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Whither the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam?

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Recent developments on the war front in Northern Sri Lanka have caused bewilderment and disappointment to many supporters and sympathisers of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

There were many who thought that the LTTE was going to defeat the Sri Lankan armed forces conclusively and deliver an Independent state of Tamil Eelam on a platter.


[Norwegian facilitaters and the LTTE leadership in 2004]

They were willing to overlook, gloss over, ignore or blatantly deny the various human rights violations perpetrated by the LTTE because they thought these were necessary evils on the path to liberation.

Anyone expressing criticism however constructive it may be was slandered and condemned as a traitor.

Even when it was pointed out that the course of action followed by the LTTE would not succeed and that decisive defeat was on the cards, such advice was rejected and spurned by the tigers and their fellow travellers.

The dominance of militarist thought within tiger circles and the belief that military victory was the only solution made them disregard well-intentioned advice

I have personally experienced cruel and degrading treatment at the hands of the LTTE and their acolytes for daring to warn the tigers that they were not going to succeed in achieving their professed goal.

I have on many occasions pointed out some grave errors made by the tigers and urged an immediate course correction.

What I wanted was for the LTTE to transform itself but this was unacceptable to those living in a world of self-delusion.

When the LTTE observed its 32nd anniversary on May 5th 2008 I wrote an article in “The Bottom Line” of May 7th 2008 outlining the progress of the tigers and implored the LTTE to abandon its impossible dream of Tamil Eelam in the larger interests of the Tamil people.

The article headed “LTTE AT 32: Whither The LTTE”? was welcomed by many readers who sent me a lot of positive e-mails.

At the same time tiger and pro-tiger elements sent a great deal of derogatory mail saying that military victory was on the cards and that Tamil Eelam was inevitable.

Today, many of those who criticed me then are confused and stunned by the recent turn of events.

I have been surprised by the volume of mails I receive from readers about the current situation.

Some have pointedly referred to my earlier article in “The Bottom Line” and remark that the wisdom of hindsight has altered their earlier perspective.

Though the article is comparatively large for a “blog” i do feel that the piece should be posted here for the benefit of discerning readers

The article is reproduced here in full:

LTTE at 32: Whither the LTTE?

Prabhakaran has risked the entire existence of the Tamil people as a vibrant ethnicity in Sri Lanka for the elusive goal of Tamil Eelam-It is an all or nothing gamble for him

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Thirty-two years ago, on May 5, 1976, around 40-50 Tamils met clandestinely at a secret location in the Jaffna peninsula and formed themselves into an organisation called the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Umamaheswaran became its Leader. Prabhakaran was made Military Commander. A five-member committee was appointed to control and coordinate the new movement. Both Umamaheswaran and Prabhakaran were members of this committee.

Their objective was unambiguously clear. The LTTE goal was to establish an independent state called Tamil Eelam in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka. A revolutionary armed struggle relying on guerrilla warfare was to be waged against the Sinhala-dominated Sri Lankan state.

The beginning

Nine days later, on May 14, the newly-formed Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) passed a resolution at Vaddukkoddai demanding Tamil Eelam-a separate state for the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

In July 1977, the TULF contested the Parliamentary elections on a secessionist platform. The TULF said in its manifesto that the elections were a referendum and that votes for the party meant a mandate for Tamil Eelam.

The TULF swept the polls in the Tamil majority electorates of the north east, winning 18 seats. TULF General Secretary Appapillai Amirthalingam became Leader of the Opposition.

The goals of the TULF and LTTE were the same on paper. In practice, the relatively moderate TULF was prepared to compromise and eventually agreed to the District Development Councils as an alternative to Tamil Eelam.

The militant youths referred to as ‘Boys’ did not agree with this and continued to pursue their goal of Tamil Eelam through violent methods.

The anti-Tamil pogrom of July 1983 was a watershed that brought moderate and militant Tamils together temporarily.

Meanwhile, the LTTE split in two. A large number of members broke away under the leadership of Umamaheswaran and formed the People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE). Some like Nagarajah, Aiyer, etc., went their own way.

Only a handful of the original LTTE members remained loyal to Prabhakaran. A frustrated Prabhakaran went away to India and stayed there for a while. In his absence, a triad comprising Seelan, Mahathaya and Ragu ‘managed’ the LTTE in Sri Lanka.

At one point the LTTE, with its depleted ranks, began working together with the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) led by Thangathurai and Kuttimani.

There was a time when Prabhakaran wanted to merge the LTTE remnants under him with the TELO and form a new organisation. This, however, did not happen.

The arrests of TELO leaders Thangathurai, Kuttimani and Jegan by the Navy in 1981 brought an end to TELO-LTTE cooperation.

Fight for Tamil Eelam

The LTTE began functioning independently under Prabhakaran, who was both its Leader and Military Commander. Later Charles Anthony, alias Seelan, became Military Chief.

By July 1983, the LTTE cadre numbered 30. There were 23 fulltime members and seven part-timers. There were also many ‘helpers’ of all ages from different walks of life.

The LTTE killed 13 soldiers through a landmine at Thirunelvely on July 23, 1983. This resulted in the 1983 anti-Tamil violence. There was a spontaneous ‘rush’ by Tamil youths to join the militant movements and fight for Tamil Eelam. India began training and arming the movements.

The struggle for Tamil Eelam itself underwent many bizarre twists and peculiar turns. There was internecine warfare among the movements. The LTTE became the dominant Tamil group.

The Indo-Lanka Agreement of July 29, 1987 caused a sea change in Tamil politics. Except for the LTTE, all other Tamil parties and organisations accepted it and opted to give up the Tamil Eelam struggle and accept devolution provided under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

The LTTE also agreed initially, surrendered some arms and even accepted a monthly payment of money from New Delhi as an ‘incentive’ in the early stages. The Tigers, however, changed track soon and resumed hostilities, daring to take on the Indian Army.

The past years have seen many rounds of peace talks between the LTTE and different governments in Colombo. None of them succeeded and the country suffers endless war interspersed with temporary spells of no war.

In the meantime, the LTTE has achieved tremendous ‘growth’ in certain aspects. The double-digit membership of 1983 is in five digits today. The LTTE is a transnational entity today with front organisations among the widespread Tamil diaspora.

[LTTE flag, 2005 Martyrs day-Elephantpass]

From 1990, the LTTE has succeeded in keeping under its control sizeable parts of the north east. The area of this de facto state has fluctuated periodically.

Sphere of LTTE control

Tiger territory has increased and decreased according to the fortunes of war. Yet there has always been a sphere of LTTE control.

Within this LTTE area, the Tigers have set up structures like police stations, courts, inland revenue offices, TV, radio, film unit, newspapers, banks, immigration and emigration offices, business ventures, farms, etc. The Tigers have even drafted their own laws.

Militarily, the LTTE has grown. They have infantry brigades, women’s brigades, commando units and specialised divisions for laying mines, sniping, firing mortars and artillery, resisting tanks and armoured cars, etc.

The Tigers also have a naval wing known as Sea Tigers and a fledgling air wing called Air Tigers. The LTTE has many marine vessels and a limited number of small aircraft.

The LTTE also has an elaborate overseas network with the Tamil diaspora as its base. There are multiple media organs engaging in propaganda and myriad activists raising funds. The Tigers have the capacity to organise mass demonstrations at short notice in many Western cities.

The LTTE also runs many commercial enterprises in several countries both West and East. They also have a fleet of ships transporting arms acquired overseas to the north of Sri Lanka.

In short, the LTTE’s growth in the past 25 years has been phenomenal. It is perhaps the only enterprise run ‘for, of and by’ the Tamil people in Sri Lanka that has registered a ‘success’ of this magnitude after July 1983.

Scorched earth policy

This successful growth has come at immense cost to the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. Vertically the LTTE may have gone up, but horizontally the Sri Lankan Tamils have gone down. This is the unpleasant and inconvenient truth that the LTTE and acolytes often deny and do not like to hear.

World War I was only four years long, from 1914 to 1918. World War II was six years, from 1939 to 1945. This war for Tamil Eelam has gone on for decades and decades with an intensity and ferocity that has debilitated the Tamil people immensely.

The Tamil areas have undergone a staggered ‘scorched earth policy,’ cunningly implemented in phases by different regimes. Death, injury, destruction, displacement, etc., are part of daily life.

Fishing has dwindled. Agriculture has diminished. Industry is virtually nonexistent. The economy has decayed and unemployment is rampant. Single parent families, widows, orphans, etc., are widely prevalent.

Education, the mainstay of Tamils, has suffered considerably. Many schools do not function. Hospitals are run down. People are displaced from their homes under the pretext of setting up security zones.

The quality of life has gone down. Infant mortality rates, malnutrition, stunted growth, etc., are areas where Tamils in the north east are affected more.

The social fabric of Tamil society is torn badly, cultural life is shrinking, values are being brutalised, and ethical codes are crumbling. These are the effects of long-term war on a small, powerless people.

Demographical impact

The worst impact has been on demography. Tamils have left the country in very large numbers. Equally large numbers have moved to areas outside the north and east. Only 42% of Sri Lankan Tamils are said to be living in the north east now.

Some years ago at a seminar in Colombo, retired Indian Judge V. Krishna Iyer stated that Tamils be given full autonomy. Former Central Bank Governor N.U. Jayewardena wrote to the newspapers in response.

N.U. made three observations. Firstly, he said the Sri Lankan population would stabilise to zero growth in 2025. Secondly, he said that the high rates of Tamils leaving the country indicated that the Tamils would only be 1.9 % in 2025. Thirdly, he said that 1. 9% was a “manageable minority that need not be given autonomy.”

Thanks to comparatively higher educational standards and social problems like dowry, late marriages, aversion to female children, etc., the Tamil birth rate has been on the decline even before 1983.

