedings at the hands of a military tribunal that would debar media coverage.

The manner and mode in which the highly decorated war hero was arrested and detained has come in for heavy criticism by opposition politicians on whom the cruel irony of the man who defeated “terrorism” being treated like a terrorist was not lost.


General Fonseka was in his political office at Rajakeeya Mawatte (Reid avenue) near Royal College in Colombo 7 discussing political strategies and campaign tactics for the forthcoming Parliamentary polls with a group of political allies.

Among those participating in the discussions were Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC)leader and MP Rauff Hakeem, Democratic Peoples Front (DPF)leader and MP Mano Ganesan, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) leader Somawansa Amerasinghe and JVP Parliamentarian Sunil Handunnetti.

Fonseka’s media secretary Senaka de Silva a.k.a “Shah” Silva was also a participant. Senaka Silva is a former captain of the Sri Lankan Army.

The highly confidential discussions were conducted behind closed doors in Gen. Fonseka’s boardroom on the first floor of the building.

The security personnel in charge of personal security for the General and other political leaders like Hakeem, Ganesan and Handunnetty were waiting in an outer enclosure.

The time was about 9.40 pm when a contingent of military personnel swooped down on the premises in a commando type raid. While scores of soldiers took up positions around and inside the building a special squad burst into the room where the meeting was going on.

Before entering the room by breaking down the door the military personnel had disarmed the security officers of Fonseka and other political leaders by relieving them of their firearms.

Upon entering the room the Military Police, Provost-Marshal Brigadier Wijesiri had introduced himself and asked the politicial leaders to leave the room as the Army had been instructed to detain and question General Fonseka.

The political leaders had objected to this high-handed action and politely refused to vacate the room and leave the General to the tender mercies of his erstwhile military subordinates.

At this point General Fonseka had said that if he was to be arrested for questioning then it had to be done in the proper way. He said that the army could not arrest him as he was no longer in the army and that only the Police could arrest him.

Fonseka’s media secretary Senaka de Silva had also spoken supportively of the General.

When the political representatives tried to intervene they were curtly ordered to remain silent and not interfere in a matter of national security.


The Provost Marshall Wijesiri had then said that the General had to be taken into custody by the Military police for interrogation about certain offences committed by him while wearing the military uniform.

Since they were military offences it was the military Pol’ce that was entitled to arrest him, emphasised the Provost Marshall.

He also rapidly read out from his orders outlining the reasons for taking Sarath Fonseka into custody.

The charges under which Fonseka is to be interrogated included

a) Politicking whilst in uniform.
b) Conspiring against the Commander-in-Chief whilst in Service.
c) Harboring more than 1,500 deserters whilst on service.
d) Corrupt practices relating to military procurements.

Sarath Fonseka then protested vehemently and asserted that he would not leave the office unless and until the Police took him into custody and that the military Police had no authority to arrest him as he was now a civilian out of uniform.

The military Police officials seemed hesitant to proceed further in the face of the defiant stance adopted by Sarath Fonseka who reiterated that he was willing to submit to arrest by the Police but not the military Police.

Suddenly a fresh group of military personnel entered the room. They were led by Major-General Sumith Manawaduge, commanding officer of Colombo district operations in the Army.

Incidently it was Maj-Gen Manawaduge who was in charge of an earlier operation on January 26th-27th when a contingent of troops encircled the Lakeside Cinnamon Hotel where Sarath Fonseka and some associates were staying.

Sarath Fonseka family portrait-http://www.sarathfonseka.com

Manawaduge then barked out orders to the military personnel to take hold of Fonseka. At one point he had rasped to hesitating personnel “Ai balagana inne. Bellen allaganda” (Why are you just watching and waiting, grasp his throat).

Egged on by their commanding officer the soldiers then seized their former commander and tried to pull him out. But Fonseka held on to a table refusing to accompany them. He kept on shouting “Let the Police come. I will come then”.

When Senaka de Silva also protested , Maj-Gen Manawaduge ordered his men to arrest the ex-captain and hand him over to the Police for further questioning.


He then ordered soldiers to drag the general (adagena yande). The soldiers then grasped the hands and legs of Sarath Fonseka and forcibly dragged him along.

The politicians witnessing this disgusting spectacle of an ex-Army chief being humiliated in this way remonstrated with the army officers but to no avail as Maj-Gen Manawaduge simply ignored them.

Sarath Fonseka kept on shouting and struggling as he was forcibly dragged down the steps from the first floor. Some of the soldiers dragging the General were seen hitting their former commander in a bid to restrain him.

One soldier was seen delivering a powerful punch to the back of Sarath Fonseka’s head.

When the soldiers assaulted him the General retorted by resorting to colourful expressions and choice epithets in both the Sinhala and English languages.

The 59 year old General who had survived an LTTE suicide bomb attempt on his life in April 2006 was manhandled very roughly by the soldiers who dragged him down the stairs by pulling his hands.

At one point the struggling Fonseka’s flailing legs smashed into a window cracking the glass pane.

The General was wearing brown trousers and a white shirt at the time of arrest.


After reaching ground level the General was handcuffed and then bodily carried towards a vehicle.

Fonseka then asked the soldiers to put him down saying he would walk without struggling. Thereafter a handcuffed Fonseka walked a very short distance to the bullet-proof Land Rover jeep in which he was taken to Navy headquarters.

He has been detained in a chalet within Naval headquarters premises.

Detaining Fonseka within Navy precincts is perceived as another attempt to humiliate and anger him as the ex-army chief was at loggerheads with his counterpart former Navy chief Admiral Karannagoda and had constantly undermined the navy during his tenure as Army chief.

Senaka de Silva was taken separately and reportedly handed over to the Police for questioning.

The political leaders at Fonseka’s office were prevented from leaving the place for nearly half an hour by the Army.

The Army also blocked mediapersons from photographing the “arrest” and reportedly confiscated film rolls and cameras from photojournalists working for domestic and foreign media.


The SLMC,DPF and JVP leaders who witnessed the deplorable drama have been informing media persons of what had happened exactly “He was dragged away in a very disgraceful manner in front of our own eyes” Rauff Hakeem told Reuters.Hakeem described the act as “authoritarian and vindictive”.

A JVP spokesman told Agency France-Presse (AFP) “The General refused to be taken away.They grabbed him and virtually carried him away after threatening the others.There must have been over a hundred soldiers”.

DPF leader Mano Ganesan told a Tamil newspaper that the General was “Dragged out bodily like a dog, taken downstairs,handcuffed and put into a vehicle”.

It was only a few hours earlier that Sarath Fonseka held a media briefing where he said that he was prepared to testify in any inquiry into alleged war crimes committed by Sri Lankan armed forces.

“I am definitely going to reveal what I know, what I was told and what I heard. Anyone who has committed war crimes should definitely be brought into the courts,” Gen Fonseka said at the briefing.

With this “arrest” any such possibility of Fonseka testifying has been ruled out in the near future.

The arrest of Fonseka comes at a time when he and other opposition leaders were engaged in preparing elaborate documentation for legal action challenging the Presidential election result


Although President Rajapakse won with a majority of 1.8 million votes the opposition has refuted the figures and alleged that malpractices and manipulation on a massive scale had occurred.

Fonseka’s arrest could be a setback to opposition efforts to initiate legal action. It is mandatory that legal action should be taken within three weeks of the poll held on January 26th.

The arrest could also hamper Opposition efforts to contest forthcoming Parliamentary elections on a common platform spearheaded by General Fonseka. Though defeated at the Presidential hustings Fonseka yet remains a key political figure capable of mobilising broad support.

Opposition leader Ranil Wickremasinghe currently on a visit to New Delhi has condemned the arrest as “illegal”.

Meanwhile efforts are on to “gather” evidence justifying a court-martial trial of the ex-army chief by a military tribunal.

