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“General” trends in the politics of the General

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Hello Friends

The presidential election campaigns of both Mahida Rajapakse and Sarath Fonseka seem to have got off the ground with customary procedures.

Mahinda Rajapakse began his with a visit to Anuradhapura on Undu wap daypoya day and was seen hugging the Sri Maha Bodhi tree with devotional fervour.

Sarath Fonseka paid courtesy calls on the Mahanayake Theros of the Asgiriya and Malwatte chapters and obtained their blessings.

While the Rajapakse campaign is yet to slip into top gear the motley crew supporting Sarath Fonseka is rather active.

The General’s campaign has begun causing interest but there is a lot of confusion visible.

The top guns seem to be contradicting each other.

In a sense it is pathetic to see the General and his army engaged in puerile attempts to take the people for a ride.

Similiar contradictions have been visible in the case of the Rajapaksa regime for quite some time now.

But the new kid on the block has taken such moral high ground that these “gaps” between professed stances are very amusing.

From the 13th Amendment to the provisional government concept these contradictions in the pronouncements emanating from the General’s cantonment are glaringly obvious.

Writer, journalist and activist Kusal Perera has spotted quite a few of these contradictions and pinpointed them in a short piece.

Here then is Kusal’s piece on some political pronouncements coming out of the “General” (s) campaign.

Contradictions and conflicts, a “general” trend in General’s politics

By Kusal Perera

We are now being made more confused each day with contradictory and conflicting “solutions” thrown at us each day from key players on General Fonseka’s platform, including General Fonseka himself.

Not that there are no contradictions and conflicts on the “Mahinda Chinthanaya” version of presidential campaigning. But that is some thing the people are familiar with, seems to have got tired of and therefore shows a need for change.

So the next choice has to be one better than President Rajapaksa, not on contradictions and conflicts, but on sound and honest politics.

But then, just think of these contradictions and conflicting views ?

General SF

“My personal view is the majority should provide protection to the minorities. Their political aspirations shall be fulfilled.”

“I am not a PhD in History. The 13th amendment which should provide the answer ought to be amended according to the current times. By discussion with all a solution should be sought.”


The JVP does not accept any further tampering with the 13th Amendment to “fulfil the aspirations” of the minority communities. They have gone public saying they are against the full implementation of the 13 Amendment which includes police powers and lands.

Their 04 points put forward to General SF do not include anything about Tamil people or on reconciliation after the war. Only that IDPs have to be resettled, but how and on what conditions are never spelled out.

All JVP leaders speaking at the Hyde Park public rally on 30th Monday (one day after General SF spoke about the 13 Amendment) avoided mentioning anything on the 13th Amendment.


Seems very comfortable with anything as long as they could get into a government as the ruling entity.

General SF

Says thus in his maiden media brief. “….Somewhere around end of 2007, after about 02 years I commanded the army, I gave a promise, I will not hand over this war to the next Army Commander. To my successor. I gave this promise at a media gathering…I kept to that promise….If I didn’t complete the war,…..I would have been the Army Commander still….Most probably”

What he hides from saying is, HIS RETIREMENT DATE was December 17, 2005, BUT was on a “political” appointment with extensions given by President Rajapaksa for 04 years, never ever given to any Army Commander ever before, depriving at least one other (if not two) from being promoted as Army Commander.

In reality, he should have been watching “war” news from home, as a retired Army Officer.


UNP sources made public statements saying they agreed to the proposal of a “Provisional Government” (PG) appointed by General Fonseka, immediately after presidential elections, if he wins and also that Ranil W. has agreed to head that PG as its PM.

General SF

This is what Gen. SF said at the media brief. “…..The executive presidency has to be abolished….to ensure one man can not ruin the country….any more….My victory will follow…immediately follow with general elections….in which we would try to get a two thirds majority….” There was no talk of a PG or of any one heading any government as PM.


The JVP at the very outset indicated they are not ready for a PG with Ranil W. as its PM.

JVP parliamentary leader Anura Kumara Dissanayaka (AKD) had told BBC “Sandeshaya” on 02 December, that a plan of action to abolish the executive presidency has been worked out with General Sarath Fonseka. “He will abolish the executive presidency with the approval of the parliament within six months of being elected” according to Dissanayaka.

What it therefore means is, there will be no PG as the UNP says and Ranil W has no chance of being the PM, unless the JVP agrees in the new parliament.


The JVP also says (referring to AKD) that General Fonseka has agreed to remain as non executive president and carry out duties assigned by a new government that is formed after the next general election. (BBC Sandeshaya)

Gen SF would thus be a nominal head of State. Non executive president. One like Gopallawa was, after the 1972 Republican Constitution.

This is the mother of all statements. Why (the hell) should Gen SF go through all these hazards, mud bathing and a possible threat to life as some say, to bring in a government he has no control of and one that would tell him what to do, if they want to ?

General SF

He is yet to say what his role would be, after calling for immediate general elections and IF, as he says, the parliament gets a 2/3 majority to abolish the Executive Presidency, or what would be the fall back option, if the parliament does not get the required 2/3 majority required for a constitutional change.

Many big holes for any big Lion to crawl through and lazily yawn, after a hefty meal that some other creatures hunted on!

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  1. The pro- Sarath alliance is a hastily cobbled one without firm principle or policy. The General himself is after power and nothing else. In such a opprtunist coalition many, many contradictions will surface. I doubt whether this unity will last even until lections get over

  2. The General is not a professional politician. He is only evolving now. When parties with different policies get together on a common platform to support a single individual as presidential candidate these problems will occur

    The political parties havent changed their policies. They are together only for this single mission

    So different views contradicting each other will definitely happen

    But main thing is to focus on goal which is getting rid of the corrupt, nepotist Rajapaksas and bringing a welcome change to country

    I think people like Kusal and DBS should keep big picture in mind without nitpicking on the Sarath pack

    It’s because we have the larger picture in mind that we pinpoint these contradictions……….DBSJ

  3. Mr.Kusal Perera is spot on by exposing the conflicting viewpoints in Sarath Fonseka camp

    I request KP to do the same with the Mahinda Rajapaksa camp too

  4. It was shocking to see Hon. Rauf Hakeem, on the TV screen making a statement that the victory of General (retired) Sarath Fonseka, was a foregone assurance as a result of the Muslim votes in the North Eastern and Eastern Province and outside that of the of the NE & E. It was further frustrating to hear a leader of the “political representative brokerage party of the Muslims of Sri Lanka” stating that the UNP also has a strong Muslims vote base and thus together it is a foregone conclusion that the UNF candidate will be the victor. Let it be known that, foregone are the days of the UNP being patronized as a political entity that the Muslims can trust. The Muslims have lost hope in the UNP since the advent of the late Hon. M.H.M. Ashraff’s political vision of a UNITED Muslim political entity. It was formed at a meeting held at Kattankudy in 1981 by a small study group of local Eastern Province political leaders that was the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress. Through 1980/1986 it became a fully fledged political party. Ashraff was a key mobilizer of support; organizing Town Hall meetings and question and answer sessions with the Muslim youth, where he began to get people to think critically and question their representation by Muslim leaders under the majority National parties. The late M.H.M.Ashraff became a charismatic personality who began to espouse the political aspirations of the Eastern Muslims.

    Time has come now to question the representation of the Muslims by their own LEDEARS who have begun to trade the ordinary Muslim’s votes for their own benefits and gains, without finding a resolution to the day-to-day political issues of our people, who have a vote bank of nearly 820,000 nationally and around 300,000 in the North, North Eastern and Eastern regions. This is a region where we have been deprived of our legitimate rights as a result of the ethnic wars, since 1983.

    What Hon. Rauf Hakeem told in the TV interview yesterday that the victory of General (retired) Sarath Fonseka, was a foregone assurance as a result of the Muslim votes in the North Eastern and Eastern Province and outside that of the of the NE & E is nonsense.

    To political professionals, academics and analysts, these are mere “political jargon” from the discipline of political science studies. To the ordinary voters of their camp (in the case of the Muslims – pamaramakkal), it is an inspiration to influence their voting patterns. To the coalition or Alliance leaders, it is a satisfying statement for the moment. To the candidate, it is a spirit of support which can turn out to be a political mirage.

    Yet the Muslim voters of the North, North Eastern and Eastern provinces have been lead to many a “political mirages” in the past by our so-called “Leader”, notwithstanding the fact that it was a different breed of Muslim political “Leadership” that Muslim community experienced under representative leadership of the late Hon. Badurdin Mahumud, the late Hon. A.C.S.Hameed and the brilliant and proactive leadership of the late Hon. M.H.M.Ashraff in recent times. At a time when the political scenario is taking great changes in the absence of the armed representative of the Tamil community, the LTTE in Sri Lanka, the voice of the Tamil community have to depend on the TNA, and leaders such as Ministers Douglas Devananda, Arumugan Thondaman, P. Chandrasekaran, chief minister Chandrakanthan, Anandasankari and Siddharthan..ere approaches have been pragmatic, in the present political scenario.

    For the Muslims to espouse our cause, the absence of a brilliant and proactive leadership of the like of the late Hon. M.H.M.Ashraff is felt more by the Muslim community in the present political playground of Provincial Elections, the Presidential Election and general election to come next year. The voices of those who are “realistic” in their thinking have been silenced by manipulated application of the “ party constitutions” blessing such oppression as a “democratic process”. The pamaramakkal – the ordinary Muslim farmer, the villager, the voting teenager, the women, the worker and the (poraaligal– soldiers of democracy) are NOT competent to understand the intricacies of these party constitutions and due process. To then honesty , trust and party loyalty by raising their hands at party conventions to resolutions already slated, without deliberation and discussion, has given the opportunity for selfish leaders to trade the strength of our votes for their personal gains.

    This is what Hon. Rauf Hakeem said to the media in September 2008.

    “I am disturbed by the strong anti-minority sentiments expressed by Army Commander Sarath Fonseka during his interview and his assertion that Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese,” SLMC Leader Rauff Hakeem said in a statement.

    “The nature of the attack on the minorities in the interview borders on racism. His request for minorities not to make demands is totally uncalled for and only goes to create a fear psychosis among the minorities at this critical juncture of the conflict,”

    “Even in the armed forces and the police one gets Muslims and Tamils holding even top positions and serving the country with a strong sense of commitment. These comments are an insult to Muslims and Tamils who have shed blood and sweat to gain independence for this country and helped to develop Sri Lanka,”

    “Even the ordinary Muslim and Tamil in this country have their own contributions to society. They have added a lot to the vibrancy of the Sri Lankan economy and culture. It is a crime to say that they do not deserve equal treatment as Sinhalese,”

    If that be so, what is Hon. Rauf Hakeem telling the media now?

    “that the victory of General (retired) Sarath Fonseka, was a foregone assurance as a result of the Muslim votes in the North Eastern and Eastern Province and outside that of the of the NE & E”.

    Did not the failure of a Muslim leadership with political vision as that of the late Hon. M.H.M.Ashraff has failed us of the Chief Minister post of the Eastern Province. It also failed us of a Muslim Deputy Mayor of Jaffna.

    When the Muslims have a vote bank of nearly 820,000 votes nationally and around 230,000 votes in the Eastern province, the “short sightedness” of a political resolution, the absence of “political cuemanship”, and being arrogant to face “political reality” will throw us to the dustbin of political garbage as a community not worth being considered for political interaction or representative presence, in the affairs of governance, administration and development (progress), after the presidential elections.

    Times have changed and the “Voice of the Muslims” is no more in the wilderness of the communities concentrated in the East and scattered in the South of the Nation.

    The learned and the educated – the professionals and the academics – the “pamaramakkal’ and the rightful Muslim citizens, men, women and the youth have begun to think beyond party politics. They have begun to reject supporting political groups formed by selfish, self-serving, deceptive political leaders. These so-called politicians and community representatives had only one thing in common – to get and enjoy the best perks offered by the would be powers, fatten their purses, lead a comfortable life with government subsidies as politicians and travel about in the most expensive duty free vehicles that the automobile companies can import for them every time they are elected. Added to this, “their hangers-on” get the best public sector posts of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Board Directors, Diplomatic postings, Representative trips abroad and government housing with servants paid by public money and security provided by the state, even when there is no threat to their lives, for the sake of “status symbol” living. Once they are mesmerized with these worldly things, they begin to talk “POLITICAL JARGON” without facing the “political reality” that will throw the Muslims to the dustbin of political garbage as a community not worth being considered for political interaction or representative presence, in the affairs of governance, administration and development (progress), after the presidential elections.

    The parties of the UNF and the JVP have proved beyond doubt the “deceptive politics” they have played with the Muslims. The Muslim community in Sri Lankan has no room for these “deceptive politicians” anymore. If the “Muslim Factor” is a political issue that needs to be debated or deliberated, we are prepared to kick start a POLITICAL DEBATE on issues concerning the minorities and the Muslim Factor/Issues over the next fifty-six (56) days for a reasonable resolution. There was NO need for the SLMC if the Muslim issues were to be resolved by any other party Alliances. The Muslims, especially that of the North, North Eastern and Eastern regions are not the property of any politician who deceptively tries to manipulate the votes of the “pamaramakal” to vote a presidential candidate of his choice by going public on the TV to guarantee the Muslim votes to any presidential candidate.

    The Muslim electorate is a voice of its own and the political vision of the late Hon. M.H.M.Ashraff should be the guiding beacon for all Muslims in the Presidential Election. This debate has to start and the Muslims should decide themselves who they will vote. Voting the incumbent President will be the best political strategy for the Muslims. We will then not suffer because of the realistic default of our leaders, Insha Allah.

  5. Sarath Fonseka’s decision to contest against President Mahinda Rajapaksa is nothing but a personal vendetta for not keeping him as Army Commander at least until the SL Army celebrates its 60th Anniversary. For sentimental reasons, it may be hurting him but his counter action for that is incomprehensible. In his letter of resignation in the annexure item 1, he mentions that “ quote Various agencies misleading Your Excellency by stating a possible coup immediately after the victory over the LTTE which obviously led to a change of command in spite of my request to be in command until the Army celebrated its 60th Anniversary. This fear psychosis of a coup is well known among the defence circle. Unquote”. As one can see how the things have turned up to be now in the political arena, President Rajapaksa’s fear of a possible coup’d’etat by Sarath couldn’t have been ruled out as nonsense. MR and PR would have smelt the rat. that something was brewing up and that fear was reasonable and the action taken was timely and most appropriate. Sarath’s acceptance to join the bunch of traitors who supported LTTE with CFA,ISGA and PTOMS etc, clearly manifests that he would have had some idea in the back of his mind to become the President hook or by crook. The desperate UNF new alliance who was looking for a prey paved the way for it and he greedily grabbed the opportunity. I believe the President Rajapaksa’s timely and right decision on Sarath Fonseka by not extending the period avoided Sri Lanka becoming another Myanmar.

    Although Sarath Fonseka claims quote “it is with my vision, command and leadership that this yeoman task was achieved. Unquote”. He is not willing to give credit to the chiefs of the Navy, Air Force, STF and Police who were equal partners to the defeat of LTTE which shows his arrogance, Can such a person with such arrogance mentally fit to run a country is a big question?. But I doubt that feelings for him as a war hero is there any more among the majority Sri Lankans when he embraced the most traitorous political buffoons of the century who humiliated him at every turn when he was conducting the war operations.

    He may be a courageous commander with vision and wisdom but it has been proved that at times he had been naïve like a child when he was unaware that his own favorite cook was planning to kill him.. He has become second time naïve because of his egoistic nature and the greed for power by joining traitors led by Ranil and the clan. He should be grateful to President Rajapaksa and Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa for having him hand picked overlooking seniority, not sending on retirement etc and making him the Commander of Army. He should be grateful for extending his period ad also promoting to another highest level in the army where no one has held that post so far.

    He says that he is contesting for Presidency to save the democracy. What’s wrong with the prevailing democracy in Sri Lanka? Elections are held in time; even president election is to be held before maturity of the current presidency; media freedom is there, people can criticize the government for right reasons etc. Isn’t this merely settling scores with President Rajapaksa and Gotabya Rajapaksa for not extending his full period till December? How do we know that President Rajapaksa smelt a rat of an army coup’d’etat and he was reluctantly compelled to take a right decision without putting the country into a calamity. Cannot be his trip to New York to get his Green Card a plot planned by International conspirators against Sri Lanka and also put Gotabaya Rajapaksa on war crime charges?

    Sarath Fonseka in his annexure says that IDPS are in appalling condition and the plight of the IDPs is also point of grave concern to him.. Well from 18 May 2009 to until his date of resignation 12 November 2009 , wasn’t he a part and parcel of the war administration? He could have directed the Government in right direction if the Government was not doing right. There is talk in the inner circle of the army that Sarath Fonseka ferociously objected even to open A9 route. But suddenly he has started shedding crocodile tears for IDP’s.

    Sarath Fonseka at a press conference supposed to have promised to weed out corruption. Very Good . We want someone to do that. But that alone will not help to run a country. Every leader before he/she comes into power says this and moment he/she is in power, it’s forgotten or sidelined. So best thing that Sarath Fonseka could do now is by setting an example by declaring his assets both in Sri Lanka and overseas and come clean on the nomination date.

    There will be money flowing from the western vested parties, local traitors, may be even funds from Tamil Diaspora (he has already requested existing LTTE cadres for their support) and from the international conspirators, INGOS for the election campaign. He is already desperate, He is begging support of the LTTE cadres and parents of Velupillai Prabhakaran. What is his agenda now? Isn’t this request a signal as an oxygen to the Tamil Diaspora who are hell bent in reviving LTTE? Sarath Fonseka is even ready to accept blood money for his election campaign.

    Sarath Fonseka should realize that he is contesting with President Mahinda Rajapaksa who has political experience over thirty years. Does Sarath really believes that Sri Lankans will vote for a person like him who does not know ABCD of politics? Sri Lankans forget the past very easily. Even dead Prabahkaran mentioned this when he was planning attacks on civilians. Sri Lankans are learning to forget him as a war hero. They have already forgotten his war operations and his credentials. Sarath Fonseka is no patch to President’s Mahinda Rajpaksa’s political experience and political acumen. This is not only my view, but view of thousands and thousands of Sri Lankans who wanted sustainable stability and peace in the country and only President Mahinda Rajapkasa and his team could deliver it albeit there are certain shortcomings that need to be addressed.

  6. Today night.. “I strongly believe, that this country belongs to the Sinhalese..”.. tomorrow morning.. beyond 13+.. When you turn 180 degrees within night you are truly not in either end.. just blabbering for your advantage..
    Its now revealed that the war was won by Sarath Fonseka.. Navy, Air Force, STF, CDF, have done nothing.. Once Sarath Fonseka become president he will dissolve useless SLn and SLAF…
    Where are all anti-corruption angles, guardians of democracy, independent saul searchers…
    Its true that Sarath Fonseka doesn’t know about economy but he will take a crash course in economics from Ravi K.. 100% no corruption in SL after this course..
    Sarath Fonseka commanded Jayasikuru too.. When some officers went home protesting Anuruddha RatWatte Sarath Fonseka went to Mankulam along A9 and come back.. Its totaly due to failure of Army.. political leadership was same..
    Presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka is in India on a private one day visit, according to his close aids. Sarath Fonseka left for India late last night and is scheduled to return to the island tomorrow. His aids however refused to divulge the purpose of his private visit./
    As a true patriot Sarath Fonseka wanted to warn India not to intervene Sri Lanka’s affairs.. The worlds best General will invade India and keep Tamilnadu under his control if India doesn’t listen.. He will not do ass licking for India, Iran or China (USA excepted) like Rajapaksha doing..
    Indian government wanted to get advice from the worlds best General how to fight against China and Pakistan.. General adviced to get rid of useless Navy and Air force first.. Its also reported that Indian government wanted to inform Sarath Fonseka in person that they India will not intervene SL affairs after he wins.. India also apologized for dropping parippu to Jaffna.. Next time if needed India will drop parippu directly to Ambalangoda or wherever Sarath Fonseka want it..
    Mahinda is 1000 times better than Sarath Fonseka since there is high possiblity that thousands of “Keith Noyahr” can happen due to the gentle, democratic and uncorrupted rule of the General.
    These accusations were made by his new pals UNP. They must be telling the turth. Otherwise how can he embrace his accusers?
    Sri Lankan Diaspora are selling their free education, thanks to poor Sri Lankans, to enhance foreign economies. They are selling their properties and taking money overseas enhances foreign currencies while devaluing SL rupee. Did Sinhala Diaspora send money to SL Government during the war time? At least Tamil Diaspora collected millions and millions dollars for their cause.
    Even when they come to Sri Lanka once in a while for so called vacations; most of them are spending local money without cashing their dollars.
    Our Diaspora is only good at free advice nothing else.

  7. There won’t be any JVP members in the next parliment. They wll go down into the dustbin of political history.

    How can one assure whether Sarath Fonseka, having resigned in protest for not having power in CDF would ever step down to be a ceremonial president after a so hard-fought battle for executive presidency.

    As the campaigners for Sarath Fonseka makes so much so confusion now one can only expect more chaos in case of unlikely SF victory.

    Known devil is better than unknown.

  8. General SF made a greatcontribution to his MOTHERLAND BYending the war. We wonder who put him up to divide the country once more.If the govt. is resorting to thuggery,nepotism etc. there are other ways to overcome these problems. What SL needs now is development, peace, prosperity NOTdivision among our own people.

  9. You hit the nail on the head. I observed that there is great deal of enthusiasm among Sinhalese yuppy crowds in Colombo. i’m yet to see the same enthusiasm among ordinary folks. most i believe confused with all this nonsense.

  10. It looks like Alice in Wonderland day by day
    We are in interesting times. I just hope that your fans do not bash us Indians just for the heck of this, We wish all you folks only the best

  11. Dear dear Kusal,

    When will you ever learn that none of the presidential hopefuls would ever abolish the executive presidency or give Tamils what they have been asking for. A federal type of govt. not unlike India and US.

    Choksy and GL did come out with very viable options for the Tamils, among them a kind of union of states instead of unitary state, but their suggestions were summarily dismissed by the powers then.

    Tamil politicians including Siddharthan and Anandasangari have joined the bandwagon of Douglas, Karuna and Pillayan in that they would support whoever comes to power so they would be seen as negotiating for Tamils but in fact they would hold on to their entrenched positions and enjoy some cabinet portfolios.

    Not trying to be cynical but going by the history of attempts by politicians to appease Tamils, Tamils would remain vote-swingers, and like monkeys we would swing from one party to the other with not a solution in sight in the near future for our lost rights.

    “What lost rights? Haven’t we wiped out terrorism and finished the LTTE?”, you will ask. You will also say that IDPs are now free to leave the camps. “There now what more do you want?” you will persist.

    I say to you I do not know the day I walked the streets of Colombo without fear of being identified as an ethnic Tamil and hence subjected to threat, intimidation and even arrest.

    At Lake House I had to walk past the peons who would mutter, `Kottiya’. At pressconferences any questions I ask are replied with the guffaw and the military spokesman would say ,”why don’t you ask your brother, Prabakaran’.

    Thanks to my easygoing ways and being able to converse in Sinhala I was much beter off than others who couldn’t speak Sinhala.

    Do I want to vote for Mahinda, Fonseka or Wickremabahu.

    None of the above.

  12. I think SF & his team boasting and trying make the people believe that without SF, we could not have won the battle against LTTE. I think that is bit too much. Ok as a head of the Army he did the good job. What about the Air Force , Navy & police? Were they sleeping in the camp? Do you believe that SL Army alone can succeed with LTTE? Never. This was the coordinated task. The man behind this task was MR. There is no question. As soon as he became President he put the strategy on right track. Increase and strengthen all forces. Cut off all supply chain to LTTE from outside. Develop and re-shape diplomatic tie with IC especially with neighbouring countries. There are many. Those strategies led him to the victory. Not only he won in the field but he brought KP known as LTTE’s back bone from his long term hide out. But this victory is not permanent until he find the root cause and resolve the issue. He can’t keep continue his bazaar politics. He has to stop and prove himself as a leader as well. Since independence all the leaders who came to the power ,clearly understood Tamil’s fundamental problems and their aspirations. But they could not resolve. Because you never let them resolve. That is why whole country suffered lot. You can’t simply rest your-self as LTTE is gone & war is over. That is not true. Our internal problem come to the international stage. People never heard about SL now have much knowledge about SL than us. Young Tamils in the overseas talking about “Blackberry Revolution”. They lobbing to the civilised world. So we have to look these issues as new dimensions. I don’t think SF and his team are capable to tackle these challenges . I think they will cultivate race and religious conflicts and bring the country back to 1948. You should not let them ruin your life. That’s why I think Sinhala ,Tamil & Muslim people should join together and support to MR with the condition of resolving ethnic problem permantley. Even though he did many bad things( including divide NE merger )against minority in the past now he has no choice other than resolve this problem. If he fails, If we fail to do this, no one can stop the country divide.

  13. The confusion had to set in sometime and the goof had to come out into the open – sooner than later. Plato, Socrates, Hegel were all thinkers and their thoughts changed the world. In more recent times lowly China came up on the Thoughts of Mao – with some “thallu-start” from Deng and we now have that once war-ravaged poor land half a centurty ago – China – leading the world in just about everything. So the brainless oafs too started itching and then some bright-eyed guy came up and coined the empty shell of Mahinda Chintanaya. And the Sinhalese – many of them congenital suckers, some might say, with short memories – fell to the trap again. This time not for 2-measures of free rice from the moon or for the eta-ata but on the delusionary grandeur of “another Singapore” – unstoppable economy, peaceful country, strong government, vibrant judicial system, great law and order machinery and so on. Now they realize that this is one Chintanaya where the 4 decades of politics of the source is identified with anything but thinking or anything connected with grey matter. And so turmoil and mayhem is in the horizon. Fortunately, we have Superman in the fray. “I promised I will finish the tigers in two years. I promised I won’t allow VP to make the next Mahaveerar Speech. I promised I will not allow the war to be settled by the next Army chief. I am a man of both words and action. Now I promise that I will beat the tin-pot dictators, settle all your economic, political and other problems – and I will deliver. Don’t you trust me, I am a good Sinhala Buddhist; I am Superman-Batman-Spiderman all in one” And, in his pidgin English pitches in “What’s wrong with you b..g..r..s?” And the show goes on.


  14. Fonseka said yesterday that he had not personally killed or attacked any journalist and therefore any attempt to involve him in Lasantha’s killing would be tantamount to an effort to implicate the army, which he described as a professional and disciplined force. But, recently, he said something different, when the government offered him a security contingent consisting of soldiers and officers. He wanted to handpick his guards claiming that the personnel the government wanted to give him could even be an assassination squad! Ironically, he made this accusation in an interview with The Sunday Leader on Nov. 22. He said: “They initially reduced my security to 25. I protested. They then increased it to 60 infantrymen. Again I protested and now they have assigned me a mere 12 commandos –– not men that I handpicked. They are all new men. They could be an assassination squad –– maybe they are trying to assassinate me.”

    If the army is professional and disciplined and not capable of carrying out illegal activities such as assassinations at anyone’s behest as Fonseka claimed at yesterday’s press conference, why should he fear threats to his life from a group of army commandos assigned by the government to protect him? Hasn’t he as the former army commander insulted the army in a bigger way?

    When Associate Editor of The Nation Keith Noyahr was abducted and tortured on May 22, 2008 before being released the following day, the blame for that crime was placed at the doorstep of the army. The then Editor of The Nation Lalith Alahakoon minced no words when he told President Rajapaksa at a meeting with newspaper editors at Temple Trees a few days after the abduction, as we reported on May 28, 2008, that there were some Military Intelligence vehicles sighted near The Nation office spying on journalists. Keith Noyahr had been critical of SarathFonseka. So much for the military and attacks on the media!

  15. I got to say good news and bad news.

    Good news is I am going to vote for Sarath Fonseka
    Bad news is I am going to go abroad after elections

  16. Whatever MR’s Supporters accuse SF to be is what MR is already is and more !

    SL is military state already under Gota.

    Rampant corruption and nepotism.

    No Rule of law, Police and the court is under the influence of MR.

    Heavy borrowing is taking the economy to a disaster.

    Atleast with SF, SL has hope, With MR, it is a guaranteed loss.

    One does not need political experience to be a good President, All it takes is the will power to make change.

    I think People of SL has better chance with SF including the minorities.

  17. If SF replaces MR as President of SL, as far as the Tamils are concerned, it’s like going from the FRYING PAN INTO THE FIRE !!!

  18. If Sri Lankans do not want freedom then they can stick to Rajapakses. They will have to be satisfied with what Rajapakases dish out for them. But for those who want some kind of freedom and wants to try till we succeed in installing a proper government thenwe will have to vote General Sarath Fonseka to power. Lets change till we achieve what we want. Not stick to this corrupt and murderous Rajapakses. We saw how Christian Churches being crushed by the JHU priests under this present Governmet just a few days back. We saw how tamil IDP’s were exploited to the maximum and releasedalmost naked back to their shattered homes aft squandering all the aid given by foreign governments for their wellfare. Lets have a decent people to administer and not HELPING HAMBANTOTA FAME MAHINDA RAJAPAKSE. We have educated and well bred sons of Lanka to Govern us than third grade ill bred greedy Rajapakses. All Sri Lankans awake. Do not be bootlickers of anyone.

  19. Tamil people did “exercise” their democratic rights in a profound manner in the recent municipal elections that were held in the aftermath of mass human rights vioaltions and massacres of Tamils.

    If similar mindset is to repeat-which is very likely, they will largely abstain and/or not vote for neither SF nor MR.

  20. #14-Pearl Thevanayagam

    I say to you I do not know the day I walked the streets of Colombo without fear of being identified as an ethnic Tamil and hence subjected to threat, intimidation and even arrest.

    At Lake House I had to walk past the peons who would mutter, `Kottiya’. At pressconferences any questions I ask are replied with the guffaw and the military spokesman would say ,”why don’t you ask your brother, Prabakaran’

    Iam puzzled by your comments. Most Tamils have no problems like this. Political problems yes, but personal problems with sinhalese who are some of the friendliest people no. I believe your problems would have stemmed from paronoia, or foot in the mouth disease where you would have uttered some support for prabaharan’s mob or eelam. I can’t believe that they were picking on you without you provoking them in some way.

  21. #17-Layan

    Good news is I am going to vote for Sarath Fonseka
    Bad news is I am going to go abroad after elections

    For Srilankans good news is you are going abroad.
    Bad news is you are voting for SF, before you go.

  22. Mahinda Rajapakse proclaims to be a Buddhist, but is not a good Buddhist. He may be a Christian in disguise. The reasons are as follows:
    He married a Christian woman (a true Buddhist will not do this)
    The wife is a very stron Christian even now secretly
    He got married in church
    His children are baptised
    May be he got baptised too
    He sent children to St Thomas
    He attends Church masses
    He does so much for the wife’s family
    He talks about “God” in his speeches. There is no God in Buddhism, but lesser ‘gods’
    When he was in the Opposition he said “I will get permission from Prabhakaran to go and worship the Madu Church”
    He regretted not being unable to attend the Madhu feast this year
    He rushes to see the Pope at whim and fancy, even strong Christina country leaders do not have such a desire
    He hugs and kisses senior Bishops more venerably

    In contrast Sarath F is a true blue Buddhist, more than him his wife, Anoma, who observes sil on Poya days. But at the recent Press Conference Sarath F also uttered the word “I pray”. Buddhists do not pray. This cast a doubt whether he too had got converted, but I am sure he is a better Buddhist (a Dharmapala Buddhist) than Mahinda (an Olcott Buddhist)

  23. Hay Guys, There is an election. To have a balanced election, there should be at least 02 contestants believed to be equally balanced. Then only you could see a decent outcome. Who else that anyone can put across other than those 02 ? Therefore take it in a good spirit. Only one person will win. I believe whoever the person losing has sacrificed his sole for the betterment of the country to maintain the democracy. Otherwise, just imagine where the country would go with a one horse race. We all have seen where it ended up with JRJ’s 5/6th majority.

  24. Our people are not fools to bring this man to power at any cost. Army men have nor ruled our country and it wont be for ever.This is not Pakistan or Burma.This our homeland and we are not fools to listen or give our valuable vote for such a individual who has joined with the man who has lost fourteen times in the past elections. Be reasonable my fellow citizens and think about better future of your children. Stopping the war is enough to give this President your valuable vote to carry on his good work further more. Every Sri Lankan who was born and bread in my country from south to north and east to west can walk tall in freedom and dignity whether he is a Sinhalese,Muslim,Tamil,Burgher,or Malay because of the current Presidents strong will power and his good governance. He is the poor man’s leader not for the rich like Wickremesinghe clan.He is from the village and he understand the poor peoples grievances and needs that’s why he is going to have elections before two years of his Presidency. If he wants to cling to power and greedy for power he can easily stay another two years and come forward after finishing all the big big projects which he started like Hambantota harbour, Roads,Airport, etc. I don’t think our masses will forget by that time what he did to this country how he finished the dirty war after 30 years with the help of all mighty and the citizens of Mother Lanka. Can this General who wants to take all the pride for himself for finishing the war can be a President of my homeland as the current President? Is he have the quality to govern this land of gems? After all can you trust him as he is the Podu Apeshkaya for all those funny characters like white masters pet Ranil,Awamangalaya, Jumping fish Hakeem,Three stooges Somawansa, Herath & Silva and the LTTE garbage who tried their best to take our leaders to International courts with the help of their white Masters. What is his qualifications to become the President Of Sri Lanka? Is he know anything about politics? What he will give to the masses HAND GRENADES, T 56, LAND MINES etc? He is a retired disgraced Army General who has come forward to destroy our newly got Freedom and our democracy. He doesn’t have a good heart. He is a revengeful person with greed for power and money like those past political traitors. So please use your brains before you chose the right person for the right job to govern our Peaceful,beautiful Motherland Sri Lanka.

    Why was he in China when the war was in the last stages? Why he said to the news media that the war will go for some more time at least till December 2009? What about the village lad who sacrificed their lives to save the Motherland and why this Sarath Fonseka never mentioned those heroes and why he wants to take the credit for himself because he is a selfish man who thought that he can take the power to his hands after the war. No way General as long as the genuine peace loving peoples in our motherland who understand the truth is there no Army or Traitor can take our land. Now every citizen irrespective of Faith, Colour or Religion united from Dondra to Point Pedro and our lion flag will flutter as one country under the watchful eye of our true hero and President Mahinda Rajapaksa for so many more years to come. You General nor those dirty traitors can come to power or wont be able to live in our homeland after this coming historic elections next year.

  25. This is not a computation for who is the hero, Since If it’s Rajapakksa even be closed to Sarath Fonseka. Since he scrifise half of his life to war. And Rajapaksa is a man who supplied woman to Anura Bandaranayaka during 70’s & 80’s. And trying to be a nice man to public, and doing all the corruption with his brothers.
    I hope people will get rid of him for good.

  26. According to the analysis of the results of past elections, it will not be surprising if General Sarath Fonseka is elected as the next President.

    Sri Lanka is supposed to have a high literacy rate but when it comes to making decisions of significance, they are always founded on emotions prevailing at that time.

    MR has committed some blunders in the manner he and his henchmen have treated the General. The credible stories of large scale corruption is gaining currency. Although the war appears to be over, some of the adverse consequences of the war that can be easily removed to ease the burden on the people still continue to devalue their quality life. For example, the defence levy still continues to be imposed.

    Democracy in short means the rule by the majority . This depends on who the majority is. The majority varies depending on how you look at it and what rights are implemented in reality. Is the majority all Sri Lankan citizens or all Sinhala speaking buddhists or all people born in Sri Lanka over the age of 18 or anyone who is over the height of 5 feet. When we choose the distinctions that separate us we can either become a member of the majority or minority. But we always decide these questions on the basis of race and religion. This is because we attach so much value to them more than the other qualities that separate us from one another. A good example is making Buddhism the State religion by JR by incorporating that into the constitution. This creates inequality. General Fonseka’s comment to attach more value to certain group of humans living in Sri Lanka over others, creates divisions such as minorities. There will always be minorities depending on the common qualities shared by the group in power. In the end it is all about the extent of rights enjoyed by a person because of the distinct qualities he has . This will depend on the psyche of the people. who knows, unknowingly an Obama situation may have already happened in Sri Lanka. In other words a King, President or a Prime Minister whose blood is mixed may have ruled Sri Lanka already.

    Be that is it may, I only hope any leader who comes to power is not myopic and will see the bigger picture.

  27. According to the analysis of the results of past elections, it will not be surprising if General Sarath Fonseka is elected as the next President.

    Sri Lanka is supposed to have a high literacy rate but when it comes to making decisions of significance, they are always founded on emotions prevailing at that time.

    MR has committed some blunders in the manner he and his henchmen have treated the General. The credible stories of large scale corruption is gaining currency. Although the war appears to be over, some of the adverse consequences of the war that can be easily removed to ease the burden on the people still continue to devalue their quality life. For example, the defence levy still continues to be imposed.

    Democracy in short means the rule by the majority . This depends on who the majority is. The majority varies depending on how you look at it and what rights are implemented in reality. Is the majority all Sri Lankan citizens or all Sinhala speaking buddhists or all people born in Sri Lanka over the age of 18 or anyone who is over the height of 5 feet. When we choose the distinctions that separate us we can either become a member of the majority or minority. But we always decide these questions on the basis of race and religion. This is because we attach so much value to them more than the other qualities that separate us from one another. A good example is making Buddhism the State religion by JR by incorporating that into the constitution. This creates inequality. General Fonseka’s comment to attach more value to certain group of humans living in Sri Lanka over others, creates divisions such as minorities. There will always be minorities depending on the common qualities shared by the group in power. In the end it is all about the extent of rights enjoyed by a person because of the distinct qualities he has . This will depend on the psyche of the people. who knows, unknowingly an Obama situation may have already happened in Sri Lanka. In other words a King, President or a Prime Minister whose blood is mixed may have ruled Sri Lanka already.

    Be that is it may, I only hope any leader who comes to power is not myopic and will see the bigger picture..

  28. Reply To Comment No 26 – James Thenuwara :-

    I have some hocking news for you James, a True Buddhist will marry a Chistian woman. It is a philosophy of life, therefore a tru Buddhist have to live according to teachings. You have to remain detached. How are you going to do that by attaching oneslef to one set of beliefs and by not beng open?

  29. MR – 60% at the election
    SF – 35%
    A huge win sure

    70% sinhalese are with MR
    60% muslims are with MR (Hakeem only has a few now, all the oher muslim leaders and ppl are with MR. MR himself is a friend of Muslims)
    60% tamils with MR (after MR won the war for them, settled them, developing east, every credible tamil leader is with MR except TNA , mano is not an accepted leader e is big only for UNP, mano is a one man party)

    SF can take some pleasssur of running for President till 26Jan, after thatn everything will fall down, There is no clear reason to change the leader now for any honest citizen yet.

  30. Kusal is pretty right this time.

    Since 1982, we’re seeing the most confusing presidential aspirant in Sarath Fonseka.

    Not only confusing, contradictory and illogical statements fired by SF, UNP and JVP, but further it’s quite a montessori approach to electioneering.

    We are heading towards the most dull election ever which result is a forgone conclusion.

  31. Sarath Fonseka THE TINPOT DICTATOR.

    SF calle MR a “TINPOT DICTATOR”. But he himself was one during his entire military carrier. He never respected his seniors. He was a man for himself . He had his own “my men” everywhere who got special treatment and those who had differences of openion with him were treated very shabily. If once fall against him he never forget that. He carried grudges for life and avenge at every possible oppotunity. He always manipulated the system to intimidate others. Always claimed the credit for himself and put the blame on others. Always enjoyed the lion’s share of everything and leaving nothing for others. He never had any regard for the rights, dignity or respect of others. He virtualy stripped the other officers in front of rank and file subjecting them to extreme humility. He did the same thing of his predesesors in front of the media time and time again.

    He used to buldoze his way through everything having no regard at all for the other openions. He used the rank and file as objects not like human beings. He abused the female soldiers, dozens of them during his carrier.

    He always glorified himself. Bribed the petty media jokers and let them write stories after stories grandiozing himself. It was always “I ,ME & MYSELF” for him. For SF SL Army was his family inheritance. His own Pifedom. He was the sole propriotor. Every body had to live at his mercy exactly as how he wants the minoritie in the country to be.

    This weeknes was well known and previous leaders like CBK or RW never allowed him to come near commander’s chair. But MR being the macho politician was ready to use one barbarian against the other. That’s why he became the commander.

    Once the war was won as a result of extreme commitment and sacrifices from the Commander In Chief, to every day folks and in between, this megalomaniac wanted to take the credit lock, stock & barrel for himself. He easily forgot that this battle was fought in so many fronts nationaly and internationally in addition to the Wanni jungles by various experts at respective fields and everyday folks were holding up all the hardships until the job is done. Given this kind of overwhelming political and popular support any lame duck commander would have done the job
    Within 6 months of victory he had the odasity to turn against his commander in chief and try to overthrow him. In doing so he embraced the same crowd who did everything to make sure the war is lost, the very war he claims credit for. And has his toung in cheak in praising them too.

    All this talks about his charactor. He has nobody in his mind. Only himself. A self centered, power hungry megalomaniac who is dreaming of becoming the lifetime monarch of the kingdom of Sri Lanka. He is shrewd like a fox and ruthless like a tiger. Can change the colours like a chamilion and arrogant and shameless 1000 times than CBK. So folks writing is on tha wall.
    Hoi poloi in the street is ready to die for him, not knowing what is comming on their way. There is a huge chance of him winning riding on this gung ho crowd. That day the people of the country will learn what a TIN POT DICTATOR actualy is.

  32. I was appalled by comment #26 by James Thenuwara. indicating that a “..a true buddhist would not marry a christian”. This statement shows how insecure, low-level and how “un-buddhist” he is. A true buddhist would treat another person based on his or her conduct and not based on race or religeon. Being a true buddhist that’s why I married a kind and compassionate catholic woman.

    Sorry, for going off-topic but had to call these people out.

    To be on the topic, this is my own projection of the voting pattern.

    Most of the traditional blue votes would go to MR and the most of traditional green votes would go to SF. So it’s wash.

    Muslim votes would likely be divided between the two, but with a slight advantage to SF as a TMVP/Govt protest vote in the East. Rauf Hakeem factor would also help UNP/SF.

    I would expect a low Tamil turnout in the election. Neither candidate would appeal to the general Tamil voter. Wickramabahu is likely to get most of the tamil votes as a protest vote on both candidate.

    The independant voters would also be divided. Some against Rajapakse family and others against SF’s ego.

    There are close to about 1 million new and young voters
    in the south. Most of these young voters were raised in an era of war with “war heroes”as their idols. SF would have an edge with this group. Plus it’s always rebellious to oppose the govt.

    All in all, SF would have a slight advantage over MR. Whether it would be enough to get more than 50% is yet to beseen.

  33. Mahinda Rajapakse bribed the LTTE to suppress Tamils from voting. In a few instances hands were chopped off by LTTE to comply with the agreement. It would be quite shameful as a community if ANY Tamil vote is given to Mahinda Rajapaske.

    I do not advocate vengeance or retaliatory action. However, correct the historical blunder and demonstrate to the world your vote is no longer for sale.

  34. Would we have got the same result as we enjoy today, if Mahinda, after winning the election in 2005 thought that, since he won the election he would be qualified for any thing else and appoint himself as the commander of the army to conduct the war………..?
    If not why would somebody think that it will properly workout in a vice versa senario…….?

  35. JVP always contradictory to their policies. They vehemently opposed to provncial councils in 1989 and now they are active mebers of the every councils and get salaries and provilleges. They opposed to executive presidency and shared executive power with Chandrika’s government. somawansa always uttered that they will not allow UNP to come to power but now they sign secret agreement with common foes(podu hathura).
    The only objective of these people is send MR home because both UNP and JVP cant survival if MR in power. Executive presidential system cant be abolished even executive president himself (current or future) and that matter shoud deal with the parliament. If they want to overthrow this government they should bring better programme. corrupte UNP or incapable JVP cannot halt abuses of powers and corruption under their regime and they have not prove it during their regimes. Rauf Hakeem will fight till he gets minister of Post and others also same.
    Country need long term plan to develop and it shoud be practical one. MR is the president till come with better plan.

  36. Dear D.B.S,
    I am a great fan of yours and I have been following your writings for a long period of time. I lived in Sri Lanka for thirty long years and grew up with chaotic politics in Sri Lanka under the leaders like JR, Premadasa, DB, and Chandrika. But I never saw a bright future for me or my family under these rulers in Sri Lanka and finally decided to leave the country to get away from chaos. Thanks to this current president things have now changed for better and I am thinking of going back to my country to give back something to the country that gave me everything.
    My initial reaction after the war was over that this President will get a huge mandate at the next presidential election and at subsequent parliamentary elections he will win 2/3 majority, and will use that political capital to change the constitution to provide a just and equitable solution to the ethnic problem and also launch a massive development revolution. And once the proportional representation system is out Sri Lanka will always have majority governments from either political party for decades to come.
    However, I can never come to terms with the thinking of Sri Lankans about their own country. Why on earth when they see a clear path to stability they want go back to chaos. I can understand the position of JVP as they need chaos to thrive. What about the others? Are we a nation driven by emotions than facts and reality. Let me tell few things that boggles my mind:
    1) How is SF going to abolish the presidency in 180 days when there are so many constitutional hurdles to do that?
    2) Why would SF even give up the presidency after 180 days ,especially after all these trouble he is going to go through the campaign -Is he an absolute idiot to do that??
    3) How can SF get rid of corruption if he is not going to be the powerful president after 180 days?
    4) How can SF get rid of corruption as a single person in a third world country like Sri Lanka that has a massive government bureaucracy and many layers of political structures?
    5) How does he plan to govern with a coalition (even for a short time) that has JVP,UNP,TNA,MC as partners. What would be the public perception of such a coalition.
    6) How can we believe that SF is not a racist after what he said about Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese only . Many people believe when someone spontaneously utter something under no pressure that person is telling the truth rather than subsequent justifications and corrections.
    7) How can one believe SF when he himself contradicts so many times (I lost count)
    8) And finally, why would people of Sri Lanka punish MR after everything he has done to his country in context of past leaders like JR, Chandrika and Ranil.

  37. Reply to #33.
    I standby what I stated in #26.
    A true Buddhist will not marry a Christian, that’s why in marriage proposals we look for the Religion before everything else. It is like Tamils do not want to marry Sinhalese and vice versa. Such marriages are always troublesome.
    Prabhakaran stressed that Tamils must not marry Sinhalese. Sinhalese parents do not like their kids marrying Tamils. This is the inconvenient truth.
    To my knowledge every time a Sinhalese Buddhist marries a Sinhalese Christian, the wedding takes place in the church (it’s not a Buddhist wedding), the Buddhist spouse starts going to the church (and not the otherway round) and starts worshiping the Christ, the kids inevitably become Christian etc. This is because in Sri Lanka Christianity is ‘superior’ than Buddhism (Christianity is followed by the English Speaking ‘posh’ Colombo elite and also venerated by the Whites in Europe).
    Our Buddhist monks think MR is a true Buddhist, but they are mistaken. I have given reasons as to why we should suspect this. Even Champika Ranawaka had been a Catholic who had been trained in a Christian Mission under a famous Catholic Father. Now they are screaming as true blue Buddhists!!! Sajith Premadasa is also going in the Christian pathway, but not his educated wife.
    Ranil, Chandrika have proved that they are staunch Christians, but are Buddhists in disguise. Chandrika went and married a Catholic. SWRD was an Anglican and it is suspected that he got converted to Buddhism just for politics. According to his grandson, JRJ was reading the Bible just before he died (not the Dhammapada! – he was also a born Anglican). Premadasa , DB Wijetunge were true blue Buddhists.
    ‘Dharmapala Buddhist ‘– a true follower of the Buddhism and practices the Buddhism as taught by Lord Buddha
    ‘Olcott Buddhist’ – a Buddhist sympathizer. Will do anything to promote Buddhism, but does not practice what the Lord Buddha preached

    Anagarika Dharmapala left the company of Olcott when he saw Buddhist statues were put on the floor of Olcott’s house ,without giving any due respect to them. He was very upset

  38. Fellow country men,
    since 1948 we are either with green or blue and we couldn’t find much difference on governing our motherland. WHY NOT give a try and look for third option. WHY NOT SUPPORT MR Siritunge Jayasuriya. We are always engrossed with those talk show personalities, Please look around we have choice to make a difference. LETS MAKE CORRECT CHOICE FOR THE SAKE OF OUR MOTHERLAND

  39. This article is only about two candidates.
    Why is that no one coment about the third candidate?.He stood for the opressed.Underwent lot of troubles.He was even not allowed to come to Canada .
    There is going to be a president only.The others will loose the election.He also took a stand that is very open.Even those who invited him to support their cause, do not come out and voice their support.At least I have not seen in the media except for a few talking about him.

  40. #42-James Thenuwara

    A true Buddhist will not marry a Christian

    I have 2 questions to ask you

    1. If a Bhuddhist has a Christian first name{let us say for example James} can he be a true Bhuddhist?

    2. If a Bhudhist man marries another Bhuddhist man{let us say Fonseka brings in legislation legalising gay marriage} can he be considered a true Bhuddhist?

  41. Déjà vu – we are back to the future in 1956.

    We have two marauding lions clawing on one another, we have minority parties fragmented, directionless and speaking in many voices, and the entire world is watching in amazement the comedy unraveling on the island – the only difference this time around is, it’s all on real time in cyberspace. A backwardly futuristic 1956.

  42. Dear DBSJ
    Please do not publish my previous post. Instead publish the following comment.
    Sorry for the trouble.
    Thanks Again
    Take Care
    Kindest Regards
    Watukarage Kamal Munasinghe

    Mahinda could have easily fired Sarath. Could Sarath taken over the country through a coup, no. If he could have done this, the best time would have been just after war.
    So, he was kicked out the way he deserve just after the war ( he couldn’t do anything) and now he is being treated the way he deserve and still he couldn’t do anything. Our people seem to understand who he really is, just another power hungry megalomaniac.
    Hundreds of patriotic soldiers and warriors who gave their life for our nations, but I can only remember one or two political leaders who put the nations above themselves.
    So it is very difficult to think so highly of Sarath Fonseka he is in the act of being a traitor to our nation and opening so many wounds in this nation instead of letting it heal.
    Also he is making our country exposed to foreign elements who are waiting to for a chance to pounce on our nation and claw back what they have lost last few years.
    So what we should really wish for is a country that does not bend down to external pressures, that will try to develop all their citizens under one nations. For the last four years; at one of the most defining junctures of our nation, Mahinda successfully managed our nation, and therefore there is no reason to doubt that he could achieve this for the next six years of his presidency if he successfully win the PEs.
    Sarath Fonseka, could not claim to be a military genius because he had failed many times in the past.There were a lot of failures under him. In fact, he’s the one who ordered the withdrawal of troops from Jaffna in 2000,
    Over 30,000 Sri Lankan troops were trapped in Jaffna when the LTTE struck devastatingly in an operation codenamed Oyatha Alaigal (Unceasing Waves) III. Though Fonseka had ordered withdrawal, President Chandrika Kumaratunga and other higher ups in Colombo ordered the troops to stay put and fight it out. Pakistan had flown in multi barrel rocket launchers and ammo desperately needed by the besieged troops, and the LTTE was driven back into the Wanni jungles.
    If the Army Commander claims that his was the only contribution, then what of all these privates, whose numbers were the most sacrificed in the field, security forces commanders or the battalion commanders or Brig. Shavindra Silva whose division captured Pooneryn and went all the way to Pudukudiyiruppu.? Then everyone can individually start claiming credit. This was purely a team effort. And what about the Navy, thanks to whom the Sea Tigers couldn’t get out to the sea, or the Air Force?
    In honour of thousands of war heroes who sacrificed their lives especially at the Kilali, Muhamalai and Nagarkovil (“National Front”), an investigation must be carried out into possible neglect, collusion, politicisation or any other form of commission or omission on the part of military leadership and/or communication that could have taken place between top military and civilian leaders.
    In April 2000 over 1,250 soldiers laid down their lives in Elephant Pass in the biggest military debacle in Sri Lanka. No proper investigation has been carried into this even after a decade.and what a withdrawal it was!!!
    Army lost 1,200+ men NOT because Army didn’t withdraw on time but because Aemy didn’t fight properly!! and that was not the last attempt to hold elephant pass either.
    at least 5 more DEBACLES followed in the SAME place under the guidance of the SAME man Sarath Fonsekaa
    In 2006-2008 over 1,000 soldiers sacrificed their lives in a series of military debacles around the same stretch of land of 10km in attempts to regain Elephant Pass among other objectives. All these happened under the able supervision of one military leader who even refused SLN and SLAF support.
    The main opposition UNP says its leader Ranil Wickremesighe will not accept the premiership of a caretaker government which will be appointed by General Sarath Fonseka if he wins the next presidential election nor will it accept any major positions in a caretaker government./
    Ranil is nations Mr Clean. He will not accept corrupted positions like PM. He will stay as opposition leader until he dies.
    Senior government minister to be appointed as Prime Minister of care taker government
    A senior UNP parliamentarian told Lanka News Web that the Opposition Leader was looking at the possibility of appointing a senior SLFP minister in the UPFA government to the post of Prime Minister in the care taker government to be set up by General Sarath Fonseka once elected to office./
    Please note that this senior minister is not corrupted.
    Four including Ministers and an MP who is a former proud Sri lankan sportsman are to quit the Govt. ranks and are ready to support Sarath Fonseka for the upcoming elections.
    It is learnt that the President who was having discussions with several persons at the Temple Trees yesterday night had given out the names of the persons with much disappointment. It is also reported that those in high places of the Govt. have been instructed to closely monitor their activities . movements and their phone call conversations.
    Sources also say that Kurunegala Municipal Council Deputy Mayor Asoka Abeysinghe is to join the UNP in the next few days, and that he has met UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe last night
    Rumors are doing the rounds that Kurunegala District UNP M.P. is to join the Govt. In that event Abeysinghe has been promised immediate appointment as the Organizer for that District ,the UNP MP now represents.
    These MP and 3 ministers are not corrupted. In fact, any one will crossover to UNP are not corrupted. Even any idiot can understand this “Corruption” .

    Speculations are rife in the political circles that Former President Chandrika Bandaranayaka Kumaratunge’s son Vimukthi is to contest at Gampaha under the UNF ticket for the forthcoming general elections,
    Sources say , Vimukthi Kumaratunge will be contesting against Senior Presidential Advisor Basil Rajapakse at the Gampaha District at the next General elections.
    Vimukthi who is living in UK is working as a Veterinary Doctor.
    Tissa Attanayake answering queries on this said, so far there had been no such requests from the side of Kumaratunge to contest under the UNF ticket. But, in politics anything can happen. He cannot predict what is in store for the future.
    We are sick of Rajapaksha family rule. We need Fonseka family rule for change but Fonseka’s daughters want to stay in US (and Sri Lankan tax payers will pay, of course) we get CBK family rule as Ranil has no kids.
    Sarath was brought to UNP by Chandrika. Sarath’s family thinks VERY HIGH of the Bandaranayakes.
    Peter Fonseka was a socialist but of the type that joined SWRD.
    Sarath was sent to Ananda thanks to a letter given by Kularatna who by that time crossed over from UNP to Sirima.
    In 1960 the 3 month UNP govt transferred Peter Fonseka to a remote village in Batticaloa/Ampara as a political punishment for aligning with the Bandaranayakas.
    In 1960 the SLFP govt not only transferred them back to Galle district but also gave Sarath’s father and mother BIG political promotions.
    In 2000 Chandrika heavily relied on Sarath to defend Jaffna and Sarath told madam that he will sacrifice any number and defend Jaffna.
    In 2003 Chandrika stood by Sarath when the High Security Zone issue came up.
    Mangala, Sripathy, Anura, Wijedasa, Arjuna,…. are ALL Chandrika’s men/gays. Bandaranayakas are like GODS to them TOO.
    Chandrika’s next plan is to evict Ranil from the UNP and grab the top post. then she is trying to reclaim the SLFP back. Mahinda should not do the mistake of appointing Basil as the PM. SLFP BADLY needs a PM. Ratnasiri – the contingency option – is now useless as the war is over and his time is over. a younger guy is in need. IF MR dies without proper succession planning, he will be a joker.
    Lasantha was in conspiracy with UNP against the Government but he was later getting unhappier with UNP(for what ever the reasons are). It was also rumoured that Lasantha was going to switch sides. Just before his death is writing began to contain some praise for Mahinda for his resolve against foreign powers. Also defence columns in his paper became more optimistic. Also some criticisms against Sarath were published in the leader. Then he was killed. Keith Noyahr has also published criticisms against Sarath. Then he was attacked.
    The rumour, the common candidate being Sarath floated even before the end of the war
    Why Mangala was not attacked? If it were the Mahinda Gothabaya work they could have attacked Mangala too? Why Not? Could it be Mangala’s aversion to Sarath just pretence to cover up the conspiracy? We cannot be sure either way. There is an untold story behind this. It could be that LTTE intelligence also had a hand in all of these. (Who knows?).
    Certainly we need a Genuine Truth Commission. Before that we need stability. What ever the faults of Mahinda, Mahinda is the best choice. He is the one who can be trusted most by far.
    IF Jagath Dias or Shavendra Silva or even the vanni overall commander Jagath J were made the army commander in December 2007 or December 2008, POLITICALLY Mahinda would be in a better place.
    No question about this. Evidently, Mahinda backed the wrong horse – at behest of Gothabaya and while sure enough the horse won the race, now the f*cking horse is up for contentious debate whether or not if it had been on drugs – as the horse is displaying strange tendencies – like trying to mate with street dogs !!!
    People do not want to know much about corrupted Generals so nor the journalists but want to know about politicians…. that is the truth.If anybody comes to politics ,be prepared to face the consequences of their past acts.
    We demand two things fromn Sarath Fonseka, (a) Let us know whether your Son In Law had anything, even technical support in relation to arms procurements (b) whether you are willing to undertake DNA tests to compare and conform illigitimate childrens. This is nothing to do with political campaign. It is very important thing to do with to who that we hand over this country’s future. It is future of our children, our heritage, our culture. The allegation of womanizing with Sarath was legendary all through his career. The storey is that he held on to his Chief of Staff Parami Kulathunge’s official residence at the Army HQ was to satisfy the Commander’s lust for women.
    Kumbala maalu kewanam vindawapan balalo…!”

  43. @ James Thenuwara

    I don’t recall the Lord Buddha ever teaching anyone to judge other people the way you seem to be doing with these sweeping generalisations. If there was one thing really great about Buddhism, it is that you are responsible only for you salvation. Nobody elses. And please don’t snipe at me about the fact that ‘salvation’ is a christianized word.
    And FYI, the poruwa is not a buddhist wedding ceremony to begin with. there is no such thing. You mean ‘Sinhalese’ ceremony of course.

  44. Herr Generalissimo’s giant ego has made him jump into bed with the red comrades and the UNP. He has made a nice achcharu that has the capacity of giving a monster stomache ache to entire country.
    The last time the country voted an inexperienced politician as President we ended up with two terms from Banda’s daughter and the last time Germany voted an “injured war hero” as Chancellor they ended up with Herr Adolf…..might be sweet Candy for some but not for the country as a whole.
    Anway i don’t think the country should be worried too much, if MR can’t stop Fonny from becoming President, Ronny definitely will find a way to stop Fonny from becoming President.

  45. If MR and SF are compared SF is far better (100 times) and intelligent than MR. MR came to politics in 1970s due to nepotism. He had been in politics for 40 years, so he is responsible for the destruction of mother lanka for 40 years. MR acts like a joker, can’t even give a speech properly without mumbling (afte 40 years in politics). He appointed the world’s largest cabinet comprised of more than 100 ministers, all of whom are absolutely corrupt. Thanks to Chandrika and Mahinda regimes not only the politicians but also the bureaucrats became corrupt and got actively invlolved in politics. SF came to positions due to sheeer merit, determination and good luck (MR also had lots of good luck). the fear in appointing MR is all the useless creatures like Ranil, Mongal, Jayalath, Kiriella, Mano will come to power. JVP is very fine.

  46. Common thing all these – Dudley, Chandrika, Ranil,MR , Mongal , Basil R, Chamal R, Anura B- they all came to power thanks to Nepotism. Very rarely a nepotism appointee becomes a good efficient leader such as Gota, who is extraordiniarily brilliant

  47. #44, #45, #47

    All of you have missed my point. Don’t apply the doctrine to me, I am just no one. I am talking about Country’s leaders – the country’s destiny is in their hands not mine

    #47 your 1st is an intelligent question but 2nd is bunkam ( I am not going to waste my time answering hypothetical questions .

  48. DBSJ
    Why are your articles shorter than most of the comments? or why are the comments longer?

    Confucius you are confused…………..DBSJ

  49. My oh my,

    Kusal started an interesting argument but commentators like Shankar replying for 23, 24 and 25 and many more are picking on people without giving any coherent or erudite opinion.

    He is no different from the mobs organised by politicians to throw mud at opponents.

    Shankar does not seem to have any opinion on the writing of Kusal except to aim scurrilous and presumptive comments about commentators.

  50. The Number-1 reason as said by SF to resign from the Chief-of-Defence was, he has not given more powers as promised for that post.

    Will such a person satisfy with a nominal “picture-in-wall” non-executive presidency with no powers?

    If (a big if) he becomes President, then he may setup few blasts in North again and then may said ” Situation is not good now for the abolishing of the Executive Presidency” and carry same as before. To carry-on he needs more trouble in North-East. And may ended up in the Military power as that is only what he knows best.

    With all the respect to his military skills, he is not a person who has gratitude or gesture of goodwill even at a dog’s size. Gota personally instrumental bring him on and due to his pressure MR extended his term. Now he has the shameless to bite them back for the power. So do you expect anything magical for the newly met friends like Somawansa and Ranil? And personally he got loads of benefits from the MR (which will come to light in coming days!)

    Big questions is if SF was not invented my Mahinda, who will could be the Presedential Candidate? And can he win?

    JVP : Anti-West
    UNP : Extremely Pro-West

    JVP : Sinhala Extrmists
    UNP : Need minorities for power

    JVP : Agaisn t Open Economy
    UNP: Creator of Open Economy

    JVP : Aginst 13ht Amendement
    UNP : Proposer of 13th Amendement

  51. The past is past. If what Mano Ganesan says is true, SF if elected, now consents to the 13th amendment and beyond, and appoint the constitutional council first.
    Then he will cause the modified constitutional provisions to abolish the executive presidency tabled in parliament. MR will have no option but to support it along with his supporters as he has promised the same, all along.
    Once all this happens, true democratic governance will be established.
    Then, he can dissolve parliament and hold democratic elections under the newly appointed elections commission.
    The newly elected government will implement the 13th amendment.

  52. To James Thenuwera # 26 # 42

    Sorry I’m totally lost. I don’t understand what you are trying to say by this here. Because of the facts that you mention; we have to support to MR or reject him? This is nothing do with his politics. So you mean you can vote for only “True Buddhist”. What do you mean by true Buddhist? I think that you haven’t got depth knowledge of Buddhism. I think instead of following the preaching of ‘Lord Buddha’ you are following the preaching of Dharmapala. I’m sorry but you are not true ‘Buddhist’. You are simply religious fanatic. You never learn. You still living in the stone age. So far this block is a good platform to have healthier arguments in decent manner. But people like you waste this space and our time.