Census figures of 1963, 1971 and 1981 show gradual decrease percentage wise. If a proper census is taken now, the Tamil population percentage would be much less. It may not be 1.9 % as N.U. said, but it could certainly be less than 5%.

The Tamils may have proved a point by taking up arms against the state dominated by the numerically larger Sinhala people. But ultimately, demography would defeat the Tamils.

The LTTE and its supporters often assert that a guerrilla movement fighting for the goal of national liberation cannot be defeated militarily. This may or may not be true but the point to be taken note of is something else.

If the prolonged armed struggle for Tamil Eelam is leading to a gradual decline of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka, then the ultimate losers will be the Tamils themselves.

A minority would be made a microscopic minority and therefore made easily manageable by the numerical majority.

It does not matter then whether the LTTE is defeated or not because the Tamils will be weakened quantitatively and qualitatively.

Numbers game

To put it bluntly, the so-called ‘Sinhala state’ need not win this war. All it has to do is prolong the war and sustain the pressure. The Tamils would be drastically reduced in numbers. This is already happening in the island. It is against this backdrop that the LTTE turned 32 on May 5.

Through the sacrifices and dedication of its cadre on the one hand and the ruthless violence and authoritative intolerance on the other hand, the LTTE has become the dominant politico-military force of the Sri Lankan Tamils today.

The Tigers have become the self-appointed sole representatives of the Tamil people. This columnist does not accept the LTTE as the sole representatives of the Tamils. Not merely the LTTE, but no entity on earth can claim to be the sole representatives of a nation or people.

The reality, however, is that the LTTE remains today the dominant entity among Sri Lankan Tamils. It is the single-most powerful non-state actor among Tamils.

Along with such power should come a sense of responsibility. As former British Premier Stanley Baldwin once observed, “Power without responsibility has been the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.”

The LTTE has been the determining force in Sri Lankan politics for many years. Tragically, the Tigers have been the sole arbiters of Tamil destiny in Sri Lanka.

The LTTE asserts that creating Tamil Eelam is the only solution and that Tamils must suffer and sacrifice in order to achieve it.

According to Tiger acolytes, Velupillai Prabhakaran is the only Tamil leader steadfastly advocating the cause of Tamil Eelam. All others have abandoned it and are therefore traitors. But the multi-crore question is, at what cost?

The Bible queries whether it is worth gaining the whole world and yet losing one’s soul. There is a Tamil proverb, ‘Suvar irunthaal thaan sithiram varaiyalaam’ (one can draw a fresco only if a wall exists). Can Tamil Eelam be established in the island while the Tamil people reduce in number?

There is also the question of whether the LTTE can achieve Tamil Eelam. The real estate it controlled once has shrunk. Can it recapture these areas militarily?

Question of viability

The Tigers have alienated the Muslims living in the north and east and also the Sinhalese. In recent times, due to the Karuna revolt, a large number of eastern Tamils have spurned the quest for Tamil Eelam.

There is also the case of Tamils living outside the north east. Unless there is violence like in India during the time of partition, most of them would not like to return to Tamil Eelam.

The expatriate Tamils of an older generation may say emotionally that they would return but very few would actually do so.

As for the second generation, they are-as Prabhakaran himself once commented-a “lost generation” (tholainthu pona santhathi). At best they may come for extended vacations.

Apart from the desirability and attainability of Tamil Eelam, there is also the question of viability and the situation within Tamil Eelam if it materialises. Given the tenacity of the Sri Lankan state in resisting separation, there is little chance of Colombo accepting Tamil Eelam.

Assuming that Tamil Eelam comprises the present Northern and Eastern Provinces, the land and sea borders would be very long and large. There would be constant friction and strife.

Even if the Sinhala people accept Tamil Eelam, India would not. Thus India would move in quickly and crush it.

Given the current geo-strategic configuration, there is no chance that New Delhi would ever countenance an independent Tamil state in the Indian Ocean unless the Sinhala government does something incredibly stupid.

Even if that happens (highly unlikely) the Tamil areas of Sri Lanka may be attached to India as a union territory or protectorate. There would be no independent Tamil Eelam.

If and when Tamil Eelam evolves, notwithstanding these factors, the resources of the nascent state would be devoted mainly for military purposes. In a climate of war, very little foreign investment could be expected. The Tamil Eelam state will be an economic basket case.

The focus on national security will result in a negation of democracy, pluralism and human rights. All these would be denied under the pretext that an external enemy is at the gates.

The despotic rule of the LTTE in the regions under its control would be replicated on a much larger and institutionalised scale.

Even though the LTTE boasts about its parallel state administration, the reality is that food and fuel have to come from outside. Besides, the salaries and expenses of government employees, school teachers, medical staff, etc., are all being currently paid by Colombo.

Negative image

The LTTE may have made a name for itself through its armed struggle. But its strength is basically its destructive capacity and not constructive capability.

In recent times, the LTTE has acquired a negative image internationally. The conscription of child soldiers, suicide killer attacks and the adoption of terrorist modes at times have given it a terrible reputation.

Despite its impressive feats on the battlefront, the LTTE is isolated internationally. Some of the most powerful nations of the world, including the USA, India, Britain, Canada and the EU countries, have proscribed it as a terrorist organisation.

Significantly, the LTTE does not enjoy support on a large scale even among the Tamils of India. There is sympathy for the Tamil plight but very little regard for the LTTE. The support of Tiger sympathisers like Nedumaran, Vaiko, etc., is negligible.

It is in such a situation that the LTTE reaches 32 years in age. After decades of fighting that has debilitated and diminished the Tamil people, what are the concrete gains made by the LTTE in winning back the lost rights of the Tamil people?

Death, displacement and destruction have enveloped the Tamil areas for many years. Despite all this suffering and sorrow undergone by the Tamil people, what has the LTTE achieved in its perennial quest for Tamil Eelam?

Their redressing of valid Tamil grievances and the accommodation of legitimate Tamil aspirations is possible in two ways. One is through the arduous route of secession and the other is through equitable power sharing arrangements within a united but not necessarily unitary Sri Lanka.

The LTTE, while paying lip service to the concept of a political solution, has sabotaged any worthwhile effort aimed at meaningful negotiations. It would have the Tamils believe that only Tamil Eelam can achieve results and that only the Tigers can quench this thirst for Tamil Eelam.

The truth, however, is that the LTTE has many, many miles to go before it can ever hope to attain Tamil Eelam. Even then the quest is elusive as the odds are stacked effectively against it.

It is like the search of a blind man for a black cat in a dark room. Only in this case, the cat is not there. Also, the Tamil people are made to pay a heavy price.

All or nothing gamble

Like a compulsive gambler, Prabhakaran has risked the entire existence of the Tamil people as a vibrant ethnicity in Sri Lanka for the elusive goal of Tamil Eelam. It is an all or nothing gamble for him.

He is like an invading military general who burns his boats so that his soldiers have no choice other than to fight on for victory or face death. There is no turning back. If the soldiers win the war, the general will be praised for his steely determination. If they lose, there won’t be anyone left to tell the tale.

Ultimately the success or failure of the LTTE cannot be gauged by the size of its military assets or the destruction and losses inflicted upon the enemy. The proper criteria is to see how far the LTTE has progressed on its journey towards Tamil Eelam.

In terms of a cost benefit ratio assessment, is the progress (if any) achieved commensurate to the heavy price being paid by the Tamil people?

The ultimate political destination of the Tamil people can only be the full restoration of lost rights. The important question is whether the LTTE is on the right track.

How long will the LTTE persist with its unrealistic quest for Tamil Eelam? How long must the powerless Tamil people suffer due to this protracted war?

It is time for the 32-year-old LTTE to do some soul-searching.

D.B.S. Jeyaraj can be contacted on: dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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  1. Prabakaran has outlived and outwitted so many Sri Lankan leaders.

    Sri Lanka is a myth concocted by the English rulers. In canada where you stay, the are no qualms of admitting it. Ironically because qubec people are allowed to seperate, they choose to stay within the union. The same right is not given to the people of Northen Ireland.

    Sri Lanka’s economy has collapsed. Now they are comming up with the “Save Mahindha Fund” which is going to kick off on Feb 4th. I believe its probabily going to be a small scaled ponzi scheme. Sri Lanka has a bloated armed forces with a lack to fund it at this levels or even half of it. There is a potential war with Pakistan for India on the horizon and the BJP government will probabily want to go ahead with it.

    Not also neglecting the Obama factor. Was it any suprise that Israel declared a ceasefire just before Obama’s inugration. I mean even with such a patriotic jewish chief of staff, Israel realises that is not dealing with a fool that it can manipulate. Thats why Hamas did not stop firing rockets.

    Pakistan the tradtional ally of Sri Lanka, the ones who caused an Indian invasion of the island on the pretext of protecting the tamils, did so to subjugate Sri Lanka for her relations with pakistan that led to Sri Lanka offering refueling facilities to them during the bangladesh war of liberation.

    Congress is corrupted and devoid of any meangiful solution to their problem. Imagine they only stick together when you have a nehru family poster boy or girl. Yet these Nehru family poster boys or girls were only just that. They should have realised that.

  2. Let you give you the reason why the two countries should split. It will be good for both the tamils and the sinhalese. In 1963, Singapore merged with Malaysia and freed heerself from colonial rule. Singapore is and was an overwhelmingly chinese majority state while Malaysia had a simple Malay Majority. The combined entity had an even distribution of the races.

    The union was uneasy due to this. Eventually they split after severe race riots. After Singapore split in 1965, Malaysia had race riots in 1969 which did also affect Singapore. Malaysia turned to a policy to help the Malays. Now this was good becuase many malays were improvished as they was not encouraged into the economic activities of the country by their colonial masters, the english.