Lakshman Huligalle,director Media Centre of National Security and newly appointed and recently promoted Military spokesman Major-General Prasad Samarasinghe have both stated that the General has been detained for questioning into alleged military offences done while he was in service.

While interrogation with a view to court-martial Fonseka goes on one level It is learnt that other “investigations” and “probes” are also being undertaken concurrently.


One line of investigation is about Fonseka’s complicity in an alleged Coup d’etat conspiracy against the Government.

Another probe is about Fonseka’s alleged involvement in an assassination plot against President Rajapakse and his two siblings Gotabhaya and Basil Rajapakse.

A third line of investigation is about General Fonseka’s role in the killings of “The Sunday Leader” Editor Lasantha Wickrematunge and Tamil National Alliance MP from Jaffna, Nadarajah Raviraj.

It appears that moves are afoot to keep the General detained indefinitely for a while and conduct the Parliamentary poll with him in custody.

The General’s arrest has evoked an international outcry with the UN, USA and Amnesty International expressing concern.

In a related development a bunch of investigative sleuths from the Police went to the General’s private residence on Queens road and removed his personal revolver.

Meanwhile Mrs. Anoma Fonseka has stated that she is very worried about her husband’s health as he has been deprived of medication.

Fonseka has to take specified medicine every six hours due to internal injuries sustained when a woman suicide bomber exploded herself at Army headquarters in an abortive assassination attempt.

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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  1. Another great investigative journalism by DBS.After all the blackouts in Colombo media due to films/camara’s were forcibly taken over by army your news was the first real truth of the incident.

  2. I read this last year and was shocked at treatment given to our general . Now I am reading this again and all the old thoughts come back

    What the brothers are doing to General is a crime

    Thank you DBS for exposing arrest then

  3. Do you want any more evidence for war crimes convicted in Sri Lanka? See. if this happened to such a valiant person who sacrificed every thing for the country, what will happen to common people who just cast their votes to these bloody politicians?

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  5. I was on Mahindas side all this time, but this is such a disgusting thing he has done. Fonseka need respect, he is a hero. mahinda going to loose his supporters

  6. The treatment given to General Fonseka is reprhensible and against any civilised norms. The President by carrying out this outrage has exposed his lowly character and political bankruptcy.
    At the moment it is impossible to have justice and fairplay in Sri Lanka with the Police and Judiciary in the hands of the President.

  7. Fonseka, the power greedy, image greedy and revenge oriented when more and more power + image boosts are on his way, ended up in the trap laid by political losers of UNP and JVP.

    Fonseka was a skilled army officer in a war time army. But never skilled enough to deal with the army during peace time and never showed the prospects of being a good politician.

    He went inside for the crimes he had planned against the highest citizens of Sri Lanka who never deserve such a fate.

  8. Not quite sure which definition is more appropriate…

    Philistines or Barbarians???

    I reckon its a paraya breed of the two, as there are so many valsations running around, who think they are great Sinhala veerayas…..

  9. small technical correction. Rajakeeya Mawatte and Reid avenue are two different roads although they are both near Royal College in Colombo 7.

  10. Knowing the war craft, Sarath won many battles for the country, hence deserved the promotion to rank of General.

    He should have not applied terror tactics against the elected officials, even during election time . Out side the theater of war rules differ.

    Not knowing the vote-craft he burnt fingers.

    By requesting a pardon; he will be able to find time to learn dirty politics. He might already know perhaps to run again.

  11. Where is Sumith Manawaduge today ? He and his family all so called OFFICERS’ of his kind should be damned forever in Sri Lankan history.

  12. Fonseka is a prisoner and he was guilty for corruption. why only having protest for fonseka. whether he is a diplomat prisoner ?
    other wise UNP JVP idiots no subject to protest.

  13. Lanka has never changed, its the rotten breeding ground of thugs and bought up mankeys, monkeys are of a better gene, ie is the Lankan mankey!!! Rajapkse, thinks that his rule is eternal, the very thugs who are bought and in his pockets now will turn their weapons on his sibs. Unless he has millions of dollars to keep the hounds at bay. My thoughts are for Sarath Fonseka and Lanka. Lanka needs good ombudsmanship and honest beings to bring Lanka out into the world of gentlemen

  14. What more? Arresting the most important person of the war itself, is a war crime.Legally or politically the Great General did not commit any offence,but in current Sri Lanka you need not commit crimes to go to jail.If you don’t like THEM,you don’t listen to them and you don’t laugh and dance with them you can go to jail.That’s why the Great General is behind bars today. His only crime was daring to challeging the Rajapakse family at the presidential election.

  15. All I can say is I agree wit hChinthaka after seeing DBS’s article & comments. He was fooled in to politics by the leaderless JVP & UNP. They are still trading him & his name to gain support of the general public. The very prople who did not like SF ( Anura Dissanayake saying SF was given too much of power as commander in chief of aremed forces & Ravi, Kiriella & Mongrel Samaraweera) wanted him to save their own identity. On top of all that Anoma played a very big role in putting SG in this predicament. I personally do not like what happend to SF. But seeing what he said during election campaign ( putting Rajapakse’s at Bogambara & punishing them on the GalleFace & of course white flag story) SF deserves at least part of what happened. See how the western powers behaved after all this drama.

  16. Why are people worried so much about Mr. Sarath Fonseka. He is only an Army officer. He is jailed as he betrayed the government.
    It is not him who won the war.
    More over he is not suitable to be a political leader.

  17. The sadest point I see is the selective application of justice in Sri Lanka.

    President keep saying everyone is below the law, But I wonder with what he speak this.

    The Buddha’s teachings will prevail above all and if we are lucky we will live to see them.

  18. The general should be cleared of all fabricated Mahinda family charges and charged for the real war crimes charges, at leasts a witness for the war crimes charges against Gotabaya.

  19. DBS… thanks recalling the truth….. which is bitter for the rulers and present regime…. General is the only person who can oppose this regime….. and rest are pupports….. or the other side of a COIN….. so SL must realize that they lost not only a Hero…. a politician has a will for good governerce and true love to motherland…… God Bless SL

  20. I think of Mubarak at this moment. He sent his political oponanent to jail for 5 years. According to CNN his family wealth estimated at $ 70 billion. Journalists who criticized his govt., were abused. His former housing minister has made $ 1.8 billion.13 million of his country people live in slums. These facts I gathered y’day from CNN. This is what he did in 30 years. Are we better than them?

  21. The conduct of Manawaduge is to be condemned.

    However, SF is way out of his line in refusing arrest. SF’s office is not the place to sort out how he should and should not be arrested. To refuse arrest is rather juvenile for a former CDF.

    SF engaged in nifty maneuvers while been in the military to clear path to his candidacy. This would have landed him in jail even in the most mature democracies in the world. True, he was sent to jail in Sri Lanka on some ridiculous charge but he deserves to be in jail anyway if we go by the very norms on which we make our case that he should NOT be in jail.

    SF the politician hasn’t given us any indication that he can be a better politician than MR. To the contrary, all indications are that he would create chaos and uncertainty in the political landscape just to settle his vendettas with GR and MR when ordinary masses are awaiting to get their bread and butter issues that had accumulated due to war sorted out. Thus isn’t it very reasonable for the common man to ask SF to just shut the fuck up?

    What MR did to SF is peanuts compared to what Obama is doing to WikiLeaks founder! Since those international independent media and human rights crusaders who find treatment metered out to SF quite appalling, find Obama’s conduct very palatable, I see no reason why ordinary joes and janes should give two hoots about their cries!

  22. (20) Ape Rata: You said it well!

    Once, he (SF) was one of the ‘aappu minisu’ , then hero of ‘Ape Rata’s. He (SF) even called on Eelam Tamils to go to South India, where his ancestors were brought as koolies a few generation ago. Now, Karma caught up with him. Not to mention, for VP, it was immediate.

    The same Karma is bit slow in catching up with some remaining war criminals.

