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Ex-LTTE Chief “KP”: The Tiger who changed his stripes

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

The tiger, they say , does not change its stripes. The leopard too wont change its spots. This inability or refusal to change is certainly true of the four –legged felines.

There are some – perpetually paranoid- who would say this is applicable to the near extinct two –legged tiger in Sri Lanka too. “Once a tiger always a tiger”. In fact there is a proverbial saying in Tamil “Puli Pasithalum Pullai Thinnaathu”(even when hungry the tiger will not eat grass).

Whatever truth these sayings may seek to convey, the reality in Sri Lanka is that of many members and ex-members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) changing their stripes. Ferocious felines are transformed from carnivores into herbivores. The most famous examples of this successful transition were until recently Vinayagamurthy Muraleetharan alias Karuna and Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillaiyan. The former is a Parliamentarian and Deputy Minister while the latter is Chief Minister of the Eastern Provincial Council.

There are also innumerable instances of nondescript tiger cadres dropping out of the movement and embarking on a new, violence free family life. Thousands of former tigers have sought refuge in foreign countries. Most of them lead quiet, dignified lives contributing immensely to society at large.

Yesteryears: LTTE leader Prabhakaran, ‘KP’, Anton Balasingham and ‘Col.’ Sankar

The latest and brightest star on this firmament is Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP. The man who was at one time the chief arms procurer of the LTTE went on to become the international chief of the tigers. After the demise of tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran, KP succeeded him on grounds of seniority.

Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP

In a re-structured LTTE Pathmanathan alias KP was appointed the “Thalaimai Seyalar “or chief secretary. This post was akin to being leader.This elevation did not come easily as an overseas cabal led by Perinbanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan opposed it bitterly.

However KP’s moment of glory as head of the LTTE was very brief. In a sudden operation amounting to an “extraordinary rendition” Pathmanathan was apprehended in Malaysia and transported to Sri Lanka last August. He has been a “guest” of the Rajapakse regime since then.


In a bizarre twist of fate the LTTE’s new chief is now cooperating with the Colombo Government in a remarkable transformation. The man who purchased and shipped arms and ammunition regularly to keep the fires of war burning is now engaged in cooling the embers of that bitter conflict.

There is a Christian hymn with paradoxical lines “Lord make me a captive, for then I shall truly be free”

KP is a captive of circumstances both metaphorically and literally!

The KP who was “free” devoted his talents, abilities and efforts towards a destructive purpose. The “caged” KP however is engaged in a constructive capacity. In a philosophical sense KP, though shackled, is on the road to redemption and true freedom.

The LTTE has brought about irredeemable harm to the Sri Lankan Tamil people. KP too has played a role in this. Now the shattered and battered Tamil people are trying to pick up the pieces and get along with life amidst drastically altered circumstances.

It was easy to wreck and destroy in the name of Tamil liberation but it does require a monumental effort to salvage and re-build in the quest for Tamil restoration.

KP to his credit seems to have suffered pangs of conscience over the tragic predicament of the Tamil people. He realises that the LTTE has to bear much of the blame for this sad state of affairs. Although in custody, he is involved in an exercise to alleviate the plight of the people to the best of his ability.

A crucial step in this endeavour was the setting up of a new Non – Governmental organization (NGO). The name of the NGO is North – East Rehabilitation and Development Organization (NERDO).

According to persons associated with KP in this project the NERDO will focus on three important areas. a)Speedy re-settlement of displaced persons in the North – East,b)Release and re-integration of ex- LTTE cadres,c)Rehabilitation and Economic development of war –affected regions in the North – East.

Sri Lanka nowadays is a land of contradictions, ironies and paradoxes. The Sri Lankan Government has a pronounced distaste for the NGO sector. This is mainly due to the fact that several NGO’s working in the former LTTE controlled regions allowed themselves to be co-opted or influenced heavily by the LTTE.

As a result of this track record the Govt has prevented many reputed NGO’s and International NGO’s from working with the internally displaced persons. This in turn has hampered re-settlement and rehabilitation work to a very great extent. The government has also been tardy in encouraging the formation of new NGO’s.

Yet the Govt has been very supportive of KP’s project.The new NGO has been approved and recognized in record time. Moreover it is likely to be allowed to formulate and implement several plans to provide relief to IDP’s and help rehabilitate and re-settle them.It will also initiate development projects.Re-integrating ex- tiger cadres will receive top priority.


Thus we see a strange situation where many NGO’s are on the blacklist for alleged collaboration with the LTTE and being restricted access to the IDP’s. But the NGO formed by the nominal chief or ex-chief of the LTTE is allowed to interact with the IDP’s in general and ex- tiger cadres in particular.

While this arrangement perfectly fits the Governments political strategy vis – a – vis the beleaguered Tamil people , the personal dimension too cannot be discounted. The Government’s relationship with the tiger stalwart is also a manifestation of the trust, confidence and understanding shared between Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and Selvarasa Pathmanathan.

An immediate task before KP and like –minded souls is that of education for the former tiger cadres. 346 ex-cadres both boys and girls are sitting for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level examinations this August. KP has shown keen interest in helping these detenues prepare for the exams.

17 of these student detenues are in the science stream while 13 are doing Maths.70 are in commerce while the rest numbering 246 are sitting for Arts subjects. With the help of individual Tamil expatriates KP himself is supplying text books, guides, tutorials, stationery and writing material to the students. An Australia based Tamil organization acting independently of KP is paying for tuition.

While some School teachers have volunteered to coach the students other specialists have been recruited to teach at the rate of 320 rupees per hour.Students are taught in batches for six hours per day.

The total cost for the project is One million and six thousand four hundred rupees. Of this tuition expenses cost 306,000 rupees, text books and guides cost 645,800 , stationery and writing materials cost 34,600 and administrative costs amount to 20,000 rupees. This comprises 15,000 as allowance and 5,000 as fuel for travel by motor cycle.

Once the GCE (AL) exams are over the focus will be on student –detenues sitting for the GCE Ordinary levels in December. The number of student- detenues sitting for the OL is not estimated as yet. But it will certainly run into thousands. This is likely to cost much more than the GCE AL project.

While KP and other groups like the Tamil Diaspora for Dialogue (TDD) garner funds through individual contributions to assist the former LTTE cadres study and re-integrate productively into society , some of the pro – LTTE sections in the Diaspora fritter away large sums of money for unworthy, quixotic activity.

Expenses relating to the recent rounds of elections, referendums and conferences by Diaspora Tamil organizations such as the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) Global Tamil Forum (GTF) and Tamil Eelam Peoples National Assembly (TEPNA) cost millions of dollars.

A fraction of that cost would be enough to help the Tamil IDP’s or ex – tiger cadres. Constructing a small housing unit for instance is estimated at 325,000 rupees. But then do these Diasporic elements indulging in their flights of fancy realise this?


There has been much speculation in the media about Selvarasa Pathmanathan being the Government’s chief ministerial candidate for the Northern Provincial council. None can foretell the future accurately. But as of now KP has shown no interest in entering the electoral fray.

When a friend asked him recently whether he had political ambition, KP had laughed it away saying he only wanted to help the people. “The TNA and EPDP have been elected by the people. So let these parties do politics. Let me look after the people” KP had reportedly stated. Yet the possibility of KP entering politics has upset several Tamil politicians.

KP’s sole concern at present seems to be that of restoring a life of dignity to the Tamil people. He wants the displaced Tamils to be rehabilitated and re-settled. He wants to boost development and bring about an economic renaissance in the North and East. He wants to secure the speedy release and re-intergration of former LTTE cadres in detention.

The creation of a new NGO known as the NERDO is aimed at achieving these goals effectively and expeditiously. KP hopes to enlist the services and assistance of Tamil expatriate and other charitable organizations for this purpose. He seems optimistic that a substantial amount of funds could be channeled through LTTE or pro-LTTE sources abroad. The idea is to provide an opportunity for diasporic tiger elements to play a constructive role in the upliftment of the Tamil people in the North-East.

With his NGO project getting the green light last week, KP wants to establish a main office in Vavuniya first and eventually open branch offices in Colombo, Kilinochchi, Mannar, Mullaitheevu, Jaffna, Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Kalmunai. He wants to base himself at the head office in Vavuniya and has sought Govt permission to re-locate.

Given the amicable relationship KP is said to enjoy with the Defence secretary, it is very likely that KP would get the go ahead to relocate to Vavuniya. He will be under detention but would be granted limited freedom of movement and autonomy of action to discharge his duties. While the utilitarian value of KP to the Rajapakse regime cannot be denied , KP’s windfall in winning the trust and regard of Gotabhaya is also a key factor here.

As I stated earlier the Sri Lanka of today is a land of irony, paradox and contradiction. The Army commander who provided military leadership to win the war against the LTTE is under detention facing three courts martial and a trial -at – bar. But the former eastern tiger commander who ordered the execution of more than 600 Policemen is a government minister.

Likewise the Defence secretary is at loggerheads with the erstwhile army commander who defeated Prabhakaran but has close rapport with Prabhakaran’s successor. Recently when discussing KP with a visiting Tamil expatriate delegation the Defence secretary described “KP” as a “Gentleman”. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is a man who does not mask his thoughts or hide his feelings. Those present felt genuine warmth in his voice and facial expression when he said this.

It is this relationship with Gotabhaya that has helped KP to withstand and survive detention. It is also his source of strength. KP reached the lowest point of his eventful life when he was seized in Malaysia and transported to Sri Lanka. But he has obtained a fresh lease of life from the jaws of virtual obliteration.


KP’s reprieve is due to his success in convincing the Defence secretary and General Kapila Hendavitarane that he should be treated as a worthwhile asset. He has been able to persuade Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and the Director of Military intelligence that his co-operation would be of great value. Thereafter he has earned their regard and won their trust by his conduct.

Defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa

According to informed sources KP after being captured and brought to Colombo was taken amidst tight security to meet his “chief” captor Gotabhaya. Though dishevelled and shaken Pathmanathan had noticed a Buddha statue on the premises and referred to that when facing Gotabhaya for the first time. Apparently the Defence secretary was not only taken aback but also captivated by that remark. That heralded “the beginning of a beautiful friendship” between captor and captive as in the case of Bogart and Raines in the classic movie “Casablanca”.

For KP it was a case of adapting pragmatically for sheer survival. Fate had delivered a nasty blow. The unimaginable had happened. Sri Lanka with the aid of Malaysian authorities had captured him in a clandestine operation costing around 40 million Singaporean Dollars. He was ensnared in the Lion’s den. There was no way out.

There were only two options. One was to follow the path of least resistance. In short co-operate. The other was to confront defiantly. The former course would provide a chance to survive. The latter meant risk of death or prolonged incarceration after perhaps intensive interrogation amounting to torture.

More importantly the LTTE had been annihilated. There was no armed struggle or war of liberation on. KP’s leader Prabhakaran himself was no more. There was perhaps some reason to resist and risk suffering if the leader was alive and the fight was continuing. But that was not so. In such a situation was there any purpose in resisting or swimming against a rising tide? KP opted to go with the flow.

Besides KP himself was of the opinion that the armed struggle was over. He had wanted the LTTE under his leadership to change course and adopt new non – violent, democratic strategies and methods. This divergent approach had aggravated differences between KP and the Castro faction led by Nediyavan. Now it was all over and realistically it was Hobson’s choice for KP.

By cooperating with the Government KPwould not only save himself but also could be empowered gradually. If he could gain some clout with the government then that “power” could in turn be used to help the Tamil people. The armed struggle was over and the LTTE was demolished. The only option was to associate with the Govt and help the Tamil people. Nothing constructive could be accomplished without the Government’s approval or assistance.

As far as Colombo was concerned it had decimated the LTTE on the Island but the danger was not entirely over. The overseas structures of the LTTE remained intact. The war had ben fuelled by the funds generated by the LTTE abroad. KP with his knowledge, experience and contacts could be of tremendous help in combating , containing and converting the Diaspora tigers.


Thus began the joint venture. At best it was a partnership of convenience, At worst it was an unholy alliance. KP began providing information about the assets and activities of the overseas tigers. The Government was able to “acquire” at least three ships belonging to the LTTE thanks to KP.

From KP’s perspective his cooperation with the Government was based on five fundamental principles.

Firstly the bulk of Sri Lankan Tamils have to live in Sri Lanka. Their situation was pathetic and perilous. Whatever the Diaspora might say the Tamils living in Lanka had to live in amity with the Sinhalese and Muslims. Their grievances had to be redressed and aspirations accommodated only through the support of the Sinhala dominated Government. An aggressive, irresponsible Diaspora was an impediment in this respect. The pro-tiger elements abroad were projecting a false image that the “war” was continuing.

Secondly the war was over and the LTTE defeated conclusively. There was absolutely no chance and no need for the armed struggle to continue. Vast external assets were required earlier to ensure smooth, steady supplies of arms and ammunition. In the absence of an armed struggle there was no necessity for retaining or generating vast sums of money abroad.

Thirdly there was an urgent need in Sri Lanka for massive amounts of external aid and assistance. The plight of the Tamils particularly the internally displaced was terrible. The Tamil Diaspora bore a moral responsibility to help alleviate this sad situation. Demanding or pleading that the Government or India or the International community should attend to this was not enough. The Diaspora living in relative comfort had to contribute too

Fourthly the pro – tiger elements abroad had a greater responsibility towards the people in Lanka. They had caused most of the misery to fellow Tamils living in the North and East by financing the LTTE war machine. As such they had to give generously of their money to rehabilitate the war affected people and re-develop the war ravaged regions. The vast LTTE assets abroad should be diverted towards this noble objective.

Fifthly the vast tiger assets abroad had to be utilised for the Tamil people. In the final analysis the money, property and funds belonged to the people. The LTTE had elicited or extracted these from the people. With the cessation of the armed struggle these funds and assets would gradually be expropriated by the various individuals, groups and organizations fronting as “Benami” for the LTTE. Corruption and crime could set in. It must be remembered that the “Mafia” had its roots in the Sicilian freedom movement and de-generated after the decline of that freedom struggle.


There was however a problem in fully procuring these assets abroad. KP had been out of the LTTE from 2003 to 2008. He had knowledge only of Diaspora LTTE activity prior to 2003. Also Veerakathy Manivannan alias Castro who took over overseas administration after KP had replaced KP’s loyalists with his those of his own. KP was in the dark about assets acquired after 2003 .In fact a key aspect of the tussle between the Castro faction led by Nediyavan and KP was over control of these assets.

Nevertheless KP set about in his own,methodical way to help Colombo to target these assets abroad. He also provided some information to Sri Lankan intelligence about Diaspora networking. KP also helped “connect” some key expatriate Tamil figures with Colombo.

This does not mean that KP was the sole source of information to the Sri Lankan intelligence about the LTTE structures abroad. A little known fact about the last days of the war against the tigers is how Castro and his deputies abandoned their office as the Army advanced. The office complex with underground bunkers had even a mini-elevator for Castro’s convenience as he was confined to a wheel chair. This native of Valvettithurai and old student of Hartley College,Point Pedro was paralysed from below the neck due to injuries sustained in the Elephant pass battle of 1991.

Castro’s group had vacated the office premises without destroying any of the records or documents. As a result the Army took possession of a large number of files, dossiers and records. These were later handed over to military intelligence operatives who are still involved in the task of unravelling details. Apparently Castro had files about all e-mails,letters and faxes sent and received from overseas branches. There were also tapes and transcripts of telephone conversations. Much data was available on the computers in the office

Interestingly Castro’s office had exact details of contributors and amounts contributed by members of the Tamil Diaspora. During the 2002 – 2005 ceasefire period, hundreds of thousands of Tamils from the Diaspora visited Sri Lanka and travelled through the A-9 highway or Jaffna – Kandy road through LTTE controlled regions of the Wanni. Many sojourned in tiger controlled Wanni areas too.

The LTTE had extracted lots of cash from these Diasporic visitors then. The size of contributions depended on what these Diasporic elements had paid to the LTTE abroad. Those who had paid huge amounts were let off lightly but those who had not paid up or were niggardly had to cough up lots of dough. The LTTE in the Wanni had precise details about all payments abroad. Much of this info was computerised and activating a pincode was all that was necessary to get details. Now all that info is with military intelligence. So the input of KP was not of paramount importance to the officials in this respect.

The fact that KP has indeed been cooperating with the state is a controversial issue to some.Viewed from a different perspective the role played by KP could be portrayed as treachery or betrayal. This perspective rests on the belief that the LTTE was flourishing, the armed struggle was vibrant and Tamil Eelam feasible. KP however was firmly and very correctly convinced that the LTTE was finished, the armed struggle had ended and Tamil Eelam was an impossibility. From that standpoint there was nothing wrong in cooperating with the Government. Moreover there was no need to suffer personally by non – cooperation. On the other hand there was a chance to help the Tamil people by winning the confidence and trust of the Government through cooperation.


Meanwhile KP was slowly winning the hearts and minds of his captors. Initially he was kept incommunicado. But gradually some controls were relaxed. He was first allowed to communicate over the telephone with his wife in Thailand. Next he was allowed to talk to his other family members and close relatives. Later he was permitted to talk to close friends.

This “circle” of contacts began expanding as KP embarked on his new venture namely the enlisting of overseas Tamils to help with rehabilitation and resettlement of IDP’s. In a related development a few of his relatives and loyalists were also allowed to meet him personally.

KP was allowed to move about freely within his place of confinement. He could also talk on the telephone without being monitored. But he was not permitted to meet any one alone. Whenever such meetings took place KP was always accompanied by Intelligence officials.

The 55 year old Pathmanathan was also a diabetic and suffered high blood pressure. He also had coronary problems. Full medical treatment was provided. Special care was taken to cook proper food for him.

Those who have interacted with KP know that the ex-tiger chief is a vibrant ,friendly personality. His inter-personal skills are considerable. Gradually he established good relations with his captors and guardians. He got along famously with his intelligence “handler” known as “Sam”. Even the others became fond of him and would oblige him by supplying cigarettes. When KP’s feet began to swell while sleeping one of his guards gave him a circular mount to rest his legs on.

Subsequently the Defence secretary agreed to KP’s blueprint for establishing an NGO. KP’s idea was to attract funds from the prosperous Tamil Diaspora. He was particularly keen on getting money from pro – tiger functionaries abroad. He knew of several entrepreneurs who were either” fronts” for the LTTE or had heavy tiger investments in their businesses. KP was of the view that these funds should not be given to the Government directly. His idea was to formulate a project and then assign a group of Diaspora individuals to finance and monitor it. The Govt concurred with this proposal. KP’s aim was to reduce the hostility between the Diaspora and the State and hasten reconciliation. In the process the Diaspora would also do some “penance” for their past sin of funding the tigers.

It was against this backdrop that the Diaspora visit of June 2010 occurred. Initially the aim was to arrange for a delegation of tiger activists or sympathisers to visit Sri Lanka before the scheduled victory celebrations of May 18th. This was not to be due to logistical hassles. Besides the torrential rains caused the anniversary celebration to be postponed to June. Incidently the floods resulted in KP being re-located to another house.

KP himself was unable to talk directly with all the persons individually and invite them for a meeting in Colombo. Instead he contacted a few trusted associates and entrusted them with the responsibility of making arrangements. It was envisaged that 22 persons including five former LTTE country chiefs would arrive in Colombo. But this did not happen and only nine representatives from six countries reached Colombo in mid – June for a five day trip.


The visitors were lodged at the Grand Oriental Hotel in Colombo. KP was not allowed to visit or stay with them. The delegation was also not permitted to visit KP at his residence. KP was accompanied by four officials whenever he met the visitors. Two officials escorted the visitors at all times.

The delegation was impressed by Gotabhaya Rajapaksa who politely shook hands with each member. He also had a hug for KP. But the defence secretary was bluntly direct during discussions. He provided a realistic appraisal of the politico-military situation in the North and East. This brutal candour did not go down well with some of the visitors.

The delegation was also amazed at the bonhomie between KP and Kapila Hendavitarane. They joked and teased each other. The military intelligence chief was the First secretary in 2006 at our Embassy in Bangkok. When Kapila stated that he had tried hard to get hold of KP then, Pathmanathan cracked “But you couldn’t catch me, no? To which Kapila retorted “But we finally caught you”. KP guffawed loudly.

The delegation also visited the North. It was the first time that KP was being taken outside greater Colombo. When the intelligence officials fabricated an identity card with a false name, KP was indignant. He said stubbornly that if he were to travel he would do so only under his own name. KP finally got his way and travelled under his real name.

The delegation also saw the soft side of KP at the IDP camps. He was visibly moved by the sight of IDP’s at Zone two in the Chettikulam, Menik farm .He would often withdraw from the crowd and brood silently.

It was an emotional moment for KP when they went to the special camp housing ex- LTTE cadres. Though KP had not been to Sri Lanka after 1990 and the inmates were of a new younger generation, most had heard or knew of him. Many of them warmed to KP and shared their concerns and sorrow. At one stage the rough and tough KP broke down and shed tears uncontrollably.

One of the recommendations made by KP and the delegation was accepted by the authorities and within two days, telephone lines were installed at the camp for relatives to communicate.

The visit to the North and KP’s first –hand interaction with the IDP’s and ex –tiger cadres galvanised the native of Myliddy into action. The plans in the pipeline to set up an NGO were expedited urgently. A project was set up to provide tuition to the 346 ex-tiger detenues sitting for the GCE (AL) exam. More projects are being planned. Their execution depends on the funds KP would be able to garner from expatriates.

Will KP be successful in collecting enough funds from the Diaspora for his newly formed NGO and its envisaged projects? This is literally and figuratively a multi – million rupee question.

The Nediyavan faction opposed to KP has launched a vicious attack on KP and alleged that he is trying to grab overseas Tamil funds for the Govt. This campaign is spearheaded by the “Tamilnet” twins comprising Jeyachandran in Norway and Sreetharan in the USA.

The primary weapon used against KP is the “testimony” given by Dr. Velauthapillai Arudkumar from Britain after the trip to Sri Lanka. Arudkumar reportedly flew to Oslo from Colombo and met with Nediyavan, Jeyachandran and KP Regi ,former executive director of TRO before returning to London.


The “Tamilnet” which is a mouthpiece of the Nediyavan faction is using Arudkumars account of the trip to demonstrate that KP is in the custody of Sri Lankan intelligence. Puerile attempts are being made to portray this fact as a new discovery. The pro – Nediyavan Tamil media is now blaming KP for the LTTE debacle. The truth is being distorted to make a scapegoat of KP.

Another member of the delegation, Charles Anthonydas also in London has set the record straight through some media interviews. It may be recalled that Charles represented the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO) during the Thimphu talks of 1985. Apart from exposing the terminological inexactitudes and inaccuracies in Arudkumar’s allegations, Charles has also made a pertinent point.

He says that everyone in the delegation knew very well that KP had been captured by the Sri Lankan government and that he was in their custody. Therefore it was nothing new to find KP in the hands of the military intelligence. The purpose of the visit was not to discover an already known fact. Charles says that the objective of the visit was to explore possibilities of creating a “space” through which the Diaspora could help the Tamils there. This could only be done through the good offices of the Colombo government.

