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Low crowd of 2,500-3,000 at ‘Pongu Thamizh’ event in Toronto big blow to ‘Nediyavan’ led LTTE faction

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Less than 3000 people attended “pongu Thamizh”(Tamil Upsurge)event staged by Nediyavan led faction of pro-LTTE elements in Toronto on Oct 29

While the crowd was large by Canadian standards it was a massive drop in numbers compared to earlier LTTE events conducted at the same venue

A “Pongu Thamizh” event at the same venue QueensPark in 2004 had crowds of 35,000 participating.Other pro-LTTE meetings also drew big crowds

Public rallies described as “Ponguthamizh” (Tamil upsurge) are widely acknowledged as Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) sponsored events

The”Pongu Thamizh”event of Oct 29th 2011 had only 2500-3000 attending though the “Toronto Sun” newspaper stated that” roughly 5000″ were there

Most pro-LTTE websites referred to crowds of thousands without specifying a number while some quoted the bloated “Toronto Sun” figure of 5000

The “Pongu Thamizh” meaning “Tamil upsurge”referred to as”Tamil Freedom Rally in some media was an LTTE failure despite the Tamil media hype

The event was organized by the National council of Canadian Tamils (NCCT) & the”democratic”group of the Transnational Tamil Eelam Govt (TGTE)

Both the NCCT& “democratic” faction of the TGTE are under the overall leadership of Perinpanayagam Sivaparan alias “Nediyavan” based in Norway

The Nediyavan led pro-LTTE elements adopted a low profile & called upon Tamils in Canada to attend on behalf of the “Tamil community & youths”

Attempts by “Nediyavan” loyalists to conduct a “pongu Thamizh” event were strongly opposed by pro-tiger elements from another LTTE faction

This faction is loyal to senior LTTE intelligence leader Sekarapillai Vinayagamoorthy alias”Vinayagam” who now operates from France & Germany

“Vinayagam” loyalists opposed “Nediyavan” loyalists saying “pongu Thamizh” should be held only after LTTE chief Prabhakaran emerges publicly

The “ponguThamizh” friction in Canada is a manifestation of the ongoing power struggle between Nediyavan & Vinayagam factions of overseas LTTE

The Vinayagam faction distributed leaflets&pasted posters asking Tamils to boycott the “Ponguthamizh”. The Nediyavan faction countered these

LTTE Nediyavan faction fixed the event date as Oct 29th so that Tamil national alliance MP’s visiting Canada could speak at Queens park

The Ponguthamizh organizers calculated that huge crowds would flock to hear TNA’s Sampanthan,Senathirajah & Sumathiran speak at the rally

The TNA declined to participate in a “LTTE inspired meeting” & delayed their arrival time in Toronto to 29th midnight to neatly “miss” the event

Despite pressure by LTTE elements the TNA refrained from participating at “Ponguthamizh”. Without the TNA “attraction” attendance fizzled out

Crowds at pro-tiger events in Canada have been dropping in numbers since the LTTE military debacle of May 2009

In a desperate bid to garner a big crowd the LTTE faction utilised local Tamil media to a great extent. Free transport was also arranged

In spite of these efforts the event turned out to be a damp squib in terms of attendance with only 2500-3000 attending

The number of attendees increased due to many non-Tamil protestors involved in “Occupy Toronto” demonstrations also joining the spectators

Many attending wore the LTTE colours of red&yellow. Placards of Prabhakaran’s picture&tiger flags called “Tamil Eelam” flags were visible

The poor turn-out at the “Ponguthamizh” event in Toronto is seen as proof of the decline of LTTE influence among Canadian Tamil Diaspora

The “flop” also indicates that the Vinayagam faction is gradually gaining the upper hand over the Nediyavan faction within the overseas LTTE

This is a bundle of tweets posted by DBS Jeyaraj on twitter

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  1. .

    Vinayagam or Nediyavan ….. who cares? If you lose, you bow out.

    If Srilankan Sinhalese Governments continue to discriminate Tamils in Lanka, there will be rebellion soon in Lanka.


  2. Rajasingham Narendran,

    Please don’t take Sivananthan as an exemplary. Sinhalese are better than nuts like Sivananthan. You are also a severe critic of LTTE. But you never belittle or defame any body. Hatred shown by him towards Tamils especially TN tamils is venomous. I think you are more affected by LTTE than Sivananthan. But you never cross the limits. The way in which he uses the words like Pallan, Kallan, Parayan shows his arrogance.

  3. How do yo expect the Tamils to vote for a Sinhalese hiding in a Tamil name? I think even Sinhalese will not vote for a monster (made up of tamil, malayalee, telugu, oriyan, sinhalese and bengali features (at least in the mental makeup)) like you.

  4. I waned to go for Pongu with family. But when LTTE Vinayagam group started attacking Nediyavan group my husband thought there will be lot of violence in Queens park

    So my family didnt go. Lots of others also not gone there because they thought LTTE violence will happen

  5. This is a welcome sign. The Nediyavan faction was responsible to a large extent in the debacle of the LTTE. This doesn’t mean that the LTTE is free of any role in its own defeat.

    The Nediyavan faction is only interested in keeping the myth of the Prabhakaran alive in order to extract money from the diaspora.

    As rightly said by KP Prabhakaran was the very soul of the Eelam and with his departure the cause has suffered a major set back.

    In the mean time both the Tamils and the Sinhalese should look into the possible political solution.

    It is good that the TNA has also neatly missed the event. This will make it look agreeable in the eyes of the Sinhalese in the South.

    The dwindling in numbers of the attendees due to the non participation by the political leaders from TNA indicates that the majority of the Tamil diaspora is in favor of some kind of political settlement.

    Will the political leadership in both the camp be able to strike an honorable deal is the question.

    If not then the things may resurface again. The problems were not created by the Prabhakaran and they will not cease to exist because of the absence of him.