  23. Comments 10 & 11 need commenting .

    Philistin in a sense is a materialistic person,

    It is an appropriate term for a person who allowed the family members to take commissions from military purchases, using his power and influence.

    Paraya is basically a half caste like a paraya dog.

    In addition Sinhala people used this term to identify” suck arses” who worshiped the white man during the British Rule.

  24. Mahinda and his alies are beginning to get the returns for what they did to this respected public servant. In one year, Mahinda has got a cancer (in his testicles), oh what better place than getting it there for doing things like this. Slowly but surely, the rest of the clan will also get the same karma. They will undergo a harsh realisation process. This is good because they can be better after life.
    Oh sinner manmen where will you run to?

  25. Rajapaksha leda veva – oota maruwa lang veva
    uge varge sun veva – uge paula vanaseva

    This is what should happen for disgracefully manhandling a noble public sector worker that has done immense service to mothe Lanka

  26. #9-chinthaka

    [He went inside for the crimes he had planned against the highest citizens of Sri Lanka who never deserve such a fate]

    can you elaborate on that. I thought he went in because he had allowed his son in law to supply arms which was a fair charge i feel because it was a conflict of interest. Crimes against the highest citizens of srilanka???????. Why did they not charge him with that?

    [SF engaged in nifty maneuvers while been in the military to clear path to his candidacy. This would have landed him in jail even in the most mature democracies in the world. True, he was sent to jail in Sri Lanka on some ridiculous charge ]
    Why was he not charged with those nifty maneuveres you refer to? I don’t think they are that serious and against the public’s interest. However the ridiclous you refer to is certainly against public interest. When he was the army commander why did he permit his son in law to supply arms. Is his son in law so indispensable that we cannot find someone else to act as an agent?I think that is pretty reasonable charge and i commend gota for it, because it creates a good precedence for any other srilankan if he gets such ideas in future.It can come back like a boomerang and hit the corrupt elements of the current administration too one day, so i think it was a good thing for the country to lock him up and set an example.

    However i’am not happy about the way he has been treated in the prison. His human rights have been violated unnecessarily. I hear that there is only a mat for him to sleep. No pillow or blanket, and so many ways he has been harrassed and humiliated. Is this the way to treat a former war hero, who has substantially contributed througout his 40 year career to the fight against the LTTE. The least that you can do by way of gratitude is to see that his term in jail is as comfortable as possible. Shame on you sinhalese, as prabha always said, your memories are very short. Gratitude should be a way of life, not a passing cloud.

  27. #34-hiran

    In one year, Mahinda has got a cancer (in his testicles), oh what better place than getting it there
    I agree with you, the beneficiary being anarkali.

    By the way iam a bit suspicous of your bona fides because your #35 shows you are a mahinda hater and may have fabricated this cancer story.What is the proof, because the proof is always in the pudding, the pudding being the testicle.Did you examine it properly?Did you sqeeze it hard enough?talking of testicles here is a novel way to make money.

    An elderly woman walked into the Bank of Canada one morning with a purse full of money. She wanted to open a savings account and insisted on talking to the president of the Bank because, she said, she had a lot of money.

    After many lengthy discussions (after all, the client is always right) an employee took the elderly woman to the president’s office.

    The president of the Bank asked her how much she wanted to deposit. She placed her purse on his desk and replied, “$165,000”. The president was curious and asked her how sh e had been able to save so much money. The elderly woman replied that she made bets.

    The president was surprised and asked, “What kind of bets?”
    The elderly woman replied, “Well, I bet you $25,000 that your testicles are square.”

    The president started to laugh and told the woman that it was impossible to win a bet like that.

    The woman never batted an eye. She just looked at the president and said, “Would you like to take my bet?”

    “Certainly”, replied the president. “I bet you $25,000 that my testicles are not square.”

    “Done”, the elderly woman answered. “But given the amount of money involved, if you don’t mind I would like to come back at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning with my lawyer as a witness.”

    “No problem”, said the pre! sident of the Bank confidently.

    That night, the president became very nervous about the bet and spent a long time in front of the mirror examining his testicles, turning them this way and th at, checking them over
    again and again until he was positive that no one could consider his testicles as square and reassuring himself that there was no way he co uld lose the bet.

    The next morning at exactly 10 o’clock the elderly woman arrived at the president’s office with her lawyer and acknowledged the $25,000 bet made the day before that the
    president’s testicles were square.

    The president confirmed that the bet was the same as the one made the day before. Then the elderly woman asked him to drop his pants, etc., so that she and her lawyer could see clearly.

    The president was happy to oblige.

    The elderly woman came closer so she could see better and asked the president if she could touch them. “Of course”, said the president. “Given the amount o! f money involved, you should be 100% sure.”

    The elderly woman did so with a little smile. Suddenly the president noticed that the lawyer was banging his head against the wall. He ask ed the elderly woman why he was doing that
    and she replied, “Oh, it’s probably because I bet him $100,000 that around 10 o’clock in the morning I would be holding the balls of the President of the Bank of Canada !”

    mahinda without his balls will be like samson without his hair, absolutely powerless, because he is running the country not with his brains, but by his testicles.

  28. 36. shankar:

    [[ Why was he not charged with those nifty maneuvers you refer to? I don’t think they are that serious and against the public interest. ]]


    So you think military plotting against the civil leadership is not in public interest? Just because he wasn’t charged on that doesn’t mean he isn’t guilty of throwing his hat into the ring whilst still been the commander/CDF. He even said once that if he wanted to overthrow MR, he could have done that very easily or something to that extent… I don’t expect that kind of shit from a military or retired military man. Its a good lesson for military people who harbor political ambitions. For me this charge is more important than any kind of corruption.


    [[ However the ridiclous you refer to is certainly against public interest. When he was the army commander why did he permit his son in law to supply arms. Is his son in law so indispensable that we cannot find someone else to act as an agent?I think that is pretty reasonable charge and i commend gota for it, because it creates a good precedence for any other srilankan if he gets such ideas in future.It can come back like a boomerang and hit the corrupt elements of the current administration too one day, so i think it was a good thing for the country to lock him up and set an example.]]


    Charging SF with corruption is selective justice. The charges brought against him are ridiculous for there are people who have gone Scott free even after engaged in corruption of far greater scale. Take the oil hedging case for example. Besides, SF is not charged with providing substandard equipment to the military. He is only charged with providing the contract to his relatives. For a government that can take mass murderers, wheeler dealers, drug king pings into its fold, what are these charges that its bringing against SF?


    [[ No pillow or blanket, and so many ways he has been harrassed and humiliated. Is this the way to treat a former war hero, who has substantially contributed througout his 40 year career to the fight against the LTTE. ]]


    When he comes on TV and levels all kinds of crap against GR, what else do you expect?

    I would voice my concern against shabby treatment metered out to him had he behaved like a gentleman politician. Instead, he stooped to very low levels to grab hold of political power even disclosing national secrets in public. Now thats embarrassing to say the least for all Sri Lankans.

    Even now there is ample opportunity for him to go into retirement with dignity. But he has other plans. Too bad for him for I have no interest in changing governments just so that opposition can avenge their enemies.


    [[ Shame on you sinhalese, as prabha always said, your memories are very short. Gratitude should be a way of life, not a passing cloud. ]]


    How far do you expect the Sinhalese to bend over backwards to rub SF’s bloated ego?

  29. It is a shame what happened to the good general. First of all, he was manipulated by the UNP and JVP who worked on his ego to get him to think that he can win an election. JVP bussed thousand of supporters to his election meetings and the poor fellow without any experience in the dirty politics of Sri Lanka fell for it and thought that majority of the people supported him.

    After the election, the UNP dropped him like a hot potato and JVP, for all their bluster and organizational skills, could not get enough people on to the streets to mount a credible protest on behalf of the general. That is the extent to which JVP is popular in Sri Lanka these days.

