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Ramifications of crackdown on LTTE in Switzerland

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By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

The crackdown on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) by the Swiss Federal Police on January 11th where ten top tiger activists were taken into custody is a development of enormous significance.


[pic. Courtesy of SwissInfo.ch]

Helvetia or Switzerland is home to 40-42,000 Tamils of Sri Lankan origin. While this number is less than that of the Tamil Diaspora in countries like Canada, Britain, USA, France or Australia, the immense contribution made by the Tamils of Switzerland to the war effort of the LTTE has proportionately exceeded that of Tamils living in other Western countries.


The Swiss Tamils in recent times have provided much money power, man power and muscle power towards the tiger cause.This qualitative contribution has made Switzerland being regarded as the “Puligalin Kottai” (tiger fort) in Europe.

When viewed against this backdrop the recent crackdown by Swiss authorities seems to be a harbinger of bad tidings for the future of the LTTE in Switzerland. The tiger “Pappadam” seems to be crumbling in Helvetia as a number of Tamils seem to have come forward to testify against the LTTE operatives.

Among those arrested are the present head of the LTTE in Switzerland Vijaratnam Sivanesan alias Ragu a.k.a Ragupathy, his predecessor Chelliah Kularajasekeram alias Kulam and the influential Swiss tiger finance chief Chelliah Jeyapalan alias Abdullah

If the Swiss authorities are successful in their attempt to prosecute leading tiger functionaries, it would certainly result in a weakening of the tiger structures in Switzerland and loosen the LTTE grip on the Tamil people there.

For such a prosecution to be successful the full cooperation of Swiss Tamils affected by the LTTE is a pre-requisite. It appears that in this instance many Tamils are indeed cooperating with the authorities to bring leading tiger operatives to justice. This is in contrast to earlier situations where Tamils have been “reluctant” to give evidence against the LTTE.

The significant aspect of this cooperation is the fact that most people willing to testify against the LTTE are not non –LTTE victims but people who had at one time been ardent supporters of the movement. The tiger bubble in Switzerland has burst mainly because people from within LTTE ranks have come forward to blow the whistle against their own camp.

This unusual development was caused mainly because of the actions of the tiger operatives themselves. In an act of gross recklessness and betrayal these elements generated bank loans in the names of their supporters, misappropriated those sums and have made no attempt to help pay back the money.

This left the people who had taken those loans in a very vulnerable and desperate situation. The financial institutions that had lent the money were also in a predicament. In such a situation the erstwhile tiger supporters have been compelled to complain to the authorities and comply with their directives in prosecuting the major LTTE operatives.

If these meaningful efforts do reach their logical conclusion and leading tiger personalities are successfully prosecuted then that would set a precedent which in turn could have a demonstration effect on other western countries with large pro – tiger Tamil Diaspora elements also.


In order to understand the implications and ramifications of the recent Swiss crackdown it is essential to understand how the LTTE fund raising mechanism operates abroad. There are generally five modes.

The first is the mode known as “SO” or Standing order. This is a method by which committed supporters of the LTTE make arrangements through their banks for a monthly sum to be sent directly to the front organization of the LTTE in his or her country. This is comparatively a small sum but has regularity guaranteed.

There is no coercion in this because those who contribute are genuine supporters who do so willingly. The funds raised through this method are used for the running of LTTE branches/fronts in each country and not sent to Sri Lanka or used to buy arms.

The second is the annual general collection. This is a collection drive executed on an on going basis throughout the years. In this Tamils regardless of whether they are active supporters or not are targeted. Pledges are extracted for certain sums of money to be paid in a few instalments.

Force, intimidation and coercion is used frequently in these collections to make people pay up or increase the sums of money promised. An easy way of frightening Tamils was by threatening harm to family members living in Sri Lanka. A large number of people paid up willingly too.

Earlier tiger collectors used to work on a voluntary basis but later the collectors were paid a commission depending on the amount they collected. This incentive resulted in a massive increase in the fund raising. At the same time enthusiastic collectors engaged in violence and intimidation to increase the amount collected as their own income through commissions too increased proportionately. In France LTTE collectors had a farm outside Paris where abducted Tamils were taken and held as captives until ransoms were paid or huge payments guaranteed.

The money raised through these collections were spent in three ways. A substantial portion of it was sent to the LTTE headquarters in the Wanni for maintenance and upkeep of the movement. Another portion was sent to procurement agents abroad for arms and ammunition purchases. A third and perhaps the largest portion was used for investment and setting up businesses abroad.


The third form of fund raising is the one known as “Special collection”. This is actually a kind of credit or loan arrangement used exclusively to facilitate acquisition of arms. This concept was pioneered by Selvarasah Pathmanathan alias KP decades ago when he was in charge of the LTTE overseas procurement or arms purchases.

What had happened then was that huge amounts of money were required at short notice to make arms purchases. KP who was then in overall charge of overseas LTTE administration and fund raising hit upon the idea of a special collection to raise funds at short notice.

A special collection was one where trusted, diehard supporters of the LTTE in each country particularly those whose credit was good with banks, would obtain loans in their names and then transfer the money to the local LTTE agent or front. In most instances they would use their line of credit or put up their houses as collateral to get loans.

By this method a huge amount of money would be secured rapidly and utilised for arms purchases. The interest due to the banks for these loans would be given by the local LTTE branch through the funds obtained through Standing orders. While the interest was paid off regularly in this way the principal was also paid off gradually through the money raised by the general collection.

KP made sure that all the loans procured by tiger supporters in their personal capacity for a special collection was paid off without default in due course. His successors too followed suit. Thus the special collection idea caught on among LTTE supporters and exceedingly large amounts were raised and paid off without mishap. A special collection is usually undertaken once in eighteen months.

Apart from these there are two other broad methods to generate funds. One is by staging performances and shows and by selling stuff like calendars, videos, DVD’s, Audio CD’s, books, magazines, newspapers, souveneirs etc. Money is also raised by staging black tigers day, great heroes day celebrations too. On the one hand people are charged large amounts for admission while people are also asked to make donations to cover the expenses.


Finally there is the investment in commercial concerns. The LTTE justified its entry into pure commercial pursuits by stating that avenues of regular income should be ensured to sustain the armed struggle at all times. Since reliance on contributions alone could prove unsteady in the long run the tigers needed to set up commercial enterprises on a wide-ranging basis it was argued.

Once LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran gave his consent the floodgates were opened. The LTTE branches engaged in different types of businesses through front agents or “benamis”. Screening Tamil films, restaurants, take –out food services, real estate, grocery shops, printing presses, construction, money transfer services, property development, computer services, trucking, etc were some of the businesses engaged in.

Some businesses were started anew while in many instances the tigers pumped in money to existing ones and acquired control. These businesses pay part of the profits to the LTTE while in some instances those running the businesses are paid regular salaries.

There has been much “abuse and corruption” in this regard as most of the front agents are relatives or associates of prominent LTTE stalwarts. Several LTTE run businesses have gone bankrupt while others continue to “show” loss. After the Mullivaaikkaal debacle of May 2009 many running these businesses have appropriated them.

What has gone wrong in Switzerland for the LTTE is symptomatic of what is happening elsewhere too after the fall of the LTTE in the Wanni. This is why developments in Switzerland could have far –reaching consequences in the future for the LTTE.

Switzerland had only a handful of Tamils decades ago. The numbers began increasing gradually as the ethnic conflict escalated in Sri Lanka. The 1979 declaration of emergency in Jaffna during which Tamil youths like Inbam were executed in cold blood and several others incarcerated resulted in large numbers of Tamil youths seeking political asylum in European countries. The enactment of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) exacerbated this outflow further.

The 1981 May-June violence in Jaffna where indisciplined sections of the Police force burnt down the Jaffna public library, “Eezhanaadu” newspaper office, TULF headquarters, Jaffna MP Yogeswarans house etc saw another spurt in asylum seeking. Then came the July 1983 anti-Tamil pogrom which resulted in a massive on going migration of Tamils to European destinations.


Thus the Tamil population in Switzerland began increasing with boosts in 1979, 1981 and 1983. Thereafter there has been a steady flow of Tamils into Switzerland while some Tamils have been moving out of the Country also. In recent times several media personnel from Sri Lanka have sought refuge in Switzerland, Currently there are 2200 refugee applicants from Sri Lanka in Switzerland.

Unlike Tamils in countries like UK, USA, Australia or Canada the Swiss Tamils have not gone in for higher education in a big way. They are also not well represented in white collar jobs. Most Tamils hold blue collar jobs in factories, restaurants,transport, city maintenance, senior care and janitorial services etc. They are generally hardworking and earn about 2-4,000 francs per month. (One swiss franc equals. 1.06 US dollar and 117 Lankan rupees). Several Tamils who earned well in Switzerland have relocated to Britain and Canada.

The number of Sri Lankan Tamils in Switzerland is estimated at 40 – 42,000. These Tamils consist of supporters from all Tamil political parties and militant organizations. Gradually the LTTE began gaining supremacy. It’s plus point was the claim that the LTTE was the sole organization conducting the armed struggle in Sri Lanka. Persuasion through intensive propaganda coupled with strong arm tactics helped the LTTE establish near monolithic control over the Tamils in Switzerland. The only point of effective resistance to the LTTE in Switzerland has been the Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) led by Sokkalingam Gnanalingam alias Ranjan.

The LTTE in Switzerland received a massive fillip when Sathasivampillai Krishnakumar alias Kittu moved there from London in 1991. The widely popular Kittu who had been the tiger military commander for Jaffna from 1984 – 1987 had set up an international secretariat for the LTTE in London. He was forced to move to Switzerland to evade possible arrest in Britain

Kittu’s short stay in Switzerland galvanized LTTE supporters. A credible structure was set up. The charismatic Kittu was also able to attract large numbers of Tamils towards the LTTE in Switzerland. Kittu’s sojourn in Switzerland strengthened the hands of Nadarajah Muraleetharan alias Murali the LTTE leader for Switzerland.


Building upon the groundwork laid by Kittu, Murali was able to re-furbish and develop the LTTE in Switzerland. During Murali’s tenure from 1991 to 1997 the LTTE in Switzerland grew in strength.Murali set up a network of Tamil schools in Switzerland as well as a chain of grocery shops known as “Makkal kadaigal” or peoples shops. A negative feature of Murali’s swiss leadership was the recourse to violence to suppress opposition, stifle dissent or coerce people into paying up.

The methods employed by Murali or Swiss Murali succeeded to a great extent and the tigers were well entrenched in Switzerland.LTTE Rallies in Zurich,Berne and Geneva saw thousands attending. Tamils from Switzerland also helped increase crowds at meetings in other European countries. Swiss Tamils also achieved a proportionate first in terms of fund raising. The average Swiss Tamil contributed the largest amount to the LTTE on a per capita basis.

Murali became the blue eyed boy of LTTE supremo Prabhakaran because of the result oriented performance of the Swiss Tamils. There was a time when Prabhakaran told a well –known announcer from the BBC Tamil service that Muraleetharan of Switzerland was the most efficient of the LTTE’s overseas branch heads. But Muraleetharan like Humpty –Dumpty was to have a great fall!

In 1996 Murali along with fourteen other LTTE activists were arrested by Swiss authorities for alleged violence, intimidation and extortion. Subsequently Murali was detained for eight months while the others were released on bail. Muraleetharan on his part sued Swiss authorities for wrongful arrest and confinement.Meanwhile efforts were underway to threaten and persuade Tamil witnesses from testifying against Murali.

During the period Murali was in jail his detractors within the LTTE managed to convince the LTTE hierarchy that he had to be removed from office for the benefit of the movement. So Murali was removed from office when he was acquitted in 1997. Murali was ordered to return to the Wanni. Refusing to do so the former Swiss tiger leader relocated to Canada with his family. He now resides in Canada but is yet referred to as “Swiss Murali”. Interestingly Murali won his case seeking damages for wrongful arrest and obtained a huge sum of money as compensation from Switzerland while living in Canada.


Despite Swissmurali’s downfall and departure the LTTE continued to flourish in Switzerland. After a period of collective leadership Chelia Kulasekarasingham alias Kulam a.k. a Avro Kulam was appointed Swiss tiger chief. Kulam was an early member of the LTTE and a close associate of Velupillai Prabhakaran. Kulam became known as “Avro Kulam” after being arrested for alleged involvement in the bomb explosion in an Air Ceylon plane at Ratmalana in September 1978.

Kulam’s position was in jeopardy after KP was forced to quit in 2002. Manivannan alias Castro the new overseas LTTE chief regarded Kulam as a KP loyalist and began sidelining him. Kulam could not be removed from office by Castro as the veteran Kulam had a close, personal relationship with Prabhakaran. So Castro began undermining Kulam and gave prominence and power to another person whose nom de guerre was Abdullah.

Abdullah whose real name was Chelliah Jeyapalan hailed from Aanaikottai in Jaffna.He was made financial chief of the Swiss tigers and effectively wielded real power. Kulam gradually deteriorated into a figurehead. Despite his growing ineffectiveness there came a time when Kulam was forced out of even his nominal leadership.