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  7. Another big disappointment for LTTE in Toronto was point blank refusal by hon MP for Scarborough -Rouge river Madam Rathika Sitsabaiesan to speak at Pongu Thamizh. They are damn angry at her

  8. Toronto LTTE Nediyavan faction senior leader Kamalavasan is the brother in law of TNA Suresh Premachandran’s brother.

    Using this relationship Kamalavasan had made arrangements for Suresh Premachandran to address “Ponguthamizh” in Toronto against the orders of TNA Leader Mr. Sambandan aiya

    That is why the LTTE put the date of event as October 29th so that the TNA guys will be in Canada

    But the clever Sambandan got to know of this plan and got hold of Canadian High Commissioner Bruce Levy in Colombo

    So Suresh was denied visa to Canada for the reason that he was former terrorist who was leader of the “Mandaiyan pistol group” which assassinated lots of people in north when EPRLF was working with Indian army

    By this smart move Sambandan prevented Suresh from getting on the LTTE stage in Toronto

    The other 3 TNA Mp’s also changed their travel plan and delayed oming to Toronto from Washington

    The TNA came after midnight on 29th to Toronto so that they missed the Pongu Thaml

    Well done TNA

  9. There is a French saying: “Qui sème le vent récolte la tempête!”
    He who sows wind, reaps tempest! Our Tamil relatives were killed, and some of them killed during all 3 past decades! It is sad to hear that some are always at logger heads! I just now learned that a member of a faction of LTTE has been severely attacked by members of an another faction!
    Compassion, only compassion can establish anything lasting!
    I would like to draw your attention to the following facts:
    In Japan a research was done on water and its patterns. When they photographed water, these researchers saw that there is a pattern in every water drop and they noticed that, when there is HATRED this pattern is destroyed! When there is LOVE, this pattern re-forms itself beautifully. They have played Hitlers voice to water and took photos and they witnessed that entire pattern had disappeared! They again played Mozart, Bethovan etc. to water and the pattern reappeared! Then Japanese Zen monks chanted Buddh’a KARANIYA METTA SUTTA (discourse of compassion and love). The water pattern became very beautiful! This shows us one thing very important: The Universe has a pattern and this particular pattern is based on LOVE! Every religion speaks of this LOVE! To reverse the hateful trend, we have to have more love and compassion to each other. We should extend our love to evry being and evry plant etc. Buddha, Jesus, Socrtes etc. they all poured unconditiona love to the Universe. Socretes before drinking the glass of poison thus said: ” I am not angry with my accusers and condemners!”
    Please meditate on this loving pattern in the Universe! Hatred never appeases hatred said Buddha!

  10. This is a good development. It would be even better if CSIS advises the RCMP to arrest the LTTE agents operating in Canada before they resort to any sort of street violence.

    What exactly do they hope to attain with these demonstrations? The war is over and dreams of starting another one is just that, a dream. Sri Lanka has completely militarized the northeast, starting any sort of insurgency would only hurt the local Tamil population. Non-violent activism can help improve the situation for Tamils in Sri Lanka but if people want Tamil Eelam then their going to have to wait for the balkanization of India or external military intervention. Don’t hold your breath.

  11. I also heard from relatives in Toronto that the LTTE “Pongu tamil” had very poor rowds compared to past demonstrations

    I guess the decline of the overseas LTTE has begun

    Thank you Mr.Jeyaraj for these enlightening facts

  12. If my fellow Tamils are interested in making any progress with our liberation struggle it’s high time to disown the VP’s LTTE and ditch the flag of guns & bullets. We have no option other than rallying round the TNA.

  13. I’ve wonder about the P.Sivaparan whereabouts, as he was full time Tiger member and staying in offsite city of Oslo. Norway government should arrest him and put in jail for live long. The same action should be taken against the K.Arivalaghan in Europe (Is he in Paris?)

    Same time my worry is about Douglas, Karunai, Pillaian, Nepolian, Sam and etc (Sri Lankan Dogs???) They should be hanged with out any justidicial process like what LTTE has carried our over three decades.. they are very dangerous not only to Sri Lanka also the south india as well. Indian Commisioner who is staying at Jaffna regularly having dinner one of the douglas ” small houses” well I am not sure the same house is “small” for him as well.

    Oop!! I am going out of the our son P. Sivaparan, I”ve wriiten few emails to Mr. Eric Solheim about him. Some of the TNA MPs also seriously concern about him (Like the SL Dogs?)

    Mr. Rajapakshe would have received clear message from Canadian, UK, Australian Prime ministers about the serious concern on the ground situation. What to do Indian parralized politics give some sort of energy to rajapakshe to walk like another king ” Sri Lanka”


  14. Dear Mahesh,

    You are completely wrong, Mr. Sampanthan never called to canadian high commissioner. Canadaian highcommisioner just hold the visa process himself as he would have clear information from other sources about Mr. Suresh Premachchandran intention to travel.


  15. Hi DBSJ,

    I could not see any articles about tamil cinema recently,

    One of my good friend brought me an original CD (to London) of ” 7am Arivu” (7th Sense?) from Malaysia.

  16. Recently watched a tamil movie 7th sense.. great tamil movie, why don’t you write about tamil cinema again?


  17. Agreed, the Tamil Diaspora need to consider the welfare of Tamils living in SL in all their actions and fight to end the oppression and state terror in SL. Taking on the SL state at their own strength (i.e. brutal violence) didn’t work and will not work. The Diaspora need to rally around the TNA.

  18. You have a good ‘technique” of supporting Douglas there and support LTTE outside of Sri Lanka. You guys make more money in both ways!

  19. Keep your audio on

    LEST WE FORGET……………………….
    Spare a moment in prayer and meditation during this coming time of Remembrance for the Sri Lankan victims – the UN wants to forget, but whom we Canadian-Sri Lankans are forever indebted to …………..

    May they Rest in Peace – they sacrificed themselves for us and our future generations……………………………….

  20. so you do not like the LTTE violence when it going to happens to you…but you simply encourage thier violence by when it happense to poor tamils in SL..what a shame…this depict the true picture of the majority of diaspora…

  21. Hello Jeyaraj sir.
    please do make a link to this website where we can share your news with other social networks like FB and Twitter.

  22. The Pongu Tamil event was formally organized by the Tamil students associations in various universities and Community colleges in Ontario and the Canada section of the worldwide Tamil youth organizations

    These organizations seem to function independently and many gullible undergrads and students think they are acting independently

    The pongu tamil notices and posters were issued on behalf of the Tamil community and Tamil youths.

    In reality the old office-bearers of the banned LTTE front organization were behind

    These fellows are now either National council of Canadian Tamils or Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam or Canada Tamil Congress

    Nediyavan maintains contact with a few top people like Thamil,Kamal or Nehru

    These fellows convey instructions through a few selected office bearers in the Tamil student and youth associations

    This is how Nediyavan controls his faction in Canada

    Poor misguided Tamil youths taken for a ride

  23. To all Terrorist sympathizers and non-terroristic but sympathizers.
    Please rally around the TNA, who is hell bent for selling racial hatreds among poor Tamils nowadays. And welcome to an onset of another misery to Tamil people in northeast, I repeat, Tamils in northeast not others inland or off-shores! Tamil uprising in Sri Lanka fueled by parties with vested interest!, that phrase will better suit nowadays. So that sympathizers can rejoice.