    However, it is really difficult to understand why Mahinda is keeping the general in jail. The best thing that they can do is to release him and let him do politics. For each time he opens his mouth he will add another thousand supporters to the government. I was in Sri Lanka last year during the election campaign and I even attended a few meetings of his. His conduct at election meetings was disgraceful, even when compared to Sri Lankan elections. Just before elections, I spent a few days in Ambalangoda, general’s hometown where I have a number of my own relatives. It was very clear to me then that even in his hometown the support was much divided.

    His strongest support came from the old boys of Ananda collage who basically ran his campaign. Then it was the Colombo elite who as a rule hate Mahinda because he is a “provincial” and did not attend any of the so called “leading schools” but went to Thurstan College. It is also this Colombo elite who flooded the Sri Lankan news sites on the internet prior to the election with all kinds of support for the General. Then they started to believe what they themselves had posted on the internet leading them to think that SF has huge following in the country, completely forgetting that majority of the common Sri Lankans do not have access to the web and anything that is posted on the web is heavily skewed to Colombo.

    This is the guy who talked openly at election meetings how the day after the elections MR and GR will be in Bogambara prison and how they will be executed in front of the public at Galle Face. He may be a brilliant general but he is certainly no politician. Thank god that Singhalese voters were smart enough at least once in their lifetime!

  30. What goes around comes around. What Prabhakaran did came back to be his catastrophic end . Had he known his fate beforehand , he would have made peace in a timely manner. Same with SF. It is yet too early however for MR, GR and Sinhalese soldiers to pay their dues for abusing Tamils to this day. Whether you are a Tamil or Sinhalese, none of us are above the law and for that matter above God regardless of cast, creed, or race.

  31. Comment 34 < 35 &37,

    Only a low life can make venegeful and derogatory remarks about a terminal illness.

    People who are domiciled in the West should know how cance affects most families.

    The Diaspora who have good connections in the medical field obviously are privy to the reasons behind the President's visit if it was for medical reasons.

    The great American Lance Armstrong won three consecutive Tour De France Trophies after under going surgery for testicular cancer.

  32. It is good to know that our people are sensible enough for what to appreciate and when. It doesn’t matter who.

    Some super duper so-called sensible people who were running the peace machine with the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world for their vested interests, are trying their hardest possible ways to make people emotional when they actually have to be super sensible.

    Those who are shedding crocodile tears for the retired general,
    – Where were you when he was conducting the war being actually the best general in the hearts of peace loving people of Sri Lanka?
    – How come he became your super star after he crossed sides promising to reveal so-called war crimes?
    – Why do you so much love SF now apart from Ranil or UNP, your big time favourite politics? They say your enemy’s enemy is your friend. Is that the reason?
    – Who brought up the concept of “Anandian SF” and why? Are Gotabhaya R, Karannagoda, Jagath Dias, Prasanna Silva, Chagi Gallage etc Chilaw Anandians? BTW who would sensibly want to give damn about someone’s school when you are confronted with far more important, rather crucial decisions?
    – SF who boasted of Sri Lanka being sinhalese country and other races shouldn’t demand undue things has suddenly become the ‘favourite’ of so-called human right activists. Why?
    – MR is a village bumpkin in your language, so you don’t like him as he doesn’t sound right with your class priorities. Why you wanted another village bumpkin from Ambalangoda for replacing MR? Was it because “Kaele gahak nasanna kaele gahak’ma uwamana nisaa da?”
    – While VP was waging the war you talked about minority rights while the majority of peace loving people were at stake. While majority people had the victory over terrorism you wanted war crimes to be examined. When majority of people decided their leader in the country you wanted the other way and dramatised your previous ‘dushtaya’ into ‘hero’. What is it always you have like something to hate about majority people’s decision, regardless of they’re sinhalese, tamil or muslim? Is it because you have a retarted mind or badly wanting attention?

  33. M R, G R & the Gang must realize that every “DOG” has a day. That day will come sooooooooooon


  34. #39 Ranjan,

    Not all old Anandians supported SF. True some old Anandians supported him. Arjuna Ranatunga was a lead figure. However a significant section was opposed to SF. Please note Majors General Prasanna Silva & Chagi Gallage who opposed the stance taken by SF are old Anandians too.

    SF was not a mature political leader fit to govern the country. Anyone who read his letter of resignation would understand what I say. His utterences at election rallies indicated that country would have been in chaos if SF returned to power. I think RW was a very relieved man when the results were announced.

    His irresponsible statements threatened the stability of the country which was just emerging out of a brutal & protracted war. On that basis, his jail term is a necessity.

    Hopefully, he will come out a more mature and a better politician and meaningfully contribute towards country’s progress (under which ever party he chooses).

  35. There is no doubt that SF is a loose cannon,
    He is a worse political leader than anyone else.
    He was even accused of rape as a junior officer.
    They say he is of immoral character.

    He behaved like a patti gona.

    I am glad he did not become president. Because he is not suitable for that post.

    But what he achieved as army commander is unforgettable and nation is in debt.

    The question is how many are their in our government who are,
    murderers who get away.
    Bribe takers who get away
    Tax evaders who get away
    Rapists who gat away
    Kidnappers who get away
    Thieves who get away
    Simply they are protected because they are with the government.

    This pathetic justice system must be changed in Sri Lanka and all decent people should protest to bring independent judiciary and independent police force that respect human rights.

    The charges they brought to SF are nothing compared to this lot.

    It is a clear political victimisation. Political revenge.

    He does not deserve it.

    It is shamefull as a nation and it will be a big dark spot in our history.

    I thought Mr Gotabhaya is a decent person, But his recent testimonies reflect his ignorance, ungreatfulness and ruthlessness.

    Sir, People bigger than you fell from grace. Everything is impermenent and you are forgetting buddha’s teachings. You will soon be old and weak and will come a time to think what you did with your life.

    As I said to you Buddha’s teaching will prevail and noone escape from their karma.

    Look where Chandrika was then and where she is now. Same thing follows you.

  36. Only We all can accept Gen SF as our Real Hero
    if he willing to give evidence to UN ( war crime commited by both party ( GSL & LTTE) )

  37. 37. shankar

    I could not control my laughter after reading your story. It is long time since you came out with such a humorous and amorous story.

    The late Tamil story writer Sujatha alias Rangarajan would many times tell about Mexican laundary woman joke. He would always refer to it but not tell it, not to my knowledge.

    It is supposed to be a raunchy one.

    Do you know that one. Please post it if you know that.

  38. nodanna desapalanayata gihilla nikag sauttu unane, mathakada kathakala vedikave ..badinallagena gihilla welikada padurukadamaluvela nidaganna denava kiyala. mula amathaka unama ..parippukanna vena….hi…hi..hi..

  39. 45. Hela

    True, not all Anadians supported the general but behind the scenes his campaign was run by old Anandians. I know this for fact. Some people very close to me were in this inner circle and in fact I was very worried for their safety immediately after the elections.

    Thank god, sanity prevaild and nothing bad happened to these people. But let me tell you, it was a close shave.

  40. As far as I am concerned, he could not keep himself in control. He can talk without any diplomacy. He would have leaned more towards the China and Pakistan.

    These are the reasons he is not acceptable to India.

    But then many Indian politicians like Swamy would ask the tamils to vote for the MR, saying that he would resolve the conflict.

    Now what has happened. MR is there for the past more than one year and this problem is not being given a fair chance for political settlement.

    This would have been the case with the SF also.

    At least the goons of DD and the Karuna would have been kept in check by him had he come to the power.

    As for the national secrets being let out by SF by some body here, he did n;t let any national secrets out other than the white flag incident.

    I don’t think that was a national secret.

    His observations about the rights of the Tamils saying that they are minority here and they can live only at the mercy of the majority sinhalese was laughable,

  41. Comment 50 Mr Gunaratnam,

    A good point.

