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“KP” speaks out: An interview with former Tiger Chief

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

It was one year ago on August 5th 2009 that Thambiaiya Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias “KP” was taken into custody in Kuala Lumpur at First Tune Hotel on 316 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman road.The former chief arms procurer of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) was brought to Colombo the following day.

Thambiaiya Selvarasa Pathmanathan

KP’s capture was hailed as a significant breakthrough because the senior tiger operative was at that time the nominal chief of the re-structured LTTE. In the aftermath of the Mullivaaikkaal debacle resulting in the demise of LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran and senior tiger commanders, KP assumed leadership of the movement abroad. The LTTE was re-structured with KP being appointed “Thalaimai Seyalar” or chief secretary.

With KP’s capture punitive action against him by Colombo was anticipated. However in an unexpected turn of events there evolved a remarkable relationship between captor and captive where the Sri Lankan government extended its hand of friendship towards KP in a magnanimous gesture. KP in turn reciprocated pragmatically by responding in a conciliatory and co-operative spirit.

Though under detention, KP has been afforded great autonomy of action by the Government to play a constructive role in uplifting the Tamil people and achieving ethnic reconciliation.. The ex-LTTE chief has set up a new non –governmental organization known as the North – East Rehabilitation and Development Organization (NERDO).

Nerdo Video

The NERDO is focusing on the release, rehabilitastion and re-settlement of ex –LTTE cadres and IDP’s of the North – East. KP himself is concentrating on garnering aid and assistance from sections of the Tamil Diaspora for the NERDO to formulate and implement projects.

The current status and role of KP is now a matter of great controversy. He is viciously attacked by extremist sections of the Diaspora as a traitor who has sold out to the Rajapaksa regime. The Sri Lankan opposition questions the “leniency” shown to the ex-LTTE chief by the Govt and contrasts it with the treatment meted out to former army chief General Fonseka.

It is against this backdrop that this writer had an extended telephone conversation with KP on Thursday Aug 5th the first anniversary of his capture. In what was a frank and open discussion in Tamil, the ex-tiger chief disclosed several details about the past, present and future. In the process KP dispelled several rumours circulating about him and set the record straight on a number of issues.

KP is firmly of the opinion that Tamil Eelam is a lost cause and that the armed struggle is a thing of the past. He feels that the immediate priority of Sri Lankan Tamils is to get out of the tragic situation they are in right now. The future is to live with equal rights and dignity in a united ,pluralistic Sri Lanka.

KP also expressed regret for the violence perpetrated by the LTTE against civilians and hardship caused during the course of the LTTE campaign for Tamil Eelam. A remorseful KP tendered an open apology to all the people of Sri Lanka for the suffering caused in the past.

Here are some translated excerpts of the interview:


You were seized in Malaysia last year on August 5th. How will you describe your present situation after being under detention for one year ?


I was shocked when I was arrested and for about an hour I was dazed. But later I recovered. I was also worried when brought to Sri Lanka. But I believe in an almighty God. Though I feared the worst would happen I have been fortunate.

My being captured in a way has been a benefit to me. I have now got an opportunity to serve the suffering Tamil people. Our struggle has reduced our people in Sri Lanka particularly those in the Wanni to a pathetic situation. Now I have a chance to help them in a small way at least through the work of NERDO.

Q: What are the conditions under which you are being detained?

A: I am being kept in a house. I cannot go outside. But within the house I can move about freely. I am given full freedom to talk to people on the telephone. People are not allowed to meet me here.When I want to meet people outside I have to get clearance. Some officials accompany me when I have to go out to meet them.I also have unrestricted e-mail access

Q: Were you ill-treated in any way?

A: No. I have been treated with great kindness and courtesy.In the early days there was some sort of mild tension. But as the days progressed an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect and cordiality prevails.

Q: How did this situation develop? Some people in the Tamil Diaspora allege that you had a “deal” with the govt and that your arrest itself was a drama?How were you arrested and brought here?

A: I know that these types of accusations are being levelled against me. But you know how I was arrested. You were the first person to write about my arrest in detail in English. When I got to read it much later I found that most of what you had written was correct except for some minor details. Whatever these people may say the truth is that I was arrested and transported to Sri Lanka

Q: Can you relate how you were caught and brought here?

A: I was sitting in the Hotel room talking to former LTTE political commissar Nadesan’s brother and son who had come down from England to Malaysia.I then got a telephone call from Canada. It was Ragavan from the CMR radio . The reception was not good. So I excused myself and went out.

I sat outside on a chair in the lobby and kept talking. Suddenly a group of Malaysian officials surrounded me. One of them said “Very sorry Mr.KP” and grasped my phone. It fell to the ground and was picked up by an officer. They asked me to come with them. I had no choice but to go with them

I was taken to the immigration detention centre in KL and kept there for nearly 36 hours for about two days and a night. I had to sleep there in the detention centre room. I realised from their conversation that I was going to be officially deported. But I was not sure whether it was going to be Sri Lanka, India ,USA or somewhere else.

Then I was taken to the KL airport where a Sri Lankan airlines plane was waiting. Then I knew I was going to Colombo. I was taken into the plane through the economy class entrance and then moved inside to the business class. There I was formally handed over to some Sri Lankan officials and brought to Colombo.

Q: You were a Resident in Thailand when you were arrested. Why did you operate out of Kuala Lumpur instead of Bangkok? Was it because you were arrested in Thailand in 2007?

A: I had been leading a quiet life in Thailand for many years when I was out of the LTTE. It was also known that I was living there.So when I started being active in the LTTE again I did not want to attract attention to my family in Thailand. That is why I moved to KL. Also it was easy for people from all over to travel to Malaysia and meet me.

Actually I was never arrested in 2007 .What happened was that there was a move to arrest me then and some officials had rounded up my residence early morning. Fortunately I was not there. But the news was leaked in Sri Lanka that I had been arrested. This helped to prevent follow up action to arrest me. But after that I kept a very low profile in Thailand

Q: What happened when you arrived in Colombo? I’ve heard some stories about how you established rapport with the Defence secretary at your first meeting itself?

A: During the flight to Colombo I had a long chat for about three hours with a Sri Lankan officer. He was very cordial. The way in which I was treated by the Lankan officers was very decent. That made me relaxed.

But I was still worried in my heart about what would happen after reaching Sri Lanka. To be honest I was very concerned about the defence secy. The impression I had of him was that he was a tough talking Sinhala hardliner. So I was really dreading an encounter with him.

But something happened when I was taken to the defence secretary’s residence. There was a Buddha statue there with a light shining at the back. For a few minutes I simply stood and gazed on the Buddha. My nerves got calmed by that

In Thailand I have gone to Buddhist temples frequently with my wife. In my house there are pictures of deities from all three religions including the Buddha. So somehow I felt that no great harm will come to me then.

The defence secretary was seated with some other officials. He got up as I entered and shook hands with me and said “please sit down”. He introduced the others to me. Mr. Gotabhaya was very polite. He told me not to worry about anything. I don’t exactly remember what I then told him but it was something like this “I saw the Buddha statue near the entrance and felt safe and calm”.

Q: Your reference to the Buddha statue incident will also be twisted by your critics within the Tamil Diaspora to portray you as a traitor praising the Buddha?

A: I know .You are right but I am telling you what really happened. I don’t want to hide anything. I told about the Buddha statue to the nine member Tamil expatriate delegation that came to Sri Lanka last June also.

Because of my home environment and my wife’s religious belief I am familiar with Buddhist worship and temples .So seeing the Buddha statue really helped me emotionally. This is the truth. If they want to attack me because of that, then let them do it. I don’t care. I have nothing against the Buddha or Buddhism

Q: I understand your feelings. So how did your meeting with the Defence secretary go?

A: Cakes and tea were served. The defence secretary said that they had tried to solve the problem peacefully but were compelled to wage full fledged war. He said it was sad that finally all the LTTE leaders including Prabhakaran had to die in the war.

He also had lots of information about the communications within the LTTE during the last days of war. He asked me some questions and I answered truthfully . When I didn’t know something I told him so instead of bluffing. He seemed satisfied with my response. I also told him clearly that the war was over for me a long time ago and that my only goal now was to help my people recover from the war and lead normal lives.

I was really amazed by the attitude of the defence secretary. At one point I told him that the image I had of him when I saw TV interviews was that he was a tough hardliner and that his soft behaviour was a pleasant surprise. He laughed and said “I am really like this all the time.Some of these media people irritate me. That is why I get angry like that”.

After a long conversation the defence secretary introduced a particular officer and said he was responsible for me. I was told that I could communicate with him on all matters and that I could send word through this officer to him if necessary. He then shook hands again and I was taken to a house in Colombo. So began a new chapter in my life.

Q: What happened thereafter? There are allegations and reports that you have been collaborating with the government and providing information about Diaspora LTTE activities abroad to the Govt?

A: Let me tell this clearly. When the Sri Lankan intelligence officers began talking to me there were two choices for me. One was to confront them and the other was to cooperate. If I confronted I would have had to face long prison term and not be of any use to anyone. But if I cooperated I could win their trust and confidence. This may have given me an opportunity to do be of some service to our people.

If the struggle was still continuing and my leader was alive then I would have willingly challenged the govt and not cooperated. I would have faced any consequence. But that was not so. Everything was over. So there was no point in confronting. So I chose to cooperate.

Again another point I must mention is this. I had been out of the movement from 2003 January to 2008 December. I had knowledge only about pre -2003 matters. Much of the structure had changed in these years and personnel involved had been changed by those who came after me. I told this very clearly to the intelligence officials who knew and understood my position

When we kept on talking a funny thing happened. At one point the officers started laughing at me and said jokingly “You don’t know anything about the LTTE now”. They were right because I was in a way living in the past. I could only tell about things and structures existing years ago. I was not well informed about the post -2002 situation. They realised it and that is why they were laughing at me.

You know what? The Sri Lankan intelligence is not stupid as some of our people think. They are vey modernised and sophisticated. Besides there is lots of exchanges with intelligence agencies of other countries. From their conversation I gathered that they were very well informed about the LTTE and its overseas structures.

Q: But the propaganda against you by the pro-Castro group headed by Nediyavan and some media organs allege that you are supplying the govt with information about LTTE activity in the Diaspora?

A: I know that. But the truth is something different. In addition to the information gained by the intelligence people through different sources the y have been presented with lots of information by Castro’s people.

Q: How is that?

A: I am a little reluctant to tell this but since you are asking I will tell. When the army advanced into Viswamadhu, Castro and his department people abandoned everything and ran. So now the Sri Lankan officials have lots of data about the overseas activities of the LTTE. They have computers and data bases. They have charts of the people who gave money to the LTTE and the amounts and dates. They have copies of tax receipts. They know who the fund raisers in each country are. They know who and who are running LTTE funded businesses and properties. They even have all the visiting cards of people from overseas who visited the Wanni during the peace talks period.

So the reality is that Castro and his dept people have let all this information fall into the hands of Sri Lankan officials. The Lankan intelligence don’t need outdated or hearsay information from people like me. They have real up to date information now. The reality is that the Lankan intelligence knows far more about overseas tigers than I know. But what can I do if people keep slandering me as an informant?

Q: There were newspaper reports about the personal diaries of Castro also being recovered? Is that true?

A: I have not seen any diary. But intelligence people talking to me unofficially on a friendly basis told me that Castro’s diaries of about 20 years are in their possession. Apparently he has written lots of things in those diaries. Once an officer asked me with a smile “Did Castro have a love affair?”. I said that I was not aware of it. He then laughed and related the whole story. Castro had written about that too.

Q: There was a time when you were very powerful in the LTTE overseas structure. You were in charge of three key functions namely arms purchasing, macro-management of LTTE branches and fund raising. You seemed to have lost clout after you quit the movement in 2003 and found it difficult to re-establish yourself when you re-joined in 2009. What happened then? Why did you quit?Was it because you got married?

A: No, no. It was not due to my getting married. I got married in the early nineties of the last century and not in this century. My daughter is in her late teens now.

What happened was something else. When the peace process began and a ceasefire was declared in 2002 the leader Prabhakaran tried to re-organise the LTTE in a new way. He wanted me to come and see him in the Wanni about these matters.

But I was then high on the lists of people wanted by intelligence networks of many countries.The incidents of Sep 11th 2001 in the USA had changed the security situation world-wide. I did not want to take the risk of travelling to Sri Lanka then. I knew from my own sources of information that I had been specifically targeted and that several intelligence agencies were very keen to get hold of me. So I hesitated. This annoyed my leader.

Another thing that happened was the change in the “link” between me and the movement and leader. There was this person called Velu. For more than 15 years he had been the “communications link” betweeb me and the LTTE and Prabhakaran. Suddenly he was changed and another took over. I had grown accustomed to Velu and found myself unable to adjust to the new guy. In a way there was a break-down in communications for me.

In the meantime different senior leaders in the LTTE were keen on using the ceasefire to enlarge their authority.

Sea tiger commander Soosai wanted the sea tigers to control the LTTE shipping fleet. Up to that time I was in charge. Political Commissar SP Thamilselvan wanted to control political activity in the Diaspora. Castro who was in charge of overseas administration wanted to exert full control over overseas branches. Thamilendhi in charge of finance division wanted a greater say in fund raising functions

So they all wanted Prabhakaran to curtail my power and authority and allocate control to them. Since there was a ceasefire many people from Diaspora travelled frequently to the Wanni. So the other senior LTTE leaders were able to persuade Prabakharan that they could handle everything through direct contacts and through telephone,fax and e-mail

Then Prabhakaran told me that I was burdened with too many responsibilities and that I should take a rest from some of these functions. So what can I do? I agreed.

Q: Were not some allegations also made against you and some of your key assistants abroad?

A: Yes. There were some allegations.They went to the extent of getting some people including women to go to Wanni directly and complain against me, Mano in Paris and Sarve in Oslo to Prabhakaran personally. I heard some women wept and sobbed loudly in front of Prabhakaran

Q: This was a put up job then? Who was behind it?

A: Of course it was a plot. Castro and Thamilselvan were behind it. Sadly the leader was deceived and we could not defend ourselves in person

Q: So then what happened?

A: As I said earlier the leader asked me to take rest. So I had to retire. Castro took over the overseas administration in full. He removed all the old hands whom he regarded as my loyalists. Almost everything was changed in a few months . Many old faithful LTTE activists were removed from their positions in a very unfair manner.

Q: But you were still in charge of overseas purchasing or arms procurement. Why was that changed? How did Anandarajan alias Aiyah replace you?

A: That’s another story. Aiyah was in a sense my man. He had good travel documents and could travel freely.He was also a qualified accountant. So on my instructions he used to go to all the countries and audit our accounts.

Later as I became increasingly known and wanted by the intelligence agencies I was forced to restrict my travelling and movements. So I began to use him to some extent in travelling to source points where one could purchase in arms bazaars. He became familiar with these places.

Then I sent him to meet Prabhakaran also as my representative. I was very confident about him and thought he was loyal to me. I was shocked when one of my friends in the Wanni asked me “Is this guy really your man? He is poisoning the leader’s mind against you”. I learnt that Aiyah was giving an impression that he had been handling all the arms purchasing and could do everything on his own.

I realised then that Bala Annai was right about Aiyah

Q: What did Bala Annai (Anton Balasingham) tell you about Aiyah?

A: You see when Bala Annai and Adele Aunty had come out of the Wanni by sea in 1999, I made arrangements for them to stay in Malaysia and Singapore and get medical treatment before going to London. Since I was stuck in Indonesia at that time I got Aiyah to look after them. But Bala Annai, a shrewd judge of people told me later “You are trusting this fellow but wait and see, he will grasp what you have one day”.

By the time I realised Bala Annai’s wisdom it was too late.

Q: So you were relieved from the LTTE’s overseas purchases department known as KP department? What was the reason given?

A: You see as I had told you earlier I had not been travelling to Sri Lanka to meet the leader because I felt that it was dangerous for me to travel about as I was high on the wanted list of so many intelligence agencies. Now Prabhakaran told me that he did not want me to risk danger by travelling about to purchase arms

He simply told me to take rest for a while and to try and come and meet him. He said only when I meet you in person can I tell you what I think and what my plans are.

After this I had no choice other than to relinquish my duties

Prabhakaran said that those who would replace me will continue to ask me for advice. But that never happened

Q: Whan did this happen? Was there an estrangement with Prabhakaran and yourself? What happened next?

A: This happened in the latter part of 2002. From 2003 I was out of the movement in day to day life but had never formally resigned or quit the movement. It was like retirement without a pension

There was also no estrangement like that with Prabhakaran. I can never be estranged from him.My loyalty and respect to him never changed. He was my leader and friend and like an elder brother to me. But I was hurt by what happened and did not contact him regularly as I did earlier. He may have expected me to do so but I did not . We sort of drifted away from each other but never split.Our mutual regard remained.

Q: Part of the campaign against you is that you and Prabhakaran had fallen out and that you were regarded as a traitor by him then?

A: I am aware of that. Since I went off the LTTE radar after 2003 the new crop of tiger activists abroad don’t know anything about me or the past. So anything could be said against me.

The reality was that both of us had great regard and affection for each other though we had parted ways.

Thanks to an incident there is written testimony about Prabhakaran’s regard for me. One of the LTTE Air wing operatives abroad needed to consult me for some matter. He was not sure whether the leader would approve. So he sent a message asking the leader whether he could contact his “Munnaal Nanbar” (former friend) KP.

Prabhakaran replied in writing that he could do so and emphasised that KP was not a former friend but was “Indrum endrum nalla visuvaasamana nanban” (Now and forever a god and loyal friend)

Q: So when you went into retirement from the LTTE. Did you think it was all over and between you and the tigers?

A: I did think so at that time. I remember telling my wife then that I was out of the LTTE and that I would spend more time with her and our daughter now. But she asked me “Can you really do that? If VP asks you again will you not go back”?

