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From “Dravida Naadu” Separatism to “Tamil Naadu” Secessionism

By D.B.S.Jeyaraj

After the tryst with destiny on August 15th 1947 Independent India embarked on it’s historic journey. In what was then the Southern state of Madras the “double-barreled” Dravidian movement comprising the Dravida Kazhagham (DK) and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham (DMK) commenced it’s own march towards the goal of Dravida Naadu.

All smiles: Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister, K. Kamaraj, Congress leader, and C.N. Annadurai, Chief Minister, at Madras Harbour prior to the Prime Minister’s departure for the Andamans on February 3, 1968-pic: The Hindu

Initially both the DK and DMK focused more on social reform rather than political emancipation from New Delhi. Both remained steadfastly opposed to Hindi imposition, North Indian domination and Brahmin supremacy.

As time progressed it became apparent that an unplanned division of labour was emerging. The DK spurned participatory democracy and relied more and more on extra-Parliamentary agitational politics. The DK priority was the re-structuring of society through socio-cultural reform.

The DMK also espoused these goals but the emphasis was more on reform through political means. The DMK leader CN Annadurai known popularly as “Anna” (elder brother) was veering around to the view that the DMK policies could be implemented from the inside by capturing state power rather than “agit-prop” from outside.

Though the DK and DMK were of the view that a Dravidian state was most desirable there were practical difficulties. Chief among them was the fact that the majority of Tamils in the state were not enamoured of secession. Another problem of equal dimension was the total apathy and even antipathy of the other non-Tamil Dravidian ethnicities towards the Dravida Naadu ideal.


While the DK and DMK strove together to keep the flames of Dravida Naadu flickering new developments in “Free India” began changing the political landscape.

Tamils were the single largest ethnic group in the Madras state of that time. But the Telugu speaking people were a close second. They were not very happy to play second fiddle to Tamils within Madras state. The cry for a separate Telugu state being carved out of Madras state was raised.

There were also Telugu speaking people in the princely state of Hyderabad ruled by the Nizam. Hyderabad Nizam had resisted being absorbed into the Indian union and “Iron man” Sardar Vallabhai Patel had to send in the armed forces to annex it.

With this annexation the numerical strength of Telugu people in the Indian union increased. Telugu people in the Telengana regions of the erstwhile Hydrebad princely state along with those in the northern Telugu districts of Madras state made up a population slightly larger than the Tamils themselves.

So Telugu nationalism grew. The demand was for a greater Telugu state comprising both segments. The new state within the Indian union was to be called Andhra Pradesh. Telugu nationalists began agitating for Andhra Pradesh and also wanted the Madras city to be the new capital. “Madras manadhe” (madras is ours) was the Telugu cry.

The demand for Madras by Telugu nationalists was resented by Tamils of Madras state. The “commonality” of Dravidian affinity was shattered by the Telugu-Tamil rivalry. The Telugu demand for Andhra Pradesh increased momentum when a Telugu political leader Potti Sree Ramulu went on a fast unto death and died after 66 days.


The Indian government of Jawarhalal Nehru gave in to the demand and created the new state of Andhra Pradesh in 1953. It consisted of 16 Telugu-majority districts in the north of Madras state. Telengana regions of Hyderabad were not included. Madras city too remained within the old Madras state.

Nehru being an enlightened leader saw that linguistic nationalism within Indian borders could tear the fabric apart unless it was contained through appropriate adjustments. He decided to re-structure Indian states on a linguistic basis.

Nehru appointed the States Reorganization Commission in December 1953 under Justice Fazal Ali to recommend how states should be formed on linguistic lines. The Home minister Govind Ballabh Pant oversaw the commission’s functions. The Fazal Ali commission submitted a report in 1955 with recommendations. On the basis of that report, Nehru got the States Reorganization Act of 1956 passed. It came into effect from Nov 1st 1956.

Madras state out of which the new Andhra Pradesh had been carved out suffered further truncation as a result of state re-organization. The Malayalam speaking Malabar districts were absorbed into the new Kerala state. The Tulu speaking regions were incorporated with the new Mysore state (now Karnataka). The residual Madras state was now preponderantly Tamil.

In a single, decisive move the territorial basis for a Dravida Naadu had been undermined. With the Telugu, Malayalee and Kannada including Tulu ethnicities having states of their own the demand for the erstwhile Madras state becoming an independent Dravida Naadu had lost its validity and power.

Furthermore cracks and fissures within the Dravidian communities were clearly visible. There was much conflict among the states-in-formation over the borders. Each demanded greater real estate. This bickering further exposed the Dravidian myth.


This inter-state strife caused much unease among the ruling Congress as well as the Dravidian parties. The Congress stood for an all-embracing Pan-Indian identity and this fighting for territory on the basis of linguistic states was frowned upon. The Dravidian movements espousing a greater Dravidian homeland was embarrassed by this intra-Dravidian competition.

[Ma. Po. Si]

It was left to a veteran Congress stalwart and freedom fighter MP Sivagnanam to take up the cause of Tamils. “Ma. Po. Si” as Sivagnanam was known started a movement to protect the territory of Madras state. He was expelled from the Congress for his “parochial” politics. Sivagnanam formed the “Thamizharasu Kazhagham” (Tamil state Association).

Malayalam speakers wanted the Kanniyakumari district bordering the “new” Kerala; Telugu speakers wanted Madras city and the Thiruthani area. Kannada speakers wanted Hosur in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. Sivagnanam spearheaded political resistance to these moves.

At the same time he led the agitation for some other border areas to be merged with Madras state. The Tiruppathy area in Andhra Pradesh, The Kolar area of Karnataka and Devikulam-Peermedhu areas of Kerala were all claimed by Sivagnanam as being integral to the “Tamil” state of Madras.

“Maposi” did not succeed in getting the territory he asked for but the movement claimed success in protecting the Kanniyakumari district, Madras city, Thiruthani and Hosur. Sivagnanam upstaged the Congress and Dravidian parties in preserving the territory of the Tamils in Madras state. He was dubbed “Ellaik Kaavalar” (guardian of the borders).

The Dravida Naadu for Dravidians demand suffered a massive setback due to state re-organization. No longer was it possible to demand a Dravidian state for all the Dravidian linguistic nationalities. On the other hand the Madras state was now predominantly Tamil and therefore more susceptible to Tamil or ultra-Tamil nationalism.


The plain speaking Periyaar was the first to acknowledge the changed situation. When asked “What constitutes Dravida Naadu now?” by the press, Periyaar replied bluntly “Whatever that remains of the old Madras state is the new Dravida Naadu now.”


Perceiving the rise of Tamil as opposed to Dravidian nationalism in Madras state the Dravida patriarch now began talking of a separate Tamil Nadu state. The DK changed its stance gradually to “Thamizh Naadu Thamizharukke” (Tamil Nadu for Tamils) from the earlier Dravida Naadu for Dravidar. The shift was illustrated vividly when the party newspaper “Viduthalai” (liberation) altered its masthead to Tamil Naadu from Dravida Naadu.

Annadurai however was not so willing to jettison the Dravida Naadu demand. He too realized that the DMK had no choice other than to do politics among the Tamils of Madras state. But he still paid lip service to Dravida Naadu. Annadurai argued that the four South Indian states should secede from India and then merge together as a Dravida Confederation.

If the state re-organization undermined the basis of Dravidian politics another event brought about significant de-valuation of other linguistic and caste based grievances. This was the elevation of a common Tamil man Kumaraswamy Kamaraj known as Kamarajar as chief minister of Madras state.


Kamarajar belonged to the socially backward , commercially influential Nadar caste. He had not studied beyond the 6th standard and lacked proficiency in English. He came from a poor family background and was not elitist like his predecessors.


Kamarajar had spent nine years in British jails during the freedom struggle. He was a disciple of Satyamurthy with whom Rajagopalachari alias Rajaji clashed frequently in Madras state congress matters. Kamarajar was a smart organizer and had a grip of the Congress party machinery in his capacity as state party Secretary.


After serving as Governor-General, Home minister and minister without portfolio in the Nehru cabinet, Rajaji had parachuted into Madras state in 1952 by becoming the Congress chief minister. Rajaji did not contest elections but was appointed to the upper house of the state as a legislative councilor.


It was Rajaji as chief minister of Madras Presidency who had introduced Hindi in schools as a compulsory subject in 1938 thereby triggering off massive protests. In 1953 he introduced a controversial scheme that had the bulk of Tamils protesting vehemently.

Rajaji intended to make children learn a vocational skill in order to be easily employable. Theoretically the concept was good but practically it was a disaster due to the nomenclature and envisaged implementation. Moreover it was pushed through by Rajaji without the approval of the party or legislators.

Rajaji called the scheme “Kulathozhil Kalvith thittam” (hereditary education scheme). It was to be implemented in rural areas first. According to this children would not study in the afternoon. Instead they would apprentice with their parents and learn the traditional occupation skills. School teachers would monitor their progress. Rajaji also announced that 6000 rural schools would be closed down.

The excreta struck the oscillator. All hell broke loose. A Brahmin chief minister had introduced an educational scheme that aimed at perpetuating caste distinctions on a permanent basis. If children were to follow their parents then the caste structure based on traditional occupation would continue with the Brahmins remaining at the Apex.

Rajaji’s short-sighted move was like Manna from heaven to the Dravidian parties. The DK organized state wide protests and began breaking idols of Lord Ganesh. The DMK commenced a “Mummunaip Porattam” (Tri-pronged campaign)with three demands. A repeal of the caste-based educational scheme, An apology from the prime minister for insulting Dravidian leaders and a change of name from Dalmiapuram to Kallakkudi.


But there was trouble within Congress rank and file. Kamaraj always a man of the masses called the scheme “paithiyakkaara thittam” (insane plan). But Rajaji was adamant and refused to give up. Kamaraj got Congress MLA’s to pass a resolution condemning the scheme while expressing confidence in Rajaji.

[C. Subramaniam]

But Rajaji refused to budge. The Congress tradition those days was for the chief minister to be elected as chief of party legislators each year. With party elections coming up in early 1954 Rajaji resigned the chief minister post and put up C. Subramaniam (CS)as candidate for party legislature head. CS, a Rajaji loyalist was the minister in charge of education and had introduced the hereditary education scheme at the behest of his chief.

What Rajaji described as a latter-day “Chanakya” was trying to do was to make his loyalist CS as party leader first and chief minister next. Kamaraj was forced to throw his hat in the ring to counter Rajaji. State Congress legislators met on March 31st 1954 to elect the new leader. Nehru’s daughter Indira Gandhi was present as observer. Kamaraj with 93 votes defeated Subramaniam who had 41 votes. On April 13th Kamraraj became Congress chief minister.

The Congress image of upper caste, elitist leaders was transformed overnight. The Dravidian movement was deprived of its favourite bogey . There was no way that Kamaraj could be attacked on caste or caste grounds. Upon becoming chief minister Kamaraj withdrew the obnoxious hereditary education scheme.

He also contested the by-election in Kudiaatham. In an interesting U-turn the Dravidian patriarch supported the leader of the Congress. Periyaar called Kamaraj “Pachchaith Thamizhan” or raw Tamil. The DMK also supported Kamaraj.


Kamaraj known for his administrative efficiency enacted several measures at a rapid pace to uplift the Madras state and emancipate the down-trodden masses. His tenure from 1954-1963 is hailed as the “Potkaalam” or golden era of the state. By empowering the poorer sections of society and promoting the use of Tamil, Kamaraj began the process of redressing grievances exploited by the Dravidian movement to make a case for secessionism.

Education-wise Kamarajar opened up nearly 14,000 new primary schools. Every village with a radius of one mile or more than 350 people had a school. The number of high shools was increased from 650 to 2200. The high school student number went up from 386,000 to 1.3 million.

In order to encourage student attendance Kamaraj introduced a free non-day meals scheme through which 1.6 million students benefited. Free school uniforms were provided. Children from poor families receiving an annual income below 1500 rupees per annum were given free education. School teachers were given pensions and provident fund benefits. During Kamaraj’s rule the percentage of school going children increased from 44 % to 76%.

Medical, Engineering, Agricultutal and Technical institutions of higher learning proliferated. A rural electrification scheme was implemented successfully. Land reform was brought in with a ceiling of 30 hectares . Irrigation schemes increased the area of cultivable lands. High yielding crops were encouraged. Industrial sector made vast strides.

Unlike the DMK which thunders frequently about its commitment and devotion to the Tamil language, Kamaraj seldom talks emotionally of Tamil. In any event he was a man of few words. But in his own, quiet way Kamaraj enacted many measures to empower Tamil.

The Congress under Kamaraj in 1956 made Tamil the official or administrative language of the state. It was the Kamaraj-led Congress that submitted a budget in the Tamil language for the first time. Tamil as a medium of instruction was expanded to university level. Glossaries in Tamil for all subjects were compiled. An encyclopedia in Tamil was published the first of its kind in India.


Kamaraj also introduced the reservation scheme in higher education and government employment. This ensured greater opportunities for the caste groups described as non-forward, backward and scheduled. The forward caste domination in educational and employment spheres was reduced.

The reservation scheme was hailed by Periyaar as he saw that Brahmin ascendancy would be gradually curtailed and the so-called lower castes would gain more benefits. T he Madras state was making significant strides and the poorer sections of society were getting empowered slowly. The Tamil language was also receiving its due place in the state.

Thanks to Kamaraj it appeared that caste domination could be removed within the Indian union. Socially oppressed caste groups could be emancipated within the Indian union. Poorer sections of society could be uplifted economically within the Indian union. Inequalities could decrease and equality of opportunity increase within the Indian union. Tamil language could be restored to its rightful position within the Indian union.

All this meant that the grievances of the people exploited by the Dravidian movement were becoming less intense. Ideas can only be defeated by superior ideas. The secessionist idea of Dravida Naadu/Tamil Nadu was being overcome by the idea of emancipation and equality within an undivided India. The underlying grievances highlighted by the secessionists were being done away with. Nevertheless they did not vanish overnight.

With Kamaraj implementing many projects close to Periyaar’s heart the DK began reducing its opposition to Congress rule. Gradually Periyaar moved closer and closer to the Congress. The DK began losing its position within the Dravidian school of thought. While Periyarr did not deviate from his policies in theory the DK in practice moved away from hard, confrontational politics.

The DK concentrated on countering what it termed as cultural hegemony of the Aryan north. To counter the north Indian festival “Ram Leela” where Lord Rama an “Aryan” was extolled Periyaar started the “Ravana Leela” where the “Dravidian” king of Lanka was eulogized. Periyaar was now turning into a “nuisance” from a vibrant political force.


But the pragmatic Annadurai had other ideas. Notwithstanding the Kamaraj effect the DMK leader felt that it was time for the DMK to enter electoral politics. While Periyaar expressed disdain for elections and kept the DK out of such contests , Annadurai began leading his party into the electoral arena.

In 1952 the DMK had not contested elections but extended support to parties supporting the Dravida Naadu cause. The Vanniyar community was represented then by the Commonweal party led by Manickavelar and the Toilers party of SS Ramasamy. The former had clout in North Arcot and the latter in South Arcot districts. Both signed a pledge before polls to get DMK support but shifted stance later and joined the Congress.

Annadurai set the stage carefully for the DMK’s entry into electoral politics. The DMK’s 2nd state convention was held in May 1956. The issue of contesting the 1957 elections was raised. An internal opinion poll was taken to decide the issue. Those who supported contesting had to put their votes in a red box. Those opposing in a black box. (DMK party colours were red and black).

More than 60,000 DMK members voted. Those who supported contesting elections numbered 56,942.Those opposing umbered 4203. With such a sweeping result the DMK contested the elections to both the Madras legislative assembly and Lok Sabha central parliament. The DMK got fifteen seats in the legislative assembly and two seats in Parliament.

In what was clearly a policy contradiction , Periyaar and the DK campaigned for Kamaraj and the Congress in the polls. So great was Periyaar’s distaste for his ex-disciple that Periyaar personally focused on Kanchipuram where Annadurai contested. Despite Periyaar’s active support for Congress candidate Dr. Sreenivasan, Annadurai triumphed. Both the DK and DMK flung mud at each other in their respective election meetings.

The DMK also contested Madras city municipal elections in 1959 and formed the administration. In 1962 the DMK contested again and got fifty seats in the Assembly and eight seats in Lok Sabha. Except for Karunanidhi all the sitting MLA’s including Annadurai lost but the DMK leader was made Rajya Sabha (Upper house) member.


