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Tragic fate of TRO employees abducted by TMVP in January 2006

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

It was in January 2006 that some employees of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) were abducted and later killed by members of the breakaway faction of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) led by Vinayagamoorthy Muraleetharan alias Karuna. While the Karuna faction later became known as the Tamil Makkal Viduthalaip Puligal (TMVP) Karuna himself along with a section of his loyalists has joined the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and is now a vice-president of that party.

I came across an article I had written on the first anniversary of two separate abductions of TRO employees by the Karuna faction then coordinated by Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillaiyaan. Seven TRO personnel were killed. One was a woman. She was gang raped before death.

Although there was much speculation about what had befallen the TRO employees there was no concrete account of it till I wrote this article in “The Sunday Leader” in February 4th 2007 to mark the first anniversary of this abduction. I relied on the eye-witness versions of some ex-TMVP cadres in writing this article. They had later fallen out with the leadership and gone abroad.

The TRO President Sivanadiyaar and TRO planning officer Lawrence Christie telephoned me from Kilinochchi after this article appeared to confirm the deaths of these “missing” persons.

On March 14th 2007 the TRO held a ceremony and officially confirmed the deaths of these seven persons.

An International Human Rights organization approached me to get the contact details of these ex-Karuna cadres who provided information to me. I put them in touch with the cadres. But the ex-cadres were under pressure from LTTE circles and they had cold feet. Also the Human rights activists who interacted with the ex-cadres failed to gain their trust and confidence.

The man who liaised with military intelligence and ordered the abductions is now the Chief minister of the Eastern Province and in charge of law and order. The man who was in charge of the abduction was later captured ed, tortured and killed in an intra-TMVP clash. The man who supervised the interrogation of TRO employees is now an Eastern Provincial councilor.

The abductions and their aftermath illustrate vividly the climate of impunity that prevails in Sri Lanka regarding horrible incidents of this nature

I am reproducing the article here again. Please keep in mind that the article was written in February 2007-one year after the abductions in January 2006. -DBSJ

First Anniversary: The tragic fate of TRO employees abducted by Karuna cadres

First Anniversary: The tragic fate of TRO employees abducted by Karuna cadres, D.B.S. Jeyaraj, 4 February 2007

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

One year has passed since the abductions and resultant disappearances of seven Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) employees took place in Welikande . Five TRO persons travelling from Batticaloa to Kilinochchi were abducted on January 29th Three were released subsequently. On the following day (30th) another TRO vehicle going from B’caloa to Kilinochchi was hi-jacked at Welikande. Five full time TRO employees and ten trainee recruits were on board. The ten rookies were released later but the other five were not. The TRO has been often accused of being a front organization of the tigers.

The incident did not pass unnoticed. Apart from the TRO protests several INGO’s raised the issue. Worldwide appeals for their return were issued.Christina Rocca then US asst secretary of state made an appeal for their release. The reputed human rights organization Amnesty International issued a special statement in March and requested letters of appeal be sent to President Mahinda Rajapakse.

The AI statement provided a terse synopsis of what happened in the two abduction incidents.

“Kasinathar Ganeshalingam, Kathirkamar Thangarasa, Thanuskody Premini, Shanmuganathan Sujendram, Thambiraja Vasantharajan, Kailayapillai Ravindran and Arunesarasa Satheesharan, all employees of the Tamil relief and development charity, Tamils Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), were abducted in two separate incidents in late January 2006. It is feared that they may have “disappeared” and there are grave concerns for their safety.” said Amnesty.

Amnesty also issued some Background information about the incident.” The government and the LTTE met to discuss the implementation of the cease-fire in Geneva on 22 and 23 February. The abductions of the TRO workers, which took place shortly afterwards were interpreted by some as an attempt to derail this renewed effort to put the peace process back on track. However, the talks in Geneva went ahead as planned and both parties reiterated their commitment to respect the cease-fire agreement. They agreed to meet again in Geneva from 19 to 21 April”.

The TRO is seen as being closely affiliated with the LTTE. However, it is a legally registered Sri Lankan charity and its mission is to provide much needed relief, rehabilitation and development for the people of the northeast of Sri Lanka”.
Amnesty International in an Urgent Action release issued on March 10th expressed “grave concern” for the safety of the seven Tamils Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) staffers who were abducted on 29-30 January and are still missing. Amnesty urged all concerned to write to the Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence, Inspector General of Police and Sri Lanka’s President Mr Mahinda Rajapakse to “undertake and complete as a matter of urgency thorough investigations into the fate and whereabouts of the seven,” and to ensure safety of all TRO workers and the families of the missing.

Nothing much has happened in the case despite appeals made by the USA, Amnesty International and several reputed INGO’s. The Commission of Inquiry set up by President Rajapakse to delve into fifteen major incidents of human rights violations excluded the TRO abductions. Appeals made by TRO that these be included have fallen on deaf ears.

The breakaway Karuna faction of the LTTE known as Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (TMVP) was the prime suspect. Testimonies made by two of the released employees to the Human Rights Commission also indicated that they had seen the name Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal ( TMVP) written in chalk at the camp they were held and interrogated.

But the accusations were denied. A counter – charge was made that the LTTE was responsible. A “story” was floated that a senior LTTE member had advised families of those abducted to keep quiet because it was all a “drama”. It was a LTTE stage – managed act and those “abducted” would return it was said. Nothing has happened. Meanwhile the incidents are passing into the realm of the forgotten.

But the loved ones of the “missing” have not and will not forget. A ceremony was held last week in Kilinochchi to remember the missing seven. The mother of one woman and the wife of one man addressed the gathering. They expressed the belief that the persons were still living and appealed to the world to ensure that they return.Hope springs eternal!

However much one would wish that these abducted human beings whose “humanity” is being obscured by the TRO label be returned or return , recent information gathered by this writer point otherwise. The facts that I am privy to indicate that all seven abducted have been killed. The solitary woman among them was painfully gang raped before being killed. Cadres of the Karuna faction (TMVP) are allegedly responsible.

This writer has been communicating with some sources, well – informed , about some of the goings on, within the Karuna faction. These include disgruntled ex – members who quit the TMVP in disgust over its conduct and the fact that Karuna cadres were functioning as the “running dogs of (Sinhala) Imperialism”. While some of the details divulged by these circles should be taken with a healthy dose of scepticism the information provided about the abductions was deeply disturbing. It is after many weeks of probing that I venture to re- construct in print the tragic fate that befell the abducted seven.

The Karuna faction has a man called “Pillaiyan” who is described as the supreme military commander of the TMVP military wing. Pillaiyan was responsible among many things for the assassination of G. Nadesan the “Virakesari” Batticaloa correspondent. He is said to be the main “link” between the TMVP and its military intelligence handlers. Pillaiyan is also the alleged mastermind behind the on going “abduction of Tamil businesmen for ransom” racket in Colombo.

Theevuchenai is a village in the Polonnaruwa district on the borders of Batticaloa. The TMVP had a string of camps in the adjoining jungle areas. An order was given to TMVP cadres at Theevuchenai on Jan 29th evening by Pillaiyan over the telephone. He told them that a van with TRO employees was coming from B’caloa . Pillaiyan commanded his cadres to lie in wait at Welikande and then pick the TRO people up.

