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“Operation KP”: Extraordinary rendition of New Tiger Chief

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By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias “KP” a.k.a. Kumaran Pathmanathan is currently in the custody of Sri Lankan officials at a secret location. A team of terrorism investigators is interrogating the man who was designated last month as head of the re-structured Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Earlier Foreign secretary Palitha Kohona confirmed KP’s arrest to the “Daily Mirror”.Cabinet minister Keheliya Rambukwella did the same to “Rupavahini”. Presidential siblings Gotabhaya the defence secretary and Basil Rajapakse the presidential adviser also confirmed the arrest to BBC and “Hindustan Times” respectively.

Controversy surrounds the circumstances of KP’s arrest. While some news reports state that KP was arrested in Thailand other reports say he was apprehended first in Malaysia and then brought to Colombo via Bangkok. Another report says he was arrested in Singapore.

Pathmanathan or KP as he is generally known married a Thai national in 2003. He was residing in suburban Bangkok. In recent times KP was traveling between Malaysia and Thailand frequently.

Apparently KP found Kuala Lumpur (KL) a convenient venue to meet with people in connection with his new role as Global tiger chief.

The new LTTE chief, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, also known as KP, is seen seated in the foreground with (from left) Velupillai Prabakaran, Anton Balasingham and ‘Col.’ Sankar behind him.

The former chief arms procurer of the tigers was appointed by Velupillai Prabhakaran as head of the LTTE’s newly created International relations department in January this year.


After Prabhakaran’s demise in May this year KP donned the mantle of LTTE leadership as he was the senior most tiger alive. This move was opposed by some sections of the tigers overseas led by Perinpanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan.

After protracted intra-tiger discussions an accord was reached last July.KP was to be “Thalaimai Seyalar” (Chief secretary/secretary general) and head the organization. Nediyavan was in charge of administering overseas LTTE branches as chief of the Diaspora affairs department. An executive committee was also formed.

KP’s leadership was recognized indirectly in an official press release by the re-structured LTTE which stated as follows:

“We, the Executive Committee of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, wish to officially let our beloved Tamil people and the international communityknow that Mr Selvarasa Pathmanathan, who had been appointed as Headof International Relations by our National Leader, will lead us into the next steps of our freedom struggle according to the vision of our esteemed leader.”


Despite this agreement there was an influential cabal within the Diasporic tigers that refused to accept KP’s leadership. This cabal continued to oppose and obstruct KP within the movement. It was suspected that Nediyavan was backing this cabal in a conspiratorial bid to topple KP.

It was against this backdrop of an internal hostile environment that KP set about consolidating his leadership. Since KP himself was proclaimed as wanted by the Interpol and also due to health reasons KP had begun avoiding international travel.

As a result many members of the Tamil Dispora had to visit Malaysia to inter-act with the global tiger chief. Even a TV crew from “Channel Four” in Britain went to KL to interview the new tiger supremo. KP himself shuttled between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

On Wednesday August 5th KP who was in KL went around noon to the “First Tune Hotels” at 316 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman road in the heart of KL city. His mission was to meet with two visitors from London, England.

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Apparently KP has a few guys with him who function as aides, chauffeurs and bodyguards. But when he goes out to meet people he trusts, KP travels with only the driver of his vehicle.

On the day in question KP had gone to the Tune Hotel with his driver a man called “Appu”. KP went up to the hotel room with his visitors who were waiting for KP outside the hotel building. Appu parked the vehicle and stayed inside it.

One of the British visitors was Balasingham Balendran, the younger brother of former tiger political commissar Balasingham Mahendran alias Nadesan. The other was Nadesan’s own son who had gone to London some years ago and was staying with his paternal uncle.

The trio was engaged in amiable conversation when a friend called KP on his cellular phone at about 2 pm. KP removed his glasses and laid it on a table and began chatting. At one point KP had signalled to Balendran and nephew that he was going out to the corridor to talk and went out with the telephone.

The British visitors waited inside the room for about 15-20 minutes. Nadesan’s son then went out but could not see KP anywhere. Uncle and nephew then began searching for KP but the veteran tiger leader had vanished.

There was no sign of KP’s vehicle or Appu either. A much worried Balendran began calling his Tamil contacts to relate the tale of KP going missing suddenly.


Meanwhile the friend who had telephoned KP was also perturbed. This trusted confidante had been engaged in conversation with KP when he heard a sudden “thud” sound and a noisy commotion.

Then KP’s phone went dead. The agitated friend kept on ringing KP but there was no answer and then the mobile was switched off.

This friend too began alerting KP’s contacts and aides in KL about the incident. They went to the place KP was staying in thinking that KP may have gone back suddenly for some reason.

[Tune Hotel-KL]

But there was no KP. But KP’s insulin, syringes and other medical items were in his room. KP being a diabetic never travelled around without his insulin.

Now KP’s aides were worried as they knew the boss wouldn’t have gone anywhere far without his insulin. When the British visitors informed KP’s aides of what they knew it was possible to surmise what had happened by comparing notes.

KP’s friends and aides realised that the new LTTE leader had been seized or abducted by some persons. Naturally they suspected the Malaysian authorities of having a hand in this. But the finger of suspicion also pointed to Sri Lanka and India also. As the story of the missing KP went buzzing on the global Tamil grapevine there was a lot of suspense and speculation about what had exactly happened.


The news began breaking out “semi-officially”. Newspapers and news agencies began reporting that the new LTTE chief KP had been arrested in Thailand.Army spokesperson Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara told Reuters that KP had been arrested in Bangkok and that was all “we knew at the moment”.But things were not so simple as that.

There were two conflicting versions about what had happened.According to one account KP and Appu were transported to Bangkok from Kuala Lumpur by his “abductors”. An impression was then created that KP was arrested in Thailand. A Police team from the terrorism investigation dept in Sri Lanka went to Thailand and brought KP to Colombo by a special flight rom Bangkok.

The second version however states that the Sri Lankan team had gone to Malaysia. They had taken custody of KP in Kulala Lumpur and brought him to Colombo by air. The special flight had tarried in Bangkok briefly.

But according to a Thailand News Agency report, Thailand’s Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva had said on Friday (7th) that he has ordered the country’s security agencies to provide details following a news report that the head of Sri Lanka’s recently defeated Tamil Tiger separatists was captured in Thailand.

The French news agency Agence-France-Presse (AFP) earlier reported that Selvarasa Pathmanathan, a foreign-based leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was returned to Sri Lanka on Thursday for questioning after being arrested in Thailand.

The Thai premier said that he was informed of the matter late Thursday (6th) night and that he had assigned the security agencies to seek more details.

Acting Government Spokesman Panitan Wattanayakorn said that an initial report said that Pathmanathan had travelled in and out of Thailand but it was not identified where he was arrested.

Mr Panitan, however, noted that Mr Pathmanathan reportedly was married to a Thai and lived in the northern part of the country.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s Special Branch police chief Theeradej Rodphothong said that the LTTE head was captured in Singapore, not in Thailand.

Lt-Gen Theeradej noted that Thailand was mentioned in the news report becuase the LTTE head formerly had a Thai wife and he usually moved among three Southeast Asian countries-Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

From this news report it was possible to figure out that Thai officials were concerned about reports that KP was arrested in Bangkok. Reading between the lines it appeared that Thailand was uncomfortable about the publicity regarding KP’s alleged arrest in Bangkok. Apparently he was not arrested in Thailand and the story about KP being arrested in Bangkok amounted to “fiction” propagated by Colombo to shift focus away from the Kuala Lumpur connection.


Though information about the mode and manner in which KP was arrested or was brought to Colombo is yet hazy there is confirmation from informed sources at Katunayake that two persons were seen being whisked away in vehicles with tinted glassesby officials in plains clothes. The faces and heads of both handcuffed men were covered with masks. This was after nightfall.

The two men in official custody were presumed to be KP and Appu. They had been taken to a secret location for interrogation.Subsequently Basil Rajapakse told “Hindustan Times” that KP was being questioned in Colombo. There was no mention of Appu.

Two years ago in September 2007 there was much excitement in Sri Lanka when KP was detained by authorities in Thailand. It was expected that KP would be deported to Sri Lanka or India.But nothing further materialised and KP was soon “free”. But this time there seems to have been a difference

Two developments are to be noted in the “capture” of KP in Malaysia.


Firstly the request made by Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama on May 29 to Malaysian Defence Minister Dr Ahamd Zahid bin Hamidi YB Dato Seri to hand over ‘KP’to facilitate ongoing investigations into LTTE operations overseas.The appeal was made on the sidelines of the 8th Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. A Foreign Ministry press statement on Bogollagama’s meet with his Malaysian counterpart didn’t refer to Sri Lanka’s call for KP’s extradition though it said Sri Lanka had urged Malaysia to proscribe the LTTE.

Secondly, Sri Lank a had recently appointed Brigadier Udaya Perera as Deputy High Commissioner to Malaysia to meet the new threat posed by the LTTE. Subsequently promoted as Major-General, G.V. D. U. A .Perera is the first serving army officer to receive a diplomatic appointment. The appointment followed after Perera impressed foreign ministry mandarins at a special meeting called to brief top envoys of several countries in the run up to the final battle.It was also understood that Gen. Udaya Perera’s prime yet unpublicised assignment was “operation KP”.

It had become obvious that KP was using Malaysia for key LTTE operation s for quite some time. In recent times KP’s presence in KL became noted after the Norwegian envoy in Colombo went up to Malaysia to meet him. Another person who confessed to meeting KP in Malaysia was the “disgraced” Lt. Colonel from the Sri Lankan army in custody for alleged LTTE links. Senior UN officials had also contacted KP in Malaysia.

Though details are scanty there is reason to believe that Sri Lanka with the aid of “intelligence officials” from other countries had accomplished the feat of seizing and transporting KP from Kula Lumpur to Colombo. It is also assumed that the exercise amounted to an “extraordinary rendition” on the lines of what the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had been doing in the aftermath of the twin towers assault on September 11th 2009. More details about “Operation KP” are likely to be revealed in the near future.


Another factor in the KP capture is the fact that the overseas LTTE is hopelessly divided. The venomous attacks on KP in sections of the tiger media abroad indicate a very high level of hostility towards KP. Given the familiar tiger trait of betraying their own to the “enemy” for selfish purposes there is strong suspicion that valuable “inside” information about KP’s moves was leaked out.

Another puzzling aspect is KP’s reckless disregard for his safety. He had two warrants issued against him by Interpol yet KP was brazenly going public. He met with people openly, granted print, TV and Radio interviews, wrote regularly in his own blog and engaged in telephone conversations on a global scale. This made him highly vulnerable as far as law-enforcement officials were concerned.But he did not play safe and adopt a low –key profile .

According to circles close to KP the reason for his confidence was due to the “protection” he enjoyed from a very powerful “Agency”. It was this “agency” that had rescued KP when he was arrested in 2007. It was this “agency” that had extended its protective umbrella over him. But what had happened now? Had KP outlived his usefulness to the “agency”? or had “operation KP” outsmarted even this powerful entity? The answers may be forthcoming in the days to come.

There is jubilation in many circles that the last of the great tigers has been caught. But in another sense KP’s arrest could be a major setback to the cause of peace. Though KP had not abandoned the Tamil Eelam goal he wanted to do away with the armed struggle. KP’s stated ambition was to transform the LTTE into a democratic, non-violent organization. It was this which caused resentment among the hard-liners surrounding nediyavan. With KP gone the chances of the LTTE making this much-needed transition seem remote.


The man known as KP was born on April 6th, 1955 in the northern coastal town of Kankesanthurai (KKS). His name was Pathmanathan and his father’s name was Selvarasa. Though he was known by a number of names and aliases in his later life, KP’s real name was Selvarasa Pathmanathan.

KP, though born in KKS, was a native of Myliddy, also a coastal area in the Valigamam north region. Myliddy was essentially an agriculture cum fisheries area but also had a proud tradition of rearing the finest racing bulls. Myliddy carters used to win almost all ‘vandil chavaris’ (cart races) held in Jaffna during more peaceful and prosperous times.

Pathmanathan was one of eight children. His father was a fisherman from Veeramanickthevanthurai in Myliddy. The traditional occupation of the people here was fishing but they were not originally of a fishing caste.

The place derives its name from a Maravar Chieftain named Veeramanickathevan from Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu, who settled in Myliddy with his clan centuries ago. The Maravars are of the Mukkulathor warrior caste and the people of Veeramanickthevanthurai also trace their lineage as being Kshatriya.

Pathmanathan had his education at Nadeswara College, KKS and Mahajana College, Thellipalai. He was involved in the politics of the Federal Party (FP) and later the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF). Pathmanathan’s radicalisation was mainly through another native of Myliddy, Pushparajan, who succumbed to cancer some years ago.

Pushparajan was one of those who pioneered the Tamil Ilaingar Peravai or Youth Front in the ’70s and was detained without trial for many years then.

Pathmanathan’s pet name at home was Kutty (pup or cub). This was the name most Myliddy people called him as well. During his childhood he was very thin and as a result, he was nicknamed ‘oosi’ (needle) in school.

Pathmanathan was not a very bright student and required more than one attempt to qualify for his O/L and A/L examinations. He entered the Jaffna University in his 20s but did not complete his degree.

It was during his campus days that the letters ‘KP’ attached on to him. Apparently there were two Pathmanathans in the same batch and in order to differentiate among them, he became KP. Since he was also known as Kutty, the K in Kutty and the P in Pathmanathan became KP. The tall, light-skinned, handsome KP was a big hit with the girls.


While at the Jaffna campus, KP was attracted to Tamil militancy. Initially he joined the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) led by the legendary Thangathurai and Kuttimani. KP doubled up as a TELO militant while being an undergrad. His nom de guerre in the TELO was ‘Kumaran.’ Kumaran participated as a lookout in the Thinnevely Bank robbery where Rs. 1.08 million was robbed.

There was a major split in the original LTTE in 1980. Kandiah Umamaheswaran broke away with a large number and formed the People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE). The residual cadres under Velupillai Prabhakaran were a dejected lot. For about two years the LTTE under Prabhakaran tied up with the TELO under Thangathurai-Kuttimani. It was then that KP began interacting with Prabhakaran.

The Neervely robbery on March 25, 1981 was a watershed in the history of the Tamil militant movement. The People’s Bank van was collecting hard cash from the branches in the Vadamaratchy sector and returning to Jaffna along the Jaffna-Point Pedro Road. It was waylaid at Neervely and a massive sum of Rs. 8. 1 million rupees was robbed.

This was a combined TELO-LTTE operation. KP’s role in this was to ride a motorcycle behind the People’s Bank van and its escort police vehicle. There were no walkie-talkies or cellular phones then. At one point KP had to speed up ahead of the vehicles and alert the militants lying in wait that the target was approaching. KP did his part and sped away. He did not participate in the robbery directly.

But suspicious officials had noted down the motorcycle number, which actually did not belong to KP but to a fellow undergrad, who had absolutely no idea that KP had borrowed it to use in a robbery. The motorcycle was traced and the innocent owner arrested. This led to a massive varsity demonstration demanding his release, but KP had flown.


In what was perhaps the first of his many escapes from the law, KP simply abandoned everything and fled to India. He was then staying at 180, KKS Road in Jaffna. KP was then in his final year but was compelled to give up his studies. He never completed his degree.

After fleeing to India, KP dropped out of Tamil militancy for a while. He teamed up with smugglers cum racketeers in Bombay (now Mumbai), on the fringes of the Tamil militant movement. Some other militants like Sellakkili also joined this group. One motivating reason was survival as they had no funds. This life came to an end after the July 1983 pogrom.

Sellakkili had returned earlier to LTTE folds and was killed in the Thinnevely attack on July 23 that triggered off the island-wide anti-Tamil violence. KP went down to Madras, now Chennai, and enlisted himself in militant ranks again. This time he joined the LTTE and not his former outfit, TELO.

Since Thangathurai and Kuttimani were no more and the TELO was under Sree Sabaratnam, KP preferred to join the LTTE as he had struck up good rapport with Prabhakaran. KP had come down to Madurai once in 1982 with Sellakkili and stayed for some days with Prabhakaran during which period the LTTE Leader had invited him to join the Tigers whenever he wanted.

After inducting KP into the LTTE, Prabhakaran did not make him take up formal arms training. Prabhakaran recognised that KP’s talents lay elsewhere. KP was asked to use the contacts and experience he had gained to raise funds and buy arms for the LTTE.

Together with helpers from the LTTE as well as the Indian underworld, KP began acquiring arms and equipment for the LTTE. Some of these clandestine acts were done without even Indian authorities knowing about them. Some of KP’s original aides in India were Vakeel, Radha, Thavam, Eesan, Kumar, Ranjith and Shankar.

As time progressed KP’s duties began expanding. He was required to travel to many countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America and South East Asia and meet Tamil expatriate groups to mobilise funds. This was a time when several Tamil militant groups were active and competing for expatriate funds so it was indeed a formidable task to generate funds.


The overseas fund raising also involved the setting up of LTTE branches and the appointment of Tiger representatives abroad. This too became KP’s responsibility. In the ’80s and ’90s it was KP who controlled and coordinated the LTTE overseas branches. His objective was to garner as much funds as possible and utilise it for purchase of arms.

In addition to raising funds and administering the overseas branches, KP also had the daunting task of scouring the international illicit arms bazaars and shops. He travelled to many parts of the world and bought up arms and armaments. He also had to make arrangements to ship them clandestinely to India first and later directly to north east Sri Lanka.

There was no beaten track or set procedures. It was a case of playing it by ear. KP was a pioneering pathfinder as he had to improvise and evolve on the job. Much of the early accomplishments were through trial and error.

[“KP”-pic: puthinam.com]

It was astounding that Pathmanathan, a man of humble origins from Myliddy, had metamorphosed into KP, the transnational purchaser and transporter of arms. It is amazing to think that this ex- undergrad was now dealing successfully with dangerous arms merchants in many parts of the globe.


Selvarasa Pathmanathan is now widely known as KP. But within the upper echelons of the LTTE there is another name for him. It is ‘Kazhuthai,’ or Donkey. This was a name bestowed affectionately on KP by Prabhakaran himself. The donkey is an animal that carries loads on its back. KP is a man whose efforts resulted in loads of arms being supplied to the LTTE. Hence, the name Donkey.

As chief procurer of arms for the LTTE KP had made himself almost indispensable for the LTTE then. He, like Prabhakaran, was responsible in a large way for the growth of the LTTE.

It was his ambition after becoming the new LTTE leader to transform the LTTE and take the tigers in a new direction.But that is not to be and he is now detained in Sri Lanka.

KP is a man whose knowledge and information would be of great value not only to Sri Lankan authorities but also to intelligence agencies of several countries.

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at dbsjeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

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  1. Congratulations Mr.Jeyaraj on a magnificient article. It’s a big scoop and even newspapers like Hindu and Daily Mirror have linked it to their web edition

    It”s amazing how you scooped the story of this extraordinary rendition from Canada. The details provided show you have contacts on all sides. Truly the hallmark of an independent, brilliant journalist

    Please continue with your pleasant urprises

  2. I read your article in full. What a wonderful account of what happened. You’ve been discreet about who abducted or extraordinary renditioned KP. But the background details provided enable readers to know. Very clever.

    Thanks again and keep it up

  3. DBS,

    with your permission I want to post Wikipedia extracts about extraordinary rendition. I think readers will like to know more about it due to the extraordinary rendition of KP.

    Extraordinary rendition and irregular rendition are terms used to describe the apprehension and illegal transfer of a person from one state to another.[1] “Torture by proxy” is used by some critics to describe situations in which the United States has purportedly transferred suspected terrorists to countries known to employ harsh interrogation techniques that may rise to the level of torture. It has been alleged that torture has been employed with the knowledge or acquiescence of the United States (a transfer of anyone to anywhere for the purpose of torture is a violation of U.S. law). Condoleezza Rice, while United States Secretary of State, stated in an April 2006 radio interview that the United States does not transfer people to places where it is known they will be tortured.[1][2][3]

    The US program prompted several official investigations in Europe into alleged secret detentions and unlawful inter-state transfers involving Council of Europe member states. June 2006 report from the Council of Europe estimated 100 people had been kidnapped by the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on EU territory (with the cooperation of Council of Europe members), and rendered to other countries, often after having transited through secret detention centers (“black sites”) used by the CIA, some sited in Europe. According to the separate European Parliament report of February 2007, the CIA has conducted 1,245 flights, many of them to destinations where suspects could face torture, in violation of article 3 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture.[4] A large majority of the European Union Parliament endorsed the report’s conclusion that many member states tolerated illegal actions of the CIA and criticized several European governments and intelligence agencies for their unwillingness to cooperate with the investigation. Within days of his inauguration, President Obama signed an Executive Order opposing rendition torture and establishing a task force to provide recommendations about processes to prevent rendition torture.[5]

    Rendition, in law, is a transfer of persons from one jurisdiction to another, and the act of handing over, both after legal proceedings and according to law. Extraordinary rendition, however, is that which is outside the law. As rendition refers to the transfer, the apprehension, detention, interrogation, and any other practices occurring before and after the movement and exchange of extrajudicial prisoners, do not fall into the strict definition of Extraordinary rendition. In practice, however, the term is widely used to describe such practices, particularly the initial apprehension. This latter usage extends to the alleged transfer of suspected terrorists by the US to countries known to torture prisoners or to employ harsh interrogation techniques that may rise to the level of torture.[1]

    The Bush administration has freely admitted this practice; stating, among other provisions that they have specifically asked that torture not be used. Torture can still occur, however, despite these provisions, and much documentation exists alleging that it has happened in many cases.[6][7][8][9] In these instances, the initial captor allows the possibility of torture by releasing the prisoner into the custody of states that practice torture.

    The next distinction of degree is that of intent, where much of the search for evidence continues. It has been further alleged that some of those detainees have been tortured with the knowledge, acquiescence or even participation of US agencies. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in an April 2006 radio interview that the United States does not transfer people to places where it is known they will be tortured.[1][2][3] A transfer of anyone to anywhere for the purpose of torture would be a violation of US law.[1] However, New York attorney Marc D. Falkoff, says that such evidence that transfer for the purposes of torture was an operational practice does exist. In a court filing Falkoff describes a classified prisoner transfer memo from Guantanamo as noting that information could not be retrieved, as torture could not be used, and recommending that the prisoner be sent to a nation that practiced torture. [10]

    Historical instances
    While the US has used legal rendition increasingly since the 1980s as a method for dealing with foreign defendants[citation needed], extraordinary rendition is a wholly extra-legal process that differs in its nature and usage as a tool in the US-led “war on terror”.[11] Modern methods of rendition include a form where suspects are taken into US custody but delivered to a third-party state, often without ever being on US soil, and without involving the rendering country’s judiciary; they have been termed “extraordinary rendition”.[citation needed] The CIA was granted permission to use rendition in a presidential directive signed by US President Bill Clinton in 1995.[12]

    Critics have accused the CIA of rendering suspects to other countries in order to avoid US laws proscribing due process and prohibiting torture, even though many of those countries have, like the US, signed or ratified the United Nations Convention Against Torture.[13] Critics have also called this practice “torture flights”.[14] Defenders of the practice argue that culturally-informed and native-language interrogations are more successful in gaining information from suspects.[15][16]

    In a number of cases, suspects to whom the procedure is believed to have been applied later were found to be innocent.[17] In the cases of Khalid El-Masri and Maher Arar, the practice of extraordinary rendition appears to have been applied to innocent civilians, and the CIA has reportedly launched an investigation into such cases (which it refers to as “erroneous rendition”).

    The first well-known rendition case involved the Achille Lauro hijackers in 1985: while in international air space they were forced by United States Navy fighter planes to land at the Naval Air Station Sigonella, an Italian military base in Sicily used by the US navy and NATO, in an attempt to place them within judicial reach of United States government representatives for transport to and trial in the United States.[18]

    20th century
    In September 1987, during the Reagan administration, the United States executed an extraordinary rendition, codenamed Goldenrod, in a joint FBI-CIA operation. Fawaz Yunis, who was wanted in the U.S. courts for his role in the hijacking of a Jordanian airliner that had American citizens onboard, was lured onto a boat off the coast of Cyprus and taken to international waters, where he was arrested.

    “The Reagan administration did not undertake this kidnapping lightly. Then-FBI Director William Webster had opposed an earlier bid to snatch Yunis, arguing that the United States should not adopt the tactics of Israel, which had abducted Adolf Eichmann on a residential street in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1960… In 1984 and 1986, during a wave of terrorist attacks, Congress passed laws making air piracy and attacks on Americans abroad federal crimes. Ronald Reagan added teeth to these laws by signing a secret covert-action directive in 1986 that authorized the CIA to kidnap, anywhere abroad, foreigners wanted for terrorism. A new word entered the dictionary of U.S. foreign relations: rendition.”[19]
    The American Civil Liberties Union alleges that extraordinary rendition was developed during the Clinton administration by CIA officials in the mid-1990s who were trying to track down and dismantle militant Islamic organizations in the Middle East, particularly Al Qaeda [20].

    According to Clinton administration official Richard Clarke:

    “ ‘extraordinary renditions’, were operations to apprehend terrorists abroad, usually without the knowledge of and almost always without public acknowledgment of the host government…. The first time I proposed a snatch, in 1993, the White House Counsel, Lloyd Cutler, demanded a meeting with the President to explain how it violated international law. Clinton had seemed to be siding with Cutler until Al Gore belatedly joined the meeting, having just flown overnight from South Africa. Clinton recapped the arguments on both sides for Gore: “Lloyd says this. Dick says that. Gore laughed and said, ‘That’s a no-brainer. Of course it’s a violation of international law, that’s why it’s a covert action. The guy is a terrorist. Go grab his ass.'” [21] ”

    Both the Reagan and Clinton cases involved apprehending known terrorists abroad, by covert means if necessary. The policy later expanded.

    In a New Yorker interview with CIA veteran Michael Scheuer, an author of the rendition program under the Clinton administration, writer Jane Mayer noted, “In 1995, American agents proposed the rendition program to Egypt, making clear that it had the resources to track, capture, and transport terrorist suspects globally — including access to a small fleet of aircraft. Egypt embraced the idea… ‘What was clever was that some of the senior people in Al Qaeda were Egyptian,’ Scheuer said. ‘It served American purposes to get these people arrested, and Egyptian purposes to get these people back, where they could be interrogated.’ Technically, U.S. law requires the CIA to seek ‘assurances’ from foreign governments that rendered suspects won’t be tortured. Scheuer told me that this was done, but he was ‘not sure’ if any documents confirming the arrangement were signed.”[22] However, Scheuer testified before Congress that no such assurances were received.[23] He further acknowledged that treatment of prisoners may not have been “up to U.S. standards.” However, he stated,

    This is a matter of no concern as the Rendition Program’s goal was to protect America, and the rendered fighters delivered to Middle Eastern governments are now either dead or in places from which they cannot harm America. Mission accomplished, as the saying goes.[24]
    Thereafter, with the approval of President Clinton and a presidential directive (PDD 39), the CIA instead elected to send suspects to Egypt, where they were turned over to the Egyptian Mukhabarat.

    21st century
    Following the September 11, 2001 attacks the United States, in particular the CIA, has been accused of rendering hundreds of people suspected by the government of being terrorists — or of aiding and abetting terrorist organizations — to third-party states such as Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Morocco, and Uzbekistan. Such “ghost detainees” are kept outside of judicial oversight, often without ever entering US territory, and may or may not ultimately be devolved to the custody of the United States.[22][25]

    According to a December 4, 2005 article in the Washington Post by Dana Priest:

    “ Members of the Rendition Group follow a simple but standard procedure: Dressed head to toe in black, including masks, they blindfold and cut the clothes off their new captives, then administer an enema and sleeping drugs. They outfit detainees in a diaper and jumpsuit for what can be a day-long trip. Their destinations: either a detention facility operated by cooperative countries in the Middle East and Central Asia, including Afghanistan, or one of the CIA’s own covert prisons – referred to in classified documents as “black sites,” which at various times have been operated in eight countries, including several in Eastern Europe.[26][27] ”

    Following mounting scrutiny in Europe, including investigations held by Swiss senator Dick Marty who released a public report in June 2006, the US Senate, in December 2005, was about to approve a measure that would include amendments requiring the director of national intelligence to provide regular, detailed updates about secret detention facilities maintained by the United States overseas, and to account for the treatment and condition of each prisoner.[28]

    Reported methodology
    Media reports describe suspects as being arrested, blindfolded, shackled, and sedated, or otherwise kidnapped, and transported by private jet or other means to the destination country.[29] The reports also say that the rendering countries have provided interrogators with lists of questions.

  4. Hi DB,

    Just to correct a minor error. Udaya is not the first serving military officer to be in the diplomatic cor. For the past several years, serving Army officers have been attached to Bangkok, KL and Jakarta embassies in various roles, not limited to the usual defence attache. The HC in London has had at least seven officers who were attached outside of the defence attache appointment, some as drivers and as housekeepers. However, they carried out mostly intel roles.

    You might remember that Capt Nilam, the LRRP officer involved in the Athurugiriya Safe House incident was attached to Jakarta as a counsellor until Janaka Perera was recalled from that post. No sooner JP´s recall, Nilam was secretly moved to another location.

  5. India 1,Sri Lanka 0 !
    Arrest of reformed-moderate KP who was preaching non-violent politics among Tamils, has clearly once again given an opportunity to anti-KP LTTE factors to take up arms struggle.
    All New Delhi wants is permanant unrest in it’s backyard.Prosperous,peaceful Sri Lanka is what India jeolous of.
    I hope Sri Lankan government and anti-KP LTTE factors realise this and work together for an enhanced devotion.
    Any future war should be India V China;not Sri Lanka V Sri Lanka.
    DBS, Feel free to write on INDIA’S CONTRIBUTION in Sri Lanka’s tears!

  6. COLOMBO: The Sri Lanka Presidential Secretariat on Friday morning announced that the self-appointed LTTE leader Shanmugam Kumaran Tharmalingam alias Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP) had been arrested in a foreign country.

    A report posted on its website on Friday, August 7, at 3.59 GMT under the title ‘The new LTTE leader KP arrested,’ said that KP was accused of arms smuggling and of conspiring the assassinations of VVIPs including former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991. It read:

    “Kumaran Pathmanathan, popularly known as KP, was reportedly earning billions of U.S. dollars per month from LTTE fund-raising activities and was in the habit of disseminating misleading news to evade arrest when he was nabbed in a foreign country.

    “KP was entangled in an in fight with the U.S.-based LTTE activists for LTTE assets worth billions of U.S. dollars after LTTE leader Velupillai Prabakaran and his cronies were killed by the Security Forces in the Mullaithivu district and the Government declared the war on terrorism was over. According to defence sources, KP played a major role in expanding the LTTE’s sea activities and had built up contacts with key officials in different countries.”

    On Defence Ministry website

    In a two-paragraph report posted at 10.18.45 a.m. Sri Lanka Standard Time, the Defence Ministry website said under the headline ‘KP arrested’: “Most wanted LTTE terrorist for International Police (Interpol) and local security divisions Kumaran Padmanadan alias KP has been taken into custody by Sri Lankan law enforcement authorities, defence sources revealed. The suspect is known to be responsible for cross-border terrorist activities of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).”

