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Jayalalithaa: From alluring actress to powerful politician

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

India in general and its Tamil Nadu state in particular have spawned many colourful political personalities. Standing out among these figures is Jayalalithaa Jayaram, the actress-politico of Tamil Nadu.

The Former Chief Minister and All-India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham (ADMK) Leader turns 62 today, February 24.

Jayalalithaa Jayaram

Earlier her name was spelled with one ‘a’ (Jayalalitha) at the end. Later a second ‘a’ was added (Jayalalithaa) due to reasons of numerology.

Liberation Tigers

Jayalalithaa had become well-known for her rigid stance against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). She was instrumental in passing a resolution in the Tamil Nadu legislature that LTTE leader Velupipllai Prabhakaran be arrested and extradited to India for the Rajiv Gandhi assassination.

When chief minister, Jayalalithaa was extremely hard on Sri Lankan Tamils resident in Tamil Nadu in a bid to wipe out all presence of the LTTE in the state. When Tamil civilians were affected in Sri Lanka during the war against the LTTE ,Jayalalithaa justified it as being inevitable at times of war. Supporters of the LTTE loved to hate her describing her as “Paapaathi” (Brahmin woman).

A woman walks in front of a portrait of Jayalalithaa in Chennai March 2, 2009.

But all things changed utterly last year during elections to the Lok Sabha . In a remarkable change of stance Jayalalithaa expressed full support for the LTTE and confronted the Congress-led Indian Central Government and DMK state government of Tamil Nadu.

She advocated an immediate end to the war if she and her allies got the bulk of seats allocated to Tamil Nadu (39) and Pondicherry (1).Jayalalithaa was supported by parties like the MDMK, PMK, CPI, CPM etc in the campaign.

The LTTE and its supporters misread the political situation and hoped for a defeat of the Congress and its ally the DMK.The unrealistic expectation was that if the BJP captured power at the centre with The AIADMK winning the lions share of 40 seats , Jayalalithaa would get New Delhi to restrain the Sri Lankan govt from proceeding with the war thus providing a respite to the beleaguered tigers.

So great was this expectation that tiger and pro-tiger organizations amidst the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora began singing paeans of praise to the “Puratchi thalaivi”(revolutionary leader) and “Ithayatheivam” (god of the heart).

Laudatory messages sent to Jayalalithaa were lapped up by the AIADMK leader who must surely have relished this bizarre twist where those who had vehemently criticised her earlier were now fawning at her feet.

But the hopes became dupes when the Congress-DMK combine won the elections.

With that defeat ended Jayalalithaa’s short-lived honeymoon with tiger supporters. Events moved rapidly and the LTTE itself was vanquished and virtually destroyed last May.

Uncrowned queen

Looking at her rotund appearance today, few would imagine the time when Jayalalithaa was slim and lissom. That she was, and a ravishing beauty too.

As an actress, Jayalalithaa was the uncrowned queen of Tamil cinema during the mid-’60s to the mid-’70s of the last century. She was the dream girl of many a teenager and the favourite pin-up star of many fans.

Enna Porutham MGR~from Ragasiya Police 115

Among those infatuated with her was the famous actor-politician, M.G. Ramachandran (MGR), with whom she paired in nearly 30 films. Though unmarried, Jayalalithaa was regarded as the love of MGR’s life.

Podhumoo Intha Idam~ Naan, starring with Ravichandran

However, she has been linked romantically to other people including actors like Shoban Babu, Ravichandran, Jaishanker and Mutturaman.

Jayalalithaa was born on February 24, 1948 in Mysore in the Karnataka state. Because of this, many think she is a Kannadiga and her political rivals often call her that.

The reality is that she is from a Tamil Aiyengar Brahmin family hailing from Sreerangam in Trichy. Her grandfather was a physician in the service of the Mysore Maharajah. Hence the family relocated to that state.

Despite her detractors ridiculing her as a Kannadiga, Jayalalithaa has always been proud to assert her Tamil identity.


In 1970, long before she entered politics, Jayalalithaa told a Kannada journal that she was a Tamil and not a Kannadiga. This caused a furore in Karnataka.


When Jayalalithaa was shooting for a Tamil film “Ganga Gowri” in Bangalore (now Bengalooru), a Kannadiga mob surrounded her and threatened to kill her if she did not retract.

But the courageous Jayalalithaa refused to be intimidated and stood her ground, reiterating that she was Thamizhian and not a Kannadiga.

Jayalalithaa’s father Jayaram was an irresponsible wastrel who squandered the family fortune. This led to her mother, Vedavalli, becoming a film actor to support the family.

She took on the name Sandhya. Soon she relocated to Chennai, or Madras, as it was known then.

Jayalalithaa’s given name was Komalavalli, but her pet name is Ammu. She studied at the elite Bishop Cotton High School in Bangalore and later at the Church Park Convent in Madras.

In 1964, she passed out second in the state matriculation exam and was given a merit scholarship. She did not pursue higher studies as her destiny was films.

She learnt Bharatha Natyam and carnatic music and had her dance arangetram in 1960. Veteran actor Sivaji Ganesan who presided called her a “thangachilai,” or golden statue, on account of her fair, glowing skin.

Veteran Film Director B.R. Bhanthulu saw her at a film function and got her to act in a Kannada film. The maestro Sreedhar gave her a break in Tamil films. She played the role of a schizophrenic widow in Vennira Aadai (White Dress) and got rave reviews.

Passport to success

Her passport to success was her second Tamil film, Aayirathil Oruvan (one man in a 1,000) where she played leading lady to MGR. Despite the 32-year difference in age, the duo was a hot pair. They acted together in 28 films.

Jayalalithaa in Kattazhagu Tangamaghal from Kavalkaran

Among her successes were Adimai Penn, Naan, Maatukkaara Velan, Aathiparasakthi, Pattikaadaa Pattanamaa, Kavalkaran, Engiruntho Vanthaal, etc.

Her last film was Nathiyai Thedi Vantha Kadal in 1978.

Jayalalithaa has acted in more than 100 films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and even one English movie, The Epistle. More than 75 of these ran for more than 100 days in theatres. Eight were silver jubilee (25 weeks)hits

She has also sung songs in her own voice in some if not all films. She has a creamy, croony voice. Her first film song was Amma Endraal Anbu, written by Vaali and composed by K.V. Mahadevan.

An accomplished dancer, she lit up the screen and stage by her performances. Her dance drama, “Kaviri Thantha Kalaichelvi”, was a smashing success.

Though she played glamorous roles, she was a good actress and made an impression if given challenging roles with scope to display histrionic ability.

Thirumangalyam was Jayalalithaa’s 100th film. There was a felicitation ceremony where the Chief Minister at the time, Muttuvel Karunanidhi, was the guest of honour. He praised her as one who had “devised literature in acting” (“Nadippukku ilakkiam vahuthavar”).

She exuded chic and élan in her film career and was a favourite among teens of that era. She designed many of her costumes and was one of the first heroines to don bathing costumes. Jayalalithaa was a bombshell in bikini.

Jayalalithaa was versatile. She has been a columnist, short story writer, novelist and film producer.

Her house, named Veda Nilaayam after her mother, is in Poes Garden. There is an indoor skating rink built there. She also has a grape arbour in Andhra Pradesh, which she uses to get away from the crowd.

In recent times she bought an estate in Kodagu region where she retires frequently for extended periods neglecting politics.

MGR connection

It was MGR who brought her into politics. After his death in 1987, the ADMK founded by MGR split, with his wife Janaki and paramour Jayalalithaa leading the two factions.

Jayalalithaa triumphed and the party united under her leadership to sweep the polls in 1991. She was elected Chief Minister. She remains the imperious yet undisputed leader of the ADMK today.

Jayalalithaa became the ADMK’s propaganda and later administrative secretary. She was Rajya Sabha MP in 1984. In 1989 she entered Tamil Nadu legislature as an elected MLA. Jayalalithaa was chief minister from 1991-1996.

She was re-elected as CM in 2001 but had to relinquish office for a few years due to a legal wrangle. Jayalalithaa handed over reins to a caretaker CM O.S.Panneerselvam but controlled events. She then won a by-election and became CM till 2006.

Few in her party dare to call her by name and so she is either “Amma,” “Madam” or “Thalaivi.” Since MGR was called “Puratchi Thalaiver,” or revolutionary leader, Jayalalithaa is addressed by its feminine equivalent, “Puratchi Thalaivi.” Like MGR, she too is called “Ithaya Deivam” (Goddess of the Heart).

Many in her party treat her as a living deity and at least one of her former ministers pats his cheeks reverentially when referring to her. Some ministers have gone on record saying their ambition in life is to be her servant or be a watchdog in her kennel.

There was a time when in a movie called Thanipiravi MGR played Lord Muruga and Jayalalithaa his consort Valli, in a dream sequence. A picture of both together as Murugan and Valli was framed and worshipped by many.

Likewise, Jayalalithaa has played divine roles in many other films. Pictures of Jayalalithaa in such roles are hung in many dwellings. Some people light camphor and lay flowers before them.

Sycophants went to the extent of depicting her as the Madonna in posters. Enraged Catholics protested and the posters were removed.

Falling at her feet or touching them as a mark of respect is almost a ritual for many of her followers. Touching or falling at the feet of elders to seek their blessings is customary in India.

