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Anniversary of terror attack on MTV-MBC Radio/TV Station

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Hello Friends

Today January 6th is the first anniversary of a “terror” attack on the MTV-MBC Radio/TV station in suburban Colombo. None of the culprits responsible for the attack have been apprehended let alone prosecuted despite a whole year passing by.

What I want to do here is to refresh memories of readers about this vicious attack on media freedom and the freedom of expression by reproducing excerpts from a few news stories I wrote last year about the incident for the Transcurrents website:

They provide some insight into what happened one year ago~

Terror squad” which attacked MTV-MBC studio had “Militaristic Style” say eye-witnesses

Several eye-witnesses to the attack on the MTV-MBC Studio in Panniitiya allege that the “terror squad” responsible conducted itself very efficiently in militaristic mode.

These allegations have further re-inforced suspicion that those responsible belonged to the Army’s intelligence unit.

The Police has not been investigating the incident speedily despite the President announcing an intensive probe.

Unravelling the sequence of events, MTV Channel Head Chevaan Daniel said a gang of around 20 men had entered the complex at Depanama in Pannipitiya around 2:15 am. The group members who arrived in a white van without number plates were heavily armed with T-56 assault rifles, pistols, iron bars and hand grenades. They had overpowered the security personnel, grabbing two more shot guns in the process, and then entered the studio complex.

The gang then overpowered some employees, and forced the captives to show them where the main control room-the heart of the broadcast system-was located. They destroyed these with explosives, and according to Mr. Daniel had thereafter proceeded to destroy every single piece of equipment in the station. He said they even damaged the doors and windows. Mr. Daniel described the scene as a “sight of utter and total devastation”, with empty bullet shells strewn on the floor.The fire brigade managed to put out the fire using four fire engines, despite having to follow the Bomb Disposal Unit, which was performing a systematic sweep of the building complex. The attackers had initially warned about booby traps being placed, but the Bomb Disposal Unit found none. They however, managed to recover one unexploded grenade from the complex premises.

Duty Officer, MTV, Supun Ratnayake who was an eye witness to yesterday’s incident told told media that although he informed the police hotline 119 about some suspected vehicles that were parked close to the TV station without number plates, the police failed to arrive on the scene till the armed gang left the MTV premises after causing heavy damage to the building and equipment.

“I was the Duty Officer on Friday (2) night as well when a white van without a number plate threw petrol bombs at our guard room.

Immediately after that incident we lodged a complaint at the Maharagama Police Station, but up to now we do not know as to what action they have taken.

“Once again on Monday we had to lodge yet another complaint with the Maharagama police when we noticed a white ‘Dolphin Van’ without a number plate near our station,” claimed Ratnayake.

According to Ratnayake had the police taken prompt action to send a mobile unit to the MTV complex no sooner they were informed yesterday it could have averted the massive damage caused to the TV station

“It was disgusting the way the police reacted when informed of the incident but we know why the police failed to take prompt action,” alleged Ratnayake.

According to Ratnayake a security guard had informed him of some suspected vehicles without number plates parked at the public playground close to the MTV station around 2 a.m. last morning (6) and he had immediately sent the mobile security unit to ascertain whether it was true.

“The mobile security unit returned without delay and requested me to call the police immediately to get assistance as the suspected vans were following them. I immediately called the police hotline 119 and although I informed the police they failed to send anyone,” added Ratnayake.

He further stated that one man had entered his room, assaulted him for informing the police, dragged him to the gate and ordered him to kneel facing downwards.

“All the security guards and I had to kneel down for about 20 minutes while the rest of the gang went inside to accomplish their task. One young man was guarding us near the gate and we were not allowed to raise out heads. We heard them bombing the buildings and a little later they all came back to the main gate and warned us not to go inside the buildings as they have planted bombs all over and that they would go off within 10 minutes.

“After the armed gang left we were shocked to see the building ablaze and realising that some of our colleagues were trapped inside we quickly went to rescue them before the said bombs exploded,” Ratnayake further stated.

According to Ratnayake the gang has arrived around 2.15 a.m and had taken only 20 minutes to accomplish their mission.

“Without any hesitation I would say that the attackers were a group of well trained men,” said Ratnayake alleging that they appeared to have a militaristic presence. “This was very clear as they were able to destroy the entire station with the equipment therein within a few minutes.

This militaristic style was obvious not only from their behaviour but also from how they planned to get away in case of an emergency. They had drawn a huge cable along their pathway to enable them to come out of the building in case of a power disconnection. They threatened one of our employees to assist them in tracing the main rooms and the other important sections,” added Ratnayake.

Meanwhile Director-Stations, MTV, Asoka Dias told the media that although he had requested the Maharagama Police to provide adequate security to the TV station as it was under constant attack by unidentified groups for the past few days they failed to respond to the request positively.

“Although several complaints were lodged with the Maharagama Police nothing was done to ensure our safety. Following the many requests made by us the Maharagama Police had promised to provide a police patrol unit to the TV station, but that only remained a promise and nothing was done to ensure our safety,” Dias added

Army military intelligence unit suspected for attack on Sirasa

The Sri Lankan Police tasked with the responsibility of investigating the attack on MTV/MBC studio (Sirasa) at Pannipitiya are displaying a marked reluctance to discharge their duties satisfactorily in probing the incident and apprehending the culprits responsible.