    The Government Information Department website, under the headline ‘Self proclaimed LTTE leader ‘KP’ arrested,’ on Friday said:

    “LTTE’s self proclaimed leader in exile, Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP was arrested on Wednesday.

    “The arrest of KP has crippled the LTTE’s overseas network and the terrorist organisation now has no future in the globe, defence analysts claimed. Pathmanathan was the key arms smuggler who conspired to assassinate several VVIPs including the former Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi.

    “Defence Spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella said that Sri Lanka’s intelligence was capable of tracking down all LTTE cadres and leaders who were attempting to sow the seeds of terrorism again.

    “He said the terrorist organisation had to be wiped out completely from the face of the earth for all people, including Tamil community, to live in peace. Pathmanathan operated a global network for the LTTE being engaged in arms smuggling, procurement of arms to the LTTE and money-laundering.

    “Following the death of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabakaran, the LTTE’s international network cracked two months ago and Tiger factions fought each other to grab millions of dollars in LTTE bank accounts overseas. Pathmanathan, last month, became the self-appointed leader of the LTTE much against the wish of the other cadres living overseas.

    “Defence analysts said that the Sri Lankan intelligence had done a marvellous job in tracking down this so called fugitive self proclaimed leader of the LTTE.”

    KP’s website entries

    Hours before the development, in the latest entry on his recently launched website, the new Tiger chief said that LTTE cadres cannot engage in any political activities “at this point of time.”

    Coming two days before the election to the local bodies in Jaffna and Vavuniya in the northern province of Sri Lanka (scheduled in August), the statement assumes importance as the pro-LTTE Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is taking part in the exercise.

    Put out under the title, ‘Some thoughts on a political programme of Eelam Tamils in the current context of our homeland,’ it coincided with the assertion by the brother of the Sri Lanka President and Senior Presidential Adviser, Basil Rajapaksa MP, that the 180-day resettlement programme of the President for the nearly three lakh displaced persons was proceeding at a ‘world record’ pace and cited the examples of re-settlement of over 4,000 in the North and East on Wednesday and the re-settlement of 40,000 in the east in 44 days earlier.

    There was no immediate reaction from the TNA to KP’s diktat, which appeared as an entry on his blog. Till noon Sri Lanka time, the pro-LTTE website TamilNet had not taken note of the arrest of KP. Neither did it feature his latest statement. The TNA has been silent on the factional fight within the LTTE following the death of Velupillai Prabakaran on May 19 and the subsequent anointing of KP as his successor.

    KP said in his entry: “To destabilise the Tamil national politics, weakening TNA is an important agenda for the Sinhala regime. Sinhala regime operates with a strategy of shrinking the political space for Tamil national politics. Based on this strategy, Tamil Media have been threatened not to engage with or write about Tamil national political debates and discussions.”

    At the same time, KP said it is expected by ‘certain sections’ that the LTTE has to work with the government or not to have a confrontation with the government for the benefit of the people who are kept in the ‘internment camps’. He added:

    “As our liberation movement has decided to silence the guns and follow a politico diplomatic path, our cadres in the homeland would follow this decision. Since we do not have an open political space in the homeland to engage in political activates, our carders can not openly engage in any political activates at this point in time.

    “However, our cadres are determined to engage in political activities in the future according to the thoughts of our national leader powerfully articulated in his 2008 National Hero Day address: – travel through the path left by history and follow the order of time.

    “Political activities in the Tamil homeland have to be undertaken by the political forces that are loyal to the interests of our people and have the space to function openly. This force should give importance and priority for mass mobilisation championing Tamil national interests.”

    KP charged the government of attempting to weaken the political organisations and parties that carry an ethnic identity and maintained that it is also not ready to allow the Tamils parties which are working with the regime to carry their ethnic identity. “It was evident during the local and provincial council elections in the East and now becoming very clear in the local council elections in the North.”

    He added: “How can we formulate the political programme for the next phase of our struggle? This is a million dollar question that needs careful examination through different political angles. The political programme will be fashioned by current realities, steadfastness of our commitment to our goals and a proper evaluation of the tasks ahead.”

    He said the success of the politico-diplomatic path of the ‘Eelam Tamil nation’ is based on three fundamental political principles: “Tamil nationhood, historical homelands and Tamils inalienable right to self- determination.”

    KP said the situation demanded two parallel political programmes in accord with the political conditions in the homeland and amongst the Tamil Diaspora. “We may have to deploy different strategies but the purpose, ideals and common understanding would remain the same. Both programmes would complement each other.”

    Earlier entry

    Earlier, in a blog entry on July 29, 2009, KP had stunned the e-world and the ‘e-lam’ world with his disclosure that the decision of the Tigers to give up their armed struggle and take to ‘political and diplomatic moves’ was taken by Velupillai Prabakaran along with other Tiger commanders at Mullivaikkal in Mullathivu district, days before his death in the Eelam War IV.

    No, he was not speaking for the first time since the demise of Prabakaran. KP, living somewhere in South East Asia and wanted by Interpol on myriad charges, has been in the limelight since January 2009 when he was pulled out of his semi-retired life as a Tiger veteran and appointed by Prabakaran as head of the Tigers’ ‘International Relations Department’.

    There are two significant aspects about the July 29 public statement. Besides the crediting of the ‘decision’ of the LTTE to silence its guns and take the route of ‘political and diplomatic moves’ to achieve the goal of a separate state of Eelam, the most crucial element of the statement was that it was the first pronouncement by KP that was not denounced by any section of the Tamil Diaspora and Tamils within Sri Lanka.

    The announcement he had made on May 24, within six days of claiming that Prabakaran had survived the Eelam War IV and would re-emerge at the appropriate time, the confirmation of the that the LTTE supremo had attained ‘martyrdom’ in the combat was torn to pieces by influential elements of the Tamil Diaspora and a section of the leaders in Tamil Nadu. He was virtually branded a ‘turncoat and traitor’ to the cause espoused by Prabakaran and accused of resorting to cheap tactics with ulterior motives.

    Since May 24, KP has indeed travelled a long way albeit in the cyber and the Tamil Diaspora world. The July 29 statement clearly demonstrated that KP had succeeded in bringing a semblance of unity among various factions in the LTTE in the post-Prabakaran era and buying peace, though it was tenuous and temporary. It was indeed a remarkable feat for a man, who was officially declared as an absconder in the land of birth, Sri Lanka, and whom the Interpol was supposedly pursuing.

    How did KP manage to bring his detractors on board within such a short period of time? It is a million-dollar-question, and only time will tell how events will pan out and how durable his leadership would be. As things stand, it is a tribute to his persuasive skills and extensive influential contacts within and outside the Diaspora. Therein lay the significance of the blog he started in the second week of July. Obviously, it was the labour of elaborate discussions with Tamil Diaspora leaders of all hues.

    In an entry posted on July 8, KP took enormous pains to establish his credentials as a trusted aide of Prabakaran and assert his desire to carry forward the ‘struggle’ of his leader without any personal motive. Here are some key paragraphs from the entry.

    “My leader must have felt that the right time had come; on the first day of 2009 he appointed me as the head of International relations of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. On the 12th of January that year he informed the world leaders that I will take responsibility, as head of the unit, for all future diplomatic moves, as the spokesperson and as the primary foreign relations delegate.

    “I wish to share with our people the letter and its translation that our leader had sent the world leaders.

    “There are two important statements in the letter that are noteworthy. Our leader had established a new department for international relations. This was the first time has our movement established an International Relations department. Our leader had felt the need to fill the gap that had been left after the demise of our political ideologue Anton Balasingham.

    “Prior to announcing my appointment, my leader had discussed many important issues with me in detail. He emphasised the importance of international support for the victory of our freedom struggle. We discussed the challenges associated with this in detail. Many more details including the situation on the ground at the time of my appointment, the approach the international community had taken in this problem and the choices that were available in front of our leader during the final stages of the war will all be discussed next week (15.07.2009).

    In his July 8 entry KP went on to say, “It is already 33 years since I joined in the Tamil freedom struggle. I have been a part of this struggle, joining forces with our leader since 1976. I have been a close support to him during very crucial periods. In 1984 when our leader got married, I had the good fortune to be his best man. This long association is indescribable by words. Through this long heartfelt relationship, I have followed our leader as an older brother, as a guide and as a friend. I have exchanged freely with him the things I felt were right or wrong and continued my role in pursuit of freedom.

    “Understanding the critical geographical and regional implications that our freedom struggle will encounter well ahead of time our leader had entrusted me with a strategic role that was critical to the struggle. As a result, even with other responsibilities at hand, I had to engage with the internationally dispersed Tamil Diaspora. In my journey of the freedom struggle, I had the opportunity to work for a short while closely with our senior leader Col. Kittu and our political ideologue Balasingham.

    “The oath of affirmation I took with my leader and other military leaders after the heroic death of our senior leaders including Kumarappa and Pulendran still lives in me as an un-flickering flame. In fact, I too should have been on the boat “Kadal Pura” that had carried Kumarappa, Pulendran and other cadres. On that fateful day, my leader had called me to travel with him and I had obliged. If not, I too would have attained martyrdom on that occasion.

    “The dreams we had shared of the future in 1989, in the jungles of Vanni together with Bala Anna and Col. Shankar are still alive in me. I have decided to publish some details of these relationships and activities that I had undertaken with my leader and with senior cadres from time to time in appropriate sections of these pages.”

    Appeal to the Diaspora

    KP’s direct message and appeal to the Diaspora read: “The role of the Diaspora is an important one in the period after 1995. The work carried out in the international arena was directed by me in the period between 1996 and 2002. Prior to this, since the mid 1980s, I have worked hard amongst the Diaspora to establish the organisational structure that was needed to fight our freedom struggle by visiting them from house to house and country to country. The people who had worked for a long time in our freedom struggle and the early supporters know my role and involvement very well. Some Tamil people are confused about the identities of KP and Selvarasa Pathmanathan and state Selvarasa Pathmanathan is a new face but KP is an older, senior member. Please do not be confused; both KP and Selvarasa Pathamanathan are the same person.

    “In the period between 1996 and 2002, we were able to deliver 20% more than what was expected from our leader. It was heart warming to know that we too an important part for the proud victories that were achieved to the astonishment of Tamil Eelam nation and the world during this period. After 2002, it was the wish of my leader to coordinate all activities from our home land. He felt the need for all leaders responsible to operate in close proximity to him. He beckoned me too. As I was getting ready to go, understanding the difficulties in mobility too well, he wanted me to be patient until he was able to make suitable arrangements for travel.

    “Many more details including the situation on the ground at the time of my appointment, the approach the international community had taken in this problem and the choices that were available in front of our leader during the final stages of the war will all be discussed next week (15.07.2009).

    “Please send forth your opinions that you wish to share to the email address below. I wish to publish some of these in this web site. Please inform me if you do not wish your comments to be made public. The email address to receive your comments or opinions is:ltte.ir@gmail.com Thank you. Respectfully. KP”.

    Picture of KP’s role

    A detailed report by D.B.S. Jeyaraj (The Hindu’s former Sri Lanka Correspondent, now based in Toronto) posted on August 6 on his website on the latest developments centred on KP gives a glimpse into KP’s role in LTTE and some details on his personnel life. It says:

    “KP was at one time the chief arms procurer for the LTTE and headed a tiger division known as overseas purchases dept or simply KP dept.

    “He went into voluntary retirement in 2003 and married a Thai national. In January this year, KP was appointed the LTTE’s international relations chief. As the senior most LTTE member alive, KP assumed leadership of the tigers after Prabhakaran’s demise.

    “This was vehemently opposed by a section of the Diasporic tigers led by Perinbanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan After protracted talks an agreement was arrived at. KP assumed control of the LTTE as “Thalaimai Seyalar” or Chief Secretary/Secretary-General.

    “A cabal of influential LTTE and pro-LTTE members abroad continued to oppose KP’s leadership and were engaged in conspiratorial moves to sabotage the accord. The LTTE hardliners were disappointed with KP’s public acknowledgement that Prabhakaran was dead and also his announcement that the armed struggle had ended. His “arrest” was a consequence of the internal opposition to KP it is suspected.

    “KP known as Tharmalingam Shanmugam Kumaran in India was proclaimed as a wanted offender by that country through INTERPOL. India wanted INTERPOL to apprehend KP for interrogation regarding charges like Criminal conspiracy, arms smuggling, violation of Indian terrorist act, breach of Indian explosives act and the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

    “Pathmanathan a native of Myliddy in Jaffna was born on April 6th 1955. He is an old student of Nadeswara College, Kankesanthurai and Mahajana College, Thellippalai. Pathmanathan was also an undergraduate at the Jaffna university but did not complete his degree.”


    As KP acknowledges in his July 29 entry on his website, he has not been successful in persuading some of critics and those who feel betrayed and anguished. The response of a reader on D.B.S. Jeyaraj’s website to one of KP’s blog entries is an extreme case in point of complete scepticism. But as of today such an opinion is more of an exception than the rule. The response by a reader identified as Ganesh and posted on July 27 at 7:49 pm (GMT) reads:

    “I don’t think KP can lead neither any Eelam Tamils nor the Diaspora Eelam Tamils. When interviewed by some international media we should be very pro-active. But KP failed to do so. Look at him how nerve he is!

    “That is because INTERPOL seeking him. He can’t hide very long. He need to face justice (in that case I respect VP, as he usually gives speeches on his martyr-day in front of public). Holding 23 passports worldwide, he is unable to speak proper English even and that prove us how much money he gained from poor Eelam Tamils in back home and overseas. Do you guys think how this transnational government gonna workout? Believe me, there are no base for it. Even KP is living hiding out. A man should stand as a man and he is not. At some point he will be killed by his revelry and that is PERIOD!

    “Question #1: Why this KP pooped-up now? Question #2: Why he is hiding into the international media and lying about child soldiers? Question #3: Why do he needs 23 passports? Question #4: Why he cannot face the INTERPOL? Question #5: Is he leading us to another bloody war in Sri Lanka?”

    New twist

    In a new twist to LTTE politics in the post-Prabakaran era, the July 29 statement titled, ‘What are the fundamentals for the next phase of our struggle?’ read:

    “I had also stated that this conclusion was reached on the basis of the current difficult situation our people face, taking into account the massive setbacks our freedom struggle had encountered in recent times, existing international environment, regional restrictive circumstances and the external factors that influence the existential realities in Tamil Eelam.

    “In accordance with the resolution that our leader had taken in Mullivaikkal, I had said that the next steps of our journey to win our goal of freedom will continue with silenced guns and through political and diplomatic means.

    “I also stated that this political position was an important one in the next steps of our struggle and that we will further explore this in this week’s pages.”

    KP said after he had announced the ‘new diplomatic path’ that some people who had communicated with him asked him two intricately linked questions and went on to say: “Can we not continue the guerrilla warfare while we continued a diplomatic pursuit? Would that not create greater pressure on Sri Lanka and assist in the diplomatic process? These were the two questions.”

    KP asserted that after the incident at Mullivaikkal the decision to take a political and diplomatic path was not taken by him alone but was made in consultation with the military commanders who were in the field at that time and with other divisional cadres. He added:

    “In the context of today’s world order, to pursue a military option while pushing forward with a political and diplomatic option is contrary to each other, similar to travelling in two different directions. This will cause many practical obstacles in moving to the next stage our freedom struggle that seeks to centralise the welfare of the people.”He argued that if the LTTE were to `take forward guerrilla warfare’, it would only ‘expedite the genocide of the Tamil People by the Sri Lankan Government’ and the immediate impact will be negatively reflected on the safety of 300,000 war-displaced.

    “The safety of the more than 10,000 freedom fighters who are being held, isolated and tortured in violation of all international protocols will become a question.”


    Listing what he termed as foundations of movement for ‘Eelam,’ KP said that past armed struggles had instilled a strong sense of national collectiveness amongst “our people.” National self determination, Tamil Homeland and Tamil nation have been pushed forward as primary issues in our struggle.

    Listing the reasons why ‘Eelam’ struggle under command of Prabakaran could not make much headway due to “geopolitical interests in the regions of South Asia and the Indian Ocean, Super powers such as India, US and China opted to safe guard their interests by keeping Sri Lanka as a single territorial entity.”

    He added:

    “The entire world had come to a common opinion that the armed struggle in the island should somehow come to an end. As a result it became impractical to gain international support for an armed struggle.

    “We now change our method of struggle, standing steadfast in our goal for freedom, taking in to consideration the prevailing circumstances in our homeland and measuring the international situation.”

    No retreat

    At the same, he reiterated: “However, we cannot retreat from our goal of Tamil Eelam because the world refuses to accept at this current point. In a world that moves fast, changes in the world order will continue to happen. These changes will also bring about circumstances that will open doors for the freedom of the people of Tamil Eelam.

    “These changes will also pave the way for the failure of world powers achieving their geo-political interests, preserving the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka as a single country. At that point in time, the opportunities for us to establish our state Tamil Eelam will also rise. With this conviction, we should take forward our freedom struggle through politico-diplomatic means.

    “To travel through the path of politico-diplomacy is also not easy. This is a very long journey that needs to be travelled with immense patience confronting many challenges. The political working programme needed for this journey is very important. We will meet again next week (05.08.2009) to discuss these points.”

    Responses on the site

    The response of Sri Lankans of all hues on the DBS Jeyaraj website are illuminating and give room to hope that a change in mindsets of both the majority and minority communities in Sri Lanka could happen.

    Commenting on a response by DBS Jeyaraj, a reader named Kumar wrote on July 30 at 3:52 am (GMT):

    “All this would not have happened if they (Tigers) listened to you earlier starting with (1987) Indo-Lanka Accord and ending with the Karuna saga and elections boycott (LTTE directive on the eve of November 2007 Sri Lanka Presidential Election paving way for election of Mahinda Rajapaksa by a margin of below 1.5 per cent).

    “From now on advise the Tamils every step of the way. We can’t afford to make anymore mistakes. Let those who don’t agree with you have constructive debate on your blog. The KP fellow is intelligent and clever and most importantly does not seem to be the obdurate type, but I can see he has a lot of problems from within.

    “With regard to the apology I feel it may be unnecessary. Why start digging up the past. Let the past including pogroms against Tamils be once and for all buried and let us start a new book. The British, Germans and French massacred each other in the millions, but they did not apologize. Instead they have buried the past and become the EU.”

    In response to a query by a reader as to who is responsible for the current tragedy and travails of Tamils in Sri Lanka, DBS says: “The LTTE hierarchy particularly its supreme leader Velupillai Prabakaran is to blame for its downfall and destruction. The Tigers were not betrayed by “others.” They brought about their own decline gradually.

    “They did not listen to any well – meaning advice urging a course correction and went ahead on their march of folly. Hubris and Nemesis! Such arrogant stupidity had a predictable end. The LTTE betrayed the Tamil people. History will determine that the greatest traitor to the Tamil cause was none other than Velupillai Prabakaran himself.”

    Challenges before KP

    The challenges before KP, assuming he is sincere in his heart, are Herculean. The Tamil Diaspora would have give up its rant and rave against India. They cannot have the cake and eat it too. Further, as one blogger put it: “First thing, KP and his team need to spend the money they have gathered for the final war from Diaspora to the people who lost their relatives and wealth in the final war. It is the time for KP’s team to work on the plans and initiatives towards rehabilitation of the people who are in needs. By this way, LTTE can earn good reputation from the all kinds of people around the world. The second step is, work with the diplomats to pursue a political solution for Tamils. These are the essential works needs to be done quickly. Power gaining among LTTE is not important at this time.”

    Sinhalese blogger RS Wickramasinghe lamented: “There is one thing that separate SOME Tamils from Sinhalese, and that is the love for Sri Lanka. There are SOME Tamils who are very happy when something bad happen to SL. Diaspora Tamils are always trying to undermine SL in the International Community. They are even trying to stop Aid to SL including the IMF loan. Only Tamil Diaspora has got this problem and hatred for SL. They are obsessed with hatred for SL. There are Burghers, Malays, Muslims etc. who had lived overseas more than 50 years and still love SL and like to see SL doing well whether it is in Sports or whatever. Other than this abovementioned difference, Tamil and Sinhala are the same. We look the same, and just like the Mossads said when they came to train SLA and LTTE to kill each other, we are all Apes”.

    To which DBS responded: “Have you thought about why some Tamils feel like that?”

    On August 3, an avid blogger and a soul working relentlessly to build bridges between the Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka, Indrajit Samarajiva (indi@indi.ca) wrote:

    “I try to read stuff from the Tamil Diaspora and local Tamils about how they feel. Many of the concerns I share, but some I think are actually a bit racist and undemocratic. Sri Lanka is still a multi-ethnic society, but a lot of what I read lately is about Tamil nationalism and Tamil self-determination along racial lines. As in, there’s nothing there to speak to people who may not be Tamil, or are perhaps only Tamil speaking, or who are just human. I guess where I differ is that I want reconciliation and harmony within Sri Lanka.

    “Whatever is wrong with Sri Lanka, no one is calling for a Sinhala state. This may be the appearance or effect of some misguided policies, and I don’t deny that minorities get shafted in many ways. However, no one is calling for a Sinhala state. This is rightly called Sinhala chauvinism. In fact, the constitution and all major policy speeches are pretty clear about inclusion of all races. In practice, however, it is more difficult to get proper service in Tamil at a cop shed or whatever and Tamils are disproportionately checked. However, the thing is not rotten at its core.”

    “I think all races on this island can work together towards common, human, Sri Lankan goals. Better governance, less corruption, better education, healthcare, etc. I think we’d all benefit from full implementation of our constitution and language policies. I think regional autonomy for any region under the 13th amendment is good. I mean, it’s cool for any province to be able to control its own police force and have some local power, but it’s not necessarily a racial issue.

    “I can’t get away with calling for Sinhala Nationalism or Sinhala-only issues, I would be considered racist and quite rude by my multi-ethnic family and friends. Why is it OK for Tamils? Or, to put it simply, can’t we all get along? Does it really have to be about race? Can’t it be about the more important issues we have in common as Sri Lankans and human beings?”

    Also see

    # How ‘KP’ was arrested and brought to Sri Lanka

    # Interpol’s Red Notice on Kumaran Pathmanathan

  7. Rajapaksha Doctrine
    The Rajapaksha Doctrine is a Sri Lankan policy introduced on May 18, 2009, which says that further efforts by foreign governments or individuals based in foreign countries to interfere in the affairs of Lanka would be viewed by the Sri Lankan government as acts of aggression requiring SL intervention.

    The Rajapaksha Doctrine asserted that if a current or former Sri Lankan citizen expresses his or her opinion within the country or abroad that imagined ‘Tamil Nation’ is entitled to form an independent state in their imagined ‘historical homeland’ of the island on the basis of imagined ‘Tamil nationhood’, ‘homeland’ and ‘right to self determination’ , it is a punishable offense under the sixth amendment of the Sri Lankan constitution, and he or she will be duly arrested anywhere in the world and delivered to proper authorities in Colombo to be dealt with promptly.


  8. What goes round comes round!
    Hard luck Mr. KP, you are like the main drug dealer, who sends others, to do the retail work. Not much different from the drug kingpins in Colombo, jail.

    You have blood in your hands, and no point talking peace when the atomic bomb was dropped and that destroyed a nation and it’s people. Destroying a nation to build a nation doesn’t make any sense.

    It’s like Velupullai’s parents going for “Saami Vananga”.

    Anyway your time has come and you are paying the price; your predecessors have already paid for it. No one else is going to share the pain and I won’t cause you or be part of your pain.

    It’s good time to think of your own destinies readers; what you send around will come and get stuck in your anus at the end!

  9. KP must be singing now.

    He is a born businessman. So will not invite torture to sing a song he knows.

  10. If some set back happens to the fantasy of some Tamil people , they immediately point their finger to India. This is more form Indian Tamils. This is mostly due to their awareness of the actual issue through the propaganda they read in their own medium.

    These people identify themselves as Tamils and live in a nut shell isolating themselves from the vast majority.

    They try to believe if they have a separate country to rule themselves they will have all solutions for the common misery of exploited mankind.

    If this is true, Tamil Nadu in India with a population of 66 million and 40 MPs in parliament should have eliminated poverty, caste ism, child abuse, mortality rates etc in their own state with the power they enjoyed all these years.

    The story is otherwise.

    The self determination of Tamils is established in streets for auto drivers to charge as they wish. It is there in vegetable markets. In Govt departments to fix the bribe. The list of misery due to self determination is end less.

    The above issues are prevailing everywhere in developing countries in varying quantities, but not with the self determination stamp affixed.

    Now some people point their fingers to India for the arrest of KP. Indian leaders has enough domestic issues in their plate .

    If the arrest of KP happened through international friends as mentioned in defence.lk website, it could be the China which has good influence over Malasia and Thailand.

  11. 1. he was talking with these 2 guys.
    2. a telephone call comes to him.
    3. he goes to the corridor.
    4. if the call had not come he would not have gone there.
    5. the person who called him set up the trap.
    6. he would have been told that someone is there to meet him.
    7. this is the version of events of the 2 in the room. can they be lying.

  12. “Another puzzling aspect is KP’s reckless disregard for his safety. He had two warrants issued against him by Interpol yet KP was brazenly going public. He met with people openly, granted print, TV and Radio interviews, wrote regularly in his own blog and engaged in telephone conversations on a global scale. This made him highly vulnerable as far as law-enforcement officials were concerned.But he did not play safe and adopt a low –key profile .”

    Money. Money. Money That attracted him to the present state.

    For Prabhakaran, the greed for absolute power attracted him to the grave yard.

  13. VP control LTTE not doing mass murder of sinhala civilians even Sinhala Army did that often to Tamil civilians.

    KP silance the guns and try to transform new LTTE even
    GOSL still engaging in “Fighting” with LTTE.

    So this is not good for both side.

  14. “But in another sense KP’s arrest could be a major setback to the cause of peace. Though KP had not abandoned the Tamil Eelam goal he wanted to do away with the armed strugle. KP’s stated ambition was to transform the LTTE into a democratic, non-violent organization”

    I would disagree with the above sentence. He could have disassociated from a pro scribed organization and started something new for a new new venture.

    Instead why he wanted to revive LTTE was to get the key of the cash reservoir.

    A reformed KP could live a peaceful family life. But not taking a U turn as a head of a protracted, fascist organization like LTTE to save people it betrayed.

  15. Pingback: Tamil Insight » “Operation KP”: Extraordinary rendition of New Tiger Chief

  16. It was bitter inner-rivalry that brought KP disaster. His whereabouts have been passed on to GoSL. It is time the Tamil diaspora and the Tamils within the Island realize their future and the future of their children cannot be entrusted to a group of self-centred men who give tuppence to the glorious Tamil liberation.

    It is best Tamils close their ranks behind a more respectable, representative and democratic body like the TNA that offers greater chances to speak both to GoSL and the world in a single voice. Any future effort to regain Tamil rights and justice must flow and be based from Lankan soil. Equally there should be a strong link between the Tamil diaspora and the local leadership. There is likely to be greater regional and global favourable reception to this. The time to re-organise has come. A prominent role should be given not only to Tamils in the EP but also to Tamil-speaking Muslims willing to join the fold.

    Looks like Interpol is just as ineffective as many other local outfits. They still are unable or unwilling (the reason is not too difficult to guess) to get hold of Mrs Sicille Kotelawala, wife and fellow-conspirator of mass swindler Lalith Kotelawla. Everyone except Interpol knows the woman is in a comfortable Hotel in Singapore.

    This couple has wiped out nearly 10,000 Lankan depositors-more than half of them ‘wealthy’ and are said to have caused a cash shortage in the Colombo District. Or is Interpol just as communal catching Tamils and ignoring the Sinhalese? The damage the Kotelawalas have caused to their faithful depositors is as bad as what the Tamils in the North East and elsewhere going through. These depositors in the South are also in a way no different to the IDPs except they are in their homes. They are tortured just as badly.


  17. According to Sri Lankan news papers, KP already started “Vomiting”.



  18. If this guy is the custodian of ltte kitty the government must make use of him to do the following:
    Bring all the ltte funds to Sri Lanka;
    Construct a super highway to Jaffna from Colombo;
    Develop irrigation systems in the north;
    Open up an Engineering Faculty to teach Nano Technology in the north.
    If he does that he should be pardoned and made a minister.

  19. For me this is not a NEW news, all r expected in this Eelam drama (western vs asian – indian ocean cold war).

    These games started from 1985 Anadrayapura masscare, then Colombo Jaffna train ambush, Chavakacheri police station……etc…like that now this game/ deal started again from when KP was arrested in Bangkok airport on Sept 2007 ( http://www.expressindia.com/news/fullstory.php?newsid=92069 ) from that day Srilankan Airforce one by one sunk all LTTE ships (what a game!), then we all know what happened to the LTTE leadership.

    Now who ever started this game have to end it, in this KP’s arrest also a page in this book (game). What ever he helped to his deal makers, now this like a favour bring him to light…………..we’ll wait & see.

    Like this Pottu also is in some deals from Paramu Tamilselvan’s assisanation period.

    One day all will come to the light.

    But poor Tamils & Sinhalese wasting all in this war (external forces drama’s).

    No one have faith in human; Only Human suffering.

    Ps: All r my personell view.

  20. There are other news saying that “”Slain Tiger chief’s phone led Sri Lanka to successor.””

    Sri Lankan intelligence officers used the satellite phone, found on the corpse of Prabhakaran after his death in a final battle on May 18, to pick up the trail of a man who dodged authorities for nearly three decades.

  21. Once again there goes DBSJ in full form. Nobody gets this much of facts and detail. Great artical

  22. Dear DBS,

    Here is the situation facing the Tamils:

    – IDPs still in camps
    – MR and company trying to make Tamils a minority in ALL parts of the country
    – many Sinhaleese in this blog comments denying that tamils have any greivances
    – India continuing its own pro-SL government agenda
    – Tamil thugs holding posts with the government and engineering the elections
    – Selfish (foolish) Tamil dispora and their leaders trying to follow a no-win path (transnational gov and all that)

  23. DBS: I know you wanted me to write one by envisioning a bring future, but I can not…..Here is my old one again.

    We are two brothers of a family, born in this paradise Island
    Let us share and care, because it is our land
    There is no my land, your land, and traditional homeland
    There is only one brand, so united we stand

    I am the big one, you are the little one
    I am always first, you shall be second best
    If you challenge me, you will have none
    Work with me, I will pick first and share the rest

    I will take care of you, do not have worry
    I will give you toys that are no fun to me
    If I snatch them back, do not be sorry
    That is how a united family is meant to be

    You shall play with me whenever I ask
    You shall sit in a corner whenever I command
    I will beat you up if you do not finish my task
    I will beat you up even if you do as I demand

    You shall not scream or call mom and dad
    You can not sit alone, because there is no room for you upstairs
    You shall not cry out loud, because I will look bad – but
    You shall have the right to shed tears, and only tears

  24. As I commented for the previous article all the Tamils have to shun all elements of LTTE and form a united front to take forward our peaceful struggle towards freedom and long lasting peace.