Sycophantic behaviour

But in the case of Jayalalithaa, ADMK sycophants have taken this practice to ridiculous levels. Even party veterans older than Jayalalithaa prostrate themselves publicly.

One amusing scene in the past was when Jayalalithaa visited a remote area by helicopter. Verty-clad party men standing in a line fell down like ninepins as she alighted from the aircraft. When they got up, the white vertys were all red due to the reddish soil. It was a sight!

Once she was questioned by a north Indian journalist about this “falling at her feet” practice and asked why she did not put a stop to it, she replied that her supporters were doing so voluntarily due to their affectionate regard for her and that she was unable to prevent it.

This was not correct because it is well-known that she likes it and encourages it. That’s why the sycophants do it. Jayalalithaa also utilises this act to humiliate people.

In one instance a man who had left her party and criticised her returned to its folds again. The media was called in to witness the return of the prodigal. This man, K.K.S.R. Ramachandran, was a big-made man with a very big moustache.

He was required to prostrate himself four times before a smilingly-seated Jayalalithaa under the pretext that the photographers had not got a good shot. The picture was released to all papers.

According to some observers, even her mentor and paramour MGR had some kind of a foot fetish for Jayalalithaa.

In many of the films in which they acted together, there were scenes of MGR touching Jayalalithaa’s feet such as removing a thorn from her sole or massaging a sprained ankle.

Apparently the man who founded the ADMK had a fixation on her feet. Now members of MGR’s party are at Jayalalithaa’s feet, metaphorically and literally.

Like Imelda Marcos Jayalalithaa herself had a fascination for footwear. There were media reports and pictures of her 800 plus shoes, sandals and slippers.

A funny phenomenon is the sycophantic references to her feet by party men when commencing their speeches. In a disgusting spectacle they begin by paying homage to her “potpaadangal” (golden feet) or “thamaraithiruvadigal” (lotus feet).

Arrogant dominatrix

One point on which she is often criticised is her arrogance. She is virtually a dominatrix with party people and treats them like her minions and serfs.

There was a time when Jayalalithaa would be the only person sitting on a stage while others would remain standing or seated on the floor. Later she dispensed with this practice but allows only selected people to sit next to her.

When a senior Minister, Munu Aathi, dared to sit next at a function, she flared up and publicly ordered him to move back.

On another occasion a Congress cabinet minister from Tamil Nadu tried to sit next to her on a flight to New Delhi. She shouted at him to get lost and referred derisively to his caste.

The man was a Dalit. There was a big outcry and a public apology was demanded. She did not budge.

At inner meetings of the party she remains seated while the rest sit on the floor or remain standing. There have been press conferences where her ministers stand behind her with folded hands while she sits on a sofa.

During election campaigns Jayalalithaa goes around on whirlwind tours in her luxurious trailer-van. Short roadside meetings are held where candidates have to stand on a stool while she talks. Even central cabinet ministers like Mani Shankar Aiyer had to undergo this.

There is no inner party democracy in the ADMK. Jayalalithaa appoints, removes, transfers, promotes, demotes, expels and recruits at her own discretion. Ministers are appointed, fired or shuffled according to her whims. Her wish is the party’s command. None dares to disobey let alone defy.

Contempt for media

She is an autocrat who does not tolerate criticism. She looks down upon the media and brooks no dissent. Once she even took on the powerful “Hindu” newspaper , ordering the arrest of several journalists including Executive Editor Malini Parthasarathy.

The influential newspaper group had to tug at strings in New Delhi to make her back down.

I once witnessed firsthand the utter contempt she has for the media. It was in early 1985 and I was in Tamil Nadu on an assignment. Jayalalithaa was then a Rajya Sabha (upper house) member and propaganda secretary of the ADMK.

An Indian journalist pal took me along for a press conference held by her. Thank God, we were all given chairs to sit. She started off with a bang by asking the Herald Review correspondent to stand up. This was a news magazine of the Deccan Herald newspaper.

Once the journalist identified himself, Jayalalithaa pitched into him. Apparently in an article the scribe had referred to Jayalalithaa as being “hysterical.” She took offence to that and launched a tirade about the meaning of hysterical.

If anyone had doubts about her being hysterical, Jayalalithaa’s performance that day demonstrated what hysteria was all about.

She then ordered him to leave but to the credit of the fourth estate, they protested at the treatment meted out to their colleague. With Jayalalithaa remaining adamant, the journalists announced that they were walking out en masse.

She then relented and conducted the conference with the correspondent in attendance.

This, however, was at a time when MGR was alive and Jayalalithaa had not become party leader or Chief Minister. I do not know how the journalists would have reacted to a similar incident under present circumstances.

Ironic contradiction

While her haughty demeanour and arrogant attitude deserves to be condemned, there is perhaps a rationale for such behaviour. The ascendancy of Jayalalithaa in a Tamil Nadu milieu can be viewed as an ironic contradiction.

Despite the breeze of cosmopolitanism blowing in through globalisation, the state of Tamil Nadu is basically conservative. It is a patriarchal, male-dominated society with strict notions of a woman’s role and place. Jayalalithaa is a woman.

Tamil Nadu society at large has contempt for women actors in the cine field who do not behave as ‘good’ women should. Woman film stars, in spite of their glamour, are not respected and regarded with disdain in private. Jayalalithaa was an actress.

The dominant political ideology in the state is that of Dravidianism. This is based on archaic concepts of the Aryan-Dravidian divide where the Brahmin community is seen as Aryans and other Tamils as Dravidians. Anti-Brahminism is a core element of Dravidian discourse. Jayalalithaa is a Brahmin.

Thus, one can see that the Jayalalithaa phenomenon goes against the grain of three dominant concepts in Tamil Nadu. She is a woman, a film star and a Brahmin.

The success of this embodiment in the socio-political realm of Tamil Nadu is a contradiction. Jayalalithaa, in a way, is an exception or aberration.

In that context, the situation can be quite dicey for her. If she were to be democratic and easygoing, the people surrounding her would exploit it to their advantage. Instead of appreciating her conduct, they would very likely regard it as a weakness and take advantage.

An Indian editor once told me of an incident that happened in 1988. The ADMK had split after MGR’s death and both factions were trying to take control of the party headquarters building. When Jayalalithaa joined demonstrations, party supporters mobbed her.

Sadly, she had to be rescued by the Police from her own supporters. Jayalalithaa used to wear pure white sarees with thin borders then. The Indian editor told me that her saree and blouse were full of grubby finger marks. Apparently, her supporters had used the opportunity to try and fondle her or squeeze her.

In later life she had her own set of bodyguards to prevent supporters from getting close to her. There was an urge on the part of some males not merely to simply touch her but also do “squeeze” if they could.

Cult figure

When she entered politics, many party members were dazzled by her beauty and easy accessibility. They were extra-attentive to her and ever ready to make physical contact. A regional leader from Madurai called “Pazhakkadai” Pandi went ballistic once on stage. He was reprimanded by MGR.

Thereafter the order went out from MGR that Jayalalithaa should be treated with reverence. This changed the situation. Soon party people showed great subservience to her. Slowly she was promoted as a superior, cult figure.

After MGR’s death Jayalalithaa was quite vulnerable. It was then that she realised she had to assert unquestionable superiority over her party people to remain in control. Superiority and not equality was necessary. The followers had to be put in place as inferiors.

This she began to do. Soon she became an authoritative figure. She grew into her role and her inherent traits of arrogance came to the fore.

She humiliated her followers to show who was boss and trampled them underfoot. Incredible as it may seem, they seem to like it, with even highly educated professionals paying pooja horizontally to the boss lady.

Her detractors and political rivals continue to attack her on what they think are her weak spots. She is called “anthap pombiley” (that woman) or “paapaathy” (Brahmin woman) often.

Once when she was in the opposition, DMK Minister Duraimurugan tried to strip her in the Assembly.

When she raised a question, the present Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi replied, “Go and ask Sobhan Babu.” This was a Telugu film star with whom Jayalalithaa was involved romantically at one stage.

Even recently DMK Deputy Leader Anbalaghan retorted to a charge by her, derisively asking her about her “past.”

Vindictive streak

This state of affairs may help to understand the reasons for her arrogant conduct but it certainly cannot condone it. Moreover, there is a vicious, vindictive streak to her that often manifests itself in controversial ways.

There was a woman administrative officer (IAS), Chandralekha, with whom she had a disagreement. Soon acid was thrown by goondas on Chandralekha’s face.

As Chief Minister she abused her authority and incarcerated her rival, Karunanidhi. The Police carried the howling man away.

When maverick politico Dr. Subramaniam Swamy fell foul of her, Jayalalithaa organised a hostile reception for him in Chennai. Members of the ADMK Women’s League raised their sareees in a protest demonstration.

“Subramanian Swamy has met his waterloo,” gloated Jayalalithaa publicly. “I will send Jayalalithaa to the loo without water,” retorted Swamy.

Due to a dispute with the Kachipuram “Sangara madam” Holy seer Sri Jayendra Swamigal, Jayalalithaa went to the extent of getting him arrested on what seemed to be false charges.

Jayalalithaa was corrupt to the core. Together with her “life friend” (uyirtholi) Sasikala Nadarajah, she engaged in massive corruption. Sasikala was like a woman Friday to her. Their corruption and amassed wealth has often been publicised in the media.