A TMVP team led by a man called Sinthujan alias Pratheepan was given the task. Armed Karuna cadres went from Theevuchenai in a white vehicle and waited at Welikande. The Karuna faction cadres in the abduction team were Jeyanthan, Kumar, Pulenthiran, Siranjeevi and Yogan. All of them are in their early twenties.The TRO vehicle proceeded after checking in at the army post at Welikande. The TMVP van followed and at about 8. 30 pm seized the van at gun point in a convenient location. They took the TRO van to Theevuchenai.

The five people in the van were Kasinathar Ganeshalingam, North East Province Secretary of Pre-School Education Development Centre (PSEDC), Ms S.Doshini, PSEDC Coordinator for Manmunai North, Ms Punniyamoorthy Nadeswary, Pre-School teacher at the Vavunatheevi pre-school, Ms Chitravel Sivamathi, Pre-School teacher at the Vavunatheeevu pre-school and vehicle driver Kathirgamar Thangarasa.

The females were separated from the males. Sinthujan himself interrogated the two males while Sitha alias Pradeep the head of TMVP intelligence along with two others questioned the females. Sitha’s claim to notoriety was after the murder of former Tamil National Alliance National list MP Joseph Pararajasingham on Christmas day in 2005.

He was shot dead near the altar at the St. Mary’s cathedral in Batticaloa after partaking of holy communion at the hands of Bishop Kingsley Swampillai. Sitha was identified as one of the two killers and full details were given by the TNA to President Rajapakse. No arrests have been made so far but the “witnesses” who identified Sitha are now abroad in fear of their lives.

The three females were initially questioned by Sitha and Shashi alias Shanthan and Jeeva alias Thilakan. At one stage Sitha separated Doshini from the other two and proceeded to interrogate her alone.Shashi and Jeeva continued questioning Sivamathy and Nadeswari.

Sinthujan himself interogated the two males. Ganeshalingam was from Thellipalai in Jaffna while Thangarasa was from Kilinochchi. Both were from the north while the females were from the East. Both males were assaulted and accused of being Pottu Amman’s intelligence wing operatives. Their Jaffna origins were also ridiculed by Sinthujan. Later both were taken out and personally executed by Sinthujan.

Nadeswari and Sivamathy were cleared by intelligence and handed over to Sinthujan as “clean”. They were released by Sinthujan the following day and put on a bus near the Vavunatheevu army camp.. Both were not physically assaulted and treated quite decently by Shashi and Jeeva. The TMVP were under the impression that some of Pottu Amman’s tiger intelligence operatives were functioning as TRO employees. Once they were convinced that Nadeswari and Sivamathy were not tigers the TMVP intelligence operatives relaxed.

In the case of Doshini it was discovered that she was a close relative of a senior Karuna faction member. This was of some help initially. Thereafter it appears that Sitha took a fancy to Doshini. He “interrogated” her alone and at one point threatened her with death on the charge of being a tiger accomplice. She broke down and sobbed. Sitha comforted her gently. Later Sitha himself drove her back home in his vehicle.

Apparently a Theevuchenai version of the Stockholm syndrome occurred. The captive began “loving” the captor.According to unconfirmed reports Doshini is now living with Sitha as his “common law” spouse. She has not been questioned by the authorities so far and is protected by powerful people.

But Nadeswari and Sivamathy were required to give statements to the Police. They were harassed by Police officials who kept them at the station overnight. The victims were treated as suspects. Both of them also went to Colombo and voluntarily tendered statements to the Human Rights Commission. Ms. Doshini has not made a statement to the HRC.

On the following day (Jan 30th) the TMVP cadres at Theevuchenai received another phone call around noon from Pillaiyaan.Sinthujan was told of a second TRO vehicle proceeding from Batticaloa.The same team led by Sinthujan went to Welikande and followed the same modus operandi. The white van waited at the checkpoint and followed the TRO vehicle . It overtook the TRO van after 100 metres and stopped it around 4. 15 pm .

While Sinthujan remained in the white van the other five (Jeyanthan, Kumar,Pulenthiran, Siranjeevi and Yogan) seized the TRO vehicle.The driver was pulled out and pushed to the road after a few blows. . Yogan got in and drove the hi- jacked vehicle while the TMVP white van followed suit.

The vehicles stopped after getting off the main road. Pulenthiran and Siranjeevi got in and blindfolded all fifteen abductees. The vehicles then proceeded along circuitous routes and reached Theevuchenai. The fifteen were taken in and questioned by Sinthujan, Shashi and Jeeva.

It was found within a short time that eleven of the fifteen were newly recruited trainees on their way to Vavuniya for a training workshop.The others were on their way to TRO headquarters at Kilinochchi. The TMVP was not satisfied about one of the trainee recruits whom they accused of being the henchman of Keerthi the B’caloa area intelligence chief.

The other ten trainees were blindfolded again and taken by van to the A – 11 highway. Kumar, Yogan and Jeyanthan were in the vehicle. At one point one Jeyanthan saw a Police jeep and shouted “munnale Police jeep”. Yogan replied casually “Athu Pirachinai illai” (No problem). When releasing the ten trainees the abductors told them that the last rites could be performed by family members for the other five.

The five persons kept at Theevuchenai were Aruneswararajah Satheeswaran an accounts trainee from Vellaveli;Kailayapillai Ravindran the accountant at Vipulananda Childrens home, Palugamam, Shanmuganathan Sujendiran the accountant of Manikkavasagar Children’s home, Santhively;Thambyrajah Vasantharajan acct at B’ caloa TRO office and Ms.Premini Thanuskody the chief TRO accountant for the Eastern Province. Premini was also an undergraduate at the Eastern university at Vantharumoolai.

All five persons were “interrogated” intensively by TMVP intelligence led by Sitha. Sinthujan was also involved. The men were assaulted and even tortured. Sitha and the other intelligence personnel then left the camp telling Sinthujan “Ini ungadai poruppu” (Now your responsibility).

The four males were then given rice to eat and tea to drink. Afterwards they were blindfolded and put in a pick – up. It was driven into the interior. The men were then forced to walk into the jungle blind- folded.. The blindfolds were removed and they were asked to dig a huge pit. When it was over the weeping men were lined up and shot. TMVP cadres quickly covered up the grave.

The fate of Premini was terrible. The dusky woman with attractive features and a slight squint was taken to another camp and raped first by Sinthujan himself. Threafter it was a horrible gang rape with TMVP cadres taking turns to sexually assault her. Fourteen cadres raped the poor girl. Some troubled TMVP cadres did not participate in the rape but were powerless to stop it.

Premini was heard to shout and cry at the start. Later she merely sobbed and whimpered. Premini was taken out before dawn by TMVP cadres to the jungles. She walked like a “nadaipinam” (walking corpse) without crying or showing signs of emotion said one ex – TMVP cadre. She was apparently hacked to death and thrown into the bushes.

This account of what allegedly happened to the abducted TRO personnel has troubled me greatly. The tragic fate of Premini is deeply distressing. I have re – constructed the tragedy from accounts related by ex – TMVP cadres. It may be possible to persuade them to testify to these incidents at a genuine inquiry if their safety is guaranteed and identity protected.

Meanwhile the onus is on our former human rights champion and current executive president Mahendra Percy Rajapakse to take action in this matter. Looking back one sees the Govt and law-enforcement authorities acting as “obstructors” of justice in this matter. Cabinet ministers accused the TRO of not co-operating thereby implying that the victim organization was at fault. When TRO employees went to lodge complaints they were treated shabbily as if they were the offenders and not the victims. TRO officials made repeated attempts to contact authorities but were simply ignored.All this points to a massive cover up exercise.