    Dear DBSJ I am always amazed at the amount of details you provide. keep up the good work.

  25. Do they use “white Vans” to abduct in abroad?
    Local Butchers started their usual business in the international arena.

    Cary On !! Who is the Next Hilary, Miliband , Robert Blake….?

  26. Do they use “white Vans” to abduct in abroad?

    Local butchers started their business in international arena.

    Carry on !! Who is the next Hillary, Miliband, Robert Blake….?

    Who care what they are talking about? They all tigers. Isn’t it?

  27. Dear DBS and All,

    It is good the LTTE is gone. This organisation is not for the Tamils. Let VP take this organisation to the grave with him. I say this as a Tamil. I hope in the same manner the current Sri Lankan state too will fall because that too is not for Sri lankans. That I say it as a former Sri Lankan.

    1. A banned organisation is no future for the Tamils.

    2. A divided organisation with infighting is no future for the tamils.

    3. Taking revenge forever is no future for the Tamils.

    4. Tamils have to live with the majority and integrate. This proves the so called separation is a myth!!. They cannot unite when they are down and out. I have even argued in the past the majority of the North & East being Singhalese is also the best way for the Tamils.

    5. Reconcilliation, redevelopment and humility provides a peaceful life. In humility people gain trust and power. VP was a arrogant SOB who made everyone as his enemy and also took the entire Tamil race down along with him.

    6. The Singhalese too have created their own VP but it will be years before they too are thought a lesson by their own making just like we Tamils have been.

    7. The expatriate Tamils should reach out to the Singhalese, muslims and other nations and vice versa. We need to integrate not disintegrate in arrogance. Transitional Tamil government is not what we need but working with Singhalese on the ground in Sri Lanka to help these refugees is what we need right now.

    8. A nation that keeps fighting at all cost to defend a constitution and not remake it is not one for us too.

    9. Creating a Tamil homeland or defending Singhala Buddhism is no future for Tamils or Singhalese.
    If the singhalese are smart then they will take this opportunity to convert every refugee in those camps as a friend of theirs and not their foe. With that the only Singhala nation (as they claim) would see prosperity and peace as never before.

    But I somehow think we singhalese and Tamils have a long way to go. Its not this generation but the next that will build a new Sri Lanka, provided this sows the foundation for RECONCILLIATION and PEACE.

    Unfortunately the Singhala VP is also drunk with power just like the Tamil VP was at his pinnacle of success (elephant pass & katunayke attack). Normal human behaviour is to adopt a strategy to negotiate with arrogance and not humble yourself to reach out. The Singhala VP is doing the same thing as the Tamil VP.

    We Sri Lankans never prosper because we never grasped RECONCILLIATION as a means for PEACE in our hour of victory. Whether its a Tamil or Singhala leader. The day of independence sowed the seeds of division and not unity. Over the last 30 years, a victory of overrunning an army camp in the North only further our thoughts of separation. If the govt forces won a battle then it was further rational that the minorities had no issue and subjection can continue. It was defending the constitution that was paramount for our leaders and not remake a constitution to defend the humanity a constitution was to protect.

    Singhalese and Tamils have always left the cart before the horse. Today we still keep doing it. Like it or not KP could have been an asset for Sri Lanka’s peace. I would have rejoiced if some of the radical nut cases within the LTTE was arrested and KP was allowed to transform the LTTE. But instead the opposite has happened.

    Today I like to suggest another radical step for the expatriate Sri Lankans. A transitional Sri Lankan government needs to be formed by the expatriate Singhalese, Tamils and Muslims where we come together all around the world as one nation in waiting. We shun the current constitution, a Singhalese and Tamil expatriate leader should come together to show our fellow loved ones in Sri Lanka that we have failed as a nation over 50 odd years to defend humanity. That, the younger generation needs a new nation not an extension of Sri Lanka or a new Tamil Eelam.

    A new national flag, a new national anthem, a new constitution and a new hope that embraces HUMANITY needs to be created. Not the one that was created by our forefathers. It divides the people by a flag. It divides races (yellow, orange for minorities), religion (bow leaves) and an animal (Lion) that doesn’t live in our country for the majority. What does that mean ? Then it sacrifices humanity to defend it.

    Who can form a transitional Sri Lankan government ?. The current expatriate Sri Lankans are unable to think outside the box but are still bent on extending the rubble of their home abroad. Is this what our next generation needs ? Or does it need something radically different where it looks outside to learn from and transform inside or keep looking inward to destroy itself. This is a golden opportunity for Singhala and Tamil expatriates to pool their reserves, have elections under a new constitution abroad within the expatriate community, start projects in Sri Lanka’s North, East, West and South and redefine a new way forward.

    Where pressure builds inside the country and a velvet revolution takes place inside Sri Lanka. In every project a Singhalese and Tamil should come together to develop schools and businesses in their own country & abroad. Instead we are parcelling our country in pieces to the Indians and Chinese only for them to use us as meat in the sandwich in 20 years time. We will then fight an economic war not a military one and in that we wont even have a say in the matter.



  28. what next Mr.DBS ?


    Ippothu naam sellum Vazhi iruttu.
    Aanaal nichayam Iravukkup pahalundu.
    Kizhakku velukkum.
    Keelvaanam Sivakkum.
    Kathiravan varavu kandu
    kamala muham sirikkum …………….DBSJ

  29. Who is this `nut’ Sreenivasan??

    He is giving a lecture in international law as if the govt of SL gives ‘shit’ when they have got a known terrorist in hand.


  30. Among the informed Tamils it was expected that when KP came out in to the open he would be taken by the Srilankan or Indian RAW. But KP wanted to do something useful to the Tamil peoples freedom and hence he had to come into the lime light and compromise his security. Also according to his backers KP is terminally ill and he wanted to organise the Tamils quickly as possible.

    World Tamils should realise more Leaders like KP will come and go, but the Tamils will have to keep on working and fighting for their just political and human rights from the Srilankan state Terror.

    Tamils should go on with the formation of the Transnational government. Also they should have a leadership committee so that whatever happens to a single individual will not affect the progress of freedom struggle. If we look at the history of different freedom struggle many leaders have come and gone but the struggle has gone through until the people got their freedom. Likewise the Tamil peoples freedom struggle will go on regardless of what happens to individuals. KP has done his part for the Tamils and now Each Tamil has to do his own part to make the Tamils in Northern and Eastern of Srilanka get their true freedom from the Sinhala Buddhist Srilankan Terror state. The big question is will India in the future change its myopic attitude towards the Tamils and allow the Tamils to get and enjoy true freedom? Hope it will!

  31. During the final days of second world war, the Russian were at the gates of Berlin. The Russian Soldier listened to their Leader Stalin’s speech who said “Every German is guilty of war crime, only the unborn German is innocent”.

    Looks like the same doctrine is followed by all the Goverments: “Only the unborn Tamil Tiger is innocent-everyone else is guilty and to be punished by death”

  32. This is an amazingly detailed account of the capture of KP and DBS, you have scooped everyone again. The moment I read about the divisions in the Diaspora LTTE on Post-Prabaharan leadership, I knew that KP’s days would be numbered. It is said that KP is worth 200-300 million dollars. The GOSL should recover that money and spend it on resettling the IDPs.

  33. #43 Ranjan From Toronto

    Did you say that the goverment should take his money and spend on IDPs. They might take his money, but spending on IDPs is certainly a wishfull thinking. Remember the government officials are mostly criminals, thugs and thiefs who created this problem in the first place.

  34. he enjoyed being under umbrella of this ‘agency’ because they thought LTTE was a necessary evil to bring peace. when there is no LTTE, umbrella gets swooshed away in the wind too. he obviously over estimated his importance after LTTE demise.

    what this points to is white van phenomenon has developed wings. those who peddled terror be very careful wherever they reside. change your phone numbers, bank accounts, names and move to another country. but even after that you may one day have to answer the call of natural justice as KP did.

  35. I think that KP has been posturing the LTTE in a democratic way in order to gain the support of the West in finding a political solution. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that the CIA and British were giving him their assurances. Why would he give an interview to a British television show for example. And the US has postured itself as supporting a political solution.
    I don’t think he was betrayed, because he was probably still useful in transforming the LTTE into a non-violent movement.
    It is more likely he was tracked down by SL intelligence with the help of Indian intelligence, because I doubt the strength of SL intelligence.
    I also believe that KP tried to lobby the US to bring a ceasefire at the end. And this misplaced confidence with the UN may have led VP to stay in Mullaitivu after the Anandapuram debacle on April 1-5.

    So betrayal has come in the double game played by RAW. And betrayal has also come in the failure of US and UN to bring in a ceasefire when they gave LTTE assurance that they would bring one. Miliband and French FM came and talked to Rajapakse. Surely, they had the power to bring about a ceasefire had they wanted to. But I believe they were also playing a double game to deceptively win the confidence of the LTTE.

    KP was the only person who could have really taken up the mantle of leadership.

    The future is uncertain, but rapid colonization of Jaffna with Indian connivance could defeat the Jaffna Tamils forever.

    The US/British are more and more depending on Indian alliance to leverage their power in Asia as a check to China. So as long as India is totally supporting Rajapaksa, Jaffna Tamils are in a dire dire situation.

    Jaffna Tamils need to break Sri Lanka’s alliance somehow that has diplomatically isolated Jaffna Tamils. Otherwise colonization in the next 10 years will totally defeat them.
    Sinhalese already have plans drawn out for the colonization of Jaffna with Sinhalese in the Military Security Zones.

  36. I am truly sad that KP was renditioned in this way by Sri Lanka. He was the best bet for a peaceful, non – violent future for LTTE. Now that’s all gone. shame Mahinda shame.

  37. It is laughable even to think that somehow this daring arrest and dispatch of KP to SL would be a threat to SL
    government because of militant wing of remaining
    LTTE diaspora will be able to wrest control of Tamil
    diaspora and pro-LTTE remnants in SL. Reality is, this turn of events would definitely help SL government immensely and further weaken the Tamil separatists in and out of SL. After all man who was supposed to be immortal as a “God” who terrorized our country over three decades died in his “Amuday””(under wear) in a marshy land like a stray dog with a gaping hole on the forehead. Next Tamil terrorist who would like to follow the same path of bringing death and destruction Srilankans in the name of “Tamil Freedom” or whatever the hell they want to call it, will face with the same fate may be with the exception of having that gaping hole somewhere else.

  38. To comment 48
    “The future is uncertain, but rapid colonization of Jaffna with Indian connivance could defeat the Jaffna Tamils forever”

    exactly….thanks for spelling out the solution to the sri-lankan problem. some greedy tamizhs seem to think that the “tamizh only” north belongs to them exclusively. that is why the sun god ethnically cleansed 500,000 muslims and sinhalas from the north. that is why the tamizhs want the north and east merged so they can ethically cleanse the east of the 3 million sinhalas and the muslims…..this attemp by the greedy tamizhs must be stopped and any sri-lankan should have the right to live in the north and east…..not just a bunch of greedy tamizhs.

    the following is a simplistic analysis but it will have to do- when tamizhs live amongst other communities (eg Colombo, Scarborough) they communicate in other languages and they have no problems, but when tamizhs live isolated within their caste systems (eg Jaffna) they become terrorists….

    simplistic analysis but that is the essence of the issue….the tamizh greed for a tamizh only land needs to be stopped and tamizhs should learn to live as sri-lankans….

    the choice is simple no? tamizhs stop being greedy for tamizh only land and live as sri-lankans OR tamizhs continue being terrorists and fight for tamizh only land…

  39. 50. avi and other like him:

    Please don’t take pleasure in another man’s death. VP was a brutal, inhumane killer. He was an abomination. Nevertheless he was a man. Having to die like the way he had to go and inflicting such pain on another man are not things we ought to be proud of nor keep mulling over. War is a necessary evil. Leave it at that and move on. We should not glorify war. These thoughts have no bearing on the dead but certainly will cloud your own future. The way those soldiers crowded around VP s corpse to take pictures was nothing but disgusting. That only shows the cruelty that lies within our own military and others controlling media.

  40. Mr Jeyeraj,
    As always a very good article exploring all sides of the incident.
    All of Diaspora and West (tuned by Diaspora) is blaming SL government for the delay in re-settling IDP. Though this is sad story for innocent people, there is another side to it;

    – Everyday Army find loads of Arms caches in North
    – Every week Intelligence Agencies find some sort of hard core LTTE within IDP camps who were

    If this was done without proper filtering of any LTTE carders and Arms, there may be unsettle in future which again harm innocent people again after the misery they had for last 30-years. Sadly this will be created by the Diaspora who lives “Lovely” in West.

    If they want fast settlement, why don’t they send the LTTE’s USD 500 million fund via independent agency or country to facilitate their own relatives.

    Rather than making house for them, they keep the funds to buy arms again..

  41. Amazing article as it is usual withyou DSBJ. In so short a time withso much of details is a real treat.
    Congrats and Carry on regardless.

  42. Tamils are worst than Animals. I HATE you TAMILS. Will never help a single Tamil. Will tell others the same. Your leader Karunanidhi is a stupid Animal.

  43. 52 vishnu, Your spot on!!. I agree with you too. I have said the same on 37.

    Sri Lankan government could have taken a short cut to get the expatriate tamils on their side by allowing KP to modernise the LTTE and slowly turned the tamils towards a united sri lanka. The transitional government would have not gotten anywhere but it would have been a good way to keep the radicals within the LTTE quiet. I think the government could have used him and got the radical guys rather than do it the other way around.



  44. Tamilnet.com says
    For quite some time now, certain intelligence and journalistic sections were pressing for the arrest of Pathmanathan. Some of them were dubious with seeming sympathy to him in order to deviate blame and ultimately to confuse the course of Tamil nationalist struggle, said Tamil circles.

    DBSJ is Tamilnet pointing its finger at you?


    I dont know. Who cares?
    But “Tamilnet” is opposed to KP as LTTE leader. The Editor Jeyachandran in Norway and Managing editor Sreetharan in USA are part of the anti – KP cabal.

  45. Great blog……
    Great platform for ideas and comments ……

    Thank you DBSJ for giving the world a place to talk… !

  46. Why did we develop a mentality only to accept a solution militarily won be LTTE led by Thalaivar?

  47. Your following response to a posting here is, in my opinion, highly relevant:



    Ippothu naam sellum Vazhi iruttu.
    Aanaal nichayam Iravukkup pahalundu.
    Kizhakku velukkum.
    Keelvaanam Sivakkum.
    Kathiravan varavu kandu
    kamala muham sirikkum ……DBSJ


    Can you elaborate your thoughts on how Tamils should continue their struggle for safety, security, dignity and freedom? You are the longest serving SL journalist who exercised the principle of neutrality and impartiality at all times even when you faced huge challenges from both sides.

    Please write an article as to how Tamils should take their struggle forward.

    Thank you. I will try. But do you think it will be of any use. Will anyone listen ?…………..DBSJ

  48. Dear DBSJ
    I think your use of “extraordinary rendition” is invalid in this case.

    There is no evidence that KP was transported illegally. He seems to have arrived on a commercial flight and the only extraordinary thing was that he was hooded and cuffed

    He’s got multiple outstanding interpol warrants on his head which I believe means ANYONE can arrest him anywhere , anytime and turn him over to the authorities.

    He travels on multiple passports under multiple identities and if that in itself is not illegal, I have no idea what is.

  49. VP used violence for Tamil liberation and is dead now.

    KP promised non-violence for Tamil liberation and is even worse than a dead man now. – He was not even given a chance to prove whether he was truth to his own words.

    So lets get this straight. – Is the world fair on LTamils? Who I am kidding? When the world was willing to sacrifice 30,000 + civilians to get one VP, all become clear.

    The world wants to see a simillar fate to SL Tamils as in the case of Red Indians of North America.

    Therefore, it is critical that the SL Tamils get their act together and begin to speak as one voice, or atleast remain divided as now, but come under one umbrella when it comes to dealings with the International community or the Democractically elected Terrorist state of SL.

  50. Ippothu naam sellum Vazhi iruttu.
    Aanaal nichayam Iravukkup pahalundu.
    Kizhakku velukkum.
    Keelvaanam Sivakkum.
    Kathiravan varavu kandu
    kamala muham sirikkum ……..DBSJ

    I do agree ‘Ippothu naam sellum Vazhi iruttu.’. Do you think other things will happen to SL Tamils in our life time?

    I saw on your previous article a guy said ‘KP betrays VP’.

    It is not true. He is loyal to VP right from the beginning. He did much effort to save VP in the last days. In reality he is the man transformed LTTE into the conventional force by supplying sophisticated arms. VP and his team adopted wrong theory and end up with nothing. Diaspora Tamils also fail to put the LTTE on the right track. After VP, KP tries to give a boost to LTTE by rectifying its mistakes and willing to lead the organization with different dimension. He would have been better off if he despair with whatever left over. HE DID NOT DO THAT. But again Diaspora Tamils did not give their over helming support to him. Because section of LTTE who oppose him and some Tamil Nadu politicians longed the propaganda against him for the selfish reason. Now he became the victim of these traitors. His arrest is big loss than VP’s death.

    Even though he had criminal records on his name, whatever he did for VP and LTTE. He is the man got the power and influences to give a boost to LTTE. This is sad to see this man got arrested before he delivers his job. LTTE sections who oppose him have no genuine intention to protect Elam Tamils. They only after LTTE’s money pot. May be those things as you said above only possible if our people think wisely and act smartly



  52. hats off to dbsj, very interesting.

    i’m quite puzzled though how, including dbsj, many still continue to give relevance to kp and a some how ‘transformed / transforming’ ltte in the context of solving the tamil question in sri lanka.

    for millions of sri lankans, ltte is a despised cancer they are happy to be rid of. i don’t think they will ever trust or feel comfortable with any outfit that bears that name, or associated with it in any shape, form, or fashion.

    just reading through kp’s history, seriously, is this guy a potential tamil leader? if this former bank robber accomplice, arms smuggler, international criminal of various sorts – is the best contender to lead tamils, gee they are in trouble.

    unless of course the objective is to salvage what’s left of the ltte (as opposed to cementing peace and improving everyon’es lives in sri lanka).

    imho, the best thing the remaining ltte can do is to hand over the money to an ngo to be spent on fixing up north and the east, and then to disappear from the face of the earth – leaving room for a completely fresh and alternative tamil leadership to evolve.

    and i think the sane tamil voices (plenty of which are here) should call for the same.

    because there is just too much blood on ltte hands. way bloody too much.

  53. After all may be the SLA intalligence out smarted the Agency that was protecting K.P.
    Another beauty by the Master journalist D.B.S.

  54. Vishnu ,
    You are right,but sadly we Lankan are very short sighted. Best thing the GOSL should do is to try KP in Lankan courts and give him a pardon but encourage him carry on political work with-in the of constititional frame work of SL. This will give an opportunity to bring all ex LTTE in to the peacful mainstream. It is or duty

    My fear is this development shoud not give an upper hand to violance beleivers of LTTE because our big bro’s (in our side at this juncture) never allow Sri lanka into peacful development path. Our big bros know very well with given a opportunity we will prosper and beat them with in ver very short time like late 70s.

    Can our leaders think like stateman?

  55. Atleast now the Tamil Diaspora will be leberated from the Blood Sucking LTTE requestingMoney every month !!!!!….. Use your hard earned money to develop the North !!!! Dont give money to any Org who tries to hoodwink you of an Imaginary Eelam which never excisted and will never be !!!! …… Dont Waste your money …. The Latest Sri Lankan Administration is smarter than the LTTE

  56. good news for all srilankans.wel-don sri lanka.world should fsllow sri lanka.president have another responsible to clean the country.VAT.we have to bring this cheaters to sri lanka and punish them.thay are enjoying in dubai and waiting for ranil to become president

  57. Well, there is no replacement for VP, and now it is KP, i think the tamils will loose their vision. there is a dire need to get one strong leader like VP, if VP is alive, then will it happen like this?? He will do whatever to get things done. I pray that LTTE agents will take care of all the mandate left by KP, i mean the secret assets and network built by KP. there is huge support for tamil eelam from the tamil nadu and diaspora tamils

  58. 3 cheers to the Sri Lankan Forces !!!!! Anyone who had a pipe dream about ealam should wake up at least now. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the LTTE mass murderers are taken in and hopefully given the same treatment that they gave thousands of innocent Sinhalese, Tamil & Muslim civilians over the past 3 decades. Of course none of the so called tamil diaspora who had been funding these terrorists can fathom what has happened to their day dream. It is now time to re-build the nation as ONE COUNTRY for ALL ETHNIC GROUPS. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR DIVISION AND WE WILL NEVER ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN !!!!!! If you want your own country, try the North Pole. However, TAMIL NADU politicians will not allow it. You people are so gullible to think that Karunanidhi, Vaiko and the gang were really genuine. They are all politicians after all (remember the 1 hour fast unto death with A/Cs and fans !!!!!)

  59. i think its upto tamils to now decide wether they want to be a minority or to be srilankans in a srilanka were people are treated equaly disregarding their race.

  60. #42 – RS Wickramasinghe:

    it is an obituary, not something that just seems like one. Why is it an obituary? Because just like Pottu has been made into Pittu and is being served with Pol Sambol, good old KP will be made into Kotthu Rotti and served to Karuna, the sneaky snake.

    # 52: Devinda

    no one is thinking like you because you are a genius and we are not. Happy?

    So, people, any idea who will be next? Nediyavan the Kodiyavan, or some other Euro thug?

    The poor saps – the general public who are mindwashed into supporting the thugs – eventually will suffer a damaged ego. Meanwhile, the thugs in charge of running the SL Govt will be partying all the way.

    Have you seen the Puliyankulam police station sign they built in front of the new station? Tamil letters were in the smallest font – the Sinhalese letters were in the largest (almost three times the Tamil font), followed by the English letters. Even English has been given a higher status than Tamil – this is a sign of things to come. I will give it about 10 years for the entire demography to be changed, and another 20 years for all the tamils to become Sinhalese.

    Hope the diaspora Tamils can keep up their language, even if it takes songs and dances of the so called “struggle”.

  61. 40 Gopi , I strongly agree you.
    If we are all freedom fighters we should not stop.
    Our brave hearts who fought to death for our freedom
    never worked for money or power like our opposition side.

    Flash will come again, We will find many way to rich one
    goal. Now we need patient and rescue our tamils from humanitarian crisis.

    I have noted some blogers says “you are belong to Tamilnadu , Ask eelam in canda?India create this Tamil Army against our patriotic Srilanka , they can’t tell us
    what to do for tamils, we know everything”

    Yes, You know very well who they are?

    what they were doing when indian army was there? Who was fighting with foreign army? Why they are hiding under “patriotic”? Who is real patriot?

    why we are not asking ellam in canada , then who will
    answer your stupid questions? So , we decided to stay
    as your neighbours to help island of lanka from idiots.

    Please read your history agin to know where you deported from and what for? Don’t spoil (I)lanka(i)

  62. 40 Gopi , I strongly agree you.
    If we are all freedom fighters we should not stop.
    Our brave hearts who fought to death for our freedom
    never worked for money or power like our opposition side.

    Flash will come again, We will find many way to rich one
    goal. Now we need patient and rescue our tamils from humanitarian crisis.

    I have noted some blogers says “you are belong to Tamilnadu , Ask eelam in canda?India create this Tamil Army against our patriotic Srilanka , they can’t tell us
    what to do for tamils, we know everything”

    Yes, You know very well who they are?

    what they were doing when indian army was there? Who was fighting with foreign army? Why they are hiding under “patriotic”? Who is real patriot?

    why we are not asking ellam in canada , then who will
    answer your stupid questions? So , we decided to stay
    as your neighbours to help island of lanka from idiots.

    Please read your history book agin to know where you deported from and what for? Don’t spoil (I)lanka(i)

  63. Tamils are not politically bankrupt yet to expect the LTTE to transform and to take in a new direction. Some views that KP was important and that the SL govt had missed an opportunity for peace with LTTE is utter non-sense. Tamils do not need LTTE, ex LTTE or future LTTE.

    It is going to be a slow process and the new generation must be a law abiding group who or their family was never in any militant groups in the past. They are going to work within the unitary system and would contest elections only in SLFP and in UNP.

    Sitting in the opposition and telling the people that we are raising voices are gone. We do not voice. We need a size within the govt and to really work to uplift the people.

    Let us not waste time talking about KP VP SSP. I wish and pray that KP is also dead by now.

  64. Look KP has a lot of blood on his hands through his pumping of murderous weapons into Sri Lanka. His recent sheep skin of “non-violence” was cuz he was getting too old, sick and feeling vulnerable with once great LTTE in tatters. He knew they were coming for him. End of the day he has to pay for his crimes! Hope he’s never heard of again. Sri Lankan secret police knows what to do now. Karma is a shadow you can’t leave behind!

  65. Regarding single’s comments ” Everyday Army find loads of Arms caches in North
    – Every week Intelligence Agencies find some sort of hard core LTTE within IDP camps who were”
    How can anyone trust these statements? No independent person is allowed to go or to speak to the camp inmates!!
    The government who bombed and killed Tamils and destroyed their properties wantonly has the moral obligation to re-settle them confortably. MR sheds crocodile tears infront of the mike and TV camera’s that “Tamils are his own brothers and sisters and that he will take care of them and rescued them from LTTE, but in reality he plunders their wealth and kill them in the name of war on terrror!!

  66. I am glad,that there are Tamils who have the same views about SL as most Sinhalese like me.For example some parts of the comments that I read from Ajith (37)
    What we need is a peaceful and prosperous country where everyone enjoys equal rights and equal benefits.The country has to be developed first to reap these benefits.
    MR and his inner circle have demonstrated that ,they can formulate and execute plans to a successful conclusion.This is a good sign in a country like SL where such actions were rare in the past.
    Elimination of the Terrorists and the current work on wiping out the evil elements from the society are proof of their determination.
    I am sure this same determination will be applied to develop the country.
    Arrest of KP is a again demonstrate the same determination of the Regime.KP obviously changed tack to gain some sort of repreive from the noose hanging around his neck.May be his adversaries in the Diaspora helped the Intelligent services to nab him.What ever the case may be this is good news for everyone who expect SL to be once again a peaceful country.

  67. Dear DBS,
    Once again, you have surpassed many journalists with your thorough investigative journalism. I thought M.R.narayanaswamy when he wrote `From Boys to Guerillas’ gave an essential insight into Tamil militancy.

    The book althoug very informed is not a patch to what you are publishing in this blog.

    You must put out a tome on Tamil insurgency to stop ridiculous biographies such as Rohan Gunaratne’s interpretations of the LTTE which are fiction and propagandist pulp paid for initially by President Premadasa and then to con the western scholars to earn his PhD.

    Tamils need to know the history of Tamil insurrection in its pure and unadulterated form. Truth must be told.

    Thank you for your kind words………….DBSJ

  68. Praveen, from your comment it is evident that your thoughts are noble for a just society. but who is the MR’s inner circle? GR, Besil, Vimal, Mervin? is there anyone else in this inner circle? all of them are very good in conducting war. but how about justice, equal opportunities, reconcilliation? even within the gov some elements are not happy with this inner circle and their domination. equal opportunities don’t exist even within the gov. if MR practise what he preaches, 1st he should get rid of mervin. then we can keep some hope. gov is determined to stop war and re-emergence of LTTE. but if you think end of war means peace, it’s an illusion. when there is a disease, treating symptoms is not adequate, you have to treat the root cause. LTTE and tamil diaspora are a result of our own past deeds. they didn’t appear overnight and decided to wage war against the gov. from the news coming from sri lanka, i don’t see any effort in identifying or treating the root cause. we are still treating symptoms and happy that the symptoms are no more, and think we are free from disease.
    this is a wonderful opportunity for all the law-abiding, peace-loving sinhalese, tamils and muslims to get together and walk towards a common goal of just and democratic society. as long as we sinhalese boast about our victory and the tamils preach how they will rise from the ashes, our situation will be the same and so will be our leaders. as long as we common men and women of all ethnicities are divided, our future will be hopeless.

  69. Hi DBS,
    It is a very sad story but we have to come out from all these. I know u hate tigers please forget about the past . U r also tamil i beleive our situation now will definitly hurt you also please write some thing positively how we all can get to gether forward. Ypu are long serving tamil journalist please do some thing.


  70. Eelam is a eelam-tamil dream that never came true but they are fighting, trying, yearning for it almost everytime i see one. Thru peace or war they just want their eelam WTF they know it cant be done, they know they have been defeated in the past(long time before this 30+ year war) and presently they still got it.
    If tamils dont have a country its their problem to find one, peacefully of if there isnt a country for them why not inhabit any country?? isnt that a better idea than fighting for a land in SL??? they say its their home land well tamils are foreign to lanka and also foreign to india but lankans never asked them to leave home land ok-no-separate-country
    Why the hell cant they freaking understand?? SL will destroy anything with the name of LTTE because they(we) know how much pain it caused thus we are civilians not crazy ass brainwashed monoethnic fools — like those who powered LTTE. Peace with LTTE was futile they attacked idling army camps, showed their black arses to SL army lol
    The war which demolished LTTE started thru peace with LTTE never forget that! SL people now know that they can defeat any other threat of separatism and they will KP is just supporter, weapon dealer to an murderous organization and will be tortured SL style before taking him to a court its the SL way
    Those eelams should understand that many of civilians(who dont care about what tamils need or eelam or gave a shit about eelam existing or not) lost their relatives and love ones due to him, tamils die mostly fighting for LTTE, and those who you(not the author commentators) call civiians are members of maha viru families they are the ones who stayed with LTTE till the last moment and they’ll get what they deserve …please dont understand this as what LTTE did LTTE killed innocents in IDP camps only those who vaged war are being punished
    and recently there was this news spreading of some one wrote,
    “we’ll make a statue of sun-god with sinhala blood” …for a army soldier seeing this its not a big ass task to pull the trigger …its just that eelam tamils didnt play the game right they want to kill unarmed civilians not pro army men — thats genocide not a war ….thru KP LTTE’s other majors will be taken down that will happen but LTTE will be there screaming shit about lanka and sinhala people that will happen and may be another war will be there in the corner…
    ALL of this is just because its a small island and because it has economy that goes up n down and because most of its government officials are currupt..but war is what sri lanka has been thru long before tamils set foot in SL

  71. @Senadhi

    Please tell me whats the root cause!
    If you say that the tamils were discriminated i wont buy that! they had all what sinhalese have now, they might have dealt with the corruption of officials but its no better in the south!
    clashes between many ethnics do happen sinhala muslim clashes were common once but they didnt take it to a war just because they had the brains to understand its just some non educated parties of both ethinic communities have started those!
    and NO other ethnic community had asked for a separate country …now whose problem was that? ours?

  72. Mr. Jeyaraj, you are a great journalist who has won the trust of people of all communities in sri lanka. i’m not saying this based on the observations in this blog, but i have seen a lot of sinhala newspapers publishing translations of your articles (hope that is under your permission) and some reporters take extracts from what you have said when writing their articles.

    so don’t you think it is timely for you to write a book on ethinic conflict in sri lanka? since you are trusted by the sinhala society, people will get a real picture of the situation. it will surely open the eyes of many. (but don’t be surprised if someone brands you as a traitor!!!!)

