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Mahinda Denied Right of Free Speech by Oxford Union

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By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Journalists James Harding and Ben Macintyre of the UK “Times” were about to leave the Dorchester Hotel in London on December 1st 2010 when an aide of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa came down hastily to the lobby and contacted them.

“President Rajapaksa wants to see you urgently. Can you come please?” asked the Presidential emissary.

Both journalists had just completed an hour long interview with the Sri Lankan President at his suite in the Hotel and taken their leave. Now they were being summoned again.

When the obliging British scribes from “Times” went up again they found an impatient Rajapaksa waiting for them in the corridor. In striking contrast to his demeanour earlier when being interviewed the Sri Lankan president now seemed “angry and crestfallen”.

Rajapaksa informed Harding and Macintyre that the President of the Oxford Union Society –James Kingston – had just informed him that the address scheduled for the following day (dec 2nd) had been cancelled.

The reason given for the abrupt cancellation was that protests were being planned by Tamil political activists and that the Oxford union could not guarantee President Rajapaksa’s safety. “I think he (James Kingston) has been threatened by these fellows,” snapped the Lankan president.

Oxford Union

President Rajapaksas mood was understandable. The Sri Lankan leader had arrived in Britain with a large entourage for the main purpose of addressing Oxford’s prestigious Oxford Union. Now the union had cancelled it unilaterally at very short notice.

It was definitely a political snub for the man who had successfully defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) militarily in Sri Lanka. In an ironic twist supporters of the LTTE in Britain had struck back by compelling the Oxford union to backtrack on an extended invitation.

The unilateral cancellation was indeed a political embarrassment for President Rajapaksa. He had been riding the crest of a victorious wave in recent times. Now he was being forced to eat humble “kola kenda” by the Oxford union which had unilaterally cancelled the scheduled speech

Shabby treatment was being meted out to Sri Lanka’s popular head of state who had come all the way to Britain to address the Oxford union. Apart from the insulting conduct of the union the issue was also a denial of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s freedom of expression.

The bitter irony was that the right of free speech was being denied to the President by the Oxford union society which had been described by a former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan as “the last bastion of free speech in the western world”


What had led to this sorry situation?

An explanatory statement was issued in this respect by the Oxford Union Society press officer Alastair Walker . It stated as follows –

“Earlier this year, The Oxford Union invited the current President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, to address our members at a date convenient to him. The Union has a policy of inviting a broad range of prominent politicians and heads of state from around the world and the invitation to Mr. Rajapaksa was made within the context of this policy”.

“Since the invitation was first accepted by Mr. Rajapaksa, the Union has consulted extensively with Thames Valley Police as well as the Sri Lankan High Commission in London on security arrangements for the President’s visit. Due to security concerns surrounding Mr. Rajapaksa’s visit which have recently been brought to our attention by the police, the Union has regretfully found that the talk is no longer practicable and has had to cancel his address”

“This decision was not taken lightly and the Union deeply regrets the cancellation. The Union has a long tradition of hosting prominent speakers and upholding the principles of free speech. However, due to the sheer scale of the expected protests, we do not feel that the talk can reasonably and safely go ahead as planned”.

“The Union holds a politically neutral stance with regards to speakers and the decision was not made in relation to any aspect of Mr. Rajapaksa’s political position, the policies of his administration or any allegations against his government”.

“As the President of Sri Lanka for the last five years, the Union felt that Mr. Rajapaksa would provide a unique insight into the political climate of the region in his speech. The Union wishes to apologise to our members for this unfortunate cancellation.”

The scheduled event for December 2nd had originally been planned for November 8th but was postponed due to a request made by the President himself.

November had been quite hectic for Rajapaksa who had a tight schedule including that of taking oaths again as Executive President, forming a new cabinet, presenting the budget and meeting with visiting dignitaries like Pakistan’s Asif Zardari and India’s SM Krishna.


It was against this backdrop of a busy program that President Rajapaksa had sought a postponement for December. This however caused much controversy due to speculation that the Sri Lankan head of state was reluctant to visit Britain for fear of being arrested as an alleged war criminal.

There were many stories in sections of the media that moves were afoot to invoke the principle of universal jurisdiction and charge the Sri Lankan President for war crimes allegedly committed by the Sri Lankan armed forces during the final stages of the war against the LTTE in May 2009.

Pro –LTTE elements in the global Tamil Diaspora went into a media frenzy and regaled various media organs with stories of how Rajapaksa had backed out of coming to Britain due to fear of being arrested as a war criminal. Had he arrived in Britain in November as originally planned he would have suffered the fate of former Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet, it was said.

This had its fall –out in Sri Lanka too with many articles appearing in the Colombo media about the pros and cons of the possibility of the universal jurisdiction principle being invoked successfully against the President. This led to a feeling among certain circles in Sri Lanka that the President should not risk “arrest” at this juncture by going to Britian.

It was also speculated in sections of the media that Rajapaksa had bought time by postponing his trip to London. It was said that he would utilise the time gained to obtain concrete guarantees of immunity from prosecution from the British government. If such guarantees were provided he would go in December.Otherwise he would simply stay put in Lanka it was felt.


Those who opined that the President had caved into threats of possible arrest in Britain had not understood who Mahinda from Medamulana was. The president is a man who seldom retreats from a challenge. He was certainly not going to keep away from Britain for fear of possible arrest.

Apart from the necessity to demonstrate his personal and political courage there was another reason to go too. The invitation from Oxford was something the President did not want to reject. He had already addressed the union once in 2008. Now he was being invited to speak again and Rajapaksa was in no mood to miss this opportunity because of the antics by pro-LTTE elements of the Tamil Diaspora.

An invitation to address the Oxford Union Society generally known as the Oxford Union is regarded as a highly prestigious honour. The Oxford union society is different from the Oxford Union Students Union (OUSU) the accredited student representative body of Oxford university. The OUSU has around 20,000 members.

Oxford Union Debating Chamber ~ pic: Rajiv Dabas

The Oxford Union society on the other hand is an unincorporated association comprising past and present students at the university. The Oxford union is largely composed of students at Oxford and is reputed for oratory and debating. Formed in 1823 ,it is the second oldest University union in Britain (Cambridge is older)

Being elected President of the Oxford Union society is considered to be a great achievement amidst Ox-bridge circles. Interestingly Sri Lanka has had four Oxford union presidents in the past. Three were males and one female.


The first to be elected from Sri Lanka was Lalith Athulathmudali an old Royalist. He was elected in 1958. Lalith was followed by Lakshman Kadirgamar an old Trinitian.He was elected in 1959.

An old Thomian was elected President in 1983. He was Hilali Noordeen. Three years later in 1986 the first Sri Lankan woman was elected President. She was Jeyasundari Wilson an old girl of Methodist College Colombo.

Of the four Sri Lankan Oxford union Presidents One was Sinhala, Two Tamil and one Muslim. Likewise the religious breakdown was one Buddhist, Two Christians and One Muslim or Islamic.

A poignant incident involving Sri Lanka and the Oxford Union occurred in 1959. SWRD Bandaranaike prime minister of then Ceylon had been invited to address the union in September 1959.

Two days prior to his departure from Colombo, Bandaranaike was shot by a Buddhist monk Ven Talduwe Somarama Thero and passed away a day later. Laksman Kadirgamar had to stand in for SWRD.

Many distinguished personalities have addressed the Oxford union in the past. Such an invitation is deemed an honour. Some of those who have done so include Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Robert Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, John Mccain, David Lange, Pervez Musharraf, Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkin, Cherie Booth and Gerry Adams.

In that context , it was but natural for President Rajapaksa to go to Britain. For one thing he had to prove a point to the Diaspora as well as his domestic constituency by going to Britain despite the Damoclean sword of universal jurisdiction hanging over him. Secondly he wanted the laurel and kudos of addressing the prestigious Oxford union.


When it became known that President Rajapaksa was to leave for Britain on November 29th and address the Oxford union on December 2nd , overseas LTTE circles were flabbergasted. They had simply believed their own propaganda and thought that Mahinda had been scared away permanently.

Another attribute of the pro-tiger elements among the Tamil Diaspora is its capacity to generate heat than shed light on matters. This column has often criticised these elements as “vocal warriors”. They are for the most part members of NATO which means NO ACTION TALK ONLY.

The furore over invoking principles of universal jurisdiction and getting Mahinda Rajapaksa arrested too was a case of too much babbling. There were news items galore that action was being planned or being formulated in this respect but very little concrete action seemed to be taken.

Common sense decrees it that action of this type would be done discreetly but in this case there was too much talk and little action. It was a case of all gas and no solid.

Thus when news broke that Mahinda was coming to London the LTTE lobby was taken by surprise. According to an informed Tamil source absolutely nothing had been done to initiate judicial proceedings against him. Besides the visit was indeed a defiant challenge to the tiger Diaspora. Also the scheduled address at Oxford was regarded as a brazen affront.

It was in such an environment that LTTE and pro-LTTE elements in the Diaspora particularly those in Britain galvanised themselves into action. It was too late apparently for initiating constructive legal action against the President but there was always the option of mass action and agitational propaganda.


A glimpse of what lay in store for the President at Oxford was seen when the President arrived in London by a chartered flight.About 300 – 350 Tamil activists with placards mobbed the Heathrow airport demonstrating against his arrival.

Given the prevailing weather condition in London it was indeed remarkable that hundreds of demonstrators could turn up at the Air port. Many of them had placards and flags with the LTTE emblem of a roaring tiger. The pro-tiger elements say that this is the Tamil Eelam national flag and not that of the LTTE. Of course this deceives no one except the younger generation of Tamils without any knowledge of related history

The President was whisked away through a special entrance/exit for VVIP’s in order to avoid the noisy demonstrators. The demonstrators of course had their “Andy Warhollian” 15 minutes of fame and got widespread media coverage.

British Tamil political activists then launched a widespread campaign to protest against the invitation extended by the Oxford Union to President Rajapakse to speak in Oxford.


Several Tamil organizations from Western nations engaged in an intensified campaign against the scheduled talk. Worldwide Appeals were made to the British Government in general and the Oxford union in particular

Numerous letters, petitions,emails,faxes were sent and telephone calls made to authorities and office –bearers at Oxford .

A massive demonstration was also planned at Oxford on December 2nd the day on which President Rajapaksa was to make his speech.

Thousands of demonstrators planned to converge at Oxford throughout the day and conduct the protest campaign.

Efforts were underway to pepper the walls of Oxford with anti- Mahinda posters. Leaflets criticising the Tamil civilian massacres were to be distributed. Demonstrators also planned to block all “paths” leading to the venue where the President was scheduled to speak

Special buses had been arranged in different parts of Britain to transport demonstrators to Oxford.

The highlight of the protest demonstration was to be the presence of several Sinhala activists protesting the unjust treatment meted out to former Army commander Gen.Sarath Fonseka.

It is learnt that several non – Tamil human rights organizations and activists were also planning to participate in the demonstration. One such organization was “Act Now” headed by Tim Martin who had been on a hunger strike in May 2009

The protest campaign had been planned and coordinated by the British Tamil Forum (BTF) which is part of the Global Tamil Forum (GTF). The global LTTE youth wing TYO or the Tamil Youth Organization provided the required manpower.

Hundreds of activists from the European mainland were also planning to cross the English channel and demonstrate in Oxford.


The political environment underwent an emotional transformation after the British TV “Channel – Four” showed further footage on alleged brutal cold –blooded execution of prisoners by soldiers.

In another video clip circulated widely on the web gruesome images of a naked woman were shown. It was alleged that the girl was “Isaipiriya” a woman announcer on the TV run by the LTTE in the Wanni.

The State had earlier announced that she had been killed in the fighting.

Allegations were made that a senior LTTE commander “Colonel” Ramesh was one of those being killed in cold blood. While the govt had announced earlier that “Col” Ramesh was killed in battle,Tamil sources charged that “Col” Ramesh had surrendered to the armed forces. A video clip shown on the internet had Ramesh pleading with his “Sinhala” captors in uniform.

The controversy surrounding these TV images and related charges had electrified the atmosphere and fuelled the resentment in Tamil circles towards President Rajapaksa’s scheduled talk in Oxford. It appeared that thousands of Tamils would converge at Oxford on D-day and demonstrate strongly.


The sustained propaganda against the Sri Lankan government over alleged war crimes in mainstream British TV and newspapers had its impact in Oxford too. There was much interest now in Oxford circles about the forthcoming event.

There were two schools of thought among students. One school was against the whole idea of allowing the Sri Lankan President to address the union. These sections were convinced that Rajapaksa was guilty of war crimes and should not be given an opportunity to address the union.They also indicated that they would launch massive demonstrations against Rajapaksa if the union went ahead with the talk.

The other school of thought wanted President Rajapaksa to be afforded the right of free speech. Adherents of this school wanted him to address the union but had plans of bombarding him with hostile questions after the speech. It had been planned to probe him in particular about alleged repression of university students in a spirit of undergraduate solidarity.

It could be seen therefore that there was considerable opposition to the President’s union address within the precincts of Oxford itself. While the proposed protests of Tamil activists captured media spotlight there was also a comparatively quiet transformation of the academic atmosphere within Oxford too in relation to president Rajapaksa.The mood was turning hostile.

Given this escalation of a hostile mood British law –enforcement authorities had huge security concerns over the scheduled talk. One move being contemplated was to cordon off a certain area and forbid traffic through certain roads. But this was not welcomed in the upper echelons of the Police who did not want to be accused of restricting free speech in the august Oxford environment


There were also bitter memories of past experience. The British police had encountered the “agitational activism” of Tamil youths in 2009 when demonstrations against the war were being held continuously. Given the highly emotional mood prevalent in Tamil circles due to media publicity about alleged war crimes it was feared that attempts to restrict or ban demonstrations could bring about violent repercussions.

Another move contemplated was to request President Rajapaksa to refrain from going ahead in the interests of his own security. He was advised to adopt a cautious approach. But to President Rajapaksa it was a matter of political prestige. He could not afford to climb down. Besides it went against the grain of Medamulana Mahinda to be cowed down by threat of danger.

So President Rajapaksa remained firm. According to a Sri Lankan official “they were highly impressed by the President’s determination to go ahead with the talk despite the opposition”. He was also ready to field hostile questions and put forward his opinion. At no point of time was the President prepared to relent on this issue. It was a case of taking the bull by its horns for the laird of Girawapattu.

Some Sri Lankan officials interacting with British officials urged a ban on protest demonstrations. But this request was turned down as being not possible in a democratic country respecting freedom of expression.


In such a situation the only other option for law –enforcement agencies was to put pressure on Oxford Union society itself. Union office bearers were appraised of the volatile situation. They were advised that going ahead with the lecture may result in serious violence and that the union could be held responsible for such an eventuality.

Citing Police intelligence reports,officers of Thames Valley Police informed the Oxford Union office-bearers that a massive protest had been planned in the heart of Oxford with about 5-10,000 people participating. If held it would have been the single biggest protest demonstration in recent times and the stately University town could be paralysed. Police also “advised” that the demonstration could turn violent thereby causing danger to Oxford and its inhabitants.

Police also advised that large numbers of protestors could infiltrate the Oxford union audience and target the Sri Lankan president. This too could turn ugly and pose a security risk to Mahinda Rajapaksa.In such a situation the Police was duty bound to take extreme steps.This in turn could render the pre-dominantly Student audience vulnerable.

The Oxford union office bearers also found the Tamil lobby in Britain conduct an intensive campaign against them . The Standing committee responsible for governance was broached directly.Passionate requests were made to cancel the speech of a “notorious war criminal”. Several non – Tamil students at Oxford also exerted pressure on the standing committee to call the talk off.

With large segments of the student community also urging a ban on Rajapaksa’s address the union found itself dithering in a Hamlet like dilemma.After much intra-union discussion and soul searching the beleaguered Oxford Union office-bearers “decided” to call off the talk and avoid a potentially explosive situation. The union is governed in these matters by an elected standing committee.


The Oxford Union Society took the unusual step of unilaterally cancelling President Rajapaksas address without consulting him. The cancellation was conveyed to him formally on December 1st. It was an unexpected blow to the President who had not expected the “last bastion of free speech in the western world” to deny him of that right so arbitrarily and suddenly.

There are however quite a few instances of free speech being denied by the Oxford union.In 1998 British ultra-right leader John Tyndall was invited for a debate. It was opposed vociferously by a section of the student population. This opposition along with Police “advice” resulted in the debate being cancelled.

The controversial historian and holocaust denier David Irving was invited to speak at a debate on censorship in 200. A coordinated campaign against this was conducted by Leftists, anti-fascists and Jewish community activists. It was spearheaded by elected officials of the Oxford University Students union.The debate was finally cancelled but Irving spoke at another debate later in 2007.

The well-known Euthanasia campaigner Dr.Philip Nitschke was invited for a debate on the topic of assisted suicide. After Dr. Nitschke accepted the invitation a second missive was sent by post to him withdrawing the earlier invitation. Apparently a strong lobby disagreeing with Dr. Nitschke had “persuaded” the union to withdraw the invitation. Dr. Nitschke described the act as colossal censorship and went on a lecture spree protesting against it.

In November 2007 the Oxford union invited holocaust denying historian David Irving and British National party leader Nick Griffin for a union forum on free speech. There was however much oppiosition to this from the Oxford University Students union. Massive sit –in campaigns were organized and would be attendees were prevented from going for the forum. There was widespread “rowdy” behaviour and finally two small debates were held in separate rooms with Irving and Griffin participating separately.

It could be seen therefore that there have been incidents where the right of free expression has been denied to persons by the “last bastion of free speech in the western world”. It is indeed sad that the Oxford Union unilaterally cancelled the invitation to President Rajapaksa due to intimidation and fear of possible violence.


Despite the disappointment the President remained unfazed. He instructed Presidential secretary Lalith Weeratunga to draft a statement on certain lines. The presidential statement said – “For security reasons the speech by His Excellency President Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka at the Oxford Union, the home of free speech, has been cancelled. This is a decision that has been made unilaterally by the Oxford Union, reportedly as a result of pressure applied by pro-LTTE activists”.

The President was quoted as saying “I am very sorry this has had to be cancelled but I will continue to seek venues in the UK and elsewhere where I can talk about my future vision for Sri Lanka.I will also continue in my efforts to unite all the people of our country whether they live in Sri Lanka or overseas.As a united country we have a great future. If we allow divisions to dominate we will not realise our true potential. We have had thirty years of division and conflict. We must now secure peace and harmony for all Sri Lankans.”

The LTTE elements in the Diaspora were elated by the cancellation. There was much jubilation in the ranks of Eelam. With the planned Oxford protest being unnecessary the pro-tiger lobby decided to change course. The Oxford Union decision strengthened and emboldened Tamil activists.

A demonstration was staged opposite the Dorchester Hotel in Park lane where the President was staying. While demonstrators braved the weather, waving placards and shouting slogans. While this was on numerous telephone calls were made to the plush Dorchester Hotel asking to speak to the “war criminal Rajapaksa”. Several other nuisance calls were also made warning the Hotel not to become a safe haven for “war criminals”.

Another demonstration was launched outside the Sri Lankan High Commission premises in London when it became known that an official reception was being held in President Rajapaksas honour. Apparently most of the invitees were Sinhala with a sprinkling of Tamils and Muslims. With demonstrators encircling the High Commission the Police had to intervene and obtain safe passage for the guests.

According to a Sri Lankan official the President remained calm and collected while the demonstration was going on. He did not display any outward sign of bitterness or rancour . He also told guests of his plans to bring about national reconciliation and ethnic unity through some measures of political reform. The demonstrators erupted into a loud “Bronx cheer” when the Presidents motorcade left amidst tight security. A few snowballs were thrown.

Despite the disappointment over the aborted Oxford talk the Presidents London visit did prove fruitful in other respects. Rajapaksa met Defence secretary Liam Fox in a “private” meeting where he informed the long standing friend of Sri Lanka about the power – sharing proposals he had in mind. The President also met some British Parliamentarians and the Commonwealth Secretary-General.

Meanwhile there were stories in the Tamil media about legal action being initiated against Major-General Chagi Gallage head of the President’s security division who had accompanied Rajapaksa to London. Gallage had been co-commander of 59 division during the last days of the war it was said. Since the President had sovereign immunity the British Tamil Forum was trying to get a British court to move against Gallage accusing him of war crimes it was said

Whatever the conduct of the tiger and pro-tiger elements of the Diaspora, President Rajapaksa is to be praised for reaching statesmanlike heights in the aftermath of the unilateral cancellation. A lesser man could have erupted into bitter, caustic sentiments but the president to his credit remained graceful under pressure. His immediate statement was admirably magnanimous and highly commendable.

Houses of Parliament from Westminster Bridge ~ by UK Parliament

There is no doubt that the unilateral cancellation has caused political embarrassment to the President. There is reason to suspect that certain elements in the British corridors of power may have utilised the Tamil Diaspora protests as an instrument to inflict a calculated snub to the President for reasons of their own.

There is also no denying that the irresponsible acts of the tiger and pro-tiger Diaspora is cause for provocation. The bulk of Sri Lankan Tamils are in Sri Lanka trying to re-build their shattered lives and get on with life. Diaspora antics are in no way helpful to them.

Also it was indeed galling to see demonstrators with tiger flags protesting against alleged war crimes of Rajapaksa and the military. The crimes against humanity committed by the LTTE against Tamil civilians in the last stages of the war were atrocious. It was hypocritical for tiger elements to portray themselves as champions of human rights and seek justice after perpetrating so much of horror and injustice against the Tamil people.


Media organs of the Tamil Diaspora gloat of a great victory in getting President Rajapaksa’s Oxford talk cancelled. The “triumphalism” expressed is having its effect on Sinhala hardliners in Sri Lanka. Wimal weerawansa is up to his old tactics of demonstrating against the British High Commission.. The unfair attack initiated by Dinesh Gun wardenon UNP Parliamentarian Jayalath Jayawardena deserves condemnation. The hardening of attitudes and flexing of muscles does not augur well for the future.

The Tamil Diaspora whether pro-tiger or not does have the democratic right of engaging in non –violent protest or dissent. But the multi-crore questions posed before tiger and pro-tiger elements in the Diaspora is this – How have the suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka gained by the cancellation of the President’s talk in Oxford? Why are you celebrating it as a victory without any concern for consequences? Is not the need of the hour national reconciliation and ethnic amity?

Let it be remembered that Mahinda Rajapaksa is the elected President of Sri Lanka. Any insult to him will be regarded as an affront to the people of Sri Lanka whether Sinhala,Tamil, Muslim or Burgher. The people would naturally rally around the President at a time like this.

This was visible when the President touched down at Katunayake on Friday December 3rd. Large crowds led by government politicians gathered to welcome him. Priests from the Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Christian faiths were there to bless him. The President seemed tired but was not downhearted by the debacle he suffered at the hands of the Oxford union

Mr.Kamalesh Sharma, Commonwealth Secretary-General met President Mahinda Rajapaksa in London on 03 Dec ~ www.president.gov.lk – Pix By:Sudath Silva

In this situation this column once again commends President Rajapaksa for the statesmanlike statement issued. This column understands his pain and disappointment in being “so near and yet so far”. It requests the President to treat this incident as a pinprick and get on with the task of Nation building where all the children of Sri Lanka would enjoy equal rights, peace and economic prosperity.

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at djeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

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  1. Well written article as usual Mr.Jeyaraj. Lots of facts and information

    I was waiting as usual glued to the computer to read you. You havent disappointed

  2. Excellent article DB

    This is a wake up call for the president. He must realise his image is low internationally and work hard to restore positive image

    He must neutralise Diaspora by resolving Tamil problems in Sri Lanka

  3. great work of journalism DBS

    Yes the Diaspora has scored by intimidating Oxford union into cancelling Mahintha speech but as you pertinently ask how does this help the suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka?

    It is time for Diaspora to engage constructively with the Colombo govt instead of simply confronting

  4. Serious scoop as always Mr Jeyaraj! As many have observed, reading your blog is sometimes akin to reading a thriller.

    All these protests under Tiger or other nationalistic flags annoy me. Empty vessels make the most noise – the tiger diaspora, Wimal ‘weera’wamsa, some of the muppets who post here and elsewhere.

    As you keep saying, are any of these protests or campaigns likely to help Tamil people in Sri Lanka. They do not consider the outcome! Of course, if the outcome they are after is to vent some frustration over the result of the war and Prabhakaran’s death that’s a different story.

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  6. This is just funny 🙂

    Rajapaksa demands freedom of speech yet he denies the freedom of speech to his countrymen in Sri Lanka

  7. Your journalism is an example for many journalists in SL as well as in abroad. In BBC. CNN and ALJAZIRA I have NEVER seen a journalist like you! I still remember how almost all the journalists in France acted when Revolution began against then Rumanian president in 1989. They accused him for 60 000 killings. They exposed bodies of men killed in an accident at Thimisoara. All the French TVs, News papers repeated this lie incessantly.(some years later only Le monde Diplomatique (Not the so-called prestigious Le Monde!) revealed that the number of victims was less that 100!!! (even for these victims were not killed by the president) During that time so many blatant lies were being circulated!!! This is WESTERN FREE JOURNALISM! In front of them you are really great, balanced, unbiased! You see problems not as a Tamil but as TRUE journalist! You hide nothing, exaggerate nothing! I salute this journalism. A true journalist can propage COMPASSION and LOVE not HATRED!

  8. DBS

    I can see why you are trying to “cool” mahinda by praising him. Mahinda is a vindictive man who can make Tamils in Lanka suffer because of Tamils in London

    I hope your damage control tactics work but I doubt very much

    Look at what is happening to Sarath Fonseka

  9. Dear DBS!
    I had tears in my ears when I finished reading this article, SIR.. you have reached to the bottom of the TRUTH. How these kind of foul acts of Tamils in abroad would ease the suffering of Tamils in Sri Lanka…? My only wish, Please GOD..! , let each and every twisted, unconscious Tamils in abroad to read this article ,with a ‘Conscious Mind’.
    One thing to remember by these self-centered elements in WEST, even though you have forgotten your won people in Sri Lanka, their pain and suffering, for your pity personal gains, for your continued presence in western Green Pastures, people of Sri Lanka has not and will not forget these people. They are going to rebuild this country, as DBS clearly stated , for the benefit of future daughters and sons of this nation (including yours- those who are protesting abroad today). They will see a peaceful, harmonized, wealthy island nation within next 10 years, and there will be a day for those who are acting against Sri Lanka today to flock into nearby Sri Lankan Embassy to get their VISA ready to fly back. Yet, you continue your evil acts, while people in Sri Lanka, Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese tirelessly working to get their lost pride back.
    JMC Rohana

  10. DBS,
    Brrilliantly written as usual. You ask the question ‘How does this action of the Tamil Diaspora help the Tamils in sri Lanka?”

    The answer is – When did the Diaspora ever cared about the Tamils in Sri Lanka? Never.

    This incident will give voice to Sinhalese hardliners. You can already see the comments. In a starnge way, this will also strengthen Mahinda’s position in the country at the expense of the UNP. I am not certain, but my feeling is that his position among the non-Tamil Brits will also be strengthened simply because of the way he reacted. If I was an advisor of him, I would advice the President to release the speach that he was planning to give.

    As for Wimal Weerawansa who is doing his thing in front of the UK HC in Colombo, he should remeber what the United Kingdom is these days. A has been country trying to preted that they are a super power. By doing what he is doing, he is giving additional importance to that country in the overall scheme of things amounts to not too much these days. Sri Lankan government should ignore all this and get on with the more important aspects of develpoing the country and solving real problems.

  11. Mahinda must work out deal with Diaspora through Rudra so that he wont have to face this type of things again

  12. Hi DBSJ
    you have conviniently chosen to ignore the wiikileaks on the Sri Lankan war and the big publicity that also received in the wetern world.Which I am certain also contributed to the decision Oxford union made.

    You want to paint a picture of “its all Tamil Diaspora.”


    Read the Oxford union statement again.

    By the way all your Tamil tiger websites are claiming sole credit for the cancellation

    But you are saying I am trying to “paint”. Why should I try?

    You guys will bring about your ruin but continue to blame me as a scapegoat.

    Pathetic morons.

  13. I love your head line.
    “Mahinda denied Right of free speech…”
    the champion of free speech in Sri Lanka denied the same right in a country which cherishes the free speech

  14. I totally agree with your comments ” How have the suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka gained by the cancellation of the President’s talk in Oxford? Why are you celebrating it as a victory without any concern for consequences? Is not the need of the hour national reconciliation and ethnic amity?”

    But at the same time, we should understand that there are lot of protesters not supporters of LTTE. They came to show the protest to a man, who is responsible for the killings of their freinds and relatives. Please understand the feelings of the people also. You would understand this only if you would have lost someone.


    If people protest with LTTE flags then they have to be regarded as LTTE or pro-LTTE.

    Protesting with LTTE flags about war crimes and human rights violations make a mockery of the search for justice

    And what makes you think I have not suffered losses during and by this “war”

    Also I need not have suffered losses to understand or feel the pain of others

    It is because I feel the pain of loss and do not want my people in Sri Lanka to suffer more loss and pain that I oppose these LTTE diaspora elements

    Is there no end to the damage they have caused the Tamil people?

  15. Dear DBS,

    You have written an exhaustive account of what had happened in this matter

    Thank you for it

    How I wish you had the time and energy to write on more topics

    There is no one like you in Lanka now

  16. DBSJ

    This was a fantastic and timely article. The earlier one was so short it was difficult to understand the full picture. Thank you for bringing out this one with greater detail. Now more light has been shed and i think i have to review my initial opinions on this.

    I thought earlier that security concerns had nothing to do with this and oxword union had changed their mind because of further revelations on war crimes and because they realised they had made a mistake in inviting a potential war criminal.

    What you have said here makes it abundantly clear that security concerns would have been foremost as well as the ugly publicity brought out by the demonstrations etc. From what you tell us this oxford union has done it to others before. This shows they are run by a bunch of nincompoops who can’t even decide properly whom to invite and whom not to. Ordinary folks all over the world know how to do it when they invite someone for a party or wedding. they don’t invite and then say sorry, don’t come. These intellectual idiots can’t even do something basic that even the uneducated and illiterate can do properly. I wonder whether they can at least button up their trousers properly. If they invite a person they must stick to that. It is common courtesy and etiquette.

    For the sinhalese who were spewing hatred against tamils in their comments in your previuos article, i say to them doesn’t this show how wonderfully the divide and rule policy worked at one time. We are the fools who always fall into this trap.Because of some nincompoops in the oxford union are we to divide ourselves further.We south asians must stand united against the rest of the world for the sake of our future generations. The real battles are going to be in the economy and boardrooms in the future. We must sort out our problems quickly without falling into these traps. We are genetically one people, the south asian, but always falling into traps, while the europeans have formed the EU and the spider is slowly but surely spreading the cobweb. South asians beware, you are your own worst enemy, because of your highly emotional tendencies that when losing it you don’t know what you are talking or what you are doing. Frequently i see this in south asians, when they get angry and emotional,they are completely in another world, taking leave of their senses altogether.

    If you are invited for a wedding for example and the parents send you a letter saying don’t come because so and so does not like you to be there, are you going to get angry with so and so or with the person who invited you and then snubbed you because they did not have a backbone to tell the other person to piss off if they don’t like it?

  17. Hi DBSJ,

    There ae conflicting reports of who actually invited teh president. Is it the famous, prestigious OU or a Sri Lankan student association at Oxford as this article in the Lanka Guardian claims?:


    Please dont ask me to comment on articles in other websites.

    Please read this my article again .

