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“We Dont Want any Money from Saudi Arabia Where my Daughter was Killed” States Rizana’s Mother Fareena Nafeek

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Rizana Nafeek’s Mother and Two Sisters (file pic)

In a significant gesture that shamed many Sri Lankan Muslim politicians the mother of Rizana Nafeek has rejected any offer of direct or indirect aid from Saudi Arabia the country in which her eldest daughter Rizana was wrongfully beheaded on January 9th 2013.

Despite the impoverished circumstances of the family that suffered bereavement the mother Ms. Abdul Seyyadu Fareena Nafeek has spurned direct and indirect offers of financial assistance from Saudi Arabia or any Saudi Arabian national.

She has also said that no one should visit their home or contact the family with offers of money from Saudi Arabia.

Mrs.Nafeek’s emotional statement comes as a slap in the face of several prominent Sri Lankan Muslim politicians issuing statements to the media that they are procuring financial aid from Saudi Arabian individuals and agencies to be given to the family of Rizana Nafeek the housemaid from Moothoor who was cruelly executed in Saudi Arabia.

She was wrongfully charged and killed for allegedly killing the four month old son of her Saudi employers while working as a housemaid.

Although the beheading of Rizana was a blatantly unjust act perpetrated by the Saudi Arabian system on an innocent,helpless girl from Sri Lanka, several Muslim politicians have been conspicuously silent in criticising this openly for fear of offending Saudi Arabian sensibilities.

Furthermore they have tried to justify their stance by misinterpreting the “murder” of Rizana as being done according to Sharia laws whereas Islamic scholars have pointed out that had the Law been implemented properly Rizana’s innocence would have been proved beyond a shadow of doubt.

With Saudi authorities being vehemently criticised throughout the world for this flagrant act of injustice some embarrassed Saudi Arabian authorities are engaging in damage control exercises. While refusing to acknowledge that the execution of Rizana was fundamentally wrong these sections are trying to give money to the impoverished family of Rizana in a crude attempt to deflect criticism

Some Muslim politicians attempting to curry favour with Saudi Arabia are cooperating in these efforts with motives that are clearly suspect

There is widespread resentment in Sri Lanka among people of all races and religions that Sri Lankan political leaders in general and Muslim officials in particular have failed miserably in safeguarding the life of an innocent Muslim girl from Sri Lanka in Saudi Arabia.

In a bid to deflect this criticism some Muslim politicians with Saudi Arabian links are regaling the media with claims of being engaged in efforts to procure generous financial aid from prominent Saudi Arabian individuals and agencies for Rizana’s family

A Govt deputy – minister has stated that he will be getting one million US dollars through the adviser of a Saudi Royal princess for the family. Another MP speaks glowingly of getting aid amounting to 4.5 million Sri Lankan rupees for constructing a house with modern facilities for the family. An Eastern Provincial minister with close Saudi connections has gone on record that he would be getting a comprehensive Saudi aid package to not merely help the family but also to develop and uplift the entire locality Shafi Nagar where the family resides.

While some point out that none of these Muslim politicians with supposedly close links to Saudi Arabia tried to help save Rizana’s life by using their so called influence with the Saudis, others suspect Mala Fide intentions on the part of these politicos who they feel will misappropriate hefty chunks of the money for themselves.

It is against this backdrop that Rizana’s mother has stated that the family does not want Saudi money. She has sternly warned that no one should come to their house or contact them about getting Saudi money.

In an emotional outburst Mrs.Fareena Nafeek said in Tamil to the website “Jaffnamuslim” that even if Saudi Arabia offered a Thousand crores (ten billion)that would not compensate the loss of her daughter or bring her back to life

“Aayiram Kodi Roopa En mahalaippol Varuma” (Will Thousand Crore rupees be equal to my daughter) she queried.

She said that she and the family had been 100% certain that her daughter would be released and that she would return home one day.

“I waited with the hope that we would all sit as one family with Rizana and eat rice together.That hope has been dashed.I am unable to recover from the death of my daughter.” Said the mother.

She further said that she had forgiven the mother of the dead child who had refused to forgive her daughter Rizana but did not want a cent from Saudi Arabian people.

“Now they are talking of Saudi Arabian money. What am I going to do with Saudi money? Will Saudi money help to give back my daughter”? the mother asked.

“Everything happens according to “Allah”s will.If God wants us to live in poverty then that only will happen. We were born poor,We will live poor. But We don’t want money from Saudi Arabia where my daughter was killed”said Mrs.Fareena Nafeek.

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