  73. It seems Singhala peoples are now more scarred than ever before, even more than tigers. Becouse of GOSL created more & stronger enemies worldwide against singhala peoples through the way they handled tamil issue with brutal, unhumanity, unjustice and against international norms and even “budha dhamma”.
    Tamils won this war. I feel very sorry for singhala brothers and sisters who are beliving the GOSL blindly.

  74. Comment 57 Mangala Premarathne

    I thing you are looser within singala communuity.


    Majority of Singala brothers and Sisters will hate you for this comment.

    I hope RP will not read your comment otherwise he might treat you with KP

    Do not be a sub human

  75. DBS, you very great!!
    It seems like Singhala peoples are now more scarred than ever before, even more than tigers. Becouse of GOSL created more & stronger enemies worldwide against singhala peoples through the way they handled tamil issue with brutal, unhumanity, unjustice and against international norms and even “budha dhamma”.
    Tamils won this war. I feel very sorry for singhala brothers and sisters who are beliving the GOSL blindly.

  76. It is amazing to see how people can justify and cheer killing, torture and rape, in the name of a nation.

  77. #
    52. Vishnu Devinda Perera | August 8th, 2009 at 3:28 am

    Why is no one thinking or feeling like me about KP getting captured?

    We do; But we are too frustrated to talk.

    My worst fear is that the monster will look back and will take the wrong targets.

  78. # 95 jeya

    i do agree with you

    to # 57
    hey dude its ok to express ur opinion but it should not be offensive to other people.

  79. You gave us many neutral articles with facts and we are thankful for it.

    I am curious to know about both sides of Douglas Devananda’s personal, political and current standing position.

    This will really help, especially when Diaspora Tamil views, support and involvement in democratic process as there are much propaganda’s against and for him.

  80. Dear DBS

    You gave us many neutral articles with facts and we are thankful for it.

    I am curious to know about both sides of Douglas Devananda’s personal, political and current standing position.

    This will really help, especially when Diaspora Tamil views, support and involvement in democratic process as there are much propaganda’s against and for him.

  81. >57. Mangala Premarathne | August 8th, 2009 at 4:58 am

    If not for the fact that I moved with Sinhalese for roughly more than 10 yrs of my life, immediately I would start to think all Sinhalese are like you.

    My fear is for all (Tamils or others) who may read your comments.

    In fact, it was persons like you whom VP & co was fond of. LTTE propaganda engine used guys like you to recruit a lot of youngsters into them. They can’t help loving you.

    Having said that, I am not in a group that says Tamils started the fight for no reason. They have all the reasons to fight for; But LTTE spoiled all methods (non-armed and armed).

  82. Comment no. 57 to Mangala Premaratne
    Dear Mangala,
    You are the grass root level henchman (usually a less educated and less abled person who only follows instruction and not able to formulate things for yourself) for people who propagate all kinds of hatred.

    No one fears people like you because, like I described, as you only can follow instructions of, others who are more able than personally gain out of these situations.

    You are no better than Velupillai Pirabaharan or KP in your thinking. What differs is that they were POTENT enough to cause destruction while… you are IMPOTENT (and only can post hate messages in blogs)

    PS: Mangala can be a Tamil, Sinhalese or any other who likes to create a rift among people

  83. 91 Ohh Madura ! you saying

    “clashes between many ethnics do happen sinhala muslim clashes were common once but they didnt take it to a war just because they had the brains to understand its just some non educated parties of both ethinic communities have started those! ”

    So, tell me D.S. Senanayake passed legislation stripping the estate Tamils(who build the economy) of their citizenship in 1949, leaving them stateless is non-educated?

    Bandaranayaka who amend Sinhala only Language act and gave up Banda-Selva agreement is non-educated?

    Dudly Senanayaka who gain tamil votes by false
    promises then tear off Dadli – Selva agreement is
    non- educated?

    Srimavo Bandaranayaka amend policy of standardization for university admission that ruins
    educated tamil youth generation is non-educated ?

    JR Jeyawarthana made buddism only as a government
    religion and change the national constitution which created an Executive Presidency with drastic and unchecked power to him and sinhalese then applied that into innocent tamils during the civil war is non-educated?

    Gamini Disanayaka who was leading the gangs to
    burnt Jaffna Library is non-educated?

    Please tell me why you educated chosen these non-educated guys? do you understand the root cause?
    now who hasn’t got the brains to understand?

    In 1957,1977,1983 riots -before the war- state behind the screen and not protected innocent tamils. So what wrong they are thinking about own country in order to protect them and their social economical cultural life in their own land?

    during the 30 years of the civil war how you treated
    the ordinary tamils? even now? what happening to that 300,000 and their assets?

    How could you still sit comfortably and type like this
    “If you say that the tamils were discriminated i wont buy that! they had all what sinhalese have now..”

    I know you have Thudda (Naughty) Kaimunu symptom.
    (i)Lanka(i) is small island I agree but please do not make a false propaganda that you are the native lankan and “tamils say its their home land well tamils are foreign to lanka and also foreign to india but lankans never asked them to leave home land ok-no-separate-country”

    According to your deported & criminal Vijayan and his
    family. (Traitor? or Terrorist??) who are foreign to lanka?

    Come on Madura! If we want to work like union for sake
    of island of lanka many things need to be change. Including You!!!

  84. #88. Senadhi, are you talking about change of Government like just after 2nd WW in GB? well this is not GB but Sri Lanka and we always love to follow a SUNGOD (As old saying if one door closes [or Sun god], another opens)

  85. Comment 57 Mangala Premarathne : You are a sorry idiot. You are part of this problem. You should move to a monoethnic country with a population of just 01. My I suggest Antarctic?

    DBSJ. again a job welldone.!! I too share your concern over KP seemingly turning to seek a ‘political solution’. However, as the LTTE as shown over and over again, they change their minds in a blink. So all in all I think I am happy.

    In anycase, I feel the Tamil community CAN and WILL fine a just & honorable leaders without going after former terrorists.

  86. #57, Mangala Premaratne. I hope that you are not real. What have the tamils done to you. how can you single out an entire community and state such comments. Your name although sounds Singhalese you are not a Sinhalese. you are even not a human being. I wouldnt even catgorise you into the animal kindom as it would not do them justice.

    People like you should CHANGE. get the hatred out of your system. have some tamil friends, listen to their songs and even try some food!!

    I really feel sorry for you.

    Dear fellow readers of this column. here is a golden opportunity to make things right. people like Managal should be told how to behave.

    Look at this guys name – Premaratne – Prema = love ratne means = more ? .

    This guy is a loon.

    DBS why do you allow such comments in this blog. Is it to find out how we will react?

    I am not apologising on behalf of this idiot as he is not worth being called and labelled into any community.



    The person called Mangala Premarathne has been posting numerous comments of this type. I deleted them. But I thought I’ll release a few . I know that his type of comments will be condemned by all decent readers of this blog. I hope the person concerned will be SHAMED by this.

    By the way the person writing under the name Dinesh Gopalapillai is also sending comments here that are pornographic. It shows that the person is deeply disturbed and deranged . May be I should release a few of those comments too and see whether shame would be felt(I doubt it because I think the person called Dinesh Gopalapillai is too far gone.

  87. dbs
    i know you wont divulge who is going to take over from KP, so can you please at least tell me who are the senior ltte guys who are suffering from acute diabetis. if the list is long we can further shortlist it with high blood pressure, mental disease and nuero diseases.

    to dilshan F
    at last the captain ali has been unloaded today. it took 3 months to unload. it was 680 tons of medical and food items for the IDP’s, in 27 containers and not 17 as you claimed in a comment in dbs earlier article. just imagine the amount of shipping costs in the form of demurrage and berthing costs. will another shipper handle these items from the diaspora infuture. goods instead of money is sent so that it goes to those intended for.

  88. to comment 76-bala

    dont worry. the main thing is the piggybank is safe. they took KP but they coundnt take the piggy bank no. KP without the piggy bank is like having billgates without microsoft. only thing is that they might try to blackmail nediyavan, threatening to shoot KP while trying to escape, if nediyavan doesnt pay up. oh piggy bank , piggy bank where are yuooooooooo.

  89. bala
    further to your earlier comment, i ihink adele balasingham is the best bet. by making her leader tamils can prove to the world that they are not sexist or racist. that way we get all races and all women in the world on board to the tamil cause. just imagine what a hit she will be with hilary.

  90. Hi all,

    In last 2 years counless Tamils dead in wanni. Afterwards nearly 0.3 million tamils jailed, no sign to their peacefull life. Continously, KP, who try to transform LTTE into non-violent stream, abducted, arrested by using high standard intelligence operation. Everybody congrat SL govt and others. But there are no bodies thinking what will happen same thing happen to opposite site.

    blockquote cite=”There should be a reflection for every action. ” >

  91. Totaly agree with 95. Jeya on 57. Mangala Premarathne

    Mangala, Will people who thinks like you brought us into this bitter situation. I think both majority of sinhalese and tamils never hate each other. we all want to live in peacefully among each other.. we lived in this little island together for years and will live the same way for years to come… I have seen Tamils helping sinhalese and sinhalese helping Tamils.. please learn the word of co-existance and the meaning of “Live and let others to live”.. for god sake dont try spread the hateress on a situating we all expect the old wound to heel up.

  92. I thought every LTTE member had a Cyanide capsule. What a coincidence Praba couldnt take it now KP too could not take it. As with all leaders they wont practice what they preach. Whether its a Tamil or a Sinhalese is irrelavent. So what the people need to know is that leaders will show their ajenda to the people s it looks attractive to the people but finally it is to achive their ajenda not yours not mine. KP was a peacefull man my foot. He was a coward. He did not want to be any where close to the war but he financed and armed a brutal outfit. How can he be a peaceful man. It is obvious KPs downfall is because of the serious divisions in the remainder of the LTTE. They must have leaked the infor of KPs where abouts so KP will be history and they can call them selves the leader of the LTTE. Why ? Fight for an independent state to achieve the so called Tamil dream, no dont be mistaken, LTTE is an organisation which controls billions of dollars. All of them want to get at that. So keep donating so some one will make a few more billions

  93. GOSL may allow Pathmanathan t to continue his blog from the cell he is hosted.
    He should be allowed a Laptop with broadband connection and a satellite phone.

    He can run his transnational government from the cell without any fears and have food and insulin in time at national cost.

    No need for multiple passports and masquerading.

    He is safe and must be happy now. For time pass he will be entertained with silly interrogations.

    That become habitual once practiced to it.

    Free food, bed and transnational thoughts !

    What else one need ?

  94. to comment 107-dilshan

    you ask dbs whether he posted mangalas comments to see our reaction. did you see any reaction from me. where is the time to respond to all the nutcases, and is it a worthwile exercise. i never reacted to that gopalapillai until he started abusing dbs. as dbs says maybe the present lifestyle is spawning a lot of deranged characters. without getting upset just sidestep them. they are to be pitied.

  95. Very good article…

    As usual DBSJ seams to be spot on… once again…
    A classy work by some one who exactly knows what his onions are…

    Sir, I wish if you were in Sri Lanka contributing more to the benefit of every Sri Lankan !!!

    Wonder what is exactly that “Agency” is ??? Can not be RAW !!! Then obviously it should be CIA !!!

    I love to see your next article written on,

    “KP’s arrest & Its Impact on Sri Lanka’s Future Relations with the WEST” ( as now he will spill the beans how ltte interacted with Western Players)

  96. An interesting statement from one Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran:

    The statement said in the case of Pathamanathan’s abduction, the rule of law has once again been violated by international actors with respect to Tamils.

    The proper procedure would have been to secure the extradition of Pathamanathan if he had broken any law rather than taking action outside the law, the statement said.

    The statement issued by LTTE coordinator Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran said the government of Malaysia should announce the details surrounding the abduction of Pathamanathan if he was indeed abducted with the help of its authorities.

    WOW! What an injustice… we should perhaps immediately call an international tribunal under the auspices of UN to investigate this matter and punish those who abused their powers in nabbing this international gun runner. May be ICC could also render their legal expertise in the process.

  97. 57 Mangala Prermaratna

    I am sorry Mangala I do not agree with you. If you hate someone, that is your problem. There are so many nice Tamil
    people. Unfortunately they are caught in a very difficult
    predicament. We would have been in the same situation
    if JVP took over SL in 1971.Whilest, I am over the moon that
    LTTE is defeated we must as humans should look for ways to
    live in peace and harmony. Please do not spread hate.
    Any one can write anything in the safety of your own little
    room and a keyboard. That’s all you need to spread hate, but you would not dare come out in the open and say it.

    DBSJ published your write because he want to show
    the world that there are still people like yourself out there.
    Not because he agrees with you.

    By the way, try to live up to your name Mr. Premaratna.
    Isn’t your name means Golden Lover.?.

    C ya.

  98. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj
    I have been reading your articles for more than a decade. I never felt to give a kind of feed back for those articles mainly because I thought it would never make a difference. Now I feel it is time I shared my thoughts about your writings with you, regardless the out come.
    First of all, I would like to congratulate you, for your undisputed talent in the field of journalism. You have an innate capacity to tell a story in a unique way. They say that talent equals education plus experience. But in your case you have an intuitive skill in deciding when, what and how to tell. Above all you know how to quench the information thirst of your target readers.
    Now I would like to mention my points. I believe that your target readers have a big impact in your writings with or without your knowledge. Some times this affects the balance of the contents in your articles and the way you perceive the NEWS. Any article will have the FACTS and OPINION. I have no complain about your style in presenting the facts. But when you
    Mix your opinions there is controversy and then the news article becomes news itself. Most of your writings are deviating from the collective soul of the Tamil people ‘unconsciously’ because your target readers are not entirely Tamils and perhaps they did not give you a constructive criticism. There is serious judgmental problem in the perception of the Tamil national question in your part.
    My Father once told me the people who talk about people belong to third category, the people who talk about incidents belong to second category and the people who exchange ideas philosophically belong to the first category. Now you be the judge in deciding which one you belong to.
    As a journalist you are well aware of the basic Thimbu principles outlined by Tamil leaders both democratically elected as well as the Liberation movements.
    They are the
    1. Nationality
    2. Homeland
    3. The right to self-determination of the Tamil-speaking people of Sri-Lanka
    The first step to find solution to a problem is to understand the problem. Since the independence, Sri-Lanka’s both national parties used Tamils/ the Tamil national question, in order to capture political power. We can’t expect them to understand and solve the problem.
    But, at least journalist like you of Tamil origin can play an important role in reflecting the realityInstead you like to echo the ‘popular’ notions such as Tamils are inextricably interdependent on Sinhalese. Why don’t you think the other way round? Across the park straight there are sixty-five million Tamils are living.
    The then leader of the former federal party Late Hon SJV a Tamil Christian like you first proposed the separate state solution for the Tamil question. This was again became as the Vaddukotai declaration and then in the 1977 the Tamil population gave a mandate to then TULF leaders to pursue complete independence from Sri-Lanka. According to your perception one has to remain in an abusive relationship for the sake of ‘marriage’. Even though you live in the western world , you do not advice a divorce for the abused, right?

    The popular slogans like sovereignty and territorial integrity are the artificial aspects of the sin-hala dreamland . You don’t have to sing along these songs with them. The rights come with responsibilities. If Sri-Lanka has the right to maintain its sovereignty and territorial integrity
    It has the responsibility to treat all their citizens with dignity and respect and it should ensure the security of all of its citizens.


    I’ve been in journalism for 33 years now. Mr.Prabhakaran and I were born in the same year. I grew up as a Tamil in Sri Lanka.You say you have been reading me for a decade. If so you should have noted what I’ve been writing all these years. There is no TAMIL journalist who has writte in English as much as I have on the problems facing the Tamil people. There is no Tamil journalist writing in English who has written as much as I have on the human rights violations perpetrated against Tamils by successive regimes in Colombo. There is no Tamil journalist who has written as much as I have on the various Tamil organizations and leadders who fought for Tamil rights from the TULF to LTTE.

    Yet you are trying to imly that I am anti – Tamil. I challenge you or anyone to show anything that I have written that could be construed as being ANTI – TAMIL. I am not talking of ANTI – LTTE. Yet the tiger propagandists vilify me as ANTI – TAMIL. I ask them to show proof of that. They have nothing to show other than insinuate or reply lamely “thats what they are saying about you”.

    If you had really read what I was writing you would have noted the constructive criticism I made of the LTTE and how I urged a course correction. From the Karuna breakaway to getting Mahinda elected as President I always offered advice that was rejected while LTTE propagandists vilified me as traitor. I warned the LTTE that the world would back Colombo and they would lose out in the end. That’s what happened

    You like many people here accuse me of writing for “Sinhala and Muslim” readrs. Hard as it may be for people of your mindset to comprehend I only write what I think is the TRUTH regardless of what ethnicity my readers belong to. My commitment to Truth is based on my responsibility to my readers. Sometimes the facts I gather may be wrong thereby the derived conclusions could be wrong. But these are genuine lapses and mistakes. There is no hidden agenda.I write my opinion regardless of what those in power think. I I speak truth to power. I have been the side of the underdog as far as possible

    From the time I started my first column “Behind the cadjan curtain” in 1982 until now I have to the best of my ability tried to explain Tamil problems to non – Tamils and promote a peaceful settlement as far as possible. My editor at the “Island” Vijitha Yapa told me when I started the column to “build bridges between the communities”. I have tried to follow that . I have made mistakes. I have not ben able to write as much as I wanted but I have sincerely tried. That is why I have a multi – ethnic group of readers built up over the years. The advantage of writing in English is that it reaches a wider audience beyond Sri Lankan limits. Though they dont comment but prefer to send personal mails a substantial portion of my readers are non – Sri Lankans. Most of them are academics, journalists, NGO officials and diplomats interested, involved or concerned about Sri Lanka. Being non – Sri Lankan they have no preconceived notions nor prejudice against me but simply judge me on the merits of my writing. And my writing speaks for me. But you must be prepared to listen

    Dont think that I subscribe to concepts such as unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty etc just because I want to please Sinhala or Muslim readers. No I am of that view too. I dont think UNITARY is UNITY like some people but I do certainly want UNITY. I want the Tamils and Muslims living in the north and east to share power through devolution to those territories but I dont want the country to break up. So I am for territorial integrity of Sri Lanka but not Sinhala hegemony. I dont approve of the idiotic emphasis placed on Sovereignty by Sinhala hardliners vis a vis international involvement but I am certainly supportive of the sovereignty principle. These are my convictions now

    What your father told you applies to conversation. Low is to gossip about people, medium is talking about events. High is discussing ideas. But this does not apply to journalism. Journalists will write about everything they know something about. Ideas, events, people etc. So dont confuse yourself my mixing your fathers observation with my profession. Even in writing about people or events the “tabloid” journals are different to others. So there can be qualitative differences in writing about people & events too.

    In any case I am not an ivory towers person to discuss lofty ideas. I am a down to earth person in mass communication. Not for me the elitist group but the ordinary reader. The clerk,the secretary, the teacher, the businessman. That is why I keep writing to newspapers in Sri Lanka. I want the average reader to read me and not those with internet access only. Sadly I am forced to write in English and I know it reaches only a certain segment of the people. But fortunately my column in Daily Mirror is translated in Sinhala for Lankadeepa. I am glad I m read in Sinhala also

    As for writing in Tamil, my mother tongue, I was cruelly deprived of that opportunity by the LTTE goondas who forced me to close down the Tamil weekly I was editing in Toronto by threatening Tamil shopkeepers into not selling the paper and Tamil advertisers into stopping advertisements

    My attempts to write for Tamil newspapers in Sri Lanka came to naught because they were frightened of the LTTE and didn’t want to publish me.

    Now about your talk of Eelam . I’ve been through all that. There is no hope of a Tamil Eelam. 30 years of armed struggle has reduced the Sri Lankan Tamils to 6% of population in Sri Lanka. 54% of them live outside the north – east. If you continue with this “struggle” the Tamils will be only 2% in another 15 years. Besides the Tamil economic strength, culture, etc has been severely eroded

    If the stupid, selfish pro – eelam Diaspora encourages a struggle in Sri Lanka while staying safely & comfortably abroad the poor Tamils back there will be severely affected. Already 500, 000 Tamils are IDP’s (280,000 from Wanni now & others earlier)If you continue to struggle for a non – existent Eelam all Tamils there will be IDP’s

    As I say often reconciliation is not a luxury or choice but a necessity. Reconciliation does not mean submission or assimiliation. Its a process where justice & equality has to be established. That cannot happen as long as Tamil hardliners abroad talk of Eelam and Sinhala hardliners cite it as an excuse to suppress Tamils.

    By the way the Thimphu principles were enunciated by the Tamil organizations to compel the Colombo govt to reject them. The ante was raised so that the Lankan govt had to reject it. This was because India had forced peace talks with Colombo and the Tamil groups wanted to wriggle out without antagonising India. They thought then that India would support Tamil Eelam in the future

    But why have you forgotten the 1987 Indo _ lanka accord whereby most groups endorsing the Thimphu principles opted for other options?

    I state most emphatically that the destiny of Sri Lankan Tamils is inextricably intetwined with that of the Sinhalese. This is not abstract theory but reality. While you Diaspora Tamils talk tough the people there are living it out. There are many problemms but slowly, painfully the people there are learning to co – exist peacefully. Let us not forget that more Tamils preferred to live in Sinhala dominated areas despite a secessionist war being waged

    Tamils do not have equality yet. But the people will slowly get there. But this is not possible when irresponsible Tamils talk of Eelam struggle.

    My experience of living in Colombo & Toronto & the mess made by the LTTE during its rule of a “mono -ethnic” eelam has made me opt for a multi – ethnic Sri Lanka. I do not want a Tamil state but I certainly want the Tamils to live with full rights in any part of Sri Lanka just as the Sinhalese, Muslims & Burghers should live in any part of Sri Lanka.

    I have often said that the Sri Lankan nation is not fully formed yet even after 61 years of independence. But I know it will be. Perhaps not during my lifetime. But my vision is for the making of a NEW Lanka with justice, equality, pluralism and amity.

    And when the Rajapakse regime’s media suppression ends (This is not ethnic) and it is possible for me to function independently as a journalist in Sri Lanka I will RETURN and work towards my vision there.Until then I remain in CANADA the land that I have learnt to love and continue writing and trying to foster justice, equality, inter -ethnic understanding, amity and unity of my people.

  99. #116 Kapila Kahapola

    Kapila wrote:

    “Sir, I wish if you were in Sri Lanka contributing more to the benefit of every Sri Lankan !!!”

    If my memory serves me right, while in Sri Lanka in the 80s, I remember readying DBS’ writings on a variety of topics. For some reason an article in THE ISLAND on the flooding in, my hometown Batticaloa is quite vivid in my mind.

    (correct me if I am wrong here, DBS) I think he was detained by the Sri Lankan police for just doing what he does best -being an upright journalist. He was released only on the direct orders of JRJ, that too only after media persons started to entreat the then President at a press conference.

    As I said I could very well be wrong about this, I may be mixing up DBS with another journalist.

    Anyway Kapila, the point I wish to underline here is that no independent minded journalist would be able to do justice to his/her profession given the ground realities in Sri Lanka. In an environ where even high profile Sinhalese are silenced for not toeing the “official” line what are the chances of a Tamil being allowed to fulfill his journalistic duties without having to expect a free ride in a white van.

    It is better that professionals of DBS’ calibre remain in a free country like Canada and continue to provide the world with the most accurate picture about the ethnic conflict, among other things, than to return to Sri Lanka and survive there as intellectually stifled (un)official bards for the Rajapakse clan.


    I was arrested during JR Jayewardena’s time for exposing the atrocities against civilians by the Indian peace keeping force. Until I did so everyone was buying into the “story” that the Indian army was only killing tigers and nothing was affecting civilians. I also interviewed then LTTE deputy – leader Mahathaya.I was detained on the 4th floor (CID) of police Hqrs. Fortunately for me there was a press conference in Colombo at which the foreign journalists present clamoured for my release. So JR ordered my release on bail. I had to attend courts as the case got postponed regularly because Police were saying they needed to investigate further. I was debarred from leaving the country. After police completed investigations the file went up to the Attorney – generals dept. After some more dates the AG dept ruled there was nothing to charge me on. I was freed

  100. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj

    Thank you very much for an informative, interesting article. It’s amazing how much of details you’ve collected and compiled as an article within a short time. I am an avid reader of yours for many years and admire you a great deal. I hope you will continue with your writing for many, many years

    Radha, thank you for your kind words……….DBSJ

  101. My Dear Mangala,
    57. Mangala Premarathne | August 8th, 2009 at 4:58 am

    You should not have married a Tamil. It was your mistake and not the Tamils. So do not blame all the Tamils.

  102. DBSJ
    Thanks for posting my comments.
    I HATE Tamils because they TOTALLY destroyed my country. They blasted bombs, massacred innocent villages, killed Buddhist Monks, destroyed our economy etc. I know ALL the Tamils approved this, even placidly. Some ignored the carnage and were pleased. Once LTTE started to lose the fight they are taking our sides. Never Trust a Tamil – that is my advice- Diaspora Tamils are the worst. I am a full blooded Sinhalese who has helped Tamils so much including giving shelter to Tamils in 1983 July. But I simply can’t trust them.

    If you have guts go and publish this.


    I dont require GUTS to publish your racist garbage here. Do you think you are a courageous person by posting under a false name and e- mail. You are like the person Dinesh Gopalapilai who posts sexual pornographic comments here. Regardless of your actual names both of you are deranged personalities who require counselling and possibly psychiatric treatment.

    Your offensive racism was allowed entry in a bid to shame you and change you. But as some readers also suggested that does not seem possible. So “Avamangala” no entry for you hereafter.”Athulveema Thahanam”.

  103. Very well written article Mr Jeyaraja. You seem to have garned alot of information from all areas, and put it into order which can be read in sequence.

    Some of the articles in our papers today need to have adouble edit done on the wording. Pity that people like you have gone away, Hope the day will come when we can all come back to the Island in the Sun.

    Keep up the Good work.

  104. Dear Anonymouse 94,

    I don’t if you are living in Sri Lanka or abroad. You don’t know about Sinhalese. Now hardly any body talk about war. They carrying their lives as usual. Hardly any thing change for them.

    However I can see things changing little by little for north east people be it Tamils, Sinhalese or Muslims. I work in Dehiwala. I drive pass Dehiwala zoo. Last two week I come across huge traffic from Karagampitiya to Jayasinghe park. I was wondering why to find that most of the busses were from Mannar, Vavunia, Trinco, Madawachiya areas. Looks like they have freedom to get out move around and enjoy good things in life.

    You better do some soul searching. We Sinhalese do not expect too much from west powers. Most do not even care visit them let alone live there. If not will you ever think goverment take this kind of decisions with such a ease.

  105. Hi DBS,
    I constantly read your articles. amazing!.
    I wonder, what is the future of Tamil Struggle?.
    Why can’t Tamils be united and work towards a common goal of Eelam. Sinhalese have proved again that they are smarter than Tamils while acting dump. We need to wake up. please use your pen to educate our society, and rally behind one leader and achieve the goal first..

  106. I ditto the comments of #103 Confused and #107 Dilshan F in response to #57 ‘Premaratne’. As a Sinhalese I can guarantee to our brothers and sisters in other communities I have never met a Sinhalese who talk or think like this. We certainly don’t like LTTE or what it did to the peaceful coexistence of communities before 1980’s or what it did to Sri Lanka that took back the country many years, killed and maimed many of all communities and made its people scattered all over the world. This DOES NOT mean we hate a race.

    I personally love the Tamil culture, songs and especially the food, their hospitality and the people. I was fortunate to have had majority of my friends from Tamil community in the late 70’s and early 80’s. My first crush was a very pretty Tamil girl who was in the same accountancy class with me. Sad I have lost contacts of them all after 1983 and knew many left the shores but sadly there were no face book, or emails back then.

    If #57 was a Sinhalese person ‘it’ is a chauvinist and has no place in the society and without the doubt he/she is the animal and do not deserve a place among human beings. I am with Dilshan that such comments should be moderated/deleted as it will not do any good to anyone and as this blog frequented by people of all communities

  107. Where was Rudrakumaran when LTTE abducted all the innocent children and force them to fight.

    I thing now Rudrakumar start worrying about himself.

  108. Dear DBSJ,
    I read your two articles on KP’s arrest and his subsequent deportation to SL. Its quite interesting how you get all these info! Keep at it and don’t take sides. Practically all websites use your article on KP.

    The other thing is that do not publish foolish posts from types like Mangala P. That is a hate-mongering nutbar, but sadly every country has some like this. It looks like Prabakaran had the same disease!

    Reading most of posts from overseas Tamil people, I find that most of them have lost the reality in Sri Lanka.

    The reality is that everyone in Sri Lanka has a problem to solve, and that is equal to most of them, whether they are Burghers, Malays, Moors, Singhalese or Tamils. I don’t think that there is a special problem for only Tamils. The problems and solutions are equal to all Sri Lankans.

    And everyone breathes air and its free for everyone, whether its in Jaffna, or Colombo, or Toronto or Paris.

    If you come to think of Paris, everyone must speak in French, and they have similar problems as any Frenchman.

    So, how about considering this little island as one land and try to solve problems as Sri Lankans, but not as a member of a different race?

    Can any Tamil, or Singhalese who lives in Toronto not speak in English to get things done? Or in Quebec not speak French to get things done?

    Why do Tamils need a mono-ethnic and mono-language in a part of Sri Lanka? When Prabakaran was alive, he made the Tamil people give one child, then every child for his war effort. He made Tamil children and women die as suicide cadres. That is not freedom. Which parent wants their child to die at such an early life? Prabakaran destroyed Tamil people’s dignity!

    Its about time, Tamil people in Sri Lanka and abroad consider Sri Lanka as their motherland and do everything possible to make it prosper. There are no special Tamil or Singhalese aspirations, but there is ONLY one aspiration – Sri Lankan.

    Tamils, who carry the LTTE flag and T-shirts, have Prabakaran’s photo in their houses, are not Sri Lankans, sad to say!

    One of the greatest Tamils in Sri Lanka is Muttaiah Muralitharan, and there are no Sri Lankan, who doesn’t adore him in Sri Lanka!

    Prabakaran had killed more Tamils in all its history!

  109. 57 Mangala Premaratne –
    What a madman. You should be locked up for the sake of society to prevent you spewing your racial hatred.
    Whatever happened to you in the past to make you feel this way does not justify your views. Keep them to yourself and get back under the rock where you came from.

    DBS, it always delights me to read your blog and yours is the one site I recommend to anybody interested in the detail of the Sri Lankan problem. Keep up the great work.