    Singapore on the other hand practised meritocracy. Well you can never practice that to the hilt but they do their best. Many people of Eelam origin had contributed significantly to her growth because of this. Now many people of Eelam origin were contemplating on returning to Sri Lanka believing that it was their rightful home. However racist policies enacted by the Sri Lankan government prevented them from doing so.
    In contrast Malaysia started to make its government service etc Malay only. However just like in Sri Lanka, many people claimed they were Malay. Hence a sucess of the 1969 racial riots was that a Malay PM was replaced by a Bugis whose people come from Indonesia. Its akin to accepting jayalalitha as sinhalese.

    Later on a Malayalee with Malay blood like a Malayalee like Mahindha with sinhalese blood came to power. He brought the illusion to the country that there was much growth to which Malaysia is still suffering today.

    In Singapore Joseph Yuvaraj Manuel Pillay of eelam origin was born in ipoh Malaysia and a Imperial college alumuni went to singapore to join the government service and ended up building the best airlines in the world SIA. He was also the Mangaing Director of the central bank and led many agencies and developmets in Singapore.

    Look at Malaysia’s loss. Its racist policies pushed away her best talents. In his footsteps comes Tharman Shamugretnam who father is from Eelam. He was a former MD of the central bank and today is the first non chinese finance minister. They are also the only non chinese MDs for the central bank. 2 out of 6.

    In malaysia the racist policies pushed the people of eelam origin into the private sector. The main reason the people of eelam came to Malaysia and Singapore was to work for the government service. Hence they moved to the private sector.

    This turned out to be good. Tarpananda Krishnan and Gnalingam are 2 of the richest men in malaysia. The first non chinese to be the richest man in malaysia. Today Tarpanada krishnan is number 2. He was born in Malayasia. Both are of eelam origin. The twin towers once the worlds tallest building was his idea and project. Not to want to have a non malay be the builder, Mahathir got the national oil company to jointly build it with him. He became the richest man when he sold his tower. As assets on paper can be written down untill they are liqiduated.


    Later on Singapore proved that through meritocracy, the Malays in Singapore were doing better then the malays in malaysia. The malays in singapore are richer per captia then their counterparts. Today Malays with the other races are rejecting racial politicis. The ruiling coalition faced a crushing and humuliating defeat in a recent by election. This is becuase like Sri Lanka alot of fake Malays or sinhalese started appearing to exploit the race and religious ignorance of the people. Is there really going to be any salvation for them. Its best for Sri Lanka to leave eelam. Why drag others into that blackhole.

  3. Beauty, unbiased, totally honest most importantly professional. the problem has been both extreme ends of the country has attacked you for telling the truth. Your article have beed the best published in SriLanka, you are the best I have seen, regard to srilankan conflict. keep up the good work mate

  4. The LTTE may not be 100% right and may have made blunders (if they have killed Raja), but, it is the best response ever by Tamales to counter Sinhalese (State) terrorism. In addition, LTTE has brought the Tamil struggle to international levels. Therefore, even though Tamil eelam has not been achieved, the LTTE has kept the Tamil struggle well and alive for the past 30 years for the world to see how the Sinhalese state terror is being unleashed on the Tamales in various ways. Besides, keeping the struggle alive is a very basic element for Tamil Eelam or any other political solution as approved by Tamales. The LTTE is currently simply spearheading the 1977 mandate by Tamales for a separate state. But, the truth is, the 911 has brought the Tamil struggle to its knees, as the current US administration (which has 18% public approval today) has decided to on a failed “War on Terror” strategy walking over minority rights. This is the major contributor for this current situation. If not for 911, the LTTE or the Tamil struggle will not be in this sorry situation. This does not mean the Tamil struggle is over. If I have not mistaken, the world Tamales are now moving politically to speak for the SL Tamales. I hope the author will also join the world Tamil community in this struggle to ask for another referendum for SL Tamales under UN supervision to understand what the majority SL tamils want.

  5. Tamil struggle is over 80 years starting with the Ponnambalam brothers being cheated by Sinhala leaders.Later SJV,Amirthalingam too had their chance with Sinhala leaders. Disgusted with this ,tamils thru 1977 turned other page.Over 70/80 % tamils migrated abroad.Now do you think once again LTTE or its representatives are going to trod thru the same garden path.Present Govt is being worse than it’s predecessors with all this murders kidnappings etc.

  6. Thanks Jeyaraj,
    Very good article, exactly true, I’ll give you 10/10.

    Thanks again spending your valuable time for this

  7. Hi jey
    Keep up your good work.Educate the people by talking the facts.we have to move on had enough of these atrocities,all we want is live peacefully,well he had tried his way ,so its not suitable,now we say good bye,

  8. flow smoohtly from start to end. Inspired!!!

    any institution who beleives that it can achieve its objectives by force or violence in the long run must read this. End should be the political solution.

    wish you could write unbiased articles like this!

  9. It was a well documented article. I still recall that 32 years ago I was in a election meeting of TULF which was held in Kuncharkadai (Vadamaradchi) in 1977 and people was in a big line up to do “Raththappottu” to the popular speakers in that election campaign – Vannai Ananthan and Kasi ananthan. Vannai ananthan spoke about the “Ilawampalam palutha kathai”. I told my friend that separate country in Sri Lanka is not feasible and Amirthalingam and co. is cheating the people to win the election without any oppostion by creating a momentum emotionally. I am not a political scientist like Bala anna and I do not have anything before and after my name except my father’s initial but the basic knowledge I have in politics, I mentioned that to my friend. Even after 32 years now, I am saying that Tamil eelam is not a reality UNLESS Indian central government decide to create one for tamils in Sri Lanka.

    Prabaharan does not have strong leadership skills which he proved himself several times in the past. It is very unfortunate that almost 23,000 young tamil boys and girls had faith on him and sacrificed their valuable life believing that he will get the freedom for tmails. If one of thses boys and girls is one of my brother and sister, how would I feel now? I really feel for those families who lost their loved ones for this struggle. It seems like all those sacrifices going to be in vain. Only time will tell.

  10. The LTTE supportive Diaspora will not be very pleased with this article. This is not what they like to hear, however factual it is.

  11. Hello,
    what is the point of ths article, Mutatis mutandis what impact, positive or otherwise will this piece of article have on the Sri Lankan problem and the affected parties.

  12. I think what you advacating is not acceptable to tamils.
    Giving up goal of eelam and accepting sri lanka will never will happen. Its the sri lankan govenment which inititated the violance and tamils took up arms as last option defend it existance. Do not twist the story. Simple fact is that Sir Lanka did not treat tamils in as their own people.

    LTTE is doing what tamils want, have you looked at the survey by Obama for tamils. Tamils want to divorce from the Sri Lanka.

  13. Well thought out piece of writing.

    The general consensus among Tamils ( whether they are supportive of LTTE or not ) is that successive Sri Lankan governments have not been sincere in their efforts to place a meaningful solution to the Tamils. This Govt. is by far the worst.
    The Tamil people especially in the North and East are paying the price. What is scary is a long drawn Military occupation.

  14. “Even if the Sinhala people accept Tamil Eelam, India would not. Thus India would move in quickly and crush it.”
    The LTTE attitude is and has been ” we can defeat india too”
    Are the 90% of the LTTE supportes stupid or extreamly smart?
    People in Srilanka will continue to suffer, specially Tamils.
    By the way DBS a great article. It is unfortunate for our people that VP does not have the foresight and regional political understanding a journalist has.

  15. Thank you very much for detail analyzes. I would encourage LTTE to leave Tamil people living in Srilanka alone now. If LTTE start guerrilla war then again Tamil people start to suffer. We need to build our broken trust and concentrate on education and development..

  16. A nice article revealing the reality. Any sensible person would have discerned that the LTTE would ultimately let the Tamils down by their tyranic actions. It doesn’t call for much political expertise to see that our fate was sealed with the assasination of Rajiv. The fact that many tamils didnot condemn it. or the other intercine killings gave false encouragement to the LTTE.
    Their attempts to assasinate Fonseka and Gothabaya would have increased their resolve by million folds to counter the LTTE to the point of elimination whatever it costs the country. It is only after these attempts that sri lanka stockpiled it killer armoury and using it to justify their acquisition. A double edged sword to kill LTTE and at the same time line the pockets of many, many …

  17. The truth is,a consedarable proportion on tamil community watched LTTE performing it s murderous’struggle”, hoping oneday they will win. we should have done what we did to the JVP in the early 90s. The LTTE should not have been toerated by the SL state even for a single year. Well, we know what to do now. Message to all Sri Lankans is that, LEARN TO ILVE TOGETHER. Not a single day of armed struggle should be tolerated for it comes at a huge cost to common poeple, Sri Lankans.

  18. Sane people all over the world recognize that the only way to resolve conflicts is through diaglogue, negotiations, and compromise – and never through arms-twisting tactics deployed by extremist outfits such as the LTTE. For the longest time, the Sinhalese were a bungling lot unable to bring tame a wild tiger despite their majority prowess. It was only a matter of time till the majority got their act together to deafeat terrorism. What happened in Sri Lanka is an excellent lesson for other radical outfits planning to take-on the majority.

    At least now lets hope those Tamils who have been in a dream world about Ealam will become realistic and work with Sinhalese moderates to address the legitimate grievances of minorities, build solutions, and forge ahead together in a new single nation as one people but celebrating their independent identities. The Tamils and the Sinhalese both have to reach to one-another to build a peaceful nation.

  19. Dear Mr Jeyaraj,

    You are a balanced journalist. I always enjoy reading your articles and this article and the one you had written to coincide with LTTEs 32 years of existence demonstrates your balanced approach as a journalist. You really set an example to the others. Please take care of yourself too.

  20. How about this perspective

    LTTE would be wiped out. So there would not be any organization that would begun armed struggle again.