    Sinhala political parties ,specially the opposition have no moral or ethical values.

    Yesterday’s speech by the UNP leader is a classic example.He says God delivered the Floods to East coast because he does not like Rajapaksa,

    East Coast is predominantly Tamil.They have had enough misfortune .If anything God should give them some relief.

    How insensitive and ignorant is the statement of the UNP Leader? who is aspiring to be the President?

    Sarath Fonseka is now carrying thee “pooh” bucket , because of this same UNP Leader.

    The fact that he still leads the party says it all about its backers.

    So are you surprised about the dirty linen?

  42. # N. Gunaratnam

    There’s no benefit for sinhalese, but Sri Lankans will be able to analyse things critically before they take sides. Also they will know when to be emotional and when to not, while “Philistins & paraya Sri Lankans” who lick their white masters’ arses will be directed to the deserved place down the drain of history.

  43. 37. shankar &

    How did MR’s testicles come into the topic of SF and his legal battle.
    Anyways testicle & prostate cancers are not serious and common among the men over 40 in the west and attributed to lack of sex.

    There are four kinds of sex :
    HOUSE SEX – When you are newly married and have sex all over the house in every room.
    BEDROOM SEX – After you have been married for a while, you only have sex in the bedroom.
    HALL SEX – After you’ve been married for many, many years you just pass each other in the hall and say “F@@K YOU”
    COURTROOM SEX – When your wife and her lawyer f@@k you in the divorce court in front of many people for every penny you’ve got.

    48. Mahesh

    Though Sujatha has never told about this joke, for the benefit of the Readers, here is an sanitised version of the Mexican salavaikari Joke (சுஜாதா வின் மெக்ஸிகன் சலவைக்காரி ஜோக் / Mexican Washerwoman Joke)

    A washer woman was washing clothes by a river side in a bend posture
    Few guys going by the way had a bit of fun
    And a donkey also had a bit of fun
    The washer woman said ” the seventh person, come again”
    Who is the seventh person … The Donkey

  44. #53-kalu

    [Yesterday’s speech by the UNP leader is a classic example.He says God delivered the Floods to East coast because he does not like Rajapaksa]

    Come, come kalu, woudn’t it be much better if you show the excerpt from the article, so that the readers can be absolutely sure that these were the exact words.
    Mind you i’am not saying you are lying or anything like that, just that it becomes more authentic and professional, otherwise people will just land on this blog so and so said this and so and said that, then it becomes something like gossip.
    42. Kalu Albert  |  February 9th, 2011 at 12:55 amComment 34 < 35 &37,Only a low life can make venegeful and derogatory remarks about a terminal illness
    Ho Ho hold on are you really taking this story seriously enough to warrant getting all hot under the collar over mahind mama's balls. Just because diaspora have got good medical sources doesn't mean anything. remember the story about prabha coming out of the ashes one day, brought out by some elements of the diaspora. Some are still waiting after nearly 2 years for the appearance.

    What you have to look at in this type of stories is who benefits from it. In the case of prabha reappearing and further invasions etc,those who have taken money for the LTTE cause and don't want to repay it benefit by keeping hopes alive.

    In the case of mahinda he is not just another individual having a so called terminal illness but a person in public life who has made many enemies internally in the country as well as externally, so there is a very good chance that such stories will be fabricated to embarass him. So you should take these with a pinch of salt until there is some definite proof.

    When asked about his 'terminal illness' mahinda had laughed and asked those who believe these to join him on the threadmill.So according to you a terminally ill patient is exercising.

    I agree with you that talking derogatorily of a persons terminal illnesss is crossing the line, but in this case you got to see where is the line really.Obviuosly it will differ for normal circumstances and abnormal ones. Here we have a fictitous unverified claim of a person of not normal standing like any one of us, but a person in public life who does warrant public scrutiny.

    As for winning the tour de france thrice without balls, if you are implying that mahinda can go through three terms as an eunuch in a proudly sexual prowess oriented country, then you are mistaken. Sinhalese who are bragging the whole time about how many times they do it every day will have a hilarious time and he will become the butt end of all the jokes at the local bars if he continues as president.

  45. It is good one criminal is in prison, and and the other one who is running the country will be going to the prison within 10 years. Both of them than can talk about how they committed atrocities and killed innocent people with their Army

  46. #39***However, it is really difficult to understand why Mahinda is keeping the general in jail***No way other than SF getting pardon from TN politicians for commenting them as jokers

  47. #55-puma

    HOUSE SEX – When you are newly married and have sex all over the house in every room
    Are you talking about the wife or with anyone else?

    How did sarath’s sojourn in jail end up in sex topic, unless you are reffering to the fact that gota is watching videos of his old mate masturbating.

    This reminds me of an old couple in their seventies. They decided to walk around naked in the house just to relive old memories when they frolicked naked all over the house when they were newly married. Then they sat down at the breakfast table still naked. The wife said “it is wonderful. I can still feel the warm tingling feeling in my breasts just like when we were newly married”. The husband replied “that is because your tits are in the soup.”

  48. #50 Gunaratnam,

    You have got it all wrong (wo)man! What this discussion shows is that Sinhalese can critically evaluate, argue, debate & discuss, major events and characters much more openly. Glad to see many commentators’ ability identify SF’s contribution to the nation while being critical about his political misadventure which damaged the nation.

    Lack of such open debate is an issue Tamils must ask from themselves. Their inability for such public debates about their leadership has brought them untold misery and devastation.

    #51 Ranjan,

    You should believe me when I say, I know what you say/mean. The kind of scenarios and possible outcomes I foresaw at that time made me strongly oppose SF’s candidacy. Sometimes I was significantly outnumbered in those circles.

  49. 55. Puma

    Thank you for posting the Mexican washer woman joke. I have always wondered what it was. Thank you.


    There is some talk about the terminal illness of the Mahinda mama. I wish him well.

    Shankar said something in joke only. He can’t say anything that could hurt others. I have known it, though I have once been angry for a short while with him for some remarks.

    I wish Mahinda Mama well. Let the God cure him of all his illness, if he has any and also give him wisdom to solve the problems in a permanent way.

    Let him be the Dutu of the modern era. Uniting not only the land but also the minds of the people.

    Let the God not take him away now having given him a chance to rule the country as a King for the next decade or so.

    May the Sri Lankans prosper under his leadership.

    But please don’t take on Shankar. He is not capable of talking ill about others. He talks only in a jocular way. This is my humble request.

    He is coming out of the dog episode only now. Please don’t make him go back.

  50. 59. shankar

    Come on Shankar. You may end up making this blog site into a raunchy joke site. Good. Keep it going.

    In that case “comments”will end………DBSJ

  51. I am a doctor of medicine It is very unlikely MR has cancer in his Testicle. Generaly cancer of testis is common in younger age than Mahinda’s, if some one tells me his son has it is belivable. It is posiiible he may have cance in other parts of Sexual oragans at his age ie prostate, bladder or bowels. Please as a human being do not degrade people on their illness. I believe god or ones mis deeds does not create cancer or illness.

  52. Why JVP is crying hard for General…..??

    – Because whenever they get politically rejected by people, they need something of a military means, image unless they take up weapons to get attention. When JVP fell to this level it is harder for even uniformed soldier to escape from them, leave alone a 4 star General as they always try to spirit up with ‘army mindset’.

    – Unless the slogan for General’s freedom, JVP have no triumph card to go in front of public. People are far more proactive, updated to the 21st century than this JVP lot whose sentiments are still not too far away from early 1900’s where russian revolution took place.

    – JVP know there’s a considerable segment of UPFA vote base who felt frustrated with General’s arrest and there is a substantial UNP portion that are not happy with Ranil W. That is the dream escape route for JVP who are fastly being ridden off by SL voters.