    NB: As far as I know VP never stressed that Tamils must not marry Sinhalese. Other half of his political wing Nadesan was Sinhala lady. I’m sure you know when they try to surrender to the Army ,they were shot by the Army. But your point of view the army who shot them was a ‘True Buddhist’. Am I correct? By the way , where was your first name ‘James’ came from. Did you get it from e-bay?.May Lord Buddha bless you!

  53. So what being one a “true buddhist” deserve more votes. I would say mahinda is more hindu than buddhist going by the kovils he visits in india.

  54. With all that rhoteric all of us know that this election is not a mandate for the benefit for Sri Lanka’s common man. But ,the election is between the most corrupt politician in the history of Sri Lanka and a corrupt potential dictator masked as politician. Both are contesting on self glory -who is the hero after the war?

    Can any of you advise, is there any provision under the constituition or under the Electoral laws of Sri Lanka to suspend both of them from contesting the election and to be judged by the Supreme court whether they are free from corruption and suitable to lead Sri Lanka?

  55. Ref Comment # 16. the” brainless oafs’ you refer to finished off your beloved Liberation out fit in less than three years.

    You may call Sinhalese congenital suckers, who go for two measures of rice,but I can tell you that they will never get sucked into a black hole like the one VP create for the you people.

  56. “Shankar does not seem to have any opinion on the writing of Kusal except to aim scurrilous and presumptive comments about commentators.”

    Ah don’t mind Shankar, he is just an old cobra trying to show the world he still has fangs. He the shrek donkey of DBSJ’s blog we all need for comic relief when fraternal tensions become too heated Pearl. Best not to take his observations too seriously, because unlike you he doesn’t actually know much, much less experienced anything directly.

  57. The two main presidential candidates have their plus and negative points. But they were both help the country to get rid of terrorism and all sri lankans should be thankful to them. Now they both are at their thoats due to two different reasons; SF wants to get revenge from MR clan for removing him unseremoniously from office. MR has to fight for his life and if he fails to win, the whole Rajapaksha dynasty will be gone for ever with the loot they collected. And the baggage they carry, “yes-ministers”, “Mervin the idiot”, Hudson the !@$% kisser, will be history. We the public have a choice to select what kind of action we like to see. I, myself like to see thrillers.

  58. # 26 James Thenuwara

    Why don’t you let the man have his wife and the state too ?

    You may say Ceaser’s wife must be above suspicion.


  59. Comments # 26 & 42.
    A Buddhist married to a Christian or a Hindu or a Muslim displays understanding and tolerances These are qualities that are more valuable than the blinkered views of morons like “James” the true blue Buddhist.

    MR is showing some success in his efforts to put Srilanka on the right track, after eliminating the curse of terror that ravaged the the country for thirty five years, The long suffering Tamil people also slowly, but surely seem to agree, that MR is genuinely keen to make these people obtain their right full place in a unified , democratic, and a prosperous country.These are goals can only be achieved over a period of time and not overnight as the puppet masters of Fonseka seem to tell the public.

    If MR succeeds in delivering a peaceful and prosperous country where every one can live a reasonably comfortable life. the opposition parties and their current leaders will be history.

    So this is the last attempt of these desparados to have a go at MR with the new found weapon of mass destruction. But it won’t work.

    Fonseka wouldn’t know the 13th amendment even if it bites him on the ass.He was a careerer infantry man who knew how to fight.Even then the Rajapaksas had to provide him the vision.resources ,leadership and logistics as the same way they did to the other Services Commanders to achieve the overall objective of defeating terrorism.

    Among all the Commanders ,Fonseka seems to have reaped the most benefits out of the final battle if the reports of his son in law’s dealings as exposed in these columns are true.If that is the case Fonseka should pack up and join the son in law and enjoy the benefits of the new found wealth ,rather than getting his name tarnished by being a spoil sport.

  60. #64 Romeo Sampath Wickremasinghe

    when fraternal tensions become too heated Pearl. Best not to take his observations too seriously, because unlike you he doesn’t actually know much, much less experienced anything directly.

    Welcome to internet dating folks. First the shoulder to cry on and then—————————-

  61. Kusal wanted to remove the pro-war President at last stages war. He now wants to keep the pro-war President at times of peace. The man never made any sense.

    The only blemish on Gen. SF is his statement on minorities. The Canadian tabloid took it out of context by reporting only only half of the statement. Gen. SF explains his stand on minorities in his first press release. The video available here.


    This site is being blocked to SL internet users by Rajapaske govt as they did with TamilNet.

    Two wrongs never made one right. Nevertheless its important to realise there were Tamil politicians who made racist remarks over the course of the war. However what is important is to move on and think of the future.

  62. One of the very best soldiers we had was General Denzil Kobbekaduwa, much senior to Fonseka. As Denzil led his soldiers from victory to victory, his fame skyrocketed. Whilst peaceful Sri Lankans hailed him as the 20th Century Dutugemunu, Tigers feared and detested him like the devil incarnate. Ironically, his rapidly increasing popularity was perceived by those in power at the time as a bigger threat than that posed by the Tigers.

    Finally, on 8 August 1992, Denzil was blasted by a bomb planted by an “unknown party”. Several high ranking officers, including the equally heroic Brigadier Wimalaratne and Rear Admiral Mohan Jayamaha were blown to pieces together with Denzil.

    When fingers were pointed at the late President Premadasa, he wept inconsolably. In a vain attempt to clear his pitiful name of the horrendous crime he definitely didn’t commit (he had been accused of many others, though). Premadasa publicly pleaded, “Please assassinate me, but not my name”. The true villain behind the attack on Denzil’s party was never discovered.

    Another valiant officer who was deeply hated by the Tigers was Major General Lucky Algama. On his retirement after many a victorious battle against the Tigers, he – unfortunately a born UNPer – was persuaded by Ranil Wickramasinghe to join his political campaign. On that fateful day of 18 December 1999, Algama, the disciplined military man he was, appeared punctually on the UNP podium as the election meeting started. Only a few minutes ticked away before a bomb exploded killing Algama instantly. Curiously, Ranil who was billed to preside the meeting, was “a bit” late and escaped. Again, fingers started pointing at others.

    Next was Major General Janaka Perera, a soldier who had made a name in the media as a clever war hero. On his retirement (premature, some say because CBK mistrusted him) and after a stint as a diplomat, he was offered the UNP nomination for the post of Chief Minister of NCP. Janaka, hailing from a very dark-green-blooded family, gleefully accepted Ranil’s invitation.

    This was the time when the real war against the terrorists had started under Mahinda’s leadership. Ranil beseeched Janaka to condemn the way the war was being fought. That was one of the main reasons for Ranil’s offer of the top nomination to Janaka.

    Janaka knew it and tried his best. But, to his amazement, he found that the war was being prosecuted in an exemplary fashion as never before, both politically and militarily. And, the committed soldier he was, Janaka couldn’t bring himself down to concoct deliberate lies about military manoeuvres and strategies. In Ranil’s eyes, what little criticism Janaka dished out was inadequate and ineffectual. It is said, that during this period, every morning and evening Ranil lambasted Janaka for not doing enough to sabotage the war effort. Ranil was angry and disgusted with Janaka’s performance.

    Finally, the inevitable happened. On 6 October 2008, Janaka, his wife and a host of others were blasted into smithereens at the opening of the UNP office in Anuradhapura. Strangely, again Ranil was absent at the moment of mayhem and escaped as usual. On this occasion, fingers were pointed even at the government, in the state of sheer madness triggered by the inability to even guess who was behind the heinous crime.

    The stage is now firmly set for Sarath Fonseka, widely sung supreme war hero of our time. As the Tigers are now generally regarded as a spent force, if and when the predictable happens to Fonseka, most gullible people (that is the majority of Sri Lankans) would believe that it was engineered by Mahinda’s government. Fonseka’s whinging about reducing his protective guard would give much credence to such a belief. No amount of explanation would erase the inevitable damage to the reputation of Mahinda et al.

    If the Rajapakses are as astute as seen more often than not, they would provide top notch protection to Fonseka and even rein in their mangy dogs who have snarled at him in the recent past. The belief that Fonseka is safe because the Tiger suicide cadres are almost wiped out is misplaced. We must realize that not only there are remnant Tamil terrorist cadres in the country, but that Fonseka could be taken out by mere contract killers. It is well known that both these groups are symbiotically linked to the enemies of the current government.

    As for Fonseka, who is in a perpetual ego trip, no advice may work. However, at least in a fleeting sane moment – if such moments exist – it would be healthy for him to think about the villain who was behind all the assassinations of the past soldier heroes. After all, Sri Lankans want Sarath the war hero to live, not die in vain and ignominiously like Janaka.

    The scoundrel responsible for the deaths of the great soldiers is also responsible for the assassinations of his own party leaders so that he could rise up the ladder, one rung at a time (one rung up and two rungs down). A born loser, one of the most despicable characters in Sri Lanka’s political history, he is the one who conferred with the Tigers and contrived the demise of Lalith Athulathmudali, Ranasinghe Premadasa and Gamini Disanayake.

    Unless he wakes up from his dream soon, General Fonseka would never see the day of the election, he is only a disposable pawn in the villain’s power game.

  63. Welcome to internet dating folks. First the shoulder to cry on and then—————————-

    If you think this is internet dating then clearly you have been out of the game a loooong time.

  64. Disclaimer – Please note that you may not belong to any of the following descriptions. You may simply be a person from UNP, SLFP (PA), JVP, LTTE, SLMC, TNA, CWC, Manoganeshans group, EPDP, EPRLF, TELO,PLOTE, JHU or any other group

    Money Speaks
    1. UNP – Explicitly capitalist party – money speaks all the time

    2. SLFP/PA – Marred by confusion, between communism/Marxism/…isms and CAPITALISM. From the 70’s to the 2010 capitalism has ultimately won.

    3. JVP – confused between Marxism and capitalism once again. We need to decrypt what JVP is…

    Down trodden, poor but partly educated a few e.g.
    a. In the more capitalist money making professions (Doctors/engineers/lawyers). JVP’rs are the ones who didn’t want to study or couldn’t keep up with others……… and more so wanted “others not to do well in their life”. They belonged to the lower 10th Percentile of this group.
    A strange phenomena happens once they pass out and start earning money… they slowly transform into capitalist. I believe that there will be a lot of examples from the readers of similar people; of course there is an odd one.
    b. When it comes to the non-capitalist, poor money making professions… they are full of JVP/Marxists. Why?
    They can’t protest their jealousy to the capitalists alone because they are weak as individuals. Why are they jealous? Because they are capitalists who couldn’t do well.

    c. That’s why Rohana Wijeweera was eating Turkey and Basmathi in a mansion or Nandana Gunathilaka sipping champagne with the imperialist/capitalists or the utterly shameful Wimal Weerawansa posing for photos in an armoured suit in Italy. I believe it is right for Mr Somawansa Amarasinghe and all others who are hanging for that capitalist rescue!

    d. Another set are the JVR’rs who just support in case.. one day they can, climb the capitalist bandwagon!

    e. The last set of JVP’rs are the ලිඳේ ගේම්බො (Lindey Gembo, The turds in a well)

    4. The mother of all — the TAMIL STRUGGLE!!!! (TELO, PLOTE, LTTE, EPRLF, EPDP, TNA and others I can’t remember )

    a. They elected Mr Rajapakse for money
    b. Diaspora is all about money
    c. KP is full of money mmh lots of bank accounts
    d. The remaining LTTE/Supporters … trying their best to squeeze the ලිඳේ ගේම්බො (Lindey Gembo, The turds in a well) diaspora or the anti singala (the exact opposite of JHU or the tamil version of the JHU) tamils
    e. TMVP aka Pillayan aka Karuna aka lots of others .. self explicable
    f. Douglas Devananda / Ananda Sangaree (very quiet these days)
    g. Daya and George MASTER’s

    5. The minority parties (CWC, SLMC, The Burghers party (i.e. MacDonalds) … you know what they mean!

    6. What about Vasudeva? is he for money. Someone can let me know!

    7. Is Wickramabahu Karunaratne not for money? or is he trying to get on to the Capitalist Bandwagon? I don’t know at this exact moment.

    8. The fascist JHU / The hela urumaya (or urumakkarayo). Another down trodden set from all walks of life. From university professors to beggars, from sinners to saints (lol), from Beef eaters to anti beef campaigners, church smashers, monks, businessmen.
    They are not anti capitalist to be fair. They are are a set who squeeze the remainder of the fascists to gain money/power etc


  65. One of the reasons Sarath F has resinged from the post of CDS is that it was a ceremonial post without any command.

    How do you think he will take up a ceremonial post of President after the abolition of the Executive Presidency and the appointment of a Executive PM.

    The bottom line is that he wants to settle scores with the Rajapakse’s , its a personal vendetta and nothing more.

    The incumbent President is the common enemy of the UNP, JVP, SLMC , Mangala and Mano amd now Sarath F.

    Mahinda Rjapakse will win anyway, the only question is whether he can get more than 60 – 65 % of the votes cast and a margin greater than 30 – 35 %

    SF will be reduced from a Hero to Zero,

  66. If he ever becomes the President of Sri Lanka, Sarath Fonseka will increase the army to 300,000 and annoy India.Indians will resist him and work against Sri Lanka because they don’t want anyone else challenging or nullifying their regional power status and influence.

    And to crown it this person will open up army camps with families in North and East to pacify and obtain the support of soldiers. This will create another massive problem worse than the earlier one. Future looks very bleak under him.

  67. From Fulgencio Battista in Cuba to Augusto Pinochet in Chile all those who were propped up in power over their people in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Bolivia and Argentina too, were dictators, almost all of whom waged into politics in military uniform. There were other such people seen in Africa such as Idi Amin, and in the Middle East, too.
    President who has been elected by popular mandate in a free and fair election, and who is seeking a fresh mandate, before his first term is over,.
    In the coming election, President Mahinda Rajapaksa is seeking a second term on the basis of what he has achieved for the country in the four years of his first elected term of six years. The highlights of it are the defeat of the LTTE’s terrorism under his watch as Head of State.
    He is also placing before the country the record of development in the past four years, which far exceeds what any government since independence had carried out in such a short period, or even in much extended terms as the UNP’s 17 years from 1977 to 1994, and the UPFA led by Chandrika Kumaratunga did from 1994 to 2005.
    Jumbo shove
    As the a section of the UNP, with strange allies such as Mangala Samaraweera, and Chandrika Kumaratunga too, in what seems to be an impossible campaign to get Sarath Fonseka elected President, the vast majority of traditional UNP voters are in a quandary as to what has become of their own party. After more than 60 years in politics it has failed to field its own candidate.
    Its leader is so unpopular that he fears running for election, as does the party fear to field him. But what is even worse is that the UNP has had to abandon out its own cherished symbol of the elephant, as well as its, colour green, to serve the interests of Fonseka who believes that he can float into office on wings of a swan.
    Sarath Fonseka choosing the swan as his election symbol is indeed prophetic. Legend has it that the song of the swan heralds its impending demise. The non-superstitious would call it mere coincidence and others may argue that Fonseka’s is crowing and whinging, not singing, but the quirk is weird, indeed.
    It will be interesting to see what more the UNP will be ready to shed, as it gets closer to the JVP; and also how the JVP will explain to the people and its own cadres how they can be in such a tight political embrace with the UNP. But such is the politics of opportunism, especially in a situation of desperation, when forces repeatedly discarded by the people at the polls, have to seek the shelter of a discarded uniform and faded brass to come before the people, with a plethora of promises that are self-contradictory in their essence.

  68. Hi DBSJ
    As I commented earlier it s getting more funnier
    Typical Alice in Wonderland or forgive me the poor pun
    SL in Blunderland!!!!!!!
    Those who lived by the sword are damned to die by the same.
    History always repeats but the second time is a great farce
    VP must be rolling in his well deserved grave laughing.
    The rot is setting in so soon &so fast better than his wildest dreams

  69. 71. Sunimal Silva | December 5th, 2009 at 12:45 am
    What happened in India when Sarath Fonseka visited?

    Sl was Playing cricket with India & SL predocted to loose again Poor Stuff

  70. 71. Sunimal Silva | December 5th, 2009 at 12:45 am
    What happened in India when Sarath Fonseka visited?

    SL was playing Cricket in India SL is Looooooooosing again

  71. Tamils theory
    We Tamils recognise the Sinhala nation. We accord a place of dignity for the culture and heritage of the Sinhala people. We have no desire to interfere in any way with the national life of the Sinhala people or with their freedom and independence. We, the Tamil people, desire to live in our own historic homeland as an independent nation, in peace, in freedom and with dignity. That is all we seek. Nothing more nothing less.

    In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” Edward Bernays in Propaganda

    “Ethnic cleansing is a crime against humanity. Ethnic cleansing is about assimilating and digesting a people. It is about destroying the identity of a people, as a people. And in the case of Sri Lanka the theoretical frame was articulated with clarity in July 2009 by Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksha
    Now, my theory is: there are no minorities in Sri Lanka, there are only those who love the country and those who don’t… For reconciliation to happen, there must be a mix [of ethnicities]. Here the Sinhalese, the Tamils, and Muslims inter-marry. In my own family, there have been mixed marriages: Sinhalese with Tamils, Sinhalese with Muslims. This is Sri Lankan society…” Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa’s Theory of Reconciliation: Intermarriage, 7 July 2009
    Given President Rajapaksa’s genocidal record, it seems that his theory of reconciliation may be simply stated: kill off as many Tamils as you can and then marry those that you have failed to kill. It is this Sinhala society which President Rajapaksa seeks to pass off as a Sri Lankan society – albeit with a Sinhala Lion flag , with an unrepealed Sinhala Only Act, with Buddhism as the state religion, and with the Sinhala name ‘Sri Lanka’ which the Sinhala majority gave the island unilaterally in 1972 .
    Srilanks lost its Soveriegnty to India,China, The west that is why SF, opositian leader Rajapaksha all are running there to get permision. But Srilanka refused to share it with Tamils.

  72. Reference Comment 70. – Kobbekaduwa’s death was investigated by two independent commissions of inquiry, one appointed by the government, and the other by the Kobbekaduwa family. The verdict was that the bomb which killed him,had been fitted to the landrover in which he travelled, by his own army.
    Algama and Janaka Perera were blasted by LTTE suicide bombers as were Athulathmudali,Premadasa and Gamini Dissanayake.
    Why should Ranil or Sarath Fonseka be blamed for these?
    It is the height of stupidity to say that Ranil caused these deaths in connivance with the LTTE.
    Foseka is at risk from hit-squads of the government, same as those which killed Lasantha W & other journalists.
    This is why the government is dilly-dallying about his security.

  73. While you Lankan citizens know the best about your country, I just want remind people that media and political commentators don’t like surprises. They have just been institutionalised. Don’t expect the media to be fair to General Fonseka. Infact media is bound to try and hurt Fonseka, no matter what his policies are.

  74. Those who are desperately trying to ge rid of the Rajapakshes are missing the point. They have not done enough analysis on psychological aspects.The moustache means everything in relatively cleanshaven Srilanka especially for the village lasses. The stringy moustache of Fonseka is not going to get him anywhere. Mahinda without his moustache will be like Hercules without his hair. VP was the only one who came close to this moustache and gave a good fight. The moustache makes the man in Srilanka. Cleanshaven Ranil is a nonstarter.

    The way to beat Mahinda is to travel the lengh and breadth of country, even into the forests and find a guy with a bigger moustache than Mahinda. If you can’t see his mouth and nostrils, all the better. A real jungle man is what is needed. Make him the leader of the joint opposition. He does not need to speak to anybody. Mangala can do all the talking on his behalf, saying he is very busy formulating policy.

    Whenever Mahinda puts his posters, put this guys posters next to his. Put his cutouts next to Mahinda’s.Watch the fun as Mahinda gets psychologically affected, and the village lasses getting excited.

    Though they have missed the bus at the presidential election with a stringhopper{iddiappa} moustache, the opposition can achieve something at the general election, by following this strategy.

  75. Without doing the right act one cannot be a Buddhist.
    Emperor Asoka is a king the whole world can be proud of, because he understood the agony and suffering that a war could brings. He understood the saying,
    “Yo sahassan sahassena sangame manuse jine eekan cha cheiyya aththanan sa che sangamajuththamo.”
    (Though one may conquer a thousand times a thousand men in battle, yet he indeed is the noblest victor who conquers himself)
    There is no “Holy War” in Buddhism, all killings inflicted by war will bring consequences to those who participated in it. This is why our the Buddhist war heroes have sacrificed so much for the country, they sacrificed not only one life but also risked a lot of suffering in thousands of their future lives to come, depending on the kamma they created ( based on intentions). It is known that even the Great King Asoska was born as a python for a short time after death, this is, however a story with some logic in it.
    If anyone thinks that kind of kamma created by killings can be cancelled by offerings to temples and participating in Buddha Pujas , Bodhi Puja, he is a fool.
    Even the Arahant Angulimala had to undergo pain because of previous kamma.
    Someone who did killings or organised killing for a good purpose had a good intention, although killing of any king is bad kamma. This good intention (if it was honest and not driven by desire for political gains) should be cultivated further after the punishment is delivered and gradually the “good killer” should transform himself further and advance himself to a stage of enlightenment. If he did not have good understanding of real Buddhism, he must visit forest monks or good monks who can help him to develop to such a state. It is imperative that the king, after a “just war”, consult the best monks available for his own spiritual development and goodwill. I do not see or hear Malwatte and Asgiriya are the places to visit, for this purpose.
    J R Jayawardena promised a “ Nivahal Dharmishta Samajayak” ( Prosperous/ independent and Justice Society) and created a “Vahal, Adhrmishta” ( a country that go begging and cultivated injustice). Instead of talking “ Bana” to people ( giving Dhamma advice), if he himself had taken a pistol to kill the Big Animal , he may have saved 100000 lives and immense suffering to people could have been avoided. Although killing creates very bad kamma, he had all the opportunity to create a justice society and if he had done that, the happiness of seeing what he had done could have helped him to reach a very high stage in his very life. This complicated phenomenon cannot be easily explained; anyone but a fool can see the good and bad effects of war. Therefore, the life as a “Buddhist King” is never easy.
    We must remember the Buddha said “even if someone takes a saw and start to cut your limbs off, if you develop hatred towards him, you are not my disciple”, in Kaka Chupama Sutta.
    Although it is not easy to live as a king, it is not that difficult as the President. This is because the President need not take all decisions by himself.
    Can we become a phoenix? or we simply go on astray without much of aspirations? Will future generations remind us with great pride?
    Do we have a leader who has the wisdom and more importantly courage to present country loving secondary leaders before the masses? Will there be good leaders who are willing swallow the bitter pill in terms of practicing austerity? Are we ready to accept what is good for the future perhaps not for the present?
    Viable and practical answers can be found for those endless questions, not necessarily to follow models, a country loving leader with dictatorial touch and frank desire to achieve the end result holds the key.
    Certainly we can, simply believing the great victory we achieved in the recent past and how we pulled through it with one clear goal.
    We, as common people need to overhaul our thinking more than the leaders, simply because we make them and we know what we need.
    To transform the nation to a great nation the opportunity we got today is a very rare occurrence. The favorable political and social atmosphere prevail at present is so unprecedented and conducive.
    The battle we never fought in the history due to various reasons cannot be ignored today.
    If the countries without natural resources could become economic giants, certainly we have no excuse, unless we are ignorant parasites.
    A lot depend on leaders and we are responsible for creating them, if not blame game will go on and hopelessness will become way of life.

  76. Re#14 Naming some names and shoveling dirt on them is the easy business.So i also join in this.How peculiarly funny is that famous daily from Jaffna promoting Mano Ganesan’s idea of backing Sarath?Remember Mano the man was so close that “powers then” now clamouring for SF to come to power?The man-King of sports fame- who made that famous 40,000 body bags in parliament, is back quietly in SL it is reported. Mullivaykaal where are you?

  77. There may be around 10 candidates and one of them will be called common candidate. Since MR is contesting from the ruling party and if there are more than two candidates, common candidate from opposition does not make sense. So we may understand common candidate means common for a few parties in opposition and not for entire opposition. It would have been nice if they could use some other name instead of common candidate which doesn’t make sense and self
    contradictory. Main battle will be between MR and SF. We can expect from both sides to field their own dummy candidates as well.
    It seems some still wondering who should get credit for war victory or who is the hero. The important thing is we should realize this is to choose our president for next 6 years and not an award selection for the war victory.
    Anyway, for those who still think in lines of war victory its not hard to understand these facts. No 1 is there was a military victory. From the president to single soldier should share the credit. Namely, MR the president, GR defence sec, SF SLA commander, WK Navy commander, RG SLAF commander, STF, police, SW CDF commander then division commanders and 200,000+ troops whos names are unknown in the military front – In political front MR the president, RathnasiriW PM, BR, RohithaB, and other UPFA ministers and all their supporters – In diplomatic front DayanJ, PrasadK, PalithaK and other men. So its clear the military victory is a result of a combined team effort and not due a single person.
    Another way to look at this is ask who should you blame if we lost the war? If you blame some one when bad thing happened you better give credit to the same person when he achieved.
    We may assume we need to choose between MR and SF (disregarding others if any) and analyze who is the best choice for the country. We are yet to get formal policy statement from either side. However, we don’t take decisions
    totally based on such a handout – its not legally binding. We consider what they say in rallies, what their past behavior and actions and who are the people surrounding them. (If you want to judge some one, one easy way is to look at who are his friends.)
    There are standard promises any political party include and more promises you give more marketable it is.
    I am not sure what MR is going to present but I expect some out line related to development and some sort of ‘solution’ – so called political solution and specially a northern development plan. SF may present abolishing EP and corruption free government.
    MR: MR stands as the best president SL produced in post independence era and perhaps top 10 rulers in 2500 years history.

    Good – He is experienced, proven able, successful, determined, brave, patriotic democratic leader. He has shown that he can identify right people, get the job done, work with even opposing party members.

    Bad – Too much tolerance toward own party members when they go beyond limits.

    SF: SF is new comer with maximum two months experience as a politician when PE is held. He is not tested. Last 40 years he was trained and practiced taking orders from above and passing them down. He was proven good general –
    however, doing great in one filed doesn’t imply you do well in another field – politics. Further, we are not seeking a man for another military offensive with any party.

    Good – He is determined.

    Bad –
    Its well known that SF doesn’t talk to WK. Such an attitude is not of any great human – not definitely for a leader or team
    player. I believe its GR’s great coordination that made tri-forces combination a wining team.

    He sent SamanthaS who failed in Muhamale while he sent home ParakramaP who took Thoppigala. PP was accused of stealing 800 rupees worth furniture from army and also accused of treasury stealing but proved innocent in court. His issue was with PrasannaS then SF commander also well known. This shows in general he has problem with working people and personal choice comes before treating the talent.

    He was a confident commander but totally opposite as a politician. He wanted 48 hours to answer a
    question and he couldn’t keep his promise either.

    I think its VP’s ego that finally broght his death at NDKL lagoon. SF always talk about I, me, my, mine and thats not a good quality. SF’s ego is such that he wanted to go above even GR the def sec and MR the president. The infamous Muhamale ‘army only’ attack proves how disastrous could be his ego driven projects.
    Its said he has a problem saluting and calling sir to GR, his boss simply becuz GR was his junior when he was in SLA. This kind of ego level tarnish his discipline even as a soldier. If he can’t understand the fact that he as a soldier must respect def sec who is now a civilian irrespective of he is your junior in a different system then this man is not in right mind.
    SF had an opportunity to show how committed he is toward anti-corruption by vacating his official residence soon after he retired – Instead man was crying for house. It was him who asked for resignation and he has no proper house to live in SL. If he couldn’t plan for his families own future, I mean a basic thing like a place to live after retirement, how he is going to solve problems of other people?
    A man betray his own friends who pave the way for his success, who protected him all alone and join with his enemies who once insulted him to serve us..? I don’t believe people in SL are so much lucky to have leaders like that.
    For me, I don’t want a foreign citizen, even a GC holder to be president of my country.
    I believe its the responsibility of the GSL provide sufficient security for any citizen including SF. However, its determined only by defence authorities and not by individual himself. I hope GSL has provided sufficient security and unfortunately there is only one way to prove defence ministry is wrong.
    MR is with clearly patriotic team. He has every one who was with him all alone all the PC elections.
    SF is with anti-SL, anti-nationalistic camp and US embassy is clearly behind him.
    Against MR there are only 4 major accusations.
    Mervin Silva: Its non other than CBK now sitting with UNP who appointed MS as a MP via national list after he came last in the list. MR can’t remove any MP from parliament. For some reason MR is not interested removing people from his party (CBK, MAngalaS, are still members.) Only thing MR can do is removing him from minister post which may result in joining him UNP. There is no guarantee that Mervin will not join UNP led government in such a case.
    100+ ministers: In this system any MP can change sides without losing his seat. Thus any president has to satisfy all of them and only way is giving some portfolios. This will be the case for any president and this cannot be avoided unless we have a military rule or change law. Its highly unlikely any MP voting to give up his chance to change side without losing seat.
    Family rule/ Sahodara samagama: Any president will chose his team and nothing to complain they are relatives provided work is done.
    Corruption: For any government this charge is valid. If you check outside world you will see military juntas are more corrupted than democratic ones.
    EP: All oppositions protest against EP since LalithA. Cycle is you promise to abolish it when you in opposition and when you come to power you will find you don’t have 2/3 to do so and cycle continues.
    Unless you were born after 1985 I believe rest will consider all these accusations as ‘minor’.
    We expect no accusations against SF as he is brand new politico but the main accusation seems his 20/20 commission for DanunaT. SF did right thing by filing a case so that media can’t talk about it anymore and we know court can’t rule it within days. Next is about LasanthW, UpaliT, KiethN (media attacks).
    IF MR wins there wont be any thing different. Then UPFA will get 120+ for sure in GE, we will get another 100 minsters depending on how voters do on preferential and hence a stable ruling party will be there for next 6 years. This may facilitate economic development while his extended family will do as they do now. SF will probably go to Oklohoma, UNP’s eternal leader will contest for GE.
    If SF wins what will happen no one knows. If I asked from 10 SF supporters I will get 10 different scenarios.
    According to UNP he will abolish EP and will become ceremonial president within 180 days. After that I don’t know what difference is there for him compared to his jobless CDS position. I also, don’t know why any one votes for him abolish EP and become jobless person and how this sacred hero can control corruption by giving up all the powers. OTOH, there is no known legal way to do so unless UNP has 2/3 and in such case what he will do is totally his choice and its unknown.
    According to JVP RW cannot be PM. It takes usually months JVP to set up an alliance and days to break from it. In this case their unofficial marriage can break up within seconds.
    Since SF is not a member of any known party he is not bound even by party constitution. Even now the EP can be controlled somehow via his own party and that space for democracy too will vanish.
    According to my UNP friends its basically going to UNP government.
    According some other his supporters SF is going to kick out ManoG etc and colonize north with SLA families and military sort of rule will be there.
    My guess is, since the the only reason SF coming to politics is his ego plus power greediness and as the hindrance is MR/GR he will remove both of them from big picture. I don’t see any genuine plan he has toward country apart from borrowed UNP/INGO vocabulary and Its not hard to see his intention of revenge from 1.GR, 2.MR, 3.WK, 4.JJ and their SLA men.
    In either case, we can expect political instability in SL for a long time. Since the only common thing the sponsors of common candidate have is the objective of removing MR after results released nothing common will be there. If UNP get power via SF we can expect JVP to go for mass protests against privatization, private universities, power devolution, federal etc and thereby reduce sinhala youth by another 50,000. This will give USA and western powers more control over SL and any India/China players may make it even worse.
    SF will get 30% UNP island wide vote base. This is the vote base who will vote (we say) even for “polpiththa” contesting from UNP. Muslim votes in general are for UNP and we can assume they get those as well. Tamil votes may be reduced by 50% even if UNP get the support from TNA,CWC etc. However, fielding a separate tamil candidate may prevent those votes being end up in MR’s ballot box. Some new voters too may vote for a ‘change’ – I am not sure how many. SF may attract those who left UNP due to its anti-war plus federal stance. Any UNP voter get more confidence to vote for SF instead of their serial loser. Those who were victims of anti-MR (LNW type) propaganda, who became recent haters of MR, and JVP 200,000 vote base who in general hate the society will vote for SF.
    For MR, thus his vote base will be reduced from 70% and probably will settle around 60%.
    When war was there almost all sinhalese supported SLDF and that doesn’t imply all of them support or have to support the ruling party. 30% of people are ‘kapuwath kola’ and among English speaking society and internet users its around 60%.
    Its SF’s right to contest any election or do politics. Nothing wrong with that and its upto people to decide their future. We need free and fare election and its the decision of people. Finally, people believe what they want to believe – I will vote for MR and If people wants SF, so be it.

  78. Re-visit another General’s Last Moments:

    At Palay General Kobbekaduwa was treated by Dr John Samarasinghe, anesthetist and Dr Roy Gunawardene, surgeon. General Dr Thurairajah says that Dr R Gunawardene said that the patient could be moved to Colombo. A neuro-surgeon and a thoracic surgeon were needed to attend on him – hence the transfer. Dr Samarasinghe accompanied Kobbekaduwa in an Avro (airplane) with nurses, oxygen, blood and equipment to Colombo. Samarasinghe wanted to transfer to Sri Jayawardenapura (hospital). On reaching Ratmalana, however, at midday, the general was taken out and put on a stretcher first and then placed on the tarmac in the burning sun, although the helicopter was ready waiting to take him to hospital.
    Atapattu, (a major) of the Defense Ministry, rushed to the tarmac. Attapattu said that there were people in civilian clothes. One person examined Kobbekaduwa’s eyes, one person gave an injection close to his heart. He assumed that they were army surgeons. Dr Samarasinghe said that, when the plane landed, Kobbekaduwa was alive. There was talk as to which hospital the patient was to be taken to. Both Samarasinghe and Atapattu did not know why Kobbekaduwa was not rushed to the General Hospital, without being kept on tarmac for 15 minutes. He was finally taken to the Air Force grounds by helicopter and by ambulance to the accident service. There was unnecessary delay in evacuating him by helicopter to hospital. Kobbekaduwa had remarked once that he wanted to die in his boots. Perhaps he had a premonition about the manner of his death.
    No post mortem examination was held. The coroner was not even informed of his death. As Kobbekaduwa was admitted to the General Hospital, we must assume that he was alive.
    The Criminal Procedure Code requires an inquest to be held in cases of sudden death. It would appear that the emergency regulations have been misused in this case and ante-mortem injuries taken into account to give cause of death. Gen Kobbekaduwa was cremated without an inquest. According to Dr Samarasinghe, there was no smooth evacuation process of Kobbekaduwa from Palaly to Colombo and treatment was delayed. There was much confusion regarding which hospital he was to be taken to. No one explained about the injection given at the tarmac. Who gave this injection? General Thurairajah says no injection was given as far as he knows. He did not go to Ratmalana. This conduct is consistent with a continuing conspiracy to secure Kobbekaduwa’s death.

  79. i think it’s going to be a tough contest. Mahinda’s popularity is on the decline due to corrupt practices of his brothers. Wherever you go just listen to what people say, It’s all about the waste & corruption.

    The combined opposition is taking advantage of this and using their propaganda to highlight these issues.

    It looks like the majority needs a change.

    The tamil votes would be the deciding factor like last time.

  80. Sarath Fonseka stated there are lots of Ministers et al from the ruling Government that wants to join him. He has not mentioned the name; looks like no one will join him , though UNPers Johnston, Sajith, SB are likely to join the Government. So, is Sarath Fonseka lying to the Nation? He must come up with the names otherwise people will not believe what he states. Regarding corruption it is not just the Rajapakse brothers, the big man himself, is corrupt. I still believe Sarath Fonseka will give a close fights, he might even win, only if the TNA offers their support to him. If Danuna Thilakarathne had been engaged in corruption for the Sarath Fonseka family (looks like to be the case!!!), then my vote will not go to Sarath Fonseka, because this has so greatly disappointed me – something I never expected to hear about Sarath Fonseka.

  81. Sarath Fonseka now states all the past Presidents gave support to the war. This is bunkum and against of what he stated to Business Lanka in December 2008.

    At a Security Meeting when Balagalla being the head of the army, when he asked for more weapons and equipment, Chandrika the then President, angrily asked him “Mokada wena ratak allannada ochchara ayuda illenne. Owata Salli nehe” (Why, are you trying to capture another country to request so many weapons and equipment, there is no money to buy such weapons.

    Is Sarath Fonseka a hypocrite to say one thing now when he knows the reality is total opposite?

  82. dear dbsj,
    i had high regard for you and your writing if i am right first time i wrote a comment it was not about the situation in srilanka rather it was about you and how i remember you writing for the hindu when i was in school since then i have been reading every week end your blog and i should acknowledge that i have immensely benefited from your blog and my understanding of srilankan politics has gone up.but unfortunately i could not hide my emotions regarding the criticism you made of me and my views.your potrayal as if i am an extremist rooting for ltte seems to be too way off the mark anyway it does not matter every one is entitled to their views my criticism was regarding kalaignars conduct during the end of the war and it makes me to wonder how you naively believed the moves of p.chidambaram and kanimozhi even in tamil nadu people dont believe these people played a trustworthy role and i acccept that thiruma,vaiko and nedumarans views are extreme but i still beleive that if not for them idps would have been idps and it is their criticism which forced indian government to send delegation after delegation to srilanka to see that idps are freed and good news is atleast half the idps have left those camps.any way hereafter better i would not comment becoz better be an observer so that i can continue gaining the knowledge and i dont want to waste your precious time so that you dont need to reply to my mindless rant.bye


    Dear Jagan Sriram

    I am very sorry to have hurt your feelings. Mannikka Vendugiren. Manasiley Vachukkadheenga

    I get very emotional when I see charlatans like Nedumaran,Vaiko etc continue to lead the Tamils of India and Diaspora up the garden path. Tamils in Sri Lanka are becoming more realistic about them.

    The point is not whether I am naive in believing Chidambaram would have got a ceasefire through New Delhi efforts. The point is that the move never materialised because Nedumaran&Vaiko told the LTTE not to accept it because of their selfish motives related to elections

    The LTTE leaders were stupid to believe these people& thinking a regime change in India would have helped them. ON the eve of destruction they realised it. One of the saddest things I heard is the way in which some tiger leaders bade farewell on the phone to family members &close friends abroad. Choking with emotion they said many things including the point that they had been ruined due to believing Tamil Nadu politicians

    If Tamil Nadu Tamils really want to help Sri Lankan Tamils they should work co-operatively with Central&State govts not confront them. Vaiko&Nedumaran& co only confront New Delhi. The raving anti-brahminism & Pan-Tamil sentiments only increase paranoia in India about future consequences of a Tamil state in the Island

    Vaiko&Nedumaran did not go to jail espousing the Sri Lankan Tamil cause. They were jailed for supporting the tigers. Rightly or wrongly the LTTE is banned in India. So what do Sri Lankan Tamils gain by these fellows supporting a banned organization &breaking Indian laws and going to jail?

    What Sri Lankan Tamils need are not bombast against Indian state but quiet diplomacy to get New Delhi act more in sympathy towards Sri Lankan Tamils

    The international implications make New Delhi reluctant to pressure Colombo intensely. So only domestic pressure by Tamil Nadu can get New Delho on an even keel. But your jokers like Nedumaran&Vaiko have hijacked this into a pro-tiger campaign thereby circumscribing potential pro-Tamil moves

    I am happy about what India is doing now though I will be happier if more things are done

    India is working around Colombo & encouraging it to re-settle the IDP’s & bring about a political solution

    India will nOT support a separate State

    I see no problem with that

    Most Tamils in Sri Lanka are also NOT for a separate state NOW because of prevailing realities

    Only stupid,irresponsible elements in Tamil Nadu&Diaspora are stirring that pot

    Tamils need India to foster re-settlement, bring about a just political settlement& then help Tamils to resurrect their lives economically, socially& culturally

  83. #93-Jagan Sriram

    Don’t be like that mate. Come back to the blog. It is up to the viewers to make their own judgement. Everyone has their own views and that’s what makes it interesting. Just because someone puts their view out doesn’t mean others are going to accept it. Just like a lawyer in courts you have to argue your case. No point being sensitive when there is a backlash. You have to give back the same as what you get. That’s blogging.

  84. DBSJ response to #93

    The LTTE leaders were stupid to believe these people

    The problem with the LTTE leaders is if you try to tell them something that they don’t want to believe in, you get a one way ticket to the cemetery.

  85. General (retd.) Sarath Fonseka is conforming to the shameful tradition of past Sri Lankan kings and adigars who have been ‘eveready’ to sell out to foreigners. This tradition, starting with Buvanekabahu of Kotte was kept alive by many other kings and adigars that followed him. Ranil Wickremesinghe whom many consider to be the reincarnation of Don Juan Dharmapala has been the personification of this shameful practice in recent times. Now that the baton has been passed on to Sarath Fonseka, he deserves to be referred to as Adigar ‘Pawnseka’.

    Sadly for him, things do not seem to be going well at all for Adigar Pawnseka. His identity as ‘Robert Blake’s common candidate’ seems to be coming to light along every step of the election campaign.
    He has also been ‘dropping bricks’; even his puppet master Blake will agree that Pawnseka proved his ‘jackass’ credentials by calling President Rajapakse a ‘tin pot dictator’. It is obvious that he did not know the meaning, context of origin, or the inappropriateness of this expression to what he wanted to say but used it impulsively, showing that he is not fit to be president even in a ‘tin pot’.

    The expression ‘tin pot dictator’ was a pejorative term coined in the days of the colonial British plundering of the world (under the euphemism ‘Empire’). The label was designed to denigrate strong patriotic and incorruptible leaders of countries they wanted to invade. The ‘tin pot’ reference was to the then new invention of the cheap metal container.

    Compared to such relatively insignificant ‘brick-dropping’, Fonseka’s hush-hush trip to India last week was a monumental cock-up; the trip was announced as another ‘private’ trip, much like the last one to the US. But speculation was rife in both India and Sri Lanka about the purpose of the trip.


  86. Recently Minister Maithripala Sirisena made a comment that west is using Sarath Fonseka to bring regime change in Sri Lanka. Could there be any truth behind this claim? In April 2002, Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce president Pedro Carmona led a coup to bring down the Venezuelan head of state, President Hugo Chavez.
    Immediately after the coup, members of the military and of the new government said that the decision to force Chavez from power had been made six months earlier by a group of dissident officers in the Venezuelan navy and air force. As the coup was being hatched, the United States met with all the key players, either in Venezuela or in Washington: Pedro Carmona, Vice Admiral Carlos Molina, Air Force Col. Pedro Soto, and several other officers who in February had publicly demanded Chavez’s removal.
    A US diplomat revealed that Molina and Soto had each received $100,000 from a Miami bank account for denouncing Chavez.
    Later it was found that the U.S. funneled almost a million dollars to the organizations that fomented the anti-Chavez coup, through the auspices of the National Endowment for Democracy. Instead of recognizing the coup, the White House term of choice was “a change of government”. Such incidents are common in Latin American, Africa, Middle East and Asia.
    If a head of state of a country is considered to be acting against the interests of the U.S or simply be ‘independent’, most probably plans are made with that country’s opposition, anti-government factions, and its military personnel to bring a change of government.
    This prompts us to ask the question, was Sarath Fonseka’s recent trip to U.S had other ulterior motives than visiting his daughters and renewing his U.S green card. During the visit the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requested Fonseka to volunteer and answer questions on the ‘war crimes’ allegedly committed by Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa.
    Why didn’t he inform the Sri Lankan embassy or the defense secretary before agreeing to meet with the officials at the U.S Department of Homeland Security? What made Sarath Fonseka to volunteer for the interview? Was there anything else discussed other than the alleged human rights violations committed by the government of Sri Lanka? Are these DHS interviews just a cover for what was really being discussed behind closed doors? Were there plans to conduct a coup after the defeat of the LTTE? Is running for presidency against incumbent president Mahinda Rajapakse, with the help of anti-national groups the second stage of a master the plan to bring down the government? Also, the secret meeting which took place soon after his return from the U.S with the US Ambassador Patricia Butenis adds further suspicion.
    Is there a conspiracy? Maybe, maybe not. However, it’s always better to be aware and be prepared.

  87. Those who are conversant with the operation of the U.S. system do know that the Department of Homeland Security(DHS) has no knowledge of an individual named Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and that the DHS do not monitor political developments in foreign nations and how those regimes operate. If that is so how did the DHS come up with the Rajapaksa name to inform Sarath Fonseka that he is being invited to an interview to inquire about Sri Lanka’s defense secretary (the DHS officer erroneously said defense minister) and his alleged involvements in the so called war atrocities? The only source for that information was Robert Blake’s office in the State Department.
    One could visualize the invisible hand and forces behind Sarath Fonseka which may have a possible interpretation that the United States prefers a regime change in Sri Lanka with the installation of a regime ‘friendly’ toward the West and the U.S.

    Within days of his departure from the U.S. Fonseka branded Sri Lanka president Mahinda Rajapaksa a ‘tin pot dictator’ and is prepared to take him on at the forthcoming presidential election in January. The term ‘Tin Pot Dictator’ is a popular phrase among American diplomats and politicians to describe Latin American heads of state at various times.

  88. The war against the LTTE, that had international backing was won due to team effort. The President, defence sec., Commanders of various forces, ordinary members of the forces including the police, the public, Politicians of various parties all worked as a team. Special recognition has to be given to Defence sec Gotabaya Rajapaksa for his organisation skills. Specifically, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Police, the Civil Defence Department, the Intelligence Service and the Foreign Ministry made a critical contribution to the battle against LTTE.
    Patriots living in overseas made a contribution in winning the war. Without the support and leadership of the Mahinda, it is unlikely that the war could have been won. The President coordinated those against LTTE provided support and the appropriate tools to the forces, provided leadership, and stood firm against Western and other imperialist forces.
    The President Mahinda acted the way a President should and non of the previous leaders, including Ranil provided leadership to the nation. It is selfish for an individual, such as Sarath Pawnseka to claim the lions share of the credit for winning the war.
    The President Mahinda within a short span of 3 years, not only won the war, but have initiated other developments as well, such as the development of the airport, the harbour in the south, Solar power project, new roads, improvement in agriculture and so on. He also has shown how to resist foreign powers tactfully but firmly. He has built bridges with all the ethnic communities.
    If Sarath Pawnseka wants to serve the country, he could join hands with Mahinda and support the war against corruption, abuse of power and so on.
    It is best that the Retired General Sarath Pawnseka does not devalue himself by becoming a politician. In the army, to get a job done either you follow orders or issue orders. In the civilian life, it does not work that way..
    Although it is good to have a strong opposition, to keep the Government on track, it is unwise to join a group of fools, racists, opportunists and traitors. Ranil nearly gave away the country to the LTTE and did not have the guts to fight the terrorists or even stand up to imperialists.
    All previous leaders allowed the terrorists to grow in strength and it was only Mahinda who had the vision, courage and the skill to take on the terrorists and imperialists. This important fact has to be taken into account in any presidential contest.
    It has to be mentioned that, it is Mahinda who nurtured Sarath Pawnseka and gave him the opportunity to become the Commander of the army. Many believe that is ungrateful of him to bite the hand that fed him.
    It is clear from the various media articles that appear that Sarath Pawnseka has lost the respect of those that respected him previously and now some even treat him as a joker. What a sad fall for a hero. Many feel that the political skills demonstrated by Sarath Pawnseka is not impressive and many have questioned if there is even one General who has run a country properly. The skills needed by a General is different to that required of a leader of a country, with complex problems.
    The Sri Lankan nation has to work as a team to improve the quality of life for all, irrespective of the ethnicity.
    The failures and the nature of Sarath Pawnseka’s supporters need to be exposed to the country. JVP some say stand for Janatha Vinasha Peramuna It has lost its direction.
    Modern Sri Lanka belongs to all its citizens and all should have rights and duties. Racist threats must not be underestimated or ignored. It is sad that our energies are not directed towards solving problems, but used in throwing mud at each other.
    Sarath Pawnseka also appear to be associated with those that supported LTTE and those that attempted to humiliate him. This is out of character and there is a need to monitor him.

  89. The general trend since the inception of EP system with the terrorist problem seemed to have ‘militarised the polity’ and civil society. SF’s entry to politics may make room to ‘politicise the military’ and both those scenarios must be avoided in a democracy.

    When look at geopolitics, there seemed to be a coup to replace MR with SF, then a dictatorship can be assured, then they have a control over the geographic location i.e. SL

    With MR’s plan to develop sea and air ports may pose an economic challenge to some economies in the region. In broader sense if all S.Lankans to have the economic benefit, MR should continue to achieve it together with any changes to be contemplated on EP system. MR has delivered what he promissed, now it is voters chance to deliver theirs.

    Unfortunately current UNP leadership plays into the hands of conspirators and behaving like a bunch of jackals.

    The voters aren’t stupid and must use their ballot very wisely to save the democracy.

  90. S.B.Daissanayake , the exuberant UNP deputy leader crossed over to the SLFP this morning and pledged to work for Mahinda Rajapaksa’s victory.
    It was a knock out for Ranil Wickremasinghe – Sarath Pawnseka duo, when S.B.Dissanayake, UNP Asistant Leader and the National Organizer made the public announcement of resigning from all posts he held in the UNP and joined the SLFP led UPFA to support the presidential candidature of President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the upcoming election.This is a death blow to Ranil Wickremasinghe who is already gasping for breath. What a tragedy for a party with leaders like D S Senanayake, SWRD Bandaranaike, Dudley Senanayake, just to name a few who adorned the UNP at one time or another. UNP heavy weight S B Diassanayake is doing the country a great service as he will be helping the President to make sure the hapless Wickremasinghe is finally and permanently consigned to the political dustbin so that the UNP can find a new leader and rebuild it so that it can become a potent Opposition, a vital necessity for any democracy. It is sad that a great soldier like General Sarath Pawnseka too will have to share the same political dustbin as Wickremasinghe.
    A similar body blow was delivered yesterday to the UNP- JVP sponsored candidate .Sarath Pawnseka by another UNP stalwart from the Matale district, Parliamentarian, Nandimithra Ekanayake who crossed over to the UPFA last week to support the candidature of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

  91. 1 General Fonseka did his best to get an extension even during the Previous President’s rule. He was relentless but that Lady did not trust him thinking that General Fonseka was sponsored by the JHU and was a UNPer. So she did not acede to his requests.

    2. General Fonseka was personal friends with Gotabaya Rajapakse. On that card and his hawkish credentials and proven ability to be a Tiger hater and his single minded brilliance he was indeed given a POLITICAL extension.

    3.It is simply due to Mahinda and Gotabaya that SF did not retire in 2005 December. He is forgetting facts just like he is forgetting “corruption” of his family members.

    4. General Fonseka has no honor or character to continue this way if he keeps going. It is simply a personal grudge and anger and NOT politics policy or principle that is guiding him.

    5. Effeminate Ranil and his favorites like Akila, Sagala will realize Ranil can NEVER beat Mahinda. So now they are using a Patsy in General Fonseka a true war hero.

    6. Ranil will gain a lot and win by sympathy vote ONLY if Sarath is harmed or killed before elections.

    7. This is a personal ego trip and has nothing do with facts. Facts show he was rewarded amply. Facts show corruption. Facts so victimization of those he did not like in the Army etc. Facts show a one man show of giant ego hungry to be a military dictator.

    8. SB was right to come back to the SLFP. He left because CBK mistreated him. Now he is back where he belongs.

    9. JVP are class envious losers who destroyed Sri Lanka twice(1971 and 88-89). They cannot even get 10 pct of the vote. They are like Velupillai. Same low caste resentment of the majority. Velupillai would not have got many votes either. So JVP want to potray itself as the King makers.

  92. Correction: Mrs B, gave Sepala Attygalle the Weasel the NEVER BEFORE UNPRECEDENTED EXTENSION. THAT IS FACT. So there is precedence even though SF’s appt even went further. Mrs B gave Sepala Attygalle the extension because he went behind Anuruddha Ratwatte, carried tales, acted like a bag boy for Anura Bandaranaike even carrying his bag from a aeroplane, ingratiated himself and put fears in Mrs B’s head about General Denis Perera because Denis was CATHOLIC. Mrs B did not listen to the good people in her family who advised against this unfair extension but Anura B and Anuruddha won the debate and deprived Denis. Denis was only appointed AFTER the UNP won in 1977. Sepala the weasel then carried tales for JR Too and betrayed Mrs B. He is the ONLY bastard who avoided saying the official goodbye to Mrs B as tradition has it. All 3 service commanders and the police chief bid the outgoing PM goodbye. Sepala Attygalle was the Sarath Fonseka of his time. Only one who outsmarted this weasel was Chandrika. She got him to give evidence against Ranil and then got rid of the bastard who was made Air Lanka Chairman by JR after he retired as Army commander. Denis Perera will attest to this chain of events. He was an honorable man but because of Mrs B’s fears of the catholic action coup in 1962 and her biases she prevented his rightful appt. of course no one was able to defeat Tigers until Sarath because we had drunkards, yes men, Sai Baba men, born again nutcase Christians and a host of incompetent yes men as commanders during the Eelam wars. We had jokers who along with Anuruddha launched wars with Auspicious times; jokers who wanted to force the Bible on troops; jokers who stopped serving beef etc because they became Sai Baba fans.

  93. “true buddhist”? Who defines that? someone who hates people and is casteist but still goes to temple and makes a big issue and show out of it and putting up Thoranas? This is absurd. Buddhism IS NOT a theistic way of life. It does NOT have Gods or a God and it says above all “no man is born superior to another nor is he born inferior to another; only our actions and actions alone make us inferior or superior beings”. The Pali verse is “Najjaja wasalohothi; najjaha hothin Brahmano; KAMMANA wasalohothi; KAMMANA hothi Brahmano” also for us there is no “Salvation” and cop out by accepting a god; our actions and our actions alone have consequences and we alone are responsible for those consequences.

    Whoever that Thenuwara fella #17 was indulging in hysterical koheda yanney Malley pol. We are all actually a religion normally based on our parents religion and because we were born into it. I have seen more true buddhists in Christians and in Americans who adapted Buddhism than in Big show and talk Sri Lanka. Even the Siam Nikaya priests are an insult to Buddhist teachings because they only ordain people from G caste . Buddha will roll in his grave if he knew how hypocritical these fellows are just like the vast majority of Christians because Jesus too would roll in his grave at the absurdities. I AM a buddhist, My wife is white and Catholic and rejects Catholic teachings because they forced people to vote for a certain party in 2000 and 2004. Our child goes to Temple and Church. My wife attends buddhist functions and both of us dont go to church at all even on Xmas because we are turned off by the Business named Church Inc. I laugh at those idiots who think one has to wear a goddamn(pun intended)frikking badge to say “WE ARE Christian; we are better” “WE ARE Buddhist” we are better crap..This article was about elections, SF and MR and not about who is holier than thou. Absurd how so called Buddhists in Sri Lanka think what they think in their pathetic ignorant Ostrichstan. Same goes for Christians who tell Buddhists we will go to hell because we did not accept JC as the “saviour”. I say if so gladly because I will be in good company with Bush, Cheney, Wijeweera, Prabakaran etc.

    LOGIC and RATIONAL thought, facts and data always triumph over ignorance. Remember the Catholic Church did not apologize to Gallileo until this year and labeled him a heretic. And Remember the two Hgih Priests in Asgiriya and Malwatte ride around in Mercede 500S with CD players and discriminate against none Govi Kula Buddhists! They were given these obscene trappings during Premedasa time and it continues.They are as corrupt and arrogant as the Vatican.

  94. We are all very excited about the Election. But, what’s the purpose when it is going to be decided by the number of ‘hora’ votes that each Candiadate will put. The Candidate who can put most number of ‘hora’ votes will win. Is this a fair system? Why should we get involved in such corruption?

  95. thanks jey
    i am rather more than happy that you replied i was rather taken back by your earlier comment in fact i am a moderate but sometimes extremism serves some purpose one cant be moderate when your house is set on fire like that i am not really hopeful that these sinhalese politicians will do anything constructively ok that is my view if things pan out contrary to my views good for my tamil brothers becoz i always beleived that tamils in srilanka have a hoary past and that past has to be preserved at any cost.regarding some ltte leaders bading farewell and accussing tamilnadu leaders for their current plight i think die was cast when vp rejected the peace overtures once mr had come to power.i dont think tamil nadu leaders can be held responsible i once again reiterate i am not defending vaiko or nedumaran here what i am saying lets say hypothetically if vp had announced ceasefire at the eleventh hour what would have happened nothing vp and his comrades would have been rounded up and vp would have been flown to india for trial.if you read the history we can see rarely military leaders had the sagacity to be practical like that vp was not practical he should have accepted the offer of north east merger and he was given an assurrance that he will be chief minister for ten years that he did not take up and he had to face the inevitable.diaspora can do things constructively it can invest in north east it can set up more schools and hospitals and there by it can preserve the tamil culture nothing else can be done one hopes that this happens.as i told you in my earlier comment i have high regard for you and your knowledge i have immensely benefited from you i will continue to observe and post my comments thanks jey for this.

  96. SB’s defection to SLFP is another reason why we should not vote for MR becasue under MR SB will be the Prime Ministeri if not a Very Senior Minister. Surely Sri Lankan do not want such a muck as a Minister

  97. People grasp things correctly or incorrectly according to their ability to do so. Some people think they understand the larger picture and some dont understand any thing at all. These are debatable things but everybody participates in the process of electing a leader. That is democracy. Anyone can support any candidate and some opt to remain silent (rather neutral). If opted to remain neutral , please remain NEUTRAL. I have selected to support SF based on my conviction and am ready to accept victory or defeat accordingly. The point is, it is better to select a candidate of your choice and support him openly by showing that you have a piece of spine at least, rather than beating around the bush.

  98. 110. TCK:

    If the Americans act according to the report henceforth, and our politicians also act intelligently, then it would indeed be good for the country.

    But a few questions remain. 1) will the diaspora allow such relations to develop? 2) do our politicians have the intelligence to make hay while the sun shines? 3) how accurate is this report when it claims Sri Lanka is strategically important to the west based on its location? Recall, it wasn’t long ago when a former ambassador to this country from USA, dismissed the country as having any strategic value in the age of aircraft carriers!

    Anyhow, whether it is MR calculations going right or sheer luck, MR’s policy of confronting the west and banking on the east to survive seems to have worked out just right– at least for the time being. Hope he doesn’t try to push it too far.

  99. #10 MMR- please don’t call me ‘fella’. Going to the nitty gritty stuff – your wife is white. I was talking about Sinhalese and Tamil spouses who marry Christians. Then Christianity dominates that family. Your wife is white so it’s a totally different ball game. MMR, I note your child goes to Church also. So there is Christian influence on the child, he may end up as a Christian.

    The fact remains the same – If you are a true blue Buddhist or a Hindu (100% devoted to your religion), you will NEVER marry someone from your own Religion, as then Religion comes 1st when deciding your spouse. Unfortunately in Sri Lanka many Buddhists go and marry Christians -one reason for this is thinking afterwards they will be taken into the ‘Upper Class’ – Eg _ MR, Mervin Silva, (A)nimal Siripala De Silva, Sanath Jayasuriya, Mahela Jayawardane, Asanka Gurusinghe. It’s incredibly sad for me to see good Sinhalese Buddhists and good Tamil Hindus marrying Christians thereby westernizing their ways of life, them and their Children start worshiping Christianity etc. This happens ALL the time. We in Sri Lanka must get rid of the perception that being a Christian is something Superior to being a Buddhist or Hindu. SWRD and JRJ got converted to Buddhism and wore ‘redda beniyama’ only to deceive the masses.

  100. #106-James Thenuwara

    You may be right. That must be why Mahinda is hugging and kissing SB. Excerpts of an article

    “A secret discussion had been held between senior members of Rajapakse family and S.B. Disanayake who joined the government yesterday regarding a massive vote rigging at the forthcoming presidential election reveals a very reliable source.

    According to this source the discussion has been held at Temple Trees with the leadership of the President. At this discussion a senior member of the Rajapakse family has stated that it is necessary to juggle up at least 700,000 votes to win at the election.

    They have discussed that this could be easily done not in the southern areas in the island but in the North and the East and had decided to launch a special programme for the exercise. Accordingly, Mr. S.B. Dissanayake has voluntarily accepted to carry out the scheme in the North while it has been decided to hand over the East to Pilleyan.

    The printing of the necessary ballot papers and other stationary for the mass scale rigging has been accepted by a chief minister of a provincial council who is a member of Rajapakse family. “

  101. Interesting to note that both Fonseka and Mahinda have backed the 13 amendment plus as the platform for settlement. Tweedle dum and Tweedle Dee indeed!

    DBSJ , any insights into this proposal as s lasting settlement for the Tamils. Does this support on both sides of the political spectrum augur well for lasting peace between the communities?/

    We still dont know what exactly this 13th Amendment Plus is going to be. Way things are going it may be 13th Amendment Minus if and when it materialises.Besides why can’t it be implemented fully now?……DBSJ

  102. Those who are for a SF presidency should advise their candidate to stop patting his dog in public and leave that for his grand children for this is Sri Lanka and not some western country. It would do good to him to try to relate to ordinary people of this country at least until the election is over.

  103. Copenhagen has become famous because of the climate change summit.

    Why can’t Colombo host the next one? Is it only rich nations that should be worried about the climate.

    Unlike in Copenhagen in Colombo there will be a written agreement signed by all the delegates to reduce carbon emissions by 50%. They will not be allowed to leave until they sign it. Some of the really stubborn ones will ‘dissapear’.

    Demonstrators will be dealt with by ‘Dr’ Mervyn Silva, the climatologist specialist.

    What we need is action on this issue, not talk,talk, talk.

    Our neighbour Maldives will dissapear one day.

    Sri Lanka can save the world.

  104. Jehan Perera, of the National Peace Council, who opposed the war led by Sarath Fonseka, now admits that the general has changed his stance on the ethnic issue, meaning that he is ready to go beyond the 13th Amendment. Is this what Fonseka meant when he said: “Over my dead body!”? Did he lead his soldiers to go beyond Alimankada (Elephant Pass) for him to go beyond the 13th Amendment? When he wears the UNP badge he accepts, by implication, the UNP policy of going beyond the 13th Amendment. As they say, when you talk like a duck, walk like a duck and wear the feathers of a duck you are duck. There are no two words about it.

    The people who trusted him would like to know whether the hero who claims to have won the war sacrificed his loyal soldiers to give more than what the Tamil leaders signed for with the Indian leaders? Towards the end of the war he proclaimed that his table was covered with hundred maps when he began the war and in the final stages he reduced it to one map. This was good news. The people believed that there will be only one map after he completed the war. Is he now asking us to go back to the hundred maps that he had on his table when the final offensive began at Mavil Aru? He has to tell the people how many maps he has on his table now? Is he showing to Soma-hansa the same map that he is showing to Wickremesinghe? And what kind of map will he show the voters?

    When he followed the road map of Mahinda Rajapakse he went swiftly to Alimankada and beyond. After he switched sides and joined Wickremesinghe he seems to be stuck in Pamankada. Is this ultimate goal of Fonseka? Those who considered him to be their hero feel let down by his politics which runs contrary to his own conscience. How can he bat for Mahinda Rajapakse first and then go to bat for Wickremesinghe in the same innings?