I have also heard of one decent Sinhala military intelligence official who tried to probe this incident and the massacre of 12 Sinhala workers at Omadhiyamadhu being killed by Karuna cadrs themselves. It may be recalled that the Omadhiyamadhu killings were blamed on the LTTE. According to this ,yet to be confirmed version, the TMVP was responsible for that incident too. The MI official was lured into a trap by Pillaiyan and killed by TMVP cadres. The blame as usual was put on the LTTE.

The case of Welikande abductions did not receive the attention it should have received because TRO personnel were involved. It has been easy to downplay the incidents because the TRO is perceived as a tiger front organization. Even civilian employees of the TRO are treated as terrorist because of suspected LTTE affiliations. The well – designed campaign to cripple the TRO also has not been objected to stronly due to alleged tiger links.

Against this backdrop it was easily possible to float conspiracy theories against the LTTE over the TRO abductions and disbelieve that a massive human rights violation had occurred. I am ashamed to say that I too initially felt that the abductions were choreographed dances of deception. The information that is available now makes me realise the full impact of the incidents. There is a crying need for justice here.

The fact that the LTTE is no saint and that it has perpetrated innumerable human rights violations is widely accepted. Yet in a society that is under the rule of law and has a democratically elected government of gigantic proportions the individual is entitled to fundamental rights. Even those working for the TRO or even LTTE members have those rights however unpalatable it may be to some people. This is a crucial truth that cannot be denied in the tragic episode of the abducted TRO personnel.

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com


  1. Dearest DBS

    I remember reading this when you first wrote this and the controversy it caused. You were very courageous then to write this and very brave now to highlight this again

  2. It is extremely heart – breaking to read this tragic story again.It is frustrating to know that Pillaiyan is Chief minister in charge of law and order

  3. I know the tragic woman victim Premini personally. After sexually violating and killing her they spread a false story that she was a tiger intelligence wing member. Sadly there were many reputed writers,journalists and human rights activists who believed this lies.

    Some of her friends are deeply indebted to DBS for exposing the truth then and raising it again now

  4. Who has the right to forgive or forget these criminal acts? Certainly not the Rajapakse Governement. Hence taking these cold blooded murderers aboard and allowing these murders to go unpunished is a serious lapse of the rule of law and a human rights violation of the families.

    The families should be in a position to take this tio trial but may not be possible in Sri Lanka as their lives would be under threat.

  5. The brutality of this gang rape by TMVP goons is horrible. It is terrible that the Rajapakse govt sanctioned this atrocity by rewarding the rapists with government posts. What impunity!

  6. DBSJ

    you are right the fate of premini was terrible, and definitely troubling as you say. but also there is a recent case of a 9 year old girl whose throat was cut, when ransom was denied, i think by this same mob. also sinhalese villagers in the east are infuriated when they see these guys , because they say these fellows who dashed our babies to death are now walking around with the full protection of the security personnel. these villagers can even identify the culprits, but they know it is of no use. by the way iam not talking of the incidents of the eighties, these are ones that happenned fairly recently.

  7. DBS…

    TMVP are cheap dogs… Tamils will forgive even MR not pillaiyan and his dog members…Thanks for writing this…

    I wrote this in 2007 February. None of you LTTE guys thanked me then. Why only now?……………DBSJ

  8. I am reminded of the words… any civilization is first destroyed from within before its conquered by anyother…

  9. When you write critizining LTTE all the colombo news paper will publish… When you criticize GOSL no one … Even the number of commenters here..

    This is our fate……
    Piriapinil vanthathu vali… kaaranam engal thai mozhi….

    Do you think we will get a respectful life in SL.. As I am in overseas for last two years I lost all hopes…


    Please remember this

    This article was first written by me and published in the “Sinhala” owned, “Sinhala” edited “The Sunday Leader” newspaper on Feb 4th 2007. But my Tamil weekly in Toronto was “stopped” by Tamil kundargal of the LTTE.

    So dont talk of Sinhala and Tamil in this regard

  10. Sorry sir… Actually I got your link from on of the most popular online news paper in colombo. They publish only the articles which you criticize LTTE.. But sunday leader is exceptional….


    I do not write for any ON – LINE Newspaper in Colombo. I write for the “Daily Mirror” print edition on Saturdays. They have a web edition.

    People like you never get the point. Some newspapers run by “Sinhalese” publish articles critical of government written by me. So you cant say that ALL Sinhala owned/edited/read newspapers have uniform conduct.

  11. DBS

    Follow comment 8:

    What made u think am a LTTE guy??? If i am sympathetic to tamils suffering in camps, if i find MR and co wrong, If i believe TMVP gang is equivalent to dog… do u think i should be ltte gang??
    A learned man like you should think twice before branding anyone…I am a tamil and am proud am a tamil… i love ltte for they stood for the rights of tamil…i hate them for their myopic ideas and the damage they did to tamil community… does it make a ltte??? i would need your answer…..


    I never heard or read you criticising the LTTE before May. You know who you are and I know who you are. You know that you are not who you say you are and you know that I know who you are and that I know that you are not who you say you are and……………..

  12. Tamil Rehabilitation Organization came to Srilanka with bells and whistles to rehabilitate and bring prosperity to the Tamil people in the North and the East.So why would the Tamils want to kill these people in such brutal manner for no reason.

    Diaspora Tamils hate Karuna and Pilayan with passion for obvious reasons.

    If these allegations of ex TVMP are so true why don’t the pro LTTE Western powers try to extradite Karuna and Pilayan for crimes against humanity,

    Why extradite? Let the govt bring them before courts in Sri Lanka first…………..DBSJ

  13. There may be reasons why overseas resident LTTE do not want to raise too many issues of the fate of their partners who worked for the front organization TRO. They will have to open the books, and facts of fund raising, narco trade, associated shady world of arms and ammunition, submarines, aircrafts, missiles purchase may come out. We had a glimpse of it in the Shanthan trial in London where a former UK Cabinet minister also provided evidence. I’d wager that even some of the Western NGos would not countenance swimming in that murky world in the glare of the public media.

  14. I appreciate your concern for the lost lives, Its tragic. But all of us, all Sri Lankans should have a future.

    So what’s use of changing horses in the midstream.

    Hon Karuna Amman conducts himself in an exemplary manner earning much respect of the masses of this country. I don’t know much about his buddy the Chief Minister but I personnaly have a lot of regard for Mr Amman for beleiving in realism. Some may brand him as an opportunist. But I will not. To me, he stands tall above a lot of his kind(the kind who removed the gun belt). I have a feeling that he’ll do a lot to his community and will stand by them when they need him. He’ll also be an asset to the Island nation in the times to come.

  15. I am not a supporter of the LTTE but … -this must be the funniest group of words going around nowadays.Not funny in the proper context funny -obscene would be apt.It is sad even after all this had happened to our people,some of us do not want to face reality and accept their/our behaviour in the past.

  16. It is very curious that only now after Karuna and crew fell out with the LTTE, and has joined the Govt, that all these stories are coming out to label them as awful individuals who presided over terrible tortures and murders. When Karuna and Pillayan, and the Eastern cadres who were in the vanguard of the killings and ethnic cleansing of Sinhala and Tamil villagers, were part of the LTTE, the ferocity of “our boys” were much admired. Most Tamils admired their shootings, blowing to bits, and hacking to pieces of thousands of human beings, including some of my very good friends of in the Mount Lavinia train station, and labored mightily in the global Tamil Diaspora to gather funds, buy weapons and generally keep the bloo flowing.