The campaign against KP by the “Tamilnet” and its allies suggests that the Nediyavan faction is jittery about the outcome of KP’s efforts. If KP succeeds in getting enough aid from the Diaspora and utilise it to help the affected Tamils the thinking of the Diaspora could be radically transformed. Instead of continuing on a confrontational course the Diaspora could cooperate with the Colombo Govt and thereby enter a new phase in ethnic relations. This prospect is unpalatable to the Tamil hawks and hence the frantic attempt to denigrate KP and pre-empt such a move.

“KP” ~ Recent picture

In such a situation where the anti-KP faction is hell bent on vilifying him as a traitor it remains to be seen whether Pathmanathan would be able to convince influential sections of the Diaspora into supporting his venture. For KP to succeed he should be able to demonstrate that funds generated from the Diaspora are utilized transparently and efficiently for the betterment of the affected people in the North – East.

There should be no Governmental interference or (mis)appropriation of the funds. It is only then that KP’s initiative could succeed. One can only hope that the Rajapakse regime is aware of this and creates the correct conditions for Selvarasa Pathmanathan to realise his dream of helping affected people.

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at djeyaraj2005@yahoo.com


  1. Welcome back DBS

    I was starved for good reading all these days

    My brain says KP is doing right but my heart is sad

  2. Ferocious felines are transformed from carnivores into herbivores

    Don’t you mean from carnivores into scavengers?

    The Hyena is a carnivore…………DBSJ

  3. According to persons associated with KP in this project the NERDO will focus on three important areas

    One important area; sucking in funds from the diaspora.

  4. DBSJ

    Your naivety has no bounds!

    It ain’t my naivete that ruined the Tamils………..DBSJ

  5. Dear DBSJ,

    Thank you for writing again after a short silence. A bold article very well presented as usual. I am sure you will get a few nasty comments for this. But the diaspora has to rally together to help our brethren in Sri Lanka. People living in North and East do not want Eazham but help to build their lives back. In my opinion KP is doing the right thing now.

    God bless Sri Lankans!

  6. People like KP used to be the vital assets of Prabhakaran. There were thousands of people like KP who had a good heart and truly believed in liberation of Tamils. However, Prabhakarn manipulated these kinds of people and used them to pursue his dream for power.

    At least, KP has come to terms with reality and start thinking with some common sense. I really hope he will rectify some of the blunders Prabhakaran has caused on the Tamil people.

  7. It has been perceived as many that K.P had collaborated with the SL govt since 2007 and working for the SL govt since then. There was a news in 2007 that he was arrested in Thailand and bribed his way out. But that could be when he collaborated with SL govt and mislead the LTTE to its demise. He was the one who mislead the LTTE to move to Nanthikadal with the hope of rescue by some western country. He even mislead the remained cadres to surrender to SLA.

    I am worried about you.Please take care………..DBSJ

  8. I am confused.

    If KP really wants to do good for fellow Tamils, why can’t he work with TNA? of cause with the consent of Rajapakses.

    If Rajapakses want to really destroy external threat permanently, then propose a lasting just solution to the ethnic problem at once. Whom they are afraid of?

    Only way Sinhala leadership can win over entire Tamils (including Diaspora ) is to bring in a lasting political solution. If that happens, Sri Lanka does not have to beg China, India or even World Bank for funds. Diaspora will be able to fund all projects.

    I dont think the TNA wants to work with KP………DBSJ

  9. What a joke! Yes DBS, as expatriot Tamisl, we always help our brothers and sisiters back home. Many of us still have many relatives in dare finacial needs, and we still provide finncial aid.

    The government of SL has shown it’s unwillingness to provide any sort of relaistic solution to the Tamil cause what so ever, but suddenly want funding from the Tamil expatriots???

    What does the government do with all the aids they receive from the foreign countries? All are spend on southern part of the country building fancy hotels, museums, airports and of course the amount money spend on the Rajapakse brothers, so that can live a lavish life.

    The government’s top priority must be to re-settle those people and provide adequete starndard of living.

    After all the government should treat Tamils as they are also belong in the country. The present government haven’t demonstrated at any capacity..

    We all know how much of the tsunami funds that suppose to go to people ended up in the government ministers hands, and then president Chandrika K.

    If you want to help your own people, work with the local NGO’s, rather than government sponsored NGO’s. You know where the money will end up?

    This KP deal look so fishy and simply you can’t trust the MR brothers.

    Reality is that you can do relief or rehabilitation work with the IDP”s only with Govt Approval………..DBSJ

  10. It is time to awake the world and say we can live together. Allow the people those who suffered to reach the happiness by providing sufficient financial assistant using the LTTE funds. It is with KP’s hands and his commitment in behalf of the people who carried arms. It is understood now no West or Europe may not allow third world to rise, always they create the environment to the third world to be live in hell. Do not be foolish give up the destruction mind and change the destruction path to our own destiny that is freedom of hope. This is not in Sri Lanka it is every where. I respect the writing of Jeyaraj and think about his thoughts it is valuable. There should be a solution, the problems and answers in our hands. Open your eyes see the Banki Moon’s action and how he twisted the wording of ” UNDP shutdown”. Good Luck. Time to Change and try our best to stand our own.

  11. I feel what you feel DBS

    It’s a sad day indeed for Tamils to rely on the Mahinda govt to help rehabilitate our people. But there is no choice.

    I admire KP for his pragmatism

  12. DBSJ appears to have created a reputation for more than average accuracy in his reports. The names and countries from where these 9 “intellectuals” hail would have been useful. Already there is confusion. One individual from Australia – who had spoken to the media in Colombo per reports – has informed he was not there at all and that his name has been fraudulently “used”

    Obviously there are reasons for not revealing those names…………..DBSJ

  13. Great article. Very informative. I’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks now. Nice investigative work.

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  15. Dear DBS,

    You have hit the nail on the head and I applaud you.
    While many condemn KP fo co-operating with the govt. he is at least doing something constructive for our youth long held captive with only war cry as their national anthem.

    As you rightly say the diaspora only frittered away money belonging to the underclass of the diaspora to pander to their bruised EGO and form their foolhardy TNGTE.

    The diaspora to my knowledge have always made hay while the sun shone and TNGTE.

    Unlike Palestine our people are fighting tooth and nail to get themselves some kudos from the perspiration of asylum seekers.

    By whatever means if one Tamil politician fights for our youth I’ll support him, his past notwithstanding.

  16. Dominic is writing nonsense. As DBS pointed out the Nediyavan group is trying to make KP the scapegoat for all of Pirabas stupididity

  17. Nice article DBS

    This is the great thing about Rajapaksas. They win over enemies and work with them like KP. But if anyone crosses them then even friends become enemies like Fonseka

  18. Sure, LTTE made a lots of mistakes – which might have brought sufferings to Tamils.

    However, people like this writter was warning LTTE that going that way will bring even more destruction – through his pen – to Tamils. But no one listened to him and only insulted him

    I have no doubt that KP is going to do much for ex ltte guys

    I request all Tamils who gave cash to Ltte to drop a check for these fellows to KP very soon..

  19. DBS – Thank you for the detailed write up on KP and his relationship with the SL Govt.

    However, one aspect of the issue that you almost didn’t touch on is whether the government gave KP a pass (and even buddied) up to him is because he helped funnel overseas LTTE funds to the Rajapaksa brothers especially during their very expensive re-election campaign. Any thoughts?


  20. Excellent offering DBSJ. Most grateful for this valuable insight.

    In the Buddhist scriptures there is a gem of a story about a mass murderer Angulimal who became Arhat – that is achived Nibbana.

    In that story, the main character was a bright obedient student but his respected master heard a rumour that his student was carrying on an affair with his wife. On graduation he asked the student to show gatitude by killing 1000 and bringing a necklace of toe each from the corpses.

    Gota must have thought about this.

  21. Thanks for this write-up DBS Anna

    After reading carefully and thinking I feel that what KP Anna is doing is best and right. We must all help him to help the former LTTE fighters

  22. dont be racist USHA, dont develop hostile attitudes to SL ; its not Rajapaksa govt but SL govt, we are all srilankans, tamils, muslims, singhalese, whom else we should depend on our own country ?or foreign country?, dont develop hatred again, think positive , work together, give up HATRED, that will destroy tamils more & more

  23. Very balanced article. thanks to the writer for being impartial. certainly Tamils in N&E needs the help of tamil dispora. Pl help them to live as humans. don’t drag them again to a war.

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  25. I am a sinhala government officer. I would like to urge from tamil dispora. Don’t be pessimistic. In the world noone cannot find an un corrupted country. Even developed countries you can see corruption up to some extent.
    so the best way to working together and try to develop N&E. MR has the real need. But some corrupted officers in the government and some political parties may try to avoid these developments. That kind of barriers should be eliminated. After 30 years of war the finacial condition of government is not strong to take speedy action. I also went to jaffna after the war and saw how people are suffering. But the thing is I have observed some villages in south also like this. So it is not realistic of saying that only south is being developed.

    It is a truth that during 30 years N&E provices never get development due to the war. So it is a truth that most of fund went to other provices during last 30 years. If war was not there N&E wuold have been developed more. Unfortunately war never allowed no one to develop these areas.

    Now it is the time.

    Regarding the TNA, they have to have a flexible approach rather than only fighting for demands. When I visited kilinochchi, what I got was, the people there need food ,clothing, shelter, education, health, jobs, rather than elections and appoing members to the parliament. So we have to give what people need. So helping them to live comfortably is a merit.

  26. DBS has put things in perspective about KP. He is as DBS describes a captive of circumstances

  27. DBSJ

    Hats off well written article. This proves the point that there is always scope for unity in diversity. Sri Lankans whether they are Tamils, Sinhalese or Muslims are gifted talented human beings. The challange for policy makers, journalist is to channel all these skills towards productive purposes and “NOT DISTRUCTIVE” purposes. This change of attitude can make Sri Lanka a true paradise, and invite all the Tamil diasipora to the country when the troubles start to brew in Europe.

    But lets not forget, unlike the un-truth, truth take time to realize. DBSJ you have shown the path. Congratulations!!!


  28. DBSJ

    At last . Well worth the wait. I knew you were going to write about KP.

    KP”s track record shows he is a very dynamic and intelligent man. Instead of allowing him to languish in prison for the rest of his life the GOSL should use his capabilities to bridge this ethnic divide gradually at least. I’am sure KP will have some bright ideas. We need people who think outside the square on both sides.

  29. K P is a prisoner of govt, he has to do what the govt says. Some people write articles to confuse and mislead Tamils and the Tamil diaspora.

    I think it was the LTTE that misled the Tamils. Sadly some Tamils are still lost…………DBSJ

  30. Thank you DBSJ for your impartial article,
    your journalism and the use of language is of very HIGH QUALITY . I enjoy reading your articles & I RESPECT you

  31. I’m really worried about your kind of peoples, who mislead the people. As diaspora tamil we want help our people.
    But that can be happened when we have the trust on the persons handling. Till now KP never shown his space outside.
    Never called our people openly. How come we can believe him? Yes, we have doubts about his activities in the bitter end of the battle.
    he has to clarify those doubts openly.

    No one should just think about diaspora tamils that all are idiot. When kp wants just funds, what the political solution he offers? Atleast a very
    Basic of north – east join? . If he can’t do then he has no power and money hungry. Government will use him as tissue and will throw away.

    Trust me DBSJ –
    a long lasting political solution only will bring peacs and not this kind of political gimmicks, which in fact increases the divide among communities.

    You need to learn a lot about human psychology.

    Why didn’t you try to teach psychology to praba?………….DBSJ

  32. Dear DBS; Thanks for the great article.

    One thing I have noticed about KP was, he never wanted to be ‘The’ leader. A reluctance rooted in some kind of psychological block I guess. Even after the demise of Pirabakaran, it took a fair amount of persuasion to get him at least to take the temporary control of the organization. It is a pity his rivals had to hurry creating an irreparable rift, instead of letting him to go back to usual obscurity after tidying up the basic organizational issues prevailing at the time which no one can deny.

    KP is not a leader. He always needs a leader. Being an intelligent man he knows his limitations and strengths. Being a confidante of (any) leader and having autonomy to maneuver is where he thrives. After losing one leader he has found a similar one to play his role. I believe he has the betterment of the SriLankan Tamils in his heart in roles he played and playing.

    Having said that, knowing the special relationship KP had with Pirabakaran, it should not be a surprise if all what he does now is part of a lengthy plan to avenge his beloved comrade’s death.

  33. You name Kp or Nediyavan or any other leaders , if people believe them , then
    Only they can survive. There were somany people like you always complained about
    LTTE . Dougles , anandasangree , karuna , pillaiyan , and the list goes on.

    After LTTE no more what you have achieved ?

    What you promise for our people?

    If you never achieved anything and if you can’t you people are really done damage to our freedom struggle.

    Today , you people want diaspora money to assist our tamils in north and east. Good. Agreed . But when government was fighting against freeying people why it never foreseen their inability to feed all the people they free.

    When they spent billion of rupees for ‘iifa’ why they need diaspora money only for helping tamil civilians? Do they think tamils are not their citizens?

    You people in the name ‘journalists’ really threatening our self respect and self esteem.

    In war ‘there is no neutral’ ,
    there will be no neutrality. If you belong to one community which is weak
    and when they suffer if u keep talking neutrality then unknowingly or purposely you are supporting the stronger side.

    This is true eventhough u’ll not accept my dear DBSJ.


    The war is over.LTTE supported by people like you have brought the Tamils to disaster. Now the affected Tamils living in Sri Lanka are doing the best they can to remedy the situation.If you can help, help. Otherwise just shut up……………….DBSJ

  34. Thanks for the insight.

    We have to deal with what’s in front of us.

    KP in the articles sense is a pragmatist. If KP and Gota can move the ball forward in dealing with the ex cadres, the settlements of the IDP’s etc, then the Nation will move forward.

    It is what it is, let’s all move forward.

    Thanks again DBSJ.




  36. >>By cooperating with the Government KPwould not only save himself but also could be empowered gradually.<<

    I have my doubts. I am not sure of KP's intentions. It is hard to believe that KP the hardest core tiger will give up the struggle for Ealam. I think he is cultivating amiable ties with the government and use the NGO with the power he now gets to embark on an Ealam struggle as per the TGTE agenda with the help of the funds still available. Gotabhaya , I am sure is aware of this and will keep a tab on that.

    It is sad to see that people like Anandsangaree who was all out againt LTTE for all three decades being left out from the whole issue!

  37. Very interesting article. When you said that SL is the land of paradoxes and ironies, that was putting it mildly. Thanks very much for writing this DBS, and putting all the rumors into some perspective. I don’t think anyone in SL could have done this.

    This development has the potential to change everything in Sri Lanka wrt GOSL – Tamil relations.

    One thing for sure, get ready for countless stories about how KP bought his freedom by “donating” LTTE money to Rajapakshas, written and told by people who would claim that they or their brother or uncle were in the room when the cheques were written and international money transfers were made.

    Wonder what India and the rest of the international players will make out of this development.

  38. Dear DBS,
    If KP would have lied about the death of Pirabakaran ,he would have never got arrested by Sri Lankans.He would have been living a great life,because of his honesty he is in this situation.

  39. what shocked me most is the revalation about the captor and captive…which gave an insight about this man called “Gotabaya”….The man of all times……

    Let KP..get on with work….it is human nature to let people down the best example is the sri lankans from both sides..

    let go the past….let the people benefit …that’s what matters

  40. I suppose KP does not have any other choice to uplift his people as he is in captivity. It is excellent to help people materially but then there is the political and ethnic dimension that the govt does not want to address. So in the circumstances what KP is doing is correct.
    What the govt is doing is not correct. It is ignoring the efforts of moderate Tamils elected by the people and making deals with prisoners and fugitives. Govt has made no significant move on the political front.
    Govt has the responsibility to help the IDP’s which it is doing at a very slow pace. Getting the diaspora involved may be a way of gathering information and extracting money. You cannot trust these people judging from the level of subterfuge and wheeler dealing going on.

  41. Thank you Jeyaraj Annan

    Two of my cousins are in the LTTE special camp. I am so much happy that KP and others are helping them to study. I hope they will pass exams and get a good future

  42. it is a pathetic case of captive KP and how desperate Srilankan government is to access Diaspora money.

    Panam endral pinamum vaai Thirakkum. Why not GOSL?

  43. Excellent discourse at the most opportune time. A good lesson to all those ethnically polarised racist miscreants that those who go to war on either side can become post-war friends like Gota and KP. That is an example for all of us Sri Lankans.
    As for your innate ability to present the facts in an exemplary journalistic fashion, what can I say, except, “in an age where the fourth estate is suspect and accused of divisive intents, you Sir, have laid the foundation stone for amity among all Sri Lankans. May God Bless You!

  44. 9 of my neices and neffews force taken by ltte. 2 killed in fighting. 2 are missing. 3 are in camp now. I suport KP for what he doing now

  45. Excellent write up DBSJ . Keep it up . The need of the hour is first to take care of the people who have been displaced due to war and happy to note that KP is taking steps to address that problem first . We need to be pragmatic in this situation and act accordingly . All other countries must also join together in reconstructing NE part of SL .This is the best way to heal the wounds of the Tamil people .

    By the way DBSJ , what is the fate of other senior LTTE leaders captured during the last phase of war like Yogaratnam Yogi , EROS Balakumar , Lawrence Thilakar etc ? Are they still in custody of have they been executed silently ?

  46. Fantastic article, though are you sure KP is not also suffering the Sri Lankan version of “Stockholm Syndrome”?

  47. DBS

    you have made the ltte supporters in Diaspora very angry by this article. They dont want to give a cent to help Tamils back home. So they will attack you but dont worry we are with you

  48. Thank you DBSJ for your detailed account of the recent meeting of diaspora Tamils with the Gota and KP!!!

    The main way in which the gvt can attract diaspora Tamils to participate in helping Tamils in Sri Lanka is to have an open dialogue.

    1stly Gvt needs to announce clear measures of political settlement or at least a clear plan that people can see

    2ndly announce exact needs of the IDPs and how the gvt plans to resettle them

    3rdly produce transparent systems for Tamil diaspora to participate in the developments directly in N & E or through gvt sponsored organs. People can choose!!!

    Merely by dealing with one or two individuals it is not enough to reach the Diaspora tamils as a whole!!!

  49. A good analysis/article. Your conclusion (last para) is spot on. So far, in the past year, the SL govt has shown no signs of reconcilliation, rather it built buddist temples changed road names etc. How can the diaspora trust this govt? What is the gurranttee that this NERDO’s funds will be frozen in a couple years with a lame excuse and KP taken back in custody like they did to Fonseka?

    There are stories that Fonseka is in jail becuse of a dispute in spliting the money and gold revovered from LTTE hideouts. TRUST IS BIG QUESTION!

  50. I was expecting an analysis from DBS for a long time about KP and was wondering why he was silent. Good article with much info we did not know.
    When I read this article, JR’s ancestor Adrian comes to my mind. How a spy of the Dutch survived execution when captured by the British and later became an important person in capturing the Kandyan King Rajasinghe. The rest all of us know. May be he will help to bring peace rather than pieces in Sri Lanka and his new endeavours help those poor souls now in captivity and those who were Displaced.

    Ref: upalima2002
    The only NOTICABLE development in Jaffna was when G.G. Ponnampalam was minister. At least some factories were there like the Cement Corporation. Therefore the statement N&E provinces never got development because of the war is not acceptable. They were deliberately neglected and that is one of the main reasons how the EELAM cry started. The cry for EELAM is an expression of the frustration of the people of N&E. Not that they wanted an EELAM as you see in the maps. I say this because when Mr. Bandaranaike opted Federalism they declined and preferred to live in a united Sri Lanka.
    It is also true many villages in the South were also neglected not because the leaders cannot help or aware of the necessity, but did not want to develop. I was in Horowapotana once in the sixties and talked to many of my friends there. I find their children did not have the facilities to get basic education. This is one of the many reasons for the insurrection in the South in the 70s.
    Diaspora has an obligation to help those IDPS because they are partially responsible to this situation. Then the question arises why they funded the LTTE?

  51. This article is entirely an anti-LTTE paper, trying to convince the readers that the LTTE does not exist, and insinuating that the aspirations of the tamils must come to an end. I shudder at such naivity. With this single article you have surrendered your journalistic neutrality.

    I can tell you that the enraged diaspora is now more cohesive than one year ago and their commitments and positions hardened even more. The diaspora will certainly assist in redevelopment but not necessarily because of or through KP.

    Eelam War 5, a cold war, has already begun and you don’t even know it! It is time to give up your writings on Eelam issues as you appear to be totally disconnected.


    I am not writing about “Eelam” issues.This is a Sri Lankan issue. As for being “Disconnected” I think it is Diaspora guys like you who are disconnected with reality in Lanka. And buddy, you guys cant stop me from writing.

  52. Let the GOSL put forward a solid proposal to solve the ethnic problem. Then you do not need to persuade the diaspora for funds – funds will flow spontaneously.

  53. The 4 sense Octopus has predicted the out come of six out of six matches in the ongoing FIFA.

    Could any of the six sense Human predict what will happen in the Island of Ceylon.

    The Answer is clear NO. Because our politicos (as a collective Ceylonese of both Tamil and Sinhala root) lost their sixth sense the COMMON sense. We are looking at the headless chickens for PEACE.

    I have been to Colombo few weeks ago.

    My Conclusion from my Sinhala Friends as well as from the Tamils


    When there are two cabinet ministers with 37 door mats, how do the Sinhala mass expect a prosperous future, leave alone the Tamils.

  54. Brilliant presentation of sequence of Change of scenario and changes that are taking place.

    The pain, suffering, and methods of bringing relief, should be the thought and action at this moment at this time/ hour


    Do not delve in the past, or who is right, and who is wrong. Let all minds, get out of the groves and shackles ,of court room and other forums, petty debates and splitting hairs , display of and small minded arrogance


    Who does it, is immaterial. Let all positive minds and hands join. Do not all think only about money/ fund/ wealth. All this will come to the people who will honestly serve the poor and down trodden.

    That was the lesson of Gandhijis life and mission. Do not waste time on negative thoughts or countering the negative actors or writers.

    The little squirrel played its role in Sethu Bandhanam, building the Sethu Bridge in Ramajanam is a lesson for us at this hour..

    Let us pray to Lord, and seek the Kindly light, to Lead us, from Darkness to Light.

    change is painful, yet
    change is progress
    Change is permanent
    Change where rational
    Change for better
    Change for prosperity
    Change is inevitable

    21st century problems require
    21st century solutions and tools
    discarded institutions,
    machines and devises
    methodology and inputs
    deliver nothing
    obsolete past not be
    dead weight on the future
    remove shackles for forward march

    Cultivate Magnanimity
    Nurture compassion and love
    Have faith in you
    Lead clean life
    Seek refuge under the lotus feet
    Think of Karma and Dharma
    Do what the nobles do
    Meditate, Meditate, Meditate


  55. So finally the truth is coming out and some LTTE supporters are shocked ! Gota and the Rajapaksas are not racists at all !!! In fact they are probably among the best friends the SL Tamils have in the world.