Jayalalithaa was arrested after her downfall in 1996 on corruption charges. Newspapers were full of stories about her assets and properties. Her corpulence was a sign of her ill-gotten opulence.

Jayalalithaa’s relationship with Sasikala is a controversial issue for Tamil Nadu. They are seemingly inseparable. Sasikala, who is called “Sinnamma” by party people, wields enormous influence.

She also adopted as son, Sashikala’s nephew and arranged a grand wedding for him where huge sums of money were spent in vulgar celebration. Even now various family members of Shashikala hold powerful positions within the party.

Whatever her deficiencies, Jayalalithaa remains a towering figure in Tamil Nadu politics. Jayalalithaa’s arch rival Karunanidhi is an octogenarian. After his demise, there will be no one in the state to match Jayalalithaa in stature and popularity.

She will then very likely be the solitary moon among lesser stars in the Tamil Nadu political firmament.

(This is a slightly updated version of an article written for “The Nation” in February 2008)

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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  1. At last I read a really interesting article about Madam Jayalalithaa. I was sick of the write-ups about her in Tamilnadu.They were either praising her to the skies or condemning her badly

    It was refreshing therefore to read Mr.Jeyaraj writing about all facets of this remarkable lady

    How ironic (pleasant though) that a Sri Lankan Tamil journalist should write the best article on her so far

    I have often read you to gain a true insight into Lankan eevents. Now I hope you would write more on Tamil Nadu and India too Mr.Jeyaraj

  2. Yes DBS saar. It was comical to see the Eelamists praise Jayalalithaa as their saviour during elections time after years of attacking her as an enemy. That is the hypocrisy of politics. But now things are back as usual. If the Anna-DMK enters into alliance with Congress you can see the Puratchi thalaivi lambasting the Eelamists again

  3. DBSJ,

    That was a really good one. I doubt any tamilnadu scribe would be able to write these factual things today without a bias given the prevailing atmosphere of all scribes falling into one camp or the other. That said, I must point out a slight aberration in the following:

    “Due to a dispute with the Kanchipuram “Sangara madam” Holy seer Sri Jayendra Swamigal, Jayalalithaa went to the extent of getting him arrested on what seemed to be false charges.”

    I have issue with the wordings “what seemed to be false charges”. The fact is nobody knows the fact as of today. Also, in a murder charge, it’s always the case that the planner should get more blame than the executor.With that in the back ground, I don’t think anyone can say conclusively that all is black and white in this case. I say this with input from my friends who are quite knowledgeable with happenings in shankara madam.

    Jaya,jaya , Sankara……….DBSJ

  4. Job well done DBSJ,

    */ She is an autocrat who does not tolerate criticism./*
    This seems to be hereditary to many South Asian politicians.

    */There is no inner party democracy in the ADMK. Jayalalithaa appoints, removes, transfers, promotes, demotes, expels and recruits at her own discretion./*
    When will our leaders (so called) practice democracy and inspire the values of humanity?

    */Jayalalithaa was versatile. She has been a columnist, short story writer, novelist and film producer./*
    No argument, the above is additional to being a charming actress. As usual, many of these personalities were /are talented and charismatic. Unfortunately, all end up in the shit of politics devaluing what they were blessed with.

  5. Well written DBS.

    you could write about Tamil Nadu people who does know about these, and still support her. Well, if Emelda Marcos was there, why not Jayalalitha.

    But ofcourse, she is still sexy and glamorous.

  6. My only interest in Madras movies, was when I had to take my girl friends for a date.A balcony ticket at the Nava theatre was good value even when MGR was chasing the villain over roof tops.

    On a serious note .I checked the per capita income of India. To my surprise Tamil Nadu comes just over the national average but well below the .the states, Punjab, Ponducherry,Chandrigarh and Maharashtra.

    A state with abundant supply of power and well know for producing good t mathematicians , Engineers and Accountants Tamil Nadu I thought will top the list.

    As far as I can remember Tamil Nadu has been run by actors and actresses since independence.They are good at playing to the gallery. This is well reflected in the sate of the economy of Tamil Nadu in a thriving India, which is knocking on the doors of the super power club.

  7. Mr. DBS, you write nasty about our devotion to Amma but that dont matter to us

    I am proud to fall in front of her feet and worship my idayadeivam

    For your information I got chance of catching her lotus feet and kiss her gold toes. My hans had sweet smell and eyes was bright after that

    She is really a god like a human being

  8. Dear DBS,

    Thanks for the article about ” Iruddutheivam ” Goddess of darkness.

    The ” horizontal pooja ” enacted regularly and routinely by her party officials that you mentioned made me laugh.

    She was corrupt to the core as you observed. Corruption was so rampant during her time at the helm one of the journalists writing for ” India Today ” during those days queried whether she was running the state or running away with the state.

  9. Thanks to DBS for very nice article on Jayalaltha

    We are from Sinhala family but used to see all MGR films because my father was his fan. So we got to see many pictures of mGR as children. Saroja Devi and Jayalalitha acted mostly with MGR

    I liked the beautiful Jayalalitha vey much as a teen-ager and young girl. We used to follow her fashionable dresses and sarees

    I also agree with DBS. Our MGR hero in many films will put his hands on her foot. I think he was really like a love slave

  10. Very interesting,informative and amusing article by Mr.DBS Jayaraj

    Ammu and I were classmates in Chennai but she has not maintained touch with most of us.

    She was brilliant in studies, sports and creative arts.

    One thing I noted with interest was Mr.Jayaraj’s reference to MGR and Anna-DMK party people having a foot fetish for Ammu. One thing I remember is that she did have very beautiful feet. As schoolgirls we used to compare hands,feet,eyes etc and score marks. She came first in all. She was the most beautiful in class and had the loveliet feet. No wonder MGR fell for her

  11. Her DAY will come when she meets her maker ! At that time she cannot take anything with her except her VIRGINITY?!

    good luck

  12. Mr. DBS dont insult our walking Goddess

    Once I had luck to throw flowers before her . She put her flowery feet on those flowers and walked with a smile at me. I took those flower petals trampled by her golden soles and put in my mouth. Belive it or not it tasted like honey

    It was happiest time in my life

  13. Good article DBS

    If Jayalalitha was chief minister she would have really put our Cardboard hero Mahinda in his place. Gota would not be going to India.

    What a pity!

  14. DBS

    sorry I forgot to mention.

    When Mahinda and Ranil wanted to meet her when she was chief minister she simply refused. She really put our jokers in their place

  15. One thing you forgot to say DBS, Ammu is obsessed with cricket, and her favourite Indian cricketers are Srinivasan Venkatraghavan and Krishnamachary Sreekanth.

  16. Her complexion is a blend of gold and ivory. I have sen and heard the ordinary people speak glowingly about her saying”Thangam ple jolikkiraanga” (she shines like gold)

  17. One of the most beautiful women to have been born on to this earth- I believe in beauty, she surpassed her contemporaries by miles and miles.KR vijaya,Kanjana, Nirmala were nothing compared to Jeyalalitha.

    She is best suited to act as Goddess on the screen. Who can forget “adhi parasakthi”?

    No wonder some of the inhabitants in Thamilnadu worship this “Goddess” offering her flowers, incense and campor to her photo. Her face esembles the Moon

    To many she is a living Goddess , whose beauty is superb
    nb. even my mother (88+) worships her offering her statue with fruits

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  20. Thank you DBS for this lovely and lively piece

    She was my favourite actress and I used to have a scrap book of newspaper cuttings about her

    Your article revived those memories

  21. This article makes me think happily about past. When we were in school Jeyalalitha was our famous favorit actress. We loved her features and movements

    She wore attractive sarees in a way that made her figure look beautiful

    Many thanks for writing Jeyaraj

  22. Hi Jeyaraj

    Very nice article.

    You have mentioned about MGR touching her feet in film scenes. Very true

    She used to wear open-toe sandals in many films.They were of different coulurs to match color of saree or dress. I read in magazine that she purchased those sandals from Hong Kong

    She had lovely looking feet and these colour sandals made her feet look really pretty.

    Maybe thats why MGR loved to touch them

  23. Another masterpiece from the maestro from the cold driven climate of Canada,, how you do it, I just dont know.

    Keep up the good work. All the best. A j. in Australia

  24. many thanks for this write -up

    I want to share with readers the various celebrations in State for Amma’s holy birthday

    All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam cadres celebrated the birthday of their party general secretary and former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa here on Wednesday in a grand manner offering special prayers at various temples, organising community feast and donating blood in different parts of the Karur district to mark the occasion. Reports of cadres celebrating her birthday have come in from various parts of the district.

    Karur MP M. Thambi Durai, party district secretary and Karur MLA V. Senthil Balaji participated in the celebrations. The party men and leaders cut a 62-kg cake near the Pasupatheeswarar temple in the town in the morning.

    Youth Pasarai members donated blood on the occasion. Over 500 women participated in the “theerthakudam” ritual organised by the Jayalalithaa Peravai.

    The Advocates’ Wing offered special prayers at the Mettu Theru Mosque.

    Party district deputy secretary Kaliappan, treasurer T.K.S. Murali and party town secretary V. Nedunchezhian participated in the functions.

    Former Minister A. Pappa Sundaram inaugurated a blood donation camp near the Kulithalai Bus Stand.

    The Aravakurichi party Town secretary Manikandan organised a blood donation camp at the town.

