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Rajapakse regime and the Fonseka phenomenon: Genesis of current crisis

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Notwithstanding desperate denials to the contrary, current developments have clearly demonstrated the deep divisions existing between the ruling Rajapakse regime and former Army commander Lt.Gen Sarath Fonseka.

In a controversial turn of events General Fonseka has submitted his resignation from the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) post held by him. It has been promptly accepted by President Rajapakse and is expected to come into effect from December 1st 2009.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa gestures as Army Commander Sarath Fonseka is seen in the background during an event to celebrate Sri Lanka’s 60th Independence Day in Colombo, Monday, Feb. 4, 2008-AP pic

It is widely believed that Sarath Fonseka after official retirement would plunge into politics and would contest against President Mahinda Rajapakse in the forthcoming presidential election

The erstwhile army commander’s foray into presidential hustings is expected to get the backing of a number of opposition parties ranging from the United National Party(UNP) to Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP).

In May this year when the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE)met its waterloo by the waters of Nandhikkadal lagoon, the lion’s share of credit for the victory against the tigers was apportioned to a triad at the helm.

The triumvirate comprising President Mahinda Rajapakse, Defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse and Army chief Sarath Fonseka was hailed for providing political, administrative and military leadership respectively in the triumphant war against the tigers.

Barely six months later this triumphant triumvirate lies fractured with Lt. Gen Sarath Fonseka getting ready to cross swords with the other two in what is likely to be a bitter, divisive political battle to be fought fiercely.

It is as if Bernard Montgomery was contesting against Winston Churchill after World war two or Sam Manekshaw competing with Indira Gandhi after the Bangladesh war!

Why has this happened?

What are the reasons for this unsavoury spectacle where an army chief responsible for leading his troops against the enemy is now training his “electoral” guns against the very same commander in chief under whom he fought victoriously?

There are no clear or definite answers at this juncture. Nevertheless the purpose of this article is to examine recent events and and shed some light that would be helpful in understanding the genesis of this crisis

Mahendra Percival Rajapakse known as Mahinda Rajapakse was elected executive president on November 18th 2005. Despite being elected through an enforced boycott by the tigers it soon became apparent that Medamulana and Valvettithurai were on a collision course.

President Rajapakse made two crucial appointments at the onset of his presidency in anticipation of a savage war with the LTTE. One was to make his younger sibling Gotabhaya Rajapakse Defence secretary. The other was to appoint Sarath Fonseka as Army commander and extend his tenure.

Gotabhaya an old soldier himself held Lt. Colonel rank when he quit the army in 1991 and migrated to the United States of America.Although a US citizen Gotabhaya returned to serve his brother and country with a missionary zeal . His objective was to defeat and destroy the LTTE and rid Sri Lanka of a menace plaguing it for decades.

It was at Gotabhaya’s behest that Sarath Fonseka was made army chief. He was scheduled to retire as he would have reached the mandatory age 55 on December 6th 2005. But Gotabhaya persuaded his brother to make Sarath army chief because Fonseka was the best man to lead the army at that point of time.

The serving commander Maj-Gen Shantha Kottegoda was sent to Brazil as ambassador and Fonseka brought in. Thereafter his term was extended each year in December.This time he would not seek extension on Dec 6th.

A tough soldier

There is unanimous opinion that Sarath Fonseka is a tough soldier and astute commander. He is a man of tremendous courage and remarkable military acumen. But there were other aspects to his character and military record that negated his prospects of being Army commander.

Chief among them was an inflated ego of gigantic proportions. This resulted in a lot of friction earlier between Fonseka and his contemporaries . The long standing rivalry between Fonseka and his Naval counterpart Wasantha Karannagoda is legendary. So too was the intra-army strife with another top notch soldier Maj-Gen Janaka Perera

There was also Fonseka’s colossal arrogance. He fancied himself as a combination of Hannibal, Alexander, Julius Caesar, Napoleon & Rommel.In Sarath Fonseka’s self-perception he was Sri Lanka’s greatest military treasure and all glory was due to him alone. It was the “I, me., myself alone” syndrome.

Most contemporary officers resented the cantankerous bullying and crowing of Sarath Fonseka. They admired him as a professional but disliked him at a personal level. But Fonseka was highly popular among the rank and file. He always looked after their welfare and earned their respect and regard.

Abysmal human rights record

There were also other ignoble traits. There have been many allegations (None proven) of sexual impropriety. Moreover as a hawkish soldier his human rights record was abysmal. In 1990 for example there were large scale massacres of Tamil youths in the Amparai district which was under his command.Even recently Fonseka’s hand was suspected in some attacks on journalists.

Sarath Fonseka like Janaka Perera had been “fingered” in many reports by reputed Human rights organizations as well as those by Commissions of Inquiry. Though they hated each other Janaka and Sarath were both in the same boat. Both President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe were reluctant to appoint them earlier as army commanders.

Despite their positive military credentials their negative attributes stood in the way of achieving highest military office. Another reason contributing to this was the suspicion and fear about ulterior motives. There was paranoia (unfair perhaps) that Sarath and Janaka could bring about a coup d’etat. This is a perpetual concern of successive regimes since the 1962 abortive coup.

For all these reasons, Sarath Fonseka was denied what he felt was his rightful place as Army commander. It is said that President Rajapakse was also reluctant to appoint Sarath but Gotabhaya got his brother to go ahead . Apparently the President relied on his brother’s guarantee that Sarath would be “managed” by him (Gota).

This is how Sarath became Army chief. After the first year Mahinda wanted to let Sarath go but again Gotabhaya intervened and stayed his brother’s hand. In the early stages Gotabhaya evolved a satisfactory working relationship with Sarath and set the military juggernaut rolling forward.

Both had a lot in common as they were fellow Anandians and more or less of the same age. Sarath got into the army as part of the third intake while Gotabhaya was of the fourth intake. They served together in crucial battlefronts like that of Vadamaratchy in 1987. Both played a role in the “midnight express” evacuation exercise of Jaffna Fort in 1990. Sarath was Colonel and Gotabhaya Lt. Colonel when the latter quit the army.

Common bond

Another bond between both was their common intention of destroying the LTTE.The reverse of this was that the LTTE also was determined to kill both as the tigers realised that the death of this duo would cripple the war effort beyond redemption.

Sarath Fonseka was seriously injured in a woman suicide bomber attempt within army headquarters but miraculously survived and bounced back in what was perhaps a medical marvel. This was another revelation of the man’s grit and stamina

There was a near successful attempt on Gotabhaya too when a three- wheeler exploded near his convoy at the “Pithala” junction on Greenapth. Gotabhaya was not injured but again escaped death by a hair’s breadth.

The fact that both survived LTTE attempts to kill them drew them closer and strengthened their resolve to fight the war to the finish.Initially there was a lot of camaraderie between both and so great was this perceived relationship that there were rumours of their offspring marrying. But this was simply a rumour.

The war progressed and the nation as well as world at large witnessed the LTTE being slowly driven back and the armed forces advancing. But the Sarath- Gotabhaya equation was under strain. According to defence establishment insiders the greater share of blame for this was Sarath’s.

There was a time when a uniformed Gotabhaya saluted his superior officer Sarath Fonseka. Now Gotabhaya was in civils but entitled to salutes from Sarath as Defence secretary. Though Sarath saluted Gotabhaya and addressed him as “sir” in public, the egoistic Fonseka was unhappy t this turnabout.

To the average military officer anyone in “civvy street” was an object of contempt. This was so in the case of Sarath who was now perceiving Gotabhaya as a civilian boss. Gotabhaya to his credit did not play “soldier” and indulge in antics like Anuruddha Ratwatte . He conducted himself as a civilian in authority refusing to wear uniform or be made “General”.

Nevertheless there were several instances of Sarath Fonseka shooting his mouth off about how galling it was for himself to salute Gotabhaya his junior in the army. Given the penchant for tale-carrying in Sri Lanka these comments were duly conveyed to Gotabhaya.

But Gotabhaya stomached them and continued to work with Sarath as he felt that Fonseka was the best person to prosecute the war with the LTTE. It must be remembered that Gotabhaya was a man with a mission and was prepared to sup with even the devil till “mission accomplished”.

There is no doubt that ultimately war’s are won on the actual battlefield and that the role of the infantry is crucial at decisive stages but the problem with Sarath Fonseka was that he regarded the army and the army alone as being pivotal and the sole repository of all kudos. In this there was something puerile in Fonseka. Unfortunately the power he wielded made him an “enfant terrible”.

Inter-service strife

There was much inter-service strife. So great was the animosity against the Army commander and by extension the army that it required herculean efforts to get the Navy and Air Force cooperate with the army. Ideally this coordination should have been the task of former Air Force chief and Chief of Defence staff Donald Perera. But Fonseka paid scant regard to Donald Perera

It was therefore the onerous duty of Gotabhaya to manage tensions and coordinate matters. He liaised between the Army and navy and Army and Air Force. He smoothed ruffled feelings and secured the cooperation of all. Fonseka and Karannagoda the navy chief were not on speaking terms. Relations were rather strained though not ruptured between Air force chief Gunatilleke and Fonseka.

The Navy had played an important role by destroying many LTTE ships and interdicting supplies to the tigers. The naval cordon too had been very effective curtailing sea tiger movement to a very great extent. Likewise the Air Force had conducted several successful strikes on LTTE installations demolishing many tiger arms dumps. The aerial attack that killed LTTE political commissar Suppiah Paramu Thamilselvan was a significant achievement.

But all these were apparently not acknowledged by Fonseka in discussions within the corridors of power. Discussions like those of the National Security council were turned into colleague haranguing monologues by Sarath Fonseka. Still Gotabhaya managed to keep the war going by deftly striking a balance among all three services. Both Mahinda and Gotabhaya treated Sarath as a “prima donna” throwing occasional tantrums.

Dennis the menace

As far as Sarath Fonseka was concerned he went on like a spoiled brat causing havoc. A latter day Dennis the menace! Gotabhaya was alike a tolerant mother cleaning up the mess made by her recalcitrant child. There was also Sarath’s selfishness that created a lot of heartburn within the Army too.

Sarath Fonseka departed from tradition by withholding promotions and transferring officers whom the army chief regarded as not being efficient or up to the mark. In a noteworthy deviation from accepted norms several junior officers who proved themselves in battle were given rapid promotions.

Fonseka justified these actions as promoting the “strong” and penalising the “weak” in the army so that the force could be transformed into a formidable fighting machine. This unorthodox approach was rather successful in extracting frontline results and had the support of Gotabhaya in principle.

But the downside of this was growing discontentment against Fonseka among many officers. Several officers of Major, Lt. Col & Col rank were deprived of rightful promotions and sullenly harboured resentment. Again it was Gotabhaya’s lot to soothe hurt feelings.

These feelings were exacerbated by the naked favouritism displayed by Fonseka towards certain officers and unconcealed antipathy towards some others.

For instance Parakrama Pannipitiya the “conqueror” of the east was transferred and then removed from his post despite his military triumph. This was simply because he had fallen foul of Fonseka.

Pannipitiya was treated very shabbily and denied security. He had to go to Courts to get it restored. Later Pannipitiya was “framed” on a frivolous treasure hunt charge and penalised. He is now being restored to grace after Fonseka’s fall from grace.

On the other hand blue-eyed boys of Fonseka like Samantha Sooriyabandara were not subjected to penalties in spite of an abysmal military record as 53 division commander. Sooriyabandara suffered many reversals in his ill-fated attempts to break through LTTE defences along the Mhamaalai axis but was not axed. Eventually he got a plum assignment as defence attaché to the Washington embassy.

The growing disenchantment within military officers towards the conduct of Sarath Fonseka was best encapsuled in a pithy comment attributed to battle-hardened Brigadier Rajaguru. “If we go front there is Johnny and if we fall back there is Fonny”. Johnny refers to the LTTE’s anti-personnel mine and Fonny of course is Fonseka.

A glaring illustration of Fonseka’s tendency for self-aggrandizement on the one hand and denying honours to subordinate-colleagues was visible in 2007 when the Vishista Seva Vibushanaya (VSV) awards were conferred.The VSV is regarded as equivalent to the Distinguished Service order.

In the case of the Army all officers above Lt.Col rank with 30 years of unblemished service were eligible for this. Incidently Sarath Fonseka who completed 30 years in 2000 was yet to be awarded a VSV due to perhaps the operative requirement “unblemished”.

What the Army chief did in 2007 was to refrain from recommending any serving officer other than himself for the VSV. He also proposed that only retired or serving army commanders be given the VSV. To his credit Gotabhaya disagreed.

Regulations forbade the recommendations of the army commander being disregarded in the case of serving officers. But the Defence secretary ensured that 11 retired army officers got the VSV. This infuriated Fonseka.

Irritants between Sarath and Gotabhaya were not restricted within the defence establishment alone. Sarath Fonseka in media interviews would drop very heavy bricks causing adverse fall-out. On one occasion he called Tamil Nadu politicians “jokers in the pay of the LTTE”. When New Delhi remonstrated Fonseka was asked to issue an apology. He refused. It was left to Gotabhaya to patch up by issuing an apology for no fault of his own.

Then there was the infamous interview given to the Canadian newspaper “National Post”. Fonseka said Sri Lanka belonged to the majority Sinhalese and that the minorities can stay but have no say.He was asked to do some damage control by clarifying matters in another interview to a state controlled newspaper. In that he was even worse saying the minority communities could not make “undue demands” like federalism.

It could be seen therefore that relations between the Rajapakse’s and Fonseka had been under strain for quite sometime. The public “split” was not something sudden out of the blue but a logical culmination of simmering tensions.

Attitude resented

Sarath Fonseka’s “attitude” was resented but accommodated because he was considered crucially important to the war effort. He was humoured greatly but when the war ended and Fonseka was perceived as exceeding his limits the Rajapakse regime came down heavily on him. This situation was compounded by paranoia on the one hand and pique on the other.

Sarath Fonseka had been regularly boasting about his prowess in prosecuting the war successfully as the battles were in progress.He saw himself as a latter day Dutu Gemunu and even had at one stage a picture of Gemunu on an elephant before whom a cowering Elara was kneeling. A foreign journalist who saw this “art” said that the face of Gemunu resembled Sarath

When Fonseka went on blowing his “Rohana” trumpet the Rajapakses were annoyed but tolerated him till the task was done. He was also allowed to derive popularity mileage due to the war. Even President Rajapakse basked in reflected glory with some posters showing Mahinda and Sarath marching together towards victory.

But the president was growing uncreasingly insecure about Sarath’s growing popularity among the people. This was akin to Ranasinghe Premadasa’s resentment and fear over Denzil Kobbekaduwe. But Rajapakse was confident that brother Gotabhaya would not let things get out of hand,

On the other hand Fonseka was resenting the fact that he had to “share” popularity gained through war victories with the president and government. For example he was irritated by the delay in announcing the fall of Sampoor in order to coincide with the SLFP convention. Fonseka was openly critical of politicians and politics and referred to them derisively.

This resentment on the part of Fonseka to the President getting praised for war victories was manifested during the demise of Velupillai Prabhakaran. The president who was abroad at the time was misinformed that the LTTE leader was no more on May 16th. A jubilant Rajapakse returned on 17th and kissed the tarmac in an exhibition of patriotic glee.

He learnt later that Prabhakaran was not yet reported dead but was very likely to be encircled and finished off very soon. An address to the nation was scheduled by the president for the morning of May 19th to announce the tiger supremo’s death.

Refused to confirm

But to Mahinda’s chagrin Fonseka refused to confirm the death and the president’s anticipated announcement did not materialise. But after the presidential address was concluded the Army chief announced to the nation that Prabhakaran had been killed. Sarath Fonseka and not Mahinda Rajapakse made the historic announcement.

This heralded the floodgates opening for waters of resentment in Rajapakse ranks to flow towards Fonseka. The army chief aggravated the situation by glorifying himself as the sole cause for victory. The contribution of other officers ,other defence services, the defence secretary and President were overlooked or ignored.

Several newspaper articles singing paeans of praise to Sarath Fonseka began appearing in the media. Victory celebrations extolled the martial virtues of Sarath.Fonseka blew his own trumpet lustily in media interviews. Media persons close to Sarath wrote books giving too much credit to the army chief. The president and defence secretary were eclipsed

While the role played by Sarath Fonseka in the war is certainly praiseworthy the part played by Gotabhaya also deserves much credit. It was he who planned out the military strategy and implemented it by coordinating and directing the entire military effort. He was the lynchpin that linked the defence establishment with the political executive.

Winning over India

Gotabhaya secured military assistance from diverse sources and channelled them productively. He, Basil Rajapakse and Lalith Weeratunge were responsible for winning over India. The full cooperation of the armed forces were secured by Gotabhaya despite the stumbling blocks placed by Sarath Fonseka.

Likewise President Rajapakse provided leadership at a very high level. He fully backed the war effort resisting tremendous pressure from powerful quarters to call off the war. He stood resolutely against mounting international criticism about how the war was being conducted.The president gave a free hand and unlimnited support to the armed forces to finish the job.

Under these circumstances President Rajapakse also deserved praise for the war success. Besides President Rajapakse was relying heavily on war victory euphoria to gain victories in the political arena.Fonseka’s attempt to hog all credit was impacting on these plans.

Another evolving divergence was about re-settlement of Wanni IDP’s. President Rajapakse had given assurances to the UN,IMF , western nations and India on this account and had obtained aid from the IMF predicated on these guarantees. But the hawkish Fonseka was of a different opinion. He wanted prolonged detention of IDPs to identify and eradicate tigers masquerading as civilians.

Fonseka also wanted the army’s strength to be increased to 300,000 and at least 100,000 deployed in the Wanni. He had elaborate plans of settling army families in cantonments in the Wanni thereby changing the demography in the north. Fonseka had once stated in an interview about attacks from “Tamils” during his childhood in Amparai district. For him the war was not over.

Emerging threat

There was also a perceived shift in Sarath Fonseka’s outlook. The adulation received from the masses was affecting him.From being a person who spurned politics and ridiculed politicians the army chief began hinting at a political role for him in the future.

On “spirited” occasions the General fires off like a loose cannon. Fonseka began talking of himself as the man who defeated the Tamils like the son of Ruhunu and began querying from friends and acquaintances in bantering tones “Why can’t I be the next president?”

He was also critical of sycophantic attempts to project Mahinda as the great emperor who won the war and saved the country. As far as Sarath was concerned it was he and not Mahinda who won the war and saved the country.

As news of this changed attitude was conveyed to the Rajapakse brothers the alarm bells started ringing. A real or imaginary threat to the president’s political fortunes was perceived.

At least three separate intelligence reports were officially and unofficially commissioned. The essence of these reports stated that Fonseka was nursing political ambitions and that he enjoyed equal if not more popularity among the masses than Mahinda Rajapakse himself.

There was thus a re-alignment within the triumvirate. The brothers Rajapakse saw an emerging threat in Sarath Fonseka. On the one hand Mahinda saw Sarath as someone who could usurp his political leadership. On the other Gotabhaya was miffed by the crudely blatant efforts of Fonseka to deny the important role played by the defence secretary.

The Rajapakse regime that mollycoddled Sarath Fonseka and tolerated all his past idiosyncrasies and foibles was no longer prepared to do so. First came a rule by the defence secy that no service chief could give media interviews without permission or monitoring.This effectively restricted the media monopoly of Fonseka.

Then came a swift transformation of public posters. The earlier ones with Mahinda and Sarath gave way to new ones with Mahinda,Gotabhaya and Basil. The old trinity was replaced with the new one based on blood ties.

There was also an incident that caused a “rift” between Gotabhaya and Sarath. Two shipments of ammunition and artillery shells ordered earlier arrived after the war ended. Gotabhaya turned them back saying they were unnecessary as the war was over.

According to knowledgeable circles the middleman was a Pakistani national who went by the name “Ahmed Nissar”. It was widely rumoured that Sarath Fonseka’s son in law Danuna Tillekaratne was associated with this middleman and received US 2 cents per bullet and US $20 dollars per shell as commission. These rumours have neither been confirmed, denied challenged or disproved.

There continued various irritants between the Rajapakse’s and Fonseka. Some of the noteworthy ones included the one where first Lady Shiranthi Rajapakse and elder son Namal were stopped by the army on a journey to the north and were delayed unduly for hours. This was seen as being done at the behest of Fonseka himself.

ON July 9th Fonseka spoke at a book launch about the war in which he heaped compliments upon himself lavishly. Token lip service was paid to the President’s role. Gotabhaya was virtually ignored. According to Sarath he and he alone had won the war with the President’s support. It was a one-man show. This inplied that Sarath and not Mahinda was the saviour of the nation.

Another incident was the felicitation ceremony at Dharmasoka College , Ambalangoda on July 10th. All traffic was stopped along the Galle road for hours. There were massive security arrangements made arbitrarily by Sarath’s security personnel causing much hardship to people.

Sarath waxed eloquent about his role in winning the war alone to an appreciative “home” audience. In the process he shot himself in the foot by allegedly admitting that tigers who surrendered with white flags were shot dead in cold blood.

Law unto themselves

There were increasing signs that Sarath and his merrymen in the army were becoming a law unto theselves. It was as if a parallel authority was being exercised by Fonseka in certain spheres.

At one point five journalists who sang Fonseka’s praises in their respective media organs were granted special protection by the army chief. The reason given was that there was a threat to their lives from the Naval chief Wasantha Karannagoda’s men.

Another high-handed incident was the one in which military officials acting under the orders of Fonseka arrested the aide de camp of Jagath Jayasuriya the present army chief. There was even a move to arrest Jayasuriya too but was thwarted.

In the meantime developments in far off Honduras were impacting on Sri Lanka. Manuel Zelaya the Honduran president was planning a referendum aimed at extending his term of office in a roundabout way.The Courts rejected the referendum proposal but Zelaya in an act of defiance went ahead and ordered the army to begin distributing ballot papers.

The Army chief Gen.Romeo Vásquez Velazquez refused to do so. President Zelaya then sacked Velazquez and went ahead with his plans. On June 28th Velasquez staged a military coup. Zelaya was arrested and packed off to neighbouring Costa Rica. News of this Honduran coup rattled the powers that be and a state controlled newspaper in Colombo gave a lot of prominence to the event.

Shortly after this coup a friendly country passed an intelligence tip that a military coup was possible in Sri Lanka too. The friendly country suggested that the army chief could enact a coup with the backing of another country. Both countries concerned were sworn enemies but were friendly towards Sri Lanka.

It was against this backdrp that the government acted. Fonseka was urgently summoned on July 12th and given three days to bow out as army chief and take over as Chief of Defence staff(CDS).

The CDS post had been in existence for decades but in recent times the powers were revamped. As the seniormost service chief Karannagoda was to succeed Donald Perera but Fonseka who regarded the navy chief as his “bete noire” objected vehemently and wanted it himself.

This was granted but Fonseka wanted to take up that position only after the ceremonial functions of the Army’s 60th anniversary were over. Fonseka wanted to be army chief at that time.Another reason for procrastinating was that Fonseka was unhappy about the CDS having to report to the defence secy and not the president. He was seeking an amendment on that count.

Since Fonseka objected to Karannagoda being made CDS , President Rajapakse appointed the navy chief as defence adviser. Karannagoda was also made secretary to the Highways ministry.Fonseka was angry at this. He was also resentful of the close friendship between the first lady and Mrs.Karannagoda.

But suddenly Fonseka’s world went crashing down. He was summoned and given an ultimatum. Reluctantly Fonseka submitted and relinquished his army chief post and became CDS. His request that his close associate Gen. Chandrasiri be made Army chief was rejected. The Rajapakse’s were in no mood to appoint someone close to Fonseka. Instead Jayasoriya ranking 9th in seniority was appointed army chief.

Thereafter Fonseka found himself being undermined systematically. Exhibits pertaining to him were emoved at the army exhibition. His address at the 60th anniversary function was blacked out in the state and significant sections of the non-state media.

There were also rumours that people suspected of being close to Fonseka were being edged out slowly from sensitive posts in the defence establishment. Strategically important positions were filled by persons hostile to Fonseka. Even his staff at CDS was infiltrated by elements hostile to him. There was also much talk that Fonseka and those regarded as loyalists were being monitored.

In a comical exercise there was an anniuncement that Fonseka would be made secretary to the sports ministry. Sports minister Gamini Lokuge was not informed but welcomed it. But the proposal turned into a damp squib as Fonseka rebuffed it.

Fonseka suporters in opposition parties began a campaign criticising the govt for insulting the ex- army chief by offering him the sports secy post. It was also projected by the opposition that being appointed CS was a comedown for Fonseka. This compelled the usually taciturn Gotabhaya to set the record straight on the CDS affair via newspapers.

Ministers attack Fonseka

In another development cabinet ministers and non-cabinet ministers started attacking Fonseka indirectly. He was implicitly criticised for having political ambition. There was also constant paranoia that a coup was being planned. There was also suspicion that Fonseka was engaged in negotiations with opposition parties though a journalist emissary.

While all this controversy was raging Fonseka himself kept silent holding his cards close to his chest. This itself amounted to making a virtue out of necessity as Fonseka could not make public statements without permission while in the service.

While the country was agog with excitement at this undeclared tussle between the Rajapakse regime and Fonseka phenomenon pathetic efforts were made by people like defence spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara to deny the obvious. A jocular attempt was made to cowe the media into silence by threatening legal action.

But the divide became very visible when Sarath Fonseka visited the US in October to renew his green card. When Fonseka informed Colombo about a potential nterview with US dept of homeland security there was widespread panic resulting in Foreign minister Bogollagama staging a press conference to protest. This indicated very clearly the breakdown in relations between the governmed and its ex-army chief.

After Fonseka’s return to the country speculation increased that he would quit the army soon and enter politics by contesting against Mahinda Rajapakse if a presidential poll was held. There was also speculation that many opposition parties including the UNP and JVP would support Fonseka as common opposition candidate.

On Novenber 6th Sarath Fonseka met with Ranil Wickremasinghe, Rauff Hakeem, Mano Ganesan and Mangala Samarweera. It is believed that a decision was arrived at then for these parties to support Fonseka but no one has explicitly confirmed or denied it.

On Wednesday November 11th the commander-in-chief of the armed forces had a one to one meeting with his erstwhile Army chief at “Temple Trees”. In a candid conversation Fonseka told the president that due to “erosion of trust and confidence” he was compelled to quit.

President Rajapakse responded by saying that Fonseka’s resignation would be accepted promptly if and when submitted. According to news reports the President had quipped that Sarath Fonseka could always return to him after suffering defeat at the presidential elections. Fonseka reportedly smiled.

Gen Sarath Fonseka then submitted his resignation coming into effect from December 1st to Presidential secretary Lalith Weeratunga at 1.30 pm on Thursday November 12th.

The three-page letter outlining 17 reasons for quitting was promptly accepted as President Mahinda Rajapakse had given clear instructions that the resignation should be accepted if and when Fonseka submitted it.

Fonseka worshipped at the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara on the evening of Nov 12th. Replying to questions from the media about his plans for entering politics the General replied that he would speak out after shedding his uniform formally in December. Fonseka however said that his views on politics had changed indicating that he was ready to throw his hat into the ring.

In a disgraceful indicator of what Fonseka could expect in the future an instigated “mob” gathered at the Vihara premises blocking Sarath’s vehicle. He was also hooted at and cheered. The mastermind behind the “mobbing” is well-known.

The current crisis is a result of brewing discontent between the Rajapakses and Fonseka over a long period of time. While these tensions were managed and contained during the war they have exploded openly after the war victory. In a sense the strife is all about who deserves the greater credit and reward for fighting and winning the war. A fight for the spils of victory!

Essentially this is a personality clash devoid of differences in principle or policy.Extreme paranoia, seething passions, jealousy, vengeful thinking and wounded pride have exacerbated the situation.

Attempts by one side to put down perceived political challenges and efforts by the other side to counter them are creating a situation where diametrically opposite forces are reconfiguring themselves as political bedfellows.

There is lamentable absence of firm policy and a complete abandonment of principle. A no holds barred political expediency seems to be the order of the day.

On another level the current situation is also the culmination of a long process of militarisation of Sri Lankan society and a gradual politicisation of the military.

There has been a creeping militarisation that has eroded civic, democratic values. The military was afforded an unhealthy paramountcy over the years. It’s crunch time now!

This then is the situation. The nation has come to a sorry state where the former army chief is poised to wage an electoral battle against his former commander in chief. Whatever the outcome of this titanic clash there is no doubt that the country on the whole will suffer irredeemable harm.

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at dbsjeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

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  1. DBS
    What do you think Mahinda will do next? Will he hold presidential poll and take on Gen Fonseka in straight fight presidential election?


    Mahinda has never openly stated he was going to hold presidential election early.

    The speculation about an early poll was predicated on the assumption that Mahinda would cash in on popularity gained through war victory over LTTE. By having an early presidential election Mahinda ran the risk of losing a year in his first presidential term. But that loss could have been compensated by his winning the presidential election with massive majority
    But with Sarath in the hustings, Mahinda is not sure of getting an anticipated landslide because The ex – Army chief too would utilise the war victory euphoria& cut into Mahinda’s votes.

    In such a situation the purpose of having an earlier presidential poll is no longer valid

    Meanwhile there is a fragile unity among opposition ranks in supporting Sarath as common candidate. Why give the opposition a chance to united on this factor

    Against that backdrop the best bet for Mahinda is not to have presidential elections. Parliamentary poll is inevitab;e by or before April 2010

    If Parliament elections are held the UNP -JVP “understanding” will be lost. Other divisions among opposition ranks could emerge too. The UNP & SLMC have lost many MP”s through defection. They will certainly get more seats than what they have now but Mahinda can live with that as the Sarath factor would be neutralised. Also JVP &NFF & JHU will lose many of their MP’s in new election

    Meanwhile what will Sarath do if there is no presidential poll soon? Will he contest for parliament and if so on the ticket of which party? The current euphoria will decrease and govt will have time to undermine Sarath

    Another possibilty is for Mahinda to have prez & parl polls together. That will complicate matters for opposition. Can UNP &JVP be together on one platform & support SF for president& fight each other on another platform for Parliament

    We live in interesting times

    Let’s see what the Medamulana Machiavelli has in mind

  2. Very well written DBS

    You have tweeted that SF was offered PM post by Mahinda& he refused

    Will you update us on these developments please?

    DBSJ Responds:

    Thank You.Yes . I do intend writing more soon either by updating&revising this article or by writing another one.Please stay tuned

  3. Thanks for a detailed article that puts the matter in perspective DBS

    Do you think Sarath Fonseka is manipulated by the opposition parties?


    The opposition thinks they can exploit Sarath Fonseka’s wounded ego & lust for power & manipulate him. But the general is only using them as a ladder

    Also Sarath is no puppet.Already he’s shown his mettle by amending and altering the resignation letter and annexure drafted by opposition parties for him

    This shows the opposition plans could go awry

  4. Thanks DBS. I was waiting for your article for weeks. After reading the resignation letter I was thinking GSF has been treated badly.. and he was so kind of the IDPs etc. Now I understand so much was going on behind the screen.. it sounds like whoever becomes the next president .. the suffering will continue for the innocent civilians.. thanks for shedding some light on this..

  5. What did you mean by saying “Whatever the outcome of this titanic clash there is no doubt that the country on the whole will suffer irredeemable harm”


    The armed forces will get politicised and also polarised.

    The following paragraphs from my article indicate this –

    “There is a lamentable absence of firm policy and a complete abandonment of principle. No holds barred political expediency seems to be the order of the day. On another level the current situation is also the culmination of a long process of militarisation of Sri Lankan society and a gradual politicisation of the military.

    There has been a creeping militarisation that has eroded civic, democratic values. The military was afforded an unhealthy paramountcy over the years. It’s crunch time now!”

    By the way why dont you post comments under your name?

  6. Whether Rajapakse or Sarath wins the fate of Tamils In sri Lanka will not change. Military coup will meet the same fate as the one in 1967. Ramil is playing an underhand game knowing he cannot contest and win as he is an unlucky candidate.

  7. DBSJ

    Thanks for the long awaited article. It cleared up a lot for me and iam sure for others too. It is a joke to see him shedding crocodile tears for the IDP’s now. So i’am wondering whether politics was always in his blood because he has become a typical politician now doing U-turns. I think reading your article, his ego was such that ambitions of leading the country would have been there even from childhood , like Obama.

    I was also intrigued by your following para

    “At least three separate intelligence reports were officially and unofficially commissioned. The essence of these reports stated that Fonseka was nursing political ambitions and that he enjoyed equal if not more popularity among the masses than Mahinda Rajapakse himself.”

    This intelligence reports, plus the fact that Mahinda had offerred primeminister, and CDF posts to Fonseka, makes me think that at todays convention, Mahinda will only announce the parliamentary elections, and will postpone the Presidential one indefinitely, until he is sure of victory.

    Most likely but you never know with Mahinda the Machiavelli of Medamulana………….DBSJ

  8. Jeyaraj, this is going to be a turning point in Sri Laka’s politics if Ranil and JVP are genuine. The country will turn to good side within a short period. If values of the “strong character” of Gen.SF can be mixed well with values of “scientific politics” of RanilW definitely country can move forward. The people of Sri Lanka should be wise to give right mandate to General SF. The General will definitely become an embodiment to a real, genuine national leadership. Why can’t he become such a leader?

    Why do writers argue towards negative side of the end result?
    He has demonstrated his management competencies in the army in Ealm War-4. He has no complaints for corruptions unless now fostered. He selected right field commanders for the Eelam War -4. He extracted maximum from them. There might have some mistakes or errors happened in the war. But no commander was in this world commanded a war hundred percent accurately. I don’t think it is practically possible. Why can’t he do right work in the political arena?

    People used to say politics is different from military management. Does it mean a doctor should become the Health minister? A teacher should become the Education minister? I don’t think. What are the political qualifications in most of our politicians? Main thing is “born in political family”. Except several, all others are parasites living on down stream officers.

    Many writers write against Gen SF . It doesn’t matter if somebody wants to eat shit. But it is painful and disgusting to see that they insult this gentleman who is a National Hero. Whole problem came as a consequence of trying to grab the “patent” of a “hot cake product” in the political market throwing away the inventor cum manufacturer.

  9. I am sorry to say that your piece looks like a hatchet job. I have no intention to defend the general. But to insinuate him by repeating rumours is not something that a respected journalist should indulge in.


    I dont think all of them are rumours. It is only a matter of time for the truth to be revealed. What I have written here is only a tip of the Iceberg.Obviously you dont know what a “hatchet job” really is

  10. Until Sarath Fonseka issues public apology for saying Sri Lanka belongs to the Singhalese alone no self – respecting Tamil or Muslim will vote for him

  11. Dear DBS

    I am quite shocked. I always thought that you are a principled journalist who reported news based on facts and never created news like most of the low class sri lankan journalists. This is the first time that I am hearing that SF had allegations regarding morality./family connected corruption)

    I have closely monitored the interviews given by the SF to media, and true he never gave the due credit the Navy but did mentioned the service rendered by the other forces and was always thankful the MR/GOTA ,at least in public. I never saw him coming up with self-glorification in public. Furthermore I think whatever anybody say’s in private should remain in private domain.

    I think that you have become bit to personal in penning down this article and that’s the least we want from you,especailly due to the up-coming polls, I think sri lanakan public must have more and more independent sources to make a prudent decision.

    So, as a long time reader of your articles I demand that you remain a factual reporter, as you have been to-date.


    There are many things about “heroes” that are unknown to those who “hero worship”.But it is a fact of life that devotees gradually discover their Gods have feet of clay.

    As for me I shall remain as I am as “constant as the Northern star”.

  12. Thank you DBS. Extremely interesting and impartial analysis.

    Given this back ground it will be interesting to monitor the future actions of `so called protectors of Tamils’ – Mano Ganeshan and the TNA towards the General.

  13. RAJAPaksas should be challenged and beaten
    mainly due to corruption
    basil gota has done arms deals with sumal perera to get commission
    comander knows all these deals thats why there are frighten

  14. GOVT GIVE 400 security to karuna not to our hero………
    Following General Sarath Fonseka’s resignation from the post of Chief of Defence Staff last Thursday, the government on Friday, reduced his security contingent consisting of 400 elite commandos to a mere 25. General Sarath Fonseka was assigned 400 security personnel and 25 vehicles after he was appointed Chief of Defence Staff. Announcing that the General’s resignation be made effective immediately from November 13, the General’s security contingent was reduced to 25 security personnel.

  15. Cabinet ministers who criticised Mervyn for staging rude demonstration against Sarath Fonseka shocked to know it was approved by president

  16. Sir,
    I’m following your writings for last three months. Your writings are really unbiased. Especially this article uncovers many hidden truths…. Good Work. All other Sri Lankan related web-sties I know can be classified as Pro LTTE, Pro Government or communist based ones. So, please continue your writings.

  17. As I always quotes this is exactly what happened to the Srilankan cricket after winning the world cup in 1996.
    When we won the world cup in 1996(? accidentally) all Srilankans including late Prabakaran and clan were jubilant. I can remember we as youngsters celebrated it for months every where. We were happy that the name Srilanka was highly regarded for a while by the world.
    Similarly we won the match against LTTE in May 2009 at the exepense of at least 40000 lives including VP, and almost all Srialnkan were happy from top to bottom.This time VP and the clan was on the wrong side and was not available to join the party.
    All Srilankans with a sane mind should be able to remember what happened aftee the 1996 world cup victory and situation of our cricket now.
    I saw the same drama being unfolded after the massacre of LTTE and the clan and actually I managed to predict the situation.
    The bloody was never a JUST WAR as per Dayan Jayathilake. It was a bloody day light massacre of our own country men for short term political gain.
    Unless we capitalize on the achievement with a positive note, country will be heading for a spectacular nose dive in all aspects social norms.
    We are still a failed state ranking 20 in par with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia etc.
    National IQ is on the verge of collapse and as a consequent we see people like Dr Mervin/ Karuna Amman in the senior minster ranks.
    Fortunately we did not see a government in military costumes even though present government depends heavily on arms and deaths.
    But the Sarath Fonseka factor in politics will deliver us similar states as soon as he steps on a political flat form.
    In that sense I thoroughly believe Ranil Wickramasinha should not bring SF as the common opposition candidate, even though the opposition is weak as never before.
    It is a matter of time than any thing else before MR and the clan commit political suicide!