During this period the DMK kept up its drive for a separate Dravida Naadu. As stated earlier the DMK wanted the four south Indian states to reak away from India and then merge together as a Dravida Naadu confederation. There was no support at all for this proposal in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Mysore (Karnataka) states. But there was support in Tamil Nadu chiefly because of attractive DMK propaganda.

The DMK leaders addressed meetings in flowery, alliterative language with musical tones. Their writing too was fiery and emotional. A host of Tamil newspapers like “Kanchi”, “Nam Naadu”, “Thiraavidam” “Thendral”, “Mandram” etc were published apart from the flagship “Murasoli”. A number of books and booklets were also released.

A constant feature of these political meetings was the rousing speech on the theme “En Vendum Inba Thiraavidam?” (Why do we need this sweet Dravidian land?)Different leaders spoke at different meetings on this topic. Pamphlets and booklets with the same heading were also issued. Another familiar emotional proclamation at meetings was “Adainthaal Thani Naadu. Illaiyel Sudukaadu” ( Achieve either a separate state or the cemetery)

Much propaganda mileage was derived through the stage and screen. DMK policies were referred to directly and indirectly in the dialogue. Songs would refer to these in poetic fashion. The Dravida Naadu concept was also publicized very much in film and stage.

One such illustration is the song written by Kannadasan for his own production “Maalaiyitta Mangai” in 1957. The song has martial melody composed by the duo Viswanathan-Ramamurthy. It is sung effectively on a very high note by TR Mahalingam. The chorus is “Engal Thiraavidap Pon Naadu. Kalai Vaazhum Thennaadu” (our golden Dravidian country. The southern land where arts flourish)

click play: “Engal Thiraavidap Pon Naadu. Kalai Vaazhum Thennaadu”


An amusing example of how film dialogue was utilized to promote Dravida Naadu is from the film “Puthiya Paathai” starring Gemini Ganesh in 1960.( different to the one directed and acted in by Parthiban in 1989)

[‘Murasoli” Maaran]

The dialogue was written by “Murasoli” Maaran the nephew of DMK chief minister Muttuvel Karunanidhi. Maaran’ s son Dayanidhi is a cabinet minister in Manmohan Singh’s government. The elder son Kalanidhi owns the “Sun group” media conglomerate.

In this film the hero Gemini and his friend played by Balaji are discussing the kind of wife they would like to have. One tells the other “her complexion must be fair like that of a woman from Kerala; her figure must be perfect like that of women from Andhra; her voice should be sweetly melodious as that of Karanataka; her face must be have beautiful features like that of Tamil women”.

The friend then responds “Surunga sonnaal oru Thiraavida Naadu vendum engiraai” (in short you are asking for a Dravida state) Since the four South Indian states were to comprise the envisaged Dravida Naadu this crude yet direct piece of contrived dialogue summed up the secessionist cause for film fans.

In today’s enlightened age this description of the ideal desirable woman would receive scornful laughter. But nearly fifty years ago it was well received by the target audience.

It was mainly through propaganda stratagems and cinematic devices like these that the DMK espoused the secessionist cause. There were two schools of thought within the DMK who were getting disillusioned with the Dravida Naadu demand.

One group wanted the party to discard Dravida Naadu and focus on a separate Tamil Nadu demand alone. The other felt secession was unattainable and therefore should be dropped in favour of a demand for greater autonomy for the state within India.


But Annadurai was reluctant to alter course. One of Annadurai’s strong deputies was EVK Sampath the son of Periyaar’s brother Krishnaswamy. Sampath had fallen out with his paternal uncle and rossed over with Annadurai in 1949.

[EVK Sampath-pic: www.iniyan.in]

Initially Sampath urged Annadurai to drop the Dravida Naadu demand and take up the Tamil Naadu secessionist demand. But Anna disagreed and persuaded Sampath to stick with the Dravida Naadu demand where the DMK wanted all four South Indian states to secede and then confederate. One reason Annadurai adduced was that the sharing of river waters would be a big problem for Tamil Naadu if the South Indian states did not belong to a practical political arrangement.

Annadurai felt that the DMK should stick to it’s policy until the party increased political representation significantly. Rightly or wrogly Annadurai felt then that political mobilization was easier along Dravidian secessionism than Tamil Nadu secessionism.

While his fiery deputies thundered about Dravida Naadu and Tamil Naadu the articulate Annadurai avoided both references to a great extent and instead used the term “Thani Naadu” (separate state) more in his Tamil political discourse.

[P. Nedumaran and poet Kannadasan-pic: Kannadasan pathippagam]

In 1961 Sampath, Kannadasan, MP Subramaniam, P. Nedumaran and some others broke away from the DMK and formed the Tamil Thesiyak Katchi or Tamil Nationalist party. The TTK initially demanded a separate Tamil Naadu and bitterly criticized the Dravida Naadu demand as unrealistic and unachievable.


When Annadurai was questioned on this he retorted in style. Referring to the Ramayana, Annadurai said “would we accept it if those who went in search of Sita returned with another woman and said we did not get Sita so we brought this Chinthamani ( She is a woman after whom a Tamil epic is named). Likewise our quest is Dravida Naadu or Sita not Tamil Naadu or Chinthamani”.

Yet within a few years Annadurai was to change track completely and abandon not only Dravida Naadu goal but also Tamil secessionist politics entirely. In a pragmatic move that saved the DMK as a viable political party , Annadurai gave up Tamil secessionism. Consequently he led the DMK to power in 1967.

(The first part of this article was posted on this Blog under the heading “Roots of Tamil Nadu secessionism in India“. The second part of this article was posted on this blog under the heading “Indian Independence and the Periyaar-Anna break-up“. This is the third part of the article. The fourth and final part of this article will be published next week)

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at dbsjeyaraj2005@yahoo.com


  1. Thanks for writing about Kamarajar and the golden age he ushered in for Tamils. He uplifted Tamils far more than the DMK and ADMK.
    I am proud to be from Virudhunagar

  2. My father was a Sampath loyalist. He crossed over with him from DK to DMK and DMK to TTK and from TTK to Congress. I was named after “sollin selvar” Sampath

  3. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj

    Thank you for this vivid piece of history

    Many thanks also for writing about Ma.Po. Sivagnana Kiramaniyar and the valiant efforts of his Thamizharasu kazhagham in safeguarding Tamil Nadu borders. As you very correctly observed the Congress and Dravida parties let the Thamizians down on this matter

    As a student then I too was involved with “Maposi” s campaign.
    My kinsman KM Sheriff the poet was closely associated with Kiramaniyar. I wonder whether you’ve heard of him Mr.Jeyaraj?


    Thank you for comment.

    Yes I have heard of the great poet Sheriff. In fact he was known as “Kavi. Ka. Mu. Sheriff in Tamil. He was quite close to Maposi but parted ways along with Sinna. Annamalai in the mid – sixties when Maposi aligned with DMK

    He used to compose songs for people like TR Sundaram, AK Velan, MA Venu and AP Nagarajan,Thevar etc

    There was a controversy once about Kannadasan copying Sheriff’s song “irukkum Idathai vittu”. But apparently Sheriff and Kannadasan had been inspired by a Sithar paadal. Sheriff wote for “Panam Panthiyile” in 1962. Kanadasan wrote for “Thiruvarutselvar” in 1967

    Sheriff co – wrote “Vaarai Nee Vaarai” with Maruthagasi for “Manthri kumara”. Some other songs of his I recall were “Naan Petra Selvam, nalamaana selvam” – “Vaalnthaalum Esum , Thalnthalum pesum”- “En Sirithai Ennaip Parthu?”Senkani vaai thiranthu”etc

    I think he also edited a paper called “Saattai”

    I am happy to hear you are his relative Mr.Haniffa

  4. Glad to see you back again Mr.Jeyaraj. I was waiting for you to continue with the article. Sorry to hear next week will be final part

  5. As you said ” Initially both the DK and DMK focused more on social reform rather than political emancipation from New Delhi. Both remained steadfastly opposed to Hindi imposition, North Indian domination and Brahmin supremacy” Now days we could clearly see they have
    won in their goal.

    Do you think same as in Srilanka ‘Tamileela Munnetra Kazhagham’ (TMK) is possible to be an authority?


    We need a “sinthanaippuratchi” or revolution in thought before that. Unless Tamils “unlearn” somethings and adopt a pragmatic attitude I see little light at the end of the tunnel

  6. DBS,

    Congratulations for yet another fine article, particularly the part about Kamaraj and his “quiet” approach to uplifting the Tamils. I think Sri Lankans, both Sinhalese and Tamils need this sort of “quiet” approach and not loud, confrontational politics which have been the hallmark for over the last 60 years.

    1) As a Sinhalese I am again very curious as to the Sri Lankan Tamil reaction to DMK rhetoric and flowery “adukku thamil.” Did SL Tamils respect this rhetoric or dismiss it as fluff (esp given that SL dialect is different from Indian)?

    Also what did most SL Tamils think of Kamaraj- did they see him as an effective leader or were they turned off by his lack of education? OR were most SL Tamils unaware of TN politics (as I suspect)?

    2) I think you erred in your first paragraph under the title “Andhra Pradesh”- Telengana in NW was incorporated into the state after the Nizam was ousted.

    From your first article, I would disagree that the Justice Party was dominated by Tamils and alienated non-Tamils. Of the 6 Justice Party Chief Ministers of Madras Presidency before independence, 5 were Telugu-speaking (PT Rajan was the only Tamil).

    “The excreta hit the oscillator” LOL


    Thank You Wijayapala

    DMK style of oratory and writing did impact on Sri Lankan Tamils. Though frontline Tamil politicos did not emulate them a lot of second level people did so. Also during schooldays many did so. I too used to do that as student and get pulled up by a few Masters

    Kamarajar was not much appreciated by Lankan Tamils. But many Indian Tamils respected him. Those days his picture will hang in barber saloons. The Nadar business community in Colombo also was proud of Kamaraj

    I haven’t said Telengana was included in Andhra Pradesh in 1953. It was attached only after states reorganization in 1956

  7. Just nitpicking DBSJ. In 1938, the then head of govt of the Madras presidency was called Prime Minister not Chief Minister. That is in 1938, Rajaji wass the PM of Madras state. That was the official title then.


    I have heard this but most of the stuff I’ve read says Chief Minister. A few say premier. This is in English

    In Tamil most references are MUthalaichar or Muthalvar. Some say Pirathamar or Pirathama Manthiri

  8. Precise and readable.Academia and Journalese both blended beautifully.You are a very gifted writer Mr. Jeyaraj.

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  10. what is the Dravidian myth?


    In this instance it means that the notion of a united Dravda Naadu got shattered when the four South Indian states were declared separate and fought each other over borders

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  14. Thanks DBSJ. You brought my memories back. I was a student of Kantha Murugesan during those days when Dravida Nadu was the demand for Tamils in India and the split of Anna and E.VE.RA. He was a strong supporter of E.VE.RA and later with Anna. Many Indian politicians from Tamil Nadu Like Illanchelian visited him .He followed the whole political process. He wrote many articles in the Tamil magazine Thiravidanadu. Later he became a Marxist because he felt we have to work for all oppressed communities. He wrote the book Nallai Navalan Kovai which he did not publish because he changed his political thinking as he mentioned in the preface. It was published after his death even though he completed in 1.1.1930.
    This article you have written shall be preserved somewhere to help the younger generation to do further research about ethinicity at a different time.
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    Thank you for the thoughts & idea. Haven’t really thought seriously about these so far. Will do so very soon…………DBSJ

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  18. Great.
    We need Journalists like this. Not Journalist who write what they know or what they think or for whom they follow.

    Lets know the facts first.

    Thanks DBS.

  19. Re # 3 and DBSJ’s reply, i believe Paatum naanae bhaavamum naanae was another song wrote by KM Sheriff.What wonderful memories you are bringing back DBSJ.Thanks again for the article.

  20. I just listened to TR Mahalingam singing Thiraavidapponnaadu” on your website. What a tune, what a voice, what words. Oh My dear Dravidian golden land! Thank you for link DBS

  21. We did know that Tamil separatism in Sri Lanka was an illegal import from South India. Thank you for making it all too clear.

    I have NOT stated that at all in this article. I am sorry to see that you are drawing wrong conclusions. What a pity!………….DBSJ

  22. Mr DBSJ

    An excellent encapsulation of a vast subject,Brief(read as brevity) and concise and worthy of prescription for schools history syllabus in the as is nondetailed form.Please may I add to the two very important aspects you touched upon -Kamaraj’s education policies and lastly Annadurai’s volte face on Dravida Naadu and Tamil secessionist politics ?

    The icing of the cake as regards Kamaraj’s education policy was the introduction of free education in all Govt aided institutions upto high school level in 1961 and as a student of the Madras Christian College High School .the premier institution those days from 1961 to 1966 I was one the millions who benefited from Mr Nadar’s enlightened education policy.It may have been a political exigency but unwittingly turned out to be an enlightened policy.

    Annadurai was rudely shocked and jolted by the Chinese aggression in 1961.The massive public support in the length and breadth of the country the Indian Govt and the Army received convinced Annadurai of the futility of the call for Tamil secession.

    Abandoning it as though it was untouchable, Annadurai thundered in the Parliament that his party was hence forth jettisoning its aim of secession.None less than the giant Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru stood up to applaud Annadurai’s statementship.

    Narayanswamy Sankaran

  23. You mention in the article about “Potkaalam” in Tamil Nadu during Kamaraj era. When did Tamil Nadu entered “bad Kaalam” or current period? Is it under Annadurai or when MK and gang took over. The past few DMK administrations and the ADMK administration has used the Tamil Nadu treasury as their personal bank account and ruined state. The main objective of these parties is to amass wealth as much as possible during their administrations. They have little concern for the suffering or the grivences of the tamil speaking public, but they would not resist to use the same to gain political score against each other. A good example would be how both these parties(DMK, ADMK) handled the Sri Lankan issue. When they are in power they would go along with central government position, but when they are in opposition they will act as the savior of the SL tamil people. It is pathetic and a curse on Tamil Nadu that the people of tamil nadu have to choose the same set of actors on each elections.

    Some of the Tamil Nadu politics are well captured in movies like “Iruver” by Mani Ratnam and “Mudalvan” by Shanker.

  24. Dear DBSJ,

    I can’t appreciate your article enough. Only a gifted person can write this column. May the Supreme shower His blessings on you.

    I have heard about the Kulakkalvi Thittam of Rajaji. His intention of giving vocational training could be right, but the method he chose to adopt was wrong.

    I thank that it failed. if it had succeeded then it would have condemned people from the marginalized castes/groups forever.

    i also felt sad that he wanted to close down 6000 schools functioning in the rural India.

    Thank God, that Kamaraj an unlettered man came to the defense of the Goddess Saraswathi and did her yeoman service.

    This Dravida Naadu, Thani Tamil Naadu concept all had a natural death. Because there was no real cause for them to the best of my knowledge.

    India had obtained her freedom only then after so much of sacrifice.

    There is also a cultural identity of India. That cultural identity is silent but it is a very powerful identity.

    Because of this the Dravida naadu, Thani Tamil naadu etc all came flat.

    Because of this cultural identity our country has come out of many a problems successfully.

  25. Trivial matter but curious to know…

    Why did the original party DK choose D for “Thiraavidam” instead of T? Generally its prononced as “Thiraavidam ” in Tamil than “Dravidam”.


    I suppose they followed the western way of spelling………..DBSJ

  26. One thing which always intrigued me was the lack of public outrage at DK’s idol breaking iconoclasm. If anybody tried breaking idols there would be resentment among all sections of the people from within and outside tamil nadu. Did DK’s “paguttrarivu” hold such a sway over people then?

    Also Why was northern part of Sri Lanka never claimed as part of dravida nadu or tamil nadu. Did the DK secessionist think they were culturally different from tamils in India or was it because the tamil political class in sri Lanka at that time was comparitively elitist ?

  27. As someone mentioned earlier, woud you give people advice on improving their writing skills. Also given that this is your blog why do you restrict your writings only to the Sri Lankan tamil issue(atleast most of the times)

  28. Annadurai thundered in the Parliament that his party was hence forth jettisoning its aim of secession.

    The wily and cunning Anna abandoned the seccessionist movement once India passed the law that parties professing seccessionism should no longer contest in elections. This is the only thing that made Anna to abandon it. All other reasons are just pretext.