‘KP’ at the wedding of Prabhakaran and Madhivadhani

My wife realised the strength of bonds between Prabhakaran and myself. She used to talk to Prabhakaran’s wife Madhivadhani on the phone those days and both knew about the close relationship between their husbands

Q: So how did the return occur? How and why did you re-join the movement?What was your role during the last days of the war?

A: That’s another long story……………….


DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at dbsjeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

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    I had an instinctive feeling that you will write this week on KP.But I never bargained for an interview like this because I thought you being in Canada wont have access to KP in Colombo

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    This is good journalism. Please continue

  3. DBS,
    Fascinating article. I look forward to reading the rest of this story. My only comment is when I read through his description of his capture and subsequent meeting with the defence secretary, I am struck by how he was treated by the Sri Lankan officials and how Sadam Hussain was treated after his capture by the US and the Allies. And we are ones that are suppose to be the barbarians while the West are the civilized bunch that respect human rights and the rest…

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    I hope now people will not jump in to conclusions and start labelling DBS as an agent or whatever working for the GOSL simply because he managed to contact KP and got the interview. Don’t forget it is also up to KP to decide whether to accept or decline the interview based on the credibility of the journalist.KP is not a fool to give interviews to every Tom’s, Dick’s and Harry’s mushrooming and running websites in milli seconds, just because they happen to have a computer.

    First and foremost DBS is a journalist and he’s done what any good journalist would do-do the impossible and get the story out to his readers, and this is what we expect from a journalist of his calibre and so kindly go through the article in the proper spirit please.


    This interview is published as my weekly Saturday column in the Daily Mirror published in Colombo. There is a question of space in newspapers and I can only write to a specific word count. Hence the continutation

    Thank you for rising to my defence anticipating criticism. Anyone with a modicum of understanding about journalism knows that no journalist can be branded negatively for flimsy reasons

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    In these days of communication tools why can’t you tell what you think and your plans over the phone. KP is a very intelligent man, probably the only one in the LTTE hierarchy who had more than the average IQ. A warning bell would have rung when friendly prabha used these words. Could his mind have been poisoned to such an extent that he felt a little bit of torture would clear up things. After all Yogi also was tortured and rehabilitated with a high post of military analysis head. After what happenned subsequently to the military wing,he would have thought I will teach these bastards a good lesson for torturing me. For a prabha torture is just like a cup of tea, without realising that the only good enemy is a dead enemy, and you go torturing people and then expect them to resume duties as if their self esteem is still intact after such humiliation.

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    Since you seeesm to be a good Buddhist as well U should not lie, tell us what is the deal with Gota? How many ships? How many foreign assets?
    This seems to be the talk of the town among the sinhalese.They say the family has appropriated the LTTE assets, though i feel this is overblown imagination running riot. When you talk to KP again good if you can clear this up.

    I think the first of 9 LTTE ships was sunk on 28 th february 2002. I wonder whether that started the rumblings against KP, but unfounded as it were because he says he was handling this only till end 2002. So this would have been the only one out of nine on his watch. Subsequently 8 other ships were sunk, on september 11th 2007 itself 3 were sunk. the sinking of the first ship in 2002 would have been an opportunity for some to try a takeover of KP’s operations by making out he was inneficient . Of the 10 ships the LTTE had 9 were destroyed by the navy, 6 of them since feb 2007. The contribution of the navy to the winning of the war is vastly understated. Fonseka was always tring to put down Admiral karannagoda and make out that the army did everything.
    KP’s downfall in the LTTE seems to be due to powerhungry guys in the LTTE, who with the ceasefire were twiddling their thumbs and realised that KP was out of sight and out of mind of prabhakaran.

  26. The two options availble to Kp and his logical choice. The same is before the Tamil Diaspora.
    However there is some mistrust due to the continuing actions of the govt such as the confiscation of lands for military settlements and lack of progress on resettlement and rehabilitation of the displaced persons.
    Also govt actions in the south still indicate anti-democratic, dictatorial trends which seem to confirm the worst fears of people. Lack of transparency, good governance and due process of law are problems which the govt should deal with if it seeks to dispel these fears and unite the country.

  27. hats off DBS. High quality interview at a very important and critical moment. You have consistently written with accuracy and devoid of any rhetoric. Thank god we have you conist up in this critical time. This interview has proven beyond doubt how the castro function was the main reason for the destruction of the tigers. As you pointed out before they were the ones who imposed the tiger flags in rallies when kp started to guide the diaspora in the right path. Now what more evidence do we need than the diaries and documents to be left by this brave warriors which has fallen to our enemy. Tigers movement is a proud history in our lives. Let up not give room to the self serving castro faction to “revive ” it and damage the sacrifices of so many brave and clever young men and women. Let us boycott ties functions and initiatives. God bless KP.

  28. 30. raj | August 6th, 2010 at 10:49 pm
    its another propaganda by mahinda and co.. tamils be alert!.. …..
    latest news is prabha ganeshan MP, the brother of mano ganeshan has joined mahinda. Is that also a mahinda propaganda.

  29. Dear DBSJ,

    Just before the Questions and Answers in your article You say,

    “Here are some translated excerpts of the interview:”

    Does this mean some self censorship or censored by others?

    Was it the Daily Mirror or the Government?

    Does it has anything to do with security or on legal advice?


    Translated excerpts mean excerpts translated into English from the interview conducted in Tamil

    I did the interview, I translated and I excerpted
    Its as simple as that

    Elementary my dear Watson


    Defence Secy. defends KP’s role in post-war plans

    Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa says KP could play a vital role in Sri Lanka’s efforts to patch up differences with the Tamil Diaspora. In a post-war era, nothing could be as important as reaching an understanding with the Tamil speaking people, both here and abroad, he asserts. KP, he says, can play a pivotal role in the ongoing reconciliation process.

    Strongly defending his decision to bring the former LTTE heavyweight to the mainstream of society, Defence Secretary Rajapaksa, in an exclusive interview with The Island, discussed what he called confidence-building-measures. “The Tamil Diaspora should be given an opportunity to join the on-going rehabilitation, reconstruction and resettlement efforts. KP and his associates are free to help us,” he said.

    Responding to Opposition criticism of his strategy, an irate Defence Secretary said that those who raised such issues did not even know the meaning of the word strategy. The former Gajaba veteran said that only a fool would have ignored a chance to secure the support of those who had once fought for a separate state to rebuild the country and bring about national reconciliation.

    Defence Secretary Rajapaksa alleged that those who had been critical of the government had conveniently forgotten what the country had achieved since the conclusion of the war in May last year. He said that the Opposition was fast running out of issues in the wake of Sri Lanka’s success in slowly but steadily improving the living conditions of people living in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. “The KP issue, too, will not last longer,” he said.

    The international community, the Defence Secretary said, would appreciate Sri Lanka’s efforts to work with the Tamil Diaspora. Anyone genuinely interested in building a stable economy would not hinder the government efforts to reach an understanding with the Diaspora, including those ex-members of the LTTE. He said of the 11,600 LTTE combatants, who had been taken in by security forces and police, some 3,000 had re-joined their families. Except some 700 hardcore cadres, the others were receiving vocational training in government-run centres, he said. Contrary to reports and allegations, the government had given families of those accommodated in government centres an opportunity to meet them, Rajapaksa said. He pointed out that the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), too, had been given access to ex-combatants.

    The Defence Secretary said that strategic decision making meant acting swiftly and decisively to make the most of a particular situation and condition. The move to accommodate KP had been such a decision, he said calling it a crucial part in their overall planning to thwart future threats.

    He pointed out that successive governments had won over those who took up arms against the State. Referring to politicians in and outside parliament, the Defence Secretary said that many had been given an opportunity to give up their weapons and join the political mainstream. Some of those who had availed themselves of that opportunity were now complaining about KP, Rajapaksa said.

    The military strategy could not be discussed publicly, said the Defence Secretary. Public discussion of such matters could lead to serious trouble, he said, pointing out that making peace was likely to be as difficult as winning a war.

  31. சாத்தான் வேதம் சொல்லுது …

    As far as we are concerned all criminals should be taken out. This criminal still gives respect to VP who was a serial killer and was an outcast to our society.

    By the way I like the cap with “KP” . isn’t it telling us something about the mentality of this professional smuggler?

    I would at least give some respect to beggars or prostitutes than these criminals.

    If you take all “Criminals” out there will be very few politicians left……………DBSJ

  32. To Shankar -Comment #18.
    What you wrote about Yogi was WRONG. I was with him & that’s all I can say now.

  33. DBS- Thanks for publishing my earlier comment about Yogi re his name etc. DBS – in 1989 you helped me to gather the details of the IPKF army violations thru your journalist friend Nithiananthan who was killed later by para military group. Y asked me to contact you re the details of the IPKF army violations & to get help from you to gather the info re the IPKF army violations details. These details were sent to T who was in UK then.

    Thanks again – “Arangan”

    You are welcome. Good of you to remember the past………….DBSJ

  34. DBSJ

    Who is this Velu chap that KP mentions as being the communication in charge between him and VP for around 15 years ? Why was he removed and another put in his place whom KP found uncomfortable working with and what happened to Velu ? Any info about this man ? This is the first time I am hearing about such a person in LTTE .

  35. DBSJ you held onto CBK’s sari pottey and fell off. Now you are trying so hard to jump into MR’s camp.

    Shameless moles you are both = KP & YOU


    Given my height and weight it would have required an acrobatic miralcle to hold on to Chandrika’s saree potha or munthanai. Had I attempted it the saree would have got torn and I may have been arrested for molesting a woman.

    The way you are ranting and raving about moles I think animal rights activists may take offence

  36. Nice article DBS! Well done! It is also heartening to see positive comments by fellow Tamils living abroad!

    DBS please continue what you are doing! Waiting till you publish the rest of the interview!

  37. sorry!

    The dictionery meaning of excerpt is ” to select a section or passage from a longer work”


  38. First rate journalism. Once again DBS heads the pack, or might I say, is ahead of the pack.

    Thanks Dayan………….DBSJ

  39. It is a great service that you expose a real social worker to the community via this detail interview. I admire KP as he speaks frankly all the truth. He never felt shy to tell truth and his actual role for anyone. He has a strength and courage to go forward.
    I wish him to be a good leader and to guide all of us towards a better future. I wish that All of Tamil people should extend their support like DBSJ to KP to achieve his mission of peace through equality and selfrespect in Sri Lanka.

  40. I hope KP will become a Senior Minister of the Rajapakse governmetn. He is even suited to be the next Prime Minister. Otherwise he must become the Chief Minister of North and East. I hope sanity will prevail and the Government will use such a brilliant man who loves his people wholesomely, for the upliftment of the North and East. If Karuna, Pilliyan, Daya/George Master are good one not KP!? He is brilliant than all the four put together

  41. DBS, Good interview. Once completed can you please send a Sinhala translation to JVP clowns like Anura, Herath, Somawansa et al, Tissa Attanayake of the UNP with copy to all Sinhala Newspapers so that they will not mislead innocent Sri Lankans.

  42. War Criminals Rajapakse and brothers have been working overtime to save their skin from War crime tribunals.

    One of their trump card is using back boneless KP who is nothing but another Karuna. These PR drive by Rajapakse and brothers might fool the Singalese, But not the Tamil people who have seen through KP and know what kind of dirty job he is doing now: trying to white wash the War Crimes.

    Tamils after 2003 did not trust KP but now he is looked with contempt and hate. Tamil people can’t be fooled by this cheap skate propaganda.

    Whatever the gimmicks Rajapakes’s have their sleeve , they should remember they will be brought before the international War Tribunal.

  43. When he was asked to come and meet VP , KP smelt a rat and didn’t go. Very smart move otherwise he would have got the same treatment like Mahaththaya and his followers,Paduman-ex Trinco leader, Karuna ,Lawrence Thilagar and Jayadevan from London.

    Only Karuna, and KP managed to keep their nails intact by not going to Pottu’s free nail removing clinic and Jayadevan managed escape with great difficulty after enjoying the five star hospitality of Castro’s Killinochchi Hilton.

    Wise move lads

  44. DBS,

    What do you have to say about the colonization of the Nort & East?

    How will KP prevent that.

    for your information, Kanagaraayan Kulam hindu temple has been converted to a buddhist temple.

    any ideas?

    or this this also the fault of LTTE?


    After LTTE was demolished and Prabhakaran killed I thought that I should not criticise them any more as they were no more

    But when morons like you post idiotic comments like this I feel I should reconsider my decision

    The LTTE and people like you have caused irredeemable harm to the Tamil people

    I do not think we can ever remedy the damage done and caused by the LTTE in full.

    Shakespeare says the evil that men do lives after them

    Tigerism and effects of tigers linger after they are gone

  45. I hope Mano Ganeshan will also join the Government soon. He should be the Minister for Plantations not Mr Samarasinghe

  46. Hi DBS,
    You wrote;
    “Translated excerpts mean excerpts translated into English from the interview conducted in Tamil

    I did the interview, I translated and I excerpted
    Its as simple as that

    Elementary my dear Watson”

    Does it mean, you did not self censor the interview like deleted answers to questions like ” would you give evidence in support of Gota against the war crime investigations?” or any other questions or answer, that is not comfortable for KP or Gota or Youself?”. is interview not doctored to give a good image to KP?. Reason for this is, why not other news agencies like bbc or NDTV not being able to contact him and you were able to ask question which are not putting the
    GOSL in trouble.
    I do admire your journalistic talent.
    Could you clarify that you were not prevented from asking the questions you wantd to ask and the answer KP wanted to give were not influenced by pre agreed contions on your access to KP and the interview?
    Could you ask this question to him about the “white flag surrender and the evidence he had in this regard?”
    and his denial about the death of Prabha and later admitting the death.?
    You are a different dimention to journalism in Sri lankan politics.
    Keep up your good work.
    Continue your good work

    Thank you. I will continue my “good work” as you put it………….DBSJ

  47. DBS,

    Wonderful job. Look forward to the next installment.

    For me KP is a master fox. He knows how to survive the day. A brilliant strategist and he has excellent PR skills.

    However, the fact remains that he was the chief arms procurement agent of the LTTE. If not for his work many thousands of innocent lives of both the divide could have been saved.

  48. several intelligence agencies were very keen to get hold of me. So I hesitated. This annoyed my leader.
    DBS Why did not ask KP how come now malasiayan intelliance service arresed him even though still he is in intepole list !!!!! ( eg: even 5 year boy won’t go out side hotel with out his security if he is in intepole llist, Wher is your sercurity international arms dealer ??? )
    KP were not arresed by any one, KP you know & We know very well Sir !!!

    Lingam oru Singam! Thamil Inathin Thangam!………….DBSJ

  49. DBS;

    Thanks for your article. I’m a frequent reader of our articles.

    Is it possible for your to upload the audio steam of the telephone conversation with KP?

    Kind Regards

    Sorry no!………….DBSJ

  50. Excellent pointer to the future scenario in Sri Lanka with regard to ethnic cohabitation. Only if Tamils are wise enough to understand………….

  51. in my opinion KP connived with the Sri Lankan government and his arrest was self inflicted.

    now he is enjoying the benefits of the cooperation of his act whilst 12,000 who were mere meagre cadres are rotting in gaols under trying conditions.

    He arranged for one ship to be brought back to Colombo, tried to hoodwink the Tamil diaspora by getting down a nine member team who were dined, wined and hosted at the expense of the Sri Lankan taxpayers but sadly for KP and his cohorts the mission ended in failure.

    Now Go ta and mob are desperate to somehow set their sinking ship afloat again, this public relations exercise by getting KP to be interviewed by every Tom, Dick and Harry has and is becoming the joke of the century.

    Without resolving the GSP crisis, cooperating with the UN, the foolish Sri Lankan government is desperately attempting to use KP as the tug to steer itself in the berth to park their there’s a hole in the rust-bucket of a ship.

    First it was Wimal W, then a few days ago it was Dr. Mervyn the vermin and now it is good old K. Pathmanathan.

    Who’s next ?.

  52. Ondrupattal undu vallvu (Where there is unity, there is prosperity). When I say ‘Ondrupattal’ here is with our Sinhalese brothers and sisters. Excellent interview DBS. Hats of to you and KP for his candor.

  53. DBS,

    Another absolute gem of an article – your work keeps on getting better & better.

    Chaminda Tilakumara

  54. This is no time to find fault or apportion blame. The fate of the Tamil people lies in the balance. If KP is cooperating with the State- current rulers to bring a quality of life similar to that in the South, peace, freedom of movement, dignity, restoration of their mis-appropriated properties, development and a better quality of life soon – then the Tamil people on the main will go along.
    I cannot resist sharing a discussion I had with a Professor from Jaffna years ago. He left Jaffna since he was an upright principled gentleman. He felt those who had forcibly taken over will only bring ruin to the people. He was threatened with death and so he came to Colombo. I remember his pain then “You must not play about with the peace and life of ordinary people. You should not attempt to do things well beyond your resources and capacity. I fear for the future of the people” I recall this incident when I heard KP on this tape. My friend, the learned Professor saw 25 years ago the reality of what KP admits now “Neengal seyda punniyam” (meaning it is a mirace you are alive) “ehirkalam nalla varavendrum” “nambikkai than valkai” One can only sing with that meliflous Doris Day
    “Que sera, serva – what will be will be” and bow my head in rememberace of the multiple thousands who were maimed, tortured, underwent terrible agony and died – on both sides of the divide. Did they die so that we can live?



  56. A great interview no doubt but its KP who has the last laugh as I feel much of what he says is fabricated and meant to get the sympathy of not only the diaspora but also of the majority and this interview gives him a medium to achieve this as you are the most respected Sri Lankan journalist in exile and your writings are loved by many.

    But be weary of such interviews where a lot of ‘faction’ is narrated by a master of deceit and one who has been hoodwinking intelligence agencies all over the world for many years just like he is doing with Sri Lankan govt at present.

  57. Hi DBS,
    As usual a very nice article. But I must comment on one error that you have made. You have indicated “He is viciously attacked by extremist sections of the Diaspora as a traitor who has sold out to the Rajapaksa regime”.