    AIADMK members, particularly Ilaignar Pasarai and Ilam Pengal Pasarai of the party, donated blood here on Wednesday to mark the birthday celebrations of the party’s general secretary J. Jayalaithaa.

    R. Vaidyalingam, former Minister and district secretary of the party, inaugurated the blood donation camp. Durai Thirugnanam, secretary of the party’s Thanjavur Legislative Assembly unit and others donated blood.

  25. (After Karunanidhi)

    She will then very likely be the solitary moon among lesser stars in the Tamil Nadu political firmament.

    Very true!

  26. What a pity we dont have a divine leader like Jayalalithaa in Sri Lanka.

    If there was we dont need to have useless people like Mahinda,Sarath, Ranil, Mangala etc

    We could have crowned her queen of Sri Lanka and made her ruler for life

    We could wash her feet and drink the water to gain merit instead of washing Bhikkus feet

  27. Hi

    Subramany swamy stated that Jayalalitha was going to be denied watear in the toilet . What about toilet paper don’t they use that sort of stuff there?



  28. Jlalitha does not give too hoots to Sri Lankan Presidents. She hated JRJ. Rajapakse begged her for an appointment, JLalitha implied don’t even step into Thamilnadu. Rajapakse and Lalith Weeratunge are very scared of JLalitha, they now go to Tamilnadu without informing her.

  29. Once Karunanidhi said in an argument that she ” padi thanda pathiniyum alla, naan mutrum thurantha munivanum alla “” so guess the past


    That was not Karunanidhi about Jayalalithaa

    . It was CN Annadurai who reportedly said it decades ago when there was “Gossip” about a “Link” to yesteryear actress Bhanumathi

    It was Annadurai who praised Bhanumathi by saying “Nadippukku Ilakkanam vahuthavar Bhanumathy”(Bhanumathy devised the grammar for acting)

    Karunanidhi referred to that when praising Jayalalithaa in 1974 and said “Nadippukku Ilakkiam vahuthavar Jayalalithaa”(devised literature for acting)

  30. We used to watch her films those days to get fashion tips and dress sense. She wore the saree with grace and dazzled in other dresses too. What a nice figure she had those days

  31. Those days in small shops selling footwear they used to have blown up pictures of Jeyalalalitha’s feet in sandals, slippers and shoes. They were very attractive and helped boost sales

  32. Fantastic article! I thought you were only half-serious about people venerating her as a goddess. But many of the comments here by her fan club make it quite clear that they do indeed consider her godly.

  33. Not only Tamils but lots of Sinhala and Muslim people were fans of Jeyalalitha. She had a fantastic figure,beautiful face, lovely skin colour and creamy voice.

  34. MGR had lots of scenes where he will catch Jeyalalithas legs and feet. But other actors like Sivaji, Jaishankar, Ravichandran,Muthuraman, NT Rama rao also used to have scenes like that

    All her heroes wanted to catch her feet. The magazine reviews used to tell about this tendency with amusement

    In one film Ravichandran sang about her feet and kissed Jeyalaithas foot on screen

  35. I remember a taxi driver who had lots of Jeyalalitha pictures in his vehicle.He had a large poicture of her as Goddess Parvathy. Before each hire he touched her feet in the picture and put his fingers to his eyes before starting to drive

  36. Jayalalitha probably allowed her supporters to have a free …………. I laud her for being such an accommodating woman.

    On a more serious tone, an excellent story with warts and everything exposed! Very entertaining, after all those articles about the war mongers MR,SF,GT etc

  37. Once I was visiting Madras (not Chennai) and Jayalalitha was the chief minister. Suddenly the roads were closed for her convoy. I sat there for 6 hours as the convoy of more than 300 vehicles went by. Also two helicopters. Thats all I have to add about her today.

  38. Dear DBSJ,

    She had been all along very critical in her opposition to LTTE. What made her do a sudden turnaround. Why did she talk in support of LTTE when the war was almost over. Is it late realization? Is it a real change of heart feeling that the Sinhalese would never allow the Tamils to live in peace?

    I dont know but this “shift” came shortly before and during elections…………DBSJ

  39. She was perhaps a great actress.
    But no man or woman should be placed on such high pedestal.
    Remember what happened to Eva Paron? Imelda Marcos? Elena Ceauşescu?
    All paregons of personality cults . . . until their demise!

    “kissing her golden toes”? . . . oh, please . . . somebody give me a bucket . . .I am about to vomit!

  40. 13. prabhuram | February 24th, 2010 at 9:19 pm
    Mr. DBS dont insult our walking Goddess

    Once I had luck to throw flowers before her . She put her flowery feet on those flowers and walked with a smile at me. I took those flower petals trampled by her golden soles and put in my mouth. Belive it or not it tasted like honey

    It was happiest time in my life

    Reminds me of serappu soup AJR!

  41. JJ or Fat Jeya added an extra A to her name for her ARROGANCE! This woman was the keep of MGR and got about a third of his money after Thoppi Thalaivan passed, after that infamous fight with Janaki. RM Veerappan and a liquorbaron Wodeyar in Madras got the remainder. It is rumoured that Karunanidhi got some cash too as MGR had some 300 Crores in Gunnysacks in Ramavaram Thottam.
    JJ though very bright and capable, her ARROGANCE is what lead to her downfall. Nobody will forget the way she treated the Govt employees and the infamous flashy Wedding in her family which made news in CNN. The Sasikala hold on JJ is another that nobody will ever forget
    Her anger against LTTE is all nonsense. She was kissing up to MGR when Thoppi Thalaivan was alive, and he was throwing Crores to Praba. And she could do nothing about it,being the keep. Her anger against LTTE was because Tigers were more popular than her in the Tamil Diaspora and they favoured Vaiko. So she threw Vaiko in Jail, and years later fell at the feet of Vaiko’s mother and apologised to her about the illtreatment of Vaiko.
    Coming to the Kanchi Jayendra Saraswati, JJ messed up the Swami’s life under the orders of Sonia. JJ received Crores from Sonia for this. The Swami though guilty of murder was made a political tamasha under the orders of Sonia.
    JJ is not the force she once was and the only way she could ever be CM is with an alliance with Congress. But she has lost her popularity and goodwill among many Tamils in TN. She will never command the respect that she once held amongst all the MGR supporters.

  42. Pingback: Romulus

  43. Interesting article as always Mr. Jeyaraj. Amazing at the number of nitwits responding…..like the joker who ate the flower petals that Ms.J walked on! Yeeesh….no doubt a dirty Indian…..then again….the world is a better place with these clowns around providing entertainment.

  44. I remember a incident where Jeyalalita was on a stage surrounded by her “Blue cat” security personnel. People were walking up to stage in a long line and falling at her feet and touching her feet. Some put flower petals also

    One young man kneeled down before her and grabbed her ankles and then started to lick her feet. The blue cats pulled the fellow out and threw him down to the ground. Then they started kicking him with boots brutally

    The parrty MLA organizing the function brought a silver basin with rose water and put her feet in that and scrubbed them to remove the pollution made by the young mans spit

    He then removed his silk shawl and wiped Jeyalalithas feet dry himself

  45. # 36 sHANTHAN
    In one film Ravichandran sang about her feet and kissed Jeyalaithas foot on screen

    Yes it was the Silver Jubilee Hit ” Naan ” The Song start ike this ” Ada Paathangale , Neenga kallupattu , Mullu Pattu Mannu pattu ,Nohamal ennidathil varungale ” & then the Kuthu Song ” Raja Kannu Pohathedi – Nee Ponal Nenjuku ahathadi

  46. #47, Romulus,

    FYI, many Indian journalists have indeed pointed out this contradiction. Most of them have been published in English like India Today, Out Look, the now defunct Sunday, Week and Front Line. In Tamil, Cho has pointed this out several times in his Thuglak, but other than Cho I don’t think anyone else openly writes about this in Tamil.

  47. My humble appeal to readers from Tamilnadu

    It is my fervent desire to visit Chennai and pay my respects to Madam Jayalalithaa. Like some of her ex-ministers I will consider myself fortunate if I can be a guard dog in her kennel.Then I can lick her feet and even get stroked by her goldent toes instead of being assaulted by her bodyguards

    I can also be her devoted servant nay her dedicated slave. Her wish will be my command. I will be a carpet for her to walk on with her crimson lotus feet. I will be a cushion for her to rest her golden foot. I will lie in the dust near her car door so that she can trample my face with her foot when getting in and out of the car

    So my Tamil Nadu friens.

    Can you arrange for me to go and see her and demonstrate my slavish devotion to her?


    I think you’ve got some sexual perversion but I am releasing comment because its amusing………DBSJ

  48. True that one shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.
    But to read MGR being described as Thopi Thalivan . . . that’s funny! (ChenniGuy #45)

    As for the rest of the jokers who kiss Ammah’s feet . . . that’s pathetic.

    Wake up people! The least you could do is to enjoy your fetishes in private.

  49. Jeyaraj,
    Good one on Jayalalitha and Tamilnadu.

    When it comes to corruption, I thought Tamilnadu was the worst as no one can top our Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha. But, looks like they have stiff competition from all the states in India. Each state has their own set of extremely corrupt regional party leaders. The Telegana issue going on in Andhra Pradesh right now is worse than a Telugu movie (For those who don’t watch Telugu movies – just be glad you don’t). From central to state it is the same story everywhere.

