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We strongly condemn attacks on Srilankan pilgrims and Civilians in Tamil Nadu

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by Mano Ganesan

We very strongly condemn the treatment meted out to the Srilankan pilgrims in Tamilnadu today and yesterday. These hooligan TN groups by their lunatic behaviors are only encouraging their counterparts in Sri Lanka. These protests and near attacks on the Lankan civilians, which included touring Lankan Tamils as well are staged under the banner of solidarity with the Lankan Tamils.

What solidarity they are talking of? This is no solidarity. We wonder how these activities could help the Tamils here.

We call upon the protesting TN parties to take up their issues with the state machineries of India and Sri Lanka and leave the civilian population in peace said DPF leader Mano Ganesan.

Ganesan further said,

We are witnessing protests against Sri Lankan government in various countries in the recent past. Such protests are covered by the law and order blankets of the respective countries. But no protest can take up ugly turns towards physical attacks on humans and destruction to properties. Srilankan government too cannot bury it’s head and play innocent. It is shameful that we have let our local issues cross our shores due to our inabilities to find solutions to our own problems.

An Indian pilgrim traveling to Kataragama was murdered some years back in Sri Lanka. And we have also seen racial attacks on Indian establishments in this country. Today we are slowly coming out of such dark period as a nation. We call upon the peace loving majority of Indians to calm down their fanatic goons so that our local goons do not catch up with them. If chaotic conditions are created, it will neither help Tamils nor Sinhalese. It would be against interests of both India and Sri Lanka.

(text of press statement issued by Democratic Peoples Front leader Mano Ganesan)

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