  18. DBS Above all of it is the shameless weak role played by Ranil. It is quite obvious the UNP is in tatters and on a head-to-head contest Ranil would have been trounced and SB defeated and Mangy routed. So they are now playing with fire with a man with a huge ego.

    Chandirika B K did not trust SF because she felt he was UNP and JHU plant and did not extend his term though he tried hard. Ranil is day dreaming if he thinks SF who CAN beat MR will then quietly lay down and give in to Ranil to become an Executive PM and lead SL.. Ranil is weak. SF’s blind ego now prevents him from logical thinking about what Ranil, Ravi K and Mangy said about him. Now Mangy is kissing the ground SF is walking on. How can we expect SF to willingly step down after he becomes PResident? Ranil is the most dangerous man here.

    He wants to use SF for his gain. I will not be surprised if Ranil uses his LTTE links to harm SF so suspicion will fall on MR. MR like the paranoid man with an inferiority complex that he has,(he is always feeling inferior to the Bandaranaike crooks for a reason; they are upper elite English speakers; MR is a village lad with poor English) now used the Doctor to insult a war hero and a peoples hero. SF will only gain popularity when the kudu lals’s and Doctors are used to attack SF. SF CAN win. but will it be good?

  19. Dear JBS
    A great incisive piece of writing. Believe me you are a really great journalist.Seems that Sri Lanka has to choose between the devil and the deep sea. But then the known devil is better than the unknown one
    Looking forward eagerly to your next post

  20. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj.

    I have always enjoyed your articles. This one is superb and gives a clear unbiased picture of the events leading upto the current situation.

    Thank you

  21. Sir,

    You have aptly brought out the fissures within the elite corridors of power. However, the sad fact is the people who are the key in the entire process (casue for the war, winning and losing the war) have been completed left out.

  22. DBSJ

    Are you doctoring the photographs. You always make them look handsome. Mahinda’s moustache beats Sarath’s by a mile. So the winner isssssssss Mahiiiiiiiinda Rajapakshe.

    Remember VP also could not compete with this moustache.

    There is someone fast asleep in the background. I did not know you could sleep standing up.

  23. Interesting account of the relations between Mahinda, Gota and SF. From what I read, the one most at fault seems to be the good general. What is also interesting is that he appears to have thrown his lot with the UNP just to get into power, a party and a leadership that was openly in contempt of his war effort at the early stages. One remembers Ranil’s statements in response to the Army capturing Toppigala in the East.

    SF may be a military genius, but his political acumen has to be questioned. If he contests the Presidential election with the support of the UNP only thing that MR has to remind the people of Sri Lanka is about the person who will be come the Prime Minister under a SF government. When the Singhalese realize that while SF may be the President if he wins, but it is Ranil Wickramasingha, who will be the Prime Minister, one of the most incompetent and shameless politicians that the country has seen in recent times, the good general will be history.

  24. Hmmm another example of greed for power. Jeyaraj Lasantha W hinted at SF and the coup in his posthumous editorial, could you elaborate on that please.

    Not tonight Josephine……….DBSJ

  25. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj, once again very timely, eloquent, detail narative of events. In my opinion Sarath Fonseka coulde be made as a scape goat to face the war crime charges by the Mahinda regime even before the presidential poll.

    An other possibility that he could be put down like pit bull by Gotha. Of course, this guy has blood in his hand so do the Mahinda brothers. It is time these thugs were thrown into the dust bin of history by the Sinhala masses.

    As long as TE is concerned, if this guy becomes the next president, the military grip on TE will be hardened and as you mentioned the demography of the north will be changed by settling armed Sinhalese.

    We Tamils in TE and diaspora have to rally behind the
    transnational government of TE, the only internationally accepted way to tackle our problems especially to end the military occupation of our motherland by the Sinhala mono ethnic invading forces.


  26. Decaying of Srilankan society was set in motion 60 years ago and it is just snowballing now, mixed with blood and tears.
    In the mean time, sarongs are raised with pouring patriotism and in the stampede, small and weak will get crushed as usual.

  27. Well analysed article. Thanks DBSJ.

    Given the choice MR and SF whom a resonable Sri Lankan should vote and elect as next president in the long term interest of the country ?

    We have to wait for election campaigns to unfold………..DBSJ

  28. Above is the best unbiased article I have seen of DBSJ’s. It is not because of the article carries what I like to hear, but they are the ‘sense making’ facts that your system can digest, IF you were consistent with the SL’s politics.

    SF’s egoistic, arrogant nature was obvious even during the time the war was properly led by him which was very insignificant compared to tasks before the govt at that time. His attitude problem seems have made him take a stupid decision out of overestimation.

    The man who used tosee, inteprete, react every aspect of the daily life from military angle with the pride he earned from militory means soon will realise what he lacked in making this crucial decision when the glamour is lost under the civilian clothing.

  29. Dear DBS

    You will never run out of topics for aricles as long as sri lanks exits.

    Fundamentals are wrong with SriLanka….
    Demise of VP , who was outcome of this wrong funamentals, has not changed these funamental and will never change

    As long as, Politicians are corrupt and willing to come to power at any cost without any reagrd to fairness , Sri Lanka is doomed.

    I thought SF was not corrupt and could possibly become president and then could bring SriLanka under kind of military rule getting rid of corrupted politicians. Srilanka could see the growth like China & Singapore where one party rules.

    I have changed my mind. SF is more of egoistic guy than a non-corrupt guy.

    I think , when SF wanted 300,000 forces he had the master plan aginst india & partnership with China & Parkistan.

    For those tamil people who have gone through one-year of agony when tamils were sloughtered because of Indo-Singala partnership , time to sit back and watch singalese bleeding. India will pay trhe price soon after once China , firuwe

  30. wonderful article.I read all these points earlier after May 20th.This is the reality.Fate of all well wishers for the future of our mother land.GOD BLESS TO MY COUNTRY.

  31. Military solution to political grievances results in far reaching consequences and undercurrent of the issues will never cease to exist, in contrary it will be strengthened in different form. Hence, politicized military is here to stay and I wish, at least we will have a communal harmony in boats- destination Australia.
    In the mean time, the genie is completely out, and the jar is missing!!!

  32. Seems You were really annoyed by SF’s moves and statements…..
    So whom you prefer to be the next president?

    Let the elections be announced and campaigns unfold……….DBSJ

  33. From where did you find these interesting points and responding very quickly……………. I hope General would go to USA in 2010 for life. it is very interesting to read your articles.even being out of the country,I always look for your new articles greedily.Thank you for your updates.God bless you for long life and hope you to write more and more for us.

    Thank You Wipul and as the Muslims say “Inshaa’h Allah”……….DBSJ

  34. Do you think any truths about last stages of war will be revealed ?

    What about Karuna’s involvements in this split ?

    Yes. Truth will come out but dont know when. Karuna is busy in other spheres. This is basically a “home and home” match……..DBSJ

  35. Dear DBSJ

    As of now, no one is concerned about Tamils political rights. DBSJ – based on your instinst – what do you think of the Federal Idea for SriLanka – is this concept Dead for good ?

    It appears that India’s approval is sought before any decisions are made. Do you believe this to be so and why ?

    Look forward to your reply.

    Many Thanks.


    The popular saying “Kolombata kiri. Gamata Kekiri” illustrates that Sri Lanka has to become a federal or quasi-federal state at some point of time if the issue of “uneven development” is to be addressed meaningfully through structural & functional transformation

    As for India. Some politicians seek advice from India. Some keep India informed. Some keep India misinformed. Some seek approval from India for their plans. Some seek assistance from India.Some pretend that India is supporting their ideas& proposals.Those are the geo-political realities

  36. as usual this is very good article by DBS . Great work.

    As i see Gen F now having cross fingers with Air force,Navy as well as Army by making comments against commander JJ and against existing establishments.I don’t think any one can go to presidency with cross fingers with navy and air force. Can he? i feel that there can be coup against him. Also i can see non of the others have cross fingers with him but gen F crossing fingers with everyone.

    I think Gov will put both gen election and presidential election together and all alliances will break. then more emphasis go to RW to win more seats than winning whole lot. it will be people who confused to vote. isn’t it?
    your thoughts ?

    Please see my response to post#1 and post#10………DBSJ

  37. to comment 34-Ranjan

    I don’t think you realise that if SF becomes the president Ranil will be just a puppet primeminister. Anyway that position is just nothing anyway. Who cares today about what Ratnasiri Wickremanayaka thinks or does. So people won’t be bothered about Ranil when they vote for SF, because they know that if Ranil so much as squeaks soldiers of the Sinha Regiment will come and take him away, to the army camp. Politics will change forever in the country with the Army being the real power.

  38. Hi there,

    Thanks for your articles and have been following them every now and then. Most of them if not all are/were well informed.

    However in this instance, I see your personal view of SF clouding what I believe was an attempt to write an unbiased article. The whole article is filled with negative adjectives aimed at the Man even before you state the facts. You seem to put more pressure on the man having a big ego than anything else. If that is his major fault I am perfectly fine with it. ‘Cos if I were to pick a president out of the group of Ranil, Mahinda and SF; I would go for SF anyday. What other option is there?

    I do not whether it is true, but EVEN IF SF is very egoistic as you say, I am sure he is way less corrupt than Mahinda & Co. and he is definitely a better leader than Ranil.

    Cheers 🙂


    This is your personal viewpoint about what you think is/was my point of view. Just four short points this article is not about who is fit to be president but an outline of events that led to this crisis.secondly SF “ego” was/is cause of this crisis exacerbating in my view. Thirdly one has to only read his resignation letter&annexure to see his”I”trouble.Fourthly “corrupt” is not restricted to “finance” alone

  39. and Ranjan, the UNP has now come up with a brilliant idea. Have Ranil as the candidate and also Fonseka as a candidate of another party. That way the sinhala bhudhist vote can be split and ranil can win. Ranil canget the minorities vote while SF might get only about 100. At last they have started to use their brains a bit.



  41. Hi DBS,

    As a Tamil, In the previous election people said Ranil is better than MR for the tamils but the LTTE foolishly ensured MR got elected. Now we have come to a sad state where MR is better than the alternative (Fonseka). Shows how little the tamils have these days!!.

    I personally dont think Fonseka or UNF will win unless the economy does really tail spin to hell. The next war for Sri Lanka is the economic war. Anyway if this happens and god help us if UNF does win with Fonesaka.

    From what you have written DBS this guy will be the next saddam hussein of Asia. He will go on a revenge spree to kill everyone who opposses him. He wont only kill tamils but singhalese, muslims or anyone.

    Your last paragraph sums up everything pretty well. The reason Sri Lanka is in this state is that the nation relied on a military solution to defeat the tamil insurgency and not a political one. So now the country has to rely on the military for governance and not the political one. In this regard I also dont agree to get rid of the executive presidency. Then you would make the political landscape even more weak cos you will never have a strong leadership and a military coup is still possible.

    I personally think Fonseka will disapper into the wilderness due to his inability to build relationships. In politics that is a must. Just like VP, Fonseka too has the same weakness that is they think everything is a fight and nothing can be compromised or negotiated..

    I also think the government has setup this HR violation probe to stich fonseka up. So that all the war crimes blame will be put on him and not on the Rajapakse brothers. This commission has been setup on one side to keep the US quiet and on the other hand to stich Fonseka up.



  42. jay,

    i savoured your article i have been concentrating on srilankan issue for the past twenty four years to be precise i think i have miles to go to know about the intricacies of srilankan politics i am very fortunate to have a person like u to enlighten me.as far as sarath fonseka is concerned probably he may become a common candidate for presidency against mr but i doubt he can win against mr.

    he is perceived as a sinhala chauvinist i doubt moderate sinhalese as well as tamil and muslim will vote for sf.victory of sf does not augur well for srilanka as well as for the world.no doubt rajapakshe brothers are equally guilty when it comes to war crime atleast mr has got some experience in dealing with other countries whereas sf does not have any experience diplomatically dealing with other countries.

    we can find many examples of generals turning damp squib when it comes to taking over reins of the country in pakistan and bangladesh.to be honest i would not blame ranil wickramasinghe becoz he is such a nice guy though he happens to be jrjs nephew and a minister in his uncles cabinet which was responsible for the srilankan tragedy.ranil wick is a very soft guy and he is a complete misfit in a chauvinistic sinhala society and his only goal now is to get rid of mr and his family so that he can bring back his party to power.

    but i have my doubts whether he can tame sf given the fact that sf is a strong willed person and he will not give in so easily probably it is a classic case of a person who could not dismount from the tiger lol what an irony that i have to use sf for a tiger.i always beleived jay that a society its politics,leadership and prosperity is linked to its shedding of paranoia and gaining confidence in its identity.

    srilanka if it has to become another singapore then it has to shed its paranoia towards anything tamil and really it makes me laugh when they often think about sixty million tamils across the palk strait.sixty million tamils what have they done to eelam tamils nothing they exhibited emotions and despite a pro eelam wave sweeping tamilnadu before parliamentary elections could not vote out the ruling combine.

    so i would like to request sinhalese not to be scared or be paranoid of tamils in tamil nadu they would not do anything against srilanka.so sri lanka be confident and try to become another singapore becoming or not becoming lies with you srilankans.by the way jey i read through some tamil magazines here in chennai that pottu amman addressing maveerars day is a possibility .

    i read that yogi is alive and what happened to puthuvai rathina durai,lawrence thilagar can u shed light on them (i hope you will not mistake me for calling you jey since i feel i have already bonded with you thru this blog )

  43. Thank you DBS for revealing all this. Reading your informative and unbiased blog is far better than reading any Sri Lankan newspaper.

  44. DBS, you have filled the vacuum. Otherwise, we would not able to read the accurate military news information.

    To me, all credit goes to MR. If the top leader is not strong, nothing can be achieved. I think people have forgotten 1987 time where Maj Gen Kobbekaduwa encircle Prabakaran and ready to finish him. JR was clueless with the Indian pressure. Everybody knows what happened next. Although, you may have a strong military leadership, but fragile political leadership would have lost the battle.
    I give credit to MR for managing the economy, international affairs and public relation with Sri Lankans (all know, we Sri Lankans forget the past fast) during the 3 year time period.

  45. “There is a lamentable absence of firm policy and a complete abandonment of principle. No holds barred political expediency seems to be the order of the day.”

  46. Congratulations on a another superb piece of analysis. We gasp for air in a vacuum and and Jeyaraj is the sole source of oxygen. Others only provide smoke for smokescreens.

    Even if the opposition has delayed the presidential polls by putting SF on the hustings, that is a substantial defeat for the Rajapakse regime.

    Thankyou for writing something about Janaka. Whether this line of enquiry is a red herring or not, I am interested to know what effect the mystery of his assassination along with many others in the UNP. and the shabby way his funeral was treated, had on the officer corps, including Sarath, and if this had a hand in precipitating suspicion and hostility you write about.

  47. Though might not be your way, methodical, mission-driven, but “egoistic” and sometimes ruthless rulers have done many goods etc, especially transitioning so-called third-world countries to so-called developed; i.e.Lee Kuan Yew.

    By the way, ‘wonder why you didn’t want to mention one single mostly heard rumor, that the man was clean and not corrupt when it comes to money and deals. hmm.

    What do you mean by “Corrupt”?…………..DBSJ

  48. Thank you for the interesting Insight!
    If the General thinks that he can run the country as the SL Army, he is largerly mistaken.
    Dear DBS, it wont be too long that the issues raised in your article would become the topics of Public Debate.
    Its really pretty that the widely respected General has fallen into the trap of some people with veasted interests.
    I sincrely hope hope that the innocent Tamil people will understand the danger of this Army General becoming our next President. No! I dont think that We, Sri Lankans are unlucky that much!

  49. even if s.fonseka contest the p.e. he wont have a chance. unp is bankrupt ,jvp is dead,hackeem the jumping frog is not hon.ashrof the fonder of the muslim party, mangale is a failed p.big talk man mano with a handful of tamil votes should first think before he talks. if he thinks to supportthe sinhale b. nationalist fonseka ,just to help ranil,theneven the t.votes he got in colombo he wont get at the next g.e.for the unp supporting fonseka and specially tolerating the national socialist jvp,would be a disastor.not only the tamils, the christians,and all non sinhale chauvenisten would curse the unp.ranil dig a big grave and hide yourself. ranjit de mel berlin

  50. Dear DBSJ,

    Thanks for shed light on untold story of SF and Mighty MR and brothers. Do you think country will be safe on the hands of SF..? on his military back round.

    If he willing to face the MR in the presidential election then there is no doubt the minority votes will be an effective factor in choosing the candidature.

  51. Thanks. Great work.

    Even though I can not confirm for sure I also heard some of traits mentioned about SF here. His big ego was public knowledge since “operation riviresa”.

    Having said that for us what he did as army general is not important any longer. What we need to know is whether he can unify masses. rally people behind him. So far people dont know him. However during electioneering he will be tested by MR’s PR machine. Some of the things hidden behind the curtain may come to surface. Which might determine his destiny.

  52. Even after SF has been transferred to CDS, Basil was busy meddleing around with IDPs irrespective of the international pressure. How far it is correct to state that it was due to SF the IDPs are retained.


    SF is NOT the only cause for continuous detention of IDP’s. But he like Gotabhaya was also an IMPORTANT cause for it. Ultimately the Govt is responsible for it.

    SF wanted to settle 100,000 soldiers with their families in ten cantonment -like townships in Wanni. He did not want IDP’s re-settled only after that. SF also insisted that all suspected LTTE’ers hiding among IDP’s should be identified and destroyed

    Now SF is trying to project an image of being sympathetic to IDP plight and criticises govt for mishandling IDP issue. That’s sheer hypocrisy

    But now SF is lamenting about

  53. I am sure he will take time going for a general election. take max time for presidentiol. ofcourse……….there is a saying called “inguru deela miris gaththa wage” ( historic). the same will happen. finally……one day we will say prabha has won its war after his death………..

  54. DBSJ

    Thanks for an excellent write up .How does India view this whole episode ?Are they Pro Rajapkase or Pro Fonseka or remaining neutral ?

    Too early to say but New Delhi sees SF as pro-Pakistan………..DBSJ

  55. DBSJ, super writing and I agree with you all the way. I wish to bring forward a thought here. With the absence of a common enemy ( ex. LTTE ) communities always fight amonhst themselves. For that reason Singapore potrays Malaysia as a would be agressor or threat and India does the same with Pakistan. Strategically if Praba just dissappeared he could be the unseen enemy as Osama is to the Americans. Even religions exploit this – ex. Withoutthe devil where would christianity be , even though sin is caused by mortals with or without the help of the devil.
    For the moment SF will be used. it would depend when SF would get rid of Mangala, Ranil and the rest or when would they be tired of his autocratic thoughts and ways.

    Sri lanka is now playing straight into the hands of the LTTE remnants as they too would wait to pick up the peices.

    I wonder how far we would move back. How much force MR would use to keep control.

    But hey. Its never a dull day here. As someone said it was boring with the absence of the LTTE, but now even the scribes have something to write about.

  56. As an observer of Sri Lankan politics, My view is that Ranil will accept Sarath as the presidential candidate and let the ball to roll. Ranil has nothing to loose. Now Mahinda become a man like “puli vall puditha man”. Mahinda cannot harm Sarth because this will give the opportunity for Ranil. Mahinda has a challenge to protect Sarath while fighing with him to become the president. But..there is a third party who can score the goal on both sides if they ever exist! Will time tell the outcome of the greatest game of politics.

    Sri Lankan

  57. DBS,

    Nice article & thanks for the facts.

    But as pointed out by Waruna your artcle is biased based on your prejudice of SF.


    So here is my response to Waruna

    This is your personal viewpoint about what you think is/was my point of view. Just four short points this article is not about who is fit to be president but an outline of events that led to this crisis.secondly SF “ego” was/is cause of this crisis exacerbating in my view. Thirdly one has to only read his resignation letter&annexure to see his”I”trouble.Fourthly “corrupt” is not restricted to “finance” alone

  58. Dear DBS,

    The Machiavelli of Medamulana, has indeed got support from a most unexpected source. He will be the happiest to know that you have really put SF in the correct perspective. If Mahimda can convince people like you, then what have you got say about other mere mortals?

    There is a saying “what goes around comes around”. This is true of SF. He has to eat his earlier words about the minorities. Now he has to beg them for votes. This is the way of the world. This happened to our former Presidents as well. President Premadasa was conceived by the Muslims as being anti Muslim specially in his electorate where he built flats and gave it to the Sinhalese. In 1977, the percentage of Muslims were 63 in Colombo Central. This percentage redused to 40 by the time he contested for the Presidential polls. But after he won the elections he had to change his mindset. He was bending over backwards to please the Muslims. DBW was perceived as anti Tamil. He had finally to bow out of politics without much a do. CBK was never perceived as a racist. She had her close associates.

    This is the reality of the world. if you are a racist, you will be forced to do things that you would never have dreamed of. This has happened in the past and will happe in the future. Whether it is Mahinda Rajapakse or Sarath Fonseka.


    Sorry,It’s not Mahinda but FACTS which convince me……..DBSJ

  59. Great article. I believe the UNP made a huge mistake in joining with Fonseka. If Fonseka was a candidate with the support of JVP etc and Ranil ran for UNP – Fonseka and MR would spilt votes from the same pool. Ranil could have benefitted from it.

    DBS, why do you think the UNP joined this coalition?

    Nothing is Definite yet.Three cornered fight is still possible…….DBSJ

  60. Shankar (#49 and #51),
    Do not forget that Fonseka, if he does contest the presidential election, will have to depend on the UNP for organizational, and strategic support as he has no political party of his own. So the UNP will extract the proverbial pound of flesh before they agree to support SF and make sure that Ranil will not be a puppet PM. What most people do not realize is that Mahinda and the brothers will make sure that during any presidential campaign SF will be tarred with his association with the UNP and with Ranil Wickramasingha. My reading of the situation is that hell will freeze before Sinhalese will vote for Ranil at this point and if SF has to contest with the support of the UNP and the TNA I really don’t see him getting anywhere.

    Rightly or wrongly, Ranil is being accused of being behind what is seen as a concerted effort by the West and the INGOs against the Government of Sri Lanka. His conduct during the war and the fact that he, the leader of the Opposition, was absent from the country and conveniently touring Western capitals including Norway when the war came to an end on 18th May will be brought up and played up over and over again by the current government.

    Only way that UNP can offer credible opposition at this moment is to dump Ranil but like that unwanted relative who refuses to leave your house, he refuses to see the reality and step down. It is almost as if he thinks that it is his birth right to lead the UNP.

    I really don’t think the good general realizes what he is in for.

  61. superb article DBSJ.
    Just a rhetoric question, yet from deep down my heart, what do you think will happen to mother lanka in another 20 years?

    Mother Lanka will be there but I May Not be here…..DBSJ

  62. With all due respect sir, it is quite amazing how soon we forget the fact that all these major players have so much blood in their hands – as well as those who are now willing to come to a “common front” with SF such as the UNP and JVP.

    Why are we forgetting the atrocities these individuals committed in the name of fighting terrorism? Just for a moment, hypothetically speaking, try to think about the relevance of our intellectualization of the Rajapaksa Fonseka conflict to a child living in an IDP camp today just because she happened to be a Tamil – an accident of birth? Why are we at least willing to talk about SF’s phony concerns about IDP camps? It is quite nauseating that we ignore the plight of the thousands of fellow human beings locked in camps while we talk about this political jujitsu – I am not saying we shouldn’t talk about this but what I am saying is that the war crimes and internment camps should be a major part of this discussion.

    If SF becomes the common front candidate against Rajapaksa, whenever the election is held, it will put the Tamil community (as well as Sinhala progressives and activists) in a very tough place. Which butcher would they want as their future executioner? It is in this context that the Tamil community should start thinking about finding a token presidential candidate to cast the opposition ballot to clearly send a message to these two racist candidates that they are not the solution but the problem.

  63. 1. Defeating terrorism classic example-sri lanka
    2. Managing post civil war classic failiure- sri lanka

    I hope and pray it would not be the case

  64. An article par exellance.

    Did anyone in Sri Lanka write an article with this much infor and insight?

    We are indeed fortunate to read your articles rather than pro Mahinda and pro Ranil articles bugging the newspapers 24/7.

    What the hell are you doing in Canada maestro ? Don’t you think it’s time to go back ?

  65. Your article gives insight into the machinations between different factions within the Sri Lankan elite who now wants to get rid of the MR (a “con artist “who must now be given the shaft because the job is finished- according to a blogger on Defencewire – a blog possibly run by some members of the brutal Special Forces of the Sri Lanka Army- Mahason Balakaya) and ponder on a naked military dictatorship presented as a benign one

    However it would be too simplistic to conclude that “The current crisis is a result of brewing discontent between the Rajapakses and Fonseka over a long period of time. While these tensions were managed and contained during the war they have exploded openly after the war victory. In a sense the strife is all about who deserves the greater credit and reward for fighting and winning the war. A fight for the spils of victory!
    Essentially this is a personality clash devoid of differences in principle or policy. Extreme paranoia, seething passions, jealousy, vengeful thinking and wounded pride have exacerbated the situation.”

    For all the hue and cry by the “leaders” of the Tamil Diaspora and the liberal left in Sri Lanka that SF could be subjected to a “citizen’s arrest” by the world citizenry -US and the “international community”- when he visited the US, the “criminal” has been let off the hook by the “prosecutor”. It is not a secret that the Sri Lankan military has had long-standing and close ties between the US military. See Situation Report 6 February 2000- Sunday Times. Everyone knows the record of the US administration and the Pentagon’s involvement in US-backed coups and military dictatorships. Sri Lanka cannot be an exception. The Obama administration’s role in this has to be probed thoroughly and exposed.

    It is interesting to note that none of the comments from your readers see the possibility of Honduras style coup in Sri Lanka led by SF, in the name of “clean governance, media freedom, resolving IDP issue, etc”. If brought to power, the JVP will make sure that SF could run the country without any opposition from the workers and poor in the same way they helped MR regime to place the burden of war on the workers and the poor.

    It would also be worth raising the question whether the Chinese bureaucracy had done a deal with the US, enabling MR’s regime in favour of a US puppet regime, in exchange possibly for US’s non interference instead of trying to topple the Chinese backed junta in Myanmar. That is one way of explaining the JVP’s open and direct support for SF’s election as the president.

  66. Hi DBSJ,I dont see you have any criticism over Secretary….for the current situation

    Not much on this particular issue at this point of time…… DBSJ

  67. Again a good artcle DBS.

    I view this situation from a different perspective – May I curiously suspect that the current situation in Sri Lanka is something that the ‘KNOWN’ neighbour and its “WAR” have started to manipulate the things in SL politics, again?

    Why is that? A politically and economically unstable Sri Lanka is always desired by the ‘neighbour’! Don’t want another Singapore in the close vicinity … period!

    Until May 2009 there were LTTE and the civil war – kept the neighbour busy watching a funny cartoon for 3 decades!

    After the end of the war with LTTE, the political and economical climates are now getting (slowly but desirably) better in Sri Lanka. And there is China and Pakistan; especially, China’s involvement in Ports (sea and air) and IT developments in Sri Lanka. Obviously ‘the’ neighbour is bothered by these involvements and the developments, and mainly stability in Sri Lanka.

    And …, Ah, here you go … next epsode of the cartoon is started … MR vs. Ranil and SF (… and others … JVP, etc.), like VP vs. Sri Saba, and/or Pathmanaba (… and others) in 80’s and 90’s …!

    Remember … Ranil’s visit to India last week … Mano Ganeshan’s summersault … Pranab’s (unscheduled) visit to Sri Lanka at a crucial time … Am I putting the right pieces together to solve the Puzzle?

    DBS, your comment may validate (or disqualify) my points/doubts …


    It is said that street dogs raise their hind leg whenever a stone is thrown at them. It has become routine for many to point the finger at India for any “twists& turns” in Sri Lanka………….DBSJ

  68. Very thoughtful and informative. Thank you DBSJ. When I contemplate my early childhood with that of the children who grew up during the last 30 to 40 years and consider how fortunate I was.

    But in the late 50’s I thought how unfortunate I was, being born a Tamil, no high accademic achievement as most other Tamils my parents knew or influence, to leave the country, the goal of all my friends and prevented by the harsh conditions imposed by Mrs. B.

    It was especially galling to find the class dumb, Anura B, the only person, who had the distinct honour of getting less than 5 marks out of 100 in arithmatic in the pre-SSC and being able to go to Oxford University. My subsequent schorlaship to UK was god’s answer to my heart-ache.

    Now the question is – Wither to, Sri Lanka? Unlike most civilised nations, Sri Lanka is not a nation of laws. In my opinion, until the general populace of Sri Lanka gets enlightened on how civilised people are expected to behave, we really cannot expect change. It is also possible that in a generation or two, Sri Lanka maybe blessed with a Statesman or two to lead the way, but not in my lifetime.

    Keep-up the good work and look after yourself

    Kail. Trenton

    Thank You but I thought you were a Thomian…………DBSJ

  69. When the general was offered, hmm pushed upwards to the CDS post, certain fact from the 2nd world war cam ein to my mind. General Zukov was instrumental in taking Berlin and was going very fast toward to West, while the Western Allied Command was lacking in movement. Gen. Zukov took Berlin, but within few weeks, he was transferred as the commander of the South of USSR. I saw that similarity as soon as Gen. Fonseka was “promoted” upwards.

    The real heroes are not the president, nor the general, but the people of Sri Lanka. Without the backing of the ordinary citizens, this war would have never been won!

    Even though, the general is thinking that he’d have a backing as he had when he was eliminating the LTTE terror, he won’t have the backing of the people, if he tries to break the country into two in the political arena. The best possible candidate for presidency is Gotabhaya, but he won’t muddle in politics.

    I wouldn’t want to have someone as my leader, who writes such a pathetic letter of resignation.

  70. A former Indian minister postulates that in the near future SL state would collapse and the nation would become ungovernable due to the warring army factions & bankrupt economy. In the event of this, India will have to step in to maintain law & order and SL would be eventually federated with the Indian Union.

    DBS, do you think this ex-Indian minister is talking rubbish?


    I really dont know! Anyway who is this minister?

    But I do remember Doris Day’s song

    “Que Sera,sera
    Whatever will be,will be
    The future’s not ours to see
    Que sera, sera
    What will be ,will be”

  71. The other matter I’d like to raise is that the incumbent does not have to have the presidential elections now, when he knows, who could be his opponent. He can have the General elections and eliminate the smaller parties to their designated “sofa” party status and have no blackmailers in the parliament.

    he can then have a very strong parliament in his hand and happily wait until his 1st term comes to end. By that time, the general would not have much backing at all as a political opponent.

    By the way, if the 1st full general, who Sri Lanka ever had should land in US territory for he must “renew” his green card, I don’t know why he was ever promoted to that position. Top general in the country does not go begging for a green card of USA, which is a shame. Good that the people never knew about this “green card” while he was fighting the LTTE.


    A good number of people knew all about the general including green card status. There are also many things that are known but not yet revealed in the media.

    The reluctance to “expose” was due to the fact that he was leading the army in a fierce war and few wanted to undermine him. Also people were fearful knowing what happened to “Nation” deputy -editor Keith Noyahr & “Sunday Times” defence writer Iqbal Athas

    Now the situation is different. By entering politics SF is becoming more vulnerable to the public eye. There is also a responsibility for the media to reveal the truth more so that people know their “heroes” have feet of clay

  72. 12 – Gamini wrote:

    “Jeyaraj, this is going to be a turning point in Sri Laka’s politics if Ranil and JVP are genuine. The country will turn to good side within a short period. If values of the “strong character” of Gen.SF can be mixed well with values of “scientific politics” of RanilW definitely country can move forward. The people of Sri Lanka should be wise to give right mandate to General SF. The General will definitely become an embodiment to a real, genuine national leadership. Why can’t he become such a leader?”

    To be the leader of a complex nation like Sri-Lanka, one needs to be a politician. A man like Fonseka who is virtually an open-mouthed-idiot would be a dream come true for those that want Sri-Lanka to disintegrate. You cannot claim democracy, inclusiveness for all minorities, adherence to human rights, rules of war, allegiance to friendly nations etc., on the one hand and then on the other claim that you believe that Sri-Lanka only belongs to the Sinhalese, insult the politicians of another country and then refuse to apologize to that country which is pivotal to the future of Sri-Lanka, boast that you had to ignore the rules of war and kill those that surrendered, etc. Fonseka, or more to the point, his mouth and ego would be a dream come true for the LTTE. Give him more time and he would by himself clearly enunciate all the war crimes committed by Sri-Lanka, perhaps even in a Geneva address, and further express his glowing opinions of Indian politicians. He is the man of the hour indeed. I too will vote for him.

  73. Looks like this “Hero to Zero” just has one thing in mind…whether he makes it to the “Temple Trees” or not but to bring down the Rajapakse regime.

    a few leaks here and there may do the trick.

  74. From bullet to ballot, from antipathy to sympathy towards Tamils, from overt chauvinism to overarching pacifism, from brutality to benevolence, from cruelty to compassion SF has made a leap of gigantic proportions.

    GR in his Defense secretary avatar acting as a mentor to SF during the war simply switched over to the role of a tormentor for the power greedy SF after victory was achieved.

    Mutiny amidst the crew of the brotherhood is an interesting turn of events. Tis the season of fratricide.
    This could be seen as business as usual for the warring tribe.

    Deliberately downsizing SF security is akin to throwing him to the wolves.The ensuing fight among a pride of lions should be spectacular.

  75. DBSJ, i marvel at your ability either on Tamil intelligence reports or whatever(just kidding) getting some of the long long ago buried secrets on SF too. It was NOT a hatchet job. We have heard of it in SL too. The sexual harassment charge and then you also report the arms deals.

    So it looks no one is as honest as they portray themselves to be. Some are hard on other people’s corruption while feathering their own nests. The ultimate victor here is the Tiger Tamils. This a typical case of Dog eat dog world now. RW cannot win unless there is a tri-cornered election. But I am afraid he will expose SF and hope some harm comes to SF and then when blame falls on MR he will coast to victory on sympathy.

    The fools in the Government should provide the maximum possible security to the man who is still Tigers number one target. It does not matter if he runs against MR, govt. must do its utmost to protect him even with his oversized ego you so rightly mentioned.

    This was not a break on policy or strategy but based on personalities. Of course the Tigers and that pathetic racist Mano Ganeshan(who lives in Colombo and says only tamils have rights to exclusive lands for them) will be happy if Ranil wins.

  76. and DBSJ is right too. What if all top political and military leaders are asked to bare their assets? Will we find anyone who is really honest whether it is financial honesty or moral honesty? Well done DBSJ..you seem to have access to a lot of top whispered secrets…

  77. DBSJ,

    You have portrayed SF as a villain, egoistic brat and the prime cause of the whole troubles and MR has been tolerating him throughout. As usual you have built up your story based on information received from your trusted informants and some rumors. Fair enough. But there is another side of SF. He is a man with drive and motivation to get the most difficult job done. He has risked his life to fight LTTE; came back as a phoenix from the ashes after the LTTE suicide attack on his life and a true patriot who is not perturbed by material wealth and comforts, focused on his goal right throughout. No wonder Rajapakse brothers were tolerating his tantrums during the war knowing very well that he is the best man for the job.

    MR made use of the victory for his political advantage; portraying him as the modern day Dutagamunu, ‘Rajjuru’ and the only savior of the nation. Moreover he allowed his brothers and family members prosper through billions of dollars of development funds and political favors. In his usual cunning way MR planned to use SF to win the war and after the war is over he plotted to marginalize him like what he did with many other political opponents and tried to buy him through financial benefits and offering high positions in the Government.

    Quite naturally, a war hero who dedicated his life to get rid of LTTE terrorism from his country was irked by the unethical action of his boss, more so if he is an egoistic one. He has now decided enough is enough and with the same drive and motivation he is getting ready to challenge his boss for the sake of the country. How far he will succeed in the political arena against more seasoned politician like MR would be anybody’s guess but you can not underestimate SF in this matter. After all it is his second life and he has got nothing to lose as an underdog against his all powerful boss and MR may even find his Waterloo in SF.

  78. I wish to quote your last Paragraph “Whatever the outcome of this titanic clash there is no doubt that the country on the whole will suffer irredeemable harm.” The worse is going to be for Tamils. Both the parties are going to fight against each other in order to win the election and to capture the Sinhala votes by coming out with very damaging policies which would affect the unity and peace among various ethnic and religious groups in Sri Lanka They would even openly say how they would eliminate the Tamil race and built a Unitary Sinhala Buddhist country at the expense of the Tamils. It’s going to be worse for us.

  79. What about some of his military failures DBSJ? The tragedy of forcing the army to try to attack Muhmalai? His cronies carried it out and SL lost a lot of men and tanks that day. Current Commander of the ARmy was livid because a lot of Armoured Corps people were sacrificed for an ego.. So why not talk about facts DBSJ?


    This article is not an analysis of Sarath Fonseka’s military record.

  80. Tamils will vote for whom?

    Tamils should put forward a candidate and all the minority groups should vote for that person. Two things can be achieved by this. One to let the whole world that we minority people have no faith in the communal Sinhala parties in the country. Secondly to show that we have no faith in the current political set up in the country.