    Ellenna wel nethi Asamaajawaadi jeppo
    hamuda aendumata kawadath lol – gaeththo
    Fonsekaa’ge tharu mathin wehuwa nila messo
    minisunge hadawatha kisidaaka danne naeththo


  53. # 59

    Women where Shaker is domiciled have the resources to get a nip & tuck or a Silicone bag to prop them up.

    Our grand maas or even our beloved wives on the other hand have to put up with the ravages of old age as they do not have this luxury.

    To poke fun at our own is not funny.

  54. Well folks.

    All I can say is ‘Good Things happen to Bad people and Bad things happen to Good People’.


  55. 62. Mahesh

    In that case “comments”will end………DBSJ


    Do they not say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

    So please do not end the ‘comments’ when they are within the limits.

    Whatever I had said was only said in the lighter vein and it was not said to hurt others particularly you.

    I respect you for your Professionalism and also the democratic spirit in this blog,

    I hope the ‘comments’ do continue.


    I believe god or ones mis deeds does not create cancer or illness.


    Yes I do believe in this. I had a very beautiful friend. She was so beautiful that you would not take your eyes away from her.

    Very well educated, cultured etc.

    Who said that only Brahmins are beautiful, intelligent and cultured.

    She was all that though not a Brahmin.

    She married and went away.

    She would not go away from my mind though. That is the reason I am writing about her even now.

    Many years later her father was telling me that his daughter was suffering from some disease.

    You cannot ask about the illness of a woman and I didn’t pursue the topic at that.

    When ever I saw her she appeared very hale and healthy.

    I was wondering about the statements of her father that she was ill.

    What is this is this guy; has he gone mad. Here is the girl who appears to be hale and healthy and what sort of father is he who will tell that his daughter is suffering from some disease when she appears to be normal.

    Then few months, three months to be precise I had to go to his house.

    I went there and I was curious to know the lot of his daughter.

    I asked him about his daughter.

    He took me inside his house and showed his daughter.

    I was shell shocked. There I was seeing this former beauty queen lost all her muscles, nerves, skin etc but still retaining some beauty in her eyes and face because that beauty is that of her mind and soul.

    With a smile she called me in and I was shocked to see this skeleton like figure confined to her bed whom I have seen walking and being in normal health a few months back.

    I asked her What is this friend. Why are you like that.

    Only then she and her father said to me that she was suffering from cancer.

    From just a look at her it occurred to me that she is counting her days.

    Her father was telling me how he was wounded by the remarks of some of his relatives that this disease had come as a punishment for some sins committed by them.

    More than the disease these kind of remarks kill the people.

    She was so beautiful that I had commented about her as appearing like Martina Hingis to one of our mutual friends.

    I said that me and one of the friend known to her would call her / equate her with the well known tennis player martina hingis.

    At this she felt happy and laughed. Probably that was the last time that she ever laughed.

    I can go to my graves with cheer in my heart at having made a dying person laugh a last time in her life.

    She passed away a few weeks later.

    After her passing away her father would once tell me that she would not want to meet any body but she was happy at meeting me.

    This happened many years ago and this wound is still fresh in my mind.

    She was such a good person and why did cancer come to her.

    Even your worst enemy should not get afflicted with such deadly disease like cancer.

    Once I had gone to the cancer hospital in Chennai to see a friend of mine admitted there.

    We people are wasting our precious lives.

    Many of these people are living under the shadow of death and we need not do anything for them but atleast we can thank Almighty for giving us a good health and opportunity to help ourselves and also others.

    Cancer or for that matter any other disease doesn’t come to a person because he has committed some sin or crime.

    Visiting Cancer hospital would change your view of life.

    Even Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had cancer in his throat and Ramana Maharishi had cancer in some parts of his body.


  56. Yesterday papers mensioned that there was a suwiside bomb attack in Pakistan and killed 31 lives. Very recently in Russia too another attack got more than 30 people’s life.

    Nevertheless from the year 2009 to upto day, as the residents of our laving island, WE ARE PREVENT ING FROM such attacks. Although this relief do not care the tamils who purposly supaoted to war, We thanks for both MR and SF who eliminated terarists.

  57. 58. Annil | February 10th, 2011 at 1:36 am
    #39***However, it is really difficult to understand why Mahinda is keeping the general in jail***No way other than SF getting pardon from TN politicians for commenting them as jokers

    There can be many reasons for putting him in the first place , but now that he is there mahinda must be waiting for him to ask pardon. SF will not do that because he holds mahinda in contempt.

    As for calling tamilnadu pollies jokers, SF would have meant vaiko and nedumaran crowd, because they were the ones making the biggest racket like as if they ran the show in tamilnadu. SF in the heat of battle would have blundered and called all the pollies jokers, but would have meant it for these two. He suffers from foot in the mouth disease and GOSL would have had to go on damage control mode when they realised that Jeya and karu were upset because of this bugger sending a missile somewhere and it going somewhere else.

    SF is prone to these lapses. When he sent a missile at gota over the war crimes allegations it went and struck the army officers such as shavendra. SF would have thought he is saving the army from dishonour because a civilian gave the order and army had to do it, but invariably the missile landed not on gota but on Shavendra.

    He is a good army commander but if he was a foot soldier he will be shooting everywhere, but not at the enemy.

  58. 70. shankar:

    SF would have thought he is saving the army from dishonor because a civilian gave the order and army had to do it, but invariably the missile landed not on gota but on Shavendra.


    Do you think SF is the type of person who considers it a dishonor to finish off LTTE top guns white flags or not? He made the leak to get at Gota– period. This came right after Gota leveled accusations against SF. The missile didn’t just land on Shavendra, it blasted out the whole of SLA and the Defense establishment all the way up to MR.

    I don’t blame Americans for finishing off al qaeda or SF/GR for finishing off LTTE top guns. I doubt very much CIA makes allowances for terror suspects to surrender via UN mediation or by waving white flags at the last minute. However, I cannot imagine democrats or republicans disclosing CIA activities to get at their opponents during election times.

  59. 34 Hiran
    Do you know where you will end up one day ?. No one can say what’s in store for us. Any one can get cancer or any other terminal illness. We all are mere mortals, and therefore, you should not be celebrating if someone is having some kind of ailment, whether it is Mahinda Rajapakse, Sarath Fonseka , Karuna or KP.

    Sarath Fonseka is in this predicament, because of his own mouth. He may be the greatest military stratagist, but he didn’t know how to control his mouth.

    Cheers all.

  60. 67 Mahesh,
    You are absolutely right. One of my favorite quotes are. ‘ blessed are those who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused’.
    The world if full of sadness and laughter as well. I always smile at the banter between nelum and dbsj. – haven’t heard from nelum aney…

  61. Mahesh:

    There is a news item circulating, “Why Lankan Navy brings Somali pirates into Indian waters?”. I’m sure you will find it to be very interesting and excellent piece of investigative journalism.

  62. #71-navin

    [Do you think SF is the type of person who considers it a dishonor to finish off LTTE top guns white flags or not?]
    I don’t know what kind of person SF is really. I doupht whether even SF or for that matter any of us know what type of person we really are.

    Only thing i know is in his chequered army career i have not heard of him giving orders to kill unarmed people.So i believe he is a man who has military honour in him. You and i may not understand military honour because we are not in the armed forces, but there is a code of conduct that true military officers believe in. For example gen kalkat told rajiv ghandhi to go to hell when he wanted him to kill prabha when he comes for talks with him. Rajiv, a pilot would not have understood the shame kalkat would have to go through if he had done that. Officers in other reputed armies around the world would have been talking about kalkat and the indian army for all the wrong reasons.

    Killing guys coming out with white flags, is not exactly an act for which a bravery award can be given. SF is a cantankerous army man, and certainly not a candidate for officer and a gentleman awards, but if he indeed believed in military honour, he would not have brought himself and the army into disrepute by giving such an order.