  110. I have a different theory,

    For some reason KP wanted protection due to threats from other LTTE fractions and felt increasingly unsafe. The best protection that was accessible was from SL (like given to Karuna, Pilleyan, Devananda etc.).

    so cannot it be possible that he faked his abduction and fled to SL with SL escort.

    just a theory, but possible

  111. Dear Mangala,

    # 57 Mangala Premaratna.

    I am a Tamil. Reading your comments about Tamils is not bothering me at all as I know there are very many people like you in the society who has the same view as you have. Further more its so sad to see the fair minded people also giving counter argument to your statements and its not very healthy.Only difference is that is you are very open of your views whether its appropriate or not..
    May I ask you why is it you are so vocal and is having such a bad feelings and animosity towards another fellow human being.
    You may be a Christian or a Budhist or a Hindu or a Follower of Islam faith.May be its possible that you are not a follower of any faith. Whatever it is in my mind the best spirituality is not to hate anyone and love each and everyone as all thje faith points to one thing ” LOVE”.
    Our life is too short to hate any one.
    May be you had a bad experience with a Tamil in your life but I can assure you that you have at least one Tamil person who does not hate you and always love you.

  112. Mangal Premaratne, you da’ man! Dinesh Gopalapillai, you da’ woman! Try to get together and let us know the results..

  113. Was KP arrested or did he willingly surrender?

    Had KP decided to come before the Sri Lankan government following a telephone agreement reached between him and several high ranking officials of the government.??????????????

  114. DBS, You were Quick. No one else could come close with providing the details. Before others could pick up the phone you have left nothing for them to say anything new.

    It is obvious you have a reliable source within LTTE inspite of some of the Goons in LTTE.

    I like DR Ajith’s comments (# 37) It is a loss for the moderates. Not sure KP was just saying the right thing for the present situation or not. But it is the correct path to follow which VP failed to understand. 6 years too late.

    I guess it is de ja vu. ( Karuna & now Nediyavan ?????).


    It is time for us to look for answers/help from up than from any man.

    I am awaiting for Mrs. Adela Balasingham to reveal everything from 2001 onwards which is history and will settle once and for all the VP was the man who took the Tamils to grave by his arrogance.

  115. Jeyaraj,
    I think posting comments like #57 will not bring these people to shame. Why give them more attention (which is what they really want). My suggestion is to just delete them. It affects the quality of this blog. I am sorry that you have to deal with these animals.

    Thanks Swathy. Yes, that’s what I am going to do in future………….DBSJ

  116. DBSJ,

    Your reply to Ken Leclair [119] was a good reading and it is better the main article.

    At times someone had to irritate you to get the best out of you. While reading about Thimpu above, I was thinking that you are going to mention about your news column that halted Thimpu talks. It is still fresh in my memory!

    Hope you are not trying to irritate me into giving a lengthy response…………DBSJ

  117. DBS,
    I totally agree with #87 Pearl. The story of last 30 years in Sri Lanka needs to be written and preserved so that we learn from the mistakes and do not repeat them. I can not think anyone more suitable than you to do that. I hope you will do that and do that fast before facts are over written by various people with agendas. You are the only one who can write an unbiased, factual account. Please seriously consider doing it.

  118. DBSJ your response to 119 Ken Leclair is great.
    I learnt a lot about yourself from that write.
    I think it is better for you to be in Canada, as
    this place is not a good place for an honest journalist.
    Sri lanka has a long way to go to get a free media.
    For example, the other day, when I was watching Mervyn
    Silva on Hot Seat I felt very angry and sick the way he
    behaved and treated the female reporter. I bet you don’t
    get a Minister in Canada behaving like that, and if one does,
    that is the end of that politician.

    Having said that, I wish the day will dawn sooner
    in Sri Lanka for you to come and work as a free journalist,.
    but for the moment keep away from Sinhala goondas and
    white vans.

  119. Mr. Jeyaraj,

    With respect to poster # 124 (Mangala), I can honestly say that I have never run across a Sinhalese (or any other Sri Lankan) person that even remotely has his mindset. However, if there are many posters who have his mindset, I think it is important that you post their comments, no matter how distasteful they may be, so that we are all aware of the obstacles that we need to overcome if we are to achieve reconciliation.

    As far as your response to post # 117 is concerned, I too enjoyed it more than the original article itself. I just returned from a brief trip to Sri Lanka and , believe it or not, it instilled some hope in our future together as one people.

    I know there are presently several obstacles to your returning to your homeland, but please don’t ever lose hope. The country needs people of your ilk.

  120. WOW DBSJ. Kudos to your reply to #119. Latter part of your response gives the solution to this entire issue. I believe I can speak for majority of the Sinhalese as I openly discuss the issue with many people of all communities. If a Tamil or a person in any community is discriminated due to the language, caste, religion, or political affiliation then it is WRONG and will not be acceptable to Sinhalese and should not be acceptable to anyone.

    Bumiputra concept of Malaysia that gives special privileges to the Malays is discrimination. Similarly if a person who is not familiar with Sinhalese gets govt correspondence in Sinhalese that is discrimination too. (I do however support the view that it is advantageous to learn the language of the majority like we do when we migrate to foreign lands but this cannot be made mandatory).

    Had Tamils fought with the Sinhalese who were also discriminated in the Sri Lankan society based of economic strength, political affiliations, casts, regional (In Tamils such as Batti Tamils, Jaffna Tamils, Colombo Tamils & upcountry Tamils etc) the issue of ‘discrimination’ could have put to rest by now. It is not too late and all of us together to demand equal rights legislation.

    To deviate from this it is my personal belief is reasons to the issue in Sri Lanka is on Tamils not having a country to call their own. I personally believe that a community that has 80 million population in the world should have their own country. The position of the Sinhalese is that it is unfair to seek that country in Sri Lanka when majority of Tamils live in India or elsewhere. We Sinhalese also believe that the claims of discrimination etc has been created or used to get that ‘country’ in SL rather than attempting find solutions to (real or perceived) discriminations if any. Hence it is our belief that everything that happened since 1960’s in Sri Lanka has happened to create a state on Israel model or Cyprus model and not for a genuine reason of finding a solution to any sort of ‘discrimination’. Therefore ‘solutions’ demanded on federal or any other basis is viewed by the Sinhalese as an attempt by the Tamil extremists as a starting point of separation than an attempt to find genuine grievances of a community.

    Therefore if the non extremist sections of all communities (which I believe is larger than the numbers of Tamil extremists and Sinhalese extremists) and find a way forward based on the areas and matters you mentioned in the latter part of your response to #119 then there is the solution to the issue.

    If equal rights are strongly enshrined in the constitution with the institutional and legal support
    (a) to arrest any sort of discrimination (based on language, cast, political etc)
    (b) together with strong well funded plans with clear targets to ensure that citizens of all communities can seek legal, state and other services in the language of choice,
    (c) all state jobs, education opportunities, land, and other resources are allocated based purely on merit and not on any other basis,
    (d) to ensure development work is distributed to all provinces in the island,
    (e) and also perhaps a Vice President post(s) that would be to represent the minorities could be a starting point rather than demanding federal or 13th amendments.

    Almost all Sinhalese will support such strong Equal opportunity legislations as it will also benefit the economically lower segments of the Sinhalese community too.

    Such legislations would not only eliminate (real and perceived) discrimination in all communities but also take the country forward in 20-30 years in one go.

    I wish politicians of all communities get to read your response to #119 and hence I also support Kumar Sriskanda that you should write an article on the lines of that response to your other audiences of Daily Mirror & Lankadeepa etc.

    I also wish that you would one day consider giving political leadership to your community and not stop by engaging in Journalism when you return to Sri Lanka.

  121. Dr Ajith at #37. Great write up. 100% accurate. I agree with you as a Sinhalese and I am certain that majority of Sinhalese would also totally agree with you. I am a person who do not agree with MR politically and many other ways. He however has the capaicty to reconcile and take the country forward in the exact same way you have said. However like you said (as VP after EP and Katunayake) I believe he gets carried away with the ‘King” concept and accolades by the Sinahala extremists. I however have a slight hope he will do the right thing by all Sri Lankans. If he doesn’t he would have waste THE BEST opportunity we had in the last 40 years.

  122. DBS your comment on #119

    Now about your talk of Eelam . I�ve been through all that. There is no hope of a Tamil Eelam. 30 years of armed struggle has reduced the Sri Lankan Tamils to 6% of population in Sri Lanka. 54% of them live outside the north – east. If you continue with this �struggle� the Tamils will be only 2% in another 15 years. Besides the Tamil economic strength, culture, etc has been severely eroded

    If the stupid, selfish pro – eelam Diaspora encourages a struggle in Sri Lanka while staying safely & comfortably abroad the poor Tamils back there will be severely affected. Already 500, 000 Tamils are IDP�s (280,000 from Wanni now & others earlier)If you continue to struggle for a non – existent Eelam all Tamils there will be IDP�s

    FULLY AGREE. There are still idiots living in palaces. No different to VP living in a bunker for years that he didnt realise the world wont come to his bunker.

    Tamils have lost out economically, politically and now their security is gone too. This goes back to what I wrote under “The New Tamil Reality”. Unless we economically develop the North & East, then only we will get our political rights that then gives you a security. Good example is Singapore next to Malaysia.

    “I have often said that the Sri Lankan nation is not fully formed yet even after 61 years of independence. But I know it will be. Perhaps not during my lifetime. But my vision is for the making of a NEW Lanka with justice, equality, pluralism and amity”

    Do you agree we need a “Transitional Sri Lankan Government” that is setup by Singhalese, Tamils and Muslims in excile that produces a velvat underground in Sri Lanka. We need a radical new way of thinking. It is similar to what is happening for Iran and so many other countries. A new constitution created by exciles


    Ajith, I do think there is a positive role to be played by a united multi – ethnic Sri Lankan Diaspora . Let me give some thought to it…………………………..DBSJ

  123. 124. Mangala Premarathne | August 9th, 2009 at 10:04 pm
    Thanks for posting my comments.
    I HATE Tamils because they TOTALLY destroyed my country. They blasted bombs, massacred innocent villages, killed Buddhist Monks, blah blah

    Visit North and East and see yourself, how your belowed govt bombed/blasted buildings/temples/ and people.

  124. Dear DBSJ,

    Thank you for another masterpiece.

    Mangala Premaratne? Poor soul you need to look at yourself in the mirror.

    Sai Ram: I wish you attain Nirvana

    Amirthakaliyan: Peyp. P,,,, is the best thing to suit your behaviour.

    As for KP I wish you all the best.

    Jurangpathy: Nice comment this time compared to last time when you uttered nonsense re: Rajnikanth.


  125. A very good article dear DBS and thank you very much for it.Please keep up the good work and please, please dont allow comments of people like Mangala Premarathne and his Tamil mirror image Dinesh Gopalapillai to lower this website’s high quality

  126. Colombo News states as follows”

    தமிழீழ விடுதலைப்புலிகள் அமைப்பில் மீதமுள்ள சட்ட ஆலோசகர் விஸ்வநாதன் உருத்திரகுமாரன் மற்றும் தவா இளையதம்பி ஆகியோரை சிக்க வைப்பதற்கான நடவடிக்கைகள் ஆரம்பமாகியுள்ளது என இலங்கைப் பாதுகாப்பு அமைச்சக பேச்சாளர் கெஹெலிய ரம்புக்வெல்ல தெரிவித்துள்ளார்

    Who is this தவா இளையதம்பி ?

  127. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj,

    Thank you very much for your response. I really appreciate it. I never mentioned that your are an anti Tamil. Your views and thoughts regarding the Tamil national question (to which you are entitle to) are not parellel to that of the mainstream Tamil population of TE or Diaspora. That is my point

    I assure you if there is a referendum among the Tamils in TE and diaspora,95 % will vote for a separate state.
    I would like to remind you that the Jewish diaspora c
    arried their mother land Israel in their hearts and thoughts for more than two millenia. Even after the
    holocost, establishment of a jewish state in the middle of the Arab Muslim world was unthinkable. What happened later? Israel brought the whole arab world to its knees. Even now its a super power without a seat in the security council.
    What about the Jaffna, Wanni Kingdoms that existed just 500 or 600 years ago? before the Europians set foot in this Island.
    Even in this 21st century Tiny East Timor became independent from the mighty Indinesia, Kosovo,Eritrea
    The SriLankan politicians willnever change and the Tamils will never get equality. I also prefer multiethnic pluralistic TE where Tamils Muslims and Sinhalese can co-exist peacefully. DAVID was able to beat Golayath right?
    What you have experianced in Toronto is very unfortunate and you do not deserve that I am sorry for that and good luck with your visionfor future Sri-Lanka.

    Even now the Mahinda regime’s mass confinement of 280 000 people of 3 districts in internment camps is to
    score politilitical points and personal gains among the Sinhalese and to get aid from other countries.

    If you release them they will go back to their own places start thirelife on thier own and Sinhala voters will forget his achievements as the time pases. There will be noreason to tell the donor countries.
    So if you keep them indefinitely , that is a constant reminder for the Sinhala voters about the families’ accomplishments. Tamils have been eradicated by the Sinhala regardless the’struggle’as you put it.

    Finally There is vertually no soverignty to Sri-Lanka as long as India is the regional super power.As I mentioned in this web site earlier, 20 years ago Captain Joseph the secretary of Sardesh Pande then IPKF commander told,India had a plan to bring SriLanka under their control in seven minutes if thereis an emergency situation.



    Your comparisons can be categorised as fallacies of false analogy. But I am too tired to address these specifically in detail. You are most welcome to your dreams and hopes. As long as you dont advocate another round of violence that will destroy the Tamil people further its OK. Just one thing though. By your definition of India constricting Sri Lanka’s sovereignty……………Will India ever allow an Independent Tamil Eelam?

  128. to comment 144-ian
    you say that because tamils are 80 million therefore they should have a country. i beg to differ. anyone can breed like a pig. but when the worlds food supply runs out they will have to starve or pay exorbitant prices for food. then the population will start coming down naturally. so poulation can be a variable factor. what is fixed is land. land is only going to be the ace up the sleeve in the future. countries with large land mass will be the natural economic winners in the future, while the countries that are densely packed and of small land mass will be the natural losers in the future. srilanka comes under the latter category though there are much worse ones like singapore, hong kong, south korea , taiwan, japan etc. all that glitters is not gold and in your lifetime you will see what happens to these countries. russia, canada, china, australia, brazil, mexico, iran, saudi, argentina all will be in the latter category and the direction will be only upwards. to put it in perspective 140 million russians have 17 million sq,km and 34 million canadians have 10 million sq.km and 22 million australians have 7.6 million sq. km. even the 40 mllion argentinians have 2.7 million sq.km. why do you think the british, french and germans who massacred each other in the millions have formed the EU. now 500 million europeans have 4.4 million sq.km. they can now try to compete with the 310 million americans who have nearly 10 million sq.km. the europeans who are naturally ver smart have realised that land is the key to permanent prosperity, not population. anyone can breed, but try creating land.
    northeast of srilanka is only 15000 sq.km. tamilnadu is 130000 sq.km. the 80 million tamils will be having a country of 150000 sq.km , and will be having a higher population density than even srilanka which is 65000 sq.km for 22 million people. welcome, tamils to the losers club. no sir, it is better to be part of india, and srilanka. there is no problem in tamilnadu, they are not fools to break away from india. the problem in srilanka is the lack of devoluton. when a tamil from srilanka has a dinner with a tamil from tamilnadu and discuss this issue of devolution, the srilankan tamil will feel hard done by. the sinhalese should try their utmost to rectify this anomaly if they want to have lasting peace.

  129. I think Avamangala is exact opposite of Diasporic tamil who dig into past atrocities not living in current realities.

    We all hated LTTE but LTTE is not equal to TAMIL. LTTE was a subset of Tamils a shrinking one. Avamangala speaks as if he is so different from Tamils. It is said that Tamils in Sri Lanka and Sinhalese share 55% of gene pool. In fact Sri Lankan tamils are more closer to Sinhalese than their indian counterparts. Why on earth you look down on people who are like your blood relatives.

    There may be different views still you should be able articulate in better terms.

  130. Transitional Sri Lankan Government


    1. Change for hope – The country needs a new consitution that builds on multi-ethnic, protects human rights and establishes principles of liberty & individual freedom.

    2. Freedom of speech – This is to stop the killing of journalist or imprisonment of them.

    3. United Sri Lanka – Sri Lankans to unite and ensure there is foreign investment and not foreign robbery. The current government is selling the future of this country to China, India and other countries.

    4. Economic power – From the expat community and create a super fund providing investment returns for investors on this fund. This is similar to what the LTTE did over the years and what the SL government is doing right now but I have a slight variation. Its actually an investment fund that will invest on infrastructure, schools etc and returns made from there would be distributed to those who invested in this fund. So it will function like a mutual fund and also enable the future development of Sri Lanka.

    5. Public relations – Lobby for NEW Sri Lanka. In each country the expatriate sri lankan community will lobby governments in those countries to put pressure (similar to LTTE) for Sri Lankan government to reform.

    6. Democratic governance – Elections held among these expat community would vote and elect its own members & chapters from each country.

    These are the quick points I just thought of in 15 mins. Obviously more thought needs to be given. But if you look at what I have suggested it provides economic incentives for the expatriate people to be part of it, it provides positive development & investment for local sri lankans in the form of jobs, education etc. Eventually this would create a political impetus for change due to positive constructive contribution for people’s lives. They will want more of it and that will kick start within the country demanding change. This movement would own businesses, schools and other things in the country due to the way they will use their funds to invest in the nation. So eveyone wins and most importantly a united and prosperous future is formed by the people for the people. Not relying on idiotic politicians.



  131. Ken,

    “I assure you if there is a referendum among the Tamils in TE and diaspora,95 % will vote for a separate state.”

    I FULLY AGREE WITH YOU. But only 5% of the world would recognise your TE and 95% will oppose it. Which is what happened when VP fought for it. In his case I think I can confidently say 100% was against it. In this day and age no one care for a tribe in a waste land wanting it separate state unless that tribe provides some value to the world not send their kids to blow themselves up.

    “I would like to remind you that the Jewish diaspora c
    arried their mother land Israel in their hearts and thoughts for more than two millenia”

    YES EXACTLY with 95% support from the most powerful nations in the wold via an ILLEGAL UNITED NATIONS regulation. The palestenians who were the majority objected to it.

    SO I hope you learn that what the tamils think is irrelevant BUT what the world think is relevant. Today Tamil = Tamil Tigers = Terrorist.

    Tamils comparing themselves to the Jews is nothing short of absurd stupidity. The jews had the support of the world. Tamils dont get even support from India which houses 80 million Tamils. WAKE UP!! Stop dreaming!!.

  132. Ken Leclair,

    Your name sounds tasty, shame your thoughts do not. Bullshit, humbug and the unfortunate bogey of communial ire inform your criticisms of Jeyaraj.

    How can you accuse a man of being anti-Tamil and pandering to Sinhalese/Muslim sentiment when this was a man, who, after being beaten injured and hospitalised by the LTTE’s homies, still had enough reserve SUPPORTED the LTTE agenda in the leadup to Mahinda’s election?

    It should be clear to you such shifts and transitions (course corrections as it is put) in DBSJ’s ideological line reflect the complexities, shades of gray and rapid change that underlie this very difficult conflict. That is not a mark of weakness. It is a mark of impartiality. In all the butchery of this god-awful generational mess that no doubt has many very poignant personal notes of pain for a Northern Tamil, Jeyaraj has maintained this journalistic distance without sacrificing the nuances of insight into this conflict.

    It is the mark of an intellectual of the very highest calibre, astute to the shifting winds of a rapidly changing reality. In a culture where there are few true intellectuals and where intellectual activity is generally devalued in favour of technical knowledge (such as in medicine and engineering), I believe DBSJ stands out as one of the finest intellectuals writing anywhere. The many mostly grateful responses above and previously should attest to this, and the sources he is able to access for inside facts unknown or unpublished in the SL media attest to his journalistic integrity to actors on BOTH sides of the conflict.

    Please Mr Eclair, do not dress up your bullshit communal refrain of “traitor” using folksy half-baked rhetoric “my father always said….”. Clearly the son is also a half-wit. Two of you would still not make a full one.

  133. What was your stay in JR’s prisons like? Rats? cockroaches? maggots? Buggery? JVP?

    Luckily, I was not jailed. Only detained at the 4th floor………………..DBSJ

  134. Thanks again for the detailed ,newsbreaking article.Thanks also for your heartfelt response to comment#119. The “myopic defiance” of the west and the Indian govt by the so called ” tamil unarvalarhal ” continues. I use the term myopic defiance because you have aptly used this term in one of your earlier wrIte up.It amazes me how these people simply can not relate to the realities of the common man. But we all live in hope!

    Terrorism knows no religious sanctity, nor does it care for lives of infants, children, women and clergy. This was once again proved eighteen years ago when LTTE cold-bloodedly butchered 104 Muslims in Erawoor while they were sleeping.

  136. Amnesty International Urges Sri Lanka To Free War Refugees
    8/10/2009 4:18 PM ET

    (RTTNews) – Amnesty International on Monday urged the Sri Lankan government to free hundreds of thousands of war refugees being held in refugee camps since the end of the civil war with Tamil Tiger rebels, stating that their continued detention in closed refugee camps amount to direct violation of international human rights covenants.

    In a report titled “Unlock the camps in Sri Lanka,” the aid group deplored the conditions under which some 300,000 Tamil refugees are being detained, and criticized the donor nations for not doing enough to secure their release.

    The report focused on the liberty and freedom of movement of the refugees detained in the closed camps, and criticized the Sri Lankan government for their continued detentions, warning that the detainees were protected under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

    Amnesty International says that the denial of rights of liberty and freedom of movement to the detained refugees implies that the Sri Lankan government is in effect detaining them “without charge or trial,” which also accounts to violation of international law.

  137. 152. shankar:

    I think you are placing too much importance on land. Yes, land and more generally access to natural resources lies at the heart of all human conflicts historical and modern. Still, with the development of technology I think we now have a resource that supersedes all others: human brain. Now the size of the population is perhaps more important than anything else.

    For instance, the primary reason why India and China are the superpowers of the future is not because they have access to more land or natural resources but because these nations have access to more human intelligence and talent. In future, these nations will produce the most number of scientists, artists, sportsmen you name it, and it would be either Indian or Chinese. Observe that Im not saying Indian or Chinese people are more brilliant or talented. Im simply saying that there would be more such people coming from these countries than other parts of the world. Hence in future the more people you have, the higher will be what you can do. Times when people who had access to more land, water, natural gas, oil, minerals etc. etc. are now a thing of the past.

    This has a profound impact on Sri Lankan conflict as well. If we compare the Tamil populations of TN and those of Sri Lanka, you would see that Sri Lankan Tamils seek a separate state way more than Indian Tamils. Obviously, pre and post independence history of Sri Lanka is a major contributor. But its contribution is in the direction that favors separation. However, unlike in Sri Lanka, in India there is a factor that acts to counter such aspirationsthe rest of India is both economically and politically a powerful body in the world today. Hence, for Indian Tamils they clearly stand to gain more by been part of India than by been a separate nation of their own. In India, even if Brahmins were to discriminate against Tamils, Tamils would rather tolerate a bit of discrimination than start an armed struggle for the sake of other benefits.
    Same goes for Tamils of Malaysia.

    On the other hand, in the Sri Lankan context, the rest of Sri Lanka is neither an economically nor a politically powerful entity. Hence there is no incentive in the language that ordinary mortals understand that clearly shows that their lot would be higher by been part of Sri Lanka than by been a separate state of their own.
    This is where the population size may play a role in the future. Rest of Sri Lanka has a clear majority than any TE population. Development has capped population growth and population sizes are unlikely to change in future. Given that we are politically important to both India and China, its very likely that both countries would leave us in peace without undue interference. Hence in the absence of an internal conflict, we would be able to develop ourselves like often spoken Singaporeans. I think Sri Lanka has now mastered the art of playing these rivals against each other unlike say, Nepal.

    When that happens, the size of the population will tilt the balance in favor of integration as opposed to separation for Sri Lankan Tamils and things will stabilize. Without another factor to act as a counter weight to challenge separation, Im afraid no amount of devolution or human rights will be able to quell separatist tendencies of Sri Lankan Tamil populance.
    There lies the permanent solution to this problem.

  138. # 151:

    DBSJ -India would have allowed Tamil Eelam if we had played the card right – LTTE messed it up so badly that they will never allow a separate state in SL again. There is only one reason for Eelam, and that is the discrimination from the SL Govt – nothing else. The stupid diaspora and the LTTE started weaving dreams of ruling the world (yes, I have heard their songs) and bringing Tamil Nadu and other countries with even a hint of Tamil (such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) under their rule. They brought the claim of “aspiriations” as in “Tamils live all over the world, but we don’t have a country of our own” to the forefront. This is not the reason anyone needs a separate state. But, the stupid Tamils would never learn, preferring to dream instead.

    Ken, yes, 95% of the Tamils will want Tamil Eelam , and might vote for it too if there is a referendum, but only if you make sure that the LTTE is NOT the one ruling TE. More than 70% of the Tamil population hate the tigers – do you know what percentage of Tamils actually sent money to the tigers – hardly 25%, according to a survey done more than 10 years ago. Only if you contribute money can you have a claim of supporting LTTE, everything else is just talk.

    The only reason Tamils will want a separate state is because of the discrimination shown by SL Govt – unfortunately, not only Tigers but even other capable leaders have been eliminated or have been banished from the country by putting the fear of the gun in them.

    As I always say, Tamils are no more intelligent or smarter than any other group, but one could argue we are a bit more stupid than others to have allowed a single armed group to run rampant amongst us.

  139. The lesson here is simple, and there’s really no need to re-ealrn it from scratch; we the Sri Lankans tried to play against terrorism for decades by ‘others’ rules. It didn’t work. When we changed the rule book, we found the ones that worked really well for us. Even in the case of acquiring the very valuable intelligence of Mr.KP, ‘Our Rules’ worked.

    When we played cricket differently, it stunned the world and the game changed into what it is today. When we faught the war differently, it stunned the world and they are busily learning from us. THIS is what we need to realize, cherish and carry on doing.

    Terrorists have NO rights. Ordinary laws and human rights are for the ordinary who make the occasional mistake, oor wrong doing. Tamil Terrorist animals who bashed the heads of infants against tree-trunks and strapped claymore mines onto school kids are not covered under those laws. They ceratinly get no human rights. Human rights are for humans. Brutes may have one right; the right to die humanely.

  140. Hi DBSJ,
    Sir i have had doubts some time back to find out who you are>> Back then i was thinking you are qn American funded or RAW funded well versed writer than a srilankan lover. We seen so many so called SL writers who call them freelance and truth speaking but harm and divided the two community by taking sides. I Know Lasantha is your friend but i have had my doubt on his purity of vision and believes against commercial aspects of the business. For me i don�t see any difference between SUN editor in UK against Lasantha.
    having read all your article for last 4 years , apart from getting my English polished, i learned so much from your articles. Some are well timed articles, some were big eye opener, i wonder why some LTTE Big guns never get you…. for an instant if VP had read ur articles 3 years ago and act accordingly … he will not die like way he died..he is the governor of wanni by now. For everyone�s luck, very small percentage of total srilankan tamils, now have wiped off from this blessed land. Sad we lost lives ,,, i hope your voice or majority who believes the same or similar opinion now have a chance to live as one.
    i am with you, this country is not yet become a nation, true.. but wait it will be soon.. we are on correct path..Please continue your writing… srilanaka needs you. MR is not some one u think.. problem is few garbage bags around him .. Once those are cleared by SF and GB you can write anything in line with one country, you should come to srilanka, We need you..soon we all live happily. Some guys will think im nuts. Why not what is the deferent in u and me.. except u speak something that bit hard for me to understand.. but if i listen carefully i can understand Tamil brother or sister, least few bits… i dont believe in that srilankan Sinhala ordinary guy could be differentiate from a srilankan Tamil ordinary guy..we look same.. because we are one mothers kids.. that is srilanka..
    i am sorry, my English sucks as i learn English when i was 18. Even i live in London, i kill the queen all the time..
    u don�t have to publish this but i want you to know that majority of Sinhala people would think the same line as you do. We should have a freedom to choose where we live, what we should write , what we should believe , eat drink sleep etc etc..

    Thank you but I am releasing your comment as I think others also should read it………..DBSJ

  141. Ravin #162

    Ravin, I have great respect and admiration for Mr Jeyaraj
    and Mr.Sivaram /Taraki . They are like 2 gems in the field of journalism among the
    Tamil community.
    I really enjoy reading them but their
    way of thinking regarding the Tamil national question is different from one another
    I agree with one’s view I do not agree with
    the other. Unlike others, I hope
    I am matured enough to be tolarent with people who have different thoughts and views.

    By the way Mr.Jeyaraj is writing in Hindu news paper too If I am not mistaken He was the Colombo correspondent to ‘The Hindu’ So I did not mean to say that He was writing to other communities in SL.

    I did not ,do not and will not advocate any form of violence against any body.

    Rusky #162 Right On ! I agree with you 100%.

    Mr. Ajith, one day, most of the powerful nations will be with us if not they are already. If we approach them properly it is possible.


  142. #164 Gamekoluwa

    Have my fingers crossed. When you said ” we are one mother kids ” I was emotionally moved. My first reaction.

    But then I could not help remembering Cain & Abel. Please google Cain & Abel.

    Still, i would prefer to be eternally optimistic. Like you do.

  143. to comment 161-navin
    the problem with technology is it can be copied. at one time only the US and USSR had nuclear weapons. at that time could we have envisaged that pakistan could also have these. when the westerners developed rifles and canon they were ale to conquer the world because they were up against spears and arrows. now every tom dick and harry is having armies with AK 47’s. so this technology thing thogh it gives a benefit to the person who develops it first, does not last, because others start acqiring it too, because as you rightly pointed out, the human brain is universal.
    as for numbers i still go for quality over quantity. this india going to be a superpower thing and srilanka going to be a singapore , i have been hearing it from 25 years ago. no harm in having pleasant dreams i suppose.
    china of course will become a superpower by 2025. there can be only one winner in this numbers game you mention, and that is china. india throgh in the towel long ago when it found it was too difficult to compete with the chinese. even now they are not trying to drastcally cut down the population , which is a big mistake, unlike china which has the onechild policy. the problem i have with the professors and scientists concept you mention is for every one of them you also get thousands of donkeys.it is a package deal after all. the intelligent people will pull forward while the donkeys will pull backwards. that is what happenned in srilanka.

  144. navin
    further to my earlier comment , i still dont agree with you on the aspect of devolution. i believe that devolution and seperation go in inverse directions. the more devolution you give the less seperation you need. but i do agree with you that the mindset of the tamils has to change. now it has become an emotional cry, and not a rational way of thinking. too much of braying going on. but i believe steady doses of devolution will calm thing gradually.

  145. # 164 Hats off to you and you were able to nail it on the head. It gives vocals to the minds of an average Sinhalese as well as an average Tamil.This is only the beginning and there should be more forces rallying around the likes of Mr Jeyraj to make our earnest wishes fulfilled. Recent events have made it workable and race off, religion off theory may eventually be followed and practiced by the highest office to make that one nation myth a reality, finally! 3 cheers for Utopia in line!