    The hate filled LTTE supporters are now recoiling at the prospect that Tamils will discover that the Rajapaksas and the new generation of Sinhala folks are just like them – same issues, same ambitions, same thoughts. All of them just want to live in peace and prosper.

  56. Well done DBS Annai

    In one good article you have smashed all the lies and anti-KP propaganda spread by Tamilnet & other Tamil media. But they will be really angry at you. Be careful they may do something harmful

  57. Brillliant DBS. The article is very timely. As usual you have come up accurate facts & analysis of the situation.

    The “Castro files” was revealed by MoD long time ago. Nediyavan – Tamil Net conviniently has hidden that fact from the diaspora and have traded KP as a traitor.

    VP ran the show in wanni from the arms KP supllied. Both played an equally important roles in the struggle. If KP has betrayed his movement (along with Mahathaya, Karuna, Pillayan, Ram, Paapa, Ilamparuthi and the list goes one), then we write off the LTTE has a whole. They are not relevant anymore, as we do not know who will join the above distinguished list in the future. It could be Regi, Rudra, Nediyavan or Jeya.

    Seema like the only exception is VP. May he rest in peace !

    Time for the Diaspora to move into rehablitate and reconstruct our home land. Let us show the sinhalese we are not only good at running an armed struggle but also good at developing our homeland. Let it me a war of economics !


    For VP’s soul to rest in peace his so called followers must first accept his death and commemorate him. As a devout Hindu his final rites must be observed. Otherwise how will he rest in peace?

  58. Dear DBSJ
    It is Ok to look at the back mirror once in every 3 minutes? Not always, For safe driving it was advised to look front. This time UN is piloting ahead.
    Prabaharan was able to kidnap Mathivathany someone said subsequently they fell in love. Gotabaya was able to kidnap KP and now you say they also fell in love. It is also possible. But kidnapping the struggle for independent Eelam is Impossible for any one whom already born
    An EElam citizen


    I have not said Gota fell in love with KP as you suggest.As usual you are trying to twist things.

    By the way the struggle for Eelam was not kidnapped but assassinated in stages by Prabakharan. The final stage was in May last year

  59. It should be hand in hand political solution and development have to take place.With out one will not work a long term solution for the suffering Tamil nation!!

    With out one will not work a long term solution or the suffering Tamil nation and will be suicidal !!

    Good for reading but…. does this do any good to Tamils?

    Ettu surakai kariku uthavathu 🙁

    Does commenting do any good to the Tamils?……..DBSJ

  60. I feel sad about this but agree that KP Anna had to do this. You have explained his situation well DBS Sir.

  61. KP is doing what he can in a very difficult situation. Lets help him if we can. Otherwise let’s keep quiet

  62. Hello Mr. DBS, thank yo for the article, I read most of your article on a regular basis.

    Please publish this comment and give your response too, appreciate.

    1. During the 30 yrs of war, Tamils economy was systematically destroyed by Srilankan govt and by Tamils supporting the freedom struggle In every attempt when Tamils area was occupied by SL army, systematically, education and the economy was targetted.

    2. Tsunami hit, foreign aids overwhelmed, most development was in Sinhala area

    3. Now the war is over, our people are put in open prison, international community is again showering with AIDS, but SL govt using all of those AIDS to develop sinhala area. Most disturbing scene is, displaced people are living without any basic facilities, but the SL govt building Budha temples, facilities for soldiers, including play grounds.

    4. Now the question is, KP. Why Mr. KP collabarate with govt and help Tamil community with foreign AIDs already govt receiving?

    5. Why Mr. KP need to buy materials for students preparing for O/L exams with Tamil Diaspora’s money.

    6. It is the Govt plan of continuously destroy and target Tamil’s fortunes and the KP is well used.

    7. If KP is helping affected people with Govt money without even asking money from diaspora, I would be first person to salute Mr. KP

    Read the article again.Then re-read………….DBSJ

  63. DBS you state tmailnet is mouthpeace of Neiyvan. I think Tamilweek is shamelusly giving publicity to KP.


  64. DBSJ

    All should unite to get the common goals instead spilt the Tamil Diaspora by good articulation of essays! 🙁

    It should be hand in hand political solution and development have to take place.With out one will not work a long term solution for the suffering Tamil nation!!

    will be suicidal !!

  65. dear dbs,
    I seen all the commands,try into blame each other nothing more, no one think about of furture tamils in 2020 may i suggested you that trying think 2020 about tamils. every one have to go one day VP/KP. leave good stuff to new comers you know, what i mean if do not do proper job waste ful you whole journalisum. also no one neutral including youself, i can see your commands better serve community.all i can say even built up new basis problem not sort when get break it is going to start again.Rajbas and bro still in the country.

    Let me deal with 2010 to help Tamils progress towards 2020……….DBSJ

  66. dear dbs,
    I seen all the commands,try into blame each other nothing more, no one think about of furture tamils in 2020 may i suggested you that trying think 2020 about tamils. every one have to go one day VP/KP. leave good stuff to new comers you know, what i mean if do not do proper job waste ful you whole journalisum. also no one neutral including youself, i can see your commands better serve community.all i can say even built up new, basis problem not sort, when get break it is going to start again.Rajbas and bro still in the country.

    How can anyone writing a point of view be neutral?…….DBSJ

  67. I have a very old friend, a SL Tamil businessman, very rich & still operating a huge business even during all this turmoils for the past 40yrs. Before that it was his father and grandfather. His friends are Sinhalese & his father’s girl friend was a Sinhalese! He can get anything done, very smart, capable, humble and unassuming. He can handle worst of people with great finesse. He never makes enemies. He is a compromiser. A great man manager. When KP was caught and brought to SL, he told me, Don this is another man like me. I hope he will be proved right.

  68. I do agree that the present move by KP is not going to solve the Tamil issue but it can at least be used as a starting point . There are thousands of people suffering in Camps without any shelter and there is a pressing need to address the rehabilitation of these people first before contemplating on larger issues . The violence and hatred of 3 decades of war and killings will not subside so soon .This is the time for all parties concerned to work together for the rehabilitation of NE .

  69. Dear DBS,

    I have often wondered why the heck the government especially the blunt ex-army man Gotabhaya cannot hire a gentleman professional like you – with your lucid well informed expositions to do its PR. The government spokesmen – Rambukwelle, Hulugalle and Kohona when he was around, lack the profesionality, panache and intellectual calibre to tackle the Western media and the non Sinhala nationalist public opinion. They get defensive, angry, arrogant and fudge whereas – dignified informed resonses would have diffused many, often outlandish, charges directed at the government.

    Your articles on Sarath Fonseka and now on KP carefully weigh all the issues and explains a particular development in a most reasonable and therefore acceptable manner.The government has yet to produce anything comparable. On KP it ducks all charges – for eg., Raja[pakse’s are pocketing KPs money – and carries arrogantly because it does not care what people think. Government could have come clean and explained things like you.

    Taking refuge behind official patronage the above mentioned individuals have botched things again and again – saying anything that enter their heads thinking it is clever in the eyes of the Sinhala Nationalist gallery.

    They obviously do no take the trouble to to do their background reading, their homework or get properly briefed. A sure indication of arrogance covering up an inferiority complex – born of incompetence to perform a politcally assigned function.

    It is also a sign of a deep personality flaw that the President relies on —– lickers who can be relied on to sing hosanna’s to him.

    DBS, you have done more than any other intellectual to give the average person an understanding of both sides of the divide that gapes between us Sinhalese and Tamils. Nothing is as black and white as it seems.



    Thank you Nalin but I wont work for the SL Govt. I am too independent for that

  70. I don’t think the Disapora will give a red cent to KP to develop the north or do anything else.

  71. I hope and pray that KP is doing an act just to get out, I hope and pray that he will not abandon the Ealam

  72. Kp is right being pragmatic and helping our people who are in captivity like him. On the other hand Tamil diaspora is right in being politically active and work as pressure group. If not anyone can do or support any kind attricities on our people again and again and just errase it as on a blackboard….Tamil diaspora is a headache for SL gvt and India and that s the only reason why KP is on the spot light and able to do this…
    Isreal is a friendly nation to Germany,but not a single Jews will forgive or forget holocaust….

  73. If the sri lanka government wants tamils aboad to assist the rehabilitation of tamils, firstly the funds seized from the Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation,which were contributions by tamils abroad, should be released to a new Tamil NGO.
    This, has been rejected, according to Arudkumar.
    If so, how can tamils again trust the intentions of the SL state.
    Tamilnet reveals the truth of what is actually happening in the northeast, and internationally – news which other websites do not report.It is often quoted by other news sites.
    It is unfair to say that Tamilnet is someone’s mouthpiece.


    Tamilnet run by Jeyachandran and Sreetharan is not merely the mouthpiece but the English voice of Nediyavan faction.Some say Jeyachandran runs Nediyavan.Are you implying point?

    Arudkumar is bluffing about TRO. His request was not about TRO but about ex-executive director of TRO , KP Regi now wanted by Interpol.

    The govt is only providing an opportunity for pro-tiger Tamil Diaspora to do some penance for their sins

    If Tamils want to help Tamils they must do so regardless of the Govt

  74. Not only KP, even DBSJ seems to have joined the Gota-Mahinda bandwagon.Can’t trust anybody these days!

    Not even your mother or wife,peacock? I pity you…..DBSJ

  75. Sinhala Navy is well into TN waters now and killing TN fishermen just for FUN. Things have only worsened for people, yet Diaspora are dreaming ALL IS GOING TO GET WELL.

  76. So the SLA killed the Tamils and now the Tamils have to help themselves. They are citizens of Lanka, but they don’t get helped by the government.

    KP should not collaborate with Mahinda. This is called treason. How can one decent person even discuss with those people.

    Kp should have refused to cooperate,got tortured and got killed

    That is what I will have done

  77. DBS!

    Do u think SL is willing to offer anything to Tamil, I mean a lasting reasonable solution?… If then, why they need KP… and his NGO…. ! and his help…

    If SL offer a lastinng solution or have offered before the LTTE’s birth, there would not have been this kind loss and tragedy happened to Tamils and SINHALESE. Remember Sinhalese also lost much directly and indirectly due to this war… they should ateast realise now.. else, the problem will emerge again, invevitable……


  78. If the spin off from all this , results in better outcomes for those long suffering people , then, hey what the heck !

  79. DBS says, “Puli Pasithalum Pullai Thinnaathu”(even when hungry the tiger will not eat grass).

    But, they didn’t say anything about “kakka thinnum puli” (the excreta eating tiger).

    Did anyone in the Menik Farm ask KP about the deaths of white flag waving Tigers?

  80. I am wondering about Rajapakse bro’s Chanakya kind of moves.
    They gave money to LTTE to win the election. After winning by using Karuna’s defection and with the help of SF they destroyed LTTE. Now Sarath is kept as a captive. he can’t do anything. But KP is trying to do something while in his captivity . he has no other choice.

    I feel that in 2020 we could be back in Sri Lanka. I am looking for that time.

    I want to hear from you what KP told to Gota at the first meeting about Budhdha statue.

  81. The Diaspora has once committed the Sin by funding LTTE. No point in repeating the sin again by funding GOSL and KP. Poor Diaspora.. all their hard earned money will go down the drain.

    It is good enough if each Diaspora take care of their own relatives who are in dire need in srilanka .

  82. Dear DBSJ,
    I followed everything you wrote over the years. This is one of the most timely needed writings.Thanks! Dear Tamil Brothers and Sisters, it is time to work together for the betterment of the people who live in SL. Mistakes were made and we all learnt something out of that. I am a sinhalese buddhist, but don’t think we are all Tamil haters. Please think possitively and invest some money in building some hotels in N& E. We love to visit Jaffna and contribute to the local economy in Jaffna thru tourism.

  83. Dear DBSJ

    You mentioned about resources that is needed for education. Would you please mention to whom to send money? Whatever little money that can be sent to our people would be of help I think. Or there can be volunteers who can come for help. Let us know a way for that.

    I do care about Political rights but right now the need is food, clothing and shelter. Then comes the rights.

  84. Dear DBSJ

    … Continued

    Without such a constructive activity of channelising the help needed for our people this forum would become a just another newsfeed. I would be least interested in just reading and commenting(sic). Apologies for using strong words DBSJ.

  85. If there is transparency in spending the Money , It is ok to give money to NERDO project by project and monitor it . It is a very good opportunity. The bottom line is to make sure whatever the money is given is not ending up else where.

    This does not mean the Diaspora should co operate with GOSL in every aspect unless GOSL shows genuine willingness to work towards reconciliation and political solution. But so far every actions of GOSL is opposite extreme.

    GOSL is in great financial stress, This is a big avenue that diaspora should heavily exploit. Make them suffer the consequences for oppressing Tamils and through this we can pressure them to give our due rights. Hope that the US will terminate the GSP privilege to GOSL, I for one never buy any product that made in Sri Lanka.
    I recently found out that in Canada that every month Tamils consume 20 Million $ worth of Sri Lankan products.


    The war is over.LTTE supported by people like you have brought the Tamils to disaster. Now the affected Tamils living in Sri Lanka are doing the best they can to remedy the situation.If you can help, help. Otherwise just shut up……………….DBSJ//

    Then fine. we will just shut up.


  87. Dear Dbsj
    Brilliant journalism
    Keep it up
    Looking forward to more great pieces from you
    KP is right
    Those who fight &run away always live to fight another day
    As Gen McArthur said “We are not retreating.We are marching in the opposite direction”
    Revi Unni

  88. Dear DBS

    I was wondering why you had compared the Gota-KP relationship to that between Humprey Bogart and Claude Raines in the old movie “Casablanca”

    So I rented it from a DVD store and watched it with my husband. Oh what a wonderful movie

    The line about beginning a beautiful friendship at the end was so revealing and insightful

    Only then did I realise why you had quoted those lines in writing about Gota and KP

    Oh my God! Through that simple line you said all what you wanted to say about the Gota -KP relationship. How ironically direct you are

    If all those readers commenting here had seen that movie and understood its relevance to what you had written about Gota and KP they would have realised what a lot of depth you have and how you pretend to be simple and naive while conveying subtle indicators of your real perspective

    DBS , I really think you are wasting your time catering to the kind of readers who comment here. They will nnever comprehend who you are and what you seek to convey


    Thank You Gloria, You made my day. You give me hope that all is not lost and that I am not wasting my time and energy here.one reader like you is worth a 100 other type of readers

  89. I doubt all those ‘binamies’ who hold the LTTE(tamil diaspora)’s properties would agree to part with it.
    There could be even fresh moves to collect funds for KP;s projects like NERDO and misappropriate them for overdue mortgage and car loan payments.
    The best solution would be to publish or leak information about these properties and their caretakers so that the diaspora can boycott those stores /temples/medias and force them to change their stand,
    Castro’s undestroyed collection of data and docements would become handy in that project.

  90. Very informative article.I am sinhalese and live in a western country.I personally believe SL government should do more to build up the trust between the two fractions.Sinhalisation of the N&E is not the answer to the national question.Most of the tamil diaspora seem to be crying for their lost pride.Government should give them at least some recognition of their lost feelings.Why don’t
    we organise a week of reconciliation by remebering the death of both sides and finding out ways of helping out their loved ones and families.After all they are all sons and daughters of our motherland though they fought for contradictory causes.What king Dutugemunu did after defeating King Elara was erecting a monument at the place of his death and gave orders to everyone to respect the great king Elara everytime passing that place.There are ways of healing the traumatized mentalities.In my view the government is pretty poor in that.

  91. Dear DBS,
    The Tamils of Lanka has got no choice but to work with GoSL to gain back their normal life. They should concentrate on getting their children educated and to find good jobs in order to improve their life.
    Sinhalese are the NEW Conquerers of the North and East parts of Sri Lanka [Ceylon]. They the new colonialists! & Tamils will have to learn Sinhala and some of might become Buddhists!!!
    The strong arm of GoSL will keep the Tamils under control/subjugated for ever and ever.

  92. Thank you for the article.

    Many diaspora Tamils do want to help in monetary as well as expertise. Even at the grassroots level in teaching etc.

    However, the s ‘sensationalist’ Tamil affairs media out there has created a mindset for instant results. This alone will hinder broader participation.

    Further, some Tamil diaspora claiming as there is a vast number of people lining upto do the monetary work to uplift the people is also not true.

    I hope KP and govt. will make ways to have more of a “Diaspora volunteer corps’ within the NGO being set up, that primarily utilizes one’s skills rather than just $.

  93. The LTTE should be disbanded and its flag of guns & bullets should be ditched.

    I am relieved KP no longer sends weapons to Eelam to sustain VP’s war.

    We have no option other than rallying round the TNA.

  94. Sri Lankan government delibrately distroyed the infrastructure of Tamil Eelam in order to win the war caused by their own discremination of one section of the people since we gain independent from Brition. If the Rajapakse’s are genuienly interested in solving the Eelam problem they should not drag their feet any longer but come out with some sort of develution package acceptable to the Tamils. He need not wait until 100% of the Singhala people to say okay or approve his offer. He is the leader and the president of the country. He has won the war now upto to him to put and end to this long awaited settlement to the Eelam issue. Then all the Tamils living in other parts of the world would come forward to help their people living in N&E of the country to rebulit the lives again. Until such time I dont think KP or anybody going succesed in getting moneny from the diaphora for developement purpose. Government has regained part of LTTE’s assets now they can dispose it off and spend on rehablitation of the people of North and East, Then the rest will come on its own.

  95. Great article as always.
    Let’s hope that everything work out well for KP and the Tamil community. Hopefully the Tamil diaspora read this article and change their anti SL attitude because there is no purpose in carrying on.

    The success of KP’s work will be a winner for the Tamil people and the whole of Sri Lanka.

    Long live KP and God bless him.

  96. DBSJ,

    I am with you with the reply for #109. Ardent LTTE supporters brought all the agony to the people who are living there now and who were forced to leave SL.
    Simply people like 109 should SHUT UP or if they can’t support KP. It will do a lot for those people.

  97. I believe initiatives such as Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) Global Tamil Forum (GTF) and Tamil Eelam Peoples National Assembly (TEPNA) etc. are the necessities of time. So is KP’s NERDO project.

    We have to accept the fact that KP is not a traitor like Karuna, and Diaspora should support his project.

    SLG should challenge TGTE & TEPNA etc. with what they have to offer; simply saying “We all are Sri Lankans” is not going to help. Separation is deeply rooted in Tamils’ mind and government has to prove why it is not necessary. It is now “walk the talk, show me the money.”

    When you say Sinhala Buddhist country then naturally the next question arises, then what about my language (Tamil), my religion (Hindu, Muslim, Christian.) Government can’t simply ignore that question saying “well, we allow Temples, Mosques and Churches in Sri Lanka, so what’s the problem and you can speak your language, what’s the problem?

    Decision to remove the Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Judicial Building in 2003 is worthy to remember at this juncture, bearing in mind that USA was a Christian country and still so but with less punch.

    Tamils should not support arm struggle again, it was an experiment and LTTE really did well until all hell broke loose, and it is now outdated. We have to remember after 9/11 world has transformed and we should be able to see the reality.

    Tamils also have to understand that Sinhalese are very nice people, and they are very closer to us. They need us and we need them. Unfortunately politicians have poisoned them with unnecessary fear and it is very difficult diffuse that fear. But we Tamils have to reach out to them to explain our position and they will understand. By mutual respect and love we can win them.

  98. Hi DBSJ,

    Nice one as usual.

    I once met KP in New Jersey in late 80’s and he is a soft spoken and well mannered man.

    I sincerely wish him well and hope our issues are solved genuinely by the GOSL. The present government has everything going for them to amend the constitution if they are genuinely interested but time will tell.

    The “Tibetizatian” of the traditional Tamil inhibited areas with Military men and their families is counter productive.

    Perhaps, India will deliver what the LTTE couldn’t if GOSL is continue to drag it’s feet on the Tamil question.


  99. #76-mala

    Good for reading but…. does this do any good to Tamils
    Some tamils have benefited by being able to continue their studies. Your children are not having that problem i suppose. Read the article properly first. A long journey begins with the first step. What have you done for the tamils?. If everyone does a little bit, then imagine what the sum total will be. When someone does something to help the tamils, people like you who belittle it discourage others.

  100. Good to see you back, I have checked your blog everyday for a new writing. I guess thirst for your writings will always be with us.
    What KP felt was what most of us here feel too. We too are moved when we visit the north. Many Srilankans get together for medical camps ect. but KP is sponsoring education. The Govt recently talked about a Engineering and another faculty for the Jaffna Uni..
    To most of my Tamil brothers out there. The TGTE is causing more harm than you know. Once again there is suspicion of its activity. The fact that the LTTE flower and Flag is adopted does not help.
    If you can please help your brothers here in the affected area.

  101. #98-starship

    KP should not collaborate with Mahinda. This is called treason
    Treason is
    to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against , or seriously injure your nation.Is the GOSL a foreign government for the tamils? Are the tamils having their own nation at the moment? Is KP helping to overthrow or make war against or seriously injure a non existent tamil nation, by helping tamils in captivity?
    Collaboration for a good cause is not treason,unless it is for the reasons i mentioned above. Their is no country at the moment called Eelam except in the imagination of some people. Also the war is over, so desist from calling his actions treason, because you are overblowing it all.

  102. I wanted to put a note on this subject.

    There is a tendency generally among each of us (Tamils), and in particular, tamils of SL Origin that, only “I” can think of welfare of the fellow Tamils (of SL Origin). VP had this mindset and as well the gun; because he had gun, he had the luxury of shooting few Tamils(sic) who could have contributed immensely to the welfare of fellow Tamils albeit moving in different path. Presently I think you, Tamilnet, etc are using your pen/keyboard to shoot the alternative thinking. I am not putting you and the TamilNet on the same platform but just observed some similar traits when you are expressing your point of view with disdain and contempt and rejecting others’ point of view who share similar vision but do not share similar paths to achieve that vision. Yes, I agree currently moderation is virtue.

    It is quite human to expect different people react to situation differently. When someone on the road is hit upon by a speeding vehicle – one guy may rush to help the wounded person on the road; whereas the other guy might scream and call for Police to catch the speeding vehicle, and the third guy may call the ambulance. All three are needed for that situation. Similarly, there are Tamils of one view who are protesting at Vanni mayhem, and there are others with alternative view and who would prefer to heal the wounds of the people living in Vanni today. I think, the former have initiated Transnational Govt and latter are grouping to attend and care for the immediate needs of the crying souls. The former is neither a sinner and the latter is not a saint. In general in your articles and in some comments I find this fault-finding on fellow Tamils strongly.

    KP seems to be a thoroughbred professional. Someone who procured arms in the black market for couple of decades does not need a certificate from anyone. I think one should remember that for the SL Govt welfare of the Tamils is not important; but their image makeover is important. KP who has tremendous survival instincts smelled and utilized that opportunity. SL Govt/Gota also knows the colors of KP but this is the maximum they will do to arrest the slide in their reputation (however mean and slim it is). KP knows about the importance of balancing expectation and the reality; so today he has decided to be with the Govt thereby helping tamils to rehabilitate; I think he will handover the baton for demanding Political power to next generation.

