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Country Cannot March Forward by Demeaning the Judiciary and Crowning the Law of the Jungle

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Karu Jayasuriya M.P.

(Brief Notes of the Media Conference held by Hon. Karu Jayasuriya MP UNP for Gampaha District, on 2nd April 2013)

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• This press conference is being held today at a time when all spheres in the country are in disarray.

• When we look at some incidents, we get the feeling that whether we are living in a country in which the law of the jungle prevails.

• Incidents of this nature could happen in a tribal society, not in a country with a long history of democracy.

• The incident which took place at Pepiliyana brought disrepute to the country. This had wide publicity internationally. This is a huge black mark for the country, similar to what happened in the previous occasions, this incident too took place when the police officers were standing close by.

• What is the status at present in Sri Lanka, which won the recognition as a democratic peaceful, disciplined and law-abiding country?

• The gangs carrying poles against the former Chief Justice, assaulted the rival groups inside the Court premises chasing behind them. Even on this day the police officers were rendered helpless in the presence of the political powers. Pictures of these goons appeared in the newspapers. We saw in the papers a picture of a goon aiming a Kung Fu kick at a person who filed a case on behalf of the civil society. Tents were erected opposite the former Chief Justice’s residence and milk rice was served. She was subjected to ridicule. These can be viewed on the You tube.

• No legal action has been taken against these persons. It is obvious that these individuals had the political protection.

• Similar incident took place in 2011. Several Members of Parliament, Provincial Council Members, Members of Local Government Bodies were assaulted with iron rods, whilst they were peacefully marching towards Vihara Maha Devi Park demanding the release of General Fonseka. Petrol bombs were thrown at them. They were abused in filth. Vehicles of three Members of Parliament were damaged badly.

• Names of persons who were responsible for these acts were tabled in Parliament by Hon. Dayasiri Jayasekera. When this was mentioned in Parliament, a powerful person of the government said that the UNPers themselves assaulted the UNPers.

• Public Service and the Police is politicized today. Independent efficient officers have been neglected. This is the cause for the deterioration of law and order in the country.

• In Moratuwa, a Deputy Mayor was accused for the murder of a Buddhist priest, causing 93 stabbing injuries using a knife. A Chairman of a Pradeshiya Sabha, with very strong connections with the government murdered a tourist who visited Tangalle and attempted to rape his fiancé. This issue has gone up to the British Government.

• Amidst all these chaos, the freedom to engage in political activities is being obstructed. Six supporters of the TNA were injured when stones were thrown at their district office in Kilinochchi, on the 30th morning. It was reported in the newspapers that the persons responsible for the incident were wearing masks. This was confirmed by the TNA, Members of Parliament. Police reports too have accepted these incidents. Is it possible to conduct democratic elections in the North under these circumstances?

• Members of Parliament of the TNA too are representatives of the people who took oaths to protect the constitution. They will become more hardliners due to the incidents of this nature. Apart from this, when accusations are aimed at the country for suppression of human rights through these incidents, the country will be subjected to more accusation and disrepute.

• Whilst the suppression of the public is taking place in this manner. It is reported that a world famous Casino King and a Gambling Magnate of international fame are ready to open their business in the country. We do not approve of such low attempts to find money for the Treasury which is bankrupt.

• It is not a secret that recently the government sold state lands to foreign companies. Liquor and gambling business are thriving under this government.

• We wish to remind the government that they came to power promising to create a just society.

• In this instance we wish to remind a famous saying “People can be deceived temporarily, but they cannot be deceived forever”.

• We urge the powers in the government not to rule the country by force and thuggery. It will come behind them.

• We won independence through the unity of all communities, Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Burghers. When India and Burma shed blood to win independence, our leaders won independence by the strength of amity and unity.

• Therefore we ask the government to act wisely. We do not point fingers at anybody. But a country cannot march forward by demeaning the judiciary and by crowning the law of the jungle.

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