The Police who failed to arrive on time to prevent the attack despite being informed repeatedly are now showing great lethargy in investigating the incident in spite of President Mahinda Rajapakse announcing that he had ordered an intensive investigation into the incident.

The despicable conduct of the Police is attributed to the fact that the cops had prior knowledge of who was responsible for the attack

In spite of the authorities “stonewalling” the probe there seems little doubt in the court of public opinion about who was responsible.

Although there is no concrete proof it is widely believed that members of the military intelligence unit in the Sri Lankan army were responsible for the attack

This “terror squad” within the army engages in intimidatory violence against selected targets and enjoys immunity from detection or arrests.

The members of this motley crew are allegedly functioning as henchmen of big shots within Army upper echelons and the defence apparatus.

Opposition leader and UNP chief Ranil Wickremasinghe has “identified” the miscreants in an indirect way when he condemned the attack on Sirasa.

“It is the government that is behind the whole attack. This is not an isolated incident, as the Sirasa TV station has been constantly under attack by this government,” Wickremesinghe said.

According to him those who had a hand in abducting journalist Keith Noyar and the failed attempt on Namal Perera were behind the Sirasa attack. Wickremesinghe also added that he would reveal the names of those behind this attack in time to come.

“As a responsible opposition I would take this up internationally to urge the government to stop the white van syndrome in this country. The damage caused was estimated to be around Rs. 200 million, but still MTV was in a position to transmit their programmes,” Wickremesinghe said.

Briefing the media Wickremesinghe accused “a certain section” in the armed forces of supporting ‘high government officials’ to suppress those who speak out strongly against the government’s misdeeds.

“Ninety nine percent in the armed forces are law abiding citizens, but there are a few who support certain people in the government to enhance their power. This cannot be ignored and we will take action not only locally but also internationally,” said Wickremesinghe.

“Although the acts of suppression inflicted on MTV/Sirasa by this government are well known, the recent spate of threats started after a group of Buddhist monks requested the government to suspend Sirasa TV telecasting the Poya Day Buddhist sermon live from Temple Trees. This was followed by the petrol bomb attack on Sirasa last Friday, and on Monday the government did not take the Sirasa crew on its tour of Killinochchi. Its next step was to destroy the MTV complex completely, but the government failed to fully accomplish its aim,” Wickremesinghe told the media yesterday.

Maatara district MP and leader of SLFP (M) Mangala Samaraweera has also conde,ned the incident. Samaraweera said:

“The attack on MTV which has been one of the most Independent media institutions in Sri Lanka in the last decade should be seen not merely as an attack on a media institution but, as an invidious attack on the democratic tradition of our country. During my period as media minister and as a cabinet minister for nearly 11 years, I was also a subject of intense criticism by MTV. But, I always respected their views and never tried to stifle the media for doing so.

The cornerstone of democracy is the ability to express differing view. But unfortunately the present government which is totally averse to any form of criticism had been subjecting the MTV group to various forms of harassments over the past two years.

The white van style of operations carried out in this attack shows clearly it has been a well planned operation carried out by professionals. This sort of incident is reminiscent of the early days of Hitler’s Germany.

All those who cherish democracy must condemn this attack vehemently and it is high time that we as a nation say clearly and loudly to the government, ‘enough is enough.'”

This is a barbaric act and an attack on democracy, press freedom and rule of law. It is very difficult to travel around without the support of at least some sections of the state. For a group of 15 fully armed people to travel in a vehicle in Colombo and enter the station and attack them confirms this. It is the government’s duty to investigate and arrest the people involved. If they fail the government has to take the responsibility for this.”

This is a barbaric act and an attack on democracy, press freedom and rule of law. It is very difficult to travel around without the support of at least some sections of the state. For a group of 15 fully armed people to travel in a vehicle in Colombo and enter the station and attack them confirms this. It is the government’s duty to investigate and arrest the people involved. If they fail the government has to take the responsibility for this.”

Gota instructs Police to arrest MTV News Chief Chevan Daniels

Moves are on to interrogate and then detain Mr. Chevan Daniels , the news director of MTV/MBC media network whose studio at Pannipitiya was attacked by a terror squad in civil garb two weeks ago.

Instructions have been given by defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse to the Police that Daniels should be interrogated and then detained on the grounds that he was a Tamil tigers.

This crude abuse of power follows the horrible attack on the MTV studio and subsequent cover-up by the Govt.

The pretext on which Daniels is to be arrested relates to the interview given by him to CNN after the Pannipitiya attack.

The CID has detailed a special team to track down and record a statement from MTV Channel One News Director Chevan Daniel, CID chief M.G.W.M. Muthubanda told The Sunday Times.However, he declined to give the reasons for CID detailing a team, but other police sources said that it was regarding an interview Mr. Daniel had given to the CNN regarding the January 6 attack on the MTV/MBC station.

The CID team visited the MTV complex at Depanama in Pannipitiya but was told that Mr. Daniel had not come in. Mr. Daniel drew ire from the defence establishment following the CNN interview which was telecast on Wednesday.

