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The politics of transnational Tamil Eelam Government

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By D.B.S.Jeyaraj

A significant event in Tamil transnational politics occurred a fortnight ago in historic Philadelphia city in the US state of Pennsylvania. About 70 -75 persons gathered on Monday May 17th for a three-day conclave. The venue was the National Convention Center situated on Philadelphia’s Independence Mall at 525 Arch Street.

TGTE Representatives in Philadelphia

Both the dates and location were symbolically significant. It was in Mid-May last year that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) militarily at the Karaithuraipatru AGA division in the North – Eastern district of Mullaitheevu.

May 17th, 18th and 19th of 2009 were tragic yet important days in LTTE history.

It was on May 17th that the besieged LTTE leader Veluppillai Prabhakaran and a large number of his senior commanders made a desperate attempt to break through the military cordon.It was on May 18th that Prabhakaran and many of his deputies died in a last ditch stand.It was on May 19th that the LTTE supremo’s body was discovered and then Army Commander Sarath Fonseka announced officially that Prabhakaran was dead.

The discovery of Prabhakaran’s body on the banks of Nandhikkadal lagoon signalled the fact that the armed struggle for political liberation conducted by the LTTE for more than three decades was effectively over. The vulgar exhibition of triumphalism that followed in the wake of Prabhakaran’s demise gave rise to an impression that Tamil nationalism itself had died on the Nandhikkadal shores.

That impression however soon proved wrong and various shades of opinion fitting the broad description of “Tamil Ultra-nationalism” continue to be expressed in various forms in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Members of the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora living in democratic Western countries are able to articulate their thoughts freely and exercise their fundamental freedoms such as association, free expression and political opinion. There are few constraints here.

Moreover in the current context some Diaspora circles feel that only they can express Tamil ultra- nationalist opinion freely without fear of adverse repercussions. Unlike their kinsfolk in Sri Lanka the expatriate Tamils need not fear the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) or emergency regulations. As such there is a viewpoint in these circles that only expatriate Tamils can give voice to the suppressed voices in Sri Lanka.


It is against such a backdrop that the Philadelphia convention was held.A section of the global Tamil Diaspora overtly supportive of the Tamil Eelam cause assembled there to hold the inaugural sessions of what was described as the Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam.

The dates of May 17th-19th were deliberately picked to demonstrate to the Sri Lankan Government and the world at large that ultra-nationalist Tamil political opinion was not crushed after the Nandhikkadal debacle. In fact the iniative to form a Transnational Tamil entity was taken in June last year as an act of symbolic defiance to demonstrate that “Tamil Eelam” was not extinct like the Dodo but was akin to a Phoenix rising from the ashes

Similiar symbolism was also visible in the choice of location. It was in Philadelphia that representatives of the original thirteen American states had convened as the second Continental Congress in July 1776 and unanimously endorsed the declaration of Independence from Britain. It was also in Philadelphia that the Congress of the Confederation had initially convened to discuss and draft the US Constitution passed in 1783.

It was the historic importance of Philadelphia that made it the venue of the first meeting conducted by members of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE).Symbolism was enhanced further by the fact that two US historic monuments like the Liberty bell and Independence Hall were situated a few blocks away from the NCC venue.

The Philadelphia meeting was the culmination of a year long effort by influential pro- LTTE sections of the global Tamil Diaspora to form a democratically elected organization representing more than a million Tamils of Sri Lankan origin dispersed in different parts of the world.

The TGTE in a sense is a re-branded manifestation of the LTTE overseas structure. The first guiding principle of the TGTE is unambiguously clear about the ultimate goal being the creation of Tamil Eelam. Although it does not explicitly endorse the LTTE the TGTE’s commitment towards the LTTE was demonstrated clearly at the Philadelphia summit where the tiger flag fluttered boldly despite the LTTE being a banned foreign terrorist organization in the USA.


A crucial difference between the earlier tiger or pro-tiger organizations of old within the Diaspora and newly evolving entities such as the TGTE are the elements of democracy and transparency. The TGTE exercise has been generally open and election of representatives was ostensibly through democratic procedures.

Although the TGTE has been described as a government – in – exile in sections of the media the new organization takes pains to refute such description. TGTE literature points out that a government in exile needs a host country to recognize it. It also says that a government needs to exist before going into exile.

Proponents of the TGTE claim that the new venture is an exciting new experiment in democracy. Representatives of the Tamil Diaspora who met in Philadelphia have transformed themselves into a Constituent Assembly. Their immediate task is to draft a new Constitution not for the Tamil Eelam state-in-formation but for the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam-in-formation.

The inaugural sessions of the TGTE resulted in New York based Lawyer Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran becoming the “numero uno” of the TGTE. Rudrakumaran known generally as Rudra was earlier the International legal adviser of the LTTE and had participated in the Govt-LTTE peace talks as a resource person of the LTTE delegation.

Rudra along with Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP had been the co-architechts of the TGTE proposal. After KP was seized in Malaysia in a dramatic operation and transported to Sri Lanka, the task of taking the TGTE effort forward was shouldered by Rudra alone.

With the support of some like-minded persons within the Diaspora, the 52 year old son of former Jaffna mayor Rasah Visuvanathan, had worked hard to make the TGTE dream a reality. Rudrakumaran who was the co-ordinator of the TGTE formation committee was elected as the Interim Chief executive of the TGTE at Philadelphia.

Following the election of Mr. Rudrakumarn, An Interim executive committee was also formed. The delegates selected seven members to the Interim Executive Committee.

The members of the executive committee are Mahinthan Sivasubramanium; Sam Sangarasivam; Gerard Francis; Selva Selvanathan; Vithya Jeyashanker; Sasithar Maheswaran and Janarthanan Pulendran.


The elected members of the TGTE legislative body had earlier transformed themselves into a Constituent Assembly. The Assembly then formed a Constitutional Affairs Committee to draft the constitution of the TGTE.

In addition to the Constitutional Affairs Committee, the Assembly also formed the following committees: the Committee for Education, Heritage, Health and Sports; the Committee for Trade and Commerce; the Committee for International Support (media, lobbying, advocacy); the Committee for Internally Displaced People and Human rights (Refugees); the Committee for the Welfare of the Families of Martyrs and Cadres; the Committee for the Protection of Resources; the Committee for the Release of Prisoners of War; the Committee for Economic Affairs; the Committee for the Investigation of War Crimes; and the Committee for Women and At Risk Groups (children and elderly).

The Assembly also decided to appoint an expert panel to provide Assistance to the above committees.

The Assembly also elected unanimously Mr. Pon Balarajan from Canada as the Speaker for the first Constituent Assembly of the TGTE.

Becoming the TGTE’s interim chief executive was a personal and political triumph for Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran. Although Rudra is frequently referred to as the new leader of the LTTE in sections of the media the truth has been somewhat different.

The overseas LTTE structure has been deeply divided since the demise of tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Though the official news releases of the TGTE seek to convey an impression that everything is hunky-dory the reality has been quite the opposite. Rudrakumaran and his allies have had to face much opposition and intrigue in fostering the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam.

Rudra faced and continues to face overt and covert challenges from within tiger and pro-tiger elements. His success at Philadelphia may provide Rudra with a respite but fresh, future efforts by his adversaries to topple him cannot be ruled out.

The internecine warfare within Diaspora tiger elements to establish control has resulted in a rise of extremist rhetoric and positions. One consequence of this tendency has been that of the TGTE itself becoming more hawkish than dovish.


A brief re-run of recent events is necessary to understand the dynamics of Transnational Tamil Eelam Government politics.

When the LTTE met its waterloo in May 2009 Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP was its international relations head. There was a time when KP was all powerful being in charge of international LTTE branch administration, global fund raising and overseas purchasing (euphemism for arms acquisition).

Convulsions within the LTTE after the Oslo facilitated ceasefire of 2002 had resulted in the wings of KP getting clipped. Veerakathy Manivannan alias Castro was placed in charge of LTTE overseas administration. As a result KP went into voluntary retirement in 2003.

Castro transformed the LTTE overseas structure by reducing the functional autonomy enjoyed by branches under KP administration. They were brought under a structure of centralised control in the Wanni. He also removed veteran tiger activists and operatives regarded as KP loyalists and replaced them with his relatively inexperienced cronies.

When full – scale war broke out in 2006 the fortunes of the LTTE began declining gradually. Within a few years the LTTE was in dire straits. The writing was on the wall. One contributory factor to this state was the inefficient functioning of the overseas branches under Castro.

A desperate Prabhakaran turned to KP again in late 2008. Due to his loyalty to the Tamil cause and his leader Prabhakaran , KP who was living comfortably with his Thai wife in a Bangkok suburb came out from blissful retirement.

KP was appointed International Relations chief (an euphemism for international chief) by Prabhakaran in 2009 January.He was expected to take over overseas administrative functions,fund-raising and overseas purchasing activity.

There was however no smooth take –over of authority by KP because much water had flown under the Vattuvahal bridge since he went into retirement in 2003. The “Nediyavan” phenomenon was a major stumbling block.

Castro had virtually established a personal fiefdom among overseas LTTE branches over the years. Almost all key functionaries abroad were his minions. Castro kept regular personal contact with them.


When the war escalated and maintenance of regular contact with all branches became difficult Castro appointed the Norway-based Nediyavan to be the overseas LTTE Branches administrative co-ordinator . Nediyavan meaning “tall man” was to directly report to Castro alone. All overseas branch heads were to report to Nediyavan.

34 year old Nediyavan whose real name is Perinbanayagam Sivaparan had joined the LTTE at the age of 18.He was sent to Russia for higher education by the LTTE but apparently Sivaparan did not complete his degree there.

Nediyavan later functioned in the LTTE’s political wing and accompanied SP Thamilselvan for the 4th round of peace talks in Thailand. Thereafter he re-located to Europe.

The LTTE during the peace talks period from 2002-2005 had sent a number of operatives abroad. Most of these cadres were from the political and intelligence wings. Nediyavan took up residence in Norway.

Sivaparan alias Nediyavan married Sivagowri Shanthamohan. Her father’s brother was Gnanendramohan alias Ranjan Lala. Gnanendramohan was one of the pioneering members of the LTTE and a trusted confidante of Prabhakaran.

Ranjan Lala was shot in Jaffna by the Army when riding a motor cycle.
This matrimonial alliance strengthened Nediyavan’s clout within the LTTE.With Castro’s authority he spearheaded resistance to KP taking over as global tiger chief. The cold war erupted openly abroad after the LTTE’s military debacle. Castro himself had committed suicide in Mullivaaikkaal.

Realistically all that was left of an “active” LTTE was its overseas structure. Thus the overseas chief would in practical terms be the head of a post-Prabhakaran LTTE. When KP tried to don the leadership mantle, Nediyavan opposed it. He was supported by an assortment of Diasporic tigers united in being against KP.

After much intra-tiger discord a settlement of sorts was arrived at in July 2009. The LTTE abroad was re-structured with several divisions under different secretaries and a chief secretary being in overall charge. KP became chief secretary and Nediyavan the secretary in charge of branch office administration.

Meanwhile KP had also embarked on a new course of action. He had convened a meeting of 35 Diaspora personalities in Malaysia to discuss the future of Tamil politics. Some of the attendees were not tiger supporters but ardent Tamil nationalists.

As a result of these consultations KP decided to form a strong Transnational Tamil organization elected democratically. He was supported in this by Rudrakumaran based in New York. Thus the concept of a Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam came into being.

Both KP and Rudra were keen to demonstrate that the Tamil Diaspora was not demoralised by the LTTE debacle. Thus an advisory committee to formulate guiding principles and proposals for setting up the TGTE was formed within 30 days of the war’s end.


The KP-Rudra partnership was dealt a severe blow when KP was captured in August 2009. Thereafter it was the lot of Rudrakumaran to proceed further with the TGTE concept. Nediyavan and his cohorts perceived the TGTE as a structure aiming to appropriate full authority over the overseas LTTE branches.

As a result Rudra had to bear the brunt of attacks by the Nediyavan faction. On the other hand KP loyalists began rallying around Rudrakumaran who was being reluctantly yet inevitably thrust into the role of a tiger factional chief. Fate compelled the unambitious, unassuming Rudra into a leadership role in a hostile environment.

Initially many of those advocating the setting up of a new Transnational organization wanted it to distance itself from the LTTE. Pragmatists realised that no organization could be really effective within a global context as long as it was seen as an extension of the tigers.

Rightly or wrongly the LTTE was branded as a terrorist organization by Countries of the EU, USA, Canada, India and Malaysia. Against that backdrop any organization perceived as a LTTE front could not emerge or be recognized as a credible, legitimate representative of the Tamils internationally.

Besides such an organization could not mobilise all shades of Tamil opinion under one umbrella as the non-LTTE or anti-tiger sections could not or would not join any tiger oriented set-up.

With the LTTE being banned in India there would not be any support from the Indian mainstream in general and Tamil Nadu in particular if the new organization was linked to the LTTE. Only the fringe groups of Tamil Nadu would be supportive.

More importantly a Tamil Diaspora organization with tiger links would be highly suspect in Sri Lanka. The Colombo government would be hostile. The Tamil people in Sri Lanka notably democratic political parties would not interact with the organization.

The rational elements within the Diaspora also realised that a legitimate platform was required to embark on successful political activism in the future. Those capable of dissecting past failures dispassionately understood with the wisdom of hindsight that the massive world-wide demonstrations conducted by the Diaspora in 2009 failed to achieve tangible results because they were identified with the LTTE.

Consequent to these lines of thought it was envisaged at one stage that the proposed TGTE should not be identified with the LTTE. The idea of a flag for the prospective TGTE was not dealt with directly to avoid dispute. The various country working groups were packed with those not having any direct or overt links to the LTTE.


What some pragmatic proponents of the TGTE proposal had in mind was the establishment of a powerful Tamil transnational organization devoid of blatant tiger links or influence. The TGTE would be democratically elected through transparent procedures and clearly desist from violence. It would campaign for Tamil rights through democratic, non-violent methods.

However lofty the original intentions were the course of intra-Tamil Diaspora politics took turns for the worse. The Nediyavan faction worried by the TGTE momentum commenced a vicious campaign to undermine these efforts.

TGTE inaugural session

Charges were levelled that the TGTE had sold out and disassociated from the goal of Tamil Eelam. It was also said that the TGTE had denounced the LTTE and rejected the tiger flag. The pro-tiger Diaspora elements were told that extending support to the TGTE effort was an act of treachery.

While these attacks continued at one level attempts were on at another level to set up alternatives to the TGTE. One such Attempt was the Global Tamil Forum(GTF). The other was the Tamil Eelam Peoples Assembly (Thamizh Eezha Makkal Peravai). Both the GTF and the Tamil Eelam Peoples Assembly (TEPF) had begun while KP was a free man. After his capture these organizations accelerated their activity.

The GTF was formed with five existing organizations in different countries coming together. The key organization in the GTF was the British Tamil Forum. Subsequently more organizations under the indirect control of the Nediyavan faction joined the GTF. Former Vicar-General of the Catholic Diocese of Jaffna Rev.Fr.S.J Emmanuel now based in Germany became the GTF President.

While the GTF was propped up as a global entity comprising country –based organizations the Peoples Assemblies were set up on a country by country basis. While the more educated bi-lingual or tri-lingual Tamils went into the GTF the comparatively less-educated, mono-lingual Tamils joined the TEPF structures.

A joint effort by these structures was the conducting of referendums on a country by country basis. The issue at each referendum was that of expressing support for the Vaddukkoddai resolution of May 14th 1976.


It was on this day that the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) was formed at a party convention held in Vaddukkoddai and the resolution demanding a socialist, secular Tamil Eelam comprising the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka was passed. The TULF contested on a separatist platform in 1977 and won 18 0f the 19 North-Eastern Tamil majority seats in Parliament.

The tussle within LTTE and pro-LTTE supporters about the course of action to adopt resulted in many internal cleavages. Three broad schools of thought emerged. They were namely the TGTE, GTF and TEPA schools. Not all adherents were necessarily restricted to a single school of thought. There was a blurring of lines. Also a single country based organization could also have inner divisions.

Nevertheless the three schools of thought became known as the KP or Rudra faction, The GTF or Fr. Emmanuel faction and the Makkal Peravai or Nediyavan faction (Ani). However Fr. Emmanuel has been trying to reconcile the KP and Nediyavan factions to the best of his ability.

But the GTF school of thought too is divided between the KP and Nediyavan factions. The British Tamil Forum for instance is pro – Nediyavan while the Canadian Tamil Congress is of the pro-KP faction.

Though Nediyavan is the head of the faction operating under his name Sivaparan is not the brains behind it. A cabal consisting of persons running various media organs amidst the Diaspora retains heavy influence over Nediyavan.

Chief among this coterie is Jeyachandran alias Jeya Annai the Editor of “Tamilnet” website. Jeyachandran like Nediyavan is resident in Norway.

There is a jocular reference among Diaspora Tamil circles to Nediyavan and Jeyachandran as “Norway Thalaiver” and “Norway Mathiyuraignar”. This is a take – off from Prabhakaran and Anton Balasingham. The former was Thalaiver or leader and the latter “Mathiyurainjar” or Adviser. Now Nediyavan and Jeyachandran are called that.

As a result of these developments the TGTE adherents also started changing course. The pragmatic, flexible approach of earlier times began to give way to a more hardline, rigid approach. Those with a moderate outlook took a back seat or dropped out. The hawkish tendency increased. Thus the TGTE was now firmly for Tamil Eelam. It also began identifying more openly with the LTTE.

Notwithstanding these attitudinal changes the TGTE began making slow and steady progress. This was mainly due to the persistent, personal efforts by Rudrakumaran. Though slandered by his adversaries as being an agent of Colombo and New Delhi and as having betrayed the LTTE leader Prabhakaran, the New York based lawyer went about his mission zealously.


The impressive panel of advisers consisting of academics and professionals helped Rudra greatly in this respect. Thereafter Rudra set up country working groups in western countries having substantial concentrations of Tamils. When the Nediyavan fation infiltrated these groups and stymied efforts Rudra began relying on smaller, core groups of committed personnel to continue with the task.

One of the biggest hurdles for Rudrakumaran was the absence of effective media support particularly in the Tamil language. With the exception of a few most Diaspora media was controlled by the Nediyavan faction. The TGTE project was either blacked out or vilified. A vicious personal attack was also launched against Rudra. The Nediyavan faction had correctly identified Rudrakumaran as the heart and soul of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam project. The vicious attacks on Rudra in particular and the TGTE in general had the objective of pressurising Rudrakumaran to back out.