    Except for a few brave souls like Lakshman Kadirgamar, a few good Tamil neighbors who we had protected in 1983, and a few people of mixed Sinhala-Tamil heritage, no one condemned the LTTE, or Karuna or Pillayan, or those diabolical TMVP cadres.

    Reading this story, the diabolical nature and acts of Prabhakaran’s LTTE-wing are not mentioned. Karuna’s crew learned their trade at the feet of the Sun God himself, who made them in his own image. THey fell out and started killing each other and any and all associated with the other side … in the only way they knew how .. with the utmost cruelty.

    How are we to unravel the truth of these stories? For every story told against Karuna’s crew, there are probably ten that could be told about VP’s crew. All of the stories are told by the same con-artistes who brought us the Eelamist Propaganda war, some off who are still plying their trade abroad. So, who can we believe, and why is it President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s personal crown of thorns to sort these things out?

    Finally, nothing is said here about the TRO organization itself, that was part and parcel, front and center,, in the vast con game that was crafted by the LTTE to fund its murderous separatist movement, to whitewash it as a “humanitarian” organization, provide cover for its propaganda activities demonizing the Sinhala people and the Government of Sri Lanka, and facilitate the gun-running, with the connivance of Western Non-Governmental Organizations of every ilk. Those who were killed were LTTE VP-wing operatives in the business of sustaining that wing. They were killed by LTTE Karuna-wing operatives, dishing out the violence they inflicted on the people of the other communities of Sri Lanka. These people KNEW the kind of people they were serving .. the UTHR and some other Tamil organizations had informed them REPEATEDLY about it. Why did they PERSIST in serving these cannibals of the LTTE? Did they not have an inkling that they could suffer the same fate dished out to others? I suppose they were all bought with the VISION of money to be made on the tilting deck of the TITANIC. In my view, these people must share the blame of taking part in this diabolical scheme like Dr. Guillotine who never imagined he himself would be guillotined when he invented that diabolical means of execution of innocents. Some really STUPID people believed they could carve out a mono-ethnic apartheid separatist state in Sri Lanka and put their trust in an illilterate bunch of goons. The blame for what happened collectively belongs to them; as long as they keep on blaming other people, there will find no relief anywhere.

    Finally, PLEASE do not try to hang this one on the neck of President Mahinda Rajapaksa .. I do not blame him one iota for not wanting to open this particular can of worms.

    Let us all be glad that this awful nightmare is coming to an end, and learn to live as citizens with equal rights and equal responsibilities in this ONE nation, to live as ONE people aspiring to ONE shared destiny.

    Now let the eggs be thrown at me!


    Four quick points

    1.This was a newspaper article that focused on the murder 7 missing TRO employees whose “fate” was unknown till I wrote this article. This article was NOT about the TRO but about the abduction, murder and rape perpetrated by the TMVP with connivance/approval of the military intelligence.

    2. The TRO was registered with the Govt at that time. It had even signed some agreements. The TRO has also done some “work” in rehabilitation work. It’s links with the LTTE is well – known but it was functioning overtly and legally at the time of the incident. It’s employees were entitled to full protection of the law.

    3. It is incorrect to say that NO Tamils were protesting against or criticising the LTTE. Many have done so and are doing so. But the so called Sinhala “mainstream” was blissfully unaware of these people. It was preferable to see all Tamils as LTTE and deal with them as such. (Hence the IDP situation now)It was fashionable to see those Tamils who aligned with the government of the day like Kadirgamar (What’s happening to this patriot’s statue?)Deva, Karuna & Pillaiyan etc as the only good Tamils standing up against the LTTE

    There were/are Tamils who criticised both the govt and LTTE. Their criticism of the LTTE was appreciated whenever it suited them. But their criticism of govt violations was not welcome.

    4. The government has to take responsibility for these incidents. If no action is taken then it is complicit in crimes. It is this climate of impunity that lies at the heart of this crisis.

    Yes it is Mahinda’s responsibility. If the “Maharajaneni” can take the kudos for the army’s brave deeds then he should also take the “blame” for misdeeds of his militries and paramilitaries

  17. DBS you say “But the ex-cadres were under pressure from LTTE circles and they had cold feet. ”

    I thought LTTE opposed the TVMP and would have loved if TVMP was exposed on this job. So why bring pressure on the ex-cadres?

    Thanks Don
    I was waiting to see who will note this perceived contradiction or paradox.

    What happened was that some LTTE guys abroad were instructed by the intelligence chief to get hold of these ex-TMVP chaps and get the “full” story from them.

    The ex- TMVP boys were already feeling insecure about revenge from the TMVP after this story was publicised and were lying low. But funnily enough it was the LTTE abroad that aggressively pursued these ex- TMVP boys. The ex – TMVP boys had left the TMVP due to disillusionment with their leaders. But the fundamental hatred and suspicion of the LTTE remained. So they panicked and simply turned incognito. Maybe they even went to another country from where they were staying earlier.

    This is why I wrote LTTE pressure

  18. I am truly shocked reading this and the last article about rape, sexual harassment and killings of Tamils done by Tamils. Even though I don’t really like a big mouth like Hilary, who didn’t d anything on her husband’s doings, now she is talking of other countries. You are one of us and you have the right and obligation to write about these things and demand action from the government. I haven’t read your articles before i started reading you here.

    Anyway, now I know that you’d not visit Sri Lanka for sometime. Maybe one day we’d meet in Canada or in Europe. Sorry that you won’t be able to be at the Big Match for sometime.

    Keep writing and keep pushing, for someday truth will come out! Best regards!!!

  19. We all Tamils. past is past
    please forget & forgive.
    We all live together!!!

    Andy Lingam
    (from Pungududivu )

  20. Good for You DBSJ.

    Yeah now some are changing their stripes or pretending. I wish they would have done it 15 years ago.

    It may be time for you to start in TAMIL again. This is just a suggestion. Your point of view will be taken well by more people now than before because they know the path taken by LTTE was destructive. The other ex militant’s (most) are no better than LTTE. Once they get the power they will be worse than LTTE. Examples: DD, Karuna, Pillayan.

    Thanks for suggestion but NO , I will NOT resume or start anything in Tamil here………….DBSJ

  21. I heard many stories about the LTTE such as killing Sinhala and Muslim innocent villagers, especially hacking babies and toddlers. But I never heard LTTE involved in any rape case, even Sri Lankan government never charged LTTE for such monstrous crime.

    This Karuna and his group were considered as fearsome and well organized fighters. This highly dedicated group helped LTTE to win many battles. Now what I am hearing is Karuna group involving much abduction, holding for ransom and raping and killing even below ten year old girls. Why are all these happening now? Why didn’t they do any of these serious crimes when they were under control of ruthless LTTE?

    Tamil should work with high profile Sinhala pressure groups (if any exists…) and try to punish these criminals through Sri Lankan legal system. Any changes in the Sri Lankan government will not produce any significant improvement regarding this issue, since UNP also will go along with these tamil militias for political advantages.

  22. It’s a sad plight. It seems that it has stirred our writer to the extent that, we can feel it in ourselves. Despite the fact that I always considered the TRO is a Tiger Run Organization.

    It’s a shame that the mercenaries are still at large and also honoured above people people like Sarath Fonseka (speaking in a Sinhalese term).