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa in the interview telecast live on state TV and other channels later in the day drawing reference to the CNN interview said, “Half an hour before I came here I saw someone from Sirasa appearing on CNN saying that a claymore mine was used in the incident (on the MBC/MTV station) and that the government was responsible. He asked if the government could capture Kilinochchi why it couldn’t catch those responsible through investigations”.

He referred to that person as a ‘kotiya’ (Tiger) and said he would imprison him. He then went on to say that the burning down of MTV was an insurance ruse undertaken by the company itself.

Mr. Daniel in his CNN interview said it should be “noted that initial investigations revealed that a claymore mine may have been used to destroy our complex.”

“…As you said…, the Sri Lankan government is carrying out a fantastic military offensive against the rebel stronghold in the north and has captured Kilinochchi and Elephant Pass as well, and what really puzzles us is that why the government can’t put forward a similar effort to curb the type of lawlessness that is now rampant in the south, and in particular in Colombo,” the CNN report quoted Mr. Daniel as saying.

Opposition and UNP leader Ranil Wickremasinghe had publicly queried from the Govt whether it intended arresting Chevan Daniels to which no proper reply has been given.

Informed sourcs revealed that Chevan Daniels had hastily left the Country upon being tipped off that Gotabhaya had instructed Police to interrogate and detain him under the prevention of terrorism act (PTA).

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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  1. The attack was racially motivated. Maharajahs is owned by Jaffna Tamils though most staff are Sinhala. The Jathiwadis resent popularity of Tamil owned Sirasa

  2. The above narrative displays the close nexus between the Police and attackers. Going on the current state of affairs and what has been divulged by the candidates themselves it would seem that this operation has been carried out by members of the para-military wing of the Police.

    Recently during the current election campaign we have wittnesed abductions carried out by the STF and later Police have said that the people in question have been arrested. Hence it is very likely that these are carried out by squads linked to the STF, TID, PSD or MSD.

    Since there is a political dimension to these attacks and it would be difficult for regular troops to carry out such attacks due to discplinary and operational procedures this would be the case. The involvement of one so called doctor acting on the behest of his master cannot be discounted.

  3. Rajapakshe regime was worried about Kili trying to buy Rivira media corp. He offered more money and bought that up. Wanted to teach Maharaja a lesson and attack was done

  4. Good of you to remind us of this horrible attack on media. followed 2 days later by killing of Lasantha Wickramathunge

  5. How can one arrest culprits when the incident was initated by the ‘victims’ themselves. It is 100% sure Chevaan Daniel and his clan iniiated the attack themselves. I heard they got a big insurance payout. Earlier also they initiated an attack themselves and obtain a big insurance payout. to blame poor Gota for all these frauds is a sin

  6. Good they should have destroy bloody MTV. This company is trying destroy our young ones future by introducing western culture.

  7. Son Arun (#6), I am with you. Sirasa is all out to destroy our Sinhala Buddhist culture. They (Maharaja Organisation) are doing this secretly. They bribe some of our Top Buddhist monks especially like Ven Banagala Upatissa of the Mahabodhi Society. Only Mervin Silva was brave enough to criticise Sirasa openly. Daniel should be behind bars for his pro LTTE stances before. Gota had the guts to confront the burger, but unfortunately was afraid to put him behind the bars.

  8. Son Shekhar (#1) – If Sinahlese are Jathiwadi then why should they let majority of Tamils to live in peace in their beautiful city of Colombo. If the Sinhalese are jathiwadhi then how come there are so many Tamils in Big Time Business and also in the Cabinet, and basically in every important aspect of the Sri Lankan life.
    (nb: by the way are you one of the famous Babu Brothers – Shekhar and the 2nd is Senarath)

  9. # 5. James Thenuwera, So what ‘other’ frauds will you ‘blame’ on ‘innocent’ Gota.

    Having a President, his bros running the show and and a corrupt ex-Gen is enough.

    Please dont say the insurance companies are such are fools and awarded a claim that would have no merits of an accident, for something happened in high security area in the outskirts of COlombo.

    Go see how insurance cos handled even the 9/11 case.

    Stupid remarks such as yours, are they intended to tarnish Sri Lankan corporate governance as well?

  10. Someone said “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”
    It applies in this instance.

    Also MBC says “We report you decide” I have to ask them “Who decides what to report?”

    While being very genuine and honest in their regional news reports, they always seemed to shy away from objective news reporting when it came to the national issue.

    I also must say thet they referred to a bombing in Colombo as a terrorist attack only once. (When the bomb on Piliyandala-Katubedda bus went off). Normally for them it is an ‘explosion’. It is somewhat ironic that they had to face a ‘terrorsit’ attack rather than an ‘explosion & a fire’.

    On a lighter note, the word on the street is that ‘Husbands & Children Against Ran Depaya’ took full resposibility of this incident. 🙂

    If you dont like a TV program simply switch channels. Dont go nd attack the TV station………..DBSJ

    As usual Interesting topic
    . Now to Arun#no6
    My dear Sir Are you a bloody Neanderthal or a fanatic AlQueda.Come on Please grow up

  12. If We allow rajapaksha clan to continue ruling this country more of these will be expected that is what Dayan has promised / warned more of the ugly things to come to the country.