    A Tamil candidate is not going to win and become a President for sure. We have to show that we need a Federal form of government in the country to take care of our minority needs, with out interference from the communal policies of the majority Singhalese parties.

  81. DBSJ,

    Interesting one. I thought you would comapre and contrast VP/Karuna split and MR&Co/SF split, .But you didn’t do that. Will you write another peace on this?


    Good idea! I didn’t think of that.Maybe i”ll write later on that but two vital differences strike me immediately
    1. UNlike the intra- LTTE strife this issue still remains within a democratic context. The next step would be a democratic electoral struggle between Mahinda and Sarath. This is in contrast to the Karuna split where Prabhakaran tried to resolve it militarily

    2. Here the Sarath issue has exploded only after the war against the LTTE was won victoriously. But in the case of the LTTE the crisis occurred before the war was won. Actually the split contributed enormously to the LTTE defeat

  82. Poor Sarath Fonseka.
    He thinks Dutugemunu was a Sinhalese?
    Dutugemunu was a tamil buddhist (thusta Gaimun).
    This is the biggest irony of trying to bring Buddhist/Hindu problem of the ancient past into tamil/sinhala problem today.
    Sinhala language did not exist when Buddhism arrived in Sri Lanka.
    Sinhala identity was created much much later by the various buddhist peoples of India who wanted a common language to unite the buddhists in the Island. English language was not in Sri Lanka then. So they created Sinhalese.
    One day i hope the Sinhalese will realise this.

  83. DBSJ,

    Why don’t you directly disclose the country that could have backed the coup is Pakistan and the country that could have sent its forces to thwart it is India?

    Why oh whu cannot pigs fly &trees dont cry? pigs…………DBSJ

  84. A well documented article. We are fortunate that the Defense Secretary had the maturity and the courage to overlook the personal ego of Sarath Fonseka during the engagements with the LTTE, and direct the offensive in those difficult times.
    Ranil was incompetent as Prime Minister and a looser. His Party knows that and it is surprising that he is still there.Hope Sarth Fonseka does not loose his head and undo all the valuable task he performd as the Arny Commander.The gang that is encouraging him is not worried about the country, but their personal glorification.Hope Sarath Fonseka come to his senses before it is too late, if not he would be a forgotten nobody

  85. DBS,

    Mahinda will win this situation. Hope he will become the OLD Mhinda Ayya. Mahind needs to side line not only Sarath but Gotha too to become OLD Mahinda Ayya.

    What you think?

  86. @ Comment 76:

    There you go DBS … this is something what I expected from you!


    Keep up your great work.

    Thank you…………DBSJ

  87. Just to add a few more thoughts,

    One has to remember that MR does not have to call a presidential election now. If he thinks that SF will run opposing him, he just have to push back the presidential election and hold the parliamentary elections first and see the UNP get wiped out.

    History is full with brilliant generals who won wars and then thought that winning a war qualifies them to run a country. Patton, McArthur, and all the Russian generals who won the WWII for Stalin comes to mind.

  88. Ans 71,
    your response mother lanka will stay, but I will not be here.
    Come on old man u got so many years to live.

    That’s what VP thought too but then…………..DBSJ

  89. # 97 Darwin,

    Don’t worry, Defense Secretary…I mean all the Rajapakse “sahotharayas” are going to have their day of “judgement” pretty soon.

    I thought this may take a bit longer.

    Resettlemnt 180 days aint here yet.

    But the erstwhile General who fought the war is being Retired.

    Such Retards !!

    he he he 🙂

  90. Comment #78.

    DBSJ, I am surprised, you still remember me, yes I am a Thomian, my favorite nephew was a class mate of Anura at Royal, so I heard the frustration of others too.

    Now that MR has postponed the elections, what will SF do to avoid getting bumped-off?
    Can he, or will he be permitted to travel to the US and turn states evidence to save is skin. The neck is not on the line.

    Should SF become president, what will happen to MR and brothers. Gotha cannot go to the US, MR cannot fire-proof his house as it will be the first thing to accidently burn down, immediately after SF is sworn in.

    Should SF loose, will there be a coup de tat?


    You are well informed, thank you for enlighting us.


    I doubt very much that SF is capable of staging a coup or whether any other officer/s can do a coup on behalf of SF.

    The Rajapakse’s were paranoid about such a possibility and anticipating one engaged in set of pre-emptive manouevres circumscibing SF that contributed further to the rift. The Rajapajses were particularly concerned about the Honduras coup where the army commander prevented the elected president from trying to extend his term further by staging a coup

  91. Wow. what a brilliant article. I don’t know how you have got some of the information DBS. But I know they are true and not juist mere speculation because I heard them independently the same way as you said it here.
    I have one point that you did not mention here. That is about a journalist (presumbley who supposed to meet president on the day he was killed or he was calling president knowing he will going to be killed). Lot of countries, people and opposition used this brave journalists name for their campaign against SL government and war. Now tables tuned, and how the hell DBS these people accept this man as their common candidate? I am lost again because although government will not use it (They themselves will be in receiving end for keeping quiet) killing of this journalist and Fonny connection is well known in defence circles.

    Now the prabhakaran has gone as I mentioned in earlier post (where you have defended me) we should let go of all the people in camps because that is inhuman and Sinhalese should fight for the disadvantaged Tamils. All the forces prior to Prabhakaran should be reunited again. This should include type of DayanJ too. I am atleast happy Bahu did not jump into the coaliation. What you say? Where is the third choice for us?


    The current situation is not static. It is a volatile, evolving one. Let’s wait & see what the choices are when elections are officially scheduled

  92. Thanks Mr Jeyaraj for your excellent demolition job on Sarath Fonseka and his potential candidacy,

    Rajapaksa regime and the peace loving people both in Lanka and overseas are thankful to you.

    The sum of all the negative attributes of SF that you have listed obviously makes SF a big no ,no as the President of Srilanka.

    If an anti government journo like you, can see the short comings in SF,how come the JVP and the other three wheel and mono wheel parties can’t see it.Obviously they are not stupid but cunning enough to to think that this is the best cannon they can muster to fire at the Rajapaksas

    Ranil on the other hand has hedged his bets by that ridiculous list of dos and don’ts he listed the other day for SF to agree to obtain the backing of the UNP. .Good luck to them.


    This is not a “demolition” job as you put it.I have merely written what I know based on facts. The facts speak for themselves

    Also I am not anti – govt as you put it. I am neither pro-govt nor anti – govt. Neither pro – LTTE nor anti – LTTE

    I write each article on an issue by issue basis. Some are critical, being critical is not being a Critic

    When I write an OPINION piece I am not neutral. I have a viewpoint

    But that is only as far as that issue is concerned

    If I write something which seems pro or anti that is not a permanent position

    Basically I am non – aligned

    So please dont affix labels on me

  93. You claim that SF was promoted on the insistance of Gotha and that the other presidents and prime ministers were reluctent, because of his ego?
    Me think, it is not his ego, it is his sadistic qualities which endeared him to Gotha. Gotha saw in SF a man who did not worry about small things, like collatoral damage where hundreds of civilians are regularly wiped out, fight the war without witnesses, deny access to pesky newshounds, unless they are the friendly kind and bull-doze away over the bodies of his own soldiers.

    Other presidents, prime ministers and Generals were more HUMANE, I guess.


    Not because of his ego alone but because it was well-known that his ego would affect being able to work with other officers &service chiefs. More importantly it was his being “fingered” adversely in human rights records.

  94. Dear DBS

    I have been reading your articles for about 8 months ie. since I got interested in SL conflict. I enjoy your ‘story telling’ style and is easy on my mind.

  95. # 107 Shalini, why only India.

    This has to be a huge let down for all Sri Lankans. and the “blame” has to go to the top, that is the man with the hideous moustache.

  96. load of crap that you have written. What do you know of war, have you ever picked up a gun to fight?


    No I’ve not picked a gun to fight but I’ve fought with my fists in self-defence. Also my weapon is my pen.I dont need a gun.

    And there is no need to have picked up a gun to fight in order to write newspaper articles. At least not till now but who knows what would happen if an Army general takes over the country.

    By the way I always write under my own name even though I dont pick a gun to fight. But why is a person like you not having the guts to even post a comment under your own name?

    And look at your “boru” name “thrishulaayud” (trdent or tri-pronged weapon)Look even a plastic fork has three prongs and it is a weapon to fight the food on your plate. Why not use something like AK- 47? or T-56? That would suit a valiant Veeraya like you.No?

  97. Hi,
    . If we, send MR and get SF its like ඉඟුරු දී මිරිස් ගත්ත වගේ (as if you have exchanged ginger for chilies)

    I hope the crouching tiger doesn’t attack everyone once he is in power

  98. Of all the racist comments against the Sinhala the following takes the cake:

    # 93 “Martin Thomas”
    Tamils should put forward a candidate and all the minority groups should vote for that person. Two things can be achieved by this. One to let the whole world that we minority people have no faith in the communal Sinhala parties in the country. ,,,,,, In other words you’ll put forward a Tamil candidate because you don’t have faith in “communal Sinhala parties”!!!!! That makes sense!!!! Who is being communal?

    Secondly “… We have to show that we need a Federal form of government in the country to take care of our minority needs, with out interference from the communal policies of the majority Singhalese parties.

    So you’ll have a Federal government to ‘take care of minority needs’ and you think the majority is “communal”?

    Being racist is bad- but being racist and stupid is astounding!

  99. Good article Jeyaraj! Your knowledge is sensational and you are a great journalist. I cant read all as it is long. But Sarath has gone insane as he MUST realize that the war was won due to an all round effort and NOT JUST the army! There was political support from Mahinda who did not succumb to EU pressure and also the people’s support.

    Also, our navy must be thanked for destroying LTTE arms smuggling ships. Air force played a role in assisting our military to advance and also in killing Thamil Selvam. Also, SF must know that Densil Kobbakaduwa could have done this in 1987 if not for Indian meddling.

    We must also thank Russia, China, Libya and Vietnam for blocking discussion of SL at the UN as if not, it would have been hard! ALSO Sarath must thank India for not repeating the 1987 as no matter how good our commanders are, if India intervened the war would have been halted anyway!

    In one video Sarath says that if not for Mahinda he would never have been the general.

  100. #107, #109
    I do not want to blame anyone but us- peoples of the tear drop island, turned into islands of tears. No country to be blamed. We let ourself down and leaders since 1948 let us down. Think of the people who are lowest in pecking order in the island. Think of the rights of the people, just rights, just political aspiration.
    Present political stampede is another small chapter in history which will pass, leaving more misery, more brain drain.

    “The fundamental rights of [humanity] are, first: the right of habitation; second, the right to move freely; third, the right to the soil and subsoil, and to the use of it; fourth, the right of freedom of labor and of exchange; fifth, the right to justice; sixth, the right to live within a natural national organization; and seventh, the right to education” ALBERT SCHWEITZER

  101. #107, #109
    I do not want to blame anyone but us- peoples of the tear drop island, turned into islands of tears. No country to be blamed. We let ourself down and leaders since 1948 let us down. Think of the people who are lowest in pecking order in the island. Think of the rights of the people, just rights, just political aspiration.
    Present political stampede is another small chapter in history which will pass, leaving more misery, more brain drain.

    “The fundamental rights of [humanity] are, first: the right of habitation; second, the right to move freely; third, the right to the soil and subsoil, and to the use of it; fourth, the right of freedom of labor and of exchange; fifth, the right to justice; sixth, the right to live within a natural national organization; and seventh, the right to education” ALBERT SCHWEITZER

  102. This is simply a feud ht between two war criminals.

    Neither MR nor SF would offer credible leadership to people of Sri Lanka. I would simply sit back and watch the unfolding drama.

    I am sure, SF would point fingers at MR for all human rights violation and vice versa. At last, we will start to hear the truth from the war criminals who did what?

    Partners in war crime, fighting for power.

    I hope that Karun has not forgotten the statement made by SF on Karuna’s contribution in defeating LTTE.

  103. I read you article in full and most of the comment (I do not waste my time reading worthless clutter), and many with your feedback, something I appreciate from a writer. Obviously you have built your story well and we do have more facts about what happened and what will happen in the future. But this comment is to help find reasons to claim the content in Comment No. 93 by TheMan allowed by you. I am a Sinhalist, a fully devoted person to follow Sinhala values and to stand up for their rights and protection of their value system, which is under enormous threats from the local English community that you wrote about in this article and from your own people. I have done a lot of work to find the Sinhala history. I find Vijay Kumar as a Tamil of royal Tamil ancestry and that most of the later monarchy (up to the last one, that has its roots in an ancient Sinhala law of succession that led to recruit him from India) was related by blood to his descendents though there came some rulers from the south who defeated the occupiers, from other families, thus making the reality very blur given the partition nature of the history forced upon us. Until his arrival, Sinhala monarchy was operating from an area near Mannarama near where this person landed. We do not recognise Buddhist version of history as a true reflection of our history, and is a kind of history written by missionaries of an alien origin (compare this with Christian history), which may reflect their own version of history. We have done a lot of research and it is not the aim of this. Can this commentator or you tell me what “Tamil” means as a word as we have evidence to support that it has a genuine Sinhala pre-historic meaning? Quite contrary to public history, Buddhists have suppressed the pre-Buddhist history using the powers of the monarchy sympathetic to them for said reasons and others. In fact even the word “Sinhala” has a prominent meaning that has been misinterpreted by many today. When I see what Buddhists stand for today, I may not need any other evidence to deduce what they could have told many thousand years back. We have derived meaning of the words Hindi and Thai in our effort as well. I like you or the commentator to come out with reasons for his deduction. Does anybody have any idea why New Year is the same for two different ethnic groups (I mean in the modern sense)? Quite contrary to this claim, Sinhala is the oldest language that gave way to create many other languages according to our work. Their ancient knowledge in areas such as mathematics, medicine, agriculture and astrology is claimed by many others today in many fields as their own for some known reasons.

  104. Comment 110, I am not sure whether you are Sinhala,Tamil or Bhurgher,but one thing for sure is you are an idiot.

    This is a good article based on logical assumptions and some facts.If you can’t understand the contents please keep quite instead of making silly comments.

  105. Hi DBSJ,
    What took you so long on this, anyway you shed light on the matter. but after reading yr article i got a doubt which was not there earlier. as per the saying , known devil is better than the unknown angel, will we end up in a situation like that. if that happens then that will be a big blow to the country, we need a change. country needs to come in line with the democracy we boasted all along.
    but is this the correct hand to fall for?????

  106. Dear DBS,

    Thank you again for untiring efforts of writing another factful article. I normally don’t like to read long articles. But never had any problem reading your writings. Please keep writing giving us the true picture of our wonderful island.

  107. DBS, Interesting article. it gives some insights of the fall out. However I believe that average Sri Lankan is greatful to MR, GR,SF and others for removing the naked terrorism from the Lankan soil.

    They understand that, UNP as a single party with a largest vote base cannot field a candiadte to contest MR, and wants a scape goat, to just go past teh presidentail election. JVP is always ready to do what ever they think is beat for the country irrespective of the consequences. If SF contests as common candidates he will be discarded like a used tooth pick, by the same people who promote him now. It is pitty that a respected military geniuos irrespective of his personality week nesses, will become a zero factor. Sri Lankan voter will not change his stance just because his hero is aligning with his former crtics. As for them it is a shameless act on the part of SF if he joins hands with them against his former Boss. His presence in the scene will not change the minds of more than 5 million voters who favoured the Govt at the last PC Palls. Mr’s popularity at it’s peak and he will have presidential election very soon and will handsdown. In Sri Lanka we dont have good politicians all equally bad, but during last 60 years if they have done some thing as promised that is only defeating terrorism. Kudos goes to MR first. next come GR SF and others. Now MR promises economic recovery, We are prepared to give him another chance
    Corruption nepotism disregard for law and order, indicipline all that are people familiar with. we have to live withem till we get a leader from hevean. Any comments

  108. dbs,

    War is over in Sri Lanka.By reading your article I had mix feelings of your article.Sometimes it look like you still hate SF as ex army commander. I can understand that.But my view is we need someone like him to defeat undemocratic , inhuman rule of Rajapakse and his thugs> They won the war, but dragging the country into 100 years backwards. We have to stop this.We have to look forward to create a free and democratic country for everyone.Everyone should be treated equal.There should be a vision, free of corruption and common goals. Therefore we need someone to defeat this corrupted regime. But we did the same thing in 1994.Nothing has happened. I like to see SF as presidential candidate.But DBS I am not sure about after what happened. We assume there will be a presidential election and he going to win the election.What next ? Can we expect him to hand over power to Hon.RW? What do you think?

    Being critical of some actions of SF does not mean hating him.About his handing over power after winning…..First let him win……….DBSJ

  109. Thanks DBS… I have to admit, it was not hard to get caught up with all this.. if you read his resignation letter with 16 points, the last three points did instill in me a inkling of hope. But your words just reminds me ‘a known devil is better than unknown un’!!


    The original resignation letter drafted by some opposition parties for Sarath Fonseka had 16 points. But the General changed it on his own without informing his “patrons” before submitting it. The final letter has 17 not 16 points. You can read it on http://www.transcurrents.com

  110. Dear DBSJ, a well researched good article.

    But, You have painted a dark picture of the SF and commented “this article is not about who is fit to be president but an outline of events that led to this crisis”. Are you biased in approaching this issue or can we expect an unbiased opinion from you?

    Blog writings are mostly opinion pieces, where value has been added to facts by those with good writing skills and viewpoints. By definition, opinion pieces cannot be unbiased.

    The realistic objective is an overall media environment made up of multiple news products with different biases. The balance is in the environment, not in the individuals.

    I always enjoy reading your articles and undoubtedly you are a good journalist.

    You are right.Every opinion piece has a point of view………..DBSJ

  111. When he enters politics he loses the aura of respectability as the man who won the military aspect of the war against the Tigers. He is no longer able to threaten and silence top military commanders. He opens himself to attacks on his own family bandyism and deals pushed through his family members and he opens himself to scrutiny of the US ties and the opulence.. There are still people who resented his highhanded manner which resulted in the death of A Gentleman and HONEST man named Parami Kulatunge the 3rd in command. Sure SF is the most capable briliant strategist we had. But he has now decided to enter politics. Which means his deals, his son-in-laws deals etc are now being discussed. How can he say he is against corruption if deals were made to buy ammunition that had a 30% failure rate? People are now talking; he was given a carte blanche but GR and MR no longer have to tolerate SF’s abuse of power because he is now a political candidate. This will be interesting. DBSJ, I am sure you know some of the stories about retired AVM’s and the commissions and deals that have made some people dollar millionaires overnight. As the old saying goes people in glass houses should not throw stones. SF is now entering the realm of politics where people are not going to be threatened like Keith Noyahr was.. or Iqbal Athas was. The new commander is a professional decent man.

  112. Just a few things from the article and subsequent comments.

    Arrogance and an inflated ego are not at all uncommon amongst great military leaders. Patton, Montgomery, and MacArthur were all supremely arrogant.

    When victorious Roman generals paraded into Rome, a designated official would stand at his shoulder and whisper “Remember, O General, that you are mortal”.

    The criticism of officers in command of the Muhamalai-Nagarkovil axis (the so-called National Front) is misplaced. This axis was always a decoy, using the threat of armour to tie up large numbers of Tiger troops while the other combined arms divisions struck through the Wanni. The LTTE fell for this feints and so contrary to popular belief, the role of the peninsular divisions was fulfilled according to plan. Yes, many men died, but that is war.

    SF isn’t the first SL Army officer to hold four-star rank. I believe Gen Hamilton Wanasinghe was the first when he was placed in command of the Joint Ops Command by Premadasa.


    The “feints” or “dummy”s began only when Kamal Gunaratne& Prasanna Silva took over 53 & 55 divisions.

    The earlier operations were full – scale operations aimed at wresting Elephant Pass. These were the ones where Sooriyabandara messed up often resulting in so many deaths. Yes we all know soldiers die in war but they die for a purpose.One may sacrifice a few to score greater success.But in this case it was many ,many dying. It just cant be a “feint” for so many to die

    But you have totally missed the point about Sooriyabandara. I did not cite him as part of a militay analysis. I simply compared the favourable treatment given to Sooriyabandara and nasty treatment to Pannipiitiya by Fonseka. It was sheer favouritism vs antipathy. It went against the grain of his boast that he rewarded the strong& penalised the weak. Who was weak &who was strong as far as these two were concerned

    As an Old soldier yourself you know very well how incompetent Sooriyabandara is. If not ask around the officer’s mess or Washington embassy circles & you’ll be enlightened

  113. DBS Jeyaraj

    Ithu romba mukkiyam. Please do not write anything about these 2 murderous people. They killed thousands of tamils.

    Prabhakaran & Pottu Amman also killed so many Tamils……..DBSJ

  114. DBS,

    As a public reader, your article highlights the fault of SF but highlight the other party in high regard. The article appears to be one sided, as in a political fight, it is hard to believe only one party has all the blame to share.

    Please read the article again…………….DBSJ

  115. Dear JBS
    Thank you for the briliantly written article, as all ways!
    However I have few doubts to clear if that could be done by you.

    Why the Seceretary Defence and HE the President allowed GSF to convert the PSD into a army platton directly under him? Was’nt that a threat to be seen even under any eventuality, an the practice in many countries is to have a combination of all in the PSD including civils to avoid a possible courp!

    Why did HE the president allerted India wihtout consulting his brother Gotabya? As per your analysis they both knew what was going on and then why it was not through his Secretary Defence brother the President made such a decision? Who does he trust now?

    You believe that the society is being heavily militarised and do you think it is becouse of GSF? Why would then the Ministry of Defence is now 50% militarised (more additional secretaries but not from the SLAS) by giving appoinments to retired generals and equivivalants in the Navy, Air Force and the Police. Latest addition is former IGP! When does this get to an end? are wenot creating many more monsters!

    If HE the president feel the presence of military is not a good idea in the post war Sri Lanka,(as he has given as one of the reasons to remove Dayan (from Geneva) becouse he is too military minded), do no take initiatives in changing such appointments within the country for example Governors of North and East (this not help the GOSL for its reconciliation efforts- I doubt that they have one) and GA Trincomallee and still sending many military personeel as diplomats?

    Why is is then institutions such as Prisons , CGR has being given to Generals? Is’nt it that the governemnt is not learning its own lessons by still trying to empower military and not keeping them to do their traditional roles in post war and get the civil administrative officers and the others to now perform their tasks. Is it becouse like GSF some of the decision makers in the governemnt think thta only military can do something in this country!

    This might give an opportunity to see many GFS’s in the future! who will claim for many perks and appoinments and the country will be one full of retired military personnel runing! wher does the democrasy fits in this senario?

    It is like you create a monstor and then it gets released wthin no time forgetting your kindnees and go against you!

  116. #27. Roger Francis

    “/…Will it be good/”

    I would say no good…SF is a good general may be in military planning it does not mean that he can be a good Politian who can lead a nation with multicultural/ethnic.
    I am afraid his characters resembles that of “Tamil thambi” VP.
    He could be a “Sinhala Thambi”.
    What happened to vanni people? What happened to the Sri Lankan Tamil society under VP’s leadership? Did they gain anything in the last 30 years? They lost everything.
    These are things waiting to happen in the south if SF is elected. If he can transform his military skills to manage a multi ethnic country (highly doubt it as VP could not do it) every Sri Lankan will be in IDP camps.

    My request is please do not make the mistake that we made…no more heroism/superman…no more worship. Choosing the right person to the job and backing him/her up is important not only to us (present) also to future generation.Media and blogs like this have to play a responsible role in helping peolple to choose the right candidate.

  117. I think Gota has asked DBS to write this article to sling mud at SF

    And who asked you to post this comment?………….DBSJ

  118. Superb piece on SF vs MR, with accurate reconstruction of GR’s role. Reconfirms you as the best Sri Lankan political journalist. Congrats!

  119. Without General Fonseka and his amred forces cant beat LTTE and also mahinda & company with his government want to get full credibility from defeating LTTE. for me first to respect man is General Fonseka and Armed forces not these double standard polticians. If General Fonseka lead and win next presidential election there will be complete change will come in srilanka history. He can defeat corruption and lead the nation well than mahinda & company. World largest cabinet made by Mahinda, per day 19.3 millions rupees spent only for Mahinda. if srilankans are still supporting mahinda & company I dont think we can survive anymore.

  120. Thank you for this article, Mr Jeyaraj. I am still a bit puzzled as to why he handed his resignation without waiting for the president’s announcement of the polls as advised by his UNF colleagues. Also, Ranil expects him to abolish executive powers within 180 days if elected as the president. Why is Ranil so naive or is he just a complete fool?


    I think Ranil is trying to manipulate matters by egging Fonseka on for a while but really aiming for a three-cornered fight where Mahinda& Sarath will divide the Sinhala vote and Ranil could get the UNP Sinhala votes plus Tamil& Muslim votes.

    But sadly for Ranil his useless, disloyal, faction – ridden Party will let him down and he will fail

    Even if it comes to a straight MR- SF fight Ranil thinks SF cant win but will give a good fight to Mahinda. One thing Ranil has done so far is to rattle the Rajapakses through using the Fonseka foil

  121. p.e.some years back.main candidates sbk and ranil.one guy sent e.mails through out the worled to s.lans asking them not to vote for ranil.he gave reasons why ranil should not be the president.according to him if ranil becoms president,d.s.senanayeka,dudly,m.d.banda and good late unpeers would turn in their graves.ranil he called also battalanda man(BATTALANDA INCDENT).he rediculed the jvp because i think the jvp candidate was mr.gonwansa.this guy who lives in america from school days the best pal from fonseka and iam sure one advisor from fonseka,how does he advise fonseka.? fonseka according to me even if he contest will not win.a so called patriote who alone finished the brutal ltte needs ranil,who nearly gave a part of s.l. to brabaha. fonseka all of sudden feels for the tamils,and the jvp is against any form of power sharing.fonseka says s.l. belongs to the sinhalese,he is i think a chauvenist.if people say under mahinda there is no democracy,people cant express their views,(correct)how would it be with fonseka .a known devel is better then a unknown devel.

  122. Sir

    A very enlightening piece which sadly highlights the intellectual vaccum that exists in SL in general and perhaps the executive in particluar.

    Whilst ALL of us who originate from mother Lanka owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who prosecuted and defeated the LTTE, it is a sad indictement of the values of the modern day SL that we are now faced with this ugly and potentially catastrophic clash of egos. As you quite rightly indicate, this has the potential to totally undermine and even destroy the peace which was won at such huge costs to ALL parties invlolved.

    Sadly, the concept of nation building has not been as important as personal glorification for most if not all SL leaders. Whilst we all hope for a better future for the whole nation, perhaps the SL psyche and values do not permit true leaders and visonaries to prosper or even to exist ?

  123. Thanks DBSJ.
    Just when it was getting boring, you come up with a Gem.
    If all what you have written about SF is (it looks like it) true
    we are in for a real showdown. I doubt any non-Sinhala
    person will vote for him, because of what he said earlier. ie. Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhala, and all the others are
    guests or whatever. Sri Lanka has a real good chance
    of developing the country, but it looks like petty
    politics are going to destroy that chance. If we miss out
    this time, we will never get another chance. As one writer said SF got nothing to lose because this is his
    second life, but SL got a lot to lose if the war heroes
    start squabbling This is one battle SF is going to lose
    badly. MR and Co. has got about 75 per cent support
    in the South, and SF is no match from them. If SF contest against MR, SF will get an humiliating loss.
    He will lose all that resepct he earned by conducting the war.

    All this is good news for the Tamil diaspora, who are waiting to see SL fall in heap of phoo.

    By the way, Ex -SriLankan. 120. Please take it easy on
    Comment 110. This person was just using the freedom of expression.


    You know very little about the Tamil diaspora if you think it is monolithic & make such sweeping generalisations

  124. Whatever do Sarath Fonseka, The UNP, JVP and Mano Ganeshan have in common to appear on a unified platform? I might vote for UNP+Mano G if they appeared together, but add the JVP and Sarth F and I wouldnt know what I would be voting for. If this unholy union somehow materialises, I would undoutably be voting for the Rajapakses even though I would have considered inconceivable three months ago.

    DBS is spot on in his characterisation of SF. I too have heard so from army sources as well as some diplomats who have been acqainted with him. Vengeful, bullying, ambitious, ruthless and uncouth in use of language. Heres to hoping he’ll never get within 10 miles of the presidential throne.

  125. While our brave patriot forces give their life to get rid of LTTE, the son-in-law of Sarath Fonseke, Danuna Tillakaratne profits from every bullet fired in the war. As exclusive agent of the Pakistani arms dealer and ISI agent Ahmed Nissar (who stays rent free in Tillakaratne’s flat in Central Colombo – Tilakeratne Purchased this for 1.5 million US dollars) he gets 2 cents for every bullet procured and 20$ for every shell. Add up the numbers and see how this young lad has become a multi millionaire overnight. Is this what our boys are shedding their blood for?

    Why just stop there? His company HiCorp is made up of the relatives of the Former Air force Commander, and were involved in purchase of Migs from Ukraine, uniform and telecommunication equipment from China. Food rations from Malaysia and even tank transporters from Russia. We in the armed forces hate him.

    A little bird tells lc that Tillakaratne had a falling out with a former AVM, when he acted as the agent for the Chinese in a radar deal, bur “forgot” to pay our retired and now very unhappy AVM. Honor among thieves? Tillakaratne should also come clean on his links with his Indian Tamil partner who helps him stash away his loot

    Napolean said an army marches on its stomach. Our brave patriot forces were marching on their asses as the food packs supplied by Hicorp have been found contaminated with salmonella. Just imagine trying to fire a gun, while suffering from the shits.

    Hicorp supplied ration packs, which were past their shelf life and bought cheaply from a Malaysian Tamil importer of Chinese made ration packs. While our brave patriot fighters lose their teeth , Tillakaratne and his friends feast on Caviar and champagne are the best restaurants in Europe and USA. Shame

    So, 40 of our best boys die and why? According to both, Brig Shavendra Silva of the 58 division and Col. Suraj Bansajayah of 58-3 brigade who were involved in the heavy fighting, and whose boys bore the brunt of the terrorists attack, the ammunition supplied by the Pakistani arms dealer Ahmed Nissar, failed to explode. At least 30% of the ammunition fired by our boys, failed to explode. So not only is Tillakaratne, making money on the bullets but now he is even party to supplying duds to our brave boys.

    Sarath Fonseka while punishing his own solders for small mistakes threaten army senior officers when they did not help hicorp , Nexsel and British bourne – Companies of his son in law who made millions of dollars in commission.

    Sarath Fonsekas son in law registered the companies under the name of Lakshman Wijeskara in Sri Lanka and transferred all the money in Danuna Tilakerantnes name while registering the companies in Oklahoma and Dallas, TX in USA under Danuna tilakeratne name.

    Sarath Fonseka is a war hero who embezzled nation’s money through his son in law’s companies to build a political empire for the next presidential election.

    While taking all the privileges away from Army officers – Sarath Fonseka influenced his own tender boards to award tenders to Hicorp which is owned by his son in law even though Hicoprp did not have any experience or any an office space available to start with. Sarath Fonseka threatened officers that he will take charge them if they do not help Hicorp.

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  127. DBS, my view on the Muhamalai-Nagarkovil battles were in reference to a reader comment, and not your post, which is why I didn’t mention Sooriyabandara.

    Personally, I believe that Fonseka never intended to strike through the peninsula axis. He is an infantryman — and Sinha Regiment, more so — and has no real faith in armour against prepared Tiger positions. Sooriyabandara may have wasted lives due to incompetence, but he didn’t fail in his larger mission. No experienced soldier would have attempted to reach EPS in a frontal assault through fortified Tiger lines. And Fonseka is very experienced. He always knew that EPS wasn’t important until major gains in the Wanni had been achieved.

    I know you and I have disagreed in the past on the peninsula fighting, but I believe I am right here. Anyway, as you said, this is not a military analysis. However, I think many readers — here and elsewhere — think that the Tigers stopped the 53rd and 55th along Muhamalai-Nagarkovil. This is not true. The peninsula was always just a sideshow, though an important one, similar in some ways to the Italian front in WW2. Sideshows too are important, so that the main thrust can be screened, and therefore warranted the casualties.

    BTW, I have no access to the officers’ mess or Washington circles… ha ha.

    But I think you worry too much about SF’s ego. General’s are cocky men. They have to be. A former RSM of the SAS once said that a general needed three things — intelligence, ruthlessness, and luck — I think SF has all three.

    Yes.SF certainly is intelligent, ruthless and lucky. Maybe we can add cocky too.Wonder whether his luck will run out or not?…….DBSJ

  128. Having lived for many years prior to 1948 and closly watching S.L politics of UNP& SLFP since 1948 its best in the interest of the country to hand over S.L back to The British after a refrandam for better Governing and benifts to the future generaltion

  129. A true “hard bastard” I remember the answer he gave a sinhalese interviewer questioning him on army dessertions. He said “A soldier is paid a salary by the army and in return the army expects him to risk his life. If he dies in combat that is the fulfilment of this contract. To take the salary and to srink from death is a betrayal of the terms of his employment…!!

  130. Prabhakaran & Pottu Amman also killed so many Tamils……..DBSJ,,,,

    r u accepting tht gosl killed Tamils,….

    What is there to accept as if it’s something new. I’ve been writig this since the time of JRJ governments to the MR regime. But I dont think fellows like you ever read?……………..DBSJ

  131. DBS,
    regarding # 138. I sincerely re-read your article. There are many adverse (may be rumours or true) comments about SF, while gentle in your words if there is anything to say against Gotabhaya or the president. In the current political scenario, the article reflects bias, whether you meant it not.

    Thank you for your sincerity in re-reading………….DBSJ

  132. funny that so many praise the current regime for LTTE defeat whilst denouncing the UNP.
    It was the UNP that played a huge role in splitting the LTTE and weakening them.

  133. #137 Mohammed should READ #144. #144 is a document that is circulating in the internet now. All that #144 has posted is COPIED PASTED OR PLAGIARISED from a document. But is it true or not? don’t know..but Mohammed is living in la-la land if he thinks SF is honest now.. But #144 why dont you honestly say you copied and pasted someone else’s words? I also got that word document in SL but I did not post it verbatim like #144 did.

  134. Jeez, an election where Mahinda appears the best candidate. Takes some doing.

    The question is whether the upcoming electoral fiasco will finally lead to the UNP ditching Ranil and finding a candidate that will actually provide some leadership.

  135. But sadly for Ranil his useless, disloyal, faction – ridden Party will let him down and he will fail

    I can’t think of anybody who more deserves to fail. As for ‘disloyal and useless’ I would suggest the party has learned that from Ranil, who wouldn’t know what a principle was if he was locked all day in the bathroom with one.

  136. It is a country where the most ruthless destroyer of the minority is considered the best qualified to govern. No one is talking about rectifying or compensating the minorities who suffered during and before the fighting.

  137. Dear Dbs.

    Excellent work.
    But when you pointing one finger to SF other all four fingers Automatically pointing to MR &CO specially fact of corruption

  138. Hi DBSJ,

    In your article, you mentioned the following;

    “Then there was the infamous interview given to the Canadian newspaper “National Post”. Fonseka said Sri Lanka belonged to the majority Sinhalese and that the minorities can stay but have no say.”

    “He was asked to do some damage control by clarifying matters in another interview to a state controlled newspaper. ”

    It really makes me laugh… ..But, I love your last line ..

    “no doubt that the country on the whole will suffer irredeemable harm.”.. Newton’s 3rd law will never fail.

  139. War is money.
    That is why the illuminati are the master minds of all wars. They profit from it.
    Which members of Sri Lanka are working for the illuminati it is hard to know at this point.

  140. Deebs, this article seems rather one sided with not a lot of good things to say about the General.

    I now fully understand the massive role played by Gota, to get all parts working together and acting as the gel. Monumental effort by the humble Def Sect

    Also lot of people seem to think this is a crisis –not so, only normal in a democracy – opposing ideas clash, then one idea wins. Long live the democratic SL – well, not the Western form of course, that the writer, yours truly or most of the other readers are used to, but democracy, nevertheless !

  141. I cant see why Gen Fonseka cannot claim the credit for majority of the victory achieved. He was working towards this when everybody else were nobody. He had a vision. He saved the high security zones during UNF government risking his career. Small man teams were his idea and he started training them even before mahinda Rajapakshe became prime minister. He nearly gave his life for the country but still didn’t give up.
    He treated the ordinary soldeir very well. Clean up in the army began from the top. It was the Brigadiers and Generals who were most stressed.
    Shouldn’t that also be the same in sri lankan politics today? Clean up from the top? Didn’t the Jafna tamils have their most peacefull period when SF was the commander in jaffna?

  142. Ref # 147 above by Shanthi Independence seem of no benift to the people. Many politicians and top Govt. officers apper to have made a fourute for themself It would be interesting if at next Presinetioal elections voters are requested to cast their votes to MR or SR or BR = back to BRITISH RULE to see the puls of the voters who dont wish to vote for both common candidates

  143. Re#93 – Martin Thomas.

    Dear Martin Thomas. What I meant was not “Tamils SHOULD for whom?” Hypothetically, constrained to choose between MR and SF, Tamil will vote for whom? is my question. Thanks.

  144. Excellent analysis, you seem to have many microphones planted in the corrodors of Power. I think you have guessed RW’s intentions too. Historically UNP did well in three conered contests, UNP / SLFP / CP & LSSP forming the nuclii. In the new equilibrium it is pesonalities not politics. RW will have to find a reason to get out of a Common Opposition position but perhaps forming a pact with CBK & VBK. This is not impossible as it sounds, VBK is very amenable in the old days he supported Ossie Abey and CBK’s party had allsorts of left overs from UNP, Gains to UNP may be miniscule though there is lot of ferment.