    If he scored 100 runs for Mahinda Rajapakse how can he now score 101 for Wickremesinghe? This means that he is batting to defeat his own achievements. He is not playing a 20-20 match where you can switch sides without any qualms because you are playing for money. He is playing in a test match which represents the nation. When he goes to bat for an anti-national team at any stage of the test – and the other half of the test has just begun — is it possible for the nation to cheer him all the way.

    Though I have released your comment in full I know that you are writing under a bogus name. You are not Paramsothy Jeyakumar as you claim.Moreover I do not think you are even “Tamil”. I just cant understand why people like you dont have the courage or honesty to write under your own true name

  105. 111. Navin – You have raised the same questions I have. Maybe some one or DBSJ can put some analysis intot he matter considering;
    1. Contemporary US policies elswhere.
    2. What exactly US is after.
    3. What SL can do to reap the benefits.
    4. What SL can do to not go overboard and keep good relations with ‘both sides’
    5. In the long run is it best for the country to be ‘closer’ to US/west or should we be closer to the emerging powers?

  106. #112-James Thenuwara

    Unfortunately in Sri Lanka many Buddhists go and marry Christians -one reason for this is thinking afterwards they will be taken into the ‘Upper Class’ – Eg _ MR, Mervin Silva, (A)nimal Siripala De Silva, Sanath Jayasuriya, Mahela Jayawardane, Asanka Gurusinghe

    How do you know that they did not fall in love, or just got dissolutioned with their own religion? Or maybe they just don’t consider religion as a priority like you. All roads lead to Rome they say as all religions lead to god.

  107. #114-DBSJ-response

    We still dont know what exactly this 13th Amendment Plus is going to be. Way things are going it may be 13th Amendment Minus if and when it materialises.Besides why can’t it be implemented fully now?……DBSJ

    The plus is i think being kept for bargaining purposes. If i give you 5 plus how much of a stooge you are going to be and if i increase it to 10 plus will you support me for the rest of your lifetime till death do us apart.

    There seems to be sense in delaying it till all these elections are over in order to clear the deck and get rid of the messy characters. By the time the general elections are over those who oppose devolution will become just fringe elements in parliament, not powerbrokers.

    Because of the election we know that SF too is for 13th amendment plus. Since both candidates are same on this we can assume most of the people in the country are comfortable with this policy, otherwise immense pressure would be brought on SF and MR to change their stance. Anyway we have to wait till the elections to see whether there will be a backflip.

    I agree with you that it could end up as a 13th minus. But that will also depend on how the Tamil leaders play their politics. If there was someone like Thondaman Snr leading the tamils then it could become 13th plus plus.

  108. it has been a sad irony to see Sinahlese and Tamil girls wear trousers. This was not the case some 30 years ago. Those days very seldom women wore trousers, if that happenned only westernised Colombo women did so, and were jeered at sometimes (I do not agree with the jeering), but my point is that this was was confined to very few. Now more than 60% of women in Sri Lanakn streets (especially youngsters) in any given day and night seen wearing trousers (jeans or otherwise). This is sad. These garments are not for feminine. In my days women only wore frocks, long skirts and sarees, which are so beautiful to see. They all wore one or two undergarments. Now all is gone. This is the sad plight of westernisation in Sri Lanka. I hope and pray that the old styles will come back.

  109. MR has done the job for the country which is eradication of terrorism. Thank you for that. Now’s the time for you to go. Of the two, Sarath is far better than you. I hope Sarath will win, this will be better for the country in the long run. We need a pleasant change in the country. Enough of MR, Basil, DM Jayarathne, Maithripala Sirisena, Animal Siripala De Silva, Anura Priyadharshana Yapa, SB Dissanayake, Sarath Amunugama, GL Peiris, MH Mohomed,Pavithra Wanniarachchi et al. All these are bloody crooks. Do you want to see these faces flourishing for another 7 years. I don’t. I ask my fellow Sri Lankans to think this very carefully. Sarath F will carry out JVP policies – which means no corruption. That’s the best for mother Lanka. SF will make Sri Lanka very efficient. MR will continue with what he had done for the last 40 years in politics, and everyone knows his record therein. There is no fresh breath of air if we appoint MR for another 6-7 years. Think about this my fellow brethren.

  110. 119. TCK:- I shall try to give you my 2 cents worth on your inquiry. Forgive me if I am wrong. Around 1965, Russian foreign service officer, Takeranoff I think said “who ever controls the Indian Ocean will win the 3rd world war”. This I believe is correct. So, US went ahead and established Diego Garcia base, which is an island about 600KM from SL in the Indian Ocean. However China has now opened up Hambantota. Trincomalee is the best natural harbor in the world second only to Sydney. If anyone commands these 2 bases in SL, strategically they are on top. From these 2 bases, both India and DG can be checkmated. SL has given the strategic oil tanks of Trinco on lease to India for their support but this is null and void during a war. During WW2 Trinco provided excellent cover to the total British Far Eastern fleet. India, a close ally of US is worried that China will get at Pakistan, SL and attack them. To keep SL sweet, India was willing to give funds to SL if the IMF loan of 1.9billion? failed. MR to his credit has played these guys very well. MR is a good BS artist! Currently Indian defense establishment has v close ties with CIA. Because of MR’s connections with India and China, it is difficult to believe that they would allow MR to loose this election. Both have their intelligence on ground in SL. If MR did not enlist the support of India and China, LTTE would have won the war. Both provided valuable intelligence to SL during war.

  111. #124 James Thenuwara

    In my days women only wore frocks, long skirts and sarees, which are so beautiful to see.

    The problem i have with that is these type of clohing cover the woman too much. As a result it is impossible to see what the woman really looks like. You can go to a clothes shop and admire these sarees and all if you want. Now take the case of the bikini, hats off to the guy who invented it. What you see is what you get, don’t you think, James.

    PS-Just to give you an example , i know of a guy who was dancing with a woman with a long frock like you said, and to his consternation later found out she was a man. Can you see the danger of your nostalgic views.

  112. #124, 125, James, which era are you living in ? What is your problem if women wore trousers? Frankly let women wear what they want and let Men be gentlemen!!. I think you diluted your point of view made in no 125 by your comments in 124. You belong to the brand of narrow minded people who want to frame people objects without soul. Freedom of wearing what one wants is a wonderful thing. If you get ill gotten thougt of seeing women in trousers you need to see a shrink !!

  113. By the way James how come you are named ‘James’ which is an English name and not ‘Sarath’ or ‘Banda’ .

  114. #124
    I suggest more, men walking in traditional clothing “Kovanam”, may even without it, get rid of western clothing altogether. This is the homegrown political solution for our national tragedy.

  115. #126 Don

    Because of MR’s connections with India and China, it is difficult to believe that they would allow MR to loose this election.

    Nice to see that you are back. I thought you have also gone off accidently with Wicks. I should have not let him take his laptop. He is trying to date chicks through this blog.

    What you said was informative and i agree with you. Only thing is there is a contradiction on the China issue. MR’s good relations with China especially the Hambantota harbour is poisoning his relations with the US and India.

    Also his relationship with Iran and Myanmar, deadly enemies of the US are making it worse.

    That is why I think there is strong smoke coming that US seems to be backing SF. He is talking too much with the Americans.

    The US will pretend to be good with MR while undercutting him and trying their best for a regime change.

  116. #122 Dear Shankar , I agree with you.

    You have opened another can of worm – is there a thing called ‘love’. I think it is a very temporary thing, that comes and goes. One time you love the person, other times you hate him/her!

  117. I want the woman to maintain their femininity, then they are beautiful. Women in trousers have no feminitiy (like western women, who also smoke)

  118. I hate my first name, James, this was put to me by parents many score years ago. What can I do. Friends call me Jayantha. I am a good Sinhalese Buddhist who follows exactly what the Buddha preached. I don’t change the religious ideolgy to fancy my whims. Beleive me folks,l am a very good man

  119. Shankar, when women wear bikini, which you seem very aspire to see, they provoke the ordinary man – man thinks she wants sex when she exposes the entire of her flesh, including the naval. Man get sexually aroused when they see so much of the woman’s body. Women must cover up as much as they can so that the sexual assaults/harassments on women will be reduced. A married woman is there to be admired by her husband only not for the sexual perverts. How would you feel if your wife is being chased up by sexual perverts. This is what Islam teaches, and I although a Buddhist fully agree. The husband must also lead a sexually exemplary life – I abhor infedility

  120. Hi Jeyaraj,
    With your wealth of knowledge in journalism, can you see a parallel between announcement of the abolition of EP system for 2010 election in a rush and making Sinhala only in 24 hours in 1956 election.

    SL cannot afford social experiments. Appears the General now slips away from his original announcement!

  121. 131. shankar:- Always nice to hear from you, now that you have got rid of that self opinionated nut case wicks. US will not back SF but work via India. Similarly US may work thru Israel for future air strike against Iran’s nuclear plant. India knows SL best. India prefers MR, known devil, but will cultivate SF if he wins. But India will always hold the trumps not SF. MR is a nationalist and India cannot always have their own way. SF has no acumen in Law, constitution, political governance or foreign affaires. You see the lack of foreign affairs experience in Obama too and Idiotic Hillary is no help. US do not see MR as enemy but as a pawn and will attempt to control him via India. MR needs India and he ran to India during the coup rumors. This shows India’s grip on SL. China is bidding for time before taking on US. She needs to overcome the technological gap. Currently she is setting up her strategic bases(SL?). Currently MR is playing the game Spain’s Franco played during WW2. Covertly supporting Germans but openly strictly neutral. I am no supporter of MR but I would favor him rather than SF as he did the greatest service to SL by destroying LTTE. MR’s idea initially was to go 2nd term, win it and shake off JHU,JVP and give some autonomy to Tamils. But now RW spoiled it via SF. Although there is unprecedented corruption in SL under MR & shall continue under him, I still think unfortunately he is better. In about 3 to 4 yrs time China will challenge US and if US is still involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are in trouble.

  122. #136-james Thenuwara

    Women must cover up as much as they can so that the sexual assaults/harassments on women will be reduced.

    I think you must visit a nudist colony at least once to enhance your horizons. Of course you must be nude there otherwise people will stare at you. You will be suprised that there are no widepread sexual assaults though people are walking around like on the day they were born.

    What has happened is you have got brainwashed by the Victorian era. Queen Victoria was a arch prude and all the fun and frolics in the British Empire came to an end when she ascended the throne. Just like your name these views o sexuality are the last vestiges of the colonial era which is hard to get rid of so soon after independence. Early sinhalese bhuddhist history never made a fuss about sex, and it was considered something that was quite natural.

  123. Shankster,

    You have conquered your fear of death, but the women of this blog think you need to get a life. How come?

    Does the shrek “booruwa” even know who Pearl Thevanayagam is?

  124. DBSJ, where did this conversation lead to? From talking about Elections to absurd rantings about self-appointed Buddhist Mullahs who claim they know FACTS about Buddhism. They sound like the Taleban talking poppycock about Women wearing trousers. James Thenuwara is either gay or never found a wife or has a wife who is a doormat cooking rice and curry and staying behind doors in a Sinhala household. I have never heard or read such absurdities anywhere in our households. Buddhism is a way of life not some bloody Moslem type of religion where you oppress people for expressing opinion or force women to wear redda and hattey.. What asinine trip is he talking about ? Sheesh. My kid goes to temple with me and it is a genuine temple not a Caste restricted temple. Buddhism is not a religion based on God or Gods who drive fear. This guy is a joker.

  125. #139 drives home a superb point. IF Thenuwara lives in Sri Lanka then he is a pathetic product of the false Christian Victorian values that forced Sri Lankan women who were bare chested to cover their breasts. Why did they do it? Because the sexually repressed frustrated missionaries who came to Ceylon to “Save” us lost souls and stop us from remaining “heathens” started lusting after bare breasts. This joker Thenuwara is completely confused about facts anda typical old school product who is more at home adapting Christian missionary values than being a real buddhist. Real Buddhists don’t hate anyone or wont tell women what to wear. I think he lives in the west like I do and is ranting out of some convoluted sense of logic only he is convinced is right: sort of like George W Bush who spoke to a “Higher father” to launch a false war.

    GET BACK TO THE POINT on MR and SF and elections and corruption.

  126. #141 MMR you may be partly right about your impressions about me personally. Woman’s job is to produce children, everything is secondary. Feminists have put the world upside down. Women can do certain things and men can do certain things. Eg. men will govern the world, women can assist them. In the olden age people understood these, so the world operated well; there was no friction between men and women. Thanks to feminists, women do not know their priorities now, and what things they are capable of doing and what they are not. They have entered into politics in big way and making a mess of it everywhere including in the West. Sri Lanka did the mistake by appointing the First Woman Prime Minister – the whole world will curse us one day for introducing women into politics. Look at Golda Meir, India Gandhi, Bhutto, the two womenin Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Aquino etc etc. – all utter failures. Only good woman was Thathcer, but she was mentored by Regan

  127. #140-Romeo Smooch Wickremasinghe

    Does the shrek “booruwa” even know who Pearl Thevanayagam is?

    Pearl is a famous journalist and human rights activist. That must be the reason she got into trouble with the authorities in the first place.

    I only pointed out that ordinary sinhalese are not hounding tamils.

    Call a spade a spade.

    Ps. The last i heard you were over Romania. You must have landed in Russia or Mongolia, am i right.

  128. #142 James Thenuwara.

    When a woman is given a chance to govern or gets a top job, all eyes are on her. She is scrutinised closely and all her faults are blown out of proportion. But in contrast if countless men create untold misery and mess up things their gender is not forgotten. Herein lies the problem.

    If Hitler was a woman you would have been raving and ranting about women the whole day. See what a mess Bush created. If Hilary had done it her gender would have been highlighted over and over again. The global financial crisis was caused by male dominated wall street risk takers.

    Males have created so much of problems in the world, now women are forced to come out of their homes and take more responsibilities.

    So first of all man must learn to compete with women on a level playing field, withou trying to supress them. Healthy competition brings out the best in people. Your way of thinking will reduce competition by half.

  129. Thenuwara – Reply to comment at 133 : –

    You are a “good Sinhalese Buddhist” , what does that mean? Does that mean:

    That members of other races and religions are inferior to you? or
    Does that mean you are good at creating hatred and division among the followers of diverse religions and may be ostraciszation of followers of other religions ?

    I dont think you are a true Buddhist, if you were one you would have followed the teachings accurately and would not have uttered your hatred about Christians marrying Buddhists. but most certainly you seem to be a Sinhalese by birth.

  130. 144. shankar:- You better watch out as nutter Wicks has come down from hot air balloon and making sarcastic comments (his specialty) about you!

    141. MMR:- I agree with you but Buddha preached Dhamma to 3 levels. One for the man on the road, second to people who has the capacity to understand (middle path) and finally to those who are on the path to enlightment. Fundamental to the philosophy is the cultivation of one’s mind & thinking process. Because the philosophy is complex, simple people take it in what ever way and think what they believe is as per Dhamma. That is why there are good SL Buddhist who sincerely believe SL belongs to Sinhalese and they are the appointed guardians of the Dhamma! But as Surane in 146. said Buddhist cannot pass judgment. I think DBS puts some peoples’ comments for us to have a good laugh!

  131. My dear James Thenuwera ! There was a time on earth that the one who stronger physically use to rule the herd. Obviously it was a male. Now, its not a matter of who’s fit physically any more but who’s intelligent. So it does not matter if its a male or a female. and don’t underestimate females, they are not only for parturition.They can be more powerful than men in some ways.

  132. 67 kukul charlie

    Although you have a not so classy name, your writing is spot on. I totally agree with you.

    Now S.B. Dissanayaka has also come back crawling to MR and what chance SF got ?.

    When all this is over, the Green Card will become handy, and we can say good riddance.


  133. #145 Shankar

    Hillary has already done so many blunders –

    She took money from LTTE
    She took money from Raj R
    She said “Shame on you Barak Obama”, now sits in his Cabinet
    She said Sri Lanka must be ashamed of its war conduct
    She falsely said Sri Lankan Army raped Jaffna women, then back tracked
    She tried to stop the war with her buddy Miliband
    She stopped aid to Sri Lanka
    She lied that she was fired at in Lithuania airport when they rolled out a red carpet for her

    If you think she is doing a Great Job you must be mad

  134. 135 136……….James James James

    You are wrong my friend. Buddha never said that
    women should dress in a certain way, but he said one should be able control his mind. Remember his enemies
    sent some beautiful women to come in front of him and
    dance in a provocative way to seduce him, but Buddha was able to ignore those beauties and kept meditating.

    Mr. Thenuwara, do you wear pants or sarong ?.
    If you are wearing pants and preaching ladies to wear
    sarees, you are a number one hypocrite. Look at all the wedding pohotos in Sri Lanka, the men are wearing western dress (pants) and the women are wearing
    sarees. Why aren’t they allowed to wear the western dress, if the man can wear pants. If both man and woman are wearing the national dress that is OK.

    When I see a Tamil couple walking in Scarborough I notice that the man is leading and ther woman follows about a couple of feet behind. Why is that ?. I just couldn’t help laughing when I see this practice. James, are you also like that ?. Walking in front and your wife follows
    few feet behind you. If so, you are a f……g chauvenistic pig.

    Fran, Sheila where are you ?.

  135. A good brave man will tame and train her wife like a good master who does so with his pet dog.

    A woman will respect her husband if he is a good leader, like the good pet to his master

    A weak man will have no place in the woman’s world as she knows she is better than him. Man takes up the Bottle and dies soon

  136. Mahinda Rajapakse with his billboards, cut outs, posters etc etc is the biggest environmental polluter in Sri Lanka. If he loves his country he must put a stop to this at once. If he is the Maha Rajaneni he can do anything in Sri Lanka. Please act at least now. Also put a stop to Telecom companies from putting up so many satalite towers

  137. #148

    Wallis I agree. Women are better than men in some things, but not so far in running governments. Future in about 50 years, things may change, but not had been so in the past and the present, I am sorry. If they prosper on thier own merit I will be the most happiest

  138. James Thenuwera seems to be a primitive neanderthal
    character who does not have any thing in this blog.Sorry all my other friends but this bugger seems to be a typical deprived and depraved male. I go through this blog for its intelligent discourses and not for reading such nonsense like James Thenuwera

  139. I’m looking for the full text of the 13th amendment. Do I have to go to the government press to get a copy ( I doubt if they issue one for me ) or is it possible to find the it on line ? can some one help me on this, Please !!

  140. Mr .Thenuwara is either flaming meaning trying to say deliberately idiotic things to get us all going(in which case he is a Stephen Colbert) or he is actually a neaderthal Talebani. He forgets how well Britain was run by Margaret Thatcher and how effectively Mrs Gandhi handled the war against Pakistan in 1971 or how brilliant Golda Meir was in routing the stupid Arabs in 1967..

  141. James T sounds more like a Southern Baptist Christian reciting the backward old testament to his advantage.! HE should go read history on how Golda Meir ruled. and how Indira Gandhi truimphed over the Pakis in 1971. but each his or her own but he is definitely not a Buddhist by any long stretch of imagination.

    But lets get back to the point; it was who is better to lead SL and who will win? SF or MR….There is no such thing as a “true sinhalese buddhist” just like there is no such thing as a true Tamil Hindu..or whatever. Buddhism is a way of life and SL is NOT the self-appointed guardian of a faith. Thailand already has more Buddhist. It is the old myth of the chauvinists and racists; but in fairness there is a lot of fear over centuries of invasions by the Cholas etc so I can understand that fear but it is not some fact that Sri lanka is the guardian of some version of true faith. that is what the Wahabi Whackos from Saudi think of Islam and what the Born again Whackos in the US think of Christianity. Now I agree that in the SL context in marriage a lot of Catholic seem to want Buddhist to convert or marry in Church but i know a good friend of mine who refused to marry a Tamil Catholic boyfriend of hers because they fellow wanted her(she was KGB) her also to convert because he was a traditional Colombo conservative god fearing Peterite Catholic. She said nothing doing and broke off because of this pressure. There was no pressure from her englightened family of education upper class professionals about him being Tamil at all; they also only raised eye brows about this Conversion thing. She found a compatible husband and found love again and is happily married and doing well. So that point I may grant on the complex social issues of compatibility and marriage there is a boatload of issues to be resolved by all races and all religions. Another good friend’s daughter married a moslem boy she dated from her CIS days. She has 3 kids but is treated like a vehicle for breeding babies. Sadly she too came from an upper class KGB family but she married for love and all he did was let her keep breeding but the religion did not matter because they were all yuppified kana bona Colombo youngsters who were utterly westernized. But she cries at times at her plight; at 22 she is a breeder with 3 kids! what a waste. No one on her side protested and she came from a highly conservative once famous family tied even to the Temple of the tooth. Sad huh?

  142. After the victory the way the Sri Lankan polity and the govt are behaving is totally condemnable.

    People are suffering and without addressing these problems building a victory stupa in Pudumathalam in such a haste only depicts that the SLG and the soceity wants to win the land and not the heart of the people.

    Hearts have to be comforted and the wounds have to be healed. This is not the time to indulge in triumphalism.

    One day they say that the soln should be home grown and it should be done after discussion by all the parties to the conflict.

    How will minority get the support of the majorities like JVP etc to solve their problems.

    This ploy is used simply to buy time and to eventually bury the issue.

    What is wrong with federalism? I don’t understand that. Why all the powers should be concentrated in the hands of the centre.

    In Thimpu talks India was simply acting as the facilitator. When it did not go anywhere then the New Delhi had to intervene and say that a federal set up must be established.

    That was the basis of the Indo-Sri Lankan pact of 1987.

    The LTTE sabotaged it. It couldn’t get a better deal after that.

    They were able to take a military high ground for some time. No war is ever won by military might alone.

    One has also to occupy the moral high ground. That is most important.

    LTTE lost that due to many blunder it had committed.

    I am afraid that the Sri Lankan govt is also treading in that same way and it is in the process of losing the moral high ground.

    13th amendment should form the bedrock of any soln. No 13th amendment plus or minus. Just 13th amendment.

    And this triumphalism must stop.

    If any politics is played in these matters then the Sri Lankan govt and the society will lose the moral high ground.

    What Sri Lanka does this couple of years is going to determine the next 20 years.

    I only wish that better sense prevails.

  143. 162. Roger Francis:

    James is talking nonsense. That I agree with you.

    However, Buddhism is a matter which is near and dear to many people in this country and is also related to the ethnic conflict.
    Sri Lankans considering themselves as guardians of Theravada Buddhism is an age old notion and its extremely ignorant of you to trample upon people’s beliefs and call them chauvinists and racists. Your simplistic approach where you compare the numbers of Buddhists in Sri Lanka and that in Thailand and passing judgment on the contribution the Sri Lankans have made towards Buddhism and the say they have over the matter is some thing that I would expect from a Colombian Yankee Dekee like RS Wicks who thinks he knows everything. If a population want to be guardians of their religion then that’s nobody’s business. If you want to help solve the conflict you can begin by been sensitive to peoples sentiments both Sinhalese and Tamil and Buddhists and Hindu’s.

  144. James T….Sir,. You sound very much like my good old friend Mr Udurawana of Kandy. In the past I have read many emails about his adventures. Are you related? I salute DBS for giving us the privilege of listening to your learned opinions

  145. 164. Mahesh:

    What is wrong with federalism? I don’t understand that. Why all the powers should be concentrated in the hands of the centre.

    There is nothing wrong with federalism. The problem in Sri Lanka is if federalism is adopted in the way TNA and many are asking for it, less than 13 percent of the population will get control of 60% of country’s coastline and 40% of country’s land mass! Now would that not be wonderful! You tell me, under what kind of calculus will that evaluate to a fair deal?

    Let me ask you back, what is wrong with sharing power under a unitary setup? Lashman Kadirgamar was Tamil right? Was he not popular among the Sinhalese people? Is there any barrier for such people to become the president of the whole country and look after all people, the Sinhalese, the Tamil and the rest? Why do you want your own half of pie set aside for your own exclusive consumption? We have not even fully adopted the 13th amendment and already MR has to shout out loud to India saying that Sinhalese will not be settled in North East. If this is the situation already, isn’t the fear among the Sinhalese justified that they will be confined to the south under a federal or non-unitary or united or non-divided or whatever bullshit setup that is been cocked behind closed door by all kinds of people be they blue or green, local or foreign!@#$%???? If we can grant Indians who settled in this country citizenship for no other reason but the fact that we cannot send them back, what is wrong with settling our own people be they Sinhalese or Muslim in the North and the East?

    So, please stop trying to view these problems in black and white and educate yourself of all the different aspects of the problem from the perspectives of all communities before you try to identify the good guys and bad guys and oppressors and oppressed.

  146. Dear Kamal Munasinghe

    Your comment is interesting& informative

    But I am not allowing it because you refer to Gen.Fonseka as “Pawnseka”

    This is inappropriate

    You are invited to re-send the comment after rectifying derogatory references of this type

    You may criticise all you want but no personal insults please

    I do realise some commments of this type with insulting personal references to candidates &leaders may have been inadvertently released

    But in future I am sinply going to delete the comments in full if they refer to people insultingly in a personal sense

    By the way punning on a persons name is cheapest form of “humour”.

    The request that personal insulting references be avoided applies to all political leaders& to all commentators

    Thank You

    DBS Jeyaraj

  147. #151-James

    The mistakes you point out that Hilary made pales in comparison to the colossal blunders of that half wit Bush.

    You keep highlighting the mistakes of a woman, but keep quiet about mistakes made by so many men.

    This is exactly the point iam trying to put across, but unable to penetrate some peoples thick skulls.

  148. #167-Navin

    There is nothing wrong with federalism. The problem in Sri Lanka is if federalism is adopted in the way TNA and many are asking for it, less than 13 percent of the population will get control of 60% of country’s coastline and 40% of country’s land mass! Now would that not be wonderful! You tell me, under what kind of calculus will that evaluate to a fair deal?

    The North and East need not be considered exclusively for Tamils only. Already the Sinhalese and Muslims constitute I believe two thirds of the East. The problem is probably in the North. This can be rectified by trading power for Sinhalese settlements.

    Once the 13th Amendment has been implemented and functioning smoothly, the Tamil and Sinhalese leaders should sit down and negotiate this vexed question of demography, where such large numbers of Tamils are living outside the North and East, while such few Sinhalese are living in the North and East.

    They should come to some arrangement where for more powers such as Federalism the demography will be changed with Sinhalese settlers.

    It is in the Tamils own interest to encourage good quality Sinhalese to come and live among them so that they don’t have problems in the future.

    The Chief Ministers of the two provinces should draw out Sinhalese from the south enticing them with jobs and encourage them to permanently settle. That way the Tamils will be in control of the settlement process.

  149. #169
    Shankar, I see your point. But the point I try to make is that men have shown that they are better to lead a country than women. Of course, men have made many mistakes, errors and corruption etc. etc.

    To say Indira Gandhi was a good leader, my foot.

    What about the Golden Temple debacle, mollycoddling the tigers, parippu parcels on Sri Lanka, forced sterilization of people with Sanjay Gandhi, then Grand Scale Nepotism and Corruption, bunkum Socialism, abuse of power by Menaka Gandhi etc. etc. etc.

  150. #172-James

    You yourself bring out the names of Hilary and Indira Ghandhi and make out i said they were good leaders.

    Next you might come out with Angela Merkel and listing out her faults.

    PS-Don’t forget Margaret Thatcher saved Britain. If not for the Iron Lady Britain was heading towards East European levels. I know you said that, Reagan was her mentor, but how do you know that she was not that film actor’s mentor. Were you listening on their conversations?

    Please don’t come and make out that i said Sirima was a good leader, and start listing out her faults. I think the viewers have had a bellyfull. If you think men are better so be it, but put the cigar into the mouh and think of some other topic.

  151. 170. shankar:

    I agree with your views. However, when people ask “why is it the damn Sinhalese cannot give us our share of the pie?” I have to tell them why the pie cannot be divided that easily and question back what their share of the pie is! If people would spend a little bit of time trying to understand the problem from the other community’s perspective lot of these arguments could be easily avoided.

  152. #49
    Lots of information, but your essay is everywhere.

    Lots of stuff seem to be your imagination.

    But I see your underline point – MR is the best bet for the country for the immediate future because this MR ‘devils’ is known to us than the SF ‘devil.

    Again, I agree, but my BIG problem is that how are we going to put up with such enormous corruption, not just by the Rajapakses but the entire State system, Rajapakse and other nepotism, destruction to the environment , the running of an anti West Pariah State – for another 6 years under MR. MR will be older and weaker, furthermore, we are not sure whether Gota will be there or not. He had previously indicated that he wants to retire. If Gota is gone then there will be no credible MR govt.

    Chamal, Basil, Sashendra, Namal, Animal Siripala, Dimu J, Maithripala Sirisena, Priyadarshana Yapa, – these are all uselss creatures, who are incapable of governing a country. Rathnasiri is not bad, but I believe he is going to retire.

    Finally I do not care whether Arjuna will cross over to the UNP or not. He was a good cricketer – that’s all. But I am alarmed if Chandrika comes back to politics with son Vimukthi. This is the last thing the country wants.

  153. At this juncture I wish to point out that when 2 LTTE planes hit the City.GR was accusing Uthayan Editor describing him to foreign Journalists ” Blood in His Hands”. Now he has consumed Bloods of inocent Tamils, but no one is accusing him.By the Time the PE approaches, we will know who had more blood in their hands.

  154. 167 Navin

    I am an Indian. In India there is only federal set up. There are many different linguistic groups and ethnic and religious groups in India. We all live peacefully. There might be some tensions here and there. But we live peacefully.

    Even in India there are many ethnic groups which have far more representation or influence in different wings of the govt than there population.

    We don’t find it unpalatable. For example parsees are microscopic minorities in Inida. They constitute less than 100,000 (hundred thousand only) in numbers. But Sam Manekshaw, Tata, Homi Bhaba etc were all parsees.

    They mostly marry within there own community. In that way they preserve the purity of their genes. they were originally from Iran.

    But we all accept them to be Indian in spirit. They are second to none in their patriotism. I salute them.

    They are in the forefront of Industry. But for the Tatas and the Homi Bhabha India would not have an head start in the nuclear physics.

    In the federalism as practiced in India, the law and order, land reforms, education are in the hands of the state govt.

    Certain powers are in the concurrent list where both the state and the central govt are having powers in those areas.

    Certain areas only the central govt is having powers like defence, foreign affairs etc. Certain powers are lying with the state govt.

    This arrangement is quite satisfactory.

    Again you were talking of the demography.

    In India no Indian who resides outside Jammu and Kashmir can buy an immovable property in J and K. Even a Kashmiri woman who after her marriage to an outsider could not buy any immovable property in J and K.

    Not only J and K in many north eastern states the same situation prevails. This is done to protect the fragile demography of that region.

    By this way we will be winning the hearts and minds of the people.

    My sincere hope is this federal set up could solve SL problem to a large extent.

  155. 172 James Thenuwera.

    Indira Gandhi may have done many mistakes that you have listed and also left out.

    But she was a very strong leader. She kept everybody under tight leash.

    She created Bangladesh. She detonated the Nuclear bomb. She nationalized the banks. She abolished privy purses.

    Even now there are many who still admire her and yearn such a strong leader emerges to lead the country.

  156. 179. Bob:

    Look Mr. not all people in Sri Lanka have amnesia. We went through 30 years of terrorism and for the first time in their lives children born after the 80’s have lived for 6 months without a terrorist attack happening somewhere.

    If you plot the number of people killed due to LTTE attacks for the last 30 years and project the curve for the foreseeable future, the entire area under the graph is lives saved by the actions of MR, GR, SF and the rest. So go home and do your math and see which is greater– the number of lives saved by the actions of these individuals and number of lives lost due to their actions.

    Besides, those many so called journalists and human rights activists both dead and alive who are ferociously digging into the HR record of GR have their own shadowy pasts and we are freely walking along the streets today no thanks to them.

    If USA were to lend us some of those miraculous bombs that could find the right house to blast from among hundreds in the midst of a huge city like Baghdad even when fired in dark from hundreds of miles away and blast in the middle of civilians and just selectively kill only those who have had deals with terrorists, and also the impartial media institutions like CNN, BBC, I’m sure GR too could have had the excellent human rights records of those celebrated generals from the west– that is if you understand what I’m saying between the lines.

  157. #180 Mahesh

    In India no Indian who resides outside Jammu and Kashmir can buy an immovable property in J and K. Even a Kashmiri woman who after her marriage to an outsider could not buy any immovable property in J and K.

    Not only J and K in many north eastern states the same situation prevails. This is done to protect the fragile demography of that region.

    Mahesh, There is a slight difference here. In the states you mention people have not migrated in large numbers to the rest of India.

    In Srilanka the frequent grouse of even decent Sinhalese is that large numbers of Tamils are living amongst them including Tamils brought to work in the tea plantations by the British. They grumble that with all this the Tamils are also asking for exclusive rights in the North and East. It is not that they are against the Tamils living amongst them, but when the subject of the North and East crops up these matters are brought up.

    That is why my solution to this is to mix up the communities and aspire for the Indian model which i greatly admire. Modifications have to be made because you can’t have a one hat fits all policy here.

  158. #181 Furthermore, she (Indira Gandhi) failed to look after the Bhopal victims, who are still suffering.

    Above all, she made India poor – a legacy from the Gandhis, started from Jawaharlal Nheru. She was not a Manmohan Singh


    How could Indira Gandhi fail or not fail to look after the Bhopal Union carbide gas explosion tragedy victims when she herself was not among the living then?

    Indira was assassinated on October 31st 1984

    The Bhopal tragedy took place on December 3rd 1984

  159. An addition to my #178 above

    The ‘unknown devil’ has such corruptors as Ravi K, Malik S, Mangala S, Jayalath J, Karu J, Lakshman Kiriella etc. etc., so if they come to power they will rob rest of the country. If UNP wins SB will jump back to UNP, that means more corruption

  160. 180. Mahesh:

    Again you were talking of the demography.

    In India no Indian who resides outside Jammu and Kashmir can buy an immovable property in J and K. Even a Kashmiri woman who after her marriage to an outsider could not buy any immovable property in J and K.

    Not only J and K in many north eastern states the same situation prevails. This is done to protect the fragile demography of that region.

    By this way we will be winning the hearts and minds of the people.

    My sincere hope is this federal set up could solve SL problem to a large extent.

    This is exactly why the Sinhalese fear a federal setup. You will find no solution should you take this path in Sri Lanka.

    Preserving the demography of N & E as it is, regardless of which mechanism you adopt whether something similar to J & K or some variant of our own Thesavalamai law in Jaffna that is already there is NOT acceptable to the Sinhalese. The reasons are many.

    Sri Lanka is a small country. Even smaller than Tasmania. Still we have the same population as that of whole of Australia. So land is not in plenty to give away.

    Sinhalese in the past lived in N & E of the country and not just lived but thrived. Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa civilizations lasted for 1500 years well before first Tamil rule appears in Jaffna. Today’s uneven demography in that part of the country is the result of a migration that happened much later in history. So such ethnocentric restrictions as in J & K have no historic justification.

    It isn’t just the N & E that is dominated by the Tamils but so is the central highlands. That too prior to British rule, was totally Sinhalese populated area but today is more or less entirely Indian Tamil. The British settled the Indian Tamils in lands belonging to the upcountry Sinhalese. Furthermore, now they too want autonomy. So for Sinhalese it is not only the N & E that the Tamils want they want good part of the central province as well.

    In the minds of Sri Lankan Tamils they may be an endangered community with N & E been their only homeland. Yet, in the minds of the Sinhalese there are 60 million Tamils right across the Palk straits and difference between Tamils in India and those in Sri Lanka whether you call them Indian Tamils or Sri Lankan Tamil are negligible compared to the differences between 20 million Sinhalese in Sri Lanka and any other community in the world. Hence for them they are at greater risk of disappearing from Earth than Sri Lankan Tamils. So for much the same reason as Tamils want to preserve their dominance in N & E, Sinhalese want to keep their writ over the whole island as it has been in the past.

    Then, there is the uneven distribution of resources. Sri Lankan Tamils constitute only 13% of the population and nearly half of them live in Colombo and suburbs. In fact Tamil politicians are even asking for separate electorates for those Tamil communities in Colombo. Hence Tamils want areas of their so called historic habitation in the North locked up and left aside for them while living among the Sinhalese occupying their lands in the South. So its for this 6-7% of population we are reserving all this land, coastline and all of the oil wealth, if any is really down there. You may have heard that there are 18% Tamils in this country but that is when you add 5% of Indian Tamils who live in the central part.

    So, come MR or SF or even RW, there will be no deals on exclusive rights to land or resources in any part of the country for anybody. They should and will remain shared among all and that’s the only way out of this quagmire.

  161. 182 navin
    Thanks for reviewing my comments
    Your answer is not related to the issue I raised. Runaway GR – who would recruit him other than his bro MR as money making sec. for defence in SL -.Its worded as State Terrorism thats why MR Bros are feeling.now -.you know where.The West wants a Regime Change. I dont praise SF. Lets the muds sling scome to light
    Which you , India or China can change it.Ballot riging thugs are already ben hired.You will see a blodd bath among sinhalese in a few weeks- thats the Tamils are expecting

    Then we wil discuss Globaly

  162. Navin

    Your First claim that people in SL are having Amnesia. Its Pathetic. It Was State Terorism for the past 60 years and continuing. Though your war heros claim victories , why are they fighting between them..Tamils are not fighting Singalese now .Its Singalese against Singalese.We Tamils are clapping our hands, perhaps may make a toast with JHU

  163. Navin comment 182#

    “Look Mr. not all people in Sri Lanka have amnesia. We went through 30 years of terrorism and for the first time in their lives children born after the 80’s have lived for 6 months without a terrorist attack happening somewhere.

    If you plot the number of people killed due to LTTE attacks for the last 30 years and project the curve for the foreseeable future, the entire area under the graph is lives saved by the actions of MR, GR, SF and the rest.”

    Who is this “we”. you mean by Sri Lankans. Tamil people cower live in fear of terroristic actions by the state, kidnappings, tortures, media suppression, and jailings killings Once again Navin, the sad fact of your need to perpetrate colossal communal bullshit denudes your analysis of any credibility.

    If you plot the sheer scale civilians killed and injured by the Sri Lankan state in the last 3 months of the conflict it exceeds casualities in more than 10 years of fighting. It is entirely doubtful whether the actions of the SL government have saved any lives in the long run. A greater proportion of the wanni population was wiped out than proportion of Iraqis killed by the US after Gulf War II. Yours is a sad miscalulation of death.

    By God I hope the perpetrators of this crime and whiny amateur armchair apologists like you have to answer for this human tragedy.

  164. If we vote for Mahinda the Rajapakse family will take it that we have permitted them to steal from the country more. It is like giving them an open licence to plunder, so let’s give Sarath a chance to eliminate corruption, but Sarath must not act as a traitor by dobbing in Gota and others about the war conduct

  165. 190. RS Wickramasinghe:

    Who is this “we”. you mean by Sri Lankans. Tamil people cower live in fear of terroristic actions by the state, kidnappings, tortures, media suppression, and jailing killings
    Once again Navin, the sad fact of your need to perpetrate colossal communal bullshit denudes your analysis of any credibility.

    If you plot the sheer scale civilians killed and injured by the Sri Lankan state in the last 3 months of the conflict it exceeds causalities in more than 10 years of fighting. It is entirely doubtful whether the actions of the SL government have saved any lives in the long run.

    By God I hope the perpetrators of this crime and whiny amateur armchair apologists like you have to answer for this human tragedy.

    A greater proportion of the wanni population was wiped out than proportion of Iraqis killed by the US after Gulf War II. Yours is a sad miscalculation of death.

    What a load of horse shit. Ova gihila kiyapan konde badapu cheennunta.

    I have lived in this country for many many years now and I know who did, may have done what from governments both blue and
    green to JVP to LTTE to journalists like Lasantha and Kusal and what ordinary Tamils and Sinhalese in
    the South and North had to undergo as a result. I have seen first hand my share of headless bodies floating in ditches and body less heads stuck up a pole by the road
    and twisted metal, debris, thick smoke and blood for several lifetimes. So before you talk to me about what MR and co. did and did not with the war, please go get a life; Please.

    I sincerely hope you are not Rasika Wickramasinghe from Johns Hopkins.

  166. 189. Bob:

    So Tamils are clapping in joy when Sinhalese are on the downfall?

    Your statement is an insult to the Sri Lankan Tamils. Goes on to show very well your mentality.

  167. SF must say after he became the President he will appoint a Commission to probe the bribery and corruption and punish the culprits. Why is this not happpenning in Sri Lanka?

  168. Navin

    Sinhalese had street Parties wthKiribath , Kavum & Kokkis and arrack, while Tamils were slaughtered and bulldozed.in Vanni. Why Double standard here ? .Sinhalese had shown their mentality. Now the Killers with blood in their hands are BEGGING for Tamil votes( Begging everywhere is theTrue colour of Sinhalese ) I just hinted about GR before the Sunday Leader Headlines :“Gota Ordered Them To Be Shot” – General Sarath Fonseka.

  169. 187 Navin,

    You were talking about the polanaruwa and the anuradhaura. Polanaruwa was the capital city during the rule of the cholas. It was called the Jananathamangalam. Many parts of the Sri Lanka was ruled by the cholas for many years from the city of Jananathamangalam.

    So the history of Tamils is atleast 1000 years old in your country. In fact it goes beyond 1000 years. The Tamil Nadu and the Sri Lanka are separated only by a few miles of sea.

    Even now tamil fishermen and the sri lankan fishermen easily cross the national boundaries and knowingly or unknowingly enter the land of the other country.

    So therefore there is every possibility that the Tamils lived for a very long time in those parts of the Sri Lanka.

    Again 1987 Indo-Sri Lanka accord signed by JR states that the North and East constitute the traditional home land of the Tamils.

    May be after this military struggle and the also because of the counter operation carried out by the govt many Tamils migrated to other parts of Sri Lanka.

    They not only migrated to other parts of the Sri Lanka they also obtained refugee status in different countries.

    What do you have to say about the Indo-Sri Lanka accord which states that the north and the east are the traditional homeland of the Tamils.

  170. The Tamils are bemused with two leading contenders falling head over heels in love. Without SF candidacy the courting would not have been as intense as it is now.

  171. #198 BOB,

    The street parties were for the dawn of no more bombs or war. you seem to be generalising on the ‘Sinhalees’. All of us here in Srilanka were sick of the War and killings. Perhaps you see that only SL soldiers got killed and ordinary people didnt. Blood has no race. Get your head examined on your racial comments.

  172. #196

    Gloating is a Srilankan national heritage, each community get their turn until we find a statesman- for now only in dreams

  173. 199. Mahesh:

    You were talking about the polanaruwa and the anuradhaura. Polanaruwa was the capital city during the rule of the cholas. It was called the Jananathamangalam. Many parts of the Sri Lanka was ruled by the cholas for many years from the city of Jananathamangalam.

    So the history of Tamils is atleast 1000 years old in your country. In fact it goes beyond 1000 years. The Tamil Nadu and the Sri Lanka are separated only by a few miles of sea.

    Even now tamil fishermen and the sri lankan fishermen easily cross the national boundaries and knowingly or unknowingly enter the land of the other country.

    So therefore there is every possibility that the Tamils lived for a very long time in those parts of the Sri Lanka.

    Of course there were Chola invasions during both Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa periods and I’m well aware of
    the details. However, does this give any basis for Tamils to say we are the only ones who have the right to buy land
    in the N & E? That’s a rediculous argument.

    Again 1987 Indo-Sri Lanka accord signed by JR states that the North and East constitute the traditional home land of the Tamils.

    What do you have to say about the Indo-Sri Lanka accord which states that the north and the east are the traditional homeland of the Tamils.

    Let me summrise. N & E is the traditional homeland of Sri Lankan Tamils. But N & E was never home to just Sri Lankan Tamils.
    Sinhalse were there long before that if not right along. So there is no basis none whatsoever, for Tamils to claim
    exclusive rights to N & E.

    Indo-Sri Lanka accord is something that was forced upon JR. This was nothing but a case
    of Sri Lankan Tamils (the minority) aligning with their mother community in India to suppress the Sinhalese (the majority) at home.
    India has no business in internal politics of another country.


    The Indo-Lanka accord of 1987 NEVER stipulated that the North-East was the traditional homeland of Tamils. It only RECOGNIZED the reality that the Northern & Eastern provinces were areas of HISTORICAL HABITATION of the TAMILS & MUSLIMS where they had lived TOGETHER with OTHER ethnic groups

    Here is the relevant provision from the accord

    1.1 Desiring to preserve the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka:

    1.2 Acknowledging that Sri Lanka is a “multi-ethnic and a multi-lingual plural society” consisting, inter alia, of Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims (Moors) and Burghers:

    1.3 Recognising that each ethnic group has a distinct cultural and linguistic identity which has to be carefully nurtured:

    1.4 Also recognising that the Northern and the Eastern Provinces have been areas of historical habitation of Sri Lankan Tamil speaking peoples, who have at all times hitherto lived together in this territory with other ethnic groups:

    1.5 Conscious of the necessity of strengthening the forces contributing to the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, and preserving its character as a multi ethnic, multi lingual and multi religious plural society in which all citizens can live in equality, safety and harmony, and prosper and fulfil their aspirations:

  174. #159-Welisarage

    I’m looking for the full text of the 13th amendment

    Pillayan may be the best bet. His thesis is on the 13th amendment for his PHD. Very soon he will be Dr. Pillayan just like Dr. Mervyn Silva.

  175. 198. Bob:

    The street parties were like Dishan says in 201 for the demise of LTTE. Even if that was the case, IMHO that was NOT an occation to celebrate in anyway. It showed clearly where we stand in terms of human development.

    May 18th dawned over the deaths of many from both communities, civilian and non-civilian. It doesn’t matter what the actual number is whether that is 8000 or 20,000 that’s a lot of lives. LTTE or SLA they are the youth of this country and human beings who should never have had to die in the way many had to. What about the undead who were languishing in camps? BUT how many people as you yourself clearly show, have the maturity to observe and comprehend things in the proper context?

  176. Guess Mangala was right, this guy is not suitable to lead even the salvation army!
    When people like Jagath Jayasuriya, Shavendra, Prasanna Silva, Jagath Dias, Kamal Gunarathne retire, we will call them true patriots !
    General SF, what a lousy loser you are!

    Why are you accusing the Defense Secretary?

    You are a shameless, power-hungry, brainless idiot of a man. You would have been good as an army commander, but I will not trust you to run the country. You are as big-mouthed and loose-tongued as Ranil Wickramasinghe. No matter what you proclaim about your great military strategies, you would have achieved nothing without President Rajapakse brother’s giving the political leadership.

    I don’t like the corruption done by you during your time as a army commander to support your son in law in arms dealings. I will not cast my vote for you. I will give it to President Mahinda Rajapakse. You have lost whatever respect I had for you. No matter what happens to you personally, you should not be betraying the members of the team that stood together to defeat the most ruthless group of terrorists in the world. They got what they dished out to the innocent civilians during the 3 decades of brutal terrorist activities.

    Shame on you General, shame on you.

    When You decided to sleep with dogs ! You know what will happen Next?

    I hope that you have a ‘landslide’ loss at the elections and keep your dog close enoigh to protect you.

    Idiot – if you do not know what to talk keep your mouth shut!

  177. My sincere wish is that this hero cum traitor should die from a car accident or lightning or heart attack for giving false statement to Sunday leader newspaper regarding our most distinguished defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa ordered the killing the most ruthless terrorists in the world during the last stage of the war after waving white flags to surrender.
    Does any one in my peaceful homeland can believe such rubbish talk from a hero who became a General after the war.Thanks for the President for giving him that position and make this dirty traitor a hero. He got this hero label by doing heroics things during the dirty war as a soldier.

    Our President was so grateful for his valuable service and offered him this post but this dirty harry didnt appreciate what he did to him and now standing against the President of our country to get power and wealth to his hands by hook or crook. When someone in his position utters words like that who will take the benefit?

    These are dangerous words and will bring bad name to our country and to its peoples. Did he think of the Armed Forces where he fought for the last thirty five years when he utter those words in front of cameras and the electronic media of their own. Did he not think that our Government will be in question by the so called International community when they hear such rubbish from a citizen of my country who was called a hero sometimes back.

    He is doing more damage to us than the LTTE done during past thirty years. He is a dirtiest traitor I have ever seen or heard in my whole life. His statements were shocked and saddened to me. I cannot believe a Sinhala person will betray like this to his own country and to his peoples at this hour of peace. Sinhalese like him betrayed in the past siding with white masters etc but this betrayal is the worst and I condemn this dirtiest guy in a very strongest way as I am too is a pure Sinhalese blood.

    This is the time we should forget the past and think of the future without reminding the past and talk about your own heroism. If you want the vote of the people you should talk about the issues of the day not rubbish and lies like this and bring shame to our country. You dirty harry stop immediately all this nonsense before you bring disaster to the country and to our leaders.
    If you don’t know any politics just go home and sleep with your wife and enjoy your retirement. Don’t make us angry. Allow our nation to celebrate our famous victory and bring peace and happiness to our peoples. This is the time for progress not for killing and dividing each other. Our leaders trying to make a just society by uniting the people of all faiths,colours,and religion don’t spoil it you dirty traitor.
    Tell something useful rather than promising utter rubbish like raising salary by ten thousand,opening liquor bars to people to drink as much as they like,abolishing presidential rule, dividing the nation in to pieces etc. You retired army man don’t think that you are General Musharaf of Pakistan. He is really a hero and a brave man and loved his country, not like you go against the country and leaders for not giving you enough after the war.
    What you need more you retired traitor? You got a house, land,car,body guards,money etc what else you need and the highest position in the Armed Forces What else you need.We know you need the President’s chair to sit and dream of your fairyland? AH! Are you out of your mind? Do you think our beloved citizens will make you the king? What is your qualifications? Being friends to the all time traitors like Ranil,Mangalaya,Hakeem,Mano and the red clowns?

    Mr.Retired man don’t utter rubbish because you are a garbage now in the eyes of our citizens so best thing to do is to shut your dirty mouth and retire for good otherwise mother nature will send you to hell. Tell your dirty friends enough is enough because no one believe your stories and you guys don’t have new stories to tell the voters so don’t dirty our paradise isle of SRI LANKA any more retirement is the best medicine for you and to your stooges.
    Your days are numbered after that you have to check the world map to find a place to live except you go to your white masters in America and live a luxury life with your crooked family. Our wish and prayers to our beloved President Mahinda Rajapaksa always to bring our homeland to the world stage to live in dignity and proud not for a traitor like you NEVER,NEVER,NEVER?

  178. In SF’s dictionary, there is no word called “WE”, So his world of vision has been centered towards himself!
    He speaks as he fought against LTTE alone, with no support from other military forces, Defense Secretary, Government or the president (in fact now he says that MR and his government not only gave no help, but also disturbed him!!!).
    During the war and even soon after the war SF used to mention that MR extended his service just 16days before his retirement, and infact still there are enough youtube videos as evidences for that. But now SF says that there has been nothing like that and he had three more years to retire even at that time (see this weekend newspapers).
    Even the most corrupted politicians do not behave like this, and what’s more we could expect from a person with these qualities?
    This man is trying to portray as he is the moral guardian in Sri Lanka. Recently we heard that the parcel of land he was getting from Sri Lankan government is a gift. The President earlier agreed to offer the 3 service chiefs plots of land to build a house to the extent of 10 perches at Kirimandala Mawatha allocated for a public project. SF is the greedy one who asked for 15 then 25. A perch is estimated to be 3.5 million rupees. That is over 900 million rupees of property he is getting from the government as a gift. Then he did not vacate Army Commanders residence or the quarters at HQ when he took over the office of CDS. He did not even want the guard at Army HQ changed to coincide with the new commander’s regiment. The government has treated him with due respect and regard for assisting in the terrorism war. But he seems to have had his agenda from the beginning to have raised the issues he did on his resignation letter. In his public address he is trying to say that he always do what he says. But he also said that he has no political ambitions and never enter politics saying that he only know to fight. What does he say about that? He is only a power hungry Army man, who will destroy the fabric of democracy in Sri Lanka, and if that happens UNP and JVP should be held accountable.

  179. Take a close serious look at the background of General (retd) Sarath Fonseka.

    His credibility as “Mr. Clean” does not exist with, after how he used son-in-law as the “Monkey’s Paw” to collect blood money to fund his luxury lifestyle and Presidential ambitions.

    If, by some chance, God Forbid, Fonseka gets elected, corruption might even beat late President Ferdinand Marcos regime, and might plump for a Military Dictatorship. And son-in-law might beat Bill Gates to top the World’s Richest in the Forbes List during one single term of Fonseka office.

    His personal character has so many allegations of sordid tales of horror against his own female soldiers! Rumours of children outside wedlock? Is he a Buddhist or a polygamist Mormon?

    His political advisers are a “bunch of losers” and “has beens” now trying to capitalise on the military success of combined forces under the direction of the Commander-in-Chief, the President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    Hopefully, Fonseka has some basic intelligence to withdraw before being kicked into a side street in utter disgraceful defeat.

    Concurrently, the American judicial machinery is currently conducting investigations into the activity of son-in-law and his cohorts, which might result in American justice being applied to a prospective Green Card applicant.

    And other rumours of “Regime Change”! Does Sri Lanka electorate want outside pundits to place their “Trojan Horses” to create a potential Eelam?

    Who says, “Sri Lankan politics hath no excitement and Drama?”

  180. #199 /Cholas invaded Polonnaruwa – looted wealth, set fired to property, raped Sinhala Women, destroyed Buddhist Civilization and fled. To say this was part of their rule is bunkum. Cholas were murderers who came to did a damage and flee, just like how the Tamil Tigers massacred innocent Sinhala Villages and fled

  181. Current Govt is a family circus and the clowns all come from the same locality. The Aspiring Leader is a untested entity and it is best that he is given a chance – May be if his acrobatics are lesser than the current circus, we the voters would have achieved some success. IMPORTANT TO NOTE : SF has promised to resign if he fails to abolish the Executive Prsidency. So worth looking for a change

  182. DBSJ

    Iam wonderin whether #206 – 208 are same person, because the style of writing is same.

    I notice sometimes by the longwinded comments that your blog has sometimes turned into a full blown government propaganda tool.

    If it is like this here i can just imagine what it must be like in Srilanka, where the government propaganda machine must be working around the clock.

  183. #203 Navin

    “Let me summrise. N & E is the traditional homeland of Sri Lankan Tamils. ”

    Navin, it is hilarious to watch you huffing and puffing with chauvinist bluster to sound informed and educated on Sri Lankan political history and then watch DBSJ take you apart with a few incisive strokes of his keyboard. It is greatly reminiscent of Mr Thenuwara’s idiotic assertion about Indira Gandhi and Bhopal.

    You also clearly know nothing and understand even less.

    If James Thenuwara is the village idiot of this blog, you are the blustering blundering fumbling old fool. Maybe both of you are related….?

  184. 211. Ahmed Rashaad:

    … as if abolishing executive presidency is the biggest problem of this country at the moment or is the cure for all other ills…

  185. #206, 207, 208, 209 — to all four of you – Day dreaming is not at all prohibited in Sri Lanka and anybody is free to become a fanatic. You may have received school education, but your writings do not prove that. I can understand you hatred, arising due to the sheer success SF has already achieved in his campaign. Let me very briefly take each one of you head on.

    #206 – It seems you dont like corruption of SF but you like corruption of MR & Family. According to you, Gota can take as long as three hours of state media air time and lambaste SF with every allegation he can think of, but SF must keep mum on those things. Day dreaming is very much applicable to you and please make sure that you dont sleep with dogs anyway.

    #207 – Ooops you wish SF was dead. You are sick & very sick. You need medical attention and I naturally dont fight with sick people. Therefore, no comments.

    #208 – Your words ——“He is only a power hungry Army man, who will destroy the fabric of democracy in Sri Lanka, and if that happens UNP and JVP should be held accountable.” —— So you presume that MR is not power hungry and why MR does all these gimmicks and give free lunch to every Tom, Dick & Harry at Temple Trees is to show that he is a saint. You talk of democracy, but I doubt whether you really know what democracy means. You are very badly mistaken and in need of a break with your dreams.

    #209 – Day dreaming is seems to be your hobby. When you say SF is surrounded by bunch of looser, you presume that MR is surrounded by well qualified, honest, dynamic, and patriotic strategists. Ok, ok, have the pleasure of your day dream. I dont mean to disturb you. Have a good nap too.

    Dear folks this is the caliber of voters (mostly) in Sri Lanka. God bless my country.

  186. 211. Ahmed:- I witnessed what JRJ promised and Premadasa promised before coming to power and once they got the job, they did more or less what they wanted. I agree MR & Co are corrupt but how are you so sure SF will keep to his promises? Especially when he has a rag tag bunch of UNP and JVP following him? Mate, politicians all over the world promise anything before they get elected. After being elected it is anybody’s guess…….

  187. comment 211
    “IMPORTANT TO NOTE : SF has promised to resign if he fails to abolish the Executive Prsidency. So worth looking for a change”

    Mr Ahmed…If you seriously believe that anyone who wins the most powerful executive presidency in the world is going to give it up voluntarily….well there is a bridge in London I’d like to sell you. Interested in buying?

    The known MR is always better than the unknown flip flopping Egomaniac….

  188. #210-James Thenuwara

    #199 /Cholas invaded Polonnaruwa – looted wealth, set fired to property, raped Sinhala Women, destroyed Buddhist Civilization and fled

    I can’t understand what you are talking. Is it like Indira Ghandhi’s ghost being responsible for the Bhopal tragedy.

    The Chola king Rajendra1 captured Anuradhapura in 1017 and sacked the city. They moved the capital to Polonnaruwa
    and subsequent rulers who came into power after the Chola reign continued to use Polonnaruwa as the capital, thus ending the Anuradhapura Kingdom.

    So decide what you are talking about , is it Anurathapura or Polonnaruwa.

    And also where did you get this nonsense about raping women etc. Sacking a city is more or less taking its wealth, not burnng it down and raping women. Even Prabhaharan though he was a bloodthirsty monster, did not rape Sinhalese women.

    The cholas never fled. They reigned from Polonnaruwa.

    Get your facts right without misleading others, first with Bhopal and now this, and next god knows what.

    It is

  189. #207 Ranjit W

    You made a good point. Even you are admitting that Sinhalese are not living in peace even after the defeat of LTTE. Until Sinhalese setle the Tamil issue – No Piece of Peace for Sinhalese !

  190. 213. RS Wickramasinghe:

    Ane Moda Gono,

    DBJ has not contradicted what I said. What DBSJ has done is to post what is is in the
    agreement. I never said Indo Lanka agreement called N & E as Tamil homeland. It was Mahesh
    who said that. Mahesh wanted to know what I thought of the deal and I gave my response which
    was based on 3 points– 1) that it was forced upon JRJ and 2) Tamils in SL ganged up with Tamils
    in India to confront the Sinhalese which was also witnessed again in last Eelam war 3) India had
    no business in our internal affairs. Now you tell me, which of these facts depends on whether
    or not the agreement calling N & E as Tamil homeland.

    I fact, couldn’t care less about it even if did say that N & E was Tamil homeland, which I was pleasantly
    surprised to find out that it didn’t thanks to DBSJ’s contribution.

    even if the agreement doesn’t explicitly spell out that N & E is their homeland it doesn’t
    say that it isn’t either. To me I can see why the authors of this document may not have wanted to go
    that far in their wording and wanted to find a sentence that would stop somewhere in between.
    The agreement caused enough controversy as it is and any further assertions would have only
    aggravated the resistance.

    One doesn’t have to consult no agreement to answer whether N & E is the homeland of Sri Lankan
    Tamils. They have lived their for so many years and there are enough evidence in history to prove that.

    If you haven’t learnt it yet, at least learn now that just because some point of view is popular
    or is considered fashionable or is adopted by opinion makes of the society, it doesn’t necessarily have
    to be right. You need to be able to reason for yourself that it is right for it to be right.
    Many of your views clearly indicate that you are just standing in a void and arguing based on
    what is been dished out by others without any analysis for yourself not to mention the
    blind faithfulness to the green party.

    Regardless of how many others you label as chavunists,
    racists, modayas, godayas, buruwas, old farts, amaterous, etc. etc …, if you cannot clearly
    reason your arguments in a logical, coherent manner, your posts are hollow.

    You will stop been a smart ass no more when you dine at the right hotel one day.

  191. 221 Navin

    Okay. If it is not traditional it is historic habitation, this north and east.

    Then why the govt is trying to alter the demography of those places. The Trincomalee and Batticaloa have been settled with Sinhalese with the active support of the successive sl govts from 1948.

    Is it not to reduce the habitation space for the tamils and is it not a means to alieniate them from their lands.

    In a democracy if you are going to bring in outsiders and change the profile of the voters then you deny the Tamils their voice.

    Why should any govt do that. Only some totalitarian countries do that without bothering about the international opinion.

    Take any census. the polulation of the tamils has remained stagnant or now due to many obtaining refugee status has gone down but the actual NUMBERS of the sinhalese who have settled in those provinces has increased.

    You said it was forced upon the JRJ. The agreement was entered into after a very long and laborious dialogue process, both in Thimpu and also in Delhi.

    India initially acted only as a facilatator. It didn’t in the initial stages actively participate in the dialogue.

    After the agreement was signed VP went against it. India waged a war against him and in the process lost more than thousand soldiers for the sake of the territorial integrity of your country. At that time your President R. Premadasa teamed up with VP and sent the Indian troops back home.

    Both Rajiv and Premadasa were killed.

    You said why India should interfere with the internal affairs of your country.

    Then why did your Tamils have to flee your country as refugees and come into India.

    Canada, UK, Germany, Australia all have very stringent visa practices. Yet they granted political asylum to the Tamils who were fleeing your country.

    This is humanitarian. I hope you will understand this feeling for a fellow human being.

    Tamils in India after 1991 were following a hands off policy towards the sri lanka.

    The tamils were concerned here about their sri lankan brethren. They didn’t gang up against sinhalese.

    Rajapaksa said that the tigers wanted military solution and he would give them a military solution.

    Those who want a political soln he would give a political soln.

    Now he has entered the fray for the presidential election before his term has come to an end.

    Interestingly both the SF and the MR are not placing before the electorate their plans for the political soln of the Tamil problem.

    Let us wait and watch. This is a sad spectacle to watch. But I don’t have any idea that there will be just dispensation for the Tamils there.

  192. The western elite cant use the LTTE now, so they are dividing the govt and the sinhalese.
    When are sri lankans going to wake up?
    The illuminati find endless ways to systematically weaken Sri Lanka just like they do in Africa.
    The illuminati divided all the various african communities and had them killing each other, whilst selling weapons and then stealing natural resources.
    Same thing in Lanka. It was the illuminati British who masterminded the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka.
    Lankan politicians were correct in denouncing the west as hypocritical and trying to weaken the island. But sincerely hope these are not empty words. I get the uncomfortable feeling that some of the top ranking GOSL people are illuminati puppets.
    This Fonseka/Rajapakse problem seems contrived and clevery created.
    I just wish the mainstream public learn to think more deeply and stop wallowing in the shallows.

  193. #218 Shankar
    Don’t try to whitewash Cholas and Prabhakaran. Under the rule of both of them Sinhala women were raped. You go to Gonagala in Ampara District, Padaviya and Sri Pura in Anuradhapura District, then Kantale in Trincomalee District to hear stories how Prabhakaran’s terrorists killed Sinhala babies and raped women. About Bhopal – well, I was honest enough to admit my mistake. It was not a big error. Indira Gandhi died only one month before Bhopal and the one who replaced her was her son, Rajiv. So the Gandhi family who destroyed India must take responsibility for not looking after the Bhopal victims. These innocent people are still suffering without proper compensation. Finally, to imply Chola as a meritorious King, my foot. He was worse than Prabhakaran – both Chola and Prabhakaran were cold blooded murderers. If you try to whitewash them, well, that tells says a lot about you.