The Nediyavan faction had miscalculated that the mild-mannered Rudrakumaran would wilt under pressure. The opposite happened. Rudra surprised both friend and foe by remaining resolutely steadfast to his convictions and objectives. Thus the TGTE movement gathered momentum despite drawbacks.

Belated recognition dawned on the Nediyavan faction members that the TGTE was going to materialise despite their opposition. There was a sudden change of tactics. Instead of opposing from outside the Nediyavan faction decided to get inside and capture the TGTE organization.

The TGTE project envisaged elections being held in every country with a sizable number of Tamil residents. The TGTE assembly was to consist of 115 elected and 20 appointed representatives.

The distribution of the 115 elected representatives is: Australia 10; Benelux 3; Canada 25; Denmark 3; Finland 1; France 10; Germany 10; Ireland 1; Italy 3; New Zealand 2; Norway 3; South Africa 3; Sweden 1; Switzerland 10; UK 20; and USA 10.

The distribution of the 20 appointed delegates is: Caribbean & South America 1; India 5; Malaysia 3; Mauritius 1; Middle East 2; Oceania 1; Rest of Africa 1; Rest of Asia 1; Rest of Europe 1; Singapore 2; and South Africa 2.


Elections were held in each country on the basis of the Tamil population dispersal both numerically and geographically. Thus certain zones or regions in each country were demarcated and number of candidates allocated. Each country determined a sum of money as election deposit. These were rather high in some countries like Canada where candidates were required to furnish 3000 dollars each.

As elections began on a staggered basis in each country the Nediyavan faction started fielding candidates. Using the media resources at their disposal virulent campaigns were conducted against those aligned to Rudrakumar and KP and other neutral candidates.

They were depicted as stooges of the Sri Lankan and Indian governments. The SIS in Sri Lanka and RAW in India were accused of financing their election campaigns. When candidates sponsored by the Nediyavan group won, Jeyachandran’s “Tamilnet” hailed their victory by describing the winners as candidates of “common opinion”.

There was also some intimidation in certain areas though actual physical violence was absent. The absence of violence was due to the elaborate election arrangements in place. In most cases the chief Elections officer was a respected non – Tamil citizen of the country concerned. For example the CEO in the USA was Ramsey Clark who had been the US attorney-general from 1966 – 68 under President Lyndon B Johnson.

The election campaigns were quite hectic within the Diaspora circles. In Toronto candidates advertised extensively in Tamil newspapers, Radio and TV. Tamil shops displayed attractive colour posters of candidates. Flyers and leaflets were widely distributed. Telemarketing campaigns were conducted. House to house visits were organized. Electioneering was done by some as if they were candidates contesting mainstream elections to Municipalities, provincial and Federal parliaments.

When flagrant electoral malpractices were perpetrated in countries like Britain and France the election results of affected constituencies were set aside and fresh polls ordered. Some others suspected of winning through fraudulent means were persuaded to withdraw by resigning.


A large number of women and youths contested the polls and won. Many of the youngsters were women. In some places candidates were elected unopposed. But in some places there were keen contests and campaigns.

Though campaigning was intense the actual voter turn –out was not impressive at all. Despite many instances of vote rigging the number of votes polled was comparatively low. In most Countries the number of votes amounted to about 10% -15 % of the total Tamil population.

By mid – May 2010 at least 87 persons had been elected to the Transnational Tamil assembly. These included 25 from Canada,10 –USA,17-Britain,10 – Switzerland,07 – France,03-Germany,03 – Norway,03 – Denmark,01-Sweden,06-Australia and 02- New Zealand.

The calibre of some elected representatives left much to be desired. Several illustrious candidates were defeated though many of those elected possessed excellent credentials. However there were quite a few winners with close connections to the LTTE.

Though 87 had been elected polls had to be conducted for some more constituencies. Three representatives had to be elected from Italy and one each from Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland and Ireland respectively.

Since some election results had been declared null and void due to electoral malpractices fresh polls were required for three representatives each in France and Britain respectively.

In addition elections for seven representatives in Germany and four in New South Wales, Australia had to be held. Also new arrangements had to be made for appointing three representatives from South Africa instead of electing as intended earlier.

The elected representatives numbering 115 were to select the 20 appointed representatives in due course. Although the full quota of elected representatives were not filled, 75 % of the polling was over.

Rudrakumaran himself had been elected uncontested to one of the two nation –wide constituencies in the USA. He and many of those elected were keen that the inaugural sessions should be held on May 17th, 18th and 19th to coincide with the Nandhikkadal debacle anniversary in a symbolic show of defiance.


Earlier the decision was for the TGTE to convene in Geneva. Several candidates contesting elections had stated that the TGTE would be inaugurated in Geneva. But the Nediyavan–Jeyachandran duo had other ideas. They wanted the conclave to be in London. There was a hidden agenda in this.

Former Tamil National Alliance MP from Batticaloa district Senathirajah Jeyanandamurthy was a resident in London. Jeyanandamurthy had fled Sri Lanka fearing a threat to his life and sought asylum in the United Kingdom. He had been a correspondent for “Tamilnet” and was under Jeyachandran’s sphere of influence.

Jeyanandamurthy had contested TGTE elections in London at the behest of Nediyavan and Jeyachandran and had been elected with a relatively large number of votes. Now the duo wanted him to challenge Rudrakumaran for TGTE leadership. The idea was to wrest control of the TGTE and oust Rudrakumaran.

Since Jeyanandamurthy was a refugee applicant his travel documents were not in order and therefore could not travel outside Britain. If the inaugural sessions were held in London it would make things easier for Jeyanandamurthy to contest. Also London would be easily accessible to Nediyavan’s goons who could then engage in intimidatory tactics. “Thanam” the current tiger chief in Britain was of the Nediyavan faction.

Articles began appearing in Tamil websites extolling the virtues of Jeyanandamurthy and virulently attacking Rudrakumaran. Some crudely advised Rudra to retire from the TGTE and resume his legal practice.

Jeyanandamurthy issued a statement that there were no divisions among them but it was common knowledge that the Nediyavan faction propping up Jeyanandamurthy was gearing up for a grand showdown in London to capture control of the TGTE and eject Rudrakumaran.

It was propagated widely that the Nediyavan faction commanded a majority among elected representatives and that Jeyanandamurthy would be elected as interim chief executive of the TGTE over Rudrakumaran. Since the LTTE branches and heads were all under Nediyavan many felt that Rudrakumaran was on his way out.

V. Rudrakumaran


But Rudra also displayed manipulative political skill. He began interacting with several of his supporters in various countries and conducted a quiet, discreet campaign to win over some of the elected representatives. In a deft manoeuvre Rudra also arranged for Philadelphia in the USA to be the venue for the inaugural meeting.

This surprise move curtailed Nediyavan-Jeyachandran – Jeyanandamurthy machinations to some extent. As a compromise tele-conferencing facilities were arranged to enable participation of European representatives. 14 elected representatives including Jeyanandamurthy gathered in London while another 12 met in Geneva. They were tele-linked to Philadelphia.

47 elected representatives of the TGTE converged in Philadelphia. The meeting was open to the Tamil public. There were also some non – Tamil friends like Ramsey Clark, US lawyer Karen Parker, Swedish academic Peter Schalk and US Professor Francis Boyle. The gathering was around 75.

After the Nediyavan faction changed tactics and contested TGTE elections with a view to capture it the tiger flag was prominently displayed in the campaign. There were many instances of candidates sponsored by Nediyavan going to the polling stations with their supporters waving tiger flags.

Any plans the anti-Rudra elements may have had about exploiting the tiger flag issue were scuttled as the red and yellow flag with the roaring tiger in a circle of 33 bullets and two crossed guns fluttered on the podium along with the US stars and stripes national flag.

Rudrakumaran himself was responsible for this act. Apparently some were planning to walk out of the meeting if the tiger flag was absent. But this was pre-empted. Rudra also delivered a stirring address in Tamil that was quite impressive .He explained the goals of the TGTE and appealed for unity and support.


In contrast, Jeyanandamurthy’s “televised” speech from London was shallow and unimpressive. Any TGTE representative comparing the addresses of both would definitely have opined that Rudrakumaran’s performance was far superior. Jeyanandamurthy also made a fool of himself by saying that Prabhakaran was alive and that the leadership would go public at the appropriate juncture.

Another filibustering tactic by the anti-Rudra faction was to demand that the appointment of an interim chief executive and executive committee be postponed as some seats of the TGTE were yet to be filled. But Prof. Francis Boyle stated that elections could be held as a quorum was available. So elections were held.

When elections to the interim chief executive were announced there were two contenders. As expected the two were Rudrakumaran and Jeyanandamurthy.When the 14 representatives in London voted 11 were for Jeyanandamurthy and 3 for Rudrakumaran.In Geneva all 12 representatives were for Rudrakumaran. In Philadelphia an overwhelming number of the 47 representatives extended support to Rudrakumaran.

Realising the battle was lost Jeyandamurthy withdrew from the fray. Thus Rudrakumaran was the “unanimous” choice as interim chief executive of the TGTE. Thereafter the executive committee was elected through consensus rather than contest.

The TGTE sessions also provided opportunities for all the elected representatives to address the sessions. Three to five minutes each were taken by the speakers. Much of the TGTE proceedings were visible and audible on the internet.

Jeyanandamurthy who announced his withdrawal from the contest subsequently issued a statement saying the election was not conducted fairly as representatives assembled in Geneva and Philadelphia had not voted. He also said that there was only one National leader for the Tamils and that was Prabhakaran thus insinuating that Rudrakumaran was not the leader.


Anti – Rudra Tamil elements also started attacks in the overseas media that Rudrakumaran was trying to project himself as the Tamil national leader and that the TGTE was attempting to supplant the LTTE.

In Paris copies of the “Thai Nilam” (Mother Land) newspaper were seized from shops and burnt in the streets. The paper published Rudra’s picture with a front page story announcing his success.

As stated earlier the TGTE inauguration in Philadelphia was a victory for Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran. Given the fact that all the LTTE branches controlled by Nediyavan were against him the New York lawyer has certainly done well to get the TGTE project off the ground and overcome the Nediyavan –Jeyachandran conspiracy to oust him.

But the future is certainly not rosy as overseas LTTE intrigue and infighting is far from over. The Nediyavan–Jeyachandran–Jeyanandamurthy combination is likely to hatch more plots. Already there are moves to stage elections to the various Tamil Eelam Peoples Assemblies and weave them into a confederation rivaling the TGTE.

Against this backdrop the TGTE under Rudrakumaran will certainly have to face fresh challenges as it proceeds towards the immediate objective of drafting a Constitution for the Transnational Tamil Eelam government.

Whatever its merits or defects the concept of a Transnational government by LTTE supporters has evoked quite a bit of interest among observers. Despite obvious flaws it was indeed a rare sight to see diehard supporters of the LTTE adopt democratic principles and participate in elections.

This is perhaps the first time that Diaspora members of any ethnicity have formed a Transnational entity of this kind. The intellectual curiosity of several western academics seems to have been aroused by the concept.


It is a moot point as to whether others too would emulate this exercise in the future. One would not be surprised if Transnational communities like the Kurdish people follow suit in the future.

Predictably the Sri Lankan Government is firmly opposed to the TGTE and several ministers have stated so. Given the deep divisions in the pro-LTTE Diaspora the TGTE runs the risk of falling apart as a result of internal dissension.

If and when that happens the TGTE representatives who convened in Philadelphia may do well to remember the wise words of Benjamin Franklin who played an important part in the events leading to American Independence.

When the US founding fathers kept on quibbling among themselves during discussions and struck out in different directions Benjamin Franklin urged unity and cautioned his compatriots. Quoting Jesus Christ, Franklin said “A house divided against itself cannot stand” (Mathew 12:25)

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached on djeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

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    Keep up the good work.

  2. .
    In the 80’s Tamils were confused with LTTE, TELO, PLOTE, EROS, EPRLF……..

    Now the Tamils (dispora) are going to be confused with TGTE, GTF, TEPA…

    Let the game begin…

  3. Nandriz DBS for this info

    I like the idea of a transnational Tamil organization. But it should not be called a government or pledge its allegiance towards Tamil Eelam

    Instead it should call itself a Transnational council or association or league or something like that

    It should also dedicate itself to the upliftment of Tamil people everywhere in the world instead of restricting itself to Tamil Eelam or North – Eastern Ceylon

  4. Mr.Jeyaraj has described what went on in the name of TGTE very well. The vicious campaigning where independent ,upright persons were slandered as stooges financed by Singalam govt was deplorable

    As a result many deserving candidates lost and undeserving candidates won

    I dont see much future for the TGTE

  5. How can Rudra & his merry men establish Tamil Eelam through the TGTE when his leader Piraba with all his army,navy & air force failed

    This attempt by diaspora Tamils remind me of Tamil saying ” Puliyai Parthu Poonai Soodu pottathu” (The cat burnt itself by trying to put stripes like a tiger)

  6. I can’t believe that all this Diaspora intrigue is going on while the IDPs are still suffering. Even though nothing much may come out of it, the TGTE is not a bad concept as long as it is democratic. But these entities should not take the focus away from the need to assist the IDPs in getting back to normal lives and in making sure that war criminals are punished. Nearly a year after the war, I don’t see any real action by the GTF or the TGTE on these fronts. Have they meticulously documented the war crimes committed by the SL regime?

    Have they compiled the details of the missing people, the murdered people, the property and livelihoods lost, the UN complicity in war crimes? It may require considerable effort, but for the GTF and TGTE to have not done anything of that sort in the last year is ridiculous. I know the TAG has done considerable work on this, but they don’t seem to have the resources to become a serious pressure group.

    Bruce Fein was an expensive lawyer whose services they couldn’t afford; nor does it seem that he was effective. There are many other lawyers who will do it pro bono, or for a much smaller fee. Now bigger groups like the GTF and TGTE should pick up… the effort and show some tangible results.

  7. How can US Govt allowe terrorist grp flag side by side with US flag and allwong them to host a meeting in PHL.

  8. Hey Jeyaraj, are you trying to paint these terrorists in sheep’s clothing?

    Ai machang Kaduwa therennadha?……DBSJ

  9. This is clear discrimination, the very thing we are fighting against. Just because rudrakumaran is bald he has selected all bald fellows. Also only half a dozen or so women out of about 45. Even living in the west for so long has not changed the mentality of male dominated chauvinism. That is why i didn’t even put up my hand. And also it is bigger than the Srilanka cabinet, though Eelam is much smaller.

    However i don’t want to only criticise. They certainly look much more distinguished than the Srilanka cabinet. Reminds me of the first cabinet after ceylon achieved independence. After that of course due to universal franchise the yakkos came in with the sarong and filth spewing out. Just give Eelam a few decades and the same will happen with all the wild beasts coming verti and all.


    I think there were more women elected but were not present in Philadelphia. Also the equivalent to the “cabinet” is the executive committee.That has only eight including Rudrakumaran

  10. Your conclusion sums up everything-
    “A house divided against itself cannot stand” (Mathew 12:25)

  11. Its a good article.

    It would be good and serve well for Srilankan Tamils if TGTE and diaspora remains a united house.

  12. Nediyavan is a true Tamil Leader and is well known to majority of Tamils. Nediyavan is a Tradesmanlike man, so down to earth. Tamilnet is the voice of the Tamils and not “Thai Nilam” . Long live the Norway Thalaiver, Nediyavan.

  13. Thanks DBSJ. I was about to request you to write on this with my last birthday wish to you. I am not sure how much the name TGTE would help, but we do need a strong democratic form, lead by intellectuals to represent and to lead us. Since we only get to know things through the media, I normally read tamilwin, sankathi and puthinam to get the pro-LTTE news; Neruppu, lankatruth, news.lk for anti-LTTE/tamil; BBC, Tamilnet and dbsjeyaraj.com for neutral/trustworthy info.

    I am not sure but respect puthinam for withdrawing instead of dividing the community like sankathi. It is becoming a nuisance now.. I couldn’t believe popular like Tamilnet would be doing things like this… This is the reality with us Tamil, even now; we don’t get along and work together… Well we have to understand that, there is not much we can do militarily anymore, we have to get together and work diplomatically… To do this, uni-lingual and un-realistic would not take us anywhere… we need to present / canvas /lobby/diplomatic-approach many things need to be done, but we need people with that calibre…

    I wish Rudra all the best and hope he establishes the strong democracy and transparency before the goons get in and spoil everything. You may not be with me on this, but I also hope “nam thamilar” get big. Seeman also has the good calibre but unlike Rudra, he can only go to certain distance, then he need good advisors/consultants to direct him. Hope he has good advisors/counsellors to lead him. Thanks DBSJ. I wish you write more on this and other Diaspora matters…

  14. Superb reportage. Of course, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remarks at yesterday’s press conference, which , for better or worse — but very significantly– do not contain a single reference to Tamil political autonomy or any equivalent, shows the near irrelevance of all these efforts! The TGTE, GTF etc will only entrench the Sinhala hardliners with their siege mentality, and embolden the ‘demographic solution’ school of thought. True, these Diasporic projects could keep a percentage of the Diaspora Tamils happy and active till their retirement age, or in their retirement!

  15. Very educative description of what is going on in the Tamil diaspora in the name of Tamil Ealam. I read several news items and articles in Tamil and English websites operated by Sri Lankan Tamils, but I was thoroughly confused to get the motives of the factions operating for the cause of suffering Tamils in Sri lanka under various name tags such as GTF, TGTE, TEPA and individuals like Rudrakumaran, Nediyavan etc.
    I got a very clear picture of the game after reading your resourceful report. Many thanks to you for clearifying this confusions. Many would benefit like me by reading this article.

    I was remembered of a time when there were many such groups operating in Tamil Ealam, such as LTTE, EPRLF, EPDP, EROS, ENDLF, TNA (Army) and many others. All of them have perished after loosing their hopes due to infights, but some remain in name sake or as just political parties.

    I appreciate your advice given to the diaspora in the last paragraph of you article. It should open the eyes and minds of the fighting factions aimed at only one target- The Tamil Ealam. Democracy should be given a chance.

    My congratulations to RudraKumaran for his intellegent and timely endeavours.


  16. I believe the TGTE should drop its absolutely impractical idea of a separate Eelam. This will sort of give it some credibility. But given the infighting, we can understand why it was forced to take this stand.

    Also, all the efforts of the diaspora should be in the direction of improving the lot of the battered Tamil on the streets. The GoSL is going hammer and tong for the Sinhalese development. The TGTE or any other organisation should make sure that the Tamils are not excluded from the developmental wave.