    I dont think that was the only reason though it was the main one. But let me come to it next week…………..DBSJ

  29. Really good series on Dravidian political history. Are you a Thamizhian from Tamil Nadu Mr.Jeyaraj?

    I am a Thamizhan but not from Tamil Nadu…………DBSJ

  30. I was sent this link by a friend in Chennai. I am in Bangalore.Read all three articles in this illuminating series on Dravida secessionist movement.

    I am amazed that a Sri Lankan Tamil journalist in Canada has written such a detailed paper

    Awaiting your next piece

  31. DBSJ

    from this article i get the impression that the tamilnadu leaders lacked public relations skills. they just did not seem to get there relationship right with the leaders of the other south indian states. though you have not mentioned it in so many words, the hidden meaning i get is, they seemed to be a dominating type, who felt they can go it alone without anybodys help. what is the use of running behind jinnah, they should have been running behind the telugu leaders.

    the LTTE also came a cropper due to poor public relations skills. why don’t we take some crappy subject out of the tamil curriculam and insert public relations.

  32. This is an informative article on a subject that interests me a great deal. I find your style of writing detached and non -partisan.Much appreciated

  33. DBS Anna

    Thank you for this super article on Tamil history. It makes me sad. Our Thamizhargal missed golden opportunity to have our own country then.Our Eezham Thamizhar missed their chance of own country now. When will we get our own land and sweet country

    Ungal Thamby


  34. Tragic history of Tamil Nadu politics well expressed in detail.

    We lost Lemuria. We lost Kumarikkanndam. We lost Chera, Chola,Pandya, Pallava kingdoms. That was past

    In our time we lost Dravida Nadu, we lost Thanithamil Nadu, we lost Thanithamil Eelam

    Our history is loss

  35. Vanakkam DBS saar
    When I read some of your other articles and some points in this article and your replies to some comments I get the feeling that you are very much interested in Tamil cinema and have lots of knowledge

    Why don’t you please write more and more about Tamil cinema saarr? I am sure you will write with depth and fresh insight

    My humble request is that you should write very often on cinema

    I am sure many readers will agree with me and request you to do cinema writing

  36. I endorse Radhakrishnan’s suggestion whole-heartedly.

    Mr. Jeyaraj, you must definitely write more on Cinema – Tamil, Hindi & English

  37. Dear DBS

    I & my significant other are fans of your writing. We think it’s a great idea for you to write on movies and movie related topics

  38. suds wrote
    One thing which always intrigued me was the lack of public outrage at DK’s idol breaking iconoclasm. If anybody tried breaking idols there would be resentment among all sections of the people from within and outside tamil nadu. Did DK’s “paguttrarivu” hold such a sway over people then?

    The tamil public, then and now were always devout hindus in personal life
    Karunanidhis wife Dayalu, regularly paid for archanas in the Gopalapuram temple for decades
    The DMK privately then, publicly now,
    visits astrologers and godmen

    However, their desire for anti-brahmin quotas
    by supporting DK-DMK
    overwhelmed their private hindu religion
    Interestingly 3 out the 4 Indian science Nobels were won by Tamil Brahmins living outside Tamil Nadu
    The DMK also changed Hindu Temple Norms by removing Sanskrit Mantras with tamil hymns,
    Selling off hindu temple lands to non-hindus
    Even butcher shops have been opened in temple agraharams just to spite the brahmins

    Breaking idols was aimed at humiliating brahmins
    In 1970, Periyar took out a procession in Salem where hindu idols were slippered and the tamil public did not care

    Earlier circa 1935, when Annadurai went to Madurai,
    he made speeches abusing Madurai Meenakshi and the local Thevars ( a martial caste ) tried to beat him up
    Annadurai also abused Kamban the author of Kambaramayanam by calling his work as Kambarasam

  39. All three articles by you on this topic are really superb Jeyaraj. We want more like these in future on Indian Tamil politics

  40. I enjoyed your articles on Sivaji, Gemini,Leela, Nambiar,Nagesh etc Mr.Jeyaraj

    Please do write more on Tamil cinema

  41. I am a reader from Vizhuppuram,Tamil Nadu.

    I am also requesting you to write more on Tamil Nadu politics and Tamil cinema

    Hope Mr. DBS will oblige

  42. # 53

    I am far behind . I have read Nambiar and Nagesh. Can you give me the website for Sivaji,Gemini and Leela please


  43. Captivating article. Thanks DBSJ.

    Majority of the Tamils response to the separatism idea was at best lukewarm, as you rightly pointed out..

  44. Kamaraj also introduced the reservation scheme in higher education and government employment

    Reservations for government employment were introduced in TN in 1921. 44% were reserved to non-brahmin caste ,16% to brahmins, 16 percent for Muslims, 16 percent for Anglo-Indians and Christians and eight percent for the Scheduled Castes.

    Even before that in 1854, the british passed a reservation law in TN asking the collectors to give jobs along principal caste lines but it was not implemented fully.

  45. DBSJ

    Few points

    1. You say “Rajaji called the scheme “Kulathozhil Kalvith thittam” (hereditary education scheme”

    This is not he name given by him or his administration, but by his political enemies i.e. EVR, Annadurai and their ilk. Their propoganda has been so successful that even an astute man like you think it is his name for the scheme.

    2. “Rajaji also announced that 6000 rural schools would be closed down.”

    Can you give me TamilNadu (then Madras) Government orders ordering such a thing? or can you give The Hindu or other Madras newspapers giving a contemporary account of the putative announcement of Rajaji? Till mid 1990 i.e. 40 years after the alleged ‘policy’ nobody talked of it, but due to DK propoganda it seems to have a life of it’s own. Or perhaps, you do have some first hand ifo like the Governmnet Orders for the closure of 6000 schools. an you share you info?

    3. When Rajaji was the Chief Minsiter, he did a very astute thing for Tamilians for which he got no recognition. During the formation of Andhra Pradesh, there was a clamour from Telugus that Madras should be part of the new AP state. Rajaji quitely overruled it using his authority and kept in the Tamilnadu state. Tamils don’t appreciate important things done discreetly with no fuss, publicity or agitations.

    3. Just an ironic footnote:
    #36. Why did the original party DK choose D for “Thiraavidam” instead of T? Generally its prononced as “Thiraavidam ” in Tamil than “Dravidam”.

    I suppose they followed the western way of spelling………..DBSJ

    Does it not encapsulate the whole intellectual origin of the Dravidian movement – it lies in the western indological (mis)understandings of sanskrit works. Nothing directly from the prodigious Tamil literature of 2000 years since no Tamil literature talks of ‘Thiraavidaa’ or Dravida.



  46. Thanks for a sweeping coverage of the history of our nearest neighbour. You must be having a hectic life to gather so much material, and I can understand the minor errors that may creep in.

    May I please know a little more about the language rights of Telengu speakers in Tamil Nadu and Tamil speakers in Andra Pradesh and also in the India state. In the 60s Tamil graduates faced a difficult situation with regard to jobs, govt employment as science teachers was not available as medium of instruction became Sinhala. Was it possible for Sri Lankans at the time to find employment in Tamil Nadu.

    Perhaps DBSJ or the educated readership can inform whether employment possible today in Tamil Nadu and Andra pradesh in the govt sector for say Doctors, Engineers, Teachers and other professionals. I heard of few IT professionals working in Bangalore, but not not of other sectors.

    It was the belief among the leftists in the 40s that the IndependentIndia would grow so fast that immigration tide would soon turn in the other direction.

  47. Mr. DBSJ

    Your articles are great and highly impressive. Your analysis of Dravida Nadu myth attaining the Sudu gadu was excellent. I’m eagerly awaiting the next article.

  48. Tissa Wije (# 60 )

    The passage of time, historical developments are two of the many factors that result in emigration. Portugal and Spain were leading powers in Europe over 500 years ago and as their power declined – and the economic and employment opportunities of their own people declined-they were forced to emigrate to Brazil, Argentine and other parts of South America notably in the last century.

    Under the British, India could not feed itself and so it was common to see Indians emigrating to Britain, Malaysia, Ceylon, Africa, W. Indies. Burma (which was in a way part of British India) at the turn of the 20th century. Today, India is economically growing and, thanks to our political leaders across the political divide since the 1970s, in particular, we are in decline.

    A country and an education system that produced doctors, engineers, teachers and other respected professionals for the UK, USA, Canada, Australia are now condemned to send our young mothers and men as “slaves” to medieval societies. I have written earlier it will not be long if the trend is reversed and Lankans go to India seeking employment. This is already happening in a small way.

    Our developed textile export industry produces personnel in high demand in India. Some of our IT personnel too. India is short of Doctors in the rural areas and perhaps other professionals too.

    It is a country and culture more akin to ours than those in the West or Australasia. I know the Indian Govt is interested in looking at this favourably if the Lankan side works out an acceptable document. Many SLanks of Indian origin have gone back due to the security problem here.

    Many Sinhala parents of young Doctors and other professionals have asked of marriage proposals for their girls in India. There is nothing to feel bad about this anyway. It is a continuous phenomena globally in addition to the poor performance of our politikkas.

    In many ways it can be a further instrument through good relationship between the two countries can be built.


  49. to comment 46-elangovan

    i dont agree with you. we were an adventurous type like the anglosaxons, and we gained srilanka. singapore, malaysia, south africa, west indies.

    recently we have spread to canada, australia, newzealand, US, switzerland, norway, germany, france, UK,middle east.

    everywhere, except in one country, our honesty and hardwork was appreciated.

    we have an insatiable appetite to improve ourselves and learn from others, without saying “nothing like tamilnadu. best place on earth” and stay put in tamilnadu.

    even this year a US tamil won the nobel prize in one of the sciences. he said nobel prize is okay, but the reason he became a scientist was because he was curious.

    that is what we are. a curious race of people, always wondering what is over the horizon.

    so don’t call us losers mate, just because of kumarikandam, tamilnadu and eelam.

    i remind you of DBSJ’s quote which i like very much, “humans belong to the land, not vise versa”.

    the whole world is there before you. it is entirely upto you to sit put like a frog in the well, or to boldly go out and enhance your horizons and knowledge.

    i know that some cynics might say we have gone out because we had problems back home , or we got hammered by some goons, but if you look at the anglosaxons who went and developed the US, canada, australia and NZ they were not the privileged ones back home in england.

  50. Hi DBS


    I can see it was a good decision by some Tamil Nadu leaders to drop the ‘separate’ entity for them; However, would you enlighten whether it (the decision to drop separate country) was due to their foresight or because there were no third country providing arms and training?

    Also, what did our (early days = post British days) leaders miss in Sri Lanka; Is it lack of foresight or Are/Were the issues in Sri Lanka different?

  51. Your writing and topics show you are a highly learned individual,very intelligent and analytical kind of person… ….BUT?

  52. Your writing disturbs me only more DBS. It is implicit from your writings that the Sri Lankan Tamil brethren of these unsavoury communal opportunists in India were casting their own political agenda/social grievances (what was more real?) for post-colonial Sri Lanka in the mould of the Tamil Naadu communalism, who it seems were taking their cue from the creation of Pakistan under Jinnah.

    It seems one can trace most of the worlds past and present problems today can be traced back to the giant South Asian mess called Pakistan. Just as Jinnah’s successful communal agitation gave inspiration to a counterpart in the south, it inspired communal consciousness to Tamil separatism in Sri Lanka. Similarly the successful anti-democracy of the Ayub dictatorship inspired coup d’etat in Sri Lanka.

    Today the high veldt for nightmare for everything from nuclear proliferation to the growth of Al Qadea to religious fanaticism to tribal ethnic communalism to state sponsored terrorism to corrupt autocracy is found here. Underlying this has been the Malthusian realities of poverty,overpopulation and restlessness of young men. It is here that the center has never held and the worst have always been full of terrible intensity.

    I wonder if we should all be watching Pakistan with a shudder of fear, as the culmination of trends there have proven a forerunner to trends all over the subcontinent.

    If the global food security situation deteriorates, and population pressures increase through energy price rices, environmental degradation, global warming , failed monsoons, drought, water scarcity how much more false communal consciousness can emerge?

  53. Sir,
    I follow your article and you explain the events in a easily understandable manner.I am from chennai but my native is thiruttani. It is nice to see Maa po si is being mentioned. In a world of hatred,racism, casteism, we really miss leaders like kamaraj. “Thamizh Thamizh” endru udattalavil mattum sollatha or UNNADA THAMIZAN.He only had the charisma to bring all sections of people together.Other leaders just call themselves as “We Thamizh”.Long live kamaraj and I hope u to write more about this great person.

  54. #63, Nostradamus

    I would take that wiki source with a bag of salt. It doesn’t give any original proof either. Moreover, I would urge everyone to not attribute too much importance to *any* wiki info (that doesn’t give any real proof) simply for the reason that wiki info can be modified by all and sundry. Authentic info with verifiable cross references and original citations is a must in historical constructs. This is not a scientific theorem where interpretations can vary and corollaries exist.
    As for Vijayaraghavan’s info on retaining of Madras with TN state during reorganization, I too have heard that Rajaji used his clout and influence with the Central govt to keep it with TN but again this has no proof either. Apparently, it is the counter action spearheaded by MaPoSi (Tirupati for TN to counter Madras for Andhra) that made these claims to fizzle out.

  55. Annadurai was a pragmatic leader. After ge gave up Tamil secessionism, he famously said in one meeting
    ““ To make the Dravidian state a separate state was our ideal. A situation has arisen where we can neither talk nor write about this ideal. Of course we can destroy the party by undertaking to violate the prohibition. But once the party itself is destroyed there will not be any scope for the ideal to exist or spread. That is why we had to give up the ideal.”

    Srilankan Tamils can learn lesson here. If Probaharan had realised this before, bloodbath would have been avoided.

  56. comment 46-Elangovan
    “Tragic history of Tamil Nadu politics well expressed in detail.
    We lost Lemuria. We lost Kumarikkanndam. We lost Chera, Chola,Pandya, Pallava kingdoms. That was past
    In our time we lost Dravida Nadu, we lost Thanithamil Nadu, we lost Thanithamil Eelam
    Our history is loss”

    Don’t be like that Elangovan, don’t pine for things that never were, things that never will be and things that will never come to pass……
    Chill out Elangovan…..have a Big Mac why don’t you…would you like some fries with that?

  57. #63. Nostradamus | October 11th, 2009 at 8:24 pm
    # 59 Vijayaraghavan

    The link below has info. about the closure of nearly 6000 schools by Rajaji which were later revived by Kamaraj.



    Wiki articles sometimes are written by people with an axe to grind. The article you have given is a typical Dravidar Kazhagam propaganda piece. There is not ONE original source i.e. Government Orders of the day, speeches in the Parliament if any by Rajaji, there is not ONE article from The Hindu or Tamil newpapers of the day which details or mentions the alleged policy of Rajai. If you see External Links or References, they have nothing to do with an analysis of the actions of the Madras Government of Rajaji’s days. It is a typical shoddy propoganda piece by the devotess of E.V.Ramaswamy Naicker for whom the opposition to the alleged Kula Kalvi Thittam of Rajaji is a high watermark in EVR’s life. To maintain the myth they have to keep repeating it ad nauseuam in as many media as possible including Wiki. There is NOT ONE first hand source in that article. This proves my earlier contention.


  58. To Comment#59&#73

    You are vilifying the DK & DMK as doing propaganda.Are you saying Wikipedia is manipulated by these people?

    If so why dont you provide correct data to wikipedia & rectify the issue instead of conducting anti-propaganda here?

    Why dont you provide the so – called ORIGINAL sources on this matter here instead of simply disputinng

  59. #70 Kumar & #73 Vijayaraghavan

    Here is another link that says Rajaji nicknamed The Mango of Salem closed 6000 schools. Perunthalaivar Kamaraj opened these schools.


  60. #76. Nostradamus

    Nostro, I am disappointed at your pathetic attempt to plug in more and more propaganda. Instead of giving original source which was demanded as proof, you give somebody’s personal blog about Kamaraj as ‘proof’ about Rajaji. Anyone can write anything in their personal blog and that is what they are meant for. Is that the end of your propaganda?


  61. #77 Vijayaraghavan

    Raghava, you seem to possess divine knowledge which ordinary mortals like me are not endowed with.

    Could you please reveal why Rajaji resigned as Chief Minister of Madras State in 1954. Bad health !!!!

  62. #76,Nostradamus,

    I am asking for a concrete verifiable source not personal blogs. Look, closing down 6000 schools is not a joke. It could not have been done without a government order. If that’s the case it should have appeared in newspapers of the day. And all govt of Tamilnadu orders begin with GO/MS No.xxxx dated xxxx indicating govt order of Madras state . Even today, many years after the state has been officially renamed as TamilNadu, still the govt orders start with GO/MS No.xxxx.