  194. Wasn’t the topic who is fit to be president of SL? When did it degenerate into factually devoid arguments about Cholas, Bhopal etc?

    FOCUS on the issue; SF shot his mouth off with very loose talk to S.Leader. It has boomeranged on his claim to be the soul creator, architect and implementer of the war. Ego Ego Ego….Thus DBSJ, I beg you to close this article and start a new one on the new developments, corruption charges, counter corruption charges and all the putrid lies emanating from the Rajapaske Incorporated and the Sarath Fonseka Incorporated. The average Gunapala, Thangavelu and Irfan in Sri Lanka are caught between a rock and a hardplace.

  195. Where do you get army commanders applying for the US Diversity Visa Lottery while holding the high office? This shows Sarath Fonseka’s complete lack of faith in Sri Lanka. There is no harm applying for the lottery after retiring. An army commander is supposed to be loyal to one country – the country he has avowed to defend. How can an army commander defend national interests of both Sri Lanka and the USA at the same time?

    Gotabhaya Rajapaksha applied for US visa after he resigned from the army following two decades of dedicated service. He made up his mind to serve Sri Lanka once again whole heartedly, not to be in the US and Sri Lanka at the same time.

  196. On December 13, 2009 in an interview with the Sunday Leader, Fonseka alleged that the Defence Secretary ordered to kill surrendered LTTE leaders and Brigadier Shavendra Silva carried out the order. Patriots lost all respect for Fonseka with this statement. Fonseka became the dirtiest traitor this nation has seen. He knowingly pandered to the LTTE attempts of levelling war crimes allegations against Sri Lankan war heroes. Within hours of his interview, the popular LTTE mouthpiece carried a news item quoting Fonseka that Sri Lankan war heroes must be punished for killing surrendered LTTE leaders.

    Without stopping at this, Fonseka disputed this news item without correcting it. Such dastardly conduct! At least he should not contradict himself.

  197. Fonseka ran away from the country days before the final battle broke out; on May 11th to be precise. Apparently he was visiting China. What was the army commander doing when his men were fighting the last, decisive battle? He betrayed the army by deserting them at a crucial time of the battle. He also claimed that he came to know of the final stages of the battle from a journalist whereas he broke the news of Parabakaran’s death to journalists. It is strange how an army commander comes to know about the battlefield from a journalist!

  198. Mangala was the first one to assess Sarath Fonseka as not even good enough to command the Salvation Army. Now Mangala wants the man who can’t even command the Salvation Army to rule Sri Lanka. I am confused. Now SF is giving orders to Mangala as his spokesperson. I am getting more confused. According to Leader newspaper, quoting SF, it is Gotabhaya who has given orders in the last phase of the war against LTTE but I thought SF was the one who was in command until the end, according to SF’s boasting in the last few weeks. Oh! My God I am getting completely confused now. The hero is sharing everything and asking the support of Hakim, who has signed an agreement with LTTE Prabhakaran (I have photo of them together after signing the agreement) for part of Sri Lanka for Muslims. No it can’t be!! SF will not share anything with a traitor like that, would he???? I am really really and utterly and completely confused now. Day by Day SF is proving that Mangala may be right. What a Duo!!! Good luck and God Bless them.

    On the other hand SF’s wish has come true to be more popular. Now SF has become more popular not only in Sri Lanka but among the West and LTTE supporters worldwide who were trying to demean Sri Lanka and the brave forces of Sri Lanka. His denial is too late as he has repeated the similar thing on the 10 Jul in Amblangoda as per US Congressional report.

    So now according to SF, Sunday Leader has become the liar misquoting him. How come this great paper journalist got it wrong, I thought nowadays they tape every interview for this reason and hopefully SF will sue them for damages. SF now can blame Sunday Leader when he loses the election. This man will sell anyone to get what he wants, and I said that from the beginning. Good example of how greed, hatred and power can corrupt people.

    One thing is certain; this man SF is becoming very popular for the wrong reasons though!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know whose “dead rope” he swallowed to contest and become a joker in the pack. So far he has done a very good job of making sure MR will win easily. He should have enjoyed of what he achieved and spent the rest of his life with his family in happiness rather than trying to do things for the wrong reasons. Hatred towards MR, GR and family, for their “ill treatment” (which is doubtful now) that is what it is all about.

    There is one similarity I see between Ranil and SF, and that is everytime they both open their mouths, they lose more supporters.

  199. #224-James Thenuwara

    So you who do not know the difference between Anurathapura and Pollonaruwa from a historical perpective, are telling us now that Sinhalese women were raped by the Cholas. Can you tell us which page and which para of the Mahawamsa or Culavamsa states this? Are you trying to rewrite the Chronicles.

    Wth regard to Prabhaharan what you mention about the babies is true, but women being raped is news to me. These attacks were carried out silently in the dark using machetes. People were all hacked to death. Prabhaharan’s actions brought shame to the Tamils, but don’t try to exaggerate the events.

    There is no king called Chola. They are a dynasty. The name i gave was Rajendra1.

    Can you tell me what exactly i wrote implies Rajendra I as a meritorious king. By overdoing this kind of misrepresentation of what we write, you have given yourself away. Once or twice you can consider as a genuine mistake. But over and over again when there is a pattern to misrepresent the other persons writings, then you know you are dealing with a cunning character.

    So far on this blog i have had disageements with people, but it was always a pleasure to deal with them because they were straightforward types who shot from the hip, not cunning characters like you, who twist and turn what other people say, and don’t behave in a straight forward manner. i suggest you don’t try to be a slippery snake and instead of tryin to show us you are an encyclopedia of knowlege just become one of us, so that we can also benefit from you, without the frills.

  200. #229. Rohana Arambewala
    If you are blaming SF for having Hakeem don’t foget he was with MR before he fled to the present camp. Another traitor who signed a pack with Prabhakaran is the Minsiter Thondaman, he is still with MR. So if you only attack SF and not Thonda, I regret you may be a hypocryte. Don’t attack SF for the sake of attacking

  201. Shankar, looks like it hurts you so much if we try to show the brutality of Chola and Prabhakaran. I again ask you – please do not try to whitewashe these bruatals – whether they were tamils or malayalis, they were not human beings but wild beasts. Such whitewashings reflect very badly on you personally. End of the discussion, I hope.

  202. 230. shankar:- Don’t loose your marbles on my friend JT alias Udurawana. He is a suitable candidate for your hot air balloons. But the last one Wicks has escaped and posting nasty comments!

  203. Shankar

    After comparing style&substance of different posts on this blog I’ve concluded that James Thenuwara is none other than our Mangala Premarathne of old.Therefore you dont need to get ruffled by him or waste time responding.Let’s wait for this psycho’s next avatar

  204. #233 Correction – in the below text it should be “not MR” instead of “not Thonda”

    Another traitor who signed a pack with Prabhakaran is the Minsiter Thondaman, he is still with MR. So if you only attack SF and not Thonda, I regret you may be a hypocryte. Don’t attack SF for the sake of attacking

  205. I think we should stop attacking SF too much (look at the attacks on him on all the blogs – it’s astonishing!), after all he is a Great War Hero. Nobody can take that away – it is thanks to SF that we beat the Tamil Tigers. The man may be suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) that many senior veterans of war suffer. We Sri Lankans should not destroy our Hero just as how the US most unashamedly destroyed its Sproting Hero Tiger Woods. The US racists destroyed the gem, Tiger Woods for ever, we should not do this to SF. After all even belatedly he stated he takes the full responsibility for the war deaths. SF was an honest man – he built a lower middle class house in Piliyandala, spending only Rs 12 lakhs- if he was a crook he would have built a mansion, like Mervin, Karu J, Jayalath J, Animal Siripala et al.

  206. You are all bickering over Fonseka and Rajapakse.
    Such a shame you dont see the illuminati and how they continue finding new ways to confuse and divide Sri lanka.
    Goodness sake. LTTE end should have signified a dawn of a peaceful march forward. Instead all this needless nonsense.
    Sri Lankans are so much like Africans. They dont see the real satan that is dividing them, and keep bickering amongst themselves
    Go and read Victor Ostrovsky and what he had to say about Sri Lanka. The role that Mossad played in ruining the Island. Mossad dont function alone. They are part of the illuminatis network. CIA, Mi5, KGB, RAW, ISI are all part of it

    Illuminati?You shouldn’t take Dan Brown’s “Angels&Demons” too seriously…………..DBSJ

  207. I don’t think I am appreciated in this blog, and I do not want to get unnecessarily blamed and attacked. I bid goodbye from all of you, you will never hear from me again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  208. Fonseka is being parsimonious with the truth. While pointing an accusing finger at Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, he has sought to absolve himself of responsibility by claiming that he was not in the country in the days preceding the defeat of the LTTE and that he was told about the executions only later. While he was indeed not in the country during that crucial period, his argument that he was kept in the dark over the executions doesn’t hold water. Fonseka headed the armed forces and there is no way that he would not have been informed with regard to an order as important as the one to execute the Tiger leaders. Fonseka has been claiming credit for the remarkable military victory over the LTTE; he cannot wash his hands off its less-savoury actions.

  209. The recent antics of the Ranil/JVP-terrorists of yesteryear-and the retired General-who got irritated because he was not declared the sole liberator of the country-and their cronies, typical of those who will do anything to gain power, are painting themselves into a corner with never-dry paint. The General is obviously not fit to govern a country when he is capable of making utterly irresponsible claims which have done irreparable damage to the heroic armed forces, and the country itself. Retracting his statements, and declaring them as taken out of context is a step too late. He should have known that there are many ruthless enemies of Sri Lanka lurking in the shadows, forces of evil who have in the past and will continue in the future to tarnish the glory of the armed forces, and the nation and its government, unceasingly envious of thefirst time in the world defeat of terrorism.

    The General suddenly realizes, prodded of course by his strange bedfellows, that human rights need to be protected by him?
    Those who came up with this grand plan should realize that Sri Lanka is a country of literate, intelligent, just and reasonable people -except, of course, for some politicians and their henchmen, who obviously need a certain amount of regimentation. Sri Lanka certainly does not need ‘army rule,’ especially when the person who is trying to enforce it is under a cloud of of nepotism and large scale corruption. We have been reading about a barrage of charges against the general; he should, if he can, first clear himself of those before he even contests for presidency of a “gamsabava”.

  210. Is Foseka taking a Nixonian attitude and is he in a state of denial that his son in law committed the alleged illegal activities and/or he did not know anything about them if indeed they were committed? Will the same fate that befell Nixon be Fonseka’s fate? Will it be his “Danunagate”?.
    Remeber the comment on TamilNadu poiiticians by Fonseka?
    Political Jokers!!!
    Seems, it takes one to know another.

  211. 229. Rohana Arambewala


    The last presidential election, Didn’t the percent government sign a pact with LTTE to boycott the election ?

  212. Since a TNA MP is standing as a Candiadate, perhaps he may get about 10K votes only Rest of the Tamils including Diasporas have decided to go ahead with Vaddukoddai resolution. Most of IDP’s or Tamils living in Traditional Homeland Will Not Vote . Let MR & SF find their destiny.Its Pointless arguing now who willbe the Tortise/Rabbit. India & SLG are in the same boat as ever in the state of Denial – Like a drunked never admitting drinking. West want a Regime Change. Its a East ( India ) or the West ( count the number of countries. Paks or China are not worried as who ever come to power, they will side ANY govt. Japan too. I wonder howmany innocent poor sinhalese are going to loose their lives on election related violence ( history shows hundreds to thousands ) Now War crimes issues too popping up. Only the looser will have to face the Hague-That is definitely going to happen

  213. Can someone explain to me whether there is any legitimate reason for

    1. For 2 different dept’s to print identity cards.

    2. When only 2 million cards are needed why print 3.6 million. Is it to save on printng costs?

    Here is an article i saw

    “Though there are nearly 20 Lakhs persons without identity cards, the registration of persons Dept. has decided to print temporary cards for them for the forthcoming Presidential elections. The CAFFE organization has pointed out that there is room to suspect there will be a fraud in respect of this issue fo cards.

    According to the voters list of 2008, there are 1.955,312 voters without ID cards. Yet, the Elections Commissions Dept. has printed one million cards and the registration of persons Dept. 2.6 million cards. That is a total of 3.6 million cards.

    The temporary ID cards were used for election frauds during the Northern Provincial Council elections in the same way. Therefore the production of temporary cards by the Registration of persons Dept. is questionable.

    By printing ID cards at two places, the issue of two cards to an individual is likely.

    As two depts. are producing the same thing, chances for fraud are huge. (as they are not properly co ordinating)

    ID cards can be issued even to those whose names are not in the voters list.

    For certification, the officers involved are Govi authorized officer, Samurdhi officers, JPs. These officers are all political appointees.

    As there is no list of the individuals to whom the UD cards are to be issued, any body can work out an ID card.

    Because two Depts. are engaged in the same task, it opens the gateway for frauds. Because of the issue of temporary ID cards at the last PC Northern elections, both main political parties got the opportunity to resort to election frauds, the CAFFE pointed out.”

  214. 221 Navin

    Okay. If it is not traditional it is historic habitation, this north and east.

    Then why the govt is trying to alter the demography of those places. The Trincomalee and Batticaloa have been settled with Sinhalese with the active support of the successive sl govts from 1948.

    Is it not to reduce the habitation space for the tamils and is it not a means to alieniate them from their lands.

    In a democracy if you are going to bring in outsiders and change the profile of the voters then you deny the Tamils their voice.

    Why should any govt do that. Only some totalitarian countries do that without bothering about the international opinion.

    Dear Mahesh,

    I thought I clearly, laid out the facts before you with regard to above points but sadly
    we seem to have gotten no where ever since the first post.

    From the perspective of a Sinhalese, I have no problem admitting that Sri Lankan
    Tamils have their origins in N & E. People can call it homeland or something else I don’t care.
    (Another related question is whether Sri Lankan Tamils are a distinct ethnic group
    from the Tamils of Tamil Nadu. That too is up to the Sri Lankan Tamils to decide.)

    However, most importantly, Sinhalese too have their origins in those very same lands.
    Hence Tamils have no monopoly over that part of the country.
    The present demography is the result of events that took place much later in history
    and many Tamils seem to have taken for granted as a result that they are the sole
    owners of N & E and nobody particularly the Sinhalese have no business there.

    You referring to Sinhalese been settled in N & E as outsiders been settled in Tamil
    areas says it all. Sinhalese are not outsiders to N & E. They are not outsiders to
    any part of the country.

    Similar to Tamil claim that N & E is their homeland, Sinhalese claim whole of Sri Lanka
    as our homeland which includes N & E.

    Settling Sinhalese in N & E is a MUST to stop this Tamil thinking that N & E is
    their’s and only their’s to live and reassure Sinhalese that nobody is gifting
    N & E whole sale to Tamils under guise of power devolution.

    In my mind, the only important things that are worth considering are Tamil
    desire to be reassured that they belong in Sri Lanka, their identity will
    be preserved and they are treated equally.

    People can take these simple fact and redress it in so many different ways from
    need for federalism to preservation of demography. Whatever mechanism
    that is adopted, from the perspective of Sinhalese, we must carefully
    scrutinized it and see that no undue demands are been made and future
    of Sinhalese community or their rights are not been compromised.

    As for why the Tamils are leaving the country, Tamils should have thought
    of all the consequences of taking up arms before they threw their first bomb
    at the Sinhalese be they soldiers or civilians. Don’t forget, it wasn’t the
    Sinhalese who lost patience first and declared all out war on “outsiders”.
    After you do that and while you keep doing that, you cannot complain of harassment.

  215. Can such a man be the Commander –in- chief of his own forces and win the respect and loyalty of his troops when he exposes them to war crimes. Is it to settle a score of a personal nature- so far a main plank in his campaign? Can a presidential candidate jeopardize national interest arising from personal disputes? Should the People vote for such a person to high office?

  216. #248 Navin

    Are you tracking the Channel 4 Jonathan bombshell tape matter.

    In the wake of SF comment about summary execution of those who surrendered, the authenticity issue of the Channel 4 tape is likely to snowball.

    Please let me know if anything is popping up !

    Remember the discussion we had following the airing of the tape.

  217. #240-Rohana Arambawela

    That is exactly what i was thinking.

    As for the LTTE leaders it is strange that they came out with white flags. They were probably in their mid fifties, and these were the guys who were extolling young men and women to take the cyanide capsule and commit suicide attacks.. See the amount of youngsters including a girl who died in the suicide attack on the Vavuniya AirForce base.

    It is funny to see that some people value their own lives more than someone else’s.

  218. To: James Thenwera # 239

    Please don’t go away. We’ll miss you so much. You need some professional help. That’s all. Please stay on. Oh……how nice that you wishing us for Merry Christmas & HNY. Thanks lot and we wish you the same. By the way, Is it ok that ‘True Buddhist’ can wish others for Christmas – I mean on your books?

  219. Guys… Shall we leave Mr Thenuwara aside and go with the enlightening discussions about the political arena in the town.

    Don’t get carried away with other peoples ideas !

  220. 245. bob:- I am a Sinhalese who has lived a good part of my life with Muslims, Burgers, and Tamils. I have loved and lived with them. Therefore I can call myself a moderate. The Tamils must not think, 2 Sinhalese are fighting election. We shall wait till one of them or both of them destroy themselves. Then what is the Tamil contribution to this event in the very same country they live? The TNA guy is contesting. To achieve what? Just to show their contempt to the election and muddy the waters. Does that help the Tamil cause? Finally SF or MR will win and the winner will know Tamils never supported him and therefore to hell with them. Tamil cause will be dead and buried. Many Sinhalese believe that TNA is LTTE sympathiser and therefore they will think although LTTE is dead and moderate Tamils have got fed up with them, here are a bunch of people are continuing in the same frame of mind. This election, the Tamils can work to their benefit but TNA and the Tamil leadership does not know how. If you want to live in anger against the Sinhalese, you may do so and I don’t ever condemn you because that is your wish which I greatly respect. But are you or the Tamils going to get anywhere like that? In this world if we want anything done, we got to be proactive. We got to get the bull by the horns. We got to lock horns even with our adversaries for the betterment of all. But we also can sit on the sidelines and lament and accuse others of messing everything up. Throw stones and cause ripples in the water. Choice is entirely ours.

  221. Calling James Thenuwara..Please come back. I think many miss you including myself. We got to hear openions from people in all walks of life and different life experiences. That is the beauty of understanding people. I think hereafter bloggers will be less critical of you.

  222. #255-Don

    I think The TNA guy is contesting as an independent. There seems to be a rift among them. TNA wants to look at the manifestos and decide whom to support. I think that is sensible. This guy seems not to agree to this , hence has decided to throw his hat in the ring as an independent.

    I just can’t understand the logic of a Tamil or a Muslim contesting. It seems a waste of precious minority votes.

    As for Thenuwara i can’t understand why he is vamoozing. Must be hypersensitive.

  223. SF will loose the PE only due to Vote Rigging. SLG thugs will do the job perfectionally with the support of Former Terrorist Outfits in N& E.. IDP’s votes- whom are the SLG trying to fool. Poor Sinhalese ! Am to laugh or cry here !!

    James T – Come back to forum PLEASE !!!!!!

  224. The US says that it is fully supportive of the UN investigating alleged Human Rights (HR) abuses in Sri Lanka and also continues to stress to the Government of Sri Lanka the importance of ending human rights abuses and investigating and holding accountable those who are responsible for past abuses.

    Who is going to jump in the sea first MR or SF ??

  225. USA is Clever in manner they wanted to know who spoiled there effort to save the LTTE leadership and the following Civilians massacre. If MR & co and SF stays together , no one will spill the beans. They worked in such an intelligence manner, planned a bogus “coup” , passed the info to India, who alerted MR & Co. This way they can catch atleast one WAR CRIMINAL. Whoever wine the PE could survive and the other to Hague. Suddenly the Indian Govt South Block is panicing. They too has some blood in their hand during the final stages of the war. SF know the in and out of the big heads of Congress Govt who were behind This includes Vijay Nambiar too. Now US is supporting the UN’s steps to find the War Criminals – India is Shaking . They Want MR to come back to power

  226. Dear Mr Thenuwera
    Please come back. Only few people were nasty to you, we were with you, though silently. I want to know your comments about the current debate on global warming. You have good wisdom to comment

  227. Sarath Fonseka and Rajapakse battle is getting hotter every day. I will vote for Sirithunge or Sarath Kongahage, I am sorry Siddhalepa is not there this times. …………. I think also Sarath Fonseka may be a better Buddhist than Mahinda Rajapakse.

  228. SF destroyed what he achieved. and he distanced from what he acieved by becoming the worse traitor SL has seen.

    He should NEVER have said the things he said to sunday leader.

    GR could have achieved the same victory without SF.

    The war was fought by commanders on the ground under DIRECT instructions from GR. I’m not saying this, SF said this!!!

    At the MOST crucial times of the war, when we started it and ended it, SF was not even there!!! he joined the mavil aru offensive after it was planned. he went to china on may 11 and returned on the 18th. SL won the battle during this time.

    GR was there at all these times.

    If SF had not sacked General Parakrama Pannipitiya and General Prasanna Silva, not blundered in muhamalai ten times, we would have won the war a few months before with much less casualty numbers.

    Also note that Generals Pannipitiya and Silva had a remarkably low own casualties in war while achieving success.

    Fonseka was appointed as the army commander mainly bcos he used to agree with everything GR says.

    SF did a great deal of work for which he was rewarded handsomely. he has no qualms or claims in politics.

  229. DBSJ , it is intereting to read what Joseph Michael Perera said at the Parliament:


    Opposition MP Joseph Michael Perera told parliament that the attacks were carried out by a “special team” controlled by Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka.

    Mr Perera said the government should arrest the offenders and “immediately bring them to justice”.

    The army has denied that it is any way involved in attacks on journalists.

    “We are told by those in the army itself that journalists are abducted and subjected to grievous injury by none other than a special unit under the army commander,” Mr Perera, a former parliamentary speaker, said.

    As You well said, now this General Fonseka talking on media freedom.

    Shame …Shame……

  230. 251. Nostradamus:

    Yes, I saw the news reports on the video. I also looked at what the Grant Fredericks has said. I have no reason to doubt the expertise of Frederickson. However, I would like to hear what he thinks of the argument brought forward by Dr. CR de Silva on relative synchronization between the audio track and video track.

    One of the points raised by Dr. de Silva was that audio of the gun shot was behind the video frames but since the recording was done on a mobile phone a device lacking processing capability, due to the time consuming video encoding process, sound should be ahead of video considering the relative short distance at which the recording was made. However, I didn’t see any reference to that particular aspect in the media reports. I’m awaiting the government response to this latest challenge.

    Furthermore, Frederickson only says that the video is authentic. He doesn’t assert that the soldiers are SLA. Hence, even if the video was proved to be authentic, it could very well depict a scene where LTTE cadres dressed in SL army like uniforms shooting naked Sri Lankan soldiers. In fact to me that’s more likely than it been the other way around. Even if it’s not LTTE, you can find so many freedom fighters in south Asia who would be doing this kind of barbaric acts. Besides, SLA has already said that the men in the video are not wearing SLA combat uniforms.

    I’m not in denial of the possibility that there could be elements within SLA capable of such dastardly acts. I remember very well, how the infamous “Black Cats” used to operate at night in the late 80s. Such elements should not be allowed in any way in a military.

  231. What happens, if RW gives his nomination tomorrow to contest PE? Then SF will have only JVP to go along. Marvellous for so called common candidate’s standing. SF should be prosecuted for defamation and betrayal of GR and high ranking army officers with impeccable records.
    Govt should prepare the cases against SF and wait till the nominations close. Unless the PE candidate dies, no one else can take his place. What’s the legal situation regarding a person charged of a crime running for office? Wouldn’t it be more sensible to charge him before nominations. But what practically happens is when the PE candidate is in and out of court and/or remand his popularity dips.
    I find it strange that his buddies are not standing by him!!
    Convicted or not, an alleged rapist cannot be the executive president of Sri Lanka. If a man can go to such a low level as raping a subordinate female soldier; then he could do anything to get what he wants. People of Sri Lanka should be extremely careful about whom they vote in the next presidential election.Nanda .Power hungry maniacs always, more often or not show sexual deviations as well. Rape is not about sex. It is about getting sadistic satisfaction over empowering an innocent victim enjoying the flight of the innocent woman to the satisfaction of an altered, vicious and devilish ego.
    Something that I noticed, the SF camp, UNP, JVP, TNA, etc. never blamed MR (seriously) for corruption and other offences like abusing power, screwing around. he is only blamed for nepotism and tolerating others’ wrongs.
    MR seems to have some core support even from his enemies. this WILL change as the losers become more and more desperate.

    1994 vs 2010


    94: UNP is in power, continuous election victories. SLFP in opposition, continuous election defeats.
    10: SLFP is in power, continuous election victories. UNP in opposition, continuous election defeats.

    94: SLFP sacrificed symbol, set up new alliance. Key player – SB & MS,
    10: UNP sacrificed symbol, set up new alliance. Key player – MS.

    94: Key promise/ reason to set up alliance – abolish EP, oust corrupted UNP regime.
    10: Key promise/ reason to set up alliance – abolish EP, oust corrupted UPFA regime.

    94: Targeted thug/ character: soththi upali
    10: Targeted thug/ character: mervin silva

    94: SLFP introduced a new imported candidate from out side SLFP.
    10: UNP introduced a new imported candidate from out side UNP.

    94: When CBK entered SLFP heavyweights (AnuraB and his men) joined UNP.
    10: When Fonz entered UNP heavyweight SB joined SLFP.

    94: SLFP leader MrsB tried to retain her leadership but became less influential.
    10: UNP leader RW trying to retain his leadership but becoming less influential.

    94: SLFP party supporters suddenly became motivated and active with fresh energetic leadership compared to earlier weaker leadership.
    10: UNP party supporters suddenly became motivated and active with fresh energetic leadership compared to earlier weaker leadership.

    94: CBK promised bread for 3.50, financed through reduced cabinet, clean governance, stop corruption and punish corrupted ministers.
    10: Fony promised 10,000, financed through reduced cabinet, clean governance, stop corruption and punish corrupted ministers.

    94: UNP highlighted bad behavior of CBK (changing sides, getting drunk, running a bar, internal conflicts in alliance, no experience, family rule, unclear economics policy, inconsistent statements,…)
    10: SLFP highlighing bad behavior of fony(changing sides, promoting liquor, running arms deals, internal conflicts in alliance, no experience, unclear economics policy, inconsistent statements,…)

    94: UNP used state media heavily.
    10: SLFP uses state media heavily.

    94: CWC was with ruling party -UNP.
    10: CWC is with ruling party-SLFP.

    94: SLFP won.
    10: ??

    94: JVP backed CBK.
    10: JVP back fony.

    95: CBK won.
    10: ??

    1. SLFP set a wining trend via SP and WP before GE UNP didn’t.
    2. LTTE eliminated key opponent RP and GD but MR is still playing.
    3. NO LTTE factor but threat is there.
    These 3 differences are critical.

    94 – DB Wijetunge made the mistake of calling a general election before a presidential one…And then he did not run for the presidency, leading to factional dispute between Gamini and Ranil supporters..
    There are many people who worship fony now in the same way Tamils worshiped Sungoat. Our super duper diasspora believed Sungoat is a genius, military strategist, and savior when LTTE was in their top. And same way I know many of supporters UNP believe (adahanwa) fony as another military genius, extra ordinary super powerful savior. They fail to come to reality they like their fantasy, same way Tamils did.
    What if SF comes out and apologises to Gotabhaya, Shavendra Silva unconditionally in a real touchy way????
    That would not change a thing in legal terms but in political terms it will be a MASSIVE win for SF.
    But his ego which has been his downfall will not let him do it.
    “A Sri Lankan born British psychiatrist says Fonseka’s behavior shows symptoms of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a psychiatric problem common among soldiers returning from combat. After careful observations of the events that has caused considerable uproar in the political arena in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan psychiatrist said he is positive that Fonseka shows some kind of anxiety disorder with symptoms of anger, hypervigilance, problems with work and/or relationships, all common to PTSD.”
    We have a maniac!!
    SF will not take medication. once again its his ego that is his downfall.
    Its the same thing for Prabakaran. He refused to run away in time If Prabakaran didn’t build such a big ego over the years, it would have been very difficult to get them all.
    What Fonseka told Sunday Leader was reconfirmed by him as shown in Derana news clip. Otherwise Fonseka will be calling Sunday Leader article is a gross miinterpretation. Instead of correcting his mistake, he reaffirmed what he said earlier. Fonseka was very clear about his stance until that point.
    By dragging Shavendra Silva, he dragged the entire army in to bogus war crime charges. Als, he acted the baby saying that he was not a part of it. This is an act of absolute betrayal deserves only a speedy trial and revocation of civil rights.
    We do not need speedy trial or revocation of civil rights now. SF will divide even UNP, Tamil and Muslim votes. As the election day get closer SF’s popularity will go down to zero. Trend is set downward firmly and he can only accelerate it further.
    He is just there to confirm MR’s presidency for another six years. Ranil and JVP will be the biggest losers in this election as well as the next GE also.
    He should be prosecuted for his treacherous act of betrayal and defamation only after the election. He may even go to the prison, if MR and GR handle the case well under the prevention of terrorism act.

  232. Sarath Fonseka thought he was hurling a deadly missile when he accused Maj-Gen. Shavendra Silva of carrying out the orders of the Defence Secretary, in his absence, to eliminate the top LTTE leaders in Nanthi Kadal as they were coming out with white flags. But his missile hung in the air for a while and instead of hitting his opponents it swung violently and boomeranged on him, knocking him down and exposing him as a man not fit to wear the Sri Lankan Army uniform, it is sad to say.

    It is not only the first biggest gaffe in his election campaign it is a crime committed against his own Army which he can never live down. He has kicked the Army which lifted him to the highest rank of a general. Yesterdays’ hero is acting like today’s Nero gone mad. The international repercussions reverberating round the world are a testimony to the irreparable damage he has done to the most professional Army of elite cadres that had won global respect for defeating the “invincible” Tamil Tigers.

    Right now Fonseka is as confused as Velupillai Prabhakaran when he was on the run, retreating as fast he could, into Nanthi Kadal. On Sunday he accused one of his brilliant field commanders, Maj-Gen. Shavendra Silva, without whom he could never have won the war, and on Monday he summons a press conference to retract and claim full responsibility for all what happened in the battlefield. This is a useless exercise which does not serve either him or the Army which he commanded because, whether he admits it or not, under the laws of “command responsibility” he has to bear the responsibility for all the acts of his men, irrespective of whether he was aware of it or not. So he has shot himself in the foot by opening his mouth.

    Also consider his other contradiction. On Sunday he uses the anti-Sri Lankan media in the private sector to fire his volley targeting the government, particularly his friend, Gotabaya Rajapakse, who made him the Army Commander over his other rivals, and on Monday he files charges in the Supreme Court against the state media targeting him.

    There is more. At Dharmasoka College, Ambalangoda he claimed responsibility for killing the Tamil Tiger leadership which advanced bearing white flags and in his Colombo flat he tells the Sunday Leader that he did not know what happened at Nanthi Kadal because he was in China. This again was contradicted by him earlier. In countering the charge that he was not in Sri Lanka during the last days of the battle, he had claimed proudly that he was in touch with his commanders wherever he was. Now, when he is caught with his white sarong down, he blames the government for exposing his nakedness.

    Clearly the “Common Candidate” Sarath Fonseka in civvies is betraying the General who was in uniform. His split personality poses a serious problem to the public who sees the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in him as two ridiculous creatures clashing head-on with neither gaining any credibility. This is what happens when you lie with dogs at your feet: you get up with fleas in your brain.

    He is treating not only the loyal officers who brought him and the nation glory with contempt but he also expects the people to follow him each time he switches sides, accuses anybody whom he likes, twists and turns according to his political ambitions and exposes himself as an unprincipled opportunist. If he thinks that the people will forgive him for betraying his own forces he got another think coming! Unfortunately, he is today looking more like the lily that has begun to fester!

    The worst is his attack on Maj-Gen. Shavendra Silva, one of the most committed, self-sacrificing, loyal field commanders who risked his life every step of the way, from the Rice Bowl in Mannar in the west to Nanthi Kadal in the eastern coast. And he carried out his commands to perfection.
    If Fonseka was concerned about the killing of the Tiger leadership that came out from their hiding places with white flags did he hold an inquiry into it after the journalists told him about it? Did he ask for explanations from Maj-Gen. Shavendra Silva as to what happened? Did he make any inquiries from his Intelligence Units to verify the stories of the journalists?

    It is very sad – I repeat, very, very. sad — to see Sarath reacting with such indecent vindictiveness against his comrades-in-arms. Yes, he has taken responsibility but the damage has been done. , Besides, that is irrelevant as pointed out earlier because the law has pinned him down, whether he likes it or not. He has insulted not only one of his best field commanders but the nation as well.

    His retraction has come too late. Furthermore, he has still not apologized either to Maj-Gen. Shavendra Silva or to the Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapakse. They are all a part of the same outfit. If he condemns one he condemns all including himself. In his haste to get even with Gotabaya Rajapakse he dragged in Maj-Gen. Silva. He wanted to impress that he was a good boy by pointing the finger at his own fellow-officers without realizing that, in doing so, he would be digging his own grave.

    What he has failed to realize is that he has fallen into a trap of his own making. He is now in the predictable situation of all men who betray their friends and join the enemies. When you join you former enemies to fight against your former friends you are in a situation where you are forced to condemn those who backed you earlier to be with the enemies who are making use of you. In the process you lose the prestige, the integrity, decency and the power, however limited, you had earlier. You invariably have to become the tool of your enemies because they have no other use for you.

    This is precisely what Ranil Wickremesinghe intends doing to Sarath Fonseka. He said so candidly in Jaffna: “The opposition intends to use Sarath Fonseka only as a tool to eliminate Mahinda Rajapakse from the presidential post; people should not be afraid of him because he was an army commander,” Ranil Wicremasinghe, (sic) the leader of the opposition said Saturday night in Jaffna at a press meet held in ‘Yaa’lpaadi’ guest house, sources in Jaffna said. (TamilNet, Sunday, 13 December 2009, 08:18 GMT)

    Wickremesinghe, of course, was trying to market Fonseka, a hated figure among the Tamils, as a force without power to do anything without his consent. But that is yet to be seen if and when Fonseka wins the presidency. Apart from his weak attempt to allay the fears of the Tamils Wickremesinghe is also taking a side swipe at the General to put him in his place.

    This portends a conflict of interest which is going to blow up in time to come. Gen. Fonseka may lie low now until gets his hands on the levers of power. Once he is ensconced in the seat of power Wickremesinghe will have to follow the same path as Prabhakaran into Nanthi Kadal. Already, Wickremesinghe must be feeling the heat of Gen. Fonseka floundering in the unfamiliar territory of politics without a road map. Wickremesinghe’s asset is turning out to be a liability for which he may have to pay a heavy price on January 26th, 2010.. .

    By behaving like a loose cannon Fonseka has come out as the most untrustworthy and unscrupulous colleague and commander. So how can he ask the people to elect him as their next Commander-in-Chief when he could not maintain the honour and dignity of an Army Commander? Can any member of the Security Forces trust him? Can the nation trust him? If he can betray his colleagues with accusations based on gossip how long will he take to betray the nation?

    For the moment, let us forget that aspect of living up to the ideals of an officer and a gentleman. It was his duty as a fellow-human being to show some degree of gratitude to his comrade-in-arms. What Sarath did is a disgrace to the entire Sri Lankan Army. He has by his own bitterness and folly gone beyond the limits and taken away the better part of the gloss which he gained from the successes of field commanders like Shavendra Silva.

    Maj-Gen. Shavendra Silva is a quiet but tough soldier who has proved his worth by commanding the 58th Division which cleared the entire Western coast, captured A9 road and advanced eastward until he reached the eastern coast at break of dawn on April 21, 2008. He began his march from the Rice Bowl in Mannar on 27th September 2007 and never stopped until May 18th 2009 in Vellamulli Vaikkal in the eastern coast. One of the calculated tactics was not to give breathing space to the Tigers to recover or regroup. They were kept on the run all the time. The Tigers were hit from all sides simultaneously and they were running as fast as they could, not knowing how to stop the advancing forces.

    The primary priority in the agenda of Maj-Gen Silva was to clear the western coast. To clear the western coast he had to capture and hold Mannar. This was the key point through which the Tigers infiltrated the south. His target was to go from Mannar to Ponneryn, 85 km north. That was also shortest point to India.

    To consolidate his position in Mannar he had to capture the Rice Bowl —9 km x 9 km wide open space occupied by the Tamil Tigers. They were entrenched with maximum forces. It was a killer terrain and difficult to advance. Shavendra’s forces inched their way by night as day time light made them sitting ducks for the Tigers. It took nine months to capture the Rice Bowl – the first big breakthrough.

    After the capture of the Rice Bowl he began his march toward Pooneryn which was the turning point in the Vanni operation. When the Tigers lost Pooneryn they lost total control of Jaffna and the entire western coast.. From there he came down south to capture A 9 and then cut across to the east. There he met the other forces advancing from the south. That was the crowning glory of all the advancing forces: they all met in Vellamulli Vaikal beach on May 16, 2009.

    After May 19, when the death of Prabhakaran was confirmed, the Army had to reorient itself to the emerging tasks of peace time. A peace time soldier plays a different role. 44-year old Maj-Gen. Shavendra Silva, an old boy of St. Thomas’ Matale, was thankful to his Army Commander, his men who stood by him, and the nation he defended so bravely. The last thing he would have expected at the time was to be let down by his Army Commander. One of Prabhakaran’s bullets going through his heart, I’m sure, would not have shocked him as the blow dealt by his Army Commander. He could have taken that bullet with equanimity but not the ungrateful cut of his Army Commander.

    The nation is once again facing a trying time not because of the enemies but due to the betrayals of the so-called friends of the nation. With friends like Gen. Fonseka, who is now working with Ranil Wickremesinghe, Mangala Samaraweera and Somawansa Amerasinghe, what difference does Prabhakaran’s death make to the future of Sri Lanka? The enemies within are always more vicious than the enemies that lurk in the periphery.

  233. SF has no credible policy does not matter to the masses and one cannot therefore say that he has no political experience to get the vote. Getting the vote is what matters. Nothing else matters for the man or woman who gets the votes. Could anybody real or imaginary have messed up this country more than what Ranil or Kumarathunge has done? So any talk that a man must have political experience and a character to get to the top is a myth. Ranil got there because of his connection to JR. Kumarathunge got there for two reasons , one she hijacked her mother and second she lied to a gullible brainless people that she would abolish the executive presidency. SF got there because he was shining in the limelight.

    No one can have any objections for SF deciding to run for President but when he had the choice of using Lalith’s unused party and finding a few good UNP men to join him he chose to join a gang of the most despicable traitors the country has ever known. This is the gang that betrayed the country by revealing our long rangers all of whom were killed and entered into a CFA with the LTTE to finish us off to the satisfaction of the West. Can there be any act more despicable on the surface of this earth than that? And yet, our government has never at any time explained to the masses the deep implications of the CFA including the ceding of territory to the LTTE and neither have they explained in full the betrayal of the long rangers by Ranil and that they were all killed by the LTTE as a result of their identities being divulged. Either the people in charge of disseminating this information are not efficient at their job or the people hired for the job are CBK men.

    Ranil Wickramasinghe entered into this CFA with the complete and full backing of Kumarathunge though she did not sign it but could easily have prevented it. As proof of her backing the CFA, she used it against Karuna at the very early stages when he was attempting to contact the government through a correspondent of the Island. Karuna will never forget it. He is not dead. Please ask him once again, please!

    So in addition to SF having no credible policy he has also displayed that he has no self-respect when he agreed to be a puppet under the control of Ranil Wickramasinghe. Therefore clearly Ranil has no respect for SF. That is why Ranil Wickramasinghe was able to reduce him to a mere symbol replacing the elephant so that when SF loses the elephant has not lost but only the cat’s paw that Ranil used.

    Apart from the innumerable contradictions made by SF none of the extremely serious allegations against him have been investigated by the government. Such serious allegations will never be made unless they can be proved. Now SF has come up with something very damaging to Gota but the government that has the means to investigate this as well as the allegations. If the government does not investigate then credibility will shift towards SF.

    On top of that there is one very serious matter and that is the government telling India that the constitution will be amended to include all the wishes of India. This has sent shock waves to all patriotic Sinhalese and they will never allow the government to have a two-third majority. They will never vote against MR but will keep out to ensure that there will be no two-third majority. That could result in Ranil being able to form a government. So serious could be the repercussions on this. What we the Sinhala patriots want to hear from the government is that we will abolish Provincial Councils and compensate the employees with a lump sum payment of say three years salary and a pension for life based on the number of years service and that there will be not one nanometre of devolution let alone an inch. The smallest known virus is 35 nanometres but the Indian virus could be so much smaller that it will remain a permanent threat to us and we should enlist more to maintain our ability to liquidate any invader.

    Devolution on an ethnic basis is in the air everywhere. Palitha Kohona said on Monday night (14/12/2009) at an interview with CNN Amanpour that Sri Lanka is already in the process of devolution while the LTTE spokesman said that the Tamils are being discriminated against by the Sinhalese and that they want self determination. The main guest was Sir John Holms of John Holms fame who came to see us. When Amanpour asked Sir John Holms whether elections that will be taking place soon are democratic he said of course elections are democratic but in very cleverly chosen words gave the impression that the Tamils may not get the chance to vote. The government can log on to Amanpour’s website and get the exact wording used. They should ask Kohana to supply the exact wording used and study it.

    Devolution means eventual breaking up of the country to the benefit of India and America to gain access to the main East-West shipping routes. Sri Lanka will very soon be receiving the largest single investment ever made for a steel plant or something like that to be built in Trincomalee by an Australian company. They have stated that the reason for coming to Trincomalee is to make use of the hub of the East-West shipping lanes. By destabilising Sri Lanka through devolution India hopes to divide the country and get a foothold here to annex us and also to control the Indian Ocean. They will never give up that idea even after they die. We have to be prepared. America wants to get a foothold to destabilize the whole of South Asia and also to finish off with the R&D program of India.

    Ranil’s vote bank at the last election was 47%. There are several individual candidates for the Presidential elections and a few may get a substantial amount of votes, almost all of which would otherwise have gone to MR. RW claims that if the Tamils in the North and the East were permitted to vote he would have won last time and that may be so because of the very tight margin. The UPFA today claims that it could get 40% of the Tamil vote in the North and East which means Ranil will get 60% but MR should be able to get more than 40% . He will also get the estate vote. One thing that both MR and SF can be sure of is that none of them will get a single vote from Colombo Tamils but SF can bank on the bulk of the Christian vote except a few whose numbers can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I do not understand why MR should cater to men like Douglas Devananda and other separatists when MR could get the estimated Tamil vote in the North and East together with the estate vote while the Colombo Tamils keep out of this.

    If that analysis is correct then it will be the Sinhalese Buddhist vote that will decide. Of them there is a very substantial chunk that MR will lose. These are the votes of the poor peasant Sinhalese Buddhists in rural areas whose basic rights have been denied by provincial councillors and government servants due to corruption. Details of how these basic rights have been denied have been given daily for years and years by MTV and Srisa. Even at this late stage if MR were to investigate what the MTV and Sirasa are saying daily in their “Action TV” program and take firm legal action against the offenders who are politicians both of the UPFA and the UNP and government servants demanding jail sentences it would help provided it is done genuinely. If such sentences could be had and if wide publicity is given to the undesirables in the UPFA and the government servants then MR could get the votes of these innocent people provided he restores their rights. The whole country is fed up with politicians who abuse their powers and government servants who do not do their duty because they know a politician who could protect him. Apathy has already set in and many may not vote.

    Finally there is this question of the JHU vote which is half a million. The JHU will cease to exist after parliament is dissolved in April because the JHU knows that it will not get a single seat if they were to contest. If the UPFA were to absorb any of the men who hijacked the original JHU the half million may not vote UPFA because feelings run so high against the JHU. They will most certainly not vote UNP but in all probability could abstain from voting. There could be others who could abstain from voting due to other reasons given above. If that scenario is realistic it would be disastrous.

    Not withstanding all this MR could get that full complement of the JHU vote of half a million if Wimal Weerawansa formally declares to adopt the policies that the JHU promised but did not carry out. In other words Wimal Weerawansa could replace the JHU and contest the parliamentary elections under his party’s name. Half a million votes are there for him just for the credible promising to carry out what the JHU promised but did not carry out. Such a thing has not happened in the whole of history where one man has taken over the entire vote bank of another party. Under such circumstances Wimal Weerawansa could have a substantial party in parliament but only for one term if he does not keep his promise.

  234. #264 Kamal Munasinghe
    “GR could have achieved the same victory without SF”

    Yes, I second this. At the height of the war, our army was 200,000 man strong and had sophisticated weapons that we never had before. These did not fall on to our laps from the sky. It was MR and GR who procured them. And mind you, these were times when oil was hitting record highs and their was a global food shortage. Those were also the days that the very company SF is now keeping, was canvassing against the war and was shouting out “war crimes” from the roof tops of the world capitals.

    They were very trying times for the Rajapakshe Brothers, but they delivered what SF asked for. The war was fought not only in the Wanni, but also in the international arena, thanks to that same company SF now keeps making an internal issue an international issue.

    At the hight of the war, we were far superior in man power and in hardware, thanks due to MR & GR. We had enough generals and other officers in the army at that time who could have concluded the war successfully.

    It is a known fact to me, that when GR reccomended SF to lead the war, MR initially didn’t like it. But due to GR’s persuation, MR finally gave in.

    SF had the luck – thanks to GR – to be at the right place at the right time.

  235. 239 James Thenuwara

    Whatever you do please do not stop writing because I read only few writings and your’s is one of them.

    We love you no matter what, and freedom of expression
    is valued by DBSJ.


  236. Oooops, i can see a lot of day dreamers here. Ok have the fun & pleasure in your dreams and wake up on 27.01.2010 to see the bitter reality of SF becoming the next executive president in this tiny island. Then at least make up your mind to live in reality. God bless you all.

  237. 272 marusira

    I totally agree with you.

    James is honest and he says what he thinks. No beating around the bush. albeit old fashioned.

    James’s opinion about women is outdated. He should
    go overseas and live in a western country like US, Canada or Australia, and he will find out how much
    women contribute to the economy of these countries.
    If James has his way, all these women will be confined
    to the kitchen. That means half the work force would be in the kitchen. What a waste.

    As marusira said please come back James and let’s
    discuss these matters.


  238. James T

    I am a retired FAO officer. In the 60 When I was in Africa on my holiday to then Ceylon came through Kabul. My Colleague Vive was the FAO officer in Charge for Kabul. First time I saw the Mini Skirts. It did not hit the then Ceylon at that time. It was that Mini. I even extended my holiday in Kabul just to admire the beautiful girls working in office.Now look at the situation of Afghan women !!. Life and fashion changes

  239. #248 Navin

    After prolonged and protracted negotiations Chelva-sena pact and the dudley=chelva pact were entered into. It is wrong to say that the Tamils took up to arms just like that. When all the avenues were closed for the democratic settlement of the issues concerning them they took up to the arms. Rather they were driven to take that decision.

    when the demography is forcibly altered in the Trinco, Battlicola etc then the tamil voice in the political arena is restricted.

    Is this not stifling of their voice and suppression of their views.

    Excepting sinhalese no other ethnic group is adequately represented in your armed forces, civil services, police etc.

    The other ethnic groups are less than sprinkle in your armed forces, police and civil services.

    Sinhalese is the official language. Granted. The Tamil was granted the status of the state language only in 1987 after the indo-sri lanka accord.

    yes the sinhalese were living in all the parts of the sri lanka including north and east. But their population has been very meagre 10% or even less.

    The census figures are available only from the late 19th century. Before that there is no record.

    From 1948 onwards the population has changed dramatically. It is certainly not the natural growth of the population.

    In view of these things how will you reassure the Tamils of their rights and how will you ensure their right to live in dignity.

  240. # 248 Navin

    Even the chelva-sena pact and the dudley – chelva pact were rescinded. If the govt goes back on its written words how will you get confidence in the govt.

  241. Dear all,
    I have noted the sentiments expressed about me – across the board they are good. There are some very fine, loving people in the forum. I see I have been genuinely missed by people, both Tamil and Sinhalese. Needless to say in turn I miss you too. As I now feel I am included, I will come back. Also, thanks to DBSJ. Please note I am not a snake, but, as MaruSira stated, I call ‘ Spade a Spade’. Give me time to come back please.

  242. #276-Bob

    I even extended my holiday in Kabul just to admire the beautiful girls working in office
    JamesT must be thinking what a pervert you are.

    James, come back. We need you to deal with people like Bob.

  243. By currying favour for MR #268 may be day dreaming of getting appointed as the next Chairman of Lake House?

    Sarath Fonseka is the only one who can rid the country from corruption. Sarath Fonseka was 100% honest as Army Commander and was the Best Army Commander in the World. Even Narayan of India stated this. Only Sarath will bring in the CHANGE we desperately need to our country (like what Obama did to America). Nobody wants the MR joker with his kith and clan ruling and ruining the country for 6 more years. Look at the manner he appointed Johnston Fernando and Bandaranayke for the Minster posts. Pleas note under MR, SB will be our Prime Minister and Mervyn will be a senior cabinet minister. Imagine the cirucs we will have with them for the next 6 years. This man, MR, has no shame, and has not learnt the lesson – he will give cabinet posts to all 225 MPs so long as he can be the President. This is pure CORRUPTION, at the grandest scale. Uncorrupt people like JVP, Wijedasa, Arjuna have come Sarath’s camp. I hope Sri Lankans will realise this and stand up against MR on 26 Jan. This is THE ONE AND ONLY opportunity to rid the country from corruption. Let us give a chance to Sarath, rather than nit picking on hi minor errors. Tamilnet is promoting Vickramabahu, they are doing the same mistake as Prabhakaran did in 2005, by secretly promoting Mahinda. Tamils must vote for Sarath, this is the only way to beat MR. Sarath who will create a fair and just society. But, to do this, Sarath must remain as the Executive President, I believe he will do as there will be no 2/3 majority in the parliament to change the Constitution.

  244. James

    Good to see you are back.

    Don’t run off like that again. We don’t want to lose the baby with the bathwater.

    If you look at the history of this blog you will notice that we have copped much more than you.

  245. #281-James Thenuwara

    But, to do this, Sarath must remain as the Executive President, I believe he will do as there will be no 2/3 majority in the parliament to change the Constitution

    I believe you are making a serious mistake here. The present combined opposition may not have a 2/3 majority. But Mahinda’s mob will happily join them to abolish the presidency, if Mahinda loses.

    So the question is not whether SF can abolish the presidency, but will he abolish his own job.

  246. #283 – after he had won, there will be a momentum in the country that Sarath must remain as the Executive President. People have just voted, because they want him. JVP and UNP may not vote to give the 2/3 majority to change the Constitution.

  247. Women wearing mini skirts in Sri Lanka – Well, do we want to go down the pathway of America and other Western countries? I know it is individual freedom, but morality and ethics are important too. Predominantly we are a Sinhalese Buddhist country with a 2500 year old civilization. Our people have much better moral and ethical conduct, than the Westerners – that’s why they envy us. Next time Bob #276 will say ok let’s all women wear nothing as it gives him so much pleasure. Women are not like pieces of meat for the men (like the dogs) to come and eat. This is why Koran ask women to cover up. Especially once a woman is married, no man should try to have sexual feelings for her. The one who does so is a pervert.

  248. Shankar, the best case scenario for Sri Lanka will be for SF to be the Executive President, with a JVP Government. You will ask am I day dreaming?

    Hope, our people will open their eyes widely

  249. In Sri Lanka women must also grow up. Lots of married women do engage in infidelity. this breaks my heart. Why people give in so much for sex, true, it is a pleasure, but people must maintain the basic morals and ethics, especially when the married person is belonged to someone. Married people must not sleep with others – this applies to both men and women. Infidelity breaks marriages, and also create so much unhappy marriages. living in an unhappy marriage is like living in hell – people must discipline themselves, this is why religions are required. But I do not say divorce is the recipe for marriage unhappiness.

  250. Overall battle strategy

    1. Increased manpower

    This is done by GSL not by SLA. i.e. Bu MR/GR/ UPFA not by fonz. The main problem SLA had before 2005 was not enough troops. If they had 200,000 army even jayasikuru could walk to EPS under AR. The reason youth didn’t join SLA was not about SLA commanders but because of unclear CBK/mongal political strategy. CBK/ mongal policy was ‘there is some special problem for tamils, and they want to solve it by giving a package/ federal, they want to have peace talks with LTTE and negotiate..’ Further, state itself was in anti-war theme and praising it.. Then for WTF youth join for army?

    Its only MR who clearly stated in public that NO for terrorism, NO negotiations or surrender, war will be fought until last tiger.. Once people got trust on new leader they joined forces and MR did his job to pay salaries to increased recruits by whatever financing ways..

    2. Coordination

    Its GR who coordinated SLA, SLAF, SLN, STF and CDF. Specially as fony doesn’t talk to WK, GR must get extra credit for this part. Whenever there was no coordination (Muhamale) fonny proved what a failure he is.

    3. Continuous hammering

    SLA fought 24/7 from MA to NKL. Credit should go to troops on the ground who did their duty without sleep, without food, with mosquitos and jonnys, sacrificing their lives. Fony had to do just his regular duty as the commander nothing more. However, this continuous fighting was possible only because MR didn’t order to stop fighting or agree to any CFAs or negotiations despite entire west with US pressurizing. Pressure was on political leaders not on military leaders. Full credit should go to MR.

    4. Destroying LTTE supplies

    This was done totally by SLN in high seas. Fony can claim no credit.

    5. Continuous supply for SLDF

    MR made sure SLDF get whatever weapons and ammo they need on time. Is upto MRGR to find suppliers and finances and they did it despite all the blockades from fonzi’s new friends.

    6. More offensive/ defensive division

    This is stranded defence theories. Only issue is having troops. Once you have numbers its just a administrative work to raise these divisions.

    7. Opening more offensive fronts

    This is again a result of having more troops. If you have troops as you need any commander will do this.

    8. Small team tactics

    I am not sure this is fony’s invention or not, I guess not. I think SF teams any way used such tactics.

    9. Appointing right people, promotion based on battlefield performance instead of seniority, no corruption policy

    Fony was successful convincing people he made such changes. But these things are argued now. ‘Bana earning comis’, his treatment for ParakramaP, PrasannaS and SamanthS raise questions.

    10. Publicity

    Fony used media and said ‘we will win war’. This was not done by earlier commanders. However, after the political leadership clearly declared their policy repeating and supporting the same was done by previous commanders as well.

    # I truly believe if GR chose any other senior officer in SLA he too capable, deliver and could win the war.

    * * * * * * * * * ** * * ** * * * *

    Karuna also did a great job for LTTE before he defected. In fact, very much greater than Fony did for SL. But after his defection he was a traitor for all eelaam supporters. Our diasspora monkeys had no issue attacking him. They showed how strong is their desire for eelaam and it goes beyond personal issues.

  251. It is ok to look at a beautiful woman and admire her beauty, but trying to do other things with her is wrong. It is like admiring a nice flower, without plucking it

  252. If SF was not promoted as someone mentioned he would have been a retired army officer watching the LTTE hammering the three services by know.
    Probably MR would have perished due to a LTTE suicide bomber.

  253. Had SF was not promoted as someone mentioned he would have been a retired army officer watching the LTTE hammering the three services by know.
    Probably MR would have perished due to a LTTE suicide bomber.

  254. If the Presidential race is between Gotabhaya and Sarath Fonseka, I will vote for Gotabhaya. Gotabhaya is more brilliant and an extremely good strategist, has more wisdom, persona and more predictable than Sarath Fonseka. He may be more patriotic than Sarath too.

  255. James Thenuwara

    One thing i can’t understand is how come a man like you who is so strict on infidelity supports SF for the highest office in the land of 2500 years of culture and civilization. SF is supposed to have fathered 2 children out of wedlock and also has had numerous liaisons with women soldiers training them in such matters as entering into enemy territory, going through the bushes, creeping through valleys between mountains, catching the enemy by surprise through the rear etc.

  256. Welcome back James Thenuwara.

    I will make a prediction today about the presidential
    election. It will be MR 70% and SF 27% and the balance
    will go to the other clowns. I know James if SF can win,
    he will try to make SL a better country, but the reality is he cannot win. We will check my prediction on the 27th of January 2010.

    Re. women wearing mini skirts, we have to remember
    that before the missionaries came to SL our women were topless. Just look at the Sigiriya frescos’
    It was normal for the women to walk around barebreasted, and the men folk didn’t have any problem with that. They did not loose their self control and did not go around touching the women.
    The missionaries changed all that by saying that it was not decent to be topless, but I reckon as SL is a very hot
    and humid country, the women folk would have been
    pretty comfortable being topless, just like the way we feel when we are bare chested.

    Re. fidelity I would say in an imperfect world these
    things happen. We all like to live in a perfect world, and I think James really would like to live in a perfect world,
    but my friend unfortunately it is not a perfect world.


  257. What makes you think R&D in India is under threat. Assuming the threat is real, then you should be happy. Why are you worried ?

    Devolution In SL is one of India’s R&D projects.

    Do you wish the Indian R&D to continue and flourish ?

    Now, if I say reckless swinging on all four directions has its flip side, would you disagree ?

  258. Below is a very fine article by J Jayasundera that describes the contemporary Sri Lanka. What I am trying to show here is that Mahinda Rajapakse has been very actively there in the political scene in these 40 years. He must be grossly responsible for the downfall of the mother Lanka. The only good thing he did was defeating the Tamils Tigers (that is also thanks to Gota). Time has come for him to go, without destroying the mother Lanka more. We no longer want such goons as MR, Chamal, Basil, Animal Siripala, Deemu, Bogolla, Maithripala Sirisena, Anura Priyadharshana, Pavithra etc. etc, for 6 more years to destroy the motherland.

    J Jayasundera

    When I left Sri Lanka in the early 70s I left because the politicisation of every sphere of Sri Lankan life was interfering with my way of life. However at the time our own Buddhist value systems of simple living, honesty and integrity was intact, the public services were relatively efficient. In the recent past I have had the opportunity live in Sri Lanka for about 3 months which revealed to me a despicable state which has provoked me to write this article.

    To ensure a stable future for any country there has to be good governance. Good governance has many definitions how ever the basics of the Rule of law, Efficient and productive public services free of corruption is essential. For a sovereign state it should have the character to withstand foreign interference how ever powerful. Sri Lanka has failed in every respect.

    Public Services


    I am a product of that noble ideal of free education. A system that has helped social mobility, gender equality and freedom of thought. One that Sri Lanka can be proud of. Under the influence of the IMF and world bank the subsidy of the education has been reduced to such a degree that in the first instance it has created a two tier educational system. International public school system for the rich and government funded school for the rest. I was appalled that every student who went to government schools had to have private tuition suggesting that the system was below par. It also took away time from the students who could have made use of it to develop away from academia. It would be better if the government charged students a nominal amount to improve the quality of education.

    It makes a mockery of finance when the subsidy on the national education is reduced but you spend 1 billion rupees on foreign education.


    The people have lost faith in the government institutions , very different from the health system that was there in the 70s. The private health care has grown but not necessarily for the better . The medical mudalalis who charge Rs 1000 for a 5 minute consultation cannot be considered to give proper health care neither would it give continuity of care. What this all proves is the failure of the government to provide an effective health care system. Unfortunately health care is also a victim of the IMF /World bank advice of reduced subsidy.

    The poor productivity of the above 2 sectors epitomises the malaise of the public sector. The reasons for the above is not only the reduced subsidy but also the cycle of corruption and politicisation.

    Politicisation / Public Services

    Politics has infiltrated every strata of society. Every need of the community has to be at the benevolence of the politicians. A letter from a politician is essential be it for a job or even to get a legitimate right . It is interesting that political appointees have filled up the public services. When you walk into any department you see half of the public servants reading the papers or in idol gossip. The public services have been uneconomical it only fulfils political subservience. Their altitude towards the public is despicable. Only time they appear to engage the public is when they are looking for a bribe to perform a job that they are anyway paid to do. It is far better if half the public servants are sent home to grow vegetables on full pay.

    Cycle of commissions

    When I went to Sri Lanka I was under the impression commissions were confined to public servants and the politicians. I was appalled to see that Hardware store, Timber Merchants with hold the commissions for the carpenters/ masons with out your knowledge. Any introduction or referral by a professional ensures a commission to them. The medical mudalalis take the cake. If a referral has been made to a consultant for an opinion there after whether he treats or not he will visit the patient and say hello and charge for the visit. It is alleged that the doctors get a commission even from the pharmacies. This is an absolute disgrace. When guardians of humanity resorts to this kind of immorality what hope is there for the country.


    It is a waste of time talking about the blatant corruption. It is an open secret. Every man woman and child knows about as it is so blatant. The hedging in the petroleum corporation or signing the contract for the southern high way 4 times with replacement of many bridges is only the tip of the iceberg. What surprises me though is that there are no questions asked by the guardians of the public be they in govt or opposition. The civil society and the media are blind to it. What hope for the country especially the poor.


    The biggest failure in Sri Lanka is the judiciary. When you have to wait a life time to have a court decision it makes a mockery of the law. How long can you tolerate that in the 21st century. Justice delayed is justice denied. This of course does not take into account the politicisation and the alleged corruption in the judiciary. It wont be long before the people will take the law into there hands.

    Politics and elections

    Only successful profession is politics. The country cannot afford so many elections. With in six months of October there would be 3 elections. Provincial council, presidential and parliamentary. All elected members in the government are ministers with all the security, administrative officers and vehicles. Can this poor country afford all this. In addition of course during the elections there is no other work done in the public service. The whole system is parasitic.

    Faliure of the Temple

    Buddhist hierarchy has failed the people. They are blindly following the politicians and neglecting the masses. There void in the community is filled by the foreign funded Christian organisations. Then they shout about Christianisation. Failure of Sri Lanka is the failure of the Buddhist Hierarchy be it in Asgiriya or Malwatta. The only service performed by the temple are the rituals like the katina pinkama to earn money. They even make use of Foreign donors to enhance there profits

    Geo politics

    What has happened to sri lanka is what happens to the man who sells his wife. He has no say in the matter. We have a Leader of opposition who leads a party that wishes to be the next government. What intrigues me is that he himself does not think he is electable and supports a common Presidential Candidate. He consults India , and the International community but does not consult his constituents. What a joke! The only rightful deduction to this absurd behaviour is that he is kept there by the foreign supporters who do not wish a sinhala consensus.

    The blatant interference in the government by India and the west has made governance almost impossible. How does one run a government to different beats of the drum by different interested parties. The only response we see are pilgrimages to India and the rest of the world by the government and the opposition at different times to enlighten India and foreign governments and to get advise and help or more pertinently orders. Are we a sovereign state or a servile state?