  13. Dear DBSJ
    Another incisive piece>Thank you
    Poor Arun#6
    Seems to be a bigot or a Neanderthal out of touch with modern times.More to be pitied than commented on

    Thanks but this is what I wrote last year after the attack. Its not a new one……………..DBSJ

  14. I’m totally agree with Arun. MTV Sirasa destroy our culture and government must proscribe it. I don’t care about their Tamil or English transmission. But their Sinhala transmission purely aiming to destroy Sinhala culture and specially young generation.

    Rana, you can watch something else without attacking the TV station………………DBSJ

  15. This is in response to Arun #6

    He wrote “Good they ,,,, destroy bloody MTV..intriducing western culture…”

    May I ask you what culture we have in Sri Lanka? Where we defend those who kill the defenseless? The downtrodden? and the poor? Where its ok to do this sort of acts of vandalism and destruction, yet not have to be concerned about being prosecuted?

    Is this culture any better than the western liberal culture? We should be ashamed of ourselves! Is this what our 2000 year old, so called Buddhist value system, encourages? How foolish are we Sri Lankans?

    Is the term “BLOODY” that you so fondly use, a part of this Buddhist culture that we so fondly adhere to or is it a part of western culture?

  16. Dear Arun,

    No one can destroy your kids’ future – except you. You can really destroy not only your kids but also all SLankans if you have this kind of attitude.

  17. Hey Arun ( # 6), don’t be angry man, life’s too short and good. It must be also nice to yank at the Western Culture while we use the Internet developed by the Western Cultues. Hmm.

    Kata kiyannada macho. Kiyala wedak naha.

  18. If you dont like the channell, use the rermote control to change it.

    There is only just remote possiblity in chaning so many other ills facing us today.

  19. Hello my dear James, if you say this is an inside job in order to collect insurance payout what has stopped the Police and the Defense establishment from attesting the real culprits? Claiming insurance for the damages has nothing to do with the attack. This is a well planned attack carried out by the government stooges at the instructions of Gota by himself. Anyway the real truth will be out after January 26th. If your government is not capable to investigate and catch the people behind this attack, very soon there will be some one other than you is going to do that job. Your better tell your government ministers and their families to get ready to run out of the country when the change takes place otherwise you will be caught and punished for all the crimes committed by you during the past four years. You better go toward China or Iran otherwise where ever you go your ghost will follow you and you will be charged outside the country for genocide the word you always hate to hear.

  20. These Buddhist buggers Eat – Drink ( Scotch ) and Drive in a Western style car . Also liked to be dressed like westerners. Go and check the You Tube on SL – You see your girls with the westerners

  21. Can anybody think that this kind of attack can take place without the knowledge of Gota or President? Even if they didn’t know, is it that difficult to find who did it?

    They can boast about arresting KP in another country which such long term planning, get hold of 5 LTTE ships etc. etc. and getting evidence of how SF made corrupt deals in a couple of days.

  22. DBSJ, I can watch something else as you said without attacking TV channel. But the Sirasa have a hidden agenda to destroy our culture.It is run by pro-LTTE Maharaja organisation. And it is obivious that if you destroy culture and then there is no more patriotic people. After that anybody can buy people. Today it is obivious when you look at the political seen in SL. Politicians on auction.
    I’m liv ing in a western country and I have experience the way younger generation behaving. The most youngers here begining to do sex after 13 years, and then their life ending as drug addicted or a whore or in a jail as a criminal. MTV want that happen to our country. So DBSJ you want that happen to our country.


    I totally reject your argument that MTV is destroying any “culture”. I strongly suspect you are a majoritarian racist who cannot stomach the popularity of a minority -owned TV .

    So this 2500 year old culture is so weak that one TV can destroy it?If that is true and this cuture is so weak that it cannot withstand one TV then is it worth preserving?

    Even though you claiming to be Sinhala says your culture will be destroyed I have firm belief that Sinhala culture is strong enough to withstand these so called external threats. Actually it would absorb all these gradually and Sinhalaise it just as Malay titbit kokis is perceived now as a national morsel

    Anyway what kind of culture is that which seeks to destroy a TV station through violence instead of persuading people not to watch it if in fact it was really a corrupting influence

    Are you saying our people didn’t know what sex was earlier and are learning only through TV? How were we born then?

    And what do you mean by patriotis? Those who talk of patriotism are the ones who have robbed the Tsunami relief money given by foreign nations whom the patriots accuse of being anti -Sri Lanka

    Again speaking of destroying culture what punishment was given to the policemen who burnt down the Jaffna public library with 97,000 precious books and Ola manuscripts?

  23. Aney kaaley waney waasey!

    When Mahinda came, he came like a sadhu, see what has happened now? If he goes on 27th I don’t know what will happen.

    Most of the Sinhalese chauvinists who comment here are the guys who live an isolated life with a lot of frustration. It’s rather a shameful thing that all this blood shed hasn’t sunk in to their stupe heads.

    #5 James Henuwara and #6 Arun do live in their own cuckoo land. One thinks what Mervyn Silva has done is right because Maharajah is a Tamil. The other think that their culture is robbed. I believe that these guys never saw a TV up until the year 2000 and are awed by what is shown in TV.
    I hope they don’t show any transvestites on TV, because Arun and James Thenuwara may go for a sex change, as they are so tempted by the TV.