    Well, let’s hope the GoSL acts with responsibility and inclusiveness. India can be counted to step in, if Chinese bases are detected in SL. Who knows, India can very well use the discontent of the SL Tamils to train and arm another LTTE.

  17. A well written article. My pesrsonal view is that all these movements will have a natural death as leaders of all these factions merely want the power and self recognition and plainning out their stratergies without studing the ground realities in Sri Lanka. Most of them have not even have step to sri lanka and most importanly not have contributed a single cent to affected tamils in the country but spent milions rupees to propergate them selves. One thing they shoud understand is that this not what tamils wants in is country they need YOUR HELP TO REBUILD THEIR LIVES AND LIVE PEACEFULLY. EELAM cocept have been rejected by them long before. My advice to them is that Vist Sri Lanka and see things to ur own eyes and the engage the Government to create a better life for taimls rather wasting time to form various concepts, wich only mislead the tamils and waste your money and time.

  18. You’ve done lots of reserach and written an exhaustive article DBS.congratz. WE like to read more like this one from you

  19. Live in your DREAM EELAM… Never come to Sri Lanka! Better ask for a piece of land from Canada, UK or even from Obama

  20. I was puzzled by Tamilnet taking funny stand in recent occasions. Thanks to your article now I know why

    Tamilnet is now traitornet

  21. Dear Sir….

    Do you think this will be practical….. and why Nediyavan opposing Rudrakumar when VP is dead…


  22. Till I read this article I thought TGTE was a govt in exile DBSJ. Thanks for giving the correct picture

  23. DBS is partial towards Rudra. This is because both were contemporarys in Harvard University years ago.

  24. Sinhala eat kawun but have mind of steel, We dont mind tmails dance anywahere else but not in Sri Lanka.We have their names, addresses, namese of next kith & kin so does not matter which passport they carry do not try to come to SL. May try some other tansist points in ASIA too. Terroist can run but they can not hide, its true for all of their sponsors.

  25. All these TGTE & GTF looks very foolish & selfish.

    #19 Siva is a realistic person. Hits the nail at the right place.

    The whole world has realised the myopic & utopian mindset of tamil intelectuals like rudra (disgrace to many moderates).
    Tamil net & the LTTE proxies will continue to oil thier palms with collecting money for thier dishounerable ’cause’.

    We Sri Lankans don’t want these sphycopaths to interefere with our internal affairs.

    TGTE should be held reponsible for all the crimes committed by the LTTE against humanity and India !! Wait this will come very soon . When you spit looking up it will fall on to your own face.

  26. I can see two things. For the Tamils to be effective, they MUST unite under one leader. This is not an easy task at all. VP did this job his way by killing the opposition. Under a democracy, one must be a very cunning chap to reach leadership (example MR) & try to steer a course which Tamils want to go.

    Secondly, all this stirring of the pot will upset the GOSL who may NOT grant any concessions to the poor Tamils in that country thanks to these well off Diaspora Tamils.

    The more they talk of Elam, the more it strengthens the hands of hard line Sinhalese who will beat the drums to say Tamils can never be trusted, they are still Tigers with or without the tail & should never ever be given any chance to move or better their lot. So, while the effluent feed their ego’s the poor gets nothing to fill their bellies.

    As Lenin (I think) one said, the agony of the stomach (that is the hunger pains) is not felt by the head. Meaning, the ruling class does not realise and feel the deprivations of the have nots.

    Shanker is right to say they are bald & I say they are too fat to launch revolution from shores abroad & probably may die of excess cholesterol after comfortable living in the west.

  27. Brilliant article as usual DBS.Keep it up

    I think the SL govt should engage with the TGTE instead of opposing it. Rudra &co are better than Nediyavan&co to negotiate with

  28. Hei Podiyan Jayaraj

    Bring your elected Di-Ass- Poora TGTE members to Sri Lanakan soil. Our army is waiting for target practice as our boys did not have anything to shoot from last May.

    We welcome all TGTE podiyans and Pombolaes ASAP.

    If you are indeed”brave” why not rave under your real name?……..DBSJ

    By the way just wake up from your unfulfilled State of Peelam.

  29. This is truth
    A terrorist groups(LTTE) can organize and form a transitional government in USA if they are destroy other countries.

    Why do not let the Al-Qaeda to organise in other countries if it is good for LTTE.

    This is why no one believe democracy and human right rubbish the Americans muttering.


  30. Good Article DBS.
    It’s fate of Tamils, elements of unity missing in Tamil DNA.
    All these TGTE, GTF , BTF etc are here to finish of what LTTE left unfinished , to get rid of remaining Tamils from SriLanks for ever.
    Tamil Eelam is dead in the water, Vaddukotai resolution in 1976 was a political stunt
    after all these years of death and destruction and global and asian power politics , stands taken by India , China and the rest of the world if a Tamil thinks Tamil Eelam is real he or she should needs psychological assesment

  31. I am very positve & very confident in saying that Tamil Diaspora is now fighting for a cause which cannot be achived in any form or in anyway.
    The tamils now should use there god given brains to sustain the there fellow bretheren in Sri Lanka to build there lifes.
    The Tamil diaspora is living in a world of dreams. they are all day dreaming by thinking they can have a separate country carved in Sri Lanka. It can never ever be achived. Use your god given brains. You will always have to be a government in exile for as long as Sri Lankan majourity are Sinhalese. Make no mistake Tamils will never ever will have a separate state in Sri Lanan soil.

    Tamil diaspora now put your act togeather. Yoyu waisted Billions of dollars to buy distructive weapons to wage a war in Sri Lanka and kill innocent people. Get out of your eveil deeds now. Learn to live in harmony with others & live in peace with your fellow sinhala brothers.

  32. I heard Sri lanka government has blacklisted all TGTE people from visiting Sri Lanka, I feel sorry for Rudra who has relatives in Sri Lanka

  33. I have read DBSJ articles many a time. I see him as a very cunning person. He tries to write balanced looking articles but in between his statements you can see where his preferences are. It is same in this article too.

    Pray,what are those “preferences”?……DBSJ

  34. 22 Sam

    Well said Sam. They should ask for a piece of land wherever they congregate, but not here in Sri Lanka, because Sri Lanka is for all Sri Lankans.

    By the way, I wonder whether these freedom fighters mind
    when they are treated differently at the Air Ports and other high security areas because the way they look. If you are a coloured person with a funny name, you are checked more than the ordinary American looking (white or black) person. Then think of Mother Lanka.

  35. 29. wong

    Terroist can run but they can not hide, its true for all of their sponsors.


    Does it also apply to the state terrorists.

  36. There seems to be no shortage of people saying the diaspora should focus on helping their people in Sri Lanka. I ask all these morons how? Send money? And yes we all know that Rajapakse will put that money into his pocket. The shameless man stole $millions in Tsunami Aid.
    So perhaps the diaspora should go to Sri Lanka to help the IDPs? No. They will get taken into custody and and harrassed about their ‘terror links’. And some of them will be released provided they pay huge bribes to the GOSL.
    And do you really think the GOSL is going to release IDPs and help them if their global relatives arrive on the Island? What a joke.
    Some of you really live in fantasy land when you talk like this. The reality is nobody can do anything to help the northern and eastern tamil people. GOSL has its agenda with China and is busy with that.
    Recent interviews of Gotabaya and Mahinda have shown them to have gone backwards in how they talk.
    Listen to Mahinda speak:
    He makes insulting remarks about tamils enjoying living in the camps. Aswell as claiming that no war crimes occured because ‘he says so’
    This type of nonsense is only more conviction for people living outside of the Island to take democratic action.
    Even during the elections globally for this transnational eelam government, GOSL had sent agents threatening several people when they were going to vote. Saying things like ‘be careful, we can trace your family and friends in Sri lanka’.
    So the GOSL were not joking when they said they want to infiltrate the diaspora across the globe. They have agents. Many of these agents are tamils themselves.
    DBS is correct about the tamil weakness to infighting.

    Yes the diaspora are prone to division. Something the GOSL will try to exploit with all their tamil speaking agents. But always understand that the quest for justice will continue.

  37. Those who yielded power cannot swallow the fact that they immediately lost power and previledge among tamil diaspora with the annihilation of LTTE last year. They are fighting to regain it among them again now, I guess but with little success.

    These bodies outside Sri Lanka cannot bring any relief to the suffering of Lankan Tamils.

    It is good that LTTE was annihilated last year. LTTE and other eelam demand brought only misery to Tamils in lanka

    It is only matter of a few years, these bodies in Tamil diaspora will turn to oblivion since they do not anyway represent democratically or forcefully Tamil diaspora

    If they really want to contribute anything to Diaspora Tamil they should turn themselves to charities that promote artiste culture and language of Tamil to bring pride to Tamil diaspora and inculcate knowledge of them to second and later genreations of Tamil diaspora to bring awareness. Imposing Taliban like culture and values among them will not help but alienate them. We should not preach values. People have adapt the values of the countries where they live in order to successfully integrate into the society they live.

    One lesson Tamils can learn from Israel – Palestinian conflict. Those who advocate separation should look at the wikipedia to understand how much Israel was prepared to give to Palestinains in 1949 and now. Conitnuing Palestinian conflict only relsulted them losing more and more to israel. This is the same to us also because of sort-sighted LTTE leadership.

    We have to come out of the box and think differently.

  38. This article looks like ,
    Half thuth and the other half fiction for the consumption of Sinhala Supremacistes .In any case this article gives exposure of some Information of TGTE to Sinhalees. Thank you for that.

    And the “Half THUTH” is for the consumption of Tamil supremacists ?…….DBSJ

  39. This chorus of diaspora help the people and not helping but doing all this is may be somewhat true –

    but has the Sri Lanka gov done anything to alleviate ?

    GoSL sees no issue in having the UN involved in getting flood relief etc in the South. They are not ‘White Tigers’.

    A more transparent easy access to provide direct aid will be a more produce more desirable results to help the suffering people where ever they are in SL.

    But that has not been forthcoming. Yet many peopel are finding avenues to help the people in what ever they can, through the racist & graft ridden curtains of Sri Lanka gov.

    At least TGTE may be in position to put some onion on these matters soon, as no views on such matters are being put forward freely by any Tamil organizations right now.

  40. குறள் 735:
    பல்குழுவும் பாழ்செய்யும் உட்பகையும் வேந்தலைக்கும் கொல்குறும்பும் இல்லத நாடு.

    A kingdom is that which is without various (irregular) associations, destructive internal enemies, and murderous savages who (sometimes) harass the sovereign.

    பல குழுக்களாகப் பிரிந்து பாழ்படுத்தும் உட்பகையும், அரசில் ஆதிக்கம் செலுத்தும் கொலைகாரர்களால் விளையும் பொல்லாங்கும் இல்லாததே சிறந்த நாடாகும்.

  41. Another masterpiece from the maestro.

    If the Tamil militancy was united, the happiness for the people would have been in abundance.

    Sadly, there were divisions which culminated in the defeat of the LTTE.

    Anyway there is no point in crying over spilt milk, even at this late juncture function as a united team instead of squabbling with each other and always remember that the poor Tamils, who have no hope in hell in getting out of the hell hole, need the support of the well to do.

    They say”united we stand, divided we fall”, this is what will happen if we Tamil’s keep on fighting each other.

    Take the sinhalese, blindly they voted the current rulers into power again, they will pay the price for it but they stood united at this juncture. a j.

  42. This looks like another scheme for keeping Diaspora money flowing into the LTTE (TGTE) hands.

    As Dayan Jayathilake (#16) mentioned, this will give ammunition to those Singhalaese hardliners who want no part of power sharing or any just solution on the ground in Sri Lanka. Not that it is any surprise, but that is exactly what the Diaspora wants to happen as that will keep the pot boiling and money flowing.

  43. Prevention of Terrorism Act in Sri Lanka did not prevent freedom of Tamil expression in Sri Lanka, but in fact, it did keep Tamil’s savagery expressions at bay.

    Obviously, Tamils in the UK did not have problems expressing themselves against the peace and stability in Sri Lanka , regardless of the UK’s own anti terrorist acts like ‘shoot to kill’, because the West in general was busy promoting its own darker interests in the region on the back of LTTE terrorism.

    No matter how the idea of victimhood and statelessness are packaged and marketed at a profit in Western capitals, the costs incurred by the Tamils in Sri Lanka in terms of suffering endured are always going to be high.

    The point is that you will always be doing things at a lost. In other words, going against Sri Lanka is a lost cause!

  44. Never mind this unique thing called racism as experianced by the Tamils of Sri Lankan origin living in the West. Nevermind this so called kingdoms in Sri Lanka before the British. Nevermind the Tamils willingness to send prehnent sucide bombers to kill Sri Lankan office workers. Nevermind the Tamils of Sri Lankan origin and their close links to Tamil Nadu in India where sixty miilion of them live happily ever after…..Logically speaking, if the UN were to create an independent Tamil state, just where should it be?

    Should it be where Tamils of Sri Lankan origin, Tamils of South African origin, Tamils of Malasian origin, or where Tamils of Indian origin (where real Tamils of real Tamil origin?)

    Come on, if you want to get it right, forget about Trans stuff, just find the exact spot which is practical and where all of you should be planted firmly once and for all!

  45. Prevention of Terrorism Act in Sri Lanka did not prevent freedom of Tamil expression in Sri Lanka, but in fact, it did keep Tamil’s savagery expressions at bay.

    Obviously, Tamils in the UK did not have problems expressing themselves against the peace and stability in Sri Lanka , regardless of the UK’s own anti terrorist acts like ‘shoot to kill’, because the West in general was busy promoting its own darker interests in the region on the back of LTTE terrorism.

    No matter how the idea of victimhood and statelessness are packaged and marketed at a profit in Western capitals, the costs incurred by the Tamils in Sri Lanka in terms of suffering endured are always going to be high.

    The point is that you will always be doing things at a lost.

  46. # 50 – Ranjan from Toronto, Don’t be so complacent.

    As a Diplomat # 16, may have noted certain nuances but the beans aren’t going to be spilled by all concerned…(or unconcerned!) about the purpose of the GL being in Foggy Bottom and at that occurrence.

  47. DBS jeyaraj,

    The Rupavahinin news in Sri Lanka caters to the most idiotic. Your blog is the next step up. Caters to slightly more discerning viewers. But still biased and twisted none the less.

    So where do you belong?”Most idiotic” or ” slightly more discerning viewer”?. And how is your eyesight? you seem to think a website is a TV!……….DBSJ

  48. Thank you for exposing the trickery of Norway Jeyachandran. He is the evil genius behind Nediyavan

  49. DBS,

    Carry on like this and i am going to spread the word about your trickery

    Be my guest………..DBSJ

  50. I am over the moon that LTTE was destroyed last year and there is no more war in my beautiful country……I don’t understand why these Tamil diasporas are still crying for a non existing and never achievable dream of seperate state…..if they get together and contribute towards the development of North and East of SL, I am sure SL would be another Singapore or Malaysia in 5 years time….I wish god give you all good brain and realise this sooner than later….
    btw, dear DBSJ, excellent article and we don’t get this info anywhere else than from you…..tbh, I am a fan of you for a long time and I don’t miss a single article written by you….

  51. #52. junta,

    ur last para is full of humor and wisdom. I like it.. couldn’t stop laughing.

    ALthough we keep blaming the tamil politics and politicos there is no end to the suffering endured by the vanni poeple.

    DBSJ what can we do constructively as humans to help these unfortunate people. The situation is too grave to be ignored or delayed.

    There is a natural suspicioun among the govnt. & military as these people were once under LTTE controlled areas.

    Confrontations with the govnment is not the wisest method at present. Approach should be deplomatic in humane way to bring noramlcy to vanni.

    First appraoch the SL authorities in a legitimate way without seeking UN or a west NGOs. Try to deal directly and win the confidence. Its hard but that’s the only method yet to be tried.

    Can some wise men /women with a visionary inclinations start acting towards achieving this goal.

    Priority given to uplift the lives of the war victims is the need ot the hour!!!!

  52. Dear brother DBS,
    Work with Rudrakumar and advise him.Your people need you.

    If he associates with me that will give Nediyavan further ammunition to fire at Rudra. Paavam!!……..DBSJ

  53. Thank you for another very informative and educative article. I am not convinced how helpful or effective TGTE & GTF can be. Time will tell. More concerned about the Tamils living in Sri Lank, have these people spoken to them and asked them what they want and what their feelings are? It is they who have to face the consequences.

    Keep writing DBSJ, Thank you and Bless you!

  54. DBS Anna

    Very nice article explaing the whole thing about Transnational politics of Tamils.

    Hope you will continue to write like this

  55. Hi DBS

    Welome back

    You did not write in May at all and I got worried you had stopped

    But you are back with a bang

    Wonderful article out;ining all the knitty-gritty info about TGTE.Helps outsiders like us to understand what’s happening

    Thanks again

  56. Congratulations to Rudra and Kudos to DBSJ for a well written article.

    Wishing the TGTE a very successful journey.

    Displaying the now dufunct LTTE flag will bring us absolutely nothing. I’m sure the organisers are well aware of this.

    Casto, Tamilselvan, Pottu and Karuna dragged the well disciplined LTTE into the path of Terrorism and successfully facilitated it’s destruction.

    Hope, that this democratic organization will prevail and weed out the pests effectively.

    Ranjan Lala was a brave man and I hope that these anti-Rudra trio will realise his service and throw their support behind Rudra for the sake of Tamils. Ben Franklin’s saying is it’s still displayed all over the US-Canadian border with little change.

    Again, all the best, Rudra and the TGTE!

  57. Excellent presentation for the edification of everyone, particularly those in the Tamil world. The time is now for a thousand flowers to bloom.

  58. Mates, latest news is that many Sinhalese are trying to buy houses in Jaffna. They think that is ok and some of my Sinhalese friends in the west think Jaffna is an excellent place to live in their retirement. Of course they are going to learn the language. The house in Jaffna town where I used to stay has been offered to me and I have declined due to lack of funds although price is not too high but that’s where I may also get one day. Sinhalese don’t think Tamils as their enemies but think they can live amicably in their areas. One Sinhalese road engineer tells me he wants to get to Jaffna and build roads. A Sinhalese doctor in the west whose mother worked at Jaffna hospital before she was chased by LTTE with only Rs100 in her pocket wants to serve in the same hospital. For me all this is sweet music. I don’t know what others think. May be some Tamils think Sinhalese are going to take over their traditional area’s but all these Sinhalese people who want to live in Jaffna I am sure are doing so in good faith.