    Failed Public Service, Failed Judiciary, Failed political system Is Sri Lanka a failed state.? Unless the politicians have the foresight to unite have a national government with good governance with honesty and transparency my country will have no future

  259. To : James Thenuwera

    Hiiiiiii! ,I’m so happy to having you back. Well come back. I don’t know some how you touched many of us. That’s great. You are the best comedian in this block . But Still I could not work out that what sort of character you are and what you are trying to say to others. Anyway stay with us and keep entertain us-we will look after you. I really appreciate your comment 289, but don’t apply that theory to your beautiful wife or would be. You know what I mean. I know this is too late for nomination; but next time please you contest in the PE. I’ll campaign for you. Because we need a fun loving leader like you not blood thirsty monster. Don’t let us down.

  260. Well come back James Thenuwara.

    I would like to make a prediction re. the presidential election. MR will get 70% of the vote SF 27% and the balance will go to the other clowns. Your wishful thinking will not work. Unfortunately !!. Corruption in SL cannot be got rid of, no matter who comes to power. If we want to get rid of corruption, we have to swallow the bitter pill and hand over this country back to English. We will revisit my prediction on 27th January 2010.

    Re. women wearing mini skirts I have no problem with that
    because our women were half naked anyway before the missionaries came to SL. Just look at the Sigiriya frescos
    and you will see what I mean. Our women were walking around topless all over SL and the men folk didn’t have
    a problem with that. They did not go around molest women
    because they were topless. It was quite normal to be topless for women. I can still remember some Tamil women were
    topless in 1950s. When the missionaries came to SL, they said Oh no you shouldn’t be walking around like that, and you have to cover yourselves. I reckon, SL being a very hot and humid country, these women would have been very comfortable, just like the way we feel when we are bare chested.

    Re. your opinion about fidelity my friend, what I want to say is that we are not living in a perfect world. Infidelity was with us from time immemorial. Our kings in the past had big harems. Even today people are playing around, and some do get caught like Clinton and Tiger Woods and some never get caught. If you think that because muslim
    women cover themselves, the muslim men do not play around, you are living in a La La land.

    Cheers James.

  261. James is contradicting himself. He is like a confused mass of protoplasm. He says he is against infidelities and then defends Tiger Wood’s horny orgies saying Tiger was a victim of racism. What baloney is that? Tiger is a virile young man and i am ok with him paying for sex or having orgies but he should not have fallen to that Swedish mediorce gold digging woman’s trap and married him. Hew is clearly someone who only prefers blondes. It could be his upbringing being mostly black and Thai and not even having access to whites only Golf Courses for the most of his life. Clearly he is in need of psychiatric help like Thenuwara! His sexual preference only for white women and all blondes is disturbing. I dont discriminate on the basis of race when it comes to sex with women. Sex by the way is a Good thing James, shed your rubbishy Victorian prudish repressed attitude. Women can express themselves sexually too and have orgasms..In fact you should work towards giving your wife orgasms (if you have a wife) or she will leave you; or wait maybe she did leave you for non performance of duties and that is why you have this misogynistic outlook.?

  262. Hi all
    Our JamesThenuwara seems to be a fit case for Sigmund Freud.Always obsessed about ladies undergarments than the damn serious issue of S L future. He has missed the plot with only lingerie in the void he thinks his brain exists.I actually admire him. I admire all the folks rooting for him and if these are the standards of intellectual discourse I pity the poor SriLankalan folks

  263. 279. James Thenuwera

    Jamie, being of the dissenting view, I for one am not happy you have come back. You are a village idiot for whom “sinhala modaya” could not have been more apt application.

    Even now all the bloggers calling you back are not doing so out of great magnanimity, they are doing so out of condescension, because you are a stock-character that exists for comic relief – literally a laughing stock.

    Sorry to burst your bigoted bubble, but I think you need to live in view of the harsh truth.

  264. #298 Marusira

    I would like to make a prediction re. the presidential election. MR will get 70% of the vote SF 27% and the balance will go to the other clowns

    That is far too high. I would think probably MR 55-60% and SF 40-45%.

    The UNP block vote itself is nearly 40%. Why would Ranil stand down for SF if he is going to get only 27%.

    Ranil would have done the mathematics and realised he would have got 40% but SF can draw sinhala Bhuddhist votes such as Thenuwara and might just make it above 50%.

    Because of the UNP block vote plus Thenuwara, definitely SF is better than Ranil contesting, but I still feel there isn’t enough James’s around to make it over the hill.

    At the very best scenario SF will get 47-48% only.

    He will be quite happy if he gets more that 40% because he has just entered politics. In the future he will be a formidable politician, because he is a master strategist.

  265. 301. RS Wickramasinghe Look, why don’t you just shut up because you are probably the only guy in this blog who thinks you are the god almighty and you have the god given right to cast sarcastic remarks at others. James came back to us through popular vote and we all want him and if you don’t want, just shut up without wasting space. You are probably one of these single track individuals and a lost boy while we all love James and are willing to listen to his comments whether you like it or not.

  266. 299. Roger Francis:- Well I think James has collapsed after reading your vulgar comment that he should give orgasms to his wife, if she is still there with him. Don’t you have any consideration to his state of mind before making such comment?

  267. It is no blind coincidence that the Times of London, also chose this same week to publish its story that sought to confirm the veracity of the Channel 4 video of summary executions by alleged SL Forces. There is a clear uniformity of purpose and action.

    As the EU plays politics with GSP+ in Sri Lanka, it is now clearer what the retired General meant in saying he would take funds for his campaign even from the parents of Prabhakaran. He was not only referring to the hidden funds of the LTTE that could be at his disposal, but also to the fund of support he can get from western forces that are still licking the wounds suffered in seeking to alter the determination of Mahinda Rajapaksa to take the fight against the LTTE to a finish.

    The voters of Sri Lanka will now have to look beyond the much touted capability of the swan to separate milk from water, and think what those who parade with the swan can extract from the machinations of the West for their own political ambitions and dreams of power in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka now has a new threat to its democracy to contend with. It is the strategy for regime change here, not merely through the puppet strings of the JVP’s remote control governance, and the efforts of an ever weakening UNP. One has also to be aware of the puppet strings that will be pulled from London and Brussels, if the GSP+ strategists have their way. The hope for Sri Lanka in this labyrinth of manoeuvre by western powers lies firmly in ensuring the political swansong of the retired General.

  268. Mahinda inherited the lot of present parliamentary ministers from the CBK era..
    MR inherited a CBK parliament. most of the govt guys were hand picked by CBK. MR didn’t have a chance to reshuffle the parliament via a GE.
    And he had to get a lot of shady UNPers and others, just to keep the government stable till the war is over..When MR wins the second term he will be a lot stricter with who gets nominations at the GE and and who will get ministries..There are many more jokers who will cross over in the coming weeks.
    Fonseka is like Sarah Palin, good at their old jobs but not the new one’s they were running for. Sarath Fonseka has betrayed the country. Living in a dreamland to become the President, he has spoken out of turn, conducted himself to bring disgrace to the entire Army, its serving men, women and breached the Oath as an ex-Army Officer, He has divulged the most sensitive information and thus need to be disciplined forthwith.
    At the end of Court Martial proceedings, if SF is found guilty, he deserve to be given a dis-honourable discharge from Sri Lankan Army plus a prison sentence.
    Since the nominations period ended yesterday, now its time to screw SF by way of a CID investigation.
    Arrest the bastard.

  269. It was unfair to drop him from the opening batting position, a position he had been in for 14 years. Sanath will be in the ICC Great Hall of Fame – best One Day International Cricketer ever. Our Sri Lankan idiots do not know the value of the man, but the West knows. Sangakkara, Kapugedera, Upul Tharanga, Murali (chukker) must go. If not for Dilshan, Sanath and Mahela, there’s no Sri Lanka Cricket. Namal Sir, Please Sana boy back to the team – this is a claim on merit. Then only I will watch cricket

  270. Look, why don’t you just shut up because you are probably the only guy in this blog who thinks you are the god almighty

    I see the “JVP Jesus” has come back from a busy bout levelling men.

    Why don’t you condemn the brainless communal chauvinism that underlies your and James Thenuwara’s brand of thinking. Then I will give some thought to stopping my remarks. And admit that you are a loser uncle lost somewhere in Melbourne’s outer fringe living in your daughter-in-law garden cubby house much to the whole family’s annoyance…..

  271. Dear all
    Thanks for your comments.
    I am happy my comments have brought forth so much focus and attention from many.
    I am happy I have been able to give good advice through this blog.
    I hope my good advice will stay even remotely in the back of your minds, because they are positive advice.
    Well, my brief replies to your comments are as below:
    #293 Shankar – You have to be very careful in making serious allegations on people unless you are 100% sure about them. You could be throwing stones from a glass house yourself, I don’t know. If SF fathered 2 illegitimate children why is it that these stories are coming out only now. Anoma has stood by her husband, so why do you worry so much, anyway. Infidelity happens in Sri Lanka at every corner – in the villages, towns everywhere – among Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims, Burgher etc. etc. This is my worry. This is not so prevalent in the West. They do things in the open. If they do not like the spouse they will divorce. Not so in our culture. Infidelity breaks the family unity – that in turn breaks down the fabric of our society. We get lots of depressed children as a result, who later in life become infidels. I have heard infidelity by so many top ministers like Animal Siripala, Bogolla, SB Dissa (as against our Athlete Hero, Sussi), Rathnasiri, Hakeem, etc. Some say MR had built a house for Anarkali, and Namal Sir too goes there sometimes when the old man is not around. I heard from the Grapevine that Sangeetha W is another good side dish for MR Sir. Shankar, no point of only criticizing or attacking SF. I am telling there is something seriously wrong with our society. When leaders do these bad things, when the tele dramas show that infidelity is normal, then ordinary mums and dads start emulating them. As far as I know the only pious leader we have had was Premadasa. Because he came from low class the Elite crucified him when he was alive. It is the biggest misfortune of the nation that Premadasa was killed. I curse Prabha for this.
    #294 Marusira – Sigiriya women were the concubines of the King. Obviously they had to be topless in order to please the King. But, I do not think this was the normal female dress of the day. Yes, Marusira, unfortunately I am trying to lead a ‘perfect’ life in an extremely imperfect world.
    #297 Mawdy – Please read my comments again, I have not uttered any comedy. I am serious.
    #298 – Mar – In the ancient civilization the women wore saree and covered the whole body, more than the woman today. Look at the wall paintings in the temples – women were fully clothed. Only low caste women kept the upper body open. We have seen some South Indian cleaning women dress like this even in the contemporary Sri Lanka.
    #299 Fran – I am not approving Tiger Woods conduct. But the White media had been too harsh on him to destroy the man totally. Thanks to them Tiger may never play golf. When Letterman, Clinton, the Governor of New York (will give you the name later) got caught on infidelity it was not so harsh like this time on Tiger. So you make the comparison yourself. Orgasm is a recent Western phenomena. I have heard western women do fake orgasms. I have read in a Western Women’s Magazine teaching women how to do fake orgasm. In Sri Lanka and the East women traditionally do not do orgasm, but I note they are picking these things up from their Western counterparts.
    #300 Revi – Your comments were noted. I ask you to re-read my comments in this blog and ask you to ask yourself whether or not your question is reasonable
    #301 R S Wicks – thanks
    #302 Shankar – Friend, Shankar good analysis. It is an herculean task for SF to win, but the momentum is building. On 26 Jan anything could happen, but MR, SB, Mervin clan are top grade crooks who can rig the election. I would not have voted for Ranil but I will vote for SF. I voted for JHU previously, it was a brand new party that robbed 500,000 votes from the UNP. So anything is possible, especially when people like Arjuna, Wijedasa are joining SF with the honest JVP. But if Chandrika comes with her son Vimukthi, well I say, god bless SF.
    #303 – thank you
    #304 – noted

  272. #299 Roger Francis

    I agree with Don that we should be more careful with Thenuwara, otherwise we will drive him away. We should not talk about trivial matters like female orgasms etc with him. These are anyway not our problems as long as we get our rocks off.

    Things like how a wife should greet a husband who comes after a hard day at the office will be right up his alley and we will learn lot from him. Japanese wives are the best but now they refuse to get married. When you come from work they will remove your shoes and socks while you relax on the sofa. Our women might throw their shoes at us.

    Japanese women will pour you a cup of tea and give you a good shoulder massage while you sip it and watch the TV. James, what do you think of that. Will Sinhalese Bhudhist women with 2500 years of culture do all this. You also get a ego massage when she sits next to you and asks you all about the important things you did in the office.

    Don’t know why they are now refusing to get married?

  273. And James as for RS Wicks just ignore the crazy man. Time to time he comes out like that with us too. Nothing personal, has to let off the hot air, in traditional Srilankan style. All us us have someone we can let off the hot air, but that poor fellow hasn’t and is shooting cupid arrows across the ocean to get one.

  274. 304 Don

    How did you know what I was thinking about
    RS Wickremasinghe.?.

    I bet many others in this blog think the same way.

  275. dear jey,
    i have been reading all the comments and am following what is happening in sri lanka.i think it is better if sarath fonseka wins becoz rajapakshe bros if they win may get emboldened and srilanka may witness total dictatorship which is not good for its citizens.we need some checks and counter checks it will only keep the politicians from becoming totalitarians.in that way sl prez election is a check and hope that sf wins.not that i love sf it does not matter whether sf wins or mr wins tamils are not going to get any thing from either of these two or rather even sinhalese are not gonna get anything from these two.one of the biggest mysteries that struck me is how come sinhalese society is so aggressive and militaristic.since independence it has not allowed peace to reign in the island and if i am right society seems to be similar to any oriental society with emphasisi on education,family values etc.i hope atleast in near future srilanka accomodates minorities in its political set up and prospers in its way.

  276. Sorry 305 DON. I am so sorry. James Thenuwara is a man from the 22nd century living amongst us backward neanderthals. I withdraw my comments. He is the most misunderstood advanced Einstein amongst us. So I withdraw my statements against Thenuwara.

    My prediction? SF will most likely win now. The Estate aka Indian Tamil block of Thondaman (the imbiber) grandson of Senior Thonda will play the key role in switching at the last moment if the trend towards SF continues. I predict Chandrasekeran also breaking ranks with MR along with CBK Bandaranaike sycophants in the SLFP who are disgruntled with MR who does not trust them. I think amongst those breaking in January about the 10th will be a lot of ministers and MPs from Gampaha District.. Sinhalese people love to back the winning side to get favours. Watch out for more people to join Arjuna Ranatunge.

    MR and his paranoid cronies are imploding in paranoia. BR is supposed to have state of the art listening devices installed in his house now eavesdrop on neighbours.

    SF will also win at least half of muslim UNP leaning votes and all UNP votes. He will carry all of Colombo urban seats by a massive margin bigger than Ranil’s margin. Then the tussle is in the semi-urban seats of Kalutara district, the Catholic belt, and seats in Gampaha district plus seats like Kelaniya, Kotte Maharagama with a JHU vote.

    SF declared his assets(or at least his Sri LAnkan assets not his US ones) openly and promises to do so every year. I have no reason to doubt him because he has always delivered what he said and is blunt. But does it mean he is good for democracy? probably not.. Will he step down after winning ? Hell no. Why would he resign and make Ranil PM when Ranil cannot even win Colombo except N, E,W,Central Colombo seats?

    All the Tamil votes in Colombo will be split between TNA Shivajilingam and UNP. Estate Tamils again will hold the key. So advantage SF as of now.

  277. CBK can make an impact in Gampaha district. She is likely to come on stage in January after Jan 8th when her father’s bday is commemorated. A few SLFP top ones are expected to show face that day with her.. Do not underestimate Mangala Samarweera’s political savvy and campaign prowess. He and JVP helped MR win.

    Advantage SF as of now and building up.. Kudugemunu Mervyn and SB is all MR will be left with if he continues this one-family path to controlling SL. I am an MR supporter but i see a change now. It is like the Obama effect. SF is like the Obama of SL.

  278. There are some simple issues that will be considered by the voters when they go to vote this election.
    1Have the people of this country been given a good deal during the past four years?
    2.Has the President brought the COL which was going through the roof during Chandrika’s time, or has it gone up t even further?
    3. Are we living in a free country where we can express ourselves freely and where press freedom is assured so that even the opposition can express themselves and bring the shortcomings of the country to the notice of the people?
    4. Are we going to allow journalists to be murdered or to disappear when they write against the government?
    5. Are we going to condone and allow unfettered corruption to go on unchallenged at the highest level of government?
    Isn’t it awful when those who get to high office with meager means amass unconscionable wealth in such a short period of time? When Help Hambantotte came to light before the last elections which was clear to all and sundry that something really wrong was happening, the electorate decided to still give him the benefit of the doubt ! Wrong decision!!
    6. Are we going to allow the police to be politicized and even maybe the services as things are moving now?

    People are going to vote for change this time rather than more of the status quo. Sarath Fonseka may be a political novice, but I am sure he will learn on the job like others did before him and more importantly, there is some hope for the country going in a different direction than the wrong direction that we are going now.


  279. Careful James, I think good fashioned Sri Lankan skull-duggery is afoot on this blog. Like SF with his need for the limelight being manipulated by those old foxes Mangla and Ranil, so Shankar and Don, are busy beckoning and building you up to blog. I fear for your simple soul.

  280. 317 & 318 RFF

    I hope your analysis is correct. I watched SF’s interview
    on Daily Mirror and many other interviews and he looks like
    maturing in the political arena. Corruption is a big issue and SF is pushing that very well. MR’s problem is he got
    some people around him like Mervyn S who are hated by the SL electorate, and would like to stop him running
    amok for another six years.

    It will be a very interesting and important month for
    SL. Whatever it is the contest will be very close.

  281. #308-James Thenuwara

    Sangakkara, Kapugedera, Upul Tharanga, Murali (chukker) must go.

    What have you got against Sanga, one of my favourite cricketers in the mould of Tendulkar, Lara and Ponting. No Srilankan will ever agree with you. By talkng like this you are trying to brand yourself as different from others but in the process making a fool of yourself. That does not mean that from time to time you do indeed give some valid points.

    Can you honestly tell me whether you have played a game of cricket with a leather ball.

    By calling Murali a chucker you have joined the Australian camp that was desperately trying to stop him from beating their darling blue eyed blond boy’s world record.

    This is how we got colonised for 300 years and lost our self respect, always due to traitors in our midst. Even now their are people wanting them to come back to ‘manage’ our countries. They can’t manage their own now.

    Do you know how many times Murali was humiliated by being tested. He passed everything wih flying colours.

    In fact he got so fed up with all this that he put on a iron bracelet and bowled at the nets. That bowled them over.

    People like Arjuna Ranatunge are the Anagarika Dharmapala’s of our society while people like you who stab our great cricketers like Sanga and Murali are the Keppettipola’s of our society.

    It is due to our cricket and cricket only that we are able to hold our heads high at the moment. Others are bewildered that a small country can even go to India which has 1125 million people and beat them, like what we did at the last one day international.

    Please don’t denigrate our national icons. We don’t have that many to be proud of. You must have been dying to play cricket but coundn’t because you could only bowl underarm like the former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard, and that umpire who called Murali.

    These are the people who attack others who do well in the game, because they were dying to play it but coundn’t because of their mediocrity. Bitterness is like a cancer growing and growing until the bile spews out.

  282. # 310 James T

    To help you keep the promise you made to give the name later………it is New York Governor Eliot Spitzer who was referred to as Client-9 in the scandal.

    I would like to discourage you from reading western women’s magazines. The info could be overwhelming and has the potential to render lesser mortals clueless.

  283. #315

    Hornet’s nest = ? Taliban + Myanmar= brain drain.
    Left with asses for stable , no three wise men. ( refer twitter)

  284. #310-james Thenuwara

    Anoma has stood by her husband, so why do you worry so much

    The question is here not whether Anoma stood by her husband or not, but whether SF being a womaniser is suitable for the highest office in the land. Okay i agree with you that there are 2 womanisers contending for the highest office in the land of 2500 years of culture and civilization. Whom do we vote for, the bigger womaniser or the lesser one. From your grapevine you would have found that SF beats MR in this dept of sexual prowess though MR is trying hard to show he is not a spent force. I think this is because in Srilanka men will respect you only if you can show you are a lionlike in sex. Otherwise they will consider you a ‘ponnaya’.

    As for me being worried i’am not. What they do in their private life is their business, i only want the job done. But it is you that brought out this matter of infidelity, not me.

    When i add up the sums don’t match. Either you are a fraud who does not practice what you preach, or you are prepared to sacrifice your high ideals for some benefit in return.

  285. 310 James

    Sri Lankan or Eastern women do not have orgasams like the western women because the way our houses are built.
    In western countries all the windows and doors are closed and nothing can be heard from out side, whereas in SL
    everything can be heard from outside and the neighbours
    will come running to see what the hell is going on.
    All the hot women will come running and saying
    ‘I will have what she is having’.

  286. #310-james Thenuwara

    If SF fathered 2 illegitimate children why is it that these stories are coming out only now

    He has to only do a DNA test to squash these stories. Then the mud will be on the person behind the stories.

    So many men in the west have been paying maintenance for children, some for 20 years and now only find out through DNA testing that they were not the father. Some are trying to claim back the money.

    As for why these stories are coming out now, i suggest you read DBSJ’s tweets which I give below and visualise whether anybody in their right mind could have brought it up when he was in the Army.

    “Gen.Sarath Fonseka reportedly said at Dec 14th press briefing that he would provide full media freedom if elected president


    Promising to bring new law ensuring security for media personnel, Fonseka also pledged inquiry into past incidents of violence against media


    While appreciating Sarath Fonseka’s transformation as a champion of media freedom & rights I want to ask him four questions right now.

    Keith Noyahr

    Who was responsible for the abduction, torture& continuous “terror” campaign against ex-“Nation” deputy editor & defence columnist Keith Noyahr?

    Namal Perera

    Who was responsible for pulling out media activist & freelance scribe Namal Perera from vehicle on public road& assaulting him & companion?

    Upali Tennekoon

    Who was responsible for physical attack on former “Rivira” editor Upali Tennekoon on public road on his way to office in car with his wife?

    Lalith Alahakoon

    What made the Govt suddenly recall former “Nation” editor Lalith Alahakoon within 24 hours of his assuming a diplomatic posting in Pakistan?


    I think Sarath Fonseka is in a position to provide answers to these questions now even without conducting an inquiry in the future. Will he? “

  287. 309. RS Wicks:- Your response has displayed the exact qualities I described in you. Your opinion is beholden and that of others are dog sh..t Life has many ways of teaching us lessons and your turn will come. Until then, be happy with your pompus relative RW in the walauwa. I am happy in the dog house.

  288. Judging by the assets that SF has declared as given in the front page of the Island on Saturday 19th December he is a pauper compared to even some provincial councillors, never mentioning others. SF has also said that he has no assets other than what he has now made public. His total assets are 6.4 lakhs in his bank account and a 15 perch land at Piliyandala which he has mortgaged to obtain a loan. He has also pledged to declare his assets annually. If that is so, how is he paying one million rupees a month as rent for a house in front of Royal College? I cannot imagine any private house worth that much anywhere especially between Reid Avenue and Thurston road both of which are heavily polluted.

    One interesting point is his declaration of policy is that it now does not contain any mention about the 13th amendment let alone going beyond it. Can anyone trust him on this?

    Before the general elections we must seek a policy declaration in public and made in person both by the President and the Opposition leader as to where they stand on the 13th amendment and any form of devolution. MR has made it clear that there are no Sinhalese, no Tamils, no Muslims, no Burghers and no Malays and that they all are equal with equal opportunities. That being the case we expect the President to declare that he would abolish the Provincial Councils and compensate the employees by giving them a lump sum say about three years salary and a pension for life based on the years of service. That will save us a fortune every year. We also expect him to declare that any form of devolution disturbs the equality among citizens and regions and it will eventually lead to Homelands first and then Eelam. We expect him to say that there will be not one iota of devolution anywhere and that there is freedom of movement for anyone to settle down anywhere. If these personal guarantees are not given then Sinhalese Buddhists may abstain from voting. The result could even mean Ranil Wickramasinghe being able to form a government.

    As far as India is concerned we should ask them to mind their own business. They should be told that their last vestige of dictating terms to us will be wiped out of this country and the country will be disinfected after that. India knows what happened to their IPKF at a time when we had nothing to defend ourselves and were confined to barracks. If they were to attempt a second invasion both Pakistan and China will make use of that opportunity to redefine their boundaries with India. India will never be the ruler of the Indian Ocean unless it annexes our country but India has better chances of annexing China.

  289. Fonseka has made a wrong assumption when he decided to join hands with the forces that were acting against Sri Lanka. His recent statement to a Sunday newspaper, in which he accused Sri Lankan soldiers of killing surrendered LTTE cadres, is the first omen of his failure in politics.
    Fonseka gained popularity for his involvement in the successful humanitarian operation that brought the end to the three decades of bloodshed. Perhaps he did not perceive the fact that his popularity was nothing but a result of an effective propaganda mechanism carried out by the Defence Ministry. Image building of the key personnel involved in the operation was one of the main strategies adopted by the Ministry of Defence in its attempt to rally public support for the war effort.

    Unfortunately, for General Fonseka, the popularity was too much for his little mind to deal with. Apparently, he might have thought his popularity as a war hero would be enough for him to win a presidential election. Now, it is too late for him to realise that he has become a pawn of a sinister campaign that sought to destroy our nation.

    All discerning citizens in this country know in their hearts and minds that the allegation about killing surrendered LTTE cadres is a canard. There is nothing new about it. It perfectly fits with the hateful propaganda carried out by the anti Sri Lankan forces throughout Sri Lanka ’s struggle against terrorism. The newspaper that gave publicity to this canard is also known to the public for its complicity with the anti Sri Lanka campaign. It has delivered hundreds of similar “explosive” canards before. Yet, all of them “exploded at hand” no sooner than delivered.

    What General Fonseka has added to this lie is his finger pointing at Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and General Shavendra Silva. His jealousy over General Silva’s popularity and the personal grudge he has with Secretary Defence has only added new flavour to the same old lie.

    On the other hand, the blame game is something that General Fonseka has been always very good at. During the war, when troops faced heavy casualties, he used to blame the navy for letting LTTE bring heavy weapons to the country. Later, it was revealed by KP, that the LTTE could not bring a single arms shipment to the country during last three years. Also during the final phase of the war, he was trying to spread a story in media that the LTTE leader might have fled the country by sea when he became suspicious of troops’ ability to find the terror chief. However, when troops finally found Prabhakaran, he announced it grandiosely on TV but without a word of thanks the Navy. So much so for the integrity of a man who claim to have “singlehandedly” winning a war?

    General Fonseka’s desperate attempt to eat his own words now has certainly no value. He has already stirred the hornets’ nest. All peace merchants, bogus human rights activists, and the likes that lost their business with the end of the war have been given a new opportunity to avenge Sri Lankan soldiers. The forces wanting to see Sri Lanka an unstable nation are charged with fresh energy to pursue their sinister aim. The patriotic forces that fought day and night with the anti Sri Lankan campaign have to redo what they have done during the last three years of the humanitarian operation. All because of a myopic and power hungry individual who is apparently ready to betray anything to achieve selfish objectives.

    As for General Fonseka, he would certainly have to repent for his myopic behaviour in the near future. He seems to be overly obsessed with his skewed logic that he can run up to the presidency of the country with the support of his new political friends; the same set of people who worked against him.

    For the rest of the people who are forced to suffer from Fonseka’s myopia, it is high time to come to an agreement with the reality.

    * Can a former army chief who could not even cooperate with his fellow navy commander be expected to bridge the gap between two different ideologies such as of the UNP and JVP?

    * Can a person who could not be satisfied even with powers of the Defence Secretary be expected to shed the immense powers of the Executive Presidency if he could ever grab that power?

    * Can a person who was not ready to share the credit of the victory with the others who made great contributions be expected to share the political power with the rest?

    * Can a person who chose to team up with the corrupt at the outset of his political career be expected to eliminate corruption in the country later?

    * If by any chance, he was involved with attacking and murdering journalists who wrote against him, can he be expected to establish democracy in the country?

    * Above all, can a man who is ready to betray the very same people who once helped him so dearly for own advantage, be expected establish good governance in the country?

    The answers to the above questions are something that all citizens of this country must find carefully. In reality, the forces that supported General Fonseka’s defection; do not wish him to win the election. What they want is to avenge the country that ran against the wind and achieved peace and stability, when they wanted her to be fighting a war forever. It is not the question of S. Fonseka winning an election, but the damage he can do to the country during his election campaign. This is what he has already begun.

    US President John.F. Kennedy once said “For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie-deliberate, contrived and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Mythology distracts us everywhere.” It is the time for all Sri Lankan citizens to come to terms with the reality. Lies, untruths and half truths are less dangerous as long as we are with the realty but not with the myth. The decision is with us whether to risk the country’s future; whether we become another Iraq or a Singapore.

  290. #319 – Someone has posted comments under ‘James’ . It’s not me.

    #306. Antony Andradi |
    Channel 4 video is a total fraud – you, I and all of Sri Lankans know this very well.
    Getting funds from the parents of Prabhakaran – it is only an analogy. He is showing the citizens that he needs funds to run his campaign.
    #307. Antony Andradi |
    Sarath F told Sunday Leader a story that was told to him by another journalist. It was not his state of mind. Sunday Leader did not report it like that but stated it was Fonseka’s state of mind. Monday 13 December Press Conference Fonseka clearly stated that the forces under his command did not kill Tamil Tiger Leaders. Sunday Leader did a journalistic mistake by misquoting Fonseka, thus created a big commotion.
    # 311. shankar
    Shankar you are day dreaming to get a wife like a door mat. Those days are gone. The Golden Rule – ‘If you treat your woman well, she’ll treat you well’. If you go and sleep with other women, don’t expect her not to sleep with other men (given the chance she’ll do it )
    #312. shankar | December 19th, 2009 at 5:21 am
    Shankar don’t worry I won’t get upset, except unfair and false critiques leveled at me, I will just go away. I do not like bad or unsuitable company
    #316. jagan sriram |
    Bandaranikes destroyed Sri Lanka
    # 317. RFF |
    Noted and thanks
    It will be a herculean task for SF to win. Please get the Tamils vote for him as much as possible, that’s the key to victory, and also the Muslim vote. It looks like the Muslims will vote for SF.
    #318. RFF |
    SF is like the Obama of SL – I said this first.
    I hope and pray that woman, Chandrika will not come on to the SF stage. She has plundered enough wealth from the poor country
    #319. James |
    I am happy you are for SF. Let’s get MR out, who is the biggest impediment for Sri Lanka, (hooniyama)
    #320. RS Wickramasinghe
    I will not be a prey for anyone. I am a man of my own right. Thanks anyway.
    # 321. marusira
    Mervyn S is not the problem. At least he has done lots of work in Kelaniya. But people like Animal Siripala, Boggolas, VJM Loku etc. Do you know that our health system has gone to dogs. Simply they do not even have a bandage in the hospitals now, poor patients have to buy them from the pharmacy. Doctors have become Doctor Mudalalis. Too many private hospitals and no focus on government hospitals. Patients die like flies. People without Dr qualifications are giving medicine. Then other useless creatures like Deemu, Priyadharshana Yapa, Boggols, Wishwa Warnapala, Apavithra – the list is endless. Only man who can solve these problems is SF but he is also surrounded by UNP crooks like Ravi K, Kiriella, Jayalath, Alles etc. Only refreshing news is that Somawansa and the honest JVPers are there.
    # 322. shankar | December 19th, 2009 at 7:05 pm
    Sangakkara came to the Cricket scene thanks to his family, which is an upper class Kandy family. They had to sack little Kalu to give this man the place (wicket keeper place). If not, little Kalu will still be opening for Sri Lanka with Sana Boy even today. Sangakkara like Marwan A is not a natural born cricketer. He is very unpredictable. He is a big mouth no action. Over the years quality cricketers like Daya Sahabandu, Don Arunasiri, Upul Chandana, Mahesh Gunathilake, Anura Ranasinghe etc etc have been discarded from the Sri Lankan team because some people in the hierarchy are corrupt and put their favourists in. Sana Boy has been axed because of the same conspiracy. I am glad Chaminda Vaas is gone – thank to this man we have lost so many One Day Internationals. I hope Mahela will be given the captaincy for the World Cup. Sanga’s captaincy is useless.
    Mate, we all know Muralis chucks, though no one Sri Lanka won’t say that openly
    Murali passed every test with flying colors because when tested he did not chuck.
    India which has 1125 million people, but we beat them, this is child talk Shankar- Australia has the same population like us. NZ has only 4 million. So population does not matter, what matters is the Greatness of the Country. We have become a Balu country especially under Chandrika and MR. Singapore has 3 million, Hong Kong has 6 million they are far richer than us.
    #323. Nostradamus |
    Thanks and you are right
    I read many things, don’t worry
    # 325. shankar | December 19th, 2009 at 9:49 pm
    I am not overly concerned whether our Leader is a womanizer or not. I do not want him to be corrupt, being womanizer is not so serious. Another important thing is that the Country’s Leader must not drink any alcohol at all. I know MR is a big time drinker, and SF is a social drinker. I do not condone drinking by Leaders – this affects your clear thinking ability drastically.
    Shankar, none of the two men need to show they are lion like in sex. They both have pretty wives, and they have produced children, So they are the type you say. They must be satisfied with the wives that they got. Too much Thanha is wrong according to many religions.
    The danger in womanizing is that then they have to do a lot to hide that and also will have to give favors to their female friends and their families – this itself is corruption. Also as stated before infidelity destroys the family then the society.
    # 326. marusira | December 19th, 2009 at 10:49 pm
    I take your point. But our women are fast copying the western women foolishly for everything ,so you will get to hear screams coming from those open door/window houses very soon.
    # 327. shankar No woman or children have come forward saying about the SF’s illegitimate children. These could be totally fabricated stories, no once actually know. In Sri Lanka we do not have DNA testing done yet. If done, our judges are too preoccupied with Fundamental Rights Case than solving the country’s real legal problems.
    Keith Noyahr – I do not condone violence but, he was too much anyway. He should have been criminally prosecuted in Sri Lanka. Our fellows do not have the guts to do that, except Gota who has some guts.
    Namal Perera
    I don’t know about this
    Upali Tennekoon
    What about the killing of Satana Editor by Chandrika. Why don’t you shout about that
    Lalith Alahakoon
    It was a political appointment any way
    # 329. Antony Andradi |
    SF is a pauper just like the 20million others in Sri Lanka. This is the beauty of the man. Royal College House? – Well, UNP must be paying the rent. He gets lots of money coming in now. UNP, JVP and others are spending on his campaign. The poor guy has no money, he lived on 60,000 salary per month. On contrast I heard that Rajapakse sons are going around buying prime Coconut Estates in Sri Lanka for millions of rupees – see this Sundays Leader.
    Yes, Provincial Councils must be abolished. Donaghmore Constitution should be brought back.
    “As far as India is concerned we should ask them to mind their own business” – go and tell them and see whether they will listen – my foot
    # 330. Henry Warnakukasuriya
    Please see my answer in above 307.

  291. Friends, It appears that many would vote for SF due to the current regime’s corruption. However they have quickly forgotten that what the Current regime did, non of the previous govts could have done. I am no MR supporter. If people go for a protest vote, or vote for a change what ever the consequences, MR could loose. But I have seen in many such instances that once the change takes place, people get a worse person & they are stuck with him. Voters are simple people and they don’t analyse things as people do in this blog. MR is branded as a war criminal but today in the west, they talk of Tony Blair, George Bush and John Havard as War criminals. But the latter trio shall remain untouched while MR may be dragged over the coals. All this do gooder human rights activists do not run governments. MR got there and grit his teeth and did what no other Srilankan leader has ever done. But Winston Churchill lost the election soon after WW2 and history can repeat itself in SL.

  292. #329-Antony Andradi

    As far as India is concerned we should ask them to mind their own business. They should be told that their last vestige of dictating terms to us will be wiped out of this country and the country will be disinfected after that.

    You are an idiot just like the late Mr. Prabhaharan.

    There is no shortage of hot air in Srilanka.

  293. #326-Marusira

    All the hot women will come running and saying
    ‘I will have what she is having’.

    Yes, that will be a big problem, unless you use sticky tape on the wife.

    Reminds me of the time my bitch was on heat and all the frigging dogs were yowling like mad at my gate. I had to spend the whole night throwing stones at them.

  294. # 330 Henry

    The complete Kennedy quote is as follows:

    “The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie–deliberate, contrived and dishonest–but the myth–persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
    — John F. Kennedy

    Following is a quote from # 329 Antony

    Devolution disturbs the equality among citizens and regions and it will eventually lead to Homelands first and then Eelam.

    Is Antony spreading myth or referring to reality. Is he realistic or unrealistic.

    What both of you say is a unitary state minus devolution in any form or shape.

    Antony is explicit and you are implicit.

    To consider all those who are responsible for the summary execution of surrendees as civilized people is myth. Barbarians is reality. Especially clubbing to death as reported is nothing short of savagery.

    What is common between the two of you is your frantic effort offering persuasive advice to the candidates dissuading them from any sort of power sharing.

    You may find the following Kennedy quotes interesting.

    Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.

    There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction

    One person can make a difference and every person should try.

    The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.

    Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

    When written in Chinese, the word ”crisis” is composed of two characters — one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.

    Economic growth without social progress lets the great majority of people remain in poverty, while a privileged few reap the benefits of rising abundance.

    Let us resolve to be masters, not the victims, of our history, controlling our own destiny without giving way to blind suspicions and emotions.

    I am certain that after the dust of centuries has passed over our cities, we, too, will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit.

    We hold the view that the people make the best judgment in the long run.

    People have not been horrified by war to a sufficient extent… War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige as the warrior does today.

    If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable.

  295. #301-RS Wicks

    Jamie, being of the dissenting view, I for one am not happy you have come back. You are a village idiot for whom “sinhala modaya” could not have been more apt application.

    #320-RS Wicks

    Careful James, I think good fashioned Sri Lankan skull-duggery is afoot on this blog. Like SF with his need for the limelight being manipulated by those old foxes Mangla and Ranil, so Shankar and Don, are busy beckoning and building you up to blog. I fear for your simple soul.


    Talk of the chameleon changing colours. James can make up his own mind on who is friend or foe. Or does ‘modaya’ mean, minus the mind, so someone else with a brilliant one has to think for him.

    Wicks, you can think anything you want but we are still believers in the endangered species fairness.

  296. For 14 years Sana Boy opened for Sri Lanka. Sangha at this very late stage of his career dropped Sana Boy to middle order. How can one expect Sana Boy to play 4s and 6s from such a position. Sana Boy only knows to open the batting. How come Upul Tharanga after such a long lull suddenly became better than Sana Boy, just because SB failed in only 1 ODI match. Why didn’t Sangha give SB to bowl in the 1st ODI that we lost. He got the best strike rate for a bowler, and is an outstanding fielder. Sana Boy is the best One day Cricketer ever and the ICC is going to admit him to the Cricket Hall of Fame soon after he retires(the only Sri Lankan to be honored like this). Our Sri Lankan idiots don’t know his value and do not treat him properly. The West is mesmerized about Sana Boy. He is far better than Sachin – look at Sana Boy’s strike rate – after so many innings still in the 90s. No one has come even closer to him, except Kallis of South Africa, but he is far behind Sana Boy. When Sana Boy is not playing I do not watch Sri Lanka cricket – For us he is like Tiger Woods of Cricket. Moda Sangha don’t know how much Sri Lanka cricket is losing by his stupid act of dropping Sana Boy. In India they worship Sana Boy like a God– Sangha and Mahela are jealous of this. But Sri Lanka Cricket is losing millions of revenue (TV ratings go down) as a result of the stupid action to drop Sana Boy. As he is such a fine player and our National Tressure Sana Boy must be allowed to play as long as he wants. Sana Boy will know when to retire – when he cannot any longer provide for the team. Sana Boy is not selfish. He gave up the captaincy himself. Give Sana Boy to have his own say. Don’t treat Sana Boy like discarded water.

  297. #331-James Thenuwara

    Sangakkara like Marwan A is not a natural born cricketer. He is very unpredictable. He is a big mouth no action.

    Mate, we all know Muralis chucks, though no one Sri Lanka won’t say that openly
    Murali passed every test with flying colors because when tested he did not chuck.
    India which has 1125 million people, but we beat them, this is child talk Shankar- Australia has the same population like us. NZ has only 4 million. So population does not matter, what matters is the Greatness of the Country. We have become a Balu country
    Test matches

    Tendulkar-12970 runs- 54.72-Average

    Lara- 11953- 52.88

    Ponting- 11481- 55.46

    Jayawardena-9120- 53.96

    Sangakkara- 7549- 55.10

    This is the problem when you are an amchair critque, who has never played the game.

    Murali- 792 test wickets. 512 ODI wickets.

    So he has been allowed to chuck through 1304 wickets.

    Can you honestly tell me whether you have got at least one wicket playing soft ball.{underarm excluded}

    Thanks for letting me on the secret that all srilankans know. Do me a favour and let in Arjuna also into the secret, so that he knows he put his neck on the chopping block for a chucker.

    Haven’t you heard of video technology. When they are testing him they will see that his arm corresponds to what is in video replays of actual matches. Otherwise there is no point in testing.Do you think he white fellows are what they are today because they are modayas.

    Why don’t you just admit you denigrate him because he is a Tamil. You who voted for the JHU at the last election must be racist because every Sinhalese i have met tells me that the JHU is a ultra racist party while the JVP comes second.

    What you forget is the facilities offerred to cricket in Australia and NZ. While our boys have to make do with softball cricket these countries pour money into the game. Every child gets a chance from an early age to play real competive cricket.

    Are you saying India is not a great country. Since we beat them in cricket if we are a balu country they must be a para balu country.

  298. “Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said opposition common candidate General Sarath Fonseka was never satisfied with what he got, and was entering politics because of his ‘hunger for power’.
    “The government provided all perks to General Fonseka including land worth over Rs. 100 million for his own use,
    but General Fonseka was never satisfied with what he got,” Mr. Rajapaksa said.
    Addressing a public rally in Yatinuwara, the Defence Secretary said if General Fonseka continued level false allegations against him, the government or President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the government would be compelled to reveal the truth to the people.“There are allegations that our family was going after money, but I would like to say that our family never went after money. We only earned the goodwill of the people,” he said.
    Mr. Rajapaksa also said the government led by President Rajapaksa was able to win the war after defeating the LTTE and the next task was to develop the country’s economy, which was hit due to terrorism.”
    in an OLD interview with Sunehtra Bandaranayake and Anura Bandaranayake they claimed the MAIN CHARACTERISTIC OF CHANDRIKA was HUNGER FOR POWER!!! for her power was addictive and she wanted it, and wanted it MORE.
    How similar????

  299. i think Mr James Thenuwera is a no 1 physco. he doesnt seems to be much bold….for sake of having a big mouth and jabbering wont make you an intelligent one…haven’t you heard the saying think twice and act wise…

    you only know to support the blady hooligans who are life nasty Mervin and other ruthless fellows who govern this country….

  300. # 337. shankar
    Please read my comments carefully before jumping into conclusions.

    I was referring to One Day Internationals, not Test Cricket. Sana Boy retired from Test Cricket sometime ago. Why should I refer to Batting Strike Rates unless it is about ODIs.

    Murali has brought forth so much disgrace to mother Lanka. Yes Ranatunga, being a good person went into his defence Not only Ranatunga, the entire Nation went into Murali defence because Sri Lankans are good hearted, kind people.

    Please do not try to play the ‘race card’ here. I have not mentioned Murali is a chucker because he is a Tamil. Russel Arnold was a Tamil and I have nothing against him. Whether Murali is a Tamil or Sinhalese is not the issue, the fact remains that the guy chucks. The cricketing world knows this. See what some people have written about him – Richi Benaud, Bedi, Ian Healey, Lilli, Gilchrist and lots more. Lots of people are scared to talk because Murali is so very powerful. Umpire Hair made the right decision, so many times in 1996. Sri Lanka should have showed Murali the exit door in 1996, but Sri Lanka kept him because Sri Lankans are good people. Murali must thank the Sri Lankan people for the support shown to him.

    I believe Sri Lankan cricketers know Murali chucks but they keep silent.

    Don’t be a bigot. More than 500,000 people voted for JHU. Don’t insult those people. Even my mother voted for the JHU, who is otherwise a staunch UNP. JHU is a Great Party created after the demise of the Great Noble, Pious Thero, Soma Thero. Puravidaya Chakravarthi Ven Ellawela Medhananda is a Great Noble Thero. We are lucky to have such a Thero. Ven Athuraliye Rathana is a noble patriotic Thero. May them have long lives. But I do not like the JHU ‘gihi’ MPs like Champika and Gammanpila etc. But I still love JHU – it is a God Sent party at the right time to save the country and the Sinhalese Buddhists.

    The way you are denigrating the JHU voters I also can denigrate the TNA voters, but I do not fall into such low level. I can call all those who voted for TNA are racists, but I do not say that. This is the difference between you and I. I hope people who read the blog will see the difference between you and I.

    Your point “Why can’t we have facilities like in Australia and NZ” – Shankar, this is because we are poor, but we were the 2nd richest in Asia after WW2. The Bandaranikes (and now MR) have destroyed the mother country totally and made it poor.

    Just because India won a cricket match it does not make it a Great Country. India came up a bit recently thanks to Sonia and Manmohan. Go and see the streets of Calcutta how people shit on the streets. If you are lucky you might get to see a dead body or two on the streets of Mathura or Bihar. Is this Greatness? I will teach you what makes a country Great on another occasion. We were a Great Civilization thousands of years ago, now we have become a ‘balu’ nation thanks to the Bandaranaikes (this includes Chandrika).

  301. Dear Mr James Thenuwara,

    Murali is no chucker and he is a Sri Lankan. I am proud of him. You should be as well.

    Perhaps one of the good things Mahinda R did was to ask the then PM of Aus Howard to look after his own affairs when he called Murali a chucker. If you have ever been to MCG in Melbourne when Murali balls, you know what aussies did to hm: They call him chucker ball after ball. He stood for the country and country stood by him. Who cares about ones ethnicity when the person is working so hard for the country.

    Scientific experiments carried out by Biomechanics experts in Australia and elsewhere confirmed that he is balling within the rules and he has a deformed hand. It is not the Murali’s powerfulness or Sri Lanka’s support that kept Murali in the filed, very solid facts-research and many many tests.

    As for JHU: I feel sad about your mother.

    I think we should discourage all ethnic based or religion based parties: JHU, TNA, SLMC and promote and support parties that are open to all Sri Lankans.

  302. James Tea Town

    Now when You blackmailed all of us saying that you were bidding farewell and never to come back on this blog,
    we all including myself invited you to come back, and thanks for coming back.
    Now, we all can see that you really got your tail up and riding on your high horse.

    Murali is not a chucker and that was all an Aussie
    conspiracy. They did not want to see a little black boy
    from a new test playing third worl nation challenging
    their blond boy for the most tes wickets. I take my hat off for Arjuna for standing up to old fashioned racism.
    It was very risky what Arjuna did that day and I was watching it live and my heart was pumping like a machine because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but he was unscathed.

    Sangakkara’s record speak for itself and one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist see that he is a great find for SL. There is a lot of respect for him overseas including the great Ausies.

    Sana boy is from my home town, but he has past his use by date,

    Upul Chandana (Galkatta) was his own enemy.

    By the way James are you using your own computer or your office computer and office time. If so, no wonder our beloved SL is in this predicament. Thanks to people like you.

  303. I will agree on the relative abysmal poverty levels of India and Sri Lanka. WE saw in Rajasthan hopeless, glassy eyed kids and mothers living on cardboard and still SHITTING on the side of the main road. That phenom is slowly dying in Sri Lanka. Down the lane where I grew up there was Shanty town and in the 1960s70s i used to see little tamil and sinhala kids shitting on the roadside due to poverty. NOw they have flats..

    But In India the poverty is everywhere. Go to Mumbai and get out of the Airport. India indeed is every bit of “Slum Dog Millionaire”

    SL has far more potential. The most exploited class of people in SL are still the Estate Indian Tamils many of whom still send their kids to Colombo as servants after they have a rudimentary education. That is wrong and immoral. They need to be emancipated.

    We had Indian tamil coolies hauling the sewage and cleaning toilets because no one else did it. That was unfair. And these are still OUR PEOPLE. MR is doing more than anyone else to help them but it is their corrupt crooked drunken leaders who hold them as slaves to their power politics.

  304. #343-Thenuwara

    I was referring to One Day Internationals, not Test Cricket

    One Day Internationals

    Jayasuriya- 13382 runs- 32.48 average-91.32-strike rate

    Aravinda- 9284 runs- 34.90 AV- 81.13-SR

    Jayawardena- 8485 runs- 32.01 AV- 76.77-SR

    Sangakkara- 7817 runs- 36.02 AV- 74.71- SR

    Ranatunghe- 7456 runs- 35,84 AV- 77.91-SR

    How come for you Jayawardena is okay but Sanga is not a natural born cricketer.

    It is obvious you have something personal against him. Either you are going after Sanga’s wife or he is coming after yours or you both male lions are going after the same lioness.

    There is some history behind this.

    Now don’t tell me you were referring to soft ball cricket.

    PS. In addition to this Sanga has 293 dismissals behind the stumps in ODI, third highest after Gilchrist and Boucher.

  305. #343-Thenuwara

    Murali has brought forth so much disgrace to mother Lanka. Yes Ranatunga, being a good person went into his defence Not only Ranatunga, the entire Nation went into Murali defence because Sri Lankans are good hearted, kind people.Sri Lanka should have showed Murali the exit door in 1996, but Sri Lanka kept him because Sri Lankans are good people

    See what some people have written about him – Richi Benaud, Bedi, Ian Healey, Lilli, Gilchrist and lots more. Lots of people are scared to talk because Murali is so very powerful.

    So you admit indirectly that you are not a typical goodhearted kind Srilankan, because you would have shown him the door. What about your other compatriots in the JHU?

    All the people you mention are Australians except Bedi who is married to an Australian. He was used by Shane Warne’s mob through his wife. Shane Warne himself is a bribetaker, just imagine the money Bedi would have made.

    Tell me any other cricketers other than Australians, or having Australian spouse, who have said Murali is a chucker. For your information Allan Border the great man that he is said that Murali was set up. Steve Waugh the other great man has been silent on this issue. The guys you mention are all trash, as Ranatunghe said descendents of convicts.

    When Murali broke Wasim Akrams ODI record this is what the great man had to say

    “”It was a matter of time before he broke my record. Murali is a great bowler and he deserved the record,” Akram told The News in Pakistan

    “I noticed his progress in 2003 and realised that only he was the man who could break my record. At times I jokingly told him not to play one-day cricket, so that my record remained intact but he was relentless in taking wickets.
    I am happy that a bowler of his calibre has broken my record,” said Wasim. Akram also said Muralitharan was a class apart. “No matter what type of surface he was playing on, no matter in which country and against which team he was playing, Murali was always threatening to take wickets. He is simply great and more than a good bowler he is a good human being.” Akram doubts that any other bowler would break Muralitharan’s records.

    “I don’t think any bowler will be able to break his records. If he continues to play for another 2 or 3 years, he will cross 1,000 wickets in Tests and 600 wickets in ODIs which will be tough to break for any other bowler”

    Now James, the dilemma iam facing is whether to believe James Thenuwara who has never played leather ball cricket, or Wasim Akram and Alan border. This is a tough call to make.

    I agee with what you say about Ranatunghe and the Srilankan people who stood by Murali. This is a good eye opener for national unity. A Sinhalese man fought ferociously like a lion to save the career of a Tamil man. If not for him and the countless Sinhalese who stood toe to toe with him he would have been someone long forgotten in the dustbin of history, and Shane Warne would have been touring everywhere as the greatest bowler in the history of the game, with champagne bottles poppin everywhere. Now they will have to make do with kangaroo dung.

    Yes, Sinhalese are stubborn people, but they can be very good friends too.

    As for Murali being powerful ,can you elaborate. Is he more powerful than Obama? Or is it divine power, you are meaning.

  306. #343 James Thenuwara

    Don’t be a bigot. More than 500,000 people voted for JHU. Don’t insult those people. Even my mother voted for the JHU

    I can call all those who voted for TNA are racists, but I do not say that.

    Your point “Why can’t we have facilities like in Australia and NZ

    I am only stating what your own Sinhalese are telling me. This is not feedback from Tamils.

    They say the JHU is the most racist party in Srilanka and the JVP comes second, but nowhere as near to the JHU. So don’t blame me, blame the image created by your Thero’s or whatever. Iam merely the messenger.

    Just because your mum voted for the JHU does not mean it is not a racist party. Like mother, like son they say.

    As for the 500000 that is nothing. It is easy to find 3% bigots in any ethnic group. We have ours too.

    By the way you love the JHU, but in a previous comment you said Mervyn Silva is okay. I remember when the JHU monks first entered parliament, DR. Mervyn put his hand under the robe of their leader and sqeezed his testicles so hard, he had to be hospitalised. How can you support a man like that who did this to your beloved party.

    With regard to the TNA, what options did the Tamils have under Prabhaharan. In your case you had many options , but you chose a racist party, because of your bigoted views i suppose.

    I did not mention why we did not have the same cricket facilities in Australia and NZ. Why don’t you read it properly without asking others to read yours carefully.
    Iam not that dumb not to know that we haven’t the money. My point was Srilanka has achieved so much in cricket in spite of having such a gap.

  307. James & Shankar I’ll tell you both JHU is a racist
    party, and there is no doubt about that.

    I think James is a person who has never gone overseas and lived in SL all his life like a frog in the well and happy to be in his comfort zone.
    If James T Town step out of SL, he will soon find
    out what a place SL got in the world. Just jump into a plane and go to Singapore and flash your big two thounsand rupee note and they will ask you what is this rubbish. They don’t know what is SL
    rupees and don’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole. Even Indian rupees not welcome, but only
    US dollars, Aussie dollars British pound etc. accepted. This is only one example.

    I will tell you another story my friend James.
    When I went to Saudi Arabia few years back
    I had a Lord Buddha’s picture on the inside of the lid of my suitcase, and you know what those bastards at the Saudi Airport did ?. The customs officer asked me what is this stupid photo and tore it out and dropped into the rubbish bin. I felt like he tore my heart out. What would you do in a situation like that James T. ?. I bet you will tell
    them that you are a Govigama Buddhist from Sri Lanka and you have voted JHU and that you are going to take it up with the UN.

    Get real James Tea Town and learn more about the globel village we live in this day and age. You got facilites to do just that like the TV, Internet, Radio & news papers. etc.

    Live and let live my friend.

  308. #343-Thenuwara

    I will teach you what makes a country Great on another occasion.

    Thanks for the offer, but i achieved enlightenment on that issue sometime ago when i visited a country that had a small number of people, fairly wealthy but a large amount of bad behaviour. By visiting many countries i learnt a lot about this world.

    So I came to the conclusion that behaviour of the people is the principal criteria for determining the greatness of a country.

    Compare the percentage of criminal and uncouth behaviour to total population in India with other countries and see what i mean.

    In India they believe in Karma and people suffer silently.

  309. l# 345. marusira |
    It’s wrong to say I blackmailed all. Please check the definition of blackmail in the dictionary.
    I have said enough about Murali. I have nothing against him personally, but I will go with the majority Cricketing World’s opinion that he is a chucker. Let’s agree to disagree.
    I will be vindicated one day.
    Arjuna acted like an idiot pointing his finger at an international umpire. It was such a disgrace to the whole Nation. Sri Lankans (like Sana Boy) have previously shown to the entire world that we are a highly disciplined people. That’s why the Cricketing World would not give him (Arjuna) a high regard.
    After he created so much controversy (along with Murali) Aussie no longer are keen to invite Sri Lanka to play in their country. Every time Murali goes to Sri Lanka he creates bad controversy. He brings forth immense shame to my country. I hope and wish this curse will retire from cricket soon, hopefully before the next World Cup.
    I have no regard to Arjuna, who fiercely assaulted innocent school children who came to pick up a ball from his backyard. Arjuna and his famous brothers assaulted these boys. This is how the Sri Lanka’s cricket captain treats young up and coming cricket players! I heard one innocent boy developed a permanent disability as a result. He joined Sarath F for nothing else because he was not given the Sports Ministry by MR. Selfish people. I think he has got an assurance from SF that his support to SF is only if Arjuna is given the Sports Minster post, (so that the man can go and take revenge from his adversaries). Arjuna’s father was a thug, so are the sons.
    Thanks to Sangakkara we have lost too many matches than winning them. Don’t forget his so many famous ‘bokkus’ and so many missed catches/stampings. When it is a crucial catch and stumping he will always miss them. True, he sometimes scores lots of runs, but he is a very inconsistent player. Totally unreliable. Seldom has he rescued the side when the side had been in trouble.
    The man speaks top English, he should apply for a TV English news reader post I think than Sri Lanka’s cricket captain.
    Sangakkara has a bad mouth behind the mouth. International cricketers have complained against him for sledging. After he became a Senior, he reformed.
    Even in yesterday’s match we lost. What sort of a captaincy is this? Mahela and Sana Boy were good captaincy. They were not selfish. They voluntarily gave up their captaincy.
    When he was the captain, Sana Boy also backed Murali 100%. Hashan Thilakarathna, another very fine cricketer also did the same.
    Does Murali have the gratitude to them? I do not know. Some say Murali only plays for himself and not for the country. I have noticed when batting he purposely gives away his wicket, even when Sri Lanka badly needed someone on the other side.
    Sana boy – the best cricketer ever to have come from Sri Lanka. Also, the Best One Day Cricketer of all time. This boy is such a fine disciplined man who has always kept the Sri Lankan flag high. No, his expiry date has not yet come. Please read the latest article about him by the prominent cricket writer Peter Roebuck in the Wisdon Cricket website. http://www.cricinfo.com/
    Upul Chandana – he was dismissed because it was very easy to get rid of such simple guys, who do not fight back.
    About my computer – don’t worry. My job is secure, no one can sack me because I am the best.
    # 346. RFF |
    Shankar thinks because India is Big and high Population it is a Great Country. Poor Soul, his knowledge is too shallow. I will teach him later when I have the time on what basis to regard a country as Great.
    # 347. shankar |
    My replies to #345 applies to you here.
    One Day Internationals – Jayasuriya- 13382 runs- 32.48 average-91.32-strike rate. What remarkable statistics! This is INCREDIBLE!
    His strike rate is above everyone. Stats talk for themselves.
    Sanga is not a natural born cricketer – look at his fielding – too many bokkus and too many missed catches. Look at how he gets out so cheaply so many times. Look at his hopeless captaincy – how many matches has Sri Lanka lost needlessly. We lost even yesterday (21 Dec), and we sacked Sana Boy! Can you believe this? Why did they take him to India in the 1st place. I heard from the grapevine that the Sana Boy was sacked because he refused to appear in Tharunyata Hetak ad. Is this true? It is a revenge against him (sorry, against the country) by Namal R? (and + MR??).
    You have a tendency to bring sex to any analogy. Shankar you really have a problem. I suggest you go to a marriage counselor to fix your marriage. Or see a psychologist/Psychiatrist, this is good advice from a good friend.
    Obviously when one plays so many matches he must have had lots of catches caught behind the wicket and stampings. But the fact of the matter is that he lets go too many bokkus and misses very vital catches at very vital moments. The man is a master craftsman he knows how to show such incidents as trivial.
    # 348. shankar |
    My replies to #345 applies to you here.
    If Bedi is married to an Australian, so what’s wrong with that? Are you jealous?
    “He was used by Shane Warne’s mob through his wife.” Shankar, you are a master of making conspiracy theories, people will laugh at your statements. There is enough of bringing sex and in people’s wives into every of your argument.
    People are scared to talk against Murali because the entire Sri Lankan establishment protests so fiercely. For them it is like starting the 3rd World War. Once I think they even threatened to boycott a World Cup or similar event. This is how Sinhalese back up the Tamils!!! – amists and Tamil Diaspora please follow.
    # 349. shankar |
    Shankar, lots of Tamil people have told me that TNS is an ultra racist Tamil party. Some Tamil friends have privately told me that they were delighted that Raviraj, Pararajasingham (of Batticaloa) and Maheswaraan etc. were killed by the LTTE because they were ultra racist Tamil politicians (note – Maheswaraan was a UNPer), who will never want to live amicably with the majority Sinhalese.
    I am only stating what your own Tamil people are telling me. This is not feedback from the Sinhalese.
    JHU is a blessing in disguise to Sri Lanka. I will continue to vote for them. It is thanks to them that the Mavil Aru fight was started which fight was culminated in Nanthi Kadal Lagoon on 18 May 2009 where the megalomaniac Terrorist Leader was killed like a stray dog.
    Shankar, JHU got 500000 within few weeks of campaigning. This was remarkable for any new party. The beauty is that 90% of those votes were UNP votes.
    I will keep voting for JHU.
    At any cost we must preserve it. It is the only Party to make a voice for the Sinhalese Buddhists.
    I am so happy that the JHU was formed.
    I love the JVP too immensely, but my love for JHU is inestimable.
    Both UNP and SLFP I don’t like.
    Pissu Mervin is okay. He got a big, foul mouth. Man can get things done. He got all the beef stalls closed in Kelaniya, plus several arrack stalls were also closed. He built a flyover within weeks. He cleaned all the canals and carpeted all the roads in Kelaniya. I admire the way he put it to VJM Loku (who is an utter useless, corrupt creature in his place) in the Parliament. VJML was silent like a dead cat. I think the testicles were squeezed not bye Mervin but by Jeyaraj and Jeevan Kumar, both of whom are ardent Catholics. I think the dead Maheswaran was also in the podium.
    Poor Mervin was attacked by Trade Union thugs at Rupavahini when Pissu Mervin went to talk to the Rupavahini Director about the biased telecast about him. It was a well set up thing. Pissu Mervin did nothing wrong there. About drug allegations about Pissu Mervin, well I do not know whether they are reasonable allegations or not. If true I will be angry.
    Shankar, I am against the big Sharks not small fish like Mervin. I do not know whether or not Mervin is corrupt but there is ample evidence of huge scale corruption against such top luminaries as Karu J, Milinda Moragoda, Ravi Karunanayke, Tiran Alles (father was also a rogue at DS Senanayake College), Rathnasiri Wickramanayake (including the crook 2 sons), Keheliya Rambukwella – a big time crook, Boggalas, Basil Raja (Mr 10%), Mahinda Rajapakse (Tsunami Hora), Chamal Rajapakse (created the corrupt Mihin Airline), Jayalath Jayawardane (big time traitor too), Chandrika Kumaratunge (bought palaces and apple orchards from plundered money), Balapatabendi etc etc. These crooks rob the assets of the masses. If it is a developed country these rogues by will be spending at least 20 years behind bars.
    Shankar, Wijedasa Rajapakse did a damning report about Karu J’s mass scale corruption. On TV I saw him sitting on the same stage with Karu J in Kandy last week! See what sort of jokers we’ve got.

  310. 2 Corrections to my above comments- Every time Murali goes to Sri Lanka he creates bad controversy. Sorry change this to “Australia”.

    This is how Sinhalese back up the Tamils!!! – amists and Tamil Diaspora please follow. It needs to be “Ealamists”

    DBSJ – please publish all comments – it’s ok if people abuse me (or praise me), I will continue to write my conscience, which is most of the time right position

  311. Shankar

    Mahela. He has scored following runs on last 10 innings, 19, 31, 0, 17, 1, 77, 9, 77,3, 37, 2 (average 28.9) And last 7 20-20 innings, 2, 1, 12, 3, 41, 9, 12 (average 11.42)

    Sanath´s last 10 ODIs 37, 15, 30, 6, 7, 98, 36, 10, 0, 24 (average 26.3) and 11 wickets Sanath´s last 7 20- 20 24, 17, 23, 1, 7, 26, 31 (average 18.42) and 6 wickets

    So who should be out of the team??