  50. Before marriage I used to teach in Hatton. The Tamil teachers were Jeyalalita fans. I used to go with them to see her movies in Wiijitha and Liberty. I too became her fan

    This article brought back old rememberances

  51. Hello DBS

    After a long time I am commenting on your blog

    Reason is that I liked this article very much

    Let me into a secret. When I was a teen-ager Jayalalitha was the reigning queen of Tamil silver screen. Me and my classmates had a big,big crush on her. We went for her films many times.Gallows seats was only 55 cents then.

    we came back and had sweet dreams about her. She was my dream girl .

  52. When I was young Jayalalithaa was our heartthrob. We were enraptured by her exquisite beauty

    I never had the chance but if I had ever met her those days I too would have thrown myself at her beautiful feet.It would have been thrilling to touch her rosebud toes with my lips

    Sadly I never got the chance and now I am too old

  53. I have a confession DBS

    I was her great fan those days.Her radiant beauty enchanted me. The magic is yet to fade.If I was in Virudhunagar I will vote always for her party.If I was not a christian I will worship her too

  54. This column is providing me great entertainment. Very importantly it has brought out James Tea Kandy from retirement. It also shows DBS’s versatility.

  55. I was in Kumbakonam for the Mahamakam ceremony in the nineties. There were hundreds of thousands of devotees. Jayalalithaa then chief minister came with her soul sister Shashikala, bOth started bathing each other in public. The crowds pushed forward to get a “dharshan” of the living Goddess and her female consort.The Police unleashed a lathi charge.Crowds stampeded and hundreds of people were killed and injured

    I will never forget or forgive her for this

  56. I was plagued by dreams last night.I was thinking of Jayalalitha the whole time and looking at old pix of her. That must have affected me

    In my dreams I was running around trees and climbing hills with her.She fell down and hurt her foot. So I placed her golden feet on my lap and gently massaged them. I licked her soles and sucked her toes. Ishowered kisses on her feet. When she stood up I prostrated myself at her divine feet. She put her foot on my head and blessed me

    It was heaven on earth

    But in the morning I woke up and am feeling miserable


    James, I think you are under stress and need medical attention. You and some others display sexual disorder. You are writing out your fantasies here. It has been amusing up to a point.In future such comments will not be released

  57. Veda Nilaayam after her mother, is in Poes Garden. This is wrong information. There was a DMK lawyer in the 60’s named Vedachalla Mudaliar. His “keep” was Sandya, Jayalalitha mother. He was such a courageous man that he use to threaten MGR regading his affairs with Jayalalitha.

    WIth my own eyes, I have seen the downfall of Vedachalla Mudaliar’s family. His wife use to visit my neighbor in Mandavelli. First, Mrs. Mudaliar use to come in Plymoth car, then in Fait, finally in a rickshaw as her fortune were dwindling.

    Regarding the issue with Kanchi Sankracharya. He is a known criminal and womaniser. He was a broker between JJ and BJP during the 2004 MP election. JJ gave 500 crores through him to BJP. When JJ-BJP alliance lost all the seat, they began fighting and both of them came to know that theSankracharya did not give JJ’s 500 crores to BJP but he gave only 300 crores. He swindled 200 crores.

    When JJ asked the Sankracharya about the money, he said he had invested her 200 crores into the Hindu Mission Hospital. She gave him a ultimatitum that the Sankracharya should either return her 200 crores or have Sashikala as a partner in Hindu Mission Hospital. The Sankracharya refused to accept Sashikala as a partner because she was NOT a brahmin and also refused to give the money. Instead he went on the TV and said JJ lost the election because of her arrogance.


    I dont know who was “keeping” whom. I also dont know who owned the property on POues Garden earlier. But Jayalalithaa constructed the house at Poes garden in the early seventies and named it after her mother as “Veda Nilayam” because Sandhyas real name was Vedavalli just as Jayalalithaas was Komalavalli

  58. DBS,
    Interesting write up. When you read the comments you realize that there lot of really sick people in this world!

  59. jayalalitha was the queen of tamil cinema when i was a teen-ager. she was my drea girl. i am shy to ay this but i had wet dreams about her. i still fantasise about her

  60. this is one of the best infact the best article written about j. jayalalitha. it was hillarious to read about her devotion of her supportes. surely, jayalalitha cannot give a better description of hysteria that to act it out for the benefit of the press corp. can anybody blame her? she could not take the actress out of her.

  61. It was Jeyalalitha who performed tantalising club dances.Earlier only the women -laying vamp roles did that. But she was the first heroine to do that

  62. Why is no one commenting about her actions as chief minister and political leader? It was full of corruption and controversey

  63. She had a nice ,rich voice and could really sing well. Her debut song in “Adimai Penn” was a hit. IN “Suryakanthi” she interjects her comments into a song by SP Balasubramaniam. Her English diction was par excellence. Her oratory in English is world-class

  64. Decades ago I saw an outdoor shooting of Jeyalalitha for the film “Anadhai Anandan”. She had to dance barefoot on rough, stony floor. The sun was also hot. When she danced the tender skin on her soles hurt badly. But she got her make -up assistant to measure her feet and cut a footprint from gauze. Then it was pasted on to her soles with sticking plaster. After that she danced without problem in the blazing sun on the heated floor

    After the shoot was over a young asst director applied a soothing lotion to her feet. He was enjoying himself

    I still remember this

  65. DBS a request to you

    Why dont you do a series of articles on Tamil film artistes of yesteryear? Apart from Tamils a lot of Sinhala fans like me will be interested

  66. #61, Gopal,

    “The crowds pushed forward to get a “dharshan” of the living Goddess and her female consort.The Police unleashed a lathi charge.Crowds stampeded and hundreds of people were killed and injured”

    Please don’t twist the fact. Yes, JJ and Sasi indeed took bath in the Mahamakam tank but what started the stampede was the stupid act of W.I.Thevaram, the then DGP, who fired in the air from his revolver, to mark the auspicious time. The crowd near him panicked thinking that it was a police firing and this started the stampede. Lathi charge was only a regular crowd control measure and it resulted only in minor injuries to many (as in any lathi charge). The stampede was the result of one single thoughtless act by an official. JJ can be accused only for her decision to be present in such a crowded place but it was the police that didn’t act properly even after having had enough time in advance to make proper arrangements for her visit. I agree that JJ has to share the blame for the lapse of the police as she was in charge of the police in her capacity as CM but to say that she is solely responsible for that is unfair.

  67. I used to read her column in “Thai” magazine regularly. She was well informed and wrote very well on a variety of themes.

  68. DBSJ

    Now you have readers& commentors from TN too. I did not expect more than 40 comments. Your writing had touched so many hearts.Wow !!

  69. MGR will always act with jayalalitha only. Can yet remember a scene from a film because it stuck in my mind. MGR and jaya were dancing. They were both on all fours hopping away like rabbits. Then MGR grabbed her waist . It reminded me of 2 dogs mating. Probably thats the reason i can remember it today.
    Both of them became Chief ministers. If anyone aspires to be the leader of a country or state this is the way to go filmstar———-rabbit———dog————leader.

  70. 29. Duncan | February 25th, 2010 at 2:53 am

    Subramany swamy stated that Jayalalitha was going to be denied watear in the toilet . What about toilet paper don’t they use that sort of stuff there?

    Don’t worry there are millions of ass lickers in tamilnadu.

    You can double that for a living godess.

    Actually when she shouts no water, there might be a stampede to be the first, with hundreds getting killed.

    Who needs toilet paper.

  71. DBSJ

    You say “As Chief Minister she abused her authority and incarcerated her rival, Karunanidhi. The Police carried the howling man away.”.

    Now that man is the Chief minister. So isn’t there the possibility that Fonseka can yet become the President?

  72. A GREAT ENTERTAINING PIECE .JJ supported VP and LTTE in the last days trying to cash on the public sympathy for the cause to get a good vote harvest.She was misguided by Vaiko &CO.
    A mercurious personality.

  73. Can Someone living in SL now, please tell me If they Show any MGR movies in Theatres. His Most Popular movie among Sinhala audience was ” Nalla Neram ” I think Its the only Tamil movie that was shown in EVERy southern cities and town . But Old fans will not forget the the great ” Gulebakavali & the Alibaba ”

  74. 82 # Revi unni

    ” A mercurious personality ”

    Did you mean to say ” mercurial ” ? It is not my intention to embarrass you .

  75. During last year’s genaral election campaign in TN i seem to remember this scene ( shown on Jaya TV)of a man in his anxiety to touch her feet ( but unable to because of her being seated in her famous trailer/van) reverentially touched the tyre of the van. I thought how cruel this is and then as you say i also reminded how even more cruelly the males treat the women in TN.Not to say two wrongs doest nat make a right! Talk of LTTE and Jaya I have heard about the VASAI( more like thooshanam),the late Balasingham uttered in a London meeting about Jaya!