    Majority of the population are more sensible and educated but they haven’t done much to stop this kind of nonsense, which led to all these bloodshed.

    Anyway I hope there are places in Angoda for these two morons!

  24. Comment # 20 .I think this jerk should check the dictionary before using words. The insinuation he attributes to Buddhists is more common among non Buddhists.

    He is a coward to use a pretend name and tarnish the good people who would have nothing to do with his low life.

  25. #5 – James:

    “How can one arrest culprits when the incident was initated by the ‘victims’ themselves. It is 100% sure Chevaan Daniel and his clan iniiated the attack themselves. I heard they got a big insurance payout. Earlier also they initiated an attack themselves and obtain a big insurance payout. to blame poor Gota for all these frauds is a sin”

    So let me get this straight, Daniel and his “clan” have the power to bring a white van full of commandos with military weapons right into the heart of Colombo. Not only that, Daniel also has the power to keep the police at bay while his commandos do all the damage. And after that, Gota who knows it was Daniel who did it still can’t find those commandos or the white van that was used in the operation. Wow!! Another person far more powerful than even Prabhakaran in terms of his ability to infiltrate the highly secured city of Colombo and also make his commandos escape unscathed and undetected a year later. Funny thing is though, that though the SL Gov still claims to have no idea where or who those commados were, they know exaclty where Daniel is. I suppose Daniel only has the smarts to keep his commandos, their weapons, and their vans undetected, but does not have the smarts to hide himself. James, I thank you for reminding me of the popular saying that :”An idiot is born every day”.

  26. #9 Dexter
    Once you are covered for malicious attack etc insurance company must pay. MTV -MBC did this twice and got huge payouts. They say the best equipment had been removed before the attack and only worthless equipment were left. Insurance company if not pay will be taken to courts. It is very difficult for them to prove in Court that Daniel did the attack. But, it is an open secret in Lanka. Dexter, on 9/11 every one got compensated more than they deserve. Don’t blame Gota just because you want to blame him. He is the Number 1 to be credited with Saving Mother Lanka from the ruthless terrorists. He will go down the anals of history as Saviour of Sri Lanka. What he did was much more than SF’s part. MR just sat and let Gota to run the show. If anyone harms Gota after 26 Jan, it will be start of the World War 3.

  27. 22. Rana

    Onne Mamo Kella Panappi !!

    Is it from MTV or from your buddhist goon ?. Your Movies and Tel dramas are ruining your culure from the 70S. Just click on to SL models ……….You see them in Saris fully clothed to buddhist culture.. Dont say these pics are from MTV.. nikkanang Hukk ………Parathilawage!!

  28. 25. Rajah |

    White Van syndrome – my foot. This only an invention by the local and western peace nicks, NGOs and Tamil Diaspora etc.

    Don’t say these ‘fairly tales’ anymore.

    If the Government want to do bad things they do not need only white vans, they got thousands of vans in so many colours in their pool. Government is not so dumb to use only white vans to do theri bad works, if they want to do bad tghings, I do not think they did.

  29. Do you know DBSJ when Kilinochchi fell these Maharaja bastards did not show it as a news story, but showed an incident that an alleged innocent civilian was wrongfully arrested instead. They were so upset that Kilinochchi fell. Ven Bengamuwe Nalaka and Wimal Weerawansa were on ITN on that day and said this -“look at Sirasa they are not reporting the fallen of Kilinochchi but an arrest of a civilian instead.” Again, the mere switching off of the channel will not solve the problem, when you are dealing with people who want to undermine the country´s sovereignty and territorial integrity.


    You are lying. This is a canard spread by the likes of you to justify the attack.

    The govt did NOT take the MTC crew to Kilinochchi to cover the event. They refused permission for them to go alone. Despite this 23% of the newscast on that day was devoted to Kilinochchi by MTV

    Dont utter lies here

    For argument’s sake even if what you say was true does that justify this attack?

  30. #11 Puthe Martin

    I am not saying Maharajas deliberately did the attack with the SOLE INTENTION of getting a huge insurance payout. Their PRIMARY AIM was to put blame on the innocent Sri Lankan Government. Do you know that without even FIRST reporting the incident to the Police Daniel had been on the CNN crying that his TV station was attacked by “Government Goons”. He wanted bad publicity against the Government, nothing else. And he succeeded and also got compensation. So he killed two birds with one stone.

    It was a well planned act by MTV-MBC.

    Again, it was a combination of the works of peace nick goons, NGOs who will do anything for dollars (I will not name them as by now everyone knows who they are) and the Tamil Diaspora who have an inherent hatred against Mother Lanka. Maharaja is an integral part of this conspiracy.

  31. #25 Rajah

    Read the article clearly again Rajah before making false assertions. The TV station was not in the heart of Colombo it was in a suburb of Colombo (I believe about 20 -30 km away from Colombo). One needs not have Commandos to do the job, some LTTE or EROS or other thugs could have easily done the job. In Sri Lanka you can easily find people to do a demolition job if you pay them say Rs 10,000 or so. According to Police the attack had been completed within few minutes, it was all well planned by MTV-MBC Rajah.