This was in March 2009 and the circumstances of his removal have a bearing on the current crisis enveloping the LTTE in Switzerland. What had happened was that in 2007-2008 the LTTE conducted a massive fund raising campaign overseas for what it termed “Iruthi Yutham” or final war. Switzerland once again was at the forefront and a massive amount of money was raised both as general collection and special collection.

But then in early 2009, Castro instructed the Swiss tigers to launch another special collection to buy arms. He was very keen that the Swiss tigers with the reputation of being successful fund raisers for the LTTE should once gain take the lead in this. But Kulam the Swiss LTTE chief was not willing and firmly opposed Castro on this. Kulam pointed out that the loans taken for the previous special collection had not been paid up and undertaking another special collection would be too much of a burden for the people to bear.


With direct communications between Prabhakaran and Kulam being ruptured due to the escalation of war it was easy for Castro and his henchman in Europe Sivaparan Perinbananayagm alias Nediyavan to remove Kulam from office. Once again a collective leadership was established and a fresh fund raising campaign spearheaded by Jeyapalan alias Abdullah was launched. This resulted in a split in the Swiss tiger structure with Kunam and his loyalists being estranged and alienated.

The special collection for the ostensible purpose of raising funds for an emergency purchase of arms struck a responsive chord among many tiger supporters and loyalists because of the prevailing climate.

The LTTE was becoming rapidly boxed into a thin strip of littoral in the Karaithuriapatru AGA division along the Mullaitheevu coast. When the overseas tigers launched a fund raising campaign saying arms had to be acquired urgently to commence a counter-offensive and annihilate the enemy, an emotionally overwrought Diaspora began filling tiger coffers again.

This was the case not only in Switzerland but in almost every country where large concentrations of Tamils were living. The LTTE overseas structures conducted a broad based Special collection fund raising campaign where large numbers of LTTE supporters began taking out bank loans in their names and then transferring the funds to the LTTE to purchase arms. In some instances the LTTE also provided an incentive by promising to pay interest for the loans. This was in addition to reimbursing the interest paid for the loans to the banks.


Thus the period between March 2009 to May 2009 saw a very large sum of money being raised world-wide through bank loans in the form of special collections. As usual Switzerland was once again at the forefront and topped the list in raising funds. The overseas LTTE succeeded in raising a huge amount of money within a period of three or four months.

Despite this last minute frenzy in fund raising the harsh reality was that not even a cent was used to buy, let alone send arms to the Wanni. While big sums of money raised for the avowed objective of buying arms lay unutilised abroad the LTTE itself suffered military defeat and annihilation in Mullivaaikkaal. In one decisive blow the military equation underwent a drastic transformation.

Meanwhile the seeds of the current crisis were being sown among tiger and pro-tiger elements in the Diaspora. The money raised through bank loans had gone into the pockets of vested interests related to the LTTE. Ardent supporters who had taken the loans in their names were in difficulty being unable to re-pay. The tiger bigwigs who had guaranteed repayment were inaccessible and playing hide and seek.

A groundswell of resentment and anger is growing in the hearts and minds of overseas Tamils who have been loyal supporters of the LTTE. This is what we are witnessing now in Switzerland where the LTTE “pappadam” has begun to crumble. Swiss Tamils are suffering more than Tamils elsewhere in this respect because they have exceeded their capacity to generate funds for the LTTE and have been badly let down by the tiger leaders.


DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at djeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

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  1. Good artical Jeyaraj annai!

    What Ltte guys did to swiss tamil suporters like me is terrible. expose these crooks in writing

    I and all Swiss tamils played out by ltte will suport you

  2. Once again an excellent and timely article.

    I am aware of many Tamils in Switzerland and elsewhere suffering due to their financial support to the LTTE at a critical hour

    As you have very correctly stated they exceeded their capacity in procuring loans from banks and are now in dire straits being unable to repay or even make the minimum monthly payment

    The LTTE operatives have pocketed all the money and the helpless peple are abandoned

    Please expose them in full Mr.Jeyaraj

  3. Thank you DBS for writing the news right. As you said the people who took out loans did that because they supported the LTTE

    Now they are betrayed by the LTTE leaders who grabbed the money collected

    Helpless people taking loan unable to pay back but LTTE leaders enjoying luxury life with the money

    It is daylight robbery and you must write to make this LTTE robbery very well known to the world

  4. very good that you wrote this DBS

    We gave all that money so LTTE could buy arms and defeat army. But these rascals dont send money to buy arms.They played out all the money. Not a cent went to the vanni

  5. our people in Vanni suffering without basic items and good food. This LTTE people in Europe collect money and use it for them

    Tamil people must demand that the money collected by LTTE be sent to NERDO run by KP for helping Vanni Tamils

  6. I dont feel sorry for these people at all. They were financing terrorism knowing fully well the evil consequences. They deserve their plight

  7. Financing your home to pay the LTTE is not exactly the brightest idea. I have no military experience or any special knowledge on the matter but even I could see that the war was lost long before VP’s death. They have allowed their emotions to destabilize their financial future. I doubt they will see a cent returned. This is what happens when violently narrow-minded nationalism and McCarthyism prevail, while pluralism is but on the back burner. Then again, the majority of us tolerated the LTTE’s existence as a necessary evil. Evidently that assumption proved to be costly mistake. There should be a new organization to galvanize the Diaspora to rejuvenate the North Eastern economy and education system. It can perhaps serve as a medium for our repentance. We should propel individuals like DBS to leadership positions, he has consistently been a voice of reason even when the LTTE was a viable military force.

  8. finding out what went wrong in our quest to freedom is as important as finding out HOW CAN WE ENSURE OUR RIGHTS IN SRILANKA?


  9. Very true account by Jeyaraj. I know of my cousin in Berne who took loan for 80,000 francs. His and wife real income only 4800 per month. The LTTE gave him false documents and arranged for loan.He has to pay 1800 per month now. Some of us relations helping family to pay this sum off. The Swiss tigers are bastards

  10. the tiger man called Abthulla has invested in India, Sri Lanka, Britain and Canada. He is multi millionare. All blood money sucked from Tamil people

  11. The swiss tamils willingly supported LTTE.They willingly joined ltte to get big loans for war chest. now they have to face reality. Serves them right

  12. Thankyou Mr DBSJ,
    I salute your courage to release this news. I know so many of them living in very koshy life using this our beloved peoples life. I am ready to expose more, but not now. Until sinhala barbarism leave our own land.
    Dear Mr Dbsj please expose what sinhala evils using our own people to their own agenda and who ever supporting their evil game..

  13. I was very happy when I read this article.I will be more happy if you could expose the names of the business in Toronto who were benefitted.I know the people who were collectin agents are living in luxury and now joined the self elected spoke person for tamils.

  14. I learned a lot from this article about how the LTTE was financed. What i can’t understand is if they had a system of regular substantial income like this why could they not pay their caders a decent salary just like the armed forces of srilanka do. Since they did not do this what happenned to that component of the funds that should have rightfully gone to their soldiers.

    If they had done that and not just restricted the recruitment to tamils living in srilanka they could have had a minimum 100000 force of the best available fighters instead of the 25000 or so of which more than half are forced unpaid conscription, and another substancial component of women and children.

    the attitude of the heirachy must have been why pay people when we don’t need to.Then what happenned to that money that should have rightfully gone to battlefield cadres?Though it is a notional amount only it can be identified with the question”if it did not go here, where else did it go?” It had to go somewhere else when matching the srilankan governments expenditure on its armed forces.We can see here that revenue collection matches srilankan government, expenditure also matches the GOSL expenditure on its armed forces except the salary component. So what happenned to that?

    As for the amount collected between march and may 2009, they say fools and their money is parted soon. Any fool could see that the predicament of the LTTE at that stage was not the lack of arms, but the fact that they had got themselves boxed in into a narrow strip. To break out they didn’t need arms only manpower which they did not have.That is what happens when fools make another fool a leader. If Karuna who was an intelligent military commander had taken over from prabha in early 2008, he would have i’am sure have dispersed the cadres into a wide area in small groups reverting back to a semi guerilla type warfare. Controlling or applying pressure on strategic points of a wide area would have been his main aim.The difference between an intelligent man and a fool is the fool can’t see what is coming ahead while the intelligent person can see it and takes action well in time.

  15. I lived in Switzerland for four years, and I know that many were obliged to donate in fear of not only intimidation from LTTE but also due to the fear of being ostracised by the Tamil community. It was most unusual to visit a Tamil house that didn’t have an LTTE calendar – a sign that they had the ‘collectors’.

  16. Thanks DBS for another good one.

    I think the list of businesses you mentioned under Commercials could be included `Temples`. London Sivam temple just to mention one among hundreds.

  17. Reading these comments reminds me how man’s mind works, how human psychology functions! When lost, all are accusing, if won the attitude would have been entirely otherwise! Man! Innocent Man!
    All these people need our help to “resurrect” into normal life! It can be done only through Love and Compassion. I would like to quote last words of Socrates:
    “I am not angry with my condemners or accusers!”
    At this crucial hour, our Leaders and Diaspora have to see things like Buddha, Jesus, Sokrates saw things!

  18. What can I say…except that you make the bed, you sleep on it; you choose the bride, you marry. Until the day that Sri Lankan Tamils learn to live in Sri Lanka as “Sri Lankans” and not as “we-Tamils,” we will see this type of sad stories. My girlfriend is a Tamil from France and she told me her uncle in Zurich was severely beaten in 2008 when he refused to sign in a commitment of over 6,000 Swiss Francs that the LTTE wanted from him – when he was only making 40,000 for the whole year and that money was to sustain not only him, his wife and 4 kids. What a sad story that was – how he was beaten and how he lost his job due to having to go on medical leave etc. What a load of MISERY this “Tamil liberation struggle” has brought upon Tamils! How sad. When will these “we-Tamils” ever learn to live in harmony with us Sinhelas? Judging by even today’s news, I am sad that it is not going to be anytime soon.

  19. “I am deeply interested in the progress and elevation of journalism, having spent my life in that profession, regarding it as a noble profession and one of unequaled importance for its influence upon the minds and morals of the people. -Joseph Pulitzer “

    DBS, you are a sensational example. I look forward to reading more. I hope soon, your articles will be translated in Tamil and Singhala, so that every one in Sri Lanka will have access to a factual, dispassionate and ‘straight up’ journalist!
    Thank you.

  20. Dear DBS.You are one of the genius I have ever known.
    for fact I was living in Zurich. (Now I live in TORONTO) I remember so many time in Zurich Tigers used to organized
    soccer tournaments. memorial of Thileepan, and thandai Chelva memorial soccer tournerments in Bern Wankdof stadium. one time during one this soccer tournerment
    there was a 100 swiss frank raffel any one who win this raffel win a brand new BMW. one of my closest friend won the main prize which is the BMW CAR . but the happiness one for few minutes, they my friend informed to everyone who came to the soccer match. that he is donating this car for Tamil refugees in tamil eelam. then I asked my friend why would he do such thing? then he said that if he do not donate he will be in trouble or his family will be in trouble back home this is the way they do business in tigers circle.
    I remember that day Kittu was the chief guest. Muralitharan was his deputy and Murlalis office is in downtown Zurich
    langesstrasse famous redlight area. infront of Macdonalds
    restaurant. now Murali lives in Canada his asylum was rejected, but forunately muralis son was drowned by trying to help another friend, so that reason govt issued a humantarion ground for Murlali. thanks always DBS

  21. I feel sorry for the Tamils who were forced to give and were not supporters of the violent LTTE. But, for those who willingly supported the LTTE killings and rejoiced when innocent civilians including children were blasted off the face of the earth with LTTE bombs or were bashed on the ground with manic, murderous LTTE cadres, I can only say this: Serves you all right. Now reap what you have been sowing for 30 years. Financial ruin is the least of the issues that you will have to face. When pay back time comes for all the human blood that was spilled with the backing of your money and rejoicing, that’ll be unbearable.
    I’m not denying that the SL Tamils have had problems in SL and that there have been violent acts perpetrated against them at times. Those murders will have their day of reckoning too. But, the people who supported the LTTE and their violence did so for 30 odd years. How can you justify rejoicing and financing the killing of human beings for that long. Perhaps these people have no human soul in them anymore. The interesting thing is that your payback time has started not with the so called “brutality of the sinhalese”, but by your own people, the “heroes” of days gone by, the murderous and ever so greedy LTTE members. Enjoy the fruits of your investments in violence and death!!!!!

  22. Switzerland Tamils must bear huge responsibility for destruction in Sri Lanka because it was them who was number one tamil diaspora coutry to give money to LTTE

    Now the same LTTE has played them out and put them in trouble

    This is their karma or fate

  23. The leading financiers of LTTE terrorism are now hoist with their own petard

    Poetic justice indeed

    Oh.Life is sweet

  24. This money collection which began for a cause ended in accumilation for GREED.

    Its time we all laid to rest this eelam thing and sincerely get together to lift up the downtrodden in Sri Lanka to whichever race they belong to.

    Let old times return. THERE IS PLACE FOR EVERYONE THERE.
    As for DBSJ I want him to continue to be the Journalist he ever was and is and most of all Will Be. \

    Lets get this venom out of our systen to provide a better future for the next generation and prepare the way for them.