    And racisit singla community would not grand euqual power to tamil people.

    International and indian community would see this is unfair

    And there would be creation of new tamil Eelam.

  21. True, the LTTE are not saints.
    And many Tamils held their silence in the hope for Eelam – and some criticised Karuna not because he split but because he split at the wrong time!

    But the Sinhala GOSL are not saints either and in comparison some would say the LTTE are saints!

    At the end of the day in any final analysis or criticism, we must remember what Gandhi noted.

    Gandhi said that Satyagraha or peaceful protests worked with the British, but only because the Indians had a place in the heart of the British – that is, not merely at a romantic level but also the British establishment included.

    For the sake of the future we must ask the same question: do Tamils have a place in the heart of the Sinhalese (and vice versa) – at any level?

  22. Hi DBS

    This story ending up with a soul searching for LTTE should be renamed as Soul Searching for Tamil people.

    Sinhalese as a nation would never believe in a Sri Lanka without Tamils. Its because for whatever reason we lived side by side for millennia. Sri Lanka would be a dull place to live alone without the vicissitudes of the multiculturalism. We have so much to share in fight or peace. Embedded with so much of features its unimaginable a departing of Tamils from this land. How can Sinhalese let Tamils to depart taking their own blood to be strangers in some other land. Soul searching therefore is not how to separate but to live together everywhere.

    The foremost truth the Tamils in Sri Lanka should understand is Tamil Nadu is not their country as much as Sinhalese never think, though they talk about, their over two millennia relationship to North India through Vijaya. No Sri Lankan Tamil go to India would ever feel home as much as when they are in Sri Lanka. Coming home is only back to Sri Lanka. That goes even to those migrated to greener pastures in the west.

    So what we must think about as a nation is not what Prabhakaran wanted and he did not want the Tamils a life without a butt end. Mahinda and Sarath Fonseka would never be a hindrance to the bond that we have had for such a long period to restart from a Prbhakaran and Sinhala army free life, together and the Tamils to feel they are equal stakeholders to this tiny piece of land in its every square inch.

  23. Mr. Jayraj, i have been reading you collums wherever they appear, and i have notice the truthfulness in you being a Tamil, we need more people like you in Sri lanka, of course then mother lanka will be a paradise

  24. Great piece of work!

    I visited Sri Lanka in December; when I got on the flight from Singapore, large percentage were Tamil people (I speak all the languages). Wherever I went there were Tamil people coexisting with the other ethnic groups all over Sri Lanka.

    I do not understand the claims made by the South Indian politicians about Genocide. Do they truly believe LTTE represents the Tamils in Sri Lanka? I hope they read your article!!

  25. this time your approach seems very positive on Tamil question in sri lanka,unlike some article you have wrote earlier,
    as a journalist,educate the people is more important than make some provocations among the people,keep up good work,

  26. I am Sinhalese and live in Canada. I have no words to describe this article. I feel very sad for the people of North & East and ofcourse for the whole country.

    This stupid war has destroyed once vibrant North & East. It is shocking to see the pictures of people in North. One cannot even believe it is Sri Lanka.

    The Tamil people in Western Countries have done the most biggest blunder to the people in North by supporting LTTE blindly. The most surprising is the even continue to this under their comfortable life in Western countries while actual Northern Tamils are pushed to live below human standards.

    What ever said, Sri Lankan Government is the only hope for this people who have received their education, health as citizens of Sri Lanka.

    Let us hope this time people in the North will be liberated.

    But always remember the LTTE had so many opportunities in the past to negoitate to a political solution which would have gone beyond the reasonable grievences Tamils in the North & East had.

  27. Thanks DBS for your insightful and visionary comment. Thanks to this conflict both Tamils and Sinhalese have suffered beyond words and we as a people have gone back 25 years in terms of development. We ordinary people curse the the LTTE and all the UNP and SLFP governments since; both elements are equally to blame

  28. You said it all along. I said it all along. So did others who could put two and two together.

    In a war, however, it does not matter who is right, but who is left! So let us put some sense into those who are left and make some sense out of this debacle!

  29. Jeyaraj,
    I’m glad that you live in Canada not in SL. Otherwise, we will not get a chance to read a very balance article highlighting all sides, government and LTTE. I have noticed that Muslims will overtake Tamil soon in Sri Lanka. As a Sinahalese, I prefer Tamils than Muslims…

  30. Dear Mr Jeyaraj,
    First let me say,you set an example as to how a good and objective journalist must conduct him or her self at all times.Just as we will remember this conflict for a long time to come we will remember your name as one of the most important commentators on the issues.
    I have reproduced below Rudyard Kiplings poem ‘Neighbours” and I wish if Prabhakaran had taken your advise and been the good rather than the bad neighbour.He would have been a happier Man.
    “The man that is open of heart to his neighbour,And stops to consider his like and dislikes,His blood shall be wholesome whatever his labour,His luck shall be with him whatever he strikes.The Splendour of Morning shall duly possess him,That he may not be sad at the falling of eve.And,when he has done with mere living-God bless him!-A many shall sigh,and one woman shall grieve!
    But he that is costive of soul towards his fellow,Through the ways,and the works and the woesof his life,His food shall not fatten, him drink shall not mellow:And his innards shall brew him perpetual strife.His eyes shall be blind to God’s Glory above him;His ears shall be deaf to Earth’s Laughter around; His Friends and his Club and his Dog shall not love him; And his Widow shall skip when he goes underground!

  31. we were talking about TULF, LTTE, and other tamil rebels, we were talking about the military victories. but we forget to talk about the solution for ethnic conflicts, so I am sure we will repeat these stories again and again

  32. Dear Jeyaraj

    Thanks for the both . Its Beautiful and honest and realty out articles..
    First of all you have told the world whats happen and whats happning and whats going to happen. We love you and you all this is our country not mine or not yours. Long live Srilanka

  33. An unbiased representation of the true situation. WELLDONE! If everyone in the world read this article they would certainly be enlightened about the plight of innocent tamils. Unfortunately there exists biased reporting in both sides by irresponsible journalists that stir racial/ethnic tensions which has prelonged this war. Keep up the good work…..

  34. Eventhough LTTE made many mistakes and failed to include moderate opinions, we shd not forget that root causes of this long lankan tragedy was
    Sinhala racism,brutality,idiotism,prejudice,unwanted fear-psycosis,hatred,selfishness,greed,corruption,discrimination,
    favouritism,marginalisation as well as lack of understanding/solidarity.
    These were due to utter ignorance.

    They shd have avoided all these if GOSL listened to moderates!

  35. Your detailed review focusing the reality of this problem is extraordinary. Most of the Tamil political leaders who unscruplously contributed to the cause of prabakaran’s ideology are fully responsibe as they purportedly mislead and brainwashed innocent tamil people to believe in this utopia. As I had asked before in this forum ,what had been done to uplift the image of tamil people by Prabakaran who practically ruled them for more than two decades. The answer is very simple. Nothing. instead he had brought misery , suffering , displacement and dissapointment by making the lives of tamil people even worse. Dear tamil brothers we have lost our country for about 30 years due to this barberic leader who worked for himself and his family, and we must bulid up our lost faith collectively for a better Sri lanka.In conclution both sinhalese and tamis have become victims of this cronic civil war.

  36. Hello Mr Jeyraj,

    Its one hell of an article of absolute truth if one wants to hear it, willingly or unwillingly. Hats of to you for preaching reality. We got to be one of the same kind, like in the years gone by before the conflict. It’ll take time but we got to be patient and live with hope. Perhaps then I’ll be able to see my then close friends who are now domiciled in the colds of Canada and we’ll be able to share a bottle of beer at the “Savoy Bar” once again.

  37. While the majority of Tamils are living all over Sri Lanka the LTTE was trying to carve a separate area for the exclusive use of the Tamils.Bloody fools. Why can’t Tamils take a cue from the way the Singaporeans live.There are people of many races and religions living in Singapore but they consider Singapore as One Singapore.So, for heavens sake give up this narrow minded idea of EELAM and learn to live with everybody in this world peacefully.

  38. excelant artical.

    World live on very simpel theories.Most of the people
    know it.But only inteligent persons can anyalise and explain it, you are one of …………

  39. Very prohetic indeed.
    Let our people share this island in peace and prosperity with the temples be shared by the Hindus and the Buddhists (and the Christians and Muslims too if they so wish). It is up to the priests in the kovils and the temples to send out the message of goodwill and invitation for common dialogue and worship for a mutually bene ficial spiritual union underpinning sustainable goodwill and life in Sri Lanka.

  40. Hello Mr. stupid reder in comment 13. Just know the meaning of ‘Matatis Mutandis’ before you put that in. Thease are all fact of the Sri Lankan history that lets everybody know and means to prevent the repetition of that history in future for the well being of the People of Sri lanka, whether they are Tamils, Sinhalese or Muslims.

  41. Congratulations on this very fine piece. But for the sake of historical accuracy, I offer 2 minor corrections.

    The first concerns the statement “The LTTE killed 13 soldiers through a landmine at Thirunelvely on July 23, 1983. This resulted in the 1983 anti-Tamil violence.

    If this claim is true, how were the electoral lists ready for the goons to target Tamil homes in Colombo? No, the riots were meticulously planned and ready to go and the killing of the 13 soldiers was a mere excuse or green light to set the well laid plans in motion.

    The second has to do with the statement “There was internecine warfare among the movements. “

    My impression is that the LTTE set about on a massacre of other groups.

  42. It’s true Tamils are sufferring a lot because of the war, but can they live like disgraced ploiticians like Douglas and Sangari. Tamils also should have some self respct and can’t live like slaves. Though I am not from North or East I have gone through so many stressing issues merely because of my ethnicity. Yes Tigers may not have the capacity to win the govt, and might have killed so many people. But only becuase of them the whole world knows there is an issue in Sri Lanka for Tamils.