    . The young tamil generation in Sri Lanka, however, is different, educated and non-opportunistic. The real spring!

  24. The people want to avoid these gatherings, because they knew that the ulakka thamiler is under Nediyavan and if they go to the meeting they will be given the flag or portrait of VP. People don’t want to keep those things in their hands for so many reasons. I am hearing about the name Vinayakam only now. But ordinary people knows it as that there are three groups. Rev.Father’s group, Urithirakumaran’s group and Nediyavan’s group. People like both Father’s and Uruthirakumaran’s group but hate Nediyavan’s group.

    Even though the crowd gathered is much less,the younger generation want to get involved in freeing the Tamils more than before. They realise that it was VP who made the whole world to support the SL government to defeat LTTE. So for the defeat of the Tamils they are angry with Pirapakaran and his group. That is why they block their parents too not to participate in this type of gatherings.

  25. Nobody want to be in a sinking ship. Actually, the ship has already sunk thanks to our maharaja, the great Mahinda Rajapakse.

  26. Indeed this is good news, and thanks to Mr Jeyaraj for reporting this. Other media reported that this meeting was a great success, but it looks at last as if ethnic Tamils outside Sri Lanka are now breaking decisively from the malignant influence of the Tamil Tiger’s poisonous political philosophy, the upcoming generation particularly. All people of goodwill should be happy with this hopeful development.

  27. Now that comment by Sakthi was the most telling comment I’ve read for a long time. No issue with violence unless they are at risk of it.

  28. Hello Mr. Thavaratnam, you are completely out of touch with reality. Rajapakse is not going to give a hoot about Canada, UK, or Australia. Rajapakse has learned all the hat tricks of LTTE and the Tamil diaspora living in these countries, thanks to former LTTE diehards such as KP and Vinayagamurthi who are now in Rajapakse’s camp. Even during the final hours leading to the annihilation of LTTE in Nanthi Kadal Lagoon even Pirabaharan, Nadesan and Pottu Amman were all thinking along the same line just like you that Rajapakse was going to get a clear message from Pro-LTTE Govts in the West to stop the war.

  29. Who is discriminating who – in Sri Lanka many tamils are living among sinhalese without any problems – tamils are not discriminated in these areas – it is the tamil politicians who wants to be discriminated and preach about non existing discrimination – of course there are few sinhale nationalistic politicos who rouses sinhale patriotisum by quoting history and trying to promote the idea that this country only belong to Sinhale race – but these guys do not represent majority sinhalese view point – in any socity you can find these kind of donkeys – the incidents happened in 1983 are unfortunate outcome of the works of these sinhale political donkeys – you must be aware of many sinhalese who braved these donkeys and their goons to protect tamils who were living among them – it is very wrong to say sinhalese hate tamils – it is the view of LTTE – who brain washes young tamils to hate sinhalese – tamil dispora mainly consist of people who uses the unfortunate incidents happened in 1983 (basically due to few sinhale hate mongering politicos) to obtain residence visas in other countries – some of them left SL in -fear but most of them were economical refugees who took the advantage of these incidents

  30. Yes, this is one happened till date and low cast Tamils were always sufferred. This is the main reason why Praba and Karuna split. Most reason event is TNA US visit with high cast deligations from TNA and ignoring other support groups. This discrimination is majorly happening in North and East while limited in other part of SL as SL tamils mixed with other nationalities. Unless Tamils realize real reasons behind their discriminations and find solutions to them, we can’t see a real progress in this issue.

  31. It doesn’t mean since tamil discriminating their minorities you sinhalase have to do it to tamil.You killed thousands of innocents and destroy tamils culture…I donn’t know why you all are doing it…..

  32. LTTE hierachy had its chances but squandered them all in achieving a solution to the Tamils. Because of their lack of understanding of geopolitical realities, sacrifice of of thousands of young men and women was in vain. It is high time, Tamils, build up a leadership which does not take decisions to satisfy the egos of few individuals and which puts the welfare of the Tamil people first.

  33. Small groups of this Canadian LTTE under Nehru Guna and S.Thiruchelvam asked dollars for the following reasons at the same venue.

    1. To prosecute Rajapakse in more court cases in western countries. .
    2. Prabhakaran will come soon and he needs thousands of dollars.
    3. To help the LTTE families.

    The faction of this LTTE consisit mainly the dollar collectors who have addresses and phone numbers of Tamil residents in Toronto. House/Property owners and their details were given to this LTTE gang by the Tamil Real Estate dealers.

    Still some Tamil stupids give dollars to this gang every month.

  34. You are a nut case because you expect Tamils must be slaves to criminals like Prabhakaran.

    You think you are a smart ass in this forum. You bark at me for no reason. Are you smoking Ganja because the heading of this article tells something and you bark something else! Dr. Naren had no comments here but you cry like a stoned dog!

  35. Don’t worry mate Rajapaksa regime will not discrminate tamil rights any more. Now he is discriminating Sinhalese rights. There will be a rebellion but, not so soon ofcourse by sinhalese.

  36. Dear Shaul,

    What I have mentioned the messages from Canada, Australia, &UK is the peace and reconcilation, I think you guys are not differentiating the real problem and terrorism. Further more those countries have urged Lanka is already baned tamil tigers on their soil and repeatedly stressed that the diaspora should work to bring the peace in Sri Lanka.

    Secondly, I don’t think that the Rajapakshe can not understand the diplomacy. He knows how these countries can influence in future about Sri Lanka. So we urged Sri lanka to find the solution within themselves to avoid any international presence. eventhough the international not interested to do so.. you guys should look in to the country progress. If you are going to continously sending house maids to middle east, Singapore and malaysia no issue ypou guys continue to play the same same game. I am again saying that choise is yours want to progress or stagnate as of now.


  37. LTTE had huge support among Eelam Tamils,because it was the only organisation genuinly,honestly and unreservedly wanted to implement the Vaddukkoddai Resolution of 1976,which was formulated by Thanthai Chelva and G G Ponnambalam.
    It should be noted that more than 97% of Eelam Tamils are still wedded to that historical Resolution.
    What matters is that hiostorical Resolution and not Nediyavan or Vinayakam.

  38. You are spot on… Very clearly explained the issue.
    Few politicians (more correctly few political families not only Sinhalese but Tamils & Muslims as well) in Sri Lanka are responsible for creating the division among Sinhala-Tamil masses for their own existence. Today, a average Tamil can stay in any part of the country without any discrimination if he is a genuine citizen who does not have any ulterior motives to be a threat to the Nationla Security by involved in any Terrorizing acts. But that’s not the case with Sinhalease as They cannot live in North & East as LTTE has brainwashed the people. So Sinhalese are AT RISK group today.