  59. 43 jeg
    Get real my friend. Who want to send money to SL Govt.?.
    That is the last thing any one should do to make all these fat politicians more fat.

    Howevr, there is something else all the well to do diaspora
    can do. That is help your own kith and kin living in Sri Lanka directly. Let’s face it and all the millions of Tamils living in SL cannot go overseas. They all want to go to rich western countries, and they do not want you there either.How many Tamils are trying to go to Australia by boat and languishing in Indunesian Camps humiliating the whole Tamil community. Haven’t you got a pride ?.

    Therefore, get that into your thick skulls and understand where the Tamil people stand in SL. Don’t send money to the SL Govt, send your money or whatever else direct to your relatives and lift their standard of living. You have done that before by sending billions of dollars to the LTTE.

    God bless you all.

  60. I cant see how the TGTE can claim to represent the global Tamils when only 10 – 15 % of the Tamil population in each country has voted to elect these guys.

    For instance in Canada only 23,000 voted in Canada where more than 300,000 Tamils live

    I am sure when Tamil Eelam peoples assembly elections are held in June in Canada for 22 representatives the voter turn out will be more than 150,000

  61. Coming back to this vexed problem of baldness, i have counted at least 10 bald heads including the leader. I won’t be surprised if the executive committee of eight are all bald. My worry is that like great britain we will be one day called bald eelam, and eelam will become known as the land of the bald and the beautiful.


    Not to worry Shankar

    The US bald eagle is actually not bald

    By the way there is a saying that people bald at front are thinkers and bald at the back are sexy and those who are bald all over are those who think they are sexy

    Wonder whether that applies to our TGTE guys

  62. #67-don

    Tamils should encourage professional sinhalese to move to jaffna. For too long has jaffna had a brain drain to colombo and it is time now to reverse it. Getting as many educated sinhalese into the north will be a loss to the south and a gain to the north.

    Sinhalese also should have a think about their long term future and their kids. A hardworking sinhalese man in the south would feel completely at home in the north and feel appreciated for his hard work by the tamils there. So it could be a good decision to pack his bags and move. After all if he has to visit his relatives or friends it is only a short journey to and fro, unlike coming from the middle east or other countries.

  63. I think not only the Subject of this article but also every Eelam Tamil specially who is standing for Eelam Struggle should read the last paragraph…

  64. I think not only the subjects of this article but also every Eelam Tamil specially who is standing for Eelam Struggle should read the last paragraph…

  65. Dayan (#16)

    I watched the Clinton/Peiris Press briefing. My take is the US is giving the MR regime a further opportunity to accomplish a break through. I expect the US and India are travelling in the same trajectory re. Sri Lanka. By June 10 – after MR returns – we should have a clearer picture of what the regime plans to do. With Dr. Aitken/IMF breathing at their neck, EU in financial debacle, the CoL in stratosphere the day of reckoning cannot be put off any further.

    The TNGTE should be engaged and not ignored – for whatever its worth. The Venezuelan Blues appears to bother the oligarchy although they keep a straight-face insisting it does’nt. The Dance of the Bollywood lot in the Tamil Graveyard (their description and not mine) – with a bit of crikiti thrown in – increases the intake of diarrhea pills both in T’nadu and Delhi. This is one that gives even aspirin a headache and so it is best settled when the climate is in the Rajapakse favour. What say you?

    Personally, I think denying Visas – to Lankans in the diaspora to come to S/Lanka identified with separatism
    – can be counter-productive. I suggest even Rudra and Nediyavan and their lot be allowed to visit and see for themselves the changes the regime claims they have made. This is likely to make a difference.


  66. #70 Shankar,
    As a wise man once said, “Some people have have hair and some people have brains”.

    Well in this case one wonders what do these people have? Probably not too much of brains as shown by their display of the tiger flag alongside the US flag.

  67. Very good researc article..
    TGTE could maintain the pressure on GOSL for meaningful attempts in solving the National Question, if it takes the correct course and even become an alternative to (who are more bald as opposed to bold)in any future rounds of peace talks. It has to shed its stripes and flag first and become truly nuetral.
    The problem is how are they going to balance the budget when obviously the ”tax’ revenue goes to the other faction. The Ministry of disinformation also goes to the opposition.

    After reading the article, one cannot discount the linkering suspicion that the dramatic capture of KP is not entirely the success story of SIS alone but that of Nediyan camp too.

  68. Good one DBS

    It would have been better if they formed it as a general Tamil association or congress instead of naming themselves as Tamil Eelam Transnational govt

    Flying the tiger flag is a great blunder

  69. 70 Shankar

    Don’t you know why these people are bald ?.
    They got out of Sri Lanka so fast, and they forgot to take their Thala Thel bottle.

  70. # 16 & # 74,

    Standing next to each other, did anyone expect GLP / HRC press briefing to be any different?

    If at all there is going to be any down grade in relations, it may not e transpiring at that venue / set-up we witnessed on Fri, may 28.

  71. The danger to Sri Lanka is not from Rudrakumar and the TGTE. The real danger is Nediyavan and his people.

    We must be diplomatic and strengthen the Rudra faction against Nediyavan faction

  72. I think it is best for TGTE majority members who endorse Ruthrakumaran should expose Nediyavan and his goons to public and carry on with the course. It is obvious that Nediyavan gang is not interested in Tamil course and only want to hold on to power grip. Remember VP lost faith in incapable castro / nediyavan faction and endorsed KP again.

  73. Thank you for the article, even if it can be biased in some ways. As a person who reads tamilnet and transcurrents for news on tamils, it was hard to understand till now, the reasons behind TGTE and GTF, and the news about the elections and elections results.

    If the tamils want to take care of their own, they will need to find a way to be united. If not, they will be divided and conquered again and again, as they suffered for centuries as an ethnic group.

    For the Sinhala hardliners and for the self pro-claimed Sinhala softliners such as Dayan J., the joy of their lives is the misery of the tamils. They managed to kill tens of thousands of tamils and ruined the livelihood and voices of hundred of thousands of them. Now their full time job is to demonise the tamils who managed to escape their evil acts. The diaspora tamils are not the super tamils as you fear, they are simply the lucky ones who managed to escape the SL torture and the sick concept of SL sovereignty. Instead of making the misery of tamils as the joy of your lives, please work to improve the livelihood of your people.

  74. I agree with all what DBS has written here. As a Diaspora Tamil activist I will vouch for the truth and accuracy

    These things needed to be brought out into the open. I hope they will now regret the rivalry and make peace among their factions

  75. Well Well Well…. here we go again.

    Citizens of other countries carrying US, Canadian Australian passports, organising to collect money from fellow citizens to cause mayhem and murder amongst people here in Sri Lanka.

    How legal can this be. Can we in Sri Lanka form a transnational Government in Exile in Sri Lanka for the United States?

    Can I be President?

    If you have any concern for your fellow tamil speaking people here come back. Introduce Industry, Educational Institutions, Modernise the Fishing industry. Shame on you diaspora It was Kumar Devapur who first offered employment to ex LTTE cadres.

    Dont rattle sabres from overseas help your brothers here to come up in life. leave your pride behind.

  76. I was worried earlier that the TGTE will pose another threat to my beloved motherland. After reading Mr.Jeyaraj’s well informed essay my fears are gone. The Diaspora Tamils will destroy themselvs through infighting

  77. We did so much lobbying and other work in the US last 12 months. Everything we achieved was lost after GL Pereis met Hillary. Same thing will happen to TGTE, we are wasting our times. Governments are favoring fellow Governments not us small ethnic groups. Doom days are ahead for us Diaspora Tamils. Our brethren in Sri Lanka are lamenting thinking we will save them. I say Ealam is like a mirage for all of us now. We must tell this to our children now, otherwise we are doing a dis service to them.

  78. #84-ilango

    I hope they will now regret the rivalry and make peace among their factions
    and pigs will fly too.

  79. TGTE I like the comment in this article ‘“A house divided against itself cannot stand”

    My point UNITY among Tamils is only way to success. Even any Article we should pick up the good points to help to BUILD our UNITY among Diaspora to win our Aims.

    Rather look in this article negative point. Pick up How to improve the UNITY among Tamil Diaspora.

    Yes. As in this Article claim these three organization should work to gather help each other else join under ONE umbrella give three different task to work achieve the same goals is Freedom, dignity and sovereign land for suffering Tamils for decades.

    Instead think what next another TGTE? kind negative thinking not be any productive help to suffering tamils.Always think postive and move UNITEDLY slow and steady will win the race finally one day.

  80. To 49 – Anthony Jones

    Just let you know that we Sinhalese voted for our Rajapaksas timely to kick the bum of racist and blood sucking LTTE tamil terrorists.

    I am bloody sure that our Rajapaksas will also soon win the war agaianst poverty too. Until then you just keep dreaming about your “State of Peelam”. That will keep you Tamil Die-Ass Poo-ras happy.


    You are a coward calling yourself brave. Also your way of writing is obnoxious. If you continue in this vein your comments will not be allowed here

    By the way the “brave General” who actually won the war against the LTTE is languishing behind bars and cowardly posterior apertures like you are emitting oral gas here

  81. Rajapaksa extremism cannot be changed: Lee Kuan Yew

    Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, in a newly released book titled “Conversations with Lee Kuan Yew,’ says that Tamils have been in the island of Sri Lanka as long as the Sinhalese, and that Sri Lanka is not a happy “united” country. The present president of Sri Lanka believes he has settled the problem now that the Tamil Tigers are killed, and wants others to believe that too,” and Lee observes:”I don’t think they [Tamils] are going to be submissive or go away.” Referring to the Sri Lankan president he said: “I have read his speeches and I knew he was a Sinhala extremist. I cannot change his mind.”

  82. Records of persons fleeing Vanni destroyed by Special Action Committee of Basil Rajapakse
    The Special Action Committee (SAC) of Basil Rajapakse, the brother of President Mahinda Rajapakse, the present Sri Lankan Economic Development Minister and the former senior advisor to the President during the war on Vanni, had ordered the records of all persons who fled Vanni at the end of the war to be destroyed so as to conceal the recorded particulars of more than 17,000 persons who were suspected as Liberation Tigers and who had later disappeared without any trace, an official of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Resettlement (MDMRS) said. Rizard Badudin who was then the minister of the above ministry is alleged to have functioned as a puppet in the hands of Basil Rajapakse in destroying the records, sources close to MDMRS officials who had recorded the details of persons fleeing Vanni said

  83. 71. shankar ; If I decide to settle in Jaffna, no one will be surprised because of my previous connections. But these Sinhala professionals who now want to settle down don’t seem to know the country or have many connections with it but still seem to think it is an ok place to settle down. They don’t think the LTTE may one day getup and come and chop their heads off. This defies my logic. Also my Colombo friends tell me that there seem to be a Tamil migration to Colombo after the war ended & the land lords are making a kill. So this may mean if ever Elam gets established, there may not be any Tamils going to that place because most of them may be living among the Sinhalese!

  84. I will just put it in one sentence the rise of Tamil militancy in Sri Lanka was the result of a systematic, orchestrated and deliberate, discrimination against the minority in Sri Lankan society by its majority. You must not forget that Tamil speaking people of Sri Lanka constitute 18% of the population. They also have a higher literacy rate and a greater capacity for economic performance. These very factors which gave them advantageous position during British and pre-British colonial regimes in Sri Lanka, resulted in a backlash from part of the majority against the Tamils and from 1948, when Sri Lanka became independent, there was a consistent policy of discrimination against the Tamils which ultimately resulted in a (caste like) war situation. Every Tamil thought that there was no other way out except to resort to violence to fulfill their aspirations. It is in this context that we have to judge or assess how we(India) got involved.Have any think changed for the Tamils
    Today??? Can they stop fighting in what ever way they can?? or become slaves!

  85. Dear DIaspora,

    I have worked in Trinco for the last 6 months. I have employed a tamil contractor whose father was killed by the LTTE, I have in my own organisation a Tamil Lady whose land was taken over at gunpoint by the LTTE. I have seen young boys with no fathers to guide them. The SLA is not only the problem the problem is mainly selfish political agenda. The ordinary people in Trinco have no skills. They have only learnt to live in War.
    Please stop this confrontation.
    I have been to Jaffna, I have seen the extent of the high security area. Do you think that your action to form a TNG will assure the govt to release these areas back to the people. I have seen destruction of churches and reconstruction of same by the SLA . I have seen the SLA helping the communities to rise.

    You have your elected parliamentarians here. do you not believe in them. The more you sow seeds of separation the longer it will take for peace to dawn. maybe thats what you want.

    I am humbly appealing to all of Tamil Diaspora. please think before you act. What is required is development .
    Give your bretheren some time to recover and rebuild their lives.

    Your action is just not wanted now.

  86. My only hope is Nediyavan. I ask all Diaspora Tamils to rally behind Nediyavan and open up their wallets. He will carry on what Thalaiver left behind. It is only through armed struggle we can get the Ealam and Nediyavan will do that for us (3 soldiers were killed in the North a month ago, Sri Lanka Government covered it up saying it was an accident)

  87. If we can’t get what we want lets hit them and take it. Nediyavan will do this not Rudra. GL Peris will come and crush Rudra like a buldozer. Hillary Clinton has no gratitude for what we Tamil did to her

  88. dear jey,
    my mind says no and my heart says yes.mind is rationale it says transnational tamil govt is not going to go anywhere when an armed struggle could not achieve.whereas my heart says cant it happen?unfortunately we tamils are to blame themselves for our woes.let it be tamils in india,srilanka,malaysia,singapore no one is united that is the reason why we are unable to achieve anything meaningful.even if it is not going to be successfull in its endeavour i feel it can act as a pressure group in the west its first objective should be to force united nations to set up a war crimes tribunal like what it did in yugoslavia,rwanda.all these paler version of truth and reconciliation commission set up by rajapakshe will not wash as they say in tamil “thirudankitta savi kodukura mathiri”except for small fries all the big fish will escape which should not be the case.secondly it should pressurise sl govt thru western countries to settle th displaced tamils in traditional areas so that they lead the normal life again.thirdly srilankan government has to be pressurised to bring in 13th amendment which will pave way for merger of north and east which has been the longstanding demand of tamils.west should be beware of mahinda rajapakshes dialogue renditions like there are no tamil or sinhalese only srilankans or there are no majority or minority only people everyone knows that he is a good actor may be he can be given oscar for lifetime achievement for those dialogues.finally somehow diaspora tamils casting aside their inhibitions they should try to build bridges with congress party though i am no great fan of that party unfortunately if india has to intervene on behalf of srilankan tamils congress support is needed so please tgte rudra and other sober minded people do it all the best your endeavour will have my personal support vazhga tamil vazhga tgte

  89. dear jey,
    i forgot to refute your contention that vps mother parvathi should have accepted the offer of medical treatment with conditions i dont think any honourable person would accepted it parvathyammal was given visa and she came to chennai she was not even allowed to disembark and she was sent back to kl i dont think one needs to visit tamil nadu with all these conditions it is not politiking i dont think votes can be got using her in tamil nadu as they in tamil “antha kalam ellam malaieri pochu”.what she did was correct to refuse the invitation with strings attached


    I never said she MUST accept the offer. I only exposed the political hypocrisy behind the whole exercise.

    If I had any say I would have advised her to remain in VVT and get treatment there. This is what is happening now and I am very happy for her

    She was shamelessly exploited by the evil Tamil Nadu politicians like Nedumaran and Vaiko. She had no idea of what was happening around her. Even that letter was drafted by somebody else and her thumb print was placed on it. She is quite literate and can certainly sign but that did not happen

    The Tamil Nadu politicians and their supporters abroad made a hue and cry about it & then simply shut up when the Central & state governments called their bluff.

    I am very glad that she is in her hometown surrounded by genuine well-wishers and not the Tamil Nadu hypocrites.

  90. 87. Kanthi,

    If you are a tamil I think you have come to grips with the reality.

    The diaspora tamils financed a blody war in SL and perpertuated the misery of vanni civillians. They were under the tyrrany of the LTTE then. until the SL govenment ‘s suspicions are cleared that they have no intensions of seperatism / terrorism they’ll be under tight military control now.

    The more the diaspora taking a hardline the more harder the lives for the vanni poeple will become.

    help them to find transport , support them with foster parenting thier children , give them support in agriculture, fishing…. at least approach ‘caritas’ they have been doing geuine service to the displaced.
    There are many philanthropissts working silently in these areas find out & help them to help these people.

    Be genuine in your efforts in helping these relatives.

  91. # 85 Dilshan F

    Well Well Well…. here we go again.

    How legal can this be ? Can we in Sri Lanka form a transnational Government in Exile in Sri Lanka for the United States ? Can I be President ?

    Well………I am at a loss to answer Lords like you. As far as legality is concerned you may find the content in the links below relevant and useful.



  92. Illuminating article about Diaspora political dynamics DBS

    Got a pretty good idea of the whole thing

    Thanks mate

  93. My parents are from Tamil Nadu resident in Baltimore

    I grew up here and got lots of Sri Lankan Tamil friends

    I’ve been interested in this Transnational Tamil concept for quite a while due to the enthusiasm of my pals

    But I have told them and am writing here that I am disappointed

    I thought the concept will embrace Tamils from all countries living in all countries. All of us Tamils are transnational

    But these guys are confining it to Tamil Eelam and LTTE. That’s not good

    BTW great article Mr. Jeyaraj

  94. Hi Mr.Jeyaraj

    I am a regular reader of you and enjoy reading you very much

    I missed reading your articles for all these weeks and was really excited to see that you have written again.

    I and my friends here in Colombo thought you had stopped writing. We are thrilled to see you are back

    This one was very good because here lots of papers have said different things about this transnational govt. But after reading you only we got real truth of what it was all about

    My friends and I send our best wishes to you and hope you will write regularly more

    Thank You………..DBSJ

  95. Oh… Stupid Tamil Terrorist Diaspora… do you know what Sri Lankans have in store for you…, if you’re ever found roaming in Sri Lanka?

    They will chop you like ‘onions.’

    Waanga Machaan,,, Waanga!

  96. Mr. Jeyarajah.
    Probably the best article out of many valid articles you have written. It is well researched, precise, analysed and presented from a neutral point of view like a political commentator should irrespective of their ethnicity.

    Reading it critically, I could not find a false statement. The quality of this article reminds me of Sivaram’s articles. We miss him very much. There are so many Diaspora Tamils who consider themselves leaders that I lost count.