  18. All the political leaders ( may be with the exception of Venizula president Chavos ) don’t express anger in the public by mere statements.

    They all act like statesman.

    What they do behind the door is mobilize their henchman and hitman to do the dirty job for them,

    This is the universal accpeted norm from all the leaders.

    On the other hand, if security situation was the only reason as stated ( I thing it became a current affair with Ch 4 telecasting new video and wikileaks immplicattions, Oxford union bowed down the the reality and took the oppotunity to cancel and Protest was the scapegoat reason.

    When you invite a friend to your house ( MR) and when your best friend saying ( USA through the wikileaks) that he is responsible for some murder and has evidence to conviict him as murder, would you still invite him and have a tea or just said to him, Friend, I have a last minute urgency that I had to go to Hospital and cancel his visit without going into detail that you are going to be convict in the international court of law.

    The Fact is MR or even the Pro Ealam loby never expect the timing of the wikileaks and CH 4 extended video at hte time MR was to give spech.

    In otherwords, in MR’s calculation, these factors were non existence and set the waterloo for him.

    It is as simple as this and we are spliting hare for nothing.

    Rest assured, abd don’t blame on some for the failure of his Mistake and miscalculation.

    Oxford does not want to taint their history with the ” presume war criminal when the evidecne are overwhelming”

  19. Jeyaraj Sir

    Absolutely agree that the Diaspora Tamils should be equally critical of LTTE atrocities. They used to give excuses for not criticising the tigers such as ” Win ealam and then talk about it” scared of LTTE, National interest and so on. Now, no more LTTE, no more ealam war. Why not scrutinise their past and present actions publicly?

    But DBSJ Sir
    Your praise of Rajapaksha for his “statesmanlike statement” is little over the top. Surely you can see the reasons
    1. It is issued in Britain.
    2. Possibly drafted by the expensive PR company for him.

    You say with certainty as if you were there “He instructed Presidential secretary Lalith Weeratunga to draft a statement on certain liness!!!
    Its not the Medamulana Mahinda to be so magnanimous in victory or humane. I wish otherwise for the sake of sl Tamils. But facts point otherwise.



    I dont have to “there” to be certain.I was not there but I can say with certainty that Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon

    Any statement issued under the name of any person is regarded as being that persons statement

    Any speech made by Obama is attributed to Obama not his speechwriter

    I reiterate President Rajapaksas statement was very magnanimous and statesmanlike

    Once again I emphasise the statement was magnanimous and statesmanlike

    Why is this so difficult to comprehend?

  20. I am not exactly sure of the correct timing of the event, but I think your analysis has an omission:  the “black swan” event of Wikileaks dump, with the details on Ambassador Patricia Butenis’s naming of the top civilian and military leadership of Sri Lanka as war criminals, was important in buttressing the case against Mahinda Rajapaksa as a war criminal.

    This is especially true for a Western audience that knows that the views of US diplomats in their cables to Washington are very candid; they know that it is not just the Tamils who are claiming that war crimes happened. 

    So the Western audience doesn’t buy insincere statements by Rajapaksa and his hangers on. Indeed, The Times of London shows its clear skepticism of Rajapaksa’s claims in its reporting and its editorial. 

    An audience that holds the Times in esteem is not going to buy the thuggish denials of Sri Lankan politicians and diplomats. 

    On another point, holding war criminals accountable for their crimes is the moral duty of all citizens; while Tamils within Sri Lanka are vulnerable and need help in many ways—and while they don’t want to focus on it at this time, as Butenis makes clear, they still want the issue to be alive–those outside Sri Lanka can help the people quietly, as many of us are doing, while still demanding accountability for war crimes. 

    When the LTTE was committing atrocities, many Tamils critical of the LTTE were silent in the name of pragmatism and others simply supported them; now I see the same grave mistake being made by a majority of Sinhalese as well as others who want to be silent or continue to support criminals as leaders, in the face of ample evidence of war crimes committed by the Rajapaksa regime. This can only end badly for everyone.

  21. Why the War criminal is given a celebrity kind of reception in capital Colombo? What is all the fuss about?

    What he achieved apart from staying in a five star hotel with his 100 something other “war criminals”. It is just a waste of Srilankan and English taxpayers money.

  22. At times, as a pre-emptive strike, you have to avoid giving a platform to the wrong mouths uttering the wrong words.  

    I understand the BTF had a face to face meeting with the Oxford Union and made them to realise the magnitude and depth of war crimes committed under MR. The BTF produced extensive evidence of photographs, DVD and the reports of AI, HRW, ICG and the State Dept US. The Times paper’s estimate of 40,000 civilian deaths during the final phase of the war also presented to the OU. Hence the OU took the right decision of cancelling the event. The BTF also put it to the OU that Mahinda has so far obstructed any meaningful independent investigations into the civilian deaths. 

    The demo was not exclusively attended by the LTTE or pro-LTTE elements; there were also a large number of people who have nothing to do with the LTTE.

     We know the standards of freedom of speech and the quality of governance in Sri Lanka under Mahinda regime: many journalists have murdered/disappeared; state media conducted exclusive election campaign for Mahinda; an opposition MP was manhandled by Mahinda’s men in the parliament; chief minister assaults council members etc etc – but no action by this head of this state.  It is illogical to give such a tyrant “the last bastion of free speech in the western world”    

     I agree the LTTE flags of guns & bullets should never be brought to demonstrations that seek justice for the victims of war crimes it does not make sense at all.    


    If what you say is true then why has the Oxford Union not stated openly that it cancelled Mahinda Rajapaksa talk because of information submitted by the British Tamil Forum about alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka?

    If what you say is true then Why has not the British Tamil Forum claimed credit openly for getting the talk cancelled by furnishing evidence about alleged war    crimes in Sri Lanka to the Oxford Union?   

    Dont be deceived by the BTF boasts. They are saying things to raise funds

    Sadly the talk was cancelled due to fear of possible “Tamil tiger” violence.This is not a good thing for Tamils

  23. So did this president give freedom of speech to Lasantha Wickremathunge, J S Thisssanayagam ?. I am no fan of the LTTE but neither of my of this killer who is no different to that ruthless nutcase called VP. He can have his freedom of speech at an international court of law that tries him for human rights violations.

    We needed a singhala blood drinker to kill the tamil blood sucker called VP. Now we need the international community to do the same with this lose cannon called MR.

    Thats the only day Singhalese and Tamils can live in harmony.

  24. Dear Mr. Jeyarajah,

    Sri Lanka is a state where terrorism has been endemic and continues today. All leaders have ruled the country using the emergency laws and the prevention of terrorism act.

    What you cannot deny as an experienced journalist is that freedoms are curtailed in Sri Lanka and there is every possibility of abuse of power under the new constitution. I suppose it was you who wrote the articles on the shooting of two university students who were relaxing on the sea beech at Trincomalee about the murdered MP Mr. Pararajasingham and about the journalist Lasanth boy.

    The well being of the Tamils in Sri Lanka is all our concern and none will quarrel with you on that. But to advocate that under the current constitution, where executive accountability hardly exist that worries even men of the calibre of justice Weeramantiri that the Tamils will be looked after benevolently is too much to take.

    You have great potential – do not destroy your soul and follow the path to nowhere and please remember the ethos of the Crimson & Gold.

    Dr. N. Satchi UK


    I think you are a tad confused Dr.Satchi

    Where have I “advocated”that the “Tamils will be looked after benevolently” as you seem to be implying?

    Thank you for your concern about destroying my soul or following the path to no where.

    But dont worry my soul is safe because I walk in the straight and narrow path

    I rely on his rod and staff while walking through the valley of the shadow of death

    But what I am worried about is the plight of the Tamils in Sri Lanka while you eminent members of the Tamil Diaspora engage in pointless provocation

    Why are you not concerned about the poor souls back home while you run riot with tiger flags in London or Liverpool?

    Finally you speak of the Ethos of the Crimson and Gold

    Let me urge you then to see the “true Light” instead of wallowing in the Diaspora darkness.

    In case you have forgotten. let me give you the verse from the College song

    “The Light of Light is on her seal
    And May this College Be
    A place where all her sons shall feel
    That they the true light see…

    I hope and pray you will see the true light

  25. Lovely article DBSJ,
    I dont think the cancellation was a blackmark for the Pres. It only confirms what we know already. All suffering this country went through for the last 30 years from the LTTE was funded by the elements and govts in europe willingly or unwillingly.
    In Sinhalese there is a saying ‘Even if Dogs bark mountains wont move.’
    The protests will not be the last and it will not have any effect within Sri Lanka.

  26. Great reporting DBSJ.I agree withyour opinions in toto
    Keep up the good work. You are a journo in a million
    Revi Unni

  27. This is a sad day when Free Speech is denied to the leader of a Democracy.
    The LTTE still has the power ‘the war has not been won’ the ‘battle was won’ that is evident but what about the heart of the people?
    Timothy an expat

  28. For someone who reports as if he were an omni-present ghost in Oxford/London/Colombo closely watching all the proceedings bit by bit, you naivity shocks me (Yes I want to ehco the sentiment by a comment earlier). Get a life mate…..

  29. Award winning Journalist JS Tissanayagam who suffered extensively at hands of GOSL says that diplomacy does not work with them & hard actions are to be taken for getting the benefits done to tamils.

  30. Rajapakshe regime should be punished for the brutal war crime. International Diaspora should show concrete action on this rather that talking too much.

  31. Oh,DBS.How you have joined the losers squad really makes me sad.you were such as eloquent,intelligent journalist.


    Dont cry for me Argentina!

    You are wrong I have not joined anyone, winners or losers.

    I am yet Akela the lone wolf

    And I still remain”eloquent and intelligent”.

  32. Excellent synopsis DBS.

    In essence the past few days were galvanized in to a form of victory for the pro-LTTE diaspora.

    The buffoonery of the president is that he wanted to show Britain (and the diaspora claim of arrest for war crimes) ‘catch me if you can’ . Though it did not materialise because of diplomatic immunity, this entire tour was all egg on his face.

    Good lesson for the boot-lickers of the president too. They wanted to portray that the president is so important in world politics that Oxford University no less has invited him to a lecture. It’s far from the truth as this lecture series is a 365 day event involving many speakers, politicos from around the world.

    Another dimension is the inefficiency of the PR agents, SL High Commission in Britain as well as our Foreign Ministry. They should be kicked out immediately for not liaising properly with the British foreign office, police etc.

    More over, the SL president being a head of state was not given an appointment with the head of state in Britain is really puzzling.

    All in all what ever the domestic media especially the government mouthpieces espouse, it was a diplomatic tragedy for the ruling alliance and in particular the President himself , and it is largely self inflicted.

    Let the pro-LTTE lobbyists have a temporary solace for outwitting the SL government at least after May 2009.

  33. DBSJ,

    The diaspora is in a triumphalist euphoria.They are like happymad about their success in getting the talk stopped.

    They dont think about possible harmful consequences to Tamil people back home

    I can see that you are thinking deeply about future and worrying about Tamil plight. You were the only Tamil I know who wrote openly to the LTTE asking them to go for a settlement and warned them that they may be destroyed if they continue

    You were attacked viciously then as you are now but you were proved right finally

    Now you are able to see the stupidity of Diaspora in provoking Mahinda who can do utmost damage to Tamils if he wants to

    In your own way you are trying to do some damage control but these people dont want to understand you.

    You had written earlier you were born in 1954. This means I am your Akka by age

    Do not worry Thamby and keep doing what you are doing. But please take care

    I am with you but more importantly God is with you

    Thank You Abirami Akka……..DBSJ

  34. The only people in SL insulted by Oxford union’s rebuke are the Singhalese ultra nationalists who constitute Rajapaksa’s core supporters.

    Only by holding accountable those in SL responsible for war crimes does the country and both its nations have a chance of moving forward peacefully.

  35. It is very sad to see this kind of response from tamil diaspora. We Sri Lankans are tring our best to form a united Sri Lanka. But this type of actions tend to harden minds of majority to ignor the tamil people as non-patriotic section of the country. Hence out tamil brothers and sisters have to suffer more!

  36. Three things are imporatnat at this stage: Oxford, Channel4, and War Crimes. Tamil should not limit their effort by just demonstrating. Instead, all like minded sri lankans should work together to bring justice to innocent civilians killed by war criminals.

  37. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj:

    I appreciate your having the guts to call a spade a spade. You are a becon to the world of Journalism. Some times you have written against Sinhalese misdeeds, but do not fear to call out the mistakes of the others who are hell bent on destroying the image and the prestige of the country. If any Sri Lankan think that Western countries love one group over the other (in Sri Lanka) they are fooling themselves. it is the divide and rule for their advantage. only. This is the face of the moderrn day slavery. Tamils, Sinhalese and other need to work the solutions out. No one will help us if there is no advantage to them!

    Thak you for your impartial reporting of the facts.

  38. DBS,
    After all this events, Do you still beleive that mahinda is a man really looking forward to nation building?
    In recent article of yours I do see that you are trying to patch up with Mahinda and Co rather blaming them as culprits of the war. You did write so in the past.
    Is this because you now realise that there is no one else other than Mahinda and co to do some thing?

    I know you will respond with some nice english words but I am sure you cant justify by your hearts.. Regardles of words… Because you are a good writer..

    No words.only my thoughts.They go out to you……………DBSJ

  39. DBS,

    Your idea of “free speech” is completely off the mark! The Oxford Union speech is only by invitation. People like Dalai Lama deserve that. Mahinda does not deserve it. “Free Speech” does not mean “free lunch”!!

  40. Lalith and Kadir had been Oxford products and had been the Presidents of the Union. By merely reading a speech written by someone else Mahinda Rajapaksha cannot equate the two intellectuals. However this move of Rajapaksha to visit the UK to address the Oxford union is a clear symptom that he is not content with the glory that he and his family have been made to bask in by the local opportunists. Within the shores of almost an unknown tiny island he is the sun, the moon, the earth, the stars and the rivers. He knows that he is no sun, no moon, no starts, no earth, no rivers and nobody beyond the four walls of this little castle.

  41. tamil never select mahinda as president , also i never feel like am srilankan.

    What about Douglas and Karuna?…..DBSJ

  42. Thank U Jeyaraj,
    U are rendering a yeoman Service
    by educating the general mass
    and disseminating the timely news to the public.
    Keep it up
    Thank You Sir,


  43. The invitation Sri Lanka President received got wide publicity in Sri Lanka that he has been invited by the Oxford Union. It is a complete misunderstanding and sheer treading the tail. I heard President’s Secretary Lalith Weeratunga appeared on TV there waving the invitation and saying that Mr Rajapakse has been invited by the Oxford and it’s a good opportunity to talk to the foreigners and overseas media. But the truth is when ever a dignitary come from Sri Lanka for a speech or an event, the Sinhala people in London have to travel to that venue to fill the seats. No foreigners are interested in those matters.

  44. Some say, when some media published earlier about his likely arrest on British soil, President wanted to show the UK ” I am coming, catch me if you can” stance. This could be the reason why he came on his own accord, not listening to anybody. In other words President Rajapakse was doing ” a Merwyn Silva”. In my mind such behaviour is not a brave act apt for any country’s leader, but sheer foolhardiness. Sad!

  45. Hi DBSJ

    It is an enriching article. My heart says Rajapaksha should be punished for the war crimes, but my mind says he should be spared and I believe he is the only Sinhala leader can develop the country and can give some sort of autonomy to tamils since he has the overwhelming support from Sinhalese.

    Tamil disapora should take pragmatic approch here. Instead of trying to charge him for war crimes, they can hold demonstration and exert pressure on him to give some sort of power sharing to tamils and release the ex-tigers as early as possible and engage them in the normal life. It is more appropriate and necessary now.

  46. DBS,
    Very good article.. I think you are bringing up some very good point. I do not think this was any Victory for the LTTE or the LTTE Diaspora. This was a defeat to the poor Tamil people in the north who has suffered so much under the LTTE.

    I wonder how much money the LTTE spent on all the demonstrations.. had they even spent 10% of that, it would have made the life of 1000s of poor Tamil families in the north much happier.

    I think the British media and the political circles are too hungry for their voter base and simply harbor these LTTE terrorist in the pre-text of democracy.. Unfortunately, by the time they learn a lesson on what they are doing it would be too late for UK, EU as well as for the poor Tamil people who had suffered under the LTTE for 30 years.



  47. canceling union speech is not the main aim of Tamils diaspora, you are mistaken. The aim is to bring Rajapaska to justice. Making him face war crimes.

    May be some one will ask how will bringing Rajapaksa to justice will help tamils ?

    My answere would be, you would know if you are a victim of his murders. You would know if you lost some one dear. As tamils nation, we have suffered in his hands. We want to see him face the justice.

    Wiki leak, Ch4 has done main damage, protests are another strong motivator. Showing strength is very important for getting the support of politician in uk. They will be useful in pressing world bodys for war crimes.

    Rajapaksa image has been blown way with this. He cant fool the world. May be he can fool his own blood in lanka for a while.

    Tamils are fools to still belelive rajapaksa is going give them something.. It will never happen. if hey says, it will never happen in reality. Thats why he is in power. To keep tamils as minority salves.

  48. Jeyaraj is not accurate in this report . According to an on-the-spot finding it was not the proper Oxford Union that had invited MR.Please read the story in the Sri Lanka Guardian


    Please dont ask me about “stuff” appearing on other websites.

    But since you seem to like to quote from one site to another why dont you read the interview of the Oxford Union President in the “Asian Tribune”?


    Why do you display your ignorance so openly?

  49. who killed lalith athulathmudali & kadiragama the past students/presidents of oxford they dont have HR you guys talking about.

  50. Dear DBS

    Many journalist have a pen. And they write. You have a powerful pen. But since recently, you also seemed to just write. 

    Request you to comeback to your yesteryears objective journalism.


    Thank you for your concern

    I hope the first verse from Rudyard Kipling’s poem “IF” will suffice as an answer –

    “If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;

    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;

    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

    Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,

    Or, being hated, don’t give way to hating,

    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise; ……………

  51. Tamils should try to understand the Sinhala psyche. Having been deeply distrustful with the Tamils they started to empathize with plight of Tamils. I have heard many Sinhalese mention that the Tamils need to be treated fairly and equally. I have heard this not only from educated elite, but from people from the villages. Thus, the average Sinhala and Tamil was moving towards a good future in Sri Lanka what ever the politicians do. However, this would make them distrust them again and this would only harm the interest of the Tamils.
    Although, the diaspora seem to think that they have achieved some form of victory, this is nothing but a hallow victory. Are the Tamils closer to getting eelam?
    We (the Sinhalese) have survived 2500 with numerous foreign invasions and we are not going to let the eelamist carve our country. To that they would have to build a wall and have a huge army. Since all diaspora have left there inst enough Tamils in Sri Lanka to do this. You would need a foreign force on your side and they would need to be ready to die in large numbers. Thus no country is really going to support the diaspora to really create an eelam. Thus what has the diaspora achieved with this?

  52. For a president who denied freedom of speech to anyone in his country this is a great great lesson. This is not enough but this will be considered as a mile stone in the history.

    Mahinda is not only an enemy of tamils he is also an enemy for his own sinhala people.

    Killing of Lasantha reflects his courage of murder.

    Mahinda you have to live longer to see more in the future.

  53. As I have mentioned in a response to your earlier post on the same subject, the vengeance ingrained in the minds of some sections of the Tamil diaspora is beyond my ability to justify such a thing. When is it going to end? are they going to let their souls (if they have any by now -that is after all the support they gave to the LTTE to kill, kill and kill innocent civilians in SL for over 30 years) rot in that vengeance? As you say, what do they plan to achieve for the Tamils in SL by these childish acts of revenge? They cannot ever come to SL now, can they? They are so eaten up with the loss over their “sun god” and the delusional eelam dream that they will not allow reason, common sense or a dignified attitude reign over them. On your way to further ruin, LTTE supporting Tamil diaspora, on your way to further ruin. As for president Rajapakse, he will carry on as the president of SL and it will be him that will develop the country, be it the north or the south or the east or the west of country.
    Shame on you groups of students who have opposed the right of an individual to express his thoughts. This article shows that it was not just President Rajapakse that had been denied this right. There have been several instances before too. I may not agree with the act of euthanasia, but I would like to believe that I have in me the ability to be open minded and understand why another human being might want it and why a doctor would consider doing it. So, by denying Dr.Nitschke the right to express his thoughts, what did the protesters of yore prove? They showed that they were first class bigots. What a sham? We shut down the right of someone whom we think is unworthy of expressing his/her rights, and fail to realize that in the process of doing that we become the bigot that we hate so much. Oh human nature!!!!!
    How often do we allow our minds to think rationally, without letting our lives be ruled and ruined by our emotions. Revenge and intolerance being the worst of those emotions.
    Saw this on a bumper sticker in the USA.
    “I don’t worry about what people think, for they don’t think very often” . Spot on, I would say.

  54. Thank you DBS for your multy faceted analysis of the incident.
    No one can deny the right of the Tamil Diaspora to protest their “arch enemy” Mahinda Rajapaksha.
    No one can challenge the impotenceof the the week kneed “Thames Valley Police department”.
    No one should surprice that the British Politi wanted to backstab the surrong clad Mahinda who did what they even dared to think of.
    No one should be sad that the sissys at the Oxford Union chickened out and unilaterally cancelled the event.


  55. It is time to provide a political solution to the Tamils. By doing so, the president can eliminate the pro LTTE diaspora. In my opinion it is taking to long to provide a solution nor the development of the north and east.

    Still there are regular power cut, pot hole filled roads, street dog menace! just to mention a few.

    Development of the roads are moving at the snail speed. Which is not impressive in my point of view.

    I respect president Rajapaksa well, But I need him to focus on the north and east for a while now!

  56. DBS,

    Under your careful words of praise for MR as statesman and magnanimous I can understand your worry that the whole episode of this cancellation of the lecture may harm the interest of Sri Lankan Tamils who are living under the clutches of the Defence Ministry.

    It is no doubt a slap on his face after he arrived London with a huge entourage and planning to score an intentional fame from a location that is rightfully dominated by Tamil Diaspora. He will not take it lightly, you know that and his vengeance against someone who helped him to wipe out LTTE just because he contested against him, is very well known to us.

    Whether he takes this incident as the test of truth in Ghandian way or either you are with us or with the terrorist in Georgh Bush doctrine to punish the innocent Sri Lankan Tamils, remains to be seen in the near future.


    Thank You very much

    You seem to be the only person who understands me well.

    I hope and pray that Mahinda will be a Gandhi and not George Bush

  57. When there is denial of freedom of speech as a fundamental right, under threats from personal threats to organisers such as the President of the Oxford Union in a democracy such as the United Kingdom, then it may not be surprising to expect tit for tat for similar future events in Colombo held for UK leaders. Democracy has no priorities or privileges for action based on colour or creed or power. Extreme elements resorting to extreme tactics of threats, mass intimidation and denial of human rights make a mockery of democracy. The British people form a silent majority and the British government is extremely tolerant so far on extreme elements of recent British citizenship. However, once the dust has settled down, we may find the silent majority expressing their distaste of such terror tactics. The British government also may reappraise support for the British Tamil Forum. The results of this may be interesting in a world getting tired of abuse of democratic principles and practices by extremists, be they “freedom fighters” or “terrorists”.

  58. i agree,those who protesting about human rights with LTTE flags are real hypocrites,either they do not know the history or do not know the meaning of human rights,LTTE killed many tamil politicians,human activists and civilians than srilankan army did,we tamils must be ashamed of tamils killed tamils,there is a controversy how top LTTE leaders died but one must always remember the famous
    phrase”what you sow what you reap”

  59. Hi DBS,

    There seems to be a misconcept of ” right of speech” vs freedom of speech here.

    MR was ” INVITED” to address by the Oxford union and it is their responsibility to address all the practical problems.

    If MR elected to address in an open Grounds in UK, and denied, then we could call denial or refusal of freedom of speech,


    if he was denied to write in a media or in TV, then this could be called Denial.

    Under what law that a Host is cancelling the guest’s appearance considered as Denial ?

    Please Explain



    The Oxford Union in its explanatory statement makes it clear that the talk was cancelled due to extraneous reasons.

    In short it was a decision forced upon the union . The union reluctantly denied the right to speak to an invited speaker

    Here are the excerpts –

    Due to security concerns surrounding Mr. Rajapaksa’s visit which have recently been brought to our attention by the police, the Union has regretfully found that the talk is no longer practicable and has had to cancel his address

    This decision was not taken lightly and the Union deeply regrets the cancellation. The Union has a long tradition of hosting prominent speakers and upholding the principles of free speech. However, due to the sheer scale of the expected protests, we do not feel that the talk can reasonably and safely go ahead as planned.

  60. I am an old man (82) who has seen Tamil people going the wrong way led by so called leaders.

    Even after LTTE led Tamil people to defeat and damage in Vanni some so called leaders are waving LTTE flags in London.

    They are making Mahinda the only man who can save the Tamils angry unnecessarily

    I am happy that at least one DBS jeyaraj is there to point out to the Tamils that they are going the wrong way

    God Bless you Thambi

    Thank you Aiya…….. DBSJ

  61. what sadden me the most is not the fact that President was not given the opportunity to speak…but the conduct of a community in the final run where sri lankan is the home.the place they born.

    Why is that after so many years a sinhalese man from a village trying to reach the tamils is been so dispicably and disgustingly cut off?

    He was the only leader who was truly interested in ppl from all quarters …he is trying to get close ….but something stops him….

    this is the problem with us….there is a problem there to reach…and when someone tries to reach they chase them away…..what’s wrong with these ppl?

    this is not mean for the real ppl in the ground but so called masters of human rights ….

    i read in another article a comment made by a tamil brother saying that tamils in sri lanka will undergo the repercussions…of this kind of acts ..i felt the uncertainty in him…and i wrote back that sri lankan ppl are far more far sighted and examplary ppl who with stood the 30 of war together…nobody will take revenge from them simply for this stupid situation…

    there is something very wrong with the world today ..DBS..Is it that we are wrong and they are right or is it that we are right and they are wrong?..I just don’t understand…..but I thank you for your ending lines..in a way we are all so close but yet so far away aren’t we?

  62. Dear Mr.DBS Jeyaraj

    I totally agree with you that there were pro LTTE elements caring LTTE flags in those protests,but it doesn’t mean that all attended those protests were pro LTTE elements.

    I saw that protests ,majorities didn’t carry any flags,
    I dont think its wise for a journalist to paint those protesters as pro LTTE. i agree with you there were pro LTTE elements but most were not Mr.Jeyeraj


    If I am not an LTTE supporter then I would not participate in any protest where LTTE flags are displayed

    Any demonstration with LTTE flags will only be branded as a LTTE demonstration.

    Demanding justice for war crimes in the Wanni while waving LTTE flags is a mockery of the pursuit of justice

  63. Reconciliation does not mean Tamils, Sinhaleese or Muslims has to cow down and forget about the atrocities committed against them. It is about owning upto the atrocities commited agaisnt the others in their name and the communities that suffered the atrocities to accept the true remorse expressed and forgive the perpertrators.
    In that regard I do think the protests against the Sri Lankan governement and Mahinda Rajapaksa as its head is part of the way forward. The sad reality is, this issue is hijact by the LTTE and its fellow travellers rather than human rights activists or the forces who are really concerned about the well being of Sri Lankan Tamils.


  64. Thanks for the full story DBSJ

    There are many things I don’t particularly like about MR (jumbo cabinets and massive wastage of public coffers with expensive jaunts, how he dealt with the SF issue, the lapdogs like Weerawanse and Vermin, delays with political settlement in the NE, attacks on press freedom by his henchman)

    But there is a lot to admire about the man. I respect the fact he met this challenge head on, and it is a measure of the man he has always done so always and never walked away when ‘the going got tough’ – unlike so many leaders we have had in the past.

    How he responded to this crisis was definitely positive and his statement was definitely statesmenlike. Perhaps credit should be given where it’s due – just a short 30 years ago JR said ‘the sinhalese would not care what was done to the tamils’ or something to that effect.

    Somehow I cannot ever see, a man who went to the trouble of learning Tamil in his sixties, ever making a crass statement like JR did that fateful day.

    The photos I saw in the mirror yesterday were quite revealing.


  65. As you mentioned “This protest or the resultant cancellation of the speech by the president does not help the Tamil people one bit. The LTTE never cared for the Tamil people, diaspora doesn’t care for the Tamil people either, all what they want is to provoke the Sinhalese against the Tamils so they can get the mileage of it. It is high time we the Tamils who want to live in peace get our selves together against this despicable use of the Tamil name to indulge in shameful acts. Tamil name was never associated with violence and shameful acts now perpetrated in the name of Tamil. We must resist and protest. The LTTE proved the futility of use of force and violence to gain anything and the diaspora seems to have learned nothing from it or may be they just don’t care. As for the pompous claims of bastions of free speech and human rights, Its “only glitter no gold”

  66. DBSJ,
    Excuse me for asking .

    Maybe privately you harbour the same anger with the Rajapaksas, as the rest of the world and decided in the larger interests of the tamils inside SL, the best way forward is not to antagonise the ruling elite.

  67. Dear DBSJ

    Thank you for this article. Because of you the Tamils in Lanka will be protected from Mahindas anger

  68. If Rajapakse wants to prove Tamil Diaspora wrong and regain his reputation among world leaders, the ugly non violent demonstrations by LTTE supporters may in an indirect manner increase in his resolve to improve relations with Tamils in Sri Lanka.

  69. Yes. All these are food for thought.
    It does not make any easier for the innocent Tamils living in Sri Lanka.
    Also it was Tonic for the Sinhala hardliners.

    The President came to address the issue as to how he was going to settle issues post-war era. The Diasspora had an excellent oppportunity to get the President spell out his intended plan which inturn benefit the Tamils in Sri Lanka.. Alas ! the goons & moron destroyed the opportunity.
    Hence, never will the President be required to spell out his plan to settle the Tamil issue ever again. The diasspora has made it easier for the Leader.
    Those disadvantaged are the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Now, they will have to just accept whatever that is offered.

    VAMADEVAN; The can be no deals with or without Rudra with the Diasspora. By diasspora actions, the Tamils in Sri Lanka has lost out once again.
    An opportunity squandered.

    Hardened the hearts will be of the Sinhala harliners.
    It is very evident Diasspora does not treasure peace and want to move on but what do not know is that Sri Lanka Tamils do not want ot go down the same path again.
    Diasspora will have to remain where they are as I suggest diasspora whether innocent or not will have to face hard time visiting Sri Lanka to obtain Immigration clearance.
    I write to you from our Country. You have made a mellow hearted person turn hardhearted.

  70. Thanks DBSJ for this responsibly-written article, churning out the bitter truth.

    The objectives of the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora (TTD) are very well displayed to the president and the people of Sri Lanka and I am sure he is, in a way, very thankful for the experience.

    The leaders of Sri Lanka will now rush to the drawing board and meticulously plan the final assault on TTD, which is standing in our way to march to progress, prosperity and dignity.

    Taking on TTTD is an exciting, great challenge… and the resulting orgasm would be much more rewarding than the one we had when we killed that Velu, the fat pig, because TTD is the Mother of Velu, the fat pig.

    Colourful Sri Lankans may be divisive here and there… and may fight over petty things while dancing to baila. But when they (finally) decide to stand up against the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora, they will shed all differences and unite in decapitating the ugly head of the TTD.

    Until then… Waaanga machaaaaan…. Waaanga.