    It is not the job of the army to wash the dirty linen of the civilian authorities, even though they rely on them for their pay packets and livelihood. These LTTE guys who surrender are the responsibility of the civilan authorities, after the army has rounded them up.The civilian authorities can hang them if they want to, but the army has done its job. They should not have got rid of that responsibility however difficult it was going to be by transferring it to the army. Why should they blacken their name after fighting so valiantly and without blemish since SF took over, and when he goes to china in the final 2 weeks of the war, civilian authorities butt in and give orders that tarnish them forever. The srilankan army will be now remembered by the rest of the world not for their relentless persuit of the enemy in a diciplined fashion, but for what happened in the final stages of the war.

    This gutty warriour by making that statement that gota had given the orders, had with one fell swoop exonerated all the guys who pulled the trigger. They in turn have to follow the orders of their commanding officer shavendra,who was not a kalkat, and unlike kalkat who went into purgatory carreerwise,he is now a UN representative. So i don’t think SF has tarnished the whole army as you mention. He has done the opposite and pinned it to one army officer only and one civilian gota and exonerated everyone else.The facts of the case was already well known, he merely clarified who gave the order only.

    As for MR being tarnished as you rightly mention,who cares anyway for these plundering polititians. With their buffalo hides, do they themselves care?They woudn’t be what they are today, if not for that thick coat, so quit worrying about them,when they themselves are not worried.

  63. 74. Navin

    Why do you want me to do investigative journalism. I am not a Journalist…,investigative journo at that.

    Surely friend I do not know what goes in the back of your mind.

    By the way I went through that article and it seems to be full of holes.

    We have to wait and see.

    Even if the SLN attempts to do some such thing it could be easily found out.

    There was a report previously soon after the war ended that the SLA was preparing to let out the LTTE prisoners out so that they could be killed when they were trying to escape.

    Such an incident never happened so far. May be the report prevented such a thing happening. That could be the perception of those people who circulated the news item.

    Now they are using SLN to do the same thing.

    Also one has to keep in mind that a large number of detainees are there unaccounted for in the hands of the SL.

    That also has to be kept in mind.

    Previously Shankar would state that the GOI and GOSL would want the fishermen from both the sides of the palk strait to be enemies.

    That suits the interest of the GOI and the GOSL.

    I also believe it could be so and this incident could be used to that effect if at all it happens, though I doubt this will happen.

    As per the agreement reached between the two fishing communities the Indian side should phase out the trawler method of fishing.

    The GOI is encouraging the trawler method of fishing allege the Indian fishermen.

    Again the phasing out of the trawler method of fishing could be easily implemented by the Govt.

    I wonder why they are not doing that.

    For this the initiative should come from above.

    In this case the Vaiko, Nedumaran or any other tamil political leader could not voice such views in public.

    The govt also seems to be not in any idea of doing this job.

    May we have to wait and watch.

  64. If a person planned to commit crimes against the U.S. Government, its President, (or Canada, or U.K. or etc. etc) like Fonseka planned against SL Govt and its President, the treatments of such traitors in the U.S. and other Western countries would be swift and much harsher. They’ll be arrested before you can blink an eye in the U.S. and never seen or heard from again. And the U.S. intelligence will also hunt down journalists who will dare to write articles like this no matter where in the world they operate from, of course they will do all this very secretly. Then they’ll pontificate to countries like the SL and mete out hypocritical advice. SL Govt and MR has done nothing that any other country would not have done. In fact as always, SL treated him better than the West would have done to their traitors. But we just get criticized more. SL treated the captured LTTE WAY better than the West has ever treated their enemies, even better than SL treated JVP prisoners, but acknowledging those does not go along with the Tamil agenda, does it?

  65. # 71 Navin

    “I don’t blame Americans for finishing off al qaeda or SF/GR for finishing off LTTE top guns. I doubt very much CIA makes allowances for terror suspects to surrender via UN mediation or by waving white flags at the last minute. However, I cannot imagine democrats or republicans disclosing CIA activities to get at their opponents during election times.”

    Well said!!! I agree I don’t blame the US either same way I don’t blame SL and MR. In fact I support the US, the same way I support SL and MR.

    I might add to Navin’s comment above, nor will any US journalist dare to or desire to write articles like this about U.S. military operations.

  66. 78. Anonymous

    I might add to Navin’s comment above, nor will any US journalist dare to or desire to write articles like this about U.S. military operations.
    You should check what happened at My Lai in Vietnam and who Seymour Hersh is and what he did before making statements like the one above.

  67. DBSJ,

    Sad that Sri Lankans vesting hopes for a spark of light to rekindle the embers of democracy in Sri Lanka could vest their hopes in this; sparks from a shadow, sprung from an even darker shadow.

  68. #80-RS Wicks

    Beggars can’t be choosers.
    # 77-anonymous

    [If a person planned to commit crimes against the U.S. Government, its President, (or Canada, or U.K. or etc. etc) like Fonseka planned against SL Govt and its President]

    What crimes are you talking about? Just come out with it and also tell us why he was not charged with it? This is not a gossip column as grandad tried to make it into, bringing in gods and floods etc.

    If you are referring to singh’s telephone call to mahinda that a coup is brewing which resulted in fonseka being kicked upstairs and the whole sorry events after that, then heh,heh,heh.


    [Previously Shankar would state that the GOI and GOSL would want the fishermen from both the sides of the palk strait to be enemies]
    er, putting words in my mouth?I only showed an excerpt from an article that a fisherman from tamilnadu was strangled with a rope by the srilanka navy.Wijeyapala then dragged me in his fishing net with an excerpt from a tamilnet article. When i looked at the full article i noticed that the first para highlighted in bold saying something about a conspiracy between the GOSL and GOI and wijeyapala had not shown this to us, but only what he wanted us to see. So for the benefit of the readers to not be misled i gave the excerpt of that para, so that readers can form their own conclusions. I am really not an expert on the fishing in the palk strait, but merely a fish that got caught in wijeyapala’s bottom trawling net.

  69. 82. shankar | February 14th, 2011 at 5:36 pm
    #80-RS Wicks
    Beggars can’t be choosers.

    Then we will stay beggars.

  70. Folks,

    Have you ever (I MEAN EVER) seen any of the TOP Generals (kobbakaduwa, Wimalarathene, Janaka Perera, Lucky Algama, Denis Perera, Larry Wijerethne, Lucky Wijerathne, Jerry Silva etc, etc) ever behaved the way Sarath Fonseka behave??? They fought the LTTE on a DAILY basis but have you EVER seen any of them play the communal (Racist) card??? While these Top Generals were engaged in war, they were also talking about a political solution for the ethnic issue.

    If you read the news papers on a regular basis you might have seen the comments Sarath Fonseka made about Minorities and specially Tamils. Have you ever seen any other Generals protest against a Federal solution? Have you ever seen any other Generals make a communal comment??

    I think this in itself says a lot. That’s why I just can’t figure out what is going through the heads of people who believe or speak in favor of General Fonseka who was a dirty racist.

  71. 84. Theesan

    I hope you do remember that among the people who spoke in favor of the General, TNA was very prominent. Now I can somewhat understand various Sinhalese political parties supporting SF, but TNA???

  72. 85. Ranjan, Toronto

    What you say is understandable. But what other option they had other than to stand as independents. They had to choose between one of the two evils. That is politics.

    Politics is the art of the possible. There is no place for principles in politics, not to the extent we want it to be.

