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Forcibly Entering Places of Worship, Creating Violence and Injuring Worshippers can Bring Dishonour to Sri Lanka and Sinhala Buddhist Majority

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Vasudeva Nanayakkara

Organized, merciless attacks carried out by gangs in Tamil Nadu on innocent civilians who travel to India on pilgrimages in search of spiritual serenity/happiness, have caused much distress amongst all and they have displayed horror whilst sympathizing with those who have been subjected to violent attacks. It is understandable if protests have been targeted at the Sri Lankan Government or politicians.

Although the Tamil Nadu State Government has initiated rearguard action to prevent such organized attacks, allowing attacks of the above nature to continue blatantly displays a void in the democratic government administration structure.

As such, necessary stringent action has to be taken to effectively control the anarchical situation that currently exists in the state of Tamil Nadu.

No civilized person should condone this form of barbaric acts of physically harming the innocent Buddhist Priests, as this form of acts is a disgrace to the civilized world/humanity.

The most recent physical attacks on Rev. Pathberiye Gnanaloka and Rev. Wathupola Wangeesha have been deplored by the whole civilized world including India.

Acts of the above nature should be deplored no matter where they occur. A world-wide opinion should “build-up” against such acts. Currently, Newspapers of moderate opine published in Tamil Nadu and an Indian National Newspaper have leveled relentless criticism against these barbaric acts.

It is observed that Pro-LTTE forces “hiding behind” the curtain of sensitivities expressed by the general public of Tamil Nadu towards the Tamils of Sri Lanka are causing these acts of violence in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The most recent attacks of violence leveled against the innocents during the period of the UN Human Rights Commission which is currently in progress in Geneva is to focus the attention of member countries on the discussions of the incidents of Human Rights Violations which is supposed to have occurred towards the tail-end of the 30 year war in Sri Lanka. We are fully aware of the hidden agenda/coup behind these barbaric acts. These acts are to instigate the Sinhala people so that they would resort to violence against the Tamils in turn and cause much distress to them. Then there would be global attention to the incidents of violence happening in Sri Lanka coinciding with the Geneva Conference. This is a 02-pronged attack to destroy the long standing friendship between India and Sri Lanka and to promote an “Anti-Indian” ideology amongst Sri Lankans.

Tamil Nadu politicians, Mr. M.Karunanidhi and Ms. Jayalalitha, in order to gain political advantage, uses the situation of the Tamils in Sri Lanka for their electoral campaigns. Tamil Nadu politicians do not like Sinhala and Tamil people living in harmony in a united Sri Lanka in the current scenario.

They may be fighting for a separate “eelam state” to cause a division not only in Sri Lanka but also to demarcate for themselves a region within India.

We can faintly see the “footprints of the powerful western forces” in the whole scenario of activities.

It is observed from the current wave of barbaric acts that the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi was a part of a hidden agenda, beyond the requirement of an eelam state, which existed in Tamil Nadu.

The ploy/strategy of the powerful western forces is to cause antagonism between Sri Lanka and India.

They toned down the US –Sponsored resolution in Geneva to create a rift between India and Sri Lanka. Hence it is proved that powerful western forces are behind the acts of barbarism in Tamil Nadu promoting the activities of Pro-LTTE Terrorists.

The reason behind these acts is to “damage” the long-standing friendship that exists between Sri Lanka and India. The Central Government of India has expressed its sympathies with regard to these acts and having apologized, arrested the culprits responsible for the acts thus exhibiting to the world that India is still a close friend of Sri Lanka.

Acts of a leader of the calibre of Mr.M.Karunanidhi, a pro-LTTE politician from the Tamil Nadu fighting for a separate eelam state, and all other racist political leaders of Tamil Nadu who are against Sri Lanka in their ideology, will not help us to bring about a solution to the ethnic problem of Sri Lanka. In fact such acts nullify any possibility of Sinhala and Tamil people living in harmony and respecting each other’s values, living with honour, dignity and sharing equality amongst all. This will give rise to a long drawn battle disrupting peace and harmony in Sri Lanka.

Such acts will only bring about a problematic situation which might last over a long period of time. These undesirable acts are taking place at a time when discussions are being held to successfully implement the 13th amendment to the Constitution which came into being post the 1983 racist violence. However, there is a continuous cry for a separate eelam state by these politicians from Tamil Nadu and it must be clearly understood that it is a threat not only to India, but to the whole SAARC region.

A problematic situation will arise globally resulting in the breakdown of consensus amongst all if a leader of an Indian state acts arbitrarily crying out loud for creation of an separate state within Sri Lanka which will be a threat to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

All Sri Lankans will have to act wisely at this juncture as the above barbaric acts have been caused by an impertinent, cheeky, impolite minority section of the public of Tamil Nadu and not a general consensus of the majority public of Tamil Nadu or the Indian public as a whole as described by the Indian Media and the Indian Government spokesman.

It must be highlighted that although India voted in favour of resolutions brought against Sri Lanka last year, the Sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka were never in danger and internal harmony and peace prevailed within Sri Lanka at all times.

All Sri Lankans must be vigilant of forces/miscreants trying to create havoc, instigate violence, spreading disharmony, thus bringing about destruction within the country. By forcibly entering places of worship, creating violence and injuring religious worshippers can bring about dishonor to Sri Lanka and Sinhala, Buddhist majority as a whole.

We do not blame the Tamil people of Tamil Nadu or hold them responsible for the barbaric acts of causing physical harm to Buddhist, Christian pilgrims and Buddhist priests.

Similarly majority of Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhist public do not condone violence brought about by certain miscreant groups.

It is our responsibility to ensure that there is no possibility whatsoever to allow such unfortunate incidents to occur in future. Further, we must build up a forceful public opinion against such acts of violence.

As stated by His Excellency The President, Mahinda Rajapakse in his Excellency’s address to the nation on the day of celebrating national independence, the government will have no hesitation whatsoever in dealing with such miscreant gangs who take the law onto their own hands and cause violence as above in a manner similar to or at a higher level as faced by the terrorists few years back.

Although inhuman acts of violence may be experienced/observed during a period of war, it should be limited to only to such periods and in the post-war era, composure and good-will must prevail and all Sri Lankans must make use of all opportunities to ensure such a situation will prevail forever.

The ideal path to arrive at such a situation is to assist in the uplifting the living standards of all those who have suffered to a great extent as a result of this cruel war, to cure ones feelings, intervene/ be responsible for building a bright future for them.

The fishermen of India and Sri Lanka whilst fishing in international waters, cross each other’s territorial boundaries thus violating rules applicable to the use of the sea for fishing purposes.

In such a situation, the respective Naval Forces of India and Sri Lanka should cooperate and act tactfully with mutual understanding.

Initiating legal action, having arrested the fishermen crossing boundaries thus violating rules, is not the proper solution to this problem. It is best that authorities of both countries should cooperate and have a system of exchange of such fishermen of both countries without resorting to legal procedures.

Further, also have procedures to ensure speedy release of fishermen of both countries violating boundaries of territorial waters through an agreement.

Opposition in Tamil Nadu may be having links to this problem of fishermen as well.

At a time when an Economic Depression is on the cards globally, we must realize that and we highlight the fact that we can achieve positive results only by uniting regionally and building mutual cooperation/friendship, and not by division amongst countries by exhibiting power and dominance over smaller countries thus causing damage to the existing relationships.

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