    Ethnic issue is totally different to this and language is the main barrier which should addressed with a communication solution. It’s wise to leave the religion as totally a private affair of any individual without state interference as religious leaders (not the religion but so called leaders wearing robes) of Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu & Muslims have done much more harm than good to this multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society.

  39. Here in UK same,for a one day event they will spent about £300 000 that particular day.people are spectic some says why cant they send the money to shatterd people back home.others think where do these money coming from,

    They also knows loosing support of hirachey but they knows how to get people in,even big contributer Sivayogam {amman temple] got evection notice make Amman to seek reffuge this patrioctc man have preist from TN dont like Sri Lankan and the priests are good at milking the bucks.

    This event was originally Mavirar Day like Dday to take advantage while CBK in power they changed it to a meaningless of cook Tamil or boil Tamil or what ever and celebrated in Colombo.then as they being baned now carrying on

    Saying that dont know how do they get away with it there are lot of TV chaneels radio magazines with sout indians acotors but they are not concern about back home Tamils they after Maharaja who eliminated ruthless org all they wanted is to lift the ban then they can open up offices and collect money.

    but i m not affected by LTTE like Thavaratnam or didnt deposit money for election and loose and seek in upcountry

  40. Its Big Business in Tamil community to see who can control the majority of the community in forign countries to pocket out money in the name of the Tamils.But in real life no one cares whats happening in sri lanka and the tamils live there. Its been like this for years before and after Prabakaran. This will not stop as tamils so called leaders are comfortable living like this rather than really helping them. Can the tamils cometogether in one group and fight the common problem? No this will not happen in our life time.just dream on……

  41. Sounds like a lot of dog fights.Good to hear these dog fights are taking oplace utside our motherland.

  42. Many TNA MPs were denied Canadian visas before, for various reasons
    In Suresh’s case his family had sought refugee status in Canada some years ago and that could be a reason to deny him visa. Understand his daughter was admitted to medical school in India subsequently and now they are studying in India.
    All the Tamil MPs and politicians in Sri Lanka should bring their families back to Sri Lanka, if they are really serious about finding a lasting solution.

    Regarding the demonstrations, if the Canadian Government restrict the free propaganda aired in some tamil radios, it would soon dwindle to less than hundred.

  43. Ok… enough of this nonsense… Low attendance, because nobody wants to be photographed at one of these things. Visa prices are going up.. and if “passport control” catches you at the airport, you’ll be fast-tracked for your return trip. Good Luck..!

  44. Bloody in fighting has been the down fall of Tamils people of sri lanka.
    Our political & community leaders, most of them have big ego’s. No one really makes an effort to over come this.
    As long us we suffer this false ego we will never liberate the people, because we are going to
    be fighting among us for reset of our life.

  45. .

    This is like saying Rajapakse government is helping Low Country Sinhalese and not Up Country Sinhalese,

    Sinhala South (Hambantota, Matara, Galle) are developed while up country sinhalese as neglected.


  46. Thank you very much for this piece of information.
    Sir, do you believe that Mr. Prabhakaran is still alive as the supporters of Mr.Vinayagam say? Please answer.


    Why dont you read my “Last days of Thiruvengadam Velupillai Prabhakaran” article written in May 2009?

  47. Thank you for exposing the truth. I hope my fellow Tamil students will understand how they are being manipulated by Nediyavan group

  48. Well done! It fits for the occasion! How could you be so different to the extent of appreciating something like this? If you are of my origin, could you please preach this to our sinhale politician, srilankan form of budhistst bhikus and our innocent sinhala brothers and sisters who have been already hijacked by the power hungry racist politicians and half baked so called srilankan budhists?

  49. Why do you want Mr. V. Pirabakaran again?

    He doesn’t have any role to play in the current circumstance.


  50. .

    Tell me a police station where (including north and east) a Tamil can make a complain in Tamil?

    You people keep on saying language issue must be addressed…. but ‘addressing’ is done the opposite way.


  51. Wanakkam,

    Poor crowds in Toronto for LTTE rally not due to infighting.It was because the tigers supporters knew I was going to be there with my trusty sword like the noble lion in our national flag having the sword.

    When they heard I was going to be at Queens park with my mighty sword the cowards got shit in their pants. They kept away. Thats why the low number of people

    Take it… or leave it. Believe it… or not.

  52. Japan a research was done on water and its patterns. When they photographed water, these researchers saw that there is a pattern in every water drop and they noticed that, when there is HATRED this pattern is destroyed! When there is LOVE, this pattern re-forms itself beautifully. They have played Hitlers voice to water and took photos and they witnessed that entire pattern had disappeared! They again played Mozart, Bethovan etc. to water and the pattern reappeared! Then Japanese Zen monks chanted Buddh’a KARANIYA METTA SUTTA (discourse of compassion and love). The water pattern became very beautiful! This shows us one thing very important: The Universe has a pattern and this particular pattern is based on LOVE!

    The best way to show this love is to shower the fair and lovely feet of beautiful women with kisses and lick their dainty toes with lips

  53. M Sivanantha,

    I won’t leave you just like that. You are answerable for the venomous comments you are making against Tamils (especially TN Tamils). You say that TN is ruled by Kallans. You don’t know Tamil properly. Why do you use the terms without knowing the proper meaning? I have given explanation for the term ‘Kallar’ (one of the three subcastes of the Tamil warrior caste Mukkulathor (people of three kulams) (Vanniyar is another major warrior caste of Tamils). You fool, you go through any e-literature or the standard literature to know about the Kallar caste and understand the meaning in the proper sense.

    You say that Tamil Nadu is ruled by thieves. Sri Lanka is ruled by dacoits. MR and GR are the biggest dacoits of the Asian continent. They will do anything (whoring, treachery etc) for money. They gave amnesty to KP not because of generosity but because of the enormous wealth they have amassed from KP. Be proud of your rulers who are experts in whoring and treachery. Development is the euphemism given by your dacoit rulers to whoring and treachery.

    Your beggar government got 100 crores from India on the assurance that it will build around 2000 houses for the IDPs. But it has constructed just 50 houses (nobody is sure whether those 50 houses were given to the Tamil IDPs). What happened to the rest of the money? As usual gone to the pockets of MR and GR. I think GoI has decided to give 1000 crore rupees for the rehabilitation of Tamil IDPs. But this time not through GoSL but through NGOs on the fear that this major amount may also go to the pockets of MR and GR.