  32. “#22 Again speaking of destroying culture what punishment was given to the policemen who burnt down the Jaffna public library with 97,000 precious books and Ola manuscripts?”

    DBSJ, I don’t condone this act if done by Sri Lankan Policemen or other Sri Lankan Governemnt instrumentality (some say Gamini D was involved?). It was a despicable act that brought forth much sympathy for the Tamil cause worldwide.

  33. DBSJ, I was glued to the TV on the day that Kilinochchi fell, with joy tears coming off my eyes. It is the truth – MTV gave very little significance to the fall of Kilinochchi, but all other channels did.

  34. DBSJ,

    I salute you for the answer for Rana in #22. BTW are you going to write a piece on Sambanthan’s (TNA’s too) decision? I think you should. We are all waiting.


  35. James TKandy Aruna etc,

    You fellas just can’t stomach the fact that Sirasa is doing so popular among the Sinhala viewers.

    Go Get a Life… and take the remote with you!!

  36. 10. TCK: If you dont like a TV program simply switch channels. Dont go nd attack the TV station………..DBSJ

    By ‘Attacking’ if you mean throwing bombs and setting fire, I am totally with you. I was just mentioning what the joke around town was.

    BUT, if you mean do not be critical, I have to challenege it.
    Are you saying just because it is a ‘media’ organisation and we have the power to choose, we are not allowed to criticize?

    Obviously I mean violence……………DBSJ

  37. DBSJ’a response to 22. Rana:
    I am totally with you on this one DBSJ. But seriousely doubt if there is such a widespread hatred towards MBC as a whole…? I know lot of people including myself are quite critical about their news reporting.

    But to say a TV is destrying culture is laughable. TV as the strongest media does change culture. It is a fact the world over. But culture is not this static monolithic entity that is to be preserved in a museum.

    If we are to use this thread as a forum to discuss the imapct electronic media has on the society, I think we will never see the end of it. (it is something that is being researched and studies world over) Anyway, MBC as any other business has NO moral obligation to the society. They can and will broadcast (withint he legal framewrok) whatever that brings most profit to the company.

    So the control has to come in otherways. For example, the main argument against banning cigarettes/ alchohol is that is is for adults and they have the right to choose. But the other side of the storey is that they are addictive and once addicted, you loose the rational thinking required to make a choice. So society has other mechanisms to handle it. This has to start from the family. No person/ media or government has an absolute right to be cultural police.

    The ‘cultural drain’ people mention is everywhere in the world and it is happening because people want it. NOT because of TV. TV is just supplying the demand.

    If DBSJ allows, we can discuss these things more, including my personal dilemma about ‘Who is going to guard the guardians..?’

  38. I agreed with Arun #6 . Infact Sirasa destroy our culture. Bad thing is very few people only understood this truth.

    But this attack in not master mind one. They should do it without evidence.

    I agreed we should destroy kind of “Viruses” from our country but not this way.

    SL GOV should bring some LAWs to ban kind of medias , Magazines & Newspapers.

  39. Traditional buddhist Values : Chase away Tamils from their home, occupy their lands illegally. Tamils should live in Nazi camps in the North but boys should entertain Suddhas in the south beach. Tamil business should be burnt down & the buddhist monk should go on a Mercedez ( This Benz is built in south according to Buddhist sinhala culture ) After Pirith you can have a Napolean & Karawila during Poson Days

  40. Well….. Attacking a TV station to come out of it or get ride of it is not the right thing to do. Its simply because you just cant get over it by trying to destroy it. its like adding fuel to the fire. it will grow more furiously. I am against what they did with sirasa.

    any way, my opinion about SIRASA is that they have a monopoly over broadcasting. with that monopoly they can actually impact the society. In any case monopoly should be controlled (not by violence ). it is done in pollitycs, marketing and also in business world as well. that is the reason airtel was not allowed to drop call rates beyond a limit. cos , since they have the capital and funding from india, they can simply run in a lost for couple of years and eradicate the competitors, and later they can have a monopoly over the trade. This monopoly by sirasa was gained by the huge funding and the networks they have.
    what happen is when we see something you dont agree very often, after some time we tend to accept it in our inner minds when you see and here it more often . this is how the advertising company’s plays there roll in it by repeating the add on and on. some time the same advertisement one after another.
    this is a whole psychological thing.
    Sirasa picked up the masses by broadcasting cheap Indian mega tele dramas. Some time those mega tele dramas been rejected from some of the local channels in India.
    We had our own way of making tele drams and our own way of life living in Sri Lanka. But people who watch this mega tele dramas tend to have a Indian mentally. Well this is not only to Hindi . it is as well as to English. we still have ( A lot ) in our society with the colonial mentally. Those are the one who laugh at people who cant converse in English.
    the bottom line is SIRASA is cultivating the wrong perspective among the society. They totally destroyed our local tele drama culture. In good old days we were enjoing beautiful tele dramas like PALIGU MANIKE, ELLA LAGA WALAWA,YASHORAWAYA,DADUBASNAMANAYA,DADA BIMA and so on. But now there arent any one to do those kind of tele’s any more. Its simply because , its cheaper to bring down a Indian tele and broad cast. Once i met Kingsly Rathnayaka who is a key man in sirasa on a flight and i ask this question. What he said, there main idea to fight the RUPAVAHININ’s 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm belt. that was his own words. and when i toled him that what they do is not right, what he said was to the find the sponsorship to do those kind of tele dramas as it cost a lot to do.
    What ever said and done, a media broadcast center must act responsible.
    Just because things are cheap , a media shouldn’t be doing a thing like that to popularity or monetary gain.
    End of the day SIRASA is destroying our culture and it does nothing els than copying other international media do. there is nothing fresh, nothing innovative. All are COPYCATS. even the themes . poor masses think that sirasa is a whole new idea. but very few knows that they had even coped the BBC world news thems. its funny that they do WESAK POYA show using the controversial BUDDHA BAR themes. But how many may have listening to BUDDHA BAR !!!! I just dont wanna talk about the reality shows they do.
    there just playing with the poor peoples mind.
    This sirsa Should be controlled.