  146. Tamil Diaspora is demanding in the streets of Torronto and London that ‘Tamiflu ‘ should be patented in the name of Eelam as it must be the invention of some Tamil.

    They vociferously demanded that no Tamiflu should be given to Srilanka for the use of oppressors.

  147. Cyanide (Kuppy)

    Brain washed youngsters and innocent children were forced to used the Kuppies

    What happened to VP and KPS Kuppies??????????

  148. 164. Gamekoluwa

    100% I agree with you. Not only VP but also every single LTTE members, supporters and Singala nationalists should have read DBS articles and comments.

    We would have reach the political solution at minimum human losses.

    LTTE used peoples emotional cry for their own propaganda and financial benefit when ever they need it and not let them to gain any political knowledge or access to any other media other than their own propaganda media. .

  149. 164 Gamekoluwa

    Keep writing putha. I really admire your initiative and the effort.
    I learnt English myself late in life and I was humiliated many a
    times in my life for not speaking correct English in SL.
    However, when I go to a foreign country I am not frieghtened
    to speak broken English, as people do not laugh at us, but they
    admire us for the effort. When I was small I was so scared to
    go to a place where they speak English. I always wanted
    learn good English, and I know I have a long way to go.
    I am too a victim of Banda’s policy of doing away with
    English. We were little kids when in 1956 Banda said
    that he will make Sinhala official language in 24 hours.
    We were so stupid, we started cheering him. We did not
    know the gravity of that policy, and how many other communities
    were disadvantaged from that. When the Burghers could
    not work in Sinhala, they started migrating to places like
    Australia, Canada UK and other English speaking countries.
    They are the lucky ones. Then Banda got on the plat form
    and said if they cannot learn Sinhala, they can take their
    suit cases and get out from SL. Again we were stupid
    narrow minded little kids starting cheering for that statement

    If there was a common language like English, we would not
    have all these problems. Now after about 100,000 deaths
    from both communities we have woken up and we all want to
    learn English. What Banda should have done was take the
    English language to the villages and teach everybody English.
    But again, our buddhist monks did not like that. Did they ?.
    What Banda did was to take away English education from
    everyone else ,but teach English only to his children.

    Anyway, I stumbled accross DBSJ’s website by accident
    about a year ago and I am hooked on it. As you say
    Gamekoluwa, you can learn really good English on this

    Thanks DBSJ for publishing Gamekoluwa’s write.

  150. Hi DBS,

    Many thanks for your articles.
    As a Sinhalese with close connections to Tamils, I like the Tamils to consider another point of view.
    1.Praba killed Sinhalese and was anti Sinhala. what happens now if he is born again to a Sinhala Buddhist family, if reincarnation according to Buddha is right? what has he achieved? We can fight in different camps in this world but we cannot control the next. so what are we doing in this short time killing each other?
    2. My heart bleeds for thousands of dedicated Tamil youth who fought for LTTE. What is their sacrifice worth today?
    3. To the Tamil Diaspora who live in the comfort of the west. Why didnt you and your children go to SL to fight rather than send money for poor Tamil boys to get killed?
    4. when ever my Tamil friends say they have to go for a protest I think I should tell them this but out of respect I dont. But isnt that the reality? We like others to fight for our high ideals but we shall not bleed!! Hire others to pull our sh..t while our families are ok.
    5. The burgers of SL, Estate Tamils, Malays and Muslims form a smaller minority than the Tamils. why didnt they start a killing spree to win their rights? Arent these people contended to live in SL?
    6. why dont others who are not contended to live in SL leave SL like what the burgers did from 1960 to 1980 mainly due to Sinhala only policy?
    7. I came from a good middle class educated family and went to the best college and ended up with a good job but got fed up with SL top politicians. Being a socialist got me into more trouble. So I left SL because I didnt want to create any more trouble. I have followed the same advice I am giving here now.
    8. The greatest Indian philosopher after Buddha, J Krishnamurthy said “to be nationalistic is to be anti god” he is correct. Because god does not tell there is a Tamil and there is a Sinhalese. We make it up. Our ego tells us so. Then we say Buddha when dying said Sinhalese will protect the Buddha sasana. I have studied enough Buddhism to say this is the greatest crap but I forgive those who tell this because they are driven by their egos.
    9. Some body said we got Hitler and Gandhi both in us. That is, we humans are capable of great compassion and extreme cruelty. So my dear Sinhalese and Tamils, can we forget about our lofty ideals and attempt to live peacefully? Having so many friends from many racial backgrounds, I havent found any one different expect the idiots who think they are different!!
    10. I have a fear. TNA has won vaunia and only 18% voted in Jaffna. That means if the Tamils are still in the LTTE mind set, then it will be difficult to find peace in SL. Although I fully well understand why Tamils have that mind set, I hope they will make a fresh start. Sadly I dont expect much of relationship building by the Sinhalese. However I will not underestimate the capability of Rajapakse brothers.

  151. My dear Ken Leclair,

    finally you have let the cat out. Now I know who you are. Come out of the closet man.

    Taraki was a journalist. I agree with you. But when you say that Taraki was also a journalist like DBS, then something is kicking me behind.

    Do you know that Taraki was one of the cause for the downfall of the LTTE. It was his internal manipulations that led Karuna’s defection. We can discuss about that later in person.

  152. #164 Gamekoluwa,
    Yep I too became a little emotional reading gamekoluwas honest down to earth reandition of ‘I love you too my tamil brother’.

    Soooo glad to know that an ordinary singhalese like him who has not possibly been to a mixed race school like me too can understand basic humanity. of live and let live for we shall never crry this earth when we go.
    having said that Tamils too need to live without fear as equal citizens.

    Way to go gamekoluwa you are a blessing to us singhalese in this blessed country.

  153. Dear DBSJ

    Do u have any idea of the fate of Yogaratnam Yogi , EROS Balakumar ,Pulavar Puthuvaietc . Are they still in prison or have been executed or we will never get to know about their fate ?


    Some of the senior tiger leaders in custody were brought to Colombo for further interrogation. I heard that Yogi and Balakumar were in that group. Recently there is a story spreading among the Diaspora that a number of senior tigers including Yogi & Balakumar have been executed after severe torture. I am yet to verify that. But with recent rendition of KP I would think that the Govt is planning to launch a massive “showcase” trial soon with KP as 1st accused and other LTTE seniors as co – accused. Most probably the trial would be timed for Presidential and/or Parliamentary elections. But I do think the Govt should consider releasing a statement now giving exact details of how many tigers they have in custody, the names of seniors in custody and what the govt intends doing

  154. #154 Ajith Ratnarajah

    Ajit, you certainly are forward thinking. But, with all due respect, I think the principles/proposals you outlined are far too ahead of their time vis--vis Sri Lanka. We need to be cognizant of the ground realities. With an iron fisted regime that is fast metamorphosing into a draconian junta, that could teach even Than Shwe of Burma a thing or two, the possibility of these proposals (which in my opinion are imperative for peace and prosperity) being pursued, let alone being implemented, are rather remote.

    The regimes emphatic victory over the LTTE came at the cost of thousands of innocent Tamil lives. We may never know how many perished (not even a ball park estimate is possible) during the last six months of the Elam War IV. It is clear by any measure that those in power are ideologically motivated and for them no price is too high. Your blueprint for moving forward does not rhyme well with their chauvinism. As expressed in some of my earlier comments here, I fear that the regime is working on overdrive to implement a hidden, not so noble, agenda.

    However, as I have repeatedly stressed, we Tamils can still rely on the inherent goodness of our Sinhala brethren (#164 Gamekoluwa enhances my hope). If, in the next presidential election, they could hand over the reins of power to a benevolent pragmatist we the expatriates can, as you envisage, vote with our feet without inhibition. No, we do not require a Tamil Obama (as some of our fellow DBS readers were suggesting), a Vijaya Kumaratunga is just fine. Till then we really have no choice but haplessly watch as our Tamil brethren suffer in captivity.

    Please continue to put forth your ideas. They are quite valuable in any meaningful debate/discussion about the future of the Sri Lanka nation.

    Regards and best wishes

  155. DBS,

    Sri Lankan jails are not jails, there are facilities like cell phones and even a little extra curricular fun. I really dont think that the GOSl will put anyone on trial and later in jail. They might keep KP alive for a while, but the guy is a diabetic.

    the usual story will be that KP will be taken to identify places where bombs are hidden and the search party together will be caught to some bombs.

    Sad to say but although I have no symphatht for KP or any of the tigers i know that many of your readers are.

    So out of respect for them i would posiibly say that many of those taken in will not be released. this has to be believed however horrible it may be.

    As for the Trial – like the Bombay one? – maybe you have more info as you usually do. – but Sri Lanka has no death penalty. – ( I am not arguing here whether KP has done wrong or not ) – due to that the GOSL will not want a would be LTTE leader languishing in Jail for the Diaspora to protest weekly.

    Currently the GOSL has outsmarted all including the western powers, diaspora and all.

    I really dont know what the future objectives are in taking out whats remaining of the LTTE. yesterday there was a report of a van being found with explosives.

    God forbid another round of bombs in Colombo!

  156. If the govt is going to indict the LTTE leaders who surrendered, can the Tamils also indict them on a charge of failure to take cyanide at the proper time defying the LTTE code? Was that not an offence punishable under the laws of Tamil Eelam. Some of the LTTE judges are still in Vavuniya camp and we could get a second opinion from them, if necessary.

  157. to comment 182-rajiv

    waiting for a regime change is a pipedream. MR is going throgh a unprecedented wave of popularity. if you think he is going to just bask in it and now take it easy, you are sadly mistaken. he is a politician first and foremost. he will never be content to only win the elections in the south. he keeps on harping that he is the president of the whole country. that is why he rushed the jaffna and vavuniya elections. he wanted to feel the pulse of the people. he will now do the balancing act at the next elections trying to get for example 50000 tamil votes without losing 100000 sinhalese votes. he coundnt care a fig where the votes come from. politics is what he breathes the whole day. as for hidden agenda i hve my douphts. the only agenda that MR lives for is votes, and that in itself is not a bad thing for the country.

  158. eventhough not in line with the discussion going on, i’d like to get your attention on the recent special report by university teachers for human rights.
    this should be an eye opener for all those sinhalese who ask why tamils say they are discriminated. as a sinhalese i feel sick reading about the way politicians and the armed forces use their power to suppress tamils and keep sinhalese ignorant about these issues.

  159. Dear Friends especially my Tamil brethren

    I have read all your comments.
    I am somewhat ashamed of my comments and want to retract some of them.
    I admit this – though I have hated Tamils not all of them hate me.
    I want to tell you – I do not hate Tamils anymore, after reading your comments, especially from my Tamil brethren.
    When I realise this (what I said) I feel very bad. Yes, Tamils have been nice to me, sometimes much more than my own Sinhalese. I have this inbuilt prejudice against them (read my comment in #124) but I want to apologies for blasting the entire Tamil race. There are lots of good Tamils around, much better than I.
    Sorry folks, I have changed and will try to change further. Thanks for your help. But, I want to say to # 147, Sir, not all the damage was done by the Sri Lankan army/air force. Please admit that the LTTE shelled its own people so many times. Lot of carnage in the north and east is also due to them.
    Please refrain calling me Avamangala; this really hurts me.
    I wish I could LOVE ALL the Tamils not HATE them (at least thanks to you guys I do not hate ALL of them now). Please help me (and others) with this.
    Also, the Tamils must do the same Love the Sinhalese and not Hate them.
    Then, collectively we can create the most BEAUTIFUL country in the world.

  160. Any leader coming in future should see something that has been published in the meenmagal.net

    When I was browsing, I happened to see some photos in this site.

    How awesome welcome Pillaiyan is getting among Kalmunai muslims. I dont think any tamil leader in the history has touched the hearts of Muslims as much as this short man has done.

    Kalmunai is a place where former Muslim leader Ashraff came from. He and this area people were against LTTE from 90s. they hated Tamil people for the only reason they followed tiger footsteps.

    Good to see that the table has now been turned.

    LTTE should introduce somebody who can embrace all sort of people and run the show.

  161. #183 Dilshan F

    What you seem to suggest is that the rule of law is virtually nonexistent in Sri Lanka. Are you implying that Tamils who are languishing in prisons under the emergency regulations would never be released or at least accorded a fair trial? So, by extension, you are reinforcing the Tamil apprehensions that we may never be able to live with dignity in Sri Lanka. That is very unfortunate.

    The rule of law is sacrosanct in any civilized society. Sadly the almost all Lankan regimes to date (to varying degrees) have perilously chosen to desecrate a fundamental tenet of democracy. In effect, peace and reconciliation that you and I so earnestly aspire for are just mirages in a long dry desert.

    #185 Shankar

    Yesterday there was proposal to bring a motion in SL parliament to, for all practical purposes, ban political parties with names that signify a particular community or religion. Last week a few hundred hitherto interned Tamils were resettled in (dispersed to) places other than their own towns or villages. I fear that the Rajapakse clan wants much more that just power. Events and developments in the near future will reveal their true intentions.

  162. If the next Srilanka election gives a clean sweep to MR & CO , that means Srilanka is not dominated by moderates. It has a majority of extremists.

    These extremists are by product of Srilankan hegemony and Tamil nationality.

  163. 60000 children in IDP with horrible ware scenes memories.. Gosl have a greater responsiblity to act …else a minimum 20000 will fight against Gosl in future ..US saying the same .. but who is listening ? … infact, the fight between SLA and Tamils confined to a smaller part of SL earlier and grows slowly and reached center stage of SL before moving to world arena now. Off course now it attracts greater audience (specially Tamils around the world ) with increase support to SL Tamils.. may be next war ( in ten to twenty years) will divide SL.IT all now depends on Gosl how they handling the IDP and political solutions to Tamils..

  164. # 185 shankar totally agree,

    yeah MR is not actualy a racist or an exetremist, he is just hungry for power well if he’s gonna get power through deals with JHU then thats what he’ll do it may even be TNA i think he will not mind.And he will give a solution which the majority of tamils would accept not because of kind heartedness but because more happier the population is much more votes he’ll get. Well thats how politicians are

  165. Rajiv #182 and Shankar #185, MR has to be the one that sets things right in Sri Lanka. It can’t be a benevolent more liberal politician. That person would encounter the same resistance from the Sinhalese hard-liners which has always derailed peace in the past.

    MR is immensely popular and only he can stand up to these nationalionist elements (as they used to say: “only Nixon could have gone to China”).

    Let’s hope that MR realizes his place in history and doesn’t blow this opportunity.

  166. 168. shankar:

    I’m not against power devolution. I just don’t think that will stop this constant cry for a TE. Besides, from what I know Tamil politic is based on the “little now MORE later” doctrine. For instance, even people like Sangaree says, 13 amendment is now inadequate. He says that that was a cure for an ulcer but now the ulcer has graduated to a cancer. But I don’t see what fundamental changes have taken place since the later 90s. Anyhow, I’m OK with having an amalgamated North and East province as long as country remains a unitary state and Sinhalese are allowed settle in N&E. There should be sinhala settlements in N&E to stop this Tamil thinking that part of the country is exclusively theirs. Its OK for N&E to be Tamil majority areas but they shouldn’t be left as Tamil mono-ethnic areas. I’m more for asymmetric devotion like one N&E province plus one or two other provinces. This current symmetric 9 provinces is just a colossal waste of money. I do not advocate sinhalese hegemony over Jaffna Tamils. That’s not my cup of tea. But at the same time I’m will not tolerate this diaspora nonsense. I see no politician on either side of the divide who is sincere and intelligent enough to steer us through this mess. Well, LK was an exception but he is no more.

  167. to comment 196-navin

    irefer to the recent supreme court decision that amalgamation of norteast is unlawful. besides the legal implications i believe amagamation will lead to more problems instead of less. the muslims , sinhalese, and even the tamils of the eastern province are going to be very unhappy to be dominated by the northern tamils. i feel it is best to leave it as 2 provinces.
    i dont know about the other provinces you are talking about . mabe it is a waste of resources as you point, but will it not help in a more uniform development of the country, instead of only the western province being developed. maybe we should not throw out the baby with the bathwater and see how to do it better.
    with regard to the north and the east i believe the ideal solution is to give a federal form of government to them. i agrre with you the tamils will say 13th amendment not enogh. well, rome was not built in one day. 13 th amendment will be the first step. there is nothing wrong with that, if the last step becomes federalism. the problem here is the cry for eelam. it should be dropped once and for all. as long as that continues the sinhalese will not trust the tamils.

  168. to navin

    further to my comment i am also okay for sinhalese to be settled in the north and east, as long as undesirable elements such as convicts and thugs are not settled there.i dont know where you are staying, but how would you like to have the late mr.prabaharan as you next door neighbour. these kind of settlements must be done jointly with the chief ministers of the 2 provinces.

  169. to comment 190 -rajiv

    if MR is thinking of settling sinhalese in the wanni, that is not somehing we can rightfully protest about as long as it does not inconvenence the tamils in the region. tamils are living all over the country with the sinhalese, how can we say don’t come and live with us.

  170. Navin you fool let the tamils running srilanka again srilanka will be paradise in the world. I dont care you or your ruthless gang live in my area and as long as obey our custom and respect our way of life. dont send any sinhala modayas, send some desent civilized people. I will be a happiest man on earth.

  171. 190 Rajiv,

    What I said does not imply only TAMILS get horrid treatment and the Singhalese gets better. Thats your view point because you look at and find a Singhalese tamil problem. Its unfortunate that you twist what i have saidto suit your viewpoint of tamils not being able to live with the singhalese and therefore Eelam is a legal request.

    When you say rule of law and civilised society you only mean lesser courts in most countries including Sri lanka. When you talk of combating terrorism the situ is different including USA and Europe. except for Guantanamo Bay you didnt hear of holding centres in Germany or other countries.

    You talk of rule of law and Sri lankan regimes only what about the LTTE who murdered hundreds including Neelan Thiru.

    As much as you say you wish for peace until you realizethe murderous intention of the LTTE and the follies of Singhalese Leaders TOGETHER you will not see peace in your heart.

  172. Navin , Shankar, I am butting into your comments. I cannot understand the need for a deral government – this will benefit only the politician who wants more powers. Will the Singhalese feel better if there was one system for a minority and another for the rest? Even now the thesavalam law is not palatable to me. If we are talking about equal treatment of ALL then the rule should apply in equal for ALL. The law has to be one. The constitution has to be one. I remember stories when there was retricted access to Uni, there was wide speculation that tamil students were getting better marks given by the tamil examiners. We should not go into areas where there is mistrust created.

    Whats wrong with the system now?

    If its about money from the treasury being disbursed or or unfair taxation it should be talked about.

    What is unfair by the tamils now i ask? I am not talking about the security but opportunities on education, jobs, setting up indutry, buying land, getting loans, paying tax, getting married, language, practising one religion, culture, publishing talking.

    i am not for giving special priviledges to any coomunity.

  173. to comment 202-dilshan f

    allowing people to run their own affairs is not giving special privileges. and it is not for a community it is being rquested, but for a region. just like where plenty of dravidians have domiciled in aryan parts of india, the same will happen here with plenty of sinhalese settling in the north and east and vice versa, in a federal system of government.
    as for thesavalamai i too believe it is antiquated stuff and should have been modified to suit the times. its like running a morris minor, and the owner saying it runs well doesnt it so why should i get rid of it.. all these things have to be tackled dilshan, but as i said earlier rome was not built in one day. main thing is to go in the right direction. who knows the problem could be solved with somthing even less than federalism. iam only putting the goal posts at the maximum point. i am more interested in the country going in the right direction. it might take another 25 byears to solve this ethnic problem permanently, but since we have wasted 25 years anyway, bashing each other and wrecking the country by going in the wrong direction, what is wrong in doing auturn and going the opposite way and see what cmes out of it. at least we know the country will be prospering as we little by little inch towards the ultimate solution.

  174. Another way of Terrorism

    killing two youth in police custody.

    When we went to the police station we found that all the police officers were heavily drunk said Saman Udayakantha Aponsu, the farther of one of the victims,
    Villagers said that the Officer in charge of the Angulana Police station was in the habit of arresting young boys and later releasing them upon taking bribes from their parents.

    We went to the police station with the intention of bribing the police officers but it was too late said Swarnalatha Aponsu the mother of the deceased Tharanga Fernando.


  175. Yes,
    I agree with some of the comments.
    Tamils MUST give up on armed struggle. Because the world has proved that they will get bad press 10X more than anything the SL govt does.
    The only way is a strong political movement.
    Firstly a movement must begin to prove the true history of Sri Lanka and debunk the Mahavamsa.
    The entire problem in Sri Lanka is connected to this fairy tale.
    Once the Mahavamsa is proven false and then exposed globally as false, then the racist Sinhalese government will loose their leverage against Tamils (I.e they are aliens in our land nonsense).
    Then it will help the process of proving their genocidal tendancies also.
    History will have to be dug up.
    Some say dont dig into history. But in the case of Sri Lanka it has to be done.
    If the African researcher Dr Cheik Anta Diop managed to destroy all the fallacies regarding ancient Egypt, and prove Egypt was created by black Africans (he dug out all the evidence that lying Euro and Arab historians covered up). Then it is even easier for the Tamil political movement to debunk the lies about Sri Lankas history promoted by certain elements of the Sinhalese community.

  176. Mangala Premaratne 187

    I think it is very nice of you to apologise and say that
    you have changed. You must be a nice person to admit
    your mistake and I hope everyone will accept your
    apology and move forward.

    God bless you.

  177. Everyone should remember one thing – air is free and universal and without breathing we can’t live, so wherever we live, whatever colour of skin we have, we need air, and its free. Prabakaran might have thought that in his Eelam, he can get Tamil-only air.

    On the other hand, Prabakaran only wanted power and money, nothing else. He had the power of life and death of any Tamil person, anywhere in the world.

  178. High Commissioner Daya Perera in Canada

    Mr Perera said that there has been no overt reaction to the arrest of Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP. According to the High Commissioner KP appears to be, in fact, unpopular amongst the Tamil speaking diaspora as he had admitted that LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran had died thus reducing the revenue of the organizers of the demonstrations in Canada.

    Mr. Perera noted that up to now not a word of condemnation was said by the Diaspora about the human shield that was used by Prabhakaran in the latter stages of the conflict but are continuing to protest the treatment of the IDPs, principally, because they need to have some basis for protests to continue collecting the money.

  179. Shankar, I do find it very difficult to understand if the system is wrong now. – but i agree that I am not tamil and I will not feel the problems that they enciounter. Sometimes we singhalese can be so insenitive to how another race feels living in Sri Lanka.. But I do believe Shankar that Sri Lanka is too small to divide this further. look what we have noe. provincial councils, town councils, Members of parliament. I just paid Nation Building tax. I dont feel that good about our political system. just a few ministers and thats it.

    A few ministers would mean at least a lot less corruption!

  180. When I read some of these posts, it seems some of you are way out of touch with reality.

    Let me tell you a fact the Tamil kings implemented thesavalamai, that is giving land rights to lands that belong to Tamil in the North, I cant comment on the EAST, since I don’t know about the easter kindoms.

    After SL got independence from the British, GoSL never wanted to recognise the Lands in the north and the East which are rightfully Tamil’s. Since they believe in their fallacy of King Dutu Gamunu that the Whole of SL belongs to Sinhala Buddhist, and their long-term plan was to wipe out as many Tamils and then colonise in Singhalese in Tamil areas. It was earlier published that GOSL is building houses for Governments Servants, some of us believe it is to colonise the vacated lands with SL’s Military families.

    By this GOSL can strike two birds with one stone, that is, one to destabilise ethnic proportions, and also to have continuous Military Presence in North and East.

    By destabilising the ethnic proportions which were naturally dominated by Tamil’s presence in North and East wont be there any more, by this there cannot be any sustained and drawn out Tamil struggle in the future.

    The people who oppose the Thesavalamai are the Tamils who fight within themselves for a drop of a hat and who have a negative view of the future.

    Communism was essential in the fight for freedom, in order to abolish caste system which is intertwined very much in the social fabric of our Tamil society, since we Tamils had various views and divisions among ourselves in the beginning of our struggle for Justice, it was essential to run everything under one person.

    One thing the Tamils should feel assured is that every Tamil wanted to have Democratic TE without any cast issues and lands distributed evenly, and this would have been possible, I know for all economic development purposes TE would have been a democratic state.

    I want to make clear that there wouldn’t have been any armed struggle by the Tamils if our many attempts for peace by negotiations hadn’t have failed.

    To attain freedom through armed struggle was the only option, nothing else worked with the successive chauvinist Governments of SL.

    To my understanding LTTE was created to fight for freedom and Justice for the Tamil minority, there is no second word about that.

    On the onset of the Tamil struggle spear headed by LTTE, the GOSL meat it with state Terrorism, and is widely evident that this was the case.

    In 1974 the SL police shot at the power lines in a densely crowded area where a peaceful Tamils were having a Tamil Conference where TamilReasearchers and scholars were addressing the crowed, may I ask why did it trouble the GOSL that Tamils were having a non political Tamil conference, it just goes to highlight the ethnic hatred, What did we do wrong to receive such undue treatment.

    This was followed by standardising University exams where Tamil in the North have score much higher to enter Universities.

    Then followed the scorching of the Jaffna library (1981), this was seen by the Minority Tamils as destruction to Tamil Identity, knowledge and culture and their history, what did we do to deserve this, all that we asked is for Justice, but the state terrorism continued unabated.

    We all know about the 1983 ethnic riots, the Majority Singhalese made us Tamils who have contributed to the country in many ways, who stood shoulder to shoulder to fight common upraisals that we were not needed in the country anymore, that we will be recipients of such state terror and reign of fear in the future, this saw to the exile of Many Tamils in various foreign Lands against their wishes.

    From 1981 onwards there were many students who disappeared without inquiry or trial, the University student were terrified to go to varsities in North and EAST, the fear of their children not coming home alive engulfed every Tamil home in the North and East.

    For example a parcel was unearthed near a home in the north, as a result the SL military came and completely finished off the family who had absolutely no involvement with it, this method of state terrorism proved to be very counter productive. There were thousands of such occurrences in many proportions, it was causing direct and collateral damage to the Tamil Society.

    So the fight was for Justice and Freedom from chauvinist GOSL, what we got back was state terrorism.

    LTTE I think changed their Tactics, since GOSL unleashed their state terrorism

    I am in no way condoning with civilian casualty, in any war civilian casualty should be minimised and avoided if possible.

    The onset and the shaping of Tamil mainstream militarism were caused by the successive chauvinist Regime of SL.

    If you sow hatred you will reap destruction, if sow Love you will reap Peace.
    If you decide to be a beast to your brother, it wont be too long before your brother will turn beastly towards you.

    I am reminded of a Singhalese proverb “Anunta kela dhay, thamanta Pala dhay.

    For the sinhales who are short sighted and are unsympathetic towards IDPs and the ill-treatment and humiliation and pain they are going through, I would advice them to go for the pansella more often and learn more about ahimsa.

    I don’t how practical it is to populate Tamil areas with SL Military families or for that matter Singhalese after such trauma and natural distrust; I think the move is for Gov votes.

  181. Even now the thesavalam law is not palatable to me. If we are talking about equal treatment of ALL then the rule should apply in equal for ALL. The law has to be one

    It does. It states that when land is sold in the areas covered by the law, it must be offered first to the immediate family. This applies both to Tamils and to Sinhalese and Muslims. A Tamil who is not immediate family has no more right to that land than a Sinhalese in the same position.

  182. #201 Dilshan F

    I am sorry if my comments gave you the impression that I am in any way advocating, postulating or even insinuating separation. Given the social, economical and geographical interdependence between the North-East and the rest of the country peaceful coexistence and, eventually, integration with equality, rights and freedoms assured for all is perhaps the pareto optimal solution.

    At the moment though, ground realities are not conducive for initiating the process of reconciliation. With 300K Tamils interned and several thousands languishing in prisons without trial the divide (it seems) is far too wide to bridge. After May 17, 2009 the regime had a very small window of a golden opportunity at communal reconciliation. But as always, we Sri Lankans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    Ironically, The Tamil Elam that VP so stubbornly wanted now exists within the barbed wired fences of Manik Farm. The psychological wedge between the communities has been aggravated by the regime’s post war actions. Healing the wounds would require nothing less than a mother Theresas touch.

    In the West due process under the rule of law is followed even while dealing with “illegal combatants” (as you may know, the word “terrorist” is not fashionable here in the west). Every suspect who held US citizenship was brought to trial. Almost everyone who is a citizen of a western nation was repatriated to his/her country to face justice by due process. Those who are still in detention are those whose governments do not want to deal with them. Interestingly, a number of Uyghur detainees were resettled in Bermuda as a humanitarian gesture since, in the opinion of the US authorities, they would be tortured if they are returned to China. In Sri Lanka the detainees are all Sri Lankan citizens. Their guilt or innocence should be established in a court of law. Note that, even during JRJs time TELO leaders Kuttimani and Thangathurai were brought to a criminal court in Colombo a number of times before they were killed in July83.

    As far as the LTTE is concerned the rule and the law were pretty much what VP or a local commander or an ordinary cadre dreamt up during his day out in the Land of Oz. Summary executions, lamppost killings, torture chambers, kidnapping for ransom etc were all part of their illustrious history. But they are gone. They do not matter any more. The future of the Tamils living in Sri Lanka now rests with the regime. With each passing day that future looks bleaker and grimmer.

  183. Mangala,

    You are a very brave and nice person. Some one who admits his / her mistake is greater than a gentleman and you are my friend.

    As a Tamil, I must say I salute you. Good on you my brother.

    Well done and may god bless you in multiple folds.



  184. to comment 209-dilshan

    i would advise you to look at the swiss canton system. then we should send a delegation to see how there is no corruption there. corruption unfortunately is a national trait here. but if you look at sinhalese history which shows what a great civilization it was, it would not have been like that at that time. so what went wrong in our culture. something to do with foreign rule i believe and gradually love for the country declined. any way corruption is something that can be weeded out with the proper laws and enforcement.
    since you are worried about costs always use the cost benefit analysis. if the benefits are more than the costs and you can afford it take your wallet out. only time will tell whether the benefits from provincial councils are more than the costs. an annual review should always be done by the government on this aspects. because this has not been done on a regular basis, it is in my opnion more like a grey elephant at the moment instead of white.

  185. comment 211-stephen

    i think dilshan is right. there is a restriction here to first offer to relatives. if a tamil is buying property in the south there is no such restrictions, and the deal can be done in a day. that is why i said the thesavalmai is antiquated stuff and should have been reformed to suit the modern times.

  186. 202. Dilshan F:

    Today, this conflict is no longer about discrimination or equality. Those issues were sorted out in the 1980s. Today, the conflict is about Tamils not having sufficient political power, security and visibility for their identity. The current system provides for none of these. Ask yourself, what is the highest office the system allows Tamils to elect a person by themselves? All government ministers who are Tamil have been appointed by a Sinhalese leader.