  25. 25. OaO Asithri
    Until the day that Sri Lankan Tamils learn to live in Sri Lanka as “Sri Lankans” and not as “we-Tamils,” we will see this type of sad stories
    Do you really think Sinhalese live by this moto?
    They dont. I live in Sri Lanka and i know. To them its all about Sinhala Buddhism before everything else.
    And they make no bones about flaunting this either.
    There is a hell of alot mistreatment of tamil Hindus and Muslims going on here in so many areas .I know many Hindu and Muslim business men who quietely complain here that they are forced to pay over 3x more at harbour and airport customs to import goods into the country than Sinhalese.
    The situation in the north is pure genocide this moment.
    They murdered a tamil environmentalist (because he exposed govt sponsored damage of sand dunes), A high ranking priest and an education officer.
    I also hear that tamil pedestrians have been deliberately run over by military men on the road and the incidents labelled as ‘accidents’.
    My uncle who has travelled across the North and east say that the government is not only stealing funds sent from abroad to rebuild the community, they are also systematically eliminating higher standing tamils in the North. This is to prevent the people from developing confidence and keep them in a depressed and fearful state.
    Then they will be ripe to being ‘encouraged’ to convert to Buddhism and become Sinhalese.
    Robberies are at an all time high. Army and police involved and they have the nerve to make announcement saying its the publics fault for wearing jewelry.
    There was a major incident which reached the mainstream media here in Sri Lanka where a muslim trader was kidnapped in Mannar. His family being muslim had abit more courage to challenge the kidnappers and they made a huge noise.
    But behold, some of them later appeared on national TV and claimed the whole incident ‘never happened’
    I could tell by the looks on their faces that they had been threatened to lie for the TV.
    This is what Sri Lanka is currently.
    Sri Lanka has developed a level of arrogance where it is openly killing Indian Fisherman.
    India is now under increasing pressure to deal with this little tropical Island that is not afraid to kill citizens of a nuclear superpower.

    Those that think this country is on its way up are mistaken.
    I live in Sri Lanka and this country is in serious long term mess that it is unlikely to get out of.

  26. J. muthu says: “Until sinhala barbarism leave our own land. Dear Mr Dbsj please expose what sinhala evils using our own people to their own agenda and who ever supporting their evil game..”

    I must say this is exactly the mindset and language that is going to be RUINOUS for the SL Tamils going forward if kept up.

    President MR has gone way beyond than even I expected him to go (or frankly wanted him to go, admittedly given my own biases at first, after the horrific war), to step forward and offer that Olive branch to SL Tamils, post-LTTE by proclaiming “there are no minorities or majorities in Sri Lanka, but only Sri Lankans” and sustaining those words with a concerted development program in the N E.

    Therefore, in my view, it would be a crying shame if this opportunity for genuine reconciliation – of us as once again as Sri Lankans – was shot down because of narrow minded, communal baggage your type would continue carry – baggage that would see the death of any progressive vision we, collectively, should be creating for the next generation of millions of SL Tamils who have to live in SL.

    As such, I say…let us be realistic, judicious and reasonable – even now.

  27. Hello David, Nice write up, as usual full of intimate detail not a whole lot of others are privy to. Though your writing itself has become more business-like, I miss the general humor you were good at generating in your articles, whether intentionally or not.

    I am a Sri Lankan firstly and a Sinhala nationalist secondly; no denying that. But as I pointed out to you years ago, the polarization we have allowed narrow minded politicians to drive into our society has made us less civilized as a nation. That is what led to the blood shed, and the inevitable aftermath; lack of trust on both sides.

    I won’t pretend to understand how the majority Tamils feel, rather suspect it is not a good feeling about the LTTE being militarily decimated. But the majority Sinhalese are thrilled, and will now commit themselves even more to keep it that way. I personally will.

    I also see the futility of trying to bring harmonious co-existance between the two sides who lived during this sad episode in our history. Too much blood has been spilt and lives lost. The finger pointing is the least of our worries as an after effect.

    But the more important need of today is to bring the next generation together, so that they can all live in harmony without stooping to primitive tribal sectarianism. This is why clear thinking people, whether they label themselves Sinhalese, Tamils or whatever else, understand the importance of teaching the next generation to think of building a free society in which fear will not rule, but the law will.

    I have watched your journalistic capabilities mature over the years and am confident you can be a catalyst towards such a worthy cause.

    Good luck, brother.

  28. living in germany for a long time,working together with tamils for the the rights and aspiration of the tamils,muslims and the sinhale people(majority no rights),i would say this A. is exatly the truth.tamils would say´ we tamils´, but there is no truth in that.tamils too discriminate and exploite their own people.the upper class of tamils specially from the nothern p. do not want to associate with the low cast tamiils(majority).even the hindu temples,they could not enter..in germany i would say the ltte was never strong.i do hope fr. emmanuel now living in germany would read this A. and come to his senses.let us fight together as s.l.ans for the rights aspiration and justice for all s.l.ans irrespective of race creed cast class etc.etc.,otherwise allof us who have sufferd would suffer also in the future. ranjit de mel berlin/ colombo

  29. Shankar;
    I like your thinking on the poor financing of the man power angle as a potential cause of defeat for the LTTE. However it wasn’t.

    Even before the last war erupted, there was a clear understanding among many in Sri Lanka that a decisive finale was coming. Sheer coincidence had brought together a collection of individuals on the SLG side whose talents and readiness to accomplish the ultinmate grand finale was more than adequate.

    There was foreknowledge of the impending ‘Final War’ of the LTTE, and the SLA expected it to be a more unconventional fight than the frontal warfare the Tigers chose. The Sri Lanka armed forces by then packed an unconvetional fighting punch that the LTTE would never have survived under, even though the fighting itself would have dragged on for a little longer.

    The fact that the LTTE chose to fight that way ended the suffering relatively quickly.

    I can assure you that It didn’t change the inevitable outcome.

  30. Another astonishing eye-opening article. Any coincidence DBSJ, that the best Tiger financiers come from the international capital of illegal financial holdings and a countrry bearing war guilt for barring asylum seekers from Nazi Germany?

    Like many sinhalese I had thought the Tigers were not financed on the back of bank loans underwritten by their supporters but by out of pocket contributions and business enterprises both licit and illiict.

    I am personally astonished that the Tiger cause so completely interpenetrated mainstream Tamil economic life, to the extent where people staked their home loans to the Tiger cause (and benefitted from the collective pooling of wealth in the community). It is obvious to me now that many of the Tamil families whose businesses and cultural events I befriended and patronised over the years out of naive goodwill were appropriated by Tiger interests. I see their doubt and fearfulness for the future much more clearly now.

    If this is true would it be overstating things to say DBSJ that the the entire Tamil diaspora is experiencing its own collective debt default crisis similar to american mortgage holders at the end of 2009.

    Or to say the Tiger cause is finished. There will not only be long impoverishment but deep bitterness and hatred that will fracture the community for generations to come. History will record that the knockout punch did not come in Mullavaikal but in the banking citadels of the west.

  31. i am in Australia, hard working me and my wife. same thing done to us by LTTE local leaders here. collected money from us, we paid family contribution of 300$ but all money pocket by local operators. Now one guy opened a Indian food supermarket in Wentworthville with the loot.

  32. 16 J.Muthu

    ‘Dear Mr Dbsj please expose what sinhala evils using our own people to their own agenda and who ever supporting their evil game’

    I endorse Mr.J.Muthu’s request.

    I read in one tamil magazine that a killer squad has been formed by Douglas Devananda on the instigation of Gotabaya Rajapakse to eliminate Mr.Seeman. The name of the operation is ‘Kadalmaan’. Name of the operation is an encoded one (kadal = sea, Kadalmann = Seamann = Seeman, the leader of Naam Thamizhar movement in Tamilnadu).

    GoSL and GoI want to settle the matter as if the leader of Naam Thamizhar movement was eliminated by fellow tamils of Sri Lanka.

  33. Lord Buddha is supposed to have said; people should chase away the king, if the king does not punish those who break the law. I think Lord Buddha has mostly explained the universal truths to poor people, so that they could minimize the suffering.

    Europeans are pious people, though their political leaders fail to do the duty. See the suffering of Blair…

    All European countries will prison the tigers who financed the violence in Sri Lanka within next decade.

  34. Whether the LTTE had additional weapons or not made very little difference in this last war. The world was against them, particluarly India. The SLDF had reached a qualitative and quantitative vast superiority and was led by committed leadership. It was an inevitable end, mercifully quick.

  35. Dear DBSJ;
    I’m one of the silent readers of you since long back. well done.

    Dear Tamils;
    You deserve this. Once you’re in, there’s no way out.

  36. Hi Debsj,

    Very Nice article lot of information given.
    First I have to say I am a Sinhalese, I want to show a fact, that is we all say about “War Crimes” Most of the Tamil people even in this blog says it was done by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa but no one is saying those who funded an Terrorist organization are responsible for War Crimes.
    If anyone is asking for “War Crime Probe “ Against Sri Lanka, can we ask same accusation against Tamils People who knowingly Funded LTTE to purchase weapons?


  37. Its not humane to make merry at the expense of someone else’s misery.
    But the lesson from this experience could prevent the same happening in future.
    Unlike PLO and the misery the Palestinian’s( though I fully agree with there struggle read ‘Pity the Nation’ ) still violence has not granted them the promised land.!
    So the Tamil folks where ever they are, its time for healing not for the time for an analysis like in the comment ’19. shankar’
    Who seems to think through but his energy is wasted on a lost cause,!
    I would like to make a kind request, please use that energy to help innocent Tamils struggling to get their life back to normalcy in the North and the east, who lost it thanks to the hatred, bigotry spread around by LTTE and the contributions done by folks who were carried away by it.
    Bottom line, try to make this world a better place not a worse one than it is!!!!!
    On that note I congratulate DBS he is a true Tamil Hero( not in the same league as the Mavir’s , etc but the TRUE HERO).

    Ajith Boralugoda

  38. The pipsqueak has put pen to paper again, and talks about some minor issue

    Criminal misappropriation on a mass scale from trusting loyalists is a minor issue to you is it ?……………..DBSJ

  39. These people were supporting a Terrorist Organization, so it’s a sad plight they have fallen in to ? I don’t think so they deserve every bit of it

  40. I had heard some parts of this story from various Tamil friends in Toronto, but this is the first time I heard about people taking bank loans.

    The story going around in Toronto diaspora circles is that by the end of the war the collection in Canada was many millions of dollars (some said nearly 100 million) and that most of this was in cash as the Canadian banking regulations against the LTTE made it difficult to move the money electronically. The most interesting questions last year were, where was this money and who has it. It was also said that given most of LTTE records were destroyed, a few people are now the sole custodians of this loot.

  41. Congrats DBS. Great article.

    The overseas Tamils should realize that the so called successful fund raising was not only used to fight their enemy, but also used to forcibly recruit their own innocent brothers & sisters in Sri Lanka as child soldiers while they were enjoying the perks of the Western world.


  42. Tigers forcing the Diaspora to hand over money was common knowledge among the Srilankans overseas.

    But persuading the Tamils to mortgage their houses to provide money to buy arms is startling news.

    Of course these people are cheesed off and are coming out to express their anger now that the Tigers are a spent force,

    The Tamilnet’s recent attack on Solheim for declaring that the West wouldn’t have a bar of separation in Srilanka is also interesting.

    Solheim is equally responsible for the extortion of money by the LTTE for he gave Prabakaran and Balasingham right royal treatment and made them look like statesmen instead of portraying them for what they were.

    This helped the Tiger outfits in the West , the Scandinavian countries in particular safe hunting grounds for fund raising and propaganda.

    If Mr Solheim had made this declaration about separatism when he was invited to mediate, he would have avoided a lot of deaths and destruction as well as heartaches of these people who mortgaged their houses .

    Solheim’s recent overrures indicate that he still wants to meddle in Srilanka, wearing a different hat.

    I hope the Srilankan political groups who sotod up to his deceitful tactics in the past will come out again and tell him ” Thanks but No thanks Mr Solheim.

  43. I live in London paid £2,000 my hardwork( petrol station casher) money for so called Eelam war final battle.

    All my money gone to the land ???
    (a say in Tamil , mannil vanthathu manil pogum – ,what come from the land it will go to the land)

  44. Sulary Fernando
    (Dear Tamils;You deserve this. Once you’re in, there’s no way out.)

    I agreed , We ALL Tamil have paid now !

  45. A timely article exposing overseas tigers for what they are.

    Some of these guys are still threatening people and seeking funds

    The latest gimmick is to point out the mystery killings going on in Jaffna and claiming that they were committed by a revived LTTE in Jaffna. They warn people here that if they dont pay up the revived LTTE will take action against their relations in Jaffna

    At one level they attack govt and paramilitary for Jaffna incidents at another level they claim LTTE done it

    What a bunch of conmen and robbers

  46. The Tamil Diaspora deserves It.They were licking Tigers asses.Now its pay back time.There are Tamils who still dream of a Eelam.Wake up Tamils dont be fools and dont throw away your hard earned buck.