  145. If these God sent patriots contest against each other, the undertone of the campaign will be, telling the majority who would be more toxic to the minorities than the other guy and, at the same time telling the minorities who would be less toxic to them than the other one.
    People will not realize both are equally toxic to any one.
    They will kill the minority instantly, but bleed the majority slowly. Only God can save Srilanka, may be not, the God himself scared to get involved.

  146. Good timing DBSJ. But I wonder why all this information were kept aside for so long and I wonder who will benefit from this revelation. Good on you for this lengthy article.

    As you yourself said it’s all about timing and being topical……..DBSJ

  147. General Fonseka’s sudden decision , to become the President od Sri Lanka having been the Army Commander, may be to fulfil his personal ambition, unless he blindly become the cat’s paw of another’s ambition to oust the President Rajapakse from power, or he is perhaps acting under duress.
    Nevertheless, it is sad that General Fonseka who had been raised to the Himalayan heights of popularity , losing all the laurals he had so far gained, falls to the ridicule.

  148. David Blacker’s is the best military analysis of the Sri Lankan war, more literate in military history than even those of the late Sivaram (Taraki), just as David Jeyaraj’s is the best political reportage/commentary on Sri Lanka, so there’s no David vs Golaith here…can we just consider this a draw?

  149. Surely Gotabaya must be privy to this highly damaging information that the Commentator 144 has posted.

    Even if a fraction of these allegations are true just imagine the damage that can be done to Sarath Fonseka’s electoral chances.

    .Besides will the UNP and the other oppositoin groups who parade themselves as the saviors of Lanka from the corrupt Rajas back Sarath Fonseka?
    If he is so corrupt he would have hidden behind Rajapaksa to cover his ass as so many other corrupt politicians do.So the odds of these allegations being true are, only fifty fifty.

  150. General Fosnseka is a class act !!!!.
    He demonstrated it yesaterday by visiting his superior and bidding his farewell in a convivial manner despite being the receiver of the superior’s hounds at Keleniya temple.
    This shows the upbringing of a man,
    Does the Peasant from Medamulana match that in act . NO!!!!
    So in the end we all come down to the basics, our up-bringing, what you are taught as a toddler the formative period during which your parents mould your Charactor by inculcating values.
    So who fits better to Govern a Nation?
    Answer is the obvious.
    I just can’t wait a TRUE Gentleman in the post of LEADER for the first time in this country.
    Then we shall set another record in contemporary politics.
    One we have already done, defeating a Terrorist movement within the country by Military means, now the next higher objective( I would say the highest!) eliminating the Nepotism, Corruption and self agrendization of polititcal leadership in the Country.
    The discipline he introduced into the Army and the Corruption he curtailed to win the WAR needs to be introduced into the Civil Society too,
    Now the good General is retired from active Duty, let the Civilian leader Sarath Fonseka to lead the nation.
    I still think he should contest alone all the patriots should not have any reason not to vote for him!!!.
    The CABAL of UNP, JVP , Mano etc can take a break from politics and Join the ‘&’ Company and be the spectators while the general lead the Country to the next Victory!!!!!
    Go general Go!!!!!


  151. DBS,
    Your statement that a friendly country warned the government that SF may be planning a coup is interesting. Now conspiracy theorists are claiming that this whole mess has been engineered by that friendly country who wanted to undermine the present government. What better way than to split the leadership by playing up to their egos?

  152. SF, Gotabhaya & MR are great leaders who fought and won (some extent ) the war against hatred, violence and Terrorism in Srilanka. Unity is very important at this juncture if they want to take the nation to greater heights. The past 50 years of Sinhalese/Tamils enemity has taken the country backwards. Now infight and disunity among these leaders will hinder all progress made over the past few years.

  153. The whole commotion of SF being the Common Candidate of the UNF seems to be a fib in the retarded mind of the cursed RW, to give himself a bit of publicity which he never had, ever since MR was elected the President of SL .

    Despite all the agitation the curse with which RW is forced to live is far too great to change the situation for a man like SF to be hailed by RW now. RW called him then by all names and said that SF is not suitable even to lead the Salvation Army.

    Having eliminated the terrorist which every body thought was an empty dream, SF cannot stoop so low to come to politics from UNP or from an alliance led by UNP with RW as its accursed leader.

    But from the latest news in circulation, it appears that the unthinkable has happened, and the cursed RW has it seems got the Chief of Defence Staff fall a prey to his eternal curse. Only glory SF who became a national hero and a treasured figure in the minds of the people, brings with him to what ever political party he may join is the prestige of leading the Armed Forces for a victory over a damned terrorism that sapped the best of men and material of the country for almost thirty long years.

    That alone is not sufficient to deviate the voting public to swing over to SF from a more prestigious and a beloved President. It was the President MR whose determination, and the ability to hold his head high in the troubled waters in which the International Community kept on poking him with long poles, yet not giving into them or the local forces alone, that enabled the Armed Forces of the Government to carry out undetered, the Military operations that ended the terrorism on May 18, 2009 at Nanthikadal

  154. Hicorp submitted all false evidence to win tenders they submitted to Army, Navy, police and Air force. Even the bank guarantee form they submitted was fudged. Hicorp altered and printed fudged bank guarantee forms (Without the knowledge of the bank). Once this was caught by Army HQ officers and 2 Generals got involved in the matter under the influence of Gen Fonseka to cover up the issue. ( Gen Thoradeniya and Gen Mahesh senanayake and Col Rohan Wijesundara)
    Army Hq security camera system was awarded to Hicorp (Nexsel – BRITISH BORNEO DEFENCE) under the influence from then commander Gen fonseka – Hicorp has failed to implement the system as specified in the agreement but Gen Fonseka got involved and asked to pay them more money to finish the project in which hicorp and some Brigadiers who were involved in this matter made millions of rupees. Gen Fonseka gave up the security of the army HQ to a company (His son in laws company) allowing his son in law to make millions of rupees when his company had not even installed a security camera system or has an office space in Colombo! The system started to fall apart even before army made the payment to hicorp and nobody questioned this matter due to any backlash from the general.
    Col Rohan Wijesundara influenced many of the tender boards as well as issued a special pass to Randy DeHoedt to come and go as he wishes to Army Hq.
    How about the Gas mask deal you gave away to your son in law’s company?
    You influenced the tender board to award the gas mask tender to your son-in-law’s company and threatened to charge officers if they did not cooperate with his son-in-law and his manager Randy DeHoedt.
    How about millions of dollars in commission from Tanks deal?
    You asked your D-Plans to work directly with your son-in-law and not any other party.
    How about the commission from satellite deal?Your son in law’s company still supply satellite images to Sri Lanka army and made millions of dollars in commission
    How about the commission from Uniforms and boots?You awarded the boots and uniform tender to your son in law’s company who represented as an agent for Brig Tilakeratne’s company (your son-in-law’s father’s company)
    How about the commission from MBR?
    How about the commission from your own Mercedes Benz?
    How about commissions from Mig deal?
    How about communication equipments deals from Brg Bashir and NRTS?
    How about the commissions from the composes your son-in-law supplied to army?
    Hicorp provided false bank guarantee certificates other affiliation documents with most of the tenders they submitted and when army HQ offices caught this one time Gen Fonseka got involved to cover this up and even transferred some offices to other isolated places. Even today at army HQ most of the documents available that Hicorp – British Bourne and nexsel submitted with tenders are altered and false. For submitting false documentation you can arrest Lakshman Wijesekara and Randy Dehoedt. When you question them you will find out who gave those instructions and all the details of Gen Fonseka’s Wrong doings.”

  155. Here is another story that indicated a continuing pattern of disgusting abusive behaviour.
    A close relative of Gen. Fonseka’s son-in-law is reported to have got entangled in a club brawl, which saw him being ‘bounced’ from the club by its owner. The next day, the club owner had received a threatening telephone call. The club owner seems to have influence himself – he had reported the matter to Major General Shavindra Silva, Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) and Maj-Gen. Mendeka Samarasinghe, Chief of Staff of the Army, because the number of the call was traced to an officer from the Artillery Regiment at Panagoda. An inquiry was promptly called into the matter.

    At this stage, the Defence Secretary got to know that the officer concerned was possibly acting on other’s behalf and seems to have wanted to sort the matter out without allowing it to proceed too far when it transpired that the case involved a relative of Gen. Fonseka.
    Chief of Defence Staff General Sarath Fonseka

    Defence Secretary Rajapaksa then asked the Army Commander Jagath Jayasuriya not to proceed with the inquiry, and merely warn and discharge those behind the threatening call. However, the matter did not seem to end there.


    HICORP (Pvt) Ltd.
    Our Organization is based in Sri Lanka with presence in the USA. We are specialized in integrated defense systems / Radar systems / Body armor / Ballistic helmets / armored vehicles and many other related products in Sri Lanka. We are a registered supplier for the Sri Lanka Army / Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Air Force / Sri Lanka Police Department / Government and Private Sector Organizations / United Nations Offices in Sri Lanka NGOs / ICRC / Red Cross Etc

    Company Name: HICORP (Pvt) Ltd.
    Product/Services: Defense, Security, Surveillance Equipment
    Address: # 7 Siebal Avenue Colombo,Colombo,Sri Lanka 00500
    Phone: 94-714-813111
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  156. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for a most enlightening write-up. However I do feel that the article causes too much resentment towards SF and shows MR in a more favorable and somewhat gallant light. I suppose one could say that MR acted nobly with respect to the War but as for the track record on corruption under his regime, there is much to be said. He and his family along with his jimband of faithful side kicks, have robbed the Sri Lankans of billions, on pretext of War. He asked us to tighten our belts in the name of War all the time during which his and his side kicks belts became more and more loosened. Most people barely scrape a living today, as the corruption continues in the name of War even after 6 months since its conclusion. I feel that you should also enlighten the public on this aspect Dear Sir, since it is important that the people should know of the underhand dealings of the MR regime, and how they rob the middle and lower class people of this country.
    I have great respect for Gotabaya, and I truly believe that he is a noble and honest person, to be admired for his quiet yet plentiful role in bringing down the LTTE.
    I might even venture to say that in the present light of events the Best Man suitable to lead this country is neither MR or SF, but Gotabaya.

  157. here is another story that indicated a continuing pattern of disgusting abusive behaviour.
    A close relative of Gen. Fonseka’s son-in-law is reported to have got entangled in a club brawl, which saw him being ‘bounced’ from the club by its owner. The next day, the club owner had received a threatening telephone call. The club owner seems to have influence himself – he had reported the matter to Major General Shavindra Silva, Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) and Maj-Gen. Mendeka Samarasinghe, Chief of Staff of the Army, because the number of the call was traced to an officer from the Artillery Regiment at Panagoda. An inquiry was promptly called into the matter.
    At this stage, the Defence Secretary got to know that the officer concerned was possibly acting on other’s behalf and seems to have wanted to sort the matter out without allowing it to proceed too far when it transpired that the case involved a relative of Gen. Fonseka.
    Defence Secretary Rajapaksa then asked the Army Commander Jagath Jayasuriya not to proceed with the inquiry, and merely warn and discharge those behind the threatening call. However, the matter did not seem to end there.
    General Sarath Fonseka was last evening told to vacate the post of Chief of Defence Staff with immediate effect.
    “He is retired with immediate effect. The letter has been sent to him this evening,” Presidential Secretary Lalith Weerathunga told LAKBIMAnEWS. Fonseka’s Office confirmed that the General was in receipt of the letter.
    The latest twist to the tale would deprive Fonseka of the last two weeks of his service. He has initially sought to retire on December 1, but instead the President has effected the retirement immediately.
    Meanwhile, in an unprecedented move General Sarath Fonseka’s relatives employed in various state institutions have also received transfer orders after General Fonseka handed over his letter of resignation to the president. Ajith Munasingha, General Fonseka’s wife’s brother who is a Senior Superintendent of Police and was working as director of the Ministerial Security Unit has now been transferred to the Tourist Police Division.
    General Fonseka’s younger daughter, Aparna Fonseka’s fiance is Thulitha Perera, son of DIG Cecil Perera who was the DIG for Mannar, and who has now been transferred to Vavuniya. Now DIG Cecil Perera is kicking his heels without being given any specific duty.
    General Fonseka’s older daughter, Apsara Fonseka is married to Dhanuka Thilakaratna, a computer engineer by profession and a son of retired Brigadier Thilakaratna. Dhanuka’s brother has recently been attacked at a Colombo club by personal body guards of a Major General from army headuarters. Meanwhile, police have refused to accept the complaint saying that they have been given orders and therefore could not record the complaint.

  158. What no one seems understand at this Juncture is MR’s next move.

    Why a Commission was appointed at this Juncture to look after the war crime by the GoSL.

    The Answer is someone is going to be scapegoated for the all the ills. Guess who will be that ?

    GoSL will do its inquiry and will find SF and some of his Command as the fault and may even lock him up within next 6 months. once this is over, A presidential poll will be anounced.

  159. Dear DBSJ,

    A good piece of writing! I have been reading your writings for quite a sometime.

    Though outside the focus of your artcle, could you shed some light on the possibility of Tamils voting for SF as common presidential candidate? And also, going by the traits of SF you have elaborated in the article, how plausibile is it to assume that the UNP-led opposition alliance (possibly with TNA) could “manage” SF in the presidential hustings and afterwards?

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  160. Scroungers pretending to be philanthropists
    by S. L. Gunasekara

    The serial loser Wickremasinghe, we are told, has recently announced a set of conditions to which General Sarath Fonseka must agree if he is to be nominated for the Presidency by his party. A few days earlier the serial loser’s side-kick Mano Ganeshan M.P. is said to have sent to General Fonseka a questionnaire to enable him (Ganeshan) to decide whether or not to support the candidature of General Sarath Fonseka for the Presidency of this land. The icing on the cake appeared in this morning’s Island (12/11/2009) which reported that Lakshman Kirialla MP, who said not long ago that any fool could fight a war, added his ‘two cents worth’ to Wicremasinghe’s conditions confirming them!!
    What this motley bunch of ‘wannabe’ rulers of this country appears to seek to project is the wholly ridiculous notion that General Sarath Fonseka is a supplicant going behind them seeking the favour of nomination for the forthcoming Presidential elections, while they are the Lords and the Masters preparing to make a decision as to whether to throw to the ‘supplicant’ General Fonseka, the ‘crumb’ of nomination.
    That is their fantasy: Let us now look at cold reality. Clearly not one of those poseurs who purport to be ‘leaders’ of National political parties and constitute the ‘leadership’ of the newly formed ‘alliance of political opportunists’ is capable of either defeating President Rajapaksa or even coming a close second to him in the coming Presidential election. It is only General Fonseka who could save them from total ignominy by acquiring a reasonable quantum of votes.
    Thus, it is the likes of Wickremesinghe, Ganeshan and Samaraweera who are the supplicants. They who, by their conduct, claim to be the possessors of patronage who are ready to bestow their largesse on General Fonseka if he fulfills their conditions, are in fact the supplicants or the beggars – for General Fonseka is their only hope of political survival. They realize that if any one of the motley bunch of purported leaders of National political parties in that comical Alliance (even with the backing of JVP whose leader Rohana Wijeweera was murdered by the UNP – albeit to the rightful delight of the Nation), decides to contest the Presidential Election, so resounding will be the defeat that that candidate will suffer that none of the parties of this Alliance would have the chance of a ‘snowball in hell’ of acquiring any appreciable number of seats at the forthcoming General Election.
    Thus, General Fonseka is their only hope of survival, and the fact that they want to ride on the back of General Fonseka and then discard him like a cigarette butt was made evident by the conditions put forward by Wickremasinghe and confirmed by Kiriella Those conditions demand of General Fonseka that immediately upon victory, he will announce the abolition of the Executive Presidency (thereby rendering himself impotent), and establish a ‘Caretaker’ Government with Wickremasinghe as the Prime Minister, giving important portfolios to both the JVP and the lackeys of the LTTE (called the TNA) which General Fonseka fought so valiantly for so many years. Wickremasinghe and his hanger-on Kiriella clearly envision no role for General Fonseka other than facing the election, facing all the trouble and risks incumbent upon doing so, and handing over the fruits of victory to Wickremasinghe and his cohorts and fading away if he happens to win In short, they want to use General Fonseka to aquire power for themselves and then dump him in the dustbin..
    These are matters on which Sarath Fonseka, the victorious and most ‘uncommon’ General must ponder upon before deciding whether to be a ‘common’ candidate sponsored by a bunch of decrepit politicians whose ambitions bear an inverse proportion to their performance and ability.
    One of the most important matters to which General Fonseka should give his mind is the undeniable fact that he commands and commands rightly the respect and affection of the entire Nation which is something that neither the serial loser Wickremasinghe, nor any of his side-kicks like Ganeshan Kiriella or Samaraweera, nor the colossal idiots in their Alliance such as the one who obviously believed that Elephant Pass was in Pamankade and Kilinochchi in Madawachchi; the other who thinks that any fool can fight a war and the third who thinks that General Sarath Fonseka is not fit to lead even the Salvation Army, commands or can ever comand.
    What this bunch of opportunistic politicians with an unquenchable of thirst of power seek to do is to use that respect and affection the People have for General Fonseka to acquire power for themselves who command no such respect or affection but only the contempt of the People to foist themselves on the people of the Country as their rulers.
    Nothing in what I have said means that I believe that President Rajapaksa is a perfect President. He is certainly is not. There is much that is wrong with him and his governance, and in particular, much that is wrong and almost nothing good in the ‘hangers on’ around him. What I do say is that whatever his faults may be, the alternative of the serial loser and his cohorts acquiring power is much worse. This fact is made manifest by the circumstance that the serial looser and his cohorts in their unseemly quest for power have the impudence to invite General Fonseka to sacrifice the respect and affection the people have for him in order to help them to achieve their ambitions which they cannot achieve on their own. One can well visualize from this what type of governance this bunch of charlatans would give this country if given a chance.

  161. I wonder how many skeletons are in SF’s Cupboard.
    mmmm appears that all what appears is NOT what it appears. If SF is complaining about a family business some of the comments here needs to be investigated further.

    Too much power corrupts whether it be MR, SF or the Other Sarath who was CJ!!!. like DBSJ said corruption need not only be in financial terms.

    Looks like there is no one to hand over the country to –
    Ole Praba must be having the last laugh!

  162. If there is a presidential election Sri Lankans will be faced with the choice of voting for a war criminal against a regime of war criminals.. Doesn’t seem like a fabulous equation. Many have now chosen not to see the ugly side of SF, his treatment of journalist, his contempt for the minorities and his opinion regarding human rights etc. all in the name of political expediency. SF, Gota and MR are due their share of credit and blame for their respective roles in eradicating terrorism and also militarising Sri Lanka and dragging her to the status of a Paraih state. DBS.. whatever the politically motivated may say we hope you would keep remain objective and occasionally remind us who these people are and what they have done. But I must confess I for one will make the difficult choice of voting for one war criminal against a whole bunch of them.

  163. This is brilliant writing but also advanced psychology. The fact that Mr.Jeyaraj who despite his best efforts has failed to convince me of his true neutrality, has taken SO much trouble to cast aspersions on Fonseka makes me think that 2 years of Fonseka is exactly what Sri Lanka needs. What we need are some assurances that Fonseka won’t become a “king for life”.


    Three things.

    1.I am not “casting aspersions” on SF as you say.Read his letter to MR & understand.
    2.I keep on saying that a point of view article by definition cannot be neutral. But people like you simply dont understand and keep on writing that I am trying to be “neutral”.
    3. I thought Sri Lanka had reached rockbottom in the hands of the Rajapakse regime. But your suggestion makes me feel the plunge will continue

  164. I am just a citizen of SL without any fixed party affiliations. I vote for people who will put this country straight and not for personal favours. For me, if I compare the 17 year -UNP rule and the 11-year Chandrika rule – this man – the current President has done phenominal work for this country in 3 years and if anyone thinks they can cross over & compete with him – I think he is sadly mistaken.

  165. The article has delivered judgement on SF, some times using unsubstantiated stories like sexual misconduct and corruption. It puts DBS in a different light. Some bloggers have also put dirt on him. But SF got no right of reply. Therefore the debate is not balanced. It appears people want to show him as corrupt. However I don’t believe these stories unless there is good evidence.
    About SF’s ego, DBS is correct. But a commander without an ego is like a man without bal..s. Another Ranil! SF did the greatest service to SL, but today he is defamed. Of course SL achieved victory as a team. But he played his part well.
    Reading SF letter, he is politically naive. He expects protection from MR! He does not know his enemy (Sun Tzu). Sadly current SL leadership do not have the wisdom to use this man’s skills. Ranil is fishing in troubled waters.

    146. David Blacker where can I read your military analysis of SLA Elam war operations? I do agree very much with your comments


    This article has not pronounced judgement on anyone.It has only drawn attention to some aspects of Sarath Fonseka in a climate where people are going overboard with Fonseka mania. This article raises issues concerning what is considered the “unspeakable”. This forum gives room to opinions but the discussion cannot be equated to a debate. But if people want to provide proof of SF bona fides they are most welcome to go ahead. Having an ego may or may not be a problem but it certainly is when it comes to being an impediment to cooperate with fellow service chiefs or senior subordinate officers

    The “boycott” of the farewell given to Sri Lanka’s most successful military commander by his colleagues and comrades at arms is a sad reflection of how SF the man was regarded.

    If and when SF contests politics all the dirt in his cupboard will come out.From his “alleged”sexual improprieties to suppression of media to favouritism shown to comapnies run by close relatives getting lucrative contracts to the discriminatory policies practised in running the army

  166. to comment 178-KP

    Wishful thinking indeed. ‘boru’ commisions are appointed due to pressure from international community to allow their own investigations. It reminds me of the ‘loose’ motions that Premadasa used to have all the time , when he had a problem.

    Gota cannot afford to have SF in the dock, because he will spill the beans. They are like tweedledee and tweedledum. So they have to stick together or go down together or hmmmmm-what if SF is arrested but suddenly takes out a grenade and throws it at the police. No, that won’t do. Too obvious.

    Why do you think Mahinda is offering Primeministership and even the Defence Secretary post to SF. Not because he is worried about the elections, but to shut him up.

  167. Dear DBSJ,

    I am not sending comment to your article just to have my name there, but to conver my real and honest opinion about your article.

  168. Both JVP and UNP are using Fonseka as a “political Suicide cadre” to achieve their own aspirations. Their intention and approach is no different from LTTE using suicide carders to get rid of their targets.

    Interesting comparison but I dont think Sarath intends committing Hara-kiri for UNP or JVP…………..DBSJ

  169. There are numerous websites and links to make mockery of the President, the government and the Military with the aim of whitewashing the glory of the victory over the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization and rather create dissent and prejudice amongst Sri Lankans as a whole. Unfortunately, Sri Lankans are gullible to these type of misleading “news” published by “mischievous” so-called journalists that not only hinders the healing process of the wounds of the country’s recently concluded war on terrorism, but also paves way for the enemies of the nation to raise their ugly heads once again and create havoc and mayhem that we do not want ever to see again.

    I think the problem is a “patriotic” civil war………….DBSJ

  170. DBSJ,

    Does it not seem likely that to win the endorsement of Ganeshan and the TNA, Fonseka, the erstwhile supremacist will have to offer substantial political concessions to the Tamil community on issues of resettlement and a final settlement, beyond what Rajapakse is presently doing? And if that competition provokes Rajapakse into offering his own and accelerating policies and processes that are underway, does the Tamil community not reap the benefit immediately from Fonseka’s entry into politics, if not a latter election?


    Too early to say.It is not finalised that Mano&Rauff would support SF. If and when SF contests MR for presidency it would be an intra- Sinhala fight between the so called triumphant patriotic forces. This whole divide is a personality clash about who deserves more credit for winning the war.

    The electoral discourse will soon transform into a Sinhala hawkish one though lip service will be paid to “minorities”.In 2005 MR put forward a Sinhala agenda against RW’s Multi – ethnic agenda.The LTTE by its enforced boycott helped MT squeak through. Until that time all Presidential candidates wooed the minorities as it was deemed necessary for winning. But after MR’s win the Sinhala hardliners think that Sinhala votes are enough to win This election if a straight fight between MR & SF will be fought for Sinhala votes alone and so would not regard non -Sinhala votes as a factor. If any side tries to Woo the other side will bring up naked majoritarian chauvinism

    If its a three – cornered fight with the UNP putting up an acceptable candidate the minority votes will go there

    But as I said its all too early and the prospects of MR-Gota & Fonseka reconciling in their self – interest cannot be ruled out

    There is no principle or policy difference here only a personality problem based on paranoia, pride and pique

    The Sinhala hardline constituency is aghast and will do the utmost to reconcile both factions

  171. I was amused at the SLA dilemma in Eelam war IV

    Advance and Johnny will get you
    Retreat and Fonny will get you

    From the outcome of the battle I guess they thought it better to go with Johhny than to face Fonny!

  172. to # 74
    are you a Sinhalese if so I salute you,
    iam a Sinhalese also and I was ashamed to be a, because we are acting as Germans(not narcissist ) who were blinded to agony of Jews
    and im really sorry about us (not about tamils) thinking what will history speaks about us as in another 40 -50 years

  173. DBS I like to add:

    Now, General Fonseka has time to read the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

    I think it is good for Ranil Wickreamasinghe’s political health to send a copy of the Constitution to General Fonseka.

    According to his resignation letter to President, General thought his position as Army Commander is above the law and above the Constitution. He acted like self appointed “superman”.

    If he reads the Constitution (or his henchman can read him) he will understand Army Commander isn’t superman or dictator, who can rule the country as he wishes. According to our Constitution Executive, Judiciary and the Parliament are having super governing powers, but not the Army Commander.

    General Fonseka couldn’t understand his simple truth when he was acting as the Army Commander. That why he holds” Kangaroo” courts to punish journalists, who criticized him. There are very, very few journalists, who have a backbone to criticized General Fonseka, those days. One is “Nation’s Keith Noyer and other one is Lasantha Wickeramatunga. Keith is lucky to save his life because his editor Lalith Allahakoon called President Rajapaksa and informed when Keith was abducted.

    After all these events Government has appointed Lalith Allahakoon to Sri Lankan mission in Pakistan. But he couldn’t serve one single day. He was recalled. Because General Fonseka demanded to recall Allahakoon. General Fonseka took revenge from
    Allahakoon because his paper criticized him and he intervened to save Keith’s life. That’s how General Fonseka ran the Foreign Ministry in Colombo!

    These are only a few incidents, how our “superman “tried to run our country.

    These days there is a big media issue about reduce the size of General Fonseka’s security detail. But when General Fonseka resumed duties as Army Commander his first act was reduced the security detail of former Army Commander Lionel Ballagalla. Lionel Ballagalla was a popular office in the Army. General Fonseka had personal differences with Ballagalla and when he got the power, he took the revenge by reducing his security details.

    History repeats it self.

  174. There was a crying need for this piece. It seems that my countrymen can’t see the forest for the Fonseka. After suffering fools for the last four years, I can’t believe that people are getting ready to make the same, if not a worse mistake all over again. We never learn.

  175. It seems DBS is doing what Prabhkaran failed to do. With a cunning and clever piece of writing he brings up all the mud, secrets allegations in the top in sri Lanka. look at the comments. I can’t help but laughing. Few months ago we were even afraid to comment on those lines. Beginning of the End and hopefully a peace full Sri lanka specially when each other at their throats we will be left alone. ha ha Clever indeed.

    It was not I who created the Rajapakse – Fonseka split……….DBSJ

  176. Jeyaraj will vote for mr and not sf, it is sure. Jeyaraj trying to curry favour with mr so that he can go to Sri Lanka safely

    Sorry buddy, I am not entitled to vote in Sri Lanka. If I could I will vote for someone like Siritunga Jayasuriya if he contests again………DBSJ

  177. # 168, Dayan Jayatilleka, Seriously, there was military “analysis” baecause there was a military “strategy” in Mullivaayakkal?

    There was only “savagery”.

    Which one was greater; Sri Lanka Army’s or LTTE’s is the debate.

  178. Dear Mr.Jeyaraj

    The Sinhala & Tamil factions accused you earlier of being pro – govt – anti -LTTE or pro -LTTE – anti – government when something you wrote irked them

    But those readin g you consistently knew this was incorrect as you seemed to be treating each issue on a case by case approach. Despite your criticising LTTE in many articles one faction would attack you as pro -LTTE and in spite of your criticisng govt in many articles the other faction will attack you as pro- govt

    Now I see this happening between pro – Rajapakse and pro – Fonseka supporters

    But non – Sri Lankan readers like us who have followed you for decades have no such pre-conceived baggage about you

    This article is another jewel to your journalisic crown

    Please keep on writing without letting these partisan accusations get to you

    Thank You Janaki………….DBSJ

  179. DBS,
    This is outside this topic but today’s Daily Mirror carries a interview of one of the TNA members who visited the IDP camps few days ago. Why don’t you post it here or as a part of TransCurrents site as I think it is a very importnat interview that the world needs to see.

  180. SF will realize that life outside the army minus the perks, the batmen, the cooks, the drivers and unlimited access to power and money will fritter away. His unwarranted attacks on the Present Army commander are indicative of his vindictive manners. Until the last day of his Commander era he fought hard to block the current commander and went to the extent of harassing and then arresting the current commanders ADC. Why? No one knows except to look for dirt. His demand of Shanta Kottegoda to vacate Army house is well known. Kottegoda was not even given 24 hours to vacate. This man was impatient. He deprived my old Trinity gentleman officer(similar to Denzil Kobbekaduwa the classiest officer and one of the best ever) Parami Kulatunge of protection despite him being a target. He hounded anyone who was not a sycophant. Sadly those are truths DBSJ. Await more.

  181. i meant to say sans all the perks and power to give no-bid contracts etc, the glory seekers will run to other people to get their weapons deals. IF SF and that isa BIG IF did in fact practiced family bandyism to support his son-in-law then those should be exposed now that he is a civilian politicians. In this whole episode it is Gotabaya who has remained untainted and respected above anyone else. SF’s ambition will be his downfall politically. He no longer has the aura of being an invincible leader. Anything goes in politics and if he was dirty as the rest why shouldn’t the nation get to know about it if it is fact? i am still not sure.

  182. This election if a straight fight between MR & SF will be fought for Sinhala votes alone and so would not regard non -Sinhala votes as a factor. If any side tries to Woo the other side will bring up naked majoritarian chauvinism

    But what if the election, as before, comes down to a matter of 400,000 swing Tamil votes in the Northern Province. With no LTTE, the election may hinge on which candidate is more promising to the minorities.

    The point I am making here is that in the bargains being struck with the Tamil and Muslim parties, something constructive MAY come out of Fonseka entry into politics. This would be deeply ironic given everything being said about what Fonseka is supposed to represent. It would in fact be democracy in action.

    Another question DBSJ, how much of a deciding factor is ethnic nationalist ideology. It seems to me from the 2005 election, the Southern electorate is much more mature, and far more likely to vote on issues of peace, prosperity and good governance, and less ethnic jingoism, than a generation or two previously. Perhaps the best example of this is how the bottom has fallen out of the ethno-nationalist JVP and JHU in their Southern strongholds once the electorate sensed a better alternative existed for genuine reform.

  183. If farewells are anything to go by , the two Saraths got the worst farewells. Sarath the ex CJ did not gete even the customary last cup of tea with MR, dont hear much of S the X CJ now. Give a couple of months SF the X commander will also join the same ranks.

    We have a lot of X MEN and Women in Sri Lanka. All fear there departure but they all become Cardboard Heroes afterwards.

  184. A layman’s prediction

    SF loses the election; For Ranil, it is an endgame for his career. He may escape with a a few ‘pawns’ who cannot be queened;

  185. Ref DBSJ comment to # 191, in a a contest between SF and MR ,Ranil as a third candidate will romp in with the Tamil vote.Remember the result of the last Election?

    If Mano and Hakeem join the SF front,whether in a two or three candidate contest as above, then MR need not worry

    The Dirt File on Fonseka is perhaps over flowing as evident from some of the comments in this column.The son in law taking commissions on each bullet is highly damaging stuff.So most probable scenario will be SF either supporting MR or side lined by the threat of corruption allegations.

    It will be a contest between MR and Ranil or a replacement for Ranil from the UNP if they can find a worthwhile person.( I tend to think Rosie has more appeal than the other old dudes). I can not see either of these options being a real threat to MR, and that is the good news for every one who do not want to see the Country divided on ethnic lines.

  186. Devils who desolated the Tamil Home Land and the Tamil Cultural heritage…had the (devil) dance together all these days.
    Now, having their ‘devil fight’

  187. Corruption is synonymous with our politics. All are busy uncovering the corruptions of the government, overlooking their own records. And we, as public, are criticizing the government for the corruptions…without thinking that each of us has been associated with such corruptions in some way or other. Is corruption a problem with our politics or it has risen from grassroots levels?”…One who is blaming others for corrupting the system needs to think who builds up the ‘system’, who all are part of the system, and how is he/she is associated with the problem? Is he/she a part of the system

  188. Its time both Sinhalese & Tamils in Srilanka think of national interest and work with both SF & MR rather than SF or MR.

  189. The present regime is very corupt but electing this 2cents general to punish the govt will be a disaster to everyone.Surely first ones to suffer are jvp &unf.He will be a hitler,prabakaran.and sadam hussain.It will be a disaster for everyone.Pro government media should publish this article

  190. DBSJ, in reply to Comment 146 you say SF is intelligent.arrogant and cockey. I reckon if he is too cockey it is not going to work it in his favour. When he was the Army Commmander, he gives an order and that was followed, but when he is expecting the people’s vote, he has to be modest and down to earth. Although so far he is a winner, he is surrounded by some well known loosers.

    Rajapakse brothers are going to do him like a pack of lions. He will be wounded and looking for a place to hide while licking his wounds. It will be a sorry state of affairs for a national hero.
    I hope he keep his respect and enjoy his retirement.


  191. Hi we are looking for for a theme song for Mervyn “Kudu” Silva’s reelection campaign in Hambantota for an upcoming parliamentary election. We would like feedback to be posted here from readers for the suitability of the following song:


    Please note a sinhala baila version is also being considered for release.

  192. Lt. Gen Parami Kulatunge was refused Army residence by Sarath F out of pettiness. He died because he was not given a residence in the secure quarters and he was not allocated a bullet proof car.

  193. Mr. jeyaraj.
    Pls do not insult People. You are not a GOD to know each and every detail which had happened between SF and MR.
    and sri lankans should not believe stories of this nature. This person is only a Journalist. There may be certain truth in his stories. But not all.
    What is important here is to be united as one Nation and develop this country. These stories may create lot of problems in achieving this goal.

    You should tell this to Mahinda&Sarath not me………………..DBSJ

  194. You have distorted the facts. Why dont you talk what this great man has done during the war time without mudslinging.No doubdt we sri lankan knows what SF did for this country. I am sorry for the blokes who have commended your article.Please stay where you are without making stupid and silly comments.Generals is always remembered for his greatness -Athula

    IWhy dont you tell us all the facts then…………..DBSJ

  195. For #156. villa | My observation are:

    The Srilankan minority tragedy is mainly due to Srilankan tamils mindset of being a Tamil first than a Srilankan first. The stork reality in this world is “might is right”. Srilankan tamils need to cut off their umblical cord with Tamilnadu. Consider Tamil is just a link language and Tamilnadu cannot help you people anyway. Live in Srilanka even though you are treated as second class Citizen. It is much better to live in harmony there than being a refuge in Tamilnadu, or any other country. Take cue from Chinese in Malaysia & Indonesia. Though politically chinese are weak, they are well educated and economically strong. Malaysian/Indonesian chinese do not run to China to solve their problems in their resident country. Hope Srilankan tamil leaders understand this well and work towards betterment of their people by mutual co-operation with the majority sinhalese and the srilankan government. For heavens sake say “NO” to India or any other country to interfere in your affairs.


    And what has your comment got to do with Rajapakse vs Fonseka issue? Also you arrogantly advise Tamils to live in Sri Lanka even as second class citizens but tell us why Gotabaya,Basil, Milinda are US citizens? Why is Fonseka having a US green card? Unlike Tamils they can live as first class or superclass citizens in Sri Lanka no?

  196. LTTE was defeated by a combined effort of many, including not only the President, the Secretary of Defence, the three service Commanders and the service personnel, the IGP and the Police Force, the Director General and the personnel in the Civil Defence Force but also the patriotic general public and expatriates of our nation. Therefore it would be wrong for one person, be it the President or General Sarath Fonseka, to claim that the victory was achieved due to his and his effort alone, forgetting the fact that it was a combined effort that made this victory possible. To evaluate one persons contribution against another’s is also futile, for it will only add to further misunderstandings. One drop of water however big it may be cannot and will not form an ocean. It is many drops of water that go to from an ocean.

  197. Onaama prasneka mula geniyek hondata hoyala beluwoth!!

    I want to put forward my suggestion to SF
    – After SF becomes president legalize gay marriages. Ranil can then marry Mangala. Ranil will be first gay prime minister in the world. We Sri Lankan made first woman prime minister, so why can’t we have first gay prime minister

  198. I read the entire post and all the comments. For me only Joseph’s and KC’s comments stand out. I tend to look at things from grass-roots level as Joseph does.

    Jeyaraj is a stalwart journalist, but this goes into the category of informing inside stories that the reader has to use for their own interpretation.

    Arms dealing always comes with bribes. I remember in the 90s one of my Palestinian friends who hosted some Saudi arms buyers say that they went to a screening of weapon display that Israelis and Saudis both attended together. The Fort Worth arms manufacturer also supplied escorts to the visitors for their personal pleasure.