  63. Shankar (#64) and Citizens (#72) That’s the right spirit. Some that globally form the ancient Tamil race today may occasionally fall – but to rise to greater heights – again. We fluctuate but never fail. Like those ancient Jews, the Anglo-Saxons, Arabs, Persians, Chinese, Turks, the Iberians and many other, the Tamil race and its antique language and culture will survive.

    Vaalga Thamilmoli! Vaalga Ulagath Thamil Ottrumai!


  64. #79. Kumar | October 13th, 2009 at 3:40 am
    And all govt of Tamilnadu orders begin with GO/MS No.xxxx dated xxxx indicating govt order of Madras state . Even today, many years after the state has been officially renamed as TamilNadu, still the govt orders start with GO/MS No.xxxx.

    It is very strangeand ironic that Tamilnadu ruling politicos who spare no efforts in showing off “Thamiz Patru” with flowery and sentimental language, stick to the nomenclature of colonial days.


  65. Great research and good Tamil history lesson for all us.

    I would like to write something about what’s happenning
    right this very minute.

    A boat carrying 256 Tamil Sri Lankans was heading
    to Australia. At the request of Australian Prime Minister
    Mr. Kevin Rudd, Indunisian President Mr. Ban Bang
    Uriyano has ordered their coast guard to intercept this
    boat and was brought back to Indunesia. Now the
    alleged refugees refuse to get off the boat and
    threatening to hurt themselves.

    A spokesperson for the refugees by the name
    Alex gave an interview in very fluent English
    and with a non Tamil accent. He stated that there is
    genocide in SL and he was in a camp for one month.
    A nine year old girl by the name Brenda supposed to be his daughter
    spoke also in very fluent English and pleaded
    with Australian children requesting them to
    take them as asylum seekers. She too mentioned
    that they were in a Sri Lankan jungle camp.

    These two people didn’t sound like Tamils at all.
    There may be genuine refugees in that boat, but
    it looks like some other people or bogus refugees
    are trying to use this opportunity as a back door
    entry to Australia. These people do not care what
    they tell the media as long as their purpose is
    served. May be some genuine Tamil refugees will
    miss out because of these opportunists.

    Any one who wish to listen to this interview and make up your own mind please listen to Radio Australia
    on line.

  66. Mr Jeyraj should write about the history of Tamils in Srilanka starting from the first arrivals and right through to the 2009,This will educate a lot of Srilankans and generate interesting and constructive debate with some pointers to the future direction of a multi ethnic Srilanka.

    There are different groups of Tamils in Srilanka. For example Batti Tamils,Jaffna Tamils, Colombo Tamils and Estate Tamils.A lot of Srilankans are not familiar with these divisions, their socio economic backgrounds,and their influence or affect on the political process since indipendence.

    Covering all these areas will provide material for a series of really interesting articles.

    Srilanka is now at the cross roads in a sense.The citizens of Srilanka can either pull themselves together and move forward to a peaceful and prosperous nation or they can pull themselves apart and end up in a bigger hole than the previous one.In these circumstances,having some knowledge about history and politics will help people think more rationally..

  67. thank you Mr. Jeyaraj. ur article is great. iam the grand daughter of MA.PO. SIVAGNANAM. the article described his work in the formation of tamilnadu elaborately. very nice. and sir, I want to know more abt this topic and his link with eelam and agitation he made to save the borders of tamilnadu. Iam very eager to see ur articles related to this topics.

  68. I know a close relative of ‘Murasoli” Maaran, currently living in Madras(Chennai). He told me that before ‘Murasoli” Maaran” died he had stated that a Tamil State will never be creataed , not in India, or in any other country where Tamil people live. .

  69. #84, parameshwari,

    One of Ma.Po.Si’s grandsons by the name Kumar (MPS’ daughter’s son) was my classmate in third standard in Vellore at the Ramakrishna mutt school. Since I moved out of Vellore after that year I have no idea of his whereabouts now. We classmates would call him ‘chakkarai pEran’ . I would be glad to know his current status.

  70. wish all the dbs blog followers a happy deepavalli though i know that it cant be a happy one with so much of sufferrings tamils in srilanka are undergoing still keeping up with the tradition i need to wish

    THank you for the thought & greetings. Wish you & all other readers a happy Deepaavali Theebha Varisai Thirunaal Vaalthukkal.

    I’ve already posted Deepavali greetings as a tweet. Its on twitter

  71. 83. Melbournian. With great respect, I like to say, to find whether the Tamils or Sinhalese came first to SL will not settle current issues but inflame passions. In Australia the aboriginal people’s existence 50,000yrs back have been proved beyond doubt but they cannot rule the country or get their country back. Original settlers of America, the Indians are today confined to a few settlements.
    However if DBS writes about the back grounds and thinking of Tamils of various back grounds as described by you, it will be great because I have been fortunate to have being with all these people and their aspirations are quite different.
    Finally, I agree SL is at cross roads. As a Sinhalese who is very proud to have many Tamil friends, I have reasons to believe that future peace will depend on how SL Tamils play their cards.

  72. Dear DBSJ
    Indian States reorganized in the linguistic line in 1956. At the time parts of Kanniyakumri district left with new Kerala. People of that area had been tried to live with Malayalam speakers untill 1969. They realized the difficulties and agitated for their reunion with Tamilnadu and succeeded.
    Eelam Tamils also having the same problem but not yet suitably presented.
    DBSJ your articles might create more awareness towards our true interests, make positive change in our thoughts and might enable us to present our problem appropriately.
    Thank you


  73. to comment 88-don

    cannot understand your last statement which goes thus” I have reasons to believe that future peace will depend on how SL Tamils play their cards”.

    can you elaborate.

    i thought future peace is in the hands of mahinda. SL tamils are powerless, as you can see from the internment camps. from what i can see the sinhalese people are also powerless with the climate of intimidation in the country.

    there will be lasting peace if there is a political solution. i thought that was entirely in the hands of mahinda, not the SL tamils.

  74. to comment89-ganesh

    i thought the tamilnadu tamils are living in peace and prosperity in india without having their own country. why try to disrupt that and drag them into our problems in srilanka, or are you a guy who thinks the more the merrier.

  75. DBSJ

    in your photograph i can see periyar examining a piece of paper with a magnifying glass. using my sherlock holmes methods i believe it can be one of the following in order of importance.

    1. the dravidanadu constitution.

    2. his birth certificate.

    3. list of items to give children at christmas when he plays santa claus.

  76. 91. shankar I shall try to be brief. Tamils have lost a 30 year war and results are devastating for them. If they stop warring and stirring the pot, they may have peace. If diaspora go on in a war of attrition, MR would squeeze the Tamils in SL with an unending conflict. If I were the Tamil leadership, I would try to get IDP’s released and show that Tamils are no longer a threat. MR is keeping the IDP’s because he wants to flush out Tigers within so that they will not regroup once released and secondly to teach the Tamils who supported the Tigers a lesson. I am not a supporter of these but stating the reality as I see. MR is reacting to the perceived threat from Tamils. Tamils are resourceful people and they should use their brain and not give any more opportunity for MR to screw them. There are many Tamil businessmen who are very successful in SL and some of them don’t even live in SL! That is the attitude for success. Secondly Tamils must be realistic about equal rights. SL has about 85% Sinhalese and it is always unlikely that they would listen and give so called equal opportunities to minority. Even among Sinhalese, those in poor areas have no opportunities. In USA, the blacks are about 49% and they got a black President but there are no equal rights. So is it worthwhile killing ourselves for this or changing our attitude? My grandmother used to say, one can catch more flies using a jam bottle than with a fly swatter!! The success of the Tamils hereon will depend on how skillfully they handle MR and company for the benefit of their people. But my biggest worry is that there does not seem to be any good Tamil leader to represent them.

  77. dear dbs,
    another wonderful article on dravidian movement.if i am right kanyakumari district did not go with kerala out of voilition i guess it was becoz of pressure from travancore royalty.leaders like nesamani fought for kanyakumari to be reunited with tamil nadu.i had been to munnar last year there i was speaking with some tamils there they told that munnar,devikulam and peermedu was part of tamil nadu it was exchanged for kanyakumari district i dont know whether it is true but munnar,devikulam and peermedu was part of tamil nadu till 1960s.interestingly u had touched upon the dmk agitation for changing dalmiapuram to kallakudi.kalaignar was leading the organisation he kept his head on the railway track while agitating admk and dmk legislators were debating whether kalaignar kept his head after the train left and admk legislators alleged that kalaignar knew that there would not be any more trains coming that way.lol what a funny arguement it is.

  78. DBS, The eelampage.com ( puthinam.com) permanently went offline…

    Is that any reason, is that linked with recent wall street arrest?

  79. don

    with regard to your last sentenc quote”But my biggest worry is that there does not seem to be any good Tamil leader to represent them.”unquote.

    i don’t think the tamils need to have a leader specifically to represent them. once you become the president you are the leader for all the people in the country, and you must lead them, by example. you can’t think i’am only the sinhala leader representing the sinhala people only. that is how you will create a vacuum and a so called tamil leader will fill it. then ethnic identities will overide national ones.

    i feel the ball is in mahinda’s court. regardless of what sections of tamils do to irritate him or not., he has to take full responsibility for the country and make the correct decisions. when he makes the decisions he has to forget he is a sinhalese. he has to think of himself only as srilankan. if he sets the example only others will follow. it is easy to always preach to others to think of themselves as srilankans first and foremost, but if you don’t practice it nobody will follow you.

  80. 99 Don
    >SL has about 85% Sinhalese and it is always unlikely that they would listen and give so called equal opportunities to minority

    I do not agree to that; I view all shal be equal;

    But I see it is a valid argument;

    Also I am against the Tamils who were FOOLED by India/RAW into thinking that India supports their fight for equality. India/RAW have/had their own agenda to fuel violence in Sri Lanka; I am afraid they will continue to ‘stir’ Tamils just to give Sri Lankan govt enough troubles- just enough trouble; This is at the expense of innocent Tamil/Sinhalese lives lost;

    Will all Sri lankans be really smart? Only time can tell;

    Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Tamils belong to Sri Lanka; Also lets settle our differences and grow as a country; Lets NOT BE FOOLED by a third country.

  81. 97. Shankar You expect MR to do the right thing. I think he can deliver goods. The man who killed the Tigers can do anything but he got hangers on like JHU and JVP to whom he has obligations. Maybe he is going to clean the show and dump them plus Karuna as they have all expired the date of use, once he gets elected again. Therefore the next three years are crucial. But Srilankans being Srilankans I will not watch to wait that will happen. MR needs to be reminded of his obligations by genuine Tamil leadership which should not come on confrontation but logically mount the argument on him to do the job. Neelan Thiruchelvam comes straight to my mind but he is dead. That is the sort of man Tamil’s need right now if they can genuinely prove they got lesser rights than most of the Sinhala majority. On another front, I got one worry regards MR’s family connections and contracts. I hope we will not end up like Indonesian Suharto’s family.
    98. Sydney-Tamil I agree with you. We got to grow together and MY best way is by mixing the communities. Colombo Tamils and Sinhalese never had serious issues because they grew up together (leaving out 1983 riots which were politically sponsored). So why is TNA opposed to settling of Sinhala people in Tamil areas? What is their fear? I am keen to hear from you and Shankar or anyone please.

  82. 100. Don:

    So why is TNA opposed to settling of Sinhala people in Tamil areas? What is their fear? I am keen to hear from you and Shankar or anyone please.

    Because they want to both have the cake and it it too… ever heard people say “what’s mine is mine what’s yours lets negotiate?

    Now don’t call me a Sinhalese extremist chauvinist. I’m just pointing out what’s happening.

  83. My dear Sabapathy,
    wonderfull bit of history to which I can relate to alas only in bits.Nostalgia flooded back when I read your comment to Wijepala on how young ones emulated DMK style oratory. You ceratinly did very effectively!! It is perhaps my main memory of yourself.

    When are you going to pen something on this farce being played out on “boat people refugees in Oz”? I do not know whether you picked up that 11 sinhala catholic fisherman quite well-off by their own account sought refuge here and were deported. Not victims of relgious persecution but “refugees”
    Probably no reason to publish this -but continue giving great delight by your analysis and background.


    Thanks a lot for this. Made me feel guilty as I haven’t written back to you yet. Your referring to me as Sabapathy also makes me happy as only old Thomian classmates remember that. Recently Rama was in touch after many years and it was nice to hear “Saba” again

    Will get back to you very soon

  84. dear don

    your quote” So why is TNA opposed to settling of Sinhala people in Tamil areas? What is their fear? I am keen to hear from you and Shankar or anyone please.” unquote.

    this is not a pet subject of mine because as DBSJ quoted once in philosophical terms, land does not belong to the people, the people belong to the land. this makes sense to me because people can come and develop land, but they can’t create it. we may have boundaries, deeds etc for administrative purposes, in order to avoid chaos, but at the end of the day we don’t really own it. it is owned by the creator. since you have mentioned my name i thought i will briefly give my 2 cents worth as to why people might get overly fond of their piece of “patch”, as it is a better way of describing land, but they have no qualms about going and living in someone elses ‘patch’ but would raise a howl if it happens vice versa. for this you have to delve into history, which is rather mucky for me, but i will give you some extracts from what sachi srikantha wrote.

    1. Archaeological evidences reveal that the first people of Jaffna belonged to the megalithic culture, which is undoubtedly a South Indian phenomenon of Iron Age. Emerging in around 500 BC.

    2. the kingdom of Jaffna emerged in the latter half of the 13th century AD

    3. The kingdom of Jaffna is the direct predecessor to the present day concept of Tamil homeland. The kingdom was Tamil-Saivite and its demographical extensions were well illustrated in the Jaffna-centric historiographical literatures which arose in these times. The demography according to these literatures cover a territory from Kutiraimalai in the west coast (Puttalam district) to Verukal in the eastern coast (eastern province) encompassing more or less the present northern and eastern provinces. The kingdom was dominated by clans and feudal chieftains who had migrated from the various parts of South India, especially from Tamilnadu. On many occasions, new settlements were created by them. The kingdom was partially agrarian and partially mercantile. A kingdom exclusively for the Tamil homeland became thus possible only when there were no big powers in southern Sri Lanka and in the Tamil South India. The political reality when the Portuguese came to Sri Lanka was that there were three kingdoms i.e., the Kingdom of Kotte, Kandy and Jaffna.

    3.The Portuguese and Dutch maintained the kingdom of Jaffna as a separate unit.

    so don, from these extracts what i can glean is that that if as you say the TNA is making a fuss over sinhalese colonisation, then it must have something to do with these historical facts. there was tamil migration to sinhala areas but not colonisation, except maybe in the up country.

    i personally believe that srilanka has had a complex history, and as a result though it is a small country, its 9 provinces have such unique characteristics that devolution to the maximum possible , such as in india, should be given to these 9 provinces. then there will be an even development, and if people want to move to another province thay can do so, but many will choose not to if resources are allocated in a fair manner to all the provinces. the problem will just dissapear over time.

  85. dear bloggers,
    i read an arguement about the objection of tna to settlement of sinhalese in north and east.east already has seen a settlement of sinhalese to change the demography of that region.concept of homeland is not alien it is time tested one and it prevails all over the world.here in srilanka there is a need to protect the concept becoz it has to do with the unique culture of tamils particularly north of its tamil language and its saivite tradition.the apprehension of sinhalese has been if we give into the demand of tamil homeland conc ept eventually it may result in breakup of srilanka in forseeable future hence the opposition to the 13th amendment and unification of north and east.here i would like to cite the instance of article 370 in indian constitution where kashmiris have certain privileiges.non kashmiri cant buy land there irrespective of their faith let it be muslim,hindu or buddhist.like that humanity is duty bound to protect cultural clusters like tamils in north and east.sinhalese though not necessarily even are being swayed by emotions whipped up by vested interests they have to keep aside the emotions and concentrate on development .srilanka has got human resources,natural resources which will uplift it to developed country status what it needs is peoples collective will,tolerance.i am saying this becoz even though india and china are touted to be next super powers with a huge population societies of these two countries are riddled with inequalities given the fact that srilanka has a small population compared to these two countries it is in a better position to do so and hope that this happens in future.

  86. 105. jagan sriram:

    I totally agree with you on “humanity is duty bound to protect cultural clusters”. However, protecting one culture should not be at the expense of another.