    The problem was that, no one simply cared for the other, or the independent person. For everyone (LTTE, Gov or TMVP) either someone is a publicity stunt (in this case for LTTE), a threat (to the Gov) or a hated object (to the TMVP).

    It’s like the case of the IDP’s. Their plight is a happiness for anti government forces and the pro LTTE diaspora and a threat to the government and the TMVP. Therefore no one will like their freedom and liberation.

    I wonder what happened to the Action Contra la Faim (ACF) workers? I wonder whether you have written an article on that or is it not something worth writing??

  23. Dear Readers

    Please send this article by post to the head of institutions (such as schools, universities, govt departments) in Sri Lanka, particularly the Eastern Province.

    Just imagine the pain and suffering endured by these victims including the female worker.

    This was first written in Feb 2007 in Sunday Leader. Why all this excitement now?…………DBSJ

    Let me ask DBSJ to publish this article in Tamil & Sinhala dailies in Sri Lanka

  24. Comment #13

    “Diaspora Tamils hate Karuna and Pilayan with passion for obvious reasons.”

    They do and will always do. When Karuna was in UK Jail the British Tamil Forum and other British Tamils were mobilizing to make sure that he was kept there and punished. But that initiative was stopped by influential Tamil people in the UK. Why? LTTE wanted him back in Sri Lanka for the very reason why Sri Lanka sent him out of the island. LTTE knew that he would be given around 10 years or so and then released. Then he would be free with the money he took from the Tamil people and would live in luxury in a place unknown to the LTTE. LTTE was not going to let him just go free like that and of course VP personally wanted him to teach him a lesson. LTTE made sure that he was deported to Sri Lanka ASAP so that situation for the Sri Lankan government would be made difficult. As LTTE wanted it, when he came back it made it very difficult for the Sri Lankan government who had no choice but to pamper him and in return he keeps on screwing up the Sri Lankan government knowingly or unknowingly every time he opens his mouth. Pilayan is another addition to the drama.

  25. There is a need for new political leadership among the SL Tamils. Why do we tolerate these devils in our midst? These militants are out of control and do not serve a purpose after the LTTE’s military defeat. I suspect they are being used to control the Tamil population.

  26. Dear DBS,

    Your response to a comment :

    “You know who you are and I know who you are. You know that you are not who you say you are and you know that I know who you are and that I know that you are not who you say you are and……………..” is a gem.

  27. Readers should not forget that Karuna and Pillayan are former LTTE leaders. They learned and practiced these types of cruelty behaviour while they were with the LTTE. It is the Tamil Diaspora spin doctors who had provided human face to LTTE and other terrorist groups.
    Thanks DBS for exposing these terrorists and there overseas goons.

  28. DBSJ

    When you first published this story you tore my heart apart and you have done it again.

    There are few earthly things more powerful than your investigative journalism. This article will go a long way in convicting these cruel criminals.

  29. It is true that there were no public allegations of rape by the LTTE in the North; however, given the way the LTTE operated, it is possible some abuses happened even in the North without anything becoming public. The barbarism of the worst kind shown by the TMVP in the East in the TRO staff matter shows that, even if there had been no split, barbarians capable of committing such atrocities were embedded within LTTE ranks, but its leadership tolerated it wittingly or unwittingly.

    Sinhalese have similar issues with barbarians in the armed forces and among their politicians.

    The fact that such things happened exposes the fundamental weekness of purely nationalistic arguments, both Tamil and Sinhala.

    People should do self-reflection on what kind of values their own societies have and whether such values unwittingly permit such barbarism to arise and survive.

    Insofar as the SLA tolerated such crimes by its allied paramilitaries during the war, Hillary Clinton was right in arguing that rape was used as a tool of war in Sri Lanka.

    The immediate focus now should be on the plight of all IDPs, but a proper investigation of war crimes committed by all sides should come next.

    Then should come the long, hard road to finding good leaders who emphasize values-oriented transformation.



  31. DBS,

    You are great .
    Go and edit this comment..

    And why would/should I do that my dear Cholan?………….DBSJ

  32. DBS,
    This is a heart breaking story. I did not know about this one till I read it here. I hope that we as nation one day will have the courage to face up to what we collectively did to each other last 30 years. It does not matter if the victims were Tamils or Singhalese and the perpetrators were Tamils or Singhalese.

    When I first read this article, I thought you were saying to the Singhalese look at the monsters your guys are now associating with. Then I realize you are also saying to the Tamils, look what your boys are capable of doing. As one commenter pointed out, these TMVP types did not transform in to monsters overnight when Karuna left LTTE. These are the product of LTTE and the culture of impunity that the greater Tamil society permitted the LTTE to have. Just as 1983 riots were the result of the culture of impunity that we Singhalese permitted our goondas to have.

    DBS, you are holding a mirror to our faces and we don’t like what we see there.

  33. # 31 Kumar,

    Readers should not forget that Karuna and Pillayan are former LTTE leaders.


    They learned and practiced these types of cruelty behaviour while they were with the LTTE.

    Loads of Crap. They became “running dogs” for the SL Military Intelligence Division and diligently executed their masters orders.

    To my knowledge and no one has ever accused the LTTE of raping. So, please get your records straight and comment.

    You seems quite upset at Karuna & Pillayan were being exposed by Mr. DBSJ, why?
    Were you part of that crooks?

    Stop blaming the LTTE for everything. LTTE is over as of May 2009 and presently, only the the TMVP and Douglas Devananda’s goons are “Terrorising” the Tamil community from North to South and West to East, and they are under the payroll of the Government of MR.

  34. There were no rapes in the LTTE but they had lot of children who do not know their father and/or mother.LTTE told you that they are orphaned children when they were put up in Chencholai and you all beleived it.
    I have first hand information that of some these children had been given for adoption outside the north. The plan of the LTTE was to take them back later when they need but things have gone out of hand now.

    There was one Gadafi in the LTTE in Batticaloa who were sexually harrassing many women in Batti. LTTE could not control him. He got a punishment transfer to Vanni. Later he got married in Vanni and Bala Annai was one of the witness to that marriage. No one know where is Gadafi now and Gadafi really does not know how many illegetimate children he produced. Some are at Mangayarkarasi Illam in Batti. even now.

    From some of the comments above I see many beleive that LTTE was a disciplined organisation. It was a myth. How can a killer be disciplined, I wonder.

  35. Hi DBS
    Surely the LTTE would have known immediately that their TRO men had been kidnapped and executed. If they did not have a hand in this why the LTTE waited for an year. Or was it that they could not cover up any more because of your publication.

    Only you and Amirthakaliyan know the answers to this question. Why are you wasting your valuable time with this quirky questions?…..DBSJ

  36. HI DBSJ,
    You know lots of secrets/ dirty works of all sides ( I am lost counting the no of actors). I urge you must write down all the facts you have come a cross. Some people don’t like the truth coming out. Better watchout your back.

  37. Intrnational comunity

    How long you wish to cover all other dirty secrets of MR regime and other atorocites committed by GOSL in the name humanitarian relief work…

  38. Hi DBS,

    I Use to read your articles it was very interesting. Its true these types of rapes happen in war situation but remember we always talk about the media ban from Government side you have to realize that for the period of 30 years there had been many Rapes done by LTTE (You see the reason why you can accuse TMVP was that up to certain extent it was open to the media, remember few years back TMVP member are LTTE people so this Rape is not something new to them.) when it some to Rape you will see even so-called develop countries like USA has been found guilty.
    In Sri Lanka there is very poor management and over politicizing this is the reason why these sort of cases has gone without notice. You might have remember when LTTE attack Sinhala villages they use to kill innocent men women and children, at one point I saw a incident where a infant baby was thrown in to a hot oil Pan so this baby was burnt to death. This is the sort of terror we have gone through. What we need to realize is we might have certain problems, when we try to protest against it some third party will hijack it like the LTTE did in 1983 and JVP did in 1971 and 1987, its better to learn from the past.