  76. dear jey,
    yet another good article.jayalalitha was born in an iyengar family in mysore these iyengars were called hebbar iyengars they were settled in mysore area for decades together since kannadiga society does not have a vaishnavite cult except in coastal areas we can safely assume that she was a tamilian.unfortunately in tamil nadu brahmins after the ascendancy of dravdian party dmk in particular lost their prominence either they went abroad if they were talented or led a ghetto life which u can see now also in areas like triplicane,mylapore,nanganallur,west mambalam.coming to jayalalitha she was a brilliant woman as u have mentioned in the article she stood second in the state level examination and if she had pursued her academic interests she would have been either a successfull doctor or an engineer but destiny appeared not to be like that.i remember reading old illustrated weekly where many prominent indians were asked why they were proud to be hindus and it was really surprising to see jayalalitha one of them.she had beauty with brains probably hindi actress preity zinta has got in recent times.when it came to politics no doubt she was arrogant as u have mentioned if u r not arrogant woman in tamil nadu politics she would have been sunk.when she came to power she was a brilliant administrator she ran the government effeciently but corrupt corruption has never been an issue in tamil nadu if u r not corrupt u cant be a successfull politician.gone are the days of kakkan,kamaraj who led a frugal life after demitting office.as a fellow brahmin in the first term of her office i was proud and quite exhilarated also a brahminical chief minister after rajagopalachari that too as a head of a dravidian party.those were my youthful days i became sober later.one of the defining features which i have never liked has been her opposition to anything srilankan tamil.one has to be like a royal swan which used to drink only water after separating milk or rather other wise she hated srilankan tamils becoz they were supportive of ltte which i think was very negative of her.secondly she incurred the wrath of tamil nadu government staff when she dismissed them in to with a stroke of a pen and in that agitation nearly fifty of them lost their lives which which was not necessary atall not a single government staff in tamil nadu neither their families nor their friends will vote for her thus creating a constituency inimical to her.good thing about her is that she had a change of heart before the election she shed her traditional animosity towards lankan tamils and ltte though her alliance could not win the election due to blatant money power and rigging of ruling party.one hopes that jayalalitha becomes sober after what she is undergoing now politically with many of her party leaders leaving in droves to opposition camp.in her own words she had told that she had become mature as she became old one hopes that she will make a comeback in next election though it is not an impossible task given her determination and self confidence which even her opponents acknowledge that she has plenty.

  77. dear jey,
    # mahesh the reason why she made a turnaround in supporting ltte before elections is a mystery but my view is that she was desperate to win the elections and public sympathy for eelam tamils was an all time high this was one of the reasons why our kalaignar undertook the shortest fast in the world history .another interesting theory about jayalalithas turnaround i got from a blog of subaveera pandian a dravidian leader titled “papanasam parpananum kalingapatti suthiranum” in which he had argued that jayalalitha had the change of heart becoz sri sri ravishankar told her about the sufferrings of lankan tamils.suba veera pandians arguement is that kalingapatti suthiran obviously vaiko is being referred to as was not instrumental in this change of heart hence his contention is vaiko does not have no locus standi in srilankan tamil issue.

  78. Hariharan #49:

    One young man kneeled down before her and grabbed her ankles and then started to lick her feet. The blue cats pulled the fellow out and threw him down to the ground. Then they started kicking him with boots brutally

    And yet, this fellow probably was being beaten with a huge smile on his face!

  79. #90-Wijeyapala

    Iam wondering whether this man was Thenuwara. He was
    missing for some time.

    This is nothing compared to what is happening in the west. It is a common occurence there with men being bound up and whipped on their bare bottom by women.

    Chief executives of large companies including multinational moan with pleasure as their bare bottoms are whipped. Then they go and lash out at the staff downsizing and shouting you are fired. Then they go backk and get their bottoms whipped.

  80. I do not wish to make up stories.

    However, rumour has it that Ms.Shasikala is the partner of Ms.Jayalalitha.

    Ms.Jayalalitha has the dubious distinction of being the only Indian politician mentioned in the Guinness Book Of World Records for organizing the most expensive wedding reception ever for her adopted son, a nephew of her buddy Ms.Shasikala.

  81. The comments 90 and 91 have raised an interesting aspect of human behavior.

    Mr Wijepala’s comment alluding a happiness in the “mad ” Jayalalitha fan even when getting beaten up by the Black Cat Body guards has no sexual connotations at all. He was merely referring to the absolute mad devotion of some fans of these South Indian actors.

    Shanker has twisted this comment to take a cheap shot at the white man by comparing this poor Jayalalitha fan to kinky sexual fantasy of submission to women in leather undies and a whip in the hand.

    Shanker seems to have an intimate knowledge of the sexual practices of the big boys of the multinational corporations in the West.

    Men with abnormal sexual fantasies are found in all parts of the world..So it is wrong to point to one race and say that the white men getting whipped is a common practice in the West.

    In our part of the world women are the ones who often get whipped and it ain’t for sexual pleasure.

  82. Kannadasn in his “vanavasm” book has come out of many true sides of most of the politicians and film personalities and there connection and the dark side of many people

  83. “Idhu Kadhai Alla Nijam” [Not a story but true]
    The Other Side of Jayalalitha, MGR and the Cine World

    It was said that Jayalitha’s mother Vedhavalli alias Sandhya was a court dancer in the palace of Mysore before entering cinema. Though her father Jayaram’s biography was known to the world, her mother’s pedigree was unknown. Therefore many believed, still believe that she was of Kannada origin.

    Previously, Vaijayanthimala’s mother Vasundhara Devi was also a dancer in the Kingdom of Mysore. The Maharajah of Mysore was a well known “patron” of arts and [female] artists. Rumors are still in the air that Vaijayanthimala and Jayalalitha were “blood relations“. But some say Gemini Vasan was closer to Vasundra Devi.

    Yet it was a known factor that Jaya despised Vaijayanthi. When Vaijayanthi was a Congress party’s Rajya Sabha member, and in Tamilnadu the Congress was to fight the parliamentary election in alliance with the AIADMK, she wanted to meet Jaya but to no avail.

    Once when both party leaders were coming out of a hall after a function, Vaijayanthi ran to J who was getting into her car, the latter went off as if she did not notice the senior actress. The reason was Vaijayanthimala and Sivaji Ganesan were against J getting the AIADMK mantle after MGR’s death. That was the end of Vaijayanthi’s Congress life.

    I have not seen the Maharajah of Mysore but my chauffer Daniel Selvanayagam has. Are you surprised?

    On July 23rd 1983, the day LTTE ambushed and killed 13 soldiers in Jaffna, the, Maharajah arrived in Colombo late afternoon with his secretary and Selvanayagam drove them off from the airport as per the instruction of the then Mayor of Colombo and dropped them at the Oberoi Hotel.

    I understood the Maharajah, in collaboration with Nestles, was to put up a hotel in Borella where a sign board was there with “Site for Sheraton Hotel”. Today The Royal Court apartment building stands in the same ground.

    The Maharajah, sensing tension developing in the city, hurriedly left for Madras by the same Indian Airlines flight in the evening after making few rounds. He never returned. My driver told me he was of gold like complexion. “Pappathy Amma” also has that kind of gold complexion not Vaijayanthi.

    As Jaya’s first film with MGR [1965] was a great success for a 17 year old girl with a tantalizing look, sexy physic and dancing ability, she took the Tamil film world by storm, instantly becoming a rising star or an ascending moon.

    MGR developed a special crush for J in addition to his other girl friends apart from his own wife Janaki with whom he started living together before she got her official divorce from her ex husband.

    Jayalalitha later played the same card to Janaki moving into MGR’s abode, Ramawaram Estate, and pushing Janaki to Chackrapani’s house in distress. Retired police DIG Mohandas in his book said “Janaki knew about MGR’s ‘other women’ but did not bother much. But she was quite septic about one who she described “very dangerous”. Who was she?

    I saw the film “Kaval Kaaran” in Kuala Lumpur’s Coliseum Theater. A friend, an University professor, when ever referred to Jayalalith as “Sinnamma”, I wondered how far the cult had spread among the educated too.

    Besides, in the year 1968, in Hong Kong, I happened to meet the young DMK MP who won the South Madras seat after Chief Minister C.N. Annadurai resigned. He was returning from his first visit to the USA.

    Since he was keen to see some cultural shows, as he was producing a movie called “Engal Thangham” where MGR and Jaya were the pair, I took him to few places after dinner hosted by various well wishers in his honour. A bamboo dance, origin of Philippines attracted him and he included that in his movie.

    My friendship was strengthened when I told him that I was present for his last election meeting at Abedsbury Hall [no more]. Earlier, Annadurai along with Chelian, on their facts finding tour of the Far East visited Hong Kong in 1965. I was in my teens and made the ‘minister in attendance’ to them. That way a good rapport was established.

    Those days, gateway to Ceylon was mainly through Madras. I met the CM and he invited me to this meeting where MGR too was to speak. But he was not to be seen. Finally he walked through the audience with his make up when Annadurai was speaking as the last speaker. The crowd went ecstasy and Annadurai had to stop his speech for few minutes which irritated Karunanithi who thought MGR purposely disrupted but he was not.

    I stayed longer with the said MP in his Merlin Hotel room in the nights discussing cinema, politics etc. There were two leading heroines quite popular with MGR at that time. One in dark complexion and tall, was introduced by MGR in his own film “Naadody Mannan” and known as “Kannadathu Paingily” – Pretty Parrot of Kannada and the other too was Mysore born and known as the “Golden Statue” for her Maharani like complexion.

    As I was too inquisitive about the golden statue – not the Statue of Liberty, she nowadays gives no liberty to any – that was over from her younger days, the MP, whose son today runs the “SUN”, slapped on my thigh and said laughingly “—–, if interested tell me“. Can you guess what I replied? “Oh no I can’t drive lorries”. Please do not laugh.