    It is not only the Sri Lankan Tamils who are a cultural cluster but so are the Sinhalese. In this respect I would say Sinhalese are more a well defined cultural cluster than Sri Lankan Tamils. Sri Lankan Tamils have much in common with Indian Tamils. Can you point out to me any community in the world that comes even close in similarity to the Sinhalese?

    In Sri Lanka any approach that tries to protect cultures by reserving land rights over different geographical regions exclusive to one particular culture will not work.

    If we are going to take that approach we should begin by sending all Indian Tamils back to TN and giving the lands they occupy today back to the Sinhalese. For the lands they occupy today were in the heart of Sinhalese homeland and their is no dispute about that. Hence this is a non starter.

    Those who say things towards that end like TNA must remember that the pendulum swings both ways. It wasn’t just the Tamils who were victims of colonization but so were the Sinhalese.

    Then again, can settling Sinhalese in the East and Wanni be called colonization? Sinhalese have lived in those areas and there are enough archaeological evidence to prove that.

    TNA and many Sri Lankan Tamils seem to think its fair game to claim exclusively for themselves under the guise of been a minority every piece of land in this country where there ever was a Tamil settlement.

    The borders of Jaffna Kindom were like oceanic tides. They kept swinging back and forth throughout history. To claim what is Northern and Eastern provinces of Today as been the ancient Jaffna kingdom is like to claim the high tide as the sea level which is just rediculous.

    Long before Mannar, Wanni and Trinco became part of Jaffna Kingdom that again for a couple of hundred years there were part of Annuradhapura and Polonnaruwa civilizations for over thousand years.

    The two communities should trade power to land. If Tamils want to govern areas where they are in majority they must allow Sinhalese to settle in those areas and similarly, if Sinhalese want to settle in those areas then they better be prepared to give some powers to the Tamils.

    People must realize that they cannot have it both ways. Unfortunately, though there is ample initiative from the Sinhalese side there doesn’t seem to be any initiative from the Tamil polity. Otherwise, MR or anyone else should not have to shout out loud to TN, that Sinhalese will not be resettled in Wanni.

  87. 106 NAvin
    >>It is not only the Sri Lankan Tamils who are a cultural cluster but so are the Sinhalese. In this respect I would say Sinhalese are more a well defined cultural cluster than Sri Lankan Tamils. Sri Lankan Tamils have much in common with Indian Tamil

    Navin, Sri Lankan Tamils have ‘some’ in common with Indian Tamils. One is the language; Other is ‘some’ food/meals;

    However, Sri Lankan Tamils have much more in common with Sinhalease; It is the behaviours and manners. I feel I am more closer to Sinhalese than Indian Tamils; The only thing that ‘bites’ me is that when I hear (I hear sometimes only, but it really hurts my heart) from some racists that say ‘All Tamils should be killed, etc etc, etc’. At that time only I feel I am closer to Indian Tamils;

  88. Someone raised a question ‘why cannot sinhalease settle down in Jaffna’.

    MY view is

    (1) Sinhalese should be welcomed to settle in Jaffna; But not by pointing a gun barrel at Tamils; But slowly by good will; Good hearted, well mannered Sinhalease should start to settle down in Jaffna. Jaffna is a beautiful place, believe me; I was born in and bread there.

    (2) But the above should not be done by politicians (Do not ask me how else to do it); If allowed, politicians will make criminals who speak Sinhalese to settle down in Jaffna; Then the criminals will start to behave like who they are; Then born is a brand new VP;

    (3) Sinhalese should understand that by being Sinhalese should not give AUTOMATIC right to be ‘boss’ of all Tamils around the neighborhood; Apologies this will hurt Sinhalease. But I have to tell that.

    (4) Tamils should understand if they can live in Colombo among Sinhalese why the Sinhalese cannot live in Jaffna; (They can); Additinally, I must be honest saying that an average Sinalese girl is more beautiful that an average Tamil girl. So young Tamil boys should be happy 😉

    (5) We need a honest leader; MR and co are NOT that category. I do not want to start another ‘thread’ by telling what kind of persons they are. But MR if sits there on the presidential chair, it is a doom for all SriLankans;

    (6) I am not a person to say that Tamils started all the fighting for rights just because of indigestion; In my view Tamils have/had problems. As a Tamil I cannot forget July 83; Also the previous ones are not in my memory, but my father/grand father used to speak about these. HOWEVER, a third country will NEVER EVER GENUINELY help Tamils; We lost much more by trusting a 3rd country. We should have trusted the Sinhalese that we had trusted ‘them’.

    (7) Same things goes to Sinhalese. A third country will NOT GENUINELY help Sinhalease to get rid of LTTE or anyone violent; If they are helping, there is something they will wring out of us, Sri Lankans should have trusted Tamils; But this is long time VP came to power; I mean we should have sorted the issues by trusting Tamils than fuelling the issue by shooting innocent Tamils and then claiming them to be ‘terrorrists’. The innocent murdered man/boys sibling would join LTTE or other; I have seen that to have happened.

    (8) IDP; Release all except the ‘serious’ suspects. Forced conscripts also should be re-leased. By keeping people in IDP, MR and co is not doing anything better, but they help for the creation of another VP.

    If allowed to work Tamils will work, to get their untimate pleasure; An ‘own’ home with own well (water hole) surrounded by cadjan fence all four side;

  89. Dear DBS,
    Very informative.I am a regular reader of yr writings.many reforms undertaken by Karmaveerar kamaraj had been done by our former PM late Mr.SWRD.Unfortunately jaffna centred tamil leadership dismissed everthing as Anti-Tamil.We Tamils can follow the same thing adopted by CNAnna-that is giving up seperatist demand.

  90. To 104. shankar |105. jagan sriram 106. Navin 107. 108. Sydney-Tamil
    Thank you for your excellent balanced comments for the question I raised at 100. which was “why does TNA oppose settling of Singhalese in Tamil areas”
    As correctly pointed out, if Tamils oppose the settling of Singhalese in their area’s, GOSL can say to all Tamils in sinhala area’s to vambooze which can be worse. Because statistics seem to say 65% of Tamils live in Sinhala areas. I think while some TNA members are cooperating with GOSL to settle post war issues, others still seem to be involved in communal politics which was detrimental to both Tamils and Sinhalese in the past. Mixing our communities together and living together is best way to prevent another blood bath and promote understanding. If I had the time to write, I can relate my happiest times of my life as a sinhalese living in Jaffna and many other Tamil, Muslim, Burger and Malay area’s. Mixing with these people enriched my life and that should be the way of life for a future united Srilanka.

  91. #104 shankar –

    Since recently people have been talking about a Jaffna Kingdom but no one can name a single King? Also where are the ruins of such a kingdom? Ruins of Sinhalese kingdoms are every where

  92. to comment 110-don

    i agree with you that so many tamils are living outside north and east. iam not sure about the percentage, but if you say it is 65 percent, then that is very high. don’t know how many of those are permanent settlers, and how many have come temporarily to escape the war zone. regardless of the exact amount it is a valid point for mahinda to have raised when the TNA raises objections to sinhalese settlers. i wonder why he is silent on this issue and never raises this fact with the TNA. instead he says there won’t be sinhalese settlements. without going on the defensive he can always say that if so many tamils are living outside the north and east, it is the governments policy to see that in the next 10 years the sinhala population in the north and east will be 10 percent and in twenty years time it will be 20 percent. this shoul be accommpanied with a carrot, that the same powers that the states in india have, will be given to all nine provinces. there is some merit in navin’s proposal that there should be a trade off between settlements and power.

  93. >111. Dharme Sirimanne | October 20th, 2009 at 6:39 pm


    There were heaps; The last king of Jaffna kingdom was known as Sangiliayan (or Sangili);



    There were Sinhala kings and there were Tamil Kings. Tamils kings were ruling Sinhala area and vice a versa; Funny things is that most Tamils forget the Sinhala kings were ruling Tamil areas from time to time; Similarly most Sinhalese forget Tamil kings were ruling whole Sri Lanka from time to time;

    Of course there were few Sinhalese kings who conquered part of Soth India and ruled those parts briefly;


    However, I am not the one who says things should be based on ‘history’.

    We are in 21st century. IN Australia, if you live 4 or more years, you can become an Australian. In Sri Lanka, you cannot become Sri Lankan if your great-gret-great-grand father setled down in Sri lanka. Example the so called up-country Tamils.

  94. comment 108
    “(4) Tamils should understand if they can live in Colombo among Sinhalese why the Sinhalese cannot live in Jaffna; (They can); Additinally, I must be honest saying that an average Sinalese girl is more beautiful that an average Tamil girl. So young Tamil boys should be happy ;-)”

    andavaney, thamil pengal karupaa? don’t worry ethic integration will fix that in 2 generations…..i’m sure it must be already happening in sydneypuram.

  95. 114. citizensl

    “ I must be honest saying that an average Sinalese girl is more beautiful that an average Tamil girl.”

    Now this is where we are going to have the big fight. As a Singhalese I totally disagree that Tamil girls are less beautiful. They are equal or more beautiful and very pleasant. But there is something quite different in them than the Singhalese and their outlook can be different. Of course there is no difference between Singhalese girls and Tamil in Colombo and Jaffna people will always say Colombo Tamils are cosmopolitan lot and some of them don’t know how to talk in Tamil! which is a disgrace by their standards.

  96. and dharme

    we already have a king, mahinda the great, the all powerful, the wise, the benevolent, the etc.etc. the greatest king of all. why go wasting time searching for some old fart.

  97. Very informative article, though there are doubts raised regarding the veracity of some actions by Rajaji. But in a greater picture one has to analyse what were the political manoeuvring that brought cry for separate state to be muffled, if not nullified in India with little or no iron fist application by the government of India while it escalated in Srilanka and caused grave human loss gross human rights violations.
    Answers are under the subtitle “POTKAALAM”.
    “His tenure (Kamaraj’s) from 1954-1963 is hailed as the “Potkaalam” or golden era of the state. By empowering the poorer sections of society and promoting the use of Tamil, Kamaraj began the process of redressing grievances exploited by the Dravidian movement to make a case for secessionism.”
    India is not without inherent problems of a multilingual state. The ligering as well as an escalating problem in sharing the water resources between Tamil Nadu and it’s nabouring States is sign of growing nationalism and incapability of the current state and central goverments and leaders.
    The recent political behaviour of Indian leaders is a manifestation of highhanded activity of iron fist disguised as diplomacy and subjugation would only render the return of secessionism or disharmony. Such fears expressed by some learned journalist like Arunthathi Roy recently is not without ground realities.

  98. dear dbs,
    this is a general reply to all the replies that have appeared after my last posting.no doubt sinhalese cultural cluster is greater than tamils but sinhalese have a government and geographically have greater spread than tamils.secondly in any country dominated by an overhelming majority community minority tend to lose their cultural identity becoz of assimilation this has to be taken into consideration.i dont under stand what navin means by sending indian tamils back they were brought to srilanka by britishers to serve in tea plantation they can be considered as srilankan they hardly have any roots in tamil nadu except for the fact that their forefathers hailed from tamil nadu.it has to be kept in mind that vijay singh ace golfer,vs naipaul writer,shiv narain chanderpaul,alvin kallicharan,rohan kanhai ancestors were all victims of british policy of shipping indentured labourers from india.though they were of indian origin they represented the country in which they were born.hence question does not arise of indian tamils being sent back to india that mistake was done in 1960s as a result of shastri bandaranaike accord still those indian tamils are languishing in camps all over tamil nadu.only way moderates in both camps should realise is prosperous srilanka is the only way out of this chauvinistic cycle.

  99. >Now this is where we are going to have the big fight. As a Singhalese I totally disagree that Tamil girls are less beautiful

    Apologies. That is my personal opinion. Probably I saw all the Sinhalese girls after I turned 18 or 19 and I had to live in a predominatntly Sinhalease area after that time ; So maybe “vayasu kolaru”.

    Also, I had a Sinhalese friend (batchmate) who would say “Average Tamil girl is more beautiful than an average Sinhalese girl”. We used to tease each other.

    Also, I never mentioned “karuppu ” is not beautiful. My great grandma was known (those days) as ‘”black queen”. I guess I did not offend anyone.

    And 117. shankar

    I do not know if you were sarcastic or not; You cannot apppreciate a person who should be tried for war crimes; If so then, I will have to compose “VP puraanam”

  100. 119. jagan sriram:

    I’m not advocating that Indian Tamils be sent back to Tamil Nadu.

    I’m merely taking Indian Tamil problem to counter your argument that demography of Northern and Eastern parts of the country should be preserved to preserve the Tamil culture.

    If its good for Sri Lankan Tamils to shut the doors to North and East saying that their culture would be endangered by letting other people settle in those lands, then by the same token its also OK for Sinhalese to kick out Indian Tamils back to wherever they came from, from their “homeland” to preserve their own culture.

    I’m simply saying that whatever that’s source for Tamils is also source for Sinhalese.

    The problem here is when Tamils ask for something people interpret that as asking for their JUST aspirations, rights and what not. Where as when the Sinhalese ask for the same damn thing, it is chauvinism, extremism and so forth.

    Contrary what you may believe I’m not narrow minded to trash Indian Tamils into the Indian ocean and say that its your problem to find a piece of ground to live and the fact that you were brought here by the British is not our problem.

    However, I’m also not blind to not to see that at the end of the day Sinhalese are the ones who are loosing land that they inhibited earlier by giving them citizenship.

    113. sydney-Tamil:

    I hope that you are aware of the fact that though Australia is a huge continent rich in minerals etc. compared to this small island of Sri Lanka, they both have the same population. Yes. the numbers are the same. So, here in Sri Lanka land is not in plenty to give away as we would like to.

  101. >I hope that you are aware of the fact that though Australia is a huge continent rich in minerals etc. compared to this small island of Sri Lanka, they both have the same population. Yes. the numbers are the same. So, here in Sri Lanka land is not in plenty to give away as we would like to.

    Agreed to certain extend. I do not say Sri Lanka give citizenship for those who stayed for 4 year or so.

    However, the Indian Tamils came to Sri Laka many decades (and some 100s years before) ago and also remember that they arrived when Sri Lanka needed them.

    However we all Sri Lankans (including N/E Tamils) view them as still “Indians”. How pathetic it is.

  102. there is some talk of sinhalese girls being more pretty than tamil girls by tamil -sydney, while don is stoutly defending tamil girls. i would like to remind readers of the age old adages thus

    1. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    2.beauty is only skin deep.

    3. the beauty and the beast.

  103. Hi DBSJ,
    Are you planning an article on Raj Ratnam? We are eagerly awaiting a real investigative piece…
    One one hand he is one of the largest investors in SL, it is said he was planning to work with SL govt to rehabilitate ex LTTE men and to redevelop the war torn areas.. one the other hand, there are allegations that he was directly and indirectly funding the LTTE.

    I do not think he could have stayed away fromt he LTTE’s clutches even if he wanted to. It would probably be the best for business to keep good contacts with both parties. Anyway, apart from all the speculation, are you planning an article on this?

  104. 120. Sydney-Tamil 123. Shankar

    The issue simply is that opposite poles attract. That is why many of my Tamil friends are married to Sinhalese and vice versa. Some of my western friends who have seen this happening have asked me why the hell are we fighting in SL when some of us are making love to the enemy!! This shows the futility of this conflict. Some of the well known people in this debate have married across the racial barrier such as Neelan Thiruchelvam, Brian Senewiratna and Luxshman Kadiragarmer. As for me the “Karuppu” queens of the Tamilians have always been pretty and shall remain so!!

  105. 120 Sydney Tamil

    May be Sinhala men like Tamil girls and vice versa, and that is how this war has started.

    One thing for sure is that those Tamil girls in the LTTE
    even after living in the jungle under the hot burning sun,
    stil they are very pretty. Just imagine if they were living
    in comfortable homes. I wouldn’t have minded if I was
    shot by one these girls. I would have gladly got
    arrested by a bevy of LTTE femal fighters.

  106. 122. sydney-Tamil:

    However, the Indian Tamils came to Sri Laka many decades (and some 100s years before) ago and also remember that they arrived when Sri Lanka needed them.

    It is wrong to say Indian Tamils came here because Sri Lanka needed them. It wasn’t Sri Lanka that needed Indian Tamils but the British. It was the British that needed tea plantations not Sri Lankans. Sinhalese refused to work in tea plantations because of their pride and anger.
    We never drank tea at the time. We had a self sufficient economy based on agriculture and British turned it up side down and converted it into an economy that exported items that they wanted and imported items that they exported. They converted all the paddy lands and up country forests into tea plantations. If the damn British and their Tea plantations were not enough trouble now the up country people had to deal with the Indian Tamils.