  54. M Sivanantha,

    One underperforming enterprise and under utilised assets of 36 institutions to be acquired by state

    Best example for the dacoity of SL rulers. You idiot, you comment that TN is ruled by thieves. If you have self respect oppose MR & GR atleast now rather than cleaning their toilets.

  55. An Indian idiot cry like a fool while the Tamil Nadu Tamils have a sizable population of a caste which always steal cattle and properties of others. Jeyalalitha’s right hand Sasikala is also from the same THIEF CASTE. Every one knows how she swindled millions from the people.

    Kallan =Thief in Tamil language. There is no other meaning in Tamil for the word KALLAN. Now these thieves claim they are warriors. No history ever tell that these Kallans were fought any war. They used the “VEECHCHARIVAL”( a knife) to attack ordinary people and steal cattle and other things!

    Kallans were prohibitted by British from working in any public offices.

    No Tamil literature mention about these KALLANS or VANNIYANS( Bush Men or Kaattu Jathi).

    Now this fishing fool tell some cine story.

    Can this fool tell which Tamil literary work mention about these Kallans?

    Tamils of Tamil Nadu recognize “THEFT” is also a profession like farming! That is known as the Dravidian culture. I think the word DRAVIDA comes from THIRUDAN(Thief).

    Many industries are state aided in Sri Lanka. If they are not performing well government has the right to take over them.

    Fools in India never know what is happenening in Sri lanka!

  56. Thamileelam is not Prabaharans dowry.Even though he fought for it resolutely until his last breath.

    It will be liberated in our own time and in our own way. Make no mistake about it.Even Nediyavan or Vinayakam cannot prevent it.

  57. Sinhala Modhaya Sivanantha,

    You are a mongrel. You have the advantage of claiming to be a Tamil when you want to be, claiming to be a Sinhalese when you want to be, claiming to be a Malayalee when you want to be, claiming to be a Oriyan when you want to be and what not in the list.

    Shed your eunuch behaviour and reveal your Sinhalese identity boldly. Don’t repeat your Nallur Rajadhany origin and Rajasekaran stories. You are a mixed breed and you are like a chameleon. You won’t hesitate to betray both Tamils and Sinhalese. You are a fellow who always think about the caste system, do you have the guts to reveal your caste? You won’t because you are a mixed breed and if you reveal you can’t continue with your chameleon behaviuor.

    I won’t say that you are a Sri Lankan idiot or a Sinhalese idiot. You are a mongrel idiot.

    By the way still you are not able to identify my caste name irrespective of giving my surname. Till you find, be in the fools paradise and believe that I am a Karayar of SL or Parathavar of TN. Don’t think that you have own if use words like dog, stolen dog, pallan, kallan, karayan etc. Your way of writing proves that you are a barbarian.

    Get ready to face my next attack Sivanantha.

  58. Finally it is good to see that Tamil Diaspora have woken up to the fact that this Ealam strugle is a lost cause. I always thought that Tamils are very intelligent people but how they got caught for this wild goose chase. The fact is that when one mention the name Tamil, people always link it with Tamil Tigers. It is not a good thing to be affiliated with a terrorist organisation. Many people aren’t aware that Tamils are one of the most intelligent/smart people on this planet. It is a pity that some diaspora Tamils who were genuinly thinking that they were fighting for a good cause but were taken for a ride. Tamil people in Sri Lanka had to go through untold suffering. Not because of the GOSL, but because of the Tiger movement.

    Anyhow, now people have come to their senses. Better late than never. I hope those who were pushing for killing people use their energy to help their own kith and kin in Sri Lanka.

  59. Sinhala Modhaya Sivanantha,

    If you don’t know Tamil literature, learn it properly.

    According to Tamil literature, land is divided into 5 lands namely Kurinchi, Mullai, Marudham, Neithal and Palai. Kurinchi refers to the hill side and the people are Kuravars (not Kuravans as you will say. Learn to respect the communities, you idiot.). Mullai refers to forest side and the people are Aayar. Marutham refers to field side and the people are Velaalar. Neithal refer to sea side and the people are Parathavar. Palai refers to unproductive land in which other four occupations can not be carried out and the people are Maravar. According to Tamil literature the occupation of Maravars is theft. Tamil literature does not discuss about the Kallar caste at all. Castes like Nadar, Kallar, Kounder came late. Any way many of them can be mapped to any one of the five basic castes.

    I belong to one of the 5 basic castes itself (Kuravar, Aayar, Velalar, Parathavar and Maravar). I am not a Parathavar. So now only four options and I have given my surname also. If you are intelligent enough map othersise you continue to be in the fool’s paradise and be happy with your idiotic conclusion that I am either Parathavar of TN or Karayar of SL. You may tell I am the nephew of Prabhakaran. Least bothered.

    I think you blabber out of old age problem (degenerative disease) that theft is a profession of Tamils by remembering old movies like Manthiri Kumari (Vaarai Nee Vaarai).

    Don’t blabber mokka.

  60. Sivanantha,you donkey,kallan and kallar are different meaning,same as sivanantha and sivananthan are 2 different people. You think a people will happily call themselves thieves.You also think they would have been the soldiers in the tamil armies if they were thieves.kallar was the name given by the aryans to dravidian warriors.Sivaji ganeshan,bharathiraja,thondaman,samy vellu the malaysian politician are all kallar.Did they try to hide that?Idiot.Pleas read the following website and learn about them.I told you to read well before imparting your limited knowledge and misleading everybody.

    They are a caste that is independent by nature and will not bow down to anyone.That is why the british criminalised them with their criminal code laws so that they can’t hold high positions. They are akin to the kandyan nobles who never bowed to the british and were massacred in the uva rebellion.In the case of kallar they were too many to be massacred so the british marginalised them with their penal code.

    When you are ruled by foreighners it is the real patriots that suffer while the bumsuckers prosper.That is simple common sense no.

    Read this website and understand the tamils in india without hurting them unnecessarily.It is tamils in srilanka such as you that has created rifts with sinhalese,muslims and tamils in tamilnadu too.You just don’t understand the feelings of others and always talking about them in derogatory manner.You think you are superior but actually inferior imbeciles.