    If the govt continue the genocide like in 83’s who will be there for Tamils?

    I am a peaceloving guy.. but I am not prepared to believe the extremist Sinhala Goverments will ever treat the Tamils the same is Sinhalese. Will they?

  43. Hi
    What ever it is we all SRI LANKAN.yes ,in the past there were lot of mistakes by the politicians.also its pretty grey, where are we leading our future children of our mother land.we have lived side by side,when ever the NEW YEAR comes we exchange sweets,food etc.
    We have been saved by our neighbours,how many lives they have saved,so please be responsible.I m not denying the fact that lot of lives being vanished.but we have to stop this voilance.espacially we Tamils had sufferd a lot,left home,family being split and living all over the parts of the world.There is nothing change in our politics,Ponambalam,SJV,Amirthalingam,Pirabaharan.just leve us alone we dosent want any more leaders.

  44. Well said as always.
    All because of one man how ever good he was in military tactics. He is WEAK in understanding the international politics. He is not a good leader only good military leader. He didn’t listen to Bala Anna when he wanted to go down the federal route. Now there is no one to tell him and it is too late. Overconfidence and the people who made him GOD are to be blamed. If not for the people who said YES even inside of them they said no we would not be in this situation. Thank God that DBS have survived so that we can read the facts/reality which some don’t like to hear or read. I hope somthing goodwill still come out of this. I hope the Tamil diaspora will start dictating to LTTE (VP) and not otherway around.
    I have a feeling that those innocent youth who got murdered because they were in a different group (PLOTE,TELO,Etc..) and those who voiced their opinion without taking the gun and got murdered by LTTE’s crys at that last moment of their life the Good Lord has to answer. I am realy sorry to say this. Even the present GOSL leaders will pay their price some day. Unless all of them repent ………. Lord have Mercy over SL.

  45. Hi
    He says his aim is to THAMIL ELAM, but if you really noticed,he wanted to be like Mr.Sadam.you given the Mullaitivu and go for a ceasefire,and skip the time in talking by unauthorised personel then he will be happy.
    All he enjoy was as a mini KING.to display his army police,courts,jails,TAX, meeting the foreign bribed personels {so they can do the campaign} opening ceramonies {its all funded by some sympathirses}
    If any one out there to help him could you please have your children to get killed for his glory,

  46. Dear Jeyaraj,
    It is the best article I have ever read in my life which reflects the real truth behind this struggle. sadly, innocent tamils lives are being sacrificed in large scale by some individuals that are claiming to be the sole representatives of tamils.
    Hopefully, tamils will soon realise that freedom means not just AK47, there is more to than that.

  47. Nice heartfelt article which is not playing up to the Sinhala readership lobby which is necessary for many tamil journalists working out of colombo these days.
    What I like best about the article is the sense of personal anguish that comes across.
    It is such a tragedy.
    And I say again it is the Tamil Vellalar leadership that is to blame for this. Not the Karayar as it will be shouted from rooftops soon.

  48. Tamil Eelam is possible. India could have never imagined being free from the British Empire, they achieved it at the end. Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries could have never imaged to liberate their country from their own few people who were plundering the land and its people for the American interest, they achieved it. East Timor got what was unthinkable. I can go on with tons of these types of struggles.

    The Tamil people had a chance of resisting the British Empire if not for the betrayal of Ettapan; Kataboman had the people and the will to defend not only his kingdom but also the entire Tamilakam. I don’t know if Ettapan did it thinking for the best interest of the people or for personal gains, but do we not agree that what Ettapan did have destroyed us and pushed us back?

    There will be people who will oppose; the Tamil people have to break the barriers at any cost to earn their rights.

  49. Excellent article. I have never read such a clear, unbiased analysis on the issue.

    Thank god, still people like the author DBSJ are allowed to live and write.

  50. The future of tamils in sri lanka may be predicted by the Ethnicity Census which is compulsory for all western province residents. The government wahts to know who are the tamils among the residents. This has sinister connotations. for the future as far as the military and police are concerned. Tamils willbe arrested on the flimsiest pretext under the PTA (non bailable) as is going on now, and detained upto six months without indictment. This will not happen to sinhala residents. The APRC will be buried for good and the Constitutional Council will never be appointed. The corrupt self serving juggernaut will march on with the cronies and the 110 megacabinet and establish the Totalitarian State.

  51. Hi Jeyaraj,

    It is very well articulated message.

    Having said that I don’t agree with the “number game” concept and this line of thinking. Because….

    When it comes to dignity and fundamental rights, every one should have the same dignity and self respect.

    In otherwards, dignity is not distributed in a number ratio among people.

  52. Even now the military victory that Sri Lankan armed forces are boasting about was planed and supported by Indian intelligence. Their hand is in the breakup of ceasefire. Eelam was viable by keeping the ceasefire agreement going and gradually reinforcing LTTE authority in their area and show the common people, especially the common Singhalese that they have nothing to fear from a separate administration in the north and east. It was an irritant to the Singhalese but they were learning to live with it.

  53. Dear DBS,

    There is nothing wrong in a people asserting their inalienable right to self determination against a tyrannic majority. This had transformed from peaceful means long ago due to the lack of strong political leadership amongst us Tamils since the demise of chelvanayagam.

    It was more of a dream in the last 3 decades that peaceful means would have earned equal rights and protection. Moreover, it is to the credit of those who fought under the LTTE banner that Tamils had held their head up straight and walked tall these years.

    Even if the LTTE as a military organization is crushed or martyred depending on the way one wants to read the latest phase of the war, the Tamil struggle has been given a lift in being reminded of what we are capable of.

    As long as Sri Lanka’s rulers do not address the question of all of its minorities in a fair and equitable solution, this struggle will not end and will last in other means. The Tamil diaspora is large and growing richer. The Sri lankan government is running out of cash and credit to sustain this military growth without economic collapse.

    So, the Tamil nation may well be at its nadir and could only see better times ahead whereas the opposite case can be made for the Sri Lanka as we know it as long as Sinhala chauvinism controls its agenda.

  54. DBS I wrote to you when the article was written in May 2008 and I must congratulate you once again for an unbiased, truthful article. I think LTTE has cetainly been useful in higlighting some of the inequalities the Tamils in Sri Lanka has faced over the years.

    But I think because of its extremist views and intransigence it has outlived its usefullness and have done a lot of damage to Sri Lanka and even more so to Tamils. It has eliminated all moderate Tamil leaders and most intellectuals who did not conform to their views. It’s time all Tamils understand that extremists and dictators have failed to achieve any of their objectives throughout the world. It is high time Tamils change their strategy seeking justice. It’ll be a grave mistake to think the current fate of the LTTE is purely due the post 911 environment, although it has certainly contributed to it.

  55. First of all, Nice article.

    Though I am a Sinhala Buddhist, I have worked with Tamils, have good tamil friends and still do business with Tamil. One thing I have noticed with all of them is they have much more deeper problems than fighting for a home land.
    Major Issue is dowry, Any Tamil who want to give the life for a home land doesn’t want to even stand stop this inhuman thing asking some wealth from women to marry. From All tamils I asked be good human being than becoming a deluded Tamil.

    May wisdom arise with you all.

  56. Dear Mr. Fern, what the majority SL tamils want is peace and NOT a separate state to be ruled by a few VVT guys. There is nothing to feel proud that the LTTE kept the issue alive for 30 yrs. What is the big idea in having a dream alive when you do not deserve for it and when there is no necessity for it. And at what cost?

    I am in total agreement with 11. Peace Loving Canadian of SL origin above, that we all were taken for an emotional ride for the last 30 yrs. Let us get down from this rider and understand the reality.

    The reality is this. In 1992, the LTTE and its followers made big noise that they have chased out one of the top & largest army in the world. We know the IPKF withdrew on its own and if they really wanted they could have taken VP dead or alive. But they emotionally charged the Tamils that the LTTE was a great force. How can it be? Today, they are begging India to come back and safe them. SL army is no where comparable to the Indian army. So where is the LTTE now.

    What is more interesting now is that the TNA MPs in Tamil Nadu are asking the expats Tamils to organise rallies around the world to get the world attention, it is called kavana eerpu porattam and many donkeys are doing this. I think the best way to draw the attnention is for the TNA to resign their MP jobs en masse. But they will not do it. They want our chidlren to go and fight and die but they cannot even resign their MP post in the Sinhala govt.

    Listen to Obama’s inaugural speech and learn to live amicably with all communities.

  57. Even at this stage the LTTE chief can bring a ray of hope to our people by making the following pledges in good faith to the Govt of India:





  58. (I am M Fern. I could not replace Cheliyan’s name from the name cell.)

    Mr. Cheliyan, you said “Dear Mr. Fern, what the majority SL tamils want is peace and NOT a separate state to be ruled by a few VVT guys”.

    Sorry sir, you or me or no one can speak for the majority SL Tamils. They should speak for themselves.

    That is why I recommended a referendum to find their mind. The last time they freely spoken was in 1977 and that is what LTTE is spearheading. You or sme others might think Tamil Eelam is not practical. But, if that is what the majority Tamils think they deserve, then it is for their leadership to head that agenda despite of what we think. This time, with Obama in power, US is ready to lead again, without sacrificing its ideals for their own safty. If the SL Tamils are given the opportunity to speak, the majority will agree with me while the minority will agree with you.

    Yes, I listened to Obama, and he said peace and dignity for all people in the world and I think it includes SL Tamils.

  59. The struggle by the Vietnamese against forces
    of overwhelming and brutal and swinish
    force took two to three generations.

    They had more than their fair share of
    Judas Iscariots, Quislings, war profiteers
    and faithless and frail persons.

    The reappraisal by Mr DBS Jeyaraj is needed
    if only to make people think.