    Well, it is not only the extremist sections of the Diaspora, it is also all the normal free thinking Sri Lankans who have been following the events will call him the biggest “Traitor”.


    There are many free thinking Sri Lankans who think that Velupillai Prabhakaran is the biggest “traitor” to the Tamils because of the terrible plight he has put the Tamil people into

    What say you?

  58. I dont know much about KP. When LTTE guys attacked him in Tamil media I thought why is no one asking KP for his explanation

    Now you have done that Jeyaraj annan

  59. DBSJ
    Thanks for the interview and the article. Waited for a long time to hear K.P’s side. Anxiously waiting for Part 2, Part 3….

    You are way ahead of any SL journalist/writers..

    Keep it up!!

    I am also waiting to read an interview with GR(Gotha). I hope that day is not far…

    Thank you.Who knows?……..DBSJ

  60. No DBSJ
    you have to careful what you doing, i told you who we are, and you need answer lot question, you cannot ignore like us. it very consequence in your case in our court, there is no pardan, we will warn you. you know what we are mentioning. if not, really donot know, we will also contiune same you doing, we know where you are, we not like others about you and where about ,our link not small, you will pay maximum penality in you live. it is not any threatening you. it is reality.we donnot want see you, like this personnality. again pls donot make any big mistake in your long journalisum.you have to regrad yourself better now, otherwise too late.


    So you are threatening me openly. This proves Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is right in saying that the overseas tigers are still active and capable of causing much harm

    So how do you and your buddies hope to silence a journalist like me?

    For starters why not a brave man like you reveal your name and address?

  61. 77. futaint-futaint@gmail.com

    Wow. So u r threatning DBSJ.
    Wonder where are these Media freedom guys!
    Canadian govt. should take notice. Otherwise Canada will join the elite club to which SL belongs as per the socalled press freedom is concerned.

    This weekends ‘Irida Lankadeepa’ in its lead story says that KP has been transferred to a safe house in the nothern province to enable him to help develop north!

    There are no permanent enemies or friends!!!!!!!

  62. If KP wants to serve the Tamil people, He can do so only by
    convincing Gota to treat Tamils equally like Sinhalease, Not to give in JHU agenda or other racists by colonizing Tamil areas, withdrawing military presence, fully implement Law and order with Police etc. These actions only convince the Tamil diaspora to change their mindset about Sri Lanka.
    If What KP says about Gota is true, Then Gota is the Man to change Sri Lanka for everyone.

    Tamils must also change…….DBSJ

  63. Hi DBS
    Why don’t you plan a trip to Srilanka and have a first hand information about the situations there
    Is this interview done over the phone or video enambled communication..
    I was really touched to hear about the stories on rehabilitation of ex fighters – started to develep a soft corner towards govt approach – but soon after I hear the news Gota telling the world to be causious about people coming on boats, it vanished. Is this how you expect the diaspora to respond in a positive way

    Diaspora can start by stopping their stupid,abrasive,provocative statements……….DBSJ

  64. ///”Diaspora can start by stopping their stupid,abrasive,provocative statements……….DBSJ”

    You don’t expect victims to initiate the gesture. Not possible!- “you show me the true buddist ways – they will inevitably fall in line.

    Diaspora are the victims?………….DBSJ

  65. The SL Govt is in bad shape now that the UN investigations will go ahead; though I don’t trust the UN to do full justice because they too are controlled by the Western Bloc (primarily U.S.A / U.K.) which clearly wanted VP dead, the U.N will at least go through the motions. And since the SL Govt is not willing to fully accept the premise of the Western Bloc, they are still convinced that the U.N. is out to “get them”.

    Therefore, they are doing their best to prop up KP, Karuna and their ilk to show that bridges are being built and the hand of peace is being extended and that there is no vengeance involved.

    By the way, those who think KP has become a Buddhist need to learn world religions – Buddhism and Hinduism aren’t that different – one cannot be exclusively one without being somewhat the other.

    Also, why would you not expect KP to cooperate with the SL Govt to share information about the current diaspora tiger supporters? I don’t believe KP is completely ignorant of what happened after 2002, but I do believe that he had no control of events.

    The diaspora tiger supporters are wasting their time and the opportunity to uplift the Tamils of Lanka. CMR and Tamilnet are nothing but tiger organs, run by those who cannot save their face by making an about turn – so they continue to pretend that Tamils will get freedom one day. You should listen to the stupidy that comes out of CMR radio – they play songs sung by SP Balasubramaniam and Nithyasree Mahadevan (is just money enough to get them to sing any crap? And dont they have enough money to refuse these requests to sing meaningless songs?) that keep telling the Tamil people to rise! Rise and do what? Do these tiger supporter – CMR owners know what they want the Tamil diaspora to do?

  66. It is good that KP is trying to help to release former LTTE carders. It will be so good if he first released a list of prisoners war.

    DBS Jeyarajah proves he is very good journalis one more time

  67. Excellent Job! You covered most of the things that readers wanted to know.
    I am interesting to know about the followings…
    How the ships were continuously blown up by Navy during and after peace talk in deep sea? Who made this blunt mistake?
    Is there any rift between Bala and Praba in later days??
    How he involved in Rajeev’s case?
    Why Praba selected Mullivaikal? because noway to escape if it’s sorrounded…. so they expected rescue from seaside??
    What’s his opinion/truth about Mataya and Karuna matters?
    Hope you covered all these things.
    waiting to read


  68. KP had 5 different global identities and ran a shipping fleet. He negotiated with crooks, other terrorists, arms dealers, corrupt politicians and somehow managed to keep things afloat. He is no doubt a smooth operator and survives now because of these skills. NE people will benefit if he fills the leadership vacuum in NE. From the GoSL and NE people point of view there really no one better to handle the transition better. ITAK etc still sadly clinging on to V 1977 resolution and pretty much useless. Maybe last legs of his life he will use this for a positive outcome for people of NE.

  69. War criminals join hands with so called terrorists is a very dangerous for the people of Sri Lanka. It can be a threat to every citizens of Sri Lanka.

    KP was nominated by Pirabaharan and he was not a politician who grew with people.

  70. #77 Futaint, Foolish Ultra Eelamist Tamil Idiotic Naive Traitor.

    Your kind only Harrassed and Murdered in the name of Eelam. You continue to dislike a different opinion. Grow up and go and see the misery and the destruction caused by this war. The Tamil citizens in the North and East are a sorry sight compared to the rest of Sri Lanka. Your ideology only destroyed a gentle people and brought about suspicion on all tamils as Brutal Murderers and members of the LTTE. Your kind also made it impossible to moderates to live openly and many are overseas now. You killed and wiped out the entire TULF and now since you yourself is wiped out here you still think that old methods of threats work. Get a grip and be like KP and SEE what has happened. Help your fellow citizens to live and breath again.
    Your threats are ample proof of your pea sized brain.

  71. If the struggle was still continuing and my leader was alive then I would have willingly challenged the govt and not cooperated. I would have faced any consequence


    Does it mean KP will support Tamil freedom struggle if the leader is alive?

  72. Captor – who have been accused by the respectable international HR bodies for the death and disappearance of thousands of civilians in Vanni and many journalists is paraded in this article as a “nice man”

    Captive – who declared that struggle should go on to achieve the “Thesaththalivar’s” visionary objectives even after “Thesaththalivar” caused irredeemable harm to the Tamil people is paraded in this article as a “wise man”. Also, it is this captive who irresponsibly and foolishly made the first proclamation of transnational Thamil Eelam.

    “Wise” captive is dancing to the music of the “nice” captor and the genius DBS, I think, wasting his time to write about these criminals with a positive note.

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that KP is engaged in a desperate survival attempt in an extremely challenging environment.

    The fact of the matter is that Mahinda regime is manipulating him to confuse Tamils and corrode the TNA’s popularity*******************************.


    If only things were so simple as you say.Complex issues cannot be reduced to such compact conclusions

    As for wasting my time you may be right. I always think am I wasting my time writing when I get comments like this

  73. 48. Dayan Jayatilleka

    First rate journalism. Once again DBS heads the pack, or might I say, is ahead of the pack.

    Thanks Dayan………….DBSJ


    There are many instances I have seen you as a Sinhala hawk from your writings in the transcurrents et al.

    I do value your views though.

    But in this your comment complimenting DBSJ, I fully agree with you Sir.

    Many a times I wonder that while we Indians are living in peace with ourselves though our diversity is much, much, much more than your country, why are the Sri Lankans not at peace with themselves.

    Tamils are a peace loving people. I like them though not a Tamil myself. Majority of the Sinhala’s should also be good. Then why this poison in your society.

    Also I feel that your countrymen whether rulers or the ruled seem to believe that might is right. I may be wrong. But this is my view.

    Dharma should be basis for the peace. Dharma should be the basis for victory. Dharma should be the basis for the reconciliation.

    Dharma is the root cause of lasting peace and growth.

    Dharma does not mean Budha Dharma. Dharma is greater than any incarnation of the God, be it Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu et al or even Lord Budha.

    I wish that people like you make an honest attempt in that direction.

    I want the Tamils and Sinhalese to live in a United and prosperous Sri Lanka as equal citizens.

  74. Comment 77,

    This is the middle layer of the LTTE, who are the enforcers.

    Then there are the bottom layer who were the fighters. They are simple,but indoctrinated mostly young,They have demonstrated that they can be rehabiliated and allowed back into the main stream like whiat is happening in Srilanka.

    Then there is the Top Layer who are the wealthy, the doctors, academics and lawyers who frequently publish articles in Tamil publications.

    Their main avenues of promoting Eelam is their continuous attacks on the Government on human rights.

    Now here is one of their Enforcers openly threatening a Journalist physical harm.

    So where is the respect for human rights among these Academics, Lawyers and Doctors who openly barrack for the LTTE. ?

    Do these people who control these Enforcers sanction these cowaedly threats.?

  75. DBSJ

    I commend you for publishing comment 44 and others like his. The readers should realise that maybe only one in thousand journalists will do that.

    I doubht you would have been accused of rape. Don’t put yourself down you handsome b…. You would have felt like you are coming out of a spin dryer of a washing machine. Chandrika really goes for the movie star looks.

  76. People question the honesty of KP’s interview while in SL Govt. custody .I agree to it provided they are also able to accept the fact that KP could not have been free and honest while working for LTTE for the fear of consequences of talking against his leader VP and the dreaded Intelligence Chief Pottu Amman .

  77. A fine interview. If KP can use his sudden captivity, and now house arrest, to rehabilitate the thousands of youths in detention and get them back to normal life, that is commendable.

    There will always be a question mark over the facts as no one under house arrest and under constant intelligence monitoring cab speak truthfully. He has a compulsion to spin his captors in a positive light. So, regardless of whatever good KP can do on the rehabilitation front, there should still be a parallel track of doggedly prosecuting war crimes committed by the GoSL and getting a measure of justice to the victims beyond simply restoring normal life and monetary compensation. Pursuit of one track should not detract from the other. People in the Diaspora can choose which track they want to take/support according to their convictions and temperaments. Everyone does not need to pursue the same track.

  78. #53-Noel Victor

    Whatever the gimmicks Rajapakes’s have their sleeve , they should remember they will be brought before the international War Tribunal.
    Can you tell me which international police force is going to bring them before the war crimes tribunal? You and i can do a crime and hey presto the police will be there in a flash and arrest and charge us. Iam afraid when it comes to a president of a country it is not that simple.Was the Sudanese president brought before a war crimes tribunal. In fact the first thing he did when he was convicted was to visit some friendly countries, thumbing his nose at the international courts that convicted him. He is still there running the country.

    If you think mahinda and gota are having sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed because of war crimes tribunals, think again. They are in their sixties and getting closer and closer to entering the pearly gates the natural way and the last chapters of their lives they would like to spend in their own country.As long as they stay there it will be impossible to bring them before any court. Their dealings with KP has nothing to do with war crimes. Their motto seems to be if you are with us, we don’t care about your past, as depicted with karuna, pillayan, douglas etc, and their strategy seems to be to get more and more tamil leaders into their fold. Even recently prabha ganeshan and digambaram have joined them. They were six short , to change the constitution to mahinda for life,and will find another 4 somehow.

  79. I am glad that at least you see the obvious – for what KP is! Dayan J. is also giving support to boot with his comments.

  80. “Only free men can negotiate. Prisoners cannot enter into contracts.” Nelson Mandela on Negotiation

  81. mr.k.p is a second biggest tiger. no doubt about it. tigers are worst enemies of tamils.
    please stop supporting destructive forces.enough.

    you are very talented person. please use your caliber to tell about thiyagaraja krithi’s or vaijayanthimala’s dance or even super singers. again and again stop glorifying tigers whether vp or kp stop your peepee.

    i can understand your difficulties. being a highly educated high cast catholic english speaking jaffna man is not a most lovable person in the earth.

    i hope you will consider my friendly advices and become good man at least now.



    “Nagumomu” or “Nithi sala sugama?”


    How about “Nanthagopalanodu naan aaduvene”

  82. #97 kc,

    The TNA may be able to handle some IDP issues and do politics but cannot do much about the youths who are languishing in prisons. India has largely washed its hands of the Tamil issue, aside from pledges to build homes and financial support, and the TNA is somewhat adrift. If KP can build a good rapport with the regime and if that will help the youths get out of prisons and return to normal lives, the TNA should not begrudge it. I see the roles of KP and the TNA as different. KP should focus on rehabilitation and resettlement; he should not get involved in politics for the next few years at least.

    The TNA has the larger role of working at grass root level politics and telling the truth fearlessly. The TNA people can travel freely, which KP cannot do. If the regime’s plan is to use KP in order to blunt the war crimes charges, it won’t work. If the plan is to make inroads into TNA’s support base using KP, the voters need to be vigilant. But so far, I don’t see anything of that sort, and KP seems to be choosing his words carefully. So on that count, you need to wait and see. KP might end up making inroads into Devananda’s base, but not much into the TNA’s.

  83. Just curious,

    were there any questions he would not comment on?
    If so, can you elaborate?

    I ask because he is still being interviewed by you while in detention of some sorts and suspect the conversation would be fully monitored. So even if he is “sincere” in his answers to you and wants to set the record straight, there must have been limitations.

    specifically, would he comment on the massacres in the end game on both civilians as well as surrendering combatants/officers. Or, will we have to wait for the 2nd part?

  84. Not surprised to see this writeup by DBS. Was KP really the successor to Praba? Why did Gota finish Praba’s kid who surrendered along with Nadesan and his Sinhala wife? Is Gota keeping KP alive for his Utility value?…Just to get the Tigers Money abroad? If Gota is really the Modern Compassionate Buddha, why is Fonseka still being kept under Detention and threatened? Why not let the media access to Yogi, Balakumar, Karikalan and Soosai’s family? Why are private TV stations still being attacked in Colombo? Things are not adding up DBS……….

    use a calculator better still your fingers………DBSJ

  85. 40. Arangan | August 7th, 2010 at 12:03 am
    To Shankar -Comment #18.
    What you wrote about Yogi was WRONG. I was with him & that’s all I can say now.

    here is an excerpt from Shyam Tekvani’s article

    “Mahathaya was executed after a prolonged period of torture in December 1994. Yogi, whose loyalty too came under suspicion, was consigned to the doghouse to expect a similar fate. After years in anxious oblivion, he reappeared as head of the LTTE’s History Division on Black Tigers Day, the commemoration of suicide bombers, in July 2006. He spoke on the occasion and asked, “Weren’t bombs made to blow up and kill men? So why is there such a cry when only a man becomes a human bomb?” He was subsequently rehabilitated to his current position as military advisor in the Vanni”

    Are you disputing the veracity of this article? both KP and Yogi were in the doghouse. Kp was brought back just a few months before the LTTE demise, probably to try to save thei leader’s ass, which he did in style. What i’am saying is once you humiliate a person they are not going to be as loyal as earlier. That is commonsense. That is why i said the only good enemy is a dead enemy. Try not to make enemies in the first place without having to trust them later on.

    Also those who say the family has now got Kp’s assets, must use their brains a bit. KP was in the doghouse since jan 2003 to end 2008. Suddenly he is brought into the scene back in sheer desperation in jan 2009. Castro’s crowd are now going to give all the keys and combinations to the vault to KP in that 4 months before the demise of the LTTE?

  86. “In my house there are pictures of deities from all three religions including the Buddha. So somehow I felt that no great harm will come to me then.”
    I observed you are worshipping all three religions deities in your house.
    I also feel if I worshiped, the deities who safe you and your family will safe my family.
    I am anxious to know the detail of the deities
    I will be pleased to get the details from you.
    I am even prepared to worship Gotabaya the great.
    An Eelam citizen

    Why not worship your sun god?……….DBSJ

  87. and Arangan, i am not saying that they worked against prabhaharan, i’am only saying that because of his superb people skills, they will not be as loyal as earlier to him.

  88. KP alias SHANMUGAM KUMARAN aka THARMALINGAM is wanted by Interpol. Will he be handed over to India over Rajiv Gandhi’s killing? If KP is not handed over to India, it will imply that LTTE had nothing to do with the Gandhi killing and therefore the Ban on LTTE by India should be lifted!

    your ” logic” defies logic……..DBSJ

  89. Unfortunate as it is, KP is a Prisoner of War (POW), just like the other 9,000 LTTE fighters. There is nothing more to it. The struggle continues.

  90. Thank you DBSJ for the first rate jiurnalism again.
    Meaningful questions and the answers helped us to pice together the big picture.

    I wonder why VP overestimate Tamil diaspora and found answer in KP’s words…

    “Since there was a ceasefire many people from Diaspora travelled frequently to the Wanni. So the other senior LTTE leaders were able to persuade Prabakharan that they could handle everything through direct contacts and through telephone,fax and e-mail”

    This person Aiyah looks like a typical Tamil diaspora.