    I think a section of Diaspora will have to reconcile to the current realities but also should have a clear vision for the future. I saw a comment ridiculing KP of associating with GOSL for the last few years. Only idiots can think like that. One should realize that there can be thousands of VPs in each generation but rare to find one KP among Tamils. The art of engaging people with from different walks of life (with limited public speaking skills) and especially those who are baying for one’s own blood is not a joke. KP seems to be practicing it for decades.

    The most important thing is about understanding how each one can contribute to the welfare of the community. It is important to remember the history and as well the current realities and environment in which we are living. Success of one’s vision depends on the current environment even though the victor and the vanquished may have shared the common idea. History is replete with instances of a great idea being tried during incorrect times. VP is one of those ideas because of India and its mindset; so one should listen to KP now.

  103. An excellent and an unbiased exposure of the reality of the Tamils in Srilanka today.

    One needs exceptional courage to do a piece of writing like this for obvious reasons. All peace loving Srilankans must take their hats off to Mr Jeyaraj.

    The Tiger faction of the diaspora are desperately trying to keep the loot extorted over the years.

    They will do everything under the Sun to eliminate any threats to their grip on the LTTE finances.

    Mr Pathmanathan was a marked man after the death of the Tiger leader,because of the power stuggle over the finances.

    Mr Pathmanathan is safer now in Srilanka .

    He is a person whos has been exposed to the Foreign cultures for 20 years through his activities related to the arms procurement and finances of the LTTE.

    This obviously has given him a different perspective of life than his collegues who were living in the jungle with their cyanide capsules around the neck.

    The recent actions of Mr Pathmanathan indicates that he is truely remorseful for his past actions that brought immense suffering to his people.

    He is determined to rectify at least some of these some of these wrong doings which is an admirable act.

    The Tiger faction must follow the example of this man and do what ever possible to help the Tamil people in the North East.

    These people have no options unlike the diaspora members who are living comforatable lives with the future of their children also well defined and facilitated.

    The sums of money mentioned in the article are peanuts in comparison to the funds under the care of the Tiger Faction as well as the earnings of some of the high flyers who are members and drivers of the Tiger Faction.

  104. Whatever the tamil diaspora think or scream, it’s upto the tamils living in Sri Lanka to decide the fate of the struggle. At this point, these people are merely fighting for survival. I myself being one of the diaspora, say we need to support KP or whomever can get this people out this misery. Enough is enough, no more war and violence. If we love our people, love our freedom fighters and their sacrifices, we should work on reconciliation and move forward.

    You can only see what these people go through if you been there, you must be ashamed of youself for running away from war at one point and now advocates war that you want someone else children to fight.

    No differences based on language, religion, or territory. All are equal and are SRI LANKANs. Let the people live.

  105. Nice Article.
    But, I think that it would be a great spy fiction,I mean fiction if someone links following incidents of KP’ s life

    1.KP’s mastermind arms procurement
    2.Removal of KP from his succesful role by VP
    3.His marraige to a Thai woman
    4.Rumors of his arrest first
    5.His return as a international head
    6.Destruction of floating arms warehouses
    7.Intensified war
    8.VP’s continous stay in Vanni amidst falling all strongholds one by one 7 having lite aircraft, sea power)
    9.Failed deals to rescue civilians by international army
    10.Failed deals to rescue senior LTTE leaders by peace brokers
    11.Rumors of VP’s last comments on KP as a traitor
    12.KP’s announcement of VP’s death,
    13.Taking over the leadership
    14.Announcing arms struggle is over
    15.Move to a public life(updating blog etc)
    16.Dramatic arrest in malaysia
    17.supporting GOSL finally

    Hope someone will write that novel one day.

  106. 91. Dr. Nalin Swaris :-Please understand that politicians world wide do not want people telling the truth openly or at least people expressing their own opinion without political coloration. It is rather surprising that you don’t realise that. US General Mccrystle was sacked recently by Obama just for that. Therefore DBS or any other respectable journo surviving with any political master is impossible.

    100. Ravi: VP was offered North and East on a platter and he did not accept it. What more is reasonable? Early in the peace, even Rajiv Gandhi wanted VP killed because he knew with him, there wouldn’t be a solution to the Tamil issue.

    127. Sam:- You are 100% correct. Tamil’s need to find their own solution with the Sinhalese and the more they don’t realise that and the more dispora and the couch potatoes abroad vilify GOSL, the further away Tamil’s are moving from reconciliation & a solution. Some of my Diaspora friends say, I am asking the Tamils to lick the Sinhalese bums. Definitely not, but this diaspora guys does not know that there are ways to get under the GOSL skin without having an acrimonious relationship. This is where KP may succeed because he may know the way.

  107. Hi David,
    very informative article. thank you.
    I am one of the few tamil diaspora who never did any financial contribution to LTTE. but I am always helping my relatives back home. I am happy to contribute financially to KP’s vision as long as it is a genuine one. we will have to wait a bit longer to see the progress of this NGO’ s programme. this money might go in to the hands of MR and his brothers.

  108. dear jey,
    yet another well researched article and informative though sounds quite biased towards kp but not surprised becoz you have been batting for kp since he announced that he is taking over ltte after the war.i appreciate your well intention and in fact as a tamil based in chennai i will be more than willing to contribute towards the development of north and east srilanka where my cousins are leading a miserable life.but here i would like to introduce a caveat was kps intention of helping tamil struck him before the he was captured or it struck him after he was captured , though this is academic as every one knows but it matters.tamils of north and east should join together irrespective of their caste and try to protect the concept of merger of north and east only if it happens there is any future.one hopes diaspora also makes its contribution rather than beleiving in nediyavan or kullamanavan .in this process one should not overlook the fact that united nations has initiated a probe into human rights violation that took place during last stages of war after seeing the reactions of sinhalese to this it has only hardened my feeling that we need to keep up the pressure we gotta pun intended catch hold of war criminals and there is speculation that chemical weapons were used in the last stages of war this also needs to be investigated .my personal appeal to indian government is please involve yourself in srilanka please save the tamils they are our kith and kin we cant leave them in lurch .i guess tamils of north though angry with india for its acts will definitely welcome indian involvement one hopes that indian ngos participate in it.jey i know i may get a fussillade for this from you does not matter i am as independent as you lol


    Jaggu saar.I am with you on this. Let India get very much involved with the resettlement, rehabiliatrion, infrastructure & economic development of North & East.Let India also help out with educational& cultural matters. Also let India ensure that the 13th & 16th amendments to the Lankan constitution (brought about through Indo – Lanka accord) are implemented speedily & effectively

    “Thanjam Adaintha pin Kaividalamo
    Thayunthan Kulanthaiyai Thallidap Pomo”

  109. As a final analysis, there is no difference between Karuna and KP. Both have sold the Tamils rights to the Sinhala extremist and war criminal Rajapaksa and Brothers for their own survival and self interest.

    Atleast it is good that KP’s true colors are exposed for all to see. Diaspora Tamils should work with the international community and bring the war criminals to International war tribunal.

    Those Tamils who work with KP should realise that they are being used to continue and cover up the Rajapakse’s atrocities against the Tamils.

  110. KP is a master craftsman. No wonder VP appointed him as the international rep of the LTTE. Looks like KP has well and truly got Gota into his camp. Now both of them into the hugging game,Where will this end up – I don’t know.

  111. Dear DBS,
    Though the LTTE has been militarily defeated, their ways and means to suppress any ideas/activities against them is not.
    GoSL under Rajapakshes’ is using the similar tactics to govern SL.
    This is what the SENSIBLE people of SL / World do not agree with. There is no place for Press /judicial freedom. All the are armed forces are under the dictatorial GoSL.
    THERE IS NO CHARISMATIC OPPOSITION LEADER to convince the public of what is really happening in Lanka.
    We need a government that will not waste the wealth [money/talent/resources] of the nation. The Government should give a foothold in Lanka for Chinese or Indians .
    It is time the schools should teach the young generation that Lanka is for everyone and to learn to respect all the different cultures/languages.
    I wish for a peaceful righteous Lanka where human rights are respected.

  112. Sri Lankans think he is powerful but KP is like an invalid coin. He has no power, no money now. KP is a spent force.

  113. Looks like KP has put a cat among the UNP pigeons as well.

    Sajith Premadasa holding the blow torch at the belly, Ranil seems to be desperate to isolate Sajith and save the ass.

    Rushing to the President and sucking up to him is a clear indication that he is up to something, like he did for the ex buddy the ex General soon after the Prez election.

    Keep up the good work KP.We love you

  114. Tamils have to wake up and accept the fact that the only way to get the release of all IDP and the POW is by smart negotiation with SL govt . KP is a one smart Tamil let him do his job and if one cannot provide any support atleast refrain from throwing mud. We need KP in Colombo to provide access for our contribution to reach the needy.
    Good piece of journalism Mr D B S and thank you.

  115. Thanks DBS for providing some inside of KP. KP is selfless Tamil patriot. During his younger days, he quitted his university studies and work had for what he was believed at that time. On the other hand the present Diaspora Tamil leaders have never involved in the struggle during their student days. They sidelined from the struggle and completed their university studies and left overseas. Only patriotic Tamil youths (they may be from LTTE or other groups) stayed on the ground scarified everything. These Diaspora Tamil leaders and their supporters have no moral rights to question KP. KP is true Tamil patriot.

  116. I am gald the fast is over, WW can battle it out for another day to save the country from unruly elemenets. He reminds me of the ancient Sinhala Heros. If he died Banki Moon will have to answer 100s of questions, so Moon must be happy

  117. Dear DBS,

    This is the right strategy. I think what KP is doing is right. That does not mean what the others are doing to put pressure on SL via the UN and Western governments are wrong. That needs to be done too to increase our negotiation power. Pure co-operation is not going to help.

    But the multi-million dollar question is not how much funds he will be able to raise from Diaspora. But the multi-million dollar question is how much of these funds will get into the rajapakse and government coffers ? Lets face it if they dont then that will be the first time in a life time.

    After all Rajapakse played out the tsunami money that was going to his own people. So a low life like that will not spare a cent if that money is going to help his enemies the tamils!!.

    Otherwise one has to admire KP’s skills. Especially being able to think on his feet, adopt and change his strategy to help both tamils and singhalese in a positive manner. Hope he succeeds and I will bet money in succeeding. The fact that he was able to convince his captors and make them friends shows his brilliant interpersonal skills. May be SL should appoint him as foreign minister and not the nutty professor to get them out of the mess they are in. What a pitty his former dud leader (VP) didnt have this iota of commen sense. Instead that fool ruined the lives of all Tamils.



  118. # 131. jagan sriram

    I am an Indian Tamil, and I strongly feel India should not directly involve in Srilankan conflict.

    There are too many Srilankan Tamil plotical parties , representatives , movements working in different directions. There is No single united voice or harmony among Tamils.

    Srilanka is also very affirmative after it eliminated LTTE. No country could pressurise them, including India. China and Russia also would not do any favour to Tamils, as it would make GOSL unhappy.

    IPKF accord is still there only in paper. In the past it was rejected by Tamils. Now it is rejected by Sinhalese. If any one of the conflicting party, is not in agreement to IPKF clause, there is no point in India involving as mediator in this conflict.

    It is up to Srilankan Tamils either politically or by Armed struggle to fight for their previleges.

    Rest of the world including India could work behind the scene to harness whatever previleges Srilanka Tamils could bargain from GOSL.

  119. When a person of the caliber of KP changes all too sudden it is difficult to accept it. But considering the fact that there is no LTTE activity in the ground and even the leader had gone then one can accept his stance.

    But what can the change of heart of KP do to the Tamil question.

    If the SL govt puts too much of hopes that it could turn the diaspora friendly through KP then it is wrong.

    I find some putting almost all the blame on the LTTE.

    This is wrong as I believe that the commissions and omissions of the SL govt and the politics, society and also the Budhist clergy have a very large share in this sorry state of affairs.

    Now the SL govt is not doing enough towards the rehabilitation of the IDP’s and is allocating more funds to the military.

    Probably the SL govt thinks that some others will plough in their money, like KP for instance.

    May be the SL govt thinks that KP will bring in the diaspora money for the development.

    While it is welcome sign that the diaspora tamils should put in their part in the rehabilitation process what is the role of the other culprits.

    They are just washing their hands and going off putting all the blame on the LTTE.

    The intentions of the KP may be good. But will he be allowed to have his way by the SL govt?

    I don’t think so.

    At the worst case scenario the KP may end up like Douglas Devananda, Karuna or Pillayan.

    Or even if he doesn’t end up like that some others will use him for the financial gains.

  120. DBS
    You are the one writter accepted the demise of LTTE supremo V.Prabhakaran. I am expecting the same from other Tamil editors!
    சட்டி சுட்டதடா கை விட்டதடா!
    எறும்புத் தோலை உரித்து பார்த்து ஞானம் வந்ததடா!

  121. If SL wants reconciliation it has to be a two way or even a three way process.All communities should make it a habit to think and act in the best interest of all communities.KP’s change of heart is in line with this.GR’S & the govt’s is even more so.Leaving politics apart.

    NGO to manage the funds is an excellent idea.Transparency and priorities are just the right.

    .One must also think about the other communities and soldier who were affected.Take care of them and contribute to their welfare as well.
    One must show compassion towards the suffering of others no matter what cast,creed,race,religion,color or language spoken.
    God bless SL.

  122. DBS, You have done more to bring to light, happenings in Sri Lanka than any other journalist, in my memory. You certainly are independant and neutral which gives you great credibility. All editors of todays Sri Lankan newspapers and bloggers too should take note of your independant approach. Keep up the good work.


    Jaggu saar.I am with you on this. Let India get very much involved with the resettlement, rehabiliatrion, infrastructure & economic development of North & East.Let India also help out with educational& cultural matters. Also let India ensure that the 13th & 16th amendments to the Lankan constitution (brought about through Indo – Lanka accord) are implemented speedily & effectively


    Sounds like, Sri Lanka’s north will be another state of India and South will be another state of China

  124. His actions are justified under the circumstances he is in. Its hard for us to see the way he was abducted and given no other choice. I believe he will succeed. He was a deal maker all his life and continue to do so.

    I wish him well and thanks DBS

  125. Reference 142, Ignorant comments like, Rajapaksa is going to pocket the money is not what is needed here at this critical juncture.

    Most people here are intelligent enough to understand that the Rajapaksa are decent people . If they had taken bribes they would not have been able to win this struggle against the the three decade old terrorism.

    Sinhalese people in particular should make positive contributions here to encourage the good people in the diaspora to help their long suffering brethren ,

    Cheap shots at the Rajapaksas only provide ammunition to like mined to sabotage the noble effort of this reformed Deputy Leader of the LTTE to pay back at least something to the victims of their struggle.

  126. I am, as always, a ferocious independent thinker, or a dog barking at everyone. I was accused by the pro LTTE as a ‘sinhalese’ supporter and at the same time, my Sinhalese friends accuse me of supporting of LTTE. (Because I always talk about ‘their’ mistakes with the respective party.)

    No matter what, I would support KP, if he can even partially clear the messy life of ex LTTE’ers and their ex-supporters. I do not think the Tamils should take up arms in future . So the ex- people have to trained in normal trade and they should lead normal life.

    I hear, at least some batches of ex-LTTE are given proper taining in other trades so that they can work and lead normal lifes in future. However, as per their interviews, they say they are ‘treated with sarcastic/caustic comments. (‘nakkal”)’. Now that is really really bad. At some ‘point’ of madness. they may do mad things to hurt others. (Remember, LTTE used such ‘madness’ to make the hot blooded into human bombs).

    Lets have a peaceful Sri Lanka . Again. I see some disturbing trends in articles by south indian media. THat could be RAW induced after seeing increased CHinese influence in SL. We had seen what the paper tigers like vaiko, Nedumaran, Seman, and the SOuthern Indian media could do to us. Lets be smart this time and not take arms again !!!!!.

  127. The Rajapakse regime is using KP to bring in the monies amassed by the Tigers.Their intention is get the funds without offering a solution to the Tamil problem. What is the Govt offering in return? – nothing absolutely nothing and they will never. Their intention is to make SL a Sinhala Buddhist country.Is this matter in dispute.
    Eventually the Rajapakse’s will use him and what will befall KP is anybodys guess. What did they do to Dayan J?As the saying goes KP will be used,abused and put out of use.

  128. DBSJ I am curious to know, how is it that KP who has an outstanding arrest warrant in India for Rajiv Gandhi’s death is allowed to cavort merrily as the leader of North and East Reconstruction without any diplomatic effort by India to have him extradited? Is this a minor consideration or did the Rajapakse brothers go as far as cuttinag a diplomatic deal on KP’s behalf? Did this figure in KP’s conversion from Tiger Supremo to peace dove? In the event of a backroom deal being done, are there limits India will accept to KP’s public profile (i.e no political ambition)?

  129. That heralded “the beginning of a beautiful friendship” between captor and captive as in the case of Bogart and Raines in the classic movie “Casablanca

    If you look at the order you have mentioned Captor and captive and then Bogart and raines, then it can be inferred that the captor is bogart(Gota) and the captive is Raines(KP). Is that correct or is it the otherway about?

    From what i can remember of the movie i would have thought that Kp was bogart(because his life was saved by raines) and raines was Gota(because he was the opportunistic police chief).

    Can you elaborate please, because i think you are trying to send out a subtle message to all of us.

    Also you mention that 40 million singapore dollars was spent to capture KP. I presume this was spent by the GOSL. That is about 29000 USD, a lot of money. Was it for bribes? You can answer in code like casablanca and i will decipher it.

  130. # 152. SYdney-Tamil

    It is good to note many Srilankan Tamils have realised conflict with the sinhalese is futile.

    However, Some groups in Tamilnadu, including the media, in utter foolishness passionately support Srilankan Tamil conflict (political as well as Armed) and create hatred among Tamilnadu youths to fight Sinhalese,

    As Srilankan Tamils are on the verge of return to normalcy, the Tamilnadu youths may create trouble for Srilanka & Sinhalese in future.

  131. Dear Mr Jeyaraj,

    An excellent piece, but, of course, that is to be expected whenever you write! The genius of the Tamil people has been in their ability as entrepreneurs and businesspeople. While the tragedy in Sri Lanka may not have ended as some would have desired it to, your point about working to reconstruct and rebuild the North as soon as possible is worth its weight in gold. With a little support from their overseas relatives, I have no doubt that Sri Lankan Tamils will be able to rebuild Jaffna into a great center for commerce, education and industry. Would that some of the commenters here who are criticizing you without bothering to think ahead spent their energies in trying to help the IDPs with educational support or helped them start business or something similarly productive instead!

    Thank you, sir, for your voice of courage and common sense!

  132. # 154. Anonymous

    KP cannot enter India. He will be arrested in India and if convicted may face death sentence.

    Gota’s plan is to use KP to the extent possible and ditch him once what GOSL achieves what it wants.

    KP is a Golden swan, laying eggs at the moment.

  133. #158-Joseph

    KP cannot enter India. He will be arrested in India
    I agree that KP will be arrested because a commentator said there is a arrest warrant for him, but it is ridiclous for India to charge him with Rajiv’s killing. What has he got to do with that. He is in Thailand doing only arms procuring. The decision would have been made by VP because it was kill or get killed as rajiv had given orders to kill him. I think some corrupt fellows in india wanted to get their hands on the assets but gota got there first.

    He may be a golden goose but is he laying golden eggs. Everytime he lays a egg gota must be rushing and taking it, but it is not what he was expecting.

  134. # 159. shankar

    Are you sure KP was not involved? I wonder how you are so sure.

    KP knows who are involved in Rajiv’s assasination. He is part of the LTTE leadership team.

    More truths about Indian plotical partnership in Rajiv’s killing also may come out.

    let us hope India get an oppurtunity to know the truth.

  135. president says weereawansa’s daughter did not eat since ww started the fast. but the girl looked very healthy when the president gave weerawansa water. i am confused. who” telling the truth

  136. I appeal to those who continue to hold onto the belief the use of violence will ensue in the people of the North and East to ‘win’ their rights as you perceive it, the right to self-determination.

    It is unlikely that I can relate to the pain and humiliation that drove you to subscribe to such excessive views. This is not meant to be of any consolation, however, I know far too many children, women and parents from the ‘South’ whose pain would be directly proportional to yours. People hurt the same way, be aware not to let ‘yourself’ fool a more conscience ‘you’ into believing otherwise.

    Evidence is irrefutable the only way this protracted conflict would end was through violence as neither side was genuinely willing to compromise or concede. Facts would have it that it is more so for the LTTE than the Govt. Perhaps the most vital point minuted in Sri Lankan history is that during the CFA negotiations where the LTTE was offered a confederal means of government, which was eventually rejected by its leadership. What realistic alternative is then expected from a democratically elected government with obvious obligations to the constitution that governs it? An historic opportunity was squandered and the rest is now history. Reality has unfolded as it had intended to at unbearable costs.

    Please help me understand where your interests are now. I am led to believe the true reason you continue to accommodate such extreme views is to selfishly maintain and enhance your own perceived self-identity and possible make it easier for you to bare the pain you unfortunately had to go through exacerbated by the defeat. Honestly, Is it not this which seems to precede over other strong arguments to continue with the violent struggle?

    To the younger generation, please wake up and at the very least, be informed before you blindly subscribe to extreme views. Also, in light of what’s been stated and the current context, take a moment to reevaluate your priorities towards the people you claim to be ‘struggling’ for.

    There is so much of effort put in by a relative few, trying to win the peace in Sri Lanka. We understand the war is over but not the conflict. Please do not make it any harder than it already is. Dare I say it, you will have opportunities to pursue your interests in the future, democratically and non-violently once Sri Lanka develops and evolves into a more plural and just society.

    This is no longer about just us, this is about an opportunity to show the whole world a way forward. If we can get past and get through this together, can you imagine how strong and potent a message, a sign of hope we would be sending to the world? As biased as this statement may be, I cannot think of a more understanding, intelligent and resilient people than us to overcome an almost unfathomable challenge that first and foremost, lies within us.

  137. A very long article telling us what we all know already. KP was brought to Sri-Lanka for two purposes spending many millions. Otherwise he would have been assassinated in Malayasia itself. It is to find out about arms procurement and LTTE funds and use him to stall the Self Determination demand of the Tamils particularly that of the Diaspora Tamils. Tamils in North and East are under police vigilance and even TNA cannot speak of self determination in parliament or a war crime inquiry because they will be killed.

    Those people who shot and killed 10 years old Prabaharan’s son because he was the son of the LTTE leader will not spare KP an arm procurer for LTTE and the successor of Prabaharan but for the money he has under his control. Rajapakse brothers are very greedy for money unlike Chandrika. Though she committed genocide of Tamils did not rob poor people’s money, or through ransoms except through land deals.