  312. James Thenuwara seems to suffer from one or more of the following conditions.Impotency.Fear of sex with women.Lack of confidence to have a woman partner, Sexually abused as a child or getting beaten up or mistreated by the present or past spouse.

    Despite archaic views of people like James,women of Srilankan origin are doing very well,both locally and internationally. Many young lawyers in NYC,Sydney,and Melbourne, famous entertainers like MIA are proof of this progression.

    Even the girls in my village want to emulate these high achievers.As for James if he is lucky enough to find a women who will bow down to him and walk three feet behind to the temple every evening and come back and cook him vegetarian,good luck to him.But do not insult our women with ignoramous comments.

  313. Correction to my above #353
    “Shankar, lots of Tamil people have told me that TNS is an ultra racist Tamil party”- sorry this should be “TNA” instead of TNS

  314. Friends, I think DBS is having a rest while planning his next article or enjoying Xmas. Meantime both Marusira and Shankar are trying their best to put some sense to tea kandy. Seems like pouring water on a ducks back. Why do you think I wanted kandy back? Aren’t we having some great fun and currently Shankar is being called a perv!! We are going from female orgasms to JHU to sanna boy and what the hell has these got to do with the general? By the way, did Buddha say, Sinhala Buddhist should preserve Budhism? Is Budhism the domain of Sinhala Buddhist only? Not so.

    We should not forget that some people cannot rise above their level of understanding. Buddah the great master of the mind therefore preached his gospel to 3 levels of people. Firstly to the man on the road, secondly the middle path to those who can think and reason out and thirdly the higher precepts to those who could understand the concepts of abhidhamma, anatta etc because they were already on the way to salvation..

  315. Mr Jayaraj

    Forgive this James Thenuwera creature

    It is not belong to good Sinhala Buddhist family.

    He is not belong to SL or to the world

    A mirror of Marvin


  316. shankar,james et al
    i dont understand why the commentary has veered towards cricket when this blog is concerned with srilanka and its politics.i think we need to veer this blog commentary towards politics rather than cricket.given the fact that united nation has asked srilankan government opinion about the killing of nadesan,pulithevan and ramesh one hopes that justice is rendered like what happened in bosnia,rwanda.srilankan government cant take cover under the terrorism even if tomorrow key al qaeda operatives are caught they cant be killed in cold blooded manner they have to be given opportunity to defend themselves in the international court of justice.what west and united nations and human rights loving countries have to do now is to see that an international probe takes place regarding what happened during the events preceding may 18th blood bath and they have to bring to justice the people who were responsible for it however mighty they may be and what ever surnames they may have.if this does not happen humanity will not forgive srilankans for its indifference towards tamils.

  317. Since a lot of people here think an Army General who has a proven track record of warfare can be a great leader to the country, I have a question.

    How about making a top notch savy businessman with a proven track record of doing business the leader of the country? (No one like this is running for president. But I am just asking hypothetically)

    Why dont we have any one of the calibre of Lee Kuan Yew or Mahathir bin Mohamad or Mustafa Kemal?

    In my openion, to change a country from developing to developed, certain degree of dictatorship is required…

  318. Wait, all you out there, DBSJ is going to throw another big bone for all of us to fight.

    Interesting thing is we all Sri Lankans doesn’t matter
    what ethnicity is, writing to this blog from all corners of the world.

    Cheers everyone.

  319. 359. jagan sriram:

    Why are you so hell bent on seeking justice for “just” these 3 scum bags? If they really wanted to surrender there were ample opportunities leading up the last few hours where the government waited and waited and pleaded for them to lay down their arms and come out.

    It isn’t as if nobody took advantage of those ceasefire periods no? We have people like Daya Master, etc. who gave themselves up before the time ran out. I’m fine with you asking justice for even the devil but lets not go cherry picking on those who deserve justice or play Rip Van Winkle here! Lets start with the first man killed by LTTE and walk our way through all the men, women, children, infants and unborn civilians, soldiers and clergy who were murdered in cold blood in far more abominable ways than been shot. Which by the way were overseen by these 3 specific individuals that you seek justice for.

    The whole game seems to have been a ploy to buy time for LTTE big wings to escape to safety. So I’m sure Gota had his reasons for saying enough is enough, just the blow the whole god damn area to bits. I’m sure uncle Obama would have not done any different. Oh wait, no he would not have had his men shot them one by one but just sent a whole fleet of B2 bombers to carpet bomb the area. Too bad you cannot see white flags from that high up in the sky.

    I do not advocate cold blooded murder in anyway but then there is a limit to how much we can bend over backwards to uphold the ideals we cherish, isn’t it? To say LTTE stretched the limits of GOSL beyond breaking point would be an understatement.

  320. 360,361 TCK :- Man this is DBS blog but DBS is enjoying xmas and given over the show to Tea Kandy for our entertainment. Secondly I totally agree with you, to change the country we need to have a dictatorship. Because all these political BS artists should be first lined up and shot plus the kudu mudalali’s. Now sometimes SF may do this but he will not overcome international pressure. If MR wins and gives the job to GR, it will be done because MR is not worried about international prez. This is where MR is a great guy. But I am not a supporter of any one. Indira Gandhi once said ‘freedom of speech and action is a luxury in a developing country” Meaning both need to be curtailed if the country needs to get anywhere. Unfortunately I don’t think any of the LTTE leaders should have been spared by end of the war because we wouldn’t have seen a closure to this violence. That end is in line with what happened to Hitler or rohana wijewira. Those who live by the sword, die by it. I can remember a close friend of mine, a successful Army officer left the Army when he got married because he told me that his job was to kill the enemy and he can also get killed. But he did not want his wife to go through that. He was honest to his convictions. Also wasn’t it an utter betrayal for the LTTE leaders, the liberators of the Tamils were hiding behind women’s skirts and while being responsible to the deaths of thousands of Tamil youth, and then to come forward with a white flag to save themselves? This democratic BS says they should be given a fair trial my foot!!

  321. # 357. Don |
    Don, where have I called Shankar a perv? Please read through the lines, than jumping into conclusions, I know exactly what I am writing
    # 358. Kandasamy |
    I do not proclaim to be a good Buddhist. I think I am an Olcott Buddhist
    Re – “family’ – who cares about the family background. Karu J, Milinda Moragoda, Ravi Karunanayke, Tiran Alles (father is Ralph Alles), Rathnasiri Wickramanayake, Keheliya Rambukwella –, Boggalas, SB Dissa, Basil Raja (Mr 10%), Mahinda Rajapakse, Chamal Rajapakse Jayalath Jayawardane, Chandrika Kumaratunge – these are supposed to be top notch families of Sri Lanka. So according to you their children should be superb children. You will give your children to marry into these familes. These people became rich through corruption. If it is a developed country these rogues by will be spending at least 20 years behind bars. Don’t talk to me about family backgrounds with me Kandasamy – I would rather like to dine with a beggar on the street (if he is a good, principled man) than those crooked creatures.
    # 359. jagan sriram |
    killing of nadesan, pulithevan and ramesh – I take my hat off to the Great Sri Lankan Rana Viruwos for getting rid of these ardent Terrorists of the World. These people were wild animals, not human beings. Appointing commissions to investigate these terrorist deaths is a wastage of funds for the Government or to the International community. Every day we should rejoice and rejoice continuosly knowing that these terrorists who destroyed our country for the last 33 years is permanently gone. When Killinochci, Elephant Pass fell, Prabhakarn was killed, I danced on the street. with my fellow brethern (Tamils included). You do not know how happy I was.
    Jagan, if you call these Terrorists as the leaders of Tamils, then the world opinion about the Tamils will continue to subside. Today many people in the world hate Tamils just because of the atrocities committed by the LTTE. I am sorry about this plight because there are many good Tamils. Tamils in South India have nothing to do with the LTTE, they too have to face the brunt. I know some South Indian Tamils who are shy to say they are Tamil (because of the terrorism label), they say they are Hindus from Bombay or New Delhi.
    # 360. TCK
    I am giving free lessons to you guys about life and the world in general. The value of them are inestimable. If you go to a class about ‘life’ you will have to pay lots of money. But these lessons will not be for too long, as I will disappear from the scene soon. So get the full use from this most marvelous opportunity

    # 361. TCK |
    “How about making a top notch savy businessman with a proven track record of doing business the leader of the country?” – You mean Harry Jayawaradane, Lalith Kothalawela, Nawaloka Mudali, Ranjith Page, Malik Samarawickrame or someone in that calibre as the President. TCK, please, My Foot.
    “Why dont we have any one of the calibre of Lee Kuan Yew or Mahathir bin Mohamad or Mustafa Kemal? “ Ok, then go and vote for SF, he is of that calibre. If you vote MR the country will be forever poor. SLFPers don’t know how to run the country.
    ‘In my opinion, to change a country from developing to developed, certain degree of dictatorship is required…’ – a benevolent dictator is fine

  322. Anoma’s 350 SLK.her Son in Law’s commission cheques,and his link’s to the demise of Lasantha do not point to a clean slate for the Presidency aspirant. the ex General.Besides these well publicised factors, there may be other deals that have not come to the public domain yet. like the deals done on his recent trip to the States and the MOUs with the JVP the UNP and the pro Tigers like Ganeshan and some TNA members.

    Ground reports indicate that not many people are coming to his rallies despite DBJ’s twitter updates of large crowds. Even in his home town, people have ignored him. So there is not much hope for anti Rajapaksa dudes at the election.i

  323. #352-James Thenuwara

    I think the testicles were squeezed not bye Mervin but by Jeyaraj and Jeevan Kumar

    It was definitely Mervyn. Not one person, but many told me. Don’t vilify dead people unnecessarily. You will somehow try to whitewash people that you like even at the expense of other innocents.. Anyway I have no grouse with Mervin for that. Probably it is the only good thing he has done since entering parliament.

    As for Mervin being a small fish are you kidding. The biggest hatchet man in the country. He can make or break governments with his army of thugs. He has got a parallel army to the Srilankan army.

  324. #357-Don

    Seems like pouring water on a ducks back.

    Or a Swan’s back.

    Or trying to drag a donkey to the waterhole, or trying to get a camel to chew gum.

    By trying to seperate the milk from the rubbish he dishes out, iam also exhausted. I may also have to take a rest like DBSJ.

  325. #359-Jagan Sriram

    given the fact that united nation has asked srilankan government opinion about the killing of nadesan,pulithevan and ramesh one hopes that justice is rendered

    Gota is taking cover behind the fact that the flags were not really white flags, but more greyish than white. His contention is that the troops were confused, and legally now he has a valid point.

    Under the circumstances it would have been difficult for the LTTE leaders to find pure white cloth that has not got dirty.

  326. I know this blog is like a bed coffee for many readers including me. Every day, as soon as I open the computer, I come to this site with high expectation of good articles from DBS and nice comments back from the readers. DBS’s quality of articles and his unique way of writing attract many readers and some of them writing their feed-back time to time in very good analytical way. This is not only my opinion but most of other readers also. Nowadays I feel something missing. Are we going out of the track?

  327. Arjuna Ranathunge`s support for SF is hilarious. Though he was a Cricket Captain for Sri Lanka he always has been a disappointing politician from the beginning. He does not have capacity to play a team effort. Though we were lucky to have won world cup, it was primarily because of Aravinda though Arujuna is trying to take the full credit for the win. This is like SF who is trying to grab all the credit for the terrorist elimination.

  328. #363 Navin.

    In any democratic country it is the rule of the land which has to be held uppermost. The taking of the life is the prerogative of the courts and only courts.

    No civil authority can take the life or inflict damages to any person or property. If any police does that it is called the police raj or if your army and the police and civil authorities do it then the action of the state fall under the ambit of state terrorism.

    Killing of the persons surrendered clearly is a war crime. If you hold democracy in high esteem you should give the opponent a chance to defend himself.

    Everybody knows that Kasab actually killed the people in the 26/11 attack in Mumbai.

    But then the Indian govt didn’t shoot him. It has now persented him before the court of law to decide his case.

    If anybody takes up cudgels against another or any institution takes up against an individual or a group then it is illegal.

    In those atmosphere the democracy itself will be subjugated and the state gets weak.

    It is not enough that justice is done. But the justice is also seen to be done.

    The act of the officers of the sl army was condemnable in the eyes of UN and also in the eyes of any decent human being.

    Gen Kalkat had said that The Indian ambassador J.N. Dixit had said to him orally to shoot down Prabhakaran when he came for talks. He had also said that it was the order of the Rajiv Gandhi.

    The Gen. didn’t budge. He said that VP is coming for talks based upon the assurances given by him and as an officer of a professional army he could not shoot down a person in cold blood.

    Even Aurangazeb didn’t kill Shivaji when he was in his custody.

    The credit of shooting a person who had laid down his arms goes to the Sri Lankan army.

    Hat off.

  329. Some people were surprised that a man who played an important role in defeating the LTTE could end up sipping coffee or tea or who knows what with the likes of Mangala Samaraweera, Ravi Karunanayake, Lakshman Kiriella and of course the inimitable Ranil Wickremesinghe. The surprise lay in the fact that these gentlemen were not at all coy when it came to ridiculing the Government, the Security Forces and even the Army Commander.

    Time has passed and things have become clearer. There is commonality that goes beyond ‘common objective’: a penchant for loose words. Talk, they say, is cheap. Not this cheap, I had thought. The point about cheap thought is that the cheaper it gets the higher the possible cost for other people. I am thinking about loose words uttered to the Sunday Leader and the price that the 58 Division is being made to pay (so much for the I-love-my-men talk!).

    Talk is not only cheap, talk is entertaining. Listen to the man, the world’s greatest all-rounder, a one-man hit squad, a superman who can take all terrorists single-handed and break their necks. First it was ‘I did it without anyone’s help’. Then it was ‘Gota ordered my men,’ implying that Superman was just carrying out orders from a higher authority. Noticing that he had slipped, Superman rebounds, ‘I will take full responsibility’. In the rush, he says ‘I was directing operations from the battlefield’.

    Wonderful! Imagine the Lt General in his fatigues, dust covered, dim-eyed, casting his superior eye on all things still and moving, the dead, the dying, the wounded, the wonderfully alive, etc. etc. Well, the man was in China when it all happened: that fact slipped his mind.

    Anyway, this business of shooting people who were carrying white flags immediately boomeranged on Superman. A media conference was hurriedly called, there was a lot of re-twisting, retracting, mis-misinterpreting and Superman proved to the electorate that he’s just good with guns, not words.

    Someone observed, ‘Who the hell cares what happens to Superman, who the hell cares about politicians with bloated-egos chockfull of malice, hatred and greed?’ Correct, who the hell really cares? We care more about the men who did battle, who lost their arms and legs, whose loved ones lost fathers, lovers, husbands, brothers and friends. We care more about the 58 Division than about men who are so hungry for power that they trip over their own tongues.

    Superman might be aware that the foreign press which gleefully grabbed his statement to the Sunday Leader and splashed it all over the world did nothing of the sort with his ‘retraction’ (contested, we note, by the Sunday Leader). That he obviously does not care is irrelevant here. What matters is that in a world where trial-by-media is fast becoming the norm, those who were in the thick of the battle during the final days of the war (and not in China) have been left open to all kinds of violence by this lie so casually uttered by Superman.

    Here’s what could happen. Major General Shavendra Silva (GOC 58 Division) or anyone in that division can be arrested while travelling abroad. It won’t matter that Sri Lanka is not a signatory to the Treaty of Rome. There are situations when it comes to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, where the Security Council has the authority to request the Chief Prosecuting Officer of the International Criminal Court to commission an investigation with a view to prosecution, for example. And countries which asset jurisdiction in respect of such crimes on a universal basis can and will proceed to arrest and charge such persons as are believed to have transgressed these limitations.

    This is what happened to Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who was in London on holiday when a Magistrate in Spain, acting on an application, issued a warrant for his arrest. The British courts took it up.

    No one in the 58 Division can plead for relief on account of ‘merely carrying out the orders of a superior’. That is not relevant when it comes to crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. This was clearly established in the Nuremberg trials after the Second World War; people were tried, sentenced to death and executed.

    In the case of Pinochet the courts had to depend on circumstantial evidence.

    In this case, we have a ‘competent authority’, an impeccable source: Superman. ‘Justice’ will be swift.

    So what do we make of Superman’s claim that he will stand by his men? The man, well, the Superman, loves his men so much that he has thrown them to the enemy to be devoured? Why? Well, Superman has to satisfy his Super Ego, I can’t think of anything else. Reminds me of the Muhamalai debacle. There were 400 men who perished there. Men die in wars. Certain deaths however are unnecessary. More often than not such deaths are the result of an egomaniac’s single-minded arrogance and unpardonable lunacy.

    Remember this name: 58 Division. They’ve been offered as sacrifice so Superman can win an election. Does not look very ‘Presidential’ to me.

  330. 372. Mahesh:

    I will reply to your question on BC packet later.

    Just because Kasab wasn’t shot dead, were the other 9 spared of their lives?
    When planning the assault was saving the lives of terrorists even a concern?

    No one that I know of has any misgivings that these 3 were killed.
    SLA gave LTTE enough and many opportunities to come out before they began
    their last offensive. Once the grace period was over, the concern is not
    to save the lives of all those who want to surrender but to get VPs head.
    If SLA decides, it would compromise their overall objective to allow people
    to come out waving flags during that mission, then there is no reason
    for SLA to change their final mission strategy and stop, pause or go slow
    just because all of a sudden some LTTE may want to live another day.

    SLA has saved more than 10,000 LTTE. You should look at that when you decide
    on what kind of people they are. Not these 3 who were shot dead regardless
    of them trying to salvage their lives the last minute or cunningly buy
    time for their leader to escape while saving their own asses.

    It is funny that many in the world from HRW, to AI to UN to ordinary
    fork like you chose to spend your time championing the human rights of
    3 terrorists while no word is spoken about the human rights of many thousands
    they killed over 3 decades– perhaps Sinhalese have less human rights than
    LTTE because they do not have the political clout of Tamil Diaspora?
    Thus, my response to you is, if you kept mum then, keep mum now.
    If there should be justice for these 3, then first there should be justice
    for many others who were their victims.

    Forget about Aurangazeb and terrorists waving white flags, from what I here in Tamil Nadu these days,
    the police (not the military) would shoot to kill even an unarmed fishermen running towards a prison! So what about that?

  331. #372 Mahesh
    “The credit of shooting a person who had laid down his arms goes to the Sri Lankan army.”

    After Che Guvera was arrested in 1967 by the US forces, why did they go and then kill him, rather than prosecute him?

    Mahesh, these people are preaching Wedi Bana to us ise, don’t get caught.

    Ahamdinajad said a good thing yesterday (22 December 2009) “there is much more freedom and liberty in my country (ie, Iran) than the US. I say Ahamdinajad (a Great, Brave Leader) is absolutely right.

    I, Tea Kandy, hereby say the same thing about my beloved country Shri Lanka.

  332. A significant statement by SF

    “General Fonseka also stressed the need to create an environment in Sri Lanka where the minorities would have the opportunity to be appointed to top posts even as the Prime Minister. “ A black American became the President of USA after a long period and Sri Lanka too should go on this path and create a situation where a minority can become Prime Minister,” he said”

    Arjuna Ranatunghe has proposed the name of Muthiah Muralitharan, But James Thenuwara of the JHU vehemently opposes this. He says a Thero should become the PrimeMinister because there is a lot of infidelity in the country. He has proposed Puravidaya Chakravarthi Ven Ellawela Medhananda.

  333. I would like to say something relevant to the original subject.

    Now, CBK want to introduce her really good looking(chip off the old block) son to SL politics. My opinion is that he is better off doing some other decent job rather than getting into SL politics. It is a dirty game in SL.

    Besides, the Bandaranayake family has done enough damage to this beautiful island. For a start, her hypocritical father who changed his religion for political reason, introduced the Swabhasha policy in 1956 triggering the first racial riots since indeppendance. From that day, the two communities (Sinhala and Tamil) are at each others’ throat. Nearly 200,000 Sri Lankans have died since that day. I hold Banda responsible for all these deaths.
    Then came Sirima and ruined the country by isolating SL from the rest of the world. She used to say ‘ we don’t need sophistication in this country, until the poverty is dealt with’. Whilst some of you may think that she had a point, the fact is that this policy put SL behind other countries technologically. Now we have a lot of catching up to do.

    CBK was the same and did not do anything to develop the country, and used the war for her own survival. She nearly divided the country, and in fact there was defacto rule in the North and East during her time.

    This family treat SL like their own little property, and our foolish people in SL treat them like royalty and give them the power by electing them over and over again. Now she is grooming this young son of hers to scrounge our poor little Sri Lanka. They should leave this poor country and live in UK. I bet they don’t speak in Sinhala at home. These bogus patriots are a curse for this country.

    Get him a real job CBK, Madam.

  334. 370. mavady:- I have thought the same but in life don’t we have both good and bad? Relevant and irrelevant. Most of the time we cannot choose. Even we are both good and bad. So have patience and good things will come. Never loose faith.

  335. # 375 Navin

    For me you are always a reservoir of knowledge.

    Are Saddam’s wife, daughters and grand children alive. If you tell me they are not dead, i will trust you. You are my reliable source.

    Is it true wives and children of surrendees were bludgeoned to death. Or were they given the luxury of a painless death. Some information seems to come from embedded journalists.

    If they are not dead, are they on a ship sailing to some safe shore. Are they shipwrecked. Or have they been taken into protective custody. If so, are they enjoying the usual kind hearted hospitality now.

  336. 372. Mahesh :- Unfortunately I cannot agree with you but I do agree with Navin 375. What you say is correct if we are in a perfect world. It is a very daunting task to try terrorist because the law may not 100% apply to extra ordinary circumstances. Therefore it may have to be changed. But when that happens most of the retrospective legislation can be overruled by a higher court like what happened in SL during 1962 coup and the perpetrators were released scot free. That is why UK, USA etc set up the Nunenberg courts after WW2 but many legal minds disagreed with the dispensation of justice even in these courts as they said it was biased towards the victors. War crimes were committed by both parties in WW2 and that is why Winston Churchill said he was glad they won the war. Meaning it would be them who would have been tried if Germany won! Because war time crimes are very difficult to prove and to find unbiased credible witnesses etc is very difficult. Military normally adopts a summary trial during the war. This is a short cut and the dispensation of justice in this process is highly questionable. However in this SL scenario even such a trial was not possible.
    Secondly the GOSL wanted an end to the 30yr conflict and by keeping these 3 people going, the controversy would drag on. Importantly were they real representatives of the Tamil people? Not at all so. Further can you see the dispensation of justice to the detainees at Guntamo bay? It has become a huge mess and total embarrassment to USA and UK. However these 2 countries could afford that, but can poor SL?
    Thirdly SF has retracted his story. So this may have never happened. However, after this story, SF seems to be on the gun sight of certain elements who are very angry. However I wish him well because leaving out his very irresposible and unsubstantiated comments, he is a good competitor to MR and family.

  337. 384. Nostradamus:

    For me you are always a reservoir of knowledge.

    I guess the same can be said about you too.

    Are Saddam’s wife, daughters and grand children alive. If you tell me they are not dead, i will trust you. You are my reliable source.

    Let me ask you back, since I’m not familiar with the details. Did Saddam fight
    till the last man inside a bunker? Did he keep all his family members with him
    until the last moment? Was he captured in the midst of a heavy fire fight?
    Was there a powerful country trying to air lift him to avoid capture
    even at the last moment?

    Is it true wives and children of surrendees were bludgeoned to death. Or were they given the luxury of a painless death. Some information seems to come from embedded journalists.

    Were the wives, children, infants and unborn of those farmers in border villages
    spared when LTTE hacked, chopped and maimed them to death? Did Nadesan or Pullidevan
    speak a word against such atrocities? Did HRW, AI, UN or any one of many NGO’s go to town to champion human rights for those helpless people?

    Look Mr. know it all, if you want justice, lets have justice but no cherry picking, please.

  338. 389 Marusira,take it easy pal.If not for SWRD. Srilanka would have been still under the elite Chrsitian Sinhalese,Tamils and the Burghers.The poor Buddhist Sinhala villagers would have been second class citizens as they were until 50s.So Sinhala Buddhist must be ever grateful that SWRD gave them the opportunity to break away from the poverty cycle and move ahead.


  339. 387 govirala

    I am easy Govirala, but what I was telling is the hypocrisy of Banda family. They don’t speak Sinhala at home. but they stop other people learning English because when the rest of the population is ignorant, they can be ruled. What SWRD should have done was take English to the villages and teach eveybody this international language. Sri Lankans are very lucky to have even a little knowledge of English. SWRD should have exploited English for our own advantage.
    Now everyone has realised how important English is
    and everywhere you find English classes.

    Sinhala Buddhist people should have learnt English for their own good.


  340. 379 Shankar

    Did James Tea Town really say that a Thera should be the Prime Minister in SL. He write so much s…….I must have missed it. He can say whatever he watns, but I hope it never happens. Monks belong in the temple and preaching of Bhana and attending to other religious activities. They should not get involved in politics. I am not surprised that some one squeeze the genitals of a priest. No wonder they loose respect, because they take sides in politics.

    I would like to know Jame’s opinion regarding worshiping of the Buddhist monks. Did buddha say that we should kneel down and worship the priests, because some of these priests in this day and age are bloody rogues wearing a yellow robe.

    By the way James Tea Town, while we are on this subject of worpshiping, could you please enlighten me as to why in SL people go around and worship other people. For example, some people worship politicians. Why is that ?. When some of these Ministers and MPs come for prize giving at a school, all the kids have to worship these idiots when receiving the prize. Would you let your kids or your grand kids worship a corrupt politician if one comes to a school near you ?.


  341. DON # 381

    I totally agree with you. We have to be patient until next delivery from DBS. But I’m afraid things might exceed the saturation point.

  342. If Sinhalese elect MR again ONLY SF will be dumped. But If they Elect SF, the Whole BR & Co and the Jumbo Cabinet will be dumped. Tamils have no interest in the Election.Those who vote will vote for Bahu. Sivajilingam will withdraw at the 11th hour

  343. Yes. I kept mum during welikada. I kept mum at kaluthra. i kept mum at Bindunuwewa.So you want me to keep mum at this also.

    Then I thought that the justice system will prevail. Govt will take care of its own citizens.

    Sadly no one is convicted for Welikada, Kaluthra and Bindunuwewa.

    These three came out to surrender after negotiating with the UN, Norway etc. They were given solemn assurances through the UN, Norway and others.

    This incident showed the govt in a bad light. The govt didn’t keep its word.

    If this same thing happens again and again then who will believe the words of the govt.

    Others were NOT caught alive. Kasab was caught alive. The security forces could have killed him when they caught him.

    They produced him before a magistrate and remanded him.

    It is disgusting to note what you could do in the face of the assurances given to the world to the people who wanted to surrender.

    Is nothing sacrosanct for you.

    You can enter into accords and then extricate out of them. No sacrosanct.

    Your prison guards could watch, aid and abet the killing of the political prisoners not in one day. Welikada happened over two different days.

    No action taken against them.

    All the perpetrators are let off.

    Mobs entered Bindunuwewa and killed the prisoners there. They were let off.

    Again no sacrosanct.

    Hats off to you.

    #377 James.

    Che Guevara didn’t negotiate his surrender through UN.

  344. Friends, this is my 2 cents worth,
    388. marusira :- Banda was a socialist & nationalist. Prior to him the British Raj ruled and because he was a part of that set up and was formerly the leader of the Oxford debating team etc he realised the hypocrisy of the white man. He wanted to change to give the Sinhala people more say on their affairs. This was his frame of mind. So he changed things to Sinhala and had he lived to carry out his full mind, things wouldn’t have got worse. But he died and the fellows who followed did not know his vision. This is what happened. The poor Sri Lankans did not get English nor even much of Sinhalese. Because with the Sinhala only policy where people had to learn Sinhala, many Sinhalese people had to learn grammatical Sinhala to pass the GCE (OL) etc. The toss up was , children learn in Sinhala up to University and then switch to English when studying for medicine or engineering which was an atrocious process. I really felt very sorry for sinhala students from villages who struggled with this at the Uni. TODAY I would agree with Marusira that SL should have kept our English but how do we have a crystal ball? What we got to accept is Banda did this in good faith, and it was not with vision but that vision got lost with his death leaving SL like a headless chook.

    Banda also made a pact with Chelvanayagam of the FP before his election and he was the first Sinhala leader to officially recognise the demands of the Tamils. But once elected the Buddhist priest cried blue murder to give any concessions to Tamils and poor Banda could not implement the agreement. So, not that Banda was bad or idiotic but he just couldn’t do it.

    389. marusira:- We worship a Buddhist monk invoking the sariuth mugallan lineage of very ethical monks. We give alms to priest again thinking we are giving that to the SML. Even though the priest we are worshipping or giving food can be the biggest bigot on earth, we are NOT expected to consider that and pass judgment. Worshipping is an exercise to reduce our ego, pay deference to the holy and to make our mind to mould in those lines. Very similar to Christ who washed the feet of his disciples.

  345. #392-Mahesh

    These three came out to surrender after negotiating with the UN, Norway etc. They were given solemn assurances through the UN, Norway and others.

    This is the moot point. Were they given solemn assurances by Mahinda and Gota. This is what we must know. No point in getting solemn assurances by the rest of the world. Now what are they doing about it. Can they bring them back to life. If these chaps had any common sense they would have before they came out to surrender contacted Mahinda and Gota. If these two had given their word to the UN then it becomes serious matter, because they broke their word and that’s a moral crime. So we have to find out what really happenned here.

    Just getting assurances from third parties is not enough for something as valuable as your life.

  346. One point i want to make about the referendums in norway and canada ( i know it is not related to this news article). There is no use running referndums whil everything has been lost in sri lanka. unfortunate may be but it has happened. now we all need to learn to live together. inciting sessional activities in the comfort of the west can cause problems for the tamils in sri lanka.

  347. Here is a good one from Pillayan

    “Dec 23 (SLW) Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan says Sarath Fonseka cannot make a successful political figure due to his lack of exposure in politics and extensive military trainings”

    Talk of the pot calling the kettle black.

  348. Here’s one for James Thenuwara form an article

    “The media recently reported that Sanath rejected a request by Namal Rajapaksha to take part in Mahinda Rajapaksha’s election campaign and Sanath was subsequently threatened by Namal of his cricketing career.”

    Now you can’t blame Sangakkara if Sanath refused to lick Namal’s can you. Don’t send us on a wild goose chase collecting statisics and all, just be direct and tell what you have to say.

    You know what happenned to Marvan when he ignored Ashantha De Mel. Are you telling Sanga should take on De Mel, Namal and Mahinda and still be able to concentrate on his cricket.

    Sanath was unfairly treated. But don’t blame the wrong guys and waste our time.

  349. 388 Mr Marusira’s quote “Banda should have taken English to the villages” unquote. Are you serious.? Villagers did not have proper schools let alone learn English my friend.
    A girl I know got into Medical School from Weligama Central, at the recently held AL Exams. You think this would have been possible in the sixties. If not for Mr and Mrs Banda all doctors engineers and academics even to date would have been from Colombo and Jaffna and may be a few from Kandy and Galle.

    Taking the swabahsa education to the villages and organizing central schools in all provinces was a revolution as far the education of the poor masses are concerned.Sinhalese and even poor Tamils should be ever grateful for the Bandas for this alone.

    Hell lo ! do the Japanese and the Koreans and the Chinese speak English? .

    As for your comments in 389,there is no problem about Sinhala people bowing down to others. May be you are not Sinhalese.In that case you should learn their culture before making stupid comments.

    Buddhism is the most progressive relgiion in the world.. It gives total freedom to it’s followers.So monks have every right to participate in the political process if they wish to do so.
    Besides Srilanka has a long has a history of past rulers and administrations discriminating against Sinhalese. So the monks have ever reason to safe guard the rights of the Buddhists.

    How would you feel if a Buddhist person writes ridiculous and hurtful comments of the clergy of Chrsitians and Muslims?

  350. #397 Shankar

    The UN, NOrway and others including palitha kohana corroborate this.

    They were assured by MR that no harm would come those who surrender.

    Third party were involved and they stand by their words.

    Only if two parties were involved then you could kill the other party and say You never gave any assurances.

    But here a third party gives witness.

  351. #401-Govirala

    Don’t sanitise the clergy. They are just human beings like the rest of us, and should obey the same laws. An attack on them is not an attack on the religion, though they do try to hide behind the religion, like the way Prabhaharan tried to hide behind the civilians.

    In the west they have been humiliated with charges of sexual abuse. In fact i think they should be procecuted just like anyone else. It is unfair for a ordinary person to go to jail while the church just issues an apology and pays compensation for their own.

    But in the case of Srilankan Bhuddhist monks even that is not being done. They seem to be a protected species. Even recently a monk had flogged a veddah in public. Some time ago i read how a monk had dashed a 10 year old girls head on the wall and killed her when she had divulged to someone that he had raped her.

    If you want to make any allegations against hindu priests go ahead by all means. I want them to be jailed just like anyone else.

    You have to seperate the religion from the clergy. The clergy merely show us how to follow the religion. They are not the religion itself. If we know how to follow the religion we don’t even need them.

    I have come across many true bhuddhists who live exemplary lives. They don’t need these monks. They know what to do and how to live. When they know a true disciple of the Bhuddha they are full of respect, but they don’t go overboard with each and every monk.

  352. # 397 Shankar

    The link below appears to show involvement of MR in the surrender proceedings.


    The relevant part of the report indicating the assurance given by MR is as below :

    According to the paper, at 5.30 am Sri Lankan time on May 18 Colvin got in touch with Nambiar in Colombo and told him that the Tigers had laid down their arms.

    “Nambiar said he had been assured by Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa that Nadesan and Puleedevan would be safe. “All they have to do is hoist a white flag high,” Nambiar said.

    Mate, this is not to contradict you in any way.

    Palitha Kohona appears to have played a direct role according to the link below:


  353. 397 Shankar

    I am sure you are reading transcurrents.com

    Link below seems to implicate GR citing his instructions as Defence Secretary.


    Relevant part is as below :

    On 17 May 2009, the day before your Excellency’s Government announced that its forces had completely defeated the LTTE. Messrs, Nadeshan, Pulidevan and Ramesh were trapped with other senior cadres of the LTTE in a small area north of Vellamullivaikkal. Through intermediaries they sought to establish contact with your Excellency’s Government to inquire how they could surrender to the Sri Lanka Army (SLA). The reply, coming from the Secretary of Defence in your Excellency’s Government and from a Members of Parliament who is at the same time a senior adviser to the President, and conveyed through the intermediaries, was that they should walk towards the positions of the SLA in a way that made their intentions clear and holding a white cloth.

  354. #401-Govirala

    So monks have every right to participate in the political process if they wish to do so.

    So the monks have ever reason to safe guard the rights of the Buddhists.

    I agree with you on those points. i have no grouse with monks entering parliament, or safeguarding Bhuddhist rights.

    Same way the rule of law should apply equaly to all.

    Equal rights, equal wrongs.

  355. Sarath Fonseka, if we were to believe the man, is a do-it-all-by-myself person. From 2005 December (when he was appointed Army Commander) and 2009 May (when Prabhakaran was killed), this man single-handedly fought the LTTE. He tracked down the LTTE`s floating warehouses all the way to the Australian territorial waters and destroyed them.

    He got into a fighter plane and precision-targetted S.P. Thamilselvan. He also made sure that the ordinary citizens support the war effort by managing the economy, designing monetary policy and implementing all kinds of measures to keep inflation at manageable levels, ensuring there were adequate stocks of essential items, and by negotiating foreign investment and loans. Sensing that the troop morale might be compromised by the ill-willed uttering of people of Mangala Samaraweera, Ranil Wickremesinghe, Ravi Karunanayake and others, he took them on publicly, countered them, ridiculed them and shut them up.

    He was also the country`s greatest diplomat ever. When Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Channel 4 News, BBC and various other organizations and individuals pandering to the LTTE began bad-mouthing Sri Lanka and the war effort, Sarath Fonseka took them in every international forum and shut them up.

    I have to stand back in awe at this man. I am mesmerized when he speaks for all I hear are three words: I, myself and me. Did we defeat the LTTE? No! It was all Sarath Fonseka`s work, please get that right. It was war by Sarath Fonseka, with Sarath Fonseka and for Sarath Fonseka. It was Sarath vs the rest of the world. If executing a war was a cricket match, this is who the operation to defeat terrorism took place:

    Sarath Fonseka, bowling from the Sarath Fonseka Pavilion end, passes Umpire Sarath Fonseka to bowl to Sarath Fonseka. Sarath Fonseka takes it on the half-volley and drives it past a diving Sarath Fonseka fielding at Cover Point. Sarath Fonseke runs across from wide mid-off to stop inches before it reaches the boundary, collects and sends in a perfect return to Wicket Keeper Sarath Fonseka who whips the bails off. It is a close call and Leg Umpire Sarath Fonseka refers the matter to third umpire Sarath Fonseka who declares that Sarath Fonseka has just made his ground. This leads to words being exchanged between Wicket Keeper Sarath Fonseka and Sarath Fonseka the batsman. Fisticuffs ensure and play is held up and Match Referee Sarath Fonseka is called on to arbitrate.

  356. #401-govirala

    With regard to safeguarding Bhuddhist right, It should be just that, safeguarding, not anything exceeding that. To give an example you can safeguard your jewels by putting it in a bank vault, but if you insist on the bank manager and other employees to be people you recommend and trust, then that is exceeding.

  357. #404 Nostradamus

    This is something between Colvin a reporter and Nambiar. It has nothing to do with the 2 main people Gota and Mahinda. It is Colvin’s word against Nambiar. Nambiar can easily wriggle out of it like a snake, saying that Colvin misunderstood what he was saying. Nambiar’s brother was a consultant to the SriLankan government which itself is a clear conflict of interest. It is interesting to see whether Colvin has a recording of the conversation. From the election fiasco in Afghanistan, you can see that the UN has become a joke.

    As for Palitha Kohanne he is just the Foreign Secretary. If the tigers listened to him and came out they must be daft or desperate.

  358. comment 408-Shankar
    “With regard to safeguarding Bhuddhist right, It should be just that, safeguarding, not anything exceeding that. To give an example you can safeguard your jewels by putting it in a bank vault, but if you insist on the bank manager and other employees to be people you recommend and trust, then that is exceeding.”

    Fair enough Shankar, your non sarcastic comments are generally always on the money.
    But one thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to religion (even race for that matter) people are prone be a little protective. The protectiveness should be understood in the context that we are 18 million surrounded by 1 billion hindus to the North and the sea to the south.
    Contrast how other religions are treated in Saudi (the cradle of Islam) and how other religions are treated in SL (cradle of buddhism)…there is a big difference no?
    I totally agree with you that there should not be anything too excessive but you have to be a little flexible and understanding of the fact that ppl will get a little protective of religion and their belief systems….if a minority becomes inflexible (like the Sun God) or start asking for 50-50 representation than the majority will start to get a little paranoid and over protective no?

    things would be so much easier if everyone beleived in science and darwin but humans are designed to seek out religions and Gods (even pudgy little Sun Gods)….

  359. #405 Nostradamus

    This is a letter sent to the SriLankan government by the UN. In it i agee it is clear that they state that the Defence Secretary gave the okay to surrender. The problem here is the letter does not specify the exact sequence of events culminating in the Defence Secretary saying Ok. We Don’t know to whom he said it, what was his exact words etc. We have to wait and see the governments reply to this before we jump to conclusions.

    The official letter sent by the UN is important because it mentions the Defence Secretary. We have to wait and see his reply to this. He can always deny. Then the UN will have to bring out more details. At the moment there is only a sentence or two to go by.

  360. 409. shankar : You may be right on your analogy. Further depending on the intensity of the fire fight that was taking place on the ground, it would be very difficult for MR or any other in Colombo to instruct the man on the ground promptly. Sometimes a commander may not listen. For example SF refused to dismantle SLA positions in Jaffna as directed by RW after the ceasefire agreement. Indian IPKF commander refused to kill PV although requested by Rajive. Paulus I think surrendered at the Russian front in WW2 defying Hitler’s orders. We really don’t know what happened and the pro LTTE Diaspora can cook up anything to discredit the victory and embarrass GOSL.

  361. While people in SL getting ready to choose their next president, Sriankans living outside of SL also started to debate that who should be the next president. The funny thing is, this is a hot topic among the Diaspora Tamils as well. You won’t believe, some of them are –especially from the pro-LTTE supporters- arguing that we should support to SF who was commanding a killing force of SL Army. I do not thing that their argument came natural and their own logic. I thing this idea came from the Western conspiracy. Why West want SF come to the power? Because of the MR’s friendship with Asian partners is the big obstacle to the West to put their nose into the Indian Ocean and the dutchcourage that MR getting from the Asian bar – he is not listening Tom, Dick & Harry (West) at all. We can see the growing rift between west and SL. That is why I think they may want the regime change in SL. Ok , how could that help Tamils. The reasons from the Tamils who want to support SF say; by doing this we could bring MR to the war crime tribunal (WCT) and reveal all the crimes and HR abuses committed by the SL Government to the world. Is it possible? It could be possible but chances are very slim. Why? BC, the crime was committed by both (MR & SP). Somewhere along the line both took part. I don’t think SF willing to come forward and give evidence against MR for his crime which SF himself associated. Even if he does, Sinhalese will look at him as a “Traitor” and throw him out of politics soon. My knowledge SF is patriotic, outspoken racist. He won’t do this. That’s why I believe that theory for supporting SF by Tamils won’t work as they think. Even bringing MR to WCT won’t help to resolve Tamils nationalist problem at all, but bring more haters frictions from the Sinhalese and obstructing reconciliation process. In reality West/ IC have more than enough evidence against SL’s war crime but they will only use them for their own benefit. If the west realised later stage that MR has more chances to be re-elected, they might change their tune and extending their ties with MR regime. For SL issue they could adopt ‘give and take’ approach rather than confront and punish. Holding the tail of West is always risk as they can swing as they want. In the Global politics, countries change their foreign policies time to time according to their internal and external interest. In order to achieve their own interest they play all sort of cynical games. We have to be careful and study their tactics of political/diplomatic engagement and not fallen into their trap. Even MR‘s Asian allies who did support him to get rid of LTTE will pay any cost to protect him as long as he gets on with them. Not only MR but no leaders in the past did nothing good for Tamils. All of them used their power to oppress our rights and voice. All of them never honour the International Human Rights Law but committed crimes against humanity. LTTE also committed serious HR abuses and violence against its own people whom they fought for. Whoever committed crimes (any) should be punished by the law and at the same time we have to manoeuvre our political aspects tactfully with long term strategy not the short term revenge.

    Some sections of Tamil Diaspora arguing that Tamil Candidate (Eg: TNA Sampathan) should have contested and Tamils should cast their votes to him. The reason they are giving to support their argument is by doing this we can show to IC, our unity and solidarity towards our nationalist cause. I don’t deny this argument but there is a great danger as votes could split and go to the wrong end. Sivajilingam contesting as a independent candidate but there is common believe that he is standing to protect MR with the backing from back door. Virtually TNA is a collapsed party and look troubled family. Sadly Sampathan struggling to manage his own boys. He is in real dilemma. He is getting pressure from inside and outside. Probably he had some unofficial discussion with western diplomats during his last visit to Europe. That could make his decision making so complicated. Also he has to consider Delhi. Whatever reason, they could not make any firm decision towards this election. Even in the future, whatever decision they would make won’t make any great impact on Tamils votes unless they collaborate with other Tamil’s party. More or less TNA lost the reputation. This shows, Tamils lost everything including their political structure. Anyway, in the past many occasions we proved to the IC that we have been treated unfairly by Sinhalese since independence. Even though IC understands and accepts our reasonable demands; they distanced themselves from interfering into the SL local politics. There are many reasons for that mainly they do not want get involved without India’s concern. India is the only country who can help Tamils without affecting their local politics and their regional interest. But, LTTE’s bureaucratic, un-diplomatic approaches prevents India to support Tamils, and Singhalese leaders cleverly capture that opportunity and turned into their favour. Instead of gain the support of whole India and all political parties, LTTE and Tamil leaders approached only few Tamil Naddu politicians such as Viko, Nedumaran & Thiruma but they use the Pro-SLTamil sentiment for their own political gain. They took monopoly on SLTamils’s problem and behaved like LTTE’s official spoke persons in TN. The way they behaved created rumour(?) as they were on LTTE’s payroll. Even though there are highly educated, intellectual, skill persons among the SL Tamils, LTTE branches in overseas hire Viko & co every year for Hero’s Day to deliver lecture and brain wash overseas Tamils. We should have approached all parties regardless of their own local political policies in whole India and got their support. Now, aftermath of LTTE situation has changed and India facing enormous pressure from Tamil Naddu and outside. Indian CG cannot neglect TN’s sentiment continuously and has moral obligation to help the Tamils to achieve their reasonable aspirations. Also India has to balance the power in the region and cannot tolerate other countries’ influence in SL that could be threat to their own security. India finished their job of wipe out LTTE through MR Government and MR claim the victory over war that India directly & indirectly involved. Now this is the time India has to put diplomatic pressure to SL via MR to resolve the Tamils problem reasonably. (If MR ignore India’s pressure, India shall be compelled to re-open the old business again in TN and UP). Even India may push TNA and other Tamil parties to support MR. That is why we should negotiate with India and support to MR with condition. Also ground reality may different from what Diaspora Tamils think. Tamils in SL who are the people going to vote, been through all suffering from the hands of both( LTTE & SL Armed Forces). As far as I heard they were suffered a lot from LTTE during the last face of the battle and they are so fed with LTTE which they trust and support whole life through. During those days TNA kept quite without asking LTTE to release the innocent civilians from their control. Even TNA contest; I do not think Tamil will vote TNA – a party that blessed by the LTTE, while Douglas throwing all clamour from the MR’s pocket. If that is case and TNA not having enough margin of Tamils votes, that will be an udder failure to the Tamils politics and they will lose political bargain power in the future.

    So what we suppose to do then? Boycott the election? That is not good idea either. Even though Tamils votes are marginally small, that could be the deciding factor in the end. That is why we (All Tamil Parties) should have united together and start bargain with MR and India and agree something theoretically before the election. This is sad to see those who met in the Zurich did not come to any common agreement. There were some mystery and suspicion surrounding the arrangement of this meeting but we have to take genuine effort to unite all these parties together .Tamil Diaspora should work hard to achieve this vital task. Wasting time and resources on “VadduKoddai resolution “and “Transitional Government” are same as “Vanakamun” and will not work. Tamil Diaspora should not act as “intellectual Idiots” . This PE is crucial and good opportunity and if we should not fail to use this cleverly. Even though Tamils arms struggle came to the end (I do not rule out any upraising or new arms insurgency with new shape in the future) but their nationalistic cause attract Global sympathy, attention and support. This is very powerful dimension. Therefore whoever comes to power can’t simply escape without finding the solution to the ethnic problem. But SF has no political party of his own and having partnership with other parties who have no clear common policy or strategy. This is common sense to think that person like SF who has no political experience cannot resolve the sensitive problem like Tamils Nationalist Question. Even his recent statements are very confusing and contradicting. His contradictions cast upon his credibility. That is why I think better to bring MR to the power again and get our problem sorted. I know this is hard to support the person who is responsible for the atrocities against Tamil community faced in the recent past but we have to deal the situation with diplomacy. We have to take the nail out, using the nail.

    Why do Sinhalese should vote for MR. In the past all the leaders and most Sinhala politicians fuelled up ethnic tension for their own political gain. That fuel helped only our beautiful Island got burned other than nothing. Our country went far behind in economic and social well being. BC of those leaders, politicians’ wicked politics and their creation of war many Sinhalese (and Tamils) lost their own Sons, Brothers & Sisters in the battle field. Many became disabled. They created the war but they could not stop the war. MR is the man stop the war. I do not know what intention he got his inner-mind but he speak out of unity and reconciliation within the two communities. He is trying to ease the racial tension within the communities. This is very important to bring the long term peace in the Island. Sinhala peoples as community should give their strong support to his effort to build the bridge with Tamil communities. I thing lack of understanding divide the two communities apart. As majority and ruling section you have to lend the olive branch to the Tamils and get them into the process of nation building. To do so you need an experienced leader like MR from the political/social background rather than fresher like SF from the military background, at this crucial time. At this point I think it is good to bring the point highlighted by Dayan Jayatilleka recently as follows.

    “Let’s not make the same mistake as the Tamil people did. Out of profound dissatisfaction, they abandoned, turned their backs on their civilian lawyer-politician leaders and opted for a warrior-warlord as their “national leader”. This has led them to the brink of destruction as a community. Do the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims collectively wish to make the same disastrous choice or its equivalent? We needed a tough, ruthless, driven, army commander to beat an enemy as ruthless as the Tigers but do we need him to lead us and rule us?”

    Unfortunately, in the third world there are many democratic countries but there is no democracy in place. Same thing in SL since independent, leaders and politicians running the politics as a family business. Corruption, Family favoritism, Thuggery, miss use of power ……..etc are common in politics. MR regime also not exceptional. But he has to stop these nonsense. We should ask him to stop it. This is a deal we have to engage with him. Today SF is accusing the MR regime for these but he was a loyal servant to that regime and never talk about these things. If he is genuine he should have reveal all these and resign the post well in advance.

    End of the day you are the people have the power of votes and use them wisely based on your own opinion and analysis. You are the master and can choose the leader of the country as your servant. Bringing peace and prosperity depend on your hand. This is everyone duty to build a plural society where everybody can live peacefully with equal rights and enjoy their cultural values. As a citizen of this country, you cannot tolerate terrorism in any form. Does not matter separatist terrorism or state terrorism; we have to fight to the end. We have to re-establish democracy with law & order, There must be a room for press freedom. We have to value the human life. There will be no more ‘killing squads’, no more ‘white van’ abductions, no more disappearance, no more corruption, no more ransom, no more bazaar politics. no more mercenaries, no more paramilitary, We have to build our dream land. End of the war created the climate to find the way to long lasting peace. But I cannot see any proactive initiatives have been taken by both side of the communities so far. I cannot see any mass people’s demonstration demanding peace & reconciliation. What I feel both side try to re-fresh their old race-based politics even after thirty years of suffering. What I feel is that we both sides are going back to the place where we started from. This is very pathetic and dangerous. Whatever happened was happened. We have to learn the lesson from the past and act now wisely. Otherwise, this problem will carry forward to our next generation. We do not want another blood bath. Enough is enough. We have to use this PE as turning point towards the right direction. Let’s start countdown.

    Wish all Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  362. 413. mavady:- As a Sinhalese with many close friends from other races, I salute you for your frank comment. I agree that 1)Tamils are not using PE to their advantage 2) SF is politically naïve 3) MR stopped the war.

    I have told this before and shall tell again, the solution is for both the races to integrate. My views are purely based on my experiences while living with Tamils in Colombo, Jaffna, tea estates etc. There is absolutely NO difference between the two races but many don’t know that because they have not associated with the other and secondly politicians play the cheap race ticket for their benefit duping the poor masses who suffer ultimately. I can remember my Tamil friends telling me how the Fed Party told the Tamils to oppose the sinhala only policy, not to put SRI on their number plates etc around the 1960’s while they themselves and their children were not following this. India and international society only looks after their interest. They don’t care a toss about the Sinhalese or Tamils. They are worried about protecting their interests. Although not a supporter, I believe MR can deliver the goods to Tamils because he is a strong leader. The man who destroyed LTTE is capable of anything. Just now, we need a virtual dictator to run this country but the Tamils as you rightly said should exert that pressure via India. However MR is smart, for India has also realised that too much pressure will switch MR to China orbit. Tamil’s also have a problem as many think Sri Lanka Tamils are the elite and Indians are not of the same class!! If the Tamil leadership can play the game like their tea estate counterparts, they have got it. But again many Tamils think tea estate guys are not their class!! & different cup of soup.

  363. #413-Mavady

    I think you have analysed things well and i agree with you on most of what you say. So there is not much for me to say except that

    1. Tamil leaders should have frequent meetings with Karunanithi. I don’t see this happening. This is the same old story of Srilankan Tamil leaders going it alone, ignoring Tamilnadu, and then going crying oneday “mama, this Sinhalese fellow is bullying me. When i tweaked his ear, he hit me on the head.”

    Karunanithi is a very experienced, wily politician. Now he is 83 years and getting ready to meet his maker. before he goes, I think the Srilankan Tamil leaders should make full use of him. But they always think they are very clever. I am afraid, i think they are going to miss the bus again too.

    2. Tamil leaders should take their mind back to Thondaman Senior, who was a very clever politician. He did not have much numbers, but he made use of it to the maximum, and was a nightmare to the Sinhalese poliicians. He would run rings round them. He could always bet on the correct horse. Then he would squeeze that horse to the maximum, because he knows that once the horse has bolted, there is no point in closing the barn door.

  364. Ref # 403 and subsequent comments from Shanker,I respect all major religions. Clergy are the custodians of any religion.Christianity is entrenched in the constitution of all Western countries.Same with Islam and Hinduism in Islamic nations and in India.Unlike Srilanka no body is allowed to bag the Religion or the Clergy in these countries as ,the way some of our Srilankans do.

    One of the Prime ministers in Srilanka is on record for telling publicly that he would derobe the Buddhist monks and apply Bitumen on their heads.So some of the comments here are nothing new.That is the sort of respect some Srilankas have for the religion which is practiced by over 80 percent of the population.

    The Buddhist clergy in Srilanka must be extra vigilent now that there are so many groups are plotting to destabilize the country and topple the only President who respects and treat all religions alike.These groups range from Marxists, main srteam and fringe Chrsitian groups , pro LTTErs and the UNP

    I am not least worried about the propaganda against the Buddhists and the Clergy in these columns as far as the Srlankans are concerned .Majority of Srilankans who live in Srilanka do not read these publictions.However I am worried about the impression these sort of anti Buddhist propaganda may impart on foreign nationals who may read these columns.

    I like to take this opportunity to wish everyone here a happy XMAS and a peaceful and prosperous New Year ,especially for those those long suffering people living in our beloved Motherland.

  365. Mavady:- As I got xmas holiday, and before I get drunk, I want your view and even others on one issue that has foxed my mind.
    1. With my experience and very close association/friendships with Tamil’s as well as the poorest of the poor Sinhalese, I have found that poor Sinhalese are worst off than the average Tamil. In 1960 to 1970 when I was oft and on in Jaffna, I believed it was paradise of SL. People were polite, educated and articulate. Then, leaving the past discriminations which we cannot change, what are the legitimate demands of the current Tamil population which makes their privileges less than an average Sinhalese? OR if you are talking on behalf of your people to GOSL what privileges would you ask to rectify the perceived imbalance betwn the 2 races?

    2.Jaffna Tamil’s who have led numerous agitations under discrimination are much better off than estate Tamils who are the worst off. But terrorism started in Jaffna, the abode of well off Tamils. How come?

  366. #415 Shankar,

    MK is 85 years old and counting. Btw, he is not the right man to turn to for the tamil politicians of SL. For all the talk of political solution in SL, India knows very well that the Indian style of federal set up wouldn’t be a feasible option in SL given the size and complexity of the tamil demography (I have explained this in detail in one of my comments some 5 months ago) . So, the best option is ending of discrimination and ensuring equal rights to all minorities. Of course, it’s already there on paper in SL constitution but India is interested only in seeing its implementation. This has been made clear to MK as well. Therefore, the SL tamil leaders would do well to court Delhi than MK. But sadly, the TNA has literally angered Delhi by giving interviews very critical of the Indian govt in international media. Indian foreign policy is not decided by any regional politician in India however powerful he may be. This is the reality. The sooner SL tamil leaders understand this the better.

  367. May I wish you all out there a very merry christmas and happy new 2010.

    Dbsj, Don, Navin, Shankar, Nostradamas, Fran, James Tea Town, RS Wickremasinghe, Marusira, Mavady, Praveen,Govirala, Leelawathie, Shiela. Whatever name you have and whichever corner of the world you live in, I hope you have a happy and prosperous New Year.

  368. dear mahesh,
    thank you very much for your support i think we are on the same side whereas don and navin seems to be arguing that basic human traits have to be discarded while fighting a war and that too against tigers who are the worst lot.i dont support what they did to innocent sinhalese but the point is tamils had no other alternative other than supporting them it is not that they wanted tigers to become their sole spokesperson.what sinhalese leadership should have dont is to neutralise tigers support base by giving concessions to tamils irrespective of what tigers views were.it did not do so and it legitimised tigers hold on tamils.for eg srilankan supreme court annulled the merger of north and east and government in colombo kept quiet it should have stepped in and thus it would have instilled some confidence in tamils.if u have accusations against tigers suicide bombing then tamils also have their own grouse since 1958 anti tamil riots what has been done to tamils has justice been ever rendered tamils were killed even during the world tamil conference which took place in jaffna when foreign delegates had come all over the world,what happened to 3000 tamils who were killed as a retaliation to killing of 13 sinhalese soldiers does it means one sinhalese life is equal to 230 lives.what happened to jagan,kuttimani and others in welikada prison kuttimanis eyes were gouged just becoz he had told the court previously that his eyes should be donated to another tamil so that he can see tamil eelam.can any one justify burning of jaffna library which is unparalleled by sinhalese goons probably it can be compared to burning of alexandria library by some turkish sulthan it cant be even compared becoz sulthan did not know the significance of those books he was in a hurry to take a hot bath by burning those ancient books.what sinhalese need is introspection its civil society needs to stand up and raise their voices now that there are no tigers around it cant blame every problem of theirs at their doorsteps.i am not blamiing every sinhalese guy but moderates should take over we dont need these rajapakshe types who have been mericless not only on tamils but also on sinhalese by silencing journalist and if need be by sending white vans.

  369. On December 26, 2004, one of the worst natural disasters in modern times befell our country.
    The tsunami that struck the length of Sri Lanka’s eastern coast and enshrouded the island had a devastating effect. In a matter of moments, over 40,000 people had lost their lives and a further 20,000 were injured. More than half a million people were displaced with in excess of 100,000 homes destroyed.Those who survived or who came to assist in the aftermath will never forget the horror the ocean wrought on the island that day.
    Thankfully those events are in the past. And for the people especially in the north, east and south that survived and gradually rebuilt their lives. We are now living without the threat of terrorism for the first time in over a quarter of a century. We have managed average economic growth of over 6% since 2005, despite our difficulties.
    In October 2007, in the midst of the sub-prime crisis, Sri Lanka floated its debut U.S. $500 million sovereign bond which was three times over-subscribed. And in October of this year the Government issued a second $500 million sovereign bond that received the highest oversold subscription of the year, over 13 times over-subscribed, while both Fitch and S&P have revised their ratings from ‘negative’ to ‘stable’.
    Analysts are now excitedly talking about Sri Lanka as the next Singapore. We are increasingly seeing large investment funds flood money into the country, not as an act of generosity, but because they see the potential that is being unlocked in Sri Lanka.
    Over the whole of Sri Lanka, massive infrastructure projects are taking place, from the construction of one of the largest deep water ports in the Indian Ocean, at Hambontota in the south, to the establishment of the Trincomalee Investment and Tourist Zone in the east. Formerly at the heart of our troubled areas, Trincomalee, with its natural harbour and scenic beauty, is now emerging as a potentially major commercial and industrial hub in the South Asian region and a tourism destination in its own right.
    We have talent. Our potential as an outsourcing destination is already being recognized and the success of our expatriate doctors and engineers, lawyers and accountants, confirms just what extraordinary capabilities our people posses.
    We also have thriving industries that not only provides the West with value goods, but also enshrines the highest of labor conditions and environmental standards. We have vast untapped potential in our fertile agricultural lands, particularly in the north and east, previously setback through terror for three decades and now active once again. And there’s tourism. Overseas visitors have always flocked to Sri Lanka, but never in the numbers that we could have achieved without the threat of terrorism. So, five years on from the terrible events of 2004, now is truly an exciting time for our country. Our troubles are behind us. As Arthur C. Clarke said of his adopted home, this is the best place in the world from which to view the universe.

  370. அனைவருக்கும் எனது நத்தார் வாழ்த்துக்கள். கடந்த பல ஆண்டுகளாக துப்பாக்கிகளுக்கும், குண்டுகளுக்கும் மத்தியில் சொந்தங்களையும், சொத்துக்களை இழந்து நிற்கதியான எமது மக்களுக்கு இவ்வாண்டு ஒர் அமைதியான சூழலில் குண்டுகளுக்கு ஒய்வுகொடுக்கப்பட்டு நீணடகாலத்திற்கு பின்னர் பட்டாசு கொழுத்தி மகிழ்வுடன் கொண்டாடும் நிலை ஏற்பட்டுள்ளது. இந்த ஆண்டுபோல் இனிவரும் ஆண்டுகளும் அமைதியான வாழ்வுடன் மகிழ்ச்சிகரமான ஆண்டுகளாக மலரவேண்டும். அன்புள்ளங்கள் அனைவருக்கும் எனது நத்தார் வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

  371. #413Mavadi
    “Let’s not make the same mistake as the Tamil people did. Out of profound dissatisfaction, they abandoned, turned their backs on their civilian lawyer-politician leaders and opted for a warrior-warlord as their “national leader”.
    I agree with you 110%. We have seen enough suffering and specially the tamils the most during the past 30 yrs. I want to tell you a story of one whose 16 yrs ols son was killed by the LTTE to punish the father 1 1/2yrs ago. I think we Sinhalese were mad to put forward SF as a choicefor the tamils to vote. Personally I think if SF were to come to power there would be another Prabakaran in the sinhala community foryears to come and another Prabakharan being born to the Tamils thereafter. We are sending signals of reconciliation by putting forward a candidate which caused suffering to the tamils..

  372. This is a reply to post #33 by James Thenuwara.

    You my dear friend have no clue about who a true Buddhist is.

    I am married to a Christian, who distinguishes herself by being the very best “Buddhist” I know!

    She obeys every Buddhist precept, helps me enthusiastically in all of my Buddhist practices including going to the temple and sitting for hours on the floor listening to, understanding, and following the Dhamma and dana to the needy.

    Being, I hope, a “Good Buddhist” I have not asked her to renounce her religion, and find much value in the commandments of her own religion .. it is a non issue for me because in my mind she is already a Buddhist.

    She has never tried to convert me to her religion, which I tend to think is, because she is a “Good Christian” and has acquired a deep understanding of Buddhism as well.

    To my mind, the greater the number of mixed religion and mixed race couples there are, the greater will be the opportunity to achieve peace in the world. Just imagine, Ethnic and Religious Integration in Sri Lanka on an inseparable indivisible level!

    The Buddha taught us to honor other religions without prejudice or excessive attachment to our own.

    Why can’t you follow his teaching?

  373. What do supporters of SF who say he is a squeky clean guy say to excerpt of an article below

    “Refusal to purchase more arms
    By Sandun A. Jayasekera

    The government dropped another bombshell on the Sarath Fonseka camp yesterday alleging that opposition presidential candidate General Sarath Fonseka got angry with the Defence Ministry when it refused to approve a heavy load of military equipment worth US$ 222,392,635 which General Fonseka had wanted to import from China on August 3, this year, long after the conclusion of the humanitarian operation.