    A system like what we have now, is fine had we had honest, intelligent leaders willing to collaborate. Unfortunately, we don’t have such people. Forget about Sinhalese politicians collaborating with the Tamils, can they even collaborate among themselves or even within their own political parties? Their greed for power is so paramount everything else is secondary no matter what the consequences are! The same goes for Tamil politicians.

    As a result, today we find ourselves in a situation, where we have to provide through a constitution, what should have been achieved through collaboration and consensus. Such a constitution that identifies between different ethnicities and regions in which they are in majority is obviously inferior to a scheme that is oblivious to such communal divisions. Besides, whenever division of anything is involved, it requires an analysis that tells us how much goes to each side? This is a difficult problem by itself and is made unsolvable given the prevailing political environment. Many issues that are easily solved through collaboration are much harder to solve when they have to be explicitly spelt out in legal terms.

    All in all, however unpalatable it may be, thanks to the British and our own post independence politicians of all hues, today we are left with no option but to take a step backwards before we can take a step forward. Having to adopt a self limiting constitution that identifies between different ethnicities is the backward step.

  187. Please read this.
    Lots of ppl R using the word “Thesawalamai law” to create a gap between Tamils and Sinhalese. Its a law that keeps agricultural lands intact and applicable to everybody. Not only to one community. I think we need something like that for the whole country.

    By C. V. Vivekananthan

    Who says Sinhalese cannot buy land in Jaffna?

    The myths and misconceptions of the Thesawalamai law
    Thesawalamai is based on usages and customs. Custom begins where usage ends. Custom derives the force of intendment of law. A very long period of time, generality, uniformity and consistency are the determining factors for the maturity of custom as a source of law.

    Anyone can buy land in Jaffna

    The word ‘Thesam’ means ‘state’ or ‘nation’; ‘walamai’ is ‘custom’. Thus, the term ‘Thesawalamai’ means ‘customs of the state or nation’. These customs were originated from the usages and customs of the Malabar Coast of India. ‘Thesawalamai’ is Dravidian in nature, unconnected with the Hindu law of India. It derives from Marumakattayan Law, which is the main source of Thesawalamai. With the passage of time it has been blended by the influence of Roman Dutch Law and English Law. It is the combination of patriarchal and matriarchal systems of societies existing side by side.

    ‘Thesawalamai’ was partly written in ola leaves and partly unwritten. The principles of Thesawalamai were handed down in the form of oral discourses from generation to generation. The Mudaliars who were learned in these customs were the then authorities to explain and interpret the intricacies of the principles of Thesawalamai.

    During the Portuguese period, no attention was paid to the laws of the natives. The Portuguese did not codify the customs of Thesawalamai. The Dutch, anxious that ‘the natives should be governed according to the customs of the country if they were clear and reasonable, codified the Thesa-walamai law.

    In 1704, the Dutch Governor of Ceylon, Simons, ordered the Disawa of Jaffna, Claas Isaakasz, to compile the customs of the Tamil inhabitants of Jaffna. An extensive study of the usages and customs of the Tamil inhabitants of Jaffna was undertaken before such compilation. The code was done in the Dutch language and submitted to the Commander Van der Duyn in 1706.

    The Commander had the report translated into Tamil and delivered the translation to twelve “sensible” Mudaliars to revise it. They confirmed that the report conformed to the prevailing customs.

    In 1708, the codification of the customary laws of the “Malabar inhabitants of the province of Jaffna” came into force.

    The word ‘Malabar’ is held to be synonymous with the word ‘Tamil’. Claas Isaacsz in his foreword to the Thesawalamai Code refers to Malabar or Tamil inhabitants.

    In 1806, Ceylon was ceded to the British Crown. By Regulation No.18 of 1806 the British declared that the Code of Thesawalamai, as collected by the Order of Governor Simons in 1706 shall be in full force and that “all questions between ‘the Malabar inhabitants of the Province of Jaffna, or in which a Malabar inhabitant is a Defendant’, shall be decided according to this Code of customs”.

    In 1814, Sir Alexander Johnstone translated this Code into English and the English translation derives force in law as at today.

    It is a personal law applicable to ‘Tamils with Ceylon domicile and a Jaffna inhabitancy’. It is not applicable by ‘reason of descent and religion to the whole Tamil population of Ceylon but an exceptional custom in force in the province of Jaffna, now the Northern Province and in force there, primarily, and mainly at any rate, only among Tamils who can be said to be inhabitants of that province’.

    It is also a regional or municipal law in that it applies to all lands situated in the Northern Province irrespective of whether the land is owned by a Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim, Burgher or by persons of any other race.

    The Matrimonial Rights and Inheritance Ordinance (Jaffna) regulates the law with regard to property and Law of inheritance.

    Thesawalamai Pre-emption Ordinance No.59 of 1947 regulates the law in relation to land affected by the law of Thesawalamai. This Ordinance came into force on July 1, 1948, repealing so much of the Thesawalamai and of the Ordinance No.4 of 1895.

    The term ‘Pre-emption’ means that certain classes of persons enjoy a preferential right to purchase immovable property over others. This right of pre-emption under the present law is restricted to two classes of persons, namely (1) Co-owners and (2) Heirs in the event of the intestacy. Accordingly, when immovable property is co-owned, one co-owner cannot sell the land to an outsider without first offering it to the other co-owner or heirs whether he is a Sinhalese or otherwise.

    The right of pre-emption shall only be exercised in respect of an undivided share or interest of an immovable property. It shall not be exercised in property held in sole ownership. If the land to be sold is a divided and defined allotment of land, no right of pre-emption shall exist. In that case, the vendor shall have the absolute right to sell the same to any person whom he prefers, whether he is a Sinhalese or not. No provision of the Ordinance prevents him from selling the land to a Sinhalese. No reasonable man would refuse to sell his property to the highest offeror of consideration.

    A pre-emptor has to be a co-owner or an heir of an undivided allotment of land. He can be a Sinhalese, a Tamil, a Muslim or any person of any other race. If an owner of an undivided land has conveyed it to an outsider, a pre-emptor has the right to institute an action to set aside the sale of an undivided share of the land on any of the grounds set out in the Ordinance.

    No action is maintainable for pre-emption if the purchaser was one of the persons entitled to pre-empt or if more than one year has elapsed from the date of registration of the purchaser’s deed of transfer. It does not apply to property in respect of a share of a land which has been possessed and dealt with in divided lots by amicable partition among the shareholders, with each other’s knowledge and consent’. It also does not extend to an exchange of land.

    The right of pre-emption gets extinguished by (1) transfer of property to pre-emptor, (2) waiver (3) release (4) forfeiture (5) frustration of the contract of sale (6) prescription – the right of pre-emption will not be available after three years from the date of the cause of action, (7) operation of law (8) merger and (9) any other restrictions by judge made law.

    There is a general misunderstanding that Law of Thesawalamai or the Thesawalamai Pre-emption Ordinance gives exclusive right of purchase of immovable property in the Northern Province to Tamils of that province only and that the Sinhalese cannot have the right to buy any immovable property. It is a myth rather than a legal sanction: it is a misperception of the law of Thesawalamai.

    An examination of the Law of Thesawalamai and of the Thesawalamai Pre-emption Ordinance would demonstrate very clearly that it is an erroneous thinking due to the lack of understanding, appreciation and tolerance of the applicability of these laws.

    The Law of Pre-emption is expressly governed by the Thesawalamai Pre-emption Ordinance and not by Thesawalamai Regulation or the Customs of the Malabar Inhabitants of the Province of Jaffna, as collected by Order of Governor Simons in 1706. However, both these laws do not prohibit a person, whether, Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim or a member of any other race from purchasing any allotment of land situated in the Northern Province.

    The right to own or dispose any immovable property in the Northern Province is not restricted to Tamils alone as perceived by some of the politicians in the South. Neither the Thesawalamai nor the Thesawalamai Pre-emption Ordinance has any such provision.

    A careful reading of the provisions of the Thesawalamai Pre-emption Ordinance shows that the co-owners or the would be heirs of the intending vendor of an undivided allotment of land, whether a Sinhalese or otherwise will have preferential right to purchase that share. If the co-owner is a Sinhalese, then, he will have the preferential right to purchase that share over others.

    The widespread thinking that Sinhalese cannot buy land in Jaffna has no foundation at all both in fact and law. However, the legendary belief that the Tamils are invaders, infringing their exclusive right to the soil of Sri Lanka is deeply buried in the mind of some sections of the Sinhalese population. This wrong conception has created imaginary scenarios that Sinhalese are excluded from ownership of part of the land of Sri Lanka. Even well-educated Sinhalese will entertain fanciful emotional feelings that Sinhalese cannot buy land in Jaffna though it is common knowledge that there are thousands of Sinhalese and Muslims who are owners of land in Jaffna. Thus, the aforesaid apprehension becomes irrational and lacks any valid basis; yet, such fear has deeply pervaded some of the Sinhalese. To make things worse, political miscreants make this cry from time to time and disturb the harmony and tranquility of Sri Lanka.

    It would be apposite to mention that neither the Dutch nor the English would have tolerated such anti-national law to remain in force. Great scholars like Dr. C.G. Weeramantry, Dr. L.J.M. Cooray, Professor S.W.E.Goonesekera and others had contributed several articles on the law of Thesawalamai. Had there been any such obnoxious provisions they would have not hesitated to point it out: our Parliament would have long ago amended it.

    So in the period of peace, let us clear our misunderstanding and distrust and refrain from acting on fallacies and emotional feelings. Let us stand united on a firm appreciation and application of one’s rights and obligations without jeopardizing or obscuring the rights of any person: let us by our unity bring glory and fame to the once ‘the pearl of the Indian Ocean’ – Sri Lanka.

  188. Please understand that if somebody wants to by a land in Jaffna (Given that they have money) VP, Hakeeeem and MR are equal if they are not part of the original land owner’s family

  189. Mangala Putha, you are a good boy. I am very old – 89 (sent by Alex – A Abraham’s friend who dictated this_

  190. Hi Shankar,(214)

    I lived in Switzerland for a short time. They have cantonments where French speaking people live in one, German in another, Italian speaking people in another etc. These cantonments are probably like our districts in SL. But these people’s culture and historic back grounds are totally different to ours in SL and therefore I cannot see this model succeeding in SL.
    I cannot say there is no corruption in Switzerland or even in the west. It is there. But in these countries all people have basic human needs fulfilled such as housing, education, food. Corruption is there in high places. But does not touch the common man. In fact the Swiss banking system hoard the biggest amount of corrupt money from all the crooks around the world!! But the problem in SL is people do not have the basic amenities and therefore corruption is every where.
    In Switzerland there is no corruption at lower levels as people are contended while in SL where every average citizen lives below the poverty line, every one tries to make a buck at every level.
    In my opinion, if SL want to prosper we got to set it up like Lee Kwan Yee of Singapore. Benevolent dictatorship. But I cannot see that happening with this lot of corrupt politicians unless some thing like a military dictatorship takes over. But currently that is also unlikely and military dictatorships have all fumbled in the modern word. I also think we need to give some time for the Rajapakse brothers to deliver goods, now that the war is over. Time shall certainly tell. Peace in the country is essential and the Tamils should be non violent thus not giving the ruling party any excuses.

  191. 187 Mangala

    I am sorry about my commemt (95) and my sincere appologise for it.

    DBSJ Platform is all about peace and recconciliation and we have done it.

  192. #209 Rajiv, Sorry if i misread your comment. I get your point Thanks for the reply and explanation.

    #210 Kamaren read the Article by #217 Pasqual.

    # 217 Sriyan Pasqual, you are a very well read lawyer? , Thanks for the info. I am now looking to see where the province of jaffna was during the time this law was codified. Thanks a lot a really usefull informative article.

    #216 Navin. I see your process. But if the Tamils or Singhalese were the white majority in the US will they have elected a white man? I think when you take politics there cannot be race bariers. How can a Sikh then become the PM of India?. The Tamils have to learn to intergrate as Sri Lankan first rather than have the land broken into two. How come the muslims dont want a muslim PM and riot if they dont get one?. Its the way they feel everyone should ask themselves are you a muslim, sinhalese or tamil first and then Sri lankan or vice versa. To me I am srilankan first. So for me All races are equal I only differentiate between the good the bad and not the ugly.

    Sriyan One question. – If I want to buy a land in Jaffna that is up for sale and If I am the highest bidder and the owner wants to sell to me. Lets say the owners brother bids half what I have bid. to whom can the seller sell the land?


  193. to comment 220-don

    i gave the example of swiss canton system to dilshan because we were discussing costs of provincial councils and corruption. i wanted to show that those who are running the cantons are not corrupt as dilshan was worried that more politicians means more corruption. dilshan was also worried that a small country like ours cannot afford large admintration. switzerland as you are well aware is half the size o srilanka but can afford so many cantons. that is why i gave the swiss canton model , not to just copy it here because as you rightly pointed out one hat fits all doesnt work. the best solution i believe is the one you tailormake acording to the peoples needs. in otherwords it does not flow from the politician to the people but from the people to the politicians. care must be taken that you really get feed back from the people and not from powerhungry local politicians. for example amirthalingam decided he wanted eelam, and when the TULF got the votes because they were the only major regional party, he said they had got a mandate for eelam. people could have voted for any other reason, incuding the fact that they are the only party to vote for. so the governmen must commision an independent and reliable research agency to see what the northeast peoples needs are, then tailormake the solution accordingly.

  194. to comment 217-sriyan

    according to this lengthy discourse you have given, in a nutshell this is a 1708 law. i was compaing it to a morris minor , now i have to change to a horse and cart. and you are telling that this should be applied to the whole country. do you want the country to go forward or backward. has there been any reforms to this law since 1708.

  195. # 219 A Abraham,

    Dear Sir, I wish you good health for many more years to come. being 89 you would have seen so much. As much as I dont want to live in the past , some reminisences from you would add so much colour to our lives.

    In mine I had I had so many uncles and aunts who have added so much colour in my canvass of life that I am eternally grateful to them. I am sure that you must be having grand nephews and neices as well.

    You must surely be the most exprienced reader here. I think you are just 18 years with 71 years of experience.

    Where are you now, were you in Colombo or Jaffna.

    wherever you are God bless you and keep you well.

  196. i made a mstake in my comment 215. i stated relatives, whereas it should be immediate family. but the change of words dont take away the problems if someone wants to sabotage the sale. you want to buy a property. the owner says he will have to ask his immediate family whether they want to buy it. they say yes, but they are waiting for some money to come from abroad etc, but they will pay a deposit of 10 per cent. owner has lost the immediate sale and the balance money does not come. the daughter or son comes and ask for the deposit money. is the father going to tell them to have a bath. is he going to take them to courts for the balance money. after all blood is thicker than water.

  197. dear don

    further to my earlier coment , i agree with you that corruption can be explained due to the anomaly in the standard of living in the 2 countries. but what about the higher levels. dilshan was meaning the provincial councillors, chief ministers etc. he has a valid point. the more of these buggers and more the corruption. surely you dont mean to say that they havent got a decent standard of living and dont have the basic ameneties. and culture always permeates downwards from the top to the bottom. i felt it is the lack of laws or enforcement. you should know better than me whether those running the cantons are corrupt and if not why.

  198. #187
    Dear Mangala
    Bravo Machang. Good one you. One of the pleasent outcomes I saw in years of blogging. Very best to you.

  199. to dilshan comment 222

    with regard to your comment on the muslims, i refer to the recent incident where they were lustily cheering the pakistanis when they were thrashing srilanka in the one day international. sinhalese were angry, but we are not living in a perfect world the way you envisage. if someone has their ethnicity or religion foremost that is their prerogative and we cannot change that. i am also like you, i coundn’t care a fig for race or relegion. but for others it may not be and we must respect their feelings as individuals. the ethnic issue was unnecessarily brought to the forefront by politicians who did not go in the srilankan concept.path that you mention. now it is too late for the ideal world, and as navin says we may have to take one step backwards, in order to go forward in the future.

  200. further to my ealier comment i should have said a few mulims instead of muslims.i dont want to now create trouble between sinhalese and muslims. dilshan, as for your comparison of muslims with tamils, there are a number of reasons why it did not flare up like our war, but it will be a waste of time to go into all that in this blog and is irrelevant. i mentioned the cricket match because i wanted toshow that for some religion is no1, for others other things are no1. we are all different personalities and it is difficult to make this an ideal world.

  201. Mr Abraham is 89. He lives in Kotahena. He is neither Sinhalese nor Tamil – he is a Bharathas. Originally from Negambo. He is now bed ridden. He was married long ago; has no children. He lives alone now. He is a rich man but gives away money to charity. We also get benefitted. He loves to see social integration in Sri Lanka. I read articles on the net to him. I will tell you – the man is a library.

  202. Dear DBSJ

    To you have any idea about the condition of “Venugopal Master” , Prabahakaran’s Political Mentor .Is he in SL or abroad ?

  203. Pasqual,

    It was quite a good analysis, and an unbiased one, some of which is in the Kindom of Jaffna Book.

    Anyone can buy and sell land in Jaffna, as long as the others don’t think that Tamils are invaders, infringing their exclusive right to the soil of Sri Lanka.

    Tamils are a reasonable crowed they don’t fight for land because of greed but for what rightfully their’s.

    I can bet no one can get so much of detail/cover so much detail if the discussion was about whether North and East legitimately belong to the Tamils.

    When Facts are too obviouse why try to argue against it.

  204. comment 234
    “Tamils are a reasonable crowed they don�t fight for land because of greed but for what rightfully their�s.”

    are you sure that tamizhs are a reasonable crowed?

    One could argue that tamizhs are an unreasonable, greedy, racist crowed…..

    Unreasonable for asking for 50-50 representation….

    Greedy for asking for tamizh only North and East for 6% of the population of Sri-Lanka (when half of them live outside)…..

    Racist for ethnically cleansing the North of 500,000 sinhalese and muslims and attempting to ethinically cleanse the east of 3 million sinhalese and muslims…..

    Is the Die-Ass-pora really asking for their rights or just a vacation home for them to come down during the summer holidays and to lord over the lower cast eastern tamizhs?

    very very greedy……also why are the tamizhs who live amongst other communities not greedy and learn other languages and intermingle (eg-Colombo, Scarborough) yet the tamizhs who live isolated within their caste systems become greedy terrorists (eg-Jaffna)?

    the solution is very simple no? turn jaffna into another colombo so that when the next obese little sun god comes along 50 years from now he will grow up and play alongside sinhalese and muslims rather than being megelomaniac with a catapult.

    isolated tamizhs become very very greedy and isolated sun gods become very very obese….no?

    You are a stupid, ignorant racist and a disgrace to decent Sinhala people…………..DBSJ

  205. comment 233

    dear krishna

    he was taken to show where some explosives were hidden. suddenly he turned on the police and tried to throw a grenade at them. the surprised police had no option but to shoot him.

  206. For #48 Murugan,

    You keep referring to ‘Jaffna Tamils’ as if they are the only one worthy of being concerned. You do realize that there are Vanni Tamils and Eastern Tamils who have been immensely affected by this conflict and will certainly go through this ‘colonization’. As someone from Kilincochchi, I found your comments to be utterly ignorant… very typical of someone from Jaffna.

  207. Sam 237 re Murugan 48

    What else you can expect someone like Murugan who is still holding tiger tail and don’t want to let them go.

    I won’t surprise even murugan run around Westminster or Toronto with Tiger Flags tomorrow.

    When did LTTE care about other than Jaffna or other than Velvetithurai.

  208. # 222.

    Obviously the seller can sell it to you. Offering half the price will appear as he wants to stall an honest sale.

    # 224

    The Code of Thesawalamai has been described as “an ill-arranged and ill-expressed mass of law and custom”7. Parts of the Code have become obsolete and others have been repealed and superseded by legislation8 and the Thesawalamai Preemptions Ordinance No. 59 of 1947.

  209. so what’s going on with the dhemalas and sinhalayos…all patched up and ready to party? Give me a report on where you guys stand.

  210. #235
    Just think what will happen if the rest of the world starts to judge us Sinhalese – by what our politicians are doing, or what JVP telling, or UNP press releases?
    Dont judge Tamils by what VP did, or what there politicians are telling.

  211. comment 241
    “Dont judge Tamils by what VP did, or what there politicians are telling”

    fair enough but the point i’m trying to make is that certain “tamizh” attitudes need to change. after 30 years of terrorism all I’m reading on this blog is racists like elangovan advocating eezham. granted eelangovan is irrelevant since he’s not even an ex-sri-lankan but the bottom line is if tamizhs don’t want to integrate and live as sri-lankans the solution is simple……the ethnically cleansed north needs to be re-settled with the 500,000 muslims and sinhalese who were chased away by the sun god. if tamizhs are willing to live as sri-lankans then no problem but if they remain greedy for a tamizh only North and East from which other communities will be ethnically cleansed the the solution is to turn jaffna into a colombo…..so that when the next potential sun god comes along 50 years down the line he will grow up alongside sinhalese and muslims and realize that end of the day everyone is sri-lankan and tamizhs have no right to a special tamizh only land in which no one else has a right to live.

  212. #241 Sriyan Pasqual

    What you said was an excellent point, the secret of reconciliation lies herein. Singhalese and Tamils need to have more opportunities to mingle directly and get to know each other rather than making their judgments based what politicians say.

    The best way to know more about people is to live among each other. Going forward, we need to go towards more diverse community and walk away from segregation. But remember, diversity will flourish in a country of equality and Sri Lanka is far from being one.

  213. Is Pottu Amman also under custody ?

    Some sources close to power release news indicating that.

    A good pair to sing now.

  214. #242 citizensl

    Let me ask you this question; give me your honest answer. Do Sinhala buddhist feel like they have more ownership of the country than other minorities? Do you think minorities have the same saying as buddhist? My answer is no. Since you expect tamils to change, which I agree with you 100%, we should also expect the same from you.

  215. # 242
    When I come to office in the morning I have to face a Privet Bus Conductor with a big Attitude.
    When I drive in traffic I have to face drivers with big attitudes.
    But we have to live with them.
    Those are common people with common problems and we all have to share this small planet.
    It’s all what we have.
    So, when someone makes a comment don’t worry about his race.
    Concentrate on what he is saying.
    We have lots of Tamils living among us. Our neighbors, colleagues Etc.
    Does any one of them are behaving like what you are saying.
    I don’t think so.
    I am yet to meet a Tamil who wants North and East for themselves.
    Or who wants an isolated life in an all Tamil state.
    Don’t judge them by what VP did.
    Do you agree if they judge us by the people who burned Jaffna Library by then.
    All Tamils I meet are the people with same problems, worries, like me.
    There children’s education, retirement, there car or house, love, songs, Etc.
    Our ethnic problem was created by somebody ells for us.
    People who sells a Fighter plane for GOSL and same time sells an anti aircraft missile for LTTE. And then they can sell anti missile flairs to GOSL and so on.
    And we have to understand couple of things.
    When a common man from Jaffna who speaks only Tamil wants to log a complain in police station he should be able to do it in Tamil by a Tamil policemen who shares same culture.
    Destination of a CTB bus in Jaffna is to be in Tamil.
    It’s as simple as that.
    Then only they will feel like this is there country.
    How do you feel if you go to your police station and face with a policemen with an attitude who speaks only Chinese.

  216. Dear Shankar

    In response to my comment 220, you responded 223,227. I am not an anti corruption expert but I saw quite a lot of it when serving in SL. Those who were corrupt and not so high up then are today heads of departments etc..that means huge amounts of corruption is now present!!
    To answer you, people get elected to as councilors and chief ministers come there to make money as they are living below the poverty line. When they make enough money, and they are above the line, they just don’t stop, because the gravy line is the easiest form of money. What ever laws we can have, if those enforcing them are corrupt, it becomes useless. Your words “and culture always permeates downwards from the top to the bottom” is correct. That is when the top guys are corrupt, all the fellows under them follow it. If there are honest guys under corrupt guys they don’t survive very long.
    Those running the cantons in Switzerland may be corrupt but the Swiss don’t care because they are fairly well off. So you see the whole perspective is different and difficult to compare. But I know one thing. If the head is honest, then the cleanup can start. He also can get bumped off in the process but that is how Lee Kwan Yee of Singapore cleaned the country. Again there is lot of corruption in India but it is prosperous because Mr. Singh, Prime minister, is not corrupt, he is a very intelligent leader, very educated and a humble man. How many of our leaders have at least one of these qualifications?
    In China there is corruption but if you get caught you get shot and your organs probably go to an organ farm!! Now that is their solution. So SL as we both agree need to have their own solution to corruption but having a jumbo cabinet as a start is not going to help.
    Buddha said “ lust (meaning greed) creates sorrow and foolish are lustful”

  217. to comment 249-don

    dear don

    i think you have put in a nutshell very excellently. you also seem to be a fan of lee kuan yew. iam also a great fan of his. i hope mahinda also can become like him and eradicate 3 cancers in our society. the first one the ltte, he has alrady done. the second one the underworld, he seems to be getting on the job. the third one corruption is the tough one he will have to tackle one day. that will be the toughest because there will be so many around him and also in his party to ‘execute’. will he have the backbone to do it. he always has to have a push and a prod. on his own he wont do anything. gota probably is the man like lee kuan yew you refer to. he is the principal architect of the victory over the ltte, though mahinda is basking in all the glory.

  218. comment 247-sriyan

    sriyan, i really liked your comment. what you say is quite true, we have made a mountain out of a molehill. but the problem is, is it too late. to reverse? now that we have made the mountain are we forced to climb it?

  219. comment 250
    “How do you feel if you go to your police station and face with a policemen with an attitude who speaks only Chinese.”

    i totaly understand what you are saying but look at it from another point of view. the simple solution to the above is that you learn to speak chinese. adapt or face problems. the fact that people don’t want to adapt and integrate is an “attitude” problem. i’m sure you bring up lots of arguments against this point but keep in mind this is simply another point of view…..so if you go to your police station and face with a policemen with an attitude who speaks only Chinese…..adapt, learn chinese. problem solved.

  220. 247. Sriyan Chaminda Pasqual

    If we want peace, reconciliaton and development

    We need many Sriyan Chaminda Pasquals every where
    in Srilanka .

    Thank you so much for your useful comments .

  221. If LTTE are tamil extremists, i feel that the type of people ruling Sri Lanka now are Buddhist extremists to a further degree.
    So if people want to have a united Sri Lanka, you cant have clowns from the JHU and JVP ruling Sri Lanka. They have one mission and that is to turn Sri Lanka into a Buddhist state.
    Non-buddhists will be encouraged to permanently migrate. If you think this is paranoia, see what they have planned for all those tamil civilians in the camps. There are talks to give them refugee status and chase them out of Sri Lanka.
    And this Buddhist state wont be a land of bliss. It will be a military dictatorship where anyone who protests or express dislike of the govt policies will be killed or jailed.
    That is the irony of the ‘buddhist state’
    Buddha will be rolling in his grave. Sri Lanka is a disgrace to his name

  222. The oppressive nature of the SL govt is what is exposing itself to the world now. Sri Lanka is already being condemned as the next ‘Burma’, ‘Pakistan’ or ‘Zimbabwe’.
    So the SL govt may have militarily defeated the rebel LTTE, but they decided to do it the genocidal way and have permanently tarnished their image to the world.
    And i dont know how many people realise the danger of inviting China and Pakistan into the region.
    This is potentially a situation that might trigger WW3.
    India wont like having its rivals approaching it from the south.
    America wont like China in such a position either.
    And SL govt getting extra help from Iran and Russia is further creating a dangerous situation.
    SL may well end up being used like a pawn by the ‘big boys’.
    I have been told that China has been given contracts to do ‘work’ in the North of SL.
    This is playing with fire with India just a stones throw away

  223. # 258 UGK

    I think you are still living in stone age. Do you know who gift / build ” Bandaranayake Memorial Hall ” so long ago.
    We defeat LTTE with the help of our friends.
    Who provide the intelligence to sunk LTTE ships.???
    Who provide the intelligence to get KP????
    Whatever happens on the surface they all helped us.
    Now its done.

  224. Sriyan Chaminda Pasqual ,
    I suggest you actually try to debate what i say properly instead of making statements going off on a tangent.

  225. Sriyan Pasqual seems to me like a LTTE stooge. I did not like his website – especially about the Thesavalami – all bunkam

  226. ..so if you go to your police station and face with a policemen with an attitude who speaks only Chinese…..adapt, learn chinese. problem solved.

    Why should a Tamil in Jaffna have to learn Sinhala.

    And learning a language to native speaker fluency takes years, and is not possible for the vast majority of people.

    The whole of the Sinhala only movement took off because the average Sinhalese rightly didn’t see why on earth he should have to learn English just to deal with the government. Yet the sons of those people come up with supercilous comments such as the one about learning Chinese when they would be screaming to high heaven if the same restrictions were imposed on them.

  227. I suggest you actually try to debate what i say properly instead of making statements going off on a tangent.

    He wasn’t going off at a tangent; it’s just you’re too thick to see the relevance.

    As for inviting Pakistan into the area, in 1971 the Lankan government allowed Pakistani planes to use Lankan airspace and refuel facilities to send planes to Bangladesh where they were fighting the Indians. The Indian government still sent troops to hold the airport and back up Sirimavo the same year during the JVP insurrection.

  228. 263 Stephan Jones

    I do agree with you that learning another language is not so easy for some. But it is easy if you live in their areas. Further it gives one an insight into others culture. This makes us understand where the other fellow is coming from rather than to say to him “I think you are talking crap”.
    As a Sinhalese if I did not live in Tamil area and did not understand their language at least very little, my attitude to Tamils would be completely different. Still today, there are my Tamil friends who say we still support Elam and I don’t condemn them because of my back ground I understand them. We cannot have racial equity unless we take effort to understand these people.

    257 UGK

    If there are opportunities for Tamils to permanently migrate why not do it? Why is it bad? Do you want Tamils to hang on until they get their equal rights? Well I like to see you hanging on in SL until this happens. I am a Sinhalese who migrated. I was well off. But because I got fed up with Sinhala politicians and I knew the corruption because I worked near them. All Tamils abroad are doing very well and they have their Kovils and culture flourishing in western lands. Of course they also got problems as their childrens outlooks are getting different. But this can happen any where. Don’t forget, Sinhala government dropped English and said Sinhala is first. Today they have gone back to English because they cannot do without it. Similarly if the SL govt chases out the Tamils, they will also want them to come back as time goes on. Because Sinhalese and Tamils have so much in common for the past 1000 years and I don’t think this can ever change. What we see are moves by some idiots but they will not be able to change global trends.

  229. I only wish and pray that the Sri lankan Budhists live and let live the Tamils and the other ethnic minorities in peace.

    This triumphalism is no good to them. They are descending to crass levels. It is laughable when Gothabaya Rajapaksa says the other day that the Sri Lankan Air Force is the best in the world.

    The whole world is watching how the sri lanka is treating its idp’s. Now that the LTTE has been given a military solution the time has come on thinking up the political solution for the people as promised by President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    May good sense prevail.

  230. Don, the point is that you are living with Tamils. What I am saying is that there is some strange belief that if English, Sinhala, and Tamil are taught in schools all ill feeling will disappear. And this conveniently allows the government to ignore the real problems of the lack of Tamil translators in the civil service, or the fact that the police force speak little English and less Tamil.