  61. Yes, things changed after 2009. Friends called me and we talked about it but none of us felt we should participate in it. It doesn’t mean we are not care about Tamils back home, most of us confused and starting to re-think. If you ask me, I think strengthening TNA is more important at this time than anything else. As they are elected representative by people back home and have legitimate rights to talk to any one around the world without any legal issues. Again, and again, I believe we need to work on re-uniting all Tamils under one umbrella (TNA, TGTE, nediyavan, Vinayam, Douglas, TMVP, TULF etc…) to get any fruitful results. Most of us now not really care about the money they collected in the past. As war is over; you are not going to help poor back home, just stay away and let a legitimate group take over by helping or standing behind TNA to find a solution.
    I didn’t go the TNA meeting but if I attended, I would like to ask them;

    1) Are they going to unite within themselves and get rid of their own political parities (ITAK, EPRLF, TELO, TULF, ACTC etc…) and officially become one single party? Also are they taking any steps to unite other Tamil political parties (TULF, EPDP, TMVP, etc..)

    2) Why don’t they initiate a charity organization and push GOSL to legally accept it. If GOSL can accept KP, they sure can accept TNA led charity organization to function. If they perform openly. I am sure many would donate them than GOSL or other non-governmental organizations. TNA should take in charge of developing and helping the people in NE. But of course they need to assure publicly, they are genuinely going to help people and keep all the accounts open to public. No political micky-mouse business will be involved for their own personal prosperity, pure charity to develop NE and Tamils.

    3) What is their agenda on political solutions? They should be open. Yes diplomacy works behind the scene, but I think it is important they inform their people on the progress they make… I think they should release their final proposed solution for public to critics on it, and it helps their people to know what TNA is working toward. I think transparency is important now, so no goons can divert and disunite Tamils to weaken the negotiating power at any level.

    4) What are they expecting from Tamils around the world? How to build the transparent/trusted/ platform/bridge between Tamils around the world and TNA.

    5) Are they planning to vist TN to enchanse the releationship. They should not just meet Karnanithy or Jeyalalitha but should meet most of the TN political party leaders that includes DMDK,Communists,Congress,BJP, PMK etc. Discuss your proposed political solution and make all of them to support without any political differences on this matter. They should also visit Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius and other countries and do the same there.

  62. Kumar

    What are you talking man? VP has already destroyed the Tamil culture for few generations to come. Do not think about sacrificing sons and daughters of poor tamil farmers again. They deserve better lives than bullets, guns and bloods.

  63. Mr. Yogesh Karayalar

    The your text of the above reflects how much education you had. You are taking about repect in that?. Please pratice before you preach.

  64. yogesh

    I belong to one of the 5 basic castes itself (Kuravar, Aayar, Velalar, Parathavar and Maravar).
    I believe you are of Aayar caste

  65. Rajan,
    Contary is the reality.
    Because of the thirty year freedom struuggle waged under the leadership of LTTE,1.3 million of Eelam Tamils are living the life they would not have ever immagined .Another one and a half,back home, have also benefited from the diaspora and leading a better life than they lead before the struggle.
    Of course! some are worse off.That is the price you pay to be free.But their situation also will improve in time to come.
    The Tamil race as a whole, has never had the international understanding,recognition and support they have now, because of the struggle.
    The struggle to free our country from the nazis occupation has already started.
    It will not be an armed struggle.
    We will not follow the path of the thirty year struggle,but aim is the same.
    We will learn from the bitter experience of the thirty years and will not make the same mistakes.
    The sarcifices made by our men,women,children and babies will not be in vain.
    That’s for sure!
    Have no doubt about it.
    We will triumph eventually,because ours is just cause!

  66. You are a typical Tamil donkey! You cannot explain Tamil Kallan anyway because you are really an uneducated and uncivilized. Further you have no clue about your own Tamil Nadu.

    TN idiots like you think people in Sri lanka know nothing about your damn TN.

    Theft is a profession in Tamil culture. You cannot refute it! Better advise your fellow Kallans to get civilized!

  67. You are a real ass! you cried that Maravar profession is theft. Kallans are lower than maravar. So, the Kallans are the worse Kallans than Maravar.

    I am not here to find out your low caste but your barkings prove it.

    Prabhakaran was not a Karayan for any reason! You thought he was a Karayan. That is why you barked so much.

    You agree that part of the Tamil culture is theft! Good.

  68. British rightly identified Tamil Kallans and exported them as laborers.

    Where did you study Tamil? Chetty become Chettyar and Kallan become Kallar. Do you know the singular and plural usage in Tamil? You are another donky barking for nothing.

    But you are unable to tell why a caste exist in the name of Kallan=Thief? Dravida means Thirudan. That is a proven story!

  69. Yogesh, forget about Sivanantha, if you are Tamil, please stop with this caste things. We all belong to one that is called Tamil(s), no other caste. Even our Tamil Brahmins (Iyar, Iyankar, shiva/vaishnava priests etc..) are Tamils too. Because Brahmins/Velallar/other-high-cast given top spot in the Aryan’s venomous varnam system, now they don’t want to let it go. It is normal to selfish human race that those with the power, try to retain it at any cost. Otherwise, Tamil Brahmin, Velalar, Karayar, paryaar, Chetty, Udayar, Paller etc.. all are one, we are one family and each family member started doing that is financially sound to him/her or he/she enjoy doing it (sipy/artist/priest/etc..) to support the same family. As we are not pure Dravidians anymore, Tamil Brahmins has more Aryan mix compare to others but at the same time you can find many so called low-cast Tamils are fair or even more fair than many Tamil Brahmins. Those idots have to think that all Arabs/Europeans/Mongoloids// Talibans are fair than so called high caste Tamil Brahmins. Is that mean they are higher cast? Should we obey them and pray them? Please STOP, we are Tamils and no high/low caste in us Tamils.

  70. The question is “Are the Tamil people of Sri Lanka now lead a better life than before?”. NO is the answer. They lost their children, earnings, lands, jobs etc for a stupid EELAM.

    Those who escaped from Sri Lanka still wants more deaths and mayhem in Sri Lanka to make their living happy in their current abodes in the West!

    Basic theory is 8% population cannot over run 70 % population militarily or democratically or undemocratically!

    If these people really interested in the welfare of the remaining Tamils in Sri lanka, they can help them by sending few dollars to them instead of dancing on the roads after eating hamburgers!

  71. crackpot siva

    British,portuguese and dutch and spanish were the biggest thieves plundering the world.kallar who are the direct descendents of the imperial clan of the chola,pandya,chera and pallava were the people who never bowed down to the british,just like the kandyan nobles who are the original sinhalese.kallar is a sanskrit word by which aryans described the dark dravidian warriors.kallar means dark warrior in sanskrit.The man who interpreted is as thief instead is also a former foe of theirs,a british scholar,i forget his name.