    There is no point in continuing this issue any further. Those god for saken people today are suffering not because of the British or the Sinhalese but because of their own leaders like present leader of CWC who has absolutely no vision. I wish his love for fancy cars would also extend to those poor workers.

  107. 122. sydney-Tamil:

    On the contrary I would probably agree with you if you say that we need them today and for foreseeable future.

  108. An unrelated matter to the above article, but I was wondering if you had any insights to offer on the life, times and untimely death of Janaka Perera?

    About his life& times yes. But on his death none at the moment……..DBSJ

  109. What now, DBSJ, do you think we will see the rise of the soldier-poltician challenging the rule of the colonial waluwe family elites….

    No a damp squib…………DBSJ

  110. DBS and readers
    As an old Thomian DBS you may be interested to know that Rajaratnum accused of insider trading is from our old school. This further proves my point that St Thomas’ have produced people of varied dimensions from SL leaders to revolutionaries, socialist and now insider traders! This is what Wikipedia says

    Subject: Billionaire Rajaratnam Arrested in US
    >> From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia
    >> Jump to: navigation, search
    >> Raj Rajaratnam
    >> Born 1957
    >> Sri Lanka
    >> Residence New York, USA.
    >> Occupation Entrepreneur, President
    >> Raj Rajaratnam is the founder of Galleon Group.[1] He was born in Sri Lanka and attended one of the most prestigious schools on the Island named St Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia,[2] then studied engineering at the University of Sussex in England. Rajaratnam moved to the United States in 1981 and earned an M.B.A. from Wharton two years later.

  111. I am a Tamil from India. Being Tamil, I feel a lot of pain for the sufferrings of the Sri Lankan Tamil people.

    It is time for all Tamils all over the world to reunite. The violent armed struggle ended up dividing us. Henceforth, shunning any form of violence, the Tamils must first unite . Unite, organise and focus on education and prosperity. Using democratic means as an united people we have to work towards a devolution that is sufficient .

    Both Sinhala and Tamil people have to shun hatred and fear of the other. Both communities have to find ways to reach out and reconcile.

    Sinhala people must realize that all over the world wherever sufficient devolution has been implemented peace, harmony, friendship and prosperity exists.

    Chauvinism is a by product of ignorance and unemployment or under-employment.

  112. don

    people are talking of raj Rajaratnam giving TRO 3.5 million dollars and 1 million dollars to rehabilitate ex ltte cadres. What they dont know is that this is small change for him because he paid kenny rogers 4million dollars to come to his birthday party and sing his favourite song “the gambler” over and over again. kenny had enough after 12 rounds and refused to sing further. he would have thought i have got landed with a ‘thora’ nutter.i would have sung anyamount for him for half the price, but i suppose rich guys are not interested in saving some money.

  113. The first and foremost duty of every individual human being born on this earth, is to make a family, raise children in a proper manner so that they grow up like a ‘human’ with all the knowledge acquired by previous generation and use that to explore and generate new ways of leading peaceful life. Once we forget this in the rhetoric of language, religion, economy, then surely the next generation lands into confusion and we can witness history repeating. Out of the documented history of the mankind, can’t we see the repetition of mistakes, sufferings due to that? I feel my greatest achievement will be when my offspring knows the (unbiased) history, minimum knowledge, spirit to excel in future. I wish every human to see themselves as seen by someone (E.T) outside this earth. This will surely enable us to consult, concentrate, consent & forget our differences and propel us to the great cause of achieving all the good things promised by politicos, cherished by commons, by ourselves. Please forgive me if I am cynical, outrageous. Thanks

  114. What’s this DBSJ furtive satellite phone conversations in backwater Asia between Ranil and Sarath in the US, followed by deliberations with the UNP….even though the war is won, my sense is the military establishment never really liked the post-Premadasa cabal of corrupt hysterical SLFP rulers, reserving a silent bias for the technocratic egality and competence of UNP…..who better than the soldier-politician to take the heads of an effete demoralised opposition to out-patriot Mahinda and his gang of idiots…

  115. 133. shankar I do appreciate your humor. Yes I agree, Kenny should sing half price for a “thora” nutter!! But Raja has disgraced his old school. The Bible I learnt at St Thomas’ said “what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and looses his own soul” The Billionaire has tainted his soul while anyone who does not do that is richer spiritually than him. Buddha said “greed creates sorrow and foolish are greedy” This tells it all.

  116. 135. RS Wickramasingh:

    So was it the “technocratic egality and competence of UNP” that landed them in their current predicament?

    In fact, if not for the non-technocratic GR and MR, a heavy handed figure like SF would never have been made the army commander no matter how many VP s were out there.

    Is SF, who criticized Ranil’s CFA left and right and called TN politicians political jokers a technocrat IYO? For a person who seeks to have a technocrat at the helm why is it that you have no problem with a non-technocratic sledge hammer like SF leading your technocrats?

    It is good to be technocratic but one must first be nationalistic and patriotic. There lies the fault with Ranil and his close aids. Otherwise a politician of Ranil’s caliber would not have to hide behind SF to form a government.

    Suppose SF were to win. What makes you believe that he would get the support or respect that he didn’t get from MR camp from Ranil camp?

  117. don

    i think you are a bit harsh on raj. greed is something that is part of the human DNA. See what happenned to kotalawela. But at the same time these are the achievers who create a lot of things also, before they have a nasty fall.
    probably greed and ambition are part of our DNA, so that we don’t lie back and take it easy, and propels the human race forward, above other species.

  118. to comment 135-RS. Wickremesinghe

    this has nothing to do with the military prefering the UNP over the SLFP etc. The military is just like any other powerful group in the country such as clergy, business etc, and will want to retain or enhance its power, and will get disgruntled when it is thwarted in that attempt.

    When the JVP was wiped out Major General Waidyaratna reported to the then army commander Cyril Ranatunge and said” sir ,mission accomplished. Wijeweera and JVP wiped “. He was expecting praise, but instead Cyril Ranatunge said ” do you realise what you have done. Are the politicians going to care for us anymore”.

    Same way, Sarath Fonseka must have lost his marbles if he thought that now that the war is over he can increase the armed forces to 300000 and play the hero.

    Instead he was promoted from hero to zero with immediate effect. If he had allowed some of the LTTE mob to be roaming around, then he had a good chance of boosting the armed forces to 300000 and just like in pakistan and hondurus taking over the country one day.

    This was not possible for him to do because of Gota, who was like a hawk watching over the whole thing and so to it that it was finished completely. Sarath fonseks never had complete control of the military apparatus, because of Gota, who is also an ex-army officer.

    Sarath Fonseka just want’s to strenghen the army’s power at the expense of the political establishment. It does not matter to him whether it is at the expense of the UNP or SLFP.

    The Rajapakse’s are a clan. Their strengh is that they are 4 brothers and very united. It is 4 against 1, and i agree with DBSJ that Fonseka will be a damp squib.

  119. 140. shankar:

    Don’t you think that in the same way SF was crushed by MR clan he would be crushed by UNP as well when the time comes?

    I just watched his speech in DC and SF seems to have lost all his senses. His problem is not so much the shabby treatment he was dished out by MR and GR but his own ego.

    I just hate to see a good man go down the drain.

    There is no problem with him entering politics or doing that from UNP but 1) he shouldn’t try to take all the credit for himself, 2) try to criticize the political establishment while been in the military, 3) enter into politics from a UNP led alliance that was highly critical of him and the war since that only shows his own desperation to get even with the government, 4). revolt against a government which made him who is he is in the first place. If he is a UNPer he should patiently wait till the present unpopular UNP leadership is phased out and a person who has not been in conflict with his own views like Rukman Senanayake comes to the front.

    Sarath with this ego, entering politics would be a disaster. For the cunning fox he is, Ranil must already be having a plan to contain and control SF if and when they come to power. Not that I blame the latter.

  120. In absence of Prabhakaran ,eellam possible only after very strong protest in TN. for that the plight and history of ellam tamil should be in propanganda in TN and NOT LTTE or PRBHA. Ordinary tamils still dont like prabha as he killed Rajiv ( very serious crime- pure terrorism – ) .

    seeman seems to be ok but some one to tell seeman not to highlight prabha …
    other than tha there in no way to get ellam unless praba comes back …

  121. if you say your culture is superior since it is comming from oldage then as you said nudity is also superior…

  122. 140. shankar | October 28th, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Shanky Danky,

    Much as I enjoy your comic tangents, once again your speculations betray your understanding as an outsider….but at least you are not a slavish sycophantic regime rearender like Navin sounding trumpet peals for monsters.
    He clearly does not understand that patriotism the last refuge of scoundrels.

    Fonseka as a career soldier is a technocrat in his field. He has survived multiple regime changes, he knows well the scorecard for which party made corruption, political favouritism and debacle the modus operandi in the armed forces after remnants of the Premadasa regime exited government under DB Wijetuunge in 1994.

  123. The following is an extract from a local newspaper. An interesting 6 months ahead. Fonseka also will have to make his decision in november. I hope he does not end up like Maj Gen Janaka Perera , after he stepped into politics.. The article is as follows

    “The office of the term of current President is to end by November 2011, but according to the constitution President could go for early presidential polls after completion of four years of his or her first six year term.

    Meanwhile the term of office of the current government will end by April 2010.

    Most government sources as well as ministers pointed out that President Rajapaksa will go for early presidential polls before the general election.

    The President is to announce his decision on 15th of November at the annual convention of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party to be held in Colombo. “

  124. Shanker, I believe Navin’s comment 141 is relevant although I couldn’t get the direction of 144 comment RS Wicramsinghe. But the head priest of Washington temple said when SF was there that the war was won by the combined effort of SF,GR,MR and that alliance should continue and SF should not join those who had no opinion of him while back. That says it all. SF can loose his life or divide our victorious army. Further MR has been astute to get support from India, China and Pakistan which NO SL leader ever did. SF cannot come near this record. I am not an admirer of MR or GOSL but if we are in a contest we got to understand the capability of the enemy. SF has not made this evaluation or unable to understand the ground reality. Buddha said “awareness is wisdom”

  125. outsider….but at least you are not a slavish sycophantic regime rearender like Navin sounding trumpet peals for monsters. He clearly does not understand that patriotism the last refuge of scoundrels.

    Thanks for enlightening us about yourself and your wisdom. Have a nice day.

  126. “It is good to be technocratic but one must first be nationalistic and patriotic.”

    Thanks for showing us what a brainless brainwashed godaya pseudo-buddhist sinhala redneck you are….like so many others…

  127. Further MR has been astute to get support from India, China and Pakistan which NO SL leader ever did.

    Sorry Don, you should change your name as you clearly aren’t one. Did I just wake up or did Ranil Chandrika and Kadirgamar not spend long years gaining support from these nations and rebuilding Sri Lanka’s international reputation as non-racist nation worthy of being free from LTTE terror….

  128. When we look at the recent statements made by SF, it looks like he is suffering from foot in the mouth decease.
    I am sorry to say this because SF can be a great soldier
    and a tactician, but even during the war he made some
    extreme racist statements which could have done immense damage to the conduct of the war.

    If he joins UNP and try to be politician he is going to loose
    alll the respect he earned by winning the war.
    As one reader suggested, he might end up like Janaka Perera.

    I hope for his own sake, he keep out of politics, but as we all know for Sri Lankans settling scores and taking
    revenge is more important than their own safety and their families.

    It is sad indeed.

  129. 148. RS Wickramasinghe:

    “It is good to be technocratic but one must first be nationalistic and patriotic.”

    Thanks for showing us what a brainless brainwashed godaya pseudo-buddhist sinhala redneck you are….like so many others…

    Its a pity that you do not seem to realize for all your wisdom that the more you insult me or another person in this forum, the more you tarnish your own character. You should have understood at least that much from my response to you in #147.

    Do you know what happens to paddy as it ripes? It bends downward. Similarly, its easy to deduce how much learned (ripe) a person is by seen how humble he is in character.

  130. Dear DBSJ and readers, I am a third generation Malayalee from Delhi. A united South India must be considered only if India’s break up is inevitable. Even North Indian lower castes are Dravidians. A Dravidian language called Brahui is still spoken even in present day Pakistan. If the Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan fanaticism is not given up, India may break up once again. Already, even Maharashtrians in Mumbai want to beat up North Indian Hindiwallahs. North Indians are beaten up all over the North Eastern States of India, including Manipur and Assam. In Kerala also, North Indians are throwing their weight around, especially in Cochin. If India’s break up becomes inevitable, then a UNITED South India must be the solution, with ENGLISH as the national language and link language. No offense ment to Tamil because I understand it and like it. But Periyar called Tamil a barbaric language. If English is adopted as a national and link language for a UNITED South India, Telugus, Kannadigas and Malayalees would welcome it. This is because English is EQUALLY foreign and equally NATIVE to all South Indians. This way, Telugus, Malayalees and Kannadigas would not feel threatened by Tamil. Also, in any case, all South Indian languages are being gradually and voluntarily being given up in favour of English. It is already the common language among South Indians. And as Annadurai rightly foresaw, sharing river waters would be a problem which might even turn into a war if all South Indian states are NOT united. Therefore this must be avoided at all costs. Since North Indian Dalits and lower castes are Dravidians, South Indians must help these people for their own VESTED INTEREST — so that North Indian Dalits don’t cause a refugee problem fleeing from dying and decaying North India — or “HINDIA”. Even if the Maoists, now working together with LTTE remnants are defeated by the Indian security forces, North India will continue to remain barbaric and backward. Positive social reform which began happening in the 1920s in Tamil Nadu and Kerala is only beginning to happen in a very diluted form in Uttar Pradesh, only very recently with a Dalit Mayawati coming to power as chief minister. But it is really too little and too late. North India will take a very long time to get civilised. Perhaps other parts of India may not wait until then. Kashmir might go and even HINDU Manipur and HINDU Assam might also secede. Both China as well as USA want to break up India. If India breaks up, nobody should be surprised. If it happens, South Indians should have the sense to stay together as a UNITED South India, instead of fighting like barbarians. River disputes must be solved amicably and language will not be a problem if English is adopted as a national link language.

    Very,very interesting point of view. Thank you for this………DBSJ

  131. •149. RS Wickramasinghe
    Ranil Chandrika and Kadirgamar may have enhanced SL international reputation but who faced the brunt of the LTTE and defeated them with tremendous backing from many foreign countries? R,C and K may have tried but it was MR who delivered the goods! When IMF delayed the 1.2 Billion loan, MR got money from Arab states. MR faced the wrath of the Tamil Diaspora as well as tremendous pressure from USA,UK and EU at the last stages of the war but he did not yield. What ever my personal preferences are, I would give the devil its due.

  132. with reference to Vietnam Vasu:

    India has several faultlines. However, I believe that the transition of central power to the Backward castes and Dalits will occur before any possible breakups. Once, this power transition is complete the entire political dynamics of India will be vastly different. The foreign policy also will be very different. It is only the Indian elites that are so focused on becoming a super power. The lower caste leaders may not have similar priorities.
    I do believe that all of this will lead to a more democratic India and the urges and tendency to break up will largely diminish.

  133. MR won the war against the LTTE because the GOSL was building on the goodwill his predecessor’s governments built up and which has now been completely squandered. The LTTE was diplomatically isolated, and both the West and India provided immense co-operation in ensuring arms shipments didn’t get through.

    What MR did do was allow the army to work its own way, but then again it is normal that the army, which was an undisciplined hastily-assembled rabble in the eighties, should slowly become more efficient. Unfortunately both Gotabaya’s and Fonseka’s considerable competence in military matters is not matched by even the minimum idea of how to run things now the war is over.

    Fonseka is, as DBS says, a damp squib. A Gotabaya without the nounce.

  134. Hi Vietnam Vasu,

    India has many fault lines as do many other countries in the world. India’s vibrant democracy is the appropriate form of government to address the varied needs of the billion peopled nation with many languages and traditions.

    Ancient India or Bharat has been in existence as a subcontinent and a set of empires and kingdoms for at least 3 millenium now. The modern India has been in existence for 62 yrs and the democracy is a work in progress. Yes, there are some Kashmiris who want to separate from India. Yes, there are Maoists who want to subvert the existing democratic form through Maoist insurgency. 62 yrs is not a long period in History. Let us see how the democracy handles these challenges. I believe that the democracy and participative politics will succeed and the India will continue to be in its current form as a political nation. You believe that it will fragment. Time will tell how it will turn out to be.