    I think every Tamil in and out of Sri Lanka consider themselves as Chiefs! Therein lie the problems of Tamil politics. This may be true in other communities in Sri Lanka too.
    I hope you always maintain the neutral point of view irrespective of the topic of such articles.

    Thank you very much.I too miss Siva very much………..DBSJ

  97. Bunker rat #106

    You are stupid

    Today tourism has picked up in Lanka mainly because we the Diaspora and Tamil Nadu people are visiting

    If you try to do this kind of nonsense that will simply dry up

    What is more if we start a campaign about you idiots arresting people at airport even western tourists wont come

    Then you will have to fight with real rats to eat garbage bin crumbs

  98. Thank you DBS for your informative and objective input.

    Both #85 Dilshan’s & #92 ellalan’s views have also to be taken into serious consideration by all Lankans whether they be of the diaspora or otherwise.if they are really serious about their objective to secure a democratic,secular and pluralistic future for the country as a whole. it is their eternal vigilance and unrelenting struggle that will ensure that the country which is already hanging over the precipice will not slide into conflict.and chaos……… Ultimately it is that objective which will take them towards a new dawn.

  99. If the TGTE wants to help the Tamil IDP’s in Northern -eastern sri lanka it can be done through the SL govt cooperation only.Otherwise it will be like the “vanangaman” ship fiasco

    But by openly supporting Tamil Eelam & LTTE the TGTE will be suspect in eyes of Colombo

    So how will TGTE do anything constructive or worthwhile to help IDP’s?

  100. fantastic article jay

    Its a big blunder to identify with the LTTE. No western govt will take the TGTE seriously though they may talk to them. They will hear what they say but not listen to it

  101. The youngish looking dudes in the front row don not look comfortable in their suits.P

    Perhaps after so many years in jungle camouflage it must be difficult to sit there in a suit.

  102. Dear DBSJ
    what’s the worth of all these ‘oversea activities’ of Tamil diaspora when our brothers and sisters in SL worse situation than ever? I am certain that Tamils in SL must coexist with Singhalese otherwise end up without a trace. Now we have about half of the Tamil population as before in SL. Due to Tamil diaspora activites it will reduce to rambles sooner than later.
    I feel sorry for the SL Tamils. These diaspora Tamils are the selfish evils never allow the Tamils come out of their tragic histroy.

  103. I like the idea of TGTE but not the way its being implemented.

    please cut out the LTTE and Tamil Eelam factors out of it.

    Focus on the Tamil people everyehere. Then you’ll get more people like me supporting

  104. If Piraba with all his military pwer couldn’t deliver Thaileelam how can ruthirakumar with his balding oldies get eelam?

  105. A good article that provides an accurate depiction of Diaspora politics.

    There are number of positives from the Tamil perspective.

    • Apart from a few individuals taking on an anti Rudra stand, there is consensus amongst the Tamil Diaspora as evidenced by the overwhelming support for the TNG.

    • Realisation that this is a post-LTTE era (hence the need to fill the vacuum left by the demise of the LTTE) but awareness that the armed struggle spearheaded by the LTTE was part of the inevitable historical process. The use of the Tiger emblem in the national flag demonstrates the ‘continuity’ of the process. (TNG’s adoption of ‘Tiger flag’ is not very different to the LTTE’s use of ‘Thanthai Chelva’ to reiterate its legitimacy)

    • Given that the international dimensions of the conflict in Sri Lanka are being openly recognized (these include Chinese role in ensuring the military victory; India’s support role and the general impotence of the ‘West’), the establishment of the TNG is not only timely but necessary. There needs to be an agency that the international community can deal with should the need arise.

    • Clinton’s statement avoiding any reference to autonomy, self-determination etc is part of public diplomacy. It has to be seen in the context of the is TNG being head quartered in the US.

  106. I do not think the LTTE’s TGTE deserves an article by a seasoned writer such as DBS.

    Instead, I would look forward to reading papers by DBS on war crime in SL by both LTTE and GOSL, ongoing ‘military rule’ in NE, the steps the TNA needs to take to failitate a political solution, is the TNA deals with New Delhi appropriately etc

  107. V.Prahbaharan should have waited until LTTE have procured missiles with chemical gasses, he was hasty to renounce ceasefire agreement so swiftly with out considering future of Tamils within Srilanka. Sinhalese only understands fist. With out violent means there will be no relief for Tamils, we have not had peace since 1948 nor would we have peace in forseeable future.

  108. If they don’t give what we want (Tamil Ealam) and if we have to cause mayhem like before let’s do that in the name of creating Tamil Ealam. Nediyavan is the man who can do this well.

  109. Hi DBS

    I dont think this guy Veera Pandian is who he says he is (from south africa)

    I dont think he is Tamil at all.

    I strongly suspect he is the same character who posts comments under the names of James Thenuwara and Mangala Premarathne.

    The style and content are the same .

    Watch this space for more exposurs

  110. # 113. Vasanth

    I think, TGTE is specifically to protect the interests of Srilankan Tamils and to achieve Eelam as its dream goal. It is a political movement for Srilankan Tamils

    TGTE may associate with other Tamil organisations for collaboration to achieve its goal: and hence not intented to represent Tamils all over the world.

  111. # 115. Rangan

    Every big movement has a small beginning.

    its too early to ignore TGTE and what it would be able to achieve.

  112. # 110. Rajesh

    All IDPs are already settled in their original places in Srilanka.

    Once Sinhalese Business men & educated are settled in North east area, development projects in NE area will be taken up by India, Japan, China & Srilanka.

    I do not think TGTE has any role to play in North East.

  113. It is interesting to see all the Diaspora heroes posturing here again about resuming the struggle, stopping the tourists etc.

    It is very easy to fight from the safety of the Western countries, to the last blood of the poor Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    #92 Ellalan: If Sri Lanka had some of the draconian laws that Singapore has to keep “public law and order”, the screams of the NGOs and INGOS and the Western Intellectuals will be easily heard on the moon.

  114. Whatever the Tamil diaspora do they mustthink of us the tamils living in the sri lanka island. we are struggling to make a new life here after the ltte got out of picture

    by now reviving ltte in new way like tgte the diaspora is only causing trouble to us here

    be responsible please

  115. # 85. Dilshan F

    Dear Dilshan,

    Yes as you say and the article by DBSJ, some in the diaspora seems to be “out of touch” or “not with reality”.

    Thats said How is the Rajapaksas and supporters trying to alleviate the enormous calamity that the resettled and still in camp Tamils are facing?

    With all the NGO and diaspora restrictions, (with only 10% participating in TGTE) why more is not being done by Sri Lanka govt. to help the war affected.?


    A Reuters report recently said:

    “Post-war Lanka’s humanitarian needs may be greater than after tsunami”

    “There has been a serious shortage of funding from donors and if the international community doesn’t come forward soon, we are likely to run out of money for some key needs by June,” Neil Buhne, the U.N.’s humanitarian coordinator in Sri Lanka, told AlertNet.

  116. Sri Lankan tamils struggle is a genuine struggle. It went the wrong way with the agenda of the LTTE. It didn’t succeed also because the India thought it was against its national interests.

    Even against heavy odds VP almost took the struggle there. He was defeated because of his over confidence and also because he fought outside his core area of strength, like a conventional army.

    Sri Lanka had hijacked the anti terror campaign of the US to its advantage and won the battle.

    In this the world has the responsibility to see to it that the Tamils at least get some political concessions.

    I doubt it will happen.

  117. The man Mr.Ruthira must be careful about is not Nediyavan or Jeyachanthiran or jeyanthamoorthy but Thiruselvam in Toronto

    This man who changed loyalty from Thuraiappa, Kumarasuriyar, Vinothan, Arulampalam to the LTTE after tigers got power was working with anti – Ruthira people earlier and got elected to tgte from Toronto

    When he went to Philadelphia he did sommersault and proposed ruthira name for chief executive post

    Why he did was to expect ruthira will see that Thiruselvam gets elected to executive committee or speaker post

    But Mr. Sangarasivam became executive member and Mr. Pon. Balarajan became speaker.

    Both from Canada. But Thiruselvam dissappointed and angry. he like cobra that got hit

    Now he is angry with Ruthira.so he will do his level best to get revenge and damage ruthira

    So watch out ruhira

  118. I am very sad that few women got elected to tgte. this is big mistake. women must be at least 40% of representatives

  119. I fully agree with KC [117. kc | May 30th, 2010 at 8:09 pm] that this topic of TGTE does not deserve an article by a seasoned well renowned writer such as DBS.

    What is this TGTE? Is it different from LTTE? I do not know as to why any word with two Ts is not good for Tamils.

    In 1979, Udupiddy M Sivasithamparam with the help of JFK’s brother Ted Kennedy addressed the National Assembly of Massachusetts on the issue of Tamil nationhood. I was told that the assembly gave him a standing ovation recognizing M Siva’s oratory skills, fluency in English and above all for the substance of his speech. As a young man from Amirthakali I wondered that one day I shall go and see that assembly hall which I did later.

    On that day, M Siva laid the first stone of the foundation of the Transnational Governance of Tamil Eelam. As we all know now, that M Siva was shot by the LTTE. But what happened to that first stone he laid in Massachusetts.

    The reason I am writing this here is that I know many of those so called MPs of this TGTE would not even know this. But what about Rudrakumar, the lawyer from New York.

    In any event, instead of continuing of what M Siva of TULF started in 1979, this TGTE is something completely new with some uneducated and corrupted guys from all over the world. I hear that the Toronto MPs are the worst. One girl is only 18 and she is the daughter of a criminal who was convicted in Vancouver recently under Terrorism Act. But she got the highest vote. The fact that she got the highest votes explains the quality of the voters. One other guy [I mean MP] is TTC ticket collector and the husband of a para-legal who lives under a false identity. The man who went to Cambridge University and completed his education successfully was defeated badly in this election. So this is a beginning of another sad episode and therefore I strongly find fault with DBS for giving undue importance to this nonsense.

    What started in Philadelphia will have a natural death soon. I strongly believe so because I never imagined that what started in Massachusetts by M Siva would ever die. Even LTTE died. Let us not forget that.

    Who is this Nediyavan? Does he not have a proper name? Is this the name of a person, whether we like it or not, who wants to be the leader of the Tamils? Nediyavan, KP, Mavai, Kasi, Castro, PD … ooops! Is this list of our future leaders.

    I do not know why DBS quotes Rudra as unambitious and unassuming. Rudrakumar I know is very ambitious, assuming and talented too. But he is an unlucky man. Had Shiva Pasupathy, the then Attorney General of Sri Lanka hired him as Crown Counsel in October 1982, Rudrakumar would have been the last Tamil to leave Sri Lanka. It was Rudra’s fate but for him, it was discrimination. Then he became a Tamil Nationalist. According to some comments above, he even attended Harvard. Did he finish what he started in Harvard? As far as I know he did not even feel sorry when the person who put Rudra at Harvard was killed by the LTTE at Kynsey -rosemead place junction. May be he was trying to show his loyalty to LTTE than to his learned friend Neelan.

    Even then to contest for a post against former Tamil National Alliance MP from Batticaloa district Senathirajah Jeyanandamurthy is disgrace to Rudra. What Jeyanandamurthy knows about the governance of Tamils. I know Jeyanandamurthy cannot even correctly spell the word government. Why Rudrakumar is demeaning himself to this extent by getting involved in this comedy. There are so many Tamil lawyers around the world. None of them contested in this election. Why only Rudrakumar? Why? Why?

    Rudra has to understand that the idea of transnationlism is intellectually stimulating but practically and politically it will not survive nor succeed. It cannot work without the Tamils of Tamil Nadu. As mentioned by Urmila above [104. Urmila | May 30th, 2010 at 2:13 pm], the concept shall embrace Tamils from all countries living in all countries. All of us Tamils are transnational. But if we join hands with Tamils in India, we will be over shadowed and the Sinhalese would ask us to set up Tamil Eelam in India and not in Sri Lanka. So it is a catch 22 situation. More we talk about this the more we would be feeding our common enemy.

    Let the buck stop here, please.

  120. Dear DBS J

    Please dont blame me for Veera Pandian’s (South Africa) comments. I am innocent.

    I hope this will correct any misapprehensions.

    Regards to all my friends

  121. Even before seeing the fruits of TGTE, it is branded in the same league as LTTE, and accused as terrorists by many bloggers.

    Even though one year has passed after LTTE debacle, there is no fruitful action by GOSL to lift up the affected Srilankan Tamils. No concrete steps are taken to resolve the ethnic conflict politically. GOSL has not shown its will and means to put the living conditions in north east back to normal.

    In above circumstances, one may wonder Eelam Demand is now more justified than ever.

  122. #123-joseph

    All IDPs are already settled in their original places in Srilanka.
    There are 70000 still in the camps.
    Also let us not forget the poor muslims in puttalam. They should be resettled, now that there is no LTTE, it is the responsibility of the government. One year after the demise of the LTTE nothing is being done about them.
    Also there is a lot of refugees in tamilnadu too. latest reports are that they are being illtreated by karunanithi.

  123. # 134. shankar

    IDPs still in Srilankan Camp is not a good news. Hope they will be settled soon. I misread a news article.

    It is also not good news to hear Tamil refugees are ill treated by Karunanidhi in Tamilnadu.

    Perhaps he suspect some of the refugess are Pro LTTE militants?

  124. Informative article as usual.Thanks DBSJ.Regads to your comment,Jeyananthamoorthy made a fool of himself by saying VP is alive,Kasi Ananthan saying,”Thalaivar en aruhil irrukiraar aanaal thayavu seithu avar muhavariyaik kelaatheerhal” makes him join that list.Where would you find the list of people who got “elected” to TGTE?

    Thanks.Wikipedia for now………..DBSJ

  125. Anna

    Thank you for this very good article

    Please write more of this kind

    May God bless you

  126. 106 Bunker rat
    108 Trench Bandicoot

    I do not think both of you are helping a healthy discussion of a very important subject. When people behave like the two of you it end up the way it happened in SL during the last 30 years.

    There is another spin into this whole thing.
    ie. Most of these socalled freedom fighters residing in western countries are temporary visa holders. When they identify as belonging to some organisation like the TGTE and publish their identity, they can say ‘ well now the SL Govt. has recognised us and we cannot go back to SL, and if we go there they will kill us. Therefore, we are seeking political asylum, and to help them there are plenty of human rights activists including some religious organisations. So there you go, this is another way of facilitating their permenant residency thank you very much.

    Sri Lankan Govt. should say ‘don’t worry little darlings, come back to mama, we will look after you and we are not going to punish you for anything’ thereby depriving the opportunity of using such a tactic to gain citizenship in western countries.

    Bye for now.

  127. #130 Amithakaliyan’s comments has a lot of sense and validity as to the type of individuals involved with the pie -in the sky TGTE thamasa.

    But it is his enthusiasm about that famous Massachusetts thamasa which is somewhat disheartening in the context of the portents for Eelam when the TULF Rising Sun flag happened to get hoisted that day upside -down alongside the American Stars & Stripes But I certainly concede that the late M.Siva MP for Udupiddy was an able lawyer and parliamentarian beside his integrity and honesty.

  128. I have been Catholic Priest for 16 years. I am a Sinhalese but sympathetic to Tamil demand for separate state. I hope and pray the TGTE will reach its goal through non – violent means

  129. # 130, Amirthakaliyan,

    There are several good and credible people elected. And to what also the article says, to Rudrakumar seem to have risen to the occasion, amidst challenges and a ‘successful’ TGTE will rid the extremism and nullify the others.

    TGTE will have a natural death if it fails to make anything significant in a transparent environment it promises to operate. Time will tell.

  130. You are only person who writes only truth. All the tamils know that. May you keep on writing a lot like this

  131. I wonder why these people never learn.
    First thing TNGTE should do is to appoint a ‘Lessons Learnt’ commission to see what went wrong in their struggle/ what should be the realistic goal of SL Tamil community/ How to reach that target/ how to deal with the other stake holders of the conflict -Sinhalese/Upcountry Tamils/Muslims/India
    They should study what are the real needs of Tamil people and compare their fate with other such minorities in other countries and what is the optimum solution for SL Tamils. (i.e. with least cost)
    (They should see the possibility of following how Chinese are doing in Malaysia etc.)
    But sadly (or gladly for extremists) they seem to continue to follow Thalaivar’s legacy!
    If there is slightest of violence as some comments above suggest SL Tamils can be history! (If they are not so already) That will give tremendous boost to the government and will legitimize all it’s tough laws!
    Don’t forget as a people who suffered from the most brutal terrorism in the world we aren’t ready to take any risks!
    ( TNGTE displaying Tiger flag is a sign that MRs lucky stars will continue to rule for a long time to come…)

  132. # 123 Joseph

    All IDPs are already settled in their original places in Srilanka.

    Please try to keep yourself informed: transCurrents

  133. #126 Arunan,

    Let me tell you a little bit of what is happening. As far as my information is correct there are aprox 30,000 plus in IDP camps they are free to go and come. However thanks to the War there are thousands of landmines all over the place. on the way to Jaffna you see familair signs of landmines. These are being cleared. several mine clearing equipment costing millions were imported. I do not care who made money on supplying them as long as they do the work. I know personally the effort the SLA is doing without Govt assistance to bring back churches that are neglected and damaged by bombs. The SLA is helping people to build shelter. The Govt gives them only few sheets of steel for the roof. I believe some were donated by India. I am fully aware and so is the SLA that they have to be within the camps like in the rest of the country, That will take time for the civilian administration needs to be beefed. Dont forget how many mayors in Jaffna were murdered by the LTTE. So who will come forward?
    I am not defending the Govt here but the Govt is not rich. Some say here not to give money to the Govt.
    Firstly all people in the affected area must have food , shelter and clothing, Then education and a lively hood.
    What is happenig in reality is that the Diaspora who have these needs fulfilled is running after spiritual and other social agenda without addressing the basic needs.

    I know many church organisation helping schools with books ect. I have never seen on the net any tamil organisation lending a helping hand here. there was the TRO but most know it was a LTTE proxy.

    I still believe that the people in the north and east need financial upliftment before any political agenda. If the TGTE can provide Boats and Nets to the fisherman so be it. Send Agricultural advisors, send seeds, send indutrial equipment, buy produce from Jaffna and sell them abroad. have even one tamil businessman opened a Garment factory in Jaffna or Trinco?

    All we hear is Eelam, eelam eelam. Surely the people need to survive, have a better quality of life.

    Thats why I say that the Diaspora is selfish only thinking about the great Tamil nation. at this rate it will be a Nation in a western country and not anywhere else.