    KP gave 3 LTTE ships to Sri-Lanka. God knows how much he gave to Swiss bank accounts of politicians. We saw in Channel 4 video clips how LTTE fighters were shot through their heads. Why was KP spared? For LTTE large sums of money kept in reserve to build Eelam.

    KP will never be allowed to go free whatever he does. karuna is different. He was condemned by Tamil Diaspora.

    Tamil Diaspora wants first a stable political solution to live in dignity in their Tamil Homeland. They allowed the LTTE carry on because it did lose it aim under very trying conditions. It will not trust all Dick and Tom and Harry who claims that they are going to bring Utopia from Gothabaya and MR.

    They will only be led by intelligent knowledgeable people. The Trans National Government of Tamils is their choice. Other self interested groups will drop off in time when they are neglected.

  138. To all for your information,
    Last week Basil Rajapakshe mentioned in a public meeting that one of registered NGO in SrlLanka spent more money last year than the GOSL expenditures? He mentioned that amount (Not in my memory) He did not mention that NGO’s name.
    A serious Brother

  139. #159, Shankar,
    “The decision would have been made by VP because it was kill or get killed as rajiv had given orders to kill him.”

    ???So, you were overhearing Rajiv when he gave the order to kill VP? I don’t know how this thing ever surfaced in the first place. Perhaps, some tiger characters came up with this to justify the killing of Rajiv as a self defense move by the tiger chief to make it look legitimate. But nothing of this sort ever happened. In fact, when Rajiv was killed he had been out of power for more than a year and was in no position to give any official orders. And to top it all, it was Rajiv who specifically told IPKF to let VP escape in two of their close encounters during operation checkmate I & II. Gen. Kalkat put it diplomatically when he said, “When Prabhakaran was surrounded and I relayed it to Delhi, I got a message through my command truck (that had sat link to Army HQ) to let him go”. Also, Rajiv truly believed that VP had to be present as a strong figure to pressure the SL govt. So, despite the IPKF fiasco, Rajiv had the sagacity to recognize VP as a representative of SL tamils. Given this background, it’s the height of foolishness on the part of the tigers to kill Rajiv. You don’t get away scot free after killing the leader of a big country like India. If you based your claim on the info that Dixit had ordered Gen Harkirat Singh to shoot VP when he came for talks, well, there is no proof whatsoever that such a move was authorized by Rajiv. Any one with the knowledge of the IFS ranks would tell you that JN Dixit was a wily fox of the IFS clan. A.S. Dullat, the former RAW chief had a very unchararcteristic remark of Dixit. “Mani (as Dixit was known in IFS circles) was perhaps the wiliest foreign secretaries I had ever come across” , he said (the RAW chiefs regularly interact with the foreign secs as they are a conduit for external intelligence and posts in missions in foreign capitals).

  140. 128. Assitha

    1.KP’s mastermind arms procurement
    2.Removal of KP from his succesful role by VP
    3.His marraige to a Thai woman
    4.Rumors of his arrest first
    5.His return as a international head
    6.Destruction of floating arms warehouses
    7.Intensified war
    8.VP’s continous stay in Vanni amidst falling all strongholds one by one 7 having lite aircraft, sea power)
    9.Failed deals to rescue civilians by international army
    10.Failed deals to rescue senior LTTE leaders by peace brokers
    11.Rumors of VP’s last comments on KP as a traitor
    12.KP’s announcement of VP’s death,
    13.Taking over the leadership
    14.Announcing arms struggle is over
    15.Move to a public life(updating blog etc)
    16.Dramatic arrest in malaysia
    17.supporting GOSL finally

    Good analysis. But there should be something (or more) in between 15 & 16 -not just S$ 40 M.

    -How was he traced & ‘arrested’
    -What actions his Thai wife & Rudra took after arrest.
    -Who were the persons he last met & how and why
    -If Malaysia and possibly S’pore and other countries had helped GOSL to seize and transport him to SL, what were their terms.
    Naturally they would have sought some guarantees from GOSL as to KP’s safety and prompt legal recourse.
    As a seasoned negotiator KP would have realized this when he was taken to Gota’s residence instead of 4Flr.

    Unfortunately his plan failed at the outset itself.
    -Only 9 out of the 22 invitees attended
    -Even among them there was atleast 1 Mole(Dr.A)
    -His alienation with the Tamil politicos especilally after the rumours re the Northern provincial CM.

    GOSL got some brownie points
    -portrayed interest in rehabiliting the North
    -if any funds come, that’s a bonus
    -succeeded in driving more wedges amongst the overseas LTTE structures

  141. Very interesting article by DBSJ. Thank you for the inside details, sir !! I fully support such peace-making efforts.

    Can DBSJ please reveal the exact nature of KP’s initial remark to Gotabaya Rajapaksa (about the Buddha statue) that captivated him? I am very intrigued… If possible, please let us know what exactly KP said to GR.

    Perhaps we can all learn from KP’s remark how to speak when we have lost everything and yet know how to speak with dignity and poise, when you are at the hands of your worst enemy .

    What a welcome transformation in KP. I think KP is very pragmatic and has accepted the ground realities better than the nutcases (who live in a dream world). I commend such a change of heart.

    May others too drop their anger and work bravely in peace for a brave, new Sri Lanka. Let us put the past behind us. We cannot change the past..but we can surely change the future.

    I offer my sincere prayers so that the beautiful people of the beautiful Sri Lanka emerge stronger from this past calamity and live in harmony for ever.

    I pray to Lord Murugan that there may be eternal peace in Sri Lanka and may all Sri Lankans respect, love and protect each other.

    Om! Sahanaavavatu; Sahanau Bhunaktu

    (May we protect ourselves together; May we experience/enjoy together)

    Sahaveeryam Karavaavahaih
    (May we perform valourous deeds together)


    (May what we learn make us brilliant)

    Maa Vidvishaavahaih

    (May we not hate anyone)

    Om! Shantih, shantih, shantih

    (Peace on earth, Peace all around us, Peace within us)

    I hope DBSJ and all readers can convince the policymakers so that Sri Lanka can follow a tri-lingual education policy in schools so that all Sri Lankans must learn 3 languages viz. English, Tamil and Sinhala – irrespective of their backgrounds. This would make all Sri Lankans know about the rich multi-cultural heritage of their country and respect people of all languages.

    I found that a trilingual policy exists in the Indian education system in some states …… and this policy has helped heal linguistic tensions.

    Research has found that learning multiple languages makes people smarter (by keeping your brain sharp and active). I am sure many of you have read about the research that shows that multi-lingual people’s brains are less prone to Alzheimers/Parkinsons than mono-lingual people.

    Sri Lanka has potentially the best, brightest and most intelligent people in the whole world. Let an era of peace produce Nobel Laureates, Computer Professionals, Engineers and Medical Researchers who will make Sri Lanka into Silicon Valley. 🙂

  142. in contrast to the daughter Weerawansa put up a show as if he was very ill and facing imminent death. A doctor stated his kidneys were badly affected. But the daughter who according to the President had also not supposedly eaten for 2 ½ days. How come such a big difference between the father’s condition and the daughter’s, she was a bubbling little kid who showed no signs of starvation. Who is it that the President and Weerawansa trying to mislead. They are misleading themselves. Then why did Weerawansa’s wife came to the scene with so much make up as if she was going to a beauty contest – was she really worried about the husband or not?

  143. Ref 142 , good relevant and sensible advice.

    The LTTE leader refused confederation because his goal was a fully independent mini Eelaam with full Military power as the stepping stone to the greater Eelaam.

    India, having recognized the plot, took immediate action to curb the LTTE after Mrs Gandhi’s demise.

    The Westerners however , supported the LTTE to the hilt,to the extent that the Norwegian FM warning the President Of Srilanka to accede to the LTTE leaders demands because he can not be defeated Militarily.

    The diaspora ,academics ,lawyers and the ex Srilankan civil servants lead by Mr Balsingham and Mrs Balasingham made the LTTE leader believe int his goal, and kept the Westerners on side.

    People who observed the events over the two years prior to May 2009 are puzzled that the Western powers could not force the LTTE leader to be reasonable and prevent the catastrophic carnage that resulted in hundreds of thousands dead and maimed..

    They not only turned a blind eye to this carnage, but went all the way to help a Terrorist organization to carve out an independent autocratic state with in a democratic country.

    The same people are now crying foul and are hell bent on punishing the Srilanka’s 20 Million citizens to please the pro LTTE elements in the diaspora.

    Economic sabotage and international war crime charges are part and parcel of this campaign to get at the Srilankan government for eliminating the scourge of Terrorism..

    And guess what, the same people who advised the late LTTE leader are the ones who are advising and spearheading the current campaign. although the ex LTTE deputy has realized the mistakes and trying to bring back some relief to their long suffering people.

  144. 163. Dr C P Thiagarajah,

    Isn’t it very evident – from your own ‘comments’ here, that GoSL has defeated Tamil Armed struggle and any quest for even other means of political devolution for the foreseeable future, decisively on several fronts.

    So all this finger pointing takes no one anywhere.

  145. #166-Kumar

    If you based your claim on the info that Dixit had ordered Gen Harkirat Singh to shoot VP when he came for talks, well, there is no proof whatsoever that such a move was authorized by Rajiv.
    Are you a donkey who has never worked in a proper administration before. First get a real job, then you will know how it works where major decisions that tarnish or create repercussions for the no1 has to be authorised by the no1. He will always say to the hatchet man ” see that i have nothing to do with it”. VP and rajiv were two guys with big egos, like mahinda and fonseka, one had to go.

  146. #166-Kumar

    In fact, when Rajiv was killed he had been out of power for more than a year and was in no position to give any official orders. And to top it all, it was Rajiv who specifically told IPKF to let VP escape in two of their close encounters during operation checkmate I & II. Gen. Kalkat put it diplomatically when he said, “When Prabhakaran was surrounded and I relayed it to Delhi, I got a message through my command truck (that had sat link to Army HQ) to let him go”.

    You know very well that Rajiv was killed on the campaign trail, and all the polls predicted a thumping victory for him. VP would never go after spent forces, f so many more srilankan politicians would have been killed. He did not seem to go after people on a personal level, but if someone was a threat he would kill him.

    As for IPKF surrounding VP that was news to me. They were getting bashed all the way and were only interested in raping women.The only time when VP was nearly finished was in Athulathmudali’s time in the vadamaarachi operation. Kalkat will just try to exonerate his dismal performance, but the fact remains that VP escaped the IPKF by whiskers and was starving and hidng in the bush, while they searched for him. They did go flat out to get him, but failed.

  147. # 173. shankar

    VP had good reasons to kill Rajiv. Sonia too had good reasons to eliminate LTTE and its supporters.

    What IPKF could not do in years of fighting, valiant Srilankan forces accomplished.

    Hats off to Srilankan Armed forces.

  148. dear jey,
    thank you for your comments i expected a fussilade rather i got flowers lol regarding joseph and my fellow traveller mahesh comments pakistan has got a policy in afghanistan which is called strategic depth policy rather it is pakistani armys strategy rather than pakistans foreign policy.the idea is to capture covertly thru taliban and use it for its own purpose in gaining strategically in central asia may be it can use it to build pipeline from central asia and make money.now that america has found treasure trove of minerals it gains even more
    prominence for pursuance of this strategy.unfortunately indian policy makers also want to share the pie of afghanistan hence india is involved in building infrastructre there spending billions of dollars and occassionally losing indian lives at the hands of taliban.indian mandarins who are looking at afghanistan are foolish to turn their face when it comes to srilanka.srilanka it is much more near to india it may not have treasure trove of minerals but given the fact that india has got aspirations of becoming a super power one fails to understand why india is not involved in srilanka much more vehemently.tamil supporters like me hope that if india involves much more vehmently if it succeeds in getting north and east for tamils and provides protection to tamil leaders and tamils from sinhalese goons india has got much to gain from it.it can gain the goodwill of srilankan tamils .i am writing this with a view that tamils will gain something from indias self interest .as far as the charge that india is meddling in neighbours affairs in a globalised world when a country is aspiring to become a superpower it is natural that sometimes collisions take place when a country named pakistan which runs from pillar to post for aid to sustain its economy has a strategic depth policy why not india in that way tamils will also be a beneficiery.lets hope that it prevails.it prevails over malayali mandarins who are the impediments to this policy.lol

  149. President and WWansha took the whole country and the world on a ride. Even for a moment I thought WWanshe was genuine, now I see he is a number 1 con artist. Putting the little girl in the scene they escaped. Was this a Master Plan, I don’t know. I will never trust this fellow WWansha

  150. # 175. jaggan sriram

    India and tamilnadu actively involved in Srilanka and whole heartedly supported Srilankan Tamils. The end result is animosity with Srilankan Tamils and assasination of Rajiv Gandhi. more than 1000 IPKF lost their lifes due to local Tamils suppor of LTTE rather than IPKF.

    India also supported GOSL actively while LTTE was wayward, and the end result: Humiliation of IPKF forces and forced withdrawl from Srilanka. The irony is GOSL and LTTE joined hands in sending Indians out.

    Once bitten, twice shy. Twice bitten, India has no other option than to hope Srilankan internal conflict will be solved by themselves.

    India should diplomatically handle and friendlier to China rather than trying to meddle with srilankan affairs in fear of China.

  151. Ref Comments 163 Dr C.P Thiagaraja is gone Topsy Turvy due to the shock from the demise of his beloved leader and the dis belief from the actions of the Deputy Leader.

    It appears DR Thiagaraja who lives in 5 star luxury could not careless about the poor souls who are still suffering in refugee camps courtesy of his unstinted support to late Mr VP.

    Mr K Pathmanathan being a realist has decided that the best way to help his long suffering people is to help the government which ever way he can,

    This is an admirable quality. Besides Mr Pathmanathan,although acted as the CFO of the LTTE, he did not have direct contact with the killer squads.

    It is perfectly okay for the government to look after him for he has shown remorse and is endeavoring to help his people

    .In fact Mr Pathmnathan would have become a victim of the LTTE power struggle for the finances had he stayed overseas.

    Dr Thiagaraja is bitter and afraid thatt the fair mined people in the Diaspora will follow suit and join with government to help these victims get their lives back to normal.

    And that is the need of the hour and not the fanciful dreams of the pro Tiger Tamils who advocate homelands for the poor while enjoying 5 star comforts in their adopted foreign homelandsy

  152. You think your writing really helping the well being of Tamils. I could not find any science behind your writing. I feel sorry for wasting my time. I am really sorry for my comments.

  153. Mani #168

    Three language policy is good 1st mother tongue Sinhala/Tamil 2nd Invariably English 3rd Hindi or Mandarin. I am sure you will select Hindi. Now I have to learn English.

  154. #174-sjoseph

    What IPKF could not do in years of fighting, valiant Srilankan forces accomplished
    The IPKF fought the LTTE as a guerilla force. The Srilankan army took it on as a conventional force. Therein lies the answer for the victory. The senior leaders of the LTTE were now in their fifties and had got used to a comfortable lifestyle during the ceasefire. Also now they had all their families with them. So they could not revert back to guerilla lifestyle and decided to sacrifice the whole movement with one last throw of the dice in conventional warfare. If they wanted the movement to continue they had the opportunity of leaving the country when they get older and allowing a younger generation to take over, that can revert to guerilla from conventional and vise versa when necessary.. To do that they would have to think of the movement first and themselves second, which is unthinkable in their selfish culture.
    To win conventional battles you need superior manpower and firepower to win, otherwise your only option is to fight guerilla warfare like the taliban.The senior leaders of Alqueda are not in afghanistan and iraq. Similarly the senior leaders of the LTTE should have moved out of Srilanka long ago. Maybe they did not have a safe place to go to unlike Binladen crowd, so they took the movement down with them.

    My contention is for a seperatist struggle to suceed in Srilanka a safe haven is needed. In this case the LTTE leaders and their families could not find refuge in tamilnadu or any other country legally or illegally. VP had stupidly burnt his ties to both india and tamilnadu.

    When mao’s army changed from a guerilla to a conventional force he had superior manpower and firepower to rout and chase the nationalists led by Chiang kai shek to taiwan. Compare that with VP trying to take on a force that was numerically and materially stronger, in conventional battle. The moment the kilinochi bund was breached he should have dispersed the LTTE into small guerilla groups into a wide area, but then what would the fat diabetic do with himself? Sometimes it is better to die than to live like an animal in your old age.

  155. Cats are supposed to have nine lives. Not all do, but a cat with assets begets life.

    Give to is Caesar what belongs to Caesar !

  156. Dear DBSJ
    Martin Luther King once said that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. This writer belongs to the silent majority. I am a Tamil from India.

    As a person who has been observing Srilankan situation with concern for over two decades, I find that SL Tamils are now left with no choice but to have hope. All your weapons failed. This is not your failure. You are now hoping that Govt of SL, Govt of India, Diaspora, Silent majority of Singhalese, Tamils in TN and India, IC and UN – all will be good to you.

    There is nothing degrading or demeaning in this state. This state has been existing all along the path at all times but unnoticed in the cacophony of war cry and blissful ignorance. This is the realization of inter-dependent existence. It is better late than never. The captives are realizing this at humongous cost. Will the captors too realize? When both the captors and the captives realize together that they are in the same state of inter-dependence, there is metamorphosis, transformation, bonding and progress. There will not be any supremacist posture or victory celebrations or demolition of cemeteries. This is the true middle path of Buddha. I am afraid the captors are yet to consciously recognize this inter-dependent state.

    Hopefully, India, the third party, RELATIVE (in MR’s words) to both the captors and the captives is showing progressive change in attitude albeit in a subtle way towards SL Tamils issue! Apart from Amirthalingam, Prabhakaran and Kadirkamar, I have hardly seen any Indian PM standing with SL Tamil leaders.The recent addition of Douglas Devananda to this gallery is a noticeable exception. Everyone here is aware of the background of Douglas. It would be naïve to assume that Indian PMO did not know that a court case is pending against him though some sections of the media made a hue and cry. Despite this he was welcome and listened to – shows that there is an attitudinal change towards SL Tamils issue. Is it not a change from malicious Indifference to open supportive expression?

    If so, it is a major step in the right direction. May we assume that this is a green signal for the acceptability of other ex-militants including KP for joining democratic politics and drop idiosyncrasies like TGTE so that they work within the political set up in a democratic way? It is something similar to what had happened in India in the case of ex-militants/separatists turned political leaders in Nagaland and Assam.

    I have a different take on Reconciliation. It is certainly desirable after such a brutal war with avoidable casualty of civilian population. But what is desirable may not be doable – atleast immediately. In India, the Indian PM Manmohan Singh apologized in the case of Sikhs not as a Sikh but as the PM. The BJP leaders Advani and Modi are facings commissions of enquiry for their alleged illicit role in the demolition of mosque in Ayodya and riots in Gujarat. I am not sure how much can be done by the Srilankan political ethos and judiciary. But something is to be done in a fair and dharma way. In my opinion, Srilanka’s indigenous method of reconciliation done in an honest and transparent manner will be more doable than the desirable UN mediated reconciliation. One has to be realistic in expectations. What was done in South Africa may not be feasible in SL because none of her neighboring countries has any intermestic issue with SA! Unnecessary Prabhakaranism (equivalent to Nihilism in post WW-2) even in peace initiatives will result only in stalemate. We have to move on.

    Wish you all the best for your yeoman service as a fair and honest journalist

  157. The commentator writing as S Joseph is woefully ignorant of what is happening but pretends to be a know all. He/she seems to be vehemently opposed to the welfare of Sri Lankan Tamils and does not want India to help them. If the name Joseph is correct and the nationality is really Indian as claimed I suspect Joseph is a Malayalee with hateful feelings towards Tamils

  158. 181 Shanker seems to posses superb Military strategy and Guerilla Warfare tactics among many others.

    It is a pity that the LTTE did not tap into these expertise through Think Tanks like the ones that are helping the pro Tiger Faction now..

    One thing for sure is the LTTE leader wantd a safe heaven in Srilanka with all the “Bells & Whistles” as a launching pad for their ultimate goal of the Greater Tamil EeLaam.

    And no need for a prize to guess where?

  159. Thank you DBSJ. I am waiting for your (fair, honest & neutral) article. To be honest, even though I am proud to be Tamil, last time I went to the island, I felt I am not at home. Yes, the connection by birth is very special but the reality is I am Tamil and Canadian. Then why the hell I am too worried about Tamils’ issue in the island, I do want Tamils and everyone to be live peacefully and happy with respect. Not just because they speak Tamil, unlike my friendly neighbors and colleagues in Canada, they are also my kin, my blood. . My cousins, niece, nephews, uncles and many of my relatives and family are there, in the camps and outside the camps.

    We helping our family members who are locked up in the camp and who just got released since end of war… you won’t understand how we felt when my cousin cried over the phone, they can starve but they couldn’t see their babies cry for milk in the camps. Yes, we do understand the practicalities of providing all essential things for many thousands of people in the camp. We are doing our best to help, and I am sure many of us that I know are also doing the same to help… It is true there are more who does not have anyone to help them from outside and relies only on camp and NGOs…

    I am happy to read the news I am happy KP decides to co-operate with Gota and company to do as much good as possible to the Tamils in IDP camps. KPs thoughts are noble and wish him all the best on that. But why KP and GOLS expecting Diaspora money for the resettling and rehabilitating IDPs?

    After the war, so many countries including India, US, EU, Japan and even Chinna donated so many billions of US dollars to GOSL in the name of rehabilitation and resettlement of the IDPs and North-East development. What happened to those monies? What is happening to the money GOLS borrowing it from IMF. Are they all going toward the development of the south and for building new Shinhala Buddhist temples in Killinochi, Jaffna and sinhalanizing Tamil homelands?

    I do respect KP’s noble thoughts and Gota’s gentleness, but I don’t see the need for KP & Gota to do any magic… GOLS simply needs create a way for Tamils from outside to help fellow Tamils directly… If you allow the Tamils to help directly, we can take care of Tamils, you just put you (GOSL) time and effort on providing a solid political solution… Instead of joking around saying political solution is not an instead noodle to be ready in two minutes… What kind of a noodle are you cooking since 1948?

    If you let Tamils & NGOs to help North-East Tamils build their life and you work on providing a genuine political solution, then we can happily build together a prosperous island nation.

  160. First let me tell you one thing. I didnt read the whole article. Maybe the first two paragraphs only. Why so ? Because I’m not sure about the accuracy of the content.


    You say you have only read two paragraphs of my article because you doubt the accuracy of its content. Having stated so you go on to write a very lengthy comment that clearly demonstrates you read the entire article

    Against that backdrop I have also edited out all those paragraphs except for the first. I am forced to do so because I too doubt the accuracy of your comment’s content as you say you read only two paragraphs of the article

    You are welcome to comment if you acknowledge reading the articles in full. But if you claim to have read only two paragraphs and yet continue to write lengthy comments about the entire article then such comments wont be entertained

    Please do not insult the collective intelligence of our readers with arrogant but false assertions like this

  161. #184. Ramanan

    If the name Joseph is correct and the nationality is really Indian as claimed I suspect Joseph is a Malayalee with hateful feelings towards Tamils

    Wrong guess friend ! Better luck next time.