  135. Giri

    One factor that will make India pause before thinking of breakup is the EU. 27 countries put together, and with more in the pipeline, not only India, even the US will be worried about its clout in the future. There is no hope for India to compete, unless it stays as it is, or goes for the EU model, where it breaks up and then amalgamates as an Indian Union. In this case it does not really need to break up. It can put all the structures that the EU model has as it is in its present form. For example each state can be made into a country with its own contitution, but within the overall Indian constitution.

    I won’t be surprised if in the future the US and Canada form a North American Union with Mexico in the pipeline.

    The trend in the world is amalgamation to make oneself bigger and stronger. If India breaks up it will be an absolute pity, and playing straight into the arms of people who are salivating to take advantage of its huge population on their own terms. This is how ancient India got conquered, cleverly playing one against the other.

  136. Navin

    “Its a pity that you do not seem to realize for all your wisdom that the more you insult me or another person in this forum, the more you tarnish your own character. You should have understood at least that much from my response to you in #147.

    Do you know what happens to paddy as it ripes? It bends downward. Similarly, its easy to deduce how much learned (ripe) a person is by seen how humble he is in character.”

    Really? I thought this was a blog for free contest of views. You seem to think this is a Sunday school for sinhala buddhist folk sayings.

    But of course ethnocentric rednecks like you think religion has all the answers….

  137. Jonesey and Shanky,

    Whatever you might think of Fonseka’s political nous, what do you think as a military man he might represent in the imagination of the southern polity? Do you think there might be some major political capital in such iconic status, just as there is in the Rajapakse clans’ millet shawl hypocrite posturing as a men of the people….?

  138. 158. RS Wickramasinghe:

    Really? I thought this was a blog for free contest of views. You seem to think this is a Sunday school for sinhala buddhist folk sayings.
    But of course ethnocentric rednecks like you think religion has all the answers….

    Dishing out unrelated, offensive, degrading material in response to a question is not contesting views. It only goes on to show one’s immaturity. I would recommend that you listen to some of Kardirgama’s speeches and see how the man would address a question posed to him. You need to learn how to interact constructively and engage with people with different points of view to that of yours without stereotyping them based on your subjective view of the world.

    As for me, I couldn’t careless about the political, social or religious views held by people that I talk to out here. In fact, if I wanted to talk to like minded people, I would not be blogging here. As long as the person continues to reply coherently to my questions or ask meaningful ones I will exchange views and in the process enlighten both him and myself.

  139. Jones is correct when he says the Army was given a free hand in the war and therefore I believe SF’s reputation went up. Not because he was a better commander than the previous people. I remember a previous commander Jerry desilva? Saying his army did not have unlimited resources unlike during Elam war4. Many Army people in retirement end up in defense positions or security because that is what they know best. Their successes in civilian positions have been limited as civilians don’t take commands. Montgomery of Alamain failed in civilian position. MR family is well known for the past 100 yrs in the South and I cannot see SF eroding that support. However SF will get support from Army elements provided he has been a soldiers general like Rommel or Montgomery.

  140. don

    What differentiated SF from the previous commanders was the fact that he promoted officers based on merit and not on seniority which was a tradition. You need thebest man for the job and seniority has nothing to do with merit. You can grow old in a place , but does that make you better than a younger chap. In fact they should do the same thing to the police force.

    In fact before he ceased to be the Army commander SF recommended Jagath Jayasuriya to take over, though he was way down in the line in seniority stakes.

    I think his ability to question traditional practices and smash them like as Navin says a slegehammer, clearly distinguishes him from earlier army commanders who were just yes men. Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full sir……

  141. 162. shankar What you say has merit. But previous commanders were greatly restricted by the political establishment. The main factor for success was the tremendous freedom given to SF, the unlimited resources placed before him and the iron will of MR and GR. The LTTE were outnumbered by about 1:50 and SF was given Special Forces, mechanized division, paratroop brigade, rapid deployment airborne division, commando brigades, unmanned aircraft, thanks to GR. If previous commanders were given these, results may have been the same. Mind you there are Army people who say, late Wijaya Wimalaratna, Densil Kobbekaduwa and Janaka Perera were better commanders than SF. Sometimes it is very difficult to pick whether a battle was won solely due to the skill of the commander. Zhukov who defended Stalingrad I think and finally marched into Berlin in WW2 was exceptionally gifted commander but the great general Montgomery made many errors including “operation market garden” but he is depicted as a hero. Truly the great commander is the man whom he defeated, Irwin Rommel.

  142. 163. Don:

    I agree with your point of view but I don’t think there is any need for us to question the capabilities of SF here.

    The question here is whether the credit for the recent military triumph lies with the political establishment or the military. Unfortunately, SF and most color blind people in this country who cannot see any good deed done by the blues, think it lies solely with the military. Then of course we have the cheap politicians like Mervin Silva and Hemakumara Nanayakkara who say the opposite.

    In trying to get SF to testify against GR, may be US has already answered this question– at least from their perspective or the perceptive of the Tamil Diaspora, who the most important personality is in this whole saga. I’m sure if they had any chance of getting both of them, they would gone for that. However, given the choice of getting at least one rather than neither, they have made their decision.

    However, comparing the contribution of political establishment and military to the victory in this case is akin to comparing apples to oranges. Its a futile exercise that has value only to people with vested interests. They both deserve credit and equally so.

    Having said that, I tend to believe that MR’s success was a huge political gamble. He made two critical decisions– one he got SF/GR to fight the LTTE and two he stood up the west. All political leaders in the past made different choices to MR in making these decisions. May be he new of what the chances were of us wining the war because of GR but its hard to believe that he appreciated the full impact of going against the world powers. May be the conviction of vanquishing the LTTE for sure made him bet on it. May be not.

    Ranil’s CFA on the other hand was a neatly crafted trap well within the gambit of our known diplomatic and military clout. I think it was a bold attempt and I give the man that much credit for taking that step. Unfortunately, Ranil couldn’t successfully execute his own game plan. The key was to put the right amount of pressure on the LTTE without blowing the whole thing off but he failed at that. Even without CBK’s interference I doubt it would have worked in the long run.

    As the new developments in the US shows, MR’s job isn’t over yet. This however will surely strengthen his candidacy at the next presidential election regardless of who the other candidate is.

  143. don

    I agree with you about he three former army commanders you mention, who were of exceptionally good calibre and also about GR who i believe was the principal architect of the victory, because he was farsighted and planned ahead.

    However it is upto the army commaner to fight for the resources he needs to do his job. SF coundn’t care a fig for the politicians and that attitud is what has landed him in trouble. He is the only commander who is openly contemptous of them and rightly so.

    Sometimes i wonder whether some of the former and present army officers the including the politicians really wanted to end the war because they were feathering their nest with commisions and also could blame all the country’s ills on the war.

    When DB Wijetunge took over after premadas was done in, there was an outcry to eliminate the LTTE. DB called the then army commander{i don’t know his name} and asked him what would be the civilian casualties. That donkey said 200000 to 300000.
    That was that for DB,file closed, because the gentle man that he was and planning to go to heaven, and who did not even want this job. Probably the then army commanders idea of war is like George Bush to bomb the whole place up, and send in the ground troops for mopping up operations. See how beautifully SF oganised the different divisions with the correct men to lead them, gave them specific tasks and also made them flexible enough to redeploy when necessary. The LTTE was caught by surprise time and time again especially when operations were moved from the killinochi to vavuniya. The single biggest mistake the LTTE made was to dismantle its guerilla apparatus and become a conventional army.

    However credit should be also given to the navy commander Karannagoda especially for sinking the eight supply ships of the LTTE. It was the single biggest factor for the defeat of the LTTE and i wonder which country gave the information about these ships. That country did in the LTTE in style. I don’t think it was India.

    AS for Rommel i totally agree with you that he was one of the greatest commanders just like Zhukov. He mainly lost to Monty because his supply lines were cut and ships were sunk just like what happened to the LTTE. He did not even have fuel for his tanks. The british were able to break the code of the germans and as a resullt knew exactly the movements of their ships. However Monty also was a great commander with drive and initiative.

  144. 157. Shankar

    I was responding to Comments # 152 from Vietnam Vasu. I felt Mr. Vasu was trying to sell the old wine of Dravida Nadu in a new bottle of South Indian confederation from the Indian Union. I was stating my belief or opinion that it is unlikely to happen and there is no reason for that either, though there are some insurgencies like the ones in Kashmir or the Maoist insurgency etc. India should not divide and if it does, every state is a loser. We all believe that the sum is greater than the parts and that is how it should be. If India has to continue in its dream of a strong world power in the 21st century it cannot be achieved by breaking up. I know many of her enemies or competetitors are only vying for that,

    I also looked at your comments in # 162 and Don’s in # 163. Although Gen SF has achieved a great military against the LTTE, he has accomplished it because of the high level of political commitment and extraordinary intelligence and arms that were available to him. I believe Marshal Zhukov too was successful firstly because Stalin agreed to give his commanders a free hand on the military handling of the war unlike Hitler. Hitler’s generals such as Erich von Manstein were truly great generals but Hitler micromanged them on military matters and the rest is history. Gen Erwin Rommel was great until the 2nd Battle of El Alamein when Gen Montgomery used his better resources to his advantage. In Operation Market Garden, Gen Montgomery overstretched himself and it ended in a disaster for the Allied army. My favourite was Gen Erich von Manstein.

    My comments were only on the military matters and I don’t know much about the politics in SL.

  145. Navin,Shankar,Giri, Gentlemen, you won my respect. However I don’t agree with Shankar that SF would have had his way and bull dozed the issue and got the resources he wanted if President was not favourable. If that was the case, MR would have got him sacked what ever his rank. I believe SF was at the right place at the right time with correct state of mind. SF, GR, MR all wanted to finish LTTE and off they went to do it. However Shankar and Giri seem to have given examples which strengthen my argument that victory was NOT solely due to SF but many other factors. I believe GR and SF knew each other from Army training school days and both of them may have drawn up the strategy. Even if SL Navy was best in the world, it wouldn’t have destroyed LTTE ships had not for foreign intelligence. FI played a very big covert role. Therefore success or defeat in battle may or may NOT be due solely to the commander. Hence how do we attribute victory only to SF? Secondly, what evidence do we have to believe a general will be a good political leader? What will be SF’s backing be if he wins? Debunked UNP. Do you think SF will ever be able to accomplish anything with them? Thirdly, the time tested winning team was SF, MR, GR. Once this is destroyed, it may be curtains for SL. However Zhukov was within the gun sight of Stalin after the war. Sadly SF has got into GR’s gun sight. History repeats itself and we need to learn from its lessons. What would have Stalin done if he was in GR’s boots?

  146. Giri

    You have forgotten to mention Gen. George Patton and Gen. Douglas Macarthur, two of the truly great generals.

    And don’t forget Vo Nguyen Giap who handed the french a stunning military defeat in the battle of Dien Bien Phu. That was the end of the french and they had to pack up and leave vietnam. He kicked out the americans too.

  147. Ah yes the cosy speculations of idle old men warming their slipperless feet sitting in the overstuffed arm chair browsing the history section of wikipedia….

    Navin Don Shanky,

    Do you think Fonseka did not anticipate Rajapakse would attempt to degrade him once the war was over? Do you think he has not learned from what the SLFP cabal tried to do to Janaka after he stepped forward and saved 20,000 troops from annihilation at Elephant Pass in 2000… after he addressed the nation when every politician in Colombo was crawling back into their snake pit for cover?

    Do you not think that the only way to neutralise the inevitability of Rajapakse’s move was to dangle the threat of flirtation with the opposition as a counterweight?

    You three wise men can argue talk BS all day over who did more to win the war MR, GR or SF, who gets your rocks off more, but like old men you are warming your socks by the fire.

    The essential question all of you are missing in your amateur historicising is how much political currency being an iconic war hero can muster among the masses in votes, and therefore how effectively he can function as a VEHICLE for political change.

    The US has stepped in very shrewdly and asked to interview SF. Of course HOW he publicly refuses will strengthen his hand as a mighty patriot and alternative to the sinhala maha sabha idiots presently running things. That is the the first step toward prosecuting the monsters who massacred tens of thousands of innocents on the beaches of Mullaitavu, and the hundreds of thousands more who remain imprisoned unjustly.

    But like all old fools you are lost to these central realities and simply endlessly dissecting who deserves the greater share of your foolish pride at the ”great victory” against the LTTE and “terrorism”…..

  148. Comments 161 to 168

    Your conversation is peanut brained.

    It is like watching preschool kids arguing over whether Batman is superior to Superman. Personally I always had a thing for Wonder woman but…..

  149. Wicks

    you seem to be exonerating Fonseka for the “tens of thousands” you claim died on the mullativu beaches. Why is that? Is he your ‘massina” or “bapa’. Was he not the army commander and therefore directly responsible.

    The figure so far published in international media is 7000 dead and double that wounded. If you are privy to some information that the rest of the world does not have, as you are trying to imply, then let us know the source. maybe you took a stroll on the Mullativu beach, and counted the bodies. Or your grand uncles in the UNP did it.

    I am looking at my feet while browsing the wikipedia, and find that they are missing. as for the slippers when i woke up after a car accident the doctor told me he had some good news and bad, and which i wanted first. I told him the bad of course he said we had to amputate your legs. I said “my god, what is the good news”. He said the fellow in the next room has offered tens of thousands{like the dead bodies” for your slippers.”

    so naturally slipers going, going, gone to this lucky gentleman.

    Hope you are satisfied now and your curiosity has been quenched.

    PS. We won’t fall for that line anyway, to find out about our personal details.

    DBSJ-what is your opinion of the real casualties?

    Wicky, to more serious matters, i agree with you that Fonseka maybe playing political games o get the highest bid, like for my slippers, but it could be a very dangerous game to play and he could end up like the late hero, your UNP’er Janaka Perera.

  150. Shanky danks,

    I just hope they didn’t amputate your brain either.

    Of course Fonseka may have blood on his hands, but justice is sometimes a game of trade-offs, to catch two murderers you may have to plea-bargain with a third, lower down, that is how the Mafia was dismantled. Go read wikipedia and learn about concrete boots instead of slippers.

    No gainsaying SL politics is dangerous and dirty for a potential political aspirant in Fonseka, but do not underestimate the machiavellian rings Mr Blake in US State Department can run around these communal clowns in Colombo.

    As for the body count, I believe the good Gordon Weiss leaked a figure of 20,000 deaths as minimum, to the international community as a better indication of the actual carnage, much to the chagrin of MR and GR.

  151. Shanky danks,

    I just hope they didn’t amputate your brain either.

    Of course Fonseka may have blood on his hands, but justice is sometimes a game of trade-offs, to catch two murderers you may have to plea-bargain with a third, lower down, that is how the Mafia was dismantled. Go read wikipedia and learn about concrete boots instead of slippers.

    No gainsaying SL politics is dangerous and dirty for a potential political aspirant in Fonseka. I am sure the good general also understands well that in such as situation the best defensive is an offensive. Also do not underestimate the machiavellian rings Mr Blake in US State Department can run around those communal clowns in Colombo.

    As for the body count, I believe the good Gordon Weiss leaked a figure of 20,000 deaths as minimum, to the international community as a better indication of the actual carnage, much to the chagrin of MR and GR.

  152. As for the body count, I believe the good Gordon Weiss leaked a figure of 20,000 deaths as minimum, to the international community as a better indication of the actual carnage, much to the chagrin of MR and GR.

    So what is your position with regard to the war? Are you saying we should have never started it? If so then what is it that you suggest we should have done? Or, are you of the view that the war was not fought in the right manner, that the civilians deaths could have been reduced even further?

  153. wicks

    As for your flea-bargain proposal, if the victims don’t mind, I don’t mind.

    Good on you. Good idea. Brilliant. Why didn’t someone think of that before Blake did.

  154. 173. RS Wickramasinghe:

    Of course Fonseka may have blood on his hands, but justice is sometimes a game of trade-offs, to catch two murderers you may have to plea-bargain with a third, lower down, that is how the Mafia was dismantled. Go read wikipedia and learn about concrete boots instead of slippers.

    Well, I don’t know about you but if I felt about a person in this manner, I would never promote him as a presidential candidate.

    What is it that you think GR could have done different given the circumstances back in 2006 and resources he had at his disposal?