    Even the Timorese-who share much in common
    in the price they paid for the
    genocide committed on them. And the
    subsequent question of dealing with each
    other after they were free of the Indonesians.

    Separation is vision and dream. Not a fantasy.

  60. The LTTE has said time and again that it is ready to consider a proposal which is unambiquously appealing to the Tamils. Also they said they are always ready for negotiation. Until this is agreed upon the guerrilla war will prolong for ever.

  61. HI Peace Loving Canadian of SL origin

    You says “If one of thses boys and girls is one of my brother and sister, how would I feel now?”

    so , Your family contribution to Tamil struggle is “nothing” just you contributed in standing and listening to our old lip services leader and you also doing the same service now.
    Wake up…..Before the enemy nock your doors….Otherwsie be prepared to avoid calling youself as tamils and let your generation loose the identity…

    My brother had a “Veera chaavu”….I am proud about it….
    Thanks God we have a good leader ..Not some guys like you who don’t ahve confidence .

    Be positive..face the challence guys..


  62. I think people should have the freedom to believe in whatever they believe in. Ergo I supports the RIGHT to support succession in Sri Lanka. That doesn’t mean I support succession! The people that I don’t understand are the ones that are educated, such as some of you in the West and support and defend the LTTE. Any idiot that follows the conflict back home would know that more Tamils were killed by the LTTE than the ‘Sinhala government’.

    I support minority right. All Tamils should enjoy every right I enjoy as a Sinhalese. I even support a federal solution. Of course not based on ethnic lines. I’ll be writing a article on a Sri Lanka news paper soon explaining why I support a federal Sri Lanka and why I oppose basing it along ethnic lines like in India.

    What I want to mention however is that if the Tamil diaspora instead of investing money in the LTTE, invested just a fraction on lobbing the government to set up a federal constitution, this problem would have ended long back, with far less blood shed and not to mention more Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    There were 3.2 million Tamils in Sri Lanka, how many are there now?

  63. If you study the current battle formations surrounding the LTTE areas, it is clearly evident that Sri Lankan army is looking to get rid of LTTE from the jungles, and then strike the LTTE heartland in Mullatheive. It is clearly different from the earlier wars where the army captured the towns first, and LTTE then reorganized in the jungles striked back. After all in couple of months or may be even sooner Sri Lankan army will sorround the Mullatheive Town and LTTE will have no where to go, but surrender or risk the lives of thousands of civilians.

  64. DBSJ, I am sure writing is a healing. So U must have completely healed of ur leg woulds caused by LTTE thugs some 9 years ago.

  65. jeyaraj sir the tamils will have a solution
    we an let our selves be defeated
    we will have confidence
    when we started as a guerilla organisation no one thought we will be as formidable to launch unceasing waves 3
    like that tamils will be shown a path by god
    a path that no matter which power intervenes it will be dedicated for our people

  66. Don, everyone has a right of opinion. Dont be worried what the eelam people care about because the eelam people do not care about Sri Lanka.

    Looks like the Rajapaska family is going to get the chopper on their head. Is Gota still an American citizen. The biggest jokers are really Sarath and Gota. Sarath tried to run from Sri Lanka by getting a green card and Gota became an american citizen. Yet they keep telling Prabha wants to run away.

    “To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.”-Obama


  67. I am expecting Robert Blake to get his well deserved rest in the US . Its the begining of the end of Sri Lanka.

  68. Concratulation Mr Jeyaraj for your unbiased analysis. You are right then and now. Tamil people should throw prabakaran and must unite. prabakaran is a traitor of Tamil community because he destroyed the Tamileem cause. We are witness of enormous atrocities committed by praba and his company against Tamil people. Praba is not a asset but a liability for the Tamil community.

  69. The zionist scarificed 6 million jews to make the jewish people realise that their only home is Israel . Rothschild by supporting both England and Turkey during the war, manged to use england to annexe palestine in 1918. In the following years encouraged emmigration to palestine . Funded the Nazis, got rid of the boshevik who were mainly jews and they like many zionist survive. The israeli parliment is donated by their family.

    At the end of the day all jews are returning to israel and will come back to serve her.

  70. Hi Jeyaraj
    Thank you very much for a comprehensive analysis of LTTE position. We need more and more impartial and balanced individuals like you who are not emotionally influenced and who take an unbiased view of the entire situation which will go a long way to solve this vexatious ethnic problem.

  71. If India seeks to destroy the Tamil Tigers through a proxy war, then India will succeed. It is too powerful.

  72. Whether like it or not most of the facts stated in this article have many valid points. Specially the fact that the violent freedom struggle has diminished the Tamil population in Sri Lanka. LTTE supporters and sympathisers will find this hard to grasp this.
    As stated in this Indian support is a must for a independent Tamil state. Idiocy of Prabakaran made the final blunder by killing Rajiv.





  74. The last time Tamil people were asked to state their interest, they overwhelmingly voted for Eelam. If they want to die for it, like most who followed revolutions in their own contries, that is their business. Why shouldn?t the Tamils ask assertively, honorably and bravely to taste the freedom others have tasted. If it means we have to expose the moral depravity, the double talk and the sheer vacuity of the international institutions and the West, so be it ? however hard that may be. It is worth the sacrifice. The Tamils have been to the mountain top. They have seen the other side. They are determined to reach the other side.

  75. In other words the Tamils in ceylon should remain and be happy with the crumbs the sinhalese throw at us.
    you are welcome to it

  76. Hi
    Why you don’t advise for the government to give up terrosim and atleast to regognise the right to self-determine concept?.
    Do you think it is entirely LTTE’s fault?.
    SL don’t want to solve the problem or don’t want to equate the tamils same as sinhalese.

  77. The Tamil political parties were jumping from place to place, the LTTE stood up and said this is our place and we will fight for it or die trying. Just that stand alone made the Tamils people raise their head. Tamil Eelam will make sure they will never ever bow to anyone.

  78. Dear Jeyaraj,

    LTTE started the fight with IPKF only after 12 LTTE carders sucide in Palaly. You did not mention about Thelepan fast unto death.

  79. Dear Tamils,

    No matter how troubling life gets, no matter how much pain surrounds you; never stop expecting to find a door Eelam open.

  80. I will qoute Lee Kwan Yew here. The first Asian head of Raffless Institution where Lee Kwan yew was Principal V. Ambiavagar (1958 – 1959) of eelam origin. Later E. W. Jesudason (1963 – 1966) , A.K. Sigamoney (1978 – 1985) and later who was of Sri Lankan origin Eugene Wijeysingha (1986 – 1994)


    Lee Kuan Yew: It’s already diluted and we can see it in the difference between the generations. It’s inevitable. One of the things we did which we knew would call for a big price was to switch from our own languages into English. We had Chinese, Malay, Indian schools — separate language medium schools. The British ran a small English school sector to produce clerks, storekeepers, teachers for the British. Had we chosen Chinese, which was our majority language, we would have perished, economically and politically.

    Riots — we’ve seen Sri Lanka, when they switched from English to Sinhala and disenfranchised the Tamils and so strife ever after. We chose — we didn’t say it was our national language — we said it was our working language, that everybody learns English whatever language medium school you go to. Which means nobody needs interpretation to read English.

  81. DBS,

    Can you write why who started fighting IPKF or LTTE and why?

    Secondly, in tamil “Paddathai neenaithal paraman padi allappan” LTTE fight against IPKF with the help of SL Army and now they are paying for it.
    LTTE should have known better who is our primary enemy. at lease now is too late. Every one may want Ellam if we can get it . But we need democratic force should lead that ellam not by LTTE.


    As Tamils if we have the stregth to call for demise of LTTE then that original source of that Strength is LTTE And VP. Tamils world wide are grown to a point of not needing LTTE . It is good to go back and look at sl tamils before Prabakaran How constraint they were to sl. Today there are massive communities in canada, london,australia,norway and also in southeast asia. All of you forgot about the days of open visa’s you received because of prabakaran and LTTE.

    Prabakaran started LTTE when he was not even old enough to be it’s leader sure He has violent past, made mistakes and sacrifies young life like cocunuts in a hidu festivel. But he was the Steping stone for the sl tamils.

  83. Thanks DBS for your brilliant peace of journalism. I am a Tamil living in a foreign country. My observation is that majority of Tamil Diaspora is more interested in Tamil Elam than the ordinary Tamil people living in Northern & Eastern part of Srilanka. While this Tamil Diaspora interested to provide good education and comfortable living to their children, they are encouraging poor North and East Tamil children to fight the meaningless war. These Diaspora should understand that it is the Government of Srilanka is looking after and going to look after Srilankan Tamil people not the Tamil Diaspora.

  84. GOSL must arrange a fact finding tour to all parts of SL for these Tamil Diaspora & TN politicians to see what is Sri Lanka and how the ordinary Sinhala / Muslim /Tamil people are living peacefully side by side.

    Tamil diaspora should mind their own business and let the Tamils in Sri Lanka choose what they want. It will be good for everyone!

  85. It is obvious now that the LTTE is in the receiving end people like me who kept quite are coming out and saying things which we saw as a weakness with LTTE.


    Why did some (intelectuals, who can think for themselves) left the LTTE in the mid eighties?

    I am sure if there wouldhave been a central committee we will not be wasting our time now. I am sure some may argue on this.

    As a Tamilian I want tamils to have the same privialges sinhalese have. We want democracy and not Dictatorship. Not to be ruled by the GUN.

  86. Mangala Samaraweera revealed in parliament, that the government has unloaded 14.4 million kilogrammes of bombs in the Wanni. He seems proud of that achievement.

    14.4 million kilogrammes of today’s military grade explosive is equivalent to the explosive force of over 18 kilotonnes of TNT. The nuclear weapon dropped by the United States on distant Hiroshima had an estimated yield of between 13 to 18 kilotonnes of TNT.