  71. Mr. Jeyaraj,

    You seem to strongly agree with the title of your article, “Mahinda Denied Right of Free Speech by Oxford Union”. Why is Mahinda Rajapaksa entitled to this freedom? In Sri Lanka, the Rajapaksa family, their armed thugs, millitary and police units have murdered more than 10 journalists, kidnapped a dozen or more, violently “disappeared” several, assaulted several dozen and set fire to & vandalized more than 10 media offices.

    I am appalled with your choice of title. Also, 20 or more Sri Lankan journalists (Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim) have fled Rajapakistan and taken shelter in the UK!

    I was amused not appalled by the “irony” in the heading…….DBSJ

  72. Mr. Jeyaraja

    I do often enjoy your style of writing. In this piece you are exposing your affiliation by desperately defending the indefensible.

    Charge dismissed…………DBSJ

  73. DBSJ,

    I salute your guts in writing what you think under your own name even though the tiger Diaspora attacks you?

  74. The wikileaks article has mentioned that Sarath Fonseka and Mahinda Rajapakse both has some responsibility about the way the war was conducted BUT yet most of the tamils (inc Pro-LTTE’rs) was extremely supportive of Sarath Fonseka. This shows that we love the enemies of our enemies rather than we like the friends and also we hate our enemies.

    The above explains why the Diaspora just hate Mahinda but has no concerns about the people languished in internment camps.
    Most Tamil Cause champions would only spread the hatred word but never want to do any good to the Tamil People.

    Likewise in the government extreme prominence is given to people like Karuna, Pillayan, and other LTTE-haters rather than any prominence to Tamil-lovers.
    Mahinda behaves like any other person, who is entangled in the power struggle, maintaining it or going to higher levels of power without knowing its consequences to him and most importantly to the people. Sri Lankan politics has only created Thugs (educated and uneducated doesn’t make much difference).
    Scapegoating Jayalath Jayawardane, forcing religious leaders and people to attend the airport will convince no one (including him). People are so fed up and powerless against this farce.

  75. #14 DBSJ dont make assumption about me.
    ,,,,,You guys will bring about your ruin

    OK. So yu wont get ruined but will ruin others?…………..DBSJ

  76. Sir, once again you have written an excellent article.

    It gives a clear picture of what had happened during the visit of President Mahinda Rajapaksa to the Great Britain. Tamil Diaspora should not be jubilant over this achievement rather they should utilize this atmosphere to support the war-affected people in the Vanni.

    I am waiting for your next article.

  77. What is this country descending to.Mervyn wants to have sex with other peoples wives in order show the husbands how it should be done. Also tiny srilanka has produced another isaac newton. Even india with 1.2 bln has not.Here is an excerpt from an article

    “By Kelum Bandara & Yohan Perera

    Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva told Parliament yesterday that he would disguise himself as an ordinary person and visit people to identify their problems and report them to President Mahinda Rajapaksa within a period of three months.

    The minister was speaking during the debate during the committee stage of the vote on his ministry.

    “I will mingle with ordinary people and identify their problems, right from issues between husbands and wives

    He recalled that King Akhbar who ruled India some centuries ago also disguised himself as an ordinary man to identify people’s problems. Responding to questions by the Opposition as to how the could work as a minister without any institutions placed under his purview, he replied, ” It is like questioning Sir Isaac Newton before he discovered gravity”

    mervyn has to be tolerated by mahinda i suppose because every monarch needs a court jestor like andare.

  78. Good this bastard should be shot dead while he gives a speech. I’m glad Oxford Union didn’t welcome satan to deliver his satanical views.

  79. “Mahinda Denied Right of Free Speech by Oxford Union…”
    What an irony of fate! Mahinda has been doing the same thing all the time to his own people in Sri Lanka yet claims that right for himself only!
    Oxford Union has taken the correct decision though the reasons ascribed were security in nature on the face value.
    From the beginning Mahinda implied one thing but did another thing. He even deceived Prabhakaran, gave him money, and got his support to defeat Ranil at the Presidential Election. He gave thousand upon thousand false election promises to people but none materialized. He appointed fake Presidential Commissions to look into everything (NATO Commissions) but nothing happened. In the day time he pay homage to most venerable prelates in the country but sends underworld thugs to threaten them in the dark. He speaks diplomatic language on the face but sends lackeys to demonstrate opposite foreign missions, he announces valiant soldiers defeated LTTE but claims sole credit for it, his bone lickers despise, level false allegations, even attack opposition parliamentarians during parliamentary proceedings and jail opposition parliamentarians on false charges, vaporize and disappear into thin air journalists and other civilians who hold dissenting views, he claims to be the Sun, Moon and the Stars of the masses while they are languishing in hunger, he is the Executive President and controls every incident, accident and event in the country, every newspaper, radio and TV channel, every church and temple, every organization from obituary to welfare, all these institutions have put on a self-imposed censorship because everyone is afraid of him and ‘them’, the moment you speak or write against ‘them’ the royal family you are finished, the white vans will follow you; he is behind all this, the all-powerful President—in short he is an ugly symbol of duality, hypocrisy and wicked and corrupt power, an ideologue of the breed of the Hitlers, Sadams and Pol Pots.
    For such a man who is responsible for so much HR violations, forced disappearances, tampering of law of the land and so much misery and oppression in the country, to claim freedom of speech from the august Oxford Union is an utter joke. The world must make sure that rouge governments are not tolerated and encouraged because if the future leaders in the world were to take the cue and follow Mahinda Rajapaksha’s example to retain power in their own families through gradual depletion of democracy using democracy itself to destroy democracy then it would be the beginning of the holocaust, end of the human race, for countries at the hand of irresponsible leaders would advance the doomsday clock. This is not mere speculation. During Rajapakshas’ tenure so far, he has made extraordinary measures look pretty ordinary—who thought in the wildest of wild imagination of thought that Executive President could hold power unlimited period of time, that President could purchase for missions of rupees opposition parliamentarians, that President could appoint Judges, Attorney General and all the key positions in the government, that running President could rig the election and get away with it, that President could amend the country’s constitution as and when he wishes for his own benefit. And while all these illegalities, corruptions, malpractices and all the cruelties are taking place, the people of the country who got deceived and elected him are looking on helpless hoping somebody someday would redeem them!
    When evaluating a country’s leader, the evidence must be concrete and not based on the quasi-evidence put forward by the eulogists or on the superficialities—whether he has respected human rights, how he has managed or wasted public and donor funds and loans and resources of the country, whether he has all the time engaged in self-inflating activities from election to election, one war to the other, one issue to the other; whether living standard of the people has actually improved or merely statistical based on misleading reports, the health sector and the condition of the hospitals: do they have hemoglobin in the blood?, aspects and condition of governance, legislature and law and order in the country—when these things are analyzed Rajapaksha has nothing but a massacre of a civilian population to boast of, including a colossal waste of public money, jumbo cabinet and a huge expenditure on vanity and publicity—in so much so that he has hired the services of an England firm to inflate his deflated image! Such a shoddy human being cannot redeem himself by merely delivering a lecture at Oxford Union!

  80. “A demonstration was staged opposite the Dorchester Hotel in Park lane where the President was staying. While demonstrators braved the weather, waving placards and shouting slogans”

    It would have been appropriate to mention there was a counter demonstration by Sri Lankan expatriates in support of the President at the same venue, waving placards and national flags..

    Scotland Yard did a good job keeping the two groups separated.

  81. As a Tamil from Tamil Nadu studying at Oxford I was planning to for Mr.Rajapakshes talk and question him politely about the Tamil problem. Its a pity the talk was cancelled due to Sri Lankan Tamil scale of protest.I have been deprived of an opportunity to engage and possibly expose him before a distinguished audience

  82. #28 Tjustice,

    “Why the War criminal is given a celebrity kind of reception in capital Colombo? What is all the fuss about?”

    That is because to the citizens of Sri Lanka he is an indomitable hero who led the charge to flush your war criminal sun god and thousands of other war criminal minions to the bottom of the Nandikadal lagoon.

  83. Gosh, I never knew that the right to freedom of speech included the right to address the Oxford Union. I think I’ll head down there this afternoon with my holiday snaps and bore them for a couple of hours. It is my right after all.

  84. #54 Sindujan

    I fully agree with you.
    The surrendered LTTE leaders did not deserve any fair or descent treatments like normal human beings. I saw how they burnt TELO cadres alive in Thirunelvellei.
    It is obvious that all foreign governments knew that surrendered LTTE leaders were executed. They all support this but they won’t tell in public. LTTE supporters thought the British Government would arrest Mahinda for war crimes. These LTTE supporters are the real fools. Even Prabakaran did not respect these Diaspora Tamils.

  85. For those who say that there is no free speech in SL, I would say this.
    Not 100% true. See what crap Ranil Wickramasinghe utters at times, and some of the other opposition politicians say about the Rajapakse family at times. So let’s not make blanket calls like that.
    As for the things the former editor of the Sunday Leader wrote during the war, I would call that totally unpatriotic. I read an article written by him on the ongoing war (Jan 2009) on the last Sunday’s (Jan 4th 2009-he was killed during the week) paper and was left speechless. It was totally irresponsible journalism on his part. One should not in anyway belittle the military that was doing so much to save the country from the brutal LTTE, and sad to say that was what came across from Lasantha Wickeramatunga’s article. I don’t for a second believe that he should have been killed for that or for anything else he might have written in the past. But he sure did write some extremely obnoxious and unpatriotic stuff.

  86. President Rajapaksa touches down on Srilankan Turf for Hero’s Welcome.

    The integrity ,honesty and independence of Harold McMillan’s last Bastion of Free Speech is in tatters.

    The joint Terror attack of the British Tamil Diaspora and the Global Tamil Forum well and truly missed the target and caused a hellua lot lot of collateral damage.

    Where are the Big Wigs of the Diaspora and their equally Big Wig Lawyers and Acedemics who were going to arrest the President and his Army Commanders whoe not only accompanied him but also reside in the West

    Julian Assang’s Wiki leaks is no help to the Diaspora either.

    According to the Ex US Ambassodor,the LTTE. Sarath Fonseka and Rajapaksas are responsible .in that order.

    But the TNA the Political Wing of the LTTE backed Fonseka at the Prez Election/

    So the Diaspora who are the direct sponsers of the LTTE and the TNA are equally responsible. Right.?

    No wonder Mr Suresh kept mum when the journos wanted to grill him.

    So it is not only the UNP heavy weights who are on the run following the misfired missile attack,

  87. Dear DBS,
    When I read your article it came upon me like an abrupt illumination that President Rajapakse went all the way to address the Oxford Union when what was needed to reconcile and heal is to address the Peradeniya University student union ( it’s too early to address the Jaffna University students) so close at hand and where the security could have been easily organized. You may think this ” tangential” but please consider the mathematical meaning of the word , very different from the casual adaptation of it in ordinary English usage.

    Common English

    A sudden digression or change of course: went off on a tangent during the argument.


    A line, curve, or surface meeting another line, curve, or surface at a common point and sharing a common tangent line or tangent plane at that point.

    If one looks up the website of Jayantha Dhanapala , former Sri Lankan ambassador to the USA and Under Secretary General at the UN one will see that he remarks that most times people ask him whether he was from Oxford or Cambridge, and he politely tells them he is exclusively from Peradeniya.( and if someone tells me it is not the same Peradeniya now , that’s due to the politicians of Sri Lanka)

    It was Oxford for the President, not Peradeniya because Colombo’s elite unlike the wide spread of Sri Lanka’s people with ‘destiny obscure’ is still tilted to England.
    ” The laird of Girawapattu” means nothing more than “Kele John” describing the first Prime Minister who was a Colombo man ensuring his Cambridge son’s succession ( any parallels now ?).

    Even further tangential, If one cannot reconcile with the Sinhalese ( by addressing the Sudent Union of Peradeniya) its a long way to go before reconciling with the Tamils through addressing the Oxford Union.


    We are all inspired by the story of “Parangiya Kotuwa giyawage”

  88. @67 Jackson

    MR gave one promise that he kept. He promised the save the country from the manic LTTE, and He did. For that I owe my gratitude to him.

  89. #63. Diyasena

    Were you in the Park lane? and shouting “jayweera” to your war criminals, what a shame, isn’t it Wimal and Marvyn were the main organisers to receive your criminals at Colombo, what a pathetic state Sri lankan democracy is in!!

    And preaching about free speech to Oxford union, do you know why K.T.Rajasingham another PR Person working for your war criminal threatened the Oxford union student leader? with false allegations against a prestiges student Union in the world.

    He is a war criminal and whoever associated with him too are war criminals and warmongers.

    If you want to know what it would had been the war criminal’s “freedom of speech” in Oxford union, I will let you know in my another comment.

  90. warning mahinda prisedant………….,next time he need to choose like iron or russia to address ,his more than 40 years crumble political exp fuss vallka tamil, its unity of tamils at london,like this lots of them in future. becareful all sri lankan who support him.power of tamil
    only one part comes so wait more

  91. Hello,
    This is a sad reminder of how divided we are as a country.
    Hatred breed hatred!
    Tamil tiger supporters,some sinhala protesters , cardboard Weerawansa & Co, thugs inside own parliment man handling J.J, what do all these people have in common?? Haterd and revenge with a huge dose of stupidity.
    I am no admirer of M.R but his reaction to the situation was ,correctly worded and well balanced.
    That is statesmenship. Yes, slowly he is getting there.
    Western countrys treat all expatriate Srilankans in such low esteem because what they have seen as Srilankans are in reality Tamil diaspora’s mob culture.
    Be it in London, Paris or ealswhere.
    What happened to the great tamil intelect?
    Great Drevidian customs & culture?
    High time someone take up the challenge and do somthing about it.
    Srilankans need more DBSJ’s than street protesters.

  92. Thought for a while which line up MR fits more, prestigious Einstein, Churchill, Mother Theresa, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter or the notorious group of John Tyndall, David Irving, Philip Nitschke. Answer is obvious. Good statesmanship should be proven by action not by words. Otherwise the speech will go on like ‘…We have had thirty years of division and conflict. We must now secure peace and harmony for all Sri Lankans except SF and RW and.. and….’

  93. # 82. Kumar

    fully agree with you.
    The surrendered LTTE leaders did not deserve any fair or descent treatments like normal human beings.


    You seems to be worser than surrendered LTTE leaders.

    I am not sure what you deserve then..

  94. It is a well known fact that LTTE and Tamil Diaspora in UK and other has a shameful past supporting violence and killings in Srilanka. The whole problem with the Tamils Diaspora is, while posing as saviours of Tamils, they are too involved in collecting funds for the LTTE where half of them were slipped into their own pockets and that was a huge income without tax, shown to governments as charity. These huge incomes to fund collectors were funds to sleep on feather pillows and have carpets under their feet in western countries ,an unexplainable luxury to these ”dosai’ munches. This protest in the UK is a shame to British who once kept these Tamils of Srilanka under their feet to do all the demeaning jobs from coolies to house Servants. They were only status symbols for British in British house holds in then Ceylon.It was the Sri Lankan governments that fed them with free food,free medical facilities and educated them free to University level to be fit to earn and live in the western world. This is what Tamils call discrimination by Sinhalese. In return as a thank you gift Sinhalese were massacred as ethnic cleansing by the LTTE Tamil criminals and Tamil diaspora is also a funding partner to those crimes.This is one out of hundreds of killings carried out in the initial stage of the war ” Dollar farm massacre” infants, women,men and feeble were killed in one day and then followed many where no voice raised in Britain or anywhere else for them. British have razed out Iraqi villages and dont care two hoots for those War crimes.they have a clean plate. They are after LTTE pounds but they will not digest anything black and LTTE Tamils are no beauty for true British .They will certainly line up Tamil Diaspora for action when the time is riped, not forgetting the British rule in Ceylon.In my opinion the Tamil Diaspora is trying to dictate terms to British MPs, British Police and popular Oxford Union.They maybe hard up for blood stained words of the Tamil Diaspora that flows with the curse of the innocent killed through half a century in Srilanka. It was seen that Sri Lankan President was awarded a golden opportunity by these Tamils in UK to show the world what Tamil Diaspora stands for , their non democratic rule by terminating Freedom of speech and threatening with violence to frighten the British Police and Oxford Community .If the Tamil Diaspora was without blame why they were so afraid to listen to President Rajapaksa’s delivery of speech and raise questions that will gain attention of all leaders of the democratic world.This unfair action has now proved what UK Tamil Diaspora stands for ,they are highly skilled neutral terrorist who are trying to fool the world with their camera tricks and vicious propaganda to camouflage their own crimes. I AM HAPPY TO SEE THAT PRESIDENT RAJAPAKSA AS A WINNER . THANK YOU FOR THE GLAMOUROUS OPPORTUNITY AWARDED TO HIM WITH SO MUCH PAIN TAKEN TO SHOW THE TRUE COLOURS OF THE BLOOD THIRSTY TIGER CROONIES IN BRITAIN. WHATEVER THE STRUGGLE MAY BE, BETTER KEEP IN MIND THAT THERE IS NO PLACE FOR SO MANY MOTHER LANDS ,THERE IS ONLY ONE MOTHER LAND FOR ALL SRILANKANS.Tamils have become a joke a headache and a nuisance to many western countries and people peaceful living is not known to them.They never make good citizens in any country and countries should think twice in having them.

  95. 83. Diyasena

    About your counter demonstration, my dad said there were some drunken sinhala idiots were there to provoke but they magnanimously let them for a while and they disappeared quickly.

    The metropolitan police were also impressed by the Tamil’s quest for justice and peace demonstration, after seeing all the recent Student demonstrations in London, they appreciated the Tamil’s attitude and behaviour.

  96. I can’t understand why you have to go such lengths in praising and complimenting Mahinda Rajapaksa. You must either be terribly naive, or you must be a beneficiary from the Sri Lankan President’s secret fund. I can’t think of a third reason.


    The first two reasons illustrate your paucity of intellect

    There is a third reason but you need the wisdom of the third eye (Gnaanakkann) to discern it

    If you are genuinely puzzled please read the post by “Acumen”

  97. Excellent article, certain unknown facts are given.

    But, I read some where that the invitation to MR to address the estmed Oxford Union was not extended by the main OU; but by a group of Sinhala Students studying in Qxford where you find several small groups such as Indians, Pakistanies, Turkys who form their own Unions. Even out of the few Sinhalese students in Oxford, some(?UNP) were oposed or nutral to invite MR. I would be pleased if you could verify this and let me know the real situation . Thank you


    Thank you.The answer to yor query is in this article.

  98. Wikileakes doesn’t provide an iota of evidence that SL govt perpetrated war crimes. Patricia Butenis is no arbiter. If we are to believe these US ambassadors, then we got to believe their bosses who went to UN to show evidence of WMD in Iraq or their continued threats against other countries who don’t want to toe their line. What the Wikileakes exposes is the groups who are biding for time to get their revenge.

    The events also exposes (again) the duplitious nature of UK preaching democracy & HR while harbouring terrorists & war criminals and allowing them to hijack UK’s relations with other countries.

    Tamil diaspora again confirmed that they are a real enemy of Sri Lanka. It confirms that their dream of Tamil Eelam is still alive well & truely. Whatever anyone says, Mahinda is loved and backed by millions of Sri Lankans. Attack on Mahinda is an attack on these millions of people. Mahinda delivered by stopping a 30 year carnage that continued to kill thousands during those 30 years.

    Now the onus is on the rest of the Tamils to show where they stand. They have a clear opportunity to send a strong message to Sinhalese and Tamil diaspora that they firmly oppose the diaspora’s aims and strategies and want to be real partners in the development of a peaceful Sri Lanka (or otherwise). We know where TNA stands from Patricia Butenis cable. We want to know where Tamils stand.

    Until then Sri Lanka must maintain it’s defences internally & externally to prevent the gains made by sacrificing a whole generation are not lost.

  99. Now he know what it feels like NOT to be given the right to speak freely.
    If he think he is popular in the UK then he probably only read SL papers!
    Life is a school…

  100. Hey DBS,

    I can see that you are optimistic in believing that MR, if he so desired, has a better chance of bringing peace to the country where all will be equals.

    I remember my father and his friends said and felt the same when JR Jeyawardene won with 5/6 majority. We saw what had happened.

    Politically JRJ was in far more better position than MR. Because the trust between the communities afterwards was high unlike of today.

    MR is a prisoner of his own environment. For political reasons, he cultivated the mistrust among the communities and it would be difficult for him to travel on the opposite direction.

    18 months after the war was enough for him to gained the confidence of the Tamils, yet he did not care.

    As the lawyer in Houston told him that the ‘Tamils people today are hungry and naked and they are looking you to assure them that there is a place for him in the country’…. Yet he did not do any thing.

    On the other hand Buddhist temples, Sinhalese colonisation was given special state attention. When notified the response was like other communities they have the right to live anywhere. True, but NOT with out state assistance.

    As a result Tamils are angry and what we show in London is the beginning of the new chapter.

    You can call it LTTE or Pro LTTE elements etc. But this is something MR could have prevented.

    Just after the war, he should have come out of the Hawkish around him to choose the right peoples who can develop trust and harmony among the communities.

    He should have appointed special bodies to look after the Tamils resettlements and extend the hand to the diaspora to ensure they are keeping a distance from the so call LTTE elements.

    He should have known why china is keeping Hong kong as a special territory because it is a goose that lays golden eggs. If he understands that he would have realised that Tamil diaspora is simply wealthy enough to bring prosperity to the country.

    This make me to feel that he may be good for war and does not have the intellectual capacity for bringing peace.

    As the saying goes, a man is judged by the company he keeps and Mervin, Douglas and Karuna in cabinet does not give us a good feeling.

    So in a nut shell, the recent demonstration in London clearly indicate that we are missing a great opportunity arose just after the war and MR has messed it up.

    The LTTE and Pro LTTE elements are extremely happy to manipulate the situation to get the support of the the Tamil diaspora who so for kept a distance after the war.

    As far as the war crime is concerned, when the evidences produced, a statesman should not deny out rightly knowing that a superior organisation (UN) word is already for it.

    At least he should say I will investigate to bring out the truth.

    Now, because of the US opinions via wik ileakes and due to the hostile western media, in the long run, I fear, the west and India, due to the attitude of the west, will maintain a distant from MR regime as long as they deny war crime.

    Further the UN will set out to investigate and if no corporation from the Sri Lankan state will see a UN peace keeping body in the N&E.

    God save my country!!!

  101. #106 Tjustice,

    “Were you in the Park lane? and shouting “jayweera” to your war criminals, what a shame, isn’t it Wimal and Marvyn were the main organisers to receive your criminals at Colombo, what a pathetic state Sri lankan democracy is in!

    Last time I checked killing terrorists and murderers is not a war crime.. We’ll do it all over again if the need arises. Tell that to your new sun god Vinayakam

    I’ll have to check if there was a person called Jayaweera in the delegation

    FYI democracy is alive and well in SL and now has extended to the formely mono-ethnic bantustan ruled as a dictatorship by the Tamizhban of the LTTE.

    The real war criminals have been wiped off the face of our country and soon the eelamtards who assoicated with them will get the same treatments, the same way the Mossad went after the escaped Nazis..

  102. I am so glad at what happened because now the Sri Lankan president knows what Tamils are really like. There is absolutely no point in negotiating with them or giving them space to spread their tentacles of hate around Sri Lanka. The words “Tamil” and “moderate” are oxymorons. I am also glad that this happened because this even brought parts of the opposition in Sri Lanka onto the president’s side.

    I would like these “British Tamils” to be humilated when they visit Sri Lanka – they should be denied visas at the airport desk and sent back to Britain on the next plane. Any investments they have in Sri Lanka should be taken over by the Sri Lankan government. Any land owned in Sri Lanka by these “British Tamils” should also be taken over by the Sri Lankan government.

    The village that the British Tamil Forum leader comes from should be taken over by the Sri Lankan government, given a Sinhalese name and converted into a Sinhalese village.

    Let these diaspora Tamils learn that Mahinda Rajapaksa literally holds the lives of the Tamils living in Sri Lanka in his hands.


    You are not a PROUD Lankan but a pathetic specimen of humanity. You are a rabid racist with lllusions of power and grandeur

    Your mindset is equivalent to those uniformed thugs who raped and executed the Tamil journalist Isaipiriya and then videoed her naked corpse with the focus on her private parts

  103. Well done DBS, What an embarassment to MR and Sinhala extremist, it is a disgrace to Oxford union for inviting Mr MR for a speech, Oxford union has produced such a wonderful scholars but this is ridiculous.

    MR, you are not welcomed in the west after you have criticised the west for numerous occasion, go back to SL and hide behind you bros and wimal

  104. Your final words – DBS

    It requests the President to treat this incident as a pinprick and get on with the task of Nation building where all the children of Sri Lanka would enjoy equal rights, peace and economic prosperity.


  105. HI DBSJ….


  106. There are more than100 000 Tamils in UK.The LTTE element is dying out among dispora.this was a tiny amount of ex LTTE ers faithful as with the help of LTTE they reach here.
    The BTF was so desparate for people,even they arrange free coach services,as we learned the Oxford was a small village and easliy you can bring to halt.

  107. Dear Shree Jairaj

    Thank you very much for this

    As a North Indian residing in London I always read you to know what goes on in Sri Lanka

    You never disappoint me

  108. #113 Tjustice

    “About your counter demonstration, my dad said there were some drunken sinhala idiots were there to provoke but they magnanimously let them for a while and they disappeared quickly.”

    My my, aren’t you daddy’s nice little boy.. Did your daddy shoo away the baddie Sinhaloids with his thundering voice too..Please keep us posted in the blog about your other bed-time stories as well..

    “The metropolitan police were also impressed by the Tamil’s quest for justice and peace demonstration, after seeing all the recent Student demonstrations in London, they appreciated the Tamil’s attitude and behaviour.”

    After racking up bills worth of millions of quid during last year’s demonstrations, I’m sure the British police and the general public are more than impressed by the behavior of eelamtards..

    Before your daddy tucks you in tonight ask him, ‘After freezing your bollocks for hours near the Dorchester, IS EELAM THERE YET??’

  109. Re#Dr,Dayan J’s response, i notice in today’s edition of Thinakural DJ and Rajiva Wijeyasinghe are termed as racists. it also says they used to hold “liberal’ views and have turned racists since “nanthikadal” The reason i note this comment is that the tamil newspapers and their behavior reflects as you have mentioned several times that LTTE may have gone but LTTEism is continuing.You may not agree with me on this,but it would be great if you could write on the behavior of tamil newspapers in the aftermath of LTTE.Thanks again for this article.Excellent as usual.

  110. Dear DBS

    We Tamils living in London watched with anxiety and disgust these worthless,offensive activities of British Tamil Forum people mobs demonstrating like rowdys against Mahinda in Hotel and High Commission and Air Port

    But we are helpless to stop it due to fear

    I hope people in Srilanka understand only a few thousands out of more than two hundred thousands tamils are doing this

    I write here DBS because you are the only Tamil voice we Tamils have to show the world that the majority of us are not with the tigers

  111. DBSJ

    “proud Sri Lankan” is not representative of the Sinhalese. Dont lose your cool over guys like him

    Thanks.I know that…………DBSJ

  112. so what if the oxford union speech of mahinda rajapakshe was cancelled?

    what is britain today we should ask ourselves. it is an as yet (un)convicted war criminal country for invading and killing thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq illegally, without UN backing along with the US, not to metion their nefarious and extremely questionable activities in afghanistan.

    even enlightened british people (minority) agree that tony blair and george bush are war criminals. why did US/UK attack iraq? it has the second biggest oil supply in the world and at least 25% of worlds oil is gobbled up by the US. so they needed oil, so to hell with iraqi lives, lets attack iraq under false pretences and grab the oil.

    what about the US? were they not war criminals when it came to vietnam?

    so why should we sri-lankans follow these as yet (un) convicted and proven war criminal countries such as UK/US? we should be ashamed of them and stay away from such bad company for our own good health.

    sri-lankan armed forces by the way are falsely accused of non existent war crimes using fake videos by the media in the UK. they are all too ready to ‘convict’ sri-lanka of false ‘war crimes’. why/ because they cannot stand any developing country coming up and living peacefully and in happiness. beyond this they want to cover up their own war criminal activities by diverting attention elsewhere.

    we sri-lankans have this colonial mentality hangover from the past and we should get rid of it. we should be very proud of being sri-lankan, asian and forget about these colonialist imperialist britain and US.

    britain today is a failed state it has 2.5 million unemployed. some homelessness. a large part of its industrial

  113. so what if the oxford union speech of mahinda rajapakshe was cancelled?

    what is britain today we should ask ourselves. it is an as yet (un)convicted war criminal country for invading and killing thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq illegally, without UN backing along with the US, not to metion their nefarious and extremely questionable activities in afghanistan.

    even enlightened british people (minority) agree that tony blair and george bush are war criminals. why did US/UK attack iraq? it has the second biggest oil supply in the world and at least 25% of worlds oil is gobbled up by the US. so they needed oil, so to hell with iraqi lives, lets attack iraq under false pretences and grab the oil.

    what about the US? were they not war criminals when it came to vietnam?

    so why should we sri-lankans follow these as yet (un) convicted and proven war criminal countries such as UK/US? we should be ashamed of them and stay away from such bad company for our own good health.

    sri-lankan armed forces by the way are falsely accused of non existent war crimes using fake videos by the media in the UK. they are all too ready to ‘convict’ sri-lanka of false ‘war crimes’. why/ because they cannot stand any developing country coming up and living peacefully and in happiness. beyond this they want to cover up their own war criminal activities by diverting attention elsewhere.

    we sri-lankans have this colonial mentality hangover from the past and we should get rid of it. we should be very proud of being sri-lankan, asian and forget about these colonialist imperialist britain and US.

    britain today is a failed state it has 2.5 million unemployed. some homelessness. a large part of its industrial base has shifted to asia never to come back and it is in deep debt. its economy is almost banckrupt. it is living on credit. its second biggest industry is none other than weapons systems exports. shameful to say the least.

    so why bother with such countries? I cannot understand why sri-lankans should even remotely look up to such countries as the UK/US. our politicians should concentrate on the task at hand, taking sri-lanka forward and look towards a brighter developing country centred future, people centred future.

    we should take an example from countries in south america/asia and eastern europe forging forward with confidence and be proud of our asian heritage.

  114. Hi DBS,

    In this and previous articles, you described “Statesmanlike”….
    I agree but it should come from the heart not just words..

    Not all the Tamils want a seperate country but the present and past govervent created the situation to think people that other than a seperate state, it is not possible to live in peace in SL.


  115. DBSJ

    His immediate statement was admirably magnanimous and highly commendable.


    After having talked to Thiruma in that vein now he talks in this vein. May be he has learnt since last year.


    I won’t say it is denial of free speech. In the prevailing situation the police would not have wanted to take this risk.

    Also if any serious person comes close to the President and harms him then it will be a great embarrassment.

    Though the security forces could have given him a fool proof security the fact they backed away from that means that they had the tacit blessing of the Political and bureacratic centers to do that way.


    I am very sorry this has had to be cancelled but I will continue to seek venues in the UK and elsewhere where I can talk about my future vision for Sri Lanka.I will also continue in my efforts to unite all the people of our country whether they live in Sri Lanka or overseas.As a united country we have a great future.


    The easiest way for him would have been to address a open press conference through internet. Nobody can then deny him anything, though I will not want him to do that.

    This human rights abuses will all go down if he gives a lasting political solution to the problem.

    If only that happens then …..he would go down with the Dutu in the minds of the people.

    He is having an historic oppurtunity, whether he utilizes it or not we have to wait and see.