  39. I had read your original article; But it was via a forwarded-forwarded email where your original words remained; But your name was not mentioned; I now realize someone either purposefully or not, missed your name as author, the author . However, there were ‘inserts’ like Doshini related news spiced up; So it could be a cut-and-paste-spice ip-forwarded mail.

    The more I read you, the more respect I have for you. However, due to many outspoken (and of course I am not good with my wrtings) opinions from me, DBS has branded me an LTTE ‘supporter’ a few times. Anyhow I am not going to change my ways as I am honest and outspoken.

  40. If LTTE entered a power sharing agreement, which could have been a distinct possibility if Ranil came to power, Karuna and Pillayan would be ruling the East as it is now. Then for most of the commentators here they would have been great heroes along with VP. Then they would not be talking about the most inhumane crimes of 30 years.

    They are bad guys for they killed a few LTTEs. But killing, killing and killing was all the Diaspora wanted them to do. How many Sinhalese villagers, policemen, soldiers, Tamil intellectuals they would have scored for the 30 years? DBSJ wants only this to be investigated and accounted for.

    Pardoning the sins and giving a couple of Ministerial positions out of hundreds is nothing compared to the service they rendered in defeating the main rival. Rajapaksha would have been insane to refuse his help and attempt to disarm him as LTTE sympathisers in Colombo demanded. How many such potential cruelties had they been with LTTE Rajapaksha would have avoided by this alignment?

  41. The main men behind this brutel rape and other acts have been rewarded with Chief Minister post and Minister post by Sri Lankan government, but they(SL) were really mad when Hillery Clinton mentioned about SL using rape as a weapon of war.

    Because it is not the policy of the SL goverment..??!!??…but they do it as a casual everyday activities…if they like

    It reminds me a thamil quote:

    “பேய் ஆட்சி செய்தால் பிணம் தின்னும் சாத்திரங்கள்”

  42. That most genial , slain MP Raviraj used to say ” Do not tell me LTTE killed this man and the Army killed that man. Both were killed by the WAR – we must bring an immediate end to this war”

  43. Before Pillian and Karuna, Indian govt should be brought to justice for fueling the armed conflict by training and arming the militants in 80’s and later for the heinous crimes its military carried out on the innocent tamil civilians and sadly that includes gang rapes.

    Its ironic that this author never seem to mention any of those!! May be that the inidian masters will become unhappy and the payment will be curtailed!!!!
    I am sceptical that this comment be published:)

  44. To: 48. Tharasi | October 9th, 2009 at 10:58 am
    You just returned from India.
    Why do not you write about what you ask others to write. Why is that you gals always find fault with others. Still licking the wounds of war.

    Just because of you did not read does not mean that it was not written by DBS. In any event where were you when DBS exposed the IPKF and scuttled down Thimpu Talks.

  45. I fully agree with 48# Tharasi. INDIA is answerable for all the killing of Sri Lankan children, now they gotaway and became saints. Is it possible to bring this matter to intl courts?

  46. # 38 Amirthakaliyan,

    Sri Lanka has produced numerous Spinners during the last 3 decades.

    In Cricket there were Real Spinners like: D.S.De Silva, Kaluperuma, late Sritharan Jeganathan and Muttiah Muralitharan

    In propaganda. Three outstanding “Spin Doctors” evolved during the conflict with the LTTE

    Two of them are holders of Doctorate degrees and quite familiar with the Tamil Week readers.

    The third one is none other than the, “Legendary” Udaya Nanayakkara with his omnipresent “Grenade thrown” stories, which actually got off first with the LTTE and after it’s demise currently applied to underworld gangs, IDP agitation and plantation strike etc……

    Compared with the above ones, you have outclassed them all with your current comment.

  47. I don’t understand why DBSJ has pubished this articles at this time….

    May be to discredit Karuna and Pillayan.

    I know both have commited n number of crimes.

    Karuna is a man of Talk. Pillayan is a man of Action

    It is Pillyan who built the TMVP militarily to defend against LTTE. Karuna fled the country and was giving interviews only.

    Even DBSJ wrote in an article saying that Karuna has clear vision and wants some thing from the Goverment in exchange of support while Pillayn would be an easy man to handle.

    But, the truth is different now. Karuna wants to blindly support govt. whereas, Pillayan is asking for power to Provincial council. He is working very closely with all community leaders despite so many turbulance caused by govt and Karuna.

    I don’t see any Tamil leader has shown the same charater of Pillayan (after entering politics) in terms of vision and community harmony.

    Hizbullah has told my brother that, “it looks like even if the Tamils don’t vote for Pillayan, Muslims will vote for him”.

    The recent welcome in Kalmunai and the letter from Muthur Traders Association will tell the truth.

    It would have been better, if DBSJ has added some two lines of good things for him.


    Please remember that this article was first written in February 2007. It was about how some TRO employees were abducted and killed including a woman who was brutally raped.

    I reproduced this article for one reason only. After Ms.Hillary Clinton made some remarks about rape being used as a tactic of war in Sri Lanka there were loud protests and articles defending the armed forces and govt.

    I was irritated by the tone and content of some of these articles. They were trying to project the viewpoint that there had never been any sexual violation of Tamil women by security personnel. While the bulk of security personnel are not guilty in this matter it is not correct to say that there have been no violations at all. There have been instances.

    So I found an old article I had written in July 2001 about sexual violations against Tamil women by Police and security force personnel and reproduced it here while pointing out that Ms. Clinton was wrong in saying Sri Lanka had used rape as a deliberate war tactic. My intention was only to show that there had been incidents like this. (It happens in all wars. To say they dont is bunkum)

    Now I found a lot of people responding to that article by launching vicious attacks on the armed forces. They were writing as if only the “Sinhala” soldiers were capable of such brutality and making out it to be a race issue.

    In fairness to the Sri Lankan armed forces I must say the scale of sexual offences against Tamil women has been comparatively smaller than what could have been . This does not excuse those offences but I am only saying there could have been rapes on a mass scale but that it didn’t happen

    So I reproduced this earlier article on the TRO workers incident.This was to drive home the point that “race” was not the issue in this matter . In this incident the victim was Tamil.THose who gang raped her and then killed her were also Tamil. That’s why this article was reproduced

    Even though the perpetrators of this descipable act were all members of the TMVP this article was NOT about the TMVP. The focus was not on the good,bad and ugly aspects of the TMVP but on the horrible incident

    I agree with you that Pillaiyan as CM is trying to do some positive things whereas Karuna seems to have sold out completely. Pillaiyan going to Kattankudi mosque at Jumma prayers and embracing Hizbullah was a commendable act

    IF and WHEN I write about the TMVP at a future stage I would certainly focus on Karuna & Pillaiyan

  48. Hi Tharasan
    Thank you for pointing out that DBS has written about india, aplogies..i have not read them indeed.

  49. Thanks a million for your responce. The responsible reply shows how much you value your profession.

    Thanks and good luck

  50. The “pro LTTE diaspora” (not the neutral) is more or less a TALKS ONLY ONE. If it’s anti Gov news they are the first ones to commend but on the other hand if it is anything bitter, they will come with their “patriotic slander” (same for the Sinhalese chauvinists the other way round).