    President Harry Truman, at the time of that bombing announced it with somewhat near the appropriate sense of grimness. Anti-western elements in the government are also quick to point to the US as the only country in the world that has deployed nuclear weapons against an enemy nation.

    Sri Lanka has no nuclear weapons, but from what Samaraweera tells us in parliament we have set a record of our own. We are the only country to drop enough bombs over an area to equate a nuclear yield, on our own soil over the homes of our own people.

    Of that achievement, Rajapakse seems immensely proud, and as long at the public continues to swallow the government’s mighty morphing propaganda effort of protecting a perpetually imminent victory, the country has yet to see the bulk of the suffering that war will bring.

    Source: thesundayleader.lk

  87. This is a reply to M. Fern:

    “That is why I recommended a referendum to find their mind. The last time they freely spoken was in 1977 and that is what LTTE is spearheading.”

    What was recommended by the people to a political party to achieve through parliamentary system should not have been grabbed by the LTTE to go through violence. LTTE does not know how to handle any issue without violence that is why it is called a terrorist organisation.

    Now if you want another referendum from the Tamils to see whether they need Eelam through violence, I think you are kidding! After 30 years of death and destructin of Tamils at the hands of the fellow Tamils, common man!!

    Look at CNN news to see how the LTTE is killing its own people for whom they claim that they are fighting.


  88. DBS Jeyaraj,

    I applaud you for a critical Analysis of the situation now being faced by the LTTE, Sri Lankan Tamils, Ezhaah Thamizhs, and the Tamil Diaspora. What I find distressing is the manner in which you have managed to ignore the role that the Sinhalese polity has played in this drama and the wider complexities and concerns of this situation, seemingly placing the current crisis on the shoulders of the LTTE and their leadership.

    1)Many Tamils support the LTTE because the alternatives are far worst; would you willingly submit the Tamil people to the not-so-tender mercies of the SLA?

    2)You speak of the declining demographics of the Ezhaah Thamizhs and fail to mention the successive polices of the Sinhala state that have caused this, such as the illegal Sinhala colonisation of the Eastern province or the pre-83 riots.

    3)You speak of the Vaddukkoddai resolution and ignore the call to arms at the end of it, if no further political progress can be made peacefully.

    4)You speak about the LTTE sabotaging attempts at political solutions, then let us use the TMVP and the current condition of the Eastern Province as a test of how effective the political solution offered by the Sri Lankan state so far has been. Would you consider it an acceptable political solution where the ‘chief minister doesn’t even have the power to transfer a constable’? This to an outfit that has proven it’s loyalty to the Sri Lankan state by actually fighting on it’s behalf and delivering the Eastern Province to them.

    5)You speak of Tamil Eelam as an unachievable goal because of it’s dimensions and the current situation. I will quote Karen Parker, the international jurist, that Tamil Eelam already existed, not even as a defacto state, but as a ‘du jour’ state. That is why the capture of killinochchi has been given such significance, something similar to the fall of an enemy state capital, such as Baghdad or Kandahar. And let us not forget, all this has been done with a great deal of unsustainable international military support for the Sri Lankan state. The Sri Lankan Defence Ministry has already put out plans to double the SLA to OCCUPY all this newly gained territory.

    6) You have downplayed the convergence of important international factors such as the post 9-11 War on Terror. This and the damage caused by the 2004 Tsunami have been the 2 greatest setbacks to Tamil Eelam. Both of these events were beyond the control of the LTTE and VP’s control. These events have been two of the most beneficial events for Sri Lanka (just ask where half of all the 2004 Tsunamis Aid has gone)

    With all this said and done, 2009 will be a deciding year for Tamil Eelam. But before those who too quickly trumpet the victory of the Sri Lankan state over Tamil Eelam let me remind those that many great and numerically and technologically superior powers have tried to dominate smaller nations to only find that the cost of such an exercise, short of Genocide, is too great. Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, East Timor, India, Ireland, Cuba, Kosovo, Tibet…. the list does go on.
    2009 already represents a coming shift in international politics and economics that may be the undoing of Sri Lanka’s unsustainable polices. And in this new emerging era, I don’t ask how likely it is that Sri Lanka will do something to ruin its reputation (it already has with the Lasantha W. murder) but how well will the Tamil people be able to survive this.

  89. I find that many commentators here have not comprehended what Mr. DBS Jeyaraj had to say when he wrote this article in May 2008. Some seem to think that he wrote it now. I think he has reproduced it here now because of its topical importance in the curent situation

    This article is not a historic analysis of the Tamil struggle and the causes that led to it

    DBSJ has not said the Tamil struggle was unjustified or unnecessary. He is also not supporting the Sri Lankan state. He is not trying to blame the LTTE as the reason for this war

    All that he has done is to frankly point out that after 30 years of armed struggle and immense decline and detrioration of the Tamil community the LTTE is no where near its goal of Tamil Eelam

    DBSJ makes a pertinent point when he says that the community has gone down horizontally while the LTTE has risen vertically

    The implicit unstated point he made last year (quite prophetic) was what befalls the community if the LTTE is brought down

    That observation has much validity today when the army is defeating the tigers in war

    He only entreated the LTTE to give up the armed struggle that has diminished the Tamils without any results

    Every right thinking Tamil would agree with DBSJ I am sure

  90. Same Mistake again Mr. Cheliyan. You are still speaking on their behalf of Tamils like the LTTE and the Terrorrist state. When the Tamils voted for Eeelam they did not specify through what means. The initial political struggle evolved to an armed struggle because the Terrorist state did not understand democracy and was not responsive.

    The LTTE is at least correct is spearheading what Tamils have spoken in 1977. We need a new referendum to understand the Tamil minds today and the UN should through its weight behind whatever the verdict.

  91. I am sure the singhalese once they are victorius will ask theri thamil breatheren what their aspirations are by way of a referendum and then implement it faithfully. Then again pigs may fly. Once the LTTE are destroyed it will be all hands on deck to destroy the tamil nation.

  92. A very good article.

    It’s very sad to see certain elements of the international Tamil diaspora still clamouring for this 3 decades long war to be continued.

    Have they absolutely no compassion for the suffering that’s being caused to their fellow Tamils in the North and East of this country?

    VP has proven time and again that all he cares about is his own personal glory and being looked upon as a deity of the Tamil people.

    When there was a very feasible CFA in place, the Tamil people in the North and East were blocked from exercising their voting rights by VP.

    This very act of VP’s led to the election of the present President. So in a very real sense, it’s VP’s choice that has led to the defeat of the LTTE and the added suffering of the Tamil people.

    Wake up diaspora, send a message to this tyrant that he’s not welcome anymore!!

  93. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj,

    When I was in Sri Lanka, I used be an avid reader of your column. I am not sure if it was the Island or Times you wrote for.

    I am glad that there are fellow citizens like you who feel that Sri Lanka is better off with all communities living together. I can understand why some Tamil people bear so much hatred as they may have suffered during several rounds of Ethnic troubles in our country.

    I myself left the country as I felt that it was no place for an honest decent person.

    We should no fall prey to external elements trying to carve up our motherland for their benefit.

    LTTE like most other rebel outfits lost their way badly. They didn’t stand for the Tamil they stood for themselves. Prabha educated his kids in Ireland. What hope for the thousands of Child soldiers he sent to the front ?

    You are right to question the Motives of LTTE. I question the motives of many Sinhala politicians.

    In a way we are all in athe same boat but at different ends. Our politicians and liberators have let us down badly.

    let’s not lose hope for our country though.

    Best Wishes.

  94. A well compiled document that is worth reading by all concerned; especially by those LTTE. It is a great reminder to Sun Goat who has fooled his aimless followers into misfortune. As the saying goes, Sri Lanka is for all Sri Lankans, regardless of ethnicity or religion. At present the Tamil population that was destroyed by LTTE has dwindled drastically. Tamils are now reduced from a minority of nearly 12 percent to less than 3.5 percent, which is negligible. All so called disputed areas should be resettled with a mix of all races of the country, eliminating any future claims for homelands by LTTE and the like.

  95. This is in view of comment 99-by PIO Prakash.

    I appraise Mr. Prakash’s views itemized below in “REPLY”

    1)Many Tamils support the LTTE because the alternatives are far worst; would you willingly submit the Tamil people to the not-so-tender mercies of the SLA?

    REPLY: You statement “Tamils support the LTTE because the alternatives are far worst’ is baseless that needs to be substantiated at least with some obvious facts. VP eliminated all possible alternatives leaving Tamils high and dry. You don’t seem to accept constructive criticism in any form. SLA may be treated as a liberator of the poor down and out Tamils terrorized by VP and Co. Someone like you should face the wrath of VP to comprehend what reality is in that part of the country.

    2)You speak of the declining demographics of the Ezhaah Thamizhs and fail to mention the successive polices of the Sinhala state that have caused this, such as the illegal Sinhala colonisation of the Eastern province or the pre-83 riots.

    REPLY: Mr. Prakash, you are again wrong here. You don’t seem to realize that Sri Lanka is for all Sri Lankans and its citizens should be free to live where ever they wish. How about the majority of the Tamil population that enjoy living amongst the rest of the Sri Lankans in all parts of the country? As it is, VP’s expulsions and eradication of moderate Tamils have dwindled Tamil population to less tan 3.5 percent of the total population making them so insignificant.

    3)You speak of the Vaddukkoddai resolution and ignore the call to arms at the end of it, if no further political progress can be made peacefully.

    REPLY: No comment

    4)You speak about the LTTE sabotaging attempts at political solutions, then let us use the TMVP and the current condition of the Eastern Province as a test of how effective the political solution offered by the Sri Lankan state so far has been. Would you consider it an acceptable political solution where the ‘chief minister doesn’t even have the power to transfer a constable’? This to an outfit that has proven it’s loyalty to the Sri Lankan state by actually fighting on it’s behalf and delivering the Eastern Province to them.