  47. Suckers. I see the collectors in malaysia. They are living the good life now. And im sure they wish to thank all of you who gave up their houses and life saving so that they can live like kings. All of you who gave even a cent to terrorists have blood on your hands. If you want to talk about rights of tamils come and talk to malaysia tamils and the way that they are treated in malaysia. If their troubles are compared to yours, the will laugh in your faces. Here malaysian tamil are treated like 3rd class citizens.

    Anyway, you can give your money to the LTTE ( obviously thru front organisations) and you and your kids can live in debt for the rest of your life. Just know that the homeland your searching for can never be found in srilanka. If you want one so bad go back to india.


    The evil sinhala people

  48. Dear Jeyaraj

    You have to know that those tamils donated the money from loan have to know that it will used to buy arms. If ltte used those arms all the money was burned. How can they get the money back. They didn’t invest in share market to get the return. All the Tamis are dump. They don’t have the right to ask the money back when they invested in war.

    Secondly, Non of the organization could run in their own in western countries without ltte involvement. Alway they enter into commity and take over that organizaton. Like Temple, Old student association, Seniors committy, Tamil school, Charity, Cinema, cultural funtions etc. Non of the Tamil organization nominatted by ltte have a good book and they never show that to people. Still all those organizations are behaving like that and keep the money with them. Ltte created this culture and it’s follow.

  49. This article is great, unbiased factual and neutrally opinionated.
    Way forward is not to drown in emotions as this is the exact thing the rich LTTE people would want to get richer and run this as a business even after the fall of LTTE.
    The same thing happened with JVP even though they did not have as much international support.
    LTTE is over and rightly so as they got both ends of the argument wrong.
    It is up to the diaspora to kill the organisation all together
    and may be go for a fresh start.
    New organisation with non violent principles with less extreme
    views, and build on democratic and social principles working with the Sri Lankan Government to .directly addressed the issues
    As long as ghosts of LTTE is haunting within the diaspora this will never happen.

  50. “The tiger bubble in Switzerland has burst mainly because people from within LTTE ranks have come forward to blow the whistle against their own camp.”

    Tamil bubble in the world has burst mainly becase people from within Tamil ranks blew against their own camp.

  51. To # J.Muthu & #40. Yogesh Karayalar

    As long as narrow minded, selfish and arogant people like you two exist among Tamils there is no future for Sri Lankan Tamils. Sinhalese deserve using any unethical, covert means of countering LTTE and their left overs for the simple reason of fighting with your blood money while Sinhala taxpayers’ money was being used to feed your kith and kin in North and East.

    Sri Lanka is the only country we can live and we can not settle on foriegn lands like you people do…. You can’t mix…. You always create “chinna yalpanam” where ever you live… One day the countries giving assylum to you will realize that they have let the serpants hide in their pants. Unlike you people we don’t have the infriority of not having a demarkated land to call a “country”. Every inch of Sri Lanka belongs to country loving Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and other citizens. Claiming demarked boundaries will take non of the minorities no where.

  52. DBSJ why dont you write up how Uruthirakumaran and Emmanuel Paathiri swindled Tamil people money and leading life of luxury in USA and Germany?

  53. The same ruse is now being conducted to maitain the Ltte goverment in exile. Keep it up buffoons you all wll never learn

  54. This is ‘another best’ by DBSJ. So many Tamils have responded.

    Some of the responses show that many Tamils still want equal treatment in Sri Lanka.

    Luckily for Tamils, Sri Lanka has been the pinnacle of practicing Buddhists. If not, majority of the Tamils would have stayed back at their origins.

    We have to be very suspicious of the minorities for next one century, and safeguard our legitimate historical & cultural interests against maniacs and foreign invaders.

    Otherwise some minority leader will fool the poor people and , short sell us again. If that happen again, there will be no Sinhalese speaker left on the whole of universe.

    Already we are 0.0023% of the global population. [i.e. Singhalease 15mil / 6.5bil.]

    This time we survived thanks to just one family. No Leader would have sustained by himself and we had Mahinda Mama with his united family.

  55. Dear DBSJ

    Belated Happy New year 2011!!!! … and happy to be back in your columns

    Your writings are fine and reflect sad truth but I think people should also think from many perspectives.
    1/ Because Tigers were defeated doesn’t mean that they did not have a legitimate cause. A legitimate cause may not always be achieved by legitimate means. There will be violations but should be kept at tolerable levels. – The SWISS Tamils’ case where excesses were committed by self appointed leaders of 2000s…especially after the exit of KP.
    2/ A legitimate army will earn through taxes whereas illegal army like LTTE will resort to illegal and as well illegitimate means.
    3/ Tamils need to identify a “legitimate Platform” to advance their cause and not resort illegal means

    After tons of losses on all fronts we the Tamils are not fighting from a legitimate platform for our problems and we give in so much to emotions.

    (PLEASE NOTE I am talking more about non-brahmin Tamils of India in the below passages).

    There are millions of Tamils spread across India but are unwilling to do any help to SL Tamils worth its salt. It is because Indian Tamil representation in the Indian defense services and as well in the Senior Indian Administrative position is negligible. I don’t hear about any Tamil names at all in defense services at Senior levels.

    Most of the Tamils are happy with clerical/secretarial/manual work and continue to keep cursing their fate through their lives. Many of the students don’t have an idea after their school finals or college graduation. The multiple political parties in TN are simply ignoring the fact if the Tamil society should be heard then their representation at India level should go up at all strata of the social order. SIMPLY, THE TAMILS ARE NOT GENERATING ENOUGH MIDDLE CLASS who should be their voice. Tamils either have a wily M Karunanidhi, or a selfish P Chidambaram. There is absolutely no middle class. The Tamils dream is to become a Politician to loot money or unskilled workers.

    IITs and IIMs are a world class Institution but not many Tamils are aspiring to get into it. Not many for Opt Civil services or defense services or for research institutions though all of them are sprinkled around them in Chennai. I am worried and stumped as none of these institutions stimulate the young Tamils I see around me.

    I know a die hard Tamilian who has razor sharp mind but refused to apply for IITs, IIMs and Civil Service. He had told me that as a different type of Tamil he will not opt for those institutions or services. At 35 plus he is struggling to lead a decent life though blessed with extraordinary talent in Language as well IT but retains his adamancy.

    It is today the English speaking Middle class crowd speaks for and shapes India and its policies. Tamils representation here is negligible. Hence even though the Tamils in SL are in wretched condition due to the arrogance of SL State (the Indian Tamil Fishermen have joined this list now) these opinion makers care a damn about our people.

    The Future of the Tamils is assured only if we create enough middle class to support their folk around the world.

    Dr. Ramadoss or Thirumavalavan or the beloved Vaiko should encourage and guide the Tamils to get into the mainstream in every strata of the Indian Society than telling them to fight for a seat in the TN assembly or in the Indian Parliament or to pull up their socks for a fight against SL Government. It is not at all enough just to protest and stage black flag demonstrations against every problem; it is more important to create a large middle-class to pre-empt these problems in future! I know it is different ball game for the SL Tamils that is they do not have a legitimate Platform to advance their cause. A large middle class Indian Tamils should be that Platform!!

    We have enough Time to right the wrongs.

    Meanwhile I heard that the Tamil blood sucking monster called MK Narayanan wants to become the Governor of TamilNadu. I think his blood thirst seems not enough. He wants more!! And So he wants to come to TN as Governor it seems!!

    Jai Hind!

    Unfortunately, this Mantra of Jai Hind was created by a Tamilian, Chenpagaramanpillai, but now silently hated by a section of Middle Class Tamils! I hope every one is listening


    Vanakkam and Inioya Puthaandu Vaalthukkal. Your post provides Much food for thought

  56. I live in Switzerland and i know what you are talking about… I do have many other stories, if you are intrested to know, probably I can give you some in-sight to what was happening and who was behind.I think people were taken for a ride.

    What is the next step????????

  57. In the name of SELF determination, the LTTE terrorists and their loyalists, SELF destructed the innocent and the not so innocent Tamils.

    When you play with fire, whether voluntarily or otherwise, there is always the chance that you burn more than your hands. We wish someone was there to help you, but the Tamil community itself let you down.

    Time for the very same people who have suffered the hardship of SELF destruction or others who had the good fortune to escape the criminal missappropriation of hard earned money by LTTE Terrorists, to engage in some SELF analysis, for the greater good of Sri Lanka and her people, as Sri Lankans and not as racist tamils.

    Better late, than never.

  58. All over the world, Goverments have been taken action against terrorism, I believe Swiss governement also following.. No any impact on ground peoples.
    Okey. Do you thing all these actins going to stop the killings in North and East.

    At present we no need any tigers from out side. If Sri Lankan goverment and supporting paramilitary groups not stopping these killings I myself will create another organitation in ground .

  59. There is nothing wrong in raisng funds for a liberation movement,as long as the contributers does it volunterly and willingly.The funds raised also should be utilised for the purpose it was raised.
    Forcing people to contribute and misappropriation of the funds is not acceptable.

  60. Switzerland tamils most affected by this fund raising daylight robbery but Tamils i other countrys have also same experience but not up to Swiss level

  61. good job DBS

    At last all the details of LTTE daylight robbers (pakal kollai kaarar) coming out. well done.continue

  62. Thank you Mr.Jeyaraj for enlightening us about this sordid chapter in the LTTE history. I realise the Swiss Tamils have been willingly financing terrorism in the past. Still as a human being I feel sorry for their current predicament

  63. We non – Tamil Sri Lankans living in Geneva were aware of this crisis in the LTTE for some time now. But you have done wonderful job in explaining things so clearly about it Mr.Jeyaraj. Keep up the good work

  64. 38. Ravin

    ‘History will record that the knockout punch did not come in Mullavaikal but in the banking citadels of the west.’

    you are spot on !!

  65. Appoi! Another fantastic article no Jeyaraj? Tell us more will you aney?

    Ammaadee Nelum!Thank you. Wait till next week will you aney?………..DBSJ

  66. Thank God for saving Sri Lankan tamils from LTTE !!

    It will take some time for the tamil hardcores to get out of their bitterness and shame.

    Now is the time to wake up and think pluraristic and humanely. If not no future for them in SL.

    Also I would like to mention now TGTE had found a fertile ground in south sudan to implant themselves…. I’m sure they’ll find plenty of land there to have their dream Eelam state. they could enjoy cordial bilateral relations with the neighbour south sudan. Wish good luck to u all… please leave all of us in sri Lanka from your greed for land & power.

    DBSJ congrats brilliant article…today I’m in a different mood when commenting .I don’t know reading your article had done it…

  67. Thank you for writing this DBS
    My brother in Switzerland are also affected in this matter. We are trying to convince him to go to the authorities and confess everything

  68. 65. Gbsganesan

    2/ A legitimate army will earn through taxes whereas illegal army like LTTE will resort to illegal and as well illegitimate means.


    In our country also the freedom fighters did raise money by donation and through many other means.

    The revolutionaries did collect money by even Kakori rail dacoity, looting from the govt.

    They also resorted to forcibly taking away money from innocent Indians.

    In some instances they gave receipt to the persons from whom money was forcibly taken to and asked to redeem the money with interest when India wins freedom from the British.

    In one instance two of the revolutionaries did fool a marwari businessman that they were some English gentlemen and they could confer the knighthood for a fee of few thousand Rupees, a very princely amount those days.

    LTTE started as a freedom fighters and even MGR had given money in crores to them.

    In this instance the money was not used for the purpose it was collected and some people hijacked the cause and sought to personally benefit out of it.

    Corruption eats from within and this had happened here.

    Even now if this money is spent for the upliftment of the Tamils then it is okay.

    I am not interested in collecting money for the purpose of destruction.

    Though the money was collected for that purpose, if now the said money is utilized for the benefit of the affected Tamils in the wanni and other places then it okay.


  69. Dear DBSJ

    Thanks for your yet another informative article.
    Over the years they must have extorted millions of CHF from ordinary falks. now let this money spend on a genuine course..

    let’s pray for real peace in Sri Lanka

  70. I am smiling from ear to ear always when i come across the usual Nelum DBSJ banter.
    Nelum pokes and DBSJ retorts.
    Coming back to the article I never knew that Tamils abroad were forced to take out bank loans by LTTE.
    Well what can I say – … bad investment? or bad judgement? – dont think many were giving voluntarily. I am sorry if you had lost money due to this war not only from Sri Lanka but while abroad as well. Hope all those who lost will recover and never fund movements like these.

  71. An astonishing revelation. How much hatred these people must have had in them to make such heavy contributions to LTTE.
    They have fallen victims of false tiger propaganda.
    It is sad to see few racist comments based on false information like higher custom duty to tamils. Its time for the Tamils to take informed decisions based on truth & justice.
    Otherwise their problems will spiral up. No Sri Lankan can be with Indian side on fisherman issue. It is SL Tamil fishermen who are being robbed by these Indian fishermen. It is disgusting to see some tamils take indian side. It reminds how they approved forcible conscription of tamil children by LTTE. Those who do or support evil are going to be punished by karma/god/nature irrespective of their race/religion etc.

  72. Dispora Tamils should help their loved ones in Sri Lanka as upto now its the government of Sri Lanka who has helped them primarily to get back to normalcy (Even thought you have critisism/complaints)

    The development taking place in North and East are from the government and to a lesser extent by other donors. The reason flood relief was sent from the Sinhalese areas.