    Few things prove what the pro LTTE diaspora is …
    for example the guy who ate McDonald’s Burgers.. despite fasting for 20 odd days (what a joke).

    Hypocrites hypocrites everywhere!

  51. Irrespective of race the horrendous and despicable crimes committed against the TRO employees call for the stiffest punishment under the law.

  52. The horrendous and despicable crimes committed against the TRO employees call for the stiffest punishment under the law.

  53. Dear jeyaraj

    i am from tamil nadu.Sir if your writing is true ,having this as an evidence why srilankan government or legal system in SL charge against TVMP or people who committed those grave crimes.Not even a member from TRO hire a lawyer and fight against those people. Why these people are silent or government is making the issue silent.
    Any responds from government ?.Any improvement in this case right now.what is current position of this case?
    please give me reply sir..thank you

    If it was NOT true do you think I would have written it under my own name and “The Sunday Leader” published in Colombo would have carried it? This was first published on February 4th 2007 and no govt agency has contested it so far

    The answer to your question is obvious is it not? It lies in the article itself. Please read and comprehend it.

    The TMVP was working with military intelligence which in turn is under the govt. So will the govt take action against their own henchmen?

    Not only this incident but there have been many where much evidence was given to the govt about killers. The assassination of TNA MP Joseph Pararajasingham in the Batticaloa Catholic Cathedral in front of the entire congregation and Bishop Swampillai after partaking of communion was one. All information was given by the party but nothing happened?

    One of the two gunmen is now an Eastern provincial councillor.

    This being the prevalent situation it is rather irritating when readers like you pose “smart” questions like this. It’s a waste of time.

    By the way an article in newspapers is not enough “EVIDENCE” to start an investigation

  54. Thanks for the replying for my quiestion jeyaraj.I had some doubts after reading ur editorial ,so only i posted the comment. i dont know what is reason for your irritation ?
    thanks alot for replying to my question once again

  55. 45. Daya | October 9th, 2009 at 8:28 am

    >>They are bad guys for they killed a few LTTEs. But killing, killing and killing was all the Diaspora wanted them to do. How many Sinhalese villagers, policemen, soldiers, Tamil intellectuals they would have scored for the 30 years?

    True words sir. But what prevented you from writing about innumearable Tamils killed by Sri Lankan armed forces and their ‘secret’ sub divisions?

    Does it mean that ” LTTE was brutal ” would automatically justify the brutalities committed by the Sri Lankan armed forces?

  56. There are Sinhala barbarians and Tamil barbarians too. THis article is too powerful and a stark reminder of what happened and what may happen again. Karuna was responsible for massacring 600 innocent Police officers. And now the Army and Police have to salute this barbarian because he is a Vice President of the SLFP. Where are the rights of those who were massacred? Where are their bodies? Why don’t you write about that? They surrendered and were killed for no reason. Disgusting animals. I hope people are being careful, because I won’t be surprised if Karuna is asked to bump off top professionals on behalf of the government.

  57. Re. # 60 / sydney-Tamil


    I am the last Sinhalese to justify killing or harming any unarmed Tamil civilian by govt forces. I believe in 100% equality in a unified country with Tamil Language enshrined to the same position as Sinhala language (unified one country because two countries will see the greatest carnage history has seen – ferocity of Tamil LTTE and Sinhala govt forces amply demonstrated that)

    What I mean, in the context of the present article by DBSJ, is there is not much point in demanding selective justice after a ferocious war of 30 years. There is no point in asking for the justice for the families of 600 policemen or 200 Muslims who were praying in a Mosque. DBSJ’s article gives rise to the feeling that Tamils killing Tamils is a greater crime. I do not mean at all these events should not be discussed in the open. What I disagree is the element of demand of justice.

    Karuna broke out and threw his weight behind the govt offensive against his new enemies. Govt cannot be held responsible for every crime he committed. That was his practice which the diaspora applauded a few months earlier. There is no denial that govt was greatly benefited by intelligence he provided and rewarded in return.

  58. only one hope that there will be a new bread of leadership in this country in the future.

    What ever the ethinicity the leader should be honest ,accountable and just.

    We have wtinessed enough violence and need to breath in freedom of peace and humanely in the future.

    Few have a conscious to accept their faults and correct them.
    Many have a self righteous attitude which will lead to self destruction eventually.

  59. Does anyone who what happened to lawrence christie of the TRO. The man was personally known to me, and the last picture I saw was of him reporting in the nofire zone in a tamilnet.com picture. Did her perish in the final assault, or was he captured? Does anyone know his fate? I am very curious as I have seen no mention of the man in any news paper at all.

  60. Permit me to voice a different view. It is well known that the TRO was a LTTE front. Does anyone know of any actual rehabilitation done by the TRO using its ample finances? Was a single road built? Was a single building for the people built? The only rehabilitation done was for Prabhakaran to build his palaces and swimming pools whilst the average tamil lived in cadjan huts. As such it is quite correct to assume that anyone who worked for the TRO was also a LTTE member/supporter and deserved what they got. The people the TMVP killed were terrorists with blood on their hands , and they deserved the fate they got. So dont lets start shedding tears.

  61. As such it is quite correct to assume that anyone who worked for the TRO was also a LTTE member/supporter and deserved what they got.

    If the people were unarmed it would have been murder to kill them even if they were uniformed LTTE cadres.

    But apparently you are of the belief that it is fine to murder anybody who disagrees with you. Only problem with that is some of the people who disagree with you may have the same idea. No doubt, just before the bullet enters your skull, you’ll be saying “I deserved what I got”.

  62. Re:67: Mr Jones, the LTTE has wrecked havok in our country with still 300,000 refugees in camps thanks to the LTTE trying to achieve unrealistic goals. The TRO is just a LTTE front for which money was extorted from tamils abroad and in sri lanka under the guise of “rehabilitation” for tamils. The “rehabilitation” done by the TRO was seen by the luxurious houses and air conditioned bunkers that prabhakaran had. The common people were still living in cadjan huts, I challenge you to give a valid instance of the TRO being a proper rehabilitation organisation. Since it was a LTTE front, its members were to hardcore LTTE’ers. The hardcore LTTE’ers deserve what they got, consider how many babies, mothers, innocents would have died due to bombs which were purchased by the TRO funds for the LTTE. So these people got what they deserved.

  63. The hardcore LTTE’ers deserve what they got, consider how many babies, mothers, innocents would have died due to bombs which were purchased by the TRO funds for the LTTE. So these people got what they deserved.

    And why should it be different for hardcore Sinhala extremists like yourself. Somebody shoots you and all your family and we’ll just tell everybody on the forum that you all got what you deserved.

  64. Steven Jones #69

    I presume that you know Mr Balachandran as a sinhalese extremist.

    Perhaps Mr Balachandran could confirm.

  65. re:69 Steven Johns:
    So according to you if a person is against the LTTE terrorists he automatically becomes a singhala extremist? It just shows that this Steven Johns is a LTTE terrorist sympathiser masquarading under a western name. Anyway the bottom line is that the TRO members are all LTTE terrorists, they had made their choice to join a organisation which they knew murdered innocent children and they got what they deserved. It is not worth shedding a single tear over such people. IMHO the TMVP did the country a service by exterminating such terrorists before their money could have been used to buy more bombs to murder innocent people.