    Cabinet spokesman Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa said that the truth remained un-assailed and undamaged whatever General Fonseka said or did in his vendetta against the Rajapaksas and the government.

    Mr. Yapa said that Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had had no choice but to turn down the request as a load of military hardware of this magnitude was neither necessary nor a priority requirement almost three months after the conclusion of the humanitarian operation. “

  374. # 420 Kaluyaka

    So nice of you to send christmas greetings.

    Wishing you and all merry christmas and a happy New Year

  375. Pillayan and karuna have decided to sink their differences and support mahinda .

    After the 26th they have agreed to sink each other.

  376. #384 Nostradamus

    Well, Saddam’s wife and daughters are alive and well outside Iraq, but his TWO AWFUL SONS and TEENAGE GRANDSON .. who was in the same house as his dad when the hideout was attacked by US troops .. ARE KAPUT .. blasted to pieces!

    And, this was NOT IN A WAR ZONE like Mullaivaikkal, but in the center of a town that was surrounded by US Troops for the express purpose of taking them out!

    Why was a surrender not NEGOTIATED? What happened to UN mediators?

    Let us AVOID Double Standards, shall WE?

  377. I sincerely hope that Fonseka will stop his series of traitorous acts soon enough. A man who cannot differentiate his hatred towards the former boss and the interests of the nation shall never be a political leader.

  378. #419-Kumar

    MK is 85 years old and counting. Btw, he is not the right man to turn to for the tamil politicians of SL

    SL tamil leaders would do well to court Delhi than MK

    What has age got to do with this. We are not asking to do the legwork. We only want his help and support in making the correct strategic decisions and implementing them. For the donkey work we have an abundunce of ‘kazuthei’ here.

    Have you seen well run business empires with aged owners, though they have their children and others to do the day to day administration.

    Age is not a barrier to sucess. It is how you maintain your brain, think logically with a hefty dose of common sense. So I don’t agree with you about this 85 years barrier. is Tamilnadu sinking because they have a 85 year old Chief Minister. Did the people not know when they voted for him that he was an old man. What about manmohan Singh who is about 75 years. Didn’t he get another term.

    I suspect it is guys like Vaiko and Nedumaran who are blocking SL Tamil leaders from getting close to Kaunanithi. Only Arumugam Thondaman visited him, and after that Karunanithi’s people visited the camps. SL tamil leaders have to decide whether they want to dance with fringe elements like Vaiko and Nedumaran or bet on the correct horse. You can’t have it both ways. Kau will not trust them anyway, because of their closeness to these jokers.

    It is important that SL tamil leaders have a clearcut policy of dealing with only the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, regardless of whoever it is, keeping out of their politics, which can be as dirty as ours, but maybe less violent.

    As for NewDelhi The best way of dealing with them is to first identify all their pressure points one of which is TamilNadu, another is the entire South Indian bloc. Another recently opened up pressure point is China via Hambantota and an old one is Pakistan. Also the US and other western nations are also a good pressure point because India has recently after the nuclear deal moved into the Western camp.

    If simultaneously pressure is applied at all pressure points New Delhi will crack under the pressure. But remember the objectives of the Tamils should not conflict with the core objectives of India, because NewDelhi will not budge on matters that affect its national interest.

  379. 418. Nostradamus:-
    May I request you to kindly take a long and hard look at the soup bowl featured in the article. Not very sure who is cooking whom.
    Many thanks friend. I looked at the soup bowl and article. I can only see full confusion as you have said above. I cannot see any new light put as to whether GOSL promised to spare the 3 guys but were shot dead in cold blood. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  380. 421. jagan sriram :-but moderates should take over we dont need these rajapakshe types who have been mericless not only on tamils but also on sinhalese
    I agree, but cannot happen right now as both SF and MR have not been moderates, at least from Tamil eyes! & I don’t think any moderate can weather the storm, currently.

    420:-Kaluyaka:- Wish you all the best and may be if you continue making sensible comments, we shall nominate you as next Prez of our little SL!! (NOW this is supposed to be a compliment ok)

    425. TrueBuddhistPatriot:- Well said. I cannot agree with you more. There are many westerners who are better Buddhists than our traditional ones!!

  381. 430. Paramsothy Jeyakumar | December 25th, 2009 at 11:16 pm
    I sincerely hope that Fonseka will stop his series of traitorous acts soon enough. A man who cannot differentiate his hatred towards the former boss and the interests of the nation shall never be a political leader.

    I couldn’t have agreed with you more. Well said.

  382. This is MR circus in town. This is not a genuine election or a democratic process, sinhala masses need action he is simply providing it, but for Tamils it is a apocalyptical time both politically, culturally and daily day to day managing their life.

    But the sad thing is some elements among Tamils trying to create obstacles who ever genuinely supporting the Tamils ultimate goals and aspiration in whatever way they can possibly think of. Some anti LTTE elements started to portray Ealom as a myth it is only a LTTE agenda and, what we want is a co existence with Sinhala brothers and sisters but the fact is these same elements portrayed themselves as liberators of Tamils from the clutches of Sinhala chauvinism, but once the LTTE is out of the picture, while silencing their gun. These elements doing all their summersaults and creating a uncertainty among the Tamil people.

    Tamils are clever people they know what to do, they show that during the mayoral election in Jaffna, simply they are not interested in these circuses, they know what happened in the past, whoever endorsing the Sinhala rulers they themselves digging their own graves .

    Time will change and the war criminals will be punished, don’t fell pry for traitors, quislings and chauvinists.

  383. 421. jagan sriram:

    How can a sinhalese say we do not need Rajapaksa’s when all of them owe it to him the freedom to live in peace in the south? MR is the only man in the current political scene who has something to showcase to the people and say “look here is what I accomplished.”

    If you want to blame the Tamil suffering on someone blame it on LTTE please and not on MR or GR or SF. Those men did what had to be done under methods and resources that were available to them. Though MR is neither celebrated nor congratulated for his actions by the so called civilized liberal world, Obama or any other president of the west would have done the same.

    His techniques were not perfect but there is nothing more we could ask from them for they accomplished a task that no one thought possible or were willing to undertake. If not for them we (not you, because we are sinhalese) would still be under the constant threat of LTTE and our lives would be in limbo.

    Your problems with white vans, constant cordon and search operations, travel restrictions etc., etc., cannot be compared with the threat posed by LTTE to the lives of all people who are not Tamil, living in the south and the future of this entire country, its economy, and its unity.

    Please, stay focused on the discussion at had. I’m puzzled and disappointed as to why Gota ordered these 3 cut throats to be shot when they were about to surrender for we could have easily had them hanged under law and that would have been a much more cruel punishment than been shot. At the same time I’m even more disgusted with people who go after this one incident as if the 3 terrorists were angels sent by god. All the atrocities they committed are forgotten. They deserve every bit of what they got and more. So stop talking about them. If their children and wives also had to die with them, then its their own fault. There were not one but many opportunities for them to come clean and their arrogance and ego was too much to make use of the opportunities given to them to save their lives. There is no reason for GOSL to dance according to tune of LTTE and halt its final offensive so that these men could surrender.

    If you have evidence against those who perpetrated 1983 violence, go drag them to ICC. If you have evidence against anyone using the war as an excuse to commit crimes against civilians who were no where near where fighting was going on or had absolutely nothing to do with LTTE, go prosecute them.

    BUT stop trying to take revenge from MR and GR under the pretext of war crimes for destroying your Eelam dream. Its very clear to us what you are after no matter how many times you shout human rights and other bull shit. As is evident from many posts of some Tamils, you may think we Sinhalese are uneducated idiots who are no match for intelligent elite Jaffna Tamils but we couldn’t careless about your pompous.

  384. The skill of LTTE was well documented when they eliminated most of the intelligence officers of the Army at millennium city. Army could not protect it own people including SF, his Chief of Staff Parami Kulathunge, Navy Commander and a sluice of other Higher Officers. They could not provide proper security to Ranasinghe Premadasa, Lalith Athulathmudali, Gamini Disanayake, Nelam Thiruchelvam, Laksman Kadiragamar, Jeyaraj Fernandupulle and whole whack of government leaders. How on earth they can protect poor Tamil people with a different ideology?
    What has gone wrong with Sarath Fonseka? He was commenting about Gotabaya with so much anger. He accepted the government carving out 3 pieces of land to the extent of 25 perches each for the service commanders which cost the government 90 million each.
    Then his acquisition of bullet proof vehicle worth 44 million for 2 million also he accepted. Then he also acknowledged that there was a shipment worth over 2.5 billion arrived Colombo port and government sent it back causing its agent to loose his agency was true. And that happened well after the war, and the ammunition was for training purposes. He only has venom on the defence secretary who was 1 year junior in his army career.
    He also acknowledged that he was not in Sri Lanka at the final phase of the war. He was in China making the arrangements this infamous shipload of ammunition. He did not talk anything unpleasant of the government until the shipload of ammunition was turned back.The government should have retired him when he got injured at the bomb blast, as Fonseka’s brain seem to have got shattered at that point.

  385. Don -414/417

    Hope you had nice X-Mas . What is your favorite drink?
    May be, I’m not clever enough to answer your specific questions and my personal comment can’t be the view of our community as whole. What I feel, we have to be Sri Lankans; doesn’t matter, what race, religion or back-round we belong to. That is way we can move forward. I guess you are much older than me and could came across many political changes-I don’t need to tell you- you know well, all the politicians used the race card for their political advantages and they discriminated Tamils very badly because of their race. That was reason for the more than thrifty years of suffering by both communities. That situation not changed yet. As a citizen of SL everyone has equal rights and same privileges regardless of their race and religion. We have to work together to achieve the plural society. I’m not racist but I think you can’t compare NE Tamils with Estate Tamils. Again Sir, I do not need emphasis the history which you know well that, The island has long been peopled by two cultural groups; Tamil of the NE and the Sinhalese of the South. Estate Tamils were brought by colonial masters. As the origin of this Island, NE Tamils as a nation – have every right for demand for their self determination. Considering changing Global political, economical climate I believe we will be better off; If we could live as plural society under united SL –tiny Island. What do you think?

    Shankar- 415

    I agree with you the fact you highlighted about M.Karunanithy(MK) . LTTE created the rift with him. LTTE sympathizers from the Tamil Diaspora also repeated the same tune and failed to engage with him in right manner.4th of June 2000 he said as ’ If a peaceful settlement is not found, the Czechoslovakian model is the only way out for a bloodless resolution to the SL crisis’. But I don’t know any pro-LTTE media or supporters gave hype to his statement or sending him message to thank him. When Jeajalaitha said her election campaign that she will get Tamil Eleam If she elected; LTTE media repeat that news again and again and supporters from all over the world send the emails and fax to her to thank. They all holding Vikko’s tail and keep insult MK. Our people were on hunger strike (?) & protesting in the western capitals more than thirty days to bail out LTTE but no Government listened to them. But MK was on hunger strike less than 30 mini and Indian CG started panic and sent P.Cithamparam to see MK. Soon after, they brokered ceasefire agreement with GOSL on the basis of surrender and hand over the weapons. But Vikko & Neddumaran did not let LTTE to accept the deal. BC they did not want MK got credit for his effort. There is no question that MK is the power full, experienced politician who may retire from the politics by next year. Almost we missed the last bus. Our people are keep making mistakes not willing to accept reality.

    Dilshan -424

    ‘Let’s not make the same mistake as the Tamil people did. Out of profound dissatisfaction, they abandoned, turned their backs on their civilian lawyer-politician leaders and opted for a warrior-warlord as their “national leader”. Actually, this not my comment but from Mr.Dayan Jayatilleka. I too agree with 110%. That is why I highlighted that point.

  386. #421 Jagan Sri Ram,

    Yes I do accept your views. Our views are similar.

    If the successive sri lankan govts had done business with people like Chelva then there wouldn’t have been a Prabhakaran.

    Let us hope better sense prevails at least from now.

  387. # 429. TrueBuddhistPatriot

    Sir. Americans were fighting with Iraqi’s. They are racially different and belong to two different nations.

    In Mullivaikkal whom were you fighting against. Are they not fellow sri lankans. Don’t you both belong to one and the same country.

    Then why are you talking as though you both belong to two different nations.

    This WE and THEY attitude had done immense damage to the fabric of the Sri Lankan soceity and polity.

    Why don’t you people try to come out of that mentality.

  388. #431, Shankar,

    Shankar machi, you are always jumping the gun. All I wanted to do was to just point out that you had mentioned MK’s age wrongly and correct it. That’s all. I never hinted anywhere that his age is the reason for the SL tamil leaders to turn to Delhi. Please try to absorb what is written before jumping up and down.
    And you guys never seem to learn. You say,
    “As for NewDelhi The best way of dealing with them is to first identify all their pressure points”
    “If simultaneously pressure is applied at all pressure points New Delhi will crack under the pressure.”

    Are you guys under the impression that you (I mean SL tamils) are some kind of a big influential group in the world like the jewish lobby in the US? If you have any just grandiose assumptions please get rid of them at once. You (I mean SL tamil lobby) can’t bring any western country to pressure India. India is too big for such actions and western nations understand that. India is not SL. And about China: Is China’s Hambantota project brought about by you guys? Then what leverage you have with China to make it act according to your wish? Don’t be burdened with too much of self importance. China and India act according to what they want and please. Groups like yours are like mosquito menace for them. You didn’t seem to get what I said. Despite the TN factor, Delhi is well aware that Indian style federal political set up will not happen in SL. This is the reality. So, their focus is to get equal rights to the Tamils. MK has been made to understand this as well. That’s why he doesn’t say anything overtly critical of Delhi in this. Times have changed. Get a dose of reality please.

  389. # 429 TrueBuddhistPatriot

    ” Why was a surrender not NEGOTIATED? What happened to UN mediators? ”

    Uday & Qusay Saddam did not intend to surrender.
    The fugitives did not lay down their arms.
    Their posture was offensive.
    They were not carrying white flags.
    They were engaged in a firefight with 101st Airborne .
    They were not in contact with UN officials
    They were not in contact with Iraqi officials.
    The incident place in Mosul, Iraq on July 23, 2003.
    The troops were refused admission into the villa.
    The troops encountered fierce resistance.
    The fugitives were barricaded in the second floor of the villa.
    TV cameramen witnessed part of the encounter.
    CNN correspondent Nic Robertson was on the scene.
    Qusay’s son Mustapha was with his father and lost his life.

    I would be pleased to provide you with more information if you are interested.

  390. I like to thank Parasmothy Jeyakumaran( Comment 437) for his succinct comment about Sarath Fonseka. I like to add one more thing there and, that is the fact that the whole unit of the Army Intelligent Officers ,mainly Tamis were assassinated with the full backing of Ranil Wickremasinghe as a santhosam to Prabakaran’s assent to Ranil’s CFA aggrement.

    Now Ranil and Fonseka are the best buddies to save the country and make it a paradise.

    People who believe this crap have to get their heads examined ,unless they have an axe to grind with the Rajapaksas or hell bent on undoing all the good things of the last three years of making Srilanka a safe place where ordinary people can go about their day to things with out the fear of getting blown up.

    This comment says it all about the ex General’s patriotism and honesty.He is far from the Mr Clean image that his cohorts are trying to sell to the public.

  391. Someone says…

    Uday & Qusay Saddam did not intend to surrender.

    So when LTTE says we are going to fight GOSL has to fight and the instant they say
    we are going to surrerender GOSL has to stop and listen. Who do you take GOSL for–
    a right royal bunch of morons?

    The fugitives did not lay down their arms.

    And all Tigers all of sudden layed down their arms
    and stopped firing at SLA when these 3 guys were
    walking towards the frontline waving white flags… people
    please belive this picture for its been broacast on CNN.

    Their posture was offensive.

    No no LTTE’s posture was never offensive. They always
    stuck to their word whereas GOSL would say one thing and
    does something else. LTTE is much more trust worthy than
    GOSL. What a brillient point.

    They were not carrying white flags.

    What an important point.

    They were engaged in a firefight with 101st Airborne .

    What a great excuse. Perhaps SLA too should have sent
    the SLAF and bombed the whole area to oblivion and we would
    not have had none of these problems.

    They were not in contact with UN officials

    So what? Do you think we care? Oh wait,
    who are these Sinhalese. If UN says they should
    stop they should stop. They are not like Americans
    no. Americans of course can have it their way
    for they always do the right thing.

    They were not in contact with Iraqi officials.

    So current Iraqi PM is an “Iraqi” official? You
    may as well say Sir Edward Barns was a Sri Lankan official.

    The incident place in Mosul, Iraq on July 23, 2003.
    The troops were refused admission into the villa.

    The best statement of all! and LTTE allowed admission
    for SLA to their last strong hold unhindered when these guys
    were surrendering… perhaps that’s what CNN broadcast so
    must be true.

    The troops encountered fierce resistance.

    and SLA didn’t encounter fierce resistance… no no
    only US troops encounter fierce resistance not this
    rag tag SLA. If LTTE were to offer fierce resistance SLA
    would be totally destroyed.

    The fugitives were barricaded in the second floor of the villa.
    TV cameramen witnessed part of the encounter

    GOSL wishes to appologise to you that it couldn’t send an international TV
    crew embedded with CIA to record the surrender of their excellencies
    Mr. Nadesan and Mr. Pulideevan

    CNN correspondent Nic Robertson was on the scene.

    And he says the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  392. For those who refer General VP as Megalomaniac, it is the sri lankan military & politicians who created General VP.

    JR, MR are not any short of Megalomaniacs. !

  393. #440 – Mahesh, #442 – Nostradamus

    It is not a little late for Eelam supporters to discover our common Sri Lankan roots, in this context?

    As far as I can recall, when these monsters of the LTTE executed nearly 1,000 policemen and soldiers after the fall of Mullaitivu, after extracting their blood for the LTTE blood bank, those ROOTS between the killers and the killed were still Sri Lankan.

    Who among the LTTE-instigated BLEEDING HEARTS and WAR CRIMES SPECIALISTS now crying FOUL about Nadesan, Pulidevan and Ramesh cried out then? Were not these three worthy individuals FRONT & CENTER in that war crime?

    Why did not these people surrender when MR repeatedly asked the LTTE leadership to surrender and subject themselves to the law of the land for their actions?

    As I recall, they were offered an opportunity to surrender 1-year, 3-months, and 1-month before the end of the war.

    Those offers were REJECTED because they expected powerful politicians of the West, suitably bribed and manipulated, to come to their rescue, AS THEY HAD IN THE PAST.

    Well, that expectation FAILED BIG TIME, because the Sinhala Modayas FINALLY LEARNED not to fall into the same pit AGAIN.

    Then, at the 12-th hour of the final day of the war,, the very same folks who created the suicide bomber and the human bombers leading Ceaseless Waves, expect to be spared in the HEAT OF A MILITARY OFFENSIVE.

    Come on guys, GET REAL .. at that point there is no telling who is waving a white flag and who is fronting a suicide bomber.

    Finally, this Nadesan, who chickened out at the last moment from dying like a man, or from biting his Cynaide capusule that he had trained countless others to do, was the Goebbels of the LTTE. This was no innocent leader of a political movement; this was a Machiavellian monster who plotted the death of thousands of innocents.

    They got what they deserved on a murky and confused battlefield. JUSTICE delivered in REAL TIME in memory of ALL of the thousands of innocents, Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims alike, who died at their hands.

    They died in a fire-fight just like Saddam’s sons and grandson. On the other hand, we can argue that the conflict in Iraq was a setup designed to preclude any surrender, as well. Double standards .. I say. One for the mighty; Another for the weak nations of the world.


  394. neither candicate ever spoke about equality. It is shame on Sri Lanka that keep a constitutioh that makes Tamils/Muslims as second class.

  395. 422. Jayantha Rathnayake:- You are spot on when y say SL has great potential. And this could now be exploited to give its people wealth and prosperity. This is what MR did by destroying the LTTE. I am not MR supporter but I got to state the truth.
    435. Ordinary Tamil:- I know Tamils are cleaver people but are they playing their cards correctly in this PE? I don’t think so. I also don’t think war criminals will be punished because both parties took the sword to settle the dispute and even the foreign countries which talk about war criminals, I can show are bigger war criminals!
    437. Paramsothy:- I cannot go to detail but LTTE killing or bombing of SF, Neelan etc does not need great skill as they had the element of surprise on their side. Any SLA Special Force personal would have carried these operations. In bravery, the SF and commandos was equal match to LTTE black tigers. The problem was at the start, SLA was not trained while the LTTE were. But when SLA got the skill, LTTE ended up dead meat. Of course, I still salute the brave LTTE boys who scarified their life for a lost cause due to it’s fanatical leader. In any fight, not only the brawn but also the brain matters.
    438. mavady :- My favorite drink is anything the host could afford. In SL, it was anything from “Gal, Pol, kasippu or Dankotuwa special”. In Jaffna, Palmyra toddy sitting under the tree!!
    Yes, I agree that NE Tamils cannot be compared to Estate Tamils. North Tamils say they are different to East Tamils. So, who is then fighting for the rights and rights of which segment of Tamils? This is difficult to decipher. Yes I agree with you that if we exit as a plural society under united SL is the best but as long as the Tamils say they are discriminated, to live under the same roof will be very difficult.
    But comment you picked up from Dylan J is the Truth.. “Tamils turned their backs on their civilian lawyer-politician leaders and opted for a warrior-warlord as their national leader”.. because in the 1960-1980 there were some top class Tamil leaders like Kumarasooriyar, Thiruchelvam, Ponnambalam, Navartnum, Nadeson, etc and today what sh..t have the Tamil’s got as leaders? This shows sadly where the Tamil’s have fallen to.
    441. Kumar:- What you say in your last para is dead correct that New Delhi focus is equal rights for Tamils not a federal state in SL. I don’t think Shankar got your point.

  396. #436 Navin,

    Even after all this why are you people thinking in terms of Sinhala and Tamil.

    Can’t you people think that you are Sri Lankans first and last. Can’t you think Tamils as fellow citizens having equal rights as you do have to live in sri lanka.

    if you don’t think like that, then eelam lives in YOUR mind. Then eelam lives as a concept.

    I do believe that you people believe that occupying land and killing the people who are having different ideas than your own means winning the land and defeating those ideas and ideals that they were having.

    Sadly it is not so.

    Before 17/5/09 there were two sri lanka’s. one ruled by the ltte and the other ruled by your govt.

    LTTE was defeated because they lost their moral high ground in the eyes of the world in 1991.

    After that they received no help from any outside sources. they lost their status as freedom fighters and were labelled as terrorists.

    All this happened because because they lost their moral high grounds.

    Even after that they were able to make impressive military gains in sri lanka though they were only temporary.

    From that point onwards they were on their own. They fought on their own and when they fell they fell on their own strength.

    They were felled by many forces in the world.

    This happened because they lost their moral high ground. If you have moral high ground you gain grounds in the field.

    If you lose moral high ground then you lose grounds in the field.

    When the ltte lost moral high ground the SL govt gained moral high ground and it subsequently won the field.

    Mind you the SL govt didn’t win the field on its own. It had to take the support of forces like China, Pakistan, India, US etc.

    This moral high ground you are losing very fast by your acts like killing people when they negotiated their surrender and building the victory memorial for the soldiers in pudukudiyiruppu etc.even before the tamils had finished their period of mourning.

    Again I would like to remind you that whatever Sri Lanka does now is going to chart its history for the next 20 years.

    I only wish you well when I say that undemocratic ways must be shunned and transparency must be the watch word now.

    You can bury the concept of eelam when you give equal rights to the tamils and when you strictly abide by the democratic ways and the rule of the land in a transparent manner where there is no white van.

    I wish you well.

  397. #425. TrueBuddhistPatriot

    What I stated is a fact – when a Buddhist marries a Christian, most of the time Christianity prevails in the family and the children become Christians. Look at the statistics. Also, this happens in a very subtle way – no one in the outside world knows that that Buddhist spouse is secretly attending the Christian Church. Your spouse may go to Temple because out of love for you-, but what about the Children as stated before most of the time the kids are baptized as Christians. This is extremely sad – Buddhism in Sri Lanka and other Asian countries is gradually taken over by Christianity.

    I am sure Rajapakse and Kumaratunge children are baptized as Christians.

  398. #430. Paramsothy Jeyakumar

    Yes, but, what SF is doing is what is exactly expected from a true patriot – he has decided to stand against his former master because he could not tolerate the illegal things that those people are up t -. I mean the President and his inner circle. My only worry is that SF has decided to fight it out against Gota (not Basil!!!, Chamal!!, Namal, Mervin, Animal Siripala, Shirtanthi, Maithripala et al) , who is the only best man in the MR inner circle. I think this is because only Gota is outspoken all the other crooks don’t talk as they have so much to hide. Because Gota has nothing to hide he fearlessly criticizes SF, SF is so annoyed about this he tries his best to shut Gota’s mouth by making various counter allegations and threats – unfortunately, this is not a characteristic of a true leader. Put simply, SF must stop attacking the most noble man Gota. Every time he does this he loses votes. SF knows without Gota we are still fighting the war with the murderous LTTE.

  399. #441 Kumar.

    I accept that times have changed. That China and India are big countries which act according to their own interests.

    Beyond a point they cannot even take the interests of even a state actor like Sri Lankan govt into consideration.

    I also like to point to you that the initiative is with the sri lankan govt at present.

    I wish that they seized the opportunity to solve the Tamil problem politically.

    Though India will act according to its own interests it cannot be a mute spectator if the Tamils are treated as a second class citizens.

    the LTTE had the initiative in 1987. They missed it. But now the initiative is with the govt.

    They are slowly losing the moral high ground.

    At some point it could become difficult for the India to ignore the plights of the Tamils if they are ill treated.

    When the winds are blowing in your favor it has to be used.

    You have won militarily. Only political soln. will bring ever lasting peace.

    Again I like to point out to you that the times have changed but they have not changed for ever.

  400. I live in Colombo and I have no intention of leaving this country.

    As a tamil living in Colombo the life is not easy. Since the LTTE was eradicated, people have freedom to move around without any fear of bombs going off. I have many friends from all the ethnic communites and have a decent job in a bank.

    The Tamil diaspora can do all of us Tamils living in this country a favour by not pushing the homeland issue too much. You are fortunate to leave this country and live in western countries, but some of us don’t have the contacts to go overseas or are not willing to leave the birth place. The diaspora have decided to live in those countries and have no idea of coming back here to live, except for a holiday. Good luck for you.
    Therefore, you people can do us this favour by not stirring trouble for us who live in this country. There are about three million Tamils living in SL and all of them living spreaded in the main towns and the majority in the north and east. All these tamils(three million) cannot leave this country and we have to live in this place whether we like it or not. When the LTTE was in full swing, all Sri Lankans including us tamils were scared to go out to work in the morning fearing whether we will come back home in one piece, and as a Tamil people used to look at you suspiciously.
    But the situation has changed now, and only when diaspora tamils stirr some trouble overseas people distrust us.

    Therefore, please those Tamils living in Canada, UK, USA, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and other western countries, you have got a comfortable life over there, partly thanks to the ethnic trouble in SL. Enjoy whatever you have over there and don’t create trouble for those who live in SL. If you really need to help your brethren over here, you can help them by sending money or whatever to your relations. LTTE is over and there is no future for a homeland in SL. We have to live in this country as Sri Lankans. We have lived in this country for genarations, and we will be living in this country for further generations. So please leave us alone, and let us live in peace.

    I wish you all a happy 2010.

  401. #436
    Trace the history before the birth of violent struggles in
    Sri lanka, otherwise we will continue to travel on the path of perdition.

  402. TrueBuddhistPatriot,

    Should I have a forum name as “SriLankaIsOnlyForTamils” ?

    If we want permanent peace in sri lanka people should stop bragging about their own belief and accept there are 4 religions in lanka.

  403. # 441 Kumar

    You need to reevaluate you comment. Are you a Tamil or from a neighbouring state.

    Tamil politicians in power can influence Indian foreign policy vis a vis SL Tamil issue.

    I agree with Shankar 431.

  404. 488# DON

    Thanks for your comment back. I’m looking forward the day that you and me can enjoy the toddy under the Palmyra tree without any fear. As a gentlemen from the majority community, everything on your court. All depends that how you kick the ball.

  405. #447 Raj said ..

    [neither candicate ever spoke about equality. It is shame on Sri Lanka that keep a constitutioh that makes Tamils/Muslims as second class.]

    Where have you been? Mahinda Rajapaksa has been preaching equal rights, before and after he took office, in Sinhala, Tamil and English!

    But, he also said there are no Sinhala homelands, Tamil homelands, Muslim homelands etc in Sri Lanka; only ONE Sri Lankan homeland for ALL Sri Lankans.

    He has been preaching this: ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE, ONE DESTINY for all Sri Lankans devoid of any special rights for ANYBODY in Sri Lanka based on race, religion, language or caste.

    That CERTAINLY SOUNDS like EQUAL RIGHTS to me; not SEPARATE RIGHTS within separate Bantustans.

    He also said that Sri Lanka recognizes only two kinds of people: those who love Sri Lanka, and those who do not love Sri Lanka. That too sounds fair to me.

    Does it still sound like MR, the presidential candidate has not been speaking of EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL Sri Lankans?

    Finally, could you please identify by chapter and paragraph any section of Sri Lanka’s constitution that denies equal rights to minorities?

    However, Ii your idea of equal rights is devolution of power to ethnic/linguistic/.religious/caste minorities by region, so they can live in spendid isolation, .. you are right .. there are no such rights identified in the constituition.

    I PRAY that such rights will will NEVER BE EMBEDDED in the CONSTITUTION, because that will repoen Pandora’s Box and REVIVE the disintegration of Sri Lanka. That was what the Eelam war was all about .. FORGET IT … we will never let that happen.

    On the other hand, we will strive to create in Sri Lanka a land of EQUAL RIGHTS and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for ALL of its citizens in ONE nation, as ONE people with a ONE shared destiny.

    #454 yogamali

    Let me also ECHO yogamali’s appeal on behalf of ALL communities of Sri Lanka .. Please allow us to live together in peace without stirring the Sri Lankan pot with racist apartheid concepts.

  406. 446. TrueBuddhistPatriot

    I condemn the violence and the blood bath perpetrated by the ltte.

    How do you justify the govt blocking the essential items to the general population of the Jaffna peninsula many a number of times. That was the reason the essential commodities were selling at a sky high prices.

    Way back in 1985 JR blockaded the essential items to the public of the Jaffna.

    Then India had to send a flotilla of goods over the palk strait.

    It was turned away by the sri lankan navy.

    The next day India air dropped plane loads of essential commodities to the people of the Jaffna. This operation was called the operation poomalai.

    In your fight with the LTTE you have always equated the public (Tamils) with the LTTE.

    That was not the only instance. There are many more.

    No civilized country will do that to its own people.

    You are claiming the Tamils to be sri lankan citizens and you are doing genocide on them.

    I wish that you also talk about this state terrorism.

    In the ultimate analysis any form of terrorism is bad, whether backed by the LTTE or the Sri Lankan govt.

  407. #461 Mahesh

    You are quite the simpleton, are you not?

    No one .. not myself .. not any Sinhala person I know … not ANY Sri Lankan Govt .. has EVER equated the LTTE to all Tamil people.

    I am not just “claiming” Sri Lankan citizenship for Tamils; they ARE Sri Lankan citizens by birth. Neither I, nor ANY Govt of Sri Lanka did “genocide” on them. The only true “genocide” I know in Sri Lanka are the massacres of Sinhala and Muslim villagers by the LTTE as part of their ETHNIC CLEANSING program, and the MASS MURDER of over 1,000 policemen and soldiers captured after the fall of Mullaitivu, and the systematic killing of many Vellala Tamils and their expulsion from the North and East, by the LTTE.

    I would like you to identify the instances of the so called “genocide of Tamils” by the GOSL that you are referring to instead of making broad, unsubstantiated, accusations.

    Your accusation of the GOSL “blockading” essential goods to Jaffna is truly LAUGHABLE. My God .. who brainwashed you, where have you been living .. Mars?

    In all of HUMAN HISTORY, there are very few instances like in Sri Lanka, of a government that REFUSED TO USE FOOD FOR CIVILIANS as a WEAPON, and allowed food and essential supplies for 30 LONG YEARS to be provided to civilians in enemy occupied terrain at its own cost, knowing fully that MOST OF THE FOOD IS CONFISCATED and used by the enemy for MILITARY PURPOSES.

    In fact, US President Bill Clinton even made fun of Sri Lanka fordoing just that, stating that the Sri Lankan Government has a peculiar and foolish way of waging war! In point of fact, if Sri Lanka had used FOOD AS A WEAPON the war may have ended much earlier at less cost in lives and treasure. In the US Civil war, the Federal Army under Gen. Sherman devastated the region from Savannah to the Atlantic Ocean, acting on President Lincoln’s directive to “break the will of the enemy” to wage war. It did shorten the US Civil war significantly. In World wars I & II, the axis powers (led by Germany) were brought to their knees by making food scare. In return, the Germans wages a U-boat campaign to starve the British into submission by sinking food transport ships from the USA.

    Please don’t talk to us about “civilized” countries who do not embargo essential goods against their enemies. We recall, for instance, the impact of the US embargo of food and medicines against Iraq that malnourished and killed thousands of Iraqis during Saddam’s rule. The embargos against Cuba and North Korea are two additional cases.

    Commodities sold at sky high prices in Jaffna, when Jaffna was under GOSL control, for the simple reason that food had to be delivered by sea .. braving Sea Tiger attacks upon them .. instead of being delivered cheaply by truck along the A-9 route, at very high cost in lives and treasure to the SINHALA taxpayer. Thank your LTTE heroes for that particular gift to the Tamil people of Jaffna, including the taxes they levied for transport of essentials along the A9-route.

    Regarding the Indian food deliveries, my dear, it was merely a powerplay by the Government of India, that violated the airspace of our sovereign country, to exercise their muscles, to blackmail and compel Sri Lanka to sign the Indo-Sri Lanka accord of 1987.

    First they train and arm terorists in Sri Lanka to destabilize it and bring Lanka to heel, then they yell FOUL when the legal Government takes action against those terrorists and is on the verge of eradicating them, then violate the territory of our sovereign nation, and then they dictate a partition of the country to solve a problem they helped to manufacture. There was NO FOOD SHORTAGE then; it was a manufactured event to threaten the Govt of Sri Lanka by the regional big bully. You really know NOTHING, my dear babe-in-the-woods!

    As DBSJ has often said at this blog, those of you in the Tamil community who, out of racial pride, sat by idly, and even cheered this MONSTROUS movement while it took your community captive are EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE for the human disaster that descended upon us.

    I will give you this: I hold successive governments of Sri Lanka criminally responsible for not developing its military capabilities quickly enough, and thereby ABDICATING its sovereign duty to PREVENT the Tamil community being enslaved by the LTTE, and to DEFEND and PROTECT all citizens of Sri Lanka from physical and emotional harm for 30 long years.

  408. #456. Megaladonn1

    [ Should I have a forum name as “SriLankaIsOnlyForTamils” ? ]

    I don’t know. Why, do you feel a strange compulsion to do that?

    [ If we want permanent peace in sri lanka people should stop bragging about their own belief and accept there are 4 religions in lanka.]

    I agree, but why do you bring this up?

    There was some one opposing Buddhists marrying Christians, which I felt was an outrageous thing to say .. so I created “TrueBuddhistPatriot” handle to drive home the point that as a person aspiring to be a “True Buddhist,” I disagree.

    I did not “brag” about Buddhism, or deny the existence of at least 4 great religions in Sri Lanka.

    How did you come to that conclusion?

  409. 454 Yogamali. My sincere thanks to your excellent essay on the past,present and future life of ordinary Tamils in Srilanka.

    My plea to all those readers of this column .especially the ones in the Diaspora to read it and post their honest views on the matters raised by Yogamali.

  410. 450 James Thenuwara

    Where have you been all this time ?. Had a break ?.

    Your are right when you say that when a christian person marries a buddhist person, it is always the children become christian. Tell me about it, because I am married to a christian, and when we got married the priest wouldn’t marry us in church unless I sign a paper agreeing the children to be christian. In fact the church quietly encourages this type of mixed marriage because it makes them more and others less. The paper we sign can be always ignored, but what happens is that to keep the peace in the family the buddhist partner goes along with it and raise the children as christians.
    I cannot speak for other families,but I can say about my family, and that is we never have an argument re. the religion. We have really really big arguments re. sharing work, looking after children etc. but for the last 25 years no arguments re. religion. My kids are big now
    and they do not take any religion really serious. I have always said, no matter what religion you belong to, treat others as you would like to be treated.

    Happy new year James Tea Town.

  411. 461. Mahesh:

    How do you justify the govt blocking the essential items to the general population of the Jaffna peninsula many a number of times. That was the reason the essential commodities were selling at a sky high prices.

    Could you please stop and think for a minute without believing what you
    hear? How can the government control the LTTE by denying rice, coconuts and
    lentis to ordinary people in Jaffna? Why should it deny such essential items
    when it ran the schools, hospitals, banks, post officies etc. in areas under LTTE control? There were restrictions on items but they were items that could be
    used to build LTTE war machine like cement, iron, batteries, chemicals and so forth.
    Then again, every lorry carrying items and every sack of rice had to be checked
    before it is sent to LTTE areas. Sending items to Jaffna was particularly difficult
    for the government because they had to be sent by ship or air lifited.
    Please don’t echo LTTE propaganda on us. We know what the government did
    and did not for the people in Jaffna. If the items were scares or prices
    were high that was because of logistical problems and not because of
    government sanctions.

    Way back in 1985 JR blockaded the essential items to the public of the Jaffna.

    Then India had to send a flotilla of goods over the palk strait.

    It was turned away by the sri lankan navy.

    The next day India air dropped plane loads of essential commodities to the people of the Jaffna. This operation was called the operation poomalai.

    Makes me wonder why Rajiv who was capable of arm twisting JR into
    entering into an agreement with him to accept foriegn troops into
    the country could not or did not bother to persuade him to let some more food
    into Jaffna first– to me that seems like a logical first step
    before sending lentis from India… unless the whole thing had nothing to do with any shortage of lentis…

    In your fight with the LTTE you have always equated the public (Tamils) with the LTTE.

    That was not the only instance. There are many more.

    No civilized country will do that to its own people.

    Or really? Did we? Then why didn’t we see anything of the sort of 1983
    after that? When 1983 occured LTTE had only killed 13 soldiers. All of the
    the LTTE killing occured after 1983 but were any Tamils harmed or kovils destroyed
    in tit for tat attacks? WHY???????

    You are claiming the Tamils to be sri lankan citizens and you are doing genocide on them.

    You seem to have no idea what happened in Sri Lanka nor what genocide means.
    When LTTE went into border villages and started killing people to establish
    a pristine Tamil N & E, that is genocide. How can it wipe out Tamils from Sri Lanka by just killing Tamils in Wanni? What about Tamils in Colombo, Jaffna, East, Up country? If the government wanted to do genocide on Tamils, why did it waste all that money sending lorry loads of food and running
    schools and building hospitals in that area for 3 decades? The government
    was spending money on areas over which it had no control. Mind you that money
    did not come from taxes collected from Tamil diaspora or Tamils in India but from the Sinhalese in the South.

  412. Karuna will be recommending a ministerial post for Holiday Man KP , soon after PE elections for leaking financial Info on LTTE in the forthcoming Press conference

  413. # 444 Navin

    ” And all Tigers all of sudden layed down their arms
    and stopped firing at SLA when these 3 guys were
    walking towards the frontline ”

    What is this ” layed ” ?
    Sinhalish or English ?
    BRAVO !!!

  414. 468. Nostradamus:

    # 444 Navin

    ” And all Tigers all of sudden layed down their arms
    and stopped firing at SLA when these 3 guys were
    walking towards the frontline ”

    What is this ” layed ” ?
    Sinhalish or English ?
    BRAVO !!!

    Often, I do not feel it worthy of my time to reread my responses to
    certain people.

    Besides, only a 3rd class jerk of the lowest kind would be ridiculing
    English of a non-native speaker.

  415. # 466 Navin

    ” If the items were scares or prices were high that was because of logistical problems and not because of
    government sanctions. ”

    Scares or scarce.
    Believe me, i am trying my best to help you Navin.

    #469 Navin

    ” Often, I do not feel it worthy of my time to reread my responses to certain people. ”

    Don’t worry. You write. I read.
    Bravo !

  416. I came across an article which says the TNA candidate for the Presidency is Karayarer caste , and related to the late Prabakaran.I also have read that Fonseka is a Karawa caste.

    Are these two are the same ?

    Excuse my ignorance about the castes even though I am a Sinhala Lankan.

  417. Comment 469- Don’t worry son. Low life exists.

    Your English is a lot better than a lot of Diaspora and a lot of others living in a lot of English speaking countries.

    The problem with some Lankans is that a smattering of English make them think they are superior beings.Look at the crowd following Fonseka. They have only English in their brains.

    You keep getting your message across and that is what matters.

  418. TNA, the faithful drovers of the LTTE seems to be fighting each other, according to the reports coming from Srilanka.These guys are fighting for survival and preserving their privileges rather than the welfare of the Tamils in Srilanka.

    The best bet for Tamil people in Srilanka is to rally around Karuna Amman, Douglas and the other genuine people who fought for freedom from Terror.

  419. Hi All

    Why SLG all of a sudden arrest a Buddhist Monk – A political genius as a Pansala Thug???? Didn’t they knew it before??. The Merecedez, women involved etc….I May be Jumping the gun on KP., but we all know its true. Money talks !- Thats the North American Phrase. Very soon you will see on the streets of Colombo,those in yellow robes running for covers

  420. #454-yogamali

    The Tamil diaspora can do all of us Tamils living in this country a favour by not pushing the homeland issue too much.

    All these tamils(three million) cannot leave this country and we have to live in this place whether we like it or not.

    I totally agree with you. Spare a thought for those left behind.Sinhalese and Tamils have lived together for over 1000 years. They have to live side by side for the next thousand years. If Tamils take a part of this country the Sinhalese are going to be very unhappy , and if the Sinhalese don’t give substantial devolution to the Tamils they are going to be very unhappy. A very happy person can’t live with a very unhappy person next too him. That is why both communities must compromise.

    In a compromise nobody will be totally happy, but at the same time no community will be totally unhappy too.

  421. Nostradamus

    We all are very busy and have otherwork to do. When people find the time they rush through a comment and there may be mistakes made. It has happenned to me on numerous occasions. So lets not nitpick on the English language, because this is not an literacy course, and if the meaning is clear that is more than enough for us. For professionals like DBSJ it is different and they have to maintain professional standards. We are not professionals. We are merely disseminating information and knowledge to each other, and i think this year was outstanding, the amount of knowledge we would have got from each other.

  422. #469 Navin

    Let us not focus on TYPOGRAPHICAL errors as glaring deficiencies in anyone’s English!

    No one is trying to impress the school marm here .. we are attempting only to get the substance of our views on some issue across to other readers. All of us make errors; this blog is not a classroom.

    You are doing a fine job, Navin. There is NOTHING you should apologize for .. your English is pretty good and your arguments even more compelling!

  423. One who is ungrateful to his appointer will surely be ungrateful to his electors.
    In organisations, authority is delegated downwards, so that management will have the authority to carry out a job. Responsibility flows upwards. So even when mistakes are made at a lower level, responsibility ends up at the top. Various legal cases have clarified the relationship between the employer and employee, and the responsibility of the employer for the actions of the employee. Policies of the board , which is at the top level, are carried out by the employees, who are at a lower level in the organisation.

    In certain cases, if organisation policies are breached, the employee is made responsible for an act/omission as the case may be and appropriate action taken. Responsibility for success or failure of a business/organisation rests with the CEO.

    In the case of the Govt., the CEO is MR and the policies of the Govt. are implemented by the Govt. employees. In the case of the successful war against terrorism, the credit naturally should go to MR, as the CEO of Sri Lanka..

    It is the responsibility of the Government to take higher level decisions such as those related to strategic planning and the responsibility of commanders of the forces to take operational/Tactical decisions and implement plans/decisions of the Government. No doubt Commanders may have input for planning decisions as well, but the overall responsibility for strategic plans/decisions rests with the Government.

    In the case of SF, he signed his letter of resignation as ‘Yours obedient servant’ clearly indicating that he recognised that he is carrying out the instructions of the Government, serving the Government. It has to be recognised and remembered that SF has spilt blood and taken enemy lead for the country. It also has to be recognised that liberating the country required team work and the leadership of a good leader. The good leader I am referring to is MR. In view of SF’s statement related to the interview with Ms Jansz, many wonder if SF is suitable to become the President of the country.

    War victory is due to the team effort of many. It would have been impossible for SF to win, if there was no team effort. Winning a war (any war) is a team effort – not a one man show. War against LTTE was no different. It was MR, backed by Gothabaya, who raised the standard of the forces to the level required to eliminate terrorism.. The Navy destroyed the floating warehouses of LTTE, which if allowed to continue, would have caused havoc to the army. The Navy has to be given credit for carrying out successful operations far away from the Sri Lankan coast. The air force, not only destroyed artillery pieces of LTTE, but destroyed fuel dumps, LTTE communication facilities etc, all of which, if not destroyed, would have caused havoc to the Army. No doubt all these would have been coordinated and managed by the Government of MR.

    For 30 years, when politicians could have wiped out LTTE, they did not have the courage nor the mental ability to defeat the terrorists. In fact during UNP time, LTTE was even allowed to install check points and raise taxes, funding the terrorists. The biggest fool was RW, who allowed LTTE to grow in strength, and acquire planes and naval capability. When LTTE was at its weakest after 9/11, when the whole world was against terrorism, RW gave territory to be under LTTE control. In fact RW displayed stupidity beyond belief, when he gave territory to LTTE instead of defeating them militarily. CFA is a monumental blunder, that allowed LTTE to gain territory, and eventually LTTE could have linked up with Tamil Nadu and captured the rest of Sri Lanka. Remember TN politicians have threatened to send the Indian Army to create an Elam. RW should have apologised to the nation and resigned from politics. MR has to be given credit for not only undoing mistakes of RW, such as the CFA, but defeating LTTE when it was at its peak strength. LTTE was so confident of victory that it had the audacity to challenge the Government ,triggering a response at Mavil Aru., which lead to the downfall of LTTE.. It was the Government headed by MR, who set the goal of taking back the occupied territory (1/5th of the island) – not SF. It was Gothabaya who picked SF – not the other way around…!

    It is rather sad to see SF joining a group of traitors who caused problems to Sri Lanka.

    It was the Defence Secretary, Gothabaya who made it possible to revamp the old Army into a modern fighting force, with the state of the art weaponry, thus giving SF the opportunity to lead the Army without any political interferences, unlike the previous governments of CBK and Premadasa, under which the Armed Forces were not in a fighting fit form.

    We should also not forget the fact that the LTTE had the biggest gains of the territory and the weaponry during CBK/Ranil regime, with the blessings from the pro-LTTE Norwegians, Viking Peace Monitors, and other local and foreign INGOS, making the LTTE one of the deadliest terrorist groups in the world.

    The main credit for the war victory has to be with the Government, as the Government planned and provided the resources to defeat terrorism. Without appropriate management functions such as coordination, control, delegation, communication etc, the war could have never been won. In fact it has to be recognised that the war was well managed, and anyone less competent than MR would have made us loose the war as happened previously. As the head of the Government, MR should get the main credit. Remember that the Colombo University awarded degrees to MR and GR for their contribution.

    Many SF supporters now seem to have forgotten how the Western governments and their pro-LTTE forces, such as HRW, AI and UN were trying to influence and pressure GOSL to agree to an unconditional ceasefire, in order to save the LTTE. It is to his credit that MR never gave into the international pressure. Also, it was Gothabaya, who resisted pressure by British and French FMs (Miliband & Kouchner), when they came to Sri Lanka to force the GOSL to stop the final phase of the military operation. Any one less capable than MR would have yielded to foreign pressure, and we would still be suffering from terrorist violence. If MR yielded to foreign pressure, in a manner similar to previous leaders, then, we would have lost the war, and still would be under the threat of terrorism. Even from this angle, MR has to be given credit for winning the war.

    It was under the correct and unwavering political leadership (CEO), with the help of all Tri-Forces, that Sri Lanka was able to eliminate the most ruthless terrorist group that world has ever known.

    No Corporation or an Organization can perform successfully without a strong and a capable CEO, no matter how strong the Directors or the Managers are. MR has shown that he is a strong and a capable leader.

    Many wonder what is happening to the JVP as they appear to have lost direction and joined hands with the enemies of the people of Sri Lanka. Many fear that any UNP associated Government will allow terrorists to come back and along with it pain and suffering to the people.

    As many may recall, during RW’s rule, the country was in the dark about the security situations and our army was loosing. Terrorists were winning and people were living in fear. Surely, we do not want to go back to the bad old days.

    There is now a great need for people who understood the situation to explain the situation to the masses, rather than sit on the fence. If we are silent, we deserve everything we get.

  424. •471. Kukul Charlie:-Yes as much I know, both VP, TNA man and SF are of the same Karawa caste. However Uma Mahesvaran, the LTTE leader before VP belonged to the Vellala or Govigama caste. Mind you, in Jaffna when I was there as a Sinhalese, I was astounded by this caste business. The Jaffna man always considered the IPKF “Javans” as low caste imbeciles. In the 1980’s there were families in Jaffna who claimed they were the descendents of the Adigar’s who served the Jaffna king! I did not believe them until my Tamil friends said that is so! And believe it or not, the same caste issue’s or class issues are there among some Sydney Tamils right now!! I am not at all trying to ridicule these lovely people but sometimes old habits do not die easily!

  425. Comment 470. This guy carries on like a pork chop.

    This column is for thinking people, who want to disscuss important issues, relating to their motherland.

    If you are not happy with that go else where, without wasting the space here.

  426. 479 Don

    You areabsolutely right ,old habits die hard, and even in Melbourne in the Sihnala community some people try to have this class and caste system. One can see that in social circles our people moving in. Elitism is another social habit some of us try to introduce to an egalatarian society like Australia,but as far as the white man is concerned you are just another black whatever when you walk down the street.

    Cheers all..

  427. #441 Kumar

    Are you guys under the impression that you (I mean SL tamils) are some kind of a big influential group in the world like the jewish lobby in the US?
    The Jewish lobby indeed has to be very powerful because they are making claims to a land that they inhabited 2000 years ago. Whereas the Tamil lobby is asking for the status quo to be revised as it was before the British came to the island and amalgamated everything to one administrative unit, about 200 years ago.

    The reasonabness of the request must be taken into consideration when comparing the power and influence of the Jewish lobby with the Tamil lobby.

    Furthermore don’t forget there are only about 7 million Jews whereas there are 80 million Tamils.

    And an important factor is the Jewish lobby has to contend with more than 1 billion Muslims spread out all over the world, who also have most of the energy resources of the world, whereas the Tamil lobby has to contend with only with 16 million Sinhalese in a small country with a great strategic location.

  428. DBSJ

    What do you think of this statement made by SF. It is disgusting to see how journalists who have made such a valuable contribution to the country been treated. The excerpts from the article are as follows

    “General Sarath Fonseka said yesterday that he would hold inquiries and arrest those who had been behind the killings and assaults of journalists, within 24 hours of assuming office if elected president.

    “Some say I killed journalists and harassed them but I will show who is behind those acts and put them behind bars within 24 hours of coming to power,” he said.

    General Fonseka made the pledge when he met employees of State media at his office in Colombo yesterday”

    PS. DBSJ, I wish you a very happy 2010. Was sad when i read how tough life is for you, especially when we think what a valuable contribution you have made to the country. You might think of writing a book one day, preferably printing it in India where the costs are low.

    I am amazed at the extreme dedication you have shown for this blog, evaluating and publishing the comments night and day.

    God bless you.

    Thank you Shankar and all the best for 2010…………….DBSJ

  429. Son Navin

    Don’t be too despaired. Japs, Germans, French speak worse English than us but they keep their heads high up all the time

  430. #482 Shankar

    Stop uttering crap and Tamil Separatist fabricated propaganda on this blog. I have no time to respond to your craps,whinges, but readers of my previous writings will find answers to this Shankar crap therein

  431. Tamil Nadu election which was held on 13th May 2009. This was scheduled a long time ago and it was public knowledge. Fonseka, the army commander at that time, knew this as well. He planned a trip to China long time ago with his son in law who was in Sri Lanka at this time. The trip was planned well ahead and airline tickets were booked and the itinerary was well planned. He left the island on 11th May 2009.

    At the same time a massive international effort was underway to free LTTE leaders. It came to a point when it was uncertain whether the war would continue. Tamil Nadu election was held at a very crucial time when sensitivities of the war in Sri Lanka were very high. Expecting the Tamil Nadu election and the impact on it by the war in Sri Lanka, local authorities scaled downed the war for a few days allowing IDPs and relief services.

    Fonseka agreed with this plan and left the island hoping that nothing much will happen until he is back.

    The Tamil Nadu election concluded and the humanitarian operation gathered momentum. Votes were counted and the incumbent party had secured victory. Congress-I after winning elsewhere was preparing for talks with the DMK – the winners in Tamil Nadu. It was certain that the DMK leader would press for a ceasefire of some sort during these bargains.

    Sri Lanka and India had to make a choice. They decided to make good use of the small window of opportunity and finish off the tigers before talks, negotiations, bargains and horse trading would begin between the Tamil Nadu winners and Congress-I for power in Indian parliament. A well planned attack was launched on LTTE fortifications disabling the terrorists, forcing them to release all civilians. Once all the civilians were out of LTTE control both parties got locked in a brutal battle. LTTE was annihilated in no time. By May 17th the war was over. At this time Fonseka was abroad. He felt he was let down by the Defence Secretary, Vanni overall commander and the best ground commanders who ‘didn’t wait for him’.

    He came back to Sri Lanka and was feeling that he ‘missed the action’. He feared that he would be unable to claim glory for the war which made him hysterical. He started making statements to the press at a rate unseen before. He even broke the news of LTTE leader’s death himself. But still he was feeling ‘let down’. The Defence Secretary was instructed by his colleagues in India and he had to do what was best for the nation. Security forces could not wait for any auspicious moment, they couldn’t wait for any planets, stars or individuals; they had to grasp the opportunity and end the cancer for good and they did it.

    Fonseka never thought the war would end in May 2009. To his sheer astonishment, able commanders won the war without his input. This led to an enormous hate build-up against the Defence Secretary, the Vanni Overall Commander who is the present Army Commander and best Sri Lankan ground commanders. This hatred was displayed many times from Fonseka’s statements. Other issues aggravated it.

    The highly popularized statement he supposedly made to the Sunday Leader on the 13th December 2009 was one such event of display. It is not likely to end there as the Defence Secretary has, quite correctly, sought legal redress. Now the Sunday Leader is at crossroads whether to handover the tape or not. If the tape is not handed over, the newspaper and the journalist may be charged for defamation, etc. If it was handed over and if a competent court finds that Fonseka was misreported, still the same charge would emerge. But if they handover the tape and if it can be established that the Sunday Leader didn’t misreport the statement by Fonseka, he will have to face the law. To divert attention Fonseka has merely threatened to sue the Sunday Leader alleging that they misreported him. However, so far no letter of demand has been sent and no legal action has been taken which means it is merely a threat.

  432. During the final stages of the war while the LTTE leadership was still active and government struggling to finish and win the war. Powerful Indian delegation has come and requested the government to stop the war. President has told them straight away even if the Indian forces land again in our country he will not stop the war to liberate our nation.

    During the final stages of the war while the LTTE leadership was still active and government struggling to finish and win the war, Mr Miliband and Bernard Kouchner, his French counterpart visited our country as EU delegation and requested the government to stop the war. President Mahinda Rajapakse has told that we are independent nation we have to fulfill the demands of the people.

    President Rajapakse is capable of protecting our nation where as Sarath Fonseka has already given in to western nations who want to divide our nation. He has already given in to foreign forces with fabricated information on crimes. There are no two choices at this election. there is only one choice for our nation

  433. The art of hollering lies is the exclusivity of certain politicians.

    These days there is much talk about corruption by the Opposition politicians accusing President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family of corruption. But an Opposition politician is yet to bring up any specific act of corruption. As usual political platforms will witness such liars in the future too. Perhaps people are now aware that there is this tribe that cannot be taken at their word.

  434. #441-Kumar

    You (I mean SL tamil lobby) can’t bring any western country to pressure India. India is too big for such actions and western nations understand that

    India is only bulky with people. It is not a big economy by western standards. India needs the west more than the west needs India. India’s economy is about one tenth the size of the EU and US combined. Don’t just go overboard just because India has stuffed itself with people that it can ill afford.

  435. What is the Main Battle Tank (MBT) of Sri Lanka? It is the mighty T-55. Although it is an old tank, given its enormous ability to take on the enemy – the LTTE – in our terrain, its cost advantage and durability won it the admiration and love of the soldiers. It is a Russian war tank but due to its outstanding success, many variants are manufactured in a number of countries including India. Among its competitors is the AL Khalid tank which is a later day tank. Its Pakistani made. It’s a good tank but less used than the T-55 tank around the world. It’s a carbon copy of Chinese NORINCO Company’s Type 90 tank. In fact the Al Khalid tank was the result of collaboration between NORINCO and Pakistan.

    How many Al Khalid tanks were in Sri Lanka? None. But none other than General Sarath Fonseka purchased 22 AL Khalid tanks at a cost of US$100 million a few years ago! Where are the tanks?

    That’s not all, he bypass all the anti-corruption mechanisms in place and entered into the purchase transaction himself. He himself finalized the deal!

    “It was exactly a year ago, in the first week of May 2008, that Sri Lankan Army Chief Lt Gen Fonseka visited Pakistan and held detailed talks with his Pakistani counterpart Chief of Army Staff General Asfaq Parvez Kayani to finalise the purchase of high-tech arms for the Lankan armed forces, which were embroiled in an intense battle with the LTTE forces even at that time.

    According to the report, during the talks with Pakistani military authorities, Lt Gen Fonseka had finalised a deal under which Pakistan supplied 22 Al-Khalid main battle tanks to Sri Lanka worth USD 100 million.”

    Here is third party indisputable evidence of it.


    Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary subsequently cancelled this order due to the wrongful nature of the purchase procedure, violating the gazette notification of the 30 July 2007 (http://www.lltl.lk/pdf/annexa_government_gazzette.pdf – violates number 16 of the prohibited list) and Sri Lanka didn’t purchase or operate the Al-Khalid tank.

    Unfortunately for him it didn’t end there. As usual he contradicted himself.


    There are allegations that the Army commander was involved in a fraud when procuring arms for the Army


    All arms were procured for the Army through the Company Lanka Logistics. The Chairman of that Co. is Gatabaya Rajapakse, the Defense Secretary. All money dealings and transactions were done by them. We only do the technical analysis on them. Payments for them are all authorized by them.


    The how can he explain this money dealing in addition to the Al Khalid deal?

    “The newly-appointed Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Sarath Fonseka, said on Wednesday that the island nation had cancelled the import of ammunition valued at $200 million from China and Pakistan following the end Eelam War IV. He also announced that India was sending 500 personnel to clear mines in the north.”


  436. Nobody heard about what happened in parliament today? Wimal W and Nimal Siripala started a debate abt Hicorp and British Borneo weapons deals. From what was shown in Rupavahini, could gather that only UNPer remained at the time was Lakshman Seneviratne.

    And now check this http://hicorp.us/index.htm


    Our company, Hicorp International, has followed the proper procedures when bidding for tenders with the Sri Lankan Army, Navy and Air Force. As President of HiCorp International, I take full responsibility for all tenders bid for by us, and our partner companies British Borneo Defense, Satpro Communications and Hitrone LC. We believe that these tenders were granted due to the lower bids we consistently offered to the Sri Lankan forces.

    Further, I would like to confirm that although General Fonseka was aware of these bids as Chairman of the Tender Board, his decision to award the tenders to us, were not affected due to my relationship with him or his ownership in the company.

    Thank you,

    Danuna Tilakaratne
    President, HiCorp International & British Borneo Defense
    Oklahoma, USA

  437. Fonseka says he decided to run for the presidency because of, among other things, corruption within the government ranks. If so, why didn’t he resign immediately after the war was over without accepting the CDS post under such a ‘corrupt’ government? He should also have mentioned in his letter of resignation the Rajapaksas’ corruption, abuse of power etc. as some of the reasons for his decision to hang his boots. But the main reason he gave for his resignation was that he had not been given operational command and administrative authority over the three armed forces. In other words, he would not have resigned, if the government had given him the powers he craved, and desisted from slighting him.

    The Fonseka camp should practise what it preaches. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you! So, instead of casting aspersions from the political platform, it ought to furnish specific instances of bribery and corruption and prove its allegations against the government. Fonseka et al have access to the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC). They must move it against the Rajapaksas and the government. Or, let a list be prepared of those charges, duly signed by Fonseka and other leaders of the Opposition alliance and be presented to the people.

    Making unsubstantiated allegations during elections amounts to an attempt to take the voting public for a ride. For, both the government and the Opposition forget them after the polls. A classic example is how Chandrika Kumaratunga conducted her election campaign in 1994. She promised to rid the country of dooshanaya and beeshanaya (corruption and violence) and got a mandate. She claimed she could subsidise bread and sell it at Rs. 3.50 a loaf with funds to be raised by selling the luxury vehicles that the UNP politicians had used and by eliminating waste, bribery and corruption.

    That she reneged on all her promises goes without saying. The Supreme Court judgment on the Waters Edge land deal, which was declared illegal, is a monument to the blatant abuse of power, bribery and corruption and cronyism on her watch. So much for allegations traded during election.

  438. Sri Lankan voters are now in a “Catch 22” situation. Boycotting the election will not achive any thing. They have two main candidates to select. Voting for a definite looser is out of the question.
    MR is known to the people. But how can we vote for him when he accomodate men like Mervin Silva in his cabinet. (more exactly his non-cabinet of 100+ crooks)
    SF is a mistery man. His past records in the Army is not very honourable and certainly would not portrate him as a Mr. Clean. His main ambition is power and if he wins, the people in this country can see mega action thrillers – political revenge in grand scale.

  439. #491 If this is genuine (HiCorp inform) then I am alarmed. But, now a days people can create bogus websites. If Danuna was engaged in arms dealing when SF was the Army Commander and also the Chairman of the Army Tender Board, then that is corruption. Can’t trust the man (SF), he will engage in future corruption.

    #493 Jayan, re Mervin Silva read my previous write ups. He is a small fish. Not too bad. Saw him singing on stage which is hillarious. We must be alarmed of big crooks like Karu J, Jayalath J, Rathnasiri W, Jeevan K, Rajitha Senarathne, Ravi Karunanayke et al not the small fish Mervin D. Take my word son, in this regard.