    “I was very confident about him and thought he was loyal to me. I was shocked when one of my friends in the Wanni asked me “Is this guy really your man? He is poisoning the leader’s mind against you”. I learnt that Aiyah was giving an impression that he had been handling all the arms purchasing and could do everything on his own”.

    மம்மி ஜெயலலிதா தம்பிக்கு தமிழீழம் வாங்கித் தருவார் என்று அரசியல் ஆய்வு செய்தவர்கள், ஓபாமாவும் ஹிலரியும் கப்பல் அனுப்புவார்கள் என்று நந்திக்கடல் ஓரத்தில் பிரபாகரன்னை வெள்ளி பார்க்கவிட்ட பெருமை தேசிய ஊடகங்களையும் மற்றும் தங்களின் சொந்த ஆதாயத்திற்கும், தங்கள்நிலையை மேம்படுத்தி கொள்வதற்கும் கிடைத்த ஒரு வாய்ப்பாக, கருவியாக இலங்கை தமிழர் பிரச்னையை கையான்ட இந்தப் புலம்பெயர் தமிழ்த்தேசியப் பற்றாளர்களையும் (புலி ஆதரவு அறிவுஜீவிகளையும்) சாரும்.

    பிரபாகரன்னை உசுப்பேத்தி உசுப்பேத்தி முருங்கை மரத்தில் ஏத்தி முள்ளிவாய்காலில் தள்ளிவிட்ட இந்த ஜம்பாவான்களுக்கு மாவீரர் தினத்தன்று “மாமனிதர்” விருதுகைள வழங்கி கௌரவிக்க வேண்டும். அப்போது தான் பிரபகாரனின் ஆத்மசாந்தி அடையும்.

  91. Dear DBSJ

    I did not mean to offend you with my previous posting, at all. Please forgive me if you had felt I did.

    I have been your hard-core reader since I started reading English dailies in early 80s.

    I embrace you as our precious asset. In my opinion, you are the most talented and knowledgeable journalist to write articles or report on the Sri Lankan ethnic conflict.

    May I suggest that you write on the following issues in future?

    -Calculated carnage of journalists in SL since 2005
    -Similarities between Mahinda regime & VP regime in silencing dissidents
    -Scope of UN advisory on SL
    -Extent & magnitude of war crimes committed by the LTTE & GOSL
    -Role & responsibility of the TNA in the post-VP era
    -Social, economical & educational degradation in Vanni

    Kind regards********************

    Thanks.None taken.Not to worry…….DBSJ

  92. For me and my 2 cents worth opinion, the article reflects the character of Singhalese and Tamils. Tamils of KP’s era are sensible and very flexible. I have seen this character in many of my Tamil business friends who still conduct their business among the Singhalese and quite happy. The Singhalese are impulsive people who think they are the first class citizens. My father used to say that Singhalese are like a soda bottle, exploding at anytime! We saw that in their reaction to the killing of 13 soldiers in Jaffna in 1983 & their near instantaneous reaction. However they soon learnt their lesson and their attack on the Tamils en mass have not been repeated although between 1983 and 2009 LTTE committed far more atrocities against the Sinhala people than killing the 13 soldiers.
    But the bottom line is, if you engage the Singhalese correctly, you get what you want. So as we now see it, the LTTE Tiger KP has engaged the die hard Sinhala Buddhist Gota and got a deal. If VP had done the same when Chandrika offered north and east, he would have been still living and we may have avoided thousands of deaths. I only hope the Tamils will understand this simple message.

  93. DBS, excellent work. A few observations:

    1). I hope you find the time to write a definitive account of the Tigers. Something like William Shirer’s account of WWII.

    2). Given the sad and pathetic state of journalism in Sri Lanka, will you please consider teaching a course? I am sure you can collaborate with a prestigious institute like the University of Colombo. I have thoroughly enjoyed your pieces on a wide variety of subjects including the recent classic on Mrs B. Too many journos in Sri Lanka make up stories and misuse the medium, give media a bad name. Pl consider this; with technology, you don’t need to be physically in Sri Lanka.

  94. 3). To my Sinhala brothers: Yes, KP is old fox and was responsible for many deaths as the chief arms procurer and fund raiser. But the need of the hour is reconciliation, that another Prabhakaran does not rise from the ashes. The Govt has been very magnanimous to KP, with good reason. He is an extremely smart guy with a vital role in rebuilding the north and east. One of Prabhakaran’s biggest mistakes was to sideline him.

    To my Tamil brothers esp in diaspora: Focus on rebuilding the war ravaged areas. The Sri Lankan Govt is sincere but it cannot do it alone. Go to the East and see the infrastructure that has been built: roads, bridges etc, more than in any other province. But benefits need to filter down to the people esp job creation. Pl play a constructive role.

  95. #112
    You give us light
    You give us food
    You give us Rain and every thing
    I praise you lord
    All planets are rotating around you, not
    You are rotating around the earth
    You hold the planets around you
    They are trying to escape from you
    But you hold them
    Like a father
    You are my sun god
    Save us from the twisters, vicious people who put the Galileo into the jail.
    Thanks to Kepler
    An Eelam citizen

    Good. Now a prayer to the “Sooriyathevan” Sun god who is no more but is still living according to citizens of a non – existent Eelam like you………………DBSJ

  96. Northern Sri Lankan Tamils never new what is good for them. Neither they new what is bad for them. The Northern Tamils who stayed in Sri Lanka, and survived both Praba and Gota; at least learnt their lessons the hard way.

    Diaspora Tamils are not growing up. They live in the mental framework carried with them to greener pastures. They live in the glory days of past. May be they can’t see the light because so much money was invested in the “Dream-Eelam.”

    To the Diaspora DBSJ was a traitor for years. Now KP too. Very soon they will find a leader more capable than VP or KP, who will collect some more money…. ….. and they lived happy-ly ever after.

    The Estate Tamils know better. They have seen in and outs of India. Estate Tamils love Sri Lanka despite the hardships.

  97. Reply to DBSJ for his comments on my #70

    DBSJ since you have asked my opinion on VP I must confess that originally when VP started his actions the cause was correct but the way he got about it was wrong. I am one of those who think that VP was a Traitor as the plight of Tamils are worse off than ever.

  98. Strategy pays dividends, says expert on terrorism:

    Govt commended for KP’s transformation
    An international expert on terrorism, Prof. Rohan Gunaratne commended the Government on its success with KPs complete transformation from an ex-terrorist to a key stakeholder in the post conflict humanitarian activities.

    “I must congratulate the Sri Lankan Government, first of all for capturing KP and bringing him to Sri Lanka and secondly, for ensuring that he was not put in prison.

    If he was (jailed), he would have been just another prisoner,” said Professor of Security Studies Rohan Gunaratna at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies of the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

    Delivering the Prof. Nandadasa Kodagoda memorial oration at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI) last week, he said the Government’s decision to treat KP differently and engage him to harness his support to win the Tamil Diaspora has paid dividends. “Rehabilitation has worked for him and today he plays a key role in engaging the Tamil Diaspora towards humanitarian activities.

    If KP can be transformed, a very large number of people who worked against Sri Lanka can also be transformed,” he said and added that he was making this statement after meeting KP twice, once last year, shortly after the arrest and then again this year.

    Prof. Gunaratna said although enforcement is the best strategy to fight terrorism, engagement is the best strategy to dissuade support for terrorism and ensure genuine transformation.

    “To disband the LTTE’s highly destructive ideology, the Government must create platforms for former militant leaders such as KP who repent to articulate their point of view publicly.”

    He said those who hold extreme views regarding the conflict, on both sides of the divide, neither understand nor endorse such a strategy.

    In Sri Lanka where ‘the culture of confrontational politics dictates’, the political opposition may not support this strategy. Therefore, to prevent, such a situation, the Government should adopt a ‘bipartisan approach’ when taking the process forward, he said.

    Prof. Gunaratna referred to the transnational government as an attempt by ‘LTTE residue’ to suffice a political platform for overseas LTTE activists to retain their identities and continue harness Diaspora resources.

    He said this is not a ‘recognised concept in public international law’ and even LTTE theoreticians were aware of this.

    He warned that there was still a tiny segment of ‘indoctrinated-hardcore-Diaspora’ who wish that the LTTE is reconstituted and witness Sri Lanka’s return to violence. “Until a terrorist attack is carried out in Sri Lanka, they feel deeply unhappy” he said.

    Courtesy – Sunday observer

  99. Hi DBSJ,

    Thanks for this interview. Your writing has bridged all ethnicities and also, strongly believe widely read by GOSL officials as well.

    I am an admirer of KP. I wish him very well in his tasks. He is a “doer” and not a talker unlike many out there including his replacement “Aiyah”, who is quite known to me.

    In present situation he is doing the right thing by aligning with the GOSL, especially with Mr. Gothabaya Rajapakse.
    I am all for TNA and do have high respect for it’s leader
    Mr. Rajavarothayam Sambanthan, but KP is the best bet currently for any constructive gains since, he got a good rapport with “extreme power wielding” Gota.

    No one is going to lend us a helping hand. Our only helping hand will come from none other than from our own fellow Sinhalese!

    I always believed that Sinhalese are the closest to us in every way whether it’s, culture, food, religion or customs etc.
    Unfortunately, politicians ruined the harmony between the races and I strongly believe that new “dawn” has beckoned after the demise of the LTTE..

    The GOSL has to demonstrate to us that they are sincere in alleviating our genuine grievences.

    It’s imperative for the GOSL to act sooner on these listed issues below..

    Recruit Tamil speaking police officers and station them where majority of tamil speaking people live and of course along with Sinhala speaking officers.

    Dismantle the “High Security Zones” and let the Tamils regain their dwellings and have a free movements and let civil adminstrations prevail in the North and the East.

    Infuse Tamils and Moslems in to armed forces to reflect the true Sri-lankan identity rather than Sinhalese only. This will silence those who criticize SLA of occupying traditional Tamil inhibited areas ans also won’t be seen them as enemies.

    Release the Tamil prisoners who have been languishing in Boosa camp for years without any court hearing but held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

    Finally, thanks again and looking forward for the part 11.

    Thank you.Your make some valid points……….DBSJ


  100. Very interesting interview. Yet the fact that KP speaks from captivity could cast doubt on the genuineness of many of his responses…and of course his could very well be a classic case of Stockholm syndrome or that of a man trying to make the best of a very bad situation.

    One cannot fault him. But he should have realized the folly of his misadventure and that of his dear friend and leader VP several years ago. In # 66 Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan underlines a very crucial point. In the name of liberation VP and friends toyed around with the lives of ordinary peace loving people. Today our people are at the mercy of those who didn’t hesitate to kill and maim thousands in the course of their own version of the “liberation story”.

    It is said that one is judged by the friends he keeps. With VP as his erstwhile friend and GR as his current buddy KP has nothing much going for him to rehash his CV.

  101. Had KP visited VP, he would have been tortured and dispatched to join t” Mahattaya”r whom the Sun God disliked.

    Probably Bala Amman, from his hospital bed ,whispered to KP to watch his back and not to go anywhere near.

    There appears to be only few smart t people among the hierarchy of the LTTE who were openly and actively involved in the” fight.”

    They are the ones who survived to tell the story.

    KP among them is one of the top . He was not only smart enough to survive but has the “heart ” in the right place to realize the harm done to their people.

    Every effort of his, what ever magnitude these may be must be welcomed, encouraged and applauded by the peace loving Srilankans, of all nationalities.

    I hope Mr J will shed some light on what happened to PA,in the next next part of the interview.

  102. Every Sri Lankan Home must potray a photo of Gota & KP and ask them to garland it around with flowers

  103. 133,

    Didn’t a lot of Diaspora households and the Businesses in particular, have a photo of VP with a garland?

  104. Firstly, I think that your BLOG should not be misconstrued for valid journalism. You are a blogger that has no credibility, so if you are convincing anyone and giving them information; they were agreeing with you before they read this. Don’t worry, you have a long way to go before people can actually call you a journalist. That’s why your blogging right? Cause no newspaper would print this without credible resource. That credible resource is certainly not you.

    Please continue to blog and be creative with your fictional stories.



    Sorry to disappoint you but this interview/article appears in “Daily MIrror” of August 7th Hard copy & web edition

    I post these articles on my blog so that brilliant people like you have a chance to read and post comments.

    Yours is one of the most perceptive comments that has ever graced this blog.

    Please continue to display your colossal ignorance and abominable arrogance with future flashes of genius

    Pray, tell me is your brilliance inherited or acquired?

  105. Since I was born and brought-up in Colombo, I always respect all of our four religions, be it Thamil, Sinhala, Muslim and as well of course our Burgers.

    From your video-clip itself it has been proved why KP speaking in Thamil?

    And that lady Anoma speaking in English?

    Do you think NERDO gonna work-out?

    Moreover, KP is sitting next to VP’s marriage function, how come?

    I know you will NOT publish my message in your web-site. But it is Okay.

    Take care

  106. It’s time for Tamil extremists to set aside their racial bigotry, violence and hatred towards the Sinhalese and Sri Lanka and grow up once and for all.

    Tamil racism has led the Tamil people nowhere. This should be obvious even to the dumbest Tamil. The diaspora Tamils still have an ego of himalayan proportions and that ego received a stunning blow with the death of their demi god Prabhakaran. Now the diaspora Tamils are smarting because they feel the hated and despised Sinhalese have one-up on them.

    The diaspora Tamils are still tearing their hair out and beating their breasts in an orgy of anger and hate. It is very palpable and it is very ugly to witness. They do not seem to undertand the fact that their little darling the LTTE has been wiped out and that their $$ went down the drain for nothing.

    Tamils need to understand once and for all that they will never ever rule or run Sri Lanka like they did under the British. They will never ever be able to run an apartheid like system where they hold all the plum positions in government. Like Malaysian and Singaporean Tamils, Sri Lankan Tamils need a good reality check. Tamils may boss and rule over everyone they want in Tamil Nadu, but certainly not in Sri Lanka where they are a small minority (possibly even smaller than the Muslims now with all the immigration).

    The option before the Tamils is pretty simple: confrontation or cooperation. The diaspora Tamils have still not understood this. They still prefer the path of confrontation little knowing that it will get the Tamils of Sri Lanka absolutely nowhere.

    Tamils with half a brain have realised that cooperating with the Sri Lankan State is the best way of getting results for their community. The diaspora Tamils who were so willing to fund the LTTE find it so difficult to invest in uplifting the lives of innocent Tamil civilians. This is not surprising, because the diaspora Tamils are largely a self-centred, egotistical, immoral group of has-beens who are guided by racial hatred and a desire for revenge and violence. Their hearts would rival the dirtiest sewer in the world.

    It is time that diaspora Tamils smelt the coffee and did something to actually help the Tamils of Sri Lanka struggling to make a life for themselves after a devastating war, rather than running around spitting with rage and bile.

    We can only hope!

  107. 133. Mangalaya | August 8th, 2010 at 6:03 pm
    Every Sri Lankan Home must potray a photo of Gota & KP and ask them to garland it around with flowers
    Are you having a flower shop in srilanka?
    I agree with you, but in order to stop possible profiteers like you I would like the legislation to state plastic recycliyable flowers only.
    I would also like to see legislation brought in deleting the sword and including the bhudda in the Srilankan flag. Tamils have had no grouse against Lord bhuddha for 2000 years except the last 50 where his teachings were discarded.

  108. 137 Shanker,

    Why would anyone have a gripe against Lord Buddha?

    It is the Tamils ,specially the Tamil politicians who alway drag Buddhism to attack the Sinhalese.

    Have you seen Sinhalese dragging Lord Vishnu or any other Deity in to the debate about Tamil Eelaam here ?

    Has anyone complained about the thousands of Hnidu Covilas dotted around the who;e country.?

    Isn’t the Tamil Leaders and the pro LTTE Journalists who constantly bombard these columns about how the Buddhist Temples are decimating the Tamil culture and the Tamil civilization . ?

    In fact your comment has to be re phrased to say that the Sinhalese did not and do not have any gripes at all against the Tamil religion.

    It you want more proof go to any Buddhist Vihara in the South and see how the poor rural folk line up to put a good word to Lord Vishnu.

  109. Comments against 137. Sentinel

    What do you mean by “diasporas Tamils”? Don’t you think there are lots of Sinhala diasporas in overseas? Prabhakaran’s era is over and why we should bother about that?. We born together, my sister is your sister and as well your sister is mine. Your mom is mine and my mom is yours. That is what called unity. Do you know how many Sinhalese are hatering towards overseas Tamils? I know, and I
    am an eye-witnessed. Do not blame with-out knowing the truth. What do you know about M’sian/Sporean Tamils? And as well what is your knowledge about Tamil Nadu and Tamil language? Learn the history. Please, do not underestimate any religions and it’s people.
    You said:
    //Tamils may boss and rule over everyone they want in Tamil Nadu, but certainly not in Sri Lanka where they are a small minority (possibly even smaller than the Muslims now with all the immigration).//
    This proves your tiny knowledge. First, try to understand what is Tamil language and it’s origin as well, can you write in Sinhala?. I can write in Tamil (Unicode)

    மனிதனை மனிதனாக மதிக்க பழகுடா புண்ணாக்கு…
    Can you understand what I wrote about in Mr. Sentinel? If possible write something in Sinhala, I will respond then 🙂


  110. # 137 Sentinel

    What’s up pal?

    Are you ok? Why so much ranting?

    You seems to suffer from Tamil diaspora syndrom. I’m sure Tamil diaspora will help the Sri-Lankan Tamils but my worry is who is going to help you?

    I think you seriously need a medical check up.

    Take it easy or else with so much anger towards the Tamil diaspora, you will definitely get STROKE!

  111. Message to LTTE diaspora….

    “You know what? The Sri Lankan intelligence is not stupid as some of our people think. They are vey modernised and sophisticated. Besides there is lots of exchanges with intelligence agencies of other countries. From their conversation I gathered that they were very well informed about the LTTE and its overseas structures”.