  231. comment 266
    “I only wish and pray that the Sri lankan Budhists live and let live the Tamils and the other ethnic minorities in peace. ”

    we also wish that tamizh terrorists and eelamist thugs live and let live the Sri-Lankans (who have the right to live in the north and east without being ethnically cleansed by the eelamoids.)

    comment 266-“It is laughable when Gothabaya Rajapaksa says the other day that the Sri Lankan Air Force is the best in the world. ”

    on a lighter note- why is that laughable, after all the SLAF shot down the “super smart” “super advanced” tamizh eezham air-force which the eelamids claimed was the best suicide air force in the world. shooting down the suicide air force makes the SLAF the best in the world. And don’t forget the surgical strike that blew up SP tamizhsezhvam while he was taking his early morning toilet break. What accuracy…..

  232. 267. Stephen Jones

    Sorry I made a slip. I am not living with Tamils but did live in their area’s for quite some time. I do agree with you that the GOSL should not ignore the real issues and just promote the teaching of Tamil in Sinhala schools and vice versa as a bluff. However, teaching the language is good because it gives an understanding of each others cultures and thinking. I also think settling Tamils in Sinhala areas and vice versa is also good provided the safety and well being of these people can be assured. Of course it is easy for me to say this living in the comfort of the west but whether GOSL can do it is another matter.

  233. thanks dbs for a great write up,
    anyway it`s all about money.. no matter how big or good the agency covered kp. with a greater price therei s always a another agency to take up the job of capturing him.. so this time gosl got the right agency at the right price.


  234. 267. Stephen Jones
    I agree.
    This is why i think it is absolutely essential to prove to Sinhalese (and the world) that much of what they believe about the ancient history of Sri Lanka is a lie.
    In many other countries this wont matter as they dont all take legends as facts to take into the 21st century to promote genocide.
    There is a simple fact that Sinhalese dont grasp very well.
    There was such a thing as tamil buddhists in Sri Lanka.
    Finding buddhist structures in Sri Lanka is not an indicator that it was sinhalese. I say this because many of the ancient buddhist Kings of Sri Lanka were Tamil. Some of them converted to Buddhism from Hinduism. But many of them were tamil Buddhists.
    There was also the fact that some kings after converting to buddhism made a habit of demolishing Hindu temples and building Buddhists structures on top. This was a method the Muslims employed in India. The Taj Mahal was built on top a demolished Sivan Temple.
    The Indian govt has warned the researches who proved it not to announce it on TV or mainstream media as it might provoke religious tensions in India.
    You see,
    Tamils were not restricted only to tamil Nadu in those ancient days. Tamil literally existed all the way from middle east to Indonesia. Infact the word ‘Java’ comes from tamil word ‘Yavvanam Kadaaram’ which was all part of a tamil region.
    Tamils became restricted to Tamil Nadu after the Muslims took over India.
    So the idea that tamils belong only in Tamil Nadu is false. Tamils were pushed into that area.
    Today there are large numbers of tamil buddhists in India.
    But getting back to what i said, the Sinhalese must understand that tamil and buddhism are not separated like they think.
    Sinhalese was a language created many many years later in Sri Lanka. Ironically it was the work of Tamil buddhists who did this using elements of tamil, sanskrit and Pali

  235. This issue is more than whether the GoSl is good or bad, or whether they are doing enough for the Tamils displaced by war. The question now is whether the GoSl can come to be an honourable voice for the Tamils of Sri Lanka. It should be obvious to everyone that that the GoSL lost that right in the eyes of the international community, and the LTTE grew unchecked and came to speak for the Tamils instead. In the last 4 years the IC decided the LTTE should no longer speak for them, and progressively undermined the LTTE. KP’s arrest comes at the chain end of that policy.

    It remains to be seen whether GoSl can speak for the Tamils. This is the question that hangs in the balance, which present events will be the measure of.

    Every sinhalese person who talks of a united democratic, pluralistic Sri Lanka should understand that transparency, good governance, free media, rule of law and human rights along with autonomy for minority interests, are all the things which the GoSL will be judged as an honourable voice that can speak for the Tamil community . Just as a divided Sri Lanka never existed so a united Sri Lanka does not exist. It must be BUILT.

  236. 268- citizensl

    ‘ “It is laughable when Gothabaya Rajapaksa says the other day that the Sri Lankan Air Force is the best in the world. ”

    on a lighter note- why is that laughable’

    On an even lighter note – your question above is even more laughable than Gothabayas. Reread it again and try not to supress your belly from bursting into laughter.

    ‘after all the SLAF shot down the “super smart” “super advanced” tamizh eezham air-force which the eelamids claimed was the best suicide air force in the world.’

    Just curious, can you give me a reference as to where the “eelamids” claimed that they had a ““super smart” “super advanced” tamizh eezham air-force which was the best suicide air force in the world”?

    Moreover, do you remember how many times the Tamizh Eezam air-force carried out missions without being intercepted in their home-made sardine cans before “the best air-force in the world” shot them down? Even more laughable no? This is no joke, the world was literally laughing at “the best air-force in the world”.

    “shooting down the suicide air force makes the SLAF the best in the world. And don’t forget the surgical strike that blew up SP tamizhsezhvam while he was taking his early morning toilet break. What accuracy…..”

    On an even super-lighter note, your comment above is more laughable than the previous one. Moronic aswell, but laughable none the less.

    Here’s a little story for you:

    Jimbo, a dwarf, standing 3 ft 2 in, decides to fight Dumbo who is 5ft 2in. Jimbo has no weapons, only his fists, while Dumbo has a samurai sword. When they start to fight, Jimbo using uncanny agility maneuvers around Dumbo and lands a number of punches while Dumbo swings his sword in vain but never manages to hit Jimbo. Finally, after receiving around 9 humiliating punches from Jimbo who always retreated unscathed, Dumbo finally manages to make contact with his sword, and Jimbo falls dead. Dumbo’s manager, Gothabaya, now claims that 5ft-2in Dumbo with a sword who defeated the unarmed dwarf Jimbo is the best warrior in the world. Laughable no?
    Oh, but wait, when it is claimed to be laughable, citizensl claims that since Jimbo claimed that he was best bare-hand fighter in the world(Which Jimbo never claimed), Dumbo _must_ be the best warrior in the world. Laughable no? Moronic too, but laughable none the less.

  237. #273 Rajah,

    Obviously you are not aware of the work that the Sri Lankan Airforce did and contributed towards the defeat of the LTTE. It was more than shooting down a few Zlings !!!!
    To name a few, Troop transport, evacuation, surveilance and the bombing that folowed.

    To the victor it is justified that the SLAF be called the best. Not sure whether it is laughable or not..

    To me the best medicine for you is accepting the reality – defeat !!

  238. 274. Dilshan F ,
    To the victor it is justified that the SLAF be called the best. Not sure whether it is laughable or not..
    Logic escapes you.
    There is nothing ‘best’ about anything in the GOSL military.
    They needed Karuna to leave LTTE and give them all the details. They needed special weapons from India and China.
    They needed Indian troops on site to help the SL troops in the final months. There were large number of specially trained Indian army on site. One of our retired SL army friends told us this.
    SL army has the highest number of army deserters in the world.
    The SL army suffered the most casualties of any army against a rebel group with less resources. And veru often they took out their frustration by killing civilian tamils in villages.
    SL airforce bombed schools, hospitals and orphanages.
    They either did it on purpose or by accident (if they can aim properly). Either way they look like idiots.
    And your lovely friend Gotabaya went as far to say that such targets were legitimate.
    And to put cherry on the cake. The GOSL is refusing to pay death insurance to thousands of families of dead SL soldiers claiming they have disappeared.
    That is the reality you need to accept.

  239. To all the guys, who has any doubts about SL forces, they happened to be the best in the world today, as no one had fought and won against a ruthless terrorist outfit like LTTE with all the misguided dreamers of Tamil eelam…

    Read the Bottomline.lk to find out what Prabakaran thought in his last few months.

    Good luck, dreamers…

  240. #275 Truth,

    Yep you are right.!!

    Its unbelievable but your are very correct. how could I have been so naive?

    Saddam is alive and really giving hell to the Americans. Hitler too is alive and well and didnt kill a single jew. Praba too is alive somewhere in Norway having Salmon and planning a comeback against the Stupid Idiotic Sri Lankan forces. and here is the best. The LTTE is not finished and the GOSL never set foot on the Vanni. And the war was not won at all.
    The IDP are due to to Karuna , The Indians and The Chinese.

    yep you are right, The GOSL is not worth talking about .

    thanks for putting me right.

  241. 278. Ariya
    Which SL forces are you talking about?
    The one Mr Cooray and many others described as being one of the most inefficient in the world.
    The one which has the highest number of deserters in the world.
    The one which got disgracefully chased out of the UN forces in Haiti for sexual abuses in Haiti (thus proving that tamil complaints of rape and child molestation were most likely real)
    The one which got humiliated repeatedly for 26 years despite having overwhelming resources on its side (as opposed to LTTE).
    It finally needed top LTTE commander Karuna to defect and give them all the advice and tactics, Indian troops on site aswell as latest Chinese survailance technology.
    And i am also told that Indian radar played a huge role in helping SL.
    To sum up SL forces needed much more help from outside aswell as slaughtering mostly civilians to defeat LTTE.
    It is not something to be proud of.
    Especially considering that many of your soldiers families wont be getting the promised death insurance, because the wonderful GOSL says their sons deaths cant be confirmed and thus no insurance money.

    And we wont need good luck to get GOSL convicted of war crimes. It is a reality that will manifest in the near future. Mark my words.
    There is no way GOSL is going to escape war crimes.
    US government already has all the evidence needed to convict the GOSL. Professor Francis Boyle has already confirmed that all the necessary evidence has been accumulated. It is only a matter of time.
    And in the meanwhile, you can watch SL slide downhill further and further into a complete dictatorship.

  242. Let the Sinhalas remember this. The Sri Lankan government holds the unique distinction of being the only government which let a rebel organization operate a navy and airforce.
    Even a country like Somalia wouldn’t allow that.
    So much so for the GOSL’s “great and brave army”.
    But for China, India, Pakistan etc. etc. Sri Lanka would never have defeated the LTTE in a hundred years. And, the Chinese help comes with a still price. Hambantota is just one example. Wait till the Camel enters the tent.
    I am no fan of the LTTE’s kind of rule, but Sri Lankan government’s bragging about their brave army makes me laugh. Except for the Sinhalese who are blinded by someone’s victory, what the Sri Lankan leaders say is ridiculous.

  243. #282 shaktivel, 281 keselwatte,

    Ask your selves why did the Indian,Pakistanis and the Chinese help? The past ‘Governments’ OSL have the unique distinction of letting the LTTE take root due to Western and Indian pressure. The present one has the distinction of wiping out the top leadership for the moment.
    As for the Camel – I would prefer Indian, Pakistani and Chinese camels rather than bombs, murder and mayhem at any day.

  244. Jobless fellows only flock this kind of sites

    And what made you “visit” I wonder? Are you unemployed?………DBSJ

  245. Hi all,

    My employee who is a young tamil girl is going back to Jaffna with her husband and baby to see her father.Her father had to sign off a land he had to the LTTE at gunpoint. She now has to get a bank loan to build a house. A collegue of mine to went back to Jaffna recently to see his aging mother after 4 years.
    These two people that I know did suffer embarassment and insecurity during the past years both at the hands of the LTTE and the general security setup in colombo. I dont think it has ended but perhaps less intense now. I am a sinhalese and many times are embarrased by the suffering and humilation caused to some really nnocent tamils due to the past political scenario. I blame both the LTTE, Tamil leadership and the Sinhalese nationalist Leadership for these troubles.
    In some countries democracy, freedom of speech does cause some ill effect on civilian life. some countries like Singapore , China did prosper due to just the opposite of that.
    Today I see civilian life limping back to normalcy. I see busses of children from far off places like Ampara visiting the museum. – The museum clocked only 7000 visitors for the last year and has clocked more than double of that during these few months after the end of the LTTE. I see children visiting the dept of meteorology and the planaterium in numbers I have not seen before.

    Yes there is peace for us – but I dont know whether there is any less searching ect for tamil citizens. I know for sure that feeling and suspecting anyone with a pottu being a suicide bomber has ceased.

    I hope that the diaspora will contribute positively to peace and reconcilitation in these fragile times.

  246. 285. Dilshan F

    I blame both the LTTE, Tamil leadership and the Sinhalese nationalist Leadership for these troubles.

    You are 100% correct…and as long as these 3 are stiIngredientsll present in some way or other, there may not be a lasting peace for these poor people who are caught in this conflict for no fault of their own

  247. I am a Tamil, and want to say that the Sinhalese have every right to question every tamil at any time if you see us on the streets. We have been raised to expect that and if you deny us the pleasure of answering your your questions or interogations we will surely feel bad. Especially in Colombo, I feel bad sometimes, when I see that the Police is very lenient, so I just walk up to some arbitrary Sinhalese man or woman and start telling him where I am from and what I have been doing and ask if they don’t mind if I fall at their feet. Usually, they oblige and after the customary oblations, I go on my way.

    It is so heartening to see all the Sinhalese enjoying. After all it is your country. I have placed my 3 children in Sinhalese medium so that at least they will have a better life. We rarely speak in Tamil at home these days.

    OK, gentlemen and women, please keep up your downright pity for the Tamils.

    Dilshan, I like your tactic the best – first insult the Tamils and then say how your heart goes out to them – very nice; if only every Sinhalese is like you, we would have been all Sinhalese 30 years ago and this war would have never been fought.

    Long live the Lions. Short life to the worthless rot. Long life to Karuna and Douggie boy for true leadership and showing the world how capitalism works.

  248. 287. Sunda Coontz :

    Has Dishan F said what you accuse him of saying? How has he insulted the Tamils in 285? You need to be more discrete about what you say out here if you want others to change their perspectives. There is no point in been emotional or racist. Should you choose to become the latter, you will simply be ignored by the other side.

    I disagree with Dishan F when he says that every Tamil is no longer a terror suspect. Every Tamil, unless known to be otherwise with confidence, is still a terror suspect and will continue to be a terror suspect for many years to come. What else can you expect? There is no way to identify between Tamils and LTTE carders. LTTE used and abused SL Tamils for its campaign for the past 30 years. No good will come by blaming anybody else for that. Though LTTE is no more as a conventional force, the terrorist cells and their overseas network is still active. Not just Tamils, people should be on the watch out of Sinhalese and Muslim terrorists as well. The latter are the worst type of scum on earth.

    SL Tamils will have to carry this baggage for a long time to come in the same way SLA has to learn to live with all the disrepute it has inherited from its own misconduct towards Tamils in previous episodes of Eelam war. Same goes for Sinhalese polity and their relations with SL Tamils.

    One can break another’s trust overnight. However, it takes a lot longer to rebuild it.

  249. Word Usage

    discreet or discrete?

    These two words have the same pronunciation and are sometimes confused. Both are adjectives, but their meanings are quite different. Discreet is the more frequent word in general use and means “tactful,” “good at keeping secrets,” or “subtle and unobtrusive”: I made a few discreet inquiries. Discrete is a more formal or technical word meaning “separate, unconnected, and distinct”: Several discrete strands of evidence were pursued.

  250. 288 Navin:

    “Not just Tamils, people should be on the watch out of Sinhalese and Muslim terrorists as well.”

    Very nice; even Dilshan would like this. By including Sinhalese (gor forbid) and Muslims, let’s distribute and dilute so that the Tamils don’t feel bad. Ane pou nEdha?

    And you speak of the “other side” – which side is that? Ha ha…and who is being racist? If you don’t understand what I write, that’s an interpretation problem on your part, not a racism problem on my part.

    I wish you could openly say you were a Sinha Puthra.. at least then I will stop arguing and start bending over backwards to agree with you.

    So, how’s KP doing – any news? Must be getting roasted… I am sorry, grilled, I mean. I wonder if he can now agree that he could have avoided all this nonsense by just learning Sinhalese and holding the lamp while the army raped the tamils decades ago. After all he even married a Thai, so what does it difference does it make – if ain’t worried about continuation of his Tamil tribe, why not marry a Sinhalese girl and have some fun. These Tamil people, I tell you…

  251. 287. Sunda Coontz

    I am a Sinhalese living in the west. I got my job because there were no suitable white applicants. I keep it because I work like hell. If my boss’s job goes vacant, I will get it provided no white man applies. Asians are wanted for their hard work but not for promotions. We speak English at home because I don’t want my kids to be misfits in white mans land. I go to the pub with work friends or else I am not one of them. I don’t pull up my children too hard because they could complain to the teacher who may call the authorities. My rental agent said dont cook curry because Land lord does not like curry smell in the house. So I cook that in the back garden. So if you have to lick Sinhalese boots to survive in SL do you think I am doing anything better by licking the white skin? There is no difference. But our attitude can make a difference to adapt successfully to our circumstances

  252. Wasn’t it Dilshan who said “we don’t have death penalty in our country”? Let’s look at this link and see how the hangman has been replaced by the laughing soldier:


    Sorry to disappoint Dilshan, but alas: “The government has already said it is considering reintroducing the death sentence” – this was from the Daily Mirror:

    In other words, our country is truly going in the right direction, never mind what the apologists would like you to believe.

  253. #287 Sunda Coontz,
    I dont insult tamils or singhalese or muslims or any race here. Face reality the war here in Sri Lanka is over. Just yesterday there were over 50 buses parked round the ‘Vihara Maha Devi Park ‘ in front of the Municipal hall with people from mostly outstation seated under trees and having a relaxed time. It is emotional to see that after 20 odd years. It is emotional to get your tamil emplyee to ask leave to see their parents in Jaffna. You can blame a lot of people for this. I blame the LTTE primaraly for taking away from me some good 20 years of contribution to society. I hope I can do that in the next few years.

    I am not a LTTE fan or any fan of violence in solving issues. If the tamil diaspora can still believe in violence to achieve a seperate state its a bit far off. So face reality and allow all people in this blessed land to live in peace and prosperity. Without fear prejudice and hatred. What is required now is peacemakers not grumblers and fingerpointers of that atrocity and this atrocity. where can we start where can we end. Can we find out how a couple of hundred police died in LTTE custody? Are we to say that all of the LTTE died in battle and were not killed in captivity. War is brutal!. War has no just or law or code of conduct.
    For all you war mongers out there face reality and let peace prosper. This is the long haul dont expect miracles overnight, for those of us who has seen the devastation life limping back to normalcy is seeing a miracle before your eyes. Today there is an article about the IDP’s. caught up on your War . ” One cannot find contentment in anothers agony ” while you
    ( diaspora ). live in luxury these people are suspect of being LTTE. Let the images of the IDP’s haunt you. Dont forget the children who died for your greed for land. Selfish desires by politicians.

    If you think I am anti tamil I am not. So Sunda if my comments upset you let it be. I have no tactic here, I have lived with tamils and muslims to be quite anti racial. I only wish that i could speak tamil. By the way there is a Jaffna food festival at the Holiday Inn. I had Kool – I am just waiting for the day to visit Jaffna.

    God bless you all

  254. 290. Sunda Coontz:

    Not just Tamils, people should be on the watch out of Sinhalese and Muslim terrorists as well.

    Very nice; even Dilshan would like this. By including Sinhalese (gor forbid) and Muslims, lets distribute and dilute so that the Tamils dont feel bad. Ane pou nEdha?

    I have absolutely no intention of mollycoddling anyone. I think I have made my point without mincing my words and without any racist undertones.

    Much evidence has surfaced recently about how Sinhalese and Muslim people have colluded with LTTE to terrorize this country. SF’s cook who spied on his movements was a Muslim. The ASP who provided transport to the suicide bomber that assassinated Minister Jayaraj Fernandopulle was a Sinhalese. The LTTE cadre who carried out the Piliyandala bus bombing was assisted by a Sinhalese. These are just a few examples.

    Hence I would suggest that you start reading more news papers before blurting out trash.

    And you speak of the other side – which side is that? Ha haand who is being racist? If you dont understand what I write, thats an interpretation problem on your part, not a racism problem on my part.

    Other side includes all those who have a different view point to what you have.

    I understand very well, not just your writing but also your mindset. You are not alone in your thinking. Elangovan, Keselwatte, P.Padmanaaabhan are just a few others.

    Like I said in my previous post, there is no point in us trying to talk sense into you people for you do not seem to have any interest or capability to reason with people with different view points to that of yours. Should anyone care to go through what the likes of you have written in response to my posts they will understand the mentality of those bloggers.

    You’ll need to go a long way before we can sit and have a meaningful discussion on what went wrong in Sri Lanka and how to make things right.

    I wish you could openly say you were a Sinha Puthra.. at least then I will stop arguing and start bending over backwards to agree with you.

    Why should I? I’m not that paranoid. I have no inferiority complex or any superiority complex.

    Yes, I’m a Sinhalese and a Buddhist and I also have my roots in down South. However, I have no interest in rubbing my ethnic and religious upbringing on others having different backgrounds. There are much better things to do in life.

  255. You guys (or gals) back off a little a bit…. Don’t attack Sunda Coontz so ferociously. There is a queue behind me. So stay in line and wait your turn. (Sorry Sunda Coontz, I’m only joking.) I’ve read Sunda Coontz post and it feels fine to me. Any way serious question :

    Why, does Sri Lankan Government locked up the 300 000 innocent civilians in concentration camps? Did the victorious allied forces lock up all the Germans in concentration camps to weed out the Nazi supporters? Remember, the vast majority of Germans supported the Nazis and even the German Children received weapon training as ‘Hitler Jugend’ . Did the Sri Lankan government lock up the Sinhala villagers in concentration camps to weed out the JVP sympathizers after the death of Rohana Vijeweera? No, but they are doing this, because the IDPs are Tamils.

  256. # 296 Gadin,

    As far as I know the military thinks that there are several hundred LTTE members with the IDP. There is some information coming out about coloborators in the south ect. Remember these people moved with the LTTE to the east coast due to close links, family links ect.In my opinion they are all not hardcore but perhaps felt safer with the LTTE during the last days hoping for a different outcome.

    Another is the deminingg activities as reported in the press. Frankly i havent seen a single video or report of how de-mining is taking place, so I cannot say for sure whether this is the case

    If you say they are doing this because they are tamil you are right and also you are wrong. You are wrong because if that was the case parts of Wellawatte would be an IDP camp. You are right because of the languange issue and general mistrust.

    I dont agree that this is the way to weed out the LTTE as it would create more LTTE than eliminate. However I am hopeful that decision makers would see reality pretty soon and not make mistakes like in the past by which opportunity for violent politics were given.

    I am now wondering what would the Diaspora be wanting after the IDPs are all reselttled.

  257. 294 Dilshan

    Normalcy returning after war is normal. Dearth of overnight miracles is fair.

    Will the 13th miracle happen. If so, when will it happen.

    Let us face reality. Head on.

  258. comment 298-dilshan

    you ask what will the diaspora want after the idp’s are settled.
    you are barking up the wrong tree my friend. please ask what the tamils in srilanka want instead. once the diaspora comes and settles in srilanka you can ask what they want. it is a bit rich having all the comforts in the western world and asking them what they want. they will say eelam of course.
    dilshan or anybody else reading this, if you know some influential people in the govt , you can do something to bring lasting peace to this country. just tell them to get a very reputed research agency and find out what the tamil people in srilanka want and list it as priorities. then start sincerely trying to fulfill those needs. then our future descendents will not start to kill each other again. when i say future descendents i also mean tamils of tamilnadu. fires always spread you know.

  259. 300. Nostradamus

    “Will the 13th miracle happen? If so, when will it happen?
    Let us face reality. Head on.”

    You are absolutely correct what is required is the full implementation of the 13 Amendment especially because it is part of the constitution. What is important to Sri Lanka is the Rule of Law more than anything else. Then you can have a debate about any part of the constitution and bring another amendment to repeal even the provisions introduced under 13A. But do it properly at least for the sake of good Governance! Let us be civilized before everything else! National reconciliation will be achieved by implementing the 13th amendment. But the very sincerity of the Sri Lanka Government is in doubt over both these issues, its treatment of IDP’s and implementation of 13A. If these basic issues are not addressed we may find ourselves back to square one in a couple of years. Already there are ominous signs with various plots being uncovered. We must realize that there is no alternative but to coexist with all communities in a multicultural society free of suspicion and mistrust. The Government needs to take the initiative to overcome the extreme racist lobby.

    298. Dilshan F
    “I am now wondering what the Diaspora would want after the IDPs is all resettled.”
    Maybe Diaspora thinks: the Sri Lankan Tamils are human being and deserve to be treated well on par with their Sinhalese brothers and sisters and Sri Lankan Rule of Law should be applied to them in an equal measure

  260. Shankar, what the Tamils want is given in a nutshell by Gadin. however I think your sugesstion has merit I hope a national newspaper would take up the challenge.

  261. Hi DBSJ,
    Do you have any information regarding this Channel 4 video tape? Genuine/ Fake / Doctored/ Staged etc etc..?

    Not right now but responses of govt,international community & UN are illuminating………..DBSJ

  262. Dear All

    Has anybody checked the price of small unions in the market now. Or price of Fish.
    Now small onions is 60/= a kilo in some days and is cheaper than big unions.
    Now all this money will be going to our beloved farmers in the north and east and not to the farmers in Bombay
    In the end its all economy.

  263. 305. TCK:

    I don’t know whether that video is authentic or not. Its quite possible that it is and it is also quite possible that it is not. However, this is an irrelevant question.

    LTTE brought this country and its people to the brink of total destruction. Thanks to MR, GR, SF and SLA, today we have hope once more. Hence I’m quite happy to overlook the type of allegations that are been made at the moment.

    They did something which nobody could and many were not willing to do or even help; by themselves; against many Many odds. For that I’m forever grateful for MR et.al.

    When you are fighting against an enemy for whom anything is fare game as long as it yields results, the only way to bring it down is by an equal or greater force. Therefore there is no point in asking questions about misconduct now.

    Given the resources that SLA had to make do with while fighting LTTE, I don’t think we can expect any more from SLA. If the so called number one army in the world with all the best technology and training in the world, would abuse prisoners, it is to be expected that an army like SLA may do the same. Its up to GOSL and SLA to decide whether to conduct an investigation or not.

    Only hypocrites like VR or HRC can ask for a UN investigation for the abuse of LTTE carders during the war, while been totally silent on 3 decades of violence and inhumane treatment perpetrated by the LTTE on not soldiers but ordinary Sinhalese people. They only represent the sentiments of rich diaspora who have been financing LTTE terrorism and also generously contributing for the campaigns of the likes of HRC.

  264. In the link below is a report from three Malaysians who recently visited the IDP camps. The authors have been good enough to provide their contact details for those who wish to volunteer their services or need more information.

    I recall a commentator on this blog wanting to contribute his services as a teacher in an IDP camp, and the article does hint on a shortage of medical staff and teachers in the camps.


  265. to comment 306-sriyan

    it would be useful if you could find out how much of the rupees 60 is going into the hands of the jaffna farmers. the las i heard the wholesale purchase areas such as dambulla are riddle with corruption with mafia like organisation fleecing the farmers. they will be lucky to even get rupees 20.

  266. Based on available information the authenticity of the Channel 4 video footage has not been conclusively proved yet.

    But from the rumble and the grumble emanating from the grapevine here, one can say with absolute certainty that damage control has been upgraded to overdrive mode.

    Is this just the tip of the iceberg or an isolated incident remains to be seen.

    Anyhow, Channel 4 is Number one. Standing tall for the freedom of the news media.

  267. # 309 My dear Shankar,

    We are paying 60/=, 70/= Rs. for a kilo of rice which farmers are getting may be 16/=. That’s our own exclusive free economy. Lets hope that things will change with the competition soon. Now GOSL can’t hide behind the war. Roads will be open soon, railway will run to Jafna soon.
    Fishermans, Farmers, Traders will start their life soon. Lets hope for the best.

  268. I spend last week at Anuradhapura. I was surprised to see so many Tamils visiting historical places. All the hotels packed. May be more than 50% of the visitors are Tamils. These people believes that this is their country. How many Tamils might have contributed to build these places. This country belongs to us. People who lives here, people who are trying to build this place back.

  269. southern provincial council elections are around the corner. mudslinging has started in real srilankan style.

    the number of workers in the pinnawela elephant orphange taking care of 84 elephants is 35.
    the number of southern province governor kumari balasuriyas personal staff is 32.
    this anomaly is not good. we have to make it 35
    the poor woman needs a good massage after a hards days work dont you think. if good looking males apply for post of masseur the chances are good that it will become 33. let me think a bit how to make it 35.

    The Governors personal staff

    Official house staff
    Drivers – 02
    Labourers – 02
    Gardeners – 03
    Sanitary labourers – 02
    Bungalow keeper – 01
    House servants – 03
    Cooks – 02
    Assistant cooks – 02
    Personal staff
    Personal secretary – 01
    Coordination secretaries – 02
    Media secretary – 01
    Public relations officer – 01
    Personal assistant – 01
    Management assistants – 05
    Office assistants – 02
    Drivers – 02
    Total 32

    before you go now frantically preparing resumes to send to mahinda , i wish to warn you that it can be a waste of time. governors are not appointed according to their paper qualifications. and you have to hide some of your qualifications, because mahinda will not like more qualifications than he has, and that is a universal trait among all bosses. start the resume by highlighting the fact that you are a patriot and submit proof to substantiate that claim. then continue with your vision for the southern province. also when stating your expected salary factor into it risks such as getting shot at by some rival who wants your job etc.

  270. i forgot to say , if anyone is worried that after they are appointed governor , due to financial difficulties the salaries will suddenly stop, rest assured it will not. in case you are wondering how can they afford all this, we always are able to get a fresh loan to pay back the previous one. if indeed one day the loans stop, by that time we all would have been happily retired from public life or happily dead. the srilanka motto of ‘ kaapalla, beepalla, jollikerapalla” is immortal

  271. My thanks to S.C. Pasqual and Shankar for some excellent comments. Obviously you guys are living in SL and seem to enjoy it. Shankar my friend, you made my day by these 2 very funny contributions, 313,314. However the immortal srilanka motto of kaapalla, beepalla, jollikerapalla may not have come from Sinhalese because my grandfather used to say the Portuguese Burgers of Hulsdorf, Colombo who were a jolly lot used to say kume bebbe, kume mere which I remember means enjoy today for tomorrow we die”

  272. I received some information from very credible sources.

    KP lived in Chiengmai, Thailand, but made no less than 80 trips to Malaysia in the last three decades without a problem. It appears a team of 17 persons that includes 3 Indian RAW agents and 3 SL security personnel were involved in the abduction in Kuala Lumpur. KP’s driver, Appu, was pressured to turn over. KP was abducted and sent to Bangkok where he was turned over to waiting SL security personnel. The Thai government looked the other way.

    Once again India was involved as an active partner in the war against the LTTE. Now Malaysia and Thailand too have involved themselves in this illegality. Looks like no nation is observing international law.

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