    The british you are even now bumsucking like your forefathers are upto their eyeballs in debt and so is the rest of europe.See what happens when you can’t rob anymore,but they have been thrown life line with libya and are salivating now for the oil.The libyans are not fools anymore as this generation is educated.They will tell thanks for the help,now piss off.

    I gave you a website.I back my claims with a lot of reading.You never do.Nobody is interested(except poor yogesh who is hooked)in what the bogus scholar sivananthan says here,so back up your claims with writings from others,or shut up.

  72. hahaha..
    you are telling “kallar” come from Sinhala “kalu”? Why are you crying about SANSKRIT while you bark always about TAMIL, DRAVIDA etc;

    Now you tell KALLAN is not a Tamil word. Oh what a funny moron!

    Kallans are gang of thieves always. I met many Kallans in Tamil nadu. Simply they tell “if we want money, we go to next village and steal”. Your explanation is funny with no foundation or any evidence!

    No King ever enlisted these low class Kallans as part of any army! Can you show a single evidence if they worked as soldiers?

    British may be thieves but these Kallans are also TAMIL/DRAVIDA thieves. What a shameless society of Tamil Nadu!

  73. “Are Tamil people of Sri Lanka now lead a btter life than before?”

    Of course,YES!
    Not only Tamil people of srilanka but also Tamils living in Thamileelam are leading a better life,than before the struggle.
    Iam not saying this.
    Few months ago,my relative who was displced from Thyiddy of Vali North 26 years ago,and living in Uduvil said to me that Jaffna is not like when I left thirty years ago.It has changed a lot for the better.She said this two me on two occasions within six months.
    After the war ended, I notice thousands of motor cyclse,tractors and other vehicles abondoned in VANNI alone.
    I never saw so many motor cycles or vehicles in Jaffna when I lived there,let alone in Vanni.
    Push bicycles-of course.
    Even the dress code has changed for the better in Thamileelam.
    In Colombo and other places things are more rosy for Tamils.
    How many Tamil homes had telephones in Jaffna,thirty years ago?
    Come on,if you want to belittle the liberation struggle waged to fulfill the aspirations of Thanthai Chelva, ie independant Thamileelam,try to find some other reasons other than coming out with cock and bull stories.
    Having said that,I don’t deny that some are much much worse off.

  74. Where did this trait of compassion go at the Welikade. Were the culprits brought to book. Where did it go in Kaluthra.

    You monks are only preaching things like compassion. I hear that some monks partake non vegetarian dishes. If that is true then I shudder to think on the meaning of compassion.

    When the Banda signed a treaty with Chelva you monks protested against it. One of your kind also murdered him.

    Had you monks gracefully accepted the BC pact then this whole episode of violence and counter violence would not have happened.

    I hope you do not feel happy at the plight of the Tamils now, many of whom have suffered and some of their clan is engaged in fighting among themselves.

  75. Sir, How about you monks undergoing that test? It is accepted that VP’s voice will destroy the pattern. Let us see whether the monks voice creates a pattern.

  76. Stolen vehicles were piledup in Vanni. LTTE robbed those vehicles. Now those farmers are crying for a pair of bulls to work again in their paddy fields!

    Jaffna people who cried for EELAM but half of them ran away with out fighting for it! The rest try to run away. The army chased the LTTE in 1995 and Jaffna fellows are safe since then.

    Vanni and the Eastern people have different stories. They lost their life long earnings and children to the LTTE criminals.

    Thanthai Chelva’s aspirations endedup with the murder of A.Amirthalingam who was the MP for KKS too!

    I think you lost nothing! So, your family have ‘rosy” stories to tell!

  77. I nearly lost my life in Anuradapura in 1977,which forced me to leave.

    For me principles and policies are paramount than personal gains.

  78. The fact of the matter is that tamils all over the world are going after the war criminal Rajapakse group through different angles (court cases, grass root mobilization, solidarity and gaining support of other ethnic groups organizations, etc.).

  79. I have known many Kallars personally and they are good people. They have the martial capacity. They shine in business and they have also joined in large numbers into the Azad Hind Fauj of Subhash Chandra Bose.

    infact bose is one of their fav names.

    They are a good and noble people.

    follow the link of the Shankar and you will get a better idea of them.

    In any case do not belittle any body be it a kallar or any other caste.

  80. Dear Aratai,

    Perhaps you should visit the up-country and see the development work being done there.. If the development was focused on the deep south, why would the UPFA carry all the municipal, urban councils and pradeshiya sabhas..

    You still dream of other poor people standing up in rebellion and dying whilst you live the dream in the West.. Let me assure you that your bloody fantasies will remain only in your head, there will be NO LTTE/JVP type rebellions in SL in our lifetime..

  81. The fact of the matter is (apart from the little adrenaline rush) they are left looking rather silly, after each of their attempts end up as complete wastage of precious time and money..

  82. Those who want to know about Kallars. They are indeed a Tamizh Por kudi [war oriented people]. They were part of the Pandian army’s first line of Offense and they do it by stealing. it is the old Tamil war protocol to initiate a fight by stealing cattle, harvests and attach settlements in the cover of dark. To explain in your context they are the grease poothams in olden days. These characters run in their genes even to this day but we should not be stupid like Sivanathan to pass prejudice that they are thieves. They form good friends and give their blood for friendship. Their bond with fellow caste is so strong and do anything for it. It is not that they hated British and British made them outcastes. There are lots of kallars who got converted to Christianity and went abroad in British ships as estate farm labors during British period. Your famous bowler draws his root from this group only.

    They were conferred with the title Thevar as they stood guard for the Pandian temples during Muslim/naicker invasion along with Agamudaiyar and Maravar.

    To till date the Pandian country’s first line of defense is by Kallars and they occupy the Thanjavur, theni, dindugal, pudukotai districts, The next layer of defense is by Maravars who fight head on and not in the cover of darkness. Maravars occupy the districts of ramanathapuram, Madurai , Theni, virudhunagar. Then comes the Nadars who occupy the nuclei of the pandian kingdom. Agamudaiyar is peppered throughout to safe guard temples. Velalar/devendra kula velalar too are peppered through out the kingdom who indulge in farming. Most castes at peacetime do the Farming as well. Other castes are due to intrusion by other periodic rules.

    Due to their majority in numbers Thevar castes command their areas in southern Tamilnadu and are being exploited by all political parties and vice versa. They are akin to the Singhalese to discriminate and exploit minorities and weaker sections [Dalits] in their areas. It is true that ADMK is their domain. Actor Kamal is the one who exploits them to run his movies like Thevar Magan / Virumandi. Maniratnam too have done it in the film Agninatchathiram. but to say they are thieves is simply stupid and blank prejudice and akin to say Singalese are war criminals and Eelam tamils are LTTEs.