    Yes you should fight for your legitimate rights and make your presence felt in an effective way by participating in development work collectively as a group. Develop that political and economic clout. Be aware of what you could get and what the maximum the government could offer. Be realistic and practical in your demands. There cannot be a separate state in a small country like Sri Lanka with separate police etc. This is the fundamental truth and the stark reality on which you fought a furtile war and lost . The lives of Tamils were comparatively better (Before the struggle 30 years ago than now,after a lost war)

    You can never achieve anything by going against the majority sentiments and anti Sinhalese/anti Government. Rather than harping on your lost dream and spewing hatred and venom, take the hand extended by the President and work for the betterment of your bretheren in Sri Lanka.

  73. DBS Anna

    Not only Swiss but all other europe countries also have this same problem but in Swiss it is really high and bad.

    After doing all this ltte people still colllecting money and some tamil people still giving money

    too bad.

  74. 50 Appuhamy are you ‘honthaai’?

    Save your word ‘KARMA FOR THOSE PEOPLE CONTRIBUTED TO VIOLENCE’ you may need to use this again when mahinda ‘ papadam ‘ crumbling?

    Money for Freedom fight, Not Freedom fight for money ,some misunderstood caused this unfortunate situation.

    Thats why rebel fighters not working for salary just like srilankas ‘Kulipadai’ ,shankar19. who are most in this world? Fools or intelligent ? yes sometime their man powers winning but this is not permanant victory.

    But don t forget some who commited crime against humanity is 1000 times higer than this and still they live free as so called srilankas leaders.

  75. Well, this is not unique to swiss Tamils. It is still happening to most of the pro-LTTE Tamils in all over the world to a some extent. They were ” suckers” before, they are “suckers” now, and they will continue to be in the future as well.

    What is the beauty of all this is ; ” pro-LTTE diaspora” is the
    gift that keeps on giving to SL government.

  76. the tamil disphora and the ltte has brought more suffering to the tamil people of sri lanka than the sinhalese. living in the security of other countries they had financed a dream. they were never going to come to an eelam if their was going to be one. you should suffer for what you did to your brothers, sisters, in the wanni. i have no sympathy for you lot

  77. Victorious trends, minds, overestimations, exagerrated stories for own benefit existed within tamils and Politicians in south not showing the real intention and ability the country had to keep the LTTE in right place, misguided a big part of tamil diaspora and tamil population living in SL of a possible victory.

    If they had their basic arithmatic right as to how 12% wage a war and win against 78% + atleast another 6% of the rest, they would not have the current ‘Shock’ they’re in today. It is ok for you to celebrate and overestimate your capabilities when your enemy keep making blunders and do nothing really tangible to take your challenge. But once they started correcting themselves, you cannot be in the same foolish dream that you were so passionate about having it had for too long.

    LTTE and VP for me, was like a Rejinikhanth movie that lasted too long making the spectators/fans completely blind as if it was the reality. The difference being Rejinikhanth movie would last only 3 hours, not 3 decades, so the people would come back to sense without getting hypnotisied, unlike in this LTTE drama.

    If you really know your mistakes and how to correct them, I don’t think you’re still late to live a meaningful life. But those who mortgaged their houses to better see the dream movie, may god give you some brains atleast in the next birth cos you’re now finished for this life…!!!!

  78. DBSJ Many thanks for the detailed Article.

    I used to work for a Solicitor in London during 2007 2009. I dealt with many families and Individuals who came to the office to remortgage their only home. These people were introduced by Business people who had previously dealt with the solicitors I worked for. Some people were living on the other side of the London. Majority of them were very confused and I never heard from them until the transaction was completed. It was others who rang to follow the progress. In one occasion 3 individual with 3 different properties and only one individual following up the progress.
    On one occasion known client worked in with £30,000 cash deposit to purchase a “Temple” we turned down the cash and request them to transfer the money to client account. Fortunately he went away.
    I know so many Tamil people whose house is worth nothing due to remortage.

  79. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj,
    well researched article. Congratulations ! All most same thing happened and still happening in Germany too. Why don’t you write the things in Germany and let the world know about the German LTTE?

  80. Maybe the Indian Tamils should demand an Independent Tamil State in Tamil Nadu now for all the Tamil people in the world – and all those monies collected all over the world for the LTTE cause can then be used for this operation.

  81. Why is that man ans still many carry the flag in the pic, especially the way they carry it, do they really need to carry it?

  82. Thank you for exposing this on going exploitation of our people by the residual LTTE elements.

    Sadly many of our people are yet to learn that the single biggest damage to the community was done by the LTTE and stooges

  83. 11 Mahesh

    What sad plight buddy ?. most of these people who are writing here regret for what happened, but they want to expose the culprits. That is why few of them asking DBSJ just that, expose them.

    There is one great suggestion by the ‘student’ to collect this money and send it to KP’s charity work in the north where it is much needed. I hope something worthwile like that will materialise.

    I also hope the PAPPADAM will crumble further and further
    and become a powder and end up in the rubbish bin.

  84. Comment 80 —— Dilshan,

    People who took second mortgages on their houses must have done so because they either believed in the LTTE or they would have been under bondage to the LTTE for reasons like assisted passage , PR favors , jobs, and allocation of businesses like curry shops etc.

    A normal person who has worked hard to buy a house would have never agreed unless they were physically threatened.

    People who migrated as refugees in the last 10 or 15 years would have had to work damn hard to buy property in Europe.

    Such people would not have fallen prey that easily.

    The LTTE supporters in the West used to gloat every time a suicide attack was carried out in Srilanka, killing and maiming hundreds.

    These dastardly acts were the topic of discussion at celebratory dinner parties..

    The attendees probably included the people who contributed big time.

    People who were forced to contribute cash in small amounts are a different category.

    There would have been a lot among them who did not agree with the LTTE or their tactics.

  85. It is time for Tamils to demand that overseas LTTE give all this ill-gotten money to KP and his NERDO to do service to violence affected Vanni Tamils and Eastern province Tamils affected by floods

  86. I dont accept that Swiss Tamils were forced to do this.They took risk and did willingly. now they must accept consequences

  87. Tamils in switzerland who gave money to LTTE to do violence must remember what Malcolm X said when John F Kennedy was killed

    “The chickens have come home to roost”

  88. We Tamils gave cash to LTTE willingly. We tied our destiny with LTTE destiny. So we rise and fall with LTTE.No complaints

  89. DBS try to give wrong story here that LTTE has done daylight robbery of Tamil peoples money

    Truth is that the money is now been used to look after and train secret tiger army in mystery location

    At right time our leader honorabal Pirapaharan will come out openly and lead this army to victory against Singalam army

    wait and see

  90. The LTTE is like the Mafia. It has a similar history to the Mafia. The Mafia also started as a freedom movement, but ended up as a group of thugs.

    What I don’t understand how the Tamils who are supposed to be smarter than us (the Singalese) could have not seen this. It is hard to believe all these well educated Tamils willingly supporting this set of thugs.

    As for the Modayas (us Singalese) realized that we need to get our act together to fight this pure evil (like the world shed their differences to get rid of Hitler) . We tried negotiating with them, but it was painfully apparent you cannot negotiate with this set of thugs. Thus the evil was wiped out of the Sri Lanka for the betterment of all Sri Lankans (Tamils included).


    I guess wheels are slowly moving forward on this matter in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and many other countries.

    How wagons in back home are going to be remotely connected with these newly developing engines are remain to be seen.

  92. There are stringent laws in the West against extortions and money laundering specifically enacted to eradicate Mafiosa type organizations.

    There are also strict laws to protect against human rights violations.

    A class action by the non LTTE supporters who were forced to hand over money to the LTTE organization in Europe and Australia is a definite way to get redress as most of the organizers and the enforcers of the LTTE in these countries still live there.

    A good example is the guy who escaped to Canada with a lot of money paid by the Swiss Government.

    There must be good lawyers who will support a class action, as same as Mr Fein is helping the LTTE Rump in the States to sue Rajapaksa for 30 million.

    Also the same class action should target the Royal Norwegian Government and its crown Minister Mr Solheim for aiding and abetting the LTTE by giving them legitimacy and canvassing the EU to prevent the LTTE being proscribed.

  93. Comment 76. TRN said,
    “Thank God for saving Sri Lankan tamils from LTTE !! It will take some time for the tamil hardcores to get out of their bitterness and shame. Now is the time to wake up and think pluraristic and humanely. If not no future for them in SL.”

    TRN HOLD ON YOUR THANK TO GOD, tamils are not saved yet from sinhala chauvinistic elements in Srilanka. It is not tamils, majority sinhalese to be shamed for allowing the attrocities by succesive sinhala governments and their discriminative policies against tamils for the last 63 years. It is majority sinhalese to think pluralistic and humanely. Don’t be fool by yourself by the military victory of MR & Bros. Your Galle Face green will be soon occupied by chinese, Petroleum supply to Srilanka will be controlled by Indians, etc etc. Remember, younger generation of tamils with forward thinking, financially sound, high influence in corporations and governments around the world with the support of 74 million tamils around the world is slowly rising. If people like you and your SL sinhala government won’t correct yourselves and not allow tamils to live in that island with equal rights, then there is no future for sinhalese in that island.


  94. # 101 Veeran,

    Wow.. what a heroic saying… Unfortunately your kinds’ actions have the worst effect on someone totally different from you guys and someone who had nothing to do with what happened… not you. That’s my worry.

  95. dear jey,
    yet another well researched article about the ltte how it raised funds.i would say it is no different from the other organisations in many part of the world which fight for nationalist cause.in india for example hindu organisations raise funds by getting monthly contribution from its members and they have a yearly function where contributions are also made.when it comes to leftist parties like cpi,cpim every member depending on his income has to contribute monthly which he or she does it willingly.only thing which went wrong in fund raising of ltte was timing if it had survived the sinhalese onslaught probably no one would have gone to authorities secondly financial crisis which has gripped west this i guess has forced people to go to authorities to get back the money.i sympathise for those people who lost their money but to be honest if i had been in their position i would have done the same thing probably i would have been cautious while taking a loan becoz it is quite well known that even if some one takes loan in your name ultimately you need to repay not the guy who benefitted from it. my only sincere hope is that people get back the money through authorities intervention or ltte rump which has got the money should give back the money which has been taken from the tamils so that good will is created which can be used to rebuild north and east.as far as some sinhalese complaining about tamils being responsible for the killings or bombings it is better they do some navel gazing who started all these things and how they elected sinhalese right after right(flicked from mj akbars book riot after riot)and made life miserable sorry still making life miserable for tamils living in srilanka.jey let me be honest i am not an archetype tamil nationalist who is not objective always supports tamil nationalism blindly (i cant claim to be a tamil nationalist becoz i came via khyber and bolan pass lol) but you need to write on the happenings in north and east.what i am reading about happenings in north does not inspire confidence and it does not tally with what is being written in many mainstream srilankan media that slowly normalcy is returning to these places.particularly douglas and his goons are wrecking havoc on hapless people by killing,looting,intimidating tamils.one has to be objective jey you need to write on the reality in north and east.as far as gbs ganesans lamentations tamils have become too rationalistic as they say in tamil “alavukku meerinal amirthamum nanjagum” periyar started rationalist movement tamils lost their rationalism or else how can they accept kalaignars acts of propping up the whole family into politics.any sane person would have got disgusted at what is happening in tamil nadu.tamil filmworld is dominated by kalaignars grandsons and grandnephews.even a star like vijay had to drink water becoz of these peoples stranglehold over film world.tamils are at the receiving end not becoz of brahmins or lack of representation in indian civil services or foreign services it would have made no difference even if they had representation i can tell you from my own personal experience tamils will never help their own people when they are away from tamilnadu but if you compare them with malayalis who will see that their own kinsmen get the posting when they are away from their state.let me cite the list of secretaries in new delhi foreign secy,cabinet secy,home secy,cvc all are dominated by mallus.even if tamils are given an opportunity they will not help their own people.so non brahmin tamils should stop complaining about lack of representation rather they should see that likes of kalaignar,ramdas,thiruma are booted out so that tamils can lead a honorouble existence.thank you jey

  96. #88-chinthaka

    If they had their basic arithmatic right as to how 12% wage a war and win against 78%

    You are quite right.The best you can do is just fight a guerilla war with no hope of eelam through military means only.Fat prabha who relishes his mums chicken curry would have died of starvation.If you see how the karen rebels in burma are fighting, they are led by 50 year old commanders who started when they were 20 and are eating monkeys and lizards in the jungles and sleeping on the ground with mosquitoes and snakes , and they don’t grumble about it. They say we will go on like this till we die.Fat prabha would have died of a massive heart attack before 40 if he had to follow suit.

    Of course if you look at the way israel is outnumbered at least 25 to one, because 7 million israelis are surrounded by at least 200 million arabs and persians.that is because they have much better firepower and technology and they have the brains to use them.Also they have the jews in america to apply pressure on the US administration to give them finance and other support.So if you are outnumbered by manpower and want to fight a conventional war then you must have much more firepower than your opponent.