    The World is sick and tired of terrorism and to display the Tiger flag at that function just goes that the TGTE is another front to collect money from the diaspora for use not for development of felloe brothers but only to cause more destruction.

  134. Good ariticle. Well balanced, eventhough the writer took the liberty to paint LTTE as terrorist.
    Every action has a reaction. All the leaders faced opposition. Nediyavan’s opposition is healthy as it will keep Rudra under check.
    We all Tamil will alteast hope creation of TGTE will remind MR the reality, and MR will try to some good to Tamils.

  135. # 130.

    Other legal professionals as well, particularly one from the “next younger generation” as representative for TGTE in New York.

  136. On the one hand Sri Lanka govt saying LTTE eradicated. But then wants to continue having tight lid and transparency lacking procedures to help and fund resettled IDPs.

    Many associations of schools in diaspora and organizations related to Chinmaya Mission etc. are helping people. More will come if direct transparent mechanisms are allowed.

    The Rajapaksa supporters never will argue about UN playing a greater role for flood victims in the South.

    Yes TRO became corrupt but in the initial aftermath of the Tsunami their efforts were commended. Where as Sri Lanka government is entangled with graft. And sure there are Sri Lanka soldiers doing humanitarian work. I am not denying.

    The Tamil diaspora efforts were commended in an article in the Wall Street Journal in the aftermath of tsumani.

    Even today, its not national security y, its more about buying Bentleys for Rajapaksa family members.

    Isn’t the point here is that Sinhalese seem to Act differently if the affected people today are Sinhalese.

    How and what will the Supporters care to do if this is not true rather than scapegoating diaspora…

  137. Never mind all the fuss that diaspora not helping.

    What happened when Tamil diaspora sent a mission of mercy? Wasn’t it threatened like the Gaza flotilla and the relief supplies were dragged between India and Sri Lanka to finally no one’s use?


  138. TGTE should appoint a LLRC Commission like Sri Lanka, but not like their model as M.C.M Iqbal says on Amnesty’s blog:

    ” I have served two Presidential Commissions appointed by the Sri Lankan government to look into very serious human rights violations – including tens of thousands of enforced disappearances and massacres of civilians by state forces.

    And I can attest to the fact that none of their findings or recommendations were taken seriously by the Sri Lankan authorities. ”


  139. 148. Dilshan F

    You were writing about the great services done by your military, govt and you also exhort the expatriate tamils to join in your govt to uplift the condition of the tamils in Jaffna.

    All that you are saying is commendable. I agree with you fully.

    That the refugees must be taken care of is everybody’s agenda.

    Justice to the victims is also important.

    On the one hand the govt and the sla could not kill the kith and kin of the victims and then by the other hand comfort them.

    I also hope you understand this position.

  140. The torch carrying young ambassadors of the TGTE

    By Shan Sundaram

    From May 17th to 19th, 2010, Tamil elected representatives from UK, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, France and Denmark Norway and Sweden came to Philadelphia, the historical land mark of USA for its independent in 1776-for the first assembly of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) with an illuminating message to the world that the democratic and political phase of Tamil people is well and alive.

    Participating as the elected representative for the State of New Jersey at the Inaugural Sessions of the TGTE was a solemn, emotional experience that also enthralled the sense of Tamil pride and hope above all.

    The hope which shone like the sun through morning mist on that bright spring day in Philadelphia – that our resilience is rising along, especially with the younger generation of Tamils – elected as representatives and being very much involved in the progress of TGTE.

    Representatives of all ages have been elected, some of them not born in Sri Lanka. Among them are well educated professionals, such as Attorneys, human rights activists, business people, scholars and philosophers representing all walks of life. They only believe in democratic and transparent approach, the very tool known to them in aspiring and pursuing their goals.

    Everyone conducted the affairs with a great understanding and friendliness at the Inaugural Session of the TGTE. The prevailing sense is that all is about collective thought and finding solution for the Tamils.

    The next generation representatives of TGTE particularly the young roving ambassadors-are activists having a rapport with their elected political leaders, civil society and well wishers of Tamils around the globe whilst setting a firm foot in their professional aspirations. They are bright and motivated.

    Their awakening in the aftermath of Tamil genocide, the war crimes leveled on Tamils and continued denial of basic rights and livelihood of their brethren in Sri Lanka has given them this mantle to inspire others as well in the spirit of serving on TGTE. They understand the difference between Sri Lanka’s continued propaganda of hoodwinking the world and real situation of Tamil people of Sri Lanka. They are aware of Tamil people’s inability to express their suffering, grief, fears, mercy, denial of law and order, fear of getting killed for someone else’s misconduct and being a subject of collective punishment in an environment seeing the ‘absence of war’ but still without ‘peace’.

    They are like the first generation of Jewish people who woke up amidst World War II to stand against the genocide of their people. Now shedding light on the slow and rolling genocide of Tamils and bringing justice is the cry they pledged in Philadelphia.

    The hope and inspiration that everyone summed up when bidding farewell to the Inaugural Session are many but primary of them, is that the torch has been passed to this new Tamil generation and they are marching forward toward freeing their people.

    They say that the world is beginning to knock their doors in order to help the suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka. These are democratically elected army of young ambassadors who are tireless in seeking accountability from the world for the actions related to the onslaught of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    They are about solutions, willing to walk the walk and not just talk. Perhaps the world would have a chance as well to take an inspiration or two from this group, the offspring of a society largely detached from their social fabric and disseminated trans-nationally since the July 1983 pogrom of Tamils.

    (Shan Sundaram, TGTE member representing The State of New Jersey)

  141. Hi DBSJ
    Another masterpiece. Thanking you Sir.

    Asia’s modern political genies Lee Kwan Yew made the comment about the nature of sinhala politics. I hope it will make louder in Peking

  142. The resons why and how TGTE is going to suceed are flowing and if and weather Srilankan sinhalamajoritarian mindset will change and avoid or capable to avoid these:-

    1.Jaffna District TNA Parliamentarian S. Sritharana claims he has seen a mass grave at Ganeshapuram in Kilinochchil and at least six bodies wrapped in black polythene bags were seen buried in it.

    The parliamentarian said Kilinochchi District Judge S.Sivakumar and a doctor of the Kilinochchi government hospital visited the scene yesterday with a police team. He said a resident of the area who was cleaning the old toilet pit found the bodies and informed the Grama Niladhari and police.

    Exhuming of the bodies was postponed for today in the absence of the

    2.5 male corpses exhumed from toilet pit in Ki’linochchi

    Five male bodies estimated to be between 20 to 35 years of age, in highly decomposed state and packed securely in five separate bags were exhumed from the toilet pit of a house in Ka’neasapuram in Ki’linochchi under the supervision of Vavuniyaa Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) Dr. P. Sritharan and in the presence of Ki’linochchi magistrate Monday morning, sources in Ki’linochchi said. Some of the bodies had clothes with Tiger stripes, some in Lamb Black uniforms used by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and some in ordinary civilian dress, the sources added.

    3.UN calls to investigate Sri Lanka

    Concrete initiative is needed to provide justice and redress – UN
    The head of the United Nations Commission for Human Rights called for international involvement in probing alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka’s war against Tamil Tigers.

    4. Records of persons fleeing Vanni destroyed by Special Action Committee of Basil Rajapakse
    The Special Action Committee (SAC) of Basil Rajapakse, the brother of President Mahinda Rajapakse, the present Sri Lankan Economic Development Minister and the former senior advisor to the President during the war on Vanni, had ordered the records of all persons who fled Vanni at the end of the war to be destroyed so as to conceal the recorded particulars of more than 17,000 persons who were suspected as Liberation Tigers and who had later disappeared without any trace, an official of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Resettlement (MDMRS) said. Rizard Badudin who was then the minister of the above ministry is alleged to have functioned as a puppet in the hands of Basil Rajapakse in destroying the records, sources close to MDMRS officials who had recorded the details of persons fleeing Vanni said

  143. This is another Front to extort money from the gullible Tamil people in the Diaspora

    .I only hope that the Foreign governments this time around would not allow these new agents to threaten innocent Tamils with physical harm and reprisal against their relatives in Srilanka, as the LTTE enforcers did all along.

  144. excellent article ,got the tru picture keep up the good work.
    at leaset you could educate these tgte goons through writing

  145. Ganeshwary Santhanan the ex LTTE fighter’s s story about her survival against heavy odds did not attract any comments from the Diaspora spokespersons who bombard these columns.

    Not a word at least to wish her well in her attempts to bring up her children.

    Looks to me she has become a “untouchable ” because she did not die to to keep the Diaspora fire burning.

    TNGTE, if fair dinkum about their people should look in to these unfortunate young people who sacrificed so much to provide the diaspora the good lives they now have.

    Pay these young exLTTE a gratuity for facilitating most of these diaspora to get PR in Western countries.

    Contribute money to build houses ,schools and hospitals for these people to enjoy at least some of the luxuries that you have obtained through their flesh and blood.

    If the TNGTE takes the lead and look after these people first, the thinking people world wide will take you seriously .

  146. 154 Mahesh.

    No. I am not writing about the great service done by the military. I am only writing about a change of heart. I know that the tamil people in the north do not want a military man with a gun at every street corner. I know that there has been unpleasent interactions. What I am saying is that If the aggressor can have a change of heart why not the Diaspora. I am not saying we have a great govt. I dont depend on the Govt here at all. I am not defending any political entity whether Sinhalese Muslim or tamil. I am only saying what you and I as ordinary citizens can do to the common man.

    I do not agree with you saying that the Govt and SLA killed kith and kin, you completely forget the atrocities done by the LTTE in the name of EELAM. you forget that all muslims were chased out of Jaffna and lived as refugees for 25 years. You forget the Anuradhapura, massacres, You forget ordinary farmer hacked to death. There is Blood on the hands of the LTTE as well as the SLA. one is showing reconciliation but is the other?

    I understand that the justice to victims is important. but lets start with ALL victims not just Tamil victims of one chapter. Lets talk about the countries that allowed fundraising, leta talk about fundraisers who knew that money was for bombs and guns. Lets talk about ordinary folk in foregn countries forced to contribute to eth ‘Cause’ the cuase which put bombs in busses, trains and public places. Lets talk about everyone not just eelam tamils as is always said. Dont forget for a moment that ALL suffered. How many business survived in Jaffna? How many people bought petrol by the bottle?

    I Understand that Many people were effected by the war.
    I Understand that both the LTTE and the SLA did murder innocent civilians. I understand that Canada, USA, Britain, Norway and Australia allowed their citizens to collect and contribute to murder of the innocent.

    I Absolutely understand that what is required is peace and economic development.

  147. It’s good that Rudra is the new Tamil leader. A lawyer by training especially a lawyer who is practising in a western country is the best person to rule the Tamil nation (though I do not think Mahinda Raja is a good leader becasue when practising law he was a bad lawyer. Fernandopulle had sat for his law exams)

  148. # 148. Dilshan F
    Dont forget how many mayors in Jaffna were murdered by the LTTE. So who will come forward?


    It seems LTTE fear is still ruling the Srilankan mind. Or is it a lame excuse?

  149. # 148. Dilshan F
    Firstly all people in the affected area must have food , shelter and clothing, Then education and a lively hood.
    What is happenig in reality is that the Diaspora who have these needs fulfilled is running after spiritual and other social agenda without addressing the basic needs


    Present havoc in North East is to be restored by GOSL with financial help from rich Srilankan citizens rather than solely looking for aid from external world.

    It is a open secret that most of the Diaspora wish to have separate country, Eelam.

    Do you expect Diaspora to help GOSL financially?

    Does Srilanka still want Diaspora’s financial aid to restructure Northeast?

  150. //In the 80’s Tamils were confused with LTTE, TELO, PLOTE, EROS, EPRLF……..

    Now the Tamils (dispora) are going to be confused with TGTE, GTF, TEPA…

    Let the game begin…//

    Please let the game/war begin in western countries like Canada,UK, Australia…so the diaspora idiots will learn a lesson.

  151. International Crisis Group said Sri Lanka enforced “Scorched Earth Policy”


    Is that something that is thinkable for the South for any reason?

    I recently saw a picture on the internet on a citizen journalism site, a resettled Gentleman saying even his coconut tree was burned.

    So what sort assistance is GoSL going to provide to these people?

  152. 161. Dilshan F

    There is Blood on the hands of the LTTE as well as the SLA. one is showing reconciliation but is the other?


    LTTE does not exist any more. Thanks to SLA , it is totally eliminated. As LTTE dees not exist, there is nothing to reconcile with anyone. All the past atrocities LTTE does not carry any thing now, as there is no entity to represent the organisation.

    Do you suggest , majority of Diaspora who demand Eelam are LTTE?

    SLA soldiers have executed what the Govt ordered. For SLA atrocities, GOSL must take responsibilty and reconcile with Local Tamil community.

  153. 165. Ganesh | May 31st, 2010 at 10:14 pm
    //In the 80’s Tamils were confused with LTTE, TELO, PLOTE, EROS, EPRLF……..

    Now the Tamils (dispora) are going to be confused with TGTE, GTF, TEPA

    out of the ashes asses are born.

  154. 161. Dilshan F

    I understand that the justice to victims is important. but lets start with ALL victims not just Tamil victims of one chapter. Lets talk about the countries that allowed fundraising, leta talk about fundraisers who knew that money was for bombs and guns. Lets talk about ordinary folk in foregn countries forced to contribute to eth ‘Cause’ the cuase which put bombs in busses, trains and public places. Lets talk about everyone not just eelam tamils as is always said. Dont forget for a moment that ALL suffered. How many business survived in Jaffna? How many people bought petrol by the bottle?


    First you talk about Justice. then talk about every other thing. talk about various pogroms against the tamils, forceful settlement of the sinhalese, aeriel bombardment, using food and essential commodities as weapons of war.

    Then talk about reconciliation.

    You cannot kill the kith and kin with one hand and then comfort people with the other hand.

    That is not civility.

  155. While while discuss on TGTE and its Eelam demands, there is some outspoken talk by Lee Kwan Yeew

    its time for Sinhalese and srilankan leadership including Rajapakse to introspect seriously

    You cant totally ignore the opinion of seasoned leader and visionary like YKL.

    See details:transCurrents

  156. Avery good overview to give the seriousness of Tamils determination in keeping the flame of freedom alive..
    The fact that Tamils fought peacefuly for 30 years under the leadership of Thanthai Chelva followed by armed strugle lead by National leader V.Prabakaran are all facts that can’t be hidden…
    TGTE has become the ultimate political boady for diaspora eelam Tamils is also not for debate anymore…
    Now Tamils have to realise autorities & responsibilities go hand in hand & act responsible to Stop genocide of Tamils by Srilankan Gov. & Free Tamileelam.

  157. #167 joseph

    LTTE still exists outside Sri Lanka. There are any number of ex-LTTE leaders living comfortably in the West. If one insist that GOSL should be prosecuted for its actions, so should these ex-LTTE types who are now in the West. For example, why is Adelee Barlasingham living comfortably in London? She should be tried for her role in organizing child solders. Now would that help in finding a permanent solution for the problems in SL? I don’t think so but to blame only one side for their actions is meaningless. I see the West and the INGOs screaming about human right violators from GOSL while keeping silent about all ex-LTTE types among them. That is plain hypocrisy.

  158. 161. Dilshan F,
    You have a condition called selective amnesia in which you have forgoten the atrocities comitted repeatedly by Sinhala buddhist thughs organised by the Gov and executed with the help of SLArmed forces since 1948, which has driven Tamil youth to take up arms and give your types your own medicine. Where were you then? if you were not alive then Haven’t you read the history? Why are you still teaching your innocent young ones in the primary schools Demels /Tamils aren’t human beings as Sinhalees. as per your Mahavamsa .

  159. #174 Ellalan,

    May be in your delusions we Singhalese teach our primary school children that Tamils aren’t human beings. That does not happen in Sri Lanka.

    Wake up mate. You and your disapora brothers/cousins need to come to reality before anything useful can happen between us and you.

  160. Dear DBS,
    I am an elected member of the TGTE. We need your support as a journalist. After Sivaram, we as the Tamils of Eelam haven’t got a journalist in that calibre. Now, you are the only hope. You need to write more. Specially, this article need to be translated in tamil. Could you do that. So we can publish it in Thaainilam. Please give me a positive answer.


    You are only insulting me by comparing me with Siva. I am an independent journalist not a propagandist

    As for “helping” you the answer is “Sorry NO”.

  161. Hi DBSJ,

    Another masterpiece.

    Thank you.

    I read the entire comments and found most of the Sinhalese are quite agitated with the TGTE and of course the always pessimistic “Amirthakaliyan” as well.

    My only wish is that, TGTE will distance itself from the LTTE’s approach and lobby and fight for the rights of SL Tamils as the Jewish Congress does in various countries.

    As for the devolution of powers and granting rights will not occur as long as the SL Armed forces remain mono ethnic as in the case of Sudan, Guyana, Fiji and China.

    The forces will be use to suppress any genuine demands by the minority community.

    Why are the armed forces still maintains the High Security Zones and not letting the house owners to live in their own homes?
    Simple, cause the owners are all Tamils.

    Why was heavy artillery was used against the cornered LTTE with thousands of innocents?
    same answer as above.

    Why only Tamil and Moslem businessmen were kidnapped for ransom and not Sinhalese?

    I don’t have an answer and it has perplexed me all these times.

    Punish the war criminals and show to the Tamils and the world that the SL gov’t doesn’t discriminate against Tamils and upholds it’s law.

    Who needs the Local panel? what credibility will that posses?

    Let the UN/Independant panel investigates and decide the outcome. Again, chances are nil as clearly demonstrated by Prof. G.L. Pieris.



  162. it is very good to see that GTF has coem up with a TGTE.

    freedom is god given right to every people. while planning about a future free and democratic tamil eelam, it wise to have an economic plan as well. political freedom must accompany economic freedom , otherwise it will become a failed state as we in many countries freed by colonialism but got into conflicts and wars.

    best wishes. May God Bless your good Efforts.

  163. A great article indeed DBSJ. Though a keen observer would have broadly understood this story from multiple sources especially from TamilNet, you had given so many details; hats off.

    Usually every struggle by a community will have two parts – Political and Military. In all such circumstances the Military leadership should sub-ordinate to Political leadership irrespective of his personal views. Only then something Tangible can be achieved by the struggling community. I hope Nediayavan and Rudhra come together whatever be their goal.

    TGTE should actually claim itself as Govt in Exile and should directly represent at UN as legitimate as a STATE. This must be the next step; and then they should help the North Eastern people to rebuild.