    Besides, what justice are you talking about? Is the freedom to move on the roads without fear of getting caught up in a road side bomb or been able to go to work in the morning without fear of this being the last day you see your family mean nothing to you? What about justice for people who were killed in most abominable ways by the LTTE? What about justice for a country held at ransom by a terror group? What about yet unborn generations who cannot live the lives lived today by people in developed world because this country is been ruined every day by a megalomaniac?

  155. Navster,

    You bore me with your insipid propagandist TINA cliches about the war. Why don’t you go back and read, with an open mind, some of DBSJ’s writings about some of the third options that were evolved in the latter stages of the conflict?

    “What about yet unborn generations who cannot live the lives lived today by people in developed world because this country is been ruined every day by a megalomaniac?”

    Now you sound like a hysterical antiabortion activist. If Mullaitaivu was was full of 360,000 sinhalese refugees held to ransom by a sinhalese terrorist organisation lets call it the Liberation Sinhala Lions of Lanka LSLL, being fought against by a Tamil majority government from the Eelam Freedom Party , I am sure your ardent patriotic fervour would be for all the sinhala mothers of unborn sinhala children who were starved, and murdered by heavy weapons and aerial bombardment huddling pitifully in hospitals and tents along the beach. You would be calling hysterically for ceasefire, and now baying for blood for all those are imprisoned. That is the deep irony of this conflict. You cannot see that you are the mirror image of the exact people you claim to hate (LTTE supporters).

    Instead like so many godaya fools, you glorify the present leadership, looking to bracket their names with historical figures, blissfully confident that the means justifies the end. You cannot see that the end is bitter, unknown and full of unresolved tensions, and uncounted costs.

    Two years ago Harry Patch, the last surviving World War I veteran, aged 109, was taken back to site of the Battle of Passchendale where he fought alongside 600,000 soldiers who died. He was asked this of conflict that was billed as the “War to end all Wars”.
    Was it worth it? his reply: “War isn’t worth one life”


  156. 169. RS Wickramasinghe
    “Do you think Fonseka did not anticipate Rajapakse would attempt to degrade him once the war was over? Do you not think that the only way to neutralise the inevitability of Rajapakse’s move was to dangle the threat of flirtation with the opposition as a counterweight? how effectively he can function as a VEHICLE for political change. The US has stepped in very shrewdly……..”

    What a load of imaginative theoretical BULL. So SF is the shrewdest man on earth who has foreseen everything and planned accordingly. You are the mighty wise owl who only understands this underlying scheme of wise moves while we are old farts. Ok young cock; I wish you stiffness for life in your fools paradise.

  157. 178

    You do have no idea what the ruling cabal of SLFP did to Janaka’s career in 2000 after he saved the 55 division from being annihilated at Elephant Pass.
    Even the meanest corporal would have taken note of what happens to unelected officials who begin to outgrow their elected bosses in public stature. Lest we also forget Janaka’s murder last year as his career was gathering steam, and before that, in ’05 the panicked phone call from your Emperor-King Mahinda to Janaka when the JVP (and JHU) were approaching the man who destroyed them to take their candidacy for President.

    You also forget that the man now running the US State Department Robert O. Blake understands the ground realities of Sri Lankan politics intimately – better than anyone probably, and the scale of the crimes committed by your unholy trio.

    For old fools like you King God Maharajah Mahinda is the all seeing, you dream of rubbing libations on his body and offering yourself as broiler flesh sacrifice to his brother Gotabaya…..

  158. Wicks

    Tell your ‘massina’ Sarath and your uncle Ranil to start learning tamil if they want to achieve their dreams, otherwise they will be dreaming for the rest of their lives.

    “President Rajapaksa met about 1,200 resettled civilians in Thunukkai and addressed them in Tamil urging all the civilians to unite and help the government to develop the country since the war is now over and peace has dawned.”

    Wicks, also tell Sarath to get onto twitter or something if he wants to communicate with his army buddies. Election campaign has started in full swing.

    “President Rajapaksa then visited the troops in Mullankavil Brigade Headquarters and addressed about 3,200 servicemen.

    Addressing the troops the President announced a salary hike for the Government forces with immediate effect as a gift for the sacrifices made by the brave soldiers during the war. President Rajapaksa expressed his gratitude to the support extended by the security forces when the battle was launched to bring that tragic era to an end.

    President Rajapaksa as their Commander-In-Chief mingled with the war heroes who had engaged in the humanitarian operation in the Wanni to defeat terrorism”

    President Rajapakshe also thanked the IMF for making the salary hike to the forces possible. He said hopefully when these loans have to be paid back, he will be dead, or happily retired.

    Wicks, also tell your granduncles in the UNP to get a person who can mingle with ordinary folk, unless they want too wait in the opposition for the rest of their lives. Mahinda takes to it like a duck going into the water and enjoys every minute.. Ranil and Sarath look distinctly uncomfortable when surrounded by the punchirales, but they are the ones who have more votes. It is time to bring in Sajith Premadasa and get rid of your walauwe crowd and tell them to go and have their tea parties and forget about politics.

    Wicks, you being a diehard UNP’er, i can understand your frustrations and resulting explosiveness, but just attacking the Rajapakshes is a waste of time, and achieves nothing.

  159. 168. shankar You are spot on Giap. In my estimate he is the best out of all, because he was terribly under resourced but fought the might of the US army and won. He used the terrain, the monsoon and intelligence to his best advantage.

  160. “168. shankar You are spot on Giap. In my estimate he is the best out of all, because he was terribly under resourced but fought the might of the US army and won. He used the terrain, the monsoon and intelligence to his best advantage.”

    Don, this is really funny stuff. You must be burning the midnight oil on wikipedia. Gee I wonder what civil war leaders you could pin the same laudits on in Sri Lanka….lets give credit where its due eh “patriot”?

    Though your vision should fade, and your hand should tremble and you hair may thin, may you always have good bandwith for wikipedia….

  161. Wicks, you being a diehard UNP’er, i can understand your frustrations and resulting explosiveness, but just attacking the Rajapakshes is a waste of time, and achieves nothing.

    Better than lying down like a dog to lick jackboots in defeated submissision, eh Thamizh?

  162. to wicks comment 182

    Isn’t that what Ranil has been doing all these years. Why don’t you go back to your beloved motherland, before it becomes a faterland, and rejuvenate the party of your grandma and grandpa. That is the way to fight the Rajapakshes,, right on their home turf, without cackling away from kangarooland.

  163. to Wicks

    Thamizh went on the UNP ride and the SLFP ride and then on the tiger ride which was very uncomfortable. Now they are sick of the rides on the fast lane and would prefer the merrygoround Rajapakshe ride. At least you can get off anytime you want.

    As for me i always thanked them for the ride and got off when i found that the drive was going towards ‘pissu pussellawa”..

    Thamizh are now going on the US ride with L plate lady driver Hilary. As for me when someone stops and asks whether i want a lift i say no thank you, i prefer to walk. I like the exercise. I am srilankan first and thamizh next.

  164. Wicks

    I forgot to say some Thamizh are on the horse in the merrygoround, some are on the “kazuthei’, some are on the swan, and some on the tortise.

    Can you take your mind back and honestly tell me you did not love the merrygoround. Can you remember the heady feeling, when it suddenly goes up, then down, then up again, and your papa and mama waving at you.

    I woundn’t be surprised that i have rekindled old passions and you young buck will be enjoying your head off.

  165. “As for me i always thanked them for the ride and got off when i found that the drive was going towards ‘pissu pussellawa”..”

    That makes you a hanger-on, better than a sycophant, but still…..

    “I am srilankan first and thamizh next.”

    How about being a human being first? Maybe you’ve spent too much time in India and like so many diaspora twits now know no more what you are…

  166. 181. RS Wickramasinghe
    I am sorry to say sir, you are a self opinionated fool who thinks other people’s opinions are dog shit while yours is beholden. Smart people do not run down others what ever their view’s are because we have to tolerate and respect each other in this world and we always learn from others thinking. Awareness is wisdom said Buddha. But you only seem to be aware as to how great and infallible your opinion’s are. You are using DBS’s valuable blog to dish out your troubled mind which is a pity.

  167. Smart people do not run down others what ever their view’s are because we have to tolerate and respect each other in this world and we always learn from others thinking.

    You must either be naive or stupid. I am from the blood and guts on the floor school of debating, so is Mr Jeyaraj, who graduated from the school of hard knocks If it is too much for your tender Buddhist heart to have pig-chauvinist brand of ideology questioned writing under an ANONYMOUS identity, too bad.

    Please don’t shove your pseudo-buddhist philosophising down my throat, you clearly do not even understand Dhamma. No-one here is peddling Christian or Muslim aphorisms as a catch-all font of morality. That is part of the nightmare that has enveloped Sri Lanka. Instead please go read up on secular systems of constitutional Law, and the Western “Enlightenment” that produced this. There should be a heading in wikipedia……

  168. If the unified UNP or coalition throws it’s weight behind Sarath Fonseka, he may stand a chance of being elected. However, MR and CO. have shown they know how to split any opposition along various lines, even if the line is filthy lucre

  169. 185 Shankar
    “Thamizh are on the horse in the merrygoround, some are on the “kazuthei’, some are on the swan, and some on the tortise”

    Poor analogy I’m afraid All the creatures on the ride are going around and up-and-down at the same speed

  170. to comment 189-mercator

    But they don’t know that do they. Keep this top secret. Classified. For your eyes only.

  171. Dear DBS,
    I am a marathi man living in UK hence with no direct-connection with your area-of-expertise, however I must confess I am hooked to your writing since I came across your blog a few months back.
    Keep up the good work. and I so wish that you wrote on more universal things.

    Thank You.I will try and write on other matters in the future……DBSJ

  172. DBSJ

    The Fonska fiasco distracted us and we strayed away from this important artcle. There is a very important para which i reproduce below.

    “Nehru being an enlightened leader saw that linguistic nationalism within Indian borders could tear the fabric apart unless it was contained through appropriate adjustments. He decided to re-structure Indian states on a linguistic basis”.

    Though Nehru was an enlightened leader, the catalyst for him doing this was the agitation made by Tamil leaders and Telugu leaders, one for Dravidanadu and the other for Andra Pradesh. As a result the whole of India seemed to benefit from a new model because of the racket made by these two.

    Why I brought this up was in contrast to these tamil and Telugu leaders in India, our Srilankan Tamil leaders such as GG. Ponambalam etc were like pussycats. I wonder why was that? if the tamil leaders at that time agitated for a Federal state at the time of independence, don’t you think we could have avoided all this civil war. An enlightened sinhalese leader would have given a federal state based on linguistic lines. By the time SJVC brought it up it was too late. The Sinhalese had started thinking colonisation was the answer. The 50:50 proposal of GG seems to be the cause of the present plight of the Tamils, when i compare what happened in India to what happenned here.

    Anyway better late than never,

  173. Dear Sir,

    I have been reading your articles… they seem to be unbiased with a lot of facts

    I have questions with regards to this article

    In this article dated 9 Oct2009, you mentioned the final and fourth part would appear the following week, I do not see it anywhere on your blog, did I miss it ? If yes, can you please let me know where the final part is ?

    I am very eager to read that part to get your perspective about my state’s history.

    Thanks and Regards


    Dear Karthick

    This is a reply to you and many others particularly from Tamil Nadu or Tamil Nadu origin abroad who sent me mails and posted comments on this matter.

    This was an extended article I wrote for my regular weekly column in “the English newspaper “Daily Mirror” published in Colombo. The articles were simultaneiusly posted on my blog.

    What happened was that I was not keeping well for two weeks and could not complete the final article as planned

    Meanwhile developments in Sri Lanka have taken new turns and I had to focus more on topical or current issues for “Daily Mirror”.

    Even the one on the 1962 coup is particular relevance to the current situation .

    Since I wrote the series for “Daily Mirror” I have to write the last part there. It ‘s not proper for me to write it on my blog or elsewhere.

    As interesting developments are unfolding rapidly in Sri Lanka I am not able to write on this historic development of the fall of Tamil Nau separatism right now

    But I am planning to write the final part during the Christmas- New Year period where events in Sri Lanka are expected to slow down

    Please bear with me until then

    I am very sorry to disappoint readers interested in that subject

    My apologies for this long delay

  174. From what i can glean from this article is Nehru and kamaraj were the principal architects of eradicating seperatism, taking it out with its roots and all.

    There is a lesson to learn from this for Srilankan leaders.

    1. The president of Srilanka should devolve sufficient powers to the northern and eastern provinces so that the Chief Ministers can function effectively.

    2. Get a Chief Minister elected from the Presidents own party to run the provinces{ such as Kamaraj of the Congress party}

    3. See that these Chief Ministers are efficient blokes who can deliver the goods for the people.

  175. I just can’t understand Annadurai’s strategy of Dravidanadu , when there is no support at all from the leaders of the other 3 south Indian states.

    The conclusion i come to is either he did not have common sense, which i find a from a man of his calibre difficult to believe, or he was just playing a political game and was never sincere about it in the first place.

    The impression i get is by hanging onto Dravidanadu in lieu of a Tamilnadu seperate state, he seems to have deliberately sabotaged the latter.

    If he was really sincere he would have gone for both and said whichever comes first we will take it. A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush.

    Anna, you took everyone for a good ride.

  176. DBS sir, a very nice article, I am rushing to read the earlier two parts…and look forward to the last part. Very well articulated, balanced and forthright.

    The only other comparable piece of writing on this topic I can think of is Kannadasan’s excellent book in which he talks about his DMK days, his disillusionment and his eventual parting of ways with them.

    I can see more than a hint of sarcasm in that you seem to see *MK politics as more of rhetoric and less of action. But you express it quite softly.

    Kavignar Kannadasan also narrates a very interesting anecdote of MK getting a gold ring as a ‘reward’ from CNA which MK himself had in fact purchased and given to be ‘presented’ back. CNA of course, talks in his usual flowery language about how he roamed street after street to find a suitable ring for his ‘thambi’. True or not, this seems to capture the essense of the so-called movement which has now become a money minting franchise for some families and a cinema dialogue talk shop for others. Sadly, the SL tamils have relied on these jokers and have suffered too as a consequence.

    Talking of TRM and the song from Malaiyitta Mangai, there is another anecdote from TFMPage archies – it seems Kannadasan roped in TRM to play the lead role amidst a lot of opposition from his party (then DMK) because TRM was a brahmin – to placate them this song was created where TRM is asked to sing the praise of ‘dravida naadu’.

  177. #200…perhaps it is a case of CNA and his ilk being believers in tamil supremacy (or at least present themselves as one to get votes in core TN which is where their mayajaal would sell).. they considered tamil as the parent of telugu, kannada etc., instead of saying they came from same proto-dravidian source, which implies they are equal siblings. That’s why they could not carry non-tamil dravidians along.

    the vast majority of tamil as well as non-tamil non-brahmin dravidians had a major grouse against the domineering brahmin community grabbing most of opportunities which were in any case too little. This got settled in three ways – one by the gradual increase of opportunites, very gradual indeed but still a phenomenon (eg. many engineering colleges these days have trouble filling seats), secondly the purely mathematical phenomenon of numerically superior castes triumphing through ballot box once each person got a vote, and thirdly by brahmins themselves slowly moving to cities, leaving lands, migrating away to other states and pursue mostly clerical / mid level office careers on a pan-Indian scale initially and global scale subsequently and abandoning all political ambitions somewhat like Chinese in Indonesia..

    With that whatever little enthusiasm that was there for the rabble rousing speeches got eroded and smart *MK politicians started quietly abandoning their anti-hindu and anti-god rhetoric by covertly and then overtly embracing all the trappings of religion. It is now common to see ADMK posters full of leaders sporting ‘thiruneeru’ and I guess the DMK men are just waiting for MK to pop off before doing same. From a religious stand point, what 80+ years of ‘self respect’ movement has achieved is that there is a temple every street corner, and a ‘baba’, dubious or otherwise, every postal district!

    This combined with the characterless personal lifestyle and disgusting conduct of *MK leaders not to speak of corruption on grand scale made a mockery of all the high principles they were spouting on stage. They still win votes but ideology has been flushed off long since.

    I think we are seeing a revival of Congress in TN, perhaps years after it paid a heavy price for infighting, over-ambitious leaders and foolish schemes like Kula Thozhil by Rajaji.

  178. Best actors award nominations
    1. Karunanidhi
    2. Douglas
    3. Sonia
    Best Film: “நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழம்”

  179. Tamil Nadu should be new Country, If the

    calculation of economy,
    treating the tamil people in india,
    requirement of part of india,
    percentage of poor and rich in tamil nadu compare with bombay,gujarat
    is verry low

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