  83. Dear Nadan

    Thank you for clearing this up once and for all.This stupid sivananthan keeps on showing his lack of knowledge on tamilnadu.He is deeply prejudiced against the tamils in tamilnadu,not realising his ancestors were from that womb for tamils.Once tamils leave that womb they try to brand themselves in various ways to differentiate themselves,probably due to a inferiority complex when seeing the level that tamilnadu is in today with buffoons running the show and servile mentality of the people.That is why i have said that for tamilnadu to get back its former pandya and chola glorious heritage it must become truly independent first.Then true tamil natiolistic leadrs who are sons and daughters of the soil should take over and teach the people what they were at one time and what they should be now.Then bring them up psychologically,socially and militarily.Then only the rest of the tamils all over the world will take notice and be proud to be tamils.When the tree is in bad shape the branches cannot thrive and will tell the other trees “we are not part of this tree really.the attachment is an illusion only” like our friend sivananthan.

  84. Diyasena,

    The tamils know that not everyone of their efforts is going to bring immediate victory. But they do know, these steps (whatever silly they might seem to some ignorant sidekicks of Mahinda Rajapakse)are necessary to create widespread publicity of the war crimes and the ‘war criminals’ and ‘rapists’ hiding behind ‘U.N and ambassador’ posts in foreign countries. Shavendra is already in media spotlight all over the world, MR, Jegath Dias and Prasanna Silva along with Sri Lanka’s ‘Himler’ (the Nazi commander who was thirsty for jewish blood) Gotabaya. It is inevitable that these criminals will have to face the music when their relationship sour with world powers. U.S pummelled Gadafi using his own people after getting friendly with him in the last 10 years. They will do the same to MR and his gang if they do not want behave as ‘SLAVES OF USA’. MR and his mahavamsa maniacs only have two options. Either go against USA and face the same fate as Gadafi in the name of sinhala nationalism OR they become loyal slave of the USA in the region and earn the ire of nationalist sinhalese like some commenting here.

  85. LTTE did not take the concerns from world governments about the way it operated in post September 2011 and brushed aside their opinion to continue the same way. This culminated in its destruction. Same way, if Mahinda in his pomp now, does not take the concerns of world governments about his occupation style control of the north and east, forced colonization of sinhalese in lands owned by tamils (after intimidating and driving the owners out), unleashing grease devils to sexually harass tamil women, etc, etc, Mahinda and his hacks will attain similar fate to that of LTTE if not the same. MR should remember that Gadaffi’s own people ditched him. MR not only hurts tamils, but his dear brother has started to hurt sinhalese who speak for the welfare of the country (Lasantha, other journalists and activists). Rajapakse family is mainly interested in having power for themselves. Sinhalese are revering them now because they removed LTTE (with the help of 10 governments). But it won’t be too long before the mismanagement and tyranny by the MR brothers create a situation like that of Libya. U.S is always willing to bide its time before crushing defiant dictatorships like MRs.

    So, try to address the true concerns of tamils and move towards true reconciliation (in the absence of forced colonization, grease devils, etc.). Also think of sharing power with other communities in the island including native veddas. Otherwise, sinhalese will be fighting among themselves (such situation will be created by world powers).

  86. Sri Lankan government measures are essential especially after 30 years, for the survival as a contry living next to a larger race Tamilnadu.

    You see when Prebhkeren try to kill Gotabaya, he had no choice but to kill Prebha, his wife, his children, may be his dog etc. to make sure and minimize the risk or die him self. Prebha perfected that even to the level of arranging the death of Thamilselvens when he was becoming a threat. This is very basic principle of survival and controlling the threat. when one face a terrarist thret this need to be controlled by eliminating the thret. Otherwise Tamils will start killing us again. I am glad to hear that this is happening in the north (Americans are doing the same thing in Afgenistan israal is another example).

    Tamils, this is the time to look in to the mirror and reflect upon, how you got there. It was just war! War is business of killing people and there is nothing nice about it. As far as the tamils concern, someone has to take charge and control the primitive groups (such as TNA, TGTE, LTTE whatever) from harms way, not only for themselves but to the other communities as well. They need long-term rehabilitation and close monitoring.

  87. Dear Sri Lankan tamils, Your ex-relatives lives in ghettos are fighting over your “liberation carcass” extorting money (of few dollars) from their working class cohabitants by the name of purified brighter brand new country which their off springs will never visit. They want your children to fight another war so that they can imagine virtual utopia. There are other vultures like amnesty international also circling overhead as to eat the scrap of the rotten flesh out from the same carcass, while thy have so many of the other injustices in their back yard, as this is the easy thing to point out about a weaker link, to be sexy and think they are somewhat relevant. If they want to see Genocide, they only have to look in to the mirror. e.g.: aboriginal injustices in Canada USA Austrlia which is a true genocide no report on this in am…nasty.
    People who give donation to Amnesty (including for tax purposes) are contributing to the misery of a less fortunate. I know most people in the west like to see the mal-nourished kids with flies hovering over their mouth and another group of vultures trying to coerce this miserable souls in to their so call god, rather than them standing up on their own feet.

  88. As a Sri Lankan who can remember and suffer the consequences of course correction, which took place in 1960s and 1970s after the colonial divide and rule era and current security situation, is the best we had in 35 years. Leaders are sample of their community they serve. They meant to guide the masses out of harms way by being pragmatic. Sri Lanka is a democracy and hence people are responsible for their action. Majority as well as the minorities who live in the country has to select their leaders, and accept the consequences. Last leader Tamils have selected made you in to untenable, pathetic lot from a position, which was relatively good in 1970s. I can only beg from Tamils in Sri Lanka, learn something from the past and do not rely on your ex-relatives (and their morally bankrupt cronies Amnesty international, Human right watch, varies green socialist parties who are out of this world etc. etc.), who are living in frustration, throwing “spear change” at you to fight an un winnable war. At one stage they were thinking that they were in much better situation than you now cannot bear the fact there may be a future for Tamils in Sri Lanka. Anyone can see that there off springs after few generations not going to have so call kinship, heritage or ancestral rights. They will be another dark group of minority people who are frustrated, with no saying living in pockets with minimal integration to the community they are living in. You can see for yourself, now why are they angry about land registration and immigration rules? If it were a “just war” you would have won it! If you get coerce in to it this time totally will be your own fault.

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