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Ranil or Anyone Else Cannot do much in a Scenario Where Mahinda has Assumed Power with Heavy Backing from Chauvinist Military Campaign

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Dr.Vickramabahu Karunaratne

Lal kantha said, in the present era the joint struggle of the opposition led by parliamentarians is ineffective. Instead one has to concentrate on mass struggle with total participation of the partners of this struggle.

At least that is how I understood what he presented at the new political orientation of their party.

According to a media report, the JVP Politburo member K.D. Lal kantha has said, fighting to affect social transformation from within Parliament will not bear fruit and it is necessary to join with people outside the Parliament and fight for their rights.

He said, the traditional opposition in Parliament does not have the ability to do this.

‘’What is needed now is not a strong opposition which would be useless. There have been strong oppositions in the country which toppled governments, like the oppositions in 1977, 1994, 2001 and again in 2004. But the society is still where it was. Governments were formed and the people’s problems grew,’’

he said.
Though the message is a bit confusing, looking at the sequence presented I gather what he says is that in the history of Lanka, strong parliamentary alliances were able to change the governments with no real transformation in the socio-economic policy and no real benefits to the people. In fact the problems grew further both in quantity and quality and the misery of the people continued.

I am inclined to agree with him, though I see some drastic changes brought in by the war and also a series of changes in the constitution, both made with the vigorous participation of Lal kantha and the JVP.

He goes on to say,

“What is needed now is not a strong opposition. There is a weak opposition in parliament headed by Ranil Wickremesinghe which is okay. What can be done inside Parliament? What can Ranil Wickremesinghe do inside parliament? Nothing has been done all this time. What can be done?”
Here he dismisses the parliamentary politics altogether! This is not new – Wjeweera started off dismissing parliamentary work and prepared to confront the inevitable imperialist assault by an armed peoples’ struggle. But it did not work! Then they concentrated on parliamentary politics.

Obviously there is very little one could do within parliamentary politics in Lanka in relation to the necessary revolutionary changes in the global capitalist set up.

Ranil or any one else cannot do much in a scenario where Mahinda has assumed power with a heavy backing from a chauvinist military campaign. Thanks to the great support given by the JVP, Mahinda used military power and the 18th amendment to convert parliamentary activities into a gigantic mockery! Ranil at least, put up a liberal opposition to this mockery which I agree is not much.

So, comrade Lal kantha what is your new proposal?

‘’There is no fight inside Parliament for social transformation in Sri Lanka. The struggle is at the workplaces, on the streets, the farms, the Universities and the schools. This struggle must grow and increase. So on one hand we have a common trade union centre and on the other hand a common political centre.’’

says Lal kantha.
Very good, we must prepare for a mass struggle that spreads through workplaces, streets, farms, universities and schools aiming at social transformation. Excellent!

However comrade, social transformation must be preceded by the completion of democratic tasks left behind by the wicked rulers – Tamil national problem, removal of dictatorship, agrarian reorganisation, countering IMF dictates etc.. I am sure we can agree on some of the issues.

But what about the national problem, the most pressing democratic problem unsolved by the bourgeoisie? Unfortunately it is in this prime task we are still divided.

As a beginning, we of the NSSP are for the implementation of the LLRC recommendations, whereas you consider such a step, an imperialist conspiracy. That is exactly what Mahinda and your great friend Wimal also say.

So Lal kantha, when we get to the streets for mass actions I will be with Mano, Azath, Sumanthiran and of course Ranil on one side and on the other side of the barricades you will be with Champika, Wimal and the avatar of Mahinda controlling from behind.

Will that be the firing arrangement? I mean, is that the way the drama of 88/89 is to be enacted in the future?

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