    He again talks about United Sri Lanka. United or Unitary if the Tamils feel that the arrangement is good and adequate for them it is okay.


    I salute him for the courage that he had shown in visiting London and coming back from there.


    In all this the Nediyavan has come out as a bacha. If I were Gota I will never take him on. He is an entertainment value. Why should I disturb him.

  116. Dear Sir
    Freedom of speech is denied not only to Mr. Rajapakse , but also to Wikileak founder Mr.Julian Assange , who was also in UK that time . I think It would be different and difficult experience for UK govt if both were allowed to express their freedom of speech.

  117. i am not saying srilankan president is perfect,but what i say is LTTE is worse than any one.my brother was an EPRLF member and he was executed by LTTE just because he did not obey their orders,what did they achieve after shedding the blood of thousands of tamils?only poor,miserable,hopeless generation of tamils.should we give another chance to repeat the same mistakes again?its time for tamils to unite under democratic leadership with new progressive vision,god bless us tamils

  118. DBSJ…

    [We are all inspired by the story of “Parangiya Kotuwa giyawage”]

    The above should read as “Parangiya KOTTE giyawage”.
    (Portugese were taken to Kotte, not Kotuwa.)

    Just thought of feedback.

    Thanks. Kotte it is…….DBSJ

  119. #113
    you take your own mind ask your dad for what,of course police will like you all thaey will get over time good for xmas you poor soul

  120. DBSJ,

    What an Excellent article.

    Sadly everytime BTF and other former LTTE junkets try to garner more sumpathy for the so called ‘underdog’ from the metropolitan countries the elusive solution to the genuine problems of theformer dwellers of the North and East of in Sri Lanka,seems to slip.

    They have the problems of mined land, lack of schools, hospitals, roads, Police, banks, fertiliser, farming and democratic framework of VCs UCs MCs, oppressive and divisive caste system, religious divide, which in turn close access to good educationon an equitable basis.

    THe publicity of a still functioning junket may give lifeline to the few unreformed former LTTE cadres to start sabotage activities once again. It also strengthens the case for continuedArmy presence to nip any new movements in the bud.

    If one looksat the decisive events in the past – say if murder of Alfred Duraiappa was not alowed to happen it would be a different Jaffna today.

  121. Hi folks do not forget me now you all should understand the meyhem i have created i ve seen lot of comments but cant read it at all becuse i dont have a translater with me right now but managed to read the names
    But right now i cant do anything other than BTF and GTF they all my buddies any way ,but i need a small consessoin as and everyone knows my family come first thats the human nature you all mihgt prasise but i m not excepional i would like to grant permmission to visit my sisters to visit VVT to look after my mum.give a relife to MrSivajilingam as we understand even uncle Sam have no more interested of him what a plight of Tamils in moteher Lanka

  122. Statesmen don’t give in to provocation, especially the provocation is done by someone living in far a away place!!! And top of it the victims were brought to this pathetic state by his own in human actions!!!

    Manhandling of Jayalath Jeyawardene, Wimal Weerawansa’s violent protest in Colombo currently and several killings of journalists, prominent Tamils will prove the character of MR. He is not fit to be a leader!!! He is a good material for a “street thug”

  123. DBJ

    Your writing is good and eloquent.

    You have asked the question – ‘What have the Tamils gained by this demonstration’?

    These are only my thoughts and I was not one of the demonstrators, but do understand them

    We all acknowledge that MR defeated VP, ruthlessly or otherwise does not matter, But supposing VP had won, do you think that VP would have gone to Singhalese areas and destroyed the burial sites? To win Hearts and Minds?
    Now the mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters and children, whether LTTE supporters or not have no place to moan their dead.
    When winner Duttugemunu killed Elara, he built a monument.
    Had M R, the modern day Duttugemunu not degraded the defeated Tamils and was only perceived to be fair towards the defeated, he would have been heralded as a true leader, not only by the Tamils world over but by the whole world itself. The Tamils would have been satisfied just with the crumbs.

    Now he is perceived as nothing but a common Thug, who became the most powerful Thug in Sri Lanka and as far as the Tamil Diaspora is concerned, any loss to Sri Lanka, whether it is monetary or respect, is a gain for the Tamils.

    Their Loss is our Gain principle

    Does this answer your question?

    I thought you were Blue, Black and Blue from Mount.

    We are having our Christmas Party on the 18th. and I invite you to join my wife and me.

    Keep up the good work.

    Thank you but I wont be in town……..DBSJ

  124. DBSJ
    As usual good article again..But …..

    If Rajapaksa implement or try to implement the 13th Amendment, he can simply avoid this humiliation. Rajapaksa &co Ltd started the new project on 19th May2009 wipe out the Tamils in Srilanka within 25years…………..If you have time, Please write about that in near future. We pay the heavy price with Prab last 30 years…Thats enough….EVERY CRIME HAVE A PRICE……….

  125. #127 Sharmila
    ….As a North Indian residing in London I always read you to know what goes on in Sri Lanka….

    Sharmila, how nice! I too am north indian,living in London.I too read DBSJ to get to know more about Sri Lanka

  126. The plight of tamils in sri lanka will be the same even if MR had addressed the Oxford Union.
    He would have said the usual words about ‘devolution’, democracy etc..
    There would not have been any “debate”.
    He would have faced a barrage of questions which he would have not been able to answer.
    This is why GLPeiris ran away from a confrontation with the american media in new york.
    What has happened will not make him alleviate the misery of the tamils of the northeast.
    The persecution by the armed forces and police will continue and may become worse.
    Mr acheived power by poaching opposition MPs in parliament by pandering to their greed for portfolios,perks,position and wealth.
    Now he is a dictater with control over every aspect of governance.
    This incident I fear, will harden his attitude agaist the tamils living in sri lanka and make their olight even worse.

  127. Hi DBSJ,

    Though I read most of your articles I never commented on your articles. May be there was no need to do so since your articles were so complete with facts. I really enjoy reading your articles. Thank You…

    But I have a one question hope you would answer it.

    I think I completely understand your mindset by reading the article and specially the comment #66.
    Even I (a sinhalese) feel sorry for the state of common tamil people. Do you really believe Mahinda will deliver a better future to them specially people like Weerawansa and Champika round him. I know you can hope that’s the only thing we all can do since we do not see any other opition on the horizon.

    With your experience / knowledge don’t you see a better way to get his attention on these matters.

    Anything other than just “Hoping”?


    Thank you for this comment and query

    “Hope springs eternal in the human breast”

    Realistically there is no choice at the moment. Unless the unexpected occurs Mahinda will be President for many,many years. So there is no choice other than ro work with him

    The immediate priorities for Tamils are rehabilitation,resettlement, reconstruction and economic revival

    The govt too is for resettlement and economic development .

    So there is room here for a common or integrated approach

    Then there is the political power sharing. In that there is some disagreement. I cant see federalism or greater devolution coming but there can be limited devolution for the moment under the 13th amendment. We can also implement Tamil as an official language under 16th amendment

    If Mahinda wants to deliver something tangible to Tamils he can do so. His Sinhala credentials are stronger than JVP, JHU or NFF. He can override them if he wants to but for that he must have the political will

    I am aware that some efforts are underway to “gently persuade” Mahinda into adopting a softer line on this matter which is why some rapport between govt and TNA is important

    It will take time and only a gradualist,incremental approach will work

    I also feel that a confrontational attitude will not work with the Rajapaksas. Only a cooperative approach will work in this I think

    Sadly there is no other choice. We have to work with Mahinda

    This is why I get mad with the tiger remnants in the Diaspora. After causing irredeemable harm to Tamils they are spoiling even the small steps being taken on the road to reconciliation and equal rights

    In short .Yes. there is something more than hope!

  128. Dont be too harsh on us who went for protest with LTTE flags Mr.Jeyaraj

    We are not tiger supporters but when these youths brought the flags we couldn’t stop them

    We also dont have bravery to walk out in front of them

    So we stayed unhappily and uncomfortably

  129. Dear Expats,
    you all may try and succeeded to humulate the president of Sri Lanka but the fact is by hook or by crook he removed the shackels of every sri lankan that restraining them to live in peace and sanity. How many tamils return and moved freely in Sri Lanka after the end of war. i think Tamils need to search their hearts and souls. if they want to live as Brits or canadians let it be so. but if they care for sri lanka then they should help build that country by building communities and building life of people. the president or the government will never take revenge from the Tamils in Sri Lanka but may be they will give a hardtime for returning hardline Tamils. whether we get support from expats or not we will build Sri Lanka and all communities will be a part of it. we dont care about the none entities like Britian anymore. it is as lame as Norway. US and Canada is also are not economic powers as they used to be. Sri Lanka had and continue to have the support of Russia and China. By your protests and hooliganism, your only pushing the country away from western idols and giving food for the hardliner sinhalese. Basically the hardline tamils and sinhalese have a field day at the hand of the moderates of both communities. I pray that the President will learn from this fiasco the value of free speech, and democracy at home and discipline to his cabinets and government establishments. We thank the president for ridding terrorism and hopefully he will build this country. if not we will have find someone else who could do that. Let the Tamil Diaspora of extremist bark at the moon

  130. DBS

    We went for Dorchester protest but turned back when we saw LTTE flags

    We are against Mahinda govt but not for LTTE

    we also dont want to be branded as LTTE

    Just wanted to tell you that

    LTTE killed my brother in TELO, my cousins in EPRLF and three of my uncles for other reasons in Vanni

  131. While the role you play to educate Lankans everywhere of the nitty gritty of politics in the country is appreciated, your poor attempt to pose as a balanced commentator has always been suspect.


    When will people like you understand that there cannot be any “balance” in a point of view article.

    Also can you tell me of a single instance whare I have “poorly attempted to pose as a balanced commentator” or claimed to be “playing a role in educating Sri Lankans everywhere of the knitty gritty of politics in the country”?

  132. DBSJ

    Just reading your response to various comments, and what other tamil commenters have said, there seems to be a fear that there will be repercussions on the tamils back home due to the actions of sections of the diaspora as such.

    There have been other commenters here who have implied or made idiotic and just downright disgraceful threats about ‘colonising tamil areas’ and other nonsense in retaliation (e.g. comment 122 – not a proud Lankan, but a complete jackass) which may perhaps reinforce that fear.

    But I would like to hope that this wont be the case. The facts stand for themselves

    Out of the 300,000 odd civillians in camps, the majority have been resettled from what I understand, with only 30,000 remaining

    From the 10,000 LTTE low-level cadres, a good 70% have been re-habilitated and re-settled.

    The government has engaged with KP when there was no real requirement to do so. Karuna and Pilliyan are part of the establishment

    Rightly or wrongly all of this does not really strike me as the actions of a person/government that has been acting in a punitive fashion.

    It seems to be very much a policy of inclusion, with a hand of friendship extended out – the motivation for doing so can be argued – but it has been done

    I very much doubt if this will change based on the actions of a minority of a minority of a minority – i.e a section of a diaspora of tamil people… a veritable pinprick as you put it very nicely

    If that was the case Tisaranees whole family and the bodies of her dead ancestors would have been dug up and all would be in Boosa by now, thanks to her weekly diatribes, haranguing the guy (note to Tisaranee – please, please can you write about something else for once? Pretty flowers, the sunset, the laughter of little children – anything. There is only so much one can take of the same topic)

    But all in all. Extend praise when praise is due. But there is no requirement not to criticise the President or the Government, when it is deserved, just out of fear of possible consequences, due to ones ethnicity

    This is a fundamental right of all Sri Lankans to do that – be they Sinhalese, Muslim or Tamil

    And I certainly plan to exercise that right.

    This forum is the closest thing we have to a credible opposition in Sri Lanka ;-). So lets continue in the same vein.

  133. I think Diaspora Tamils acted stupid . In every act that we do have a result either fruitful or futile. Yes Tamil protest humiliated Rajapaksa and what was the end result …?This will be the last protest the Tamils have done because in future Rajapaksa will avoid such incidents by preparing accordingly. Tamil Diaspora please do something that will help the Tamils in Sri Lanka. This is very childish and Tamils are loosing ground for any form of reconciliation …As someone commented this is all Tamil gas and not solid. Try to find a solution for millions of Tamils in home land, who are suffering…You Diaspora eat well and live well and can let gas well . Tamils in SL are not helped …… So don’t cry for us and demonstrate for us  living in the western world !!!!!!!!  You only create misery for us. We have to live with Rajapaksa whether we like it or not ….! If India is not helping and China supporting SL  and western world is impotent  …and you are creating animosity with the Rajapaksa and the rulers . One year has passed what progress have you done other than trying to be equal with Rajapaksa ?? Learn a lesson from Japan and Germany . Tamil Diaspora you are not fighting with SL but  very very big powers behind SL ..let us face reality.

  134. 106. Tjustice

    I am not a fan of MR by any means but I think in the current situation he is the ONLY politician, Sinhalese or Tamil, that is capable of providing a permanent solution and improve the dire circumstances of the IDPs in Sri Lanka. Now I understand that most of you pro-LTTE Diaspora have absolutely no desire to see that happening and see the living conditions of N&E improve because that will deprive you of your reason for political existence and dry up the sources of wealth.

    But one thing is clear, you had a golden opportunity to question Mahinda in front of an international audience, about human rights violations and political aspirations of Tamils. He would have had to answer the questions that would have been put to him. For all your (Diaspora) posturing you guys did not have guts to stand up to him.

    For months and years BTF and their associates have been boasting and taunting Mahinda to come to the West where he would be arrested. Well he did, an did he get arrested? Then there were talks of arresting his security detail. Did that happen? Even if I don’t like him I have to admire a guy that will not back down from a challenge. Then when it became obvious to him that the OU speech was not going to happen, he gracefully withdrew. I must say that I did not expect that from a SL politician.

    A bit of advice to you and hundreds of pro-LTTE people who post here. If you want to world to take your story of GOSL complicity in human rights violations during the war seriously, ditch the odious Tiger flag when you are out demonstrating. If you are serious about seeking justice for human rights violations, show that by demanding that the LTTE leaders who are now in the West be arrested and tried. A good example is Adelee Balasingham. There are videos of her handing out awards at passing out ceremonies of LTTE child solders. Why is she not arrested and charged against crimes against humanity?

    If you think that finding responsibility for human right violations is the highest priority issue in N&E Sri Lanka at this point in time, you should start with what you can do very easily – that is clean up your own side and show to the world that you mean what you say.

  135. “yathaarthavaathi vehusana virothi”
    (he who speaks truth is enemy of masses)

    DBS – this is the difficulty you face with people when you write the truth.

  136. The final score:
    Rajapakse: 1 (He showed he can visit UK without being arested.)
    Tamil Diaspora 1 (They got his speech cancelled)
    Sri Lankan Tax Payer: 0 (picked up the bill for the royal junket)

  137. DBSJ

    u are the voice of the silent majority.

    Best help the BTF can have even this late is an ounce of wisdom.

    Shanker i agree with u the South asians have brains but no control over emotions.

    People who lick the boots of west will be kicked off like dogs.

    Yet to know MR’s reaction in SL. Its best he ignores the incident completely. pinpricks heal soon unless very deep.

  138. DBSJ

    This just crossed my mind, you will ask me

    ‘ But how is this action going to help the Tamils still living in Ceylon?’

    It won’t, it never did. The Singhalese will always behave as the victors.

    Though the Singhalese rulers will, not very overtly , show who won and continue to degrade their fellow citizens in the North and East, they will not be able strut the world freely or meet world leaders and look them in the eye and brag.

    Maybe another Singhalese leader will see the light and do right by the whole country.

  139. In case anyone wondered how Maharajanan obtained an invitation from the Oxford Union… This is my theory… SLG hands over to Bell Potinger a few million sterling for a Sri Lanka PR Slush fund. Bell Potinger has a word with some 20 year old student member of the Oxford Union who agrees to propose HRH the President as a desired speaker at the next AGM. Perhaps a generous donation of a few thousand pounds to the Union fund is also discussed and so the meeting is arranged.

  140. Diyasena

    I don’t know why all you sinhalese love genitals, all of you are perverts and molesters, These recent War crime pictures treasured by your genocidal thugs show that clearly to the civilized world about your crime against humanity, any way you don’t understand these thing you Rajabksa worshipper.

    By the way recent lankan newspaper headlines, they proudly admitted.

    3 children abused daily in Sri Lanka

    Child abuse: over 4,000 cases pending in HC

    Child abuse on the rise, but criminals are going unpunished

    Police hunt for 80 local porn stars

    You can proudly claim a land of sexual molesters, perverts and criminals.

  141. After all that expense not even a 5min audience with Cameron or Hague..!? Was it worth the Sri Lankan Tax payers’ hard earned money to send a chartered aircraft full of people to London just so the President can adress a room full of 20 year old students?

  142. Dbs..
    Vocal warriors is apropriat description for diaspora tigers.can you tell me good tamil term for vocal warrior?

    Vaaichol Veerar……………DBSJ

  143. DBS Anna, What I think, the invitation itself from the Oxford Union to MR for his speech was the great honour to him. He proved his leadership talent by wipe out most notorious terrorist organisation LTTE. Whatever left over in the overseas can’t achieve anything as long as they are holding Tiger’s tail. BTF also indirectly responsible for all LTTE’s war crime in the past but today they are challenging MR. They wind up half boiled chickens to protest in the freezing temperature but what they achieved? May be Nediyavan would increase their allowances. MR took the challenge and landed in the UK with team of so called war criminals. Did British authorities touch any single one? End of the day who won this game? Diaspora along with their western counter parts should have try to engage with MR team for peaceful negotiation that could bring meaningful out come to back home Tamils.

  144. Not sure why all the hoopla about MR behavior or DBS’ characterization of it. From another perspective what could MR have done. At the worst end of the spectrum could have screamed in anger in his hotel room possibly pulling out a handful of hair and messing up his hands with the hair dye, that he seems to so liberally use, in the process. Given where he was at that time if he raised as much as even his little finger against anyone protesting he would have been in trouble…even diplomatic immunity goes only so far.

    But thats all fine and dandy in London. And you know what…it doesn’t matter. Because in Sri Lanka what matters is what MR thinks. You could insult him all you want outside SL, the worst it could do is to give MR a few sleepless nights due to wounded pride given that he seems so taken up by pomp and circumstance (even bordering on to the extent of “Kim Jong Il”ish ridiculousness).But thats where it stops.

    Back home his word is law. No good can get to the Tamils in Lanka except through him (pardon for twisting the biblical verse to convey my thoughts but thats ground reality). This is where DBS has positioned himself (and his words) correctly (wisely if I may). Antagonizing MR and his clan would do no good to Tamils in Lanka. Just my two cents.

  145. #151 Hi Priyanka and Shrmilla
    I am too North Inidan no.
    This is the only paper I read also to know what is happening in Sri Lanka
    No other papers no

  146. The tamil dispora who came for the protest don’t understand the truth. They are bilnd with their extremist ideology. So they cannot think out of the box.

    They realy do not know the situation of poor tamils who faced to a war in Sri Lanka. They need food ,shelter ,health facilities and education. Not protests. Dispora cannot fullfil their needs by having demonstrations. Do not waste your money. Give these money to your poor relations in Sri lanka to settle them in their places.

    Most of tamils in Sri lanka except some politicians and tamil dispora, do not need eelam or seperate state. The tamils in Sri lanka needs to live peacefully. Do not put them in a trouble again.

    DBSJ you are doing a great job. Pl try to convice the dispora the truth.

  147. Today’s world runs on PR and nothing but PR.

    Mahinada brough this onto himself and he can blame only him self.

    Now he has to hire 100 firms to reclaim what ever better image he had been putting forward earlier – as a ‘fighter against terrorism’

  148. Hello Mr. Jeyaraj,

    Thanks for the clarification you gave to my posting (#86). Please accept my apologies.

    To all those 20 million in Sri Lanka, who don’t have access to a free and impartial press, here are two short video clips by Channel 4 News (UK), which also include expert testimony about war crimes committed by the Rajapaksa family and their cronies:

  149. As I commented elsewhere in these columns, subjecting President Rajapakse to embarrassment in foreign soil can in no way further the Tamil cause. It is no less ill-considered than that tragic blunder to do away with Rajiv Gandhi for which the Tamil people are paying from then and will have to do so for a long time. Who knows some of the brains behind may have figured in both decisions. Among other, Sri Lanka not being a signatory to the Rome Treaty alone removes the remote possibility of an arrest on War Crimes. I might add, I have also warned in this blog if the President dares a visit he will find himself in unnecessary trouble. Addresses to the Press in New York, London and other places where serious Question and Answers take place are the domain of men like Lakshman Kadirgamar, Prof G.L. Peiris et al. Every Tom, dick and Harry cannot do this – and should not even in their wild fantasies enter this mine field – even in the presence of captive audiences,

    The question now is will President Rajapakse take his ire on the already vulnerable Tamil people who had little to do with the events in the streets of London or will he display statesman-like the expected spirit of magnanimity and win back the Lankan Tamil people ?


  150. For all Rajabaksa worshippers believing in his Tamil fluency and and equality,flocked to srilankan embassy to listen his freedom of speech in Tamil got disapointed in London.

    The whole meeting was conducted in sinhala, and these unwanted lot didn’t have a clue what was going on.

    But still these lot pretended nothing happened and started blaming the Tamil peoples peaceful demonstration against the war criminals.

    Tamils have the right to demonstrate and they exercised it according to the democratic principal of the country but Oxford union cancelled the speech purely they don’t want to associate with the war criminals come and gloat in front of a prestiges and civilized people.

    Anyway Rajabaksa’s gloat would have been, I defeated LTTE, there is no minority or majority in my country, there is no more border villages, I can speak Tamil and I have solution in mind for Tamil people.

    Don’t bull shit guys you worship Rajabaksa and endorsing warcrimes.

  151. 169. dingiri
    You may be totally correct. But that is how the Western World operate. For example, in US it is the lobbyists who mostly formulate legislation and then pass those to the US Congress to make them into law. If you don’t operate through these lobbyists and influence peddlers you will never get anything done. If GOSL wants to advance its position and agenda in the Western world, they better get high powered lobbyists to act on behalf of them. It will cost them money. That is what they should have done with the EU on the tax issue.

    Remember in diplomacy there are no friends but interests. But you have to pay to make sure that your interests are heard and taken into consideration.

  152. Looks like the LTTE supporters in London wont let us Tamils in Lanka live in peace.They have nothing to lose but for us our entire existence is at stake.Let us live please.

  153. Thank you so much for enlightning all of us about what realy happened.

    The Oxford Union is the one who wanted him to speak.
    MR didn’t say that he wanted to give a apeech there, although he would have been honoured when he got the invitation. The way they treated our beloved leader is shameful/ Shame on you Oxford Union. You made a real mess of it. Remember MR was elected by over 75%
    of Sri Lankans and he is highly respected in this region.
    Therefore by treating him so shabbily you have humiliated (at least tried) the whole of Sri Lanka and this region.

    There is one person who must be very very happy and that is CBK (Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga).
    This is her zone, and she would have been upset if MR
    go the chance to speak there. She always thought that she
    is from an upper class elite family and that MR is not of the same class. Well, what has she done to this country ?. MR has done more than what she has done to this country within this short period of his rule. Geting rid of LTTE is the greatest thing that happend to this Island at the present time, and the full credit goes
    to non other than our great Mahinda Rajapakse.
    Deep down Tamil diaspora is happy too that Prabha
    isn’t there any more, but they don’t want to admit it.
    Hey guys there is no one to blackmail you any more
    and you can do whatever you wish, whether to join a demonstration or not. When you come to SL you can go and see your poperties, thanks to MR. Even CBK can visit Jaffna with her elitist friends and stroll down the main street.

    MR is a very brave man who held the bull by the horne
    and defeated the LTTE and finished them from this land for once and for all. He said that he want to see Doctors, Engineers, and Lawyers coming out from the North and East , and not child soldiers. What a wise statement ?,.

    The Tamil people of this country want to live peacefully and build their lives, and they don’t care two hoots whether MR got a chance to speak at the Oxford Union or not. MR is wise enough to seperate the diaspora jokers and the local Tamils. Therefore, there will not be any repurcussions for the local Tamils, and that was evident from his statement given after the cancellation.

    Well, Tamil diaspora can come and visit for this X’mas. There are lot of them are coming at the moment and you too can come and see the handy work of the LTTE in your so called homeland.


    Take care DBSJ.

  154. What rights ? War criminals don’t have any rights! Mahinda and his brothers should join SF in jail. How many journalists have been executed by Mahinda’s goverment ?

  155. Time and time again i m warning people that i m not dead and some thing going over the top now dont test my patience

  156. Dear Ranjan and other sinhalese friends,

    Britain or any other country does not submit to any intimidational protests by any group. Accept the fact that Rajapakse and his parivarankal have a big plate full of “war crime dirt’ on their hands and the evidences are piling up. Tamil protestestors basically added spice to the already damaging videos and news put forward by Channel 4.

    The Oxford Union was right in cancelling the event as any such honourable union cannot entertain a visitor whose involvement in war crimes and mass execution of injured tamil civilians as well as LTTE in the closing stages of Wanni war is becoming clear day by day with videos leaked from guilty conscious SLA sections to the international arena.

    Ranjan, as I have told you before, the SLA is well known for indiscipline in its ranks with regards to treating females. The videos further prove that SLA is making history in ‘how to commit war crimes’ and ‘how to specialize in forced raping’. There will be more videos coming out in the future.

    The focus here is: It does not matter who committed the crimes. The culprits should be brought to the book. Any surviving SLA commanders who were gleefully part of the massacre of civilians or any surviving LTTE leaders who shot at fleeing civilians, the commander of the armed forces currently in prison, the country’s senior citizen Mahinda Rajapakse and his ‘human rights violator brother – Gotabhaya’ all should be investigated and given harsh punishment once found guilty.

    If some sinhalese hardliners think, that all will be dandy and happy after finishing the war by wiping out a sizable tamil civilian population in Wanni, they are badly mistaken. Culprits, wherever and whoever they are should be punished and a new Sri Lanka based on equality and free of Rajapakse tyranny should dawn.

  157. Rajapakse is no statesman. He will prove over and over to all Sri Lankans he is a liability to Sri Lanka. His involvement in war crimes will become clearer by the day and he will be more of a liability to Sri Lanka than a leader.

  158. History repeats itself. It is a fact. Hitler and Mugabe, for example were two leaders of their country. The things they did were very bad and had a huge impact on society. Hitler killed all the Jews and punished them. Likewise Mugabe killed his own people, punished the white minority, robbed all their wealth and dehumanised them.

    Now in 2010, there is another person who fits their category, and his name happens to be Mahinda Rajapakse. Let’s say he is definitely someone who is seen as a ‘war criminal’. I mean killing innocent Tamil people everyday and then acting on live television as if nothing had actually happened, is purely WRONG AND OUT OF ORDER.

    Oh, and in case you are wondering how he may still be living, he is simply ‘praying god’ and putting a ‘grin on his face’. Making a load of lies on his way and accusing the Tamils for all the chaos. I mean, who the hell does he think he is? He should look in the mirror twice before he says something very stupid. He is seen as a ‘hypocrite’ and a ‘war criminal’ by many and thus he is into what some may regard as ‘deep shit’.


  160. Post war period has shown no remose from MR his behaviour towards SFshows vengence. He is ridding high on the crest of victorious flavour in these 19/12 thinking he is the mighty. The event in London should now make him realise,or if he is intelligent enough that fall can happen to any one, if you have peaked then next is a fall. If he falls then like humpty dumpty, no one can put him back together. He should realise that he is not immortal, just a mortal that death will come to him as well. He should use Buddha Dharma and start thinking beyound race, religion and cread, to create peace and pay pennace for the sins, he was instrumental in committing. His present behaviour is not condusive to a lasting peace and stability in Srilanka.

  161.  Yes cowing down to Rajapaksha and the Sinhala majoritarian rule and hoping for any hand out by the Sinhalees was the Peaceniks had for the last 60 years , what benefit have we received. My grand father used to tell we hoped GGP and SJVC their  parties when appeased the Sinhala leaders, joined with them and supported and  signed various pacts hoped they will give us equality, peace and prosperity. What did we get you knew and I read and heard about1956,1958,1961,1978.etc. Then my father supported  Mr Amirthalingam and his party (moderate ) and supported and had  talks and discussions, court cases, commissions  etc What did the Sinhala did to him and  his lieutenants. Put then in prison, lacerated  their heads, burned their’s and Tamils houses and properties, including Jaffna library,1983 Pogrom, and  numerous disappearances, murders, rapes, Arial  bombardments, discrimination in jobs, university admissions, prevented from free speech and media and exiled them just like you and fellow (Tamil diasporas)Tamils as refuges all over the Globe. I as a young student have been to various political meetings with EROS, LTTE, TELO in the late seventies but fortunately or unfortunately  I got admission to a medical college and my interest was diverted, but while I was at the university 1983 pogram happened and had to flee. One of my uncle was in the west and I was able to exile my self easily. And now I had to give up my medical education my  and became an accountant and ‘living’ in Canada shivering in cold with a heavy heart. My great grand father had founded and built 3 schools (which produced several doctors, Qc’s, Government agents, engineers, professors, and lots of teachers let alone literate citizens  of the country). My grand father and my father had managed them in the north. In the 60’s this Sinhala government nationalized with out any compensation to our family. Like my grand father, father, and perhaps me have hoped Sinhala Leaders will give us some thing out of their heart when we supported them and democratically and non violent ways expressed our wishes.VP and his elk( LTTE), and all the militant groups have tried another way hoping they can give back the same medicine given by the Sinhala leaders and their mass. And tried to get back what we owned but we all know what the result was .During this period we and the world knew how and why LTTE (VP and elk) went over drive and out of control. And the other militants were brought back and or bullied and made slaves of Sinhala leaders. Now LTTE has been buried under Mullivaikal.   Why do you think again going back to the Sinhala leaders and their mass to and ask them to give us some sort of favor (pitchai) ? Will they give what ever they denied to us for over 60 years? And just blaming for all the ills on the LTTE and its elk!The only difference now is the first 30 years of  non violent and democratic ,co operational politics  did not give us any benefit nor the international attention. The confrontational and violent politics/agitation at least has invoked international attention. Although LTTE may have lost, and caused havoc for lots of us . Does anyone think any Sinhala leader including Mahinda Rajapaksha and his family or any future leader will do the right thing without the international compulsion/ persuasion Given the 60 years of our experience and the mentality of the Sinhala majority voter? And taking in to account what is happening and has happened in the last 18 months in the North and East. Just having hope in the breast and try the same old political maneuvers (cooperative approach) which was failed in the past.
      If there is a will there is a way. The International  persuasion/diplomacy certainly non violent. Tamils are a Nation ,a people we can’t cow down any more. We need to thing lateraly as well

  162. What a shame on British Govnt this is happened to be a super power or world police force.but cant blame now they are becoming 3rd world sadly.
    If you look at the statics you can see lot of arrivals are the dispora,but unfortunatley they all counted as tourist,Now they can travel frrely anywhere in Sri Lanka.
    Lot of Tamils hate this ruthless organaisation.but they all threatened.
    If these Tiger Tails really intersted to help and build back the lives of sufferd Tamils really a good opportunity is there.but they all want more disruption than the peaceful life.
    Most of the dipora as far as i know they had lot of high hopes and given grusome money,its the healing time.
    Wars never had fair path,battlefield is differnent to the offices.this tragedy would have been avoided if the LTTE would have think about the plight of the ordinary civillion.they have given enough time but this dispora tails were relying on Indian and USA election this dispora have to take the responsibilty.
    Asking for war crimes-we supported the general to be our presisdent he was the one incharge of the forces and we haild him,

  163. Oxford Union made the right decision, even it at the last moment after seeing the wikileaks material. Any stupid in this world will dare to shake MR’s hands after reading the wikileaks despite the support he enjoys from

  164. DBS,

    Many thanks for another FANTASTIC piece of work. I’m glad that there is a gulf of a difference of approach between the ‘SL Tamil Diaspora/SL Tamils’ and the ‘pro LTTE Diaspora’. So many ideas which I thought was absolutely awesome. Pres Rajapakse has nothing to gain by making Tamils suffer by the actions of the LTTE rump in London. Sadly an opportunity was lost to those who genuinely wanted to start a dialogue with him, to make lives better for those who really need a helping hand in the North. I was quite happy to read Tamils seeking a better working relationship with the President to move things forward – this is the pragmatic approach. The one approach that can speed up progress. However, Pres Rajapakse will romance with the SL Tamils and be their hero too, a process he started with ex-militants who’ve had a change of heart – this is the way to go. This man is NOT done with us yet.