    Further, Jaya’s friendship with MGR was blowing hot and cold. She was identified by MGR’s secretary, former minister Veerappan, as cunning and manipulating. Therefore he gradually avoided MGR’s contacts with Jayalalitha, thus becoming her Villain for which she has been revengeful even today. A big block to the relationship came in 1970 when MGR was producing “Vulagam Surrum Vaalifhan”. Shooting in Tokyo’s EXPO70 was also arranged as a part.

    Veerappan fixed Manjula and Latha for the roles leaving J off. She tried her best to step in but failed. In return it was alleged she leaked false news to the media that MGR had already married her in Mooghambikai temple. Agitated Veerappan, showing the newspaper to MGR totally packed her off. Since then MGR himself became a Villain to his own heroine.

    But she was a woman who never took a No, as final. Went to Tokyo on her own with her mother’s company and tried her best to meet MGR, thinking, if she could do so, he would or she would change his mind. But the fire walls stood like China’s Great Wall and did not allow. She stopped in Hong Kong on the way back.

    Before her arrival in Hong Kong hostile MGR strictly told his personal friend Yaseen that none should meet J and nothing should be done in her honour in Hong Kong. Yaseen was one time president of Madras Chamber of Commerce and whose company Sethu Films was financing MGR’s movies, chiefly produced by Devar Films.

    MGR’s words were too derogatory that can not be typed here. I narrated them to late G.K. Moopanar, Congress leader when I met him in his residence in New Delhi in 1992.

    At the same time, a grand reception was accorded to MGR in Hong Kong Hilton where the group including Nagesh and Ashokan stayed. MGR and the ladies occupied one floor and the rest in the other. The reason was, none should smoke or drink within MGR’s sight and also he took care of the ladies from unnecessary embarrassments. I saw Nagesh, when called by MGR, rubbing his mouth few times with handkerchief and running to him.

    MGR was happy and made his speech quoting ‘Thirukural’ that, “even a load of feathers of peacock also can break the cart. I am also in that position with the love and affection showered on me by you people”. He played the songs of the film in production with his tape recorder and replayed the song “Siriththu Valavendum”.

    I attended with fever. What irked me was a comment from a Keralite, Velayutham “after all our man no” in Malayalam and MGR’s smile towards him without words. He always had his unexposed affinity to Malayalam.

    Strangely once he appeared for an election meeting in Ernakulam, Kerala with Indira Gandhi, and he spoke in Tamil. The crowd agitated and asked him to speak in Malayalam, his native tongue. He refused and cut short his speech.

    While the Tamil speaking merchant community, who were the majority in HK, hailing from Kayalpatnam and Kilakarai in TN and few numbers of Ceylon stayed away from Jaya, some second level staffs and fans from Tanjavur district gave her a dinner in the ‘Revolving Restaurant’ in Kowloon.

    Simultaneously, some wealthy youths from Coimbatore, visiting the EXPO70, landed in Hong Kong. Cinema was the main topic of discussion. One boy said “he knows her well – how much?” “five thousand” said with shy. “You tell what and what where “ ——-. “Oh no sorry” was the answer.

    In 1972 when I was in Kuala Lumpur ‘Kavi’ Kaa Moo [K.M.] Sheriff, a poet who had some lovely lyrics to his credit was staying in a friend’s place nearby. I used to visit him for an interesting chat after dinner. One day he said,“Within two lakhs we can have a picture casting Jayalalitha and Jaishankar“.

    He proceeded, “25 thousand to Jaishankar and 75 to Jayalalitha. I was confused and innocently asked why 75 to J? He did not answer. Motionless for a moment and then went to toilet and changed the subject afterwards. Was it a sign language, 75 to go to toilet? I did not know.

    What sparked in my mind immediately was the gossip I heard, that a Singapore entrepreneur, Muslim of Tanjavur origin, produced a Tamil film with Sivaji Ganesan as hero in the late 50s to get closer to his “Dream Girl”, a dancing diva from Kerala, one of the trios. It showed the producer had or still has such access.

    Notably this actress who died recently also did some good films with MGR before retiring to the USA after her marriage to a medical doctor, when Jaya was still in the convent. Why do Tamil actresses settle abroad after marriage? To avoid the past deeds or deals falling on the ears of the hubby.

    Once Karunanthi commented to Jaya on a Kaviry issue, “That Amma can seek the help of her “friend” Mallya and sort it out.” Who is Mallaya? He is Vijay Mallya, a liquor barren of UB group and the one who bought Star TV from Hong Kong’s Li Ka Shing and named it VijayTV. He is the owner of Kingfisher Airline and the “Royal Challenger’s Bangalore, an IPL cricket team, few race horses and Formula One Car racing team. Some call him a tycoon. Some call him a play boy.

    I may reveal one more incident here. In early 1980, a Tamil writer cum editor from Madras who was famous for his series “Wedding in Washington” in the magazine called “Ananda Vikadan” visited Lanka to interview the Prime Minister R. Premadasa..

    I took him to Nuwara Eliya and stayed in the Grand Hotel. Late Minister S. Thondaman had arranged vegetarian meals, as the writer was a Brahmin, in a party stalwart’s house, incidentally who had two wives. On the night when we went for dinner, we came to know that there was a Madras cine group also staying there including actor ‘Delhi Ganesh’ who came out to speak to the editor.

    Like a baby I nagged the writer to tell him that I liked to see the heroine who was of Sinhala mix. He said nothing. I was disappointed. When we were about to leave, he asked me in a soft voice “shall I ask her to come to your room?”. What do you guess again here? I laughed and said no not that.

    It is not a strange thing in cine world, but a part and parcel of it internationally. If you are familiar with the HOLLYWOOD, read Splendor in the Grass that narrates Warren Beatty’s ‘encounters’ with his school female teachers to many actresses and celebrities exceeding over 1100 in number.

    “He was insatiable. Three, four, five times a day, every day, was not unusual for him. I felt like an oyster in a slot machine.” — Joan Collins.

    No Asian actress would talk so open like Joan. Well, where and how did Bruce Lee die in July 1973 at the age of 32? Though it was called a mystery, he died in bed with a co actress due to over dose of sex stimulating Chinese medicine.

    Have you heard about a Hindi actress who voluntarily courted a West Indian cricket legend two decade ago in Bombay and named the baby “African Princess” in Hindi? No Tamil actress will have such guts. They pass the baby to orphanage. That is the position of the so called deities, under whose names Tamil fans build temples or ready to lick their feet.

    Let us come back to Jayalalitha. In between, Jaya had a short lived affair or a flirt with Shoban Babu, a Telungu hero who gave her a female child, delivered in a Nilagiri estate and brought up in Bangalore by nannies who failed to give polio drops on time that crippled the child’s leg.

    “Amma” told this story in a series she wrote and stopped abruptly in a Tamil magazine called “Kumudam”. But today “Amma” says she has nobody but the party and the party supporters only. In fact she is a grand mother and very much in touch with her daughter’s family in the sly.

    After her mother’s death and MGR’s patronage became a thing of the past in late 70s, J J became a destitute, described herself as an orphan and got mentally upset facing many complications in her life. It was late Dr. Ramamurthy, a famous Neuro Surgeon in Madras who took her under his care where a weekly once session lasted a full day costing Rs.10,000, which was a huge money at that time.

    Chief Minister MGR who was angered by this medical consultation refused to extend Professor Ramamoorthy‘s service in Madras Government Hospital called GH. Even now those who follow J’s life carefully can understand her lunatic acts and deeds.

    One example was the lavish without comparison, wedding celebration of her so called adopted son, a nephew of her friend and ‘companion’ Sasikala, which was the talk of India. The bride was Sivaji Ganesan’s grand daughter. The daughter of Shanthi, after who Sivaji named Shanthi Theatre in Madras

    The groom procession made the city of Madras that has Sri Lanka’s population stand still. Later she fell foul with him and tortured him by imprisoning him and so on. Why she adopted, why she broke was known to her, the media and God but none revealed.

    In the mean time, MGR picked up another woman as his heroine, an off shoot of Rajah of Puthukottai and named her Latha to go like Lalitha. Hope you understand. Her films too were successful. She was the heroine to MGR’s last film “Maduraiyai Meetta Sundara Pandian” in 78.

    In late 70s, after MGR became the CM, Jaya was totally broke and sought help from him through messengers. He arranged a monthly dolls of Rs.20,000 which was delivered to her direct by a top industrialist from Chettiyar cast. When she demanded more, he said “Arasa Kattalai”- King’s Order, it was the name of a MGR film too.

    After Jaya became the CM, she was very supportive to this industrialist under whose grand father’s name – his name too, a stadium stands in Madras. Wedding function of her adopted son too was conducted in this venue only.

    Though MGR was away from Jaya, his ‘kick’ for her was never dying but hidden. He tortured her in what ever way possible to make her life a misery. When her brother advertised in matrimonial columns for a groom, MGR disturbed it so that none got her.

    The era of touching her foot was over since he became the King of Tamilnadu and now he wanted her to fall on his feet. That too happened. She got his audience and poured out her woes sobbing, that it was his affection for her only ruined her life. MGR relented and the love was rekindled with a glow of fire, rubbing two stones.