    Please do not play fool anymore… You all hv put your brothers/sisters living in SL already into a hell… Atleast now it’s high time to get back your sense and come to the path of peace…. Prabhakaran couldn’t do that as he had too many crimes against him with which he could never expect to lead a civilian life.. That’s why he always demanded ‘eelam’ for him to find safety within that.

    You guys in diaspora are not like that.. You always can correct your self and re-enter into peaceful path… You’re highly welcome for that…!!!!

  112. I think the problem is that much of the Tamil diaspora populace suffers from DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR.

    “Grandiose delusions are characterized by fantastical beliefs that one is famous, omnipotent, or otherwise very powerful. In colloquial usage, one who is said to have ‘delusions of grandeur’ is considered to be one who overestimates one’s own abilities, talents or situation. This is generally due to excessive pride, rather than any actual delusions. ”

    Sound familiar? This is the Tamil diaspora mantra – they think they are omnipotent and super duper powerful, little realising that they aren’t on Sri Lankan soil and are doing absolutely nothing to help Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    Lord Shiva would be ashamed to see the behaviour of his followers.

  113. from your interview, it clearly showed that pirabhakaran had many leader truthful to him . but at the same time , there were conflict among them who want to be next to Pirabhakaran. so they try to bring down one another at last they brought whole organisation.
    people who were did not participate in the internal conflict for the post like Balraj,Theepan , Kousalyan etc either died as hero (except balraj)or murdered by opposite gang.But they will be remembered forever.
    could you publish article about the internal conflict inside the LTTE, is there any question regarding who were fighting for the position and between whom .is KP the one among them.

    from comments i understand that you wont reproduce the audio version of the interview , but i want to publish tamil version in your website ,which will be more interesting to read

  114. KP was the right hand man of Prabha. He is enormously clever. Now he is the darling of the Rajapakses. How would the average Sri Lankan man take it – Rajapakses are gambling with the general populious, thinking this time too it will succeed like Karuna and Pilliyan. this time it will backfire on them.

  115. 139. Kalu Albert

    The Tamils (and others as well) are made to worry when they see a bo sabling growing out of a crow excreta in their backyard.
    Apart from that, they are not worried about Buddhism.
    Sidhartha was borne as a Hindu Prince. In Hindu mythology Lord Buddha is considered one of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

  116. 139. Kalu Albert | August 8th, 2010 at 8:27 pm
    137 Shanker,

    Why would anyone have a gripe against Lord Buddha?

    It is the Tamils ,specially the Tamil politicians who alway drag Buddhism to attack the Sinhalese
    History has shown there has been religious conflict all over the world. Even the Christians were going at each other as protestants and catholics and the muslims as shittes and sunnis. When they were killing each other nobody talked of what they had against jesus or mary but it is more a power struggle.

    in addition to these intrareligious conflicts the world has witnessed interreligious conflicts on a massive scale.

    Same for the lord bhuddha. If we had a religious conflict here nobody is going to ask what is wrong or right with the Lord bhudha or lord shiva. They would have just been mauling each other over the religion like animals. I merely pointed out it is remarkable compared to other parts of the world, we had a peaceful religious coexistence for 2000 years, except a blot where magha an invader from orissa attacked bhudhist relics, according to the mahawamsa.. I’am not able to clearly understand the point you are trying to make , but i hope my explanation is sufficient.

    With regard to tamil politicians dragging bhudhism to attack the sinhalese, and not vise versa, you may be right. That is because sinhala politicians used bhudhism as a political tool against the tamils. The Bhudha never intended bhudhism to be used for such purposes, that is why i mentioned that there is no illwill among the tamils towards him. Instead of all these animals and swords if his serene face is on the flag and the bhudhists try to follow his teachings, then we are truly on track to a better country. That was my point.

  117. Dont try to white wash kp.


    It is KP who is speaking out. I am only a messenger conveying his message.What is happening here is not a whitewash but a blackwash.KP is dispelling through this direct interview the dirty propaganda against him by people like you. I dont think he is whitewshing himself but only washing away the mud and tar daubed on him by people like you

  118. 147 Palan.

    It is a sapling not a” sabling” mate.

    I did not know that you and your”Others” had so much excreta in your back yards.

  119. 148 Shanker,

    It is Buddha not Bhudda, and Shiites not Shittes.

    As Buddhists we are pretty tolerant and open minded, so no problem.

    But the Shiites who are hard core religious people may take offense.

  120. Rather than attacking the messenger and letting our anger and egos run riot, would it be possible spare a thought for the destitute?

    **************** Tamils of Sri Lanka living in the North & East are in need of help to rebuild their lives, livelihood and most certainly, their self esteem **************

    Whatever criticisms that have been levelled against the Rajapaksa administration, they are right in engaging with KP. It is commendable that KP too has weighed his options and reciprocated the gesture. Whilst, KP cooperation with the GOSL could be viewed by many with suspicion, never the less, the end result would benefit the poor Tamils whose lives have been devastated beyond ones comprehension. It is inconceivable to doubt KP wouldn’t succeed, if his past record is anything to go by. It really is a win win for all concerned, especially for those who are languishing in refugees’ camps & detention centres.

  121. #98. Mahesh,

    I am amazed at yout interest of tamil- sinhala reconcilliation.
    I’ve read many of ur comments and these implies that you know many tamils but not a single sinhalese pserson.

    The politicians had created this ethnic devide. We in the mixed ethnic regions live like borthers & sisters when we have a common language to communicate.

    Please do come and visit SL and find out your self how the majority of the ethnic devide live in neibour hoods freely and in harmony.
    Most of the poeple are being hoddwinked by LTTE propaganda and half truths.

    We are normal humans wishing & hoping to live in acountry of harmoney and peace.

  122. DBSJ

    comment 133 mangalaya and146 james thenuwara don’t seem to be the same from the style of writing. Are you sure they are the same as you mentioned earlier? mangalaya and mangala premeratna are the same, i agree, but my good friend tea kandy?


  123. Very Good interview DBSJ. I can’t wait to read the part 2.

    I read KP’s interview at “The Island” news paper as well. The way he reply to the questions are very sensible. He is not bother about his critics at all but seems very strong on what he believes. The beauty is, even he is under the custody of GOSL, he openly salute his dead loyal leader( and friend ). Also GOSL let him( Most wanted prisoner) to speak out independently and encourage his good mission. I like that bilateral understanding. Wish him all the best!

    DBSJ, During your interview with KP, did you ask him about Balakumar, Yogi & others? Or does he know anything about them.? If you can, please share with us. Thank you

  124. The ugly fight that erupted at a Tamil Hindu temple in Oslo, Norway reveals to the world the hate and violence that resides in the hearts of many diaspora Tamils.

    If Tamil Hindus attack each other like this at a religious festival one can only imagine the hatred and anger they have towards non-Tamils like the Sinhalese and Muslims.

    Instead of preaching and pointing fingers at others, Tamils need to sort out the mountain of issues within their own community.

    People like KP have realised that Tamils risk being marginalised into irrelevance in Sri Lanka and has taken it upon himself to avoid that from happening. That needs to be appreciated.

  125. 148. shankar

    I do agree with most of what you said, however, if Sri Lanka was to redesign the national flag to remove the Lion and put a Buddhist symbol, the screaming from various parties and the West would be defening.

    There will be accusation of thrushing Buddhism down people of other religions throats. The INGOs and the West will cry endlessly how a parliamentry democracy is being subverted by a Buddhist theocracy.. so on and so on…

    You can not simply win in these matters.

  126. Well Done Agian DBSJ. Can’t wait for Part 2.

    I can’t understand why everyone can’t understand that there are sensitive issues which can’t be touched by KP or You for survival. It is Survival Strategy. That would be very foolish.

    KP has answerd the questions he can answer and you have given him the platform to answer his critics or defend him self as a neutral (not belonging to any of the LTTE factions or the Rajapakses) person.

    Keep up the good work Sir.

    Thank you for your wishes and understanding…….DBSJ

  127. #158 Sentinel.

    No offence pal just cool it down.

    Take it easy on the Tamil Diaspora or vice versa.

    No one is hating the Sinhalese or the Moslems the way you portraying them. If some one does hate others for their belief or different ethnicity that is his own discretion.

    Each person is unique and there is no concerted effort by the Diaspora Tamils to hate non Tamils!

  128. DBSJ anna,

    Hats off to you!! I cannot describe in words how i feel.

    When the reputed Indian tamil magazines like vikatan,kumudam have sold out for just the sake of money and write heaps and heaps of garbage about Ealem, i salute you for your uprightness and ethics.

    Dont ever dream to quit this and take up writing about mundane subjects like cinema (i dont say that you should not write about it but dont make it main stream).

    Tamilians need you. History needs to be registered in truth which only you are doing it. I pray god that you should be in good health for many many years to come.


    Thank you. I deleted some of the praise you showered on me as you seem to have gone overboard a little. But I must say it felt good to read it and I realised it came from your heart. Thanks again Thambi

  129. DBSJ

    Sometime during december when i was going crazy with thenuwara trying to convince him that murali was not a chucker, there was clever girl who said that she had looked at that nutter mangala premeratna’s comments and she felt that he was thenuwara and for me not to waste my time with him.. I did not believe her then because i am a gullible fool, but now i wish i had without wasting my time.

    Can you please tell how to identify nutters who can turn into crumbed or grilled or roast whenever they want.

  130. Thank you such vital first hand information. It really does empower us to grasp a better understanding of what has and is happening. As a person who visits the North often, there are definitely positive signs for the people there even though much remains to be done and there is room for improvement in terms of what is happening.

    On a separate note, the best part of this whole article is your response to comment #135. Heheheheh ouch!!!

  131. Dear DBSJ ,Dilson F,Godzilla,
    well, we have to remain you all that, again keep in mind, we are not LTTE or thier suppoters,we stated that who we are earlier answer by futaint, and you people trying to push us like GOSL who done,as all tamil(including triators) are LTTE before tamil struggle started in sri lanka.

    as journalist Honarable DBSJ need or must change his attitude in writing, not trying smart like Gota Rajpaksa as whole world knew what he has done on May 18,may DBSJ Why you cannot write your freedom of expression,if you write,We all going to through flowers to your body or may we cannot see any more better keep in you mind now tell us who to blame you or Gota Raj, if your freedom writer, saying cannot stop me writing truth,.

    then we challange you can you write truthabout may 18, we command army, he is the civil servant cannot say we will hang on him, before testfy courts that mean he got law and order on his hand. you all shut up live there,listen them leak them.

    Bit difficult to follow you……….DBSJ

  132. KP has portrayed himslef as one who is a “coward”, “selfish” and power hungry.

    I don’t know how a coward like KP was part of LTTE, an organization that had brave cadres. KP repeadly says he was afraid to travel, worried about his safety and welfare of his family.

    KP can have a difference of opinion with Prabhakaran but he should learn from Prabhakaran, who lost his life and his family in the “Tamil” land.

    When are you going to “LEARN” from Prabhakran and lose YOUR life and YOUR family?………..DBSJ

  133. 155. TRN

    I’ve read many of ur comments and these implies that you know many tamils but not a single sinhalese pserson.


    Yes I know many Tamil friends. I have also studied with many Sri Lankan tamils.

    I have also seen many Sinhalese here in Chennai and also when I went to Gaya in Patna and also in Delhi.

    They seem to be simple people. They also seem to be good people.


    Most of the poeple are being hoddwinked by LTTE propaganda and half truths.


    Don’t put all the blame on the LTTE only. What about your role in it. Not personally, but Sinhalese as a class.

    What about the atrocities done by your society and also by your polity.

    What about the omissions and commissions of the Budhist Clergy.

    Where was your conscience when your Govt killed the citizens using air power.

    Where was your conscience when your govt discarded accord after accord.

    Were you people a silent collaborator in all these acts.

    Is your conscience clear in all these matters.

    So, if you have a conscience then you will yourself know how much of that dark drink is your own brew.

    BTW I am not supporting LTTE. I am pointing your shortcomings also.

    It takes two to tango.

  134. 162. krishnakumar | August 9th, 2010 at 11:12 am

    I am with you. Thanks DBSJ for your tireless work.

    R Maran

  135. 157. Mavady | August

    Hi Mavady,

    Lanka Guardian has published Balakumar & his son’s photo that was taken by SLA just after they surrendered to SLA. Seeing the photo made my heart bleeding, what happened to him is very very unfair.

    R Maran

  136. Hi DBSJ

    Last eight years i never miss Tamil week in single day.
    Meaning of The Great DBSJ is providing the PIN POINT ACCURACY information to thousands of thousands of readers. i have no doubt about KP from today onwards……I believe KP,,,,, you try your best mate. Good luck to you… i can’t wait too long for the next part…….. I don’t have words for you Mr DBSJ…..Good luck for your new way of journalism for my people. As some readers already said,the history never forget your noble duty….

  137. 130. Rajiv

    Rajiv , thanks for a great comment !

    The KP Comedy of Errors continues
    KP appears to me as heavily sedated by anti-anxiety , anti-panic attack drugs.

  138. Sorry to add somthing not related to this article.

    Will Tamils & Sinhaleses be open and gracious as the South Koreans?

    “I tried to kill the president. I was the enemy,” Kim said. “But the South Korean people showed me sympathy and forgiveness. I was touched and moved.”

    The government eventually released Kim, finding he never fired a shot from his gun and didn’t hurt anyone during the assassination attempt.

    Kim later worked for the South Korean military, became a citizen, married and had a family. Then he became a minister.

    He is now the country’s symbol of redemption.

    Today, tensions on the divided peninsula are the highest in a decade – with few answers for workable, long-term solutions. But Kim is living proof that even the hardest of hearts in this conflict can change.

    Kim reflected on footage of himself held captive in 1968.

    “On that day, Kim Shin Jo died,” Kim said. “I was reborn. I got my second life. And I’m thankful for that.”


  139. Can’t wait for part-2.

    It is a common procedure for VP to call for ‘in-person’ meetings to eliminate people. This was well known both within and outside of LTTE. Col.Karuna had his alarm bells ringing exactly after VP called him in person ‘to discuss’ Karuna’s concerns. Now, KP would have had similar thoughts too when VP called him to Vanni, don’t you concur?

  140. 152. Anonymous
    Thanks for pointing out the typo but I hope you got the point. Otherwise let me illustrate further.

    When I was small we used to go to our village in the North. for holidays. While walking on the scenic road laeding to our cousin, we used to stop and watch a Palmyrah tree. What is special with this Palmyrah tree is that along the middle of the tree there appeared a Banyan sapling and a Pipal sapling. I guess a crow had relaxed there after taking a cocktail of Banyan & Bo fruits. During the years we witnessed those two saplings grow around the Palmyrah tree and taking firm root to the ground. Only the palymyrah leaf can be seen at the top through the other leaves for someone who knew there iwas a Palmyrah tree.
    One day a saffron clad person along with some other visitors came and examined the trees and the surroundings. Hey presto the village council got a brainstorm and wanted to widen the road and the trees were cut within a fortnight. I still feel sorry for the palmyrah tree which had nurtured the other trees but somewhat happy that the scenic road was saved from becoming a dome.
    Before some one start to shout hue and cry I’ll illustrate another incident.
    This is in Colombo and in posh Colombo 7 area. Along Bullers Road, just in front of Radio Ceylon and the Land Dept Office. We students used to frequent a boutique for a plain tea with a piece of jaggery called kartei(hope its spelled correctly).
    Suddenly one day there appeared a huge Buddha statute. Colourful lights were connected from illicit wirings. New structures were built. It was said that the Thero had the support of Cyril Mathew. Later it transpired that the land belonged to some person or Organisation connected to Ananda Tissa de Alwis. A tug of war ensued at the highedt level and Alwis won. We saw tall takarang walls being built overnight. The structues were removed. The Statute was covered in gunny bags and quietely removed. As an added security the bo tree was also gradually clipped and removed.

    But we have seen many other encroachments in several ‘no man;s land’ all over the city with or without political backings and the people could do nothing about it.

    But when similar incidents happen in the Tamil/Muslim areas, near the temples, near the mosques or near the Churches, and the original theiyo is sidelined like in Adams Peak, Kataragama, Deegawabe or as someone mentioned earlier, in Kanagarayankulam now, it is natural for the inhabitants to feel threatened. When politics and religion mix, as in Mid East, there bound to be trouble.

  141. DBS, eagerly waiting for the other half. To others, relax guys let the interview finish and come to your own conclusion. Just don’t jump to conclusion. DBS is only giving is what KP is saying, it’s you who will have to filter whatever KP says and analyse and come to a common ground about reality.
    thanks DBS, hope to see many more daring articles from you.

  142. HI dbs,
    do you realy believe that a prisoner can give truthful intrview?


    I dont have to believe,I know. Remember it was I who interviewed him.Also if a “prisoner” can give an “interview” then why cant it be truthful too.

  143. # 81 Dear Harshe
    It is kind of duty for us to Tell journalist like MrDBSJ not going go path of traitor like Gota this guys never learn lesson when become detain by somebody then he will realise.like Great General Fonseka Thank god not be president to modayo singalesse Always navilla konthada puuka thena kataya burruvek

  144. #167

    LUKE:6:41-42 (please read)
    why do you look at the speck of sawdustin your brother’s eye and pay no attension to the plank on your own eye…………

  145. To all good hearted people in the Diaspora, who care about their brethren in the North and the East.

    Vakarai Maha Vidyayam is back in full flight according to the BBC.

    750 odd Kids are striving to become the best School in the N & E.

    Biggest obstacle is malnutrition.according to the school Principal.

    Most kids faint after the assembly because they do not eat breakfast.

    I know how it is because I have been there and done that.

    This is a good opportunity to do something good in real time. Please organize a group to raise funds and feed these kids at least one descent meal a day.