    The commentator writing as S Joseph is woefully ignorant of what is happening but pretends to be a know all

    I will acknowledgme my shortcomings and ignorance. Be specific.


    He/she seems to be vehemently opposed to the welfare of Sri Lankan Tamils and does not want India to help them
    I think there could be some misunderstanding. I just expressed my opinion regarding political interference and surely not opposed to any welfare measures to Tamils.

    I believe Indian politicians will not stop meddling in Silanka politics. Be assured, Srilankan conflict will continue till the end of our life time.


  162. 183. Ravi Gee – Chennai | Martin Luther King once said that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.
    This is perfectly correct. But there are reasons why majority of Tamils gave LTTE a blank cheque. Some were just silent and guilty of that. Others thought, their long nurtured dream of Elam may be possible by even backing this murderous LTTE. I believe these are the sentiments the Federal Party sowed among these Tamils after 1950. That is why I always tell the war mongering Tamils living in foreign comfort to cut the rhetoric because they are making the life much worse for poor Tamils back in SL & are trying to repeat history.

    181. shankar:- You are correct. In the last war, LTTE did not have the depth of defense a conventional force should have, but still engaged a heavily outnumbered SLA. Secondly they stopped operating as a Guerilla force, lost the fluidity of motion, but I am not sure whether this was because of their older leaders. But a point you missed was, SLA changed tactics. They did not try to hold ground but to neutralize LTTE pockets and move forward. Sometimes they went round certain LTTE strong points and proceeded to certain strategic area’s and these s/points were later taken out. Also they fought a mobile war with deep penetration units, a concept borrowed from the SAS during WW2. They displayed fluidity of motion. Finally SF in SLA promoted the best, the ablest & the youngest to field commanders, not the most senior couch potatoes.

  163. # 181. shankar

    Good analysis.

    There is pride before fall. It applies well to both the dictator or a democratically elected leader.

  164. Coming to the photographs, as usual DBSJ has taken great care in selecting them. In the group photo KP looks like the leader and VP looks like his bodyguard. Who would have thought it would have turned out the way it did.

    KP looks like he badly needs a shave. Shame on you KP.

    Gota looks like a typical malay. His face can be seen everywhere in Malaysia and Indonesia. Not that i have anything against malays. I met a Indian sikh who travels to malaysia very often on business and he said the malays are some of the best people he had met. He also said Colombo is very expensive. I think it was Dushi ranatunge who said that Mahinda’s ancestors were malay labourers who were brought to srilanka by the dutch and settled in hambantota.In the 19th century there was a anti british local uprising in hambantota. mahinda’s ancestor gave information to the british that led to the capture of karava mudliyar amodoru and other leaders. The british rewarded the informant with the name rajapakshe and appointed him as an arachchi and granted him 600 acres in Hungama. The name of the land was Degampotha and was Yak veddah territory of Giruwa pattu.It was sold off in stages leaving only Medamulana. The family adopted Govigama identity.

  165. Comment 191
    I thought Shanker would have got her anthropology training from a better source than Dushey Ranetunga or Ranatunga?

    Of course Sinhala people are a mixture of many races.

    Starting with Ravana,kidnapping Sita,the Sinhalese had visitors like Rama,the Portugese, the,Dutch , the English and many Indians and Arabs in between.

    This the reason why some Sinhalese women are even better looking than the North Indians as evidenced at the recent Bollywood do in Colombo.

    As to the pure Sinhalese ,the Veddas probably are the closest.

    Dravidian people in Srilanka do not show the same variety of skin tone and physical variation for some reason which, a better qualified person may be able to explain.

    It is quiet possible that the Rajapaksas have some Malay in them.Probably that made them the patriots they are, because the Malays had to fight hard for a long time to get their due place in their own country.

    The British kept the Malays as second class citizens until the end the last century by ruling the country with the help of only the Tamils and the Chinese, the same way the British marginalized the Sinhala people in Srilanka.

  166. #193-Godzilla

    As to the pure Sinhalese ,the Veddas probably are the closest.
    The veddas are not sinhalese. They are the original inhabitants, queen kuveni’s people. Just 700 of Vijaya’s people would not have made that much of a difference for these people. Vijaya got down women from south india and chased away the veddhas. From then onwards the pure bengali bloodline of vijaya and crowd was over. After that some more people from southindia settled here and intermarried with the sinhalese. Now the sinhalese have 50 percent of srilankan tamil and 20 percent indian tamil DNA. the rest is bengali.

  167. RE-Post 186: After the war, so many countries including India, US, EU, Japan and even China donated so many billions of US dollars to GOSL in the name of rehabilitation and resettlement of the IDPs and North-East development. – They didn’t. There were some money from India but do you think how much they need to do these camps and food. Most of the money were from Chinese or high credit money from banks.
    EU and US only start giving aid now. They were accusing SL for war crimes instead of helping. EU gave minimal 1-2 million Euros which is nothing. US helps through US Aid and that aid is minimal even though it’s for good causes and made to good use. More were from Japan, World bank and World food organisation than anyone else. But it is not enough to feed 300000 people let alone give them 25000 rupees and house t live. That’s why corrugated sheets were provided for housing. That’s why even in previous comments on this website I was requesting Diaspora to help those Tamils with the same money they sent to LTTE to buy bombs and guns to kill us.

    To Perl (I think who posted about the film Casablanca): Film The Counterfeiters also good to watch in this context. Specially the main character of chief counterfeiter. I hope DBSJ agrees.
    last: I am not sure if Tamil Diaspora aware of this or not. In reality US blockade, sanctions and hostility of Miami Cuban exile Diaspora stopped the overthrow of Fidel and the communist leaders. The majority of Cubans blamed US hypocrisy and embargo not Fidel. (I did study with many Cubans to say this fact).
    As same more panels, more HRW comments more EU actions will help President Rajapaksha to survive nicely and we will help him to survive against that hypocrisy any way. So the KP is doing the right thing.
    West does not help Tamils here. They just use them as Indira did to teach a lesson to Sri Lanka. Once that achieved West would drop Tamils as India and Rajiv did. I am sure KP knows that very well.

  168. “If KP succeeds in getting enough aid from the Diaspora and utilise it to help the affected Tamils the thinking of the Diaspora could be radically transformed. Instead of continuing on a confrontational course the Diaspora could cooperate with the Colombo Govt and thereby enter a new phase in ethnic relations.”

    Enter a new phase in ethnic relations? You must be kidding!

    As the Tamils in large would have forgotten the horrible war crimes committed by the government. You may have forgotten it but we don’t. War crime investigations must be done for a proper and true reconciliation. LTTE war crimes as well as Government war crimes must be investigated and all the perpetrator (as long as they still live) has to be brought before international war crime courts.

  169. Excellent work Sir! what I have come to notice is all these Ex LTTE chiefs now supporting the Govt are earning tremendous respect from the majority Sinhalese. It’s just fantastic and would be so unbelievable in the eyes of most non Sri Lankans. But its the very truth. The road is getting clearer and clearer thanks to such classic journalism as we have witnessed time and again reading your coloumns with so much alacrity. As Sri Lankans we are so proud of you and what a lot you are able to bridge! Simply amazing.

  170. Godzilla,

    Rajapakses are not patriots. They are rights violators. They commit war crimes, they kidnap and kill journalists from any race (sinhala, tamil or muslim) and they do not tolerate opposition (the latest quality was in LTTE too).

    Oh, in addition, the Rajapakses stole Tsunami money through ‘helping Hambantota project’. You must be kidding when you call these guys patriots. The more I see comments like people from you, I tend to think that the sinhala south deserves the third grade leaders they have.

  171. Dear 184 Ramanan
    Your comments regarding Joseph exposes you as a narrow minded bigot and that is why folks like you are in deep s@##@. I am a Malayalee & am proud to declare it
    Mera Bharat Mahan

  172. Good article eye opener for people with only words but no deeds.

    Its a shame to read some responses of the diaspora only dreamming of an eelam.

    When will the diaspora get rid of thier false ego and bloated pride?

    When can the generation of deprived victims live a normal life?
    when some one is trying to help they become envious thinking that their dream will not come true ?

    SL is not asking for diaspora money but showing you how u could utilise it for betterment of these miserable poeple.
    Its your choice how u use ur money for destruction or to uplift lives? even late make a correct choice please!!

    Stop pointing fingers at others. Wake up! grow up! if not shut up!!

  173. #173, Shankar,
    “You know very well that Rajiv was killed on the campaign trail, and all the polls predicted a thumping victory for him.”

    There you go. There was no thumping majority. In fact, had Rajiv not been killed Congress would barely have got a majority. They would have just scrpped through. After Rajiv’s death, the polls got postponed and with all the sympathy it generated the Congress could barely manage a majority. PVN, struggled the following five years to keep the govt from voted out on no confidence and finally had to bribe the JMM to survive two no-confidence motions. That was the level of Congress’ majority.

    There is another angle to this. About two weeks before May 21, 1991, i.e on 4th of May that year, a small group of tigers, three to be precise, two tiger political wing leaders and Kasi Ananthan, the poet, met Rajiv at his home in Delhi and discussed about the SL issue in detail. Rajiv was reported to have said that he would see through that tamils in SL got a fully autonamous state once he came back to power. This message was obviously conveyed back to VP. People who were in the knowledge of this meeting went aghast when they came to know that Rajiv was killed by ltte. In fact, in some interviews, Kasi Ananthan used this meeting as an alibi to say that tigers were not involved in the killing but none would buy that. The big question is, obviously, the decision to kill Rajiv had been taken much before this meeting and sivarasan & co were sent in 4 months before May to TN on the assignment, and given this background, why on earth a personal meeting with Rajiv was arranged to get his views. If it was a last minute attempt to get his thinking, it was all positive towards the SL issue. Then, why on earth did ltte decide to finish off Rajiv?. I think one of the political wing guys that met Rajiv was Selvam. DBS should be in a position to confirm the identity of the participants.

  174. Dravidian people in Srilanka do not show the same variety of skin tone and physical variation for some reason which, a better qualified person may be able to explain.

    Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese are basically the same people. They’re both Dravidian, though the Sinhalese language isn’t.

  175. They are the original inhabitants, queen kuveni’s people.

    There are parts of the Mahavamsa that are historically accurate but that is not one of them.

    Excavation of sites in Lanka and the rest of South India has shown no difference between the groups settled there.

  176. Now the sinhalese have 50 percent of srilankan tamil and 20 percent indian tamil DNA. the rest is bengali.

    You’ve just made that up.

  177. But it is not enough to feed 300000 people let alone give them 25000 rupees and house t live.

    The IDPs were (and many still are) by the World Food Program. The 25000 rupees were UN funds. The tents and latrines were provided by NGOs. The GOSL paid for the barbed wire and the guards.

  178. Comment by Sarankan @196

    You say you want war crime investigation before reconciliation. The venomous anger you express shows it is not justice you want but revenge.People like you will never reconcile.You will only prolong misery and suffering of others

    Thank God there are people like DBS in the Tamil community

  179. I agree with Deepal views on Sarankan

    I want to add that I agree with what DBS has said that if this KP project becomes successful it will bring a new phase in ethnic relations

    DBS is not kidding Sarankan when he says that but people like you wont accept it. I think your anger shows that deep down you all are worried KP may succeed and make a change

  180. Comment 196
    While the innocent victims of the LTTE campaign are still languishing in refugee camps, the LTTE supporters like Sarankan sleep well in theiir” Posturepedic beds” dreaming the dreams of Rajapaksas in the Hague.

    Do you think the world leaders like Dr Manmohan Singh allowPresident Rajapaksa a free hand to find a solution to Tamil greivances if he has commited “War Crimes” ?

    Would Dr Singh tell Sampathan and his troops to get over it and move on with the help of Mr Rajapaksa?

    Have the foreign investments come to a halt amidst all these hue and cry from the West and their agent the UNSG ?

    Would some fair minded ,thinking and caring. prominent Diasporians heed the call of the ex deputy of the LTTE?

    Come on guys, Take a cold shower and get on with helping the victims of your own activities. instead of shrugging off your moral obligations by trying to pin false war crimes tags on Srilanka.

  181. Article is good.. But I don’t understand why DBSJ keeps celebrating about and lifting personalities like KP regardless of the damage his kind has done to the SL, and specially tamil society.

    It’s like this author needs something – Tamil to keep his spirits up without calling spade a spade. I know he has written lot about positive thinking that should be placed by tamils to get over with the disaster, but by doing so you haven’t given the deserved credit to sinhalese who have taken part in that process. E.g: Gotabhaya R is a great man with no-nonesense attitude.

    Our old ancestors said “kapanna beri atha imbinawa”… Is it what you’re trying to do here DBSJ..?? Can’t you still watch out of parameters sinhalese and tamils…??? Do you always want to have something – tamil to hv a kick of..?? I wonder.

    I talked of sinhalese since you had comfortably ignored sinhalese taken part in the process of bringing peace to tamils…..

  182. 194 Shanker,

    If that is the case how come Sinhalese have a language totally different to Tamil and not even any resemblance to the hundreds of dialects in India?

    198 Maikandan,

    I bet you believe in fairies too.

  183. 204. Stephen Jones | July 14th, 2010 at 6:39 pm
    Now the sinhalese have 50 percent of srilankan tamil and 20 percent indian tamil DNA. the rest is bengali.

    You’ve just made that up.
    I give below your comment 202 which tallies with mine that majority of DNA between the 2 people is the same. If you are alluding to the bengali component of 25 % in sinhalese, you will remember in a comment of Alles in a previous article of DBSJ he had given a very scientific analysis, which clearly proves they are not fully dravidian as you claim but have 25 percent alleles of the Bengalis. My interacton with sinhalese also gives the impressiion there is a difference, but the similarities are more. These are 2 people who can easily live together if the political problems are sorted out. Tamils must be allowed to manage their own affairs with the minimum interference from the sinhalese politicians. Therein lies the solution to a peaceful coexistence.

    #202-Stephen Jones

    Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese are basically the same people. They’re both Dravidian, though the Sinhalese language isn’t.

  184. 158. sjoseph | July 12th, 2010 at 2:42 am
    KP is a Golden swan, laying eggs at the moment

    . A golden duck or swan is only good as long as it lays golden eggs. Possibly the owner will think og getting rid of ot unce it stops laying.

    Similarly, the electorage should stop the mafia brothers from ruling SL once they have done their job of clearing LTTE.

    Otherwise the mafia brothers themselves will be a nightmare to Lanka.

  185. If that is the case how come Sinhalese have a language totally different to Tamil and not even any resemblance to the hundreds of dialects in India?

    Sinhala is very much close to Tamil in grammar. The ‘scripts’ are similar to Malayalam/Kannada scripts.

  186. # 210. Godzilla
    suprised to find this long list from web, though not sure of the correctness.

    These are the main ways Tamil words are incorporated into the Sinhala lexicon with different endings:

    [Sinhala ? Tamil Words and Meaning in English ]

    ā dā yama – Income – ā tā yam- Profit
    akkā – Elder sister – akkā Elder sister Kinship
    ambalama – Way-side rest- ampalam Public
    ämbäṭ ṭ ayā – Barber ampaṭ ṭ aṉ – Barber Trade
    ā ṃ gā ṇ iya – Stall (in a market) aṅ kā ṭ i – Market Trade
    ā ṇ ḍ uva – Government ā ṇ ṭ ā ṉ – Ruler,Admin,Rich man with many slaves
    appā – Father (regional/colloquial) – appā – Father Kinship
    ā ppa Hoppers – Appā ppam Hoppers Food
    araliya -Oleander – arali- Oleander
    ayyā – Elder brother – aiyā (see also Ayya) Sir, father
    caṇ ḍ iyā – Bandit, rowdy- caṇ ṭ iyar Bandit
    cī ttaya – Chintz – cī ttai Chintz
    ediriya- Opposition, hostility- etiri Opponent, enemy Military
    galkaṇ ḍ uva- Sugar-candy – kaṟ kaṇ ṭ u Sugar-candy Food
    iccā va- Flattery- iccakam Flattery
    iḍ ama- Site, land – iṭ am Place, site Construction
    ī ḷ a ? Asthma- ī ḷ ai Asthma Daily
    ilakkaya ? Target- ilakku Target Military
    ilakkama- Number- ilakkam Number
    iḷ andā riyā – Young man- iḷ antā ri Young man
    iḷ avuva – Death, funeral – iḻ avu Death
    iranavā – To saw, to tear- iṟ u- To break, to destroy
    iraṭ ṭ a – Double, even number – iraṭ ṭ ai Double, even number
    jā ḍ iya- Jar – cā ṭ i – Jar
    jō ḍ uva- Pair- jō ṭ i/cō ṭ i Pair
    kaḍ adā siya – Paper – kaṭ utā si Letter, paper
    kaḍ alē – Chickpea – kaṭ alai (paruppu) Chickpea Food
    kaḍ asarakkuva- Spice, curry stuffs- kaṭ ai + sarakku Shop + Goods
    kaḍ aya ? Shop- kaṭ ai – Shop
    kaḍ inama – Haste – kaṭ iṉ am Difficulty
    kaḍ iyā ḷ ama Bridle- kaṭ ivā ḷ am Bridle Military
    kaṃ kā ṇ iyā – Overseer- kaṅ kā ṇ i- Foreman Administration
    kalanda- A small measure of weight- kaḻ añcu Weight of 1.77 grams
    kalavama- Mixture, blend – kalavai Mixture
    kā laya- Quarter – kā l- Quarter Tr
    kaḷ udäävā – Donkey- kaḻ utai – Donkey
    kambiya – Wire – kampi – Wire
    kā ndama- Magnet – kā ntam – Magnet
    kaṇ isama- Size – kaṇ isam- Size, amount
    kaṇ ṇ ā ḍ iya – Mirror, spectacles- kaṇ ṇ ā ṭ i – Mirror, spectacles
    kappama – Tribute – kappam- Tribute
    kappara – Small ship- kappal- Ship
    kappi – Grit, bruised grain- kappi – Coarse grits in flour
    kā ppuva ? Bracelet- kā ppu – Bangle
    kärapottā ? Cockroach- karappottā ṉ – Cockroach (
    karavaḷ a – Dried fish- karuvā ṭ u- Dried fish Food
    kā siya- Coin kā cu – Small change, coin
    kasippu- Illicit liquor kacippu- Illicit liquor
    kaṭ ṭ umarama – Catamaran kaṭ ṭ umaram- Catamaran
    kayiyeliya- Cloth with coloured border kayili – Multicoloured cloth worn by Muslims
    keṇ ḍ a – Calf – keṇ ṭ ai(kkā l)- Calf
    keṇ ḍ iya Pitcher- keṇ ṭ i Pitcher Daily
    kiṭ ṭ u Close, near – kiṭ ṭ a Close, near Daily
    koḍ iya – Flag koṭ i- Flag
    kollaya – Plunder, pillage koḷ ḷ ai – Plunder Military
    kombuva- Name of the sign- kompu (lakaram) – Name of the sign
    kō n- Part of a name – kō ṉ (ar) Name pertaining to members of the Iṭ aiyar caste (`shepherd, king`)
    kō ṇ ama- A loin cloth for men- kō vaṇ am – A loin cloth for men
    koṇ ḍ aya – Plait/bun of hair- koṇ ṭ ai Bun/plait of hair
    koṭ ṭ amalli – Coriander – koṭ ṭ amalli- Coriander Botany
    koṭ ṭ aya- Pillow koṭ ṭ ai- Nut, round shape, pillow
    kō vila- Hindu temple – kō yil – Temple Daily
    kuḍ ē – Umbrella – kuṭ ai – Umbrella
    kū ḍ ē ? Basket- kū ṭ ai – Basket Daily
    kū ḍ uva- Nest, cage – kū ṭ u- Nest, small box Daily
    kulala/kuḷ ala- Pipe – kuḻ al – Tube, musical pipe Daily
    kulappuva ? Confusion- kuḻ appu- to confuse Military
    kurumbā – Young coconut- kurumpai – Young coconut Food
    kuliya ? Rent- kū li – Rent, pay Administration
    Malaya- Hill country malai- Hill Place name
    Mā mā – Maternal uncle mā mā – Maternal uncle Kinship
    Marakkalaya- Boat, Ethnic Moor, Sampan marakkalam- (Sailing) Boat Fishing

    There are thousands of Tamil words in Sinhala language

  187. There are 4000 tamils words in Sinhala. Some more…

    massain-Brother-in-law- massinan- machan-Brother-in-law

    mudala – Money -mutal- Capital

    mudalali – Merchant, owner of a shop- mutalali- Merchant

    mudali- Part of a name -mutaliyar – Name of a caste

    murunga -‘Drumsticks’, murunkai -Drumsticks’,

    nadagama- Stage-play -nadaakam -Drama, stage-play

    nangi – Younger sister- nankai- Young girl

    Ona,OnE – Necessary, must- veNum- Necessary, must

    oppuva -Proof- oppu- Proof, same

    ottrai – Odd number- otrai- Odd number

    ottuva- Espionage- ottru -Espionage

    padakkama – Medal – patakkam- Medal

    padaama – Lesson -padam -Lesson

    padiya -Wage- padi – Extra pay

    palama- Bridge- palam – Bridge

    paliya -Revenge- pali – Guilt, revenge

    pandalama – Bower, shady place -pandal- Bower, shady place

    pandama -Torch -pantam -Torch Religious

    parippu – Lentils- parippu- Lentils Food

  188. If that is the case how come Sinhalese have a language totally different to Tamil and not even any resemblance to the hundreds of dialects in India?

    Sinhala is an Indo-European language and is very close to other Indo-European languages such as Hindi.

    Why the inhabitants of the Island chose to speak a north Indian language is not an easy question to answer. There are many reasons for language change, of which population replacement is only one. You might as well ask me why the English speak a Germanic language when the majority of the population spoke a Celtic language, or why more than half of India changed over to an Indo-European language starting in 1,800 BC

    With regard to Bengali jeans, shankar, the only gene study for the Sinhalese I’ve seen mentioned suggests that Sinhalese are closest to Lankan Tamils, that Lankan Tamils are equidistant between Tamils of Indian origin and Sinhalese, and that the further north one goes the less common genes there are between the Sinhalese and the inhabitants, with the result that the Bengalis are amongst the most distant genetically from the Sinhalese.

  189. I’ve found your study, shankar. Apologies for being suspicious.

    It’s referred to on the Wikipedia page here:

    Population genetics is fun. The page links studies that show Sinhalese are predominantly Tamil with significant Bengali input, predominantly Bengali, and that there is no difference ethnically between the Tamils and Sinhalese.

    Presumably you chose the study that has the prettiest pictures 🙂

  190. # 218. Stephen Jones

    My goodness !

    Sinhalese are blood brothers of Indian Tamils ( 70% genetic origin) .

    Without knowing this fact, Indian Tamils have been all along supporting Srilankan Tamils in their fight for a separate nation.

    Alas !