    REPLY: Mr. Prakash, you are so critical of item No. 4 above and seem quite naïve about how political machinery work soon after the liberation of Eastern Province. The solution to this is only one way and that is explained under item No. 2 above.

    5)You speak of Tamil Eelam as an unachievable goal because of it’s dimensions and the current situation. I will quote Karen Parker, the international jurist, that Tamil Eelam already existed, not even as a defacto state, but as a ‘du jour’ state. That is why the capture of killinochchi has been given such significance, something similar to the fall of an enemy state capital, such as Baghdad or Kandahar. And let us not forget, all this has been done with a great deal of unsustainable international military support for the Sri Lankan state. The Sri Lankan Defence Ministry has already put out plans to double the SLA to OCCUPY all this newly gained territory.

    REPLY: Mr. Prakash, here too you display some lack of knowledge about current affairs of that part of the world. You seem to “live in a fool’s paradise” The author Mr. DBS Jeyaraj has produced a factual document. He is a realist like many out there who don’t live in bubbles that would burst. Eelam is a dreamland fancied by VP and a minuscule number of Tamil dreamers. Now a minority of less than 3.5 percent, even dreaming of such an occurrence is not a possibility.

    6) You have downplayed the convergence of important international factors such as the post 9-11 War on Terror. This and the damage caused by the 2004 Tsunami have been the 2 greatest setbacks to Tamil Eelam. Both of these events were beyond the control of the LTTE and VP’s control. These events have been two of the most beneficial events for Sri Lanka (just ask where half of all the 2004 Tsunamis Aid has gone)

    REPLY: Yes Mr. Prakash, of course, you are very right here. But what ever happened to the so called “conviction” of VP who is revered by fools to be a savior and then identified him to be a “living deity” and creator of a promised land. Yes, both above disasters have been blessings in disguise for war effort. If one is to believe that entire tsunami funds were spent on liberation of the innocent and poor Tamils, then so be it, a cause is worth every cent.

    With all this said and done, 2009 will be a deciding year for Tamil Eelam. But before those who too quickly trumpet the victory of the Sri Lankan state over Tamil Eelam let me remind those that many great and numerically and technologically superior powers have tried to dominate smaller nations to only find that the cost of such an exercise, short of Genocide, is too great. Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, East Timor, India, Ireland, Cuba, Kosovo, Tibet…. the list does go on.

    2009 already represents a coming shift in international politics and economics that may be the undoing of Sri Lanka’s unsustainable polices. And in this new emerging era, I don’t ask how likely it is that Sri Lanka will do something to ruin its reputation (it already has with the Lasantha W. murder) but how well will the Tamil people be able to survive this.

    REPLY: Again you are disgustingly wrong Mr. Prakash! Don’t forget that the world powers go with the tide and not against! So, don’t even dream of some Eelam.

    Christopher Kay.

  96. Dear Atputhan,

    As much as you, we can read and comprehend too. DBS points out that at this current point in time after 30 years of armed struggle, that the Tamil people are worse off. However, ask yourself the question: Were we better off after the previous 30 years before the LTTE compared to independence?

    Could we not have found ourselves worse off under the TULF’s gutless leadership?

    I find it very patronizing for one to suggest that only DBS’s view is the right thinking Tamil view.

  97. excellent article keep up the good work
    finally tamils are free to go anywhere they want in srilanka
    without going through mini bunker terror of thug phraba

  98. Let the people to enjoy the freedom.free from burdens,free from the DICTATOR,let them to have the democracy it might not be perfect,at least something for bargain.
    it dosent matter after all.

  99. People here compare the Tamil Fate with 30 years of LTTE as opposed to 30 years without LTTE.

    Since 1968, since the formation of Tamilnadu, how much Tamil lives in TN have been changed.

    They are still being killed for the caste, starvation is rampant. Still, Taml card need to be used for votes.

    Think about your social fabrics and things that you don’t discuss.

    Are there any true Tamil leaders except the ones who use the Tamil Card for popularity ?

    there are tamil leaders who could take you to the next stage. Arumuganavalar like people had casteism filled ideas. SJVC was a racist who learned racism from his father and worked against that in Sri Lanka.

    Any Tamil leader who think without the Tamil card is a Traitor in your society.

    So, you are destined to stay this way.

    Don’t think some money and technology make you complete.

  100. The LTTE all but have only themselves to blame after being cornered into Mulaitivu jungles. They made a number of serious blunders during their so called “freedom struggle”. The assasination of former Indian Prime Minister Mr Rajiv Gandhi was one of the worst. No “freedom struggle” should target innocent civilians. Yet, they continued to carry out attacks against innocent civilians. That is the main reason for their organisation to be proscribed in many countries such as US, UK, Canada, Australia and even India.

  101. LTTE’s Pich fighting will be a great challenge to SLA. In pich fighting it’s very difficult to use air force and heavy weapons since it’s in close quaters. This is how LTTE beat indians, Just comparting the war with IPKF and the current war LTTE is so far actually ahead, Remember IPKF was let in the area currently SLA is Fighting to get in.

    Thanks Rajpeksha for swating at the bee hive

  102. Do you think srilankan government have any reasonable solutions for tamil people?srilankan government does not like to find a soltion with in united srilanka still they stick with 13th amenmet

  103. Mr. Jayraj
    once agian i wish to commend you for your articles
    as I said on the 20th of Jan we need people like to make more Lanka really a paradise, the President is looking for people like you to transform this country into a multi lingual, multi racial and multi religious

    keep it up MR Jayraj

  104. “The LTTE killed 13 soldiers through a landmine at Thirunelvely on July 23, 1983. This resulted in the 1983 anti-Tamil violence.`� The 1983 killings, rooting and destruction of Tamil and their property was planed and carried out by the Jeyawardene mobs.

  105. mr.jeyaraj,
    i red your article,
    what your coming to say finally, your narration about the histroy of LTTE is right, your comment about tamil people was idotic, so struggling for tamil ezham is worthless as per your comment,
    if lose your freedom with in your land u can feel the pain, one your sister or mother, wife raped by srilankan military in front of your eyes, so srilankan govt made them to take weapon to save from crual srilankan army. So crimnals are not born , they are made. the rajapakshe have done the job .He must answer one day for his arogant tamil genocide, the day is not in longer distance. By Ardant tamizhan Kumar

  106. Though the LTTE and the VP were ruthless, they didn’t start it all. It was the sinhala only act and the various anti tamil riots. The govt officials also participated in the riots. it is evident from the Welikade and Kaluthra. There is no hope that the SL govt will make amends to these issues.

  107. Everybody forgets why prabhakaran took up arms? The successive Srilankan governments’atrocities, indifferent attitude towards Tamils made him took up arms.His ambition and intention was authentic & clear for which he had to do lot of mistakes also. The initial struggle made by him and his family against the tyranny of srilankan authority could not be forgotten. His reliability cannot be questioned. The world lost another Singapore by crushing LTTE thereby denying the Tamils a separate state. In my opinion, Karuna Amman’s revolt weakened him mentally and the Tsunami broke him altogether. He could not resurrect what he was after these two incidents! Had he attack
    ed the Srilankan Army in 2003, he could have achieved the Tamil Ealam for the Srilankan Tamils but not for him.

  108. It was during the rule of Prabhakaran in the North & East, the Srilankan Tamils were given equal status, treated as gentlemen, gentlewomen and treated with respect by the State of Prabhakaran and the people heaved a sigh of relief. The Srilankan Tamils in North & East enjoyed freedom in living. The Srilankan Tamils felt sense of belongingness to the State. It was bad luck to the Srilankan Tamils that Prabhakaran couldn’t achieve Tamil Ealam for them. He blundered not attacking Srilanka in 2003 when he was in supreme power having dedicated cadres & very well structured infractucture with him. Karuna Amman was with him fortifying the East with 8000 hardcore cadres.

    Prabhakaran lost faith in himself when Karuna revolted & Tsunami took away half of LTTE infrastructure & cadres.

    Then he started to make blunders. (1) He denied the Tamils to vote in the 2005 elections. (2) Ranil would have given him the territory already he won. (3) He intimidated the well equipped and strong Srilankan Army through Mavil Oru.

    With depleted cadres & crumbled infrastructure, he fought 3 years with the Srilankan Army ( thrice big of his own) sided by mighty China, India and Pakistan. Kudos to Prabhakaran, you will long live in the minds of Tamileans in the whole world.

    Never, Never again a Prabhakaran of his stature will re-born.

    For your information, He had 6 crores in hand 25 years back. He could have taken his family & frinds to abroad; could have lived a pleasure life. Instead, he struggled with his family & friends for the Srilankan Tamils. He might have offered several POSITIONS & GIFTS BY SRILANKA, BUT HE REFUSED EVERYTHING EXCEPT TAMIL EALAM.

    Those who died by fighting with the Srilankan Army were much luckier than those who live like dead bodies in the North & East now.

  109. i wound like to thanks to the story is and the suffering world we are living all over world because we did not find peace safety in our forgathers land northern and eastern provinces but we find the peace in western Christian world we did not forget our home but the freedom denied by Majority Sinhalese the way LTTE seek free state is to find a freedom for tamil is correct but the method is make them as a negative view.but the Government of srilanka is not do anything for the tamils safet all they trying to change the budest country and forcefully he change the country to fellow Budda and in the future they will deny the religious freedom y are building budest temples every ware every corner of Srilanka and teaching the religion every ware.
    slowly the times comes all Tamils forget their identity.the only hope for Tamils is in Jesus who Died for Tamils and their future and and if Tamils keep command or God and Fath in Jesus Tamils can find new life

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