    I’m just thinking out loud that UK Tamils who are genuinely concerned about Tamils back home and making their people’s lives better not to be disheartened by this appalling foolish behaviour of the LTTE rump. Given time, they will too disintegrate – it’s just a matter of time. Good Luck

  165. #188-maru sira


    Take care DBSJ.


  166. If targeting (alleged war) criminal does not help (Tamil) people of Sri Lanka, what else will. There is no question an oppressor of freedom does not deserve respect.
    Until crimes of Sri Lankan state and it’s thuggish leaders are independently investigated and judgement is given, they should be treated like vermins.

  167. #170 Tjustice.

    “I don’t know why all you sinhalese love genitals, all of you are perverts”

    Gotta have them to love them buddy, You eelamtards wouldn’t know..
    It was a figure of speech, mate.. Move away from your computer for a few hours, go outside your ghetto and socialise with people from other ethnicities, then you’d understand such language nuances..

    “3 children abused daily in Sri Lanka
    Child abuse: over 4,000 cases pending in HC
    Child abuse on the rise”


    Compare the numbers mate (and that’s only England not the whole of UK)..

    That’s roughly 8-9 substantiated cases per day..
    Child abuse happens everywhere, but it is comparatively low in Sri Lanka, and we are cracking down on it..

    BTW, What have you to say about the children used by the LTTE as child soldiers and bunker slaves??

    “Police hunt for 80 local porn stars”

    How many porn stars are there in the UK mate?

    Go to google and do a simple search, compare the number of hits for Sri Lankan/ Sinhala porn against the number of hits for Tamil porn..

    Don’t go looking for specks of dust in other people’s eyes when you’ve got a big cricket bat in yours..

  168. Dear DBSJ,

    You mentioned Jayalath Jayawardane was mistreated in the article. There are reports that he attended a hero’s day event in the UK with Dr. Wikramabahu Karunarathne..

    If so the government has the right to initiate procedures to de-seat him, as he has violated his oath as an MP..

    Could you please shed some light on this matter?


    What is there to shed light?As if you dont know?Dont play games.Just read the news.Its self -evident

  169. Please continue your nobleefforts DBS. The dirty diaspora will yelp but you please keep in mind our suffering people back home and do what you are doing to help them

  170. David Jeyaraj

    May the love,protection and blessings of our dear Lord Jesus Christ may be upon you

    Thank You………..DBSJ

  171. Ironic for OXford the bastion of free speech in the western world to deny President Mahinda his freedom of speech

  172. Mahinda is our Head of the State and the most powerful ruler in Sri Lanka’s history. Mahinda ( President ) is now using all the powers he has to deny freedom of speach and had killed several prominant Journalist and Meda personal during his four years of rule. He killed hundreds and thousands of inocent Tamil civilian who were not directly involved in the war. Because, they do not belongs to the majority Sinhala community they were killed like flies. He dinied access to foregin press and international community to go and see what was happening in that part of the world during and after the war. He even did not allow former UN Secretary General from visiting North and East. So how the hell he could be allowed to go and address in an institution which is regarded as the highest in the freedom of speach and learning. What the Tamils in Britian did for him is 100% right. The world should know what sort of monster he is. He is like a lion in sheeps coat when he visits other countries. What a joker is he.

  173. DBS,

    Excellent report (as usual).

    I could not help notice that the OU organization website promotes itself with the following statement: “Founded on a platform of the Freedom of Speech, when religion and politics were off-limits within the University, we exist separately from Oxford University and Oxford University Student Union (OUSU). Harold Macmillan called us “the last bastion of free speech in the Western world”. [ref: http://www.oxford-union.org/?a=129%5D

    I find it disingenuous that the OU capitulated meekly to special interest lobbies in the UK.



  174. After reading all the comments and more information is coming, I should say it was not denial of speech but cancellation of invitation. A simple procedural matter and we are splitting hare for nothing

    No. not quite……….DBSJ

  175. “Mahinda suffers political Waterloo at Oxford” followed by “Mahinda Denied Right of Free Speech by Oxford Union”. Two contrasting headers with the first intended on giving facts whilst the later sending a message to reconcile an escalated issue.

    There seems to be a lot of bickering and confusion on your quote: “MR as statesman and magnanimous”. I was baffled as well. But considering the situation he was in it made sense. His words might have been statesman and magnanimous like, but we need to wait and see if his actions will be statesman and magnanimous ensuring that vengeance is not aimed at the hapless Tamils back home. Sending the former general’s son in law’s grant mother to trial shows that no one is spared.

    As for the Tamil Diaspora here in London, they are lost and delusional. Many have taught their kids that the Tamil national flag is the LTTE emblem and all Sinhalese are enemies who raped and killed our kind. When I mingle with Sinhalese students at university the Tamil students see me as an outkast.

    No constructive measures were taken by Tamil groups to find a solution to the issue as opposed to just raising placards and shouting war lord. GTF could have made in roads with members of the Oxford Union to raise key questions to MR or perhaps go in as delegates and interrogate him rather than making an effort to cancel the speech. As you mentioned they are all talk and no action. The whole issue was some masala tamasha to raise more money.


    The first was written for my blog on Dec 1st evening on the basis of available facts.

    The second was written for the “Daily Mirror”on Dec 2nd evening on the basis of more facts made available .

    Now I am getting even more facts and may write another one with more updated information

  176. #191-meikandan

    (The Oxford Union was right in cancelling the event )
    That is not the point. Why did they invite him in the first place?After inviting you can’t humiliate a head of state like that. According to DBSJ article this is not the first time they have done it. What they have proved is they do not have a backbone at all.Nobody will respect this oxford union if they go on in this way. Just like the morris minor they will fade off and better institutions will take their place in other countries. These kind of institutions are still running on last centuries juice,which is nearly runout anyway.

  177. Yes, DBS I am very much with you in spirit,

    Sorry for the previous piece I forwarded without reading most of the comments but after lightly perusing them. There is much that is being stated on your SriLankan psychiatric couch of a website that it takes too much time to read all of them with much junk in it.

    Hence I only read in depth the comments where you have counter commented and lightly peruse the rest. In glancing through many comments and your responses along with your main in depth article I too was of the same view and wavelength as that of comment number 66 of Pseudo named Acumen and you too confirmed it. Yet there should be also some truth in the question posed by comment number 78 under jcnars.

    I do not share your optimism with regard to MR., as I discern that he is of the same mindset as VP and as I have stated in my previous comments his potential is to do far greater damage than VP with SL being a potential stage setup for a Polish border like incident as an excuse for the continuation and commencement of WW II that will never come to an end in its truest sense as long as mankind is on this planet.

  178. What happened to MR in the UK had nothing to do with free speech. Free speech as a concept is free of government or state control. That is all. Somebody always controls speech somewhere., whether it is newspaper publishers, website owners, book publishers, TV news producers or university forums like Oxford Union (OU).

    Just like the OU had the right to invite MR to speak, they also have the right to cancel the invitation. It is their forum. That is not a denial of free speech anymore than OU not inviting an opponent of the MR regime to speak.

    Rajapaksa may have appeared to handle the situation like a statesman with “statesman-like” statements thanks to GLP but we all know, he is a street-fighter, a thug. The statemean like behaviour is for the western consumption while at home he rules like nationalist authoritarian.

    He is a Sinhala version of VP, a violent nationalist. While it is true that the welfare and safety of the Tamils living in Sri Lanka should come first for the Tamil diaspora, in saying that the protests do not help the Tamils in SL, we are missing a key point here. If I can make an analogy, it is like asking the family of a wife in a violent marriage not to get involved because the man would get even more violent if provoked. The violent man should be held accountable.

  179. HI all,
    Just went for the annual Christmas Christmas Carols at St Bridgets. yep we are back to a normal life. The venue was filled with tamil singhalese and burgher parents (perhaps one or two muslim ) Watching the kids. Nativity plays, Lessons and Carols.
    In the end the children sang ‘So this is Christmas – What have you done’
    We need to bring Christmas to those people still living in Jaffna and other areas who suffered during the war. I appeal to all tamils and Singhalese in European countries forget the issues for a day and send as many gifts as you can for the children. Many organisations here in Sri Lanka are helping out. Do your bit too.

    By the way DBSJ today is festival of nine lessons at STC


    Oh thanks.Dilshan. Makes me nostalgic thinking of the church of Transfiguration.Wonder whether there are bats inside still?

  180. 191 meikandan,

    The biggest war criminals are the Western Countries that allowed fundraising through its citizens to create murder, bombings and cold hearted slitting of throats. Dont please now get on a moral high ground and say that the only war criminal left alive is the president of Sri Lanka. In your midst are people who cut throats of innocent civilians, of sadhu and bashed the heads of children with clubs. These people are amongst you. So look closer inward. Dont think that we believe that all of you who protest are lily white. Your hands are as tainted with the blood of the innocent as the one you target.

    Why dont you bring just ‘ONE” of the LTTE to justice over crimes commited by the LTTE against Tamil political Leaders, Civil servants and of other rival political parties, let alone the crimes committed in the south.

    The fact of the matter is that most of you are spineless against the brutality of the LTTE. you are just pawns just as the Govts of western countries in a Global whitewash of the EELAM DREAMERS.

    IN the name of EELAM you have murdered the innocent of both north and south and now you have the audacity to say that there is only ONE war criminal.

    Take the BLOG out of your own eye before trying to remove a speck from another.

    You people are pathetic, blind to reality.
    While you dream of your EELAM and lost rights – ( WHICH NO ONE yet has put forward in this blog ) the seeds of war you have sown caused only humiliation and suffering for those to whom you promised to deliver EELAM. You only fattened the pockets of those residing in the luxury of western europe and yet forgot the people back in Sri Lanka !

  181. Why should the expat Tamils be concerned about not antagonizing MR, an unjust leader, when he visits the West?


    Why dont you think that such protests in the West may bring another Sinhalese leader who will see the light and do the right thing by the whole country.


    Pro-LTTE Diaspora antics only help to empower and entrench the Rajapaksa regime.

  182. I hear Tamils in Kilinochi demnstrated against London Diaspora Tamils. Very good. Now at least vocal warriors (to use DBS term) will realise their folly

  183. Tamils must always remember that Selva- Dudley pact and Selva-banda pact were abrogated by Sinhala leaders long before LTTE came to the scene. Anyone who thinks that not protesting against the Sinhala leader who committed atrocities against millions pf Tamils since he took power must be daydreaming. Tamils have nothing to lose by staying silent anymore. So many years have passed without any tangible result, being passive to Sinhala polity will not bring any positive outcomes to Tamils. Tamils need not to worry, once water is above nose who cares it goes up by an inch or by mile.

    While Vocal warriors in Diaspora pretend to be heroes the poor Tamils in Sri Lanka will continue to suffer. They have everything to lose………….DBSJ

  184. Hi DBSJ,

    Whatever it is, I am in support with your last paragraph on this article. I recall what happened after JR been treated in that meeting in Jaffna. He took revenge and we Tamils as paid for that . I hope MR do not repeat the same as JR reacted.

  185. # 191 —Meikandan,

    Please read comment 155 to see what freedom you have in your adopted heavens.

    Please read comment 157 if you want proof about war crimes and human rights violations.

    Rajapaksa is a good man.

    He will take care of the poor. helpless and economically ruined Tamil people who are our brethren who have to live with us.

    Unllke your favorite LTTE mates who kicked out even the Muslims from the North, Rajapaksas are about ruling for all citizens who live there.

    He couldn’t care less what the Diaspora does.

    He was prepared to call your bluff.

    It is the wimpy and gutless Oxfordians who backed down to your Terrorsty threats.

  186. A great thing has hapened. Tamil peple in kilinochi came to streets to condemn Tamil diaspra in UK.

    I hope Diaspra gets the lesson

  187. Rajapaksa’s UK tour has triggered widespread speculation with some saying that by not heading repeated warnings, he has met his political waterloo.

    Others say that British intelligence after giving assurances through the British PR firm, had taught him a lesson once he arrived in the UK. The underlying reason for this is the unfair treatment meted out to British Foreign Secretary Miliband when he was in Sri Lanka during the period of the war, as well as the rotten eggs and tomato attack on the UK High Commission in Sri Lanka earlier on with alleged government patronage.

  188. Comment 195— Dr Easwaren,

    A handful of hardcore Tigers threaten the wimpy Oxford University that t withdraws their own Invitation for the fear of the Terrorists.

    Rajapksa as brave as ever couldn’t give a sit, but wanted deliver the speech.

    So where is this “fall’ mate.

  189. Comment 190 Mr V Pbrabakaran,

    We in the Diaspora aregrelieved to hear from the horses mouth that you are alive and well.

    We always believed that a our hero wouldn’t just get shot by the stupid SL Army and either you will put up a brave fight or escape to fight another day.

    I am sure you are comfortable in the rural cottage that is provided by your influential mates in Europe.

    The new found vigor and the brave show of strength in the UK, I am sure was meant to coincide with your usual Maraveer Speech although the timing got a bit out of wack.

    Long Live our Leader

  190. Dear DBS,

    Thank you for writing your point views on matters concern everybody.

    It was reported in local papers that president took this trip despite warning from high commissioner to UK on the advice of Vas Gunarawardena. Can you let us know if you have more insights?

  191. DBS

    This is for you.

    And your friend Dayan also get a life.



    Thank you but for what?
    Oh and I think Dayan has a wonderful life and it may even get better when he is in the city of light next year

  192. This is a good wake up call for Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans.

    Sri Lanka was lackadesical for many years, in the manner in which it dealt with the LTTE terras. Had many peace talks, but Sri Lanka never learnt that the LTTE terras were nothing but blood thirsty tamil terras and peace talks was a futile exercise.

    Finally, after 30 years, with the bitter lessons learnt, Sri Lanka came to the realization that the LTTE terras must be killed and fought to the bitter end. And on 19th May 2009, that was done.

    Sri Lanka, are once again on a learning curve. Always naive. Sections of the tamil diaspora has shown that they are nothing but LTTE backers. They are no good to Sri Lanka.

    There are other sections of the Tamil diaspora, who are not like that, and they don’t mix with this LTTE Diaspora. It is like oil and water. The decent tamils will always be our friends.

    In time to come Sri Lanka will deal with these sick LTTE tamil diaspora. It will take time. But trust me, they just made Sri Lanka and people like us, begin the War on Tamil LTTE Diaspora. It will come in various forms.

    When the Sri Lankan people in Sri Lanka are getting on with life after the War, helping each other, whether they be sinalese or tamils, these sick LTTE tamil diaspora, have shown that they are the new cancer.

    We have the medicine for this kind of cancer. It will be very bitter, but without much show, will give the necessary dosage.

  193. I have become your fan DBS Sir.I am your devoted slave.Command me.

    Sivasiva!Enough of this “buttering”…. DBSJ

  194. “225”
    Us Killinochi Tamils were forced by the SL Army to stage a protest against the Tamil dispora.

  195. Jeyaraj annan

    the pro-tiger Diaspora has no real or genuine concern for Tamils in Lanka

    So please dont waste your time in trying to educate them

    They will only keep calling you traitor

    I understand your heart and mind. Keep going

    Thank you Inthumathy………. DBSJ

  196. 225. Dinesh | December 4th, 2010 at 11:40 pm
    A great thing has hapened. Tamil peple in kilinochi came to streets to condemn Tamil diaspra in UK.

    I hope Diaspra gets the lesson

    I hope Sinhalese learn the lesson..

  197. #202. Diyasena

    Diyasena aiye. See I am learning sinhala. I appreciate your intellectuality, you are a spoiled bully. Please don’t talk about integration and ghetto.

    Integration is not about go out and got drunk in a pub, learn some word of vulgar from the pub goers and shag some pretty white birds.

    Integration is all about what you have contributed to the wider society wherever you live, it can be economical, cultural, policymaking or religious empowerment of the society, We Tamil people are doing that and we are a proud and hard working people to recognises our achievement former London major promised in the “hero’s day speech.

    He will make sure an annual day for the Tamil community to host an event in Trafalgar Square, “so that Londoners in all their diversity can come and see and be part of what you have brought to this city.”

    Talking about children

    Why you recruit an army of young children as Buddhist monks?
    Why paedophiles are not punished, rather it is used as revenue?
    Why you exploit vulnerability of the Tamils people in the Tea estates and use young children in the tea picking?
    Why you bombed schools? Don’t you they will be young children?
    Why Srilankan soldiers abused young children in Haiti?

    By the way all your arguments in your post #202 is null and void, because all my figures were based on percentage of the population, I still hold my argument.

    For your information this year’s “hero’s day” speech was attended by a lot of Sinhalese too, you are welcomed as well for the next year’s event.

    By the way, how do you say victory isn’t it “jay weera”, I want to practice “Mahinda chintanaya”, you see my intentions are good!!

  198. What is so great about giving a speech at oxford union anyway? it is to cambridge that as yet (un) convicted war criminal tony blair went to and to oxford where david milliband who voted to go to war with iraq went to.

    what about the other so called ivy league universities like harvard? isnt this where the american establishment went to? and yet the americans along with the british MPs voted to attack iraq illegally and commited thousands of war crimes there and are committing war crimes there as we speak all in the name of grabbing iraq’s oil supply. what about the war crimes committed by this duo UK/US the paragons of virtue in vietnam?

    so what value are these ivy league universities? these are institutions which support US/UK imperialism and colonialism around and across the world. it is only some sad people in sri-lanka with colonial hangovers who think that these institutions are somehow great when they are just another university just like any other university in any other part of the world.

    there are so many great insitutions of learning in asia and yet some of our own sri-lankans are so servile to the west they cannot see this greatness which is sad.

    lets take in sharp contrast persons like hugo chavez of venezuela, evo morales of bolivia, jaime raldos (former president of equador), omar torrijos (former president of panama) lenin, mahatma ghandhi, bob marley, martin luther king etc.

    did they go to these so called ivy league universities? of course not and yet they are extremely popular among the people of the world and an inspiration to the world even though some of them are not even alive today.

    I know which set of people above i would want my children/grand children associating with.

  199. when i read the article i was rather outraged for the reason altogether that lalith athuladmudali was a student of oxford . oxford is not known to produce engineers and doctors rather it has produced humanities graduates who are supposed to be much more refined and humanistic.but i guess it failed in the case of lalith.he was part of the unp gang which was responsible for the black july pogram in the year 1983.as far as mahinda being denied his right to deliver his speech many leaders have been denied before due to pressure brought on the organisers but jey i think you are too optimistic about mahinda bringing about a change in srilanka becoz he has the backing of sinhalese.it has to be kept in mind that after defeating tigers he said that no longer country will be divided by sinhala or tamil problems he went on to speak in tamil to assure the tamils that their interest will be looked after but the reality has been different tamils are being denied even their basic right.sinhala colonisation continues unabated in north of the country and 13th amendment has not been passed by parliament and implemented.it is too early to pass a judgement let us give mahinda a long rope only time will tell whether he is different from other sinhalese presidents who ruled before him

    Its Hobsons choice and the TINA factor. Is there an alternative to Mahinda at present?………DBSJ

  200. Excellent article as usual DBSJ., thanks.

    Being a former British resident and a very proud Sri Lankan (with admittedly a rather large ego), I felt personally humiliated and insulted by the way MR was treated.
    You words were soothing and I hope MR finds it that way too.

    But more importantly, I hope MR will know that those words mean so much more coming from you than say page after page written on the subject on the Daily News.
    ( I am assuming you genuinly meant what you said and it was not meant as something to stop MR from taking “revenge” from Tamils in SL. I am sure you are not that naive. (but I am, so I had to write it here 🙂 )

    Regardless of our criticisms, he is our elected leader and most Sri Lankans who have an attachment to this country will stand beside him at an instance like this.

    I could not agree with you (and other who said the same thing) more in terms of finding a way forward. It is a matter of slow progress, not one of “no progress”. So all is not lost.

    Dilshan F already mentioned what I wanted to say here about barking dogs not moving mountains.

    Oh btw, 122. A Proud Lankan is a scum bag and no one needs to waste any words about it here.

  201. “Mahinda Denied Right of Free Speech by Oxford Union”

    The very same Mahinda who is denying free speech of others in Sri Lanka has really been denied the right of free speech? Should we feel sorry?

  202. here is an excerpt from an article in the sunday times, that migh be helpful in pinpointing the cause of this mess

    (For President Rajapaksa’s planned address, the stage was set with advanced publicity in Colombo backed in Britain by Bell Pottinger, a London public relations cum lobbying firm hired for this purpose and paid more than a million Sterling Pounds every year. It seemed a tragic irony that External Affairs Minister Peiris and his Ministry which is responsible for the conduct of Sri Lanka’s foreign policy were unaware of what was going on in London.)

    The clear mistake here is bell pottinger should have come directly under the foreighn ministry and funds to it released by the ministry on a case by case basis after evaluating the benefits received, instead of a thumping yearly retainer. Obviously there is no coordination and supervision of what bell pottinger is doing and it is just behaving like a wildcard and creating embarrassment for the country.It will be interesting to see whether oxford got any donations from them. Claims can be made that all the organisations are seperate and independent entities, but where funds are concerned they will all dip into the same bowl.

  203. I have just found out the title of Mahinda’s supposed Oxford speech-

    Forgetting the poor in the development process

  204. I am one of those whu understands and appreciates your journalism DBS.But due to fear of tiger goons I am in the ranks of the silent majority

  205. 238 Ranganathan,
    Why not say so to the British and American embassy’s, Or perhaps now called ‘Embarrasies’

  206. Dear DBS

    Let me congratulate you on your headline.

    Anyone with basic intelligence and knowledge of Sri Lankan affairs will immediately be struck by the irony of it all.

    The thought that would come to mind is see how free speech has been denied to a leader of a country where free speech is denied to many

    I can see that you evoked such thoughts brilliantly through your headline. Subtle and sarcastic

    Sadly from many of the posts here I find that most morons are unable to comprehend or appreciate your depth and intelligence.

    Hence the “anger” over the headline but you must be laughing or crying at these numbskulls

    I think you are casting pearls before swine DBS.


    Thank you You’ve made my day! As for casting pearls before swine ,one perceptive reader like you is worth a thousand morons

    Hence I shall continue to cast pearls. There will always be someone like you will know and recognize the “pearl of great price”.

  207. Rajapaksa not a Statesman but a calculating cunning Politician

    Rajapaksa is not a statesman. He is simply another calculating and cunning politician who was just delivered a taste of what he does to his own countrymen (violently oppressing free speech).

    He is a vengeful man and will wait for an opportune moment to strike back at Brits. Remember Bandaranaikes’ antiques during selection of Presidential Candidate when Rajapaksa was chosen. He pretended to be a wounded man, earning sympathy and hung around low. When he became the President, the first thing he did was to make sure to clip all wings of CBK

    It is just a matter of time.

  208. Both Govt and LTTE are responsible for the war crimes. All know SL govt, LTTE and other millitants have long history of human rights violations. LTTE put the life of innocent people in danger in the last ditch of war. Death and sufferings of innocent people were marketed to western world by LTTE to stand their position. People were used as human shield and forcefully recruited people were used as cannon fodders. Die heart diaspora community who pretending them as human rights activitists accepeted and justified all the crimes commited by the LTTE. LTTE totally denied the right of free speech and claimed the lifes of thousands of Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim in the name of liberation throughout the cause of liberation struggle. People who voiced against them were simply branded as traitors by them and their mouth pieces. Now,people who supported the war crimes of LTTE talking about the morality, human rights and war crimes of govt. People who against the LTTE trying to justify or cover up the violations and war crimes of Govt and SLA. My personal opinion is who ever acted against humanity should be punished. Emotional activities (leisure time activity) of diaspora community may have negative impact on the life of affeacted people in the Notheast. All have the responsibility to restore the normal life in Sri Lanka. Nobody (except some politicians and opportunitists)in Sri Lanka will not accept hostile environment.

  209. Tamils have lost every thing including their dignity. Atleast, those who live outside Srilanka would like to live in dignity and be proud to call them as Tamils.

  210. #225. Dinesh

    The humiliated people were forced by the srilankan intelligence to carry those placards against their own sibling, is pure violation of their human rights.

    I want to ask you one question, demonstrating against Rajabaksa in London, how it is going to affect our siblings in Srilanka? You mean it is a blackmail against Tamil diaspora shut your mouth or otherwise you will feel the consequences back home!!!. Good thinking.

    I don’t understand how far this kind of violations can go, and when the justice going to be served for the perpetrators?

  211. # 225 Dinesh
    The great thing has hapened. Tamil peple in kilinochi came to streets to condemn Tamil diaspra in UK.I hope Diaspra gets the lesson

    Dinesh I understand your goodwill. I don’t accept the London campaign. But the fact is in Killinochchi people were brought (not forcefully, but by the fear or false information) to street by SLA & Govt instruments. Placards and slogans were given to them. Most of the people were unaware of the purpose of demonstration. In earlier days, LTTE also used this same technique. People in Wanni and other areas still have any mood to involve in protesting activities. They need peaceful life.

  212. The protest was about war crimes committed by MRs armed forces against the tamil people and his responsibility for it. When everybody, including the UN, are evading the issue of war crimes against the tamil people is it any wonder that the tamils in the diaspora have taken it upon themselves to take direct action and force the issue back onto the agenda?

  213. Dilshan of comment #216:

    Just get to your point. Don’t go around blaming ‘EELAM DREAMERS’. You will know in the coming months and years “who are the real pathetic ones”?

    It will be Rajapakse and the ‘sorry’ supporters of him who look pathetic in the eyes of the world. Look how pathetically he tries to defend himself. MR says that all those videos that show war crime actions are “fabricated”. It is even more pathetic when he claims “no civilian was killed”. Even a baby knows that it is impossible to just kill tigers when a head of state (MR) and his ‘chemical Ali’ equivalent brother ‘Gota’ order their troops to rain chemical bombs on makeshift hospitals and refugee bunkers during the last months of the Wanni war.

    If Rajapakse dreams that he can commit all the war crimes on Tamil civilians and still halucinate he can hoodwink diaspora or entire world, he is badly mistaken.

    If Sinhalese are smart, they should send these war criminals home with retirement package and elect more progressive younger leaders (there are good number of them in the south but they are intimidated in to not participitating in politics by the MR clan) who can build a Sri Lanka based on brotherhood and equality with Tamil, Muslim, Veddah and Burgher communities.

    But if the south wants to continue with war criminal gangs as their leaders, then Tamil diaspora and every human rights association will ensure Sri Lanka’s progress is dumped for good.

    There is no free ride for racists and criminals in the world. Remember that.

  214. Shree of comment #233:

    Don’t go around sing the tune your masters Rajapakse brothers have the ‘medicine’ for cancers. Rather, they are known among good sinhalese as well as the whole world as the “real cancerous neo Hitler Mutations” of the modern era. So, basically the world is waking up and trying to find ways to ‘destroy’ or ‘tame’ this neo Hitler – Mr. Rajapakse.

    Don’t try to live in a fool’s world that your Goon masters can get away with killing close to 50000 tamil civilians (LTTE excluded) in the Wanni war.

    I know by talking to my relatives in north and east “how is the reconciliation happening in Sri Lanka”. They say it is an intimidatory military style subjugation, not reconciliation”.

    In actual sense, Rajapakse and his moronic henchmen are making the task of tamil diaspora easy. Because Rajapakse wants to establish racial supremacy (by his forced settlement of military families on lands owned by Tamil people in Murikandi, harassing Wanni refugees on daily basis, letting his SLA rape helpless Wanni girls, etc. etc), the diaspora will be able to make a strong case against the Rajapakse and his sidekicks similar to what was done against the ‘Butcher of Balkans’ – Slobodan Milosevic.

    The Oxford fiasco is a warning to Rajapakse and his murderous regime to change course and give up their racist tendencies. The Oxford fiasco is more of a case of Channel 4 coming out with the videos rather than Tamil agitations. If people like you think, it is the diaspora that creates problem as your murderous masters have you believe, I feel sorry for you. There are countries that think that Rajapakse has set a bad precedent for many more new Hitlers to arise in the world, thus he needs to be punished to send a message. Human rights circles will work day and night to ensure this sorry ‘clan’ goes to the Gallows not because these HR agencies care for Tamils or Sinhalese, but to send a message to dictators like Rajapakse — no room for new Hitlers with racial intentions.

  215. Shankar of comment #211:

    I do agree with you on one point. Oxford Union did not have to extend invitation to a potential war crimes suspect in the first place. Basically the Oxford Union put itself on a hot seat by doing that.

    From another point of view, Rajapakse has been made to feel the pain, he so often inflicts on many other people – He and his brother have silenced free speech in side their country and have even gone to the extent of killing true sinhala, tamil and other journalists for writing the truth. So, I think, whether he is a head of state or whatever, it is god’s punishment and reminder to him that “He is not invincible or immortal”.

  216. Dear DBS

    I am wondering why did you eliminate the first part of my following comment?
    255. Varathan | December 5th, 2010 at 12:27 pm



    Because it way off ark and unacceptable.If I let it go then I would have had to write at length explaining why you were so wrong

    I dont have the time,energy or inclination to do that

    In any case I do have the right to accept,reject, edit or delete a comment.

  217. Inspite of all his short commings, percieved and real, Mahinda and Co has become the only hope for reconciliation in Sri Lanka. Hope these kind of useless protests will not deviate him from the path of reconciliation and prosperity. Thanks DBS.

  218. 86. Susan Smith Somalingam | December 4th, 2010 at 1:58 am
    Mr. Jeyaraj,

    You seem to strongly agree with the title of your article, “Mahinda Denied Right of Free Speech by Oxford Union”. Why is Mahinda Rajapaksa entitled to this freedom? In Sri Lanka, the Rajapaksa family, their armed thugs, millitary and police units have murdered more than 10 journalists, kidnapped a dozen or more, violently “disappeared” several, assaulted several dozen and set fire to & vandalized more than 10 media offices.

    I am appalled with your choice of title. Also, 20 or more Sri Lankan journalists (Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim) have fled Rajapakistan and taken shelter in the UK!

    I was amused not appalled by the “irony” in the heading…….DBSJ


    Only now I got it. You are deep DBS

  219. Looks like there is a backlash to Tamil Diaspora from suffering Tamils in North . They are demonstrating strongly against Diaspora

  220. DBS

    Rajapakse was invited and the invitation was cancelled and this is not about freedom of speech it is simply a cancellation of the invitation.

    Don’t you cancel some guest when you have some medical or family emergency ?