  191. #218-Stephen jones

    Presumably you chose the study that has the prettiest pictures

    I did not choose it. It was chosen by Alles who went for the first one which was predominantly south indian tamil. what to do about the second study that shows predominantly bengali. I did not know about that one. I wonder whether there are 2 sinhalese really, based on the areas they settled down in Srilanka. That is how the caste also must have originated.That could be the reason for the difference in the studies, based on which area they took the the samples from. One sinhalese predominantly tamil and the other predominantly bengali. Can’t go strictly go by caste, because like the rajapakshes over the centuries they could have easily adopted the caste they prefer.

    Next time i meet a sinhalese i must ask him whether he is a tamil sinhalese or a begali sinhalese.

    Without cracking our nuts like this why don’t we just say we are all homosapiens. The first country in the world to call its people as homosapiens in the constitution, banning any other names. Mahinda must be wanting to change the constitution to bring in that clause, not to have another term as everybody thinks.

    Even if we do that being srilankans there will be some who will say they are homoerectus(because f their early morning erection) and will start to attack the homosapiens. Then there are others who will say they are homosexuals and want 50:50 representation.

  192. @218 and 219,
    I agree Stephen Jone’s comment on IDP camps. I checked that and 25000 rupees provided by the UN funds but not all. First installments were from GOSL and then they passed that to UN or UN took over when they realised GOSL genuinely trying to release the IDPS. (That’s what I was told). Anyway I was commenting this fact before as well. We Sinhalese and tamils are the same and some Aryan mixture but not much. Very insignificant I think.
    next thing is what DBSJ does here. He gives us good platform to talk and I will not atatck Tamil diaspora much any more. They are coming round and we can discuss and relate to each others problems. That’s a start.

  193. 215 sjoseph
    216 sjoseph

    These words were not original Tamil words, but they were
    copied from Sinhala words. You have twisted it the other way around. Good try, but nobody will buy it.

  194. 218. Stephen Jones:-Thanks for the ref to Wikipedia page. I am no expert on this but I met an Australian Anthropologist in SL around 1972. I cannot remember the name. He said Sinhalese are arians who originally migrated from south Russia? through Persia (now Iran) to north India. The fact that Sinhalese knew irrigated agriculture 2500yrs back according to him showed their connection to Arians who were the only people in the region who knew it. Could it be possible that original Vijaya’s people were Arians who then got married to Tamils from south India over and over again thus diluting their genetic signature? The fact that Sinhalese is an indo arian language may point to this. Also he said the caste system was brought by Arians to India, then to SL. He also said, the SL vaddah’s has the same blood groups as some of the aboriginal tribes of Australia. Unfortunately I was not interested in these things that time and quickly forgot this man. The other question is who was Ravana , SL king who lived about 5000yrs back? Was he Sinhalese, Tamil, Indian or home grown devil? The same question arises about the veddah’s. What ethnic group did they belong to?

  195. 220 Shankar

    Next time i meet a sinhalese i must ask him whether he is a tamil sinhalese or a begali sinhalese.

    Well, let me tell you that I am a Kerala Singhalese. My ancestors, five-six generations ago came from kerala and settled in the south near Galle. The record of their migration is all documented in court documents that register land transactions at that time. The documents are in Dutch and apparantly still available in Galle Court records.

    A large number of Negombo Singhalese have very strong Tamil origins. Infact may be 100 years back most of the people in that area spoke Tamil.

    We Singhales are a real mix. when you think of it, it is almost inevitable given the location of the country, which had been a main way point for the trade between Middle East and Asia.

    223. Don
    Even Veddas are not 100% pure. Apparantly a number of Kandians left their villages and fled in to the jungles off Matale in the Laggala area during the Kandian rebellions against English. The story is that some of these people never returned back to their villages and intermingled with the Vedda folks.

  196. TRN #200
    When can the generation of deprived victims live a normal life?
    First take action to book the killers of Beggars on the Srilankan Roads. Then they are able to live a normal live. For this you have to dream for how to arrest the killers if you seriously worries about your fellow Srilankans
    An Eelam citizen

  197. # 222. marusira
    These words were not original Tamil words, but they were
    copied from Sinhala words. You have twisted it the other way around. Good try, but nobody will buy it

    My dear.. It is ok, even if it is otherwise. I am not an arm twister. relax..

    Iam glad if, if Tamil language (the words are in use among Indian Tamils too) have loaned the words from Sinhala language.

    The Tamil/Sinhala bondage must have been very close. Because even with in India, Tamil has the least influence with Sanskrit and very distinct too. At the same time,Tamil language has embraced 4000 words from Sinhala. Does it not show our bondage 🙂

    By the way, I think the word “Sinhala” itself is a Sanskrit word . 🙁

  198. He said Sinhalese are arians who originally migrated from south Russia? through Persia (now Iran) to north India. The fact that Sinhalese knew irrigated agriculture 2500yrs back according to him showed their connection to Arians who were the only people in the region who knew it.

    The guy’s talking outdated rubbish even for 1970. I’ll make a long post about this later. Got to go out now.

  199. I wonder whether there are 2 sinhalese really, based on the areas they settled down in Srilanka.

    You’ve missed out the third alternative given on the page, and the one that has the most studies backing it up, suggesting all Sri Lankan ethnicities are basically the same.

  200. 186 => 195

    Indeed there is a lot of money government getting from other countries, International Banks, and even many NGOs are still continuing to provide helps (even though GOLS expelled many of them)… What GOSL doing with those monies no body knows… Yes we do read news that MR donating 50 or so bicycles, sawing machines to IDPs in Killinochi but more we see in the news are building houses for Sinhala army/police personal in Jaffna, expanding/enhancing army camps in North East, building Shinala Buddhist vihara in Killinochi, Jaffna… Installing Buddha status overnight in main intersection in Trinco, building war victory memories and destroying Tamil memorials, spending so much money on war victory parades etc… If you agree or not, these kinds of activities are not going to help create bonds with Tamils not good for both communities….

    Please do not blame UN, US and EU on forcing war-crimes investigation, it is a serious crime committed by GOSL need to be taken seriously. Unless GOLS ready to apologize for all the crimes they committed against Tamils and promise to provide a genuine political solution.

    Buddy, we never send money to LTTE to buy bombs and guns to kill you. We are also curious to know as you are, how such a small group able to defend the Sri Lankan forces highly armed and supported by superpowers like Chinna, India, Pakistan, Russia, and others for all these years… The best person to ask this question is KP and he is under Gota control now.

    Again, it is not true that we are not helping our fellow Tamils. We already doing it, you don’t know or don’t see it… With bare minimum funds provided by GOSL to re-start their lives, how many of these resettled IDPs can carry on with their lives … Tamils are very resilient and hard working people, you don’t have to keep them in the camps and feed them… Just let them out, they will rebuild their life and survive… We are not saying, we are not going to help our fellow Tamils, we are doing it and we will be doing it. All we need is a better way to directly help our fellow Tamils without any hidden political agenda… We are not comfortable doing through Gota & company …. Why don’t the GOSL invite TNA, TEGE or NTTC to do it? This will also create bonds between GOSL, Tamils and Diaspora. After all TNA/TGTE/NTTC are elected representative, if TGTE/NTTC doesn’t want to do it, we will make them do it….

    Again, “if you let Tamils & NGOs to help North-East Tamils build their life and you work on providing a genuine political solution, then we (Tamil & Sinhalese) can happily build together a prosperous island nation.”

  201. Selvarajah Pathmanatha has got a competition.
    The MP of the TNGTE, who came top on the Canadian preference list, Her Highness Vanitha Rajendran had started a project, collecting 50 dollars each month from a person through a pre authorized bank collection system. This is to sponsor one person in Sri Lanka, for their wellbeing, food, shelter, clothing,medical & education, wedding and funeral expenses there.
    She will be opening up booths at the forthcoming CTR/TVI gala festival this week end to collect such forms and asking volunteers to man or wo man these booths.
    Good luck suckers.

  202. I was in Srilanka a fortnight ago for the first time. I travelled to Southern towns Kandy, Bentota and Colombo by road. I would like to share my observations, a mix of positives and negatives as below. It has become such a length piece and I hope KP, his friends and enemies would not think I am hijacking the landscape provided to them by DBSJ.


    Hi Ravi

    Thank You for this

    Not to worry

    I have posted your “Comment” as an article on http://www.transcurrents.com

    Readers please visit the site and read Ravi Gee’s impressions of Sri Lanka

  203. Comment 215 Sjoseph,

    It is like Ranil’s” Mahinda Poda”
    He probably meant Mahinda “Podda like “Podi-en”

    There you are, another example.

  204. Comments 194 & 211,Shanker.

    If the Sinhalese have even 50 %, let alone 70 % Tamil DNA it is a good thing and all peace loving people must be proud of it.

    If proven this will be a tremendous boost to the reconciliation process. .

    If this DNA analysis is correct, we have to reason out why the Tamil language did not show the same dominance.

    Sinhala is probably a derivative of “Pali” which was the dominant language in the Asoka period .

    Sinhala must have been the dominat dialect of the inhabitants of Srilanka at the time of the arrival of Buddhism

    Although the majority of the inhabitants converted to Buddhism only the monks learned Pali.

    This is very much similar to the Indians keeping the Hindu scriptures in Sanskrit and using Hindi as the language.

    If the Sinhalese have even 50% Tamil DNA, it is a good indication that the Tamils were quite happy to adopt Sinhala as the common language for it to survive as the dominant language for 2500 years.

  205. 223 Don,

    Original inhabitants of Srilanka were Aboriginal , as same as the people in Australia, Torres Island , Papua etc.

    The very fact that the Indians described Ravana as the King of “Yakshayas” ( or “Yakos” as the Burghers used to call us) is a good indication of their Aboriginal features.

    224 Ranjan,

    It is fascinating to hear about your ancestry specially because of my connection to Galle.

  206. 232. Godzilla | July 15th, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    “This is very much similar to the Indians keeping the Hindu scriptures in Sanskrit and using Hindi as the language.”

    Hindi is very recent language, only about 500years in vogue. Do not use this new language to describe/analyze the ancient issues.

  207. Sinhala must have been the dominat dialect of the inhabitants of Srilanka at the time of the arrival of Buddhism

    They spoke Prakrit (which Pali is one kind of). Now how many spoke Prakrit, how many spoke older languages that have now disappeared, and how many spoke Tamil is unknown, but Prakrit was the official language used for inscriptions. Prakrit developed into Sinhala in the same way Old French developed into Modern French, through time.

  208. # 232. Godzilla
    If the Sinhalese have even 50% Tamil DNA, it is a good indication that the Tamils were quite happy to adopt Sinhala as the common language for it to survive as the dominant language for 2500 years

    You are right.

    Sinhala language, people and religion are all derived from India and born out of Indian InFusion. Why all the confusion ?

  209. # 231. Godzilla
    It is like Ranil’s” Mahinda Poda”
    He probably meant Mahinda “Podda like “Podi-en”

    There you are, another example

    Good example..
    Now i understand the root for the tamil word “podi-en”.

    Tamils copy from Sinhala and smartly claim its their original word.

    Ha ha..

  210. #232-Godzilla

    If this DNA analysis is correct, we have to reason out why the Tamil language did not show the same dominance.

    Sinhala is probably a derivative of “Pali” which was the dominant language in the Asoka period
    As you can see the north is practically touching tamilnadu. Due to its proximity to vast tamil influence there and the invasions the people could have converted from sinhala language and bhuddhism to tamil language and saivism. So there was no chance of the tamil language showing the same dominance because those who wanted to keep the sinhala language and bhudhism would have moved further south to escape the tamil influence. Don’t forget that Vijaya landed in mannar and met kuveni there, and Anurathapura and pollonnaruwa were the real capital cities of the sinhalese, so the action at one time was all in that area, not the present dominant areas. One mistake we all make is being influenced by what srilanka is now, not what it was then.

    Pali is a indo aryan language of India of the middle ages. It is the language of Theravada Bhuddhism which prefers its scriptures to be studied in the original pali. The important thing to remember here is there were no native speakers of the language. It is a sacred language or holy language that is cultivated for religious reasons by people who speak another language in their daily life.
    The scriptures of theravada bhudhism were collected and bundled up in what is known as Pali Canon in pali language. The important thing to remember to the connection to Srilanka is this Canon was only preserved orally after being composed in north india. Then it was written down in srilanka in the first century BCE during the Fourth Bhudhist Council period in the reign of king Vattagamini, because there was a great famine and the bhudhist monks thought that with people dying this also could die with them. That is the only connection it has to Srilanka which is from a religious context and nothing to do with the sinhala language as such. Pai was anyway considered a dead language only used for Theravada bhudhist scriptures. I think the bhudhist monks in Srilanka have memorized and chant these, because they don’t sound like sinhalese to me, when they are chanting

    The Pali Canon has 3 categories

    1. Vinaya Pitaka (“Discipline Basket”), dealing with rules for monks and nuns

    2.Sutta Pitaka (Sutra/Sayings Basket), discourses, mostly ascribed to the Buddha, but some to disciples

    3.Abhidhamma Pitaka, variously described as philosophy, psychology, metaphysics

    Iam afraid to find the origin of the sinhala language we have to delve deeper into the past. We shall do it. Sucess is ten percent inspiration and 90 percent pespiration. A lout i said this to which i still remember disagreed and said it was 90 percent masturbation.

  211. Refreshing to see something positive from the Tamil diaspora, even from a handfull. Up to now, I thought the entire diaspora community was beyond medical help, but this article is a breath of fresh air.

    Let us hope DBSJ, KP will give the community the much needed direction and let us all forgive and forget and move on….we are not going to live for ever!

    – a sinhalese living in sri lanka

  212. 226 sjoseph

    Good reply mate. I thought you will come out all guns
    blazing. If we can discuss language , religion or any other matters in such an amicable way, we can surely live together without killing each other.

    Future looks rosy in this country. God bless Sri Lanka.

  213. DBSJ

    The tigers were so adamant and arrogant that they never listened to your advice and ended up achieving nothin but lost everything. Sadly, you are also going on the same path by being arrogant since some of your replies show that. Better listen and change.

  214. Revi Unni (#199) … Pls ignore this racial aberration that understandably irritated you. . In the pre-1960s some minority communities with their nose up looked down at Malayalees here – most of it out of sheer ignorance because most of the Keralites who came here held jobs in the lower tiers. Even then they had a silent respect and admiration for them – for their family values, their cleanliness, the beauty of their women etc., The position today is most of their top families are married into Kerala families – in the US and in India mainly. I can think of at least two well known political families from the North who have Kerala in-laws of recent origin.

    Malayalee teachers, doctors of the by-gone decades,
    Dr. Abraham Kovoor and his son Dr. Aries (the French scientist, who died recently in Cbo) are all remembered in reverential terms here. Indian High Commissioners Thomas Abaraham, Shankar Menon, Nirupama Menon-Rao and the late Cherry George have thousands of friends in society here. If you ask the more enlightened Sinhalese to name an Indian State of endearment and common affinity to them Kerala would win 99:1.


  215. Very good article DBS. Well done!

    The problem is, we are not accepting the reality. We’re trying to live in the dream world. Aftermath of Mulivaikal, there was a great moral responsibility was on every Tamil people’s shoulder to help and give new life to the brothers and sisters who were desperately in need. But so far we haven’t done anything collectively and constructively other than little little aid on individual basis. We simply blame MR regime for not letting us to help our people. But that is not a case; we did not genuinely try hard to help our people. Again we have been using their suffering to portrait to the world against GOSL with wicked political motive. This is our selfish or inability. We gave millions and billons dollars to fuel up the war and destroy our people but sadly not willing to rehabilitate our people. We left them on MR ration card. Of course Government must look after all the citizen regardless of race and religion. KP who was the most wanted LTTE man; made the amicable and amazing deal with GOSL and trying to help our people. That is great job. No question at all. Of course there must be some sort of deal with Government. This is a deal based promotion based on understanding and compromise. But whatever it is, helping to our people is the first priority at this point in time. This partnership of convenience should work both sides.

    Even though KP had some problem with LTTE members, he had been loyal to VP right from the beginning. LTTE gradually grow from gorilla boys to conventional army. That credit should go to KP not VP. Because he is the man cleverly managed Diaspora’s money collection and bought high tech arms in the black market and supply to the LTTE. Some stage VP diagnosed with deadly cancer in a form of “Castro”. That was the disease brought VP to the end. Unfortunately that disease spread to Europe & hiding under the “Forums” with safety “Nets”. These people try hard to portray KP as a traitor but in reality they are real traitors and brought enormous misery to our people. Sadly they bought some educated people as their mouthpiece and confuse our people and try to mislead them again. Dr.Arudkumar interview is part of this conspiracy. Last year same doctor mislead our people at Westminster by saying that “Parameswarn Kidney getting failure” while he was fasting with “Big Mac”. This year he tries to manipulate “KP’s story” via Tamil Net interview. Our people should vigilant of this sort of culprits find the way to get rid of them.

    Soon after VP died, KP did seek public opinion to go way forward. I think he was the only one person from the LTTE willing to listen people concern. Many people contacted him including myself. He knows exactly what people want and need. I think he made right decision on right time. I know a fact that he is a big volume but we failed to read him properly. I’m sure GR is reading him in a right way. I don’t know how far his mission going to be successful as he is wanted by Interpol & India. Even they forget, Nediyavan faction won’t let him successful. Even though KP so far distances himself from the politics, cunning Tamil politicians won’t let him grow in high profile role. (See how difficult to being a good and doing good.) Anyway he is clever and talented; he knows how to tackle these. We should help him most in every way for his mission to be successful & May God bless him all his good deed!

  216. Reader Don (#228 – July 15) brings to us his version in the Lankan Sinhala-Tamil debate under animated discussion for years now. It will be good to know more of the identity and the detailed pronouncements of the Aussie Anthropologist who shared with him knowledge of the strong Persian influence in the island. This can help to unlock the key to the grey areas of our past that also forms part of our estrangement. As to advanced forms of irrigation and farming Sudarshan Seneviratne, Shiran Deraniyagala are only two of our scientists of unquestioned integrity who believe our own system of irrigation flowed from across the Straits developed there in the Neolithic period. As to the comment of common features between some South Indian and Lankan tribes with their Paleolithic Aussie aborigine cousins, I am reminded of the recent comment of a noted German Anthropologist who has no doubt, a view that I share, mankind began from Africa. He adds spice to his conclusion that “other than today’s Africans, the rest are all in varied forms of disguise” in a world racially categorized as Negroid, Mongloid and Caucasian (where does this leave the people of the Indian Sub-Continent who appear to be outside this categorization?) Don is also of the firm belief Ravana “lived” 5,000 years ago while most put this down to myth. But then myth goes against the notion of imagined history – the latter very much in the vogue here. In this blogger’s regret the intervention of South Indian women “diluting their genetic signature” he would have desired the invading Aryans of his imagination cohabited with the fairer-skinned Kashmiri damsels – and thus avoid forgery in the process.


  217. Many people here are talking about the DNA, allelles etc to show how close the Tamils and Sinhalese are.

    Why go that far? Many brothers born in the same womb fight with one another.

    Therefore this DNA, Allelles etc are only intellectual exercises as far as I am concerned.

    What is needed is justice. If there is no justice then any edifice will fall down.

    If you people were having so many things as common then why did all these things happen.

    Why didn’t the Sinhalese pass bills like sinhala only, burn the Jaffna library, kill prisoners in the Welikade, Kill the Tamils in the 1983 etc.

    Why didn’t the Sinhalese have the large heartedness to accommodate and accept the Tamils as their brothers.

    Also why did the Tamils feel alineated. If they are from the same stock then why did they feel alineated.

  218. The important thing to remember here is there were no native speakers of the language

    Well if it’s the language of the original texts they obviously did at one time, or did the Buddha talk to himself?

    Pali is a Prakrit.

    Iam afraid to find the origin of the sinhala language we have to delve deeper into the past.

    Sinhala is a development of the Prakrits spoken in Sri Lanka. There’s no need to delve anywhere.

    You’re forgetting that most of South India was Buddhist for centuries. What did happen was that in general it was Mahayana Buddhist and not Theravada Buddhist. There is a Mahayana Buddhist temples in Trincomalee, with the the inscriptions all in Sanskrit. There is no reason to presume that the language of the inscriptions on temples was the lingua franca of all inhabitants (if you look at 19th century British inscriptions you would think everybody spoke Latin) or that whilst the government and the monks spoke Prakrit the Tamils in the area didn’t speak Tamil.

  219. #248-Stephen jones

    or did the Buddha talk to himself?
    How do you know he did not. Were you there with him. I do it all the time, in the shower, when i meet Mr. B.O.Gunaratna, Mrs.P.U.M.Perera etc. Some people talk in their sleep with their wives listening intently. How do you know Lord Bhuddha did not with the diciples listening intently. Iam afraid, to conclusively verify this you and i have to get into a time capsule. Let us wait patiently until they invent it. It might be even a Srilankan who invents it. Innovative ideas is the key here and it could be Wimal Weerawansa who does it.

  220. The earliest records of Sinhala inscriptions dates back to 600 B.C whilst the recorded inscriptions of the Tamil language goes back to 300 B.C.

    The ruins of Anuradhapura and Pollonaruwa as well as the elaborate irrigation systems, some of which are still in use are evidence of a well advanced society in Srilaka over 2000 years ago.

    The South Indian regions which the Dravidians occupied did not have the same level of development.

    Therefore most of the early migration from these area to Srilanka would have been for economic reasons.

    This is the reason for the predominance of the Sinhala language for two and a half centuries despite the large scale influx from South India to Srilanka over the years.

  221. Mavady
    I can understand why you post this lengthy column. “Soon after VP died, KP did seek public opinion to go way forward. I think he was the only one person from the LTTE willing to listen people concern. Many people contacted him including myself.”
    Now all your options are in GOSL hand. This might be Gotabaya’s initiativein order to encounter our efforts? Don’t worry, More new options can be created by Eelam citizens believe We are more resourceful ( idam perithundu Vaiyagaththil)
    Your sincerity and prayer will save us.
    An Eelam citizen

  222. The earliest records of Sinhala inscriptions dates back to 600 B.C

    Left behind by time travellers no doubt, as there was no Sinhala language at that time.

  223. 246. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan:- As to advanced forms of irrigation and farming Sudarshan Seneviratne, Shiran Deraniyagala are only two of our scientists of unquestioned integrity who believe our own system of irrigation flowed from across the Straits developed there in the Neolithic period.
    The problem is we are talking of things that took place 2-3000yrs back & we rely on theories or integrity of people who profess them. Shiran Deraniyagala’s father, Paul Pieris Deraniyagala put forward the theory of the Balangoda man who is supposed to have lived 5 million yrs back in SL. Deraniyagala senior was a well recognised archeologist much more than the son, but his theory was later not accepted by international experts.