  146. #165 Futaint,

    My Darling Futaint, Its very difficult to follow what you say. Are you from the land of ‘Gibber’? because its very similar. Reading your response at #177 you must be from the down south area. ‘Bentahara Gangen Eha’? So instead of pretending to be what you are, why not be true and write in the language of your birth, DBSJ will kindly translate for us readers here. How English class take you, Sakwithi now english in remand teaching.I the wish you day Happy.

  147. “This is a good opportunity to do something good in real time. Please organize a group to raise funds and feed these kids at least one descent meal a day.”

    Do not expect any such munificence from the diaspora Tamils. They were willing to part with thousands of dollars when the LTTE was around to fund bombs, land mines and child soldiers but find it very difficult to actually help fellow Tamils who are struggling to lead a normal life. The diaspora Tamils will go to the kovil everyy and bow and scrape before the Shiva lingam and numerous statues, give hundreds of dollars to the poosari and dance the night away at parties and night clubs but think it a conspiracy of the Sri Lankan government when it invites them to engage with various projects in the north and east to help innocent Tamils.

    Tamilnet just put out another article mentioning DBS and Hariharan and going on another rant. Diaspora Tamils really are in a tailspin, running around howling like a pack of hyenas looking for blood. It’s not a pretty sight at all.

  148. #179-kalu albert
    Please organize a group to raise funds and feed these kids at least one descent meal a day
    Should be decent not descent. We don’t want them descending further as they are at rockbottom already.

    As for your idea it is good. It is now high time diaspora get fully involved in ameliorating the conditions of their brethren. Some of the diaspora on this blog say they are doing it quietly and secretly. I don’t know what is their to be so secretive about helping out some people. After all you are not giving money for some terrorism or something.

    Main problem i feel is out of sight out of mind. The diaspora should be encouraged to come and move about freely in the north and east and see for themselves what is happening. presumably there is some unease among them to do this because at one time the spate of kidnappings and extortion etc. At the airport it self the underworld was alerted that so and so had come. so i think it is upto gota to try to fix up this area permenently so that mr and mrs moneybags can come and not go back in rags. Everyone cannot be provided security like for asin, who went and spoke to the people and realised there was an acute eye care problem and is trying to fix it up.

    So now the GOSL must try to start organising the communication between diaspora and their unfortunate local brethren in a more professional manner and keep the paramilitary and underworld goons locked up if need be till this mess is cleared up.

  149. #174 Palan,

    There are 200+ plus Buddhist temples in the North and East (belonging to Anuradhapura era)…Many of them have been vandalised by the LTTE (Of course there can’t be Buddhist Temples and proto-Sinhala inscriptions in the TAMIL ONLY HOMELAND)…How can repairing and preserving these sites be insensitive to minorities?

    #177 Futaint..

    I am surprised DBSJ allowed filth language (be it in Sinhala) to be published on the blog..I have seen similar jokers in other blogs and sites (Are you Vinoth Balakrishnan by any chance?). IF you want to hurl insults at Sinhalese, at least write them with correct spelling..The way you are doing it, no-one gets offended but everyone is laughing at you..(If you are what’s remaining of the LTTE, Eelam movement’s future looks very bleak indeed)

  150. 163. shankar | Can you please tell how to identify nutters who can turn into crumbed or grilled or roast whenever they want.
    Ha,Ha, the nutter got you and you are furious! What a gullible idiot he has made out of you dearest Shankar?

  151. DBSJ

    It is an excellent article. We need many more interviews like this with the prominent LTTE personals who have change for good. DBSJ, you should travel to North and east of Srilank and write the ground situation. Yor are a very impartial journalist and your writing inthis regard will gain much weightage. Thanks

  152. #184 Shanker

    Kalu albert is trying to highlight real issues facing north-east children. Don’t try to ridicule him. You behaviour shows that you are a Colombo Tamil and not from N-E. You guys will never help disadvantage Tamils but only know how to criticise others.

  153. # 150. Krishna
    How is India viewing this treatment to KP by GOSL ? Are they keeping a neutral approach ?


    I think India does not care as long as KP does not enter Indian soil.

    India may not to play the political drama for KP’s sake.

  154. #188-Kumar
    You guys will never help disadvantage Tamils but only know how to criticise others
    You were the guy at one time who was slandering tamils worse than any sinhalese i had heard. I even felt that you may be a mole of the GOSL, because these days you don’t know with whom you are really dealing with on the internet.I coundn’t believe a tamil attacking fellow tamils like that.At that time i treated you as cow dung because i hate people who put down their own race, that too so viciously like you. Now you have recharged your batteries and are trying to make a comback through the backdoor this time using kalu albert, the cunning rat type that you are.

    Can you list out the help you have given to disadvantaged tamils? Itemise it in point form please if the list is not too great.

    Can you also list out my so called criticisms of kalu Albert who seems to be only trying to do something good for some unfortunates. I merely pointed out to him some difficulties faced by diaspora due to distance and security concerns and told that GOSL must try to smooth these things out. What is the critisicm in that smartass. Don’t you want the tamils to be helped there. You know how tour companies help and faccilitate tour groups. GOSL should be also like that.

    As for ridiculing him he decided to become nostradamus’s english tutor assistant and i decided to follow suit. Now nostro has two assistants to help him get his 600 acres fro HRH.

  155. 60. Lingam | August 7th, 2010 at 7:41 am

    Lingam oru Singam! Thamil Inathin Thangam!………….DBSJ

    DBS, your comments made me laugh hysterically. You can write election campaign one liners : Just tellling in a light mood.

  156. Many have expressed whether KP was ‘stage’ arrested. I am not convinces either way. However, if what he does it to undo the damage done by the stupid LTTE, then I would say he did the correct thing.

    HIghtly intelligent people would ask me ‘Are you saying Tamils were treated fairly in the past?”. My answers for those ‘maa-muh-nis” is that I never decline. But stupid LTTE has done a lot of more damages. Also I do not think the Sinhala community will not turn stupid as they did in the past. We all suffered.

  157. 184 Shanker.

    You can talk the talk ,But when it comes to walk the walk ,you are an abysmal failure.

    Hellooo, the underworld was finished off a while a ago. Extortions and Kidnappings are your imaginations or excuses.?

    KP has shown the way to help these unfortunate people. and he is leading from the front.

    What more do you want?

    If the Diaspora form a fairdinkum NGO and start a front to feed the needy school kids ,the Government will be more than happy to roll out the welcome mat.

    By the way it is not” their” , It is” there” Shanker.

  158. 178. TRN


    LUKE:6:41-42 (please read)
    why do you look at the speck of sawdustin your brother’s eye and pay no attension to the plank on your own eye…………


    The same thing goes for both the sides.

    One side looks at only the atrocities of the past 30 years only. I also say please think about the atrocities before 30 years also.

    Is it too much to ask for.

    Without answering these questions will there be real National Reconciliation.

  159. Dear DBSJ,

    I believe with this interview you have touch the nerve of many so called LTTE supporters ( Diaspora ).

    I deem this is the first time LTTE leader making a an assessment this organisation and many of these “supporters” unable to handle the truth.

    This is a treatment for them and of course it is a beginning of a long journey.

  160. #193-kalu albert

    you are an abysmal failure.

    Hellooo, the underworld was finished off a while a ago

    If the Diaspora form a fairdinkum NGO and start a front to feed the needy school kids ,the Government will be more than happy to roll out the welcome mat.

    By the way it is not” their” , It is” there” Shanker.

    Failures are the pillars of success.

    If you put your glasses and read again you will see that i mentioned some time ago there was extortion. So damage is done and will take awhile for confidence to return. The diaspora is also scared of paramilitary guys of karuna, douglas, pillayan etc.After you finish them off let the readers know please. If you are telling the diaspora, don’t put your feet on this sacred land, just send your money, then good luck to you.GOSL has now got build confidence building measures and get the diaspora to come and see what is happening, allow unhindered access to affected people, show various ways to help these people including through bank accounts show how these people can go and monthly access amounts from the bank etc. You don’t really need all these big organisations with overheads and corruption.. You need only banks and access to money for the people affected and supervision of that. For this kind of things diaspora must come open up the accounts, deposit money, talk to the people affected and make arrangements for them to access money etc. In the case of the school mentioned the parents can draw the money on a weekly or fornightly basis and the principals and the teachers can supervise this.Diaspora does not need a front org and welcome mat etc. If they can put their feet on the sacred land and go about without any fear, that should be enough.

    GOSL should be proactive like a tour operator, not just for a few like asin or the chaps KP brought, but for all. initially there might be some costs, but when the money starts flowing in, the financial burden can be tranferred to diaspora, and the diaspora must increasingly take up the burden because it is their people after all, and the GOSL can focus on other nationbuilding efforts.

    As for the spelling correction, thanks. It is graetly appreciated and i will ask nostradamus to give you 100 acres out of the 600 he will get from the queen.

    ps. Look at my last para. Spot the error and then go to galle face . Count the number of ships on any given day. Then eat some kadalai, fly some kites and count them again. If there is a difference now go back to my last para and see whether anything has changed such as an a ovetaking an e.

  161. # 188 kumar/ #190. shankar / #193. Kalu Albert

    You behaviour shows that you are a Colombo Tamil and not from N-E


    I have heard about jaffna Tamil arrogance and pride.
    Ranjan & Kallu Albert have expressed their sentiments against them.

    Are Colombo Tamils falling under same category?

  162. 93. sjoseph | August 7th, 2010 at 8:10 pm
    Is there no other worthy candidate to take care of IDPs?
    sonia ghandhi?

  163. # 193 Kalu Albert

    With reference to “their” and “there” Shankar is right and Kalu, you are wrong.

  164. Maran # 169

    Do you really believe that something bad happened to Balakumar & Others? But I still believe that them lot well and safe. Even though they classified as hard-core LTTE, most of them are old and non-military unit from the LTTE. After finished off all top level LTTE forces including VP, there is no need for killing these people. GOSL already had problem with “Nadesan, Pulithevan” issue. I don’t think that they committed same blunder again. Big question is why Government keep quite on their issue. But some reason Government maintain “silence” many times tactfully avoid other problems. Say an example, MR did not mention single word of VP during his first speech after the end of war. I think as long as LTTE activities alive overseas, GOSL continue play “hide & seek” with politically important LTTE prisoners.

    I’m sure that you know very well than me – Balakumar is well respected by all sort of folks including India. Those days he did try hard to bring these boys under the one roof. Whenever he talk; he always mention “Enkada Makkal”. Not just talk he really concern about our people. He is very down to earth and never dream for power. I hope one day he will come out and help our people as KP is doing. May be this could be beggar’s believe???. We have to wait & see.

  165. It is a shame DBSJ is given web space to twist and turn on a life and death matter for many many Sri Laklan Tamils.

    DBSJ journalistic inability will be exposed fair and square.

  166. Dear F.Dilshan others, well if you all could not follow my language, better keep your spell checker under the pillow, laugh you all, i am not down south in between.middle.do you know, where?modayo what ever i says there is lots of meaning ,carefully read 100 times then you all will understand including Mr DBJS, can you all come to our place,particularly I will have individual lesson for every one who cannot understand , i will give lesson or go asked your Sec of Defence, he will clear all of once like may 18, how many and how long going do this type of murder, valueable person like lasantha. tell me . still cannot find truth, where this truth writer gone so long


    Hi guys

    FUTAINT stands for FUTURE TAMIL INTELLIGENCE with FUTURE being spelled as FURTURE.

    I have been advised by “certain” circles to release FUTAINT comments in full while further information is gathered for further action.

    So please bear with FUTAINT for a while. No need to respond seriously but if you wanna have some fun go ahead

  167. Compasion #172
    Division of Korea in to South Korea and North Korea is cruelty of the world because they are Koreans( same race)
    Again unitary nature of Srilanka is injustice to Tamils. So Korea should be reunited and Srilanka should be restructured.

  168. @#191

    DBSJ’s funny one-liners are indeed priceless. Inspite of all that he had gone through, I am glad he still has a great sense of humor.


    Two requests:
    1) I feel only you can write an impartial book about the past 35 years of civil war, from a neutral Sri Lankan point of view. Please consider the idea seriously……

    I have read both M.R. Narayan Swamy’s books and T.Sabaratnam’s hagiography of VP, but they give the Indian and Tiger perspectives respectively.

    2) Did KP reveal anything about Prabha’s final hours? Was UTHR correctly quoted in this article below? I find it hard to believe that Prabha was captured alive and his son was executed in front of his eyes.


  169. DBSJ,
    it’s only an interview and you are just stating what KP wrote/said to you.

    KP’s interview could’ve have been modified by you. Afterall, there is no evidence that you actually did this interview with KP.

    DBS I am not trying to put you down or anything but expectation bar is set high.

    BTW, keep writing and you are an awesome writer.

  170. 185. Mahavansa
    I think you all are barking at the wrong tree.
    How come there are so many hindu deities’ statutes from Polannaruwa, Anuradhapura & Dondra at Museums in Colombo , A’pura , London, Lisbon, Toronto and many more.


    Whenever you are ready to invade Portugal please let us know. We might join you as well.

    It is unfortunate that some Sinhala historians! and politicians chose to span anti-tamil & threat to Buddhism sentiments in order to unite the Kandyan & Coastal Sinhalese. Same way they make anti-India & threat to islam Sentiments in Pakistan.
    We see many such sentiments all over the world such as anti communism, anti imperialism, big brother syndrome etc.

    You may also would like to find out how many churches & temples were destroyed during the war.



    There seems to be couple of bloggers who seeks answers in the Dictionary when they have got nothing tangible.

  171. KP’s agreed to co-operate because he was captured and more importantly there’s no LTTE to continue a struggle. In other words he wouldn’t hv co-operated if the so-called struggle was still on. Make sense and fair enough from his perspective.

  172. # 193 Kalu Albert

    I concede Shankar got it wrong in one instance in his comment 184. I did not notice it earlier. But it is a minor oversight because from his subsequent usage of “there” and “their” in the same 184, it is apparent he is familiar with the correct usage.

  173. 205. ziggy | it’s only an interview and you are just stating what KP wrote/said to you. KP’s interview could’ve have been modified by you. Afterall, there is no evidence that you actually did this interview with KP.
    Many journalist modify the story just to protect the informant and for many other legitimate reasons. I have found DBS to be quite honest in what he does. There are journalist who interview people, take extracts of what they said and write the balance of the story the way they want it. These are dirty tactics but journalists all over the world (mind you I live in the west and have experience with western journalist too) do it. However I am not putting DBS to this basket. Please look at things this way. There is more good than bad, one will get from reading DBS. It is up to us to decipher what he says and compare with other available information before we come to any conclusions. If we are lazy, we may be looking from the arse end of the horse. Most of the time, I don’t come to conclusions but keep an open mind because when you do that, you make your final judgment right at the end of the events. People like Mahesh has already decided that Singhalese are a..oles and although I got nothing against that, I wouldn’t do that because it then puts a tint on the glasses I wear when I look at these events.

  174. Dear DBSJ

    You advise others not take serious. it means you cannot stand with tamils, but we are started stand firmly from 1948 until achive our target, wait and see nothing finish, you people think when VP not there every thing finish my dear, can i tell something anything never end , because it is strong foundation which made by our be love sun(son) of god in your word, so you better understand now,no one stand against us.we are every where in this world. can any body challenge with the tamilworld answer is no hoo

  175. 204. Mani:- There are more stories about VP’s capture and torture and who did it. Further more stories as to the involvement of a particular intelligence agency (not Malaysia) of a foreign country on capture of KP and the amount paid. I believe there is no point raking the mud because those who believe in violence die of it. There is no point in debating the form of violence and whether it was justified or not. The need of the day is for the Singhalese and Tamils to move forward and the more we rake mud, the more we will stifle that forward movement & we will live in the past miseries. Please consider the people whose lives have been shattered by unlimited violence & try to help them. Vengeance does not help them and help anyone.

  176. #197-sjoseph

    Are Colombo Tamils falling under same category
    There is only one tamil race and they are called tamils.

    If their are any defects in tamils then they must be universal, and not based on geographical settlements. Geography will not determine the DNA structure.

    Are the ‘madurai’ tamils more arrogant than the ‘Chennai’ ones?The chances are good that the jaffna tamils came from madurai region than far away chennai.

    Even among races there will be differences in the qualities of the people.That is not due to geography but due to the differences in the DNA molecules of the individuals. Even in the same family you might find a brother who is humble while a sister is arrogant.

    To stereotype and attack entire people of a region because some of them maybe like this or that is foolish. That was my point with Kumar regarding his previous history on this blog. Also people could change in the future. I am pretty sure i think differently on many matters than i would have 10 years ago, and same for you also.

    I can understand people attacking other races, because as jesus said people always think something is wrong with others, but not themselves. When people attack their own race of course they are shooting themselves in the foot. For a fleeting second they forget who they are.

    Can you show me any perfect race in this world? if they have pluses they have minuses too. Same for ‘jaffna’ tamils, or shall we call them just tamils in future, or will that drag you in to the net unnecessarily and embarass you?

    As for people asking whether i am colombo tamil, i can only say i am a tamil. I am a simpleton who likes to keep things simple as possible without unneccerry tags.

  177. #202 Darling Futaint,
    Times 100 responses your read to going not am I.
    Not so good to know that FUture TAmil INTelligence will be going backwards. Well at least in writing.
    Since we all vote and tolerate Dr Mervyn Silva in the Cabinet why not FUTAINT?

  178. 199. Nostradamus | August 10th, 2010 at 7:04 am
    # 193 Kalu Albert

    With reference to “their” and “there” Shankar is right and Kalu, you are wrong.
    thanks, but i really don’t care a fart whether iam right or kalu is right. I am more concerned about the suffering of srilankans than the suffering of the english language.

  179. 204. Mani | August 10th, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    DBSJ’s funny one-liners are indeed priceless. Inspite of all that he had gone through, I am glad he still has a great sense of humor.


    Two requests:
    1) I feel only you can write an impartial book about the past 35 years of civil war, from a neutral Sri Lankan point of view. Please consider the idea seriously
    I like this one the best

    94. debi | August 7th, 2010 at 8:42 pm
    DBSG, so sad to see you turn into a coward.