  66. John and Steven:
    I agree with your comments, and John, what Steven is trying to point out is no matter how bad these guys were, It is not right to brutally rape & kill UNARMED cadres. No civilized person will agree with that whether he;s a Tamil or Sinhalese.

  67. dear dbs,
    i would like to get a clarification from you there is a feeling that easterners broke away from ltte becoz they belonged to dalit community.they were chaffing under the leadership of vellalas as it is being potrayed.was caste one of the reason for the breakup though personally i dont think ltte practised casteism.i have heard sp thamilchelvam who belonged to a lower caste being accorded recognition.i have heard shoba shakti france based ex ltte man who also writes talking about dalits facing discrimination can u clarify though i accept this is not right on my part to have blogged when u have written about tro abduction three years back

  68. Anyway the bottom line is that the TRO members are all LTTE terrorists, they had made their choice to join a organisation which they knew murdered innocent children and they got what they deserved.

    You could say exactly the same of somebody who chooses to join the SFLP, JVP, JHU, or any of the Buddhist front charity organizations.

    What you want to do is murder people who disagree with your political viewpoint, yet you’re squealing like a stuck pig, when it is pointed out that people might decide to do the same to you.

  69. # 72 John Balachandran.

    I really feel sorry for you.

    It is imperative that you need to do a medical check up immediately.

    Are you an Easterner? or TMVP member? just wondering, because of your solidarity with the accused and dastard comments about the innocent victims.

    I wish you one thing that is, you will encounter the same perpetrators and get little dose of what the TRO staff went through.

    I’ve seen many Sinhalese in this website but never, ever have I come across such gross statements like yours.

    Get a medical check-up pal and I’m afraid that it may be too late!

  70. Re 76.
    I am indeed a proud elderly eastern tamizh who is unable to travel to a foreign country without being looked suspiciously upon as a terrorist or a drug courrier thanks to pirapaharan and his boys. The TRO extorted money from our people, even assaulting them when they were not able to pay. As such the people who were killed indeed deserved there fate because they had blood of innocent mothers and children who were killed on their hands. At least the TRO people were able to get a last meal before being killed, but the same cant be said of the thousands of innocent people who died due to bomb blasts sponsored by them. It must be remembered that those who live by the sword die by the sword.

  71. As such the people who were killed indeed deserved there fate because they had blood of innocent mothers and children who were killed on their hands

    You don’t have a shred of evidence that the people killed were involved in extortion (I would put it as almost impossible since any TRO extortion would have occurred in Canada, Australia, the US, UK or EU and not Lanka).

    They have less blood on your hands than you do, who goes around advocating that those with different political views to yours should be murdered.

  72. # 77 Mr. John Balachandran.

    TRO was a registered charity organization in Sri-Lanka and first time ever I am reading that they were extorting money?

    Wasn’t it the LTTE that extorted money?

    Nevertheless, no one should should die the way TRO staff died, especially the lady who was gang raped and chopped off. Your comment was derogatory.

    I strongly believe that the almighty god will punish every individual, regardless of their ethnicity, who perpetrated cruelty to fellow humans, will meet the same fate during their life time.

  73. to comment 77-john balachandran

    you are consumed by hate. It has spread like a cancer inside you, and as someone mentioned you need treatment.

    In the kind of situations you mention, those responsible are the ones who directly committed the acts and also those who gave the orders to do so. Nobody else is responsible.

    For example if a father commits a crime he is solely responsible, not the children, and vise versa.

    We can maybe go one step further. If you could have prevented a crime and did not, then you are responsible.

    In the case of premini have a checklist of the following

    1. Did she commit the crimes you mentioned.

    2. Did she give the orders to commit the crimes you mention.

    3. Could she have prevented the crimes you mention.

    If all those three checklist are negative, does she deserve to be raped by more than ten guys all night and next day hacked to pieces.

    For working as an accountant for the TRO , if you believe she deserves this, probably you would have also joined the queue that night if given an opportunity. Why don’t you just accept the fact that she was a pretty woman and it was purely lust that was the motive.

    ps-as for your grouse that you are unable to travel to other countries without being looked down upon, thats news to me. Can you give us specific instances .

  74. # 77 John Balachandran

    I do not understand why you are offended by the suspicious attitude of foreigners towards you.

    After all your eastern leader was caught and imprisoned for passport forgery. So it is natural your eastern background raises eyebrows.

  75. To Stephen johns et al, Tell me if the situtations were reversed and the TMVP operatives were captured by Prabhakaran/LTTE/TRO then what would have their fate been? Do you think that Prabhakaran would have invited them to have some Dosai and Masala wadai, followed by some palmyrah toddy? What nonsense, they would have faced a worse fate than what befell the TRO operatives. As for Premini, well she had made her choice in life to join a terrorist organisation and to earn and organise funds which were used to blow up innocent people. She was a adult and she made her choice, and she had to face the direct consequences of such a decision. No one has commented about the important issue of giving a example of what the TRO has been doing for the people, not even a cadjan hut was built by them, all the money they earned went to buy weapons or build swimming pools and air conditioned bunkers for pirapaharan.

  76. I am both disgusted and disgruntled in the manner US is treating Sarath Fonseka and Gota Rajapakse. Sri Lanka must sever diplomatic ties with the US for such high handed manner of treating the sovereign nation, Sri Lanka

  77. Sumithra, don’t worry. Bogollogama says his diplomatic offensive has sorted out everything with the US and the US is going to be our best buddy in the future.

    Bogollogama has also submitted to Mahinda his childrens birthday bash bills that the US is refusing to pay.

    PS. without getting angry with the US, just tell Gota to chuck his US citizenship into the Nanthikadal Lagoon, and tell Sarath to chuck his green card into the hambantota harbour. Then go and get a life insurance policy from Ceylinco Insurance.

    Don’t you think the US has a right to question its own citizens and potential future citizens.

  78. #84
    I hope SL would not do this drastic action, it is not humane as US is going through a rough time with economy. Wall street will crash worse than black friday then chain reaction will be all over the globe.

  79. DBS J
    I remeber reading this article. This was amoung the first few articles of yours that I read. I remember how painful it was to read then and it is just as poinful now.

    You are one of the few truly independent Tamil voices. Apart of you and UTHR(J) I can’t think of anyone else who are truly independent and have the guts to write like this on the Tamil side.

  80. To John Balachandran,
    Nobody has answered your questions for two reasons:

    1) we can point out what they built but you would reply they hid weapons under it

    2) you were not even troubled by shankar’s suggestion that you would have joined the queue to rape Premini thus confirming yourself as being a barbarian

  81. Very sad the aleged murderers are now part of governing at center and east, but they will and should pay for the sins one day Only hope is a change for a better future

  82. Hello my dear tamil brothers, TMVP is ex LTTE and LTTE is mainly tamil. Wether you all or from north or east, you all have being abused by the majority, which happens in all countries. Take and example of India against muslims, kashmiris and malaysia against chinese, tamily.

    why do you all kill each other and it was the downfall of LTTE. I am sure LTTE killed more tamils than the government forces. therefore you all have been abused by your own people LTTE/TMVP. i hope and wish you will have a better life in future. dont be too greedy for big peices of meat, learn to lick the bones. always the majority treats the minority the same way. look at aborigines in australia, even red indians in USA.

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