    Not when a bunch of thugs with tiger flags “force” me to cancel it……..DBSJ

  221. I wonder DBS will write a column about the controversial videos. He was so good in investigating the stories and brings truth. Few examples are
    1. TRO employees killing by TMVP
    2. LTTE leader was injured in aerial bombing
    3. LTTE shooting on escaping civilians
    4. First person issuing death certificate for LTTE Prabahran
    6. Arrest of KP and current intention of KP
    7. New leader of LTTE
    DBS was writing his columns like he was eye witness all the scene. He always so accurate and so good in bringing the truth out.

    Que Sera ,sera……….DBSJ

  222. #26-meikandan

    it is god’s punishment
    Aren’t we overblowing it a bit here. So he could not address the oxford union. So what. You can’t have everything you want in life. So what is this punishment you are talking about. He was humiliated on the world stage but not in his country where it matters. Remember Gorbachev was hero to the western world but after he lost his job nobody even talks to him when he walks on the road in russia.

    I don’t think it is a punishment. Probably you can call it some egg on the face.For a veteran polly of more than 40 years in the thick of thuggery srilankan politics,a shoe on the face let alone egg will be like water off a ducks back.

  223. #262 Meikandan

    “Rather, they are known among good sinhalese as well as the whole world as the “real cancerous neo Hitler Mutations” of the modern era”

    Who are these good Sinhalese.. You called Udul Premarathatne a GOOD STUDENT in a previous post.. So your definition of a good is a bit suss.. Most of the cancerous neo-nazi mutations were successfully treated with chemotherapy at the Nanda kalapuwa/ Nanthikadal in May 2009..

    “Don’t try to live in a fool’s world that your Goon masters can get away with killing close to 50000 tamil civilians (LTTE excluded) in the Wanni war”

    Your numbers have jumped by 10,000 since the last time. Maybe by next post it could be 60,000.. Is it just random adding or do you have a formula (i.e . Take the actual number, multiply by 20,000, increase by increments of 10,000 for each post).. Civlians are defined as those not bearing arms.. Not wearing civilian clothes whilst bearing arms..

    “Because Rajapakse wants to establish racial supremacy (by his forced settlement of military families on lands owned by Tamil people in Murikandi, harassing Wanni refugees on daily basis, letting his SLA rape helpless Wanni girls, etc. etc)”

    The Military cantonments are built on crown land in a Murakanda/Murikandi.. IF you call providing free food, clothing and shelter as harrassing to IDPs so be it..
    Why are some Northern Tamils agitating against the settlement of Muslim refugees who were languishing in camps for decades? Isn’t that a RACIST TENDENCY??

    “Human rights circles will work day and night to ensure this sorry ‘clan’ goes to the Gallows not because these HR agencies care for Tamils or Sinhalese”

    Channel 4 itself admits they are UNABLE TO INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE AUTHENTICITY of the videos.. Such evidence WON”T be sufficient to convict anyone let alone establish a chain of command for responsibility.. The human rights mercenaries can go in circles and you can hallucinate in a fool’s world to your hearts content, but the reality is the Rajapakse juggernaut will roll on with the electoral blessing of the people..

  224. Aney DBS.now only I read the article,superb.Write more will you aney?

    Aney Nelum,Just wait will you aney…..DBSJ

  225. 261 Meikandan
    Your words,’ If Sinhalese are smart, they should send these war criminals home with retirement package and elect more progressive younger leaders’

    How come you tolerated Fascist VP and his band of murdering thugs? Did you guys elect VP or did you elect him to murder every single moderate tamil and singhalese leader including Rajiv Gandhi?

    ‘there is no free ride for racsists and criminals in the world’ Absolutely right !. There ride ended when they took the ‘Mavilaru’ turn. The LTTE was the most Rascist organisation in the world. Even Hitler stands small compared to the atrocities LTTE commited. Not only did they drive out the muslims in 48 hours but also murdered the PLOTE and other organisations.

    Dream on Meikandan.

    We within Sri Lanka will make it safe and peaceful for all to live.

  226. 178 Susan,

    Sadly channel four was not there when 400 unarmed police personel was taken away murdered with there hands tied behind their backs.
    4000 IPKF troops suffered the same fate.
    You people are talking as if the LTTE was the salvation Army. What is to disprove the video is another of the LTTE killing SLA as these were recorded and distributed in the west?
    Why not the Chanel four also broadcast those clips. or perhaps they are not war crimes when committed by a Salvation Army.
    One thing I noticed was that non of the men being shot wears a suicide vial similar to one lovingly placed on your girls by ‘AUNTY Adele’.
    Another is that non of the men seem to be protesting knowing they will be shot.

    There is no proof that this was commited by SLA or LTTE or IPKF. what is evident is that this did happen and we should not let it happen again by any party.
    For that we need to uplift economically the people of the north and east.

  227. Following is a quote from a media report and appears to reflect the true nature of the London demonstration:

    “Tamils have nothing worthwhile to do here. A lot of them work in shops, Mc Donalds, supermarkets and petrol stations. They have Tiger flags and T-shirts ever ready for this. This is also an outing for them. At beck and call they will be anywhere in thousands. That’s the kind of training given to them by the Tiger leadership over the years”

  228. The world community is incapable of doing anything about the Burmese’s Generals or the one time populist leader Mugabe and even they try doing anything like in Iraque for oil and Saddam see the ongoing blood baths and mayhem? So it will once again be Quay Quay or (Kay ) Sera Sera.

  229. The Oxford Union must surely have recalled that two of its past Union Presidents from Sri Lanka were killed by the LTTE.

  230. Hi DBS,
    Your article had lot of facts and gave the full picture of what happened during MR’s visit. Your information gathering and style of writing is quite stunning.

    For a long time I beleived Tamil Ealam is a reality and something we can achieve with the extensive support from the Tamil diaspora. Now I realize it is a pipe dream. I strongly support the actions of Tamil expatriates in condemning the atrocious acts of the Sri Lankan government especially during the last few weeks of the final war. Any conscious human being on this planet will strongly criticize the acts of brutal killing of innocent human lives. It is absolutely ridiculous to compare and contrast LTTE’s and SL’s atrocities. End of the day it is our brothers and sisters in North and East are suffering.

    It is time to face the reality. It is a pitty to know the millions of Tamils around the world don’t have a homeland on their own. Why should we use the Tamils in North and East Sri Lanka as a scapegoat. What happened to the immense pressure given my the Tamil Nadu people to stop the war? How many western countries genuinly presurred the SL to stop the war? I think lot of the expatriate tamils still live in an unrealistic world. How many of us fully understand the geo-political situation in Asia. The future super powers (India & China) are firmly against the LTTE suporters and it is extremly unlikely that our style of lobbying (provided we are united) will ever convince India and China to support Tamil Ealam. The top prioroty for us is to regain the lives of tamils in Sri Lanka. It is a perfect opportunity to invest in North and East for the benefit of our people. There are literarlly millions of dollars collected by LTTE groups around the world are currently in the hands of few individuals who are fighting for ownership. The money idling in the banks are enough to feed millions of people in North and East. Our strategy should be to pressure the Sri Lankan government to form a federal state with the help of India. We cannot achive anything by antagonizing India. It is an unfotiunate reality. Let’s hope we will change our thinking and act to save our people before they are reduced to visible minorities in Sri Lanka.

  231. # 9 – Lalith,
    Don’t be afool to underestimate DBSJ. He knows who MR is & what ever MR’s weknesses are he is genuinly committed on resolving this problem by a srilankan solution. Not by solutions suggested by whites & Indians who have their ulterior motives. The problem I see is that some of the tamil community are not prpared to consider themselves as srilankans instead of talking of minirity rights. If we can get over this & consider all of us as Srilankans, then we can be brothers of one community. This is what MR said in his speech that there are only two cpmmunities in Sri lanka & they are patriots & traitors.

  232. #253. Shelton – DBSJ RESPONDS:
    … As for casting pearls before swine ,one perceptive reader like you is worth a thousand morons. Hence I shall continue to cast pearls. There will always be someone like you will know and recognize the “pearl of great price”.
    I dont think the selfish Diaspora jokers in London who are hell bent on fund raising at the expense of our suffering people back home will understand this.They will know only the price of the pearl and not its value

  233. DBS,

    Why have you once again drastically censored my comment in letting only about 20% appear?

    Because the 80% was Bovine excreta……….DBSJ

  234. Dilshan F, the ltte committed crimes but can you give me an example of the ltte committing sexual crimes against sinhala women? video evidence shows the sla clearly doing this type of abuse in the north, and as if it wasn’t bad enough to kill someone the sla have to rob their dignity by raping them beforehand? you can appreciate the seriousness of such crimes in such a conservative society? The tigers were wrong to kill any civilians, its plain terrorism, but don’t sugarcoat the crimes committed against tamils by the sl armed forces. It ultimately amounts to war crimes. the tiger leaders are dead and as such have paid for their war crimes, but the guilty sl soldiers walk free. what confidence can be built between the communities with such blatant impunity? you don’t need the Diaspora to ruin sri lanka, your government is doing a good job of that already. As for those tamils advocating war or focusing only on war crimes, shame on you. Our people cannot survive another war and they are not concerned with your unhelpful belligerent antics. The Diaspora cannot punish those responsible for war crimes, the Sinhalese such as Dilshan F, are the only ones who can take meaningful action. Help the people instead of political rabble rousing. Honestly, all the ethnic nationalist bull spewed from these so-called leaders and their idiotic followers from both sides have done enough damage.

  235. DBS,

    • This is age of Julian Assange, where and when the only superpower and allied Governments are being exposed in wholesale and not retail as the captive multimedia and press do and how come you think that you above this? And do you think that you can carry on censoring in your potty little world?



    I dont censor. I only edit,delete or reject some comments or parts of comments if I feel they are inappropriate. This is a duty I owe my readers and I will continue to exercise the “blue pencil” if and when necessary

    As for you , yes I will continue to edit out all potty elements in a nutty comment

  236. —–Praba Ganeshan condemms Tiger Tactics of the British Diaspora——

    Can some one tell me whether Praba is a Tamil??

    And if he is, the difference between him and the Diaspora Tamils.

    I think he is more sensible than someone who calls himself Eelam Tamil citizen………….DBSJ

  237. 284. Anonymous:

    Dilshan F, the ltte committed crimes but can you give me an example of the ltte committing sexual crimes against sinhala women?


    What a brilliant catch… makes all the difference.

  238. Read comment# 179 by Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan, who is trying to blackmail / threaten Tamils in a sophiticated manner.

    #179 – Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan, You are a MR fan and unable to digest what happened to MR in London. It becomes very clear when you said the following.
    “I have also warned in this blog if the President dares a visit he will find himself in unnecessary trouble”.

  239. Comment 30
    DBSJ said-
    “Sadly the talk was cancelled due to fear of possible “Tamil tiger” violence.This is not a good thing for Tamils”

    Well Well will we soon see the day when the Eelamish Tamizhs ask for 50-50 representation in East Ham local council.
    Maybe they can rename it Eazham and ethnically cleanse the whites from the former East Ham. Just imagine the eelamish tamizhs issuing an order for the whites to vacate Eazham and Peazham (the former Pelham) within 5 hours with only 5 pounds to be taken out.
    Tamizh Tiger is synonimous with Terrorism and with Violence, Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing.
    Thanks to the diasspora antics the whites may drop word Tiger from the above sentence.
    Well done chaps, keep up the Big Mac hunger strkes and the big gassy noices.

  240. Now we see another Mahinda chinthaya Pirabaharn in Vanni. Bringing people in for demsration and prasing and doing what ever the Conquer of the world (Sun God) ask them to do because of the fear of their life.



  241. Can the freedom of speech exercised by anybody at the Oxford Union regardless of their track records? It opens up another can of worms.

  242. My family and I walked out from London protest when people with tiger flags started shouting filth and abuse in Singalese and Tamil at Mahinda.It was disgusting to hear them over the megaphone

  243. “286. E. T Citizen | December 6th, 2010 at 2:04 am
    —–Praba Ganeshan condemms Tiger Tactics of the British Diaspora——

    Can some one tell me whether Praba is a Tamil??


    Praba ganesan is a better Tamil than Vaaichol veerar like you. His family is upper class Mottaivellala family unlike most low castes supporting LTTE.

    He was his brother Manos right hand man in spotlighting and protesting about disappearnces of Tamils. That is why grateful Tamils voted for him

    I think Praba is very correct in telling Diaspora cowards in London to stop their stupid actions

  244. Thanks to the Diaspora demonstration in London poor helpless Tamils in kilinochi and mulaithevu are being forced to demonstrate

    Diasora cowards are you happy now? come here you cowards and demonstrate if you can?

  245. Navin,

    It makes perfect sense in the context of recent allegations of war crimes. Savagery is at its height when unarmed and defenceless women are raped and murdered as is the case in the recently released videos. I don’t want the current focus to be on war crimes but the development of the tamils left in Sri Lanka. But it sickens me and I would think every sensible individual when apologists such as yourself act as if the SL armed forces did not commit abuses. I can objectivly look at the evidence and conclude that the tigers engaged in terrorism, which should be condemned from all quarters. Can you set aside your rigid ethnocentric outllook and admit that abuses have been committed against tamils instead of pretending to occupy a higher moral ground?

  246. The History of the National Flag of Tamil Eelam

    The Tiger Flag has been the official flag of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam since it was created and declared the official flag by the National Leader of Tamil Eelam, the Honourable Veluppillai Prabhakaran, in 1977. This flag with the inscription removed was then declared the National Flag of Tamil Eelam in 1990 by our National Leader. On the second annual Maveerar Naal (Martyrs’ Day), the day devoted in honouring those who have lost their lives in the struggle for freedom and an independent Tamil Eelam, the National Flag of Tamil Eelam was raised by our National Leader on the 21st of November, 1990.

  247. As far as I know, Sri Lanka High Commission in London has warned MR not to do this trip. They have vehemently opposed from the beginning giving all details to Sri Lanka about the current security lapses in the UK.

  248. Why didn’t the UK forces round up Oxford area and start a humanitarian operation to liberate the OU from the pro-LTTE? Are they so ignorant and undemocratic? If it was in Sri Lanka just a matter of few hours operation!

  249. 296. Anonymous:

    Abuses have been committed against Tamils by SLA and indeed they should be investigated and guilty punished. This is not new, abuses have happened over the last 3 decades. Indeed the successive Sri Lankan governments are guilty of not investigating them properly. They haven’t investigated many abuses committed against Sinhalese but unlike those abuses abuses committed against Tamils make room for people to create divisions among communities when they are not properly investigated.

    However, LTTE has committed enough any many crimes of all hues that even if SLA were to rape all Tamil women in the North that would still not eclipse their sordid achievements.

    Furthermore, investigating the violations of SLA, particularly the last stages of war should not be allowed to be hijacked by Eelamist to advance their cause.

    Most allegations made against SLA are just crap. Not every civilian death in a war is intentional. Just because a handful of army men misbehave in the war, that doesn’t mean the command in chief is war criminal.

    In Iraq, Americans have killed 60,000 civilians according their own diplomatic cables and further 30,000 insurgents though how they were classified as such is not clear. The “independent” estimates are much higher. Still, the whole world is happy to accept all this as collateral damage.

    Hence even if 20,000 or more civilians died, given that LTTE took them hostage, its not a surprise and the blame cannot be put on the government. The government appealed from the very start of the war to the LTTE to let the civilians go. It was always ready have a ceasefire to let the civilians cross over to the government controlled areas. It was LTTE that kept the civilians with them and put them in harms way. That is why the deaths are higher– not because SLA committed war crimes. So put the blame where it belongs.

    By finishing off the LTTE government has given a future to this country which was otherwise heading towards oblivion. Its either you give into LTTE blackmail and stop the war and put the country and its people in peril or you finish it off and try your best to save the people held by LTTE. No government, not just Sri Lankan government will let a terrorist organization use civilians as hostages to negotiate terms.

    If you cannot see it that way, please feel free to hold on to your opinions.

  250. #284 Anonymous,

    During the Gonagala massacre (and other massacres as well) several Sinhala women were raped, before being hacked to death. Not even pregnant women or underaged girls were spared..

    Do not pretend to occupy a moral high ground..

  251. Kumar wrote
    “Tamils have nothing worthwhile to do here. A lot of them work in shops, Mc Donalds, supermarkets and petrol stations. ”

    Knowing many Tamils living in the UK, knowing how productive and successful they have been in their respective professions, knowing how much they have contributed to the UK society, anti-Tamil racist rubbish like that will only motivate non-LTTE supporters to oppose the murderous MR regime even more.

  252. 296. Anonymous—Navin, It makes perfect sense in the context of recent allegations of war crimes. Savagery is at its height when unarmed and defenceless women are raped and murdered as is the case in the recently released videos. I don’t want the current focus to be on war crimes but the development of the tamils left in Sri Lanka. But it sickens me and I would
    I am not trying to white wash SLA but I have spoken to many officers and soldiers who took part in the final days of operations. Some have told me how they herded tamil women and children to safety when there were times when children strapped with bombs detonated them to kill SLA. One colonel told me how a whole division of soldiers scarified one meal of their rations for the Tamil refugees. Another colonel at another time told me how Tamil fisherman rescued some SLA who had command posts on a lagoon and water started rising unexpectedly. Later the whole regiment had an open day for these tamil villagers, gave them food and drink. Laid out the red carpet. Some officers wanted to adopt tamil orphans as their own children but was discouraged by their superiors. All these people thought the tamils civilians were in the wrong place at the wrong time and many of them at their own descretion.

    These people constantly told me that tamils were not responsible for LTTE crimes although many of them would have been happy if LTTE succeeded and Elam was put in place. I have never heard of organised rape of tamil women by SLA although I am sure there would have been instances of an isolated nature. I believe the LTTE brought about misery to its own people and these are the results of that. They raised the stakes to a height where the failure would be disastrous. Finally this is what happened. SLA is accused of war crimes but both parties did that and war crimes and rape happens in any conflict. This is the legacy of the LTTE.

    I think what you got to focus is on the future of the people of SL. Does beating the drum bring back dead and abused people or does it help you to keep the fires burning within yourself to feed your ego which helps no body?

  253. Looks like JVP also jumping the LTTE bandwagon of collecting money for various causes and god knows what is happening to the money. The JVP and LTTE remind me of the thompson and thompson twins in the tintin series, but unlike the thompsons these are not jokers and will always remain troublemakers.Here is an excerpt from an article. While fonseka is cleaning water from his cell with 5 buckets JVP is enjoying money collected on his behalf. They could have at least bought him another 5 buckets.

    [JVP swindled Rs 80m of funds to release SF – NSU leader

    By Sanjaya Nallaperuma

    The JVP has swindled about Rs.80 million that was raised by conducting protest campaigns abroad, to apply pressure on the government to release former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka, Nawa Sihala Urumaya (NSU) leader Sarath Manamendra charged.
    “The bankrupt JVP is using these funds to carry out party work and now it is not giving priority to the Fonseka release campaign in Sri Lanka”, Manamendra further charged.
    “In recent times the JVP has formed an organization called ‘Movement for Democracy’ and held several rallies in Italy, Australia and Doha, Qatar demanding the government releases Fonseka. They collected large sums of money amounting to nearly Rs 80 million; JVP Parliamentary Group leader Anura Kumara knows the exact amount,” he said.
    Manamendra added that they demanded the JVP leaders give them some of the money to settle the debts incurred during the General Election. The JVP has promised the other parties of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) that they will help them pay off expenses incurred during the general election campaign]

  254. 284 Anonymous.

    I dont sugarcoat any crimes either committed by SLA or the LTTE. If you want reports of rape of Tamil women by others read DBSJ report on the TRO women raped by Karunas people. Dont tell me that they learned to rape only after leaving the LTTE.

    I dont agree with the cancellation of the oxford speech by the oxford union themselves. I agree that the tamils or anybody anywhere has the right to voice their opinions against anyone.

    MInister Mervyn Silva got a dose of his own medicine some time back. Frankly I dont really care about politicians and political events.
    What I regret most is the war that cost friendship, the war that turned neighbor against neighbor, that caused suspicion.

    Here in Sri Lanka the focus in on development, of course there will be corruption. I really dont mind paying an extra ten percent if the job gets done in double quick time.

    Without war is like rain after drought. Weeds as well as Plants that sustain us will both arise. Its upto us to manure the good ones and pull out the rest. But just because weeds spring up it is foolhardy to kill the entire field isn’t it?

  255. 300. Navin

    However, LTTE has committed enough any many crimes of all hues that even if SLA were to rape all Tamil women in the North that would still not eclipse their sordid achievements.


    Navin stop this non sense. You don’t have the right to do those things and IC cannot be mute spectators to this. Stop this ranting and raving. talk sensibly.


    275. Dilshan F

    One thing I noticed was that non of the men being shot wears a suicide vial similar to one lovingly placed on your girls by ‘AUNTY Adele’.
    Another is that non of the men seem to be protesting knowing they will be shot.


    Didn’t you notice that they were not wearing any clothes on or you noticed only the missing vials.

    Didn’t you see they were blindfolded and taken for execution. They were also tied from behind. how could they protest.


    271. Diyasena

    Channel 4 itself admits they are UNABLE TO INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE AUTHENTICITY of the videos.. Such evidence WON”T be sufficient to convict anyone let alone establish a chain of command for responsibility


    Why don’t you allow independent agencies to check its authenticity. Also one of the videos was authenticated by independent agencies.

  256. Mahinda should not speak in Oxford union ; If late mr VP, in the past ,wanted to give a speech at Oxfor union, I would have oppsed it as well.

    War criminals cannot keep on displaying their ‘cover ups’ in the name of freedom of speech. At least he should make sure he respects freedom of speech in Sri Lanka;

    Can he find out who murdered Lasantha?

  257. It seems that people are conflicting & accusing each other in this blog & emotions are running high.,
    Do anyone agree that it is the very reason we need an independent investigations for justice for the victims on both sides which will become a precursor for real peace.
    Start with last phase of the war & then take back to 30 years then another 30 years back.

    Let see who will be the first one to object. Please do not say forget the past ( both side), do whats right & other BS.
    Point is, if we know the truth, we will know that we are together in this world.

  258. # 305 Dilshan F.

    Dear Dilshan,

    I have lots of respect for you for practising what you preach and for your decent comments on this website.

    I am sorry to tell you that you are wrong about the TRO incident and the 400 Policemen murder. It was actually between 600 to 700 “surrendered” Policemen.

    Who was the culprit behind in these two heinous crimes?

    The present vice president of the SLFP – Colonel Karuna.

    He is being lavishly pampered by this government eventhough, everyone knows of his involvement.

    DBSJ has written a detailed articled on the TRO incident and few times wrote Col. Karuna’s direct involvement of the “Surrendered” policemen’s cold blooded killings.

    TRO woman was indeed gang raped by Karuna’s me
    and then chopped off at the end, along with others. The man who led this attack was finally encountered the same fate.

    Who was the master of Karuna? of course, it;s the same people who committed the same sin against the unarmed women in the wanni area, the SL Army!

    Take care.

  259. 309. Ratna | Do anyone agree that it is the very reason we need an independent investigations for justice for the victims on both sides which will become a precursor for real peace.

    After WW2 there was the Nuremberg Trails to try war criminals. It was the victor’s justice. Churchill himself said “thank god, we won the war” meaning if they lost, they would have to answer the law. Legal processes may or may not give peace because legality serves the privileged. Sometimes people become more confused after the process than before. Only legal people make money out of this. Lawyers fighting for Tamils in Canada have made millions and continue doing so while people who lost justice in SL remain same or dead and buried. Unfortunately what you are saying is not practical although your intentions I am sure are pure.

    However, I think what DBS says oft and on, but nobody seem to take it seriously has merit.

  260. The welfare for the people in island and movements against war crime are two different arguments. Authorities who are responsible for war crime should be punished. They should not be excused in the name of welfare and developments.

  261. After seeing the CH4 video, I can’t understand, who (not just Tamils) would not go and participate in the protest… Seeing daughter tortured, striped down naked and executed… It is a natural push do be there in the unpleasant cold weather condition… I am sure those Shinhala friends who saw the cruel video would have supported the protest too… Together with the wikileaks re-affirming that MR is a war criminal, don’t know what other options… Protesters should consider avoiding tiger flags, this brings negative results and might create issues for those non-Tamils genuinely supporting Tamil cause.

    If MR gave a speech at Oxford, he may have explained his future plans, but would he talked about the political solutions is highly doubted. He may have said, he need more time to properly cook his noodle… But I can’t understand why MR has to come all the way to UK to explain this… He could have given this in SL parliament, or Symbolically in Jaffna, Killinochi or even Madhu, Nallur or Dhaladha Malihai in Kanday.. If need International backing, he could do this in his friendly Delhi or even Chennai (Karunanithy there to take care of him)

    I agree, after all, MR & Co. has done harm to his general and high possibility to bring more harm to Tamils back home due to this protest. It is unfortunate everyone expecting Tamils to cope and accept the oppression not just within SL but outside too… (#66. Acumen ) More unfortunate is that this article has to be written in a manner to cool down MR, in return, hoping MR would not harm fellow Tamils back home. I also hope he does not harm Tamils back home for what happened in London.

  262. 309. Ratna | Do anyone agree that it is the very reason we need an independent investigations for justice for the victims on both sides which will become a precursor for real peace.


    Why now?

    LTTE victims have been dead for decades. Nobody wanted investigations when LTTE was murdering civilians?

    Besides, what is their to investigate in LTTE? VP has already been given 200 life sentences. Do you intend to establish that LTTE held civilians hostage? Is that what you want to investigate? But don’t we already know that?

    Did anybody want to investigate their fund raising activities knowing very well where the money was going when LTTE was blasting this country left and right? Why this sudden urge to have international investigations only when LTTE has been beaten back?

  263. —A Tamil journalist who attended the meeting in the Westminister Building says —

    the Tamil Diaspora attendees got an extra boost to their planned attack ,listening to the stirring speech by our UNP heavy Dr Jayalath Jayawardana MP , accusing the Government of War Crimes and other nasties done to the Tamil people.

    This is when Tamil politicians like Ganeshsan who fought for Tamil rights during the conflict while remaining in SL are now trying to help the long suffering Tamil people to get their lives back by the process of reconciliation that in under way.

    So whose interests Dr JJ is representing .?

    Is he on a Mission to reconcile the Tamil Diaspora with the UNP London Branch. now that the Mother ship is out of Orbit and fast approaching the Black Hole?

    Is he planning to tap in to the rivers of Gold still pouring in to the new LTTE outfits of the Diaspora ?

    What does he aim to achieve for the poor Tamil people living in SL by instigating the Diaspora to take a militant stance towards the President?

  264. Comment @ 306—

    Did Mahesh express any indignation when his PM Dr Manmohan Sign was hooted and jeered during his visit to Little India in the outskirts of KL?????

  265. The message from the recent Bihar elections beacons hope for all Tamils exposing the fragility of the Sonia-Rahul hype and that their personal caprice is bound to disappear sooner than later and Delhi returns to its pre -2004 foreign policies bringing salvation for the Tamils.

  266. 313. Surya  | After seeing the CH4 video, I can’t understand, who (not just Tamils) would not go and participate in the protest… … But I can’t understand why MR has to come all the way to UK to explain this…. I also -hope he does not harm Tamils back home for what happened in London.

     To be frank, I don’t believe the CH4 video because LTTE was never straight in their dealings. They were very deceitful and lying between their teeth and there is no guarantee that this was not concocted by LTTE supporters. Assuming this video is true what do we do? Bring MR to justice. Who can really do this? Simply what is the reality this can happen? Of course we can shout that justice must be done. But reality, in many parts of the world it is never done. Was justice done when USA killed millions of jap civilians using the atom bomb?

    I think MR came to UK to explain his position. Oxford is a prestigious place and it would have given some smart Tamils a great opportunity to cross examine him in open and unbiased territory. MR is a fearless fellow. He has guts and Tamils missed the opportunity.

    MR will not harm Tamils back at home due to this but his attitude will certainly harden. MR is not an idiot to harm them. But he will have in his mind that Tamils are unrelenting, unforgiving bunch of people and what ever he does, they will not give him any credit. His faith in their good will could be shattered. Our attitudes mould our actions. Our attitudes are moulded by our experiences.

    Why did Chelva and Banda make a pact one time? Because they had faith in each other and were probably friends from St Thomas’ college days.    

  267. Don,Godzilla,Harshe,DislanF,Leela,

    The stubbornness of the Sinhalese majority created the conditions for a turn to violence by the Tamil minority in the 1970s, and a militant cult of personality and exclusionary nationalism on the part of the LTTE (also known as the Tamil Tigers) set the country on a course of conflict that proved irreversible,” Mr. Rae wrote.

    Has the condition in Srilanka changed nearly 2 years after defeating LTTE? First change that conditions as your Boss has all the power why he is hesitating? Enlighten us as We are an insignificant minority idiotic vocal Diaspora as per you and you boss. We did not give what GGP,SJVC,Amirthalingam,Thimpu,Pirabaharanwanted others can’t expect even bones or crums-Mahinda. (violence or non violence, co-operation or non co-operation)

  268. After all when he wil face international court? will he and his mafia gang ever going to be punished/?

  269. I have no doubt that Mahinda will punish the Tamils for their insolence. Let’s wait and see who has the last laugh…

  270. Those who cry that the self respect of Sri Lanka is insulted because of the denial of talk of MR in OU should realize that MR and his associates are war criminals.

    Many have expressed the fear of a sinhalese backlash in Sri Lanka. If it happens once again it will be proved that SL is a racist country. What will the tamils of N & E provinces and the tamils of other parts of SL do for an event that happened in UK? If LTTE treated the civilians of vanni alone as hostages in the last few days of war, majority of SL treats the entire Tamil population of SL as hostages.

    Those who are very patriotic and firmly believes in unified SL should ignore the deeds of the diaspora and should develop faith amoung the minority. Even VP once described the diaspora as the lost generation. Let the lost generation be lost and established unified SL by winning the hearts of Tamils who are in SL right now. Otherwise it implies that still the majority believes in majoritarionism and they want to subjugate the minority.

  271. @306

    This so called “Mahesh” smells of a dead carcass of a two legged old imbecile tiger, which has starved to death because there is no war !!!

    Mahesh, mahesh, it is time stop to your LTTE terrorist propaganda, and go take your medicine.

    Mahesh, in whatever name your called (with apologies to Shakespear), you will always smell of a deteriorating tiger carcass, in a tiger den.

  272. 314. Navin

    However, LTTE has committed enough any many crimes of all hues that even if SLA were to rape all Tamil women in the North that would still not eclipse their sordid achievements.


    Navin I stand by what I said. Do you stand by what you said.

    If that is the case I will call it a non sense.

    Tamils are beaten black and blue. That does not mean that the Tamils women could be raped by thugs.

    And should SL Govt does not do any thing about it, it will justify the terrorism of VP.


    317. Govirala

    Did Mahesh express any indignation when his PM Dr Manmohan Sign was hooted and jeered during his visit to Little India in the outskirts of KL?????


    Why should I? People if they want to express their feelings it is okay.

    Nothing wrong in that. By the way I don’t understand why you put this question to me.

  273. 325. Perera

    Mahesh, in whatever name your called (with apologies to Shakespear), you will always smell of a deteriorating tiger carcass, in a tiger den.


    Why should it be so?

    I have never supported Tigers.

    Tell me one word in that statement which supports LTTE.

    I have not used the word LTTE or Tiger in that post # 306.

    There are reports that say that the shooting video is an authentic one.

    I was only telling that. Why are you castigating me as Tiger supporter?