    TGTE will have to engage India and speak to PC and MK and seek their guidance for building the lives of North & East Tamils. Actually even if we don’t like these people we need to go to them and plead their help; because MK & PC have the POWER to change the current course.

    I find it irritating when some one wrote that Seeman has Caliber. He has the intent and not the Caliber.

    My dear Diaspora – Caliber for ending misery of SL Tamils lies only with two people (whether with Eelam or without Eelam). Those two are M. Karunanidhi and P. Chidambaram. Alas! These two people behave like as if they have no “intent” to end the misery of our brothers and sisters.

    Also I am much amused when some Sinhalese say that their army won the War against VP/LTTE. SL army didn’t win. It was set up to win by India & to lesser extent china.

    #148: Dilshan’s comments

    Very humane act indeed listed by you dilshan. But these things do happen as finally all are human beings and understand the pain. But war should not have happened and no State wages war against its own people and let them in wretched conditions for years together.

  164. dear jeyaraj
    whether right or wrong LTTE fighters made a major sacrifice for eelam , for your views there should be no tiger flag in this transgovt ., when they form a trans gov , they need a flag ? what wrong in having tiger flag as they made huge sacrifice. what should be the flag other than tiger flag ,? could u respond it sir


    When I read your “name” I am reminded of Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar for whom I have a lot of respect. What a pity you should call yourself pasumpon

    Please re – read what I have written and if possible read other stuff I have written about these matters

    And please,pleease try to understand what I have written will you? pleeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!

  165. 180. Gbsganesan

    Very good observations Sir.

    You may able to sway MK. I doubt you will be able to sway PC. Which ever dept PC has been posted he has made a mess out of it.

    MK is selfish he will be moved only if his family interest is involved.

    I accept that military leadership should be sub servient to the political leadership.

    This didn’t happen with LTTE and TULF. Let us see if it happens at least now.

  166. Given the deep divisions in the pro-LTTE Diaspora the TGTE runs the risk of falling apart as a result of internal dissension.

    If and when that happens the TGTE representatives who convened in Philadelphia may do well to remember the wise words of Benjamin Franklin who played an important part in the events leading to American Independence.

    When the US founding fathers kept on quibbling among themselves during discussions and struck out in different directions Benjamin Franklin urged unity and cautioned his compatriots. Quoting Jesus Christ, Franklin said “A house divided against itself cannot stand” (Mathew 12:25)

    நாம் ஒன்றுபட்டு செயற்படுவோம், எமக்குள் ஒற்றுமையை வளர்ப்போம்.

  167. My Dear Karihalan,

    177. Karihalan | June 1st, 2010 at 12:18 pm
    You claim that you are an elected member of TGTE but you do not want to identify yourself.
    What sort of a person you are if you do not have the courage to identify yourself . Do not you think that it is a shame on you.
    If this is the way you are going to represent the Tamils, please send me your name to my e mail and I will draft you a nice resignation letter.

    Dr. Arun Vincent

  168. நாம் ஒன்றுபட்டு செயற்படுவோம், எமக்குள் ஒற்றுமையை வளர்ப்போம்.

  169. #180-GBS ganeshan

    TGTE should actually claim itself as Govt in Exile and should directly represent at UN as legitimate as a STATE
    Good idea, but i doupht they will listen to you. They are not people who have ever listened to any body’s advice.

  170. #172-Nimalan

    TGTE has become the ultimate political boady for diaspora eelam Tamils is also not for debate anymore…
    I give an extract of DBSJ article for your kind consideration

    “Though campaigning was intense the actual voter turn –out was not impressive at all. Despite many instances of vote rigging the number of votes polled was comparatively low. In most Countries the number of votes amounted to about 10% -15 % of the total Tamil population”

    Pray, tell me how you can consider the TGTE as the ultimate body of the diaspora eelam tamils, when the diaspora did not even come out to vote.

    Your word eelam tamils is interesting. Are you saying that the diaspora who did not vote are not in favour of eelam, and prefer devolution, so that they can come back and live in colombo.

    Also what is the difference between these buggers and the GOSL when it comes to vote rigging. Will the tamils go from the frying pan into the fire. If after all this trouble we do get Eelam shoundn’t it at least be a decent eelam, if not might as well be ruled by the sinhalese no?

  171. TGTE has some plus points and some minus points. Many foreigners see it as another faction of LTTE. LTTE has been banned in many countries. TGTE may make these countries continue the ban. If it will happen, that will be a major victory for GOSL and India. It will help GOSL to show that ‘tiger-terrorism’ still exists. It will give the chance to the GOSL to hide and cover all the human rights violations. Finally it will weaken the pressure on GOSL from the outside world to propose a solution. Now, the GOSL has started to wipe out the residual of LTTE. Are the Tamil people going to be cheated once again? Wait and see.

  172. # 185. Arun Vincent

    I wonder why are you so hasrh to the person Karihalan. perhaps you might be thinking Karihalan did not tell the truth.

    Is it mandatory for TGTE elected persons to identify with personal information in a public forum?

    I think there are better ways to judge a person than mere courage. Integrity, faithfulness, truthfulness and honesty are more necessary traits.

  173. If the Tamil people in Sri Lanka are able to live happily with full rights then the TGTE abroad will die a natural death

  174. To: 178. Arul Sittampalam
    You shall know the past and I do not need to remind you of that. Knowing the past, especially of the LTTE and of the men who supported the LTTE whole heartedly, if you really think that TGTE will deliver anything and if you really believe that TGTE will distance itself from the LTTE, then of course I will be seen as a pessimistic and I shall not bother about that.

    Former International Spokesperson of the LTTE is the first Chief Executive of TGTE. LTTE flag was hoisted in the first meeting of the TGTE. Many of the TGTE elected members are still active members of the LTTE. But still you want TGTE to distance itself from LTTE and you call me a pessimistic.

    Why only now you want to know as to why Tamil and Moslem businessmen were kidnapped for ransom and not Sinhalese. Where were you when LTTE did the same? I am not trying you to remind you as to what happened all these years in the north and east. During Premadasa’s time LTTE came to Colombo and demanded ransom ONLY from Tamil and Moslem businessman and not a single Sinhalese was touched.

    Why optimists have short memory?

    Why heavy artillery was used against the cornered LTTE with thousands of innocents? Because the LTTE did not allow the innocent civilians to run away, Army used heavy artillery and the LTTE used light machine guns on the Tamil civilians, Sir. Does that mean that SL army is worse than the LTTE.

    In punishing the war criminals, I would like to see men like you in the dock for supporting conscription of child soldiers, raising money for terrorism and for being a silent partner in the destruction of Tamil nation.

    Watch this video:

    Put the mute on. Otherwise you will not see what I wanted you to see. Because many of you are emotional donkeys. Tell me where my brothers and sisters are today. Why they suffered like this. Who was responsible for this mass destruction. From 3:10 to 3:15 minute clip of this video, you will see that short man who was responsible to this mass destruction standing with his wife. I still feel sorry to the other cowards standing next to him All the current TGTE members were active last year during this time. Did anyone of them raise their voice asking this LTTE to release the civilians. Did you do that? Sir, I did that.

    Sir, it is better to be a pessimistic and have high moral ground than being an optimistic and morally bankrupt.

  175. Tamils will not achieve anything. The Srilankan nation rightfully belong to Sinhalese. No matter how hard they try whether in Sri Lanka and overseas, they will fail. It is the truth, which always win.

  176. 193-dayasegara

    The Srilankan nation rightfully belong to Sinhalese.
    and the north of srilanka rightfully belongs to tamils if you want to continue in that vein.

    South India rightfully belongs to the Dravidians, but because Nehru made the choice that India belongs to both Dravidians and Aryans, it did not split up into 2 countries.

    People like you are a curse on this country.

  177. It is already witnessed that majority of the Tamil diaspora is not interested or not beleived in the government in exile. Less than 20% and in some cities less than 10% only voted.
    Most of the elected have very bad personal records. This minority selfish crooks should not be allowed to represent vast majority of the Tamil diaspora. In the absence of gun, we do not keep silence anymore.

  178. # 193. Dayasegara # 194. shankar

    In Post LTTE peaceful period, Srilankan Tamils did not get any thing fair from both Sinhalese people and GOSL.

    The world has been watching GOSL actions patiently.

    If you are unwilling to accept the present conditions, the option is fight in a united, non-violent means, till you get what you want.

    Ask ! You will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you

  179. 195 Kumram

    I take off my hat for you Kumram.

    There should be more people coming out and expressing
    like you. Even Prabhakaran was a selfish crook. He was enjoying a luxurious life with all the money sent by the gullible diaspora and sent innocent children to the front line to get killed. Tamils all over the world should be glad that VP isn’t there any more. I am sure they are glad, but some of them don’t want to admit.

    Whatever it is, the diaspora should look to the future and do something constructive, without going on a wild goose chase.

  180. Instead of attacking TGTE the Sinhalese must rectify Tamil grievances and satisfy them in Sri Lanka

  181. A question for the Diaspora:

    When the voter turnout in the north and in the east in Sri Lanka during the last two elections you guys were jumping up saying that is a demonstration of Tamils’s unwillingness to particiapte in “Singhala-Buddhist” governmental politics.

    Given that only 10-15% o fthe diaspora voted in the your so called election for TGTE, would you now say that the general Diaspora Tamil population has no interest in participating in TGTE?

  182. Let us not lose sight of the bigger picture here: The TGTE has been formed to appropriate and consolidate under an aegis acceptable to the Tamil and international governments, remnants of the elaborate international apparatus that supported a rebel administration and armed forces in Sri Lanka.

    The Eelam goose in Srl Lanka is cooked, but the golden diaspora goose has eggs to lay.

    If Viswanathan is successful, his goal will be to stand ready to channel the material and monies of war from the LTTE’s thriving international businesses to a new insurgent movement, in the event the pendulum of international opinion swings against the GoSL. It is intended to stand as a reservoir of power.

    Just as the TGTE attempts to fend off its even more hysterical and fanatical rivals by becoming even more hardline than its members perhaps intended, its first order of business will be to tap as many LTTE fighters as they are released from camps in Sri Lanka.

    Stuck in this line of momentum, it is entirely unclear how a organisation formed out of a bunch of diaspora baldies and their westernised golden children raised on a diet of second-hand grievances, could ever find a raison détre outside separatism. As you have written so much on previously DBSJ, this was fundamentally the problem with the LTTE in Sri Lanka and the reason they lost a golden opportunity to secure peace when it arose.

    The sad irony is that many who are leading this enterprise like Viswanathan, are probably smart enough and privately realise they are committed to a much harder line than is opportune.

    Another the question DBSJ: What financial relationship presently exists or is evolving between the TGTE and the TNA?

  183. 193. Dayasegara

    Because you talked like this VP came into being.

    Again your kind of words will resurrect the Tigerism and also VP.

  184. 192. Amirthakaliyan

    see that short man who was responsible to this mass destruction standing with his wife.


    I agree with you that the man standing with his wife in that video was responsible for many atrocities.

    But you cannot put all the atrocities on this man only. There are also others to share the blame, particularly the sri lankan govt and the sinhala budhist political parties and also the political bhikkus.

    Constitute an international tribunal to go into all the atrocities, committed by everybody since 1948. That is the right process.

    Otherwise some intelligent people will take the emotional donkeys for a ride and escape from the due process of Law.

  185. Dear fellow ealam citizen,
    Now you were in the rough ocean (As many people say here). This is not the time to worry about the wrecked ships, and lost compass while able to sea the light house (UN) in the ealam shore. Simply we can swim and reach the destination.go slow and Steady God will help us.

  186. Dear 190. sjoseph | June 2nd, 2010 at 12:46 am

    I was not harsh. I just asked a simple question as to why he is hiding behind the cadjan when asking help from DBS. Why do you take this as harsh? I am not thinking Karihalan was not telling the truth. He is telling the truth except to the fact as to who he is. And he wants DBS to help them without knowing who he is.

    It is not mandatory for you [if you are not that Karihalan] and me to reveal the personal information in a public forum. But for an elected official it is absolutely mandatory to identify himself with personal information in a public forum if he really thinks that elected persons of TGTE are worthy of any consideration.

    Either you or your friend claim to have “Integrity, faithfulness, truthfulness and honesty” but you expect us to appreciate that without knowing who you are. So it seems to me that the TGTE members are scared of something and therefore they would like to continue to work underground!!! ALL THE BEST.

  187. Dear DBS,
    As always it was once again an eye opening article, unbiased and full of facts. But then I am one of those readers who get more questions than answers when I read an article.
    I have 2 main questions regarding the TGTE………
    1. What do they want to achieve by a govt. in exile. By identifying with LTTE, they cannot get recognition from any foreign governments. So they cannot get anything for the Tamil people in Srilanka. Furthermore, it is excellent ammunition for the GOS to continue the Tamil grievances in Srilanka as a terrorist Issue.
    2. Most importantly, by openly having the LTTE flags and Diaspora LTTE members, will they take responsibility for the atrocities (Terrorist acts and murders) committed by LTTE in the past 25 years? Will they compensate the victims, both Tamils and Sinhalese.
    Ofcourse there are so many questions that could be asked. Like most Tamils, I do dream about a separate state for the Tamils. It is a dream that will remain in the heart. We have to realize the present situation, identify the issues and act to resolve the current issues. Keep the dream alive in your hearts, but this is not the time to show it.
    The IDP’s need our help to get back to somewhat a normal life in their homes. TGTE cannot help in anyway if it identifies with LTTE. Politicians in Srilanka have their own agendas and limitations. So do we let the IDP’s live in the camps like the Palestinians, while we hold meetings and collect funds like before? Are we going to allow LTTE members in western world to again become rich with the misery of the Tamil people in Srilanka?
    If this is to unite the LTTE factions, may be it is a good idea, but when reading your excellent article it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Each faction is trying to outsmart the other.
    My understanding of the Vaddukkoddai Resolution was to unite the Tamils under one Party TUF. TC, FP and CWC were united. That was a great achievement. That was a work of art by M.Sivasithambaram and A. Amirthalingam. What is TGTE going to do? People opposed to LTTE will continue to oppose it, LTTE supporters will be divided in the power struggle.
    I wonder who will benefit by the formation of TGTE? Please come out of the shell and think about it.

  188. Although some commentators here seem to dismiss the TNGTE as irrelevant,the Defense Secretary of Srilanka is taking them seriously.

    According to his short interview in the Island Paper ,TNGTE with its high powered ex LTTE office bearers lead by well known ex Tiger Rudrakumar.the Defense Sec believes that they will resurrect the LTTE using some of the 12,000 ex cadres who either surrendered or captured by the Srilankan forces.

    In addition,Defense Sec seems to have a genuine fear that the new LTTE will be a real threat to the commercial shipping in the region if allowed take a food hold in the North East coast.

    Even a few remnant Sea Tigers with the backing of the Diaspora money chanelled through the TNGTE and equipment smuggled in tro the country will make them a formidable outfit like the pirates in Somali waters.

    This will be the easiest way for the TNGTE to cause havoc ib the region and put pressure on the Srilankan govrernment..

  189. # 204. Arun Vincent

    What sort of a person you are if you do not have the courage to identify yourself . Do not you think that it is a shame on you

    You means your words above are not harsh? Does your a simple questions so unpolite?

    It may not be appropriate for a TGTE member to openly ask for help in a public forum. However, what is wrong if TGTE guys are scared of some one or their enemies?

    I am amused and LOL at your wild guess that i could be Mr Karihalan.

  190. # 199. Ranjan from Toronto

    Tamil diaspora contains people from India, Malaysia, Singapore and Srilanka. Majority of Diaspora from India/ Malaysia/Singapore does not involve in TGTE activity because it is a Srilankan Tamil political movemnet.

    There is no common interest for other Tamil Diaspora to involve with TGTE.

    Majority of the Srilankan Dispora have voted for TGTE and involved in TGTE/GTF/TEPF activity .

  191. # 198. Ramani Silva

    i agree. All Diaspora activity will become insignificant then.

    However ” Too late- Too little” will be the tricky thing to handle.

  192. # 197. marusira

    Tamils are glad VP is no more.
    However they are afraid SLA replaced VP and is present all over.

  193. The person called Karihalan who identified himself as a elected representative of the TGTE praised DBSJ and invited him to help and support the TGTE and also requested DBSJ to send translation of his article to be published in their paper

    DBSJ as expected refused politely.

    If this Karihalan knew the caliber and quality of DBSJ he wont have made such a request or compared DBSJ to the tiger propagandist Sivaram alias Taraki

    But the whole posting by Karihalan shows the quality of the elected TGTE members

    DBSH publishes his e-mail address at end of each article

    if Karihalan knew any etiquette the proper thing will have been for him to write a e-mail to DBSJ under his real name and make request privately

    But this man writes request as open comment on the website and casually asks DBSJ

    This is not proper conduct or good manners or profesional curtesy.

    For me this Karihalan is example of the undesirble jokers who are TGTE members

    What a poor show

  194. # 206. Peace Lover
    Defense Sec believes that they will resurrect the LTTE using some of the 12,000 ex cadres who either surrendered or captured by the Srilankan forces

    If 12,000 captured ex-cadres dont change from path of terrorism, GOSL knows how to handle them.

    The concern is no fresh youth should involve in a terror activity with in Srilanka. If that happens, it is not LTTE, but GOSL which is responsible for that.

  195. Dayan Jayatilake does not know human suffering. Over 40000 Tamils were killed by his racist brothers and he expects the tamils to hug them and live in peace. Since he has no guts to condem MR brothers government’s attrocities, he’s throwing cheap shots at the Tamil’s effort to be united.
    Shame on you Dayan!! Time to retire..

  196. Dear DBSJ,
    to round up the information given by # 178. Arul Sittampalam, kindly publish these 2 links too.

    This is the interview given by Secretary Clinton and Proffesior Peris at the US State Department a few days ago. Looks like Clinton has changed her stance to SL and is about to do a 180° turn.



  197. Mahinda Rajapakse = Tsunami Hora (with the help of Lalith Weertunge).

    His (MR) sister built a massive palace in Deniyaya – it’s all poor Sri Lankans money that he pilfered

  198. Thank you #197. marusira.

    #211. Selvam…Very good pick up and well judged.

    Uncivilised manners like this is an epidemic in our society and one of the major hurdel to unite the society. This poison level is very high in our diaspora idiots.

  199. 208. sjoseph

    I thought what DBS meant is that only 10-15% of the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora voted.