  41. Elections Commissioner has instructed the Rupavahini Corporation to ban the telecast of five TV programmes namely Yakshawesaya, Edagena Nema, Kimbul Kandulu, Pravurthi Pasubima and Vinivida with immediate effect.

    Sinhala Cultural goons can ask MTV programmes banned too…….

  42. Thanks TCK AND DBSJ . I put my views as a common man and I am not belong to any political party. My views forward as a parent. The ideas I have written here the views express by my friends,relatives etc..

    Anyway TCK as u mentioned the “cultural drain” which happening all over the world today . OK should we allow it to happen continuously in our country and mind our own business or should we do something to prevent it? It is true that a TV channel alone cannot destroy a culture. But a TV channel can impress or change the way of thinking of younger generation. .
    MTV must not depend on the sex and violence oriented western films, third rate indian tele series. Anyway I want to tell #27 Bob that neither I nor any person don’t need a criticism from a moron like you.

  43. Uncle Thenuwara,

    You said MTV spoils OUR culture. I am yet to see an attack on the Kudu Mudalalis houses, night clubs and bars. Pl. go to these places and see what OUR young people do there. We before Rupavahini came on line, you must have visited the Colombo beaches – particularly the Wellwatte and Dehiwela areas. Behind the mangroves OUR young people were busy figuring out the wonders of the nature, which OUR parents had to wait until they got married.

    You are telling the world that Maharaja Organisation bribed some of our Top Buddhist monks especially like Ven Banagala Upatissa of the Mahabodhi Society. What BUDDHIST CULTURE are we talking about here?

    You seem to revere Mervin Silva and his bravery. Have you had a look at Mervin’s sons? You are preaching CULTURE here, Uncle??

  44. There is something very fishy about the killing of Sunday Leader Editor Lasantha Wickrematunga and the arson attack on the MTV Broadcasting Station. Both incidents occurred within few days after the fall of Kilinochchi to Sri Lankan Forces.

    Who would benefit by casting a shadow over the success that our soldiers have achieved in the Wanni? Needless to say, the only ones who stand to gain are not only the LTTE, sections of the UNP and the NGO ‘peaceniks’ but also the so-called international community which has been conspiring to impose its own ‘political solutions’ on this country.

  45. #47
    Thanks for your Comment.
    You said “you must have visited the Colombo beaches – particularly the Wellwatte and Dehiwela areas. Behind the mangroves OUR young people were busy figuring out the wonders of the nature, which OUR parents had to wait until they got married. ”
    Son Rohan, they must have learned them watching the Maharajah tele-dramas!
    People criticise Maharajah not because it is Tamil owned but because of the treacherous line they have taken against the Sinhalese Buddhist Culture and Civilization. People do not criticise other Tamil businesses.
    Maharajah will throw its big clout of money to buy over influential people.
    I am not white washing Mervin, what I say is that the so called Colombo 7 politicians (I have mentioned some names before, but the list is endless) are much much bigger crooks than Mervin, If Mervin steals in millions they steal in billions. But they are still much respected in the country, becasue they are High Society!!!These people hide the money that they have stolen from the Sri Lankan people in Swiss and other foreign Bank accounts. Unfortunately most of the UNPers that associate SF are like that. So even if SF wins bribery, corruption, mismanagement and other associated vices MAY continue (depends on how tough SF would be). I know Mervin associated with Kudu Nuwan who is a despicable character and I attack Mervin for this. I have heard he supplies women to the President, but I do not know the truth of this. If true, then I abhor such actions. But we must give credit where credit is due. Mervin seems to be a Can Do Man, and we must give credit to him for this.Hope this answers your query.

  46. Sirasa Super Star is not encouraging young people to create new music, as the participants are singing songs sung be famous vintage musicians. The country is not going forward from these. Young people must be encourgaged to come up with their own songs and music, then only country will prosper (like the Euro Vision)

  47. First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me – Martin Niemöller.
    Lets speak out against all Violence sponspored by terror group or otherwise. Before they came for you and me

  48. Quote ‘But the Sirasa have a hidden agenda to destroy our culture.It is run by pro-LTTE Maharaja organisation’ un quote. I thought Maharaja was founded well in 1930’s but I guess LTTE was formed in mid 70’s???? May be Maharaja armed wing is LTTE??? or LTTE’s econ wing is Maharaja??? – looking for a reply from Angoda aka Kandy

  49. #31-Thenuwara

    I am not saying Maharajas deliberately did the attack with the SOLE INTENTION of getting a huge insurance payout
    I suppose 2 days later when Lasantha was killed, that was because his wife was trying to collect the life insurance payout.