    LTTE branded all those opposed to them as traitors. Now it is your turn to do witch hunt.

    Keep it up Sir.

    By the way it is long time since I went through Shakespeare and it was nice of you to quote his words, from ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Thank you for that.

  274. 326. Mahesh:

    I did not say SLA raping Tamil women was OK. I only made a comparison between a hypothetical crime that was never committed by SLA and what LTTE has already _done_ for real. Your comprehension is good for nothing.

  275. . “I did not say SLA raping Tamil women was OK. I only made a comparison between a hypothetical crime that was never committed by SLA and what LTTE has already _done_ for real. Your comprehension is good for nothing” 

    Navin what you said is total lie just Like Mahinda and his Governemt’.s lies

  276. #320 Don
    Why did Chelva and Banda make a pact one time? Because they had faith in each other and were probably friends from St Thomas’ college days.

    Then what happened?
    LTTE supporters?

  277. (#320. Don)
    Short version of the same video has been played by CH4 before and GOSL jumped the gun and announced it is a fake. Instead responsibly requesting CH4 to send the original version for their forensic exam, GOSL went extra mile to do forensic on the broadcasted version of the video to proof it is fake. Later in the news, this video has been tested by several reputed forensic experts and confirmed the authenticity. I am not sure why you can’t believe this video? Outside this video do you believe MR & Co has committed any war crimes? If yes, then I think it is the responsibility of all Tamils (and all humans) around the world to bring justice. After all Tamils are not chicken or goat, born to be butchered.

    I don’t think Tamils have to go to Oxford to be smart enough to cross examine MR. I don’t think Tamils in Oxford are any smarter than many back home or elsewhere. MR is definitely a fearless fellow otherwise, he would have not committed war crimes. I agree, there were many opportunities Tamils have missed including the last unsuccessful peace talk, but I don’t think cross examining MR is not something Tamils need now. All Tamils need is a political solution, and not sure why MR cannot openly propose it. There is no need for him to travels miles and expects Tamils to cross examine him… Just simply put up the proposal for a political solution. If an acceptable solution provided, then everything will change… Why can’t he understand this simple concept or is he willingly ignoring to get votes/support from majority hardliners.

    MR already harmed Tamils enough, not sure what else left for him to do… hope he got some humane in him… MR is not expected to provide solution to LTTE, Douglas or TNA or Karuna. The solution is for Tamils. I don’t think all Tamils have to go to the same school MR went to, to get his confidence… Yes there are people starving but feeding them little for today and tomorrow without a future hope is not going to do any good in a long run… Simply put an acceptable political solution, everything will change… There will be many us will come forward to build a better nation…. please understand the root…

  278. 331. Ratna:

    Why not?
    Stay tuned.


    When I explain to you “why NOT”, in reply to that you ask me back “why NOT”? Mahesh No.2?

  279. 321 Guna,

    MR is not my Boss. I decide for myself. I haveen enough of the horror of war brought on people of all races in Sri Lanka. I do not wish for violence to raise its head again. I cannot vouch for the goodness MR or anyone for that matter. I can only say what i feel and do what is right.

  280. 310 Arul,

    Karuna and his Gang was no two in the LTTE nutured and trained. I dont believe that they started to rape and murder after leaving the LTTE camp. I absoloutely detest what has happened specially more in the North than in the South. My only view is no one is lily white in this war. Not the LTTE not the SLA not the IPKF.
    Men in arms in a lawless situation will rape, maim and murder.
    Long ago when the LTTE was young and when they carried out atrocities some said ‘Boys will be boys’ . If Anyone tells me that the LTTE carried out clinical massacre of villages I do not tend to believe.
    I do not think that you are right in sayingthe SLA was the master of TVMP when the TRO lady was killed. These types of action is carried out not by men but by animals and they certainly are not ordered to do those acts by their superiors whether SLA or VP.

  281. Diaspora Tamil dogs barking at president to collect more money. they have no concern for tamils in lanka

    Let dogs bark but convoy most go on

  282. Once again the Eelamist Diashoras have DEMONSTRATED their UTTER STUPIDITY by humiliating the ONLY MAN in Sri Lanka who can help them help their relatives in the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka.

    As DBSJ says, these LTTE-ers make a mockery of democracy, human rights and decency accusing others of the crimes they had perfected and refined into a fine art over 30 long years.

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa will not be swayed from his deep committment to rehabilitating and uplifting the war-affected Tamil citizens by what they have done.

    But, I can tell you this: He will now also work with redoubled vigor to bring all Eelamists who committed war crimes in Sri Lanka to answer for their crimes. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

    He will also be less amenable to devolving power to regions on ethnic bases .. for he now has a better appreciation of the continuing threat from the LTTE terrorists. Many of patriots had opposed ethnicity-based devolution as posing an extreme danger to the integrity, peace, and future growth of Sri Lanka. Once again, he has been reminded of the racist communal nature of the Eelamists supporting the LTTE.

    As far as those criminals are concerned .. they can forget about Sri Lanka for good … they are persona non grata.

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa will have the FULL SUPPORT of all Patriotic Sri Lankans … in Sri Lanka and in the Sri Lankan Diaspora .. to shut the door in the face of these die-hard monsters who have never cared for the wanton destruction they brought down upon the our law-abiding Tamil brothers and sisters, and all citizens of Sri Lanka.

    We don’t need your Treacherous Eelamist money .. keep it, and choke on it.. We patriotic Sri Lankans .. Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers alike .. will take care our needy Tamil citizens … with our money .. sharing what we have .. more effectively than we had done during the war years , now that we have access to the North & the East.

    Long Live President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Saviour of Sri Lanka and Liberator of the Sri Lankan Tamils!

  283. 332. usha

    “I did not say SLA raping Tamil women was OK. I only made a comparison between a hypothetical crime that was never committed by SLA and what LTTE has already _done_ for real. Your comprehension is good for nothing”

    Navin what you said is total lie just Like Mahinda and his Governemt’.s lies


    Well said.


    334. Surya

    Yes there are people starving but feeding them little for today and tomorrow without a future hope is not going to do any good in a long run… Simply put an acceptable political solution, everything will change


    Yes what you say is right.

  284. 323. Talaash | December 7th, 2010 at 7:24 am
    I have no doubt that Mahinda will punish the Tamils for their insolence

    That is my fear as well. A thug will do similar things. And I believe MR will not turn into a thug. His life is not easy, I know,, but he can transform into an un-precented leader of Sri Lankan History.

    He has one powerful thing he can do; No one have had the chance before. He can reconcile all, make Tamils feel safe, unify the country (in the minds) and can build a better Sri Lanka which is REALLY united and powerful.

    For how many more years are we Sri Lanka going to fight each others, hate each other, and slide abysmally economically ? Are we really fools? Can’t we really built a economically powerful and peacful country?

    Will I see such a Sri Lanka ?

  285. The next LTTE-directed video will probably come out early-mid February, followed by Diaspora protests in Australia, Canada and New Zealand asking those Cricket Teams not to go for their World Cup games in Sri Lanka..

  286. DBS

    For many years I have followed your writings, enjoyed your use of language and have been favourably biased to the extend, I have in many occasions in the past, defended you amongst friends who had spoken ill of you, your writings and opinions.

    What a sense of disappoint and betrayal

    You are not only a coward but a lying thieve of thoughts and words, without any original thought of your own. You sir, are a curse to your noble profession and a shameful example to the role of the forth-estate.


    I will not bother to write to you any more. I just wanted you to know my disappointment.


    Sorry I just had to publish this.

    “Yaan Petra Inbam Peruha Ivvaiyaham” (Let this world also receive the pleasure I have received)

  287. Mr DBS,

    Another wonderful article from you. Very interesting one.

    Whatever may be the reason for cancellation , the fact remains that it was gr8 setback from MR and this set back has actually energised the so called tamil diaspora..

  288. தமிழச்சிக்கு ஓர் தகவல்…! வினை விதைத்தவன் வினை அறுப்பான் தினை விதைத்தவன் தினை அறுப்பான் அரசன் அன்று கொல்வான் தெய்வம் நின்று கொல்லும் இவை என்றும் பொய்யாவதில்லை எங்களை அவர்கள் சொந்த ஊரை விட்டு துரத்திய போதும் எங்களை துரத்தி துரத்தி கொன்ற போதும் எங்களுக்கு யாரும் துணையில்லை வல்ல அல்லாஹ்வைத்தவிர அல்லாஹ்வின் வாக்கு பொறுமையாளர்கள் என்றும் வெற்றியாளர்கள் ஆகவே பொறுமையாயிருந்தோம் நாங்கள் என்ன செய்தோம் அவர்களுக்கு உதவி செய்தோம் உபத்திரமல்ல அவர்கள் எங்களுக்கு செய்ததை விடவா மஹிந்த உங்களுக்கு செய்துவிட்டார் போராட்டம் என்றால் என்னவென்று பலஸ்தீன் ஹமாஸ், லெபனான் ஹிஸ்புல்லாஹ் ,கஷ்மீர் முஜாஹிதீன்களிடமிருந்து பாடம் கற்றக்கொள்ள வேண்டும். அநியாயமாய் அழித்தார்கள் முற்றாய் அழிந்து விட்டார்கள் ………. நாங்கள் மன்னிப்போம். மறக்கமாட்டோம்………………

  289. Anybody know why they changed Ceylon into Srilanka?

    Why they changed it, is it because they got the Sinhala majority in the parliament?

    Have they consulted the Tamils and the Muslims before doing it?

    What the is Lion doing with the knife in the flag?

    What Sinhalese called srilanka before the name change?

  290. #346 tjustice,

    “Anybody know why they changed Ceylon into Srilanka”

    Because the prime-minister of the Sinhala only government had read the Ramayan the week before and thought it would be cool to be only one of few countries to have a name with two words..

    “Have they consulted the Tamils and the Muslims before doing it?”

    No they did it in a year when Deepavali and Eid-al Adha fell on the same day. Most of the Tamil MPs were home, whilst most Muslim MPs were away in Mecca

    “What the is Lion doing with the knife in the flag?”

    For thousands of years it used to be a tiger holding a daffodil. But the Sinhalese changed it to a sword bearing Lion in 1948..

    “What Sinhalese called srilanka before the name change?”

    The Sinhalese called it Seehaley which is an obvious corruption of Eelam. After all Sinhalese are all Tamils who converted to Buddhism. Like Jews are Tamils who converted to Judaism, Arabs are Tamils who converted to Islam and Italians are Tamils who converted to Catholicism.

  291. Those who cry that Tamil Diaspora plays a spoil sport should think that why the size of Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora is around 10 lakhs. At least half of them would have chosen the option only due to the racial issue in Sri Lanka. Analyze the problem from the cause and not from the effect.

  292. #345 Mohammed Anas

    Include Al-Qaeda also in that list. Because they are the best in senseless killings.

  293. Hi DBS Jeyaraj

    Thank you for exposing Tiger diaspora shenanigans in London.They demonstrate in britain against Mahinda forcing Tamils here to demonstrate for Mahinda

    diaspora let us live in peace here

  294. #346
    You got better do in life than this sick research,its so sad still people like you exist in our comunity.even you dont have smart enough to put your OWN MAME how sad
    How would you like to be change the flag with the tiger and and the guns,

    Every one worried about the present econamic turmoil and they all worried about the next year WAKE UP SON get real and land safely you idiot.

  295. ஜனாதிபதிக்கு ஆதரவாக யாழ்ப்பாணத்தில் பேரணி!

    சிறிலங்கா சுதந்திரக் கட்சியின் யாழ் மாவட்ட அமைப்பாளர் அங்கஜன் இராமநாதன் இந்த ஊர்வலத்துக்குத் தலைமை தாங்கி முன்சென்றார். ஊர்வலத்தில் கலந்துகொண்டிருந்த மக்கள், ஜனாதிபதி மகிந்த ராஜபக்ஷவுக்கு ஆதரவாகக் கோஷங்களை எழுப்பியதுடன், அமைதியையும், சமாதானத்தையும் வென்று தந்த ஜனாதிபதியின் பக்க…மே தாம் இருப்பதாகவும் பதாகைகளைத் தாங்கியிருந்தனர்.


    Disapora Tamils seem to be clueless?

    More on Tamils supporting Mahinda Rajapaksa:


    Procession to show solidarity with the Sri Lankan President in Jaffna

    ஜனாதிபதிக்கு ஆதரவு தெரிவித்து யாழில் ஆர்ப்பாட்டம்

  296. 335. Navin

    331. Ratna:

    Why not?
    Stay tuned.


    When I explain to you “why NOT”, in reply to that you ask me back “why NOT”? Mahesh No.2?


    Why are you seeing Mahesh everywhere?

  297. Tamils have a lot to gain from joining the democratic mainstream

    The window of opportunity that has opened for all minorities including the Tamils should not be missed this time.

    Politics is the art of the possible and compromise is its essence. Of course, many Tamils influenced by the politics of confrontation of the past would ask why the Tamils should compromise.

    My answer would be that it is common sense to do so and the height of hypocrisy and stupidity not to accept current realities.

    The Tamils leaped to reach the skies but they ended up falling into the lowest depths. Their task now is to climb to the top once again and they cannot secure their future if they decide to go back to the past.

    Tamils have to compromise and move away from their failed past to achieve attainable goals. The Tamils cannot talk the language of a minority with a majority complex any more.

    History, as perceived by many Tamils may prove that they had an independent Kingdom before the Portuguese invasion and hence they have a right to self-rule of sorts, if not a separate State. Unfortunately, history that is more recent has pointed the Tamils in the direction to find their place within a unitary Sri Lankan State.

    Rather than accept flawed and debilitated Provincial Councils, it may be prudent for the Tamils to seek alternate arrangements, which would be easily acceptable to the Sinhala polity and cater to their current needs and those of at least the next few decades.

    In my opinion, the best solution to resolve minority-majority issues is not through confrontation but through cooperation and consensual politics. Besides, in the foreseeable future it will not be possible to force the Sinhala majority through violence.

    Peaceful engagement with the majority is the only viable option available to the minorities. Pragmatic politics dictates that the only option available is to join the mainstream which is destined to direct the nation in the days ahead.

    This is not political cynicism or a total surrender. To me anything is better that violence. We have gone through enough and it is time to say that enough is enough. And this is nothing new either. If we look back we have gained most by being in the mainstream politics than in finding new routes to Nanthikadal.

    I suggest in broad outline approaches that have the potential to find viable routes to attainable goals. I do not want to go down the path that I outlined at the start ever again. I think all communities have bright future if they abandon their bleak past.

    Ensure for the minorities what they seek:

    1. A bill of rights, covenant or social contract in the constitution that will enshrine as an entrenched principle that all citizens are equal and have inalienable rights to,

    a. Security of person and property, wherever they freely choose to live in the island.

    b. Equal opportunities in education, chosen profession and employment, based on merit.

    c. Live in accordance to their culture; be educated in the language of their choice (Sinhala, Tamil, English or a combination of these) and practice their religion.

    d. Total and unqualified equality at all legal, political, administrative processes.

    e. Non-discrimination based on professed identity, language, religion, beliefs, political affiliations and place of residence.

    f. Preserve and develop their distinctive identity and its associated visible symbols.

    g. Deal with the government at various levels and its agencies in Sinhala, Tamil or English.

    In conclusion, I wish to state that Tamil politics has gone through its most bitter and traumatic period. Our experiences must teach us new lessons. The primary lesson that no one can miss is that we can never go back to the past.

    It will be suicidal for the Tamils to repeat their failed history. Under no circumstances can Tamil resort to violence. We have to find a new leadership that will guide the Tamils to a new future.

    The Tamils have suffered the most and they must, at any cost, avoid the sufferings of the past. Our duty is to find our way into the mainstream democratic politics.

    Like the other two Tamil-speaking communities we will have a lot to gain from joining the democratic mainstream. Any other course of action would drag further back into a place worse than Nandikadal.

    — Dr Noel Nadesan

  298. #335 Navin
    When I explain to you “why NOT”, in reply to that you ask me back “why NOT”? Mahesh No.2?

    I’m not worthy to be Mahesh. 2, his depth of knowledge, clear understanding of the issues & wit.
    But I can be Navin. 2 in no time. But I will not attempt.

  299. Comment 321 —-Mr Guna,

    What Majority of Srilankans want is a peaceful and prosperous country, where everyone has a job, shelter and freedom to give their children a good education whether they live in Jaffna or Medamullana.

    This was denied to the majority by their Anglo Saxon friendly Elite rulers and the the insurrections imposed on them by both Sinhala and Tamil extremists.

    The current Government is determined to provide the opportunity for the majority to fulfill their aspirations by putting the country on an even keel.

    And Guess what ?,

    The three factions who dragged our Nation into the quagmire are back with a vengeance.,

    The recent militant activities of the LTTE Rump in Great Britain. with the help of Dr Vickrema Bahu, and Dr Jayalath Jayawardena MP to prevent the President giving a speech at a reputed University is a a good example.

    Then we get eminent politicians of the UNP like Mr Karu Jayasuriya encouraging the West to punish the country by alleging War Crimes against the Armed Forces and the President.

    What a coincidence?

    No prizes for guessing who provide the facilities for these activities..

    Has the country changed much after 2 years?

    It definitely has as far as the freedom of movement and the anxiety and fear factor are concerned.

    But it will be an arduous journey to bring prosperity because of the nefarious activities of the defeated elements.

  300. Kugan , you don’t even know what rights you have. Changing name of a country or changing the flag reflects who you are, what you believe and where you belong. People even give their life for a flag. You don’t understand these things anyway, why you want my real name anyway are you running a white van franchise for the Srilankan government?

    You cannot simply go and change the name of a country without the consent of the minorities. In a democratic process they should have run a referendum among the Tamils and the Muslims to find out about their opinion but that didn’t happen. Since they got the parliamentary majority they pushed it through a name and a flag. Which represents the sinhales interests.” It is a sinhalese flag”.

    These are major violation of your rights you could be anti LTTE or pro LTTE, as a Tamil and Muslim you lost your rights way before the LTTE was established.

    Thanks Diyasena for your valuable information, yes I can’t think of a country split open in two parts. Is it a sword? I mistook it for a kitchen knife!!!

  301. I dont think Ltte guys in Britain achieved anything worthwhile by stopping Mahinda give speeech in oxford but 10,000 ltte boys and girls in custody are facing harm as a result

  302. agree 100 percent with #337 dilshan F, except where he says they behaved like animals. Why drag the poor animals into our problems. They are innocent creatures put into this world by god for our enjoyment. We behave much worse than them.

    Dilshan is quite correct when he says everyone is tainted. He is also correct when he says prevention is the best cure. What we have to do is make the correct decisions now that will permanently stop these kind of things happening in the future. A permanent solution is needed so that we do not give an opportunity in the future for our baser instincts to take over and become destroyers instead of creators and builders.

  303. 347. Diyasena

    After all Sinhalese are all Tamils who converted to Buddhism. Like Jews are Tamils who converted to Judaism, Arabs are Tamils who converted to Islam and Italians are Tamils who converted to Catholicism.


    I do not understand this statement. May be you are being humorous here. Yes I do feel you are humorous here.

    But the statement that Sinhalese are Tamils converted to Budhism makes some sense. Because Sinhalese people are a masala mix of Tamils, North Indians, Malayalees, Malays, Arabs,

    Can you explain me your statement please.


    356. Ratna

    I’m not worthy to be Mahesh. 2, his depth of knowledge, clear understanding of the issues & wit.


    Ratna your words do humble me. Thanks for your high opinion about me. But I don’t know how to react to this. But in my inner heart I do feel that I have yet to qualify for your words.

    I have to try for that all my life long. May be then I can qualify for your words.

    Any how I thank you for your words though I feel extremely humbled.

    I do stand in awe before Shankar, Diyasena and of course DBSJ along with some other fellow bloggers here.

    Thank you for your compliments.

  304. Attension all sri lankans ! latest Ch 4 news update.

    UK will be deporting all tamil diaspora with links to LTTE to Sri Lanka.
    Plan is to put them in rehabilitation camps.
    KP is named as the director of the newly formed diaspora rehab unit by GR.
    UN thinks this is the best way forward for majority of peace loving sri lankans and for the SEA region.

  305. I have opine that Tamil diaspora should allow him to make speech and if possible attend his speech and raise the questions about war crime.. but I am not sure the orginizers weather allow or not to rais the questions.
    Despite that tamil diaspora should thing about rehabiliation and development in N&E of Sri Lanka.

  306. I just copyed the article from Leader paper
    0.12.2010 and hope the rection from Mr, Mahes

    Do Tamils Face Particular Problems That Sinhalese Don’t Face?
    The “ethnic problem”, “Tamil question”, “solution to the ethnic problem”, “political solution to the Tamils” or “power devolution “etc, etc..are the most used or abused words in Sri Lanka for quite a sometime which are being uttered with renewed vigor now in the backdrop of LTTE terrorism being completely annihilated. We are now at an important juncture to do a critical analysis to see whether the Tamils in Sri Lanka are still disadvantaged due to them being Tamils. The best way to do this analysis is to see whether there are special privileges that Sinahalese enjoy but Tamils do not enjoy.

    A brief analysis on this gives us a true picture about the so called Tamil’s “grievances”:

    SRI LANKA, Colombo, April 6, 2010 – Large crowds gathered in front of the Fort Railway Station to protest against the removal of four monks from the Jathika Bikku Peramuna, who pledged a fast unto death unless (Retd.) Gen. Sarath Fonseka was released. (Dinidu de Alwis / Perambara)
    (1) Education Opportunities- Tamils enjoy free Education provided by the government at all levels with no discrimination at all. There are universities namely Jaffna, the Eastern and the South Eastern and their affiliated collages in the provinces. Tamil students continue to study any other university in the country with no restriction at all while the Sinhalese students are denied to the NE universities with number of student being killed and severely assaulted. Tamil students face no restrictions at all in entering the universities irrespective of where they are located in the country.

    (2) Employment opportunities: There are no restrictions whatsoever in terms of employment opportunities in whatever sector except armed forces. Close on the heels of the defeat of world’s most ruthless terrorist organization it is yet to take a little more time to ease restrictions Tamils to enter the armed forces. However, restrictions to enter the police service have been eased giving opportunity to Tamil youth to join the service from the provinces. It is a common knowledge that the lack of employment opportunities is common to every community in the country.

    (3) Language: The Tamil language is the main language of communication in the North and East of Sri Lanka including every government officers and departments.( However, there are still some shortcomings in the police stations in certain areas. It is also being fast redressed with the recruitment of Tamil speaking officers.) It is the minority Sinhalese in the provinces that face difficulties in the government departments and other institutions as there are no Sinhala speaking officials there.

    (4) Administration: All administrative matters of the people in the provinces are addressed by the government officers and elected members to the Pradeshiya Sabhas and Provincial councils from the same provinces with no restrictions. Institutions such as provincial councils and other government institutions are functioning very well with no restrictions. The North Provincial Council will be set up soon after its election due in this year. Other government institutions are also functioning addressing the day today needs of the people with no restrictions at all. These institutions are vested with all the powers as other institution in the Southern part of the country are. The language communication of all these institutions is Tamil.

    (5) Development: The development activities were taking place at a minimum level in the two provinces due to the three decades old war. Now the development activities have been taking place at a pace that the southern part of Sri Lanka would feel envious. Eastern province was the first beneficiary of these projects. They were started while the war was raging in the north. Anyone who visits those provinces can witness this. Unequal development and wealth distributions to the provinces have been a common problem faced by Sri Lanka from the independence. It seems the Rajapaksha regime has been doing its best to redress this.

    (6) Freedom of movement: The restrictions faced by the Tamils during the war time have vastly been reduced now. There are virtually no check points in the provinces. There is no restriction to a Tamil person to travel any part of the country including the deep south of the country. The problem of High Security Zones(HSZ) will be solved in due course with the improvement of security situation.

    (7) Freedom of living in any part of the country: Tamils face no problem at all to live anywhere in Sri Lanka as they have been doing so for ages. Tamils can buy a land and live any part of the country with no restrictions at all. However, Sinhalese had not been allowed to do so though they were the original inhabitants of those lands before Tamils were brought to the country by colonial powers.

    (8) History: As has been the common knowledge to many so called “homeland” concept of Tamils is a creation of power hungry elite Vel-lla Tamil politicians of Jaffna in order to meet their political aspirations. There had never been an existence of a “Tamil Homeland” as has been proved wrong by many evidences. The truth is that the Tamils are recent immigrants to arrive Sri Lanka a few centuries ago while Sinhalese had been the original inhabitants of the two provinces with a flouring civilization.

    On the other hand it is a well known fact that the minority communities in Sri Lanka enjoy the fullest freedom with no restriction whatsoever in terms of following their religion or engaging their cultural activities. However, this situation is much different in some other countries in South Asia

    Most of the other common problems faced by the Tamils are common to other communities of Sri Lanka as well. The underlying problem is that the mythical Tamil history and the bogus homeland concept have poisoned Tamils’ minds to the extent that they find hard to get rid of it. The biggest question before us is the so called “political solution” is being used as a Trojan horse to deny other ethnic communities to live in the bogus ‘Tamil Homeland’. Even during the recently concluded general election the TNA’s propaganda campaign was mainly centered on achieving the “homeland”.

    Anyone who does a clear analysis would realize that there are no particular problems that Tamils face in Sri Lanka just being a Tamil except a few problems still in existence due to security implications.( But they are too being fast eased now.)

    So the critical question before us whether Tamils face particular problems that Sinhalese don’t face or Tamils’ have a long standing history in Sri Lanka to demand a political solution?

  307. Hi DBS,
    It is another good article, I doubt whether you were accompanied by President’s entourage as your details are frontline facts.

    As it is time to declare peace now and every effort must be made to achieve this as soon as possible.
    It is understandable for the pro LTTE elements in the west their wounds are too fresh, but creating unnecessary provocations and keep the ruling party offside won’t achieve anything as communal politics so far achieved nothing and it is dangerous.

    Churchill said-Nothing is more costly, nothing is more sterile, than vengeance.

    You mentioned somewhere the Oxford snobbery will impact upon Tamils in SL if president takes vengeance. This is an unfounded fear.
    Hope this is an appropriate forum to mention what I have eye witnessed when I visited Jaffna and the region in mid 2010, quite contrary to the propaganda created at international forums by anti SL elements. Jaffna is a civilised town; this is my 2nd visit after late 60s. You can see the behaviour of average person is very normal and peaceful.

    Children go to schools with clean uniforms and well disciplined when they ride bicycles and cross junctions, even motor cyclists allow for pedestrians to cross roads. There are no piles of garbage in street corners. This is quite contrary to the situation in Colombo.

    There is hardly any damage to the social infrastructure and values in Jaffna. When you go to the shops in other towns in Jaffna they are friendly and some youth explain in body language due to vocal language barriers.

    All in all I have come to the conclusion the people there have a different mindset quite contrary to those anti SL Diaspora elements who spread misinformation. If they claim to be Jaffna Tamils they should be ashamed.
    Other point is as most of men, women and youth use bicycles as means of transport it is a green-city with minimal pollution.
    Therefore people in Jaffna can well look after their affairs and politicians in the south know that, if not then they are stupid.
    MR and the team deserve a credit for affording the opportunity witness this because of eradication of terrorism.
    DBS I urge you to visit Jaffna and do a colourful report to help build bridges with those brothers and sisters.

    Just a couple of points on OU issue. Channel 4 set the background with old clips and dog whistled pro Ltte elements who must have hired professional protesters to do the disruption of speech which is an industry in those counties.

    It is OU’s invitation and withdrawal of same, therefore invitee has no option. When you read the facts presented in their unilateral withdrawal and explanation there is hypocrisy, even they stated nothing to do with MR political actions.

    (Today’s news reports Racism rap for top unis Cambridge and Oxford are facing claims of racial exclusion after it was revealed 21 of their collages made no offers to black students.
    The worst offender is Oxford which admitted no black students in the last 5 yrs and just one in a decade)

    In this backdrop their 2 schools of thought you mentioned are purely political and denial of MR’s speech on grounds of war crime allegations seemed Oxenford follows Napoleonic law rather than English law and they failed to lived up to their credentials.

  308. Dear Mr. Jeyarajah,

    Thank you for the reply. I had not been aware that you had posted or replied to my comments up to today. I did not see it the next day and I forgot about it until someone alerted me to it.

    Your concluding paragraph urged the President of Sri Lanka to quote “ This column understands his pain and disappointment in being “so near and yet so far”. It requests the President to treat this incident as a pinprick and get on with the task of Nation building where all the children of Sri Lanka would enjoy equal rights, peace and economic prosperity “. My understanding was that it is here that you indirectly urged the president to look after the Tamil benevolently – because the burning issue is the political settlement of the Tamil grievances that underpin national development.

    If I have misread you I am sorry – I like many ordinary people wish all citizens of Sri Lanka well whatever their identity be – have no doubt that if any one can pull through the country out of the mess the current incumbent has the greatest potential.

    The failure of the LTTE to bring about a solution that would have benefited all was the total concentration of power it sought and the monopoly of thought and opinion it tried to command. The current executive in Sri Lanka unfortunately seems to have many similarities in its power structure after the Eighteenth Amendment. It is hard for chaps like me to believe that the eighteenth amendment, the way it was rushed and other occur ring’s make me feel the current executive – is on the right flight path.

    The west has many failings but I do really feel that they have done more to their poor citizens than all the dominant socialist countries have done. Oxford after all is one of the bacon like other great institutions. I do strongly feel it might have only accelerated the speed; the direction is in his Excellencies all-powerful hands.

    The Diaspora needs to be united and they need to be responsible until there is real evidence that the flight path is in the right direction. They have made one mistake and paid a very heavy price – they need not make a second when the power structure has a resemblance all too familiar. Regards the flag waving the commentaries are very clear on their verdict. I am an old man and I have not provoked any one except you and that I hope is an entitlement if you do not mind. We have lost an eminent editor of the young idea in Mr Sivanayagam.

    I am happy that you have quoted the song that is so dear and I also know that you have posted your flag . My ernest wish is that you stick to that post. If at all I feel that you are straying you will find my comments however irritating it might be. I can assure you that you can count on my support to defend your support of the beleaguered Tamils in Sri Lanka and all Sri Lankan’s in similar plight.

    Dr N. Satchi UK

    Thank You…………DBSJ

  309. 321. guna  |The stubbornness of the Sinhalese majority created the conditions for a turn to violence by the Tamil minority in the 1970s, and a militant cult of personality and exclusionary nationalism on the part of the LTTE

    A convenient excuse to justify excessive violence advocated by LTTE. There is no rightful defence for the level of killing undertaken by LTTE. Even before independence in 1948, the SL Tamils were hinting on a separate state. They wanted a bigger share of the cake. But the elitist Tamils who lead the agitations would not talk about Batticola Tamils or estate Tamils rights. These people were right at the bottom of the scale. There were many events perpetrated by some Tamil parties which triggered violence. Example 1983 violence against Tamils were because VP killed 17 soldiers in cold blood. The separatist and high minded attitude of some Tamils who wanted to build a kingdom for themselves in SL contributed immensely to the plight of their people 

  310. 333. Ranta  |Why did Chelva and Banda make a pact one time? Because they had faith in each other and were probably friends from St Thomas’ college days.

    Then what happened?
    LTTE supporters?