    The problem in Sri Lanka is the ruling class. The Sinhalese thugs learned a lesson by seeing their own villages completely and brutally annihilated as reply to years of taunting the Tamils. The magnitude of mental hurt could take any measure unlike physical. I am not diminishing 1958 and 1983, but they do not indicate a sustained ethnic hatred as communists like Dayan J and DEW likes to portray them.

    The Sinhalese should understand that anyone born in the country cannot help what language they speak. They are all equal and this is not hard to understand. It has to be said openly and openly accepted.

    Official Language has been a big issue. Official Language is the language of the government. Now that we have Independence, the language of the government is the language of the citizen. Government Servant is now Public Servant. The language of the government is the language of the citizen. It is the lookout of the government servant to do whatever necessary to understand the citizen. The boss is not the British ruler, it is the citizen. Official language ought not be legislated.

    To the credit of the Sinhalese, they do not think Tamil language and culture as inferior. On the other hand, the Tamils need to rethink whether their chauvinism is getting them anywhere. Tamil leaders have built into them the belief that they are superior citing their management skills, industriousness, achievement outside the country like in Singapore, etc. Even their cooking is touted as superior. (Of course, nai dosai anytime). Of course kings were mostly Indian, perhaps Dutu Gemunu too.

    Mostly, the long years of feeling of military invisibility coupled with truly cluelessness of the administrations strengthened their chauvinism thinking how stupid are the Sinhalese. Actually, it is not the Sinhalese that they think of but the elite — the Western oriented decadence. The elite are like the Tutsi in Rwanda.

    Ordinary Tamils should grow up and empathize with the Sinhalese a bit. Are they privileged? Only in the ability to vote some rogue into power replacing another. If not for LTTE, the Sinhalese would have made Kadirgamar their president. I truly believe it.

    I think of my school friends, Tamil, Moor, Malay, Burgher, Sindhi, Indian. It never entered our minds if so and so is this group when we selected the class fighter. It is the elite who have no differences that exploit the differences in the masses and keep the differences going too.

    I say we need a referendum to amend the constitution to have a president that represents all the people and a single parliament where representatives of the villages come together. Let the president advocate for all the people and manage foreign policy and defense forces. (Only him learning Tamil is not enough).

    And let the parliament pass laws that president signs into law or veto if he wants to those that do not reach some majority threshold like 2/3. Let the cabinet of ministers manage the business of the country.

    Any group, be it Tamil, Muslim or paddy farming or whatever could be well represented by committees in the parliament without regard to territory.

    Tamils should stop demanding separate territories and subsidiary governments. Perhaps there are more Tamil intellectuals than Sinhalese who could speak for all the people intelligently. It’s time that they think more like Lankans than homeland seekers.

    Provincial Councils and ultimate cross-migration would make truly different provinces with true parochial character. That is only good for India and Organized Crime. Ultimate annexation of the island by India would complete the process of making it a cesspool.

    The expatriates with Tamil Diaspora have corrupt factions. If true peace is to be achieved, the thugs and terrorists should be removed. That includes Sinhala and Tamil ministers that used thuggery and terrorism. List system is bad. How did Karuna become a minister without anybody voting for him? I do not follow Lankan politics very closely and see only highlights mentioned here and there, but I know that fundamentally we need democracy and equla justice.

    What do you think about Sarath Fonseka’s resignation letter&annexure?…………DBSJ

  199. #168
    “so there’s no David vs Golaith here…can we just consider this a draw?”

    Death, destruction, violation of rights, oppression- all considered game (match) in our society. It has pervaded the every step of the social ladder. We will get our second independence only when we get out of this mindset.

    Fran you’ve misunderstood the comment reference to David vs Goliath…………DBSJ

  200. How Mahinda carefully steered the nation through a deadly minefield during the height of the war is now even the talk of Harvard Political Science debates!!

  201. First it happen to Mangala.., then Vijedasa…. etc.. now SF. MR is other side of the Bentara river. Everybody forgot it. But every one have to bear the result of their own words and what they do.

  202. DBS,

    My observation is in response tp # 156. The point is the blame is not on Not SF or MR but the Tamil minset which is the most ruthless destroyer of the minority .

    Iam sorry if my note on “live in srilanka as second class citizen” is misunderstood. Any one have a choice to live in Srilanka (even as a second class citizen) and toil for Tamils development or chose another country of choice to live as first class citizen.

    I have no clue why Sinhalese/Srilankan leaders are US Citizens/PR. Srilankan citizens may ask this question to this leaders.

  203. රාජපක්ෂලා හා ‍ෆොන්සේකා අතර ගැටුම පිළිබඳ ඩී.බී.එස්. ජයරාජ්
    Labels: ජනරාල් සරත් ෆොන්සේකා, ජනාඹිපති මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ, ඩී.බී.එස්. ජයරාජ්

    (2009 නොවැම්බර් 19 – W3Lanka) සරත් ෆොන්සේකා ජනාධිපතිවරණයට ඉදිරිපත් වීම දෙවන ලෝක යුද්ධයෙන් පසු බර්නාඩ් මොන්ට්ගොමරි වින්ස්ටන් චර්චිල්ට එරෙහිව තරග කිරීම හා බංග්ලාදේශ යුද්ධයෙන් පසු සෑම් මැනෙක්ෂෝ ඉන්දිරා ගාන්ධිට එරෙහිව තරග කිරීම හා සමාන කරන ප්‍රකට දේශපාලන හා යුද විශ්ලේෂක ඩී.බී.එස්. ජයරාජ් මෙම කරුණු පෙළගැස්ම පිළිබඳව මෙසේ පවසයි.

    1991දී ශ්‍රී ලංකා හමුදාවේ ලුතිනන් කර්නල් ධුරයෙන් සමුගෙන එක්සත් ජනපදයේ පුරවැසිභාවය ලබාගෙන සිටි ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්ෂ 2005දී ජනාධිපති පදවියට පත් සිය සහෝදරයාට හා රටට සේවය කිරීමටත්, කොටි සංවිධානය පරාජය කිරීමටත් ලංකාව‍ට පැමිණි අතර හිටපු හමුදාපති වූ මේජර් ජනරාල් ශාන්ත කෝට්ටේගොඩ බ්‍රසීලයේ තානාපති තනතුරකට පත් කර 2005 දෙසැම්බර් 6දා විශ්‍රාම යාමට සිටි ලුතිනන් ජෙනරාල් සරත් ෆොන්සේකා හමුදාපති පදවියට පත් කරනු ලැබුවේ ද, එතැන් සිට දිගින් දිගට ම ඔහුගේ සේවය දීර්ඝ කරනු ලැබුවේ ද ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්ෂගේ ඉල්ලීම මතයි. මේ දෙදෙනා කලින් එකට මෙහෙයුම්වල යෙදුණු අය වන අතර ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්ෂ හමුදාවෙන් අස් වන විට සරත් ෆොන්සේකා ලුතිනන් කර්නල් තනතුරක් දැරීය.ෆොන්සේකා‍ රාජපක්ෂට වඩා එක් කණ්ඩායමක් ජ්‍යේෂ්ඨ විය.

    සරත් ෆොන්සේකා දැවැන්ත ධෛර්යයක් හා කැපී පෙනෙන තීක්ෂණ යුද ඥානයක් ඇත්තකු බවට සියලු දෙනා එකඟ වන බව පවසන ජයරාජ් එහෙත් මෙම කරුණු නිශේධනය කරන ලක්ෂණ ඔහුගේ චරිතයේ ඇති බව ද පෙන්වා දෙයි.

    ඔහු සතුව දැවැන්ත මමංකාරයක් හෙවත් ඊගෝවක් ඇති බව පෙන්වා දෙන ජයරාජ් මේ හේතුවෙන් මීට ඉහතදී හමුදාව තුළ ම හිටපු මේජර් ජනරාල් ජානක පෙරේරා සමග හා හිටපු නාවික හමුදාපති වසන්ත කරන්නාගොඩ සමග ගැටුම් ඇති වූ බව පවසයි. ඔහුගේ වෘත්තිකභාවය අගය කළ බොහෝ දෙනෙක් තමන් පිළිබඳ අධි ඇගයීමකින් යුක්ත මෙම ලක්ෂණයට අකැමැති වූ බව ද, කෙසේ වෙතත්, හමුදාව තුළ සෙබළුන්ගේ සුබසාධනය පිළිබඳ නිති සොයා බැලූ ඔහු ජනප්‍රිය පුද්ගලයකු වූ බව ද ජයරාජ් පෙන්වා දෙයි.

    ඔහු පිළිබඳව ඔප්පු නො වූ ලිංගික හා මානව හිමිකම් චෝදනා ඇති බව ද, ඔහු යටතේ අම්පාර දිස්ත්‍රික්කයේ විශාල වශයෙන් තරුණයන් අතුරුදහන් වූ බව ද, මෑතකදී ජනමාධ්‍යවේදීන්ට එල්ල වූ ප්‍රහාර සමග ද ඔහුගේ නම සම්බන්ධ වූ බව ද ජයරාජ් පවසයි.

    එකිනෙකා සමග හිත හොඳ නො වූවත් ජානක පෙරේරාගේ මෙන් ම සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ ද නම් විවිධ මානව හිමිකම් සංවිධාන වාර්තාවල සඳහන් වූ අතර ඔවුන් හමුදා කුමන්ත්‍රණයක යෙදීමට ඉඩ ඇතැයි තිබූ සැකය නිසා මීට පෙර චන්ද්‍රිකා බංඩාරනායක සහ රනිල් වික්‍රමසිංහ මොවුන් හමුදාපති පදවියට පත් කිරීමට අකැමැති වූ බව ද, ජනාධිපති මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ ඔහුව පත් කළේ හා පළමු වසරෙන් පසු සේවය දීර්ඝ කළේ අකැමැත්තෙන්, එහෙත් සිය සොයුරා ඔහු පිළිබඳව වග බලා ගන්නා බවට ඇති විශ්වාසය මත බව ජයරාජ් පවසයි.

    මේ දෙදෙනා ම කොටින්ගේ ඝාතන ප්‍රයත්නයන්ගෙන් අනූ නමයෙන් බේරුණ අතර, සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ ජීවිත බේරීම වෛද්‍ය විද්‍යාත්මක ප්‍රාතිහාර්යයක් හා ඔහුගේ ප්‍රාණ ශක්තිය පෙන්වන්නක් බව ජයරාජ් පෙන්වා දෙයි.

    හමුදා නිලධාරියකුව සිට පසුව ආරක්ෂක ඇමති වූ අනුරුද්ධ රත්වත්ත මෙන් ජනරාල් පදවි ලබා ගැනීම් හෝ නිල ඇඳුම් ඇඳීම් වැනි විකාර නො කළ ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්ෂ කොටි සංවිධානය විනාශ කිරීමේ සිය කාර්යභාරය වෙනුවෙන් යකා සමග වුව වැඩ කිරීමට සූදානම් ව සිටි මුත්, හමුදාවේදී සිය කණිෂ්ඨයකු වූ රාජපක්ෂට සැලියුට් ගැසීමට තමා තුළ ඇති අකැමැත්ත සරත් ෆොන්සේකා විටෙක ප්‍රකාශ කර තිබිණි. මේවා කේලාම් ලෙස රාජපක්ෂගේ කණට ගොස් තිබිණි.

    යුද්ධය දිනීමේදී හමුදාවේ කාර්යභාරය වැදගත් වූ මුත් ජයග්‍රහණයේ මුළු අයිතිය හමුදාව සතු කර ගැනීමට සරත් ෆොන්සේකා දැරූ තැත බොළඳ එකක් බව ලේඛක ඩී.බී.එස්. ජයරාජ් පෙන්වා දෙයි.

    මෙම තත්වය තුළ හමුදා අතර ද භේද තිබුණු අතර සෙසු හමුදාවල සහාය දිනා ගැනීම විශාල අභියෝගයක් විය. මෙහිදී හිටපු ගුවන් හමුදාපති සහ ආරක්ෂක මාණ්ඩලික ප්‍රධානී ඩොනල්ඩ් පෙරේරා විශාල කාර්යභාරයක් කළ මුත් සරත් ෆොන්සේකා ඔහු ගණන් නො ගත්තේ ය. ෆොන්සේකා සහ නාවික හමුදාපති කරන්නාගොඩ එකිනෙකා කතා නො කරන තත්වයක සිටි අතර, ගුවන් හමුදාපති රොෂාන් ගුණතිලක සහ ෆොන්සේකා අතර ද සම්බන්ධය හොඳ එකක් නො වීය. මෙම ආතතිමය තත්වයන් කළමනාකරණය කරනු ලැබුවේ ආරක්ෂක ලේකම් ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්ෂ විසිනි.

    සරත් ෆොන්සේකා හමුදාව තුළ අනුගමනය කළ එහි කාර්යක්ෂමතාව නැංවීමට හේතු වී යයි ඔහු කියන සම්ප්‍රදාය විරෝධී උසස්වීම් හා මාරු කිරීම් ආදිය නිසා හමුදාව තුළ ඔහු කෙරෙහි නො රිස්සුමක් වූ බව ලේඛකයා පවසයි. නැගෙනහිර මුදා ගැනීමේ මෙහෙයුම්වලට නායකත්වය දුන් මේජර් ‍ජනරාල් පරාක්‍රම පන්නිපිටිය බොරු චෝදනා මත ඉවත් කිරීම හා ආරක්ෂාව ලබා ගැනීම පිණිස ඔහුට අධිකරණයට යන්නට සිදු වීම නිදසුනක් ලෙස පෙන්වා දෙන හේ සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ ක්‍රියාකලාපය විස්තර කිරීම සඳහා හමුදා නිලධාරියකු කළ ප්‍රකාශයක් උපුටා දක්වයි. “ඉස්සරහට ගියොත් ජොනී – පසුසට ආවෙත් ෆොනී.” මෙහි ජොනී යනු කොටින්ගේ ජොනී බට්ටන් වන අතර ෆොනී යනු සරත් ෆොන්සේකා ය.

    2007 විශිෂ්ඨ සේවා විභූෂණ සම්මාන සඳහා ඒ සඳහා සුදුසුකම් ඇති නිලධාරීන් නිර්දේශ නො කිරීම හා ආරක්ෂක ලේකම්වරයාට ඔහුගේ නිර්දේශ නොතකා එම සම්මාන ලබා දීමට සිදු වීම, සරත් ෆොන්සේකා තමිල්නාඩු දේශපාලකයන් කොටින්ගෙන් පඩි ලබන විහිළුකාරයන් බව කියා ඒ පිළිබඳව සමාව ඉල්ලීම ප්‍රතික්ෂේප කිරීම හා ආරක්ෂක ලේකම්ට එය කරන්නට වීම, කැනේඩියානු පුවත්පතකට ලංකාව අයිති සිංහලයන්ට බව කීම වැනි කරුණු ඔස්සේ ෆොන්සේකා සහ ආණ්ඩුව අතර ගැටුම් ඇති වෙමින් තිබිණි.

    ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස් පක්ෂයේ සම්මේලනය තෙක් සාම්පූර් ජයග්‍රහණය ප්‍රකාශ කිරීම පමා කිරීම වැනි දේශපාලන ක්‍රියාමාර්ග සරත් ‍ෆොන්සේකාගේ නො රිස්සුමට හේතු විය. දේශපාලකයන් නො රිස්සූ හේ යුද ජය තමාගේ ශූරත්වයක් ලෙස සැලකී ය. කලක් ඔහු ඇතු පිට සිටින දුටුගැමුණු ඉදිරියේ දණින් වැටී සිටින එළාරගේ චිත්‍රයක් තබාගෙන සිටියේය. ‍එහි දුටුගැමුණුගේ මුහුණ සරත් ෆොන්සේකාට සමාන වූ බව එය දුටු මාධ්‍යවේදියකු පැවසූ බව ජයරාජ් කියයි.

    තමන්ගේ රුහුණු සම්භවය ගැන කියන්නට ෆොන්සේකා ද පටන් ගැනීම රාජපක්ෂලාගේ නො රිස්සුමට හේතු වූ මුත් කාර්යය අවසන් වන තෙක් ඔවුහු ඒවා ඉවසා සිටිය හ. එහෙත් යුද්ධයෙන් සරත් ෆොන්සේකාට ලැබුණු ජනප්‍රියත්වය ජනාධිපති මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ තුළ අනාරක්ෂිත හැඟීමක් ඇති කළේ ය.

    යුද ජයග්‍රහණවල ගෞරවය දේශපාලකයන් සමග බෙදා ගන්නට සිදු වීම සරත් ෆොන්සේකා නො රිස්සුවේ ය. ප්‍රභාකරන්ගේ මරණය ප්‍රකාශයට පත් කිරීමේ සිද්ධිය මෙයට නිදසුනක් ලෙස ලේඛකයා පෙන්වා දෙයි. එතෙර සිටි ජනාධිපතිට මැයි 16දා ප්‍රභාකරන් මිය ගිය බවට වැරදි තොරතුරක් ලබා දෙන ලදී. 17දා ලංකාවට පැමිණි ඔහු පොළව සිප ගත්තේ ය. එහෙත් ෆොන්සේකා ප්‍රභාකරන්ගේ මරණය තහවුරු නො කළ හෙයින් ජනාධිපතිගේ ජාතිය ඇමතීම කල් දමන්නට සිදු විය. ප්‍රභාකරන්ගේ මරණය ෆොන්සේකා විසින් නිවේදනය කරනු ලැබුවේ මැයි 19දා ජනාධිපති ජාතිය ඇමතීමෙන් අනතුරුව ඔහුගේ මුවෙනි.

    යුද්ධයෙන් පසුව ෆොන්සේකා ජනමාධ්‍ය ඔස්සේ ජයග්‍රහණයේ මුළු ගරුත්වය ඔහුට ලබා ගැනීමේ ප්‍රයත්නයක යෙදුණේ ය. එහෙත්, යුද්ධයේදී ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්ෂ විසින් කරන ලද කාර්යභාරය සුවිසල් බව ජයරාජ් පෙන්වා දෙයි. විශේෂයෙන් ම ඉන්දියාව කළමනාකරණය කර ගැනීමේදී බැසිල් රාජපක්ෂ හා ලලිත් වීරතුංග විශාල වැඩ කොටසක් කළ බව ඔහු පවසයි. ජනාධිපති මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ ද ජාත්‍යන්තර පීඩනයෙන් නො සැලී, යුද්ධයට පූර්ණව පක්ෂ වෙමින්, කාර්යය අවසන් කිරීමට දුන් නිදහස හා දේශපාලන නායකත්වය ඉහළ පෙළේ එකක් වූ බව ජයරාජ් පවසයි.

    අවතැන් වූවන් සැඟවී සිටින කොටි සැකකරුවන් අල්ලා ගැනීමේ උවමනාවෙන් වැඩි කාලයක් රඳවා තබා ගැනීමේ උවමනාව තිබුණේ ෆොන්සේකාට බව ලේඛකයා පවසයි. හමුදාවේ පිරිස් බලය තුන් ලක්ෂය දක්වා වැඩි කිරීමට හා ලක්ෂයක් වන්නියේ රැඳවීමට ද එහි ජන විකසනය වෙනස් වන පරිදි හමුදා පවුල් පදිංචා කිරීමට ද ඔහුට අවශ්‍ය වූ බව ලේඛකයා පවසයි.

    මේ අතර සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ නැඟීම පිළිබඳ සැලකිලිමත් වූ රාජපක්ෂ පාලනය විසින ලබා ගන්නා ලද බුද්ධි අංශ වාර්තා තුනකට අනුව ෆොන්සේකා තුළ දේශපාලන අභිලාෂයන් ඇති බව හා ඔහු ජනාධිපති මහින්ද තරමට ම ජනප්‍රිය බව වාර්තා විය.

    ඔහු බලයෙන් ඈත් කිරීමේ ක්‍රියාමාර්ගවලට රාජපක්ෂවරුන් එළමුණේ සහ එහි ප්‍රතිඵල ලෙස සරත් ෆොන්සේකා ජනාධිපති පදවිය අපේක්ෂා කරන තත්වයට සිදුවීම් පෙළගැසුණේ ඉන් අනතුරුව බව ජයරාජ් සිය ලිපියෙහි පෙන්වා දෙයි.

  204. Jeyaraj,
    You asked me:
    What do you think about Sarath Fonseka’s resignation letter&annexure?…………DBSJ

    I hadn’t read it. Just now I searched for it and found it at:

    You are correct that he did not mention any other force or Gotabhaya regarding the war effort. I too believe that Gotabhaya was instrumental in planning and coordinating. (But why were the complaints written in the annex that was supposed to be confidential?)

    Ego, certainly that people of this stature all have, and maybe added to by the emotions. He just returned from US and probably acted too quickly before cooling down — a weakness we need to watch for. (remember all the rumors about ICE wanting to interview him etc?)

    I think points 13 onwards on his annex are genuine. A war is not over with the last shots fired. Win by complete elimination, Secure and Hold should all be followed to make war conclusive.

    I believe that the ordinary Tamils living back home would speak more easily if the thugs like Karuna are not in places of power. Can they trust the government that seem to do dealings with thugs not to entrust care of them back to them? This is why I do not like the PCs and 13A.

    Tamils should well integrate. Let the worship places be on common compounds as it used to be. Let Sinhalese and Tamil kids have may be a pen pal exchange. Let people travel freely and let there be a War Memorial Built on a park in Vanni that has plaques showing different aspects of ills of segregation and resulting in suspicion and war. Bring a tamil and a Sinhalese together and watch what they talk.

    The similarities are overwhelming, but we imagine differences. Perhaps this is something that the Colombo snobs, the elite that I see a lot here too, cannot understand or appreciate.

  205. Hi Mr.DBS
    Nice article.
    What will be Tamils future in Sri Lanka if SF come to power? is this the end of LTTE? or Tamil struggle?

  206. To comment 220-Kes

    So much as a squeak from Ranil after SF becomes president and he will be given a sex change.

  207. • 185. Don DBSJ RESPONDS:
    This article has not pronounced judgment on anyone…..This forum gives room to opinions but the discussion cannot be equated to a debate

    DBS;- That may have been your intention but in reality all the people have made judgments on SF in this blog. I don’t want to play with words arguing this is or it is not a debate. Let us agree to disagree. But what is happening is totally unfair by SF. Lest people don’t know, the famous Gen Monty had roaring arguments with Eisenhower, was insubordinate and arrogant towards Eike while Gen Patton had the same with his commander and once slapped a young soldier in hospital because he was suffering from war neurosis. Israeli Gen Moshe Dayan was reputed to sleep with any women soldier when they were on deployment. So what is the difference when SF is arrogant? Do people want a military man to be a cuddly teddy bear or a pussy cat? Can these jokers who say dirty things about him only after SF lost power, ever attain what he achieved?

    This article has not pronounced judgement on anyone………….DBSJ

  208. Interesting fact find.

    You have portrayed SF as a ruthless dictator. Do you think that he would abolish the Executive presidency if he comes in to power – does this mean that the JVP / UNP is digging their grave deeper ??

    All in all, the sad situation is for Sri Lanka as a country and a nation – we will not have a decent leader for some time again is it? I mean, the Rajapakse’s are basically making money and buying all the land in Colombo and if you send them home now, we get a military rule ?? Is It ??

  209. DBSJ

    It is a good thing that you have exposed the covered Fonseka. There are many more have not come to the public eye. We must bring these type of selfish covered fellows to the notice of the people.

    There is rumor in the army that the fomer army commander Cyril Ranatunga has recommended Fonseka should be remove from the army saying that he ( Fonseka ) is disgrace the army by raping a innocent domastic servent near by house which also a army officer’s residence. Due to this he was not honoured with the medal( sorry I do not know name of the medal ). He got it only after he became the commander. The early days as a junior officer of Fonseka should be examined. This will help the discipline of the future officers in the army.

    Fonseka always in a fear of efficient officers thinking that they will be recognized by the authority. What happen to Maj. Gen Parakrama pannipitya who had led the eastern province war against the LTTE. He is responsible for the Maj. Gen. Paramee Kulatunga ‘s death. He was not given accomadation in the Army HQ despite of several request on security threats. Fonseka was in fear on him that he will lose his place.

    After the Parmee Kulathunag’s death Maj. Gen. Shaman Kulthunga became the second in command in the army. What happaned him ? He was a popular officer among all the ranks in the army. He was very honest officer who have not involved with any corruption .He was ill treated and tool all efforts to see hid he dosen’t get an extension. He had to leave the army . as a second in command without any ceremonial farewell.
    Maj. Gen. Shaman Kulatunga was not given the chief of staff post violating army traditions.

    As per the talks among the security forces as soon as he took over the commander ha has put all his mens in the commanding positions ignoring the other senior and experiences officers with his own hidden agenda which we feel threaten to our democratic process in the country. At the end suspicion was very correct.

    Fonseka never command a battle in the ground level. Major part of the war was done by the President takinf firm decision to wipe out the LTTE. Then the Gotaby Rajapaksa. Fonseka has to do the give the directions to the commanding officers on the war front. Fonseka cannot bag all the credits of the war. He is just part.

    Many of the reporters in sinhala news papers also responsible for praising Fonseka and vreate a mania that he is the only person who won the war and whom can be a leader in this country. He will never become a leader in this country. He doesn’t have any quality for that. Persons who were with uniforms will never respect the others criticism . The do not respect democratic values.

    This country needs a leader who is well balanced. educated, and who love to the country. Not the power hungry brutal fellows.

  210. Thank you Mr Jeyraj. Hopefully the country will not be plunged in to misery by the ones in power once again.
    Why don’t you write fiction. If so I’ll be the first to buy it!

  211. SF can not declare himself as a contender without even knowing if the elections would be held. Parties and individuals can not declare their backing for SF without knowing if he is contending. It is a pathetic low for a general who lead the country’s army to ultimatum. Gone is glory, and the kinda usual Ranil Jokes Mangala jokes are getting extended to SF jokes. How sad, but can we help him? I feel the crack of the perception came when media reported that SF has gotten a resignation letter drafted by the joker clan. Usually what RW/Mongy/Ravi/Ela-kiri-ela etc states, writes, and do end up being jokes. I didn’t see public joking about Sajith, Rukman or many other “normal” UNPers. I still pity SF. He can recover from this in long run, if he can show that he’s standing on his own, and no affiliation with the political jokers. But right now he’s replacing Muthuhettigama who’s absent from joke circle since he’s in prison.
    SF’s son in law had done arms deals and made millions and millions money, perhaps invested in US. How come SF had not bought his own house in SL ?I am sure all patriotic people have some home in SL to show one’s commitment to the island
    It is funny that some exSri Lankans celebrate Malayalee Indian Veeraachaamy Thiruvengadam’s grandson Velupillai Pirabakaran’s birthday while Sri lankans celebrate his death!!

  212. Ranil seems to be rejuvenated. He is living in La-La land if he thinks SF will give up power if he wins. and i say he CANNOT WIN Period. He is used to command and control of the military. Can he be a good PResident? Who knows? Musharaff did well to repair the economy at the price of democracy. Perhaps banning political parties for 20 yrs is not a bad thing. SF did eradicate corruption in the other ranks of the army; except he did not care if his own family was corrupt. Like CBK who controlled corruption amongst colleagues except those like Mangy and herself who were also utterly corrupt. I prefer MR who has been in the thrust and parry of politics, lost elections, been attacked and jailed by the UNP and threatened by the JVP etc to still have some sense of fairness compared to SF. So Lankans are caught between a rock and a hardplace.

  213. Good to see you saying insha allah in comment # 44.

    Jesus also used to say this. (Pls refer. Acts 18:21)

    Jesus used to say “Assalamu Alaikkum” as well. (Luke 24:36)

    For right pronunciation. Pls see the original hebrew bible. Hebrew is the sister language of Arabic. so they both sound almost same.

  214. Have you seen any statement from Ranil or his bunch of stooges like Mangala Ponnaweera, Lakshman Kiriella, Ravi Karunanayake, Jayalath Jayawardena, Vajira Abeywardena etc. truly congratulating Sri Lankan forces for getting rid of LTTE? That alone tells you how disappointing it is for them to see LTTE eliminated.

  215. However not corrupted the present government is, we want to see MR and UPFA running the country for another term to see an end to the matter and to see all the development taking place. Further more, under MR’s leadership we restored the backbone of the nation. We walk our heads up straight knowing that we did what the rest of the world thought to be impossible. If it is not for anything else, I am grateful to MR for restoring our dignity.

  216. 211. S Joseph | November 18th, 2009 at 1:47 am
    Its time both Sinhalese & Tamils in Srilanka think of national interest and work with both SF & MR rather than SF or MR.

    It should be “Its time both Sinhalese & Tamils in Srilanka think of national interest and reject both SF & MR ”

  217. The ideal is to change the constitution and have a single parliament for MPs representing local interests and the President representing the collective nation.

    Official Language should not be legislated, but a Language Bureau should be entrusted with translations and interpretations of languages inland and overseas. Moving the capital to NCP would be beneficial to the Tamils as well as the Sinhalese to feel the country is back to historical days.

    Again, the Tamils should start contributing to the country as Lankans taking national leadership and stop whining, lying and exaggerating looking only at their own side unfairly blaming the Sinhalese just to make a good story for migrating. Only the upper class can migrate. How about the poor downtrodden?

    Remember that both Sinhalese and Tamils are equally neglected by the elite.

  218. The cubless lion has little to worry about. he can lose 2 more presidential elections. by the time of the third, he will be 71 the same age at which his uncle JR finally became head of state.! But the cubless lion has adopted a hyena!!!

    The professionalism of the army is the result of major restructuring that took place over the last three decades with the most significant changes taking place in the last three years.
    Favouritism and politicization are not necessarily the same things. You can favour certain individuals but not have a political basis for doing so like SF did with picking junior officers over seniors for certain tasks.
    Gotabhaya was promoted as the Commanding Offcier of Gemunu Watch during the regime of JR while his brother was a sitting SLFP member of Parliament.
    Kobbekaduwa served under JR and Premadasa without any hindrance. But he was not promoted as the the Army Commander.
    Janaka Perera did not become as the Army Commander probably because of his UNP leanings but he retired as the Army Chief of Staff. Roshan Gunatelleke’s father Harry was made SLAF Commander by JR.. Algama did not get the top post because of some infighting between him and Gen Wanasinghe.
    In all of these situations people who got the top posts may have had a slight edge because of their perceived political leanings or some personality factor but no one below was victimized or thrown out, and there was no suspicion cast on individuals or units that they were either pro-government or anti-government and that they were plotting to take over the country.

  219. Dear Jeyaraj,
    It was widely speculated that MR had informed a “friendly country” (your words) of a possible coup by SF and asked assistance from that friendly country. It was further rumoured that, the friendly country’s military was even kept on red alert on that matter. This detail was mentioned in the SF’s letter of resignation also. Your article also has a hint on that. However, subsequently that friendly country denied that allegation (the reason is obvious) . Does that rumour has any truth in it? or do you have any other view on that?


    I did not write anything about Indian help being sought by Sri Lanka to prevent possible military coup. But it is correct that Indian troops were placed on alert on October 15th for possible deployment in Sri Lanka if necessary. Gen Fonseka is correct about that. Indian dep foreign minister Shashi Tharoor who denied Gen Fonseka’s claim wilfully uttered a “terminological inexactitude”.

    One friendly country is worried that Sarath Fonseka has leanings towards the other friendly country . This friendly country is at loggerheads with the other friendly country. This friendly country warned Colombo of a possible coup by Sarath in association with the other country

  220. Everybody should respect the President for leading the country towards historical victory over three decades long war against terrorism. The Sri Lankan Military and its leaders are now hailed the world over for their victorious feat. Their role in bringing peace to the country through military means will be remembered for decades to come as the ultimate example of a trained military executing its sacred task flawlessly from start to finish. But remember this, dear readers, military action is a means of achieving the end and the end is always political.

  221. Dear Mr Fonseka,

    We respect you. You led the war to regain our country back. You are a true hero. However, lets not forget 5 groups supported the war.

    – President
    – DefenceSecy
    – All 3 forces heads
    – Soldiers in all forces
    – Public of SL

    So, everyone had a share. Also, lets not forget the important contribution by the leadership of president, in terms of political leadership. The war couldnt be finished for 30 years, until Mahinda Rajapaske came to power. So, it has to be recognised, while appreciaint all others.

    Please dont tarnish your image by going against a true gentlemanly leader like Mahinda.

    Even if you want to come to politics, please do so with Mahinda, he will make you the Prime Minster or a minister. Ranil and group is not the right side for you. Why?

    – Managala said you are suitable for salvation aramy. President stood by you.
    – Ravi and Ranil said pamankada and not alimankada. The President safeguarded you.
    – President and Defence Secy didnt stop the war under tremnedous pressure from various groups. Ranil gave north and east to ltte under an agreement.
    – President gave you what you asked for the war.
    – Mano Ganeshan is a ltte supporter
    – Rauf Hakeem is not accepted in muslim groups any more
    – Ranil is not accepted as a true Sri Lankan anyone sensible

    Hope you think seriously and dont fall into traps.

    Budu Saranai!

    Oba ape ratata karapu sevayata, api hamadama obata naya gathiy!

  222. comment no #249 Sujeewa,

    It is not true that srilankan military and its leaders are hailed world over. The war has also cast a bad reputation about srilankan people, especially the majority community and Srilankan leaders SF, Gota and SR. The victory is achieved on blood path of innocent lives too.

    The benefit to srilanka is a terrible war has come to an end and people’s suffering and humanatarian crisis is averted. It is the responsibility of the majority community to heal the wounds of the affected people rather than boasting on war victory for ever.

  223. 52. ALEX PANDIAN | November 15th, 2009 at 3:59 am

    NO MORE RIOTS (1958,1977 & 1983)



  224. Well done DBS let me sum up my assessment

    As i heard from Military circles SF has an impeccable military record and could be rated as one of the few good men who served our country with a lot of pride, who fought the EALAM War 4 and administered the elimination of the most ruthless terrorist leader and his outfit. This is a remarkable achievement for the only 4 star General decorated to date in the history of the armed forces. We as Sri Lankan Citizens owe a great deal for his bravery of taking up the challenge to defeat, and defeated them within the time frame tabled at the inception of the war. This is highly commendable since America the only super power in the world and backed by the west is currently tangled in two wars instigated by them, to date they are unable to exit those countries since the job is not done. This is the stature and praise SF has received from all over the world. This is a holistic task which resorts to nothing but bravery.

    George bush fought on two fronts and thanks to his general’s poor performance the GOP lost the majority in congress and also the presidency. They paid a heavy political price for spending a Trillion dollars of tax payer’s money and not achieving the desired results. Likewise MR was heavily depended on SF to decimate and eliminate LTTE which he did, hadn’t he not Mr.’s reelection bid would have been in tatters.

    The situation now is, the general who projected MR as a hero is now trying to make MR a zero by contesting against him in a possible presidential bid. So we here…. the general has all the hallmarks of contesting against the most popular president in the history of our country. He is southerner who attended a village type school and a sportsman as well in contrary to Ranil who has been labeled as a colomba kakka.

    This might not be the best deal for a battered Sri Lanka a General who fought a war would not necessarily be a good politician, he needs to change his stars to stripes and become a astute politician but can he transform and seize the next Holistic step of developing the country from a fast approaching middle income level country to a high income level country. The coming days will unfold the future path of Sri Lanka whether it will be a government with a national policy or the Chinthana policy… the decision rests with the citizens of the country.

  225. Sujeewa, Kobekkaduwa wasn’t made Army commander because he was killed by a landmine. If not, it’s quite likely he would have eventually reached the top.

    Gotabhaya was Gajaba Regt, not Gemunu Watch.

    Janaka Perera was largely disliked by the ‘old school’ officer corps, and this was the reason why he wasn’t made Army commander, not because of his UNP affiliations.

    I would disagree that there was any drastic change in the SL Army prior to SF’s tenure as commander. There were changes, but these were evolutionary and not revolutionary, and mostly in reaction to circumstances of the war. This was also a reflection of the Army top brass, most of whom were from the old traditional regiments such as the Armoured Corps, and the Artillery. SF’s policies were the first real drastic changes that affected the Army as a whole, completely transforming how it went to war.

    As for military coups, I still strongly believe that the SL Army will not attempt to overthrow the government, unless something intolerable happens, such as the assassination of SF by the government or India.

    There is no unifying factor within the SL Army. Much as DBS chides us for seeing the Tamil diaspora as a single monolith, I would do the same where the SL Army is concerned. The Army is made up of a caste system, but unlike other such systems, each caste thinks it is superior to the other. Gajabas think they are better than Vijayabas, and Sinha riflemen think they are better than the SLLI, and so on. No one can really unite them, not even SF. If anyone can it is Gotabhaya, who is of the Army but not in it.

    I think most fears of a coup are being stoked by SF’s enemies — many passed over and retired by the general — and India, which fears a pro-Pakistan SF in Temple Trees.

    As for India putting its paras on alert to counter an SL Army coup, I think that’s mostly impotent saber-rattling. Does anyone really think India will risk sending a paratroop brigade into a hot landing zone against the cream of the SL Army. The latter is probably, man-for-man, the best army in South Asia, commanded by hard-bitten veteran officers. This is not 1987, and India knows it. Do you think the Indian people will stomach the deaths of several thousand Indian soldiers in SL? I think not.

  226. So Sujeeva, what is the political end?

    Is it to divi-up the country as never before and share it among friendly thugs? What is the purpose of Provincial Councils? Isn’t it an easy way to reward political supporters? Doesn’t it lead to gradual disintegration of the country by allowing for Identity Group concentrations? What was wrong with the pre-1978 parliamentary system? Didn’t it make the Federal Party that decided which main party got to govern? What’s the meaning of the list based elections? Don’t you think we might as well just get rid of the fake parliament and just elect the autocrat?

