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The Crucifixion of Sri Lanka is an Ongoing Process that has Essentially Become a Money Making Cum Power Acquiring Exercise

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The crucifixion of Jesus Christ which is said to have been committed approximately 2000 years ago is commemorated annually by Christians the world over. The crucifixion of Sri Lanka, however, is an ongoing process which becomes most intense as the meeting of the UNHRC draws closer each year and is hence in no need of commemoration.

Originally this was purely an exercise of local Tamil politicians spreading ‘horror stories’ about the alleged discrimination against the Tamils practised by successive Governments of different political colourations with the single minded objective of gaining political power for themselves in the whole or a part of the country.
Today, however the scope of this exercise has expanded beyond the wildest dreams of those who first began it with reasonably modest ambitions but without any thought for the likely/possible consequences of their acts.

Today it has become essentially a money making cum power acquiring exercise.

Not long before last year’s meeting of the UNHRC, a relatively unknown and obscure TV channel known as “Channel 4” came out with a scurrilous video film which purported to portray atrocities committed by our Armed Forces in the closing stages of their hostilities with the LTTE including some scenes of alleged ‘executions’ of alleged Tamil civilians by our Armed Forces. The identity of the photographer or ‘author’ of this ‘horror film’, the dates and places where it was filmed, the names or descriptions of the alleged perpetrators of these atrocities and/or of their alleged victims and/or any plausible explanation as to why this ‘horror film’ was ‘aired’ so belatedly or indeed any single fact which would enable a genuine searcher for the truth to investigate and arrive at conclusions about the truth or falsity of the grisly allegations against Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces was concealed from the public.

The video film was not, however, intended to provide truthful information to the unbiased observer or the searcher after truth. The intention of Channel 4 in producing and disseminating this vile piece of trash was purely and simply TO MAKE MONEY by engaging in as vile an act of anti Sri Lanka propaganda as one could imagine in which ‘truth’ mattered not one whit and all that mattered was that they pleased the pro-Tiger anti Sri Lanka Lobby including those twin clowns of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi and others of their ilk. The then relatively unknown and obscure Channel 4 succeeded beyond what would have been their wildest dreams.

Today “Channel 4” is known to all and sundry and such was the ‘success’ and financial rewards [much more than 30 pieces of Silver] of their earlier assault on Sri Lanka’s good name that it has now been emboldened to embark on a second such venture, this time, by putting out a video film of the alleged murder by our Armed Forces of Prabhakaran’s younger son Balachandran.

Once again, none of the above particulars [except the name and alleged parentage of Balachandran] which could serve as a starting point for the objective searcher after truth to commence his investigations into the truth or falsity of this film was given.

None of these factors, however, mattered to those enemies of Sri Lanka [and hence of the Tamils of Sri Lanka as well] who were ecstatic with joy over the release of this film – The totally fictional nature of this film mattered not an iota to them – all that mattered was that it was anti Sri Lanka – and so they applauded it and welcomed it with open arms. The clown Jayalalithaa shed oceans of synthetic tears and waxed eloquent about how wicked it was to murder a helpless boy. This same Jayalithaa however ignored in its entirety the absolute vileness and barbarity displayed by her ‘idols’, the LTTE who were armed and trained by India, when they butchered sleeping infants who happened to be Sinhalese or Moors at villages such as Gonagala, Alinchipotana, Palliyagodella etc. The silence of Jayalalithaa on these atrocities was only matched by that of others of her ilk in India, the so called “International Community” [namely the affluent or relatively affluent countries of the West] and also the TNA and other racist Tamil parties of Sri Lanka. Adding his devalued ‘two cents worth’ to this cacophony of anti Sri Lankan charlatans is that Manmohan Singh who is reported to have said that Sri Lanka MUST give the Tamils autonomy in the North and East.