    Any one has the hard numbers of how may votes were cast?

  200. I read an interesting comment in in response to the column by Dr Jaytillaka on the UNP and Wickremasinghe.The essence of the comment is that the Tamil people in Colombo and other ares should join the UNP and become part of the mainstream politics.

    To me it makes real sense.UNP has been abandoned by the poor ,the lower middle class as well as some of the middle class.

    I am sure most of the votes the UNP received are from the Tamil and Muslim people . The 250.000 votes for Ranil definitely came from these two ethnic groups.

    The fact that the race based politicians like Sampathan recieved only one tenth of the total Tamil population is an indication that the vast majority do not want their separatist politics.

    The fact that the TNGTE also received only under 10% of the million odd diaspora votes proves beyond doubt that the separatist politics are confined only to less than a tenth of the Srilankan Tamil population.

    Now that there is no fear and threats from VP,the moderate intelligent ,young Tamil people have a window of opportunity to join the UNP and articulate moderate ideas which indicates to the Srilankans that the Tamil people are willing to live as equals.

    I am sure if the Tamil people join the UNP and articulate good intentions in racial harmony,equal rights and good economic management Sinhalese people who are craving for a peaceful.honest and equitable society will accept them with open hands.

  201. 205 ATL

    I thank your for expressing your honest opinion on the plight of the IDPs.

    Ganeshwary Santhanam’s story in this publication sums up well what is urgently needed in the North East.

    What really annoys me is that the do gooder organizations like the International Crisis Group,Human Rights Watch,WHWS, and the UN arm lead by MS Pillay can not or do not see what these people are going through.

    Instead all they do is give ammo to TNGTE to continue on the same path like the office holders of this ,did for the past three decades

    That is collect money from the gullible Tamil people and live in First Class and leave the poor Tamils in the North East in the Cattle Class.

  202. 200. RS Wickramasinghe | June 2nd, 2010 at 8:35 am
    (Let us not lose sight of the bigger picture here: The TGTE has been formed to appropriate and consolidate under an aegis acceptable to the Tamil and international governments}

    If so they have failed dismally, by a 10 percent turnout. I agree with you that that was the objective, but they will have to see where they went wrong and have another election, this time maybe under a united umbrella. If the tamil diaspora cannot even unite, then they can forget about achieving anything constructive. As usual it will be a lot of hot air and energy wasted. Anyway they can forget about recognition by western nations when they adopt the asian path of rigged elections. However much you live in western nations i think you can’t change the bad habits you were born and bred with.

    (its first order of business will be to tap as many LTTE fighters as they are released from camps in Sri Lanka.)

    Not to worry about that. Gota has despatched them to meet thalaivar and basil has destroyed 17000 individual records.
    The ones that they are talking about the 11000 or so are the guys and gals forcibly concriptedby by the LTTE and the first to surrender.Thalaivar must have seen stars that the ones he conscripted did not lay down their lives for him as instructed and his pea brain must have been creaking with thought as to why, in his last days.

    If Rudra tries to recruit this bunch the remaining few whiskers of hair on his head will drop off. Moreover it is a propaganda coup for the GOSL to release them because they and their families will be living proof of how the LTTE treated their own youngsters.

  203. There is no question that Tamils who living outside of SL need to have Global Organisation that could help for the Tamil People who living in SL and strengthen their political, social & economical needs. Unfortunately until today we won’t be able to build such a organisation. This is very pathetic. There are plenty of organisations among us like BTF, GTF, TGTE………so and so but nothing has genuine intention to help our people but build their pride and fill their pocket. We like it or not we should stop holding the tail of Tiger. By holding it, we are putting our people in SL in danger. LTTE was a truth less organisation and banded by many countries. By using their Flag and philosophy we won’t be able to engage with civilised world. This is a simple fact that everybody including Ruthira and Kodiyavan alias Nediyavan know. But what they do is like, to obtain the milk showing fake calf to the cow who loss her own one. All their intention is command and control poor Diaspora Tamils and continue bank roll with their money. That is why this power hungry gold war going on. They put white collar intellectuals on the front and running their regime on the moon light. By using the modern technology and media they try to confuse and mislead their people again and again. People should vigilant about this cowboys and find the way to get rid of these crowds. Many people trying to bring MR to war tribunal but before that we have to bring these culprits out and punish them. Diaspora Tamils with genuine intention should come forward and set up a “Global” body that could be working with all society in SL and internationally. That Global body has to have open agenda and find the practical way to long lasting peace in SL. I know this could be a beggar’s believe but we need this sort of set up urgently.

  204. Eelam is an outdated and essentially a useless goal. If we get it, do you really think the disapora will leave everything in the west and go and live off the land in vanni? I really do not think so.

    If :
    1. we can have equal rights, the right to practice our religions and celebrate our culture freely,

    2. the SL gov does not subsidize or facilitate migration of Singalese to Tamil Areas (perfectly fine if they pay market price and move in!),

    3. The gov will not get involved in religion. Keep religion and state segregated,

    I personally would be very satisfied – And there really would be no need for ‘Eelam’.

    But will the SL gov practice the above 3 simple requests?

    Tamil leadership, please focus on these matters. This is an attainable goal that shall have immediate effects and better our lives. Make these simple requests BIG ISSUES and get everyones focus just on these matters.

    Its time we had a pragmatic approach.

    Doves. Not hawks. However at the same time, lets use our natural strength and competitive advantage we have over brutal racists 🙂 – our brains and the ability to employ them!

  205. There are two types of Tamils in Tamil Nadu(India). The first one is India loving Tamils and the second one is Dravida Nadu loving Tamils. In both the groups, there are people who are reconciled that Dravida Nadu is unattainable in current circumstances. The Most vociferous and Vocal support for the SL Tamil movements comes from second group. This is natural and spontaneous; but actually SL Tamil movement will get strengthened only if the 1st group endorses the SL Tamil struggle as genuine.

    I know genuine is big word. I correctly use this word because of local knowledge. So one may ask, do few Tamils of Tamil Nadu belonging to the 1st group don’t think that SL Tamil Struggle is genuine? The answer is yes because what they see is, “Armed Tamil groups fight with the State called Srilanka for separation”. These people refuse to accept that because SL Tamils were politically marginalized they were compelled to take up armed struggled route. Still, few of them think that SL Tamils should have avoided armed struggle route at any cost. None can change such views; because, they accept British designed nations as something defined by almighty and should never be disturbed. Also such views are possible from people who live in a far more transparent country like India than all of its neighbors.

    I meant Transparency in some particular sense; for example, SL can sentence Tissa for 20years to jail due to silly reasons; whereas in India such things cannot happen in wildest dreams. I remember when S.Balasubramanian of “Ananda Vikatan” was sentenced to few months for jail for publishing a caricature(in 1987), there was big public outrage nationwide and the TN Govt had to withdraw such jail sentence. That is the difference of Institutions in India and in SL. So such views from a section of people in India can be set aside.

    So what is the thinking of rest of 1st group of Tamils in Tamil Nadu who form the vast majority? They understand the grievance & agony and also pity for SL Tamil brothers. They know the SL Tamil struggle is genuine and feel apologetic. But presently they are not willing to move ahead and support, because to some extent they are not OK with armed struggle. Additionally they also think that SL Tamils have a reference and love ONLY for Tamil People (or to south Indians only) and not for whole of India – that is strange indeed!. To win the hearts of the 1st group of Tamils in TN, SL Tamils should refer themselves as PIO (People of Indian Origin) and give a new name like SL Indians struggle (rather SL Tamils Struggle) and completely side with India – vocally and vociferously. Even if SL Tamils movement, move towards this direction there will be initially suspicion and hesitation. Sooner or later, they can count on India as a source of their Strength forever, which is true. But, there will be lot of banana skins in this relationships and I expect the SL Tamils have to be extremely vigilant of this exercise and practice fine diplomacy.

    Let us also learn how the switch will be viewed in 2nd group. They will gladly and whole-heartedly accept these political maneuvers. Because, in their hearts, their intent is only the welfare of all the Tamils though there may be initial worried reactions. Many of the current leaders who support SL Tamil movement belong to the 2nd group – Nedumaran, Vaiko, Seeman, etc. But these people are not in power and don’t know how to capture power, to do something good for SL Tamils because they don’t practice Politics. One may be surprised that MK who actually belong to the 2nd group is not concerned about the SL Tamil plight. That is probably because of his children, who should have been frustrated that the DMK and MK earned bad reputation for supporting too much Tamil militancy during 1989-91 and lost POWER. Also the SL Tamil militancy did not restrict itself with their illegal activities within the confines of SL Territory, etc. So MK and his children will prioritize POWER over the lives of SL Tamils because they see plight of SL Tamils civilians and the SL Tamil militancy as two sides of the same coin. I am pained to write these words….

    So one still may be left with questions like why Dravidian movement party like DMK allows MK only show within the DMK. The answer is very simple; because most of the veterans have passed away. The last one I can remember was Aladi Aruna. Not many among SL Tamils would know/remember him as he did not possess the public charisma as Vaiko. Then during 80s, Vaiko who was in DMK would thunder in the parliament for SL Tamils but none from AIADMK would talk in parliament in support of SL Tamils; because that is the Whip (announced or unannounced) by MGR as he sided with the then ruling party Congress and instructed AIADMK folks not to raise their voice against congress on any issues including SL Tamils Issue. One man from AIADMK thundered on behalf of SL Tamils. He was Aladi Aruna. Frustrated MGR then gave a press notice that the views expressed by Aladi Aruna were his own and not his party’s (This does not mean MGR was not supporting SL Tamils. It simply means that he keeps such issues away from the relationship he had with ruling party in the National govt of India).

    Few months later, after the death of MGR, Aladi Aruna rued his political alignment with MGR and said he belongs to DMK and MK. Indian history cannot forget this man Aladi Aruna; he wrote the dissenting note on Bofors kickback probe by the Joint Parliamentary Council and pulled the trigger for the fall of the Rajiv Gandhi Govt. In the subsequent elections due to dastardly assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, circumstances favored PV Narasimha coming to Power as the PM of India who transformed India as a modern, vibrant nation, in many ways(set aside the ills that vastly affect today momentarily). PVNR should be rightly called as Father of Modern India and had visions for our country. I wish a person with PVNR’s caliber take over the leadership of SL Tamil movement and transform the society.

  206. Fabulous article and intereting to read. the way, you provided the information is awesome and hats off to you sir.

    The idea of TGTE might be good but not sure about the success.

  207. Hmmm… For a good number of Tamil Terrorist Diaspora members… there concludes another marathon session of daydreaming (of Tamil Elaam)

    Oh God… why did you allow Tamil terrorists to rob me left and right? Better yet, at least in the future, can you please dawn on me the reality… that Sri Lankans will never allow an exclusive Tamil Elaam on their soil?

    I am so angry… It’s now time to yell ‘Tamil Elaam’ three times and flush the toilet.

  208. It is reported that there had been violent iattacks on TNGTE supporters in Europe. As a result one Ramesh Sivaruben from the Rudra faction had been kidnapped, tortured and killed. in Paris Before dying he had given information to the police and blamed Nediyavan faction and Thambiah Suresh an Kuppilan Ravi of that faction had been arrested.
    In Canada there is simmering tensions within the pro tiger medias TVI,CMR & CTR and more problems are expected. Looks like Mahinda, Basil, &Gota need not worry and can continue their good & bad work according to the agenda.

  209. ///165. Ganesh | May 31st, 2010 at 10:14 pm
    //In the 80’s Tamils were confused with LTTE, TELO, PLOTE, EROS, EPRLF……..

    Now the Tamils (dispora) are going to be confused with TGTE, GTF, TEPA…

    Let the game begin…//

    Please let the game/war begin in western countries like Canada,UK, Australia…so the diaspora idiots will learn a lesson.///



    Two Tamils arrested in Paris over man’s death:

    Tiger infighting mounts in Europe

    by Ananth PALAKIDNAR

    Two pro-LTTE activists were arrested in Paris on Friday following the death of Ramesh Sivarupan who is believed to be a member of the Ruthrakumar faction of the LTTE, according to informed sources.

    The sources said that Ramesh Sivarupan was kidnapped and taken in a van from his residence in Paris and was found near his house a few days ago with injuries. He succumbed to injuries at a hospital in Paris on Thursday.

    Thambiah Ganesh and Kuppilan Ravi, believed to be members of the Nediyavan group of the pro-LTTE faction have been taken into custody by the police in Paris in connection with the death of Sivarupan, sources said. Early last week, the Nediyavan faction burnt thousands of copies of Thainilam, a newspaper in Paris printed by its rival Ruthrakumar faction. The rivalry between the two factions had spread to several parts of Europe with the members of each faction looking for each other, the sources said.

    According to sources, the conflict between the two factions sparked off following the annihilation of the LTTE in Sri Lanka last year.

  210. #229. sjoseph:

    Fighting for that phoney ‘Tamil cause’ is like screwing for virginity.

  211. #230 – Two Tamils arrested in Paris over man’s death:

    If the above news is true, it is high time Rudrakumar resign from his Chief Executive post to bring peace among the expatriates.

  212. #230-Ganesh

    The sources said that Ramesh Sivarupan was kidnapped and taken in a van from his residence
    Was it a white van? Gota is a bad influence on the rest of the world.

  213. 231. BunkerRat | June 6th, 2010 at 2:37 pm
    #229. sjoseph:

    Fighting for that phoney ‘Tamil cause’ is like screwing for virginity.

    Depends on whether the virgin likes to be screwed or not. Unlike other pleasures this is fun and free.

  214. Firstly, What is Fr Emmanuel getting messed up in all of this power struggle? Secondly, these trans national cronies and factions have not attracted any interest from the majority of the diaspora. We know this is not about Tamil Eelam. This is not about the people who live in eelam. Thirdly, these academics who have surrounded Rudra have been paid up and also have their own axes to grind. Finally, Rudra, Nediyavan, Jeyananthamoorthy, Jeyachandran they have no credibility. Canadian Tamil congress supports Rudra because of the relationship and financial deals between David Poopalapillai and Rudra. GTF, SJ Emmanuel and Janani are stand up comedians.

  215. GTF can use asmall part of its billions in a goodwill gesture to improve the life of IDPs, particularly the Muslims, more than 100,00 who were ethnically cleansed out of Jaffna in 1991.
    It is on record, that another wave of brother Tamils were ordered to leave by the LTTE five years later, when Sri Lanka GOvernment established rule.

    GTF should extend its hand to improve the lives of these unfortunates, as it is they who created the conditions to justify the refugee status for the lucky folks happily resident in the West.

  216. Excellent Article. I wish everyone would stop being negative. The fact that there are those who wish to continue with the struggle as Pirabakran would have wanted shows strength and determination. As the tamil community we should not only be supporting it we should be helping it. There may be flaws but everyone pulling together and being united will iron these problems out.

  217. #240-ss7

    The fact that there are those who wish to continue with the struggle as Pirabakran would have wanted shows strength and determination

    You are right.I see a prabhaharan front row third from right. He will have to bump off the back row otherwise they will keep him kneeling down in front of them until they die.

  218. There was lot of hype in Canada about the Sri Lankan Govt getting nervous about the TGTE. People believe in these kind of propaganda. I hope Tamil media in Canada and eslewhere stop these kind of propoganda and make people realise the true situation back home.

  219. sir…i don’t know what was happening in srilanka at present….but one thing surely one day we will catch up freedom in sri lanka…we’ll proved to against blood monster”raja baksheh”….these are happening in soon……no one take up our rights & never give up our self confidence….sir very congratulation of your movement…very soon i’ll catch you the group.A.sathiesh NO:72/146, nehru nagar, villivakkam,chennai-600049,india.if you catch you this matter….contact me & we’ll dicuss briefly….!!!!!!!!

  220. “UNITY among Tamils is only way to success. Even any Article we should pick up the good points to help to BUILD our UNITY among Diaspora to win our Aims. Always think postive and move UNITEDLY slow and steady will win the race finally one day” WELL SAID KEITH HOWARD.

  221. Hi DBS Jeyarajah

    Thanks for the fantastic article with lots of details.

    It must be noted that LTTE was a true Freedom fighters outfit and its supreme leader- Prabhaharan’s death as widely reported, has caused a challenge and a riddle and it will continue to do so, for more than a century, continuing to dominate secular Tamil consiousness.He has brought a new vitality, which is inevitable, because Tamils new he had boundless power and magnetism, inspired by his Tamil consious guest.It is this vision that made him one of the great Tamil leaders of all time- He rose above his own idol- Late Suba Chandra Bose, because he was patient,kind and generous.I do not think that he would have started his movement, if Tamils were allowed to live as equals without oppression and any hiderance.His message of freedom for tamils in SriLanka is for all time and for all Tamils every where.He inspired so many tamil activists all over the world. No body knows apart from a few, if he is dead or alive.DBS, you have confirmed and reaffirmed his demise.I trust.
    But the Tamils have more work to do.Do not get me wrong.They cannot expect the SriLankan Government to solve the Tamil problem as they call it.From 1948 to 2012- it is a long time.Come on – what happened during this period.Even the Oxford educated Don like S.W.R.D.ignited the ugly communal rivalry, by the Sighala only cry and JR added fuel to the fire by heading the march from Kandy to tear the Banda/Chelva Pact, followed by the 1958 racial riots, resulting in loss of Tamil lives and properties, very aptly written by Mr.Tassi Vittachi and then the 1983 major riots- my brother based in Colombo- London educated Chartered Accountant and Tax expert,was a vctim, becoming very depresive. Now, tamil consiousness has come to the people as a religion, but certain forces which are against that religion are trying to crush its rising strength, with all the weapons at their command.But by what strength are the Tamils of SriLanka able to survive.Tamil consiousness has spread all over the world -every action has an equal an opposite reaction and every reaction has a counter action.This consiousness cannot be crushed- it is immortal- it cannot die- because it is no human being- it cannot be sent to jail.After the demise of Prabhaharan, the Tamils have real faith- it is not merely a political aspiration. It is the consiousness to restore the equality and self determination of Tamils in SriLanka.Believe it or not- in the end it is this equality and self determination of Tamils that would come forward as the saviour of SriLanka.Now, what is the cause for this change- the world is beginning to see all things- to judge all things throught the imperfect instrumentality of intellect.There was one thing about Prabhaharan, though he had doubters and cynics- what ever he believed he lived with his belief- Ealam’s self determination and equality. This was his life, it was nectar and salvation for him. It was his breath of life. If Snhalese value the importance of SriLanka, Tamils should be granted equality and self determination.May God bless.

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