    It’s J not G…………DBSJ


    I think mani has a point there. You are the only one who has been arrested and taken to fourth floor by GOSL as well as head and leg broken by LTTE goons. So you are the most qualified person to write an impartial book, let alone the writing skills.

    Many readers for a long time have been making this request. Isn’t it time to tell them that you are going to start on this at least without dissapointing them.. Is it time or what is the problem?




  181. 198. shankar | August 10th, 2010 at 6:46 am
    sonia ghandhi?

    Nope. No fit alt all.
    Perhaps KP is perfect fit for SL Tamils. Gota knows it well enough.

  182. I am confused 🙁 ?

    Is KP testing the waters ? Its very difficult to reveal the truth from the Lions Den ?
    Is KP taking you for a ride ? I hope not ??

  183. #217-s.joseph

    Perhaps KP is perfect fit for SL Tamils
    one hat fits all. The KP cap. Covers the baldness anyway due to the gingilly oil shortage abroad.First we tried VP. Now let us try KP. If that also pfzizzz, then as someone said on this blog try pee pee.

  184. DBSJ

    When you next speak to KP can you ask whether he still supports the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam which was his brainchild, or whether he has now second thoughts about its usefulness.

  185. # 206. Palan

    Au contraire, it is you who’s up the wrong tree..

    1800 Hindu temples destroyed (Wow..Just like 20,000 civilians killed I guess)..Anyway if any places of religious worship have been destroyed they have to be rebuilt..The government is re-buliding Churches and Kovils in the North..Only a few months ago I saw the Navy repairing some damaged churches in Mannar district (These do not get reported in Taminet of course)

    Oh and your right about the statues..The two oldest Hindu temples in Sri Lanka are located in Polonnaruwa (built in 11th Century AD)..Wonder how many Tamils have actually visited them..Such a shame Mr. Chelvanayakam and the later Vadukoddai crowd hadn’t been to see them..Or else Polonnaruwa could have also been claimed as part of the Tamil-only homeland too..

    One more thing..No need to invade Portugal..Earlier this year the government requested all Western museums to return artefacts looted in the colonial era ..I can’t remember the exact details but I think they gave a one year ultimatum before taking legal action…Staying on Portugal though, something that we need definitely returned is the treaty of surrender between Cankili and the Portugese..You’ll be surprised to see that the Tamil-only Kingdom of Jaffna was surrendered through a treaty written in Portugese andddd, surprise surprise SINHALA

  186. DBSJ – regardless to what everyone says, what you have spilled out here makes sense.

    Appreciate KP’s honesty and openness – as that is what a wise person should be doing.

    You cannot help re-build N & E when you are dead and gone.

    Since 2005 there were a lot of speculation on KP, Thamilchelvan, Castro et. al. And information shared by KP with you makes a lot of sense and fittingly completes the puzzle.

    Whether the Tamil Diaspora is willing to accept or not – but the fact remains that you have to work with the Government to get things done. Period.

    Being a Tamil living for more than 2 decades in SL, I know what SL as a country lost in the past 30 years.

    Below is what I have said in UK Tami News forum for some hardcore Tamils on KP and the currant state of affairs on SL Tamils:
    TAMIL EELAM was, and is a lost cause.

    This was my take on the way LTTE’s rise to power in the late 80′s especially when they teamed up with GOSL against IPKF and when they start Killing important players globally and locally. I SAID THAT THEN AND SAYING IT NOW.

    When Mahinda came to power, I have voiced my opinion on how gullible LTTE was. Well, we have the evidence now don’t we?

    Anyone rises to power my killing everyone whom he perceived as a threat to his position – that itself tells the mindset of that person – we all know whom we are talking about here – the late VP of LTTE.

    If you rise to power like this, the best thing to do is keep it going as much as you can by using ‘TAMIL EELAM’ in the forefront. Otherwise you are forced to negotiate and the results will only harm you. But on the other hand there would have been a solution (regardless to the favour of us or the Sinhalese) and all these innocent civilians deaths could have been avoided.

    I think, retrospectively speaking (even though I don’t favour anyone) People like Douglas and Karuna may have seen this already with VP and did what they have to do in order to survive.

    This is what KP is doing now.

    Whatever said and done the majority in Sri Lanka is 83%. If you take the diaspora Tamils, Muslims, burgers, up-country Tamils we are not even 10% of the population now in Sri Lanka.

    So the best thing that you can do is work with the government to get things done.

    I don’t see him as a traitor, rather an opportunist as you and every diaspora Tamils are.

    As for Mandela’s quote – Even a prisoner can negotiate depends on the position and strength.



    The problem with our people is refuse to accept the flaws we have.

    In addition to that, we never want to mix with the mainstream as we thought and still think we are far more superior than everyone else.
    Which was why we refuse to learn the Sinhala language in Sri Lanka. And what did we do, leave SL and forced to learn other languages and forcing our kids to do the same (French, Spanish etc.)

    Had we have done that, we would have been in a better position to make deals with the governments from the past.

    It is a shame that even after seeing what has happened, the diaspora still failing to see the big picture.

    I can understand from KP point of view – he doesn’t have to divulge information which can have adverse effect on his motives and rightfully so.

    Who didn’t do that? VP and all his administrative powers did the same except their motives were not to solve the problems, rather to prolong as much as they can.

    Please don’t quit on your emotions DBSJ.

    Best of luck on your future projects.

  187. The name “Mahavansa” means “The Great Race” or “The Superior Race”.

    The book “Mahavamsa” was written by a mad monk to spew a Racial Supremacist theory that has divided the SL people and twisted their mindsets – on both sides of the divide.

    To make matters worse, the British Colonizers twisted our history conveniently to conoct a false Aryan race and a false Dravidian race – to divide and rule us – the natives.

    This Aryan-Dravidian clap-trap was concocted by European colonizers and their slick henchmen like Max Mueller and Bishop Robert Caldwell.

    We were stupid enough to merrily swallow such bull-shit theories.

    The effects of similar Supremacist Racist theories led to the Nazi Holocaust, the Rwanda Genocide and the Sri Lankan Civil War.

    Sri Lanka will return to everlasting peace only when the Mahavamsa mindset (Superior Race mindset) is jettisoned along with the LTTE mindset.

    Otherwise, this racist poison will again engulf us.

    Please take a pledge that we are human beings first and Sri Lankans second…and thats it.

    Let us discard such false racial identities in the dustbin of history.

  188. #222 – Correction – I lived for more than 2 decades in Sri Lanka.

    Even though I have adopted another country as my home, deep inside I am still a Sri Lankan and proud to be one.

  189. 223. Mani:

    Maha does NOT imply superior and it most certainly does NOT imply that Sinhalese history is superior to that of Tamils.

  190. Comments 208 & 212, Nostra & Shanker

    Mr Praba Ganeshan , who joined the Rajapaksa regime recently said that the Jaffna Tamils are different to Colombo Tamils like him.

    Praba being a Business man with a degree in Engineering is certainly a person with some knowledge.

    His answers in the interview also indicate that he is not a just ” run off the mill” pollie like most in the opposition.

    Like KP, Praba seems to be a realist who correctly identifies the need to help the Tamils get their lives back to normal as the top priority.

    Peoples attitude to others are moulded by the tribal and religious surroundings in which they are brought up.

    The Caste , intolerance to other religions are typical examples of these differences.

    Another good example is the class difference based on where one studied and the occupation engaged in.

    These differences are the outcomes resulting from the social and behavioral influences and has nothing to do with the DNA profile.

    I always thought Shankar was a ” Sheila”

    Please correct me Nostradamus if I am wrong..

  191. .

    Funny/sad/sick how the chief arms procurement agent of Tigers wanted by India and SL for murders of presidents in both countries enjoy relative comforts, with access to outside press while the Army commander who played a major part in the defeat of the Tigers is languishes in jail. Only in Sri Lanka!!!

  192. 226. Navin

    If “Maha” does not mean “Great” or “Superior”, then pray tell me what it means.

    I don’t wish to argue on semantics, but you get the drift of my argument …. that any propaganda touting a certain race or religion as being “Superior” is dangerous – be it the Mahavamsa or LTTE propaganda or Jihadi propaganda or anything else.

  193. # 227 Kalu Albert

    I don’t think Shankar is Sheila. Just for joke he sometimes pretends as a female cook. He is too honest to impersonate.

  194. 229. Mani:

    Maha means great alright. If I say X is great, tell me, am I also saying X is superior to Y and Z you imbecile?

  195. Comment 223, Mani

    The underlying message in your comment is very much relevant and needs applause.

    People can argue about the Dutugamunu, Ellara, Prarakrambahu, Abayas, Cholas, Magas and and everyone else till the cows come home but these would not fill the tummies of the poor innocent kids in the North and the East..

    These arguments which only lead to more unhappiness and distraction from the main game, should be best left to historians and academics to make a living.

    A new dawn has arrived in Srilanka after three decades of mayhem.

    There is a Government in place with an absolute majority

    The development projects initiated so far indicate that the Government is fairdinkum about developing the country for the benefit of everyone.

    The Leader has given categorical assurances to the reputed world leaders in India, China and Japan who are the most relevant to us, that the grievances faced by the people in the North and the East will be amicably resolved

    In addition the rich Middle Eastern countries are extending their economic might towards good projects with long term benefits to the country..

    If the country develops to a level where the per capita is US 4000 in 5 years as envisaged by the government, a lot of the poverty will be alleviated.

    Tourism which has wide spread benefits to a vast array of people in most regions unlike other industries , is one area which will help alleviate poverty in the rural and coastal sector.

    This is very much evident in the newly opened Northern and Eastern regions.

    If the Diaspora take a lead from KP and the new kid on the block, Praba ,to help re reconstruction of the NE and make these areas their Holiday destinations, the people there will receive a definite advantage over the rest in the current boom.

  196. 229. Mani
    Mahavansa or the Great Chroinicle does not imply superiority. You call it propaganda, but if not for Mahavansa some of India’s most important history would still be hidden. Almost all the information about Emperor Asoka came from Mahavansa record. Till Mahavansa was translated to German and English in the 19th century no one in India had even heard of their greatest Emperor, so complete was the obliteration of the Indian Buddhist history by Brahamins and Muslims who were intent on wiping out all records of Buddhism from India.

    It was only after Mahavansa record was available that archeologists and historians could correlate and interpret all the inscriptions and stone columns that Asoka had left all over India.

    So without Mahavansa as a reference and a historical record Indians to this day would be completely in the dark about the greatest emperor that they ever had. Imagine what the Indian flag would have looked like without Asoka’s chakra at the center.

    Not bad for a piece of “propaganda” eh?

  197. 230. Nostradamus

    I also feels the same. He must be a financial guru. He pretends to be a female. A nice chap. A very knowledgeable person.

  198. #233-kalu albert

    So Shaker is a ” gender Bender”

    It is shankar which is my surname, not shaker. Shaking is for your gender, not ours.

  199. 233 Shanker,

    There you go,

    We learn something every day

    Though Shanker and Shaker both sound Indian to me.

  200. #237-Kalu albert

    Though Shanker and Shaker both sound Indian to me
    It is shankar not shanker. You are annoying me now. How would you like if i called you sudu wilbert. Shake it well before you write again.Shake it to the right, shake it to the left, shake it till it drops dead, but please pronounce my name correctly.
    Shankar Shankar Shankar Shankar Shankar Shankar Shankar

    This male homosapien is not letting me read the kadirgamar article. Kadirgamar, you, me all no 3 numerology. Must be characters with a mind of their own.Hope we don’t end up like him.

  201. First and foremost I would like to congratulate Mr. Jeyaraj on an excellent piece of work. I look forward to reading the rest of the interview.

    Then, I must say how absolutely appalling I find the threats which some have directed at Mr. Jeyaraj. It goes to show how really stupid and ignorant these people can be.

    Also, I read with utter disgust the feeble but devious attempts to try and make Buddhism responsible for a solely ethnic conflict. I don’t see Sinhalese folks calling Tamils ‘Hindu chauvinists’ – maybe because the Sinhalese simpletons are educated enough to understand we live in a multi-religious island, where there are Christian Tamils as well. But the Tamil simpletons cannot fathom the simple fact that there are Christian Sinhalese folks too, and Buddhism has got nothing to do with the separatist ethnic conflict. This shows the degree of education (or lack thereof) of these war-mongering idiots.

    Then there are the Tamil propagandists who are propagating to the younger amongst us (Like MIA) that the British were responsible for uniting two nations under one flag as a single country. This is absolute poppycock, and our younger Tamil brothers and sisters should remove their Eelam/Hatred tinted goggles and read the following historical literature (below) on our great nation. We are both a Sinhalese and Tamil nation, and also a multi-ethnic homeland comprising many different religions and ethnicities. For burghers like me, it is important that it remains that way. I really don’t care about Sinhalese or Tamil (or even Marten), I am just very very proud to be Sri Lankan.

    1]. A Concise History of Ceylon from Earliest Times to the Arrival of the Portuguese in 1505 – by C W Nicholas and Senarat Paranavitana – Colombo University Press, Colombo, 1961. http://www.antiqbook.de/boox/haker/249306.shtml

    2]. An Historical Relation of the Island of Ceylon in the East-Indies – by Robert Knox. Richard Chiswell, London, 1681 (rerp. Tisara Publications, 1966). Knox, son of the master of the British ship ‘Ann’ was a captive of the King of Kandy from 1659 to 1679. His account of that captivity is absorbing and historically priceless. http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/14346

    3]. Ancient Jaffna – by Mudaliyar C Rasanayagam.
    Asian Educational Services, New Delhi, 1984 – This book has been discredited as a history book in the last 20 years by many pro-Tiger Tamils who cannot face the facts written there in.

    4]. A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms, trans. James Legge. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1886. (repr. Dover Publications, New York, 1965). – An account of the Chinese monk Fa-Hien (Fa Hsien) of his travels in India and Ceylon in the 4th and 5th Centuries AD in search of the Buddhist books of Discipline. Interesting descriptions of life in 5th century Anuradhapura.



    5]. A Reign of Ten Kings – by Nalini de Lanerolle – Ceylon Tourist Board, Colombo, 1985 – An easy informative comparative study of Sri Lanka and world history, useful for placing events on the island in a wider historical context.

    6]. The Historic Tragedy of the Island of Ceilao – by Joao Ribeiro – Trans. P E Pieris, 4th Edition, Lake House, Colombo, 1948. – Generally considered to be the first European account of the island, by a Portuguese soldier who served there from 1640 to 1658.

    ***Thanks again Mr. Jeyaraj, and don’t fret about these vile threats from these goons. If you ever stop in London, please drop me an email as I would love to buy you a scotch.

  202. Hello DBS,

    I really enjoyed reading the interview!
    More than that was your reply to “Shankary # 135”
    It took me 3-4 min. to recover from laughter! It is classic!

  203. DBS,

    Now there is a new article on LankaeNews, presumably claiming you as a government agent. Just to let you know.


  204. 234. Ranjan

    There was interesting turn of events in India …

    After Lord Buddha’s lifetime, the Buddhist Sangha in India soon fell victim to smugness, corruption and began to dictate political terms to the kings, and caused widespread disillusionment among the laity.

    In debates, these corrupt Bhikkus were intellectually defeated by the brilliance of Shankara’s theistic monism (Advaita) and the devotional bhakti movement of the Saiva Nayanmars…but atleast the Buddhist centers like Nalanda, Vikramashila and Odantapuri continued to exist physically after that.

    But tragically, the invading Muslim armies (from 8th century to the 17th century) destroyed most monasteries, temples and universities (centers of learning) in India – including the aforementioned ones.

    Sadly, all of Buddhist influence in India was centered in the Viharas. When the Muslim armies destroyed the Buddhist viharas and beheaded the defenseless Ahimsa-loving Bhikkus, all of Buddhism was wiped out. Alas !

  205. 239, MS SHANKAR,

    Sorry dear, Now It’s clear as mud that your are Shankar with a capital “S” and I shall address you accordingly.

    I would love to be Sudu asmost Srilankans are fond of being sudu.

    Even when it comes to marriage, the “Sudu” girls are many times more marketable than the average, among our clan. Also it makes a lesser burden on the dowry side.

    I am not sure about your’s Shankar.

  206. Dear DBSJ,
    As as prominent journalist , do you really believe that KP has all the rights ,as he is a prisoner, and be free as a bird to give you an honest interview? Don’t you think he would be set free first before being interviewed so we all feel what he says is true opinion of him or not.
    I do believe his strength and I do believe he is not traitor but I don’t believe whatever he says now. It simply because he is in the hand of evil. What more you expect as an answer? For a person who spend 30 years of his life to cause , it is not easy to change his mind overnight.


    Believing KP or doubting him is up to you.But it is really funny to see people like yiu implying that a man who is “Free” will speak the truth and someone in “custody” will not speak the truth.

    Our Mervyn Silva who is a free man in every way says that the Samurdhi officer tied himself up and that it was he who untied him. Now are we to assume that Mervyn is telling the truth because he is a free man.

    It is also silly when you people ask me as an experienced journalist do you really believe what KP says etc?

    In an interview my role is only to report what he says. It is not for me to make a judgement

    If I or any other journalist reports a politician’s speech am I or any journalist expected to “Believe”or not believe. Are we to punctuate each line with our comment “this I believe” or “This I disbelieve”? How silly can you get?

    I am only giving KP a forum to give his side of the story.I am only the messenger. Readers can judge the message for themselves

  207. Comment 239

    If just this digit can lift you up to this eminent league ,it will be adorable, MS Shanker.

  208. Dear DBS,
    What would be your response to the story in LankaeNews article ?

    Please dont waste my time and your time………….DBSJ

  209. Hon Dr Mervyn Silva MP is part “Thug” and part populist pollie, who plays to the gallery.

    As I understand he was a member of the UNP, prior to him joining the SLFP;This probably explains his first half.