    Janaki also accommodated Jayalalith willingly or unwillingly. MGR was present for the Asian Games in 1982 in New Delhi with both Js sitting left and right to him. But what worried his collogues was MGR’s motorcade was frequently seen in Poes Garden idling for hours. Even on the day MGR had a stroke he visited “Vedha Nilayam”. That prompted Verrappan to use filthy language against Jayalalitha.

    There were reasons for MGR to allow J to get closer. At a stage he wanted to amalgamate his party with Karunanithi’s DMK, thinking his one will go into pieces after his death. Some spade work was done and both the leaders were once seated next to each other in a function too. But his mother blocked it.

    MGR certainly knew where he stood in politics. His cine fans were his carders and women folk were his chief voters. India Today magazine quoted that his hoarding was hired by slum women in Coimbatore for Rs.10 a night to sleep on.

    Hearing his death some women erased their ‘Pottu’ on the forehead. On his funeral a woman cried ”He was my father; He was my brother; He was my husband”.

    So MGR’s belief was his party needed a cinema touch for further existence. So he groomed Jaya being Jaya’s unofficial groom. But he never declared her as his political heir though he declared Pakyaraj as his cinema heir.

    In politics Jaya was-is a hypocrite. A day before Rajiv Gandhi was killed on 21st May 1991, she thundered “Karunanith did not do enough for the Lankan Tamils”. From the next day she changed her tune.

    Few days after she became the Chief Minister, Anandhi Suryaprakasan of BBC’s Tamil service, who was in Madras as a guest of actor Gemini Ganesan’s family, tried her level best for an interview, but she flatly refused her saying “no interview for Sri Lankans“.

    I do not need to say here about her reign because it is well known as Niagara of corruption. She was dubbed by the media as “the Bandit Queen” like Poolan Devi a bandit. Have you ever heard of a Chief Minister who signed the deed to sell a government property as the seller and again signed as the buyer, [ref;TANSI] or a Chief Minister who demanded one million Rupees to give appointment to investors?

    In late 1996, an ex Mayor of Colombo whose family represented a Korean make car in SL, called me to say that his principal who wanted to put up a manufacturing plant in Chennai was disappointed as the CM’s shadow woman asked 10% of their investment for party fund.

    I told him that now the government has changed and they can try with the new rulers. They went again and got it done. The MP I met in Hong Kong was then a Central Minister and the city dealership was given to a person he nominated as a gift.

    When she was a member of Rajyasabah she told a cabinet minister in Delhi that Tamilnadu people worshiped MGR like God. When he was ailing with stroke, she wrote to Mrs. Indira Gandhi to make her the Chief Minister as MGR had become invalid. Further Jaya came to power using MGR’s name but while in power she brushed MGR to a side

    Jaya had all the qualities and opportunities, leaving alone her past cinema life, to become the Prime Minister of India had she kept her hands clean. She was keen on finance than fame.

    Mammohan Singh as Finance Minister introduced an inward foreign exchange amnesty scheme. Jaya got a draft for US$ 300,000 from Channel Islands and deposited into her account. Since it was uncustomary for politicians to avail such facility, a case was filed and J answered the court that she did not know who remitted. Oh God was it from a well wisher settling old dues or a token of appreciation for the performance of “Kaviry Thantha Kalai Chelvi”?

    Finally, whether she will be like the solitary moon among lesser stars in the Tamil Nadu politics after Karunanithi or not, the AIADMK will have a natural death after she gets off from the stage. But the DMK will last long with Stalin and Alagiri who is an election winner and a tough guy whose activities have threatened all opposition parties including the AIADMK. .

    Jayalalith’s famous quote was “get to the bridge and see how to cross”. Let us wait and see how she crosses the bridge.

  84. Dear DBS,

    I refer to following paragraph In your article, “Sycophants went to the extent of depicting her as the Madonna in posters. Enraged Catholics protested and the posters were removed.”

    They were depicting her as “Virgin Mary” and not as Madonna.

    Its obvious that Catholics normally don’t care if any body compares her to Madonna or Britney Spears as Madonna is a singer and not a relegious symbol.

    It was actually a comparison of Jeya to Virgin Mary which frustrated Christians and also normal public.

    Awaiting your response.




    Madonna is the Virgin Mary.Images of the Virgin Mary (pictures, statues,posters etc) are known as the Madonna.You will note that I wrote “THE” Madonna.I was not writing about the singer

  85. Regarding “Pazhakkadai” Pandi, he was with JJ when they both were climbing a dias. When she slipped the steps, he gave her a hand and lifted her.

    MGR summons “Pazhakkadai” Pandi to his Thotham and beat him severely saying “Unaku Kai Neelam”(You have a long arm).

    In 1979, when MGR became CM, he ignored JJ and she became close to Telugu Actor Shoban Babu to an extent of marrying. But MGR threated Shoban babu and he left JJ and Madras for good. JJ tried to commit suicide after this incident. In 1982, she joined MGR’a party and use to say to others that “I will teach this oldie(MGR) a lesson”.

    When she became a CM, everyday in the evening she gets drunk and give a verbal beating to some party officials or govt servants. My neighbor a, Forest Official was a receipent of one such abuse.

    Her life is an example of why one should have a normal childhood. She was abused by MGR and other movie barrons when she was barely 15. None of her family member were willing to protect her and they merely enjoyed the money she brought in.

    In later years, her abuse turned into hatred and she now has a volcanic temper now.

  86. #93-Shiela

    Shanker has twisted this comment to take a cheap shot at the white man

    submission to women in leather undies and a whip in the hand

    Where did i put that apologies list.

    Shiela seems to have intimate knowledge of women in leather undies and a whip in hand.

  87. Hi DBS,

    Congratulations on another well presented article. I will be interested to know your comments on what I have to say.

    At one point in the late 70s there was a very strong rumour that Jayalalitha had tried to commit suicide and more rumours on the reasons for it. It seemed like she had reached the end of the road and she had joined the army of forgotten actresses of yester years.

    However, within a few months she started writing her autobiography as a serial in one of the popular magazines (Kumudham, if memory serves). As her story was approaching her introduction to MGR the serial came to a sudden halt. There was no explanation.

    A short time after that she appeared prominently in MGR’s inner court. I distinctly remember thinking that somehow she had managed to successfully blackmail MGR.

    As they say, the rest is history!

  88. Dear DBS,

    thanks for your explaination on THE Madonna. To be honest with you I didn’t know about the name of Madonna related to Virgin Mary. Please accepy my apologies.

    I admire your blogs and articles as it is written in a nice way to attract everybody to read it completely.

    And the comments from readers also have a quality in it. EXCEPT comments from readers for this blog on Jeya.

    Beacause, few of them went extreme level to describe their wet dreams and more.

    these things should not be allowed as in future readers will refer to your blogs for clarification on any subject.

    Congratulations and kepp on writing.

    I am reading all of your articles on srilankan post war situation.

    I am not a supporter of LTTE or any other organisation but have got sympathy for affected people in the sake of war.

    Can you find out through your sources about what happened to people from Tamil Nadu who went to Srilanka to join LTTE? For example, in eighties an organisation called “Tamilar Pasarai” was formed in Tamil Nadu and organisers (Ilango is one of them from Trichy) and members were first involved in collecting money for LTTE and then went to Srilanka to join them. Don’t knwo what happened to them? do u through any light please?


  89. */There is no inner party democracy in the ADMK. Jayalalithaa appoints, removes, transfers, promotes, demotes, expels and recruits at her own discretion./*

    …. After all, J did not have a cake walk to her ascendancy of power in AIADMIK,after the great MGR.We know, how RMV, Panrutti, SDS all behaved to the detriment of MGR wishes. At least now, still AIADMK, the party founded by MGR, is kicking and not written off.It is because of J.

    What about democracy in DMK? IS it real democracy?If so,how come the family rule with 8 power centres in DMK, today?If any leader wants to join from South Tamilnadu, he has to be blessed by Alagiri.Or north , then Stalin; in between Kanimozhi…Can a new leader outside this clan gain entry and capture the leadership in DMK! We all know what happened to Vaiko and how AND why MDMK was formed!

    To the naked eyes, yes, J is arrogant. No doubt. If u close your eyes and think a little, we know, Karunanithi is more arrogant than J.Otherwise, he would have shared power in the STATE with Cong.

  90. # 101 Garudan

    What do you think about party men and sycophants paying horizontal homage to JJ.

    In case if you have a confession to make, please feel free to do so without any inhibition. An ardent follower like you must have something interesting and exciting to reveal.

  91. DBSJ sir, your coverage of the *MK sewage farm is so interesting and so fun to read….carry on…good luck to you..

  92. Well articulated piece. I would like to know whether you have written anything on Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination..

  93. Well articulatedpiece. Kepp it up. Yhought away from S/Lanka, your updated keep us more informed.

    Have you written anything on Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination?

    Please infor me the location.


    Abu Arafath

  94. she is the right dravidian female leader like the great king arulmozhi alias rajaraja chozhan’s sister kunthavai. i pray to get her ours as next cm


  96. i must say greAT article sir,offering some reaL insight into the lives of MGR and JJ ,its courageous as there are severa

    l people who blindly are willing to fight for their idols lack of ideals based on simple facts like cast, color, creed and

    race. anyways i am a south indian and i simply hate the fact that citizens of all the four states , simply go loco for the

    actors and raise them to demi god like statuses.

    As long as this disease plagues them nothing good can come out of it.

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