  224. Excellent article, one which deserves all the accolades it receives. Most importantly, if it educates and helps change the attitude of at least a few towards the plight of Tamils back home, then I guess it achieved its objective. Unlike other collaborators that are hell-bent in teaching a lesson to GoSL for what it did for LTTE, KP at least feels remorse and tries to redeem him for his past deeds. If others, the associates of his past, are also willing to continue with helping KP but in his new endeavour, there exists a chance to redeem themselves too in this birth rather than dying with the bitter feeling that their irresponsible support for a group which in its final years before it demise had completely forgot why it formed for, had obliterated its own people future and with it, killed any chance of a meaningful or a dignified solution, for which many made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. Despite the arms struggle had presented a few opportunities, a leader who has the wisdom and virtue could have grasped it and worked together with GoSL to prosper mutually, instead our leader who was elevated next to the almighty god, had adopted a “all or nothing” approach, and what is obvious when someone lets to play with lives and fails is total disaster.

    If war chosen to be the means of seeking a solution for a problem, then the simple rule to follow is the losers to accept whatever winners willingly give. To this end, only option available for Tamils is to have hope, hope that the GoSL would offer a solution. West applying pressure upon GoSL to find a solution seems to be the only positive which woks in favour of Tamils at the moment but to consider such pressuring is due to the push by Diaspora is a myth, they only do to so to prevent SL from joining East and Arab blocks. At this crucial juncture, rather than accepting our loss, not even defeat, going on with unwanted rhetoric upsetting GoSL, indulging in Vaddukottai circus, surrogate Elam can only provide some excuse to prolong the pain for those Tamils who live up there.

    Quite understandable that it is difficult for these groups, that have been very active collecting money and threatening those refused to toe their line and treated like heroes, to be inactive, yet that seems to be the responsible action a prudent group of activists to take if do not want to follow KP. One of the other reasons, perhaps important one, why these lots has to follow KP is because he is the legitimate leader nominated by the Supremo. Those who support anyone else other than KP should be treated as traitors under the LTTE’s policies and practice and treated accordingly. Chief nominated KP knowing he was the right person for the job; this was done when LTTE faced with the greatest challenge. Chief knew how bad a damage has been done to the unit by taking KP off-line between 2003 and 08 and who is best at the time of a challenge. It is believed that this period was the one which saw the greatest decline in the weapon armoury and its capacity to hold its position. Arms procurement in foreign countries and delivering it at bay is not an easy task, the fact it had been done with such precision while he was being in charge explains what kind of shrewd this person was and how smarter he is.

    News reaching from resettled IDP is that although they have start enjoying freedom, their agony is not yet over. Despite the trauma they went through, some consider themselves a bit luckier though when find their house was still standing with some damage. However there was not a single door or a window left in these houses. Some are witnessing only the ruins of their houses it seems, never the less happily living with neighbours and other relatives. These houses are providing only a roof for shelter not safety or security from a foul play. SL armies are stationed in these places, freely moving around and have been very sympathetic towards and helpful for these folks. To accuse SL armies raping these destitute has ulterior motives; one is publishers of these stories want to see it happening so in someone’s agony they can gain some political mileage and other is to tarnish the SL army. There could have been one or two incidents but these could have happen even under normal circumstance- not kind of portraying like a ill disciplined army taking advantage of vulnerable people. In general, armies at present are well disciplined than the ones aided the thugs during the 1983 riots. Heard, several of them had sacrificed their lives in an effort to rescue the civilian fleeing from LTTE iron grip in the no-man zone. KP knows all these facts and has seen and spoken to the IDPs. Only one has to go and see them in the camp on those difficult days. Having witnessed the carnage, reached the brink of death, nothing seems to perturb them much, so much so a woman who lost her husband only a couple of months ago was consoling me when I overwhelm by my emotion a little bit seeing their pathetic situation. I was asking myself what these people have done to be ended up in these camps and kept behind the barbed wire fence. It was only after talking to these people I was able to feel their anger towards the boys- they not only feel betrayed by these group which drove them away from their homes promising safety and security but did nothing when their little ones were dying of starvation and disease. One thing to mention here is, until last days, what they had been doing was in respect of evacuating people from the war zone that was managed by red cross was providing preferential treatments, letting people of their choice to aboard the ferry carrying people to Tricomalee, except a few neediest ones. The dream Elam, under them can not be anything other than dictatorship, where it will be a complete anarchy.

    Weighing all these revelations, I think what the god has decided about this group’s fate is a right one, but what I have been pondering is why it was allowed to go on. All those who supported this gang have blood on their hand, sadly enough it our own ones’ blood. Neglecting a group of our own which was battered and brushed because of our own actions or inactions is not something that history will record kindly. Only impression it gives to the world is that the Tamil Diaspora made donations all these days because of the fear of one man, now he is no more, so they do not care. Hope KP knows all these heroes and seeks for assistance from them. Providing a decent/basic facility for those who displaced and settling them down in their homes is the utmost priority now. Ridiculing a pragmatic thinker like KP who sacrificed his whole life for what he believed achievable and worked tirelessly to achieve it is tantamount to be belittling their leader they worshipped. Alternative to what KP does now is, to keep his mouth shut and not cooperating with the interrogators, would it be possible in SL detention? After witnessing IDP people who not only lost their loved ones but lost their limbs that prevent them from earning for a living, are struggling even for basic needs, I feel it is our duty to extend our kindness to these people, rather than expecting GoSL to do what we fail to do- such gesture is not only humane but earn some respect to Tamils in the international arena, please consider beyond petty politics.

  225. #255 Aia

    If war chosen to be the means of seeking a solution for a problem, then the simple rule to follow is the losers to accept whatever winners willingly give
    You have forgotten what is cold war. The US and Soviet Union went through a lenghy cold war with the soviet union losing and disintegrating. Eelam cold war 1 has just started. Nowadays war is not on battlefields but more in boardrooms.

    Eelam cold war 1 will consist of US, Eu, Japan versus china, russia, iran and Srilanka.

    India will be forced to step aside and be neutral, because of worries over china and tamilnadu and pressure from the west.

    The likely scenario for Eelam cold war2 is india joining the US and russia bowing out of the Srilanka issue because of worries about ties to the EU.

    Iam basing these 2 scenarios on the assumption that there is no political solution. A political solution will be the death knell of Eelam.

    The future is really in the rajapakshe’s hands. Will they be stubborn or pragmatic? Among the rajapakshe’s who is really the power, the dominant personality or whatever?

  226. #255 ……….Indulging in vaddukottai circus……….

    We heard about Vaddukottai Theermanam .That was a democratic decision of our leaders to reform an independent nation for the goodness of the Ceylon tamils. Thanthai Chelva certainly knew what would be good for us. If you have any observation on this determination please acknowledge us. Sorry I did not hear about the Vaddukottai circus.
    An Eelam citizen

  227. 256. shankar:

    I think both you and many Eelam Tamiz here have still not realized that Sinhalese in the South can make or break your lives a lot more than Eelam Tamiz living in lands near and far.

  228. “all or nothing” approach,
    During the Indian independence struggle Mahakavi Subramaniya Parathiyar contributed through liberation songs in the Ghandiji’s path. That is do or die path.
    Parathyiar mentioned
    “Vazhin muppathu kodi Makkalum Vazvom.
    Veezhin muppathu kodi Makkalum Veezvom.”
    “All will live or all will die”
    I am quite clear that you did not mean this. This is Do or Die (non violent) quotation
    “All or nothing” is violent quotation, coming in the DO and Die category.
    Why I write this is to clarify the deference to myself and to reaffirm this message to others.
    Viduthalai virumbi

  229. #258-navin

    Sinhalese in the South can make or break your lives
    Let us first take the “make” aspect. Can you tell me one single instant since independence where the sinhalese leaders have done anything to “make” the tamils. The only time there was something like that was the bandaranayaka-chelvanayagam pact and the dudley-chelvanayagam pact which were abrogated. If you consier that still a “make” then lets make another pact to “make” the tamil people.

    Now let us take the second aspect you mentioned “break”. That of course there are many solid instances, starting with the sinhala bhudhist country and sinhala only Act. Then the standardisation for university entrance and now the district quotas. And the riots against the tamils aided and abetted by the government, police and army, culminating in the big one in 1983. I hope you don’t consider the provincial councils 13th amendment that were shoved down your throat by Rajiv, which you have still not implemented as something you did to “make” the tamils.

    Even now there is no talk of a political solution. The talk is everywhere of colonizing the north and east with army families and others ,and the problem will fade away with time, especially after the diaspora all die, and their children show no interest in srilanka.. The great sinhala intellect is working overtime as usual since 1947 in this “break” department.

    So my dear navin the track record of the sinhala politicians is very poor in the “make” department, but very strong in the “break” department. I hope by overdoing it they don’t one day break up the country with the north east becoming the 26th state of hindu india and the rest of the country a satelite state of bhuddhist china.

  230. A small correction. I mentioned that the 13th amendment creating provincial councils is not implemented. It should be corrected to not fully implemented.

    And navin as for breaking the lives, that is why diaspora jumped ship out of the country. That way they can’t be broken and they can try to do some breaking themselves.

    Though i am not an eelamist myself iam sad that never has sinhala leaders tried to give something for the tamils on their own. It is only after terrific fightback and external intervention that anything can be sqeezed out or injustices done remedies. So how can you expect diaspora to come after the sinhala south for a solution. The first move must be always from the sinhalese leaders just like Nehru made the first move to douse seperatism and stiched up the country and 60 years later the stiches have still not come out, but the srilankan problem will start making the stiches come out in tamilnadu and india will have no choice but to intervene militarily and annex the north and east to save its ass.

  231. 255 Aia

    If war chosen to be the means of seeking a solution for a problem, then the simple rule to follow is the losers to accept whatever winners willingly give


    I cannot accept your point of view.

    After the WW 1, there was signed a Versailes treaty.

    It was an insult on the state of Germany.

    It made Germany to pay exhorbitant reparations and also it divided the Germany in many illogical ways.

    To say it was an insult is under statement.

    Because of this Versailes treaty the Hitler came up in history.

    Because of the Versailes treaty the second world war was fought.

    After the end of WWII the allies became wiser and did not punish the Germans in a collective manner.

    Victor has to treat the defeated nation in a humane manner.

    I wish the SL govt also moves in that direction as it would travel in a one way path.

  232. In responding to Don’s (#254) comment, while I have no intention to dispute him, I am amazed one as learned as Sir Paul Peiris had believed the Balangoda Man to be over 5 million years.

    While my interest is purely below one of a novice, the more learned like Sir Paul would not have missed the point the erect (upright) man is widely believed in the anthropology community to have emerged around 200,000 – 400,000 years ago.

    From memory I recall a talk of either Prof Deraniyagala or Seneviratne referring to the Balangoda man of the antiquity in the 30,000 year region. Perhaps those more qualified in the leadership might be kind enough to enlighten us better.

    I came in with an intervention to be more in line with fidelity to history rather than yield to sweet sounding nationalist claims which we might not be able to eventually substantiate.

    While we are at each other’s throats sometimes for egoistic reasons, the fact is our forefathers appear to have fed our people well and have kept them away from hunger no matter if the irrigation techniques were indigenous or came from across the Straits.

    Incidentally, Prof. Seneviratne, I believe, is one of the many experts of the view we were georgraphically linked with the Indian mainland without a water-way dividing us – around 9,000 years and before.


  233. the erect (upright) man is widely believed in the anthropology community to have emerged around 200,000 – 400,000 years ago.

    You need an extra zero there.

  234. Jaffna mayor has banned Western Attire for the Nallor Festival,

    Skirts up to Ankle length for the Girls and Verti for the males are a must.

    The measure is specifically to stop the Diasporians attending in their Western attire.

    Who says Tamils in Srilanka don’t run their own affairs?

  235. 253 Steven Jones,

    I don’t think any foreign travelers knew Sinhala to leave inscriptions.

    To build Anuradhapura in 350 BC ,Sinhala people must have been well advanced .

    Without an equally advance language to communicate they would not have been able to build the likes of Dagobas and Irrigation Tanks that have weathered the elements for 2500 years and stand for us to see to date.

    Therefore it is obvious that the Sinhala inscriptions are from the people who lived there.

    Another interesting aspect is that, alyhough the Cholas made constant raids to Srilanka from South India,they could not hold on to power a in a significant and permanent basis .

    The absence of Chola structures is a good testimony to their lack of expertise in construction and administration.

  236. There aren’t any Sinhala inscriptions from 350 BC.

    The inscriptions you’re talking about are in Prakrit. Prakrit later evolved into modern Sinhala, in the same way Old English evolved in Middle English and Modern English.

    The absence of Chola structures is a good testimony to their lack of expertise in construction and administration.

    The Cholas built a massive irrigation structure, including a sixteen mile long artificial lake, in South India. There were still 50,000 functioning tanks in Madras in the 19th century.

  237. This is in reference to Kalu Albert #266. I’m not a religious person, however I don’t get the people who goes to shrines in western clothing. For the sake of God and the followers, please respect the environment. Too bad, this is done by our darn diaspora.. morons.

  238. Let me provide a response for comments made on my comments. I respect your views and sorry if I offended you in any way, if I did it was due to the frustration watching things unfolded and how our people responded..

    Comment #256
    Hypothising scenarios are good for desk-top bravery but it will not provide any immediate relief for IDP left behind as result of the war. The comment I made was aimed at highlighting the pathetic situation that these people facing now and try to get assistance for them. Also opined that KP’s current stance to help these people and trying to undo all the things he did in the past, is better than doing nothing, putting his talent into use. People making comments here seemed not comfortable discussing about the core issue-The present situation of IDP, instead going in tangent in all directions. Talking about cold war, even the superpowers walked away from cold war knowing there is a lot to loose than gain, and have exchanged spies only recently. And, the stark difference between theirs and you propose is, they gave up it from the position of strength whereas we, Tamils, starting this from position of weakness-after being lost how many lives. The board rooms are much safer than the No Fire Zone but there might be some embarrassing moments, if champions of Tamils cause in that rooms were asked questions like, let leave aside GoSL, what did you do with, or how did you treat, your own people when they became destitute in their own land and kept captive behind barbed wire fence in a deplorable condition? Just as Diaspora did before 15th May 2009, there was a perfect opportunity for the Diaspora to parade streets of major cities again as show of support for these people languishing in the camps and bring their plight to the IC’s attention. Diaspora inaction in this regard confirmed the fact the critics and IC had been saying, that is all the processions organised and carried out pre-war were done with the sole intent of saving the leader. The calamity caused by the hot war has not been neutralised, IDP are struggling to pick up the pieces, what is hurry for a cold war or talk feast? Maybe satisfy some people’s ego. In terms of winning the cold war- we did not fare well in the hot war, and what chance have we got coming winners in a cold war?. Hope I have not upset you, just frustrated seeing the duplicity our people show.

    I cannot comprehend the excuses given by some Tamils that GoSL should take care of its citizen. It is true in an ideal world but not in real-even in developed countries. Besides it, the war was waged because LTTE believed, supported by the Diaspora, that the successive governments including the current one will not do right thing for the Tamils. So come they are prepared to leave these needy people in the care of the GoSL, expecting the right things.

    All or nothing- I did not mean to say “all live or all die” but what I meant by was missing the N-E provincial council-it seems to be far cry now. The leader wanted and went for the whole lot-TE, not anything less; result is what we see today, our people at home have been treated like slave and it was awful to see. Read what minister Sithamparam had to say about this issue in his speech of late. Ironically, as you guessed, the approach LTTE adopted leading into the last days was more or less like “all live or all die”, that was the fear the relatives of loved ones who caught in the NFZ had anyway.

    COMMENT #257
    Polling of Vaddukotte- Sorry if I offended, but I could not figure out why it was so hastily arranged. Why was not it done when Leader was alive? Was there any clause says that it needs to be ratified in as many years or after a course correction or so?. I do not pretend I read all but had a quick look some times before. I have great admiration and respect for Chelva, his foresight to the effect that God only can save Tamils is proven to be right in hind sight. It is true in the case of IDP anyway.

    COMMENT 263
    I do not disagree with your comment but I was pointing out was Tamils’ bargaining position has been drastically diminished if not nullified- that is what I said have to accept what ever GoSL willingly give- No other option unless some pressure exerted upon GoSL. You cannot make a comparison between the attitude of allied forces after the WWII and that of GoSL. Their priority is to expand the military presence in NE and keep the mainstream Sri Lankan in fear.

  239. For the sake of God and the followers, please respect the environment. Too bad, this is done by our darn diaspora.. morons.

    So western clothes are disrespectful of the environment, are they? Or is it that they’re an insult to God, who has lots of shares in the textile industry.

    The mayor is a stinking racist moron and the best people can do is boycott his town and temple until they’ve got rid of him.

  240. #270-Aia

    (Hypothising scenarios)

    My dear friend, didn’t you notice that it had already started after the demise of the LTTE. Obviously you do not know what a cold war is. It was not proposed or started by me, but is a natural continuation of events. The scenario of EElam cold war 2 i described of India joing the US and russia backing out of the srilankan issue because there is not much in it for them, is of course a possible future scenario, but EElam cold war I started on June 2009 with KP’s proposal to start a transnational government.

    (The comment I made was aimed at highlighting the pathetic situation that these people facing now and try to get assistance for them. )

    How do i know that my friend. I am not a mind reader. I thought you were referring to a political solution of tamils becoming scavengers as Stephen Jones once pointed out. In this regard the track record of Sinhala politicians to willingly giving anything is nil. You have to squeeze their balls and hang on for dear life until they throw you off and trample you, and then you have to get up up and recover and go for the balls again. It is a cultural thing where they won’t give their own sinhala people anything unless they squeeze their balls. From the time they take office they only think of themselves, not the people.

  241. Comments 270 & 272 are quite interesting as well as important.for the following reasons,

    Both commentators are from the sane ethnic group.

    One is suggesting a pragmatic and sensible approach to help the innocent people , some of whom became unwitting victims.

    This commentator has laid out what can be done and why it should be done in a detailed logical manner that anyone who cares about the plight of the IDP as well as the future of the Tamils in Srilanka can understand.

    The response to these pragmatic and logical comments are all hypothesis and baloney.

    This is a good illustration how some commentators wittingly or unwittingly give ammunition to the of the pro LTTE faction in the diaspora.

    The pro LTTE faction in the diaspora is not interested in reconciliation and normalcy retuning to the Tamil people in the North East.

    If normalcy returns and the people start to live normal lives with jobs, shelter and education for the kids,where can the LTTE factional hobnobs find excuses to continue the Elaam dream.

    What excuses can they give to the diaspora to collect funds?

    How can they get the VIP privileges from the Western governments if the Tamils in Srilanka get their lives back to normal.

    It is obvious there are two groups in the diaspora.

    Peace loving people like us can only hope that the like minded diasporians who want to help the IDP and rebuild their homelands will prevail.

  242. 261. shankar:

    I say, the Eelam Tamiz never tried cooperating with the Sinhalese. They always wanted their pound of flesh and status quo they enjoyed under the British even after the British left.

    Whether it is BC pact or VPs Eelam, it was always all or nothing. No progress was made because Tamils were trying to get Sinhalese to recognize their exclusive rights to N & E.

    Sinhalese didn’t break your lives. Rather, Eelam Tamiz sacrificed everything they had and more to pacify their ego like a drug addict wasting all his money trying to get high.

    Now the break aspect is there to be seen, the make aspect will become clear since N & E is effectively under the control of South and you cannot engage in your suicidal practices anymore– that is if the Sinhalese can maintain sufficient muscle to resist …

    I do not consider N & E development as a giveaway to Tamils in fear for West or India. Its rather development of the country for the common good of all and to finish off the process of ethnic integration started by D.S. — “colonization”.

  243. #27-God zilla

    The response to these pragmatic and logical comments are all hypothesis and baloney.
    One man’s baloney is another man’s bolognese.

  244. 266, 269, 271

    From time immeorial that’s the custom at Nallur Kanthasamy temple. The men and women have to wear the traditional dress. The men have to remove the shirt.

    To their credit Mahinda & Sarath respected this during their election campaigns.

    The Mayoress of Jaffna has no say in this matter and if she has said anything about banning western clothings at the temple, that’s a cheap publicity.

  245. 217. Deshapremi

    This “Navin” who always attacks Tamils & questions their patriotism is an out and out racist

  246. karuna , pillaiyan became close to rajapakse ,now kp also became close to rajapakse. , so these people are nice personally , it would have been nice , if VP & Rajapakse come close like these people.

    any chance of close link between karuna & KP?

  247. 276 Shanker,

    Bolognese is good Srilankan style, hot and spicy minus the Parmesan.

    But Give me anytime the Strings with Jaffna Prawn curry Kirihoidi and Red Coconut Chutney and throw in a couple of Ulundu Vaddai with lots of fresh green Chilli.

  248. #80-God zilla

    hot and spicy

    I think that is the problem with Srilankans. With all that hot chilli in the intestine linings, they jump up and down like they are suffering from piles, never cool and trying to pick a fight with somebody. The sinhalese and tamil diaspora children are very cool and calm, eating the western way minus the chillie.

  249. from your writing, i could understand that KP is a good person .i think VP was also the same. But if these two good persons talked to Srilanakan govt purposefully means there wouldnt be bloodshed.
    i want ask two question
    1) is there any possible link between karuna,pillaiyan & KP regarding welfare of NE people,

    2) how you getting very so much details
    whether you were there during meeting among these guys , or they were providing these details to you?

    keep writing .

  250. #275-navin
    I say, the Eelam Tamiz never tried cooperating with the Sinhalese
    Whether it is BC pact or VPs Eelam, it was always all or nothing
    We got a bit distracted by Asin and Mrs.B and the thread of discussion on an important topic was lost. Hope we can now take it up again.

    When you say Eelam tamils are you meaning the period after the vaddukodai resolution for seperation?Before that they did cooperate and were played out. What does a pact mean according to you? Nothing is it? Twice after making pacts the spineless and cunning sinhala leaders SWRD and Dudley reneged on them. If those had gone through we could have avoided this costly 25 year war. My advice to Sampanthan is do not enter into anymore pacts. Let the sinhalese leader implement what he says he will do, if he ever says so and then the tamils will reciprocate. Tell them they can put any pact up their’s.

  251. Good stuff DBSJ, KP’s aim is to give hand to stand up tamils in north east. That is the need of this hour not a transnational government. Tamil people will think about their political needs only after fullfillment of their basic needs.

  252. Emotion of anger, hatred and retribution that fuelled this 26 + years of tragedy. Here we have lost 2 generations at least …Those that could flee have fled and the remaining need to be rehabilitated and salvaged. I am glad that 346 of the cadres will take the GCE and hopefully at least 70% + will get advanced education and the cycle will perpetuate itself… The culture of personality destroys tamils than nothing else. The need of the hour is a reticent leader with progressive ideas…This reluctant leader maybe KP … Live well and prosper my people…

  253. Do you think rajapakshes require anybody’s help to eradicate the problems of tamil people? No. they are super powers of srilanka. e.g. the main brain behind ltte annihilation (fosenka)was put into jail! rajapakshes used Karuna amman to destroy ltte. Only god knows what are their intention behind keeping KP alive! Surely the intention must be negative!

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