While all these members of the anti Sri Lanka gang purported to be driven, not by any animosity to Sri Lanka or its People, but only by their alleged love and concern for the Tamil People, it is pertinent to ask what (if any) they or any of them have done for the Tamils of Sri Lanka. The answer is, NOTHING. The darkest hours of the Tamils was when the LTTE was kidnapping their children and abducting their youth for ransom or slave labour in their terrorist cadres; when their freedom of movement was curtailed as never before and their homes in the North became their prisons; when the LTTE murdered whom they wanted and when and how they wanted at their sole discretion; when the LTTE extorted their hard earned money from them and used them as ‘human shields’ particularly at Mullaitivu during the closing days of the armed conflict. What did any of these NOW vociferous self appointed lovers of and advocates for the Tamils do for them at that time???

While none of those, now participating with glee in the crucifixion of Sri Lanka and even applauding the filth churned out by Channel 4 did a thing to help the Tamils out of their pitiful plight, it was only Sri Lanka and the members of its Armed Forces who did so. Successive Governments of Sri Lanka continuously sent food, drugs and other essentials to even those parts of the North and East as were under the control of the LTTE. All this was done while knowing that at least some of those foodstuffs, drugs etc. would not reach the People for whom they were meant but be commandeered by the LTTE. This is not all: those Governments of whatever political colouration kept the Government Hospitals and Schools in those areas supplied, paid their staff and conducted both immunisation campaigns and public examinations. While any person with any concern for the truth could not have failed to emphasise these matters in any treatise or discourse on the Government and its treatment of the Tamils during those dark days in particular, it is not a matter for surprise that those engaged in the crucifixion of Sri Lanka and propagating the filth churned out by Channel 4 have ignored them in their entirety.

Finally, it was the Government of Sri Lanka through the youth of its Armed Forces [mainly Sinhalese and Moor because Tamils were by and large prevented from joining them through fear of the LTTE] who, by the sacrifice of life and limb rescued the Tamil civilians from the bondage of the LTTE after suffering privations which can better be imagined than described. As a result of their monumental services to the Tamil civilians which none now shedding copious synthetic tears for them had rendered or sought to render, the Tamil civilians no longer have their brethren murdered, their children kidnapped; their youth abducted or their money extorted; are no longer prisoners in their villagers and enjoy as much freedom and the same rights as their fellow citizens of other ethnic groups enjoy.

Unsurprisingly, these salient facts are also suppressed by those enemies of Sri Lanka and the Tamils.

The last straw in this tale of chicanery and betrayal for their own perceived betterment is the cry of Jayalalithaa following a fellow clown, the Governor who has called for the imposition of sanctions on Sri Lanka until all Tamils are fully rehabilitated !!! It being indisputable that the imposition of sanctions must necessarily adversely affect the economy of Sri Lanka and hence the resources available to the Government to rehabilitate those who suffered at the hands of the LTTE who include not only Tamils but also Sinhalese and Moors, any person [including Jayalalithaa] should realise that such imposition of sanctions must necessarily affect the Tamils who form part and parcel of the polity of Sri Lanka. However, with her thoughts and ambitions focused wholly on her political prospects, such matters as the welfare of the Tamils of Sri Lanka are obviously matters which to her merit no attention.

As for Manmohan Singh, his thoughts are also fixed only on how he can retain his ‘job’ as Prime Minister of India for which he needs more than ever, the support of Jayalalithaa. Never did Manmohan Singh or the Italian Housewife Sonia Gandhi care one whit for the plight of the Tamils of Sri Lanka. If he did, would he have permitted India to have armed and trained the LTTE ? Would he have countenanced India saving the LTTE from being defeated by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in 1987; would he have countenanced the atrocities perpetrated on the Tamils by the LTTE including the kidnapping of their children? Would he, as Prime Minister, today, permit South Indian fisherman to invade Sri Lanka’s territorial waters in droves and steal the fish that constitutes the livelihood of the principally Tamil fishermen of the North and East?

Finally, Manmohan Singh does not realise even at this late stage that Sri Lanka is as much a Sovereign, Independent State as India and that the internal governance of Sri Lanka is none of his business just as much as the internal governance of India is no business of Pakistan ??? Is GL Peiris too scared to mention any of these facts ??? If so, why doesn’t Mahinda Rajapaksa kick him out ???

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