    If you read T.Sabaratnam’s book on pirapaharan you will see that this started with prabhaharan not having any money to buy a handgun to shoot alfred durayappah. He had to give some jewellery to the village thug and obtained a handgun.Then they copied it with some crude homemade versions and about five fellows had these handguns. So this was the way it started and this was the way it ended with more than 80000 wounded and 25000 killed in the armed forces. The real figures must be higher than the official ones given.

    I remember reading in some other article that at one time chelvanayagam had said that 2.5 million tamils cannot be deprived of their right by 6 million sinhalese. So at that time when they decided to embark on an armed struggle it must have been a ratio of nearly 1 :2. Subsequenly the sinhalese have steadily grown while the tamils have declined and now the ratio is about 1:6.

    So at that time when the armed movements started they must have been gung ho that they had enough numbers.In fact in T.sabaratnams book it is mentioned that when they went to tamilnadu for training they discouraged the locals from joining, by saying it will be more satisfying when they achieve eelam on their own. In fact manpower was never really the problem at that time because they went buchering each other wiping out a substantial portion even before taking on the army.

  97. Form the vast majority of responses,it seems that all or most of the fund raised were forced and most of the funds have been swindled.
    It is not the truth.
    Of course! there were some coercion but majority did it willingly.
    There were instances of swindling as well.
    But considering the vast machinery LTTE had built,how could that would have been possible without most of the funds raised has been utilised for the purpose it was raised?
    Vituperation will not bear any tangible results.
    The Tamil people wanted to fight for the realisation of Thantha Chelva’s aspirtation of Inependant THAMILEELAM.LTTE gave the positive leadership.Some rogue elements got into the movement and ruined it.That is the reality.
    Swindling public funds is not a new phenominon.
    Can someone shed some lights on what happened to the Helping Hambanthota Funds?

  98. Dear Cleaver financial gurus, this where your mony is going without you even knowing or willing.

    “As coconuts retailed at Rs 60, leeks at Rs 150, green chillies Rs. 500, tomatoes Rs 372 – all per kilo — and the Army selling vegetables to stabilise prices, the world’s first stretch Prado limousine arrived in Colombo last Wednesday. On Thursday, a similar super luxury vehicle – a Chevrolet 300c stretch limo — cleared Customs. Both cars cost the importer, a cool Rs. 16 million – thanks in part to a quirk in Customs regulations which permitted the cars to be imported as buses.
    Both vehicles were shipped from Los Angeles, California by a trio of Sri Lankan expatriates with connections in Australia and Japan. In a staggering indication of diversity and choice, whilst the bulk of the country creaked under the weight of sky rocketing prices and most providers of the traditional ‘buth packet’ trimming the content, the import of these super luxury vehicles provided a rare comparison of the widening ‘wealth divide’ in Sri Lanka.”

  99. Hi DBSJ,

    A good article and gave detailed information about the money collection of Tamil Diaspora in the international arena.

    We all urge our brothers to stop all illegal activities by the name of freedom fighters. If possible try to utilise the collected money to war affected peoples in North and East to normalize the situation. I have contacted some local NGOs to support eelam Tamils.

    Our peoples are slowly recovering from the war culture. I do have still believe that Mr. Sampanthan and Mr. Aanandasangaree will create gentlemen politics in North and east by democratises mean and continue to struggle to achieve the goal by means of accepted ways.

    Best wishes,

  100. Dear Harshe

    “An astonishing revelation. How much hatred these people must have had in them to make such heavy contributions to LTTE.”

    Hate is in your mind mate. Tamils had and have un supressible thirst of liberation after years of oppression in the hands of Sinhala majoritarian rule.

  101. If Sinhala patriotic buddhist mahavamsa mindset people does not pay Tax to the Government will the inland revenue close their eyes. except of course those are well connected to the royals. Can any of the so called whiter than white blogers have you paid /accounted for every cent/penny you earned and paid tax to your country. Dont you thing that is FRAUD.

  102. Thank you so much Jeyaraj annan for this great article. You are doing great service to Tamils by exposing these LTTE money suckers

  103. Journalists should not behave like that they know every thing. They should always learn more.Srilankan journalists are the best in the world.

  104. 107, paece lover,
    your word are not very peaceful..

    looks like a ‘kshanika mochanya’ !!!

    What did this 74 million tamils worldwide do for the last 30yrs to save you in SL? You reap what you sow.

    Sinhala majority have come a long way ahead than many tamils. you are yet to come out of your well.

    Many comments of you are like frogs inside a well not knowing the reality outside.

    wake up from your dreams. your money had created 2 generations of widows, maimed youth, uneducation and malnutrition…. do u want me to continue…

    Stop pointing fingers at others look inward to your conscience and correct your mistakes we will correct ourselves.

    If u want to live in SL learn to live with others… there are many other minorities in SL they don’t even want to be associated with tamils. They distance themselves from the tamil nationalists.

    The tamil diaspora shouting war crimes has become a laughing stock, it is the reality…

  105. Fools, their wisdom weak,
    are their own enemies
    as they go through life,
    doing evil
    that bears
    bitter fruit.


    It’s not good,
    the doing of the deed
    that, once it’s done,
    you regret,
    whose result you reap crying,
    your face in tears.

    It’s good,
    the doing of the deed
    that, once it’s done,
    you don’t regret,
    whose result you reap gratified,
    happy at heart.


    An evil deed, when done,
    doesn’t — like ready milk —
    come out right away.
    It follows the fool,
    like a fire
    hidden in ashes.

    — The Buddha

  106. The Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu began with lofty ideals.Today it has de-generated into a corrupt movement steeped in nepotism

    Sadly the Eelam liberation movement too has deteriorated into becoming a corrupt one

    If Tamils ever had self – rule their regimes would be the most corrupt ever

  107. According to reports, Srilankan government spent 5.5 Billion Dollars on war between 2006 – 2009.

    I am sure at least 1 Billion Dollars out of this went as payouts to Ministers and their Family and friends.

    If you lose money…. you can make it.

    How about people who lost their husbands, wives, sons and daughters?


  108. 107: peacelover

    Remember, younger generation of tamils with forward thinking, financially sound, high influence in corporations and governments around the world with the support of 74 million tamils around the world is slowly rising.
    Sorry to say, you are under all kinds of delusions. Most of the younger generation of western educated Tamils are not interested in Sri Lanka. They are interested in their welfare in the countries that they live in, their children’s education, and their future. First generation of kids born in diaspora have lost most of their capability to write in their parent’s mother language and by second generation, most of them will lose their ability to speak it a well. A fair number of them will marry outside their ethnic group.

    For many reasons, the battle against Sri Lanka was supported by the diaspora that had left the country. I don’t think the new generation of the diaspora will be as foolish as to mortgage their houses to fund a terrorist organization to blow up innocent people in a distant land.

    As far as Tamils getting into influential positions in the West in governments, that did happen in places like Canada, but in the end did not make one bit difference. Only thing that happen was that due to misguided advice of the diaspora, the West lost all the influence and leverage that they might have over Sri Lanka and provided a great opportunity for other countries like China, India and Japan to strengthen their ties with Sri Lanka.

    The Western multinationals and corporations exist to make money and not for social justice. If there are educated Tamils in positions of influence in these, they are more likely to use those to invest and do business in places like Sri Lanka rather than support separatist movements. After all Sri Lanka is one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world these days and I am sure Western multinationals would love to have people in their organizations with contacts that will allow them to establish business there.

    And lastly, you speak about 74 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu. And you say that they are ready at a whim to come to the aid of Sri Lankan Tamils? Where were they in 2009 when LTTE went down? Only thing that they can do is to give a reason for Sinhalese hardliners to point across the Palk Strait and frighten the general Sinhalese population. If the recent news reports are true, even Karunanidhi and his daughter seems to be good buddies of Mahinda these days. So it seems that even the “Jokers” of Tamil Nadu are coming to their senses.

  109. This is all to do with the poor old mind set of Tamils but its not all Tamils around the world but it was few sectoin of Sri Lankan Tamils,we call him Thanthai then the warier they all for our concern
    But right now we are paying back heavily yes its true its not perfect but lot releif as we Tamils.
    All those living in foregin land support the cause purley of the guilt and there personal cases fot there right to stay of that country.
    Even now people belive he is alive as consecisson.every one has to pay the price.there is no exception his old father has to die in 4 th floor the old lady cant have to see the other children nor grand child.

    Why if my child do that no way he comes to me or i goes to him.not him he didnt go to school or have the knowledge but as a parent you got lot of responsibility forget about the Swiss Tamils there is lot of aruguments in there family as kids are not accepted there socity then they ask why we are here then blame the others and the religion how many temples are here for that course.
    Yes Canada may be good destinatoin but i ve seen they just left you in ghost town because we are very good to live with tem.

  110. Arrest of asylum boat operators in Thailand.
    Mahinda’s visit to US, and the call for criminal charges.
    Superior court of Canada’s order to seize WTM’s properties.
    Arrest of LTTE fundraisers in Swiss and from their info
    arrest of a businessman in Colombo.
    Less than 200 comes to the Washington protest and
    dropping the criminal charge idea on ‘humanitarian’ or ‘medical’ ground.
    Filing of civil charges two days after Mahinda left.

    Who are they trying to fool still.

  111. I hope the Tamils who have lots money will somehow grin and bear and continue to support the next militancy. Surely their hatred of the Sinhala people will help them to overcome any fraud that has been perpetrated on them by the LTTE, particularly in the period leading to the debacle in Vanni.

    Tamils probably have the world’s highest level of tolerance to pain, both metally and physically. They are capable of enduring unbelievable suffering and lending the money earned on their sweat to the LTTE. The forces of DUTUGEMUNU want that to continue for as long as possible. Like I always said, one more real uprising is all that is needed for the Final Solution. And I know the likes of Rudrakumar, Dr. Seneviratne and the old faithfuls of the diaspora will not disappoint. Maybe the best time is when Rajapaksha weakens a bit, as any ruler eventually does. Then the neo-LTTE should strike so that the Crown Prince Rajapaksha can take off from the point where father stopped in Wellavaikkal so that there will be that one clear final blow. Oh, the Tamil, they never learn !!!

  112. In Canada my parents who came from SL first to Swiss. then migrate to Canada thinks (Thalaivar) Prabagaran. will come out from the closet very soon and he is hiding in somewhere in south east asia. that is what he getting the news from the Pro Tiger radio in Toronto (CMR & CTR)
    My dad works 3 jobs, goes to work 5.30 to 2pm then 5-11pm. in a restaurant. then during the weekends 10- 5.
    during the final war he was asked to get a line of credit
    for 50.000 canadian dollars even though my dads credit was not that good some criminal elements from LTTE
    got him 50G. now war was over still my DAD is remortgage our house to pay the 50 G to the bank. and still has no regrett paying that money to( PODIYAL)

    The guys who used to come collect funds still collects money ar Canada Kandasamy Kovil @ birchmount in scarborough come to temple with 80.000 worth brand new ACCURA SUV.

  113. DBSJ, this post of yours is (I hope) of immense use to enlighten the Tamils who have access to your blogs. Hopefully, other Tamil media will take steps to inform the people of the true state of affairs relating to LTTE scandals…(if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride)!!!

    Sad to realise that we have allowed this to happen not only in Sri Lanka but also in the Tamil Diaspora circles simply because we didn’t want to stand up against these ruthless LTTE gangsters who finally left the Tamils in Sri Lanka high and dry and politically at a point of no return. Tigers used the same tricks, bullying tactics, threats, abductions and killings back home in Sri Lanka when Tamils failed to meet their demands.

    But, isn’t THIS a little sad story of those who, from a safe place abroad, explicitly and tacitly approved these crooks’ activities and finally found themselves landed in a soup? Irony is that some of the LTTE elements who have been handling the funds overseas towards the end of LTTE era are sitting on this ill gotten money while these innocent (I couldn’t help saying idiots) Tamils took out loans that they could never afford to service with their earning capacity. This is certainly not a story limited to Switzerland. There are enough jokers in other western countries who took out loans, remortgaged property and have withdrawn cash out of credit cards to fund the ‘war’.

    These ardent supporters of LTTE who have now burnt their fingers and their proverbial backsides when the whole LTTE episode came to an abrupt end (much to their surprise) were such loyalists and were vehement antagonists of any alternate or moderate suggestion to solve the Tamil question. They even go to the extent of informing their local LTTE operative of people with differing opinion about their fund raising and other activities. Castro’s video appeal for money was shown to groups of people to extort money from them in March 2009 (at least these fools should have realized in March 2009 that no amount of money or weaponry was going to save the LTTE and their irrational dream). They were not only obstinate and aggressive in their belief of how LTTE was going to annihilate the Sri Lankan forces and eventually achieve Eelam, but also were a bunch of fanatics to whom common sense or logic would not appeal when it comes to the ‘Tiger topic’.

    I only hope there will soon be a mechanism to ensure that these elements do not stage another fund raising event under various pretexts such as hero’s day etc, and pull the wool over the eyes of these vulnerable Tamils overseas who are oblivious to the fact that they are indeed placing the future of Tamils back home at stake by funding these scoundrels.

    I hope my friends who fit in to the above categories (benefactors and beneficiaries) will forgive me for my opinion about them on this matter, but it would appear that we have reached a point where we have to call a spade a spade and tolerate no more nonsense.