    One good thing about you is the viewers have to only believe in the opposite of what you believe in, so in a way you are doing an invaluable service.

    If you support anybody, i think they will fall at your feet and beg you to stop supporting them.

  50. “The main control room was detroyed”- —–Yet Sirara TV and MTV were on air within a few hours of the attack.

    “The group members who arrived in a white van without number plates were heavily armed with T-56 assault rifles, pistols, iron bars and hand grenades.” ——- Yet the place was destroyed by “Explosives” and “Claymore bombs”.

    “Two shot guns of MTV gurds”——Yet no rounds of counter fire at the attackers by the “Guards” (Who found bravery later when they ran inside to save their colleages traped in the fire).

    “The place was destroyed with explosives and claymore mines” —–Yet “we ran inside to save our staff (Miracle ! MTV staff inside can servive “Claymore” attacks).

    “Everything was over in 20 minutes” —–The “attackers” over powered the guards,Took the crew hostage,knew nothing of the location and found the target by forcing staff,set up explosives and claymore mines,egnited them,destroyed “even” doors and windows” with grenades while “staff was inside”,released the hostages,made the getaway…all in 20 minutes ! (Mission Imposible 4 ??).

    “After the armed gang left we were shocked to see the building ablaze and realising that some of our colleagues were trapped inside we quickly went to rescue them before the said bombs exploded,” —-Journalists/Guards or Trained rescue specialists? (Normaly people in SL run away in these circumpstanses,as we have seen in most attacks in colombo by LTTE.Specialy after “were informed of booby traps”.)

    “People came in white vans—-The Classic.The military Intelligence is not so Intelligent at all!.All bad things are done in white vans.Whats with these guys and white vans??.Vehicle lovers in love with a special brand/model/colour??.

    Of course Mr Ranil’s Comments –Only few bad apples in the Army—–Mr Ranil, Are they the onces who servived your millenium city betrayal?.

    Two “attacks” and two hefty insurance payouts.

    mmmm something is fishy here…..

  51. Buddhist culture?
    Typical idiotic comments as i predicted. Lets justify the attack on MTV because it is threatening ‘buddhist’ culture.
    What is this buddhist culture i wonder? Drinking arrack, eating meat, murdering peoples deemed to be different.
    Rarely have i seen real buddhists in Sri Lanka.
    You will find more geniune white westerners following the true Boddhisatva, than you will find in Sri Lanka.
    Sri Lankan monks have become an international disgrace to buddhism.
    I even know a friend from Royal College in Colombo. He and his friends often speak about the buddhist monk who wears a wig and goes night clubbing until he finally got caught and it caused a local embarrassment.

  52. You are telling the world that Maharaja Organisation bribed some of our Top Buddhist monks especially like Ven Banagala Upatissa of the Mahabodhi Society. What BUDDHIST CULTURE are we talking about here?
    This is the irony. If someone offers a bribe to a monk, why would he take it?

  53. A classic incident of state terrorism. The attack on the media, the sanctum sanctorum of democracy, is deplorable.

    All the talk about culture and civilization is utter nonsense. The culture of secrecy and violence, the hallmark of a repressive state, is conspicuous and unmistakable.

  54. Maharaja has already succeeded in putting specially the Sinhalese youth and children in a wrong track. A lot of people have now got used to keep their eyes glued to meaningless endless teledramas which offer nothing artistic or teach any virtue. The children stop their studies to watch these soap dramas set in to waste a minimum of two hours of studies a day. Mothers have no time to cook good food to feed their children but to watch these dramas. A lot of grown up school goers are sucked in to the Super Stars program and they end up in practicing songs sung by others and do not pursue school or any other studies to be qualified in something a get a job to succeed in their lives. Tens of thousands watch Sirasa Super stars wasting their valuable time and send SMS wasting money. Parents due to their foolishness, let their children to participate in which probably 5 or 10 would be able to make a living with it while tens of thousands would get their future destroyed due to neglected schooling. Some of them would finally end up singing at bus stands, pavements and trains to become beggars. The others would become pickpocketiers/looters, prostitutes and join the under world. Due to extensive mingling with opposite sexes in day and night practicing songs without the presence of parents, teenagers lose their shyness and chastity paving way to have sex before marriage and unwanted engagements and also indulge in other vices including consumption of liqour, smoking and drugs. Day by day, the number of young prostitutes is growing at an alarming rate because these girls have not got any qualification to do a job make a living. This is happening mainly in the Sinhalese Society. I believe that this is one of the LTTE plans which is executed very systematically by Maharaja. Not only the government but also most of the people do not understand what the LTTE and the Tamil racists have been really doing to the Sinhalese. The few, who understand and raise their voices against this destruction of the society by treacherous elements, get nowhere. To fight this menace at this hour, we need a person like Anagarika Dharmapala to lead the society and an intelligent honest politician like Laxman Kadiragamar to lead the country. MR cannot do it because he is more or less foolish like Ranil except for that he has not betrayed the country.

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