    Which attribute of these contributed to his close relationship with Rajapaksa Sr is not clear.

    On the balance of probabilities. the delcate position the government was in prior to the second term, compelled the Sr to tolerate him.

    Now it is a different ball game . The Junior Rajapaksas are not going to condoneor tolerate his antics for obvious reasons.

    Neither they are going to let the Senior tolerate him ,though they may have been friends.

    Thirdly there is no compelling need to keep his support to conduct business.

    The recent events and his ignominious sacking indicates that Dr Silva has gone pass the use by date.I hope he has realized the obvious.

    As a MP he still has clout and privilages for the current term of parliament.

    If the opposition does the right thing and let Dr Silva gradually disappear to the sunset ,it will be the best outcome for Srilanka.

  210. #247-yasas
    I presume what is exciting you and #242-anthony is the following excerpt from Lankaenews about KP

    “The ‘drama’ that KP was arrested in Malaysia was first written and disclosed by a prominent Tamil Journalist who wrote articles for President Rajapakse’s victory during the last Presidential elections. The Tamil Diaspora Lawyer who entertained doubts about this whole enacted ‘drama’ said, after KP was taken into custody, instead of he being interrogated , this story based on the drama was later widely circulated around the world. ”

    first of all we were on this blog throghout mahinda’s election and DBSJ, did not write anything for rajapakshe’s victory. you can go through the articles easily yourself on this site as the archives are readily available. We were commenting throughout this period and we would know if we had done that. In fact he recommended the tamils vote for U.B Wijekoon and had an article on him. I did not agree with that and he and i had difference of opinion on it. I felt it is a wasted vote for U.B. Wijekoon however great gentleman he may be, but DBSJ’s view was that both mahinda and fonseka were war criminals.

    As for the KP drama of capture it was freely available on other newsmedia too and DBSJ was just the early bird who gets it first . He did not have any opinion on it as such. In fact i commented as to why KP had to go out of the room in the first place, and it was upto the readers to ask questions like that if they had some douphts, that is what the blog is all about, read the article and make up your own mind and ask questions. This time he interviewed KP for the first time and got the answer that it was poor reception that made KP go out. I personally don’t buy that,but DBSJ is only interviewing KP,regardless of whether KP is conning or not that is not DBSJ’s business. He is the messenger and if people want to shoot the messenger, then goodbye tamil journalism too, now that the good quality sinhala journalism is in the cemetry with the media people killed, missing, assaulted and taking refuge outside the country.

  211. 243. Mani

    So you attribute the demise of Buddhism in India to corrupt Buddhist monks and Muslims?? Isn’t that convenient.

    Buddhism disappeared from India mainly because it took a stand against the Hindu cast system and the high-cast Brahmins did not like that at all. By the time of Muslim invasions, Buddhism in India was already in decline due to the Hindu reaction and the Mugals just delivered the coup-de-grace.

  212. 240. Drake: – Who ever you are, I must raise my hat for your comment which has all these references. Some of which I have read and some not. I also do agree with sentiments expressed by you regards the whole ethnic issue. You may hear from me later if I cannot get hold of some of the documents referred by you.

  213. 249, Ms Shanker

    I am compelled to comment on one and only one aspect of your “comments”

    What have the Sinhala Journos got to do with the” spat “here?

    Do we need statements totally irrelevant to the topic to argue the points, specially when these statements have racist connotations

    You always give the impression that you are a “know all person,” but your generalization of Sinhala Journalism and the journalists prove therwise.

  214. #252-kalu albert

    What have the Sinhala Journos got to do with the” spat “here?

    specially when these statements have racist connotations
    It is okay to try to whitewash the or kaluwash the rajapakshe’s, but don’t go to the extent that you become their asslicker and bootlicker or maybe even their mole here, because then you will lose the respect of the readers.

    You know very well what the sinhalese media personnel have gone through during the rajapakshe regime. Even now guy a who was abducted during the presidential election is still missing for 200 days and his people are crying out for him. You who seem to well versed in panhandling techniques on behalf of the rajapakshe’s and crying crocodile tears for tamil kids starving in the wanni,does not care 2 figs for these media personnel and their families. it does not matter when you fight for justice whether someone is a sinhalese or tamil or an eskimo.

    If everytime someone talks about a sinhalese or tamil and they are labelled racist then srilankans must be really going mad indeed.

    You who have done the full rounds in the tamilweek blogsites stooging the rajapakshes and praising them, has found not even a reply there, because nobody reads those except me perhaps and now coming here to take me on. No problem, i am ready for even a thousand of your types, buddy.

  215. 112,123
    Dear DBSJ
    I found space for Eelam at least in two hearts in this blog.
    One is Aia, the King of the Eelam and careful reader of this blog
    The second one, I beg you post your Photo to have it in my shrine room.
    An Eelam citizen


  216. You quoted an english poet in one of your replies. HE also stated that the good is oft interred with their bones. IS any good that was interred? I am not being flipant. I would like to know since I have been away for more than 43 years.
    My family have suferred under Praba, though my father helped his father to get to what he was in the Govt. srevice?
    I ask this not because out of spite but with good intent.

  217. Dear DBS

    KP is a true Tamil warrior. When Tamil community was oppressed, he challenged the authorities and when Rajapakse showed Olive branch, he extended his hands. His behaviour reflects general attitude of Tamil community. Additionally Rajapakse is most sincere than Ranil to solve the grievance of Tamils.

  218. Comment 235

    “crying crocodile tears for Tamil kids starving in the Wanni”

    —- MS SHANKAR,

    Having experienced a similar environment , until late teens, but solely due to the poverty in the South. there are no “Croc Tears” in Kau Albert.

    The mere commitment of KP to do something about these kids, is sufficient for him to get my respect and admiration, regardless of his past.

    If even a handful of like mined people whether in or outside Diaspora take the lead and help the poor kids to achieve a reasonable education, which had been denied to them for such a long period will make the efforts of people like me fully worthwhile.

  219. Comment 235

    “crying crocodile tears for Tamil kids starving in the Wanni”

    —- MS SHANKAR,

    Having experienced a similar environment , until late teens, but solely due to the poverty in the South. there are no “Croc Tears” in Kau Albert.

    The mere commitment of KP to do something about these kids, is sufficient for him to get my respect and admiration, regardless of his past.

    If even a handful of like mined people whether in or outside Diaspora take the lead and help the poor kids to achieve a reasonable education, which had been denied to them for such a long period will make the efforts of people like me fully worthwhile.

    Sorry folks.

    It is the comment 253.

  220. Sorry DBSJ

    I was away for the last few weeks. So I could not read all the comments. Hope I catch up soon.

    Brilliant Article. I still wonder if I made wrong choice about my career. You make me to feel so! Hats Off!

    # 3 Ranjan

    Don’t Compare. SL Govt got its own guy who is a non-combatant. Not to be worried (feel jealous) too much about the treatment to him

    #61 DBSJ Comments
    I think you can do a great favour by uploading this stream; this will do everyone concerned a world of good.

    You can do that after taking permission from every stake holder – the newspaper, KP and SL govt.

    #70 DBSJ Comments
    It is sad to see that you write bad words about a dead man VP … I think no free thinking man should pull down himself as you are doing now to yourself

    #84 DBSJ Comments

    Don’t you think that you are one of the diaspora? You are not a victim(of the current circumstances in SL)? Then why do you live in Canada? You said about these things on your own – that you wont be safe in SL. Why do you think that one should not call you as victim?

    98 Mahesh

    Dear Mahesh

    DBSJ writes as a “Srilankan National” but NOT as a Sinhalese … but that is only fair and correct. I think for people like us on the other side of the island may see him as Sinhala hawk – but we cannot be found fault with our thinking as we cannot comprehend the complete picture from here.

    … Prosperous Srilanka is welcome but United Srilanka(sic) is not any one’s hands given the treatment Tamils have undergone over the last few decades or so and the SL 1983 Pogram ……


    I write as DBS Jeyaraj or myself and not anybody or anything else.If people want to label me thats their problem.Also I am not a Sri Lankan National. I am now a Canadian Tamil of Sri Lankan origin.

    By the way I’ve been called by almost everything under the sun. But calling me a Sinhala hawk is a first time even for me

  221. 259-Gbsganeshan

    [#70 DBSJ Comments
    It is sad to see that you write bad words about a dead man VP]
    I don’t see what is the big deal in being dead. We are all going to end up like that anyway after this short life. So you have 2 stark choices before you go upstairs or downstairs or god knows where. Either do some good before you go or put some shit all over the place. VP was in the latter category and after one year also cleaning up is still going on. You are also welcome to come and get a shovel and do your bit too if you enjoy the toilet stuff.
    I am now a Canadian Tamil of Sri Lankan origin.

    By the way I’ve been called by almost everything under the sun}
    You are a tamil only, to the rest of the world, but it is your prerogative to affix any label you want on you. Can’t stop people putting powder and makeup to look beautiful. As for me what you see is what you get.

    By the way you have not been called sun god. VP has one up on you. Heh heh. heh.


    Well,Ive been called SANIYAN or Saturn and Saniyan called respectably as SAnEESWARAN is Sooriyakumaran or son of the sun (god) Wont that pass?

    I am now a Canadian citizen. So I am officially Canadian. It is my only citizenship. I consider myself a citizen of the world but I need a citizenship of at least one country to qualify. I need a passport of at least one country to travel around the world.Citizenship is not a label or make-up. It is an identity and something indispensable. Ask the Up-country Tamils who were for many years Stateless.

    Unfortunately Tamils do not have a country of their own to get Tamil citizenship officially. So we must all be citizens of a larger entity or country or state while retaining our particular ethnic identity.

    So we have Indian Tamils , Sri Lankan Tamils, Malaysian Tamils, Singaporean Tamils, British Tamils, Canadian Tamils etc

    I will therefore describe myself as a Canadian Tamil of Sri Lankan heritage because I am Canadian, I am Tamil and I am from Sri Lanka.

    If Religion mattered to me I would call myself Christian and if denomination mattered Methodist. If Caste mattered I would call myself Vellala. They do not Hence I will be a Canadian Tamil of Sri Lankan origin

  222. DBSJ

    I’am not a colombo, jaffna, batti, indian,canadian. UK, australian, malaysian, singapore or southafrican tamil.i’am also not a vellala, karayar or nalavar, paraiyar or pallar tamil.I’am just a poor ordinary tamil whose ancestors came from out of a womb called tamilnadu.

    There is no Tamilnadu citizenship.Only Indian……….DBSJ

  223. There is no Tamilnadu citizenship.Only Indian……….DBSJ
    I was not referring to citizenship, only my race. Citizenship is all for administrative purposes that the world has devised, to keep some order and conformity. What is in your heart is what matters. Besides in the next 1000 years many citizens will lose their citizenship while many new citizens will be formed, because people have become so mobile, but can we forget our roots. Even now in the west so many are going back to the countries where their ancestors came from and are tracing their roots.


    Americans and Canadians of European origin go back at times to trace roots. So do some Afro- Americans. But they remain Americans and Canadians

    I think we are not on the same page here and frankly I am in no mood to pursue this further


    Unfortunately Tamils do not have a country of their own to get Tamil citizenship officially
    er, heard that somewhere before. Tamils don’t need a country of their own to acknowledge that they are one race of people. Citizenship certficates are pieces of paper, and when you are given one and accept it, you have certain duties and responsibilities to the country and you should fulfill them. You can call yourself a canadian or a tamil, but you don’t need to call yourself a canadian tamil. You are devaluing the citizenship of the country by adding tamil to it. Your race is tamil, your country is canada. The citizenship given to you refers to your country, not to your race and iam sure canadians will be dissapointed when you say you are a canadian tamil and also add by saying you are of srilankan origin. They coundn’t care a fart, only that you are canadian now and will fulfill all the duties and responsibilities to canada as per your contract in the form of citizenship given to you.

    Are they to wonder will their be a conflict of interest one day in your duties, because you refer to your race and origin alongside your citzenship, like qualifying it.


    There are English Canadians and French Canadians and citizenship is not de-valued in their cases. It is enhanced.In any case citizenship is only a piece of paper for you. So dont worry too much

    Fortunately Canadians are an enlightened people.They believe in a multi-cultural mosaic and not a melting pot of cultures like the USA.

    My refugee claim was accepted in 1991 but I became a Canadian citizen only in 2004. Citizenship for me is a serious issue. It is a matter of conviction and not convenience

    There is no conflict of interest here. One can be Canadian and Tamil Canadian or Canadian Tamil

    Just as one can be Sri Lankan and Tamil or Indian and Tamil

    And Shankar I am getting tired of this ………

  225. I wish Buddha statue were on the no-fire zone when thousands of Tamil were shelled to death or when Pulithevan and Nadesan surrendered…….

    I was in vannni during the war…

  226. sincerely sorry, DBSJ for stressiing you out, when you are obviously having time constraints. I thought the answer would be a simple one liner and not so detailed. I forgot that canada was a different setup because of the french canadian factor. i remember they had a near shave when quebec tried to seperate at one time.

  227. Dear DBS_J,
    I salute you for the fact that you are trying to bring out a light in dark tunnell. All is well, all is well. Keep writing and your writing must continue and as one of many diaspora I’ll support you. Don’t let the comment #44 like bother you or loose your balance.

  228. Dear DBSJ

    #221 Mahavansa

    The two oldest Hindu temples in Sri Lanka are located in Polonnaruwa (built in 11th Century AD)

    Thanks Mahavansa for bringing up this reference. In the current version of the “Thenmozhi” published in chennai by Perunchitranar’s family carried the facts of this temple Polonnaruwa.

    I’ll try to Scan it upload if possible in this week itself.


    #261 Shankar

    Dear Shankar – I am Gbsganesan not ganeshan as you mention!!!!

    DBSJ responds

    Sir, – I never wanted to hurt you by obliquely referring you as a Sinhala hawk. I was just referring that thinking as the perception of the reader which would arise if the reader cannot 100% relate to the context of the situation.

    I apologize sincerely.


  229. It is very interesting to watch the duel between Shanker and Kalu Albert. Obviously you both seem to be well versed with Sri lankan politics. So, keep us entertaining guys.
    We are reading them and not only Shanker.

    Carry on regardless.

  230. #271-marusira

    So, keep us entertaining guys.
    We are not in the habit of providing free entertainment like Thenuwara. if you can send some money to the KP Centre for Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Resettlement(KPCRRR) in Vanni, we can provide you some more entertainment. It is like the peephole where you watch her undress and if you want to see more you got to put more money.

  231. Thanks, DBSJ. You, Choo of Tamil Nadu and some others are the brilliant journalists of the world.

    Thank You Fool.You are indeed wise……..DBSJ

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  233. Hi DBS,

    One day all will realise that KP is doing what Thalaivar asked. In other words he is carrying out the orders of his sincere leader.

    This is my own opinion.


  234. After having read and studied the activities of the LTTE during the days they ruled the Northern territory and during their defeat, I am ashamed to say that their leadership are nothing but a bunch of shameless and cowardly morons. I say this without any prejudice whatsoever because these fellows portrayed themselves as the so-called saviors of the Thamil people and that they were firmly committed to the establishment of the state of Eelam under any circumstance and were prepared to sacrifice themselves in the event they were cornered. They motivated Thamil children and youth to believing that their sacrifice will not be in vain and forced them to sacrifice their lives for this lost cause. However when it came to their time to sacrifice their (the leaders’) lives, they chose to wave the white flag and surrender. And fellows like KP who should have followed the code of silence for the sake of their “respected” leadership, decides to “sing” to the Sri Lankan military. What a shame ! I sincerely hope that the Thamil people will understand now that the LTTE was never the “heroes” of the Thamil people but a bunch of rabid killers who did not stop at anything to murder anyone in their path to power – not even their own.

  235. தொடரும் ஈழ துரோக வரலற்றின் ஒரு அத்தியாயமாகவே இந்த நேர்காணல் தெரிகிறது.

  236. After read this INTERVIEW,

    I can realize that every people who got the international regagnisation by use the LTTE name are giving negative feedback about out Leader Thambi Prabhakaran behind to him.It is very shame and etc.

    But make sure after get all data of LTTE KP and Karuna will be also found as a dead body by means of unknown man’s gun shoot.It is 100%Real.Because i born and brought to india because of this EELAM WAR.

  237. a good knowledge of sri lankas history since 1940, the atlantic charter signed between winston churchill and roosevel in 1941 and the UN charter and security council would have saved sri lankan tamils much misery.

    if the tamil leaders of 1940s had the vision of wanting to have an independent eelam, they could have got it based on the treaty signed between the tamil king in 1619 between portugal and tamil king based in jaffna. that treaty is an accepted legal document even to this day under international law. the UN would have provided the security from invasion from big powers.

    but the tamil leaders of 1940s were not wise. all tamils have to accept this as an historical blunder.


    it is the ordinary citizens who pay a hevay price even genocide. we have seen that in cambodia where one million people perished.

    to create a state a people need visionary leaders and tamils never had that. by the time the distinguished Chelvanayagam took the leadership of tamils , it was too late.

    the LTTE and prabhakaran were literally a creation of the racist sinhala govts.

    if the majority sinhala leaders had the wisdom of Lee Kuan Yew of singapore, prabhakaran and others in the LTTE would have just done their studies and would ahve become teachers, engineers, policemen, businessmen or done any job and lived as ordinary citizens.

    heck, prabhakaran and his cadres in the LTTE were not even born in 1948 when sri lanka got its independence.

    what lies ahead for the eelam/sri lankan tamils??

    only time will tell. but do u have wise leaders now?

    a good knowledge of politics and international law is essential along with organisational skills pluc integrity for aspiring tamil leaders in the diaspora and within sri lanka.

    best wishes from a malaysian tamil.


  239. HI DBSJ

    Good interview. But not so great. I am Arun Rajaram. I can prove it is great!

    Thanks for great work.

    Arun thanks you.

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