  440. With the name HICORP coming to picture and the confusion General Sarath F got himself into doesn’t seem to end there…
    Latest blunder followed Sarath F’s legacy of blunders and unwanted exposures when his Son-In-Law made statement on HICORP Website:
    By trying to make a statement or by trying to show some gentlemanly gesture what Danuna has let out is the Sarath F’s ownership in HICORP.
    Yes, that where the story start becoming gross and yucky. Squeaky Clean General Sarath F has shares or ownership in HICORP.
    So what? Whats wrong with that? The problem seem to be General Sarath F was the chairman of the tender-board. Do we smell a conflict of interest or some severe ethical concerns here? By the way according to his son in law, he was not being biased toward HICORP. Fine…
    Lets look at the timeline and the sequence how things got unfolded:
    1. When these accusations surfaced sometime back. First Sarath F denied any involvement with this affair, existence of HICORP under his son-in-law’s name and its dealings with SL ARMY.
    UNP Badulla District MP Lakshman Seneviratne said that the Opposition had received information that some Ministers of the government would be tabling some forged documents to sling mud at General Fonseka. “The question we have is why the government failed to bring them up earlier, while Fonseka was in their camp. We, too, have found all the relevant documents. The Hicorp International is a company registered in USA,” he said.
    “There is a Lankan company by the name Hicorp Private Ltd. These two companies are not connected. Why you did not produce these documents to the CID?” [Source: The Island]
    2. When the heat started building up and when people started digging into details, Sarath F went on making a statement that his son-in-law’s company only made a sale involving security camera’s to the army HQ.
    However my son had no direct connection with the company and despite submitting tenders it never won any contracts. Hicorp of the USA was registered in Oaklahoma and my son was a point of contact for the company though he was not involved in founding it. The company needed a US address and Danuna’s was provided as a contact address, that was the extent of his involvement.
    While that company did win a tender to supply security cameras to army headquarters — documents prove that this tender was awarded while I was recovering from the 2006 suicide attack. I was in hospital and played absolutely no part in awarding the tender. [source: The Sunday Leader]
    3. And now Danuna (his son in law) making a statement on Sarath F’s ownership on HICORP and his unbiased decisions on awarding the tenders
    4. LankaTruth JVP’s Website attributing the HICORP website statement to a hacker attack, qouted Danuna saying he got no connection with this HICORP company in USA that’s been hacked and its a separate company:
    When ‘Lankatruth’ inquired from Mr. Tilekeratne he said he had no connection whatsoever with that organization and he did not issue such a statement. He added that his lawyers were taking legal action regarding this matter.
    Meanwhile a spokesman for ‘Hicorp’ said their web site has been hacked and it would be corrected soon. [Source: Lanka Truth]
    The Analysis:
    Point1: According to UNP/JVP, those are two companies that has no relationship
    Point2: According to Sarath F, Danuna was helping out his friends and HICORP US registration/address belongs to Danuna (So point1 and point2 does not add up?)
    Point3: Danuna himself as the president of HICORP accepting the awarded tenders
    Point4: 4.1. According to UNP/JVP statements in ‘The Island’ Danuna also owns a company named HICORP registered in 2005 which is not involved in SL ARMY dealings
    4.2. According to JVP [LankaTruth] Danuna has connection no with this hacked HICORP
    4.3. However this hacked website is registered during the same time period and strangely this HICORP company (hacked website) is also belong to a Sri Lankan address in Kirullapona (rumored area of Danuna’s mother’s salon and business premises)
    4.4. As far as we gathered “HICORP” is not a very popular name or product as if “Chinese food” or “Chinese Restaurants” in USA or any other parts of the world. So this becomes a strange co-incidence that we have companies
    ___A. Danuna representing a HICORP (giving his own address as a favor to a friend) in USA (a friend’s company: in Sarath F’s interview with Sunday Leader)
    ___B. His own company again a HICORP
    ___C. This hacked HICORP which was registered at the same time as Danuna registered his company and it has a SL address too..
    What do we have here? Do you smell anything?
    1. If he was so clean why does he have to change the version of his story every now and then?
    2. Is it exemplary behavior we are expecting from a presidential hopeful?
    3. Doesn’t it indicate the possible (positive) foul play?
    With this HICORP PR blunder there were few sympathisers who wanted to attribute that to a hacker overrunning the site security or someone setting up a decoy website and publishing blasphemous info to harm General Squeaky Clean Fonseka. However there are certain facts we have to analyze here.
    1. The site’s registration and ownership: According to the WHOIS record of the site its registered in 2005 (the time period when Sarath F became the army commander) and its transfered ownership on 2007 (again in a time where everything was smooth sailing for HICORP and SF aspect despite the war was raging). So the WHOIS result verifies the website being registered way back in past and theres no possibility of foul play there.
    2. The possibility of a Hacker compromising the security: The page info shows the page was published/updated on 05-Jan-2010 8:05PM (noticed 2 days back), however by the time this article is written (07-Jan-2010 10:38PM) the webpage with the statement exists and no attempt had been made to remove it.
    If we go into the technicality of shutting down a hacker attacked site (specially since its ownership has not been compromised) it can be done with few emails and proving the ownership (maximum of 1hr to 12 hrs).
    If we put the pieces of this puzzle (not really a puzzle) together forming a clear picture on what really happened with the dealings of HICORP, Sarath F and his son-in-law shouldn’t be child’s play.
    What we can see here is UNP, JVP, Sarath F and his son-in-law Danuna has got themselves into a political (and possibly legal) quicksand and they are drowning due to fanatical struggle to get out of the mess they created.
    You can download the PDF version of the HICORP homepage and WHOIS records here: http://tinyurl.com/hicorp-unveiled
    Useful links related to post:

  441. Yakandawala in a daring dash at the LTTE woman suicide bomber ( Fonseka’s bed partner for two months) saved Fonseka and minimizing the loss of lives at the Army headquarters on 25th April, 2006. Ironically, it was the first time the LTTE had been successful in exploding a suicide cadre in a military HQ in Sri Lanka. Yakandawala on motor cycle raised his left foot and dealt a tremendous kick on the tiger woman thrusting her away from the vehicle while the bomb concealed under her dress exploded with a thunderous noise killing nine persons including Chaminda Yakandawala.

    The life of Mr.Fonseka was saved by hair’s breadth. If not for this timely kick by Corporal Yakandawala, the explosion would have blasted the Army Commander’s vehicle into a mass of debris charring all those who were in it.

    Later, investigations made by the military intelligence transpired that the responsible to bare fault on the security breach the Army Commander himself and thus the findings were sent into a dark cellar, if not which could have rattled the entire Army. In fear of a possible revelation into the true story, Fonseka through his sleuths spinned and twisted the report directing accusation towards Corporal Yakandawala. He was posthumously denied of any award or medal for his heroics while his wife was denied any compensation from the Army.

    Yakandawala was portrayed as a traitor and news reports were dispersed by Fonseka’s media mafia on alleged sexual relationship between the suicide cadre and Yakandawala.

    Meanwhile, Secretary Defence in reply to a redress made by Mrs. Yakandawala immediately restored Yakandawala with gallantry and followed suit to give total military courtesy and compensation for the widow, despite constant opposition from Fonseka.

  442. Today JVP’s current leadership is supporting the very UNP that destroyed them and killed much of its comrades. Mano Ganesan and Ranil Wickramasinghe were outspoken critics of Gen Sarath Fonseka for “Shelling innocent civilians trapped in the No-Fire zones” during ht e final phase of war against LTTE terror. This same shameless Ranil today is desperate down on his knees to get you, Sarath Fonseka to be turned to a traitor and then to run for presidency on his behalf, as no one with an ounce of brains will ever cast a vote for his senility, insanity, record of losing elections and lack of knowledge on common man’s needs. This same Ranil Wickramasinghe tried to destroy our education system in the late-70’s and early 80’s with his White Paper (Dhawala Patrikawa) to make a population of idiots in Sri Lanka during his tenure as minister of Education at the time.

  443. #495 Son Kamal, a job well done. Yes, Well researched, but what is your final finding – give us in one sentence (see also my comment in #49). To me, looks like there is definitely a Conflict of Interest and may be Corruption too? If Corruption, I am VERY ALARMED and EXTREMELY SAD AND UPSE. Looks like the website is hacked though.

  444. Change is good so long as that change does not necessarily equate to a change from bad to worse especially when that change rests upon a very high risk factor. Fonseka may project himself as a common candidate but the reality of his candidature for the post of President is as an Independent candidate though he is being camouflaged by the backing he is receiving from opposition parties. The simple fact remains that he does not have a political party. He is not a member of the UNP/UNF or the JVP or any of the other parties that are presently supporting him. The swan symbol that is representing Fonseka as he bids for the Presidency belongs to the New Democratic Front and registered under the name of Mrs. S Perera though Fonseka is not a member of this party as well.
    Ideally what we have is a situation where the entire opposition camp is united for revenge. This seemingly “united” opposition…are purely bound together by the motives that brings them together and that binding is purely on the grounds that this “Opposition Camp” desires to oust the incumbent President – it has nothing to do about the country or its people.

  445. How can we get a person who had cut the ear off his army barber, simply because he hurt him slightly while having a hair cut. Dosen’t it give an indication of what to expect if Snake Fonseka comes to power.

  446. #500-kamal munasinghe

    What is the proof of that incident?.Surely the press would have had a field day on it. Did he do it personally or did he get someone to do it?. If so who?

  447. The army vehicle, condemned on the pressure of the former commander and subsequently bought in the auction, shows the deep manipulative moves and the cunning preparations of the former commander, to challenge his commander- in- chief, while he was in the active service.

    The deceitfulness of the man suddenly came to light after a land rover accident.

    On the 6th January, at the Koswatte Junction, located in the Hettipola Police area, a land rover met with an accident. The accident clearly revealed the behind the scene moves of the former army commander and the careful preparations he made to challenge his commander in chief.

    According to a police report, the land rover in question was on its way back to Colombo from Trincomalee, after participating in Sarath Fonseka’s election campaign.

    At Koswatte junction, the land rover met with an accident with a motorcycle, a face to face one, at 23.20 hrs on 06 January.

    The motorcyclist Hittihamy Mudiyanslage Buddhika Santhamal – age 27 yrs, was knocked down and was first admitted to the Wariyapola hospital and as his condition was bad, he was moved to the hospital at Kurunegalle.

    The land rover bearing number KK 2829, one of the vehicles, used in Sarath Fonseka’s election campaign, was driven by Warrant Officer 1 L.A. Gunapala, a retired Army Officer , who was reemployed under the pay and pension scheme.

    In the vehicle that met with the accident, there were 4 soldiers, out of them one in uniform and rest in civil.

    At the police investigation, it was revealed that the owner of the vehicle as Subodah Manohara Vithanage, of 909/9 Adikaram Mawatha , Ettulkotte, Kotte, a relative of the UNP strongman Ravi Karunanayake.

    It was further revealed, earlier the same land rover belonged to the Sri Lanka Army. The army registration number was UHA 8720.

    It is now learnt that former army commander Sarath Fonseka pressurized the Army Board to condemn the same vehicle and was put on auction for disposal.

    Suboda Manohara Vithanage bought the vehicle in auction at Rs. 776, 250.

    At present, slowly thing are coming out to light, that so many vehicles belonging to the army, which were in very good running conditions were condemned on the pressure exerted by the commander and in the guise auctions, they were disposed dirt cheap to his people, to make use of them during the presidential campaign.

    The police produced the vehicle, the driver and the soldiers before the Magistrate at Wariyapola and they were released on bail.

    The land rover is back and is now being used again in Sarath Fonseka’s election campaign.

  448. National Freedom Front Leader and Parliamentarian, Wimal Weerawansa once again demanded and challenged opposition candidate Ge,Sarath Fonseka to enter into a debate over the reported arms deal of his son-in-law and warned that if Fonseka failed to respond within one, the UPFA would begin to unfold details on that corrupt and shady arms deal.
    Speaking to journalists at the Mahaweli Centre in Colombo to day, Weerawansa claimed that the address given by Fonseka’s son-in-law in the USA and the address of Fonseka in the USA green card were similar and now it could be established that the arms dealing company belonged to Sarath Fonseka.Weerawansa said that Fonseka had once cut the ear of his (Fonseka’s) barber as Army Commander as the barber had accidententally slightly slashed his face while shaving.”He cannot try those gimmicks with us now and we are not afraid”, Weerawansa warned the retired General.
    Pouring oil on wife’s head, egg hopper on servant’s ear or cutting the barber’s ear confirms that empowering big Sarath will be like eating curd using a razor blade.

  449. It is upto a competent court to make a conviction based on corruption allegations. The task of journalists is to highlight possible corruption so that investigations can proceed until the process of the law takes over from there. Danuna Tillakaratne started a business in USA in 2001. This is his first company. Its name is Tidal Trading. It stated with exporting used computers, monitors, laptops to Sri Lanka. Its address is the same as Danuna’s other businesses including the notorious HiCorp. It’s 17545 Gold Dr, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. Interestingly he has stated the name of the legal representative as “Dan” and contact person as “Dan Til”. It is not rocket science to see that it is none other than Danuna Tillakaratne! Here’s the link – http://www.bizearch.com/company/Tidal_Trading_213766.htm (Picture-1)

    In describing their business, they had this to say, “We Export used computers, monitors, laptops to Sri Lanka. We will be interested in purchasing used computers from USA, in quantities of 40Ft containers. Used computers should be tested and working. We have a company branch located in USA. Please send us your company details, information and price quotation for bulk orders”.

    However, in 2005 Tidal Trading changes its business from a low profit used computer business to a weapons trading company. This is what they had to say then. “We are from a company that supplies military equipment to the Military (Army, Navy, Air force) in Sri Lanka. IWe are in the process of fining new military suppliers from Russia/china/USA/Ukraine/etc.” Link – http://www.ecvv.com/offerdetail/A252170.html

    Here Danuna fails to give his details but the address is the same. Please note the date of publishing.

    Why did he suddenly change the nature of business? To find answers, one has to travel to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka army has a tender procedure. According to the procedure the Army Chief of Staff is the one in charge of tenders. In 2005 Sarath Fonseka was appointed the Army Chief of Staff! Father-in-law to be and son-in-law to be started this weapons selling venture in 2005.

    Fonseka was so engrossed in weapons selling he reshuffled the tender procedure in the army when he became the army commander. Unther these changes, he himself took the task of buying weapons for the army. In another article we reported how he himself gave the purchase order to buy 22 defective Al Khalid tanks from Pakistan at a total cost exceeding US$100 million.


    They further advertised their trade in the following popular website. http://catalog.globalimporter.net/company/92/106107

    In that Danuna correctly identifies himself as the contact person (Mr Danuna Tillakaratne). And the address is the same. A confident Danuna gives the company profile as following – “We an authorized distributor/wholesaler for a few companies.
    Our products include tea that we could supply from any quantity, quality to any kind of packaging.
    We also are a distributor/wholesaler for a large urea (fertilizer) manufacturing company. Our company is also interested in military products. (We buy small military equipments to large equipments such as tanks and planes.” Of course!

  450. When Sarath Fonseka was critically injured due to the bomb blast, the compassionate President took all measures to provide him the best medical attention and even sent him to Singapore for treatment. He was not on duty when the Mawil Aru operation was launched and was not in Sri Lanka and was holidaying in China during the last leg of the war (the Nandikadal operation). This he himself has confirmed by the act of greatest betrayal he made through Sunday Leader (13.12.09) accusing the Defense Secretary and Brigadier Shavindra de Silva of being responsible for murdering the terrorist leaders who expressed willingness to surrender to the army. By this statement he has violated the Official Secrets Act of 1965, which is a punishable offense. Was he ignorant of country’s Law or was it done with guaranteed impunity from the western imperialists?
    What a despicable betrayal is this? By joining the anti-national cabal who castigate the country to satisfy the vested interests, Sarath Fonseka too has become a despicable traitor of Ranil Wickremasinghe’s ilk. There is a saying in Tamil that “Even the calf that associates the Pig would eat excreta”. By associating Ranil Wickremasinghe he has fallen to the category of the calf that associated the pig. How can a person aspiring to be the Head of State of a country could reveal sensitive information of this nature? What guarantee will Sri Lankas have that this person will not betray the nation to the United States where he is planning to settle down while having family members being already settled down there?

  451. TEN Reasons why Gen. Sarath Fonseka should be the Next President of Sri Lanka
    1. HE IS CLEVER: Gen. Fonseka started at the lowest ranks of the army and rose to the very top. Then he ended a 30 year long ‘unending’ war. Need I say more?
    If he is so clever why did he joined politicians who were thrown to the histories garbage bin?
    It is well known that Ranil wanted to avoid running this election as he is sure to loose and that means him loosing the party leadership and retiring from politics, he wanted a scape goat to run this time so he can hold on to his leadership and run in 2016 when Mahinda will not be running and he has a better chance of winning, looks like clever Fonseka played right into stupid Ranil’s hands.
    During the time the war was raging, and Tamil Nadu was protesting against it Fonseka stated that Tamilnadu politician’s are jokers, this made the diplomatic relations a nightmare and handing the politics of war very difficult. Where was clever Fonseka at that time.
    If he is so clever why didn’t he talk to Navy commander directly during the security council meetings during the war.
    It is well known that Fonseka commanded two operation across Muhamali-Nagar Kovil line, without informing the national security hierarchy, no Navy or Air force or even then CDS was informed both these operations resulted debacles costing lives and hardware to the military and no support from Navy or air force even to evacuate the wounded was prepared. Where was clever Fonseka?

    2. HE IS HONEST: Having led the army when it did procurements of unprecedented levels, Gen. Fonseka could have made fortunes for seven more generations, even with 1% cuts. He did not. All he owned at retirement were a 15 perch land at Bokundara, Piliyandala with a house – that cost LKR 1.2 million for construction, a Mercedes Benz, and LKR 641,000 in bank. His wife has bank balances of LKR 23,307 and USD 2,952 and jewelry worth a little more than LKR 1.6 million. He is much poorer than Wimal Weerawansa, MP.
    We know that his daughters have been studying in USA even before he got his green card. Undergrad education in USA is very expensive, that average tuition fees alone for an international undergrad student for a semester is $10,000 minimum living costs for 4 months would be $ 4,000 even if they didn’t study in summer this means more than $ 50,000 for a year for the two daughters. Where did the money come from?
    To get admitted to US universities and to get the visa you need to prove that you can pay the money at least for a year. If he has only Rs 700,000 where did he show Rs 5 million from? Who is dishonest here?

    3. HE DOES NOT MAKE UNREALISTIC PROMISES: Voters, more than anything else, hate corrupt politicians who promise sun and moon but deliver stars. Gen. Fonseka is different. He is radically practical. Not the typical politician who robs the votes by exploiting the gullible.
    He promised a Rs 10,000 pay hike for government workers, more funds for “Samurdhi” recipients, compensation to the fullest for the Golden Key investors. Ranjith Siyabalapitiy said you need an additional 289 billion to fund these projects? Where is he getting the money from? How realistic are those promises?
    4. HE INTENTIONS ARE NOT TO SERVE HIS FAMILY: Let us not kid ourselves. Why Rajapakse wants power? To make his family grew further – bigger and more powerful. Perhaps he wants to make his family the richest in South Asia. Aren’t we tired of this kind of petty politics? Isn’t this the time to give a chance for somebody who thinks about the country before himself?

    Lets not kid ourselves, Sri Lankan commandos are living in USA providing security to his daughters and son in law, Sri Lankan tax payers money is spent on these peoples salaries and other compensations accommodation etc.
    It was revealed in the parliament that Fonsekas sat on tender boards where is son in law’s company was bidding and tenders were offered to this company even when that was they had the highest bid.
    When asked directly on this matter Fonseka babbled and provided contradictory answers at different times , first he said nothing was bought then he said certain items were bought from this company.
    He is trying hard to conceal his family business and unethical dealings?
    We all know that Fonseka was not present in Sri Lanka during the last days of war. He and his family and his son in law was in China on a trip organized by the Chinese weapons giant Norinko. The trip included visiting weapons factories, and other tourists venues. Obtaining favours from a company that deal with the office that you supervise and with your son in laws company, what kind of a family business is this?

    5. HE KNOWS THE PULSE OF THE PEOPLE: Ever heard of a national level politician who could row a canoe? This is real Sarath Fonseka, without his uniform. The simple villager, not a “Walawve Hamu”. He knows the problems of the masses better than anyone else – as he is one of them.
    Is this why he bought a house in Colombo – 7 Reid Avenue? Is this why he bought a luxury Benz car? Is this why his daughters are studying in USA? Does he think that Sri Lankan universities are not good enough for his daughters?
    6. HE REPRESENTS A NATION, NOT A SINGLE RACE: Can Rajapakse ever say he represents Tamils, or in that case even Muslims? Rajapakse’s JHU supported Peoples’ Alliance represents only the extreme Sinhala Buddhists – not even moderate Sinhalese. On the contrary, Gen. Fonseka’s United National Front, true to its name, represents all ethnic communities at the top level. He will be the only leader capable of uniting this divided land.
    In 2008 September during and interview with Canadian news paper National Post he said Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese and minorities should understand this situation. How is this statement going to bring racial harmony?
    7. HE IS FOCUSED: Winning a war is not an easy game. That needs focus. The Indian National Security Advisor M. K. Narayanan to described Gen. Sarath Fonseka as the “Best Army Commander in the world”. Why not utilise that kind of focus to develop this country?
    His arrogance and self centered-ness led the army to two debacles across the Muhamalai line, where was his focus at that time?
    8. HE DOES NOT RUN AWAY FROM CHALLENGES: We all know who left forces, ran away and took USA citizenship in the middle of war. On the other hand, Gen.. Fonseka, ignoring the retirement option, after his fatal injuries from an LTTE suicide attack returned, took the leadership and ended the war for the country. Shouldn’t that kind of leaders we need for this country?
    There is documented evidence that he ordered the army to retreat during the Elephantpass debacle in 2000. It was a politician who went to Jaffna and reversed the Army retreat.
    9. HE IS ABOVE POLITICS: Unlike Rajapakse, who is still very much within the political game (and thus not approved by nearly half of the country) Gen. Fonseka is above politics. He is not a candidate of this part or that party. He will unite the entire nation under a single flag.
    There is no democracy in this world without political parties, political parties are a main pillar of democracy. Only in dictatorships and military rules you find no political parties? He he going to lead us to an apolitical military rule?
    10. HE HAS DONE HIS PART FOR THE COUNTRY: No two words about it. He nearly paid the supreme price for serving his motherland. Isn’t this the opportunity to show our gratitude?
    So have I, and still doing, and my parents, my teachers and my of my friends

  452. When the United States State Department prepared a dossier on alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka, they raised the issue of General Fonseka having said at a gathering in Ambalangoda, on July 18 2009, that the military had to overlook the usual rules of war and even massacre surrendering LTTE cadres who came out with white flags. But what many do not know of is, his unpleasant childhood experiences involving Tamil people. In an interview given to the Sunday Observer on the 20th July 2008, Fonseka related the story of his childhood. Both his parents had been school teachers and they had served in a school between Akkaraipattu and Ampara.
    He recalled that his family lived in constant fear of attacks from Tamil people living in such areas. He said “I can still remember how the villagers used to run to a rocky cliff when Tamils attack our village. We spend two or three days there until the situation comes back to normal.” This experience with Tamil mobs had obviously tainted his perception of Tamils.
    Shortly before Fonseka resigned from the military to take to politics, on the 25th October 2009, he told a Sinhala-Buddhist audience at the Washington DC Buddhist Temple that “We must deploy enough troops to provide security in these areas…There are still thousands of terrorists in the IDP camps. We must identify these terrorists and Destroy them.” The video of this meeting is still available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEYHzqDG8AI

  453. In making a change, the most important factors to consider should be the leadership qualities in the contenders. Leaders must be authentic and have the ability to serve as well as lead our nation. At the turn of events and the path chosen after the end of the war, our future leader should exhibit qualities that give people the confidence that their leader has natural abilities and qualities that express a passion for what they want to achieve, compassion for its people and lead the people with a purpose and meaningful values. The relationships they build with people and other nations and how they handle difficult situations is a critical quality we need in our leaders. Leaders are born and made through a lifetime of experience and growth. This cannot be achieved overnight by slogans and vindictive statements on election platforms. Change is not doing the opposite of what is in your opponent’s agenda. Change for Sri Lanka at this time should be to continue on the path that was cleared of the debris from disaster over the last 30 years to many centuries of freedom and pride for ALL our people and not a few with short term aspirations at great cost to the country.

  454. The greedy and haughty Fonseka impishly claims that he was contesting the Presidential Election to establish democracy, eradicate corruption, guarantee media freedom, and develop the country, among many other things.

    How can one expect democracy from Sarath Fonseka when he has clearly shown already the fangs of his dictatorial tendencies? He had revised his resignation letter drafted by the treacherous cabal without any consultation with the authors of the letter. He has barred many in the opposition including Ravi Karunanayake, Lakshman Kiriella from addressing his meetings. He has also barred many media institutions from attending his meetings and conferences. Despite treacherous cabal’s claim to the contrary, he has said that he does not want to be a ceremonial Head of State like William Gopallawa.

    His assertion that he would eradicate corruption can be considered as the joke of the year. How can a person who got 45 million of army budget apportioned to purchase a vehicle for himself, a person who is alleged to have made millions as commissions through material and ammunition imported to the Army through his Son-in-Law’s company, Hicorp Company of Oklahama could eradicate corruption? Documentary evidence prove that Hicorp Company registered immediately after Sarath Fonseka became Army Commander belongs to his Son-in-Law Danuna Tillekeratne.

    Evidence shows that this Company supplied the security systems for the Army Headquarters, a wide variety of items and munitions, surveillance cameras, related ancillaries, and gas masks to binoculars to the Army. It is reported that as the Agent of the Pakistani arms dealer Ahmed Nissar, Danuna Tillekaratne received commissions on all deals his Father-in-Law made and which included 2 U.S.Cents for every bullet and U.S.$ 20 for every shell procured. The war was a real fortune for Sarath Fonseka and his family. Four Army Special Force Commandos sent by Sarath Fonseka are reported to be providing security for his son-in-law in Oklahoma.

    Reports indicated that Sarath Fonseka has taken on rent a large house at Rajakeeya Mawatha, Colombo 7 for use as his election office. The monthly rental for this house is Rs.1 million and it was reported that he paid Rs.12 million as an advance to the landlord. How can a retired General can afford such luxuries and from where the money flaws? Was it from Prabhakaran’s parents or his friends abroad?

    While professing to guarantee media freedom Sarath Fonseeka had become very harsh on media personnel and media institutions. Certain media institutions are not permitted to attend his events called media briefings. High ranking UNPers such as Ravi Karunanayake, Lakshman Kiriella are not permitted to address his gatherings. When he was the Army Commander he was very unsympathetic to media personnel and some comments he made on media and media personnel in an interview with Sunday Observer on 20.07.2008 excerpted below give a clear indication of media freedom that can be expected from him.

    Quote : They are not supposed to create situations where they groom people and make heroes out of them. We know that they are being bribed, given ‘drinks’, treated in restaurants and they have their own vested interests. And is it ethical for them to go for agendas misleading the people?. These so called media guys are not responsible to the people and they are not entitled to such media freedom. Media freedom is there for you to do the right thing and to be fair by everybody. Nobody has given freedom for anybody to drive their own agendas. We know very well about those media people who take bribes, write and voice their opinion for some personal gains Unquote. He also castigated the journalists saying that they do not go beyond Medawachchiya and write false reports about Army operations nullifying the army gains.

    Sarath Fonseka has gone on record of being against of granting any concessions or privileges to the minority communities. One reason that he fell out with the President was that he requested permission for 100,000 new recruits for the army after the end of war, to settle them in the midst of areas habituated by the minorities, which could have created unrest among communities. In an interview with the Indian magazine Outlook he says that when he made the request the President told him that he’d stop recruiting new people to the Army because it’s too strong and too big, and that Sri Lanka would become like Myanmar.

    He has also told the Outlook magazine that he would go beyond the 13th amendment and beyond the Indo Lanka accord as the Indo Lanka Accord is old now. The despicable political bandits JVP keep mum on these statements after putting the country into turmoil in 1987 against the same issues and torching billions worth of State properties, murdering the cream of the society and letting around 60,000 youth to become victims. Somawansa Amerasinghe who escaped to India through a boat presumably arranged by his close relative Sirisena Cooray while JVP youth were being burnt alive on tyre pyres should clarify their stand on these issues.

    Fonseka has admitted about his ignorance on politics and economics on the very first media conference he held. Promise to increase the salaries of Government servants as well as those in he Private Sector by 10,000 (not clear whether it is annual or monthly increase) clearly expose his nudity on economic matters. If he is to implement Ranil Wickremasinghe government’s economic policy, as stated in the media biefing, he has to totally curtail salary increases, curtail recruitments, privatise State Institutions, send thousands of government servants on compulsory retirement, and bring down Foreigners to be his economic advisors completely ignoring the intelligence of our economic experts. JVP that robustly opposed these policies remain mum on this matter as they are having a hidden agenda to unleash at the opportune moment.

    President Mahinda Rajapakse while launching the war unswervingly, without acquiescing to neo-colonialist imperialist threats, has made massive investments for the development of infrasture of the country. Due to his farsighted policies Sri Lanka was able to cushion off the recent recession and the food crisis that hit the world’s most powerful nations. While thousands and thousands were being booted from jobs, shutters were being raised on large industrial units, President Mahinda Rajapakse’s government was able to recruit several thousands for new jobs, undertake massive infrastructure development work in all corners of the country, launch gigantic projects in the fields of Ports (Sea, Air and Fishery), Irrigation, Electricity, Industrial, Educational, Health, Land reclamation, and open up vast areas for cultivation. The time, the crucial time has come for us to decide on whether we should get beguiled by the innuendos of the treacherous cabal and pave the way for establishment of military dictatorship in Sri Lanka and place the future of our posterity in peril or save the nation and help the completion of the gigantic projects that could uncertainly raise the image of our nation as a giant Asian nation and usher in prosperity, peace, and happiness to our posterity. JVP does not want the country to be developed as such developments would deprive them with slogans to shout and the opportunity to beguile the youth to join their fold. They need poverty to prevail so that they could unleash their terror campaign and create chaos in the country. Let us forget all our petty differences, political obsessions, and other parochial issues and prevent January 26th becoming a doomsday for Sri Lanka.

    Watch out !
    Desperate situations may cause desperate actions. Presidential candidates may kill their own innocent supporters and blame it on the opponent to gain more votes.

  455. The JVP-UNP campaign to project their Common Candidate, Sarath Fonseka, as “Mr. Clean” was dented severely by Capt. Upul Illangamge, close family friend of the Gen. Fonseka for 35 years, who unmasked the hidden face of Fonseka, yesterday at a press conference in Colombo. The overall picture he presented to the media made Fonseka look like a crude, cruel, vindictive, foul-mouthed and corrupt crook.

    With documentary evidence from the state of Oklahama where Fonseka’s son-in-law, Danun Tillekeratne, had registered his arms dealing Hicorp Inc., along with its subsidiary British Borneo Corporation, Capt. Illangamge exposed intimate details of Fonseka’s character and crooked deals.

    Holding up pictures of the Fonseka family with him in Oaklahama, the US haven of the Fonsekas, Capt. Illangamge confirmed that he was there when Fonseka’s son-in-law, Danun, walked in and not only got details of forthcoming contracts for military hardware but also got the direct help of his father-in-law to put arms deals through the Minster of Defence (MoD). He added that both Fonseka and his wife Anoma twisted the arms of Army officers to push the deals to boost the profits of Hicorp Inc.

    Capt. Illangamage challenged “Sarath Aiya” and “Anoma Akka” to prove him wrong adding that he was prepared to meet them anywhere anytime with evidence to back up his statements. To establish his close relations with the Fonsekas he said that he used to ride on the shoulders of “Sarath Aiya” when he was a kid in Amparai. He also said that when Fonseka’s daughter fell out with a relative with whom she was living in Washington he made all arrangements for the daughter and the entire family, including Anoma, to relocate in Oklahoma. When they came to Oklahoma the Fonseka family had nothing to worry. Everything was provided by him – beds, pillows, sheets, TVs etc – and they had only to lie down and sleep. He also mentioned that he gave financial assistance to the Fonseka family when they were in Oklahoma.

    Dealing with Fonseka’s character he told the media that he has many faces and the face he shows on the stage is far different from the real man faced by his subordinates and even the family. Itemising some of his hidden characteristics and crooked deals Capt Illangamage said that Fonseka had, known every detail of the arms-dealing operations of his son-in-law in his presence had picked up the phone and threatened Brigadier Meedin to look sharp if he put contracts through anyone else other than his son-in-law’s company, got his wife, Anoma, to introduce his son-in-law to Maj-General Thoradeniya, to impress that his hands were clean though the clear intention was to influence decisions that would favour his son-in-law. Anoma, after introducing had told Thoradeniya: “Aney, a-ya-gay wada tikak thiyenawa. A-yata udawkaranna.” (Aney, he has some little business. Please help.)

    No car to pick him up from the airport when he first came to Oklahoma and he would pick him and his family and take them shopping, banking, dining in Edmonton town where they were staying. But later his son-in-law, who had no job and who lived in Manning Flats, would pick his father-in-law, first in BMW, second time in a Humber and third time in a Range Rover. Danun also gifted his wife with hand bags $4,500.

    Forced the waiter to eat the roti served at his table because it was misshapen;

    hit and treated soldiers brought as cooks and waiters to his house for the slightest lapse and some soldiers assigned to him preferred to run away from the Army rather than serve him purely to avoid his cruelty and beastly treatment. These stories were related to Capt. Illangamage by Rohan Wijesundera a relative of Fonseka.

    sent the Maj-Gen. Santha Kottegoda, home on his last day of service in a Toyota Ace Van after stripping all his security because he never forgave his former friend for getting the job of the Army Commander before him. Fonseka even withdrew the cook assigned to Kottegoda and he told Capt. Illangamage: “Mama, oota kanda dunney kaden genapu kama” (I made him eat the food from the shop.);

    stopped Admiral Karannagoda, the Navy Commander against whom he developed an “amazing hatred” purely because he was senior to him, from passing through the Army compound – the only open route to MoD – and not allowed his escorts to follow him.

    pulled out the security provided to Chandrika Bandaranaike and refused to take her phone calls. Chandrika had to go through Secretary Defence to get her security restored.

    frequently addressed even high ranking generals in the most abusive terms borrowed from the sathtu waththa; and, last but not the least, abused his wife and children in the same beastly manner;

    Capt. Illangamge said that he was told by Fonseka of the things he had done to the media but he would not state them at the press conference. However, he said he would given the details to Rajitha Senaratne before he heads back to his home in Oklahoma.

    Capt. Illangamage’s performance on Adaderana was animated and convincing. Political circles are convinced that Fonseka’s credibility has been damaged irreparably. Capt. Illangamage told the media that he would release more information later, if needed. In the meantime, he said he had handed over the document to the relevant authorities.

    View the YouTube video of damning revelations by Upul Illngamage at

  456. Corruption has become a hot topic once again. Unfortunately corruption is discussed only during election time. Winners of elections burry it for good until their opponents resurrect it at the next election. So the cycle continues. Lack of credible direct evidence of corruption is the main difficulty in taking action against it. However empirical evidence is available for all to see about the degree of relative corruption. Relative corruption is the level of corruption of one government compared to another government.
    In 1994 Chandrika alleged massive corruption of the UNP government. It worked well for her but did the country do any better? Actually she was blaming the Wijetunga administration of faults of his predecessors! While at no place she mentioned Wijetunga’s corruption or his government’s corruption, she was complaining about Jayawardena and Premadasa administrations’ corruption. However people voted out the not so corrupt Wijetunga government and elected to office a government which is considered far worse. Turning back at the events of the last two decades, it is crystal clear that the 1993-94 Wijetunga government was less corrupt that its replacement of 1994-2001.
    When there is large scale corruption it becomes evident through practical indicators. High corruption means less welfare schemes, inability to meet state financial commitments, reckless borrowing, depleting foreign reserves, selling government owned entities, economic hopelessness, reducing investor confidence, closure of universities for long periods, cuts in public spending and staff and no salary increases for the public sector.
    If one compares these practical and real indicators of previous governments and the Rajapaksha government, a strange conclusion emerges. It is strange because it is not what you hear on political stages and politicised media.
    Although it is not considered sound economic practice, the Rajapaksha government increased the welfare spending. The fertilizer subsidy was extended to Vanni, displacement subsidies from Mavil Aru to Menik farm, drought and flood subsidies, Samurdhi subsidy and a number of other subsidies were granted.. Not a single subsidy was cut. The increase in welfare schemes took place despite allocating double than before for defence.
    The Rajapaksha government never went for reckless borrowing. Government’s lack of desperation in borrowing was displayed to the IMF and other donors. This was despite the war. From 2001 to 2003, within just two and a half years, Sri Lanka’s external debt rose from US$ 8.3 billion to US$10.6 billion even without a war! However, from 2005 to 2009 for four years Sri Lanka’s external debt only rose from US$10.85 to US$13.50 billion. Whether the annual increase is considered or the percentage increase is considered, the Rajapaksha administration has done very well.
    The composition of the loan portfolio is also important. By 2005 about 60% of the state debt portfolio was external (foreign) debt. This reduced to close to 45% by 2009. Lesser foreign debt means less national indebtedness as it lowers the impact on the exchange rate and external reserves. This is a remarkable achievement despite the war.
    External reserves reached an all time high in 2009.
    Can both these happen at the same time if there was more corruption than before? Very unlikely.
    Exchange regulations were eased as never before since the country has a stable level of foreign reserves and managed external debt with the hope of a gigantic economic expansion.
    In the last couple of years the world went into recession. Contrary to dire predictions, Sri Lank overcame this challenge with flying colours.
    Selling government owned entities has always been a popular escape. When in a situation of unmanageable budget deficit, selling off ‘family silver’ has been a quick fix. However, people suffer as a result. How many government owned entities were sold by the Rajapaksha government? Almost none. All previous governments after 1977 sold off public owned enterprises to cover the budget deficit. Ceylon Oxygen, Ceylon Cold Stores, Textile Corporation, Kelani Valley Plantations, Kotagala Plantations, Maskeliya Plantations, Namunukula Plantations, Sri Lanka Telecom, Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation, National Insurance Corporation, Distilleries Corporation, Sri Lankan Airlines (formerly Air Lanka), Ceylon Transport Board, Lanka Gas (sold to Shell gas), CINTEC, the lucrative distribution arm of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (sold to Indian Oil Company), etc.
    Many desperate attempts were made to sell Bank of Ceylon, Peoples’ Bank, National Savings Bank, State Investment and Mortgage Bank, Ceylon Electricity Board, Sri Lanka Railways, Sri Lanka Post, etc.
    The Rajapaksha administration didn’t do this. Where did the government find the money to manage a US$1.5 billion war, welfare schemes while not earning a quick buck by selling off state owned entities? If the Rajapaksha administration was more corrupt or as corrupt as other administrations, this should not be the trend.
    Further, previously sold out entities including Sri Lankan Airlines were brought back under peoples’ ownership.
    On top of all that, the Rajapaksha administration increased the number of persons employed in the state sector. While modern economists would not like it, the government managed the increase very well. Economists note with concern that Sri Lanka has the highest state sector employment as a percentage of the GDP. Despite that salary increases were awarded as never before.
    Employing unemployed graduates in very large numbers was also seen during this time. Over the years most of them have been equipped with skills to meaningfully contribute to the economy.
    Where is the money? Of course the government increased taxes but total taxes as a percentage of the GDP steadily fell. It is obviously not possible to sustain such a massive state sector if corruption was higher than previous governments.
    There were times when economic hopelessness reached astronomical proportions. In 1971, 1980, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1994, 2001 and 2004 were examples of utter hopelessness in the economic front. Is there economic hopelessness today as it was then? No. Although the cost of living has skyrocketed, people’s income has also increased. But above all there is much anticipation of future economic prospects.
    All this is because there is wide anticipation that the economy will do well despite the loss of GSP+, 26 years of war, international pressure and other adversities.
    A simple question would clarify the matter. Do you have better prospects today than there were following the tsunami (2005)? The answer is obvious.
    University disruptions have reduced compared to the past and the government is spending a huge amount of money on primary, secondary and tertiary education. University admissions have steadily increased. Percentage of schooling children has increased over the years. Teaching in the English medium meaningfully started and is expanding. Once this was thought impossible. The healthcare system was also protected and in fact improved. Improvement in the healthcare system helped it cope up with the very large number of war casualties from 2006-09.
    If corruption had not reduced compared to the past, none of this would have been possible. When governments were in dire financial state, their attention is first directed towards these vulnerable sectors.
    Investor confidence has increased as never before. The Colombo Stock Exchange became the world’s best stock exchange. It shows the tremendous increase in investor confidence. If the present administration was as corrupt as the previous ones, this cannot happen. Many third world countries despite more liberal economic policies were defeated by the Colombo Stock Exchange in the past few years.
    Very large scale investment activities take place from the South to the North.. Potential of these investments is even higher.
    Infrastructure development is unprecedented. A very large number of key bridges have come up linking communities and industries. New bridges have opened up new markets, production sources and reduced transportation cost and time. Economic development in the Eastern Province alone was unthinkable a few years before..
    Traffic congestion around the City has been a major wastage factor causing wastage in time, fuel, money, property and even lives. Flyovers that came up during the past few years have eased congestion. Real benefits will be seen in time to come. Compared to the previous work of similar nature especially the Baseline Road Project, the present government has been very efficient..

    Work on key roads has been stalled for over 25 years until the Rajapaksha government got down to it. Now these artery roads are being built at a vigorous speed. Economic contribution that comes with it would be significant.
    Power plants are coming up around the country. Although some of these were on the drawing board for decades, actual work started only recently. There was a time not so long ago when governments think of power plants when CEB is forced to cut electricity.

    A staggering US$1.5 billion was made available for defence. Compared to previous allocations, it has almost doubled. Other ancillary defence related expenditure also increased. Government refused to cut corners when it comes to requirements. Although the budget was passed with extreme difficulty, spending was better managed.
    A massive defence allocation along with all the other large spending endeavours was possible thanks to a reduction in relative corruption.

    Otherwise not only the war effort would have stalled but also the state sector would have collapsed, state enterprises would have been sold out and welfare spend would have been cut.
    During election time these facts are not given enough prominence as the craze for power blinds a section of the population. However, the society must recognize these before it is too late to correct. Politicians are willing to wait another six years for power but people cannot wait for development any longer. They have already waited for 26 long years.

  457. #512

    Excellent analysis. I also agree development should be a priority, but i wish some special truly independent body that politicians cannot influence is created in order to investigate allegations of crime and corruption against politicians and police.

  458. #512-Asanka Perera

    I got the following from a comment made by a reader in the sunday leader. How do you explain this?

    – COPE report Rs 33,000 million fraud but no culprits ( because all politicians and henchman are the guilty ones!)
    – Mihin air …. lost 6 billion and then given another 3 billion. When the world economy was suffering and the established airlines were collapsing the ‘brilliant’ SL politicians ego is what matters! ( whole of heath sector for 20 million Sri Lankans received only Rs 5 billion and no wonder we hear stories such as ‘no surgery at national hospital due to shortage of medicine and equipment !!!!)
    – Losses identified Air Lanka 9.98 billion, Electricity board 39 billion, Ports Authority 3.5 billion, Petroleum Coop- 7.1 billion, SLTB 4.5 billion, Road development authority 9.9 billion
    – Rs 100 million lost to the SLTB for using busses in the one of the election campaigns.
    – 40 ministers with Colombo residencies claim Rs 100, 000 housing allowance and Rs 35,000 electricity/ water allowance
    – Foreign minister spends Rs 100 million on foreign trips
    – Kelaniya right bank water treatment project costing 8 billion – used sub standard steel Rs 200 million lost and ministry trying to cover up!
    – Costs of bridges- Dehiwala $ 978, Kelaniya- $ 2301 and Burg Dubhai The worlds most expensive hotel $373 ( sq. foot costs)
    – Rs 100 million lost due to fraud at foreign employment ministry
    – Rs 150 million spent on 22 presidential advisors
    – 20 ministers having overspent asks for Rs 2.52 billion ( part of over spent is to buy luxury vehicles)
    – Govt. unable to account for Rs 1000 million from Maga-neguma project
    – Colossal fraud at Ceylon Petroleum Coop. of Rs 3390 million
    – SLT telecom loses Rs 324 million in a tender racket
    – Airlanka catering loses Rs 9000 million last yr from a profit of Rs 4000 million the previous year
    – More than 100 ministers ( India with 1 billion has only 22 ) and add the cost of many vehicles, offices, houses, security, assistants ( family members) wasting billions
    – Palaces for presidents family. Who cares for the 20 million citizens?
    – Tsunami Rs 47 billion unaccounted for. Today we see tragedy in Haiti and Lankans were similar. To steal from such human tragedy is simply in humane!
    – Despite killing of 14 journalists, many assaults on media, other lawless activities known to all Sri Lankans, no one has been arrested. (

  459. Fonseka planned to continue the war for a long time thereby earning every year from weapons sales made with his son-in-law Danuna and from deals made alone. In a well published interview with BBC in June 2008 he aired these views unashamedly. He said, “Even if we finish the war, capture the whole of the north, still the LTTE might have some members joining them,” he said. “There are people who believe in Tamil nationalism. The LTTE might survive another even two decades with about 1,000 cadres. But we will not be fighting in the same manner. It might continue as an insurgency forever.”


    This was not his prediction but expectation. However the government had other plans and the government’s plan succeeded in ridding the country of terrorists.

    Fonseka knew that he was just a tool in the hands of the Defence Secretary in winning the war. And Fonseka knew the war is ending by May 11, 2009. Even laymen knew it! That was when he made one last ditch attempt to earn big money in an unprecedented way.

    Entertaining purchasing officers to luxury is an old trick played by some traders. It is particularly common in the defence trade when third world countries are involved. Since Fonseka assumed the role of the purchasing officer, he and his family was entitled to spend a week in luxury at the Fujitsu Royal Hotel in China. Their trip started on May 11th and lasted till May 17th.

    Room numbers 1620, 1630, 1620A, 1618, 1519, 1521, 1626, and 1628 were reserved for them. These rooms were for Sarath Fonseka, his wife Anoma Fonseka, his two daughters Apsara Tillakaratne and Aparna Fonseka, his son in law Danuna Tillakaratne, a major general and his wife, one Brigadier, two Lt Colonels, one Captain and one Lieutenant. This was the time the decisive battle for peace was fought in Mulaitivu. An army commander has no bigger joy than participate in the final battle. But not in the case of Fonseka. What was so important for Fonseka that he even neglected the final victorious battle and ran away from Sri Lanka?

    During this long trip Fonseka and Danuna who owns a weapons buying and selling company, visited two main corporations specialised in selling weapons to third world countries. They are NORINCO and Poly Technologies. Sri Lanka army, navy, air force and the Ministry of Defence have been purchasing weapons from both these companies for a long time. For instance in April 2007 a classified purchased of US$37 million was made from these companies. However, in May 2009 things were going to get bigger!

    This time the value of the purchase order was a staggering US$ 200 million which is higher than the total annual defence capital budget! This act also contravenes the gazette notification on 30 July 2007 prohibiting the purchase of many defence items by entities other than Ministry of Defence owned Lanka Logistics and Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. By the time the deal was done, the war has ended in Sri Lanka without Fonseka. Purchases made by Fonseka assumed the war to continue and now they were not required.

    Defence Secretary had no choice than to ask Fonseka to cancel the order. It doesn’t feel right when you have benefited from the hospitality of a supplier with the promise of giving business and subsequently cancelling the order. What’s more embarrassing was that the Defence Secretary asked Fonseka to declare the cancellation himself. Reluctantly Fonseka cancelled the order in July 2009. It is the first time in the world an Army Commander cancelling military purchases. In other countries and in Sri Lanka before Fonseka assuming high office, the Army Commander and the Chief of Defence don’t get involved in purchasing. Purchasing includes cancelling purchase orders.

    Now Fonseka is trying to release hardcore LTTE terrorists are restart the war so that more and more weapons will be needed. When it comes to purchasing weapons he and his family will benefit immensely.

  460. UNP and Sarath Fonselka are alleging 14 corrupt deals of the government including the CPC hedging deal, Mihinair, the Kerawalapitiya power plant, the VAT scam

    The answer for the allegations by Central Bank Governor are provided below

    Q. Was the cost of the KERAWALAPITIYA POWER PLANT inflated to 400 million dollars when the actual cost was $ 200 million?
    A. The cost of the Kerawalapitiya Power Plant was originally estimated in 2002 as US$ 390 million. However, due to careful planning and execution, the cost of the project is now estimated to be only about US$ 295 million for the power plant of 300 megawatts when fully completed. That works out to roughly about a million US Dollars per megawatt. That is close to the current industry norm of about 1 million dollars per megawatt for petroleum based thermal power plants.
    Q. Was the capacity of the plant reduced to 200 megawatts from 300 megawatts?
    A. The Kerawalapitiya plant is a combined power cycle plant. The first 200 megawatts is generated with furnace oil. The exhaust from the first phase is to be converted into steam to generate another 100 megawatts. The first phase is already in operation and the second phase will be operational soon. The cost of setting up this plant will thus be distributed over the entire 300 megawatts.
    Q. The agreed price for electricity per unit from the Kerawalapitiya plant is said to be Rs 18. But is power now being purchased at Rs 40, incurring a loss of Rs 22 per unit?
    A. The pricing of electricity is done on a pre-determined formula which includes the price of furnace oil as well. Therefore, no one can set out a specific amount forever, since the price of furnace oil changes regularly. At current fuel oil prices, the unit cost, although higher when only the first phase of the plant is operational, will decline to around Rs. 14 to 16 per unit, when the Phase 2 of the Kerawalapitiya power plant is in operation. The Kerawalapitiya power plant is owned by West Coast Power Ltd in which 56% is held by the Government, 10% by LECO, 24% by EPF and 4% by Lakdanavavi Co.

    Q. Then there is an allegation concerning the UMA OYA project. Did the estimated cost of this project increase from 265 million US dollars to 539 million?
    A. The structure of a project can change from time to time. The original estimate of the Uma Oya project amounted to 265 million US dollars based on input prices in 1999. At that time, this project was meant to produce 50 megawatts of hydropower and irrigate around 5,000 acres of paddy land. Later, the project scope was expanded to 120 megawatts and 12,500 acres of paddy land. As a result of such add-ons, the project cost has been re-estimated at US dollars 545 million in 2009 prices. It is generally estimated that the capital cost to produce one megawatt of hydroelectricity is about 3 million U.S. dollars. For the Upper Kotmale project which aims to produce 150 megawatts, the project cost is 460 million U.S. dollars.
    Q. Was the contract for the Uma Oya project awarded to an Iranian company without calling for tenders?
    A. The financing for the Uma Oya project comes from the Export Development Bank of Iran. Usually, the agreement in such cases is that the contract has to be handed over to a company from the country providing the financing. The general practice under bi-lateral loan agreements, has been followed here too. Having identified the contractor, the Government has taken the necessary measures to ensure the project is cost effective. They have been able to enter into the contract at a lower price than the estimated value. At the same time, any unexpected costs and adverse movement in prices will also have to be borne by the contractor and no additional payments need to be met by the Government.

    Q. There is another allegation concerning the purchase of thirty five SZPMC CRANES for the Colombo port. The original cost of each crane is supposed to be 600,000 U.S. Dollars. Has the price been inflated to 1.2 million Dollars each?
    A. That is quite different to the figures I have. Thirty transfer cranes with a capacity of 50 tonnes each were purchased by the Ports Authority at 1.507,000 dollars each. Twenty five years ago, in 1985, they had got 35 tonne transfer cranes at 1,570,000 dollars each. So a quarter of a century later, they have bought transfer cranes at 63,000 dollars less, and that too with an increased capacity of 15 tonnes.
    Q. Was the price at any stage, 600,000 dollars per crane?
    A. If the cost of a crane was $ 1.57 million in 1985, it couldn’t have been 600,000 in 2009.

    Q. Then we come to the question of the four FLYOVERS. The costs that are said to have been incurred is Rupees 2,000 million for the Kelaniya flyover, 1,200 million for the Nugegoda flyover, 900 million for Dehiwala, 1,000 million for the Orugodawatte – all this is said to be in a situation where the international price for such a flyover would be Rs 400 million each.
    A. Every flyover will not cost the same amount everywhere. The number of lanes, the terrain, the barricades, the surface, and so many other features can be different. The actual costs are also different to what was stated by you. The Kelaniya flyover cost 1,700 million rupees, Nugegoda 800 million, Dehiwala 960 million, Orugodawatte 650 million. It must also be noted that these are flyovers with steel structures. Certainly, building a concrete flyover will cost less than a steel structure. However, steel was opted for, because the roads cannot be kept closed for too long and the construction has to be completed in two or three months. A concrete structure takes a longer period of time to construct.

    Q. There is said to have been a 16 million dollar contract to supply COMPUTERS to divisional secretariats. The computers supplied are said to be locally assembled machines with no brand name and most are said to be out of order and unusable now.
    A. This question relates to the Lanka Government Network (LGN) project which was funded by the Korean Government. Under this project, 325 Government organizations were connected to the LGN. The contract value of the project was US dollars 14.5 million. The value of the computer equipment (computers, monitors, keyboards etc.) out of the above was 2.3 million US dollars. The balance 12.2 million US dollars was for licensing software, network equipment, servers, LGN hub, setting up of data centre equipment and the cost of broad band connectivity for three years for 325 locations, where 3,235 computers have been installed.
    The computers are of a Korean brand and here too, only Korean manufactured computers have been allowed under the aid conditions. Hence, they are not locally assembled machines as reported. Also, as of now, 3,223 computers are in proper working condition. I am also told that 12 computers are presently under repair and are being fixed under a three year warranty and maintenance which is also included in the contract.

    Q. If we go on to the next issue, there is the allegation that during the period that President Rajapaksa functioned as the Minister of Finance, there was a Value Added Tax fraud amounting to 35 billion rupees – THE VAT SCAM
    A. The amount involved is not 35 billion Rupees but 3.5 billion Rupees. According to the audit report, this fraud occurred during the period November 2002 to December 2004. That was before Mr Mahinda Rajapakse became the President and Finance Minister. In fact, this fraud was unearthed after President Rajapaksa became the Minister of Finance and now action has been filed against those involved.

    Q. THE HEDGING DEAL of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation is said to have caused the biggest loss, amounting to more than half of the grand total of 430 billion Rupees. Does the hedging deal loss amount to 230 billion Rupees?
    A. The total amount that the five banks have claimed from the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation amounts to 418 million U.S. Dollars. This works out to about 47 billion Rupees. In hedging transactions, there are certain guidelines and norms to ensure that such transactions are structured in a proper, orderly manner. In many countries including China, India and Korea, it has been found that certain hedging deals have not been structured properly and therefore, the banks had no legal claim. In Sri Lanka too, the Central Bank investigated the transactions entered into by the CPC and the banks, and we have determined that these transactions have not been structured properly, and that they are tainted, and should therefore not be given effect to.
    From the point of view of the country, there is no money due to be paid by the CPC. But, that is not to say that the banks cannot make claims. If an accident occurs, claims can be made from the insurance company, but the insurance company may find that something is not right, in which case, they are not obliged to make the payment. In this instance, the Central Bank has determined that the transactions are tainted, and the CPC is not obliged to pay. So nothing has been paid as alleged. Neither will any such payment be made. Certainly not 230 billion rupees or even 47 billion. The Attorney General is defending the CPC in arbitration proceedings abroad, and he is confident that the country will not have to pay any money at all.

    Q. Lets talk about the cost of arbitration and even the remote possibility that we may have to pay up.
    A. If we have been wrongfully claimed against, we have two choices. One is to pay up. The other option is to defend ourselves in legal proceedings. The cost of arbitration is certainly not going to cost billions, and it is likely that it may be a few millions because it involves foreign counsel as well. But, it is certainly better than just paying whatever the banks claim. I am somewhat concerned that this figure of 230 billion is being floated about, because someone at some stage may be thinking of making payments of that kind which is totally out of line with the amount claimed.

    Q. Are you saying that if some future government decides to pay up, there could be some hanky panky in the payment process, like these allegations of depositors in failed deposit accepting enterprises paying executives a cut if their deposits are returned to them?
    A. I wouldn’t like to speculate on that, but in this instance, you will see that some one will resist paying, only if that person is honest and incorrupt, which means, that there is no occasion for anyone to receive any kickbacks for paying up. If someone was in a hurry to make these payments, allegations could be made. In this case, since no money has been paid, there cannot be allegations of kickbacks. But, let me reiterate that I am concerned that an arbitrary amount of 230 billion is being floated around, which could be done possibly with a view of such persons making those payments at some later date.

    Q. SRI LANKAN AIRLINES is said to have suffered a loss of Rs. 10 billion in 2008/9. How did this happen?
    A. The global airline industry went through one of the toughest periods in its history in 2008/9. If any airline had made money, it would be an exceptional case. All airlines, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, all made losses. In fact Japan Airlines is now on the brink of failure, with its share price dropping from 356 Yen a few months ago, to just 8 Yen on Thursday. There were less travelers, so flights had to be cut back. Flights had lower loads. There were massive increases in fuel charges. The entire expenditure on fuel could not be recovered from customers. There was the high price of oil in the first part of the year, and less passengers in the second part of the year. These factors impacted heavily on all airlines.
    In addition to all the global issues, Sri Lankan airlines had to face more challenges. In the latter part of the year there were less people coming in because the conflict escalated. Also, there was a decline in tourist arrivals due to travel advisories issued by certain countries. All these matters put together, made the airline suffer the loss. However, when the global situation eases, the profitability of Sri Lankan Airlines should improve. Already, we are seeing some signs of improvement.

    Q. The budget airline, MIHINAIR has been the subject of much discussion. Has Mihninair caused a loss of Rs 4 billion to the country?
    A. The budget allocation for Mihinair comes to a total of about 3,300 million rupees, since its inception to date, which is a very modest capital for an airline. The airline and shipping industries are long gestation businesses. The moment you get into business, you aren’t going to make money. It was the same with Sri Lankan airlines too. It takes four or five years before you start breaking even. On top of all that, the global down-turn in the international airline industry also affected the new airline. At the same time, Mihinair has had a certain service element too, where it has been the less affluent Sri Lankans who had an opportunity to make use of this budget airline and travel on pilgrimage to Buddhagaya and Mecca, as well as for Sri Lankan migrant workers to travel to the Middle East.
    Budget airlines make money on volume, but it takes some time to build up the volume. Over the past few months however, there has been a reasonable turn around of the financial performance of Mihinair due to business picking up and that has led to losses decreasing substantially. If conditions continue in the same vein, Mihinair will turn the corner soon.

    Q. Did the feasibility study for the WEERAVILA AIRPORT cost Rs 500 million?
    A. The Airport and Aviation Services has spent just 9 million Rupees (not 500 million) for the initial work relating to the Weerawila airport. This includes the environmental impact assessment as well. Once the EIA was completed, and the location was found to be unsuitable, the project was shifted to Mattala. There is nothing unusual in this. A location has to be studied to determine whether it is suitable for such a project.

    Q. It is alleged that a sum of Rs 400 million was overpaid in the purchase of four MIG combat aircraft – The MIG DEAL.
    A. The Secretary Defence has filed action against a newspaper which has alleged that there was corruption in this deal, and the matter is in Court.

    Q. There is also the allegation that Rs 1.6 billion is being spent on setting up a SAFARI PARK in Hambantota when the Yala wildlife sanctuary is close by.
    A. From what I have learnt, this capital expenditure is not for a wild life reserve but for a theme park which will feature animals like lions and zebras which are not found in the wild here. There are theme parks like this in several other countries too. Investments of this nature are quite common in many countries trying to develop tourism.

    A9 ROAD
    Q. Was the reconstruction of the Anuradhapura-Jaffna A9 ROAD handed over to a Chinese firm at the rate of 125 million rupees per kilometer, and has this Chinese company sub-contracted the same work to two Sri Lankan companies at the rate of 60 million rupees per kilometer? The same allegation relates to the reconstruction of the Point Pedro – Kankesanturei Road, the Mannar – Pooneryn Road, and the Nandikulam- Mannar Road.
    A. The Road Development Authority had prepared a proposal for the rehabilitation of the A9 road and later the project was handed over to the Ministry for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation. The Exim Bank of China came forward to offer the funding. The contractor for the project has agreed to finalize this 153 km project at a cost of Rs. 15, 300 million. Therefore, the expected cost per km is around Rs. 100 million and not Rs. 125 million. However, 25% has been allocated for contingencies. The rates at which the contractor sub-contracts to other sub-contractors is not relevant since it is the original contractor who is finally responsible for the quality and the delivery of the work. For example, in the Mahaweli project, Balfour Beatty was the main contractor for the Victoria dam, and they in turn, employed various other parties as subcontractors.
    In the case of the A9 road, it must also be noted that resources such as skilled labour were not easily available in this area after 30 years of hostilities. Further, infrastructure like electricity, water, facilities for engineers etc. have to be supplied by the contractor at a high cost. Such costs naturally have to be borne by the project. The cost incurred on the Kandy – Mahiyangana Road was Rs. 117.65 million per km and it was Rs. 98.49 million per km for the Nuwara Eliya – Badulla project. However, costs differ from one area to another based on the availability of construction material, terrain, etc.

  461. Vice Chancellors of all Universities and Academics today declaired their support to the candidature of President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the upcoming election on January 26th.

    They jointly commended the efforts & the vision of the President implemented under the “Mahinda chinthanaya “, a vision for a better future for the country.

    They also recognized the success achieved over the past four years under the leadership of the President and called upon all the people to support the Mahinda Chinthanaya ,the only way forward for a brighter future for the country.

    These Vice Chancellors claimed there was no comparison that could be drawn between the Mahinda Chinthana & the opposition candidate Sarath Fonseka’s Manifesto – “Believable Change”. “The President’s Manifesto is more comprehensive and practical”,they noted.

    The Vice Chancellors who attended the press conference were Prof:Gamini Samaranayaka the Chairman of the University Grants Commision, Prof.Susirith Mendis the Vice Chancellor of Ruhuna University, Prof. Nandasena the Vice Chancellor of Rajarata University, Prof. N.L Karunarathna the Vice Chancellor of Jayawardanapura University, Prof.Jayasena Kottegoda Vice Chancellor of University of Aesthetic Studies,The Vice Chancellor of Colombo University Mrs.Kshanika Hirimburegama.,The Vice Chancellor of Open University mUpali Widanapathirana,The Vice Chancellor of Kalaniya University Dr.Sarath Amunugama,.Mahinda Rupasingha of Sabaragamuwa University, S.M.M.Ismail the Vice Chancellors of South Eastern University, J.A.Liyanage ,Director of The Gampaha Wickramaarrachchi Aurweda Institute and Dr.K.Premakumara Vice Chancellor of Eastern University.

    The UGC Chairman Gamini Samaranayake stated that the President’s leadership has helped to transform university graduates to become nationally & economically developed citizens.He asked the people to elect the President for the next six years so that we can transform the country to a developed country in the future.

    Then the Vice Chancellor of the Ruhunu University Susiritha Mendis highlighted that if Sarath Fonseka came into power the country may fall into a millitary dictatorship thus undermining the democracy the country has gained from its Independence.Further he elaborated the power of the five forces that the President has mentioned in the Mahinda Chinthanaya’s second Manifesto which will bring forth future development for the country under the President’s leadership.

    Jayasena Kottegoda, Vice Chancellor of University of Aesthetic Studies stated the President had a clear vision to manage Sri Lankan economy while fighting a separatist terrorist war in the country.Further he said that the President increased the per capita income of a person in Sri Lanka from US $ 1000 to US $ 2000 during the past 4 year period.

    Then the Jayawardanapura Vice Chancellor mentioned that due to the government’s poverty alleviation projects such as ‘ Gama naguma’, ‘Maga naguma’ many people were benefited and it helped to develop the country.

    The Vice Chancellor of the Colombo University called upon all the women in Sri Lanka to be grat