  73. dear jey,
    thanks again for reminding us that sarath fonseka is in prison for no reason other than being an opposition candidate.while sarath fonseka is no angel definitely if he had become president it would have been a catastrophe for srilankan polity and people as well that does not mean that he has to be put in jail.while we blame america or europeans for their double standards when it comes to war crimes for eg iraq,afghanistan they cant be found fault with when it comes to freedom of speech,democracy.simply having elections every five or six years is not democracy rather the general atmosphere should be positive for voicing out your woes if that does not happen we can find egypt,tunisian model to find takers.while people like dayan jayatilake have been telling west to mind their business briton or european countries or for that matter america cant be found fault with when it comes to freedom of expression,speech,though exceptions when it comes to wikileaks which america thinks that it is not freedom of speech rather than stealing of official documents.it is not only srilanka which is sufferring from general atmoshpere of intimidation,killing of journalist and stifling of freedom rather the whole south asia seems to be sufferring from it.though india can claim to be an exception when it comes to vibrant press,television still it has a long way to go when it comes to accountability.why is it that though on paper most of the south asian countries are democracy where freedom of expression,freedom of press is enshrined in constitution it hardly translates into reality on the streets,the culprit is rule of law which is hardly there in most of the south asian countries even in certain countries where semblance of law and order is there it takes too much time to prosecute a criminal the time increases if the person has political or monetary background.here it has to be noted that judiciary has come under cloud in india where one former supreme court cji is already accused of being corrupt and another cji who heads a human rights panel has come under cloud for amassing wealth beyong his means.what is preventing rule of law in south asia it is nationalism whether it has a ethnic hue or religious hue it hardly matters.we support a person lets say mahinda becoz he is a sinhalese guy who ended the war in srilanka and so he can do anything he wants and so he does unhindered with any impunity.we south asians as long as we see everything from a prism of nationalism rule of law will hardly be there and the society will be more corrupt and unruly where might will prevail not the right.hence if we want a society to be free from corruption,violence we need to start it from our house.

  74. 86 Mahesh

    They had other options, albeit none of them very practical, just as their eventual position of supporting the General was not practical.

    If they were intent of making a statement to the world that Tamils will not accept Sinhalese politicians, they could have either not participated in the elections or nominated a Tamil politician to run and get all most of the Tamils in Sri Lanka to vote for that person. Not very practical, but that would have demonstrated conclusively to the world, that even after the demise of the LTTE, Tamils have different aspirations about their political future.

    The most practical would have been to support Mahinda, get the maximum possible out of the most popular and powerful Sinhala politician of the time. Unfortunately for whatever reason that did not happen.

    You say lesser of the two evils. How can Mahinda, who has constantly talked about equal rights to everyone (for what ever those words are worth) and development of the destroyed north and east, be considered more evil than the General who openly said that the minorities are second class citizens, and who was supported by the JVP who had been extremely nationalistic and anti-Tamil for the most part?

    As you say, politics is the art of possibilities. In this case the stance of the TNA was not about possibilities and nor it was about principles. It was just a knee jerk reaction not to support the leader who defeated them, and to hell with possibilities and principles inthe process.

    This brings to my mind that one of my very close Tamil friends told me sometime ago. He said that during the last 60 years of independence, given a choice, the Tamil politicians have always selected the wrong option out of all that were open to them.

  75. 89-ranjan-toronto

    [If they were intent of making a statement to the world that Tamils will not accept Sinhalese politicians, they could have either not participated in the elections or nominated a Tamil politician to run ]
    If you are boycotting elections, you might as well live in a dictatorship. Elections are the only chance to express oneself in a democratic manner. In fact i believe if we had the presidential elections every three years instead of every 6, the country will be much calmer, because people will just patiently wait to cast their vote without creating unnecessary problems for the government.This is the only way the people can express their dissatisfaction and frustrations in a democratic manner and keeping them waiting for 6 years is not a good thing. So when an election comes in at least 6 years time everyone must participate without boycotting.It reduces the pressure like in a balloon that has been blown to the maximum and some air let out before it bursts otherwise.

    As for fielding a tamil candidate, what for?He is never going to become the president.What is the point of voting for an also ran, who is going to go into cold storage for the next 6 years. Also voting for any of those other sinhalese fellows who will not get even 10000 votes.What is the point, after 6 years to waste your precious vote like this.

    I was thinking of an option the TNA had which would have been the best for the tamil people.They could have just said that the tamil people can vote for any candidate they feel is the best for the tamils. This would have encouraged the 2 candidates to woo the tamils and give some benefits for them. So either way if any one of them comes to power the tamils will benefit in some way.

    Tamil politicians by siding with any sinhalese politicians had brought only disaster to the tamil people. After the 1977 elections amirthalingam created unnecessary problems for the tamils by putting his lot with sirimavo because of his personal dislike of JR.Personalities do not matter in this game. You have to be very professional. JR in turn unleashed the 1983 riots to teach amirthalingam a lesson, and that backfired on him.

    So the tamil politicians should not get involved with the vicious and violent politics of the sinhalese, but be neautral for the sake of the well being of the tamils. It is hard for them to be like that because they want to have a ego massage and think that they are the king makers.In the case of TNA supporting fonseka, i don’t think many tamils voted for fonseka in the first place. They must have thought the TNA was mad. A very few percentage must have only voted for him,the rest not voting at all.I think it is time sampanthan left the scene. These old tamil politicians are the bane of our society and will not change. We need fresh younger leaders for the modern era to take the tamils forward.

  76. # 89 Shankar
    Gandhi lived in British India; Gandhi asked the white Rulers to get out of India. He had practical relationship with the foreign rulers. Even he supported The Briton in the World War. I want to know whether he Hoisted British flag any where in India at any circumstances?
    An Eelam citizen

  77. #90 anonymous

    I have never heard of Ghandhi ever hoisting the british flag in india. It is inconceivable that he would ever do so. As for supporting the brits against the japs and germans, if you say so i will accept. Good decision, because the brits are the lesser of the two evils.The japs used to use captured indian soldiers for target practice and the germans would have exterminated all the non aryans in india.

  78. Great mahinda fought war 40 yrs
    Gonseka just thug politic elect
    Part of cabinet of Chandrika who no interest in war
    Premadasa and JR also no fight war
    Premadasa and ministers were never killed by Tigers
    But all thiese politicos no serious about war, yes
    Army never lost a battle, yes

    9/11 never happen, over-rated
    Mahinda spent his own family money
    This 70% budget money use by Fonseka family
    Rajiv Gandi never killed
    Bombay terror attack had no impact

    Mahinda never went to UN/Geniva Human Right to betray Lanka and forces in JVP times
    This done by Fonseka
    Mahinda’s ancestors were never rewarded by Brits with 600 acres for service as uprising informant
    Not LSSP (Colvin R, NM, Leslie, Philip) and DS in freedom struggle
    DA Rajapakse the real hero, yes

    Army deserters, poor man gets arrested, rich man goes abroad
    Arrest for ‘coup’, no evidence even after torturing war heroes
    Convict for 50 generators contract to son
    Ok for uniform officers to get on Mahinda campaign stage
    No try in court but closed door kangaroo crt
    Elect judge and sentence as wish
    Very good no pension also, what class!

    We win only politic victory not military victory over tiger
    Military victory yet to be achieved, yes !

  79. Today General should be thankful that he is living, as the plan what the govt had backfired! After he was arrested, they went to his Queens Road house in search of his personal weapon and Igot hold of it. What they wanted to do was kill General and then say that he killed himself! But an alert Ms. Fonseka somehow alerted the media along with the opposition members and they went on TV and said that they took his weapon and the plan of the govt. This is how the govt treated the war hero who ended the war for them, and that’s the biggest mistake General made.
    Manawadu & Wijesiri will pay their price oneday for this crime.

  80. Navin @ 70
    General was not in the Island when Gota gave the orders, and Shavendra would do anything to pleaze his boss as they are both in the same regiment and they think that that Gajaba is the best regiment though they had so many casualties.
    Anyway, it is totally wrong for Gota to directly give orders bypassing the army commander. Therefore he and Shavendra silva is totally responsible for these killings, as what they wanted to do was finish the war fast before SF returned home and get the credit as they are doing it right now. SF always said that if they had done such a thing it is totally wrong as that is not the way to fight a war!

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