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Mahinda Regime in Trying to Impeach the Chief Justice has Impeached Itself

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Dr.Vickramabahu Karunaratne

Some people are angry that no real protest develops in the streets of Lanka. The incidents that have taken place thus far ought to have awakened the just wrath of the people, they say. Enough has taken place to rouse the masses to practical actions against tyranny.

Some go to the edge of pessimism and say that Lankans have rulers of this nature at the helm, because they deserve them.

Others, alienated from the suffering of the people, wait patiently, fiddling and smacking their lips: They could be waiting for their chance to do the same as the Rajapaksas.

It is also very common to blame the opposition for inaction. They ask whether any of the present representatives of the people will come out to join the public to protest. In the end, they blame Ranil for inaction.

Clearly these opinions are far from the truth. It is true that Lankan society was totally submerged in chauvinism and irrational faith in the Mahinda regime for the last three years. The government got away with many mistakes and corrupt practices due to this particular situation. People were tolerant of the man who claimed to have defeated evil and promised to drive the country towards prosperity and success. Even the urban, working class that usually mistrusts promises of the bourgeoisie was prepared to accept this version of the regime and to follow a non-confrontational policy towards the government.

It is true that if the public fails, there is no point in blaming this one and that one. Under the dopamine of chauvinism, almost all our parliamentarians (government and opposition) have become insincere, selfish, greedy and unsympathetic hypocrites. Continuous adherence to or tolerance of false stories have reduced these welfare workers to become complete hypocrites

They are responsible in union for the transposition of Parliament into a kangaroo-court that is carrying out a foolish inquisition violating every tenet of natural justice. The latter act represents the ultimate degradation of Parliament that is supposed to represent the people. MPs must be servants of the people but under the current, irrational chauvinist ideology they have become masters, feared rather than respected; despised rather than loved. Even in the developing world such bumptious arrogance and indifference is rare. In this situation whether the tyranny of Parliament can be disposed by an Election has become a common question!

So, while the regime is evil, the public mood is turning hostile not only towards government parliamentarians but also to the chauvinist section of the opposition as well. On the other hand, it is now obvious that the Mahinda regime, in trying to impeach the chief justice, has impeached itself. It is now up to the public to give to the regime the verdict that it deserves.

If the public fails, there is no point in blaming the liberal opposition. There is only one alliance in the opposition that is free from chauvinism and has won the confidence of the minorities in addition to attracting the angry radical masses in general. That is the Protest of the Opposition – VV. It is not an electoral alliance confined to a short term electoral victory; it is far from it. As indicated, it is an alliance for the common struggle. It has a track record of facing all sorts of obstacles and criticism. We have to go forward.

This can only mean one thing: Greater mobilisation in democratic chambers and forums, the press, publications, protests, slogans and demonstrations. And electoral mobilisation too, of course, but not confined to that only. In fact, in elections, alliance parties can contest separately with the common enemy in mind. Truly they can march separately while striking together. The implied call is for mass intervention, democratic but forceful, using a wide range of tools. This vision is the most important. This is the best way to short-circuit these “bumptious, arrogant, conceited, and vain, hypocrites.” Nor will we need to “wait till the messiah comes.”

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