    Btw: 43. Sulary Fernando

    “Dear Tamils;
You deserve this. Once you’re in, there’s no way out.”

    Sorry if I sound patronizing, but I don’t think you should generalize the statement at all Tamils. Moreover, even those Tamils who funded LTTE had a good reason although their belief in LTTE was more of a fantasy rather than a strategy. Tamils were pushed to the edge and many were forced to leave the country and many were/are denied fundamental rights and held in prisons (to this date), killed and tortured.

    Contrary to your suggestion, Tamils clearly do not deserve this. If Tamils were treated equally, these 30 years of carnage, brain drain and economic loss on both sides could have been avoided.

    Prem Sachithananthan

  114. #102-marathamillan

    At right time our leader honorabal Pirapaharan will come out openly and lead this army to victory against Singalam army
    Will he be leading in his underwear?

  115. Dear gbsganesan #65

    Most of the Tamils are happy with clerical/secretarial/manual work and continue to keep cursing their fate through their lives. Many of the students don’t have an idea after their school finals or college graduation. …SIMPLY, THE TAMILS ARE NOT GENERATING ENOUGH MIDDLE CLASS who should be their voice. Tamils either have a wily M Karunanidhi, or a selfish P Chidambaram. There is absolutely no middle class. The Tamils dream is to become a Politician to loot money or unskilled workers.

    Wow, the Tamils sound exactly like us Sinhalese!!

  116. Dear shankar #19

    What i can’t understand is if they had a system of regular substantial income like this why could they not pay their caders a decent salary just like the armed forces of srilanka do. Since they did not do this what happenned to that component of the funds that should have rightfully gone to their soldiers. If they had done that and not just restricted the recruitment to tamils living in srilanka they could have had a minimum 100000 force of the best available fighters instead of the 25000 or so of which more than half are forced unpaid conscription, and another substancial component of women and children.

    My understanding is that LTTE paid considerable sums towards the fighters’ families- porali kudumbam and for the killed fighters maaveerar kudumbam. Hence no need for a salary as such. These families were at the top of the social system in the LTTE areas. If I am wrong I would be happy to be corrected.

    Who would have joined LTTE if it opened its ranks to Tamils living outside SL? Tamils living in Europe and Canada have much better things to do than get killed for Eelam. Were you talking about people in Tamil Nadu?

  117. Well …donating to a cause that you believe is right ok whether the cause is right or wrong is another matter….

    but getting loan for the cause is something that I am unable to understand…when I read this sometime before somewhere……I thought to myself…Good God Am I reading this?

    who in the world take a bank loan to donate to an organization?…jesus christ…..DBS whats really went wrong?I mean there is something very wrong somewhere…….I mean tamils supposed to be the most educated lot compared to thier sinhala lot….how come they put themselves in such a dire straight?…doesn’t make sense at all…..Is this what we call ‘Brain Wash”..perhaps

  118. # 111 Shankar,

    Are you sure of what you said lately? I mean Tamil youth had enough numbers to form fighting cadres that could have brought closer to the number of Sinhalese or state army? Where do you have evidence to say it was 2.5:6 ratio between Tamils and Sinhalese in Chelvanayagam’s era? It is quite hard to believe that Sinhalese grew all of sudden to make them 78% in the country by 1981 census unless it happened gradually over a period of time. For a fact among the most Sinhalese they hardly had more than 2 children in families lately.

    I believe it was JRJ govt’s overly cunning policy led LTTE’s success more than anything. First JRJ let 1983 riots to be unleashed without putting curfew on time, to teach a cheap way of lesson to Tamils in common, while trying to stone 2 birds at once by suspending JVP, who were stepping in to a democratic path. JRJ spent too long without actually taking precise action against Tamil terrorists until 1987, by which time a large scale operation needed attracting too much attention worldwide. It was mainly because JRJ – who highly depended on his cunning tricks in state administration and thought he can use the Tamil militancy problem wherever he needs politically and suppress too if it goes beyond the limits, LTTE had time and opportunity to grow big.

    JRJ, the curse to Sri Lanka however had a natural death peacefully, after committing all the sins and paving the way to much more crimes taken place.

  119. “This is their karma or fate”


    “The swiss Tamils financed a deadly terrorist machine. Now it has come back to haunt them. That is Karma”

    Most of us live in the cramped cold cages of our private projects, frantically struggling to stake out our own little comfortable place in the sun. Driven in circles by anxious yearnings and beckoning desires, we rarely ever glance aside to see how our neighbor is faring, and when we do it is usually only to assure ourselves that he is not trying to encroach upon our own domain or to find some means by which we might extend our dominion over his.

    Occasionally, however, it somehow happens that we manage to detach ourselves from our obsessive pursuits long enough to arrive at a wider clearing. Here our focus of concern undergoes a remarkable shift. Lifted above our habitual fixation on myopic goals, we are brought to realize that we share our journey from birth to death with countless other beings who, like ourselves, are each intent on a quest for the good.

    This realization, which often topples our egocentric notions of the good, broadens and deepens our capacity for empathy. By breaking down the walls of self-concern it allows us to experience, with a particularly inward intimacy, the desire all beings cherish to be free from harm and to find an inviolable happiness and security. Nevertheless, to the extent that this flowering of empathy is not a mere emotional effusion but is accompanied by a facility for accurate observation, it can easily turn into a chute plunging us down from our new-found freedom into a chasm of anguish and despair.

    For when, with eyes unhindered by emotively tinged blinkers, we turn to contemplate the wide expanse of the world, we find ourselves gazing into a mass of suffering that is vertiginous in its volume and ghastly in its intensity. The guarantor of our complacency is the dumb thoughtless glee with which we acquiesce in our daily ration of sensual excitation and ego-enhancing kudos. Let us raise our heads a little higher and cast our eyes about, and we behold a world steeped in pain where the ills inherent in the normal life-cycle are compounded still more by the harshness of nature, the grim irony of accident, and the cruelty of human beings.

    As we grope about for a handle to prevent ourselves from plummeting down into the pits of despondency, we may find the support we need in a theme taught for frequent recollection by the Buddha: “Beings are the owners of their kamma, the heirs of their kamma; they are molded, formed and upheld by their kamma, and they inherit the results of their own good and bad deeds.” Often enough this reflection has been proposed as a means to help us adjust to the vicissitudes in our personal fortunes: to accept gain and loss, success and failure, pleasure and pain, with a mind that remains unperturbed. This same theme, however, can also serve a wider purpose, offering us succor when we contemplate the immeasurably greater suffering in which the multitudes of our fellow beings are embroiled.

    Confronted with a world that is ridden with conflict, violence, exploitation and destruction, we feel compelled to find some way to make sense out of their evil consequences, to be able to see in calamity and devastation something more than regrettable but senseless quirks of fate. The Buddha’s teaching on kamma and its fruit gives us the key to decipher the otherwise unintelligible stream of events. It instructs us to recognize in the diverse fortunes of living beings, not caprice or accident, but the operation of a principle of moral equilibrium which ensures that ultimately a perfect balance obtains between the happiness and suffering beings undergo and the ethical quality of their intentional actions.

    Contemplation on the operation of kamma is not a cold and calculated expedient for justifying a stoical resignation to the status quo. The pathways of kamma are labyrinthine in their complexity, and acceptance of this causal order does not preclude a battle against human avarice, brutality and stupidity or stifle beneficent action intended to prevent unwholesome deeds from finding the opportunity to ripen. Deep reflection on kammic retribution does, however, brace us against the shocks of calamity and disappointment by opening up to our vision the stubborn unwieldiness of a world ruled by greed, hate and delusion, and the deep hidden lawfulness connecting its turbulent undercurrents with the back-and-forth swing of surface events. While on the one hand this contemplation awakens a sense of urgency, a drive to escape the repetitive round of deed and result, on the other it issues in equanimity, an unruffled inner poise founded upon a realistic grasp of our existential plight.

    Genuine equanimity, which is far from callous indifference, sustains us in our journey through the rapids of samsara. Bestowing upon us courage and endurance, it enables us to meet the fluctuations of fortune without being shaken by them, and to look into the face of the world’s sufferings without being shattered by them.

  120. Wijayapala -133.

    [ “Tamils living in Europe and Canada have much better things to do than getting killed for Eelam.”]

    Because several thousands of youths gave up their lives for Eelam is the reason ,millions of Tamils are living in Europe and Canada,in the first place.

  121. # 130 Prem,

    “Tamils were pushed to the edge and many were forced to leave the country and many were/are denied fundamental rights and held in prisons (to this date), killed and tortured”.

    When tamils themselves come in the friendly disguises and blow apart innocent citizens of all races, a government have to take measure to prevent such things from happening in which obviously tamils would have to undergo inconveniences.

    We know every tamil was not a terrorist, but almost all LTTE terrorists were tamils, weren’t they?

  122. Any Sinhalese or any of their lap dogs cannot understand the suffering of Tamils. They are clueless and have no right to comment.

    It is like asking a German Nazi, if Jews were being persecuted.

    The truth is; the GOSL is racist and criminal. It is criminally influencing other countries aginst Tamils overseas to intimidate and stop Tamil freeedom movement which is democratic and legitimate.

    Why do The Sinhalese always defend a war criminbal? It is because all are criminals and collective punishment against the Sinhalese by the world is essential.

    The mass media should be punitively dealt with for misleading the masses.

    LTTE was an armed rsistance movement. There was state terror, even now it is found in Jaffna.

    A freedom movement can resist against state terror and is permitted internationally.

    Many African countries have become free and freedom movements that were called “terrorists” are respectable governments now.

    The Sinhalese must stop this old game of calling freedom movements as “terrorists” and wake up to reality or lose terribly.

  123. 129- “The guy who used to come collect funds still collects money at Canada Kandasamy Kovil come to temple with 80 000 $ worth of brand new ACCURA SUV”

    I heard that Canada Kadasamy Kovil is going to be rebuilt with millions of dollars as a FUTURE INVESTMENT.

    Don’t know your ACCURA SUV owner is also part of the Kovil management team!

  124. Comment 139 Justin,

    Take a cold shower mate.

    What has Sinhalese got to do with you guys getting dudded and fleeced by your own?

    The issue here is how the Tamils were brain washed and or threatened with physical harm to individuals as well as families to part with their hard earned cash.

    It is about how gutless and frightened the non LTTE Tamil people were even while living in the so called free world.

    A majority of Sinhala people have woken up to reality. to borrow from your own statement.

    Looks like it is your mates who have lost terribly even in the West.

  125. To Comment 139, Justin

     ‘ Any Sinhalese or any of their lap dogs cannot understand the suffering of Tamils. They are clueless and have no right to comment’ 

    (Can you name the suffering that is unique to Tamils (By virtue of being Tamil) in Sri Lanka, and does it equally applies to those living in and around Colombo, the up country and other districts?)

     ‘The truth is; the GOSL is racist and criminal. It is criminally influencing other countries aginst Tamils overseas to intimidate and stop Tamil freeedom movement which is democratic and legitimate’

     (If the government is racist on what basis you make such assertions? And if the government is criminally influencing other countries against Tamils and if such actions were incorrect, then how come those countries proscribed and banned LTTE, including India which has the highest number of Tamils?? And should those countries taken such actions if the LTTE was a freedom movement, which is democratic and legitimate? If it is a freedom movement, how come it is continued to be banned internationally by most countries, even after it is militarily and thus effectively annihilated and crushed? ) 

    ‘Why do The Sinhalese always defend a war criminbal? It is because all are criminals and collective punishment against the Sinhalese by the world is essential’

     (Majority led Sinhalese forces had dealt a devastating and a crippling blow to the biggest war criminal and his cohorts and the pain of mind of the defeated mindset is quite understood. The war heroes are venerated and worshiped as Gods, including the innocent Tamils who were rescued by them and continue to fed and clothed by the Government of Sri Lanka and other donors to a lesser extent)

     Many African countries have become free and freedom movements that were called “terrorists” are respectable governments now. The Sinhalese must stop this old game of calling freedom movements as “terrorists” and wake up to reality or lose terribly’

     (The majority African countries had won against the minority rule as seen is South Africa and Zimbabwe and not vice versa!! The terrorists are nothing but terrorist and should be rightly called so and the Sinhalese had woken up and defeated it fairly and squarely and in the process won handsomely. We will not hesitate to do so in the future should the ugly head of terrorism ever dare to rise again!!)

    Do not cry over spoilt milk. The majority shall always rule as in any continent and name a country which isn’t. Learn to live as brothers and sisters of one country, and your rights ( as with rights of all under privileged segments be it rural Singhalese, Muslims and Tamils and others), should be fought and won through political means and economic influence and not through the bullet and by violence, mistrust and hatred of Sinhalese.

     The name of the game should be the strategic engagement of the majority, and It shall be counterproductive to work against this reality.

  126. #142-kalu albert

    It is about how gutless and frightened the non LTTE Tamil people were even while living in the so called free world.
    It has nothing to do with living in the free world. It has everything to do with their concern over the safety of their kith and kin living in tiger controlled areas.Now why were they tiger controlled? because the armed forces of srilanka were gutless and frightened,until they got a bigger fright when fonseka took over.He had to courtmartial more than 5000 guys sacrificing his popularity in order to do the job. He was also ably supported and assisted by gota who is also a stern diciplinarian type.Both these guys were sledgehammers, the right people at the right time.