    If the war was fought, logically it is to end the ultimate reason for war. The initial spark for the situation that culminated in the Tamils wanting a separate state is the negligence of the development of the country.

    The ultimate reason for war is the lethargy and indifference of the privileged class, who are really a different ethnicity from the rest of the country.

    The privileged section of the society had the ability to go abroad for employment because of English. The politicians in the meanwhile were experimenting socialism that they learned in British universities. When Europe was fully developed the governments there became more Rightist and wanted the strange foreigners out. Our people did not have anything to come back to. So the Tamils had the unique advantage to say they were discriminated against — just a ruse.

    We should understand that in the West everything is a business, including Political Activism. They need contributions for survival. The Tamil story was a good product to sell. Originally, they were portrayed as persecuted Christians to make the sale easier. Tamils were good at supplying pictures and videos to the ignorant West because nobody can tell a Tamil from a Sinhalese because they are the same people. Video of the Anuradhapura massacre got them the initial impetus. To make the long story short, a movement was born with underworld connections established. Tigers were able to obtain loans from underground banks against promise of monthly collections.

    India has a cultural enmity toward Sri Lanka. Read Ramayanaya. it is a religious epic and Rakshasa are hated for their (mythical) valor. The desire to annex Sri Lanka is an unfulfilled desire of Indians — it’s part of the religio-cultural wish.

    Aren’t we like like the people gathered at the well gossiping about the powerful and never thinking about ourselves, the ordinary, regular people? Why talk about the leaders who constantly betrayed the people? Shouldn’t the Tamil and Sinhalese people understand that they are all Lankans and need to take the country back from the Colombo elite?

  227. Sarath F and Janaka Perera are two of the most respected Generals of Sri Lanka who held Human Rights in the highest esteem in their fight against brutal terrorists.

    Terrorists could bring in whatever the accusations against these two generals in vein. But all the people in the Army who fought under them knew what would be their fate if they have ever violated any human rights while they were under them.

    Not only Human Right, but also Animal Rights. Gen Janaka Perera was a Vegetarian and never approved killing animals for food unless there was a question of survival. He always asked his troops not to kill animals and respect them.

    Many terrorists got caught under Gen Perera know how they were well treated by the General himself and became life long friends with them. The Tamil villagers in the East loved the General.

    Same goes with Gen Sarath Fonseka too. He did not have to violate any human rights to win wars. He fought face to face, sacrificed his own men knowing to protect masses. Nandikadal Videos are proof of those great deeds. Terrorists were shooting the escaping civilians, Army was taking bullets, because they were protecting civilians. That is how the Army under Gen Fonseka protected civilians while taking bullets.

    Gen Fonseka has done his duties to the country. It is for him to decide what he wants to do. I wish he does not select politics. He is a great human being and a valiant soldier. He will be written in the Sri Lankan history in golden letters along with Mahinda Rajapaksa, and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

  228. To comment255-JC

    Your quote” What is the purpose of Provincial Councils?”unquote.

    The purpose of the provincial councils is to devolve power from the center to the periphery. Take your mind back to the JVP insurrection and see how tha started. It was due to the frustration that all development was in Colombo. Provincial councils will facilitate a more even development in the country. Take for example the two recent elections in Uva and Southern province. It put the spotlight on those two areas, whereas without the provincial councils nobody would have cared a damn.

    Your quote”The initial spark for the situation that culminated in the Tamils wanting a separate state is the negligence of the development of the country.”unquote.

    The Tamil insurrection was a bit different from the Sinhala one, though the common factor that you rightly mention was the lack of development. This was exarceberated by discrimininatory practices such as standardisation, Sinhala only etc, and the violent supression of dissent in 1958 and 1977, culminating in the big one in 1983. This last riot was the reason for the development of the LTTE into a military force that took the country into a 26 year war.

  229. DBS, I am surprised that you allow unmoderated comments in your site thus contaminating a fairly well written article.


    Comments are moderated but commentators are given as much freedom as possible to post. Whether the extraneous comments are integral to the article or whether the comments enhance or “contaminate” as you say are all matters of opinion

  230. Dear Howlander,

    I could not find your writting for a long time after Mid week Nation and struggle.

    Well monitored and written. Best writing to read the facts ~UNMAI VELLUM~

    Mahinda will overwhelm Sarath.

    Who ever wins Tamils will be wiped out especially by an army man’s regime.

    Sam – Co hosteler

    Hi “Sam” the Howlander. Sorry but I’m unable to place you. Can you please enlighten me on dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com.Thanks……..DBSJ

  231. Does any one really think that any Tamil can democratically do politics in Srilanka in current climate?
    What is happning is ethinc clensing.
    “Ethnic cleansing is about assimilating a people. It is about destroying the identity of a people, as a people. And it often occurs in stages. The preferred route of a conqueror is to achieve his objective without resort to violence – peacefully and stealthily. But when that fails, the would be conqueror turns to murderous violence and genocide to progress his assimilative agenda. Genocides do not just happen. In the island of Sri Lanka, the record shows that during the past sixty years and more, the intent and goal of all Sinhala governments (without exception) has been to secure the island as a Sinhala Buddhist Deepa. The current Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa is simply the latest in a long line of leaders of the Sinhala Buddhist nation. There will not be any change from this agenda weather MR /SF/RW/Mangala becomes the president or UNP,SLFP /JVP forms the the next government .

  232. # comment on 261

    Is it too hard to maintain Tamil cultural, linguistic and religious identity, even if Srilanka becomes a Sinhala Buddhist Deepa.

    Malaysia is a Muslim state and Chinese there are able to maintain their identity and do politics democratically.

    Why it is not possible in Srilanka? If there is will, there is way.

    The blame is not on “Sinhalese” but on Srilankan Tamils who are not united . There are various factions and divisions among themselves.

  233. I wonder what this means for the political solution for the civil war. If these two battle it out it could be that they could out do each other to be more nationalist.

  234. well said Snajee Perera. Specially the last para say it all.

    If we retrospect our recent history , Weediyabandara & Tikiribandara(2nd Rajasinghe) were two contemporary warriors who fought against the white invaders. But there was not a visionary king to unify them and take best out them. they two fought each other without achieving any thing. But still they remain among the best warriors which Sri Lanka have ever produced.

    MR,Gota &SF was a one unit. one out of them would have reduces the efficiency drastically. this should understand all.

    MR: Effective (doing the right thing)
    GR : Effective & Efficient
    SF : Efficient (Doing things right)

    Problem is that enemies of SL has understood above much better then the respective gentlemen.

  235. Hi Jeyaraj,

    This is another excellent piece of reporting well articulated and should be thankful to your gifted talent that takes the reader thro the journey to make an informed opinion. What you have stated in the last 3 paras contain the spirit of the debate to be conducted in SL democratic society. My thinking is paralelle to it.

    As SL has her unique democratic characteristics the majority of voters wouldn’t like to potray SL like Pakistan style democracy where generals run the show. You cannot become the President without political back up, at grass root level. When an army general lacks this support his tendency to lean towards military leaders is inevitable and this reality will be the last nail on SL democracy, even art and literature will become a casualty, and will lose its independence over time, then the damage will be irreparable. A person been in the army through out his life and retire at 55 doesn’t mean his regimental thinking has changed which is not palatable with the way decision making in the civil society. Leopard won’t change its spots when move to another jungle!

    As various facts have been revealed about SF. He appears to be SL version of Macbeth!.

    When you say ‘Law unto themselves’ which is a serious allegation, despite claiming a professional army by other observers. Then with terrorists there is no rule in the theatre of war. All this time only you were privy to this info. Therefore opinions may differ with the time of arrival of this info. i.e. after or before the victory.

    Everybody gives credit for SF’s part and achievement but individual claim on a team effort is like try to unscramble the egg.

    On the other hand his controversial comments where he put his foot in the mouth and demonstrated his political immaturity for a civilian leadership.

    With regard to SF’s ‘inflated egos’ he must learn from below quote from a famous general.

    ” Avoid having your ego so closer to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it”

    -Colin Powell

    The time has come to unite all communities as S Lankans and save our democracy.

    If you think along narrow communal lines and perceive as ‘intra-Sinhala fight’,then it will be similar to this Chinese saying ‘ When one end of the boat leaks, the people on the other end say don’t worry our end is not leaking!

    This applies to any leader either MR/SF/RW if they abuse peoples representation.

    Therefore I urge DBS to write some article how to save our democracy and the way forward. It is time to avoid confrontational politics and build the social infrastructure harmoniously which needs patience and time.

    I understand there is a huge vacuum in Tamil leadership for a representative democracy and the terrorists have wiped out that intellectual stock who can discuss issues sensibly.

    On this back drop can say God saved DBS as I am impressed with your reply on #106 because we play the ball not the man.



  236. I did not know that this discussion is still going on. Two days back I discovered the latest comment addressed to me when getting ready to close the tab.

    Shankar, before I respond to your justification of Provincial Councils let’s examine the following:

    Westminster type parliament:
    What is wrong with parliamentary constituencies we had before 1978? They were local electorates where people elected their neighbors to represent them in the parliament. When there was a thin spread of a minority we had multimember constituencies that covered an area of population proportionately matching the number of representatives returned. (e.g. Nuwara Eliya).

    I remember in Kandy, where I spent early part of my life, we had two rivals, one from UNP and the other from SLFP. The people kept switching happily between the two. That created a two subgroups of party loyalists. The focus went from problems of the individual and the neighborhood to party interest and the simple need to elect ‘our man’ who would do us favors.

    Career politics:
    We allowed an entire new ruling class of career politicians to emerge. And now we talk in terms of the personalities, like here, gossip about them reducing ourselves to mere spectators. We do it to ourselves. We disenfranchise ourselves and let those in elected positions to manipulate us. IT IS THEIR LIVELIHOOD, PEOPLE! WITHOUT THAT THEY CANNOT SURVIVE! That’s why communist ‘intelligensia’ get into coalitions that have nothing to do with their religion. They are there for the money.

    Remember this people: Career politics is our fundamental curse! Political parties are next. When JR was getting ready for his first win, I remember that EL Senanayaka (Kandy MP to be) did not have a car (or petrol?) to go to the police station to get a license for the rally at Bogambara green. I think that was the first meeting JR held. I took EL there as requested by my lawyer, his friend. I was surprised, but I guess his income had dwindled after many years out of office! These are their only jobs.

    Before that when I was a 9 (?) year old boy I remember my father taking me with him house to house campaigning for Sumantilleka for Nuwara Eliya election.

    There was a time when non-entities like I was able to touch and speak to my MP. Can you do that today? Of course, most of you snobs here can, just talk about ‘college days’ and you are in, but not me, being a nobody.

    Our own representative
    The Westminster system provides us somebody whose house is in our neighborhood to represent us. Isn’t it nice that we could go to his / her house in the weekend and talk about our local / personal grievances? (If you speak in English, you could even bypass the line).

    Today if I read the puppet lists of the current parliament, I’d hear names that I heard during my teens! Prabhakaran indiscriminately killed all the Tamil politicians he could train his gun on and then got some great non separatists and Sinhalese too. The megalomanic thought, “Wow, this is working — snipe here, snipe there and they run and hide like cockroaches and those how-to-catch upper class is noticing me and saying, “Go, Prabha, go, you are our future king! And they are smart in making up stories too”.

    Actually, the Tamil elite just wanted to get their families over to the West. I don’t blame them because there was nothing left back home and might as well forget that there was a home. The feeling is same among the Tamils and everyone else whatever identity group they want to align with. Simply, if you could go overseas, you went.

    Now all Tamils that can speak are Separatists and terror sponsors. This includes my Tamil brothers, those of my age group, that I could not believe how extremely one-sided they got in this. So, they are my fratricidal brothers.

    I am sure there some who don’t want to get contaminated by politics or risk lives by speaking out, but rather mind their own business. These people cannot speak up because the government is not democratic and the administration goes looking among family and friends to place them at places of power. What if they get a terrorist and put in charge of their area? So, they are marking time and preying for democracy.

    Is the next thing going to be a Lankan Basij? Guns everywhere! People want jobs and here’s an easy way. You rob and distribute it among family and friends and they employ thugs — trickle down economics.

    Fix what worked best:
    As you see, the only fix we needed on the Westminster system was to have term limits, but that would be impossible with people dividing themselves along party and language lines. They named the country by the short name of the party in power. Thank them for not calling it Bandaraikaland, a tongue twister. Term limiting would have allowed those who became advocates of terrorism while siting in the West into new representatives of the people with new ideas.

    What if
    Now think that we remove the fake parliament we now have, and left with only the Provincial Councils. Supposing the PCs elect local reps (maybe it too has puppet lists, I don’t know). Why don’t we send those reps directly to the national parliament? The ‘eternally wronged, discriminated, genocided, ethnically cleansed out’ Tamils elected from anywhere in the country could form their own pressure group as a committee in the parliament. Suddenly now the indigenous ones would get to dominate the ones of Indian descent too and next get to decide which mainstream party gets to power like Federal Party used to do. In short, Lanka is the homeland whose puppet strings Tamils hold. Is that a bad deal?

    What’s the purpose of the Provincial Councils?
    For devolution indeed. And what is devolution? Devolution is taking back the territory to a historical point in the past as they do for Scotland and Wales. That requires that the Homeland theory be proven.

    According to our TamilCanadian.com friend the entire island is Tamil homeland. That too several times over. I don’t want to contest it. Who knows, he may be right? Bible says Elam, thereby justifying the appellation Diaspora. Jews were dispersed by god and Tamils were dispersed by god’s son British colonial master. Now all Tamil Diaspora has a claim to Lanka, the counterpart of Israel. I mean all descendants of Tamil labor taken from India to everywhere by the British, now led by our fratricidal brothers, the Lankans. It hurts to say this.

    What is a province?
    I can’t remember having seeing a province as a child. A Province has a parochial outlook. They have strange people who are so different from others that they have their own peculiar needs. Show me the special needs of the Tamils being Tamil, other than wanting to annihilate all the Sinhalese. Is it practical? We’ll be in eternal hell right in our common native land

    I’ll tell you who wants Provincial Councils:
    1. The fundamental Hindu Indians and the Indian old guard. They want the country disintegrated and weakened. The best way to get there is PCs. They have the religio-cultural jealousy / hatred of the Ramayana Rakshasa. Indian military and the religious right wish Lanka is annexed. How about a new Rama – Ravana war and this time really take Sita back that Rama left behind?
    2. The Organized Crime. They want a modern Cicily next door to India, the easily penetrable with the culture of bribe taking, economically and culturally twin nation — one emulating the West in the city and another utterly rural and helpless. Our Canadian brothers are big partners in this enterprise.
    3. Our dreamers who think they are the masters that will make their own Singapore cutting out the Sinhalese, their co-sanguine sibling.

    Have you heard of Referendum?
    What we need is a demand from the next presidential candidate a promise to reform government the way we want:
    1. President elected by direct vote to advocate for the people, to defend the country and to represent the country. Veto power over laws getting less than 2/3 parliamentary votes.
    2. A parliament consisting of representatives of local electorates to make laws. No regional governments that would promote cross migration to pronounce group differences.

    Let me ask a question from the Tamils here. Have you ever had a Sinhalese friend? Do you have anything good to say about any Sinhalese, the barbarians? The answer to that will tell me who really Tamils are.

    Let me suggest something.
    Stop screaming Genocide. As you know, its purpose has passed. UN Security Council won’t declare war on mere words and misleading videos. Besides, Tiger weapons and expertise briskly sold in the neighborhood is making the Americans run and they don’t want any war for another two generations.

    Come back home and tell one thing good about a Sinhalese. It’ll make a world of a difference. Even the globally wanted terrorist Karuna is a powerful minister attended by Sinhala ‘chauvinists’.

    Bribing Clinton is waste of money. Employing Bruce Fein benefits only him. Teach Tamil to the Sinhalese. Learn to live side-by-side with them and don’t use divisive laws like Thesavalamai. Sinhalese know Tamil has a great culture. At least one of their ancient book said this is written in Sinhala for those who are not versed in great languages like Tamil and Sanskrit. (Unfortunately, I could not read Thirukkural that my father gave me because the Christian culture made me feel awkward to read the sexually arousing verses.)

    We have so much to learn about each other. Stop calling Sinhalese names. How many Sinhalese are crying about entire villages annihilated with biblical brutality for Ethnic Cleansing?

  237. President Rajapaksa had ensured that a team of commandos were flown to Oklahoma, the USA to provide protection to General Fonseka’s two daughters and son-in-law. Soon after the abortive guerrilla suicide bomb attack on Gen. Fonseka in April 2006, US$ 1,500 (about Rs 171,000 at today’s exchange rate) had been remitted every month from the President’s Fund for the benefit of his daughters.
    Secretary of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa summoned journalists Sanath Balasuriya and Poddala Jayantha, the President and General Secretary of the Working Journalist Association after media personnel protested against Fonseka after a assault on a colleague, who was later forced into exile. The two journalists were chastened, told to give up protest and threatened with consequences if they continue with the protest. Such threats were not in vain. Poddala Jayantha was later abducted and assaulted – he cannot still walk without a walking aid. Sanath Balasuriya went into exile.
    There had been an compact, quite rightly, within the defence establishment to defend its officials; however the question was that the military bigwigs were impervious to their violations of rules of engagement, though it is understood that the rules of engagement in a counter insurgency are often blurred
    Gen. Fonseka, then Army Commander had imported a brand new Mercedes Benz worth over Rs 40 million for official use. He had the right to purchase the vehicle upon retirement if it has been used for over three years. However, in his case, special Cabinet approval has been given to enable him to purchase the vehicle for Rs 2.5 million. The Cabinet had approved the donation of extents of prime land to the three armed forces commanders for winning the separatist war.
    When Gen. Fonseka was allotted an extent of 10 perches at Kirimandala Mawatha, Narahenpita, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had used his good offices to increase it to 25 perches. At first, the move had caused difficulties since the Cabinet had approved ten perches each for the Commanders of the Army, Navy and Air Force. It was pointed out that no exception could be made only to Gen. Fonseka. Thereafter, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had argued that ten perches was not enough for Gen. Fonseka since he had two daughters. He had lobbied for an increase. As a result, a new Cabinet paper proposing 25 perches each to all three Commanders was approved by ministers. The land is said to be worth over Rs 100 million.
    The commanders of army, navy and air force were notable absentees in the guard of honor offered to the outgoing chief of defence staff on Monday. The presence of three forces commanders in the farewell of their superior officer is part of military tradition.
    Sarath Fonseka found the house belongs to Mr. Keerthi Ranaweera – Son of Mr. Donald Ranaweera, a former MP and also the owner of the Times Building. The monthly rental is 1 million and the Sarath Fonseka has already paid 1 year advance payment of 12 million for the newly rented-out house.

  238. ඉස්‌සරහට ගියොත් ජොනී පස්‌සට ආවොත් “ෆොනී”
    සරත් ෆොන්සේකා අර්බුදයේ සුල මුල

    පළපුරුදු යුද සෙනවියකු වන ජනරාල් සරත් ෆොන්සේකා පිළිබඳව යුද කාලයේදී තිබූ ප්‍රසිද්ධියටත් වැඩි ප්‍රසිද්ධියක්‌ මේ දිනවල පැතිර යමින් පවතී. ඔහු මීළඟ ජනාධිපතිවරණයේ විපක්‍ෂයේ පොදු අපේක්‍ෂකයා බව සමහරු කියති. එහෙත් මංගල සමරවීර කියන්නේ හොඳ අපේක්‍ෂකයන් 9 දෙනකු ගැන දැනටමත් සලකා බලා ඇති බව ය. ජනරාල්ගේ ඉරණම කුමක්‌ විය හැකිද?

    ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ යුද ජයග්‍රහණයේ ත්‍රිමූර්තියක්‌ තිබේ. මේ ත්‍රිමුර්තිය නිර්මාණය වී ඇත්තේ ජනාධිපති මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂ, ආරක්‍ෂක ලේකම් ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂ සහ යුද හමුදාපති සරත් ෆොන්සේකා යනාදීන්ගෙනි. යුද ජයග්‍රහණයෙන් මාස 6 ක්‌ ගත වූ තැන මේ ත්‍රිමූර්තිය එක්‌තැනකින් බිඳී ගොස්‌ ඇත. ඒ වූ කලී ජනරාල් සරත් ෆොන්සේකා ජනාධිපතිතුමා සමග දේශපාලන සටනකට අවතීර්ණ වීමේ ස්‌වරූපයක්‌ හටගෙන ඇති බැවිනි. මෙය දෙවැනි ලෝක යුද්ධයේදී යුද ජයග්‍රහණයේ මූලිකයා වූ බ්‍රිතාන්‍ය අගමැති වින්ස්‌ටන් චර්චිල් සමග එරට එවකට හමුදාපතිව සිටි බර්නාඩ් මොන්ට්‌ගෝමරි ඡන්ද සටනට පිවිසුණේ නම් ඇතිවිය හැකිව තිබූ තත්ත්වය වැනි තත්ත්වයකි. නැතහොත් බංග්ලාදේශය සමග පැවැති යුද්ධයේදී යුද ජයග්‍රාහකයා වූ ඉන්දියාවේ අගමැති ඉන්දිරා ගාන්ධි සමග ඉන්දීය යුද හමුදාවේ හමුදාපති සෑම් මෙනෙක්‌ෂෝ ඡන්දය ඉල්ලුවානම් ඇතිවිය හැකිව තිබූ තත්ත්වයට සමාන තත්ත්වයකි.

    ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ යුද ජයග්‍රහණයට වගකිව යුතු හමුදාපතිවරයා ඔහුගේම සේනාධිනායකයා සමග මෙවැනි අර්බුදයක පැටලුනේ මන්ද? එයට පසුබිම් වූ කතාව මෙසේය.

    මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂ ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ 5 වැනි විධායක ජනාධිපති පදවියට පත්වීමත් සමගම මැදමුලන සහ වැල්වැටිතුරේ අතර යුද්ධයක්‌ පටන් ගත්තේය. වැල්වැටිතුරේ යනු ප්‍රභාකරන්ගේ උපන් ගමයි. කොටි සංවිධානය සමග පැවැති යුද්ධයේදී ජනාධිපති රාජපක්‍ෂ වැදගත් පත්වීම් දෙකක්‌ සිදු කළේය. ඉන් පළමුවැන්න ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂ ආරක්‍ෂක ලේකම් ලෙස පත් කිරීමය. දෙවැන්න සරත් ෆොන්සේකා යුද හමුදාපතිවරයා ලෙස පත්කොට විශ්‍රාම යැමට නියමිත අවස්‌ථාව වන විට ඔහුගේ සේවය දීර්ඝ කිරීමයි.

    ගෝඨාභය වෘත්තියෙන්ම සොල්දාදුවෙකි. ඔහු 1991 දී හමුදාවෙන් ඉවත්වී ඇමරිකා එක්‌සත් ජනපදයට සංක්‍රමණය වන විට ලුතිනන් කර්නල් තනතුර දරමින් සිටියේය. එහෙත් සිය සහෝදරයා බලයට පත්වූ විට රට වෙනුවෙන් කාර්ය භාරයක්‌ ඉටු කිරීම සඳහා ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට පැමිණියේය. ඔහු ආවේ කොටි සංවිධානය පැරදවීම පිණිසමය.

    සරත් ෆොන්සේකා හමුදාපති කරන ලද්දේ ගෝඨාභයගේ උවමනාවටය. වසර 2005 දෙසැම්බර් 6 වැනිදා වන විට 55 වැනි වියට එළඹ සිටි සරත් ෆොන්සේකා විශ්‍රාම යැමට සූදානමින් සිටියේය. එහෙත් ඒ මොහොතේ රටේ පැවැති තත්ත්වයට අනුව යුද හමුදාව මෙහෙයවීම සඳහා සිටි සුදුසුම පුද්ගලයා සරත් ෆොන්සේකා බව සිය සහෝදරයා වූ ජනාධිපතිතුමාට කී ගෝඨාභය සරත් ෆොන්සේකාට විශ්‍රාම යැමට ඉඩ නොදී හමුදාපති තනතුරට පත් කළේය. ඒ අනුව එවකට හමුදාපතිවරයාව සිටි මේජර් ජනරාල් ශාන්ත කෝට්‌ටේගොඩ බ්‍රසීලයේ තානාපති ලෙස පිටත්කර යවන ලදි. ඉන්පසු සෑම වසරකම දෙසැම්බරයේදී සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ සේවා කාලය දීර්ඝ කිරීම සිදුවිය.

    සරත් ෆොන්සේකා යනු ඉතා දැඩි සොල්දාදුවෙකු සහ හමුදාපතිවරයකු බව කිසිදු තර්කයකින් තොරව පිළිගනු ලැබේ. එහෙත් ඔහුගේ චරිතයේ වෙනස්‌ ලක්‍ෂණ තිබේ. ප්‍රධාන ලක්‍ෂණය වූයේ තමා කරන කාර්යයෙහි විශාලතම කොටස කෙරෙහි ඔහු තුළ ආශාවක්‌ තිබීමය. මේ නිසා සරත් ෆොන්සේකා සහ ඔහුගේ සමකාලීනයන් අතර අරගල ඇතිවිය. වසන්ත කරන්නාගොඩ සමග හටගත් ගැටුම එවැන්නකි. මේජර් ජනරාල් ජානක පෙරේරා සමගද මෙවැනිම අවුලක්‌ විය. එසේම ඔහු විවිධාකාර චරිත වෙතින් ආවේෂයක්‌ ලැබූ බවද පෙනිණ. එය හනිබාල්, මහ ඇලෙක්‌සැන්ඩර්, නැපෝලියන් බොනපාට්‌ සහ දෙවැනි ලෝක යුද්ධයේ මිත්‍ර පක්‍ෂයේ වීරයෙකු වූ ෆීල්ඩ්මාෂල් රොමෙල් සෙනෙවියා වැනි චරිත වූවා විය හැකිය. සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ දැක්‌මට අනුව ඔහු වූ කලී ශ්‍රී ලංකාව සතු විශාලතම යුද්ධමය ධනය වූ අතර සියලු සම්මාන ඔහු වෙත යා යුතුය. ඒ වූ කලී මම, මගේ, මම තනියෙන් යනාදී වශයෙන් වූ මානසික මට්‌ටමක පිහිටි සංකීර්ණතාවකි. සරත් ෆොන්සේකාට පහළින් සිටි නිලධාරීහූ වෘත්තිකයකු ලෙස ඔහු අගය කළහ. එහෙත් පුද්ගලික මට්‌ටමින් ඔහුට අකමැති වූහ. කෙසේ වුවද ෆොන්සේකා හමුදාව තුළ බෙහෙවින් ජනප්‍රිය වෙමින් සිටියේය. ඔහු තමන් අයත්ව සිටි සිංහ රෙජිමේන්තුවේ සුභ සාධනය සඳහා කටයුතු කරමින් එම සොල්දාදුවන් බලා හදාගත් අතර ඔවුන්ගේ ගෞරවය සහ ආදරය දිනා ගත්තේය.

    සරත් ෆොන්සේකාට විරුද්ධව විවිධ චෝදනා තිබුණේය. ඒවායින් සමහරක්‌ ඔප්පු නොකරන ලද බැවින් මෙහි සඳහන් කිරීම නොවටී. මිනිස්‌ අයිතිවාසිකම් උල්ලංඝනය පිළිබඳව ඔහුට ප්‍රශ්න තිබිණ. උදාහරණයක්‌ වශයෙන් 1990 දී අම්පාර දිස්‌ත්‍රික්‌කයේ දෙමළ තරුණයන් සමූහයක්‌ සංහාරය කරන ලදි. එකල එම දිස්‌ත්‍රික්‌කය පැවැතියේ ඔහු යටතේය. පසුගිය දිනවලද පුවත්පත් කලාවේදීන්ට එල්ල වූ ඇතැම් ප්‍රහාරයන් සම්බන්ධයෙන් ෆොන්සේකාගේ නම ගෑවී තිබිණ. ජානක පෙරේරාට ද මෙවැනිම චෝදනා විය. ඔහු දෙස ද මානවහිමිකම් සංවිධාන නිරතුරුව බලා සිටියේය. මේ දෙදෙනා අතර ප්‍රශ්න තිබුණද ඔවුන් දෙදෙනාම සිටියේ එකම බෝට්‌ටුවේය. ඔවුන් හමුදාපතිවරුන් ලෙස පත් කිරීමට ජනාධිපති චන්ද්‍රිකා කුමාරතුංග මෙන්ම අගමැති රනිල් වික්‍රමසිංහද පැකිලුණහ. සොල්දාදුවන් වශයෙන් සාර්ථක වුවද ඔවුන්ගේ ගමන් මාර්ගය ඉදිරිපිට බාධා තිබිණ. මේ දෙදෙනාම හමුදා කුමන්ත්‍රණ සිදුකරනු ඇතැයි සමහරු විශ්වාස කළහ. 1962 දී මේ රටේ ඇතිවීමට ගිය හමුදා කුමන්ත්‍රණය අසාර්ථක වීමෙන් පසු මේ රටේ පහළ වූ රාජ්‍ය නායකයන් හමුදාව කෙරෙහි කටයුතු කළේ කිසියම් ආකාරයක සැක සංකාවකිනි. සරත් ෆොන්සේකා හමුදාපති ලෙස පත්කිරීමට ජනාධිපති රාජපක්‍ෂ උත්සුක නොවූ අතර ඒ සඳහා ඔහු පොළඹවනු ලද්දේ ගෝඨාභය විසිනි. සරත් පාලනය කිරීම තමන්ට කළ හැකි බව ගෝඨාභය කී බැවින් ජනාධිපතිවරයා ඊට එකඟ විය.

    සරත් ෆොන්සේකා යුද හමුදාපති වන්නේ මේ තත්ත්වය තුළය. හමුදාපති තනතුරේ වසරක්‌ සේවය කළ පසු ඔහු විශ්‍රාම ගැන්වීමට ජනාධිපති රාජපක්‍ෂට උවමනා විය. එහෙත් ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂ ඊට හරස්‌ විය. යුද්ධයේ මුල් කාලයේදී ගෝඨාභය සහ සරත් ෆොන්සේකා අතර යහපත් සම්බන්ධයක්‌ පැවැති අතර ඒ අනුව යුද්ධය ඉදිරියට ගියේය. මේ දෙදෙනා අතර සමානකම්ද බොහෝ විය. දෙදෙනාම ආනන්ද විද්‍යාලයේ ශිෂ්‍යයෝ වූහ. සරත් ෆොන්සේකා යුද හමුදාවට බැඳුණේ ගෝඨාභයට වසරකට කලිනි. 1987 වඩමාරච්චියේදී මේ දෙදෙනාම කොටි සංවිධානය සමග මුහුණට මුහුණලා සටන් කළහ. 1990 යාපනය කොටුවේ සිරව සිටි සොල්දාදුවන් ගලවා ගැනීමේ මාරාන්තික මෙහෙයුමේදී මේ දෙදෙනාම අත්වැල් අල්ලාගෙන කොටින්ට විරුද්ධව සටන් කළහ. එකල සරත් ෆොන්සේකා කර්නල් වරයෙකි. ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂ ලුතිනන් කර්නල් වරයෙකි. මේ දෙදෙනා අතර තිබූ අනෙක්‌ පොදු සම්බන්ධය වූයේ දෙදෙනා තුළම කොටි පැරදවීමේ අභිලාෂය තිබීමය. කොටිද මේ දෙදෙනා ඝාතනය කිරීමට අරමුණු කර ගෙන සිටියහ. කලකදී ලුතිනන්වරයකුව සිටි ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂ තමාට ඉහළ නිලධාරියා වූ සරත් ෆොන්සේකාට ආචාර කරන්නට ඇත. අද සරත් ෆොන්සේකා සිටින්නේ නිල බලයෙන් ආරක්‍ෂක ලේකම්වරයාට ආචාර කළ යුතු මට්‌ටමකය. ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‌ෂට ආචාර කොට ප්‍රසිද්ධියේ “සර්” යනුවෙන් ඇමතීමට සිදුවීම සරත් ෆොන්සේකාට දරා ගැනීමට නොහැකි වූවා වන්නට පුළුවන. කෙසේ වුවද ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂ ක්‍රියා කළේ සිවිල් ප්‍රධානියකු වශයෙනි. අනුරුද්ධ රත්වත්තේ මෙන් නිල ඇඳුමෙන් සැරසීම ප්‍රතික්‌ෂේප කළ ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂ සිවිල් නායකයකු පමණක්‌ම විය. එහෙත් ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂට ආචාර කිරීමට තමාට සිදුවීම ගැන සරත් ෆොන්සේකා විවේචන කළ අවස්‌ථා විය. ඒවා නිසැකවම ආරංචි ලෙස ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂ වෙත ළඟා විය. එහෙත් මේ කිසිවක්‌ පිටතට නොදැමූ ගෝඨාභය සරත් ෆොන්සේකා සමග දිගටම කටයුතු කරමින් යුද හමුදාවේ සිටි, කොටි සංවිධානය සමග සටන් කළ හැකි හොඳම පුද්ගලයා සරත් ෆොන්සේකා බව පිළිගත්තේය. මෙහිදී මතකයට නඟා ගත යුතු වැදගත් කාරණය වන්නේ ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂට අරමුණක්‌ තිබූ බවත් එම අරමුණ සාක්‍ෂාත් වන තුරු යක්‍ෂයා සමග වුව කටයුතු කිරීමට ඔහු මැළි නොවූ බවත්ය.

    මේ අතර ආරක්‍ෂක හමුදා අංශ අතර ද කඹ ඇදීමක්‌ විය. යුද්ධයේදී යුද හමුදාව සහ සහයෝගයෙන් කටයුතු කිරීම ගුවන් හමුදාවටත්, නාවික හමුදාවටත් නියමව තිබිණ. මේ සම්බන්ධීකරණය සිදු කළ යුතුව තිබුණේ හිටපු ගුවන් හමුදාපති සහ ආරක්‍ෂක මාණ්‌ඩලකි ප්‍රධානි ඩොනල්ඩ් පෙරේරා මගිනි. එහෙත් හමුදාපතිවරයා ඩොනල්ඩ් පෙරේරා ගැන එතරම් තැකීමක්‌ කළේ නැත.

    නාවික හමුදාව මේ යුද්ධයේදී සිදු කළ මෙහෙවර අතිශයින්ම වැදගත්ය. එල්ටීටීඊ නැව් සහ කොටින්ට ළඟා වෙමින් පැවති සැපයුම් වෙත සෘජු ප්‍රහාර එල්ල කළ නාවික හමුදාව ඒවා විනාශ කළහ. මුහුදු කොටින් විනාශ කිරීමට නාවික හමුදාව විශාල මෙහෙවරක්‌ කළේය. ඒ අතර ගුවනින් පහර දී කොටි කඳවුරු විනාශ කිරීමටත් අවි කඳවුරු වැනසීමටත් ගුවන් හමුදාව සහය විය. කොටි සංවිධානය තුළ මෑතකදී සිදුවූ ආරම්භක ප්‍රධාන ඝාතනය වන සුප්පයියා පරමූ තමිල් සෙල්වම් ඝාතනය සිදු කරන ලද්දේ ගුවන් හමුදාවය. එය කොටින්ට එරෙහිව රට ලැබූ ප්‍රධාන ජයග්‍රහණයක්‌ විය.

    කෙසේ වුවද සරත් ෆොන්සේකා මේ ජයග්‍රහණයන් පිළිගත් බවක්‌ නොපෙණින. ආරක්‍ෂක මණ්‌ඩලයේ රැස්‌වීම් වලදී සරත් ෆොන්සේකා වෙතින් ඒ බව ඉතා පැහැදිලිව පිළිබිඹු විය. එහෙත් යුද, නාවික සහ ගුවන් හමුදා තුනේ බලය සමානුපාතික ලෙස පවත්වාගෙන යැමට ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂට හැකිවිය. ඒ අතර හමුදාපතිවරයා යුද පෙරමුණේදී සිය ශක්‌තිය තහවුරු කළ කණිෂ්ඨ නිලධාරීන්ට උසස්‌වීම් දෙමින් යුද්ධය ඉදිරියට ගෙන ගියේය. ශක්‌තිමත් සෙබළාට උසස්‌වීමක්‌ ලබාදී දුර්වලයාට දඬුවම් කිරීම මගින් යුද හමුදාව කාර්යශීලී සටන් යන්ත්‍රයක්‌ බවට පත්වන බව හමුදාපතිවරයා කල්පනා කළේය.

    මේ ක්‍රියාවලිය මගින් යුද පෙරමුණේදී සාර්ථකත්වයන් ළඟා කර ගැනීමට හැකිවිය. ප්‍රතිපත්තියක්‌ වශයෙන් ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂද මෙයට එකඟ විය.

    එහෙත් මෙයට ප්‍රතිවිරුද්ධ පැත්තක්‌ද විය. එනම් හමුදාව තුළ හමුදාපතිට විරුද්ධව නිලධාරීන් එකමුතු වීමය. සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ ක්‍රියා කලාපය නිසා හමුදාවේ සිටි මේජර්, ලුතිනන් කර්නල් සහ කර්නල්වරුන්ට උසස්‌වීම් නොලැබී ගියේය. උදාහරණයක්‌ වශයෙන් පරාක්‍රම පන්නිපිටිය ගත හැකිය. නැගෙනහිර ජය ගැනීමේ මූලිකයා වූ පන්නිපිටිය නැගෙනහිරින් මාරුකරන ලද අතර ඔහු ලැබූ යුද ජයග්‍රහණයන්ද නොසලකා තනතුරින් පහ කරන ලදී. එයට හේතුව ඔහු සරත් ෆොන්සේකා සමග ආරවුලක්‌ ඇතිකර ගැනීමය. තනතුරින් පහකරන ලද පන්නිපිටියට සලකන ලද්දේ බෙහෙවින් නොසැලකිලිමත් ලෙසය. ඔහුට ආරක්‍ෂාව ලබා නොදෙන ලදී. නැවත ආරක්‍ෂාව ලබා ගැනීම සඳහා ඔහු උසාවි ගියේය. අනතුරුව කිසිදු පදනමක්‌ නැති නිධන් හොරකමකට සම්බන්ධ කෙරුණු පන්නිපිටියට දඬුවම් කෙරිණ.