     May be you don’t know the history. Banda’s own people after he came to power opposed the pact because they felt suspicious of the Tamil intentions. Therefore it was not implemented. Banda was forced not to go ahead with it. The lesson we learn is because there is 80% Singhalese, any concessions to Tamils can possibly go thru if their support is there. That is why, what happened in oxford is not good for Tamils because it created ill will between parties. Especially when a democratically elected head of state is insulted. Mind you VP is not in the same league as MR because the former was never elected the leader of his people. Further MR is a popular leader because I think he and his party won 3 or 4 election in a row. The opposition could not prove any election rigging or even put forward a good circumstantial case. I am not a MR supporter. 

  311. 334. Surya |I am not sure why you can’t believe this video? Outside this video do you believe MR & Co has committed any war crimes? If yes, then I think it is the responsibility of all Tamils (and all humans) around the world to bring justice. After all Tamils are not chicken or goat, born to be butchered. . MR is definitely a fearless fellow otherwise, he would have not committed war crimes. All Tamils need is a political solution. MR already harmed Tamils enough
    I told you why I can’t believe it in my previous post 320. In addition, if you can remember some time back, the well known German stern magazine published Hitler’s diaries after they were fully checked by many international experts. Finally they were found to be fake!! In fact the occurrences in Hitler’s life they mention looked really authentic and the guy who faked it had an excellent knowledge of the history of the war.

    But you didn’t answer my question, assuming the video is true what do we do? Read that bit at 320 and please answer.

    If we are going to try MR for war crimes, then shouldn’t we try the western governments first? Do you know that there are millions of Singhalese in SL whose slandered of living is below the average Tamils of Jaffna? Do you know that 65% of Tamils live among the Singhalese outside their traditional areas and they don’t clamor for political solution?

    MR did not harm the Tamils intentionally. 4 presidents of SL wanted to settle the issue but VP did not agree. When MR came to power he also tried. VP then bombed his army commander as well as Gotabaya, MR’s brother. That was the last straw. The civilians were killed because they came to the war zone to support the LTTE. In any war, there is collateral damage. Do you know that in the last middle east conflict, 200 civilians were killed for every combatant death and this figure is much less in the SL conflict. However I am not trying to justify killings by any party but when you take the sword to chop the other like what LTTE did, well the other party can also chop you, your children and your parents. Then you cannot say that is unjustifiable. We get in life what we give. LTTE destroyed all the moderate Tamil leaders. They were highly qualified and well regarded men while LTTE were not qualified or regarded. They were highly skilled terrorists. The Tamils did not curb their activities and that contributed to their current situation. I don’t think there is any point in blaming others. As you rightfully said, the Tamils did mistakes and now I say they must not repeat those mistakes if they want to progress.

  312. Atleast, for the sake of escaping from international, MR will pretend to do something and won’t have dare to kill again. MR time is coming to an end soon. Sinhalese itself will chase him away from Srilanka for dominating all his family members everywhere.

  313. #358 Tjustice
    Grow up in Tamil we say Elankai in Sinhala they says Lanka in English it was Ceylon they changed the english version to Lanka while it was done they added SRI,in Tamil still stays as Ellankai without SRI better ask your dad if he is the one.
    The reason asked your name to work out which era you were born,but frankly in some comment you made about the protest you said your dad said drunken Sinhala fellow were there might had a good show in Hyde Park other than nothing.
    You says these are major voilation have you watched the pathetic Ch4.work out the resonable fair justice for suffering of Tamils.we also got heart.
    Ask your dad to read for you ,some time back DBSJ put a artical how its easy for to be a Taitor.

    If its your name is an org give us the details will send funds for you ,how sad is our socities is.pls go and see the real world,
    The people like you all stay in doll housing benefit 11+for your kids.
    By the way have you bought any flats in Colombo its good bargain now

  314. 370. Don: 334. Surya:

    If we are going to try MR for war crimes, then shouldn’t we try the western governments first?


    Don, You do not have to compare MR to the West. Just take the case of “Tamil Diaspora” itself. The LTTE men who committed atrocities for 30 years are no more but those who funded these crimes knowing very well what their money is been used for are still there. Tamil Diaspora is guilty of that and deserve to be brought to justice. These enterprises are still continuing to this day. If nothing else this will dry out LTTE rump’s finances and prevent another Eelam war. We are wasting out time trying to reason with most of these people.

  315. #320 Surya said …

    [All Tamils need is a political solution.]

    Tamils have a political solution NOW: One person gets One Vote. to elect representative to Parliament.

    It is called UNIVERSAL FRANCHISE and is all every other community in Sri Lanka has too.

    There is no other political solution are available in Sri Lanka to ANYBODY.

    One Sri Lankan Nation, of One Sri Lankan People, sharing One Sri Lankan Destiny.

    Equal Rights and Equal Responsibilities for Each and Every Sri Lankan citizen.

    No Ethnic Fiefdoms for Anyone, Ever!

  316. #376-ananda -usa

    There is no other political solution are available in Sri Lanka to ANYBODY.
    There is. More power sharing for everybody including sinhalese tamils and muslims. In otherwords we take some powers from the central government and distribute it to the regions.

    This is called devolution of power.

    It is not a specific political solution for tamils, but serves the dual purpose of dousing eelam cinders and also empowering all the people of the country and a fairer distribution of the national resources.

    I agree with you there is no political solution for tamils only, but there is a political solution for everyone including tamils.

    I also agree with you that srilankan identity should take precedence over ethnic identity. So things like bill of rights and 16th amendment for tamil language and 17th amendment for institutions to oversee fairplay and justice should be implemented.

    If we do all this we are on the way to becoming a developed nation.People like you then do not need to waste their patriotic time in the USA and our house maids in the middleeast don’t need to walk like bowlegged ducks anymore.

  317. MFern (#288) It was in responding to Law Professor
    Marasinghe in these columns I warned President
    Rajapakse he will court unnecessary trouble – as opposed to the Professor’s position MR was pretty safe. Upto you to decide what really happened since then. My differences with Mr Rajapakse are political. Socially we have been friends for years.


  318. Thank you for this article Mr DBS. I was a bit disappointed with the previous one without realising that you were working on this one.

    You summed up the whole intention (or point) of this article in one of your comment “Sadly there is no other choice. We have to work with Mahinda”. Is this so hard to understand or accept?

    There is nothing wrong with protesting and showing the dissatisfaction with the President. After all, he needs to know what others think of him when they are free to express their feelings.
    However, in this occasion, I think British Tamils missed a golden opportunity.
    They could have silently worked to arrest any war criminals.
    They could have dropped the flag and joined hands with other parties who are also not happy with the President. When are they going to learn that we can do nothing by standing alone?
    They could have turned up in thousands showing their discontent without blocking MR’s actions.

    What did we really gain other than insulting the President? I say nothing.

  319. #369 Don
    May be you don’t know the history. Banda’s own people after he came to power opposed the pact because they felt suspicious of the Tamil intentions. Therefore it was not implemented. Banda was forced not to go ahead with it. The lesson we learn is because there is 80% Singhalese, any concessions to Tamils can possibly go thru if their support is there. That is why, what happened in oxford is not good for Tamils because it created ill will between parties. Especially when a democratically elected head of state is insulted. Mind you VP is not in the same league as MR because the former was never elected the leader of his people. Further MR is a popular leader because I think he and his party won 3 or 4 election in a row. The opposition could not prove any election rigging or even put forward a good circumstantial case. I am not a MR supporter.

    I’m bad in history, don’t know what will I do without you.
    But I know that long history of suspicion is not something easily curable. Certainly it can not be done by a tribal leader.

  320. By denying MR to express his views, Oxford Union and the Tamils who protested have done a big mistake. They should have allowed him to speak and then question him for possible war crimes happened during his watch. If the Tamil diaspora handled this case wisely, they could have get MR or at least Maj. Gen. Gallage who came with him arrested in London.
    When the Maj.Gen. is on trial, he will definitely start to sing and expose all the others who involved in war crimes.

  321. #365 Samarasekara

    1 & 2. Tamil people had even better oppurtunities under the British Government. There are many instances where the tamil students are beaten or manhandled or even killed in the southern part of SL

    3. If India can go for linguistic states why can’t SL?

    4. You say that almost Tamil remains as the official language in Northern Province. What will happen if you call northern province as Yaazh kuda state or Vanni state? (A state whose official language is Tamil)

    5. East is no longer a province where Tamils are majority (if we exclude Tamil Muslims). Hence nothing great in the development activities of East. Do it in North also and then talk.

    6. Basic right of a human being. If it is denied then it is a news.

    7. A buddhist monk has bought acres of land in Talaimannar which is just few miles away from Tamil Nadu. Around Nallur Kandasamy Temple so many sinhalese have opened their shops. (of course after the war). Tamils tolerate all ill treatment and survive in Sinhalese majority areas. Because of the majority psyche sinhalese don’t do that.

    8. Govigama is the equivalent of Vellala in the sinhalese. Please don’t talk about the caste system. If there is nothing like a Tamil Homeland then there is nothing like a sinhalese homeland also. Human race existed in the island long before tamils settled there. But no proof to claim that they were sinhalese.

    Answer this question also if you believe in sinhalese homeland? What happened to other original inhabitants of the island? How long should a race exist in a land to claim that it is their homeland?

  322. Tamils will have to face the repercussions of trying to humiliate Mahinda Rakapakse. Tamils have once again shot themselves in the foot. The LTTE killed off all the sane, intelligent Tamil leaders and now the Tamils are ruled by idiots who have no sense whatsoever. Tamils will have no one but themselves to blame for their plight — yet again. They will taste Mahinda’s wrath and there is nothing they can do about it.

  323. Leader of the Democratic Peoples Congress Parliamentarian Prabha Ganeshan says Tamil Diaspora cannot solve the problem of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. They have been leading luxurious lives in foreign countries. They are unable to understand the real problems face by the common Tamil people in Sri Lanka. Anti-Sri Lankan and pro-LTTE activities organised by Tamil Diaspora in abroad lead to further increase the sufferings of Tamil community here. The parliamentarian vehemently criticized the Tamil Diaspora for their attempt to sabotage of President’s lecture at the Oxford Union in Britain. The government has taken a number of measures for the welfare of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Over 90 percent of the IDP families have been resettled in their original abodes at present. The government is further committed to look into the problems of the Tamils without any discrimination. Mr. Prabha Ganesha further says that fraternity between the Sinhala and Tamil communities should be enhanced to establish long lasting ethnic harmony in Sri Lanka.


  324. 375. Navin  |Don, You do not have to compare MR to the West. Just take the case of “Tamil Diaspora” itself. The LTTE men who committed atrocities for 30 years are no more but those who funded these crimes knowing very well what their money is been used for are still there. Tamil Diaspora is guilty of that and deserve to be brought to justice.   

    Yes I do agree with you 100%. There cannot be selective justice.

  325. 382. Ratna  |But I know that long history of suspicion is not something easily curable. Certainly it can not be done by a tribal leader.

     You are correct about suspicion. See what happened to the much publicized Israeli Palestinian talks. Because there is absolutely no good will between the parties, it was bound to fail. It was a huge failure to US President Obama’s international peace efforts.

    MR is not a tribal leader. He is a lawyer and many who practiced with him have told me that he was a guy who always thought of the common man. Today he is the only leader who can bring the two communities together. If he gives concessions to Tamils, the Singhalese cannot accuse him of anything because of his reputation as the destroyer of LTTE. He has the respect of Singhalese. He also got India, Russia, China etc on his side. He is not a racist because many moderate Tamils who know him has told that. But whether Tamils or Singhalese, if they cross swords with him, the man can become ruthless. If the Tamils avoid doing that, they will succeed. Diaspora Tamils, insulting MR in Oxford therefore does not help the cause of Tamils in SL. Tamils in SL are just not in a position to make MR angry and launch a fight for their rights.

    MR did not go to UK like a jackass. Gotabaya his brother had put certain things in place so that if he got arrested or anything were to happen to anyone accompanying him there would have been a huge come back on the UK government.

  326. 373. puma  |   The SL President or his emissaries would find it difficult to visit the 139 countries who were signatories to the treaty.
    Currently GOSL has the support of Russia, Pakistan, India, China, Iran etc. Future, China and India will be the top most economic and probably military super powers while UK,USA will become bankrupt if not already bankrupt. China and India will continue their support to SL. So do you think, GOSL will care two hoots?

  327. The way the things are going, even India would find it difficult in the future to defend this thuggish war criminals before the International communities. I remember, was telling a Muslim friend of mine during the last days of the war, these Europeans and the Americans, one day soon would revenge these Srilankan rulers for humiliating them. It may be happening soon than I expected.

  328. 391. afool

    You are dreaming in technicolor. If you think that the Western powers who are slowly going bankrupt as we speak will have time to think about Sri Lanka in the future think again.

    While econmies of Asia, place like China and India are booming at an incredible rate, the west is slowly going to the dogs.

    Grece and Ireland are already bankrupt. Spain and Portugal will be next. UK is cutting down their budget by almost 20%, mothballing part of their much vaunted Navy and UK students are rioting on the strees because of tution fee hikes. US in debt to China to the tune of trillions of dollars already and are waging two wars that they have absolutely no chance of winning while spending money that they don’t have. Their own banks and teh financial system have royally screwed them while getting billions of dollars as bail outs – again billions of dollars that they don’t have and have to borrow from countries like China. Given the open revolt in the Democratic party, Obama more and more looks like a one-term president.

    So you think that the Western leaders are losing sleep over “humilliations” by Sri Lanka?

  329. # 392 – Ranjan Toronto.
    Dear Ranjan! I do believe in what I say, because I analyze events and then come to my conclusions. I read many of your comments in many places and most of your opinions are your wishes rather than your thoughts. For instance, if you really believe in what you say in the above paragraphs of yours, you would have thrown out your Canadian citizenship and applied for a Chinese/ Indian citizenship or your mother land’s again. You would never do that in your entire life I know and also you know, and this is also another my thought,(write here even after how many years if you did so). Further, however you wish, even China or Japan or S.Korea , leave aside the poor India which can take even centuries to come to the current Western standard infrastructures-wise, will never, NEVER take over the West’s place. Don’t be angry with me for saying this, because I am never a supporter of the West. In-fact , I am against democracy( total Capitalism) and very well aware of their double standards. But, to me at this moment my enemy’s enemy is my friend and that is all. Even further, the West will never allow anybody else to take its place as human-rights defenders. Finally, if you small powerless refugees or immigrants in the West, who are quickly feeling the pain when some-one writes here to provoke you and you reply and reply again, how about those powerful politicians from those powerful countries? Do you agree, the Iraq war was a making of Bush Junior for his personal revenge?
    NB:- By the way did you contact Mr Bob Rae to ask your doubts? Definitely, you do not have to wait until the next elections to do that?!! If you need I can find out his number from my side and send it to you. I want you to ask him your doubts and write here HONESTLY what he says, so it can also be a benefit to us all.

  330. #392-ranjan toronto

    A good analysis of the international economy. the countries to watch in the future are the BRIC. Brazil, Russia, India, China. When they move forward others are going to be under pressure.

    Countries in trouble or going to be in the near future as you rightly pointed out are PIGS. Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain.
    In addition i think Italy also will join them.

    Prosperity will spread from the BRIC into neighbouring countries. Reduction in living standards will spread from the PIGS to the neighbouring countries.

  331. Ranjan,Toronto | December 10th, 2010 at 10:39 am
    Quote “While econmies of Asia, place like China and India are booming at an incredible rate, the west is slowly going to the dogs.”Unquote
    What China and India are doing to progress is at the behest of the Western countries. Western countries(West Europe and North America) do not want to engage in labour intensive jobs and they wanted some countries where labour unions cannot raise their voice. That is why all the labour intensive factories are built in China, not in India. If China assert beyond a certain limit, then Walmart, IBM, Intel, Mark & Spenser etc. will be instructed to close their operations in China and China will come to a screeching halt. Even Obama is not in favour of outsourcing and considerable Indians are in difficulties in retaining their jobs. There are many smarter Chinese software developers than the Indian software professionals. Chinese break all the softwares and sell it in black market. However they, the Wesetern nations, do not want China to master both hardware and software and the Indians are employed in software industry. It is not the English Langage. Chinese were studying in Ivy league universities of USA even before the second world war under the Boxer (rebellion) scholarships. If you read the scholarly articles in technical fields then you will know their depth and contribution. However, China will never be allowed to develope in their own land. Even the father of the Chinese rocketry was under Boxer (rebellion) scholar and he was house arrested during Mcarthy red hunt. China and India have sent rockets into space but none of them produces international passenger planes. Rocketry is not a rocket science, if I use the term, but passenger planes are. China churns out computers but none of the motherboards or chips are their own design. Only countries like Sri Lanka are scrambling to buy their arms from China. The countries really face formidable adversaries are eager to buy arms from USA, U.K., France and Russia. Yes, Russia has international passemger planes but they are non competitive. If you think Asian giants are rising, then you are in your wishful thinking. Western countries have already started planning for oil short era. They are planning to curtail highways and to increase railways for sustainability. They are openly debating that the concept of Walmart as it is not in the interest of USA. The concept of Neighbourhood living away from work place is going to be over soon, may not be next year, but in couple of decades. Califonia produced salads in Toronto dinner tables are going to be past. Just compare the price of oil in 1980 and now. Also compare our national debt in 1980 and now. Asian giants cannot help you on a long run as they will find it difficult to fend for themselves. Singapore hired Sri Lankans to work in Garment industry in late seventies and early eighties. By 1990, they decided to do away with it and started concentrating in value added products.
    Quote”Grece and Ireland are already bankrupt.”Unquote
    Do you know why Ireland is bust now? They owe money to the Banks of U.K., France, West Germany and USA. Ireland agreed to pay the debt from its tax payers money. Who has gained it? About the American housing crisis, real estate developers got the money from the banks (from USA, U.K., France and West Germany). The money is still in USA with the developers. The US tax payers are going to pay extra to the banks. That means big shots are going to have more money and average folks are going to do double shift to pay. Productivity increase as people are now working hard to survive, none are going to go to India or China.
    Quote”US in debt to China to the tune of trillions of dollars already and are waging two wars that they have absolutely no chance of winning while spending money that they don’t have.” Unquote.
    I do not know what to think of you! US debt to China is in US dollars. Therefore now it is the responsibility of China to see that US dollar is not collapsing. That is why whenever US dollar is slipping, China is silently buying US dollar. World trade is in US dollars. World bank, IBRD, Oil trade are all in US dollars. US government is not all worried and they left that worry to China. You speak about two wars. Who cares? Do you think that they have gone there to win a war? Murdered Iragi President Saddam Hussain wanted to sell oil in Euros and not in US dollars. That is where he made the mistake. He killed his own people, but that did not bother them. M.R. killed his own people and no one has gone there to punish him or at least to verify that from those who really suffered. You do anything in your backyard, but do not to meddle in our business. That is it. Do you know why America is in Afghanistan. No Afghanis involved in Twin Tower, almost all were Saudis! Or is it because they ill treat women? Then all the Middle East should be invaded. We do not know their longterm plans. They do not want to win the war soon, that I am sure. That is an early warning area. That is a nice area to see many nuclear nations, India, Pakistan, Russia, China and of course Iran. Usually I do not discuss issues about America as they are too powerful for a minion like me to have/cause any effect. I discussed it here to show you that it is better not to read much in the mighty economic miracles of India and China. This is where Pirabhaharan made the mistake. He touched Rajiv to give pretext to hoodwink Tamil Nadu. Rajiv is a pure murderer but his murder did us a lot of damage. Otherwise Pirabhakaran will be still kicking and Fonseka would have been in America enjoying his retired life and Mahinda may be still having honeymoon with Pirabhakaran. Actually they, China and India, are very careful to not to rock the boat to do business with USA. That is all. They are for multi billion dollar worth of arms or other strategic investments. Only you and D.J are reading too much in India and China economic miracle.

  332. Sorry DBS, this is off topic, but I could not resist.

    First of all, to all the people who said that I should take up Chinese or Indian citizenship, why should I? Canada is one of the most resource rich countries in the world. There will always be some country or countries that will want Canadian resources. For the last fifty years it was the US. the next fifty years it will be China and India that will buy the Canadian resources. So US and Europe can go down the drain, but countries like Canada, South Africa, Australia, and Russia will still flourish because there still be many economies in the world that still needs these resources. Already Chinese companies are investing heavily in Canadian resource companies. So I will be fine with my Canadain citizenship.

    K.Easwaran: You said that “If China assert beyond a certain limit, then Walmart, IBM, Intel, Mark & Spenser etc. will be instructed to close their operations in China and China will come to a screeching halt.” Not so fast my friend. That may have worked 10 years ago when Chinese manufacturing was getting established. The middle class population of India and China that can afford to buy luxury goods are at the moment is about 200 million (approximately 10% of the population). In another 5 years time, that number will be greater than the total population of USA. When that happens, China and India need not sell their manufactured good to US but they can self sustain their economies by selling to their own populations. Just like US did 30-40 years ago. Do you know that more high end luxury cars are now sold in China than anywhere else in the world?

    The multinational companies that removed almost all the manufacturing capacity from USA and Europe, to the third world have dug their own graves in the long run.

    Recently there was a report which said that at present when you consider the number of science/engineering students currently enrolled in post secondary institutions, US ranks far behind countries like China, India, Korea.

    Just consider the facts: USA, a country that has no significant manufacturing capability at present. A country rapidly falling behind educating its young to be engineers and scientists. A country who has to import bulk of its energy needs as its resources are largely depleted. The country involved in two very expensive wars. You asked who cares. Well my friend, you will care if you are asked to pay for those. Iraq and Afganisthan are costing USA more than 100 billion dollars a year and US is borrowing money – largely from China to pay for these. A country, whose annual budget deficit is more than a trillion (1000 billion) dollars at present. On top of all that a country dominated by two largely dysfunctional political parties. Republicans will not allow tax increases to take place, which has to happen if USA is going to reduce its budget deficit. On the other hand, Democrats will not allow cuts the massive social programs like social security, medicare that keep on adding to the deficit. On top of all this, a massive illegal immigration problem that is further depressing wages as illegals take jobs at lower wages. Take all of this, US my friend, is in a real soup. The only reason that US dollar is high is that as you said, the world trade is in US dollars at this moment. But there is enough talk around the world these days to move away from that. When and if that happens, that will be the end for US. The US dollar will fall like a rock and most US citizens who now appear think that they need not manufacture real goods and trade them in the markets to have a strong economy and a high standard of living will not know what hit them. As we all learned the hard way during the last two years, the money that is generated in the stock markets and investment banking systems in this world is not real. They are all “funny money” that tend to disappear at the slightest whim.

    Some famous economist recently said that the current US situation has many similarities to that existed at the end of the Roman Empire. An empire involved in costly wars, with not enough economic output, but trying to maintain a lifestyle that they can not afford to. I would tend to agree with that.

  333. If a government (just like an individual) commits a crime, the perpetrators need to be punished for two reasons:
    1. The criminals will not continue to commit the same crime.
    2. Other potential criminals will be deterred.
    Both the above are valid in the case of the Sri Lankan President.
    Turning a blind eye to such state-sponsored brutality will make a mockery of the Geneva convention. The International Community needs to register that the “Sri Lanka model”, as proclaimed by the president’s PR machinery, is not an acceptable means to solve an internal conflict. Your argument is defeatist and the essence of it would be share by many “defeated people” in Sri Lanka, which is perfectly understandable. However, for the sake of the future generations, this Sri Lankan regime needs to be brought to justice, so that no other governments around the world will follow the same path.

  334. 379 Don:
    As the saying “Kannal Kanpatum poi, kathal kedpatum poi…” every individual has their own decision making method. Unless it is a mathematical theorem, everything else is an acceptable answer as we cannot proof them consistently and or non-reproducible. As this video is not a mathematical theorem, I definitely cannot proof it, as a result I am not expecting you/anyone to believe it. For certain things we apply our sense to make decisions and my sense says it looks authentic, at the same time my heart says it should not be true and I hope this not happen to even my dearest enemy. I didn’t know about the Hitler’s diaries details but interesting to know, will google when time permit.

    To your question;
    What do we do? Yes bring MR to justice and apply the law to all (GOSL/LTTE/India/Russia, who ever) those committed the crime.
    Who can really do this? You, me and everyone in this plant who respect the humanity.
    What is the reality? You, me and everyone get together to support the legal system to punish those who committed the crime.
    Was justice done to USA killed Jap? It was a war between two different countries. The goal is to win the war. And yes collateral damage MAY be acceptable in war between two countries. But I don’t think USA would use artillery/arial-boming/MBRL against its own citizens.
    In SL, GOSL calling it a civil war but used all available fire-power against its citizen particularly against Tamils for past 30 years. On top of it, it committed war crimes against them. In my understanding, it is not called war, but ethnic cleansing. Of course everyone think differently and I will stop elaborating further as you seem like a good thinker.

    I am not sure why we have to try western government; they seem to be taking care of their citizen properly. You concern about, Millions of Singhalese standard of living is low compare to Tamils of Jaffna, tells me how resilient and hard working Tamils are. I hope, this self resiliency should not make GOSL to bomb and kill Tamils instead GOSL should help build Sinhalese life standard. If 65% of the Tamils do live outside traditional homeland, how my of them were provided shelters, food and money by GOSL like those Sinhala settlers in North East, example of Navadkuli settlements. I am not sure how many of those Tamils pay the same rent as other Singhalese in Colombo or other Sinhala area. How many of those Tamils feel secure and not to worry about being arrested and not have to carry ID card everyday.

    376. Ananda-USA
    I agree with your comment only after GOSL officially recognize and pass the bill successfully in Parliament that Sinhala language and Buddhism is not any superior in the Island and is equal to Tamil, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and others. All federal ministers and officials will be fluent in both Tamil and Sinhala and address any communication in both languages at all time and all official documents and police reports will be in both languages… I am not going to bother more here as I see DBSJ released his recent article with some good news or hope. I hope it is true and will rather comment more on that article after reading it.

  335. 343 David Joseph.
    DBSJ is at a junction where he is loved and hated depending on what he writes. In my opinion DBSJ writes from his heart and he tries to be objective as possible. DBSJ is a total defender of the Tamil culture, language and rights. The article does not whitewash Mahinder Rajapakse but simply talks about the denied freedom to express one’s views. I too fell angry sometimes if DBSJ writes something which is against my belief. But I have learnt a noble lesson which is to ‘Agree to disagree’ . I urge you to follow this as it will keep your friendships and relationships intact even though we may be on different sides on issues which are close to your heart.

  336. 342. Diyasena | December 8th, 2010 at 1:00 am
    Ha hah; You must contend to get Darwin Award.

    345. Mohomed Anas | December 8th, 2010 at 3:58 am

    yep; Add Osama as well into the list.

    347. Diyasena | December 8th, 2010 at 5:11 am

    Diya Aiyya, no need to be angry. A lot of Tamils were converted into Sinhalease and vice a versa. But as a whole we are too bad in the subject of history; We studied roman culture, mayan culture, but NOT the real Ceylon culture. But we do not know who we are. I know a ‘Tamil” person who was actually the 4th Generation of Sinhalese grandpa. No need to say’ he felt he is a ‘pure’ tamil who would say his grandpa was converted to Tamil. Those who say they are ‘pure’ Tamils or ‘pure’ Sinhalese should be really wesk in history.

    Probably, we need a massive DNA study done in all Sri Lanka. This is suitatable for Muslims who feels they are ‘pure’ arabs who happen just to speak Tamil !

  337. 342. Diyasena | December 8th, 2010 at 1:00 am
    Ha hah; You must contend to get Darwin Award.

    345. Mohomed Anas | December 8th, 2010 at 3:58 am

    yep; Add Osama as well into the list.

    347. Diyasena | December 8th, 2010 at 5:11 am

    Diya Aiyya, no need to be angry. A lot of Tamils were converted into Sinhalese and vice a versa. But as a whole we are too bad in the subject of history; We studied roman culture, mayan culture, but NOT the real Ceylon culture. But we do not know who we are. I know a ‘Tamil” person who was actually the 4th Generation of Sinhalese grandpa. No need to say’ he felt he is a ‘pure’ tamil who would say his grandpa was converted to Tamil. Those who say they are ‘pure’ Tamils or ‘pure’ Sinhalese should be really weak in history.

    Probably, we need a massive DNA study done in all Sri Lanka. This is suitatable for Muslims who feels they are ‘pure’ arabs who happen just to speak Tamil !

  338. 365. samarasekara | December 9th, 2010 at 12:43 am

    Samare-yo, goto Singapore and LEARN. A Tamil person OR any other person will NOT have to watch left and right and hush in his own language. He can just speak.

    How many Tamils would speak aloud in Tamil in Colombo in dark? (without fearing being punched!!)

  339. You are prooved again that you are a great writer from your heart. i Appreciate. Mahinda has refused right of speech as hundreds of thousands of innocent tamil people in Eelam refused the right to live, by the democratic singhalese.Refusal of liberty of speech is the biggest war crime in the world and Rajapakse’s must be saved from this. Pls continue your great work DBSJ

  340. #404 Sydney-T

    “Ha hah; You must contend to get Darwin Award.”

    I reckon you are better suited for it mate.. Might I suggest self immolation in oil-filtered from Big Mac patties, in true Eezhamist style..

  341. 407. Diyasena | December 13th, 2010 at 10:03 am

    Diya, from your own opinion , I am a para Themaloo who deserves to die for no reason.

    It because of people like you, a few fellow stupid Tamils did blast themselves. However I do not condone stupidity even faced with real Darwin contenders!!!

    I do not know what you mean by “Eezhamist style”, from what I know some stupid people think of it as blasting themselves killing a few military targets/political targets and in the process killing innocent civilians,.

    Now I do not support such activities. Quite surprised to know that you are encouraging such views.

    BTW, do you work for Maccas? All the best in your career 🙂

  342. #407 Sydney-T,

    ‘Diya, from your own opinion , I am a para Themaloo who deserves to die for no reason.’

    Well since you live in Sydney I guess one could add the ‘Para’/ foreign adjective to you, but as you still hold your SL passport I’d call you a fellow countryman..

    And certainly I don’t wish death on you.. Remember you started the pissing match not me, so don’t get all literal and wussy when some one dishes it back to you.

    ‘Now I do not support such activities. Quite surprised to know that you are encouraging such views’

    Go look up the definition of self-immolation.. It has nothing to do with suicide bombings..

    “I do not know what you mean by “Eezhamist style”

    What I meant by it was lighting oneself on fire (see SELF-IMMOLATION, rhymes quite nicely with self-determination ae? 😉 ) and going on McHunger strikes..

    Though I’ve never worked at Maccas, it would be a million times more respectable than living off Centrelink, citing bogus refugee claims..

  343. Hi David,
    I disagree some of your points. I agree that VP and his regime were war criminals. but what about MR?. do you think MR is a war criminal or not? please give your opinion. I did not like the way he was treated in Britain. but we know the history british rulers, “divide and rule”.
    many thanks for this analytic article.

  344. Why MR rejected the request from Channel 4 News team for an interview. MR was given an opportunity to explain about the Channel 4 News video.

  345. Anyone who has committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide must be held accountable, whether the LTTE committed them or the GOSL.These questions can only be resolved by a establishing an International Commission, otherwise such demonstrations are bound to happen. May be you should advocate that such an investigation be setup.

  346. DBS,
    I think this is one of your bestest articles written ever.Thanks to you I think Mahinda wont take revenge on innocent Tamils

  347. DBS




  348. # 417 – Kumar

    Dear Kumar!
    1) What is forward thinking? Criticizing the LTTE for no good reason?
    2) What is the meaning of the word “traitor”. I criticized the LTTE very bitterly and openly in their own ground and I am still alive and well?
    3) So people like you only have tongs, alone can talk about human-rights?

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