    Over a long period we have had more than 50000 deserters,running amok in the rest of the country with underworld activities.

    So if you had done your job, then a vast number of tamil diaspora would have told the LTTE collecters to go to hell. I personally know of people who told them to get out when they were visited, even at the height of their supremacy, but if you have a vulnerable relative back in srilanka then you have to be careful no?

  127. Comment 144 Shanker,

    Here is another “Just–in”.

    Wasn’t it easier for the” free world ” you have adopted as your motherland of the TNGTE to lock up all the enforcers and dismantle the Tiger outfit?

    After all don’t they wiretap even stand up comedians if they have an Arabic name?

    Remember one of your favorite collection points -Australia incarcerated that innocent Indian doctor even without an ounce of evidence?

    Address the issue here without coming up up with silly excuses please .

  128. # 144 Shankar,

    Small correction. It was not SL Army which was gutless, but the corrupt politicians who ruled the country from 1980’s. Each time the Army was given green signal they did the job without any problem.

    True, Over a period Army got corrupted and filled with wrong kinds for a while because politicians didn’t show any interest to finish the war, while getting rich making it a business.

    LTTE’s so-called strength was achieved basically via cheating. Each time they had a cease-fire they used it for re-gaining lost strengths. LTTE’s success was due to its enemy’s mistakes, not because of incapabilities. All they had in terms of militory power was just a papadam, wasn’t it?

  129. #146-kalu

    Wasn’t it easier for the” free world ” you have adopted as your motherland of the TNGTE to lock up all the enforcers and dismantle the Tiger outfit?
    come, come kalu this is not the rajapakshe’s srilanka. You have to have solid evidence to do that. As for the doctor you mentioned, because it was a mistake, the chief of security had to resign and the doctor has been paid a substantial compensation. Has anyone resigned over the tissanayagam case let alone compensation paid,and has to run out of the country as soon as he was released, that too because of obama. The doctor’s simcard given to the suicide bomber was found in that chaps mobile phone. The doctor admitted that guy was a cousin. In the western world these kind of evidence will not convict and he should have not been charged
    In srilanka of course under your raja’s this would have been what happenned to the good doctor

    [(January 31, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Mr. Sunil Shantha was illegally arrested by the Anguruwathora police. A non-state agent abducted Sunil from the street and assaulted him in a private confinement. Later, they handed him over to the police whom the abductor entertained with liquor. The police officers tortured Sunil by massaging chopped hot chilies on his body including his eyes and genitalia. The next morning Sunil was released. At no time was he shown or informed of any complaint against him and no statement was recorded. In this instance the police have tortured an innocent man to please an influential private party, which the Sri Lankan police do as a common practice. The case is yet another illustration of the exceptional collapse of the rule of law in the country.]

    kalu, without criticising and at the same time enjoying the benefits of western society, why don’t you go back to the land of the yakshas and nagas, and get a genital massage from the police.

    As for your statement that i’am giving silly excuses, if the LTTE had come to you and said, we know where your aunt is staying, you would have gone inside and instead of the dough, brought a vibrator and asked to give to her.If that is how you feel about your blood relatives in srilanka, then of course you are right, it is a silly excuse judging by kalu standards.Aney kalu,eka hari balu wada ne.

  130. Comment 148 — Shanker,

    I think some of your contributions went to pay for genital massages too. according to what I gather from your theoreticians final confessions.

    I am sure you know the JVP who became partners with your TNA to roll Rajapaksa.

    Even in their hayday,they could not force us Yakos to part with our hard earned Moolay.

    Obviously you seem to be a Western domiciled Tamil person.But I am surprised that you still have a good command of my mother tongue, Congratulations.

  131. Comments 129 & 140,

    Accura is a nice marque. Seen a few in the States and in Canada during my short stay.But didn’t see a SUV.

    If a bag man can drive a 80 grand Suv ,the collection must be good.

    But I am at a loss to understand how such a person can be a trustee of the Kandasamy Temple.?

  132. The northern tamils have become destitute with a big question mark hanging over their future.

    The reason? Stupid & idiotic decisions of VP & his associates whose decisions were influenced by their ignorance of reality.

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  134. Kalu

    You are while living in the west and enjoying its benefits criticising it for human rights abuse. Before doing that compare that to your own land of yakshas and nagas. See what happens to decent people when the DNA of the indigenous people have been passed down due to copulation with the foreigners.This decent man with 5 schoolchildren is a doughty fighter and a true lion, but what can he do against the descendents of yakshas and nagas who now outnumber and have state power too.


  135. Comment 155 — Shanker,

    It is heartening to note that the Tamil Diaspora members coming forward to protect the human rights of us Yakshas also, despite the animosity and antagonism towards us .

    This gentleman in the Guradian seems to be involved in a dispute with the neghbours and the authorities over the electricity posts on his property,

    Srilanka is a country where there are no proper surveyed boundaries in most part of the country.

    Supplying basis amenities such as electricity to rural areas is a problem because of this uncertainity.

    It is sometimes necessary to acquire private land to provide community facilities which is a common practice even in the West where these human rightists are domiciled.

  136. # 121 TRN SAID “The Tamil Diaspora shouting war crimes has become a laughing stock, it is the reality…”

    Chile – President Augusto Pinochet – brought to trial in 2006 for his crimes committed between 1974-1990.
    Yugoslavia – President Slobodan Milosevic for his crimes between 1987–2000, brought to trial in 2001 and died in his cell in 2006.
    Srilanka – President Mahinda Rajapakse & BROS for “Crimes against humanity and Genocide of Tamils in Srilanka” brought to trial in …………….. (TRN, you will see in history books)
    Ban Kid Moon also recently assured at Oxford:

    # 121 TRN SAID “if u want to live in SL learn to live with others… there are many other minorities in SL they don’t even want to be associated with Tamils. They distance themselves from the Tamil nationalists.”

    No one has the right to tell what Tamils should do. Tamils have the right of self-determination, which is a fundamental principle in international law. It is embodied in the Charter of the United Nations and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Common Article 1, paragraph 1 of these Covenants provides that:
    “All peoples have the rights of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”
    When Tamils become notable community with strong financial platform in international arena, Tamils in Eezham will get the recognition from rest of the world as in Kozova and South Sudan to rule themselves. Everyone will be treated equally and enjoy freedom in the island.

    # 121 TRN SAID “What did this 74 million Tamils worldwide do for the last 30yrs to save you in SL? You reap what you sow.”

    For the last 30 years time to time we have seen Tamil upraise in Tamilnadu, South Africa, Mauritius, Malaysia, UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Swiss, Germany, France and many more countries. I am not a supporter of self-immolation. In 2009, 13 Tamils in tamilnadu, one in Malaysia, one in Switzerland self-immolated on the beleive that their death will save Tamils in Ilankai. Their ultimate sacrifice was in vain due to opportunistic politicians in India.

    # 121 TRN SAID “wake up from your dreams. Your money had created 2 generations of widows, maimed youth, uneducation and malnutrition…. do u want me to continue…”

    The reality is Tamils have been suffering in that island due to discriminative policies of successive sinhala governments since the so-called independence from Britain in 1948. LTTE is a creation of Sinhala chauvinism and aggression of terrorized Tamils by ultra Sinhala nationalist. Diaspora money only keeping Tamils alive in that island. Otherwise the whole Tamil race would have wiped out from that island long ago by Sinhala chauvinists. Every human rights activist and peace loving people will continue to raise their voice in support of the voiceless in that island.

  137. Dear DBSJ
    You exposed one of the major causes for the failure of LTTE’s armed struggle. As Comment #45. Ajith Boralugoda said “Its not humane to make merry at the expense of someone else’s misery.” Further add to this, many continued to fund LTTE without any consideration of the misery of the Tamils living within Ilankani and same happened on other side of the ethnic divide that majority Sinhalese never bother what happening to Tamils under the Sinhala military occupation of Tamil’s lands. Even in western countries, as you exposed in this article, some LTTE fund raisers make living out of the LTTE’s armed struggle in Ilankai.
    The Tamil Diaspora around the world mainly educated middle, upper middle class, ultra nationalists and many tamilnadu politicians who blindly (and selfishly) support LTTE are to blame for their inaction to provide proper guidance to LTTE when such need arose along the history of LTTE’s armed struggle. These Tamil Diaspora without much questioning LTTE, limit themselves only to monetary contribution to LTTE’s armed struggle and satisfied themselves as somewhat they contributed to Tamil’s liberation in Ilankai.
    During late 70’s and early 80’s many sincere and dedicated youth who have joined various liberation movements on the believe that armed struggle is the only way to achieve legitimate cause of Tamils. However later many youths realized that their dreams are scattered by immature, egoistic, selfish and apolitical leaders who lead such liberation movements. As a result many precious lives unnecessarily lost on both sides of the ethnic divide during the 30 years of armed conflict.
    Several political leaders were predicted the downfall of armed struggle if LTTE don’t correct their cause of action.
    Listen to some speech (unfortunately only in Tamil) in below link by leading Tamilnadu politicians in 1990

    Jeyakanthan’s speech

    CPI – Pandyan’s speech

    In 1986 one of the communist activist in Tamilnadu referred armed struggle by Tamil youths as “emotional aggression”.

    Unless a dedicated, sincere, united, visionary, selfless, democratic leadership rise among Tamils, it will be an end of the Tamil race in Ilankai.

  138. #125 Ranjan

    I am sorry to say that I disagree with most of your arguments. I am not a Tamil ultra nationalist; I am referring to Tamils as a minority group, which denied equal rights by successive Srilankan Sinhala Governments.
    Don’t forget the fact that poor Sinhalese also in the same boat as Tamils in Ilankai (I refused to call it as Srilanka, which is not my name of choice).

    My vision is freedom, dignity and equal rights to everyone in that island beyond the ethnic, religious and linguistic human made boundaries. When taking each step towards achieving equal rights to Tamils in Ilankai, we shall guarantee the rights and survival of other ethnic groups in that island. Same guarantee to be given to India and their interests in the region.


    Older generation of Tamils failed to provide proper guidance to younger generation live in and out of Ilankai. Elders try to impose their crappy lifestyle, cultural, religious, linguistic influence on their children. What their culture promote, nothing other than jealousy, dowry, cast, ego, selfishness, etc all the bad things, which preventing Tamils as a united social animals and suppress their progression as an open minded society.
    TAMIL CULTURE BADLY NEEDS REFORM. Older generation entirely screwed up the younger generation of Tamils.

    As Comment #65. Gbsganesan, nicely put together how Tamils failed as a society in tamilnadu. Tamils first financially become strong for others to listen to them.

    Now come to your other point regarding Tamil youths, my hope is few Tamil youths if not at least one youth among many growing up in western countries, with so much exposure to freedom, civil & human rights, democracy, law and order to lead the fight for freedom of Tamils in Ilankai. If one Balasingam was able to bring awareness of Tamils plea to the attention of the world leaders and was in a position to politically influence them, my hope is one visionary, passionate, sincere, dedicated, leader among Tamil youth will rise to take the torch, fill the vacuum and lead the democratic fight for freedom of Tamils.
    ACT-NOW, TAG, CANTYD, … there are several organizations in which Tamil youths are active members fighting for Tamils rights in Srilanka.

    Now come to your other point, what 74 million Tamils did in 2009 during the “Genocide of Mullivaikal”. You may not know what they did?

  139. 135. Chinthaka | January 31st, 2011 at 1:26 am
    # 111 Shankar,

    Are you sure of what you said lately? I mean Tamil youth had enough numbers to form fighting cadres that could have brought closer to the number of Sinhalese or state army? Where do you have evidence to say it was 2.5:6 ratio between Tamils and Sinhalese in Chelvanayagam’s era? It is quite hard to believe that Sinhalese grew all of sudden to make them 78% in the country by 1981 census unless it happened gradually over a period of time. For a fact among the most Sinhalese they hardly had more than 2 children in families lately.

    Chinthaka, you are right. What you said made sense to me and filed in my memory, to look into it again when i had the time. I distinctly remember reading somewhere that chelva had said that 6 million sinhalese cannot be allowed to discriminate against 2.5 million tamils. The census statistics i give below confirm the 6 million sinhalese, but chelva is way out in his estimation of the tamils. Even if the upcountry tamils are included according to the 1953 census it is 1.85 million tamils and 5.6 million sinhalese which is a ratio of 1:3.

    If you look at the 1963 census tamils are 2.3 million and the sinhalese are 7.5 million, which is a ratio of about 1:3 again.

    Whichever census you take the article from which i received the information of about 1:2 ratio is wrong.

  140. 160. peace lover.
    thousand applogies for disturbing your dream !!

    U have all the freedom in the world to continue with your ‘self determination’ dream!!

    Sorry for trying to wake u up. Continue in your slumber.

    no hard feelings.

  141. When are they going to stop these people in Canada.
    This week I saw one of their fundraiser and orator Kalanithy Kulamohan riding a 62000 dollar Jeep. She only bought a Wagan for her husband costing 48000 dollars last year and they are living in a 700000 dollar house in Markham.. Both did not have any real jobs.

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