    මීට සමාන්තරව සරත් ෆොන්සේකා තම හිත දිනාගත් අය කෙරෙහි දැක්‌වූ සැලකීම වෙනස්‌ විය. සමන්ත සූරිය බණ්‌ඩාර උදාහරණයක්‌ ලෙස ගනිමු. 53 වැනි සේනාංකයේ අණදෙන නිලධාරියා ලෙස අසාර්ථක වූ ඔහුට විරුද්ධව දඬුවම් නොකරන ලදි. මුහමාලයේ එල්ටීටීඊ ආරක්‍ෂක වළල්ල කඩාගෙන ඇතුල් වීමට තැත් කළ සූරිය බණ්‌ඩාර ඇතුළු පිරිස පරාජයන් බොහෝ ලදහ. එහෙත් ඒ ගැන කිසිදු පියවරක්‌ නොගත් අතර වොෂිංටනයේ පිහිටි ශ්‍රී ලංකා තානාපති කාර්යාලයේ ආරක්‍ෂක උපදේශකයා ලෙස ඔහු පත්කර හරින ලදී. සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ ක්‍රියා කලාපය පිළිබඳ හොඳම විග්‍රහය කරන්නේ බ්‍රිගේඩියර් රාජගුරුය. “අප ඉදිරියට ගියොත් ජොනි බට්‌ටෝ සිටිති. අප පසුපසට ආවොත් පිටිපසින් සිටින්නේ ෆොනීය.” මෙහිදී ෆොනී යනුවෙන් හඳුන්වනු ලබන්නේ සරත් ෆොන්සේකාය.

    හමුදාපතිවරයාගේ ක්‍රියා කලාපය තවදුරටත් හෙළිකරන අවස්‌ථාවක්‌ වූයේ වසර 2007 විශිෂ්ට සේවා විභූෂණ සම්මානය පිරිනැමීමේ අවස්‌ථාවය. යුද හමුදාවේ තිස්‌ වසරක අඛණ්‌ඩ සේවයක නිරතව සිටි ලුතිනන් කර්නල් පන්තියට ඉහළින් සිටින නිලධාරීහු මේ සම්මාන ලැබීමට නියමිත අය වෙති. වසර 2000 දී යුද හමුදාවේ තිස්‌වසරක්‌ සම්පූර්ණ කළ සරත් ෆොන්සේකාට ද මේ සම්මානය තවමත් හිමිවී නැත. 2007 දී එම සම්මාන ප්‍රදානය කිරීමට නියමිත වූ නමුදු හමුදාපතිවරයා ඒ සඳහා සුදුසුකම් ලද කිසිදු නිලධාරියකු සම්මානයට නිර්දේශ කළේද නැත. ඊට අමතරව වූ ඔහු තවත් යෝජනාවක්‌ද කළේය. එනම් මේ සම්මානය ප්‍රදානයකළ යුත්තේ විශ්‍රාමික හෝ හමුදාවේ තවමත් සේවය කරන හමුදාපතිවරුන්ට පමණක්‌ බවය. ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂ මෙයට විරුද්ධ විය. හමුදාපතිවරයා පනවා තිබූ නීතිය ඉවත් කළ ආරක්‍ෂක ලේකම්වරයා විශිෂ්ඨ සේවා විභූෂණ සම්මානය ලැබීමට නියමිතව සිටි විශ්‍රාමික හමුදා නිලධාරීන් එකොළොස්‌ දෙනෙකුට එය ලබා දීමට පොරොන්දු විය. මේ නිසා සරත් ෆොන්සේකා කෝප විය.

    ආරක්‍ෂක ලේකම් සහ හමුදාපතිවරයා අතර තිබූ ගැටුම හමුදාවට පමණක්‌ සීමා වූයේ නැත. මාධ්‍ය සාකච්ඡාවලදී ඒ බව එළි දැක්‌වීමට සරත් ෆොන්සේකා උනන්දු විය. වරක්‌ ඔහු තමිල්නාඩුවේ දේශපාලනඥයන් කොටින්ගෙන් පඩි ලබන විහිළුකාරයින් බව කීවේය. නවදිල්ලිය මේ ගැන බලවත් අප්‍රසාදය පළ කළ අතර ප්‍රකාශය ඉල්ලා අස්‌කර ගැනීමට සරත් ෆොන්සේකා විරුද්ධ විය. එහෙත් දෙරට අතර සබඳතාවය යහපත්ව තබා ගැනීම සඳහා ගෝඨාභය තමන් නොකළ වරදකට ඉන්දියාවෙන් සමාව ඉල්ලා සිටියේය.

    මේ අතර කැනඩාවේ පුවත්පතක සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ සම්මුඛ සාකච්ඡාවක්‌ පළ විය. ශ්‍රී ලංකාව එහි බහු ජාතිය වන සිංහලයන්ට අයත් බවත් සුළු ජාතීන්ට එහි ජීවත් විය හැකි වුවද කිසිදු බලයක්‌ නොතිබිය යුතු බවත් ඔහු කීවේය. මේ ප්‍රකාශයෙන් ඇතිවූ හානිය අවම කර ගැනීම සඳහා වෙනත් සම්මුඛ සාකච්ඡාවකදී සාධනීය අදහස්‌ පළකරන ලෙස හමුදාපතිට දන්වන ලදී. එම සාකච්ඡාවේදී හානිය දෙගුණ කරමින් සරත් ෆොන්සේකා කියා සිටියේ ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ වෙසෙන සුළු ජාතීන් ෆෙඩරල් වාදය වැනි තමන්ට අයිති නැති ඉල්ලීම් කළ යුතු නැති බවයි. හමුදාපති සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ අදහස්‌ පිළිනොගන්නා ලද නමුදු ඒවාට ඉඩක්‌ දීමට රජයට සිදුව තිබිණ. එයට හේතුව ඔහු යුද්ධයට අත්‍යවශ්‍යම මිනිසා වීමය. එහෙත් යුද්ධය නිමාවූ විට තමන් සතු සීමා පැන යැමට සරත් ෆොන්සේකාට තවදුරටත් ඉඩනොදිය යුතුව තිබිණ.

    යුද ජයග්‍රහණය පිළිබඳව නිතරම ඉහළින් කතා කිරීම සරත් ෆොන්සේකා කළේය. තමා අතීත දුටුගැමුණු රජු ලෙස දුටු ඔහු දුටුගැමුණු රජ ඉදිරිපිට ධන නමන එළාරගේ චිත්‍රයක්‌ ළඟ තබාගෙන සිටියේය. මෙය විදේශික පුවත්පත් කලාවේදීන් විසින් ද දක්‌නා ලදී.

    රුහුණට තමන් තුළ ඇති අයිතිවාසිකම සරත් ෆොන්සේකා විසින් ක්‍රමයෙන් ප්‍රකාශයට පත්කරනු ලැබීමත් සමගම රාජපක්‍ෂවරු නොසන්සුන් වූහ. එහෙත් යුද්ධය දිනන තුරු නිහඬව සිටීමට ඔවුන් තීරණය කළ තිබිණ. මේ අතර සරත් ෆොන්සේකා ලබමින් සිටින ජනප්‍රියත්වය නිසා ජනාධිපතිවරයා තුළ ක්‍රමානුකූල අනාරක්‍ෂිත අදහසක්‌ ඇතිවිය. මෙය ඩෙන්සිල් කොබ්බෑකඩුව කෙරෙහි රණසිංහ ප්‍රේමදාස තුළ තිබූ භීතිය හා සමානය. එහෙත් ජනාධිපතිතුමාට එක්‌ විශ්වාසයක්‌ තිබිණ. ඒ වූ කලී සිය සහෝදර ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂ සියලු දේ පාලනය කරන්නේය යන අදහසය. යුද ජයග්‍රහණය නිසා ජනාධිපතිතුමා සහ රජය ලබන ජනප්‍රියත්වයෙන් කොටසක්‌ තමන්ටද අයත් බව හමුදාපතිවරයා කල්පනා කළේය. උදාහරණයක්‌ වශයෙන් සාම්පූර් ප්‍රදේශය රජය අතට පත්වීම ප්‍රකාශ කිරීම ගත හැක. මේ ජයග්‍රහණය පසුදින පැවැත්වෙන ශ්‍රීලනිප සමුළුවේදී ප්‍රකාශ කිරීමට රජය තීරණය කරගෙන සිටියේය. සරත් ෆොන්සේකා මෙයට විරුද්ධව කතා කළේය.

    යුද ජයග්‍රහණය සම්බන්ධයෙන් ජනාධිපතිවරයා ප්‍රශංසාවට ලක්‌වීම සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ නොසන්සුන්තාවයට හේතුවූ තවත් අවස්‌ථාවක්‌ ලෙස ප්‍රභාකරන්ගේ මරණය දැක්‌විය හැකිය. මේ වසරේ මැයි 16 වැනිදා ජනාධිපතිතුමා විදේශ ගතව සිටින අවස්‌ථාවකදී ප්‍රභාකරන් මරා දමන ලද බව ඔහුට දන්වන ලදී. එය වැරදි තොරතුරක්‌ විය. ජයග්‍රාහී ජනාධිපතිතුමා 17 වැනිදා ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට පැමිණ මහපොළව සිඹ සිය දේශප්‍රේමීත්වය විදහා දැක්‌වීය. එහෙත් ප්‍රභාකරන් තවමත් මරණයට පත්ව නැති බවත් හමුදාව විසින් වටකරනු ලැබ ඉතාම නුදුරේදීම මරා දැමෙන බවත් ජනාධිපතිවරයා දැන ගත්තේය. එබැවින් මැයි 19 වැනිදා ප්‍රභාකරන්ගේ මරණය ජාතියට ප්‍රකාශ කිරීම පිණිස කතාවක්‌ පැවැත්වීමට ජනාධිපතිවරයා තීරණය කළේය.

    එහෙත් ප්‍රභාකරන්ගේ මරණය ස්‌ථිර කිරීම සරත් ෆොන්සේකා විසින් ප්‍රතික්‌ෂේප කරන ලදි. එබැවින් ජනාධිපතිතුමා ප්‍රභාකරන්ගේ මරණය සම්බන්ධයෙන් කිරීමට තිබූ ප්‍රකාශය කතාවට ඇතුළත් නොකෙරිණ. එහෙත් ජනාධිපතිතුමාගේ කතාව නිමවූ පසු ප්‍රභාකරන් මියගිය බව හමුදාපතිවරයා ජාතියට ප්‍රකාශ කළේය. එබැවින් ඒ ඓතිහාසික ප්‍රකාශය සිදුකිරීම මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂ වෙතින් නොව සරත් ෆොන්සේකා වෙතින් සිදුවිය.

    මෙය රඳවාගෙන තිබූ විශාල ජල ධාරාවක්‌ මුදාහැරීමක්‌ හා සමාන විය. ජයග්‍රහණයේ ප්‍රධානතම හේතුව තමා ලෙස පෙනී යන පරිදි හමුදාපති කටයුතු කර තිබිණ. ජයග්‍රහණයට සම්බන්ධ වූ සෙසු නිලධාරීන්, සෙසු ආරක්‍ෂක සේවාවන්, ආරක්‍ෂක ලේකම් සහ ජනාධිපතිවරයා නොසලකා හැර තිබිණ. සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ ගුණ ගායනා කරමින් පුවත්පත්වල ලිපි පළ වීමට පටන් ගත්තේය. ඔහු තමාගේම නළාව පිඹිමින් සිටින බව පෙනී ගියේය. සරත් ෆොන්සේකාට සමීපව සිටින පුවත්පත් කලාවේදීන් කීප දෙනෙකු ඔහුට තවදුරටත් ගෞරවය ලබා දෙමින් පොත් ලියූහ.

    යුද්ධයේදී සරත් ෆොන්සේකා කළ මෙහෙවර මෙන්ම ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂ කළ මෙහෙවරද අගය කළ යුතුව තිබිණ. මේ යුද්ධය සැලසුම් කළේ ගෝඨාභය විසිනි. යුද උපක්‍රම ක්‍රියාත්මක කර වූයේ සහ සම්බන්ධීකරණය වූයේ ඔහු විසිනි. දේශපාලන බලඅධිකාරිය සමග ආරක්‍ෂක අංශ සම්බන්ධ කළහ. පුරුක වූයේ ඔහුය. ඒ අතර ඉන්දියාව දිනා ගැනීමේ කාර්ය බැසිල් රාජපක්‍ෂ සහ ලලිත් වීරතුංග විසින් සිදුකරන ලදි.

    එසේම මේ සඳහා ඉහළ දේශපාලන නායකත්වය සැපයූවේ ජනාධිපති මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂය. යුද්ධය නවත්වන ලෙස විවිධ බලවේග මගින් කරන ලද විවිධ බලකිරීම් වලට නොනැමුණු ඔහු දිගටම යුද්ධ කරන ලෙස හමුදාවට දැන්වීය. යුද්ධය සිදුකරන ආකාරය පිළිබඳව ජාත්‍යන්තර මට්‌ටමෙන් කෙරුණු දැඩි වේව්චනයන්වලදී ඔහු සෘජු ලෙස නැගී සිටියේය. යුද්ධය නිමා කිරීම පිණිස හමුදාවට නිදහස දුන් ජනාධිපතිතුමා ඊට උදව් කළේය.

    මේ තත්ත්වයට සමරූපව යුද ජයග්‍රහණයේ ප්‍රශංසාවෙන් කොටසක්‌ ස්‌ථිර වශයෙන්ම ජනාධිපතිතුමාට හිමිය. යුද ජයග්‍රහණය දේශපාලන ජයග්‍රහණ සමග සම්බන්ධ කිරීමට ජනාධිපතිතුමා උත්සහ කළ අතර සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ උත්සාහයන් නිසා මේ සැලසුම් වලට හානි සිදුවිය.

    පාර්ශ්ව දෙක අතර නොමනාපය වැඩිවීමට තවත් හේතුවක්‌ වූයේ වන්නියේ යුද අනාථයන් පදිංචි කිරීමේ ක්‍රියාවලියයි. එක්‌සත් ජාතීන්ගේ සංවිධානය ජාත්‍යන්තර මූල්‍ය අරමුදල, බටහිර රටවල් සහ ඉන්දියාව සමග මේ සම්බන්ධයෙන් අදහස්‌ හුවමාරු කරගත් ජනාධිපතිතුමා අනාථයන් පදිංචි කිරීමට ජාත්‍යන්තර මූල්‍ය අරමුදලේ ආධාර ලබා ගත්තේය. එහෙත් මේ පිළිබඳව සරත් ෆොන්සේකා දැරූ අදහස්‌ වෙනස්‌ විය. යුද අනාථයන් දිගින් දිගටම රැඳවුම් කඳවුරුවල සිටිය යුතු බව විශ්වාස කළ හෙතෙම සිවිල් ජනයා ලෙස සැරසී සිටින කොටි සාමාජිකයන් අල්ලා ගන්නා තුරු ඒ තත්ත්වය පැවැතිය යුතු බව විශ්වාසය කළේය.

    හමුදාපති සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ තවත් අදහසක්‌ වූයේ යුද හමුදාවේ බලය තවත් තුන් ලක්‍ෂයකින් වැඩිකොට එයින් ලක්‍ෂයක්‌ වන්නියේ කඳවුරුවල තැබිය යුතු බවය. හමුදා පවුල් ජනපද ලෙස වන්නියේ පදිංචි කළ යුතු බව ඔහු කී අතර ඒ අනුව උතුරේ ජන ඝණය වෙනස්‌ කිරීම ඔහුගේ උවමනාව විය. තමා ළමයෙකුව සිටි කාලයේදී අම්පාර දිස්‌ත්‍රික්‌කයේ දෙමළ ජාතිකයන් එල්ල කළ ප්‍රහාර ගැන ඔහු සිහිපත් කළේය. සරත් ෆොන්සේකාට අනුව යුද්ධය තවමත් අවසන්ව තිබුණේ නැත.

    ඇතැම් අවස්‌ථාවාලදී ජෙනරාල්වරයා කථා කළේ නිදැල්ලේ හැසිරෙන කාලතුවක්‌කුවක්‌ ලෙසිනි.

    දෙමළ මිනිසුන් පරදා රට බේරා ගත් රුහුණු පුත්‍රයා ලෙස තමන් හඳුන්වා ගන්නට පටන්ගත් හෙතෙම ඊළඟ ජනාධිපති වීමට තමාට නොහැක්‌කේ මන්දැයි මිතුරන්ගෙන් විහිලුවට මෙන් විමසූ අවස්‌ථා විය. යුද්ධය දිනා රට බේරා ගත් මහා අධිරාජ්‍යයා මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂ බව පිළිගැනීමට නොකමැති වූ හෙතෙම යුද්ධය දිනන ලද්දේ මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂ නොව තමන් ලෙස හිතන මට්‌ටමකට පත් වූ බව පෙනෙන්නට තිබිණි. මේ බව රාජපක්‍ෂ සහෝදරයන්ගේ කන්වලට යවන ලදී. ඒ අනුව ඉදිරියේදී ආරක්‍ෂා විය යුතු බව ඔවුන්ට හැඟී ගියේය. නිල මට්‌ටමෙනුත් නිල නොවන මට්‌ටමෙනුත් ඔත්තු සේවා වාර්තා තුනක්‌ සාදන ලදී. මේවායේ හරය වූයේ ජනරාල් තුළ දේශපාලන අරමුණු ඇති බවත් ඔවුහු ජනාධිපතිතුමාගේ මට්‌ටමට වාගේ ජනප්‍රිය වෙමින් තිබෙන බවත් ය.

    සරත් ෆොන්සේකා ක්‍රමයෙන් හිස ඔසවමින් පවත්නා තර්ජනයක්‌ බව රාජපක්‍ෂ සහෝදරයන්ට පෙනී ගියේය. සරත් ෆොන්සේකා යනු රාජ්‍ය බලය බලහත්කාරයෙන් පැහැර ගැනීමට තැත් කරන්නෙකු ලෙස ජනාධිපතිතුමාට හැඟිණි. ඒ අතර අනිත් පැත්තෙන් ආරක්‍ෂක ලේකම්වරයා යුද්ධයේදී ක්‍රියාත්මක වූ වගකීම් සහගත ස්‌වභාවය නොවැදගත් එකක්‌ ලෙස දැක්‌වීමට ජනරාල් ගන්නා උත්සාහය නිසා ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂ අසහනයට පත්වී සිටියේය.

    තව දුරටත් ජනරාල්ට ඉඩනොදිය යුතු තත්ත්වයක්‌ නිර්මාණය වී තිබිණ. ඒ අනුව ත්‍රිවිධ හමුදාපතිවරුන් මාධ්‍ය සාකච්ඡා පැවැත්වීම ආරක්‍ෂක ලේකම්වරයා විසින් තහනම් කරන ලදී. එසේ පැවැත්විය යුතු නම් එය ආරක්‍ෂක ලේකම්වරයාගේ අධීක්‍ෂණය සහ අවසරය මත කළ යුතු විය. එමගින් සරත් ෆොන්සේකා සතුව තිබූ මාධ්‍ය ඒකාධිකාරය බිඳ වැටිණ.

    මේ අතර තවත් ප්‍රශ්නයක්‌ මතුව තිබිණි. යුද්ධයට පෙර ඇනවුම් කරනු ලැබු උණ්‌ඩ සහ කාලතුවක්‌කු උණ්‌ඩ පුරවාගත් නැව් දෙකක්‌ වරායට ළඟාවී තිබිණ. යුද්ධය නිමාවට පත් වී ඇති බැවින් තවදුරටත් ආයුධ අනවශ්‍ය බව කිවූ ගෝඨාභය එම නැව් හරවා යෑවීය. මේ ගනුදෙනුවේ අතරමැදියා අහමඩ් නිසාර් නමැති පාකිස්‌තානු ජාතිකයෙකි. අප්‍රසිද්ධියේ පැතිර යමින් තිබූ කථාව වූයේ සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ බෑණා වූ ධනූන තිලකරත්න සහ පාකිස්‌තාන් ජාතිකයා අතර සම්බන්ධයක්‌ ඇති බවත් සෑම උණ්‌ඩයකටම ඩොලර් ශත දෙකක කොමිස්‌ මුදලක්‌ ඔහුට ලැබෙන බවත් ෂෙල් වෙඩිල්ලක්‌ සඳහා ඩොලර් විස්‌සක කොමිස්‌ මුදලක්‌ ඔහුට ලැබෙන බවත්ය. මේ කට කතා කිසිවක්‌ ඔප්පු කර නැති බව මෙන්ම අදාල පාර්ශව විසින් ප්‍රතික්‍ෂේප කර නැති බවත් කිව යුතුය.

    තත්ත්වය මෙසේ පවතිද්දී නාමල් රාජපක්‍ෂ සහ ජනාධිපති ආර්යාව උතුරට ගියෝය. මගදී යුද හමුදාව විසින් ඔවුන් නවත්වන ලදී. මෙය ෆොන්සේකා විසින් කරන ලද්දක්‌ බව පෙනෙන්නට තිබිණ.

    ජූලි 9 වැනිදා පැවති පොතක්‌ ප්‍රකාශයට පත් කිරීමේ උත්සවයකදී තමන් විසින් අත්පත්කරගත් යුද ජයග්‍රහණය ගැන ජනරාල් ඉහලින් කතා කළේය. ජනාධිපතිතුමාගේ කැපවීම සම්බන්ධයෙන් මෙහිදී කථා කරන ලද්දේ නාම මාත්‍රයෙනි. ගෝඨාභය ගැන කිසිදු සඳහනක්‌ නොකරන ලදී. ජනරාල් අනුව ජනාධිපතිවරයාගේ සහයෝගයෙන් යුද්ධය ජයග්‍රහණය කර තිබුනේ ඔහුම පමණි. මෙයින් කියවුනේ රටේ ගැලවුම්කරුවා මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂ නොව සරත් ෆොන්සේකා බවය.

    ජුලි 10 වනදා අම්බලන්ගොඩ ධර්මාශෝක විද්‍යාලයේදී උත්සවයක්‌ පැවැත්විණ. මේ උත්සවය සඳහා ගාලු පාරේ ගමනා ගමනය පැය දෙකක්‌ නවත්වා තිබිණ. එය ගමනාගමනයට මහත් බාධාවක්‌ විය. ඒ බාධාව සිදු කරන ලද්දේ ජෙනරාල්ගේ ආරක්‍ෂක සෙබළුන් විසිනි.

    ජෙනරාල් සහ යුද හමුදාවේ සිටින ඔහුගේ පිරිස නීතිය තමන් රිසි ලෙස සකසා ගනිමින් සිටියේය. එයින් හැඟී ගියේ සරත් ෆොන්aසේකා සමාන්තර පාලනයක්‌ පිළිබඳ අභ්‍යාසයක යෙදෙමින් සිටින බවය. එක්‌ අවස්‌ථාවකදී සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ ගුණ ගායනා කළ පත්‍රකලාවේදීන් පස්‌ දෙනෙකුට යුද හමුදාවේ විශේෂ ආරක්‍ෂාව ලැබිණි. එයට හේතුව නාවික හමුදාපති වසන්ත කරන්නාගොඩගේ මිනිසුන් එම පත්‍රකලාවේදීන්ට මරණ තර්ජන එල්ල කරන බව පැවසීමය.

    මේ අතර ජගත් ජයසූරියගේ සහායකයෙකු ජනරාල්ගේ නියෝග මත අත්අඩංගුවට ගන්නා ලදී. ජගත් ජයසූරිය ද අත්අඩංගුවට ගැනීමට නියමිතව තිබූ නමුත් එය ව්‍යර්ථ විය.

    මේ සියලු කරුණු අතර හොන්ඩියුරස්‌ නමැති ලතින් ඇමරිකානු රාජ්‍යයේ පෙළගැසෙමින් තිබූ දේශපාලන සිදුවීම් මාලාවක්‌ ශ්‍රී ලංකාවටද න්‍යායාත්මක වශයෙන් බලපෑමක්‌ කළේය. ඒ රටේ ජනාධිපති මැනුවෙල් සෙලායා ජනමත විචාරණයකට ගොස්‌ සිය පාලන කාලය දීර්ඝ කර ගැනීමට තැත් කරමින් සිටියේය. අධිකරණය සෙලායාගේ උත්සාහය ව්‍යර්ථ කරන ලදී. එහෙත් ඒ නොතැකූ සෙලායා ඡන්ද පත්‍රිකා බෙදා ජනමත විචාරණයට සූදානම් වන ලෙස හමුදාවට නියෝග කළේය. එවිට හොන්ඩියුරස්‌ හමුදාපති ජෙනරල් රොමියෝ වාස්‌ක්‌වේස්‌ වෙලාසුවෙස්‌ ජනාධිපති නියෝග ප්‍රතික්‍ෂේප කළේය. එවිට ජනාධිපතිවරයා හමුදාපතිවරයාගේ වැඩ තහනම්කොට ජනමත විචාරණයට සූදානම් විය. ජූනි 28 වැනි දා වැඩ තහනම් වූ හමුදාපතිවරයා හමුදා කුමන්ත්‍රණයක්‌ දියත් කළේය. අත්අඩංගුවට ගනු ලැබූ සෙලායා අසල්වැසි කොස්‌ටාරිකාටව රැගෙන යන ලදී. මේ ක්‍රියාදාමය පිළිබඳව ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ රජයේ පුවත්පතක්‌ විශාල වශයෙන් විස්‌තර පළ කළේය.

    මේ කුමන්ත්‍රණයෙන් අනතුරුවම වාගේ ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට ඉතා හිතවත් රටක්‌ ශ්‍රී ලංකාව තුළ හමුදා කුමන්ත්‍රණයක්‌ ඇති වීමට ඉඩ ඇති බව පෙන්වා දෙන රහස්‌ වාර්තාවක්‌ නිකුත් කළේය. මිත්‍ර රටේ අදහස වූයේ හමුදාපතිවරයා තවත් රටක අනුග්‍රහය මත කුමන්ත්‍රණය සිදු කිරීමට ඉඩ ඇති බවය. මේ රටවල් දෙකම එකිනෙකා සමග මහත්සේ වෛරයෙන් පසුවුවද ශ්‍රී ලංකාව සමග මිත්‍රව සිටියහ.

    මේ පසුබිමේ සිට රජය සිය කටයුතු ආරම්භ කළේය. ජුලි 12 වැනිදා කැඳවනු ලැබූ ජනරාල්ට දින තුනක්‌ කල් දෙනලද අතර හමුදාපති ධුරයෙන් ඉවත්ව ආරක්‍ෂක මාණ්‌ඩලික ප්‍රධානී තනතුරට පත්වීමට නියෝග කෙරිණි. මේ තනතුර දශක කීපයක්‌ පුරා ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ තිබිණ. එහෙත් මෑතක සිට ඒ තනතුරට එතරම් බලතලයක්‌ තිබුණේ නැත. මේ තනතුරේ කටයුතු කරමින් සිටියේ හිටපු එයාවයිස්‌ මාෂල් ඩොනල්ඩ් පෙරේරා විසිනි. ඩොනලඩ් පෙරේරා ඉවත් වූ විට එම තනතුරට වසන්ත කරන්නාගොඩ පත් කිරීමට නියමිත විය. එහෙත් ජනරාල්වරයා එයට තරයේ විරුද්ධ විය. ඔහුට එම තනතුරට ලැබෙන්නේ ඒ අනුවය.

    ජනරාල්ට තනතුරු ලබාදුන් නමුත් ශ්‍රී ලංකා යුද හමුදාවේ හැටවන සංවත්සර උත්සවය නිම වන තුරු හමුදාපති ධුරයේ රැඳී සිටීමට ඔහුට ඕනෑ විය. ජනරාල් කොහොමටත් සිටියේ අසතුටිනි. හේතුව ඔහු ආරක්‍ෂක මාණ්‌ඩලික ප්‍රධානි ලෙස රාජකාරි වාර්තා කළ යුතුව තිබුණේ ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්‍ෂට නිසාය. මේ නිසා එම තනතුරේ ක්‍රියාකාරීත්වයට කිසියම් සංශෝධනයක්‌ අවශ්‍ය බව ජෙනරාල්ගේ මතය විය.

    වසන්ත කරන්නාගොඩ මහාමාර්ග අමාත්‍යංශයේ ලේකම් බවට පත් කළ ජනාධිපතිතුමා ඔහුට ජනාධිපති උපදේශක තනතුරක්‌ ලබා දුන්නේය. ජනරාල් මේ ගැන මහත්සේ කෝප විය. ශිරන්ති රාජපක්‍ෂ මහත්මිය සහ කරන්නාගොඩ ගේ බිරිය අතර ඇති හිතවත්කම ගැන ද ඔහු තුළ ප්‍රසාදයක්‌ නොවීය.

    තමන්ගෙන් පසු හමුදාපති විය යුත්තේ ජෙනරල් චන්ද්‍රසිරි බව සරත් ෆොන්සේකාගේ මතය විය. එහෙත් ජනරාල්ට හිතවත් කෙනෙකු මෙම පදවියට පත්කිරීමට තරම් නිදහස්‌ මානසිකත්වයක්‌ මේ වන විට රාජපක්‍ෂවරුන්ට තිබුණේ නැත. ඒ අනුව ජ්‍යෙෂ්ඨත්වයෙන් නම වැනි තැන සිටි ජගත් ජයසූරිය හමුදාපති තනතුරට පත්කරන ලදී. ඊළඟට ක්‍රීඩා අමාත්‍යංශයේ ලේකම් තනතුර ජනරාල්ට පිරිනැමිණ. ක්‍රීඩා ඇමැතිවරයාට නිල වශයෙන් ඒ ගැන දන්වා නොතිබුණද ඔහු ඊට මහත්සේ සතුටු විය. එහෙත් ජනරාල් එය ප්‍රතික්‍ෂේප කළේය. මෙවිට විරුද්ධ පක්‍ෂයේ සිටි ජනරාල්ගේ හිතවත්තු ඔහුට ක්‍රිඩා අමාත්‍යංශ ලේකම් තනතුරු දීම විවේචනය කළහ. ජනරාල් පිළිබඳ අර්බුදයේ මෙතෙක්‌ කථාව මෙයයි.

  239. DBSJ,
    thanks for the insightful analysis putting all the strands together. while our options are narrow, i am curious to learn what route you think will demilitarize Sri Lanka sooner than later.

  240. Hi Jeyaraj,
    What is the time frame you usually allow for comments? Some heavy topics may need time to comprehend and respond.

    Take your time……………DBSJ

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  242. 262. S Joseph,
    Have you forgotten the post independent history of Srilanka, Including the formation of TUF(SJV,GGP,Thondaman Senior ) Vaddukotai resolution, in the seventies and the elections of that time .Tamils have Tried all the available non violent avenues internaly in Srilanka before the armed militant liberation struggle started in the 70/80s. Where were the will ? where were the way?.Have you forgoten the famous Quote by SJV ” Only God will save the Tamils” . You are trying to give flimsy resons (Tamils are not united ! ) (were all the Sinhala united ? perhaps yes in denying the Tamil’s rights) so they can be denied their rights of SELF DETERMINATION .

    Despite the manifest outrage of international human rights groups like HRW and Amnesty International, relief agencies and several Western states, Sri Lanka defiantly continues to brutalize the [Tamil] detainees [locking them up in barbed wire militarized camps]. Whilst various international actors attempt to goad, cajole and compel Sri Lanka to let the civilians go, few have examined the reasons for their incarceration. As far as the Tamils are concerned, it is obvious: this is the latest manifestation of the Sinhala state racism,” the British paper Guardian said in the latest weekend edition. 18.10.09
    Where was the will of Sinhala Interlectuals or the mass why were they silent ? even now. Of course Tamils and their so called leaders were unable to speak at free will in Srilanka. You knew what happened to those free speaking Journalists in SL.

    A nation is a togetherness which gives expression to the shared aspirations of a people for equality and freedom – and to establish, nurture and maintain the institutions necessary for that purpose.

    If democracy means rule of the people, by the people, for the people, then it also follows that no one people may rule another. Free institutions are next to impossible in a country made up of different nations but which has one army.
    We Tamils are a NATION /a people as defined by the UN If we canot be allowed to live with equality and freedom to pursue our own interestes we should be allowed to exercise our inherent right to SELF DETERMINATION.

  243. 251. S Joseph,
    262. S Joseph
    If there is a will there is a way !
    where are and ware the will from the Sinhala Buuddhists? What is / was the Sinhala Buddhist way ? The experience given to us in 1956,1958 ,1961, (my father was at the receiving end). 1977, 1981,1983 (I was at the receiving end) Now my son is away from your reach , I can’t give my will to my son . Sinhala Buddhist owned Gov grabed all the wills from tamils. Ther are no more wills to give from Tamils any more. Unles you Sinhala Show your wills beyond doubt towards Tamils without expecting any will from Tamils , Then there might be a way can be found with the assurance of SELF DETERMINATION to fall back. will it be possible In a single Srinlanka ? The ball is in your court.

    Remember Banda Chelva -pact, Dudley-Chelva pact, Provincial council from JR, to Amir.Indian iniatives such as Thimpu talks.
    Tamils are A PEOPLE, with ancent history,language ,culture, right to their historical habitation ( land) NOT Just minority you can trample over by violence or betray by sweet words.

  244. #262. S Joseph

    Is this the way Tamils can do Democratic politics In Srilanka? The Srilankan way of politics you are advocating . Let us go our way we will leave you alone in peace. Once we are on our own we can form friendship in equal terms.

  245. 276. Glen.Eagle12 :
    Sadly and truly, as highlighted by you, many mistakes happened in the past, even till recently.
    What is not true is that the other party is solely responsible for all the mistakes.

  246. Glen Eage (#276) expresses well the shared views of most Lankan Tamils. Both Sinhala and Tamil Nations are now established separate entities – what is required is legal sanction. We can function within the same country or separately – a decision that is entirely to be made by the Sinhalese. And this can only happen until they discover a single voice to speak with across the caste, regional and other differences that plague them. The often below-surface religious inter-play is just as lethal as well the left-extreme politics believed by a whole set of ill-educated indisciplied youth wo lack the knowlede to distinguish between basic right and wrong..


  247. comment 278-beagle
    “Let us go our way we will leave you alone in peace. Once we are on our own we can form friendship in equal terms.”

    If you can’t live in Sri-Lanka as Sri-Lankans and you keep insisting on your mono-ethnic dream land…well then by all means…get on a boat and go….please leave us in peace…understand that there is no place for a “tamizh only” mono-ethnic dreamland anywhere in SL…..
    Row row your boast and go on your way….once you are on your own on Christmas Island you can form very close friendships with the Afghans….Christmas on Christmas Island with the Afghans…sound like fun.

  248. 283. citizensl

    it is a pity – this Srilankan “Citizens” is so arrogant. All the best for a “sinhales only rule” war land.

  249. Comment# 282,I thought you always considered yourseles as a separate entity even before the sacrifice of 80.000 Tamil lives.So what is the difference now?
    Unless you are thinking of the Eelam of International Tamils based mainly in the West.

    Tamils living in Srilanka now, are free to live as they wish without the fear of the LTTE. as a separate a entity or otherwise with equal rights with all the other entities.Surely less than fifteen percent of a population can not be a separate nation?

  250. Kalu Albert (#285) By your ramble you sound more like Kudu Albert. Man, Tamils were a separate nation before the Portugese came in here, did’nt you know that?
    And so the Sinhalese. Some form of Crash Course in Contempotary Politics will do your variety a world of good. The British came in and made the Tamils and the two Sinhala units all into one – and, suspecting the Sinhalese will get crazy ideas to unduly subordinate the Tamils later – introduced the safeguard of Clause 29C in the 1948 Constitution. The Sinhalese failed to build a single, united nation like what the Indians successfully did and then went on to live up to the fear of Ivor Jennings. That is when the Tamils started protesting. What have you been smoking, pal? But wait, there is still hope. Recognising two nations within one country is not separating into two countries. In Switzerland there are 4 – the Germans, the French, the Italians and the Romanash. They have not separated into 4 countries but have functioned as one enriching the “Unity in diversity” reality. Get it – so sleep well, Kalu/Kudu.


  251. I don’t like MR but I like SF. But I will not vote for SF but will vote for MR. Terrorism was defeated after 33 years. It is too risky to hand over the country to SF especially given that RW, Mangy, Chandrika. Mano G, Rauf Hakeem, Jayalath J, Ravi K, Luxman Kiriella et al are behind SF.

  252. Thank you very much for detailed analyses. But you have missed one fact that Indian foreign minister he him self denied keeping Indian troops in high alert by the request of GOSL.

    DBS, plese write a new article on current development …. specially after MR called for presidential election. JVP is having discussions with SF and UNP, Mangala, Rauf Hakeem and Mano Ganeshan is having discussions with SF separately.. And JVP has denied PM for Ranil in acting government under Sarath Fonseka’s presidency….

    Please write a new article on this current developments…..

    Indian troops were placed on alert pending Colombo situation. Shashi Tharoor is telling another story for obvious reasons.I posted a tweet on this earlier…………………..DBSJ

  253. Interesting comments from poster 286.I have heard that the last king was also a Tamil or a close relative of Tamils. I have also heard about King Elara.But we are living in the 21 Century.

    It is pleasing to note that common sense is starting to prevail even among the hard core LTTE lobby.Srilanka can accommodate many entities as long as each does not want to run a parallel dictatorship as the LTTE tried to do.

    Sinhalese are not racists unlike some whites in the West especially Canada and Europe,which I have experieced personally in public.Over thirty percent of the population of Colombo are Tamil people. Sinhalese don’t go around abusing or harrassing them.These people live quite comfortably as a separate entity.Temporay inconviniences forced upon the Tamil brothers abd sisters are slowly but surely are disappearing.

    If the country is peaceful,,prosperity will dawn.Eventhough it may take a long long time to reach the levels of Western countries .even a descent level of economic development will bring jobs to majority of the population.

    North and East ahve the potential for rapid development.Tourism alone can bring wealth to most of the people there. Even a half of the diaspora Tamil people which amounts to over half a Million visit North and the East every year ,imagine the potential for employment and income for the local businesses.In addition Seafood and Fish Farming will be another area that will bring prosperity to the Region.

    A prosperous North East will be the envy of the rest of the country. When people are well off they can reside where ever they want the same way, most Tamil people did ,before all this bullshit started.

    Traditional Homelands,Autonomous Regions and separate Nations are all feed stock for the cunning politicians and terrorists.and pet projects for the well off Diaspora Tamils. These do not have an aorta of relevance tor Mr and Mrs average Tami living in Srilanka,who are desperately trying to educate their children send to Uni and find them a descent job.

  254. Ref comments #286 what would you like to call it-The Nation of Tamil Eelaam? I haven’t noticed nations called Romanash or Swiss Italian in the United Nations.

    As far as I know Tamil was and still is s a national as well as an official language despite the drastic reduction in Tamil speaking people courtesy of VP and his overseas backers.

    If you are talking about Tamil people living side by side with all the other ethnics with equal rights I am all for it.I am sure this was the case thirty years ago.As I understand Tamil people in fact enjoyed better standards of living in comparison to the majority Sinhalese until the armed insurrection started.

    Intelligent people who genuinely care about the Tamil people living in Srilanka should engage in logical discussions instead of using imbecile comments.

  255. #291-Kalu Albert

    If you are talking about Tamil people living side by side with all the other ethnics with equal rights I am all for it.I am sure this was the case thirty years ago.

    What was it like 300 years ago eh? Or even closer when the British came.

  256. Kalu, people like you who are against devolution will split this country one day. It is not a question of will but when. What can stop it is only devolution. The question is how much devolution is needed to stop the country splitting like the former yugoslavia, not whether devolution should be given. Do you think armed struggle is the only way to get seperation. You are not able to see the big picture.

    I for one will be very sad if this small country splits up one day.

  257. comment 293

    Shankar devolution is not the ONLY way to stop the country splitting up……a full scale ethnic-integration of the North will stop it equally well (re-settle the 200,000 ethnically cleansed muslims and settle sinhalese to bring the tamizh only quota to 50% and problem solved).
    remember there’s more than one way to skin the cat (or the tiger)……

  258. #293-citizens

    Iam all for mixing up the communities. That is one of the roads to Rome. The other is devoluton. After that we can start building up Rome. After all Rome was not built in one day.

    The sinhalese ignore historical facts at their peril.For example we can go and take over Maldives now, and tell them they are guaranteed equal rights with Srilankans. I am sure they will be very happy because they are sinking.

    The western nations are aching to recognise a Tamil nation, just like East Timor, Macedonia,Bosnia,Kosovo Eritrea etc,etc. The only roadblock is a 800 pound gorilla called India.

    India can get disgusted with the stubborn Sinhalese and throw in the towel, caving under the pressure, especially if Trincomalee harbour is given exclusively for them on a 99 year renewable lease, or if the north and east is amalgamated with tamilnadu and become part of India, or it becomes the 26th state of India.

    Just because there were idiots like Prabaharan running the show for the last 30 years, the sinhalese should not assume that the next 30 years also there will be same quality Tamil leaders. Prabaharans removal was a blessing in disguise for the Tamils because his use by date was over when he killed Rajiv.

    Time is running out for the Sinhalese. While they are pondering whether or not to give devolution, things are happening outside the country, that is beyond their control. Nero is fiddling while Rome is burning.

  259. Comment # 292 Shanker,you needn’t worry mate.
    Croatia,Bosnia and otherBalkan States were forcibly annexed by the communists and later released with its disintegration.This is no comparison .Cyprus is the only example of dividing a country along ethnic lines and that was achieved by the direct intervention of the Turkish army.Now the Turkish Cypriots are begging to reunite.

    Same way SWRD liberated the Sinhalese from abject poverty and restored their due place in society, Rajapaksa has liberated their minds and restored their confidence of defending themselves against aggression.”Sinhalya Modaya Kaum Kanna Yodaya” apply no more.

    Srilanka has a good crop of war bred young Military Officers who will look after the security.Ranil and his mates are the weak link on the political front.If they get wiped out at the up coming elections,Srilanka will be in good stead for a long while.

  260. #296-Kalu Albert

    This is heading in the direction of Kosovo, not the Bosnia and Cyprus you mention. If there is no political solution western nations will recognise Eelam. India will reluctanly give its support or abstain. China, Russia and Iran will oppose it. Japan i don’t know with the new government.

    The first step towards seperation would have been born.

    Are yur army officers going to be there in another hundred years.

  261. This picture reveals the unease feelings that the General could have possibly been harbouring toward the president even split became known!

  262. Same way SWRD liberated the Sinhalese from abject poverty

    Kalu, I thought the Ceylonese are still in abject poverty though he changed them to Srilankans.

  263. #285 Illaya Seran

    Sri Lanka has always been a One Nation. Otherwise the British would have been the first people to partition it in 1948. Don’t fabricate the Histroy please. Read Prof Indrapala’s book in 1960 (he is a Tamil) – He said “until 16th Century the Ceylonese History is Sinhalese History. Tamils came after”

  264. #299 Nalin

    Nalin. I believe Professo Indrapala’s reserch was upto 1200, not the 16th century you mention. And also he does not say it is only sinhalese history, but a common ancestry. Because of the spread of bhudhism and the sinhalese language in some regions and not others the two people evolved. In fact he said that the tamils and sinhalses together were responsible for the great civilization of Anurathapura and Polonnaruwa under the great king Vijayabahu in the 11th and 12th centuries.

    After that things would have changed with the rise of the Chola empire.

    The trouble with Indrapala’s reseach is are you willing to debunk the Mahawamsa that seperates the two people. I don’t think so. No self respecting sinhalese will. Then you have to take off the lion symbol.

    Just like in any pudding you can’t take out the good parts and tell sombody else to eat the rest.

  265. #301 A.K.G

    You are a old soldier. Am I right?You believe that the sword is mightier than the pen.

    Can you tell me what is the difference between you and VP?

    Both of you believe in stifling other peoples views with death.

    Birds of a feather flock together , they say, even if they are sinhalese birds or tamil birds.

    Get rid of your VP club membership and become a true sinhalese bhuddhist.

    I still think of a elderly sinhalese couple, who were true bhuddhists. They would have attained Nirvana now.

    PS. I conquered the fear of MR.Death sometime ago. Spiritually it is like climbing Mt.Everest, but well worth it.

  266. # 300

    Shankar, Nalin here.

    I am an ahimsa person I convey my maithree to you unlike #301 who had cautioned you for distorting the Sri Lanka’s history. May the triple gem bless you.

  267. Dear Nalin

    Iam deeply touched by your blessing. Your life of ahimsa will reward you, if not in this birth, in the next.

    Comment #301 seems to have a grouse against devolution which i advocated in my comment #292, and not anything about srilanka’s history which i try to avoid as much as possible, unless necessary.

    I always believed that devolution is the antidote for the snakebite, but when trying to administer it, hardline sinhalese try to cut the hand off. This is very frustrating because before i die i want to see my country part of the developed world, but of course without the unhappiness that seems to tag onto material wealth.

    Happiness should be the yardstick, not wealth, but it is frustrating to see Srilanka continously poor.

    I don’t call myself a patriot. But unfortunately i love my country.

  268. Kalu Albert (#290) As to what name I’d like – Well! Ceylon would have been fine until some came along in 1972 and artbitrarily changed it to Sri Lanka, which many now consider unlucky. They now desperately wish to change. For me, I can live with the name Sri Lanka. But if you can persuade the extremist fringe/JVP-JHU why not get back to Ceylon – you will have many backers there. But remember in as much as the Sinhalese refer to themselves as those from Sinhaladvipa, in ancient times in the Southern Indian mass and elsewhere Tamils of the Island were called Eelath-Thamilar. The more assertive prejudiced Sinhala minds have once more mislead themselves in wrongly projecting it was VP who came and thrust the dreaded Eelam name. Problem is like the innocuous word “Federalism” earlier -and now “de-merger” – some in the Sinhala side unduly see the devil in both. The cure is to get rid of this in the Sinhala psyche and not demonise others for this mental aberration.

    Nalin Algama (#299) Prof. Indrapalan/Indrapala has so far has two racial transmogrifications. After his highly contested and porous 1960 theory, of late he has revised his historical perspective – if you care to check with academic sources. He now maintains Tamils were in the North-East long prior to the arrival of the Portugese. When you next visit the Polannuruwa/Anuradhapura area the ancient stone carvings in Tamil will make you think – unless pseudor-patriot Champika Ranawake and his hordes have already descecrated these priceless archeological treasures into sheer distortion. As you may know, Dr. Paul Peiris – long before the Sinhala-Tamil estrangement of the 1950s – is in record – preserved in the Archives of the Royal Society of Britain (Asian studies) – that a highly cultured agricultural civilization culture existed and left archeological traces of their domination and rule in the area over a thousand years before the Portugese set foot in the Island. This after he did careful research about the histrocity of the present Thiruketheeswaram Temple (Mannar) Let me add – like many peaceful Sinhalese and Tamils of today, I look forward to the future and see how both communities can live in peace and harmony as brothers in a future united country – constantly remembering what we did and what we can do to destroy our mutual interest as we did in the past 60+ years. That I think is a far noble and a far desirable goal in today’s world around us – seeped in strife and division that we see all over.


  269. Sarath Fonseka was the one who signed the order of withdrawal of Jaffna troops on those fateful days. If it happened then the Elam might have created at that time. Anuruddha went to Jaffna and cancelled the order .
    Ranil brought Sarath Fonseka out of Jaffna because he was against the peace accord. Then attacking Sarath Fonseka that he was trying to give Elam (during Jaffna crisis) is underneath human dignity.
    In many quarters, the military capabilities of Sarath Fonseka have been questioned. These questioning, for me, seem to be fair, at least for some extent.
    Sarath Fonseka ordered to shoot any solider retreated from the war front against the LTTE those Jaffna fateful days
    Is it a legitimate military practice all over the world shooting someone who retreats? Please enlighten me.
    Thiruvengadam Velupillai Prabakaran did this also. If this is legitimate then it is lawful ruthlessness. Sarath Fonseka was uncaring about his troops. This is another accusation against Sarath Fonseka. (Event though casualties were extremely low in Elam war 4. some are saying that it could have even less casualties if there were more caring attitude.)
    If shooting retreaters is a legitimate military practice then Sarath Fonseka had the right discipline and temperament. In any case, our Army has many possible commanders with equal (legitimate) ruthlessness and discipline. .

  270. Why Lasantha got killed, because he exposed Anoma Fonseka’s Car. The follwing article published by Lasantha caused someone to oder to kill Lasantha.

    While the frontline soldiers in the army are off “crusading to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the motherland” in the deadly battles of the Wanni, some lucky souls associated to the army have the privilege of cruising no crusading for them � in a brand spanking new Merdeces Benz W221 (2006) S350L.

    Any vehicle enthusiast will tell you that the “S-Class” series is Mercedes Benz S most vaunted line of super-luxury vehicles, just one notch down from their legendary ultra-luxury Maybach Benz series. The vehicle was purchased as a “staff car” by the army’s Ordinance Directorate on March 14 at a price of Rs. 44 million.

    What’s more, the “L”suffix after the S350 indicates one minute variation at a cost of Rs. 3 million. A sales manager at Dimo, Sri Lanka’s sole agent for Mercedes Benz, told The Sunday Leader that the difference between the L (meaning long wheelbase) and the standard version was that the long wheelbase version has an extra 15 cm of legroom in the back seat.

    For some of us shaken by the skyrocketing cost of living, if we required more legroom in the back seat we would politely ask the driver and front seat passenger to pull their seats forward by about 15 cm. Others with the privilege of spending public money to stretch their legs, it appears, can have the army shell out an extra 30 lakhs � the price of a couple of cars � for a long wheelbase Benz.

    After shelling out Rs. 200,000 per centimetre of extra legroom, we hope at the least that the vehicle�s intended occupant is comfortable. This begs the question of who the super-luxury vehicle is intended for. We called and asked Military Spokesman, Brigadier Udaya Nannayakara if he could confirm the purchase, to which he said he would check with the army and revert the next day.

    However when we called the next day to follow up the question with Brigadier Nanayakara he stonewalled. “I have no information. You will have to check with Dimo,” he said.

    When The Sunday Leader contacted army Major M.A.V. Gunarathna who signed the purchase order for the Rs. 44 million vehicle “for the Commander of the Army,” and asked him who the vehicle was for, he replied that it was for the use of senior army staff.

    We pressed the Major on the question of how a senior army officer could travel in a normal, unarmoured vehicle given the current security situation. He had no response. We finally asked him why the army spent Rs. 44 million on a luxury vehicle when it could not be used by the Army Commander or any senior officer at risk from the LTTE due to the fact that it was not armoured.

    “What is your problem (gattaluma) with the price of the vehicle?” he retorted. It is not us who have a problem, we thought to ourselves, but the starving masses. Sources have revealed to The Sunday Leader that the vehicle is intended not for Army Commander Sarath Fonseka, but allegedly for the use of his wife. The decision to go the extra Rs. 3 million and get a long wheelbase version means there will be no problem fitting all the groceries in the back seat. Major M.A.V. Gunarathna however vehemently denied the vehicle was for the army chief�s wife and said it was purchased for the use of senior army officers.

    Besides, thanks to Mercedes Airmatic DC adjustable suspension control, at the touch of a button the army officers or anyone else for that matter can ensure that their eggs do not crack on the way home from shopping by having the vehicle electronically compensate for �road and driving conditions,� � meaning potholes.

    It gets better. Whilst General Fonseka’s troops die on the battlefield to the screeching wails of their valiant comrades, some army officer or otherwise will be entertained on the road by a 14 speaker harman/kardon Logic-7 stereo speaker system with an in-dash CD changer, allowing them a choice of music as they cruise around.

    What would happen however if all this indulgence at the expense of an almost starving public were to cause the occupant’s conscience to kick in, and if he/she were to break a sweat out of guilt? Never fear, Mercedes Benz has that eventuality covered too. The 2006 W221 S350L that he/she travels in is fitted with active-ventilated seats equipped with small fans �to keep the seats cool and draw perspiration away from occupants.�

    In a worst case scenario, the occupant of this super luxury vehicle could always count on the variable colour fibre optic lighting system for the dashboard and foot-wells to provide some sense of soothing ambience. But it is not only the privileged occupant but also the driver who gets the pleasure of handling a 7-speed (or 7G-tronic as Mercedes puts it) automatic transmission system equipped with not one but two reverse speed settings.

    Whether customs duty was paid on the vehicle, we are unable to tell as Customs officials did not answer their phones despite repeated attempts. It is not usual for the military to pay customs duty on vehicles it imports for its use. Needless to say Major M.A.V. Gunarathna refused to answer any further questions about the vehicle purchase once it clicked to him that he was speaking to The Sunday Leader.

    However the price paid for the vehicle adds mystery to the issue. A Dimo sales manager told us that their retail price for an S350L is Rs. 53 million. The army paid Rs.44 million for their car including Rs.7.3 million in VAT. Dimo�s retail price without VAT is Rs. 45 million.

    Thus if the army paid duty on the vehicle, which would be irregular, it then received the super-luxury car at a Rs.9 million discount from Dimo on their retail price. However if duty has not been paid on the vehicle then its retail value landed in Sri Lanka would have been Rs. 36.7 million, around US$ 330,000.

    According to a knowledgeable Mercedes enthusiast, there is no configuration of the S350 available no matter what options are selected, that can exceed US$ 100,000 in value before Sri Lankan taxes. “That is unless they have platinum and diamond fittings throughout the inside,” he added sarcastically.

    Someone has to draw the line on the government’s triple speak about the war. On one hand our Consumer Affairs Minister, Bandula Gunawardena keeps spewing out gems on the rising cost of living and asks the public to brace for bread at Rs.200 a loaf. Exhibit B is Central Bank Governor, Ajith Nirvard Cabraal’s multitude of excuses for skyrocketing inflation, with insistences of course, that it has little to do with the pot loads of money he decided to print last year to pander to the Chinthana’s whims.

    Finally we have the military pitch. Army Commander Sarath Fonseka, is due to retire at the end of this year, and it appears his estimates on the number of Tigers remaining are best described by the current rate of inflation. Despite killing almost a thousand Tigers a month, the number of Tigers remaining seems to be inflating by 28%, just like the cost of living.

    General Fonseka while packing off soldiers to die for their country, has been given an unprecedentedly high defence budget this year with the backing of Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse,

  271. We cannot brush aside the dutugemunu story. he recruited some with questionable character to his band of 10 great warriors.

  272. With reference to comment 305.JHU was a direct result of the LTTE. JVP now is irrelevant as far as the political landscape is concerned.Joining hands with the sworn political enemy, is the proof of their desperation for survival.I am glad that the current trends in the political arena indicates that it won’t work..

    If the Tamil people in Srilanka aspire to live with the other communities as brothers and sisters JHU would not have any reasons to object.All these animosities and Sinhala patriotism were also the result of the LTTE .So it is wrong to say that Sinhalese harbored ill feeling and hatred towards Tamils for 60 years.

    When I saw the poster for the recently held referendum by the Canadian Tamils.I was flabbergasted.One third of the land mass and two thirds of the coast line is claimed as Tamil Eelam.These demands are the cause of antagonism and misunderstanding among Sinhalese towards the Tamil community.

    Tamils who have left Srilanka and obtained citizenship in other countries,( same applies to Sinhalese as well ) should not have any claims to current or future directions of Srlanka.The Tamil people with influence in Srilanka should tell these shit stirrers to butt out.

    Any solution to the grievances of the Tamil people should be worked out by themselves with the Srilankan government.The present President ,despite his uncompromising stand against the LTTE, still is the best option for the Tamil people if they wish to live as brothers and sisters in a unified peaceful and a prosperous country.

  273. DBSJ,

    I for one have been trying to help you financially by clicking furiously on those google ads. My problem is how many times can one look for an Asian wife, especially on a website which says Asian for Euro.

    Maybe that old head Shankar has some advice for us on this online dating predicament.

    Congratulations another superb piece of journalism. Everywhere we are n darkness with only your words to light the way. Best wishes for your health and happiness and another virtuoso year in 2010.

    Thank you Ravin and wish you all the very best for 2010…………..DBSJ

  274. We Sri Lankans succeeded in ending 30 years of brutal terrorists aggression in May this year due to the wholehearted contribution made by each and every patriotic citizen that enabled the armed forces to destroy the military wing of the terrorists at Nandikadal annihilating the LTTE military leadership and put an end to the life of its megalamaniac leader Prabhakaran. This splendid success could never have been achieved if not for the total commitment made by all those who contributed towards this goal, in the face of sturdy and unprecedented combined attempts made by the powerful western nations, Tamil Diaspora and proxies of LTTE, treacherous political desperados and political bandits, NGO vultures, and the South Indian political elements to force a halt to the offensive operations and rescue the terrorist leadership. In the whole history of Sri Lanka it never faced such threats and warnings from a multitude of fronts simoultaneously.

    The patriotic masses who yearned for a complete wipe out of the terrorists and terrorism were however apprehensive that once again the victory will be snatched away from them as it happened in 1987 with the mere drop of Parippu parcels and Indian pressure under which President Jayawardene shamelessly acquiesced and commanded Lt. General Denzil Kobbekaduwa to halt operations and withdraw the forces to their respective barracks.

    If not for this political intervention, and the shameless genuflecting to foreign pressure, Lt. General Kobbekaduwa and his troops would have wiped out the terrorists forever, as the LTTE at that time was in a nascent stage and had only a few thousand fighting cadres and had no Navy powerful than the combined navies of several Asian nations and had no Air Wing which even became a threat to India.

    After President Jayawardene Sri Lanka was ruled by several Presidents and Prime Ministers and all of them failed to put an end to the rapidly growing terrorist scourge since all of them lacked determination and the political will to annihilate the terrorists, succumbed to external pressure, became deceptive to LTTE’s cunning maneouvres, failed to provide adequate men and material to all forces including the police, had no faith in the capabilities of our security forces, and moreover were ineffective to muster the backing of all patriotic masses from all walks of life for the war effort.

    Annihilation of the LTTE’s military wing was possible because of a multitude of factors. The prime factor among them was the solid and staunch leadership given by the President who by making every effort to provide men and material for the forces unswervingly faced all pressures, criticisms and threats from the world’s most powerful nations and foiled all attempts made by treacherous political desperados and political bandits to topple the government with the objective of halting the operations against the terrorists. Nonetheless, we should not remain complacent of what was achieved but be very cautious of the dangers that may befall us from the combined cabal of disgruntled elements who were unsuccessful in saving the LTTE leadership.

    The mere annihilation of the LTTE military wing will not make Sri Lanka safe. The last minute sturdy attempts made by western nations including the joint visit made by Foreign Ministers of two powerful western nations (initial attempt was to make it a joint visit of three Ministers) point to the fact that how important LTTE was in their neocolonial geopolitical roadmap in the face of rising Asian giants China and India.

    Since Sri Lanka is situated in a strategically important location than the illegally acquired Dieggo Garcia the western nations, despite unavoidable proscription of LTTE, considered and valued the LTTE as a vibrant agent to destabilize the region, as they maintain Israel, Georgia and several other nations and terrorist organizations to destabilize regions and establish their economical and political hegemony over those regions.

    Having lost the mercenary force, the LTTE, which they were nurturing to destabilize China and India,and other nations in the Asian region, the western imperialists together with the international LTTE elements and unpatriotic political desperados and hooligans would certainly attempt now to install a puppet regime in Sri Lanka. Most Sri Lankans were unaware that on October 15th some treacherous elements under Uniform attempted to snatch away the people’s victory over the LTTE, and install such a puppet regime. Swift action taken by the President and India placing its security forces on alert foiled the intended coup attempt.

    If not for the swift action taken by the President, similar to what happened through an Army coup in Indonesia in 1966 overthrowing President Sukarno’s 32 year rule would have happened in Sri Lanka, and by now several thousand would have lost their lives in a blood bath worse than the Uva-Wellassa blood bath. In Indonesia, the western powers and the local treacherous political elements resentful of President Sukarno’s people friendly rule and his close relationship with China supported Suharto’s take over of power and following this take over military backed militia went on rampage and mercilessly murdered upto two million Sukarno’s party (PKI) members and Chinese nationals.

    Similarly in Chile, the Popular Unity Governemnt elected in 1970 of President Dr. Salvador Allende was toppled in 1973 with active support from American CIA and a military dictatorship headed by General Augusto Pinochet was installed. Following this coup over 3,200 people were killed, at least 80,000 were imprisoned, 30,000 subjected to gruesome torture, and another around 200,000 people fled the country seeking asylum in Argentina, Peru and several other Latin American countries. It was also reported that Dictator Pinochet’s military intelligence even killed some of these exiled people going into the countries they found asylum.Likewise in 1983 the American forces invaded the carribean island of Grenada and killed Prime Ministeer Maurice Bishop and a puppet Army General named Hudston Austin was installed as the Head of State. Nicaragua is another ountry where an Amercan puppet regime was installed by deposing Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista government.

    Our neighbours Bangladesh and Pakistan too were subjected to the jackboot conspiracies of the western imperialists. The father of Bangladesh Sheik Mujib ur Rehman, the elected popular Prime Minister of Bangladesh and his family members were brutally murdered by the Army on 15th August 1975 and General Zia ur Rehman was installed as President of Bangladesh.

    Elected popular Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was overthrown and imprisoned by an Army Coup led by General Zia ul Haq on 5th July 1977 and he ruled the country for 11 years under an iron fist until he was disposed by his own mentors the Americans in a meticulously arranged plane crash in 1988.

    All these incidents occurred when those countries were governed by persons who loved their country over and above their self and were committed and determined to develop their nations with populist agendas. Only in Malaysia they were unable to impose their hegemony since Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed clearly understood their maneouvres freed the country from all bondages with western nations and steered the country on a self-reliance agenda, and fortunately that country did not have a treacherous political force prostrating before western imperialists and exercising political banditry.

    There is every possibility that the western imperialists who are unable to squeeze us economically due to forthright assistance we receive from China, Iran, Libya, Russia (their sworn enemies) and from India and many Middle East countries, will make every attempt in collaboration with unpatriotic shady political crooks and immoral elements to install a puppet regime servile to them.
    When the matriarch of our nation the late Prime Minister Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike without bowing down to American threats nationalized the oil companies in 1961 attempts were made to imprison and murder her in a Coup led by C.C.Dissanayake, the grandfather of Ravi Karunanayake at midnight on 27 January 1962. Due to timely action taken by a patriot, S.P.Colombo Mr. Stanley Senanayake to inform her through his father in law Mr. P.de S. Kularatne saved the Prime Minister and the then Ministers of the Cabinet from the planned massacre. Incidentally the Octobdr 15th attempt to overthrow the government could indeed be another such effort that failed to materialize. The argument of dangers posed by the western imperialists to subjugate our nation is vividly confirmed by a bipartisan report on Sri Lanka that had been prepared by the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The New Yrok Times dated 6th December outlining details containing in the report says that the report emphasises Sri Lanka’s importance to protect U.S.geostrategic interests in the region. Saying Sri Lanka is too important a country to be isolated from the West, the report emphasises that “Sri Lanka is located at the nexus of crucial maritime trading routes in the Indian Ocean connecting Europe and the Middle East to China and the rest of Asia,” Coupled with terrorist sympathiser Robert Blakes uninvited unilateral visit to Sri Lanka we all Sri Lakans shoud be very cautious about the anemy agendas that threatens the future of our nation.
    Anyone who has an iota of patriotism cannot allow the hard earned victory to be snatched away by the external and internal vicious hostile unpatriotic forces. It is the bounden duty of all patriotic masses to join hands placing the country before and above all other petty and parochial interests and save the nation from attempts being made to achieve through the back door and clandestinely what was failed to achieve through terrorism, econmomical subjugation, and gunpoint-diplomacy and through deception and banditry.

    The forthcoming Presidential Election has offered us the best option to be visionary, to put a permanent end to underhand and despicable activities by enemies of the nation, thwart all threats to the country, and steer the nation on a development path and make it a worthwhile and peaceful country for our posterity. Let us seriously examine in the forthcoming installments of this article who is capable of steering our nation in the right path and attempts being made to hinder our march to progress and prosperity.

  275. It would be a brave man or an old one who has nothing else to do who would venture to read all of the comments to your excellent as always article.It seems to me that SL Gunasekera has most eloquently said what a great majority of decent and peace loving well wishers of Sri Lanka would have said.He has taken utmost caution not to take from SF the rightful credit he deserves in conducting only a part of the war in conjunction with all of the other commanders of various forces together with the rank and file of all forces.As he very rightly points out it was Mahinda Rajapakse who gave overall leadership to all of the forces ably supported by Gotabaya.if not for this men we would now be discussing the other siucide bomb that was detonated in the heart of Colombo or Anuradhapura over Christmas time.Some people forget good things too soon ;some do it for personal gain and some because their survival depends on it .Ranil Wicks, the JVP and the TNA belong to the last mentioned lot.Let not the people forget too soon that we are breathing easy this day not due to the machinations of the Ranil Wicks(Norway Backed) brigade or the the politically bankruptJVP on the verge of extinction or the TNA that openly backed terrorism in our country and will do it again at very next opportunity.

  276. In November 2005, at least a quarter of our Country and the bulk of our sea coast was under the control of the LTTE – nobody, not the President nor any service commander could step into an inch of that territory. The LTTE was murdering whom they wished, when they wished and where they wished.

    Tamil children were being kidnapped by the LTTE and money being extorted from Tamil civilians by the LTTE on a daily basis. Bombs were being exploded in buses, trains and crowded city centres. Our troops were being murdered willy nilly. The Northern and Eastern provinces were merged and the danger of our Country being bifurcated with the creation of a separate state of Tamil Eelam was ever increasing.

    Economically we were at rock bottom: development was only a distant
    dream [what development did we see even during the `phony peace’ of the Wickremesinghe Regime ???] and tourism all but dead. The Northern and Eastern Provinces had ceased to be productive units and a drain on the public purse.

    After 4 years of `Rajapakse Rule’, our Country has been re-unified; bombs have ceased to be exploded; de-mining is going on apace; anybody from the South can travel to the North and anyone from the North to the South;soldiers and civilians have ceased to be murdered and Tamil children have ceased to be kidnapped. The extortion of money from Tamil civilians is now history.

    The Northern and Eastern provinces are de-merged and the threat of the bifurcation of our Country or the creation of a separate State of Tamil Eelam no longer exists, unless of course, some opportunist betrays our Country to feed his ambitions.

    On the economic front, development is progressing in all parts of the
    Country on a scale hitherto unknown. Tourism is fast rebounding amidst genuine fears of a gross shortage of hotel rooms. The North and East are productive economic units once more and produce from there is now coming into the Southern market.

    Unquestionably we are far the better after 4 years of Rajapakse Rule

  277. The UNP-JVP-Mangala campaign ran on two major issues: 1.corruption and 2. change. The issue of a war hero too was there but Sarath Fonseka lost this issue with his accusing Maj-Gen. Shavendra Silva of carrying out orders of Defence not to take prisoners. Overnight Fonseka the hero turned into a traitor when his allegations backfired. He bungled the only card he could play effectively to the extent that even the only paper that came out to support him openly, The Sunday Leader, attacked him for backing down after shooting his loose mouth. Editor, Fredrica Jansz wrote: “The end result has been devastating for Sarath Fonseka who has come across not only as unpatriotic but also as vacillating and indecisive.

    “By backing down he proved himself to be incapable of tackling the Rajapaksas with the most powerful weapon at his disposal: the truth.” This is her way of calling Fonseka a liar. (January 4, 2010).

    On the issue of corruption too Fonseka has come out battered and bruised. Debunking the claims of the Common Candidate, Sarath Fonseka, as “Mr. Clean” in shining armour who can the slay the dragons of corruption, bad governance, et al has become easy after the revelations made by Capt. Upul Illangamage, who has been one of the closest family friends of Fonseka in Oklahoma. He told the media that it was he who set up everything initially in 2002 for the Fonseka’s to settle down in their new home in Oklahoma. Capt. Illangamage said that Fonseka was sure that he could not stay in Sri Lanka after he retired.

    In his press interview Capt. Illangamage attacked his character and his arms deals put through his son-in-law, Danun Tillekeratne. It is Fonseka’s character exposed by his friend that is most alarming and questions his capacity to be the head of the nation. He portrays Fonseka as a cruel and uncouth head of the family who would not hesitate to abuse his wife and children. Capt. Illangamage said that once an angry Fonseka force fed his house waiter with a roti simply because it was misshapen. True to his nature Fonseka’s reaction was to attack his former friend in abusive language in public.

    Capt. Illangamage also spent sometime at the press conference exposing the arms deals put through by Tillekeratne. It is more than a coincidence that the Army Commander’s son-in-law takes to the business of arms dealing shortly after the father-in-law becomes a key figure in deciding arms procurement. Besides, after Danun Tillekeratne becomes an arms dealer he goes on lavish buying sprees including the purchase of a handbag for his wife at a cost of $4500.

    As a close family friend only he would know that Danun Tillkeratne, “with no fixed job”, as he said, had bought a BMW first, followed by a Hummer next, and followed by a Range Rover after he began to sell arms to the Sri Lankan forces. As they say, the servings of gravy depend on who is having the ladle in the hand. So an arms dealer having an Army Commander as his father-in-law is as good as having a father-in-law serving in a soup kitchen with the ladle in his hand, eh?

    Second, Fonseka has been throwing promises irresponsibly and carelessly to all and sundry. Promises fall out of his mouth like polluting gas emitted from a dilapidated, rattling vehicle on the way to Nandikadal. He is playing for short term gain like the way Ranil Wickremesinghe appointed committees to appease everyone without solving the problems. In the end neither he nor his factotum Bradman Weerakoon, who headed most of the committees, knew how many committees were appointed nor the outcome of the committees. Fonseka too has begun the same tactic by promising to appoint a committee to look into the problems of the students. Big deal!

    Fonseka has underestimated the intelligence of the voters. He thinks that he can diddle the voters with his false promises which he can’t keep.

    Third, this election is based on the voters’ list of provincial councils. Those statistics are the only available guidelines to assess any electoral trend. The trend in these polls was very clear: the voters went all the way with President Rajapakse. In the presidential election too, as in the provincial council polls, Rajapakse camp is fighting the Wickremesinghe-Hakeem-Mangala-Somawansa combination – the main voting bloc of the opposition. In addition, two new factors have entered the electoral equation: (1) Sarath Fonseka and (2) the TNA fragment of the divided Tamil votes of the North and East. Can these two factors plus the Wickremesinghe-Hakeem-Mangala-Somawansa combination make a difference on January 26?

    By and large it is safe to assume that the voting blocs of the two main contenders remain the same as during the provincial council elections with marginal variations due to cross-overs. In the provincial council elections the national average polled by Rajapakse is a decimal point over 62%. If a change is to occur the opposition will have to bring down the 62% of Rajapakse to at least 49%. Leaving aside the hype of the opposition, the task is not only to drag the 1.9 million voters that voted for Rajapakse in the PC polls into Fonseka’s camp but also add the extra point to cross the line to victory. In other words, the opposition has to gain a swing of nearly 13%, or a two million plus, to be on the safe side.

    This is a big ask. The opposition is crowing stridently about the cross-overs as if the cross-overs at the top are an indication of mass migration of voters at the bottom. Take the cases of M. S. Sellasamy of the CWC and the Mayoress of Batticoloa, Mrs. Sivageetha Prabhakaran, both of whom crossed over to Fonseka. In the central hills the bulk of the Indian Tamil votes are with Thondaman – the man who can deliver votes in bulk. And he is with Mahinda Rajapakse while in the East votes are mainly with Karuna and Pillaiyan. The headlines of individual cross-overs may be long but the votes they bring are very short – not the thousands required to swing the election results.

    The most significant cross-over to Fonseka’s camp comes from the TNA – a somersault that indicates more the divisions within the former monolithic party operating under the jackboot of Prabhakaran. Besides, it is laughable that Sampanthan and his TNA partners who went round the world complaining about Sarath Fonseka and his military tactics are now pledging their support to him. Perhaps, this may be a Freudian craving for the kicks of Sarath Fonseka’s jackboot as a substitute for the missing jackboot of Prabhakaran after Nandikadal.

    But the underlying fact is that TNA cannot deliver the Tamil votes needed for Fonseka to win. M. K. Sivajilingam, who took an independent stand, breaking away from the TNA, is expected to collect a sizeable vote of the north. His being a relative of Prabhakaran too is likely to help him in his independent stand which is more close to that of Prabhakaran. Besides, he could claim that his principles have not changed simply because Prabhakaran is not there to kick them into line which may appeal to the disillusioned Tamils after Nandikadal. That apart, in the post-Prabhakaran phase the northern Tamil vote is like an amoeba: divided into separate entities which have sprouted with new lives of their own. Wickremesinghe missed his chance when the votes could have been delivered en bloc to him when Prabhakaran was living. He was a loser when Prabhakaran was alive. Now he seems to be the biggest loser of Prabhakaran’s death. He has lost again because, without Prabhakaran, the lion share of the Tamil votes is distributed among Douglas Devananda, Sivajilingam, Vikrama Vickramabahu etc.

    With the divided Tamil votes, new psephological statistics dominate the northern electorates. The Tamil left parties together with DouglasDevananda who are backing Mahinda Rajapakse command a substantial proportion (45% +plus, according to Tamil expatriates lobbying in Jaffna) of the northern Tamil votes. So if the votes of Sivajilingam and Vickramabahu, who are expected to garner a fair percentage, are taken away from Fonseka what is left for him to cross the line to victory?

    These factors are bound to wipe the smile off the face of Fonseka and Wickremesinghe. Once again Wickremesinghe is faced with defeat. Fonseka, of course, can go back to Oklahoma where his son-in-law will come in his Range Rover to take him home. It will be cold when he gets to Oklahoma. But it will be colder in Sri Lanka on January 26 when the election results are announced.

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  279. Dear DBSJ,

    Thank you for exposing the true colour of SF. Rajapakse & co are exposing themselves.

    When I was in my teens in newspapers I have read that a lot of attrocities were committed on Tamils especially in Colombo and Kandy. By that time Jeyawardane was the president. I thought Jeyawardane is a racist. But some of my elders told me that if at all there is a Sinhalese who has some soft corner for Tamils then it is Jeyawardane. Then I was able to imagine how other sinhalese leaders will be.

    Mr.Jeyaraj, I request you to answer the following question.

    Is it possible to get equal status and rights on par with sinhalese within an unified Sri Lanka?

    Please answer the question without any reservations.



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